Newspaper of True American, October 13, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 13, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12_ CUNTIS. _- _ NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 13, 1838. VL.--VI o 1804 1".et:.. ' 1 tI.. W 3 "3y e.Mn A .... . 1A. C . up I . u row ei & Co . Ie w . .,. , ... . . ... . ........._-.... ltars for ieJ tra-wedKay countryJ paper, payable 0tul rear in advance, where nb cftp rhierenca is given: 1bsnriptiou will be diabttnhei(d until arrearog.s ettled. In eaoe of di ch6tihnauce, one week's not SweUia a maust b~lihvilhh.y given, preVious to t pi ti n bf hkhhscrieidion. brsvoar i.t . )aes dollar per sauate for the fis 'blnaio, khn l Ilaf that parice for each sa. rtiqent one: ia., intaiihl alteradon ro.n the original advertisement Wil h1Aklhrged an a ew one. )th LAv AUnratr scas.--MerchatW l and Tralere, bhty dgodt fin f nglish alone, and sizxy for both Ian gbhbt Blnks, tE rhance Ofiies, and other siiitllY pblio astiiidih.hbb, ifty delf.Yso English only, and ighty for both langnagel; lahit and Steambon t Fac re or Commission merchants sixtly dollars in English no, and eighty otr both languages. Jaaattlotu Oulsolan NoTtcas, and articles eall the attenilon of the public to sates ot property, 'ards of pasasengers, benefit, dce. de. will be eharged abe dollar per square for the brst insertion in each Ian. CoCl.oC ICAttOes, or Advertlsements, of any peraus Il nature, whea admisnible, shall hbe clhaorged dlaobl, and in advance A deduct ff itrventcy-ire percent., will be mtae to Aouctioaneer .n s , Registre of Wills, and Mlarshals (nhed in both languagee, tad Sl per centt ienglish obittoo, ll pbrcent. onaaie of other PvuIitD "T Aa elntta0.t 000 o f thebc direet lre of baniness "f the advertiser, such as legal, auetion, and plbhta istaoale runaaay slaves, stray aitnitob, dcn. dec. Nill Scharged for sepa,ntely, and ito the ordinary re s. Aovatirtnat1nTs not specifiel as to time, will be abliohed one Ohnath, and charged ccordingly.. No advertisen, ats of bankruplcile will be published a a y case, tules paid ht prevoino to ianertion, or 'gayment gulranteed by a responsiblc person in town. Theatree and other placers t annemeOt, advertisivg aily or the season to be charged $1011 for Inglish a. mne, and t$50 in both langutaees. 411 announcaments of candidates for political offices be charged double the price of other advertise. C:o 0,;0 to the Inmense Iose s ustincd by newspaper aprieteot thee have come to tile conclusion that the . oses of persons whose accounts have not been paid within one amonth after presentation, shall he made knowte (so far an practihablel to eacht other--they obli palino themersles not to alertie or printor for such selinquent., unless in case of advance payntenlr. taigned) J.aC. Its Sr. ROMEr t J. BAYtON, P. P. Kl.t, J. C. ptENl)ERGOAST, JOHN GIBSON LUMSdI)N. *eerfy 'Prcg..-We, the udleraioned, agree to abide by the above condlliens, as for as they ore applicable to wrekl poapers. (Oiged A. B. LAWRE"CP, SNo shsceiptieen ae taken for les thant 6 months. Letters amustiat lIcabre, he pint SIDELL' - SPAIN -Vll.T:lttd c. ''AIN REVISITEN . h tlte anthorlt "A year in Spain," in2 role- .lirry .'rl eerly, ntiel, hy no author of "Cecil Hyde,' in'2 ol. T~he Aclress a Pade, and other tales, bylthe b1cth.r if "flTe Fircn ken," in2 vols. Nimnrol'e uotlueltorors; interotpereed witl characteristic anecdotesa savings ad doings of tourting Men, inclutdig notices of the principal crack Jere of Englaod with annl:ticol contentsnend .ernrl den ofname, to whlich are lidded, Nimnrod's .Letters , aing Illotodls, in 2 vnls. lien Brace, the lastol Ner't s,, Ageno nnon*, hby Capt.Choumier R. N.,lnatolllr ol the "Life ofa Sailor," &c. in'2 voils. Commemotnrire ian i~qtity Jurisprudene. as adminiistered In ^'--land end A,,eric, by Josephil Srtory, I.. i.. I). Ovid, it..n. laied by Dryden, Pooe, Cliirrevtr, Addison and otherr. ina,,l* fourniog No l) and 2l of "Harler's Claonicl Library," Infantry Tactiecs, or roleso fur thle exercise nd melteuere of thell United States n'nfultrltV, Major -.eleal Scott, U. S. Army, in 3 vols. Jast rvoceived aod ler sale qy WM. MeKtLAN, d corner Campln & Common ate. N.W hUShIC. 'r iathe losr; In slhe not passiung fair; Oh tills is I Lce; Nuoltiog: Illppv Il.and, Myv Swilter liIer; Italy; Lesllteiut L.n'ld; Fell nlt in. oF bIroken Vmws; love to dwl nellint le ,illi ll# lclt W shall oe rt nu Iiru; Coi.t, ) O Ce; Ctnatinets are gaily Sounding; A -e fll a oi toi blr "; ity ii o'er the lillow; rho ,.uvl.ul,.l Iri.d.; MY Ighllt lBrigotie; Oi)h do not amy Farewell; Jeony Jnor; fure haatg Widolw; Song of the l'isher .Vife; Ile ;rpie Inv lure a lovrrs Ive; Shull wn evrr no't uarin; WLho I evenit bhells are Chiniui; Sicl hhec fr itrthe bintle; A miti lien it IRi choea; ila Nor,oidvo(air narie .', by llllini; Still so ieitalc o'er 00t Siialiow, trrange, I by C Crerney; I:.I -o eita air froon ,p er l.a Z tire, vcerlru iv F lnnten Beaui sie if tII eolselrated opiera I.a .N r r.'ta, by V Ilellili; Three Favorite lirv ItllOn thie olern I F, rintni, arrangd CAr 1t blue [" accl Putic; Viv, 'i frii At oo Bileir a.r, gtlfed if'thi Fl utl allJ PT I noio hltato a In ralt 'b y C tI V et V, ,he. r; F airew e ll \l ti liv h , n "eig nu n , l)l ka t"u f IiIcu, t letm Io \V alt a, bIv Strani, ' .oi;,O OValtr. ; Calitei Favtritue I,:tncu; A lieo snt ofCutiliiU.'S fiontl tli Jiru oef I.e flacorn. For sale at It C tSEY'S Piano Forts and nlt ic Store, ant f0 Ii. tap t, ,Oel Ilolooers" Phl-ues. Collection of Cillc,1ionl I'rasves, on every tonpie ne '1 .ce.,,nr" tI Ii m tnini coniersation, arranged onder n,.ato -.odds vitllh numerous remarks oil tle peculior Sti.euroNl,e and use o vafoiuts wonrdil. Tile whole so d liimed as ooaulreblly to firiliteto thile acquiisition of n ev.v. ,pronaru:iaioa f the French. By A Botlaur,n ,ew editionr.evised and rorrect;d. huudred of Perrin's Talbles, oracom pattied wdnh a keycouotaiing tihe text, aliteranl and free Oralnolalion, arranged in suc a maonner ans to iint out kedilfereore betwece tile French eand English idiom, .so a 6fgred presnalciation of the French, according to behest F.ncis wobrks eatanton the subject. The whole precedel by a *art treatise on thie aoutds of the French Ianguage,etapared Ftjlth those of the English. A Freoch Primer, or the Scholar's Guide the acearate pronunciation and o-tiaography of the French ang: a sge, containing its elemeats according to no bet usage, y Beensad Tronohin, rlarrceived and per sale[) WM MiKEAN. t g Cor Camp & Corn ati. RICUE Pl'LPIIUR SPRTNGS. GREvNBRIt.t COUN'Y, VIRGINIA. T HIS favorite rwaering place in the mnuntuins, Virginia, 12 mileswes of Lewisbur.vand 21 from the Whlite Sulphur, will be open in due season for.teli reception of company. imlportant imlpronvements nvave been Inaderince Ihelautseason. A spaciouas all oom, and s number of single-b'ddevd rooms ihave Imen added and nouv finishing: afirding ace. mlnodations. my thl. Ilt ,f July, for 250 visitor.. An excellent turu pIike rad has been constructed passiug by the aerings, and intereeetlag tile Kanawha turnpike near Lewis wnrg. (ver this rnad, by directi.v of ithe pot office department, Messrs. Beldin, Walker & eo's.lice of aail catches will run. A post otlice being established ahhe sprigs, visitors may receive newsuaud corers and daily, east and west. )f the 'sedicinal qualities af honse wlters, tan proprinetors need aot speak. 'riey save been anaiysed hby able aud professed chemist, and oued to hold in soluti n ail the valuable ingredients ol de mast celebrated sprinins in Virginia. Theoumaiinuatio', 'contains tnuc:h Sdsulphuretted lvy eongen, Snip ate of Iugvasia, rulph.tta of i.ima, Car bonnate of Lune. Sulphate of.,iJia, Muriate of Soda. and uriateouf Mutnesia," the salutury afflects ofwnich are exlhibted ivn dlin.aea incident toemaule; and chrou in affecti-lna of tile stomach, liver, and bowels; in curt neoans arections or diseases ofthv skin nev renmedy mor, potent Iwrasicnious eau he f(und. Exteasive batiUng establisvannvts for both searxes have been eretcltddesaigaos In the ospriogs Vinsitre can atall timleseajsy she peculilr a Ivuanages of their be nilgn :ld wh ds e ,e effects, Majvrv iVilliam Vat will eoitisue the superil cvd anee of thie spring. Ever1 ea,'rrtio.vonhi li.rt, et ti the tart of tile propvr trl. t .hIalel I, v Uderv,, i t la,, or the Blue iulpaiur aliberal sihir, of the pul'i .m" ounage. rite proprietorn of .l- t hn l . t ri ,v,,' ih( ral in the r,;,eip ,f etas :. a : It "n ,. . a Bavks wliChve ,nv'vu ii 13r- ,.v I v.lpar. M.RI v .l iNK, l.c. A \WVUI. ~e c'nsures of laria .lovlv of the ilvote )tien Sn.vuery of )lvntradl, ,. .,L with aIl np pendi ,eunainiuv,part 1, Receptia t. v firetedition; part id, Sequel of her asrrativ-; par, ld, Review of tile ease. Ave, ai sppiement, giivvg mvre partinculars ol the Nunnery anvi grounde, illustrated by a plan vf tile Nouuer), &vv. Mantrin Hnk kandthe Nunnery sf the Hotel Dieu-be itan accovnt at h visit to the Convents of AlMtreln and refutation of the "Awful Dinlos ures;" by Wvvv. L: btone. Fourth eperivsent of Living. Living withour means. rin Svvdelnt'ns instructor in LDrawing avd working aThe Five nrvler of Archeitectvre," fully explaining the mvethodls fvr strikivg regular and quirked noulders; ror dilainishiuv and glueing ofculumns nodl ralitals; for ing tile truen diameteru of an ordvr to any given height; for strivivg the lonivi Volute, cireular or eliptical: with anished examples, on a large scale, of the orders, their planchers, &c. and soame designs for door cases, ale anstly engraved on fortvy-one plates, withi expltes--hby Peter Nicbolson, urchitect, author of the "vMcbianin's Connavnio ,,'- "Carnenter's New (lGuide," "Carpenter's and Joiner's Assistant," &c. "A Practical Treatise on the Culture of Silk," adapt ed to tle sonil vnvd climate of thel United States-by J. G. Comstck. secretary of the Iartlbrd county Silk So ietle aud editor of the "Silk CulturiPt." "vt " Sillk Raiser's Manual,or the art of raisiniv and ending silk wvrsa, and of cultivating the M lIberry rayn-by M. Mvrio. The Clerk's Guide, or Conmmercial Correspon lence; eumprising letters of bbvin as, Inrvs of bills, invoices, aeonst-salesn, and shopkeepere, equation of payments, eommercial tervs, &.-eby . V. F. Foster. "History of tile War in the Peninsula and the South of Fraene, from the year 1807 to the year 1814" by WV. F. P. Napier, C. Bi., vol V.; to which are perlaoed an wears to some attacks in Robinson's Life of Pivton, and in tlse Qlarterly Review; with counter remarks to MIr. )Dudlev lonternu Percival's remarks upon some pasa sis in Colnnel Naipier's fourth volume oaths Peninsular War. Justmreeeived adlfvr alebv m4n T'OPPERAS-20 bbls, in store, tr sale by G olORSF.Y, je26 44 New Levee. u-UGARI-50 hhd, prime article, for sale by i G DOItSE YV; p26 44 New Levee tiRK--ttll bblt Mess. t'rintne ad other daesription Fnr eslr bv S':"ETSUN &A VFlti B. Brower & Co. AYE just Isseivedat their furnishinog Ware-house No. 17 (atip streelt, by reent arlals fromo El ope, ansd the North, ltafs additiohs to their stock of ntefrM andoroacenoul MAnaekeepindt articles, which col li'Vely (they believe) formn a assortment nore gener al hndcomplete than Into be frmud in y attny Ilnitarestalb lasment known; conststing of SILVER WARE. Coffa eud tea ets; pitchers, waiters, castons, ealle sicks, sups, tumbled and goblets; table and tlerts Iorkst table, desett and tea Opoons; marrow and ravy, or ra goat spms; slu ttgs; sugar, sauce and soup ladles; EIL l) C;gg OF sHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM. ,ntter, frstit, wddin r and fish knives; pickle and desert knives atdr forks , tes p tk ; rasoe. prinirlly frood the malat, tory e ,r B.t tardiiner, or pper tableYork wame rlr ertead obloedg, from Iton for the mnufa-c ofeak asivet etaue dishea; rient i.ontee of its superior br quality. iecater d matle l hbr ble. egg sa. muptard sioors,; egg Eeoilues with irst SILVER ON STEEL WAItE. Tale d andesert koblong, forom aond Is ices;, beef etladlestks; winhotter stls; coolers and sye oos;, den. pater labels, veetable forks ells,, tc. tea, t ,JAPANNEIRY. PFte Gothic Sandwich an I round cornet waiters, In setS annd single, from S to 31 ieches; do ofpapier mce; bread, cheese, and knife traysv large upright plate warmers; spice, sugar and csh boxes; pressing ases; Indlia tea tables in nests, caddlles Jap.eun atnd of rick tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. All extensive assrtment, among wlot re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, anll of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, do, each plain aid with glas prisms ; very otileldid cut glau do; bromzed alnd Japnlted sile .l htbicet lasmtps. CIIANI)ELIEIS AND HANGING LAMIS. noglish and French cit glass chandeliers or I Ires at I, I0t, 15, It, 90anid t lights; Yreneh brtnzed o I gil Greciant lamps, 3, 4 atld lights; hall lamps and l't - Itrtls, rich bronzie Imat or centre lanm s for dbawia, rnoos, from I to 6 lights, lamp shades, glassesand wieks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gilt, with fixtures, etc; counting house and kitchen clocks; *ostttzed inkstantlsr, ceg per wo; palce weights, thermome-. ,oa, casl rucks, callestilcks etc. ChIN.A WAltR OR PORCELAIN. C,,glisht and French dining desert, tea and coffee scr ,res of plain white, gold edge, and very riclh oey .t.les; splendlid toilet seits; water and milk itchlers, antlo vases; ttncv cord racks antl baskets. RAIt''HENWA RE. I)iing, desert, tea, cofee, breakf*st and stper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, CaantOl chia dinner stets, CLUT GLASS. Decnnters, pitchers; claret and cllt elld hook dtecnlnres; bowls, dishes, celery vass, salt stanis, suguer I,1 butter tubs, finger basoos, tumblers, wine, tchalnmligt,t; claret, cordials, lemontale anol jelly glasses; fine colored bhok glasses. Also, realte slonles. TABLE CUT'ILEIRY. Fine ivory balance nandles, sol" tip and bucIltk handle knives an.!orks of S adli 53 ;eces, or by ee hoz•en ivory hltdle knioves only for silver tfo.rks .nodt mil game carvers; lon slices for roundl beef, ovyter knives, j nut crcks and picls; sugar cutters, cork scIow, etc. lIITT1'ANIA AND IIIOK 1CR IN \VAhlls . T'lea aon coffee set, anttd tus, x itih I ana 2 'tulets, suitable for hotels and stealtlbo'ts; st(p)o :. t l.a Indles; venson dishes w ith covers, , sterrl't chitallitilg sle I es; disl, coveers, plate heaters, cotlter grecgs; tea kettles o stals I with hcters, egg bhilors, etc. FANCY IHAl)WAlrE. Brsas and wire 1utlders. brass audirOts; 'traus no! t,teel shovels ald tongs, etc; COlpper coal IIds ani p[llunC kr-t ties; brass s ittotts, hilnlle v It o kI; h Jll)l;l .(tl , brto s ail bronze handle hearth bruishet.s, fiu|ncy blalJows antli, rItIIt, bruslh s; crillilltg ut tltitgll lillll, ; utItreIiitUet; stands, c .'r, litte (l . fur Wtliml t." ;t!h11-. S. KITlCHEN FtUltNIl'UltF-Csstui ofirot,, 'itl, brtas,, copJteroalndo eotlestros, Ittig a collectiot ,ol alI ne.stltsottlly retji red llolcnlittr iuptoses, ald in briefl.ulost every article wantled lo 1.--ce keepers can hLe tlunel il theirtest:blisl mnt t (QSilterand dlated ware relaired andl repolish'd as new. Lamps replai'edi antl rebronlzed dle 31 ORlDiEtRS I{u:c: Eli) iD ) t. JO.VEJY ' P . TENVT COT 7TO'. V IN, IlVlhe Patensee, No. 53 \Ilogoilssesse.!t New ()Orleas ''OBE ,IAN!'FACT'UILw/ IN NI'\1' YORK BY ROUBERT I li' ! & Gc. SCAGLE OF PJSIChES-Dout/L Gsns.. For a double Gin of AU saws or more oi each , linde] , nIkilg 160 s.sws in the stand, switt leeder baaslls, sc. at $6 persaw, or $9 0 (Ki For a i 'ouble (Gin of 6o , as. vl n aclil.ler, or 1'20 sws in the stallJ, lceders, s . a $6 per saw, or 720 00 Fordo. of 40swsonl d, or I saws in a stand, at $6 25 per saw, or 500 0O For do. of 8t saws on doi. or 40 laws in a stand, at$6.50 per saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. For a single gin of S saws or more, with one set of feeders, bmods, ke. at $6 per saw, $4s0 00 For d,. of 60 uws, with teeders, Lr at $6 S.O er saw, 390 DO For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 per saw, 300 00 Fordo. of 2) saws, with feeders, &e. at $7 50 per saw 150 00 Extrateeth wheredesired, far fesders, snppliled 1) sents eaahl; the niumber ofteeth Ibeing about equll Sthe number of soaws, One set of feeders, itis cwn sidered however, will wear out twr or three sets of sows Extra saws supplied at 80 cents tach. The Gins ordtered, will be delivered to tie agents lo Idanters in any of tle sea part lowns sti thle cotton, ,lanl i.. Stateslethe atose reuess, tlleagellts ',ing the lietilgh no tim sols from New York, sta tecomring re ossmnible for the amount of tie (ill. A Giin wwerig;ht willbe sentl wit itie tGins to put thenle ut whlre de sired; the charges for whose services will be extra, but mmleodte. Iron running gearean also he ordered where desired, os reasonable terms, but will be charge I extra. Hors. power,ofany deseriptimi , canl be (trltiskad on like terms. Small steam engines call also be ordered sf de. sired. It isdesirahle, when planters give orders for Gins, they sihould accomtpany themt with their views in regnerd I Ioltnenan-sgemesnts saws, breasts, brushes, &oe. It is ti and they tiltler opniion. Shosll desire saws at Iarger dioaleter th. others. The most cons ,on siz, is or 10 inchies; sumte wisl thesls 12 inchles. Sollss wih 5 or fi rows brushes on ian axle, teil others d. net want more tb..s. 4at most. :isne wish saw.s .wI 5 or 9 eetit to tlhe inllch, wile others wanllsu il r I I. W4' stisc sis.weslato, we prener titho a aishold, st Ste time ofgivig olr liels furlisl a statem~tt of tslei wiales, and Ihie mlsutictlurers can fulilt them ill ever palulrtcslar. Where it is left to or" disliaelio, we shall .sstie thell onl thle ,lost tlut.oen sati approsved slasi . I o, ,I.r co lhe exeeuteol, fromo the tine it is reeiaved, stests apaceaofeight noroiuewmeks,stid the (t; i th t sl rscl:istl-n tile lhoioftllefactor. Tlo he ill time "~" ~n" next crop, all ordters ough to be in the hands ol ', f:tollrI+r, 'raby thie first or siddle of Slay; exvept ,,alt soll l llhelslhey arelate in comme ncgUlll to .,s4, or sill rctos. N. II. Tie Ptent Right, forl ony oe of the cotton rowltg Stalest Will be sold on reasountleterals. msod 611101f STATE OF LOULSIANA.--First Ju..icsal t ..,-lc l Court '[HE STATE OF IuUISIANA, To all whos, StheOse Presents shall euoe , tlreedingt--\Vhereas Williamn tlacket haoing purctsed at a sale p e hy the Sdteriff l the tanrish of Orl)ren, ilte I"Ises ot. Itereiustier dscribed, se iu as s pieds t to ther at ee t ia :ourS, in whlohe o ale ti le ds aed of adol wr.resloreld on tie 5th day of slai, A. ). I3.l, tuer a Ieoiti ,s or ld vertiseoent in cunorsits t n all ct of ttie l.egialtoture of tsile State of, eutltled "An tot for tile Ilrthler assurance oftitles to porchasers nt jud;cisl sales;" all. sroved the 10th day eo sl urch, 1i831. NOW, tlerefore, khnow ye. asnd all person. intereste herein, are herebh cited asd adlaoiohed in the nme oa the State of L.oui;iaoa and of tile First J Idisidn I)itr, t Caurt, who can set up an sriht ntitle or cil , iand t hie prolseery ilereinstterescrnlled, in Cusoq uenqs e o ae v infir ttlit in the orderecres' or judgmeostof thlecourt olsder whirls tile sale ts Lpade., or ny irregularitey r ill'g~aity in the anroiseesents and advlcertisesesta, in time, or manner of sale, or for all. tiher efest whiats o aver, to llsow casoe, witlis thirty da+ fPlo the lda Ili monitiounis Sirsot insleted ia the psblie Ipaters wt the sale so made should not he coafirned nod hostLolo galed. 'The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the pnr sh anoresail on the L3d dlay of .\pril, A. D. i38, tby eirtLe ofadecree of thm s cOn t, reldered on the 3d1 dn f March, A. I). 18:,itsa s s it entitled William ,Mtackeb& vs. 'nmuel Bell, No. 15,535 of thee docketof this couri at which sale sold Williinm Mackey became tie pur chaser for the price of $3,6t00, cash. Description of Propgsrty as given in ose Judicial Con veyav:e, vit: A certain lot of ground, together with all titse build ings and iýtprovenm-:nts thereon, situated in the porislh of lrleass, in the square bounded by New Levee, Louisa, Paul and Delord streets, designtedl by the Nt 9, l plnn drawn y C. F. Zimpel, IDeputy Sorveyur Generat. on the 16tih Decembher, 1831 and depoeiteld as plan No 10, in the bh of pla. s of Felix tistim, olterv public. Saidlot measurnes l20 fCeet It inches front e New Levee stncet 75 feet it depth 'n the side sdjoining lot Na 8, aad 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in depth on the side adjoiningthe property now, or lately, helongirg to N ddale, ad 19 feet II inches width in the rear Sheeo is fronts os an allSe +f three feet nits inches in tommon to lnlst No. 4, 5,6, 7. 8 and 9. Clerk's Otiiee, ils Mle, 1831. mSl6 t W, I EWIS Dap C'lerk. DIR. WILLIAMS, tICULI.tST, Ie LOUISVILLE, JULY 21. t1_ It has been itid that I rLn away frote Lou . of Ville and (1.o eo thler places) toad malde tracks or tile Niaaraa--theleftirresolved on "er.'day las, Iripl, to Cincinnati. for one dIay only; I returned again Its nightr. I bin to ','elthat I san a very esp rtant iudi vidtal, as this instant tle Journal of tf-is city wates pl into .y hnnd, isating, sanesgat a great otany olthe thing., lhat I Ilhl acturally run a ray from Iousvill, to eseapetlle effects or tile wendlerfnl mlaUgtli( nee le catof doctor Snip. th , knight op tile thlimb'e, alias, A Si S. a- My retarn, Itwever, proves that the table of he ho Sand wolf, is applicable to the Jtrnao. lThe fable is ci "A boy was employed to watch and gLve the alarm, c when ihe wlf alppe.rred; he bei g either a 'foatmall,' a t tailor's an p, or a liar, fieqceon:ly rcted out 'the wolfi e t coting,' to the great dismay tof the citizen, Tb y a r last found ut Iris real eharactetr: that he was at liar. anl not to bhe beleved ecen whe hen spoke the trutht." The fact i, tbalt causerr must roduce their effects. So it will prove, of the all-wisewriters, Dr. Snip &C(:o., it It e Journal. I would adi.'ie tkhemt to provide them selves with a steam enginle press, in ordler t meet ti.e wtonderfaldenannl ani increase of tnat ttaper, as. it i mell known, ttere ore many whoi seek for itthing Ibto Sfalhehonod,out of iheer Ive to tle vendlers of that :arti Der. But a no tfi(rtoot lteitilth trSnplt, fneede etd thimble celeblrity, the great meuss of the millitns of A me'icunapepletr falele I, t eal ar Id f tedl as elvere of trutlh. Tlteret.f,tre they will. (s efet:tr piroduce<d hI the :ame) )natur.lly say I wv nt tt red al Itoper, tt It may rely on, tberefIotc I will seek out tsueb, et h' liote aa surtl.ibert tio Ileioher joturnal, whose lstteteal. will noltpret., flse. T'lteirl a atatet.otsnareoio pal -rable to reqlotr fetatio'; yet I ill ate: 1st. I Ott. aeninr tells hotel. 9d. 'httle sitllrenrttt tt b he 31st Jul 'tho Dl Snip &l ('o., harve et Ine a leter ttreatening ly life, if I remained after lheolit i,. 3d. t'hnt fr "m wit se Ieall proeetd to Cincinnatl, fot fourteen deat only, of whieh I wish D' Sip & Cu.eo itnform the eflitied,in ItIheir Owe eatdiable never ile to bhring me patients. 4th. Tral frtm (Cineennnti I shltlproceedl It ee Falls of lthe Nia.ara, to theat |lt.ifln. (if ltr .Snip & (',. do nt take taway my life,' o Ill tIt 0t of deletmoher, ri1o noNew iorkon tile Istoat Nltvembecr, tellt ol It. whole rtlh nex .ttt lter, ill ordel r o ltlth at altl te we lll PIilistineo; otlt mtedlical Golijhs of BC Itoo , l'ttildeli hen, llentphie, Nsh,/ille t id l.uisville, wlho wiei trotabhl. (hefteth I tlle arrives Jonrs liah fat, title adn tire f ilie1 2d. Cotrier &c. tt make' 'oer a.ese, Imoe,.. Gle, h. h. Cilialt tt. Cer ;oli It 5th. Pailtrs oil dlrur,anl ipickle store. (;oib fitth the most magnifieet'ofeall , It., snip, anio Bell, &c. palteber to the proprietors n(i .rdlitors of the jrnll. I.astlv. I wonld have te tolet e Dr. Stnilt & Co nowu, that lng before theV were able to threnet a seer deonr epread a hblisterr I tald reen ior veara. , tle lal ilof rnstoringesight to the blindt, ndltti t oo when o tas a cotletotlr ol' hia stinjeosy's ciletttS 1:t (;reat Brit ain. I was evenl then s) elnltoyetl. Idl lthe ttre It spinnter; tile currier; tile btlctess allllker r tt asses ItIe corll e uttr the ptinlt o tld tdrut storet ktelelp; tnd tihle nlmanifieent dolnctor .Sip, ever ee mr tt ac reo (f being alle tdo drtle like? I wolth tite Jototntte state, ls+hal receive, Ihdlis and Kira Lers oinen iiO to I A ll. and entrlemen from :1 tn 5 b'l.iJco , ,l. ver, day,to obtaie myopinion withtlt ffe, as urual hl gfreat haste, It)ifN t'lfI.l'A Ii fi tcul'o t J,.l'eraeon Ilneo, Louisville, Jil dl, 10'37. . .-io-Sht, writingtmy 'tatt I h.ter en in.,,,,t tllatnr tenef thle crettot, e.V the Ifor it:oqote of) the Jcroetol o mil tio tlcht ,1,eser, re so veil i w I w 1 itr1o,1, t arat r ei ttilt e. tol eerloer i tinvt late re lllrtoo a i tev to ilftf'erv r re h t, h i , r ý fllil thie tad ge, "orir i ts f .t illtiler flobk ~, It' etr" " 2. IF lrn lll otpavilg. Ihe I ef ., 31i. Ilrrtlti ce, e li' t4 "klliglht of tih ratil' "if tile (,' tlnty (f" (+'anlel rhu , .lase rahusetre, tihe resp+ect tle to oor o; s niffited F r;,) l nee. It is'ue, le lie lliht hno een so ,i e.tht , I ornament it with htr. a111l thle dii leerItI of anOt er"'cn u aoitttttS own tlng-hill," w.f ,t y mtral neritt t , de( V lll. n W IISI wee llirel, tllt w, PIIJ1I). I " "e t CI I ' ita r t t vIt, too pat s w i,. b ia . it 1,or. tha llltsl ltiwere b rt ilive l iother t _.e o eIIII c le r s ll be kll i.htlo s o til e l ra.i. 'lllt l, h sO, r. st le they o latlitl ic t w o lr t h y kl l i g h l i s v e t n o t o nl y nlin . " ,I n l " ] , t. i el-t } , prolifgte trli te t'oht In h tto t eaKt i t f [li nllhnbh ihl iihllll illnatin l the a llll , I' I a s, st il St teriete I-tr ~itto It h doe tttboed atlft ll t lolt Fos lt ill ttollb, rie,l r etlln tlotlli rl, I lil a o l. lok-t to It, , ,,, oimfl, tt. to, to,,'7 tt t o .e t 't the techtcal ,hralv g , f l r t wolel Oto, cayto I yet'tes ,te stutto, t1ott at thers e hf to ohche0 pa.r P fule 1 llnl:c mes fomtl*llel r l tI (f eri,' le'eks. t' otull uIt n. 1I sO mutth atl ohedt of tlv soe hI tt o 1' . r' t ol i In totno a ir r e' ! i e ce , , e ort tortlp J r too11111111 kllt~l t I ata rior tootll~l' tooteott a of s of fth Iotl, lil iI c cit 'ot re atIh 'to I ' l f GIoIli to t ias, kni h ts atf i,, t to tt to, orit pict Ih Ie1 dt., .ho tleno ois" 'o hat t ' m i rIt.l Ito lt "f hr Nle roitlle;l Isollhe in potke t t'(tIt wtl tout.tb flootV it .. a'.. . it" pro.e .hal i ...... hi; nob lie br "th, n "ti, ( l littl+ of the cit, had nlet lllyS i rot +titoo tooti, h m re thlo serr . h tiFi t heolO ,t e r e.oe itelll i'r a rot . ... t ttO t et elttoIth t t olo 11 t,,,. k i'h rotre imtehe he g as h r l t osigt line g nI inelni~lll all 113i +il'1 ,ll u + , , wh" se c ,le, thongt h, is ,thrillh r i ,la tt l t, il l he' hlt e Ithie 1o o oo t It e had t Sortleoy ItO.tighi. 7hioc tXah ,t Itte t tooNto i.t.t.r rhealoi, l er oel ha rita meo I mOetttoill loeft otr ieh weatl. tlieollo lhed tut, t l, tle orL I[ otlock r f i+tf t I tl!111n1 thittobte, wllf enter uly orarh legibl,n'ca oi ler et2a ite ltle ItarV l etteIr. I iltin'o er a ot o th , e 'ei r isee utjel isc. wlithih were lion vistil l to Rih , he loetl re. " Io dSly th.i ...ernf'emn. is so m luch imlproed in ,i ht as to astoeish lli who hiear hhnt. !,.- ,ncs i,+ lira hod Ias vt b f lart , tlltro pibdo lohl r h t t er ll leto yrn ad;t ewd tihatohrid tltorpthltnee ttlatltio. to"t lr " toe tohouloo nltottec 00 toitefl , btle r t lio)atil l It en loe liooe tn ed ifr. I'te acptiroed Ithe reIlredls wli whaich 10 dretsed hls eyeo, said ha wl od rather oe $21o , thane Ioose a single drop. lie lcame upwards oI 2110mlliO lel i~vlr Ie, toner aeterieotit IVc'It:etlatrtII I:ootdot to'lie 'teel pen I of to e worthy kni-ttt it o r iy to rite tIhs rhitnble, will oste'.(ly mark legiblv, tiller+ readi ng the bo ve astt leotter Ilwevr a he ii,, i tre lormofll eainkorltwoortlet e will et Il ritht and they will du prenaco, tote oo thinttot L Io e l ment al a , etile t i' their re eld e dhrs, at Ire el on Men ti"1y mnrhleg. Fortnnm,tel vir them,1 heen s a whole S%' ,,hbnth day,(to-morrow)" in wbich they ua do thei s die .' work. J eyL.:1ld Ia N. I,.-I ..e e jt..te. et ivetiee lttdotr, lid.?'o , dl ee: I ng o n e i U on i ci ,i at logt y to th ie d rug ist nnc, ftin| il1 ,'iy. Thle wrliters ,,yle t teu.-elves "Kienu el ......... '*+ " plemlen il:g thau1t .l" a ,I .. . .. hem in uy 11 1-tsl leltter. 't'he m." n~ rust assort [, i I li s t kno or 3w even capt. "t a lW Guhol limln, g ht ri lit .. Lo el isville .....,. ; eI Iie a t ... . fel~tietar +lie mstn t.... .....e ear -t.... though ..... ihende~d by ir.lllj. JelTel'sn Ihluse, Satulrday, "22, July, 11037. I r< . .. k: I 1' la 1>. ..t?...... To the Editor tf,;e Ctly (nr ette: S I--Having lisle.n o to the entreaties of my pool patients, [ am res dyed, ifly' health pe' nits to re. mail il this city tilt e and of July. I. To lry to io tihem .iure gcld. h2. T'ao etmvineo the I, abitanls IRhot t ile e [pl thetc the lledicel (ioliatb :i. &c, hil oncaplled to ee belong to then, at thl it law I'l right. 3. lh t I anIl rnt to lde ita, to. I lhu red dll arct in "oters f th~r U. S.le | hank, i n the Ihnduor hi, Illo tile .tlita r t f tilis eit, agpuiost u rllir Slill itci be ldo lslttuedi b Ictllc tle lr at and t:,ty Icletor, Se. Cie tbht 1 i.rtlr . tI ., lt lore a0e(,0; il d nIle-.-ed young nrsuns a;d wertlih ra, wh I were totally or prtiall Lmnlw, tun sthey d io la thitt I ote.t.t;lel ti 0110 a gretle tlullobt of Ifirl. icck ..r eialtccghtId duringltiy thootisit tlt tlhey d,.. 'Yeti l .ulo my It iset tlccia tr t call in to r i all I te ecrc, deservedly h lebr tell pr e.tcr* !ltnd I .c.tIrs llt LaI 1 nledi sl colleiges, as e:l as 1l tile docyto', alnd qullote dcticttor be lohtd ilc p ate ircatice, ot re ell few) il tie States of KRout cky, Ohio, h ldlaoa alld ov in tieonessee; where tllere re iideedle .,h two t "' fltous doctorst, whose tlcmes oug t to be ho:udid dicw as Ilow ts oUssitlie to lateot posIerity. 4. It nll St e clearly iierslodi lllt hit all the cures if ally, on b ih aid -s, nllM t he I;iuve i -h:,Ill have Ir+e pe"ilerwed kithnout the aid otuy s ourgical yo ei.oo wllets ever. 5. I'hose cwh t reeall merit tile pitllels tl Ly ahove s liberally i ppl ied to ni , 1i t 1 ell o l Tilo til It$ co tbe i icee titha mlenll itill eilt i ntl ot lcitv, od e ti le ler ,r ly sl :lkki ue k Ili etvr .O.ol, t .eollevter or t he Ivul c be. il*' ll tie m .cte t i cliic I illtly , i c Slit ld:oll pUrotve oi ne Is.. i tcciJest lllll d hlttes, 1 vll ihiil itle old pcroverb anudi gie he "old gent leint" Ill i. At ill evetsi 1 wolutldrdvise the l'sit rcelloel oCe lill . n to sollier th I:pt letter to slad h.o. as tr hae Is,- Ltsilll hCIU ," as well e "Ig u liikhiml," lhot Ih V t b t' nII. to. la.;* bilt I llivie eilcocu to aill it its iegnnuutl c UtUit .ionlo A t )laced bel fre it , icc c l I I ta it_.L " tll ie t ude i nepc lle l ilnlait lils t " lit city ,I.uuld io Watys kinowtie ito e t h wrir te ilcly lt' hin tio . JOHN \ ILI.iIAM.: , Uculist. '1 was weak enongh to reod itilt mass o sitned S., which deserve IIUning but Itoy sileit tellpt. iotld I known last evecin, of thle gret'teartcet, A S ,, I elould hairt tcatle rtie a.slle what ditlere:tl.l .hut let [iltcilllci. I wiii. II, ver comlplienl his'itet r i of mine Jhl rllccll, for tid 'ag a cI\ to eilloy Ithe cl,rliemlr kllight (111o t hl'te gartr o or Ii atltle, cIi olhrelr needlic Iclt hbibmlllll, ill Ire les tht h inly kill twu birds wltll oi le sllltc, i. e. ti c paclt 1tt an I, it1 clmy jutdge froitl tl;tI exellePt pai)ertIle. A vertiser, lDr. Snigis emaster is, ioliticalily, ill custl rted uof his sel'vii,. When mat cireiton+ttoneoe:icrs, wit lhet r (Ioneslienl or politically, whlie requires a Iilistorer, tllether on ii ,wn noLse or im tile reolttiln nftlloen e whl do notI hill sea to ctlease hln, be ng unlike hli, whcicll must be geut omisfortuoe!) theio it is he riogs his BELL, wbicn afoerall i nltihing moI a than if it was"sonilcdillg bra.h or a th kilno cyimbal;" yet, to iew it tlhus--lir. el;f IIloIks H ell; lot with an l. D. A. S. S. after it ppeaor magnifient!![ JOIHN WILLIA3S,t ouliot. July 14. IAVANA SWVEIT..lEAl'--n store anld aoriitle jeo cor Common and Ategn i ne sp. TO IREN'I'. 5s on the onsement story of the 'ttrue Amri-e ,a1. eanct)ce, two dooes Irom St. ChrlesThe. hire. A fiot raea stand fcIta Coffe House. Apply to 1til JOHN GIBSON, Editor True Americsan. AILS.--A prime assortment of taut Nails from I to2(d, forsalehv CHASE & DIXSY, 'el krlo 1l0105, sfe-t. MILE,' COY'POUNDI X LAiLAC'T OF TOMIATO. or A sBUOrTIUTE FOR CALUOMEL. l o tiE doct ine ipouulnted will so mulch assuranc 1 by malny emirics of thle prese.t day, tIhat one me . I"diee will culre all diseases, is no, alld never canll be t t'rue; anmt he who oasstrts it, is either a tfol ornn im ptstor', lBut it is a fatt demonstrnble lv exiperience, I that combiations of medicine may be fomedl lir tile e noieTABILE KINGDOM, thllat will act so Inlivet:ltlay on i the sy)stem, whenll ake t t asolnably, and injudicious ten pol'tiols as to tor'e, ill ntille ola t of ten, all disoaser withlin the read. mod power of meticinie. l, Fro me well klowln alt estalllished reputatiton of a Calomel, it has long been emplo)yed by the eompirio, oantd scieo,tii: physician, as onle o thie most powterfill agents for the tremoval of disease. By the former, al ' Ilostt ever 1lott h i belo deluget d ith nostrums, that the-itr authors elaimed as specifics in every disease inri Seallt to ile human famoily. Tlhe folly of these preten ill s Is needsll o conellllt, for accItrllte chenllical iolveti ga otut has slotwn, that lthe base of mst of tihe, G;othnlicnns, ke. hich havebe, trlt umtllrteld before te colllnlllllity, with so imnich aassuanCe, is Cabimel, or tmercllry in some arm. Now, il thlis potent rticee even in thilhalls ,lfte most skilful physiiallo, fejueo t l) exells o: ilt tenlce oil the humalln svtet, ulllillBvin, lnt enitirely beyond tie culltrl of artH; tlnllermill th colittiiol, anllI brhiinlllg on Iltmlure ohIl ge, disease anri death, llhat relsult should Ie Vvlected wlhen pre. ser.bed by the ignorant? Could theitr tnty thouoltoo victims speak, a soice from the tolllb woul soon dispel le 'specifc' delusion that now sway a the minds of the Hitmtore Physicians deplore the sad eoras resulting frome the m,,cu'al lpractic , and 'wil gladlyt h it the in troduction otfato anti, te that nol s.dely he stltstituled for ctltomlel. Tthey feel, and that keenly, the u certainty of Its prIoll p. l:l" aion; they eallt s ss w"helher it sill be favorable or utltforable. They nisi know, anot feel, Ith't iis slst io cottilntel fora ncollslt.lble time, in jlllrious aecomlinal consequences ma st filllow. But Ity mlut choose the least of two eil: they klllnow no oter article lthul will arotiuse a torpid lieer, remove ob tole.l. tioI, dld set in fieee action the whole glanlllar system, anld it beiý,g indispentsdly necessary to do ' Iols, they comtiue its use, notwithstalting the etil eonsequences which Ihllow. T'lhet hive long desired and sorght an article that would produce the ntnlo efttcts olto this drug, without sutbj ting thte patient to its deleterious results. Suh, at destlderatu , it is oteh, ,t t :, been obtatoe inl the article notw i rts. ..t . e i ii, v (tli i. fiat, tlut a i-iste anl bteevolent Being, ha pilaed with ill tile each of aill, remellles aa,,ted to thie disease in- a cideltt to the climate ttons ithitit; and knowing, like. wise, that most of the diseanes of the Stoth andI .leat Sbased upon o rgic or funlllltional derantgement ofi the liver; directed their attention to those articles whiich act more esp cially on thie bilire,' organs. Alter long, laboritat, and expensive research, they hve succeeded in extr:otting a substlace fieom tile 0- it tll\'A'O, which, from its peculiar effect upon the hepa-n tie or Ibiliaty Olrgalls, tiher it e denlorniatled Ilepatine. It io a nltt dict.e that o'illt ltouce all tile teneficial -,sllts of Calnel,n ill I,,th :aclte andI chronic iseasies, witlh it the inasiilityi ef producing the leeriousde tco r se Ctlll C ts t Co ol 1t that :lrticle. Its a:t.l up l lto I consthttion is uni vtersal, no part s of toe tastein actajiingi it intlheteoo. It is. howetvr, tupo tite orgs o tf ccretiton ant dci 0rtion, that its gl't power il pt ticlitol llly nilsta.tlt: o.eC" 1 is pt culturlyo ada eto t .e it',t .ni of bi/ilttt s /tteres mal o tlhlr oieases i whl h a torpidiy ott cnllglstlot of the l liverl al portal circle tpreail. r cleanse the slntalih fian bowels. It r mlvel oi.)qt'r( ioll, II e\cLilt.s :I quick ind Lhalthi actin of the fths.i nid ohll BllllItlar ike l of Ihe iibtiloell. Beiing dti flaol, t ihl its opel'ltio, it iprotlCes a free circulatimeo Ste il the is ol Ithe sllt e L' C of the body, accolmplalile II :n getle ,perspir.tio l t does It ixhauslt like dlrall lic poi rg. s; ill, its ctlilon s Imore IlilleAl, bed mll i t often be ilrpeatt,'i 110t oi rely with sll i:tl bilt witlla greas beli fit Thli becomes imll spenshl.y Iiec Pssai"y ill o:s. of'lon0g ,lawllii ; IOr in thetm ieno'll. t'lpolrvayi ii prels S1on1s made by "trl'n ii mdiches, schlni, if ever, to i goodlll; Ilbt tIld to illl'e thIe St:aIn a of the cn:stitu ioo. It is ltalll ing t llll lllli ) llg to the systellm, acts ill pedict bul'ionl witl Ihw kowilawsof lite, alld is t toy lbniblet ll et, oiio Iw nost iitnlble ,articles ever Uoflr ',ill. plllic triall a II i pectionlll . Forl cenl\loieioue, this mllicilit is foilrmed ilnto 3, giai pills. 'T he w hite pills are cathartic, alterative, dtia phoreticiatd lirtretic. 'Theil,' low pillaucetonic, stem ahtnt awll dtitpkoretic, Thle followsig texttact ho the ,biject is from the Ciocin ntui J mrml. MIL ES' Tii.A'T'O \11D)ICINE. Thile vil tles (t' tilhe I 1n1tl, lnt olllvy lrs a delicious vegetable fI r the tlbil, but alt s as t i mlei llc , have lif it they c son ih Ih wel, t Itll)iyl Iu11e, r separated frh u I1 I'lcllll-ll, r.ll?, s 't , ulols+tu 'l s, its o solollllle , alolo leslt - theig Ihlle Lfluo ladettiOn ., n nid bil el0 ionhlulble. This hfo beenillou chrlllll; lilllzed as llla 1111I lllll.i llt. A large portionll it the so ses se Isiseto ll from lit edlt l litellls, or fll t ort i ingemets of the glnh lar si Item. I hist is especf'lly tbe case l ill the west, ;t 11 otai. toon oe sliat ite sounth. Il t rlisild, easy, ti',elik ict Ihai, itl We i 1so lton, rdnitleav iugl l, theuc~ostit w al ll.dlld Icoul1dI tbelitS esldll for billinous cimplais, this tuldohi uItnqetitlotl be asoutg thle heillOlll im a des illln the world. \\ elievo l1i, been thsletln ho s isitersall retirdy ir Wdiseases of this al' trllll ittll it iso llremedyostl Iti ellg but necess sity should itdIce the use ofl. oit hPy bi ionsideied as toI nspa i h ne l hll 1ll Ithe uclll of anothIe. profe ssion o sp si t h l yt oe may be permitted so express Out tro.ngeoiviollltil thatf lsosll anttot he itse1111 w ito l ltll'o whs sd hoasting eIii llts upon o t ltosys. teo, eotet or les. according to Ite qu:ltities twbeo, seId the frelqc l lllo, its use, sti [o co1·1 stlitutio n ll ofl t tient. A subtLitut Ilthrltis, therel.tre, trom thle vcl' getllle kingdoml is a delsideratum in this country. We believe this toside'tto t has been sostotered in I tllll. o. Dr. Ill iles, of this city, l II to ol Cis ts i lll wioh mulh ab 1 expense, tbs ose uderstorl, have wll'oots iH o otiisto io oll:it iio 'tltlllit iotlslllli.i ilt+ (Jebilit bhe ts, i t is hoped, will Il e t, 1111 ahlln erI'le nal -llutlt, te. We hate 'akoto ote paint to emo ire among isedicl meot, 1ot 1111 hersi i :i'll lilsle .o i is lllml.l this s ba o i t u s ets, st olle I tfeel Wel Stlle fid that itll 1t'i ll sole I Il on ttlal of Ie tero int o tillus complai ubslbtt lte la we h' v been abIle to brn, it le s prohed thede.oio. effct, oierating to produce e Irlth all u of Iin e liter i stances ' irakt . ouf i, and to e Irlso ot l o il certan At ll a shorter elt lh ca, ohl.einel For sick orthe Glis hno A,achso', 1t tillb io sound a .o o d reis d). oi hiose who hlte used oit on tnerlt it les.ts or Lu tiae ai 11 ittingteits ts 1,'usts oft oeioso t f psutsgs, t soosite mediines thatllhere is n incr. d r o t n, colds afhersts ,sei, rt tt here Ige do el Lose oclreel wppoit e ede t this ooert'es without any danger o fothe distressing 11 Pas e have reisn, nr O o e t om our inrga, his extract of the Tdot atototill prove a subsibts e Go 'ot nel A g ;or C l n .I e ulis ne ·arr . ste:. . uolt'orolt b'ego tot 1; ral Agents for " lh lluln , l h ea ,r ellllclul t r 'l t seal. l. i: & 'r Store, Gienerul Agents for Louisiana, i1f1 Ittolts s Co. 133 lold Lovee street,opposite iesg so Paul MarSltin, or Oldt Lever and Hiospital street. -th ueller, cur Io clltuptoulus stret t and St ar' J IP .iarat & Co, coterT'l'ho1u isoulos and GiroJ JI I't P llurtovells. onvon Srll, .n. I)r iVn 'nosohro , o ut ttu's hh'as, La. Pre lerick >er, 4euoo' rl'tlotos nll CIItamp osts. lots Joot selsl, ot, C .it \\im. .vlas to. I stolloo'" LCo Row. Aptllt liton sot entCIoS o' r molloseme' by wholesah t oi o it iale to Ith loorll Agtent aL Neow Io.C , in All I tlle r, llpost .aid, w lll e Ill.ptlllll y ole, o di d to. 111.:8 Iy PAI1iSH C:UI'T lfr the I'muish sand ilt of New ttrleotus. re ont the I lhn. l:hales .\lUsisln JI.lee. Ju0e I lI, 18%8 -.\0. IOI,iUi.-Joc(eso IPoliPr v.s. hi. rsoldiorot.-t 1 0 l d'nlelllng oSllllolilllL IihtotS s i llts' n ollts . tl s to i ts l.i. sct-, It i ol}id: lrd ho th t i 1 thot lote redilmhs of 1ts e ilsolvnt (I, hlll' w t it us e 1t 1 opel, cturt on Salurdu, the 71h hlav of Jily, L:- , w,,v he -holht not be d-lllll l Il ine rdi tolL Iii ; ii 111 i the Imentltimlle all proceedingll - aglinst hi perstl'Ot l and pi o rlv lare stlyed. Cie rk'e thlicr, New Orlleans, June II, 1838. el I . A1,w A o.IA\I) I JTT, (Trek .' 1 VI+)1). -ILA 1,1)1,110s l\. : .t fl it 5r', ",", po' r h" p1r1i<5-e t Ia ville dp i a ouvelle (rp leans.--lres,, t l'hon. Chsarles itln rian, jge, 11 join, Iti38.--\,. iIlt,til.-J: o's Pool'ier coii e seos cr.' a-' ciern.--Nir leel lre at eulregist ,llrnt et . IotI Itin e' iuie le s e toln-iels de I' gsu lvItle tiltirt 0s voi leur- r.i. sl'nsell tclu rllllvet t, S l 7 e lo i lIrt, Ii, i oo,p- louq oti il ie serall i point dIech rt', tollfl l llelntll t 1 la l. i, Iet en sttalantl 0i111s To ir-i'lles cotre so8 persone on ses !luooto de grettier, h.olotoelht Orleans. 51 ).in. l5:8. jelI 2aw Al58lf o I) 1T'5' .(',eli5 ' INo'EEI) , lit- -I bbio, lo tnot .t huot l sesooo t ,, i .Lialhy, for ale Ihy L I)ItlitoEY. jel:3 44 N\e I evee. E AR y's 1UPERI, H.t1 -S-Now landig from E steal boat Suiltern a sn:ll.lIv of the above, put ull in hhds, tilrees and bhlis; for tale Iy .IAYE'l o AMI"LUNG, jel2 17 Commerce street. TINSEED OIL--I2 hlls and '2 etsksb bes L.inseed Oil, now landing from ship Ns.hIvile, and for ale by JAKVIS & .)I .EWS, Whb,les.le I)ru.ists, jel3 ('oonmonand 'Tehapirttlns st. SCOTI'.t' iF---S rs; (pints.'-t goarts) in ftore I_ andforsaleoby , Hr)LMEs & MILLS, jl Roans All" IpAIN'l'S,OlLS, tILASr, BI11Ullsa, &c.-..uet landingrumn shtp Cartitution, anl bfr sale-viz: 16.000 feet frlasn, best quality, fromt 8X10 i '23X28; 31F11 kegs whites lend, pre; 3560 dt green paint, in 25 libr. kesb e;1 doz jap.eed tins lr signsee,0l(b0. lithreg.. 26 doz splenldid 00000 ground Irusle-, also of0300 ent1 e 00N du; ruses erane green ill pswder superior article: do do ti cunt a lrge assorga nent of sah. tools of every size and qualit; sable peecils for artists; flat marking Sbrushes foir mtechnnts; artist's cmole in oil reads pre pe eredin hoxea, fslled a: with all neeeat.ry brushee; artist's teels, &e. a Flaek and Ismeit whtelt 60nsacks gold leaf; white and yellow wax gaum arabic; and a large sad choice aa Ssortenrat ofpaitn, dry colors oil, turpentine, varnish, &e., fur sale, t whlesl:a and tetail, at the lowest prlcea, by II MaNDELLI, t28 58 Calmp t. ±'l.uoPbA:l LUe. .YEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIAJIA. fT has been ,r soame time made known to the puhlac that the subheribers are engaged in preparing ior the prteas a new editin f thie Louisi;ana (ivel Cede - 'ithev ere. Ir,, tile fire ort, er' I tte great d ilfistlty lna irelllleliit~t ae~lttedini the ttblicatien uf tie work, lld ii wtas no withollt great lhesittion tsat thetrytn. seated tc tihe nnderlaknbley ut tie present edition, al lltnti.e to iet tlthree thousand copies, snld whish hat cst tile State mtere than thirty tlhusatnd dnllare, was intirelv oll of ,rint. Fur more than two yeare past; the usual price of thte work haa been from ihilty to fifty dellares. It i a system of written rules wnirh so immediately eprates ut in every individual of the state, interested ietuer ie a.diculture or cotnerce and whieh governt hie dispotition of so much property eoming to usa from other states, that--unlke alote. n-ay ether treatie upon law-ht is eas muh the text-book and manual of the merchant slad the plater, as it is of the private gentle oan and the professional advoc:.te. ' The lawyers of tle r djeiniugt statese and in fact of al thosetun ate'po tite Ohio and Mis,'irippi rivers which eind a mart for their protuce in Louisiana, have a fre quent necessity ef refere ce to the code, and make it ar ielispensable requisite to their linraries; and in the cith oi New Otrle Ins tIe hook is as sure to L ftound in itie merehant's colenting rom, at uan bhe idesk of tim ju der, or tie talle tof th e att.rney. It is net stlpris eg ulsrefire talnt te first edition fl'the work was sn quick ly dietsetd of; and ealhhgh a tere nrprint f it would ia seom nmeasre saOsply ilts publie neces itv, vet it w ouid he intpr.etat oan t nesinet t.ry unle' annelated with relersnes on tthe leport . sead Statuter in ur!rr to sin race t a letmeiun amllendntst w:hltch hae blene mide by thie t.inslalre, aTnd the ittmportant decisions anti coerlalctions which bae e been given upon meany its articles by the S1prpellee fCourt. TIhe publisihers ha. aseEured, itr the general euper intendencre ntt editorial department of the work, the prolessimona services of hheelocsk Uptoa, Esq. a nlelherol the New frleans Bar. Tie Hen. Judge Ilullard, lundre lermudea, and lion George Esstis, lave each kiadyi assisted Mr Upton with the vsltrble notes which tlhel. have collected it the courser o' their studiee and praetiec; and to lMr N R Jennines, the pRrt-. ner of .ir Uttmn, wo is also engaged in tihe work, Gen Strawbridge, lEsq. has preeentcd tihe great mass of refa rerea sofntaiued in his office copy of the code, and wiich na he been made bv hii drling the whole peri Iod e his tlis:inguished ,reiessionral nlab . lThe paulishn era llay t!lerfire well r turte at tlit annotations ofi trhe ork will be all that industred and labour, asnisted by learning and ex eri.ncee can parliarm. I;t ptttine fi't n thits pI ertcctta anit solicitirg geern ltobllseribherstolsthe wlrk, tnso tltbti.hrrn take prile its the fa t that the l.eiolarel of Lottsinei n haes ctlmrized the ovrsettt t r. onete thonread copties otf it for trie ilollre ulse o 'l ' State. The' rneiitlle.e witi whielc tlt S ttl'l,'r ww tab ke v he Arseaeiitl, evinced their just elre i the ivaltlt otlle whri:i.d thlre thrretv' extentd.l rll that entfdemele in tio. abiliv of thit bliilte,.es and F ritors which i' i. i, eld is tt "aItiv nt'leeserve.P. '1'h1 Work w II be pr ntd in Freneh ands Ens.lsh, i epol oll paper nllld witil clear ts p.'; nor vstll anit aIX lns arerc lIe spsred iclaP tle lluale lerlledlunical Txenltlitot tao it (trrespeit,d with tira eren ilnt)l,, e t,. r It wi ll probatul he retv for r etiverv in tohe i Iinmh t e ýrpt l .r wti ex ;lar d th price il wil be In sus ri' r, C P Ifiteen dollals-fiet dullar to bie paid ot tlletinme of aib- P ecrihbnt. k The sulscrilltion lists ence clsed, tile store price rill be twenty dullars per copy. api E6 JtIHNS & CO. Publiashers. clli '.hh' YORK. [Louisiana and New York I,ine of Packets.] .. ..111; shliPS 7 % ',,,, t ,sue wi o ll s ',il r ;ie " 0 leuasal New Yoerk ona every her iierfleay- 11 co-mmencingona ti it 20t11 novenbetr, and t., insllre the etritustl iuncttulity in tihe r time of sailing, tite line c sill lreaefier consist of live Shipts ,iz :A Shii le ezoo, i'aptaio'rras i tls leare on the 2tsIrlt,v. I Stip Louiseile, Caltain Palmer, to leave on the 4thi "c'otllller. L Shi ; llutscsille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the p Shii i"icksbarg, Captain WoUdbouse, to leave on the ei .t, an tur.In S1hip .lis rtssppi, Captain I)avis, to leave on thle 15th i Janlarv. er IL-Y l'it above slhil are all new. of the test class,bI, aplmr nI cstorpper listented, and upwards s r00 le opsf o btlrlhelh, are f light draullltb of water, being bl'll in ,ew tork expresslv for tie lrate. T'le price fl pas- N sase ns tited ae one handreddollars. 'ITheir cablins arerr bitted aitn tile lost imprveed asll convenieit plat , and da i ihed tin a eat allld eleeant stryl. Allple stores otl N thie first qeualit will be proided, and every regard had o tie comnlbrttad enltre natielncetion oa ptasseners, who will Iptose take norice tiat no berth can be secured in- It tt paid or a tlse ltlfice of the consignees. , 'l'kese pckbts are cmnmanded by Captains well ex perienced i thie trade, who wtil glve every altentio end exertrheaterlvee to aeeontnodate. '1 hey will at et all ties be towed ui p ad Ido't the Miasissippi b Is eteaotbioat., tnd the strictest punctuality observed ii sr t ie tis of snailin. at Thne nwnlers 't ihese hips will nor be responsiblhie Ior d' EV let er, areel or irac'age seat by orept o a boltrdol I !hil, atlltes a retlttr bll oir Iadint be segned tlreftOr. At tile cnloingbhletusl of ile agents ar oneaes. Ft cl trlh tr particulars apply to In l'EIN & A COIEN; t lot f911 (Cotnleon et. -1 A \ outd li it at es!af it the Italtze,it. Itio tlo.' IT cf Jul ., c i're Iuuath, (English built) ca)tpe. fltlndl, millld has bec callpperedl, shte is 22 feet Ig and elthl feet beatt; e ud has Luen sloop rigged, a, there Ute iron straps forward fur rigging. Whoever re c'gni.cs said launchl, will Ipluane call at No 70 Old Lver, a I- t ` UGAIt.-it6 hhdls, a prime article, for sale by U. DORP.E Y, Je22 44 New t.ever HIU\lPIIREY'S FroRlEIIN TOUR). At. REAT 1RI PAIN, FRANCE and tEi1.GIUli, Sashort TIonr il 1l P:5-t-ly ltetmnn Humlphrey, D. I)., Presient of Amhclerst Cllge, in 2 vols. The Works of lMrs. Sherwood.--Betng the only co let e adl Ifrial edlition ever tloublilshd in the United tattes, vol. 15. Just receivoed and for sale by W IM 1'1 AN, I - Corner CUtmp CImCmot; streets. l; ASAUCDOLA MANSION IIOUSE NEl I'PTY, PtENS.\COtIA. ;. TI I ubscriar etvitg pur.laed tbe laste a,.d fer F nitureoi, t air weil aabualictsactt, frun Mr 'I't ylhc, lhe lute prt) rietor will be ready to rereive vi. iters by the Ist tf :April nest. Nn2 eros ald cstly im l:rovements will be found in thmre corttnllodtliuisa n ti ilh ttu llsit ell built. ew atd iurln b at will be proveded at all hlolrc. A stuble will be attacbed to t Ie hIouse, with good accummtuda. tins fur Iorses ld carriages. Fei't ratel huraes aild tulrtlgee will also be kept I r hire atr e rices ald uail land ctw boats, with persons to Ituotage lthe fttr th. usco of viltters. Ililliullds notd tlhet atoualllellltt trstlllv louml at wmteritg places, will nlstbe Ila lshedl a.d utt;,luutetd :ris tot to i.terfere with tle con,,rt el d uiet otie b trdesu. 'Ithe wtiin and t ine will beloflth Ibcetquality, and to ensure a ll spply of iT:e, it care. has alrendv bteu ordrled, wllhu, will aroio e 11r Frtederick Ilturd, wsht Formerly keit ae popnar oltett ltht .'tscil tin cite, illsreelte u l t tio lttei the re,, I'pellhr, aiot, wits setehm lhl olllrfidlll V aSat'es r c 'u Jers oftlat yaer, uot hi Ir ietlleds ceuetlly tat ihey till re.Ie euoer iois I the t.lttentlltI anl s tereby exlmct: e IllN tlew t.Orlt rt lli.uxC o Th IR:cntl wii hllt.lgl l ll ito lntuan. are too - ell klWlls Itl Ilp'd III1t·l., c ld dle-Cm ,ptiiit h re+ 'Iaie h Ic tl elt I'usaelettl isf tee lttrt.cotttUlit e tttgt the rlhlq; the s.duori,y all ts . ialtlre atre- nh,'"d ctno mhiltl d i tllla,- li the lllll r lmoull It s I n It u,,_ rlrYI Ptee('l.s I''II rite Tull l lit ers .r Iof t kie biy nsll the loridlh roule. icltllld allllliIer. s; thle arthIeallt.t e inlld tlliattiv i ttle 'i.h uith alltich tllhe ctUtcls ,tund ' llI it ptlxl tllity t, thIe [e st Souteran mlhrken grvn $1hl ens m Pifente ro ltt.ltle oter all o cter utces ill Ie-e ]atllldes, as c FIl cchcv i.ld deliiatle rtl s Pllllr rcetreat. Iirnsi oate hots tillte r leleear Pernlscola alrd tIn. bile, and will at all times blre l take o the tpaaeng*rs froat the Neo Orleans toats. N I ARNOLD. Ietr,tcnola, Felt. I lth, 1838. S(Gentlemeoa wlhiung to enaage rolsea for their falnilihe, can address tile tlropritor, at I'cSancol, or Mr Sewell T 'Taylor, tIle formcr prop)rittor, at iNew Or leans. R,'l.'eeneet. T Salftorrt, Faoq, tr C Cullam, R McAlpin, Eaq., lt. Kiibv, in Mob Ia; S T Taylor, 1'P p ea, Esq,in Net P S-A letter hog, to receive eommunieatorione for pereoa a tt the .bove hotel, iu placed at ideo Whitaan's ,ffce,.51 St Charles Exch age. FIDORtf ROUTE' FOR NEW YORK. D]" 'rrvellers dlesireus of taking tile Florida mute. via Penlaoult,to Ith North, ore inf.trlced thtt firs rate boats will ctlstantlv ran frlc. Mobile t, Pensacola, reavino Modile and Penscenl every toher dayv th, lst of tlay. Geod stagea will always ae pmovtded v tlte sulbcrbertto he in readiness to take pataagersfroat tobile, in ecae of the failure of the boat. N I AhnOLD. Thy rteomtooet Champion Iseras 3obile fer Pens els tts'lc a wea k fsb ly It It'j Fm .lfljgj4 b'l'AcitA LOtln 1e , si TBrHOUGH IN FIVE AND A HALf DAITS Prom Mobile (Alabama) to Augitla (H 'ee T E:AVES Mobile every other dlar, immo..iatnbly aie 1( tie arrival of the mail from New Orleans, per tho steamboat E aEtsra, to Blakely, conches to Pensacole ateanlboats (per Penanola Ilay, St tone sound andt Cho. tauhale River and Hay) to ftedir RluF, coaches thenca via Marianna, Chattahooohee, (formerly Mount Ver' non,) Bsinbridge, Piaderton; Hawkialnille anti Loumi ville, to Augusta. A pasengeertakinhis seat at Mo. hile is in no ilanger of being thrown out or loing hie preerence by other conflieting interests, nashe FLORI. I)A LINE is but onon cern, and under one co trr throughmlt, anti may rely WrIT canRalrT upo hluI arrival at Augstnit in time specified, Ihrongh all weath er and at any season, unless some most .lforeseen catan trophe should occur. The Great New Orleans Mai r is carried y this route. The Agents for neoomnmoda tion,, Team, Coaches and Drivers ant not surpassed the nsothern conntrv. The smooth, hald, natural roads, the safe and inter eatinK water navigation, the time and accommodation afford the traveler speed, certainry, comfort, and a pleas i ig variety; connected as it were with the Rail Road tClharleston, S. C. atd the steam packets to New York travelers can rea ih New York from New Orleans LEan roANn II onab-WVashinton city In 12. From Chattahoochee, Plorada, we have a Brava Itine via Quincy and Tallahassee, to St Marks, 4 her post coaches, also twoa traehebe from Hawkinsvil.t one to lilledgeville, and lote to Mamon, light two hert coaches. STOCK'I'ONS t no. AnoUsaA, 20th .lan. 1835. O)ffieeat Mansion Houle Mobile Dlistalle, New Orleaons to Mobile, 150 mile Molhile to Alugusta, 5411 " Augutat to Charleston, 136 :hnarloston to New lork, 980- 180 Time, Now Orlean to Mobile, 28 hourc Mobile to Augouta. 3S " Angnata , Chrletont, , I " Cholleston to New York, t.- 958 Making Ito miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, inchl sine of all stoppages. nov Iit N. It. I ibeg !are to inform the public that thea bridges over the (Chttahnoeheswam!, anld Ilardl Llab, creek have jst been completed ! y the general governa ment, (thel aIly olstacles oleroating against this safe ant speely route ate thushoplapily removed; anud I hve tha pleasure oflea.lng ornom travellers that the coaches,hbor sea, driversr and otare of tlle first order; antlas to tha water route from I'ensacola to Cedar Bluff, it is :almit ted by all who have passed througih it to be unsurltanset ia novelties beauty and safety. The bridges thrIng Georgia have also hoenrepaired. J lM C BAKER IIARDWARE. 19 MAOAZINtE rTHEnT,, NEW-ORLEANS. OSEPH KNETTLE, & Co.-Impnrters of Foreign al and i)ontestio Hardware, nre receivine rni m o il rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct rolm tle Mailinfre nurers, on extensive assortment of Foan. and HIeat' I lardlwre crmprisingevery article in the line wilch tllty offer low. tCountrv Merchants and others are invited to Coll and P examine their stock which conoists, in part, of table, I biutcher's, picket, saddler's nod straw knives, plated and t ilritani tea spo.ns, needles, hoakbs 0adc, alto ae vels and spnles, tongo, shovelr, fenders, andlirols, rit- , tat and jtltned woll are, hrslleo,s lank books od pa-in per, Iooki lase, avils, vices, screw plates, hand. C soedge and ot il lhammera , stlllas ietllowt , Atmericln atd it Englilsh linter, cot, lshear, Gernma and ermrleyv sleel, a plo:lghlb Inntl Irate,u and lopgtchin, wardlin."lou si nana and grubbing hoes Mattockse, pick axesclorn ang at grasta oe thee, Callinr Kiangs and Simmons iappio ti axes, w.roght, borse and tt nails, cotton and wod i carlds, catllere and corn nill and plai els, gllges, Iocks, atd, irons, hooks and ti pistols shtt, powt, tr and liquor nake,per puto err. ton,fil, btrans and tell Metal bnoo. b, trottnk and pod ocksa, bridle EOUISAII NE-Cour dti Presnnuer tis tait Judiisiaire. 'ETAT DE L LLOUISIANE--- A itons reux qu ces I econles cogosncent, Snlut.-Attctlu que Jiles Barnells Diggs, uvalt achete a unle ven~ t aite par le Slerlf tie la roiase d'(riilae s l ,a prol"lte ilalp es dirite. stest tirrse uil G(ire'" de ette Cour eu Ia dilre veite tt lenregistrel le I el iour d'Avril e I'allice 18 h8, p nilr n lavita clfiiorllniett A un acle Id la Legis lasll rllI' t.,t de ila Lo isiane, intitule " Atte pollr c.entirler lis tiltes snalqu reursaux ventsjusiciates;" aiprtiustl le itIs Mra 1824. Qu'il uit couel, et tutes Iersontes inrelrAes si ll Is r , e Ir-esentlrsou Ines all nnlu l. 'Etot In- a Lo sill,,set Ilc ItCour dst Preiier Distrit Judlls ire, qui pourlrientcl .isr druit iA Ia ro.( prile ti-.,rces tilecrlte, en oisitelql enllce d'uil t sile t tic fiorlte ans l'oldle, le deerl un le jugellt de Ih coer, elt vertu hliluel ln ven te a el l ,itt, ot de ltout irrigu Ilrite' ou tle sitlali t lises imatimon, vis onu le tenisetl ides teta-is, It ihntt a11 ctel 11cal ftite sn serl Lt p81l Nt. 15,191, dui Icketie cetle CoeurtA laquelle slt bitredu vaqu reure pour leo rix tie vingti blinsil Descriptison die la Prpti lle pres le tr nsferi Judi. oolie, Savoon r. ULa ie risi moriau dei terre parle Strif, as clit sss ang0 ise)joir scei Ml u tae tsix ied 1 eti8, uaen l ti mcre de s orete nir illd Chsrerin lie il S i line 1r38, ulal t'r It'il'e lin e Jm e lse B i pllea re ele . ste, deux cet cin. itgo. cc1e S I e duIte t eile LseouLeo, llouelle froles ltigelit irt td t rcileur itsir opIierl di rlla t riia n ,ilee il'enesstgst- te arusVel Vcl ce L iele, LesNme:s; deti Dr usit on de angle Ptlrit dte tiprslee ant sCer utingt Sitenitceptdse d pticE, l d Iii , Starvoir. 8 tUn eertni moreeau dc t rre e tot l tesle cdrlie et Aslel i i s't tr i ouvei l, Aiid bis qse ltlln ces tris lrilekes inu. I sl arpigtell drlilulte manisrt lolcele ie teturse u fIllsicl Aallheal on. met lat t r(nlt aurr dnigaite) Iroing CsentlCields ix Ipoinersel eluutre I'e hiirnill to iignte Iiititltse tic Ia iroprsltt ti tlit (l'unt il'le li sscrestniqt publirue Ir Is ruetii Nole I eelIseeealeii nst oi ies ieiallz ItaPitds llX pIncest haInd irniere1 i aslsrLtn la rue IClesMe n deul eelit tin. uanae tcini pietc sfe if loetieest INuns huicorenl n ic e jlle lid st esse . ar J. l'ile V Levle, JiIslcle Ic lfip a liltor 1832 ell, Iee a nllsli anrtl de l.rel teilt Louis lais, sll inig s tesrtl, ille 2 LeouJre est183. lleii lif. A.i 11, e llia ,oul, e dlie d Jon CnlorStli s la ig il i ee I pn lld di I ', r lapel Ii lue Ie est ll a mot a1 rkllie. rit ert le'Atlt iDI Itr.IIlledN oCner dli dii trois T Louis' Dcll, palld l D rI IIAi\E, A tInn s le Iq Will'inm Marc ngle y llot e shc el A stdee ut ite i re limio Slcife dI Ilnparoiele 'tiua , i Dell p ane ei a Is desctel sil a ligue iinnitl ll he le ne ICulre.ece din sit id 1ge garallel i nle ieitccjcilje As Mcrai, Ae l'a Noue .vell Lsvee eel cisanie seize assets qlllde Is Iolees r ualreitinse lllas tilc ii Io aue iceul s nne enellsij nsdic Jt-l o 1s 8e7]on1 inll~Ae it'lssse iseo-e l oar c lcll pe s stn i'Hiu. Af ls . s ls I' Ilnlnt Ilge dis ln Cosin Seideisl:ue AIs eimAie DiE Lset LJUt]icisAsq I-C tir dseaicnt niier dits In 'pT.'P Dctec I.A p IOUst.ciAE, A itout ceil is ite itats eirs~es At, I ilear lren, atlul --Aitseelu dte (sVillians sake e t €hei s el, I Illes vriaeu Ila pte , tei iicri ist g edn ' nitini .ide a o-t Isll dcr:te, t'el adderst all Grentfe ie ctrti Cour nulu a, cnt qetie iut dnegicfrer le ScitlAjaurc, seueiae , d n'all die 1p.8. hour un avi nelnfiauY . i, 1ea tle de a Iaeoi sla re'de 'ltllt de ul a Lntiseiai n, S ic 'i i, "es.di it l c o nefir e r I ds li l ie s 1 8 3 8 , u cq i re u r a ad e v e lljra udel i cl aets t,"pprooeIe ld' arsi 18nc4. Qu'il e -ln el c l. ilu.S .,esrelnlirr i ll'Piie PdRs Olll r Cin A ri elz c i, n. nie;, t l ilnl l t5 s .ue lo illdo ke de ee (U , Al onellr el Iresltier I i-r Jtits l seMiase , est sllrenlI r ds i hcqi ti icnlat ltt srdlle dsns rre, c ieitl d'i rsea lou I J tasele JilI de 'i . eillr tnit V 'I c II teel y Ie r tIey l tre t lots uaisecI icrlsehlrllntiss , O cil.U . dt i Ieailells at llt c uen , dn llelr s ri nlo ple Ihs es de Ins Nsu Illr e Lent, aL .nia. PulP "tllllle. de -Fire v c p",rda~rins ic tllr II1 a dp " I)II.slliitctltls dl" t'.lied.IncspetqUsei rssltetiari lui-te, Nieiiie iLur l'Av Zi )n,d , I'Dtelne ', tel vae rlu tc ille dt.i ts, du1ii '3lt4iri e li No e n ulc dedc ti gli l l v-. (iisldep l eil, pubic, 15 1 det dokel de nelle 13, s dr l ot ldel l i, le dh ,iiet ped ekly se'eit rendu arqoile ds de ncga dinsc is pEroli iis, on i fail acec A tinc sell'' sl lllrce prie nesf sielea en esloisel s ll lea lIs NoI.lltl dI 5 lr p d1li I aulr lId I7,. 9 lr uln do toc Un ctomhoe sterro, sitslrse the post.attise. l,,ies it New Ynch, and wlI. hk'p ronssnei onc itaid " gsst.'circl acct,,ent tffurhIs Mantle Pieces nfeos.c pcts wk ci sitltp. tud of the atep (nerl la I, tIndl of tlie tac t llEgyptin, Iti'uls, de Flch (Ain A itrP ietie, mciilne. plals 1, 1Mo e dt l, detomb artr Leroe StLnee,, m Iouledi leA pli sis aie ln i t uelrdi, mCale hi ise , tle i i, tca\o 8an tiabre sclol. pi'dasepl if Pais, Rsao Heuttyrlie Cemot sad Plactec. tg Irli, tiogeeo sucitsa pen culmli aun tir I of. Nhuss moni.5, to d a eln es d Roo .e G Cuom ohuae ttiest l, oad mosit thpp r post.,fiee. Th uering donare no th ri eteil fran adheir at he. it risa il New ork. ed ill kep onanl on lnd a nI:ll asOrlnt If arb antle Piees ,.i 'AM.8 WAI*t L .'i'liail S tK W. EVANs' CAMilAlLb, 1 f13-l highllvhlabte nmedicine may behd wha d S ple and; real, t New York fircea-Of BEES D'LANGE. 18 Canp esteet. It is confidently ierodnmetded for the following did' eases: sD l psiai in al lits fo ; billoM land lih'ef a S icetnus, in every sttge and dtoreu.i female saiO f / more particularly the nausea incledt to tdmtheen W a alsbua, fever and osne, incipientl rmnemptllan at doe" cliaes, whether of the liveror lunrgs, heaacihe orld l,; nI los. of appeltie, nervoua tremeot, briati off: ndelirium trmens rpsenodic afretioan of all kinds; rheq oalism,whetrer chronic or infaemmtnmarynervous b ilesn leverrs, or eery variety; erufulds salt rheulm e nd all bhlalche. Ilad humnrs, std imlSe e(pls t , ofthe skin; e tlessueoa at nilght, and doily irritalaa [t' dnd tmeilenho'y; thle oummer complaiht, and ertlInS alt O tnohtnrdiarrhma in eros pare s; ,i. lenny, with had breath; ehloruoni and p.lpitatiot ntaltt rheart and heed; ehanges of female ennstaaation l and fat un impaire: and dineoreanied enasttititna in flhtier arit h- which have not been pe manr aotlv rlieved 6y anv other s. medicines A ainele triall of tlr W EOara' mediehaes it i any of thesecaete, will proadlaee Bh t'fllts an will in" Sdieate their inromptatrable operiotit ,, and induoe such a use of them an will inmre a lpeedy Mld unquetotlli bhi cure. Dirretions for use aeconmpsnvipngiam. Numerous certificate of cure will be shoa , as frOi the Ineth of the e ot:alore it is imporBible tgiee thie putliaity through the medna life new to. t an f rvans' eetalogne ther ale st pwardsofQ g O neame and in this nity we can reft to many persoan who have eell relievendand in ottme inetane tk.nlo entahed a. long standing diseases, by Dr Evcana' Camor ie Pile. ano. lm STATE OF LOUISIANA-FiretdadicL. Coumlrt. m HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, Tfo all dthal . -hese Preeonts 'hall ome. OGreetlinlg:-Wheres aames Barcea Diggs hboing purrhaaed ao assa nmale by thae Sheoriff a ithe laridL of Orleat the ytoeaty hers: ntaalr dencrihed, lists applied to the eleak lofhii eortn in whose ofi the icted of sale was reeorded on the day ofApril, A. D. 1838, fIr a nmonitio or adaeratises nlm t i ceonlformity to an set of the tLenate of thIa State onf Lmtliiaao,eatitled "An act br tle furthler aaa ratce of titea in o prolasers at juodtlal lalest" ontonvd the ilth day of Mmoh, 1t8h. NOW, therefore, ktow ye, and all prenham thtetnnA ' h eria, are hereby cited and admnllshfe in, the name ed the Stateol Louisiana, mad of the First Jtdieial District aCona,who en set la, any right, title or claim In and to ale propa'rtv here lftecr dbserihed,in eonsequenee cfenc tinltfrmalit in the erb oalec c e nrjUdgeart of the eohx unluer which the sale was made, or any irregularity o illegality in the olanraileacts and Idvertinsements, in rtite, ocr mataer ol sale, or fot lv, olther ileleet chatso ever: to show maue, within thirty days front tlie day this motion is fira intratedl in bthe publan papers, why alt saie oan made noold aotlbe onllrmed aldt hl ndlagated. The samil proerty was mald ly the Slheriff of the imrit oaflre:tid nn tethe nlsy ta March, A. D 1833, by vii. aue of a decree of thls court, rendered oal themlbh 'aty January, A. D. 1838, in at suit etiled Jomes Barn I)iggs vs. riufis Greene, No 15d191 of the dchket oft Court, at which anle said James Barnes Diggs on.ea aithe purchaserfor the pice of wenty-five thousand escrilption of property as given tin the J dicals veydhce, vtz: Aeertani pices of proaertv or martel olngrond tohaae with all the buildilgsand inmprovementa ahereol, righntl privileqes, &i. tieroeutol oloaigiag, or i ancy atneap. pertaining, sitoate in faubourg A Iuncitiita,nbove this. city and meaauring in Engliash measure, tabee hutdred anl tltiyv-six feet alidtor-eightbs of an icb front an the pualic ,loado New Levee Stl tlree hundo d and nixty. et feel six ioehreantdlaor-iglthsa ofan iaeh front on Celeste s, tIo hundred and fitlyzfive feet nine inelcaanl mtwo-eigiths ofnn clnah on a lilne frocting on Old Levee street, untlil it strikec the bandra lsth. of Laurent Mlilt loalma Is prorpety, at thecorner of Old Levee ndNauna itreet; there falrnciiag a riglt anale, noal extending tiglhty-fire feet oasd three itnchs deepl aong the houmtlary litn of said ,lillaudon's proaperhy arnlel to(neleste astreet; there forlaeg a riglht angler, ild htendidl ity three feet eleven itches ntdl titrer righths rlf ma ech h ale booundalry lilce of Latlit Deales art meliv, prnlle ito Old Levee raeea;there larcuing rightaa.le, ond exltcbtlitg bortn too fret sevenr iuchs nallvien eih tlls of ll hInh en the I ou,,daly line of Will Ded e's ipro perty, pa'allel to Celeste streeta there fotiin a ho(hela' right angle, acdl ontendilg one htd.bed d tdwe.0ty seven teet teolinches and four righths of an incl oil the botndary lin of fsaid IDede'a Iarlpert) Itarllel to tihe public rood anal Now I rvee street, alnd seetity six feet four inches aend fourelghths ot aninleh f."ont on NUn's street, aeco rda iltg tea plant hr J. Pilie, City Sorvenor, anale 2Qd Jan cary, 1I32, anexoed to cn acet Iposnrl before Louis Caolr, Notary Public, n tie '26tlh Joatoy, 1832. Wilesla the Hon A. M Iluchanacn, Judge of the Court alforesad,thlis 16th Alpril. 18ab. apI.,m&t3S P. LE BLANC, Dep. Clerkt. ANCTJIUNED BY THE FACULTY OF0 MES IN E. rliHOiN'S Compontndl .aticaet of Copibha and Sara I p'nilla -A e.rtain, saie, and anet elletlual remea T ever dionoverrel for the oare of Onorantltca, Glrats, Staicoorca, Whitieo, Poinc in tihe back and loina, semanal weakatess, ofiaeiutn ofi the kidaiesl gravel, coorbutie etl'otions, dEoe. it t ab itatroduction oa a medinina poanoaning the usefi cnl activeo viitue ofa to one iow ofered to the publice tle proprietor has bhut to reoer to the Inumerous rceom menlatiuns receiverd aliot the most enminent of the me. dtcol faculy in Emltne, elievlh g thal it will he duly appreciated when i's narita are htore full) known. The Batlm ol Covlpiba, so extensively used, lhs lust much of its crelit lirnt the ,lalihke ,hieh pati.nt. lormealy exprs i regaotdg its disagreeable taste, dllstunrhbance ;ao.l.cel in tale booes ani stomacht, and its helretofor' Intffriot'ole nien laerd in tahe Ificaoanory stage. Thi proprietor hals made an anlysis nf the Basana, eonelv tag that lte nme activr qualities would therebyhv he mucl moor e morneetratd avd more .sefaully.dminiltered thad iu the ipreslnt sate. 'lte habove redlitite nohlbines ia gradliets alielh allre in thial igla ritole ahaolg the ea oiroaifib and learoes i hle profion. Each doog in the anmllositicll of thisp"resration increanse the clictay o thie ather, pnoluing no an peotalio tl tly ant0 niahing, and surlaning the naon s.nga.git, possasing at the alne time the alvnlltage of its being adainhistred tilth perfect Ineobr in tlie dilinrenl stages f tlhe above Ilisrone. The most eminlent physicianslnd urgeonl of tie preenlt day erress Ilheir deiied aip. p'an ation in favor of So'aparil la, wiilast itl uae in the prcinipal lnospitals end ipublie medlieal ilatitutionl han he n, atd still cuatinues, very extennive. it was a fea-. orate remedly withl thle elehbratedl I Aherwethy in all venereal af.vtions, and in ohsinre eutaneols ereItimns. arising from a liaordlerel state n dthrtlifgesiv fuaetison. Having beelt suamitted to thle test a d experience of the most eelebratecdl amotg tle fcltly, dre hae eprenssed thleir aaisliaction af its extrattdinaory effieaec in every cnse undor their charge, ) aldottillg it Iloth in their nubli ant I toivc'tt practie. Th'leir oh orotiona will h. e nlaered hcafter. Prellriared by J B 'Thorl, Chemlistn Loodol. Price t al lper pot. TESTI.MONIALSS. Frnm A H Salmon, Esnt, F R o, Sargeon to the St Tlhlmata Hosphtil, atdl Leeurer on Anatomy. The taifl rhioIt I iuate hde of your Itettion mins anrit-ty oi'eoes, bth tot aln and fenale, i its results lavs proved so highly favouotble, that I ro not hesitate in pronottmning it one of thle most valuable anit elliacloues rtenotlies eer oflerel to ite publico and one in whiEch htm experiel,ce I can planre every- relinr.e, whilst it Ions nott.roidl..e the winte ulnlenasnlt etctl usnally en;. Ieo'iennid runo Eopaila. Frotm G II Haywirdl, M ItC S, Plhscian to the Ht Matt ltboae Disipeansar. It iak great pIlesture in adtlltg nyt testimony to the olhaludle Imnperties of voot jtreplrasiot, wishing you lhe ulicees roim so ft n Iletsere, in anu ale re.aetd for th abIrallll expent ilcnttuen in brinitg it to suclh Eclt. plety |.tcltellon. From W 0 .,opehr, F It S, Surgem l to GuyS Ile-= The lttifnorm slceest whichl otl's ltelnled Ibte laminlt tenllln ur mrentliinr m n l lst g a ItrIa oIlmietel with the ale dliseses, has litll aatiafied In thalt it lIas only to In kltnwt to lhe trunt tl,eatoll . hMay ttne sunesee you so well deelt, no amply atod alteeil repayyou for your valhable plnlerantionl Frrm Sir A Cloper, F RS P RCS, &a . he. Ilnatg leel iltdocerll to tt vontr ]oxttot in severnl a sesol inlenlt 1;oto,.rlho, whic h bhat hitlherto bolfled eserys it.+etrilpion audmtistrrud hby ne.t, having found ard nait.ndy enourts flented bh it, it, a few lay.-I ;eel ml+ eclfit..dilnt hounld to state ihat I fnow in my Ilrti. ine t"otl p.lin na.ld tnrivane ecomsmend al use aone other. Front W Blair, M D, Pbysilian to #syls oia. The satriclt test which I have givestl ybh medienne amoltg o, tatieltt a,.tl its invasible sutcess thus faro, will induce tleto e.e.evete in its use, wall I dlena it ot tt aot of jlstlice andt of thltv to addt n rfeeble reti. molnial iOnlcommeltllatioll of im'virtues. Fron I. C Tttomjtaon, M D F RS I. r ettuln yotl eu.n atlre t'.,lhaLk for t e valuahle pre.. elnt of et.. F, ftothe cure of Gotnoa1,t, S., I reel gl'ttlill tllatl tou Itha at last hrought a olueliein5 into use nhilh will prove a t'sitlrlettum, Itsp sought fre it, tue nlecll. n. It---& suret steetlO •sld f'e~ntttul om in rases t tlhe tboe class. It ah"orfs ne gerat plalest i publishing to tile world the valuable qualitieaof)tl1e Were it neteamny, tihe ptrnpiesor cnulad here fesmni nalv mote tesainlnialon eqtll at eon:Ondltaloru ths soLtel llt t Ists tla itt griteat Itceess hi thert--the tlas &o exltenoe at lwhicl it Ihas beenlInej,.tl. ill praoeiaw greatest recommeldatlioll anlltt al dascrmiltg plic .l •One recommemdalto tltn reltanstirn ent.ys laove all otlhels is Its neat, ptotaur c Itirm--pott uI in mode in wlllab it nly he taken, berg bollt elasy ad plesnl-t-is tlntsel, mture, with no rohttictioa in diet or etttfitement froul Iiessa. Travellers elpeiallj todld find this medicine highly useful, satd Ouglht nsa to e tnlprnvitlded ith a plrelation 1onaelsgin tIsad atalgres whilch the Itresent moe sombteslm. Ae.ompsolyig the edieia isia lpsmphleteae t1"y ol the dilferenlt a.iges lt the dimas, wldmset aa e.aote charge, esftilta full and ample irettloe.l, For tale h7 SI.fl] . & C0. nrt 43awJtm 4v Cd etsa*. at Bwchf Yugalih. &N AsAuMYt anIsel

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