Newspaper of True American, September 29, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 29, 1838 Page 4
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Mltiessippt and l ouIs 1 Enotlls SMARY KIItKLAND respectfull7 an. R K nonos to her friends and the public gene. ,... that .he is prepared to aeeotnodalnte them at he, v ahn esthblisol, ent, and hopes th.m her 'mtilhlto render visitors emfortnhle, to receive t*lotinrance of former favors. She fiels eaes.f deat that parsons visiting Covington during the tlitr months, eannot find brtter noeommodatitna she san afford them, on more liberal tenmn. Far house in pleasantly situated, and well supp!iod wIh. every convenionen; the bar is furnished with 44Mlestehnice liquors, &c. in short. she promisen Sta.t nothing shall bh awanting on her part to give Sdtireosatiisantion to all who may patronize the 'k ippi and Luisiana Hotel. je3 SiO TIfE PUBLIC.-The uhdersigned. having stodied under Dr. Sao.midt of Charleston, leath Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to aflbr his professional services in this city. He assures the ladtie and gentlemen that the mora rompt attention will be paid to the salts whisc siay be made; and also offhrs his services to the h.etre of laves, heing well acquainted with the s&at soasemmon to them, having attended them in thNliaar house in Cha;rleston. Theihe.ons anti bilious pills atter the eomposition of P~tidfb r Smtolletto, with directions, nan be had fthu undersigned. The effeet which they hare pleuied in this and other cities, has been attended ikb the greatest success. to which the best of saneassca m be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. !g street. JNO. M'LORING. ~I AW V .-TW D SCRlicEW , SA. IRONS, &e. TFE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S S88 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received timhe past season, and are constantly teneiving large and extensive additions to the stock f the aboe o good, whiich now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollew ware of superior quality, aonsisting of lhout 1500 tons, viz, P.ts of 2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kattles, 15 sioes, fromt 3:8 to30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, ahkepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, ea Kettles, 6 sdo thkillets, . 5 do TIat pidere 6 do Covered Spiders, 3 do Oroidles, . . 4 do I Fse Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Ocrt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from 1I8 ineh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior ',allt and finish, and less tithan Jaoe's imported bad Irons. assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for wtailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 101h. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steamohasts and other machinery made to mider. The above assortment of goods is particularly nreommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. leod ts be the largest and best assortment ever Ilered for sale by any one establishment in the Waited States. lerehansts, by forwarding a request hy mail, can hare a printed circular, with description of goods, prieesand tarms, from wiich no deviation is ever aode, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. lew York, 1838. je3 t ON SYRIUP & PiCKLB --Underwood's Le on Svrra aad Pickles, aseorted sizesn alsom, 60 hxoaeaof Leis & l atkerl's Picklc; for ole itoeloes a Oosignment, by JAlVIS b, ANDKREWS, r Co ar an and lTen pirtaua S OAP-10II h ilf boxes No I So-alp, brand of James SGould, for sale by IAAC BRIDGE & CO). mlR6 154 ine street. TO L.I;'. NEsma dwellin Ihouse on Triton street, te twesn Tivoli ('ircle atd t artnduilet treet. m29. Apply to J OTT, HEEI.BARROWS, &c-25 W\iheelburrows, 25 Vdirt du. in rsat e, tita rule by d CI.AIIPLIN & COOPER, nl5 82 Jul'ast LAIN Had ruled Cap and Leter l 'aper, of all tllua lities, consisting of very superior hbills laid, blue andi white weor, nnd phiis' attat ruled rough edge record ecp, oast.cntly on ltand lndl te sale bo IDAVID IE'LT & CO. 'm31 N \' Stntioner,' Hall, 24 Chartres st. I In BAGS SuC a rila Cagte; i 0511 boxe of a 3 fdo each Moselle Wine, 1826, 50i do tofi2 dao o do 121; 51) do eol' dt L P Paort, IRI; 50 do of2 do PI' brown ,6h"ry, 1816, 10 pipes extra Madeira. For. al by HERlIOGENE, BROWN & Ctt. ter a.C,:ti street. .LANK BOOKS, of every variety of ruling and EI binding, constantly on Ihand: antd Printing, Iulin mad Binding neatly excluted, at hort otire, by AVI[I) FEI T & L CO. m8 N YV Sttionersn' Hinll,24 Chartres at. -1lATialit livurtll prnof Amieriaan Brandy, loding, fir sanlc bhv ISA AC BRIDGE & CO. met 131 Magazine street. _TO iT. A IE'W two store brick bouse, situated 5 doors flem the Senemid Municinalitr Hall,on St Charles sheet. Kent very low, possession given mmediately. Eptsire at the premiser, tuS, tf. F LOUR-- t0 bbls a f Floner. for sale br tn0 B L)ORSEY, 44 New levee. M0 ASK BA CON aides Fir ...le by m29 G DOItSEY, 44 New levee. -A sIG AND 0R E-Iliaries taggingalt LI 150 coils Rope, landing from Anhbasn dnrforsale by LAYET & AIIELUNG, ml9 17 Comllmrce st. Oil ?level Ea,,c cky lBagging, land in U hrta ssuner Gaoo \\'aieu. and for sale bu YOiKE, BILtOTHERS, AJp 65 Camp street. NO MERCURY NOR COOP11VA Nrew Urlen, Nov.14, 18:17. ABOL'T six mnnthr ago I had the misfirtlne to get a s*cret diseas,, for v hich I have applied to seve ai dnetor for a cure, and tilea did not cre me. so now oe tki abeve date 1 pet IV.yel unreer the care Of Dloeti Buet, and I expnct hiil to cure me. Since that time the disnea got worse, so ai to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all ove mwy face, and sore throat, and not able to work at lhe presntittm ot aneeont of the disease; lirtte lcer ike rilt silde f the throat. I am nod Fpttiing f se anefidently tider the cure of Dr. lHuet, f anrie. Ie kperfectly cured JOHN DEAN. r DO CERTIPIFY that the ab-ve mentilned disease Squit well curnd to amy ewn satisftitm, for which I i hakt Dr. Hulrt; and imoreover I trssre that the medi ine I have tlaken nlaes vle lht, and did not injstre lly neaIdt at all; therefore I advise lt f Iln sueflrerst senetime ýnI apnply to Dr A. Huet, 15 Bourren at. hey l finuddi trirn leu:ttr for this conlplaim. JOHN ISAN.,I0 ravier street. If aily oneo nwat t see me, call at No. 40 Giravie llte..nd thiey edi be utainlird. To be published at the upti-n of Dr. Hurt. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1830. f*Ih 14 Iv H4E Genuilve lndtn Ittatis, tu r..iut w u, t r an llue houndl, in p.t up in hottles it thi lowI pricei of i51 cents each, containing tile strength of three ounces if Lvelivwrt, hesi lea thi a irtues ,i fanny other roots and herbs known namng tile uIndiane as efficacious in curing pulmomuaary rComlllaieta. hta1 Iirlelled success which has attended the ln.e of ihas inestmabnle BIltnni wherever it has been intro dtced. has oIt:,iBedl the confidence andl recomtimtenda eone ef renteaetlble plhysician, for the lure of congas, uldc, pain in the aide, want if rest, epitting or blood, livner opbnint, Ae. To nwhom it tny concern. This in to ertfy that we Layniieetrpramei;e frrqutntly prescrihrd Mrs Gard ner'n ldian BomaIm of i.iverwori ad lthrhoulnd, willhi a deeldedtl,nd e et: we can thirelore, from the know ledge uf hie materials it in made uan. sad thaeretation en-, renomltent it as a etllleret- preparation e all thee alnectlions of tie lungs fltr whkiclh it is Stlimaeded. AI.BlRti ' WIl.LIAMa, h. D. CALVIN ELI.S M.. I. Memhe,s of the Boston Medical Anenenition. I3at1t, October 25. male by J.IRVId & ANDREWS, fI, . '.n ln"I 'n * u ,:luitilu "tn Recommended by the Medical Faculty. UTI.ER'S Effervescnnt Magnesian Aperient-Por dyapepsla or indigestion, nervous debllitv, giddi aehekdulaehe,aeciity of the .tn*tuach, hnbittpl cun. eivenell,cutaneouesdieaee, gout gravel, .c.and much nalued as a gentle, cooling purgatilve. This desiruble preparation has received the patron. age of many eniuent members of t'e iprofession, and frm a dicerning lubllie many reepecetale and unesli. cited.pimonial ,l fits efficacyl a a medicine hlave beaten elicited. With all the pleasing qualities of a glass of ceda waer, it possesses ene retie medicinal properties of the emnt appr vatl aaienous purgatire it is pleasant to tbhe pllet, and grateful t th- stomach. IM OR'PANT CAU'TION-The increasing reptia tione d great demand for Batlen's Iffnrveseent Mugne eaApea"rent, hau bene an indu.c: t feor others to of. r ra cmeitatio of this valuable medicine. Purchasers .repanieulaly warned of this fact, that they may he on mib*glrd, ild not procure an impure article. The publie are renpeetlully infer ed that tum subkcri here am ceianily seppliend with the original cid go aeciapep'rastimt. For sale h al e ho ad retall. SICKLEU-a CO. Ageet, al& 40 Canal street, N O. `KARD'S Vegetable Hair Oil, fiw the restorction rv and growth of Hair, givinghealthand heauty,and e rerrelting baldlnees. Bfoee this Hair Oil w os ffared to the pnhlic, it had ..rle in hundreds of ceasesobldness, thinnes, and a tin haitr, and inevery inustane its saltary S ree ralled. It has never faild to prodnce tilf growth of hair on heads already l it beeome a dry and eeeeas to gro.v render it healthy, and prodec. a. t of hair, without the leant Oil gives an agreeable frn. _ ether Huir Oil fcr par S- - T h e h is .NoL 1J1MOYf B HAIITT & 17, are now receing frees hon rd ship OrlenuL .gleo lighlanderPoker ernv Andrew, Frenceh and German play oarin;. Bakck Fnmmin Boarlds; Coeosma, 2 1-4 and 2 3.8 ineh il and Balls; 8, 9 Il and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; Leather ald other travellioeg ressing Cases; Belt. Pocket, Hnorsman'n, and Dualling Pintola; doable and single barrelled Gon; Game Begs; Shot Beltsn Powder and Pistl lasks. ferm Bottles and Drinking Cope; Pnettuion Cape and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and Nail lrushens r Oma and Chlorine Tooth Wesh" Teoth Powder; Toilet and Shaning Sonps, in greet on. riet; long Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizettei t'ear and Torilt Powder, Emory Hage; Ivory ToI, Cushionn : Patent Shle oAr Garters; Gum Elastie Plptendeors; Powder Pnfl and Boxes; hilt Citains, Sealp and Keys; Ear-droalp; Walet Buekloe Bracetets: Bead Necklacn and Choitr; Gil and Silnered Heada; Indiaen tBedsd, heall al Plumnes Shell Trwist Side antd )rtesino Cmom-; which,in addition to theirtormet stack on band. makes their ea.ettrent very comtlete, and will bie told nw and on lieral terms, at the si of tlte (olden UolTh. iZ2.etf 70 Chartres street. THE rn-rriher Agents fosr the extensive hiomse of W. &.As. Bolher, Sffeld, En-land, have just eeelved A verya ex enslve set of m ' n,, eonsistrin of Trble aeldt)eseart Knioes of le" - desacription, Pen, Pocket,, Tirk, ond S;eer point i nlves Razomrs, Srac aona. dge Tools,&e. &e. &d . wlih they are prepared o exlibit to the trale tor orders. Toerms and conditions will he made known at the time. m16 J. It. BEIN & A COH4N.90 Commnon t. IMMONS. IIARTT& CO.--Are now receivin i per sip lhtStmville, Eagle, Merry AnIew, Hitwh aoder, nrenh ald German dtlh le head plaving cars: ter, belt and ipocket pistolsa plin, ribbed and 'ltspit eumaslo pet em , hoklers; soiscsrs, Razors, teon. nes; Golle t' anommemrcil and other steel iens; Vio nat Violin strinRs; sell, ivory and horn eomnbe; weLtsa: it, Iird anel leatlter roittes hair baidla, front and .oek ritolete; negro Iplfat Germ an id Feitch eologne alter, Rowlants mcseasse r oil, imitation do; antiq,le dml bhear oil; portable desks and drestlteg cones: post blnlaking; astoninal toilet glasnens convex mirorn; clu al gol:nes and views; Ielinn beads, lells ttnd plmes; eneeoeoni wtit- twine; toilet and shlaing soaps; toilet owder, e.,nmetie wash halls; scented satin ehshiona; pool shnnds; screw cshions; fancy head chains and necklaces; illiard bIill.t; pocket Iloks anml wlletts; Gerlan Imonesr; raor oeaps; fine and common gum lastie m le eller Bells lcier matches; si om paneilis Cartyes, e&o. &d. The abnve in dtddion to ouar former stock of fncey artieles, makeaser assortment very clsmpeta. For snle wholeale or retail; as the signt of ile Golden Comk, 7. Chnerat n sttroet. mng. tNO'ICE-.T't-'IjIrtnorship Ft Keller, Maoon &Co S f New Orlean ; Mneao. Harris &Co., of Nathltez; nd Harris, Rellca &Co., of Rodtev, wan dicsolrved on helset of Mav aest, ky the death of Samuel A Mason, one f the partners oa the firos. Tie unldernigoled, surviving partners, will be cllarged withdeo snettling And elosiog said ohsineoe as f,llows: LeviC Ilarris will attend to the settlinlg of thoe nlhwass af Maoen, Harris& Co.. ait Natchez; and Harris, Kel er & Co.,Eat R.dne; and Henry Kelley will atteod t le se:tllit of the bhtoineas ofRKelloa , lneon, &C t;, at New Orleans. The names of Ith several firms willne used in liqsidationonly. T'hol e iudcrted to said firms are cernettlv r sqaested aeotmte forward and make early settlements; and those having clainam will please present the without delay. LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orlehns, June 2. 1837. JEAN AIltLR FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER Scases mtore of this superior Cologner water, just received aend ftr sale Itv the dozen or eitgle bottlt.- Also American eantd 'reneh toilet pnwdler, ,owder ufts andl boxes, shleing and toilet soaps, coseertte wash balls, tmilk of roses, cosmetic cold creon, extr Fc o musk, keplhlah, Ward's vegetalde htir oil, pottlttnt, .rete. do prraes Flaridn.lavendar, rose i nlltly w;etIrr, Preson's' salts, Mldrneilles perfumery itn trllkt. vecet; ble r t liqid roure, Chlorine and Orris tooth wtlasl elotl, htir, toothl, nail and flesll bruahese togetlher wtitl; an alddlitional sntpply of fashionable Itorn and slteoll eomehs and jwelry, forlnale low at wholesale or retail by SIMMONS, HART'T &CO, july 6 70 Clhartrestrreet. N~lc.Ee.V G13ODS--Si .....Iart & c.t. re ..... ceivitn from ont ceard ships Yazoo, and Snratogn stnd brig Concordia, from New York, a great varitr of gaods in their line, which togethter withi their formse stock on hl.ndl, ma;;kes their assortrrntvrvre,' plete. The lollowing compose a part, viz: ell twist, t.,;r:,:1 Ieak and dressing tombs, horn ldo of all destrip]tions, I n dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, eommon & fleelastic nsaspeaders, loco fceo and Luciftr nmhlehen, sidlitz powders,powder ptlf; anId toxer, toilet powder. pocket books and wallets, needle Iooks, shell, pnearl, vrory antld ioroeco crd cases,l head ornonents, plain co ral heads, necklaeas anl negligees, bead rheains bead ne.kltaes, crat glass and plaia,ecd,silver andl gilt beads, Indian beads, bells and ilumes; pistol and large pwr der flasks, shot belts, horse, belt. ptklet ad duloiling mintole; double and lsingle barrelled gtna. Bowie knives, and dirks. scissors, shearso pocket kives, otnlard chait, and ribhbons, waist buckles, cloth, lhair, toolt, nailendhb trumb. shoe, Iplate, floor and dnating brhshes, Cotl.tgte, Florida,l olnlder, rose and bay waterono,lrted essetce,, andt exlracts, Mncea nssnr, hear antique, and Ward's ve getable hIir oils, lshaving antId toilet soaps ofall dcs criptlons, lodiot' and gentlemoens' desk, aOd dlressine eaes, lhair rieglete, izeotltes nndl braidsri, lain, fancy nod musicalwork Iboxesr, ploai nnld gilt,figred, eonlt nod rest buttoae, pearl and ivory shirt do, slhit Studds, gold and silver lentil cases, totbllptks ntd tweezeroplatedl nod gilt Ilokets, ttiniature do,, ilver, brass aod steel thimbles, hooks atnld oes, hair pins, imitation frluit, bll and redink, slhoe blackig, violints andl guit:rsribbhed and plain percossion caps, lineon twine, ereated cosh tens,gold atd silver lace and fritge, lttear paper, game h igsriling w'ips, walking aonesa, playngcards, fina gold, plated and gilt jhwellry &C. lt'he above, together with a greet variotyof oftlher arli lea are offereld at wholesale tr retail on accoumodating tonrln. N _ Shell comht repairedl. V RIFTY TYSTORE-at tile sign of lte gllden eomb,lllt70 Clartree steert. TlteoIl;,cribere ,av re ceired, inad odllitiaon to theirprevious steck on lhndt fnll and complelte assortment of artilesin their line voz: combs, leriittttery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasset, fotto' nrticles, &c.. ennistning in part as follows: COMBS--,tortoise shlell, wnrghlt and pltiio tck,twist, quilled back, long rtonnd, dreessing, sile puol, rn nld neck, Brazilian combhe of every description amongst which are some Mexican patters, Ivory combst of every daseription, horn, dressing andpacket, tagether witth t getnoral nseort;ernt ofFrenah and American. PERFIJCIERY-CCologne, Lavendtlr, Flerido, hony, hay, rose, and otangs flower wafers of every sizeend dt cription. camphorated Cologne, extract Itf Borgattot, tansy talap ofall kinds, shaving do in cakes ad pots, renam sone do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an tisaedo. Irestotn's smelling salts, plain and pcrfnoed toletpowder,pearl powder, po.merpntftr and ntoxes pe matum in pots and rolls,orns and chlorine tootllh wash and owdea,oo with a general assortment of JE\VELLRY-some of the latest lind most feshliona Ile sells, eonsistrling of white and red corelin;,, topes ., jet enrdrops, set in filagree, breast pitIs ofa gren..' , v ofpatltorne, watch trimmins, gilt and silvr .,ttkles, tilver thimlesa, silver and golt pt cils nd gunrd chaina BRUSRES--Cloth, hour, dlusL g,crnmb,hearth,floor, h, flelsh, tooth, plaLte, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe aud whitewash brus n-s. LOOKING GLASSES--German stttia nd toilet laoas, magnifying and French dressing glasses, home o, with te variiy of other kinds not eonumerated. 'FANCY ANM VARIETY ARTICLES-Frenech and American portable dosks and dreosing cases somen ery rich tand finely ftlished Indica work boxes and lres mili cases, with and without music, musical boxes, Ac cordina of varioes kinds, violins and guitars, silver andl plated pencils and llenalu,wood pencils lor urlpenters and crayons, mantle clocas,guns and pistols with and without tases, ereussioo colps, pereuasinn ci p charogers, npplep screw dorivrs, shot belta,gatme bags, paste blackilg, toy an setts, Indian bealds of every kiod, belle nad plutines, ftlontod e,,torons knives, raeztrs od scissors, tlinlloos, neiodles, pins, silver plated, steel and commna specta dlen, pocketbooks oetd wallets ol varioes kiolo, vasiting coeds ant card cases, playing cards of Freaehl, tGorutao and Aturriuaco ,,numulnture, dolls, imlitaltion5 fruit, stu ,oxes prnIlts ef eatiOea kinds, Saundnrt' ttotaersyos, Enmnereun's, tlilhuaea't and (lowkiu's earoe straps and metellic honestdirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with .-,r drmpspty wathlles,yearlcbatteno, powder tlttsks, cc, und plaie seed beads, gilt and silver do, gumt elattic stelten -ers,and garters, plaioand sword canes, ictkgouottlon boards, dire, elptiral viennesejewlharpst, loiobo ;lateh os andtrinkingcups, with a great vairyet o i other orti tles, all ofwo~ h will be sold for eash orcity arceptan eman 12 months credit. B H RStI31M.NS, & to. d470 (Ohtarreeol. IDOLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship receivedl, al D for sale at their lptrntueet WVritng Academlies No. 8 thatres street, Noew Orlcans, It l Broadway, Naw York, Dlno'phitn' ot., Mobih. It is particularly designed for private learners, and scllools, and is calculated tr persons ofull aes. Ladies slid gentlenen ara invited to cali ants etxaitne the system foir themselves. Lesaons are given at asuch hoouses as may slit thle eonveuielce of all, and to classes atrmed ill oaly part tl' te city. Ladies who prefer it can receive lessons at their own ref sidences. Pt'rnso paving for one : rts oflessons ore desired o attend until they writett well methey wtelh. ' ml DULJEAR & B Rt.TTHI.R DEAFNESS. A NEW article for persons troubled with deafness, (cralled the Ear Truinpet,) has jest been receivred bl thte t e oof thich, the slighteast art!atlation of the hi. anln voice i-distinctlv conveyed to the ear. Aony ane who hase eer beoorn liged to converse with a vcrly to p.r"on, tmlst be fully ae.tlile of the difficultv and em barresantent eperienced both by themselves and the in lividuatls so uno.rtunatelvafflicted. By tile use of tio Ear Trumpet. this objection is eatieelv nthiatrtl. Tito moat aeptieal have aln aye , andaIrmdtheir doulnbtt 0cr having used tt t 'rntpet. For sate at T F GUION'S, Fancy stor, corer of Common and St Charles streets doer ISe caa.yIerIo Hotte. feb 13 S tPERM OIL-t5-00 gxalions pure winter b A Spertn il, in casks aned hila, for sale by JAItVIS & ANI)DREWS,, Whorlesale lrugg as, o mentr Lt nanou and 'I'ehap lao streets. are rl. WHll LEhAD-bhhl, , wlIba taci; 200 do !5 " Engliabh do--s5 1-4 bibl. d 400t 100 Paint Brushes, various sizes; I eae Verwillion; 5 bills Cope l Varnaih; 2 " Ja au" I Coach " 20 packs Gold Leafe 50 do Silver do; It0 do Dutchl Metal. WINDOW GL.ASS. Anmerican, Erolish ntd Frenchl -IMIb bnrerattVnoos and qualitiers. Bolotnn uromw do.-00 boxnes, consignmera, will be sold low, Aleae a general aesormteut of artists' celoers and tools, far tlet by A W SCA'I ES, No :I Canal street. N It. Alabohama nlters tken at p r, and Mississippi notes will be receivred at 10 per cent discount ftr goIals, er it paymlent offdebts. je t Iw \Lt)UI-U 0 r ending froa steamer ltndepeal. eicc, Net G D lORSE., ols 44 Nlk Lcvae. MR. WILI.IAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT TitE JEFFERSON OnUSr., JEFFERSON STREHT, LOUISVILL.E. To thle Edilor of the Laouierille ./derrliver: S IR--I ippr. by the observations of the Editors Sof the Nashville Presbyterian, Union and Trans cript, as well as the editors of the Memphis Enquirer, that the "Old Gentleman" in among the Dton rs. Thi is proved hby Iis kinceh rage, knowing that Ila time is bit short, and that the indenendent American petpls are able to judee fhr hemselvers what ame puffs and impositinns. The wosrthy editors who are Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the abhove naomed jnortoal, rll every letter from persons I have mretoredrl to sirelht in tier above places, ptffe. 1. The fart is, that 5 orrer had sIuh great success within so lioited a rperiod aR ten or twelve days. One who was aged about ten years, who had onlv seen the lilht Irom his birth, hegan to see to follow his master to trl hotel, instead of heino obliged to be led by him. T'wo younrg idies, who hd each hlast the night of oim ere, one for ten vear' and the other foeroearly two years, hlaving bolth ol them the othler eye very weak; tet ealch f those hvn"e aldies began to sea with both vyes, which benefit I pledge myself still continues, ex cepting they ere uinder the influence or dominati n of the iMedrel l)octors. Another is the daughter of a respectablle merchant, wnose name I am bound never to arention, (os he poid tne my fees), who said sili had lost the eight of one eve from the age of 1l months, bhit that sile now begins to read large letters with the otlher eye cempletetlt eliot. This the doetrredlitora knew, em thie gerlntlaen told me himself he had coo dtnned his daugbter to thie office of the medical edlitors. that they mi'lt be lnfinrned of the fact. The last I shall nranion is arelderly gentleman hy the name of Yount, nearly aevnty sears of age, who declaroed pubh liclv Iv letter which I.e took to all the different office in Nashlille but mne, nnd himself told me he had paid fir the insertion whatever they demanded, who declar ed iu that letter (trt hIe he 0tdllv deprived of tihe ielht of ore re frrom f. ks aher his birth, which his mother stated to Ira, - .oteasioned by the measlen or small pox; thit now Ise endld not only see the lirht of thle reimo, for thIe first timhe that he recollects, but the starts alo, and was beginning to distinguish many Objlert; nrd did, Ibefore 1 left that itr, give ma nv prrof that .e could see to walk ahboutltheotreetS with the other eve eiri eitely cloned. Ho said he had been a member of tile letildist Episcopal Church for neralv forty veare. and that his word wa never doubt ed throigh tie ewhle craru rofhis life. 2. 1 repeat tict I Rtad inever greater luecess lthan at Nanhaille, nil tnrt t'le medical and clerical doctors had neverbeforiee mrec reason to be enraged. Tile pions indignation cf.thc Rev. clerical Dr Smith proves, when, re stated to oie thlto about six years port, he was converted from hbeing perfect infidel, to believe in tIhe dretritr r of the ]bihle, thret ie musot have made a trifling error-that he must have meonu to say, thit before the end of six veros to comre, he shlould be converted from his infidelilr, as tile spirit of the true minister of the peaceful ad' Ienolgn docriries of the Christian religion ldoes a.t breathe oat dlentruction, rage, caltmny and falsehoodlil to please hlis medical frierds, against the man whlol he kew lnhd done so much good, and no in, jar, to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of lhe ireat saerent I haol,c-cept the medieal dretors. Mosr of thlre also had beenC inormned by lir Yount of the cure perfirrmed on his totally blind eye. 3. The fienous Goliah S. ofthis town, pretends that I have lrst the lrzrels I gained in the North, since roy artivnl in the Southwest. This proven, however,I had, and thit I kept them until I arrived in this section. If I gfined one in the nrorth.I ought to have gained anath cr in tile south and slnthweest anil I still hope to wear ther on IIy very yeouthfil brrow on tie day I leave, in spite rf iie' vrtreratio oif the great Dr'S.,if I iray judge from tIle oian I ave already benefited in this city within three dayse. 4. The obiect of the present is to inform the medi ral Golihlas and editors of the Republican and Trans script, tas well as the clerical I)r Smith of the C. Pres blvrterian andl rf tihe Unionr, of Nolhville, as well os tle ;litor alld .oII ledical edlitor of fite Memphis Enquirer, as weIl es Air Prentire, thie editor of the Louivnrville Journal,l and lrie the medical Goliah editor of this gity, the .'irat Dr S., thit I shall lrin. actiion against dmAll, nli, r v.lpelirriron, slrander or calumny, imniemdi stely rfter my nrrivrl in New York, as well ae against their entiole irrehren the medlical Goliahs ofthe north. I row rro Iirtyselfiy prolllrse, nlevrerto quit this hippy lurd of liirttVy, rItil I Ihave Irrought the noses of all ry meIdical (iolialh of tire north, as well as the south nid ta wevt to the grindstone! The afflicted, there. flire, rany raIlculate on fiuding tlte during tile calea of next year in New York, nhere letters, post pail, and olothers, will lie slire to reach mte. 5. 'I'o iilurmi the public that tihe puf, so called, which the Ri cv. clerically converted infidel iretend was wriltern fir iti, wae wrritten ,ore Ihaln a week liior, ind iitoided fir the Rev. 1). Howell, who real it in iny preseine without aiiurfetifestiog any dinsiprobtion; rn Ihe conreear, tnok it tl his stdry and coltldenset l i ini thie waiy he dlid, whicl he d e oill be thiought would an wr my purpose beItter; he delivered them hath to mne, without prertelion 1th1I I wanted to bribe him fromi h:s duty, as I never cour d lpresoute to offer that gentleman ir Iuat othler, any mnelay fir stiating facts. The Rev Dort(i)r'rownai sittemrnt is before tlhe public: had he not examined all my diphlons, &c. &nc. wih a gentleman, nl ilntimlate friend of hiln, as well isr the whole of n atieets, iu r¢(mlpaulv with nnotber elergyman n d f11tit4 thlienr ani to ti ellhentite anlall ICy petienta tI lie ore Ior less beCnefillei, I1, lnevtr coultd ave been induced br a hotalitlrnetr to drraw uip irtch an arltice n he wroe hlill-elf fur itbtlieati, aIInd adrdressed it to Mr Stringfirld, editor oftlte S .V C Advocate. f6. Ni' wotder lte clear sigihted nedlical GolinhIR of Nashville took tithe aht. .;rd Ilheelfore used their el brin to miii whilt thinm tie all-pIwerful, athletici, ph. ie]l nllt inlenectllul ulnre, of tle ntlid toi-lbe,convrleld clerical infidel. 1We read ill the Bible tiIa. 'm tree is knllown by its li'luils." I dare say the canverted infidel hts preachtled fro that i paui e. 7. lie evidemtly wated to establish his moral elrtr aeter ais na Iunh, by SIP\Viiig that lie was above being ribeds. I.:t vn oe rtlacr ili rmi OF thlity pieces of Nilwrc will t iildv ti hilll an niil os it was wel lpplied to lloather Iloll\nterte infidel, who, in the ldas of the in tarnatin of his Divine Mlster, ahsolhtcly sold him for tlallt lml)eorof pirew ( of silver. ,Tly a .ver i, that it Ival never iulende I n a i1 ile, nor could it he otsider d sol b onv oie, rIoos it wos not even (reql io the Ienth pIrt ofail tihe renlrtir printer's fee, of 11 per siu:lere. Conrtalming two i thlree r.olumno of cioseiv printed ellear, which write iin Ie repeated three or four trilea iu the PI'resb1r1viat, Uniuu .and Mnitorjo tarsaflinh I Iever ntlele-lo it brie liehi,, I should tave offered hilmr at lh.ast ..tll, hi regular fe, insteand of $ 0, which, in oll probnlility, he wouini brihave gladly received as his fee, 111 not saI rihie. ()n tile contrary, if I ' ll been ra I rle rofuflifitre a irbe,, I shouhl certainly hIave done it ill a wvto have insullred hiLs acceptance. . lIhld thie tti. I)octor been really converted to alth cli'ruf thle doctrines oif tire i:aritur, he wounld iml Ihave promised to rctle and examine myv patienls .with out kee n hili vword,t as I have alwarys foUa.d every ininister of the gospel zealouar to io. i. Ilad lie been really ceverled, he would not putb lit Iv have spoken igainst the American institrtions, which, it is well known, are more numerous, and which are sullperior to manry in some parts of Europe. His conduct aro Iuch dirigusted some young literary char. octers, as to he it cely restrnited from punoish:ng him 1il thle lpol, ly laving violent hlandls on him. The Ilev. eentlreman,though a Scotchman, is without exes, (unlees hheis calumniated), although Ie nay think Ile has oa right to abuse the American institutions, becIiise lI(e ir n rrllllrted infilel. say e he Ias not-oas tll ought to sp.ak well of the lridges lhe goes safely over. I flitly tihe gallant Captaio Grnld, anRd several other aniible younr. i entlemen of Nashville, recollect well the ciilducet of th is pious expounder of the Holy Scriptures! Ill. I .eerl saw such al demn in human shape as the IRev. IDotor was the day I cal ed to reason with him, whle he menaced omy grey hairs with an uplifted gigantie aur, a if lie would have felled me to the fround for daringlto draw a pious ministcrawav frot his duty, by a brtbe rf 30 tieces of silver! I 'really trembled one thali it the "Old Gentleman" had ap. Penrod in hi. own hlape! I. I srlaemily declare before God, and am not afraid to call ilika to wituess that I never, in the whole course of 42 years rlnetice as an octlist, in Great Britain, .stuea, tIeleutv awlU d America, in a single instance of fered as it bribe any amount to tie editor of anyjourn j blt as a. ol enosatiot for the space I occrpied and the troule whichl I onrcasirned tlel; and tiht I was aways iorer inclined to relduce, rather than add any monrey to the printer's bill; wich is a sullicient proof tiat I had no .tentiu ilo bribe. l12. Irirtlr.-- t lMemphis Enquirer for two or three weeks co ttins a tissei of flagrant faitsehoods, whticI tile edical Giliah editors learned frota thleir brethren t'i the , Golalis of the Northt, anud I shall treat them with silent cuntrept otil the propter time arrives: Unless it is true what I have ieen infuor ed--"Sue a beggar, ill yoJu will catch a L--!" Thoug I paid til air iey ridvtrtsoments for two or three weeks, lihe atily insten ird ll tc n urr eP. f oil will ialse to insert this letter it your tnet pa per, arid oblige yours, &e. In Iastre, JOHN WIL.IAMS, tite FKogllsT Oculist. louisnvilrl, J.y 18137. Copied frote ste S. s. C. gldesorat of te 2lth Jute, ntht. .lt the cIlrei of ts . lV illiamst, we insert thero follow. in,'ntre fiot trhe0 R e. Mr I owull, of Nasnville, to the edierttof Il, r Ith \testert llChristian Advocate, who, it ar rpear Ira tarlllruierlPd ite Jlritomas and ot er doae Itnottsrvit.ivoi il the lttotor's claine to puhblie patron. ago In ersruetttere rf an .ecldlent, Dr. W. will ri main ill Nashville a fetew days longer thltaie tit first intededl--sav thIre lat July. liec. MOr Rtriagfiehl:-iavingr been requested by Dr. Williams, tie oaulist, now in this city, to exrmine his numerous lilfiolas amid other documents evincivr of hisc laits to Ilblic confidenrt ,inhis professioo,l have, it ecortmpay witlh a valued friend,dtnes as with pleasure. Amoog them I foaurl a letter from Mr Pageot, at Ire. sent Cbharge d'Aftiresr of tile Kint of the Frerch, at \VWalhirgtron, addressed to iDr. Williams, testifying the geauitneltress If the diplrttnsE fritn the Kings of France, BtiaUlUt, &e. as well ias tht:oe from tile Medical Socie ties of Ie'rlee. He hre rumerous vouchlers fron men knowr to Ire of highI reprtation in this eountry, receivel since his arrival in tile United States, detailing instan ce f grea o tet sth'rst ill tihe restratiroll of sight to the oI:md. t il|artoe 8ntei. IrlV all his ttr patients n tlis ci:. I krewl nw! of tilem previoas to tieir ctlning hti trare; brt all I uave seen say they are un questionoably benetlitted. Rt)Il'T. B. C HOWELL, Nasolhville, Jooe 21, 11:17. P. '5. Since writirgtlhe rrove, one rtf Dr. Williams' otie tlta tl es called potn lrr r ut nd says i h nad actuallv nor totally Iost tlrhe silJIt f ore eve ir seventy years, hilt r.owc it Irilrea hiraelf belter; trat last aighrt, far the frst litre i.. Iis life runt Ire call recolleet, e. could dil tiguisb, writh Illt I ee, rosrme of tihe prorsinentl tars. i letllt tlat thitolrd getlrtllerrr tras lived many yeares in this rdgitrt,td rrlsinas itt has been a Mlethodist during forty year. Yourts, truly, augtfl R.B. C.H. -Tt:Nfft.WS MlAP OF LOUISIANA,&c. &de A NEW llAP ti l.OUts.anA, with its canals, mrads and dlitances, froit place to plaee, along the stage ani steamboat rrtontes, y II. S. Tenner. MITCHELL'S , AlP OF THE UNITD STTIstel h.wlinag ile reritipal Trtrnlpile aorl omtrmon roads, on whicl are given the distsnces it mtiles frrnm one plaee tI anotther, also Ite corrurs of tihe caoals and rail nrds throutgh rttl therr ourrv, carefully comrpiled frorrn the beat a.u hirili,.:r--publtishedi by S. Augustus Mitchell. -TnITEc ,oTA rca; Ir otti of tile rtoad, ditiances stal roat antr Cttiol router, Scr.jast received olt for sale WM1I M'KEAN, v II l.Its ON l'IllA..l)FLi'llA--For sale rvI ý/ YORKe. BIIO'IE'tiER, 31 5yCnamp reert. 'THE INI)IAN'S I'ANACEA. ORI the m'e of'rhenmotism,servful or ki ngsevil,gont, Saoiiaica or hip gout, inei;ieqt cancers, salt rbem, liUi and mermurial diisease, pamrtiounlrly ulcers and piinsflaffeelions of the bones, ulcerated throat 92s, nos trils,.loers of dvery desorlption, fever sores, and internal ahob es, fistslts, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chro olasr.'eyes, erysspeiis,hlothes, mod every varietyofcu tnoaos asletion, chronie Catarrh, head ache proceed. in frnm any acrid humor, pnin in the saomaehl •l dys pepsia proceedhig from variation, affeetions of the liver, chronic inflammlntion of the kldaeys, and general dalbilil ty paslald by s torpid ation of t he vese of the skin. It is s inglarlyeftlaious in renovatin those constitutions which have been broken down by injudicioua treatment, juvenile i'regtlrities. In general terms, it is recom mendedl n ail those diaeases which ariso from impurities of the blood, or initiation of thie humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaints may require some tri. ling aslssnt tappliections, which the lrercumsances ofthe case will dictat-; but for a general remeldy or Purilicator to remove the eause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufficlent. TO THE iPUBIC. How true it is, that modern Physicians, nt their am lition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofscience by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re. medmlial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practicee by means of art nlone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as beneath their naotee, the rich and bounteous stores of medlene, which the Almightly has caused to sing out ofthe earth ineveryclime! And how much more true is it that while the American Physician looks to foreign eountriesfor many of hismost common and necessa7y artinles, perpetually changing as they are at the diutates offashion or folly, ha is surrounded in his own country with an endless pofuion of medtical plants, mficietnt to answerany indication in disease or to cure any Oulable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are sffered to Iwastetheir healing on the desert air.' Theeffectsof vegetable medicines upon the system .r temporary-those of minerals tasting. The i'ormer eao ert their effets ani pass off--the latter, mercury in par tisla.r, act ehemically spon the solds, decomposing the bones and unltermining the enlsitlttinn by a sloi and sure destrucetion. The congeniallity, emfliency and SAFETY ofvegeto ble remedlies ever mineral, may oe estimated by contras ingthe ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring ii more immediately under our own observation, th Inldi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nasnot knownorheard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, 'npretendingfemalelndion, by meansef her simple remediesalone, has affected the most rapid ast astonishing cares, after he Mateira Medtien of the -ommon practiee, directed in the most skilful manner, has foiled? And who has not been sulrprised at the com pjaativeesse and facility with which the Indian frees him self from any disease, and at the almost tots abstinence ofehroniedaseaseamong them? Who has ever heard of an lndias with a constitution broken and rilned by Atltreatmentl And can a doubt exist that this happy ex em rtion of the miaage from most of the ills whicrh the lesh of man is heir to, is ehiely owing to more genit snd safe remedies which hr employs? l'lhis astonish ing difference in success, is i foirexemplifieation of the infinite sopeiority of the sie nlle ad sae means of cure which God has rected for the benefit of his clailtren, over those which the priae and the art of sani have in. vented. From a long residence among a portion ofathe abhrigin al itnhabltants of this contry, and anl intimate acquain tance withthe, methds of eureof some of their most successful prctitioners, theproprietor atf The Indina's Panacea,'aciluired a knowledge of some of the most powerfulandfavoritermedies. Fromtheseheselected such as were most emeacious and atpropriates, and after various experiments to test their princilples antd strength, he has combined them in the form here presented, as the most perf et and beneficial or the purpose for which it isrecommended. The liroplrietor offersthis preparation to the lpublic, with the conseiousness that he is placing withilthetir sar, a remedy capable ofrelieving many of hlis aflticled fel low beings, who are suffering under the various chronic and obstinate complaints to whichl at is applicable. To such it will prove of inoalculable value, as the means, and in many cases, the only means of relieving their suf teringsand restoring them once more to health and hlp piness. This is nottoltred s as common remedy, that uay per chanae he equally good with ma.y others snow in use, but as one whllch s capable of saving life in many extreme cases wich all the unusual remediedfail. Thins it has dono, repeatedly; and this is the reputation iathasob. tained wherever ithas been introduced. It is only about three years since this preparation was presented to the public: bultin atil shor't space of time, some ao persons aight he Ioundlll, t aos woit soteanlv declare thlat they brlieved that tlleir lives saved by it,ald in nlost.cassaftlerthey lhad tried naIny and petha ps all the common remedies a in vain. Wher ever it is known it is raptldlv coluing into st, anld Iis affolotrllthemost substanlral and coiavincing proof Iof it The value of tile Panacel i mosat conspicullsll ill those long stalnding and sVpllhilitic and hernoiiious allietions which have defied all jiltlar r, rnedies, ab l plrticlarly ill tHlse eases t here Iecrlryl hl a been so I is] , y usedl as to callu distreasinw g cais in the inis, lnodes, lrel ialuklcers, deraci ng tf Inul o lthe thg.8sC (Ilve l.ons, de. T'lhes it clmlletely relmoes,a:al in lIl cai:, II etlll ly eradlilates tIle disea.s a ll stis ivanrlt:lynv, rli volcts th constiulltilln, llll t hl' I .i:,t lt sa.unld idll well, its - l-ut atist asIs in s tic'la'sthjl soI t hroII nl ias h ' laihetacts it e s et tleass asppIlrntl i ils t i ah st iaalte cliaterelicsa Taken it, props, doses, h"hIlhNo"', I'Una o+pes lt ta Il' al l lterna's, itive l'te dl t'T,, I a illa nI.all e 's , sihlrt.,' anrd la tiaes, -i l o i-spislr tt i !adt il .t propereasesas shnarhimasial samsi tnato'I.. smal sa allly expres lse.1, i lt incrase itts it i the tll tertll tll l -s .lt acltialons, gives tone lto the s s n' mail: lll llll l tes ptaiti tse gl n ti s n lia iarti cular Imt tr. Faoirs teaIse prilnci ples staoperations noal he I i Ii i Thlissur sicsine h'illats be alliluull li' ' is ll"l n ti i )an amiiglluol. diseases nht Ihere saleciiri , :anll it hlas b enn uld saith wondellll success as a Si n l lr a n a :all I'It riiel'r, bl tsl se IIa re u ltticcl Iaytcm i tsl.l l h I .III' cr e}t and a honsecounsiitniuiosltehler r SlW ll S I'lr" sons will do well taluste t no artenutas itaresln sm-d -tt ses. WVleneverl a diet s ,ilnk is considsersla d n.cess'ary iis l iancenaalken in a ll e lis rsilll Isi' w jl will i t purposes, in much less lime, at lass expenst,, and in It itar nl"e aglrable manItiner thuIn Ire mllmn dietl drink. the Ilndlla's Panacea, isl tvarinus cmu lphliltt nereI; n lentioell; nd alsour, exhilit in the Iliotost al tisfllry Imanner itssupcinrih y over tie svreps in coen~lnn use. CASES OF IIIFU'MA"I'IIGI . CI[UillL~S1.O}. Nov. It,5s |33. During the lnst wluter anld slIpilng, I was fllited with a very severe and distressing t it'l umllatisom, ocenionilesl by expiosuveinl adl weather. t n}cwtakegreat illeasure as slating, thilt six bittles lf the lolial's Pansacea, raesta rel me to ierfect lealth, and I confidently realscnmtuini it to all similarly fili'mted. . 01 FE!I' tUSON, livga st. JOHN FEIlRG USON, KRin gt. CrAL.esrTON, March 27, 1832. I was sized ahout threycars since, with adistressing rheumntism, caused by taking a severe coll, while under thleinlenaceef mercury, atnd hich has disabled rs from business nearly ever since. Iluring this I riod have bIetn a patient in the Mlarin Hospital, it dthi cil" upwards of four months, and nearly t ti same lengeth, title iln the Baltimore Hospitsl, and tried almnst ever renedv, with little bencel. O) the 16th of lebhloatr last, asthat time scarcely ableto move about upon eattchl es, I commeneed theuse of Indian's Panacea. In one month I titund myself elltirclt fil ed from I.aln, anl n now Iappy to state tlat I elnmder Uyself perfectly sell. WM. "I'UCKEIH, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCIIOFULOUS IeCEIItS NoW YUttt, Sept. Itt), 1830. This nay certify that itN the fail ot 1825, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neck end Iaee, which alierward uleratell and became large ghastly ulcers in my neel. AlierrrylngSirvertlphysieiaestoaao hadtoitage, I wen' to Philalellphi, and laced myself undelr tile care Dra. Physic and lBeae I , when, after repeated salivattios to no effect, I was pronouncri utterly incurabhle. Alifter. wards Itook twenty bottleuofSwaim's Panacea and eight hotldes of Potter's Catholison, with no material beneflt Deslmringo( lite, whlih had now becoine a herdlsen t me,I returneld to my paretts in New York, in 18'29, as gave myselfupto a lingering death. Hearing of thq great Isuesss oft'he ltdint's Panacea, however, ill eaw similar to my own, I was persuaded to try it, a a last t. sort. To my great surprise, as well as satistaetion,s soon found yself rapidly recovering, and upon takins seven bottles, the ulcers healed and I became Iperfectly well in the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. 1 make this tatleme andl wish itlhblished fortlhe benefit ofthose wila Hare suflfering udler similar siartllouuaor syphilitie affections, that they may know what he cured one who has suffered everl thing but death, and who considers his life swred by theasov asv. WM. IIINHA' CHAnn:sTo.. July 12, 13l1. I was afflicted, four years with an ulcer in the leg, oc. enasionally anoompanietl with crysipelatous inflamation atd excessive nail ill tile leg a ancle joint. Several eliaent physiaians exertedl tlll.takil uaeai it, bat wdll, out permmasthanet I this ease five bottle Indlian's Panacea male a perfect cure. MAlRGAIRET A WEST, 121 Market Fsor sale by HENRY IONNAIEL, druggist, agew o:; tell proplaetors, Tehoupitoulaa street 16 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T II E stockholders of this cnmpony are h nrehy no t ified thai by a restnatioa of tile hoard of direc tion passed on the 19th inst. the call made on themn on the l3th February last, for the paylment of five dollars share, was rescinded, and the said stockltulders are further notiftet that WHI.REAS, by a resolution of thin hoard passed on the 19tht iast. rcull has Itear ',ade oil tlhe stockholders of the New Orleans aad Nashville Rail Road Comnpaly for the followingpaymeuts on tile the stock held respec tively hy thuet, vi:--two dol iars per sharee, paele on the irst day of Seaptember tart; twuo dolitrs pr share layrble on the first day of December neat; aied two dollarspear share payable on the filst day of March sext. Nowtherefore he it resolved, tho: ttie secretary of this company shall notify the share oilders therein, through ihe public pr n s et' the cly, tL.ut in cou "ormnity with tlhe siXtlt section of tle chllrtlhr, th:ar olel.lllittd to postpone any ipayment caltld il aoa the stock of said tllloay for the term of sixty d,) s frolfll ald after the day ou which it i Intde pay ble, with the expl tsa e a diolt however, tlat if not reeit rly peid witin the said prlon.aetion aof sixty iidays, froitnd tftr ti dIoe on whiech it should have Leen piil, that tren the stoaia on whicht said pyments eatld hlave hrbeet ade, is aod seta : 'aritreled to the co teany, tle charter ol that point ben.g imperative. In conflormitv therefore, to saidl all, lllstiak of the sloCkhoullers itn said company, as think proper to lt off ther payments oa their stock to thaend of the additional sixt" days, which tile charler allows them, are notified that the paymetot of two dot tars per share called for,asd dte Io the thlrst of Sep. temernext, may Ie paotpolted uder tho sixth sectiro of said charter, until the- l1t day of October extesl that the iayltent a: two dollar per share called for, anit lue on the first day of Dereaber next, tio lie east POled until tile 30th day faf Jatlnrv next; ald Ithe-po ents ol two dollars per share eralth fir ane dm a o ailto Iirtlday oif March neat, luan Itelrponedl atittt the :13 Il !ay of April next. .traito oa tilt Iminutes c f ta Illard. jllne, 21 A I )Ic..\ll:. Wr ,'rv. Ott!. 7IAlS,-in ,oavat-"..i dtarts ali,e 8., i ,V Hats, fScreale Jttul II t1 b lA tl.h. rp 16 STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Parnsh ourt for the J Pariah and City of New Orleans. T IIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom those Presents shall come, Greetin:--Wherens, Jsmes Hlnse having puarehaseda at sale iade by the Sheriffof the pariah of Orleans the properry hereinalier desribed, 'Fns applied to the clerk of hiis court, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the 2d day of April, A. D. 1838, for a monition or adver tisement]inconformity toan nctoftheLegislature of the brate of Loui'iana, entitled "An act for the farther asau rane ofties to purchasers atjudicialsales;" approved the 18th day of Mareh, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persona interested herein, are lereby'cied aid admonished in the name of the State of Lenisiana, and of the Parish Conrt, who can snet ip any right, title or claim in ond to the propert herehafter described, ian osseqonence of any informalitj in the a.rder,decree or iadgntrat of the eourt under whch tihe sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the applraisemetls and advertisements, io time, or'manner of oale, or for any other eefeet wmhatsl evere to show cause, within thirty days from the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sale ao made should not be confirmed and home Ihia said orprrry was sold by the Sheriff of the par ish nforesaaid on ithe 14th day of April,A. D. 1838. by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day ofFebuary,A. I). 1838, in snit entitled Alexander Caldwell vs. James Hanne, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at wlriech sale the said James Honse became the purchaser for the price of twenty one thousand dollars. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con veyanes, via A certain lot of ground situated in the suburb An nunciation alias Lacourse of this city, in square No 5, and lot having French measue, 60 feet front na'l'chou pitonlaes street, :f6il feet front on Orangera street, alnd 0 feet on lafaoade (rit Marct' street, in such a tanner that said lot of ground is 60 feet wide from one side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house frontng on Tchoupitoulaa street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery establishments erected thereon nFnd other buildings and improvneets, tile machinery, utesails, implements and fixtures helonging to said distillery, its dependencies and appuitenannes, and the rights, actimns,and privileges thereto belonging or iu any wise apperrtaining. Clerk's ffice, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 J. OLLIE, Deputy Clerk. ETAT l)E L.A LUUl8IANF.-C(our de Parolsse pour In varoisse et villa de la Nouvelle Orlenns. TL ' T'AT DE LA LOUISIANE.-A tons eeux qune ces plt'sertes eoncernent, Sainut: Attendn que James Hanse nyantacheth A une vente faite par le Sherif delpasroisse d'Orlcl,s In propmti6tb ei.aprns deerite, 'est adrese6 at Greffe de cette Cour on In dite vnte liat erregistrhe Ii 2 eme jour de Mao de ' 1838, pour an avias conformement non aete de In Lbgislatucrede I' Etat de la Louisinne, intitul' " Aete pour confirmer les titres des acqtereurs aux ventesjudietaresn " approuvo le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il eoiteonna, et toutes pernonnes int6ersheessont par cespresentes sommaen au nom de 1' Etat de In Louiasiene et de )a Cour de Paroisse, qni pour'niert avoir droit A Ia proprinte ci-apres dertite, en eaonsequenee d'un dfanut de forme dans 'ordr, le decret on le jngement de Isa our, an vertu duquel ln vente a nte faite, on de touts irr6gulsrite on illbgalit dians I'estimation,l'vis on sle temps et le mode de ivente, on pour noe nttre eaunsequeleonque; de faire voir, Ians trente jours a d:,ter de la publication de cette avis, pourquoi It vents ailsi faite ne erlait pas confirmoe ct homologae, i.a propribtA fat verduu py r le sheri ausdit, le qua torzil'lneo lour d'avril de I'oonnte 1838, en rvertu (f d6cter de cette enur le 5 do (%vrier de I'nnbae 1838, daun I'fiuire d'Alexander Caldwell, contre James Hanse, No 10,367 du docket de eette Cour, A Inqueelle vents le dit Jnames Ilnse n'est rendu acqgcretlr pour le prix dtie $'21,100. Deseription deln d'aprasl tranaferJ udiciare, Savoira Un 'ertnin let de terre situ6 an fanbourg de I'Aanon riation alias Lacourse, de cette ville, dons I'ilet No 5, le dit lot de terre avent [meFure fr ngaisr,] soixnnte pteds de face A In rue Tclhonpitoulao, troin cent tieda de lace iA a rte dles ranters, etsoixnnte pieds die f'are In fo ade d In rue do Marchb,de sorts qre le dit lot de terre a soixante pieds de ltrgeur dt'ut Iout di l'ilet i l'antret ensemble une maison feannt far e it Ia roe Tehoblmitoulas, it cuisine et sea d6 pendaneesratii qte lai distillerie construite our le dit lot, et nltres hti tinses et anirliorations; le machinles, untensiles, instal atioen, &Ae. nlpp tr'enant a il dite distillerie, see dllpel anceso npplartenances et lea droita, actions et privilbges y app. II ncut. IBureau dut grclfier,Nouvelle Orlieans, le7 Mlai. 183. anl4,2l&j3 J. FI LLTE I)putt (rellier Royanl Collere of Physicanls, LOllFdon. TIIIE original Vegetable Ilygeian Univeroa ledli inet, prtpt'red by IV Miskin, Esq. lMeatoe of thie Royal College:i" ' f Surgeonls, Licentiate of Aplthe. carv'st.(Omnplv Fellow of Bolt Court Society, SIII.Otg ro the Royal Union Penlsion Asociotion, Latlenatr Place, Waterloo lBidge, tFnd Perpetual Pupil of tUv' ntul St. ''lTho.a's I ospit:ts, London. 'Tlhis valutle tiedticeie, tile result of twelltr ta:rs' experienllr e .ll lutpaldleled suctess in tile ext illsi,, andl highl," rerpt'table' pt actire of the i'ropriety, Mr Iise(d fie the t',eilt :.I notbility, and i tstO f ill' ,utltI.r toi te co noti of ihe lineri,:ut pulblie, at the earcsc l so li:iaolion .f : h lll erll" onldetllerlle ofI lol.andh ill libh sta:lldil. in tlhe' ~l scision. It is hoped, as a pnlini n ard step, to thtck thlie vils and fati .ont-enet arising frlm th"tie o' o ttl' In er cro t'r IonsLit I loislc a n o ,,, e, 1, ) lut lit the S ic l of i ht'tictt,.l lprol oll mirne nlil, lll, I tase s, l i lerf llls OIe ttIcell , t I t ,altc ,e, er ll t tde irs so tlt:llt io'ell "ttl JI nm l adica: l a. ilk.o :,it: i3ll mpossible 1h 'leo, tl' +l S eitt'ltljl II I AtitVn iIV J I· 'tL :l. ilfe It ititt l States to.'. dbaoist alo a'11e ltot ar go down ilt the inttg lige ta i-e o c<d7, tr v". T"hI,.m pills, mihil ;.r.+usd bLe"'t[+ , tIhei. o , IrI t lP + i,' he kept ill every l I. .ih ill c:,a ft 'rdMen ili+s, l'or, by their prompt ndminnin,;u n, chole ,, cra ,p, Hits, l'fevers, and other 1 cfiing 't piF. Ats, .al;,t 1, -. lle prove tihtal, moat he peeadi h . ca..,e " a retr.. " . In laut, all those who valuet' nil, shor..,1 nyter I, wiltholt them. Tnh,y are ,.s,' ill pockets at ..'t 1,- .:, y1 arod $o each, hbvr et respecl t 1t',t' dlral gibf i s, h,, k.illPl, afU| 1efidOlof l.Wtdich , i,, the L'nit bt)lwen at hI ,lanerlaes, will copious iaulles, . tIralI .tE i t )-,tlInO alln of profnl sslo all ahilit fl In , tlhe 1I'oi in. hl , e i tllllo e e ieuf e'tltr Silr .\Asler (0 pllelrI+, J1 ,\1Ie.toll , J.aues I lauI te ll 11:. 1)., W . li,,ek, \1. It., J. Astfo Ke", A. I"ramopto.,... 1D., toand mrunro.,,s tlher-s. T'lll originll:s miil Ile seen Ii posseosSill of 'tIl (;teldrl| Arent, k .Hllolll tle mediClohe is importe:ll into I thllis r.noril), mlli to whorm all applioailios I'ora;encici e mull be made. JNO). HOILIIHIN, 129 Waverly Pisee, N'. Yor'!,, Sole (;eae., al Agent for the United Mtates, cc. Forl salet k appointilment of thie nriginal peo trietOr. y) SW.Ix &j lIurrutn, ])ruggiots, No IL C:tanl strn.e, leaer*'. Agenlt lbr St:tthce of Louilena. jul v8 H I.NItY It LEE & co, No 3 ltagazinr street, nrr I eow receiving from ships Nashville, I..uiseille, Kenltck.s, Engl,, anoi other late arrivals trrat :wr : thtere citie, :. large and new sele.tetl Hssoir'Otmnt n s8ion , Boots, Shoes slid Brogans, tonsitilg l'9-llntlcllttlc's itile calf anti Mornocco loonls do Od qtdilty: do bufl', otnd stout wax pegged Iboo1 I varioas qnalities; men's fion calf seal and ShOlorIC rllcor pumapsand brog:ms, buckskin shoes, hbrogans..l lsppers; men'us linle calf and kipped pegged shoesmtl I rogans; to boots; do stot kip llo wax peggedlshoes a ad brogans; gentlemen's heast quality calf seted shoes, aonggans and Jaock I)ownings; do talf and Morotccr, i tokle shoes an broanhngns; do cal, seal atnd .lneoe,.n" I tdian shoes and slippoers, do calf, buff ain seat wntgs, a ,ew article; do tine call; sed and morocco quarter rots; thys', misses' and children's pegged antid saeed b ngans, aadshoes oof every quality anid kad. Also a genactlo assortment of men's stout wax olu reto blrogpons and shoes, together with lO,t00 l)ir' ng o toust qualit, ruassett blaogans, nailed in ot lamkss,made expressly for plantation use; a geod :s. Setment of menn's fine and stoat kip riassett hgotlans, aw article, atol a toge quantity of al ilerinrllualit r, aset sntll ws nrogals. Ladies' fine cLdt' seal, morocco and grain welts, and plunp sole shoes; to fline lFrench Muoceco and kid rti n.mtd slippers; do ronn shoes, with and without het-.l b cal, seal and stout leather Iootecs; do Prunella shoe. Slall kinds and qualities; do lasting brogans; do tktiter atauld lfoxed bhotees. Misses' lasiugspring shtoesanot ar gans. Children's colorced M.reoo and lasting bro bto so aont boots, nc. ;enttlemten'sfinleashionsable black silk Iats; do black n Idralh beaver do of a superior quality; do imitation lt ram do; brstnl ond narrow brim men's fine dltath andll thldk Rnasia short napped hats, a new article. Yoeths' :u ;e size hats of different qualities; do children's. Atn's and bcy's black and drab wool hats of various sin pet, with general assortment of boys' and men's scn! caps. '1fias assnotment will be replenished bythe arrival of ea It packetslrem the aoorte tamed cities, all of which aillbe sold on accommodating terms. aug 1-tf atMN''AGU E' B.ILJ.I FOR THE TEETH. r llEestatllished reputation and conastatly lanres;n0 1 denand'fore this elffe.tual retedy of pain, and pre servative of the teeth, has induced the subcerior outor it to the Atnorioon iublin. Arrangements hav bee maade to sui tv naents in all the oprinittsl citie and totwn in the United States, so as to place it ithi the reach it those suffering and likely to suffer this tino harassing of all ucte, l'ooth-ache. Wien alppliedl according to direetions given on battle, it las never fkitlet to afford immediate and .manent relief. It also arrests the decayv o defectiv" teeth,and relieves that soreness lwhich so frequentls readers a turong tooth useless The application and remedy are simple, innocent, an. not unpleasant; and the large number of persons in different sections of th country, that have already experienced such delightfu and saluary efflcts Ifom the use of the Balm, am ready to hear (fie the public god) their testinmony to its l rivalled gqalites. It Indian remed , obtatined cingtuarlv anio unexpectedly, a tu ntd he regnr.loed y the rit ilizcd world as the most valunable diasoverv redntlau of the watods. Plica $1 inr bottle. Sold hy JARVIS & ANDREW , tanr 5 Car Comnmon and Tchapitoulnas let. NEW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, ol, the Senrire Afllat and ashore. With characteristic renmoinscen r lofragments and opinions. By the author of Tales ol a Tar, &c. second series, m 2 vols. tilltldolt Recotllections of ths Ilonse od CooItnooo, frono the 'ear 1830 to the close ol 1835, mn'luding peero nal sketches of the leading menbers--ly one of no par y, jnat received and for sale by W MeKEAN, L.ATE PUtiLICATIONS. R(' IO\VEI.L, an Historical Novel, by the author of lo"The BrlIohers," &c. in 2 vols. Popular tMedicine, or Family Adviser; consilntins of Outlines of Anatomy, Physiology, etnt Hygiene, with snck hints on the practire of Physic, Surgery, andl tile diseases of wQmten and children, as may prove useful in families when regular physicians cannot he procured: heing a eonmpanion aod guide Ibr intelligent principals of manu:uctories, plantations, and boarding sehool,' heads of famnilies, masters of vessels, missionaries, or Iraveller,; and a usefil sketch for yotng men comatenc. int gte etoloe of mediinin. By Rtvneli Coantes, St1. I. l'eer PIarlev's Universal Ilistorv on the boass of Geueaphv, for the tue of famoilies, illnstrted byv maps nnd c.llennvioon% in _ vsnl J ut rrceited and for sale by W McKE IN, 11:1 ,,or Cnmop and Common .sto . OTt'l'lt.--'-Tl e aonerof nevneal pekuger oeorro n I liet un;rd o .lo .ladnoen V. ltlutnenvre. tlrr hip ! tirotohn, Olli f , nev 5",rk, is herebhy not it',lt h epy i have Ibeen ntrned by STETSON, AVERY Y& I.y nmil OCnsineesa "rUntoe,' JUETPUBLIBHEDFROM STEREOTPrX PLA TES, The Fith ICdilio, off ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEREST: 1 T0 wlich is now adtded an Ave.rage Time Calcula - t for, or en y methods fla" lioting the average time on sterag, notes of hand or ,ill of goods, when lea. chased at different dates, an differeat credits, and for variousamomnt; besidessnseful ad comnpleteTlanking Time Ta',le, thie test that en be eontriveld. r that fi gulres can prdluce within the same condetend compass, and size ofty pe. At a. vcetisemaent in thelbook is in nearly the follow ing words: The high distitntion this work has received through tlto ten legislative acts prefinxed to the title page, is a re enmmeda.tion in itself soo uno.mmon,, and so eonent sive, th t nothlin is necessary nore than Iby wayt of ad vertisement, to givea condensed view of some of its Ite etdiarities:ansferiastanee, the Intsrest has been eomps. ed from,and compared with, what is equivalentto four teensetsefenletlaolne, ex:,niued it the Ipress thirv five times, ndll printed from trCentype plates testted thirtyty-one times, fron all which it nmst le evident even to the skeptic (eirecialy on tt p.esoenl ofthte te tail of proofin the prefaoe)t tl te wecrk nmst vie ntai mtetical|i infilibtle, and in conflrmation ofl'this beliefa preminl. of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer ed f 'lhe dretection of Otan cItert of cent in the ptresent or fifth edition, as expressed in thie preface, making five laee iremiolts offered for toe same error since the first Ipnhlicantion in the year 1i02. One of tit most consplicounns featores of the tables is in the arrangement of the Tine and Amounts, which for expediti.ns, reference ond l.perpienity, with the help fthe side anl index, cannot hbe excellet; and the salty ty and ease with which the in:resf can he found tothe extent of general business, wilhont dontling of sams is besides a convenience s tessential, that in the estimn tion of some oi tile most competent and practeal busi ness men andl publi officers who have nadegreal Ise of thle woatrk, it Itas Ibeen dlinitigis.led by tho honovleh appellation efofa "tmater pfoce". And considering the inthllihility of the method originally adopterd in composiety the work, and the extraorliuary nomber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it hs pas sed in the piress eotwithlaaning tilhe whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6,tt, the positive aceurecy retedrd Itv the ntpreeedlcted aeans empilo od, the vo lmnehas heen heldpll and emalhntiaally styled '"the most wonderfhl hook it the waslk;" most certainly no man an an nme figure work ofthe same extent, which since the hbegimnigot creation, has had the same num ber and vatiety of tests in the same numler of editors; no, norlona Ialfthe number, as is clearly shown in the prelhee. Besides, astest and standard, it has been tried and proeed in nearly all the hank anm publie offices in the Unitet States, a;nd Iv the pulic gonerally, doring the long period of thirt-five, yet no ererr of the ral cutlations Ihas ever been foInd it print, althongh continu ally challenged by the offer of very Ioge premiums. l'he is, fact exrn'essly adlopled iy all the oarts of:law vi sev!ral of"the States as tie "rate of e:neulatlon forstatnte interest," als i by law for bank interest, accordingas tile book is used, and as ray lie seen in part, by .,,t names of the subseribers, and a few of the subsequent purchaseers, in the last tthe cnll of tlha book, is in ]osPssio cf every clEoss of citizns in every quar te of the Ultiteed States. It is moreover well known that, by its tearly check, it has so often detetede Iarge errors, Ing after they were radie, even Iby the t ost caretli anld most eompetent ,uithmetictias, t'aI its nsefilness, andtl the absolute ne cessity for its use., have been extensiyely insisted onton, no evilent, ilneecd, ihave beell its alvantages, sall its Navings, that, senerli yeaCrsog, twhilst the first edition was scarce, and out of ritnt, a great u.lblotr of second hand copies were sought for, sat.nt to a ogre t distance. and Iarerased t at varioprics r thev could oceasion ally Ibeo picked tp at from $10 to $25 per copy, and some persons have recen.-y declared, and insiances eonld he quoted that thley woutl pm ,y$5, $100, and $o500 for a copy, tfonotto be hadl for Ics, and an individual in the latter instance partievinrly, having at the wame iime rxhibitedl satialactloy pol, to several personsprrre senothat to hin it was really worth that t ota ny and more thlolRh tile saving of liS very lalalte time, he heing a .tr- ryichttmtna sld in public offie. it is likewise wortelth of, nlid indeed prpe! to impre-n, tlnt slch is tlihe natme of ligu.e work generllly all spclially when of th e\ltent alln inllplonrl o these to los, ith it llh this Lok tr its like , on pretor ed ill tile unad ranner vilne, s the most peltent lleilllat, illn tihe. wvohI, alt t Iteral l trs pri, ted most caminuly mllld, r his own .orrelltion of l" llsir see1'(tsI it wi(thld, llt lt to :t celtlalllty, t I'ti been t ntit . l tt I(' ttre rc, li dcea t anyprieas the prece dariicn hLIa l ,xpr l ains. But l s il fpo et ana d v:l talde . aa e the lt' :t't ypte plates ,f this wol kli.ten mi:I c, that t),ge nre. Ihe11, \willlhhir Iatlururen anI d Iexl:lnllillrno r Iexalmim tioc, n~aininst lir t, o .r tu g ral he tt fit, idte) are (ay dvertistenwnt) onsmhtly k ept an a plcre of special saiM , exerlt whihle n ' " o in I taint ". AnIp-lelcrtias Lo litidl it l b a.ks:md estatlnl ildnt, .st wih 1i 1", , ll ,n 1hl o flw ilh, ll, ilte, hlich , ill this tiltl) an ill th tI. lw nveer din e ltul's, ctlaill neih in tl..,n:Lti :':nnllrn'l gh. th," 1wobla fu Ins l Inm les Felllaplllt illnl -In r -1. t~ l 1. o 41s I l to:rle, v., It a e o1v ,I .., ,+il týl, . ~Illk i ,o, ,..ft tinallll rtl gttllhm l i. i i nlw'l la l:nh o x Its 'su" k, , '1 1, i.hhiIIlield h l*l I1rn" i1, i I , ll1'1 ,it :s I4 1:tel 1 ' 1 ~ill, i'('1; 'n . I six wa~t v*~tl" l. ..sil ;n'illl I ' W 11.t 1 KIlhi: elll i I l.s1 I h1, I· I S!ilinll r ,f I fn 1 't. iý,it \t'. SI r l 'ay 'el :t; n 'li d i Jt h i nt .rlnllli , n : 1ll e1l II I l: TIIIII', a II :r . 11tl I~f 1.I i 't pia. i} I 1 rI. l ill II) lt' .In l :lc l ,ilc t- \t , ' .,I , ,a I!1· ,ý lhl ' l ýI'1i.` I' i:,le h the i4 I:sL-'''ll*I:L' t .1 II .il . l 'll \ .l".- T he.II i 11: .,)liva ll: I ~I'h," I1,bl ,,,!. l\ ol iinn, dll t .. lm . l i ' i II1. \ .ller,"I "" uof Ills - 1 11 . 11G,. ,l T- r !i 1 DOCTEtOR (JO'IuI 1NSX I ,I A I,t, ( rou4 I l4 .d 44.444l4l. 44 his Il iie, i 1 s, -1 sm t ll lll n r ql r I.t L .',lri I p):llllr shle tirl I ll, ] Ill.. "'I w f ofl II1 II IT( ::lrPI I ]lP iv*: . "hsrsi.lli SI olllll l I)r. Jobul lll s l," z IVH. !,IP t u I lll it( iln la ta - o I'r ' l IIIo.lI rr" br(1 im ItoLnII lall- Il tmll " arol r, rl* nsil,. pr' il ce 1d1elmd t o he Irv . tnt11 (I o f II h ei a lnd SI e lhli enli' ] olthe w~l s it,.I rin I t rlllli . l. .tlý of liVe y 11 in Nrewt Yuo, kll :mtrling r ll eI W nth , hle I I 1" J onsn of he Il4n4 3 rl; ire. ,h to Iho IIllnlmr l a y oho nmerih I]h ' i 444nn, 4~rre urdllh,.4 Du,4e4 : h, is run bl ed h, I .5 ret "nlvtlrll i all c thlienillow hr o pioe rlllll y ineg., .I Ii1" ihl othed.relerlte i niis (,thchie. (ihltulriheo, ll Iset, Sti'talt llse +.suni ta l WeakeI. olts lli lbcthl dni t .l' It.+ tle.lln , , t -roslt il m a il, miln an,(p i t I4 h el ii n m .. P unll. i n trnih llul" erti aasllrr , wl Ilh ,h grnlllgiaI( fll w y ii n eilg.,, I ed r mel-reate'd ,te, olf lVta;ihl. roldo ore, ulcerated legs, and wo.mlll, ovd vby l siple leg.t d of t', allvi. , wil4 ol rt..r a ti n in 4 I. t e' i, l rrup Se'pare onces pro~tided where patiioitrs can never AI ersondI litfi a i t it, ill tigt, at wn i f tael del-t enie in vo .alltinu Ihir firtly i nhy-h'ian, hlly c,'asle. Slllll, llt l l l' I h ir rase bv l ctll lirl pil i l whth ti.ees ene Ld & .lve , I.,ouia, Sigtu , i ie, hrt ir n wnI Irllalintell, with 'lediche, r ilereii tnry ,o he "swo do, rw l ra. Malhtot. Eg(ti4i i Iblack niii gold, P ,erle n contart wait n An t.ther. Atteildance front t ,nirh untlll night, nt' 143 Cust on (ol, .i.l , r y llieln l ior r all cntise., ,,iieei S3tone oromand.leror llk ao:, Si els,I two doors ec lla, e Ca h I, l4 . ' 1 an4erot AsIl 1 ite o kzv re I an d rey ecimn.Laas to be seen at (Ith siot,. Paintts, oils, g a Iato I cI aak,,i tita ll n Se. Slingnliy, E yptianbl-llh lllnck Imt gold, olloalrd nish, . on l hais lnd or vesd alte hne, IrlONSIEL& HEAVY (Ot-Hat, d Stone re lair Woudle iron, oe o r J rdelo, Ye TrIloo e, siroll d ( iroll, nhil rodB i e. t(t g C:(0ir tGer r ar, blisteri ets , spti nt-tg, sheetrr land Hollow 104444, 4ut 44l4 4 rou444 t natiis a ,t spikes (Ziiro antle k 4, ikk ti S ill r i tloll a s , il t kIettlel (Rose Wood, iAnieit.n (Grey e, ig il is to lirce isee n at mitl shop. PaitS oils Ai'iO, vicens, H Vrr rsa l S-al squareelos nal, b dle i ron, well assorted. Anllos, scIloull andS rdal iron, nllil rods and plough Cast, GermanI , elllei , br4lisli, n lllng, sheet ad H llow 4u 'arei cut id wro aloht ails and s nikes tine, 4block ti, minll n nd4 grisd el4ie1, slt k ttlee 4 (tIn aPb4 et, a tohn,.,, ho4 4, 4 , log ae nil, t rae ains,ot vo le terms ORLEANS. Anvilsn r al, tvite will 4,e ine rsaelinera hy tie lrRt bellows aWiy t re, tie t il4 ad hir lead; will lot a for theb Aeli s, of ll, e nd't ta Iitalne, t pae, tlere ave t en larg iinck and pate ligea d(our and windoiaw hrook in (C'olll Ilultls, Shrrs, ts ill oil ier axes h'144 a44d 4ill4 r anu h4a ge l iar ecalitcs e l II4eit rom I i s isee sd Illleary t sy n tti e i t p trli 4l4r 444 4444 ch44r41el4r 44 444e4444 , 4444444 444 ia i gen4 rally A i ll asolr n, lia r t t y lot inferinore an I ill cthe Soti Ition lsoni, i, nd wa h .i4 ce e ,coitared fttir lslieit w lthe sath or retail, on the omet fav orable terms, by N i,4 I ITi- 'ON Al l Ca t.I l 4o4414 rLevee.ear TI I i tE p 4ropa r ie to r ,f t h is e nl 4 lis ht r w it no ut thi e p le a . s eII llnr m l p uli iOtlloln i s "rl e I- nill thl lle pi bli 4nv t4 receiverl vi.ilersi tlite will lsro. sIaI arlefor the e elh of hrhe ) nlt, aitinee, tiat l. .there hi. ve been large iSpro dalrittg Italre( and, olher0 n4 w ,4 i4 on hd in 411440(1 4t.4r i4e4rin,444Plire i l at o~l! pertr nd tthbr thne hia r 44rhih r e 4444 h n es,.nel whti4 i Iiilhe 4 i tiia generay in 4e4, . . u si.... ethai . . . t p tt af (,l c ,, cou r4 afifo rd 4 44'. !e1 4ih wi ll a5 i I4 AI' F 1 ' p uy. I ti!! .4-, I .Iii l e- n b . ',' ".'. 4o:"r . ." d 4- , 4, .l 4,4wlln ai ':; ' .. ;:P 444 MAIL ARRANGEMENT Northern Mail, I De Every Day t t . . Clusas Every day at 190 A. M Wester Mai, Doe every Sunrly, Wededay Se o f ke Friay, by . , I'. l. y . the n Clo.crvery M ,ondayy Wednesda Coast, and Saturday, by 9,1'P.M. Thel ake Dail oe everI Tuegr Thureday, an via Closes every Monlday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, betwswe Mole ooilal New York-leaving Mlobile dlaili at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives ArrIve Nortlwardl. Distance. Time. Heturn' Montgomerv.,Ala. slt). 198 m's 235h 12 m. Colithbur, ia. 111 91 3a.m Miiledgrville. Ga. 2 173 144 2 p.m Columbia, S.C. 74 am. 183 17 1P Raleigh, N C. 54 215 22 12L Warrenton,Va. 12 m. 55 i1 I a Petershurg, Vs. I0 pm. 83 10 s. m Richmond, Va. 1 am. 21 3 64 Fredericklaur, 8 67 7 lfp a. Wahington crty, 21 pm. 61 6 I p ]hpltimore, 0i 38 4 0 Plhlihdelphlia, N am. 100 r I 2 New York; 2 pn. 90 84 1305 143 I. or 3d 23k Northward. Coining Southward, the time is six beon less; bsing5 days and 17 hours. TEEN DOI.,ARS REWARD. R ANAWAY from w19 Carondelel tarner of Hevie 1J streets, on the night of 30th of August, and .wae seen the next morning in Plarans street, a negro boy named CHARLES, about 17 years of age, and I fee or therenbouts in heiglt, very black, and has an imped imcnt in his speech, one of his legs is sore, ocnasisnef by a recent hurt; lie ad on wrhen he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloans. Masters of vessels and steam boats are caationt d a gainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well ra all otter persons, as the almost rirour of the law'till he enforced against them. TIe above reward will sbe pail fordelivse-ig him int anny of tl e Jails of eitheL'Othe munieipalitaes, or at 169 Carendelet, corer ofMHevi seoet. ,ltlpt .N5TICE I he cowpatnersbi l i heretofore is iiiing 1 f nnder the firm of I)ubois & Garretson, hals abgei dissolved. The sabscriler will liquidato the arsofeke tite conern in this city, Altt requireo all pesuana indtbb. d to make Ipyoment to himi only, and all thnohlidinp claims, to iletoottt thet forsettlerwottt. apg 8--7t Ii GARRERIONt W. W. S WAIN. No. I.rCnnal Br&eet Aree Orltsna _AS ialways onhand cnotantly k receivilin.DrL. nI Dyes, Clemienls,nd Paotas,nmnuag thl M ar. D" UGS. .DYES; Antimltrne crule, Argoas,. red, do rcgull, Adnatto, SpstCu . . Aranvie, clrdle, Atom, do powdertd, Brazillette Wooe, altia copavlia, Cocbittleol, Ilsnt,trnlde, Cotppetls, Aameriaas do refi ellt, Cutbear, Brimstone, errde, Fustic, Tempnaco, do roll, do Cubta, do flower, do Maine, oirmutb, FrencLh eories, Cnannroil, hludigo, omengal, I drlo tartarli do lManllla, Caotltarides, its I'at eerramc dot, Alaie, La a aol, Campeahy do amsofmtl, d do Smt Dllarhg do aui ac. dio n JImaie, o benzeil, Camwood, ro ecpal, ruigh, Maddet, omhirA lno do erirk ed, NicaurogUa, i iar s , do SAistic, . do mriticm,. Ido oi rt, dio o lltaler. S. sentgail, CH IASl, p .. o kinon, Atlride of lime, toin erries, Ae . il nariutic, lil slailhltc. IEIte vlclol, Ma.o. flakd, Sit aerp Sa, Illd srt, Sup rotash ti tOrlgict tall, Stltnitar lean, Stoil i cloves, Sill zncll, c. tct' ht'no t te. Trottn, emotic, ido pep dro "triint, ieti't,iltlt II;is lentia, i ht lnt.o'llow, c ry dlo s leciu , .ii d itnt o l dI.hl,.iee ldIa S gOllccr IeuO, (d I chives, la 1 in acil, iI~I IlllIinlltt IA I Tt--tt tr In Tampi4 , ttI p IhtittEnglis, d, o e rni , dl e le:l , m fier"a d tII IhtIl' ll t' i to iA n llr i, 'i la t hitt Eigltlt, itti iA iietm grad,, Io. ) lic dl o d A lmle ri h line dil, il e A ti tiici , N e I rt, , \'lt cic lic .,I u te:l,.n.le. A* ,1 c f tit id, l tt'ri,. I ' a so;t llllt I( ** :t 11l, I taO ir do do lhla, uln dut'reIhed .!rolt, "itdWc ., Flgihti, Ail;i,.. h ell, drt AmelAit i i t th A ttat iI't I, lo, Eaglial t, doi latile. ,o grolod Jia (lui;lliSilllt, Ait u:unlt.t pore. ,ttt Cl IIIIIIIL (((I ·~Il~eJ.hc~ i" Rttll/i, te Itreei:ri, b thi lhIr .f Peter .ienple, oe s (.'immirn;s, or Winter at Shlise Hani.eld in Leowe S a1 , bvh1 tupin Bail Hll, Royal Navy, r.L Sl.nrd Inoldua, nn rinane, Ie, Allan Cunningham,l vr or ,'t ynrid Icr, writtern b,' l;itlelf i ovnls. d~ rl (ompeudinu~s ilrlury , y nly , lntcl tron tie " origl Itai nn v y N ahanie Greene, inl vol. lbr mine No. 79 ' Ilf arper's Eanmiv Librarv. SVol,. :1 o II & e ni.w (o niolete and uniform edition a+ of rnashingfton /reinir's Iiorks. 'Ro'. er'F Ierearh and Eit/lish I) I eel, 'J Ne'ugen's I"ea'i, ad Rglial Dictiona*y. Anlsn--A few more rpia f Cmlbi'es Phrenology Ri.ern." le. dier (yir' Cn! .eoe. nfutperiorqun. n i, lwtll lliuns, lillilld Ia lliil''21-4 and 21-2 inches 'illost'sinprovedn metalic l'ene,japunedpapers,weigbh Just received, and for sale by in:31 .BENJ. LEYT. SPAIN REVISITEI),&e. &n 'PAIN REVISIT''E), &, by tie author of 'Ayear iin Spain,' in vaols Traits ofllan chnornrtsr, an generall applicable to theoAbriginies If Northl Ai eriei, by BG Tunmer, . The Political Grarmmar, of the United Statee, or a ItI llete riew .fi lthe i r Iiate and practice f the geacrr and srate gnvements, withl tile relations ietween theo, -dedirltfed fnd adalted tol the yeoung men of the United Statesr, bie E I) Manfierll, Esq. Nimrod's Htn ing 'Tours interspersed with character iatie anecdotes, sayings nd doings of sporting men, In eluding notices nFthe llrineipal erck ridrs de England " witch nalytieal contents, and general index af namen,E FOR TIHE C.RO E or lerofiln or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism Chronie Cutaneous Dis- Pai.n ill the Bones, ty frme eases, use of Mercury thie ilod being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the'n greatest pllntnaceuticul cearean accuraey,and contalu tile actie pielncitloe of Sarsaparilla in the most comne. tntetl degree, combined with other vegetable ahatueo. of kuown elilaec. 'The great desiderntum witl physicians in being abi to exlhiiit a large qnnntity of Sarsapnrilla in a ama - diisE, iha been obtained in'this pre lnation--thety, heilll fully cnvincedil nfiits inrita, confidently adminiater the coarse oftheir practice. iPrice $1 50 par Iattle. Soald only at SWAI. BROT'HER'S drug store, No. I ]Canal stret, whsr nr lav be had, fresh annd genuine, direetfrom the pRTfrir tare, Swaim's Panacea and Vertmifuge, Potter's Ct.taalb con, Carpenter's Preparations, nid a large and geura assortlant of -ehll dra ga, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &.e, 1INNOCK'S IMPROVEI) IEDITION OF DR SGonldhmith's Alriligment of the History of ROte to which is prefixed an Inttroduction to lthe Study o, Roman Histn, nnil a greaIt variety of valable ilnfe intitini addeid tlwauglihiut the work, on the Manners Institutiona and Antiqiities of the Romans; with mt. nmeeiui biographicol and historical Notes; and qtea' titias fir exaniilnation at the endl of each sectiaon. I1 lustritedl with thirtyengravinn g un wood, by Atlherton, .oiOtcn'S Imuproved Edition of lIr Goldsmitn's Hiit or) af Enagland, lrnl the Itnvnniln of Juilius C.ieqr to tlY death of George 2d, with a emltinuiation to ai yea, 1832. Witllh t'iastins far examiniation at the end o, .ueh secetion. Irialee a variety of valuable informu.. tiol addled throiglhLtn the work. Consisting of tahle of coantelaueniarnv Sovereign uand eminent peroona Copiaous explituliatry notea. Remarks on tie pall ties, inlntiere tad litcratc'e of the age. An outlines tile Constitution, &i. &c. illustrated by many ngs GuYs' EItEie'rS OF AnTRONO.,y and an Aoridgmen of Keilt's New Treatise on thle lUse of Globes, Novr. American udition, withl additions atnd iaprmaruet." am an enhilatlioia aof ta . o..t icauiil part ofthe sb :t Js rncaie ell and for sanle bly 1WlM IKE.AI ir . . corneer ol Cantp and Comntnqnah IIA4PCIIUS CIL.i.'SICAI. LIBRARY. [IOlRACE,trauslated by Plhillip Francis I) idt. wll .iin allh enlixl cm utaiunilg tinmslunuon1.of cron oirdes, &. y Betal Jonsaou, Coiley, lil,*n, rvdol' Pll'p Addison, Swilt Chltterteetl, i \Vi nadeld, Porsoa lh'yn, &c. iad tsolle nflioe nmtnniina Iseots of tth aPlRtDILUS, with ile appandix . iittlius tra.ole teal hv Christotluier ltarli, iml vilnletlrmt, vo.ulmes lS" anil 19 of"illnarper's Clnaical Library T I' pmxpedtis of IIUmlI't~n," C.INKER, bt Snun.leit, It I, willl al !) , Auithnr, by "itot tla kloshrn, .tnl., ei'iV elitiltn, will, illtriatinas, by .e 'tiE itlp'i; a Tme,by tlre aithor aof u.lolie nll icy all rg l..'," &., .diti,,, 2 eols "Liau I'AlI. LIFLFOlIOl7 I;b t'. mar as Pelhai l iii to e h i iht o law neow odd lil "En l-n r C C, amellr I aak,, aunt rereired a sale, . W/,M lcKAN SnA( '1ON 'il.S--:i a caskan Cieinnati smnl" . n ,.eao h l m al n ii.i iann t E c h o , a n d fo r a a te a q BOt;tRT & 11.4WV r

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