Newspaper of True American, October 6, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 6, 1838 Page 1
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________-__. __ q ýrnI viian PRICI1 12S CHINTS. __ tILW ORLEANS SAT IIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 6, 1838. "No .1Žj vearlii t iatOe, 1 city raierance is gis.n. =,i 41rtlti ns1wl . J dteeinlinlied until arraartesn settl . i. lit nC l i a ottis llC l nme, one weok's intlll a rinti} n Sot 'h ilvorish.y given, provious to t -+.i',uiua of al baeitiltin, ,vx nrlsstis;.- )i t ,ltllr per atlanre for thie fir andllrtl,n, al I hialf t'l r p.ic.a In eucll I thtei:uent oi n : I, a u ri , al air ni n ir ii t:t origin.l a lvcertise.nen. will II eitesi so it a w ,me r arIo.tL toca.strsIniO.-llerchast andi 'Pra era, orty dollars fil EtgliiS; alone, an I nixty 'ibr both la. 4,t s¢n" ,la;us.c liarlln.nie Orin.e, andl other ei nilI , hlie tltrntiirtii, lSt dilslr ion elutish onl,- ant, nil ltv l't both lsi.iaces, ci iinll a t .iuino., FPu. +a i I na++c. t to ia z tisn. doilnen i egliil .Loaanl ti.s, alen ntun orItts, soil artlelcae't sit attetltii, of the Irtile to iales o n iprperty, arlt of" pas-nonugrn, beunlito, S.e. Sen. will be lriete inn ,,lier ptr nq!lare for tin irest insertion in eIch tn.* aiaU.ICSrTtona, or cllvectitelmnta, lof any poroll Il nft'trs. wilods a nd ;iasiBle, shall be, charged dullo, and in gee aEG , A 'bl. "t eso twstttVefive percent. will bne tod tin Auctionaers' ositfts, Rsaisters uf Willt, anl ilurshnl. an sl n uoff rP ai e tate, oelished in both Inugagon., antd I pe r cenol. IlEnglish alone: Il percent. on ahes it other Otperity" Anu.rantorIK.TS out of the direct line of hunine.e of the a+ivertiesr, nsih as legal, auction, andt plantn ill salno, runaway laves, stray animals, &e. Sic. will be charge) for seto.ately, andl athe ordinary mra~. ADVsalntScKNTS snt itoecified an to time, will be uhlisha iiite molnth, a d charged aecor lincly. No lvertt i. eeet o ha nkrmultcieP will ie pnlhlislhl nay cne, nlllea paid ;ir previlnis ti ionerlio ,, or avenli t gutranteed by 1a ree1niori!,le maten in ow. 'rh,t:atrea,and othernPlaa lnof aunneim nlt, cadvertii , alsy ort th season. to ho ohlageU,.l-O Ol foInglish a act, and 1150 ii lath langua es. 4.l anaosi euante at i' canolatil i paont eal offces be charged dohbld the priep of other advertise r: ,.; to the imienee losn sistained by newspaper apni'mn, thethnve comne to tile cnclunsiin thlat tihe no net off 1io Ia whioe accnnts haven noet been aid within one mouth after preesctatilnn, ohall he mille lnac I (an far no prnetieablel to eachl other--they ohli +atinc theln a lvea not II a'lverti-e or print forLI such delinqslatse, nnlens al conse oI lienuse pi.inmenl. miganed) J.C. I)c ST. ROIU0 S J. RAYON, P. P. I1EA, J. C. r!tE'I)EIRGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMISI)N. /eekyI Press.--We, the illldersiilned, agree to cbide yyihel aliove conditions, as lfr as they are applicanle to oehklv impers. (Aigned)l A. B. LAIWREt CE, 14 No suhscriptions are taken for lean thai 6 months. ero nr ust, in l cases, hie post paild. SII)ELL'S IP.IUN REVlI3f' 111, Inn. lI'AIN ILtVI9ITECI by tie author ol "A year in ptnin,'" n 2 vlel- Hurry ndeerly, a nnvel, by m aunthor of "Cecil Hyd," inl Vola. The Aclres oif Ptten, eol other tales, by the aluthor if "The Forsa keh,".ia i vote. Nilmon,lis Ilutlnl 'Tours; inter lersaed with clhrotcteristic niecdotes, eavinigs .di lJoings of .'nrtiag Men, i c li1 itg lotices aI flthP rineipal crack irn of Englanld w ilth auanl'tienal icontentodlin onerl den It iooie, to wliclh are alledi, Ninnnl's liettrs mit iig . lonomd, is 2 vmila lIen Hrene, tine last i Nl'lom,'io Ag-mmmlioon liv Capt. Clnamier, IL. Nt.,nitir on the ".ife(" a Sailor, 'S&. . in . ,ols. Coinlnaotorien 00 dqmtity Jourioorueote. as adoiaistered m ' 'tllond ]nal Aierica, by Jme .pil torm, l.. I.. I). Ovidl, tt ..n0 loie I vlr iry (lenl, lPope), t(o.ere , .l\dllionll aliii lthlPet, in':ivoi. oirlgln" No 2Il anildl21 of "HLltrper'I (.llaoicl. Lilarn." I mitilut r o iTic', or riles for this exireite eII ,ii i.iIIvtens oldie Ulited StateS'n llinlltr, lbi tljr snernl Scott, U. S. Army, in 3 ,sols. Just rutived nad filr sale y \VM. A1mK..aN, 7 corner Cnmnnp &L Colntllon tpti. I motli dnlir In. n o t l iooi lfairI Oh this is !t.+ly; ,. ,tte,* .L~an;fl" l out lit of turo'tu Vw;; I lio tI iiin is " a,,n 'ell; We'c shall loeet ii i Sr'; . 'I t'ee nttastinels are gaili Sooiilidh; t e of l I llt rtIi "Ir; XlIV t t cilig .o ter the i illo n it aavv..ovlu ilI; J li .iri.,.tine' oih do o ot .V i al tso: ints S 1; J + '1. . vI Ii , mie a I-to-ar c v.,; OShllO' w imnhr IneP l; till; oRne, inn . iug bll i le tco Is a ellhr falr tlmtsm .iie,; Antiiiinm i I eli ct:, lly er a v etsilm, irroc deloldy , rruello Vniteo.o ltie of tmc m t:..mlmr(,t iii, VirmnleI, V iloe llil.4 l'stroti f stv ml,' ,lit+ f",1 m mi hut |llten 1 iniitnlmrrelc err t 1, ' I f, +t. ,.l t,, t P a11 11, 1.111 iti l n 1a ""~i; hn " s , I hom o i *, yel oI. tz v I. M'elcoot, i i ta fi i :i el It. iiiroi , Itllis i i iVaili.; den n 1o ano'p te 4 Collectio n f l hlu al Phrase s, on every tp >ir oe " ceaskrý , a tintuis conversation, arranged uender 'i lbnt hllhse, vitll IIInmrous remalllrks tn the PculIIIIr |/}uhh.lp'tlnn ioat ;im Ima e Iunl'variuug WIardst. rho whole so d1[ sdcI us cmtlsPlude.-aln l tel l t cililhla thl e a++qoila1iotll ,' o 111ew e .,hti i revised alld correct.:d, . sA slee ou of Letlusend oe f ' errin's Tahles, anent p ueit witl a key, coutaining the xtht, a literal aid free trttst. alaiea. niaais(] ill such a lonnier Ias to olinllt oct tr ,ilttieveae. b,.tweeue the re' onel a.l toellie aldiat, z.s . n aglred ltllUlllltililn ii' lte Frtnlle, according tO ( i.' Il.-s l. .. tle. wr extaul, n 1h tAl'e t, t l'r wlhole persetal'-: Iy aI shlort ;retie oo thle -1111llh4 l)flllt. PtI'ICIt Jlngeoe.., ten.,anlIred vlth thloe ul T" le.t li.h I A l' lOtio tzi ;Frenchb I' tort or ttl . .l to hlr' s eti id, to tlh accurate pronunciation eand .atllogriphtly of tle French Lau" use, cooatlilit it.. elementS according to ls. 'ltlet us.age y Blernalrd l'rhllt In, ti receiveid anll r tale t t WWI .IlcKl A.N, SCor Camup & Colu ste. 1LTIE lI'LP'IUR SPRINtGS. I'tElrNI ttLIEt COIIYI'Y, VIItGINIA. 'IIll favoie rite watering place in the mItlOmtalins 1 Vig ini, 14 .ilee wel of,and ' 1 firo,. the White .lllphr, will be open in due seasono Ir .the r.ceaption of alllonlly. 1 nv i.ltportantt illlrovemellle have beetn nte'lloce Illelo tnteatovn. A sltacionu Iull TOtn el 1 ilulnber ltf ingle. "bI d led rooms hove o In ada.e an.l nov linishing: aft ac: ,n.tnodalmton. Lbyth lst ,f Jily, for 'l231visitors. An. excellent turl p.k: rtat I fhas bhen coeUllrcte I passing by the n .lrings, anll inolrsecting the Kanawha turn ict· near Lkewis bhlrt. Over hlis road, lv direeti It of tile porst .ltice de.Iart neut, tlea+rs. Ieldul, ,Vsalxer l co'n. line of tnoil co cheaos xill run. .I post dalice being established t tile s,riellg, viitrs iny r aceive n rew eand lotoe pondl icily, e.attand w at. Sf thle 'nedijinal qoalities of litine wet ale, te ir,otriotlors ued lot speak. They lave beell atlalyned Ibe able asd trtlbesed chemiste, and ounal to lhold in soluti in all the valuable ingredients o ish meat celebrated spri.ges in Virginia. lteneomiuatio:t cottine e mt tuch stnlphuretted Ily dront., .till) mte of Magueia, Sulphlt of Lime, Car bolsatv of Lltie.. Snlllhote of sla, Muriato of Sloda. vand Mud'iate of Jltneeia," the salutary effects io which ie etalllited i 'i.nesa incident tto fettles;and clrn, ie effpcti it eF thie toeeht liver, and bowels; is cuta neouns afftltitt or ldiseases ofttlt skin no remedy mvre potent or edficaioe s.nit he tondl. A U ensine batlinrg estblitsltaets for both soea hotve been erected cu intillo to tlae mprlin Visitors cau at all titleS enj oy the peculiner advantages of their be nign and wh elar .Ie effects. Maejr Willian Vase will contianu the saperintend nce oFi the spristn. erervtertion on his part, and on tile usar of tite propnrietor, shall be ndlered to ivsure for dise Blue ulpitur a liberanl hare of the publit pat ronage. rlPlv proprietors of the Ble. Sultphur Stprings witt he iterali n tile receipt of e of all ,thern aid Wes a Bauk wich areaeoniduered olvre t,atpar. W MARIA M,)NK, &c. A WnfUI dielou,, of Mria MH of the Hotel SDie Nou tlery of Moutroal, ,l. +, with an 0p peali Rcoutaitin, pert I .tealCtih. .t t firtedlitioan; part "d. s.eluel of her nnrravmli; , Review ofltte ase. Also, e nsupldelme.t, giving mera partieulars ot the Nuneerv and grounds, illustrated by a plan if the .euner, &.c. Marlia dotk and the Nttnnery of the Hotel Iieu--be inv ags aceuet ol a visit to the Collvents ,f Ilontreel anu refutaliun of cit "Awtful Disclosures;" by Will. L; Sitlle. F,.urlh experientv ofl.iving. Living withnlt means. The Sntdot'se nstrllctor inll tDrawn and workillng uthle Five olvces of Architecture," funly explaining the imethslt for fsriking regtlar and quirked mouldhors; ftr dimtnmisbiut and glueitg tfetulno andl eapitoltl; or fndin'tbel true din.teterof an oselr to any given height; 4fir mriking the Iotic, circular tr eliptical: with fi.ished esalmples, on a large scale, of the ,deres, their 9ptleKhers, St: and come designs for door cases, ele Jatly engravett on flrty-ee plates, with explatee--b Four14 Nichuo|oni architect, author of tie ",tlacbaoic s Cn.ouppJio ,,- erolotaer'e New GtieI," n'sarpeattr'n cid Joiners Asslstanlt," de. "A Prsctieol rreatine tt tlt, Culture oftilk," adapt edt to tls ail and:l olimlte sf thl Unsited States--by J. G, Celusock, secretary of lthe slartfr I county Silo "o ei~ev and editor of the "Silk Culturist." 'Ph' Silk Itatier'e Mahuon. or lhe art of riisitlg anl lieding silk w:mos, and of ectltivating the M Iberry lI0-y 1. Msriln. rhe Ctlerk'se ttide. or sonmereial Coereopon !ence; comsriin; letters of hueia en, ltor.n of bilh, invoices, ve sqt.sales, ao.ltshopkeepera, equation of payments, es'o:rtelciat serlon. S"e-h B. F. Foeter. oi{iýt irv of the W.r in mo Puoinesta and the .outllh IPro-we, froaee the vetr 1tl.) to the year 1814" by WV. V. P. Na+pier, C It., ol. ; st which ore perfixe oan awere to so ue attanke in Rsbinson' ofi Picton. andl in Ie Q.urtsorly Review; witga eutser remarks to iM. Dudlie ulatt lles Pereival' reluarlkse om ettoe paom ypgeoe Cnlnoel NaIsr's furth voluone oWts Pesisnular Ii. Just rnteived n. fI'r le by .2. , je26 44 New Leeee. S UlIhR--S hhde, prism nrtlbe, s.r .le bh o Dr)st{tsV. je _ 41 N, w INw eree P )RK--tn1 hhle Mess, I'rite and otherldea,ripfiuoa L aro ula b IW':E'rSJN d aVP"tY it'd di. drtluw ~r t 4,. I AT'ellst., .eivrlalt heir Folllhil .tore- ou Ni . IT Cop rotel, te, , t tis i' i ., t. ll t ille orth,, e I'l t dittdton ituir ulck , I .Srfid aotoosnmaoeuol Aoh.'orkee/dogrics, tiot iebe otivecly (they believe) (,ro t anMies l mre• Sietit ooiplrte th; into he (nor! iln. stenitarestat. ii.n :l it KI.IWI.; eosnitit: of SILVERI WARE. Codfee ld tes sets pitcheris, waiters, .ors, esndle. .leas aonly, tumlers alnd goblet.; table lr esen tiarks o4e, dete.t and tea spoons; marrow a a.,s' or ro .,alt s ol"O; sngr tolnls; illlgsr, saice bulae. oltar, rlutt Itlpltllig alld fish knives; teall~ del.ers' Ite o:moldetmry of .r I1. Gar.lher, ol ewyo.k, tnis loll esltaiblisedl etsttason for thb ;rl';ttbo.r d" silver ware is sufficient gnarratdeeftf isuprior ('I.tEI "'i.%1E OF iSHEPfI'IELD A4 1wIIt. MIIN(H % i1. Tea alnd tofteu urn, e set tnse Iastorn, liquor ý1 cot olil stands; slpetrb eaunlebrns, and Epe:gles wj mie. mr plateaullx, or enltro of the diller or e",lt.ehle. waters mmlal and oblong, from 8 to 19 Iltlntlaeef. otack nlld vt.getl.e dishes; rich lilk sovers; eal;tt hbrIa hankets; deeanter stands; mantle anlld cliie. ootlllelticks; wile straelle; uoldersandl syphonl ; l, ter lahels, cltrat onrks, tea strainers, table bells, teoo. hie, egg andl lstarl spoons; egg boilers and ate . toalr races, lie. SILVER ON STEEL WVAlRE. Table andI desert kmlves, forks andl spoont soup as auee Indlesl butter and fish knives. cleese scoops, a iragts lotngs, vegetable forks, N ee. .IAPANNKIY. FItIe othie Sanldwich an I round cornel waiters, ih, ,vtl atoil single, from 8 to 1 inches, do ofpapier mttclr; hrted, cheese, and knife trays; lurge *;prihl Itlate wrteirn; splice, sigoar and ch boxes; Iresuillt case-u; Indial tea tuItes in nests, oaddlea Japlomsti aid of rich lotoise sIhell, eto. LAMPS. An extensive assoMlrtnot, among wnle re Astral :Iunlts, allltotzedl ns;d gilt, allll of rich cut glass: manltle Iamnpls dlI, don, eneh plain ain with glass prisms; very epleldidl cat glhts do ; bronzed anld Japanned side or irucket lasPllll. CIIANIEI.IEIIS AND HANUI::G LAIPt'S. Englishl al reach cut glass chandeliers or I ,lts of , Iit, 15, 18, (t)illll L1 lights, mFrench Itronziedl ulll gill Grcian llmpso, 3, 4. and lights; hall aroitos o.t I:oLn - I.ulls, rich trollze boat or centre lampls lbor IIhroing otliOs, from I to 6 lights, lamp sIlules, glasses anl wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LEIliIAS AND VASES. IBronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt. and all gilt, wit fixtulres, etc; counltig house and kitohenl clocks; ttollzed inllksalnds, ceagr dlo; paper weights, thermlome. tors, enrd rscks, Emllleticks ertc CIIINA WAItE ilt01 PIIRS ELAIN Elglish aid FIrrench dining desert, tea and euffee ser i ies o t ;hlin white, gold etge, and very rich ltIue otles; lstllttidl toilet tas; water anti nilk pitcihers, laltile ase; fancly card rocks aInd iaskets. RAIt'lllEN WA RtE. )itling, dlesert, tea, ctlie, breakfost alnll stlwer srttls; tolr ware; pitcllhers. Also, (aston china Ililllner setts, ("I' GLASS. I)ercalers, pIithers; tcloret anIllit o ell hock dellmrlle; howls, dishes, celetry vas., .Rlt sttltols, soIII owll.s, Ihatltel'IIIhl, tll;)·tle J).el I . . It.% t bll liI , ,.Vitae, hll:rlaln.:( iglnt, rlbol'lsl, e()'ilJs, hllIOmuIat, 1III jll gliRsseir; liloe oil;)rd lhok glasoes. Alot, co:dle shales. TAIILE CUTI'I.I:IY. file ivory balance t .tlolles, sell' til a.l Ihllk hu:.lhte knivs m lllor Iols of 51 al1 53 ieces 1r blcr the doi .; Ivorl IbuIlldle knives only r ll- ivel Iilrks; goI. illlll nod A.m.e c:I.rners;. long licesl'fr rollull he.f, r ))ler kiiv 9, ott cra.Lkn.eno picks; sugwrc;t.ers, cork seet. ooet, ItlitI''TANIA AND ILOCK 'Ti'INI AlIlK. "r-a iui col n es ettsal l I;n., llitll I ainti 2 Itlcts, s.iithlei tll lltls ani t steattltlrvls, po s l i llll ( ile . sIalsonl dishe s wli coivers, sloersor toig Mues; Oi: .it kI itrl, eg oilrsl ll t I I l VANC II hIll;lWIAIII.: lh-?s.ald wire illiers."ll'; I nrss . nlult .cal +hoi tls olll totl , etc; coI p er crl tillo[ I sn tl p e.ei'l ket till les; r spo . s, chimh : , hook ;.Ino , ;. , I, las hl'n.t.e hul.e iearth . utis. 1ru. Itllowu uoi h l "l.h ls; erilIllmillI numtitll I clln(i: nelll :l l lb, i tla.thrll* +uitll . 7.rat1 I lilt lte ,lIr wtv. W rl.ini l KI'I'tIE I''itNr Ic-'llil-- nsislti.sliirn., tio, blrsls., ,.r,/erra'nI w.ooden arr,/a, cilg :t ch..alh. of itns, hrott'nint rtetin ooticte w e tot t e keepen iam he tr.n.I im IIwtir esltllnltin . It')JE.t I' ,10 ' CGO. S,.?7L.K OF PtlIUC/.S -I)o)1'o (Goo. Fto ; 'I.mle Ii l l N011. sw s or m0el l0 ,l:0 l c, liodr, ,making ifAl 0.,is1i Io.. " N;l t 4, will) i',e r , bi;llsio , &e. tI $11 er seaw', lr $9. 'i' I I:ers a iolld ! (;I l a. Ii)Sh us aII Ilijlorlr, or I1.11 ta:lv in hle stand, .Ildersl, Yec. a $16 Per saw, or 730 11 st+nl, at $6i5 oir saw, or 500) Uw Fordo.of h so nws odo.or S1 saws ion 04 id, e$ gi.sI Ier saw., or 260) th1 'l. ai ngsnle ln olSll. aws or more, with ole st Utof flersi, halad, 4e. at $.* per Fr o ,ho. of Ri0, witlh eeders, o rt $6 )p . Ir N e,1w. 300 11 For do. of 41 llaws, with lelders, &e. $6 75 el.rr saw, 31) 010 For do. ot, 'tlsaiws, willh f.eedI-., &o. at $7 51il Jel saw 15f11 . Kxiln .t-thI where desired, for etaders, Supplied r ll cenlt's0)a; lle luaoer oftee1th beilg1 about ejuol . Ilh nober or ls si . Olle set of llhedrs, it is con silletlUd however, will wearl out tw or three sets o1 sows. Extra saws supplied at 80 ienlls sch,. lThe Gilln llloreed, will be delivered to the agents of pllltel in ally oI the sea poart towns o the s oillll lnl li States, 81at Ihe ahose priner.s, the goltlla pot ilo the Ivi'eglllh tIle siill, fro',i New York, 011 lecoollii1 er lnihle f.r liare amolltll of the tii1. A ilii wriglht will wl set with the iiev to flat hlrol l hvlre ee. irel;lll e .chalrges for wllee services will be exlll, bit molleuate. lron running gealroan alsohe ordered where dleilred. .il Ireaslnable terms, hilt will be charge)l exll. Hor. Ipower, ol'any 0description, can be furnlished ol like tlelns. Small st1Lea elginle can also be ordeleld if de si,.l. It isldesirble, when planters give orders lfor Gins, I thlv shoI hl oomanly them witlh their views in regmal loltlalrnllllgemet saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is i llrd tlhey diai l opinlio. Soomoe ideire uwe ool larg.i diioelter thila others. The most com on sizl. is 9 or lt ilnches; . shole wish them 12 ilches. wih 5 or li rowl brushels ol an alle, while otherls dl not wallt molt than lat s ne.t. Slnoe wlsll siaw with io olIteeIth to the inch, while others welnt l tr II. IV uch dliscrepancy, we prefer tlhe shoulIol, oat the time of giivoing oler, tillnisho a sltatleltlol of thelir wishes, and the ttnottheturere can f11bil them in eve r) particullr. Where it is left to ourldlliscrli on, 4we si0ha00 laloke tlhen 11 thil1e mos10t molernl anld altppltolvud p.lae. A t oldr cantb lIe exealted, from the time it is received, i the le s l'oo cright or nine weeks, anid the tlin in thatl itole pllaced in the htilnl of the l.letor. To be ih litle I lilr the next crolp, all orders ought to be in Ith haollds of loot in10hiletllllrt'.ahy the first or midlllle of' Iay exvcpt florplll.lilldal whelterehey arelatle in commennciling to pick or gill cotton. N1. II. The P.ltewlt Iight, for any onleof the cettol0 growiilg Stoles, willbe sold on reasouable tenrls. sm'o 61tosl S'L'ATE OF LOUIl.1AN:A.-First Ju-icaol "i-.islrlct THI. STATE OF I.UISIANA, To. ll whion tlihees Presents shall come, Greeting:-WVlerelas Willim hlck havinsps r .sto lasrisel at a sole 1lia e by the Slaerilf I thle Imriosh of irleulls, the proI er,. heri',lfter ds1c0rilhel, has alppllied to tool ler. oI I is Irolr. i,io wlose ofllfice tile do ed dof sale was rlonlrld 00 the 5ti day of lMni, A. I). 133tt, for a iolliti 5f or ad verhsl.me0al in Eonolurit) tl an so t of the l.eglsllotue of toe Stsle ol l,oll-i 00, enllttled "AI: ucl flor the lho ther aassuorce of titles to prohusero at judecial sales;" ap prIosd e tie 1th day o Marech, 1831. tOer , therifore, know yde. ansl ll person ilterestel hereisl. re Ilerhba elotel and adoollished It tlIr it llle O the tlate of Louisiana and of the F1ros Jlldi,'ial l)istre t Court, whl can set up sy right. title or clai i illn mal II the ireleroLy hlreilo iltserselserilld, ioo coi-seqoeole, ft ol iniroolollo In i le order, declsoao or iludsluot, l ithe leou;t unlder which ith, sale was madle. or an) ir.gulsarity or ill gllitv in thll appraise.lenta and advrt..eolle, t. , ill tl0ne, or mallner ,fosale, or for atll 0 other delect whlltot. everoI Iloow oaloe, withil thirly days fila tIll l day this mIooition isn lrst inset ted bolo t oole e poprso, who the sale so IIa.ode should not be coeUfilr ned andal haolht galed, 'Tile said Irpero y was sold by ohe Sherlif st i. a)er i.+h asoreowil o h tihe Od dal of 0l1ril, A. I I 1J64 1 virIe ol'a decLree oIf this cain t, reiered n the 1 .1 day of lMarch, A. I). 181,i:1 a so it entitled William IlHckeo va. amo'w l Hell, 0I. 1la,515 of the ducpketf thi cluri, at which sale waid .Villioan lackey bpanmeo the p0ur oloaser fo the Ia ic.s of lJ, Ilil, cash 1)ese iptiui of Proplrty a given in tlu Judicial Con vevan-eV.l0: A sortainr lotorf grlad, tortlher with all Ilse bui.d ings and ilaprovesn a5ss shereon, iltuated ini the prish of Orlanes, in the rqilre boundled by New Ieve, L.tuuiss, liu' sad I)leord strees, desll olaled by Ilhe NaI J,no I a plsn lotllthv C. F. Zi tlpel. leputr Sorveeor ;eaweral. oil the Ithil r)eceober, 1831 anld deln,steal so pl.'n No Ill. nl the" I. f 1110lI 0 ,f tFeliox ,,i0n00 . tart tahlie. Saidl hlt -owisoUrs alit I I hrlbea frsfail . . SNew lAw-e, 5 fet pi ldep ll the sil. odjiiio lot NsO, it 8 i feelt 7 inches arnI 4 lines in delptihoo ih, tide Idj ding Ihes fropleit n 0w, or Iltel. hellnogiio ' N doaldo'e, nldlt loo ilt chea widlh in the r0a o hoer II frontl on an alley f thrme fee! nine inches in common to lolts 4, 56,7. 8 and 9. Llerk's Ollice, ]1'1 May, 1838. mnl6 6 W I $W1S lDp Clerk. AIt. WILLIAMS, -C, i.l:'l', I.OUISVILI.E, JuLY 21. It lan been snald Hlutt an .is¢v from I eUU - silll nm ll ( m ung ,other p hlete ) had mn ,de troika tor tile a inlar llnthelelure r.olved oil 'nT'uetpday Inat, tripi th io:iinai-tiat frtoine r tty oat; I returned again nts right. I neia tt f eltttlhalt oa veryimponrtan ilndi. vntil, as this inltaut tlte Jonurtal l' t :is city was put illto liltd stalting, al itnget a great tinny nihe' thiitg'ita'ltl I sl a-tinllnv run i ayfrIom tLmasvilli ta e-raietlie eff'eetsiof tile a nderflle l Iillugieti nee It of deletnr Snip, ih knieghtf ithle tltiulb'e, alis, A a. I. Sy vreturn, hUwever. priove that the table of he it. and .ielf, is npplia.ble to the Journal. The fable is "A lalv was .t'. plnllyeld l Wllrlh t at an ne thlle aliarm a he, th"' wm.lf sI'm'ra'tt; lie bei g either a 'boutatma' . tf'iler'a sn Pt or a liar, feqeoen:ly crted out 'thnI wolf i ll cniine,' to thtLe gre. tdil.ay of tile Ti v t last found out his real htaracter: that he WRan liar, Anld not to be Ibl evedeven when h., spoke the truth.' t The lact i , tlt causem must produce their effects. So it will prove,ofr the all-wisenwritern, Dr. Snil & Co., ii tle Jlurnad. I would advias them to provide them nelvea.with a tlasto engine preas, in order ttl meet tile monrlerl'rldemand and increase of tia: naiter, as it i well known, there are many who seek for ntiohine ut' ftiehmnl,ont of nheer iune to the vendelet of tiluat rtia. etI. But unfitrtanntela fLr Gnlinh ~nip if needle anii thimble eleibrityv, tate reat mass of the mnlli.ns of A netl'anperoale, rar fune.Ianti far f'.ied a lonvers al truth. 'l'heref re they will, (ansefeetts roduced by the lunsts) naturally san, I want to read a paper, that I a nay rely oil, tllerefoe I will seek out nsuch, an h olne a tuestlilltr at the otlhcr journal, wnhose slatenetnai will lot prna f'alse. 'heir I a ntatemenls are ta o pal ulble to requ rlt n.feratiir yet I will state: It. I no. Oemlnlh' tilns llmltel. 2it. 'Pblt I ahaell.nm t it he 31aet Jul 'th Ilr nip & ('o., have sent me a letter threatening ay lifie, mkh ly fI "in tI' , I shall pthceed lbCfnconieitl.'bte rteendavesouly,of*lhitct'wfiahDreSnip & Cun,te iarm the affliited,in their own auiablo inr fails to Ihring aie patient. 'i. 'llhat frin Ctninonai I shallproceed to tire Fof the Niagarn, to heat Itfflnlo, (if ler Suip & Co. rohatv (bIhrell o t title arrives yorit/diah Inl, Rope anti tare 'ialiud. Cllrrier &eC. Gu lla finr aast motles,c. oliant 4th. Corn eattier. t;ull "'ibt ,lie rani .ru,nn l u ick io rton. Glia 6th li tbaen'ificenta olf all, It. Inip, a'ian. Hell, &e. pnhllel \tre pnrprietorn ani llitlrs of tie Jnrosal. 1of1ly Il would hllve thI lenol Dr Snip & Co r inot tlUt Iglniifraethl, -vg ac efO hi to lathrt au neat tlner elld ii'ister, I lino been tlr years, in the +:h s il of restI goIighti t thler Iid, itao that too wenl o ia n a cn Ida r f his IjtijestyI, eutto'nn I G"reut Blrii. ala. t aarepn thein sit eainloyedd Ilill lt tlrean la l sterr; thlonrrie, the lllarn'a IiikPhr for assay; lie crnb'llhr - \e l uint and1 rug sttre kaeiel rnand tie ,iititii'ant Silp,eaer, eve IIIre thn" dream oflhrio'enllle d-,t1- like? I wi, tile iJural nn t uIlls, a ini rp ie Ifnai.c antd eaSrn PPr cll i to I \ ll. and erot me frotm3 to 5vn'el Je. S l. ever: lay, to obtoai tl opirioi n willta,t I'e, as usual I 'In geoal ahvhte, IJ )IN Wtt.t.tI AiM.i.'1auheit JeflTrsnn oll. lnalistil'll JIluy lt, . 1:137. I --il 'n.l, Ive en infnenIl litils1o nl t tiotsilto, why the I sio r ltt el r of til S. irl, cnlu ' Il os t ole at r inre o1 weln e ll tn w it f r ii iTllynsh"el .,ashrerie theur tuerher, in ane late re it1,+ they a+ I'a lyIt r u ein each oihet r: ti es S ii tr u' in, ,l r l n l tr haliik t allt uer." L FI' r i ,,,I I rehtlll, mrit ir . Mr. Pr en c "' ?akte aniln ikatea i n rii ly i rai eri 'dlaser " l + e I sl i te li e mi oh- V ue (itn tIb,, , r tlt smh~ult't.'d reone o 1 h c i:Uln.h d)" .ae ) wI eti. t aitlli cvt, Iilt' av ie the of t a ` o , yishl l . nt to -l o if a- tlw ,tt er to it orall r ir t gon w yI' i nilnu til hi arit;r tan ,id b L Te ee I Nti . Itha, 'ome wnre urt lloirllIII il er tu bi a oI " a ii tcount were rt al A e l.or. ''i'elt tled u ibe tlia i l i t lif ila il. 1, u htlltmhe f I i ,hi, "lnllY' ,ll ,'e Ih ilit iiy atia lieh I:heit r l llyo tih g ..... inane, - i n et !tinlo,,li. liil : tfI'r .. Ia il nIU lm ihulmlm tll tt 11e, ha t h ' ni r :lill is i81r"i i. 1h ih.a d li hl-a ,"'ln"' a l i hll h'ow' r s i e-t i.t f... 'wlit lan l* t fa. i 1 all k1 d lilt' iein.llli'arlluan, t· I i Iulln iimuluanhisielit ip et .. i,nhhui u' e, i ' tla 1ni l,r ia u ao' ,4, .+ idlIe , 'i..., . . ot; ,naofit, i ,,nii ,iutt ni l ,et ia i i lna,[rt 1 ''iia ' atu, I oni o cllae'iitely tin legih n u', iliti" 1Itn d. .I'ii a mo m , " i tIun a dT (" I en I m itttple ' of' S ,ifih ill ,avi..uetmn'hnnaLhth, t mhll itl ,lihlaf t;i ili, -i, ohla, iiliiit .f lf ,he 114,,,I iu ,ilm II i ck ni tr'i ild aia ullt diem +. 'hlmr i nan .lreul, a ll n Ir, l ui uuitnttmiig elh F itti Iafll- fum e t llt t lrai a Ite • ',, ,& 11. Ishnl11,1 " kill eiv ,iitI ") tller nI II i.i Ii }t 'Inn, l utll le na hnt I lli int Il tsrhe ii tdo .lir hat,,l ia .,I the Jl., n I h , tL , . l .er .l .i' t ,. !l ri ' ell"n~it allafi . rrelh a ;l t ftl'ra Keatmut, th. + ,lit . 2!1111r, + i wll se l Alll 0"m ha.ely . l uflr r i I,. ns.--" ,hnvh just received a rlme r Inlte lit .the h. Inlltter. 'l'iey inay rast assuro I, Ididaot know on e een sunpect l GtlithiLollm lOi.g ti ie caugiets in Loi irille; yet, ii' tlleall e irs atv geitleiat hi inut ti tIclrse wear aI, though nol intended by Ille. IJeriso-i'o loeae, nitllnlidy, 'a2 Julol, w r37. Jn nEERnON ItOUSEa ItOUIinaLLEc a i r the Editorue of &e Gte U eetir em i u toI--tbving listenel, t tilh entreinean of my pno W a llioteds, [ bllO ret'lverrd if tlly lleh Ier nith to re iiiii ill Ind. citn till the eiidl of July. ]. a 'otry to- Ihel Inore lod. I. Teo ennvinae the ihabltllatt tit i the vile spa I0e n n tie nediel (lialli . &e, huve aiIplied to a-e, Sbelu"in to thelott, as thir nawfrul right. ain lutlo, It' the Ui. . Bank, il tihie hatidaof Il i Htln Inhe Itolnthr f tlia , iy, ngoiiwu l a wilhuilr t nae to be ie pSniiei by all Ihegr st and nl glty tI)lhatora . S-Ce. tllit 1 reit r to eijh stnre h gio ed, I dctadle-ded, vouo piS+ thildnn, woIe Were tota [y t r pth rlulgi hat tllhtil dly. lT ; li ritdiae Inltltyleldam rCUeTt greNtur nulOhn of JItart, weak ,.r dimlo-nigltOd innernr I dnuig ry short vnsin, tht Iht ta nda. Yet I o I1 in oa iiii ielyta. euluiiiinlurn Io eall in "I ilbeir aid nil tlte vern deacnervdly a, labr ted pet esnaral and taniiotm rnfI tli Ihaei III llet gen, ne well as a l Ialue ndlor 1a oat qota dnLtors a be falld io priwlie iuroctcie, dwlu . tre ntli a fieta iln the Statesof Kent aby, Ohio, Itmdtnsui ond ia, I icurl'llane hrell the mher inadt end ae b illw a aliherllnn douest, a a hnse llu t Itrugt Ito bJhlndd dow. 1 iiohe Editroftiimtet paulce i4t. " Ien ltaeun I tl t illy tllraly hatll the o res pn aif eonntl tits Iufl hta ole Ilubgo I I'oi'l Iitts cld ti iutheand oitn 'huall eno Jnuiem ohoteuer. 5.t 'hau. ut'l multt merit the ialhods thlls hey Iae st alit, th IteuMeial ttwl ahs S. lra-i the a- ie etor la I Ielltnge ti tl hello, holsen ill iioi, a nd the ltah arpuhn - ty hlliU ta- IA o Ir - snd a $he I, tmitw r Ire a r thd a aim 'tilt p wroa oa of th e US. nan tmin thehanudu danahi m ate Ihe A fo llnen isc lllaidat ise tila yst nnaitnl b oe liii ttiit to alSte that tetinr in atand luau, at it gDS. ot nit, -ii, lain bitt Iuoe ltit hil IIii m uore itied m aleag itioun I' nuntjant i ldr'n enawhAt onwdltere itotianlpiynoiei par nii il inIctt tiB ithdey in;det idltlhatiItulnt af ten biiy auicd ui Sutys kouwi tho writer b) the melody ad'ifin ttour. SJOHN a t ILI.IAMi, aUcuisat. '1 was weak enough to read the maisn o talseho.od, signed ., which deserve notling but iny silert a temipt. :lad ! known last evelnig or the great I:portsnee u t .\ S ., I 'ho,.d hit- treated the last of tll thlreeCuoe what dil.ers i,: but lot that pass. I will. lh .aever ttonlplitme t ii;mltter of the Jiornal, for !lai age iti to eslloly ihr 'rlucar knight (lot ofthe guarlr roal tht thitlte, beit) alfth neRedle nil thiiblen, in order th:t he lay kill two birds with oq dit lne, i. e. It patlch t. hol has laot bhe in hia ttitnl or polhtiuul wgt"tentn al ;, it I lltyulde ItroI I lltat Xeelent Jlaper,tha Ad, Dr. i il ls master i., alitihatly, ilt c.nOtnl nred oI 'is 1ervin,.a. WVkhenaall er inl'lanoteecurs, whetler dolestieanil or politically, which requires a blister, whether ona hi ,iwn Iode r or o i tles reituation olftlse wlho du nut hIla ltn to llease him, be ng unlike hite, (wichb ntitt be rS atl mislrtletr.) theau it is he rings his I'ILL, whiec ufterlill i. nothing m a e thanif it waso"unnding bhsr Ir a ii h tg cymatul;" yet, to view it thus-ijr. Utel Itoksb t ; atwth a ; its wt . A. dS. .after it appearl), magnil.aent!t JOHN WI.LL14.S, tculci t. July 14. AVANA SWIET..d-A'T t-in sator aund itrais. _11 yN TI It tHYttt t& Bft, j. er :"ltlnm nsatld hl ings ii r r. , TlEH hands·lne STORE and back Kitehen, on the asmen ult ,tory of the T'rue Ameri. t an t fies, twit d,-re tram St. Charles The. tire. .t filt rao stand ftra Ctoe" House Apply to mt8 JOHN GI.SUN, Editor True American. {.AILS.l A prime assortment of Cut Nails from " to;d,forsalesby CHASE.& DlXEy, ml Custom Htass itras . MILES' CJUIOUNsI rAx LtAUT or TO MA'TO. A IlUecTIEre"r FOR CAOMEL0. ' .nE dioet ine promll.astel witll so much assurance I by mianu empirics of the present dci, tha I le mte tiine will cure all diseases, is not, rll nlever can be ltruec; al he who asserts it, is either a Iool oran iml , ttut it is i fact deinitii trahle Iby ecxlerience, tlat comnbiu tiecc of medicit e iimay ie f suiced rci m iyec v.OrTARLE KINODOM, that will act an univetrWllay on the s, sten, when Ikein seasmhlldy, and in judicinus pro iortiom s ,as to i. sioe cases eit tof tfi, all diseases -itll dtil sOwelral' ucflhiiich. Friou cte well k tiowaoc l cstabishei d repliutatinn of calumel, it Ihas hug beeln enmploye I by the empilirie, cmul ,ientific idphis.cia, as oine of the most powerfil ageats fuor te removial of disease. Bi3 the former, ol nust every lnd I.s been i . eiltged with nlositrluli, thuil th"ir authlors claimed as specifics in every disease ini-. ,lit tO Ile cIuman ifiiilv. The fiIl) nf thele Ireler cics lacito li collllel.c. f.r accullle chehimil illeti g;ilinl as lOuWll, thaiut the balis of lnilsal otll Puarees. CitholicmoNv,kc. which Ihve been trcllllm tltrid icltre tie elneluliiy, with so much assulrame, is Calomnel, or cercui'y in Iomne oerm. Now, if tiis imtentc lticlee ie i iic ltU I clia ofiae kilful physiciac , fim ruei t ly evenrsI i fllienIce oil tihe Ihumal system, ucfureeei, atIenlltiely bneynl thle control oftiart; undernlnl. th, constitution, aid ibinting onm premature old age, diseu;e ansI death, what ireelt shouldl be expected when pre Scrlmed by the ignorant? Could their many thonausma victims sciuak, a voice Ifrom the tomb woull soiol diionel le l'epes~ c' delusion that now iwa) a the minds of the livng. Hismunae Plhyieiacs depl ,ore tile srld evils resulting crum vthe iuix rictccil i tet and will gladl, h il di te in ttydiaotjus ~ i w cuhlaei tsiey. ct iui slwet-tit -.lemel. "hey fet. oI thskeenrly, sh. u..oertatt.y cf its primar. opniott; tlilmy e tcinnll, .y whethler it will Ibe Ifcoleule or ccleifuvollric. Th ev ii sknou, ueid feel, th .t iti s use is coitinri: for any considelrble time, in jinius secondacry coiisapletore must ti'llow. Bitt ihey uct cloosee Ite east of twoI evils: they know nio Oither rulicle that will arouse a torpid liver, remove ub.trure tion, and set in tiee cution the whilue glndular s'atem, Iuil it beiig indisalelslhl'e niecssary to i , i is, thley lltiulle its use, cotwithitandllilg the evil coiu lleuyences which fullow. T'lhe, hive long desired ansll sught an article that w tlhlprldlhuce the i.ood effects of this tdrug, witlhout shuj etlug t.e patient to its deleterious results. Such a delieralnsm, it is ielheved, IHl- at length been obtaine..' in the larticle ow pilunuItedl to lle ilublic. 'ite iluoprleltor ilf tii noiclrd keepiiug in view tile ccti, tlh;t i wcre aed becclentc Ileing, ti pitlaccd witlh iin tle reach of All, iemedllies alul ted to the ii-arese ic cidl.iit tJ the climate t'ey inlicahlit; nid kinwiing, like wise, dl:a ost Iof the diseases of tie South silld West be asell uini organIic or fulctiOllut derangemenet ill the liver; iirectedt their attention to those articles whichI itl inore esp ciu.lly oii the iili ar ioregs. Alter Iong, lahorlils, and expensive researeh? tIhe have succeeded ill extractiIg a subistance from the TO h A I1O, wllhich, fiioeis ts peculiar effect ipulo the hie. tic or biliary iorgls, theIt ithve lens:mlinatuic leptiiie. if iis a edic .e that will pro:.uce all the beuficial resllts of Caluomlil, inll Ilthi aeite anld hronllic ii.tses, ithlbl cie plsihliliti of producing the leerlioude illn ccslcnrcescuOllion to stial a.icle. Its actilii Iiill t e c nSititiOll is ulniversall, o ari : of t.ue y)iito escaping it, iufluence. It is howevr, ilnlll Ie organs of c reigc ioi .l e+ri laill xclet thIa it K iriat ipower it particulalrly ai iistd Il riete i is I" culll.ivy adapilel Ii t.,e lreait nei o bilious i feveLrs ndi ithlkr diseiass io whII a torpid.y i U" clmgestin of ciie i i liverl as. poitflt circle prevail. It isulst .isiildl l ata I cabses, where it is I;ecessary iti Cleanse hle stomayh and il d hwtLIs, t ILremllvs.¥ tlnUI.l tioll, elIcci icU i iiick nd I ltll ctilnll of tile liel siff utlsei'.aunlular ifelm of thie aboliiueL. Being di itnalhide il; its oelllailolll it prll ees a firee eir:Ul: ti , n tile Vest l l. o ln lie srIe oIlf thle hodo\, nonllll pli( by it gentle upelspiraioll II dILoes ll. txhaut like dr:Is ic lpurges; sill, its acitiii is m eIaU Ii tlc'I, falll is tite: ble rpt.latd, otll o rely with i sci.I Iut Will gr+is hi it h lThi ii Coill.iihies li:hssiipisi y nees.. iI eiU. of'luhgi stig;l fl r m ii in le t lpoiey 'pe ine iii.:de .by iitrog idicill ,, cillia, If ever, do gai; tclu tanc to iijyul the stai ina 'ciifthe cisttt ini, kuh ii cl:lillc u ilil c, llli irillilu II. uhci teai i, u telu il ,ei.r 1.i hariin ,!l c il i llc cu euii lin, iuf lil.e, IalI i u c clllhieiti lliOr tile ilmti vhbln. e ..nlicles evr oitel, e.1 t",r lnicli trial aiod inlp. etlil. 1poit c ,ila, ,uiclelt, .,iris nrrd is Ilrnt,,d intln 3 lro.i phoretic .nd dinrletic. 'Ille.vlluw pillsuretonic, stam. udant Hald ri uphoretic. 'lTe ohlliowig ixtract .nll 1x i ill uhject is fieom the Cinein MIiES' "i i'usiAiT i"i lICINXE. iThe vii t s of the Iucaito, cOt univ as n delicious vegehte' r tCe chfi able, Iuii als ais u m-liiihr, kuse iii ,is.,dtcraible time ,ail, aitracted clii little tilenlini. Ih Iuoos been liel, ii to upossess i ti-biliousq (ii uliits which, it h..y could be rlthetnu:dly etllracll, O1r sepr allledh Ivrii hie tasivirliiu ,mitIer, ciuhil lie inviluahle. Tils iha Iccu ch traclerizld it a lailiollu ccinr. lll lalrge pIiutln I thl +eluseeh foiset fi uI i ikisiideied l' 8, orf II in dl' raneli ells I liiie glnlutli a sL-Cteni. lilis is esprciclly Sc c seI iii lie west, ildlll ti I iore soI io ItIIe outh. li1 a ireuy, esy. c s llteilinii ll i, i esipeiunie, ali leai ing then i.s-ititioi li iiipaired, iil le lidscuveld fotar Iiiiucs compllini,ithii i ailulis wounloac iitioliily be nnaiiig the imost healthy cliilesi ils e wo'.il. Culoiiel hli bleii llte alilest uniiiesal relliy ioi diimastem of thlis cdluracter.. t it i a irie ey i which not)lng huit ineessitiy should ilndue he ue of. li nae y be considleredt as tlirespassing itlOll e tlprolinice of caothuer prflletils.i t li - s l , I ti lls, liet we i lty be erlitel d t express nor str'tg +u,.victson that (.lomel cant he lsed w ithiuit; ii.riius au d ii s ic tigticcio uiatc uile sye. tCll, c reiner oir eIs, acccd ding Ito he u.iictties takic, aall lie fr~equi.ncyv of its fle, iand tih. cr tsltiutn tii th ptilent. A lsub iltt t 'ill s, luhcrlebare, .rom the vc Ietalile kilgtiloul is la desideltum in tlli colulry. \Ve helieve this iaisdieraltlm i hs bilte llscn ered ini lie T.iatl,,. Dr, Miles, of thiis city, .cil hisassiciites witll much Ilaor alsi exllnse, a i e understand, have siucelldeai i otilaillhnuiIge such trcet frcllll tlli viegeil tie ts it is hlopedl, ill lie t;lllulr itl ci .kciuhltit le. lbVe hae Itken some pains to ellllque aumiO mleditli u I aiId otherls whot have used this medicile, as to its eli:ilsti, cii we ecl we. satifiedl tlhait it will 1iie a 1i1u t valu:.lie remledy ini ilious cumplhtaii. Si tlr as we haIv been albe to lern,i it has. itiOdl.ed tile desired effect, otnertig to produce a healthe lactio onf tili liver, procuritgll bllius discharges hen nieedledI, and i someiie blekIg upi f. eere, wit.s eten lllr certilsy ill i a h etrilll t im t a, lle) aut- l For sick oir cllious ueahliches,it has bten fcI'ou d a u go. d treid. Thle hl.u haie iued it lls t ,ey t si i llt ae t hIC e lS elll. ill Ating cli:t f l iuslt othir of pulgiiaile mediciei Ihlt there iis r,.tiieeaeld idatglr ros. ctits allt lur l ut ud ui here lairge dsesof culuiitel would be niticded thIll u ieraes withiot ay daniger of rih diistiesil. icn ijuitoaloseffects of cidonlt hni Ipiacingii talaon Asse have rt.eanfi to hope liion Our inv,'stigalio, ciin- ii a fe'tat vaieiy of cases, we aii o tll p pfeetlly sulh andl Iree Irout all Imliner is e ililt ae beuak of it, and we trust lltll i:surino filly teied by fauilies. He huve every ncal sube ·+ erlt. The abouve smedicint e coa be obtained only of the Ge nerIl Agelrs, .ald theOa r,"tilieg ageltea having a ran) ais*ia signed by "A. Milen, I'le't h.. M. C." sta, clututrasllted by 'E & II'' T.olnei Generai Agent lur I Lousiiana," and bearltg tie Complany seat. tlts 'f d genes. E & B T Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 c'I'hosllotatla str.'a. LLiedtlr raCo. 1330 ,l Levee etreet,opposite Veg i Ole Markse. Paul Martin, car Old Laver and .lspitnal street. WI Shecrv, csrCatne, andi Julia.tnrets. IDr Mueller, cor I'echoupitulas sire, t and St Alar)' market J P Itarbat & Co, eorner 'choul juIIlas and linr,d streets. J &P P I Hartwell, Itevou Earn, Le. I)r WVn etolthtart, N\att:ltau has, La. Thlrmea . tansh ,ry, Ilou.iulln, 'l'eX Frederick S.erid corne' P,ytdras and Camlp sas. (lnu Jolies, 'Ivull, Clicie. W\m. Evaae .n. 4 Bu;lding Co. Row. Api listion fur geslclee or me'icinea ba eholeseal meat b Ilsolle toi tte ;enerbal Agent a' New llttlles. All letters, post paid, willbe promptly attse.ded to. tltr ly ST' I'TE OF LOUISIANA, )ARIISH COUII'T flr the Parish and t htv of New I t)rleans. Pre*slt the ll, 'Charlese Mlaurian, Judilge. Jote Ittli 1 48 -Ni, 10,.Yit1.--Jncqusa I'Utiee vs. hi; creditors.-Upons rmasting and ilinlg lis piition .,nrd at hedlule it this oa-n, It is Ly the ('otrt that the redilt,s of t ,, i terlvelt I!. elhhwr,.lice s oplen erti o0 r.sturdI t ile 7th dlO.y of Jla, tas.f, weay he ashould not LedlIlciarged ua.:Aordtlg to law; and In fthe lteantillle all rnoceedsa.g agaiast hts person and pro erly ore layed. CLerk's tOfier, New Orleans, Juner I1, 1838. jeall aw A ..IA sll IFT Il'. 'erk II 1lr Il potiar s est Io ville Ils It.lslllveile O leauns.-Preset t'hon. Charleas ,lallrian. juge, II join. L otl.-o. I.itI84.-J; equae Potter cooltie sis ersenul eidru.-Ser lectulre t e.regist..neet de l p:titin, e Ilea chdltle dans celle sItleo, ll eat decreth par nla 'our uie as cr6..nierl de I'insolvable faire savoi' leur4 rai Is alenlt collruvet, S.a dl 7 de Iti.let, Id38,t1ourquall itl ise rait p sitt dIech rglh toft.rmemont I la ti. es tn Ittnts(l d ntfll atre s oorr+,ite oirtre a Ipersostll e on sea Ilriprilesl s1nt111s orreI.e. Bureau de greliar, isollvelle Orleans. II loin. 1838. ijeI4 taw ARII iNll P1Il'111. Grette - IN4EED tIIL--IU bbils, landP. I I e.alllusbo..i llhaley, froer sta by I IIORs-EY, jel:. 44 .N i erers. ;IEARL'"S UPERIO I HAIIIS-Nowi tdingfrom asea:eboat Slltair, 4 sultly tfsthe above, put ult in hhd, tierce, asnd bbls Iqr sale by LAYET a AM ILUNG, jetA 17 Commeree street. SINSiEED Oil,--S hbil s and 2 tranks lest Litnseed y Oil, low qlllding from ship N. hvi Ir, RIId for ale by JAKVISt & A IIiEWO, Wholes.le l)ruegists, jel3 C'omnonasid I'ehkapitoalss st. QCOTl'C14 _ c8assait nd quars) itn sAer nsd er smalahy h .5ULdMES & MILLS. jels ItafL Alley )AilN''la,al. i, inLASS, B "USitki, tc.-aunt Snaain Inrlatnnhlp Consliution, and lier sae--vlz: 16.H00 faet oftlata, test quality, troni 8XIO t 23X2|l 3111 kegs white lead, purr; 3&0 da green paintl, in 2.5 lir ke:" r. zran; ! l'anj .redtcn ia arsigna;liillKW . lithrago; 211 dok aplnalidl (O110a grolund Irunse , alaso ofii0 antd I11111 do; 2 .uses crome green in powder; superior arti.le tl do in canl; la rg., isortlleat of tash totlr of every size and quanlily-; able pencils for artists; fiat markin. brtuhes fr amer'hants; artist's colors in ell read . r pared,in Iresl, fitted with all necess.ry brushes; artist's teals &e. Flake a tll ,amilanit wln,'; 60 saekl gold letaf; whitr and yellow wax; lan ralic; and a large andl choice as- sorlrnent of ti'ltsta, dry colors oil. turlpetine, varnitti, ca., our saler, wulesaie and retail, at the Illnet prices by MON I IELLI, an8 50 Camp st. YtKudPI. L'Ub. NEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF I.OLUISJNJl. IT las been for sorm time made known in the pailIc that trhe sol-cr,kers are engaged in treppariny klo tire prisa n tw aditioa of the Lolliaana C:ivi CodLe - Phev waer. Ir on thle first, awarn of the great diffilelty nnd responsti.iiilt attending the publication or the work, and it was not witholu great hesitatitan that they con neated to the undertaking But the present edition. a.ountina to bout three thousand copies, and which had cost the State more than thirty thoustand dolalrs, was entirely ut of print. For more than two yearn pant, the aoual pice of the work has been front thirty to fifty dullars. it is a system of written rules wnich alt immediately operates ltan every individual of the state, interested elther in agiattlture or cmnmerce iand which uoverns --dt.eltnh romf an attach roperty ualtlt. to us iralt othebar atesa, that--ul hke at.nno. a v oter treatlie upon law--it is as mnuch the aent-btdk and lanatal of tle merchant and the tnlater, as it is of tile private gentle mant anli the professional advoc It. ShPie lawyers oft tlhealiinig stantes, and in fatet of al the st"tea "pn a l th tl l hiotantd ilia iseil ti rivers whicn h find a Inartfor their protnu'e in I.ouin.lntta, Ihave a fre qlent anee.sity of refere ae t) thie code, and liake it k ,. ditatli enntable r tqu;site Itt teir liiraries; attd ia tie ita o1' New nrle nl tie hook i. ns nure ta .. "intnd in :le merchant's ctaeling rtom, as up n .he desk .f the iauae, orc tle tatle of t't, at tiner. t11 is nnr ateltlrdtaig tiibrelfare thst ite first editin o1 'lhe work waee so qick ly dislmai d of; Ialld nalhogh a atere reprint of it wouhl il some measure eltiply the, public aecesitvr , vet it wuld be imperreat sadll Itnaisftac rv unle la nan;rated with refera noes tn the Reports and Stl'ute , in ara!r r to en race the nulmerout atmendlmaelt which halv h en nade by thke Leisature, and the inlprtanat dee:iatns anld conetratciota which ha e been given upon aItyui at its articles by taie tllalrlllea'oor ut. The publliahers hbve seured, f.r the general super iltendence anr editorial dep)aritttent of tire work, tie iolfeassnnal aervieeles at \bhealnek S Upton, F.q, a tire. ter of tile New )releans ner. tPite l-tta. Jlltle Itll.tid, .Ind.c alermlndes, an! lion Georgte Flatis, rve eathb kindiv assisted ter iplton with the valuble lttes which they havnne rlloeted il tile enoure a their tudies and practice;and tll Mr N I Jennincs,thbe part nar of lr ll pto,, who is also enragedl in the works eteo atrlwhb idge, Errq. hla- rleentaed the great nlaua oaf te.n pan.t -o lltedl ilt his talifle t, v o, f tile t loall, and .nich nave been nlle bv himl dmuing the whole perihd Shis dis.mnagished prtlrssiailI labnors. Thei publinsh ere tanV thalert re well trust that ta lanlnolatilan of tte .lark will hi: all Ilt inlnatrv a "a laIlur, LtaeitePd by enrl in1 anald axlelri tare, oo pt rfirm. lit puttinge fr h thlti pr Raertn.a gnld soliciting gene at sullscrilers to the work, tiat puli aher take pride in the fl, t that th le ILrriI:m'lire 1llllisiann lh lts notherized( lihe overor llto orl.r o(ne IItho anL eopie s of I liti f , t le tatre rise of the state. Ithe raendeina es i It which this lll .-r wa, tllke lhv tlhe A. emblln , a e vineld their Jate tatle oa tiae vnlal althe wekL;naat tleV tlarer l tend i thant eonalfdil.ene in Itih atbility tat the plblise s and - liters whihl) its e in e i i t 'whollv nlod r wredl. The watrt w II hb printed in Freanch and tangl:sh, olint good paper and wilth clear t. a,; lnor will 'tat ax wnse orarre ie spared to mlaak the whole hia n a hial ,xet'utill ll i|it t.(,rresod,. , with its rrela' imatl)lo ita;.cl It nill prenalalv ie readi fatr deitvare ita rth mt .htlt l r pt ,niher next ; ~a lia the price will lI, to st lscrit re, iiliee dollara -five dllars tll be paid at tile timle of olab 'le ubsl. rilti, l linls once elosed, the store price 'ill he wnenlydollars per . lpy.. lip ii E "i )HNil- t CO. Publiheree. r if ot \ Y.Ki ORK. 1t.Iwi, ships cttltlsi ine tllhl wtll toa i ew t he l IlllcIsid lNew York Oin every otlher clldsV- it ,llalllell,:ing on tbi-l li 0 trove ber, al4 to insn reth leilt c h.ill leter cin itoI t e the 2ieth np tov. I lhitp L.oulisill, ltaidn Pahller, to leave on the 41h iLIl al illei . Captain Eldriilger to leave onil he t 811h IIteel r. fu hllp Vicksburg, Calptain Woodhouse, to leave on the e •lt ,fa lll ' coiyp llisitstppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th il iL te nlive ships are all new, of the fiOrt class, t i:c"ii redt all i i'oer lleI.rllil ald IIII tpwards of011 tOul o hureiniI, re i gI iii.hii of water, beii. bult itt yew tork expresh ttfir the rhde. The olie of Is 30 s.ooe i liel at one hundlred dollars. IllTheir ollinl are tiletd iipoOll he lilll lt e ndonit I etipltatin Cnenlll plll lld ti iehlrd in t eail Hld e lleRol ot I. Amprllllle otores lit hlie firt qullality will h.: provided, nuld eve! y regaLral htll b 'u III thle omiirtlnde entire atistlctio. o puseiger.lle, Who a oill please take ullllce tlhat lo erth call be secured an- ' n1 paid tfr ait the olice oI the cllltigees. U. 'I 'kote al I are oololllllllldd ty Captotiln well ex periellcp i te tradlle, who will give everv-alentiln. lll expert letlllOlvtee lo aclllllno odolte. 't hey twill ci ll li'lleh be towed i ll..d il boI the NMisiSilippi In I teanlo,ats. and ite strictest putetuality observed it ii the time of sailine.t The owners of thllee hIip will not be renponible lt 'I' noe lel er, arcel 0or p.e agle s0n0 by or 1ot irl bIloeldi tbtit. uollc aireleiotr hill lt latlioeh be gidl tlttr'ftiiv it tlee c~luntileong housi of t e agentlll or oallers. FL' f oirt lr particulars, apply to EN &A CO ; It BEIN & A COHE.N; I no 13 9 COIIIIIIon St. W AS fod tilt. ritonlsfi the IlBliz., illle nton i Sof Juil,a lorge lauochl. (Engliso btilht copt t fastened, and has been coolppred, shte is 22 IletI ln.i. and eigllt feet enien; and litsotaen sloop rigged, a, tlhere are iron stp ilrwurol tir ripging. Whoever rc' cgnie. slalti laoileh, will'itt.aoe call at No 711 iih L. vee., i It UtIARl.-6 hndsa, a prtte artle, o llt y je22 4 New !.ever IIUMYPHREY'S I"tlIlitEl;N 'IOUR. &e, I GRE'AT BRl I'AIN, FIRANCE adil IIELGflUl, t bhort .itr in IlP:t--lV Heiiin I iiiphirey, ' It. It., Prentdett oAiiAiherst'o ttlege, io 12 l..h, 'hel Works t/' .tlrs. Sherlaood.-B-lloe h only cmplete and oti fior editioin e.vr oublished in tihe iteld 0ttes, vol. 15. Just ereive and for sale by J CornerCallmp l mCe:l streets. I' ý A P01SISACOL 1 MANSION HOUSEi NEW CITY, PE.NACIt.A. F NIE oubhcriherloavltc purhed itthte leasore d fir 1 nilureltof tilit welt khltowlI a.nblisltnerot, rlilont t t T. ylor, n:tle iro rllltlor, w il be ready to receive vi. itcr by tile slt u.f ilpril ext Nuteroas anld costly uiipoveltenta will be found in the arrciangenits of the lManion it oitose. 2%ew aond more otmllloiou. batlhing h tuse will lie built, and I owarm b tbl. will Le tprovilted a al boi.'. A tltblet will ie attclacd tllo tlh t holellat. willl gloll accult do tito.orriag wilc also be k.rl flioP lirt alt lllmoderat ;eLs rrll o 'ail and tow bOhllth Illcersost mnllage thell tur tl.: use of lltrtt . liiiininlh and itltc aOllloitnllPll tsotally Ibun at wateriigplaces, will atlsobel tnitlted, aid ou codttuted :na not t I tertere wit tithte coiltr ad quiet oft he botirder. T'Itn wiaras nd tlquloi w ill bp of thte' best qtlohy, ild to elltO rO a til suply ,t ic , a cargo las alrleady ordered, wlIhic will arotiea ab,ou tthe It t lltu. v lr Frederick Itilatrd, who, formerly kepl so poolar I Shotel at Washli .ttull ct, will tcot ahlc tIa iB1I tel i - the ltroprelor, ohbo, Wilbi sucll aill,colmidenttv a.sures' the t sttels of last year, iad hbi friendls generally, that they will reouve every pis-ibte LtteRntlo; and thereby exlmecr t ot give go: rutl ltitmc llo. 'IThe local advantaget s tg Itl a o lust are too ell n known to ieed a Iengt. ened deccripltit I here. 'Tile t lie'll tat Perlltnllol is tie largest tloal statilll of tile n Go.r'lnrumnt; the relneral rendeavotJt of the tiulf iquad. ie on; the e:llutri.v ti its c.imote refnllhed coastantlv di D tltgtllle osulmmr t olttlhti Ib. tiioi coolest breees frtlutl rele iloli tlte .llet.t of the bay and the neigtbhoir.nig inilutd ald risers; the abiunodance land delicacy of tle ti ht ilb wlch the w lers llound; and its lprooxiilty o the beot olluthern imlarkets, give Pensacola ihe pr. ference over all other pliaces in tlhe-e latitudes, as a healthy alld deligtlftil sUmI.erretrent. n First rate boatas ill ru iheweet Penanecla and Mo It. bile. std will oat a times hie tleo to take the plasengors SfrllOt tiha Nte Orleans boats. r a N B ARNOLD. S Penaela, Feb. 51h,1838. I '7 Gintletieo wc.liltg to engage roolms for their f lmilies,ca address tile propriotor, at Pensacola, or s0 Mr Sewell T 'Taylor, the formar proplrietor, at :few Or leaa. R, f.oreccet. T SRa ford, .sq, lMr Culltltim B McAlpin, Esq., It. Kibbh, in Mob sle; S T Taylor, P P Rea, Eaq, in Net trle~ats. to P --A letter hoe, to receive communications for wIroo 'a at the bee hotel, ia placed at Geo Whitman's oIl ce, 51 St Charles Exch itge. FI.ORI)DA ROU'IE FOR NEW YORK. S 'Travellers desirous of takine the Plorila route. isd Pe rlracoln,t tlle North, ara illrlneflthot lre rate I !,loafr will coinatanllv rtni frit. lonile t i Penraeoti, ;eaving Mobil, and Pensaoolt every rother day afar tht irt of May. Gtad tlogea will always be prodeo uy 'lie uhaer'her to he io rienltiteas to take looaeogerefroto ire loile, in cate of the ofilur of tho boat. N B AaNOLD. , TI steamboat Champion eaves Mobile for Penoa. tle twis a weak 16tlaI2be ItlAiA I 4.'JitIiA I'Aas.;, CtUP-* I, W1,°AMI t I T 1,l VT' 'THROUGHt IN FIVE AND A HALO DAYSI From Mobile (Alabama) to"Augusta UnoJ SEAVF:. Mobileelyv otherb clnd, immenlatelynttel Sthe arrival If the moil from New Orleans, per th. st.eamin.t FseLIs, to BIllakely, cmalhes to Pensac.%l* steamlbots (per IPenscol. Ia/y, St iol sound anod Cluh t:aachl*llie I er and ally) to Cedlr Iliu', cochelt' thele., via ,M.rianna, Chattatldnhee, (lIbrmerlv Mount Ver non,) ]ahinbthige, Finlerton; Ihnwkihsville and ILoui. rille, to Augsina. A ipaseelgeertakihlhis sat at Mr. bile is in no daner" of being thrown lout or losing hhit pre serne by other ennflicting interests, a.r he F.LOtI tA LI 1: is Int l concern, anid nder one co, trr thrnugilcu, and may rely WITH egnRTAlTT upon he .rrivulat Augllstn ill tilme secified, through all n et-l 1, ilod e IaInT seasonl, ll,les% mle Inol snfole l eLIARS troplhe Ilhncid Occurl'. T"e- Grleat New Onrleann Mai is enarrivi Iy this route. 'The Agents for aceonrno.da tin, l'teams, Conhelsnnd Drivers are nlt surpassed tlhe n!lllelrn conntry. dThe cuoth, I1nd, naturl roads, the mafe and inter caing water navigation, the time and aeeocmmolation aflHorl the twaveler smpeed, cee:tinty, comfort, and a pleas inlg variety; connected as it were with tle Itail Itoa(d CIharlemto, S. ISC. al the sterm packets to New York. travelers :can rea h New York f~rl New Orleans L:eu THAS II IArt--\Washi.npou city inl 11. From Chatunalhem.e, Florida, we ihavea Hrlane Loine vin l),incy hnlu "ll alinhaxe, Ito b .!Mli'ks, 4 bur pon"t eMiches, also I+a IRanehes from H awkinsvill, .Due I, ,\lidglledraall. on to Mcrcot, nn 1 tw l lnl con.res.. SUTOCK'1'O. S ? o. At'srnTA, thl .em. 11135a tiftcetnc t \allnsio House Mobile *Distatnev, New Orleeans to Mo**cle, 150 mile ,hilr Into A.gIInII, 5411 A l:tlfnn to Charleston, 1fct CIl*,IrkItn 0, Neu .Yolk, 940- I8 Time, Now I..llan to It Mobile, './ hol*r Mobile toIn Alntma. 35 Augmsta to Chtrlerston, I " (:llhartsllon to New York, a- 450 fifkiong 1iR mliles per dlly, or i miles liar home, inch ie nl a oll sorlplllUges lt I N. It. 1 g le v .re Ito inform the plnblieltbc lt icdllges. over the Ch(:lan.lnhour.eswlll and iiir ldlAt creLk IIlvl JuLt betn compileCted ) Ihe genleral glternll ment, (the eclu ohshlrlsa oi "riting aglaintst this s:de ifnl stpeedln n .t . . I, - hi happity remnoved; nud have ill pleasnre oI le, ": ,.g from trcvellers thIa the conches,hou s s, dllielb·irsnl ,rIds arle ol the lil., lo"sIer: ant as hI, bI waelr soIm illnm . ens.:el,, Inl ~Clar IllIf; it t alllil led by all h Il, hav - e pInII rllnl h il t lle lt l oeunsurlplst iunnoeltics Ibasei null eniter. The bridges .hems! (eorgin hcAveditsbvenrepaired. J M C lA EElt HARDWARE. 29 MAGAZINE STREET, NEll -ORLEANS. -OSEPH KNETTLE.& LCo.--mporters nofForeie a end Ihneestie Ilnrdware, are receiving from l~al rope lrl tile Atlantic Cities, direct from tihe I nfit: turers, on extensive assorlltmentlll of Fanev and HeaCr itirdware comprising every article :n the line wlhich they Dtrir how. , 'ountllll lerhntll ande others are Inmvited to all and examine ilheir stlo:k which consist', in p)art, of table, ullltchller's, pml ket, suhiler' niii straw knives, plated anllll Iteicollia tea rlplmlnr,needlerl, pinsP hanks noel P ees, n ice eels a111d yImlldes. t lEs. Ic l soels, felllere, mllllirolle. h1il Innil l n l pnulldl 10,I I.lll"bllr.s , bllank b nooks u l Io . Iper, Ilkkine elns·ll, nemi . vic'e.e.. Urw |ln Atf. hlnd .lednllgP nlllli lluil hlslllllll(b, sIllitllls belhlw I% Alllericlll Ullll Englishblister. c-Ic , oIunelr, ierlllllla and cror ley stelel, flon: h nlon mluld trlce, nr aond ll chain, weeding llllin alln .n llgrubbing hIes Mattocks, pick i xee,olrn utl grass sci, C'olline Kings and Hlimmna~s ehoppine axes, t rtCeht, horse and aEt tails, cotton and wed caria, cotfee and corn mnille,plhres andd lai ors, g llpet., liltks, :nld ironls, honks and pistols, shot, )IIWIPI'mIIuII lilquor tnHks,per power. lla, h+, lblrass and bell letal nob chest, trunk anIld pad I ukck, bridle EUCISA. A N E-Cour du Premierel Ui trit, Jo diciairm. L'ETAT Di LA LOUISIANF--A touseux qut It cobs in eca mn ls conuevlt , a hlut.- Altentio u li; Jlrs llarlltl e Diggs, nylanlll Iet A tule velte laile Ila t le Sur,lt' .eL In putStOs dtl'oiclanl Itl p ,roo. tnle -a ei-aopts " d.eralt , s'est Iolllr o au Gltltte de cetle Couo ot I Ailte it vtolt ilt t'lolllcel h e le ti rine )our d'A Iril tI lallll' IN88, olit u :. s inofor ttltl ii Ai I, Io d In Ldgis lahloe oe l'h t,,t de l. - I-UtiOianOe, intittle "Ato e pi ur coithnncrie titres,'esarcu reur.lnuxvenitsjudcia ces;" Itprout, lel lt MlS 1804. Qu'll suit ooaUue, ttoutos ro .e anO lehw s interesses um 0 par c t preso tt.s ountet an0 non de 'Riat it In Lo isiolett tie to Cour tid rl'tmier lsti.ict Jmitdo itie, quli iomuLrOient..v, ir tdoit l la pin 1 ieti e li-l,.rIs decr'te, ell conseqlice d'uti de ut de t itfnue Illtlan I rle, le ttre t ot le jlugenlielt de It li l o i, ell ertu ti e i ite, ou de toot irrg tohe nOi l il't;l oiiantoj tl in Amtion, I' via ot le terns oi le mole de hil tIe, onil poIur uneautre ltusse quell.n e, i d.leire votl', dal s rllle ejllr di lerdl e la publlction lie ne l r il, ip utl nq i la l e il e l llis i filite tin serInil pui s Lt ,lir ite prlritdt liti endue porle Slwrif, sus dit le 30 eiojoor ole Jio st odmeIo ot 8. eon vetU id'Ul docl. l tioo I'I. ,irt toe Jatoiiet )iotllS [itgs os. Itoufuot ie, \o. tSItJtdo Ituokeodo cells Coiro to.A Illto ti 'cst relldu aclqurelur Ipourleprix devilgtcill nilee ttDeU riptiol del htol l rietlli e ide lrlesle tlrt sfer Judlli- i eianht, Sa. oi. Un certill niocenn de tortel iot toltes let eltisses I' et amellor;,titioh s so tromout, ainti qui ltiesdolis, el" Inivileges etc. ap I'tr enin d'lu nmaoiore yiellcolI le, :dot atn ttolourog Altehotittito. mesutrt (olteune ug tlt) Iliseeoinit, lltlilto bliX ptdoetelualre tentoitoi tr l'mti pourae tieu Ceotiuis on pUtnblique ie luroI tel i a , ouvelle Let tie. eiin ,rute i o t t t tpids sAx -cnit et t nitohin emiem S aroIelt r e tnood e, t is et e othl tIl o'tlle sig l ie's unit n llce t tlret Itoitlll e our t t o itge Lit r di e i na ivillre LAtte, jltiu l fraoti r Ii ig ne lihnitroh lrre li Al t-te tel It ou rc to li:ldoud oit I 'ellnlgllul' d. riu g.s Vtle .et l e,,t, deLos uN ns t eI it t dio letit eitoot2t a o-e oll r.ig •i l q p i | el e tr 1 rl u u lt s r. l allli i n l lhu r le I lo g tie I It ,ig elitTi rd I oth tt r.i t uicl t' i lilt e and lnl, l. l ,llela l is i uo Cles l le Ite l It f not uo ! g I doll te d rnig e le tlll il de StIo lte lils o lnti lllo t n tmto o IO l t itrj it tit enU so la Irn t lt lirite ih tie to iati oLt e itr I lor L,.is l ) ri , de Ll$, i I ro viie le !.'ole t de Id pl t hil It ti.r angl dl.l tiii , IiLE de l i ot lt. , nt'jh It'ilt iooot Iniirt eJ ' lte ,t3i tit-I'oslt-ir I lislt' ltiroe de la prtoitoie tt oeu nitf Doe.tolt loa ItI'AliE r La LottIn -otn:00 du oGomit- Din A CHIMNEY E A toor 0 ous qie ,'llUGleste ; dtol llllr Ilp tnlultle It·R dret , t "wet.e 000de to thoeogitEyi- It a Solo-cjtlo n dolIol, Arehltit ad "ei el stir In ligile lm.i it * e Ile In in Ai Iti di, Uda potle notr.i+- onfo hl, oidque tior la rdtl eotau, ioo eo, do i'eS t lie is t.omtie t ," p itillt' s ao lint' els ,ituototi teitir, d d aro t ati dt., .iond l eOstneti l s -en Soti n dalis, lRmI n p . IHy. 'ilie V m t I a ndI. Pil, vll a r '"" r 182 l~i C's." . . o ......' note , p -s.( p,(l" il i , L, mi' t , on ttlireiai, t tle 0it a lv ien 1i83. o lllreot oi I' hIno-et Mtonl. nC iuutt I Ji eit te CuiatSusli te otf Avri 1138. P. L. }BI,ANI', qlloe no qod foit Gttdotott-uejo- It ooteo A-it.I or. l';ALIE L t LtUUI..IAPl. -Guar du Premier Di, iri tiJotw ihrre. l ''I'AT * % I.A 5 I.III IIA F, A tont ceu qgii, .i.. l.0 is di otilptr r 'noeri.elllol ob , ottlt:-At dotu -ne tl drie, tsi o lt . t e ao (ll's de to tie ('ioiny o Itt it i, ; n te lilt ,nrvglsl r6, le 5ri,,e joui r de \l. , de t'.llli' Jei8, po. t5orll dt i- otllflottrot i tto Co re loe tl eois lulure do l'hio de hI i.uu ill e, iutitule "Act,. lIon I;,teo oil n e,.i, Stla-sy, oarcet ojlo et tte tlit oe- al ooAo dol' o Pttde la Ilou. itie et dsoso tom du ronter to Irblot Js nhito re.o i poloTir nt l ' ,,tirt do, d o i nrprihoo to-llo in eo doelo, en consequence d'L.n de Sd lde lbrer duns l'otrrto , e Ii roS Vtel llteo toetor, t e sti ttlnr otll v torltu -uttel pi v Nol . I' tore dite, ot doe ttOu - 'relnSituri olo itlo.lln, d.o s I'esimatieo n.t alvit ow le tooclni e miLt, de Ino Ivnte, il poor u tile do it p ae ' tee tl I nI t ollni t l oll blet qn uotes otdao. te n t il.o, lei,t do iret , sii ilhoo tir t e .htroLo.r do tr do Iql onoe 11A tisod ltd'etoyotidio oeuloonooee poIt;co c d e tg e lnn (,ir t lootdu i o 0 uit ol tee A nnt e Ilte dIi, Al,,. 15pi .de dlpotisket de ell .m o ar o t tellco v ti lt.5 , i7.i V ttl P lcky, ei d cq ieu ti sor ler preix de 1'i p 's te spo.t lotffio. The sthioihn doe i Pilow ri tei'oirs fInt theifer fJie. I torie rs ioNew Yok, atd wint u .Lep Loelttye Loi Paul slsd relnd. d eoslp. sod of the olted plan. Atrise miar C Ziol Al.t, hlotm Ver General, Tohs 1d lore oe1834, mt lded sod ptiee de Filt od lioitos, nttoire public, .iesro plan s o 13, hodry dt loe pdetsrr in litran, .oi.ethr pieds, itts p o e did co1 mse de I Moo sotee,ed out d lies Gi profitLndeur d ust quroi thorueh I protic. They aprhsen o derne re ut aeserte. set thosrnops erbr. torii ew ork, and will keep ontanly a" jit IaMB KAIN do WrUROVD~ OR W. eVANa' CAMOIMILn .AZU.-LS THIa highly valuable edicine m , he. t hde and retail at New York prces, ofRIt ll'LANGE.18Camp street. It is confidently reommeaded o air thne 1tdtwCor " near: ust pepula in all its folms; bilious an;d Ilar f fliclonlin every stage nBd deLree; (at Setill more particularly tti nasea ineentdat to mothers; .ea alhbus, fever and nige, inciniest eoLseenunlnna or oe chuies, wh ether of the liver or lungs, hevteche oridd. . I.n., lons of apnsetie, .ervon tremors, inebriatoll"t, S pTAE odic asltaio. ofall k .lhs .dl mism, whether chronic or inflammatory; teefds . bIliohus livera, to every variety; Ierofula, iltt e and all Ilrtch*ee, haed humors, lid imr.ure nrnthi.~N iflherrkin; e tlenanoes at night, cnd daily irit and .ielannhonv; the rummnner eomplaint,.end a tet mlo-hue nIr dianrlhnea in ge-an pern no ; , rlarms NB Ifncy, with hlnd hrealh; ehlnmnias and plalpittltati.t htart md head" ehanges ol female eonrtiittion; ad T or nipaile ond nlliorcanized conti'ustiuona n either rF.s which have not been pe man, ntv relieqdtby ny o medicine. A rinele trial if tr V EveW toed ineitale 0 any ,f there cae,, will produc tnll .h Pfeets.eerl t diitle their inenp itahle upernmity, d indudea a use l Ihlent as will inoure i speedy cad unneastieor bIn cure. )irrcetiun. for use stomplnyin them. Nu e ro ceretifieltersa ofeurem will be uhon, a Ihe of cthe eratldore it is ijuidmle galiwet plliilitt ihrougha the mdius . at sew esfM'- f+t, t ' atloague thereat, upwoeres'twa)Jeafg $ w ant in tite city we in resfer to nuaiy ta .I woo thi Ieeu relieved, and in some inetcon entealiely cured of lung satnding dirases, by Dr EIval ' Cammo ile Pills. enA I it . STATE OF LOUISIANA-irsJd4 courtE d n rV.IE STATE OP8 L8UII IIANA, To Jlt wla l thie.v P etens elotl moate oreettkngll t.W..e$ii l Lonrse Ilra ta Dhigg hea lng lamo.esmei ata n e D iu lit Se ti. Suh.erlclfnl the t~nlrlof e.h t"ik -e thi ptipety Lis' iu~ll;-i+ dy·El rihe Inst eli tile to the el-tidl vi tIlin reit - iinl n lilleritl.( the tirerli of nlt was . etrdln tn 1 the dc l . n:, : -I' Al. ii, A. it. ti83, fule nleanitan tor ntrtlas Ill w i, -sxllll'mltiir toa n net of thie I.hteilitre onl'f n1 t I.,i nIinIuinl,nlitl At nt fl l it'l tie ftnthertl stipi.' talic itlhs n cunetLsers at judilcial taleta;" ai.t-oed ine 111th linht hf Mlulnch, tiSi. N. W, tlnehicn.u, klow ye, sald all ten lt InterresI|e i Ii,, e hele.b hen cited anld at lan, illld ntin he , tame no inn Stid chi L.nuiinhch on, an f oti Fi.he Vim dinil Dintries et, holn l 'na saet itl ait right, title or larn im ild toil Inhe iitlni, i hroeiltfteltllecaeitlne.ill ienae haetnr u f( sy i at roi ·ailr ill he or lert llre'e i rjulgmnrl of tlheeonri Iilevr wi~l.l the llrAe al minke Orlln ire"gllnehy'or illndigilt ilt the atiraeseniien he and ad;ertientl-s, is lill.e ,! Iuniller oflalu, or ntl itriy other deen t ninoc. ti ilon o Ilae within thirty daeT from the do thei mnlioll is ficrl iantretd in Ilthes litlmin aInr, nwh ithi sle n niitle lnilhl aIiit At i ue a"p nlltlr hosnlol leleed, Thine oid t llplerit waet old I) the llclrili'tile timalh a dl',resil g the .loth dly nt nMarch, A. sD 16t3, r vir. i fle nft dernlce in il it nit, rellore l on ethe tilthiy J:aliiiit,A. 1. 1838, in n aIlt entifled James BLra ti.-_s vi. tliu Grerluli-, No 15,191 of tile dociket at Citiil, at ahich tale siul ,limes Barnes Diygg beta Ihr palch secr fn Iheiprieof twenty-five thIounad d (lesrtilption of p.cpely as given, in the J dicial eyt alee, vial An ertin piece of pror ee or n n re - eln ld t ogeadtgeher riall il ne lluillliinlgt gsln iniproicmeetsa hereon, rilght a Ipivllglesi, &io. Iherentnohelceging, or in ens wisep. Inlnnillitlg, silllate in lll'au!oug AniIel tlionlhOvCeiil this nii. col ilelaliltig iii Englilai measure, three lmildredn .I lill}-tix feetl all tollr-eighthl ofan ijh front mn tie i cllllc ond on INw w ee st, three lnhe lded and ilxty ,Ic. l six0 ilihesnccnllnn-elcighlhl ofala inch front oa• F. tio hunidredlBl alll mifift-lfive feel nine intllslald itw-eilhllhsnlf an ih.nnrl on line frotlilng ohn Old LooM anet-rl. tlilil it stiliken the bhlnldasy line of Laurent Mi nIiloi'. (lllo , ni t the col tie of Ohd Lene and Nosain strlel; there ilrminninng right ang.e, aedieIteadinag : ihlit- five Ifett oidl tilnire inehes de-epalongttfre bOnade line if said M!illadon's iproperty parnlel toCaellt tocernt tlhee forlllling a righli angle, ian exltending sity. tlnnca Ifect eleven inhes luln three elgbltln of - ineL a lehoinlotorv lii.e of Loltis DIede's tic-solqy, pnailse Ho 01i Levee tirel;thece hnrming anoahei, rilghtatoke,lad Sctetliiglinc tIec fiet een illhes ol a iveeieihl Oar at ieh lnoi the luntllary lite of slaid Dede'a Inpropetn ailnihil to Celeste trtset; there forming anothner rightl lingle, cidlll ateinlig onile huldoled and twetly sevens eat totl inles anlid four eighths of an inch on Ithe bouudaj li of said libe's liropely parallel to the publiO mcl inih NnW lace street, anid seventy lix feet four inches alnI foureighlthl of anithi front on N.l's treelt, leeord. ing tea plInanIy J. Pilie, City SuInveyo, made 3d Jan. i'nr 183'1 aennexed to an aet palltd before Louia T Cane, Nolnry Pullic, on thetlith January, 1823. WItella Ithe Hon A. M Baelmnan,Judge of the inintl albresaidl,tlhia ifilh April, 1818. onLtimn&13 P. LE BLANC., Dep. Claetk. A.NUTIIUSEt BY THE FACULTI OF MEDl CINE. rIfIOINI'S Comlpoulnd afCopaiha and Salra j podill --A utrtain, ult, and tacit efliwetul reane. idy ever discovered for the cure of Gonorrhea, Gltets, Sbrictures, Whiles, Pains in the back aondloins, se.iuol ;roakner. aflfections ofa the kidnies, gravel, scorbutie el lltinills, t&c. Ih, dh itr.dtluetion ol a medioins poaeiing the use ,"' :ad active virlte oa tihe ne now offered to the puhl;, tpe pi'prietof has bur to refer to the numerous reeotl meallatlons receivrd from the moit eminent of the anr Iettl fiteulty in Eutope, believing that it wtll hbe dul iolrecialed when is merits are flly tknown. 'i I Biisan ou tnllCtiba, anextennively aed, haL loet t t ' f its eredi lifrom the dislike chich patients tlornerli clplea dI relurin g its d diagreeahble taste, dtIottbhcue I crlhlell ill the hoein il astomlac h, ani iti iltrelulrea illftrienet illie, ned in, tihe inul.maltloruy cage. Tlho; Inprietlrlr Ils mlde an analysis of the Balslam, conle t lg that the nore ictivequalilies would thereby i.,, II, more rl' ent.ltrad ald more usefullyiodministered .t *n it ll trhe ils tI se. The abote mrtliine cunt ia is t - g'tellit'to shirh nam in the hiLhet repute aitot, i. inmost cieaitific and lepulrd in the protitsuionf . ·: - dtrug itn the .antmluitiotlt hottspritearitiot tlttreose' " i elfieacy of tlhe Other. iroflueing an opelation tln ri n - titihi g, andl nrtilltangi the molast n ttiu pStostuiltgnth Iothanl tnime the ilvnlttge of itt 1r atlnliniscrll' wilth perfect snatare in the difeireut lat t the hotr tlinase. I'he moclt eilnent ihyiei.rmta.llt inteins b' h,: present day express their deci, p ie : . Ipra aimt, i ll, thr nlf Suarall, ri , whiht itt ueh it t, printip Itials nit tinend thpubl metdieal illLattioms I :. hie It, all tiill eolttituel, ery e TMave It l nat. orlte rrtrdl with the caella tefl Dr Atherene thy i.l vrollrl e fl thllltYt, stf ioblt ll t e ia m nne mllmtltu etth t.t aIiring , onm a litlolel rti moste oathdigela seutilati,c. Iluiitl; hretn luhftiettcd thi the ultd roperienert I' htit, inosl eelltlstel nnlollg he l cnllty they hanve en.lired'm their s Hlisl.tlil if it t extard atMRh ylrsc i lont lth V.t, oIP tander their ohlargr Ifi adItlint g it taeih in at, ie piblie halltl rit.e. pactice. l Theo i oca I erIalI will u t iur.e r ell hr ter. llpl rI'ledl Iy J Tl'howrn,Lhefr;. Ltlllldu. Price $! 5 trer pot. TESTl'Od nIALS. Fri'm A II SIoolto, .Rq, It S. gSt.L'e to lhe St 'itttitnH tt Holttai, lilln L.rrttrRr ot Anlatnlt . 'I le ti ior wich t ltita adee ,t aour ir, n rttion inll a vario IV ilese, iat. andtiftile, in ill Iremllluls hi ltro.l sO itigdly tiautrahtbe, that I dt o hewiate i e pitoouthcig it oun of the ionit lahrbl tandl tetifeeit ut r.lti er utcffed to tita huli, a one in ualle :, + hoini oxperiece, I ianrl iltrc every reliance, wlilat it (hitl tntllrolntte i tle nllatle unpleaanulltfttl tiually a., pIerinetced 'ttm colruia d. romOn G H Ihlacwrd, M R C S, Phyiieanm lto tLhe c Mor' Ict-tor Itiitrt.laco, I lake grunt ptetrlnlr in adtlfng mi teitimnne to b.h v tlllilllre I (1eo eb onfour perplnrIoatt, whhinan ou Aisile seets+ y oi si ltulty tfreroe, amplh ewarn ftr thin talllnr alct eliletlse tnaidcl in bringian it to lueh mal.lI milrta o netl'otintn. From W 0 Cooper, F R 8, Surgeom to Guy's Iln Itital The ,itt ll , Ir ee, whih hal 'aiaded talhe admii: - lelin your nlerliciler anaong my patients llced with the afner dituatr itas ftll"y tisafied meths It taa nIty to h kiltatn to fI truly llntueelod. lMay the mens a you ion wll deet vr, amply and dpendiji repay yno far. your valuble relfltaiomt.l Frrn Sir A Copller, F R S P I CS ia. ke. IIti. bleten itilred to trinh y yoa r Ltmnaet in a aynt' eanresao violent I;otloerlima, wticl had hitherto heled trelt Irescrilptiol hiy e, tiring faaa4 ore ad ospedy cureo erfected b' it, n a frew iay.i Ier mcyt slt h lilt.c hound taaltat tihat no in my pna. tir. hblt public atld private recommend and nuae naie' other. Fotm G OW Blair, M, D Phyuilm ta Giay so. The strict teat which I hrve given your mediea amotnllg Ii) iatirllt, ll.d its itoaclatle manes Ilptfie.r will illtoe re toteraeverr in its ule, and I deem ki att an nct ofjltnice ant of duty to tid my tfeble lasi . monil in aoml.endation of ioavirtaea. Frn L CT homponl, M D F II 8 L. 1 ireturn yon my u.ere thanka for t lnhliabl pe. etlta of our Etractforthe onred af Gonrmt Ie. feel grntful ilhet you hav t lainhtkaolac lk. adi - illo olle hich will rove a denhiant toni f l.hta in the merdie- omlw t onre, spedy and a.adtP"Yi ._ i linele, f the ahove clias. it atflrdl me great h lublhtinh g to the world the valaibla qwlat.-ay Were it nrcessity, thea praietor eadd iLJbeen inlty mar teittmontals eqjmIlly ammeandpi "l..' abore; hnt tcllst thet its igreat aaeaaahiclto.-thein & expense at which It he bee.apten.awrill mea gratelt recommmldation among a dtluenll n blg - Une reuommentatim, ttli npnena a o sincew all ollerl i itsaai poiate ltam..jt. made in which it mayb he tab.n, ha ltas mt a--ittltta d lmwtewnith -nou. or ef nafinmelt friom balnin. TekawltoIo woutd Bou l thin medlicine highly noal0.d e to be unmprovid wIth ia rntemot "n valtageawhiha the i lltllutSa al , Aetomptting the aliless g StarT ofa the liffeem age oif ti . 4 ertla dalre. eOutialll full lad . tor saleai t . m0a , ,jO:ý °ay t urn ; na BucLhOillay. lisal dd b iil hor ukbr +" d

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