Newspaper of True American, October 10, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 10, 1838 Page 1
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PfRC 12t CETer.COnRLEAS PRICG 12NCENTS. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MIoRNING, OCTOBER 10, I138 Voj.-VI l.,..b1 "." T.'-. :U = -. . . . . --, .- ' . ' -= , -, - -.-. -- - • ,-- ... . . .. . . .. .. . . . .. .. . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. .. . . - Ilar4 t' r the tri-weekly country paper, paynble Nn rear nl advance, where tn city refre.cllee is given. sacb.rictis.n will be discontinued tlntil arroaragen settledi. In case of di continuane., lone week's not a writin.g mut bheinvariably given, previous to t xpirattion of subscription. .tvlevoelra ie.--.Jil dollar per suunare for the firs hsertion, and half that price for each sltlequent one: As nmateriln alteration from the original allvertisement will b.e elharged a a new one. Y tOLV Ai)vttTtnISs.-llerchants and 'Pralerr, dollars fin Eng;ish alone, and sixty for both lan iageso; ilanks, Insurance Ollices, and other similar onlic inatitutinas, fifty dollars in English only, and nighty for both langunages; Ship and Steamhoot Fac ra, or Commissio n merchants sixty dollars in English ne, nandeighty for both langungoaes. ar ansAOrs, OnTrseAR NoTces, and articles eall the attention of tIle phllio to sales of property, ards of passengers, benefits, &e. d&e. will be elmargel nto dollar per square for the first insertionn in each lan gtuire. CoMaUe.ICerT S, or Advertiseemnnts, of any person. al nature, When admissihble, shnall he clhargedl double, and inll dvancen A deduat n f twenty-five percent. will he made tn Aactioneers'ea ifs, Rtegisters of Wills, and Marshals onsliesofrnetten . pettlihet in Ith angage, and S Ipercc nt in English alosne: In percent. onsas of other propertt, ANvRerls rerTS Oat of the direct line of ,nelle tne of the advertiser, such as c legal anctioh anie plalte etl sales, runaway slaves, stray anierale, &e. dec. will bheharnged for Seepastely, and at the ordinary rates. ADVnesaTISKMNTS not speifleed an to time, ciii he ulelishee one month, and chnrged necordlinlyv. No advertiasectents of batkruptcies will lbe published na y reael utnless p Ialtr prevloes tee inserttin, or kaycnent ginaranteed by N resplntsible perts t in towln. theatres and other plaes of onmsemenl, advertisine aily orthe senason. to be charged tc)ie focr English a sne, anod 150 in bothl Innguaces. All announceesnts of easdhictes for political olfies be charged double the price of other ndvertise : c.. ni tle immense loss sectsined Iy newspaper sprietons the have coma to the eonlusicn thai ltce natlen of persenl weosea neennets have uot been laid withtin tne ont l after presentaltin, shalel le mde known (so far Is prctleticable) to e tch )ther-they oeli gating theemselves not to ladvertiee or pri fier Hucll delinqusals, ntless in case yl advance paymetnlt. t\igned) J. C. )N Srt. ROllAs J. BAYON, I'. P. Kg.', J. C. PIRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSDEN. ,VeeMkly Press.-VWe, the i ndtlenrsit nod agree to cidel by tie above conditions, as far as they are applicable to aeeklv papers. (Aigned) A. B. LAWRENCE, 4 No nsbscriptions are taken for less than 6 monthis. .itters must,in l easesr, be post paid. SII)EL.L'S SPAIN - REV-.l.r'ED, &c. SrPAIN REVISITEDI by the authoref "A year in Spain," in 2 rols- ltarry e'sJveerly a ncee, iy ne autitor of "Cecil Hyde," in vols. 2'TE Actress f 'oaduna, nd other tales, by tile natlher of "Thle Feras ken," in 2 avos. Nimrcd's Itutln.tte 'Tors; intertleersed wih ehnnracteristie anecdotes, savings ndl dosilcge of V'neertit g Men, includitng notices ofthe principal crck Jere of England with .nalytiesl contents and genetr'al dex uf a zle to wlich aere added, Nincrld's Ietters e' n sicg ,Houndst ill 2vole. Ien Brace, the Iostal NRlsecm'o Ageteeennot, Iby Cnpt.t(:honier, 1R.N.Nauthlr e tlh. "l.ife of a lSailor," &.c n 2 vols. Coemnnentaries oil Eqcity Jurisprudenee. as admnicistered it ^"llan dnd Amilneriec, by Joseph Story, L. L. I). Ovid, tt.ns latet Iby Dryden, Ptpe, Congreve, Addlistn atd others. in2rveIs. efrmieng No20 and L21 of "lHarper's tlaseic.el Librare."' Ithuetry 'ltetiec, or roles fir tlie exrcecire ant Ietmnereaofltile United States nfontrve, by lMaior ellersl Scolt, U. S. Army, in 3 vols. Jctst .aeeivell and for sale fly Welt. McKtcnN, .7 enrne Caltnp CIOllllllOen ste . NEW MIUSIC. -r isthef leteur; to shle not peactis; fair; Oil tlhn is I tlvee; ,Nohlingil I l Iv I.0ute!, My ewitcer Illte.Ce; tairly; Ielltenes IanId; fell eit net oif lbroken Vewe:; I eloe tit dwe'll in the 'oleetes Ctelli; \VWe shalle illol Ie n ltcrl; Coett, e) tie ;c i .natiets are gailev Stelllejlae; -re oftllla r et i i e ir; e lly is i lc sing o'er tlle Ilill.e; tle tI.ew vl lihide;t Iv Iight BIrig:teetilne; Ii le ste ner ti. ittero rile; IRepEe c11V lt. oa ,e leeV"ro . "; Sksll w, eer incel a00lti; WVIhel eellill ),'e 1 are , Chieinlchl ll ' lt t ! for the IttllITe; Ae nie i Il et lit Ii Ie itlo Ioeerie. S'h' tieg, Lrralllge ' ie ' C Cr'eeeeel e FP'-.i re alir fro l .tll Ic Lea i/iri . v rIto ei ib F' illlcllli IIec llec te'." cef site. e(eel,'irlteee eltlura lee Ncr ema, le V lhirlmiee Three fscccrihe eir: feeeetl-ri oiCra Illrilsli, ere'ec'r't Ie',i t r l acl e I:tl II eeeee; ¥ivt Ti fr, l oo, Italh'lu nrrat p,", fHtelc Illie " acet S Plhe;e I nciae tiee n a Iee vae I v f 1i Ve'tl ,vela-;h I rc.well olellie I. lee eignl , Iee +f ili,:je:,tarele W atlte, lee etra e Itlee Ii \ aellec; C "I .'tee' I' v rt,, Ieei 1r 1.'. ; A c r." - el It f 'tl eesli ees e I'rtam jaill 9el Iee t 'ee e l tre e l. Co~llection ,l. lh.lla el IPhr .s ,In l. vCr, topli n,' ,"r.,,T1'y tol lluillwll coo+l~llc~rlll el , - n:ol-lt'Ft ill nd r i hrto lt blne. ns viltl noIII irunI rellll lrkP+ iiii ,heI+ peruilr prmwinhaltil nand lust- of varilns words+. T'lh* wl,- - Al aarti, lt a fontdera itll't tliw liht f, I h,.l l rc.rrest rlt lltl i lll6 Io " o ilthI reacl. h. 1I( .1 1 lollll n It I el elliatiollu Ivi- ltell t talllll "tlurell. A seltllll Oc l.l1IP ofe. lhund r 1d if Plvrrill '. · +loll erooItl plln id lwith i key, couniiloin the t+xt, it llernil nodl Il'+t tlrel+n lliltUn l, ce irll rllih a tulltnllmacr aI. to loilnt rou I , dillerele hetween the Frmlh and al li h ilim, ,iitigrallcllraontucilion of the. lreallll.r n IiltlhlHiln to till' Net l'rellcll works extlaltal thile s tllht't. 'II, whale ijrecede" d by a short treatise onI the sounds of the Flren hl aul.gell llirel witll those oI tlllllhe llltlihl. A llronlllUllning French Prhtirmer, or fill- +rhoIn' (-;lli'C to th accullrte prollnunciation ad etho lla laphy of t Frencllh LIa.g aie, llcontaining its lelln.ln1t alrdingll to the hera islage, ,y Bernard'L Trnchlin, lusl rltvivlll tied or ealel, XV+I lcKg.AN, m, Conr Camp & Cnum sis. ILIUE S'LPhiUR SPlRINGS. GREiNBlRIEtC COUNTY, VllRINIt.. r 'llli favorite Naltering llace- i tlle montii i Virginia, I t miles weI of lwisbnurI,anld 2l from thlle White tlllplr, will hi openl ill duIe seln ltr -the receltion of cornany. Matlllv illlrtaItI illll)rvemllltsll l have bhen mdeille the Iha teetnSllo. A spnlleiull ll room, ati lllll numbelr of single-b!ddcdlll rioovm love bllen ad4ed anlld nov linishing all lllillrng Ia emllldatnls Lf th-' Istof Jutv, Iibr 2:il visitort. An excellent tori, lpike rad Ihas hel colnstrnellllted pasing by the prine,., and intelrseelin the Kanawhla turn"pike no'ar Lewis lurg. Over tle readi, by direction of thie post oflice doalrtllmentl, Measrsa. Belill, Walker & co's. liae of nalllll ceioaies will run. A Iost ffice elling etirblished at tle sllrillgs, visitors oinly r.,ceive Iitrws,and lnd rldily, ettaand lwest. Of te ici allitiei tf these wlterslte lrllprietrllrs ilel llnlt slpek. Tllea hlave beee aualysed bi able nnd plrll.ssed cllniists, and Olled to hold il solutolta tll the valan le ingredlirenIlsI the I smot celebrated sprirhl ihn Virginis. rThlaeomlbinltion ' enltaillsncllltl Sllipl lh-ttei in rotgenl Snip late o*f nglallesiai Sunllilh lf L.ime, Clir 6loslte of Lile, Sulplhate of Sou,la, Mnrinte ollf Sia, and Mtalinteof Magtnesina,' (he satlIutry eflects of which are exhibited in distatse incident tofemle;lantl id chroll ie aretiolll of the etomcnteh, liver, tand bowels; inclln nenous uectilons or diseanses oIf rle skin, no remedy ll mor potent orffiaicaious an bnie found. Extensive Iathling establishments for ioth sexes have been erected contiguous to the sprilngs. Visitors can at all tiles enjey trie peculiar advantages of their be righ antd whlesolme eflfects. Ilajor William Vase will contitlne tile superintend are of the sriring. Ever eaertioln nn his pllt,llll illt the part oif the itwprtetors, shalllbe Iendered to ilsllrt for the Blue aSlphur a libernl shere of the publh, Iat ronage. The proprietors of the Blue Sulphur Springs wi l lie iheral it tile receipt of lnotes of all :ihert and Wes SBallLkswhklh areeonsidered solve :It,apart MARIA MONK. &e. A WPUIl disclosurea of Maria Mo ll f the Htltel Dieu Nunllnery of Mentrenl, tte with anl up pendix, containinig, part , Reception , t firstediiorn; part 2d, Sequel of her narrative; partJd, Review of tie cane. All, n enupplement, giving more particularu s e lhe Nunnery and grnundsa, illustrated by a iltt If the inlttenry, &e. Mnria l.llk and the Nunnery of tile Hotel D)ieu-i-e iLg an acouant ol a visit to the Convents of Mtntreel pid refutation of the "Awful Disclosures;" by Win. L. }atlme. Fourth e periment of Living. Living without means. The Studet's Instrnetor nt Drawinlg and working T'Phe Five orders of Architecture," fully explaining the mnithod for striking regular and quirked inolllors; far diminilshing anti gluing nfotllumats land capitals; foe Jwdina tile true dinieterof an order to any givetn height; for striking the Ionic Volute, circular or el ptical: with hnaished examples, on a large scale, of the orders, their ,plenehara, &dc.' and some designs for door cases, ele gently engraveo on ferry-one pirleS, wirh expintes--hv 3P4er tNictll.on, archtitect, aulhor of the ".lechatnllics ,tpampniato,'- "Cearpenter' New Guide," "Carpenter's -eni Jgaer's Aasntatig" &e. ", Pietiael Treatise on llt1 Cllture of Silk," adapt .ed toeie soil arnd elimate of the United States-by J. G(. Comstock, eeretary of the Hartfored county Silk So ,iety, ntd editor of the "Silk Culturiat." "The Silk Raiser's Manul, or tihe art of reaiilg and fending silk worms, and of eltivating the M llberry tree-by M. Morin. The Clerk's Guide, or Commercial Correaponlence; almprising loetters of businll ss, lorlns nf bills, invanies, eeounrt-sales, and shopkeepers, equalion of payments, .etmnmeraial terms, &,c.-hbv B. F. Foster. eHiatory of the War in the Peninsnla and the South of Franee, from thei year 1807 to theryear 1814" 1by W. . P. Napier, C. II., rl V. t wich er perfixe an sware to soltne atraks in Rnolineon's Liie of Pieton. and itrthe (hunrterly Review; with counter remarks to Mr. I)ndly iihlantl2nl Prerival's remarks poin some passa. ge ia Collnal Nanier's fonrtah volume o tie Peninaular ar. Just meralived l fIr ali Itv mlo rtll'PERllAS--. bls, in ttore, ror Sile ay CG ()OlRSY, jetS 44 New Levee. UGiAR--50 Ithda, prie artilcle, for nal hv SD(RSkY. je2i 41 NewLevree PrOlltK.--lt bhils Bres, Prilna d othnl tl erieirltions Fc F ars l ;'p 1S':E'I'SI.)N &nVl'tY jeal I1. ;rowver & Co. i IAE Ejust I ,eivellat their Furnishing W\Vre-house It No. IT Camp street. by recent arrnvals from i - ne, and the Northll, large aolditions to tlteir stock ot Ilel'ul ald ornameotlul hooeekeep/ing article, wlich i el lectively (tlhey believe) form au assortorent tmore gter i n.ed completel tan i to be Ifsund it ayty similar estab shmenot knowno; onsistitg of SILVEIR WARE. Coffee and ten sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle stitks, caps, tumblers and goblets; table aod desert lforks; table, desert sol tea spoons; omarrow and glrav, or ra goat spoons; sugar tans sugar, sauc; t arnd souao t o les; hatter, fiet, poldting anod fish knivej; pickle andl desert knives and forks, oapkins, rings, (3. princi ally from thle manufactory of Mr B. Gardiner, of Aew York, whose long estanllished reputation for the manufneture of silver ware is sufficient guarrantee of its superior quality. PLATE)I AARIR OF SIIEFFIELI) AND BIR MINGHAM. Ten and coffee urn, ten setts; castors, liquor and eco dial stands; superb candlebras, and Epergues with mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or sIpper table; waters round and oblong, from 8 to IS inches; beef steak and vegetab;e dislles; rich dish covers; cake and bread baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber candllesticks; wine strenmers; coolers aol slyplholls; decan ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea. t-. ble. egg anld Imustardl spoons; egg boilers and stotIs' toast eaces, eec. SILVER ON STEEl. WARE. Table aond desert ktnves, forks andI spoons; sop and sauce ladles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, dtc. JAI'ANNEI.Y. Fine Gothic Sandwich altl round cornet waiters, in seltt and single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of pntier mtcLe; bread, cheese, ant knife trays; large upright plate warmers; spice, sLgar odll cnash boxes; pressing eses; Inldia tea tables in tests, catltlles Jappl,,no iu ttd of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assartmn.nt, among wole re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, and of ril, cut glass; mantle latmps do, Ido, each 1plait ant with glass prisms; very spledlid out glass don; brotzedl alnd Japaled side or bracket lamps. CHANDIELIERS AND IIANG(INIG LAMPS. Enl gish aRt Freeln Chot glass hanleliers or h tros of 8, 10,, 1 18, 20)and 24 lights; French bronzed slld gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4, and 8 lights; hall lamps and lan terns, rich bronze boat or centre lamnps for dlawing rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shaldes, glassesand wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRIIAS AND VASES. Bronzed aml marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gll, with fixtures, ete; counting house and kitchen clocks; brmzedl inkstands, eegttr Io; paper weights, thermome era, eard racks, candlesticks etc. CHINA WARE OR PORCELAIN English and French dining desert, tea anl coffee ser ,ices oi plain white, gold edge, and very rich allecy styles; splendid toilet setts; water asd milk pitchers, mantle rases; faany nlld racks and baskets. EAIRTIIENWA IltE. D)ining, desert, tea, colie, breakfast andl supper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton chintta dliner setts, CUT GLASS. nvcilers, pitchlers; claret ant calltell hock Ileoantres; borls, dishes, celery vases, sllt stands, snigar howls, bltttr tubs, finger baso.s, tulnbllrrs, wilne, clampaigne, claret, cordtials, lemounlde and jelly gtlasses; tie colored hosk glasses. Also, catle shades. T'AIILE CU'II.EIIY. Fine ivory -I;lance litdles, sell' tipl and buck hIandle kllives .ln! forks tof 5 all 3 pieces, or by Ithe dozen; ivory handle knihts old t'ir i forkse; guard amel gam.e ollrvers;; lost.rlie's t'r r llll ef Il, oyster knives, ,,,lt celeks ald pli;i; tglletrotttters, eotk screwor eic. ItIt1I'ANIA A.N I IBLOICK TIN WAItE. ITe' ate colite settso tul milrts, witl I an 'al 2 tiucets, sulitable or llhotels x1 ~!tearbl'OlS; slootlS atl.d ladles; velnsn ldishles willl covellrs, e) stels Ih llltlllnes;dish i covers, plale hlater;s, oll;t. . l.tugs; toe kettles ott stntls with Iihutel., ef Illi ll; s, t i . FANGY IIAIi 1)WAII,. llhRsaand wire tlhrot.1 h.tir t ndlirons; b!nassand steel sho1velsalnd lltlgs, ate; copper n d hodsll l l plin ket ties; Il.las spitlonsll, Hlilllll:) hook.'; Ilaplllrllll, brass and brollnze I lle h tlle l bnl. br.s. hileC bllowsand Iron l, bl.l;es; illlllillg lnid ;tllllit i. tllltn s; Ullbriella stalxs , totinI Insr wl-r in lti iplte.:. KIT(;IiIHN I-'/tNIT'iURl:-Cortos ,ingorirna, tin, a:ll l utenillllaliy llily eli'elll orl ulinar , ip p. S I , tud ih, hrlefalnest iery l tile wantd ht ito,,,e keepct can Le Il0ull IIi reill Itl s ,/e .. 1 Silverad ,,t1 d waIl I rpaild l. d 'repolishdas Inew. l ps repal:iried and rbllroezltl tee .il 1 IOf I :l I cit. ; is :',:I, 1:11 ,'; t -. . ll th Ii'.nl ir, \o. 1 ; l:,-n a:nlh ~ shtll, . lid'-ct, I, 1 , ohlll Ill i .or do. oolof It L 'tra a ie :st lllll, A lo , otsac;, all t .oo . a, l t,r 1 rI o otll ;" 1 Ip,1 I· Ul t; 11 0]oilll t; 1 Al;. perI" t.ll, 01") 7 I. d FFr do. of 9i0 saws ot do. or 4at saws in a sihod, egl 1.J0 per taw, or 265 00l aIN(:LI; (;INS. For a singlle {iin of 3. saws or more, with nlle selit of leedes, honds, &c. at 6 iper stiww, $-lso o o ForlhI. rT 6i0 saws, with leele's, &r .t $I; .0 per saw, For do. of 4a saws, wiih feoders, &c. ti i 5 per saw, 3001 (I Fori ,o. of 20 saws, with l rIrs, LC&. at ,7 54 per saw, 150 00( E xir ateeth where desirlel, fr fe,,lers, Sallllied :, o1( cenllts eellh; the I I cb ohr IotUetll ing sho.nllt . ual r I I s IIalsll[ la . f "S: l\VS. ()I[L'e 9 s of Ic:l tirs, it iscon sid"r., IIlhowevrI,, will wea. not tw* or thllee sets itf yoi s. xtria saiu s lllldidl i1 s I ellls iachI I hl i ll tilo 1de I, will Ie ideliverei d t tthe aget111 llo pIlaters in :ny iof thI sea prt town, l th e,.timn plan-, till,, Stienlcii hoo . ais, attilxet: a.eots Iif) itg the sponsihibl - therhme nt11 ,rom 3he lri1. A hi wxriglht ,till be selt with ,he G~ill to pit then up where de sired;l the clhrges iort wlhose s ervices will he extra, lut motiderate. hro iunninggelar caniil ldsohe nlildered where desireI o rieasolable ter'lls, hit will be charl'e:l extra. hors, power, ofany description, can be thrnished on like teirms. Small steam enlgines call also be orderedl if de. sired. it i. dlesiribl', whel l:mnters give orders for Gins, ahay shoull accomlpaiiy lthem with Iheir views in regard to iliearimagemlentl: sawss,reasts, ibrushes, &c. It is fii(iial they diflife opinion. Some desire saws of larger dilllameer lth othrs. The mollst common siz is 9or 10a inchlesx I some wish thel 12 iclhes. Somlle wish 5 or 6 rows brulshes on an axle, while otlhers do tnot want more than 4 at most. Some wish saws with i Oul"teeth to the inch, while others want 10or I1. ii xich dislltpiaiinc, we larefr they shouldl, at die time of giving oriders li'nitsh a statenmet of their wishe, id te Imnullltalturelu s ii tilltil lhexi in evely prlculllar. Where it is left to ollirdisrelion, we shall make them on the most modern and applloved ptlan. An oider icn be exetuted, from tire time it is releived, in the sxpie ofeiglti or inine weeks, ld tile Gin in that imx pilHaed xill the lbanls of tile lxctor. Tlo be in lime r lhe lext cropi, all orders ought to lie in the hands of the maniufalturersa hy the first or middlle of MIay; exelpl 'for pluinationas where they re late in eommencineg to pick or gi cotton. N. HI. The I'tent Rlight, for any one of the cetten grmow tg htates, will be sold on reasouable terts. m13 fisoa ST'A''E OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial lidlsrictr Court. rrl E STATE OF LOUISIANAA T all whom Sthilse I'resent sIllt comie, Greeting:-W-lereas Williuam ilau key tih vilp piirchasedi at sa le i ad by the Sheriff ol shea xitalh of OrsleiiscIh IprollertV ilareitixfteriexrilledl, lis aiplield o die clerk "itie t i rolrl, ill whose fflue tile dee of sille wi recorded on thise 5111 dy ef Mao, A. ). 183a, for Ai illnitxi i , d-. vertisPnmeilt in conornitf ti, an ax t ofr C i egia onttlre of the Sltoel Ioi, ientilled "Ar. acit fr te llhther assuraoteo of lilPe to piurehasersl ni juLdieial sales." op. provedl the 10th dly of Mlareh, 1134. OcW, therefora , kllo ye, aold ll plersoi iitsresteil lroiin, ire oielusr ciil ant admonishated in the namni o the State of Louisiana axd of the Firsnt Jdicisl Ihistrin .ourt, whlo can set up any richlt title or elait in and to ti properry hereinafircrlldecribedl,ih co.xeqllenee of av infirnlalitii in the order, leuree orjudgleixt of thie court ieLder wlhlsli the s ,le imis Iladel or tily irregularity or illl'glity in the nppprasriilti sli nd allvertiseent o, in litle;or imilioter of sale, or for all tir ioer elfect wilhalso evor, ito lhoi cnxise, witli, thliry days filll tli Iay this InOlititniiis firs insoried io tihe palie piiiierslwiy the sale so made should ill bs cofirlld nlld homolo. gkled. The said property was sold by the Shleriff of thie xar ish i:xresaild on tb it'3d doay of April, A. Ii. 1838 lly virlle ofiaidecree of hlits :ol it, Irendered li tilhe nl diy of March, A. I). ltll, in a slit onltittlRlWil illiim Mackey vs. .liuoel Bell, NII. 15,515 of the iihe:kelof thib iourt, at whish sale laid \Iillinsi Mackey lecame tile pur lchaser for the price of $3,310, cash. Ioeseriptiin of Priperty otx given in toe Judicial Con-. veyamn:,, viz: A eertair, lot of grulnd, toligetlher with xll tie build itges etil ixuproirimslli itihereoii, sitlatrll ill the xixrshI of Orleans, in lhe xqlnre iouxoled ho Nrw Isevoe Ilolia, ':ls anxili)etl ,I slru els e Iiiisigixaleil iIV the Ni 9, on x pIx lnlewn iy t;. F. Zilopsel, iDelput Surveyor General, oe tihe 1lth lleritmliel, 1831. and ldel,ositletd as Ilxn No 10, in 'Ie Look if plas if LFelix tlrimix, notnrv uihilic. Said lot metesllres O) iet II iohlchs froext i ixNew Levce .rrecl, i5 feet Ri ph n iI he sile ,ijolliniitg lot No 3, aid ili feel 7 inheRs miid - lines ihi depihon Ihe sile adjilniiilhue. Ptroelr nlow, or loIly, eiltogllig ii N miiiidalte, illl 19 lel Il iclixes wihih in ille rear, , here it fronts on annlley l of th fret ninl e incihes hi comlloliiui e Ilots Nos 4,.di, i, 7. i ild iI. Ilelk's (Iifro, I Ii .tnv, 11:33. ellf I1 S' I E't'ts lief ilerk. Ai. WILLIAMS, oCJULIT, LOUISVILLE, JtLY E1. It ihat been said that I ran Iaway frtnm l oui ville and (atnon. othler pcrees) had lnde trackas tr ithe Nirera-therelofore reaolved on Tues'day last, trIt to Cincinnati, fir one day onl y; I returnd again lIn night. Itearin tt fee that I lt a very rntrtf t lltti idwaol, its tisienbltant the Jorni at' tills city wna t iltt '.y hamtll atatitrg, atnatgrs a .grerat ilnev ate' thiagnthal+t tad acIuallc rtr an elfl trolelrra vill+ to ecellte tile elklet if[ thie warerfcit" rr:lrntrtic ree tie 'if dlttt:tott Snip, the knlght af the thirnhle, allia, A S 2, 'iSy retttrn, hIawecer praves that the fnhl,' iF the o ant walf, is antpliabhle ta re Journal. TIhle fahle in "A ltv e 'its rlnpltverlto witlel it an live tclta alatlt, whetl the wlf ueartrerd; heheing' eliter a 'fnutmn,'s a tailor'stn'p, ,r liar, fi'eqea:ly criled oat 'the twolfit cotttine,' to the great diemne of tire eitieen' Th ·v at lest found out his real ehnractr': tat Ihetnes a liar, ad nant rheea, hl evehIeverd when kite1t ehk the truth." The liect i, that c:usept must produIce their effects. So it will prove, of the niawisewriter, Dr. nip &iCo., it ther Jaritnal. I wtoahi advinu theta to provide them selver with n ttanlt ellt'inr pesen in rr+elr trr meet the wrccrleerfal'd emand and inereaiteof that pnpere as it ir well known, tlere are manly who eek forall thing buIt fitdnehnad,nlat of eIheer iter tt hel venderit of that reti le. But unfortltatrtelylfr Gnlinh Saip, ef needle nIri thimnble celelrity, the great mass of the tnillirtns of A net'icet.eoplde, arr fatned,nnd farfaamed nas overs af truth. eref.e they will,(a seffects ltrodtled hy ilte rallss) ntatrledly rov, I wllllt to read a papel thrat h mnn rely on. tlreefir? I will neek oat snel, anrt tec tn anreirtrihier to tltl lltherjotutrnal wose itateelen its will iot prapen falee. hl'eir IeR: Rtrntatnternl are tun pal ple to requt rfotatilon; yet I will p tate: eIst. I a. agann ia tnai hltel. dt. That I lhtllrentarilt thl Ite 3tst Jilt , 'the Itr Snip C (n., lar ent me a letter threatening ny life, if I remlhlnhte ilfer ilreailh. 3dr. l'lint frren telrstI ehlrl prereedI toeCfieirnntifor fonrteea dnve nnly, of which L wih Iih' Sair & Care infortn tite +nalieiet, in tlreir own all a lnever failto briniRg mte patilents. 4th. 'rhal frle CinelnoaniI mer hllproeerelo the Falle ttf the Ninsiorn,tn Ite ttr Itttallhl, (if ler Saip & itn. dir eat 1Ran ,wao iny life,R on tile Ist of Selrteniher, non n•R I'erroh ile tIm "tree ,ohr, eraperiti the ekale nf neat aritrillrre, in mrtrir an Iltrrglt anll11 ni l ll Ithiliories• mtle ttt Golie hs 4t tf Ioti it, lr laie ptin, ti lnbreior Nerhvilte tad LntiSoile, w oirea Itrol;ahlv. hlltrrfetlrt ttin arrives ldattre,( iolnal t, m ri e ant three Golieth l. Cutrrer i &n. g nelt hattrL tir nier, tr.l lleinr, &. (ialiloth 4trl. n ilatit (li ihit 5tit, tihilRt nttd driereaRtl Iiehkle rtte. iirliah lint thIe menotlaninlio ent ofl all , 'nip al in tll, &fr . tataltelti tilre Itltrietnrse nRttietliltlit'tf eIe .lhrIurrrn " Instli. I wnaihl havcie trhe Ille )r. Stlill & Coa heknow tnilat n,hela btllr v are ahr Iln tea ar ile, at preat a tlshe hed eea I een far yra, tie thl it of retring wiglt to thie blind, andr thn l tim whelt o wntn a etlleetll oaf Ieia Majetty'e aeUtltn tIIt (ireat Ilrit atn. lan eaen tirel so erlniOtnd. id the threny spinere; tie ellrrier, the harosta "ltker for aiensi; the onrlla.ltteR the latr aned dratg ttre keper, and the nraenifieent daotor Snlr,rever, aeell more throrerrena o Itrianr able to doi eie like?l I win tire Jrllrlral en' sali I slavjll reeee hllvcs an itr, firelt n il to Ie a A J. adeeon titeliletain n3n faIl 5't'loa.8 P l, e dvln entrltlin nIrr rtinition witlhltlt lite, ana Usurl S In get halste, JOffN WII.,LIAAI Otalint .Inl'erson latter, Ltllticilllr, JuliyrI, 11137. 1I'. S.--iiacowrnitihgmny lat, Ihnave hnen infnrneat thi rllle nf tIle ItlalSPr, airv the pnotr aiecqene otf tire Jirtnrnal, tral his nrhhrr ittititer, are no well t .ri 1 w I me,ir, Cor na t ir'i lhfiat l thecenttghe e t r ilr n Ite re. Irrrksr, a tire rr rerfeelly r retiRlule eeir erI tirer titer tIlll'l t ''lnualln~p, "llrdi.f ai i.llrir hu Ink tatelr er.'' ii. F~l' nte artpacc~ itt' hit ate,, Se. l'orrtc allan 'kiniht if thIe rl.'ilf" thi'Itie1tc o llf CIttlellrilre)ltaee ·nitlll~itl~tl+:, the rrpyc~,l s llrl IIh aid e llep l t lgt i l'rs jIt IIer·. I interll, h illie hthict ac e , lrc'tr +ot tieviteel, a rt, tlrlllllnont , ' witthtii firi l d ttlt r itcti1rd iIrm "arnI.Ie I irser I . ni ialrtiidll-il, wi it i tre aa ra ar i t a ire, ilhi n ie iIrll i , Iilltll W irfilt i Iellt 1tl arre th lio l ee bln lire, b irlier," Ir hi ti iti b a ii t.ire whilst; sfole w e~re It raise , Ito I ell .r n in. i'rl. e r ti r nIe ''llihlt'i oi tint1 i ril. 'IhIIILhII gIIna + Ha Iv I tl I ia l. tit lher hera th kill. in, tot tltec lta w an'lh~1v kali,,4t is V.lliOt (nv. Iliv, 011 it h c, iille l hris lrlintirftcltrilti the friai lie Drill ali. S haight f t ihihl o, hi ile i t'llil'athl ii t iett h Iiltt t I s i tie l ila )erirant hnlh·llnqll its hllon.ll~e Is a 'tl In' rt se htit-f wflt', f e i ' un Iit Ia r. Iiietl ie l . S, klttni t r r H Inntelde, .. Ill, tlttil iiI dittain l ti lie tect l nln i hri l.O ii ffv I' l " th el, 1iv11s·1i ) i ra eInnI k ,I` llll.r re IV -n is als intn 'ia , t llrirt l eil lttPltin l l iii r hid+ ll ili n i i i ti P'l nut~l rd tl " b u ntiehui'') nu'' iirli n''t'i onIl·nnl1II it')Ni~YIIIi ; ie Thi s tlllill l ire i',tin ltc ilt nr u1rine i ne, ititr guI i ll nt 1 l it, e lit ii litin1lhhl7 ii lOilt I ht n .ltit (hi~tlhl ~ ri~ letil rirrtllllrl I I ' " Ii ii tll Ift iii t .'fr~l, l l t llcln lIit', 'i' attn 'cIlilk. i" ll I w ru lln sl frail'' it I Ist ii l+¢!t it 'itt I rut, ii , ti lit,+ r s II 'tinlt I illnn lit, a tlti 'li I' tll) r) ' 't1 ' ,. site t more (, F'll. ihln Il laid, gi llc~ nv*.l.l ivlr , ll ,+,,r I·lsC , flhl ksp I I t.111( 11y.- .l, prha .:1· t\ll,+ n ,t fIeill (llP1111 % l (·1 .!I C ICI have' .:ll i+,1th .l,, a..~·l~r ·l Irl V ll:, l . F r++<li<,r.l llI,> i tI' li' .li t, I<,. 1 hb .'I~h I(illl 'I+ 1. Ih'hl tile 11(11!- 31,1" (/,11 '1'.11: lil.+ t llir i hI, i'l )Ptli IIiC i . I had left i'.4 1l ' wir-I r' blt. Ih i' t ., iltitil Lt'-l ti t cnll t' t'i t'n 1II. I ( tit irlrr \\(JI,+llllO tll . )a.i t. 1 +!, ( l hln'(.1: o , .1 r , tl~ .<lll , i t . e rlll y It~ltt·lcP'¢ {'. w('(·Lil'5+ill 1I\IJI vigillIn tJhll~II ht~ll+O 'n ,,.I~) ish Il illS; wit.)11 h,'ar him.11 Illih, 'av. i .l ,_l'YII t'tltl 'If rl no n· h +ll ld, tlOllral hicltrir ruliti' ltr e il$ I1l, ltnll t,,:i i lctittl~i lie tn in ae ti rorni it 'I li rirhltee hit ht h.I .sll ileh ikic a ie da ,In'.<orlh isele i ra one e h artitll i-ti uh r t e. it' n henli tigl r ill irrrlirrr illiiniat atIrti'tirir etitat rt111l n ''+ tte p'nitofrlteie woinntt~rthyk "tifet rttiiear i thrrttin ig lw ittl t trti~e y fmire tltiht , th n'in~ in:l 1 rI1 ltlrr ,(! l l.ttr'rrrrrrrrRer. I wi itrl a it e c llurt tin an lrlv wil)III~ nlITdll~lrl irilale JIII(II'i S e in. ll t. t Iiy Inliirnl FcJrtt'elcily ir ltter, rIinrt si wIeeJIt .:d~~~~~hatll1q? da ,t-lo o1Inw thley c dot n' il inet--1eitatestttiliilit r ttsiledaiiattlr htedri lstn i rri Ilrin wriler alrllt tleeltiielvtit ":ttc tie unenrratlners, nilenOeihlcilhatrtiitt tlri t ilorrgicncaty I~qll tlr. t'evnattitir assiry , 'ci hi h nn,,t kIre .' .I!veil li: L 11.4le ll. ,l It a llll.,III 10 th 't ill 1.011 emlr.,· ',vt'ir it, thun nuit tr interndlitd by its. J W Jetgetlo Iaallit. di ia'aav 2d Juirry at37. JEFYE:tsoN IIOUsE, LtUItSVtILLE, July 13, 1837. To tlhe Editor of ihe C4ty Gazelte: S IK-Ilaving listened to tile entreaties of ly Inno at +orients, 1 al) resolved, iflly healtt I ternlsi to re main io this city till tile end ofJulylv. I. To try to do them more good,: ' T'o cocaincea the inhahlitant l Iatth te vile apt Ith h e Med ical (;illahs S. &e, hbar. applied to me, Ibelong to than, os their hlwful right. 3. 'I'll t I amn rtady ito lepti te te whuo relt I lolrs, itot ouithle U. S. t ank, i tilnc e hIons lf his Ilaon, tihe u."lcc t of this city, agaitt at similar sanil to he de posited ih all ite grl at anld t glty Ilctors S. & Co. thlot I resiorc to sighlt slore aged, tclddle-aged, young Irsoll and children, o o were totally or Iherlnttl) Ill, ta tnll vhey do and thlat I aie o lsled to eore a grealtm nmiber of short, weak otr di a igloed )erseon cldriog ay shlort visit, thca thley dIo. Yet l w rl aI* Iv wias caklu niotors to) cralld the f r aid ll the ver dclse~ edly eelbrotedl irofesenor att Iuoctors o all t edi.nal colleges, as well as all the doctors anti quack doltira ct Ice hlcd ill private practice, (wllr are nt)t few) in tile State ofK Keottcky, Ohio, oldiata andr vo, ait'; whcere the .retindeed aee two .-ctnir faotnu doctors, whose naies oug it to be lacnded dow as lojw s possible to latest losterity. 4. It inust, , clearly noderatool tlt lla the cures if av, on blth sides, comt be proveY so tIe have been perlormed ,ithouit the aid ol ay sura.icl oaleration whatever. 5. "'hacs cln really merit the eplithet they l ave a literallv o lplied to nile, slcll lIrfcit mIe $-'fl0 t r tiet benefit ct' tiloe pclacthouses ins ctiity, and tl e thec.par ty shalll take lack hlisnvan $200,c wlcever he or tle tay be. If etecn tile mighlty mcedlical humltgger 4t should prove ue of tile succeaslful candidates, I wilt ftlfil the old proverbh, and give the "old gettlimoan" hi. due! ti. At all evenlts 1 would advinse the last named Gine liac S. act to tsucer ltat letter to standl al.tllo, aS it gote far "silldlellton" as well as "Sanl)ient,"' bth yeatecdie and;e bet I advise hil to acd to t its clegitimut, companioos, A S placedl belore it, iclll alhibel oil rde, then te icndl)eendent inhalbitants of the city would al ways know the writer by tie atelodv of his voice. JOHN .IL.LIAS1, Eculiut. S'I was weak enough to read the mauss of llsehoodc igned S., whlichl deserve nothldig it may silent con teltplt. l td Iknown lost evening of tile great i'oportanee el A S SI choul hanet treatel the last of thle tcree soe what dicffieretly: hciet lct tholass. I wil. however compliilot'c his master of tiet Journal, ffr lhi acga-.ity to employ ile knight (not l'thle garter oc of the thlistle, Iut) oflthr needle and thiolblec, in order [eat Ihe may kill two icirds with one astate, i. e. Il iptcal the hiol'e thit muv he ic his natural or politiccl gacrmcents anI, if I oay udgfe from that excerllent paler,tlhe Atl vertiser, I)r. Snipis castier is, politicully, in consltla need of his servicias. WVhen oy ciranmstancue~rccur, awcether docnerlicallc or politically, whilch reqoires a biliter, whether oil hie twn nose or nc tile repotaction of those who do nct hlp nen to please hilt, Iecng anlike him, (whicch must be greratc ialbrttlne!) then it is he rings Ilis BEI.., which after all in nothing nalre than if it wan "sounding bracs or a tickling cymbanl;'" yet, to view it tha.-Drl. itll looks well' but with all M. It. A. S. S. after it, alpears magnificent!:' JOHN WILLIAMS, tleuli.. July 14. lAVANA ` -E';',leEA'aS- tncre an trale e by Tit HYDE, e & iatr), ejr ronllton and hugo zi im. srt. . . .. . ''o REI '. --. . rilE hlcteiansme STORE: r nd hark Kitlchens 1r n c tile e ansa mclient sto'c of tile 'True A olrri rS tcan (cttiee, tw, dcoors tiromn St. Cchat'rs Thie. nire. A c fict rcte rola fora t'ffree Icllcr Apply to aidO JOlN (illSteN, Etltor lert"- Aetri,'ac. N AILS-.- p-ri-me n.c.o.. eatt of rl'Nils feiaon ei', faec'caleby C lSE & ill\B1' act " te iln Iltlae strete. MlLES' COMI'OUNI) EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A Rt.HirITUTE FIO CALutirkL. TrIIE doctrine promulgated with so much nassurnce J by mant y empiriEs of the present day, that one ine dicine will cure all diseases, Is not, and nevts, call e true; i and he who asserts it, is either a fool or tan im postor. But it is a fact demlonstrable bv experience, that combintltins of tledticine may Ie fmed tromlll the VEIETAHIILE KINnIoI1I, that will act so universallar on the st stem, t hen taken seasonably, anll in judicious pro portionls as to ctle, in nine casest o otf tet, all diseases within thle lreac anll power ofU tlllicine. From mte well known and o tahlishd relputatioln of Caoteel, it has long been eonqyel by thllem piric, aitl scienltific physieian, as o11e of the mnost powerofll ageLts for the remtoval of disealse. Itv the tormer, al nlost every land has been deluged withl nostrums, thlt thtir nuthors claimed as specifies in every disease inli dent to the human tlhmily. The foltly of tlhese pretent sionls needs no comment, for RaCtllmte chemienl investi eation has shown, that the base of nusot of thile Panaceas, Oatholicons, Ate. which lave been trumpetted before the community, with so much asstrllsce, is Calomel, or mercury in some form. Now, if this potent articlee even ill the hanrlts of the most skilful physician, freqtetot ly exerts i influence on thie uman system, uIllforeseen, atd lentirelh beyond the control ofart; undermining ith, constitution, antl brinting on premO.ture old age, dlisease and death, what resultt shculd he expected whel pre seribed Ity the ignormtt? Could their many thousand victims speak, a voice ftom the tomb wotld soon displel he 'opecific' delusion that now sways the mintls of the living. Hulnmne Physicians deoplore the sad evils resulting fronm the mlerelwrial practie,~ and will gladly kail the in troduction of an article that ato safely lie substituted for enlomel. They feel, and that keenly, the utltcertainty of its prlmnar operattion; they laonotot ly whetlher it will be favorable or unfavorable. Ihey also knooe, ant feel, that ii its use is continned for an considerable time, inl juriolus secondary coltseqtlences must follow. lBult they mtUt chtoose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will atrouse a torpid iver, remove obstttll tion, and set ill free ation the whole glandular system, snil it being indispenlltsaly necessary to do lnis, they continue its use, ilotwithstandllng thle til eonselllnces which follow. They have long desired andt soughtt an rticle that would produce the good effects of this rllg, without subjecting the patient to its deleteriont results. Such a desideratum, it is heheveld, hl a at length been obtaine,' in the article now presented to the public. lThe proprietors of this article keeping in view the thet, that a urise and benevolent Beint, Ila placed with in the reach of all, remedies adapted to tile diseases iu ident to tile climate they inhabitt andl knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South and West are based upon Irgatic or functional derangement of the liver; directed their attention to tllose articles which aIt mtore especially oil tie biliaro organs. After long, laborious, and expensive research, they have succeeded in extracting a substance from the TO MAlTO, whichl, from its peculiar effect upon the helpa tic or biliary oropus, thleo have denominated Heputine. It is a medicone that will produce all tile beneficial results of t(alomel, in both, acute and chronic diseases, without the iossibility of producing the lecriouslde too st] uncets onlnlon to that article. ots ctio uponll tie constitution is universal, no part of tle system escaping its influence. It is, however, upon tlhe. organs of secretion and excretion, that its gltet power is tpatieularly manifested ; hence it is pe culiarly adapted to tthe treatment of biliots feters and other diseases in which a tsorpiity or congention of the liver lld portal circle prevail. It is admissible in all cases, wllere it is necessaly to cleanse the stomach anld bowels. It removes nhstrue tion, and excites a quick and healthy action of the liver and othergtnndular vicera of the abdomeon. Being dif filsable in its operation, it produces a free circulation in the vessls on t of thee staee of the body, accompanied by a gentle perspiration. It does not exltaust like dras tic purges; still, its action is ntore universal, and imay oflen he reperted, tit merely wtith safety but with grees htbentfit. This becomes indispensably neccssary in oas,, of long stanldillg; lfor ill thenm itellse temporaltt1 ipllllJes sionls hyde by strong medicines, seldom,n if ever, do good; but tellnd to iijure tile stamina of tle onostitu ion. It is cleansing antd tll rifing to tile system, acts ill perfLet hltrtnty will the known laws it' liie, and is undoubtedly one of thle most valuable articles ever ul..e ell tt pubtlic trial a oild in.ope0tion, For ellveiece, this lmedlicine is formed into I. galin pills. Tohewtl itte ills are rlothrtic, alterative, ditt phorenic :od diurtict Theyllow pilla re tonic, stam alhurt ail diaphoretic. The following extract on the o ilject is nfom the Cinciui unti Joun.l. II.ES' F 'TOMATA O t IItI)ICINF. The vihre.s of thie Tnloato, not only Is a delicious viegetable for the table,t hnu t lso as a inletlii e, have fior a considerable tilme past, atra.ield ho little atte'tilon. It hls lell helieved to polssss unti-bilious gailities wlienb, it tlhey could be eliteueall) exaectedl, ii separiatedL tfilllll thie aul ernluors ilmtter, wgn thl be ilnvaluatle. This hlas been dlur"cterizeld s : bIilions coultr.v. A large pIortilon tit thie ilisases:urisle from disordered iivert, or ftrom de Irnglllelenlils in tile klianhlillar sy temi. lThis is especialll the case in tie wel., nId still lmore so at tile soth. Ift - ir.lld easi , salt, et'fectul i its opleration, aoi l lent Iil t ie ensllilttioln unipained, could het liscolered for bI o Iius cmnllallsti , thiis woItl lonutioinbly I Ioui aIIng Ithe mlu hloalthty cli nates inn the loril. t dislases of this character.' Ilt t is n lnledy iwhich lintllg. Inutn necessity should ildUte lthe use IIo. lt I ny be cotnileed as tr. iutisstiln on thie province of auothtr pl'ofesnionto shiiik i this, yet we Itlty it. rnliuitted iu l'express oitut' straog conviction hait Calt el eaynot Ie used without iujrmuis Had hlasting sn s uipon the sys-t teml, greaterl orless, s colrding to tile intlitics takein, noild the frerlu[ny of it use, inld the cmnsthuti, ofib ite atieLLt. A ull'tirt t ftill thllis, therieC orelt tile i'. getanllc kiulgdo is a desideltiul inll this country. We believe this (dsiderinltll has been discoverled i lie T'onit. Dr. Miles, otf 'this city, ind his associlatles with mucell labor aul expense, as we ulndlerlstand, halve lleooteded int ibtaili llDnin sOtiog etlratintulnn this venel' \V hil\ave taken some painls to elnquire among muedicl eUIn tid others who Ihve used this medicine, is to its libels, anl u feel well satisfild that it will prove i mlint valuable irenedl in Iiliots cotllints. SoI thr as we have betent tlle to 'learn, it has iprducednli tlhe dCilred effect, onelating to pilroduce t health action al the lvelr, prct~ucru iih us discharges when needed, nld in sonme istallnees brllieaklingll li vers, with even milore ert·aillly and it it shorter tiome thm ealomel: Iio itr Sick t, bilious Ieaduches, it has leent found a good remedy. Those who have used it lsy that it ildes lnot prlucethe dleili tatinll tfects of moit oitherkiisof s pur)batil e nedicines I that there is no incrlleleased danger lfrtll coltd after its Iluse, anlld where large dlosesof calimel woaldIl be ileted" tlis oilrentes without aoy angler of the distressing ind injurious elfects of edoimel whenl producinl Ualtiatiian. As we lhave reasnl to htope from our invest liatinll, hii extraet of tle Tollato will prove a subshbtt ite 1on alomel ill at great variety of clies, we e:lii o a nd it as a blessing to lthe tlu nol o linAilh. t e lerfecthly snllae, lanld free )ro a ll mier is O lhat we spllelk of it, and we tlilst rhll itsurallno lillly teslted byv flmilies. \We hIave every anial sube The above medicinei can Ie obtained olh of thie Gr rneralAgilrt alid lhner retlling IaIgent Isldin- a roui nniissinn aim ed Iby "A. Miles, I"res'i K:. All. "(:" anldI eootntersgoed hyol l I& P Stone, GOenirl Ageni li r Loii.inal" tund bearing thie juopimtnn seot.. List of .ldgeneres. E & J OT Stone, General Agooents for Louisiato, 114 Ttoloti itulas street. Iiedtl r & Co. 133 Old Levee street, opposite VegF to nit Market. Paul Martin, car Old Levee and Hospital street. Wmll Slheiry, cor Canp ond Julia streets. Dr Mueller, cor Tchoupiloiuls stren t and St Mlar's market. J P torbot & Co, corner Tihospltoulis and Girnd streets. J & PP Hartwell. Haron Siara, Ln. Dr Wm Stiansbry, Nntiltithohes, L.I. 'IThlinmso J Stansburv, Houainllnt, ''exn Fredlerick Serda, noiner Ployduras oid t'anmp sts. (too. Jones, Tlivoli Circle. Win. Evans, No. 4 Iu.dding Co. Row. Application for agelnlens, or medicines by wholesale ioust be made to the Genleral Agents at New Orllans. All letters, post paid, will be promptoily iltteded to. inlll ly ST' '.i1'1 OF LOUISIANA. PAIlISI COUl'. fir tIhe Parish and City of NewR i orleans. I'resent the Him. Charles Maurian, Judge. Junoe 11th, 1838 -No. lIl,!84.-JaciIques Potier vs. his creditors.-Upon reading and filing the iplition and sc.iedule in this cn e, It is ordered by tile Court that the creditors of the ilnsolvent dnoshow tCause i open court on Saturdoa the 7th dly of July, 1838, why he should not bediocliarged ucoirding to l tw; and int the nmeantime all proeeedilngs ogainst his person and pro erly are staved. Clerk's Otlce, New Orleans, Juner 1, 1838. jel4 daw AK1MANlI FI'TOT, lperk. 1'TAT D1 lA.- LOUlSl.IAl.-Gi-Cure Pnits e iiri.e, pour In parnliase et ln ville e lato Nouvelle Or leans.--lreseo t li'hon. Charles Malrian, jog, ljoin, 14II8.--.o. 10,98l.-J; qities Potier contre ste er6at - ciars.--Sur Iture vt i regislrenlelnt de nla petitio at la so ithile danos o'iteo atlire, II est decret parr it ouellr tele les erhaniciers de 'ioinstluhle faire savoir leuri ri s n oullr olvert, Salortdi 7 itd juilletr, 1311, lourquoi il neserail plint dec t argl6 eonflrnemlent it In loi, et en att llndatoutes ipnlrnitles conutre as plersnne oil ses plroprilelies sent alrret.etlo Burteo do gremtr, Nier elle Orleans. 11 juin, 181C8. je- I on ARMl.t It l'l''('l', Gtretth. LINSIEItI 1,--Ih bhbls, ItadiLnuli,' ii oltit in i Alhnny, bor ,tllo by G lilORE, jel:i 44 New on veI. E ARILI"S SUPERtliOl Ih lto-Now landing frout i stnaibotl noIana, a s I yi1 of tifte above, palt upO in hhds, tiertnes and blils; fhr sale iy I.AYI'E'I AMEI.UNG, jelo 17 ('temetiio stroet. INSEEui i -tll1tl tl- l aod' t'a-o hett Linoeed Oil, monw landing froii stip N.llville, and for ale by J.\iVIS & .\A .REWS, \VWholem..e Iruerists, jel3 Iimmonind Tehnpitoulas st. S CO'i/t .k.i-.--l casks (Ipilnt miul qullarl- ik ",,re al for ale 0 11I.M11 11 .tloti.Il, jeS 9 L'atk .1o iii r .IN'TS,OILS, GLASS, BIttIIHES, & I landig troln ship Constitution, and fir nsuah-vie 16.(1011 feet of 'lass bLst q uality, front 8XIii 1 t 23X28 3111) kegs white, lead, pore; 356 do green point, in 2: olitr, keet.-t1 tien, bapnetlin fbrsir, a;'l h litiora81 i26 dol. sotedid 010)00 ground Irlohe., also ,0fl000 nori (O)10 do; 2 aes crolnle gren in powder sauperior article ' do o an cans; a largo ansortment of sash tonln of every size and quality; sable pencils for artis; lt nlmarking. brushes firmerchants; artiset' colors iln il r,'ad o re nre:l,in hoxer, fitted ':1n with all necessi.ry brsu een; artist's tools, &,. Fluke auld tmlnit white; 60 akbs gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gui a Orabic; antd a large anld choice o s lortllllnl t of tahint, dry colors oil, tar )enline, varnish, &e., fIr sale,lwholese'le nod retail, at the lowest prices, by MONI)I: I,, a28 58 Camp at. PRMIl'.C: L'Ob. .VEIV EDITION OF THE CIVII, CODE OF LOUISII AN.. IT has heen for some time mde known to the publhe ithat tshe snserihrrs are engaoeed in preparing for t'e press a tne edition of tile Loaisiann Civil Code. T'lhe were. Irn the first, aware of the great difficulty and reesetoubiiiti attending the publiention of the work, mad it waos not without great hesitation that they ont. enoled to the ondnrhkittg. BIt tite present edlitinm, amtonoenint to a ttt three'thotsand cooies, anio wich lhnd onttio ie Stle, more thtno titlty thlllinallod lt1lntt, was entirely out of print. For more than two vynrs post, thie nuatl price of the work lhas beoo from ithrty to fifty dollars. It i a systrem of written rules which so inmedintely operates ipon every individual of the state, interested either in aogiculture or eoonnerce and which toverns thedispostition of so roch property omiog to tos from other states, that--unlike alloos ..y othertreatise inrita law-it is as munch tile "and annual of' the merchant antd the planter, as it is of the private gentle man and the profeasional advo rete. h le lawyers of tltadjoiniag statesr and in fct of lat Ihose states npoe tihe Ohio and MiSsith ipl, riverv whith find a m ort for their prtdule in I.ouiaiana, have l fin qtent necessity of rfetreace to the code,n ant make it ao idialpensable roqoisite to lheir libraries; end in the citoft f New eOrlen e hook is as re Ite lofoonl in thei lercohant's cntlting roanm, os utln the deak of tile jntdSe, or the table of the attorney. It is not surprieiog therrfore that the first ealittho othe work was so quick ly dislod of; and althotugh a mere reprint of it woeld in some measure Sipplye tle pulir necessity, yet it woeld be imper:ect and ilunsatisictorv unless nannotated with references to the Re orets and Statute, in order to etlraure the numeroas tlllote eendeots whiell have btetI ade by tie .t.gislntarr., ant d the imtllrtant te deeislons anid ioostruction which i ltve beeo glven upon o nt ny - itt articles by the nupreme Court. The publishers have Pecured, fir tile general Euper inptenldenee a edilorial department of' te work, the professioeal services oif hle lne k S Upton, Erq. a nptetber of the New Orleans Bar. Tile Hun. Judale Bullard, Judge BIermtdes, ond Hon George Eustis, have each kindlv assisted Mr Upton with the valtable nottes which the Inhve collected it the olrst e of their stadies anld proctice;and to Mr N R Jenninnn,the pnrt ner oli Mr pton, who is also oenaeced in the work, (ieo Strawbridge, Elq. has presented the great mlass of refo renerotontaited in his office copy of tbe rc,de, and whlich nave heeo nmde fy himi dnrig tlte whole period o hie dlistinguishaled professional Inabts. 'The publish era nmay therelfore welI trust thlat the annotations ,,f the oo'rk will be all thlat inldustry Rod laboutr, asioted y' leaSrning and experieoe, can iperform. In patting forth this prosplectuns, tnd rolihiting erote ll sulbseribers to the work, tnit nldinhers take pride in, the faTrt tnit thle Lr. i ntatrt of ,tlinlln Illt Ihsittttnriorzel tIle (:,overnor t, otrdr Otat thousanl etoliers ,f it f.liltfc e flture use of lthe ltate. The retadiness wiot which tis nulliter was t;tktelt Iv the Assemldv,wineed their sense of tile value f'tthe wtrk;:andl ithey tnbv erxtend ed that confidence in the ability of tie Ipnblisbera atnd editors which it is Itoc ed is not wlhnlly Itisserrnedl. Thie work will Ie lrinted in French andi Epgl;all, uponto geno paper nold with learor tpe; nrwill any x penae orcare oe spared it make itfe whole at neoltt'ial executionftt fitt'rrtspond with its g'rellt iltttrtenee. It will prolbahl he rtldv ihr delivery in tile ooth it -rptelnhtr next end tlhe price will lie, to tut,, rihers fiften dollflrs-five lollare t, be paid at Ithe time ofsola scrihing. The sobscrition lists once chinned, tle store price i will he twenty dollaro per copy. op 6i E JOIlINS & CO. l'tbliohero. [Louiianua alnd New York .ine of 'Packetls.] rrll/\ Il" Sips Elolllll..iin t iine will Snil fronm New (l. trl ensuld New )'ork ou every o)thor /lollday- c(nmUuencin oa the 20tll onvemher, and to insure the etritetlet pulcer alitv inl the:r time of sailing, tile lille I will heretlier consist of five Sehipis vi : Chlip )'aoo, Captaini ''rk to leave en the 111th nov. Ship )aeisaeille, Captain Puleu er, to leave oe the 4th t)e'eelher. tl1il elntseille. Capetain Eldridger to leave on the 1thecemb . Ship l'ir.kabrg, Cptain Woodhollue, to leave on the Lst Jla rjy. Sli13 Jlisetsstppi, Captaitn Inlis, teo leave on thle 15th 11 Thle nbove ships alre nil new, of thIlea first class, eltpareld nie te'o)r liloleell '.ef ud uwa )Vrd: otIf 50e tello. eeellrt h [, tle llr i et e erel e If I of water, bieeIIe bUilt in ir ltI on the iius improved uud convenient plan, and n liniehed io ellaf and elallnt srvl. Ample stores Io te first quetlity will be provield, and evere regard lel So lte lullirt nd enllllre tifll 'lil el ee l eesengers, who twill phae take notie that lno berth cal beI seemed un iel eid teor at the oieve iof the ee onueei es.e 'I'hee pnclkets are clUnlllulld by Cl ptaiue well x perienced in the trade, who will eive every alelltriOn, Sand exert tlleuselves to acclllllommodate. 'Ith)y will at all limes he towed uip and down the Mississippi by 'steblllots, and the e strictest punctuality obselrved ill the ltee o(f sailing. The owners ofl these hips wllill not l e responsible for pe' let el, percel lr tlkege stelt be or pult oe etoa'rd 'e l eem, ualees it regular hiill of ltdiet 'be slgned tlletrelire at tile ementing Ilouae of tlle agcents or owners. Foe rther palrticularse , apply toe It BEIN & A COIIEN; nov .13 t'eeeCoeeeeion St. ,A$ to)Und tilit enelesfro te tle Ilalilze, inthe tIIemlt eV of Julva ireeelauntc, ( Etglish built) copper tenl, ed, and lhas been co.pered, she is ed feet long, ted eight t.let Iene; and has hoeee Sloop rigged, ee+ there ree iron Straps forwalrd flr riggilng. Wh.tOever ree cognies said launcll, will pIteose call at No 71) Olt 1 t,. DIOREY,'; 1e-2 , I .Nw L.ever HilIPIIY y'' FOREIIN T'OUR, &.e, G RIA I' 1A RI PAIN, PRANCE 1 e.l ItIBlGIUM, teea shorlT r iln It3t-Iltv lte.tte Hum elree, i.l I)., I'reedent eAeherslt ectollege, in o vede. 'The HWlorksL of Mrs. Rheroeed.--leieg the only co e plete and unltiftr' edition ever published iu tile I tlled -etaten, vol.15. Just reeceived anld foir sale by WlINM'E AN, Corner Canlp &mCeIm: streets. PENSACOLA MANSION IHOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACt1LA. TIE subterilerhaviug purcalted tie le ease tnd ifr nitllreof this well knlown establilshmeat, feron Mr Taylor, the late proprietor, will le ready to rereive vi. iters by the let oft Atril next. Numerous and costly itprovements will be folund in the lrranlgemeletes of the nlallsiolt Holaue. New anll more conunodlious bathing houses will be built, and wrlra hths will be providedt at all hlturs. A stable will be atlaehed to the lholese, with good taceotlneulet tions filr Ilores ad earriages. Firsl telt horses and e'rriages will also be kept fir hire at nmoderatee pricg alnd sail and row boalt, willl lerslolnte Illnllto age tllelel for eet't use ofvliltters. IBillins and othelr lauselments usuatlly fouen at watering places, will nls hle i'umished, and esoconduclted as not to interli.te witll the curlinrt anld quietol'tle hoarders. Thl'e wiaesand liquore will lhe of the best qulttlity, and to enasure a eall aleely el'f iee., a cargo a breaei ordered, wtllitet will a;rive tlboat thle I.t ot May. lr Frederick larnardn, who formerly kept So e ppleur a hotelat Washington city, will eonduee t this ho el felr the lprorietort who, with seuch atieontideetlv asullres the isirteet of last year, alel hit friellds geennlle', that they will receive every posible cttention; anld thereby exetel s to give general satisfaction. IeThe local advecltlltges of' t11t house are too well known to neeedet ltetgt. cted descripticn here. The fitets tlat Pensacotla is the largestl aval station of the Gov.rlnenll the general rendezvous orthle t(ill'te ead ran; the salattet'iv eelit' elimate refresheld coustantly lu ting the suommer mouth by the coolest I reeenps frotl rhe Gulf; the heauty of the hay and the neighbouring islandl anud rivers; the alundaece anld ldelicacy of thle fill with whleh the waters .lound; andl is prtlximlite to the best Stoultern lmarkets, give I'ePenacula the pee' i.renee over all otther places in these latitudes, as a healthy anti delihtfill sutllllllerretreet. Fi'rst rate boets will ru t Imtweene P.eeeehln aIdel 1-e tile, and will it al times ce alle to take the passengers frlom the New Orlenas boats. N B ARNOLD. IPenanela, Febt. 1:th, 13:18. ([ entlemen wishing to engage roone s flie their familiee, tatn addresse the ieee.riletol, at IPlteee len, l lIr 5lr Sewell T l'aylor, tle formelr proltri tr, at New Or-. leans. lteferences. 'r SaR ficrd, Esq, Mr C Culluem, B MelAlpin, ERq., I.t. Kibby, itn Mob.le; S T Taylor, P P Rea, Eal, it Net Otleotus. i ' --A letter bag, to receive commtulnicatiens fer perteces at Iel :lhoe hotel, i placed at Geo Whittlnan' ofice, 51 St Charles ExEch ge. Ollt1IDI'l ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. (" Travellers desirotus lf taking the Florida rollte, via Pelacoln,tto the North,are ilnflred that firs rate Iouts will collu<tantlllly run frl. Mobile t, Pena.loel, leaving hlllMbile n-alL PIeneance lateelrY other day after the Ist of .May. Good stagtes will alwna.s he prvid.. ,v the sublscrber to be in readiuess to take passengers from \lobile, in ce.e of tlhe failure lf the hbeats N II ttnNOl.D. h'It ,earnllehont Chamltpion I;eates Mobile ftr Pens.' eeiteceeeceeenu fieelIle it J'HliE Fh.O1)RIDA STAtI'A ; 1C t, A' THtROtGHt IN FIVE AND A HALO DAYS. From Mobile (Alabama) to AUgustt (Gee) T EAVES Mobile evet other dIs, immu.,iately sftel Jj the arrival of the m.til fr . New Orleans, per the steamboat EtaeIse, ton lIakely, co:ches to I'.nseColt sstoaml.ots (per Penltotla e tli , St Rosa sound and Choc, taitachie il"eer and lay) to Cedar BiuIe, conches thenet via Mlariannte, Cthat thoochee, (forlttllIl Mount Ver. non,) ]allhllldge, Pindrton; I IIwkinsville and Iootil ville, toAttgatsa. A passentgeertakinehltis strt at Io bile is itn no dlange. of being tlhrown out or losing hit preference Ih other conflicting interests, as *le FLORI DA LINK is butt not concern, and under one coetro throughilot, anlll may rely wrIt cETAINt .5 upona hut arrivalat Atgtsta in time specilied, tirough all weath er and at anv season, unless some most tnfortesee catas trophae should occur. The Grent New Oeleans Mai is earried by this route. The Agents oIr accommodnl tion, Teams, Coaches and Drivers are not surpnased the .oathertn conntry. T'he smooth, hard, natural rands, the safe and inter esting water navigation, the time and accommodation. aliart the traveler speed, ertainty, comfort, and a pleas ing variety; eolnectel as it were . itb the Rail Itoad Chtarleston, S. C. and the stea:m upackets to New York. travelers can reach New York lfroni Netw Oirlenta LEaS THAN II ArSt-Wae1shingtont city ia 12 From Chattahoochee, Florida, we tate s freete Line via tqttitv and 1Tallahassie, to St .atrks, 4 hat post coaches, also two liBraches from HIawkisvilli onte to Milledgerille, and one to Mactn, lightl ttwo t. coaehes. STOCK I'(ONS at o. AetrrAt, .lan. IR5. Office at Matusiaon Hose Mobile tl)istanee, New Orleans to Motile, Is o mile Mabhile to Augusts, 94 "tt Augusta to Charleston, 11." Chiorlston to New York, 980- 1 )0 Time, Nat Orlean to Mobile, '28 ittore Mobile to AugustI. S2 " Augasta to Charleston, 12 " Charleston to New York, nG- 259 Makitng iRa mililes per day. or 7 miles per lhur, iencl aive of all stoppages. nonr it N. B. 1 Itog leae to inform the publilthat tlh bridges over the Clatllaooheswamnp and llartd Laho: creek haveaust been completed t y itee generdl govern ment, (the, tlty obstacles operating against this sale tatl spee-y route are thushappily remnoved; atd 1 aive th, pleasure ofleaRinog from travellers that the coaches,ho.e ses, driversand oads are of te ftirst order; aind as to the water route from Pensacola to Cedar Bliett, it is admitl ted by all who have passed tl.rough it to be unsulrilnats in novelties. beauty and safety. The bridges througal Georgia have alsoabaeurepaired. J I C IBAKER IIARDWARE. 29 MAGAZINE STREET, NEWV-ORLEANS. J"OSEP'H KNETTLE, & Co.-l-nnrteers ofForeien alt I)Domestic Hardware, are receiving frT~m ft rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct from tilhe lntfite tuners, an extensive assortment of Fane' and Heavy Ilartwanre comprising every article int the line which ther tflbr Iow. Lettolltry Merchnnts antd othotarae mvited to call and exaine ti heir eiatk which eonsiits, in iart, of table, Iutiheln'sF pocktt saddler's anId sttlrwt knives, platedtl ad lhitatlint tena spmtnsneedles, pinst hol.ks ad evei.', sh velts nd sJIaltest tgs, tgsh, ovels, fenders, tandirons, Ilhit tnintan aniiaitet , r. t shes, blank ookls and aa per, lookilng eastes, anvils, vries, screw plitPs, hand, letldge ntd nail halnlners lllint in hellows, Alnerian'tll ualr Englishhlister a,et, shear, (Germ an nd crawley steel, Ilotgh nloutld tanrle, ox and Ir chain, waeditng Louis ann and grllbbing hIes Mlattocks, pick axes, clrn ig grass scviytlus, Collitle Kings and Simmons tt l ppint.itit axear, w.rllti horse nlt rat nail. rettolla inld wotd cards, ala-ee and alrn itllinaes annd plti nlsl allupge, IakS, sad, irons, looks and powtaer, t e, Ilsh, rants atnd bell tiallll knabt ctheat, trunk and Ilad I cks, Ibridle EI)LUISIIANE--Courtur'd emtlaattti is I trict ,lurdiciaire,. I 1'W.'A'T' I)E LA IOUISIANE--A tousceux qtit t cl s a l cclltei 8 otctctl'lleritt Salt.--i ttetltdu t lte J lues ]lilllr I)iggs, av tHIII all~e ttl i lle tt t 1 t ie laite lilSt h t Shetri dI 1:* euoias t 'Ollelta s lit Ir topi'tla Ei-tt lrie's idecrite, s'est telilstt o Gret1f ,le Ettte Cou:t uu In tlae i vellte fult eun egisttlr e le "2 ei onle ou rll . -l'A rril e P'u nite t 'a t ttj, a a z ' • t i c ttt ttine e tit . it l L egi + Itittea l'Etut de la Ltisitlle, i'tilble ' Atte Ioul I U~I l lllstom rles tit'es desil(,ta riewanux II Velltsjwilic~tures;" apnl'ulte' le I1 Marus l°4. Qquil unit Cng..u, el toutes pletrsonnes intertsser roull|:Ur ces Ipl'esntll(a *inlnlelIs t a inm de l'Etut be la La lisIattet de It tour tIl ti Preie *)l siet Judici:tire, qui okuaie t it tavi roit $ In t1'o prli~te ti-uptxs decrtite, en cne4qllen ltlce t'unl deu|ttt die thureie dlails P'ordlant., le deret o le jSlUellet t e lS cout , enl veirtul l shtquel in a cirt l lte u die toute ii'tregnll- i hu'he ouil't nliitaea' un s I'at tiimt tione r lni' le tcnlsett I tnode ie Ia vellt, oltnt hplUlenl tailie e tItse I teacolllUe, dutthi t oii', tll, s lta' ltejt ur ai dntet lt e t l d hliaetltall dit. tllt riS, I'ouly'lndi Il wat imIlli tiile ian scrit a ie s i ctlefilrnltere tl01 ttoliia ttlltt• i a tetitt popria'at t ntlet lea i pare ih r i. ' tt m et ,it ,31| ciun! jour deleMii sde I'.llulil ISR , enI vii tlu I u'l llUl decr 'l liae Ctllti (torl tielalu la le (i'ill i e Jait t' l J Itttt i liitn t 13Xta, di. I'altatt ie Jattt es t ie ritet 1) te t s. i ut. t fs Gxt liet. i it. 15,1t1t, t nckettit tiittt Caia lelaPtlle tUitt 5 stt i'cid u c q ile i'e pi t p o u tl Uix d -vis t c inj t itt Iiil1 't atl , i ' ' tcriptie l tion le la Iolrl til e .i.'t s ltIt 1t5iiu ft. Judi- a cilUlre, Siivui.. itUn eta. i. lltoe lalat de tlere atse itnres le llCatisses ll et nmeliorati' s L ui L > trOutetlNt silir dui lestt oitis ril¥ilege etc. y aIip ,(niaeillt d'llle m Inole IUelleptiII s Ettle DUi t Aixh u LAnr i.oni atio , Ame ltu t (tt est .e' t lgiinise) litsceatain qluut six iteds et qualllnte leIltilmts la nouvellet e Iect-rtis em lll .Ioisenllae un piede six pn otnc o u a tr e h inI n e li ti e l t n l a l , u e (C leHi c tlt eu, d n x e n t C in . daanre ille Ia'eat ned f a outliwtii dellr hltl'tete~S sattttitie liLne faHuc I4 nlare d: la rteille· I~esber u"S"u h I~'.i u'l ' s tliaelinuitatmhede lata .oeta itee tie ta att rtt e t a ilhuadotit i I'elr olgnureta desrnesVeille Ltviit t i el at s olllltes t te h:i lianant un anile droit et s'ei'lcnant ii I atrre'il tlat l'itr ds e t t ll l tlaet t ttlt eattnlilOllllCt Itt le lltt aji laI liraaltlltlhipatttrll l u+e Itae'o tii:I1. tu (Slil a till tea ttttt. . I 1Ilel :i luI v.I1 .lr~lt'l+'le iB i t~irlntlui li l. eI1 RIKCilo ( .l s ltenllallt tld te Soixame tttt l' s t ia ds 'tie'a't lb l 1 I .ais atlatlelll , s suI lialiatag li i ltoI he ttt et lllla llttlrile ti Iel Loui ileita, tatlltlt air eta vitaaia.lle teIvte ia: de 1i, .l nllUt i l aUtrilt Ia glet ' ioit tellt ttttaaa ttt ad 'ataI tlle lk~init' IIhelu dc In Prolallbi~ilee RtruD,· Is IilUl~il e~l a·i reel (e l ; dtel istilllltuis tlldtre ntgtle hr l et, ctilet aat ttenie s t tr l a ttiqr Itirnitro abite ae h'ai Ca0 ritat ' i I,' tl)ti , tit rat llil t t t i tiatat I lllti ie t t tI1 t ei , dll tllll . (J t illittat I tilteta Ca rie,18 ittlltt Iq tt j a Uiatrteiuitttes da iPtt t la Sue te atnInae, coIrt rtiwauimei tut tihel ar l. tailit Vo-ir de la ,illr , 1e htt Jiateil' 18taa nIllllexl Uetatle st taS ottilla devart iL is 'it (;lnlre, noltali Iullulic% le rG .hulvie, I8,'J. Ten nin ' tltl. A. M. l iidluii Jailg t Ie I d aolii Si e ei t 16 Avr~ills R IX' II, i"IIIANC. ap .1 lp. Gwflier. IrI .t .1 L l nieiIn rr. S'WICAT DII I,.i (I. I i EI.\ A toii. i'au qlie i p*r i'esente oconeernlent, Haluit:--Aitt(idu q Le NtVii n allaaink tv Iia lt Ittlrttt It i a el ve elltei it et pt r ae 'heriti'deh darhte ti'trti sar, l t troltri.Ie Jit itld,eqa decritea, ies I thldr tittl t'(tttttb tttl ea'tte (aeOelr oU ht tllr atti1, t(oar un Iaviteiall' lllillt t u I1Cte dee li teli lu'tnretle itt de Ita Luiti lne, i ealni t : paIte niree, appui lic |c e |p .rln o 13, lu d'ir at debrlleU n I Iloute Iesoiargoni:-lhitl l..le-I so'CP FUInl'le.(R I)I'oP les+i( . Inre ua on hlle n it de ar l aiun i fitln ('ia i t a In llr du I|reuier t- ita rict Jtltitf llrpa, ae i +Ollrraielt t nvoir iett i i In prpraint oc ci-u n Ir. c· eeil·, Il eolnueq e e dvle* le latur de 1ln5 , l, l I'r r d.:r ejleet e flARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WetAtttOat, Iatsttmlaoue aireed, ttppaits ithe potuntio.tte T e ulren vierlas ailtlel In lllere a itie frte their fte. tlne t lia nate n N ea lr, ad wii kee antell tpu annllyao (II llP ;ltqUe. de tirlP .Olii dalllliP teI1I ]rmll iiIReC r IP a itntd a geatral asrtmenettuv fuMartie Mnettle Plten fitpra i rits catirllla epat , end ou t att paitr.s, L·R (ilit, pI~(llopii·t{. fil llPCII~e I')(Il le S IPr f, s .- t e mad3e of iorte'Ar biat, Egyptian.'(, It, avrla, ris1 ad. Amerleat marbie, Aica, Moueatatae s, Temh mand Grate Sittas, atenided atal pisin sills ted ilitttlia aret le c'teig, er lehr i ae d ~Ioldary, Itoe I'pnl.aPter if Paris.l, Remn & Iltyira \illisn luktetv sd. Piatuer lag tait, tagetiter with a epletdlal asaortmaent et Irait, 1. 15t5:1ed ad plain cket tira tte :nd, tna Irnle rltia Ilit \filliai ewest nek 'est rappredln q iattaert. SInmur ie prix de $,13,$ c~rl~llt hlnl. Letterirtig de at Intritl d'nreats It trantear Ja ullie hire, Savoir: ain ertti aotti e lTtey tes riart eat fton e n atIBe a set nlne hornthei+, ritllB eu In Ilrlks. s 't)rl611 .. 11it I'iljt Imbru+ par le rues de I NSuvelle 1_e66, I.ol mas attllu ttlil Itslrd, d"'ir i a . r Ir Ni 9 . " iI i'e till Illuit etart pAr I· t" Zhnil. i D &,liiI. 'V$P T IInI1I, IQP it Iheelulnbre Ixlt. l, .Pt lslmis Pit l'erli] e d# I~el x (;iolhl nlllllire lmublie, eonunel~ plan No 13(, le Ililt oll det,'rre ilas uralitVll v lletBPlsd, oumr pnlll.O. Fl~eP tl r Il lip Ilri; I"O'"ees el 4 ii"trP Il~il+·s en I"kllcreluldr i ,l.l. {·L cIli itll ' i Pal t .iVlllt d(ix .eu~'lirr , ees, z pl uerr dl~,n iroi pied+, nrllfp"'lleat ull eonllull uv·l er av' lrli NR'ox 1,5, Ii, 7,l IIlno UJ. Illur IltU |I (ir • (,*ultomhouge stroet, tlpposita tlle post-nliica. Thoe suiserihecre aro now receivingl from their fi, e. tories in New York, and will keop constalntly on hannd a .enrrtl nasorlment.,f J"5arble MWantle Pireee of slparinr wo~rkmlanlship, and ul+ t he laolot patternr, matin of the bost Efiyptian, Italian, Irish alld A~merieun mntrb e, Also, Monuonisnl, Tombs nnd (;rave Stonelt, mnuldled andr plnin sills and linte" sr, manrble fneings, hlearths and~ bouedury *(ono, P!.*.Blr nf Paris, Roln~nan &llydrxulie (3mnnnt and Pluster. inp Litir, tol~ether with u Pplt ndid nssortment ot !bIfratsnrllmted nnd pli~n Gruteao nd P~nK~ia Iron (;rtes ot'tho newest and m~ost tpprOVed llhlttrn,, Lnlterinb. doues in tire noate~t roanier .lnd nt thle PI sOrhIst noltie.8 7riley h£1Va firtT rO(llt•/oLknUO tu *et the nlbova work." ief+ '.-Xl'- !... &, "TBOT.D IRK W. EVANrS' CAMIILOL i. itrHIS highly valtoble medicine mat Int Lad who i t tle anl retail at New York priceso, of KE l'LANGE,18I Camp street. .+ It is econfidenflyreeommeatrd Inr thefohl igAt ' eses1: I)ysprpsia in all ite folms; bilios aal oo f ..e - Sietions, in rerverttage art dterec; iihotiS+h, tof more partieulnrlv the itcident to L l allas, fever ,nd aoiie, incitent cln.u lines, whether of the liver or lung, i i.a n o~t, loss of appettie, nervoot tremorsie os delSirium trn'm,,n F pasorliNc Affuetion of all k hndwtrheu trtalsin, whether telrnic or iofl amm toyirnelllMthr Boli.o leversl of T everry vretv; e.,rfhlo, salt rhehin nnd atl Itlechree d humrra , el d toimore clm`lex5tns oftithe itn; r dtie sstO ere os night, r oi I lyic irritability inel mielanchotl; the ofnotler cemnplaitsaor, ed.holerr IoArl , eo di.rrtrlho' in ferwen pmrsn n'; worl and flato Ittoc, with hld :rntit; ehlorfie thed polpiteliont of the aheort tlid tleed, chalngens lf female n.lstilti.. annd fv lnire01 nd, diIerefIetiRed rnllttirtieons in iter ther w licl~ Iae e not br'en telmanentln rrlieved i i .etner meticiner, A ingle trihl of ltr W Evdor' molminbae n y of tltere c ee e, will prodlre-etlh rf'eett a a will is.' hibate hleir iheonsorable superioritY, and irlade anud a use of them nir will insure a spedy and d ,usqttetisna ble cure. irecti ons for tse aneomptaeine tn. tm Nyttertoseertifica tea ofuorc will IteshoWd, as fri' theti lenlth of the eailortue it is impo9sibhe io pelr them Iirlicty throught tihe mediem of a newsrrtpa. On Dri oeans' :ntan tle there are ouwardhtof Do 'bt caitet ue ilto this citry we en refer rt many preronse 2w have bar , relieved, anit in seom itrllat:e entirely eared of' lung st.nding disrusee, by Dr Evans' Conlen'ie Pillso aot.3 11, STATE OF LOUII.tANA-First Judi..dL Court. T IlE STATE OP .LOUISIANA, To all hone tltse Presents shall caltre, Gretetingt-'Wlereaar James Baetrs liggsa Ihling puiehased et a sal niale by ilhe lrtlhlsift f the pariih of trlenls the rhouerty Iele itltter describetl,l m aitplied to the olerk of thiseourt, in wlaose ofitlt'e Itte rel of sale was reaorded oh thle if ely of AIpril, A. D. 181R, foera monition or adlrtil.e tlent ion eotltl'rmi to an etOt of thi egislatire of the Stiate of I.ettiolte,ettitlted "An act f.tlte furth* nagas Ance of titles to lehlrserl atf judicial srles;" eltylovelt ithe ll th eay ob Moil.,a i,1, hn. NOW, theroefire, kLow e, ard all Ipresoas interestl h ciio atie Itreby cited tld eialmltis.tcld in the name of tile Sttrot l.ouisinia, alt otflhe First Jtdllicil DiissiC t .Cotlt,uwo util it tt itll hy right, title or elaim in and to tihe iopltr herty h teiafthr esrihdier sl eoeonsle ree of' all) i.rlality itt the o.el i decree enljuslgmpot of the coult' llet wich tile sale waons ere, or oyr.irregularity orl illr'glit, ilt tile ,.leaisemnPetst aeadvitl ertisndcs, in tOne, o r rannll, ofsrte, or fin anl other leteot whato eter:t to ttho cltse, wlihie tlirty days from tile day this niotin is first iontrted in the ipllt lo ters, why the' sarale so nlale shouhl sotbhe eofir:neti and homologtertl. Tlhe sal property ses t sold ly the Sheriff of the loarin+ ,foresaid on the llth Jay lot March. A. D. 1838, by vi+ . tIe of deree of this raourt, rendereid l t the l2uth laoy Jalttare, A. D. 1.38, is asudi ettitled James oBara I)iCal s. Rltful Glteene, No 15,1th of the dolket of t Court. at whicl, sale oiai lamesa rmnes Diggs bera thie plurchater l u the Ir tce of twoenty-fie thoousand d. ors. ([etriplttion of ipoperty as given in the J ldieial vevance, Yi: Aeerttdi piece of tprottety or Iptntel ofgratnd stti her with all the llildlitgtault iiltptttoteniettatherelne righlsI la~ivtlhj is, &,". theremltnthelongighlg or -in any wise al+ toeltailge sittutte itt lotttbottr Annettoistior, a.He this cite; tl Ileltttsttlltig in Etlglish meaatlfe, three hlltldlet t:ol tlit-,ix Ifct:retld thur-ightlts of Alt inch liront ol the ldplic oadl On New Ievee it, three hltlNdred ntlaixts t fioct us itlxtcsttdfttt'lt-eighthls of't iich fhont on Celeste s, two lhtndltel andl fitri-five feet ine intchraedl two-eiighths tlfltlitoiot i tth lolt i liottltillg. on Old levee attrtr. until it stlikesy tle ttltdary line of Lautletlt Mil hodoe's prupel'rt, it tle cotler of O11 Levee anti tNaS street; tihere tl'ynliltg a Iigltt attgt', otit extending eight;'-fire tfeet tl li thief; itlle ;hr dleu ilotlgthe boultlarr li1titi said llilltudot,'s paopertytt Irailel to Celeste tiiet;u tlheelt fhriunttg a tightt aglr, arid extendhig sixts three feet leen ir irn ittsot three eightU s iof o iclh ot the hounldar lil;e of Lotis tIcd'a lt' iit.rl'tI , lratlle 'to 01I I.evec astt r-tl, t;ther Int.littg anothei righlrtag al,asl t.(ttlttitgo fotel tc ar fet swet intchles sall five eighlthas o rlw inch u tre 1 hebII1Ll:lr'y lille of ail Dedle's prolperty, :l, ttl., rud o.ctttlldil ttlull tit I o lliu ltrndlwet tsell leerot h-n iliclies .litl 'rllli cihillhs o f oit inchl onl ltlre hlonnhalt hlow of sah id lle's Ite's.i) In: IpelhIt t thle lpuhlic roadl IlId ,l w I.ere iy tr'eelt, t llltut sccentt six foet eilla ittitres Iltd flllltt'ighlt. Ot'uan iltch f:-lllt oi Ntll's stree, tt crtdl hig tot plin hy J. l'ilir', City S.ttt.yor', si ilre '23,1 Jsst vaut, 181'2, tltttec'i to ii itt psssed before l.otio 'T Colttt, Notatty Putlie., Olt the '.2ttl .l 18ltuto.y. 11133. \Vitnress tile lion A. i. llct lutan, Jlldl e lf the ely3,dtti1S P1. LE IILANC, DIel. Clehk. A\C."i'TtIONEiJ BiY 'TH FA.ULTL OFu U i111 TPIIlORN'S Cnmpotnid Extret of Copoiba and 'Sorln I l p: illa -A t llainl, saln, ond most cfltetual Iret.l , v ever discovr rl ti. e tcr if . i Gollolltonrr , Isle,. triItiusi, Whhile, Plits in the back ail l oiiil., n ,i wokoess,. altitlionus of the kidnit , graiel, scour.i, erolitiii, &Ao. rt i 1 Ionctiinoi t1iedicilu possessin the n tl i. ind active vitfll\ o nt.lltt one l owr oflfered to the p).I l. ,. toe propri tmlll hais but to mls to.l tLhe numerous rlee.n +. - ,llpitre"iied wllen i 8 lln rite aire iore Lilly knowln. " . litd n it t;o nilso, .iietxt.nuituly tset, hios lo, n ! prudl''·'"tell illn theltaus andl SUIlIac l halal its hei..ll.l++.l.· , infliuiienca wlht used ill the iilloamlmntory stage., ',, wlit1'ietor has onde hn aaltosis ofi the Balismn.o", r i-. , hat th:e morll ntcilvtivq lllitieswolld thIerely l.: ,. ',. Ii i roncr, O ate, d more usefuloly idiinistrtl edi! .,i glredltlllts xhich ale in the highest repule nnii .u,·.11-t .most scientific and 'larned in the profli' d inni " 1:, i dug in thile mpostio n tiof this plireparliation lc.rtt : 11 e elbtm·eyt ol the other, producing an oIeratibt atn i o ii'tisiiltgitt iltr i tllllie titi the allvalltage ofl It, eoi i ahniinistered witlh perlect success in the iliftrri..t r: f the abore disease. , The most eminent phvsioi.',' Ii trgeons of the lpresullt lll ex ,rrss their 'I-+i. .,I :,I pol ion in tii orof ii .nni t. 'tilon, whilst its t st . o ,ia , tril.cipin hospitals and public neldicial intilrutin,. i... I II, t ld rtlll e ti ts, ' cnxt t l + vet It :, n I:,,_ nlte ler'ent! .+ itll the lncelhed rI I Abrtec 'I, r,.llo :us V'llttlt't'll Hl e;Cli llllllS) I11I id 01Jstlll~le lt+U llnsl I r•I- i , arising ifrom a ,lisot ter al state ol'the digeatitelott;,: . llaviing been Aoubtited to the teat asld experlienc, .,0l t v their sati.,tioin of its exltirliin.iary eflite ih .n , lc a s e" ultl el r th e ir bh a rg e , ½ a lol ttir g it h o th iad. lT , lnserted hereafler. P ureared by J B Thorn, (+.itwill. lIIioIU i. Pice $51 1 per' pot., 'fES''IM. 'NIALS. Frnm A II Salmtontni, Ft, 1 i , Surgeon i' it.. The trial whioh I have nude of your 1ilriinii r ir mt varietyv ofoeases, both ale andl feaile, in its iresualt, It.," )..r-edl s highly ltiounable, tint I do tot hesitt it, iroounlcing it oire of tile most valuable ani eio:liciriol renltlies ever oflfired tl lhe public, mad onle ill hli ih, fron t exieiiei,:e, I ran Iilare every reiiIrone, whlit ldmis Iotpirohlee tohe sam unplasutmt o taluli la tsall ierielled fronlm Ealpiibi "Frout G II list wurd, M It C S, Physictial to lit Yt Mairlebone l)ispetnirnir, 1 take grot pleasure in adding my telatmmntm toolr valutble plioperties of votr Itrearatonn l, wilhing yo. -to sucoes yoa ao fully deserve, is an anuple rewan d Io' llr, laborlatlrl expeolse nCurritl in bringing it to such o a,,. pietv etr(rrtoti.l From . O Cooper, Y R S, Surgeon to 'ofaI', ,I pitnl The uniform sltncesrs whlih has a'ontecnde Id dlniiii - lerhlng yoir' medicaini ainmong toy ttients ofllitreilw .' the aboe dinotaos, lhas fully satisfied ane that it h ito ly to be known to be trully appreolated. May the itelial you o well dese ve, amply and speedily repq.ytittl Ir oullr valable ll'otii l.aioa. Frri'n Sir A Cooper1, FRS P RCS, &e. ~ k lllgtK it',o iilot.dito to tr n yourExtntet tin l tt-n l l tc a oti p ioloent (;ollohtle t which had hitherto tmad4 evClY' prescriptioo aodmiiithiilIt. bi. me, Iaving ft4iol uor,'atd trlseod rtc lurs loteitl by it, in a few days-.[ teol m sarl'ill tidut holld to stlteathnt i niw in mil) Imr tiite both ipubilic anl private reconiuiend i d use ano ti other. Fom nG VW Blair, M D, Physiolan to Gy% 8 I4 - Thi otricl test which I have given your tondiil ,et mongll: v iatientto, nl.i its illrnvirible suaona thus 4 rt, will induce ie to lersieveilr in its usll, amaI I it but ano act of justiee and of dutly to add my l'Ieble t&.ti monlil inl comedlatinn of itsnvirtues. From L C Thomltson, M DI F IRSL. a Irettlnn you my sinerpe thtika for t e v'lnib~l pre scnt oil'voul' Extilt fonrt ai uol. of GCoa'aort, ,e. I fotl gl'.'till that von have at last brought a tdlliine inlo use which will prove a desilerlatn long naithat tor i tilhe nmedical woll--ta aire, ilteedy and c, lbtitl elnm in .'l the ahove olass. Ilt.fnlrds me greot jleoa ae ii tlubliiainlg to aih uordtihl valuable quanlitih.mfy.,. Etlatonl. - . Were it necessaary the proprietor could hbet'lhcngh above; ha tr Vst that its grlat sueeesshitherto--lhe eare & cotXnOle at lwhit it alnbeern T .aelrenu wnil'.,b .olra.stti r tmmleoltion a thl anoting plblie: (loe t'ecinmetdaltion thbi prelamation nejays above otl others i in iln.ot,l )tEat t lornm--ltlup iup mts-th molde ir, whlieh it iimy he taken, heinig lash easy $a plh:lt,,oo it-iis alely) ntiere, wilii no0 Oittileaioh It u dt ot lw ittlnemlnt from bationes. I'lravethno'rtlgun ti, wotldi finl this maliein hiihbly nan-ol, and ounhlajpm to be unprovidet with a lreloalationll .poerimgl' tile . vantages whichi the prllsent on comltn e it . ', Accompanyang the Medicaie ial t ina toarot'the dififllnt o tiea ge f tlt e laf iso u e, ilb#Dt r, extra iharge, nntnianio g full ansd eanl,le For . ale by l, mr IA3awjna n B ShorBaeti, lta n for oeajit , ur Backrnp. atnh fir aale tA r.. "J

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