Newspaper of True American, October 2, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 2, 1838 Page 4
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S t A respentflly "anI oIr4.1iled n.,ed i the. pubioHegenq. She h prd to accommodate thelii nwit ;i e ftaH her ' ii% dA". iititbe en fuertale, to receive @.o of fr.mi rlvaor. ,She fWe conI. iaperlse visthing Covigltion during the months, eannot find batter areemmtonl tiont 1 lar oan i*ard them, on more liberal terms. a hoia is plcaantly ituott.l, andl will enpplied ' r' t eie 'he Aar ia fiirnilhad with lt'hl i , &he. In sluio.rahlprdmisoe tit..ll.lg ,shbll Ib t wpntig no her plrt to give spieotin to all who may patronize the 1i l. n.:nd, nielana Hotel. je3 e8t.1ifE6 PUR lO.ZThennd crieerlnel hvting .t a died uodef Dr. Set mit f' Charliston, C bpflina, and for rome years his eaiatait in `ie prractie of medithlne a94 sulrgery, has the ]onor Saqgry9 r s profe.ioneal snervices in this city. a5retfsO the lradei tind gentllamron that the most alttntien will be paid to the calls which sI ide; and nlnit"otfrs his cervices to the l ltr fillves, being well ielquainted with the ilsseattlno in o them, having attended them in Isa.s¢r hlouse in Ciarlestori. sarniilous anti lilious pills a ter the componition .3ri dleoi- Stloliette; iith directions, can be had t'ý[iidoeraeigned. Thie eftfct which they have olt ,ein this and otlhrc cities, has been attended *i.s the greatest tncceas, to whicteh the hest oe' osee oan be given. Apply at N'. 166 Maga. li JNO. ,'Lt)RING. GWWTW~ i t'01tscRbEws, SAD IT HrfHQWELL WI.RI.Cs COMPANY, No. .,r;, l W'ater, nciar street, New York, l receivned the past season, as:d are constantly reeiviiqg Jargo anl eXtensive additions to the sloek of tab' tibeve gooad, which now consists of tile ell.ding nstsortloent, suitasle for the southern and bitt lti ilparkets. l6llt ware of supcrior quality, consisting of ioit 1501 tone, vi.z, ).Pete of22 difftrreot rizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Zecttles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kethlia415 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 galloue, 'l.iarns oirOnos,7 dfftlrent sizer, Tea Kettloes, 6 do S4kilhllete. . 5 do liatSpiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, S dA, Slddilel, . . 4 do 1 ri74 Dogs, 6 ds Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 41.4 inches. Clsrt-do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 20.000 gross, iran and brsrr, from MR inselt No. 3 to 3:9 itnch, N, 24 ofr a superior uelitly and finils, cnd loss than Jale's imported d ops, assorted, in casks of about 500 lba for tetlintag. ilor'e and hattor's Irene, asserted. eash weiphlts, 100 tons, asrortad fronl 1 4.4 to 60lks '·ells for Plantations, steamboate, ehurches, &a. ltdtle to order, `Alii steamlbeate and other machinery made to The above assortment of goods is porliculrly speommended to the attetiotl of Soutllh:rn and t:eslerti merchants, and are offunrid flir sale at low rices, anid upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lioved to be the largest and best assortment ever reod for sale by any one establishment in tihe United States. M;aeehants, by forwarding a request by mail, can tlia.. printed circular, with deocriptton of goodc, praloeand terms, from lwhich no devlation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. Atl orders will receive immediate attention. NeW York, 1838. j:.3 " ON SYIIVI &t PaCKLtiS-Undereii::d' Le SlllOen Sitolp and Pikles, ,ssorted sizesa; ilsc, bO hbre of Lewis &- Haskeil'c Pickle-; tbr ale t, close a eileigomenl,by JARVIt hb iLDlst.WS, rel cer COtnltt a ntl'rlueiipit.ults l UAlP-li0; hbll iboxes no I .oal., brnlild ol' Jumlll Gould, for slleby ISAAC BIDllG)(E & CO). 1t:4 1Ieeoel l etrrert. *'1i'v L. 1. O N.Emna dwtellin" house on Triton strePe, be tween 'lTirli t'irrle anld i orudalleIt itrt. atll. Aipply tl J OnI', IIEgl.BAnROW¢S, &-c-25 N heelbarrows, :a V dirt do. in rto e, ftir eule by CHAMPLIN & COOlI'ER, ml5 l2 . ;l'a st liitle, aOlaiiltl. of very i .rl IU. hl bllP ait'white wca: e, aiii il.ti i nod ruled rolugh dge record nap, crit..rtly on hlld asld for ii ale Ie I'A\'II) ,:LTr & c(. . 'n3i N . ' St.ti e.. loll ia+Cht air-otne -t. 5 i1: bnhoesf: dalf , es:ai: tl ailt c 1-lle t 1 ii 1it do oit' do no do tit 1; 511 Io of:! do 1, P Port, 6Ih!fi; 10 du of 2 do l Pl brown S, try,1h l fL,0 pipecexlri \ailciha. ce cr ale hy" ItR.1I4li;ENi-, BIltiWN & 1:1 )1IANK OOKS. of revery variety of riling and `. bitlding, ,isllintly InI liakd;: ldl( PrlilliliL, hula1n and liodiag neatly execut.pd, ll ahllirt no'ice, Ie adll Y fltatiolers' I ll 1,_4 c(ld rllaes st. it Itiding, fLr sole by ISAAC BRIIII)G C O. m. 1 1:34 d pti:lgzine sireelt. I'O ILENT. ajaeE\V lwo itorv irhk sl.,' nitnlted 5it donrn tl oum the ecn iii ll llcitlilt IILiu a dilI.'hnr es s-eet. Llllt very I aw, luaessioiu given It linedhtel Eiaignire at the lpemise'. ci,9, f. LLtcUK--hLl bbhis a I I'luor. icr el: lby T il0 It Dti ltr'1Y, II New I evre. fi C-tAKt BACON sides i:r : Ie hv 3 1 DO ftlt lal Y. 4r 4 a Nw I lever. -i3 bbi-ll A NI, l'lE-.l2 i ic , . g.iig,i.l 1t50 coils Rlope, lading tfrom Alllllalndlrfor sale b IA YE'T I - A.MEL..Ui(:, nl19 17 Cuotnece tI. jDA V s-SOU pieces I~epria licg e, inla it: -i fr.m sltollaer Gto: it it. n iin fr aOle Iv YJiHliE, 1I3.)'I'IISInS, ' e6 ii rune ,te. So MEa. R . o . c O COP'AIV S iW w )lie,, w atV. 14. .87. BOU'T six monuth ago I Ilhad the misifortule i, get 1 a secrret di:ease, Ieor Lwhich I ave al plilhd to *evet rnal d.ctora fir a cure, and tler did nl t:lle ilme. or ntIt on the shore datte la t ,self Ilnier the .alae of IDoctor Mddtand 1 expPlter llll I to cure ltee. Since lhan time tha dinlasaaoat worse, s asa tit break out in large ulcerr toa tn amlber of ix or eight on ea b leg, and all over my iliaw, aml aone tlroat, and nkt able to work at he 3rellllat ti. ol accountlof the disease; larte ulcer lie right nile f afl' hllroaat. aI in olll ' tlItga ,sa a.nfilenlly uaadrt't cune onf Lr. II et. rf Paris, tobe perectle cured JUI.N DEAN. f3. 14 ly I DX C~lt'rIFY rhat the an ve nenrtoned diseasc "I'qite well aured to my own ati.l.ction, foir whirhl I hank a lr. Hlle alarl anmoreer I no are bthat the medi inaii have taken a lllt.el teI fit, and d lid not inilre Imy saoldh at all Ilarefotre I advisHe it f (nlw sulthfrers t t i ta a l ailtl. tauI apply to Dr A. HIIe, l1 Ii ourlnll at. Fl!y wili find a Irl dilolrlr for thir s collpi ll. JOIIN I)IDAN,-Il Gravicr street. If may one wants to see mre, call at No. 4lt il avie useet; and fiay anil he satistied. To be publlhaed at the optitn of Dr. HaiP t. JOlIN ),,N. law Orleans. Felb , ltW1. ,.t I 1,, bnOsUld, ia pat upa iatn itle at tluL low price If 50 '4nepaelyclnltaallang the strength 'f tllaren ounles of Lveerwo,t h.i lee s illthelrtl l ta nl mV olther romant and leta Ipeo!ln amon elathl lnlinis as elicaciouas in curing aetiialbarv comlaltlints. Tl au iriallud auacesl which has atrtended the u'ae of 4tin thesanalllrt lInt.lia i lwlelrever it has been inlro dfsled. bhas oh,.ised the conlace anllll retmmenllu foin of reapeetaelr Iplayicilns, for itr the ar of oatslll, ealdd, pain in th saide, want of re-t, spitinag of' blood, liver complaint, aac. 'ro whcral it Iav cnncer-,. T''lt is to certify that we have an our pactri.e fraequeltly plr.scribed Mrs ialrd nutb nandian Balsna of Livrwonrt a -t Illaaalaaaaaaal, ai tla a decided good eect: awe can tlherefore, iom the know bdlea of the ataerialn it is madel fram,aaald < aeraanlaa sai erleriance, treamaaella it as n alt aeri - l.rIlaratioaa r all tiasane atlelana of hilae lunga .ar awich it is at ttlHgpnded AI.B!Z. i(' WVI.LIAM , M. D. CAI.VIN FLI.IS St. I). ' 'Mmbes onthe lBoston Mledical tAeaeintion. Banton, October 45. iblab r J.tlCVIS d& ANI)REWS, ' I 19 " ,s IaIa I' " itatll- la sate S qaammenllded 1'y tile Mredcal Faculyv. la IE,'$ C Ferveacenlt Marnesian Aparienlt-Flor 1 ii al.uritia or ialiigattia, tIervoua debalit', iladti. a.aeli liilahre,acitkh of lhe atatach, haieahtnal caa a.aa tntneeuaaean di'eraer,gout o rnael,&rc. andt ituch inaed as in gentle, caolina pura.ative. 'WIl deslaable prepralnatiln has reivend the pmram arlaatsni,aetdn anenarlmber aoft tle allaofaeiaaollld irom ediscarning tpubllc many resalectatJe and tunnali. i' tfgllltafitos , fits e ycacym n a amediciaa lave been qlilailpa \i h all the pleasng qualities of a glars oaf nallk eInrii pJprease the actarve aedicinalJ properties nafa theat.appt r and nalinnus purlaltiea; it is pleraant Io Ih li Baind gratrul t l th aatoach. II NI'A 'l' CJAU''LON--'lie ienreaeneg repuat tion.alttlrltt denand fur Butle'a Ltfrvleaert 3lagaeUm: bia Ajlerinat. lae Ileen ta inllaedulnetll tr othelrn Ito Of fehr Iqlainoaa aofthis valuable ared inet. Pa, hurearra areIartalintly warned of thias sct that tllae auv be orn tigadn ailrld not procurr atn Impure arile.' ThI illiara ern.pctiully intbr ad Ihntal anutseari bnar-tr antlvy npplled nlih te thatlrignal antI ge. siaaInhlpanltti as. ar ael, wha r.ale a dl elail. ' ICKLES & CO. Agents. lli,, 40 Cnl astreet, N O. 6't5 Vegaetlaln Har Oil, tir the reatorntaon V inAjjg anla oaf Hair, riving health and lbaut), ald B Snrlberg a It (Ilr Oil wane oferall ta ihe palihic, it had matltlllltjin hbndnltda f arnaas of anldner, thittnea, nanl lUiltlcn Ptlahi hair, and ineaery itnstamr. il naMllltara liadacwalt aen tnainad. It htas noer fai'aed to pradu-a £ aaya, be.nill a.r.owll of hlail oil lreIla nlaready lald.l ýai whalere it .eoolaa4nryn and neana to nrowa thi st hl nar nottr, nraider it healthy, naud ltlrlacr. ta-ld'undnmiuatlful grlwth Of hblt. withatat Ih i.nte iUard'theiitdia '.Plais Oil givmran a", tareearnhle f. fltnSld l I rltllathiaen an ane atter IIt ir itl for per umoaIng,t'eoist andal fljinia tbhe hair. I'tla ie ir at laeer dt .nr-qitr ' Far nile lt afa Dn: \a area. lery Amnd rela carnts; Back eiamnon Boqp,8s; IgaI 2-i"nceh Bil ard InIal; , T -0 . eiSltk.f Bowie Knives: Leather .l, ther 'il ie Oan:n Belt. titrth Hontlnele tt kled: idbreliteti PeodNuble ante anale hanrrotle Gnie ; beII. Powder nod Piatni Flne.s: eanll TisttaSte atnt 'Cupes; Pre i;oon ,.sitp andzndep Cdd ler, . air Teeooth: etd ait Bntie4r'8 Octa awl Chltwt ete Woasle Tooth Powder; Toietsnadn tisvihg Soope, in ret va erie: lltn Hair Bnaigy·Rn ltateetta Fizettes; Pear cud Poilet Pnwder ; Enmor lIter ; tvory Tth Cushinns Patent Shdlltde I htor.lmi Gte .t.etie eftapennlert: Powder P1n1 and tBoes; rilt Ce inst, Keal a. andt Ke RGr-droane inait Barkl.:; temcneta; Benad Necalnete 'ntd Claiin; Gilt and Silseredl Bradl,; ndlian Bines ealls and Plume;: Shell Twiset Side .nd De1eaine CTnh;w ahhhhin addition to their former stck on lhand. makes their nsartenten very menmplete, and will he sold ole and n liberal terms, at the Wi'n of the Golden LCotht.- i25-tf 70 hanrtrea erreet. THE .hsereiihOer, lnenton fier the extensive Iause of TW. r& . Bntcher, Shefeld Enrland, haver ilae eneincd a wrv extensive set of Pa net r, emonsitinr of Table and erertcn Knives fe" -" darire titta, Pen, Paocletr. Dixk, and Spenr paint ainlvces:'Rznar, Srio - earn. mdle Tonle, &e. &e. &e. whiah thee ne prepared o Pxhlbit te the trade tar order. Terms and conditions will be.iiad kunobvn at the time. Sm16 J.t, .BEIN& A OOFwIN.t0.leae orm n S*l\tl()Rs. TTARTT . CO.-Are now recivilng per slhip tlltiaile, ErleF, Mente Amhewtr, iale 1ndrt, Frtenth nld lierm:n tloa le ioa' l tIdr vin r earlm: etrhelt hand pocket pi aols; olain ribbedt ani split aeuair a earte, tia hoteldersi Rl rtros, ilznors, lloe. nea: ltlolt'c oenmaerial antd oher tnte li te at; Via it; Violnt str-lags: hell, ivory endl lhorn t,,neanht" afrs; k, lendtdele atleler trses'te ti Irt.lilh, ifront ndel nab oltenertst a-rlae1 ir''; alerm:en, :ad .tnelle enlhc le rater, Rowie'ris maeealFs",oil, imitation do; aHni(qle rnl hea·a oil;lo herrlte desks.e a etnd drsi neses: ipas 'rl;ekiogl st i: ,in oilel e; euncvex oirrekni; opl eal gh:srsesnt l a nd nviews; bra Ia hellsanl plhae,: ecolvrlton; whlt- .wine;tnilet and sltating anaps; tnilet nwder, E ta ietie w:ash hall;t sarented .aiaord eshietes: pool standrs: ncrew nahinaoot tine. he(ad chains lal elen: esi: Iilliar,l Ilsl potnc'et I;onks sned wallets f 0cal0l or nes; razor strant ftine ntia enlndona nlln alastic ttaspendiel., tarterld;t Bells lucifer matches; sil te penails; Cirayons, &oe. &c. Tie bovein raddeitino to our former saeck of fancy irtiatts, nmakes nlr -:ssartlanet velrv c ,ulett. pr,, sale w iolerle o Tretntilt as tthe sig oflhe Galden Comat.. 70, Clwatll, e stlu ,2et. t w h'-e partnership or' Kelley, t.eson &Co ICf N.w Orhn Msern, Fvarris &Co., of Natchez; nm Hnnrri, Keltlev &Co., of Irodnev, was dis ilied on heI9lt rf Mai lInst, by the death of Sanmuel A Masoa, Ine oftit tie prtners rn tie fireas. Tho uIderlitornted rviving partner., will ie ch.harge with the settling nnd el*ot n sid busines aP ItlloVrl : Levi C tlarris will attend ttle setllil.g of the busitnes of Mlnsont, Harris& Coa.. , Netclhez; rAd Ilonie, Ietl er & Conrt n-.daneo; and Ilenrv Kelley will attend to hesetali tin, tf rhorainasn of lKellev, Malno! & Co., at Nenw Orleuns. 'ier names of ile heveral firms will be usaed in li awidnthil enly. 'hnoe ieLd-ebed to snit firma nret narme;tr requested e csaea lrnasro tllnl Ilake early ettlemenlt; and tlhose havhig claimsa ill tlease prelent Ihem without deloy. 1.FVI C IIARII,, HENRYKELLEY. New Orlians, Jittnc 27, 1837. JY CAN MA A P FR*lllNA'i COLOGNE WATER Scaes mare of this sltperior Caologne watter. jot receiveed sld for .l.llebv tile dozen or siofle botta.- Alto Aaterk.a nSd Fenher tiilet p winer, powdler r ulme raed n)ortes, dri k and toiler snaps, castetic we.o bsutil, k of ieIro'e es n:tie c ale ereani , ltla oe o it;nk, kitl nloa, Ward's vegetale Ito ir oilt polnatoutt erete de perst. Flenridn Invetudr, roe and hav rwar ale lirer.' ,sa Nalhs blusesille perlfmerV ia trlnk, veetll I e i Id liquid ni e, Chlor;ne and Orris toltbh are, cltllh, honle. ,oth, n'il Rod flesh brushes; to.ether witlh n ndrlidtonnl supply or fnshionnll how rs and shell combs and jewelry,lr sale low at wh olesale or r tail by SIMMONS, IIAR'tlI' &.CO, 7'yr 70 t. 'ar treet. NSF - O -Simntono tiart l & ett frlow Ire I civig ftronl on heard slltips Ynzooo, an.l aralnoea ndrilg Concorda, ftootn New York, a great vartety at gonodls in their line whichl torther with ttrir formta soek on Ittnid, makes teeir assort, eet very.' pllate. The iollwatint composne a irtt, viz: ell twistn.,,r:. :de, tteek andi dressnta coeLtab, ho tart do oftll deseriptions, Itt din rtbler, silk and werted elasnti .nrters, Ceommon & fine elastic suspenldersei noco aeton andi Lucifer Inatches, Seidlite ptowdersn, powder pttis nd Iboxesn, toilet powder, pocket ebooks a eal ollet, eneedle tooks. shell, pearl, Ivorv and Ilootee rard casesh 1 t. oauaennts, plain icn rnl ie;lad!, neeklcns oalll egligeea, bead chninrm, ead teck!icern, rt lasnna anti plaioicd,silverand gitietada, Indian (rends, bell. and pIlumles; pistol and larg'e pow .ler a-,s,shet beltls, horse, be. poeket nndl atdaeilin itet do;itt tIte ltudtinnle harrolled a rtan. Bowie knives, and drlilko. .iatet, shllnoers, peceet knives, guard chailln, ainl ribborons, . n tist ellblet , oett, tl, tair, toole, noil,eonle, -.'rtomb, altae, plate, floor and eiltilierus.etllst, Cohlgne, Floir It, lavendetr,t rose :Ae d ay ;ilte teree,asl.oelle esenoees, etatle hoetir oilst shatvingo nioo toilet soaps of all t des eri tinnls, landic' nlerl geletlelntels' iesk b eilal dressingl eases, hlir rielets, ftli tttt ttes ad •rid, plai, Hey an mucllaiual work Ibxes, plain alnd .ilt, lilured, cunt and veslt bttlas, Ipery and ivory shirt do, ,hiltl sedds sohl anlll ilver plenil caseh, andilrpas land tweezers, plated geeid glt hlIcet:l, Iteillilt ure dt n, t ie r hra t llunLt stlel i:inlld i lP k ., h ios niii eves, dir piss, imitattilbLtl lll rllo i, bl nord rr-inotk,strce ibtlcktiny, ciultia anid guit-re,ntihted tntI~hltil aerctucil en s-te liuln tWilt y weiteld tiih ieen s·ohl anike til nc," hliltnult frlatty, lotter pitper, ~r. e hit gs, rililit e al ipe w' lkinet " c es, iilcac cards, it,. gold, ttlnt o tl nd ailtet wettry c , I 'l'r, ,ove., trethe, r with t vr t rt et ar otic of irher arti les re oltrered tat htieec.ale eer reiiil o aOnllleolodotieg N It heill menths repaired. {v RIElTY T'ORE-aTe tie e itlg of thy. go eul beeeeoct ce0aeenrtres ctteet. Terhtteie'ot e te atette; rio ceited, it t laditionn tl tiher previo ;tcllri -' k llll hand, t fill tned ompelet i,&e rttlleneat ofariri:leg ill hll'ir llnl viz: comb., ]. fli~lj erve, J.Cwllrv, Irulhes, locking glasses, fuany nrie·le., &re .cnsisting in part as follows: (Y)ll Bid--pertaekoe thell, watniht aed piaie teiektwist, qilled Iback, lo,, roiind, dlresine, hid liII1.; carl and tetact, Bllilita it t s o f every deriti, amolgsl whihh are t 1olle Mlexirnn patte's, ivory deltbs of every dascri titl, thorne, dlre.sing aod e kent, tb ether with a g tnll 'per nettllrlmlitofelennteell!d Anlllricaln. PEltUl'Ut1l RY-Colo.tne, I aietrnlr, Ftlrida, honey, lay, ro-lseladl anl o-l flower wanlý rs o" every size and idcd r tption, eolllphorald Colelgee, evtratt tf hIEIrgalelt, eanw e spts oI':ei kilen, shvin, ,ln in iee di nud ota, trellll soupi, rd's erenteelllllt hatir nil, bears und an ti Ilel eh. l'reetoe'o seelelilltg.snh, tlaint nad perftelltlel toiler powder, peurl pwowrder, ipon letitIo' anlll botnna Io rIlllnttt in ,orts and roIls,orrits nd elclorinei toeth wao h and ilowdea, witll a general assortment al JEWIC LLIiY'--soale ofte toatcst end nost fashiiooa ble sertta, eonsislt g ofwlliter ald red inelaiie topts- ' jet enrtopst , set in fllaegree, teoaet bisills ola grent ~- ty ofltlpa'nas, wathili tnitueinen, gilt anld pnun aeklea, siler thitilet t ilvha r nind ete lgti ;teeilt ald guanrd (tteieb BIlhSI;llt-S-CIlo, thair, iunt le,crnoe b,teenhetllear, hat, flSte, teoth, ilate, eolltll, Nail, teovioi., loe and w nitew ash Irushed. L.OOKl(NG (;ilhSSES--Gellman statia end toilet alnass, neagnifvhig and emrench tlresailt glasose, holloe do, with a vnil'eiv of other kindsla not eltllntrted. FANCY ANti VARIET'I'Y AR''TICLS-Freneh and Aalereira portalble desks and ressing caseas, eonole very rich eand finely i iiais'd Inlieae work boxoesaad dres nit. cases, with ano withoaet Illuaic, neaieal heboxes, Ac eordtiaa of vaiot. kinde,, ti-lita auld guiotars, siover anld lnteb peacils and leata,wood tecllcls or i iletirers anlid erayons,enntle ciloens,guns and listilsa with aud without eua p, pertuSsion clps, peretll.sillelirp eharngersa, Illplle sorew drivers, ahot beltt%,,nllte hlles, Ipastet Itueking, toy tlea aette, lendiao beads onevery kinlte, bells aod pllles, inhtanl t oellleon kllivos, rnaoore alnd scissoraa tnlliebloa, nedlesp, eiesntilver IltitetI, atCI aeteoaneetetteen a)eeCto elete poiket books aad watlete o, varieat kittitt vititingO eurdn aln card cases, playian ea ool Foroh, terman ioetollie heote,elirks, feney i e te aerblocco, eta Wtlt• -ar derll, toenv wothesn, reell hotttltt , etoowdere Ieel-Ske , en. oltd ploot ord beads, gill nod silvar dO, goat elt lslien drs, tlld gortetn, 1ebeia and aemlod LeotSe, beeabkgaeeatena bhardie, tieer, teeitati oieeetet',jeetInoeet o leaeaeneo eelatath et aed drinking altp, withet treet atvriety ot other arti cles all tfwhlb hi will to sold tilr asot oe city aeeeptan cn aoa 12 Iaotatl credit. BI I= S IC:;ii , co. 70 t.larereo.t. D OLEAR'S .cievnce of Pero.olansipa reeive, aleo o ter sale at their Ipenancr \VWritot Arad:,liit No. (Chaltre a ret, .ew Orleaun, .i.1J lI.dway new York, r l)ultlipnm st., Mlobil,. It is ipariHlarlllyd ( we.ned fi.t prirate learrers, and stLoIls, anld is ·euilttieel ttir prreo .t all ages. Ldmies le ald g re invite d tucelland examine tire svyse for thlleeorlve.. Lessons are given at slelc houes as may sat thll canveniece atofll, and to lulace forlted it a.y parl ol iha citv. Ladies wlio prefer itcan receive essons at thleirown rel sldences. Persls paying for one a, rse of Jessons are desired o attend until they wrote u ell as hley waih. mtl l)tUl..JA & l, ltU'h.lTH ,. DEAFNESS. A NEW article for persons troubled owith dearnss, S(called th Ear Trumpel,) has jrst been receivcd bo the s arn t htich, tlhe slightest artioulatiot of the be. ultan voie is distinctly conveyed to the ear. Avny oia who has over bero abliged t r.colnverre with a very etl pr--aon, lllat le fulily seall itle of the dilticoltv and m. barrasoment experietead botlh by theamselves and the in dividualso uati.rtulateav aillicted. Ily tie use of the sar TIrumpet this obre:trie is eulirelv enviated. lThe moalt sreptiel Iloe oi.e ovo 0 eadudouti.tleirdoubts altet hlaving used tl. e Trulpet. For sale at I' F GUION'd, Fancy store. corner of Common and St Clarleo atreets Iodor ito., teoInrIt, Hotel. frh 13 PJERM OLL--tInt galiolo purel wlter A7 Sperm Uilrin cache and elhleuftr ole by JAlVIS & ANDRIIEW.i, Wholesalt Druggsta,coraer C taeo. auo d Thrap mr /:; - HI'l'E LEAI--5ble, ., 0It lsa ach; V4klllbeg,1o0 o 2111) do 25 " Ep glish do-2-5 1-4 bble. hl00 " i101 Painit iBrtIn. , variout sizes; t cu.-e Verhll oirlt; .bblsConal V.qnith; 2 Jtalpn , I Coach ' packs (]old Leaf; S1 d, Silver do; IlMr do lDutch \letll. WIND)OW GL \iMS. Atnrican, E,.|rish and French --Inll ilee, vyar(u.r <ie" and qanlitie,. Bonton e rown du.--;50 boues, coulienisea,,, ill be ls i. a general assortment a 'rti'ts' c ollrs and toolst ra"le by A W ro.o E, nNo ti (anal treet. acres will e received at IU per :ent discounlt ror rrturle, n€ ill Irvmant nfdehlr, jl' l I w SLO)UR-?O0 a ,linlg fro. stleamer !nlepeni. rn12 It fan I.ores. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULI~T, lst A" i ;asmnhbn uov es$zoiflaTast ttnl, T' tle Editor of the Lduioilo e .dertirser: Il--it tappeas by the oservatio of thaEV0T l sof the shville Presuyterian, U'nion and T7An cript, as well as the editor. of the Memphis Enquirer, that the Ohl Gentltmns" is among the Doatsrs. Thls i ped bi s ses h ilkingly rme, knowing that Ihs time i hut sholart, ansid that thh inldeendent Aieeuaa s1 els vre able to judie for thelmseIves what are pffs and impositions. The waothy editors who are Doetors, the proprietors, editore or sub-editors of the above named jiurnals, all every letter frn persona L harb raord to nieht in th ubsove plaees, putfin. 1. 'he fact is, tlnt I never had such grat sceess within so limited a Ierlod e ten or twelve dsr. One whlt'veas aged ntimtt ten years, who had iov seet the light from, hil lhth, Iessn to see to fullow his maiter to my hotel, inteand of hbing obhlled to he led hv tile. Two yonng Indies, who had eachlost the night of one eve, one t.r ten vear+ and the other fr noearlv two venrs, having hoith at them the otlier eve very wenk; vet each of tlhose vounr ladies began to see with bhth eyes, which benefit I pledge myelf still rcntinues. ex cepting they are tnder the influence or daminati ,n of the IOedienl Doertora. Another is the daughte' of a respectable merchant, wh'ose name I am hound never to mention, (as he paid me Iny fees), who aild she had ltst the sight of one eve froin the age of t1 months, hbut that shIe now ibeion to road large letters wi h the other eve comepleteln shot. This the doctor edihtrs know, as the rentlo an told me himselfhe h d con dec ed his daunchter to the office of the medicnt editorn. that they might be ilf rsmed of the fact. The last I shall mn ionu is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly soveoty venrs of age, whotdeclnred pah liclv by Itetro, lwhichi lie k onk to all the different offices in Neashville hut one, mnd himself told mi he had paid fr 'he innsrtion whatever they dairnded, who d clar SI i tll thht alulr tltt Ihe he :orllv deprived uf tile iullnt -f onle -sc from fi ka ltter his lirth, which Iis mnther iuat'd to hal. .- orensioned hv thi mueasles or manll pox that not v re ci uld not onl' see the light of the 'tn, for the irst time that hI reeollects, but the lsars nlso, and waons bginning to distinguish many ohjects; and did, before I lefl that tltv, give mat no prrflf IthIt I' enull see to walk abo,ut the trs ete with the other eve tompletely closed. He said he had been a member of tihe Metholdint Episcopal Church lor ne rly forty err-a, ant that hi want nol a never doubth ed through the course ofhis life. 2. 1 orepeat te '`1il never greater suecess than at Nashville, are. t(kI nn e medical and clerica doctorn had never hefniero t rtell mhreaon ' he enru ed. The piist inrli.gntien .c. Rerr. clerical Dr Smith.pores, whet e a sndta so n that nhunt six yearn Pnst, he was converted frer.t bei a perfect itlidel, to h.lieve in tile doetrin of'he Bihlu, that he mont have nmad a Irifling errr--that l e must have mleant to any, f th hefore the end of six year to come, lie shiuld be converted frmt tie infideluiv, au the spint if tole true iilnialer of the peocefil a;ild tettin IIdoIItriet of the Christian retig"ite ldoes nt ibreanth oaut ildetraction, rage, calumnny nid ftlsehioui to i Imae his medical ufriulda, aeinut tlh man 'vlllt he knew dn done so mullh end, and no in jitry to any one. All ihe inhlhitants of Nnshville spoike of th reet e..sit I hadl, '-ceps th Ilenedirl ud .torr. lsnt of tthun olo hadl ieer iiilhritd nby lr Youlnt of the care perfoirmed on his totally blind eye. I. 'e funutra o iuh S. rofthi toltiwn, rettetrl that I have stiilte la.relnS I giintd in tilhe Nort, since toy ar*ivl in the Snlthiwest. T'his proves. hrtivertI hail, and that I kept them until I arrived in this section. If I geinledl one In thle nortitlh, ottltlt to hanve a:ned ntthll er intlhe slrth anntd rolthet, anolt I slill hlpu to wari theml on lmy very volthflli brow on the day t leave, inl spite of thel vtiperation of thie great Dr S.,if I may judge from tihe man I ave alrady benefitted in thi city eithin three davys. 4. The oliject if tie pre0ent is to inafrm the medi ral folitlis aid edliti't of Io Rtepublican and T, .rns scrit, as well as the cleriucal DIr Smith of the C. treu vteriln and of tile [lUion. of NshlinIthe, as well as hth e uitor t,,d soh eilicl rditor of the MI'iimphis Eqaiirer, is well es Itr I'reatice, the edlitr of the Lnmiuville .louroal, a alse the medical t;oliilnh ediinr of this eCty, lte reat Dll S., that I tshll hrine actions aganist tiitall, ti r vittuperati ii, slantlhr or taluony, imtiedi ately sler my arrival in Neiw Yolk .n well as anaianst their amiable .e etbero lie itedicl fiolina oftlte north. 1 tow bhind l, self hv promnise, never ito quitt this happye Intd of lihe t t. until t Ilive I bght tie nnoes of as! tn i.edliral oiliahs of the nor'lh, as well as the aleth and tie west, to atoe rinldsrlne! The fllicted, there. fore, may ealculate on finding lil e diring the wcolt of next yenl in New York, u r here letters, post paid, and nue(lifers, will lie s ire Io r ch, Ilia me. 5. 'o iutibto Ite Io liie Ila the Imff, an cal'ed, which thile Rev. lriailltv converted inidlel pretend was writteo fue ill' im ts wtL iiten re tlhn ib week prior, ad itntloded fiir t iere Re. n). ttHowll, who reard it in my presente n ilhottt mallailf."ting any diseppprohatioa; tIll lhecolltnarlli tlok it to Iii stRllldy and htClientelt iio1 Ithe was he did, lwhich le laid hie tllu ght woul an htr iny Inrtnne Ibeltiter; hIo idelveredl thenl IIth t, le, wilhoul prelea in,., that I wanted t"', hihe him fi.o-s ht: dut, as I never coli presutlllle to ofller that lentlelman or nty olhrnh, 00i 00nlly foey Fr slilg ftsa 't, he Rev i)oct1r,'sowni sltei. lt is before the public: Ihatl e not li tXannllllletll nImy li y o itles, ItC to wVi Ih a lellltoln, t'o intilntr filienl o hiff aI well as ilt wollt e of miy t tctienti, ill it an ien ,, W Cil otlll .lhr clCrgman anI I ulhill t ihem all t b,, h" ,tlll ltium and all my" , te ts t, he more or less he illted, Ie lihnever lculd ]lave ieCn ilndted hv a Iotal stranger to sraw up suchl(.ll all aticle :s a wrote hi , elff'Tr p I li'en:tiil, n I addressed it to Air StringlibIh, editor o'! he P ,V C Adyvo' ate. 7. No otItdertilhe cler iihtdll medical Guoliesof nsh..ille took the ia ; niu l iherei Ire utsedt their eo frIII to ini wilh hemnII thet all-powerfuli athletic, pS eleri:al inlidal. .\e g'ad in the ]lible that 'a n ,re is known Ity its iruif'l.l I d.te iay the converted inltdr+[ l. [ t iicstly ~ nt: i t aeI tllis'l Iis moral n lh'r ne;er .as a lima, by Lhwiil htt he was ,Iove beo:n bribed,. Ilt n", see wh,.h,.r he ",!en of thihty pi.eesi If silver will apply I." him .., w,.]! a: it wv~ well :+ , d io ,lll'"i ill. (,l+ I i '+ L ri] " I i,,ti ,!, ax h , l lie da I t e ill t ift llll n' r ol" i; . lof sili.-r 11y millsw is, tllit it wVas I\cr il!r"ller I n ib iihc , in r eone hi i Ihe ,, -ide,' ed " h notv one it mnt I itivett, t I to ithle letil plttr Ifa ll the cli ;,r llt 's fti e, of 1 pb er slli re. rll elltltr. ;h l<ilch iet to Ile r pe !ld (ire o IIr lier lnse lernt $fmit, his rt'.'ulnr fre, iastand of $ 0, w hi.h, in all plroahility, h.e woubl hav caIdly s rect.ived s his fein, blhr Ofl55f7, illn " it ," Ieo 1 slholld cerltalv lave dune it i, t wa m to have in i1:ed hi. I ,e )ept .ce." S. liai theI IRev. ultr" iBiriun ratlly coiue l l'd to tlhe lcllefuff t'! der, ll 'illen of(+ the"'a violll'., he would ant have prtois tieo iconi antd examine i pli , aties ,it. ito ont kecpillg his wnr , as I have alweys foand everuy Snister of thie gospel zeralotis to ,i. .. I fllt he beuell I'ly ioiitverted, he would not In] in li rve spoksn : gniut tLe .tom'einr ionn iJttio-, which, it is wellb knoll, ile Inmore nulmerl:, and which lrn mltntnitlr nnllv ill sme poo lits of IEuropie. His :nlltlc't so uIItL{h (lin1 - -tod some stn- litelrary chIr naters, as to -e scareely restuinied from' him mtlhe ti ot, bhy iv h-yin viole0nt htnds on himh. I'ile Iev. eenutlmnni, tiloJh ia utt otlt ,, it wilhout ilxcn.e (inlr s he is craltutt)nitilfsuiii ititiattl ie IIIy thinkh he a ri·cllt r.oluia ue thie Amler'ao ilsutitutioins, I beallt-e ht, is n -I:em1 lyrletl illlidel. I lie ]I hasntt--as over. I Ctey thle Iallu t Caruii (iirud, andt sevcrt;l I other amiable i oilue toentl'tunen of Nalhville, recoledct well thle c,.ndiuct of thi pious expounder of the Holy delutip llrsm (ii. i necer a'nw tteh a idemoln in human shape as tlie .ev. Dotor was thile da I cal el to reason itll hilll, whe, hlie nlnncetD my igrey hairs with an uplifted eig rntic arm, n+a if he wold halve ma:II.d me t, the lrolnd,fir darillng to draw :1 lipisi ilititr :Iweiv l'lai lini dlit, by lai briihe oif :iieces f ilvernl I really Ireol.bllllli mr..tmiite "11 d Gentlemalin" htad atp eared in lis awn shape It. I IIlemiilyd.lm d.h.e ieore Godtnl, andm not afraid tro nilll i i t VwitnIi thliat I tile allole c(i e of 42l yeurs practihe a nit ocalist, ill Great Britain. IPIaIce, IltIa and . i.,lieia, in a single instancen of. fermied us a bribe ulv lmouIllt to the editor of llV joulrr-; troublewhich I t ue·ietaned thelllm; llld that I wast w vs more inllirhd to rehIen , aither i han add ary ioneVi to t'ia prihlter' I ill; which is a sufficient proof' that I ad lai'itteullon to brihe. Id2. Ioat v.--T'le Memphia Enquirerfortwo or thre. weeks collttills it tisllse ol' flalrant fhlsehoods, vhich the inedinul tliah editors leae're I froat their brethren Of the Al. Goliahs of the North, and I shall trent them with silet eoullullllat until tile 'iraper time rives: U.I'ai t is trnllntit I havie Ittiellnaelllred-"Sae a beggar, anld yo :l will atch a I.- !" 'iThoigh I paid iil for my aidvlertsements fur two or three weeks, he culy illserted tihel once. Yol will ilease to illrt this lettell ll your next pa per, and oblige yours, iae. I dl hastXe, JOHN \VIIAMI , S 1 the English Oculist. I.ouisvilia.Jnly IP37. Copied fromn the S. '. IV. .ldearste of the i1th June, 1837. it tie reqnt ' lie. Willialm, We insert tile iolow il a n t' froll tie lier. ltir I lowet l,tlf t 'Nashville, to tle eduor i lb S·*lh Wet.Irll t ltrilstian Adlvocate, who, it appears, hai examliled ltie dielmansa and olher d slu ilnllls,evilcive ltle llcitor' t lali illm to public patran age ain elunieqace ollf a accident, Dr. nW aill re ainin ian nhllle a few days longer than he it first int.+ndled--sag the I1t July. Rte. Mlr Strin.liel.l:--iilaving been requested by Dr. Willialts, the oculilt, now in this city, to ex.amine hil nu lerll diilalnlls 1 ili oh . lelllllrlo l evilaclv of lits ouitis to lubile rei n a tile r lhis profension t have, ill companl with a valued n ieirllatllone o tr ith ipeln.sure. 'AAmtne theti I fItnd a lelttr tetoal .i i Pagesn at pire n:e.t ICharge id'llinres of tile Kinu of the French, at Waahi'gto,athhre+ed toiL I tl). illiamns tetifyi an tnh Pgeaeiteness o the diplOnnm nrome Ilie KinIs ofFillirane, lelgimnl, r: c. aos well as thlme afrnl thle laedicnl Socia ties of Fraletan. lie has ianlerous vouchers froln a ell knownl to he ifl hliM l renltation iil tis Coultry, receiveil intce his arneinal n the United llatea, detaililn intllin ee otf gre.t sueaes iai t e restoration of i iehl Ii the . I ane sreetll i rly alll his t lpatietia ih I.:L. I kilet ione of tl;la ti Ipei lln thei enaling uuiier hIcs ear uteo all I tave n'eraIay iley are nu qa:letionibly ben1filtEd. Iae i,'dT. B. C HOWELL, Natbv.lle, Jlune 2;, IBM-;. I'. r. incit writig thie nuore, one of Dr. Willian-ar t:ltielllr hits ca ll ll llln lc, n ld says h n IIhal Ltlctuiy anid lIottallyla1 b the ailt orI one eye ior sevetvear. buat iaw tdeclarens inilself hter; thant last nit, folr thie firat limo i his il fe ttit lie canl n reollet, lie outld dis lingilshl,wilh itt rye, plOlae of lthe eilllllillttlll tarc. I leara tlhat hia old geth!tonu has lived many yeaen in thais rdgion,and says le ihas hea a lethodbat durini g fiorty yetar. Youra , truny, nut lO R. B. C. H. A iNe Nltl..: a jp OF LO i .s canals, roads Smiad dlictunees lnOn hiane to ihei, Rlollg itO stage and teaii'lll it C r llh l r teb I1i. S.'I'e e.ll r. then mte ,i+ tnuiea in titile" mutt rile plane its ialother aliso the cnl s of the , i ala cual id rail roads thnmairh ,tlt tile' o1llll.Vr , eanret llly cotpiled l'rnllt the best nl Isbuitls--puiilfn'ltedi bv .. Auguasua Milieltl. .1h rCIIFLIS 'fIR&6V+|ott O|DIo THROUGH THIE nIanITED S tatsl; a mnai oa the roadl, ditnltces steail boatautll ImP Iel nritaa he .jUSt reeeied inl for ialn -t IIE'CKS. ON IIII-LIA1)F LIIi .%--bl'r s:i', ly 'J ).R . OR ., Itl( il'itltl. 31 it t!t',l 'trun et. aa d or hip g5t i55 I.5 eee. sk rheumlF, s-philitic and me~routlr diseases, partleularly ulcers and painfulanfat.ipslof thle hones, uloerated tltwat s nos trils,s uoeeof every desrlption, fever saes, and internal slaeics , fl tulas, piles, scald hlas, scurvy, biles, chri nie sore eyes, erspleli, bUlote, ani every vaietyofu. talcous atfetion, h teic catarrh, heil ache pronced ing from any acrid humor, pain in the somach alId dys- t Ipsia proodliag from variatloo, affectionsrof the liver, ehroloi inblodnmation of the kidneys, ano general doeili ty eosval hy atnrpidaationofthevnesselsofthe skin. It is sing "laly emflqouos in tenovatin those eonstitutions swhi., hove beet blnken down ly iajudiaaous eteatment, jas'o:lile iaretll'arities. In generl terms, it is reon.o , nnded i all thosedlseases whieharis fronm iapuarities of the blood, or initiation of the humorn, of wlttever name or kind. Some of the shove complaintsmay requite some tri fling sistant applications, whirlch teeireumstnces of the case will dieta; but for a general remedy or Porificator to removetheaose, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will geooeally be found slfficient. TOI THE PUULRU, low true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am. kition to excel in their innlrolessio; explnre the vastfieldsl ofseienee by the aid ofehemistlry, ad d seek ot new re. medial aigents; in asort, Io arrive at perfa:tion in the a laveltice lby means of art alone,--entirely overlook and ilcgleet, as IlelnelththearnoItace, therich andl bounteous stores ofmedtlieiae, which the Almightly has ntiaseil to spring out of the earldi io every clime! And how much morte trite isit that while the American Physician looks to foreign eonntriesnfir many of lis most coolmmon ld aeresnary sariele, peepetually changing os they are at the dlictates ol'fashion orfridly, Ia is staanaahda in his own country withan ellless profusion of medirel phklls, sodflci tnt to answer any ildioetion il disease or to cure aliy cinablVlisnorder; aFl yet he is ignorant of their vir tiles, and they are sufferedto wastetheirhealing on the desert aila.' lhe etllects of Vegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-ithose of omieTnmls lasting. The former ex' ert their ellects alnd pass off-the latter, mereury in Ipar ticul-r, act chemically lupon the solids, decomposing Ihe miones and tolerminirg the coanstitution by a slow anll sere ldestllctirnn. 'laThe conoeniallity, eflRciency mad SA PE'aY ofvegeta tile Premedies Hever mineral, may' e estimatel by eantItst iog the a:ient pnretite withlhe modern; or, to bring it iiore imledliatelv un:ler our ownll observation, Ilt l,, di an praEtice with thatof the whites. Who, in Amerioa, onas lnot klown orlleard of repeated lostctues wherlein some deorepid, iupreteodiog fmaleldian, by moeanso her simple remedies alonee has effected tale most eapidl anl astonishinliag eilres, a toer the rloteira Medica of the -ommon ractice directed ill the most skilful malmer" has foilsl? And who has notbeen suanialrsd at thenm lurativeeanseanoritility with which the Ilnian ftieshiom setlf i mo a:ny diisease, alld at the almost tota abstinlece orcflronice dioese among them? Who has a tve hearl of all Ilndian with a onstittion breokt and I r ieild ly ill lreallleoll Ad can a idoubt exist thus this harlppy ex emption oftlie snvage from most of thle ills whirl tihe flesh oif ani is heir to, 'is chiefly owitng to more genin andl sfe remedles which he employs? 't'his astonish. ilho Ili'eirenee in soeerss, is a fIir exempllifiation of tie I inllle superiority of thle simple andi latfe mrans of cre wlhilh Giod has eoeaoted for the benefia of his caihiiren, over tlose which thie pridel and the art of man have inl l'tlom a Ing residlenee among a partion of thaenlrigin atlilllclhilanlltof thieconlltry,. alodan iltiimate oeaalnai. tiuce with the methllds of cuae of some of their nlost successlhl preatitioners, the plarluoietor el 'Thle Ilteiia's l)I'alluei:a,'cqnirLed a knowledge of some of the mosta mwerilelandl t avorilermomedies. Plrom these he selected such Is were most effiaciusanll alppollpmoriates, lald after alrious exptrinIts to otest their prinaciples anl strength, lie los eoonallied them in the fal rm here presented, as the most perf tl Iand beonefciail ol the purpose inr which it is rl oinnielll le41. 1I he io'lri'itor offertslhis prepalrationa to the public, wil, the onseiotusaesis that he is placing wilhinllheir sel, a remedy capalae ofrelievilg mavly of his afllicted fil low Io-ings, who nle sutlainag maiLer the Carious chrEniC midl oillnmieconmplaiats to which It is appllieable. To sach it will aprne of ineoletlable valve, as tie Inlls, iand inll Ill:ly cases, the only moeans of eltaeviogtheir silly lerlitgs alll restnting them onceeloe to health nlll hapl plillss. This is lnot offllredl tas a conOllmo rTIemedy, that ma:y .por lchae he el lly good with many other's now in tsoe; h1t 15s one which is capaleh of sat ing lire in molry extremecaseshlaickhall ltheumtaual enedieslnil. Tisnt hastione repeatedly; allnd this is the reptai.tiotlnae it has ho tilnlt wheever iat has boee iltrolIhIIced. It is only about thrIIee ear since this Ilreallationll s presented ol the pIlblic: bltil IIia sot s sh lpace Iof tolne sn hlllllles of plerasons ai ght hlel lad, whll woldl solemnlly dclae thait They believeld that thei lives aiere amtedl hM it, aiwl in loss asesasiter ther lehad tried imlv' ioul pr.lh1psi all he rcommo remedies in vain. h%'ai, ever it is known it isora1 llh" cominUg into llt, aoil tlbis nffllitllenostsubstalntal.l convincing plroof of it TIlhe vloe tle 'uollacot:a i Iost olnspicilos in tihose lonag siadillo sllhi;lic and scrlfoloII s f ii dliiis whlicoh hatie d OicOd tolleo.r r.odisit , li t alt ,lac liulol h ill tho e cOlse . \.its -ti i iie eiel'r iltll s hlI ioiLe so l laI sy I0 , lu ias to l oot , Lii i ngl le i no i teoll illl t nllsl , ll des, eiltl rill Iiert , Ilololallo lllo till di0 estive I gi oi,, C.c. "l' t s0 " it ,ompletel) remotes, . o.Id imall alls"a ' ilentir+ ly entol.s e:s lll: llldse s: lid lll ell t o n 00.l 00)i , r cll, t ill 'In'sth,'d ". l tnulit0 lloao It lhbe pl tie l ,oiolnd lt well. I l, l i tln 1I InL, a d iln ulertvr ed s.ue Ilrn , its Ioply etlioles ar0 nut lets otpe:,rcnit, giving alklot io ue 'l k iin prll ll0 does, the I li Plll:' ao ett iope 0ra10 t ias 001 : hto ; ite , i Il*0o''ge . It t ll'ti l lo.oe 100 1, , Sa d :i , tii ... ll .ttl lll oi lll h404 . I Iild i lx'00 ..". ill nU, le, ll Issuh ll sl, " t less lpilt 0. it i tllsl. s s w IIIli 11r I ll llltie ^e ort h ee .illt h(lsll i, si llS d' 10". 'ihcen rI " a o di . la inkc is, caIron ov100000 nlssr, oh l Ph , in a iito ri e 1 oA0ll a1 1 0000 i 0 l .n lver ail its. potg, in moult le l0400 ine, at less exii ensi , i 0100 bagoieaile mutes' 40.000ii too ,lih s coaloo rink. IThe Ilowlitg i erlelinte tt too nl ofloiorol s sinmla0, w i .I Cigl Cht bl llle prou el, are gitl ' I Ii0 lll0 t 'i ,0o li i t. i lct of iseI', : ill :nII I sY. ~ .IlC' f te most s alslfano e lo llo io Il .lte last i :Ian ot l .opring, 0I0 0 u,,llull ic l.t ieriy scocre mid ooldiioroing ri utinaisuctiite, 00e0ined b0 exposoue in o ool wear eri . liooe t lakesgeat pleasure in Thimg, dahl six bottles nlf te 'lsiaol's r 'unacea, resitnoud tot t ipal-lest Itool1 indo I onaloiotly rcoaii enl it ito aIIill iailrly vlirlayl . JOfII IPEllF UiSa N, igst. CatuirovI .March I 27El oL, 13. I was selzeld ah oalt tecyolll s lillare, with adlistl.resilng th. ..ontionl, eiised by takilng i sc.ile col, whlile lleal theioaluecetl meracoe, and which has disla led r I'from biuso ss nearli Bever since. Dulning hllis period h400e tear to patientill the Marine mlospital, in Itis cif iiupwardsoIl o fonlths, anvl nearly itpi same leogtht. li. .i. lti.lte llhliini 'ell o Isiial, a trie l ai lst uIIi er vritly, with littole t ]leter. tOn eialotb il l'. IhioIruo' Inst, aa lllt Ihta tisccely a eCtol move about upoll icrtc es, I aononenced dte use of Iolioan' 'oanoea. In on, 0oIth Iooiooo Iysellentirely lived broomilain, and or iol happy ito state that lcosieo l p tl el NV)!. 't'UCIKEII, I. Niviket at. CASES )OF SCIOIt U1LOUS USICKIISd Now NoaiR , Selo. lt, 1 080. This mo, cerlify thalt in tahet il of 18t25, twas seize witlll siwelligi nle k tlkniallt lace, whil illirwari t uIcerted l r.d boeeme II'ago ghastly ucers in mny o miad. A.i lliltllo oinoill Ia n ilnceol ml sell dtalellr tie oilar t)hn. latasevr oIIul leech, ahren, cliter rIepnItl Saltiovatoon to i0erslot, I vis tolltrooulloole l aitrtel iycirible. AIith r. warllls iloolk twreliatyr llsosliSwaim'triai'nllaeotnnll r ii lottllo oil PLoiIih'S Ciatollll nel. Iio vll 0O ahioeolr.k blo'efil sloaioit io lti,' .lte, Iliihel hal n0. w btcanome a huI llli..n me, I r.Oetnletllol. t lcet Il NrwYrikill al . ill 18Oil, lgaie i" s ell' tll al la ly inr eya ' rotll ta ll. H r iao o ll o altil oiiiIo Ilia to i iv ,lon I easvvioeil del aayaf ,eriteto el.t , nova. 'Tv ooiygaao a oVtM.e, 1a cellos titbra'etion, ell in t l'e olIrse otltwo ilothas, latl 1 Iate oeairea sot timho a ioowe'fintofltyooen h a lacr nuletiog thohter niaitar s1lhilidls Ia svllilitir lflcrtioilis, hti e they nily klow alalt oe oelli.ter oe wahoioa wira suhormla errt tlig boilt oleotol, v) s ro onSaid~es cis life aned, olb tleoabove l'. ever ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c sle.!Ikehss lemosdwshi itl·se . ll..1 W\V\. IIIN HA' CnanLt.Esros.lly I", IM31. I was nillicter', folryears with an ulcer in the leg, .w. casiauldly uecClnmlpaied with clysiplelatons inflaanhnmto ned exccssive oint in the leg anld unclle joint. Severad cainett physiciatns exerted thelirlskillt upon it, but witll nut ernumlitent benefit. In hisease five bottle lialu's I'a acea mlade a llet fet cure. MAI(GAItEI' A W..iT, 12l Market For sale hy IIIRNItY IIONNAIIRL, driggist, aeen no t,, I,l.tittea,'l' aTehm titnlllastrett 16 NEW ORLLEANS dA NASHVILLE RAIL, RUOA COIIPAN V. T HIE stockholblerl of this company are hereby no tiled that by a resolution of tihe board of direc tilo paesed on the 19th inst. the call made on them on Ihle :llh February 'tst, flr te iaovinontof flive dollars it sharp wnti recindlad, at tl the said stockholders are furtlterlotiliedl Ihltt WHI REtAS, by a resolution of thiaboard passed on the 9th itt t.n eull hans been oade on the stockholdlars lf tile New Orleans and Naashville RItil Rotd Company lisr the ltol lawing lpaymllol.tsn tilte the stock held Iesnpae tivelh Iy tlihui, iz:-Ltwo tontatn per lthar, Ipayable on tile Iert dIay Setlltttencrllext; tatt dtll.lrs per shllre lpaable ,n the first dhit of December text; aind two ollnrs per share payable on the fi et day of Aharch Ilnxt. N.w therefore be it resolved, that the secrltnrv of this coultany s thaitll nutiy tie shalre holders herein, tlllhouh Ithr ublic pr als of the city,thatint onfrttl' llyl with tte -,xtlth section of tile charter, tlhey are itl postlpone any lpa:.lntl called in on the stock ,of said c plln tir hoe relll tl n sixty dlay, from anll after the day on which i it i matlde payable, with the express con dnllon Ilowver, that if not regularly palil withlin tII naid ertlltlllteion ol siaty dtll, iltta und ttft r tlh tIny on which it shlttltl a havi'lt paid, that thlen tile stock on whir:, eahl is avlneittsshould have 'bheotnlle, is find rema a: lotijitrd t the onlpally, the chartr oil that point Itttint imtltetative. In eontfoirtit therefore, to stil nell,all etk of tIle tesockholllders in said cruilntl.ty, as thlink prober In ppat of" thle paylmielltls no their stock to the .latno thneadtitiennl sity dn y, which the cllarter allows tltetar notified thalt the payment of two dol lar per sltoIle alled ier,ttnd duo i thie first of' Strl. trtldher nxt, may he pnstpitlm under the nixth .cettiii at' naid c'a-rter, tntil the:list dty tot (Ototer next, that lthe pytatl it ivt io tlllars ler h'tre called for, antd itite n tthe fiet daylof lPaember next, lnaV lai poet pone) until tile 30th day of January uexh anld the tiay ellnlt of tm o dolltrs per shlars callrll facr mnd llte on the lhli.tdlily alt Alnrch next, latv bh pIslttllnrd llltil the :21)!t lnv o all April tent. Ettraets of r:e mninute. of theb hoard. tle 1 A R McNAIlt, Se'ry. ! 'i.t Il ."- iT - cases--S doten white Itt\ oI iVHati, liar salt JOHN II (t1ltfMl. at I6 STATE OP .OiISIANA.--Parlsh Court for the Si ParLih and City of New Orleans. TIltH STATE OF LOUISIANA, 'o all whom Sthree Presents shall come, Greeting:--Whereo, r htees Heoa n Ie log in urchased at . sale mode by the Sherill of the pariah of arleano the proplrty 0 hereihllter doesribed, ,sas spplilel to the clerh ottieits -ourt,in iwhose ofie tile ded of sale was recorded on sI the 2dday of April,. A. D. 1838, fior a monition or aedser- 1 tiqement inconlformily to a act oftheftl.eislature of thie g Stale of I.oui'ina, entitled "'An act for the further ssu a rnee o' tilde to ornhlarsers atjudicialsales;" approv-d Ihe 10th day of'Ma~h 84 NOW,.lireflre, khnow v, and al persons inerestel iserein, or lerreol' cited dodl ndsonioheS ill the nanoe of the State of Lbuisiuni, and 'f tile Painih t Court, who can set stir any riglt, title or claim in and so ttelpropesrtt hreorieofer rdeerribed, in conrequenee el iey inlbM lit in the nerderee or oiudlsent of th. court mlen r whch the ale wao' adsersr coy irregularity or illegality is the appraisements l advereisemnts ill tine, or manner ofsale, or for Iny other * feet whasro Pvec to show cause, within thirty' dioy firom thie (lay this onsition is firslt insertedI in the prsbliC p ierOl why he ale an made should not be cofllrmsl sod homosn logsted. Tle said prreperty was cold 1y tihe Shiserilf of the p'r ish of'eras on tho 14th day of April,A. t. s, t8, ly virtue of a decree of thiss 'ouort, renrlered on the 51h d.y of Febharv,A. DI. 1838,in a sit entithld AIcxanoder Caldwoell vs. James Inorse, No 10,367 of the docket of titos Court, at which sale the said James lhanse blecae Ihe prehaser for the plies of twenty one tiouranl dee1iorn. l)eo:ription of Property as given in the Judicial Con reyonce, vic: A certain lot of crndl ituted in the subhurb An nunci 'tion clias Laenourse of this sqeuonre No 5, and It h.tving French meusee, 60 feet lironlt n'l'Tehou itulasi .t:reet, :.611 fee'ot fr n O r eror street, ans sea fers on t.oletl~de dol 0'oIeo krtsr' I is roohosn mneer tient reidl iesofrrn`esOld is lii fees cii witen c'~,~e- ride of the sq are Io the t ther, etoether witle a dwelling honose front ng on Tlchospitoulae street, the kitcshen ed dec pendsleios, also the distillesy eslbli hmrnts erected thereonr and other iuildings awnl imeprovements, the machinery, uteseiln, implee enls and sxtures behloning tI, eoel d';stiieryt ittoeis-iectdseeis osd seJeppe tlenso'ces. and the rigits nctionzot tle privileges theeret, beloogieg or ill any s'e epprt'rin i't . C teil c " e, New nOrlens, May 7. 1838. ml,142\jl J. siLLt1E, ieps'trv l1rk ETAT IlE Lb LtUltslANl--L(ou de tsao s pmnr la paroiss et o sill dei la N' oselle Orlenos. T 'tTAT i)E LA I.OUISIANIi.-A toes reux qre LA ces pl'setelt's elt.elneotll, Shllt: Atteltilli slue James H eaite nyantufhot nc uc. vents 'iaite M. le IlSheif dielatpar''isse dt(hlltoll hi plsiopsilt ci-opt-t stecelite, e'est lllrheeB. a l Oo'IEs de erte o tlr ol In lslite veste 11t eregistrce is' 2emesjour die .Mal die I'uoteo 183, e lolr utll avis selllilcn lelllnet A 0in otsl lIe il lr I' tIotI de In Lnlliinllee, inslittll " Aete pour confirme r lee lilrles es t cqureules aallx ventes j)udieiulires;" i aplpronl le I0 eanrs 18.ti. Q e'i sesitconIII e Italic s trssets'sonless ilcslrs eersOlnt lpr cs 'resin'telrs soelalee+o ac nm dle 1' Iest tie in Lolstilnlse ts lie la CosUsr ie PI';rsnist' qui pourm'ient Invoil droil t Ahi plrolai~e t' nsesie, e c cn eqenselt dIU sittlisit sie I'!l're Iall Il'Ird'e, Iteircee e otl le jugremtet lie ia os'lts, 'ee verst duquel qt tnote a ele Iiwti, on de t(tnste iecesgl'rite on illi@glile 'iuns I'estiiaittiiti, 'osis omile temps el le odi de ia venlte, on pIur nenletel'csualseqtllelClnlllets; ir teiilse veis, d 'les trents jous a eI leir lela lulicaRtion idect'ste i+p;Olllurio ielsteo ltsi ii taite re s nenait pus eollfil'ese ct niologhslle I e ssoi.'ihth fot vender par le heci'si iisdit le qsie sneltflee noltr d'nvri de tellel'e 18E18. en vcsrtu It'n d.lcer lie cert cour Ic 5 de erils r de I'untsBe 18:.c:. dtns I'uffeire d'.llexne ler (aldwell, contro Jlames ulnt e, NoI 101,37 ds ,lec set de retie (:oer, ii Inquelle vena le tlt James Ilanas 'est rendu acqeeeecur lpour le prex lie $4 i0 0o. Iocrieptoiosel ti.U Psociett s'ns rltonfosf. l otudicirnsr, Iinertali it d t ilerlre situ ni fllbhnrrg lie I'Anon rialion nlias I.a.ourse. die cetre ville, Iets Io'let Nt 5. ie dit lotie, tsre nyant [nIecure fr s -ais.,] soixn't ltede die face A l so l'Teholuopitnu'nast, loisct 'ieds lie a a rue deal laeI r., et shixante pi,,ds tic fiee A filgade lde I e ru do tl'areh,de sortte qul le ilil tit sI terre Ia teixante pioedo de anreur e d'es Ieoe t d. I'ilet A 'attree: entcble ue one maisnn li' nt fIi e 'lit rile T'elhoalritoul, Il i eisine et ses dI. p)enlllnces. , i qee la dlstil erie cnstruite stir t tdl t hlt, et .,nitsts nle tieswe et an. bliolratlitn ; hP mcinneill-, ostensiles, instal ctions, &e. epp renaon: e lain !ite distilb'ric, csn eli,- el olleplllortelllnces ti les s ilroits. e ctiols e priive lge' v a ll It 5 l .llt hielenrnu dui grerferonvelle Orifan Je7 I lli. 138.3 retf.4,0j3 I . 'ti,1l1 I; 1flock;loi: stool Colle-'e of' Physistllte, I0,1I! I I. F|lIlP etig'itol 'e.etaelle 1i geino tniveeiot >fedi I cine, itritp't'd y IV W1iskin, Esn. Nicr f hle i.rn'ti Ctllgse, tii" Slllarenos, licertiate of Aptnlhe 'sa-t'sb-to mpanoe Fel's!nw e f letiIh ColtsI Seocieal SrgsEO to eihe ltotstl UUnie Pensir'i Aesnitior, Lance Cr I'laet, s\':tlelol idge,i:tIl lPe'rlptnal Plupil of Gun}' lllld St esti Th en:s' tslit:l, s, not n '. "T'hlis va blee A stecitne, he reel f twent lie rss' experi,'.:ce m 5l mteet l l eal le ' It s te.e es il, the exilttr i , lii: liro hl ·I` r-le.:1 h+ in.,.~1 , it" : L. J ,I( I .i)3 ,I.l :)III I .l~lt~, SIilliii , l ), I 4 1:21 Ix ::TH ~iii Ii~ t. 11I1I.1 t s I ll+W illir h l-+,+ tlol te III e eilof th e l erlit.tll l lic, st 1te lllelt 'ttn e eso licita.i low, ,I a ll r ofll), el u.t. IIh+ll w ll olf ilmagml* i i sIllll ill e i thc irol sdoinl ' t is h ,ps , a : t ' l Ulli 'i IletsIi, t l il t'he e- Ie: , .eeilo I l ae Ici t elelll . 1e , I ri'Sil1. f+iton thte itat. of dht imii111.,niI ;lld iiit, ,r ious+ ll( ll 1l. t illl + i1 thlle bir'-lic h. thte 1111 lahd rientt, i rool'l. ll 'iliram·in111 enr , anlld +thil eiT fro , blllll 11) 11 .,t t I - 'l l·)111 1, i ri ncii ,l'illt+L )d preted)tlltle rs ll tl 11 + ills I ,u. edient lie'-'-'u l t:ll t1'- . i .h h 1nl lll llllt in,,.1.<h is at e im c l i 'te e . ' ei Iee,\ - ht I, in rh+p, sh aniKettle i tet gent let lee Atee lie C r'plt'l· n wl'd (" I olpl 1, 1~ t l . e I.t.' t e I-ItIe I :5 k t le.e l l' I. A stc ir elllllla. A .ll 1tl I vo. , .t. ]1 I.iI 1)t ,l'\ jla h n 1t il -tes Tehe t i In i nI ' et seeI' ' nelol e Gene, a s iclii , ''i, I te( e i th li'1 llu i ' ic ie e t i t im ii i t;Hl {'l:I1 I l'ti~l: lm , (.l.:llllit . ., · ft+t )1b :.lkl[ 1].ltl. 1i1 1.111tl, + ; ~ ~ ~ ttttttt I l,'~::b,' ''" '''" ;''' 'to"'""'"" tJN O.Il:I SI, 11 W\c i tl i'le. h. eeeo,ltt J ole Ge l) eNtti t1, i O t,, Uitcld t:,ts, 'e. hior e slettee lb 'oitmeetl thee oritctetcl por iy ,tSw t1ot s lce-rte l, itc No It .l'.r i t, I l'tes A¢slll :b i ellerl, l S i , ei e- t' i ill. l [ic ltill j II) 6walrt.t, .:.,l~.viht H S]te~i~, I i.:t~i~e'x. h c .ti. l.+.l. 1' i~nl..s~n~ ah l1? l'i'+: 1 3 IIY It LEF it co, \+ 3 ýtiazilu str1i clg , art S eI Iw recvig lroam slips Nashtllie, l.louis 11e, lienllck, Eagle, 1000 olther lte arrivals blltl; : tlel.rl cities :l iare:t'll . ew selleved assor.. tll I;.,,s, Boots, hot, iadll Broy.sts, innsiitillg ol g, tloellcl's ine calf and 11moco boons do .. lel.1ily; do bulo'd, aold etollot waxs ltegedll hootls o various qfilities; Ilmen's filn aelf seal :o ,1I MoIre h-|*. Ill nps and blog:ms, Intckskin shoes, blroga:, ar sLit1ls, Is; mto'stine r-lod kipped peggeu d RShoesoiut I oop 414 llboo ; €do stow ks i ll ai Ilax peggel- shoe, P Id brogals; genltlemen'sl bst iullallly acll s0n1, sIhoe", 11ogol% :,il0 lack liowilags; o Icls and l.iIrcuc 1 tekle. stlels tied broasss; do call', seal andl Un.mear.n I dl Ii shmll.s ilippers, l I ll. call, bull a t s ll nigs, a iw alrticll; do lin'e call, se:d lild morocco l:uIltet Lotsll; oys', imisses'mul childlen's pegged an t seued L'bog..lS, mulld shoiesol'i every lltli llt ln kind. Also a llgeneral s t llllme's stoutill wa"r otl .' 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Yoilhs L.u ,e size hots of ditller1t 1110d11lts; d. children'-. tI .n'alnl'lt bp)'s black nt droll wool lats Iof lloium n eslu pe, w ilI general assortmenllt f boys' and men's i a., cops. '1 his aisltment will hc e replenislhd hl the arerival of ca ol opacketlsirolon tihe me llnae cities, alle olof whlh I lth e sold on accoioitldatinll mlil, ln ale. I-if 1111-11g of lll oite, ''lso lloU-:'oe. B .l 11 FO T. "1;1r, TEETH. VIlo Festpblished rotll a to dieeitonao .tlyocrel ont l delllll ln for this eilie will loioyli o. pa ll illll ai d t '01 servatlie of thi teethli, ha es induLed le b qocriher offer it Io the Amerlcan publei. Arra lliallllls hay leeln midl to llsuly ilneents in ilo the prilnipll citi od tlluwos in the United Staes. so na to phlnc it ithi the rIeach i1 tose llffeltin and likely to suffer thlis oIIs hlarsing of ill a chel., ''uottl-acle. b hint Ip plied acorsling to directions liven on bottle, eIt has lever tl tl ib affo11 d islsluediollte all rInllnent re 'ild. It aiso arrests tile decav io delhetiv ellee, alz relieves that su0eness hick1 s 1eq.tellt leaders a strong tooth usaless The ap.lienitca and remey' are Sor illl, innoent anl rt unpleasant; a, coinry1 hai iars lt loy ex sl'pi' i oelld -usch de:ielolt aid alury iOS-Neht l k teo l oht , os, loe Slreird rival led qgualitles. It in an (adiame remedy, Obtained i ilitllly oo usilxpe iitdls as I bl rb er ulred sb Ill'tsc i'l'd ro seolsd valuable disesI ol erv. Irdlilllio l lllelill of the w1 11. lllll, lO kea $1 s r bottlei. iolr lh J.I1VIS & ANDRHWS, lnr 5 Cor Ctmmutou and 'e'rl.apitoulss a.e, N FiV B1OlOKS-Navnl Sketch Hook, ot, the Servi. e yA lolt anid ashore. WVith characlcritie reiANiscu S'es, fragn It., se a Hisd li l os. l, b the aulthor of 'as o a''r & she cond," aries, i o vols. Plooiflli Sleitioiolo, or POIuilyO Adoizor1 0oniboioo of Ollllll(e of ectoolyl, I f hylllsoys o it l l ml e uthon, oil diea the ero wol8e0o aod coselld or,,s 5y plllove iueitl in liu'ili gs who Irgulor pllhia, n 1 c11t bh prlloelredl: ,Pal rketer sly's f niverad l in lintor--y 1on te I o k n r Ilrlroollhto. 11,r1los u11 of iotlolililes, illu11r00ted ly ms l ps adwl oererlvioos, inlsvilo ,Ju etceieived and olr Lsale by V McKE.N, f'I'.-''Lc'ssorfo U eiILICAitso'oeo. ---l '1 R10111 Fe I.I., an Hkistorit Novel by tl aulhor o1 Imis Wtteu regular plw ari clnnot be rou. red: belng:11 aoi sllaio d "Goe r o' r 1ii:11 coillsineoo Ufl.Oioa,, t IUSTPUBL*k-fEZ)P1oMSIWAzo ?p PLJTEz , The Filt Edilion of ItOWLETT'O TABLES O INT'.ER.9ET:a rL1O lichel is new choed xu Aveltge 'Time Caenla . tot', or eosy methlmds fillin the average L. ie on storage, notes of hond or ills of goaos, bhen per. hoased at differtent dates, on differnt credits, anti fCor vrioles anlonots; lbesideno useful anlld complete Ranking Time 'I'a le, the lheathat can he contrived. or that fi gures eca ir Illuee within the same mcodesend comlpass, alll sizenlit pe. An a vertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing wordns: The high distinetion this work has reeeived through the ten l'tistlive nets Ilefixed te tlle title page, is a re enmme-dl. tin ill itself, so uimnc on,., Hctd so eondol ' sive, th t mtlhinti is Incesaryte mor'e Ihan by way of ad. vertisement, to e iven egnnelne'ld vie.w of se of its pe enliaorities:asefo rinstanee, Iti'. Inlttresl :ins Ieen compl e. ed lom olld mco.predl witl, what is equivalent to onur ten set feal'elcllatle, exr.nli etl in the pressll ilty five tin es, and printed from tIrentype llates toted thirty l)-rme timtes, froc n'Il hieh it mnst be evident evento Ithe oskeptic (escricilllv nn theu lie soti Olihe de tallol' lproofln thle l'eftee) tlit the work nmsl te arith metietlly iifillible. aill in coir'motion of thnis eliefn premim ll tll'wo huondied and fifty dollars. is nlw nltlr ed litr the deteetion of a0n erro'r fa tent inl the present or fifth edlition, a. expressed in te prel'ce, lnakingfive !loge tieuiills tfleell ordi the somne error sioethe first ihillieaioi in the neai 11112. One of the nlost conspitouns features Of the tabhles is in the ::rr.ngelment ofit the 'l'ue and Am nts, which forexpedniti.ns. rofi'rence ldp er.spieily, with Ihe help ofthe sile ulld inldex, cannot be excelille; od theh sally ty and rase with which the interesl coln he fondtIl to the extent o' geotal hbusiness, without donblihg of sums is eitides a convenietnce s i esoslltial, that in tllh estlma tiol of some oi lie mlr o' conmplete ntal and pactal bulli oass men and Ipublic noff iers who hile hadlegvlael i.e of the work, it las heen ditigisl tngished by tlo hminolle ilpellaliio eflfa "nmaster Ildne". And colslerlng thein.tdlibilily of' tile methold oriigimlly dloptledl it conllosiiig tie wolk, and the i'xttlaolni ilart u'tuber liand variety ofthe cxaminationl, lnd tests of every editiml it has pansed il tile pI"'s, elowithstanling tie Ie is ill stereotype, cisidelriig, in shi6 i, lie positive eetlm.tey seeuredl hv b the nu +rreelldcnll nlslls elnlllo, rll, ter iii olue lhls el lhl h nt I :vnlt elllh.tilticlly styel ''ilete most iwnnlh otrfh hook ill the wvnlk;" molst certainly In I manlean Ilame figire worlk oflthc same extent, lwhich since thie Iginningolt creation, has hadl the snme nnm nher ad variety if tles il the' siame unmber of editors; no. nor one hlllfthe number, as is cleat l) shown in the Irefi e. Iesides, as test anil standard, it has bien tried mIl ,rIeed in nerle llv ll he bunk ant pllllic o.fRes in the Untlo Slats, ,idt hv the pihllic'aily. elt'ing the lnng period of thii:-five re'.rs, yet oe erirr of therel claltions has eoen beep toned in print, allhong conltinu 1ll' chltdlerg.d b1, the ofil'e of ery large prrmilms. The i, felt exptsoly adplltel lhr all theoenrts l'flaw cl scura,'nl oflthe Statle is tihe " rate ofnetfulltlon fit' llaute intlelct," its e ls( by law for olnk interest, accordingis tile boe k is nuoe, and as wan he sel' il part, by ,, nmlllles of tie snllbscilltes, lleid a few of the subselletlt pitCllnsers, iuthe list Ia thecu 11 tl of lte book, isin pnlslessis el' every closs of citizens in every qua. tc of Ihe Unit ed Statles. It is mn'enver cell known that, lit its rearly cheek, i Ileas so litulell 'lcLted li'ge tlls, l)o1 fiteg tile)' wetrIn mdl, evl lbe the Iolrt ai rofilt n oslt ellmpetent llrilhl ltutici li, tal its nqsefilinssr aI !hi I i hllanlrolle h - cessitt" I'm. its us,., have bIeeu xtelnsiyvt. insisted tp i, so eicllen, inleedl, hiave been its advalnltgs, all its snilinlg, Ihat, sevcrl"bl valrsgii, whllilst te first elditio was sarcer, and out lof pht, a greCl',t lliber of seeondl hanld cnies were solut I', amole to a gle t dishllMlce itInI p.'rIsedl d ,.linre price, as threy c.rhi 1.we:siosll iltyl he picked lni'm fremn $1ltlin a5per copy, andl .ne per ''so.s hlime ,rc'n. y declarn'ed, slt insances c uld hc jutell that I ty wculd ptv' $.5, $lltt, niil $5011 li' a elptl, il'not tl be hlad for iess, iHod L. indlividual ill tle lIIIe ihll'tllnle tiptichliilv, lIhnitig at the anllt liimle txhllilt iit s:tiatluln'y Ipell, Ito sneeiall penltoso plr. sent that to hi a' it Wtis really worth that rnumy and .,ore thlungh the sating of his tere valuable time, he beingn eery rich mnind hi, ,blicoffice. It is likewise wortlhy of nnl te, inull indleed pa. per to inilple s, ilallel istu he s nll naturie of tign e work g1antlely iind opeily when of the extent all ipolllllance o tluse la Ins, lthat li this honk ,or its like i oil p'repar ed i. the ussal manner elone, b, the most comletent emnculi.tor ill tile \woi!d, :and :ll.rna l's priitd most ca,'tlilm(u unhr his1own e cll ft ion of proof sheets, it Wslid, bunl ' to a etlaiinly, hte twen inenf for re SIrip evph1 is. BIut clto pi'uflel' eril v-nli i.le aivce tihP stere;.typ p'ate's iilthi., k.lkt,ie i n11 .e, dle t I th.ell, i till oinir m iillrc s nd exI IaIniil nnyl I exmlinh l liiuns.igailnt thie, I' , ' IIli g.u'.rnl beat Iit. icey are (bl ::dvetiisc'lme) Cotr tanth: kget itl a place of speel a:dlt., , 'xrept w lilh' e l in p i li lini. h ''lieretin s t to tIf d hlolh 'i-1 , stond stalllte inllte 'iit \t l el ,ni e ii inw e prrline, which, ii i iths ftll' , in Ih tuna pr.eI' tlin. a ditiols, elltain mnluld io lvrumni. a l ui, c1rni tl tiW lla ful se 1 t o1des of u fmpilt-l ' i IIt' 1,it, ill III ill ' l ir , ll e. tl 1 tl r ,n il \ lcTeank eib lt, all o il.. inhstanlllle thisfl 1 ahIII work,111\. i a",5111 cree hlie was;.1bli iihed iheI ' i lttn li 1t tlillll s wm ilntro l. i i iitis a isi ll a id ell l s l - * paiitl te hlo W, it hOl 1 Is i t t aid 1 ilh hinterlsl. te lilicsr\% I ' of It , .ull thIullslllld d l'i , beside, .x l :* l t frllll i 1 7ll t l |Itl S, steU nll , ellll 1 1 tll hc rs 'i fanl 'RL0) .mplls,$ m l Im o its 4D I liaO - + tib l tieO nk t, at a nl'.Ir prie~ it t melting a l it e t e . in l'sir rei lv'tr ., ii li tic-tlue ol enIt, l i, nnh : ll Itl .Iit't,: \t hr'!' l+ ' hlI amll lh· r I l rli'\.I t, I)i ls "' ([istl'l'lll,. a:+,1..t h 'i''i', oit I l plllhli fr. aloksill: s :i otf lll, ,. still| p ' ti' rll"e. F'e l . by t the .1 'r.!, ;' , \ \' 1\',t 11 , . r .- erica" .\, B 'ia e. . 0 I l':h 'l-Inld,b ly th: u t lt urul l ". Year nIIn Spain , iln v IC : i it i i. i l ii +\+,It, IQ.,,TQDW 11, ,, Ii . y , -it ,,, ,, l e lhai' y ','·, , I vW 31. 11'KPi AN, S .i J'l i i\ie. )IIIc o le u.l 1.iy vll I'I ll a ll his o llc e, I :13 to Cj l waI (In I lou1 , tr.I l 't, ninc r l)iu phllel strutl, ul - the tl tnl il l: i lt I' it , leta nllllu e ll dno i i'tie disfn' es.l IIIt m D i)r. Jllo hl II: ,' s 'exh'iive opp.rltimity it] se ,'on oIl te iiihr , vclellu il'u'ieiiu l i lknvol. i n KOipe, excll siv l\ d vl ilrtl lu Ill. ithle nt nIIit itr tle eri.'l I ld S. philitic 1I pI[ IIIIl" nt, ,I uld-i I ',,1 II I 'lr'.l :.l ! t r2' oI)" llve }colls in I N %W I i1i h, tillI Illyl i hith It titleh l ie . u Ih II itU cnu1111) 111 I[ hil prae ire .,lly io , Ih r lIa:'t if Ibo- t dltrusets, witl Ith l oi t iuem nrel , nt II' estv et:s.: he l i n llr l l'd I I re m vll)e ev f o i u 1 l' otll' w, .onlltlil"nt in ll lll 5 to n tI Ilay . wIl tUio unllljll ill! w IllU nstltl tionI y e ulltlrlrye or liyi l other Iei ' r io ueldiciinl. oghullt irihS, oletl, StrIucLmlll'l Hi:,inll I \ kleu , AfttI ecto s .. i rlit i lld dhr, l" ind yll Il'rllot e Il tl m , nd mII of thosli e U tlll er unllntrlll i tlc tilns, 1-hi09h e:Slirao;y veollnw neg. . ee or 'l-ire ii cs ls l Veu,'rial, Sncrutlu ore, ur.eratled ls, iand w lrillns, r,nved ly it ila nple meth Atl ofIll ealtliln without rEstrictio in diet sii telrrup . .1 .l.ill' t l, . tl i'.. CUi t'....... .. u' i iiie. . Iivfrlo Ii I'lroll, re iilloin the u,,,i , n,..lI who fcel dli ..r e lulrti l I. l {ihri rul" bll y Int( r (( po aid w' i ee nelledI 0 l IltVe i. h llllu's dvice, tll r l hc ir Iretoent, with ulsdicine, neeslacll obe used, foiwlr S'p1.rtie otffi:c prtovltded where patients inn never lcome iln 'mtect with ena ther. :E ul l cnr In'uli to.l rning .. . i nigh tl it d 1 '13 Custom ([ECon,.ulthtions strictly ..n.idetial in ull calm. esii hi a T l lE At 5lV, houn, Sign, :ola nmn oa. 'h l lu i c vs , Ne e 3 C o.o' l lt le t e r e t , nt t d o o rso t i onk \ ecuted its to Iu s atter} m ek, ' Giniitled awl An l kticott iPollrd do, ciuenl 'r viplid oii cluen I i(llltud l i, i iu llel'sr |CtRI nl 1aul e, lotleu.c, Stonel 'il'lovrs Ille 'o ili hleierby Srluilei .tltllitl lvCeii, Polouoll ,i hlulrlooic, ,cnl houilooe ocr Ihnhdello, Yew Tree, Italian "Whir. Coeonaundele or lack Simona +rnd lhm+etellu, A.h \ liels lol lrlilo o t' I:umt.fe t Il.lI eilt, o I e setli e at tihl' shell. Paints. ells. 1:s, oiUllpl vlrllish, e. o hell I. o. tor11 sale. JLand an1dli iron, wtell assiti to. mi4 t,'\ Y'I'al k (.ol. 53h Old Ievle. . .1u., cIr Pa~un Cit. 1 |01.1 levee. NBREOWGATN SPRINGIS TIHREE DAI' JOURNEY FRO.< NEW ORLEANS. rf FE rproprinrtr nf lis establishment san tile plea l uiriifannouneini g to his ifriendJs nd tile public in geneil,t it hIe wIill e in rcadinelieshby the firer day of l.ey t, receive vi iters. He will also i lsn e Pir tle.L nepil oItlh..oI rl a il-tanle, that tilhere ilvan blrlln large illllmrvla!ents lllnd(, n thers i ,n aOiln on ad in rltpid procesn Gfr coiln i nellu, nhedt will enable tile sllbserer, to nacolmnadlt e a milch Illrer utamrber than httofilh, andl nt the ailn tittle muchll betlier. Iallliet i canlie accinrnilnired, ith gelrd roonams, or I ione ,h, pr , ..r ta i lIarge cabi..s . ciched fr.m the mil n bul/idi n "g. It is deemed unelncI.ry te sany anything in particu. lar olf ite ciuarneter o therse waIters, f, it is generlly believed lat tIhea are not inferior to unv in the Snouth ertl c iiac. All tilir nuiclnPniilsn nthttre generally iiininiatd aVairin Pliacesreill lie fmmil at this. "rite blest alunlhiC hleat thni c tlt ei tit iouitry rffauelltsh iaeen eng .ed. andl will be i oiet nt alttendunce at the Sriei,. n dllrnine h tcl wiole emon. l hm m iaitimr wiihm ail h liiinfothilis opipnrrunit. ill retlrniting his unlfignred thallks fir bthe verylibertl Pllpr t ivll him last In easonl. anl I;lhes hIv thie exer tion ll. lhtital hve bea made il illlp lrovilm and exlellding onl a al elvall datlosllft melnit a liberi m.iartrinep the prese.nt sen. J, ~to CR1 M. T THI. Lil)iS. p TKItAiON', II.;PIIU AiOrY, g r rnmanving rnim pl Ilelr,:!lulo ·nir flitlu till: faC le, ne ki unl Ilrma., wit i aqmnl naifci cthl cartnilhte , lcating tIe kim min ier aiil hilter tuha iieribr.r tie nlg.icatiin. A lfres s.pply jlsi received Ui GClOtN'F, Nnt E,.ihmnn,' ilotl, Sct yiharle .ainl Con.mer I tre a 6 Norther ail ue Evrty D at 19M. , Dlos s Evoeroy day aWjd .cada, Western Mail, FDriaye e u . My, e'dr edday Y11P by tay of the lloses every Mooday, Wednesdail Coast, and Satrday) by 9, P. ill. The LaMail ae every Tueilay, Thursday, q T vliM bi y St ,.rda, iv, 5,P.. . . via .Closes every Monday, Wedisadas5 EXPRESS 41L. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPARTURt DISTANCM &k. of he Express Mail, bietrwn Moolls Anhlast Yolk-leavisg Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York dolly at 5 P. M Southward, Arrives Arrieýi Narthward. Distance. 'ime. ReoorpLnl ,onigotneryAla. 2 lpm. 198 m's 23 12 o Celumlnb, Ga. Iim 81 9 3i I p.n Miedg1evi3le. Ga. 9 133 2 p. Columbia, S.C. 71 am. 163. 1 10 Raleigh, N C. 5 215 22 12 W'arenton, Vo , 1I m. 55 l a0 Petersburg, Va. 10 p. 83 10 Sata'. Richnnond, Va. I am. 21 3 6 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 lid. Wieieinrtro city, 24 pm. 61 6 5 Flolhinlure, 6" 8 4 0 Plhildelphit, 6 am. 110 11 2 New York: 2 pn. 90 1305 143 h. or Sd 23 Northward. Cominr Southward, the time is al houfst les; hoinxC5 days nali 17 hours. ''TEN IOI.LARS REWARD. DANAWAY fr m 169 Crondele comrner of g.vsir Setreet,on the night of 30 11 of August, and was-. seen r neat morning in Porlaros rstctn, a gergoo named CHA ItEIS, ashouot 17 yenes of oe, n Sl.e' or therenbouts in heirlt,cverv black, aid has an impede ioent in his speech, one of his logs is sore, ocrsiones. by a recent hurt; lie haod o when hisb west aowa i whktl coltto or linen shirl snd while eottona :sne10laoq. Mastrcrs of vesels and steam boats are ncautinoj d a. gainst rsceiving or harboring said negro, as welka all other persrons, a e outor t rigour of the Itelwo l 4 enfirerl ogninet them. 'The above reward will ie Rig fhrdelive:tng him inr any of ile dals of eithe.s ofl. ruonteipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Haek4 iteoet. sept: tTrtlCE,--The C'baerri ruenihrr heretrfore existissg ulUder the Arm of Iubs. & GOarretsoun, hbohak.b ' dissolved. The subscriber will littidllate the'afaireit. tihe concorl in this city, rd tequirs nll'p isoris inleb . il to rnke povlnerit to hits oaly, and all tlsrhoevins climstl, to plresent lhem forsettlemenat. rite 11-7t itl UARRIESOI ' W.W. SWAIN. No. ll'Ca:al 5,reet Ann Orloen lAS alway on ihand cortoanstly t receivino Drst IlI) os, hemicals,and Paom:s,among te, ator. ollownie: DII UGS. DYER, Antlinlly, crude, Argols, rerl, do regtlus, Anrllritt, Spar. . Arsenic, crulde, Almr, do lpowdered, Brazillette woos, lUalsa'o opnvlia, Colichieal, IlIor cra t r-ole, CaOlrlrra,, Asmerian, do relinicd, Citlrirco LIrilstonue, crude, Fusti.e, 'sll mltSe do roll, do Culoa, io fluwer, tIo Maioe, lil'rl-hb, Fretuto Lerrier, lnstruril, hsrligo, IellelOl, C( trlot, do Muillsa, rllllatlrides, do I..rnset, ulain aloes, do U. nrmalsle, do .Alludit, Lo aud, Compewdpy to aasfntsida, to St Dominate do Umonioie, do Jamniea, do belzeill, COmwnol, dio eopulf, rough, Maldder, omiro, Ide do scraped, Nieoureag.r, onietre, lso do S Amlcrioe*, do Corn, do ealnlor, ern 'e, do Mnreosik Ie doI rrl,.a do Iahdie. to gaiceum, CH"EMIUCALS. do kiuo, Actl, niltrs, lIo onrstic, do mriactil, l oltim, .lo ie lulrhuric, rio slrleR, Blutie viriol, eLeptal, dalonml, I p, ldo .I.drue. ;orrosive. ebliantisl rieo tsra.nuth, 'f;loridle of lime, SGalmboge, 'pasum salts, S.lruiper berries, Arrerlteal.unlor causatic, ir sa r, d Clloreign, lied lprcipillut, Nlagnesil, Elgllhi, tullt-lle all, ldo ArleiArical4l Red.chronmtlopotsl V roatna duke, Stp sort rtw..oe Io sorts, Sult potao .iqr:orice h1ll, Surr lea, - il cloves, Siulr zil, , rcaassis, Suillsrurrrtre, - io bergumot, T:rtsr emetle, I,. l mron, P'AIN'l'S-lilose I ipepeirimint, Blurr, la1d Fgrntirr.., CbLirlic yellow, Ire, re i rleeae, rdo do inll il do aly ok, do hraen, dry, Ido Iublll:l., I. 1I, Lamblack Engllellhl, I Sein ca, iIto anagerh ilr I lli t silr , A iie ra Ir o Talr pirr Paris while n nglish, dlo'lll ci ri l d r, Slo: n n II;;, ior l_"ihit SiiiI,, . Acr, , ie'ha rdo cainthle, t ,id o Ainn'ik ri d rlerrrli.errk, Iro grroalrr d in oil Il lo, MSp iah, gl c rl ri, nril, o'o refined, rdiri , lir, io Cnstile, no ground ~ri Q' a i rirerie, AI wlannr , pure. CAI'TAIN MAItI7.YATT'S NEW NOVELS. in a voit. Camnings, or a Winter at Schlos Is HailfeM ie n Lowe Stvrhi, by Cupltain Basil Hall, Royal NayI. 1.I , ord R ,, dt a ,mnie.e Ib All.n Cunninghlam, Ir rd irmperiirous Iliutury ,ta l ranslated from tle crirlal hlrllrn, rv N rhiiel rel ic Vo r Sruaing No. 79 of llhrpler'e Emlily Library. Vols. : 4 of time new r lmlltle aind uniform editiue s,,of W1ashingtonu Iria¢'$ (lorks. Ron,,r'a Freanh and Eub/liah I rol, 'Jr A'uia snt' French Iad i l i, h Dietionnr e. Alse.s--A few woll1re coliesof C nbe'a Phrenology "Qrielri"rr errr Survecrr'i o'sn)+ses ofnperirle qua Gilrt's improved metnlie L'ens,japaned papers,weight Slllt received, and for sale by t31 IBENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c PAIN REVISITED &e, by Ihe aut or of t A year Traits of IodaeR charater, as generall a Hppiicahla to tihe Ahorigiuics of North Ameria, by ( Turner Eerr.l Il The Politicael Grammar, of ile I Unled Slaten, or a comnp'lets eiew ieo the iliurv t lho ry p lice of time gear-r loud lrate glerlnmensa willu tle relullionse Ilet- elt thsla -dellientledl nittl nidi llale I Ithe )lung imleni uf tle Ullned Stlter, by E I) :anuifield, Esq. A'imrod' uain tiiy Tour r ilinrsaersed with Aecaracter ilie aurecdlute, rariligs nnl uonie, rlnhror mey , j cluding ioties olrhe pirircipl er ck rialr sErnglmnd wilh anamlytical ountelts, and general index of names,l (hllri iirrardrutuirPesipurdpoce- wigs FOR THE CIURE oF Serofula or King's Evil, Chreoie Rheumatista, Chronie Cutaneous Din- Pains in the Bones, by fre eases, use of Mercury the blood bring in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest Idllnaceaticlcare andr tneelnrnlc, andc ontain thie active principle of Sarsaparilla in the osnt cocess tntoed dlogree, combined with other vegetable substanca of unowat reiecncv. 'T'h great desideratam witl physicians in being abl to exhibit a large qoantity of Sarsaparilla in a sInt dInts, has beeant iabnced i tils ipreptamtion--they being fully convincedl ofit 3 erits, confidently administer the course If their practice. Price $1 50 iar bottle. Sold only at SIVAIN BRtOI'ER'vS drug store, Noi. I oCanal stree, wits may be had, fresh and geanine, blirec t fro the prAerN, tors, Swainis PanaIcea and Vermniinuge, PLotter's Ct.oi con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera ausortiment of fresh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROIE, &re. DINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR J Gtioldonith'a Abridgment of the History of Roiis to which is prefixedl an Introduction to thie tltudy b iRotan history, anda- great variety of valuaonble inlbfor imotion aOdded thlno hout the work on ti e npMnp Instittions andl Antiqnities of tlheRmnane; wilh nu merous biogrophicol anld historical Notes; and'qrtes ionUs for examinatlon at hc entd of each section, It lustreted with shirty engravings on wood, by Ai rtota Pltsocx's Improved Edits n of Dr Goldsmni,,Hte of England, froa the Invasion of Jalius Cesar:to the, death of tieorge ld, with a coantilnatilon to the yea 1852. With questions for examination at theid d o each section. IBealdes a variety of valuable infsrtna tion added throughln, tlhe work. Conisting p(Anbls of eontemtlerasy Sovereigtin and eminent Iprsaons Copious explunatory notes. Itenarks on taim toll ies, lnassters oad of tie age. An onlitine Ithe Constitution, &e.&ce. llnstreted by many e0gev lngs. G nys' EI.YEnord OF ARTaROneaY, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise on the CUse of (ilakobes ,Nr American edition, withl additions and imuprovement na an expliation of the astrononaincal part of the Am tica ;anAlanac. Just received and for sale by WVM M'KEAN nov 24 corner of Camp anid Common t HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRAIRY. It ORACE,translated by Phillip Francis, I) D, rith I1 an aptledix, contininng translatonsa of vanriq odes, &c. by Ben Jonson, Cowley, ihilhin, Drydon Pope Addison, Swift Chatterton, i i hkefield, Porp,. Bryan, &e. and some ofthe onre emoinent pooets, of tn day-and PHfEDRUS, with the appendix il ;iulits trqosni ted by Clhristopher Sanrt, in1 vnId litbral, voulnumes18 and lool'"iHarier' Clacdcal Library The Expedituan of iU.HFiPK y CLINKER, byh Ottinett, . D, with i numoir of thi Author, by Thiol us Roscoe, sq., t ew edition, with illustration., by G4 'IdtE ilP4Y; a Tale,hy tile author of "Ricnihnu Mary oilt Jrguady," &u., Ito edititn, 2 veiasnepl PAULL 'LIFPFO D);by tile .tuter or "Plhna. The Di,,t r .t" dcc, bet..y .c;uwnek ob tlln new es tnu:"Ei tatrs Comhilcta ºhks. .une rscsiied a sole.5 WM McKRiAN ACON SIDES--36 casks Oiainoonti amtone B 'un4ini, ftoss tae steamboat Echoi, tn q me s. UOGERT & IIAWr

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