Newspaper of True American, October 10, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 10, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTEI AT THE OFFICE OF THE True dinerickan, ST. CAILRLES STRIEET, NEIARL POYDRAS. m23 rolllSI3NA PURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, theavwllh slr -I. W ILLIAM It. CAltNE.', (farn, rl'y of Ithi filt of Fllnt &,titrles,) wouldlil rsittlily itrlfrt Ills frilendsl e tho ho pib lic tat he is .clontly receiving froma Now Vork allld tOlltoa itgoll Ilortlllllt If FIr nitu, such as inihognt ny ch:irs, b,,its i ledlreads, ital pie and pamnted chairs, imple and cherry b.datead,, maohogonranad chltrr) tallies of aill description , b-. reau ,toilets, aecretarys, writin.g di sk, wordri ep of mahogany lidt cherry, waish s'ands, iotokttag glasses, feathers, beddilng,&,. &c. NiL. Furnliture piacked for tranhiporlttion with great sare. j0_ MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed fromn 17 Cuilt..touse St. TO NEXT DOOR ToSr. CiIAIiRLES TIIEA'RE, CORNER OF PUoDRAS & ST. CHAIRLES "TRIET. aug9--1838. INE & POtTERiitItt Ol"t i'.L--a grr ita and 100 gross porter itttlae, lirr PuIh by HilMES & OII.1,, jy2l Hank Alley. PRIFVAE BOARDING ii 0IUS , No 13, Toulause st,- ly IMrsl Illrotmrn. T HI. house is spacioius ad coinellnienitly aitlated for nien of busiiness, nlear the I.evee ald the New .nclollae. Tie toille willbe well suppliaet d and ttoded to, atnd the charge moderate. Board\ra wishing to have ldiur, can he it( llrnoo dated, at differelltt pIiPc , iI pil ll alatlllllllilllS firltisald room,. Boarders will have the 1ari<fli, tion to Ieet there, persons speaking tile Fiench, Etnglish anld pan ish langa gig, -a nta l :linti PENSION IBOUItGEIJISIE,- Rue Toulouse n. 13, tenou par.ll.le Vt. IIt aotnn G' ET tabitlineemett esat sa 'ieau, ep oc trolap slitm. tJrep d, hI Lrvee tt dle l Nluveile Iprsep cttl, dire au centre leas altires. Latableo arit biel fouarnie, propremlntt tenue et t ann1rix todkar. 'neux qli preaant penstion aihirerlniela t y loaer oa memn de applrteoinp do! dilli'anas iprix, biln garnis et ,commodes. Les pensionlaires raren I'ag i'.ml;nl d'v trrnver des iersonnes parlant l l;fgues Inanrrioll(.aI, nihise tI eLspagnole. 7;11 A..'AL.IA Winepwaat t alta dry, it altUUtr casks, I I.nAoian lllau1 111 i aa IlliataT Ii-`:.1 .. 11.0 Bli'i Rt\V, anug2 7 atnnk Plhae. I1 Ig.ilNEra. P \II Ii'T & OIl.--.A Ilag aulo d lgeineral aý,ortalt a,,ao hatind, lir sale laow, by JAliVit & ANIIlIE\VS, or Clomamo & Tcholiitoa NOTI''IC',. TN lilE Caiporiaaprala'a a hprataa ire-al iiin- ila a ithis h betweenl t1Srl!.t i·* , Ib i' lld,'r the ih'm of' Litre V ie 'yetra l ( to., ill N i'w Y,,raa Iaa la, la. Co., Mt i ll atirk, attal . Va'tPpalS \\'. IV' 11I tl tthe aulhrrthl, to .usltl e a il er of the ara Ia I lialaitaliaUll lonly. Jitli k IAIlI . lV, ANt IiI,\V I. Nt , PET. It S. V N 1 V\CK New Orleans, an; I. I Vh, ] \\ l . The subs.rihr haVe I ,iilt t pa it er< ip in thieacity nOldor the ar, s of 'al \/'l k a - '., New Pork unldo thd a firm ai '.ua ohaa l laliluar P* Cl'. till I in . 11 1,\ , EItITER \i. VAN 1VY'I(K, Satgl8-l3.VAN YC 1 N lth e 3 rd .. .. .., l . . . ''v i ri. ' ' Iit 'v. o d . n ,proprr'v hohners in th oli 7th ward, tOW Ill. :!rd ward; ii all tilhe elaini l l-lllll p rt .fl, :h lw ',),11i I t "neoplerated asld ilun rovid,,l, finr to reale ih l~i_ g4pat t oliboil gann lx, tud Prot p vrn t. oi i, III fronqt ou hirn h l sp ctiv ri.r l r d r f' tellr iIrill. llro llrm e Tlrhs of tile i: ll ~ i ii t Il n tII ii ll llle ori ' s si oe-ii f. I1 ' ,1 ih., -tir ; t l . o tII s' PIlltI lllt lI l P un ed irra v.d s ,d, . o d . tl ,, h iht D( ITlqilin fIh: pr" '1 l or i li I i , ir It 1- , 7 let'sfllI K11, I if els -, ad" I f i', I' , ,IF , t-,t b , k Wihie a h'l v of': i ii, mll" ! io the aste I c,,s o qf Dui ' ,,rdlinarvlaw th,+. r f~ioi.., ,,, m , ·1·",, : , to o,, - Itsr Illbi .r i n I;lh ' a]. , el l trilh I' i. I t t o , f ir evlui riu ,hiu +.iiili,Ihv.g lll , ris i..' tut , 1terl i f te i l elat er dNt'i .; ,0 lhu I bolt r u, . ,r I i,>, I tl,', i v c m potli e nt' i t ll1: I i d o: N . l o,' 1, + . .s. ·l II r 'Ill Mt'itCA fl e t2-rn In tue tl llrl oI.C i i [ ' 1 O n hrl.tlity. t"13IX .I 1i It -1 ,I ,tI . l r. .... ref 111 i , i s.dio i' .i , l e i e, ,,,, .. i.tiiou ! olj fi ,, id ii'r,,li,,nvel ,- Jr e I'I " uli .t Ii'i e, . in f.,i i l. , I I t by , , ,i, s cti ' iglll , e d ' ll it i oull l I,. I", I. i "n , I imn I l. N A u lltl l i i lll I i.-ll itl' i . r . , I ut .sI :,,IIitlli I NE ii Iii fil I' d I ro oCKY .rilti !'o'.VIN "'.,:imv i'iuii , isde OepteO - o lllle IIIo;) , l I , - 1 h.v. i ull' lllluItItI i . itt , i. i i ll ir .d'i'n u 1i, I' ~ ,, ~ . , JAI t'i 'olgl i ulll , ! ill tl i' II,1.1 h I,-i ti , 1I I l l ll 1 r eIll 'cisL lf I , ilo 'il tl, s il i,. . is,' oI ,11 t" I t: sl.. Iu1u;3i, , Xiilts ,,i i,,k 'eiw'roi o'.':Ah .. r ,'i ,i st th U Irlmtcl dl" b ie It tll d e 1 1i le ll d n Iriou othllr Jse- reii"t. I j i d orl i .i , a ,l ,, u ii , ' ,,, ,uii 'NitlltAr " rt'i u , I;,ir lliettit 'iilroiit i.lis, o t 2in e "l t, rlu ..ole' s Al ma s f1 r 1m d . I.. C l-ou- I tlla , v sale f t r o Li nah i, v nlI . io: inin. i ea it arll u gl i rinle. r hlll l: h I 1 i t 8- , d i n ' llaInd NT s Ata i Kun.itc:utLt -. i '10liL i iii l . K , ' tO i'iii t t- A ih, ' hit'no Curs l ,CIDll'. .d Ihr'yl iiiil. I117 rl ,UIelllv RI)si swill lease she D't t tic d thiiit oi 'a l t, Ii r teP5tAliRIE COTi TA1e.IK, tterue i il';y Ia u -ftr. eila Protle-n4 ; y pi (-te.rnl o b ' !m.t- p 'I isn as- Lti ala,.a-'lle, hlda s- t p s-tIa imI - i lroUsefu K aniI" r lat.V lu . I ulor i lll7 s- e id . JaT re e d ry-l-id i ao e ti n ay cth t inOf Usul ,rtte m , tit"IVm X. ts CKEA r rale . ip . . . . Or &t,, (+; 'ilT R n d .1 l C io t pr eui ANAN ,i .- - 'l u., t nr liot i ii, litiux, 0A'.Ian's-u isn 1 CIA LN B I.- il AltI I S'lo e . llTl.ll E & CA s I A. cetts, . .. .',I isuaitue ' a_ t llar ' alTut)il' I..q N,,.,uii vor n, i: tle. Just rceive d n1nd flr snite ty "1A gIIIIT .'oftl iuei q llt, ŽIs O.tll In, fo s l- iy irClt s tO,.- Iim n f I '1 B.Ar lllla. o t,le A . l I\V' 0-0 F'I 1 i h' 1, s i1. , 1 -rlt Id.lur thh" nagt Djurl l tn tilml, No.117 -td usell sft reey Applte ntr. No. 1 tyldratn d Irri~. ii varjios th _li Iro \ s le tH i h h o ilir i ' h brow . Jsthiig re wved s Ind .i . saole eis hv n, l'orsu or n¶ ' ,,i e 95 u lal ItS f. r 1 i -19 . Iuh - nrDIgs '. VS til,.r rb r a let sd r l t eir Count -_:l I- l{1' Lt t " ý i rI hll. l Clat tle . st. s ,ou s·, ¢, b ,h 'y I vlo inha , rin. b o vo t hlh t. R1F2 V U' C ." 8t +,n.'lr's l t.ll Colutres o if ltllessi..lo , t 2 vols. , , Just |/ivid ad fr sle b I ( ala unt, ise 15 .t New fl g ec p will, lverys t in IhelUtnillotln, ndct o g i.aal gsl. i 15 !3 in. For the Interior. II FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE PORTS. 'la The stta larial atini ranata t - GOV. SIIElI. J J Kt.1 ,ren. . - lumaster, is hourly oxpel.,V ed lu arrive, and will hIave ad-patch lfr tile a tbuve pt ts. For freight r laasage, having superior accoa nmdation , aplaly to LAWRENCE & LEGENllRE, erp8 gn ' 29 '.ew -L-vie. Far Mobile, and all Intermediate Landiags. S(_ Thae law prae'nae steam Iant t_ C tMOl,INF. E, i ili lave N'aw Orleans for Mlobile avery Thursdaly and Sriaday, at l2 lctabk, M. touching at all t;e wanerin. places at which pnsaenger nmay wish to land. lor further particulars, apply to GEO. WIHITMAN, jy24 E.xchange Hotal, St. ':harlea a_. For Mobile and all Irdlrmediate I,andinla. V al llltna ruunina aanJ rfeldid atenaa / _ anlt WAS. WAI,S\.:YhT a nliielv Ia stte rooms, will ewie Ntw (Irlansa far ta'laa, nlod all i utr inttc wattrial plate, evrry Tueeday and Saturda, aftenr Illt arrival l ti GM E). NV Il [TMAN, jy4a Exchalt ngat ihltel, St Charlll <tll . S. l'URIl)A' I'V NI NIa \NI) SiJUNlAY T EXCURSION TO MANDEVI 1 K & , I <, INVILIE. . ýl The steamerOUTHI AIAi AM1, 1 Capt. ..T. Kniat,will leave the liake ... " > -' endl ofthe ratil-rad t hlr the above pill cl, every Saturday evenlinl ion tllhe arrival of the i u' rlotk cars, and return thlae same nila nt,-and leav Sun lilly m nriag n the arrival uf'the 8 t'rluck cars; return itar leave ,lIhIlda vile at 4l o'clock, '. M. Sa..tlAl)laONVI aLLa-, LtUIaIlla;ttUI, MANI)E. VILLa, & COVINGTiraN. - e wad TOle la.t rlnu Mill l slciadid stel m a2 . l u.... r dOUT' S A I iA IA I l. T. n'~ lnight oa, ilaster, iill r II aanl a rill i tar mi l Itaat lar tial nin above ts a ldln int , dll p dll\ a and Fridnay a, after tilhae arrival athe . 'chck ars, ailn)t ansld lantrlaa l aalt 8 a'clhk, aA I. T Ia All nata .aae td lanrea'n at tile ria ofh llt own 1a, unalss a Itll of lading is sigUtn ,l. ', 5Ilto VIIITMAN, NeAw Orleana and n at b I ila Sail ttfllce, 0 E aSxchltantr e illinhlln , St (S .arls t. NOTICE. a-lILAVEI.LERS naina to Mobile by tle Mail Line l a llulhdaysa, Wedal sanl y and Fridays, willlegis e i tallr e ll a nl t ahis H lntlr, S I1or snla tan l e sa cura d 1l -as !heildr an l I be pa Ced oil the wa v bill, 'lhnna. we iw n Iave heavy at gguge cull ai t i tl akeln direct to MAobiltI lb y Intt s ut dulring tht waln k, exccll Oil thl:ill ve u rld dals. ti a Wo -1t A111 , i5n bhoxea s t ' lUalt i Ill5 boxes llltlah raialt ls, 0I S boxes im ea lial tella a 'al1a1 a a na H e l star It, Ssot) II rlnl chit) Iomlln cl o n a laaitab l e I' ,\ cltaaaaaa j oyi l , trat-I.Glb eart .a1 l t 0 +.'Ra - bia l. ita, Iu bnal- atiltc ja t mat ed ar t ilt I tale by Itna SI tijt2 i a1 Natw I.eve. a, -i't'iN taa-l aaa'tatna tattlar.n--.+ d,i, t Ct piata a ln a truIaa nlsl iilttt lump lay.ingCs Ald at StOlllllatl P llalllp, 1 1 tlht alOat InImprovtd dIs Icrl lill, Al i *ed Ly tla t allldaai ar Al-u Co[ ognt e State.r. Jlilla oa ' a h llhln alai Wahtrd', Iha i lr t Ih tne tll a , Nail aand 1 allnl Irisa In ,&c. a c. E1i; il. 2Ir i lI ke. a s uperi or artil e, illyflue J E ,lttN , u i nE , wine hill~ , it Ti.leai .lluilllltt bhi , latter i nll very att alloiw - I a aail 11 caes nat lllrlata wl e ta (t, III papecr, do; : aln's thinll if k' niter paper; . 1 cases stei lliat - pckt iost at l arth; a a ttpts atarta e atnaa ur taltc, w ltsa clla d tt. il, It ia lI:, I' latag t \hat i uit a- o j2tat utai'' ltllt2aC t I tatn ttt.n n I' all at. - :l~ouxse oa tlhe luilh kuc h'ot,-l -u-,-" 'tte aona uore. I he two l'avil n. ill Ia, la lltia nli tj/ ll.4 l II ln , :hvtllli ILatl lta d. ,5nvanna, l(lt,, ,-t rho t.,lii, Th os o ils Bioti lh ial l Uond CIot ptill Fu;lily. I I InIc ,awtt u'atra apply to Ia ,, ll,, \AiI.i 1 . a .I? a t :,lI tI. N tll ,+a a, ' a[t.tllillan ,l I ia . SC, r 1'C:11 .\.1';--7:s i.i-'s ýlrollrh Ite, (,I totrt. ,I ! S to i aleby it Ui, , - ,Ilt.. , .ita 1) / / a la) I'-Art a . I ILi nt i lll+t (t - li'a tllht lr i'.. i l'- iilll , m. t,, e 1J - ' a - ' r ' T - !' , , It l o e' et,- s Y i t, y o i... ,t . ; 1i(:'i'tt+. , ,.:1-- ts,.s ,li't-jtI i,+,,t ý,., : ,l t I, I :.ll. J # ,f ltt ,L,.. j it J Yor., a agl llr 1, h 1. 1 ' . :.,L \'', , ,,., ,,,,, yity ,r,,% "" " a . . .i'i T illS. " .,j alid ILIw Il.lPP i I o ', ,'1 ,i N 'l tlla '+:1 PIoh streeI V1II, I.I, I .t i ,lli' N Ii Al l. Sl FTr ':: un e+ 'eni n l l ghl, l tat l it 1 per receil , l'tnr ,lalleaba NI N I Iy. bte ulill s bs U'l .Id l I J..ES Il (it1'NA ~, / u zi e ' ·. L \St P'UBIo(ATIOTNS. - - - "11i111; N,)vesi , tr . (I ltto1ll I, yohlttllnd h kl+ d tade S lt e ud'i "It ' 'lI t'tltiad i'iP a tk ' Itr' 'a ud ,es eI tI t ' ttll' lid ,l ith lilagr Ib _e_' a l i e F 1 b Rlll aTl.) .. l litt , f' tI: author-o iphtr S ll , bv f se y.ill lt I,. Ta Icy tlljletli' 11 l ilil'f Ive ic t otlty by 1 T as ot TIIne LuOIII4', a i tle , 'y tlt a ui tll eeo f ofNRi'ica Sel.clim' lue GtN cy,' of L Atilao,'n of& e a . B i It of E c age, an Protttd v i ir N es; tot, by lIlrtle ia ris, dowu lhtanle s, aninr whl 'Vlle, oil es alo la ' ettr ely, ioell ted act, by ' It ll at tiNa tll \ oeitoll del e ittloa N n. IN o a ck ti t tIe, wtis' iart )iaSet Ind 't IlwtC.k i in irr'ji .l recBil ed, of E itrge i te l 'el nia y Nt ; tg i. sea ill a oelot of a reo. lt aitt w lill billn, 'ole oa ia dl ' l l O lle f pln l ati a nhyo, l ar twlllIl by tionl connlcted wi 1 hu' inCsIC of tlle Ountill g hoose; by B F'ostor, AccuAotat, autlinor of 'A Conian 'Treatise of Book tuepinyg,' "tos Cirek'o T'le LrrLE CSixTrci hIOOK N COUcSt1 of very easy ll n LattdaCapc, Figuretsa. by George IJst receivcd and for sale by WM Mie-EAN, .jIB oar. of Canl,- uind C h.alon as. ALSO-Ary suddiir nol rtupply of lreet Expor rillents of Living.-Liig w lilt LiTvitg up to tl, Cloanse,-Living lie ctd lto James;" "Shoquel Ko twle Epertles of 'Viving;u Tbhe Harcouras;" 'T,' Saviig'o Bat," &c. IyN, a Tragedy, in lve acts, by Tl hma Non) i al Ilurd; 4 edition 1111, SOI RT I lAND IlNNet s IN A'eanIie tL Barriet ati cau, author of 'll.tratnI, L of'P liticBII I E c lowi' g nw w rk4 s h edition.a re ved AIy Prllial Summery of th e Law and Usage o Biurllas of Exchange and Prolissory Notesl togret,. or withal series of toables. I howin when bills, notes and loans, drll awin or; iaccenpted at an d wil Love, by whiLady .are added, ratry; of v eoi ii and s he tor 'ng Flequti otf aneolrts, and; by Ltady Ble rnaiton, ulwert, lld th busi; ss ofl. h copunl,. Conlcis Treatise o' Book Keep rg,' 'The Clerk's TLeeb LIrLE SKETC. Briry; a course of very easy esson i te Leidscapot , a igurTsi &e; by Gerie. Cihila,; 1st n o.d t ;.I s eri es. , • t Rivers ceived an Desert by WM is Kard; N copies. 'The Rhl, by P O IR a Cine; O on pi riThoAdents ofre o Neitavlo Nibcklety. by oe, I5 .opis. CLIINAS. R-'CIIE, Libroriani. 5 copies. UII1AS, 11,TCIIIE:, Librarian, SHIPPING. Foro Europe. FUR MARSEILLES. The oiast sailing bri CAROLN1E, Capt ST1hom.oson, wilhcl Ihave omaite de.sOa'tiC for thes above port. For freight ofl 0l) b0le tot tor, or passagt, apply to LEVI H G .IE, aug23 3 oenO: *t FOR Tit'1EST,. -- The that stiling shit, HELEN }i il, Capt. -- , htvmg filll cargo etgagid, wllt . he despatch; fur cn-sore ptrlv to aun23 8 Coati st Coastwise. UST' roceioet at the Ioloisina F'urnituro W\re r nuPao 53 lienvill, street,200 lMaple rat Cherry .IJlste ad-;i a irt ante article. Also it coll .d oart wiie ct sl,:l a irte loo oest tca-h i, . . o to, i . ,itotl' ot. ý -TiU . Y'.=\-,.. Aai; enrl! s ',:11hst r... thtqir lialt, c.. t . ,.pi. " 1 i; ," , 1 ý t i. .p ,1,·I : r, PcrAmaercr, Iooke.rf leasses, ti+n. +' .lt en wati I:nge boo hrlel, olf Fancy artizles. lo'Im tillO wiF o i ;OM Ill --'lIorttoiseaoot Irazilton high toptoo k, t ast ond carvrd; do. do. twost, long, tckrt pallot, le, ,eoler swad drlenssidg, iv hory andIon;t floe tonhlt, dlessing ate, toilker comhbs; hornt redding altn Iortsai 'lt, s; wcoOde, trtssing, tlono tooth and pocket con,u.. P'EIIFUiMEIIY--A generl asnttor ttt of Frrnen and American Perfinery, consisting g.t . lgoer water il bottles, of 'ill shates anod sizols; Ine, .,ne, Florida, rose, orange, len(in, sleasalnie, bergaolo , "nillelt eu r-o, etc.; .ncv asonps of ertle iscsription; omtaiassn, antiqlso. a ventable hair oil o il and nrlig lutid; telointe loot wash, e t:arornic an chlorian dkntrlficc; scented anl plain toilerploder; p0l0 tions0 i prestn salts elfrt. IinlUS11h.S-Com prlisi o a goeat oll.r s It cloth, hair, flesh, tooth, tlnhilsac , tistoo v1li te, earth, asel'ldlilg uleidn white washn, Ilorse sahe and t:mne's taltinlg paiint andl varnis blushnes, an( sash litr go ain ng tools o te all sizes. LOrOKINg; GLASSES--Con.tprlaing gilt frames eh voiouts sizes, 5, :, '2 and I itrao toilete; Ge• aoo statla, toilet andl e ker glas; , manitfil ri inorO, etc. I'LAYING CARllDS-- 'agle, Halay 8th, Broom, lighln;der, Spiel Cnrteo, Frech and whorit boack Play ieg (Cards. FANCY ANTi) VARIETY AIRTICLES--A sale rior aseottenett of portable ldesks, ltadies' and , rtle mei's (aotsriog rat.'s ando ladlies' orkt boxeso ftnc box es of raious dcser ions, soitalle, for tihe new yparos ancd thrbeiaos' gflls; pocket hooks o all sorts; suspen. tiers, nlsic-hboxes, leadI pencils, irayons, violins, bead lgs sald plrses, all assor'tnle t of ftancy beads, superior otoality billiard balla, paste tlackinofr hone, shirt, vest, itall and sspender bnttons; peal I Uttnnt s gat l shirt stutda, razor stroaps; gas macihineste ti creotia light Sp0ish anot mrlre segtlc; ioacconoian Paris, rpptee ad sctch snellla's;o al asslotnlent ofplaio o an oll ot anes; back. oalnlllllo boards; ldice, olloc SClrr.een, oa1tic, JetWt tiotps, lollOllortss, loiitrr o mnlatel.s, Ipts, nerle, peclllcssiot ca.s, odrinking cups, huntbtg flasks aod goame btgs; oel r siOer tial lliad spectacttr tle; ttitotoire, tie etc. oa a homoctoolre assortlet ofeofnngravingso aoIbtoa e goro'e iv of other articles, all of rhlich will be sooldl'ur iow o'ices, ftir cash or city acceptances. ma) 4. IIEES &h I).lANG. It o n ol .lt!pi LL I.l iht oa ioo g cioon. trig, Uncle A V Sn,,u tor sale y jy 9 S & J P WIIIT'NEY L otUI '\ LfI',)M S \bI'S, AND lxtl \ili-;l2 '1:;0q oca I"'ratoh (boio ,'o, itt htto Epsoon rite .0 poto ilc P(,ar AoIhes 4 cadsoes (Coolto, lo o. Jn ot, Itthtltn rhc , hc o t& ot t l oading frots brig Vitltootii , fi'oot Ituolo, tootfin, sale tk J AIVI0 & A Nttp.F.WS, W tlllesalo I)rl.,egist., j%,7 cr Conln(1on 'tllchouottollotso steedt. ;t ; ( t'I L S tlIlH't' J IIICIAt r e,+'T'I{ : COl :('l-- S1' nth I Imi cult l,sth Io alII ' oot n hI ll'ln u s'I h ll ronI n .i rell i'i e : ; I I h r.'a, l Hlelry tKliho' 1e'nire'. "rv lilha urI sr" a l^ll zt P 1:h'nlll: d ll- pi'perth el'llr'i n t e e l- I ri' dl h.l I 'l ii i a ni in an In t oi h ll ti,', i nal r! ie ii tll . iSal e n if ll;( taf' i t I d % .f .lot For il ll 0 ·Trt -PI IInro of tid es In pcrch1 it well I, ro lU e , r rio,, .fl Tr , k Jer elhw a'r i, f ntlll ar[ a inter'r s, .l.\i ill, rl i u l le nl cu ited u hl l a etlll h.e •ii n h ill n d iIn, nit ,'; I i, oi'iniiri in i~t t, titi- iitn iiin ain Irn t' , iiii niV In re- i ni er .ini i-irt-en i l oug .Ir'l i'.i, i It Ii k-ll Ith. i' O lr P -I' nn inn i 1( It" .Ii thi d1.1ent s in m i-i OI l i l iII l ill" iiiE(il) 11',,I i err toi s euI iu line , or p lui ni - I in r ira e lt A tlr IIan t e 'I: l , e i 1, o L.' nna i, et ihtu vni i ri it- r e 0Iii s out F1, I i f·loe .ld ,i I.l il n. , f im eht· in -h ,ii I ,i u 1 lntll , 1 . . nN a it kr, hl h ilt r n-n In I tlrl n 1in lh 'enliib i n i 1 1 t erih en nnhn n d ilr ,lin c ·ltlliltr [. N o 15 ,'0 2 hi lI. 11, e i ; c (io 1,u ,1 e lu I eaiýr -, na del r ipr nndnii'nin line, ornsf jnd , In I 1 h' 1mt r u n th r lns i et l .ll ' llnhn pr ntilt in r o' tll r lll' ll Il e it , r.o.. l s in t -, olr lilnl Ite g a II e de rl, I It i .i jll., tlerlr iui trii i" ii'nlei i rol'I to11~ ,:1-e-,:,I heii. n'$ 9r r d0t , I n , t r."r ." +, " + iar n ,h,> t t te 1d i d f, :ac i'aI 3 ir, t e nt sI. . : , lo ; ftrr it n ! ilte d it Ci r-lsl i h I a , c rl" a .i dIe rl e, d 'htel r l/, s,/ "i I In r le I d I 'iT ,i lithI silautl ie tuir tln tn t tl"l itd ll t one it d""c Ie . n to bpre tthnnlre si it JA, I anlid irile i v ie d u tur sIle i ll l vabW ii el ii. iii ihia n n "il fll'. I' el- t ,tI ,,l+ ' h it) I -itt U lin .ldi ellm nIlnair+Y I, rs h:und thine ent iu nin ni', t~ i inlu sin ntilihnt t in r sh t III v nIl h ron t ii+n, I otll i+ il oh atI'll lnetb ".a l idrllil ini tw u filn l m I 1ep in h, etnnm '. e lu - I II I -nU inm I tia n i'6il. iitniltl I n Fy (beerm enn nr ut lin thtrt op i'th r11 1 B il! " e r, b Io e u nid e ittas nf.l ri ,Inlt i ii',, , mmii a nll m i, t nlie , i' i h n ig .3l lmn. int Bi lutd,, tnn ,lnn I'tnl e i, nn, la .i J illllP i tm IIIIr l't I nn I thi u lmn esl .nti tm ti e n. i t lh iy ufn'i ni t elllb t l e i la r i, b nui 'It I I(tIJ it 1ps1 LnentI iIfi Nt TIi i Cetul s , notairy 4. i 'Jw y il nra ,pit e o1' ro o gr oulr d sitet l atr . Illrr lh I hitlC i , the llnns l lng n-ulm A. ~EI ti nlen -I fety Ilr lelv-n i v.nhr . l e o ino il r Ii, Jtif t i a t endint whlich Lhit r , I tles r e la l lke 'ra rt ritf' wo 1a and nA If;he e l 1 lt ,!even in s, t tli s f 1(1 e Cecal, nttarysid 1~ ( 1. And snecl or nt e Uppe, fi d1e e or pr p ropety belongt hin)l" c,, Il'l4 | e+ t ill , i~pr e' i rtJlEO 1 iLE ]t Wi ls., .I ll uwh-l h Sid ht go dlllll ake p nrt of the plo.L airty lll' lllrle.Ard bysi d l sO I hI Et t, at l an te I t sll v'dtTrs, Ind midihe ini enel.lll ' ehih he haI pur, Iniio d -A iuI-i 11 \t I'alfrn- , hi atnt i erl u i 11 Citell ui , nt iutary met xii In t l t tutd aforesai d, Inl~pibtO, Ilsts .ii n ý \+ r+'" ......he. ...... !e A. .t,,Tuc,.. n1n' InI I tn11 J l . at tsaiE i( ci111t t tihin twent t L h S t) .it" e( , e t iar ' n, n ell m I i i n-mnt Jlnic initr.-tLs tit if ht Li nitian,-;A I 'An llqielit tl( l it, titI' t '.e" i e i i' "n ?. t iimi lile par le s lrenieide Ednitrd Sall-,'n , In in' prt r ,it hit dht m -+ lt hitenrnlnstiln.e n Itt ie jn ,r Iien sett e n . ihIre def l'a e 13,porI?. tiet it ni i uvlntnt ceis m, i niti di tti ,m iintntll'P Ie illt dielt+ L. i, .IrC r iu i ntulle " ict pOlr el rfirnln r ei' titrei , des ac.t r .r :tux't, ++dnt wi·s t'nr e.," a . )roe6 6le 1t nIIar 1834 '" (t1li' ntnt(mllll l tl ll tntmn, pn m ts II er Ion n1 i tiu', ~+nn uI s eon tIr n , . n r.un ij ,'ins imln u ninle ft e l'mett neIn t a LOle 11· ^ ei t l nll It iP t (onle d sil reit iier ttr i di q i pourrl ient l v' i" th oit ini n In- proprid ,tt eni "p eto dc ti' i ntt, oll l(li.tllqlnta d lnae ltt ( r In de1tit (Itnn s i'olrd Ir. d(l leltq Uu le j . l t{,! , ll i coTll., l IteLl i nnii I tl t hnert tlll '"t id nil ud e tItd . rr'ginllllsit le ,ICh',lllitb' (lnln. L .timl t ol n, x '·ent oli ) o tels of P to Ie die fire veir, idtstlls jrlnrl t dour e cr lt de it pubi t tte n..t vii,- ii llr-i ito 1e1n.ii n tilnei fit' i e serait i u is Tailo - tllIthll' tt h molog f 'e. t. dunill itilrutitudinl vnd pre nn n dmcmitnfit tO . t, e jou lr din e join de l'mit n,, 18 en.mi t'un, h u ,.ret de .etten inotin t renid tlo e.jur lte mnbi de i s enni tnnuellnt'.iein I i E.Pall ey i entiti n rtiiitt , l rni r pouri te prixn n n t79n 0. ld ntre, sal, i n: t. n ni nuInt- d, lerr,, dlntignes .t ,lenntni. rns 3 9 10 11, Is INil,. nt, dix, o nze e l dh tte, idsjn P ttt n('s et' lle.drant eloelhble a g' in tre l ingtn ix sei t pei s, it tr,,i:+ p es. t lt i te: , fif ii'ee tininse dm I I,evtt rlet l t silnqllntin Itti l 'in ee sTi r t i t Int' i tt ~ ie palr (.n n tt tnoixtt ne el moitnii, f. to licesi nn ctlis t in tt t e is t 1)trofol ifell t l in l A ttruenJen''.ntrst. n 3- tingtaii luts it, tte not sit i' dn,(a ns le di t C rrl- . t fnlllt ctlih.tsic - tim t I imns in s de inn A n-ingt nrsi Inns1 fl'ihntn Iii tt t tiln't .1nttIs i nntl en snot ire t . piedi. de tie n tlirip rue Third, par r-,t n inoni an t inSi tile ti ttseutit deur hts ligues eltnn t di.n nlest lts iit, t its In troize in t in tin s tux sTnIn t, t .hl itn'esn pele Ir lit lot i .nn , it g t l'u ii ni I n ,erlll kin'e pie.dn. dein e nr n it la Iu1 hlrlhie pr tien t l'iotnilltts 1ied. tt. prC fun des i 'e.1 nitro li les tlrlllles. :. Vils;i n tuetim lots de toen riiu s dapi it ds t ntas d t rollt s, ih enig tni t"hs 1in ltn . sin vi ngd qn pIre - 1sn, nlnnsrll kl toull enIt J. b'rend nprtplse ruts Cn-sd ie brIsoie Thind Jedlhrtmiln nnninen) t pl n lf m lr t tte i8 - .n ie t'is ~ellt pieds de f'ar su 1d chni len de , ites rue t 1336 et dneposi alinn l'intue dn nne I. ,Cenns notpine pubt etl t t n. s ,:tntn certa inn ' e rre situ, dans |e dit. I.e flt'ne leh r- ~ l .in.ti ,n lint etk itt ni pruthudeur itl a oet face snlnlbilo de nn ux ceni ince niidi ooze ' r o ui le h s. i n th hoill Xt . I, er r 11, Iin , ,i ni ,, i g n d o . nite tnur, in' \ingtil'nme jour de Osptemhre AD 1t8J u7nept-J THEt. LEOV., dep greter.: BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., I*.eleele Cl.tihsag IiseabHu.heieat; No.3. Magnaoine sLteet, Ti AVE constantly on hand a large supply of Cloth J iie LUalcutlrtd for the country trade. 'I'her as. ortlueolt Ibeiog large, ilwerchua s fro Itle eountr, can bie Sphodic at the shortst notirce. oct4 PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 CUlartre*. treet 111AVEK a ostatrioupply i f every article pertalliae to.'tletlreents threse, ol the latest style, lat New Yar Prit, c8 dec 20 SILICEOUS ME''TALLIC TEFTII. I'PECIMIENS of these beautiful teeth,and thle man /.l er of setting thei,llty he a.ten at the office of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 411 Canalstreet. These teeth never change eolore, anl are bhy nry, and in mallty lseit, preferable to the I adral teetlh. r j ODr. iR. will wait upo' ladies at their residenl.e, requested. • -if S A. PERRI+(IjSI{R, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Comlno street, - EGS to inform the public that having purchased J rom .ltrsra lIOU(hit, SKEoi(t 4 &.CO. part of thleir stock, is will continue, thti business at tlheir old ntined, ophneite Bislp's Hlotel, where lie lipes to meri n .lare oftliir putrolnlree. Ile I tes ade arrangetoent at the NIrtht to hbe supplied moni hly wilh the lates.t and most raslhitoable goads. ltr 14 CLAY & CLIARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 l'ovdras street New Orleans, MANUFACTUR'FRS OF Loead Pipe, Water Closets, and. Pumps Of all descriptioot. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BA THS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEIAD, PIPES, &e [D Orders executed in any part of the Southern States. mrS Dr. itehet FP. lIJade, tFFICI, Exctmee HOTr." fit. CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Mannstaarers, No. 10.2 livdran street, "i Et.P on hand a crontoant supplv of Lead Pipe, Jfet ran 2 in, diameter down to 3-.0 i. diateter, tho ORLEANS LITHOGRPHIC PRINTING ESTA ULISIII ENT, No. .'1, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. ' WIvLLIAM GRIEEh'E, PROPRIETOR J H. PARKER Coltntission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP sTAIRs. New learrts, Fre . ? .TARVIS & ANI)REWS, Wl)IO.lEReALE AND RET'AI. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D'IE ,LST'UFS ..A. D IVI. VDO GIA,SS,., C..rner of Comumn san Tchoupitoulas strCets, NATIHAN JARVIS. JOHlN WV. ANDRIEWS, A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth oft 1 37. AT M1ODILS, Ala S. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. No's. 01 and l3 \VA'I'ELI SI'REET. I iTHE un.lersigned, haling estatlishdl thlsocolso in L Mobile fr tle p IulsOe of trolsalting thel Auclion ailln Cootlr.i-siul btltsiuels in Its vatrioUs bletc leS, ho g oir, Iw lprepared to receivo coiogonol. tn, and uake liheral advanc.:s on the same, either lir prlvate or public SAult. SuI.OHAN I. JONES, ISIIA FI. I. J(O\E,, PRier to W'ilcer. it, ight & Ct. New Orleans. ,Mile, Ih9, :8. feh I SA CARi1). r otMUEL SrATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER d Forwitrdingl & lullllea'.olonl :ierchalits, No, 411, Pey rass S.rept, d NEW (tB I.IEA NAS. They will devote their pIrtienllr attention to tie male ul `\ealrllr Ihoduce. S , t IR t tulardl A AI N.than, alesers. KC.ohl, D)nru' & Po., J 1) ,& Al \\ illiamo, t ri tg, Widil o Co. Boston, ")'hunt Vose 1:,sq". t,,, rr it r othl s & Co. , Sl,evcrt & "'bnns. ew York. Stumfird & lht is:, St Louis, GIla-gow, Shaw &. TaloNum. S Rider & Co. ). Allwy, Page & Dunlule. All -. A It Skidmore Esq. G II Mlarhdit & (o .-Louisville. FL STONE. . TT. STONE. E &B. T. STONE Forw'a' and Cotunisaiou a laerchanl., FURNISHIERS OF SlAi' AND BOAlT STORES, No. 114 TcIouoP rOULAS STREET. Nu.w.Orleans. Itefereneos:o AieKsls. oiLL RARER & Co. 1 loon I' OEZEOR O (0) Bo C st A. 11AH5 c & Co, New York. R. PUTNAM, * & 4 . P Ho.r.AND, Cincinnati, O. DAVIDt STONE, )ayton 0 I.CoSterocK & Co. Columnoos O. N. ALtDtICH, & Co.. Louisville, Kv WI0IL.LIS, STEVENS & CLOt.lo, St Lojlr Mo I A. II. iote, Alto, Ill. WM E. VIrrIow, RIushville, Ill. 4. & P. P. I AOTWOLL, Baoou lara, l. SSOLOMON HIGH. New Orlca;S. DOYLI & IAl'T, I)EALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. . CaROotLrET STREET. nt Fi RIOk" EN'S8 INSURANCE COMPINY OF NElW ORLEANS. This Company aro now proeored to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 Musson's Buolding, Canal street. E L 'I'RACV, New Orleans, May 15,1833. Secrtary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, I CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to .et & Ameln , NewOrleans. Joo. Landis & Co. S New Or.. m211.1 111 RIOBE RT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, WhoVlelesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, \arnishes, Brushes, tI m3t) Window and Pilure G(;llss, &o.&c, :T. W. COLLINS al ATTORNEY & COU.'SELLOR .IT L.A IV. N(OW pra'tisint itthe Sttle and Cit, Crots, Cli. e e it ~ill lind hit at tI UClerk.s ollieO, U S (.iro:it tt Court, ill the Custom lHouse building. je8 d A CARD. IIE ulndtrigned have openled a house in this city, for the purpose of tranacting a GENERAL COllIllSSION BUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIEP STREET, UP STAIns. iH P LEVY. Tl'h house at (Grand G(lfl Mlis., will be continued iu tlte above same. ,.cot.I Gofr r, tttie & Soo, I Ne Orleans.oLa. ttet0 ....lill, S 1 H11 ill & Co, Louisville, v. John I Gliltmore, Vicksburg, Miss. & Co Grand Gulf, .is. Silet .illard, Nattche, h lMils. New Orleono, July I, 18lI. jylt J A CAIlI). ATHANIIL 'I'OWNSEIND havint located hit. -h Sself in New Orlens lotr the purpose of traosactig 0 It eneratl Ageotey o dio 'lltimistol bulsines, would re spec itully slicit fromt tile public o share of their ts tronage, tlaving a house is Texas, ho w ill attendlt the trans acting o any business that may be desired in tlat wi country, and will guar.lltee prolnt anld unremitted at. (Il toltion to all busitncss entrusltod Ito chairg. t ad a t laithfdl lltlicatiot (lin atoordane with instructionst) oft tll luads tlhat may come into his hands. Ollice in Notw Exchlange. on iravier stree, olpposite to I 1v 511 Clal0's el"trcl, and uljoiaioog OGbsoa',i reading rom,tltgo t of thl T'exiun Consulate. New Urlioas, November 25,11137. References. Moessrs Hillyer, Bush & Co. NeYork. Hurr Wa kenttn. Yor Alvares F ae, Natchez, Miss. R l Struoth r St Looe-, Mo. John T ;r y. l.oisville, Ky. SJool A -te e, 11 pkm*ville, Ky. n.28 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANOR COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, O oe No. 24 Msuoan's BuRuai j a C.4.AL STRE;T.I TAVA Ar a toAn OFFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTBNSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, h FOR THE 'tINIING (OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circ.uars, And every description ofJob WVor thatI naay be required. IL'The p. ,nrietor respectfully culls the attention of the public to t'.e above Card, and assures them that all work ilntraete. n hi, care shall he done at the short est notice, in a sti unsurpssoed in this city, and at the lonest rates. PAPER, quils, tceel pens, ink, fluil, wafers oealing wax ,indiaribhber, black ssnd, pounceand every otler article ol'staotiherr, of the very best qualit, con. staltly on Ilanndl ad Ior nale by DAVID F7LT&CO. f nl9 N Y Stationers' Illl, 83 Chartres st. rO MERCCIANTiS. 71 ERCt.tN'I'S call have a beautifll circuler strtek LOI off at two Iours noti-e, by callisg at the Orleans Lithographic (fllice,53 M gazlne street, opposite lanks Arcade. ,n24 --ACE Im-alfbhils No lcnkercI, ior .ale 1i READ & lR.' taw,. l 6i7 Grntrier stroet. L? AR )egs in store, fur ele by Si DORSEY, I ijyl 44 New LeIvee. I ENTUCKY 1IA iiilN(l-tlo lea for anti7 y IIOLMES & MSILLS, jyl? Bank Alleyr. 43 inches wadt., fur sale by " & L IHOLMES & MIILLS JYI olunkt Allen XCHAN(GW ON NEW YORK fnr sale At IAWRENCE & LEGIENI RE, Iv 1' 2 L& '29 New I.evee. NE In 100p dCmt. R oE Atmeriean )Deocrat. or lhint on the so'int and uivil relations of the United Stotes. Ily J. Feni blore Cooper. Thbe lw Flirts; or, Aiventure i ain Contr Housone; and other Iale.,, Ity lIadv lolle, Iito, kE I. laler, MIt oroln. Barry Corinwall, lrs i ore, Cnalpaini Alerdwil, and others, in 2 vols. 'IlThe River andl tohe Desert, by Miiss 'Pardoe, nuthor of the City of the Sultan. The Caset of iGem, tlhe Gift of nu Uncle and Auntt with fine wood egarnilgs by rAndersoo , a Just roeeived atd for sale by WMI MeKEAN t jrl6 eor Unt illnn i Comoen st . ]_OSIN I)t)lS--711 bhls rosin dross; landing alid b lik r siale by J 'rflAl Ell & Co, jy 14 74 i IPvdras street. (AVE & SCIIA[FFER'S COnmpotund iuid Ex - tractn fSarsaoparill, for the cure ofot)stinate ortlptions of the kin; pimples or Itstulea of the face; biles whit, arise from an ilnpure state of the. g blond; scaly eru;t.ions; p uins in the bones; chronic A rheumatisat;, teat r; scrofuain, or kiutt's evil; whit. soeltling; syphilitic diseases, a.nd all disordlers arising irom an itpure atatc of the blood, by a long resident in a hot olimao,, or the njudicious use of Ii mercury. r Also,--Cave & NSchafl r's Worm Syr.lp, or Int fast Preeorvative: tte best :parairtio, now extantt. Anoogn which are tihe fllowing:--Indian Dye, ti for enlring the hair; Bear', Oil; Rtnaosi, Bear's Gdrease; Potmatun; ichaw's Freon lo Weal,: sit. perior Pearl Powdler; Lily White; Creantl of Rocs,; Vegetable Roget; Otto of Ros,; Lip Satrl; Krt. a oI sit Tooth Walsh; Carbonie L)entrfioe; Orange le Flaoer Wa'er; Powder Pufls antl Boxes; Amnor. can Cltarcoal, neatly put up in four ounco vials; t 'Peston S.lts; Cologne; Kroosoto 'I'stllt.aceuo Iropis; Hair Brshaac; EngliLsh Dressing (Co-,,b ha-CI In-itai Ilair Ol;-w-ith a variety of othler Perfn- lit tlnerieos, &C. FPr anle byt L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. fi J C TRINCHARD, R t Corner of Canal and Boulrbon streets d "g ORLEaNS LITHObGRAPxIC OFFICE t : zlt L l t ,lll hJ ' Alt.illiP · SL 8TABLISlHtE / fr tilhe ecurtiu of maaln, ipln .'.f naud drawings, lueiih.loi* circulars, buines aId luldes rds e of every desenlitill, I'ueral cielara- on ieepm nlouarnie gpalper, i apd n barv iad druil ggaests'labeli . ; n acheap mid eXlltditia atyh, Iy thie prelelretor. \W II.|laU iciEE NE. n. NB. Bank Nyotes n 'ly vexecutedl. i24 NE HIAT' ST'O'I)II. UST' received per lalte arrivals from New Yolk, N .h anId tlollI-tble IaCI,nrtIPUt of H1A'fdS. TIhe slbsriber woeall plarticlllrly all the a stettio liOLe ihe to a aItl Wt" braver e ts if iU allCOril ile finih, liae taxtnre, pie', i ul baulltifnl las're; aso Io line a pin ioxi hiat sl)a sualerlor qualitl; and als ,, l11eIdid arlticlef ldk halt, ti,igtl er. with ll gpencn i torlnent iletlnnetuled IV hmelt expressly for thia nIarkHet, wlhleaaule Al rtil J W OSiOIN,34 Camp street. N. B. Citr and countriy delers are ilvited to :ull. f"kd II PORTRAIT PAINTING. 1 R. I EK reisphectcully mam.rns thi mpillie that lhe will eallionllll abort tille ins Newr Urians osI tIe purlposl of Tpa BCillle ploraits. Ruols elarler ti Ciaeal il i Cdharles, in tile lIoue reculied bly Purely I .olyl Dellntit, where specime of his li italll.g can he seen. Entruanca in St Charles street. 1tol2. Itm WIIOLF SALE'I TIN WARE M ANUFACT)ORY Sie ()oCKE & Ci)., Na. u 22 Old Levee, have in - tillee, f the r own l+l lltlicttrel large, ala e ex .tensive taortlellntl ill in ware, whiI Ihey iaite deal er ill the Iradn to exllile; als iI I Ca uper, aueu r lhouse ski ioer; 2511 do. Slgar Ladles; 21 deoz. Coilp r a.ular Insps; 7l f llatlh;usla. assorted sizes; 30 grcss assoretbe si eede Cooiwe Grmighs. N. l- Rtfaof lu;tdiga noverd wi in, cpper Still. Ctopper and tin gaters pllt ufi) ile she reII I aOticee. hi r ENGLISI Il, n'lI.tE'Cl ArND Ah.a. EKY. P RIOFESSOR re ORPiHYm assisted by p.eltlesiln of i proillr Iualificatins andtl ex lriene, h,,l epeol ed an A .tifunoy, iI thl blrik building belotnging to Wm. Brand Eaq., aldjoialig tile eraunda n St. Clarles street, wlhi, voling gentlemen, Nell disposed, will re ceive s good aIIled tion. Mr. Mo solicits tile c-op'eration if hris fienids an t Ihaoe if edueation. to enable hii t areidell il onati tution ueful and Iermalellt. -O; TIu TO TIIE PUBLIC.-L-utitundyd rumors of the undersigned laving sold out, or diacoeitiued his old and long eslabllished GARDEN SEED STORE, .b l85 teslson house Street, Having been most indlstrinusly Olreulrted by self. interested parties, tile subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and tile public at large, that 1ie still nntinlues within two doors of him late, or former st ed, to be furnished withl a full and ex. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen Ii or vegetable aardenl Seed, of tihe growth and inr. s port of tlhe present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, he Islnet. i. ceived ample supplias, by the packet ships Viaks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in shaort lpasaIges, direct front New York. By the Missis. a sippi and anotllher packet, he is in daily expeota. a tion of a supply of Frnit 'Frees ald Asparagus Rioots, hlaving already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscrilber begs further to assure the publis 0 at large, tlhat he is at presenlt as well rnabled to ilnet amil executeCI orders for il tihe kindls of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retalnil, s lie ever was ti since his first eslabliashlerlt in January, 1822. Country Deailrs and u:liket Gardniaera' orders i filled at tihe lwest and iloat reamolnable rates, by the pound weight, ld gaillon or hualiel measure. i Catnlogies, eitlher in French or English, tmay ta always be obtained mi pnsooaul application .a usual, to WM SMIl'IA', (:rden Seed Store, 85 CustoimtiNhou slras. hi NOTE.--A constant suplly of Bird Seed, either or mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Sharll si' dried hers,--with a supply f lpeas and beans. lEGRO CLI'tlS--31 I packages l.inleys, oer. I seys, ae., suiltbls fier eigrues, tar sale my h ISAAC k-ltlLiGls & 1.0, _-____ agzlll st. d, ij.tJU R--Illl bbli best quslii, made of new whent II Sjust laluded ai nl sii aicler zar, n,l br ale by I ti DultSEY "h seop 6 ,I,1 New Levec. , I eand for sale bye LAYiET & AMELI+NI , I sept0 7 Clllre en. IfLHILASUILth' MtJ'S'la-- M sale this danv thn I 5l01'reasurv alloti. and $IOOO l iiernin en'i checks ctn the Ilankaof America, New York il dill-. eutusalo. Appily at tile uilce oi" liEt. WIIITMAN, seppl Ixcllinge hltl, lSt. (fII rie sti A SRItIIARDlll~, Tobacco ad Siudilnanutai , 7 turear, No. 177, Caili; e:ret, New.Orleonso, Il wishelto inlorin his Irlntedo sid ihe iublis in general tiu dlat he i snow prepared to .nfi.uti nay ihing, in theof iabove business, lid hais tnllaliltty li ale the tollnoing articlOelS: ti SNUFFS. an Iose, (i;crman Ralpea. Maalhay, English lPl :eltegeet, 'I. Amerien lRappeet Natlii;to.,lls, mitated, Amlericall entlemsn' Belrguitnl, Iiul;lcat Iauppac, 'rish.RIakgacrd, Si. lnnur, Cwatgoa, . Paris, LPure ,lMnish, liaR" eolose Ilappee, Sonteh, ando€ ltoothl powder. ad 1 bIBAG:CO. Fine ii elhewnsg, sweet uated t en plain. PFine cut smoking, of variosl qualitiiu i Rib-Ionl Virginis, Smnisth, c. TI Te s nteortlles are all wtlwltliesle t Id, II nl at . plriel o snythingl of IShe kill iloporstl, iand will be tusruilsldsdslml so the moal libese.lgervss. sna El Ji.l ' l .. .. i , R 4 T.DNES. B)E.A ITTIFUI. hend of hair is the'greia'ner onr ment iollugin t., ti the human frame. How uir lnet yI the loss of it 'lhalne the conoenan.;e,and promn f tllrely I.rines on thie ppearance of old age, which c I se mnas to recoil at hebine ,avtered. and sometimes even to shlls m.i.lvt to nvaid the lets anld snPers of tlhir re'nacalr t hn. ilte remninder II' their lives are con Se.tunld spoent in reetiecent. In shelt. nor reven the Iea.l'.. .,ripeta fills the eenot.u th;nking van h with ftlnt nersvrtinkg l .lenm s dee tihe lo s of hie lmir. • r. avert all the.e nlplea-an! ie tat I nnre,Oldlrial e' r fnlm of t' l olula ttot. Itie hair from fuiling Ifftn ;h hfirtnnpltietimn,. ad Af'w lotthes r.e'sres il Ioin,. It likewiere pmdietie pe'. hrow+ ndl whl.kier;: rtewnoits the mirtlfom tulllninr gray, makes it er l eantifhlliv, anl frees it frol telrf. Nlmernllt crtiira8ete' 'of the first aepertnhilitv in .t,.port of tor vnlerrs of Otdritlge Balhn, are 'Ilo" n by the proprietor. r'F Read the following: Robert Whrton, Eq. late t favor of Phllhdelph has cer tfir' ai nmay Ie seen below, to the high clra" ter If fie lle riti h 'tentlenmn. fhr t nderieened hre h eretefv 'linf r ht we have used the BIla of Ct'olumbian di-novered by I. Oldride narld have fiund it highly servieab lelnot iilv aea preventhive genintt the flling off of hair, but also a ce.tR.n rent. WI.L141 A I THATCHER, Senior, fMletlhodist Mininater in St Genorge le r-t.. No 86 North Fifth et. JOH-IN P I.NGLI.S,3I21 .c street. JOHN 1 lr'o13lAS, Il D, 16.3 Renrst JOHIN S FI'REI f, Sliprucen treet. IIUill elcCURI)V'.234.nouthdd st. Jo,111 GARD, Jr, l123 Arch street. lt i kltown that tlen e of the bol iners are more than 50 years of ace, and the oithers ntless trlsn f30. [Fro rti toe 1a olir.l Co acoa n oteahh 'Tf Pent . solovnia, City if P'hiiadelalia. f, lalert Wharton, Mnvor t f vnid ciy tf Philiade. hiini, do hreb certtit thitr aim well aeqn.inted with tlengrs J P Inhglis, Jouioge Furer, nnd Hugh pm Cnrlv, v hose namne are signed to tie nb oer certifictie,tlat they are entlemen of harc.ter o nd resll etafilitv , and nc stleh fiull iredit 'houlr hed roiveu t i the said ertifieate. Ie wir s witi ore'l1 have her.unot sel me Ieni anllll ltsed lte seat olthe city tt be ofineI, thi 61h l iay of lacreel wer, &e. HL. S.] " I)thBER'1' VA IIARTON, flfvnr. OBSIt:lVE that each l bulte f the (;lnlouit a lm nhe a splendid nIt-aved Iwrapler, on which is repn cnte, the Ffll t\'eearn, n&e ild'd iholIle a nd retail hv the tnile eennt far Ann, rice. no Fleclhe streetl nwij r Ilnidtn ,rine tol I be . l'P bvy IuII ud ulg i n Iert.o.trn ' uglhhoCeountrv. JARVIS & ANI)R tl\V. m9 Whloleslel Aeant, New firl'aa. n arOs Plarer. THE sniutlriher popiose to puhlish. in thil he. ginning of the tenatng wiiter, a 'ondensation r I the twenty volumes of the Old andt New Stries of Martin's LoeisinaU Reiorts, to bh comprised in fae volumes, Syn.. accoroling to the Imodel of P'u(ters' Condensed R:ports. This work i i now it preparation by J. r Brbton Harrison. Efq,. of thli city. asisted by Williato F Brand, Esq. Thle Editor is also permitted v a distingniotd reltired Judge if tIe Supreme Caitrt, and by ato f the tittineg Judge to 'xpeclt from their personal upervisiol all thi, atdvantage whliclhl jmay naturally he raaped from t;lir experienet. Such a wrk is everyeday ment or cersary, as thle original is voluminous, expenriio, and stalre. t An increansing curioily too is nianl. e.t, iu tihe other States of the Union, in reftrnene to tlte protliarjurls.prudence oft Louisiana; ane the circumstane of the nllmerotus prineiples iere da. eidled in the aljllatment of cinflietn of lae., makeh the klnowlrede of our adljudge l .ses of Ilritie lit. lily to the'juri.l. of thie whole UnLion. MIroovet, tihe rising rtpuldto of T'exlas has adopted our od s, ond lthis ilaro is a griat deiiad for the Loui.iliaca decisions fimnt a tfretlh quarter. Coun.' niet Ilutes, indicatinge the pIiralel eases decided in L,)nisiana, and oroasionally those In tile inore nlhorittive foruan of tIle oilither States, will lhe added t oulch iease. The work wil form four /ovolUFme, royal octavo. and will ihe dliverul, bounid, t.o cab.uar.ltrs at t(i per vol.; it, pate it. .houlil hb, fouod proltrahle I,. cuolipress iI into thrl.e tOlUitais, tile p-ice to sbh scriber* will he ,7 pr.e v(I. Soubsrniptiuls rt:eelvtd by I'M Mtl(KRAN, jc5 nor Crimp and Comnltol sts. (, ,I ,,Irit. ( ,VS1 iF COMMERCE. eil This; c('()[ i. n o letll welvtr' ii r m St o'• it '1 he liiterary andt ('tin reiitl In.tiute fir yosug g etlel ato ii Iai fis m ',cls k AsA., tobo5 lack + P. .5. illbuussilmg sellalrs alilns +lt o se i-12833-i IP A AU'BERT. m'll l--l;-3---t - NEWV ORLEAN'S ('1)l \IIlERCIAL INS' I. at street, bt u'een .11or au andl Csacsralro, sub'b. or .!lri gu. _ 1'lC'TAI. ('orarse of Bookh Felpins.--'lTe corsu e s ilf lo ina' Ke pindg elie si.Ince suverlll tl, 'will clo+e in• few I II vs. laive gond nces mmans.i, a.,on-. v,,mrn are eanllr Oleos /nllsl tihlssus iuI in IuI-tjlessu , rill be tle tea' rp.-I :as il, ret to tie pulbllic I'nreu nlg e. in A e'w evrillnchlsas will la e s tiirIe d a s a sesals.f. i erenllill;,' (el s. tIhree tilluas It seek, "ill ie lie u (i 't le IIrlip .-crne oft. I.uis asrd s Ellah-ag Plahce, II aub Ssol iplnlm are re<'ei,:l-d._ FPRED. WILI.NSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Cr LOUISIANA, F- O FFItRS his servicIs to theI publi i; the depcr. inlssties ul rve fing and Civil Engineering, Ioth in rown anlld coualitry. Frolauenssiderableexperience in if is profesint, and biy iprmiptnest a sd idelir it Ihle t d i:reelion of businues entrusIed to hila, he haesl si ulert alld surrie II shurre fibiil Isronage hiesil' ;len Imeallslre tird calcuhlatee i lromtentii aof walSs ani snxcava iOsti . isli euo 8 Cursshaes tire i.P ,eeotl ItOly i__ae_._ j.7 i Are'1'iN II I'LoVIinueX ooffer iResat o a lrec. I ian. irs II o.sII I IIrus sheeht it i frOlll tll on. waiEht. AIv,i, a qoanltil. io Eli i si r s Iron. Jet s received sll oasslltl IIrfu Iunkr d Ptari sleve lic l le lates. p itllnrll ait2is, ''cl ito, i In strel I RUSHT'ION & AsPINAL.--- ( COMPOUND TONIC MIX'I'URE.-A speedy and co lain cure fr tile Faever snud Agu, remittent and intersievent feseras; prepared sslll, the original recipe. Used wth aeminsent and ui versnal aucesas in 1832, by person of thilen ighest retpectabllith im this city, as slated in the annexed :ertiFleuates. This medicine is hIiglhly reeounmonded, and hIa. iansll reie.ireiy uasd in the above diseases witl II suiei ditlinguiloed success, that tLhe propri etor olf the recilpe has buel induced io offer it to thne piur . L lie ill its present fonsr in thie hope that it ilay hb I tile enalls i' relieving lsasly of tllose who are io suffering under the esic rgeo o onlr e ountry. It is h a me;diclne pu-ssessing great viitues and wllcn used I according tlo iia directions has niever faihid st effietisg a care, even inc tile Ioat obsthinate sr agoi of tile isorder. It is inot .t al diiagreeable, and tr Persons of the weikest 8Iosluci, ned children msy st take it with inspulljri. It streoii inis tlhe digestivea i orgaas, creates an iappetite, and isla doul requires it more than oln, oir ill ollitlllte Ciass, stwo bottles I to effect a cure. Tesre is neiulhr iercury oiir i arsenul in the medicine, nor any thliig ijuuio s to the human i ea Eltiautioi. Tle proprietorsn are so well coleinceld of its slteay, I hey agree ea to refalud tihe price of every aottie which lhas ibeens taken ill accordance wie th e directions lnd lite nlit efacted a tt pori'ct cure or lhi fev'r & agiue. .O A. OLIV'EI , siole agien t lbr New Orieans, att !is wholesaleu and retailIcdrig antis tnedlie Sa I re, rai ' I erner o' Iienvllit e aind i hrl rlres i struie,., For Lialrict Ageurols slnply to et: mJ5 ..... .. T. . S \I'l'TI, 48 Cnsti it. 'lOv kENT. - .... . ill II'IIOSE larce iprmiess in itirs! cltnr su; M le lotreai tim _ l .erion , thi le Ir 'itt e (soe is o Rl e eri, b ia de it' li i-t - liltsll se il A s iit s f i soie ir.iso asn cdwt'lin I Iluse: and kioihesl--lind tle rear ,Ienit in Pi iughuaisa brick Isuihlig 31 biy )l--hidtii do r f 'ii e h iiltnIllls. TIle whtu e wll I l o rl oasIi ble ies it ea g o d .iy u ..... . Ai ppli i i P i' DOYlIE & CiAV, lii - C- t elpt . l srotl deh t lle icew \ )rlelnci 5 Aug., 18:18 . ca rll$ lisanki iseieCIkil;-ii n PsIr liokus a sislt. Sie'l'. J.1 IALF'i, pr S)Eh-Rideir sarnds (ii ID'ser, iior sRiea, le t .sv .fi ThlAl.lp'yIN & tIiER, ' -, cUR NAI7 ol sas Exploring Tour beyond the RlTcy Mwoultains, under ths diresion of the Cs A Ii C. M, pnerfurTes in the years 1835, 'i36and (Cc 7'3; conesininig a dnisetlisl of ile gegrlsphy, g h. eTlegy, elismae andnt prduesotisos h and the uuin eh. p insulters andy B withus of thto naives; t ay o,. p.1 ofaOreeon TIerrisory, s Iy i rv. s h isatl P-arker, A h. -I - A 'lits River and ble Daeld ; sr Rcallectiana nf T Cue ILRs.Nnl setu tI etr 'iarter a; Isry Mica Pardc, i authsar stlht City sit. Sa taa, &c. isi s vois. Tila Rbbee, a ITale, - tlie auhor ol Richelieu, bee This- (tylpny, Attila; ic v ' Inc 'Isat 'wao Fliea; or Al. "surs is a Counalry oit floust, nssi sthecr Tales, by Lady Biossington, E L hal Hisser, Mears Norttn, Barry tornwall, Mrs Gore, asat Capltin Madwin, asd otheras ini 2 t'ols. lisp Thic Lllb eat Advesstures of Nicholas Nicis eby, its eduted ty Ros, wish hlsletrstiaiis by Phi, N iS. 1. ta Just ss eived and for sas by to BENJAMIN LEVY. ýAVINt 5Iia)ES. b( 1Iliat s-ases lrIacoss SiLas LAO 'T . AMIEI.I'N(C qs oet6 17 CesalsscF at HF:puli or rap. , o tyitonued t a tits 6b Stution isereted oft rho mottaug4, apt in an niry and musdh uuuarnbe nlhlalio mt, in Franklin upk the d'ilruad, olrne mifIe igp 1Silts 'Ihe building in luge. and molsntumadiniH j divided intl olraortinntlaIir inuag reporasa ditiedatg cuaeusa, ccill i hirent diiarer.r. Thle ilaetlliti le isutpplied with ri liant gklf' nd urietijr nr ma itic od fem ulr uIaellid Jpeyliiag the vu rioulr mocoatn I"Ifelnt'r. Private ocloris mlay tie tud by orutlerineo lt'kie dla hinr per Ibto, ineltvlin,, tiriltnou.. Ik. 't'erms in tin ir Hurry wacdaiwo dotcllars f'r drY. sltnalavestsoW(l twull'tui.- SItall PIox in rite Mlnitloy unrdc. fine dliears. 411 cI iinl t operaticn)a~f~tR extran· filen resident Iphvsu(·jill is D 1) \eddemanlr t rwbol i'~rclhiituiir ptln'ii'iei 21: Dr 0h'uiiecia ,onil~ appliationtiltsadmis i ciul b le cicig. artb 1r 1: .0 Locu ,brer." Ni, Ii Kamnjarletreeal., _ ,9 v etl): KSd-I"'tl"hh bneianeiu-,l t.drlligIrioni Jr.lIi0 i wini.'iierWneol, for A4-, h r LIdET '& n&,.ot'A.lh jvl 17 Co 'toe f i-eet. LjLuuR, ')''lt11 sKEy, P011K- ' i:1"t'-1t11 hrim .' upeiiutc' nod 15 do fini flour: t11 ils c~o mmo in" 46 tIIle re,"tified whitiey; 7 illhi noise cad 15 hiis lrite porlk; 2 blis prire he'l; tbh'cargo of a tIat blol, for ult low, loclone, bv oAYET & AMI'IGEG, Io t17yCnumcttc tlreai. 1.,te1Jliih 1311te1-74tibia ontllcled'l'nmi Ilrnms II n( upieriur quality, landing fromi Cidaitmoc ,lluinnbh, fur 'ale by IA1OICI' Y. AgIlE!LiDIi) jaceii 3 brres I l7nci, ucicwi're sad trr We ýL 6iJYr·llil:RL .r TT 'A.ANA Sý:(liA\tiS-!iOOOgitefl Ni ir kr d-, in auone, :or aale by `LATER & I 11, aug14 _ __ 't Paydrtaaesee X'XCIIANIE on ttabile' wauted hr - IJ A1iUJA!! FISK, jjl;AhI'I'-5 bliills t iinuf Anwrtidi srn wtoy for *r t e y ISAAC Itltlll!E & Co. n 1lg14 134 agazine rtrset. 7 1'AV11 A SEGi tlll-'7r1'llaeelt'nglri' cufrcliud 1 leO ricgfo ecilr Lilberti, and2t1) b'lilt hudur fit cir r N 0 iiI. ATEIO TRIER, 111164 40 I'1iidniiaoireet. NL 111ruk 'hld pin l, f43,ou uivud, anrd fo~r -ale by J Ii t ItIN 6r A Col N, few- OC'Ia'aa lead Cnra.,lin flBail Bond A intceeoini' fur ruuiici tii tcas tdiics Iht ae featI) Clneanl.t.Tr u 1' 'Rte Now (II).EAPS · Tlu liti C e rctIoclk A .0emcr1110 tit 7 A iA it-aml ar ti It, do til do, t du du 6 do rfr o du An I1 it,, It Ill du to ItI( I" Ocu r il ii, I2 Coilil l ear 3i steuulrur 2 fit 1'11 do r ill do hi do i li In Ic di'9 l In, do ii i6 t d Thle JcoiAnn snarl. caillrs aii- li a etie..'otlokih t eiilick, AiI' . '' llnal I c tihi, ak . r0 . fi7 is Lk (iiorsr 01111 w i iu Co ills rlmmllllt t:'t ti falll( illolrt a, d eUliuuu tln I gll ,,pl UL the. o. ~ l il htO7, Nel ,I'1 'fie u~ rranmen not fo~r [lie La Comll·Ce street cars the Path ;I.i illi Jaeidiuuaiteerset pet'el brig Stu!c, it, slurs, tlr~alents b I 'ii L' 'I f O 'i p m"2' 40 Pood·d, s errant.1 l IiE i t'lh i'i iixI ibs Il i llte iimlll in prepari i Wll has now IuIi',,dI I nerliirumde.Wn rew el:.' licn iib ollmtl e tse Il W ' O the rrof;· l ill thICh hi l Ii d ~ ai o in tii th siiiouir In n ,, IIi ic jFi ·r IIi I' l i ii ,a111' d lieii r whose ' epij-I i ilelltiu ilrillg'illsliliii roilmliCh1. ce 'ite I' '.1ra ,~f be spat ei lllln tuttc r tllichriie ClLil l'inii , pOr ,l;iu~ by Messrs. I'.. duhus l16 Ctn. It -,Is thouglitl ndviil'o,lt Ill thus, whol dalire it, oly be rluiudjc, toiu inad ilue t (. UIIL'rl tl CIIEINC ! 1 '111" :I Aicnlrt, tle Ivor, wil l a-e, llrer t. ilal l: rot; ,,l il~i l.ll I' lll IIII,- d 11eisb ~ llhrl of 1 the :rt e Courtupo ll'irl! illli I VII, l o ,,", t lti hair Lieu d _mntf e find pb,-l rod midlil·] ea, 11 «Ii luoI. lie dil lele in d*I. l l ape ,fit out t g, he itoi r, 1 etoe t b - ul,; n t atth tea crt t illIUI` to all n ti:le 1 Ife I n L1"title ," Il e o I i o -. r he d ri i n up n i . '~ A Card. OR!LEA \8 LI7'IIOGRAPIIIIC I.S T.47'AjSI cIa .c- .iT, 33 .I(I.iZINE STRE2T, -oPnITE BrlNK'' ANrCA'E. 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D)r oGrrtdly's intl cornfcaeion, that t" ie dri . ot Slie without gving to poster ty the beu fi of . b : klea Idg trhis nulIert," and he tllurefiq; j hrgqathr d to Iis fira end and r tretdtr l,r *hcd ..ii ,, lirty, tihe lceret ol' blr dlscocery. ]t is now neod ill the pirincipal hospitals, aerr tll, r prlvrit, praetic., in r our counltry, firat thd It, : t certainly fir tie nllnt of tihe Piles, and so exr., andrl rt,1'rreitlly Its ta batlre credulite, urnr,. whnl:ll its etllets lia witnessed Exturnally ill II.. For Drorlpy--treatiltg extraordinary nbsorptiurr art er'o.. All Swlllirngr-Redrning them in few Ihours. Rhelnmatislc.-A. tc or Chlrone, giving quits Sorre Tlhroalt--l.y Cancers, Uloeer or Cri.lJ Croup rl ad crj\V ropang Cougii--.xaLerally, aa.n over the Crne.,. All Brutse, eSprains, and Burna-C.uring ii a row honer. ires and UEnere--Wletlher faestt or lon atalrdlllg, and lievor soree. Its rirerutrana uolln adults and ehlidro in inaodel ig ilrhumaic swellingr, nld loorsteir g niraghsaral, tlghtltesa of tihe rlieat by ila.nliation of tire I.rte, hars bIeen sRlrlrrisg heyori cOreptlOn. Ti;e eorlllnon rtrarlt of thoee wl.) have nusd it i.r the Pile, is " It resr like ectirnam, lIfE II , S-Thul ir' cr , c r , .is .ret .l.. to er,r prrsi, o Ihto will , se it firl ll l lli.y'sr Jr'.rrlelrt. frrrtirrr llrh, r ed ortt Pi thetIrtpy rtltlc Wilhtart ilerll colired Those o::re the postlire of tlto Irlrrl'rtLirr to tie l pI; alid rnutit if Ioay tieUU. cull,), u rld, nlot nlla i Ia hot La llOlleernsfll. II' ir thrr it Ilstrt. ertlttoetca to any Inrath. bilt Iater nith , Ilt ..e wlra ,il tlt, articl. , sloold . , ilrirt lhe egtlar I, to purcliracrs. (CAU'Lr'IloN-.Nore arl bIe getuiie without a SpltelIid algravrld wriapper, on ehihoi il ay ailmc, atld alsothat oel tie Agents.lll KOLOMOyN OAYS. Suod wir'ricsrle and retail. by COSSOCI'OCHK & Ca, New Lork, alid by one Druggist in ta'cry towrin is tlt Ution. 'r ;.rale by ttro Wroleole Agents, corner of totnen o& IltiupitoUl )toUI r tao, .d by the. ApIlther::rieo gnrerally. je30 To 1)\6 NERS AND USERIS Of HORSES S l RGOl)N WALDiRAVES 'CONDITIOt POOWiERS, &o. N. I --Thnl aBtols has, bean i, otdciirrud inuto the country brt sboito$ ree. iae-.., anrd tlhe it ,,nm:i ig demar.d it ba Imet with lis eantiely exeaeded tOl i, oit sieniae hot-inut tihe Irtrierrr. .Nrly ail livrtyurebi alnt a great aU ber of .asuirun. eowniltg hssirs, lave uond ansid fe delighsnd wlh l it. it nlt nlý, oimproess Ire pesaent appelnan if llrt I aeon, tot oNf I runltcinaia l to i lse4a e .ti bei tt f sit, Apv to the dauggittsgaeinratup , s du BiANK NOT'E ll'Al i alttai- losvi t ,thu ,tod , .., . .. n.llu ail air, aalaj~r . ashsil qulllit, for slt L' ;a, I + uugOa r Y lltiivmqcs I l:;nf4 a hhtlli.,

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