Newspaper of True American, October 24, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 24, 1838 Page 2
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'Lt.r O i tot 1,111,. ,.lloloo r obo, ;.dlb;oo'.. l;o,, I el IJ(J h. to,, ho.le 11111 oS')l,,',Io.'. iIlly·\ NIYI lll Ooilla a tO.~ d1.OI ll )lo,ltl'01 ~~y b. ·Ifooillr.Ioo(I~ tojl (.,0,lll, .0o,,o10ltOOeor , C ,,t,,,5 Ll~I, llt 0'lt',,101ooy l o ( lllt TO.110h ootPe rlatml, o 'lo.) vt,,n.d - ....ol ;.ogO 2' 1t1 hy ruliu 1(1 II UN', NI rI71A' larege nd coCnnient (fCree story CC rehoatr T a fro e curLCCI r Il f CC.CoeCCCC roCcco d willC -NnleWe cICtel. ICCCCaaCiun gCOCC Ct ICCI IeCI of Nuc Cer. Otp utleet. Ply to LAI :1' &n olo ".LL\(r no -3 17 (.'l~llner eý" ct ___N__ YS o. d1 ,0, 190,9 II, ;!,03, 1 hIl;, 306, I ,10 5, 5( 'dO7, 6ICC0, IC7, 11103, 105.1, aCnld 4-6 , l bring in their rnlce pla for gruCl CCC hu II hurl Cd lif te 'liC IF, Il"uC ibal, orCIhey ~id be proscutedICcncCCCCiCCgCCCoCw. by Ict73 hJ:ill CouAlmn [lilt G UNN Yfrlt;a-laIrsr:~ t7, ý 1 -1buhhrle in el'or anno nd forr sale by ud C 'I' If 1 IE)& 11160. octwl cur CoC' C mo &.)t )g~ie : streCt Jet) `VTOIIAGE-1 lie Luii , of 1100 .,e.:. call be I,.r tt . 1 in a lite pr0 of l [CCIIC ee, in -ICCO ICCmC r he lCC , r:uur New Liesr, apply to A130 'I' II IIVOI& 11111), A li e r CIC1 IerCn S d , ICC rn ddoct' nul the i% -I~s,.u-Just '"""i·dl&1 coils 'f'arted halII Nutt, it Rope~l; s-so ark Plies:r t[o edio 30 dec du Hiulhl~rrC CeeleeCrel foul 4Cto7 inch. todie a 5d0 keg No. I & 1C l&21Le11, Len'CC s "'euiteleCnl preent grund inl oil; 'the 4 300 canisters 1rewe GreeCe C!C. f led ICOcli XellweC cl cIe, dpnnieBIC wu, nodl to be pC r lak 13uy IC IC jk , m Luce, gC ld in eil; C ie1C fu, rills Putty, CICin ChllCe, Celeelo', lIImiks uml Ihiel ICC , L 'eCal'C 3,CCnddCCCC.C0I as.Co:CC.CCent oCC Cf ChiiCCI Slee), f.r sal by JLUCsC k & (&IC, .. qui . t O1 ES- lewll g CCCC'C CCCe IC , ll CC Ie 'CC iCCii thankCCC S CoC l SCaves, a ilewlCCIIeticCrdeand CCCy h m C ciuI 1CC rCI0 Rule CoalCCCIe.C C uitCCbC e CC or IC r CCCCCCICCC .1: nosell th : Portab e Grate and Sntttwaad~ller stoves· lire countingp oCCC CCC rCa.-inCCCCCCCcoIl'd iCCCCICeICC stCeetIl ' 3 1.0(1\x; h Cli IICey N il-PICCC pie C tnneC toCI ore adpu p If er0 1CICy C far ICCCheity CCC CICCICCIL.S.1.C street, C _______ - GnaCCCCIdCng CCCCnC CICtj Rieni frli CC.CC ItC licCCC, NoC) uC.d fornle by ýtlI It '11 111')1 & l)6~, Coats~ o 1dCrlNld. oCCO ,'CC 0CCutt~ CC :ge h u se C s heci;:wl i' and ler unle Iby Lh 1A 11II 3CCICCCC CCC)t231 Ceim CCCCere CC. 1'110 this CC LLINL':1N11 li"i N CCIIc ICC del IC JP.yCI. 01oCI 8Laee;L 11.: loyal Street.; ------ luee Cd TO iiN 11. )IARTEINS'1'E3\ hIa der rideCdace cold, *I alCCron lthe mdiIICCCteCCIiee inrleCCa (I'yr, ( liver cc large aunCtCoeeCrt ofICCCCCC~nk CCC DCCi.,iretletur ,, 1uToceLe, Napkin-, AlC. AICCCC-hC'CCCCCgC ShiCneCm 1ICCCsIinIIocCC1ICercICCCI, Crecu, BreCegCCCCC lCCCCpiCIICC. lIC~iCCC dc I Cdall pure 11C-C. AlCC, aC CoeCmrCCC of Stckeings tot Rfll p 'r Iawls, c. aud e~d ncCCC-2-C3l or eel. T~kll(k ' 1110 ,4 0lll- l\Coa . ir e0Cr\'IIILLE RAIl. CCalO CA I( C (101) . P UIOCIIASERS CfICCCICy C inev .0C CCC' in CurCerdlhut the 'itl dC d, C (CC opedCC}CC lierd, ICCCCCi C Boatl parish of Livineretee hCCCCC booC CCCCCCCI an mies CC. I l d CfCed de reCdy trdelier'v. - Jeh.LCS II C.OLICSVLI.I, 1 CC;-t '0.3 1)L"A E~bC ' CCCC CCr-IC cUCIply CCI Ifr Cuter. .:CICCC t, CSCdL).rCCICCCcrc, dsaeri CCICSCC CCCCCCCCCCS CllS ()iCCCCCC1i'CC. lb eIirr.hl4r eelrre; rrrualCulaand uCtllee CCCCCiCCCCCCiCCCC eCCCCCCCC ICCC'CJ sleek u c, supeine rCICued C"IArIN(SIE'l T14if rlomthe tnruCfaclCCyneII I0. "'CCCCCIC&I C CCCC1C. C, CC ° nic ( C'rl re. I &CCCCCCeitee. Nhee l 1CiCOCCCC.C: It ,Cld cr1.I Are. 21110 kege (CICme greenCin CC C5 -., eaChC CCCCCCCd ill C" el nll e d 11 ueio reaol 2IdCC C CCC3CCal C'Pr eCeI PCdCCCC CCI'CC C ;ic40l boers Frerlch ICCeC, heC'int -oe Iof I t lhcE subclrber. AC. 4 .CCC 1,:ICCCCC 3Cd1, 'C I(Ct 11 COPIauI1Nosl lllNE ,.;rprp(P,'rOllFEGfR0EN hsTiC ,e CI f C nte) PCCCCICCC'C-pCrt e c.IIC4 L CICaraP cip with hCeiCI brChe CICCleC IC. DCCCCC; CCCI =' C( w;ill CCCUI uaiICC the. CCCCsriCCCCC BasUiCCC CCC Indr te IICrCC nC hers GEOII(II URLtEtI 11& BROTH Ell, tIe ali- C ft- n.t 2t Coemp-paret", 4AS JIU 11: IIQUOR hOTEL W ~BALL R300CM. "1 No~~*~heOtI~ CCC1~CA. 22 Now Ltveu;, a nsatiDIl a. 8er willC il CC-uI'CCCICCC ll· * ( { " 6AND 1,11.-eS, 13BALL. The pCCCJCieCC uill C yJ' hp erru II Bell Ibuoee fer Cich 1JCrICsu - ' Yz, . -- uapwJfices CII ( AIf lIre P'uire. Uct. 17. hly ' 3 k bi)I lls esuepr rfIe four, Just received, this( I - afor rala by LAIWT & AIiELUNC.. h. o 17 UCirCC&CiCO of pmi * he ,y S -,1i9k , I a~,An O orI LZ. ne. In conecio wii this Omce is a it SPLENDID ANODEXfENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE tr FOR TI,0 PRINTIONG OF Pamphlets Blank Ohecks 0 Oataloguos Bills of Lading Not Labels, Dray Receipts, isg Legal Notices, Auction Bills, gun Bill Porms, Show Bills exp Steam Boat Bills Circu:ars, less and $40E g 2pre: And every decripllion of Job Vork Ithat may be required. 'llThe p.:enrietor respectfully calls the attention oaf l the public to :I.e above Card, ,lll asstres them that dci all work intruosto his care. thall It, doe nt the shlort- L,, eat notice, in a std : unsurpassed in this city, anl tb, at the lowest rates. r T 1E ITRUIE AIIERICA N. ,..2 IllITEIOD IV JIlat . flH" vR. gerl: 'a for S FAITIL'UL AND 13OLD. th, B 't TW 0 9O 1l. I l. E - : pro WEDNESDIAY, OCTOBER 24, 183S. (It "- Il'e aillnd otrselves compnl.elled by the lateness to 0 of the hour, to omit a large portion of the extract, ha: te re had made from the Easlern Jilail. stt ,r a7 The Express Moai attived last night, but at P too late nn hour lor us to cive very eloborte ex-' Th trncts from it. The slips Iroa New York of the ct 13;h,15th and tIGli have arrived, and bring more I an details than we have present ti- o to collate.-- J C Ame, Kendall w"as at NasbhillO on the 18th, t 31 bound on a pilgritmate to the tlltritage. C.lonel co SSwift, the long cntinued and mosnt popular mayor jet a of Philad;'lphin, has been thrown out of oie by i he . , o, s; , , , het.a,' tt S..- r l lV.r ,t n ,u, ,t a,....- t·.'. . h. ,. ... , al he eleclion rescs. iHad it been detrtrminate by Ltnn h e will ol Ithe people, this could init have occurred d A violent contest hlis t:kten plit,l on the ,myrd i bael i electon in lalit,u,te, hich has resulted int favor of the whig contdii'tte, I,enlin, by n Inrge lie tpnjtrttry. By tL oilicitnl tIettuit aof the lattn Mary ,, land rlcctloll it appert lot (tra-tIn's majority for t S Govertrnor ttr all twits only 311. Daniel CO'on Hell his published a hlttr purplo it g to be on ( nexplanatinn r giarltnllg tie obnoxious expr, siotns wh,vh~it tilt. dm n gogue in td use of for paopuar el hassador. lie tries in vain to get away from the I wldy , wrdI. chared upon hIlt whli heti attCllmpts to i I qualfy w ill ` its," anll d t, hutl." t o ,,t; Connrodo! Cre ighton i+ dhat'' I.e died at theI se, h,,use of his brohl r, rluar SwL I Sing, and was buricl in N wI/ Y r, II the 15thl instant. U. ;. [:,i.k Stock ,at lha '+st sales ta= 12 .i. A Ulti 8' Sl-oken by l.r . G. II. cricL'rr, on the openinr cif CAcMP' S'rl:cT 'Ic'rIATcrE, on the 21st Oct 1833, I1v J B E'iSur tR. Good fl c:ds, Im, glad to see you!--Gentle sirs, Youc are most wecomeI Ladles, am yyurs! 'l'ic ki , id, indvcc, in lurb a crowd to come, T1'o ee I.- ui thII nighi, uir irlt t dhome." D.on't taud onu l'rmli, but make a frequent call. Fur iw shall keep up, open hoaue to all. AId cu each nlight we vti duill care " a rout," Call when you please, you'll niver fi.d usi out. If busy, bull your kimd uss we'll regard, If to the door you come, and "leave your card." TVelronl to nll.-- .nerienn or Creole, SdaUgl.rc, or cit1.-- cc shall be glad to see all. Our ihouse i lmatll, but yet 'tI Int uccpleUsant, E.lciially w hel scue knctl fi lnLsi are prliesct. Thie furcture we'll show you Iyie and bye, For vot mlust judge itv exce!ltece, not I, Tl eartle re reied, lw c, acd mpleF'. And vI c.pcct thle)y' velit nme a ItiIamp:s, Nit e. Ilh I e.t, but revdyest;--or in iluth, Just u, a cpclliceu of ltllve growlcl. Or eIr, ', ici j ,niua full of cootpany heies, Houm IliAt x ill shake1 your nerveL, ollle shalke youridloe Scmllo sig, ole dance, omue joke, unues jump,lu me jeer. .o ll- who can fr,,r a laugh, or will a tear. But hulc ! d-,.1 t II, if I ..y hat h 1 hear, oleinh the .let,-woewn uhlwys are- Audi yet lllmihtIi, vu tim celiht heit.,tion, tulit that i ci.istier here, i. mi y rei ntii on: Ily mcririge i on c y but ' il hand him .ay, A Itot f 'c' it rs" iar tuilivulflg dIIon tiisi way. 't'hee', a I ns wiho dc "s e.qt I i$ 'cly spright'y, L kle I lit le filia ol liei Ic., shc trip so lic ht'7. A Syl'iph! ai beauty! one 1h, each grcce has goticlg , She'llok ilube cn i'ii frget the prrlc e of (IICtou," HSomle Itedouin Arahi. too. alre couilg here, And ohiir ' stairs erratic" leave their epheriI Ti' ask yoi if their light will suit your loadl. And your verdiict by a shor of handil. I:ut tis is "mum"--dont tell it to hel neighbor , Ecpecially thof e ftull who a rite for papers: If they helar it, to talence bid good bye, 'l hey eant keep secrets, sirs, like: you or I. Fronml tile far NMoth we've coae to show our arts, In the.e wanrlcllllli, to Wi youllr warllmer hearts, To this c harmed spot, wheire i uto a IOTH appeared. And where a nub c I'UIcfREST', too, was reared! Wvhm ce traedy with KEAN joys deckt each bour, And where gay cm.edy iha cnhoIIw her PIOWER! CVi hre Ilrt CEI.ct'l'T' her islllciig Cc:m enhaincd, Vhic :tiNc(.Atl t arl ile, or thei IAVELS danced, 1e ccicl:Iih ciur trIoupr, to .lhw bow stronig our iervo is, And a.k " the gIenerl here" t'acclept ouLr servi.e: 'That were prepared cir ,r, ice, needs tn ,tump, For 1,er. ea are l lUtl ler d ill the 1'1aul ! V'l cr recruiitingc,- ciou't yi n lib It mne? I'lu thle m hile Scr.elnt of the Comnclly Aid as the Captaiu bids I'Ul bLound to write, " Yoeul;: ORDcERiD TO 'TEND DRILI. "lneE," IEVER NIGHT And I'd culggeslt 1Iris houro the rule sihould furlll, And every night the ein, wd be mailbrm. W\hy have inot woein rank our power's a gem, M(en rule the w orld.and we you klow rule theri. And od ll Ih'Icnt nu ol not rai' anc reerlit, h.-vicrougcht whole arlies to thlleir oGut. Whcll Charles te I):luphi could no troops advance, To dive tihe riti.h from hii native france, Jaln of Arc robe,-e, lled ou all true born Franks Ad gall;iltl thousands thronged to jo her rallk.s t'd ec this Jonl of i)rlennu! illd bid you tramp, Night'y in crowds to fill our little C1mp! St. ccharl A levlre. --iTh playi u \ illicsm Tell will this ecvcling introduce to the freqIenterc of Ihe St. Charlve, Mr. nnd ilis. lHarrison, buolt of I honm Ilave for a lovng ilc tie en great favorites at the Park, in Ncc w Yo.rk. Tl c gentle uan is somlewhalt klnow lut te lady is an entire stran ger who rt liis Ibut a sllight intlroduction to command atlcuti n Mr, Hlarrlsin is a young an-d vcry prctti wvmu:In, and a livcly and graeful telrl-ss. .1 c 1 , dc to hCe stage from her youdth, asu Itread. the boards ",.! thle unenmbarrnsssed air of a vc ven,, wchii"h her pretty Ifac, and petile per sin would scarce civie acrrant for. She w;ll prove a hif ! ly di' irabc.ic acquisition to lhe com pany, and must bacilce u Ierite as ,con as she bec 'mies kiwn. Mr. Hlrris,:n pla s 'c William Tel'," and (tile., '' ,n the Miller's Maid, while his beiuer hiull sulports hinl, as Albert )n Ithe irst, and PIl.clhe in tlie second pi, ce. Every day brings iUreI certain ci nviiv:ion that Rail roads ate bound jo go a head: thet they will forl a ca omplete revcolll lc in the interior coln llerc., aud to a great extent neutral.ze the vicis. situdes to which river naviuiii,,n is necessary lia ble. The great icndo anid lirminghacc rail roa d was uoimplclted aud ip"..ued on ith 1Ith Septem ber, and ilth train of cars were carried through the whole extentci, I miles and a quarter in four hours and a l f. 'fhisul sl,, of 25 tiles per hour, though not cxcessive, would soon bring the extremities of our great country iltic a convenient distance, and a man could travel to the North as sooni ca he now can visit many ofour ,wn remote counties. This great undertaking of our English fricn's should stimulate our exertionC to eclipse it, as tuch as the space we have to travel exceeds theirs. Tie rail roads completed, anid progressing in the east will shortly brini 1orlon within twelve hours tra vel of New York end thus greatly expedite the mail communications between the two. Commander lull, who has been appoinesd to the command i tIhe Mc1 dlterranean inect, hoisted his broad pendant on board the ship Ohli, now at Boston, but is shortly to proceed to New York to take iher lannamllcal. O(z&- We can scar. ety imagine a more itnquitotl She et lhtt is drve'oped in rtIe following frel. givet Sherr in the Courier oflust night. If there e bean add- nect quate'punishment on the Statue Buoks, we hope plan it will be visited itn its fullest force on the perpe but al tators : A GUNPOWDER PLOT. -f we required any thing to prove how far the North loves the South, we might cire the follow.- our v ng facts. Satding covertly melre than a ton of furnis gunpowder, without a word or a hint of caution nxposed to accidents by lightning, and the care less use of fire inl ts vticlitv, is Ia trat so black per nd uonwarrantable, that w aure at a loss to ex- as 0t press our feelings: plotf 1tip Supelior, Captain Wcn. Burrows, fromt New York, received on board, at Ihlt ity, 6 [thds. alon of gunpowder, eont.itiniu 841 kegs of 25 Ibs each. fleg The casks were matked erock cry tare, and thus alona deeived the captain. Ont discharging at the Lo vre yesterday, one of the hlhds. burst open, nod ynrd the entlntsa thento snell to be powder. The cap- From taln \el nt httesclt and gave illf rnatiton to the and I Mayor, whl, srent ant . lieer to translert t he gun powder to thei mea:l lne below the city. is a The attaoey of the corpora'ion has received wHic is'tructions to take such legerl eteps as the exi gency of the carse may call for. We hve to add, that this powder was detined ight for the u; per c -ulltrt, and it was intended thita s"P shou d he conveyed ontt boarel of sarte steam boas, t a proualyv without sayina a word at) tho sralttn about tte ceatgeroul chtaciter at tihe shipment. ta The Mexican t,.ulf Ro.ld, from Lake Borgne C!ot to this ci:v, and regarding which so mnuch interest has lately been excilcd, necds but a little help to -at it going. Indeed .o little, it hardly oppears Sit worth tappealing t. the fitends of interncal im- have provemcent among us, to procure so inere a trilla-. The charter requrees that $250,000 sihall be suh- 1s34 scribed, prior to tle ccommencem.tenet of tie wor, xh,, and of this amtount the three commissioners, E. E o. J. Forslacl, J. Malaudtod, and I. Jlani, still want A $I30,(00. When tihe importance of this road is .Ipey considerld; when it isrmsnembercd that the pro. i witit jected one frort Mobile to t'ascagogtla will, by I dist being eonnected wit i iin tre transortatio't of al.n Igoodn and I;lslettrs., I essen" f. '.p l time t,. i Y I twren the former city and Nw Orleans, Ic . at It .n.. s one half, it is scarcely posti'le that this petly sum h. i enn le csked for twice. oubscribers are ony e required to payup tlwo dollars per shalo and give d e . their notets f r the balance at 6, 12, 1I and 24 'i r mtnllhs.. l ~- Mr. 1Wm.eifton, cwhi de d ol yellow fnever I n on Monday night last, wns well known ars an actor ce s a of d:stinction in the northl. le took the disease fromn a want of ceution, and injudicious exposure, d .oend though two eminent medictal men attledd f o hirm their care was vain. Io hel,-nged to the < conlpany of the Campn Strceet, nd his remains o no were fuilowed t, the grave yesterday aftcrnoon hy u a long train of prnsfssonal friendls. 'hIi assessed valu to rettee icat e inl NXew York in 1036, was $300,0OU,000; in 1837, the crashing tear, it tell to $-263,)010,0,0; this year itis es- I If mated at g500,000,00,3. The hea!th of Chenrle.on tad somewhat imn. proved by olv r lhst, lthohugh it was out I yet rco sidered safe for i-ose a:se: tl to return. Of tihe vesels bl-tnging to Portland, ie31., that were out ir tiht late unles, cnlv one hats arrived. The whole v- te tit the late electen tei tlear-land was t 5,191, and Gra)son's mtajority was aol. 2R59 Tihe " great Giohe iseldf" makes a profestfsin of never sending farth s'ips, and in general it acts up to its doctrines, but vw.herevr a Tory triutmphi canl be had. evutn the (;lebe dcts iil: the favor to forwarJ us a shout. Its cl$trifications re, garding the Obho clet:oneII iavle causeli it to forego its c a -osn, .nd we wt re ye'terdav tavored w ith its slips which coiet ta o si lite ts 'ngl' \visits, &i., &c." ' e rually feel t xct-.:,egly grateful for this sweet rememlll'llCer. Shai ia hti F:ar aa--iii .... " - lie tiea Iha Na 4, are awakening ti thlie unportane d hola.i. steam pat ken to run bairw,, r their'o, " .aid thi'e of Europe; how i it thIa thal N w Orleans sull ulllber. s N .i cily ii lth I : ,iii lt:eds thanal IIm , y, t a.o c'ie takes sa" t.tle p ii to ll procure themr Our poll is pecultllii Graitnýs o ecd to p1), Il by teviy to thing c'uncere" %'tib .t B lam Navin i n: our ,1at spJ cul.hain e iii u 'n Ip- linr'd y ca'l loa the o litnLt inlorma: i, iof t ai. r irl ,ets, and it is eaiy io d iulnall rllte i i al iram srliap coIld rrnch us, direct Irmo l.tLierou' . , m ch sooner than the Eparess Mail can brin:, us tidlngs firom the 'Great Wra siaer' iuNew YAork. While all our inalrmna iion is rec iived alhlouýh the N. arth, our im rchants miit be content i aith such spaculains s ar New Yorkler derall :ais lang as they can hear lthe stla of lth nara ela s eight days bleore url, they will l. ways have the olppril niavy of enriching thelnrla.sle at oure"piit:se. What thren are lhe plain dictates even of poru salhfi-: e' estlablish a line of teaam hips ,i+f uar oa n, or to make some arrange. ineaais wli:h some olf those now huil linain Europe. T'o orler Ithem esah Indclelilenllts as shall mInkP it profitrbl o to ihea e to make thi theiir port of des i natilon. 'herr are many advantars in navitnit iig thel intermediate seas between the Rillsiesippi ral Ihe Mersey, which of thieimselvces may be drcle'tl a bonl s. In her voyage Iowaards the Southern Ocean, a steam ship could travelll heli time at her bestr speerl, unobstructed by thliose s and head seas, which all vessels trading froma Europe to the North must rick, and which laltely delayed the l Royal Wi'lisnl inearly a third of her time. Besides whichthe track 'wou, l bliri t ithhin her reach three I or to rl dpiot r 'oer fuiel or shoi'r , in case otf a cident in lth Azioer, fitraoiaul, or tCubahL. I each elof iheSa she would i aldlwa's commanI iaid lwhatever par. atngers were giinhi ; while 1o inconsiderable item olf prait wluhl nccrue I'oin towage, up nd down, our river. The. ciizens of Baltiiiore, anlld Phi Indelphin are Imaling vigorous efforts to share in the priflit and loiry'a, whlich New York now molno polizes. The I'hilsdlcllphia llrald of the llrh anys: Ouiir rendeth s will learn witll great gratilc tiont I that thil Coamll t llies aepoinled for the purpose ul irelliiiinary nrrangements to secure us a line of stleaut pickets I Io connI at "I'il iladelplhia with tile li oih WoVrld, hlvt'e written ti Liverptool to ascertan I thie estim te and cosl of constructing blnts, and i ithe IatlP r co ln cilod with c:arrfing out tls deeply i i paortaent mteasure. lt hey are goud mltn n ril v l er and we trust they will not foPr ait late t retltax it theiir ellriS, iulit this great projltI shall lit sue. cessl u I' ucale ail atsht d Philah pl hir llethanics, sel ithua i t work, can buitd as gIood t line l steami packr s r r s re an ie reared !n lae wm, i, al nid all twe waint ai lmgIa them ila oaiapirtuni.y to d s)-. It mlus be done." 'I tougao Steam Navlgnidai must nIecessarily he vlunclr a all, art to nioie can it bring mure prnfit hatn to ts. One successful ioplralion in our ainples, which a day's advance of the mail mlghl eause, would pay fir ihe ship that bruught the nerw. A large portion, perha;s tile majrity, of those pasasngrsa who now clowd thle "Welllterln and the "Willisan," are ciltizns of the Souah, and 'est; to all ofathese our city is fa r ,aier of access than New York, and besides thuea some hundrads who do not now go, would, were the means so slosevisit Eaurop as as thyay n.ow d tha Nrth. Conveynaces alwaysiahel v)ynr , rf, P lr it as trite indeed to say in these dl)a, hat Ith more fancilities the Inore traveler: wiill Ihen New Or!eaiis still continuei in li ta I a t, even whlen wealth calls on her to ad ilPv: e. A strong obhjction seems l rclist among the propirietors and flicers, of steamuboats, to that provisiu tl f ilhe law which requires the use of iron chains iu lies of ropes, for seerring. Of the nesaessity for a compulsory change ill tis mIntters ihe awful fate of the l.en Sn,rrod, iear Natchez' and of the Walhington on Lake Erie, are fatal proofs: tlhough whsstthar the arrangenenls made by Cungress is, or is not, lhe best, admits of ques ion. If any less objectinalale mitade, giving equal securlty, can be puinted out, Iahe law slaould here after be teanged, but while II remains unrepealed it is the duty of all to seea it lenlo od. vj' Unit'll . Shotlly after the destrnetion of the ill fated o.Bn, Shertud,' we introduced it the notice of all con nected with steam boats, a simple, but elficient sele plan to oblviate not only thde risl of tiller ropes, - but also of having the pilot driven from his p st by flames, or rendered inoperative by the too dense volumes of smoke. Tis plann was the work of our very intelligent whofinger, Capt. Butler, whoe lel furnished a model illusetrting Isis object. The tell plan has this striking point about it; that its aspt r rs spratus is entirely independent of the boat, so far tep as the fire is concerned. Its corsists of a natrow T platform, wide enou.oh only for a man to walk along, which stands upright on the rudder, like a nt flig staff, until needed, when it is dropt at once il along the top of the rudder, and projects far be yond the smoke, nod on the surlnce of the water do From near its extremity the steering ropes run, and fasten beneath the guards at the stern. There is a circular hoard, about 2d feet in diauolter, o which the pilot can stand, old attnched to which is a small temptorary whet i. lWhet neatly foremed, the whole rlllyangmenl t is int 5 cmore uuo I sightly or nore cunbrou-, than Ihe pole and libeity sap that usually stoand on tle I ow of a Inrge stcam er. We revert to this projoet, nor for the purpose of scggesting any intrilnloosent of the law as it stands, but to set more prcdcnl men to find out to some llliciert remedy to off:r to the attention of a Congress in the winter. I[oo t:.ia Str, O x ttr . ] To the JEdlr of the 'True Atericanl. gr Sir-In your valuable paper of the 18 h ine, 1 - have seen a co Uolsunllcation signed by Americucs , ee Iln relation to the polltical t events aot Mexico,, st nIr t Oe 1834, and I havo tholg: lt proper to rectify t.i e h etst, in shi.:h he speaks o the suo'Ijectl of the o Sx:,tdltlOln w:ririh stled Ifor rTampico under lly Co io;ond, in Noeinher, 1835. of S Amon tr uber b th tIls, thie writer onye, that the provisional govermotenst of Texas, aware that St 'lAnnl wtas marciinls pith aOl armny of tlnr stories with the avowed purpose to extermllin to withop.t S distintiion, all the inhaboitnts of that country prepared ilself not only for its defernce, but that it of also resolved on carrying the war to the interior of "e. Milelco itself; to elloet hhichl, an expedition was s r ? oos .iUiIlan f doii lawful Slexican ast tliicers, with intcrnt s takel Tampico, ii wi tc ttl sum hod Ihu twneolild eurpo3s to, tree the Textans Irim Iaiy she evils of 8'. Anlna's intents, and to aflord the tlex c:anl ilherrls en point d'rappei, to effect the rive leetUrtin of I, 'otst of 1824. There is 124 I t nl uiltt ler o f lSntinlt tlhis f.c t,bothl ' anachr nisoln and ceror. W'hen tho epeditis rstorted from hence, on l of Nstetolberr 1835, St. Anna wrat inl Mts xiio, lerhnps y Ir fro,'t thlinking that bthere should be any I;eccsityv of his takir'g the .ctor conmmand of nan expedition to nvene the deleut of rase GCenerat Cos, who csloptulated in tBexr,, in Decesm. ber ol the same year, that is, one rnonth after the lute, departnre froem Isis city ol the expedition bound to ided T mpiset. h I think it also convenisnt to declare as I now ldo (o rectily it c trror gerlltrnll y eredtled here of ains tay having receivled subsldies from certanin persons tn y or sct poiratio s,, ) that tle ao l expeditici n was con. ceivew, er: pare*, t'eriid idito ettitrt, nod the ex rpense at It paitd s tile anId y friend r ll'd(o01 ercaza; ano l the objtlrj of itr wt s, as .s ted bl y .4 ter'icue, to10 help thle te detrlsts of ,our coulltry, to r.eslabilish hng the Constitu'iion f 18224, whish we all desired then. esti- lut this de ir, esntrely our owne, a ei!] not have been su-"z.stid by the 111 ;ovirnmllent of Texas,s who had ils t he si <stabllshed Iwhen we blegun our or I im., gnn rzitinm of tIe expedltion in question, anld I cUtlcan even ss.ure him of bOttlg ignloranlt of its ex. Sno5 iste:;cr till Ily arrival at Vtlase, r after I llad quitted Tampico,, in the I tst day of Novembter. tLers" t pntl!ith the ubove, and holige your ,that bnmblservaot, JOSEi A. MISXIA. Slran'I bInl dotf,Jtflr.--Van Ainbeuu.h r nrro-w\ lv Sescanpd inslant dPeath fromln a llllurllus altat bY nlte of his tte'rs, during a rehcarsd at .1s:iey's. | lulE n Ih statemenil t of the atllir giventl ill the John 11!1, it apptars that the "l ,in tin:ln erll r of a )Po - peti," as le is called, waishlititinie io his tigcrs to per alin i certain It l ta, whilh the anonat was ut Ictrly unable or unuwllna toI accompll, hadil re lcourse tio severe orpur ll punlllshmentrlle ll whtich i ichal.o irinent he inlicted with! a large horsewhili Smarting under the pain, of the lash, the animn l il ca lll inc n-c anI st ii n!iy sprang upon hIr. Van tcaburgllih,l lhnlltalnt'y was hrleditl with vw l clle toi tie ground I froltl t til retii al nd wI iht It of Ihis ai tsed a ssailtic . u\' ,A l,liurt i ni I , "I perCe-ved the into tion all the animal, whlllh viall that oeltnrl /iih In it lier t ,ii ai wih the cniar,_eI eniz d hist fo by the a 1 of the Iil'r fitjawt l :,a ILa 'h ,in,,,n d hum an, n bUll do, t.o ux, tu 1 rh" eon , . save:l II es.. :lt lenr i6 :!r. ll Al l b olilr, I Ri t tie etltri lt thi t oe t y thriwiut h nll oI l i.'ln vt* i Latdin pa ein iin h orn his stallny mli, and with hisl l ti yn o': w t S till ni ,1 1 n ..g d cab tttthe altlyt ha tt .atlihd i taCecits .11E 011 hiby t e ti., e,d alt t l the rlit d il e ta I ii ti t t hi sineJl s tl .i iacella t te ate . It, r , al l ari l.n e tl.e mnea, hnitll the b Oil , . 1 .;v h -, v,'* l u, TIani nsel , l.o re q ilvrra l I l,!r tta c gln of I i wtl rr. At o a Al a. a-t. .ll tiha Irg-i, pita comv,ng tat he had c,,mlh t .o v,.I,' ,, .1., r, lea.rd I is e hldt, al th lno t .l, tind t , itnse at lil riy, retired a rhort tiltalco Mulni ms oii.a er, tie puh. 'ae A Ile had received. One of our ie don papelJ t dais nadts 'the aflftraltogueer. Ot) the '12th ult, a l ,ondlnn gentlenl an hired a cpab wLat which he rao eedted to IICourts' hbankingit house, where he drel w £3.00a0, atnd Iin quiling ithae cab lelt his money ii I it. It was Ih re t iatund by the driver, who in edia itely toI, it to tIhe stamnp nfice, iand to owner regainellld posession Iof his careleely lost treasure. The severll links in the gArat ehnn of RIil roads belween the Nttort River and Lilae tIr,t pari allel to the Er ie Canal, aore either tiniash.d or in I progre . Tihe Aiatiy anid chllncta.Jc, and i Sellnecttndy and Utict a oad lr oth in haenceatsidul operation; ite Utl ta a dll 1yrItl'.c i sa Real isl expect ed to ie compllOtrld by July netx; the Rcad r Syracuset to A Luburnl as ilo ,l ratlon; the Auuli and Rochester Road is l.dter c andrt: the ''olla itration; and nt slitckit i the I;,, tavtis and ll llta riad,a thl late la hitlik all u eia aeis udhcii'bed. a in I bouta year hni this ti'lie there "ill be a eloi . plaie line of Rail roads irau Albany to Bluflol w Icyl, will loucht thil E ie (;al-i o a ll the flourish. iing toll is above . ianat nat . T a 'le travel on the Ulinks already completed is lIr.,e, and when the ell tire hiain is finished it mutlla vry grealt. Tie fruit cropoe11 t 1lan is saLid I TC be about fil. I tee lod alie this year thalln usa l atnd is, i ted Itoe be vtty chbllndin it. S TII ; e t .i'i tAi tN.--'t tln scans of ilt le I diet Arnt .t;, It- - r, li t a t ivtna in a Cn lad, anld in itcet t tt nj int i1tf 16--. Their lnames ore Jat R.. and William F. sd aged lif SIseven and fIorts heir. The ,tillndn Spectator -llnfall. helt ultit ett liom ent on thil reward of treason: "Without passino anyyjunlginent on Ar tiold's n.ornl tiy, we admit hat hias on are enti tied to the pentsion." A writer in the London c laorning, Chieoiche de. tailsthslit te erenie lld lltteelian which a mran must ultergoin taking the degree I f Iachtor tof cArta, allerle has completed his ed.carion at the through m c umill i Dry, h. eecIJ, d with 11el 1 " 1 of I1 A., scarcely knotwlttg whi, h to tran'late it l il elor of Arts, or tI - As ll, for his pains.'i TILE ELIC'IIONS. 'IThe, f.lwina reiturns ire iate ba ,e w1, cr5u9 . iun, ftidtll)ly btrim I, 1rat sources tie han e been Shlill to coinalld. Thtse frol N),'t Jertl~ ty, we l aiuve imay e relied tin.lollanmoutal County may perhaps be still m gue against is, but by a ve ry lew voles. In reald to this State, our behlf ll that we Pivo certainly carried a prt,- if oh t the whole of our C eettitsset$ h aftl ticket. NEW JE.RtEV. CI ntliea. lWhig. Tory. 13unrht'rin 523 Atlantic 163 wape May 22 lad 'iliran'a i22 l ;Iucester 541 Ilu:itin hthdon b9 . r.ils 3.15 loanoatr uthiila I 1erdiier a 211i, Saleam 61 ha ttltl sex 171 Susseox 1592 ' aw-The Piladellhin '. S. Gazette otits rget rnv iromm 61 corni,'s wh2lht give a nm,,loity oI 73114 for Putter asG ,vgrnm r. There are it rev c luitls to hear Iraln-Paotter, 31eKean and \VnWrv--which Live.12,1 maionity hor \Vell anild \11hlnLerg in 1835 It is probalelc thereflore, that S1r Porter's majority will be about 6ti00. INK-Jusl received t; grace of Felt's superior Black [[l.(, in sdz. bottles, packed in boxes of one doz en each, for sale by the g er, dol or ringl, bottle New York and Stationer's (lall, ut't14 24 Poydran st ' ýIAT -C, 1'.-Just received one hundred r'a:ma ofd iliuds1n's superfine lat Cap, otfsuperior qual DAVID FELT & CO, New )'ark and ,tIrimiir's Hall. or. 1 21 C'harnle. et " i e:1.-.-YFie Press, itst received leaev dozen, of DAVID FEhN' & CO, | New York and Stationet's Httl, et2 t 24 C'haitree rt .4STE BLACKIN'--19 brrels Wm. In unlap's' = Paste Blacking, landiing from ship Rieeza, for ar by ISAAC BRIDGtE & CO, I act_?4 184 Magazine at IiDRESS & MAS IIERgADE BALL. (fnm WASHINGTON BAIIL. ROOM, St. Philip street, between Royal & Bnthtaont D STRl Manager ofthe ahlve nnnamedl Ball Room,igrate- elegl i lul to his friends and alth public fI.r the utnpral. coay belled patrooage bestowed on him torse;eral ennons, lion atspectfully informsna theml that the entahll-hment hta tent been enlalged for the amusement of visitors, and uno- sign dergone imnessa repirs: lThe bar will'he sttrpassed hv none in qaality of liquoraand the Reetaiurot dL ha[ A kept by the ablest Restaurateur in the United States. .rtia Tll' roolnwilt re-open on Saturday sven:tg, 3rd of T November next, ht v a lit GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE IIALI.; llt and will take placeas usutal every Monday, Weldnea- tad dan aad Saotrdav eavening, duritg .he aeuono, whicht lit will atd oa tle fat of May, 1839. d D. N. It. The erettest attention will he paid to keep- Ann inag perfect order througthut the eslablishment, as was T done last season. Jec oct24 Esp ATS--one cas of Llnfloan lint, received per shipl Hn 'r Tiger from Liverpool, for ale by rte HOLMES & MILLS, and oct21 7tllank Place Oc IORTEIR nod \Vine bhttles-50 groce Wine and 10. Porter bllttles, for sale by IIOL1LES & MILLS, nrt2, 7 Bank Place. ' O FFICE NEW ORLE'ANS & NASHVILLE RAIL oft ROAD CO. is drawing on New York, in sums lion to suit purchasers. JAMES I CAL JAMES It CAI.DWEI.L, oct2l President. Id, NEWY MUSIC. rPilE land of tha West -frio the songs of Rorr tier SO'Mlore: The Fairv's Iirproach, from the Pil grimny of tlhe Rhine: Song 'fin Bir I of Paradise: 'lTwne of my fault tir Ioving so. The Sylian shade. 'the Ivy ly I lea: Fanrewell! if over fondest prayer: The deep, dcrep sea: Sing awa Iy Iny day nd by night. Chimes of the vesper hell' On the broad waves of orean: r) thou breeze of spring: The snt hs net. e pliae lisl her in sor row: Flow c-ieitly niet-t Aftiii: nry's l ea:po: Crone while the Moonlight T "wi. .Jwpherd.: Girl of the lauinhiog eve awailke: The Elf kin": My boy Tamm: 'T'hie Ior i of'caution men we call: My1 heart isall alone: Gentle lady. sweetly sleep: I'eas of the th Roses: 'Pwef e vain e o'te'l Ithe all I frel: IHome, a dlitt: Givearnito myii words, o Liord: 5th Psalm: Solo, Chorns atod Doxnology, with orgai accompani- ,o ment, bvCh. Illomtann. Jut received aid fr aile byII "f CA SEY'S" Pilan forte and Mlusic store nct24 19 Camp st Vi S o" t"X ;"t-.! n . bags Pepper landing from ship Col- CI "i A umbus, and for'id'i., - t1e J THAn'l'iR z'g2,. he nc124 74 Poydreo st it rt0l AfJ Ketclmii-l5 Ii ,xet oling Iifromtc s.hip in 1. Columbus, and for sale by ll JTII.YER &C ', toe oct?4 71 Poidran et lit )OUCIltNGF EA-11 lilf ohbsti Pouchtnciem Ti 1he ] in store, and for ale by hf " J TI1A ER & CG, ,, - octll4 71 Povdlrna st te RAPI'INi PA- ER-150 rermits now lanling, dto V anll forsale by T R IIV`DE l- SRO, low oct24 cr Common & Miaginine st aof S.IDES -52 ihhds Ilcon Sides, in good condition, in is store and forsale byE A EITN :onI hi.AE' & AMEI.IING, • oct24 39 t ollmmn·rce -t ia from Whip Rienlzi, an'l It sl t'e otto T R 11 iDE &" BRO, liph octal ei r (1 ',i on'niliri : il-ue , jvo ® TýAS blounht to thisi olnic" a ieirricr I1'PI lthe Wmw ion h er t Io n have hil by provilg proierty nid pay or- hr tlhis advertisement. ' ctl-:3t ex TUST received ait the I.ouisinlna ,llllitlr \Vre hd J Runoom, 53 Ilien ill, sti-et, t011 Maupe and CWerry lami edstead-; a frst rate natide. Alo a flood tn. i. S a fmeat of rhqle, Walnt, and l'ai ond Cha rs, which ur will be sold Ibr the lo+est ca-h plices. jy7 5.1 Ilianville stlreet. ,:s P iiCKl iS,Currie]Powrr,k.-le A u, i;,l ;:;o ' in store, and fir onle bv s .H. I:Ill;.l) & I.1T I 'O , Ill1 oetlA 7 B:uk lIi'hue I' , . sr Moored aIl'l. , r't of 11 1 0 \ 'S, d 1)T i :t t 'l:,:"+ .\ i) IAND I|13111(:.1\N , of gentlemn l'. line 'I'all nd M Loots: tdo ud q ullity; d, bi1i",, llt stllt wa'ux I..o,11,i t of vtilOUt; ,ualhit i,: I Nl 's tall lt*'iln 'i' Ca i \ , r, ;I'1. r ni h t'to' iit 'ttt' 'iit . btllrs llruml a tlldl b vE; I nI n t ll i- s,,ll -htosl h, .1 , and"; llr' -o alie, ;adllai l,;,l .."1$', ,t." t llt ,, -b indr xull-; n l llt ll,,l Illd. Itt d <t ,i llt s\,t I- ; 4me n and ,lp l ined, l W hal, ,:[ l ý ;,d , :,I ~1117 n Ioa n titiy , ll f ind-ll," " I. J lU \ ivol illl t r hl V i' ih , - b AIJ c L & s A. tth Itcnit c l r I' ' ri . sio -, e-ýon li -Ji., bof h, " vaiit, ",y.,i 'i'.l. Ato 1I Ie, n lr u I CI-1 : " 1'., ot' o lO otatl o ", ha',ott t At alt t t , lll t i, 4 r,, a o I at -t ,I8 l t i ltSl broFd18 . i l t1 lho, I, < nl' . " ." , I,, lc, ' , i i - , it l,¢, i n , ,; , I p oa o , t t an ita, sta "y I,i S ip r- al ,t, "l 1 :a I"1 aarll, :111;l ,t aint'ac tL tlll 111 ILI I l la- . .oau ti, ca Il'I, t hr -Nl' Io. t'b t , lo, io ' t . , 1tt"' !i I) \ c till tt''ttil t' tr a it Net I a`" o' ' h i :lllll l t r ,,t 1 e, a1il. ll - A. L ,- 111 i 1 ,.L & C ,"Ill, ,tb lI .l,,,, h- 'tt - ,"rt+ o olr , h i itlati ., , r ; d l,1 , eu.,tilm, e :url ,do , bro ad tn-d m+l - ,+ r.s , tll 's ,,il, I• n aIo u ltttei , a gl,. ei. !"t , 1' ppedo i rto ti , tt tl Sa t dttot ' l r .l by Il' tt lll foi 4l l 0 to I t l o+ t l am t t tli Tt1 t 'll) l o, I h lls fi I of itlvritojtt.s t saps itol ial bat stra 0 ' " boy' a 3lnt'lse sal e ls s ll ''hl i :l . rt en , ill Iaaok rcl p ,nyiad n li r ii a Paoli I~aekit' frong th' a uv nau,'d ci'iis, WI, of w Lilh (,ill he so~ld ol atomL fatil lor&Anl. oct2l a t s PEt.ome C qNtttttis . a litLta, ot , d l. s ',h10 o bt To e n ,dund to , r'n ('Indlenb 4 ISAAC llitlIGE & C;tt, 40 u'th toll I lowinid t lmo gtiog t( n EA -I 'lcasts ntd . itatlet'r tine Itilt S lOt i lbx'.l No. Itea nin ltr l. a itot' i os I-l;i 0 r ox, wul i, rh the ir l n .o .l m il" V i qua" it l in bon t, and o fr sale i |"by or" 3ll l l t7 ll tere st k V~IT, ( i .i . ~ " i , I s ; e cFP I ' t i ý/ I N'l l t:1I t1 '. CL r,- ,l al V t o. i-- :L No . ]i 1 rLn rolled Lo O s;: o J l', , filtl ' It IAY IrII, sun calls, in flhl box,-te i I.h b h lhy olf'r ho" oale, now iE u -b b also lll S (1 rre bars el1 0, sl orllp d I rLilll ti bs 311] doz~ m t (,lll (ctage Cllal ks, wilh copper ]+es, anllldl 3u0d Globles for s ca'.bchle . fir ,le b' lin eot, for sale by £It':.lD ,", 13.\ItSIl't+W\'. octl-2 7 I P hydrue U- I'rec..ivedpr r.hi,; - .-i:lll fiJ. , .e rk-'f , "D i lunl ' Nuclt nltell Anol Il u l II:-l 1::llt i SM' t.stl:+l' Ntu ticalll AlmnLLa. for IFII'. akilrll). lcru' 1%,u: t Pilot, a." tot edition, l,:u cha.u l n:+ lllT b . ' Tables t 1 .l O CP. aIIl( D t'l.,eo t, Advlvall 'fal ble.. Aloll, 'l'tri:l, for New Tork and ut i,,uer's Hiall, '-. Ittrgo ossort1Ut l' v, s ,ripor .'teel f nl'e s, C',,llsia ll. ill lout tf ' rl'J o," Slit I' u,; (iihttt's ('llll . ,i bn,'r,,.l ud i rlltnll lCll . ., land 'btg'e l r.. a.... II........ N.w Yorl, auni ulrll tl s Ht al l, LI':V II ll (;1%,1", or t... 9.3 m onl nl slltll . l .1 i llvoice of A llb'!t ,e.: Fh's R 11sl~llpOrr l'le l n (a"Is n; flbl, :,, I.,gles, Mlrlar viii, I evl't ur, ,\i'err gruce Or dog tell, by " out 3 17C noetle. i , t'oe Camp St. Theatre. SrlliS Theatre wt.e opened for the rseean on .1 Sunday Eveniny, tie.' ist ofOelobe, under the - mannagemrent of CG. 11. B A It ItE TT During the recess, the interior has been nenly and - elegantly decornted, the buoxe arranged ill lthe most conve ttielt nd eoilirtrble manner for the acennnldn' lion t fiutiliet, al the Iarqnette furnishedel in tle inout dplendidenstle. 'finl e dcla tions are after he dne sign and execution of Cen. J. CO\WE.[L. (iee A new drop curtain lhes been painled by tie Italiaen Alli urtists, Cerera and l'inoli. I The company wil consist ofthe following ladieu and •earlemen:-ll-ru. .. Barrett, Greene, AndererontV Wor ell, lalt anil trice. Iles olntr te , ewrnee , t tvaliti, and \Vrav.- nMessrn. G Barrett, teedriceks, Johnson, 'l'h Iltdges,n. Me. B , lreene W. Hrefon, Franklin, Daviui, llntlevy, J. Sefon, II. KeppelC Kirkland, t lnrks, Austin, Feasmnen antd eI.w i..i The Orre.trnteaill ie fill nndl effieient-L.enader, Mr, Ge Jaeksnn--l'irut Violin, Mlr. Joll; unl Violins, ieersn. Mut, Esleonheit aned JoiIke; Ieenlr, lMr Sononeon; Cou!re nBarso, lMr. tarlitdgh. ineeli o nr. ltrie; Clnrioun etl.sMenrsn. Duan ud Matzl ; alorn, le'ne rs eimaa andi Amien; 'trurtpet, Me. Sie rikger; 'I erulen , ier. Ocelini; Fiette, Mle. Cnrel; nscor lier. ienuing. Mle. Setnll ecee 'ellnter- ie tIHntley, nrompter --lr. Vnrd un, lMechlntit. TIe Malnnger bflly Iareee orfla necurfity of artiel m' lSrnenle dereonrum il well roulatei l lenre anld beillng end 1 renelvd to rnleer thi estuliiel nt vl.ry way worthyeeb oflep trnnngae nod sneport of an eelulilltdeee pblie, , h ns received thenlsi, laee fl' an elncieunl police, which will e ulndthCetdict onr l IoftMr (.(TTaro. 'ihen Sloon laes been newly fitted tip n l emnlellish- thee elld, si s t n uteaku it ael agertUeale ronnet lr vieiore. uie luring the seasonrr i lilin ilon tire vanrioe s noveln lies that will be regurl'y pr,,dred, nfneekbnleded taleltnt ndl rcpnu'aie will sucressioe ly appear. G. IIO SBTRETT., L iessee & Mnnnage. ON 'ITllS IVEINING, (OCT."4, 1 024 , Wi! lie be formednl tihe ecrle'iul ploy of THI ElrESE. Y Calain. Mr. Frrderieke, dIt enerietei, lire. P re. . ree . g After which e iv I. ughahlr fe .,f DUMB BELL . (I . Viviate, eetr, I O':lnirbk, (ls te, 33 JOHN STREIET. [ t elompkite, ler. lmeterl, , Sia lr'l I,. Crazv let t ,cks, i Laly frany," Mr, larleee~t. I ot2 $i 50--i alh-roy, lot ccl' s. o itiounltd o h' rr f f"ean 'on 'l'cktit lt to t lioo oo n ulphllto l oo n at tlhe Ihox o)tilte. t lIoott()ltt:i op'o' every rt in I10 .t .A to 1 3 P 1. nd wIto I' Pl. fljj'Il.ooooptno'l at ht lf past t ix, P l3 . Tie Cur tinll C 'il ri t tio'chlck. ' t'JlI~lO f'o-l oooon'r.ihtp'oofo'oro o'ooo'toog tooder 'tthe ottl'u (.0 G t;.t II & AkIl)ooNNFi",t~., jno e x chaol ge l oo lut,'l, t-- [beol t thoiS day ohoolved tby o m tal L'OlliIHII.. I J ' nll .\ cI 'Olml1ll i th lreed Iwith the a d s, ltle t ot ofth1 bllol thcte IIIth oro t ol, tt lll orahi. ttoo' ltoe toofi' ol thlo lit t ill 0 lIe It eoIlymt iqiii lalhn. i Ii.-- 1 ff+ ".r,\ ~1 1:. L hlarge nI d I Itll.tI e lV 0 I:900 linjll I++/ tile· llflllillltltII ." Iof P II it£ &.: tC(). pr~llll irlilig I liritr r dll ", ; +' Coaulh V nllll i~hl 1 111a n ;' 'arnlli- h no I, +' in, :I ir orL t 'ro u0 t E'E; hlut o < unt ,blo sl pan, fr ale i I . i'L. N ON,1 I tX tII.\N iI' i'+ t\IdNo ' Itl .ot Fr. ll looptrietor boo ro-ot-lo h o Rteadin+ Rom,og l 1o t th" b t. ' o' to('h o io chn ·loto lCornot r fl loiltr al:d S.t. ('I111+h`ies illet·l, ill th.' ne at, +.t unnIMIII r.PI Hlesule ,1I lll the pin'i j I" s o-ot' ttIle ouotodl.o ttr, I ofe1"I ry ['it altll ll bil te , ' 0'olooo to rto l d o loo 'Xo i ¢)I· l" J:li. ' Rlll I, ',ll lll:I1- 1·11 l,, nl r ll lll l t11 111*) 11!(15. v I +l~ i(i + <i '+% h h,,· h1 1·1111) |..ill )I"·(IIII. \\lti -.I llxlsllP )hi it·.i i~il'~ll iii" 1 h' 11 rHI+J ,ITI l~l'l.iY(III · llt ll" V'.I% III III.IP[11 0000000 Itt l 00000000nsi ++!+'tll the 1*,, 1 t l er ' + ool teo 0 , \and i , tho !I,~·I'I.~l· .\I, ii+ll Jtl'\ ,i,,, ·111t?.1 111 ,ll11111'I(l :1he ,.\ Jll..k j .0len' to oooto l-otoool ino' er hoI k .r, T hi. \,,,,'d, 1 ,, .I ,,unI n t lI e"h ll'd Arr\it n' a nIll t ni-. lh,.e,+ numj ,,i. L','ten R Iv i,,. , L iil ''lt o .''-' l0 ' ,00 -'olo , ,+, 1.,, 11'ol tto ii-ol ,,o 11.11 III debt, ini i n 'I: ] I) 1II -I.Yin:· i of thou·1 /1nal .1 d iller "oh| \,, ' hll. ll'L'lt;' It. , I , : . too oo 1'o1o o toor -. toO to o .0 .n .\i , aI II Il·,i kp l ,l t h ,i f he 1b ,,lai'Jtd ,, II ll r ,'f ' - 1~\ ·1-; 1;~11,'f 1++l) 1 l l lll,] P .P ' t, " , I '., '+"1- '", I, o ' l'l*, ,, 'm + ilt'll ' ' i ' ' - i o"I" ti o oI , o' , oh l 1 t V o I. "* * ,It. , I Ii t:, ll. , + hi'I "l i 1.10'OO ;o oo , ]- ll"-o 0- 1 t qo.' Ol tol'10oo'o .o 11oto i I'1)0I, I . , fillt 0 II0 00 'o- o' i t 11 to1\, o " o iio o', ' i ll 00 I0000 11 , llr,, Illit l < -1 ,?,,,~1 11 III ;II! I 11i (I t ·+ I{¢,,iltllg Ilr Ii. left "ind n Itoi ' ko1-o o'-o- t' i Itt . r-t I I t:1l, o, ,o . t oo -\[ Il: (;.:s I,+-(, , .I r. u1 1 l et sII a I. ,lio n 1·ll * aoh ioi-to itv t ih,. o I ,Io o o I . l ,,' t l' , II''r0l0 t ir. o n o tool otoooot 000000 olli 'lot 'ts th< , I tP they h a Jewet I I m noIi 0il.. 0 0 i 0 l0.., I., h , hul l h(II I , . :, I, 1,,H j.- :n~y-m:', l lln( ,,, In. ',' i,+;:11r 1 0I0ll I, , lb ,i r Ill' t4 I t l t I i i ito-'-o ( 1 .\-, - whi0 ' o'11 ' *oth11 , '0001 ' ,0 , - , t , .It- , , 0- ,11 lo hhb to e r a tinuance of " t i|,., f a.... .. p uIr, u e.. - , I; 'l , ' . . . .. , i i', ) o-' 0 000 000'00 0 I 0 York r, ret ,, hl , i+ lp his:, ; H I ra ,I ia te I 'el 11t. ow. fllr- l , th i ," 1 l iph p u I r , i , thre, timi eslll dI l ilisdl, l ,ill hl? · ir III..I 11 I:' 1 li,:l/ll · I l ;" 'i.+ I <ll . 11 11i .hd.. l. I I ooT-I'. t-.o- , t ,tl''- oilliam ilih - I~, · ..... , ,,1.,,, !. . , ....... \I·, ,,. : . .... i .. :i........ / " "',, , III:,lhl~l+ htilll I'I1II1,II·I. ( I[i'·~i 'ii++ 1 Ii-11". I·/iii+I .-;~ rtq11,| AI, sinrMi l l r, 'l |case s li al blt - ,II,-+" l lett r)ll pa alne i rl, iii iii. rt ;l'd cqlsll . S upr.·i ne I',h lutv, lni . ettr. 'oo' rllO ol Oapp c tohi- 0 ''i''' 'en lp r l I ne l l!e oiti t, k I t h ir l hiz h +, ]up, l ine lh tter iralP llt. Ii~ l,-le li'~ 1111r, l ;l.Pr+l tl I, . 11 ,,, ,, lilT Iii 111oi jil ill I It . L I I tll op I I1,' uhl ,h'q I +s IB'I ;,lt,+r MrilHn itl " pt lloakli L rlu-r "1 - IHr lb ' a rl bee i- I j p ·1+' l. di ro i i h ,i I l r,, lle pe ctiull y i r vi - ). l , I , i" I i I ,t , " ( g cl Ik 8vt Pust0r I Ii i i, ],, m, t, i i , llh .,lt . , th , 0 01 lttlo,-h' i1,111oto ' o oo lo,, t 0il0l 0 toloh . Ithl,o t i hrll; I . * I, lleli ll .1 I' I0ii'1, li I t, t s i ., t \VIIIilll ih,+l l I,. n li,.' ImIV Iiv lt·.: 1 JU lh - - ",II ''i o ooo-l~ 0000 ,01 , to, Jo. Itt 0,00 0 l~ too l Ito'' to .0 0' 00 ' too 00 .00 t rad -, (l' oitn o o to ti. Io . r ir: to , 11+r c P .h F Ir Ap [: o .\d p a (' D.N,, ' &" ' C O,, ,' . ITlhlthilll., Pllild .ll TIItIIE 1 Plll:, IC I t'B -hC~ill , ,+- ,I s0 0 CuttoO tots ' Henr',,s~ genuine~ calcinedI~ MeIal,y fr sale b th hlh o 1,1. 111 h'.1 1,.1, ' l iI-. I1 li~ i Pi t l ,i J IzJ~lr ·, w .il t llll IIIIHII l il( ) +qll)II A it t l lt . I h, tl, :lNll), i l [i~ lr.T 11 []*,;llU ,, .'l'& %'Ilall 1Itl e *+: dor r,'t . o hr lllll{+ l I Il.+ Iroer1% 1 t d or tli . lll: il~ll tlrI [c:IIdjl)( t\ \1.1,1 FUW.l'Dl \N iLi thr,+, Irx I lllov .e IIilol $ ""u·b t \.u ll ~ D.Wil FE'\LT & CO, Ioo ' J htnotltounol-h .ohlo'o tlo' i l I..tth' .'hotntolC'o iit - to1 lo Noo o o loo r l t aotl,' o io r , llriho - 4 o .loro to:o ie.ri p Ba ilc f'l lhlt l Olo lrhO ' u 0 lu e 8. oi. htl "-tot~l! too' h,\ Iooo,o'-i- to'o tl 0tt~oolt'tnt o' t ol tro,, too- sroe t o000 t Flllll lili 1, x.+' ]1, Sir i illltl|~~l i 11'111 1, hi 4 | ·lh l nl,, whi toot'ao rol- hr t o1 oIl t o i'1oilh Con 1 o I'ltll 'l o 0 f t lohir ord9ooIIoP r O o o'I I'. Iplooy n j lt anllpt u t boo too oo'lI ir llt o-o oI ot' 3010 ili tltt 0. X 'CHNO E o-nooh' litat o rlo, fi u n0l00e ol t toot tolo . o .oot l oooot 0 ' ooo hio' - h otto tooooo th eetilo|+t' EI't Iitr li;E CA LNOc , oct17 l- M ogtzinot J (',I iol'o'o l]o.'l i.,o'oooo | oo il ihehtt'toooo oooo tooth ~ i sl~llle very h~w n 0i 11) III Iae .1 &rin C ,It., el oct0i;;2 " N . t VI t1otoootoetl o loll; .11. ('boo-tot -1 oltoodo,ll, Ioooltgo-oo'lolr io: C o'oottooo ooo rot totle hloot' A F . oi UNNl i Xlir. &h CO, so-tIo 001 Cusoooll ootrc~mPr It loto tooeoolooW\ooolobARNEocg-oc Iltoottyoth:'n "rcoeoobooc0 lg '.noo0lot tol s by olo.... .L ~ ~ i " II F31qI.T & C00I)H, tooot5 __ Juli NXooooo'oobtA bo to-.o . ... . .. o-') I$ l'i". - A FlI.'l' ro.oooo'e otot'oho Coot';rlobooly o1n1loo1rd dolt tISCEO.L AP hhot coik tll o-,' Vogt ootlemotr, oot IA-I l~hsl e}d i Oyjlor 's 10000ofr l ooi lootoo No.CB loot ,o .t'eO d t. c l'wvooro foro gioioootdooo L' CHAN' E ot Ittoo .l~itllll'ote ltlal' .ilrle ISAC II"DII\Iooi 4& COI, Set17 21) filoooi tte I ot1< St. Charles Theatre. 2IT,I NIGHlT O'FTIIESIEASlN. let np enrance this season of AIR.& A d. IA1 It IS oN. This Evenitng October T.ltll, 1838, Will be performed the poplular play of WILLIAM TELL. Wm. Tell, Mr. IHarrison, (iesler, Rlorke, Albert, lMrs. loarrieon Enlne, lFarrellcn. An Or, rture, by Orchestra, 'ITh perlorbannne will coicludhe with the drama of THE MILLER'S MAID. Giles, hlr. Ilnlrieon, Georne, Del Bar, Matt Marlvetlous, Cowell. I'hoebe, Afrs. IHarrison. oct2,1 SECOND MUNICIPALITY. 7Tl'tl brienighit to ithe I'P tid ofthe Secondl luni S iripolitv, in liisonno sreet,. between ilesie end Girod stre, , I n tle 13th instant, the lollowrig tnin tl, vl:' Twon lrk Bay llIses;one has a miurk on the left hip hite lone s requtcsted to prve property and bnko theo awoay' tire Scntrd:ly, 2?7th October, or hle will b sold by I' '. iuillot, Attutioleer. II t IIARPER, oetl5 Captain olf %Wah The horenemet floor of No. 123 Julin. next theli corner :I Camtp ltreti tsinible r ollices oi r store roomts. Apply oi the prelanies, onet t1 W cAIIIIACK, 'tll2 a:unal Bank. -- isieV~i" G OtERYnJ!t'S ! IliN 1101R !2 l DS, Y OU oillatneni drilleve'y eveoning, ".andays eo. e ellld,atthe Illill rollllt aol go'tno street, ees t idor t Ithe ,lchtllllnva lak, at 7 , 'cluck, plecisely. 'I t' nile lesI plo)n ulI'. tV i Ir'ellll le.O It lmaster ri gll dlIll I1 t. i*slloS ill the soord ,.xercise. Ily or JOIIN ;llISdON, cti1 ()trderly Serg't. t(;. ."t:.. 1 i t;.i - ..--i.-l"T --. AICONDi MUNII New Orleanul. aOct. ilt JI 1831. 0 til t L'.YtIlt to i resolutiou oftihe Council daters c,,~ivd tit the "l ie l 'ti tsd in th ith laos Ntoieber )o'.t. for t'hreeo II Ut(Irti 'lbhoettond Dtolfare Btonds et hi ultnicipaltity, palyable in thirty years, ,llo beaOring 'sixjr schstpi-rnnsi n inteel. 'lt'e in IePrIat panuI lle tti-tonntlly in l.odIoI Noew Tosi o f·i,+,~,[ .nd asI ,, v hin bugrcd on, I d'l Biodnto I I, 14t! ,...if the introrest I payl a.le l tih Ionitetl Stits, anl !otI. tgtgpaeh,si th' intltOr e pti e ti itl lnidtntt. Thie prtn quleom M' eculltrrod 'ioposnnlali'r I.lod '.' SaJ0N CALHOUN, l (1 C alnplolei bnnnueetn In G do iinuei-0-$onle itnicijnils, , tv'lO()lle s ll Ori;lle t t 10 1 8i1t tIn ol ".n CONItu)I ,I- in ot'L a uone resolution du(i onseil 'el dtl Jut 5. s1ptlehmr ll ;,,les otlies cuchateen Sserentt tetus a ce bureauIt jislllo' mrdi, le 27e jourdn inoveh.l prochnill, pour trts 1 111 It tlle pitiaslre des IBonll de tt olliCnilllllite, t ItIIIt e Aiill'n treno aris, - - e rt p rult Inl illntlr0t I h- ix p|outr c.lll'alll I'interet ri thle ybll inJh I Cieatr d<l;lnl Londrl'-, New York nl a ti ea INou tv. Ic t(ltriolslt , c n e IIIIII. I"rll lloveli t11. ILe. h1.0 s b oivenlt arr. pour mike piestr.' cheaqe 111- i 'l'l:l trm lt pavy lh dn h l ' Is 1. mt Uni+,et lpear t le llx c n t I 'll I mall tl Bte :vl, ..llit ln g 'i s nlll l p ay abl es Ia leonllres. I,0 p'roI 1liul dlvthelt e0lnadeeseco "Pro al for l oe ituuls " _- _ tiu,+ t J tIIN .1Itttt't N ,Co - i sr, TATiliE F IIt:'ii'N.1\-I'tt 1't,, (!t Ior tbsa I' urih~l and Cety of New U lea. n.: the Hon Ctilit's itaiiUrain, JIulge, No.-- , i ct. 8th, 1830 Jahn White, iln olvu t hbtor, in actual custody va hias cr"tlllur, and O.itrtlritu oft \ itt e &,. Folly. On, nM iot till C. lM',l illieu;I i ,i.el for the l nsolvent and on gl ing the ('tolll to ntto rateltd tlhat it sullicieutt lnum|.I ,I f e dlltll s ill nlumllber Ini alll llll lhad not ap pet'ele at thi ll- aPetilg. i .rCllhcr,'.M to llulhuri-e oa di-. eoourl, that Ihe. seL' I nI IIet.-t l of tihe eladitorlls of the I, "i l lh 1o l i t(| of \\ hill: o lh\ 1' h11ey tl lk jllhtct. in Upn (:m+" 1 t ,,, 31:u ql I i Jlh. tll: of 1l ( ,, h,", II13|i, then andL , thlr" to dvlhier1te on , ltl ul . iur, (1t Ilh]i petitioner. andi to h wrewIy . 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