Newspaper of True American, October 20, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 20, 1838 Page 2
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Kirk1,0,, AI..o- 2 2 here- do, 0mi22 b Voorheei; 10 hoeietdo. p 2Atouil Aof 0; 30 Wi Fiotor; 12 b2. do, and 2,t3l B Laodimory &o.;b 8 his omot and I setk cusie, ulGilood; l(" do, It Aery. , ~.. t.3.or 32232 hltdilouo.. 10 SI Wi,0,'. 377 7;g. aiH .kiln 4 O1 Foi. an ; 9 bale. 002200,84 Wci,2& co;1 240 1 i2212.2 boityt,-Tesardou a P.022200; 39 hostt28tt. 0a3031822 boid; 4 ba42tt and 3 horse., ote. o02 ý ;d18 bIsii aly t sowoO. d c20v02, 1, birl- .p2.2l ,22d 14 hboler. "Val 2,2 boooi...Diubarged feight at &*lgf-.Petraotot.r Levant..ll 9bal, esnttnn, A Le aoax" 59 his dolBurke..\la o; 613 hisdo, Roynt.ld., " yro..&b'°e 2I $ b1o.' I hl220nt, Leolbel, & Thooipson; 77 b'"itt., W Flower. 68 bit do, G 2 Lee; 322 do. Toylot. GerdesA, 0884 h2 do, A R esnr.& co; 72 hI. do, 8 W 8ak t bb do, Leroux, Arcead i t o;5b6 him do, Roo.0&A Mont emettl2 20 2b2 do. M White r cu; 2 hi, do. (..IN If *'l.8321. 1822. do. Welton dr o; 28 blt do. N O JDich; 3. fd, Beeoet, Ferrfdsy A co; t3 do, Foil.,, 22lloc2, 2 lkgttto lh1t. Jo, 1tobd, 13 MaIdo. P A Hardy;:5h bb Phescott, J0 oo47 co; tt bfi do. JArmtor, 9b2. do, All W0Ia ot, 8 bi.doi Tboo2.rre,; 2 ISfl do,S b2t 84Dyke.3 3 4 B Foi0.8 Poltuin & c...Toot o, 115 b2lee. 0P er 31310 Pootobaneofo. .4223 bolo2 cotoo, 2012220 ootw CONSIGNEES. Moeor. ond Y"o,2tl o oi-Per 2hi2 Ville do Paril-.ergo: ..owled; to loh/oe C Oncode, Boear.& 20u,231H R18022,,, Jl-tooulto, HlSoioper. Etl'Joiloinder, Rieel, Plouhe k 22. lo odle & Jaquroifo, n,;,,.,2.. 12,Iork oo, E Johns & no, 3.oue & LeLtrI. AIlord, Mloot Ubgoird & Itliffrd, Olen,, Go , ury, Wblco: 8722 Ohrli.. Wm eSi,2. Rohn rt. co G J AlbertO.drnihmp, N J Slootoumoro, lorry. T.on"t I&orriers, Ailen, Duple.-i.. st' Leogue;'thbosBlach.rd, l0 hepper, Killing. Bothers, Allen, Sliohel, P..rcoy, oro2ot, RPrte, F Fortier, A H Nathan, 1Vm Chllbourns, Gentryy GOqed yVWood, Molltt TTtitio, tordoll2& Scro,, Sooul.t, D ate 4 coliwston 5 L.ote, G Mloeoo & oo, Ldodl,". 3 eo. smet, J32on, J H Martison, L Goore., RCoi22 20. Mora GtO2t sotp i` co, A Page, Cleve s Dum., llydo ooddrich, Loeels, toorl PAS2EN8ER2. I0eo0 8ara-Per steamer Lea.ot..Tho. P .,,oott, JJono.. JI N20tjto, E P Htto o C BRoo,..J L Fabrio. Jos Milh2ll, * 8Re.oo,,2,J Buoit. J B Cliehie.i. M 2.orrow0,11 t't.0tl2th W Towonend, M T.moooo.. 2ir V,,ition, 202302rd, lMrt Cbl22; S r Ptolso and lady, 22, 83al. 8O1 .o23r-Por n,31,0r 8021422..0,. Sahor,. Mr HRiuo2e,. 800U112 , Ro, Wi 013i,. Jaobson, FolerF G H Irtt, S.Ooth, 11trk. J A Poel,,, 18 Wote-moo, J Davis, Flukob,, fcolbo. Ftrcd.ou, Ilotoor,, Thoipouu, Joo,., Lop.uon..33 way eiWu piiraslerr, and J81 0l, deck. Us,,. and Portsmouth. ..Jcon Deeruy, J Almeia, Mklielrs Cairo, aymoind Si,, -20220 DrhO2qoe., J Borlodd, LeIouo, T Caro., J Ar,.-75 iii the 0t.3125a. MEMtORANIA. Brig Voltsspoke Out IO lot 02772, isong 77, brig Helen, of sld fom P,0o2iden2t1, for 84322200 Fell in witho to wr2, k of Vebr Alert, 4dday.t foNew York, took oft of he p... aeaer.. 4th Otobtoor. , 22,e wre2k of briog 2a102g3 white *otoke,, t miles omisl of Abico, di22323te1 s.d abondond * d~ok fit (odb2.,. RDAYS-A fow Cioioinati ODuvi;. 0n hnd, ouil orsale by (: I)2RSE2, 120120 424 Noo Leo,., 4 l°rKEt RS GOS2IIEY B3U'S'IERI, 22 holfboxels 21 RIhee ; 10 holi barrel. Ftc A12.211 10 hall barrels Messr Shad;ll 100) boxes Mlountain'o Cfoiiipaign Chide; .+ 5 boxes Sodiu Biscuit; 5 boorels, .Soiok IlBrei, 10 b2lt barrels pickled '222ogeos; Reooivsd per ship Oeoulf, forooale by uci0 1'ETERS & MILI.ARf. Y OUC IIONU TEA-10 Ulhlf chfeai lfoding 8-,om, shtiipOoeulf, od for oole by J TIIAYER 2& CO, oct°_I ^4 I'ovllraa street. MAYORAL1 2 OF NEtWA O2LLE.'NS. VjIlF.pri.e of foeoh flour to-doy ics $v 511 ir Lrr2 1 1 'ncculing to 222 larill) ihe bhikersshall give Idu ring tho prrooet week (froii3lod 222olfnd Oci.) 2( is,, tea of brood for a ,2il2. Bred ofidte orrcod qfaiofy t reqifred to weigh f2 per cen1t. more. viz: 4I0oouce. oct20 C. .EN2.IiS, Mlo or. B ACON DlE)S-E0i-l2 pooh, soporior Uincinniai courd, ini store and for sellfby G 1222122P, 0,220 44 Ncr L.evee R ED BEANk-150 sks iostoreiod for role by c t 2 0 44 Nc. Leo.e UNNEY 2AIliS-7s Ildce :1 & 3 1luoehel foge, irl store ond lorsole by (I 4NORSEY, act20 44 New Irenee acil I44 New Lcrre NOTICE. I Hlt undersigned having be.n duly arppointedr by 1 tn llonorabler, thi Iirst JIdiuia l I)iitrict Court of the State of Louitinna, t'enm sioe.rr to estimate and asseaa thedaulage and expensee ol opning a uea ntrent htum Poydre to uod, between .lngzinca d a td Tchorpitoulaa atrerta, have nld ie tieir e nstated aa - neelaentanad depoaital a Ir e n tie te. l tl , tegelther Nith the plan in the oeffIe ob the Clerk o sacid Court, for the inepa*etin ofill whom it ltny cn rCren. And public notice is hbreltby gen, lt suaidl ecti timate and ueselnrnt will be ptanred t, stil Court for confirmation, on Saturdcu. rhe y4,h nday of Novel ber, 1838; and all personns trerlted inll ie ues tit and aeeeeameat are hereby notiied Ito uake their oh jeetiona, if any they bave, to said estimtne and asiten-a tnent, on orbelfore tiher2lnd dy ol Novnlbrer next, tfile latter date being tea dayc after the lamt piubicutiou of thid nntice. New Orlioon, Il0 ict 1eobr, 1138. B ILOSSWAAN, JOHdN liT ItACI, . C'ommienitnera JAMES oEES.) aet2lk-tolb2. M VI.orabcLo~ aa lgas a uyaut id a P erruummrpjur j'lo nnrable tour du premier district ,judtcialre Ipour l'Eta de Is Luuisiane, comliemdree pour m 'evalunrioo at tableau du damage et fnia n encotrir paonr Iuaver tare d'u.e nuutelle ren, de le re lyidrlla a ht rue Gi. mud entre lbg ciins at Tnchapituln, nat tnterin lear t bieai: dent uervrvnia npie, teeo c le plant, eat deptae au bnureu du gretfter tie Indite sour, pour i'iunpection ide trus heux que celn pent clnerner. Avis puIblc eat p Is present tdnnse, (Iue ledit tahioenlt Levanlna tion et d'uaaeasemeet, sera plrellaen a Indite cnr po r conftirlltin, sanedi t nle jour de Nnv*etbre 11t8: aet traule peleonnes interesnaes dura ledit tableau d'evu Iaatioa aut de taoes ctt rea ties de filer lear objectionsa til tci exitLe, le on uvait I c e e novnltlro ptochauin, aIn dcrianldle duta ett dix journ pree a lun pulhcutic de rt avis. S. BLOSOMAN, JOHl N 22 BACIIJAN. lEES, SU, atlltisdueale. Nile Orleans, 20 oct 1838. WL: are receiving fr.,m alletutpe ltteuge d Louis. and ottr ftr an.t oil accoltlttiti g ferrte. 2.0 boxes Spierm Ca ndles, 50 bogs Java Coffee, 21i boxes Pepper, 50 boxes Statelc, 50 basketa Chmpll it;ne Witne, 400 boxer a Sanp, Haiobin's Na. I, other branda, 00 trams Wreppitg, 20 barrels Almonds, 108 Filbere, ilt bohes oiurdaate Letaot Syrup, 50 drums flesh Figs, 10 Icasen Table -nlt, II casks .V ti Sperm Oil, kegs Pickle; 50 canaes do. assertes:l, 10 tier'ns Bice, b50 kegs nail assorted, 30 hobxe OGhben Chiees,, 50 boxes Mluscat Wine, 50 boxea Tallow Candles, lI boxes Stoughton't bitters, 50 ecaes Tea, with a rar.ete arother gond. d IN.'ItON & SItALI.,. rct94 7lftoat Levee lP bt'a'le.a UFFlICE atd lBook Bindery-Our friends and tilte public in general ere ialmrmed. that we aow Iave our IPrinting Olice and lBook Blnde. ryin fulleperution, and conducted ity oetllptett and aeperietn:ed urea. The type being entirely new, .. are prepared to do nvery variety of plain atd fancy job printina;aleo, every variety of rulitg att bitdilg neat. ly and promptlty xecutMi by I)AVII) EI.T & CO, N V Stetiuner', Hall,24 Chartres nt. 1HE, Sanbhriber, late Reatnarater at No. 119 Cihar. St ties street, itorta lis friateda and tihe public, Bolnrdat, 2Oth October, He w pill alar Naw RaiaTuaa.r, in the Theatre Ar. nade, between Camp and St. Charles streets, late the Areade Baths. .. B,- Ajnen enai Sappere prepared te orier, with tahpglgatinl punettdlity, eithlaer i plivate rooms at tala1tiaeurut, or at private hboutes. L CANONGE. oct~h--tln NEW BOOKS. -PIAPOLEON and hla Tiuer, hy Caulingcourt, Duka :ef Vicataa, is d volr . '" Thei BIT O'WRITTEN and other tales, by the O' Hrar Famill in 2 vola. JQ.J.,Ot*K'SJ untaand Jollitien; or, tthe hunting jlita.ialg. ating, driving aailing, eatting, ec.enaric ante ." aeagant aspalit. of ntt rentteowad sporting citizenI t.J Joa Joarroee, of t. latulph Late anud iGreat iteeal atreet, in a vala. MEAI.TH &e BEAUTY. An expTatation of the lawe. olrowthb and Exercise;thmugh which a plea anltour, symmetryaof ferta, std graceful carriage t sp.ela aed cheast prevented, Bly Jobn elt, M l. Rif ll arr/ ed and for sale by WM M.KPAN, _car afcp t& Commo . .iat eaata I ateatta Itate, t.o an ,y kIcUMUt.1i-aRE OWKuN fiC 11trt~t 1111 CRI1R AMERICUHi. " A1.EAV :O 1. EANM N SATtJR)A Y, OCTOBER 2Q, 1838. ..T/e Mails. What a pity that Unumber etn" begins oar numerale! how much more liber at thould we be, if any other figure led the ad vance: but white number one remains alone at the head, there is no chance for eharity, liberality; or even justice. Among our own class this is as palpably diseernibli ae among others. If an edi. nor be lazy, nick, tired, or sad, and consequently lacking in original matters, he straightway looks to the mail for help; and if that aid be wanting' he forthwith falls to abusing the eontractor, witl out regaid to any tthing but-"nuomber one." We have before remarked, that an undue per. tien of reproach has been la.iehed on Mr. Whit man, for failures in the mail; and that simple jus. tice demands that editors should state whore the Iailure happened when they proclaim them. Yester. day one of our neighbor tfinished a dissertation on mail miscarriages by saying-"heretofore neither ordinary nor expreess, ould be depended upon with any more certainty then the weather." There then, the imputation of neglect rests on the con tractor. We have conversed with Mr. Whitman on this matter, and he has shown us the list of fines imposed on him by t.e department, which is the beat of proofs of ite fact, since the griping hand of Amos Kendall never relaxes a hold once obtained. It shouldi be premised that in all the mail routesin the Union there is not one compa. rable with our lake navigation, for diflculty, or for danger; and yet the following is the list of Iailures for which the contractor has suffered fines to the amnount of $1800. In January, one: in February, one: in March, one: in April, three: in May, fie: in June, four: in July, seven: in Auguylr, two: and in September, five. De it remembered that tiere are twomeil daily, and that after the first four months, the hours of departure wbre changed, in. creasing the risk ten fold; end hence the failures in May, and June. Int July occurred that storm, when every boat t the bretnwnter was disabled' and even the costly "Girafle" was unable to go out; and thus occurred the lose of mails on the 81th, 9th, 10th, and I Iit of July. The severe gales that continue on the Lake throughout Septemlber, in addition to the risks caused by the change of hours, made five olissions inl that mouth; atnd these-oeven if he be held accountable for sons and storms--aresll tha are any way chargeable to Mr. Whitman. As no less than foiur of his boats have been laid one time: as he has been *bliged--by ordere"-to change his hours se as to pass round Dauphin Island at midnight, with out light or buoys, it is remarkable that the fail ures are so few, and we trust after this fair exlpos, those papers will do a worthy menjustice, whomn they have needlessly aspersed. (;We are eo,ecting our noew types every hotr, and though it is not our object to enlarge thi size of our paper, we intend to present it in such an entirely new form, and with s, nmany "internal iolprovemenlts" that we feel persuaded will give ns touhb satisflaction as though we increased the di mensions to tile size of a shtps nloinatal. TheI supply of type which will be on hand now sete dily, comprltes an immllonile variety buoth for the paper, and more general work, and we believe we may on its arrival boast of having ons of the very fi:lnst job olfiles in the Stole of Ltouistan;a. The Express Mail frot tile eastward did not come to hand yesterday. A few atrgglers froll tile uIllf.rOnnttry are find ing their way down to tite city, alihought many of them in order to do so were obliged to go in cenoes to the mouth of the Ohlio where several steamners were ready to onvey themi down the Siaississilpi. 'Two matehes will come oil on the Metiirie Course at the coming meeling: one for $5001) aside, h. f. (our mile hunts, botween T. J. Wells' ch. f. Bee's wing, by Imp. Leviathan oat of Ilir mingham'sdatn, and Greer &Stmlnonseh. f. Wil. lina Hlerndeas,by Woodpecker, datn by Whipster. 'he other t for $250) aside, It. f. our nlllo heats between the sane parties, the former naming a blh. f. hy Levinthan, out of imp. Riofugae, and the latter entering b.c. by Pacific dam by Sir Charles 3We yesterday complained, and justly too we think, of the want of a careful watch, as display ed in tile circums:anees we then mentioned: since then we have learned the cause, which whle it ex onerates the captain of the Watch from any thing like reproof, call loudly for relerm in olher quar ters. Tlhere are but 33 watchmen allowed for the hole ofnl the let and 21 wards of this M3unicipeli ty,nnt of which seven are delioled fot extra duty nto special aitulations whence no possible cnntingen cy can remove them, and eight mnore of thle men were sick, thus leaving only eighteen men lor ac tave duty. With this contempItble force It was utterly impossible to keep a suitable watch over one htll the stree. In case of sickness it is pal pable that the captain of tile Watch should bo au thorised to placemnbhcr in the places of the alse, teen, but as he is not allowed to do so by law, the fsult rests not with hitnm: the remedy lust eman note iornm higher qtuarters. Thie dlruikltu .t dr based being, who was found in ithat exposed and lilthy stnte, woke frentm Is le:hnrgy in stime half an hour, only to curse, and abuse, thlus who ihad say ad his worthlesslhie. THE CAM31P. The manager of the tt little Camlp" lit up his house, and submitted it to the inepection of Ith Press, and a few other friends last night, lor the purpose of ascertaining the effect of the new deco rations. It was every way succersful. The whole has undergone an entire change. Since the tinislt of last season the house Ihas been as il a state of chrysalis: the dirty grub worm is now transformed into the bright, and beautiful, butterfly. Whlere all before was dark, and dingy, now reign taste and elegance. The mis.rable btick dust hue which eo lately deformed the house, has been banished most effectually. The cetuling, wtil, it retains the classic figures of tile past has been lightened up by changing the ground work, re painting the panels, cleaning tile borders, and throwing over tile whole a novel as aoct. The fronts of the bhxes have beent repainted ill Glcekl scrulls of a truly elegant character, thrown up and relieved hy shadows suited to tile positlin of the lighil Etch circle, thotugh partaking the saie style, differs casentially Irmt the otihe'r; and the pure taste or the design, not leso than the skill f 1 its execution, reflecla infinite credit on thei judg ment tant suggested, and the hand that accoui ,lished it. The artist is bMr. Cowell, senior, twhi las proved himself se fine a painter, as he is an excellent actor; and it is with pleasure we mention that he has made up hies mind to remain perma tently in our city, and devote himself to the hbrush"r when his stockk' is o ft of use. 'Th excellent good taste which pervades the whole, is quite ss creditable. ae the marked skill with which the design has been carried out. From floor to soof, rom door to back, from side to side, all is fresh, clean, light, and elegant. The new dr-p stene is splendidly execured, and looks quite en -site with the other decorations' indeed one of thle nmost agreeable pursuits in the whole, is, the perlect harutmoy of colours it dtipleys. The pro esnium is sotlmewhn altered, and greatly in proved. The 8aloan is quite I Iieture ga'ety. t..ry paneel in it hows a wvell painted lndeeapc,esr n a etyle whiich nrnen great pronnline in tohe ioung man who executed then1, Mr.J. s',teor, a i upil o A. Mondelli. The bar ihas beent cheaged from its farmer position, and two of the doors closed up, so that very much of the great noise, formerly anso ob ijoationable will te shut out from the hearing of the audience. Altogether there is on air of com fort, and quiet, about the ihouse which cannot faol to gratify every mnan of good taste. Mlr. Barrett received hias fliends with hisia usual urhbanity, and gentlemanly attention: everyone seemed delighted with the occasion, and in a 'cup o' kindtnea growth,' wished health to the manae aer, and sucess to the liltle Camp. TFe'riend Mooure, at Currollton, has all sorts of gsme, end other good thingo for diner tomorrow. If you are fond of a good feed, you can get it there at 3 p. m. 'The n"Ariel clb"c makes a trip in te aifternootn. "0 lighlly may Uteboal row." .AonlUher change.-Yeosterdaoy grseat coata wer, rising un wolue, and thermometers falling in degrees and a great manyoftllem. T'l'he Giass no Thursday was bh, on E'ridy at 68. Vaeliety is thle spice of life." Tumbler.-Nortl ite ltquostrian now in Eng Ilsnd, has offered to throw summnersels with any man for 5000 iounds strerling IHis lately defeated antlgonistes, Price of Astleys, offers to tllrow with him for 100 if that be worth attention, and will pay hlf North's txpenses to Ltndon where the feat of feet is to be plrtrmel,. It appears at proeent thatle North has overeizedn tihe Corkeey'a pile. iWalking.-A man named J Et . Mollnoy,in Eng Innd,tas nn ertnkonnn the Iherculean taok of wnalkiny one thoualod entls in noe tiholsand uccessivre half houts. .etw leslcuranl--M. Ctnnotge opens lie elgant etablshmlenton thisi dny in thie lornlttr Bath hlouoe ol tihehatre Arcade. Every thing that rt, or skill,crn sapply to mntke it tile most perfect Ihino of the kind in the city has been dine, and the well known e.npobililies of il. Canonge will be our voucher that he hbs done it well. Besildes tile Public REsntaurnl, a M. Cnnoge is prepnrnd to sup, ply iprivate pirtnes with dtinners in sepcaraten rooiits, ant wil sutply Ilntilites nt their or hIolluscne with every his cuininle can nilhrd. illtct atn estsbhlshmlentl is a mreat c·nnsnedration in this pIart of the city. its contiguity to the two theanre,nand tie laiocilitico it will afobrd not onily to the neighbors but to visitotls grcnrally itnd to Ihe play 1 1 nttntg coon. munity in iparticular, for nintty a liotus In tyd o tysters will be there onslnded by Ihooe wol hlave laulghed themsielves hungry attn!leirrel.I a hlewlo o inn calttic of George llanll or intn. An Engtih plpnr .le o It c flhwninegncaon of the death of at individual fromt that tortibl, dzsenrse, the Olanders: . loT lltrnRtioLE DraTII.--On oattlrnl o weeki, an a fjourned lInest waos hold at the nhaopon, Prillcersr sr e,, liasE 1l onovt. oin tlhe lo!y of Jolin M'Lelian, nvlhose death toturtttd unnir thie fl lo.iltg clrr umn tan ce. ']IhI jtny lirot It)roedt d ino vinw the body on tnlnt t In f tll attn t l.nt whl,'h Jrn sented a specint r le to h irnlln e to desi rlt , tlhe fee beig e' cittrely oa n ntowat, annd tit whto blody bciin g ot e i iain ,n it orei Ietiit t , p l o ti e. Ltre I. thloe oinotii'rn s ir aprear ed o tiat thne di e0ssd wast te dI vr no f a ond h unl hrn I the nrnlntt off .11r 1g .,. J lnso a catb ow .or ati y t west Io d on lhe lo\' n ;o l tile e on tSr Frt l o rld a) w. ekg l dct.iao. L ca In i ho lle allld c nllllllni 0l0ed of l lavi l tok . no l nort aot wentii o n t iootl t tole l v,, ing dnay large lucps or swtllitngs Ity nonl tk nI k their ;i )()ulararl c lnl rtletl jac i nelltll ty n thl l e which, as well as tie ry, ont.i'ied a gEat de.1 oi t" The eye rs rndunly Iariamewvrse and nIa of holes, and t:,e ..os,, atrl jau( w b olt ke lutll, tilln ful sores. , aid vwas Ialed i, bu the t n l Otta w to attended w ,a c unable tt n ell the nnttn of the diseane. On \Vedrletlony wenn .k n nn eein l,,n o fnis innenlv d in an cab to Sir Asll'y Coll.or, wi (Iz lin dlt~d'illm and pr.itot ¢ it to be ie glatl ders caugr, tront a hnrne. Tt e decoared' i cot a tondan t sutll.e ulltln v fII l rn l hI his nwo ni,,n ; but all rcm nies wrn re nnunnd tt no avail. The uin I'lrtanatema Ill.l g aduall y ,ub ca slr e wlse s alld e rllllle • ly inheonsibln. In the e, oen tn two dnrs hig l iin.e feli Iren hlls f'ace, alid iliS e' S tbecainU lilke a co tInl ierl th etlnltng dl tnil n tnillll.lltl rlltronlll - it,, h .w. ver, aIIouI a qurltl er nl lin hotur tbefore his cveTreT his aenSes unIIla sated that hc hnd te.t his death by wip'1 ing tile bh.,..ev.hic h was-glandered, entr his nn cka t haot dkertoht- fI t n d then I - tllllt.l ing tien inlie n too win e his own nose. o1C expi,,ed l l til+ mlols t xerce any agoni¥y . 'T'he j .r! retu trnec, a ve:r ele--` 'T'at doesnsted died irf Ihlnal"rs ncriotlollt v ' iuun nt t ]tioe 1 e hor.ti In ;Vh eIli hie w'as th.e ari'er.' Tan. jury declareal lhatl theyenid aot he sa'i0 d uonlt-s lhe horsno 0a kin . hin Iroprnetor tex rsend hin rte•ninec to as n o onior proputatl, nad he was at - courdngly n iat lroyV." .rt TIlE GOUTY OLD RACG'IEL')R. "llicease: thon aver most propitinus pnowr, Winno.,e kitd indi.g'ot wnne n c ntn a in h ht ur, Thou ell ellast bn st thy n a ernoals poI ureo. Riagon by sloth, caintain'd by luxny-"..GalntT. One of the pnannn"es to which celibacy is peee lia ly slbject is that earthly purgntory denmrlinia. ed goitn. In married loan, with hi Iiolle and senses perfect, wiil visit a nuty old bachelor, he will thank heaven Ior havtnl g vcn ltiiii n wile, and thbs savnd hin from san h an unplasantt con gregatiun ol humlltolra . Whatever pathollgists or physiologists mayr siay on the lattier, p.t is a dis enae arising, in the lirst inarn u , 'e rom a simple err plei.n: and lho s- likely tha elrly t to have it as , sall Itin lgnnt bachelor?. y, it is really a pleasi e It n lun ulcky hnsban l, to witnti ssI I.t I lures of a lino whos Ii hle linbs envind lfr tIlt last dozen vyears. T'Int Io mparisn t i. ly told igainet hIII'n. hlere was nc Iri'ntl-plumi as n partrlntic, tit. h ruddy hl eks, Inug ttng, eryea., and frerr a Inbe «lind. lie could I llu I' his prncalsand lni"i.n, nVa hitm any¥ - whle'C thie I 'll-n IIi , I t1n ' and, slan as a t 'i rvnl attern, w .s leI t III tight sutivr llanci . \Vae hnat oanr 'tneo waib wiarn-lnea-nl-sot-n lhty cry a tllr. " were his w'lcor te: then to be Is:llh, "dJ Into tied, anid c ,i, ulllll l tihe followin ioilr aa ninn tO !alon ro it etlrlt l ,lll'l ' er, luile ils head lIt tr,.i. bu!sy to ilto .anld hla tilru t so parched, that (lie ve-y w ither Inn - tal lle to q -~Ie lh h is heral l wlea-n lln hi-= la n I th,, -us, h -el, thet sn t Int oIn, at a t ietti ; IaI' d t rI-i acn d w orse, ol:' c c hI .to e li! Ianld v, n. tt Ii a h u l, n- is n-ish, I II i n ila trnl inl lnod I't' +'l it-tt all nI;h --'6dean' II a d l rIr.+ bIT e hahlne been? whit Iha. he bp, o donng?"-Nn ex plai na llon is utllicl t- t new go a, l itln i fotintg esis tile least alntie n t:-In he d, tc:n-d a Lntllg at a pretity gnll, however Innocently, sus. plcln is ll i ,lll lin ll neat rusend, n nl d all thl vo . ,'anes of a 'ghltcd wnoloan ,tBeien as len tbhunaaind nnllntIsn Isl hlose upon his unhaplpy heali; rnd hli I.adsa d.,g's hiet ,ll the n cn t inse iaevapra.lted, knowinng tell that if he strives to coax hler into gd hlo aur, he must atin tito such a train of r nqunries eotnl d wea-nary and perplex Job: h.e sits a "Pllat ience on a mtnumnt, sminIg at gir," and inwarnily siphs wcten he reflecla n tfriendl iia hei l n t who linan careles aliknl of every ti ing itllt his n oii lll s m llr 'i nt himt. li'nt lolwn the tinbles 'se turned 'aintae p here is c u, a a en isa. itle manrred titans at I hnre is bnae Iirtlie, t back mahtr; the firse seaued in lithe n dait of Inie firm ly with nhis %ounget clliId acrN ing atn hi antler, cwhilet he is singling, nl evidenit h :pIp,.es-, ion sni I litlI h l, nnl d hr i, n uell tit ann on h r i .,nlewnl, hat oid er, sands bitl e him ;a nld a n t 'ciJ r tnlirt on a alitbk round thc rotnnn : hae wil, t it h itnt e l 'radlant witha Nm is., ia Ihnk ,,M Io iul at hlIh ;lii . 'ing him ri tI Fra t I ls.s t 1 a t lla',n i a Itl., a ,lld ri .g wie she can do ta flen s- himi I tnt, 'a rtu m ai l lha t siln e will .u -c, td: -hI t . ha ol hiut se is nrd rl t anti .lbeerul. his serrva Its in proper n ler I lh s ogeln ther Ihin ,e h ,,kei n ol,,tr l. . N:uw rev !re the pleltr , ,lr.d heai i the ln.n helnr ; a gnodly I ttl l d-ilt m an ulderranh, and Iatnountsi uindr a e rv, re u' rackn , pndig ,withi thehalti lg nintilineiereuppnre A ", here he is, indeed, atern. n ate l shiveaing as a rl .-aunma bast II ans meats ihr ough his open doour; nnd theln w tcllhln w tl tre bni ti anxtlty the clouds c. asheas w. :ith lthe .n ind hltieair in di . o ln the uatasw'pt heart e and Ith, extln cushad ire', lIst allny part le ani nied fall on hlastrtured toe. Now he tbelDllws wrtn I ll hIls might It hIs o - Ila Ilr htousekeeer, to bring tea and close the dcin fnsr to la tiaginln tiLn, it ,ee tihalt every d atr in the hnuse an open. Cloll away, oldn bty; your servetulll l wlil epe l on you when theyb.e a, playeid out their pela, atc have atakinu cre tIo avne an excuse by actidentally placing your hand-Ieall b.yond reach, while, it your exntencte depela dnd upn i', yo-u durst not not at your fooa t on lIe ear pen t pull thia bell.rope. Yes, yea, call away, and nat ainilaul eye atI theI glras anti dor : your hous'keeper ia clnseated with a botleof strng watere: youpt fotian and housemand are palhe.. rally d planrng your conditou; and Cooky and John tinadanr are ple) ig at hp -.p.y in clue elnut brrst: hereftie call any, n.all i say of tlhem near you atr the near two na ue, we nwill ilaesti onUt est hat. Let us hlaten to ahi slhloquy : isi what a horrld twinea! It'c .neadnully cold and the lire's out-pul-pulti'--that pieers of It.u. tag .ant wall hfall tn mny tea-pnff-culi'-- s jeal ltS ru-'I--ha ! surely t!C skin's berestng. t;raniatti eaes whre ar she eseess's? I ant aettslly rlsh t't with cold, nob wonal rive a gitoe fotr I glasol ine-tiher il etands tvtihiu a couple of yards, hut I am ehainod to the spt. hiMrs Arm ruon! .lJanes! Sally !--dGood heavens! I am de seried! Would that the firnds would fly s.yv with the whole set of careless, cruel wr.tlchte! James, I say; you scoundrel Joatnte!-n ansetr, and the hall door, I am sure is just opened-the ittoe will he robbed, that's certain. hIt, ho! hn, ho! that's terrible; breaking on tihe wheel must be easy in comparison: nalt hter 's the doctor's abIt- El minable physick--nausoJus poisono-and of no u c more efhlcacy than bilIewater: five bottles have 1 Li tswallowed,antd am worse than before, though, he swore it was a cerlain cure--:o th! I wish he were here, I would throw itatilis head-h-!, ho! G 'Ott horrid gout! detested by the gods- Gouts, rueful gout!' Well did Lucian sing thy incurable nature: 'Me, not Apnllt's self with all hit drugs, ihgh heaven'sdivine physician, Chon subdue, Nor it learned soun, wis Elscyatius.' , I am starved to the very mairrow, and its growing dlark--ho, i a! and here comes that beaetly cur of Armstrong'--the Ibrut knouws am chair faut, and plays his gambles s if i were nobody: get out irrnh !-jumped upon the buffer, by th" giods! and knocked down my lire tlinea dueanter !-h-lave at you with the phlveck it.ttls--l wish it may split your skull-hai! smashedi my hina vase -- hur I dred evil spirite seizo yout-i nds and fussine-- - what, Jmer, you vllasin, Jam'a! ho, ho! hs,h- Zoounds! I shall go mad! and sn on, till his ear vents, being wearied of their own spor;a anti pri vate amusementls, find time to attend:and on.e and all vow they have never heard him,and were afraid to disturb him, hoping that he was asleep and better--every Ihing was as quiet; while his rage and fury evaporated ill in impotltnt threats to turn them one and all out ef the house. Ii' lhe packet ship SA.lAT()(OG, Hatlthway mister, froml New York, is dis.clrgln ow ipposite tle Veget blne market; consignees will Ilease attred t, the re ceipto.Il their good-. DOu F,,LkA). V AS broupht to this ome a Terrier Pop; the own r eir cau oil t him by provintog propeply ,ltl pay fir this advertisement. osuLt2i--l3t IExCiimNGEo!,n os It--lI snlt to uit pur L chasers, at to li0 tys itlll t, hr sate li S'io 'ic;,T )N & AV4.3I1Y, nel!9 88 (;ravier St. '1Ol'lEl-l-ill bags t iog I t.. lit,. For tJulsle by 'LTSON & AVEt I o-tl9 ift (;0'.vi.r ,t OFhE'lL. N. ORL.EANeS & NAsttII Il,;-t-. I:. LC.. (octotbltr 18t : t PrlI 'II Cars until fuirter notice willstat .,t ri : Ioteparsir. Rettrn. h, A "1 8 A hI 1' ortiore. ItReturn. SI' 3i1 SP M o;'t-9P--if Jh\'I.' i t'hIA)WtI., Preod't 1:;I Il1ll·I.( uR 1I, barrels r aw I L .'; 5 t0 Looxes C'tdlih-i. 2011.0 " Stu ked lierrings, Just recovod pet oti9 I'I t'I' RS & 5111I.AI D. (;"\, IIrai m , ,o;. , 10 blfpipes 1811e Blhund,'; 2 punellolns line ll .lJa tica Rnll; 15 ba,;els Cherry |enuuce. lauding flin ship Os:eola, and fr. sdc by o Penl9- .P FI-'I L &C 1 la l. ,tl( D, i' tIS T rate atilchlr Cow; apply on I rd ship l s o ft - - l romto!t ith 'lr le ott tl!l t I~ilill~l~lll T oloo Ito' o le a I' i rT .li ' 11 -llt i .l " /) i lt II II , tilt. , n ;.ru iO tby ::1,+ ll(, Iit St:3 luxes,' ill by :i0 I ts llt ot i 000,, to! lr by ar ,I,9 .. ' oI It fu in i II I otto,\, IIt! C - I ! bl t 1to V 't, nt hll' Coll'f .5 o yf ,: .\'uS al l;l - -I 1 ' tot. l, oui toim g llu'. i kip l',11 . 1 r ,,, . , l 'vt',, n t r a io d fl it t'n If eld's tIl IS.I\,C tt l l'ft! l: & Co, itol. oat '! 1t31 ttfazil tot 0 l 0 f It loo t'' tO oo'ooo tt v l' v o , I oo ;lh ol :I to-t. ", t' 00 t , 'acrd, ,,f v',~ n ; ,n iii, i'-: 'ho1.- 0, , , f , S " . 7111 ha,., l.i ' .o "I l e 'u, ,*-" ,., I'4w :tOll e. l.tut 000e 1 . ' ! o, t ( h )[I .ot S\l t,) l), '4 l0 ',,o nIlt i. '}hl ttdll 0 0l00 '"rf o,.h11:) ; i , yth' 1 IU fl , 1 c" t, r pu' h lu ,l '1 ea steau in i e. lop I''rdl t, ,lt s, ol o : t lot::.r, br o I ly' J3l ' 1K A IIr I Y ,.I, t FA' sJA-s0-0;'Oltlt. 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Ioo ptric' d lllot uud while Letter I'aelpt;o or co hoi, tv It ..rm Ter; lour a aes extra ]Irge r ize po cket L'Pol , for sale Iv :use o I rO1llo, oby N . o." liu, 'r'e Ilull, 00 t3 (21 0'brne; st 1I·SH In ll + ll n t r li m l iarot e r o1 a oll 0 l. )ll gll rvlle - I men. willll " in'o a \ ol , 1.o o.n the Ior-, d.l , fot-r l llt r, iln the rar , nlot to;r of b',, I li r ot - Clhllrrl h ,',mrlor of Clrll ll'll ot l I, I' ldrT r, h lr fro h lllol o th r ulld .rsin l ,ed bu. oct id t O l ch r o ill' Ih iv, il eateral (II olleeo. of tl ll o i thiand wl ho i, a I ti ute o o1 ne1 of I theI I t . ce thlelra ltl uni rit.lllIe oI ' I'h, t o, l d' ,it. to be I ursteoo I i in - I. 11le 1 1 r .h , ,p uo e nt' emhra,'h . ll the ll ll~ l lhe, ol a thoa o s all l alll c ut , p l lT `,i-,.,d lngli-h ed 'he A.a-ic 'l dA luart, net, compllrllr+ ldinr theli l ao, (he :I. Oa na '+-. : w. Ti e 41,a iilll ( lli r f n cri1" r ig in tlll whhr] ctr~io, wilh their p o,:lioal no ottliti,i 1o N Chto stry, ilAl.strated by oppiopriaie 'oo lr iill ,ol<, Ilio o n l| t l ( ' lIn e s e i th e . io d 0 r n IL i, .It'ol leI- ot r ed end altt ,, o Id rou'ti ill., i J tli 1h-r. (.1' . II. ll(IA..I, , . rl5an . It1 FF FtEN rt 1 4 (GIr ION l:o t, 010001'0±:l±0 .r 5I I.1\;N()N,I oooibinnh Cel'ltg( i tU( 0-l) . Ila i iNIIIIi,di . \l t.1 rs 1 ci. . V I? , e i, r No rlau. il erl "l-, 13 .A:lC. 1II Ol- NN.l tI:1., litU ( .S - -0 l r ,' o I tlp iNt' It o ll r i ai i lln t l .) Niles , rec ivlo l e i )rleonLA & il0 Ir ahl, by l II ).\N X 11 E1,, ot7I . No,_ _ t to , & 'i',_h ito._uI S 1 1 + I I a: T t ll-- 3. l, l or thet o I lt il e ret; lt, i lll Ire HlITunhine Uld L .tlh owe mite' le apply to CII't.t heaUO l I.n . n 0 011 s UjIll i iLEI ., ItS-- cal . doidogl Iooo ooi .-hip Ilolhh, I .d b IS.,AC. )Ill1i1;1 & CO, SL.VI'EI{ & "ItIER, fie'I'll " 40 4 ',1,'l1 1 t ott17 0 0onti . /I IiS K EI. : ,- h Is iu s 1t ,r. , 10r e nle I o, o j I ll llll Itooo 0l0tl. Io Nl o Lo . ( ))F'ISJll--0t L boxes, t, th Iby I..ISAAC jltltolI & eCO, 00ct07 134 Aloogatzinoe St. JEAF It:A )l)--'b keoso of prime quoIity, in stoore SIA.TEI.. & T'I IONII . octf7 4r0 I',oyrtIel [ANWOiNCE A 1I.E( ENI)IIE, oct16 03 &, 2.0 .0w Levte St. Charles Theatre. 211TH NIGHT OF TIHE SEASON. This LEening, Oclaber 20th, 1838, \1ill be perforned thei operate drama of THE JEWESS. Ehltazer, tlIm Jpit, .r. Farrna, John Forrate'r, Caowell, Leapoald, I e liar.. lacrhnel, .Mr. Farren, (Grand Pat Seul, lnd'o Ravenot. The performnance will eonelude with thle fulae of CROSSING THE LINE. WVouvreman, lMlr. S Cowell: Wauter, lIlhnaertt I'onomna, ltad. Thialman, Esa le, 'luamer. aelOS Il. CASEP, No. 19J (Tlalp streethams just received jetrll fr isrluld, ii rip T iger a I) ltd jMedtiu ltoa ll, Stittler faal, v lhlltrial, (ataluattble r, an deal a do~. 'l'oru~ln,·l ' IGsLodoBads. Iiu d Tinted lltistal loaid ; Ivory pIlear; 'T' iaor,, paper; olUd andi Slver paper; Guld barders, \hiteond Galar' ed Rice paper. DRAWGING PENCILt. Ierev, 'a &Sea'ts bet1 ,iarlred Lead Pencils; Jlrotk ilnIl] J; Langbd0.r's do. do. CtI.OUtIIS, &e., &c. Ri'rve'a a a Sn's Water Ctle oor a' Nentmll'aa dl ;" . af Clnhlke solf (:rl,:a8..3(i, li alld 144 dit rcat nlthla,ls Ltiqid Gald";'O1,ltand Silniti' Shltls.; Mttrtit and Itk Slabs' Uhlina Sauuclar; China 'lTni, e, 3i, aed1I) 9diris a Ivory Mahaoganlv, andt Clin PaIlettes; Iloulill brusliesI best Iluldger 1)(oenh1 1bitlshes.3 P~llnll knives Mnlsie and hketchig Plortfoiiti; Paper, Leantll r lnd rk ntultps; ,liiniau rle Ivrle a .d Casis; *Swa iLnuhiltlenCils td. blaltk S:litle di. OIL COLOU)L3-, Preptared eaovass; Janitotled Tii lltoxea |lladder Co Ir, w hia,titl lI'ai l Ui t w.ia rs, 4.i. l'rtpared Cananvs, i7, 30 r% Bfi in 0the PlltKl 'El IOO1¢.S & WAI.LIET'S. lles~iat uld Jl+ln ell I'tciae t Iiooks; lillk -1e t I .-i lhtr %Vallcts. I(ussII aillLRII er IO~ Cl·et I e llIi . -.I VIIlV eates; patuet TI lilel , witll Fliv ol I ,v,,ei l ci a l,. Phihi lul a ln d re d IRo*sewu old, llHawold , niu sohl, tlaUi -lhd aUld,launcy coloied aItd gnld Strew lIlan ii' t~l, PEN HOlllilR+. t l' lai1d Gtl PieN nlulder; IPcarl aud ailver do. ne~tlil I tO 'L'l8'll t II V llN t aliGAi--40i boxet s i sliore B ltd al l lI5 ItI SiI. ATEIIR lt TILlER, oetl8 ,I) | vdlraSt &t ali l UIlGUD IINE -50 h ixd i store. Itr ole bcY.LI' . Tsi' I iIte Ie oAlt, 40 l'C ydray st ittlii lit I~lltlii. it tiit' t lt~ ea ]t t.NI)Y--0n pies slperir o l raey , i tsioliac, 1ia rtsalo & ibyl T l 1 ti 1 % 1 \ t &nstial no In t TIII 111111 i t iA .\.\ ClOt .- 1111 11 h lltlt, lh t 'I ( usin" I jim s Ip ' ,t , Ito y . d . I' r ,ttI t t, L 1f varams is lit Oht 0 III l 18 '. .i 8imsir k tii n N Il ae tioVctn I-i n I'll. tillt ; ,111 l, It olt 1i I ri , h r itt I t , I, i +n l Tl : I I I ttt i I i eI n oclllllil·L: IFIIF I1 arI :( Iilllll. r ·\1 11· 11·11:,,zhle ; =t J 1111 t1 11-i 'Ti -iij i ;;-1- (· q ! 7 ,' i1111· 11.-t. 17,7-il; i, .i- i7, , 1 he-J i nl f um oirls lo n C ttran I chuu t frnd l rd ,, nct r a l~it'i l cl,,l., ,, II; ll, 31a~-li, ile ,: ,, li hu )l.'i n illi'.),i·0? sh Im (:tlls-e Tl, l ll~ l~ id l','rd111)1 m11 tt1 l , an I fr salt e f y 5.\.%[ bIIyIIIIiE% I' 11;10&I 1T 1 tl ilG 3 1 II I .1 ihi R I l(C 4 1'M ,\n .If+. ' ./li lltl: le 'P++.+,l bv fill+ i Oriletl' l~ll . \ ,,% vt i'll tl? !+,Ir I I~l~ili'if l 'tl '+. of( I ( I.I' pera I. i· II ,,l-I.t i )1 lJit lll. .1 I~lllllliolll? iK'.· 7 IiliK lh+ tilr Illl!llll n, I Ii rl lhrI, .\~"l._"r ul' I yihod. A 1OI 1 ,11 M i , (nlc 7 ru-r C.,nI.p IL (ld. ,nv tm e ('1EROUGE -RIIEN h' IN thiII f' ^da . -p a Ivrshi p wilhl hi Ihrther Clutw' is It. i iles; U ul will c lninue Ithe ( omission .ul in~ll s ll lter Ithe lilrlll t GEIORGIIE (iRE'. l,':.- itilt li'lEi, oct 17 it ::ti (' p-str'eej ' SMANSION 11iUSE 11'TEL BALI.L RU'I .1. Nt. ' Nnvi ivsE,, TIFhl : , lJy r lllil ment ~il l " "ll n I. l , ll III(d.I V :I VE Iu V I' \ (: i(':. Ili, on whideh r,, nsia. tr,, r, ill be (ilIAN II S lt ' ILL. 'Ii p:,,prit or It, h1s engue1 oolievrs of "lh >oli,'. t. 17. T IE Steloll " ll'llrV l , I I <Fllr' eI ill' ' l l I i ;li- t, h w4 a tlll - . lire h i I ii n tlllll hl,, II ;,i their ..i'. k"'h' u i I I.. nr.. IJ T' ., llot oT'S, Stt ilted1' Nt) 1111 0G1;(S. 1, c nItI ngal I of edl e tficen f th e ] nrilh~lllf I o..l and ll-SIII l ·In nnd qu 11 ·lity do alf'd , nud ~. (l(tu 1),I.) iw'x to 1 +I III I III n nerh..t I Ii em t lir ,.te ', u i SI t II.t,al ivi r, I I c - llr , a l' gei a llll.iInei litr sal'll r and Alh iL bullyt dolldid. h nl o .l f, dt b l3I , i Lnrol d w lih !v.II , "rlei gr tb vih. =I i, II n .l+l(la o u, , of 'i .1k n nr nhiei w l t' iels br . Ihs aEllll iell r s-lle i x lylli 'lls Ijin ' ll'I' ,i.t i it.' g olil,- itl ,inw br Il , i s l renI II rIII ' I d 1 l li'(ll'O l tc b I . ., - ' ' ~l rlt , i i h 'tia ulialmi d7; bnad, and nuril rn i ' I...lI l . tlun :ti Nl i I intl w lll '.-t Il tlklil l t t' r, iii l l tlch r l pa t fr hmil st'iIh o It ' I rnsa d s ities ar',h e,,llll hie Ilnls i ll n il i ils kc einu1 i - l 'lL tI l .s q a .i i " IIIIn tI l . ,' ' A f, Is t , lini" :hI n , ,lli',. and. inh l In p er,;ldllrail'l9I PiJI hWilloU, t I lh NEil it , e ', i p r-. Islur, uI tn Ilt'%V ildlo h Ja llldga , Iter e . lt tll boxes bi . l o rd Stal y I Cldi'lt leitsi l di- u ,os nn tlfln. io~ll. lllul tll, red lrIIAIi llurll cn l nna f ells lrhelp I lio n ed I h i ule lck i ints ; Silt eii. n No; h rlld H nilt n n., " s , lir deal I and bIl'ac h A lt u rlpvd ornt,. ,(`Ir ,a rl elr ' ts | 'llll itll rln li t., +. ' v . t, in llilo x hile I ,>hlan thit. black sud ri r at - ds -J sit', Rh b B|AI) L' IIARB 7uH', COpDp St. Theatre. TIIjS Theatre will b opened for l.e season oan l nday Evening, the 2llst ofots eor, under the ana.gement of . I A . U.H.BARRETT. Cu DIuing the recess, the interior has been newly and elegantly decorsted, the hnxes nrlaneed in tile mosit onlvenient ind oofluertable nIlnner for thie Iecouloda- n ii lion of flntiliee, und the aprquerttc furished islltile' uOSt splendlid sts Ic. The decisntlsst ale after tili dhc sign and ex cutionl of JA COWdLL. A new drop curtain ihas been painted by the Italian artists, Cerew and Pii. pi The compann will eonre-t of the following ladies anid t gentlesen:-Mrs. It. narrett, Greene, Anderson, Wor- ( nell, nall and Prioc. lises Mclnty re, Lewis, Wallis, eand srny.- Messrs. C. Barett, Ircdericksr, Jnhnson, hdmgeJT. Tm. Brown, Greece, W. serteo, Franklin, D)ava, tluntlev, J. Seftsn, II. KtappnlKirhland, Nlarkial Anetin, and Lewis. The Orenustra will ires i t and efIctent--l.ender, nMr, Jnckson--irst Violin, h r. Jolly Sind Violsns, MI-serh. I Esenslleim and Joikel; Teenor, ltr Solonlsn; Centre rBass, Mr. isrdinghi; Violiscrllol t. toI nel Clarion sttk,Messrs. Dllran and Mate; Iarr.I, wiMessrsu Ri"Sie and Aeyicoe Trulpes, Str. Schinelner; Trombone, Mr. Ocehini; flare, Mlr. Cnrrnul; Enescon; AtM'. tiennig-s. Mr. Sewell, Seenso Painer-lr. tllltley, Pronlpter --Atr. Vnrden, lalelnAiTt. 'The Mannger fnlly nware of tIe necessitf It afriet or der and decorau in a well renul atd , lrealtr, nnd being peetred to render this eslnablislment erver any wortlly p olihe patronage and .ntsert of aes elilglhtenod public, has received theosistase of' an efficist1 police, lwhich will be nundes the slirestio.' of ltr ('u l'r.rot. 'The niloon has Ieen newly fitted lip and ensicllith- f ed, so as to mnke it ln agreebhe resort foi visitors. I)Dlrieg tile season, ill laddition to tile vsrios novel ties thlsat will le reglnrly prisstscPd, .tA NY A RIt'tI'T'S ofnckannewlgded talent and repu:ntisn will surressive ly appear. G. II. BARRETT, & t Manager. An opening Address written sxpressly for the osresa ion by Chlrles J. II. Fibeir. Esq.,a will be nheoksn previous to the play. by ARS. G. BARRETT. ON SUNDAY IEVIE:sNIN, OIt'T. 2str, 1r88, Will Iie prodaucnd at this tlheate, 'tulwer' eeiel,rster fpPralay o1",) Tain E LADY OF LYONS. flo ad' Slels le, Il'esruis nllu s 'lI'h esre, N. ., arnetd 'I'll, lsntrsol al, (ut Is i s ihst ep'resnnce heren,) Ile"wren te pla nd Gr, Pon r.m Flsederieksllo, lenr Saett ,nnr." " errete. 1I0ile w ollIr to conthlvre Th ntre, New · "1 k, i', ne first e mr esme hsr',) isnM. Se' fson, {] , i, H nod les, Capeslsn (ieris sn, s-t'i sl's lissie, I( I s lsn ss.. s he-e Is~~r ire-.l 'ssrs. t II sfeIrreff. IVidaw 'elnutte, lle ist p;,ln n',' ess,',sse' 7 seao s,) PRIS UM 'i I1(V 1 , E II) ENCtI lix 5' sn l I. * sn.11 . St., I h'L eghlih, rnh-. srs-s, 55 5'ssalse d , II, s's's i t - II to ssssss,'sl s it x , 50--taH,, rv, .,u I,.,,t. ,At lilnih'd ml mh erll el ..I'O" tain s 's i, rise P t I t 'ch . net _1-is ssrt e i --I ss;sill. I /1111: ('1 plarl'irhli h srs"sr, -i'6'"l nir lihe ls firso iss ). li , ' .ss ' h )5 l .,i ' the 15x iltl+.l+ i hel, h~t- b Ie shi s day ,lisý,, ssss Is t , I 11·11 '' l' l 51 F, 5'ltilll i'4 h l d il 'l 'I ,ss tths + l rit l i X st I 'll i , t ir +, t1 I t I h s i' sI ulllle il 's I. , m s l il n Ilr Ie of'the iira," ll hile it (, is' I el it l.u ,,i s ati l. l. t1 _ I-11s e1s A I s' . --s h , ,'ss ' ls'is l'l ll'lllllir u ll d [ (1 t II , 110 3; (o ,cb,': , .ll h , 1, il ý Id iI* fi urui,· 11'-.! ,ll(l~ lls Is :i is a r II l i blls . i l. ck i ,lh l ,n , is l r ss'F ui s5 s ss F sy , (·ll t ll 1;.1'l.1`(\\. ,1_ "Fs C' s s p nii F ,I I I \sssstt I'i ii ' ssi t is's (; l s\'. s fý l \I lt: ,"p,, iei,,r h .I , r-lhh',[ his l {,'aling Ilse,,,, is If,11 , l . 'l a bl ll , c 1:x,!, i.'', (t ,r , it (ira.,t'r i, 1St. I hi lllr .111,i ,1 s I l h i t III, it l,-, t , -illlllll r. l .s''tess asle' li ss's' s lllt 'it] I ilpo l s I'hs " i'sll" | ~Is' tllt v'l+ t illd llaionl,, I ', u i tl'll ll hlr-. lalnd tx,. ''Xl t "+ I l all thu I,ll ,,l, l', ,,,l,e:,luil tie," Ih, ,,I hn .+rre lhr. It e s llils l i .,I it S I s' slsu se' Is'l. l, ie ''i n, is'no sss,'ass 1prli will I, e I- - . i , . h , il` us''st Ii,,,l' 'sil ssdsslssh stsr's' riostlss" s ' aFt srss',iis fi l l's s, re .is'F l s. S sctI _-tl IIN (;Itr .l , i l ...... ......... .... I l h ri .. ..... ..r-. he y fi~ll, thl t 10 .\r . Teook, I S llo h the leil .wo y r thrco I.;alh.I r fl i h it. -llh I s"lll + wii!If nrlo r yi I )b tll ll ll I. 1 n i o lll , 1 " .' II i1 ti, \ lllm -oldddil r-, toi " Irol l ru llill el.- aii wII th I nI h i.. lv, I.I1 . h(. ,i.el h,.io- a lu.o ~ )"nI~ orl , hl ~ l,lq I tl enl'l; l f ' n; . hit atin ill i"of m lr Uo ,Int . 1 th Iln t il .\]li% Ii, rlI'Low .dl , l, ,. ht nl- . h laln lll, .l llý llýlll r ef i ieorl e llllr I II e t i I'h ,il hht.ljl l.·l, IIt Jit, yi r(.ilt ' of lihe f ie i FalMe l ll e1 rl .ý kil, awh 1,." re in I. l nlli - r Int i t, e 1 nd ll, l iilylo ' hIlo - tio p, uoill I ns tol ('l lrl Iu wai s ,l T dial s ha' I ll, f ]nerd ti hl'll ] +iur lr till h ill wootoL ll his d ht, hith; I h i i1i to t e l I x i + IIIIh laIn llll. bils(u. h Irn" hhll hi, hl ,I h ed id...ler,, r !or hilt i a o li I ,telw, ,hlh hli MioLr·II et', ito kI -,, hi: onoil hoot 1 , o 1 I.. l ie, ll, Isib, ' , 'ii . 'tlln+.lo, s lih , iior Ies, ll. i ,rllv - h'l+> /'lit il Ir I n it n", +lltjhih Iheyv li ..ll' ,r unt hhll, l J l i i I 1+t 'O l'l Ilt il ll jC I 1.0 14iJ l illit I. lil i . i e l ,ll hi ,l to r if- ul· o + -il' ll ,..11' 1' ,111 1, all rapt. it (eri boll hl- jh ll Ir~ , iril I·ltllll.l ll. e i ln 1p ,) Ja.I, +,1. ,* l, . Ia .l n , o , " 'dit r. n ;"i h It,' 1 ir ll-l ,,lt +' n ,ha l,,te rl- I Itily ,<IX ll,'n , ldha- ala I, 1i+itl iorly 11 th ,Ilir h ou Ii . Ir it it Irlton fr nt rltur. he lls underobien h is oir-.froo to he iie n II; to n ipo Ir . li ,, Ihn ehi hrll , ,hrII l, nlt r lpia I i 'll.,lh II Ie Ii I - -iunat.i d i-n1?; l r It liio l hi her Irot1 '·, l+ w hh' hh 1,i /l .. i l . 11 ,, I , it lhu-rllyre ivtrl Ir l g. ~o lo.. . Iar l ol\ ,, ,.- h," nll rh Il, lo l IIirt bthin i lne ' t o . o . n e .h r t h r t1 1 o el r . r t e ' r r u u ; a c in nc e i (l.ItjllIL' III( \i, ql,, l~ll, ia llh l· 1. I(,l(,,, Ii.-~lllLlll; .lJ~ )· i':'lI· le l o" h \rii ,\ tll, lolI :.I Ih IIIIr('1' ho ll l or', ! ( II Ih .f l p atr i n lig liIIIe J lll, - . ..: il i I 1) d. I "o"li l l, ' , llo iii ll-1 l ho e I i'1" dil rl It ..: i h, I" r I , ,~ :a I tilio , r'I1 I'* il. (,r, att \e'l', T'", he o vIItc ill r ,,ii . _1r ;ll ,i ll I J1 I n% .lll; N'wn r LTT1 t' , -l ol ', " - "' " v.- r. " "om t e 11.ii 1 w1 I1 n M1I, l, i V(Icl,+ .ho I i' lette I pupdsl II .I 1' 21,1,\ll \' iN ' i lt' :1 (' t. lllN ! . ll J m . I '.1r l o! ;w . Ived; 1 0 c .. N Io : -, .ine n w +trl e t ,i p ape ell, ,d , I I1s t!h e r k lellr, 1'01 I"1 ll \Vhlitu tllolhio an, d ,". ll ,~,.e +tr.I" 1" ' i ll."".ion rs h p rn' - l , , A NEW Article. n-1 r tcive t o--,"a ~ t ben lle s. a aur ,ol, n; jlr~ownl,,a .i.: ar ,re WSORC :) NEI.,. hlr lv h,, N lll,ra lil I . -l1,. I~ i~vl r ii -illl l+,li11 ]+tili I'\l'llltllll cll l II'cl' i,, o mlll a ... r :+ lio"rh; ll I, tl I(I 1 ,lri ill, I , o ,,llll li 'v I*II· A.\ + , \%'.\lt' i' \1I 1I r e" h i, - l lon le Ri ,lllt il ( 'b o l llos -t r dllla l :I-i[ lh+, I x hl lL, , ll,,l . ~ll, m Il 'h l ll h'. UL t.1 I L 'l- tllle lludIll'· i, till. lie-t d ,v l.f lrli N lolne h r ii xt. I h ldl t l1, 1i+. tlitill+ IlI th @ili'"+1 .om N i " 49tr du Flesh coh! dorr r" , =i ' l ': nc all , liel I it,,l-lli ill ll llll£P err. oi e., il rh ' h nl hin, pI.' rirt tahti; hhllts hi i ll< t" Iv, Ih,"v Ih.", 1-, , llt illlnlolle* , lh itr ,,. t,n,',.h .i,,h t,,1r U'.,.,' Ih,,h' tlil~ll~ll U1 t.Ulld~i+.t lel+(, w~lllh+ ltil in g to e-r l s h i ellfll.Udeuu, wIhIl " il oI Nle- , an1 hoi Ihr,.y o) enellllr' It culltarte ol lpublic 0-vh rtl lpd plrllrl l 1. .INO) 11 (DO+.N I.I.. ]) c W\ .\TFAL:RII\I N, The Nit ei z r' u\ r ++1t; I. Ii-vilie JI urnal; New Volk Cx ilioesn 1'hilhadrl hia Ihornhlllliol Seoii",l;~o Blo ll:ll \ltl,sP vv ill ple r~l ,.ubli-I. the"o e . d., ce buit ane 111,1 u. P 8 2 l' Ia t 'lll ouo tllo this Moi ice. HnrT TIER Inuie Icl,.--inet iciesived frot Inlrtin tt, -ioah 11.. , lb+, ti rl.s up- 1ilh p il e bit te r pa1 e'; ' le vey lovehhr g .d I II ) r ,e n l.lne .hit! hi t, p Ipe . , 2 cases thou rink hltter h m* ma ,I c a n.,e utpi s' rcllll lo I :;I canI 1 "~ tlll illl. Ot I,; 7 ' t', "slo|te d clolhttr. fur oribh', wh e... a lli] itail, h I)t,,) FEI'1T & 'o, New+,+' York h tllllini.,'..' lhtll, to(,t15 21 C-a (lrtres street A. t\I']\V +.rrlid'l.. Jil-t r.,c'ivrrd i ut :,l lienlv.ille +t+ _ a ootlr ror lo of Artooor Iel,+d l,.tula, nn+itot )e pia ofhlce .r nlwli ll r, otn.++; ih,' p. lehti. ur r0 dlO tiutl y ilvi Ut,:l t o 1 c l n eu lill h b 1. t . \\' R OAII I+NS, i tA . 2_lili Ia,ah Nor,erthri T lli,thy Hlht. inl store, CIIA31PLI=N &% C,)O'PIR, 1r"It.; b Juii Pt, T DR ISUST| r,,'+[,'ried Itel" ship. I(rlcoos fl i n N711 I York OfI glliee/blo bI (:oairs 1'luIio.... 2 t :I lhonrv'' +nleinhed 1ingoiitia; i +t do IStt er's:\ A ieo h.t do :2 do Neldlilz Plowdeh, l.f ir rule by IL.AVil) I.'I:I,'I & C'O., oc1192 N V .ltlt ioer'.' Ihlll, lChortre-1 .' Ot)'l., S'hol liand l..lllal., comllrisilg ta general _Jl llitrttnelil aihllttlet lor dihe city or c'otllry bilde, hlildin., frool li llp (l~ilcortdh, and fur o0-o hlow for tcash,llriiiplptavtd Ipapr, by. A F I)UNBITL &. CO, tlepl8 21 Ci iwont |lot, e i++'ENR1'' Cnlciurdt'll ahgleia~~i jlll rece~ived ]olr l ship '0zeo, I'roin New .Y~ik, aI fl!.w. gilt'< o Harlry's. (!enslilie calinedll( l.ltla llneiill for+ iolel by the. !doz. 'jr grote by " llAV1rl :'F.I.T & C3 , te4 N V Sw11at'rr tHall, 24 t ira»l itl SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W7"S AS brought to the Puttd of tile 2nd lMonicilml 'W ity, in Ituranenl slreet, ItOeen [lRvin and .i rod street;, on thet2ilh Sept., 1818, A large Btay Ilor'-. The omtaut is requeteed to provo pr oerty and take lial conv, or he iill he sld b3 I' A tuilint. Auetion nerion Soatlrtl'y, the 13th ihalt. 11 S HARPER, nrlt . Cnlapail of Watech I Lit a(4 nntnne at llthot de ntIi Sntn Illnniti pa' P1 1,16, le Iti ine lllllol'e, un gritl et irenl bni: In pro pritbtair estprib dervrntirprouver san rpri(tb6tl Iem mener; ntremoent it sera vendo & . 'oean per P A (intnlotte, tenlnnntor, snnredi It, 13 du e orant. 5nct H S lAIAPER,Cnlt. Wntch,'2de Min. W EIRE brought tothre 1' nuld ifil e Sootd Munli iriipalitv, in tmnun3te treet. betaees Ilenia nltod Girond ntre , n tihe 13th inlstat, tile following antnlnli vicz Two dark Bay llntsea;one line a mark on the left thihe owine t requncted tn prove property and lake thetI Ywav I fire Snotnrday, Pth ti)ctober, or he will b sold by I '. Guillot,Auctioneer. I S HARPER, octl5 Captain of Watch NE\ ORLEANS AD BI T'IIORE LINE OF PA CKE TA. Tills li"n will In"osE ao' the following vesnele wllich Iatva beens bulilf, or pnureLed expreeell for tihe trade, vizt Slhip StiAMAN, C'.ltiin Miner, Blarque t IARY, Nickerson, "r ( rI tFe ERRYt, (new) Stervens, n StItOMON S.11' US, Latham, Brig AR '111'1'c'I', (tra. TiCese vesclsnire 11 e tile first class-haI e handsome nrnished n rectminn eli ne, and ate of a light tr..t of Nwater,i s a to n ltit of their rpeceivin antd ditetnr ing their cartoes in I nfl/anrr ,t te City. Freight will lbe tnkenll lir Itnit ill the ChII llenlke niri tm tnIntirIe River, nntd fern tItrd t tih r i ngents, NItsera. Clark & Kellogg, it Balintmre; En.'oone on gondt sthipped will be ad 'I'lie ril'n of lsltge is fixted at $iO--nmple storet of the bell qunlitv will bet rovided. llnni up anld downl the Alis.iisippi will be taken on Ieor lrigllht or pas.nge ag ll. Io (IIL(iE BEDFORDI) c't1 .- r '2 ]lienville II. Ii. & F. I). Neivcomb, t A V I. npr+ ,dit bon u-r f+r the, lr;,Ueiug oi a ge.t I I ftkl. '. nllt-ln I.tllllilt hi g Natl( z, hdn h t -i nrn.+s c llll ded il t , ei shall be tlihtflily attendei ]ili n I I i'rt tl aMnu- l \\'hi, t Co. }New Orleans. .uhldmll & Ilicky, ) - li-t- Lt I. 'Thlie hseret Ihr of No. 13 Julia. next t.r tl,' c,.orner ,Il Camp streetl; uitnlle lir offices .®,lnr store nnrols. Alluy ou1 thl prenmises, or le C: \V CA. ln ACK, ,r2 tian.l Bank. tIl u t ilill ttllnd drill ev r _y I v niln l uindays ex Y lh' rr . r lllt th 1 drill relmu, JI tZ'llagn ! (newep neil l llot t ui, " i t" 't\1(hllnlt Illlll].l B l 7 o'chcLk, plrecisely. Iho rl rle. asl p lnlllllnit is regn sleda asl a master 1 1 re.F ntell it jcir 1,"uO+:n inl Ihe srord ,xercise. By or JItllN ;IIISON, rtl2 Orderly Serg'e. Slil ,1.') (IOF;'I('I :-- I.COININ MIUNICIPAL. [ fIfl' ' i ls cl di'tll that in eoniornrity to , ] lhllio of I. ni lit' tllleil If tie Second Mu nirilp lir t. pIlssl d lr Ithi r litin. ite l 'l'ue, day, lhel 5th oi 1.c nst lint, I wi f +t noon t the lath (ctober, 18-18 ttir-lnlit I ;i ollilve i the Inmel bidder. thle fi r-t c- rrl to . lilrnied Ioll hnrv. The wlo I t, ihe - ita tpslllll tl'io d l hill:eill ll l fr a o p nir St lt X ll 11I , I t ,'; n: l itla t. x il.ltn t toly ..urity iy ilin t lhe sn , if fi will be ll * n, SIrvevr Ncw AUDU~ilY~, flt, tM IAE,0lh,1e J ll , I'lll lit( l·Ill lvP I n til r lll il D leSlaU n. lllllieillllhl4. " lil..P e 'lloi; In .'tr'llllul' de llhardi, - "tllt lr Ill , a , -l%( it '"_l d I I ,- ' , i' I (IIL d'oetobrenI 11138. a llali . I'' R lll i) lll . I' llllllll lil i il rahais, ll four-' llli t un lrt 1n1 I, is . - lu h r c tr l ll i llllllin :nn icip lile nunrl, i nl,,lll a -r sl l. o r s t. a I.rnllX pendllant Ill silln 1, 11+,a.l' n 1 , 1 ollll .l +.l; , Sll t t. ((lll'ilion bsia l 'e'l --I de Ill . .1i PILI)I' ,Vo r Ct). o"ll ''COI- ' I ND MUNr I ' I I' '. ,. i (),l',.n+n. O()t 10t1h ltt38. .w t;1 H 'H", n, n , o ,,l,u,uIo of th.(',,mncil; date ':. ,b " ,'I',,rn, ,,'+, I,.+., -r..h , 1e-,l p - tll. , w ill I,+ i. J n, ,,, T. d .t h. In. 1 l. "i h d-.v u our, . h, rlJl 11 erl I ip, , ll i. o d oItrllar.. 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Fn il D 'I daynl, IFI , tIn h it111 ll t1 biglte fnarneshig" FF111 i teliy aIbm l wlFlh lib v i ie Untl-id gialloens AoIfr I ulhl',+ w u lt..r sI11 + , ,l )n oil, to be delivered ati• IlilNll.- IIi ltnltr ulln IIpa elh l u l'.u.alu to be v, dorbed "l'ropol sls finr Oil." d().JU. CALIII)UN, T'EN Dll ll,l,\ll.. I EWAIID. l u' ' t lll~lltwllt' foior tle Ca llion M " chino +is +, a'grllfe won, named JOH elute is stuut bliuih t li'et It it chesid o 1bFdti, nei k Sen e o 11 s1 and a IT ;e l'r lcIt. Tie - lll reward wii be l aid upon hisitle livery to tihe uher bcribe. EORGE de oetl Chief Engineer N. (). &. C. R.R. o r|l El u rIb " story lire proof' brick store in Ca)pp y Itr,,e kit preL cnt u etulpiod by A NI Tie Il'e fIalllrc Mbick store tll th o earner of Bank At, |cy Illlod :\lcltlh " sltCreetI prae Isen ocult|,,d by do ur.. Als.o, ira :3rdl story of the b- ick sltore n B ulk Alley, l sII. I uIlll ill he givell on the 1It Novelmber nexll. :\ew UrIans and L, .t na, that hie ba appointed A Cooha dPanoy Store, . Camp tlht

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