Newspaper of True American, October 3, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 3, 1838 Page 4
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EVtautTon ti + MIARtY KI:tILAND roner.pelt!v in. la4** fhepfrinds un at tn pat', eiar. ti le i lropaewd to vaeammodatae thaa at tbihthmo- t, e.d hoptsr tr.n !,er 't tlndervlsilor, en ori+,ble, at riea.iv. . frmer rtnrfnaret . Sio c:,atl. I thIat 'tfti visiting Coavinetotl during th,. cannot fiatdbhttr a.ccanatnladti.n,s sts a te h thea, on morn liberal rer n. as plstanttly silueatd, andl willi snplitird Seoirveni+nte; trte bar is airnishetl with Shtpsq litqors, Sac, in hlnirt,lsh prmniene t t wnating on hoir part to pige . aetn tiaetn to in l wholt. Ay ptrrn.:zte the li and t.Uuisiana Holtel. j,3 I PUBLIC -Thon uataeatiaal. hEtlvarr nied eqd6r Dr. Sri midt of Oi',rl'ntont, QfJiit,.lt tfor somne years tlin at itant in 'of mnigi..iieand e*rtery, hair the lannor l f ee s l servrica it this aity. e and gentlemrn thatt tie msat attettn will be paid to the c:Ils which -d lans offers his atrvic,'. to the fet being well nertc.ainteta witll the tre o I th.emt, Iaving tattnded theim in ine Lp. iClarlretoton. ' ft i itioon pilla tertht enmpoittion Stmollette. aithi direationt, can be had reigned. The rfaot wh:ch! they Ihave in this and other cities, has bexen aittelnded gi.atest eisenn a. to wihich Ite be)t of t T a "pube given. Apply at No. 1fi6 1t1~la. . NO. 'htLoRINtC. A ta, 1 %01t SCRlaIWiC, aAt IRONS. &e. S I-OWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. Water, near Bekmtan ttret, New York. hnEe re'eived the pant reason, nnd are cOr, st.ntyi l ei ltarge and extensive atddtions to tio s ole -tb'eeel gpooes, hoidts, nwtwt co nsists of the peolitfsAainrtmelnt, suitatbl for the southern and watern itarkete. Afleow were oi erperior qallity, enosisting of tniet 1S4I tone, viz, Pet otfil dif Frant si;,,. from 9:9 to 50 g:al!ons, Kuttles, 15 sizes, frott 3:8 to 30 .allioetn, Ktleas 15lsizs, from 3:8 to 18 gallon, ptukrpns or Ovens, 7 dfd:runt size", Tit Kettles, 6 d, kiUlle.r, . . 5 do atiSpidere ft do .'rred Spiders, S 1s. dloes, . . 4 do . gire Dogs, dtie Wagon bhoxes from 1 14 to 43 4 inctlen. Cart do. 5 to 7 inchas. * Wetd Screws, o0.o00 gross, iron anl brasn, fromt *ilbh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2d of a ·pr.rlr aleity and finisl, and less thatn Jaae's imprtedti Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for gesiling. Tnilor's end nttonr's Irons, nasrtred Bash weights, 100 tuear asno:n td front 1 4 4 to 91,wr. Bells for Phantations, steamboats, ohurchen, &e. artlt to order, Also etaetbelt' and other mnt:chincry :n:ade to "order. Thse nlove nsertment of gent.o tii pin rialnrly ecotlmen nded to t'et lti' tttt;O, It' t2*lattlIt"ll tlhI W.stern mrolhaltnts. natd are atir s:ale at lo, rices, and upon the mtost Ieril terms ; it it be sreved to be l h largest anid hin't ataor:mlt rtr ,rred for stale by imy .a r e.tahat.llaont to the United States. .Merchantsn. Iy fortnard n! a re:le,-t y r: m:il. actn ea.v a printed ctrtnatr, with dtecrittln it "o,,, •prieseand torms, a iom tR!whi'h nIe dteviat.liaOt aI ever faiade, Ifrnisbed iy return of Illil. All orders will ar:ceivc ittladiae attnion!ir. New Yaorl, 18:1. j_ 3 -- EMt)N S.ltiljt' ta PacI li;+--Un tal-ta,,, ' I P J mat.m dttlun and r'ic a-Ite , a PI'+ed: oe .e11-,,, t b,,et ft.ea o ,tio& lttakeia li'{.:h'; la- r =pie t, a 'u:o - aeoirallmrent, b J .t. Vi f. a l a ' .it \ , SOP--10 hIall V`xt.a o .uI n :', t .. I, (ilaild, for sale biy 1.,C a i:Iat . .. v C, . ,1,tri: , O 'sma dooiliare hbns,. on 'ho"'n r:·rc e tweeu Toe.,li I'ircio u: d t ul lr; '!Ir,"[. m99l. Aplply01, onilS 1 0 0 it do. iii, :, 0 l P fin +.+,'r II "dl do I, " 1+ I ,0" P ,. r.. 1 O iWpijI 1bi't '.Il. 1011 dI aud I dolld.g lof.1t,1e0l ll'l,0' I n 'ilnr, 0 li AO i N~ .1! .:T!:-` - '1(11 1 i P' 11111' 1. I tar o 4' et t" I aLNE 01o'ý 11 10,17, ..+ II' r,! ,I0 1 Et:;tgojio.o ho i p 0.l1I" '. I'llI Ci. F utL.U ~li1; Io.S.oi:l n!' 1 ;,11. t.;1 O~',r i " ,t ,I.. mald g t eit lit h+., no II ! o.il5 1Ill'.I I 3..g 7leIt O o. 02l Ti I l.. -lto .l'l ",". coiu l Ilojo, fu . ll;1 1 lolA by. 1 I Sih :I:, .. v. , A ls'T?}0.'l3-51i p10.00 loot 1.011- ' aItIt'l 5 o, ttLe frkot l no t', 11, 1' f ile 1,0 0 t M10 T G. l', l lut '0l,.1', .". w I r na Ohohto dol I ou ll 11C110111 1.rd ,oof., ýýr10 e ·10dt. 8011 1 001101 Ii1. tc 01.- II 0 . . I' o_. II,,, I got 000001., 0.110 1.'~ Io.'~ o,. 0111111 ~cl· lo th3 otmborof Oil 1,rr i hf ol ,, !1 I"llriu I hie ro a· ~~alr ir~t ll 17 11 ihl* I na ca ?t., (raotoln..e lieu oIl It 0,u 1t.10 I' O t =tItllCi;l'o1170 111. .00, ^ho' ,IV ao h ~H'IeCL uu .ll as, ,l3 7;A S . a secret 41 ens,,, for "' ·c·r 1 have a,+p i, d to r' - letoetrsor creno thrra 'hi t till a 1 I toe. 0 new I an the abvedae lflt ly t Ir ri g, - t ,cilo of tI Meet, and I export bin to clid I ~ .x. :- i , a tt.s. tim thed se ,ae got w t-c, no at to bring out in Inter ulcer toottheomy 0011of11 Ixr 0igt L 11,10e, Ca l l cail my face aml sure t Ir ot, and 1+ot hi in nark at h p rcaeut thrll nn050010 ofthe(t, "0'' 1:r. ntl~ro to be ilotrlooly corgot J il" AN. is...4 ly DO CNRTiI'Y 111h-it oio.' bv om teoi,o oe' i quiolteweoII,,,,"od in ,11 111 own ..' C" 01,r1.1. ; Man I have take,, rite10 fill, uit dl i 1i.1iill aael~t t 0t oall; Ihertolol I adlol no 11 1 11. Ion 0,101,1 I. los to thOir. oh1 ppll to 11r 0. I ftol, i21 Coo I et't ewr ap~ n i-roarusrMugis at hole fromo 9o'ool f,,-I Mo-ld 4P JI. They will ad a it oaIoos ele I,, for flu m cn:ns ii It 11.' 15:.1.\ III tr .[toyoz one, wlot, tod Iet m,, al fNo 4 0u 'Ibn he pubhlshed at tlrl~ liO'llu of D". Ifot. JUIIN 5)'. 'IC New Ooeloooo. tebo, 10,13 51,111, I THEntG'enuine t(0 llH ,1l10; Illl + , 101 . ' , I .,,, 0' hm wh ll, i+pt it, it hard:, te11i~ r tt, .- I nv f st beonteuh oon "n tvov~l rhe-om-nILr~~ rg hon'os'n ho ,rtitoo.. +tl"n'uio .,,n haobs kohnl atonloolh Idll,, I.J its lir c e :s In curio pilmolnary leom' Ioirl. Thi ou rti'l liod annOes r, 0t h·!:'ti-.0 14 Ie , 1 e n' this iilea mmli nl1: h-am " bu "cr :r it i':. ! I i".1 0-I spi.ced. ieu ho. 1111'l ,ho con lor 0n 0":"e-0, : or ll ikn n ntrr of reap I l II I )' ,;r I~t , - o of is ,,'. flnaem'oopct'I,. cold,, lain i0 the aid 00011111 00-t, Oittingor g e IIOCIoIo iIIO liver complaint, rise.ln.~Il~r ··lt-F To whl,m t llooo'0000l1n 7'151011 to. 001'vtatv 'liacotrtl~r HRi 001001 h'qloltllr I11 1'.'"'Il. 01l~ ll ~· too' ?I 'IoP " 1nooo ·Ilool ll~5c, sll m ! ~ lI 1 bwd all oarprl tie. 00011.0 1 tl 0''o I" ~ nrr'na Idian Ralnr I ul'Iic verwnn a .1 !t+. t:! ·1:1·1 ,.,i u ! ratll thtane odotioo' of 1110 Ion ;- , ',o '01,0 szoadeootsll- A, 1110 t' 1 .Ll 1"I .11. D CI V 'F i ', 1, If. 11t, 'i)t7WL ofRR'11IhC o Bnstu.illiculld lt I ·l l har 't1af. 00,1110 Iflt ., 10" .o,'It. -ott tn. ... ld nt y . ~" ' H 1,e rll~+ Ttoellea,110101000110.ll tooel1111 00 Oiitrd..n.i.O'1 1' 'valued nant vl 0,1nll01 l"ll ' '1l'01. lJln08rohsirx· Jtl.ll10li.ll'lb,:a r 0lv ld the n11011. age ofolatloeonl l lent 'll11 ',if t *0100[Ql: Nit ala the 1101110 > 11 . 110011 In ol~laeor. WIt nI AHoa ld nw0111 nd pr01110 11, of the 0 stpar 10,e l~nil-noil '01 Il,,0"1^io '.r Ii ,0 ;"1'11 El e u toad gra ful tl It ltn 11.1 1101. 'tloa'sd eOat detmooll for Iut 'o lt 'aoo.o: 01 11.'plt.. elan nt. hasohbeauoan ll or olh o. I'll" BOO tlfCýoI`l"otttaotI'.l "hl li"tlhot, t'on ,boo. hei Ire pa olloula'ly warded of th, tart, tha:t th'vo jr be - as hl eirgoo,0land.Lnot p'noo 'l nn orPu arpl ollo ba poblic air realsol to vtltl r iofr it oh nthar bae ere Ourttl rtt aonidiod ".t 1the. '-,.r 11111 ge iiulp propaarrt' ao. For Pl". wit, r ls al d r SICKILES to I'l. 4.n 's.: (*, nut 401 n o NI n. rg~T'~heltoio""!li it,I'nr 'he etrin pY w slsh 00 110, e11iong helth 0011 nhot und ., . 0 5'1 WOR weeffered 1 toe 10roh'icolt had 0 't' Ce1.ea'o f ltaldtoloo, thill0Pe..0lli hat oftloe 1air, antI joOOvl 1-101 le,1 it-II n been telohotl. It haton 0 I1 oti *if I,,bIrllOOe "hta roh of hoil n"' hp'ot- lloado' &lv.0$* 7ilitev aoaot trn~erlt io'0Ilth, 110n1 11r11I11: fth q o1datrifol goolil af hair. lwlt'11iwi t110 1000 `1lu j 4t"th head. '1100 old give.'. 00'ehb Illlrll'Cos - e gmd~cs'uuad in 3l010ir.lh10 t000 1.11100er il~ it~ ()t, p100 noming, t r'log aand glotaei,.. the Tllohe or ne ao w etondto&apest'orr t! For tolo 11t f .r, t#Oi ,r1.5, '001. 0 , ,3 1T4ON IIUAR'T COe, e enw tyeeecnwnmiro, oo board ship Orleans Eanls;'i, 4ladier, t'ukrr Itlerry Anrew, Precgh and German pafner; ~lt; aek Ta",rmont Poard; Clcumen,2 5'-? anII ittelh 1i ' hall,; f, 9g10 and] 12 inch hlade $wlei Knivrt ' 'euttt r t int ther treaveltfine ile&n inV '.Gnen: ehlt tnelet, ITIr.nant's, tred fIullnf Piti.ti dtlthle 'ted 'i,+pl+ b1n,.lh( d t...4" (;'ne,:Bagt'; Shot Reltha;'Po dle td lPi' ol t'Fl., ks; I lranl 11ttt- nd It rinkl;in Cup-: - -r1' (n" . and ('n PHnm ohh~lr: Cloth, air, T"', th: old ,ail Iiru,<h,..: Orris raid Chlorine Tooth W\nath, + i'o, e' Powder, Tlilet and l Shavin. f oena. in t 'ent va. riPt,: Ins' ihtir raids, Rine'lets anl Frizt',; P "ar. 1d Tolil,"r Pnwdel : tenarv Hatt,; Ivory 'rh C hOn=t'in. " ottnor SBtde,+ er fartrcn: (;:-n P'"Itie >nsnevlelra; i'nw'trr Pn'f anld R'love; nqa I nsl , Sn aa n.l:d. tir"E: ; rtni!t Rmnkl1:: Plrarnlrtn: p:Ba! Nerklness tnol Chni',e: (ilt and Siivere d ieat , lnlian ' e" t ,h Ieall nie! P'lh, me: 41:11 Twit!: Si ! nn'. Drte ,i , rfN' tb;'t.lh ih.ii ntdditinn it tltteir fnr'.r n.oc? on ha.rl. nRker thle taartt nt. very te nttmpletpr nald will ht ilh' oiw and' on liber.l r'tens at tha . ". t nef the Gollsn tl'Ontl. 7. 7 ,hl rtrt trtetd r.'$ !H :.+." -rihnkc, AcLc;,t feI" lh- retteqn;..e n itnn . nfr] I 1"'. &. 5 lhtrihE% U 1P.'.nl, Enrhind hovr i., rr, ise] n ,rrv t'x~nai'n ,.p t no' In ,ill, < a , " iarlr. of I i'nlle a d.1 tri'E.rt .,'eal; t In -." ,la t'riti, . Iete , 'teklert.. dirk. and Iipear nobit 'naives: C , S,"ia torn.".'e.P TPrtl., &c. Ac. wc h.. w'hirh tlheyfirrnr,-ttel t ,ehihit tl tie trmle k etor nrlitol ' . ri antdi conll slt tilltnt iltra itt aotmere' it'tio ntel r1 i telti i1. It &A Ci)tlll4.P'I"n.nnn , n-e: ", tl t'in : lhei'I ii ' it rt n t m : t i rs: nek. FtreI a nti Instiwr I"~ r : ha;ir ett ti', (ketin caitt, Cliter ,ln'w pelol :o ma n. ribbe col sli I t t, Rmvlantlt a m' 'enul " ' i ni li, cation dot ; 1.hil: -Id hetr' nilt: lloi'hl-le tltls and drelnb. r:lts: ie : jllrkio, : +ttt :u ia lt ll toilet : I PI ''lill co s l:lmlot., : Ol. ce+r"'ntl n, whiRte I wine; toilet nd t sht e Ie nl:l,;ill tolet oC der, Ietil tens boll,; eAet ed n shins: Cit ll'te t lIt'lil'i W ii ,lleo IC i Fitlletelt n·Ick iii S letl: pool sit, ? 1,: s. +.w c. rh;O" 1"i ler ho t l ,chainl nllt Cl kile"lr bitll; pl tClt ll t p ' ct h tlook ' awl w l i icm:mlt hnFeC ; tuor t to :' t' ittc tthelaei coel nC li l.Utl t I l "'en -te, ,'rai it etll e t iir matc.illhtel ; i l The h tlm- in ahri, tettt'o frli fmtr'e etik tt fan .t etl da ,,ttt,, , .. , C,; h ,.t talrv c p :,lt.. I- , ., , ih.e ttlritit. edIr . t tii:t t'thet e',t . e 7ii i f . ab . Harris&': 'atnot., !lr.i; nCo., (ir if "-1 . het lo )tan y itnr, Its tIhderth of Samuel A. Msorn, h)el+efnithe r of of the Klr 'e,,. hi . Iie ller 'ien tl ') tnvitcll pherttl.tra will h'ic r eli' , ith thll ,salinde un I el" il ofrt i hllar [lin es :!: f ,; t t.ov a lonr . va l d nts '_l to thk e vsettlhn of Voll, btl=+rn of' hal ,, Hc rrin & Co. it " .ulta:: ; and Mans', li""I. ec ix- I."th+,,/ 'jhin,l " : - I S| tnnr v Iion .' Iv n x,+ i .t 11 t .I|Ie, t ink of r cth e h, r1n l. , of w ''ri v t1;:-," & C... Itr ..e !r1 rin. ill s of e eera.lillf'r will: O I e, i .n li . t"i lCti nit l .ihi I ' 1 hearI Itl .h bu l ;n c] "'a I t' nor, rrlt!v rPJ~ lo.l tl ba e ing l;. . itl , .l ,d '.!L'r ' oe teltn tie ,mul dae,,. i t ii'I N k - i c`i n':, mr n of thi f r lan:. 1, . jr7. i 'te.ll rC, l ,. i e i f t1 'a = i e It : H l+,+,.. ,+ ." [,; ,t Sr yivr Cons hr 1lIt h" t orI v : • lt!"nI tl'l in·trh . ,; tor iler li eap,,, llij tic:ai't ,,,ali+, mii :r, k rno,, I t tnh rwrtm, , t r' " t lm:ll!.· k. phrtil , \`: ali , (la. !.'C'2CT , h'.O [i!r oi{ p-lll, l it::, '"" r ~ it ," ? a, ': ,, (I,',l i.' h, 1 ,10 , h . " , io , r. d Itt: w :.,", I) e' : of )ou + I. e, t'1 i ,r up naI',l tl l:J, t , h ,v ;.:,. by " alit ).\ , tt i r l' ' t', ei.oi te '.. t 'i, r , vt - t i . 1:Ile ll ll * (.: (i; n iim N tl , 1 'Ir.!' n ul',1 v I'eth r oii , olf (. 1i ;t"i lr t, I ulh tocitller vcre il, t -il ir' ;lfokilt oln .l I It n i 'l i Iir a".' :r, cil, t .: i le,: ' 1:r , fhrh i e . ! ," " it 'Ilitri llt'a t e Jti lt1 t ,..,r . ':",l !t"l' ":'! r o. 'i"C i e., ,!i ' tin itt i ,i r'ri!,;su i I - l loe ket h itk, ao1 e t, ed!, llrki, poao! :i.:l.,r ,, CI.,I "' , n ll ,e ~ s tar t ed'r .i . t, l"1 ' "'.eh ,-ll y' i h:.r, !', +, 1'r,:a i' t ti"e - u, ,I 1t- ':.. a. :-, o,-".t, It6 ;r:, lt te l. deretv . -.l:tI 1- , rr u r , hrs l n pu an: t osL . l r!1-. c ne' Im 1. L . , ,,, 11 a ,ol, w lh, ".! :t:L . co .;tr, f. o r it, uhl -- n'.re l me -h , ,"o , ronll d i ct, (^- . 1i rrs r l 1gre , ". II. tp, lu L t , ;;. t ,! ': . '' , . tt ' bi," 'i1- t , *': . i1 l_ :11 toil t : ,1.: ,,I 1 - l ,, ! ' u :",. t: or!t ''1.i t, ? ,'l in au: -Ill, fi-,n r,. , .,o t ",: . r'.", w .,ith :.', >, r ,t o u, o k r v ti ;tt o,. ,t iIt i t d l . ,un 1 ci . ,"i '; 'e ,Inb , .eI ry, I,,,; s c m,'l :t+t'1 ,:n'e 1 1, !" h ,ri, ; ' h ,,,r pi::, unit: :t,t '1 fti r, 1,t 1-rl h: t, w o beir . +i , ..e1 ei 1 eill i ( e i. n tl c ti m u t ,e ti's b,-,,i te,, 1 t La"'k s, iin , w 1i, .l r i::,r c ., ,,i nx , t , t;,: T I i h t I ." ih i, , +ll, I, a 'i:. " •, Incua e heads, u~t l llamtlvr o~.'ld o i ittia "wha ,, a l ',r t ftur.',- i ,' :Jattlr, 31. f ' 1.- ' 1 a i . 'i :n't :: t e1' me1 kI'.-'. l\ne n!] .1~t \l~l~l IItl ct. itL )I:, t l ,,/bt. "Ie. +\ }!i.c1lfi I 1 i'i" *: ::";Ilo of ,` feslllnili~li r rel~iv:i, 1,"il'I rt li- h j IIr1,. . t .;" ) : a1 ~ I.1"IV - if i: t .. .. , ,':1 I: , " 1 I... ;tilt ,lýi t nr I: ar ·cj s, n,,;l aG! 1:,r,' " MII 1 <.,.,1, . .tt J i i.i i· I w r-o-is ofi~l I~~i i I.1'_- ` n ar ` ., 11 .C"1 !·ilý,n R av tn * su' I1C L·.111-1l II. Il:C , aI i I-I to 'la -, )) r iU,·11 1; ' lll) t'.111 2a pa) . I~rll" I r.ri:n~t:,~ic it o I~,. ,1 , it " 0: . i:;ilw v 1 1'F:· .·. i'a!' : Tlr, l· Ir, r:;Il~ lln ..!t Jrcur+=c (rilrl IwI, O ni".r A Uarnn Fr,.;,( ao- ure. ltJ, Bi" .taanIna ada -lrwIi ,ancl1 a t '-cr gIl t ",:I-'.,l:.a.y A W a :IlJ', N .^`l ,laan'a a rtnntt r."hly , n , lr I ýcl ,It isn, ipp ,lts odin' .uInra1nd t ,. pnraea di a-,I, an ri-n F-arInH 1 '' . t -d ii i ,1 '(r'o!" Iý:, -ln i ne. r Gt'"II t Il Dlr r' I'i'.I: d I UIl-. 3 f. irllh* nn lt-I , ).1 It I; . lrl \ ··irsi p d 1': ' :,n? · ul: 1 1;ý`t u:rt lf t . :wa a. r cI m ,n (..1 ~ GC., it rl: ýý 11 tu\1 MI,. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, 11NO AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE; JEFFERSON STREET, LOuFISVILLE. . To the Erditor of the Lo-iie ;lie Altsrtii r: :--It appiear by the onbservation. of :he To l 'mrs t- of the .Nllphville Pre.!)vtnrinn, Union and Trunv\ - crpt, .s wosi the edlttr," of the letphtis Eoquirer, th It the "Old (IenItlemi " i a nlot tihe Dlotors .Thl is proved by his kinoly rce,, kno-wiog that his time i. hobut short, anl that the inlldoenndent Anmerinn tootle ,rto a le to jt Jle hr them'elveo whit are poifs noso1 tsnpo'nnons. The ie-thy editors who are sesor o. the wr prietors, etditors or ensoh-litoR of the hobro e ancl iournalam, call everv iett-r li'oo1 n'ssools h ove rs'or.l to siotll ht ths obv-e l] Ieos, po+t., 1. 'The fact is, tinat 1 (iyer haol rth trea- t suctst within oo linirtd a neriorns ten or twelve dovo . IOne wilnooaas loI.s0,11ot ten yetts,o who haod iotst oen the liht thlt isi hirtb, hIeoan to s to fill mvt'ois mnto- r to I ot htotel, intoead of bhine nhli, ed to b" led1 . hv hi o. T'o o0lnte ldies, hlt hlad each loot tile eslt of onoe se, one for ton vrser and tle other for learly two yeart, hnving both tl themtn thothelllr e.: very iolk; -et each of t!hto voo ,lllttldosiio heoettl to- ses il tholth -vst, twhich lenet I nllodoe on.elft still onnin!p ex rrptinelle tin re tnnor tlie ineTwle 1r oldeiilpli r of Iho \tlternl DoCeo'r. Anlothlr i 'lte ilndlllltsl" oft espectaoht mterhn't, rwn-o atme I am hotlnd never to ,eation. (as oli paid lme mo foees, who alilshe hod. 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It- e,,lort i to .to t'- te0 ' il ',s itis nioo r I sh1 r I, ai n:, ' l , t l, i s -os h " A - ot -ise ! rnI s 1s . 1U th r t. th ih who ,l the f. ,'t t i Sit es lit- -t ofrli t ll-so'-.' i, f s- 'ott 0s o lotii - I- o t. Ss t'er i in e it ts a h e , nos r i hl ,,,, i iis-s. ell cpi yv 1(, e" n hr a i, i.s ol ,'e :"II p1 L I, It^ '::th sitsli ,f,!l fto loe r i tt " tioss ti': l (.. . ot" '1 . ..,1... .l lal 1m t , ti t- ", l h ,,"t , I!. -'l+U q + l i" c, o' 1 ,a I r I. , : ' wit:l' i! le,·1 iir 0 h ni l arm t I-t s li- -s o u55 i)l Iso ,t ai Ilr I, 1,1, I ' ,)tnn ! I I \'1-" on ! 1 to I i I 1,, t i,1i , ii. i'+ +ll tI1r I;o ill.a 1t o 'f 0, 16-h!1, iu alll C'io t-licty r. wl o tod , Isshaly rt to :i ;i Il, Iiio nlolt oiso rists slot Is - d L ,U , iftto ol s ssdsi'r:1 i' biu of 0l;,1 Sil l " I hr te, I sh iud .llleta miolll'ae doan i I I a way tn liner, i oll l: i, h a1(e ep O.e i ., S rII.11 aIIr , t e vl . n io e bt1( ivae u le n, I oliv crild tl ehave rl ie e i ii'- t ,liit k'piuo his w-nsi-s' have n stways -osfid P., I s--o i oist ol of tl 1 s-osiol '.t0t'ooci to sIto. s . litro.d e hee ri a ll' cosoerie . he '.u 1( Is It - li, Iv h on o,.smn Ifnih t t;.e .\n ,,,'rii,"n it 'itthn-, " ri ,t tl w l e u lum r, +, ", l v l nh 5ire ttt t th I so i, v ils t sootls. t iti s of t olt, ae. lti -I'lh .,"l ii h l]-c1 ted , uiu rne te IiPretv (ha, a 'tois 1 oa t so h se < oel rcst :oud fai isil i o ihe h os - l itle a vir i oleuit b do t ot h . 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't' arti'titIl, ile ret allt ehangilg l s the l lle ot the d ictates oft'Shin or f Itd , 1+ h is su l', lll'..h in his ow ,rIIII ' withani etllelll t olllisinll t 'l ledieo Ilk hllS s ..WInal tt :anstswerty indit a lion in da sltSe no. in cin :tty n:aL1e islr'derl . ;l'ia .it t he i<' i .'ll nllllt ftheir t1 - ct: s: o tll t) a'e salll''Iaittao 'wastatheirhealing aon the The veugetable metlicines epon the a. stem '1re temporary-those of nilterals atiiing. The invenn en evttheh'rl. I ecisland pass oft'-- he tt, nilll mlrethi' illn I'. Bical-", s It tche n it ,poa athite solids, dtit'e p sin tlle lif ' nns: l lllld lnler llittg thle conlstittltitll by a sl .,n1 sure sle rntct ion. -lhie conteniallihy, eincy mul R \ IiTa'Y a avet I ble R tent i t mi, er mn.ti' rlltral. In".i n"I esthlli.,ed ht cnItih:iSt i.. lhn, ient tpractie a waitht the tiu'r' a ti; r', "t o hrinl il S reimn u diittlyv n1 h.r ou own obsi ltttnlIh, th. 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II ui I s r ,. l of tcihly n ith ; which ithe Illb o Ilols him nI' l ny d111 i:asa,'! , an *t a the a, tnst, +la at 111 i c onro'll' llic+ l tl e a o-l Itnin1 them? t \ ho hoc t i.i hLe a I o Ia~ I lian w ilh.l iolnstit ]1n bro.kl'n mi: l ined h) i i ql A ..i. 11 A d eI 1 ii n to1ll exist tlll this oha-It e. - ,n i jin of lthet saagie: from IT!in .I 111fih ills hin thlle lho'l:hno i i c chietl onIw l (i to nllnore g11 lllI h tc. fe" s ,irit of fhe simIl ', it s:|ih ! eants of" 1h 't nh ch IGod hats ct ed thr the ' for I N- l enel04 (o Iis l1 ilt 1·t i t,, lhos. h id" h lth il e l t t It " 1rtl n: 11 hate l init a t al·l·i ai 1 o11 1111t n. i re,1 i n, sIo t pa.;lnn of Ilwlh,:t!orui"hin s u:Il pracl titi, ,'l'rs, Ith 1roip'i+'i, o f i ' ' ,' In. i:a 's I':, :,': ' r. o 'ldl ot ,' a'le''' !,;e f 1:i' ' Ia t i ', ''t t ar' ta alat IfIt , "'ai , Ilt ''+[m. .'''a ' it'11. h' , .11+ ,I snth ats .rcet Intl ',t te :it:'ci+ ' :; t ap;,) U I' I l!, 1, I 1+ ( : II" 1 ll i I' 1 : ' tI i l I l t', l 't'L t' I ti ' ' 1' ll aI ,' lr|"r l 'I· :nil t o' tin, Ii :p ,a lo' w'hich it [l a' rI" c tp :,a'' taa I"t nil l',II'"' .t tig:ll 'tL, 1 of t I ctI. . om -1;II \ I hi., :. .. 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In llt anet I ,'l , - ! r`;\l r ' , ,l.I , I'e1t, " l .,t= cne s'tu }"ori LcrJe!r nn k u'V,',1 i t.l is .i'S NV XiI In of Dil I(i. d l ,' lII) lie :, i, Ii _,I 55'I5r: ,, 1'1 1 iii r. Ilii tll 55.5, if: ~I55 i "" " I.:I. iii; 1 ..I..I·· 1·. iii saidtslouid i il,ý ·· I'Itl l ,..:t a call It lt=1 i ieu 5.55 nlt ll ." stn' rhol~ Ilon ~ !hr ,e''' tl i r·rnr..: I,1 rail 14. al C~n.Ilia 11 :11( " V .'t t t , ii"nte; Nfl I' I ~; a~II ": ( i: ,ý.t I ,,". "..'t " i lI loin STATE Oh' LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the J Parish antlCity of New Orleans. r rTHE STATE OF IOUISIANA. To tll whom IL th"re Presents shall oute, Greeting:-Wherres, ,Iell'ra lnse Ilhvngll trmnllr trd it c tale itrlde ihy tl!e h' riitr'of thlt ri ish o"(t I leanl teli' troperty ]l '~ctl,rltc1r eerlbtftd, .ti+ niti'ie li t the clerk of this lUrtl inl wnsr ot.fie thie dll nof t n'rvees recorded on h il ' lany of Ap I til, A. 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Il.r, l k It: n d I la PopIii . id':tpres Ic il :sfr JIll iciare I'n1 ''l 1 't i tetrre sit ittl t an fn i'ha n ry 1' ,nnon riahn nla < In..oturs, t ,erie .,lle. 1 tI dne Id , leo :,o 5. itt nl ut ' ,tI.,tn16-1 t pI td.t a r ,e d'u , .n.ti 'i'e, ',t tre: l, !rn r -o 1n-out i-i.i l A i 'I oit ua e i ht i I, i l .l re I, it, ' nil.` Fn , t i t hIt l ll' t t -I tt 111' : . tiJ-e et: · liorwin ; I t'll' . c i e- usI en iles in. It I tons, & -' , r''I n t1 lat it' d, ib Hi e, e, s rd l ,i-. ia ,n [lt iuItl ll t' s t t r/ e t dreL :. BactioI. s tpt iilviý ee y n , tt iit. Dm n . +'t le .]ilr, . 'el-l.' e (.llin ti,'s,. l] lni.18.C8, ,. il i J J. I I ', i L I e I t r Irl:ov ·l (c' polo t l 1'1'I I iu la l l , ll, , :. h ,, I""1 M ,t l'3 \W.i rskhe5 , l'aN , N. ,Y re f "the 14,-.1 1"ii.i, I'o ion Aso ,tih ,i ° (aloes -',.,r : .' 1 It 1.f:! , " vlr e .1 r - ll \III r. tlb ,t, I "lt1;, u:l, l, , Io a )llb r t I: il l I l \tl:,ls Inlt , "71i '. 1, chii' + I.. u'd::rg l new ' weulc>',,' : ' I .'+1. , I ll 1' HOO, F hot, :1t, a It ne= ai,' tirtt1 t in ,ntsi : l0 g .,I's line -It, e:t nal h. MrayIoba ,.. ' ,glrhl.. ; d, stabi',l eud sIIm ,, w. i g; ed hoots v 'ý"i(,I j lsh s; n n's I!, -uIt nerd aw lt :11 11 nidl irn 1 I'li3lll. I1J f l. :s;(Iu 4 s. ,,1 1 ki, ill" ul ,\ Ipeg;-1e n hl:. S., 1'1bra ,, s; !:r.I h Ii l.o,' , yI id'l) , ull f St"I.e', il IIs, 1,opin' :Intl .lack t ta:t t. ritalt l S, d it, llioI.. t ,al h1 +ir: -jl1 all ll , 1 111 a nsl il4iU, 01,1 1;" a a l I .~a' ul li':h I ,!0 111,1' e. t, s1":I \ l .l+,i u il, ellr . J C:u " ,Al-: 1n ci :;, n lt l :1 " It t i.h : 11 : :. ,l' 'tlla t ll wa I i. I'h :ht e :'1so a , ttli'auc+ s . n'( ' dla, 11 \:.I, '. }I tw 11 ' Of -ll h I ; 1 c o Yl. kirt 1 '. 11 e Il I tI: s I*I:: IatI crI hI. s : sl ,l so ei :alle s taIa I.I, e ,. u a ,h:: atIt. ,i, al s Ik , i daIhla :1' I: l .1 Ia:e llsc a f:t ar a:: If., Inlda- i t::: t o:, I: tti mi tt ,"a '; lis. ' : arrii aas, men's a I n dr'b allat: sI :k .hut.e a:.eI. hats, t Orsa nwarticle. 1uath I. ':a lr:ad Ii :'s · a:ck n: ll drlab wool halts of, \ra raiLs aIll: ,es, w a.'1 -.: aeel':al .issortaellt of bo)y s altd il l 's T.'us na th e ",O tll:. h, le aetl iý l f ie ',"ial ofIh r 0.i nl:lt a ta-a:::': he s ce T ei iies, illt of ahiaall c"i I,,h mu ) aI o ul , ,, ill a o Ihl l erll, atilt 1- 11" Ii IIN e \SI ::p Isa aad ,. TL 1 +V(FO T.OFR TEET H. ) IT · e+stllisled epttlt:llion anid rnu-t l II , ll tJ.I i n (I ,J..I 'In , for1:1, l i 1,t , ff al t r n tedv o p.? +.. , nld pr, r it l tllltan public. IArran aemet s hav beel ll .le tosupe l l i n ents i ll ll a tll lte pllh ilteal citio aid tlwnsa it I: , e L'ulta d Stale, so a: to pilace iit hill 11.0 ++eacha- .1 those sulli'rim atttl hkely tl sutl'er this lnu1 hu I s.ul g'o.r I a :ot-ache.I a'L he:I pplie ) ai, ll i ll dil to directi aa r iven on l attle, It t:ms novel tai e11 )a a tlrdla islnidilite o rla a I ar aen l i, f.. It ..lsoarrests Ihe d ecav tn le:etiv 't'lhawll relieves Ihar meeees's rhich' , feig entit Imul ts a -tIar1 t It lth . aI lesl The lp )lli ti ll, allnd rl"',rie n 1e ac ilre, ,iln i(cent ni r ll r II ae N i I tit " lar14 uu "owr 0; 1101111w ill crliffC ': e a: s!ti Iltrv, that have aldr iv l e e % i t g d c: h de :: hi Id a.ur atl :,ed ,t ia aae ca l the tl-l I are, read I to b .;:r Ihor the pu btil r C d) their teslimotnv to it. itt iV:lled q.-il les.- It is anla l udt a reda inors , Olbt i nipJ:aarlv auJnt . axpectdly.and i: he rearle:d ba I the ciq iz ,llold .s the most ,aluabloe di.uv-ry . \I t'. &i ANDREWS., inr . Car C lnnonl ant Tel.avitoll'ln s -"s. t( l: A at I I a):S I :aval Sketch a t \ ik, : rt , the tal ces: 1 V lLtal il1 nshole. W ith ch:aracter:tic reinri: ca' .l~, 'i, ltu, s ant d p FiloTus. : y t: e a t lh: s o' -I t a ,al .ttlas.alad ser its, e aI r 'a'I k. uin. J Kairleli to1.s 'f r th e t1 s:'sa1 of Cotllron ' fnta the year 11,0 to hh ii io-c ol Ill3, Ill,- dinl iietllfro. Jal sketh'es of tllh lea it inubll fer..-hb ione 111 par . .. .... - -. i'-.h : " .II +I'T CA P i, ti ',,. {( " .t 1 W15'= I, ,an lishrIn II . aotel, b. the nuthor o ' "Th' IRrotlth -," ,hc. In '. i plalll.:.r II,-! lll.',or I anlilt .\dvis'r ro'ti-;|n a o, I Itl'InI of A. atrItav, I'P v-in o ,v. a:d Il| -iet , wllh iI-v.,i-e.o,, t~ l:lep~ mil|d i a iren, it tas iy prove (]e lll h, ,hen r.e ular Il'iy-lciinls ea tl he pr-cv rsal: het'l.. a c ,lp. ,a a dn -uide 1," i it,,lliaent prilc p .is t .:111 ,,.'t;rt,'s, p anitatllos, and b.m d'n s'h ol , h ,iI' of Lfanl :e+, main''te o" ,es'els, i:lissionl sries, or " -,er 1'.!r ',-'- I nlversal i siitory -n the hot'rs of ,r. laphy. fir ,le uie of ftwusets, illustrnred by maps Jdat v'ceiaed ana fi,r tale by W ,lc'(E IN, ullt9 .,tr <' a p tnd Clao on1 ss. T( l'TIC.:.-T'hea"'H:erofseveral merchan -. ,frat , 'Park, is h ereb, 1ot ted that they have ,,-n a t,.'bl t ""ETtON, AVERVY CO. m31. ona antees "Gottt, JUST PUBLISHRDFROM STEREOT'PA PL. TES, Tile 1ith Edilio.r . ROVI.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'IEREST: A TO hihicis ttc trlw .t An .nlgoe Tl'imec C:lenla r to, or easy metlhods l finhnling the olverlgle ime "' :,1o0 a'e. notes of hIad nr hilkl of goods, ~hen Iun'- . chused at dlih.i ent datsc, rtl r iell.i e't ldlifs, llnd ii " va:u'iu. n 'nI. nll<; bei lesa usoeful :IId cOmnllete i.ankil'hg Timee 'I'Tl , the beet hut :ca1 he cntrielld. ar that fi cores call er dlune within the sanle cUodesemnd compaie, alld size oIf t, pe, Alla ,vetiisen.'nt in thebook is in netr!v the follow ing: words: ' 'l',ehligh distintclin n tlis w irtk hn rrrt,[ed Illi !,ll ths ten leg~ittiiie nets iprt'fiell ln tlhe tlile l,:.e is :i ie eonlm "iL.,tfiI in itseif. si. llall lin . andt so eoll-ti sicei, Ih I nothing is Iieces:lry more IlIn , \a of (Iid verltsement, to iv can cOlll I.slI viw of nit . i i its Ile e ',liluities:i l fcl istas r e. t lia te l -rest hIli e n I e n cI p . 1 ad from nod comlonlrR "ilth, whi, is rtquivalent to fotnrd I uleoen it llintet1 Cl l.IHoo I ellt tt ilt il I Ile t i t s It , litr-l fre the li ' i.ll ii'ed ( r.:i lon erlit ll e platel s reil t iti1e Ill,'llt |llht ·d |l1tllll Btll IUIiII'i Ihut's. lhit,llt-r llslttll e , lom ll . hi'.ll i nl tlst Il hl .ll id even to the hk'ept c (e-i .eially on thl. pe otnal ofit'he de h l' pllle i' lloofi, the lpr'e'hce) that the wel k IIIntlh e ilh ntetically iolit ei rle. tol i lln cl l'irmltnll oIi lhid beliel'a pem.11 tlll I i t .ell hu rel llmill'l fi y l dllars. in'll w ' 1ohI, SI'"l' t'he deteltinill of ol -ror f csll n lcet in tilhe pI r.ellls of fiftllh edition,l lln tle rl.d n Ill e prei eeii i , ma kin;l f)l e Ilr.' i irello s hf i lo .he ci aei error sit.eii l l st One o'i tin most eon pionus f1atures of the. tnablesl is in thie : r l.gene, of lhe T''i ..e allllll A olll lll which fi," ex.liedithin, rotl Dtlene n 11pern i itsl , wi, h the .1p nl'ihe sile niii i iidil ., li 1 he ai xc'1e1 ell; o Ii th ilt ll ly tv :tad ton Mitls which the in:eresI can he foundl to hile ue'l·l 01 g-1neral business, wiiLthIl l b t lll l ling oil r ms 'a he:ill su a eellllll i ce a esllll 'il o l s i , lh. altl t tlt - tim ollf s iot i , ll e t compeel t l llll I ll ;l.ceia 1 i It'e II1 men ste I~il pthl 1 ' li or s I'd'. I' ll e I1 11 ir' m l 'llt o il t lhash l i1n11111 l, k ishll Ih llhol.Olo e elaliti c flll m lIi '''l'llll'li11 | i l i'i. i coll l 'ili cnmionsiona the Iork, i lld the l xtr ai.llt lil, l ii lnli er atllll va ley nftlhe lexaminltilon1, mol tests of every lllitionl it has pbose in he it* enlwiihstl:,dig the halei is il stee ty l. le, c .. ideril g, in h6 , h. e msitive a .let:lrll: y HeItIIved b1 the tIIp' iIi 'c ll mL e s i iii I i ll i n Irene, his her l tln Iii I lli ll em tll.ticilty s l elled " 1hi most wahi lfll hook in the wailk;" most eertoiih" ~i mllllla n ,itelll ( l fi lre work i of the niano'. extent, llll ich sin.e the begiiling of eeantion, hs hail the same . um brl IImIa varieLty 'of I lct int l lls lli' oame her, of edl: itors; ion, nor one hl ll'the number, als is cleal ly' Illshown in the Residel , l. l test fand staLndalrd, it har bHie, tai.l tdill ulb challenged by the oll'er of verv i:lc lpr, mils. "l'he book.i in t.hat expr'cshly !lh-,pled I, all the'rlllsI oflaw l sllllrl oflthe Slates o the ate of ll aII lIclt Jir ltatute, intrerest," as nisn by Ilw flr hank inlelest, cordingIlI.Is thlle bollok is used, nod alls rll , be seelll ill sllhsell ent. n lilhsllcr, jothle iM tll it 'ltl d 111 f dal, hotk, is i e clasoctzn 111 1111 te .' I1I cass(i ciiznsin every uosl" It is moreover a ell konown that, hr its renrly check, it has sn tillhti olectedll hergr errors, Iong fie llrev welre lad''llh.,. I t l en or h 'llml e'll[ srell d mosI1 t compeentllllll ll cessityr ts I I i s, hiave been elx,( l oiylyll insisted up l I, so evident, inced, hrvc bren its bionol!hgs, ami it% shinlllli,thiaseworl ill g. , II hill the fi's ditinllhh h i coll piesl well ot ' Io s lrl, Iso I e ..l' to l n gr t dis 'lIIe I: lpiUr rl'l d At a1 rious prlc , is Iilhelv c.uh:ld cc'i( o some persons have rtece. V declared, od 'i" ,iinnrs c',ld beghl' ed that liw, wmthl p I,)al $, Ithli, nod sMMlll fll ; e p, , II llot to bhe had 'rl' less, nod un ih lit\idinl i lehe lat'T i lllllm e footic l:,: I , hl'Wll i In g IIIfe .anlln, iine rxhlliitd olistllat 'ry liro'Al 1 1 sI , ',e l al perl'ols 1pr se iL thI t to himo it woo: reallyV worthi IIi:'t i(iiiu anlo Ieig v '. Her)ri'nl ,ll.n u. o d hlicllice. I t i s l i k el w i s e w m i , h o f 1 ) 1 ' e ,i i , i l e t d I n "'Ip e T t o ih pre , lih t sl ch is th, otor llill of fIl tgi, e Wal' k p tIerl. ll alnd I petiAClls whue.l o the extent, l nidI in 'Irlit o'II Sthl a. Ilot, thathtL h: . 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' c, n ,, ,' ,,,ivel :.t , lib, rally t , :'I 1.-n hi , ::I : i " h t f I":hL'land, by thl autlhourai" A ]'c lr is Spa,,,' IIn tI hu 1 oni] \\1 d '. I to. ;:, a :on anal f u1'11] feli :s1, ll d :l , - ti. dlilli . .I ,I.'- t,.,.,.v,,Ir .l l,'1 'l lie he W ill. yl'hKF.\\', a ' ll. i.=,,,, 1 ;1 I'1,., ].i ' 114, Il hl: ,, ,. ] l'' . .+ l''I" ligi >ll 1 r1l" DIY"', , :II:1 1 ' 111 . 1 11Jli - -: o 1 F" . Ira lin t I l: l .il~ W t ,If I I l,' ll· v Ic d, i il,' d l. h. 1 vliit i . ,ln I , rii i Ii Il 1" , i ýou`"l lI++ Il| +I` r.£t 1 .l' l uii ! v . lliv. ii I ll,1 . 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U vit:i -1 o .hle ti+lnwiv wotls itd mntlrbles,ex cenad ita nu o, sv(:ll iim s -ll . I lMIlll , :ilg . , lty, hhtin b k itd gold, lt I.k, ( iII .l! 1 i :l . tic v, ,. 0uh viiii siio, viii i i is -l, aurt,l.t alde, r lontl s+o ite ie Clyids led , 'll I b ,tll (I le, lhir Wood, l ;oe m' Ihurdello, Yi s Tr'iee, i till: h is Wh ti (:C ro1un lde or I.ak S+i:nnll I nd I|r'clella, TI .E \ od, J thR N.Y F i CRO.ey, Asht \\ ithe Uak, k .G. e. Crhd vKilo, pci uudini i to be seen at tilt shop. faints l IIls ilhss, cii l ,:sr. ishi, ke i. oi'i ivmd lid tor sale. - ',.'ET E I.& Ili I\V Y ( a(Jtil)S- - t, sq, l rs l lnd bulile iron, ell visoilted. illiiiviscroll nivt oi ivoi v,,, nil iods un i ii C.Isli ( . , €lshi l, bi lis:er. d, springl,l sheei t l HR llow unr,' cut aid rOl'oghtl ails ml spikes l -:u, bIock ti II lil ;tin g -l' nl st n el.,l i n t (i les Ox, Iii ai l tr:Wtv t hils, corn mills .\Amils,.ices, I ,.,,m rs:ud h'bellows Wire, sheet,v pig vv i r lu l; s fi lihot C',:i mdui c.lking hl vIto(s Ames, Ito hul'ol ;,l , ht hll i. h ·lspdsvil shovels II k and pinto hinh es, donr n. window hoo0s lslolr ell, I n 1 l bntt 01b..,l ,,l' fI l 'e a clsl L vtu" aili o1ini ;,,i Johins all,; twilinel u iL uih iis lins lste nll isll. ii ivuh Li h vi ia vvA lusll s lllt i.' h rhvs re a n si jiv cvii , .y nuioal~ alb lt atd he w~ilsvl : I. the that slvo clwH\ ive n hvb:t1, ad wi wllu l n rva A I l r lei wupple il.le o reails , o l~ii ivitns 'i t C.!nh il h iv' Coe s h ass i r I\ Ib v la9 Co:n i.s eld d ,, ome r rbe tn Prolriet -t t hir ptI t l lishlo ntr ha; tie lea n e.n. e e.i,t t he will be i1 on ' dhle-sls t ttie lnh t lavof i\:y t-, hei,'iv vi-.ter-. l te Will 010 r t he li be-l ut of ot cIsen i a a t c iltiJ a ; idl e Ib .ly the l-.r o11{ trhalt l: ll+deen, malle ioh prs olVv oma o a nd ex l in n"nihl en h, Idti t mlrilt l ili "nbr l roomn J oh :!r I hnti1 . T IIJih , It i. InuO TS li£+I, LA, TOR.ol. Y t alnn mth ,e i nprticl. aLir 1pfe1h, u w hlr l,"r of these wf la e , < it is arm e, lwit ljusnt lt eV n'l.ltril. 'lhr, Wll 4. f, lhl at lGli:. N 'rh MAIL ARRANNGEME..NT Northern Mail, ue Eer Day at . Cloes Ev'eryday atIli A.AM Weten M Du every Sunday, Wedawsday an h Ir rnl Frida, py v, P. l. by tra! oJ the Closes every Mondar, Wednesda Coamt, /and Sntnrdaae, b 9, 1'. l. r Dne rerev Tr;re,(np, Tlhtrstlad, an TheLakeMaitl St r, d Thur;vP day, anM. " via o Closes eervy MMnday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAI.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL,)EPA I'I'URF DlISTANCR &e, of the EMpres Malil, heir-'",n taoifo ard New Yo k-leaving..Mobile tail" at 3 P. 6. Northwaar New York dnify at 5 P, M bouthwarad. Arrives Arriva Northwanl. Dietance. l'ime, Hietarn'g ATntoomery, Ala. 2 pm. 9I ma's 23 h 12i. Calnadah, Ga. 111 31 94 3ia.m Mtilledgeaille. Ga. 2 133 144 2 p.u Coanmhln S.C. 74amn. Il 17i 1I Raleioi, N C. 54 215 22 1t \Varrentan, Vd. 12 m. 55 ;l a Prtalrsborg, Va. 1t pm. 83 Il Sn. o. Rii'hlnod,V'u. tom. 21 3 64 IFrederike.almg, 8 67 7 I1 p m. Wnfaiaetan citry, 2 pm. 61 61 5 ltdtimm'e, 64 38 4 64 lhiloadelyhia, 6 am. 16id I1 2 New York 2 pm. 90 81 13tf5 143 h. or Sd 213h Northward. Coming oSnuthnaf, the time is six hours T' atd UI.L.AIHS REWAIlt). )ANAWdAY fer 169 Ctrniromnlel corner of ITevia 1 a'reets oelleni.ahl off30h nfAai, m6uid unas eon. .heantex morning i Iue'ni]rns etreet, a ngro bay named t'IA 1A.1- 5, saoant 17 vyear of aol, on..5 'fee s thelrefhnontin heilt, verse I;lack, u lasn imt|d ilnent in hifa apeech, one of his lagc ii sore, t.c"neinone by a re.nllt hurt; Ile hil 1111 llen he.ent n.aV1 a white g ninnst reeievitg or hanrnrig ei nid neero, an well a all oAllr ;-rson.. ar lhe aimsan rigon r ta thet lw will ah enllhred anginlt hem. The anive rewara will bhe pai firele.ia t iea intat. any af Ihe junl" of feillt oftlhr nduniilplities, or at 169 Carintelet, corner oa levi. 'tro rl. lollt N. r ll'ct--al copli tAlaernhii heriretolire eatoting .niader htte firm otf tubtas ~, Garrltson, han been diinrelved. 'l'Ir suascrlber will lignidatle ther aflirao the enorr, iil tcitn n rt , ool eqririesnll p o ' sa in lob. el to tnaoeiiarilera to Ilit n olvt annd all tllsatelavin elnialn, toirerellttiem forosetlersatii. cuse --7t 11 GA IeglE'rSO N W. W. SWAIN. No. 11lCana! Preen Ar'e Orla.nn, _TAS taiwavsa onlond en tnatly it reeoriie Drt.n I ives, Chemicals, and 'Pam:s,aant,a rihei.. or, Sti"aa, aallhlre, AroLatO, etI, do Iwdt'rrad, Ilarzillette aoonr, '.a.( c ru lmlia, CohilHeal, ',x, cva, I, Coppe 1rs% A lericePn, dto eiullsu, C alle Ao', . Itlilnttote, etin lle, F satir, 'Ianiieo n, .Io itll, do CubaI , In flawer., itn t lie, Itiritrnh, French Ierries, l~eal tlarltaro l to \ 1118 1, U J lllride s, doida t .stla la, ; 11 ain(ri , Ial I..l r tapinaa.n, in .hi Lagwond, CSlcaiaPreahv lo iasalceiltda, do St lo)maingo tdo iani o .al:e n, ,Io hnlloh, tt I N W I S -11a ala copal, i'nOgS, |laldear, nalahin, a o to i niet Ninaat g , sol tallllrr , dao SAlula, d, a oo Carol to aem,.pho,, erw le, to . lr..,ih dodoin r(l..; d hac.:. Ila goian CHtlI\ttAI.. S do ki Tllo, A rI. witl nuh, : do ilrlic, dO nl i:m.ic, dlo aiom, alat .niiiiieie, n a hela e, [hi i at, 'i , l.. Stlegal, rfda Il ' a ' o S am .run uasl' o ,si slllalinatio lli) i.ige:oCiaill., - 'Ilaoa t lr tle Glam bigrt. l, %p·IiC1 1·lel'l salhl) ,lilt:IF (:, oii' do iin, Fareig, IS.i d nt ciiila e \l:,g.esia, L"I:i~ sh, a toahlh .,ari , do li Aut ieia Red cihmlila Iafhf tdo Solo ., Stillrrlo ii, ll n I ,iqviice l)dl, S ge"r lean, dp l I' a a h, :ll ( :I s le s , S il,l l z it. . , r tiiadon tinii t, 'a IIr l t illt i a t 1 II lra in ol i. strIb i , Iil ; I . , Ito u I ufao'auli| [ll l 'In A sl'lrln Ila In 'I'rilflaa iig , li lnt; 1"1.11, {,'lad, tiala.'a,, ) ct'i:sldllr, u hbr w ,I .......Sl hi , I.:,.li , Ila I to fa ;,' fli , \ (]O' A ,,r Ji . A '.m, 1, x, . :,1I. .,',n ,e la r. C\T\IN N' ,ni',' \T't'I"S NL,'V N(t!li\ . atn/elie e Reefer," heel ie aueeir ' Peter Shiipele, &c C(um uines,ee.r a Winter at Schilns tIlij"fhl' in lo-er Svliln b ( pt.nin Ilaid Il all, aIN ol Zavy, F. L L.od 1 n,, a romance, by fllm Ci lt nIghanl, l vo ehrp nce d lele ,, writeen iv .iimn ll; in'! vol. l 'I Compendir:b s Historl t o :Iny, llnan.llte froml the nri,.mnl hhan, b) 1 Narthamel (henra., in 1 vol. for 'rcm i No. 79 llrfit eier's Fatley I ihlai '. Vtl.S : htI ieof'tce I n eplctede eeed uiei'm edidio.n Roe r's Frerh' ned E aDlish Dictioaryr. in 1 vol, 3ro fan sI-A Iew lllmore clpie ofl' Cobe'e Phrenology "l ielri," laniirl ,:l ieeI e (Fll e lnnsfes - r t io l'IiIperoir n a itv, v.,ith (.(lnin±, Miliarid li lls f2l-t1.t and 1-2 = in es (eillll's ipoved metalie 'Penle,panedpapll ers, se.ightl &c. &. &,e. olst received, and for sale by _l __Ll BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN h'InI'lSiEIo,&e, c S PAIN Rh VISIT'IiEl), &c, by be Aulonr of 'A year Trifils efo.ra ehnernre,,r eo'nrrnllr npplienahle to the Ah'ri inies of North Anerica, by i 'o nrner, Eeq The Political Grammar, of the United States, or a cmplets view of the theory a t. prati'e elof the genera 1and state g''onerent, willi the relntins brtwen. . them -ledaell d ail n ld d''ted ni ihe nung menlle of the Unitled tatel Ie, E I) tansll'el d, E t o. Nhirns eri'f Huctin Toursinte eriper~ed w;ith h hraeter ;stir an mmdotec, s l cires and dlline of sloreieg n el, in lig Illices ineeofe It l rinipal crack rie'lr otEonglad uilh analytical contents, and general index of noameis 2 FOR THE eI;RE OF Srnfulaen or I(in's Evil, Chiroie RIhelnatisntn, Chronic Cutateoees Dis- Pains in the Boesr, by free eases, use of lMercury the blued being in vitiated state. This very concientrd a Srup is prepared weth Ath greatest philnaeenticul care'and accuracy, anld contain Ile ative e)rnnciple of Sarsaparilla in thee tons t eotet Irated ireee, combia.d withother viegety o aable bstance oof knowne llSei eev. lha ecat deshroleratum with phyieians in eing abl t exhibit n ear enaoitiy oif SarsaIla en a eme dsen, lnas been bltainied iinthi prn oInetieee-tre', beieh eilly reonvincrd of nle it ece conlfide ntly admieinister the curse if thicr practice. Price Sti 5i? ier bottle. Sold only at S'WVAIN IlSO'l'lIIl E r'S drog store, N.. I ]ntenn! ctrect, wile' aioa I had, fnrt'nb aod gnitne, dire tinlieoo tbhe ipreri tors, wauiil's Pa'nloceann Vereli'e, Potlelr's Cl.ntol con, iarpenteir's Preparations and a narge amn genera assortELen t of fresh dru gs, a -i I'IINNOClK'S R10M11, An. P INNOCK'S IiPROVEI) EIIT ION OF DR . oinldetith's Abridgment of the History of Romee to lhich is e nreixed an loloterdtion to tee lStdy o Roman Ilistoa', aon a gnerat variety of vanoable infer leatime added "throtghmet tile work, on tie Mannoersr lnsutcleties and Aonteuities of the itoenons; with nu oreasns biograoehiol aneid Iistorical Notes; and ene ticlles fnor eXeU:.tioei8n at tihe end onf each sectnin. IL lontented willth tlirty eynravings on woodn by Athelrton Ptc.+sot's en erove'd Edition of I)r Goilesmith'e Histour of England. fliioe the Invasion of JuSius Cesar to the, death of Georgo 2d, with a coetin'olioi to the yea 13'S2. \'ilth euestions Ibr examninoation at tie end e each sectioni. Beides a eariety ol'f valonabl informn tion addedl tthroglghte tihe work. Cuosistmg of table of enoti'ol'acnru y Souvereigin and eminent tersons Copiou rexplehanony notoen. Iletnirii s on thle poll ties, meei ers and literatore of tihe ag'e. An notlilee tihe Cooatitlutio, &c. &o. dleseoteited by many eegn GUYs' ELEeXe"nr OF AR'rROnOIIY, ane an Anrilgmen of Keith's New Trealise on the Use of IGlobes. Ncr Allerie:l editialn, with lddtioias and ialpreeennltt nli all iexpiation tihe anstromieaiil part of tie Al eicla Aletlulne. Jnust recived and for snle by W31 M'IKEAN non I corner ot'Camnp and Comlno.o et IIAtI'AttPI'S CLASSICAL I.tIKAIlY. - OIDACE,rnanislatad Iy Phltllip rineils, I) D, with i an apleelldlx, enotllnaine; trLnaslaeloo ot various odes, &c. icy Ben .loIonsu, Cowlen, lilton, Drvdun I'olpe Addlisol, Soifet C;attoetl, d.e V,tkedolld, PInreon tr-an, ac. and soeiln othe moreeennllo n n ooits of th daye--elnd PHiELItUS, wi th te appendix 3oi indiee transla tcd by Cltlnshneller inontr, iln 2 en fun I ern' vulu leas it and L(tof"rnLrper' Classileal Library T' pe lxpedetee of lid ilt'' CLINKEiR, rI Scoolletl, a1 l, with a :n of thi, Ahtblr, by Tkerc es Itouate, Esq., ee' edeition, wilth tilaatratel . by GO Cerukshabi l'tlE tPSY; a T'l',by thn inuhnr of "Rietmnltee Mary o|l' rgeudy,' e".n,, t'w editiens e t owapwl PAUL tLIFFORID;bVy he aOnoer oe *ooalh, 'l'Theo Die r d," S,, raoinon ItV o tan neow l, n ol'ua t a rn ConpnleI. itrks. .lut rnneived e tale t 3 WM McKIAN 0AC)N SOIES-i-d eaka ks tainniatn am,e J!xtnlem f-m 'ehneteanebht Eieb,, and far s.on ,e I)GIITRT & IIAW r

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