Newspaper of True American, October 18, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 18, 1838 Page 4
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l p1 Slnda ?eclathtta Hotel, " KIRIKL ANDI) ir neffhly an. r esblo ,ar frienls and, the publ!irc Fone. - prpareiad to eoamevdit thlrh at s1limihet, and hopnes frem .lher S ifoder viritors c,mtfart'able, 151 re.eive stl of fitrmher fnli,. Shie feelas enmfi. on vistining C taon d a rurin the Sethiaemt'lld btter nccmmodlatinta - ~t. . 9iaii-ford them, on mere liberal terms. s apleaatantly 'itnatea, a.~O wellasuppliod Seonvanirner;. the bar is furnished witl in IIors, &o. inl short,ahe promineia Sshall ha wanting on heor part to give Ittiotn tjil who Iay patronize the i and 1auipina Flotral. j1C3 tudloti untoder Dr. Sel.mnilt of Charleston, iaol.- and oar some years his assietant in 8lbf medicine and surgery, has the hI lor ti.r~br his.profenssinil srvices in this city. roe tha lies and gentl.emen thatl the most tttention will be paid to the calls which made; and also olafrs his seirvices to the roinfolavos, being well nequainted with the aeseommon to them, having attended uthem in ar house in Charloston. Pnous anti.bilious pills alter the composition r Smollotte, with directions, can be had IlW tteiglnod. The effect which they have t and othiY cities, has bean attendodi isgreatest success, to which thile best of pql can be given. Apply at No. 166 Megn. *qttt. JNO.M1tl'LORING. ELO WARE. WOOD SCREWS, SA IRONS, &o. : HItOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. Water, near Boekman street, Now York, . 1lia le4 the past season, and are constantly nivpglargo and extensive additions to the stock ' t thel e goods, which now consists of the tot ig.eassortment, suitable for the southern and SWesteIn niarkets. Rollow ware of superior quality, aonsisting of about 1500 tons, vii, Pets of 22 different sizos from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 318 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sires, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, akopnek r Orvens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Rkillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders 0 do 'ovored Spiders, 3 do Oriddles, - 4 do ire Dogs, 6 do ~ agon hboes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 itnches. S Srt do. 5 to 7 inches. ! Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron nnrl brass, fromt A .inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 f a superior qiality and finish, and less than Jatite's imported pises. - Sad Irons, assorted, i cashks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hlattor's Irons, assorted. naslh wights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Selbs. e. olls for Phnatations, steamboats, elhurches, &c. mande to order, Also steambeats and otlher machinery niado to order. Tie above assortment of goodl iclparticularly resommonded to the: arttention of Southern and Western merchants, and are ofaitred for solul at low prices, antd lpon the tmost liberal terms ; it is be. oveed to be the largest and buet assortmeno ccr 3Jred for sale by any one otablis.llanct in tie nited States. Mcrehants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prinattd circular, with de.rription of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is over made, furnished by rettrn of mail. All orders will reocive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. j":3 L 1N SYRtJP & 1lC'l..LHS-Undlrwrold'n l.e iLA on Savrti and Pihlea , eorte.l .iore; aoll o hoxes of l.e anist & lhlvkell's l'iekl; fie ,lea, I rI,: i, neignmenl, by JAIVIS & .. ltltlIWo, ld car Connon anl 'I'r:lll rnlitoa lal x ` OAF-loll boll bitaem N.. I inOtlay.rnnd la' Soaild, forsanle by ISAA\C Ilt lIt iLE . C,). ' ml.. l:l , 1:11 1 u , . ,nir ,l , sn r. a.rNE s naa lrhhlliler haaoa oan Triton st1e't, (a 7' Iwoen tl'ill Circle and oaroaldalet art at. m'0. Apply to J ()''T 1, , IIIEI.IIAEItROWS., &c-2I5 heell'ros, SdirEt do. itll star e, fi fle by C(:I1.t1'LIN &. COtPFER, " i5 f l' lSt NL , :oull! ruledCl np a n.I! L.cteo ail'iv;,lluea o ll Jan t iltes, cOlni -t l i flr r very . letiol' r LilIn ln.idl, I le oeadl white w vel., tlll lli' n dr ll y'nll c t' tCCU l'll slap, aanoti.]itly la idllillid ani a lr sl ,v 50 loe (10al .o a. a l I,21" 50 do af2 , in 1.l' Ifr, t i l tl Id 'I' , r , Illlr:w:l:a a .hliv llb.! l1ti laipes xlari .\ 1.i, h I . .. :,I~ fy' ojid llhldieg eatlh: t i earl.uh , , a .1l i he, I' . s1 NiVil l-lalO Ta A" ll. Hill N }' :i uii"m rlq' Illl, 1 .'III I Il'are,. r'1. I aSK llu, Osi nlel s tr b ISAAC IItlD h;tI: & CO. A NE. two story hrink bht.n;, ailulala 5 dolors 1 I- l fr. t the e ta:tId i ll aull ciannlily Illol,,aNtIl (a::hr:e: steat. Ient very lwie, lpaasaoi.ul giv0o :Olnodiatela, uai rn ,silt the larel'ainima. o111, if." t LOUR-U0OU bhls o fFlmar. floa selll: bv mlO QI DO)ILC.Y, 41 Newr Levee. 0 mISK (BACON sides lr saIl,4 e yly . L1V ms9 (a ItORSIIY. 41 Near rlarre. Li 5ttcotle Rat ., lat~i Itg 'ci ti Accteeeleea~n ti reatie by LhYErI &c aMlclihitc, eel9 i7 Ccorneecl~e et.· Jell (15i Cactp .ittert._ nO IWWUIWn NORi COPAIVA loteti, ~otto, Ne~.I , 8%7. 3.. YOC sinrc ni~eaar atIhic tI Iltiet l~lllc ll olr cotilcetloesfor a iee,re, ittl tli,c ' liii ult t·Ie II." 111 · t arltevatdatclItIttetyIttteut eeeiir n1 ai, f:liiit u111 5luftt, and I etitiet mItti to (ltietic.r Siiiue-ltitti titlel ebttheelilat get nierec, octRS11) hecai cut itt 11,1cc hitia·r st hsyee, anil-saeeit~lttc1.utl iicUiaC ,ce N ITk (t Ic Cctttfietutyll lllliccb ncaec ni Ur, Ilie~, e. L:ria Ate Ie po'e~teett etreil JicliN tiE.h~t. i Dr Cpl~srrIcY elet thp~l~e cii c·ce;ncec diteece it thanki tdr. tIteiit;atiit ittitrentet 1 trleac thrat the ateio i *acctitat aitlteeclhercl~e adeicttca iii teettliti(·5 1 Ieee Cetilile citi tipply en lIe A. tluci, 1.21 Cciiill ictreet, tlctnci t)ItIItIItttItI Ilttbrlnl titetiiicteciu. Itt. Ilnel icutt~letni feitic 'Jttih 7tl~c~ .\, tilli 4 lI 71. TlHey'j fin8d a: tilt lieltllr tue tlit .le ll~lt JittIN 1)12 h. \.lit (ieeeiei tlectr. lteaicycituw aetc tic ccc iit, ciii it1 Ne. iU ltiei tetecet, and ttcey cll t~ icl~irl 'do be Iiebttitced at thle epite oil1),. Ititil1. New Oileaes. FlieI, tEE3. ii i~le I i~j1:Hf: denuineaeii tllmu liliclllo Ilii l~liii it,1 1. 111: .u.bctttc,ic tillt ttlIitnhIuItIteci tltllj cii' IteiceL f 511 Licltellet, )le,.ihc ctuc \irtitec lii i~ll~ lll o~ L beebe bicown dc e c;,linte iien c ieiilt i .e )tttttlrieeeellc:iicuticc. le~·e ·i 1·· ~rllills - uc. ?heui~e ettdor~ ciiecititio,h · lic iitiIulttii' i-ittl~l ~uettt t Iecttrnattc icticttittsItritiee rlii, ofic- lct l TeeI vban cittect thea ooeor.'itiiiiie t eriii Ilu F sees ef tcejlreelillliiceine,t Imlee ierl i-itt e itt 1111 *eltc· aeendd ttieeittc cecuitiitec't,·lt Ig o rlielll b lt, Teterl etOdItttlecvce teec Tititc te f~lcll, iiii hue~vt ll hweye he cu peteitf en thqicttty Pleceettici pllnties(ied wal·l these etlcltcttne at the Itlicc teetetci~1itt I* .0 C.hLVINY E,.lIS aI t ittmbri-it eft Itllcttuli .hlidiotitli i~scletila Deetet. Catcher 25. enlebje J.hiiVIf & A\NitilRia 't tIba1 12(cltcils, t t'-·litlIae.Ita cit litciimmettloit ty tile Mcdiiiii iecl~rTi j)T1IIL'lla~ Etfcrveectlt Slin~igtiidn plc'iiiit ;lFoe 5. ostett t tl'iCfihtgetiii ecteeI( ~lil tictiiit, eeeItol~~ISiehetlci i ~ily C Iut iciltinttt lii i tiii teeeeeee nbeetnecient dnene, gout cc ci, i end ctiii iitns eattdej gatceiitteituelul amaiiiele. l le~l Tbfadlletee ~telepre,.ett;cc c eccietlti ti acI. d flow1'0 dtcteP11Feia.eatt tale rcictiabt mdcot~ tle etc'li ecolbkplrtaattclr:·ciedelalttatc ieiechiteee, it in l~l~n 0lbltat~aetgeCctferttuth atosnitic G a i~ deeaeeclcteur~etleu'e bffareeeeieut . ligcc" tntJa b iticlembe tedaeccit fr. it111 cr~r seltectuuc'olu leeciltiuifere ahleOcZ' bre ecpetetotelty titter rit Ibiltei. ~It·hecri me t~.-lltW etelt~ueS'reiei a ii ctnl. YlGI.KES it cct. Agicte ~ e4tiCeeetcl rccewtN A 1~AP'UtePletntit Their Clii, ic tflti (hut weer eirel tiltltea Iiittlic, it bed ipil~ i~.RF~ie I e~~ll~eltui 0gC~n~lefad beeittnf peewelt at tlide eO tltrttte slce~de :b~ll~. 1s eksr where t~ebecatee .1eV ned eceaes, eeltecl *mig Wltmeetttetal gre I~nl cit Jtiicr liche tndlictceaee b~e~tutbel enel mri tfIitt flee l·lt ii ii.,tt Iii Uets thR Iceelteei. cee th~ (tin te.r Tttc tl··be ~I met bate at d~y lec tetter it Fee selce at 511 & D)'LANVGg gI law!B[8 t \t'Tj ct'CP, pdt lying I [ . boabard .Alp Ofnnn.. aiaggh inretntr I Iry A 'u It h aanl h rnd (aarl a . laya.s; lad Kevl ,'i·, nnn nl.oaJ: (7l al.'Ismenh.21-4atl 23-Rilch Ilil arl' Idr i,; '!fi int sladl I Ahllc e Bowie Kll, iv-. : lenl h(r nin,l odi- tmullnlea re.iing; elt. mI'atken". r t ,r t,-., s:' , ' '' lIlt llint Pist,'la; dulllla 11. 4* a lI d fl(n' Iiatna. 'U3'a.Shot N i. et-. ooadl r P El Plia'to' Fi:nl ""l ; t .R1lle InOtlji ar d l)rilkivr Tooth:, t.I r,, a in Ca ro, Illad r S l i rh I Iailo a, ht 'ri N.,il l>rah,.' Ort ,+,i e l't o n r 1t t ,lehi,.ngi e , t S'al'a,!h P,+ . .: 'tilp . I !i!l 'il.a ;Cilae ll.. in ,ret U a dith:"l hn Ifni,' R neit' Pi,.hfl. a nl I eri".th.-; Von": e, , IT i..t lPowdr.: I. u1lery'a. llt gore II- r 1 ii iap i : !':,loot rSh . 71, lrarr; ( l . I ndil. - ;; l'ar.-,hls .l. lu hFIN&A 'It +edl , f l; ea NtN'kl,:!! a vi (' hnlli¢(n I ll ·(it t SHr erii l " Beall'.; I ldiltl Plra ., 1l' wltun -;,t i,11ii ihltit.,,, l( i 1 W ,rn sti o hand,1 lI. mako their i.-orl.l t:, l "."r ,;' hnll e p 'e tlld w,+ill he o',hld ow n on e:lih nl: Ien- altrs; t eissenrs, o then (o, 'leo v eill; tillo 's e,.l m trci;l t llt l ,'illr stehl. Ia;,l Vio-. Sn.; Violin ,in"s; shell r , hivor lthad E nrol ,b; h feIRj.l k hi'lle d av lnr le.atlheir it'llt 40f il 'illr cnidS iliollt al Tabk r, let .; na . I llli; rm,.s ofr - ^-ie Fr:'ei-Cti Ol 'loll :ioc·, r. oill, m cln d . ':hll point imit ut. Iorn a ; nr 'iv sor's, l ,hTar ls, Ai c. p A G. ec. "thi h they'n cr : pr." ird Sbloking; st:1tian ll tl tt te l u i' - v , Id lllr au '. lrm ts; on-i ill I,, ia, nllall inav t li,,a tme. laI.llaMO IA',ll .al& Ol, .-Are now receiving [ ispbship lhmviles .haglen MetO v Aidi'ewa Ilith " ointldt, writietwil Getrilan douhle Bead dlun n tl'tds: wtttr,helt c aT m rtket pist lls; silcio ribel nd C sli tls ) G esm (iih ott'ne; rtom eir i ritd other steel pens ; Vin is; Violin sttrings; shell. ivdO;l" ll huo.1 m.O alhs; "+,., rsi, k, hcl'ndi C eather . ir la ont Tek ringlelt; negro p ll'; Gerlman Illdf]rerl enc oftnlo e Waillr, owlans makeeso assorme, oil, Imiletin n do; saUleoie Ind hea rs nil; rntith le tthe and d inhe g castes: ',0t, bhieking; lialand toilet t|:lttaes; onIvex' Iltrri ; op, dal, u to .ld , .lt ' O; Rdn h ills, , ills:ltdl | oh nt; ee.,1lonn; whlt wtt: Iy il t om.n solv + s niups; t 'fiht I slams';l l tllll .et .n an ; Pane ' llI l .a ll e iits :Ut ieew , ; hillilin. l T 1 ;h mo lne o e hatll. ra'll wlhll4k m. "l, ; hdave it, itlilli, to s d for rmer stlyk or e 'mev hallti ,, ',ali ,alli ,'tiall ac, . a-S L , enl .h , l s:dle . Nwr,,lt, a J' 'r rtn7il; as e sin.ii llthe GohIde nI I U h LI i , o Ah'tt' 1A lt" 911 i, N hlAN W T a J rInl I 0- I.I I . n irt hir ll 1.'li , IN :,n! n -. 1o 1 of a.l ! . .. o lM + n - :a) mi, IIu' ri. aa' ., nf' ' h'' .il alrri, K"I ay A'a, of Rm h nire waas po-lvd,"ll -he 2 hsl 1 3alday ll, by t.da ealIlt ofus-,'itla . ial lan, ; t hili. lh h , llllll r l ilal l il l rll. aith th.ip aali w alrt eh,, ain oa i l e, a o.' r4 , il, l laP.i Cla. Il,ill a,, ".il llNt Y,,all aia lt of aa ,h la.ia aa lr a .la fna-,, ,llll- ll(., it N ll nrriT K -1 - I it V (!t '.,aII l i ola ; aI ll lt ri, v aa wllaav a. ill llll.'t l r ,.I :t lin a la 'the. l nllsl, i..s ofl ul , ia- .n ., ('40., a aNet'. 1 ( I " . ' 'h ll, ' , l, .-i. , a "a u. ..II ia ila'l ! I .1.a a. gk i. litd', aati an ilh. 1 1 sei 1 +" r ltbhr to mu tid Groll l oell r um l' rteln.l .r ltr,.lh I l'" lH RM d,.; ,., A r .,t-lll II l.llt 'r-ii of I Oal l It i h, i,.1 h 'te,'1 jet' - l tJeri l',i lil0 l r h ~oi l" , hIoI 1 , it . i Ill. pock a n tlw. ,.il - lp.illatoll.1- ,a r!l -llaia t l ib rlla111, Ia lllllalil knives1 a·'.,,o , ,1 a" In d o ', l ll, Ihe lid . t If'rSinll h, Colt, . ., dl.l.i n , I1.11 lul,' l .. ,l, I.''. taa,l pla'vh h, 1l" l."al l nt dhlia , gaar.1a.ll: a'alt 14x, , I ' ort 4l,, lll t iia,111'a , r , lt ilaaa.rp l m ilia.,l ,I .nlaa.i., h O J'I,'·' ,e r' 'l. l=l, *!h lli lll,'- Iprlli.lll , inll a nU'ni . . lar - hh id lrlil r oll " I, ('1 '1 11 ,1" r lll nth w , ;i illlioll lI, .i I dal X a-Sl da' f:l ln lll i l l I Ill II ted jI ' 'l ll' Aretilt Ill' l0ntl- ihl ' al.n -l , or t1a il, 1by ' ll',ON , 1 1I '1'T 1.; , " .iy ll . 7 'horol ltr. rtreir ,t. F.V l (i lý ''rl~ :--; ll rllr h ;ii- . 40 ol r n11 w "111 ` re,1 si, i- 1 . ('oa learali, , Iia~,li ., Non' l - iYo rrl, llla ail- ! a t i nl , in lhtir lir, te hi rv io t o-t hrt wi lh ahriir f '1i1 it Inok of i[iPllll nuII ke thell, it itll" l,. r tIll velrly' ,+ phr.'l. Thl , g allow in i , l r' ,aa II i : . ,IIwi1, . r.,r ,,a ,.k :lllll 1ala, aill , Irl . \ 1 11. 1,, a"1 ' i l drr i illl I II w l'hi h hl '. a .r i kl.lre,-ic ,ln p lltt- l tr I Iror'y , Lnolllllll l r s crition, etlit v~ r 11e -r ;l', C locel fllr. nutd lolilr mlull:l nt, Jt ,iltz Rlpl 'dl-, nn o ft'-l IIIIlIh In fTll hlmIet Ito lht ,i'lMirn p kt, h o okt . I r p, t dh " 1 4 0klt il, , s .ll, i tc u rl, iol'r 4 ,i, rol· ,,< r,<.v c.ul~1 ttle;,! ind ,rnuam,.n t itil 1 l co, .' at1.1,n,., t il i, te., t ,h il., Na er k!;.,- il I Mh I,~l.,l L ,ldln;l-i h tll ti a ,l aal ailt l hlallts , .Indi a flla .I..... , ll A . tn', ahll l l'nto an In. ... neI ,t il , . IIn , ,,iler I e +u', tl ,,,+'!.,d ' :tltll lhan II ihu l: dm lhenu nold -ilnch. barn'1o'lt g llt, o|elll ni t ll-il a nd ll,B alik,. ,,i-r! . '.1, . 11 knal. I , a n 1 111rlhli I'lrli.rb l,, V¢ I)vIllt, ll III-, ' lh1. I' Ir llI.lIl erIs' e, whllL ' I + ' i tCl, . e fi, a t , II. t+, r i ate lld Wa rIPr",, v - La,1.1,1, h riefr oill t shl:li'r,. n l elsoi e t -,rlpi o w rill 1,, eli ,llon- Indal- -' rund 11 . .rull lh +£Olleuv 114.. ', . 11; and >, lnl" ..... 1 . . .. .... .. . .. (Ar I·llioLl. l 't, ll 1 1i,I'0' sil ,r U'nllrll iduiel,-, h.,ihII inll' l[lit ,:, vz+. Bit te I ,l~l1 ilt furk,"ty, I'lli:" i li ll t+ I 1I:, ilA ll "r h +Irt..([l tl 1 tý -lrl," II hl"., 11"401- tli d rev;t',, h. ir pin-, niti oo1: m If . Fllid an t 'i, tell IC I. ',. hh.'l.iu.T, " l.i.l `i m 'h lt llt r., rihht11 Ilnlli Ip uin it·lllan l prr 1 ta , I n,:h11o tlll\'i llt i etrnllhl| l l.'h lll l , dl i l . hl r ]a' l llla oil llf "1:;tl 1i, t lt: r 'pip lle l llr:1 Ltnr ,li:, , in t w'Ii40-li , w"llll in. r'IT]il, ', i lll ,urd.-, . Ilm geld, holoIh al '!lill j; "l ll,[ k' A .lli.. • " < iT ' 'l l," r ,t_ I ".:cth r with't,;rmllh I ,v1 dt li','h .Ofnhrri t |it. il'l, liibtel d 1tllow , .-1dl " ,1' i'.el ill Oil o l(, I L illn l illll l1dil . Ts . .+illI .X. ( .i'I,\N1> I) I" :I,'1'1[:\ ; I I TT-P'-. T :'i'.1'? 'l'()|H{-- , t t11- 11r:f," of ths goldvll inlclh 1 ihll I h rt' ,'i',t t. Th ler,-l'Filull t altsl o-LI ' l'i , t inl,hi l ih t jl tl llh+ i 'ir ,x'i40 t- etptill on ; , P l I Ili 0I'lli . nII "-.4 " lr11·l ol'ni 1 ·11IIIilli, llih.h : Io1,".' prrtl , i~1t:; .h1l;. i hll i i 'h ull k+. l) illll, i lll..+p. [hilh'd 111hic khl llo r"und, "t' . ii1I . 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WIIIIAMS, OCULIST, noW AT TI'E JEFFER:SON IH.USK JEFFERSON STtREFr o the Edtlor of fhr l.ttia'lle .,ldtertlier: si 13I-R-l- t apptart by the oblorvutint. or the Editor, I Sofithe Nashville Prt.bhytrrinn, (nion al 'sol'Tlrns crlpl, as wril as tllh edlllos ef the Melalhis l.nitier, at that lhi "O(Il (;llllclrrrnl" is inllro , theo uoctrsl. 'his n is proved Iv his kin-lh rage, ntnowin" that hiss thme is bh t siort , n .l that i llt inhdeprndn1 t Inioliian pII( ol it are hable i julleill- t(r eInaselve c what are pull ti s in1rp1 I 'lls rthv eoI ditors who are |)orfor, ; l the proprirrtors, l'itort or snb-vdiltors of Iho above t) vriledll rlln-it1m , r,.ll every letthr from pereOnl l lia rv, i ie rl ,rtr1 I si sl,t in It ll fbller pillae, frill'., 1 L 1. " lllflet i, tl hatl I .ll v 'r hna.-'Il i t I n r 're cal '- ji wihiin so liminted Irerioal as Ia' or twelve days. One 0t hIt was nerd aut ten year, who h tled only rsol fill, li\ hl Ihrwn Ili' hi'th, I'll." ran to sethI o I Ill++ hIsI lml-I.n," Il itli Y h te'l, in-loadl f bin., tllierd to he IcI ll- h li .1. Two" -."o n holies, ih llhad eil, hlost the ightll s ," o 11" e10, )one! Innr Il.ll 'tl . all nl l lilt. otlh r foIr neallt rly t o tear., net i ol h o l m te lt r v rw ak It rtl.: h of holl u s oll ne, ll dli lt in nt llI" s.Il ilh at h fll" Ir-+ Ptl,:l~l~lll I)"llli)t~.Je.itllllt. l\C I ,'IIV( hP.'XI to il t x]IIllll ~ I toe whi('h benl1 lh Il I pledge mvscelf-ill ro. tin.,I. t,× plialr PI1.the art+ under tie intlurnI r n, r ,nm in li at of ti rip L117rtalle mlrtceh t w ilhls. tl lnell I llflv I llt l honud rll ,v or t)It'liolln, (n, he paid InI- InI" f:"'), " tho ,ie IId . bhadr lrlast i\ f Iv.'t of (flife ev frIom the e. oi f l I months,n hnt tl .h-llet n l/ begi, t+o real d lar:i l e ,tters with th," rlthlr eye cel lplehll .htlll . 'Thi'bs ih, clln ltlhla.Ill T bl1 ox'+, as Il llll nllt told me h imsel liet h Conll-l * dIe'll hism da1 to the ofliee of Ihr nledical editorl , that they might be inrmetl of the falct. 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It4, ll4 l l~lt 1 b1linu' w11i ll r dO( l bt- i 2. 1 r epe t I "l.[n. l l a. M. ll r r i l'l. 1 rc thanntt'r aitlhllil/it N vnid , ie a n ih.n i netdiCl and c[oricne aottr+ uImll nvel ll ;a t e!r· i hl fl hII oln the hirll d. Tllh Lpin i n ilxlcr e'" nRelll.llr:l l Dr Smlliilll t ttlrioves, ohnr, ti e t1ted mO tint ,"inr t tint .r- nthe wast, ctnuerI,.d from belti! n )O'er' ,+et infihI-, t, birleve inl v i r lllh l ofhei m lelbllet llt t he i"as t i b mad. n liI( lli in h ll l o hthe I V, n tleat have hwsro gtae l tbie t h e rlll o ei al vellt l bs t o l e, ill s rh , lll ll ibe w ll rl l froml Ii i.lhlclii v, a the lilr't T I ll l t r i l'' a n ter of ilt tharefulnt "aille iin lh n'it n of Iho ne hrinit i r1 lishn det nl ai hrv al le (lil ~rIsiii, I ,ll ler.e. 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'l'h," ,i 'et ..1',If th loe r 'i it is to i ,ill rni fl i .l 1 lnli pri b l lilalldl tll i 'lhlte " ll' !to I ,p ll i, n :nlD i ] , i s +m c'ri l 1iu well :I s ll, ch rica ) r t o ll.ill I, , l . i t, [fin ('. |l'ni". I tl l ,lol l. i fhi la ilio , ill Ia: sh vi lle a in.11 tillr. rdili r ni d < h b.ell l ei d i tl y ll I l Ih \lI e rt li sh i w ':li o Lirt Jn t11~eI, r a t no II,,any i rn ho e all~I rdln I ro fe til " i. w llt .. ni+tc sitliah! ',te " mine r f ih +ltera -y cha Jm r , a tt l I l| ie h lv n t ined ill rih .ltisi+ hi-m " .llV, fhr, ,,-,at Il' S., ih:,t I ,.h ,Il Inril,_ at'lira;. .l,-q i",]<t thnla.llll , foGhr .,ii ll byi, , .1 11,1 r l r i .nl amllll l", roft lilal il. n lli: I'Ii i ef 1s1, 1" n w'ivai n Nill '\',t i nr w eilltili : 1 ils n: Ihti'r nI~IIa)·Iilh"l ho hrti wIh Iontil ( lire 11111 ll'l.I .I ! be, Iav abl,. nnrn Iro. In I ll, ~ dia (. iol i n·(II I 1) hi n 11:11. 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Iliw~o , "'lm r.>ll ht in r ll, t I tl r llot \h o r lc il l n I lil nd aI d rl ne t ,l'l ll itP ail lhPrr i, f 1I? lh -llcl./ Iot. t o l r +l~ ll +1+11 '* llll(+l [ i, I lly w 1 Ih,' ,lid, tblh'it he r .,l t hll + t ollll h W l.n lll anll lil I i1 ' Ior he ell'lll 1 :t l-thl o he vI d ,llhl'.l l il it bath I,. .' I Ihtllt t Ir ", +,', ih' t, I w un to l. 1.1 Hill hint Iltln bl.' dilr c l11~r , l. lr ,',,I1114V I'Pillbl l l: <+i161l" Ihittt +,lll· 'iilliS ori env ohhr,r nt,,%, mnulrw fir sP-Gti,1 Ibmt.'. The I,.v P I tIo1..1i, i area ,lnlit ,q llnct is be u'1".n thue' ll .: hIa i h, ,,It o nlrlll· itd all , fly 11 y ipl i t si l c, \..e' . t "..t'. Ill i l itll I u1 l , " v B lond of hi', n., "i.4 (,If a l hbr tih il' iii"" ý, tntieril-., in iIr ip:l lly lh lllwi ltlhanoth r il't'r1 ii itl+ nail tbi i d lhl ien dl * Il 1",l- tu llllImu " F y ai ,:t. ' I o i i, or( l t I , . ,,ll.Ii lt , ilo t -ii " r col i lilt, r b i ' r lllr" In;lol. rd lnr l f rl '1i ll 11" It· daw1I } ,.ili I Advo a Ite . t: , o Imo- wt !"FI t , h r allh l l '11 [l+' l il ntl a l Ir'.; -,",l tt!i ./h- w 'il ili.'l i.n l i ufTorre of th s,,kl Iv-l r ih'. I,-cllll by 'l., limns," .1 1 .tare s (i ,v rho co m e 111 led in, 1( 111; it lies IL ' c nl (li'n II tine plillll· , I i luti i lh th, a :. -. n''tI v i hi, n r,-ll 1, '' h " Ioln r ii , • % Ie ·11" iillnhP illt~ h tl IIt! nn Icei htio iih ih i 1. .11." ' h t, I:% th are. w lvu I -la ifhil t,i" ' il h t ih',ll ' hu l l'rlZ lll th1 il liln l, ".s Il b ;,- it Il io 7. I h ,n~nion~ lttc-rll l i w "u o, t, .. l oli4 IdIa ill ll;ll i r~~ra~io , of his I~.i ivio G, linen. n', n I"',':T'''`' "nnr hi,, An Dult,.nit~e. r l. pI of nli . 'Wl I h .1 v, '1 i... o i-, ,il 'i it..P hii +u i ui..o. [ *, I i .- t, I ha l" I h: if r , not t - o • ] ..... " I'. In ni i n -,' i twn h l t t l , i e. rr. i , l In f. le I,,1 . h ; I +, I. i ll q l ll,,r l t.m ;, arl, h ri u -I '; i'` h , nil ,t, '1 . per ~I,, " 1'onln'ul,tl t wo ad' l - l~i rh a- \l nlulir ; of p l ns"Iv ., I,r io+ler tIon ) ý.iii , Ii~ i. l ePi* n i tit, jlill''i.: nt .; i ll il l t'dnhol+iVi, h w ul tmc,. t '\;s ,,u n to.' ', eI , I I ;"(h . t nail out tIII a bribeil (I I1~Jn Ina ( ' ·I·IIrIIi I id ers:t "t i, inri ,, al t'ho lave lln,ar d his + , " ptal. . ";. ' I tll ll l I \ .l i:nclr hor ,n troll I .to filea "dlhf',.h h, dnetri , f 1..' t o ih . , hr -mir n, t ant kr"in. l his- word, n, Inh mlitl al+,lih ni i r,,,m i. rvI: hm ':in .iste hP P~l~r of till c p l izea lous a to l' do. ih + I .o h alt l lh,' been v,'til hy . c .'hdlvrt;,d l ie 'oud l,;int ,, , arcl~ lllll io fit h nih,.. i ll bhorcli£1"iv i ha t (;I a: h,+,. I . .atu ', u s td o ~~ill! nr'rl y msi,+ r on, p n.u~lh l rlh iav h lttv himnt -It 1i , .i po.ti , bo hl yi n, i11o| le -+ hnu ds' onil'ia Tl he d i t lm Itý v ou l~ru ,.»th u,- il Srot lhnnn, is1rl wilhn tO ~uut kho,.il In- ls voh , 'I: I hoi .1 Ioln /, Tut i "Itl It,"'' ' Leann+., r of hl a~o rn cl zell|lid.'.4 1 rI;,a t n all Ilal In . ,p, i"i i' ,":ti+-.llt! "i n i,rh ;"" Ii , ý"..till _,~ I' l i Itv r Iv fotl,,i, Ib illk ll a i 'niil..t hl. n z lt~l'C:.. :her'h itis h. ell ., zlll., ur n ofH Nnm~ l't,lr 1, "P i ll FI% -If ie-111,1r~l it'' . lhllltllin]nO ozlrt.' (of ll't tI[ theI if-. Doill ar i ttunsll f.'lo day 1itlll e ll int. mu 'l il _igm tic. h< , ,: Ir.t, i t, , i'h ,. wu ld I~ no l Ir ..lul ,a h to.Ih t b r: I..t';L1 1+i 1+` iv'''lhfirtq L io In dh"w it piu miiir u Trout ! l 1r +n l-t ,l nan ,v I i f I hoil t, I, (IIJ i f an". h, d ali- - Il' .i' . 'leuu.\ i'l d ', w bol a n '" ('a d ,h ( and nun, and l- ,,i;I II,,'III lie +li lto W ill`. 11,1. 1~ii ar .}t, ilUl Te td"ih. littl r u a oft I''yo r .v~ ot,, ie%. nHI io i tn.t+i i iiiimattl .ill i(. if. t lI. re ,. Iltlir l ll+ ..... . I,no ir, i nl +'ilct n Iu tl rti.n!nlnn , nl .i titled I ln v a t I ri l., ny manu l t ihll,.P edto ulv' an, jI Oalt irt li eh , a it . ",,li on. fi h ",r t i , l is it., Ilc ni rl h d Ili;, Ir ull, 11., I in 1 h 1 nm rrt . llin r h u;mu, Illl wa l ' mo'lt at lit.-. | t, o i r oll t [ rll< lor.i :l, ii ad nuvh llI-it rv inl ili~~,ini I 11I I t,tf,~l ,ir i ;l ii I1 )ll Iig !(I1 klilil it l Qii ' n6\· IiZ j 1,;. IIIIR it llz \\i~l~l llp Iljf ,t iIII I il it I~ llC II B:IIIIO l 1111llilri 11Illli( · 1i('l. II Clli Ili~nitlV ' ll\. \\l-l li i-~1 1 till.l(P(, I l *ip .iiiYii i i. lit' IC-ii, il: I( iie.nll·llr Ii l I . l i Iillil ,,~iI, 1·ljl"iIIIlll~ . ut-jO r' 1 rllr ilIi IlL~lilll 11i. S1 1 1II I : I 'illc Rl,· N~1 0 )111' OF' illl INC ANA,& IIII1II All.: Ni. Iilrn' ii'l utiih iin- j.,l * Iii ,~rI11 liiif IiilF i n; alii m pi~ Il ii IIi,·11 I-,i.Cnl~l· I .Iini . ni-nl dIIL:KS ON h'it7 Ol tithe rntf rheumntism,scrufida kilngscril.gout, aciatica or hip goat, inrl'ic litcancers, salt riceum, r siphihtieo and m ercur hal tlis eas es, pI: rficuhul 'ly ulcers nId ipallnulat cltc tins ofthe Ienes, ulccircatedtht'uatcc nos- J trils, ulcers of every dcesrtipclon, tiver sore, and internal alsessas, fistulas, piles, sc:lhl hl al, scurvy, bhlcs, chro- I nic sore eyes, crysiutliyrcc l erot sint every anrietyof c u-t c tancus atiection, charonic (n atnrh, i Ihea ache plcccr'e-' ing fTom alny :World i tnor. pain in te stomach 'il I, ' iagfcacocc ht: 'riclc ott iaicnc nll.ctic onsth li, is si-.;har]y fitcaionmsnrrcnvatk i ýthose ,c tchic' thaiet'een broken down hvt ccit,'tciicuc c,,t:cctccc j Ire ile it reglarilties. In gen cral turms, it is rce' m ln.tuled tall those diseases whuic:u'ismIr0m ilm1lto c s of the bhloo, or inhiiatiou of the humors, of wimu:,er name or kind. Some oi'the nbove complainimay requre ie some ni- ii iling asistant applicat:tions, cchich rhecirleln anc, s -othe t aca will diict ct.; buet folc'r a ge rl renmei or PIrcilic utor ton emm've ith, ustile II Mi t'S I.\\NA :I": A ill gem.rlly he f lmnd sufAi t i n. TO "I'IE PU|I.IC. I HItow rll it is, that lod. rn1'l P vsici:is, their am itin to excel in their parcdtcssic .xplore te st fielhds ofacience by tihe aid ofl nchacistl'y, ad sck out nw ''re al ellC L.ct '"0Cccl ilnScll ccc''t cci.iiT cV itt pc t1'|.2li ll il (th of acc t :ccctccc ,-ccc ,irc'i oa ctacic tcld llr.l cct, s lcenlcthal l ti cllln :c, thelrich lll bonll l us stores ofl' edicile , ~hich the Almightly has caused to sprlig out of the earth in every clime! And hc w Ilmuch more e tr is it that while the American l'hsicial looks to flreign tcotrices for many of his most comtcmon and necscc "y artlecs, pferpettual canli g : s they are at:i the dictates Orfliashlion or ftll,. Ih is surri.idrhd In his own cunltry widh n eudless'profusim; on modlcad phdi t snlcicinc l t(o etllnsWerlny italiccition h h disn c ec ,rr ter cc ec :any eul:Iabl , lisorder; nulyet htC is ignruril tfl'hchi . - toes, and a ct y arcth ailarctcto ' stcc heirhealing on the | c sert i.' , l'h ell'octs of vegetable ,medicines )upon the ssCe nli tlrclt:'ry- those of cicrals st11: engi . I',' lc .crr' Cex S.rt h*h11 i efl ts lond pas ofl--the' |alie I.i yi io pa)lr eLot , act +:h erically ilpc n the solid', I c ccc comn incc il i bo.c acrllll c i ll illlll the .o silcc ti' n by .i slow c1,nr ," cuc'caccuvtmc.c" FT ie coci ninllitv, el cie y f c elle l a i.iA'cI'. ,,'vcc ta - 1'1e eh o~, lia " c,"", r o'+ l' l, mc ay ie r i n cstin ed hy emnut, - in t 'ea acic nt cprcct ice with tea e den; or, tachricg il tL otu timmelldituly n r r mo llll l1 o s\I II s I, :,tioI, thb hlli nc tll itic with that of thle whites, l' 'c' , in ' America, ° nits Iot knownor h:eard of repea.ed lost:ocrs wherein alndi.lnlishlingculres, al i ltc Nl . iatctia M dic'a of tc l -c.moC n practice, directed in thle m st skillul manner, a I ls Pthid? And ho il has n)t lecn surpaised al the mn) ara c ti ecasc und accility witch which thel h liccc i eshim n self 'frlOl c any discese, tl it tlthe il ost t:l c I I sinecll e cilofchronic disease anc c g thenc? 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F',n t:h . - h. selected s" I h as w1 re l ol lot titcvin:l a hll 1:I !,a 1 ".,, ritI(s, and a l: ter w tl' i ) rlml' lvioents a , tI" l 'it,"i; t: rio:' ! , ". : [ + • . l i ".iCi ,[ " he h:,svowhined th cii c i. ic f o it h .' . .c I ic II :1c h l r m ~ 4" Ui: i eo!. i all tllfo1.. the ..i i s fo ~hlich it h" "he pr1 h.ori I i .'1' I is+h 1~ lparltin n. tn ill' pnhlic, Swih l h' wih , 'i n rio .s + o It ' , t ,c i , is l i , tqi ?,.i it ri . t , l fr li.t i t ). ' hi i , ~ I c I low haei;,;, ,hvt a:,r,. lbril.'u·icder th. a l'iol. ! li ' , I llo d o ') i ns :u i ' a :ltco p l ls to s i i h l a t is a p p i i ual)ak ". 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Bred of qslle wa11 recorded in Ir It:," ! ,I ., , 1 \ t il, A. 1. L ~ iiJ , hr : u oinition or adver- Ti ' li to an nlt of tilei.egi.dnature of the go , t , +,, I : , tl iti .i ed 'All act fr nhe t lrth erL assu- ana .. . . l ll r- l juli ial sals"" tpprovedttl .\, i11', hnlfire, kwll \vy ani all Ieorsnus interested IIr n; l n, ; '' h llhy r.i!e a d'l ai llt illlli -dt ill th lllt e 1ht the Sttnce of lonisittnal, antd nf tihe I'nish Colrt, co wilt ::ull1 set Itp nll y rit'ht, l itle or chiit in andil I nt , t h o p r o p e l t. h tr r ti n fi te r , l , c i l dl,. + i n c ru s e u i tel i o o t hn n y inl+ IIi lit3y in the or. r," rltee ior idl.mirlt of thl coult 1ntlder whlich thlle.. \o ;l Illn llle,c luly irre c.ularity or ill, rclitl it th n ru i a nth tn le- intq tn. c , i t btl't t tt tllnt in tt it,, ittncrof c or f'r cyI lly tlir t et III tlnt. It elVr; to show'a u.+itt+ , itleil; tv rdn s |.ol the day this ionitn is fr init iltti he pAblit ptierlly . n the itllo tiltde :hnit 11111not be ticolirlet fnilla hoilto 1 ish Itflslrci asr thr Ie p icea otf AtrnIty otn tI1usa:, ely t olla rs I i eccl:ription of Prolperty as given in the Judicial Can rr - veynee, viz: o! t certain ltt of aronld sitated in itle sullurb An duld lo)t hIl'inZ F·renC1h +ll l n'ensu, (I) Si'et f'rom li Tahoe, piltonl rlt' ftreet,:t(iol fcct frontlt l ()rcllllctIs street, and I'l f-], 1 Ic1l 1 :Lf:t+."rtld ill . alic: i` ctlr'.+ t, ill SLLuc n ilnnlllller that said lot olferolun 1 is il) fiPvt wi ill from onc side of the ilt:' t to ,he ,th , tott 1 l tl i i ith a dwelling house i front l, ontl 'T'chouu ituol as cI t, tile kitchen ant d de pendenci.e , also Ihe litil, \!ry esta tli'suneuts erected thereon Itnl oithe'r lilinl , im llOVelllollu t, lthe lawlehhner, utomsils, im pleh , 'cn, "and ixlurIes beh:illnng to .aid t-lilli y, it , tt pdllc.l ia , ts nod t ,l ' ia r ln t n , Illdi tlh i iksn plitt ilts tht reto tn it tt l lntgt Sl-l', ( ;illt, No ,i l~ll l, n .n v 'a 7, :: t 1'n. ui 'FTAT '; 1)1:L IA .tIlSIAE\.-A touseenqx lue' ,J c:·' lpr l.s( tes c- l ICt'l'rolt )l 'ht: A ttlcdl ql it' ruI famnes II:l l- il :'t:illlh t6 A tn vll e uc falite Iprt le ' her 'if t co hl lJpaoiy: ,t h( :Ilo h lra e .l·oh't ci-a r tpr's dcecrite, es'est :idr e.6 ;l,(lnl 1 I" t ctte (C r illon la dli lne unite Int Elalt: 101 -, cl adli" ".Leirpour cofirmt r t es - ti t' ', ' . ,s ux w tes judiciaires;" approu + I t t o i t ,, IL .;. Q, 'il c1 itconln , et ttotes ptrsotacs ti N.,l" nrs li.( i Sc~tLlh . (illlt itti( '-CN 111111 lie 1' 'I t tl'(' oC% +O oll, itr s Iprels'·r tUs .soIItub"s on l n de [' aEtt, ' .I , u itstl ctt dI la Coul' de li m'oiss, Sui ou11r ie t oi- Bruit ;i l prottrittc i-a lcclrih , en cnse ue all 'll' ilFl ¢ ' n.Lttlt de follall s I' 'rdr', le deere. o)I le jug. nih nt dlu la enll,, < t lhl II :I 1 i. v lr It le l t- , u1 I ttel l i'rrlt'( u aritt" el l 1 i1ig:dit dlan+ l'essinmtinu ,1'am i- on h: tem is ct le cin le SIt . "1' i; i'tctn , OInls lprt- lcet-, u : l t11-1- -qclco ' -' fi . Ir a i, :i ,i poi ur a 't lo caitIe tniti nuitc Ic ele it Ius conh'l IIn u t hcomlott't, i SI.n pr ritt vli ,lni par le 'hliocssttiI,1 lot -a+ ':l Ic,' i L"` l" w [i 'lll l ' ':l.l , 18:II:, rt ll ,t'l'[ cif lln It l: Li ai'l 11l,'.:,il: 1 ( 'r 1 0mItell, n+ flit J lillloe i :,un , No i ', d l ,t,'c t ,hr tt ,, (.+our, ; i I rq' els 1 Veil ln., ii ahi n;tar, Itwl ,'r. roido acqucie. r putf , r ,, 01 , 'l t r t ui1 I)o,.lilidhm dT ll I' , i l ' i a la il' m \ e trnuu nee' Judicitu u ' I I lii l ict e ]< ; t rl t Ii, " ."" i ' t i ke , ' e nie N ,lll :ll .l is ,i', !"I d,` sp: :re , t l 'i i . , h hl d I gr hlr.n t ,cci. l ii t p hi, de ar*:, r t'e u foi. f- , f ilh't Ji i: lh'" , 111li-<ll h II' ~ll:. I Iui l i -i llll [H l ric :l 1t1 Srl a, ' C','h,.ul-itc,, l am, It, t yi-: t, io :e:, di` tl lo e rll t' : + . b, ht di-iill. e o i r', rll- II' - ih 11 h i tc of a, t,' - v oilc iS the , il [l ni, r ', -; 1,' A," o" , i-ti on,r ni, :o. , - I v n pi It i t vl. al !i\IY (!ta Ji. c I yi l, l i " !,.- ' , J. IW I o ll cc- , ' t or "k,+ to the I n:,va [.l ti e nitdllo- l ,,+ t, l, I.nclnl:t"I < <",',',i t , itll II , C ,I . 1" rt,, a l t r. ýI. I l t' L" It, l,. ;.:*r A. i `IG ,ltl r,ý I , i, , . .l , , :,I;II~ . , .~ H ,,, ll :. ,, 1 L" 1r : ` · h . .. I : ', r, .; t m'. + ca 'u , ... kt lli l )11 ,eI , b. t1, a n w11 li. l a ( . i :.I 1 I; I . I +IhI , ,..n ",1: .. sWl is , 11, 1 11 . . I "1· ,. , 1 -ýr, ý r T ' :I.I . . :ý,,1' i,,., . ý I',,, "lc'hch 11hr~.1 , , :,,lll id rhll L 1'il f k ll t+ mlalnd II ,, 111< il.ýl en ti ' +l. nlll 1 iI.:,t'. I' . Ill ac." I o w ll h '' aI f I' i o 'osl' ....... re if.... I t .. .. ",rest, the 1h : ,IIn ieci. tleI ,nll d , d mi'I t all, t NII nI I , I, h t l l: I nll 11 1 51 CIe i , n n I tll",s i 1.10 . h11 11fls ~ l'l'lo , tIi h t a." p 1 1:ll.: , .:l , ldo o !. 01, 1 i 11005I1ty; l llld il: i, &Illll ., ,, "n nl :'o ',' ", In 11 111 e 1 11, : 1 l.+ .4l: ISl M si;u 11nh t ii lj 1111 '1 h ,r . It I u'lic . u:lh I:U `c s;'z ' hI ',) n 1II) I 1 dlll ll i 11:: Ill ll : Ihtit.; .o,+ +ild i. S"1', . . h' I) ' I ,,,l 1 . atl 1 ' f 'i: L, il" B, trim N w Ye a i hes r II iltl ti1 th 3 Ihav e ll tod II 'I :E 71,.1V C. S u li l i ll. . ' II 'I I l it h1 vu 01. 11" , toe~ I-[ l ll : 'l"+I, i ill [ l ct'1 10 p r I "i chic jilt , tL'i 'A I tI , ,I 1 1 Itl: ea iNhIIII t IN ,lII, , awl 1 t o , t+ i , lls hu ttl;. it I 1 nh ve l ' i to ' h i: rlN ll" it,.. + i,( I'.' I''t aI lo WrI'hlt te|I N hl I , ,2iti+ tItttI NI, NI i N Nt01,', lt Iffl.N- I t ltll'. ; th,, it l I.1', 1 ,1 -P , .'ip1Nht' IlpiN tt ''l v h'aln- ? 't htt y 11'" ' 1'.'+ I, VE .,tI,' t ,n ier JUST PUDLISIIEDFROOM STEREOTrPE PLJTES, fie Pith Edilionnf RO.S ETT'S 'rAnlESOF IN'I'NIER.ST: N SrlTO wllich is .r w r'lil.d an Av.rong. T'lime (;alcul:1- ' l tor, or e:, m,:thodll for finldlin the avrnge time onl stuora., notes 0".i haIl:l oP bills of gorls, when puo'- by chased at dit'irent drtos, r n dtifrercnrt crerdits, noid tr Ileio llls am 'ont' ; slet s~' sor. thl f rill l comphetc l ankillg , ie 'l'n' lc, the t t e hrsl an cnomr tivbdr . .r thlllt i gRilr's"s Pr oi.JduEl \w itll thi rerso e oenllol ti. lld coml:pas, adlli size of i1tp: . Anll :v'rtlisenl.nt in tho book is in nearly the fil!low ing words: I',he high dislino tion tlris work has rr'rr', ed thrlough the ten legirlitirn :ct , r'lixed to ir tiitlel page, is a re comnlllllln',l io ill itself, r so lnomn on, ar so oynr.lil sive, t.h I hollIhlr is nerssary mlor e than by w ay of ald vrlti:,omnllt, t gii're a co llrndensed vi'ew of soole or its Il' clli rt'is::is fe1' 1lllanc , tile It .lhe rest h:las hlen copin l s ed roir' l,etir l mronrl rerd wilh, what is equivalent to frrr t-I fi e tine', and printerd rfrom t.1 'rreot plater s r tsted i lhirl. ly-onel In/ rs, from all 1hi ch it 'lnost bh evoidenlt ven Ino thIe suol/li c ((· ,'eehdily min the. ,e' moli Olildhe tdC .ll of I roroo'fh ,lhe plleit.lct) l l:th t the vcrk ililt lhwithh uletically inf.llle, :,ul in cnoii mrmlion of this e belef' I llrenmuil of two h11 lokedl l ill ty dollars, is now o.tlf' cdl tfr thie detectillon of l cror tfa centI in the ireIsnt or fifth edlition, as exprlss.dll in lhe prell.tllo , llllkillng ive I rf remhon l lired fI r rhe s:llt'rror sinttnhe, ist o!hil icr<tioni in thle 3 lrr 1r02.r One of tho morst ,onspicuous fl'aitres orf Ihe tables is inthe arrr;lgemnlnt of the Time lnld Amounts,ol which flrorexpedilhions, rofirenee onll perspiul'iy, whilto ehelp ofthe side and indetx, cannot be excello l; ind the salty ty anld epsu with which the in:eruCl can I lf bund ,tothe Irxlent of gir ntral bllsiness, wo ilhloi t doubll n liln of 'sums is besides it eohtcnit,,e s:, esslntial, that in tile estima ti r of somel rrt l I rothe or t lnlll ,lt t :!oid pll cal Ml sis of the worlk, it hats bed dhstihguishcd Il thu honmoludli t lhe ilrr.oflirlilo of trr ile nrcriro ll orlr/r! illlr orlrio i i fonlosil. llt e work, o linlir r u h lo e or nordi ll'n uirrrr er r rrl u ely o fol the or, orrmi:tons, md tests of every editionl it has passed o n the petof t:lig the whole is in st~er lclpe, consteri n, in :ltiý i. I0 e porr iti, e rr rr : y weca'red In' the l ,nrecedcilt'ed I.1- : I tl olm , the vo lllm has hI: en h, hl up :II as:i!ph:.tivl iy s.t hed "' the lollt I olh rill l oll i0ll fl,, wo .nr lko " m.or st certailly rl n man coan lu:-e.t f/lgure work tl the 'IoeI rext'h, lw lhichn s ince the bl e inint l cr r.'t.o.n,o It r ! r or tle '<aoiu li - Ikrl ritll: r ml erit lli" tl . inll Ith: alnne !ail('l' r f lir ho r d s; To, r1 r n e!lhal thel. Illllll Ih , as is Cle .y Jo n l io tie lh 'sdes,h ·l stet m ll stnl:lld:ll , it ns hen, tried :nd i pr.l.oe iln r.a r ly rdl ithe ik :llnId ptlhll r ilelrl ill ' the I Ull l '(Ie d S hthb : e id I ,y t h e p th l ic" g o 'e'a l ly , < tiln g t h e - lllong per rl r i f hirty- mlli rears, yet no error Ill lilt l cllations has .er beI, l r lull l in lint, alt'm' gh corntilnl S ali eh:lllcllugtd I, tie oill of very illage pr mil.lliilt s. Tihe it, hlet txpres i ly aldpttd by all theeoturts oflaw l: sett:eol:tl olflhe SItlle at s thle "i r:lei ol c:dlculati tli tlttute interest," i: l ol by ' law Iro l iank ilelrest, naccording as tihe o nol is i-l1, ad as r'av he sen in i p' rt, by ,,,u ll it1e 3 of the s. L.scri trL , 111 11 few ofn tiie u lllbsret l it rrola'erio irnti. lisit .tllteanld of i hl book, nsilns i .in oer'r f everlry ' lss of citiz ns ill evrr y r a' te the lli United t St o' ts. rIt is mll reollt, well kn rn rl n, ll h r its renlrly chrck, Sit lhas · til .iientll iL .g termr:, In :' r dl . they wereiillll re lie le, r n tle 0the m st eatul ii ald lm t . l imptl.en arrithrlNio l:o ', 1''no it, rie' tmt,. l ', iand orth t 1 rso.llrt r e . es iti fur its li -, Ihi: .ll" in n't ely.l l iyt isitti I illln, so t". d i ncn, t Ill 'e its ihai .tges, sil its 0 ms vings', , lh stl( c lre u nl lt: ol'i , whilt II h fi nt edilion S wax scarce, and out of 1,1 ilo, t gr, ;it how,. I' "f sec nod 1 h: I, c p~/ts w .,e s un !,t h ', 'l,1! In. t g il t i1 c .lllcl.(. ' no it t lit ' i. Iiath I l ,n. ,it .ii ihluey l.,u ! .,, i to, 0llŽ Io 1 I ,t udi r ii ' t :'0 .i Ž : k-r 00 n lly dn ill ;' , ,' , l,,, 1r.Žd '-jIi oi"' ctl,1 Ih I to e l i U n t thoi, ,,o I pal r' i' r ,i' I': ll,' :, IIl'0 ,0 ll' i i') till n t"ll, :'l ll a i l"rl.""' oii :, ioir inll'1' thll Ie hli ) tr i: l :1 · lh li ar llrw!',, h' \d .+ :i the. :icome thle r hlx uit~1 :l nli : h uhn) ~.l',ni i t'.l1..,'.d l,,I" l' pro' 0 ` r 1",t o h/~1 ir t wns r't.'i' r l l' ihr n n0 n an rn'lllo Ir h t0 r .i o . iih llri' 1 1tll" v a:l '.l imliIhe I, ,,iv g: , ,l'l Poit)i llilll ] i o. rŽIi rilr' , h l fir'.o t It is llk,' \ isc o: thy of 1 ,I 1 re, C 11/ In de d. t pr,,;-'i". to o i pt , il h t I *. i 'l ! ,0ll ,0 is 00 r moro ' Ž01 l o'oo Ž 10 ''0Ž Ill ' ', I lh 'o' IrI or! or Ž0i ll 01l ,', I. , di w lo t p.,Ž 'iŽ d c lcl ilaliw im ll ti tlt' I, w wl tl'lt .,, ·; l p; ti, l ,I lillst world, o n.:-; t,: a e,'r d,,'y, i,:\. - h'."n ii ~d',' Iq' re l or' o r evplo : ro I; o ml l.; i x' , 2 ' ' ,!e .:'' toe ori- ! l ' 0' 0'' 'r Ži0 os ... ......' .r..... .' ,!I c- 1Žl1n 001/10h. 'h i.oŽ e, .io.r 'tlt l ,l.t n I Ž0Ž00.0 Ith speclrr 0 , .'il ~l. , I1i. . , ,ý ,,, i i I:I: o ' l,,,o l,,l ( . · mt"; , li:tp: , h i , -, I h , ' , "h .! ~.iii I' li ~ - t·liu , in tn t'1 ., 'l , , :'. i .' .110 ,, o 111.1 , mm .h i I J " l.i co il i r h i l l' i " ; 1/ ,i .,1 "ll IIh ,'1, s ' ":fi·i. moor, 1) 1, I e, lil2 ,l ' ,m,,Ž " ," Žf:t i I , I'" . lh , ; i' I + IIt . -. :e t"i'h A I ' i I, ' i '< 1 . hl .": ý ' iLsI, ' .i Iii I r" iI h ,)ltltii I,2,1:.' . 't'1 .1 ',' il I Ior I 4 ' I ' l'*''ll ', I ! li i I l. . . I . '' . Žo.oI ^ ' I .. i l . .. , ,. 1 , ,.,,,x .l;. i 1i. i X, i ne l li . .h 1 "I . .li. . 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TheLake Mil Due every l'.soadv, Thtlshdy, an - vThe Lae A |Saturday, I;y 5 ,1. 3. v Ci Closes every Monday, Wetllindly EXPREs:S. MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, )EPAR' ETlE DISTANCi &c. of the Express Mail, Ilh".lwsn oloila and Nesi Yobk--leeains Mobile daily at 31'. N. No'thwear New York dody at 5 P.R b.otllward. Alrives Arrive' Nsrltsaonl. Dislance. Time. Return'' inl,+oonmrv, Ala. 2 pm. 1', m's 23 3 12 lm. Cslmcsoe,'Ga. 1li 81 94 3 a.m Alilledgeville. ('i. 2 ' 133 '14l 2 p. i Culonlllin.i . C. 71 a0 . 1l:1 174 I10 lialeigh, N C. 51 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. Ie m. 53 fi6 6 Peta'.rahlne, Vo. t0 pat. 83' 10 9. n Richlmmllt Va. 1 aou. 21 3 16 Fredericksburgo, 1 07 7 t p. Woshinfoh aitys, 2j pm. 61 6 ' l a l him o re . ", fIt 3 8 " . 4 "0 . l'hilelcllsiol, 64 am. ,110 11 2'i New York. 2 pI. 90 84 1301, 143 b. or 3d 231 Northward. Comining Southwis ,trt tihe is six bouIr Irss; l ein l5 dalys alll 17 hours. 'IrEN lDOl.AR. f F.EWA It). RANAWAY fro, 1119 Carondelet eorner of llevia sreets,aon lshe night 13lth of August, and was snoenlll sI et slllm'eillll i Iasslods r stree, a negreol by no se'l ('IAIAIII :o , Islssit 17 yerrs ss af e, snd 5 fee or treabomts inl Isi;lht,v'rv bllack, and has an impedr illlll i s I s'is 'S'' soe of ils i los in slre, oe as ionei l I. )'ote ealll istl'i bhe hall on whllo , ll, w'enl awsay t whilt eolloll or li,,tl uli rl lld whilh co oln laltalo.nll. lastcr esss e i.e t sa . :l bos tsi o e canltiloned a 3 ninsl se .sivin ' ,r hltllsosri l st d ilnrr,.n s well as n isl other pe'rsons , .s the i tm.oso riSoi r i f ss le Ihw will bi cnfilrd nal.inl't thrln. 'The, shv e rew elr will be pail bi'sldslive:'ino hill its ntosy of the joill of oilhtorO fthe mit iwpdhl i is, or at 111 C9 arodecl, corner olf levi I mltiIr ti h linll of )Dlllsois &r. (isretsol l hbas o n di !.d. Thl subscriber will lisquidate the alTo irsat l IIIIIrI ill this city, nlll rell irs ill persons indeb. ell It 'llkr. t ilr l s Il s hill ntiyv, and sll tllosohul inl S lail.., to prts lt the l liJ'settls.e''tss's . a o-. 117TCanl Nre AIIrr OrlITSOn "1 sl A s always Im 'sm l esmsi lllltsly v'; s'c,'isio7 Dr l. . I)vly , Cbmlllic itls i e )(IIIIkd 1'mI,' O l tIlelm one ll:UGS. DYESa Antims.s', crude, Argols, red, (o 'egllllu, . Anosiitto, Slpan's Arsenio, crude, Alos, do pIowdlcrud, hazillette wono, IUnIlsaOls colvia, Cochinel, Irax, clde, CoUliel n:s, American, dh Itd, CIvllvl s Ltrit"i tonlt:, crude, F'ulstic , 'Tampico, so roll, do Cuan, do flower, do alione, Ililnltll h, 'rnlcl berrie.l s, Cast.roil, lsidgo, Itengn, Cream tsrslar, o Manilla, 1Ciadh~kcs, do I Vrnecas, :d,,do U.tameal, do Alibic, Llsg'voo, (mlll'chly do ns.salistils, "do St Dlonigo ti, do Jamntica, 0do Iss-s zi' , .lmllwood, do col~, I'nogi, Mlhdder, s unhiao, t, I~u do s, lr, o d, Nicauu:%o, -lonalre, I!, it,1 S Am e1iic s, d' Colos l do id, rvli! ' .,, llache. do ga'si:csum, CIJIIIJICALS. Ilo killo, Acid, nitrols, llo mIlstic, d ld mIalllilie, da shellac, llhie vi tri ol, • Btllcgal, (:I ltlll , II II, d; ....l.. 1 .... Gov..:n .it . sublim:ati0; ilo it,~gianll. t, h .idc If lil SGmboge, "'esst yi slls, I- id ilp,l' iplsrie'tes, A ni l lCalll id tllo r , al'ldlr, 5 - ,h o " !, i, ' c.I.W, hc1 I, rcril i lnlt c M .i .ilsill, I*]il41i ll, I lchc'lic M ll e do Aniis icanu licI lhl'nlilc potash lu l l:,ke, Ssop co:rp So", ct tili, " S'i!II 1l11h o, tv I.'I ie i, i' ' 1 11 55l5 t 5' s" As " I ibls , i t, 1 11 ''111112 vs ;l , i' a vsllNw, dN'v, i'1 ! bsl l., , 0s 11 k '.I ,'s i ly, sI I , 'I ell "a IWoilo Ioo ol nislolI ' ,'Is ,;st" ,I t 5' Is1 1's1 h . 1, i ' 11, . , i ii, I , 1 s' i 1l.s issll sl .i , 1,, 1. I.I>s. e s's ,,. ,I n' Iihl'o s i'i lii e is sll.....s/"toss's. seas,', is l,ll o , i: ," , o 1,,,, . ,, 11', , 111 , I , n,, ,+ ....... i i s J i ' ss's lo ' l.l sss l llt . 1,, ,I EN . 1 lE Y., ! .. 1 ,,1 l V. h , . +,1 h , 1 , ,.1 01 , a r 1 , 1 r at M r 1 M o s l rri.d I inL e (,,' Im12 :1 keih ,)a,'le \ l pll*'t :m ,"! woreig hAi I' I N (i I; E II':Tt,& e,I',y the at;t'tr U (Ayes, J,2,,, il h.,;,,;ro,,a t.or ...... (plicableto, h 1 .,ri::inie. .oe,1 Nurth .Aerica, by ( l1 arner. Eaq "'1/, J/olili..l ra,,,,,.,r,,f the I'Cited Statles, r r'111" 14] t it ' l'W lh, lhO pIl't ' )'. C ,'life fll tle gean ra ;oIl tl[[O c"lolr l'tallll -lll, ~ilh the. Ir r bltn s Ih L e tO I heta I U Mlir·lld ;lllld aldaillpl !Id to the )'.unglnr fll th ,lh United 'I.oes, Iv I; I) . t .\ lit hl lsq. A'imeroPs flu/Ili,/, "/S's ilitrspersed with clhlaracer isti,, niil dot rslP .IlvI'r; an Oi ng of I .sporin" g tO n, ie cHliloh nodh.I o`l tlloeliwial acrk rube r a England "wilth nh' ct,,utc, antid general ilndex of naine,2 FOll THE. CURE el Serftlla or King's Evil, Chronio tllhulatnmtis. (hro,,ic Cutaotc; 1us )i- l'iPainUs i o I tll, an,.,r freo e'llse, uo oef Mercary thlo It .u1 Illhtg ill Vitiated sCle. l'Thin very c'o weInt "ated N',yrnp is prepared with thn greatest phlhr euti,.i l elo r'e" ln, I ureae v, Olmd eontait the :.ftio cte rul Ssllh llll i i tunst coUiC tlrll{Pl ll:.-reek ctt)ilt d nw t. otter ve tetlable sbtalnleta of "knowi, eli cavi,v 'ITh reat dIcsideratuln witv tlllt'iitin tei. abi to exU libla IIIi'otj i it tt s aIt te.l , •tailt, i it. au,, Idoe It., It bsintd inthis peCaatio I tt-hy bainl tll l ]111 e, lcfIltsr t " Illlwt s, C UZ at ad initor ihtle l r 'ans olf praclice. I'• . lh :1b pamr bottl e: SOl1 only at SWAIN natl It,"ad Ifetnod N-. I lirmal irtlne, prErl ors, Sw' aIili, l '. m RI d l ~nllittlll I IIlP. ulto la . sla C Ltoail con, Carpenter's Proearatttimti .. alargigo and genesa IUssorUt ant of fresh tdrug, " " I'INNOCK'S R(OMEn, &c., p INNOCK'S IMP'RtOVEI .E)IETIION OF DR 11 Goldallltmh's Abridglnltet of the Ilislory of Runt. to a haeh is pretixed an Introductilo to the Stmly o , Rottmat l alistary l ad n.I el! vUaC 'ty ut vglnnIle ipfor tllattiUll added tllrluIghlulI tIh wokh o1 tile ha atltera' !..titut~ti.. i.d Anliquit .si of thm IRo i t s; with nUl, llut.lts h.llertlarlU.f ad l -lt riClUl Note; anad qles tiocll. fI; cxtun n m attll al.,, end of acht s(etilon. II h lItrnted withl.hitgrltlyUgrnjtv tt wot, 3by Alterte. Iisocrx's I.mtpv. d Editi( Ilon a lr IGlohlatittas History lf' l'l (fe, thlle tt liillt tf Julius Cteilar to tht dl.lh itt' I;Gorgo lt with it collintiatiea to the yea 11;."2. MI']lll qusion lllll h fr oxlunilltln at tle elnd o e'eeh sP('til.l. tleides a arlt).eCty v IUUb irniarta il' 1added tIrollgllllht the work. Colsistiag of table tf C.UIIuitlrllila- yOUvCritogaiiiid elmtilltlt Paersoa tuIltU Cxpmttotttryanotea. (ioŽIIUUCI an tItes (oll {t:alillll., 1.thlllell-d li llsl f the a'l~ . Ats outli.te] !I lits illlIIIIII'" iiiii li~lllh IIfI~lfl0llle.( Aylloalllly ll " the CoUstitutiUU, &.,. &a. Ilustraated by nanay eng't C.,t EIt ~i:t.'r iF AltilloatC, atIUdan Aaridgmes of Kith'' Ne," 'l:,'tita ont thliC U tse of Globes. Noew Al ruuica ,l ,dition, witl, mnt;:liollls ladl iulrovololel t Ii tI1 ill h tl Uxl ti m th ,,t st o iila rt tt t of thI e AIIm J -t rtetccii and forale RI by IWM M1'KEAN ,v 2._ cartier Ut' Calnp lll ll aaalllo a n a IIAIt E'11 CI.ASSItt AI. LIBRARY. ;oCtth.l:,tra:t.I-tt.uI by Philip lFtttCis, I) D, with •td,., ,o. Ilt , ,, . . u ,,on, C I, h iv Miltn, Drvdua lt.e ,i,. ," if t .t Itttoto. , iV th ' ltoiaIJ, 1'araso It C N , ,IIIIC,, UI UttWtaIII t o llOllialtto Ia tiei i't i It .1 with tIlt UppendtIix Ut .tudios trattsla ,.d rv t.lilicUttoer S itt',t :ol. U ,lan villalltIS 1$ kind 19 ofillar rods (l s+~ • . I'ltl'v tI'j'h I: . 't f tlU tlllltgy CLI.NKER, by S,...'l. , .1 ,t, wid h a In autir ol la Authtar, by "t'lOta fir Ci , h. ,C t.0..... odtti a...ita ilusI'tIiu , o by GI 1I ',1: IPS'n a' T.lo, by tile natl, of "Riabeliss abTy oy 1I'urgatdyg" &a ., Cw aditioa, hI ole t znpl. IAItt'I 'LIFF(HIer) Iy dIe autlitor oa "Palh,-., i' hIF ta..," &c, .eaiy olaana IV aofs now n . 4 i I I res Coaaplc!t. Vueks. Juslt reetroived WA! M,.KkAN U t\(+ N SILU.S-;t, casks Ciueinatti an " 1!i"s lal ..t.hUICd a ,tt f11at tad Car laall " luiUt~;If ' & / erroWSa

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