Newspaper of True American, October 11, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 11, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, -PEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True Jmneriean, WI. CIIAItLES STTREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA . PoRNITU.ld WAnldmOdGM N.". k3, dronvlel VILLIA. 1 R. CAItNES, (fLrmerv of the firm io Flnt v Gairnes,) would respectl.lulv inf.rm hbs frieods and the pubic tlart be in constantely receiing frunt New York anid loltoa good assnrttent of Fur niture, se hit as tmto Ihay ch 'tirs, oflsI, er d teadsio a pie toad Itnted thairs, imaple and cherry bedstead-, mahogany and cherry tables of all descriptiton, bu reau,, toilets, eccretarys, writing d'tsks, werdro es of mahogany and cherry, wash eands, lolt,ing glasses, feathers, tedditg, &,c. &e. Nil. Furniture packed for trinsportation with great mare. jtd MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Cutaomhounre St TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CIIA RLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF PuYDRAt &. ST. CHARtLES -.TREET. atgI9-1838. 1iE lv P)lIt'I'ER10' IOli't. i5-t, gros.- ww and thO gross porter bottles, fIr tilP by H.LMIES & Ll.1.5, jyet Bank t llee. PRIVATE BOARDING IIOUSI1. No 13, I'oulouse sl,-lty tire Itolfatal.n. T HII house in sp.u:iuu d and eoivenletly ishunted for imen of business, near the Levee and tile New li.e anoe 'l' ta.,le will be well supplied ad attended to, and the lchrgea miodorate. Board ,rs wishing to have lodgitn, can be n.etommo dated, at different prices, with coemnimolious furnishld rooms. Boarders will have the nsalifa,tin, tl meet there, persan sepeaking the French, English and lpan ish languaonges. a2ii3m PENSION BOURGTEOLSE, Rue Toulouse n 13, troe. ,,ar.lMte V. 1I ffmnnn El' htablissemett rate a cieux, ct se trouce nitt& Jpres d I Loevee et le I uvelle Bourse, 'ee-t dire au centre dcs utfaires. La table c. r bien fou. nie, proprement tenue et A un prim todbre. 'oeux qui prenant pension le!ireraient y loger a: mat den apaimrte lens de dllblrens prix, biell garnis et coUmlmodes. Lea pesion lairet auorut I'af hsnoit d'y r-iuver des perannlees p.rlant lea langues fiaanceise, onelaise S'l.tjgtoOe. - - - - 2.iat I l.ldioa bbls .for sae I egAt) d lil eii.'.T)O aug5 7 Itan, P axe. EDICINE.S, PALS'. I & t-ILJ-A 'Ibgel ai. • general atsortnen, oii h d, .I te l e, by J.1ttVlt & ANiIIifE a.', or o.Lnllt No ' Ciihunaitoul rll'iE Upartnershrpl beretitreo exi ring ,n thi- city Shetrween tile utbse*C ilers, uder the frit of Lane Van Vye J4 Co., in New York, I.urlln v t Co)., and nit Natehe , tlte., Vaun Vyck, Lainlaw 4 Co., is tIIhsol red it ltualllttItconellat. John Liatlaw, Peteir S. Van Wyck, and 'I'holltle V. iVani Wyg k are authorlzed to u e;tlle lane of the filn iill l tlllultiOi only. JtOIHN l.Al )LAWV, ANtrlI.IV LIAN;:, P i T. it . V Vl WCK, T'I'IhlIAS W. VAN II YCK, New Orleans, aug. Ilnth, 1i38. tl city rder tie CO-PA Ir I f Van \vck . t', sd o JItlIN L.Ait.otlV, PTI''1:ir S. VAN IVi'i'K, 'HIOMA II\\. VAN WYCK, nart -1833. 'rt I'll lt PlIItIIIIIIP 1IItts ll, rItrI UER'I'0 property holders in the old 7th wantr, i.o ' Ird wardn; n all tit-+ Irmanlt . p'irtiol oflOtoi:3rd war', n 1, not prted a nd a d d , tnti r'i e tldir aIt- I q let a of boat gote l , iIl fltlr pnveniint0 oflr .k ill Irount ,o i ltlir resl,'ert v pronlr..rtis, sthIt dit. i hl al ent Of the urninoriorated sublurhb of the 3d wol,. Iro It 0 iet we I of HIpolJe ire t, to Dlr udI) slr'e t. o aj. to in Ilule Lbth " de, of sa t I trv, -itr t upper Ii .its.i l Ihe .IJd ,I d. rnd h ai t lyo at 'itIhn.. e f t it, , i (ouoed, appro, ved -e wo rt h I, ;f. u r I h ing rto ,.hhe '- illlo- rl)F(1II o if loo 1rv Ito orae i f/ll , 110h qtuelt, 4l" il .t h1 t elho i n - , l an I ftlllo t 'un, ' .el.i11 o Ie , iti. i adelnv off,,r , tn,"l cll n 'lut the P, si .,g. ofI at ordinn",rr ; illole r .lftlt e in r lr ih. h , I, do,'Ch ll Ie luhj,'i tcto to le tip l -. ,,"0 lot If'l ir Ie I or Iv. for ever, darl o negl.€ ^ ll lofen - la i ++.i i a II,,f il" dolllr, fel da!; euni tu1,, to I e rt,"P l. ,), rI lihe, ll u1. cmLpete t trll.ull o Ot it- r ,f ii t 0' I e ii ralloil . Ifc2- Ift Coall. I nrd l 'I d ll l y. Aux psupr,7ctirr",s de trr.ics bns iI' 3l- d i,, :t, Oconode Muincipnlite. (. llh J I.tItoth A dt i.r duj r ,o el. a , a tliie,, 0'a S dunn nuc prol too ,llar i ' ,o .n 7ll I, tri,. 3 . distnric ct lu . it,+l ir , tel o r h l u" i it de chalhn, et dIe tile pioer en ,rnlneos, lt ~doitl dI. 1ure Ilrup!ri{It6+ re,l+ Ie tves, 010i llllue d ei l ( tt0 lew e dlr f itlo gti non s , duill , i 13 l-tr It d 90 plels ue, t de il ia tioo 1 ll.on, I, too .l, l I t Ie Ie onll nir3 A i0i, ure le- id O , x t'.' 0 : dh I ilt e t rI', d ,-, jut 1,'oux tte sopt'ri e h d di-e t t, itit .1d.u'un i ertlnc du leut ri dic vill,npl rouv l e l plle l 1ti I1:835 , .eo.e nti sl , op e Iafel, t i banqueitte d- hi. 1, 0' l, r I lilt e i e eu le i r ,lt i ,4 aor ,tl-lldr ai do ualtr, llOll I n ,ll u Ihtle r ,,lls' oult u I. 'c l; Iu ai tie tef o i lige e ti i e ilt co t 1ite1 Ai une a nndte tn chlnquie i et i e o d p).tr ch iue jour, de 10 piKn.ret ; la itr alenle lecouvrablc dCevnt an( tre aund rn e eat t Ioutt r'age tdo a ie r iir. 2io2 ti11 1 tl l .i Il l 1 ,iilti l, .. 'e ii' ,it ith' \1A WlVtK-. I N C II)E. T P, 4 of' T r iv I i lt , re ce, T" u irk v. al 11.i:i Sand olIn, by Ihe othr .,f 'i ide ti of I' revel in Eg..ptl, rlba- etreni nit the iloly.d'-w-tilh Hill tiil g atigit iiii-t 2 voi.s. 'I' Petlno Uagalittle i'the ',,ei't, for ih. Dtfu-io n oftli.cfuti Kitle die. ' 5. hcr i, 7, l b3iIt (3. The 'cn.y Cvcloph ta ot'the -, iely ffr tt,, til. - ion of ,Useful oitwleoige, volt IX anti X. Pric per volitme $t. Willion ilr.mer. Second edition of the uthit,'s T1'ictise on Chloeie Ile'nnetio; much i I troedud n en aIsredi; translatetd from the Geri nie; wilt ih I ,e tit I +rove mnnats of ith e at ilhr tait : the last Lodilonetiion liy.lamee lihilh'oennett, Nh D Halloi's Middlle Age. Neiw edition; comiplete in I tlhe New 'Tarlifl, for 1838 " 1839. Alice; or. the ysleries, 2vonte; by thlwer.l .Li'e; itr, tle Sleen iii renahlo, by ol. The illllbtr, a T'at, in 2 'tile lo llee. llerpert'e Fmnily Lihtiar;l RI vois, cotIplete. Just received and fIr sale by W\V. McKEAN. Oct2 er of (Calp anI d Comlmon at t3 ANANA SU 'AR.-thitte anid Bro wn, Box Si L g r, of a prime qnalitv, I nling and lfr anle by . Cl'? \ f 13 Grovier 0 and laldilg , ul.d alolt A le S li ILANCiAtIIIt, S . .t.t tol lot No...tbi t. - thle e-.0ntrl SDwellliti eI.tIut l 1i 1 ii -t. Jioelll hiree. Appli s.t Ni. 74 ['oi) dra *lr'eet. jy.9 i Otl-,SJ'lil ti Iu.Jl-I.anwrence L Co,-i hItewy _J ntbro'iltentiego Jconiti.,hll Ceill iili brhlcio S hirlings. Lo.llNiols.l I III,lw culltn. ',.r sale, SSl'L.'l'.),N & AVORlY, I ue4d .tn GOIier stree it Ai. . Al1.. A NI)REWS k lrotlllertlave remonved their Count in t Ilouse to No. 51'ump street. IRlVING'S NEW WOItlK &ec. ITHE ROCKY ,IMOUNoPAINS--O~r scenes, inclildent. and iadenturet s in "the tar iVesit," digeetled i'rou Ie jourlaltof C.ptain II L E IonIneviltl, of the Artiii of ithe Uliteo Stlate, tanid illustrated frot various ioherl sourcito, by Viehilleton Irvinl, in co vol. ,'l 'H. VICTIMI (OF SJil 'rY--1iy the Countess of Blesirenton, tn 2 vols. Just ree ived and for sale by W e1 Ml K 'liT ýp000, iromt New York. 21 grate Aiiericit n Comic A.nanncs ftr 1I39 25do. Crtokertt' AliituIllc for 1839. 20 o. People's. Allanlnes for 1819. Cul.ulin ted for every state in the Unilon, and containing a great - varietv oflgravings, thr sllle by the oroc, dl.el anlld iingleby " IIAVII) IFEI. ' & ('O, N Y Stationer's IHall 24 Chartiest. anll30 I.ULFD Record Paper--Just reelited a few leams lHudon'i- rary fine blue record Citp, both plhia soJ ruledl, fir sale hb DlVIi FELT & CO, an. 23 N Y Staliti tr's Ilall, 24 ChaLtree. '(TRII N Ps--5 ke tc'urrsate, a tlperinr article, J oi,, al" by LA VREN 'E & LIGENItiRE, .p 1l 28 anwl 29 New Levee. I0 BBLi. first q'ulity Linseed coti, fur sale by _ G. DORRlc.', sepS 44 New Lever. AIL--SW keg r'ee , Iher sale I. 1 AI) l1L & WI&II'rALL, rep 15 tr i7 tGravier treer. T al .il 1' 'iT W - Train of Cars Swjill 'eave til D-pnt t a thel fool ofCanal sl. lor she P llIRIE CtifITAG E, evertt da.y Departure-8 a n--I p tm.--ltturn, 12 i' .-6 p m Sunda, s-6 a m-t_ a m-4 p m-'8 u-'1 p m 1 in. STis 9rraogement till filrthr noae,,. Set _4 JAI-IA H t0,AI.T)WE.I,,,P;" d't SOFb'bh--l-Itl bags Ilim. 14Qi do. HavaiaS. For Vhle hby STETSON & AVER" ie4 R8R Glvirer t A"' ..5 aueksOatsin it re, fur saleby CllIAJlPIUNt& C:OOPE', 1ep-21) 80 Julia st. OLWi. I. Nd(ee C stth-.40 easie hetay coltons, in .ltirrid for ersal bc WIl1TRIDGE & o., oerll 76 Maeazine 't frd, r ri!otnl nn i Nsm'neket brand", for tale by WII'THIDGtFl & CO. S· ' C- 7~i Magzr.s tI For the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE,CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE PORTS. Thie substantial tearn blout OOV. SHELBY J J Kcrcheval, S master. is hourly exptrctd to arrive, and will sit e etartch fo r tile bove il-t ir. t o freight orpassage, having superior teconlmodatiolo, apply to Lapply to AWRENCE & LEGENI)RE, . eptt Et & '_9 New Iveer. For M-lble, andail L..teratcate Laudargo 'iThe low pressure steam boat C \itOI.I NE,w ill letteac e ()rh an fir Mobile every Thursday and Sunday, att . 'cluek, M' . tochint at all t.t e wa ernt places at which passengetrs lmay wishl to land. Fr further particulara, apply to fo;Srt asatte rmos, will ewve New pI 'lla, for ,uoir , anod all I r i 1nt 1rnedlate .1terilnlr pine , cvry Ttleday and Saturday, otter thi lo th l' s,'cli. cars. GI 9. \Wil'ITMAN, ira4 E ,,h ang,- Illtel. St. Chnrles It. S;AfUItl)At' KVI]IN\Oit \tND SUNDAS EXCURSION TO a at dttnONVII.I.E. r ..,. s The rsteraer t.JUTII AlA IIAM.,, 1..t. i IT.nlrht,ta illlerave rle tkt eti. . i at rori-roadit the above tlo era, every Srtatdn evenil:, n tlla uirrival of tle 2 o' luock ears, and relrn the same niga,-nlld leav t'SIn tay morrll it' alo urrivnl Iofth 8 o'cloc ears; return tlr Irave tladrlrrtnvile at 4 o'clock, P. 1. 1tt 1.ADItSNVII.tLit. Lut 'i,. tr,, AaANMtE VILLIE & UtOVINIiT N. he Iast runn nro and splendid 'team S boat SOUT'.! AL.AItAA, L. T. Knight master, will run et as razu Iar mail bot or ltr atbove plrlats on landlats, Woedle' dat s and Fridtva, alter thIe rriatl of the t'iclock cars, a \l. tIte. rtrnioeg, leaves C,,vintrtan I'oesdad s, Th'oitt - davs anld M.ttlardl at 8 ,'clock, A 31. N it. All haI'o.age tld plarcels at the rick of th'e o n ,s, uO lless a bill of ladtug is sig IeIt. lita a WtIi ItMIAN, New t lean atlo, httile ri ail I lti e, 12 IE.%'h 'lll ,e ll~t ildlll t, '. t ('harl es t. 'IR\VEt:i.LEItS gointg ti obile by the Mail line Ion lundays, \Vednt.esdays ad F'ridays, will t leLs err tor t alr llr tis o . t, as no s.ala tca be t ecured Sll 4-lag1 at Pasca',outla on ithe ibote l lnard day s, lnln . :alr ne ar i o Ibe laced on tih way bill. it:se woo nave heav Ib "gage tt llt Ioavo it taken liiretto tlbile by aniy blatr duriaug me week,excev au tilldttbo ve ttalea I o o. ai,.ta W ill _.,11 1F'tl' 'a KEl F,i'ESI tuoSlEIEN bUI"biT , 5I 1 buo.s h:Ittte, 3 1 boned boilt raisins, 10U bIuxes t.operale L te., III b ,roeIl t:lte.ry bouts "e, 10 ball itrrls Et'uoha, market i b tllrelsmo ktd rolrgues, Illytt _, I' ichillle .oi box ti S Melatt trt.h I ecerlvel per s i D ,llultavow, for sale by j .;Iy i I' 'L;IItS . . IL I. AR 1). jr-. 41 ,Neo I.eve. j uVb't\ti tINit1tL.1.iF,'i'S, .&-.. a..itiy atf CupIpin lustrU lllei, Ila ont Ptmlp Syrnlllg', aIld tSltoac:h 'ups, nll ol th a ioil t Cnproved des crl'loua, lecwived byy ilt subserliers. Jy 1' ,'AlKrt .ES & Co, 4a Cua al ste'. I I d a.Attet-u-- k ,es uperior article in rt S illlllllillng ord-er, dlad luIr . by t. ID I. oEY, , wie ,ll -1 Ihs, it t a,.e~it o a hl o' luo elltr paio .m e ",'e'y lolw pIi.ced; 1d el-s sa perelt t, Igtc itilterf, dlo; : casUts III nlIIIIk citer Ipuayer; I :ase,- tLlt(rl lnlel Ilc k r p,,-t I InIe. -lZi.; c :ls2 .ll) Irli u eltn 1.,11 1':d cu; l.;i c; _ el , upvrlhle aoctIav, r ,Ol:l"rto l c.l.,r, .1Ew I rk lStationeri. ' h tll, ji21 i: rtres at. t ig) I[l'3l\''-I'll-,'-.s s n dLo. onll ul t ýIvd,1lv the. I ouste ot the Ithl Rail louarl nrear a .rr L ihore. loI te I'utllluoI lls Ili a1 ll), i1cnlr tlw reil r., twj ,,iu si ld Nlr h llh, aI..lll l'-ail. l -,vrut iliouws Ial lot lt i o se thell |a:l Ha l B io tr ollpllll a y. Flo t i t _1 citr ,Ilitll. .aILp l lh t : Jl.ltl.. l l a,, Ills.. J. . ' lI AI..or-72 \n mu1 lt' ' 1, OiIIt,,o . Id tls t by la )l.-l' o t & ti i l ,air y 1 ; 1by1 tnt. a 0 . . * $ I; lii a rf Si liar1 ttoot j o o troirt . wl al .li m s il ) 1', rll ,; ,rlll ,,llo, I' d 1 s.g4 a t N ool Vt e IC o tl i t II I' t td to1., .j i SL 'E-0' . t l a ,re'ts, tor aa' by v . L~I'\. A r I t ro . 'tlCiE, yaud,'!'i Ii , ,h.e ,tie I r liotS LiiR Norra-id .l b [lto lb it -- . i t EL:.\ I \Lulu r ,- t b ,,,. oi. l; n\ A u' ), " lfJ tla I.'l & Cotll aufg2'3 17 P y r te ,t. Or-IC OF TIi i .bil A LO EIN5 AND NALiI VILI It: I t1. it Ati. ItA FT4 on New t 'or,, at :iglt, ot sole at .i per JAMES II CALI)\VELL, sep -s'i, LiS I'-PUI..ICATIOINS. t No tes of i . e Aun t in, countiotigg'l 'ide nl l lrjlludlice,' " llila lite.d Vltlk t ll, fillda a l ·cul . bil ' ' nllllln lnd .0lll llllilg r t bbey' 1o0 w li, i s lrvll l.ed h n g r Jlti ull n' . :a"o'L e l' t + a u thL u r- -lOl m 1ich I in oI ;vl f l ' t Lif . and aidntur.o of Ni'lolh \Niehtleby,c: , utini tllt faitiil, It'tin tul Ito" h tt u I hllrltrtln , nowtt llnlY . ti, r tod oi ti.P :Lreel oI ti \leklae.l I'lllla y. Laltld I,) 'tios'-wuih ,lluierationl d by "P'hiz.' lLS, An additiionml upply tof No I,'Nickolas Nickeby.' I 'O)!iv r lwis, p tlrI ilt.t, and ' lckwl :k ', jt-t receledt, Ithd oUr l a,e pby \I'If. M' PE iN, I septt Co o'n,'r ttf lo_ p _illll , _ , i 11 +_ t C I .N it)1,.4--I .-ti 1,e..perlm oollles, buo, bratde. Slutndlllg ronl st lp I'lalt , fT, r iotle by I.'AbC tilttiti,. & CO, i4'XCiINiA il - m tn suitttu-hl t t chasers, lorsale by ETSON S'i'ETSON & Sr&VE'Y, I a t ry ouperill uld ottitle i, atsre and ti sale by 1' i ; I1 t Dr: 13f,0, e 118 39 to ,1 mnlln ceeaz, JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &:. ri E IR)lIIER, a Tile, hy the .m hor of Rich' etllr ,',' d I'~" Glpsey,' MAtlll.,' &Je. In 2 volo. Tuis LOVE CHA E. i Cotlltdv, ti line aC'., by James Sn.rdlan Knowles, tuthor of Vtrgltiuis, 'fThle algtter,' &c. &c. In,, a TrTagedy, in fiva acts, by Thomas Noon T'allo r',; 4th edition. SOCIETY AND MAoNNIi IN A.MERIICA; by Halrriet Maltilneau, author of tIllustratloll of Political Economly;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Prac icnl Sumoontry of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeti. er wit!l a series of tablies, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will tall due; to whico are adhded, r ttte of comnluission and storage, equationll of paymenllts, and gcnerni infor. lution connlected wilt busitss of the counting bioose; by B F Foster,, author of 'A Coltinc e T''ratise of Book Keeping,' 'Tie Clerk', Guide,' &c. Ton LITr.rt. S rKETCH B ,ol a course of very easy lessons in L.ttdsca.p s, Figures, &c. by George Child'; 1st aid 2.1 series. Jlst received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and Cotlooun ss. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expo riments of Living.-Living witlin the Mieans, Living up to the Means,--Lsving beyond the Meaos;" ' "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" ,The Ilarcourts;" "Thle Saving's Bank," &,c. WINTERe CLOTIIING--I1 cases,- contatninio an ass, rotuIenl of Stltinel IioudaboutO and Paltit. lbons; hellvy llethant Dierrv pants, tl1ii L.verpool ptri pod twilled shitts, landing ftronm shill Paueus, fotr sale by ISA.AC BRID;IF: & C(, oct6 124 Magazine st ILtIVIN E . birtnng+-.,0 bale, heavy brown llit ittgs, landing on elship P'uuttetosr sale by ISAAC BRIIDGE & Cii, oct6 131 laneazine Mr SPERM il-lll casks puire, bleached, sunier Slrplerit Oil, handing fron shipl Mi.s.ssippi, suitable flr planilatiuons, anid to sole by ISAACI:RIDGE 4 (CO, Octel134 llMaazioe st. NEW ORLEANS t OMMERCIAL LIBRARY f. 'iHE following new w rks have booen rtee ved 1. by the Ltbrar, Society, at their room il the M' rchantl' Exehaeg , fronting on Royas street, liady of Lyons, by Bulwe ; 1 vol. 2 copi .s. III.' plihrte's Ttlirt Oroupgh Great Britain, France and B , "i , il 1831; in 2 vols. 2 copies. Lanve .. Ltdy C. 8errv" 2 vols. 5 coptes. The ,I wt l'lie t.-, n otlber Tiles; by Liy' fBles. ington. Hulwe.", to.d othllei 2 vlo .. a opies. Rivers and th in .esert y Miss Il'ardo; 2 copiEe. Th Robbr, by G P Jsnes; s sopies. Tsl'haAdnt.sre o . \'tnl'tIls Niekleby. by Bos, 3 eopies. HAS. F.TTt'ltlr, LibrSrien. SHIPPING. ror Elurope. FOR MARSEILI.ES. Th' tiat ' ailing brit CA ItOI, NE, Capt. - Thhomm)i,-,aa wdlal;ve IhIat aatti ate IleslCI1h I1 --.- thc ubl,,e port. ar Ireight 3, d iat-aiaa uoa I+/,ll or I'tU GlanPlugP [l t)? o LEVI 1I GAILE, F()K~ Til E6TI',, 10l~f .T The iatt saiinag thipt lEIEN A1.1R, ;.Ngt. - ala .latlJ ,aro engaagad waai hae despatch; fIlr if a stfa e a- t.a to at &. J I' X a\ll''al'\E, au3 8 Conlti st Coastwise. USl' r-c-te at the Louisaona [,aanitura Vare l Ittt ,ld-ttient'llh starl t, 'tilt Majha,,d I herry Ited'teaaf; t Brsl rtate alt't.lre. Alb),, a oodd a-po't nIeht -f > h l. \Valut, a1 Pi i ate a t:harr , which will bt sold or tie ionest cat- iitC INEa. t VAlfil T" SOIttIlO+, No. Ut Cata, saee .a'- a ,Ice Ilishlol'S Ilo.tlc-The suhslcibers a.'+ ,,o.+ .+pe rF" at theirnw lanmt ext' nsiv'a asstt ta entt' a a ta s ' th bae , liae t f t'risitg e.ala' variety of Campat, rteta -rl atl'n 'vy, loa kaag G hasses, 'fatitg f 'ds 't lt I large Ialllta It a' of Fncy arIticles. Tie follow\ir Praat 1f dictait aft CO.( IIS--'lTortnisend llerazilian high toptick) Iwlt a and caracd; doa. aa o. twist, long, nek, at; side, It.t.f anld Iressing, iVory LInI hornll; tie ,oa,)ll| dressing an. Ivokeku combsq horn,n r,,ddingf aIt n>aes s atbs; wo(oden, h'ttss aag, fa ta'th and atckea t'ElifIIMEI Y--A 'genacl of Fre.nch ated A a't'iCaan Petrl't'iaaeat', consliStina , a aia ',t'e watra ill hottles, ot all shala sandt siz s; lat ...,te Fhrlabh ots.i orall e, lella aa jftrtLit l , htrgau ,ll( . alleal lt, m etc. ;lIhcy soup s oflc' e 'Ver ouet. p 'ltioni; rnuchatw.9L, antliqhl, and veetacbMle hair .il irwl cu+ ibl h I sli hlorl ihe h1ot' wa:sh, Cerhonic andt! chl brJIn du i i,.lie; SCened nll phl 'i toiler lpL,\vk ! . r; pmn) atullILL : p,'S1 t'., .alt, t,.l tilt tiEb--Co m .i'ti . a gl'rat v ret n hair, hat,t t-f. Itt.tlath, l a tmil. r l It. atlla 1 :,! . 1"1 i tll ' aa phl n hit ting, saaatlf h , ntaff li, h'uritur" aclaai'ti tlg ) ald white watsb, llosea , sld)+ ald illllel')S ertnning, hint and varnish brushe.+S, and sash and grain IA OKIJRN (;I ASES--Co.sprsinag galt iamet tat various sizes, 5, 3, 2 and I draw toilets; iernat atatin, toatlettla atp oket gltsist , na'nif(tag mla Or's, el. PtI, (ftI)S--Hagta, ILI·ry tas, araom, IlfighhalCr, SpiC Garten, French ad t wthite back Play FANCY AND VARIETY AIITICLES-A supe Si hr assortment ()f pi)rtahlb de.sks, ladies' and gentle mcla's attessilg ella t s ailtl hliFs' work hoxea ; k talll: box es of variouls dlcrc'ilpions, suilablha fio' tile new tear atnll Chiatll;t as'a gits; Icket )oa ks ot al I sOIs; 1a 11a 1ell Id rs, 1m1ttsi bohllxesI h'led pencils, c lriOllns, violins i bend hus sIId lntrses, Il allgotlllmlft t op f aaaita, y h :aa s, sLpe'r i 9, l ylk bilmrd batat ha sta lacaki' f ; a i ne shh't, vcsLa t',lt nod sat paa ta buttoa' s; pcar " l I t els a" ttit t stga lamor shtrops; gas IIL~lInd t's lor' treatinglight, !Sp1,nisl, am] mell['. s+ + nIalc:oubl Pa "i, t'aaee aa'aa Scftiah milluthm; ti a:shsqrtmello' l Ofllainu nld slatoid culntes; halck" B: I l rlll~l r hli ; drice+, lh el ' sclr ee ll)s, opticsa Jew s halrias' h ar m o n ste ic its , clitl e " ml t c lr l te[, Iplil l, n e edllll rS I )el'Es r u s i~ l cal'p, td'akit.,aa Ctafts, aunting tlasks and gatne bag,; steel, sIllItT ni phetcd spEcil'Claet thimbleICs, twine, etc., fattdm . tlSi'atlt''lt tfCl[8 i)8 i1a|1tt ~l' ty ,t1' 'ttcra arti thas', aft ta whtiaa 'wifl be a taftt faa pricle, or catfll or city actptlataarna. may \lEE S & I)1 ,%N(;P li I4 ttih it ~iEIS iflit' 1 aastaaing fr. brig ancle jl "a, ra S & J P \VfHI'rNEY S 'tt(lk earAb, Cf aht)tlt I" I t) c.. Ji loti , tIt arab,'rk, e. a ,'.. lauaiaag fraa brig Williat , from luilto:l, and fu r rule h..A-\ [l\'I R W -11 ) .If A I)I III\ , A a ahfl ala f'at )r'etat taia jr: cor· Coramolln X Tehapll~lilOUlasP ·treet. 1 _T1'If\I'E O)F LI.(I_ IAI.\N1t-FIRST JUPIICIAI ! D,:T:I 'tI T C, 'U 1 .-I Th,,1 e ta(te. of ausjl + I n l l at hl t h n i home aels t ' s sh I alld i I f l fl l \\l*er· 'a+ 1i ,luI··I? ~ re \ hl',l 'aih'e'1111, h11; 11/ il). 11 lr.11:1tm: ll H (lIbetn I+ enry W iioll)ll ll,+leinl" 'r t + lro b inurel , a. nI) at ,', I tltl l atfl , tt'tt' ' l !oaa ft I).'' lif ) 'l'I (f lhP I. ,'ila , a ,,I' that t. tat, ( aa tl,,lil n,'a a t'aaila "Ael/~ . l ,. I. I 1+i 11h' ItI? lh l ·)I`4Sllr /lllC o llr(lll ·1 Il1) pilrclm-· I ta i at aad jll at'l-la't li a li)a aovd afl aaa 1 day oat a •llr tl · w l!) .h*, llr,,f lm rll,+ o i-, il- illI )+ralll+l i tl te)'es J1!(il· fIp s.·"l . ii)l l,.lr· iitl .i:l tllhlll Rli:tJll~lrlJlll I )illil !·~ t.11) ot (1l O .]:) ':11 (1·4 11 ' ·01 ) t l iXrl. ! il· II (.itI t fit ll ( I· i l Sio (, 1lt, ili p r+ \1·l h( .11. \'\i·_,, ,h+,'r~lhd, i· et~(l, I.q ii),ii e Siihi% ,i,,~rllt i th. all' ' tr, a(aI. i'ia t t., Ia t al al-l r llll 1a ' a . l' a elaaI a ' h Le atal' a' Iaaa' ur a' r in 'I atl,- I Ia' iaaa, a , , a t ht' f Illa i, 'Ia'' Ita II+ I I II I'a ' II' I taIaal ' li t lh+., +)I'/II+ IIIII'e (Hnry W t. . (IrP f 11 v e llv be he +[,i"i .ti~ 'I, + sFt ll 1 ,, 111 '111lL-e11 xJ~l~l ll~ l Lh (ltl · I1I1II (Ih l.+ylllll rIll IJ)IC 'lllll ll],-r· jlrfll.ll ill· Ih(:1 tl~l.nll ai ' aT) , t;h tfa '''I 1( 1 aal l' . lg l ,a 'i a aUItc 'ltCIr - r~lltlhr l if tl (,h t . e /I . , n ii s Ioferound ti< 'i b l ltlle b Iyth n u tmb i £11! nl.t., ", .q"ltlr .l \ ,l ',ht I P r sl o i ·1",+t, I). ;)I, ,v '+Lil III 4 hi ait et t hfto t , "at l rr ti h lfat a be['\+ i - ,\ l) r l e 1JJ~ th<. l w es ni u l';d b rd . i~tlit ,,,. , v- Ifl- C illlI( (h ()- \,. ]-).41,. 11'111 t. d+.( ,k et1 1 )I shrl a '',ti '' atI1 ,t ''aTt'' .v-a \a a +a llalt ' irt-a a lll-ta tat '~' laet ,i . I tnal I , ' a t' ft ra-aaa' fit c l af a addoa iatfaa'aaa,'tme p rt-a ta-a aa to aaa I,- r t11 rlls ii nll equar, ) Il.t tlc lot 1 t+'" . lenal l Co - ata .... tra-at- ra n adtre'l' a'''' ati a''''' a t'' , a' f tlea, a , aa . i' tat f "' 'a t' Jeac;h. th ' Ill a lte t iro htle 1n erlls' lsa) h ut JyL· r., ,nh . t d,llra , nod. t 1 . III ( lthn r,· et ween 1l al tit,- i.,/ I n + ·I h t i h alt c aaitttat ta a'''' 'art'' tet, faet al t', d i'lt Iat nt a ufar lll Ia n ,ta e aa ta a Jaa I v ft f 3i . wll l ·l l olu-lhr Ia n l t flea'ia' t te a'a ' l ai a i C roll,, - vI I h mbrn e i r. JrVd fe o ad 11,11 1 , u al s rev etn I! ,+ ill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a r wn1 by11 11 l,19 IIriii .I.+ e h (. l 'l '; I. P I1~1 il 1 t ,tlf d d L -.,n ,h ft III1 t e l.h. !nl~l~ 11.' l'x+ I I,,+(I1 rlilldl Sillhlle:J IIlll I)Ud'lrl·I,, hon an l ,. _' at e , iahe ' a'l'' ftbe at r l i't l'' ttn t' faat' t t thaat'.hllta Th l , t, tt at ' lO1 lll llll . a1t a at'll' at I1" 1111o llr I l(t I , J lllrr huf-n d lc lldrr Il~i I) .clio ll 'at. t tatft ta)I h al. tr t . lT tt at d f lat' ln Io1,r 11 Ir e d n hollll,I bou lh, In tII I n or al' le or1 J( ef.llL a-t-dI ' ab T 'tat ttrd,'' act t o raa1aaaa a s, a atl ry ofore w id,h tith cJanut- ,,L ,,1 '8 lanil.d nb r it e ar,h'e i'taa.dt d a t -t Ma.t-a a. ta-a f- rt-'aa1 tal) , ''hd l t i lIit lf -'a'ata'a aat'aaaaa iafP J?''' tat I tat , ta ft' f' Pt at . f it -,ta- ta-tit - THEO. LEWIS, Orlt1-3t D~epu C'lerk. 'tat laaalrtr,-l Ifaa J1, aJ , a'itaaaaa, /ina,aattaa,,.aa... altl e ,v,i l ai,-aaaaaaa , atao i. , ) : ' ,tt tat at', a'at, a fa.tL , tr a, ,tat'; a t-i-' -t t ,ff a a-at,,-,.,,tat'n tat at-f atta fit. a a-k -'atl t) t'i+ htataa ft all --. ---' - ''at --tata-'- ia-a ita-, I~tata' aataat att tat tate 'a,, er idea ta dt,v J . ''at~l l,.l , tat tfi a the aprr tale by paroaeaty bath"ag tat" flal tatdh,u rie+. :\tfltttba'h -aid tati+ a(aaaafrtn makte patrtaafttaaiatala. traaaaI Wt fIf't'afaa',tivactaaatefOata II ft Ielata, attaty rat afar flateasata afi. it. Eat-h. ta',t , t tta atia ta.ttitt '/+ , w, .... 0 t ,3 t....hitapa. t'ier,,,. 4 Al' ItE LA flf')IIl \N0E-- ur In premier I i trli .eudic o.--1: .il a i; LIeuun .~ 1 los ,xi q i, 'es p tni as i, i-tu'~i. Sulli:-.It. tld quo, e.,r, , I'al ry l yall u ti hit .A ne vele Icile p, le ,ndid e I Edwuare l uimu . . l piI uprit! : i a, ,'d- crite. -'et Ild- e e lIau lrl.ff,'de cetterour ou i d e te ti ehme ,sl r le i i-Oui. jour d, sleplte -. bri dri 'Ullll 13, p838,ur nu lvia con i ei cut A Ain .rtle de li Lc ie lnlurle dl 'ElIt de la L i iailrc, ili tu., ".ctle poor r c iiii l titri,' des ni Cllle ours aexv jludicines'," pirou. le 10 in 1834. Qu'll sil c unlllnl, t l loutl pelsonnes intleeib> s soot Iar c's ,l'r-i tes, o aue no tcm l I tit de int Lou.stan "et de la lourl du premier district judlcilire, qui piouriai.ill cvui dfll A Il prop iii. ci ipre· dA lile, eu conlquetnce 'la dallut do Ilrlne dln i'erdl.c,l di( retll lejuilllienll da hI co T, en retul du quel Ii lIa vt.e t oilie, on dei lot iTri'gllul illlt dlba ..lula dins I'estimat on, faris it n e tents at le m du de la vl I., ll pour one lutrse c laucl. leoique, le liire vlir, dnlls tlrelte ju lla aiil te dei lel pullic till co ret vs, pllour-quili li ll aiullc l faire n l eait pasll dAibuie et ci o ueliguiee. Ll dile plm;.r.te f I venlrdu per le sndlic suedit Il 25 iiAreC jour j , jiun de l'nn, er 18 8, en, vetu ,luon d ir:rt li retie co',uedc lllu Iouir juri in i de Iln'-iie 1a:13, diins Ic'iaire de ldwarldul lml ciicl tri slc 'rhilnl'icls, ,o. 15,i'0 i dI dolIckt de celtc i llllr,1A l . quell' veer It. W.Palfrcy cs'st rnidcu ique.r c.ur le prix e $793)1. Iec, inton de Il proprihtc d'cprea le transfer jndi ciaire, siv int 1. riaq lIt dc terre, d.=;gn.s pa, lesnumb,'ros 8 9, 10, II, 12, hil, it nf, dix, ollIe e doucz,, duns P'ilt C, se .jinlult,silll. i (aCa rro lltoi dunlld hl IaroissU JetfferuOc, et mesurantl ensemlblecen qlnitre vi.lcllx sept iolled, tr is puces er dle 1, face Ilr rue la I.ev6a, cent cinguante pieds lu fIice sir ta rue Sec'ende pur cent sixluco et iris pilels, troi i.iuces et cilqg ligues de protbndeur et face A I rile Jfli'-rsl,. 2. 1),luzo lots d terre siitubs dans le lit Carroll toll et de.ublls iur lesnulm.os de douAz vinet trois 1o, I'il t c, le dit lot no. douze me-uruat trenty iellas e fPll Srll Ip rii e 'Tchird, plar cnctc i'lllllctie liedi de proi'ulideur Is liglos i tatut pai cllecs, les diti set de treoie A vlegt ,.Iux inrlus. Chlellull ie-uire trenti. piede de facl i la rte Jefl".,in plr cent vin;t piedsde punflndeur lets ii.rus 1leun paralelies, el ]I ,it lolt o ing Ircisc iesuraint Ire.e pieds Ide face A la rue iHurthe Iser 'ent ciiquautet plied de prolbndeur clure li,.clli crulilles. 3. Viignc ggc' l u lis do terre situps dnasle dit Clr rollton, dc ignncs ,ar lea nos. dc un A vingc qliatre incels ferment ti I'll 'let J. bornt pa, Itee rues Cantl hroler, Thrd, JefIiwllnu et Z.mple et mieurlnt ensent ble truis col piid d d: thee e.,, chlcun des dires rue, le tout conlcrmimi'i A ian certain plaln. dre-s6 liar Llnic. Ilrinieir ryder, cI .tl Is nremier mlars 1836 ei AhucubP duens l'htuc do 11. B. Cenas nulotire public. 4. l"t un certain morcean da terre rits.6 dancs l dii. Carc Ilin, neiurin duux ce t oIcca piesdc, caze pcur .cs fce it In rllride Leve, t c ' etetn lcuisn priliudcur deulx csnt cluqialte cnhemin pliblic,aur leq el il a uIIl face sem.blblr de di ux cit unze pi dA onze oucer, borne Ipar en hit par 1, rue Jeflf rnn, er par un hlitr par d prlipprti' -p .rtena,,t Win. Jonel.s. 'l''s lea dius lot de tt rre firlntnt irie i de Il pro priine v:'ndue ar le dit isulvabre E. Sallmaills & ec rennt ers . t e1+ont c'as memns qu'il aotit aheth a ,dit . \LV. Palr. , paoLr ac.e palrdevant HI. B. Ceta, no Ue I .ita ile 6S )vl r 1837. T lmoi I'lauorit·li A. I. Blchansa, Jucp d ;h circ eor. o,: ce."meialt .Ior de Sapsemlre AD 198$1 "epe-ý -: 9tyet F I.F/Al!P. 'cep gcrnrre. BUSINESS CARDS. J. PI FREEMAN & CO., IVAolerale ClothiisL. estatgisheint No,. 3, , r.ine sire, t, I]1'AVE const.ltlt on hand a large suplplv of Clth 1 ina+, calcuLted tir thel coultry trade. 'Iheirn a sort1ter beitng large, telehahti Pfroml te conuOy cInl be suln licd k tite thor tot notice. octl PAS IONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADDEN, No. a1 CLa . t rl iroe IIAV.: aouonotimll siptlly l t" every atlOrio ptitt liliu io gentliemeno diecs, ul tlhe latest style, at .\ew Yult. de S 2n SILTrE(US .I METALLIC TEETI. gS PEC:IMIENS of these betulllfu te eth, and the man k ner ou settlig the l, inay , e s en at the oiice of .. B. Roas SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Cnnat +,reet. I'heme teeh ihver c:lcalgle colour trli lrre Iv anny and ill ntitt ca.s., preferable to tit. ,j;' I)r. tI. will wait upo, ladies at their reildence, ruquested, ap s9i S A PERROSSIEItl MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Cotnitii street, BEGtS to, inform thle pubilic tuIt lavint: potrchaerd m Mr CLA CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, nd o . IUSn h'o.dmIs s wreet hle r tlens, t Lead Pipe, Water losets, and Prrnmps at thle North t~, be Splied tnoInhly with the i I;,et Slid ollus lfashi hle a'I l d rtii r 14 WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixe.d on the most antproved principles. MILlI.' I.E \D, 'PIPE, &t 57trders executed in any part of the Southein States. mr 9 DIr. Iloberl F. Lindoe. oFFICE EeXCHet a HO itrePt.. ,LAY & CL'LRK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No, 1ii2 P.vdrai street, KIE'P on halnd a nitant supply of Le. d Pipe, ifrom 2 in. diameter down to 3-0 in. diameter, fitr sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESI'T AtLtil MIIEN T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Blanks' Arnode. IVILL.1.11 G(IIllEENE, PROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Cotemitetion anid Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, Ur STAIRS. New ') rohane fh. _ _ JARVIS & ANDREWS, 1110I.Esti t 1 ,ND ItE:' ll, DIt+]Ai.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS LI'EI S TLF-b'i" ..1.VL iYI. VD()IV iGdLSS, CrnlllcLr of ("olllnnlllo and Tchboulpiloulas strerelts, NAtI'IIAN JARVIS. JHItlN V. AN:ttREWS. A large upply of Garden See.s,. warranlted tie gruotl AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTION.EERS, Nos.61 oatid i WATERI S I 'REET. rF ! ]E unmlersiened, hilg etah lihelt a.d theniels i;] siae. s, ,Id)IA N I. JONE S. Rfer to l'tlker. !(tlicht & Co. New Olrle0ans. Mlnulh. Foi 9, li~t!, feb It A. CARD. SAluotul StlorRn. ARAtHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER For-ardttlltt, g comm ttt erchants, No. liIt Payras Street, N I:W i I I i. NS. ''hey will devote their pllrtletl ir attention it the tsale of Westorn Produce. References. I\ it t,'k, EtiotL. I t, ti h tll lllu S bte, Iht 1 hiltt, New Oileani. I )nrt n & Co.o I ig l" Wil . B. .o, Boton. A I' tollllll ut.t+ Ii:s ,i b rt Itroth+i & C .,,r,+t nh-. C New York. Vin Puiil AL \Ic Iiill. Stanird & th )ý i. ` St Louis (i a -'v, Shatw & T'atutin. IlnwI t, Pare l)utll... Alth o. ti It 1lar'.h -11 & t'l).-.Lo~uisille. XlIt STONE. B. T. STONE: E &It. T. TONE. F~rorvrardrn d Cntntoliiwirr Jserchnnrs, EIII\II IIERS OF IIIP oND B0 .1T ST'URE0j No. 114' t'cstrlUrouLAS ooEsTT. N. w.OlrlPena. IlN rrrseile _ MessrsJ. OAL.L, BARER & Co. llel e Vloness a Co. Boston A. I't ;MACH & Co. New York. It. I'rN on, J" . PII HOLLAND, Cioioontti, O. WRIOHT I SMTH IDAVIs STONE, toytoon 0 IB. CoxoTocE & Co. Culuweus '`. N. AJ.E,.Ic0, .4 Co.. L.ouooootlle, to OVILLIS, MTEVIISS & CIetrrs, St Louis Mo A. It. RoF", .Altoo, itI. %Vx IX. \iITHO~W, Iluohoille, Iii. J. & IP. P.1 AorwoLL, lioyou Satr, La. SooL.oMON 1lhzo. NOtv ltoleeCe. .inn 22 DOYLEIS d& t.iO, DtEAi.EILER IN AMERICA( N & ENILoIS l CROIWN GLASS. No. :1 CONnELET e STOoFET. of 1' Ill; l' E N'S INSURIANCE COQPANY OFI' NEOO OiLLEA.oS. This Cotmpany nre now prelpared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 21 ttUSooo', lloldoint Canl tI ew. E I. TRL4CY, New Oleons, Maov ta 1131. Sertaty. SWILLIAMW IRWIN Comnmissio i n tltS ot warding merchant, (tNt tNNA'Ii, 01t10. Retfe to I.oyet & Areloonet, Neon Orleans. Jas. Lordis S. Cto. t n~l I'll IIOBERTt Cl.4NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1. Comoptilreet, tolnlesole DeaIer in I'intlos,til, Vorniohoo,tBrusheis, tilltt Witltw anddPic are(ile-s, S.t.\. .T. W. COLLINS A4TTORJVEY & cULLX.lSLLOR AT LAW. IY('W prortisn in the Slot sad City Coorts. Cli 1ý eats ill lield (lint at the Clerk's Itfie, U S (:intuit Cooit, ioe lCut Cootooti Ittouse buildling. jeO A CARD. r IE rmdersgned tOO (,trtiprle do it Ohs in this city, Ttot rha purpoeof tro 0raactiog i GiEN E CAL C) oIl MSiSSON ilUSINE4S. OFFICE, No. 10 GrAVIaR STREET, (IJ Sruzas. H1 P LEVY. The h.boise at G.rsd Gutlf Miss., will be colooinued to tl he above name. t tofllrey, Tie & Smaalt Ni, Orlean IA. l Peersot Olillotd, N H tl Hill & Cr, Louioville, Kv. S.ooIlet Uh l(lottre., icoltoeg. .Miij. Io IlalpertS'rpCr e& & Co (Ira .d Gull; Miss Y .Muoir, MootrRe ttt, '.e -ifto l.otltttl. NTatchez, OMis. New t eleon+, July I , 1848. jvtO A CA It t NATHANIEL. TOWNOIENI) hlnvinT totratrd hio e ltit NOw UrlSoSUtr thert purplose o troIaroctorog it aGieneral Agrorcytd ri'outirtioooott toooineo, nwoIuld tr oprctlolly olicilt fete the public uslhore of their ta r- tronage. e olavinr a (louse in Texnr, he till ottendto tihe truer actiog o hv bueinessl taIt maylbe rde red in otltht I- couotry, ood will guarattele Itrot aond otnrosotittetd it "S Icntt,'n to all 1,u0illcss entrustedl to hisJ charge, anld a Sr faithLfl otpplicatiton tin aerordnLce wlth iontrucions) of i to alltoundo that nmaycomr into his hande. re Oicera iNet. Erxclhange. iS omravre r ues , roposite to Rtev Mr Clapp'S thowlS, oed alj itoing Gibaiso's e. oendoing r eolo.Otg ol lhhe'Trrins CfulaltC Sr NewUOrleOas,.\ovettber til, 1837. Or Rofterroeoo. eI Messers Huillve, Buhoo & Co. (New YI k. 's Burr \Vn eat.-n to Aloarezo F e, Noolor', )Mirs. R 11Ststttlt r "Loo, ,ll O' JoohoP er v.Lo.olsorlie,Ke. es .lustoo\ nee. 0 oolotoeitlloe.1i. m2wSe is FIRUMEN'S INSURANCO COMPANY OF NEW tHgLE4NS, et ame. No. 24 lMag n'. Dui dJ*g II* CY(AI. . TRCI7T. T5RUE AMERICAN OfFICUE. in connecrion with this Olice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, F'R TE Pr.INtliNO n Pamphlets Blank Checks Oatalognos Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circ:aars, .'.d every description ofJob Waork that salny b reqnired. I iTT"thr p. -orietor respectiully calls tie attention ofi hlie public ro a above Card, an I asstres themn that aIt work intruste, , his care shall be dene at tihe short at notice, in a sty ' unsurpassed in this city, and i the I -;est rates, P PE' qEli,, reo, I p-ts, ink. tflid, wnfer seltingj as. iarna rlbher, bnlae -.and, Ipon.e, asnd every ,th ro artIicle l''tl tl ,tl v,r of th, very beat quaiit,.con tautlsy an hand o-ld Iur sate by DIVID F' LT&CO. r m19 Y Slt ,ltrr' llal, 2t 3 l'haltla . . t'O tEItCtIANt' S. 1 ERCHlIAN'S cn have a beautiful ci.cllar arrtnek i lIff at two hours notiee,by calline at the Ortan s Iitho rcphic( tllce, 53 .1egaztnre s ,tiet,opposite lianke .treade. ,:2. t p ACKEREL-35 half b's .\u .;;icr a ne, f1r sdlr mn62 7 Gravier atr,,t. i L it DORtE.V, jyI2 44 New l.rve,, t EN'IUCKY eAGGI.G--I001 Iys ror sale by, SaIIHOLIES & Mi ILLt,, jyl2 Bank Alley ,), CIH 3 tG1I t, _i -Hp hebavy 3Scotch ]lagging .43 inches wide, fur sale by HIOLMIES & LILLS, jy2Hank Alley .gXCHANGa. t)N NEW tURlK lforacte btte , IAW\CVRENCI E & IA.I:(ENItItB, Jv It 28 & 29 New tLevee. 'T"li Atmeican Dit ,ncrat. or hints on the social and Stchil relations of the United States. liy J. Feni ' 'h^c wr IFlire, o'r, Adventur"es ins a Country House; and other ,tle,, bi .Lady llesaI.ton, EIL IIuntwer., 1ts orlonl. Bacrr Cornwall, .H.s Gore, Captain illedwin, sad otters, in :2 vulg. Thinhe lti¢r and th esert, by Atss Pardon, author of the City of thle Sltan. he'I'll ok, t of (aeoa. ihe Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine oand eart'etityh bv Alhderson. JiIat recivecd aad fr aele by \Vtl 1cKEtAN, jetlt car Camp land ('onmmno atc. R-OSItN !)l' i)S-70 bule rosin dretss, I.nding and Y if sale by J 'I'11A' Elt & Cu, jy 14 74 Paydras street. ItAVE& I A V E tSatCHA tFF tit tttut ManidaEx Stra t iSnarpa,,rild, for the cure ot oatintat eroptitns of the akin; pttpipes or puatuln of tihe itser; biles wnhi h arise trant an impure state of theI biotdl; scaly eor titon; p ins in ie bonus; chront l eurnauatlsltt; toeL r; scrofula, or king's avlt; what sa., litg; syphdiltc diseases, and all disorders arising tr)nt ana impure statc of the blotd, by n long residene in a hoe: limate, or the anjudit:tous use of tmercury. Alto.-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or IOt. fant Prscrvattive: the best preparation now extant Amongll which are tile fallow ng:--Indian Dye, for col reng tie hair; Bear's Ol; Russiatn Bear a Graast.; Potinatum; icattaw' Free .-e Wash: su. periur Petarl P-,niel; Lily Whitte; Cream of Rnaes; Vegatable Rnug ; Ott of' Rose; Lip Salve; Kre asitau Toot Wast; CatrlJonic Dentrlatie; Orange Flaer Wa r; Pwd PtwdtneriPffs an Boxes; Amer.. c:tl Chtartoal, neatly put up ill four ,ouce vials; I' eton SaIts; CaItgnte; Kresotte Tolth.ache Drops; Hair Brushet.-; lt,,glhas Dressing Co bs itt ,an Itair OI;--withll a variety of other Parfu attrles, &ec, Fer sate by L V GLENN'S IPERFUMEIRIES. J C Tl'KINCIIARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE I m'A lit iSiE) fiar the execttion aa u s, I iton, .ii anti .aiaintgsn, rtaerct. tlar' enacultarh,bhsilasc anld a Idle-s lardst of evert, decl iption, fneataa l cienar- onil dep ,,,.urtaia,9 paper, ,podmaa,'t.ry tand dtugistl Iabelst; balnk checks, dray rece eipta. :c. rinlt l ad exectI xCtd i a chlap aid expeditimts svtyl, ly tie t letor. w' W .I.ILk{ t;IF.IEENE. NB Bank Notes nt.'Iv esxec.ted. amd4 s-NEW t a'1t' T'rORE. SUST reeeived ptr late frona, News Yolt, tit lr-hal lnut hiihaint nea tsri mat ,t f 11t1a I'S. The sub-.rihr wtuuld artie lar y call the attention of the pu hc to a -tale tf habetver antty of n supeat't fiiab. fietexttare, taa atad b tauta'O lus rttte;aa It a fie Il-in slusa na t atofa superlor quhiti; and alsota ua i artile It:t, teatl er a ithlt a general a+ aca t t aa a IIItIfttat rd ban l:tlnseltl exptesaly for Ihi J It t.slta:)ItN, 34 Camp treent. N. B City and country dcalaer are invited Ito cl. ti-b 8 PORITRAIT rAiTZ .ab a I ts e will rtnemn it alt It at r in Ni w Orleas ier he p . ,se |aintng ar artits. ,lreri. is "G I I i8 IIIJlS\I.b' FIN \t 'dIE '' tNUFATt'1ItY IA)'KE L CO., N.. 22 Old Leotec, have in r, tellriive:,xlllltt Iellitcl ,is wire, wb ell .11!y iuvtte deal ers in the Irra~le t o exlllle; 1k·IJlll Co p" r, Urnl hloosoch liters; r.,II du. Sugar L.dlIe; _I, dui. Cp'ler wea~nr la111·)p; 1+Ito. :,tlitc u rltd sizes; 30 gruot as our,,l Iiiellt offi G,,igl:s. - e tin. .ul.p'r aod Li.. gutterr put up i., itae it rtes. ENGLIShI, FRLNCGI AhtI 0aŽ.a\iai A..,... En I e.e P ROFES9SO R \IORLIIY ,ase i eLtd by rentlemen of 11 peepler qoolificoliuco and cip "r.r oe, huIl an Aadmy', it Ih. lbrick bu.ilding bolwlgi lu toWil,. HBrod Esq.. Oajoining tie ro..,,a 5. Charleorit attest, whe. a via ie rt'ntleren, well di.poscd, will re calve a go .d elto lcioo. 11r. if. solids thel co-operation of him rfriendm and thosC ofoducaLou. ton 10b10 him to IIU t.dCr this insLi Lulion uneitil end permalooeot. 'OTHUIF 'ýt TIlE PUfDLl_.%-U,,iouldyd r 0mors f thle undersigned holing mold out, or diecootutnluI his old alnd long oulol~liaelod GARDEN SEED 5Th11 RE, A", Iii tI of o0 hores SN t se, Hooinig horn IlLont itdoidsriously cirtul teld by srlf. II inteerested parltie, Ltlh sublscriber brhe: to asaure hi, friendr generally, aind the public at oarge, thit ore r, still continuer s withLn two doora of ILL, lute, or loaner stand, to be iur,,ishledL willt a full and no. toLL.,LL suplply of all the standued ki IIId oF kitclen b or vegetabl .ard-r, Srrd., of thIe growth and boa ., Iport of thIeIreront season, 1837. tl Since the early pIrt of S.pteiobrr, he has re. e. orive..Iample ouppiola, by the palclkt nh.ips Vickn. i burg, KntIucky, aud Arkansasr, all .rrvevd in lhLort pu.agesa, directtfrono Now York. yvtl te Mtosia. iippiuand another polkt, hIe jo in daily eapieta tion of a supLlpI of Fruit '!teros imnd Aoporgone Route, hlavilg alroully received iov teccl thereof by mlll1. 1 Ilhe uboscriber begs further to i sntre tL,.e poblia t at lo';e ,I tlhatle is at prne.clmt as wellenabled to meetu:anIeurcxcte eoders for all tlLhe inds of GardnIalc Seodn, eitllher whleaule or etotil, as he ever was since his fi rt 001ablishmoenit in JainuOary, 1822. Country Deaolers nod 7.iuw,'t Gdurdonera' ordern t filled at tre Ilwrst anod mot reasonable rate.s. by the pondd weigltl, and gallooLor butohel nmuoaure. C.tlgtieo, eitilhr in Fronch or Englinsm, oear11 alwoay be obtained en personail 8pLmoution uJo usual, to WM SMITHm, Gordin Seed Store, 85 Cusntomlio sure? at it. NO 1'E.-A conultant upply oflBird Seed, eItl or oadmi or plaimi pulveriled 00011 hlerbe, and Shakers' dried mherba,-mowitL a oupply of flat iemid hence. E1 EROCLFPT'HS-20U pnckages l.iodneyn, Kney seyn, ac.,5 uiale c- ngroo, for stile l~y p ISAAC Il~tLini a', CAO, \lIgizlnr Ft. d (,LOUiR-ILli l n.11 t 10 qumdioy, mode Iof new *lret d Just lauded fmLou irueamer tCoor,el Inor sale by u I i~uiiEY, eplf 6 "14 .\Ne.wree. t ,jt 10.07. .V o It I -lITV LoL..n W~rit-5 duso taI,. NJ in atore, fLorl sale ciiaSML'LIN & COOPER, aep2b 81 Juli at 5)AG' ING. m~OL It'0 Kentucky Unggnt lI oend or saleo Ib LAYET & AN.l '07,, ,r1121 17 Cometnor, eet. r qttb.ASULIV .\m 'LeO-b'at' ,al' 11,1, 00', wily $I 5 $7.. iiOsrrm mo., al nd $:0110 lioorO 1 checlka. on ihe bloc of Amirier, hNew York in difler' nultuuns. Ap,,I. at thre uf'i!e iA U;EO. wVHL'I' IAQ. cep I Exclotooe loel. iSt. CIs rtes ra IS tiili.1ttL, 'tobacco and saint ninnutnc, w iuics to inclrntbit1 trtteds aid lte pLuIlic i1 gcatl th 0 loon tev prepared to Fa',dds nv athingmo. ther. shove buainess, slid IIsI*noustmnitly far n t t,. LotlucIog articlesm SNUFFS. Role, Giormae Rappee. M,,cuny, ELnglish l'rl aLRegent, AicarLolhl RuLpoot NYatchilto .1,0 to,,ILoedl, Amorilano genllemun's, iLortemitLHl, DiOL ntO Iaploc. Irish iBlackguard, St. inoar, Cnarco0, Paris, Puxr htoeislt, ell course RIt pkLu Ocotch, and 11 nuoLt. tooth powder, Fine alL OlhronLcgnorertlganenteI plain. Fine ailt smOLkilg, of torioos mlyalii a· 'IOOIItano\r~iollttia, lWOLem,LLOI nuv Iul Tim alboverrlioler in* ail wNrianled ant; of, if net ne ee o anythlnng of thLine ind ihope0,l, ol aill be 1r dictl ic .taLs, ire lie ii lrlcllroiomc aIll b RA IDNESPS. I E tF .'Ttrr'1. hend ifh er i-. ti' e'rn I, t - i mllnlt clnine''l ti the ImII frme. !tow 1 ' ilne Irv bhe lii o1 it 'hance. the cnnoqtniicean.d prame i.relv .rhiil , d thi oi*,wes seie ftl .ie.'..hich ' u e io rrn lo r bel it helr uniCverier, nid om.ell ime n to Alu ,.ipt o vi ti.Iill. IT tu. iri nuert ofthe t meir eentli.llnleP: t., rmenhmair of tPir livre are enn Inc- fi.eervr'i fill.. lI.' yeinPr;o h nkbli 'ieith "'ihb trl.r nPlvv fin'ine hl..m ot ric.loe hi' 1' of hii he'r. 'i ae er nill ln ' o1.'..i hai eu" lrinstrnnie.. 'ltri'he'r thlen i f nrnarini t t"P. ti- P it!;ir fn' .* fn linhir ,Ff 1;1 a rhe Grlt Anplilentl.u al f iB, Bi.w nthlp b rie .,fr it "lTin. It likhe'ice pronriPt ee t'he ow R;iti whiikers; i enwith ithe tihr Irioiy tclli.e. irg lnoike it irri t lheI.lloifllc. h Rinl re.iit firni rllrf. N'ilmrtieii i.Ptitieliec IoI cIui hatl rp(lectnhailit in iuppnrt of the virtuene of Oldridge Btalm are hbown hi Ih teroprietore. l' lendthef llhiwin- Rober Wbrt noi. eq. late Mltor of Phil ld lph isr rertite a' y. h ernee,, beloe, tho the hngh elcar ter of he filowlnr. iinr entliomet. 'The und,,riiuend di hIereibvetcifi' thnt ieiave useed ilse Tlth oif t i nioiiiii Ioi tcover'eI by ie. Oldrdre and Ihcave af ond it hlithl v irvireatle not ,clcv i a preventive seinst the fellina off Of hair, but also cereltain resto 1iLTIA I Cl TH'ATCItER, Senior. lethodiat ,linister in it Gt'eore eheree'. No R 8F North Finih st. JOHN P IuNl.1.S. 31 ,el satreit. JtIHtn 'I'IIIMAS. A1 D, 163 Recent JOIN i FIlEVll.1t Spruei etreot. IHti n jtI eCUItA'jte. ' .ieobuth'Žd st. J)HN GARI),Jr, 12A t Areh street. It i. kinow.n that thre of tIhe aovee ieelrs lnre mar thaen l years of nee, andi the otlher novt I a than 30. [Froml ite Maceor.] Cumon onweahh l lf h P.f T valo .ealine. I, Robert Wbin.rtn, Mavor oftnid ity tf IPhilade. plhin, do hrehybe certify thet loin cell etiqicuinend wi'h eleedra J P lulit, Jlon si Fure, etd Ilioch r Cerde, v hore ntlels are ienlled li lheaouve ePrtifoienlthal thler are gctllelernr of chnrnter and rePllrlabilrt, and at such full credil II.ui hlie e'iven tn the aid eetiireate. In witne wt ref I heav lie er et tnv .o m and euurer tihe CeI of the city ti he ifixed, Lhibl 61th diev of Ie.l'eimPr, & . [L. 1.] " ltiEIT WIIAl l'TON. Mviir. OtIEtit E that tachl boflie ofthi (enine lllim hiea S.hiend1id eur, i dc wrapper, on whieih is repl' tleer t [e I.l n I\inoeMii. &C Sold hliiehcl' and relail by the el ent vv fir hml. riea. o Flerhe stl'eet, iaCr lfid l Lane, ene nlll. bel . Pearltreetr,and oy imost druggistend iperfunraers S oug h JARlS &e ANeiREW i, ci9 \ilnicoale Areentoe eiewtilrenc. TIlE slubscriher p-pa iesa to lublillih in the lie. ginning of thie en.atlg winloter, a condenteatiiun ( thae entve oluhles of the Cdi and New Series of MIartin's Louisiana Reporls, to I~e cnnprised on af.r volumes, Suio., necordieng to 1tie. n iodel of Peters' Condensrred Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. ourton lerrison, Eoq , of tills eity, orsisted by William F Brand, Esq. Th'rle Editor is also permittled by a distinguished retired Judge Of thie So upeme Cart, and by one of thle sittig Jullgeo, to expect froti their persnlal l.pervioion all the ndvaltaoe lwhic aoy nnturally be rhaperl from the ir eopir ience. Such a work is blecoming every diay moret ne cessary, as the original t voliUlllinous, expeniciv,. and searoe. Acn increasing coriosity too ies mant ie.t, in the other States of the Union, in refeeneoni to tle peaeuharjrtisprudlenu e of Loiuniana; and t.e circumstance of tile nllerous proiniples here die eided in the adjustmrent of conflri ofl,.c.. nokel the kno'wledge of our adjouded e:ises of uti. hty to the juristl of the whole Union. Moreove,. thie riing orlpulhe cofl' Texa has adoprod o.r roes, and ths there is greet delmad for the Louisiann decisions from a fre:sh quarter. Convenient notes, inipeating the prmllJ l ensens deeided in Loui.icnno , nd occnsa.:llly bhose ti tnl, Ilore autheoritative iorume of the other States, will ie ladd.'tl I enc:hi case. The work waill forli four volumes, royal octavno. and will lie deihereid, bli lnd , to it $~ per vol.; ir Inase it aloUlr be fiIthud pracicahleu to compress i it ille three voUlllre, tLie p-ice to sub cTIerrsn will ie $7 per vol. Suisicriptions received by WM Mi'eKAN', je5 eor iIIn, oturl l'nnulleuunull Rti.Z GENIR \L (ctiUh'lSE aiF COI.IEtIhCI. Ticn course is opened every any, rilen 1o o 9 o'clnck P.u., tinr exercisiuh g on tlle ddlreet U ,rlln of a Shie Ieitderarv and Conu erdueil tiaetuieii fir otin IrutltoL ten ia o€en of tIhum wh ol'c k A. M1., o . elock '. Ie. liallf luarding sc tulars ne uiltee r I' A AItBERT. NEW Oh hLEANr. S ( tIl imiECIAL INi o i. winll lo nde inti' oats, ang ha w ar gentva. cen ithigli stelo nl in bt'iill'e , ca1 be tho e referi - neacilied ti tion ihe dublic i atretiiage. A n.w evlnlitl c'cllla ilb i u Ie IeIed er siCe oa I -f iie iut I inu.beie fol suberibers iil tthae eer oShueoed; it hill wor' ii1 NoVL. fllber Inxlt. Fp r eI. ein en leit1ding il lh e upo I para clt ale ito. unl eveniue in os, dicre IIIa. u .eek. nill we opened at the cirener o .t. I Ollioi nld ExchlCnge Place, I 'uh eiilt i,.arceP recei ed. FRED. WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPA_ .r LOUISIANA, I t Fi Rt- his selrnae. to Ith public ;:; the depart. I mints oa Surveing anld Cilst Engieering, Ibothi i: n tio ii and cou itrv. iatr Icllohsideralt e experien. e ru ais profesaiont. and by promlni-aes-,-d fideliri till hie secttlaln olf busianats entru--ed tot Iml, illhe hoIi tI o iinerlt a ld eceive a shareof poaltic putro.llt e. I1t wlli ai*so nleasure and calculate the tloltelts oft- l wetal sand eravanlaons. Oiem No hlartrles tareatrtseond story I3 ARTIN tl D.,VIEIREUX offers frm an,, a aI-r p . quanit ofltauperlol .usa iansheet i 1nt, -ftio tl 15oz. weight. Also, a qulutity of Et+ sah shee Iron Jun received an assorttnt,nr -If(',ook. nd Palrlo tyves of thle ,te.t p ,tern- at "t26, Tcka onitlo la a street IIUUSI'ON & APINA-LL'S It ( IOMIPOUND ITONIC MIIXiTURE.-- A speedv Sand cure f'or the Fever and Ague, rtmittont and intermnittent fevers; prepared troUlt ule orlginal recipe. Used with etiniCnt and uni i varsal success in 1832, by persons of the higherst , roepectabltvy ia' tise city, as Itated in the annexed a certificates. i 'This medicine is highly reromnmended, and has a been exteantiveiy used in th*e abotve diseases with h such distinguished success, that the proprietor of f the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. I hIe in its piretlent rfiorn in then hopie that it may be d te maneas of rellerlltg many of those whlo are suitLring under thea scourge of out country. It ts b a lmedicine pOnsnessLing great viItue, and whlen ued I acecording to the directions has never fatiled of aeffectraig a cnre, t.vnl in thle most obstinate stagea I of the disorder. It s inot ait all dliagreeab!le and c persons of thie weakest astomacha , nilld chldren asy a take it with impunity. aIt atrngtlnhells the digestive a organs, creates an appetite, and seldomn requairs If more than one, or ill obstinate cases, twd botttlet I to effect a cure. T'here is neither mercury ntar arsenie in the medicine, nor any thing injuriousa to the human constitutiont The proprietors are so well convinced of ita emlosacy, th.Lt they agret e to refund the price of every bottle which has Ieen taklen in accordance with the ditectns and Ilna not effticted a a perfet cure of the fevr & aguen: A. OLIVER, sole angnt for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drullg and medclcne atote, - corner ofl Dlitnvaille and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to a je5 T. W. SMITII, 48 Conti at. 'TO RttN i. Ii. HOSE large p 'reti- es inll Iird str-et; one lot irom t SItaaroue, tlhe frotun on Gir ins t:t feet, by a depth of luU-- he-implrovoein consist Iof a doalble Iralnec dwa'tlit-a House ant d kit-helt-r-id tie rear ltt atdilja il.g lar a a.-llCk itdillt-ig t-y- h -it-dt- itled iLt-tS irne tnnemenlt. The wholle will be ltat on re.,sonabl- terms ton good tenllallt. .ppptl to aep4 8 I'arot-delet nt CIT Y tAl. I New ItOrleans. !5 Alg., 1l.t8 I nIT8li Bank iseheeklng oil an litk at sight. JI kotltT. J. PAL.Fle Y, aug28 ntathiern jJE.t'--IdU sacks (ba niman PI'ls lsna re, t r salle Iv H211.itl'tI.1n h, CttntlalLI, reap2t! EX Jollllst JPA-RKttERS RUOCtY OU.i AINS,&c. OURNA . or ari Eaxplortlg 'I'llur beyl,-d the Niatky Moulrttitnit under tile dretolnll of tihe A B C FM, pertrunmr d i lthe years 1833, '36 ,anad 78; containing a descriptiton of the geography, go. elegy, chmate unlld productions and Ile nnuns ei. mtanners and ustoms of the nattivt--; with a Map of Oregon Telrnstory, by Rev. Satn et Parker,. A 1t he River and ien Duolwl; or R collectll ns of the Rhlno and tihe t ht.rtrause; by Miss Purdne, author of the i ity of . tS tau, &a. in 2 vols. Tile Rubber, i 'ale, tihe author of Richelieu, TIIt Gypsy, aitlia; in 2 Ilnhe ,wo Ftlrtt; or Ad. -t-ga in a Country [Iou, iandl other Tales, by Lady Bicisington. E L P~Nlwoar, MraNorton, Barry i ornwall, Mra Gore a Captain Medwin, and tllunrs; in 2 Volt. The Lith anJ Adventurena o Nichonlas Nicis ,'y. edited by BSo, with Illtatratiton by Pallz, No.'.1. Just rt- eivnd and for tale hv. BINJAMIN LEVY. ArSAIT b litDE i Hlb Wnasl i 1et Ilnatc n Sla_ LaL a, ,noELI' i, ti-an 1t' Qaa-.igbiI et HE~ public Are reeilecrrully mturmndls s i IYY cation i. rreted mrl the mnot improved plan,mtti in an na anold Iodt noolrable nltualot,outltf AutWI Frankliu, upon hhe raidrodd, one mlle WMn ,h lib.el"tildineior ore andl m6.tiotmftrlhutsldnydfldSd intt, opoit'orrloa . fohr -.pmflb atepatrot ditionnIl4 oMea11f alnddffcrernt dioeosco. The iototlutioo is supplied witl, tto mos *i ra i cdd atteotive mole and lot ol-nt uttt.uodspeakiItsb*oa riuu" modern Iangunrel. Private looio tmoy be, hod hr gontbeien .1lie 21al tars per d8o'. inelo'loo. ono,',d"ro. &d'. h'rrA n he y o ooowado. loo" nlar,'oe' per day: 'flnooo olooo trw doollart. Small PI'o in ihe ortLdory otrds, fir dhlloos. All ooptlO. "ricnll ooperaltO 0T'rs. It',. 'otleotn p~1~it~* I~ tttt )\~Jothlodro, rUIwb ,tpplicanon ,o-ir u inossovi m t be madhe. eor totIIr(2 A Lneoobr.bra, `U li taoopart olortmt. £pl. Rio it . SIlldld-- I~ 1 blobbron-inoc,l . :good 1L) eQoto boti-tor I foV,in, far ,a LAYI:I' .+1 I U. LA II Al Li jtob 17 Co tote a trsot. ELI1t18. kEfl n'.t ', 0n11 s 4lPI -1481 Ibis wllooin and1,7,! dlo boo flor; Ill tbo cut; ioo¢ n' 46 lbi recrrfiedl ofl:ioey; 7 blblo mess toId5bhil cri'oe porko: riib0"1 ' pron beol; thle ttrgt ofl a .l boat' for sale low, to lose, lv a.AYET & ANIIL NG. our 17 Cootototoro Istret. F AOIOL1 Itot1bM-'-74 Iblai. .ct . n2d Is ily I nmi of11 on eor qoohor, hodlolog from steamboat Oltoar b,ftr ti. by LAYEI & AM8LUNO . Jn46 17(Commercte strL fyOS..N-55 bn relk oojoo.ilon ing O td Ir' nale ru S&J P WHI 1H90, i NA 5 . %i(. -50, o d1 bs 00ln, !oo ale t SLATER & 'I RtER, ou __ _ 40 PoydrnarlUtl E XCIIA.&1JE on (bodle ooobedhv AtItIAll FISKJ rr ('")-5but 4,h pr oof Aoorticnroad h o 1) so:le by ,I AAC BIbIltdE & Co, . oogb4 134 Mlagoansitrtret. 7I iVANAS o d .Nelý-:p!bollloeofatecno fotelr and 'k Or fromt sboo Llobroto, cood 11311 lift" in ntot 1 for sale by SoLATER 4. 1'RIER,, toldg 401 I'oydramoao.oo I.E tP raook. IbI oladelpio Ale, .diora i ootu reo aedoaod for salelor J I) BEIN & A COHLEN, jy24 911 Cosrlnhontrest. Nara OrIeans tad 4ua.-rollenn Boll o sfLo 0-too eeo ot'foor runei og tle cur. fiootol IUdl daoe. I t 1'R00 Cgot0OI0.0 Odo IloRt New ()ROnd*os. S'T.tbo terorro~v'e kA(oStl enA car its)A otoooo eor ti do ,do do do 9' dob do 8 olo do do do If du do 11) do do do I Wain ror It do du .. 1100 eorn a1 3 do stenol ar 2 do P 31 do do 3 do ,dtolo 4 do do do do 7 do du do 8 do do do do 91 do do, do 8 do db' Tie Jaoo'.looo rorocaront and Ifonavette. half ,asoo 'Iooboh, A O1. coool strort at 1, o'clock A M, s oo ooloooohrloY t 7 o'cl,'I. T'ths carortill cooooantco. tolOlooO rirrt hIll hoOur. and ol;toUO thtrougout tht dot utooil? to'clock. P II. The a nrlalle ll fior the Lu Courte strdot cors the S'. AIJ Idl1O F1E', in KOuOO bog.--IOU, roceived /.ý ier ba Star, in store, lot salt b SLAZI R& TRIER, ao,3 41, P~otdra street. coWýr o1 . 71l bd of OUISI.1NM1. HE Si!'Oc, flr hots blon roIInO thom in proeparing. ood hoo nowo veoryoearly talnphied; a newoedt. tion 00o th lode oo' P'rooioe, uponlo plan ohilch econatt ioi tol, no, useotful tolbjiroernooolobtt in which he it no'istodlb, a tew of lhot Ilbodo. roe eji+"riroe in the law of soo' of ~orn ,lfi,, t fl oo the eotablishment Ol oiur jdirial a, srom, ood rldCro whoie espOcial direction v :e olnuttr boo been premrI. rd otnr ohr,' aptptot.ce o01b Ik opro itor nomber 0llr theloiil lo-de, pahliohed. hort'-o1ers. i'. ,oloo & C1.. t 0ll00 lltlghtodviooble to ulikhte Codeb ol Pr, otior in te rome form, thot o he who do-ile it, may ho Otnablrd Oh Iiud tIe tw. t ode, togeOthr. , rcooferr loeln lo. how e oer, will hr diferent. After I nlofeioc9 ol lb- deor-o-j,l lu ote ouprrt-tr Court upon tho, ru1le ol prolor H CIoio ieop' Ir to CiIe ar,.oles con. Illllrooooo I-oliole. lo)d, lo, haotrlrro teIgrold and plc. redl undr a( Ioro-oo nrooIllo t-o 0.iclc, in thleAltape oft nodr; togotihlr jith rebec, 0t, to, Ithe aloe.; 00 tlhat the orodero by tu lottoj 10 00 n01,1 of the Code Il Prec. ti0. oill It , oo e oo oIio 1110kw0te ici-io it. 7 It ok , ill aso o rotl yin allthe omreodl,,,r to othe Code of Praotler.o no elo thlel Inw" or,-oinoondo reguloting tie Cil (010u-1 of Noow O rouno, till, a romtplotat in. d'do t:,tlore wole. T'oe, ablovre rk willotmake ijo oIpnerore as sooU nr t fiat olf Inch nwro, oodll boooolin good ooooroa* Hill 011ep 00000000 out loo biidiog, etoldtt tiX Dotooln per coty. d. GIlEINER. no0S-2'a Atourono at La' A Cord. ORLEA ' S LITHIOGRAPHIC ESTABLIS I lE.v T, 51 M.AGAZIA.E &TREET, orP E.ll BA1K's ArCA. E O_'I G NE r0tur,0 tjio thenko to I i. ¥ iie.nd i ni Il pill, ic ol \ew (it1Hh nn. fit lc ; latro, ne btesloed on hi te t lonw t o lears, and bolge rate to. a-sure tho 1n th t all orders Polno'owd : hils thlage shall I~e ptll mlli o :lel ded I,; Il o ill s -ilu, keep the aOlrie o ;o en do ring rhelto i it , :.o ) chall he a;bs. s L 1.i a I t o i triLe . ft' nOf meroUani'L ýi . lar, bu inles, and ddres and., fu l rl, o hces n: .,. liN l n.-i, esl ly, l. ilos .u lPri rth anihl oler e-h blii, hlhTgraol ie lioe, he feels con fiderl 0 I0 t iing entire rnt n.u.- llu. N I: Apo 'bhcari. ant( ilrloegets' Inlels rxevCurod i a.r ood pti lo. li per late eIngrtovg, and st one ,llrdel ofthe exl. ne j, Piorlt. CA.0DLI..S---55, boxe best tew L3.edoo Ssand lantiucket brands, lotl ale b ISAAC I" ItllOGE & C., apl5 131, 1 neint +0,w0.. U- .'- -b. .x st .stun u t 0un. GeUnooJao s,t'. I braan,(to I ai lindgll from oo lill ullCoroi Ilo Bosteon, and too sale by Ji uhLpI COt KAI S 25 Clnomon a ro.m AGUI o A .D I(tPI -1000 il Kenit.i RIope, Olllp pietce t Itoihucko t.oilo,. itall rF ot. flr oale by LA\t'ibE.CI: & .IOGENDIRE. orptb 't slid 2!I New Io , IEAH illtAAI. l.- A te bbin old pto lac bhn, ol.p READ & IA 'STo\o' rapll 7, Rlank Il,.: - PERM While Oil--1500 golltoo wiltier apele m p 1 I 111110 galllons utollller oil;l 1l10 slllluo. r e. lld hal rale by %HITlllftl,: 4* . 1210 Mlagtii., ani. ( Ilit.CT I.Ai-, ;ntt0 I: Circulars1-- l errb t o wishil g tot hlOv a beautifot l ilrt ulor srlll o uI It tile shortest n. tire, lpas illt to o lo l at the tlolrtet b tioglaplic t dfice 53 S1 Mgozine sts oplposite r -t.' - IAýoIMOIRIIO S)N. [1AY'S LINIM1ENT.-No Fiction.-This et. trAordinary chemical composition, the Iot , r of science, and the iinve.Lntion o a celebrated I.., cal ,lln, tho introduo.: on of which to the pb.i was Invested rwut thle iolemrlty of a dealthllood beqluest, has slilce gaiined a reputation unlparallieh., fully sustaining Ilte correctness of the laiernel..d Dr Gridley's last eunlension, thliat , li dared ha dle withoult giving to posterity tihe beuefit of biti knowledge onl this subject," and lie therolor. bequealthed to Iis fiendnd ol attenldant, Solomootn lays, the secret bf his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospltals, and the private practice in our country, first and mlost erttallyol for the cure of tle Piles, and so ext0ll sovely and effectually as to boeft credulity, unlliss wheir, its effects oau itnlesed Externally in th. S folloin trg como plllnlllnt For Dropsy--Creating extraordinary absorption at elnc,,; All Swellinlgs-Redubeing themn in a few iloursr Rhilloulnatlsalo-Acut- e or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Thlroat-By Cancers. Ulcers or Colds; Croup and WVlIoping Coughi-Externally, sail over the Chetst. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Wlthbthoe fresh or long standling, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults slid children in reduc. ing rheuulattc oweolloigs, and ltosenioni .olghabg ls tightoesr of thle chelst ty telaxatlibl of the part b los boeen surprsirlng beyond conoeption. T'.e colloloon remark of inllse 0 lloo have used it in the I'leo. i- " It nets like aochrlolo." "THE FILESi-ThepL ri'e , lis re0rundd toany personl wiho wllll ue a bottle ol Hliy's Lur,himeu t ftor the Piles, aoid return tile empty bottle.without being c:rod. These are tloe posual to ordrer osf tIt proplietor to the Agents; slid out of 00 lany thia. osands Wdldl , not one bIaio b, en unlsOucorsfu . W1 o light inse1r cerlictatea to a.t y lenttt. but prefer tlhat tlhoe who sell tile arit"sle, should ex tlubit thie srigienl to, purehauers. C.UT'1ION--o Noe can be genuine without a spiooudid engraved wrapper, o s whioht is mty ha s~ and also tola of le . Ageno t, bOLOMON H&'I%. Sold wholessle and r tail, by COMON'ol(K - Co, New York, and by one Druggist ils ls+ry Frll in the Uilolln. For solo by thle Wholesale Agents, eo 0110 of (o il0 0t & e otouplloulu sitlreet, d by tell Apotllecries ,oo nerully. TO 0. ,.ER AND USERS OF HIOBB~ bURG' UN WVALD. RAV.ES COMD)IIW I Lo tWWDERS, &do. N..--This artiele ias boo" tlntroduced nto tlhe country bt about threa me '.:t'h, and lite as iIts llgt adetlinard' JL sat v Ath lass ctyi Iely eeseL.dd the ib est anltgsin5. oppus pl the prop., tor. N rly al livery stables., Sand a gi o~ptlbor of gentlr.emen owsilo h.lrs ltve yes+d datrer dlligted Will it. St onl , improvoes tsep.m appea no a of the .:otas,~5t la of permsetIeh as ost elooideoise4il. A to lhe drugas genrab ly. j 't 0t=IL. Nf DA l4i.t i, ]' I 8. - .4 4t .wsI

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