Newspaper of True American, October 15, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 15, 1838 Page 2
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Stw·so up ship ws: }ade hlm. .ftu.,. - . pdn iho"060nts motshW$ River. 0H IMERCIALS >. bim oa. kl...:...:..'pt Wvn nhitt·. o, .......3 do.C.. .. 5 Cineloni' Oct ....... S ' lo.hd ... s ..... 61 Luuluciil, OL ...... 5 Ji o. (T...S .. ...Au.15 3 Ptit, Sep t......... 'MuSe.. Ott . SI I..atrdSp. Sa .. 2 IIit-~...... SIC lire, Saj, . I' EXPIOTS. H 1AVE3..e Patchip G:lg.g..aa 471 hbbd.d tchbat. ad 133 "b .. ales ofeetn. ++ PENSACOLA..P ahr Bet-ey..eargln, 51 barrels flour, 1 cuk claret wine, 2 hhds and I box tugar. IMPORTS. k NEW tYOLK.Pe steam shlp Netchaz..arglo, s.undry lots hst,*cadiaa asaaaad.' ._ , p.LADIbPHIlA..Per ship llta..raelo: sMortd mdse. I l.AJ P Whittay. ; k PIIAVA .t.Per achr Jutiu."cago: fruit end eage*r, J B ..... -Eaesm "RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Q1±7:gp'ýas asame PlaIt,..1 bo.a, 1 bhal. 3tet.1. & A, a y.V blla dlor, VWalis, - K(mp; 40 piecs. baggi.g, I bhLa tahaca.l . BOgat & Hawthorn; 51 bale. oil roe, C S1I2i do,J Levaeieh 4 co; 20 half hls picklesa.. Turner .ý4 Wa eldnodi 14 bote, 1 bal., I cun mdz. Adams a lIart " Wls Lhbds eascter oil, B O tlaanhebard; 2 bbls de, 114 pis laa1ds 78 ealt bale roi, to master. ý V Psla.,q steamet.r Y.a o..eurlao: 905 bales., cotton, r''.0r1d .. alry Co; 157 u.tcknor, Stallto & oil 00 bale., `. .. 4i.tR.ou,5 Iales, W Bogart; 51. Rurk, Waltt co; "- " 4 ...alale.tle, Fr rday & to e a bates Nugent, Turpina " WaLt: , balin Lambeth E ihaom.o l; 10 balles. (iaGch llob. sa 12 bales W Bte, ; 15 bhas A Ui WVllace & co; 1 bale. - .aG l Lee;t 13 bala. Wallau & Kemp; II bale.. Linte. Fa tdaoi& a co;, bales Maneall, Vhita * .; c40ocows ad calves. It Jaea., MoUth. Whltt River..Per atamar John Jay..earge; I balsla : cotton, W Bfart; 73 Burk, Watt 4a 2 5o bal. cotton, 6 bale. . s, eatmna o . it. e r.. .r lteamer Riltte Rel..cclpad 50 bids lourCar man A MNMaha,u. 0 tobacco, Roysa, Case & (c.; 50 ke.Lahat.lP.ogar C Hawthoran; 60 lcks oats, J \V Larille bavSt.; 5 16,h apples, J Vairie t re; 115 sacks corn, 4 bill. , pplas 8loa 4- Rmthers; 50 bbla lour t SBelallt .c; 306 d4 P A J .F,,aguamj crldht apphcw. dhI4m A yan tab-Sad ta bicjk ll;t3Bll.eo, capltaiL 5 ke5 k butter. l sacks coala, ordler; 117 sacks oat., Id, heads eabhlaRe A Cezueu; 5 Ib!s flour, A IFor cyth 4a; 32 horse., Smith; 30 head of cattle, o1rl5a 4 , Ilvale. PAOPENGERS. Per steam ship Natchaez..Mr B Ba.lwer ad lady, C Vood' rul Jam Jot, o I Ega. J ColTax, La Fabra, Abijah Fisk lyrce & 8on, Cralcker, Mlard, Fax, Gut, Dupre, Wha aty. J K Oakley. E I loker, R Campball. trought from llJcvait-T Ruce, lady aal t childrena,ad alessa Garlia and ,tudrtut. Idor Natchaez..ate.m ship Nathez..Mre Van Wintle.and child, Mrs Hati, Mrs LA Ipullag anald child, alin Paltt. son, 4 iu IM W.saell. Mi.. A 'William, bliss J Willi;tms, L Pat teesa. lady and child, Mrs Montgoumcry. two children ansild seraunt, Mr. J C Williams and daulhter. L T MtClindlea. lady andchild and stervent, Percy., m,.te Williams, Milltekit u Id lady, Mr Slillekin and child, P L Mlitchell. K l lcennett, ll D'Madevilla and lady, ile cu11Benett a. d lady, J U Freeman, N A ireer and lady, J Knight, lady and t,, .er Br ats, rs d J toyd, htlcd and aseratt; C W Slills, A Wil ilmsa. UCyeriua, W It cair, ,V K Little, Armstronlg,V W A Brilort I B Illashe..'otasl, 77 paeaengara. Per lsteamer Pslate. .su J Abraham, t Zuau, cUarlio, Floyd, MWsai, S Lyon, Recadilg, Dollbbi, Lind. J m Cook, Collus, I. Kley. Vau.blc, aJ r'allct,:rn, I're,,,.s, Martin M. lea, Judsinl, C Johnston, Datve, J E Lcy, Cummin, Kcemp b yrr. Blackwell, Weanilcv. Philadelphia..Per ahip llclah..M Culiger, lady sad arc. aret, lmi.s U Hitliney Ms larriet J A Puruell, C Zawaer, jr. J L.agly, Lockart, J Ly9ralud. C Iluyne, and 3 steerage. St Locis. Perteamer Little Iled..W II Ba.nwortI, Jaleph Sullivan; II N Sllivac. John SmiLh, Fer.usn, Haenlh, It Me rlca.. Pradores and lady--l3 way pcaae.eee- and 411 cu deck. Viksltburg'-per alaluer Yahoo..V m D P'ctter ld lady, Pl Kally. aobert Walker, Dr Wood. (i Foane, S C tl,;.i, D ateWart,AS MNrrifieldt BHullter, Ellwcld By;tn--Sn deck. mautl, White stcatner JOlhn Jay.. .5 I'appard, Caeldwell, Ilead. lMcDonald, W K Nortln, Wan Miller, Pa an; J Baron, Deuxlecaw, las ilwe., J I1 Kerr, Johl Ilyre, WI Wager, Pr aget, Mrs Beurt,, Ar,. Waa,,, . ars Veto vi. Charlesa Miller, UDllnrany, Franklhn Stewat, John Ituegard, J I, i A Sillials, 'bloa Cattbolarcugh, flar.h:aud lady, J at Lalilau, C pkac. MIEIORANDA. Steam ship Natchea left New York aon the ee;.in ofthba 24th. Iiavg encountered very boilteroul wcatller and a rougb aeaaby whicl hear larboard spc aing were carried away--sh pat inato Norfelk fotr repairs, bly whic.l deltilic acd dstec lioan she loa t four days and a all. Her coal being nearly ex hacuted ill order to olain an additional slpply abhe put il:n 1ssalnt, by which us anuly clays were lost. Arrived at th= lialito, on tle 12t1i Oatober, havinl been Ilcaly IS days out, of which only l0 were actual direct ai.ling days. bel nearlc the "Halle in ii tie all,"secke the shi, Louvalle, from Na. York for New Orleasl, knving been out L14 day. e leftha At week Iiaorea the Natchez lad has not ytt arrived. Steamer Platteleft t8 Loui aod tlb 3d, at 11 o'elock, M.; met t Louis, at lerriuack bar, lighltening Little lRod, at mouth Ohiol KRickerboekar at 14; cllna in Walnuet Bend, met Czar bselow Madrlid, bouldl ul,, hayincg dclsharged her cargo, where she sunk; Gov Clark, at l No 6; Alou be s..e ; Randolph and Diana below; lie clna ed Joll. Jay at ameuth Whlle Ilicar; Prairia at I76; Daon in llEg.'s tad; Iloward, My Viafe's Island; L.ouisville head Mlrllgaa'a ItBed; Btyou Sarah, at Warrigton, North Allabama and xYazoo lodiu at Nlabhez; Pontchnrtrain with a brlig in tl,w at Illis' Clili; Ilutt.vdle ;t Its)ou S.ralh; Brazil at L'lalcueline; Velocipede, B aton Rtouge; Livingston at Coutt nIl. Skiti Hilcb, from Phladell-lbid, left tle cape in ompyany with Bril a I'as almer, bound to Grad cc ullfand Vilk bahg. Steamer Little Red left SI Leui, oil :Id ml.tcl--motEt Louls at Mlerrimalk bar; Altoec at I'lan Polnt; LaOll.vtllT, BhortJail ealnd; Selma .agrou l, al 62 and 63, Bii lilack Il. and1; lloward, Itrazl at IRackase. FOR NEW YORK. ( 'The pocketshlp.Yazoo wiol leave the levee to- a tlorrow eveuilg; for passac only, apply en board op pteite the Vegetable harket, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, oct15 90 Common at IO''The ship Hilah, Capt. Hammond from Philadel. phia, is diecharging opposite the Vegetable market; consignees will please attend to the ret ipt of their goods. S & J P WHI I'NEY, oct15 8 Conti at CO-PARTNERSHIP. T HE endersiglde have formed a co-partnership an der the firm of McDOONNELI. & WAT'EMAN, at the Exchange Hotel, on St. Charles st., fromnt ad atf ter the first dv of November next. I Individually under obligations to the citizens; etlan gere and travellers geaerally, for te liberal patronage received while conducting separate establishments in the city, the berg leave to anouncee their de terminctioi to exert th'ir united effrts to please, while catering for tle tastes and g neral comtort of their guests, and hope thereby to ensure a continuance of public favorand patronage. JNO MI'DONNELL.. D C WATERMAN, T The Natchez Freetrader; .ouisville Journal; New York Expreass; thiladelphio Herald and Sotil;el; Bos ton Atlas will please p oblith the above three, and froward their accounts to thts office. octl5--im L ETTER PAPER.--Just received from the Brandy wine Mills, 6 cases suplmfine blue letter peper; eatne very low -priced; 10 cases superfine white lettei paper, do; 2 cases thin pink letter paperI; 4 cases super, fine packet post large size; 2 caces supertfine letter asserted ,coelors; coass soperfine octavo assorted colors. for galo, wholesale and retail, by D FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, octll5 24 Chartres street A NEW Arrticle. Jte received at 53, Bienville St., a ouperior lot of Armour Bedsteads, suitable for offices or sentall romr; the public are respectfully invi ted to call and examine tire namtre. W R CARNES, octl5-2w Bienvilln APP PAPES-Juet receive a few cases of ery su perior thin blue and blue and white wove Cap pa per a new and splendid article, feratle Iy IIAVII) FEL.'r & CO, eot15 N Y Stationer's Hall,21 24 hartres st. - UI..D) Record Paper-Just received a few reams I Hudson's very fie blue record Cop, Iloth plain adl ruled, ftr male bh Dt Vll) FI.I.TL & CO, octl5 N Y Sti:tiler's Hall, 24 Chartres. AGGIN.i-And Bale Raope, far ote by W actl5 7 Bank Place. IALAGA WINE--Sweet ana, Iry iMalnga Wine; on qr cacka and Indi n bbts, entitled to debenture, forsale bey READ & BAIiSTOW, -cctl 67 Gravier rt. SPERM CANDLES--Ftor le Cby REAl) & BAISSTOW octl5 7 Bank Place. 1At. rEtloables Northern Tinmotly Hay in Stora, CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, octl5 8,2 Julia t. )EACHI BRANDY. A few bhbl old peach bneady Sforsale by READ & IARSTOW,. otl15 7, Bank Place AR-300 kehgsn 'To tn store ,or sale by S CHAMIPI.IN & COOPER. net 5 82 Julia at, InUaIAGbR-30i( Linela. or time l lk thereot; will he , take, on sttrage in tie warehaouse, corner of ;Mngesloet and Lafayette streets; apply to d CHAMPLIN & COOPEIR, patl5 82 Julia rt U" IIt LtoAS--18 cases ahnding from ship Hilah, ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, etl5 1:14 Magazine at pI O IET.-c tore N. 130 Magaiine antcr-; adjoin .l ing the Counting Room of tle hubesrilbre apply to` ISAAC BRIDGE1 & 6O, Oetl5 134 Meagazine t. TO DRUGGISTS. rderived perchipaOrleotn from N York, '.gl.. gr ee llack Coait Plaister, 49 do Flesh cold do 2 do Heerv's calcined Mlagdnesia; - do Buater'cAprient do 12 do Seidlitz Powtere for snle by DAVID FEI.'I & CO., octl2 .N Y Stationers' Itnall Chartreat ~T IALS--1I geroe. asseorted, from Dyolt's mtanfa-. tory, for ale at ort, hy y H BONNABEL, S" eor Natches & Tehopitoulau SUso8-4f large pttgae 0 Iotrogs and Meli C1e1 ce.Seaed by lhe chip Orleans, and for rle b- . HD@,NNA, .I... . : cIr .er Natiaez & Tehopitoulac qui . . Y. ....OCTOBER 15. 1823. the : taiNe Exproess ail csems to be gone onn ome , '.aknoonn distant cruise. ,is arrival is now ahlnoet as unloeked for a that of the great Mogul. When ref we shall have another, is diflmcult to guess. It is pe nots however, the fault of our own mail Contras- si ton His beats,depatt and return, but not like Nosh's dolve-they bring no tidings of good corm- 11 fort back. sn The greatest difficulty which once stood in the eu way of success to any such greet national work as in the Nashville Rail Road, was tllhat of the States right principle, which rendered it almost impoesi. te ble to obtain a legislative grant to run the rail pa roads, or canals, properly belonging to one state, as thraough the limits of others. But this objection re has been entirely removed from the prospects of trt the Nashville Rail Road. The Company has full to and efficient charters from the states of Missie- n, sippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, through wlich v' their rand will run; and thus the way is smoothed of diflieultiee, and our state may assume the un. al dertaking without fear of conflicting powers, and H with the certainty of rendering to Louisiana an h incalculable benefit. The credit of the state can build as with the power of Aladdin's lamp, and fl the rapid progress made by the company under their existing President, and that too over the most difficult portion of their road. must be ample t guarantee for the facility with which it can be completed. Private, or corporate undertakings' inevitably languish or fail, when adverse times arise: but public improvements in which a sove. reign state embarks, are cerlnin of success. Their credit is ieu only fund required, for money can Le raised upon their bonds with thirty years to run; and yet in less tlhan five, this road would reach to ash rille. Wert that accomplished the vast re tdrdis which such an underteking would he sure to bring, would free tile state from every liability; f and a trade unprecedented in extent and profit would flow into our city. It may be said that the produce of T'enresse throughout the lands watered by the triburtarie of the Ohir, mtust eventually reach our city, whether this road he formed or not. But this isnot less falnacious, thaa short sighted. We have already p spoken of thoen vast regions of rich, but unclear ed land this road travrer, and wllhse products, if i furnished wilhl these mleal at transit, would grow t up more quickly, anJ. more fruitfully, than the i Dragon's teeth which ..dnrus sowed that sprang A up in warriors. If it be trwl accomplished-if the . road he suflered to linger for want of that state k. assistance it has a right to clain,-its more fa p. v-,tred, ay d more wealthy rival, the Charlstonn . Rail Road, will throw out its arms to Nashvtlle, as ot nas already pledged itself to do, and the pro. ) duce of Teneesee, Mississippi. and V'pper Ala b hma., will be carried by the state protected road Iof Garolina to its favored port, instead of enrich' k, ing the eutizens of Louisiana, rnd New Or. ,. lense. Such a result is inevitable. Our stock. , holding citizens ann never complete tile Nashl ville Railroad so quickly, as thre State h. Bonds of Carolina catn finish that of Clarleston -And why should Louisiana remain under the ha reproach of being the only state in our confedera ab ey, lacking tile spirit to advantage Iter citizens I)y a: internal improvements? tshile in the North, the East and W1at, the public works are enriching not Ie only the purses of tihe citizens, Let thIe coffers of Sthe state, our great and national undertakings are t left to take core of themselves: are allowed to im Ioverilt our own ci'izene by failing in a great, but good work, and to aprandize our wiser neigh dI bsr ,ponting out to them tile neglected rond to pri vate weslth, no loes than of public prosperity. Wd. e sincerely hope our Ingialators, when they Sassemble, will take this great underrtaking into ; their especial care; if they do not, L.ouisiann, while i'e ale glories in the enterprise .f her citizens, will have cause to blush at the sepiness of her rulers. A considerable number of sportsmen took their place in tihe Nashville Rail Road cars, on Satur day, at 4 p. at. for the purpose of paseing the nighte and morning of yesterday in hunting the Big Prairie. The immense flocks of snipes, rail, hlask birds and prairie hens or grouse that were seen as tihe cars travelled along, gave most favorable an. ticipation of sport. Large flocks of ducks were already seen hovering over the Lake and gave goodly promise of excellent feeds to come. The ba)ous and the lake shore are crowded with fish, and on tihe banks of tihe formter, ducks and other birds are to be had in abundance. The Prairie Cottage is hourly assuming more and more of its intended aspect. The building is nearly completed; and besides a bar, kitchen, ladies' room, and gentlemen's apartment, there are six teen sleeping rooms that will he ready for occupa tion in a few days. On the prairie front, and for some distance, right and left, a shell road is cotm. plated, which the shell bank on the lake side nice ly levelled and raised, gives the house quite an air of comfo-t and enjoyment. Few things are more desirable in the internal order of oureity, than that unanimity, isould prre vail between the seperate municipalities, particu larly among the military crompanies of each. An approach was yesterday mnade towards eo much desired a union, which at first threatened to pro. duce the very opposite effects. Sorte of our newly raised comnpanies in the seeond municipality paid a visit to the first to show there was no sni. mnosity between them, and while the Louisiana Rifles wret refreshing at the coffee house adjoin ing the French theatre, they heard the drums of the approaching Orleans Guards. Guided by a courteous wish Capt. Pickrcll of the Riflea sen to inform Capt. Bertus of the Guard that if he would his company a minute the Rifles would sa lute them. By asome ilistar.e the ntessage was mistaked, and construed into an invitation to join in their refreshment. As tire Guards marched in, the Rifles went out each miristaking the others' measrting. Some mutual friends, seeing the mistake, and fearing It nright convert an intended courtesy, into a marked neglect haeonead to explain the matter and a messenger speedily arrived from Mr. Spears of 'the Greys," to tihe O.leans (uards re questing the Captain and his company to neet the Rifles at his house in Esplanade street. Arrived at the residence of their mutual friend an inter change of civilities occurred highly complimoentary .o both parties. Capt. Bcrotus with the native courtesy of the Creoles, when requested by Lieu tenant Donne of tire Riflo to take precedence, re quested Lieut. Doane to ResUtlle his commnnand and march in the "Guards,"' when Capt. Prckr ll, tnot to be outdone in military courtesy, requested that Lieut. Durell would in like manner take tempo rary command of the Louisiana Rifles. At the commend of their hospitabtle host, Mr. Spears, the corks flew, the wine circled, and good fellow ship was speedily established, and for ihurs after the Guards ansd the Rifles were marching about together in cordial trcndship, and we very ,in cerely horpe their example may prove contagious. Cape. John's splendid conmpatty of Orleans Dro. goons paraded yesterday in great style, and by visiting the first Municipality equally with the second did much to restore unanimity amofng men who should know no diviston among them selves, and none in their localities beyond the nominal line of Canal street. fTThe burial ground at Potter's field preseats this curious anomaly. Connected with it there are spacious cattle pounds, and thus the food that dr'pporte the living reposes amnidet the resting plans of the dead, JoEL Pt.*ear.--This ._xcessively plous divire spt Whrio had so mduch at hrlt tlhe reforming the ini- he quitielof this ungodly city, and the saving of the mi joule of its blind and atheistical inhabitants, ha r, left his flehk, and pitched his tent among the abo' se, litionists of tlas North. Hloneat Joel after a restl dance of three winters or four, found that neitha M the moral nor phyaloal climate of New Orleans ttb suited his holy temperamente. lie felt that it was tit nat only imprudent, hut dangerous to the cause of i, reform and true religion to risk his life among his st1 people during the summer sea on, on this point a bI slight difference of opinion existing between him- w self and his congregation, he has settled the mat- do taer by declnilng to return to it. lHonest Joel w a ti are happy to learn, has not left our miserable city r) quite destitute of wordly goods, some of his spe- i sulations we learn afforded hint a very handsome , Income. is We hope the congregation will lower their pre tenttons a little, and instead of lseeing to motno. polite to itself a man of Rev. Parker's superelni. nanet talent and epiety, they will seel. out and Ic rest satisfied with a man no better than their for si rmer partner Mr. Larded. Such a one could afford it to live and die in New Orleans, although he migh t a not some lhere with the boasted pretensionn,uf con. to verting the whole of this atheistical city. I The steamer "Nachen," departed'on Saturday p afternoon, for her distant home, the city of thle I Hills. She has been so very long away no doubt her welcomet will be warm. The "tNewcatletli,'' Forsyth, arrived yesterday from St. Marks, Fa. S FRa.--Between O ansd 10 o'clock last night a fire broke out in an old wooden tenement in Phil, e lippa street near Girod, and the buildings being r very dry tlhree were destroyed before the flames could be got under. The housea were occupied by tile lowest class of females, and the loss e. sustained is perhaps a gain at least to the Muni i cipality. TheJewellry Shop No. 34 Camp street, was broken open on Saturday night, and robbed of about three hundred dollars of goods. S Jlr. Cloy-.-ln another column our readers will find an article extracited fr.m. tthet Emancipator of last July, from which they will be able to j.'ide I with how nuch reason the Dec and other loeo.foce Slprints seek to injure .Mr. Clay, by making him an I abolitionist. e (- We observe thal t the New Orleans paperse speak in hilh terrns of our fellow citizen, Captain I ly dwon, ol the tsenmboat St. Louis, and they say r that his boat was most splendidly illu ninated upon if the arrival of S. It. P're ties at tha city. St. Louis Bulletin. It is quite e that this pper said so, but it is g not true that the boat was illuminated. There ns was a mistake in the name. It was CapI.Laurent, to of the "ahyou Sara,' who lit up his boat so bril. a- liantly,and without disrespect to Captain Swon, nt who i highly esteemed, it is but fair that credit e' should be given where it is due. Captain Laurent o' took great pains to light up the "Bayou Sara" as a complitent to the Whigs in general, and their h* eloquent guest in particularly. The Caplain is )r. an excellent, skilful man, and withal a thorough ik. going and consistent Whig, and we most pleasu l b. rably make this counter statelenr, a second tie time, as it appears by the above that the St. Louis en. papers have copied our error, but not its correction, lie which appeared the day after. TEnAM PACKET COLUMBIA..A This fine vessel having been newly painted and undergone a thorough repsir will resume her regu lar trips for Texas to-morrow afternoon at at 6 oe' clo-k. The Columbia is ote of the beat boats on the Southern waters and under the command of Capt. Wade, passengers will have a sure guarantee that their.comfort aid safety will at all times be consulted. The Cour:r of at urday in remarking that irl. tinrore had become proverbial fight, and riots added in the usually deceptive strain of loco fo coIOm uit s1ould not le forgotten that Ialtimore isa registered whig ci'y." Now 'the event in question, and which drew forth the observation was a mere election row: antd rhet, too, 'hetn rby the lorc faces from exasperation at their defeat. Baltimore, is now a whi" city, but it only he came sn last yver when Kennerly (twice or thrice defeated before) enried the district for the whit parey. This was the firat occasion when faltimore could "bo registered a whig city". Prior to ihat period it had always been under the domination of the present ruling Iparty, and thie sneer of the Courier can only affect those who are ignorant of thIe cyt's history. T'lIhoe riots which gained for hIaltimore the cognomen of"the mob city,"all occurred during the period when Jaeksonism was in thie ascendant. When I ra g ro ccrred in which the office of the Federal Journal was pulled down. end li veand property to a large ex. tent were destroyed, we woaluld ask the Courier was Baltimore "regisrered a whig city?" When the riots and disturbances took place ecnnected with the return of John Nelson, was Baltimore ,'registered a whig city?" When the anarchy and vihlence were exhibited regarding the "Bank of Marylandr," end by which were destroyed the houres of private citizens, and the peace and san. fety of the whole city were endangered, was Bal timore registered *a whig city?" But it is useless to exprsa the falsity of the accounts daily props grled l y the loco foco press. It isiimlposible even by the most signal defeat to prevent them recurring to the same position. flies in summer, one may beat them nffa thousand, and a thousand times, yet they will still return to the self snme spot, undeterred by objeections, un infllencedr by deleat. l'ruth has as little to do nwith th loco foro argument, as the pure ore has with counterfeit coins: they will wash their false dies in the dr.eptl ve metal until the silly take them to he real Truth may rub the spurious mix. ttlre offn and show to all the native brass, yet will their ttrerers wash therm 'er and o'er again, un. I lushing at exposure,and glorying in defeat. Capt. Marryett is making himself more note. rioue in Louiville by some private matters than even his celebrated toast' has made him elsewhere. Some of the minor prints in the above namtted city have been gratifying tile public appetite for slander by givingdetails of the affair in so gross a manner as to render their re-publication imtpossiile. The out lines of the story scarcely admit of any reasonable doubt, if concurrent testimony of esnte hundreds, is concluive. Atall events it is thoroughly be lieved in Louisville that a liaison er:sted between the lovely wife of an itenerant phrenologist, and the travelling novelist. After an unusual public e.rpse the irnjured party tae pubhlahed a certificate stating that he is 'perfectly satisJied," and it such be the case there is no go rd reason whIy others should comnplain. It to true that a variety of jokes are current tlat tread rather hard on the sofullt points of the disciple of Spuraheirnt Some say that he has relinquished Iis former practice whime Icrtiuing, of illustrating his positions by reference to isa ow n caput, from fear it is asserted that his frontal might display some prominences unknown to the legitimalte systems of Phrenology. It is thought the itenerent Captain will make the mar. 'tter a subject for hlis new work,-we doubt it, not altogethor from thle forbearanlce of the hero, as from hlis knowledge that affairs of this sort have nothing novel about them. As we cannot give tihe printed accounts of thi. . affair we cepy the following from a private letter r which we have been favored with. It is dated t Louisville 28th Sept. and reads thus. "'llte (Galt HIouse was the scene of one of these eccentric movements on Wednesday night last. Dr. Collyer, the Phrenalogiet has been residing with Shisyoung and beautiful wife in No. 8 tar asome r time past, and adjoining to him was Capt. Marry Sat of the British Royal Navy. About 9 o'slock in the night Collyer waked up and was very natural ly astonished to find the lovely partner of his be sum absent alike from her legttimate place and Irora the apartment. Ilia euspicions, I presume, had been previously aroused for lie went directly to Maerryett'a room, and, horrible to behold! ihe there found ` e " e o Collyer re ports that on his entrance into the room Marryalt Sprang ip and mtide at him with a gun whereupon a lie, Cullyer, bravely scampered off making the pie misesresound with the blended eries of murder, fire, &o. cie; The whole establishmli nt was rou sed and gathered to the rescue, when the scene is said to have been ludicrous beyond description. Marryantt and Cullyer still remain in the city, and there was for a time some talk shout submitting the former to the tender mercies of Judge Lynch He however boldly braves public opinion and most singular tobelieve has been able by threats tr bribes to elicit from Cullyer a certificate that the whole affair is a falsehood and the fruit of a alan derous malignity. There is no doubt however of the truth of the affair. Old Throgmorton told Mar ryatt the next day that he had disgraced his house, and that if he did not leave it inmmediately, he would thraesh him. The botok which the Captain is writing upon this country. will be an inlerestang production. We hear that a large portion of property, be longing to the eloquent representrlive of sippi the lHonorable S. S. Prentise, was situated in the very front of Vicksburg.-on that portion where the land slide lately oceurreod. We are truly sorry to hear that it is so. It is hard, indeed, that when he has so long, and so eloquently sup ported the tVanks, that the banks ehould no longer support hlim. Does not every manly heart burn with indigna tion, and horror, on finding that mariners and peasseaere mirnculously escaping the horrors of shipwreck on our own cotst of Floridt,should only survive to be barbarously butchlered by the savage Seminoles. Such are the results of a three years war with a handful of Indians carried on by our Simbecile governm ent. Forty and Fifty is the name ofa new comedi etas to be played t.nttightt for the first timet It is we believe, from the pen of the moot facetious of modern farce writers, Buckstone. From a careful perusal we feel convinced that Ltllyhlthite-t-he wman of fifty-is just the tlhing for Farren, and Mrs. Smith is as well calculated for the wife, fat, fair, antd forty. This lady is an excellent actress in ter line, and this character, which is admirn e ly fitted to her, willafford a good opportunity to her, .re .much satisfaction to all. Lillywlite is Imoest happily drawn td give a,^-.y to Farren's ta lent. He is a little uxirious, a little jealous, a little testy, and a little spiteful. The pi;ens is full a of fun, and calculated to becomes standing favor its with all our playgoere. The domestic drama nof the Rent Day commenees the evening's enter tainmetl. Mrs. Farren and Pearson are the Ra. chael and Martlin Ieywood. ABDLI'TIONISM vs. IR. CLAY. We copy the following artiile from alate nutn ber of the Emancipator, which is probably the most exten sively circulated aho'ition paper In the United Stairs. We have thought prope r to give it a circulation as a most efferiual ant dote to lhe thousind and one tales circultled hv the papers L in the interest of the edminislrnaion relative to Mr. Clay's op nions on the subject of slavery. .ashVr'ille fiannter From the Emxncipator of July 26. TIIE IION. HIENRY CLAY. As onle of the great orators andO stItesmen of the na ion, we duly honer Mr. Clay. ilet when hisI friends riing hoim fortwrd as a candcidate orl the oltice of 'revsident of lte U St;:cs, it is our duty as citizens and espectayIv as abolitionist, to exami ise hs relation to thile GIREAI i QUISI'ON, whole importance now overshadows all others - We are seeking, and cin-llidenlly expect to witnesc i th vol talry anld enllr ablalldllnlllen of a ave ry thrletghltut this beloved replublc. In 1his v ew it dos nlt becomle us to overllok the facts reaigct. ing 1lr. hClay I. lie it a slaveholder, and has never v enancilr n tedll ay ollies.ave, or iit:ioa e'd any inoetitU Uof doineg s. 2. lie is one of the founders, and tle actull Ire sidellt of cte Atil ricall Ctloltiotie: n i oe. l y whilh llw s lfort llt alln has vLr ba t ill co titollt , by x t'vehtldt r; vaven.di y fr the bc l uo t ofilv - very, ty the reotva of the lirce ncgroes, hoh its laiinlgerl have all w i, and to sit.t allo,l , it toI c I ll ille i on III alvui Iat L, urlh as a 0u.als0 ofu tex! er. 111 i fgs vt r y.- i 3. 11i is lite repult d actnd uowhl ldge nither of the ".ltosourt Comprom ise;,' In 112111, hy .ioch he .ptrnt 1t. liber y wia brlkrn., own, alld the h- IIo i jegiuttld into I UlnIpe c u liisrvi iiiy Iti lh. veryd. o i his spIck c I ler l l, i ct i cli a irt .l Wi i c ntliempt 11t1 i a , l li orii va nsi. s of treen 111 c a lh d lutc lwh ite hl1 e s,' ' a n d c o l ti' d ih t l l l tliot n wI ll that od 'i lack hlut s i liid tplutitcu - Itced thelt tonll l n of ithe lat r to e far super c i , and spoke withl abhtrau.iicf our wives anld dough. Lrs tl it i ob iltcd tio perlor l abors wi Ilii ha itoa pleased to call "servile." ''There is no iv'idcln' willthill our klinowledge that hlie ha.s altered hisl viewa respet cling thlie cial rank 1 thosle who ita bor with their hands. 4. ie isl the authir of the project fo the acq ;. scion of 'e'xatn, having imaid Itie first mlOth io the sullbject ain e ll i s l- !lt I R preseitni ivet , on the 3d of April, Ii12U. Aild llcter is lno realln to rlsuppose he has ever abalnilne tlihe Iroject. The zeal ot the eouthrui papra to his interest lurbide a doubt on the subject. 5 lie is irrevocably and in propo.ed to the a!. lition of slavery il the District Io Columbia andi Florida. Ilis rteolutiona ofilerled in the S:nate ai an amendmnent to Mr. Caltloun's, virtually charge the ptitionras on thisiluject with a breach of tie public faith. In this reapelt le goes beyond peven I Mr. VAN IiUREN, who restis his pledd to veto a hill for Ilithe prpose SULLY ON Eld1It1NU EXPEDIENCY. 6. lie ir on good grounds believed to Ie oppost d to the call of a conventionll in Kentucky lor thel amendnleat of the Sate Constitution, all princi pally for lear they will tale measure to facilitate lise hbolito an oralavery in the State. All the lead ilg papers of the State ill his intresat Oppose it, and his sont as well as his leading Irientds ttere strenunusly opposed to the biil. 7. lie lhs openly given olts voice for theexclo sion of abolitionists Irom hie pritlesr's and sytl ptathies of society. In his splitec on Mr. Calimltis resolutiOl , he urged the Iimptrtanci ofl 't leeplly the aoblitiontisx separate atnd dilscinct Ifron all other classes, standlng out ill Ihold and IronnilPent relief, unmixed with tlihe ret of the cmmunity, WITIOUT ''THlE GENERAL SYMI'PATIY, and exposed to the oreriwheeming power ova opinion of all who desir e peace l, hrtlutny, alld union of our confederecy;"'r as the languacen is aundr stood to mlean, exposed to Lyllch law. Now we have no authority to pledge or control Sthe votes of other abolitionists, hut we give tI Irankly as all obvitua Infcrelnce roem the abliov iacl-and it is all the itlfetrcl e we wish to shake --:hit for ahohltionisl to lind any suplllport to Ssuch a andidate will he to reaionce their prin'i ples and nullify their measures, and that it will be more honorable for abolitionists to allow any.i other candilate to be elected witilhout their voL, Ithan esfor thent to give their votes utnder any clircum stances, for Henry Clay. IN1 S-Very sLe oriOl i oid Particular S nSouthl side adeireu \Vite, in Pipe. ta!ftuiplee, quarter and eigtl casks, aml hllttbd-im ported by the V ubacriber, cdir ct lln e Mudtvira, tllre tears in .. o Alho other de.riptioos df Aelhiea, l.uc"ry and Port I Wines,in wood and bottleld, lot., by: t S'EI''SON 4. AVERIY, ocrtl3 8 iraie ert 201) n. Seulphate of Quinine hldiug ad lrsale octl3 'teellopiteulas at O.\APl--21 boxesa Gould'r No. I Soap, in sttre and tfr sale by J I'I'IAY t & CO, U'TMi EGS--1 cask fresh Neutlcee in store, and fur sale by J 'ItIAEtI S. CO, ortl3: 7_ I'oydras at CORN-10it0 bushels white Corn in prime order for rale by CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, otlt3 8t Jill, Ft. RA.\N & OA'I'TS--It't aeks Itra--1S dt0 oats S in store, for anle by CHIAMtPLIN & COOPER, octl3 82 Juolit st. (' UR1 t & GUTTl l'E t l'tNES-31t,tltl retmttnti l feet of curb and gutter stones of tlhe followineg dl. mensions, 12 in;, 16 in.,1I in., 20 in., 21i in , and 28 in. expected to arrive between the let of Octoher and 15tl January next, will be sold by the subscribers on uarri. vinF, by lthe in,.oice. I ern. Cash oin tlhe delivery Of thel hill of lading. Persns atpplying rshlI rceeCie t II tones s they ar rive in tile orderof Ithir pilPlicuitton. ,'ETI.ERS & MILLARD. srep t27-tf NEW WORKS. T IIE . i'oan ofthe World, a Novel, by the author of teo'I)iary ol'a Iesannuyee,' in ' vols. The MIERCIHAN'I"S DAUGHTER; lty the author ofi'h, Ileiress,' uAgnet.eerlc,' e& in 2 role. JoISUtS ANI li. ItIO;IRAPIIERS; or remarks on tle eGospels, revised atithl copious additions, by W H ForHeness. Vol. 31, ENGLISII COMMON LAW REPORTS. Also, A few iene copies of'Carev's Credit Systeum,' l.oek. hart's Lift of Sir Walter tett,' and NOS. I, 2, lI 3 of 'Sketches by loz.' Just received and for satle by l3 M M'KEAoN, S otl3 cor Camp & Comonruou rt St. Charles Theatre. 15TH NIGHT OF TIIE EASON. Ia First night night in this city ofthe new hrre o to FuttTY AND FIFTY. This Evening, October 15th, 1838, Will be performed the domestic drama of the RENT DAY. Martin Ileywood, Mr. Pearson, Toby, Furren, Old Crumbs, Williams, Rachael tHeywood, Mrs. Farren, Polly Briggs, Plutner. Two Orerture,Rby Orchestra, Grand Pas Seul, Mlade Ravenot. The peorbrmance will conclude with the new farce o FORTY AND FIFTY! Mir. Lillywhite, Sir. Farret, Altamoat Lillywlhite, P'e isar Mrs. Lillywhite, Mrs. Scads. Octl5 EXCIIANGE LEAlDING ROOM, rfHE proprietor hs re-fitted his Reoadling Rorn,in the St. Charles Exchange, Cnrner of Grn ier and St. Charles street, in tile eatest manner. Blesidee all the principal Ialesrs of the United States, of every city and state, tile Canadas Texas and Melxi ro and lla.anna, tile rourn is regularly and extensie.. ly supplied with tlre latest European papers, Loyd's I 1ists, and Pricu' e Peir Current. Also with nearly all tile I.leranry Periodicals of tile day, and has tie re piiicatieons orf the London, Edinlburg, Westminster. Metropolitan Reviews and Ilackwoode Magazine. The North American Review; the Southern Literrev, Knick backer, Thie Aceiearicc Jolorrl af Sienrcer and Arts, Cabitnet Mliscellany Detecratlc Rerview, Gintlemen's 3algaine, American illonthly, Bently's Miscelleny, the Miexicr Chirorgicai Review, and a variety af others. All these works are rgularly subscribed br nail rereit Sted. iThe roomn is also supiplied withil a larse variety ofrnps ancd atlases, Niles Rlegister, tLevy's P'rice Cr erntl iota its crnaenceaent, Gazateers, and a variety Sof works furefi'renee. The most attlive & intelligent news collectors are ern. ploved, to give tl eaurliest a riivals, 1 no110 pains nIorti. Seatise will be raCrrae torhril thlia Reatding leoauo tlse first thie United States. SSubscriptionsarr res rpectfully receive!. i ctll-tf GOLD LEA I. TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCIIANTS. SIIIE Subscribe' r takes thiis opportanlty of insorm itg his lriends and eusttners, that he still con tinues to mannufactulre ithe followin noed articleos; SGold nad Silver Leaf, Golil urd Tin Foil laBronzes, &c., alld warrnlts thelu superior to any manufiaetured in tihe United Staes. e WI.LIA1M BRADY, No. I0l Sonthi Fifth st., Philadelphtin. d [IjAll orders thankfully received and punctually iatttideti to. T'he 'C urier' Charleston, S C. 'The True Ameril can' Nei itrlatans,atit ' lVlc' fteitati, Ohli, wil please insert tile abttve i tileSt, nid sld ther biil : to th e ie of the 'tNational tu it, '1 lu'hlphia, with papers ontaining the advtrti-+.,a netS--St LASIIES & G RNtli· .:\ ;it, cul bulN.! l lfIS ecet~ig, icittr tht t bith, TilHE lAVII. l (ION IA1it. L0ttlt1, utt tie other side of tile N I--No Ladies adtnitte' arti'l.uo being accompan ied Iy ePrtlemen. Sotli--ff CO i- PARI'TNeItl; 1 iP NOTIICE. rC tIlE CO-l1crtterhipi herctoicre existing untler the Sfirm of OLOD V & & lr)tINNEI.l., in tie REx change Ilotel, has been thii day dissolved by lnItIial consenit. John litllonell is cIarged with tile sIttle ment ofthe nithiirs of i the late cpartnerlhip. atnd the nane ofl the t ir til lie ielt Duly ity Liquidation. Octl--Iir ,8 I.TARNISIIES--A lacre nid extensive stock liiom Ve the tanufactory a 1f' P i Smith & Co. Pcoiprsiang Sin part tihe filliwil.g: extra poliehing ti I do no ; Ic rritire eiO I, do nio 1, dlo 3; cochrl vanish no 1, dllo no 2: varllithe le 1,2 and 3n for oriii;iry use; black alld abrown japitn, for aile by r. ptlS I. . I. iNNtN,lii Cfiap rt Fourth lt egim'enl L.tesmntrtn ./iliia. NOT'ICE TI. ) ALL WHIOM IT' MAY CONCEIRN. rFiji l Militta Iaw of the r lth Fiebruary, 1813, die L laees that "everv comnlissioneld oiter of ilnfln. try. whose duty shall require hiit In sere on foot, shall he armed withi ai uitaleh, sword;anldeverv olficer whosel duty reIires him to beI moi ted on Ie rsebaIek shall he anlle I witht a sword and a pair orpistols; every nIIon colllissiuned ot llicer and private of tile inantry shall euugstatly, k.eep hlnself provided with a good inusket or cullll It Ulsuficient balVoet ald belt, a knmlcl)al, two t spare flints, ita crtrie fbax or Iouch, Witll a box there its I:l contlail I:out less Ihlau, tmlealy-folur eartri;-es suited ho tille bre If his musket itr guln; or with it ' oot idle ,clitcd to lthe btllo'e of his rifle, alld it lritlerofl iiaiep u tte lof powder-and slhall apipear so Iarlllmed and acontredl t lhl Iroliddr whIeerli ca lled rt Irxcept that wlhell ever callued ut dIo ri,iat oti1\, he ta. apear witleolt k n'.iap'ctu'rid;.vsh :uhd(with l!ulj: PlroTvided, thatL I lll illS u i at co tll t tie rl letnliil I nt slllll r I e fr·c i-olll sl,.H llu , angr t, a S r leal nlot lI aiienated ill anly nialam,, wvh.erv' r for dii l t'=t r ot i ,t r a, d r ro iil, iln, to l tait ' h le e.r a ilillall s hall ,emarke it a 'ie a u t tl het tsl' a, lpl n of ti i t reil'll el t lrt I as-i : -slmeI ' m lll tll I t,,, aLtL Ia 'c meI ltllr )l'llllll ll am hUU t 'llrll e tlt Itit~luieg;le fll'lmm r-,i,!, an ld Ilull i e lhlallm d a qetteiitit' utpjriht entyirtt ittor.lltt TIt ile mtie lh eettitiiag hi otllt bif ll e llbe t lllll be tI, lll il li lln the an a lld lltllI I iitite, he- n i if lh ri tiiridteeutiti" ai ale h ll ' rt iou t O f Il se I]., ac't el" 112 1, faluii" lll or( nnll .aI - - r 'itiul a .1- i i lIe g i llte l ilitia guie f lik I tt te" pO r I eri ll.l , idr"l. rs: roIt. ith, pi r r e ct'l pieC r . Tlldlllr .lllrd li h iduly mrotseite tri eree, ced texteit eeidpy wviit rit oe ip, it wilthi n te llr I-I hll r , etae t,, o r, v atv t rllll r elr old rs iv I I et l w t Ii 1A ,,J 'Lavriti theil e risl i( r ie u hll ordtll I or tlrtlleld s; lo w l l lliall I'r'ulllse r I1 e iO clllll i Gaite el llt lo ti Ieilr a ' l his o i ln v i i rr, Slt ih tierl ltir ,t rtel ., itl aii ir l re, .o r d 1 ll f l " r,.i, ilit tthe m 'ish A' w trh+ shall fiVidi 'l'iN h, d tullfu , :,n in dh I ulh thvreolt, shall be imp risn Jll o1 iN0S lttyier exapr lltt o r Il ll end S liriteifl feitingr nsly f the otlr r rtits g,,,l tlih ,eoly witdle IrsIIe dhuttll-l ftt ,l FI re t 1 ir dlarr s i ad iti I elhu t I wreof, shall be il prisreer iteftllt-r hoir" Tr militia IItw ie II i ll i efill i (.l i t ll i , er d (t l oil llfututed Tit avoir c it s l lllUlhe alt y ssi tllll o tmrslrtrou l calllr expIrhriiie ti allir It.rt .istudi(. 'tiulliiura dtIt wtlltie iefiuserd tr uehte tead lt'el I nir d w the ietarotv w fthle ilstate (,'Ii th lil s yllt Of rP, la-th , at thi e ret-ires aIlnal lIsl tial f +the Ith I'il etllt l. i. on I afayelot Saufra, every deliU, rllt is resueetuully leaqUesltrd ti cll tit ity oIl ice wtein 10 ias to en thr ate ateo tril olice, tihuieer thie lcrs of i 2 and e o'clock A tire eiLd setterr llie li, Ir i ke hts excuee. iI A rr foitelrutfa fiei or voiluty ertntr rim, who ine ravite ben iire vetaeit enurolhei ao d t itilit d n io dot militia duoitt ithe 4rh egiiuent tell r uri TE it laste riom beu troubloed tie Iepheeiuet, ierimiing to ale he lt t within tu atils eith ereieb lly cr e drrersing ,t ot; an1d 1Sr also y twhor eri.sle f llay have been h e rndle d ratl defrau ied tit friedug lthe to e ilireia du ty. 'i'hte ltbje. t 01 t eius utir,' is ire give t t crt delin. qutst the opp lrtunity ofisttling his i ttle or iti kir g his etine orf heir ih it reasonl s vti t he sihoul tout e teillp-. Net acordin tu w there vidig he disagreeable2, 188. it Xli & WiN'i'LR CL ilillNO. ecessity P F legalN & CO., Nig . agit hiM int the paret Sof i eupplie f Fe tatell. ad Wirtr It is hoped Ihnt every person coneerned will duly tonLider thin s ratter, ainl pto ltrecely c irnt ith ghe ag Res mctfulhy, JAS 11 DAKIN, leocl ti-r-ohtlt tire ete d ,hhi. Regitment, 11ei. Orllce efthe afc " mo Iatkin & tl)kiu Archtects hieg rchet1s Exc Iu e, erurl Pruurrn ce rit i irn tO A |N 0 . 1 3 t ) Y ) t a c a r p n t e r a n d b u i hl e r fi m u te r - Iy front the state of Ncev \'ark, through the, tle wiith pro erty t l tthe alnt,,.,lr or ai out tl ier six ulte l stan dullers, 'w Oulll.'l. o, l , I 1,'^. Iull, In Julu, 18. ]6. sit I"dillot iit ," uII ;, 1. 'll. ltllte utllOl 1 8,l1, hi" Iowiue, he felt his bu h: "s tf,:ie. h, e .i r ioint of ia friend 'whihe Ile w rut to I'rýilu I1I tia In the n1 vi eit oF ihe Splreaw Eagh')t ot l "thtetitill where lie iarit inU it respectable _iuui __n__llnediatel_, ou his return it WasIl to hat J u tlhihad Iare ll nreased the mntllt of in eash, which his friend had Fdvulued tor him ill cofi dence, during lhis | n eI bilee, to keep his name flom plo. ist, lte, underl thsecir l ueetianll cestle ued 111s credi allowed i m to colnl ne e it new busineesandtal ll reed il, cherished all rOnlldered him assistnce in prosecu ing it, under repeated assulrances of fidelity tin h part. ,rtlle, hm. the 1e , ile amye'tt thae Isamad to liqutidltte ll inart the old debth when alter tllls uinll proceed, which it appears he regularly received for his. dislea ranmce ()it tihe tllh of tOctber nstr lsant as is up fosed on his wax North, and all the mioney he has car aep29 LONDON M ~lions of scarre 014~au~l urr'n Plave, 3 vole;; Naraq altar's 1Vork,3l vole. So Ikl;ngs'sI Worlc+, 3 sols; Kl~.letack' n \nhtsi abh, 2 vatsnvo. Slalaln,, Ibnnin oo the, Uten wt n plates 2 rot Colley Cibler' I)Damnati c wrks, S ils; Ialotnjitns Itm tirs of Co,,nt(A rannnt 3 vo, SelectVWorks of the Ennperojliaa,2 vole; Life oaf Timesl Salva2dn r Blonen by lady blot. ITehlad's LifeofNapoleon, I rols,f8no; lenirj oat Napnolneon, orrectend by himaelf; Nnpuleon in Enile,, r2le; The,' fort Royal Latin rammer,2,cr, v oale, e Cnraddock'n Menoirs, 4 voln. Haaliti's British Pnets, I vol, 8vo; Fieldien'' Worke, i v, 1, Rvo; Gibbnbn's Memolirn nad .lisaallnneon, wnrks, 5 aolo Rl,,ae's alaeeoirne of L.orenzo do Me'dici.3 rots tleate,,uryn I,,,ractnrisnica. 3 ".1', edit. 1732 Killirtjy,'a Pleyn, 'dita 16it40, 1 vol 4to. V'olnav's 'l'raveln, 2 vSna; Vulnllly's It wins, 2 vole; ('onlgreoea \o'n rknj,, is 3 voL Life olf CathIarie II, Elmlpre-a olf t,,nnin in vol; Just reeaivedI net for ne by 1I'l 3t'K(EAN, actidcer Camnp & CoLmnoneat U. IK. & F. D. Newco mb, H AVE opened a hours fir the teaLnsaetngo oof a gen. oral v omen blss.on business at Nltuhc, and any ibushness confided to tiheta shall be faithfally attended References: II C Camanck & Co., ) rlaunaelt Whit & Co. New Orleans. Cadlwell & Hieky, ) octl--eeot' tl. IThe bnaement flo,or of No. 123 Julia. next tu I, corner of Coamp sree!; .nitable tr ollfices ! oar store rooms. Apply ot the preolisoi, or to C W CAt+IMACK, tol2 C(natl Btek. t A'TTCNTION!! GOVERNOR'S 1IHORSE GOU.1DS, JOU will attend drill every evening, Sundays ex cc ptted,uatthedrill room, alotgaoo street, next doort It tle Atthallalaya tank, at 7 o'clock, trecisoly. The greatest punctualitv is requested, as a master is engaged to give lessons in the sword exercise. By or der of Cptttilnt Osborne Cross. JOHN GIBSON, oetl2 Orderly Sero't. FLOUR--2011 btbls tutpr tite flour, juist oeejtvt; and lor sae e by " I.\tYET & AMELUNG, retlt3 17 (tonteree at LAIt-uO Kegs Pnlllot Lttt Lod, in otoe ntd fur sale by LAYEr' & AMrEI.UNG, oet12 17 Commlnerce st SURYEYOR'S OFbICE-SECONI) MUNICIPAL 1o'rlcE it herey given that in confonrmity o a N resolution of the Council oft the Secodtt Mu nicipality. passed at tllcir siting of Tuesday, lthe 151h of Aagn.t last, I twill at nooto oft tl11tth Octolber, 1838, adjudicate at tIy office to tile lowest bidder' the for natshing the imber, required for ote year, frollt th date oe the aljudlctioti f bor Ideigt slld eliter t luai nicitl works, ex, lusive onily of tile limober nlready contracted to be finished fortle whlarves. IThe wtttd tol b sawed (ypress ofgood qualityfree hmlonnt p nd without flaw of any kind. Satisfaetoly seoerity in the sum of $10llI0 ill be re xuired. New Orleans, Oct. 10th,18 38. JOJ. P[II.I, oetil Sutiver BUREAU DU VOYEI RDELAu SIMUNICPALITFE .4Neolsconformite d'lne resolution It Conlseil to ln 2e Et maletpali t6, paotns'eo daot la sin'coode t mt,trdi, lit5 - nowt dernier, Avis etl donne qeo to 20 d'octohre, 138,3, i midli. ,t man buoentu i'adjugerni nu rabai, In four ni ere ds tout buis de charlpente doet in tnuaieipalit potrrait acoir besUoi ptor ocs travanx pendant ui1 ni s partir du jour de IVadjudicntion; ls Ibois dejacnn trlaoteo, ponr les wharfs excepttr; ls boil seroult de cypre sties au mlOllin,de bootie quallite, oans albier, nfloeh, otilUrte on piqure. Unt castion stisfoisantte tie $1000 oser exigce. 10 oat .lOS PILIE, Voyer. COMPTROLEL 'SI.E OFFICI-SECOIN VSUNi CIP.\LIITY. New Orleaos. Oct O11t 1833. .(1RE+.AIIItV to o reotlutio o of the Cotoncil; datedn A t5h Slltember, 18:31, sealed proposals will ihe receive, dt the office ootitioesdIZt h 27t th dnve o November o nxt. tic TIheeo ttodoo t:'hn ousonod tDollars Ilhds of thlis Municipulity, pyvable in thirty yeare, and bearing six per ient per alnnutn interest. The itn tcrest payaole senli-tarl-lttlv in Lo.don, New York or New Otirloano n It too be Ittgrd on. 'toThe noods to bte fir$ll)0 rtoch, it tiha interest be payable in tile United States, and for £'O50 s1 gaech, if the interest le pu able ill London. The proposals to be iendorsoed 'ropoosttl.s foi r onda. t101N CALIIOUN, octll :Compiroller. Jlrta t tt ll C'oolotf'oltor --Nt'ott/ t uot ici iot , t I ~Nouvell e OrlJ ealtt ( c tt t t3t.t1t CONFt)RMEMNT at tane resolution dnt'onn'i] L-en date dt 25 septemlre I otdes oiffres nchts, sermt reculs tn e lmentu jlosqu'a mnrdi, le 27Ijourde lonvellle rohtlill, pour troli cenl mille piasP reo dtt tonds de cette nllllioilitte, payable dlns tret( Ians, 1 t [orlalltl loa t a ileret to C .ix pIou cent I'a t, t'inlte'CI pnyable pnr semoeste dars I el res, New 5",,rk ou , 4i Noavelle O)rleans, colmma I erslalclllve, i o Ies Ibours doivenlt ttra poor mills piasltrs rhquqn. ' I si I'interet payable Bans les Em1ts Unis, et pour dcux cenlt illnlltanlto livres s terling sil o slllt pit niltes I i.ldres. les r pro alillons dtivelt etrrldrsctsees "l'nro"osuls fir B lllllts " BluOct JtIIN. C+IIU NCmp , or, STATE OF L.OUJ.1NA--P rilsh Cout r ti Parish ond city of New Olle i- .: leellt the lion. Charles hltirtin, Judge, No, - , Oct. 8th, 1838, is creditors: an1 I le .red itorI (oIf hihe & F lollv' (hi - otlllnlio Il" C. M'\l( illi.n, to I-r] fir thl III olve- t ind o ! giving tile C'ol st to utllderttll't d t int a sullli' ielnt lnumbe'rof leediors is number and atrlitt btild not ap . peared at tile nlseting of retltlt ll, to autorisTe It dis chnrve tulnder tile hlts. It is tllcr, fare ordered by tfhe court, that thel K.," t Wmeer n of the creditors of the petitioner mull ot'Vh 1 ite and +'ll. take pilce in lpell Courllt oil .1loldy "911 dayn o1f O."tober, 133, t Lhen all thelre to elibe, llto oi tihle alllrs of tie petitioler, uIt to schw allse hv t sill d inllllllve t nhotlld lot be dliic huogd. x.:trat t li'oa tile Imbnote-+. Clei k's , llice,,() ct Ili, 131138. A I (It' , o_ t ll0--?t,, fhl I)'y Clerk tlT1'. 1 l1: 1 \ 1.,l .i n,1'11 ,,. II\NI- C :ou de l'ao, + - ol ur It fro s- "," ot i ille Id, 111 .N, ii-Il i )lea ,, P ci",r lion ' l I b r I, lh s m. ! m o- o0. tl lIII, 'octu r,' illt ,t' et lr hirt cl, Ci ri lonie t1 Ilt Fl."1hv-I\ lir nioi , e li v 1: \hIb:ll:o tso o I t, I t, l l. t .lett , 't ir . t-i-n it Io qi oiip 1tiii r it tll Iio tt "'-l l l I%,i rPill, I "iti I ,s pour ool o I (' . tar l d -, ,. ý""s. Iv trelli r,; c l1 liPR l)l l" lllRI' 1 1 'llll ll ll , 1 1 III I (1 lill d it-n+ cet li llo itv, it a- lll lt tto I r, 1a t 1ro IIt"I.. I'h iipta-le itili" t do ph'tilnr I t decitu,lti ti el e Sl' l l, hao L , phh, rctill , ChTi Ith, %l'1 d'o,'r l I1:0, toor y, di1ib 1"ri Hlrr I-o . l +, tlliles .hde Jol W hile, Ipo r ' l l l t 111,! .l..iml 85 he hir) it t Ie a cs l ave o i s ssI , oui. E :ilit des htla l i.-- li ±rloai lh totl gflir, <ctr" i t I:;:I:; II ar.m t .\r If ll:r f Ir I,, i l.,k ottr il nll i pr, C )di r''IU at I tI nt I,' Cci('I -'l-o I +yNIt-ll M i t-hr. 1 Nowi I ti ,to it J, t- lt ur, 10t h, lilt+. `t ;Alo ceI prolmnl. trill b , -'e d at lhis o , T il Fridetry 1rh 1k l i-tlor the tll Cl r 1) ll l'lllKl - Of dais 31ll t'i alit F wi th li t te Nit o altl of1r ir Ig i tl o i e t Iit r ud p 'rlo-- t i.i b d1 t Eved alln. ''Protoi'al to .iti drtosI illltl' o' (Oit i.'t ol.o" l All l blt SibioN , th ilp i' b, ig r,, I l lllol-d Jot l a ,to ,ie is m ato l lt ui l l, e l1 il .en ally i Sheio il e t lo IlPt i lihrlll o tllll Il ot llhl iA le l l o ch , speaksl oot nglish ,i . - lidtl3 Ir, nob. The above reward will paie nlna ll hin de Itogry to tol subscriber r ! V re s olalt-it ( (ihi'e1f l: Ain r N. A A ; It.R . y 1IIE foIur st lry fire lot tf brick tore lion fatp stile ltreec...o r brick t l l'e at t ll corn r of Bnnk An - 7leSl lll " a ind Na l, plt e s e t a ll!p loll ied by Mesrs. Ileath & Co.I ; t e thi d t ly be fil ted lort be rtolNh Ilo, lhe 3:r d story of l t, brick st r acl in taI k Alloy, 4 door fro"o n t lh,, It il led-- tb .al,, t i ll d t ste ; orie ob ,ring we ll fIhlled u ti. i o iz IAOseS, aIIIi to ev ll the I -t November IlCea oct ,t o I A JACOl IS. P iE''I I " tl I' Frit op r l i lNa ty-A chesr ot ifro Lodllton, ntfilc d tiei - Ii \on. Ig ·lP rboLeived lately and for o me flow, tle o ltlnr i tot:s ine.ti t foir Ia l torlt i Illlrte lior lilt It p or r lt. il y I Ae CHALL, ENGE V B TLACKING ! " r to sli nilpte i e t all Y itlnisoad atollb. generally o. Nocw 4ilrll. allf Loullioain th lt he has rppliedll Phlesdrp. liccue &o L, h sol..1,1I. 5aents Col the ale. CItAI.L N(E BOT AND SIOE BLACKING n this sectiorC of outhlltry; Mn aricle libh p s lalS pre emnhe ht forits beauiful l dlore, ant niornio ofal. i o retal is virtes i i tr climte, l io Ireserve 'h ' leath or to whb h it is aptlit it oriers $10t 1 pri toilln oltoay perho who will rodotf e iti S( perior. niid Lange, lrolo, iuttr lilt t of tih o hIghe ht resopecti bilily bearint le-t. n v to it- beaty tlol super~orily over every ot-hr Black g in the onaied Slao loyll rders for thi tri t N, re l tt it -his ecton of lth Unios, mot rwdi to theC Sole Phildelpio, Sept. 10,1838. 95 atillo hill t. Comb and Fao y Storeo , 1b Comp o treet. selttp22 lo (October, will he lilfts cenls per harrcl ill Ihe Gas Work's yardoo, ahn ifttakye idt t itLieo- Molt o hln dred barrel b will be delit red fiteei of dr Oatlge. lhe advanoge shat tho article of l possesseo r otreadily than tBe former i ad res frol t ote utplealotll smoke ofh lal ttor slouhl indsaovmy familty o sake use of it. 180 b oobscriber o f itrs fKr ssye: t 75, lob Jt dd'o Cot-do o; 100 " 1I'Tgoow d,0; t 2o1i1to ea n oouit5oturod Tobacco; 785 bags avy and corsEI. Bonare (Sil0, 811 bblls 4th proof American Braady; 25 Nehtt"S to to.ipi'nt Bala ice lls 31o coils Bale Cope; o€t11 2-4 (l:banes ,t SECOND IMUNICIPALITY. TAS brought to the Pound of the u2d tlenicipel Veity, in arounne treet, between lelvia and Gi rod streets, on theeilhl Srpt.t 0Ill0, A large Ilay Harse. The owner is requetod to prove property anid ake him awany or he will be old by P ,A . uillot. Anetion. er, on Saturday, the 13th inst. hi S HiARPER, oct5 napltin of Watch iL t- pot de la Secoe M un pa n l.eb, Ic 26 sel embre, uan grend eblev bob: t pro. prietaire est prih de vreir prouver sa nropribt6 eet m moner; anleettieelet it eCts vonelu A l'eltatU lpar P A Gioillotte, aeutetncur, oamedi lo 13du courent. foot H S IIARPElt, Watch, 2de Mun. W ERE brought o the P und of the mecond Muani V icipalitv, in Iarnne street. between Heca and Gird sire , on the 13th instant, the follewing animal, viz: Two dark Bay Hloese;one has a mark on the left l'ho owne is ereqestOed to prove property and take them away I . tnre tontrday, 7tth October, or Ile wil b sold by P . Guillot,Auctionerr. It S IARPRR, oetl5 Captain of Watch ST. CHARLES THEATRE. HIS mOagnilicent structure lhan undergone, during S tile recess an entirenew order ofl etellishenat; the whle ol the interior has been repaired: the Ghaon delier lhas Iten taken to pieces, and its 13 ewt. of cut gtlases bends and droee cleaned and polislhed; nothing eas been neglected, either in the building itself or in engognments, which have been made with the first drae matie talent in the coettre, to promote the high char acter whihb the St. Ciar:re has obtained both at hlonme ane abroad, lor its bellg one of the first dramnatic Es tahlishmcnt is lthe World. Theo Orchestra, heretofore acknowledged superior, Ihas been cons derably increased in number and talent, end firmer deficiencies in particular members of tihe Prague Band. )nring tier season tie mosnt eteceesftul dramas of the day will be produced and in a style whiech it is pre snniedwill rgive general aatifarocton. The following .adies and Geetleenon are in treaty with, and rngagfue. JOIIN I. BARTON, Stage Manager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, II. J. FINN, JOIIN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. r essrs. Hlarrison Messrs. Plumer, PPearson, Page, Farren, Porter, \Vliamns, Davis, Cowel, Paret, 1iEbeor, Doenni oe, And o aterr in treaty. E CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON, Barnes, A.liss Charlotte Barnes. hlasdmesee Farree., Mlesd'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cownel, Jones. h Debar, Chester, tPlteneer, 8eot, SHanrrison, C. Sonth, '. Irowe, teenoot, iMadden, Semilt. S .AI. LEE, Principal Artiset. W'eil, aeror, t . Wallis, P'roperties Maker. OJICIIESYTJ6.. Smo.crP. Croee, MBesrs. Iloeller G(lenari, Myers, Jacobi, Storm, Zitterbnrt, Iaeieno, l )eltofgec, (tharitan, Ca.rl .B Ilopt. Foy, IEberherdt, lirtu~er, lto., ilolhand, Smhelter, I:osteor, Ciofi. Conduitn lla. Parni,Crips, I'aito,.nla. AeedI other, in treaty. I. W. J(tNAS, L, mder I. \1V. llhet, lead Oetotliee. .n _ . ,,p 7 . . . . .. . . . . . . . . A AA & NEW 40 .11 ('NS As!) Bt11l IIlORE LINE OF eli hn l erm beflt, or lrcrLerd ;ur ittr tIrulh, viz: Mattias :1AILY, Nickerol.o tr IlL o i) FI+).1% ,{ (lw) t Stevens, S111) i.aha, To.I'I. vesrst e11 ll".r .. th litt.l cl.m--hve haond.ome flrni.hed . l. onl ldst II Il t s a d te ll" r a light draft ,e ,wter, sio it, to admit of theo" r' , +inU and I ioeharging their Iar on, in Itllio r, t th e City. Fr.iglt will h taken tl I t.I. Io t inl the , ( l i. tr tn Ju ne' Iiver , nod flIrwllmll "I b te i, e tt , r1. lll. I s.) 'Itrk &I Ke1llgg, 31t Init'ion , (` n,'. ' li goo ls hipped will be ad volCd whbe ai'l'' ,l. The piln e od"n -lrei fi . il at ..10-umple stores of tlte h-I ,lalil ll i] bhe lr o ided. a.olot o; amt down li e l li -i. -ippi will be taken oil Fortrim.hor pa 0111 ·:e IlElfRl i), FlIt tIl.\ V1 I - f'h loe f-toi 1 ling 1 1 sIhip ZI'I)'OF ; , .lnoh %lerrall, in-ster, ,ill hba'e hnoo oiima .,... , .inh, and wnnllt ;1n bales catton to aem+ ner'tt ; 9;f 'l l, a.ilO 1t. FORI) I \VItI '. AI h AII.1NCE; Ferwlld msilter:. hviollg ll her cart o enged, ig exd rp I g.. cl, oilllo tn lto ll I gre ightl tlwhih, r p S &J P WIIITING, ' Conti arel F NlllGW' Y1 RK. I'.c1.t ) ..fle. 1nt/1 o. LOUISIANA ANl N.II I IN i. e S he t r eed und coper ftoed peek ' rt. el +hip SISl1,'luii, l ehee, maelrr w*ill sa.,mill et nove; I reight or pattage, heviog ll l llllegt d ' llln' o lllutpll ou board epp rite the V,'-,'utle ii l k ltl, i Jr to J D I)lIIN ,r A CIIEN, Fl(ilt NEW L 011K Ii The ship I'lA1IES, Capt. M'Lana Sthn, having 3-lih oflr icaa egaeined and . i. i (t i , l b o a rd w ill iIm et wt l l nm e d i ut dl e - toll, ullpty to LEVI II 0A1E, rep"9 93 Common M ' FUlt (t)' I tN . .'l The first lass ship IIARROLD, Howe. .slnler hvig inost ot he cargo engagedl Sflighlt, .r ptsaage.apply board, or to STE'ITStON & AVERY, o112N t 88 Gravier tq -1,1)1 AIEXANDRIA. Te r. steamer DIENIIARK. will run a a regul.r pocket during low rIý maut¶er, liin month of Red River to e.xundrhi, "or partieulars Ulll I Ato t sl)-'J JNo'Io GrRAAM. (J eiii-N(: r I - ti l :OP--0l picees bLaggi LAWI RENOE A, LEGENIDRE, sepl9 28 or 29 New Leve JEIFFEltsU~t A'.ADEAIY. )IEP1ARAI ORY to Jelhereoa C.liogro and to oth ers conhicted by IL. Gruet, 1. L. 1). tExchange Alley, between ('onti ond Iienville. Thi ituatioan ra the mont eligible Ihat could he found; eilup entirely tree iromn the In se of llh streets and ithe rattllng otllnays and curiinges. IThe Jefttrsoll Aotnd.ny is divided ilno two depart nlltllls. T'lhe .lunior or elelneonanr depIrtment for the variltls brancllcs orolollonuo edunooion in Frennlcl and iit Seoior 'Iepartptect tot l.sti, Greek, Aln atltho oties, &c. I'uoetualit., order on. diseiline are strictly eljoinad ond observted. 'erits. Juiooi liDeportoeO,per eonth; $10 Senllior do I ' Spanish 6 Lst. P.toou slner, paper, &t nlltored separately; itll. A iotIth or tttetetlltg to be pti d in ull; "3rd. N1 dedIuction for nlhoeue inor for holidays: 41h. l'ttlnotottt Ito nbemdo regtlurlyevery monthh i n0on llo Is lromt 1 1-2 to 3 o'lock, execpt Thous. days. oep27 LOUISIANA INS''IT U .. 1illls Inasliution Ifor thie ducation ofyoung gentle J nmn. will go ilno oleraliono tI he first day of Oe tIber, ill Ithe b.trnlent tlltry of the Ileclhodist Church. ooner of Ctroudolet and Pa'oydnlo, uudler Ihe direltici 1 of the undersigned who has occupied th e chair ofmath utattios io oevorol t'olleges of tIhe norlth, and who ir a Sraduate ofone of thle most celebrated univcrsiieu af The c.ttrse ofloudies t bea pursued in thi acemiel rv will bh colmprrehended i tltt followirg division, via: I 1. 'TIhe English deparrlmeo, embracing all the lorllllans of thorough and aeeuonpllshed English cd. uclaioll. . 'lThe rlantliel department, comprehending the Latel and Greek langnuages. 3. Theo d-portmtt ofe modfcn languagea, in which will ha tatghl the Fretnh, Spaoiah ald eorloaa Ian I. The mathemtr atlical and pliloso :hieal department rllirehit'dig A IgeTRn, t.(olt.n Eryl, ie two Trigo im. ctr nwitht theirr prait:ialhl apptlcation qce ureyine', T'Elrtlll; LAt.sore in the olhd sr Loangug rail* be fortltdt and ttendod to tron the Ist Oltober. C J IADER3IANN, AM. J GCIBSON Eiqg, ltev l' .nunoar ShIANNON, I.euieiar Creqga Jacksnn. ])o C A I.UZLENIERG, L Ci DUNCAN Elq, J NICHOLS(IN lE.q, New Orleans. sier.2y,18333 W AV4'I'F.I) A wonilut to take charge of iwo nhil T trello; oo who is willing to Irovel. u middle a ged wotntltl eitt At.eric.ll, Englislh or Snotch would hI pr hiroeo. N. e toned olVply wi hout tIe bust refer SetIm's.o Ajlt Ipll Iyha otrice j l* Ihto T'le American. d Io'18, tho ittat llotl nguns--40117 cases Peoea SlrShoes ond Blrogats, landing fromnt hips Chero r kee, Eliz An, rld Hellenre, tomprising a guod noerl nttllt,o anl sIitable t the city or I:outlltroV trade, und which ill be sold on the lltot acoOnllllod'inlg terle. A F DJUNIAR & CO, et1-l e ur ti'unl l llolll or .

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