Newspaper of True American, October 6, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 6, 1838 Page 3
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0o EVERsY IhClRf1TfOlf, sPWIRILt HANDSOMELY ANi CREAPLY i kE UtTED &V rnn oirictn of TH True rneeVfraiie 1T. dIH1ARLES STI.BETf NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA VdnatTwIaTU wAnanooms No. 63, dienvolle etrent. W ILLIAM R. CARNES, (frrmerly of the firm of FY Plint & Crmno,) wouldl reotitlullfy inofrm Ilfe { sl and thea puhlic that he is ensrtantly receirin g from Now York and Bfoton a good uasortment of Ftr oitura, such aD mhogany ehlrs. sofas, R ,Ed.tcads, ma poe and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, mahogaty and cherry tables of all descriptionk , bu teause, toilets, aecretarys, writing dosk,, wurdrot ec of (fe.lhre, bedding,&c. &c. NBl. Furniture packed for transportation with great MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removedfrom 17 Cufnthle uean St. 'TO NEXT DOOR ioSe . C HARLE8 THEATRE, C eol.El o n PoTDoAs &d ST. CUARLeS STREoet. TINE" PORTE BOT'TI'LES-51 gross wine and 100 gross porrer bottles, for sale by HOLMES &o MILLS, Bank AAlley. RIVATE BOARDIN G OUSE, No 13, Toulouse er,--By Mrs Hoffmnan. ti ISa house is spacious and conveniently situated C. furhne of business, near the Levee and the New helthble will hewell sulppled and attended to, and '40 1hafgo moderate. ta'di wishing to are tlodging can be sccommo. datd, t different prices, with commodioua furnished .oome, Boarders will Iave tie osutiefn.tion to meet 'there, pemons peal kiog the French, Englisl and Span loh leorguges. agl,3t3ei TEisTON BOURG VNOISE, Rue Toedoee. n. 13, tenue par.Mde V1 . SET ktabtieemeot est spacieux, t seotrouve situs pres'd'd Ia Levee et oe Is Nouvelle eouree, ceat dire au cehtre den olfires. La table sera bienbfouniem, proprement tenue et A on jrin modlb6. .en qui'prenant pension doireraient y fnger al eont des eptartemens de difhrens prix, bien garnis et Eommodes. Les pentior.anire neuront t'agaiment d'y trouver des personnesporlant lea laogues rieamaiue, anglaise " ALAfA Wineowet and dry, in quarter casks, IVl lndiliahbbls,forsale b., ... ....... aug25 7 Bunk Place. LfURNITUtE--Jut recei'in g aditn. F lv.rom New York anld Boston Pec "n want of 'URNITURE, wftld do well to call at 53 Bienrille street .obre putthsuing elserwhere. Terms 'CV h. or good tityaeceptacen. VW R CARNES. augS2.-5w EMDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and general aseortment on hand, for sale low, by JARVIOi & ANDREWS, jy8-tlmlis.c or Common & Tchoupitou NOTICE. T HE C ioprttftkrskrpl'ieretofore existing in this city behstwecneeo -hceilhbser, under the firm of Lane Van WVyck 4 Co., in N'Iw York, Laidlew 4. Co., and in Na atfse, Mien., 'Van Wyck, Laidlaw & Co., is daiuol ved by tantualeouo.ot. John L.aidlaw, Peter S. Valn Wyek, and Thomas W. Van Wyck are authorized to use!the uama of thi Rim in liquidation only. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANDREW LANE PET.;R S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New OrNleae, ang. 18th, 1838. CO-PAR'I'NERSIIIP. The subsciihersn have formed a copartnership in Oht city nnudtlhefirai of Vean Wyck 4. Co, nid It New leurk uodsItihe t.oi of John Laidlaew . Co. JOHN LAIf)LAW, 1E'I'EIT S. VAN WYCK, TIIOMAS W. VAN WYCK, nuai8I-ledy. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF PROPER'PY 1 N the 3rd waid; Srcond Munic:ptlity, te. day nno. tine from the date hereof i+ heteby piven to the property holders in the old 7th ward, new the 3rd ward; in all the lemoaiding portion f the 3ri ward, n 't ncorporated and anptyridde fotr, to make their ban uetla of boat gunnals, and fout pavemonte of brick, in ront of their respeterive properties, situated that part of the unincorporated suburbs of the 3d ward, Irom 120 leer west of Apllon street, to Dryades street, cas to includie both ities of sard I tryadea stret to tthe upper limits of In 3rd ward. anti that by nn ordinanca of te tCit) Council, ap proved deopteaber the 8th, 1135, Vequiring the Itroerietors of prolearly to make thrie ban. quettsofflit boat guuelrnr , lad foot paVelenutt of brick, teaitll a delay offiur mronthsi from the ptesrad of rail rrdinacanc; those rlfusirlg m Itteglecie. ae to doon hall be sabjectlto i ine upolI eacI lot oftlhirty tert or less, ftr every day an neglectianr or r.itring IIher-tnrerof ten dollars par day; slid linl. to he recovered Ibefire any ompetlentl tribunt foar the ut.o ft isl e rrportin. Oct2--It. Com. :rd Word, 2d Munlicipalitt. Aus propricet.irr de terrain- dans le 3e district, Seconds Munieipalite. D IX J'tUt A dtter dij.,ur de cet anvi, nvin eat aux Ilrorptri(ltires de l'a.nain 7e dstrict, nanintelnnalt 3e. district, dlains I portion restante do 3s. district, non incorporle, et pour lequei aeurae prr, vaicio, dre faire de faire ,lacer des bahnqrctte de bhiu de chalan, e de alire pavrer en briquee, la davnetura de lsura proarit83 re.ireaetve, rsiub(e dtnes certt parne ,des faeuuurga nen inornorb rs dau tt e diarenet, de 120 pieds gnest de In rue Apolloe, A It rue Dr ede.s, de msraiersa inclare lee den or cie dia i rue Poadrae, jutsqn'oux limite sraprieurs du 3 district, eu vortu d'une ordonnance du conseil de villae,n pprouvt Ie 18 septlenbre 1835, exieeant dos prpriOteairea Peraectiou de banquettet de broi dee ehnle, at it parae an Ibriqutrs, oua undirli de rllatre mole de la dlale de rettlo ord. sanee;e ans ode reler ou ntgligenee ias ataront ouia I oe amends, e.n Cheaqe lot de 30 pieda, ptnr ehaque jour, de 10 piaetres; lamlite anende reeouvrable devant aaeua tribhnalota .trelrt, A I'usage de Ia carporation. Soet2 H B S I'RINiER, toa,. 2e Mltnireiplite NEW WORKS. INCIDENTSofTravel in Greece, Turkey, Russaia and Poland; by the author of 'Iteidetes of Travel in Egypt, Arabia-l'etread a.d the iloly Land'-with a eanp and engravingin 2 vols. Te Penny Magazine of tie Society for the Diflusioan of Usefnl Kiowltdge. Voltume 5, tor 1837, price $3. 4 The Penny Cyclopedia of tithe Soiety for the Iliffn sion of Useful knowledge, rvole IX and X. Price per volume $3. Nature and Treatment of IDiseases of the Ear; by Dr. William sramenr. Second edition of the Author's Treatise on Chromne I)enines; tich i proved and en larged; translated from tie Giorlma; nith tile leatet im prove.mente of the anthor since the fast London edition. by Jaets Iiadon Bennett, M D Hallum's rMiddle Age. New edation; eomplete in I etl. Thb New Tarl, foar 1338 sr 1839. Alien; or. the Ivsletries, vole; by Ilulwer. Leila; or, the Sietes of Grenada, by do. The Robber, a T'ale, in 2 yons. by James. lHarper's Foamily Literar; 84 vola, complete. Jest received and for sale by WM. McKEAN. Octr car ofCarmp and Common at H ANANA U ;AR.-Whitie and Brown. Boa Sa, of a prime quality, i r nding and for sale by S G BLANCHARD. GOt2 33 Graiere AANA COFFEE oat pretu quality in and landing, and for sale by S G BLANCHARD, Oat2 .33 Urvierat T O LET until lot November nextt the elegant Dwelling House, No. !17 Nt. JoeeFh street. Apply at No. 74 Poyderas treet. jyl9 1 , OMEBS'PIC GOODS--Lmwrenc & Co 1.4 heavy l broa sheetings. Jackson & Co 30 inch brown shietings. Lowell Noa. 1 & 2 brown cotton. Forsale STETSON & AVERy, aug4 88 Gravier stree ReMOVAL. ANDREW R- Brothers have removed their Count g House to No.50 Camp street. IRVING'S NEW WORK &e. T HE ROCKY MOUNTAINS-Or scenes, incidents and adventures in "the Far West," digested from klejournalof Captain B L E lonnertile, of the Army of the United Statee, and illustrated from various other aourees, by Washington Irving, in 2 vote. TH. VICTIMS OF SOCIETY-By the Countess of Bleasingto.e, in 2 vols. Sed rer sa the Uni and foraiing salea great - &A for 19, just reeeved per ship - - a-.uer Inom New York. 24 grocm American Ar ' " Aluamae. for 1839. 259de. Crockett's Almanacs *r On 1839. 25 do, People'. Almanacs for 1839.'Calaula. sj ted for every elate in the Union, and containing a great variety ofengravisgt, for sale by the grnee, dozen and i,. single by DAVID FEILT & CO, N Y Stationer's Hall,24 Chartren st. a ag30 DbiU LED. e Paper-JPst raceived a few emama aa Hudaon's very fine biteh tetrard Cap, both plaia " tad ruled, for sale by ctr DAVIf FELT & CO, , aug2 NY Stati'mner't Haltl, 4 Chartres. I11uRRAN'rS-57 kegs Currants, a suprior articler, ( f l sale by LA ENlICg &LEGEN IRE, sep13 I8iand 29 New Levee. i' BBLti. first quality Linneed Oil, for sale ba at sp;.)DORSEY, It gp 144 New Leee. NAH.dS-Wlkegshga asacei, tor ealo by 15 " ADAbt3' ft WIITA.LL, -sep 15 tf 67 Grvier tret. OltR THE GRET P A R E-A rain o Care Sk will leave the Depot ar ther'fet of Canal st. or cFe PRAIRIE COTTAGE, every day. Oteparture--8 a m-4 p m.-Return; 15 m.-6"p m * Th Sda. .-6 a tm--10 a m-4 p m-8 a nt-I pt m 6 pam. his arrangement till frArther neteen _Sept441 JAMES HCALDWEI., ., P'reid' C1F tga- Rin. I40 do. HIavanr. For ehiaby STETSON & AVEIdF tgd - 88 Gravier tr ATs 50 aeik Onta in store, for sale h ulIIAMPLINU& t)Otl'R, , cp20 t ..- 8. Julia st. For the hlteiior. FOR ;IiTl PAIStH OF ST. HELENA & LIV INGSTON, Toauhing at Pas. .MaRch.e, mouths of the Amite, Taaugipoa,Blood, and Tickf.fat; Warsaw, Remc and Bprgrlgeld, The well known and light draulht steamboat MAIZPPA,Capt Grifhn, leaves the lake end of the oil rou , at e arrival of the 6 o'eock cars, o Satur day, thei6th nst. Returning1 will reahl the rail road by 6 O'eiock on Sunday evening. For freight or pa sage, hoving superior accommo datione Apply to GEO. WHITMAN, Now Orleans 8o Mobile Mail Office, oct4 Under the Exchange Hotel. St Charles st. For Slringield, (Livigsrton Cy) Pass Marehae,mouths of the Amite, Tanchiaho andintermediate landings. S THE well known nadlight drought Steamer OUACH TA, P. Bicord, master, will leave the Lake end of s bhe Rail Road n Wednesday morning the 19th lnst., I after the arrival of te 9 o'clock Cars. For freight or passage apply t. CoEO. WHITMAN, I N. i. und U S. sMall O.i a under the Exchange Hotel. St. Charlesstreet. New Orleans. sep 15 FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE PORTS. The subetantial steam boat hOVY. SHELBY J J Ker hevnl, I master, is hourly expected to arrive, I and will have epate h for the above port. For. freibt orpassage, having superior aecommolalins, Ippy to AWRENCE & LEGENDRE, uep8 28 & 29 New Levee. F oCt ie, ausd el Intcre alem s -n ndimfgs The low prensarn steam boat CAROI.NE,nillleave New Orleans F for Mobile every Tursdday and i Sn' A, oan cnlock, M. touching at all the wagering places at which passengern may wish to land. Fer urther paticulnrs, apply toGEo. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange lintel, St. Charles at. For Mobile and all laderaediate Landings. r s l The fas running and nendid steam ,nt WMI. WALLACE, entirely in nlstate ooms, will leave New Orleans for .o iet, .n all intermediate watering pluces, every Tuesday and Savlday, after the arnivalof th a GEO. WHITMAN, jvy4 Exchange Ilotel, St. Charles st. SATURDAY EVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDEVI.Lm -& D ONVI .LE. , - 1 The steamTereSOUTH ALAHAMA, - Capt. L.T. Knight,will leave the lake end of the rail.road for thel above pda ev eeery iatnre evening, on the arrival of the b o' elock cars, and returl the same nigklt,-and leave Sun dlay mornilg on the arrival ofthe 8 o'clock cars; return lig leave luadmaonaille at 4 o'clock, P. M. an2 tlaw .l FURK MAUISONVILLE, LOUIIBUKR, MANDE VILLE & COVINGTON. LP The fast running and splendid steam aboat SOUTH ALABAMA, L. T. .Knght master, will run as a regu oer mail beat or the above ports on Mondays, Wedies dat sand Fridayt, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock carsn, A M. Returning, leaves Covingtona uesdayo, Thurs days and Saturdays, at 8 o'clock, A M. N it. All baggage and parcels at the risk ofthe own ers, anleeaa bill of lading io sigand. (EO WIIITMAN, New Orleans and Mobile Mail Office, ni Exchange Buildinc", St Charles st. NOTICE. uIRAVELLERS going to Mobile by the Mail Lina i on Mondays, Wlednedays and Fridays, will regis ter teirt names at this office, as no seatecla be secursd it the slags at Paecacoula on the above named daya, unlokn their uamen be placed on the way bill. 'lThose wno nave heavy baggage can have it taken direetto Mobile by any beats during the week,exeep oa thelabose named days. (EO WHI'IMA N, 1IFT' Y KEGS FRESH GOSIiEN BUTTEIR, l5 boxes bunch raisins, ii boxres imperial ten, I0 herrels cherry bounce, 1I hlalf barrels Fulton market 5 barrels smoked tonguesa, lk boxes P A cheese, 56 bohma llilbert's starb, Received per ship Huntleithe, for sale by jyll. PE'I'ERS & MILLARD. JRK--8) bbls M O, 15 bbl, cines, jaust receiced, I fo orsale ly G DORSEY, jr28ll 44 New Levee. P-'UI'l'lNGi INSTRUMEN'l8, &c.-A sapply of SCupping Instrumuens, lPatent P'ump yriagec, and Stomacllh Pumps, all otim ste n t implroved de cellpoI, receired by the sucbrlberr. Aleo, Cologne Water, Balmo of (Columbia, Ward'a Hair Ulil,Fine tlai, Nail and T t'lolll irushe L4,. &e. jyll9 SIClILES &, Cu, 411 Cacal streel. n Acad,e+my, oa T1ivoli Circle containlug his roomlS aith kitchen, , patry, and mut-huaees, &c. ipply to JAItVIN &r ANIDREWS, jy 2i cener lcbmoupituulas c(m,mlleonu streels. LEAF LAIttl-21tL0 kegs supermlr article, ill iflue lhipping ordtt, and for sule by ti ImORSEY, jBi 44i New Levee. La , ill, I,, I;c;i es cfupe,:,c blu, letter pilotl soulm very low priced; II cases stIperfIue white klol Ilaper tilt , casea thl, pink ,euer al, el 4 case Oupelr llle iletKl ptlt ,lrg k ,aie; 2t ;clJrte c rlile etl ase,,rtcd amrlale; a cucs suerumlelCe uoctavc lmtorlrl celurm; Sfr .alec, whlmesale adtl etail, by I FEI.'l' . Co, lew i ark Stoinetsc' lhll,, jy . . . 2l Clh.rtre street. rI. IENL I l'-P.eslee n ivdll iemumediutely, the I llse on ti lkat Rail Rooadl ae' the Late Shore. 'ihe two Pavilios i, IlBetl, ieair tile Nc,. UOrleans uald Naiellle Roil Roald. oeveri Ilcams in ile a Cer Iluoe ol the Bclh Ihail RLoad Comupauy. For ite laticlar liCU a pl.y II BONNABEL, jc2l ltmner Natchez k Tehoupitoala sias. "Cil'CII ALE-72' casks Scoth ale, (quarta and iota lot esale by HULlMES & MILL.-, jy21 Bank Alley. CARPENTER'S FalideE, .aci of 8tkrsapariUl. lieand all othler Carpenter's l'reparanloas, received lately by H IttONNABEL, Jyll ladr Teloupitoolan & Natthe alts LEMON SYRUP in boxes of 1 d64. each f1r • sale by READ & BARSITOW, aug4 7, Bank Plac. `' UUAR Haujd foaslnlfi i rls oEr salk by A7i 'IHAYEIt & CO, aug23 74 Poydrasn st et RICE-25 caskenlseejleni reealid afad for alei by 1d 'J'H THA YII t CO, nug23 ,- 74 Poydras street. C 1ANVASSED Hallm--in~ ithd i tiea. end bble:iit S a lure, and lui s.le by LAY~T1' & AMELUNG, aug23 17 Columerce street. 41 INkS &I Liquoe -.41) ',nskets Champagna Wine, (Congnress brand,) 100l do wine, (LuLyetta uraud;)l la ipes adeira; 250 qr. cuask. ilmitationa Medira wine, in store and br "ale by HEKRMOGINE BROWN A, CO, aug23 9 Coati at. .i.OLASSES--70 bbl. in nslra, for sale by I LAWRENCE ' L.EGENDRE, auRul 28 and 29New Levee. r 1 I. it V Notes-1001 d 9 e fll Or sula'b J TI'YEI' . &'CO, aug23 74 Poydraa street. OFFICE OF THE NEW ORLEANWIAN NASH VILLE RAIL KOAI). RAFTS on New York at sight, for sale a 4 per D "lot. premiua. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 Pres't. LAST PUBLICATIONS. THE Novels of Jane Austin, containg 'Pride and Brejudice,' Mansfield Park,' 'Sense and Sensi bility' 'Emna' and 'Naortlnger Abbey' to which ih prefixed a biographical natice aof tbs ahor-eomplretel In one volume. Nuo. 3 & 4 of The Life and Advedtures of Nickolas Nikrleby,contaiing a faithful aeeodnt of the fortunes, mnisfertunes, dowulanllings ud enlplele carieer of the Niakleby Family. Edited by*Bo.'--with ifluettatious by "Phiz.' ALSO, An additional supply of No 1,'Nickolas Nickleba,' 'Oliver ' wist,' part firat, aid 'Pickwick P'pers,' just received, and fur sale by WM. M'IEAN, sept8 corner of Camp& Common at '-l DLES-175 boxes sperm candles, beat bands, landang from ship Plato flIr sale by rISAA BRIDGE 8f CO, nep8 134 Magazine el. E XCHIANGE on Boston-In aums to suit pmr chasers; for sale by STETSON & AVERY, aug28 88 (ravier st. C HAMPAIGNE Brandy-In pipes and half pipesr, a rery superior old arale an stare and for sale by TR HYDE &BRO., aug28 39 Common seas, JAIMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. THlE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' ellen' 'The Gipsey/ *Attila,' &to. in 2 vols. Tas Laov Caate, a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Inowlehr author of 'Varginiue, aThe Daughter,' ao. &o. Ion, a Tragedy, in fie acts, by Thomas Noon Talfourd; 4thi edition. SocI..T AND MANNEnRS It Ak.a.ICA ; by Harriet Martineau, anther of *Illustrations of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th editifi:. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes;, togeth. er with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall duel to which are added, rates of commission add storage, equation of payments, and general infor. motion connected with business of the counting lhouse; by B F Foster, Accouatnt, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' The Clerk's Guide,' &c. Tne LIrrLe SKETCa Boas; a course of Very easy lessons in Landscape, Figures, &e, by George Childs; Ist and 2d series. Just etLceuid le d for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 sor. of Camp mud Common ste. ALSO,-An adfiltional'enpply of "Three Expe. riments of Living,-Living within the Means, Living up to" the Meanseg-aiving beyond the Means;" 'Sequelf.o the ETpeBamnnts of Living;" 'The llarcourts;" "The Saving's Bank," &e. bHIPPING. For Marope. FOR MARSEILLES. The feet sailing brig CA ROLINE, Capt. Thoahpson, will have imomediate despatch for the above por. Fat freight ltl150 bale cot ton, or passage, apply td LEVI H G41.E, aug23 93 Common t. b FOR TRIESTE. The fast saoiling ship HELEN MAR, Capt. -- , having full cargo engaged, will have despatch; for pusseag apply to - B J P WVHITNEY, aug3 8 Conti st Coastwise. JUST received at the Louisiana Furunitur Ware Rooms, 013 Bienvitle street,200 Minplea d Cherry ledsteads" a first rate article. Also, a gtd assort mcnt of liople, Walnut, and Painted Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest cash pic AriNes. iy7 53 Bionville street. HOLESNALE AND R AND p V VARIETY STORE, No. 18 Camp stree .iun- a dcr Bishop's Hotel-The suthcribers art now rpen' g a at their new stand, an extensive assortment m artles " their lille, omprising every variety of Combs, tras'er, r Perfumery, Looking Glasses, Playing Cards and a large number of Fancy articles. The following is pert a deacription: COMB.S-- ortoiseanl Brazilian high lop tuck, Vial and arred; da. do. twill, long, nec, puff, sidte, poIas and dressing, ivory atl horn; floe toth, dreasing ans pocket combia horn, redding and haro rsambs; woodes, dressing, fne tooth and poeketrcomt PERFUMERY-A genomi assontas .t of Fench -id American Perfumery,eonsistin a l ogne 0m,00 in bottles, of all shapes and asies; In, aster, Florida, rose, orange, lemon ess, jesame, bergamos, nallerleror, oe.; fanny soaps of every uaocription; reotastr, antique, ard vegetable hair oil and curling fluid; chlorite tooth wash, earbonic and chlorine denotifie; scented and plain toilet powder; po tm; preston salts, et of loh BRUSHES-Comprispng a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, comb, shaving, plate, hearth, fine and plain dusting, sweeping, erumb frniture, scrubhing and white wash, horse, shoe and tanner's soaring, paint and varnish brushes, and sash and grain nrg tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Coa'prising gilt frames to various sizes, 5, , and I draw toilets; German statia, toilet and pooket glass, magnifying nmors, eta. PILAYINtG CARDS-Ea--gle, Harry 8th, Broom. Highlander, Spdel Carten, French and white batk Play FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior asortment of portable desrks, ladies' anti gentle men's dressring ocases and loiaies' work boxes; fancy bo es of various descriptions, suitable for the mew year and Christmas' gifts; pooket hooks ci all sorts; asuspen ders, musi.-boxes, lead pencils, oe-ayoos, violins, bead ags slid turses, an assortment of faiucy beads, superior uality billiard balls, paste blacking; bone, shirt, vest, all and suspender buttons; pearl buttons and shirt studs, razor strops; gas nmachines for creating light; Slpatish auil melee segero maoeouba, Paris, rappec and Seotch snuffs;an assortameat of plain anl word canles; back grmmer boards; dice, fancy screens, optics, Jews horut, brnmiicas, luncLter matches, pins, netedjes, percusslo apts, drlnkiog cups, hunting tlasks aitd ganme bgs; steel, silver and plated speotacles; thimbhes, twine, etc.; u handsome assortment of engravings, ant a large varie ty of other articles, all of which will be sold fur low prices, for cashl or oity acceptances. may 4, REES i D,LANGE 1000 BARRELS LIM landig" froi;n brig Uncle (P0Wh)eai, for sale by jyl9 S & J P oAIIITNEY S-UININE, EPOISO I SAITS, AND CALOMI.. \a, 150 ounces FreImh QOuiite, 10 bids Ep:tum Snltr 3 cahsks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Calomenl, Ipc it.. Jnlop, aRhubarh, &ee. &ec., landing front brig Willisa , froit Bootoe, andfor sale by JARVIS & ANDillEWS, Whole hnal I)rloegiste, jy7 cot Commnon i; Tchoutitoulai street. 'STATE OF LOUISIAN4--FIRST JUIIICIAL DISTRICT COUitT.-Tle Stte of Louisiunot, To all whom theae presets sall corme, preertiog: Whereas, HeIry WVilliam Palifrey hIavig purchoeol at a sale mode by the sy ndlic o the creditors of Ed tard Salztoan the property herein afler de.cribed. houa ap. plied to thi court the 2tuh of Selttellber, t. Dt. 18.10, for a monihau or advertisemett in conlformitv to an act of the inoraliture if the Slate of Louisiiuia,entitled "An Act for the further acursnce of lilten to purebu sers at judicial sales;" approved the tenth day of Mlarclh, 1834. ow, iherefore, know ye, nod all personr interested hereoi, are hIereby cited and admonishocled in the name of the Stlt iI Louioiant , and tile First Judicial llistriet Court, wihlo can set up oy rigl t. title or clUito in and to the piroicty hereitnafter described, in cosequence ofeany ioformality ie tIhb order, decree of judgment of the court uoder t lich the sale was mie, or any ir regularity (r illegality in Ihe acproaioltet sd act der. figtents, is time, or illa ter f sale, or fir any other defct hlwtasoever, to sholw ellllo., wilthi thirty doyo fIron the day this ronitioe is iret ioltted ill thie al di paopers, cit thle sote so ulndo ciould not be coulermed aut hmnolo gated. The said property was sold by le syvndie aforesaid ton ti tiwetly-fith t.ov of June Iosrt, A. I'). 183, by vine tute ofa decree it' this eourt, rendered , tlhe fifth day of ton, A.. I). 1833, in the mntter of Edward S;alteman vs. ltis Creditors, No. 1,llf, of the dlcket of this cobrt, at whl:h sale Lloarv W. Palfrey becaotme the itprcbaser lor the ric~ of'$7..0O0. lelcrilptton of property as given iu the Judicial Con. vt" vefnC', Vea i Five lots of ground, dueinaltld by tlile numbers treeL ine, teln, eleven, and twelver,, in t larve ', sd jlinilg l uthi:I Bte , olltte ir the tltish ot JefhOrseu, and ioetsuring in all ne hnndred anlld niet-.ev. an feet tlhre lnd il ol!litchls front ol, leoee suoet, olie lbut dedo andtilly Ibet front on iSeoelcl street, by toe hun dred and sixty- fl t nr Ithrbee t itelies ad five llies ine ,i the lie dividingl tlhem from lot No seven.o and ilthirty-fi e riet in depth, aoil frliton 0 Jeietsot stree. l. 'T'welv, lots ot groutd situate in said Curreltoni aod desinated by ile II;,,umlers fronlt tw.Ive t ltlenty three iclustve, it equate C; said lot rNo twelve, irteasu ring thirty t fnt o Third street, by one hundred nodfifty f et indepth, and between parallel lines; said lots from thirlesaen to twon) ttwlo inelusive, menuriag eacbh turty eet front him Jeferfson street, by one hun dred ;and twenty feet in depthc, between ronalel lines; Ind said lot No toenty prtee measuring thirty elot front on Burti;e street, by one hundred and fitdy feet in depth, letweensparallel linos. 3. l'wenty bur lots of grouud,iturte iu sold Caroll ton, and designared by the tumalers firoml one to twe ty four i tclusive,formin_ the whole s.uare J, heounded by Cambrone, Third, Jffersoe and Zsnra streets, ihe whole in otoononnit itti a certain plan drawn by I.ouis bIrilngec, areyor geer ral, dated lot Mtanh, 1r36, and djPaeitcd in the oliced of 11 B Cenas, notary public. 4. Ael a certain piece or parcel of ground situate in said t'orrollt, mteasuring two hundret and eleven l-feet eleven inches Iront On Lee street. and extending nin depth twohunded and dift feet to the public romad,o which it has a like !rat of two lhuodre ld and teven teat eleven inches, hounded ton thie loIer side by Jef. ferson street, and on the Upper side by property belong. ing to William Jones. All which said tots ofgrottd omake part of the toop. erty surrenldered by said insolvent E Saltzm;lan to his cleditors, and tlie the slmle which le lhad pIrclased y from H W Palfrey, hv actll before II B Ceas, notary aforesaid, 6th Jaouaroy, 1837. Witnes, the Honorablle A. i Buchs. non. J.dge eof lsaid court, this twentieth day of September. 1838. THEO. LEWIS, Otll-- .t Deputy Cleio. L.TAT DE LA LOUIIANE-Ctur du premier .A District Judiciaire.-L'..tat I.eonisian.,-A tons seux qure ce prOentoa con esmealt, alut:-At endu que liellry 'be, Pllrey ryani ..... e une eents fiaite par le syndic de Edlward Snalzmsa, la prupribt ri-apres decrite, s'eat adresse au greffa de eette cour u Ia dile vents lut enretatrlae le'20me jour de septem bre de l'anide 1838, poeur u avis conlurmb neal in a mote de In Legislaturo de I'Etal de Ia Luasirie., inti tute "Acte pour confirjner lee titres des ae jubrours aut ventes judciairee," approuv6 Ic 10 mars 1834. Qu'il suit conn, ert tautes personaes intbreacbes eont Lnuisene et de la Caur da lpremier district jidielaire, qua pourraient avuir droit A lu propribtL ci spree d6 nrlte, en consnquance d'un defeat de furme dons I'erdreile d6cretuu le ugement de la eour, en vertu du quel Ia vents 0th faite, cu de toute irrhgulsrile on illalita 6 dana I'eslimnt on, I'avie on le temr et le mis e de Is yetas on pour usne autr cause iuelconque, de faire voir, dans treate jaure.s. dter de la publication ce cat avis, pour-quot Ia vente ainai faite tie serait pas donfirmhe et homulonuae. La dite propribth ftt vendue par le syndic sutdit Ie 25 mi me jour de juln de lcai'e 18: 8L, en vertu d'un d erot de ette cost rendu les e.jur de main de I'annbe 1838, duane I'affire de Edward Saltzman cantre see crhaneiers, No. I5,40l2 du docket de cette cour, I quells vente H. W.Palfrey 'est teudu eqasreur punr le prix e 679001. ftescriplien d la proprihts d'apres le transfer jndi ease, eavoirs 1. eiyq 1ste de terre, d6signhs pna leanumnrog 8 9,10, !1, 12, iuit,cseuf, dix, ousze et douze, dana I'let C, ee joignaet,eitui.a Carrolltns idana Is parois e J'fferson, ot nesrearan ensembile cent quatre singt dix sept Ipied,s tri. p.nesa et denli, face d la rue de Ia Leehui,cent ciquante pleds do face sur la rue Sononde par cent Soixate et trois pleds, trois inuces e einq lignes de profoundesure ct fas'es Ia rue Jefferson. 2. DnuSe lots d", terre situ.s duns Is dit Carroll ton et d6sigd6s par lea numbras de dour dA vi t trmis dana lilet (i, ae dit lct ino. d aunc me lsranslrenty pieds de fate opr I p te Third, par cent ciiquante pieda de profondaesur leg lignes etaet paralelles, leadits lots de trailts vingi deux inclus. Chancudmesure trente piled. de face & la rue Jeffersoun par cent vingt piedade profumleur lea lignss Itant peralelles, etl dit lot lno. ving fEtsi meauans p aeds de face a Ia rue Burihe pa r cent eibqaute pieda do prolbndeur entre lignea parl eltes. 3. Vine t quhtre lots de terra situses dlnas I dit Car rmltoan, di~aignsea par lea ts. d Un A Visigt qaatre ielus fornaant tout I'ilet J. bornl a pai lea ruan Cam beote, Third, Jefferson et Ziaple at mr sunrnt eisem. bl Etriau cent pieda de face srt checune dea ditRe ruts lets ut ccnfurmonmet ita n certain plau, dreasr par Lauie leringiermvyer gtiercal, dath ie premier mare 1826elt Dpoas danes rnude de . U. Cenas notaire publiC. 4. Etun'eertein mnreoau de lrre n.mb dan Is l lit. Canrlltoino-surant dTan cent onzo pieds, uine poor ren facen Ia rIude' Leve,; et c'etendant en pntimudeur deatx cent einqanfe pieils a clherin public, e.r leqelr i iie faice seatblalt ie dout cent eone pieds otze pources, brth piar en bac per Ia rue Jeftirscu, et pa usn isuit par des prptrihtia ei.eartenant A Wi. Jones. Tus lea dtte laot de t. rre feidanent puarei de Ia pro petile vended par le dit instlvable E. Salhzman A res neai.eitr, cet seat trs msames qu'il asait achetb audit 11.W. Palfr., par acte puardlvant 11. B. Ceosa nouaire seed;itle 6Jtlei.r .3,7. Thmoin I'liioreable A. Ml, Blrhlaen, Jiige dIe I diae uer, t"d viigtii'i'* Iour dle Siptnibhre A 1) .=9 s,'p--3 ''IIEO,. LEWIS, dIp gir,:lcr. BUSINESS CA . J. P. FREEMAN & CO., Mlbome LsbWnE. asIY i eI No. 3, Magazine street, i AVEcouatntlyoon had a large lp ~y Cloth I iong, calculated for the country trade. Their as. ;utenat [sing large, merchant fromt the country can he supplied at lthe horteat notice. uot4 FASEIONASL CID OTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 Olhrere s 0trees HAVE aomotanttupply of every artcle pertatini to gentlemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York Irls dec20 TEbETI.* SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. S PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth,and the man. nor of etting them, may be en st the office of a SUGemON DEWNTIST, No 46 Canal street. These teeth never chaeng colour, nd are by many, and in many case, preferable to the a eatural teeth. l 7C Dr. R. will wait upon ladies at their resideoe., eq ueeted. ap 9 if 8. A. PERROSSIER, NEROCANT TAILOR, 67 Common treet, g) S to inform the public that having purchased A jfrrtm Messrs HOUGH, SKEGiGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continuae the business at thewr old staid, opp its Bishop's Hotel, where he hopes to merit a share oftleir oatronage. He has made arraneoatent at the North to he supplied tnantihly with the latest and oats fashionable good. te 14 CLAY & CLARK, aWmsa AwD sanP PLU mERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Isea Pip, Water Oleast, ald Pimps Of all descriptions. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixed on the mnot approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &e L rOrders executed in any part of the Southern States. mr9 Dr. RebOe LF adee. OFFIC.E Ezenaroo HOTEL.t Sm CLAY & CLARK, Plnmbera sad Lead Pipe MBaaha.emrse No. 102 Piydraa street, K ErP on hand a constant otnpply of Lead Pipe, Sfrom 2 in. diameter down to 3.0 o. diameter, for sale. oaLANU LITzlOGRAPICO PWITWn' ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite BankL' Arcade. WILLIA.M GREENE, PROPRIETOR J i. PAIIER Comminsion and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O:leans, Feb. 2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAI.E AND RETAIl. DEALERS IN NMDIOINES, PAINTS OLS DFE STUFFS AND WINDOW GLASS, Corner of Common and Tehoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1137. AT MOBUH Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUOTIONUURS. Noe. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. T1 HE undersigned, having estbllshedl thememsos in . Mobile for thie parpose of tra..oactiatgl the Aunetion a1 Commlission bhsiness in tt variounas tanehes, heg Inoae to intorm their frietih s and the pul ic, that they art now prepared to receive constgnments, and make lietrIl advances on the same, either for privte or p ublio sal. SOLOMAN I. JONES, ISRAEL i. JON ES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A l)AUKIP BAMUEL SLATER. Am AMa TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & eomm 'aion Mercheb te, No. 40 Poydrus Street, NEW ORLEANS. They wlJl devote their particular attention to the sale of Weotorn Produce. Refererw.e. Ab.ijh Fisk, Esq. aoSrt aIM Shlt, New Orleans. A M Nathan, Metrs. Kohn, Deron & Co. J I) & M Williatu. 'riggs, Wild &.uCo- . Boston. 'Icthom Vooe Esq. ) Ra.b, rts Brothers & Co. l.everet &i'lota. New York. Ven Puhl & Me Giill. A It Skidmore Esq. G B Marshall & Co.-Louisville. L . . T. STORE. E&B.T. STONE . W orWoimlioE Ha .Umu.Neaiea Orleel.ham FURNISHERS OF SHiP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TcuovueretLAs staRT.. Nw-OrleuN References t MessrS. dSALL, BaSEn & Co. Bost. N EMusanVosk at Co 5 A. B Mla.cS & Co. New York. R. PTNsAM . J- & P. IOLLAsN Id, Cci aeict, O.. DAVID STONn, Dayton O B.Co'aroc6 & Co. Columous O. N. ALDRICHi, & Co.. Louisville, KI WILLIS, STEVENS &C vTlSs. St Louis Mo a A. B. Rorr, Alton, I1. Wa E. WITRaoW, Rushilles, III. J. & P. P. IcArweLL, Bayou Sara.La. SOLOMON HIGH. New OrleaEs. fan 22 DOYILE D& LArl DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISHI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CoARONDLET b STRaiT. aO t FIREM IEN'S INSURANCOEiJRN OPANYE This Company are now prepared to take RISS AGAINST VIE u OFFICE, No. 24 Musson' Building, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15, 118. eeeetaLry. WU.LIAK IRWIN Commission nd Forwarding MerchaLnt, CINCINNATI, OHIO. lelTr to Layet & Amelung, New Ol ROBERT CLANNON, John AND SIGN AINar TM Nol2 Cemp street, Wholesaul Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishs, Brushes, mar0 Window and Picture Glrs, &e. &M. T. w. Co0LLNI ATTO.RJEY E& COUNSELLOR AT L.R T. OW prsetlsiag in the Slaue anmt City Courts. 'i s enu will find him at the Clrk', office,U S Ciruit Court, it the Custom House building. je8 HE unMersigned hrtd opeted a hdue I this city, Sfo the purpose of terahuetilg i GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. Ornet, No. I OGatlt.r STRnaa, Uf StAIRS. H I LEVY. The bliuse a GIand Gdrf; Mni., llni he continued in tbhe above nate. RsteeitiSs. Gnlfrj, L~aRrle & Stunt, Nen Orleatle. IA. Peters & Mitlard, 1 B Hill & Co, Louistile, Ky. John M Gilmnore, Vieksburg; Miss. Harper .Cafenter & Co an--.. Gki4 Mi.. luhier, Moore & Co, dSitm Lillatd, Natchez, Miss. New Stleas,July 11, 188. .. jyl A CARD. ITATH.AIEL TOWNSEND having loated M.m I elef i New Orleans for the pihrpo oef fansaelng a Geneoal Agen add ':otmmisaon bunseiss; would re spectfully olicitfromt the public e hore l Of h .tt pm. troas e. Huaint a house in Texas, he wtll ,ttendla thE (ens aetitg ol aly butiddss that tahy be desired in that eountry, end will guarartee ptompt and uanretttted at toanu td all busiuess entnrddtl t6 his ehargb, andI lfithful ep piieatiuo (in ccordatfte *ith iuatrtets iost of all tunds that naycjrtO into hi' hlads. Olffice in New xcelltnge, on Gftldiser strae., stllsiite to Rev Mr Clapp's eldurdh, adl adjoinig ObiUn'e reading foms.igu of the Tealdt Consulate. New Otlusne Novemhbl 25;1837. References. Msesrv Hillver, Bush & Co, Burr Wokettun. New YeTPl Alvarz F ok, Natchez, Mis. R M Syrth r St Ioui.. Mt. Joht T(iG y.Louisville, Kr ,Jobh. A vtee e, Il ..pkinsvile, Ky. m fun O" NEW ORLEANS, S OacE Ndi. 2 l edln'tv. ln!i try C.4 'IL STRElT. 'revm AmEU AN OE W ZIr . anDo 1& s ifJI swGe In connesction with this bioe is a SPLENDID AND EXTINSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, anR Tub PRINTING OP PAtmplleIs I anak Checks Catatleguoi Dlls of Lading Lgnctim 3eW., Dill Ferms, _ shew Bills steam soat ills ircu:ars Amd every descrilpimi er.ob Work tham may be required. tfThe p,uerietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to '.e above Card, and assures them that all work intruste, o his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a st)e" unsurpaased in this city, and at the lowest rates. PAPER, quils, steel penn, ink, fuid, wafers sealing S an, india rubber, black sand, ponce. and every other article of neationer, of the very best quality.con. tantly on hand eid oralrne by DAVID FELT&CO. ml9 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Chartree st. C FO MERCHANTS. M ERCHANTS can have a beautiful circular struck off at two hours noties,by calling at the Orleans Lith raphli Ollice,53 Magane street,opposite anks ACKEREL-3- halfbbls No 2 luckerel, for sale lby READ & BA RSTI W, mt22 67 Gravier street. LEAF LARD-1000 kegs in store, for sale by 41 DORSEY, jyle 44 New Levee. SENTUCKY BAGGING--10 pe for anle by K% HOLMES & MILLS, jyl2 Bank Alley. COAI'CH BAGGING -80Up heavy Scotch Bagging i. 43 inches wade, for alee by HOLMES & MILLS, jy12 Bank Alley XCHANGE ON NEW YORK for sale ty E LAWRENCE & LEGENIIRE, jv 12 28 & 29 New Levee. NEW BtOOKS. HE American Democrat. or hints on the social and civil relations of the United States. Ily J. Feni more Cooper. The Two Flinls;.or, Adventures in a Coontry House; and other tale,, by Lady Bleassington, E L HBulmer, Mis Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Mledwin, end others, in 2 volo. The River anu the Desert, by Miss Pardon, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood engravings by Anldreon. Jsatreceivad and for ale by WM McKREAN, jel6 car Camp and Common ats. SOSIN I)ROSS-70 bs ro r roin drs, landing and tfr sale by J THA ER & Co, jy 14 74 Poydrus street. ('IAVE & SCHAFFER'S Compouni Fluid ER %- trant of Sarsaparilla, for the cure of enstinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the face; biles which arise from an impure state of the blood; scaly eru,,tions; p in mn Ihe bones; chronic rhenmatism; tatter; scrofula, or king's evil; whit, swelling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising from an impure state of the blood, by a long residence in a hot climate, or the tnjudicious use of mercury. Aleo,-nave & Schaiffr's Worm Syrup, or In. fant preservative: the best preparation now extant. Among which are the following:-Inldian Dye, for col .rng the hair, Bear's Oil; Rausian Bear's Grease; Pomatum; ichsw's Frocle Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rots; Lip Salve; Kro osite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentnfice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Pulls anmt Boxes; Amer,. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; P.eeton Salts; Cologne; Kreosote Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Co.obs litulan Hair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu merics, &e. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLUANS LITHIOGRAPHIC 011103 I No. u3 lag,zllie .Irrt,oppro i otusrko ,tl ' Aloosie, b ES TABLISHE) for thie execution of maps, plans Sand drawings, merchlntt ' ecrculars business and address cardsa of every description, funeral circular- on deep mounting paper. apothecary and druggints'labels; P ba checks, dray receipts, &c.printed and executtd in ca acheap and expeditious style, y the prprietor. s NB. Bank Notes ne.lvy executed. m24 NEW HAT STORE. JUST received per lte arrivals from New York, fresh and fashionable asuortoneet of HATS. The subscriber would particularly cell the attention of tihe uloic to a style of beaver hats of a superhoo P. rnish, fine texture, rice and beautiful lalrea:alsn to a fier plain IRussia hlt of a superior quality; and also a ollenildil article of silk hut, toget er withll a general as oartment u noufactuoed by himself, expressly for this latrket, wholesale and retail J W OSBORN,34 Camp street. N. B. City and country dealers are ionvited tocat. N feb 8 W, S R. PAlO I reWpAc lly INUr ACO toe ualie that She will remain a short tieo, ict New Orntea. lbr he puarpoaeol pai tiang portraits. Rooms corner of Conal a ttSt Charles, in the los , occupiedby Parmly & Lyo Dentistel woere peeimens w of his painting can be seen. Entrance in St Charles street. t28 1r m WHOLESALE TIN WARE M ANUFACTORY, SilOCKE & CO., .No. ld Lere bar to .,store, of their own mnufaceture, a large an ct- it tensive assortment of tin ware, which tlhey invite deal ers in the trade to ernsine; also .10 Cotpper, Sugar ut house ski.mners; 251 do. Sugar Ladies; 20 doz. Copper at sugar lamtlo; 7a Bath tubs. assorted sizes; 30 gross re asserted s.,ed o ( noflle Greighe. N. B-Roofs of buildings covered with zinc, copper r tin. Copper anod tih guttere put up on the shoe rtes notice. at7 o ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANIhsi aaL,. ( EIY. in ROFESSOR MORPHY,assislted hy gentleme of hi P proper qualifications and experience.has pented an Ac.demy, il th, brink building belontging to Wm. an Brand Esq.. adljoiong the beranda on St. Charles oc street, where young gentlemen, oell disposed, will re rivet a good education. be Mr. ft. soalicits the co-operation of hi friendas nd thse of education. to enable him to render this imnti. aution usefal and permanent. te -OTICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Unlonded , rumors of the undersigned I. totng sold out, or discotinned hin old andlong established c GARDEN SEED STORE, ol No 85 Cuotoat house Street, Having been mot industriously elrcul tied by self. intarestec partis, the subscriber begs to assure his friends guerally, and the public at large, thatbe wde still continues within two doors of has late, or former statd, to be furnished witt a full and ex. tonsies supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable burden Seeds, of the growth and in. I pert of the present season, 1837. Sineo the early part of September, he has re. h ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vioks. 0 burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short p p Gsage, direct from Now York. By the Missis. sippi and another packet, bhe is in daily sapeota-. lion of a supply of Frait Trees and Aspragus d Roots, having already received inveicee thereof by e nmail. The subscriber begs furtherto assure the publie st large, that he is ot present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as ts ever was tO siane his first estakliahment in January, 1822. i Coantr Dealers and Market Gardoners' ordrs et flled at t lowest and most reasonabli rates, by thu pound weight, and gallon or bushel eassure. Catalogues, eithsr in French or English, mar always be obtained on personal applination as n usual, to WM SMIr1 NG Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhoos stre it. I0 NOTE.--A constant supply of Bird Seedo eitl er mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakrsl ' , dried herbo,--ith s supply of pea and beans. NEGRO CLOTHS--.30 packages I.iodsers, sers. b N ey, &.,...ab1.e., r.i e lo,- a Maguzlne st. LOUR--t10 bbls best qualit, made of now wholat tI F just lnaded romn ateiaalr Czar, and (ot sale by e h Do RSEY, sapt 6 44 New Lores. Bl&SltnL tStubi ' 'So-Iq kcks Brn-.~o dosbhrts a S in sloe, for sale by L & BAG(iNG. 310 poe Keotuc-; oemky Bsgglut sa LAET & AMELLNG, sep3 17 Com merce st. pI1RKASURY NOTES-For eale this day, only . gttlOlremsury notes and $200 Gooernnouat checks on the Bank of America, Ndet York in dines eoatttoms. Apply at theoftfes of T tiRO. WHITMAN, rep4 E-ehange Hotel, St. Ch rhis st S ICHARDfi, Tobacco and ntl'mull tnufac, turer, No. 177, Camo etreet, New-Orleans, wldbsato inform his erteds ad the publio is geoeral that .o asow prepred to fnrnish an' tlhing, iu the tlote budtteiM, and ao eaometaly tr rte thl ftollo situetes: SNUFFS. Boss tiernman Rappen et toy English I' ei. CBrgent, lsai ien ltdllto Natchitoelnis, Imlaied, eAmerinan gettlerasa'i CAUSt1kgear di attarjoe, arr Spani.o, H.alf omae Rrllpes blot, eadr retlt teoth ptwoer. 'I OBAUdCO. -Fle eut chewnsg, sweet eafsttsd sr plIdlt; Flne rut smokllj, of olneo qgalides. Rilfkb t Vi-iihllli Spleh, ke: 'bheabtraearteeaiesiillbwarrtlb'dbg it. imfet. ptfionro ieytlllilog of tbekltlhb I$llet.d, on ill bt fitnisbelbtlde d hti rt oht tht mom liberl'et.N , tu: in BALDNERS. 4 BEAUTIFUl. head of hair in the grandest orna . moem helo.rinr to the human frame. Ilow.tstmnga I the ion4 ol it chansee the eumaoeanee, and paa L imnol Irines on the apearance of old age. wbih h. many to recoil at hetnc uncovered. sad eontitmea even to ehneutaeist to avoid the lest, and soeer of tleir aequail.tance: the remainder of their lives areon sqaesntly spoot in retirement. In short, not eve. the toss of tropert fills taie cenerous thinking yooth with that neavv sinking gloom as does the lo~a of his hair. To avert all these unpleaeant eireumtstanes Oldridge' Balm of Colamhia rstop the hoir from falling ofton the .rt application, aod afew bottles restores it again. It likewise produces eyebhrowrs and whiskers; prevents the aeir from turointg gray, makes it curl beautifully, and free. it from scrnrf. Numernoas certificateto thle first respeetahility In support of the virtues of Oldridgq Balm, am shown by the proprietors. 0. Read the followiag: Robert Wharton, Esq. late Mayor of Philadelph has certifte as may he seen below, to thehtgh chars ter of the following gentlemen. The undsrsignea do hereby certify that wehave ased the Balm of tolumbia discovered by J. Oldridge. and have fuend it highly serviceable notonly as • prventliv against the falling o of hair, but aisoacoetarn mestor WILLIAM THATCHER, Seioer, M.thodist Minister in St George cha No 86 North ri'tht. JOHN P INGLIS,32i Alh street. JOHN D THOMAS M D, 163 Recast JOHN S Fl'REV ,Ii Spruce street. HUGH MeCURDIY.2438outh2dst. JOHN GARD,Jr, 123 Arch street. It is known that three of the slaove sigmers are mor than 50 years of age, and the others not lse then 30. [From the Mavor.) Comumonwealth of Pennselvanir City of Philadel1thia., , Robert Wharton, Mayor of said rit, of Philade. hi, do hereby eertify that o am well acquainted with asrse J P Inglis, Jo.n. Furer , and Hugh M r Curdy, wrlse names are siened to the aoloe certifilate,that they are gentlemen of charcter and respectnhility, and as eael full credit heould i griven to the said ertificate. In witne.s whereofl have hereunto set my hand and cansed the seal ofl'the ci to be .ffis d, thiso n th day of Dt ember, &e. L. S.] IOlltERT WHARTON, Mayor. OBSERVE that each bottle of th Gentlne Bralm aso a splendid engraved wrapper, o which is repreovnte the Full INidgars, &c Solt holesale nod retail by the sole agents for Ano, rice. o 2 Fletehe street, near Maiden Lane, ene ,.Jl bet . Pearl street,and by imos druggiste and pesrfimar it oug he ountir. JARVIS & ANDREWS, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. PROSPECTUiS. THE subscriber p-poese to publish, in the he. ginning of tie onsinmg winter, a Condenantirn t f trhetwenty volumes of the Old and ura Series of narta's Louisinna Reports, to be comprised mo finr -olnmes. 8~,o., atcording to thu moidel of esters' Condensed Reports. This work is new is preparation by J. lurtoan .lrrison, Eq q, of this oity, Uasieted by William F Brand, Esq. The Editor is also peLimitted by a diotinguished retired Judge of the Supremes Court, and by one of tihe sitting Judgets, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage whiCh may naturally be reaped from tdheir experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ohe heeary, as ithe original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An incrsasing curiosity too is nani feat, in tie other States of the UUnion, in fferenes to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the elrcum rtance of the numerous principles hers de. eaided in the adjustment of eonflietu of laws, maikes the knowledge of our adjudged eaes of prime uti lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreover, the rising republic of Texas has adoptl our codeas, and thus there isa gbeatdematd for the Louiesina decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel ahsen deCided in Louieiania and occasionally those to thie more autlhoritative foeroms of the other States, will be added to each ease. The work will formir four volumeso, royal oltavo. and will he delivered, bound, to subeth.bern at $6 per vol.; in ease it should be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the pliee to abh. scribers will he $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM d CKEmo . )ofi nor Camp and Common ate. GENERAL C:)UISE OF COMIIIERE. 'his course is openedl every day, rom 5 to 9 o'clock P. M., for exercising on (lih different branhea offnc cohhrabi llv. 'The literary and Commeocid. lestrtute fur 0otng esotlemen is bpened from B o'clock A. M., to o'1look P. H. Half lboarding scholare adumitted P A AUBERT. aep4--I38-1m NEW ORLEAN'S COMMERCIAL INSTI. TUTE. Peace street, belween .)foreau and Cosacaleo, sub'. I J.urigny. SPECIAI Course of Book Keeping-The coarse of Boao Keeping openedsince several months, will close in a few days. Many good ecedontants, among whom Rre gentlo men ofhigb standingin business, will be the releran cos offered to tile pubi lic patronage. A new eveniog class will be opened a aenon as a saf icieot nu:lber of subscribers will have ben obtoinedod it will close in November next. For getrtllnen residiok in the upper partl of the city, an evening class, three times a wehb, Sil ie opened at the eoraer of St. Louis and Exchanage Pl~e, if cub ecripuoneare receivcd. FaaD. wnmEzu.oz DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL uit LOUISIANA, O FFERS his services to the public in the deport ments of Surveying and Civil Engineering,both in town and cotntry: Frime onsiderable epeenmaee in his profenoiu, hld by jlremptnea and fidelity in he etecution of business entrusted to him, he hopes to merit and eceive a sharsofpbile patronagoe. Hewit' also mneasure and calculate the contents a "slla and Cxcaration. Office No 8 Chattresdtreet,secundstery back. je7 u E FAT DE LA I.OUiSIANE=oCuo de District I!'du premier distries judiciaire-Hiialn Filler con. sea crbhnclere-No. 16549-1.a Enasion des proprit tr d titiomanire avant 6btl acceptbe par la cour r de sesa r6anciers,il est dbcritr qua on amemblee deadits dleatcies ait lieu au grefe de t M Wm. Y. Leios, not. pub,jeudi e 4 r , obre pro ch'ain A 10 heure suu marin, afin de del;lbirer sur le affaires dunht pbititiounaire, et o a tendant toutaep ur-. nsutes contre as personas on se0 propribteo sent arri 'Tbmoln lHon. A. M. Buchanan,juge de la cour ci denhua ce 11 septnmbre 1838. It ept:3 G W LEWIS, Dip. Greffi ,r S'I'ATE ISF LOUldlIANA., FansT JUDICIAL IltoTailT COhnT. b H IRAM FULLER, vn. His Creditors; No. 11,541. Tireoession el the Petitioner's property ilain I hbeen atcepted by the Court, ar the belt oflhin credl tarso it is ordered theft a roeting of his said creditre lb take place at the office of William T. Lems, Notary Public, on I'hurtdav, the 4th of October neal, at 10 o'clock, A, hi., for tie purpose of dlelberating on tlhe affairs ot said Petitioner, and in the theau time all j dicial proceedings against his persoa and prbpert, are stayed. Witness the Hen. A. h. eachsann, Ju.d ofB the Court aforesaid, thiUs eat tptember, 1 u38. IG V LEWIS, aepll-3t Dtpy. Cil'k. "A"TIN tl II)VEREUX olffers olrse ian lorge li quantit) of auperam Itussin sheet It. n, fraet I to 1Soue woight Alsd, a qtantitv of E. h ishl ehee Iron. Just received an assortment oft:uok, ri Pnrle stores of the latestp terns at 26.s Tehdito, Ins street RUSHTON & A-INALL'S C. M POUND TONIC MIXTURlE.-A speedy a nnd oaetdin cure obr the F,.oer and Agiro remin ttent and ihteriitel fevers; ireplared lroed the Original recipe. Used with eminerot dnd uni earnal success itn 183, by dureens of the iighest I respectability in tn city, as elstated In tie ainabed ufertidlaters. This ntedicine Is highly recommended, and heas been eoltineively used in the above disanses with I mnih disainguishod uccnrs, that the proapriento of the recn has e been reduced to offer t to thle pub. I tlia t its present form in the hope that it smay be the nmean of rbheving tant of those who are suffering ildor thre ours ge Ouit enrntry. It in a medicine p ,ersning great .irtae, and whorl ned Ichording to the directions has never faild tl f I affecting a cure, even in the mostht obstinate tage ef the disorder. It i anot at all ditagreeable and persons of tIhes weakest stomach, and children may take it with inpdnity. It strengtleno the digestive organs, creates an appetite, sIld seldom requires meole than one, or in obstinate anoses, two hbottles to effeet a cur e Tier is neithet taercury nor atebati in the medicinet, nr any thing injnriols to the human oonUtitutio. The propIrietors are so well convinced of its efeny, that they agreet to refund the price of every bottle which ha bean taken in accordance with the directenan and has not effected a a perfdet adre of the fblor & qaoe. A. OLIVER, sole ugeat for Now Orleansa. at his wholesale ard retail drag and medldia Oet's, earner of lienvillc and Chalrres Qtroats; For District Agencies apply to je6 T. W. SMITH, 48 UntrOl st. TO LEN I; V HOSE large promises in Gifod ktreet; one lot from . Baron.e, the foent o Girt' is 128 feet, by a deptb of 1ti6-theimprovenats ott.isit ofa doable frame dwelling tHouer and kiteloean--and the rear ltt adjoin ing has a brick building 311 by ti...videdo into three tenements. The whole ill be leton rearsnable terms toe good tenant. Aply to YL AY DOYLE & MAY, sept StC hmdelet at CITY BANK. IT HIS BItik ithiclktingah N ,YtL tIkIb. ItOBT. J. PAL VX Aug28 Cta.bir. PEA-1tt0 s ec Gr ma lees ienuoss ale by CHAMepl'tN-t t JuliDP Sep~tl 8': Julia st ariln t atu ino a airy sod alw el nklin, r a s w hbuildng sblarlg asd l intl parn tent, for keetpt and d'Bient diseanae The instliution is dpPI atteotive male and fei riou. modem mlaigno Privato roomld may bb h- 't lUre per day. ineludine nrndle: Tenser in tlh or.intry at r Slaves also two doll ors. 43 application f," an g 46 • nti e og o e frone n lowr kars t .1t rev of Esuperilor u 'll beo t r Mon rnh, for ets b t tTJtt dn d ton, df or tale ag1 a4d 0T EaXCl AG ep mo l w A in dA no R tB o M s t R Ei n t Ra aigr cita ty# and 20 be itoi t ar aug14 4er Po. drs a stre;t. ru et romeived thtoaibeut the d asy atotiLt7 o'iekl .harrangemetntfoCr rtnigttluote earsfo thtitdate., totm car 0r do dio do do t dto do lb do di d e I oetoa bri 12 dot ataur t e at 0 3 do he Jaott ato ad lAfaette. hIf pastti o'-tocb, AM. Cital otrtt at It o'clock A IOII, and ro liar hou rly o 7ocly n7oce. Thet oar will ranewe f 't'hse orrewett for athe Lu Coltte estrbl ar. the, gr jntonftor subh o ndl ret. et altIO h ,Faj' e g p, ton grast lgll-lth, epeiand ptoe brpg in trnutbr o ate b mo_" db l'oydros streot. i . athlits aow vereyry arnl eateitetd a new odi. 'nio of the lode ol Practier, i cn ob l A dti e, maot foil to becorme ustfut to thep fenojobr 0 i ln ekhc It i low sorti·e f w ho deeil4a btenleoa thl eetlih thet o 'ler idl outtgil e, otd onder whloe especi direction. it"the mniter mie Wien prepored. Sin0e thr uppeuort.ce coftlect npocimen inouer of the Cit-il Co de publioto ta by etleoort. LI. Job:h, Co.. it ot thought odnienbte to to pubtioh the Code ot Proctice in the aotloeo fu, tont a thsee who dontre it, Wthey he efitblod tig itd tne two Codei together. ,Ito teetrg oeeith rwbet e will he dlrent. After r collecting all the imnr of thek u rte Coe nfPon the rul ot proetice which tpply nd toe articlen coo.l w tited in ttOe Code they hal e bti digented aod o pl o cil o tdacter rwela appr the etircleeto in aied pe ofglti snom; netnogeltehe wi referteneee to ihe cnersm o tichi tho e etender by tuning io env ortiecl ofe tho (ode e tf Proc ill tice, wilt at once boow' thdriie in upon it. '1'Ite wokt will olto contain all the amentdmnot to thel Cdad n of Practice. its well ito the Itwe crenting nod egtalotirg the City Couns otf Net* Orleuanr With a complete itn dex to the Whole. to 'lite abovne wnrk will nake t epearpnere a0 Atom .a the 1r1r+t1f Maerh neot, ahndbohnt itA god subtran tal sholeep colonlo low bioditngi oldat 1tx DOuLotton pote rolY li, GREINER. ai.n.-dth l _ Attothan at Law A Cafd; ORLEA. \ LITHOGRAP HIC ESABLISH ME.t ', 53 MAGAZINB BTREET, OPPd$ITE BAit'S ARUADt. `W U.REF.NE rrt.trs hit aincere thanks to H, ijieddlls and the IFubliE of NP.w arlamns, Ibr th." patrotate bestowed odi lin for t wlt too yeers, an' eg leave to assure them that ll orders como.;itted t, his charge shall be pumatatlle attended to; he will .i usual, keep the oifice open sutlag the sutmner, ul sh.ll le always ri tdv Id strikd bff mterchanl'a Cirri lare, bu inee and adldrte cardo, funeral ,olticesr ul,. plane, and drdtvio.t, of evhirv deseriptllo, at th, shorrest notice, antl oil the indot rI eltheble terns. Being issisted by artistes sulrior to any other estoldish ntet In the city, dnd frtm loIt experience in the lithogprtllie lidtl, he Ieols confident of giving etlir, tatisjobtton. N B Ajtothearies 8d10 dtirggiste' labels exeouted i' as gord itvlb os dupperplate engraving, and et oue tlhird oftht expense. j, '4 PEKM.CANDIAD.ES-250 boxes hbest New '.L ,ldfo and Nantuhketbratids, for sale by ISAAC B1RllGE & Ce, e.ap5 134 Maanzine str . ul'- 1d: boxes Bostonu No i oaop, Geo Jlcka, k. brand now lending from ship Concordia, frhit Boston, aLd for sale by JOBEPH COCKAYNI'. 25 dbinmon s' ret SAOUUING AND Itk)PE=1000 bhdla Kenta, k ~Pgope, 80(I peet Kentucky Baghi. inti err and or sale by LAWRENCE d EGENDI)KE, sept6 20 and 29 New Leveo .EACH BRANDY. A lbs bLts dld peach brah.h fortale by IEAtD & ;AkSrTOW sopll 7, oank lie,~l' Slitilel.a Whale Oll-15 .a.loas wi.te sperm ol; S1000 gallhns sutmonr e ; O 3100 gailo renired whal sale by WHITBRIDGE & Cl. IlI ltagatih 'st. SIRCILAIte, o:itHuohr! Clirculrs !- lercha~o LJ wishing to have a beautiful cirUtlar struck ,tl ..t the shortest ntlice, has oit to call hi the tlrleaeno ahographic ,lice 53 Mgaazie ate opposite Bunl a .. , dv.sept t tAI U IL.LKOI D.S. Ii AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.--This 1 1 traordinary chemical otnpoasition, the rest, t df seiehce, and the iottentan or a dClebrated moeil eal man, the introduo', at of which to the publl Was invested wit,. the ablemtnaty of a deathbelt hequoat, has sinOe Frohed a tetputaiion unparalleled, folly sustaining the cOdtthtnesa of the limbatetl l)r Gridley's last confession, that " lhe dared uit, die without giving to pbsterity the. beaufit of his knowledge on this sabljet," and he therefore hoqtleathtid to his flieod and attendant, Solomon Hlays, the renote of his disaovery. It is now deed in the printipall hhsilals, and the ptivate practice in out colhtery, first and most certainly for the dare of the Iiles, ehd so etteal sively and effaotually as tt balte rtedulity, unless where its affects are witnussed Extbroully in the following toloplatllts: kFor Droltsy--reating extra.tdiiary absorptioti at onrb. All Swellings-Redltuing themt in a few hours, ltheuomatietl-Acute or Chisunse, gliing qultik Base, ntse thlront-By Cancers. tllEnra or Colid. Croup add Wholopmtg C.ugh--a.teronlly, andt over the Chet. All Bruises, Sptains, and BllrnsCuting in a few hours. Soren and Ulcera-Whether fresh or long standltg, add fever oftes. Its operations upon adults and childtfh in redue= lag rheumaltic welliags, and ltboneolhg tnoughe and tightness of the chtet lty relaxation of the palts, has bebn sauprlsiflg beyond tOatception. The rommnon remark of those who have used it in the P.ile, is "' I acts like atharm;" THE PILESL-The pHlte $glis trfunded to aany pjrson Who will use a bottle of Hay'a Liniment for the Piles, and teturn thI ealpty bottle Wiithout being cured. These iat the positive orders of the proptietor to tho Agentsl and out of man}y thou. rands sold. not one has b.ea uanscessful. Wa might ioretr thirtaeates to any length, but prefer that thoue wha soll the artiolai should oz hibit the original tt paurhasern. CAUTION-Noale uan he genoiib withotit a splendid tigrenw rara on whichl ik hay name, snd a.lo that Of the Agents. SOIA)MhO HAYS. Bold wlidleale and ntrpi, by COMSTOCK &d CO., New York, and by -sn Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Whoeleaen Atmt cornet of Cominon & Toehupttoulasu ttttt, and by the Apothecaries generally. jeO0 TO OWNERS AND US S OF iORSEs SURGEON WALRI -'S E C_ ND_ TION POWDERSB, le N. Is.Tu-r argdl. has been introdueed into th.ea btlhay but ao) three meaonhand 'the aloaholhing demannd it We met with hat eatiroy ekeesded the stit U qa ut o and a Beat ntarJ st sea lari ibrltasa ketao tuad na il Itra el bed at ly Ttoprovec ta pea-ant a the I.orne, hot at of ptmrao eat and m I . Apl Ito the dttaggiata general$., j 101 r. AQK NOTE PARER-Jst JOW r id a km doan sand saeams asUitkSll Papet,o-,very sapersp y quIliy, for oatq by I-AYIt FELT * CO, a esSF- NI Y thEl-atl u 1ellt, tOi.'trantere

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