Newspaper of True American, 3 Ekim 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 3 Ekim 1838 Page 2
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DB LA S,.]. nicipnlite No. . ' MIttD1, .11 Septemre 1038. teo bioha. .e hs blaqnetles on pierree plates do Pen- the ". d %tlin teh Plan. Lafayette i l'encoignare h, ear 1% rue St. Charles; dites de In Th boilh k partir de celle en pierres car. 604 Sa. de proesder a poser le pa. mo aouabnes. ate " u a h. alre s it autorie6 t contractaor 00 I.. t lor .gr Ice suodits blocs, confer. etIt oflre faitao e oneeil pour pavage en olseagores danes e lattr do 4 septembre to t . 'eevrages faire sera noun la surveilltance / ve rI la Intisfactioa du comit6 des rues et Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ftqaecomtpagnie noovellement orgasnirer I" ddhomination dose Carbjniers d las Loui. eI l~itroe* Riflemel, decent former partie . sdgiient de la Milice de Ia Leuisiate, soil * u.isde If aelle attenant au conseil pour tzierice,et tgalemont 'usage dep carabines V .4p d'armes jusquib ce qu'elles'on, lro u. rt d at une salle convenable pour cot ob. '- as 14 Seeonde Munidipalitd; bien attendu e I r aasemb!6e no poqrra avoit lieu quand Is Ie t abriaen a6ance, et que I csallo etJeoe.armes o 41ldre reddues oen bon ordro. : . JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Itidola quo Is ptllion do Samuel Chase soil re °OSt IUA BALDWIN, Recorder. .ideltU qouela pertie centrala de la rue du Bas. Sein, eaire le rues du Canal et Commune soit ap. pr#ptido pour Is vente dcs ohevaux t bestiaux. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ~ile qua la uomma de de mille piastres voties par Ieill e..1 join 1835, coma rontribution a "-rYlt di'rigsr on monument a Ia mdmoire de Irad Strry ysit paye George Bedford, prdeident du emninld de I. Compagnle n. 0, d6eigne pour sur ~tiillor I'ex6ntion dudit monument. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. SR6solu qab le trdsorier soilt autoris6 par ces prd. astes it demander at recevoir do trd.orier de I'6tat, e oobt des banquptte eat pavage faits autour do la propritt6 appartlsianl t 'Etar, aitude dans cette saa isipalitd, et born6e par les rues Canal, Com .mane, Baronne et Philippa; et le tr6sorier eel par Ie.utmeat autorisd t payer ladito sopmte a Ia per o len on aux personnes i lnquelle ella pourrait ttre due pour compl6ment dudit ouvrage, laquelle sera d6fini par le certificat do voyer. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Ordonnance du Conseil do la 2o Mdnicipalild. Art. 1. A compter du ler octobre prochain, ii sera do devoir du gardlen et gardinne des cimetib. ase dens les limites do cette municipalit6, d'axiger an certificat sign6 par an m6decit titr le coroner oa denx citoysee respectables conjoiotement avoc Is eommiasaire do district oil lo ddeon aura lieu avce Is date du d6e8a, le noln, I'Age, lieu le nnistance, sexe, couleur et cause du d6ces du ddfunt apportd au cimetibre pour edpultore. Art. . 11 sera du devoir do touto personne ou personnes portent un corps ou corps morts so ei. metibre poor aspulture d'Ltre mtuni d'un certificet, et le gardien no pourra on aucun cea recevoir de corps pour adpolture sans avoir prdalablement rc;a Is certificat sua.mentionn6. Art. 3. Touts personae on peroonne apportant, an corps ou corps au ciometi6re pour e6pulture dans eptte mnieipaltd soans ttre moonies d'un cerificat payers one emende de dix piaetre-, rt il sera du · bvoir du gardien inu eim'etibre au maire oil recorder la violation des provisions de cette ordonnance sans quel ii sera condamnt i payer uno amends de cette amende. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. PO(R OF NE14W iI0C11'A NM. CI.EA A NCES. Ship Archer. Philadelp' la,. 3 Drtegr .itlg Rogleader, HolfflaoI. HHvan., R Gro.ln. 8 o Al R IIVAIS. ' U 8 stesmboat Seal. from N EPass; lefton the lot, at 7 p m, reports nothiR In sight. COMMERCIAL r.; pOR'I's HAVINA--Par brig Ringleador..c'o.: 2".50 heet lad. PHILADELPHIA--Pe r hip Arnhrr.,re..a: 3,665 pie. lad. 178 r.epty .r.k. 293 hillde. 65 porter .ts'.. 65 bales cotoll, 6 boxes Iooks, 65 poi t1r casks. IEMOKANDA. The .bro. 55 dry. h.n. (Ir Bremen. wn. 27th Aug. lIt 41 ion 37t8y the hark ERflrt, end npplied wtll. Irnd. - Tbeolumbus h'd at ot s'on on Ihp 22d SIept. for this port Dolto aNew York 24th, Peruvian; do easels, and the tteam ship IrNatchez. lente at ,.iertponl; 4th Sept, Lydtia. Hserman: do El'aen Areokn, Lindsay; 2d, Forman do; st.t Francis. Failed 7lst, for this port, George; dn. Sydney: 26th Aug, Jaonh Pallnell. Gmravend, 2lth, err. Nestor. . 24th. Retrdhet".,O wn; at Gibraltar. 14th, Ca~oline, Dower: the Union. Whitmore. ailedf frot 'enneritt for New Orleanl of the 14tl; 26th, ailed V.ille de'Pari.'rott. Sept 2d. at Cows hnre: Monto eler, tyson. At Havre, 31st Au. Oly.pit, Gray. Marseillet • 20th. heers, Knivnti Murwap; Trieste, Eleanor,.Afeany. Tbhe Elizaseth.Frith. Rriard. for this port w I at Martelllpo *ehkh Augot, to i iil i ten days. Markets. LIVERPOOL. -.u. 24. We ha.. passed a wask withont ehange in the prics of Catton. 101 Amooltst he bet... t. .. no .pel.. ati.on, and . r . al.mriotoa, 300 fernm, an 2691 Surt for texport. Arrived sLIi't.KPOOt. App. 3. The sales thio week at tte trad. hte m.ain cei to..uril les, than the quality consunted, still pc) its hove hered pretty well Iu.pported; and the holders alppear w ilig Itr . itfor reto ival .f the dioosd. 1500 American bhave been taken on speculation and 12 Am.arieen, nd 430 l'Perna for lexport. Arrtvet 15,0o. .le. of tile week 21.(100. iclueding 4,7701, plnld 54 568 : 8,350 tltlan. 51 8~t: 3,61 itl labah. 52 36 71d; I orn lla.d 03 (9 28d; 2I Staind do 20 @ lId; 1430 Pereram 861 4o Rjd; 2511 Mrttha, 7i .5 r3dl; 5:36 !'.aia 74 .. 8d; ":1 O Egyptian i'lt CA 131.; 10 Surlt 4 @5d; 256 Lagutyra 71 8 id, 30 Carthagena 5d. . I.IVERP(IOI. Sept. 7. Nuthiln has oceurred this w'eek to lter the posttion of the market. the demand contiunue moderate. but yvt (in-Ite bt .tene of any pressure to tell I'y stome of our lareI ho'd, ) of suffcient extent to keep priees steady, and wlllc we quote for all kindt, as on Friday dast-tbfr sales to-daIy arto bont 3i000 bales of hll kind. nothinA hs bIeen d2ne0on .pe60 latinn. Falporters have taken 350 American, 200 Surat, 250 Pernams and 450 M ou.l.t ms. "alm lite we endin 7th S ept. 20.7-20 bhles. " LONDON CORN IARKI T. - Mosdsy Eovening. Autan 20.--.e have htad ilr.e stpplis rfobheat Utn past owek, and also to thi tnor1.1 ing's.ntarke. and senisioosbin part .f this mtrnin8lt tupily is trs wheat. Sias weother aont the progress of brist srouad London. It.. 6Rusad ooIiderable panic in the trade, tad holders of both ftr and bonded wheat are tellig t reduced price. and we onoilder the deine sines this dsay w k, 5e tt.s per quarter, on both fr sand bonded wheat. Monday, 27th 6A uut.-The weather hat become ver3 .,n sines taturday night, and to.l-day the sun shoe brightly; the. trade hs colsrquenItpy again become dull. Mondpy, 3d Sept.-Th6 uninterrupted One wentth. ha csnsed the grain trade to become exceeding dell. and althbough the supply If wht tat this morninio's market w. not larte, and hj conditiUon ofbth new ws much hblter than Inst w.ek. still prlu mustl he quoted 3l to 4scheaper. Itnded wheat uaal very dtfcult toI dtpose of lnd purhaser might haet bet wsade at a declne Tdf. to u per quarter from the S"stsof this day itven-nilht. LONDON. Friday. 7th Siept. The supply of Elalob bwheat hos been moderate since Mlodsy, ond the condition of the now very ,pdsffereft; ptelts bass fhrtbr deotined!l pad qa0rter n 8t 5 reels thtt are not tao.ouhbtp dry. IRo bsdd scartly an hbasioneta doing. The duynao boodd wheat'bad fallen 2s Ed per quaoter. The wealberbnd been very fione dalin5 the fiotuight ptedmtg sseaRihq of th. Great Westerd. lHAVRE ZARKET. Aug. Q. ltoatlhs beginningofthe weok we htve ht-ds very oively trade in mot Colonial articles; and the saleo of Uottln have ,bas etaedngiyIn I tr, eil t al. Monday 2422 hbles, yeater dty 2 45hbsto. and tib sWoruo,. there has bnn b o d about 1 t fl! ly former pricestt. S. toper ondeto of tbhe Nsew York Epreol. " ' LIV.RPOOL.. Aug 30, 138. S Tosco.-Thb tale of the oolth amout to 66 bShds..nd esoaist of It Virsiisa eItf.atd 150 atenomed; 13d hbd. Ken loky leaf, and 153 stemltd. STrbTade hve take 1n 0 hhd. laf, 129 Virginia stemmed. , dlO .tKentuckyt.tenmelld. For lreltanA b0 Vrginis leaf, oesrally ofordinaory and mliddlint detrnoption: Iwtter qnals i=eeotreal ely ,rc,tand 30 bhds. stemotme. For exportt o 70 h0Ld. Verrloia leaf. ad 140 ientutoky, 'PL.letWtltaa bort beao at lull pricet, and the market very Iam. 180t8. - 1637. Ptook in the sentlooo July 27, 36'2 hdo. 5:i70 hbbds. Imported in Auagut, 713 396 -411 --7R166 bIl.i 30 i oAug.-homoe twt 418 391 tos.twi., 309 118 Ireland, 134 2:3 Export, , I0 IO 3 ------732 l---tts S, " 11k i the 013.s bpe 30th Auo, 3653 -4751 .n ports Ediobto.h W.: Jesore 69; from .Ww Orleans., tea. 90 from Phbld.elpbia;per sMado~.os 8, fromt Vi, ds.klus l t from Latdnn. * '":: leafl fg.I ded. (noo)t 3:.j - a Id ° .... irdi3 sound, - a4 - J • , alidhsg, 4} a 5 4s a3 Good. 54a-- 4 a 44 Fieso (one) rlonial. ialESd, Sis 7 4 . 5itR 6Od. , pt n leay 3 o Stand 1 21t 41.. tmod, 64 a8 5.o6 andIl. T., f<b HAVE, S8pt. S. 138. S The nquiry for Cotton bo s beo very limited ' lbs pt. dil o mostgb , the b also t ttitt only 2400 dl da geUPPt d 630 6tmgod Lodi Sarg of the Alp Ehtaa Uces. HBip, wtlt. i , w *ic. *roudd sad oao dismlotd of op ib o Std t lot wster, on tshe a.ymol n .srj dste . and stedo~t. froa t.. sf si ao t- 5ido eompleeto. holden 8p no p. hIyosr bypmdueoig rate.. 8LotLk tu-dy, .. . 1lwbesatlon. wonth noticing, ae t aeolad to foot . il!poI.usWsltboto, at f. I vtl, :tia . loo Curapearb" ia.rwd to arrive, at f. L2,,'. ss. nblaap.a oe , led t" d k .itat the Bh lt.y, nlen w toiam Yoek nte & a has not yet - madtk 4Y nttg lottIns pear 0C55 Wawae .r- ad rionAd he I! et peBeatil amd per packet or Ti thea hketd . ,a i in oTTro0.-.e'ruoi ourf optpdln rsporl t)p in tothe 2 ' tanýi ltp sk wia wa eeel.ioo aotire trDostia ml. . ... g. n U..a'hortt ls pll..1 decriptioswhhhiL n edvlaeofl r 2o co centionesltr the lo. wie Within the lIn1tios days the mrket bas been wq i dtes it alwys bppensin uch L C our late for them Cone th e slacker; nc yet, howleer, w holder. 'sniosrally evince no poaitpnlon to asooeptl ,war prie5, The ente, il whicOh so omm -slee aes e inceluded. amoot to hi ,944 B. eu.sirtine of-3448 R. New Orleans, of wheih 617 H. rfl 8 to 8750: 1434 H. "t f.80 tot 83; I.0 RH.atf.87tof. o, 103 5.; 19 n.10 tOo. 118 and tO ri. chniceat 25ti in 0182 .M. ohils. nf wthichk 151 B. at 0. 0 to 87 50; i73. at f. 9toO. anod73R at f. 10flto 107 50B003 H. Upland. of M ,hick 114 H.ItL st ; 9.; 4 , netf.87"to1; 210 B. atf. 2 to Wil. 1 at.r£ ( 5n0 to f. 105; o5 B. Bahia, rt f. 1 toi a i0,1 th latter i pnic for ins; 44 B. GOnadloupe, at . 01; and to 10 It.Cayenne at f. -lO the whol bity o paid. The a rrrivala, per outs, hnaw bees oilly 021 B. All in fi Upilcd iton o nCosOn. r Ifde IpUEAro MeARICAANe d EDITE D n a JO lO . oi a ddTanTdUL AonD BOLD. i NEiV OR LEFANM: q: WEDNESIDAY......OCTOBER 3, lRS I Within the last Six days, we have received no iles than fifteen new subscribers:' We are much I obliged to them (or the preferenceand flatter ow, aelftf we commence thus etrly increasing our list, new sbahlriberb will flow in upon u,. when we receive our new type, and carry into exeiOtion all out'projected ltflprovemente. . We are determined not ta be surpassed nthi winter by any paper in the Uneiot, either in ap pearance of out paper, the quality of our tedieng matter, or the freshness tf our intelligence. And we solicit eonseqrently without f("r, a fair shalire of advertising patronegs. The'fomsercial de partiment of our paper will be most particularly attended to,.nd to render it as perfect as psesible tr we have engaged a gentloman from the North, I then whon there ie none supsrior whethrr as re Specie industry, untiring perseerrance and talent' Our Reading Room hot been refilted, and is now we may cay it wilthout boasting, inferior to no, other in the United Stater. Besides an exceed. ingly large number of papers from every city and 8. state in this Union, from 'leoxa, Hanvna, and a , overy large and reoulnr stpply from all pares o In Europe, we have in the room nrionhbooks ofre. Terrence, among he rest Niles' Regidter con plete sr and Levy's Prices Current frim the eomnmence. ment to the present oimse Lloyd's Lists redeived e regularly, Puoie'so Liverptol Price Current, dc. We have been so much nccupied for some days pas, that it' hol enlirely slipped our menory to r caell theattenliot of our readers to two edvertie ne edts in our p iper, the one of Mr. B. GRAhe T, il L. L. D. and the other of Mr. C. J. HARDnxoANN. 0 A. NI. r The f roner h eneman for several years post er cc teblibhed to thisaoate, and formnerly eI the head 1 o of tlheleffl'ron College, his o upened an instituoion culled the Jefferot Academy, and intended as a preparatory echool to adm;isoion into the Jeffernon 00 College. nI, Mr. Hardemnnn, has arrived amongst us o desranger, boh with the hst tentimonialo, and a r: Spotation for learming and imoral worlth that in this ot. respect leaves Ilothlng to desire. Hin acthool is as called the Louiiana Insrtitute, and is located in tthe basemcutastory of the Methodist Eptecopal ler Church. ce Tlhse two schools ronducted by sumh acqm do plielthed sclholnro, ond urbane gentlemen ans lessrs. Gratet and H.rdemann, supply a desideroatum rr. hung needed in our ciy. Our fellow citizens will on nlonger have cause to complnin of the want of good sa hoole If these two inlstitutiouare proiperly - supported. The arrival of the "Great Westert'" hse hrought to us such afl ,ud of news from all parts of Europe that we are compelled to otmit many articles pr. pared for this da)'s paper. WVe have endenv.,red to he as hrief as possible yet our " Express Mail" oecupies a very large portion of our coluomns, and we have several letters of great interest which we muot reserve until to-morrow. On the 1th August the Qoueen prorogtled the British parltoment in person. Victoria wore her regal crown for the first'time; and her loving, eahjerto seem to hlve been highly delighted at seeiong ter dealed with the rihand anid garter" -not 'tt rters are. usually wlren, but on the arm, we presume, as no more convenielt place could ae foltnd to grace wilh the brilliant circlet. She read her slleec!h, po, Witll good emphasiee and' discretion, and though it is not so brilliant' as an of Demosthenes we do not perceive in ot tny omurders of the qtreetn's English. I' its poli' ties it is of the Van Buren school-no.-dommit ,alhem from alha ton nmetn., The Royal h tlt0m0 0p her return to Liverpool reported bh.r own arrival in New York. Nothing like steamt the followmng is an extract ot a letter from a correspondent in London dated the 8th 'September received by the Great Wastern. .We shall give the remaiender of the lerer ion our nelt. "Bu9.iess in sltocks lately'has been limired.One or two bargai s i ;,ortuguesr e bndi. jhan, aonds itmproved, ale, Great Wetetrntahre.a, Greenwtch, Brighton and Southampton at a d0iscount. These orsonches of c.motrce Fllakecn by tne last panic, are impo povig progressively. 'The rate on staple comtosdllttes Ia a heavy drug on moanuolctulitlf, colt. nhond wool betitg too hi_,h to allow a fair pro fit onlthe piece. Colotial prolduce dull, th0ough the holoersa .re not anxious to trce buryaiot, ex. pq.ceng a topeedyetivity. Coeot'ehlte. eatetotve oltdnlod do(tt the otftattled 0tate000 the countirie whence It is procureto. Wool watoted. lilt prices too'high toenasue manly rtalltScltton. At Antwern 570 btles of danmged Amnerican .lptaesOee letcllel by publfceale 30 Itratnc. Tubtcco in caetr place tirm,itreunitg.iupwaordo. The harvest, as I mea, tioned in a fortroer letter, is liotely to ube goud, and bread ha s already begtun .to lull. T''heatrlcals are brehnning in stir. The two great tho atres as in le.a. Yales Ihas elgtged tile cele rated Eastern dancers at ad entormotup expense. Barnea the pantolaon, in payerty and deerepitude, tad a benetil at tile Lyceu; onol Wednte$at-; it was productlve, and graced with a well tritten address by LenotLRtce which besidl the ner t of very neat veralficareon, was excerdingln to the pulpoose. Batckqlone htas prolduoted a new i'omedy cell'd "A Lees.llo o ttile iantues."n The Povilibn actd City opeted un Moonday. The word olIinport Io0n" with "MICr Coooper," nll the blIls of the latter, hGve.iven ilts gentleman the cognomeo l oil tlfe tlto ortet ,Mr. CooUper." VAGUS LONMINENSIS. Our neigh.,or of the Picayn'te, siould be a little more particular in diseminating his puffs and *'praisLes. In yesterday'sa number, the Poe paysa comp(itiment to the Ceaadorre; now we take the li berty osinlorm him that it was not tdo Company of Cosadores who paid our Munioipality a visi' on' Sunday last, but the Curadores Plates, command. ed by that gotod stauteh whtie, a.d resident of the Second Muni'ipslity, Caps. Felix Ms1azett. Honor to whoun honno titl ue The loas o the sllhip Kentut.yip was received in New Yetr' by schr Leontine from Havana on the 23rd. Manyvessels aera reported lost, the Brig He b, of Bltiim'ore Schr Tyler, Schr Sarab Louisea, from New York for MObile, with a valuable cargo, all ,otal loss. The Brig Rowena of Portland from MlatnzsC for Baltimore abandoned i a sinking condition. The Oglethorpe at Savannah reports on 8th seeing twovessels perleet wrecks, one bot tom up. Indeed the list of disasters would he too long for our paper, but few of thenm are yet ascertained to be connected with our city. SCIaeOLrTOe. T,-omortrow, we hear,a capital din oer, and a merry party, will be found at this d- hlhtlfnl Hotel. Moore has a turtle to dress that : would make a London Alderman smack his lips w' rith the emphasisof a Lunch of crackers. The 0 way it which he sets nut his court 6bouilon, and game, l. :a '-mtI)tn to , f.:. isth. The Lake ianow morebouatilully asock ad with fish, than it, perhaps, ever was before. The whole of the Enny trthes deem assembled as p, in a"hig pow wow ;"-all are numerous, but the shrimps and prawns, would puzzle Cocker to sh count. Numbers of our citizens go daily to the Br Lake, and from a pure love of red fish and leasae Walten, take boat and bait and paddleeff some hundred yards on speculation, where if they do th nota nst a large amount, they are sure to get the fish ct in aline. Some three days since, a gallant son of pC Mars-don't ask who's he?--.aght 'tween dine e and dark,more prayns than he could find means p1 to peeck, or friends to feed on. All who love nt fiah or fun should take a chance at catching. Perhaps some may find it herd to raise a cast net sl before they can go, but we are sssuredjthev will h find it harder still to raise it when its thrown: it is said trey. are so full of fish they are obh- -ti god io leave their heads and tails outside. Yet p in our market nothing less is asked.than a quarter- dollar per, pound, though any man in half an hour can catch a buthel. .Preofessor Coombe,the celebraied Phrenolo gist, is among the recent atrivals by the Great Western. Since the lamented Spuazheim tno visitor to out Union has brought such a pase port to the enlightened and ssientific, ns George Cnombe has in the simple announcement of his name. We have good reason to believe him a scholar without pedantry: a man of science with out parade; and a gentleman without reproach. [com.tnc.ATEDJ A'r., Editoro- voter of thPe It ward says, in the .rlletin of today, that he has read withl attenu lion ,h(erlnan Caldwell's communication on block pasem.n(. I, on, have read it; but like the Ca. Stieleon to t he travellers, its appearnnce to me is diametricailv opposite to the form its assnme, to him.With n sin rdlar perversity the "Voter" urges ag nin, and a*ain the objections which the alder' "nnn has again ~.d ecgain refuted. Like the sapient Shalloiw te 'oter seems to say, "I have now made u07; ~oa mind!-neo goon wiU yoaw amuwoernen The Volo r rf the let wal d,-- still harping on my daughrer,"-doubts that -'it"e hileks can be procured sosoon as pebblese,-- skef prerumpiie proofs and reasonable tie. Plnusible words tese built less potet than Qloloo talspear upon the windImills, when oppnsen 1t srttbbhor fact. The Alderman proves that t1'e Council have received ctonctre-contratoes,f on tsapol. a erble peotplfonr forty thousand sqguarei . ards in itre. Isnt thiseulficieirt yet still "rhes Voter"hl:rP+ upon the cuckoo note, "they cannot be proc ureiI dt soon." Wllat.bheter proof doea lhe w1ant? Ilis analogy betrwe nhouse an d pavements, is about ss close as that of the Jack pye and the I.'gcot, bul 11only not half so logical. His aeeertiotn tnt the olevel navernlenl are more injurious to horaes hoofs Ihan round tritne., with th l-r fitleen anielea and fortiy i.e, I cannot believe to he seriously intend" ed, and iherefore leave unnoticed. It is really too good for a joke and too funny to he grave ahout. fle also duhbts if any bltter contract, than that given to Mr Min urn, touti Ie tnode;-did he not read that an offer wtes mrd.le, on the sole s night, at 15 per cent. lower? Io filreen per cent oi ' $200,000- nothcing? Would lie like to pay $30, 00 n addiionntl, just to olige a particular frtiend? If a so,he is a very liberal man--With renard to Ma gazine srreet, if the "Vo'er" would give $100 per n month for any honee upon It hetween Delord an I Fe,'ihity-nay, for any ion, I amt not alone in thinking their owner would have the soflest tenant in the liteot Louisinnn. In sholrt, Mr. Editor, it appears to me that the i Voter of the let Ward has undertaken to rebut is irrefutable figures without one single demonstra tion; and uiuld I be angry with at Itrtrmless an in oppo. nt, should be prone to say, wilh the cho. o lerTe Tar, ' Death and thunder! where are your proofs.?" for, withobt figure, or a fact: without an argu m- ment Itronger than-" i iis not sot, because it is not a'"-the Voter of the Ist Ward would fain endeavour to overset w hat I, and most tIht I h lve m conversd with, deemi an able, and most valuable ill document. AnounuE VOTER OF THE SECOND WAno. EXPIR'SS MAIL `t Fr,,m the New York ExOreos. of 25th Sept. as ARRIVAL OF THE GRRAT Hi ESTER'N. List night, at half past ten o'clock, the Great a Western arrived at Quaranttti, having left Bris- H lot at five o'elock ano thirty nlminuteslon the eve sing of the 8ll Inst. Shie has 143 cabehtin sen- t gers. The passage has been a very rough one, a continuedd equalis and les prevailing. P The Grain trade thas continued tt occupy a considerable share of public attention, as, under existing circunlstrances might be expected. AI. though the weather Ihne beet fine, generally speak. a itng, the prices olf wheat have not gone downi anly thing lilte what have been expected, wbhh cir cunstoance eremngtheSia the behet previously en tertaine, thlat thell arvet will bed. ficet. 'l'hoset who are il the oppos:tr opIlonl btelieve that prices a will come deow, and itait shortly. This, of ctorset isn matter of opinion at tre ent.--The duly on Foreign Wheat isnow two, shtl-inlg and eight t pence the quarter. W lhther it will come down to ocit shillitng per quarter is at prescat a ,nal er entciely of speeulation,0 The speculation for low t duties hisbeen very extensive. Among thit passengers are severkl names of nore, in all prulessions. The American Stage hias an addition In' Miss Subriff, the celebrtlted canta tricet and iiMr. Wilson, tihe adumirable tenor sing The unfavorable state of the weatiltr, remarksch the British Jou nal of the 8th, which wilthi the t laest two or three days hallinterrupted the progress of she corn harvest, hegits to create much anxiety aitahigest Ithse farmers that have not secured their orops, whi, ere Iney can- bring their produce to market, will have to contend with an itflux of for-' sign aorn, which is now admitted at an import duty of lnly Ibur pence per bushel. The Corn Aveardges at published give 7 and ti Ild for the six weeks eeding Aunust 31, which reduces tileduty tods 8d. The weekly average e is 74as; tile e. ekly aeurage on July 27, was 69S Id. In the next this last average was to be exciu. tied from the last six weea., and the average ior the week enlldin September 7tn to be added, and unlss tilts average shall be below 69+ Id (toe av crage of the week to be excluded)-the lnext six weeks will 73s, andi the duty will be down to its u otnilnuon pr:iceo Is. The Fren, h linister if Foreign Affairs has ad dressed the Duke of :luoiebello, authorizing hls excellency to detmand his CIasportea.nd return toi France. nt the event of tie Coukttiefusnt to expel Prince Lioue Napolen Irtla The Swiss Territory The lulli.wing notice was posted at the Bank oI England, Sept. 6. '"rhe Governor and Company of the Bank of England do hereby give nulice, thllatle and aftel the 5th instant they will be ready t6 receive ap plicaions taor loans, uponueposite of qpproved btlls ,f Excharige, not havi ig mtore thaq bsx monlith to ru;t such luoaq to be epaid oi or bhteores the 10th October next, willh tterest at the raleiut 3 I2 plier cent; to be Idr loans of not less than 2,YUOO1. each." From the Journal of Commerce. NINETEEN DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. 'Ille Great Westirli emde h.r passage ou Ito 13 1-2. The Royal Wliham in 14 I-. She was to leave Liverpool on the '0lh iunsant, and consequently may be expected here in about tell da)s As was anticipated here, the Great Western has e pverienced very severe weather o i her passage, bult t only aervYi to test her good quallit.s, and Itse sately of Aliantle steam nacvlattioi. Thll G.eeat Western brings tbe altoniphing num berol 143 cabin passengers. All her berths 130 ivereengaged belore site arrived out. The LhoI donl ''lOtsays-"So nauldrous were theapplica tions made, and of coursc-ille nui tmer Tdsappint ed, that prellmiuml of twenty hav beaen uSe'red, and wmiutl be given, for herths on ttL: first retusal of vilcallcles Irln parties who by ally ct dent lnlgnt be prevented Irum going. In one in sataie a party havtlg engaged a uouole berth, was written to on Dicvuitnsire, to request accomtncodli nlon ifra passenger, it tile whele were not acbs r lately wanted. " I he Dirtctors have.fittied up every yard ofdls posable ssace on tie deck, as well as below, in order to mIlake rllotlll tr the ilnumber stated, Upon ithe eighty seven passengers hom e, and tile 130 out, at 40tuitle s passage imoney per h, ad in the .llloen, ad 35 gutras cabin, eachll way the Diree. cocs of thetGreat Western will have received, tuere. tore, upwards ol 8.O o exclusive of the ben'refits derived from the conveyance of goods, of which i the Great Western wrought Irot New York, to the i exteo about t ao3tU tons IIeasurmnlenlt." c We rejoice to say that that the weatherin Eng land had been "glorious" fo rharvesting, sr the Spapers express it, and troll the aggregate of ac e counlls I the papers before us, some of which are " given below, we are inclined to thillk the crop, will be nearly, if not quite, an average one. ''tie speculaturs hIr very hlgh prices, on both sidesot g thu Atlantic, will he apt to get thelr fingers burlnt d 11oaney t London was 2 3t4 oun the very first bills, and discounlltng had been extensive. T'here is no mlatertal, change in the price of Cotton. H. M. Packet Peindeer, arrived at Falmouth, Sept. 5th, and the Hope Pacelt from Rio de Ja netro n Ith same day, with $750,t;00 In specie. Tihe Qu.eean ol elgium had given birth to the is "CoUnt de Pcrls " 'I'hese was a dreadful storm in the neighborhood of Stayrna July 27th. No less Ihen 130 bodies of d ahbpwrecked seamen had been found on the shiores of the NH.Wphltrus. he mmntafctory of C.' macintosh f& C. at it Manchester, was destroyeg by fire August 25th, w1 and five men perish'ed ih the flanes. Loss of pro party £10,000 'Insuranea 5000. by Messrs. Curling and Young, of Limestone, the to builders of the British Queen, have begun a steam ship ofO000 tons; being 400 tons.more than the British Queen ; she is not to 6ae so lIng as that a vessel, but tmualh wider. - The British AsioiaAtidh had cemmenced its meetings in sections at Newcastle upon Tyne, and the London papers give long reports of the die. cussions. At the neeting of section E, (medical h pcence), on lthe 22d of A .nutt dr. Inglis ehibit edl and lectured ot a skull, said'to he that nf Eu. P gene Armrn. Dr. Inglis undertolokto saoy, on phrenological prinlciples, that Atom was probably nolt guilty of th cerione for which he' suffered. A sharp disenssion arqse as the identity of the skull, one medical gentloman insisting that it was the akull of a young anon, whereas Aram was54 when he was executed. Mr. Van Amburg and hie lions, tigers and oth er beasts-which the Lnedon Chronicle calls a -truly magnificent collection-made theirfarst ap pearance st Astley's, August 27, to a crowded audienbe, wsho received the exhibition with loud and deserved applause." SMr. & Mro. Stevenson left London on the 29th of August for Scotland. The King and Queen of Belgium arrived at Ramgaate in the 4th of Sepetnher, and were re ceived at tie pier by the Duke of Wellington and a deputation from the inhabitants; they left Ransnuate the nlxt morning for Windsor. A Mr. Mirhn was killed in a duel by Captain Elliott, at Wimhledtn,un the 22nd of August. Alter a prolonged investigation the coroner's jury esurned a verdict of wilful murder against Capt. ~lhilott and three others. The sutviving parties a hove fled to Frange. The Marquis of Clantlearde has been appointed ambassador to Russia. He is the son in law of the late George Canning. OBrntrtar.-The London papers announce the deitth of Sir John Niehnll, the distinguislhed Ad nmiraliy j duge, at a very advanced age; StrWil liam Maxwell, formetly etlnel of the 26th.,regi h ment of foot; of General Onslow, and of the Earl of Anneely. Also of Dr B rnes, an eminent 'proe ftesor at Cambridge,. aed 33., He was considered Ii oneafthe best livirng Greek scholars. PAnSENGERS r In the steam ship Great Western, from Bristol. 1 Mr and Mrs Primte. W t C Allen and lady, Jos. Olden. H nry Jeseop, John Parker, D Buehanan, SMs Cox Tanlor at d children, Gen Hamilton, J L m I on, Mrs Birkle, Prot. A D. Btehe and lady, Ms M o'Bitch, George Conmbsand lady, Mr Mait ,, lady, Mr Sweeney, Dalrymple and lady, Elne: zrh Clhawica. Mr Hodasen., Pr if. G Pe ials n and SItdv alnt servanu, Ezra Bowen, George Bowen, W or M Bowen, E Bowen, l Marples, E Mnrplesand servants, Jiudge W,,odward, H M Wnlker,J,.I. W ilison, D A Jhnsn, Thomas Treseend ',Cltorles JIeksmi,Jr., Washington Jackson, A S Li wrence, George Westeoholm, Lovell Follett, Alexander iy McKay. Mr Aoze. Mrs Steele, Mrs Sehln., Mrs Willilam Ja.ques, Mrs J ne Tavlor W A Brown ena d Ibdv, Mr Neilson, Mr Carmen, Mr B ltonn al two servants, Alexander Van Renanlaer and servannt James Fox, Mr McLeod, S B Teyler, John risChristopher Lleser, Mr S einhetl, Th Murphy, tr S Butlcher, of Sheffield 3 Crawlordl, Dr Henle, " . Striickland, of Pitlndelplhit. Mr Pearsain, Mr BI ler. Ellen Reed, Mi-s Ellen Pine, Mr W Bnirher, ot' Kiddermrinster, Mr Carser Bre vost, Mr Edgar Larne; B W W mImot, .dy aod two children, Ms S Situ;."n Miss WVoylen, Rev E p Wovlen, LS dnl.uels, . Newer ad, Jhoh Ciock orull, Thomas Kinnear, J1,'tns SiuielW Coamp. hell, .hlionas Mnly, Elward tu°enn. John Tbh.. son, James Molrbecl, John llflikhen, M Sane, II lady, twochildlren and tw, servaints, Win Henry SCoffin and lady, Mr Welshin. T Sat.e', Willmnt SHirn, Rev William Hill, Miss Soiphia Bet, yeity John I Bennett, Miry Wilson, Alexander M Ray, uAr in Auze, Edwanrd Hutchings and servant, Mr liar 0 rison,Daniel James, Mr Berardl, Frederick Cnevre. mont, R Dawson, Von Van Maihill, Miss Sierntf, ,e Mrs Sheriff, Mhs Mary Anin Biundoll, William 0t Vyse, W Lndlow and Iadv, J Sill and lady, two Schildren and servint, WE Rowan and Indy,Jas n Comrie, Frederirk Htorrls, Mrs Bauleit, Mr Bilt, SMr Charles M-Ewari, aid Mr M. Mre Edwards. MUTINY ON BOARD THE BRAOANZA. CoPuTeR OF FOUR OF THE MUTIBrnes.-A letter reeived o' rt I.loyd's from their aA0nt at tmdno, dated the ist of Oep- Ho temlbr, says: Ce "On tho nitht ofthe 24th u'timos sotip was driven on Ahore. ,' neali th i of Juliet. il 30ttio ultimo five mei of tile oreo w orrivet;.loe,t and. upon oulr illqUIlUg, reported it to be the Ceres, Capt. Wriht., ound with a cargo oTf ugar from New-o Olosnos to Halnburoh, whbch was puhbished throuoh til er onw.papo:s of this ity,botohlich ofterward o appouled to obe folse. strong suspiionlof barratry and itmutiny arising, the of said fives men wt. arOettod ond putwo trial. and oec. u noow, fom thllir depositions. ive the followioo authentic acount:-- i 'Tile ro;oioted rio IBrogaozao, fromn Phi delpiao, Cao tt inA Jolly.or ly left Plided oi e o th fJuly last. with Ct a careo of u.r ealld g.,,od,hbaund for ten.s . Ao ut three ot wetks afterwoard whleo tile testel was in tile ..otlleoooo, a m 0 tiny w t taisod byoa part of the torew,elno ! four oPftte silorw * riotd ote.o. viz: Coonoliu. oVillems (sournlnoo d WViohelm Halthuroer,) f Olollolllotei; John Atamo, (whAo 11loe Ielillllf illt iison tite daly on wllrh oe wa arlbesod,) olpmepl Ver hruqagln frtol ttoelgtiu l n blnKuoodeo. drout o, clllewig; tleo fith. Jauoos DBhoveysofr.on Abhvon. blalttoroog hire. a boy of 16 or 18 years, has been iooctive,ald willt in a:l potobhabity a prt ito o. ta0.0l00 t. 'Theo captaio oas beaten and wounded, thrlon overboald i and dlowted, ttleor I orothte cirocumstaoo s The uteo. Van de e lter, was woundato to do tl, od aoterwntd di0ed ,it bolld tile vessel; the second lioatt, Moore, after harvin bdab thro tto ovalboar, mouutedr the vat .l t agait and reached the ashinr who, e te twa thee lcked up, tongether illt the aoptain'. wtife (olary.)ir. Detl, frot m Philadelphia, the wore, oof the vessel otd to erlps of tilto argo too, aod o rt. Deal his wlfe. sld kotpt cthtoner. dtu tieg a we'ight, d s well as tio cook, cah.l town, t nertro, w ,o wats orked up itll tle freat'e.- .hto ltutineers intetded to ouou, ate tte tbur persoo s in the t oatbiu, but loft, or I'ledo doatns,, s. and nfterward'agreed to let thtal livetnd to tlaveyohem, toeether wtth the oroo, to the mecev oftale mvos the lols boat, on their bweolinevr Cr to doetomiet otheom. This wals oexo.tedoand the oaid five pelons left the Bre I gouzain toie beginniUe of August. in the 1011 hst, ado abotIt 7nmi esdistant fom Europe, with suftient provisionzs for three weekl, s compass, hoarts' sails. &., no vesisel being then i view, but the weather was lne. wasd the Branazu having oee cseveoal e ait the same day. it may Ie hoped that the boat wlas picked up bytong oftthem Tlleomltiocre now .teered to the North nea, with the lotention of sintkng the, ohesol ao a onvenient period io l the o eighbnrhood of the Etbe but wle rstevenotettomo doing tobyruloino ou o gjo oreo on this cosat. The vesseo has boon unloaded by conter fronmt asootal quaterr , a. d pa t of ht.r barge hia been delioered to the tlltho idts; the emainder bhas Ieen stolen, together with the stomeN, .oof the osseo l. "Both otheotm wer j e Uoockra ited Stntoe." The boat ootcetd above, was piaked up ol thie I2th Au-. g o.t, by the brig t lildw ob with five persooip i hor, and ca rid r into tO.oeiok. Their names woreoMor. G.51. tDiehl ad tadvt trs. Forley, the Capttns wife dtie second mate, Air. hloir, and thedook of the brig. FR ANCE. oailing of the Exkpedition against Ofl. ico--Tele. graphtco DiratcltRI-.ot.sT, ,erlpt I - t'he Nerette frigate, iheCreoloe orvetlte, ad dho C tuirssieo brip Scomennde respectively ho Coptains Turpojos ond his Ilpoal I ohllsas the Pltnceoa of Joinolle,'snd Coouol de foourdllo. sailed frm Brostt harbor on hthe I't o tSepteonber t Admtoral B.otn bas hoist. ed hcij flog on board tile Neede.. !oe proceedo in tile first Instance to Cadiz whererheowrll hbi joned SIty theGhioire anot Medee trilgate. The squadron will proceed tlenqe to Mlexico, where thi e Adott. rl will take the comomanod inhlliof of the novat force rmploitd in the blockade of tire port of that rBourse, Wedneuday, lolfopst three o'olock,. PM -Fotor the acc0u00 the ott.e cents soiltedo t t 80o B5c, derliood to 80t 751', anid reoooreo d to 801 85 i t last price So lower thhon )esterdy. As they h s. citoated several tome. froot the above prie0s thore f has been n .eo { i Heolo business doone. Tio dive per 0enas III fhtlre o0ta tail. - 'he Duchess of rleonos gave birth to s,0n, on Bt 14th Augus!, whoi was ilouotodtotely boplltod 0t Anoo reeriod thoo note ot Louts Philtoppe Atthrto, h and the title of the Coumt ot Paris. Tle Duethass r orderPd liberal donatonSl to vor ou b emotaole in s. titulins, ond a gott 01 100 tIracs to every child of either sea borth it Parisou tle s0atue day with hr own. Sappeors tht the Diet of Switzerland hbs re. fusr ed rt expel Louis Bollsepnrte hut. a proposolioa Swas offlorrd, aod strongly s opoorted in the Dret, it Ihot ohe stale of 1thtooroovla (ill which ht resides) to ould charge itself with the duty lt requirino Irom hitn a disavowl 0l his pretenO O nS as a French citizen, and a promiso otat he would never put otot rlh ouch t claioo. Tthis prIootllOOon wa( too be ooeteooined ontohoe B0th Sotototber, ond it carr0ed it was holievted that t woltld sitosfy the toFro.nch ngovernment. Nevertheleas a despatce h from Count tt elle to he Duke oitf Mlotetoelln had been coon. oounicated to the Swiss Vor,,rto,)j w htoh the Duke was ordered todetmotd hib oolspr tfilSwtzaetrland h 'uld ,refuse to expel the Pnrnce. A French blsht prie bos been established in it Alotier,. by o Papal boll. STwo grititles of Paris foyBh duelwioh pistlo ooonbhe :t1 ot Setoenlhbeo. A tovr was in to he cs, lof course. Thie for duelollot thoed twice, but no. hodly was o urt, aRnd the Oseonds interBered. The trial of (tinersl Broossrfl, for peculation and olher offence, in bhe Aloerine t empaign, has ter. g roinoted. Il wmps founo guilty on otte count, and o scouitttd on the other Ihere.' 0 Prince Pulionneo as m t Munich, Aug. 29,on.his 10 way to Verono, where he intetded to pass the SoWilnter, tile clttate lof Bavaria beiog too severe olo o hloshtottered health. C Three toeo of war, tho Nereido friates, corvette to Creole on4 brig Cuirossier, sotoed fromo Boeat for oh the coast ot .lexoeo, o0 the let instant. The 00Creolh is eolnmtnded by the Prince de'Joinvtlls Adnirol Otauo io comes out'i, the Nereode, t0 take cootmmand of the blockading oqoedron. These Sves.sels w'ere'o touch at Cadiz., od thlere bouined b_ y oh. eritratea GIoore anod Mledoe. r French Funds.--Paris, Set. 5.-Fie per cots, P tIlt. 3,I. 4oc leor ond a half per c0nts, 1060 . .e 5lc.; tour per cents. 1t4f 50c.; three p0r cenl0, o B01 80c.: bhnk ac0u0 , 0,625f. 2,630o. o. Laoese Prie.-Foove per cent , i2lf50; three pe0 'a cents, 00 01Bi ; bank actions, .63t0ff. Tbsrrlde EmperOr arrivoed quite uoexpettedly at Mo tcboh.b,oto tho middle oftAugtul, trvmellitg itco!. under the , Roleof Con lit of Adlerlobt. A onmber o amusf u ome oo - Sdotosre toldofhts m oemsntloo. On hit arrival ot Munih; i.:tuo ofdrivitg to the fisooo. he stopped t the polot-hoasa, eand leavi2 wlord for the Kin (ofofB1ri) whero hb wao to bhe found. he taerted el for rsuth. Ou bu way thither, h lt hil esrrlrg anld lot iuton salsl cort beloooing toa pha od out whom he moet. ad pocoded oo his journey, meotino with conidsrablosapplaotion from the lens d'0arls at the voriouo stations, who cols hardly be t atidld, even by an in 0s opectioo of hie poport. Atooo etotiou the gsard weoson the poot ofsrrcshnrg Imh _ ad susi..s pesaa.,dM ntie.holte was obligad to disclose hi. real harterM and Aeve thea hi. story was oat received withoat suspicion. Thie permoan pap cuontin a new ue againt Poland, - by which the Poles aoe forbidden to wear the. Polish cos tume, and commanded to.asudme the Rusian--which, they are told, s itnch more economical. The AugrhnrgOazorte (good authority) ntlrma that Run .t wil uke sides with Turkey against the Paso b of Egypt hould ha attempt to emtablish his iedependence of the Sultan. J.rakogtny.- e havoe seen a letter from Port. etu.Platt, dated A-ap. 2lt, which states that law has been recently paened by the Haytien Congrecs, which prohilits the eutting of mahogany in, any portion of the ilwond after the let of January next. C We do not well understand the -motlvea for such a law, but it is supposed to be the encouragemtent of egrietture. and the preservation ofthe principal staple of the island, which. it is said, is already growing scarce.--. Y. Jour. Conm. cNew Dore Tal.--A new method of dve.trailing has recently been invented, and u maohine to cut the wood, ns that it isedone with great despatch. Instead of tihe two edgea of board which ore to be fastened' together being cut in alternate notches and teeth, the hook and grwtve are cut perpe rli. cularly upon the edgres of the hboard respectivelv, thoseq edges being each beviled upon an angle of forty:five dlgerees, orso an to divide the riglht anole equally. On the edge of one board the groove is cut, and the Iltmk upon the other. It ia a very pretty, as well as useful and economical invettion. The inventor is Mr. Davis, who has one of the machines ih operation at Castle Garden.-N. Y. Jour. Com. HAMtTonn.--We conv the Allowing from the Morning Poat, a real Van Buren print: " The 'Gl-be, recently, speaking of Alexander Hamilton, said that he was a brave and honorable man, and wholly above bheing either a hireling or a lave. We differ wholly from the Hamiltonian school of politics, but subscribe most cordially to this opinion of the Globe.-Hamilton impressed his great genius upon every thing aboutt him; and marched to his ends with a heart which never faltered. Most t;ue is the entloy upon that great man, unhappy only in the ocasion of his death. Hamil. ton was a positive man--a man with an opinion upon all public questione-an opinion which he was ready to express and defend He had enemies then, who aimed at his fame, which they tried to tarnish; at his life, which was finally taken. Thousands lift their heal at the name and services of this reat mnn, who will remember and laud some owl of a politician, who shirked clear of every respnsiblli'y, and could only say no, at the -xpenditure of a dollar. We thank the Morning Past far the paragraph we have copied-it is the contrihution of a hewn and polished aston to a monIument more deserved than that onl Bunker's Hill, ano it will not appear le-e beartrful for hatv Ste Ireen supplied by a political opponent.-U. S, i Gazelte. The Baltimore American of the 17th inst., has the following: "THEg MACKEREL FtSBEtttRIs.We perceive from I the palpers t several towns connected with the r, fishries, that Mackerel have been very abhtnd ant h for a conpleotl weeks past. Prevo.ullly thllose n I, gaged in this business have met with very little Er sucrPes, and he article has attained a high price e, on account of the errcity. The Gloucester 'li e- egrauh, howerver, sttell that fat Ian ckerel were 'I never Iliure plenty, and tIhat in one day the fisher E I en near that place, had takern nine hundred and a. fift barels of them,1 remarkabhle or their lorge . size. The Hingham Patriot also naolies the suc . cetse of th.l fishermen o that t town, oand etates thlat s, some tnnIvidllla had each made thirty dollars per y day The Yarmouth Register mentions tliat ar si il r r lccensa has betn met l ith all nrould in the shores of Cape Cod, and II the Bay ol Fun. r dy. In Btarnstable Bay three thousand barrela were caught in one day, a single vessel tnking several b.' rrlse. The tamll success, it it laeprted, neas not otrended the fisr:lrier near IMoulnt Dnsert, and the neighbuoyhood of that Island, ' i'ANKIEI SHREWDNESS. COMIhNG IT Itr' 'll TlM FIFTEEN GALLON LAW --\'e understand that ptl crusto toh DtviSin ai iuster a br Dedihan, yestelrday,a - .' d e bit apon ha u lowing uovel espedllent o wade ithe liene law. He made apilisaetion to et,h Selectmen EIr a i celse to exulhit a stripedpi 'aring tile parade % .lay, which wav granted. 1ie aur.Cdingly procu-l led a pig, and with a brush painitea 'OAe Stlrip, otn hle back,and yesterday unning he hiad a tcli erected tn tihe fild, with due natce i I .P xle-e r rln r, that a striped pig was to be seen wit hin: I.' " ofadmlasion, six stlli a qu lter cents. 'I h' elt reat I teingl so low, Iln.erous vtllers were llrduc ed Itoe call upon his swinish majesty, and every ollle oln ellcoing out ptpeaRed hlbihly aratlied wter t"le kin I 11 alld ciurtteou It tltlte hIe l tUit wl ih Irthll the, keeper of the riemark.t le ,iet ig, for each celr t aa Hetled to a glass ol brandy and aatir or ll, ar tr whatever iqluor he mtnht proter, weiis et traehargle, . mli ve t er\ell stwtetlt plrtte e E tl h r were iducel' d il tliake a I econld I lt .IIt l U lll ltn , Iet an, were as klttdly and i liert lly iite :ted as at tl l t aleLr first visit. At the I' t lctIy' l s j I Itt e t xhle - tion was drIvlnll ;i b sfr bhusilee-, and t, no ol. ) to lnake ta roli able tlaty's jib aI toXIex ' tItlg ie ' atripetd pig "-U".non betttn'il. " BJ ly.Iunes'sS'lilog.y -Thu foThe0 11: Iaproonl :d relettollwns, nllcrd b oneof Na s lra. ro b vr "",,nateua; Ske.lLhs+," give:. a Oimntpse ot dIory inn tihe way of Itiure iinprovemet+ "I wonder it leby wt n dl't ilst mei for a Charley u Hl iolterl n oysters lad tIanu s.,1up hiaguy e in a splended vuace: and, insteati ,t 1 ATeerilng !t et away if the ttteves wter to hear me Egttingtg outC II t style of d itg it wouald ainot coux'ean tll come nod Ibe tuk up, 'iTey'd feel ihke a bird w;len a Ssuake s urter it, atd I would wake up antd okel t their coat collar riht inta my litt. 't'hen fI : r a i while, 1dI be promoted io the laney Ibsinpes tat pig ketching,wwhicah though it 1s wIrry liLht and werry eceileai, requires gtnu,. 'T.l'at eve'y naLutmati come the ailelltitS ill that line; and has studied the nature of a pig so a- to b'tat hln maln Euvrei,.g, and make hint surrealder because he see, it aItn no tise Of doing noteing. It wanlt lar ni .g to conwinee themn rature, and its onl) to abs dolle by heading eat' up nundsome, hopping : which evet way they hop, and trilping 'am ui gertteel by shitKing IIanus with their off itid , g.i eId scorn o pulllbheit ais out by the ro aIs, or to hurt their he,itngs by pulling or draggtug 'em. e about by the cars. * But what's tIle see? II i tas listed, they'd asoot, ind out to holer the hour anl to ket,'h the d thieves a y steama! yes, and thty'd tlae 'cmt to a court on a rad ru; aan try tae.a with blliting wa ter.--They'li sebae have black l ocomoives for n watchilen and constutles, and big itiers for j- l. d gs anu tnuayors. Ptgs Wvt. I e aketcherd by a,,amI sand Eiled lit to eat belrre they are doge squealntg. . By and y, lto.s wolt ae ot no use at ai. 'l'lre Iwont be lno prople lt the world but tea kettles; no Suoutahs but el.lrty vadlvesa, ad no talkia' iua off aeaute. It I had a ,titleoatler inside at Sme,eI'd turn o iiitibu-, and week oa.. 1'd run It tn ( Kelnsington to the Navy Yard, and Suliday)s Id tun to 'ailrmtount." SNOrTICE. e rrr I'.le ship Hanib 1, Capt. lumoford, f oal New Yurlis now discharging opposLte tie inta. Con n signeei will please attea to tIe receipt of a it goods. d LEVI It tALE, Agell, oct3 ' 93 Coulilon st iA , Cl W'. .A FIRST yate MdlhCow ftr sa'e. Apply to Capt. d Uardinr on board ship Yuzo,o,pusosne Vegeta hble market. oct3 NoTICE T WAit'le Lt DIE.ilLh.bS r I'THE attention of persons twho deal in water, is pI enll-d to an ordinance of he first Municipalitv, passed at theia salllg ot the allh tteof tieagul lat--the ConlhlereiaI \Ydter Works, hoelg cu.i.pleiad thiee h ELLIOTT, h ocet3-e3t tSe'v. 'n- il"UUK-- 00 bble Iresh Fluot, ufr sale Iry to (UDOK • EY, td o,3 ' 44 New l.evee I ED BEANS--1U 0 sacks inestore and for sale by oct3 41 New Levee s rb-1OPPERAS--20 bbhla in stare al for sale by t. oct3 4 New Levee SLINSLtED Ol tul store and lfor sale by n G DOivSE, ec- oet3 44 New Levee. III 11.., SOAP, dc.--Winter blenched Spcram Oil iall blechet Spaer tlil, a.pure artile. N. is and 2, Soap of Valentine and nther brauds-J udd's Pa e tent Sperm Canlies, and a smeall lot of Spanish Priaei Spe egars of superior quality, in stare andfir etleA by S ti BUANCiARD, IOct2 3:3 Gra icr st e tM OIL--I cas. pure, bleached sumneer ie b Sperm Oil,landing from ship M.lasippi, for sale Is A bSAAC t ruIIDGwE - Ct), (e Oct2 13. Magazine st. s LITHNGu-4 caseo Liverpool sSeiled twilled ad sV lhialaadieg from Park Henry, for gale hoy ISAAC BRIDGE &r Co. Oct2 l44 .Magazine st I' PRINTR AN'ED. A JOURNEY N Printer wantedl; none need ap A ply except well ae.tainted with Job Work, both 'Cs and PrIisse apply at ier DAVID FELT & CO., N Y Stationers' lull. Chartre st A I.SO-a Lad to work in a Printing Ollice, and Book ibindera; apply as above. Ta-U B ELLAS-6 casee~htaa Umbrellas, landing ad lroto s tip Missisippi. for sale by 1isC ISAAC BRIDIGE & CO, as Oct2 134 Magazine st. - R-EFilEIt rWHALA Oil h . --t harreeh Ne Ilu ledford refined Whale oil of superior qualiny; 2r I casks New Bedfrd winter oil, warranted palre, ow the lnding from barqe Hearv. from losto, foa r sale by rn- JOSEPH COCKAYNE, tmh td St. Charles Theatre. THIRD NIGHT OF TIlE SEASON. tI This Evening, October 3d, 1838, d Will be performed the petit comedy of the THE LOTTERY TICKET. Wormwood, Mr. Cowell, Charles, Plumer, Grand Pas Seul, by Mad'lle Ravenot. I Two Overtures, and the National Airs. Tho performance will conclude with the musical En- t tertainment, called tile WATERMAN. Tom Tug, Mr. Plumter, Oct3 SECOND MUNICIPALITY. 1l[TERE brought to the P utnd of the Second Muni W' icipalito, in Baronne street. between Heina and Girno strer , on the 23rd instant, the following V animal, viz: Anlarce I iv Mule. The tane is requested to prove property and tlake hite awav I fore Saturday, 6th October, or le will be sold by P ', Guillot, Auctioneer. HS IIARPER., sep9 Captain of Watch TL a eti amene an depot delal de.Mlunicipalhti Irue lnatoune et Hevia et flirod, le 23, une grosse mule bale. Lepropribtaire eot'requis de venir prot versa proprit16 et I'emmener avant somedi, 6octo Stobre, ou elle sera mis n rurte par P A Guillot, encant ur, s36 II S HARPER, Cap Watch, ode inn S 1TATE OF LOUISIANA, Parish Curt e d Parish and city of New Orleans. Present the Honorable Coi rles Mrlurian, Judge. September 20th tr 1838. No. 111i8. William Kenyon, vs. His Cred itors; Upot reraling antl flin" the petition and sehed n, ale ithis case,it is ordered by Ihe Court that a nmeret 1in of the insolvent creditors do take place in open court, onh tie llth day ofOclolter nxt, at 10 'cochk, A M, then and there to -hew cause why the said indol. vent should not be disclhrged occordling to law, and in a thie ean ti ,ne all roceedings against his person and to property are stayed. ARMAND PITOT, s sep2.-t::a:w ierk. i TAT DE LA L 'iUL I-ANI--Cur die I'oani ponr la paroisseet ville de In N-Orlcans-No l1128 S-Prevent I'HRn Charles Manrian, Juge--20e eeptem ig bre 18:18-\ illiam Kenyon coutre ecs crtearmia- t Apreo lecture et enrleistrtment de In petition (-t du tableau :adtto cette acftire, II ot dicr~tt qa'uote a nssetblel de I'insolvable aura lieu en pleie cn u;. tole Ilejltr d'octobre prochain a 10 theures du ntatili pour d, dnire laon riuits pour lesquells edllit insolvnl ble nh serail pas lolh-re: en attendant toutes pnursittAs juliciairps contre sa personae on ses pro,rithsnsoul arrerces. a 22 asp:3 AR'IlND PITOT, GOrftier. MAS.iN'S n CHALLENGE BLACKING! hJ 1 AS. S. OMASOtN,of Philad lijhta, lbau respectfully nt N to apprtea the mterchants anld iplblii eoilrally of n. New rlr. an aId l.Siilna, that lie onhas )piinted lesros. Reeie &u o)'[ll.t e thIe sroae agerts loto the sale i h ofl ulic tneqoellol d in lini nitable C(tAI.iLNiie. BOUT AND SHOE BLACI(ING ini tlls sctiOnt iof CiIeitrey; on article hih sil ,ltnls tre nttiiient forits ler tifutil hlsire, anil couiiorlily of quiti - ity The iniitilCrer warrantll theChalllong Itlackil nd in, to retai ilts virtes hi tiy cliiiiote, nttd ,preorerve te letlr thlti o wthicii t is aplllied, tic offers l$IOi I!re cIniUltlto uiy person who will produce tts sRpreir. Certificates can he seens t the sitore of Ite1sra. Ieese ir L'nd I)'i.Oe, Irotl ioercllanls of it ll IieDl resnprci IlI ,ilily, henrin ti neI , to is tinlnllll nl l lIeInr iirly td ,ver everv octher Blacking in tlo United l Saios. :\tI orders fit this artiicle i N. Olrlelns, or liny lnll ilt'thlli n, sctlionol'hl it,, )ill, iatit l Iebirw rdlld to tie . le1 te Agents ns Mni. e, whl will pty pnraritilnr ittletiot to I tlhe same, and fill tleml at tile lanulelictllrers Irile:s. lot JAS. S. MIASOIN, lie Plildeilphli , sept. 10, I .1 Ca5 lwhill st. IfEESIE & I)'ILAiltr, Colll and Faincy Srtre, 18 Camlllp treet. s.op22 S I-AVAN tCi.IVjI.l:_- bts piime gl.r, ,'i Ilan Ie lin tlire, iof the ion crop, now landing hout t brii Charles CaI roll, for sal.e Ir O- l JOii'Pl COCKIAI NbI, - Dol: (hrocirrot T. I1(: ) t( P).' .l:- li)1) suca s t o so lpe:,lider quali iy, O;r sale by Orlet 40 Podrns ýtraet d . - R.l- Ni- 't li II , o' l'I :. - -1 TI . . . /ll'H1;' Co- nmrln-rIip berr,.liore 'tintil'0 ordter thea .- firms el' GIl,4 '1\ L. 11, l)O NEl t., in the f ial' se IIhtel. Iis h.been thi -day VI;isl ,el l Ibv nIIll'rl c+.b. `li. J ohl I 11. 11oII1i .l li e lll l rced oill t the a 1[ - 114+1 ol bthe ita[lli -rs of to I l r oe 'o l iln -i", nod lthe ii;tnr o h t o ill he I1 e, oly In L. tlilh t l. "I F1, \1 , 10-i .l E ll 11 .:1.:.\\: I n r .l 1lEI p i,"e it Ire,:I fIlo r tt-,loo i.+ , }"S-' p r batrrel, c ' r m l, to Ib,+ t h i:' hll th I k ", h l Lit - ,la r, 1i1 . p , ,,wo +k {" ,,th .lr 'd,1 v Itl ()"( .i7 otlo cls of 'ret l fit" al hiit. Bl ear: of't':" s 1.,,d .Wodbt - ,tullit', to w:' ih -13, tolt. .teile'i· "l't+J +.1 ' III'P ? i ,, 1 : ., l 2.', . ', ,rIs+ t,, Tr tE pa nt-e ,f o fi i Tl e lo t dp o v of v, N . ( , ,,:,or,w t b' il t111 ý',o(t I,."r I~nr,elm lto In t. i ,,Ie o 1' ,\ rdr' rek' ei %il' o d 1t O1'+ I I lie i t1llll l 41ot 1 - m 1di' I b lrn I, ·, il r ,t, r . dl Ire f d ayo "l, pp arol h' an , thNkl re n 'of l lie-1 a hes,-no olr th r II'e Ihlle l it ,I boilal it I, e al0, i,, i Ulllr "P r.," l 't~lll u -1 tihe fllflllllt' util to I n-t o I''ll ~to 11111l eosl.Ill ' v ul'. lh l:a t.r,s'T l ,i ,i ,.Irll :. e g il. to 0 c rdTrL ee .,niv d th I ll, atli ( ce il nllulik ll N m. FV he thiefe1r thiV lesi whol, Id mtP y , r i rces 10i1 coiLs ro.e, t'or -.le hy iIe.A l .t'Ril'r:. ot r .s " LICt 1e rni'l ,1 , e sapm9 _,i or '29 New Levee "I\li Sit LE--l'he 'lea!s ' I \ l0l..Il tmill hel t he q 4 at , arne tl totckh'. lo Sl+k litr n rv lies, or Ihesui mu persons, -ilbrin- slellgrtil s; r, anld he above swaurd will be paid onl e~lvc lll vw ti or , leet 1thall i 'lticso e l uiberah a ly I To IF \V'I ,\ 41'ON & S :ti.\I , I 8,1e29 7 innt Lave E s FI 4FY D-41r1 Itt I ll.fL he ild ' tiltl (h de,e otnlii nl cs Ivmc et Nt. Ti!he tin or thirts Wit utrellined Iny for roIc 33Gravnd fr tre l, last is ht 7 u7h t1.E and bIE C , open ld ni eahed shitints an ·10 hankl, Dati ..........ow 5-4 t on .. .... t n s' "an i .... i s tu ik ......trt-I kee al~od-n v Tild e clma nd ofor i lT i T dIe) cE &ipti CO , t. se? 1 4 ninge +ine dt n AtIt hNG&Itope. 40p dia Inga78i9 iLll ropeD~r m s111:~ t lor~e and lal l, ls b ev I 2 .2 e nsur lerln I wl nt r tlol,iol ofd tdll A MEllr ki dl tl d( qu ,ll - es.--Tl Ii nl-r-,rs,,p oeell r Lllad olthe llr personll t tir e le ane I fto e tle b oy olt fir L A le Y e , or SliU ,. e t Weten bttr\ v~(I); audr by E ai s p uer' ; o:I.:briheo such rlitl,"a If r ,,le, aud tOrl e above leJnrd IWh be paid onel cuaovinII 1 hts ediel. p_ --td .h33 (;d f Wravier 8 t8 It ICE--!, tie.... fre." I'. .ol" e l, pon . . .lihy, do, IE ~ A leL)(E~ O )sae by : .LA 'FLt & 'TIEEIR, s+'p'19 40 1 Pudras st A]] N~ G~en.+-le;; \Vb^2 ite Sot.,;r, auk..l'. i eot qualreitis of aeonrh, for sale by SA.ATERr & E TRIER,l Rep?9 4 tlt vdroas xt HeI 9 11 BURG CNDY 1 Inc luxenlb~i lfo; 1nnbie ny ' 01,1129 ,10 l'oydtas at -t '-'l i.-11 -e .-, TT1 DE I, ,iL nssoud Pr omen - dBlue Derry paoit 'ttut ,li e e laNous; Heavy Liver.a pool striped trilled and eottoll sburt'; \VIbil+ Angola Fltngel It Ic, s eirt lt c CLllowe naede Frockst landmg from ship Ehlt 4ann. t'ie sleo by ' ISAAC doltl)(iB & CO, +,el,!7 131_ llc._,=a ine t II C C1- 011][ ClIPt , .1'.--."i ea.-es Ililb, lmr, -1-4 lin I u en-1 t, h oleachod sbi,'ting , atl iyt Dh rh s vis-Y ,.'ilia brown 54 LoItz Clotbs, landing fro Nw ship Chero kee aod Seaman], an~d fre saale ty ISAAC BRI!DGE & CO, sep07 . 13.1 aai s11 nI t O rope, ntn ture an£d folr sale by I.YET "&+.021 A ELUNG, sep.5 17 ;omuaerr e st (CKK--21 hblm mess; 25 hl FI.; el+a,1 t; bole snt eY clear; 80 bblls soft 11e"1,+ 30 bids shoulders; 20 be bils M 0 Puork ille ore, a.d foir sae ev LAMe .. Jno.\\IELUNG, s Be 7 Commner'ce st 'L-()UI--40.4+ +Ul)" , 1e ,20 bols lnte flour new ti wheat iu sto e and ho, .,.e hy LAY ETL & AMIEtING, sep27 17 Co nuleree a t At )Nl 1 S I I E S - - 3 11 1 a l d s Bp c , u 6 i d o o -iua s t o r e 1 an I for sale by LAYE I' ho AM1EIU\1;, e sep27" 17 Cunomerce et Y -' .7"- 13 BU I' 1il'lR=- keh s 'uperior quali V .' ty WVestern butter, r,.ceived aud fior sale by IrP, STE-0 o. AVER.Y, sep27 38 Gravi+.r st 'TOFLUSA ,Parish C.ourt" f or th~e Parish cot( Coty of N. Orle .m. 1elthHpCare atan Jde No11 Mr . John Wh te in aet,,al custody, qt. his credit 'Q, ors aud the creditors of White & Foley. l; September 13th, 1838. UPON .sa'li"t.g sn, fil t 'he petitioa and sch. du!e in t i ca e, it is ordain , h v the C uurt That a I rlt ;als' tle 'c, '-edito, rs or Jon, Whi .....d o Whlite & Fo ley doI take place o,, open Court o a the fth dy o Oc. tcl r nx' et then, and there t, deluiertt n1 the afrlurs .At of Jon."hite in hi; indlividual capaci y anid as a me r er of Ihse AIrm nf W hite & Foley, a ud to show Is cante wbv the said John White should not he dis ch'trged occording to law, and in th e an time all I prceedings again t his person and 1pYra ery are staved. Order o)f the Court. Clerk's Ofie, New Orlenss September 13th, 1,331. selp 15 2w.20d J. t )LLIE, Clerk. t i s : ,D,. LA -I-IIIANE-C ,lr do Poruoiss dCpourN lpnroiseet .illede In NouvelleOrleat.s,ý P r esent H on. C tr ies M a rie m, jue c, eptem nhre 1:1, Jh 838--Nn 11,1J33-Jehn White centre sea crera~eirrs et lea c rb a n ia rs et Ic s c rb a nci ,rs d a \V bite & F oley - - Sur leclure at oorbgistr am ent d L I a petition at tableau 0tdons cette afiria rit e-t decerte par la eour qq'une as. It emhlbe des crbaociers. no J-hn White et de White. S.Foley ait lieu en plein++ cotr he fid'outohre pmchain, -pour ,y dlbliheror.,mr les oflfaires de John While dons su ngcapatcite iod,vihflelle, et c,,mne uu toember do brso. cibte de White &. Foley, et pour fa.ire savoir pourquoi 'edit Jelhn White no e era pas dbehargb colon Ia lui et e r, attendant tolle pnurnuites coutra sa pere-nine et ses ýwtwrpri6tbs aunt arretbs. Pat or,ire de |at, our. Nou ty elic Orl~ans, sept. 1838. Tw sepl t5 J OI.IE. Dbm,K' Grelier ACON SIDES--35 ský sullener Cincinnati Bct rwl: ill storc an I }- .i|, g. by aI 1: DORSEY, Ort'| 44 Net' linter. ST. CHARLES THEATRJ?. THIS mrnnificent structure has undergone, during Sthe recess, an etire new order of emhellishlnent; the whole of the interior las been repaired; the Ghan delier hs een talken to pirces, and its 13 cwt. of cut glass beds andl drops cleaned and polished; nothing has been netlected, eitler in the buiiding itserlf or in engagoefents, which have been madle with the first dra uattis tolelt in tile cutitr, to pronote the high ehar acer whlich the St. Char es lis obtained both at honme no abroad, for its being one of the first dramttic Es thblish nente in the WVuild. The Orchestra, heretofore atekiwledged superior, hais been cols derably increased itt etlnumr and talent, end formter deftiietnies it particular members of the Prague Bond. Dnring rIte season the most successful dramas of the day will be prodeed,and in a style which it is pre suoled will give generl satisfartion. The following lndies and Gnertlemen oresin treaty with, and engaged. JOHN UL BARTON, Stage MNnager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, II. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. lHarrison Meosrs. Plumrr, Peosaton, Page, Farr n, Porter, Williams, Davis, Cowel, Paert, D)ehar, Dennisoel , And olhere in treaty. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHIN.E CLIFTO, .3rs. Barnes, .Miss Charlottlle Brne. loesdarmes Farret, Mead'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cowel, Jones, Debar, Chllester, Plumer, Sr .it, Harrison, C. Smitot F. BIrown, Ravenuo, Smith. S. :I. LEE, Principal .Artist. N. Lewis, Cosatmer, Weil, Tailor, S. W ullis, Proplertiee Makeo . ORCHEISTRA. MsIesre. Croce, Mlessrs. HIfller Galilenori, Myeoraa Jcohbi, Storm, Ziiterbart, Lueioni, Deeforgea, Charltan, Carl. B. Hopt. Fao, Elnrlhardt, Krueer. Rove, Hllanllnd, Srelger, Foster, Cioffi' Conduitl r strell. Prinli, Crippe, C Iliopt, Even Palreosorn. And otlers in treaty. II. W. JtNAS, Lender It. W. Ellhut, lIred of Pullice. sep'?7 (t CURII (i I'TEltl S I'ttNi-S-3,Itlfl rtnlroilg Sfer ol'nrurb and gute r stones of tile follllo . ind InrSiotlo, l inii;. Ii it., 18 in. ,.LI ill., t 2 int., and 238 iu., ,frexpected tIo arrive Ieitieete le st olf ittober and 15111i i Jaotnr next, ill be sold by the subscribers n nrri. 0v1 no bthe inonice. Termls. Cash ol the delivery of le bill tf I'iding. Persitnlsapplyig Ishall receive thie o they ar rive, in the order of their nappliecation. eE'l'EitS & MIIILARD. Sep 27--tf ',I i"ftl,'l'.ftSu IN A A DI N YV. RI)LPiAtL'It'OIlY to Jfrellrson Cl cSi andto th S eer coIndcIted lie Ift. (Gret, t. I t. a Exchange Aller, Ir.netn Itili tid Ijtienville. Tli Ssitratii lin a. 0 Ilh meiL t elilile thll could be foued; y lttin renlirelv I'rie frol tile t iose of the streetO end ithe rattliti cf iIl'ie s t e norf llnters. tT elite Jielfrlil Aclrlitllyis divided idto twot deprt ri e, Tl. e .Iu rlioror eleerlnary derlpurt ent for the 0to vnrtelo blrneti oftotlaonlln eductlilitn ill Fretich and in *,,g i-h--I'l Senior deport reet br leslit, firtek, Ihnllnfh ttir's, &c. I'unn ulilyo , order an. diseijpline '" are strictl t eiloilled sill observede.l Tlelltn. Juiiil llrinlernntnt lenr eIitlli $10 A. ellitlr do : Spanish ii Ist. loens, sli rc, plprr, &c.tlhnred sepanrately; f1 fnll , if lA itth Ott eu l ll t oi be aidi ill ftlll; 'lrd. NI, d Ill iou t Iitt t t el t r t l ir lot inrt dayt.s 4th. I'tiv rll s to be sonde reI ulu' v ee e ru y month,. .t uhol Ihouort Iilt Is 1-' toe 3 o'clock, except 'l.lTrta. depf7. shlip 1 \anzo, Itlro New Y,.k, a fe'w atoee l IIrllly'ts cl'llulh t t c u;tloe i M aellasii for sale by the doz.,or grove by sep27 N Y Statiutnrs ntl. 4 4llhartre at Nr\t I IE. ' p1111: pulit i bltrlcv I lifcd that on me fitrt day l ' of htouln r neslt, ille h Ct s ll ' IlttIl, kllt aG t lt ish 'p's ln sm mIll till t. ,, ilcl hI , t lted--l ,p tra tolry 1 a plbt lllllllie o tIP Io ,+ 111,;1 a e ,'l s o ,lehi nll IIu to the ttn w r1 It21ed: , I T le hnb' thotu irSel,,otLi ll 'iknowl menl lr t: hberal putn1ge wthi,:h they have le S ) C \\ATERI',IAN & CO. Ep ?L - Id l-- . I I hllS In .itellio )r Ite ,d inttli oa l'o ng gaI ll lile . t; .s h , illt ll Oi lllo 14,II ;o a l irt" L''t day of th' l, m-.l I 'rl. y ~lll ,is n . Iý II ,;,l l'o lul n r ll thei d slertlio oiI],' ut (".lde int~ d sla l t lta loo + : . l i. ,ll th. : t t' r tit' 'lanth v, liii-". ill - +,.cilra I ,,It,..,+ll* of1· iii. lthe -til, Hli to sIlo i+ a "iadhnt< oi uste 1,l the hIn -I ltll utell d unlllivePrtlive 1it TI'la" reT! of llllliooa to I, potrslled in this ltetmin.. hv , i ,I t, lplll ro, healedl ill th t ulhwin distion, sl: I. I'he ,Lu bsh deparinl ll, embrt' ing all the ,hr. s of' a thorough ahd Uctt plitaed .nghlah ed. 2. The dlosictl delartlnent, comprehending the JLatinc alal (;reets aarliaa at. 3i. ' a tol tttr<te 1 odern langaiges, in which ill b., taught the Frntr hI, panislh anld Gterman laa 4.l Ihe mathematital nad department e ,lnprg'ehenditg t A 0gebrn .., ttlltthettwo w 'Trlgonoaut Iri+ ill , thelr pIl'a'tical a ialittla to taurve ing, N titol i rtO,taatroillV re. Natur.l Phtlna.oplvand; Cht .,atttr,ilhaItrtllted b6v p1ptopiriate expelnientsa. IIet .vng t'I toe--e in thIe Mhld rn Languages will bre tll' e tIl 7I atttenld d to rota the Jlt October. Cl J II \IEII.IIA\N, A 31. ReFEmEoUPS: J GIBSON Esq, RaEV PIRESIDEtET SHA.\NNON, Louisiana College lait CI A I.UZINBERG, 1. C IlUNC I lt siq, J NIC(IIOLSON E.q, New Orleans. set 2, 18t38. O\.1 --I-1 b .oxes at upl . i...rt.. dal for sale low to S aloa.e, 4WINSrTN & SHALL, sept 5 7 Fr mt Levee Clie.'FE-- ill sacks Ilavn ll, and 4110 sacka Rio, iu tgrass sucks, a su )ertr article, i itore and for. ,alie b vWINSTION & SHALL, sap,95 7 Front Levee / lLtIrI c ties, Ico lrisilgf all Itsorlmeta a fsaeranatble clothtint, taulding fromt Sea Itllen a.d, Clh'rokee, for s:ale by ISAAC BRIDIGE & CO, sep2I5 131 Moagzinae t I :-\'1.1,1 I'otioous 10.-5 balesb lb ixed T4 S4 C:otonlide; Il haltes heuv v. 7-8 and 4.1 Lowell Ctttton, au I 7 hl lt plain an twled Ill owe I ell I indeye; landiag Iromn ship Cheelokee, and for male ISAAC BRIDGE &. CO, sep.6 131 Magazine at ~ ,i1aNY 1..-1.S- 1i,t)0l I, 1, 3atud 4 bushel a sizos in stole aud Itr sale by & ISAAC BRII)G & CO, sep~25 134 Magazine st. FtO It t'VIE 'IThe fitne fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob IMerrall, master, will have immediate i .aslatch, and ,ants 8tt bules cotton to comt plete Iher cargo; ftr Ireight or passage, atply to LLVI I G.\LE, act3 93 Common st. I" N. 0EW i OIK The ship I'IARILES, Capt. M'I.ana thin t laving 3.-t111of afr taledo enga ed and tt toing o boardn will meet witlt immediate des patcl. F .r freight of Illu tons Lead and 1"20 bales cot tou, apply to LEVI I OGALE, saepd2 93 Cotaton st FOIL NI"W YtIRK. To sail -n the 61h October. Louisiama and Ned o 'ork Liae. I.lTh slllentld atid flitt atintg packet ship YAZ )0, (Garli-r, nmaster, will have iln ntd.iate des)lItic far tlhe above port; for freight a 3t11 bales colttn or the bulk thereof, or pas sa na, havi g superior actommodatinoions, apply to the Cattaui on bard, opposite Ilte Vegetable market, or ta J 1)BEIN & A COHEN, .psept 911Colrmon at FOR ALEXANDRIA. The ateatner DENMARK. will l.§ trun ts a regular packet during low wafert, from motth of led River to Alexaria. or particulars atply to aopla JNO H GRAHAM. FOR LOUISVIL.E, AND) INTER..TE)1ATE L4NDINGS The splentlid steamer DIANA, F. Carter, lMaster, will leave ftorlthe ' r; above portsao aThursday, 4th jost., at 10 o'clock A. M.; fbtr raeight or passaFe apaly on boaltd.oro LAWRENCE & L.EGND RE, ldt ,2 28 and 29 New Levee. SAV AA COFI.FEE-1-3 bai s superior quality landing fr'om sahr iDialel, filr sale by SITETSON & AVERY, ep29 88 BGravier st [AY--afloat-ltO b.udles Eastern Hay for tale HL ly LEVI II GALE, s.pe9 93 Common at IEOG aNs, BOOTS &e--60 cases, s'alteining lte's Itat &ntdqatality ktp trogtans Boys and Youth'sa kit pbgted du'; Ilea'a pegged mrocteeo do; Sen's calf, selal and lororco, aewead amd pegged bootsl - landig (rut ship Seaman atd Clierokaee lr sale by JSAAC BtluDGE & CO, Ssep27 134 Magazine at PEE 3IY CA ILI~ Sugar &c-'00 boxes New ha dlfIrd Sperm Cadalles; 50 baxas while Hava na Sugar, 112 baeesa Havnta Coffee; 300 hoxes No. N Blttun Soap. leakson's brand; 20 ook's Rofa ing Zinc; 350 rheets assorted Ilrazier's Copper for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, rept9 25 Gravier KIAZIERI'S Copper & Zinc--50 sheets Bra c tier's Copper; 9 Cookba Rlofing Zinc., ulast re i ceived per ship Elier Ann. frmn BnRleoa. and far sale by JOSEPHf COCKAYNE, raPt 25 Gravier at

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