Newspaper of True American, October 1, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 1, 1838 Page 2
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tPRT Fe NEW td ltt. ANSeh AIVAKANCESa. hm W al t , Colin. Malta, toe mnarketn, J Ptrkre eda Je ame. Carat Peo , Metar SM U.IloaIn, Rowa, P4 en pNla, ok ter d SWe Tel. Cella. MaltU mod a market, A 8 Barker n Rhr hi ., CNre. Penscoa. Mleter ARRIVALS. ,Bren towuba Grempsta Annable. from N ' Pass; lowed I D liesat ip(.noooia. •tought up ahiplStar audMiliuippl. -JIhmslppl, RmBae, 14 days New York to Bein and I SiIp I;wM at ae. RHdde. from N E Pa.; brought up S feantgoln hbark Lathyette as the Bar. L paet Colambia, Wade, 44 hour. from Galveston & Vtmte, to J R.atheo. m r Laveot-...m.m 1014 toh' sotton. t ShIp S S E Glover, 2 deyt from New York. big Peeot. Monro, Phbiledepht,. for Natchez. Sakr H Gl'w. Ph;iladelphia. for Natchez. t ` Sek LhytoeM , Lead., Baltimore, 33 days to G Bedford, at Saron aWbt Poreiea. Cierk, from the N E Pt.. Left SwkIee It 12 o'a'ot, a . nothine in the oriing; broght up A ttmetlk . ae. nd the ship lenailml. *efl my. Dean. 95 da.hokm tattoo, to Stelsoa t Avery *eqn.speted wdem 4l.tiebel, Mumfaord ea days from New York, to nastet cU..terud mdea *$ iS a~ooedae. Ik satof Rotee. Irwin. from Beyo. Sara. IINtem.lomisville. Eaton from St Loei. hrtnwr Rayon Saer. BrSdi'h, mutae, fteom Vicklabueg. paear Claihore. Parrett, from pt LouoS. Seamr Hlntsvle, J., da., from Bayou Sara. COMMERCIAL, RECEIPTS PRODUCE. e Leais-Per steamer Loneville..vnrgo: 50 thl flour, elaet & Hawthorno; 94 pie. lead, l sack eoals. A H Walls Seo; 0hb floor, P 4 J Ferluon; 50 do do. Heff.rd & S.e e 7 eases mdze 2 hores, C D Osterloh; 52 dozen qh ee., A Doanioe; sIetdry Iot. or rhickese, horet., cotle, " iE'W4 on hoard; 2337 pies lead; 154 eek.k ots, Captain p hberd; 180hbl. apples A Stare. Ite Senra-Per steamer Baton Rouee..eorgo: 99 bates eat, tlllA n A Tvremnulet. 78 do T.ylor. Gardiner P eo. 54 de. M Leo;54 do. Harrison,. Cleg & co; 43 do, Gavle4 ewaret 4O do, N W Otakey co; 34 do, B Laudimny; 7 do,. Labeth d" Thompnoe,20 do. Brke. Watt& co; 24 do. Fol hi,. Belloneq 4 Degeloa; 15 do. HAt White; 15 do. Gourdti; & eatlt; 14 do. Coruthers, H"rtrit co; B do t Ledoux & co; 5 d WR Flower. 5 do. Martin. Pleasant . to: 12 do. A Pey eo, Areeeuil . rn: 3 do, A Rivarde & co--totl, 556 ha'ea; iSk.bI .olma L Mil.ndon. CONSIGNEES. Wow York-Per ship Star..consieees: R Marsh. N " J P WItley, MeoUoMt White to to. J A Rtaelli t. to, Bogert & 5Slor, IH Glrant & co, J H Field & ce, J B Field, J Variea. I tele& a.,Smith & Voorheet, Seo. Byrne. A Dandoun v ;l;,tt .PPemonta . o, Charles Doane, TR Hyde & Sro, te . A 4% R OGreilg 4 . o. B Cook. KinE & leeks,. u o utStephen S.eleck. W M el, t.Goodman P Levy, ewls & Crel1,1 Poe., Couri.r & Gridle. Joaqoim Loae. emtrn rea. t eeoe J G Bell. J ellesojr. J G Bell. Burke Walt e o Yorke 4. Brother, Godfrey, Laurie & OSmu. J Ctdnd.,Teit 4" Hopkins order, B anett. AE Crane. order. e aieet o. P o A Adre.,, T ierce Bhl,oimtn t& trother, H 5 C.mahek, tO Whitney. C Flint, A Kirkm:a & ro, H & W Wal.e.en, F Leverickh, Alien, Arthr ,, eo, steels & Cartlyn, toder. Taylor. Gardiner & o, E O. J Andrewe* Adam &. Hlart W1l1. Iuckaer. Stanton & co Jon Cells t ro. Yetetnt; & co, WW Wood.Goamep 4 co, At & B Mullen, O D'Egao, J Bell.w, L Nu.--I50 steertn New YorkPt-Per hip Heanibal..conigneet : M Clark. J 0 Poetry. J W Dwyer & o. J Voirit & en, 1l Bernard k co, L CH eo BC.asy, A Grant & eo, Van Pclt.Ollrith 0 n0, Lswre & Leenga:re.A & W Hopkins t co Hart, .abatt & 4e, V oeetr". Lebadie & Jvqtlalino. J Girardl, Mtlford. Dunrlve Woodbhery to J A Hagord & co, J Donshee, Lion. Hrrite t co, Smith a Warner. WVm M I'ea,. M White So. J Williams, J C WaneOr vv o,Toole & Banitoer, Dtorae ' Knesn. H Lyne. P Vance &.o, talter & order. eaton- Per bark Henry Deo...consineest: Joseph Cock. pee. Prenklin. Ames ; co Hiler " Watmono,. C Doens. Saly, lDothear t co, Chemp..tlur f Giraetd. Ogden a Snulh e. Slter 4 Ai , Davi. 4 Hobhrt, B Lene, T A Mortls, Taylr. Gardiner - co. Adams 4' Hartwcll, J Bridge & so, J Btield 4'oIBort &tttthbrvt JG Dodherty & eo,.to Be. 4 Hwtbeorn. J A Merrio, B Il All.., E & J Andraws, Siater & Trier, J Velrm & co. J G Sltevenron. Whltiong & o, Sloe SByrne.G Green, Layer a A meung. W Bogart, Soulet Vigoni Sto. J Thayer & co, Loyal 'tse ald order. CONSIGNEKES PER PACKET' STAIP KENTUCKY. J A Merle A on; Geoo Greean; Now.aen & Cr.ig; Briey, Dol. oe4 & co; Jonee. Walton & Fuller; Coit & co; J lailey; A Grant 4 co; & E H Aodrews; C Miller; W M Besale; N hite; 3 0 Chaler:e; r A Norris & co; Lnhbadie " Joeqtlllond; Tote L Hopkins; R Grooint & co; C Dusne; I Potuthel: Law. ees A Leolondre; Smith , Voorhees; H K & o; J &P Preamnn e co; J lartell; A W States; J Reid & o; ot S lathS Mint: Bennett. Ferridvy & co; Steto.n & Avery: Laytn & co; W . A Gaqeqot; Wood s. Snnott: R Law eteit; Hll & Belan; I W Ruff; Doyle & )tIe; Il,;cknor Stntntn A co; Kelly & Harrivs; Hyde Coodrich; Stroud & Iehkin; Poreyth . Lillm;lick; Whitridge 4. co,; J Corkyne; Xhenia. Pleatants c o; I.ayet & An.edung; I arks, W-I\t t et Drlvernolie; Woolsey M,ntague;o Fnollainl. IRellocq & Deale; Hyde, Comatttk 4 co; t1 O Ames; R;hnrdton, Water a meo Wood; Giodfrey t.awtit 4 Pmo;it. I,.fl;, Stevens;& oAlten, Ahller 4c..; W Kenlon; tG Ilbhcnk; Reynoldt. Byrne ae;: Lambeth 'tThomplo.; AlM While & co: J'Iouom; Afent atema boat luntsville; Taylor, Gardiner v co; Peyroux Areeeoel o; io:urke, hW.att W t; T G Sterk; Nugent 6& Terpin; Mnlm E Lefebvre I ro;: II Haynes, N J Dick & at J H (raham; CI M Ctyler J .Landis and co; .I Ftalb:e; Leng anet AIldleb; Caopt H Johnson; A I ed,,a; Kilp, lte'd .ed co; Wateamatnntd oBurer-; J on.l J eevls; Slater and Titr, J e0 Spenger; H C Spenrit; J Mast er; Jrvis anad Adrew; Poee and Northi; 3 H Flel and co; Kirkman. Aleeethy andl Hat;a; E Freeman; H Enlish;; J Coli. P Littdie; Adams Iartwell; LotI a.,d Peck; 'I Dunhh,,m; 'ierce hamnon and Bro; HO Ames, Gtoodma; ont l.evy; Bac and Eaatheoln; C P Dn.oe; Woltot and o; P Nihchsenn; A flloer. Dnealld led Uoali;t'J McCritdrd .ld co; 'T'oole and Sartle a; I,escott. and co; v tlld t Mtulloen; I joihre a4d eLCnr'y; ioamoro ; ad Otto;: I, Ciltooden; VlIlioot and Great: E Ltow sld o; Taylor and tet lt; S (C Peixotte; Ltlly od tMC;ahken; Cont and co; Peet u.ot Nolth; F Solg. aourets at to; ielrneuati Inrlositr; aJ ed K Y.- tlm.; P aod J ergumn: J Ogdon ;ald to; Rich ,rli.n, Wacrlllall sm1 ood;:'P Barrett: R Mash and oo; Kin; and olepks; Her brand and cc; F Cailherr; B Irower stod co; P Deverges ttdae and Speyer, Rett and co; t'later ond thillard, L.aenbetht and Thoaason; E A tridle and e,,; 30arti. lIe..t.o. atd sO; FI Qui.k: J Fhal;mt ; H1 It Ie.e aal co; J Landlr; A I.edome ant co: Opdy ke all I Cvrri; o; D; oivior and N ,odlef. Bhdell and Stewart. I.ot; D Felt aed co; A MlcArthuir; A C aed W.8oeir aed co. Carmaat and tMcM-,hul S I Okey and ; H altoll and Kemp; J I l.eterich atl eot J (G Batk Armsetetd ald Sprpig; W McKelalnO; St Jihlln. Fare and rtB Cuyv; J Denere; R tI Wh;le;: H RBpelt; V a.nd J GOquet; Valenttie lnd Btuddock; hO Topham,and order. PAS.ENGERti. Ner York-Per ship Star-.Mrs 8 E Glover. 2 children and errantt Lteut J. M Smith aoldd s.rv.t. U S A i.lrs u tom.,i Aleoandria, La.. Mortis t Isaacsou. C hilgto,. I.e., Geu Ito Ahop, NO; John Moeara. N O AND, ALSO, FG lirdiadl, Ftrklit; Jr. FThetll and duolh'ert do; Henry Spearirn, NOi paoiertica tlake from the Wreck of tile Packet Ship Kotucky. ayTou Siar-Per steamer Pattn Rouge. .Mre Parters & eLctt. Mrs Longlois. Victorioe Phillhpc, A Li.tters. F W,'ioter. JI Ftrse, P RCatlte. J Ptlqueli ne. Gllrman, ;rmffray,G WV M(otbho. G Nicholsot, F Laufot, G Lrmia, E Turntuud oad warrant. S IdM It Lote--Per eteamer Louisville..Mt Steel and chidl, liss I A Ctallta. Battelle, losos C 1) Oterlolp, A I.eaer, ,tar s, Filer. Mee(a Armtecd, .ounders. t 'Triable, J Bowu, ertoel odgee, Morgan. Jar I.rrloo, t Arnold. J Ilouu'let, S8 KolI A tDroux, IH Ceuter, M Vourgmet, J AlegSm-53 no doek. New York--Per ship MunShol--lamherth, Barese. lady, 2 childeu end servaet. J 0 Duuty, N itiker, Dubhli. J ii Deter -s0Oteegqe pasengors. NIEMORANDA. The prbket hip Star has encnntered severe g.les on her peeo. O tle l7th and 8th ils.t hetweenn the ' II,. i- itlt .1" and "Stirrup Keys' it hlewl IrPilelndouo hlrricnet |n which pale the "Kentocky" res lost ol the "Nortlh UntinJ," about 10 aem, on the Olh. TheFStnr eplitsotme of her ails, hbt met with o otlller damagep. Ot dhe 14Ith int fell it with tb wreck of the "Kenltcki" andl took from bor the cabie p.ssengers, part if the crew ln i her letter bno. Wngctto were alon side the .hip, but Ihlr nr-e o was all in a damaged state. Captain Jobhuon od rellainder of the rw, together with the oteeraie passengers inteetded to cod thet day iCn wredler, fir Ntesu N P. Ther. were tthree other reck on the "Cat Kevc" end weehee about them; understined one to he the brig "'ctory" md c other bhip "Atlas," Vill a schooner, name unknown. tesmtor louiiville left St Louis the '20th inIt;2 d met i.ittl loetmuothtOhio; Upper Mississippi low and still falling; IS JeSi waetter it the Ohio; 23d. met Pawnee. at No It; 24th Io.lpdle thlow New Madridl; latded at thn wreck of the .soeer ttl.,lhe htavingto trk tu tn t g, and sotk at Need. h.s..taol bont ant earte a total lot. one deck htald drainewd. Pasld Geoo Collier, AiFt,i met Rienzi it No 05 ,0 3; 11"t0LalotC .V .tr a tend; 2Llh, paosed Cloihorne lying at do St ;S 9t; met Chtlltiothe at Stl) oU 8,r; Corvette at btte Reuget reached Alton Ibelow Red Chureh. lttolp .Polnld .p.oke oehr Handy on the is h. from Now dtl baured to Mltile. dtttoorted, tounld to Clharleston; up pOl d s wth pmvcioon t . W'o ih rontp.tny with shil, md et her of Ca Keys; ported ion otlp..y with ship Cioteer e Poor 'eys. ork Henry Dt e e. rseeh brig front Charlestton,. bound to terry Islatd to the relief of 14t vessels lot on and theat the i.nm.too. Tle pw.kt chip Alabama. Berry. fr New Orlecnns, arrived tt N Yew ot dope --Ship l.omtll ite, Cornelll fr New York foe Now Orleo.le os tpoken Aug 2O.i inlot 3, oleos 74 Io. [P.ertrriSok at New York. Arte at I.teorlmol Aug 1t. lhip ctse, Bar. fer New Oleut. Jane. Elersont. do, lAu 14, ad.eao.reob, Gt N. Oeleris at the E le, Aug 7. C td necd, ieicehrdolti do at Marseilles. Anto 5. S. Eliza'eth, Weed, do c do, Ace 6. Datlmrieoetta. Stetson. do at Caoee, 4w I. Clnmentt, Jordan,. do at St Peterheure. Aug 13. Cleared, at N York, Soept 22, ehip Slperior, Bur art', Natehez;Lrlig Nelson Clurk, 'i;tmao, New O)r hloo. Sept 24 ship ,,racen, 25 lt e front New Or for N.w YVork, put into Ni folk ot Ftiduy, wilt laes of rudder. Marlkets. THE EUROPEAN IGRAIN MARKET. TRENCH CROPS--The meot en, ourOl ilt eceounts cte Sinm tooeceh the lrouch apiutl from thle dtoeln eotr.e where de splendid weottmr ihttt at in on the t0th had clntilted. wLth every propet of lon dmratton. eod with it, need hardly be sad, tt.h bet peoihle elfects on the trope. M.,St of the een In the aot hborhltod of Paris Ia bheen cut anid cavriel. Geerelty oekio.g, od particularly on the rich and fertile boia of the Matrne. in La trit slid Itt Heanle, thel pretelt ic.arvst. would. it was. expeeted.prnve nt only totns ehun. det but superior in quality to oy gatlhered ,uring some Is !epiardy od other exposed districtt the wheats were not qUI. t fer the sickle. but the preailitl hot. .lnttlylloudlOas .oober. with dry ld rather hioh oold, would.t tou ally otttethe the ripetot of the erat, stnt adtml of its teint J i m."O and housed. E, ct to the tlartelnntsl, jilto j to. te laso c dvamced Ihen thnee of tile Stine ed or the loer. the .ratce part of the r)e antl barley, lmd much of id .,had heon cut and uved. All fears feor a ..arelty were .moeqneotly fast rulhidinl. lut il hb.tds wetld neotlorily I he ecployed to thle gd. fr yet a week oneepr. the markets eold mot be o btoodantlty supplie. with the grain es to pro dote cr Itoedite oceotde effeot on prices. I3P.TlItl UIIAIN MARKltT--Ltverpoel Aug. 18.--We hoe thincowoh bed ecty limnted upplliet to or Cort narkeht. The favorett eohaege in the weather has, at the .same thee. hd ttoe Ultl effect on the trade. rheeklng the disposition to ad Iadeing those desirous to sell to meet thle rLqe .the demand hy a redtEion of prire. tt )estrdoy's rkett WhLM both bendd eand free., wc. uoted t4do id per boa low tohan oil To.esdly. Fonllh Whe;t eewas soldt I i9,t II lid. the heat rut of Irs.h It aisIh O ito ti 3d,0o ne Itt ..i.t.p he cttidered l 0 top quotatoe for fi.,reit iil ,.---o, ,eetll Id told oU er boehel. ted Flo... ottd " r.. ,i s. to t. per eork ted lod, reslectivly ch.eper. Wotetuto-, I0L--T he .ether bneiet leen very l e so at edjl.ay b.aiced the uctel ercet to the trod. at sh weman. T he trival of t Gorain e, Otlnp verye mode co.. WhLt ooly fintd buyers, and thtio tetail t t declinee sB.ib 4a. Bot tfew smple tra eleRait the larte qulotity sakdi 10 wean hbowrl nearly cleared out ill our granaries. BtmmaUoUtt.- Dotint the pr-ent weak, ite weather hte h t bo e v e c h oe bchecked the rise ill Wheat. onto good Ene ha red hachangedt bands ot Io0 6d per elibe, at ethmiet's, and a parcel of Kahanec in bond, at IIt llriU LI.a·ncloll, and I p orce! Z uperl qc artar at Gloucester. 1 jc mpctte believe. rays the London Ti,.., that thle egttuSwloiltbeoekct e torn on hand in various . soiýMcdtel l O edronooen etrowne .ouotries hb. bten r i a d eotdy OtggeOnttd iy Interested parties here, if Bienr to p doewed , t.ot to the wop of eenhbnclg msdr would te otri-teo ht Polatet h cheoooecg01 PE tdbeb etoIr h~h Pronerl ttdcc heetootl~l are pt" In thoetee. tothat in Deteie itselfc tike utqi c'saetoadctatnd the very coutlletre ,ttrick whieh owShOud a hd at theL end of Det.ubct which are :ttil utbuched, or aImol of. The rIs of rker hre tIed 'tR rer C of late. hbd tnduced the meho ts ofbt pot o eulJts he che no, of etll ftrther udvaoes. d To this end, thelt own reervs ere .ereo hlh whhheld front the market. Tnd they limit themsvbee to execute peeslati erdee recolerd frm bad from suhb pTereI S my I be brohght brwnrd from the interior by neeelitone land pao Pietoe., ton wont of he e mtoney. .Asepttb tbe betniog aly thseriat upon wterat in Dlonte w ilrey equal to nearly 50 per cent., and the harestsu gsael, both htroed snd at home, d re fr from werian now$.9im 50oebl. up pertnce then ealeoulted upon. it is rot unlikely itet the Tpecultore may he oae of their reoetlne. It would seem that ipeuln tione for the advanie hed beet reored to eok ant etent on the Elrhne there rto in the hepe of time brniies to resemble the ganbling in the stockshe be durlng periods of politiol excielment. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Aue. 1..-Oer Cotton market hau ronttned in dull tate throughot the present e-,ek without however. predeilg any ioncreased deire to tell. or redurtion in prie, with tit exoeption of middling nd ommon qualities of American. in which we redue our quota tioes 1 per lb. At the public tale to-day there weas searely y bidding r the Sea Islands offered., ad the new rpainel thet was d'poed of weare forced t a conridertble reduction from previoe les hby privalte; the elirts iold obtained fir .rice. Speculaltors bave takeno 1000 hales. and exporteers t10 hales merten. The let lnelod 140 te iltand, Goren·a, 19.16 30 itained do, 61t 4011r Upland. 5; 2'201 Mobilo, 5r; 5500 New Orlrcsi, 5,t Co9. Tobacco is in moderate demand at previous rti. About 106 hhds comprile the sales of the week. Sept. 23-10 o'clockh, A. M. NEWV YO)RK IMARKET. COTTON-The market hase hbeen active the lest two date at o advance of 1.4 cent per lb. The seles eom priset 1450 bhel, via. 500 Upland, b50 Florida, 3of0 dobile. and 3110 New Orleans. FLOI R-The late advicet from England have mad, no materieal alteratten in prices. Western is still held at $9 50. Frem thl" London Herald. Aug. 15. THE CROPS, eo IN sCoTLAND. AYasone.L-The almo.t continued rains and in. frequency of glnial heat is now causing mnllh applet henaion,at thie advanced period of the season, for the oafetv of the crops. Never, we believe, were they more plentiful, blit they mut he late, and exposed, in many poerts, to great risk, although favorable weaother ahoulj soon eltUPa." Ronss-sHttRo--The crops in the western districts of Rose-shlire and in the islalnds, have n hetter appearance this year than lhas been witnessed fori long period; but ifthe rains continue there will he a danger of their not ripmiog. STItl.nsoG tlRZ.-Fron aell quarters we hear the most promising ace, nlts of the appearance of the urnro opet but actompanied hy grievous complaints of want ot wearm weather to ripen them. The wheat is hbulky and generally itrong; atd oats ntever presented a more egratifytpdipla, buht all are fully a monthlb later than usual.-Caledonian Mercury. All kinds of crops will be unuoitally late; and it seems to bhe generally feared that the hlattest will bt rather under average.-Sohtsmee. MANCHESTER, A'e. 18. We notice a deduction on flour of Iron.. 4e to 5s per 280 Ilhs LONDON, Aug 18.-Grain-At this manrt;iri's market we rhad a large show of U heat from ..': sex and Sofli;lk. It was impossihle to efeet saies without a reduction olf ' per quarter on the cirt: r-ncy of Monday last The supply of frriatn WVhear has been very plentiful since our iast. the receipts amounfing to upwards of 38,000 quarters. Correspondence of the Journal ol'Commtree. LIVERPOOL. Antr. 17 -Cotton-The demand throughout the week has been very moderate, but as noflers ,ifer their slocks sparinely, no change to price has occurred, excepting for coml. mon qualities of American, which are rather lower. The sales of tobacco this week amlount to 110 hhdn. without ehanre in price. LIVERPOOL. Aug. 18th. We have had a most rotllflngy changle of weather, and our grain mar: tet hne coonsequently become very inanimate at receding prices; the dutlly on wheat to-day al 13s ad per qrr.rer, and on Floor 8s 2 1:2d per bhl. Tolt:day our Cocton market is steady at yester day's prices. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, Aug. 18 Conasderable less Cotton has eon otffered to:day, which has enabled holders to realize priesa in several Instances, which were not obtained during the week. Surrts are likewise dearer. Sales for week endino ye terday amounted to 17,1_0 hales ,of whih 4,630 were Upland, at 5 1:4 a 1:2, wilth a few bales at 8 1I: a 9;2,220 Ale hamr, and Mobile at 5 8 a 7 1:2, with If at 9 1:2d1; 140Sd.a Iland at 19 a 36.1, and 270 stained at 5 a 15d (of which 240 were by act ion) 10I00 American were taken on speculation, and 1000 Inr export. The sales to day are estimated at 3,000 bales. TA4 E OF LOUISIAN --FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT C)UOtT.--The State of Laursiana, To all whom these presents shall come, treetitrg: \\ hereras Ileory William Palfrey having purchlaserd at a sale made by the syndic of the oreditorsotf Edward anlzotoun the prolerty herein after de-cribed, hao ap plied to tls court the 2lth of Septembter, . D. 18:3.:, t;,r a mottltot or ad.erti:relnent in conformity to an act of tihe legilarture o1' tie State of Louisiana, entitled "An Act for the further assurance of title. to purcha errs t ljudiciul sales;" approved the tenth day of lurch, 1i34. !ow. therefore, know ye, and all persons interested herrin, are hereby cited and admonished in the name of tihe St te o Lotriisanna, and the First Judicial I)istrit.t Caourt, who can ast up any rig, t. title or claim in and to tire property hereminftler described, in consequence ol any i.b.folality in the order, t:ecree of judgmtent of the court ndler whioh the sale was made, or any ir regularity or illegality in the appraisements and adver. ti-eleot, in rtime, or manner of sale, or ftilr any othler defect w Ietsoever, to show cause, within thirty day from tihe, day thio monition is first inserted in the puhli pa lers, whr the sale so made should not be confirmed and huo.Itl gated. The said protperty was sold by the syndic aforesaid on the twenty-lifth iay of June last, A. I). 1838, by vir tue ofa decree of this court, rendered on the fifth day of. lay, A. It. 1833. in the matter of Edward Sallsman vs. I-fin Creditors, No. 15,01LP2, of tile docket of this court, at HIch sale Henry W. Palfrey became the purchaser ftr tile price ot$7..tf0. Description tf property as given in the Judicial Con veyance, viz . Foire lov s of ground, designated by the numbers eight, nine, ten, eleren, and Itelee,, in square C, ad. joinmng each other, situate it the pauish of Jefferson, anld measuring in all one hundred and ninerty-seven feet three attd a half inches front on Levee street, one hun dred and fiftv fart fronton Second street, by one hun dred and sixt-rthree feet three inches and five lines in de' th on the line dividing them from lot No seven, and thirty-tie a tiet in depth, and front on Jefferson .treet. '2. Twelve lots ort ground. situate inaaidCarrullton and designated by thle numbers froul twelve to twenty tlhree itlrusive, in square G sairl lot No twelve, measu ring thint% feet frolt on Third street, by one hundred larud fifty f et il depth, and between parallel lines; said lots riot thlirtreen to twent) -two inclusive, measuring each tlhlt y feet front on Jeflfrson street, by one hun dreld and twenty feet in depth, between parallel lines; and saidl lot No twenly three tesaterito thirty feet frron Bnrtre streel, y tan hundred and fifty feet in depth, tbetween parallel hlnes. 3. Twenty four lotsof ground, situate in raid Caroll ton. ond dc.itnatred by the number- from one to twen ty four inclu-ive.forruine tile whole square J, bounded Iv Conmbrone, Third. Jefferson and Zinwal streets, ithe whole in conformity with a certain Ilan dr wn by I.ouis lringer, snrvenor general, dated - tat March, 1836fi, and d posited in the offices of Hi B Cenas, notary piublic. 4. And a certain piece or parcel of ground situate in said Carrollt n, m, asuring two hundred and eleven teat eleven inches flont on Leveestreet, and exterding in depth twohundredsad fifty feet to the public road,on which it has a like front of two hundred and eleven teet eleven inches, ounaded on thie lower side by Jef. fersot street, nd on the Upper side by property belong. ing to William Jonee. All which said lots of ground make part of the pnop- erty surrendered by said insolvent E Salrzman to his crelditors, and ara the same ,Ahich he had purchased from H W Palfrey, hy act before H B Cenas, notary aforesaid. 6th January, 1837. Witness, the Honorable A. M. Bucha nan, Jodge of Paid court, thias twentieth day of September. 1838. THEO. LEWIS, Octl-3t Deputy Clerk. T , AT DE LA LOCISIANE-Cour du premier SIlirt trier Judicinire.-L'Vtat de la Loui-i.lne.-A Ious ceux qua are pee lsales concernettl, alut:.-At tendtt qul henry : ,Pallrey avast achedt unt vente flaire par te vnic de Edward Salnaun, la propriftd et alres decrite, s'est odresse au greffe de cette cour ou la dit, vente itu enretlstr le l 20ine jour de septem bre de I'oaur e 1833, pour un avis croalnrm6 enrt dA un a.te de la Ie-islature tde 'Etnt de la Louisian., imi. tual "Acte pour cotfirmer lea titres dres aclu oeurs aox venter jrudaiaree," appruuv6 le 10 mare 1834. Qa'll suit clonn, et routes personnes intireas6es rant r" cerr prt errter sonnhes sua nom de lIEtal de In Lon:oane de la Cour du premnier distrit judieiaim, lqui pourraient avoir droit Ai propritfi ci apres d6 orte, eu conehqrrnen d'un Itfaut de ftrme dana I'ordre, tl dec.retto le jgement de la cour, en vertu du quel la vents 6t f aite, on de toute irr6gularite ou illhgalitr dans I'estimnaton, l'avis on le tems et le modrr de la orte ou pour une autnore cause quelconquea de fairo vnir, dais trente jour A dater de nlu publieatiol de crtlavis, pour-qnoi la eats ainari faite ne serait Ilan confirnn.e et homologune. La dote proprh.iS frt vendue par le avndlie sudit le 25 mmole jur de juin de l'amhe 18 8, en vertu 'un dh cerct de reils eoun ronda le 5me.jour de matn de I'annhe 1838, inno i'affaire de Edward Saltaman cottre aes crhanliers, No. 15, 02 du dockrt de ette couur, Ia qoelle vente H. W.Palfrey s'est aendu equ6reur Iour e prix ne $79y0. ltectipon de to preopri6t6 d'apre Is le transfer jndi 1. cint lot= de terre, d6signas po leasnumbros 89, 10, I II, 12, buittneuf, din, ouze ot douze, dana I'ilet C, se joignttl,sittun it Carrolltoa dana la paroiso" Jefferson, et mesurant enselmble cent qtatre vingt dix set e pieds, tros ipolces et demi, face I :a rue de la Lev6e, cent cinquante pied itu face sur la rue Seaonde pur cent oixanute et trpois piedl, Iraoi i.ouecs et cinq lignea de profondeur etr face la rue Jeff.rson. 2. Douza lots do terre situts dans le dit Carroll ton ot dsignhns par lea num6ros de douz n vingt trois dana 'ilet U, le dit lot no. douze menurant trenty p.eds de face our lu rue Third, par cent citquante peds dtie profondeur les ligneas tant paralelles, lee dita lota de troize d vingt deux inelus. Chrcun rtesure tsante pieda de face A Ia rue Jefferson par cent vingat piedsde profondeur les liganae tant paralelieo, ot le atir lot no. ring Itroa mesurant treme plede de face A la uea Burthe par cent cinquantae pieda de profondeur tn re lienea Fpranhlles. 3. Viu tqne uote lots do terre situtas dans le dit Cur mllton, dioignaes iar les nos. da un A vingt quatro inelua formant toal I'ilet J. bornis par le rumns Cam broue. Third, Jeffrr on et Zimple et meurart ensem ble trais cent piods de fare sur cheune des dite. rues le tut confrorhlment i un certain plan, drosor par Loaim Brignier ener ari-teral, dath "e premier mars 18h; eadtOlhpno dans Ifttude do H. B. Cenas ootaire -I. Et ul certain ttorceau de teare situo dam Il dit Caee.llatot seAndOnt deaxent ane pieds, stne pau. e e da la rue pde lee, at e'btendam t en profoMdeur suzd cent cnqnante pieadsau chemio pbl., sur lquel T a one face tembble do deAu cent ooze piads onA e poucc, boroparen a paris rue Jefferson, et par anor kaut par des .prori(.ta apoatenant t1 Wm. Jones. Toua lea doe lter do terre forment pardo pro. W prib6te voodoo pr Ie dit insolvable E. Saltamtoa ta s wI crboociere, t sont tea mtmea qu'il areait achet soa dit m( H. W. Palfrey, par aet pardovant H. B. Ceus notaire suoaitle 6 Janvier 1837. rT6moin i'honorable A. M. Buchanan Judge de Is th dite our, cce viogtibme jour de Septembre Al 1838. to T7sept-3 THEO. LEWIS, dep greffiar. re se T'E I'RUE AMERICAN. EDIT'FD 8V JOnOr alHebWN. be PAITlSRUL AND BOLD. Nt:WV OR LEA1 :? y MONI)AY........OCTOBER ]. 1838 ul We rr.commence to-day our daily publication; ri and return our thanks to our friends for the patience with which they have supported the par. n tial suspension of our paper during the summer. We shall make ample amends through the com ing season. In a few days we expect to be in re- C ceipt ofa large quantity of new material for the paper, and for jobs; our arrangements, a ith for. a sign correspondents are extensive, and we shalibe regularly furnished with all the latest European, l Havana, Texas, and Moxican papers. We shall in a word spare no pains to make the True American a the best paper in the Southern country, and our Reading Room the most comfortable and com. I plete of any in the Union. We have to ask the indulgence of our subscri bers for the want of editorial matter is our paper I to-day, and its general want of interest. We are painting and refitting our reading room and office, and until a late hour last night had not a place to sit down to. Titshe Express muilsofyesaterday together with that of Saturday arrived yesterday at an early hour. The slips from New York are to the23rd, contain" ing intelligence from Europe received by the Gar. rick and Echo, two days later than our last from Liverpool, and by the England, Captain Waite to the20th August. The sales ofertton had been; for the last week ending the 17th, 16,1 h bales, .at the prices of the previons week, with the ex ception that common qualities of American had declined 1-8. Mr. Stevenson, Van Buren's Minister to Ene land Ihas !ad thebetlie to haul Mr. O'Connell over the coals for certnin expressions made by the rint man in i. noreech at Birmingham against his excellency. The Columbia from t~'alvesttm, arrived on Sat. urday, but brought no nerVas .'f importance, and no papers for us. Messrs. Tex ian Editors, you are careless. Lamar and Rusk have been ele'ted President and Vice President of Texas by overwhelming mnajorities. The hurricane of the 8th to the 12th ultimo has been one of the most severe and destructive Iloat has been experienced for many years. The nut.n" her of vessels lost, is very great, and most of them fitted with valuable cargoes. Capt. Glover of the Star, reports the probable loss of four square rigged vessels, which he saw on his lee off Abaco, and two going into Nasau on der jurymasts. The Star escaped; but was near being lost, in weathering the Hole in the Wall. The corn erop in Maryland, particularly in the lower part is said to he very bad. The Bnstoniane are about to try the experiment of paving with wood. The corporation have or dered two streets to be ao paved. Mr. Barton, Stage Manager of the St. Charles arrived yesterday in fine beallth and spirits. Mr. B Ihas been detained twenty five days on his p7 sage down, tle river was so extremely low.a fn prospect ofa rise. Theare--Caldwell, ever punctual, opens fte St. Cllhrles this evening: performances. No Sont No Supper; and Dead Shot, two overtures and a new and charmine danseuse Mad'lle Ruavenot. We wish him a very full house. Celeete, has again and for the lust rf arrived in the United States. She came i the packet ship Englanld, Capt. Waite. Her addre.s to her last Liverpool audience will be found below. She fulfils short engagements at the Ntionnol, New York, the Tremont, Boston, in Philadelphia' &c., and mill he with us in March. U. S. Bank stock was sold in New York. on the22d, 123 1.4. N. O. Canal 92 1-2 and NO. City at 102. Mr. Thomas Tobhy has been appointed Conattl of Texas vice Mr. Townsend. The King of the French has nutt forlh an ordin. ance prohibiting the export of Bread stuffs from the ports of Frnces. This in the present condition of the crops in Europe, is a very important men. sure. PAsseNGERS.-No less than eighty six passen .ers ale already enrolled for tile Great Western on her next return to England. LATER FROM ENGLAND. The packet strip England arrived at N. Yerk from Livertpool, hrinug London papers of the 18th and Liverpool to the 20th August. We make our extracts from the Jettrnal of Commerce, Courier, Exreees, and C.ommercial Advertiser. It nill he seen from the annex,..l accounts thae Bread Stuffs had fallen in price in England. The receipts of both fioreign and dttteltic wheat was very large. Almost all fears respetelng the har veast.ln rance had subsided, and there is now every ex;,eelation that it will be abundant. Cotlon had been dull during the week ending with the 17th, but was more active on Saturday the ilth. The packet :,lip Shakspeare which sailed from Ntw York on the 28th July, arrived on the 19th on August. ''h Royal Wtlltnhm asteamer, also ar rived on the 19th. She sailed from New York oi, the 4th. The packet sltip Cambridge was go. tog in on the 20th. The steam ehtp1 Great Western had, on the 19th Auglust, 97 births etngaged for her return trip to New York. ENGLAND. Parliament was ptroraeed by the Queen in person on the 16th August. She delivered the following ispeec' on the occasion. HER MAJESTY'S SPEECH. JAly Lords and Gentlemen: The state of public business enables me to close this protracted and lahorious session. I have to lamenot that the civil war in Spain forme an exception to the general tranquility. I eontinue tot reetive from all foreign powers the strongest assuralncesof their desire to maintain with me the most anticanle relations. The disturbances and insurrtetiona which had, unfortunatslly, broken out in Upper and Lower Canada, have been promptly surprresed,sand len. rertain e confident hope that firm asd judctous measures will empower you to restore a conslltu. ttonal form of government, which unhappy events have compelled you for a time to suspesd. I rejoice at tlhe pro.ress which has been made in my colonial iloaseiolns towards the entire abo. litio of neero apprenticeship. I have observed with much satisfaction the at tention which you have bestowed upon the amend. ment of the domestic institutions of the country I trust that the mitigation of the law ol imprison ment for debt will prove at once favorable to he liberty of my subjects, and sale for commercial credit; and that the established church will de rive increased strength and efficiency from the restriction of the granting benefices in plurality. I have felt great pleasure in giving mny assent to the bill for the relief of :le destitute poor in Ireland. I cherish the expectation th:t its provi. asons have been su cautiously framed, and will be all prudently executed, that whilst they contribute to relieve distress, they will tend to preserve order and to encourage habits ofindustry and exertion. I trust likewise that the act which you have passed relating to the comeposition for tithes in Ireland, will increase the security of that property, and promoteinternal peace. Genetlemen of Use House of comm on: pae I cannot snfioiently thank you for your de- n ratch and lihberalty in providing for the expenses ge Imy houeeholld and the rnainosinance of the hon- er r and the dignity of the crown. I ofer you my Io' 'armest acknowledgements for the addition et hich you have made to the income of my beloved I other. t I bhank youn fr the supplies which yon have ac oted for the ordinary pubhli service, s well as for ie he readiness with which you have provided ctt seans to meet the extranrdinary expenses rende ed necessary by the state of my Canadian poE. casonss. Pt lMy Lords and Gentlemen: m The many ouseful measures whirh you have fL teen able to consider, whilst the settlement of the th vil list and the state of Canada demanded so en ouch of yor attention, are a satisfactory proof of at our zeal f'vr the pubhie good. You are so well ao ecquainted with the duties which now devolve at pon you in your respective counties, that it is ti nnecessary to remind you of them. In the die rhnrge of them you may securely rely upon my Irm support, and it only re mains to express an st humble hope that Divine Providence may watelch c sver usall,an d prosper our united efforts for the :elfare of our country. The Lord Chancellor announced that the parlia- a ment stood prorogued till Thursday, the l1th of totnher next. The Canada Indemnity Bill was read a third time and passed, and sent to the Lords without p omendment. The Paris Monitrer of the 14th August contains the ordinances lefr liring the Orleans and Paris, ndi Havre and Paris rail ronds. The Commerce says that the police had been for b some days engaged in searching for a secret press from which papers had been issued tendingtoex cite the Bonnpartlist to vmake an effort in favor of Lonis Napoleon. Thev"B.nk of Commerce," established hby M. Lnfitte, is retlresented to have been eminently urcessful. The disronnts had rise., from 7.000, 000 to 20,000,000 of 'ranes per monrth, the latter being the amount it' July. The Bon Sena states that the King hsad resolved tn send Marshal Gerard to the Belgin frontier, and to esaablish a camp of 30,000 mon on the Rhine. Doubled hy the Courier Francois. The Courier Francnis sasys that the Mexican bIlockding squadron is to be increased to '22 ships. Baron Deffenllished tarrived Irom Mexico. Acecountsfro'n Rottie stated that the Cardinal Fesch, uncle of Napoleon, was at the point of death. The report cathers strengththhat Louis Bonn parte will end the dificulties bhtweet France and Switzerlnnd, by a voluntary expatriation. Previous to the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester railway there were ln more than 146, 000 passengers in tile traventlit between the twor plances by e.,ches, a her-ons the present number, by rallwar' alon enxceeds 500,000. The Portuguese Govero ,lenl have had the go' fortune to break urp a formidable oand or the Mig uel insurgents, and do capture the duerilla chlrt rain, Reneclhide. Thle man was put to derlt; but it seems hie nos left behind h1in a lson equally da ring and cunning wirh himsnell The Angslure (Gazette of the 11th August states, IhaIt e hthe iPvrtln Gvoe rnmenot havingq 0d verlised for sale 16,000 Ibles ot cotton, at 16 crowns the quintal, no purchasoers had rlffered to take any at tnat price. It accordingly resolved on exporting it at his own expenlse, to Llverpool, Mar settles, and Trleste. A letter from COnnsrntinople, in the Morning Herald, dated hes 25th JIlt', gives the importlun inftrrmntoion that Mr. McNeil, the British Envoy to the Court of Persi , hald broklen off all commlu-. nication with the Stinh, and was on his way to ronsarntliTole, there to await further instrlttons. The step was caused by the obstinacy of the Shah, in keeping up the war rupon the Herat, which was believed to he effect of Russian irfllttnee. A letter from Athens. dated Jotlt 27th, gives a lamentable account of matters in that kingdom. The revenue fron the land tax wasexpected to be orly £150.000, being a fourth less than that of nst year The scarerty ot money was beyond descip. tion,owion toile constnnt drain required folr tn payment of the foreign troops and loffice holders. "he annual expenditure was 18 millions of dra. "'mes, giving. 23 drloehlnes,orr I0s. 6J. arerling, perle , d as rate ol tuxio,no; but the actual reven ce was ,,Oly about 9,000,0UO fnrones. Tne Kt: .' is declared ito be htls0 retter than half witted, an.1 enormously extravact lan l; and to crownl all, thii country wls tlested with a band ofrodir rt. It wasn reorted at Shadrid on the 8th August :hat the dlffr'rerllrc I, ,'t er Espattero and the nllister had ben sart:r d. ''he s air e of \ lrla w 'e co!mencl'n d by Gener ral O mrn . l) ,n C arius w ,s , 'till at O ,.m ;' his g ,n eral-inthiel, M ae, waso n.. 'ti t1,ed in strer"n th cning tihe delftncrs o t IE ll-tell., v ich kEsartelo was plep'-rine Ir a0a1ck. Private letters fro o Vrsatr ,dat. lli , refer to an e,' xlra.ordinat r c sl r ir ,cyri " d t. ' hao . 1evlr deerted I1 tihe Polish capitll-(l an(ll-r j by Ihe FrePllh l( IVt rl' ll as it 11 oa 11r edl- ) and t~o \h. chl w is lItr b' ed tihe n1umeroT,. an tal wh ient had lit 'I tal.nn 't ' 1 tt hai sw e ant d . 1r ' r parts rI Piolartd. It as tilte I tl eltitn nil th h conlsp1 mra 1ss alolnlLg wthumen were severnl Rui-stanl ,fui ,ers, it blow u; tlite Emperor t in t h Ite Irrtressorf Blal, to vosit which was ilthr printcipal ohltel of hist jutrrey Adviet'v from Cairo of thle 24 Ih l' il state, that repn,l t of a pIohntle war ohad tt I clrelat' is ilIh cil, anlld llal `4110) reler lts wlt. hal hl1eo Iln i r itllaiy it re durlngr the last six montrhl, had rsud, denly been ordered to mrlret ftr Syria, across the desert. Alelrh net Altl ns still at Alexandrla on the 17th, but had seolt or the sleall rt Nile, to embark in hter, to case anlly evant should render his presence necessary ill Syria. Accounts Itroi Alexandria of the 201h ultivmo were received to-day by w ty of Trieste. Tate Caprtain P,aha, whot had grone rhitter to s.,ttile the dlltrtencts helween tile Prtooanld rhe Pasha of Eg+ypt, was esid ito be ont his return, aiter Uhtainint a s'tllssfa llry result thr,.t' gh Iti intervten'itn l the Consula of the prirnciil E itropean Stahea, and it was exctled ill tn cons qnenre Ihat the 'Turkisll fluet, which was at Plrls, waitingll the Issur, Swutld return t, Clnstrantinople. It was ktnown by the altters of the 17th that the Pashe of l. pt1tt, wh,,. in his enpncityof imnrchnnt, has been occ-t ntllrlting n large stock iofotlon for the last 18 moutlhl, intended la last rt displose of a p,,rtion ofI it, hut Itese letters stae rthlt he was not aile t ,obtl:in tile price e demlolnded, and that lie has determined t0 to ao., large ship :Stenls itr sale it thisc Olrtry. Th'i circutnlllance, with others, lhas help d to estarllsh the bteltel oftre dlff.·ren,:es with Turkey invghv been selttled, as this sitock i cooltoll was among the "nltlloitio t ol warll by 'which nn Inillollllll)n w s cnve d to iisledversa ry thal he wt ll prepared ltrt th. wllrst. The foll,-ing is the oerreslspnldene between MNr. Steveansoa,the Amterican M.lister and Mr. O'Csnnell. Lonsss, Antieat ISI. TIHE AMERICAN M.INISI'ER AND MR. O' CONNELL 23 P-artLANO PLACE. Aug. 9. Sir,-My atten,' n has ben eitled to t e pauli. cation in the last Spectatr O ;a sieecah which pur plt's Ia bhave becn delivered by you at a palubic meeting In Birmingham, iii whitc yiou are rep-rt ed to have used hel Iotlowing lalguatge in relation lo myself. "I1 believe their very Aab issador here is a slave. breeder, tonle thtse beings who rear ui slaves for the purpose of trafic. sl it piossib-le iben America would send here n man wlhoi trarll0s in blood, and who is ta disgrace to hu Ian naitre?' I desire to knllW lrot you whether this is a cor rest report of what you said in lhat occasion, sad with that view address you this contmu ntatisin. I am,Str, very respeeatllly, your s,':tt servn t. A. SI'EVENSUN, To Daniel O'Connell, Esq., &c. 16 Pall-mall, Aus3. 10. Sir-In consequence or yiour letter Ill estealy's date esx mines tile report of smy speech at Bir inlnglhat in IheSpeeIator of the 4th int, and have no hastallalon saylsi thllat the patuIgraph you have selected is not a correct report of what I said on that occasionll Tile very next sentence does, in Iny mind, show that the report could n.t be correct,ssad havingex anlned an.ther repoart since, as well as from dis tinct recollection, I repeat, that the report is not I have the honor to be, sir, your ob'd, serv't. DANIEL O'UONNELL. 23 PorTLAT D PLACE, Aug. 11, 1838. Sir,--I have the hI-nor to acknowledae the re ceipt of yur note of last evening, ll answer to the o rnelr.m ryaslf of the preceding day. Presuming thia vton intended )our reply as a dis avowal el tle "ff.ellsve expressioes cottailled in that part of your reported speech which had slin sien to myself and ito which your attention was called, .l am ratielied wilt. tie answer you have given. Asan incorrect report of your speech has been made public through the press, I beg to inform you that I deertit due to fitsetll that the corres pondenea which has taken place should also be purhlshed. I atn. sir, very respectfully, your obedient ser. A. STEVENSON. To D. O'Connell, Esq., Le. To the Editor of Ithe Liverpool Chronicle. Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, Aug. 17th, 1838. StR:-WilI you have the goodness to gLive the following an insertion in your journal, and oblige, respectfully, &e. CELESTE To Ute British Public. Being about to sail for the United States, in the packet ship England, Capt. Waise, I take this meribd of acknowledgine, with a granteful heart. the distinguished patrsnage ali kindiiess whicht has been an liberally extended toward s me thro' out the United Kingdoin. '1'i tihe. London pre s particularlyt, and the British press generally, I as under many ohliartions, for their indulgence oad generou critiques on my variouns proaeseionni ex ertions. I feel this compliment warmly, as tr g have noo the plensure of being ncqlainled wirh a sirgle person connected with the London press.- tfi I leave Englaod without ever havinghad an al- tie terecaion or harsh word with manager, actor or lgt actresee,and I feel proud in knowing that I am h e sterned and respected by my professional arsen- n elates Re 'ro part from those we reverence and esteem is ae a sad feeling, hout to meet and part is the allotted ta portion ol Itie; affection may wreathe and gratl tude entwine their sweetest, their dearest, and hi most enduring bonds, still, "like the baseless fabrie of a vision," they meet to be dissolved- P they are wrought but to be broken. I have one t enslation left, 1 ant cling to the land of my at adoption-.-America!-the region of the mountain and the Lake, where hospitality gives toelcome lto the r stranger, and hIberty admits him to the birthright of the free. Ftr the last time "Old England" I leave your rlton bound shores," with a saddened heart, but sincere prayers tfr blessinos upon t)or "oast all chored Isle." God bless you all. Farewell. CELESTE. Adelphia Hotel, Liverpool, 17th, 1838. NOTICE. 0-3The Packet ship 3lississippi is now discharging opposite the Vegetable market. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of thai goods. J 0 tEINs 4 A COHEN, Octl 90 Conmmon at HAVANA COFFEE--59 bags prime green suva no Coffee, of the new crop, now lauding Irotn r brig Charles Cat roll, tlr sale by JOSJEPhI COCKAVNE, Octl 25 Giravoere t I T. IAGO COFF'LE-LMO .ace or aupeirtu qanr ty, fur sale by SLATER & TE'RI!R, Oel 411 Poydrras street. C't-PAIAt'l'N .K1-tlIP NU'lT'IE. rIIIFi Coportnershtip here ofore eistinrg under the firm ofl GLOYUD & McDOI\VELL, in the Ex change Hotel, has been thir day disrolved by imutllal consent. John tlet unnell is charged with the asetle nent of fthe affairs of te late copartnership,. ad tile name of the fir. will be useJ otly mn Liquidation. n t l-18 '8 S )lA.YOtALI OF tlNW tUl ,.tA . T~lHErip e teotash fl ,r today is $. '5 per barrel, i according t ttlre rat il'; the bakers shall give du 'f ring the pr set week (from Monday let Oct.) 37 oua ces of bread for a itt. Bread of the econdl quality is required to weigh "5 percent. eore.viz: 43r ouonces. d Rep . C. rEN)I1, Motaor. f HE price onfokei and after the Ist day of * October, will be lifty cents per barrel in the Gas \Vork's ard, and if taken in qlurntities of one hun dred barrele, Till e delivered free of dravage. 'iThe advantagoe hat this article of fiel possesseso ver the IIanthrae a Id Itum nounts coals, igniting moro readily tlthn tie former, ande freet rom the unplesant - snoke of the latter, should induce every Ihrmily to make . useofit. Orders received at the Gas Uffice in Bnlk Alley. EN W WELLS,, eepN9 dee'y. at ROG \NS, BOOT1S, &e--fI i utses, erntaireig Alan'es ist &nd quoaliy kip Brogans; Boy and 16 Youth's kip pegged tie; \leae's ipegetd morocco do; Men's calf, seal ad nloroeco, sewed and pegged boots, nlandinog rum ship Seaman ani Chertoee, lor sale by n ISAAC II)DGE & CO, r- sepT' 134 Ihagazine st Pa'EUtI CANDLES, Sugar &e-0tO0 Ibxea New l lledford Sperm Candles; 50 boxes white liava ' n Sugar; I12 reas Havana Cotffe; 300 eoxes No. 1 By nlerton boap. Jackson's brand; 20 Cook's Itoofine u. Zinc; 350 sheets assorted Brazier's Copper for sale by to JrSEI'II CtCKAYNE, I. sept9 95 fravir "* I h, "ILAZIEK'S tqer & Ztno-doae sheets isre a EUzi r' Copper;9 Contk's ofitng Zite, t ust re ceived per ship Elizi Ann, froin Snrton, ard tl'r sale ra by JOSEPH CetCKSVNE, sept9 a5 Gravier st be $10 H.I-.r Alto. t IANAWAY on the re thr in+t., ANN. or M.\RY p I ANN, at liLt grifff, e ive feet 7 art i nches high; n abnml forlv years of lce, ihigh clreek bone', down look, bushy hair ever her left eye, and a sear en the citriS htnsde of her m ruth; woret away a straw hat, tlildd -ealicoe r'ek, oreren .-iera writh hilt., str irgo; lormerly Ir belonged to N. \Ilnrrtv, T rin \\'lk. 'tetr nlrvr re - ward will be paid for her delivery at No. 83 Delord at. sep29 -3t - lmldiug fr"oul s;chr ,linelnrt, ihrsnle by ST XE'|',' O. &V AVER1\', sep2i 88 lrvifr tt AY--atlo, -l ;,Ie, E ..s.... ln y for sole bl y IEVIr IkI (i \l.l , sree t w ( o lnl ll')1i 1 t 33 Mill Gr Na , ir , 3 3 . f i t, th 111 'sI n hg o te r .. tn\' Eclth .g l' 3 I liirent N D (ili, ' l il t ~ . , , Iu i" \\i .' l llhlllll itl lwl' s n o e r"ti an d w t r, el iie, n f i , , o li e s i t Ili l (' ld (reet w3I llr-S: Teei- rI 'it rl: ap ly tot sep]'7 '7 , r GJA.. F IiF " l- ,, 1- .. .l I ....l.. Y I.IU L. , ll n i I ll y t ,"e r i, i . . i h a nll w in e 'i ,. n o f S hei thellr for t i' wh etll , e i ll& 1m1i tIlriNo, tes oortll atld thle itcl lli rlll s it" .le, lal tr dkllll, clollil - i, rendy nradllle clllllliill of dii rellb e lll cilllll.l ii (l nete, 'O 7e on lh'c lohok not fir ;ly .; ory, or ar i sep2_ r_. _1 3 r0 vier,=t 1LOTHI N -it c, ,tlar llll rl, pirow. 1in ;Iv, tor Si' sale b N l iEI 00pC39 N'C'' li,', t. Y I tiped tril)ltt nId cotton sh ir ite A ol l l Uln AI ) t ll an . tf v ' I won l (Lre ra ' clain, s o"ti . BI ASIp7 O'td1 l I'lllER at, g 1114N1) dil)K ea, 01) s0cl . .lea ..i I bhi ' ,i N b o setpt9 10 bolmrca st GCOIER '1SO't'hS jS)/tE (U,. .r S r, L O n w ill ette I b ii te ai ill lai nte" r itt, il brl, at thb e rill rut, ia. !oe im) l iun, .tlaa#. , street, nextthoor to the Itehhtluln AY IrTi , oil ,.ltirll\' & ve nit i,at 1-2pat 7 o'elots i pradl"sly. By lor ir lof rap ty:il O sborn I tross. r i JOAHN & 1BSON, sep27 Orderly Sryat i 1LO'rtNII--I I t~Se, cOnip ing OUIassoArtmenu PJ oI atia:n t hon ud.l i.nlet bI' 1llu r lon s iid Ve . I Blus nd rrh lucrd llltonlrsole &pnlta, ,i y.S; tie I vY livI pu "1 striped trilled slit, cotton shlirt; \Whir-, Angola F ela pn l I.n l-'ri r t id l.otell c eterLt. 1 , Iot;, Lu dineg trin ship E fliza Ann. fetir sble c si~nI c, t r i 1, te N rr ie It Ni ti e I 1'11 -. . I.--e t lts'rtt dn l oi-n lt. i-i ean-' ,I n1 ach rti irlividu, aln l 10 bac l I)alnvi kee ard eaSnouui and tto, " nle n an L" I.07 BRIDGE &%. CO, sep 17 .. 134 J .OLE,,.,ile r t rope, lan tlors ie d r le Iu e a uld al O nl.I I.AYFT:I' & AMIElTUNG, supr 5 17 (Oent l n ret st . isan d . 21s 1 ad i tlet a. ' hl iar & ur 12 ble u sl. t c "lea; ,10 bli e if( l ei " o r :0 Lol h. pruuldoe h; :20i pbls k, ill e str e 'a ep, fir sahea b d l LT w eiat sa e i n tern Canesen n sitit a)O LAYET & AMEI.UNG, sepal 17 Coumaerce ast i O N)-UI - 2 ) k -l S 6 H d s s u pa rierne Iiac Sbls fi u r I e wf a n iib sile i n d obi r sal e b y y LAYET & AMIELUNG, sep"7 17 Comlnlmrce st B An PIDK-511l harels ll nclaidr p in store LAYETI' &r 11TEl.UNG, sAp27 17 Cumnmr e str . iTsEd anEdi tltE, Ia--. n lbes tean prier qu Sty eena stern butter, rseived a Id itr l ale by SrE'PSOVJ & AVERY,. sepb7 :38 a;a ritr pt STA'I'TE OF LCOUISIANai, s rarish Court far tie Pa.hl nis ad Cil of N. Orlens. Prese t lthe (tan Chrl les laurna', Judg e. No. 11t, 1 3. John \Vi i te i net n l ellasodv, vs . his cr dit-. ors sd hila creditors of Whrile d Fiple. b Selptelliber 13th, 1838. UPON lea'lire asl ildns 'he petition and schedule in tahi cars, it is ordlin'I bv tle Court that a nleet iog of tbe creditors ot'John White, and of White & Foa ley do, take trac.e iu oplea Court on the 6tll iliy oit O -:. topl r next, the i anI thecre t dellibernte i tile iff iirs of John \Vihits in hi ihmividual ctapai v uad as a remltber of Ihe firmn of White & Fo!esv, and to allaw cause whv tile said Joh- \Vhpte should not be diti eharge a'accordinn tohp w, and in the mean time all pr:eePdings again t his person and lrlaperty Nare stavt-d. Order of the Court. Clerk's Oit i.e, New 1Orlean, September 13th. 183. sep 15 2w-2lid J. Ill.LIE, Clerk. s TpT I)E LA L(OUISIAN.--C oun0-lc P-roise ll pour In parois' e et vills de la Nnuvelle Orlea.s, Pr.etl lon. Charles Mau narian, jglne, aeptmbre 1a3, 1838--u1 t1,1t3--JEoh Wh6ile esitre sta crancSiers , les craneiors et IcP erarliesirs de White & Faley Sur letctre et etrgistreatent de In pctitio, et tableaa dons cette affair,',,il e t dierbt6 par In our qP'une as seiblae des crhtb'iien 0u John Whita et de White & Foley nit lieu en pleine coIr e 6d'oetohre pruchain poor y e'liberer sat Ica niaires de John WVhile dous sa ,lnpacile hldlvihlelie, e: clanumn ul ineil'bre de In so ciet6 de W\hieP &i Foley, etitpour faire .lvoir pourguoi ledit John White rie sera pas dJeharg6 selo, In hei et ea, atlemlint toute polrsuutec centre sa parsouse el see poreri6t6s sent arr.t(p. Par orIre de lncour. Nou velle Orleans, sept. 1838. saptt5 J O ,tIE. Ilut6 Gre'smr UT'I'ER.-80 keg s tern Butter iU store, aua will be sold by LAYEI' & AOILUNO, - sp20 17 Co'nnerce st. in fine shipping order, for sale by LAYET & A11E.LUNG, eep°O 17 Commerce at, -[.F.-AR -6iO K--60 I~ rrels clear loor.: iun aore iid for sale, b sapl 17 Cpj· llllerc street. WI]AB.E 11:.1': 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fine \a J hie salt, fir sale by READ k B3 \ t.°l U)W. -eptl 7, n:tnk Pla,.c. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. T HI magnificent structure haus undergone, during L the recess, an entire onew order of emllihmentl; the whole of the interior has been repaired: the (han delier tha been taken to piaces, and its 13 cwt. of cut glcss beads andl drops cleaned and polished; nothing has been neglected, either in the building itself or in engagements, which have been made with tile first der matio talent in tie eountry, to promntote the high char- ti uctor which tfte St. CIhrlee has obtained both at hote and abroad, for its being one of the first dramatic Es taulishmentt in the Walsd. The Orchestroa, heretofore acknowledged superior, has been cone derablv increased in number and talent, rnd former deficiencies in particular members of the Preoue Band. Dinng tie eeason the most eucceszfnl dramas ofl tie day will be perodduced,nnd in a style which it is pre- hi nomed will give geueetf satisfaction. t The. fnllowinag Lodies and (entlemen are in treaty with, and enuaged. JOHN II. BARTON, Stage Manager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, H. J. FINN, JOHIN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrison Messrs. Plumer, Pearson, fage, Farren, Porter, Wdiliams, Darit, Cowel, Parer, Debar, Dennison, I And othere in treaty. L CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON, S fMrs. Barnes, AJliss Charlotte Barnes. t lesdames Farren, Mesd'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cowel, Jonee. Debar, Chester, Plmner,, Harrison, C. Smith, F. Brown, Itavenot, iladdleti, Smith. .S Af. LEE, Principal lrtist. SN. Lewis, Colstumer, Weil, Tailor, S. Wallis, Properties Maker. ORCHESTRA. Mlaesre. Croce, Measrs. Hooller, (lGallenari, Myers, Jacobi, Sterwe, Zitterbhnrt, Louiani0 - Deotorges, Charlton, s Carl, B. Hopt. Fay, Eberhardt, K(ruger. Rove, Holland, Smelger, or Foster, Cioffi. SConduit, P strella. fI'ani, Critps, C Itopt, Even D- Palteson., And others in treaty. . W. J)ONAS, Leader R. W. Elliot, Head of Police. to sep27 g1URd & (ill'Elt "ESl I'ON.- t,tU t inotg feet ol' curb and gutter stonesof the followine dt toensions, 12 inu, 16 in.,18 2 in., 26 in., and 2l in., y. expected to errive between the lst of October and 15th Jaluar nrnext, will be sold by tihe subscribers on arri. vBisng, by the invoicee. ~ Perms. Cash on the delivery of the bill of lading. t, Persona applying sthall receive the sto.fe as they or rive, in tle order of their application. PETERS & MILLARD. n ep 27-tf JEl'LFIE'SI) N AltAIEMlYV. I)REPARATtORY to Jefferson Coltege and to oth S ers conducted by I. Granet, L .L I). Exchange Alley, betweeno (C'onit and ienville. Thi situation was the most eligible that could be found; being entirely free Irom the roise of tile streets and tile fr ratotliog of drays and carriages. T'ie Jeferson Academy is divided into two depart nlelts. 'ele aluiir or.r elementaery department for the various branches of common education in French n ted l in Eotglih--l'he Senior department for Iltin, Griek, Iatlhematics, &e. Punctuality, order nut discipline are strictly enjoined and observed. Te'rm,. uniit Delpurmnnent,per 'onth, $1 ( Senior do l Spanish 6 lst. BonaS, slnuee, paper, &e. crihreed separately;v '2nd. A moith once begun,to Ie naid in fill;t 3rd. No deduction for absence nor for hol days: 4th. Paymenta to be lieade reeulhrly every month. Sciool lcomrs trair 81-2 to 3 's oek, xeept 't'hUers days. sep27 iN. l lS uCalcined tllugrgta just iittved ie lhip' 1 aelooe, froln New Yrke a ft w t gno if llo.v(r's .nuinilecalcine:! Magnesin, for sale by tile k die. or mrict by orgre DAVID FEILT & CO, ep NT 3"Sttatittere IHall, 2i It hrtrest IT ll public is h hereby no iliedl that ne the first ly, I 1 of tt)lor next, teil City llotel, kwn. at n Ill- i I.lop'slll (i)ilCo tln street,willle Chnsetd--tpreparatory tl." I pibl d ticieO hIe furnlitulre tu nteovieaId haltolt ingg ti eidgments hlr ti, lihberal patronage which lthey lhave iiw treelved its prop)iultorl ns. I) C WATER\IAN & CO. - Ltf't1 a INSl101 -. ti lTHIS ins.intion for tile idtbtntimt ofvyoung gentg - nmen. e will g i ttcl o t erflttin the fi+'tl dlv o( ICoft l tuhltr, ill teilt+ l mP lt etllry t "f thO elelb: th- t C llr I I cornler l n'l roudll l'lt ld l 'vidrt , nlll er the direction of i, lllnderlignlll wh. hail occllpied lho cb l r | oflllth-" olllltli' ill oevernl ( oileg.< of the lllnorth, :,d who i' ai gtraduute ofn'ot t lo t llmst celeIidtetl niversiti.s ei 'T'h- course ofI stluies to be pursuied inl tis etlint- i ry will b, cmproellldllded in Ith oibllhwing division, viz: r 1. The Iu lbslt dlparllenlt et bracinlg all Ithe brunches of a toroutgh and aeopli lted t iteglish id ncatiou. 2. The clnanical department, e)mprtetdin; tihe Latin and Greek languages. 3. 'L'tIle d-Irttlietf Imolerti languages, in which wil tltettt thle Freets dptl ctis and iterlt n etic gt 'hlle ....thmtienl and philoso;+hical department . enmtprehending .\ gebra, Geometry, the two 'l'r:gomon etri+. with thenr pira tical ape iaetio to murvevig, *N vigt on, AstronomUy tc. Naturall Philoso)py uId; Chel:litry,ilhlstrated by apponpriate experilents. UCf lvevung Clasaes in the Mld rrn Lneuages will be foirle!d noli attended to treato tile Ist October. CJ IIAI)EIRMANN,A 1. REFERENCES: J GIBSON Estt, lIEV I:Eslt SIIANNON,Louisianta Col'ege t )cke] t A .LUZN.BERIG, L C I)UNCtAN Isq, J NICnHOLSON E, , New Orleans. s r+: ,1833. ..-.\l1-f0i boxesn ial rawoel irande for sale eot to close. VWINSTON & SHAII., sren "t5 7 Freet Levee g O.. ,-20 nckit Il ava t, te d 400 t ockse Rio Ii in glain sacks, a uetetr article, in store and lor nilebs \V[NSTON & 1 SHALL, esp"25 - 7 Frot Levee C~LOT L.IIY.../- 7 cases, co n +rrzltg anI t-e ttn..ut nfseasonablv clotlhie, laoditg fro is ehltps Sea mlen and Cherokee, Ktr ,' Re by ISAAC BRII)CGE & CO, sep25 131 Mlagnzine at LOWEtII. L . hinen'co blur o tined l 4 L Cttoetea i tIh2 boles iPavy 7-8 e 'ndi - lowell Cottons, an 17 bal es plain and twilled l.owell I ildseys; landing from ship Chelokee, aend for sale ISAAC .liRI)GE &. CO. sep'26 131 i't.nzine St EACKItiYAitS-ll ti7 Reelsof a superiorjarii cle, received end f-i iale by \VINSTON & SHALL, sep2) A Front Levee C[ LARET W1iNE-0boxltu aeCltntee La Fitt6, 300 boxes Mtdoe, a good article, fir dale by WINSTON S'. SHALL, sept25 7 Front Levee UNNY IIAGtS-15-Oiti I, 21, 3and 4 bushel sizuo in tole and for sale bv ISAAC B11IDGE & CO, sep25 134 Magazine st. ACON SIL)ES-40 casks superior Cincinnati cured, in store and for sal. by 2 DORSEY, sept,5 44 New Levee. Ontt tEW iOKK. The ship CHARLES, Capt. M'I.ana than, laving 3-4th of her carto engaed nd going on hoard will meet witt it8meldiate des patch. Fr freight of 100 tons Lead and t20 hales cot tou, apply to LEVI tt (ALE, sep-.J 9: Common st FOR NEW YORK. To sail on the 6th October. Louisiana and New York Line. . TITe eplendid d fast sailing packet ship YAZ tO, dGardiner, master, will have it mediate despatcb for the above port; f. freight of 350 bales cotton or the bulk thereof, or pas sage, havi g superior aceosnmodations, apply to the Captain on burd, opposite the Vegetable market, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, sep9 911 Comm FOR HAVRE. The tne fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, master, will have immadiate despatch. For freight of 30 h bales citton, or passage, apply to ;LEVI ii GALE, sepX0 93 Common st. FOR AI.EXANDRIA. The steamer DENMARK. will run as a regular packet during low c water, from month of Red River to Alexandria. Fr particulars npply to sep22 JNO lH GRAHAM. Officeofthe New Orleans & Nashville Rail Road, Sept. 08t1, 1033. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. A BSENTED himself, a ngro man named RIPLEY, aged about 2. years;this slave was reeetlty mpurted into this state by Wiley J. Sorrell, Esq. of ltallas county, State of Alabama. The above reward will be paid ftr his apprehension, or on his being lod ged in any of the jails of tlis state. JAMES H CALOW\VFLL, sep20-6t President TRAYVEl).-On the lth inst. a Scotch VIWhite Terrier Slut, black on the point of the nose, hair a little rlllgh. \Vhoever has the same will plenlle IIt return her to this office they will be liberally re ward d. lg 21l S- i)tiPE & O:21.M. I IORTY Rldes of Oakum and 150coils Mauill: rope I. assor.ed siec.,j ist received anld or sale by cS I. L 0iE & 1O I SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W ERE brought to tile P+,und of the Second Muni. ieipalita, in Itaonne street. betwben Heria and Girtd stre , on the 23rd instant, the following animal, viz: Alargo I ty Mole. Then e w e requneted to prove property nandlt*e him away I fore hatutrday, ith Octobher, or he wifli sold by I . Guillot, Auctioneer. H S HARPER. sep0 Captain of Watell IL a .t6 u dlpout de la 2de Municipallrt4r rite Unto e levia et (ired, e1 3, une groea mule baie. ribtaire ,st reqis de venir prou ver sa o p I'ommeher evant samedi, Otcto. bre, ou elle sera mis era et.le par P A Guillot, enman teour, 036 I1 S HARPER, Ulip Watch, Mde .lun.. EDGEHILL SCHOOL, Princeton, N. J. THIS inatitution has been now nine years in nue. - cessful operation, during which time it has re. ceived the approbation aotl patlonnge of Mr. Clay, He Soutlard, Air Biddle, and noany other distinguished gentlemen, who have selected it a a place itr the edu, ation of their suns. It is heliereda from its plan, to combine the essential advantages ofprivate anti pub lie education, and to talhrd an opportunity of no ordi nary character to those destrous of giving'their sons a thorough eduecation. The snytedm ot instruction puinued in tfls Seminary claims no affinity to tih called easy methodewhiah ropose tot remove ail laboarund drudlgery from the acquisition of knowledge. The subsecriber cannot pro mise any t aly valuable and mental acquisition, wf:h io nrt the resurlt of a slow, tatient. palns4eking pro-. oess on the part of th' pupil himself. Whatc he don promnise is, by every macisns in his powr, to stimulate [he pil to ttls invigeruting pmoness. Hiaobject in' to lay deep anld broad the fendation of a goodeduoa-' tiot--not to nake mere learned, boys, tut to snhjeet' boys to a dsci.line bh whicrl they may become learn-. ld and able men. \nh'ile therefore the retdier pnrued,. and the time devoted to each, vary sentwhat accord ing to the ldetinttiat ofthet pupils for commercial oa professional m lie, it is hit constant aotht to make the i+t struetiona in each department of the most rigid andl thornugil-going kind. Buiv sltmying GOeek and Luthl are coestantly exercised ilt making dnloble translatiool frem the English these eIngaages, and thie ree.te, and as soon s asuffticiently atlvancetl, are required to compose i thene oIn.tatges, and to writ a Latin and Greek verses iafcr tle iannner of the relebrnted En. glih and Europan schools,. Boys wtl are intended for eo'ntereinl if', anil winoe parents on this eccoent do not Wish thaem nstu anctd in the Ancient Lnanguapge are trained to accuracy and promptness In this prnetib cal opplicattoesof matlthenallre, and recerive aes amople oplportaeitie for a :prcticli aequaintalce with the Modern Lan..gaes. T'he French is stutied with n view to itse eing a spoken, aud not a written Ian gunege lerely ; and to this end it is the anly medium of comnniret oni allowed at the table, as woell a at tile recitations in that ie irtment, and the more ai vanced clsses are .eqntired to employ this langultp in eciting in other depllrtmento. ' hile scheIl cosiltettirely f boarders, no day neholo nre being received. Th tieachers and l upila live with the princiltl, eating at the same table, sleeping under the saue roof, andl onstituting in all resptctonre fa mile. T'he dticiplinet is etirely of the parental kinld. SReiligitu insteuction is sedulonely natenled to, chiefly ffrom thie Scriptalres Ithemselroves, ndl without insisting upa the npeculiarities of any one rect.q The grounda t are ample, iaftrding abundane opportunity for healthlht i. o tlts iu the open air, as well ans for the exercisei of in getnity ald tusto in gnrdening and various mechnlieal atn latso those nwh are disptipse to amuse themselves in t- alietner. No oy i. iallowel to leavethe premisea exce tt by the permlrisin of the prineipal, sad thean usally in comnpay withl a teacher.he strictest atten tin is pai to keeping the dormitories well ventilated, dry an I clean. The teachers sleep in tile tlomitorhi with the iLoys, ati the latter are not permitted to speak, nor t Itoldh ay cotNmunicntlon with each other, from the limo of entering tilt dortmitory till that of leaving d;it. tAplartueities for vice are entirely excluded, the e school heiar sittuated witltont the town, and apart frmll I otlher Ituilhinag, aind thle hovs being never witlhout the pres ene and sutapervisionof the principal or one of his ssi.stseta. Pocket money is distributed i weekly by thile rincipal, the amount depending upon the coilduct of thte pupil during the week, though never k, xceeeing twenty-five cents. It is not desirable nor e custtlnry to receive boys over twelve years of age. 10 Those eight or tine years old are preferred. The Ielhtal year is divided ill two sesions andl two vacations, the , wvinlersesstmn eoamentncing tile first day of Noyembher iani Ite sroer sterssion tile first ltny of May, and the v; eiactionsl being the tumantnhs o April ant October. The sttlies embraced in the plan of teh Seminary are tIe, (reek, Latin, Frelnch aind Spauish l.anguages; I(;reek atd tll omn Antiquities; Aritltmetie, Algebra, a'Geometry, ntitd Surveyitot; Spelling, Reaading Benglih. (;runluuru I h a'liaclh l'ltpttatitin arn Eltutin;uGkboo. , raphc}' Anla cal and Bouierl,;: History,. Ancient and Sllarn; Euvildences of Chrislirmity Penmanship, BoHk hekeeping Mttsic i;. ilte .n eo tile ilobes. end the bElellteaa ofl AstroutItta ltt Natural Itiatnry. The lchar-a Ilc elch pupil is three hIundred dollart a pr I' tna ptiyle, lh .o nltli tnually ill ndvatl'e. 'This stIt1 is inll fuIor nit a wllt' titili't of latalen r charactter whit I t the pl:al of the se'itOl embree,; fr boarding,. Iotlgilng, a tashllt tttmending, fncl. light, including slra th e lofIbeddingIl , holks, satllianery, maps, globis, li hrb'iesI aIIntd1o r tri toiileoie. f'la prnent or gardianu wt"iLttL have l extrt ls reas, exep ttafor tlonietadvane ed or 'itrtieo tIig prurd at his dirention iy hle pii l, fi'r hiolrd in tl vactoaiot , or for medieul, atItel e.eit il i ally tilm it hllln i becomre eecessary.. iJltiN S'. IlR"i', Ilrinoipnl. r'u-'ics-'hlt fotwl ai ll ' p taerson tre referred' to, all tftwhti had soilIns or w.,dlod intlltle acht:l. Ken I - ltckt, Iot ha liry ('liay: New Jersey, HItln. Samnuel L. to- Slutlhard: lenaitlna.i ao, NittIatit dlallite, Ftq: Flotida i t al(;e. Inlineh: )ltotware, IIlta.,t J \litliglut: t'httmhera - n ing.., Pa., HItn. (itearoe ('lit,((tors: aI'rial'tnn, N.J liRev It- lre. Olidertad Ihtdgc, cad 31ot t;ilason' Atlaets, Gee. it lhnr( Jitckson, 1,1,. I): l.exingluo, atol. Jt iseph H. oIf It.numltlin asq: N Ilte'z, Miss., lDr \Vi.lilu Duonbar,. II Ihutltnelld n, \\ilitiamn 14 llowell, estr : New Or- t- aletn, I~n. Jhn MartinI,I A Ith ets, noi Martin Du tr sidale Esbol: Ditinldit',I/llit, ,ii. I, nr h'Cn, Eaq :. Ie Alhxanmita I.i l t. It. lolieard: ('icinm'utai, Ghio, Hen. ditJao, thllh IItimsville, Isl, Robert Fearn, Eq: Cae. hauwbn Alia, l,'.'t' Ieten', lt.sq: Oiddl tnn, N C, 'aleb+ Ito '.ti'cnr, E' i: I VIIeltIu. ty a, Joha M Otey Esq: ,Vuashingtonn Ciayr Mlajaeloranh .1 Nuturse,Bollmnre, F citW tBrnue, I. \ V Stlckhltn, NV Iloilfaina,. und J Tod al. IIhter, ',ieors: ('Ortl)trosetot, N ', JohLn l Bowers, l.q: Ncw Ildfirda, Jn,. IR Anthony and William at Ioitlh, Ni'w 'ork ('ilv, Rev r Stewart, B H Dtt.inowning S at'aonse',n andi J G Stacev, FEss: Phila. tidcllphia. Ahlxn'ler ileerv,4 Al Ilowelil;Gi Gntworth. I; Mlatlw Artisan,lC 31nt'anester,S eand W \Nelsh,Eoqo: IRev Joln C(ht1nlthere Mrs Ilnrriet Colman, and Mrt 'ill Niaon Ilih't: Ilat nlllznsrtthC, l)on Antonio Marines.. s++ 1,12-: MA IN 'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! AN. S. 1 As1IIN,of I'hiltd Iphin, bees respectfully " to a tprlse the nercbaolle and plhlic generally of New lrieanc, ando I,,,utsiaut , thalt he has appinted, t so,.er. &Re e t'l c I t )'lae Cole agents for the sal of hi unetqualled and iaimitable CIIAI.LF, N.IE ItOOT AND SHIOE BLACKING in this section of countryv an article which stands pre minent for its Ieanltiltl lstrre, aod uniformity ofqual itv The nmanutfavtrer warrants the Challenge Black ilk to retain ilts viinlr in ony elimate, and preserve the leather to which it is applied. Ho" oflers $10l prl ium to any perso whoill will produce its superior. Cuortlfienles eon be Pees at the store of Meners. Reese and D'lange, from merchants of the highest respeati hility, henria leo ienonv to its beauty and superetilt ov.r evely rtlher Blocking in thee United States. All orders for this article in N. Orleans, or any pat tafthl. section of the Union, must be forwarded to the Sole Agents as ahbowe, oh, will pay particular attention to the same, alod fill thilel at the lmanufacturer's prices. Jas. S. Mason, Philadelphia, sept. 10,1831. 95 Callowhill st. REESE & D)'LANGE, Comb and Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. HI EAD-30 bbls Pilot lBrand in store, mr sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, sepnl2 82 Julia st. SllE-l15tI (Casks Th'lomaston Lime. landing from - ,ig Cllieftuin, and for Rale by S & E P WHITNEY, aug4 8 Centi street. `TOAP-2tl boxes Vanlentinoe's No I Soap, in store LAW\RENCE & I.EGENDRE; sep2t0 28 & '29 New Levee. rlAR--8) bbhll, ill lie shipping order, it store, and LAWRENCE & I.EGENDRE, sep"0 28 4, 29 New Levese. O.-lllt-10 nushels white Corn in prime order, CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st. i AT'S-250 sacks Oh t t int rre, ftr sale tty CtIA1tPLIN & COOPER, sepo0 82 Julia stb. liTATE OF ItUISIANA, ParishCourt forths S Parish and city of New Orleans. Present the. Honorable Carles Maurian, Judge. September 20th. 1838. No. 1l128. WVilliam Kenyon, vs. His Cred itors; Uut reading and filing tile' petition ands hed ule itlthin e se, it is orderetl by the Court that a meet ing of tite insolvent creditors do take place in open, court, on tte llth day of October netac at 10 o'cloek, A M, then and there to -hew cause why the said insol vent should not he discharged according to law, and in the. mean time all proceedings against Ilisperson and property are stayed. ARMAND PITOT sep22-t:a: C'lerk.. STA.'.DE LA LOtUlrlANE--Cour de Parlisae, ipotar In paroisseet ville de la N-Orleans-No 11128 -Present I'Hon Charles Muurian, Juge-20e septom bre 1838--\\illiam Kenyon coutre sea creancars- Apree lecture et eureeistroment de In petition et du. tableau dans cettle affire, II eat d6cr6t6 qu'nne assetmblte do I'insolvable aura lieu en pleine ucour le llejour d'oetobre prlchait a 10 teuracns do matin poor dednire lus raisons pour lesquelles ledit insolva ble ne serait pas hlbfre: en attendant toutes pnursuitea judieiaires contre as personae on ses prolri6t6s saont arletees. 2 sep:3 AIRMAND PITO'T,Grefeer. -PERt OIL., CANDLtES, &c.-.3t casks New Be L ford Winter Oil; 21t0 boxes do do Spere. Candler. 20 casks roofing Zme,lf10 boxes Boston Mould Candles 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. In store, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNR, op20 25 Gravier street. ,I PRI8AL OesursY xll.P.- er Rule b t sep 13 I.'I'I·EKR &.'PRIER, 40 Pamdran t. W HITE HAVANA SUGARi-50 boxes of prime quality, in store, for sale by SLATER J% TRIER, utI 40 Poytase street tAKE Notive no till against tile Floating Dry I ltck, sinetl andl approved bv James Dick, will Ihere:fir be t id by lthe owners o the Floating Dry Dock,. the said Jnames Dil k having never been author ised to make att contracts. iloreover, aI hill. frbom this date will have to he ap 1rovld ann signed bv tlt Iagent of the Floting Dry I)oek. IIElRIttlINE BROWN ,' CO, tttl2;i q onti et,

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