Newspaper of True American, October 23, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 23, 1838 Page 4
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I.LAWD reapecall'ly na 1irdse rnd the publit get. S" initi6Covingtond rinraf the P, OPit id hottrainecommRodatipas sr 61 them, on more liberal tonrs. 1' tly eituotad, and well supplied ri et' the bar is furnis!lcd with &c.. in short, ahe promises tinig on her part to givo ll who mn y patronize tho Sbats ioiana lHotel. )j43 S tOE PUBLT-lPhe unadersirnrl. lhaving U tttsiaA itor Dr. Scml.nidi of Charleston, ind~anol for some ynaors his assistant iIn i c auratd surgery, hba tie honor h ssiol servicas in this city. roa the t aend gentloman that the rmost tage bll Ie paid to to the calls which r, dl'lde;also ofiaora his services to the id .t , being well negtqrinted with the i oimon to them, having attended thena in 1 irtr house in Chr:rloston. fatnous anti.bilious pills a f(er the cnmposition rpfreaour Smollette, with directions, can be had ott saaundjrdigned. The effect which they have ipodA in this and other cities, has been attended wt grests ta ' success, to which the best of tofb epna an tiditn. Applry at No. 1 6 Muago. :ipsrbet. JNO. Nt'LI.ORING. IRONS, &c. T10HR HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. J 238 Water, near Bookman streeoot, New York, h.avw roecived the past season, and are corstantly receiving largo and extensive additions to the strck of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortmant, suitable for the southern and woesten markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of About 1500 tonsr, siz, PNetof 2' different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gal!ons, oettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 izes, fromr 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blakepans or Oveas, 7 different sizes, TIa Kettles, 6 do Pkillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do free Dogs, . 6 de agon boxaes from i 1 4 to 43.4 incites. COrt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from : t inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior S quality and finislh, and laes than Janw's illrported a.iees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs fr Tailor's end hatter' Irons, assorted. bash weights, 100 tons, aesorted roit 1 4 4 to 209ths. " e Bells for Pilitations, steamboats, churches, &c. ,,4 aaotdr order, - Al eteamnabeat and other machinery made to arder S O.rd nlovc assortmenti of goods is particularly re.ommcnded to th! attulltion of Southe:rln and Wrestrn merchants, inid are oltured for sale t.t low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it L be-. lieved to be the largest and best asnortimrit ever oflred for sale by any one etablislrhment its the United States. Maerchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can lhave a prino:d clrcular, with de:-rilptioa of goods, a iienaand terms, frort whichl no deviation io ever Smade, frnishted by return of wail. All orders will receive imlondiato attention. Now York, 1838. j.3 I./ ' n Sr ltu nn 1'ia , lcs, ik ssa rhll sizes; als,, ii'l boxnarsof I Reuis & liaskcll'e I'irkle .; tlr w le . tlu:e t ý anit Iby JAtiVIS t .NtIlthi.\S, """ e13 Cri (car amoi| 11II au 'rt:lthort l)itlll. i is hi ; . 1 t;on d, for iI it by I rS.ira( Iitllit;i .ir Ct i. , r<nan lhaellitllig Muse on lriton stLre, C ne _ () twcen 'l'iroli Circle t mroldah:t t'.t':t. .. hi. Applyrt J O"l, - , 111.1 E.IAI;tIKt.b13, &e--i \a b,,.,dbrr,. '-: 9') dfirt du. ill statUs rl l r i 0 e IY C"IILt'l.IN-W& (tit) 'tR, 4 . . .... , ' al, capl, court-oinly on hanl~d ant f orl Fair by clipII · i51 i ea 11 :11 \t LI , 1 f - '1I"I"; ,iii L"l"';' '"' I1 511 doi of" du I. E;6; 'fil 110 : 'il I r f': ui . 'll ) i vy, 1 11" I. II~ii 1131U(;Eh ti, 1:111(\ & t'" -}; oL v 'Cori nl .7'C1W~ IIACINle CCl~llltS ICCll~il ·III' ~~ll~~ 1I:1 (~ by Nr UXof(fr a LAY l' of .I'al'o :UNII, 1119 c ~11. 1 7 1'1 il) ii l 'Iii' CI 11&11 6,ý 1:.110 1) IIII loor I'l iI,1 .1 111: . -u l IJ IurdmL, fulr tile Iry uv - ' -- - I' CC I IN1' ciIlNIl ,II7 frn 140thiCIICIIIlugI th l udll IIiml iiIIII.i' IC CIII AIIItIeet.CCe t II I CI ::, 11112 111CC I i ven ililIC ily iil EnquirC L A , the prIw l "- CC tiililiC' CC\LS'ICIIlt IIILii' f Ion' II. IIte rfnl fIl, T T(iCETF 11111111ilICL IsIIC JIlIll New 1C IIre r` CiC I 1IC ((lk (iCO I (yi''1 1111' ~l?, 1CI I rwll rr CII jII 11 IIý)AcCI CI 1ll Ah rCfl .c· I 11111cC' CII LII' '1'II'ywllllda IIC'.1111lI C 1811 coils h IIopeI, l IJ , f iio Aindi. liLIril rCsla lCI. by CAyl".lI Il C 1ICI.N.' C1i T119 I7l inbeirlId CI C II . ii3 Fon dt~ino c~il\~~~ '·:lllli~·JIIIIN 111.15 Ol~from OI'h'lCI. ll I 17014.f1l::"?S 1 hew kCo4aO Fix monthCs IgI IIllilIhld IC Illijiiliril"Ii ioigIL iil a n serrt does'.'·, for n cl h 1 Il~lve alllplird~ to n'"-- rl lcture1 foir n cutII, aid tIhcICi did nItcuiL ow C1 11now 11111a, tI oil the above dale 1 put "'ty::i under llrr, (.tro of Uuellul wll the dinioICpgot wornC:, or asto break out in large r.een gI, to thCCCICICer of six oIr cightonIc IIce, IwIIlIIll tIIIu I d Iy f1111,111d FoIeIlCiIf IthrIoCCe sot b le to worIaCor prsCenlt lim CI IiiIIccoulnt of the di 111ne; lh-''IIC I·Io I r .. le right side lCCiC thCCIiI t mm iIolICIL IlpllllIt i C1ll vCt eaCCiIIIcnlalnrih cbCIareo UC. Iil~'lo,. r'eiCn,l sI CtC :., to be p~rfetlS y cured JOHN DEA·:N. e~ fo014 ly pit cry 1110 CER LIIY ELLIS t I. nv mnmdri. s' s " IIICCIIII.I I IhIa 1411111 i'.I IICIILCIII; AjCCICllC . II. qu~ite wll cured to mly ewe ?Ilti~ii:lv illn, for w 16(:h I c thSnk I)r. CluIt; and Ile.1l LI EVI.or & lt A IIIthII ani- ( vine I li C I litae gkl m llll, anddI'i no1 t illl're Iany f ill ucalthat allh t erefoirr I advise my fCC low ICCCICCII ll, it i -4 fino timee ll applily to OIr A. Ill, ICCL1.'IJ 1l ei street, bCleen DaIIIphine 1111 Id1Cl7 Iio LlCi CfretCILI IC rt Cfi I net is at hone fro1t 1 ' 'cltck, A 1 1, until 1' i l. 'il They will i 'CI Chi' IpiC I lg JOHNlt 1)has-Ion CC iII l iCrl Ctreet. L"', If cliy tine tCa111 to ace le, call CI t NoCI 4U IC l s CiiC stree41 , Cid they will bC sn11f iefd I bI1 Tuabe pOublisheId at t C lh l lu i Iiillfli D CI. gI. JO15 4 CICCN. 'I' New O1cnn' . FI)'I 1, 1V'lC. f,"ll 1 b (.anl each, 11 thoCIi ' Hair thetIwIn ItII jl 11 IIIII f CII 'Pitt a 'ii ollvd m-cesJ n i: b Inns:h'a'led Ilte 1111 IS this i hisd a' Iflir (111 W b"ere C iT t b:I L,": III ' ii,' .\ I. has tht"+inerla IdIIcSofCirtcafhdIil ICI'I IIimIICCI,:l: tions of rospectablo pb121 hjrl 31 thilell te (ll . L dIIIII "n oldsl, plain in the side, want of1 r::.:t, pittini~g of blood, liver complaint, & bc. Tfo o~h,, n it mty c'rncIrn. his is to 111,1r IrlliC t \ have in oar practice freelllll"utly prl:"l:il'(rl ti-·i turd. ._ "nor's Idian Mir'll-nut f Liverwort I 'I(I . 1 1I:IIoIIiII. with c a d0oided good etl'."el: w e can IlWh 'CI 'aeI', WiColC lhea ' 1111 o Lbs ofa(mrilsd itis unt'a 1ild II fre1, 1 c!"om~ fCC and expectleno, recommml~nr it nn n supe'riw- Illn lll,:liUIoI i dor tl t pse n SiboItII o C ah loot 1 ItI,,i It Is rl m9saiog,. aI'BEINaP 1 hair.Il j M. 1). CAL.11 S CCI). lilcnrbbed of the oston Medical A& V'Lhi.tiul, Bosion, Ociobor 25.. sale by J \IVI.2 c ANllRELIVS 1, I' Iltl llla 11 1:11,,1 Ve'liC si F. lL·I sus )UTI.ER'S Etfervesrcnnt 9clngnlr:;il A perient-Far ,o e d ai yopspiu on· in ligraliion, irnul oils dll'Iil" , l ili · p-rca-e~hendnehe, ncillity ofT thle sio*!utt·$, nbituni ro: # t (Irrle,esecutnenur dievn-es, gnuu rnncl, , . illd II)U , r3' valued as a gentleu, cooling Iuwalntvr.. This desirable preparation hasw rcceivlrd thle patron. !malt dolbcfrrnS I public manly respectable and ll en·li - cited ttel trtimonini4 + fits eff '-any as a mediiiine have beenl~l at elicited. Withr all the p~learsllr cllitieraof a classi of t the watler, it p-rsapsaes llle active medlicinal propciotica: p7 th e must nppr' red slinoul purr emus;rr it is plleasant t, Itealol rateful t " t c ltlllseh. l I l hf. CUI'IOlYN-'fife incrrnsing· rrpnltn l Iee : demand fur llutlar's l eicl raeslle ligne! "., Jý idy-ýº has-been an u-P l lc!'tmoot froher, to of '4t:ý sl't t anofthi valuable mild cine. F I)acltascrsT tiropi trlilolatly warneld of tilts fact that they m any be *iý' pýý that' gard, an;d not ploctlru all Immpurc article. "'+IIE 9'hejtulic aroraolntotfully ilfbr allllhut Illnuhseri bnrsaare eoustantly snapperd wilh the uIrigilllll on: ge ir jiY prejnarli· ns. For sall· who rsale n d total]. 1' pp ICKLES &L CO. Agents,1 -*15 ` 4e t:nnsl streetN n" 3 eent lr fat 0, ilt fi Ile rututo1IIIuU I and oo'wth of flair, givingbcadlh andc bc~aur,nnli ¢? ý,tlFitrcsf hi ff inir Oil was alp 51 to thle nllllr, it had· to iohun~rl ofcaseaoC hnllnloes. hinnrrlssnull tfte l~ilr led fusery insti'll'.e its salutary yr twee ramified. t has nee sr roi'c I to pro,·lIe ., " heostif groth rd hull~i. ort brad:l~ nlrraely Lai 11gon wheir it bredn'ries dry and reusesc to grow thhsoij~w e 1'p"gttw!ar f ithu tbylst ll produc 4, apI( tias~tift Ogwth, of , wlinun the least1; J, 1116, 1wad. this Off :rive an tl-rr abl" ~ _xT bd is IpralkY~hto to any oils' t it r lit for per in, rating nd inning~ the heir. The It it ' Ett bu o "r dty DF.Pr -)ves' it For sale at N; a s tint ra't. A Sis lOj i HARTo ) ' rn nro nw receivto trod J' oh bonld ship Orleans, Fuglo, |ighlahder, t'oknr niry Andrewi Fi.l. and mierlna.n Iplay i rdrds; Rnok P"enntW l.tarlds i' tesmie, 2i l4l aild 23- ilceh 1il .ard l; n lls; R,9 il, l n i. 1 i. n inch .la e Ki nives; tnltilhclr ee! other al.villl, li)rewiiin Cas.; Blelt, Po ketd l.ra'.irn ', nol Ilhnlling I'iSIl; double iII nd C' iun'l l ;,lrll Wm - id " (;ll;nl I ,,i'; dlht BletI; PNowder i lthl Pi. nol F ikl .,R lll n lilre ,'ld, In) ink Ing C ps; i P-reli n' C' ,hnii;i p (hd 'i. ll'hhwr.; ('ilti, lidi-, Todr ib; tad h ai iih'r in . di' hlini d h.1'il rin'r TInil `n ash. i'1 I iilih I'iwrl;l'i t n 0l h ih rtll n s rlln tlgl ii. ri l;,l. y 3 Illr lS'lr ,l Iint I ltilh.r Fei- iielte's; ' eiuil. l'il" T h I whr, !;ch r iv iil" l,' i ar nd' na'ulini ill: I' rl i vlt Ml i h .n y o r i la rl b t, r . . ,:f i o s , F : 'l( ? oSn rit ;s m t i f; i I'owTh r 'ant e nd oxe.-. (;KIles th ns, deertand Kew,; ,i:r- tli.i 11nil, u 'miel cIh : ei in l ets; B tll, N It :ls, :i a l ('balise ih; ull ii '.din iiiee tle idii Indian lea,, i Itearl tid Tholn,; 'e.h, l'.whin h Sidh, and Dre preaine. S.llh; wIll . hel a l ldI hI ,.io r I. l i Ti+rlmr ntnek an honitIhnd. iir ll.a sh i t t-irl l,' t vl, iii l rrcl., a rI will h ,ll nw ld l ilhle us ll t'I u nllil lIll. iuhenihul of lhi llchidii .ote. , 711 (d ia irrn ltrelit. r u'i" 1 t l!" i - hril r r \ ellie' fir il r I RmnivsTe hollll l1en f. .; : & . h' lm l.,ellir.h , l lrIIII t lle l itv i -il Nl.ckir. Olik, a I -liSpet ilt li ives cov mio.i:r, s i clr, 'leT le, Cl... v i l h'.,. whhi h ii.." ll un pl imrII o ordoihhi m Ithe thirnh tor, let,|,. Termsh t oo,,r i; IT t 'ill e llltIt,. knllllwl ill fbe! 1l;lll,. till J. I).Il'IN &.:1 CDlll+:"l .nfn romntn'n ct. - - -NE i;D i-'. --- o .idi - ., IIAIRT i T (lls .--ArI P i nl w cic ivii o I.lct iille I h 'tii'. I, I t'i V A dii ,w llih Is; (;ilul l etl.lmn e ii:sl ell l:t il lr steel .' euls; Vin In; Y.ilell eit inlg; dhe!I, ivi ht horn'vs c ; + ll. , w~iedr.5 k, hte a and leather im'll hair tnl; ids, frons a.nd Tek i vlillt4ll iin cli pul*[, (ill'll: n HlIl Fu r ellt ck ofhllllt l allter, I'ml ll s Ilicca sislT oil, inmtation doi Hllati< le e taiharrl s nlslil;lI |lnlrlIII desk, anldr.hl easies: plftt wdl , Hlll·r e~tlelll waoil hal + isevl asc t sll lla l llonx; welh ti:1e bl ;li sennd I cr SIh ll hiln d iall si ulll ll gllunl c o:lr t .ic n l lp ltcier, t' lit: ·l ,,llnt d ll e |lililL · qillmcl lcs; sil Tllic. I'llelc ill ndditonf ton or former st shck of laei Ilolis, mlaketsl ol r l'ws klls lieo Pli h c ivry lll cla.. For . bllslc wlol"llt;; ld lel' hil al;tli s h ll. sieiu of ttl t (:o~llllllde CwLom1t'tli Nei New an, letm, ' ira, h1n lie o .ld Gof Nall +c ez; sd I l i.i l el.!%v . Cio., t of Illltrv, l ilr liin i di l+.dy l d il hn,'or f bla pc . ost. file dcnth of Samuel A :Mason, Ter otllin pnrillpr a lltil t lu , t 'lc eI' , r I elnr.l. o rw vier n arktner-, will le charned Wilth · Sl' lll]--l h d ltrll+.Ine niill" K lhiure a [ l cll l+..{. o Levi C IN w,,r uil.n l l lilllll ;lil |i l" to it(, il.. of ,ltle iwls'ir i & r Kilh, 11. 0 v:' . , of I: l uac'veley wll.t1·\ +tl l l mil oNew rll it T h e cia7I l I 1 olle h oIM t.elll U li m .w 11ill n 7'h l miil ri an nlor d . Io f chi. I,. rll t . .ll y r r.l Th+ ttnot.( r i,_lrw; i d11 . u ihl 7 fllil'l 1i wi ll tho u a rni i o relin rll li s w ill hl. t Ir lr i il lhui hII el,. ,1 Ji- , +iii, thti' I+.Im C, I~l il ;\l'1 ('ih ' ,ni( R lnrrIý II I NeIw (brl, |illunts, 'Jh e 7,ll;lllt.17 1. tlll t. ltl i w illht "il li '+t+ .h h inl i . i, Il-h' : U r l r, q l r> l o tv hs Wa I 1, i t i li"lly l ,ll ite o r;iil, th,.v l I tv .1 0 .' i encl w Ii c" 1 le :it 7 wh1.0 e ( hu -t hidf' T. m il'l; ,f re ii" , .. I ~c cream, e ". + jti!) 13 7,1 ' rtl'oo' ..!crcý,,_. i i i M il i l iii' ri s .,h.llr: 'iu;; colipl, It jII l N il'.;,l tl;L;r.l r ,I 1k", ii . 1 iiil II '' i ' i ' dirt rubiwr I i lll I·II.i aunt -n I. d -.In":t it ^m I,,, t ( n 1, L an, find drastic i: (I1III1I(·p i I:I· I" : I ·:) f n ll (I i 1 n' :ln1l·1 \ m1 Boo ktl·l c: *l ' sod 11 ll. Iri+, ng(·() II b nt.,, lull, p'as't, till II) ivory Wild oornr'o wild r4,:': , h'nI 11nrnalilltss(((ill 1 I1I\II r4,- n,1 ';II Iwilii i i ii I 'l:ll ctrl ''ii', li, ".i +, W ild llllllll 'lll mIlelLf lo". c Iii tA, ni plan'-vol,,iii'' till - 'i eii il !,rl d , l Indian 1~'tut.:, i(/l(.rll I: un ]I Alin ,i; pi-lot WiltII I:o'eI· " ILL~~ II i(·I- 1:1k,"In'1t1 I".I·,11" Irnr-,", I'v· 1 111k,1\ "n Id d4, III li'L. Ill nli;ud,·; 11, 1,ld ' 11 unit1: into 1"'Moll'd Rn n111* 1(1 i' hod,'., r( 1· N l dir '.."is 4tl 'o' '~tk iv.,_t:r i~ 5 r and r Iilllll .\iil I,+, t I·r CIIII n ll.. , noh, h ir, o Il l oil,'ow~ll . I,:,: , n.I s, At", p1IC· Ilill, l (los1 "I'd l l illin:; 111.1: )11· , (:(11 ,1'11·· lo, I1nII I·*lil(·' 411(.lil illl , III·. I:, igne, and.: II( \Vs'11', v VI- in. 1 F'bII''. hair ni l :, ilmil n n II Ilril.I FIIII) of ill t'··- rl w ipiiom:, In~11·- '=' 1111 'l :.'nllll(Il h -' ...I(:i and (11(·--11 .. 2 olllliical 0,1, has,11 i Idahoi~ :00 _ll , tu'rns'.r·l( I, ro:, I and 1· 1':a I1nllIIII, I)(lill ill d i\(ll1 : lint .111, -hlill I-llllli(!:l, ll !:I lied cilt Il rLI.n·- it ':r:''.'" l· II1I1 -11\( 1 . "l l lii 's iuiii i' 'l uoi -sl l fort~, . n- rio iioitik, Ilrl , nn ti " I'll Illin ld I', 1 Iol,' :,',d ," , h,"iI I pin-:, iIIIIitntion frail, blk 1,1 II msd I, link. Ah,'t hln' .in' .,ll -t, 6 1 i ) I' l·, i-1 o I'wL-ld lud il~ 1 :~' Do111 \ i ll li 4,t"', IL's,', Ital V, ,,;I w'.ll~li 11 iui',tudit,,u%"iitiiu"i. ii turun.lrhý~'l- iat g"Id, philod :rl l "" I tY-l- j" "Il y A,", :i·CII1(li~ll 1I\··1·' 'II ii lu ll ;iii iui l :t_ wat vnrii : l ole Iber l rl i- to 111111 1·011 11,·11. il"(cltll.11,1 i'itCI'co Ii." il uu Iil. il in(I~l' I ti. CCC it S!, iitr ot i' C i I I I rt lilt-I l -'"Iln.' ,ii'1iii-i1. I,,·,~, I~il~iiilll (.ll l iii, ( I '"(l·. l ".i ltiii'. 1 IIII: ) coo, !','11o sI 1 huII BI. 'I hi" 'ni il,( J I hI lt :sv," r," crisi s in .l;tdi limt in tl.11 it l~ rvvim li .,to,( 1, w1!·1111:1. fll i 4, ,l' tiiii .iiit t root,,, pit Clint, ry J,,v'tlrv, hruL)(llill:l- I4 ll'~lll) Ala) Ir4,, s' I'sis'. rlirel:il' llrnrr lic't ·I·, in~ Irnr) a. 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" 1.F '' :111 16 S.'r1.1 I;:.' t.tL;Ot:IANA.-Parish Court for the Jt B I A' I'c tilt t (to lReiAA f Tisllteo whom J I .r. thts I esnIir shtaill et , Gre c tint,:-W -ahre rc r t rf a < n ijl oa{ itt . n etlet in| on ily the 8itoriit i tld" I" toietI of trlt.eno the rp'lyteit'r ir.i t oie" tiir tcriei , ts etpplio d tl tilte clerk it Itit ott c.,ultl ill wt b Io C L allce the tlei ol sale was recorded on vari Ihu:Mi' , o o ilpt A. I)t. 18i fier a mnonition or idvI- lr ti trsoti int rr cmbrl'itt ti, onr at a f t tlig.tisatucr oe' tih'+ St e:ttettet irclla tl~iilo e tt ll ttd en hr thle frthler noso- ro rnl' of' , liie to poeuric:haoers et judicial sies;" IItporovd tie ill t da or nla tch, tit. Nr)\OW herrcfie kenr ye, rd all personsR interested llrilel, l Ilreeretly citcd ttld admonished in tile nrile rf the Ieo .titl 'ife , Hitein lte rllod f I tle l'rrist Ct nrot, %vile I,+llln .t " II) rot ol tg'ht,tith; or ie l illl nnro to the roety herrillnaftcr dt'-cr"ibel, inlconscq uel o t lleldny vi i inth +, iv n the tord .rodecree iir udgirent of thr court Id 'llr \vi~ l lll .h tl e sa l l "., lif llll ' ,or IlIIIV irl~ll· uhu'lity qlrT C illI saltr in tie nil' sttls tn ue itad XaJ etrisirA nt. m i' it 1t' e, i t " t r 3I I , i'lr t e til hCrItiltiCt AteolrIiite t h li t; Ir lt hr te r te N i 'f tttwe y the dtoitly isf t < itt~l ' 'iii tie~c~lnr ttrtiitttetii (I1;, cno oriyieic c1·511itey te orotirt, ne X)rit<tion otf Peroierty in ilived in tte JolicialrCon SIlll ini 8otllittli or ihtl c h iirnl ttt 11e11N1 41u - 'nri r..ian 1 ir +'t. 1 vneoused o y ths herity, of thar Nor Sitobti 'trot', ttit feet ferro i . i . r;ge;rs street, rne tittt'eitiii iciettitrttedurittreitostreet,incrciiriittttiri 'th id lot tlf tgrentd is otI iteet tide fromoee tide of ,thrill. to1'+. th+,cre othe,( l() oge11 1"1 r w" th11 adll wtl O ll ho e 111 y f·rotd' , l l lro, T,1ho tut itu otel l et, the ll itclt en nedll te I 'iii? ion, 'lso tie iistili.el y rtlirhltic en l l ci tdt i thi s:lillll , il ils \ ,hh j s lemlh t s ai d J s l tlllolnlglingll Cleek lt ll iltll'[Ht ir Ir t t''el C o f tn Clir tl till TAT i~ 158I? 11·· 1Oi't·illCIEAE-or ela pour tl e-i', d 'i e'iTiT tM Vt LOii ct-h t.-- torid e t crto e lt l o i tine ini U it Ac'iii' olknr e Stll tirt i o Id rt' ll'lyi ' hs giv e irn thuict Iuieicic a leo "-iII ,\ i e'lrlt ll llotof.l~i. llll +ii litl: l iLB intle 1 Sil llbllrlt An- I t I t l ill lws 1i . ll t Ii i'toI'si titrll rit e ilt e tut r Nro 5, It l tiltris les sent plal cs pll.esetes sonun { cIb ron on lom l-de tttll..titl~,h if 'it' iit f 'c €il thi n or tr.l lI Ili~e ,I': a:,a' +clbl~ l :IFi rc'{Itreli1 1 4~l~lllihltllei;lil~ler +.,.ut ( hi lt Co uISirone iI feet 'Ile l 'ra IC e samisse flip S l~le deirt oh n Ih' t genthrwt I d wed l lingur hou s f'il- i .11,] IC.. i 0il Tc ou lt.da IIM Ill' l th kI ilh n E( ndI. 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IIr '. t .lllt, i~ll Ii lill· IihJlianll~ i'e IB3.. li· |Jrll h' lit +\1 l, 18,14 It-i'll · Sili-¢{llli l k (ttO ttS , IIllt's _6:.ýr !:t\ ('sotto _ll l 0 11' 1' l i\iI)Ltill, 1.,,011;0::. )lbY· l t-lý0,111; o'·I·Itg~ : ?;~.ia \ s dd i~~lto ian li:o ·I·?!I,:- l ..\lcd- t he, ~~·I~ I 'I ·I t, l . .,I; __ 1;111-5":of S r.', 1 , I ,i,., ,00, 0 , of .o , i , !th,. l . ii0,i ·- i. !e No \ I' I ·ip ntio iii , - - 1' :" \'t l~s tt';I so ltli HIjOLrns I'ott1tn no ;.1 ' I' *i ,i I-il I 11 1tii , ! , ,:,hail, , 110 t io ': the 0",1111 If ;~·I · :'' ';;' ' Ior t, ii . ii , It :.. 0 i i do i-ill01 ii : o:: ,· ! 011 ". ~ .. it: !', "· ! ,",t 0 1'' - l' :w 01 1 oh 10 ,to 'h I,." I I.-I Iri· ,! ,0 . ,0 ,n , ,I III' Ti lO 0 Ii 1 ,ilt , ~ I- . I o : i s l o t.i- ., . ý, ..,, ,I ý t, , ". : ,., ýIL (IlI 11,1 : L( C LI."s .0+0 5,.,1 i 110,0 ." ;0,1,001- 1'li,!~1 \. i t., \l'. lock, M . I).,lt illl I ll·I C: l I~lI1 .I. I'. .0,005 I:, , It. t ,:,I'll :l n" , \I. 1)., '10,01 11,00 0011 1 (i , ~i(,li. ! I, 1,.,ill i I ( s ii o p - I i fllI ti, t,,., ::, .1 ",ii~ 1~·11", 1,, x'I --", ,ih 1.d II oý Ii 005;ii , 1 Ii~', 0.0:01,:0 0, :" 1·' 1,,.0,0 .011 a 1ll10 (I( C·: (/ :100.1 LI1:(? CI 1 101.0.[ h," 0 l:·ý I I\I·" ýll:ll, il. iill Ji 0 ii illi I1i:1- I -i /·:l:. 6111( N . I'on '-ii- iiI v. ý ý Ittlo o-n, I)11tu--11s, 1005 1illl :1II1 loss:,( lll JII..1 11 I 4 i i i^ i: ii ii :'.. i ii- co, No it \ I:,rnzi I- slrvp (I ·II It.... 1" : ·' :·11 '1:1, n llt ll'( 11)+, i ron ,ir 101" of , 0 :1 0t ',1100 cal ' soul \ ""' "" "` I i ,I, ,!t ·!l0;000 ~ttt 1 '.:;; 50054 ; I 1.1· ,vas 5' 1;; sod lil ill 1 1 ll iii 1ii iiiiil)t I' 11· IIil ll ill('· I 11: 51111111 II ·":' i 1 l' ~. ·i ' ~ 'iii .i .ii't " Iliir 1.1 v: riun ll.t:,i l ll 1 I1- · Ilil! lino call ll tool moll \1 1r1 ".~i 1-l 11· Inc~I.= Ia:,· · illie r., l..nik l lill ,hugs, L I1II. I .,,: 5'it Sl il l :Ix 501 00 000 ul s ,~": 1· - ,'1 ',sor0 :0.01 ,1,0!. !) ,, iii , or Iii Io ll'.m il .A ll illl 1 1- .. ll t,1-rs, 4 1111 na Il; loot!' J:lOOl s, :n ll n :t0 s, .. ' , I ! I , i : 1 , -t or 1 , 00~'tilt.", 1050' "051, nIi l, XI tit 0s -.{l fo Ir ;.l50o1 1)) 1 n~ 1 001111111 f ";t ""' ilii l - : 0 Lii; r 1ili;0o1 -,oi I05ioooiloo1',ii 111 1.c' :1 01,I i~oolliil',ilhlo~rainlh x Oihip0i0 N I ,-:I ilihll 00 !etticl"oiot Iiilo io1'1nt. l~ -lip p,',iln::! s 'xoio Ii tt, -,0!oSY t 000 "1&ct . - JUST l'ULfIIED FROM STERtOTY)'OI PLJTES, 'hIe Fith Editiono' Noi tOL.F/TT'S TABL.ES (OF IN'i.lttllEST: f'tO whici int wo ncdrcd It Average Titne Ctalcula I or, or easy mtethods for finding the vvlrage tole We on storage, notes of ha'l or bills of gnods, when pur- fby ulased at diriebtaat dates, on Iliifer<ot credits, and ftr various amounts; helides na u(sill "a ou complete o rnking The Time ' l':Ie', te Ierl sliet :n he contrived. sr that ti gur'.s can pr atlce within the same eondlcsend compass, tad size oftvpe. An attvcrtisteent in the book is i1 nearly the follow ing words: tin i h Bigh disrtinnn tlhis work has received through & the ten legislative nets prellxed to the title page, is a re ncomm,. rl;.tiol ill itself, so uncommon,, and on conlclo siveb t t nothing is Itecrsary more '(llth by waytV of ad vertiselornt, to given coldnsed tiewof some t of itstpet" flot r c:liarits:n 0 trishltance, the Interest lhats been comlrtos- Col ed tiam,mtl eolmparei wHit, what is equtivalent to fort.- 1i1 reen selsrfcahtlrlatitolte, examined in thle press thirty- Cl five tilles, ind l'printeld fromtn tttlelype plates testedt Ill y irt)tv-one tismes,0 frot atl which it mnst be evident We even to tte sbkertie (eoprcitlly On t1t, pc.sana s ftite de- Pct toll of proof io the itrehee) that the work ntstl be rhitb- itt mettle tly inltlllible, oand in eonfnimtiont of this beliefs Fro y premium of two hlldreld ald Iftv dollt:ns, is now offere WI ll otd l thie detection of an error of a cent in tile present Ia r or fith edition, as rexprrssed in the preler, making five Ph f largt .' eminns o.lered itt' thie le se eCrror seitethllfirst Ne t pnhilatntin in the yearr 1802. t ne of tito most culospicunns features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Timle slid Allonts, which No for experditions, rofi.rce oandlprspiecity, with the help It t of the sitdeand index, lannot te excelled; and thit salty ty and .ase with whicl the in:eresl can be flt'oundtothe Sextent of gtleneral bttsiness, without doubling of slms ottistbeid .s I conveniencr e so essential, that in the etsllma- se I itn o some Li the tlll.t coal tlleon:lt tao pttical busi. no Snes menll alnl pnhlie onii, ers who hase mlalle gret sle or of of the "vnrk, it has Ielfl distinguished by the honotable in, so apellation efofa "master pioor". A.ntd considering by Sthe intfidliblility of ti e nmethod originally adopted iO e omponsing the work, olld the extlanrdar'lyi nlmber reand Svarity otl.he txatmitlions, and tests of every editiool it go has passedinh Ihe'press, cotwithstandii g the wlole is in atstttr ttlype, cntlsidelritg, ill S6lt. t e positive naC ttucyO to 0 e00nl'l00 1 " tlhe unWl'n1Cntrdlltd ineanllls emplo ott, the vo-I tun lhas I1 b t'l t t11 and emtlbtioltly ttl'ttltd "te Ott mnst wolndrtltl honk Io tihe wrslk;" most cert'ainlt" no niol 1:lll 0:11 o,", figurer work oflthe same extent, which ince th giniltg ot iettio , trei, haLs had the rltlle flnUm orrTtei : l(lt; of ests itl t( 11 seeo numbest of editors; tt n( ,n , ,in'.ur one hli.1he lnbllll ebr as is cluarly shown in the et Ihr.,idet n; test and standard, ithas been tried indl t preced in netal)' :ll the bnk anll public ollces in tihe to Unitd Stacls, ond by the public gttlerally, during fie P ,io:g pt oloto ofhirtd-fire leat's yet no error tof the eld es culltions Is r ve heea, fotlimd i print, although eontinu tioalloo c tatlicllgdh titp toer ltof'ttery Illte ttrg ttit'ms o It"9 l 'he ill('.'c expwelsh" adopted by all lh|sUraIS . 1 orlaw f s' ol'fthe StateR as tias to ri:t oC eotalculatlon tlrahtollt, iatersts," astlsot by low ilr banlk iterest, A acs rcording (s ht.e bL l(k is IlsCd, Itld as way hIe 0ee. ill o i., .,re Mtt 's of the slhlol'ril's tottlt a lt w of tit A los I'l l, shscrlnlnt Il arlI ts, i Sl tillf.,. lst t thl cud of te0 honk, i0siu psenian1s,6,ll, 0l1' chlsuslchitizu's in ever) qlU ar etro, f the Unit o'o States.. heIt isuoreuvl'er well kLuon lthlt, by its rearly chdleck, ttteit la s o11 .iltdett:lltd tl'e tIrrots, long after they were t l,:"r mad ', 1r l b tn 1 ost c( I( r eful' I lnl i m ost compL etelntl lurillt u nrt io ,.l tul its 0s uhll less, and lil( a s o.ttl e ne t- cssi fr it 1 ', tvo bee lelrsiy ly illsistto lll t Ie st, t idcnt, .,ir Ilcn h tits olvantagcs, Itd its C 0;:; vit", that ý4 r if ,1 000xr l yea agn, whilst tle first edition 111 . was sarucl ', n o t 10 of print, lllt a great i.,|nboer of scond IIe hnd copies w0e11" s.ru111h fol, sol,1e to a .reo. t distance. 1111' n ud parcllll 'a . t various prices, as they eoahdl occasion fer, ".. J;- , 01 lilt+c r.cci: eco1 an lllllms _o 1.1 ha"i'1 :'1,h ei n'il y w,1111; h Ip ·T".5. . IIG n0l), "o 5011 oli- fur t a trn., I nllI to Ine h d tllhr loss, lad all iadividual ,, in (h1e lh'"r 0iancC ipUtie u'rly, ilviog ttt the same ,f :i, .:tri;a,"lur pr.. ;. to v tetal .,,,' pr- ., sel ,ta t.- t ol l It t Slit i 1 e.1 1111"0 orthL h t lllrl toledl ,i- ' tl. . Y!, i he . alh in' s , t tis s h,'nbletime, he "o I' t " .tl· : ( v1 ,, o n in d't i+,, m I :+ I .b ,t I: ,tls t.lli . ot.T,b tttill i rloed pro p.r to , 101 ilL 0t1 is 1tlet:ll of fi c work g h-nrtl l' lul , ., a ly l n ) , : the ntnad i o lrt: tce oi , l 1,,"' , i,, , hed this h ok ,t' its litre 101 ,,e 0 11111- e • Xll hilt .ir I0: "0(011,0 by1 th" I' ~ sf lr !.· l l , ie till- 0lbt l" n i11r " v or . nu 1 1 Is pri al. : I )n ( 'i.- r ,~l ,,,, t.) , , k.: I p n a phtt late Otf speet i , uri., , ' / 1 p lu , , + , Iu , b 's 1ikq n ( , :ilt f ttt| ' 1_+' " n [ , [4 4 • p , avs tit th 1s [ s1o , I,I |,l,, t llc 1 llt iltn r n l .:ll," t-1,1,, Ii, ii ,,, 1 ,, I ', ,'" tou , " I and ll fll II L , ldt'sn II 05 l1(1 ,0' - +110 . .. ..l I'u :"i, to tt ' .ft t . t. re t.( i heI- l ti . . ' ', 1 1) I ,. :01 ,a ll y \ t i n11 111,11,. ' c of [ il ' 1,1· Li.,,- :t, i:.1, . , lil: w. 1.., + us , , .": ,w the p t 1 ,01 "h id., ; tl n Ifl, I,.. , ht . 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Ga. 2 133 144 24 p.m SColdiiibio, S.C. 71 nm. 163 17 t 10I SItaidgti, N C &4 215 22 12 t Wartenton, Va. 1I m. 55 IO 51 Petersburg, Va. 10 pir. t3 i0 loa.n I licltihiond,V. 1 lia. 21 3 614 1 a Fredericksbarte, 67 7 I p rsD, Washingon cify, 21 pm. 61 6 it lanitiorien, 114 3i; 4 04 ! t Phildelphlia, 64 am. 1011 11 2 0 at New Yo hk: 2 pm. 90 t 1 is 13(15 314 b. or 5d 2311 'i Northwarnd. Coming outhsti rd, ithe time is six honar pltI ; blieg5dliys anul 17 hours. ly TEN DOILARS REWAI)D. me fl ANAWAY trorm 189 Carondelet eorner of Heria a streeson the lnight of 30th of August, nd wads seen tile next orning in Peydras street, n negro hy o. named (CHARLES, albot 17 veaers of ago, onl 5 fee, a se or therenbouts in height, very black, u.nd lnha an ilapedt ie illt in his Sloet hione i on f his llgs is seaoeer, astlnell " by a recent hurt;e hl on when lle went away a whlil cotton or linen shirt and whit eotllm ipantaloons. Masters of vessels nnd steam boats are cautioned a Sgninst recivingl or hllrtirg satid negero as well as elI Sotlher personsn, as lthe utiotn rigoureof tile law will hta enforced aigint themn. lThe slove reaed will be toie Sfeordellive.-ing him into ano of tile jils of lither of thI - .anicipalities, or at 169 Carlnde let, coner of Hevl ti ih t'LttiE--'lhe eopililitl.nship hoIretolibre existing ndelldr Itht! firm of flldiso (GarretsOl, II s IMeeO dissolved. Th subscriber willliiat tile all irso rl; the i lonlern il this cit i, IIo r t ire all pers s indeb - e d to make piymneit tl him otly, and all thoso having cl ail, ton irl esient hmi forsettle+nwl i oIe 1n--7 It tAllltE'tSON lie --------------------- -- -- ~ --; lie W. W. SWAIN. al- No. ll4Canarl S.trert A;,r OhranI u I. I AS nlwna~s onhnnd con tnnlly bi rearivil. l )r E I ves, (i-olicnls, i l'iit illllts, ll theit aor. eta nllomenii loll lIw IUGS. IlYES , Antilltiny, clndle, Argoe, rel. n ti e I(eglns Aiit-to, Splr'.I - Ite Araseie, -dtitPle, Alati., ik tI i sW dit-oti, Itrazillette w oaee , al.ialsa.n coll in, ohieolt ebtnnm, Iraoeide, Conllheras,Ame'len, ek, do relined, (Cupbcar, lere ilenstone, c lade, Ftastie, "l mldico, n in rol ., li (oh in, fie- do tifoa.r, do lIioe, Sl uti l t, F l alnll i.eries, so Castoroil, Lnllig, Ilengal, (on i:iretn tirtiar, dn t Manills, onil Catll riles, iti (!iracens, ailn alldoes, LI.goln (to.ltolitaly, tes do im1nII4Ig d Jnnicaii an dao ioieii, iCan Iawod, II lid tde icopid rtinyls, tmidir,, , aitOi, an et -an do iri Iwi't, t ieto agin, Uaninei, tr o de o a Amerie'n, do Cor, d o elmphor,) I t het do hlenll.ib hn do knig o t- NCI AI ,r to do kim,, A.-l, oilI't I , ly tIo tnlnti. iIc, oi io o litll, llo is lltlr, lt o hlhle, lilhw- vgiiol, titet r, l r gal, IUilul-it It p, iost- in1a sitic norroill, stI snb, eTillll is, it lldid tru n t.hilh t' lle, ile fi p li: , ra -- nimbogt, it ' a t, i - luiper r ies, A riat.,i L,:dr cal stieit, s I,hwl,. irfe ball., Nlig:t lea:n, liir- cloll s, Stll, r.m ,hibis .ell0, goioi... cn tl .it ii-st ? ir. ' l . lo iii , I .. ,0 - il, It aliue, i ll ttl/ the /1.' f r,; r, b thre itll!mr ol |' cev Siwplo,-&C (' llliol +, r i i i ;I fi t hi, lhini fiN ld in leo . 0 ' f., Ii I vol. i.ol 'd Id. ia., t romalltl, hl. AIIi ( hlinghaltul vti d (Oan.'uplio.s Ilitorijiof I tly, tranalatd froam the ri.inel i hahl. y1 Nalthniel (arelnic, in i vol. for ,iinu No. 71) of .lieo w'o I-timily ibriiy.ih Vols. :I & lof tfIlr tw ctl o , . l llt Il i ln i-lln edition of 1Washin dutn Irrine's It'orks. !o(a'r's French and IEng.lih ictionary, i I vol, dvon A 'N u p w. ttl's F r( , 'n h ah d I"+'. ¢lish DJ irlio n !ry . Al.n--AI. (.iep oif (',llll;ll Phrlnolopy (; illat;limpt ' i od nehtic Ienlnj:a lpliao. puer,,s veighlts Just recrivtd, alid f.r sale by Iw:S I[ENJ,. I.EVY. 'I.%N H IVIIT'l)I,& .&c l'.1N 1 IVI"\'ITiI), &.l, by llte author o Ayear 7'rait+ .o Iqlto ,nh,.'teor, p..atnrailly . pl icuble to the Atl rii-,,.es of N.oth Are rii..n, by ti '[urner, Eaq The P' anmfr mlr, olf t I'n;tell States, or a ollldeto virw ,lfthe l ther i tol lralllti.' of the trenlera tllan 'l0lle. gelvlrtr'l lluimcn ,I .il llt'h l Iilim'llos hOt 1, ihen --ltll vni edlttl Inod rll' llacd til e you ig wll e of the Unil edlllld Sltrtes, lly rIo ]o +-fanrfi,,hl, EgIsq."t A'Nimrod's Ihtuin, Toutrns interl prsed with charaeter wit l:i:::lytical contents.i, .and .g.enrl index of naams,2 V"It TIll; eHI;R IFP Scrofilla or King' fil, (r i Ithcumatis, Chllronic Cutlaluus Ds- tains ill It Illours, by free the I id bing in vitiatedul stiate. grellest ihtrlllrlnll: ttlit I Il uilt l ncurtneya d (contain ttIa ntivt paitucfr Of SIrsnptrilhl in the most (lMcen tratelrd dlgrel', celtlmllinled with e olthelr vcgtLale substance of klnown llict0. «. i''h renat dsidrnatuK will ph1? siians in being abl to exhibit a lar-e (l. ntitv of ci nit p illa in a [tt ma [ u eu l ihltt.uit ,i iullohig p.olrirl.-iit--tllo+t beillo fullly clolvinced of its ,urits, eOllltutly utdllliai~ter Ihe c:urs' Of Itheir prallice. I'Prlic, $1 5, t Ilr blottle. Soldh only at SWAI.N IltOTIIIut'S drugn., store, N i. 1 to.nal street while Imayv I, hd, fresh aod gnlin[ , tldirtc lt mliln the prr toria tors, Swtinl's Pannera and llt Verinrite, l'otter's CL.toll eIn, Car t 1ehr's Prearatitons, and a large and gonra assortlltment of freshdel , drtt, nv PI'INNO('K'S ROil', &c. PINNOCK'S IMPRiOVED F DITll'l't)N OF DR Goldmnlith's Abr\lri,!mont of the Ilistory of Roml to whitch is ,relixed anit Intriod.ution to thie tudy o Irmiamn isoryII and iT ret utvariety of vnltable infor tation addehd l thrll.houtt Iit- workli on ttia.e olannaen Ilstitutions and Antiuhtias of tifhe oman;. with no t llirOllu bitOO ta qilicol t I lt I histtoritau t It .ltds; at ( Itloali ,islll. tll t lnntni lth lito thi t ln of each t ectio, . IL lustrated with thirt, l'rl&llvilas oi Wootl, hoay oAtherto llot ctI's hN.tUrov.d Editim, of a )r teddnlae itbe liNHstory of Engllflnd flon thle Iiviotn tlo Julius Cresar to tte (1death of Itelrgo tl with tt cotinUatiou to theo ye Li, \Xillth uosition Ir.x allInati o tit thye end o Aech sCaetion lsiles audlittat of vatlntabl inlflrio aitl added throtihoutn the worl, tuoaintitg of tabld ouf o\aereiolt hanllvineaat 11F ersoAi (o otlldI st exlnlt ul.t y Illhil. tollln rk nitll to iol S . licn, Ililll Iand literatutl of the ae. Aill Oltliel the Constitution &c. &c. illutrated by mnay ongrl CvGuw' ELF.,LIF.FTr OF Anr£{O¢OomYI anld Annrhilrelen Sofl`litth's New Tre atisaoo t he Use of Autiobr, Now ,a A ttlirn llditin, ithi w' l ittIlinod llro, btlly •e tliE [a[[;n a [, yttoiutll ti th tt l part of thic Ali rcal Wt AAhthAN. JAu Jut retcihudtd for sall hiv it I I'KE iAN SIov ' . . ul'-+i(' i1) .udl Comll ln ate. lt'ttt.\ltltEltU'tStIA t ICAtI.I.lit-AtIY. liEIL OILACFinnlttud by PhillipIlr~tlti, 1) 1), with 1ý an tl \'lllx, \t :illill nIot5!,,tilr O 1arioull Sodte., &e. bhy lieull Jn1uull, C:UowLey, Itn l)rLdo Y Pepe Adlldlison, : A 1. , 9th to, tull, "Vtll itlll[ LPlrso) i 'n' llrval, &t. uld sUnma ofi'd1t tIwI~ d lllncit puett of tit Sdail--auiid i. is ted by Chl'is to iorl l ,r ,II,,, in " o'll Illo lls hLIU; ti lilts 18 It' and l+.of"llttar r,'r Clasli,.nl Lillriuv uu -losce ,, f:;Iy nllon editioni, with ill. ztrattulwn by .Is ig '1'1111 a I' 'Y; a Tat;,lby tltt author of "lichelil to Utlry ofi! drgulitv," &e:., ,.,w editiolln Valli wmplel PAUL °LIFF0I,'ORI) b the author or "Pelhuw U,.( I ...," &>o·, haitit( vole .....Y oil. . new rr ! sale, ) WM MtllK.;AN '! r}:\ LWO..S UI1J--JI, w.anks imteinuuii s lit Y B lltlillt , trolm Illt 6l' il, illt Ent:cml , tllll, fllr iU..,Jov it UI). ,lT Ib;

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