Newspaper of True American, October 15, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 15, 1838 Page 1
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PRICIE 12. CE.NrsY . NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MNORNING, OCTOBER 15, 18l8 Vot.- No 180 . . . . . . . . . . . .~- - . . . . . . .. . . .~ .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . rvear in iadvaete, iicr- io city rhire re. 1.. tbnh ri tiioii will ho ili.'tl liaoe'lItIt|11 ar a c-t auttleI. In case of di cotm asitce, cui wk 'a not.t t wtritig to:tal itvariauby given, previous to t phratio: of sltb-ription. Anvortrlsoie. - ).ai doll.r per arsitare for the lire asartiin, i.hllt" tl it ii rtit for eaci s'ilieeoint iir Ani ototcriI al(ar thilell Ir tilit tlirigiael avCletiseIIclllt will ho ejargeI an as n arw one. Yo.ILI s turA .narIsa.-\lerlhants and Tra ors, arty dolloril Ifo nglish alone, an:l sixty for both lnn gall.t Ilanks, isnraitt. i)ilte:s, and otlhr similar public init:ltino, fifty dloAars it English only, and iighty for bolth lan:lutes; Ship and Steitlnoat Foe rs, or Cooln oi4io' inerchaetlts sixty dollars in English no, and eighty or botll languaiges. SnlAttaOe.s, I.norab ay NOrlCcS, and artinlcs enll thIe attetion of the plhlic to sales cn property, arnls of paseernors, balieta, .t.. &Ce. will te erlnorr.i asr dollar per uar fonrF thie rt insortion in eac la 'gi 1,eo Coto ntlicATlovs, or Advertiseleonto, of any plrsaln at nat-ire. whiet adoissible, shall be clirgedl dtuble, ani in ao-lac> A eldl t. f. twenty-lve percent. will Ire mde to A ctihonerslaole, Iti. Iltgiaserof \Vilseand lMarshals oil s:les of r I tatel. tluliehlid in hoth langiiungo, an ill per in otEgllah alone: LO t r leceni. on sulas lf other prollerty Auvaatt sKr·.ts out of tho direct line of bumoine, of the adnvertisr, stel, ll legal, auc tian, nod ilaist ionll sanles, ronawy slavced, stray iotl, &c. &c. will bchanrgedl for oelpnatily, and at the ordillnry inltes. ADvn'urliEsEnTS nit s lielficd oa to theeill will be hblUshed one lonth, ntdl c harged icer No aidvertis-oleiits of Iinlornpicies will ioe pudlshed m ay c0e, inless poid li"r prrviloune to illnsertiot, or ayenlt glnrailteel Inr at rrolilsill person in ltwn. I',oeatre4o atl othoer iplnoces Of naueno ntll nil vertisil saily or the teonla. tio lie clharged $tl01 for lnglisi a on. aod i$15 in lo lang llgaces. All announcnneeoi r confPliriuti s for polito:el offies be charged douillla the price of oilier odvertiic t: r ..:to the iinelso loeai.aioiincd by nrewspacper oprietlo,, thery ihve cne to tell coiatluilit thait li alri i0f tersnisll wino acccllotr hltvo not Ica plnill w t oli l tnmlo Ila:h oler l res.'lltlttiioll shi ll Ie nllld ioiv I (so far no pralctieoilel to eelh othelr--they ohli lgotin thclinsulvco not to alvertiie or printi flr snchi delint ienti, nuleons in noone ot oiio nre pp.antlols. tisgnceld) J.C. li, ST. IO.1 IS J. BAYON, I'. P. IR.A, J. C. PItENI)EIIIIAST, JOIIN GIB.SON, I.U IKtEN. -eekth P Ire .--\V, the tnniilersiiied, nAtre to abide by ilt ahWe oodllnilnitol, n Ir as they are ultpliebhll to ahliped) I. IAWIoCE, SNn subscription aine. iraken fitr Ioes ithan 6 Imonths. ,outters iiootin illl ease,, ie. list paid. -- hi-I.- '.I-.PI-N gtVIrIs't'tI),&c. 1Z PAIN R ItVIhlIT'ElI Iby tile untili o " "A vet r in 1 SPiie," in i voln- flerry cyrlocrly a p leal, IIv no litor "f "Cecil Ildc," in'e viol. Tkhe AchIcssei Pt dlua:,onl tileri . y hnr tnl-r, yihie it ii.r i li knilo," ina2 tcilt,. Nittitd' i Ilntlmtic'l'nr iit+rllt+irilC id with ehlratleriistc iiiiUCdtiil sii- ins lInd drillo Of 5,priing Men, inidillg Inltices nf tlihe tlrincipul ere01 1 Jlr eOF Encgland wilh lninlltil c tonlntia liiloenrhin '11h0111coot-,10 to wnitc arr adile I, Niiirod'' le lia- o on CIg 'IHttiilnds, in 2 Volo. lien Brace, lith litt ill e iiL. C oilli. . gl I (li C S l ( ll t [. l il li( ll . N .lllll io r 'l.tlic "l.ire ofa Sailor,'&ic. in ee vol. Ceeilnlcititrilco il i:iniit Jlurisprudencea. Us ntihnieisired in :-ltil tI0d.htl ti Itl1 y Joisephii StCry, .I..t.ll H. el iteail, - I , I .e 'yletrytrut, Pope, Ioncrcee, Aihlisoi and other s. e-'vii ttrl ..'-fi ing Noi II and i' of , elrp tr's (lliiiriil .il,1rryt" nllf.try Tetatice, orlrice for thl' eX1101i-, tli m Imon100II oFP tl P U rlitad .IIi'rllf'l-fitVi Iv +M,.ore nttllin'll Sciot, U. h. Ar. c in 3 vol . l oi reeived ndl fiLr ilde qy IXi. I et ,.it, 7 corner iCalnpCI%- %Lil Llts. T Cii 1 l(ii c I to -cite inot tin -i-r fair; ('i ,hie tin i 1. .,..; V" 1,, .0z : :I pity 1. '1u l, . ` v Sw ifter llooIm'; t ftrlv I)]·V·IIIn. l ,, [.a il lI t ll ,t,""! ·l" llbroi* 'n ' 11, ; ! ]lo e: t , v,,l ill t i li-ti i'i t- :t., i-to 1 u, ) i I or..-; 1: ,, 1 n:, . , : Ilinleto :t,'a .aii , lll ldil_-; ein ,,.ll 011 ;t J 'll :1'+; 'I t ; t. a I' '" 'II ' 1 t , i.clc's t ti , "l1 ,.: '"v,, l "r . "' ,, t:.;i,. '.' . .. 't ," , li- i., t'. . i" t. ii'itI , - i* -i i It - , - "iditi. ei - i I. oii oJ , iii l- i ';i · l r t , X' II cti -iti "h'p ., rocll't: o.I ·i l. o ii otlIll IIIII e.r n i ,' i l ." , ,Itto:r " 11' 1 Ia v i i t-i' t lt i t e , I\ i'e i ic -, it , t i .. .. n iiti' i-' ,le ,l ,ili - ,tittr , t rlic II i'HirTiio l,1 er rnlo'.y XIII ItKL)iN n, Curc Cairy & Cinl 'in IAl.U Sl{PIIIUR SIRIN(GS. .G;..E-NIIit 1et COUVI'Y, VIILtHNIA. Pr ltl$j fI',vrite ,;ttertlll plalpe inll the t)lnuntnie I Vi'igiri, i l ,milet eeve of I.ewienlt.lrn', 2I Ifremo rhe Whito Aillophr, will le ope, ill ille season Ior .t le roeepetio nlf Icoltlllplly. .llre ila n rprtetlt iltltore ettl' nlll slre, I -e,.l," oelr I teC Iila-t |eLUSon. Ar piol)llus dl·lII onlln ,atl u lllll ll n er of ailla g e-b"d eI roe < IhaIve lotion added, l lln l no linishig; oil , e t nmtlllllll io y tI let 'f JUly, Iar visitor.. An exeellent ltrll huke ral lnt been costrncted pasninh by the nprinoa, tlltl inltetriecting the IrKanawhat turnpike near ee.ltri tnlrg. t)VLr this ralld, ly direseti in eof tile .pot t otielle derlnrr'tlt, Anle.ot-. lilelin, Walker & en's. lillo of lail eo.ilhea uwill run. A posnt oliee being edtablieshIed Il lhe siri og.', vii. tor+ nay, lr..eiver ne.. ,and corl.e.s soadl ilierlyeti.strand w ter. ) the 'nedieinnl qrnolimieo of thl n.etre, ire pro lrietoreo need ilot pe snik. ''lrev rare Ib tonlyor Il' ble ad pllt.d chelmlis-, rllr ,rni to botil itl slui n ill tte nvlllte l nglredient ll ot iiotlst Celehrated spria irt Virginia. lThecoil lte atioto l 'eOtn ortie on' nt S ehretrteI ly tronen. ,t ill eto of tahi.iesio, Sulplh.tte of lim, Car-. berate of Li:em. Snlphoate of So la, AoTriate td' SodW , and tlt rie oo fAir'lgnerlsl" tlhe salutary eflects tlfwolitih ar exhibite i w ic ses incidert tol .ntles;atnd chreot ie tll:eUri In of rlte mtosceh, liver, ond Iowel-:; illelt neouen tale.etinls or diseases otrthlt skin no retmedy more potent or,'tltacis Neontn n h l lie tfontd. rx.ensive bhlrion estalolienLeti for boith sexes have been ereuted enlltigonstr torle rprlings. Visitors cali at ill tiotea eojoy tie hrpeolitr advontoges of their be nign tand wh~oenao en elfe to. iAujor William Vaso will continue tie oslne'rienol tllet lor the sprin:. Edvert exertion on his t art, tti on tile part of tle roprietr, shaell e Irenderel to ilnslre or tlet . iue Slpltur a blierl shlre of trhe public pat oniage. t'lh propiletors of the Blue Solhor Shrilngs wilt be ilrer;llirl the rete:lit tfI notesr ofall C;til r rermn l en V s in oBnko whieh tore onosidereo solvot t.ntpar. MARtAIA AI)NIC., &e. A vWFUIlinle mlres ,of laerila Muso of the lintel I )ie Nlnerreryof Molllnlral,t .;l with lu tp pendi ,eltnlroitl., paprt i, IRecelltio h I ler t elitillhr: part 4dl, Sdrlel of her tnrrativrt; parld, Review of rthe nase.t Alsl, r sltpl lnent., ivirt morr e tttiOelnarin , tile Ntnner' and grotods, illustratod by a plan if tile Nenotery) &e. Aoarina tnrk and rie Nunnery If lhe rloel )ieur-be ing oan teererourlt oe a vioittio rler C.OIVent3 rIf Antrtl nul reftutation of the "Awfnl Uisclnsure-;" by Wett. L. Stone. Four rth xperiment of Livlnrg. Living without means. 'The S:tullt'lts instrlletor ill Dlrawilg itlot wolkirlg Title Five ordern of Arehilectrre," fnlly erxlainirrt tile uelreltti for striking rerglar rlnd quirkedl illonlee's; for dimniishinl hnnd dglteing ofeouolros ane calpaills titr filllilllg the Irall dilltetteroFnn nrdo r to r ny giten height; fer ntrikinr the Ihtlic Vorlate, cireolar or eliptieal: with finished eamplelies, on a laeroe scle, of tile orldtrs their plahoretlten, &c.; rnd cntoe 7tlsigtns for dtitor ease ele gnrtly elgl'raved Ie fttorty-neIe tlair withl expiates-lby Ptter Ni:lrllhto. architecet, elthor of the I.Ileinllireri Co ntll.iin r.'- "toe"nteror's New Geidce," "Cerlentertr'e anti .ilreer's A.siistnt," tfoe. r"A Peratlec:l t're.tirno tlt " Cnrrlture ofdilkh, adRopt ed to tlte sotilr iot ietIntet' of tith ULnired Stntes--blv J. Gl. Conlrtorkh. nereretary nftire litrtftr'l couaty Silt Sn niet md enl ditor of tihe "Silk CnutIrie't.t t'tlho Siil; Itaiser' Manlual, or tile art ort rioil nnol c^.dh; sill: worms, atnd of eultivating the Al Ibtery tree-by ,l. Morin. 'Plu lerk' lot nide. or Cn:otlnerei:l Coereopnell'reeo; e<nnttrielealeot'erso ofb e il4- invbtiirte seemetilt~t-eln!,, soot. Ihopki e nrre n err troti o f itt l 4, enrmortr.ial ternl4.fe.--v It l F. F,.elert " "llistorv of tile War in ttlle P .-1to.1dtitt rli thie Soth of Fer ture,r.feln tile year 18i17 to the year It81-i" by . F. i'. Naiiur, C. B., Col V.; tl rvhirto'iellr . p xed no. ver" oran l, nettalll ek ill itll illno'r o Ir' oflt Irolot. llloll illn t le I 1.tirterly i v:e v; -.itll elltlleflr ee.aletltX t-r CI. I)unlltv \tltrn-lrc I',r.ieal's retrkliDl om:mone pIll icore itrlonele' Nlltier'e f orllterrit lelu-o Ile Ire ootlnllnb War. Jest reeeivre nt.lfir tll by ti'it'i'IRAn--etr hbls, in store, or rIte Ie UIlAIit--50 hhds, pri re nrtile, foer sale by j"oitr 41 New Levee .IltiK--IiO billrs lee, P'rime and other desicrtriPleot F-or sAiel' 0yiS "F' I'SJN & aVtFR't" .-*J(, ! itt. ixet tilhei Y,1-'itisli'g Ware-house , . Ii' t ;. p silreet, IeLC :s l.e lt I11. l .i . o I . 1 ,llll1t.e elt I, : tll't.'g l'liliollt to thl eir stock toI icciitvhl (tlhey beclic. l) f iit tll. lt lnlol tt (l t m rgrtll' . :t:neit knownl; con-iisng of SIIVEI. WAIRI. Coofeei lll ten aets; Iiellhers, waeters, clsors, erall, - stieks, cslts, ttttlblers ait go.blets; table ell ldesrt lil.ka: takle, dese;t alnd tea Slpoms: marrow and glo'Rv, or rl .olit t.tntl si lt1lltgF'L'O, I St h s; lgtrI, Slllee at ll ol Iull"l ,l iter, filrt, ptlli g ali d til fish knives; pickle atll e lcit . knites attl orks, tlttkittlls, ritgs, Efd. pihncipallly fren, Iti.e Ioulllctorty of Mir II. Caidiiier, of Noew York, whose lolng established replutat;ol for the manllllfature of silver vare is sulficient guarratee of its sullperior fiuality. PLATED .WACll l OF SH(IFIIrELD AND Bi1l 1IINGH \M. Tea and coffee urn, tea setts: eastoirs, litquor and, eOr dial stiln dsl; superb cl0ullelbr:s, lInd Epe:gtles with milr ro plateaux, tfo cen.ter of' the dililcie or sipper ttbl,e; waltel's old andl oblongit, tom 8 to 12 incltes; beef steak illl vegetak:e dislhes; rich dlish covers; calle land bIleod l lskets; dleeanttr stllilds; ilunle andit c llllle candlllesticks; wine stlllltners; cooler's ml syphoIs; decan ter labels, cltaret corks, ten stailiers, latl, bplls, ten, ti. e. l t s egg abd otitad spoonat eg boilers and slt'.dls toast races, ke. SII.VEII ON STi'l1EI, WAIRE. Table and desert kltes, forks anll spoons; solp and allce lalies; buttter and l lh knives. chelese coopls, as paragus lollgs, vegetlle florks, Ic. .lAI'ANN I'IIV. Pine ('thlie Sandwich an I round corneo waiters, in setts odil single, 0lonli 8lto ilnches; do oft/tiert mhde; i breel, cheese, and ktife tlals; hr'ge upright pitte .ItInetrs; spice, ug.rll :e t :h Ithcestr presV.hg caest; lindia tea tables in nests, cadllles .;ipp:.llno uIld of rlich i toltoise shellll, etc. All extensive alnsrtmlltt, amonglll wmre re Aslerl I1ps, all blrolnzed lnl gilt, and of rlih cut class: mantle lamlps dho, dho, e:L:l p wlain Soil with glass prilmll very splendhl eut glass dlo; lololzedl anl lJp.allllnedl sidl or lackhe liamps. CIIANIII'LIMIltIS AND liAN.I;lG LAM. I'S. Etnglisl and 1 llenl' h tot glass chIndeliers or l. stres of 8, 11), 15, 18, 1lnll a 2m - lights; Frell'clll hillz ell allnd il t I Greci'an tliamps, 3, 4 ioill i8 lights; hall lalpts andlt Itat Irens, rich bronze hbot or eceutrc loop for drawing rlolls, fiom I to 6 lights, l'm shalides, gliasses : ll wicks. MAN'I'L CLOC)(S, CANI)LEIII Ihl AND Tronzed land marole; Ibroozeld and gilt, ind al gil lc, wlsh curls, etal t coullthg hasl d kitel clck Cttt IN.t i ' AItV. a(la PIt'ttiCl"LAIN. .nglih i:lln ril ecllh dining desert, tea Oild coelioe str sh es slt o It+ lii i toilt sett; •I+. l rr I S r m"ille| -lk pie llers l 'al tic rlsv s; I.t yc : I:,iP I u i n ra k lad eaik t t. Slit'l ENI . ' It !. Illini g, l del rt a, I c, t 111 ie, lbreokfasl t ald sltpei r 'elts; suiltl wl00 ; pitILchirs. Also, Canton c.'i hi:na dinner setts, fT17i' LA`IS. D)ecanta rs, pitchi'rs; c.lrclt and alt * ed hock ilre'arres; lolts, dish"., cel'ry 1'cs, gall slmads, -"m. howis httelr ohbs, lioger booitn, tonbIliers, "x1,1, chiamp:i,;ne, clrte, tcordial s, hleinl on . n :jlll ; ld Iy glasses; lile colordI houk g.iasses. A , ,r dle" sh'ltes t '1':\ I11,1": ( Ut 'I'INl'. Fine ivoIi y hulhance :latilhes, s lf ilit t ll hierk haille c kn 'ives iI Iarks of 51 oll 531 )ieco.s It, h the dozen; 'llla :anll C lle,'P yell rli·: d 11i s, Ii;!1 alllh d li " l .:clt tilable It iht.c :1tll I'r:"lli I'' I'' 1 Oi1l. t It hl '; itv~ry dlusaihs it s, roe ., , .' .h l ILrk s; guew dih I t 'i'lt l kettle, o a 1111 11 1 11I ' \, 1" t \ l ' .\! .. . .. It I" . . . . , iS. . .i . . l . at, i ; .l . , , , i i , 1, ' 111 of 1' i' a w,- i, ", h h eer1., ," . ~ ,, i n,11 `",! : ,11. 5I 1(;111:U , V I :\1 ,I I + i +. I I I1 .lorl ,do. ,If 0 'aws,,l : wit, b ," r, &0. at + 7 S, l .11 11, ,. "' -, . , l' " ." i . I Ili ,,' a i lt t i 1 i F eetliel' t ... ..i . e, , tt ,I,, e 1i1C 1 i • otte. iet alt t t t t n ftll' l . 15di 0 le1 otitt , ,cot tsr, s il le r i ut ,ts s o .I Th e is Ln s'l lh , ·ill t el vew t eil t stL s . ogets "f ttit Stles, c t:te " oei t`ee oli t pot 5,p1the tllwt 1 :. ;n t iN t Y' hrt te o, Irlle t l tlf tlllr sI, wii .tl clt t ilt liel tilert Lset'tt'ocaelii S:ct'Vu Ito! Ilrett. sall .lne .' 'cll gino can ilto be orl led if t ditlt'saitt' ithe , it1sihwe, ieheollet's, sh lot ( $( arlte most coms on size II is l o 0ill 111 w i es, wi s them it1 iChtes .,i e 1 wial S li. t ii t,ie. ' l'otsir. a ol s, 0tlilbe olttrs t oot wl't mo.te ehulia 4ttost. Soie wish stws with S l llsI o L toL th ICh.ll i ile Owll rs w t 1.0 ir 1. I ,lstiel . o ,iie i lg ll ct te ili eel i sa tIll, it 1 i lm o t'ii n liy Ihrll, lllhl " 1i 01i lll. Iii' ill ll ol, like i so , a t h e m m a h e r nt Sa l a s . t u rs e t ' tf e med u , i t i es s c Tm.1ke lhe Nll le stiat mod cil alsrd tpo th a'en.U' if - Asiti oerit'l cll I eex' e t~l, ttoi u ll t tite it is eace ivl, ft Sin t S Ih t.slellhe IlWm' wt lie, ltt tote o i ill thelt il wish5r e nt writ, the Brisl Opt loa n tl wh ore eh-n' o sired the t trhcsb t'h, wilet osorb s wai he extrp, bt odr atlanain whethey rlle. I an crmteyhing t giteu tliltesil , I t eltl 'o I lit re Itsol tt L ers o r ll h i l linte tl d li o te ll ly them wlith lln (thi views i roll pimp. toW ailllI:gtilnll n haw(ll l slc wt, :ill9, btushes, Sill that Ihtge' tim S'lI W llllr " ottesh ' l Slelll I1r 00010h l s.i.eoi s.k thmo hotMdr adapmolpa.d - ----- ________ '- _________ STI'ATE OF I tOUISI.INA.-i 'irst Jut.iital [lsntiC tt' i STATE OF IAIII81ANA, 'To all whom Ithee ti re,-nte tlall come, Oreeting:--Whereas \Villiatl \ltahtt Illlilln, Illlclhased at a tle lae by tai Sheriff oa 'lthI mlll at" (tlrleans, tile Iroptrlt l'reilltoa hr dlcni tiltll htas iilied to til cla.erk olt is Iollrt, its whoe se ofica the d ed of r ,asirelo:rditd on the 5ta 1d.13'y at lti, A. I). 1l;.;:, 'ar a Ial,'lilitll or ad vertlsnlent inll cont rltit v t111 at nta ofalle legtisanttl of tio dt.lle . i1t I.f lln-i aIlsa eno latl I At: ae for lt e lrthe r i.elreico Iftitlna tro tall thllire ntjud:cial sal;" nap. proved ta tli.ll day o l.t . 'rch, 1.t;34. Nti\V, theretrl,ie ka.ow ye. anlll .nil lelsntb interestea tle .Stalte of t.Oni'iunn a ntla oithe .'a J1 ui'iitIl l)iatat (ourt who lanlll aet t ai rinllt. tati or c:ln i n, il anlld t Ih0 Ihrn itv Il t ' htriulldc IP *lel-rlle ill O)ll~elneg llee ofU uII , ItlarlllitllltV ill tilte aU.derIit'aalete, or jadgamRa qof taea aouat alaltlcr whitll aiae stale naasal rw aala, or allvirretularatv or all emllit: ill tht ata ni. e l taClllntt atd t deartia a-t. , itl |ile or Illnllllller of stle, ourfr i11 oltlher dlt'Ct whatso aver; to - nalllo t n lt t ithll tilirtav da t it; l the illy tilae tal at ilade halhlld iot ItI coll illlrJl ed U:ld. mallt iaal ile qaill protprly wa:ls ol Iod. the ShIlatllo tinl par i-h a oreai o the "2:t(1 day f p ril, -. It. l.:Il:,:, virtle ol it i.".r " t at t, ' aa. I t rel,-r(Iat I an the 3d1 ala'v ofaa.Iltra h A.I . I It ;,iitti a ia antit:e,a I Villiant htnke', mat. llllll a It, A,. 15,a5 oflthatt docketof thlaataourt, ,tt l.'lh waale .aald Wiilliamn lateey became the pur ah:n-r fr ahe ala"ate o'"$af $ti1, ciash aeie iption of l'rta ryot a' ginet itn me Judicial Con v Iull "" .. z: A nerttit. ltt af gr1' ftll. ti.nEtller with all the buidt. i . ti at i . taetk-.atttl- 't.thereotn, situated in tile parieh .f 'lrl-lns in lhe aqlltr a Ioonld by Newt evee, I..llUi'la, a':tl' ntd hltttl tettdat, (ha:guatel by tile No 'a ,,it alan drntna ta C. F. Zi',t I,'l Ileputa Surveyer a;e iral. oiular liata il)c','h,'a r, 1831 atd ileoatiteal s Ill at N 1a , tia ie ltatlllkOf Illlnalll n ,' LFelix ;trilnt, nltanrv New t.aaee atir 'e,75 fert i (ltpah Oil the idea aadjinini g lot Nai8, and tll tetl 7 inchelanalt i liliaa in delepthon lhe side ndj aingthtl rrenlaaty n .ate.r it,'I, Itelongihae to Ndoodlle, anlti 9 feet II i'lacut widthl in aIh rear, a anare it tFrolts on an ullev ' tlhr, feet ni.e inckes it. talllhllll t Inl' t NIt 4, ,a61, 7, R la d ..I ;t'lerk'st( I:iIe, 9 T"j Ma, t R,-I I ut6ti ( W I EWVS Prp t'lerk. SilL WVILLIAMat. taInIlI', LOUISVIL.LE, JULY 21. It Itaas been said that I ran iaay frlaaa Louit (h vill ' nnl ( lam taa tthetr placre) lad l e'aa trackt for thle Ni:ara-thelefotre resolved on rTull.dil st, tr i) ht (iniounnhtit for one day nt v; I returned again a igtll .t 1 hll illo eel t verat I nth a e ve il nprlant h ni vida'sl, is t's. ialleat the Joiurnal oftihis cit wae to iltll y l:n, slltaa 1ea, allllt st a er et rti y ot aint T:1a ta'l nt I , ,I n nhate llm ra l r .' it front i llllllavll tl e. peth ella.ts ofa tita ",.'all- rl ' I I I t ritt lee a )f dolatr liap. Iip knitlhta I tie tlhirll'e, aiar, A j . al. I retIra ll lhorit er. 'oiVr that tlae l ih. os f a he is Will ,all" is . T lihable to tihe .Jtr nal. The f,tblo i- "A blo was Irnldveltaltto watch Illand ra e t l ln, vle lltll wtralf ap paartdl; he be either il 'outlaont,' ia tailortsstn p, or a liar, frqaaena:lv cridalout 'the wolf i rlin. ,' ttlhe are ,tdinayof ille ctrtea n i ' a y v SIast foulld et lll his rtal haractelr: thal he ws a liar, nlll lt to be Iel eydlve ll a llhaaenItaaphok(l the truthl" 'The'l fatht i+, thlatr etllPra lttat proatt ce their eil.itat. So it vill prove, lf the nll-wtiae writers, Ir. Soir cip S ., ii hie Jarn:al. I wntatty adviaae tha.en to pravide then eleIns willh a stoall) engine pless, in orliert t e thle wandetrl'ldetain l annd in:reaun it. that fa a er a.s it il well kInoln ttere rl tinna y wio seek fiar an Inoting t iaseh nnrl,ont of ser lae rato thle vederllls of that arti ctt. But a dll rttltlatela fr i olta(; alah Satri, hf a ee and thibll h cetatat ehri t l+ 'reat Intttal of at. e ile illa AltAp tlleli qanp e' al ftle, ttatlta, allll Iar eidllll a s lovers a truth. 'I'hrrrpf Ire they will, (as effccta prodtuced by the eraitses) ntnralllllV sus I [Wnlltll reaild a plher, dhiat I Il[I rev oll i, tlhre si I ll + seek oltt suchla, ), ind l lco l a slus, iiher to te otlhe:r jolurnas, whose sll+telneollts will tat. prsli falls[. 'heir I a att1aPI ata are ttU pll liable to reqllllt IL. ltttiolnl vet I willlstate: lst. I nil. aagitlnl tail holtel, Sad. 'That Ishlallrnt nu t t .litata 31t Jal , 't he Slip & tCo., tave sent te a lettertl rtarataaing niy lifa, if I area atilaeta r after htleattlta. 'Ld. I'ltat fr"ln a ., I hlillp preaedl Ill ci nita, a ifato falrtaetohaatrarllvil'h whih h .ilh l)e- Snip Sr t Cat a' ianfOrmt tare alll i'itel, i t ir o lalwn l I tl never fIailato brtati ngata i"ll s. 41h. T'lat falaa C'iaannali I salllprar.-ed to tae Falls if Ihte Yia ara , to ah atl Ita.l.itll , (if'tar Sailja CoI. ala tint tlake t . ay av life,' t Illtt 1 t Lf lli lle er, al-u aaaw Vorkon the. let tatNa lavrnbe raaataalt the ttholl nl lth next lllllillner, i lr ordrr a halh at all file ,1hu t plan, alantiai Naaahville and Louisviller wtlota e atroaba l tl. (befiota t titt te arriver dnor+.:'hdah 1 st, Hope anl tore Gialiah ad, Carrier ra. iaatla taaake. for nisrn, ian tai ttlalle &. (liah 4th. t orn tte r. (lafl ai r I's anra Iratatat icakaly s rea (alaaaialt tilla Ipll'l le:" Ito I(ln pr'o ..heiora nnd cdlime's of if,,. Jllorlon.;; I.nlalv. I wnltaataa have tar ile noh. . ,i L 'c kn ow, lillt Ine hr ;+ý"!; 1a -y i,tt ere l a la to sahrel' it .rr ll , all+ ;.,i III I'ilter,[ Is( ,e l ilr Vye rs, it the lIIbI t of rlaorillag aihtt, ttlae blln, andtlllat ton, when o it a n ,+' -ta1+ tlaa'ahit "ajesty's -a-tataaas tataruat Brit. tint. l was ,, then so ea ployedl . Dia Iat t laa rea spanrer; tille+ +:lrrier; the merne.+s M~aker fhr Iar ass; the turnl .'lllh 0r Iltlhe lp lt end ,/rt+ stlre Icnepe- ft 'I the tar ttili aitlnt doc:lr So),,oever. ,',ta snor, th dtaIlm atlabrinaa la ataaalaa t ate li te? 1 It thel J uataatal t a tlille a I -lill rltcai IIi a. nd lira Ig-e lf mlla 0 to I .\ II. ell ankitl ell rll Fr in 3 s t . ' .. p :1 e- ir, iatylo obtatin intv opiall willoalt .te, at usual a" I aI gar- a hastay, Ja)!aN t\'IIl .l.Iatll$. Oauiia t -'tat --at'lua e -atwtar Ii ~ d aIr , ' have at a en infirtIea that one of thelill· , lti, +;hvthe p n.e. lcI ney o'llle . I o llrllalllll his uohilr aataa.hl r i wall i e:.i • l w Lh ,ni,,i-, lrit ~ ,at ti:; tt k ,t g d olalt ..t'h er l' i a iv ha te re. Ia'lll'k'.+ll IIlRV L'fl ,e, lvr I b, Ptaataaaat tarta-a I' a1 t h, so)+ Iy, h 1 . , sta IIat ear . a - fra ol' lea-Ither," a t l .~ R orl nl~ll ) nI.Il' lie. In (., 3Jr I 'rln"k t nger i '' " I~nght ta' atle rutI ," air the a at. o at I tt r b aaaa'ta aaa, t' a llt ler h e p,, ,. InV en ata-'i!r'. I atr a I't ornrlnl t ~ll ll , tl a na41+ iltl tl n, lu n',.e f anth r' si n , , Si lnl lI It l +,vl tl In,.-hill," 11 +,tl ·i ant ' l r lerit, du t a.a s tit, an I i paa-l't ra, ' " Ilnt 1a t at l e l ttr ,r that ml oew'rrn horll vlllllw/hi. v rs ,ne' Irvn s I, r ,, .. wh\ ,si: l werll i e rals,',l q, ' i e elnq~i: , r: orclevat lat atI I ' ta ' I at hao 's r:lh i lire, ii Ilil . -fa a'aa , t I lil lr. Ito i tI'llla aalla rui tlt t joinh hi" t at',i lt. afe I 1t e 'h tlli.,n h' , hi it olmlr. l ect0l', th s , ,Ihf, Iu[ i-o a - m.'till in ,l taa ttl.t- ha , t a- l a ll .,in, l,_ , it, t ll b aivw ,'a-t .,e i, on I la , ia l, ti. 'ata fl, vl tl t a :a-tat int-at .t I tatf wai ' -ata e t"a- ll. Ba t 1a I tli ". k'a a t t l !, liohli'', \".c..+ i I m:l)llI l ill, in lh)o llltrli hig vi,, 'n L t',_ h l 'l tevhu :u l i-i<,; a ,"I~ i" . I '+%+.11 1,., w lll'). t ,: .lll ti l , a i a'ta ali eT i at nil I t ,+I, it d lc at. la-- I i,. ,ltIr ". ,i- I tat--Irp ta,.t, i atrd: al - "it,, I, ,.: alt a. a t ato , al t I a ..-h' . ,. di a -aa " ' -t at 1 "attaiataatta i W -tha a *, l.,,e a ;,'rival I.r air th ai, ler -i l i ; , all i 'J't .. . ta' ataittsa. I a .i I. lie , ", h,'l," br In ,",Id tl ,0"'"i t,: at! I ta t It at 'ta r h Ir aja -t, a t al I ti tv., t an ' :,I ' .aItt t t altr rl aa da i tal-t I ,:,, i i l patesit. . rill ,a ti o a l. !ta - ,a- dt cleatis a 1 at a , aI., t' ai-a I ," t;l alla t a, atat tt.l atay - t Ht-ar htht- atatatttita tata, c lala iit attatta i 11 ben aa lt r- ia t h, i aal prt 'ala Iht r:arga ttira whh hcha I draar eil lie. -a ta, aa..ihl att r w all l ha r' ir pa .j 1, than coulrse w~oul it, tk,.4:h 10t inteal'ted* by tile. Jfi.trson House, Stunrday ,2d lv uyg,137. JEFl':FER5sc ifUaS, I., ocIsILLE, To the Editor Jof he Uity Gazetle: It.--Ilavingt lislaned to lhe eutreatieta of iv p cy patieInts. I,1ir1a res.Ived ifynv health per lits, to re. naun in ilas ciTy till the end of' July. 1. T"I trY tlo do them Imre good. 2.'o c ori lvinat the ichlttlnts thai t tihe -ile apl tileta tihe ledicat (io tiaha S. &c, hare appllid to ne,. behng to them, ahir the air tawtll ria.t. 3. Ti t I '1 tc1 nady Io iuC t tr two hundred dollars, in tarcs ef ti U. S. Bk, i, tile CitlldsOat Ili Hie cua thie Aayor if thllie city, agilillt a silmilar solo to he ti pscited by all tile gr at and m ghlty lcctors S. & Go. thatt resrre to siiht aCre aged, toi lie-aged, young Iroli aaltl a cllildcln, wcho whre totally or pata'lly blind tlu ..hety d; . . Ithalt I oe "aiad t ic-ure a graclct notalllle of short, weak h r dill-sighlted i r-na dturiag fI'i sart visit, t.a.. I te..t. "Y tt Ita is calr miet hnaic mianterao t call ina ta titir aidIcte ah vet ItItIrvedly c liehr tect Illclenrsr and Ducturt olr tilti Wnleli al clllegest as eotli as all tile dloctors anll qualcl dortolr Il be lllld ill privarte practict,, (whlio re nrtt fic.w in the t.te oef Kleot Ceky Ohi, Ihldina ao t t. I ill 'tellnesseet ; chltC there are indted a lloe 'two tlln o liallac lctarl., whose ce Illlls Olaat t be hIandd dew ite laur na pusEible to tltet posttircitt. 4. It l :st Iie cletcly tIierstanl d that all tle ttrctes if till', on htht .nill ts, i nlllst be ;'1 -e'l hallai ee whltever. 5. hI'icae wat, really me'it tile epithets they ave ai liberally alJplid to tNi, ..h:.ll G irfeit ihe.,$olll fur t T. belhlit ofci e ca lllllts hllcsas ill h city, alind tile utaerIr ty shall takeh tccck hi. a'act $d211t,, whcrvcr ie or the, [liia he. II' etct thea Iittlghtv cmelichl I ,tcttcaglr St si addh prov atat o tia o ufacc t cttsalal taltdllates, I wilt litltl he old proverb, lild give the "old getltlertt tli Ii. At all everi j wolhld advise the last nated Gae lia S. t o lr tlr t leter to alltd .,loart a It rone fu- "sihlu to tu" aoa welll s "lict.lll." but, veastr.liup alla. tou.a;' t but I tivi-e hlil to aud to it its egi nina ct1alllciiltl, A S h lct ,tt I.tft orc it ill aiallcllh tctltc ord c thll tile In tcltIcl' t icllhcbit.mts lf ttle city w'uld al wayh kourw til wric'r ib e tile Il ly at'i li t iCr. .i'iO ciV tIiLIAMSi, Uculist. wL was weak eltcgh tot read tht ilusa .e Ilsehiodr signed c ., whicli deaerae aathlhtlg bht ilcy Silent CLti tempilt. Ilod I cnowl last avellcti of tile great t'nportane al A S , I stotld hae Itreated the Ist ofae thie thrreesomea wltat tdiitbratalv: blt let thtat pass. L will, hwIt!vet r ctcllll icl thllt niettlaett r iof tihe Jotlr'al , fcillc it .ccc it, to eliploy ilte foll'lrr hknight (ltato Otftlle rof te thistle Ilt) ol'thr tCrectci, 0nl tliuicblr, iLt UrlCr theitt it caty kill two birds witlh llle tonie, i. e. to ilcttll ite and, if I ciccy judge )rtcc titnc exellent tapercthe Acd vertiser, Dr. Suitt'c master is, Iolitically, ia onstant "rred of his services. VIllle in cairllcltllttlllctc cllccr, whlhrtt loleterdlcestiealI or polilieally, tllich rettlirtc s a blitar, whethter on ili owi Ieotte or Ie i tih rotilttllion of, tlhose whi do inot hil sell to please hiIIn, be lIg Itulike hhiu, (which IItu1 Ie" gteatttiltctrtlllcllcc.) thien it iis le ritlr cis BiEI.L, owhiic afterall it IltlhcillC tnottt ttilan if it wa"tlattntinltg brass or a titkilling cyclbalt;t yet, to view it tltlt--ir. iell looka ell; bict with 0n c11. I). .. 8. S. fticr it, aellleore mugl ifleelt!!I JOHN WILIA .1S, UJculilt. Jlly 14. I -AVAtNA SWEETIM'l S--In store and forsale I by TR ItIYIIIEI&O O, jet ao" Comicimoai and Magaoi nr sir. T' Itt'L'T. TItE handsome STORE and back Kitchenc c'a o tit e oatectlut tctory of the 'Tru Aionri ,I ant )tlicro twct doelrs frlmct St. Charles 'tlle itre. A tst ratn ctil for a .cIiffRC HItsiea Apply to 11118 JOIN GI OJU.iN, .tittlr 'T'r Ateriton. N.AIILS.-A prime oassortment of (Cut Nails fronl to'ltd, for sale by CHiASE & tDIXEY lttl OCustm Iteer ee.t. MILES' COM.POUNDI EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A SUMSTITUTE FOI CALOMIEL. rl IIE doet, inc promul:ted with so muich assurlance t by many cmlirica of the present day, that one me e dicvne ill cure all dlise:les, is Iolt, and nIever canl be t [tlle; lunl Ite wh asss, ls it, is either a fbsl or nn im ,sttort llt it is ta ftaet demonstrabiect b expersience, Ithat combinationi of medhieit miay lie foille f'rom thel C V'oETAILE KINOIIoI that will act sho tlilvrsatlhly oy ithe s stem, whell tkelln seasonbll,nld inlllulicilouspro iportiolls as to ll're, il nlin e v Ises at of ten, all dliscases withlll thile real, nll powerf om nldicine. rl'Ollm t.e well knownl and establiehld r-pultil:lan of Calomel, it has long bee cln employe)l I b the epiric, lnd seieltifto physicisan, as onle of the most plossecli agents foi the iremoval of dissose. 1l tlh ftconer, al l osit e tery ldlll h is bCeell dlc'lged titih Inotrti-ns, tit tiir autlllhors claillled as secilics i ev'y disease illci denl to the humsan lotily. The folly of these pIetell sions nqeds so Co tlnlell for 0ecl llar e Cllselllielt Ilt'-.ti ttlont Ilts allhow, that the Ib(se of moIlst oftlr IthllIoacea.s, Ctatholioole, Ik. which have been trumlnelttd htirll'e tile oionlntlit'y, with so mucIth assuriice, is Caflumel, or mnercery in some form. Not, if this potent articlee even in thehatls of the most skiltful phyteioi ,reqellt.l l)y overs tli llleloee oil othe Is all sst.III, nfilreseen, andi eltireCly. beytmI thleooltrol o'1"I't1' tlsdelotieini Ith consititution, andl hrlingint on ilremanlle old age, disease and lcldeath, whatll result shuldd be expected when pre sorihesd hy the iglnornt? Ctluld tlheir mll- thor slnd victims speak, a voie th'om tilte tot t olll soon i lislel hoe 'speciic' delusion tlhat now sw+ s) tthe minds of the living. Hulmane Physicinls deplore the sad evils resultng froml the nllrculrial itlctic , :i will gladlly hil the iln troductiol ftanl ats'ide tihat cll s1Alely be for cilsntltt. 'lthe eel', oande ti t keeni. ly. the is -lcirtilt. I)lfilt prlilnr:L 1p r:'llllnll the clllllltt s1 ' sy whtetiher it -ill tIht it its use is colli ned f-r anv clnsiderl- blu till',. il jlllilrllq srrellllralry Uclllui iletlees mll(t flll1w1. ]But 'b1 yv it11t chst s tt Li e .ttas of two' ie's: th'e- L,1s1ii . 'oi otler article Ilhll -,It:if, ms," a u ;'/H lid /33:', I.cmll ."r 0o1,)011'i andi it being indtispethiv nse...s.sslar1 to dh itt, they' mfllillae its use, Sllltithsltuding the eoil .onsltle s itssncesll 'lhet hsve long dleslle and solght al :article that ewould prolduce the tool effects of this idrug, wltlot sllljlcStingth the tliellt to its deleeteiots resrlll, . Sll It a desideratum, it is believed, ha, at length 1eren ý !, . ue.. in the a'ticle lnow psnt*MB y,,, ft1"ib111lF . T'1 u" inp;p,'eeor d'o' thisirtidl, keeping in 11,0w the lit, thalt i.s lllll i benevolent Being, .ll. placd with in tile rseach of all, i'oledieis adapted to the Iisl'asos il ciidelt tl the linllte tile)y inhabit; tlsd klnowingl like wise, itha t osotof the dIiseases of tie S'outh toall iWest r- based tspsn organic or functional desttsgemnt of the lisv'; dir'vcted their attention to thlose articles which act more Clip cially ot the biliar, organs. Alter lolg, aInoriouls, and expensive research, they ihave suceecded in extracting a slubstance fs'om the 'TO ti AT'iO, which, ftiom its peculiar i ellIs-t upo tte hepa tic or bilitts organs, they h:,v( detn'linaotd l'/ftatine. It i a n esdlci .e thait Will proiuce all the ben-ficial results oft' Calciwl, inll bnth :ecute anlld chronllic diirsses, without thie ipssibility of protlllcinlg the leeriousde Leonl se lll ll]l1.Ule lo ll | that tl icle. Its eationll II tle oelslititstion is UOltitersa1, n1o p:rt of tilo s( stene1s.callilng i it iltel:ece. It is. Inwctlr, lupon the oegancs of eclretiol amid exretion, that its glte't pso:e"is L'articulti) t msnieest.dii : hcncs i is pt - ctuliarly adtIptedc to treast',ellt of bi'i'.is fcters 'ottei tiliher dlseascs in wtich Ia torpidity or clliget1tion of thl lic snti- portal circle prevail. It is ad..lisilc in ti:l CIlsrs, whle it is necessary to clents tlhe sltomach atll bowtels. It r'luleses. tilbstrue tistc, udeleites8i ai quick and Ires h lth' teslioes of the liver :III Iothm'glandlha' lic'rn ofl the albdltlen1. Beig ldiL fust: ble il i'ts Oln ration, it prmuhes a freie ei'rcl latint in the v'.sscls on the stt'hs'e liof tihe bud, l.accoi nied by a: gntle Ipn'spliration. It dloes Ini t .xhliUs t like lh'Is titttc purges i sillt its actilO is lllre i~telsul, ail' nayv oft11 hi reipvatled, nut m ,Trely with s1ilt.i3 11i", with gre1'.s I its Thisc b1.1ces iltiispenl ly t recessitry io ae,_ siolns mlade b str,'ng nwdicints, scghlnm, if ever, do go: d; bllt i0idl to injurllll.e the strLl:l .a of tlhe cnnsltiltu im. It i ,r:.l,.is, , 1 ... sist ,s .'.s. s . . t .he r..........1, Ici' lct r olnlll. . s illl l the111: ki :0 , laws o" li;', l 1i. 1t I iendiuo ltetdll oue s t' e Ist'l ltlhIable t,'tideser otufr .I f s11s11' Is0tlh c i'1d .11ll1 il s ip.ctLhll For'e c1t' .ietce0 this ieteti1 islslIocrmed il1 i griin pills. I h' o hitt. pills :me cathllatic, sateraoi.", il /J/phortic's i dei i e llti'. 'h I ell'o "lills.lO ii Sni, - 'essitt, ls s/ " ' he l1 .o,.o t . et ttt ,' t r t - , et it: fr'om the iuict n \ ll)lC :r It' LTJ I "It)I(CI IUl. The vitm a of tie I hit, n 4 nL. as a delicious v e e, abl e thll r t h· e t lC b le ', hu t a ls o a S l ml e. t[ici lln , h vIel: 1 \ ' 'If c i olnSi·t lr llllel I 11 i:",l al ttr; t: elc o l Itlell. ittlllill. II hnI l, en bell tlitt to Il t p t -bli b tiot, qlll llih lvhli yit I ' couhld be elRut IItely htClre1e t tn p.. e Lpaltd ho p tI S~CII 1 rl(n!,~ lli·,, I ·lllt~ ll'l i\lt h Ils hr~r:', l<.mhh, Thi s il.:( L. l'l.i .lle;.li lI .It lilltl] , i bIl I m.,.l I'rlilll.I' z I)(· ,..IIII·~ : ( r L. it ol h ie iIiw:i ll. is, l lo~u Ihnurdered live sll i l aol, dIi llt° r the gln .uhlhar optem. 'Tlip i especialll hlle e,,.e Ih tile ws..t, m tli :1il n l'o son :,t l he w Wh,'.+ If a ing_, ltwc 0.ltl it ,tin u ntll. i ( :ll-ntI rl, cuhlt h, o ihLtoo t' rlil 1I o ol t hll i s I hllh h . t . utit li llltlt i L tltt llo o hi, Illl u tll l Ihsi½ slulll~ llt l iut e . ; t uot l a ll 11 t 1YI prfCso tipo hsp s rtiJLw a eIca~td Lell, c 't ltlr e.li1 le,:p c lcl.llin he u il i s lll..l t ke ll ll folootopttlep.cP+nllfoto, olllsu.t ultt tlltt coniilall ol ti, p W\Ve believe tllis de'hidelatllulm lha bte' dllioscus1eet ill le Tomato. Dlr. 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AISll, lII C.)l I'P. lrtllhe arkih undi'(itv of New Omleti s ll r ift l I|tu IIin , (llprto aotoilllltt, Juhlee Ne J rll n IlJh 1 831e--te. etllpl.-Jl Nlll o eioe ,qtld .,lild~lnlh hit Illia tit~n, It ii ol'dllr'.•d hv the~ ctluurl thai il. erdoltop. l i tl, i tloh' 'ilto,, flinw l ·it, lse i oollt, jolrlg o tl I i,. 103r-l tile , t -lil 0.ll 0 010'.. Iwi0 hre mclolf no bdle all .II·C111 6 ucc(r. .1.h.htI l IIB)Pllll" fThe ulty ite le ilioet I ot tt i e olel. attendal t.tttoolok aperooonst .otodso Clerk'oh ltlite, .iVe Orleonp' Jtll3e It, 1.8. tl EoW AtItA t tl 'l't tt Clerto. lilt tiPe -ttoecoto i 1o8r la (1eto rtslle doe it Notoeo, Ot' t letao.--Presept toot: Clholeo. tnipoanto jogo, 11Juin, I'tolo.--oo. II!tto te. oo Ioi c met e solt r eln iNrE.--Ear leettro ht anrt gi· t lc ks ,It Ibstiti,.n se htotootltlto ottow u to 0 tpNo 0v't . hr " r .ll c ue le. c,. ,ll'i e,,. d,' I'mllsllv . dlh. 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For ort tlt n ttwo years part, th nal tpice ofL tIheI wolk w lils LIabeen from thirtyil Ito fily dollhiri. II is a system of written rules i nlch r imnme itelitly operater. plin every ildividual of ti te tenta. interrt' ed itlher inll n-ulll r or cmntmerve alnd which troernl the disposition of so lmulllch property nu(lllig tlo Ut tI' other statir r llelsa rrt--l.h It IIIa. tttt otherilt eti t iitp,,lr hw--it is na IIiIJt tt I I' t-bllllo k nod ,.liil| l I the( erchan od thet lter, it it .f tihe private gentle plutlt nold[ r)ho pr.l4llli· ::iolntla Il( l.,," t.a tle ltntV'a leo tIIh Ininr.g lta.I III an itll liCt l'e itllte stlints ollln thil Ohiho ana d li islippl i rives l ll i aind a It lit 1Ir their proIlds e in lo1ii la,. im e a le-. 'l aent n et'a+aity of r MIere r t N lhe l ., d mllalkP It part nrll t dll e ".' ntl iaite to r thei" lib:rnrri,-; al io he cty (he ehant's counting raliL , is ap1 e n i it , rtti . ( f fh e I ld.tdr I 1n l iru- t l l'e Il lh lll ..... iI ii !y ntdi ia. . ,t e;n illlt I tell ;lt a mlltres reprint ,fa it vouhl :lno r. i tm l tlnalre sppll e th p lic uecesritv , yrl it atuitli he mp ir' Ict).nud t, A.irl'nt+" t lenino t hl, a ted , ilh Mrei ti .n, t ho i tld Staalut e ., in orke Io eli raer, the lllli t, hf h. I;will dt, I e gr "ns r -n mliade by tlhe I. gillalure, l th e im ill itih delw illlle i alnd ionsllrcriolln islh h Iihte klrn .iuon Tpon tubnIllliy o is nttitcl na e hs h the lmllr, e I+olrl . n the + t ldi.the h.Le secure, f air tla+ hrncra, -.tpri Irofergolulll c tlVlellb lir beI heck S U)tonI Etq. a Ie.,her of tlhe N.;w Oreatnst tlar. TIie lion. Juidc Illhlav each MhioL: I:tlly tlie 1r Up'|lton ~iiii the valableh. cotre wllich tllhy h vslil' r llati.ed ill th(- vo rie a' their Sitlldia and prt ; nll nd to M r N 1 . 1 . Cli! i, Ilshe r pit nerof \IrU Ipih, whotl is calIn enlraglled| ill the. wtork, (i.n ntr hblu l·.r,, I:?+. 11" plro++eledl flt great nmss i)I refb rrn++m . nltlnlil:,' d in his ,+m,.e ',l v of the code, an, e!rg tllllV l~l lr, It rl! " ~ lrl - n t tlbal t' tia llnroliiloii o tit Ihe • >. rt, w~ili ar llll ih'll i tl-irv m il ab llibr, asyi-tr d by Ie h ill : :"I!'I !i,,,,ii 'lit n · I'lqI " Ili"+orii,. hnl tllltioe of,, L IIIiIt pllr s +rrttlu ilnl solrlctinlp eni" gIiI; ti t et., l',:l l h. . take prie e in .Iib o verlor 1 if o . 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"o) re The Wlorkst of :lrrs. ,¢herwto.d.--leang, tile omit" Sconip~le IIalld illoolltos eoiolon.ll Ivter t liioth. in te lo it1d 1t0a tes,0 vol.l o 15. l ust rc0 eived Iftoo t r o :oo s lle by W M. 1't01 oN, 01001000i1t '01)0 )oo Corner Camp I1 0 00tll n oll Ol streets.l Pi.'.SACOL,. MIANSION HIOUSE NE\W CITV, PIE\SACOLA.. rUIH'"l subscriber hitvh+ r uixmcl,n..+ae h ms o nI tnP leor thdis wllllr t k llsw astabh.+llll+ t onl ++it o 0)l0r t,' Ilate pr 5 r 0 w11 oll e ready 0 1 tO l stoo re 1,1c 'i-e oite h) tlho Ist 0 f A lI0l)ne. t ° Nusltll tl.lor t and costly onll ptovt'l0e ntlso wooill be found irol thte allnllllos t s of thl0 0 lll00 sion ollltlo . New td llorc olll olldioo lat i " htoo l -oo will b01 bu11 tI s ittlnll h; lh¢ +,.' til e n)r nled at all hi ll-<+ I1 '.I st·II LI (II, * 1)0011'sil l ot o o.ho1 110h10 )ooonol obslol lo oohooo; stoCtllOlolstl, l tons trhlrt es it' d csa. s lll es. 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STrnveller,, desirtous of takirit the Florida route, via Pensacuhl,to Ihe North, nre inf, rtned that first rat. ,boats will cintant.'tnly tril troll Mol~bile. to, Penlsacolla, leaving Moblile and Penancolaev,.ry o~ther liay aftler the I ~N II .A.1NOLD. |Tile .Ottenhost Chamption l:.aves .Mobil,'+ for Peonsa | +eltt twice a week e St ly ,I 3 'l'irE fl ' )L I )A 1 I'OA UA COT A I;I ''i 'liH r I FIVE AAN A) HALE DAYS, From Mobile (Alabnma) to Angusta (GCe) T FAVI'S. Mobile cti other ,IHd ins,jm:.iotely.rftel lI the arllvtl of the nmil from New UrIlrens, pier lIIt steahbo at Eist'LIvs, to Illkely. coches to I'ensact, I atirllllllo:ts ( Ha., I'tll+:+c(,. I:re St +osla slullll anld {:hou' t:1, atchi Ili, erl rule( II:*\) to ;"td r l l u ln'., c achll's ttiPne, via Mri:annt, Clatutlhto:chee, (ltrtoCrlv Mo\ t Ver non,) liailtlb dlge, Plld rton • ~ ;li , kitotsdie i ai l.ot is vile, to tAugtisht. A Isrt,.e.'ertakin;" his sat at Mr. bile is in Ino dner of heiin thrllown out or 0losin. hit 1,ie erelnce II other conflictillng ilttcrels, as lhe FLIORI. 1)A LINE is his t ml. colncen, al delllr ol"e io tro throuthotit, ollll may rely wtl CEIITTrAINtO UIIoi l arrivlitt Atugusta illti.e silecitiedt, through all weathl el, and at ayll season, ulless snllolel most IltllOleseel cratHs skfro he olti occur. Tihe Great New Orrlots 31.i is carried I y this rolte. The Agenlts for ccommnlodo lionl, leams, (Cochesad lDrirs are ti)t surpttlssed thle nlltllherlll conIrv. The smototh, h:I,l naturall ronds, the Bl' and ilnter SItallrlllsto , S. C. tndll te stelml ptltkr+ to Aew Ylrk trltnvelrs can rtI NSe Yo..w fbot New trlelans LIbuS ttlr II Inrsts*-'-\. lingtlu city in I. lr"lm Clllttltlhoctec, Florlida, w. Ilhve i a 1 nCn ILiol via -Y li+)' alndl "l ; !l.hl s st0' In St .l.l'ks ,i hIot" piaist snarltt'h"'s, I I- Ill Ilriii frolim Ihlwki vill <one to MIilledgevilhle, ld ono I . 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(u'dl stit couuu, e toutes ipersolnolllt: illlrsses ; so t p i): Il s preseLtes sonlllis alll(ue 111111( 2 ' l'Bat( h la Lo isio t de la Cour dlu Pr emie lstritcl ,ldiciailr , qi ii p ulllniiet.,..iie drolit . h, pro priele ti i cres de, rie.O, en consequlc- c e d'c i dice- i t ide o Iu dl s I'aldre!l e, declLret (o I- jugellell t dle I: cotll, le mode d4 la vent oI plon, al attlrte cause wlt ,olfl-e, d c lair: roil, Ilac cs l'ct,' jells c cc ter i c- lc, li,+b ou le tr. l ae , Ill r o ll " aore ulllsi liitl nIIC sc r:it il l,:i diktt, r)l·(]llei, tu. ll* r I,:."11 1 . | Sh e , rifl st's .lit h' ) ci l ec,cc c Ic:. 1JeI:i Ih i',lcccc IN de , cI cc1 lln c- l :tlc ::icc 143c , cli. c-Ic, '.d a I. I ' 1llcc c i I ),c c it. Jl l .c ilcl.cicciccc1 cc l i;,l2 , No. 13,191, d1, l):l kett d' r , (:o - Cour. a alt , I, . 6l, " 11 reol. u acquerur 1u prix i i4 i,,cii. c, S iocr. \c'c iccinc cic i iccckc- ci c cccc- Cccccc-ics le ccciccc i'c a li Un cet itll mlorceau de trel.l . ver tomutes les ctlisses et anitellner"l' iol ll11i ]t |lt', l V1t- , ll nIsi qui s leer I , Iel r i'ilge+ s eltc.) 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I'ltv,, l , O l 1., t/ I et le IRolll-,e : arnt iiiin pour tine t 141 en. re qtr coog ue. de ut ine .oir, dana Ireule jtlur: 5h letr d la rnj lil In i. c ill'-c i llalrE r h uol c c ii ci e.ll. . cLa ith 1 0 e a-tvlen r Ieeuraic S ri, c -li le c3,.i.e .icicur d'Ac i,ll,ic h I lc : i, 18 '8,e veriu .'.ln d.. cw di e I tcti llc c il lhca l c le :rl. lnucc i ei cci., ,, le 'ni 1 1138 t, hecns ' cclciri d nc Wilc lia mc u ackci v vIci. ,ICc Iel Iel; No. (;1 l dlek de relte Corr, ItI tlo ielte pour le prix do $ ; Illl C ll|lll, t Descriltitn de o l.lupl+.l.c d' clc.s h - transfecr Jtc. ic-i. sure', Savour: Un rer i lot Il rre fea o, l y si,+ri u t~e t((sis-el el ac mctcac ali aina, siltua nipaicc c roia ~ 4l0tc r. "Ic cn s, da n l'ilet loru6 par h'e rues de In N Rouvrl LenSE, 1.oi08)a, Jicnal and I)el id, d icia " i p lr le No d rcn mc c an pla cdreis par C( i F a Lu l m p UlS V cciye i Getral, l t , 1 )edenhre Ih31, et li!' , en ,etuIII e eia h c Fi x i-cc ,iri n lni, t c c licii iCc Inc plan No 1:3, Il cc d lot dearrc, ei,i c itli toah: Il hi t No 8,ccet qlac, , ij gt I ieds, septi Olc I'.c t ql.e. ligol.p e1 profiml eur di cildct q* iicccc Inc aiolrinc lr cccsenl, a u de ierenac t aacc n l e Cciil i N Guocdll. et Ic cluat cia euf cipes oi ze ouiec.e Ide harga dInci inlc ia.o r, ou icaai il tN c e ni acc alh dcicc i, lar d l uc aillcpOci eallii ltlatell ca¥cac. s sic Ni i, , .5, 6i, 7, cc 1 ccn . i. loARn a. CIlMNEY PII-C ic'.osc, ci rcaaitonihousa i trect, opiosite tccfc potiofine. The subscribers are now receiivina from iheir'fa.c torie, in New York, and will keep constantly on Itand a g -neral iao cn-i icr icirblr canle Pieces mad eonf the a ei t c c p tyac -cu l Itec ian, Irish ana Americao marble. Alaso, Mii onuments, ToirA a and Grave S ctcnne mtacmldec and plain sills and lintels marble facings, hedrths and boundary stone, )laater ofrit Cai Romas & Hydrauli i Cement and Plaslrn. ing ciairi toaether with n splendid eam rtheint oc brars mountedaw pla i t and wi ll har p n un sia Iroa GrateSi ofth naewesda and most approved pistcrns, Leterinig done in the neatest manner and at the shorcest notiOe. Tiay havo first roae workmen to set the abova work. HIJShighlyevalnlble htledicine may he had sale and retail at New York prices,of REa e D'I.ANGE.Il Camp strert. if t It is confidently ioecummaeided or tie follaowing d easee: I)Dypeg u ina all its fio mty bilious and ivee llal Ilietono, in every otnge cnd deoree; femae aknele m iore i'rtlcula rly ihe nlaseo ilncident to mothele fluo alIus, lhver oand ~uie, inci L;ent enlclqptilns or doh elint es, ribtter of he liver or tlug, heuleo or blddl-r ie., osf of appert e, nervous tremors inesbriaun or d lirin , u 1 tre allss. rodi affecolin of llf knds rlheti m1t ism, whether ehltonie or inflainmpto ry.-nervou4 or ,iliols levers, i eevenry ariety; earofula, Iilt rheum. and all lolrtchei, eIld itmoro i~ nd imtp.ore f tile oskin ro tlesuen s eat night, tal dtily irritabillts and imelnncho'y; Ithe rummr r eoliplaint, ind chole!r luorbu or diarrhole in rrwn petrs es; wm nloi and latsi Iclry, wwillt bad br"th;'tchloroloa and palpittioin of tl hI rt eloi hacl changers of l eal e ,nstsftiron.,d nfli itptiinhilo ond tiseorgaoizaed re coliotins ii stl wichlo r in t leroin pe oaneny reliered by one ecother medleciner A seinle trial of )r iV Erar' edieines i ny of l ihee eoea , will puoduert orieh effer t an *ill in. dicuoe their incotnpoiraheo -uperirity, and induce much a use of thn la will inlrl a sut etitlpedy a uliesalM. li s cureD. 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CIS, fore Inlroiiei io oi lovetise. i t i .it alli i act if tile l.eouisrtlre of thie Ste of l relinilu, elltitlel -An adt for tie foither alsn irel t tile .e It 11eluseics at judicial sales' l ppirsovd' the lieh Iay tof cli ulladl, o18 ir.¢ -;! t'o tlhere'fr, . ow . o, cml all cpreonsinlterreterf h rt ili are he-eTby cited slditllor mnoihlcl i.;ti-r-i fIJ t tie Stalen Luuisllt i l n tic h tile Fust JLudicial Distriet 'ulll tho uc set o ll niyt rtight, title or claao in oud t. hi-e Ioel rtn hereil iittertderitled, iti ceolicietee of any aird ,lflwll v in the ter, d-ere jlijdldgmtlt of te trnthe oii locedr igh the Coh. was aideI oi city iljh,'lihi - iti the uiqll0iseneets iod advertiaemecitl, iii imle, o+ Ilannlllllte .'saCle, oe lot iloy olther ideet whatso ir: to eIbo .lloe, w ii thiurl i llyod froill the diot this Iotll ic ti Il- eaUited it lie obbci ouite-I, why tl elo no nmlIde sihuhl iot be ietiire edr anttt hoiolgaltedl. Tilhe -id ilrnlloi-rli clout inlo Itv the ellietitft'ifht wtla.ih' oIlres id III the 311h lioly cit' Mitch, A. iI 16 3, , iBii.: i lit of a dIcrle il tLi e cilllcut, ielldered otl the 20th lday Jinuor. A. L). 1838, in a stit entitltrd Jlmest a Bar i)iTgs 's. tihil t Oietii , m No 15,11 e o ff the toeot fth Cnlelt, at a hlieb atl e:lil lJmes Balles Dincgs h.le' tL-e piurch:eer flor tl lliceof twenty-fie thiubsald di ueri/itioll of ptrolperty ao given in the J' disla rysace, tie: Aoertvi'to piece iof lol'o.ri or i pllrel ofgrould tnioyeotl l itit all the Ihlllhiigc a)d iItpoI eme ts e hliiereon, eight+h mprivleges, :.'s,. I4here tulUulcilogiolg, or in ane wiseam.' rt10i00i00g, sittate ii faotitocig A iioliios don,asbove thide eiiy no measulo-go ing IEnglishl mesdre, thore huindredi IaII ftlyi-six fet sdi' Itiiivitr-glltli of an ilia ftoltt oin the' I illlioi.eo .lcoNw il.t'eict, (he llolied t-il silty' .l. fiet six iichlesn llllftoe-eilhthl of all inclL front on C(lcst s, Itwo hlulldredol aiI fitly-fire feet nine itlleibrolld two-eighlls ifall illlch nn a line foitlhtit o1 Old Levec shteetl, ltil it stikesc thle bIoulndao i linet of Lat8utot lii :lllloe's proulerlv, at tihe ctOlrler of 0l Levee andNan0 clreel; tlheoe lo'iioiig o , riyoln ligle, and extending t ilLghty- five feeit ldtl tloee iocri deep alog tle lbounnclary l in of llinbotlo' lll prolelty peraullt to Clesit street; tlhre forinln: a right allgle, nti etendItliig nlyt-' thllle Iirt eletven iiiclhes end thltee eigllihs tf llt inch[ ot' thot boullln - lirl:e of Loliteo i)cdLoe' e, itioLely lea Ito'ulli C1:1 Levee siteelithelo fJIluiiliogn nolhel, rigl -agt4rE and cxtuc~iiog lioltl tle fiet eo on ilortlen asod five ei hth- of nt itllltJ oll It Ih (nl :irv lilalr of saidl lh-le's iproperlv, o:Io4ll-I to C-leolne iuet-l; tcele f'oomiilg hioiialiet eistt itaolc, astiot i u o!iu ile hullccledc indi twellty serei feet itll illileoc nlltd foolll. o igllths if all iIh te t1 lite bouldiky lilt of ldl l)ede's i rIriperIty paraclel to tile tltblic ttic nol N w, I00C "ncc lluoet,ii lU eouin. si u Iet flir inehes aliol Ilct.igltlls oln c loine olll oiol NoU's streelt, ieord; iilg 00o0 pt:lltb J. IPilit, Cilty Sirvet or, made Y3d J5$i i'l0t, 1s3, 0 llil.ll ct o uo l tt Ic i pliosd before Louis T C(nilll, NOloloo Plublic, Oil the 2fith Jallntl.y, 1832. ioillutc thie Iloli A. IM uichluhia, Judge of thel C.oil-t uil'il-oolld,thio Ifith Allli 10308. ni.'L',ni.ol3 IP. LhE BLANC, Del. Clerk. aA.'TI'IONL1D LBY 'i1T FACULT OF ME" CINE. S l IOiN 'S 'Cootallttd Efrlanct f Copnilba and SliFe purl lla -A ce'l t- in, sale, anl ot'st e e.tual rime. Sdl cter discovered ftor tlhe cue of Gonorrhea, Cleatsl til t.tese \ eiltr, Paisa its the Lck el lotins, semina i teknel ise alnactls oF ihne htldiet, gtroel, ssoanittia i Clllltin , e e. Hi dilw it Iradueion 0t a mtdic t t possessing the usefu S:Il active Vrillte of tile nle Iow oTffred to the pmbli.. !t, T h nna ito'tl slit lt rlefe o il l tlllenrol my. n Illt'lll:ltiolult treletit' friom tile most eminent of the me= dedl -f:ulity it h:O bapt , tha ting that it . i be dlly atprnltcittd ilet i a ttLrita are mnalotre aul klnown. 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