Newspaper of True American, October 13, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 13, 1838 Page 3
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' OF EVERY DESCRtIeION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT T'HE OFF1'It OP THE TOIee Jmnerican, 'r. CIIAIRLES STREET, NEAR 'OYDIRAS, m23 LOUISIANA PIRNITURa WAHIwana OMS No. 53, dieville. strieet. W ILLIAM R. CARINES (frri.rrly UC tIhe firm nl SFlint & Carnes,) would rnspentlulIV inflrnn ns tldada and tih poubic that be is fonstairtly receiving dmp New York and Boston n good assotttent of Fur Miture, such as mahogany ch:irs, ,e LRe, ied-tondsr man ple and painted chairs, maple nnd cherry bedstends, oahoganv and cherry tables of all descriptionn, bu reous, toilets, ecretarys, writing desks, wardlrop es of mahogany and cherry, wash standa, looking glasses, roathers, bedding, &c. &c. Nil. Furniture pncked for transportation with great a rre. je MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed fruom 17 CuBlomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR TEO ST. CHARLES THEATRE, CoRan OF POYDRnS & ST. CIInRontE STREET. aug9--1838. It INE & PORITE IOin'I' LES--5o gronss wie ad and 100 gross porter bottles, for sanl by HOLMES & MILS, jyaI Bank Alley. PR1VATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, Toulonse st,- By Mrs Hofl'marn. SHIS houie is spacious and conveniently situated . for men fl business, near tile Levee nod thie New ]lrahang. The table will be well suppliedl and attended to, and the chlarge moderate. Boarders wishing to have Iodgiln, can ie lcomno dated, at different prices, with commodious furnished rooms. Boarders wil have tire eosaoti.tintn to ereet there, persons speaking the Freneh, English and Span oh langurgee. nlrgd.33 m - ENSION BOURGEOISE, Asute Toulouse, n. 13, rtene par lde Ve. irffminnn IeET 6tablisonsemne t eslt cieuxe, et re rouve situe 'i kre de la Lehve et de Ia Nouvnlle Bourse, c'est dire nu centre des uflfires. Latuble sera bien fouauie, propremeat tcerne et A ,mu ehin modhre. eux qui prenant pension ritsireroient y loger an 'rout des appartemens de difl'SrwnS prix, bier garnis et commodes. ,Les peunionaaires arront I'ag' ment d'y thrrleer Ides peraonnea parlant lees laongues francaise, trglaise t etIa. note. .. . ar A ALAI:A Wine,weet ard d-y, . t quarter casks, l Indian bbls., for sale by . . REAlI & B0.7Z,1tt\w, aug25 7 lank Plnce. M EDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A ir''ge aud general assortment onll rhand, for s:de itrr ,by JARVIS & ANIDIIEtbS, or Common r& Tchoupitotir N(Itl ,'l - VlllE Cepartnerslrtr horetrirrr exi ting nI thi- ciry between the suber ibers, rrrdrr tire firm or Lor e Van ,Vyea& Co., in New York, ILarrllrhvo S Co., arl litl Natche, Miss., Van Week, Laidlawrr & .,. is urirsol red by mntanleconsent. Jrhltr I.rilah.c llqt i, . tit W tk, and SThomas \V. Van \Vyk rre arrllortizern to usmIeo nasme of thle irn it liquifati irrIon Ily. JOHN LAII)iI.AW, ANI).IIAV 1.\N.;, PIT..R S. VAN \VIVCI(, T'ItOIMAS Wf. VAN \ YCK,r New Orleans, anug. 18th, 1833. CO-PAIL I'N EIOSIII'. The sulscribers hlave folrerld a crlrprtrnersllip in hlis city nrider tire 1iro, of Van \Vvck & (Co., and irr Nen York under tire firm o.f John Iridltrw S' COr,. JrOHN LAIIL )I.\V, i IE'EI' i. VAN WYC(, TIIOMAS W. VAN WYCIK, _ _ ag18- 1i. - . _ . ... .. . . .... [ TO THE PKOPI'RIETOS OF PROPEI'RTY fi 1 N the 3rd ward, Scond "tc i e: iplitvy, te ilys no.y Stice from te alte lheretof i herbly ecive to theII Iprperty holders in the old 7th ward, now the, 3rd ward; in all tle telaining portion of the 3rd walrd, n t, mnorporated and unlrtiicidd fir, to mlake their Ib qluet a of b ,t gunnels, a illl Bar pnvetmeel of briik, int I front oftheir r ,.spective )ref rtie. situated ill hat paut l of the uainhorporated lsllullrbs of the 3id alld, t from I0O reer west of \poll, -re tr,to i I) , stretr, so as to inw alde betr side. of+a d 1 ltry ,l . .tree, to the upper limitsot the dld curd. Anl I that hv o oidintnere ,el tioe lit, Council, appcrc r'd oi')al."r the :4 , requiring the Ir itoi i f prolrh' to Iltke hit I an quetts o l.rit bo l gUIIIItw ir all 1 footII nn1Il\lIIIol1t-..f Ib .ek, I witin a delay offtlur mllnths frmt e Ilit e F. Oi -li I , ordinance; those refutitg ot ie l'r Int e st . to do, +hlIll be subject to line t tupon eah lot ofitlt'tt e ft lhtt hs. for every day so neglecting or reftlsillg ther-anllr, of IU dollars per day; oil filne to be rnrtcer"d hbl'btrle .u} *competent trilunlal for thte u<e if thi cftrll1t ti.. II i t'I' Ii \iii'i, O(et2--It Com. .t]rd WVardi tId ullicipiality. Aux propriettir' derl terrain. dan te 3e dl3elslct, Seconde M.anrcipalite. D IX J Wii 1 tr aer du j eur hde t nvi, ai, eis d nthU i nx proprii nires di 'i ll. in T 1 dhtrit, inaitlanint le 3ut. dictriet, ,inns ln pcrtulo relsitutle dill 32. distriet, ccn n il p r'ee, t-t ptuiri" t"Iq ni4i ot d u e cti Ciciin, de it-ire i hitr-e I, cu'tr c i. ipceta r llc t" Ii li ic de chalan, et tdie fuire pver n briq uest, In d.vvacturl leurs propricetct+ res)pitivtsc 'cI ltires citr-te phll.' tt.r . den fauhourgs it it jcrptois dil'e'et;ie distrwict, de 120 pledlls finest de la rue A\ll lon, A In re I)r, ulds, de ilanirs inclre lei deux o.lis dti. lit -le PoI dr t w jusqc'oux limite Snlli.ri tl-s dll 3 di-tli.t, iU'VOc vm d'unn ord lltnnarce in conseill de villhe, l prou le I 1i aeptembre 1835, exiticelt dies propl)ri ires P'erectiou do banqc uettet dic dc l'lctll e, et I itt vailc etllt rilltes, alnsaunds ,e ( e oquslrre moi se la dale de? retie onldr nance;eu cas te refits onl nIgigepe ils strnllt lullnis It unea nldlllle, en chue iortlde31) pied% pelr bugque jour, de 10 pinesales; Indite amiende recunvruble devtnt t sacun tribunal tolt;Ueleitt A iounge tie la corioratin, . noent IIi " SI'RIN(GER, Coe. "-e % ttuivipK lic NEW WVURKS. 1NCIDENTSofTravei in Greece, Turkev, lll'iuil and I'oland; by the outlihor of 'Itideit" of1 'I ravel I in Egypt, Arabia-l'etread tile toly Land'--with a manp ln engraving in 2 voit ls. Tle Petnny Uagaezne of tile Snei-t for thlle Diflutin ofUseful Kttowledge. Vonlme 5. Ifr 1837, price $3.t r, The Penly Cycltitd:a of the Society for the I)litfu sion of Useful Knowledge, rols IX and X. Price per volume $3. Nature and Treatment of Diseases nfthe Far; by Dr. b William iramlnr. Second edition of the Anuthor's TIreatine on Chrmicl DIealnes; tiuhtll ipved and ell largedi transalted from thle Germin with lt Infest tim rovr.mernt of the athior since the last Londun edition, by Janmes isdon d llnetti t, D it Hallom's Middle Age. New edition; complete in I vol. The New Tariff, or 1833 . 1839. Aliee; or. the Mysieries, 2 vlals;i y Bulwer. Leia; or, the Sietges of c ;'eonua, by do. The Robber, a lale, in 2 vols. by James. Harper's Family Library; 04 vclst eolnplete. Just received atd for sale by M WM. McKEAN. Oct2 err of Cc mlt and Comimon st "U ANANA SUiiAL.--\Vlltot and IBroIlc Biox Sni ll grs, of a prime qualitv, I indin ani foir siale by S G BLANt:C0Alil. tk.t2 33 Gravier a A VXAA COF L'EIt al nitme quality in .store I and letndintg, and for scle Iby S U BLANCHARD, Oet2 _ 13 (;rtriecr ci Dwl LET until let November t n ext the elegant .l Dwelling House, No. 117 tit. iuoepht street. Apply at No. 74 Poydras street, jyl9 D OMESTIC GIOODS-Lawrence & Co 1-4 heavy brown shleetigs. Jackson & Co 30 inch broi.l uhirtiang. Lowell Nos. 1 & 2 brow cotton. Ir sale rag4 hAk l iiiT r dsrett n A NDREWS k BIetllers have removed tnee i ou nt in l louse to No l0 Cajmp street. IRVING'S NEW WORK &c. SHE ROCKY MOUN'I'AINS-Or cetnes, incidents and adventures in "ithe Fr West," digcited fromt hejournaleof Captain B L HE Hlnnevllle, of the Army aof the United Statee, and illustrated from various other iourees, by Washingtn n Irvicng in 2 votl,. i.,THI VICTIMS OF SOC'IEY-By the Countess of Bleasington, in 9 vols. Just reived and fr sale by * W utl( A l iN LMkANAC for 139, juti'cved per .ile i-. Skansca, Irom New York. 21 groce Anmriean Comic Almainaes for 1839. 25 do. Crockett's Alna cs -for 1839. 25 do. People's Almanacs for 1839. Calaula ted forevery state in the Union, and containing a great v rietv of enlgravings, for Rate by the groee, dozen and , ingleby DAVID FElT.' & CO, N Y Stationer's Hall,24 Chartres st. aug30 'iULED Record Paper-Just received a few treanet I I Hudson'- very fine blie record Ccip, both plaia tnd ruled, for sale by DAVID FF.LT' & CO, ,aug23 N Y Suti..oe-r's Hall, 24 Chartres. "t 'lRR \ N P--57 kees Currants, a superior artielr / or sale Ity LA.VIREN- 'E & LI:(,lhINItRI:, sep 13 29 New Levee. 11 BBL$. first quality Linseed Oil, ir tsale by eep 15 44 New Levee. AL.---50 kegs aesorlerl, fir stile by AI)AMt3 & WIIITALL, sell 15 tr 6i7 Gravier elieet. IR THET ti, . t I PltAIIII-A 'Train of Cars 'l will Ieave tine Dpnt at the foot of Canal st. for thea PRIlRIE COT'l'TAGEui ,eveer day. lleparture-8 a i-4 p ml.-R-eturn, t1 m.--6 I- m Snedst, -ti a m 11i a m-4 p c I-8 a Ie-I p inm Tiiauranigecment till ftthlrr n Ptrct. Sept 14 JAMI I It CAtII)VI.t., Prect't C FI'EiE-t IIIi. te Hit. 1,1 do. Illavmn Fuc sate by STETSON & AVEIt' neg4 ' ii8 Greider tr )Al'S-)50 sacks Otl io t ire, ifr sal' lv CHIAM'PLINV& C:OOPE'l. sepO 82 Julia st. oL OW \e Clo(th-.-40 meles heavy ensottlls, Sistreand fr Bale b WIIITRIDGE & CO, ortt 76 duanriine t lJ forI, .,ti ,tl a " Nnn'at .l et bra dtis. feor nit iy WtHITIl 6.EG z & Cn. irt6 -6 leyceince For the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE,CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE PORTS. The sustanntial st.nm heat GOV. SIHELY I' J Kercheval, master hourly expected to arrive, and nwill av. espatch for the ,above . at. Iore fi'ei.t or passaaae, having eeperior accommordations, ap-ply Io LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, sep8 A R 8 & 29) NoI w Levee. aFor Mbsle, antd ali laidatediate Laadnrgu. IThe low pressore steam boat ? C - lOLI UNE, alllleave Xoew Orleans - fir Mobile every 'hursdayp and .tinda, at I2 o'clock, Ii. nochingp at nil the wa'ering l races at which passen.ers may wisll to land. For fnlrther particulars, apply to " I)0. WVIlTIMAN, jy2l Exchange liotel, St. Chnrles st. For iMobile and all Inlersmdiale Lan/dings. , - Tlo afast runninfl ngoJ~ndil steam . ovalt WM. WALLAei'~lntirlely in .'_ statee rooms, will leave 'New Orleans br Mobilae, and all iotermediate olatering places, every Tuesday and Saturday, alier the arrivnal o th it2 'clock cars. GE). ITMAN, jy.i Exchange HIeel, St. Charles st. SA'rUILt)AY EVENING AND SUNDAY EXCURSION TO MANI)EVII,LL & IAOIN:TONVI.I,.E. = The seeametSt)lUTI1 AI.AIIAMA, Cipt. Li.'gl Knlgtwill leave the lake . ,aed oltearuil-rand ir te above pla ec, evearnya Talt even.,, on tle arn.ival of the 2 ao' clo ,:kearn uand return to lne a ,ingtatr,--ne lean, Sun lay morning on the arrivn) ol'tl) 8 o'clh k ears returon ing leave lMadasonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a2 :taw 2mt FUIL MfADISONVILL.E, LOUISIIUIIL, IANE VII, 0 & COVINT(IN. Sp The fa running and splendid steam C bot SOUTII AI.AIAMA, I.. 'I'. ~ Knight mahster, will ran a a raog tar il boat tar the allve ports on Mondays, Wednea du s a nol Fridaysa, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, A m. Returning, leaves Catvingtn 'Tuesdays, Tlaurs days and Saturdays, at 8 o'claock, A I. N I. All baglaeso and parcels at the risk af tle own ars, unless a bill on lading is signedl. (GEO WIHITMAN, New Orleans anod Mobile Mail Oltiee, alU ExchanT e Iuilding, St Charles st. NOTICE. r RAVEILERS golng to Mobile by the Mail Line I non Mondays, Wednesdays atd Fridays, will regis ter toiir names at this oflice, as no saaeac l be secured in tbhettage at PasaoRoula on the arbove bnaed days, toless their nams La e laced on the way bill. 'r oane wo litare heavy bItggag a lhave it taken direoltto )lobilt by any lboats during thr week, excee on tloeloabove nttmed days. iEtO WHI I't"'MA.t, 511 boxes cheese, fi boxes butlneh raisins, 10 boxes imtperial tea, I baroll'I cheery bounce, 0 hIall barrels Fiulton market 5 barrels slmoked tongues, lt boxaes P , clasl', : o l exts olilbert's stnah, Reeoived per shlil iuntsville, for sale by jysal ____'IllItS & IMILI.ARD. ,I ll. ibl M , 15 bbl. chines, jnst recoived, I fr sale by G DUlRSEY, jv-J t 44 New lerve. r 1 il'lt'io, IN '111 Lo.NE NI , S.c.-A olalpply af 4. C- poltlr o Instruments, Patlet Pump Syringesa, o.,tl Sto,toltl Punt IS, all of the most improved des rql o ; l lu , e ctO ,i vdl b y th e ol nserib e rs . ,Al-o, Coltgnc W, %'uter, I nt o ' tf C dumbia, W a.rd's Ilair t oo, iinc lair Nailnod 'l'ioolltl llruales,.c. &C. J3 en.iIC .f'S & Cul, 4 (o C aulul o eato t. -"* b' I-RAl)l--2'ta0 kegs sulperior article, in Ile 14 ilti itg ordeir, aeud tar sale by I. ItIIltkY, jyl2 4. Noew Leveae. t t''l"l' .lip' IEl"- ot receivel lotl tihlo rotoly ai'ooo Itt n (i Lanes oaU.' liie Ill0 e letter palner sIomlnl very lowi ii Wed; 10i caities llpiiue whit lete paI0eL, ,o; cask t t a t, plut ,Ctter paper; ,Ieases super .inl.l packet sttIar 'rite; 2 cases+ o.uerliue attal ass ortdcl.ut s..etasa ota , rlile uctavo assorted colurs; Ior ealt, wIultacleo'oh I tail by a FEf I &Co, " New aur. o taooera HaIlll, il L' _ . 24 lhi rree sltreet. Tl t fl-P RENTn-osen l..lll maardlnllslytly, tie t I onse ron the Bath RI. it IOl near the Loak at Ihore. tlht t tai Iattlh Ol h'. hltall, iler lte Ie. " tlle ( CII llouse I1 tiale 11 Itc'n: (l I'i . Fii or Ai l iaw i . l illy to II lIt iINNAat l., ) nI cornerlll nr Nci c l t ~f otitI las Hi.m. hi , 1;1't;ll AlL--7 casls .lcli a , (Iuirtsud IntnA tursale by 11l)1.a 1:aJ ml.l. t, 1 AltPEItNTEI'S Fluitdl i'ctrf-f Sý.rx"tril`--fat J and alt oI lier CuILtl .elte l'.. lPrepa tnllllllls, r .L:el d re ibtt-.l by 11 It, N?.\ x11. I'1. ti jyui 'or Tchlpuiulu+hs wNua'dle sts 1J tlhe by IREAD & 111.iiSToUl, a naug4 7, liank Place. septl) U lotli tN ICE-i 1cukaks, i t:ce, ye rtll iit -tid r sade by 1 .2h ,I l t ,,t 41 . ,C nug.2: 74 I'lm Ibns str'et. A .\1: k AShbi l llSU--l- hlds, tierce anlld bbls. in vl j sl.e adill le b+ ILAYET & AMII8UN(G, PallB:l 17 ColllllI e i treet. ja @ 1 1- 0 ýý Lu ors-titt i s Cliai ngie a wino, (Laf eitt e ra l) Ii ples altdeira; 241l qr. d ck inulio 1hd ira wie, in store and orse by i IIEL0MUi II\:E I IU\Vi o.' NIE, tli aug;-'3 9 Ce\ti st. Ill 1 olaS..ES-7i - bil,. in'r ,-r sale by a IutL:l 8 and iu New Levee. ri TRL iSURY Notes--li0i d. ll. fale by t J il' IiY lt & CO, l augI 23 . ; I'oydras street. eN O F' -IC E o F '1' 111i: N.,i IL - flt EA NN A N -) NA Ht B. e VIIN.E 11ll. ituAl). fr RAFTS on Necw Yo'k at night, tfo sale at 4 per dt V e .t. premiuta. JAMES H CALl)WELL, t sepi Pres't.t) L IS'r L'UBI.ICAT1'IONS. liIlE Novels of June Austin, eontainig 'l'ride and tl I Brejudice,' 'tMansliell Iiark,' 'Sense and edsi- L bility' 'Ermmta' and 'Northanger Abbey' to which is II prelixed a biographical notice of the auhor--coplete I P ill one vohlnum. Nnn. 3l& 4 of 'The Lifie and Adventures of Nickolas it Nickleby,ctntaining a faithful account of the fitrtunea, l, iltiforllttleS,, and elmpletre career of the I Nieklehv Fattily. Edited by 'loz'a-withi illustrations a by "Phiz.' It An additional supply of No 1,'Nickolas Nickleby.' i 'Oliver 1 wist' part first, and 'Pickwick Papers,' just received, aid for sale by WM. M'KEAN, elpt8 corner of Campl& i:otn moon I C AN1i1,ES---175 btoe, sperm candles, beat brands, Iaetdtg I'aua ship Ilato, for sale by ISAAC BRIIKDGE 4 CO, s"'p8 1:14 Mtagaziue st. 1XCIANI-E on lBoston--n sums to suit pur cllhasers, for sale by e STETSON & AVERY, reg2 iravier st. /i IIAM1PAIGNE Brandy--ln Rip, and Ihalf pipes, a very sul,erior old article ti store and for sale by T '1' ItYt IIK & o, taag28 39 Conulten enar, JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. rYt lE ROBIIER, a Tale, by the author of 'Rich' t elieu,' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &r. in 2 vole. ToH Love CHA.E, a Comedy, in five acts, by J tte. Sllsridatt Knowles, author of 'Virginius, ' l'Io Daughter,' &e. &c. o,N, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon t ';l;our. ; 4th edition. caicrrvY A Manan.s tN AMERIC ; by Harriet -ilattieau. authotr of 'Illustrations of Political ieomntty;' tt 2 vols.; 4th edition. lv A Praclical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exclhange and Promissory Notes; togeth. Y oer with a series of tables, showing wlhu bills, notes yr and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infer. mation connected wi:h businles of lthe counting house; by B F Foster, Aceouatatnt, author of 'A . Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's tn Guide,' &c. c THE LITTLE SKETCH BtoK; a course of very enasy - lessons in Landscapes, Figures, &c. by George at Childs; 1st and 2d series. d Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, t. jy8 cur, of Camp and CoaImtion ste. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe. a riments of Living.--Lving within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'o. The Harcourtol" "The Saving's Bank," &c. le, I7 INTER CLOTHING-II cases, cottainigtan nassortiment of Sattinet Roudabouts and latnta I eons; heavy Metntuan Derry pants, and Liverpool etri el twilled shirts, landing froim ship Paiius, for sale ly IoAAC BRIDGiE & CO, oectG 184 Magazine at ..RItIWN Sltirligs--30 hates heavy brown shirt i) gs, landing fianl ship Pauges,'for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & C), - net6 131 Malnazine st r PERM tOIL-ll) cusks pure, bleached, snumer r Serm Oil, landing fromt ship JMieatssippi, suitable for plalnations, and for sale by AACiRII)GE 4¢ CO. O,'t4 1:14 Magazine st. NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL LIBRARY ' li HE oIbllowing new works have been ree Iaed Ja by the Library Society, at tteir room in the Murhanlts'Exchang,', fronting on Royal strebt, Lady of Lyons, by Btlwe; 1 vol. 9 copies. Ilumphrey's Tourlthrough Great Britain, France at. and B Igiuim, in 1835; In 2 vols. 2 copies. s, Love. by Lady C. Burry; 2 vols. 5 coples. The 'Two Flirts, and other Tales; by Ldy By es. nington, Bulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. ' ht livers and the Deert. by Miss I'ardoe; 2 copies. ed. The Robber, by G iP J.anes: 5 opies. r The Adventures of Niclolas Niceklaby. by Boa, 5 coples. CHIAS. RITCIIE, Librarian. SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR MARSEILLES. The fast sailing brig CA ItOLINE, Capt. h Thamsoan, will Itova lnraobilte detspeclh fcr the above port. For freight ti 150 bales cot ton, or passage, apply to LEVI H GALE, aug23 93 Comc o:e -t. FOR 'I'llE 'I'l.. The fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. -- , havng full cargo engaged, wil have despatch; fir pasalge aeply to aug23 8 Conti at Coastwise. JUST receivedi at tie Louisiana Furniture Ware Rooats, 53 Bietville street, U00 Msll e ald Cherry Bedsteads; a first rate article. Also, a gaod usort ment of lMa le, Wailot, aod Poiltod Chulra, whlicb will be sold for the lowest cash prices. WR CA iNES. jv7 5 5 Birnville street. %ITHILESALF. ANt) IREtIAIl. 5CU51S AiN V. VARIETY STORE, No. 18 Camp stree .mr - der Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers ate now open'eg at their new stand, an extensive assortmlellt artatles their line, comprising every variely of Crobis, rtrar'ees, Perfltmery, Looking Gilasses, Playing Cares c.r a large number of Fancy articles. The followin rs prert a dldesription: COMrNI--'l'oretosenl Brazilian high toptuck, rpal ndi carved; do. do. t(wst, long, neck, puff, side, poroe and dressing, ivory and horn; fine Woith, dressing ants pocket combs; horn, redding amo nursv a "*9mbs; wooden, dressing, fine tooth atd packet caenfu. PER.R UM.Y--A general arsr ,t.ot of French and American Perfumery, consisting . e.lane water in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; lar ncer, Florida, rose, orange, lemon, Jessamrne, beregamos, atllerfleurs, etc.; fancy soaps of every utsoritption; moarscr, antiqer and vegetable hair oil and curslig t(lid; chlorine tooth wash, carbonic and chlorine denrifice; scentedand plain toilet powdert pomatumt; I weston salts, etc. 1RULSHtS--Comiprisi g a great variety of clothr hair, hat fle th, nth uil combss, shaving, plate, hearth, fine adl plain tlush(bw) sweepieg, crouob firaiture, serobbing earl white watlh, horse, saht and tanner's couringr paint and varnish brushes, and sash and grain ng totols of all sizes. S)OKING GLASSES-Co'aprising gilt frames st various sizes, 5, 8, 2 and I draw toilets; German statiar toilet and pooket glass, magnifying minors, etc. PI.AYIIfi CAtt)S--Eagle, lIlalry 8th, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Carten, French and white back Play ing Carls. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portnble desks, ladies' and gentle men's dressing eases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box. es of various descriptions, suitable for itce new year anti Christmas' gifts; paket books o all sorts; suspen ders, musie-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead bags and parses, an assortment of fancy beads, superior euality billiard balls, paste bloekinag; bone, shirt, vest, fall and suspender buttons; pearl I uttons sand shirt studs, razor strops; gas machines fIr creating light; Stnaisrt and melee segars maecouba, Plris, rappee and Scotch snuffs; an assortment of plain d nl stord canes; back gammon boards; dice, faney screens, optics, Jews harps, harmonieas, luciter matches, pins, netlles, Imreussaon caps, drilking cops, teteing flasks and game bags; steel, silver and Ilated spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc.; Shandsome assortment of engravings, ndil a large varie ty of other articles, all of woith will he sold for low prices, or cash or city acceptanoes. may ItEES kP D,LANGE 1000 BlARRELS l4i5 E laoding from brig Uncle lfiJ1l Same tor sale by jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY 150 ounces F'reuch Q iainie, 10 bbli Epsom Salts : carks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Caloamel, Ilec .c.. Jalop, Rthublarb, &e. &N.. landing from brig William, from IRoston, andJfor sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale l)rt.egists, jy7 cor Comnon Tcehourpitoulas street. TATE OF IOUISIAN i-FIRST JUDIICIAIL SDISTRIICT C)UIt'I'.--Tl'he State of Ltastiatta, To all whom these presents shall come, a treeting: Whereas, lieory Whilham I'alfrey thatvingl purchasPd st at sade iade by tile svIC oil ti cred tlrs totf dI:do nad Salrzman the property Iereill after de-criblad, it ap. plied to thbs court the 2ttllc of Septeather, a. I). 18i1a, tor a lunitiua or aadverti:celent in aconarllity to all act of the leaislature of tile Slate if I.tliaitna, entitleds tAn Act for ithe further asauroacle of titles to ptrTeha sers at judital caeCs;"' appracTved tih celltth day aof i, March, 1834. tl Now, therefore. know re, and all persons inceeeterested herein, are hereby citcd anld minlonished in the name of lib tlleStlateo Lioiani , a dll thc First Jllicic l lt istri, ti al Court, who call sar i p i V rig i.. title or claim in and to the propertv here'llloler dellsrenbed, il cmiePqlluence the court under whic theI sale was made, or any ir regularity or illegauht in tt h apprtise.enls and adver tiienenta , il tiime, i' manner of sa'l ,o tor , any other SA defect whatsoever, toh tw cotaue, awilthi thllly tialy< tfrom the day this mntniion is first inceltel ill the putlii papers, why tillesale sto ladea should not lie confirnled and homologateai. The said propearty was sold by the asndi, aforesaid tsn tle twenty-fiftl daity a t.luce tlst, 1. It. I;:111, Iy t ir- Ti it ',e ofa decrcee tt' thin coatt, tenderd c I' t h titt ifflt ti.v tfaclnv, A. II, 18l:3. in the matter tf thd all u a iSacetaca RB at Htis Credica'e, ttIN. c5,,rcc, of tate docket of tlti c rt, at whichl slle Ilrr WV . Palfrey bectame tile esr i ion fprpery as give in the Judicial Cona van le ots of around, dienatcttld by ithe numbers right, nine, ,'c len cati a ICel e icn -actl e a I oai. cacd eaa, ch otaiher, siuate iofrpts ,c nts ,esurcing oit alll one hundrea d l inel' -,v:e feet three and l hall' a,'tte frt oa Levee streeC , oe hun dred ad flly lttit. 'ollt on Second street, a y oel hi 2. 'I'aela acts oa gc, iai. sitte ill andat Carrctt and desianated by tile autih.'tti rtlllvt- ve o Taatty' tlhree ialameive o "e qai lre ( h; suit iot c twelve, lsu ring thirt) feet o ct on r'hit'd stretet, by on, hundredtl fifty f t et in deltllh, and b.tween pe llel lines; sid E lots trom thirteeen I twen two inClusive, measurlg eacl tesrt bteet cn ont o JtetUrc'tan street, by ne tlnng tired and'twenty fret in depth, I,i·twe ,'n lnu lrl el lines and said lot rNo tenty tLbree , ,,as 'rnas .hirty fiet F front on Burt,e street, ly ole hutd, ed alc lilly feet itl depth, between paratlll t Ias. 3. Itwenty toue lotes l grim,asticna'er i said Caroll tan, and desagnel at i te enunliers cOtll t to Iwcell ty ftoar ictelusive.f onarill thle aitll squa.'e J, iounded R ly Cnmbrone, T"hird, Jeffersoa sca streets, the whole is con bltli e aty i, ta lcertin llan atertwu by Louis Icaringer, survE or geanerl, lated liat nlllcait, 1836, and deposited int le offices of It B Cceat, ortary public. 4. And a certain piece or parcel of grouncd sitatec in said (l'rrollm, nltalfltrien two hundred Iaud elevtn lest eleven inches iront oil levee street, ald extelldi in depth twohundtrednd tifty feet to the pualic road,on which it has a like rasnt of two hundred ansd leven test eleven ilnches, bounded on the I.oer side by Jetf terson slieet, and on itle Upper side by property belong ing to Williaem Jones. All which said lots ofgrouad make part of tce plopac arty surreedeaed be said iasolteit E Saltzman to hic teditiors, and are lte same wthich he ad purchased - froml H W Palfrey, by act before H B Cenas, notary aforesaid, 6th January, 1837. t .e jut. o Witness, tme lonorae le A. Ml . Elchs-. - nail, JLdge af said cenrt, this twentieth S day of Septebeer. 1838. TIl'O·I. LEWIS, Octl--3t Deputy Clerk. 'I'AT DE LA LOUISIANE--Coor du premier _4 L District Judieiaire.--L'NEtat d la Lonisian,,-A tons ceus qta es plac enates contetrael. Salut:-At tenduaque ' ery M, Ialcrev yaynt acllalb A c anevete liite par sle syndie d Edward Salzman, la piprilbt - si-apres decrite, t'ett adaesse at grefts de aette sour osn ladite vents lat enreglstrce I 20Ulte jour di saptelt- C bre As I'anne 1838, poor o avis eoutbrnlat tcti Aet as acts de la Leaislatcre de I'Etat lie lt L ui'iare, ani toIe "Acte pour confirmer les titres ties ac luc'aears B auxventes judlciarese," approuie Ic t0 moars 1834. Qu'il suit conu, et touteas personnes sent par ces prseentes conmmes ca norm de l' .at de Is Luuisiane et de la Cour du premier district iudieiaire, Squi pourraient avoir droit Ale propritc ci prces dl I crite, a eonsquenee d'au diElaut de aricle daens 'Prdre, It dbaretou lejugetent de Ia eour, ea vertu F du que ia vects btb lbite, oil ate toaie irrigularite outi illha'it dians l'estiltaut on, I'nvis oc le tenc cet le m,.de de la Veallt ou pour use attlre cause queholloque, de fair voir, daes treate joies itb dttter die t publicatan Ie eet avis, puur-qaoi lc ente aiusti faitC nae serait ps d dolnfirme et Iomlogube. La date prolrialt fi tt cndue par le syndic ecedit le 25 m Ioe jour de juon tie f'anu fe 18 8, ell verltu d'unt de cret lie etie Soul reade l's5me.jour te shat de I'aunCe 1838, ane l'afIfaire de Edward Saltzman cntra see - eranseiers, No. 15,t002 du doket de ce ta our, a la quelleventets.\VW.Palfrevs'est ndu t'qutrcer pour I y le prix ,e 79811. Sleseription de In proprihte d'apres le transfer jndi claire, savyirt 1. cianq o' lie terrce, dbsignft pac lesnuccmbce 89,10, 11,i 12, huictneuf, dix, oze etl douze, dns I'ilet C, se joignanet,csilucs Carrcllton deane la partissc Jeffersoan, et mesurant ensemble cent qgatre viugt dix saept cieds, Itbi perces st deii, late b la riue de la I.evc., cent Scinqunte sIieds diu face Siut la rue oealte par aenl atsoixanle et trois piods, troisa ioues et ciaq ligace de Sprofondseur ct fitce A Iita re Jetffr . 2. Dauze lots de tcrre situus deas i tilt Carroll ton - t dctigncs par lea nuatrosd dadouz A vingt trois 5 dcns 'ilct , le dit lot so, duz at ceurant treaty F pielsde fae stor Ie ruete Third, lpar cnt ciquatraste lptds de proltndeur lee lignes etaot paaralelle, le dits leota de trosze vingA ta llx iluacs. Cileuan illettre trente pieds de face i IN rue Jeff ras per acent vingt Spedtdsde profondeur lee iigatas t bant taralcelie, el I t- d t lot no. d inga trais tesurat cr6-c e Iieda de face b las 'le Ieurthe ic r ent ciuquallta piedc de profondeur antre lianas paracelles. 51 3. Vingt qutle lots te terre itucS dains le dit Car roiltcon, daigncies par lee ntos. d, oil it iingl quusrt I inclus foractnt tout filet J. bornes iar Its rueas Cuct brone, Third, Jefferson et Zcupls et amesreant etsem bla tro[s cent piedede fitu'e sat. ccaeaac des dita rues t. Istaut efoctlrement a ian ecrrtaci dn, dre-sc par Louis BrI.ieiiervoyer gieal,. datic Ie tremier mars 1836 et d.ipsab dans l'atud t Ic . B. Ctnna notaire publie. 55 4. Eton certain cc oreau de tetre sctac( dens it it. at, CeIrllton, mcaurent deux cent ote piiedes, onze poe s .cs face . Ia rue de Lever, et 'eteadcat en prubtiadeur deox cent einquanto dieal atu chemin publicL, sur leqicel cc il'ause fae amblanle dadeax cent anza piedc ooze eousee, borne par en bhue par ib, rue JelTsoeat, ec par on hlIt pal des iatapa rtenact A W.n. Jaes. Tous lee dos iotr de terra ftrment pareic de lapro fa p' t 5e vendas par e dir icsolvable E. Saltzman seae renn'ierr, et soet 'e$ m.mons qu'il await ocher6 audit ea. W..Par.rr,, .ar n.te pa.,,,ant 11. B. C..... no.i,. usdits 6 J inser 1837l |t TImoin I'hos Sca ble A. 1. Bucb'ase, Jus de a Stour, s vincs imP T *iE r ie dScpsemhcrbea A"DFllB 'at-1,p THEO. LEWIS, dcp .efrs. BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., khotesdle Cletiiug lEfaWhlhasemul No.3, Magazine street, AVE constontly on hand a laIg. shpply of Cloth ing, caHlE lted for the country trade. Their as. sorttlent being Iarge, merchant( tfrm the country can he supplied at the shortest notice. .ct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartrea Slreet tHAVE aconsoant stpply f every article pertatin to gentlemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York priers dee 20 TE ETHI SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. S PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth, and the mon ner of setting them, may be s.en at the office of J..B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal street. These teeth never change colour, and are by many, and in many cases, preferable to the natural teeth. .a Dr. i, will wait upon ladies at their residenre, retquested. ap9if S. A. PERROSSIER, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Commnon street, I| EGSC to inform the public that hlavin purehased I from Mesers IIOUGH, SKEtiGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continu the hbusiness at their old stand, opl, ite Btsbuh's Hlotel, where he hopes to meril a slhare ofther patronage. ile has made arrangements at the North to be supplied monthly with tile laterst and most fashionable goods, mr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Plmps Of all description,. WARM, COLD, AND 8tHOWER B.ITHB Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &e jl[Orders executed in any part of the Southern States. mr9 Dr. Roert IF. Lidoe,. OFFICE EXCHANdi HOTrL. tim CLAY & CLARK, Plambers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Paydras street, K EEP on hand a constant supply of Lead Pipe, from 2 in. diameter down to 3-0 in. diameter, for sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTINGq ESTAIBLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite !; it.+' Arcala. WILLI.JI GOIR EE,\, PVIOPRIE TOR I H. PARKER Comnmission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O Dlee.s, Feb. "2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAL.IE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OIhLS Dli S7'UI,'I,%S VAD IVfVDOW GLASS, Corner ofu Common and Tehoupitoulas streets, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 137. AT MOBILE, Ala. S.I. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Neo. 61 and (63 WATER STREET. IE nlersionedl, ihaving estobliehed themaslro in L .Mobilh fior tihe pI.roose of trascting tIe ALttliU n ,rI now prepared to reeive consrgnor.ents, and rmake lieral advances n thie same, ithe r Tfo prioathor puylic Ssale.StL0)LOtAN I. JONES, SISiRAEtL. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orlealns. S lIotile, lFeb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARtD. SAMUEL StLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & totl ossioa Merchants, No. 40 Poydlres Street, N " W () It L C A N S. of They will devote th(e pIrtticnIr attention to the sale fi Te w 'eill rui t Ptroduce. R~eferenees,. Attije . Fick.Ee. ) 00 Hurt I l4lill; New Orleans. A At Netheue, tetern. Kthn,)Dttrou & Co. ( ric \lill Will& tt , Boston, tlIb, rtt Ilret.ire & Ct, Iaevev.t &'l'lav, e New York. Von Puhl & .Me iill. O Stanford & I)Davis. t . St Loust. ;llnogow, Shaw & Tatto. ) t S Rider & (Cn. Huwley, Pare & I)unlap. Altoln. A It Skidmoretl Elq. Gi It Mlarshs:ll & Co,--Louisville. ELI STONE. B. N. STONE. E &B.T. STONE. ForWn ardgu and Commission Mlerchant, FURNISHIIEIRS OF SHIP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TcIouPITroULA STREETs New-Orleans. References : Mlessrs. dt.AL, 1IARER & CO. jBSSOU [O:sENEzER Vaser l tCo A. IB' MEACH & CO. New York, a lt. P'UTNAM, J. & P". OLLAND, Cincinnati, 0. WiRIOHT SMITH i I)AVIlD STONE, Daylto O II. 'CoNasrocE & Co. Clutomns O . . N. AI.DICH, & CO.. Louisville, ky VILLIS,STEVENS .. CtlTIs, StI Lnuin M A. I1. IBOFF, Alton, Ill. We E. WITRROWI, Rtushville, Ill. J. & p. P. FAaTWELL, IBayoU Sara, La. SOLOMON IiaH. Now Orleans. a jan 22 DOYLE & MIA,. I)EALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, i NO. 3 C RONUELET STREETE. a f - t'ilRE.I N'S INSURANCE COMP OF NEW ORLEANS. This Company are now prepared to take RISEtS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Bueiding, Canal rreet. E L 'RA.CY, New Orleans, May 11. 1838. Secretary. WILLIAXE 2RWIN t Commission and tortwarding Merchant, I CINCI' , A' 1, OlIlO. Refer to Inet & Anelu , New Orleans. Jow. Landis & Co. O m104 lnt ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Canmp street, Wholesale Dealer in Pnints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 \Vindow ad Picture Gaisr, &e. &r. :T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT L LW. NOW rntesrtiing in the `;tste anl City Coulrts. Cli ents oi .lfind him at Ilthe Clerk's oflice, U S Cirouit Court, in the Custom House building. jel A CARD. THE undersigned have opened I house in this city, . 'or ithe purpose of transacting a GENERAL COMMI.SSION IIUSINESS. OFFIICE, No. 10 GRAVnEt STREET, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be cotalinued in the above name. I Ilrences. Stodlrey, In , tie & Swnal, New Orleans. La. Peters & idilaord, " It 1 Hill & Co, Il.ouivillo, Ky. .loh n M Giilhmore, \ icksburg, Hise. a Haper, Carpenter & Co Grand Gulf, Miss. Y lMuir, lnore & Co, Sil ts l.illurt. Ntcehez, Miss. S New Orleans, July I., 11188. jl2 A CA R1). ATHItNIEL TOWNSEND having located hit, sell" in Newv Ori o lee ile purposre of transactitg a Geneeeral Agecv et ItOOntlistre b0usinResst would re petletfullV sulil tfrotlm tie public a share of their pa stronage. e i acting of allyv bllsiness that matty be desired in thlat - coeuttry, e Hwill guarmee prult;t sat unreitted at Jo tcntie tloti tll rbuies eintrusted It his chargd, sud a t laithfl applieatitn (it acrordance with instructions) of ro all lued. tht unvr t itelto Ilia hands. re Office it Nein Exclatge. on rlier streetr, topOslite to Re .\Ir Ctlaptl'S; hurth, and dJj ,iing t(iobaon' it. readilut r.aln.tet ot to te It'lexion Consulate. tr New t)rleons, November lt, 18371 T Rrjireteer. el aers Hillyer, .Iis & Co. S w YTrk. e Burre AVtLetl .t 0 Alevarez F or, NntcheC, Miss. 1 i1l Strtt I I tt Ltoam, Meo. Jt, JItt t.r v. L.o,,isville, Ky, li l It te I, H Ikmtaille,tKy. r2t Im its FIREMNB, SINSURANOCE Co0.UTlr OFl' NEW ORLEANS, 1 Ofcd No.24 Musuon's jrl CANAL S'TREE T. TBEr A IEB ICAlo OFFICE. in connection with this Otlce is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR Tile PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank CheoksU Catalogues Bills of Ladiug Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bilsr Circuars, And every descriptiet ofJob oVerk that may berequire'd. [17rThe p.,orietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to ;.n .above Cartd, and assures tem that all work intruste, hils care sholl ie at the short est notice, in a st3,, unsurpassed in this city, and at tilhe lowenst rates. P APER, quill, teel pens, ink, flhil, wafers sealing wax, indo rulber, blank aonl, aoune, and every other article of stationery, of the very best qualit, non staotly oiln hond ad for .ale by DI)VID PFILT&CO. m19 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Chartres st. fo MERCHANTS. M ERCHAN'S can have a beautiful circular struck 11 off at two hours noti-e, by calling at the Orleans Lithographic Otice,53 Mtagazine street, opposite Banks Arcade. m24 M ACKEREL-3 half bbls No 2 Mlackerel, for sale by READ & HBARtTUW, miu2 67 Gravier street. EAF LAIID--I0I1 kegs in store, for sale by I (i DORSEY, jylo 44 New Levee. SENT'UCKY B.tGIN( --10i0 for sale by HOLMES & MILL.S, jyl Ilank Alley .C I C~H BA Gil tN -8l pL eavy ScotcLh agging 43 inches wide, for sale by HOLMtES & MILLS, jy1 BtInk Allev TXCHANGE ON NEW YORK for sale by ' L.AWRENCE & LKGENItRE, Jy 12 28 & 29 New Levee. NEoW BOOKS. T HE American Demncrat. or hints on the social and L civil relations ,f tile United States. Bfy J. Feni more Coolpr. The Two Flirts; or, Adventures In a Cotuntr House; and other tale., by Ladv Blessinuton, E L Bunlwer, Mlln Norton, Burry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, end others, in 2 volr. The River and thb Desert, by Miss Pardoe, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Hems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood entgravigs hvby Anderson, Just reeeivdad ta r sale by WM MnlcKEAN, jalo nor Camp and Common sts. R OSIN liEOSd-70 btls rosin dross, lnnding and foe sale by J TIIA. ER & Co, jy 14 74 Poydraa street. '(IAVE & lCHAFFER'S Cornpoun I Feid Ex -.1 tract ,f Sarsaparilla, for the cure of enstinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the face; biles whiuh arise from an impure state of the blood; scaly erutions; p ins in the bones; chronic rheumatism; teitt r; scrofuia, or king's evil; white swelling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising front an impure state of the blood, by a long residettce in a hot olimate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,--Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: the best preparation new extant. Among which are thle fotlowmn:-Indian Dye, for col.ring the hair; Bear's Oil; Russian Bear's Grease; Pomatum; , ichaw's Frocole Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder: Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. oaite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrifice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Ameri. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; Preston Salts; Cologne; Kreosote Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; Enghshi Dressing Co ,ba In. tan Hair Oil;--with a variety of other Perfu meries, &o. For sacl by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TB'INCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE Nu. a3 ,,aa .z+., , , t, tifLt I , th a , . SSTABIISHED fir the execution of maps, plaUn and drawings, mIercihants' cilrellrs, blilles Ul address cards of every description, funelal circlllar otl deep mourning paper, napothecbary and dttggitst'lIlbeln; bank checks, drav receipts, &c.printtd aold execttu d in acheap and expeditious style, by the propriter. W IIAift GinEENE. NB. Bank Notes sor'lv executedl. m24 JUST received per late arrivals romt New Yolk, ci'el, anod ito nblaotut rle o ortmte t o"f IIA'IS,. Tihe sttbsc:riber wtull partiaolarly ctll toe ettention of the ptitllic to a octyle Cf Ieavcr lnlts of n superllr finih, fine texture, riclt and beautiful lusira;nalo to a fine plain Russia fat ofa superior quality; and ilso a r Iendd . rtine oftsilk htt tOgeti cr aitli general as sortment eanufcto ed by hlimselh, expressly for this mtarket, wlholenle and retail J VW oBoltN, 34 Camp street. N. B. Cit) and country dealers are invited to call. ib 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. 'ý 12 . P AI R "+ lt re spe at tf u iL lor nll t hri e p u bli c tlh t Ib he will rtmain t. sllort tirno It New )rleants fiur the ptrit'tl of aint i ortraits. ' B.,t1 cr(rI lf totol and Sti Charles, in thle house occuld by'tttnly I & Lyon, )Dentists, wherespecimcns of hiainting catn be tseen. Entrance in St (Charles stre t. -1118 t 111 WI1OLESAI.E TIN WARE '1ANUFACTIrtY 0e `` ILOCKE & CO., No. 22 Old Lever, have in S. stare, Iftheir own maenufacture, a large ani ex- it tensire assortment of inll ware, whnch they invite deal ers in tile trade to examine; alsn JllO Copper, Sugar ihose ski. mers; 250 do. Sugar Ladles; 20 doz. Cpplier it suegr lamps; 7n Both tobs. nssorted sizese; 30 gross assorted izeed loffee Greighs. N. B-llooftof h ildint covered with zinc, cnpper r tin. Copper and tin gutters put up 0o tlad selit ries cicde. a,,g, ENdL-- i, F'(ltCCfl; AND SPANalSIl A t. EI lY. PROFESSOIR MORI'llY,assistd by pentlemenof Ili t proper qualificntions and eslmriene. hlsts olnred I on Acedemy, in thEu brick budding beloiting to Win. ll Hraltd Esq.. ,!jt,l.illg e t erindod tn St. C arles o t, street, whe:e :.., ols rtntlethen, sell disposed, will rei Is reioe a gootd .lloautiol a. Mr. M. solct., fise co-operation of cisc friends andl those ofeduecstio. to enable him to resder this ilssrei tution useful and termaent-. to SuTICE TO T E PUBL C.- 'utI ded rumors of the undersigned having iold out, or disoontaoued his old nsd long estailished GARDEN SEED STORE, ,No. 8.5 Custom house Street, e Having been most industriously circul sled by self. th interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his v friends generally, and the public at large, that hi re still continues within two doors of his late, or so tormer stand, to be furnished with a full and eo. tensies supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen bn or vegetable uarden Seeds, of the growth and ir s. t pert of the present seanso, 1837. t, Since the early part of September, he has re. li ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks. I t burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in sllort a piassages, direct from Now York. By the Missis. a sippi and another packet, he is in daily expecta. a tion of a supply of Frsit 'Trees and Aapiaragus c Roots5 having already received ivuices thereof by a mail. The subscriber begs further to assure the publio ti at large, that he is at present an well rnabled to a meet and nxecsite orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wlolesale or retail, s Ihe ever was t since his first establishment in January, 18. a Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders It filled at the lowest nd moat reasonable rates, bys the pound weight, and gllon or bushel measure. t Catalogues, esthsr in French or Engcisal, mayv t always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse streat. b NOIE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either c mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-twilth a supply of peas and beans. EGRO CL)THS--30 packageS l.idCseys, ker. I - eysa c., suitahle for negros, for sale by , ISAAC UImIDEI L & CO., glagaitlne st. d laL.OUK-i1 I bla L oat qualtls, ande I nesw wleal just landed utiom steamer Czr, ntd r sale by [ , DO RE.Y, sept 6 44 sew l.evsee. BpAGGING. xUO ll's helniUky lUugglIn B and for sale ly &AYE'F A&IEItI NU, sps20 7 ('ll.tlt.,.rte i. r lbfASIL, Y ,.tri',I-tor saln , lit o), leay S$le00Uitenrsasurv otes and $:itii tsaern...etn chlecks os the lBan of AIIIerica, hNow York in differ , tsl nsom. Apply at tle aotie eof tiEOi. WVIIKT AN, sep Exclange tlotel, .t. Ch rite et Itlt-IAIWDb, l'ehacco and Snuee tlttt to, Curer, No. 177, Canni e:rere, New-Orleansc, wishes toinlort hlis trcltlll and the pblihe in geitcnl thalite i enow prepared to filreisl aly tlhillg, inl tOe uhove bnsaiessl, sand lls esnstantl) for ale tbhe tollowing articles: SNUFFS. SRose, German Roppel, Msabshey, Eiglish Pri . lItegetl, AseauBrists Stppers No.nlsitso:lts, SImitated, Amerisall gellclemnn', Bergamot, LDunkent Htppee, trial hBlakgtlsrds St. Omnr, a I CracOs, Paris, Parr Spai'eish, linll soars Rappee, Scotch, asnd rrenine totl poiwder. I OBACCO. Fine cutl chewisg, sweet st ebted as plaIn. Fine cut smotkitg, of various qualities. Rib-noot Vig'icinia, Slaniic, kuc. Theabohreartlels ae ail wmarcated as g d, tnoll s '. perie msa) thlung of the kind imported, soud n:51 bei - urniaelie to deales t n the most nsliberal le... me,,, 4 HlAVANA CO'FEE-t;) bags iriiuta geu ta Shit Cofftee, of the now crop, now landing flon brig Charles Gantlll,fhr aul- by JOLPI I 'OCKAV NE, OrtI _:t GrUvier t llf HALDNESS. IIEAUTIFI hnd rifll hair i titi arnandeat anr-a t .niit heloneine fit tile human frame. low itrance. ly ti e l s ofit it lchalr s the tenternec e, and prrims rtely Irines on the 4prinrarte of old nge, which I u se, nn 1' ill rePril :.i hb I" ,auncver.r. and ometitmes evan to 'hio, i Ilo:ilety to r invlir tlsts andi sners l of their Iscta lil.tulner: the remainder ln Illrir lives are con seq untly t s rethe ,,ent. In short. not even'lhe 1l6:sf inpc r jp •v filll the lPrnrrnn5 thilnkinl Vr nldl w ith that nenvv sln o I hki e iElllli oe ipi the loai of hlil hair. Ti, n-rt ail tll n aior tielee ot ri rlllennpila.ltllridge' illlm, o alaoilo n Rts thae fli lii fron flllinofilr the irst n Wppliration, n- d saie hlttiaresatioas t a.s ial. It lilkeisr pearuer t e m hrlwse aid whijniakers; pte h nta the ir from unnrnip er r y, ikrake it ciurl h.anltifullr, and freer it frIom cirf. N 3iitenis certlifictst f thaPe irat repertanhility in stpport of ilhe virtuesr of Oidridga tBan, lae shown TIv tiL` p ep triettro. 7 Read the rflliitwing- Robert Wharton, Esq. la3te Mayor of Phlihldellih hasa ertifier ites mnv hli set be tou, l, the high act ar tr of hie folwlntlhg entleeln. i Then uindrsigned d he threby re.lf t liesthnv use. the Illahl if Cohllrtbil ili-overe ai by J. Oliladge. and have flulnd it liahely serviceabe etonea Ir ehat prevetntiv againsa tie falling oiffiof haeir, bit alo e certain rester five. WII.. A 11 TIIATCIAER, St, iOr, Methodlist Minister in St Georgu , .erle. No 8oi Nort-l h , fi set. JOltN P INGLS,3R . Aileh street. JOHN 1 THiIIMAS, 1) M tD. tG tic.a at JOi N S FI'RE tV,0l rprneer treet. IU5111 MCclCUIIVY.2.dl:SoultdSt. JOlc N GARD, Jr, ii Arell street. It ih known that tree of the alr siEienrs are tion than 50 years of tge, and the otllers hot tess than 3I. [Fiiron the Mayor.) Comimonealth l f PenrvloPaniat City nf l'iilaeelphis, p I, Rohert Wharton Matsyor of'said city of Phillae. lahia, do lireby certif thllt I am well anqruiteted with iMesrs J P Inelis, J d iin S Fire e, alid luelh Me-Curdt, ahoae names are siined to the elove cnrtifite,lletinl they are genitleralie of chlracier alld re arctahilitv, and as sact full trerlil Sliiuld hie giveI o the said ertifieatce. In witlltesa wrPeofl I hlve liereuito set my haned anld callrs til reanl oftlie cito ity e .txed, this 6th day of December, A r. [L. S.1] ROcItEI;I WIHARTON 6livor. OB ER l E thlt eac Rii iettle of ther LGeuinie Bulll tar a splendid engraved wrapler. o0 which is -eprernietr tde Fell fIiearlan, Oi Solt hole nRle and retail by thoe nole ranta for Aer rice. n2 Fleelhe sulreet, tier Maidein laane, re dole bea t-Pesrl treet, and by ieot drutggiasluad plerfumers t ough h "eourntrv. .JARVIS & ANDIREWS, m9l Wiolesale Aerota, sew (trleana. THE subscriber p-optsera teo plhliash in tom be ginning of sthe cang wiltr, a Condeasation rf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Marttn's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in fiir volutmes, 8eo, according to Itfe aodnl of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now iu preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Jludge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sittlig Jldges, to expect fra)n their persnnal eulperviriot all tit. advantaag whicil may naturally be ri.pdl Itrolea tlir exptrience. Such a work is eceomielg every day morn ne cessary, as the original is voaluninous, expenslive, and scarce. An inreaersillg curiorily too is tnoi' estl, int the otlir States of tiie Untle, in reference to tlhe peouliar jtalprudence of L,,slotana; and the ciretmtlance of the nulilerous principles hiere dea tided in tho adjolstment of re:nntliet of Ilawa, makes the knowledge of nor adjudgled cases of prilie util lily to the jrists of the whole Union. Merenvel, the rising republic of Texas has adnptod our codes, and thus there is a great ldemaid fbr the Louisiana deeinions from aufresh quarter. Couvenient notes, iindicating tle parallel aents decided in Louisiana, and occasionlally lthose in thir rin.e authoriltative forults ef the othier Stales, willi le added to each case. TIhe work will forio folr vollUmrs, reyal aoctnv. and will be deliveredl. liiund, to uliscat.hurait at $6 per ol.; in case it iltrlinull ie fiuid praetiaelle to comlliress it intn tlhree . olumr,:s thie p-ioe to sab scrill-rs will ite o7 per vol. Subscriptions received Ily W. I MeKEAN, je _ ror('imaoi mmon irl Thtis coarse i± (.lun,'d r.'ere dnv, rnm 5 ton !t o'clh, OR P. hi., a'or ex'rcit , :;. i dierent brlarhea of ac t' A AtTBERT' It,,; • ril.' ^,rva a ea _l a , ', l.rtit te NEWAV OItLESAN'i i'a\I.iIEI!CIAL INadlia u~u ,'U''Fh. til Peace ,/rest, btaIren aVlortaa antd Camuralro, sla'b .,lni .la.,a r g'Ily. shel S IPECII.I ('lCorae of Iaoitk i|Ke.pital.-'t he r"tur=e liei tof tot;, KeTioe oIeavd a mj a' "uveral months, ime, will close in a 1ew outs. lit1 Mlany good irt,'ltants, aong tlwhom ln re entle- tati meln t' high stnlllldingll in butis.., will be tile rfermn. cts oflb;red o t the public laatrotaage. A Il'ewN eVolliln iasai will I oiled as oaa n nra a at'f tf fleicot IlU:.dtrf of soberilrrs will have b eell UIonetd it will close in November next. For gehtleten testditg in the upper part of thicity, aln eveninllt CIths, ithree tites ta week, will Ste opened att ite corner of rt. tLootis and Ettxchange Place, it' ub - av iptionstre recei.ed. FRED. WILKINSON bao DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL tir LOUISIANA, OFFERS bis services to thel public in the depart O mentl ol Sal.veling and Ciwvl Engineeriug, bith i r ia town atlll coauntry. i'ralle ontsideral le explerience tt Ilis profesion, a ta bd itV l ,poma aa Ui t tidelita ita lie exeeatiatl of buaitueas enttrusaa to him, blae ahopesa d j atcitt and ,eeeive a shariot'pllfic putronage. Hewilr atlno mteaeure a ied calculate tle Ctie Lotents of wilis and ixcavationta. Odlice No 8 t:lartresttelePt,secondstory I. RTIN I llitVEItELiX otibsa t'rsal , a large S quantit ofa penot Rus-tan sheet ia n, friom 9 to 1 aoz. weight. Also, quantity of Eolf isll shoe Iron, Just received aI aasaortmnlt o't Cok' t lid Parli toveas t' the latest p tters at iL , 'el'hoteb ito. lIs street RUSIILTON & ASPINALL'S the COMPOUND 'ITONIC MIX''UIRE.-A speedy tit and cettin cure for tile Fever and Ague, Ar remtnittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with elnment and uni - vereal success to 1832, by parsons of the highest respectability in tilts city, as stated in the annexed of acertificates. cal This nmedicine is highly recommentled, and has wa been extensively used in the above diseases with het such distinguished suecaess, that tite proprietor of fal the recipe hat been induced to offer it to the pub. o, lie in its present form. It the hope that it tmay be dte the means of relieving many of those who are kn suffering under the scourge of our eountry. It is bat a medicane possessing great virtue, and when used Ht according to tihe directions has never failed of Ieffecting a ctre, even in the most obstinate stage thb of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and crt persons of the weakest stomach, and children mtay e a take it with imtpunity. It atrengthens the digest veant aorgans, creates an appetite, and seldom requires tol more than one, or itl obstinate cases, two bottles a to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor at arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious a to tihe human constitution. The proprietors are r so well convinced of its efficacy, thr.t they agrde ac to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken inl aecordaanc with the directiona and has a not effected a a perfect cure of the f'ever & ague. o A. OLIVER, sole agent otar New Orloaan, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, fae r corner ofl' Bienville and Chartres Streets. For District Agencere apply to ate ju5 'T. wV. i~MII,'lL, 48 Conti at. riHOtSE large prect-es int tird street; one lot from ti _ Iaerom,e, tha ftoatt tfn (eira les 12tleet, by a ta depth of Ir--the buirovea S consist of a doable Iranc dwe llina Iloa s ntd kit htena--ae d the rear lot adattct Ct itaghaattcb trtalaluditatt 3ta by l-atavialed intolthre tentaents. The whole will be let on reasonable termsll tea good tenant. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, s__ ep4 8 Carondelet t t e New O)rleans, 25 Aug., 188 T HIIS Bank is heckio g oill New York ar .it. '3' ]1 J titIT. J. PAL'FI.LaY, aug28 t .ahier. p r- jPARKER'S ROCKY MOU ATANS,' c' i aJOURNAI, of an Exploring 'Tour beyond the a at Rocky Mountains, under the directiot n, the A B C F' M, performted in the years 1835. 36 and! 73; containalg a description of the geogr aphy, ge. ology, cahmate and productions, and 'ne num' et, t manners and unttats of the nativet ; with a Mapt ag of Oregon Terrlitory, by Rev. Sam ael Parker, A M. I te River atld ie Desert; ta.r Recollections aof tile Rhone and tie ';uartrer·se; by MISiss Pardde, author oftthe ity of .' S.atan,a &c. in 2 vola. The aRebber, a 'rTale, the author of Richaelieu, The Gypsy, Attila; it, 2. 'lihe 'Two Flirtse or Ad. -la, r in a 'Country tlouse, atnd other ' Ialcs, by Lady ileassington, E L Balwer, Mrsa orton, Barry Cornwanl, Mra Gore, Captain Me,.wlnt and othert; itt Vale.. The L',n ani Adventures of'Nibhlas N.iaklrby,' edited 'y Bon, with Illntirational by PIhit, No. 1. Just received ad ad for ael by BENJAMIN LEV'. - ACON SIDES. 5ai Hhia Western 4a.con hidet t . in tol laitpping order, Ibr sal Iy i 4 LA .'lET & :n,1aLUNG, S oct6 17 Conmier Ct at oa IaLAX SEED itn tanrwea, anua Flwax .S'eeed dieals, t [ l. the best quality, for sale, holesale and retail by H BONNABEL, rr :t oct6 ear Natchez & 'cehopitoula sat /i FRANKLis INFInlAR ST E opuiblicil are respectfully inormed tia d in an anir a d rdepin#sl tel Franklia, pa e railroad, une n.tW In.ia the lara 'l rhehoid ing i large and moatcnfOWAnRlai? ifIAd ' ioto alteontn, farrknrngn ntocnt 0Fe0llt E8lilnuo. and ,.ferent o ineaoin. The inslltntion is supplied with toe mitu doilfiif ntA attenlive Ial~i and t'aole ntarse, and aeakint iglthe. rious moctrn allangpnf'n. Private uonls ttat bh o lid v 'Oenotimen at $ ' dM itrn per dYc. incltfdi'ln attrioml:,.t, ,t e . 'T'erms in thle or n-tyrv War, 1.eol-. lllars per 4&r Slaves also two dollltrs, O.ll 1'o x in the ordilar Sards, five dollara. All cnpitrn ·srgienl otefflcnne exfre. 'lTh resindent ditasi. ia tar .eoldellnaofto wlinnm applianttion for tadinito,, mut bte oaode. uor to r C A' Luaetlbelg, No I uttllpart street. arplt l, AC .. SII)l.-S-Itdhhdtbrcon itten,l ,d tgferl l sO toot O,'neral tVaene, for a i) LAYE'T & ..M1' Ulu jv2 7 C o em anfreat: -f LoUR WHISKEY, PnIltK & tEF.F--148 bbll F t nperfine and IS. do fin- flour; i0 hol ecommont an' 46 bbils rectified whiskey; 7 bbiln tme. and 15 bble prrite pork: 2h.hls prieo beet; tie cargo of a flat boat flo lale low, to close, bv noAYET & ANtEI.LN(, '2Ji 17 Crnmtr6n stre, , A AMIALY tt -i4 buhl nno anred PamilI t o uperior rquality, tnnding fromn eotlltt Monarne, for sale by LAYT'I & AIELlJN4. je26 17 Comtmareei P(it "0toaN-75 barrele Rosi,, landinr and for salne Y .. iS ,& J P WHITNPY, Conti itreet Al AA SE A itt-. UIfi of di lbra i nstone, for.ale by SLATER & 'IRIER, . ' atg14 40 PaydrasaneN t SXCHANGE nl Mobile want d by J AIIIJAII FISk, augl4 . RAMJ)-Y-5% bule 4th proof rAmelrah Ibraldy far salerby ISAAC Billt]l.E & Co. atgl4 12.1 Magazine strret SI.VAA SEGARS-?t08 Ihaen Ofreel Cnffeeland II.lg ffoltn anch Liberty, and 201 bats in star fo sale by SLATER d TRIER, angl4 40 Puodton etreetl Il.E 100 ranks Phitadelhia Ale, Abbnref iust received .and fom 1 lh A _ON t J ee BdI:t tL A COHEN, jy24 9it Common streeti New Orlen, aud . .,lrolItn Bagil Rodn Arratglmntoet' ft rullottg tile care fromt this date. FRO C CanROLLToo P:Roo NEtW Oate,.kn. The hone car at 4 o'cl'k A M Steanm car at 7 AM ateamotar 6 do do do do 9 do do 8 do do do do 1 do do Ill do do do I relear r 12 do d aam ear at 3 dd oteotoonar 2 do PMA do do 5 da do o 4 do tdo do do 7 de do o Ii do, do do do 9 da di do 8 olt do Tihe Jackson street care andI I.favette. half lPdit o'elock, A Ai. Canal ao at ot. o'clock A l, and run niig hourly at 7 o'clock. '.ltese cars will commetntu running evnrv hall hou r. ail i olnttnue throughout lthe da uontil7 o'clock, P A1. 1'lle arranoemnetlt for tite l.a Chiurse street eola the same its tor Jackson streli. T''. JAtd it.€FFEE, it, goass hg-100, received Sper brig Star, in sttore, liLr sle by SLA'I'F R & TRItER, nt.'. 44l Povdrae street. CODE OF', f TIL' OF LCOUISl.N.*. r HE Sul'trlboi has been eome title in preparia o and has inw tort y nttarly completodl a new ndi tiu, of the Code of Practice, itioh at plui which cannot lhl to hbcome uaitnl to the profeasiohi in which hte a ossisted bo a few of hit friends, tile enxprnelce in the lo of saome dfiaoil whl t aote f o the ertahlisitmer.n our jndieial ayetltt,s ant under ehu.e especial dirtetiol tloa Iunattr e has nel ire iten t he eppearol.a ol te pellioen tonutber to tte Ciohil Code, published )tV eIsrs. Et..lIditos " Co. it wo titougit advisable tO Pratbli.h the Cod w uf Prctice in the shine outnl tLat thuie whoderire it, tsey be OnuOled to h.ind thi tWo Codens together. 'Ilue arraglrptbnt,iowever, will lie dilebrfhtl. Atr r collectint all the lcisiono otf the bupremte Ctort ulon til rule ot pracotte nwikh pdinv to tlds articlen conn taioed in tlie Lode, thl have I1eeu ttgested and pin: cell nder nachalnb lnate aoticle, ic ttthe htRile nfa Ilost together woth refeectso it, te oanell,; that the readoer by tnrning to itnr Irti:le ,of the Code otIPite tiy. wilt t outin, know" tihe beoi-iooo ulplon it. 'I he work will also contaio all the ootni.t*nI InOu totfilet Codel of Practite. as well n toe laws ot sting andi reguliating the City Courtl of New Otlreos, willt u cullntleta in+ de x t ite whUle. 'T're above work ill make its 1ppearane ae yoah an thle first oftlal't e a t + t, tll b lolld ill gototi llolbetn tial steep co!lll ion' Liodit.lgl, stold at 0,X DOLLtRII Iper coty. l. GREINErg , enu2-Om Atuorn:t at Law A Cardl ORLEIA IS LITHOGRAPHIIIC ESTABLIS.t MIIEA T, 53 MAIGAZIA'E I1'REET, OPPOSITE BANK 3 Ar.CA, E. REE GI NI', ji. r10 is ill niltre thrnkr to his friends anId lh pa lic of No,, Orleans, for tha Ipstromsee bestorced on hi,, foI the lhst t, o vears, and Iaees have. to aslre thIwI thatl all orders coanngai.ed to Is chhalge shall be punclthllv ultlendetl to; he will to ulaI, koee th otl.e oilLC en llonlErSi l iihe, and shall b always radv 1o strike If ierchlant's cii-ua plnll, anid draliil, oi f 'evei deocriptio, at1 the s]lor*t( niotice and on the inr.s reInsonale o termts einlle assisted by trlitlo so sperir toany otller establish I.erIt ill lhP C tle. and lpi ltl0n :le t .e eeriene e in the itllhoraphie linle, he Ions conflident of giving ahils N I: AI1ptheatlIps and drIruistsOi' llaels exeIPuted in ir te rl tvltn as copperplate lngrulI ing, and at outn Ilrdl oI' bt0h l einlh. jo4 . PIl.t. ,ANDE..S-_f50 hoxes best New Bed ird and Nantucketbrandl, for isle by ISAAC I:IIOFc & Co, srpl5 134 Magneina. e seeh S Ul'i- Lis box, a 1ostu1 NI, I ouap, GeoJuckson.l A brand row ineding Irom ship Concordia, Rohhi iontoSl, and for sale by JUSLI'tl C()CKAYNE, 15 Comhmn atsr . SAGilG ti A\D it(Pl'l.--ltNIO elils Kenth. I) Itrpe, 801 piecet kenpickr Ieggi.g, in su1 re an for sale by LAW8 RENtCIE: k ILEOENDIE, aeptr6 Ill nd 9 New Levee IEACH BItANDlY. A fea bbls uld peath blande 1 ar sole by READ & GARB'TOV, Erpll 7, HBhk Plane Sl P1P0M .Vhale 011i--1500 gnlloha winter sperm otai S10aD gallons altner oil, 31100 gallons refined whal sale by WHII'BRIDIUE * CO. 130 Magazine ss. I .IRCULAri- CiraculIars! Circhlars I- Merchants -J wishing to have a beultiful circular struck offat tihe shonesat notice, 1h i Illv to e.ll at the Orleans Li. thlog0rrphic 5;f ce 63 ngizine sis opposite BankIt ArcaIe. septpl tHIEMORRIIOIDS. f AY'S LINIMENTs-No Fletion=-This ex. traordinary chemidal comnpsition, the result of silenEes and the illnelttlonl or a celebrated medil canl tilan, tile introduot a n of Which to the publid was inlveted with the ti olemnity of a deathbed hquergnt, hoet since gainei a reputation Umparalleled, frlly sustaining the correctness of the lamented I)r Gtldley's last Confession, thiat "he dared net. 11e without giving to posterity the benefit of hil knowledge on this cubjeet,"' and he therefee* btqlelthled to his friend and attendant., Slbatmma Hays, thr sedret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitales aeM the private practice in our country, first autmost certainly for Lhs cure of the Pdes, and mIbxtea asvrly and reictually as to bafile credulit, isalvSh where Its effectrs ade iteased Extetnally in tl f'ollowingl colrmplinltl For Droply-CCtoting extraordinary atSpi at arnnel All Swellings-Rodueing thema in a few hbEt . Rheumatiem--Acute or Chronie, giving qgMlt Sure Throat--By Cancers, Uloe.a or Corat. Croup and Whroopig Cough--Externallj','iad over the Cheast All Brutses, Sprains, and durne--.tCerlag in a few hors:r Sores and Ulcers-W'nether fesh 'dr long standhing, and (ever sore , Its operations upon adulte'and ehildfon'lh'redue tag rlhulnmtlic swellenga, n1ull osetniug.niltihs sadl tighnesr of tile meattry ~elaxation df thl perts, has been surprisaing beyond oncdptridn. The comlmon remar'i of thaoe who have tuSdl it in the Plles, is " It acts like a'charom." TH E PIT. ES--Ttie rice, 1 is yrej dedd to any person wl ,o will use a bottle of HdIy's Liniment tfr the '/iles, and'return the enlpty bittle without being 'ured. Thllse are thepositrve'brders of the prl" a.ietlr to the Aget;tr; and uint of many the,. sa.,ds sold, not one has been unsulccessful. WV mhight inlert certificates to ansy leagthl but pretfr that thoae who sell the article,sheal er hlbIt thie ,riginal to pulrhausrs. CAXUTI'ON-Nole can he genuaire withoat 9 n splendid algraveudwrapper, on wh'ich is my enme, and also that of the Aguats.a SOLfOMON 19&YS. Sold wliolesale and retail, by COMSTOCK &. Co, New York, and, by one Druggist in every p town in the Union, For sale by nt.s 1Vlhqlesale Agents, caraer of C Corinoin & "lchopoupla.ul street, and by the Apotlecanrlea generally, je0 TO O',,NERS AND USERS OF HO58E8 .UtI.GEON WALDGRAVE'S C'ONDITION fOWDERS, &o. N. b.-Thls artiJle has intraducedi.nto thile outry but about thre ',non hs, and the nask,sntainlg dealnad it hlas met with has enttiely excaodeot the mnoatt ,esgm e .'o0po: of the proprilt r. Ns.Etrly li ery atable. a d a great Inmlnhe of gatlettnl aweing hbursts .lava uaed and are delighted with i. st not nel moILI ves tne pretnret appeanatre of the l.ore .bt" lIre s of pennraneat ad ameat dedited beiantl. Arp to lhe druggista generally. Y: tBi AfIt .OITE '.Aye tti Jus rd e a r lwLwt bt hko ,,t of ad B thes fafFe.atbk ll 'alwr,.'t. mn nese ti qIality, Ibr ale by nl aors t "Ng'' NY 5aal e. ,ttalr lh. O tlmns11

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