Newspaper of True American, October 1, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 1, 1838 Page 4
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ýtag FA o aitmane Hotels SRVREA-NT) rspectitlly an. pang to her friends an i the public gene. . ýq :10 preparoed to tOenntmotllol threet o l'utablishenient, ortl hopter from her 0dmer visitora comnfortl5ie, to rtceive of lhrmer favoor. Shoe fiels confi. mrlte visiting Corioglon during the , cnnot indtlr iter :rt eommloi.tions S..t afford themrn, on more lihbral terms. pleasantly situated, and well suptlied 8rty convenisneo; the her is furnistet 'with j g6h1 Sheiae liqrtors. &e. in ehort.heh I *dthldhJg shall lbe wanting ont her part to gire #411otion to all wlc may patronizo the Af lid "oiana Hotel. j; pU95i UT o oo roort unto?;;;.t, in.y St5iied under Dr. Sotmidt oft Chttrlostonr SUiltib nerulins, and for setse yoars his aosi=tant in he prtiee of medicine and surgery, has I!o hIonor I. s1b his profesaionil serviucs in lthi t ity. I asii m'the ladies and geitlimon that tie m..n atifdtien will fte pFaid to the cal!s which mapde; and also ofilrs his services to the efelaves, being well ecquainte. witll the common to them, having attended theme in ,ltr hosee in Chrlcston. es anti.hiliots pills oater the compoetlion ISmollette. with directions, can he had i s t..eaderaigned. The which they have iedjn this and other cities, has bern at'trtled I 'ith the greatest snccess, to which the best o' I0UM eanabe given. Apply at No. 11i6 M -ago. 6le treet. JNO. Mt'LORING. ---ITO1TESCREtbs, SAIN IRONS, &c. mll HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. I ,ld : 58 Water, near Beekman street, New Yurk, ki 0tiheeived the past season, and are corstantly ellsfinr large and extensive additions to the stock f the above goods, which now censists of the leMwingassortment, suitable for the southern and lsrno ie markets. a Lt38w ware of snperitr quality, consisting of e 500 tons, viz, s ot dtiffuroat size.. from 2:8 to 50 gal ions, ~l 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, oice, 15 sites, from &8 to 18 gallono or Ovens, 7 df:rent size., ttles, 6 do 8killet, . . 5 o ?latSpiders . 6 do ed red Spiders, 2 dr ..iddles. . . 4 do E. a Dogs, 6 do DVog boxes from 1 1 4 to 434 incihes. .drir do. 5 to 7 incies. ','ood Screrws, 20.010 gross, ireni and bracs, from S ineh, No. 3 te 3:9 inch, N,, ti of a tuprleor lty and finish, and lues than Jetme's importtcd Sad Irons, assorlcd, in casks of about 500 lbs fur sIetsilig. 'Thilor's and. hatntr'o Iren, asnorted. Su hweights, 1L0lo tun, a ot tod from 1 4 4 to ',Bis for Plantatiois, steamboats, churches, &.e made to order, Also stuamrbeata and otiher machinery made to irder. TThboe assortment of goods is particularly essellmennded to the uotloit.o of' Scouthl:rn ai nd Western merchants, andd re flbrlr:d ftr s;le at low etriees, alito te mot libtal terms ; it is bo. sed to be tiho lnrrgest and betL as.nortmclt ever I trd for sale by auy one crahithmeant in th i Moreseants, by ltrwardingl a reqn.t by moil, can Ihient a printed circular, with thcripti,, of gtood, picaead teLrms, i'ot01 which ino deviation is ever lsade, furnishtd by returnr f m li. All orders will reoeive itnir.cid::e tltention. New York, 1838. j 3 V uillcN u1i Pi.'tilii,0yh'tiIwood a Le-tIn . oixent of I.rb.i & i J.skl. tit'i" e; hre . , I lresiaeinoul, by JAI'.Iti. .I W, LO Ai.'- ,li I.i, lc rtae d Ii S 'ac.1 : l. ,m d t lGoud, fa orstul. t ;.yi C ttt )¢ttt Co). till kit iulcci te's itt. rh.NEooa dootlint hinit.i in Triicn rfl(ciii h-. lJ tweo 't'r. di a'ir,"Ic a,:J + T(R lddalc . tivit( nt[n . AIptvly tot J (;"i' [[1I/IIEEI.l. \ltd 08tct to--':5 o,55iuI. , ,,,, iTif dit do.· ill hflule. iul <r, t+" by nod ohio.. irl5 ". of aart I. ll lra rllsid Cel lllh! Ierý !l. i'./.· r"In r nl of, bi and wkiu, wo r, nu a , 1",i", ,,:.dI r.,,,,: . 1 ~, ."u I :," ,,,,,r,, eap, eo.tlootl ~ol o un I 811 nd r ai tilt ' I'. hi" x", 51 d 1 74 do .tdt tot [.P -n . ý~rr ' trot It t ,'t I ýt mItl and Biadiog niuntly px,","nIldll rot -I:: +t no i' :", i r· ltae. ding, I;r sad: br !I'll- I I:T A )~ ri 't~yvis tnybik Iu,' s oicuot co : d Lulj! i u i it jlol ,ri-,. by tel9 b.4 :\t -51,1 ;,iev. cad 1I ,in: -i i, fawtnorortur iitc toiioool tii "jlll I; t r t. ltnttae ct itr .ba,::., 2a : Ic l ot ii hIi a: tOt,"t ,n ot ode I I' ll[ :.,\ ~'i ;l ii i i of I-tA oit {1ueot'f idoItt-ttit I i- le o ,",ol s clit e liii (by [l r i ne. so at wea',t*t +.,a ", r. :i ot ltA I L o. A : etcc-hoe IloIItY II.O-iot I-ti·. . ot(n(itlilC l~r I~ito ilia nu, bet s I t I. hvt ,.:i t 'i', 011111 adl oar, m 0 I tc . il :,rwill an non Iti t to tr o I , lfocyo-St limaittt on [-to it'nci i t raci -It; ut $,cooi c it. f cif, Ito gatt n r oitto tb'u tty h d itt Itim opti II of ttr . l t, ai j le. Ottoti Fit, !, Ii DP/ (`S:.i'R I)I1Y that the llb-i, ti",l !I1:1. iioo ii 3!· i gcits o eiti, otittoji ii-' ai w ittit hi-f tlii - -i fr w-h ii bal k Uolr, 111:wi·; r and · ilolrnv. l I 1."IY '1!1 Cha t th e sushi I sintsI hoot- takti ,ntin, titiot Ian, c, didotit~ int,a'nt pll~llth at all ; rj lhurrha' die.:,f11wsa ir. p oiit n- i it Ia pyto i ~ 'u:nas Thyu w i-fitnd it tilooo o ioc i-t a rr lo toofl": inn tt ·B .hall hit--I c: Illi - e ? tif ny onit llhe tt-i ot, ci tuaioot sad inti-o, be main Col. T o ittbeoo n of li to ittitit tIjit of ill. l1 r r brown;:, i+ pat up rot b~ ll- of the !uw prier ,"f :,! Bostotn Ortobi c 1'. aotlnb yIay JA t I This u cirulnooic ,vihiti --Ir a -l, JuTLar thi^ roeu-nt tofn rr.ij r*o' t -Fl lia dy~paanlotc 5,itt liniit t-ri tbt- d 'Poticwhunodoco-i:ic o 'Iho ist.oi to otaa itoot ii" baccts ito eot te i lrotie fr,'garhttioti c.. ((nl lbw's Inti n Ba:",'::o Irlm "r· o:' a ,1 ,10",, LI,., IIn.1 i I a ,Lr dded I . T clt: we can fit, r'iora, f t r , i au now- C l Thto dtr~oinnl abtcrr ptiit- tit hot oot-oionl [ho into-a Aatitadisonnittntioliti cll~ic:I~v notnl~:ai~? Irdsti id oto tid [ e cii itheialir. ito ti. ,- , , otto t c" vto eliited. Wo alls oi the plootcile qtto tlno.: of a gioto 1i tndnwrutr, it polsoi-nots toon ctto olr~itt-tt ctt lcri namendnt ut. : ha It",II I' %VI!li ?·r · A la I, 1I. U . tomsauon, ealicctito tocilo 1. C Ianl tlrn ^nded' V me d.Nr 1. p"'.aaal~a3 [3 c1llTr~i o h-inC li;Tsltoot-j to Itit-itti c -ndti- ,y elsanM Ahoreo Idtt.,.f Ihoo a ti tt arh ittttetit tic ftreacitjte' tttllocatt tia~dlc c ,oloo to titotei~ti P icittioo , Ian t toitattrnoii n lit t p [linllrtie It t h -hris daofstio ar e reop cltatlte- io i r c icle the it tr ShIo- ante nneototl e oittlottim i h fe it u p, i I Hlla, *a.m it poOatttatt ito. d Fti colt- icl· a ti-anot II r 1 SICI{LE.S & CO. Agottoti .Ia tin iafO l ft e ~i. tyua "ioi~t a c[a I itce ~aTAftJYS Vogoroblti liner Oil, [Ito the ote.toootitit elctd.t orah toal ittir, psinig [toclthoItti baotttt cI if s eona [ta, Jitt i casra eaoe nedilte r'icl [itrto titrt t it [o of[tlndim ioit apr'itttdittncnoayhtnr~toions ito nit leu re·mel Ihnoneiorfn iil~l·r to the etilreHle o ogtf l tito- cit [.+atroctoilt iolcreoioc daary u ccont tolr. l1~ (SO Ol[ . vwr tt oatiar ii Iccalo ih trti i-r -tor 0 pba AI ,o ~ipiti ha be-too oil idutot. tt iu t-itIt o Cit = ::a TtlRhla'3:nnaa Ol of ibi s f at. tha ctttlh .- ta ei g The a:nredip robltctio ianot f (tIlfit0u~;t. I ultraaaqaufta a i gcemt lonnb ia h tai - g'I Ij in.: tl starspepotrti a,. IFticr ..Far wh", sate reall. 0-is 463 i .e. : :aeet. :at~ct, 1"MA U'd: VIgetarle !lair Oil, liar the rlrlor II., slid gro wth tf Huirc , 0ivn ·lhals II I"'A irv," k UnI .n ur:.. f !NiOPi8 1 Fl'1 .PT & CO, ore nono rccciln_ rm yn board, s'hin f~rleaon, Eagle, ilighlander, 'okr merr *ltrt.i French and German ftav rodo; IRn,, t;ttttott Rfono'to Chennton; 21-"lnn t 3-ittoitr ';it nrd Rntl: 8, 9. !0 and 18 inc h blade olwie Kiuiv t : Leather and other tiavelliate Drieanin Canon: !itit. Pocket, FTor (oma 's and Duinlliltt Pistoln; duoble hiad sin'od hanrelo d Guis'; Game Uags; Shot [et1n; Porder nl Pi.-oi Fhlanks;. am:n Bottles .no Drnkinog Ca:p ."-'o'rt Cap, and CaP Holeer- Clnoth. fnlir, 'T'",n,1: ( NPd Vl I) nitohe, Orrin.col Chlorinoe Tooth W:o' oath Potw,!. i Toilt and hvino ouiont, tointto ott ricer; in,' Hair Braith,, Rin,'lets nu"! f ri "^;tr~r" I`""+.r Sanod Poilrt Ponder; Fltoorv (too-; toot '('ol' (htohtoon' Poteot Sliten et IGTorn:O; Coo Etooth' .Tho'!Pto I'0' lnh' MiAtgd flnxtcn o ;lt Inhoina, S "nl1' an Iveyt4 :ar- . rons; ` aist nlR ckl,: nratlr ntrn( t Bea \ccchl nrr c o'? Chaouo; Gilt and Sliver"n lote!';n ldi',;i(d Pd f elerd!, l Plumec: Shell Twit Sl? nnl DnraIn^ h.inh=;n d liti on' their f'rmer rr"e: n to .1 L I t ke, their 't p'ot:nFt l oterr ' oluTnit. t.,nd tt ill hi .,o ii So' and on libelrat ters, t t th. ir t ot ftle Gol!t , arn,, i -tf 7lt Chtll r .irt.' 8 1er, anle w:, Agets llls I;,tltý c"CtnnEd ic a e o 1 1. n. Bt.hytc r, $ iot lehil (n nd lu ectleerl rv en tin do t o f " ,t r ,o, o onoi oino of Tolhe anr Den.nrt Kniveo of .. ,h, ori; tiot. It.', Pocet Dik, nd Spear wpoiot ntt ',vt: Iinrm. Srit soren. Ed(e rtont, &c. tie. &. ltrme tiltttv pa ' protrel rhibit to theile trle ion r,ri r. Trno condllitwi iolta n .'l bn ma,. knivn at th tn, tp inF16 J. II. PiIN & A CTl Hf' "V.t' ( -I .Ot . n,o utor Ioh\t {1 joi h tI t;i't 1.i1() S. t A RTT &l C(i.--Aei now rtcr0,ln S eno lln ( 't ltt't h.o Itl sl'n .h. ,'t ... .'tlltilr t.,h: it eri , ltt no1 l cklt ptsnl I:,l rino h 1,ttd'td t s, nll alc: via.ti ;| ln o-, 1n l -a!fs:111 CeTIri·. :,i Fr.I(I! .1,.i1t trll ,, l ,, P/hire , R.; I ccllttil~l1 tlu r s ide¢ t, , it i 1 , d",( ; l, i,l "ei Tloo ntl,' titt':,t,, t.:l e , . dre l, ,:~,: - oraceiitOsl ot, alnd iI l 'hý t :.tll o01ni i,"o I, o i neckl,le.: hi'lhwd hal-.; |,o'.et I.:k and wn:h "Is: ir ·IG rlllltl ho ;llT 1':./} i" ,j p". tite :l.! com a ell., ret' tntcncis' C ' iC.nn s ttt . &o. . .. il Te oabmein , 0' dltion to o'u" former 'It. ck of ( Ii 'tt I' lela l ,,a ' I $'kI;I· orl nt t ,I Il'to lot'!d t;. I Pol . ilý i ,'lurtr t..,,.... ' rp 1 1 B ·,,g. i. -: 0 ,- . tof ot (ionrZ . . .. i nd l~orri,. ll ·, 4Cl·o, l" o€lle -, woo'li, = .l,-I o i 11d io2 t tn lotItllo by ti death I lil o o i itl t t; . , ine otIe ,nr2ttmnrs hlt tot Sott,, t 'I -tottotiert i;o-d .o rvoiint pa'tntrt wtoil , r " :I t t' (.onC ,rr ttf !,t l r i t I !is a, llat" ofr IIt '"no Rio 'Ihot e idtt bt rd t o rit d firm are tt., . . I . - I 't in O claims will i leaj' Nrn (hii wiO'NiF delay. t.'i (.' I, 1LI,:1 Alru, An-ax"1n ' n, "1 "'em'r h ti'ifet "p w !v, i. (''it totls, milk of r- , r nom^ ic ,rc l r.t't - o !i rl fihs a d erl 1 ('tl in l n l ' "' ,, v jo y! (i 7:,]+ h., ll r-tef.- re t. to a 4.• ,l clin r lbber, i ll Ian ', .l , I II t. nit nwll ", vlt: s, o rc.t+, . "l ,mell o k o ti el lu ,, d r t. I l'k I: l .: wl i e, I:;, it I,-i. I"rt.' 1.- +eru , PI +'r , l.c ' er il it: l^ n,'", It ,: . r t · ·r, · i :^ '!I .;, he d,! - nolke hoop, ,e' l ' ta ' ;, , ' '' :,, e YU, \i- n ' il 1 '[l'l', it '-i|(e," ai , "',, ·, ., 1 i }., i. . t,,; !s'e'l e+ I rl ll h I',Iw 1~r "'....- .1+t , el 'lri+ , _i . " r't , /l'+-t i h l: I" i S , hll i " +nt. 1 l"'l114 an !' + ,,: , , Ili jl • I In. po, i nl ",u +rl '.l s hr: r, ,'i nhe an 4 ,' ', h' .. . . .. a. l l,. , -- ""ru , ,: . i,, l:,s +, ,,, I , ,,r , ."i.-o ,11!1 r .:= ,._ l, h " . + , '..'". i ',:n"' '!+' "r'lllra "Iiarlf'r*r" 1'l· I"'. 'll " r, l +', ",h.; t ,r - i ,,rl" m ;,.e-. , _' ~ "a hI .? , rl i' , ,r, l.q ll :. t ,n I "!'', :, IIr.I ',ICS. I , ,;, i " ..I. Il, ;, : , , , . I " t : ,; . rll ,I't: ," a i 4l+ 44t l"44 'I'. 4i4" ,s'. i rs.:'4, 4li ,! , ý,4 t,,, t4-. . !:i r'+ l I" 1',' 4, l t t,'i . l I l,: I. ,, in h. jl +, it+, l: "rell ,It o+ h 1ie-l, :ll l , .,,,;It ,n, :t,",;nýu; l ai+.'1 , i I 4Com", ...44444444 .,, 44444 444 " 444 -r .4444 i :.4 (''11 444 ho t u, 4ue 4e4444A444 4e et[' I4I.T 4 . '.'I . . i ''.t ei l n l,, 'i : s", " it cl tt :h oii t ii, - 1 t;lisit , , r i+.: i n,.,4 4 s mi n [ . ,n 4-,, 4..r4: 'iold 4,a'lrwl ' 44, 4,er, 4 4 4lt4: ,. 4t , 444,. 444, " 444444 np' 7, S':iall i h'c'44 l4lr 4' c ',, ,,, 44.' .. 1';", .. :,,e,"v urn; of 11 r1 e,1s ,' t ,,., :in ,, ." , . , ,ca 'l i s e,,u u , | IJ n , otir,- s n ,l li u , I-a ,:ý I a n n s t a ' ' " 'l ' ,I : , it : (ll ,l ', p e nl s [ p l.{,l `, ;silo I* rlll n :, :,,ll ,, o t . I. 1s ,_ d he.1 I , 1o 1 e). 1l t e 1, p , • I,+"l o' c4e e o r . 4 4 . .... I 44':l .3 4 ,o 4'4I444444l+44 44+, 'er :.. 1 co) l 444 44;4; , . Sh a t ARh S u c ,' uh, ,, p. ,, i , ee , .r ll el i f i w l I "I ] .c , i re ' I, \I ]1 Pi' ., V I\ 1i) S.o| t ·tel• I U rl.l" 1 €, ' .t l,·',:i.9 - ! . .re h 4 4 ,4l4 ' 4r e 4 .4 4t4"hle '.4 :'!"!'Is.., "4, 4 1;1,V , '. ci, al,,lcn, )l .J , kd e' , ,: ,,r , f Clr ayi n t'+l lllI' l 1'rti ,e; ('ni'nes ,";:i . w lll il I-T l . ' I NL W a ri t ihe r pl ,ter i s el r ,u l ;d . ale[ d eut, ( c:: .. e t> nr,I C Tr.nS i a,)vi nt, s c r, b'n. r t!J..ll re nu b elof vn'ius e., , ue '+ fs . ' ki u .ertnlikc h ll s lin u er i ,, ,,, d l " ,r' Der,: , 44l 444t 4 slim ,.l4 1 . .t.4 .,.,4 4.4, Ices, itr aan11 M,! 'c'rud drin ln. nt'i, 111th n't 't C are':: oI , t . u't' n ?t a .71) l . ialH Iio 1. fot tt~r snqje illewr psi n 1'': lh''4I 444,4l 4 u. 4 'i444, .r 4. ~ 4t , l 4,, ,l'l. 4'.!I . 4, i rehl "', t..and : ,dit0 e, u!nitem* , rd t' . . . o I ite. too MIR. WILTtAMS, OCULIST, kr NOW AT THE JEFFER90R.tN HOUSE, JEFFEtRSONC STREET, LOUISVILLE. Il To le dlerof the ouiile :erti r: ( i--lt aeproar by the nlohsr'ntinn+ of the Elttrr f''of the NasbhviIle Presblteri:an, (ni*n and Trans ci eript, as well as the editort of the Ilemrphia Enquirer, aler tilt the "Old Genlcmau" in a;monn the ltctnores. 'T'h a : is pn nred by hltis kinly r.e , knnwingi that a h time iI nit hit short, nntI that l th ihitl dnnndlt Ame\ rie ta peoar , i i. e r ahcae to n hier che nsir. " l what are puffl. nca nn te or iftnr it ditors o ca seuto-:litno, of the artnr e Il.lle, l t l t hrjlll, e nall Caerv lettr from iaer ons I have ri- ee oi.n to m ien ht i the Itoo pl"oerp, p uff, t h ''r f ac i- t i ft t nver tll si t suer;tc . w l tart in oa ihouf a p ,t t i onlp ten in r twlve oa s. a tllat in' war an tl an lcttc t trea areal, nho ha rt ti l F Ie tolr r roliatht ,t hi bi rt 's ll ItI t to m ean to folilw 'hit mef ter 1., . to my hotel, in rtelnd of br le o rl- Iied to hei h i o. '. o ymn ttodi., t cw h lacd earh lnst the siht t ci nI, t' O rnen fr tnod reatm ti .l t air oher frt. l ,tlfl t o I cy Ir Ihnavict bolll o, thcee tle olnti e tr ev ery 'a ma k. \ca elach of tc;'alo vnoutr a Indi es be to sl r uaitll oth Snecpt!' Ilccr ita ir a ar tie n lue te or cdacailci II aof l cf ti i l i the date l e-, o a ' r pl'epeert vll mrllll lant, .. a et " nnlt] n I am uI 11, Itever t Ih lionI , (ctc 'ae paid file dia hee-c, who l i at] lhe hal red Ioct th iht of oni .e fram thie it of ict , .tare s Sh tct thn! she. now Iheint t ao marl lrec letln crcc ' tile ether eve ce,,,pirte1+ shat. 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STATE 01 tLOUISIANA.--Parish Court for the l rt, .,i th antid ity Lf New (hOrla . Im, fttIIE S'I'A''l OF I O LISIAN.\. 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III 1o ! to it, 111 -:... ri t (l t tttti rlt, :. I ,: " Lr ,,rn ir. l~ I JUSTPUELISHEDFROMSTEREOT PE PL-TES, The 1ith Editionof IO'I lETT'T TABLES F.OF IN'fI'SEJT: TO whihh is hIr t aletc,.i Ant .l:"go T'i'ime Calent:l Stor. r tcIry m ls in 1 theor {,innilt, the avtge lime O et strl c, lilee of hI:te O bilit of gools, \teh lpan r sel ntt t dif t ts, t ,lifer e. t reits, nl t r. t Srri e n : rttol + , ide, n i, amtll co pin , tle reankil.s "l'il, t .o , the he, "t Io r inuh ewrves ofn . r that fi plares I 1t1o ) Ipr ee Wililo thle .'CIndel d | n mpaca, b a it fl t lcl.:cn itn the eoon is in nett rlv the Itllorw tillh e t ein _. t lit l tho eplreie. t the tit ole c, is nt l - t meul e-d.Itttet itselfe , so etIIIthtetfititlllj);l·m in sO e d - sire, h t rnthts lleife i . l rC e th he ot o - t, e ull-r i ts:e, ft or ilwhv lnt, he 'litz,. n 's l. ete llelt i. ft et l . n. Ift t It telee nt'e eot,l il tl'ti tit, tei I, r l ! 'k, - ; i-e line , Iu:,ld pri ed 0 the ti:t, re e tt I.uml t s fl st t..etttetthth Ihekit ett hh .t th-hn " ro ll h 1i t ' ,it st e ," i.l t ve t . llith t ke tc (t e i, tll, nh ill. p, silt n "Ih • de tl tdr of pol nfi thle pr+_'itee) eiot th t 'k t ld It, nvIil 1 e t100':'et1% n I'i'Jht ll(]t i ,l l-:lfllr tlllmR ofdIbis htlliulfa | 'Ol· ,,m n|lw, h , ,, I. |l , · ,b)' l i, ,,,,,tl|ii ele, eT, '1Ilte letecti e I' . f erle a f i .* ftIrt i i the p.e. 1s: eI' fifth editi11 ,"l e lrl + t Ix::Ill in 1~e+ P I'..ce, i kll eý fri lhit*zIrIl Itis I fit,. ti illi titi t,. f)llt ." ohfo m l l-ltlolln r s l'lllltn ll'!l o If'th llhtlles i In tihe : u,;:n; enll t I. L lhe Cite lt.m ill llllll i Ih y alind atl th whl tll hi. th iet cl t b. l.unl ll the tIXttl Of t,, neral 'Ls'll neSIllns ',fIll lilrt d],( Cill.g oIfs:,lllt It -l .d s :I rotli nrn C , ,ittl ,l a it ht ll t ll. 1 ,, tiL lit mil Ii l., t cn ll nd prcti l l i i,+1 meti a dl pubilic (( l l o I. "I o (| c nl .+lrl; l-h(t ol thi wl n,,k, it h:ts leen di. -i,,.,,is ctl yI ltho 1 1 / llo hle s C l' l " i . tft'I.I'a I :IltIi .:I. p Ill''t". . lA l i ll n l" 1g tilr illihibly ofI " lih metho I ginrl l y € .. I ijqpell in v"a:ui' ,ll the " ' e ::mi.::Ll inlts, ,lll It.sts ll'ltll.IV e lif{+ }I has lassdc in. lhe l ", , t ;lhll[ v: i1ll.t 1 lijf lt e w title is ill |tl1(+lish: ,' th, hd lu, enrol ml nltllclh sly led "'h hl10 11 t 1d ,lfT l biok hn l he w,,smklk+ 1,;'s1 t c'erl i~ih i, , lnnslten nlh·it 'l· tnlhlllr · otrllk ft tht sa e £ll elllle l Xtlit i ll. h wlille the legillil',. i eli trill has had the sten t nn+, m,t'11e hill tihe nutnlhe, :Is is cleatle shownI in the l '. idrs, ns I f'st l ,ntl !I.IHI;.I t, i llt Iris 1001 tried anl I 'l' ,I p rrin I' 1'l ' i'' t I 't' i te yi " n 11' 1 i: ero. i ofi the "It c I latii lll ha et·'· Tl' het'~ t.: i n I, i i, Ill h ll, i'll tIt :d h rhlule h,'C l 5. Iht I ot, l r "1, 'l ;l bt ;dl IIoit ofhll rl 501,:li1 of "the Si11le 1 the " role )l cIc :1 .,a 1'~r rlnltul hlit.'t' c` lil 5 I : v b law 'lir halk in.t est i ',h . r .. .... m h s ,rihtT. a.n'd 1i", of t'h. e te '' ,{ ih t;nt, t· it'it, to< e-+ + : ',i' h h ,h' ; I IL II , (· I I~ .,-,t Il. . i l II, 111 :. , : lii .' ll "ýý.: I: I ' of~',I rtnll ;t. .o , of I'I ý "-I r ". 1 .oolcllaý , : ý t o l ý ,1" · ~II·1, I'l~il-r '':I 1 I ., ,,: 1 , n:- ,, ; I : )111*( 1.11111(.i· .._ : 11 ,11 ., h 111 ,\ il ! I: .! tl ,I "I , -, fl r, a 11` I n i' . : Ii 1,n h " llI' 1,.,iVY 11 \1 1 o I .I Ih ll :. I11 11 III Ir. '1ni , ."11, ýIliI- :".. . il I:1 r 1'11 11.ll l( IC v: a { III 1111' In I, Il., r,+l l l. l :;l(. i-.l). i sl ~ I t :, Injr ~i, 111.1', lI"1i '~i·.i:/ Iiil llltu lnt III 1,owlIIII) ··:I;.I I:t I ,, . I I", w -+ 91 II . .t i ,I.~! - 0 Tiýll 05~ .l ," '~- "bl ,Vo.t .il oj'. ''o ;1,I uots.. I Il I rl ,11I I,"rI( I I lli :( , l~ +III Ihi :t ,1 Illtll l·( I·· I " 1 11 I . ., I ,rl5I 1.11 40505 ln~,m! ,.fr .: . 110,0 III 0j odlo, ltII , 'I, Io ed i-1 oN ?l. I ILI.' ..l I alt ic , ~ PI I so. Ir.'nln (;it. It 111111. ,1!Iliu ", ul"I"I": ,Irl to III) urr afol u - julla inustn Itu~ rl"iu,..l.Iol.'u.l t!,II1. .l rlr'i ti~ tuuril:: 11 a It~[ *lllel u' llt, a 11 ("",to 51(14"irr &. Cu dOd ,m (:: ;', I'+ II Ell tio s =ritl c o, ,cn ia i a l as ,I JIJIE P "11 a JOtRNEY FR1OM. NE ': t' ti . I',it.lclýl '~I (:anal tlc sit .ti Itl d a' 1"ru " 1.11111 it , II it !!1,111. I ',lltr 1\.~ l il 'III00 It- Ii o.i-oon Ia-uho lea furiug urn "o ad I y ý:'1 1 11 uod r11'tli, fah III lI lt]IR ll pcn 1 1laIiI, 1III, l I11+I1(1 I e n: Illldt illur del r)Lbli 11. Cm ) II·PmVR Pi-irT'· II Vill iso plrr Actelltn I'. ptcou s to h I cn atu i-lhut, falots, oirus is y opal arishldlc. a 1::1~1 tii!(rs nde IU-I" l l i I i - u?,III lth -oll ' 1.S ,,! l,ll totii ihIo0 ,,tronilou an pl-ouigiih or, Iouolll ( rlit 0InlI t,..~r.,,5,nrrh % I , - , on rs aari - ll snot , \5'ic, d '' ll~i and aw 1nd; tho MAIL ARRANGEM RNT . .r t h r . . . . . d D u e E v e r y D a y a t 2 1 . l Fotrn M iCloses Every day at 101 A..An D ee r .o .Th a ae , Duc avers , Thurs dny,han TlrI,% k esleru I SllTa [ --. ,e V '. e b ea by ay of thet 1nl, anfab P Friay, byv [',If. " st., Closeas every Monday, Wedinesda Fr aarsk ur, ran Sandy,7 , . Th ( Due every Ta~tlnv,.t Thursdlay, l hb c ny pm t p m., ., vi .Closce ev;ery M.onday, Wednesday TI3IESO, F , RI{IVAl,, IIEPAR't'UI{IF DISTANCE N e. IExpres iliail, be mn - ro l "llo ile andl New Yorlk-lengine 5/obile Bail," at 3 1'. l1. Northwar New York daily t 5 , ',1 S outhward. Arrives Arrive Nort1ward. Distance. Time. ROrlurn'g llontzomerv, Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 3 9h . lgllh at hi'llw us 11. 8lt 9 3a.m 3ih'ydzeville. Ga. " 13 11 2 ~ t'nlnnlfia S.C. 73 am. 133 p.m1 0 R{Meigh, 1'N C. 5 1 2 1 Waalrrmuol, Va. 12 in. 55 Al a snttimo ny, nVl. 1e pn. 83 10 9l. m Shllllll s Al. ill. 21 3 6 l",erh, ri:k slborg- 8 67 7.1 lp m. A shini, n cityr , pm. 61 po.wnu are, 6 zllto 3 oo , Shew cognria a 100 11o I Nrew Yop. 90 8i 1305 14:13 . or d 23h Norrthward. Cormng ,athwnrd the time is six rours it' b:in_5( davs an 17 h ourn., R 'llNAWAY fr m 169 C.:,rondelet corner of Ilevia 's s'reets on "lh night of 30,h of Aulgusl, and well "an ihe next morning n J a'micras street, a negro aby ,nsodtla I Alll.,1 about l7 yelraof age, osn 5feC nl ctllherelboutnio h.i ._i, vrv Iack all hm s b n imnpede ilnellt in his speec, one of in lags is soren , ocasione, Idv o recent hlnlou; clll, e.I tR dn he wenl away a whiit dtoulll or lilln shirt lld while e d to n Ipantalchns. e1nst" ne rof vecls anti ste:m boots ore cautioned a gainc., eeiviog or harborillg si IeCgro, as well a all loter l erscns, a tIle ultnlst ricor of h tlaw wil I t enfie rt agail.t them. 'I'lle above rewo'd will bepaa airdlie:-iu, himn int. nnv of he ailvs iotf eentC of the inuicielphlties, or at 169"Carindelet, corner ofilmevi tet , llapt underth! firlnt o' I otSl & Gurert.nn, Ias been riisnmtecd. 'l' T sub,,ribor will liqdate the aairso the elnoI in tllh city, lnd requires t ll persons indeb - o i to "lolnake llaanentio himnol v, ad dal thosehavinlp r lltl)a1 to ipresrlt .lela fo'or t fettat.¢ent, w. W. WAI[N. No. 1lrCanal ,rreet Artr Orleans .I-I AS alw ays on hand con:taally ! race i - f Dr,. I Dies, Chemicula,mnd l'uaw:s,among thiel, or, lliown oi: 1tI)IIG S. D\YES. Antlinllll)', elrude, Argohl, red, tio icgulul, Antatto, Spa+'. Arler"lIe, li(lI·'tl Alulm, Io Io wdcled, Hmazillette wool, .!' ls;l:," I la[tlc il, Coehlinesl, alh1x, 1 Icr le Coplr as, Americlan, die relihned, Caehar, ,ll'inistlole, cuille, Fastie, 'l'ampieo, o n0oll, do Clnlha, S flower, do Mllilt ltilinnlhn, Flenclh Leerie., ( ; 1in ail, ih digo, Blengal, tiIl I .Cn tl't!Cr do ' o nilis, t ;:nlUltli.ers .. w 'ar c'd e es,, ,;Hn dilloe%, do G.- tamnla, tins .naslbida, Legwo otl, Camunleichy St D)omlngo dui n lllumiac, dO Jamaicaa tin benzoin, Csmwood1, ,Io cop:l, Mosg5, illadder", obllin, d oscraped, IN, I.nlllmi io O S A nlt'|ie",% do Cor'o, tin ...... phor, ........ Ino Maraeoib do dlo Ict s. do Ilache. t.ln gui:,eum, CI1l1MICAL. . tin ({), Aeid, nitrou, do mastic, do mulrintic, tint o lnn, do sllllihumric, o1 s leller, Blllue itriol, senegsl, C(alomel, )p, dio .l ..... ..... no|''osit t iaj 'o Il lnallanth, t'hloridenf lime, I1lllll61,,r kchl ties, II "c l lnty lluna easlit, ,h) do Foreign, ltrtd ptveeiplm-e, tIRoclllle:,all, tin I 0 ri/l Rled chrlomate potasll 1.mJIIllll ,lilake, Sili clap SaO. tlo sotIs, Salle tl atr Ii~t,:nrice ball, ll. llg lea lil oilites Sn I n z inc, dnnsI,. .sh, Sa p qoiahe. a! I hl':lllml "Iaritar en Ieti 'i' l<'nionn II'\IN 1 I R-llls.a all l -'Yrrntttn Blur 11,"1 ;t. i e'!nt+n" U'-m. elt,, tne a;. p. ttd ( ll', bit yenow, ia, ,oh y" -i 'v., tini l in oil, .11 rb I t, I:f, I I" A ltck Fnglts h , A, do ,c*. tin ." "pt tng, i'hu'ger·n 'h lt ,I, ý. p '1 . ..... .. le tn .... d illr ilc , ; l ,hi a k 1,,.lisl, "''' h(,il l, ll ( li i .I . c.ri'll h, i1 tt, do C tih ll, e t , n n,:lS ri i trs TSii ,, n l, ' rr8 whi , dr, F;111 i sh s hl.dlo Aleiv S, , , i .i il h"' , rl, , I.nrlI oil ,t~l Ii ,, I,. ll.rani F.'.ln;l ish th i Vn.rend i~l.ll nildr, ," , I ":, I. tt ,iv i i", , a , I, < s.r. .." "l" h I r', i , 11 x, : i10 g oul j to an t t r l nnt ln,t ' ( t; ir, (' ninedmn, ý. ,, . 1 iau " ,ny F'. :n, 1 ', L ~ n ,d , A r '1o Clsilt o uii gri o d 'v 'rn" " ... s ',dar 'l~ l iltt!r eAm warntdl' Ame. , ,I. (.ti il e,.o ff•Cllil i (t.'\Ilt tOo!. '':AI"'T',i sNEtW NOVEI.$. ',r/'in /h. lfer, by tc aouthor of Peter Simpsle, ;t ' r 2'ols. t ,s ,rr X ,or a Winter nt Sclllses HniiIeldl in Lewe "'. .`t. fin, by ('ata mdu Bsil Halil, Royal Navy .o in o lolIIll, looelNuoy FI. -~ i :.. i I . . " tI /.o, 1,o/,lro, . roooo...... lhy Allhn CnlinghamI ye "' *' A oo, l Ioee. t rittrno l Iihonoelf,in 2 vols. 4 ('.o ,.o',dioosu Ilisoroy I ofaly, truntslted from tlo Io::llol Itahian, hio Natlotojel Greene, inl vol. fr No. IS of I lroer's Eo ilv Librarv. \ools.o :o .I t ot, Innw t rnletotl nld uniform edition "f II'aoshinon,,'s IIorks. I ,o-r' o I',,neh ,ad Eon/ish Ditlinai ry, in I vol, 3eo i 1 ''s I",'eoh iuo. l'uIlJ It Dijlionar. 1 Iso--.1 Ifw mrte foiro f Co.mbe's PIhrenology "Iieni"l),Cr.tturve tr' o, Oasses of olperlorqua 0 ilr, t ilh It s I lli .do I!Ioll . 21-4 and 2 1.2 inches l`: lilllos imlovcd etalic I'enoe,ljapaned pupers, weights t Lr, le. &v", ''" . st received, and for sale by °31 BENJ. LEVY. r PAIN RVISITED,&c. &r. In t PAIN RI VIStI'EI) &o,Iby the auth of'Ayelr I, i ll Cnin ' il.Oro s . I7'rils Ol/'dtt th'rotoerao 'eneraly upplihj etc. ithe A.ob'tiioioEs of North America, hy ( Turer, Esq " 'i' Polilieal GOramr ,of thn United States, or t'o ttlcIt rie iftlthe tl eorV and priotier sf ths tgetrla nlio Mtet go'eroo ,nlnts witl tile relotions hbetuen hios -dedicated 1 0 Ih tedl to Ite )Iung mon of the Umtaed Soahs, )tt o: |1 .anfiolhl, Eatq. Ai,,,,od's IlOti+o Tors ionterspersld with cehalaeer istir ,ot.dotes, sayings ndo dolongs ofrsporting men, is clOtint notices ofthe Itirinupal erek riders ofEngland withl analytical contentst, nd general index of aames,' vo FO THE 00 or Sroflnofla or King's , ril, Chronie Rlheumatism Chromei Cutaneous Iris- I'ills ill the Botes, by free codes, a~u ofl Mercury the blo ,d being in vitiated state. lTits very concetrOntrtd Syrup is prepared with lhe, greatest pharnnaceuticula nree nhneeuraey, av deatiin ne utive principle 1of Sarsaoulrilla in thle oeast contlte trtedl dogree, combiuned witho otlher vegetable substance tofkllownt ellieary. 'lhoa remat desiderluulot with 1hysieins in being abl to exhihit n large quantity o' Sa'saparilla ill , i ve dose, bas beenmt ohtainr1 iu'ths preimrntion-they, beta/ll hill" conovincedr otfits erits, confitently admintster lthe wore of their practice. Prit $1 50 por bottle. Sold only at SWAIN 1111I'lI'lIgIl'S dr rustore, No. I ICanal street, w'hr tnol be hadtt fresh andl gemoline, direes tfrom the pr-fri,. tors Swatim's I'an tetantd Veroiftitge, Putter's Ct.t.soll eotnl, 'arpenter's Preparations, and a large and gpnses aseortmeot of freshl dru gs, mt4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. T)INNOCI"S IMtPROVED EDITION OF DR RR. 'olsmith's Ah lgment of the History of Rome to which is prefixedl ao Introdu:tion to tle Study o lotou Istnort, intl a greut variety o bf valonobte Ontolt aoddedt throtuhout the work, on the haantllta lnstittiotts.anl Antiquiti.t of the Ramona; with no meorons biographiol and historical Notes; .and qtee tiots fin" exotnmtntion at tte etd of' eah section. IIl lttolorotel witlt tloirtyoongraving0 owmenIp by'tllIesto Ptoc's ItOutIltmprovedl Edon of Dr Goildsmith'. History of EOIgland, liont tlhe hnvasion of Julius Cwsar to the datlh of leorge 2d, with eontinuatio in t the yen 18232. Witlh, questions tr examitotion at tbi eteia each secttion. Bsidlee a variety of valuable, infortii ionm adldedl throughloo thie work. Consisting of table of coutoltttpl.rus, Sovereigns atd eminent persons Copiols explauntntory ttolos. Remarks on the poll ties, mnnuters'anud literature of the age. An ontlIenl tihe Constitution, &e. &o. lloustrted by many eage tllgS. GUt' ELuEME ro or AarnooOty, and an Aoridgmen ot'lKeitlt'a New Treatise on t1he Use of GIlobes. New Ametrit, a edition, witlh additions anod improve epte 000all Otex plation of tlle astronoutlioal part oftlhe' A lionl.t Alluanac. Just received and for sale by W1V1 M'KEAN ov 24 crortne olCump and Common at, IlA1PER'S CLASSJICAL LIBRARY. - O1lACE,tranlsiatad by PIillip Frncia, D ), with .0 an appudliOxl, cout:t t Ieiug trtatlaton of various odesl, &c. Iy l.on Jonson, Cowley, tlitns, Deydoon Plote Additot, Swift Chltte'tot, G Woakoliel4, pourll ltry all, &e.., and some of thle mr nietp Io oodut -an d ut ufolt otto'eottro pouo of th I'ItEIRI)RUt, ooil rho w ppotolix ol n udits I• ls ted by Clhristothler .ooaro, it l v tuls turmn volumu e I$ anl lt alt'"llarl.r's Clasliao ILibrrvr 'lho I'tpeditto rof llLIU.tiPIltlh' CLINKERIFy S.tollett, , OU, wioth a ni:n il t fth t \ltotr, by lL'(Mu r It.;, Esq., new e;ltioa, withl Iltstrattns, byl'G Till, io 9 lo".'1'Taleohy hath hoeof "Rluselies Mory oil torgutool," &tto, tote oooliloot, 2 vawle sesats one I"'Yntllav 3 Irh ' I LIFtIRIl); bv Ito . tu. ortt. . s "PeIha. neIir r a.d," S,.c b:rt~l vclU.aoI,' o to new)N O.W n o Il i snr ua Contlolete Yirs. urist reveieed a ealeo h\VM tMoKo;AN -p 1l'(t'J--- --ý fI\'( ttfo'^lltl"', lotu cakt ot ineitnnut 5oct15 htetoitt F KK ]'moh Enot,. nod Fl A r5.0, )~titfliT & tIAWr I ~ 1 RH` b Il~i

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