Newspaper of True American, October 25, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 25, 1838 Page 2
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250A, 23J1 Octohbi 11838. nq. Uant to adjotniniment:- Jdwino, IReairdr, .Alder. atnt Lockett; Meui , Peters ! hitncy, t4trecoding meeting having ajon rram a comnilo.te of the the First Mtnicipality was received, a -to ation of this Council and that of ty in the preparing an Ordin pao ple ofcolor, which was the .O Connmitteo. S kly statement of the Treasurer was a b. lted shewing the receipts since last report to lo$9,490 72; issunof aMulicipal 'te'1o$5 00; balance to this date J21 996 30; l e't re a $421151 39; Expended 415, 3, old naee deientd $20 00; notes receiva. 0,34 58. tqutartrt oint of the same offccer was re. ite FIce Co~tmnittee. f5 IPAuley'&e James J les, were act Acn~Spto s tlesacurity of William 0. Warnock, :Paul E. Layet & AM. Robitaile, so the bsit t Woa. M. Carter. i.tA atition of J. Mt. Lee, was referred to the Fi. nean Contntittee. Tarretitionesotheh property holders and resi dnt1n the t vieicity of Clisrum land Camp pt et s, raying certain imnprovements to the (ri. aneg.t loet of ground, were referred to the C,m litteson Streets and Landings. Of. Nthan Nt.hlels to the sanoe. Mr. Peter as Chairman of the Committee on 1.nance made the follow ing report, accompanied wilth;-te,hfpoxed resolution: The .nance Committee to whom was referred Othe petition of the Orleans Cotton Press Company, requesting to be put in possession of 034 feet of groud in front of their Press, claiming the same to hatheir property, respectflily report: o Thabtthey have attentively examined said Peti. tion aiid' the important questions involved in its de mand, having called to their aid the Conosel of the Municipahilty, whoso opinion they herewith sub mit: The Cumpany in their polition set forth: SL*"Ttat th are rowners of all the batturo formed snd 6ir , ing in front of the Cotten Press in ý5 81nthb Dolard nod Saulet, being about 634 feet " At4ob.unded by the property now or lately he t longing to T. Barrett a,;d W. If. Chase. That "` said batture is so extensive as to render a large in portor.i thereof sonce ptiblc of Icing immediately e" ncloerd and useid by your petiioner as as their "+groperly. besides leraving amplo spac for the useur " of tile tublic aceording o tleo lows of the state." The question presented for the consideration and action ol this Council is one of vast importance, and its early decision tmuot not only be desirable to the owners of front lots within the limits of this Municipality, but also to the public whose interest erein, in then opinion of tho undersignad, is of ticaleulablo magnitoudo. - -.laplpare to your committee to he clearly ea tablell.d by Irtquent decisions of the IuproImO Co- rtof this state, as well as the highest authorn ties that our court recognise, that alluvioi dCepos. itaformed'il front of an incorporated city, sub e. gper t toilt iioaporahton, belong to the poublic that is-to'tho eorporation-and may be apphled to public or pljyate uses at the option of the AJmina itration Altihorities ofsech Corporation. It will not be denied t at the batture in question edont into exiatene jg th r r.d y a to which it' ' ,aimed as an accesory, we inolitded within the limits of the city of New Srleanae-i tlhrefore belongs to tVie Second Muni. pality alone, as tile act of Othe 8th March, 1836, provldes thatall puliic properly shall bIlong to lthe Munaoipality within the linmts of wlhich it may be situated. The reason and equity oftlie law that makes so marked a distitnctiou, bettw on nlluvin for, at:ots inf'ront of rural estates, and of s Il Ibrnal.tions itn front ol'a city-are to your eommittee nas Uevdent, as the law itself ise ear. lThe ftrmenr e ou!d b to tile proprietor of a lla tation, because he Isby law comprnllel to keep thio I eveo and r adl in repan--aud it the river elould make inroads oni tihe .evce and road snd ilnto liis plantatinIi by the abrasion of its banitk, sA. I a falls oi him alonte lnot nlly to the textent of soll n ahned away, but Oie " iLs c pttllred Ito construct a ntew Lavie anld a wilalv road wholly at !tis xl tnsc. road wholly at his cxp n sn. On thlo ther hand-it is the duty of the Corpor. ation of a city to keep n good re piar the r atd anld Levere in tront, to prevent by all iposJAle in.:as S tha oneroachmlentls lt e river on tIhe roet prepri-i S ors, regardless of tnle expense it nma be noces'ary to incur; and if all means should prove unvaHt g, an l the river shorld encroac. on the Leve,'r the road and the pr porty oflcio fr at proprletor, the Corpor.ation is compllh d te d t e a now Lewe anld anew road wholly at its cxpnsee, antl o iuly int. demtnify the front owner to to extent of t'ie value of hIis ground taken tlherelbre. Those reasons seemn slltiernt to show whly l luvion formation in front of a city shouldt blt'nIe g to its inhabitants generally, and not to the or. nora of the front lots excluhively, who are taxi no roore tlan the owners nf lota in the rear, fir keep ing the Loee and road in froeet of theme in repa-; but other reasons are fbreed on the cucnsiderteou of your cormniltee by tile petitilo of the Oileancs Cotton Press Company. They demand the ground in front of their P'ress in order that it may Ih Immediately einclosed and, doalltlcss with the intention to build upon it. Were such a proceeding sanccioned by law, a most important part of the port would be render. ed comparatively luseless, the symmetry and beau. ty of tile part of the lMuniciplty would boe ut terly deastroyed-buildings would be erected nlong its port-jutting out towards tile river and on its immediate banks, conforming only to its amorn daring, serpentino and capricioue courpe. For. tenately no such evil is to be a pretonded, for it the pretensions of this Core any to owa;ership of the soil which now forms the bhnks of the river and an essential part of the port,were hosed ona the law, it is quite certain ttat they could not t;keuex clusive possession ofit t tile prejetdice, f the pubcle sesaa to which it is by law doets .cd wthout the cole sent of thbs Municeip lity. Tihe Battures furming in front of this Corpo ration cost the treasury annu.,lly not less tlhan $4cL,000. Tais enormous expe:enditure will a it a mately be returned by the s.le of the grounfd that is thus constantly formting Indeed it is not unreasonable e oestunate the valuel of ltl bti:uLe in front of the Municipahty, divided into lot-, in five years from this time at ten itllions of dollars, or a but one fourth of tihe present value of II llthe property siltated within the taxbieo limits. lThiss ensrreous sum 'c ili lnt be riqulred foir publ a purprcse, and it will probacbly lhave to be dlstri bitted pro rata among the oewntra of property with in the taxable limits. The ultlmate effects of the general distri| ution of so much wealth among an industrious and enterprisinlg epopulation, your Committee will rnt attempt to desdrel. The same causes that have created tile existing bat' tures rtcont surveys of the river lshow to be in active opesation-to judge then fromr the tbrma. tion of allluvion along our port during the last 30 years it is not unreasonable to sulpp ose tht in 50 years the landinga in front of tile Second Musici. pality will be where thle opposite bea I of the Misiassippi now is. Tie great source of wiealthl thus possessed by the publeo cannot be too highly appreciated-and it will tle readily ,erceived now intimately connaeted with this imlportant aubjeet, is the question refer od to tie lFmaniec Colnelluil, e for its consideration. Believing the ground in front of tie- Orlcans Cet on Press Caapapn and all other Tr ,und s. milarly situated within tills Corporation to lecloeg to he Second Municipality, your Cuermcetlee sub .mat a resolution rtjceting tlhe ltitionl r s id : Company. SAM- J. PETER:S, Ub'lm. JOllN HALL, To Samuel J. Peters, Esaq, Ghairman of the Finance Committee, Dear Sir, I have perused the petition of tile Upper Cotton Press Co. addressedto the Counedi, clticcing tie batture in front ofsaid Press, as their private pro party wilth th admiseinn, however, on their part, of the right of the public to have rstreet or relad o pass through some portion of the newly made land. In eonnectlion with this demand, yeou ak of me athe following qustelioe : "I. not thel lluvion deposit, ed in front ofa city, tllt property of the pubaice .s. tined for publie uses, defire-d by law?' How this quetion is answered. is of groat icr. portance to a large number of front preoprieetrs in tlhe2d Municipalty,. and also of the. greaatest ea ,. tareat t thlee eolntnity "I Ih.voe, thcrelore, exa S Tinsed thi question with the care altd atntion Which it demands. My opinion is that the allurion depes;t in frrnt " .f heitt aungs to hs public anid st to the front ' ibL opinion is bated upon repeated decisions of ear Supreme Court. S Before; citing those decisions, it is proper to make t1r:fOllowmlg enquirces; as upon thelir sdlu. Lion ddresads the application of the law to the ease before mse. 1i, Isar rt props ty claimed by the Cotton Press within tmoorporated limits of the City of Now Orl ,' Tise proelrty is situ:ated in the faubourge D andr 87otel. and eonsequellnty wltnt tlie . limlts described by the act of the Legislature which wa, paansed I.,l 1805 .ol. i.MlJale d.or alluviaq been formed since thtat~e.t fibased. or sineo that part of the city 4wae in o a riedt: It ia uslittfeal by all that tilie " ald slihd has been fsedm within thc last ton iccalto thre eaelbantw S . d~jsaret avowatiftla laws by the Sn. ^ xiu State, tWa.fhe elur wnl in front qetty Iuiee beig tu tthe publi., and nat the pr's .ti 'plri~ri~itor. I flee in thoe :h V-d. ofl'Mrtin'u Reportoat page 235, and wal In-ode in thie cas of Meoqa vn. Livingston & ct. In delivering the opinon of the Coturt, Judge Martin said: 'lt is * true that in it, (the City of Nve O loans) tile owners oflots nearest tothle river Ilave no palt sf I the bank as aoneosory thereto. Thosl e Its are not charged with any of the borthense attending ripa I rious estates. No rip rious duties are imposed on a lot in New Orleans etcher by the law, or any clause in its grant; net so with rural estates &c." The principlu was again recognised in the o ase of Packwood vs. Walden, 7 N. S. Martin's R-,orts Ipage 90 and 9 l--Judge Matthews then said: "The Law 9th1 of the 28.1, Trtlo of P-crt 3rd of the Par Ledas , reognises Ibattures on thie Ihanks of rivers ("arenals. qe son en las riberas do ls rios.") as conenron property of the cities or towns to whlich thloy bhecom e attached, and the Judge concludes eThat the city can acquiro jure alluvloia, and land thus added bccolmes tile property of tile whole corn. mnunity." In thlu case of Cochran & vs.Fert. & alse., sealn vehlne oo tihe R.portas [7 N. S. p, 634] Julrdge Pl'L.ter laid down tile law in terms quatlly rexplcit. "I thce nlurlo was t;rlrural a/ler tie aot ofinclrporr atiorr, it (lthe alllviol) became tre pro. perty olf thIe etty nd nolt of the front proprietor a.' It mnay not be improper to adld, tlhat thle lte Mr' Edward LivingLtor, i the case of Morganr vs Li vingston & als. freely edmitted the same doctrinr . It was conceded in that case ry Ihe counsel Ijr the ants. and plfF. "That if it had been a conveyanceo of a town lot, Ithe ulluaior would hase boer axclud rrd"--sco page 131t of the Report. From tile above authorrt:es, I have no lhesitation in saying that as the slluvion claimrod by thIe CLot-. ton Press Co. was formed sicne the ac t of the in. acor. oraltion, to wit sincee 180, thIt tie lanrd thus reclaimced, ard all other Tarnds in thIe amro situation holong to tile public. I an, very reepe/fiol/y, Yrrrrr Oblediernt ervant, RICltARh) M1. CART'ER. New Orleans Oct. 19, 183S, ltesolv., That thI e Ipetition ofthle OrleansCct ton Pres Compnly, prayIng to be plut in pooaes sion of thre garolnd ill front of ltheir Presa, be re. jecled, inasmuch as said ground behlOngs to the Municicaliy; anrll thie attorney of the Municipali. ty is hereby directed to take sucb proceediugs as may be required by law, to protect tile iCntelrests of i rho pa lic in thie prmirse. Mr. Nixon rrad the hfollowing Counter lRport. (Colntrr report by Johrn Nrixo, one lof tile or.rn mitteoen Finance, on the petiticon of tc/ Orloansr Cottor Proes Comnpaey. Rlspeetfirly shews, that since g:fning tile report I of the committee, Ie is dcsirocs of furlhrrc- inO to reconsider thIe rersons -'t fI)Lrth in tile rrp-rt, and to make fierther iuquiry into thIe nature of lhe title, to Ihe proerrty claimred Iy tie petti(inrs.r Wlhorelre, he prays that hia ramrrr be wilthdrawn Irnl thrat reportl, IIrrll tile itamre r e rete/rred back to tile Comlnitcea of Frnaarce Ibr frrther considers. tioc, and i repoet thtron atthr o nextl siltin of th conncil. JOiiHN NIrON. On motion, Mer. L.ckett, who rxphnr ed c/at ie rwasn a stockhlder in tihe above Caompaur y anlod atir Corrnsl, n-aa rr-xcusead lIfo:m vetar-4. O motion, tlie rules having bren dispenedrl wilth thre repo t of tMr. I'Peterr, hIgcher withi the resolu lirn, wac adoptedi. Thie resr lrld nt'ys wrrre c:hllld oir, wlich remulted ir M?.rs. Ca.rrwell, Gloyd, Hlei1, renx, tPeoc,-s, Sewaill and WIhIt/ey volrng ill thie ntlirm Live arl Mlr. Nilx ir tlre ,cr-Etivo. Mo1. Ghly l, as ch lirrllrrn ofr ti- lmi-rr)crtroo or Streets and Landings, ardr/ the following Report accompallld wIth l l x anneexedl r scrutiors, whlich thie ruleoa bring dispeUaned c ilth /c ere severally taken up and adorpted. Tie Coarrnittee on Streetsr and Landings report ethl lul owio , Ordinance aerl IRt?.olrtirlnr. 1All (rltllnllcler rnm.irt, - l - rI r/ lt.r ofso sidawalkowaei ,,thic cce taxr c / li/atctr of tsfo tr uni. ci mhtcy. 2- A Rnesolutina authorisierg the Survyn- to make seuch rpalrser arai ltertins to siilewalvis at li-y be nol'lcrsry lo ifarihitatr teire runrlllil ofl'of water in ' ire-erar ic thSt Mnircrip/ lcy. 3. A tlul, olL ilalllthori'sinr/ thi/ Sutrveayor tI give thL Irs or e trletsr ill "I rL3I - tr a ofe t die noll taxable hlnIls ait" Ilh ti,' .t and b e talld watrds. 4. A tResllutiorn ilreeting the.c tilinrg up of Fren l strnto bhetroen tile gurrwale frerl alid the froaat nllce rof RIs "ro·nTlri ou sa id streetl 5. A R soautI-or actalt.ruillng thIe survSee r ttl Freuro a pair 1" hand whc/lcs folr tr.nsp,-rting mi rrealoll tire frort o-" the port. Ir' 4" 'L11- rrrrrr tr crraie ti re-Parr parelepot (d. r crl-siptoall lll to autholi te reir Sc r yor to oa v:rcte tfor /br Illi/ber i.or brllrges and o t h e r MI ll t C i p ,d w a s k s . 1PENCE G~LOYDChai al). W. s:WIIldr,,. Aneldilaneoa rregiltinl the order attl nttt aar in w ih ttbo b tiO,:tt l , or foItways wlthin the't t x btlo l imtts la t t , s c-niad .1ar1 ci paity lnlt be provedbdl with, ;,id comtploted. Art. I. Fat, and at'tr Lte t-'aa.c-'tt1 of t his i dtn antl , ll ni bil t itit, or l) i w:.1 y cau ti e legallya tho ta.x blelt hlm ' of I t be "Id ll , u ipl ty, other I than htl b'st lu o b'it alitc" ha rd t" r, I h cltrl aItl u Butt r tlonl s, and ai tome fet pIrayed su trlll )' , in Ii thi mioust elll ti at neti twatl knitl.hkl i n ner ll a.lllll I' greiably t ilt rea'.tl c, to the l'istretl~ltts adopittd yf t e C auncil ati a r io a 'a the f al ' of Juno' Art. 2 The wovrk unlt b el r.atod in t!:e full- I l),vin ortl.:- 1, , tl t i',+L t ti, . to, Will u' ali, or luo+riy p,'hl. b l d lla t h, IIII t'ver tuhd IevO , I tlle Il aityl of winct h hti;tt ', Ia tt ll"'t i t+lll'ie ted, from C',hanal treet Ltow.ard:, or hI FlIUI ty Fool, Ca. cartll'd g to the rextL at the at a. t.-l.Ii. all the ather triteete to e gr dually progr-t'ud with; tlhotl parallil and ptarphtalacular tat, t, river i anualar tand alLernate sttnatli'.ail. Ar.d ai . ittiau tl ll e I walks oftaiy two t tht partallel streets ,ro co. pl.itted, thota ior tit parla (t" tile perpendtict lar street', lyiug tan boLng between the sail paralle streets, mitst alo he exeeutd ore a third parallel i street is ordered to be done. Art. 3d. Alftr the publicatiotn o thle pre'tsent Ortdinance, it lshai be, and it is hereby t it e th e duty of (Fe C mtO iarl ry of c.hll W ard, in his re. tpectivu Di.atr.ct to nltytiy the proprietor olt' groutlnd tr rontitg struets I toLl orda r r egulated bIy te pre a c.ding arttle (N.2 ) to hlave ttllter baiutll ati, tor a tll tat O t(edi with two mllths of the date lc sltll n ittla.t t tito n anl d It t t l itlt l t tlar tIlln copita II ncttoa r neigletl thty shll be, iand they lre hwrcoy LiiLate It int, fur :t line no;t ex ceeding ;10l per day, recuvi' ahiu bru ar y ttlapettla trtrunal;a n .and loN eesue'-p lltry shall catu te e lhulw ays Ito bel ex cuted, ,uat .lull piprltor or ti.n pr~prietors t to llna ou, sie hi, I, er io Ir ,rth ir to.lotll ao rlxp h s i n a tllta ro Lity to t ldinaiatat'.ca aillnd i1t t t is e aptaetting patuag, t it. 4. It di y unit 'a nit' derstood that no no., ti ietrtilo cal ane etrvt, d ,ti, iany propr a tor t r ptron i pretola or ex'e it lting his, r otill tll r sidI walks .ul tll all l flot propa ' tora of l . tprto.t a dan' hi i , her or therm Il tile oldt lret a iIt' d is taaill ot'tgo ag,. '-have counpiucted Lhtr. Art. 5. All :alni parts oltildinaante tio attrary to tl.e ptuvtrato tithe I rel t tto te, aro t Ihereby replaled. tr Caunatdr.tug llu great irre~gularity of the il in ha the gutter, ad thile tt'igtt give, to a ttl ta t)l(ttes, at' or iuot l 1 t lat ay i v .is ptart of it s talAllticl aullly, in anore spectatily ta tire thrd t ,tard, titha thrue ct-a a sequncoa to be atlraaprobtded e frot tilae rttgn:aitt et water occtina d ll iby the ot, and thl e additioaitl andt 50 unaccassary li'tng f a'djiuiag glots cata.d by tthe he Resolved, Thatt tler Surveyrr he, id Iea is here. tLi by autthorslred to utsake, aunut to hle ill , rtina ag 'ly the gaenera. operaitiJs fotr a t. w oilk r lta rt t w pavrig in tite Municipatility, such alteratattnr it the et, leaal aof thte gutter, andt bratlgs, and l til hetligt . oat ita a uobeait.ttpl en or I t utwiay r, as will o it'tat cll regulatr ants afon descent tir ihit %natl r sL mlst cor nt rtalepod wulh ti, gnctera'l levtel estiltalshed for the - wllua n .luniecip..tly, and wdl obtain fa r t h. ; djoin. tu ing lolt a reaaonable andll regular lshore oft' Si asoved, 't'hla tite aur.' yor e,and hIe ias herehy d auhorted Lo gala the street iues of certaiv parts oltlhe aIaola.olltaal b oianus ofl thie firt and second wardsof this .luniciptalety; anlld lhat asi. no reglar anld currect plan of ithe parts a nor w ill estencle, to b alane will e attachel, to him for any atlttrenete that may ltereatter be found. aon Resolved, That tho Surveyor I e, anid he is htee. Ih lay anlthorized, to cause tao be tittd II tto n proper Slevel, toe whole of that p'arl of Front street, be rt twtel the gunwa!e ro:ut and t the front ltne of lots ei frontinlg olf all stteat da Resolved, T'hat they surveyor be and ot in here by auth,,rizd, to procure a p ir of hand wtholsr me for tra sporting spars flr the us of steam bouat ti a d sha pa along tho port of tlhe Mtaunipahtly. s. ttaaltved, T'atal thho Srveyor be. antld it is lhere. by authoried to advertise fur tell dtys, itt the nllt. n- lIat atr.d 't'rtue Atnelactan It 'usattapru, it Eagliah i and Frle aitch flur prtro lato titata a i tiaet tieiber t" requratd tor bridg at d other .aluicip it workn, for a, t1.0 year, only of t | tuntber a htia al. O rreadly breat contracted to beo furtantelud for the t harves. ant Mr Nxaon made the following report, wthich wa ant adopted. of Thie (CoUnmtitteo of Polace to whonat was referrral thu petitiou of J F Rub and otlhers, complaining of to aerta n houses aof ili.anta, a:tuated at and aboua/ l. erculeaa, st Reapectaully report, that the Ordinaneo dated the iltl August, ld3I, provadan filly tar the as abatmenL t and r, nattUvtl of the inuisance now con. aw pldained of; that the R:eurdter its chargod with tho g execution of that ordtinance; a '1 herefore your Comnaittea are of opinion, that th lthe putationers be referred for redressn to the Recorder of this Mitnicipalhty; and that your c Gtunanaittee be discharged from any farther con. ity sidara ion oft the said petition, It conformity to ta this opi ino , they ofl'tr this resolutios. en Resulved, that J F Rub and othlur, petitioners conp aiaing, f certain lhouses of:ltl-fnLe, atu.atudt in aad about Hilurculss street Ie rulerretd tir re. ua dress to the Recorder of this Municipality. isat JOHN NIXOn H LOCKET', f EDW W SEWELL, A eoommniootion from Joseph Pileu, was road is ,d laid on the table. oe On motion of Mr Peters, the rules being dia. pf peised with, it was it Resolved, that all persons having licenses to a. keep coffee holses, taverns or grog shops, with n on the limits of this Municipality, who shall violate y the Ordinance by keeping open their respective estdlishments afotter the hour at night fixed for cl sing thlo same, shall imnsnediately be proceeded to against for tie recovery of the fines to which o they are subjected by law. Provided, that this r- resolution shall not take effect until after the let rs November, and that all such suits be instituted by the collector of taxes on coffee houses, grog shops, oh &3c. The following resolution, introduced by Mr nl Nixon, being the order of the d..y, was taken up n. anod with some anlcudments adopted, as follows: Rtauolv.d, that the Police Committee be requested s., to exmtine into thire state of the public printing f] for this lMunicipality, and in what mlanner the ly existing Ordinances relating thereto have been Ct adhered to and corplied with; and what amand meets are watting to correct the defects of the present system. Mr Peters introduced the two following recolu. i- tious, which, the rules being dispert od with, were *, severally taken up and adopted. hI Resolved, that the sumoo of forty.five dollars be o paid to capt J R Butler for ex eases incurred by d- I Ilu in procuring a lithograpilic chart of the i oundrigs of tho river in front of this Muo ci. in plity. . solved, thtt all goods, oerclhandizr, or other i. eff;cto that have been seized by tile polico of this us M unieip.lity and now in the depot thereof be n and thie samen are hereby ordered to be sold at public nction, under tihe direction of tire Comp. troller, and the proceeds of the sale shall be place,/ in the tr,.asury of this Mun:cip.tlity. On motion of Mr Locket, tire rules being dis. pensed with, it was t- Reolvd, that the Comnmittee on Police, tyake es I irquiry into the present state of the watrh and ro. i police of ltisi Municipality, and report on the samtr he to this Couneil as soon as practicable, sand to make li. any firther report, that the said Committee may as deemr nreceary tor the rmore complete protection of ro al security of the citizens of this Municipality. Onr otion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday rt. next, the 3Jith Uctober instant, at 5 o'clock, p m. i. JOHN GIBSON, rs Secretary. 1,0i'' FI NEW ORllEANs. ni1 -------- -- -----.. l CIAI:IANfCES. Sip t)rlrni,, SCnry, Nw fork, It Ame n S:r Ip l.truhl, hlov,, tlo'torn, turiu S Av ry 'i'uwri a ut l a"r,r fro . W1ri Dn ,, tiler ton oeit r Ilo0, willt Irl'irw st I erl,2i1 ro i Morrin ,r lo -the Parel ; i aving piro red,.",I to t il hr." l thr ml. t- .ht ul, ship Pcrl vian, Colu bus, Shirrp eenrvr n, Crnitt, 0 riaynfee New York, to S t J P ld C i t'llr.rictlal. [nn tfiri]lot, 3 days ferom floa inore , to ft l [-0 Lb tllni-e, A rlili.l, ih'r Z'.,l npioo erl thie loth. n Sciclr K ,.uslito. o.s. froll Voermrlien iiay, to tlrsonr, 0r0 S-hr Iloiop and rrr.r., Prrger, ,:9 day.t froml Nan',-keOt. e t - .nrrler Clyder' 1V tI iCale. IrOrr St Loro, and Aitonl. Sterner ,larrppr, reiefi , from e 'er "'n sn. S rllllc Aur lul., it \V [Jay, frOl Vreiksbug. rt . .. . . . . .. . .....'s .a. UUJY11lVILicoc'n... lf tent 1nllrs. Tt bC la''l ( '0..cp.c i D.. .....c 1 ;tubs~""r1, d1, .o.............. 171..1( sar. Lo ie O t.... .... . S e ixl , ,, ,,, (I , ....I... ....I t Iocwic, c t , II oiIntn ii ,I . z'") A ug ..1. II . I Oiri* S pt ......... ..... l e~,r .. 19 gcll- .. ......... ) (IaVd1; Sept .......... .. 4,AN s "" Iubrls roll rS. .IJI lnt ah~·..leA NEW P0111 Pe.r Iship Orc"4.1.....99 LecI.. corucc, 40 blob.1. r 1 ( ha-co, ":7`29 pill. leadiltl 6 rows d l). u Idll Ili 'l: 300 Iclc.Il, n du lx.-. 19 lohl EUSTON., ',hp lchIr,3jctcc4,c lo , el . . .Io h..cbld 7 h Iods .. IPIP) It1'S. U. 11.1 \'1 N. I.'.P ' cig Ca.11....], 1 . 1ca, n'I0O '. augur, ..d I fruit; 1, 14 U I.,l a it i, It 12, llnl F I ·O· hllll .v Vrrllllll(. II 'lii c C . 1 n 1,,spr rcu & to, o nt, ra Ii 000co.. Feb. 1),I C( c-, J Ro icrt, . on, g. aI l-l,.1l, hp.rd c...(I e. ., ..4 l l c lrgd. , adoII r n b, rd erI.]' I., cc,:n..c.!. 0. ugcc. I,o,! ,.,.I 04 4..gUccc ..0l 1. .lc. al 1 ,0c.. A bc.!.. c9 00 10 .. 110 11 l n: 0rr. IIi S1:( '1: 0 IOG : .0i Ft ... 40Ii. . .Lo cll ..... i'' .c Il, I-.&.. ,.J i "y'l.l·.&ii,.i .,,o , fi" "l' I'..., a.4 I ..., bra.. 1h s, nd., 11.J4 v I Ic'4 II'0ec4&0I0,I., .1 0.,.,, c, I 44,J rry. 1 1, 0.,: ccit. .:I II..c, h iki,,,!, jo.,I ,Y. SII wtlll90r 1 1., . 1, Ilnulr. 'l'Ir1 11 1) I)H rr; 130 t rla IIl~ul. It I '(OJn c..] o. .11;i otarp,0. ocoI' ',,, In; 1cc. ,lbeW I tcc 1,i fIlari.., ::1r ab.i'..c & , Pete :lo ! ui.4; 1 44 i1. la1r, .ct..cI. 0, ;,u1,(1, n11nI ..;1~1 r1 lc.c.&4 .0g,1 nJdIICI..I..,-, fos1l.,1,wn,"a t bord cU ' ,ni 1,1, nn.I4cEoI & 11,c,,,c I ' .'rlu n· r hog u 9.,.l... I cicot, n / 00111cc N ·~ · ..cY,,,0,'I 3.l cc.,.'.11111 I (I. cc fcIcccl... i I ..,· 0IC( l.. p la ,e rl I,: A t t an; ,1 'I CI Nc u c, n . 0 l nX..AI,,, \I'.Il,.i!1oJx,{ rlant t~ do Si~d: it, Pie.nn4'c , i d,Ic ,J SI~l no 1 b": IlltliaP RI 11rn; !"S do IdlO ll:( r, %% ;at .E doI A '. I 1,o ýc c o c y IIIj d oj c ;c1.. c . Ic t b o .. 0 c, : iw Sd lo, I L. , r , c . ; 4 , 0 1c. , . 1 , S' .'l n, do ,c yI I . 1 1, 0d , 4 \t' llc p I hal tt.,,. I c.sItlrI,: Eit,", .I .o i JtIs,c2cc kczo.. <.00, 1 It1.,,c. . 0l ~ 44lx 1 .0.1,,.,0. tn,co 11 CI t er. , c.d 44 1,0t 110 icc,,.,, N gel'1nps \E' CIIt , 44 I CUNTSIGNI·ES· at ii . F,,' , JA1n l c,.cIci..t.Ic ,, 'iccGado, -c..',u ,cJ tig 1,1 Nrc Xc,, I.'c.0 rh. I'ccl~n..c'.c.l 04Cz.cgcLo.IDP'.o. c~ n. IV'....g.rl..'.s. t Clolt·l gel 1, , J ItI''' o 4tio lc o ter, Iy 1'- , SD$ co trI Jc AIc t'.W.q ..o c\V hl W s lal ,, 11"grunt, n'l, S Tl aiC k, (: \2 6,1, cO.. dneIc A' glrlncc Icoct It 4nr\c.0rn V1t,, I,'m r A.. 11,c14,c1,1 Kcli,,I., hi 4 Ao,] J t).rlc,, r4,,,Ic 1,tI, cI..,IyloII F.. url r, cccc o . l( i, I l'l'Is?'o r r r. 1 I' 11an1nn 4 ' rat her, Turnell1r . \ ·Olodll flR, I,'" 406,0'Ial A10., ,1rA fGlgA Mct..,clc, If 1111,: J :\ I t·C0 boils. IS nl·(11·L1I)· & Wood, J II C'CIIlI.-r,, J J,,111r sari ft B o,I,.1 · ',II:·lr & (:rata.ll A.:1 DrliOY , SLIE Ca( I To rpllol 6 \1'1,!1, 0 EIU .I v 9ry,1 lc.'1c 4 iI. C .IIbp& ri 494 11..0, e Palte .c..A 'Frnr 1nn1 44c1.,0,V Koh &-an r A II o L III ., cc tote 10ccl. I' ,~·;~. ·FI·1. ;ullL4 o\ J Jot, $- 7''1 eIrr, J .1 1L", rot 4 co, ru.,llistur II. U orde . Now Y ..ok, ct Eg I7. l'n",sgr hat ocojleorng skip rut4c fccc cic ak 65 \nJ n1, 4-I v 11 .0411)1ntg r i I tiui, Cu l I:1nl C Sllro,, II if unti l.,~ r I.,Ira)'sr~, .,,lll N `rrldlr.l1. J 4 n Jnnr.,,~s J .A 1m nu, r \chn,,,,)', \V F' Jnlllru ll. P A Calln C J N Ilolt, 1Ir 'oallllrr J IS I.;a'lluu ,, G,",, 11 Ogllcal S;III t ?urvlr, \\'I1, I.12 k, Cle-lier, 0044ll ddltll n11l \V 1111.. J AR!) (i. A lt,. al Aw, IIt Bai Stlti gdN , 0. g).4t.2.tN ('apt ld fl'r 1 r Cook2 . S 'r c Still- i c.j-je loiNo.R~ & r All p R Inll ndi so n; cli ot 4 f 1, Eli,, nlou, It J IIIICkIIU p 1 .t 11 I. .' 4l .,l , ,c I. S c o cI cll c cc. I: l\V '1 t c,,,ol',i) . . P et er Lt o I c.ocrcpb \\' IScdco.gcc..l) Jc.cnc. I C.lllu. \\'co3 II)lo., 1'Inlrnrs, A 1. Phbr ll x, Sint (rulilult :old sun .Its ClhCllla ald Iluv~illlil Per 1 i-, C.lhllrlue)· 111t IPigltt l'al'lirine PIigott t unit 11 I"'"'" ra[cxsiu1,I. LI I BCnF 1ark..Pw.( lamp rr I nl"1llil··( CagrCII told Di P:,,a. "I; ndd- irrxr I. 4 rt d*I'y.' [.,,at .11''.1.1 U S t'ccc)c' J .tc c1 1,.ul'c 1cc corkI,ctcc .c.'c.' lt 1,,l..cI,1 1 o (I Stocc., ll c.l Ilirr;llll. (` rate, 51"-Tl~a ; I.11111111. 1·nlll rr.1 1 : 011111 11 s f Ilrlud. "~o", 4'd .4r 1':o,1. It 1: 11 c1r ll). 1: V 1'hdh111 11 aI j ! .t,"1, hlut. .\ S 9; c N;,L , Il di, I' ,ý uslblr 'I' 1 (PrI. Arcl111n. C c'c c~ o,rl.. e ., l , . 'b n, 19 (6, nv S\\~ If Car,., ila r~lrll,,l J \\' alul tali A Itusrcll, J \1'nte6, J S C'r ebb, J 11 Fle lln,,u), 1): 4411)1 I h ll I Ncclr lll. III1L~l Icrlct lc, coc..ll cc".I. cI I, ,,I ES1111tANU.(, t FIF l Ir OIIIE 11. Il~·Ln, ~l~lh ( Paster, _ p____ a Fh( , b 1.14,I.__d : AT o,'.c I ulIOu rn ither Ic, g ,agt-In rrli.c o at, IccILg Io.,f an ltlt~ CCII ,ccbcc ...ccl gaol c..I co.rh111 AiIiIC &I0 o n e ut l r hi p l a I r lc dI, c. 'e h ,. I. c i cn , . 1 ic c 4II 1 I'll1(11 lit 1,1 'e 1 cc'cc cl"rum INc'iYcck f i. now dl-;l ar;:iufa1i oppl Illtr (IIl " . ) I l o·LLIII) S1 ,III pleusn ttend I r eceipt it I1I1I (I`i r gr is oil G iesnga S J J I' II Ill '5(1W,~~ cj -· ox B (in ~ Conti ýý \1:1.1011 , r1o0.,,ccc-Ju ft ccazee- twccci ,ýI` d) L I Pu Iolr., of G g!.h Sn'in ,\ ,z f sort ;C()I·( I~iI· Now IL)IiJ tar i'Irncl 111( 1, 1)'11,1.\(45 I %CA a rý IN 1)altans rwOlyd will bepail la (lac erson flint .111 rrurn a bln' lrl ol rd tow, vurhly breed, atr1ye11 null 1 11 ,, l Lrlib,", 111 '410,11 41 s ,L'0'Il1:IU-,t J I( Orludla (I11O d1N1C, a x 1C'1)\ S11) ":. -:li bbd g cnllcrd fue lý riot :IlJl ly' fo r salt byt S J TI'SlN s. AVERY, n 125 1313 (:router a r nrAlba a.11.0 ;111 nllLo`lwt4,fo ,ll vr York per ,hip tIetim, si\ ver superior Leve THUEI AMIERICAN OPIC.. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE to roR TUHE PRINTING OF 'n Pamphlets Blank Checks se Catalogues Bills of Lading a Labels, Dray Receipts, ed Legal Notices, Auction Bills, cl Bill Porn(, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circauars, st by And every description ofJob WVorke that may be required. Mr L.TThe p.unrietor respectfully calls the attention of up the public to f:n above Card, and assures them that all work intruste. o his care shaIl be done at the short Led ent notice, in a unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. 'fa H IE I'RUE AMIEKII1N. n. EDI'I'ED InY JaoSnn eusINOn. PAITILIUL AND BOLD. he NIT:V OR1 ILEAN : by the THURSO)AY, OCTOBER 25. 183S. ci0 her Retolulion int.lerico .-It is known that a move; his ment was recently made in the city of Mexico to be put down the present governmenit as one inimical atIn the true interests of the Republic. This was uc/ successful: somne of the ringlenders were arreet ed, and it was suppored that the incipient revo d/s lution was crushed in the bud. The Courier, how ake over, putblishes some later accounts which tend to and lthow that ii Ihe movement be stopped in the sa pitAl it is not so at the outports. We copy the akn following from our evening cotemtporary. Wion e havt bten favored with a cOpy of a letter fronm Tampico, to a respectable mercantile house day in this eity, thu tol:owing to a trnnsltatin: t. 'A lctrric, Oct. 9. We have to inform ynt that Ilas night our gar rison pronounlcel I lr tile re..atlblishnl ent of tIhe l.iederal goCvernnent; and that peneral I'iedre , iwho was In commtnalld here, is going with several other oflirers to your city, in the vessel which carries thIs, having been driven off by tLe revolu tlunllsle. \%e know not if rthe revolution has its rarnifi. s eati s io n tlhet ,ie rine, but it is thought it hae.- ll this ie soa, andt he trops here nare rcandcd by others, thie present gc vernlent of Mexico mnst p " all, anid wne e.ill have an arrangement wilh boat l vry thing has passed off hero in the greatesl orader. p. We have no vcssel to ,lockade us. As soon an one appears, thi revolutioniets intend to let ti rJ aP cnptain know what they have done, and beg hi:it to not to preventr vessels c la ing it, i as w.t are nlw In a slan of rubelliuot agloatt the general govern The following particulars are in the Courict' account. \Ve alter the rotaton of Ihe pnrngraph for the clonr understandimgof the matter with re ference todates. The co!lector ol the Port Its shewn the editor a letter from 'amnpico cnnfi rt ing this outbreak, which islikely to be secondoc by a lnrn party In the interior. On the l ih n( October the cnrrtsonl tl i t:. ,i.n rose in tarsn and pronounctt ed int fvotr o Ithe constitunthnal l t11253. Lieutenant cnlon-1 Mon I tenregot w. chosen temporary comnmalnder of tile -" a lThe former governor, general J.tsede las i'ietlo p../ and ievern othl r ollicerc, eren taken in'o eust.ldy '1| oIt:d embharkioed on board tie tntash brig Adelaide .Ist Alter gettttt, to seaC these ollicers were landtd nt the ItaEas s St. Jog. I LThe revol. u nI tsn count ,ton it ie. ioflnU ene of Dnn " I t Vital 'mlmandezt , a Irnmerr pgaernor el the Soate ol brlan Tnto.uhpa.n. They havte a th them, Don la nuoe / N ccsr,, a vrv poa pulr at nl tol 'ntial ran, ltately N acer , a vr poPujiaa r a ndl ill ienta man, laPely i chief of Pucila o a 'iajn. 'rThe have 15'!0 men under arlms, anld are In co lllllunicai n n with general Urren, w in bergn llthi re~Vluion in the W e's"t anr [ Is on( , f the b Peat eent .rnls i he MlexicanII sLrvee [ O hn I Ill ,J 1211 of () toyer, gen,,ral I e Itr a l renacl.d Al Irntn a as, a. d Ianiuc Ied \It"xi an g. enraI at that pIa e, io tiar' thr al 10t) men, fir the purpose of a a.itta ing ihe lederaa l p .y It ''ain.aulipa s and a ',ltll ,na ) l oyan l Iii' t. aid'n, aaano t. n sart ri s sI r ni , i ti- a new article for acrlbblin n with, whirh are da gni fic~l with the b[ a 's arms, and the Ki:,g', motto iTh'e ltter we niel, adni-t of an, endi men, , 1a s'lou'd in this rnen r.all-- 'honll t e 1 qa i n r l y Tenr.'--meaning that br d wrllting atllt fnillwr .dol letrin yat-1.a lppar s i,, alli til rrtrtn*, anal na tet probable co,a ..ettrls, t.hat thea i hr liiia will yet nave ill t!e legislnal re a manjr;ty on jon: ballot. 'illr (lini aa i Wari Vii.g goes a laa'ort ,ly I into tlhe saia.ject, and seems pretly nlllident a Itn a Whing na-nitr will ett he sent to (}Catruns fromn Otiht. 'The Major sas tn*d.,n'l give ip the Ship,' and riiaily adds, the "election of Thon. Ewaing to the U. S. Senate is inmmeasurahly mner inmpnr tant ton he real interests of the wiig party thian the elnecion of a whig governaor. The Rev. Mr. Clapp returaedl to this' city ye. - terday in the steabnmolt Clyde, from St. Louis. Mnr. Clapp, we understand, will com:mence aser vice in ieis chulr h on Sundry morning next. The troubles and tioublings f BHlack tlawni, ,he celebrated Indian chief, are over. lia died at his camp on the 3rd inastnt, aged 73. We were much planned yesterday, nt tho re'urn of our rat peeled fellow ritilen, te e v.. The rodal e Clapp,aan tine healih,and high prirats: mInuc plca'ed with I as nlithern tilpt, but iiore iso at returning ar ntng lhis south rl Irie ll s, and a a ,aat k. Not a daly elnpses but Irinl.r with it i o - ie enu rious details of sngular details of singular delays among our retutrninlg citizens, eat eld by the ln w streams of the Ohio; and even inl the gratt "fa* ilr r of wateras" ahiaaaefI , tlhe river is so lnompara, rivelt 8hallb w that boats are oblliged Io lay by all night. That noble stenan ,,r tle Sit Loutis, holaeve', came down Iroat the city whencle sihe hails, in a bout 0 days; and nasshe l a atomplete flIring t-v. ra, annd hier eonennader, Captain Swan, sapreads ase gani a tna le, a enn i' s,.ern ,on sih re, her pas senters h d little l aia ea tao think their taavel aoil sone, or ledious. \lhlile Speakingai of the illaond journey flom north to south, we catll:ot .void wondering that ao few tahle tlie route by way of the upler Inakl s, and thence dowt n the lissiasippi. It is replete with grandeur, it is daily varied, and yet not subject to anll ho r' delaaiy. Pro,; Bulflat, through the lakes to Chicago, there are plenty of fine hbons to hle procured, never lailing aterF and ai nendlh. chain of interest-ing obje:t. b Thence, to the upper l lia siesaippi, the roulte is easy, and never ohaliructtd, and )et few travellers have the plhilosophyt to trust the ancient academiaic aphorism, that "lihe far:hest way round, i thil nearesrat way hoine.'. Mr. Clnpp selected that maode of returning, and Ito high terms ol the general accomdatnnns in the anay, tile natlrntl healaties of tie are te; and the unohslti cted facillvt ofprogress: thus by the wanof ite laker, pnasengeas bave arrived in hbe i S utnlh without inconviieence, and with sutficient slpeed tfr comfor:, while tanralling hy the Ohio has been subject to ucllh delays that one olotnura tizens has l een 54 days in reanching hnne fromn lauslvile. Such advantages, in favornncomning by thel 'pper I.nkes, will no dloub t relnder tile oute exremelllly pular next year; for we have klnawledge of some am).t triousB lossa in ibusiness imatters, suslained by aInny who i are most unex entadly detained on tale sand bar., or tlae sthallnwa Ilarana Papetrs. I:y the polaen'rns all C .pain I'narrll, of the brig Pastoro, which left tlae island of Cuba (n the 11th instant, rwe have been favored withl the Dinrio de la I abana, and the n.Nlicioso y laurcr, bothIl to the 17th instant which ara now on lilb in our Readiang Room. We have much pleas. are III scknowledging our constant inlebtondess to Capt. -larrtl far similar favors, whiclh we can nt tdesignate as extraordinary kindness since it isnuch as he invariably exercisaes ton ads all, whether on board, on shore. a Ieform in Il'ashiglon. We are glad to learn thtn tiam Interior of the Ilouse of t Repra senttalives h as undergonle a rroulUlnan. 'The s.lpeaker's chair , Ias been mvllld to the nppiiite sade the Chant behs, anid thie inenlllhl desks rfuarsed, so thant a wlhn addressing the Chair they will nu longer rtar tl:eir Leaks ii lrl the giller'ei, and leave f lia t juge lheir ibi v:ity by thite size of Organas No. 1 ant No 2. (O'fh,- lrdy of Lynr i mrirea in T.ff el every I ,tie it is perfrmed. On 'Tuesd y it was repeated to a very fine house,i which leiwas a large nucaml ela of very elerant females who aeemed perfeilly dre- co irghttd with the play. It is to be acted again to- to night, in compliance with a very general wish. Si Nei~ TvERN THEATRICALS. Puowf IS sUCCeosfully running through his secronl engagement at the ar Park, where J R. Scutt has just finished, and took hi, bene tir on the lilth inst. r, At the National alter Crlestcs brilliant career I. Sin dramatic action opera assumes the lead, and t'Rook's work of inspiration,r" as theI Courier calls A "A.dmiliv" was produced with wonderful tffecl, on J der the arrangements ol Mr. WVn. Penson, the E new musical direaitor. The operaa introduced It threedistinguishe d voculises, who seemi to have or made a wonderlful hit. .AlHtso Shrrriqf. has a supra- 0 no voice of much prower, nod flexibiliy : extend. ing two ocanves and a half, and partirularly tree from any affected utterance. In person site is td said to be well f iormed and pretry. Mr. W\tsoor, has a tenor of great sweetness, and in compass only hi one note short of thile Ind)'. The Courier thihnks " hitm better than wood, Sinclair. or any other of his a quality of voice. MR. SEiUInr, ite third stranger, t a bseseinger, alnd deemed superior it either tAngraesni, or Fournauari. Ill power is imnllense oi antd Ila intonation lauhless. rhs voice Is said to oextend from E natural, to treble D in the bah cliff. 'These thre singers, the opera of Arnrt. itself' tie new director, and the scene painter, Mr. lBengougll, ,re by tie t;ourier, ",pllaned to the very echo that dall praise agdin." Madame Veatria and Charlia luattlews are at L'hiladelphia where the ultlces peak ll tettrlms of I warn approval of both. When wre can cur rally agree with those with whom we habituilly diftlr, we are unurually p pleased a i i is an unusual thing. This is unueu. ally the case in regard to a remark rnade by the ,Co Curier yeserday something to this etlfrir. HVe quote foml a memory, ,o lay errin soire one word. laBefore the Globe shall have an opportunity to anoounce a whig victory in New York, - -- - the great Globe ilself, lYes, all vhieh it inhertls shall disslre.'' $ SWe entirely agree with our poalst evnallog con. I h temporary and are happy to endorse his good opill- . inn. t Th Charlaston papnlr annnllllce thre death of Mtr Itllr'ert, the mIlate of t ie . Pulaski. iho rscatr t ill Ii bo oit, with, . Nitlitillogle otlid r., Oln the 'reking of thIat corr n?, otI, to who I;i survived Ihr ry ol tIe nL 'es ill ot a t: w I ntlllths l nl llrrldor the rwtherilrg tlllld it lor(ievo.a. 0 UE0 EC0 , ISatr rday 0:v aoill. Oct. I0, 18:t1.- f. ai. lhip tN a-CONSTAor, arri'ed lrttta-oiiio"'at i o'calo ir a:ithJas o'r0n, I., ifax; she rep orts ai nt i Ita toll ilt rrl a, rdtller,! Paaveot i tlwrsyagerorlyr' ill, d Thri t rho d uit pr ise ,n rn It it also ;iid, trhat rone t aiir t risoners (Ihouchee) was on h ile point o 'gefli lf i llIrrerir ,. C- FAvN .wrIGc T Wrova0 {.oa.,o rrr.o , sno!y tiý, ,....tti as perovlevir lelivervd !li llhltri t iad oflr . leo ~ill, a il . Wlhi~ l ait llFo lls |tril, to a Very largE e lcl nd.ery hoi(nroatl , a. it tCetr tlritge. Sir. was interrulted .cry frtlroii rlty ririr hIra td Ifarrtfrranird b' lla ull ll ' o ihir'but the Pirsev r. of a tsae of an telmn and lnir sa 's i ti a atl uly olth s toIlnllt, an d Ihe waxs sffer o llcl'llde. \l\ tei she s lttd to leava tile i ha I a rihl w mIts l e for lit .h1er a r d t l leI, rt ll~ iiin t" ellrds cn m llale and Uiilllale, but th" wrulalch,r.. lfl l I ,llainstrli,*l. f.rln l a noh w uar l no l re ta lt fir llv e rr 'v i aiit ir e Otg t iaei'.' hr itlllltlal{n n paroil| t . 1lk V i R m r rroi"" l ,ti ra d to h re o-i{-Wallet, It 'ahl ntr'etfillo ! I tah wrs alria a mord tarat, trr sto o s by tllou lainc ., w. , i lo . "+"" ai, 1,1 reo rioliall- the-r l I)r , lllrlo I u i h er 1i ] m I M -ltl ont I' tIt, terrliaiai tao nIl t* : Or 0lllllll00 f.hll ., it lnn Sthll g per f ie ortir hr r alc l tnl+, e l lllll ht 1 r 11,lls I to risk their yes all IrirIa t 'o par tyo I ert t Irlii w ai tll th tI alilld xl ie ti r rtiI I 'tre oIur nllll ri llotr, nc d ie wllln - oll tha nely of her ludirors.--r our.i." i't l ie CoaMM ODR E i t i l l'ra ,N.. 0 i dIl r ir lt of r t 'tarilvio iriol hre ha o ronrmla rellf Ii letllhr i, 1R h, hadll hII i. r hh.rl aoohoa, a h ullho . iln iad publhc frtll pr erat,, stale ]11o ihe o i rvi-, he .uru att tr r Ithe r rniut* la reld a llr, l l d ltniao , uald o, r nllr',rs, hkn a' l uthcr , lli ttrly situale ] ilr . rs ( f.t l'e'r 11 1'. o 1n o p nl s.eblllh t lly e tliinct% wa.i Mretii r hhar d thl ,e I '. ,n .r.iitell' ot.t, Il]:1 ('liuin lln odorH ]1:,8 ll II I:I'I, t I. P r% n . l II. 1 ihIIr, 60, h h ' ih l a e 'H O virrri'tlres. ot.on" lllt r ,tllf libe l to tinr' lolr,,,? i ],,rr a I il a Ira t tarlo i llf r l IiI In t i ot r.? tsrll ; II1 ot l al ilt',tl 1 I'1it whirh rei o nr rav nu ii o1 t n ri'tl ,d i i wi s pr.ol;,o i tir a l lu . In hI rIn l er 1d i.~a ...... Iee 1r !dro)tl'l e',', tR. 1.) Iooknl~ln nIUo , i upon the ,1 Wn, i l.uril the ahrs of tell1t h,'atn ~lll hayv. Ihrt IIet laI t titlll rtaS ith aPI f Mir" l lted waill hoot.. ilh t,; I of pihrtor l.r nlao r rohir oir i tr roh it.o it41 rc Ill I''.if ttr Irot. t, tclime, ai rd pll htfnl , rv rr oat Il II, l lninr h ,t, I 1. tae , hl h' o l'd·l· his .pl. l Pn Ikr+ l l, l Is fntenhds, w ith, anlrp hr:l- .s f I 1Mu-o". 'i't evptol,'ity , a.oof v giorril- rl vrl l I r, ,i i.11" P IH ,,.r, it taiihr e det,,up r c i e rrf, al, itIr1 h tih .o "h'.i ,r"I e r ,i11rr n ik oi 1'11r f i¢ p d L i rll'r a rrh ihh rty o if I, ,lla 'le l'lll y Ol roa r II aolr r o lli l I'.letl i' l h n . , u tIIth , ,1 u 1 y'i In d l- t1o l ,!,11.111-y an II hI h '~l,', l lelrllt o u ,r h Ir'c ir o. r l,, l llt tIIa1 t h it o. , . a \'o hln o rIt ; i . r oler ll. . r lut " irr . n lllt'. rrl, I ,tll r. ir oIa ¢ e., the nr4, erlr : ' the I -nu t hootlv nt ' Illil Iv hrL-enlel y'I., -too In 11-11t o t Il it r lIcr "1.P true, ,:lI r..t guthid Ibv h~l 'e ' , • . " 'r a iat h l la ! i.t . Ih....... I~ i) r nII ' ll ll ll l a' oaia-er, aneth, joiaraaroa'r Nrk lark, foar i ,r h t 1, hit l.,ll t I b i. bra n, a or rilo l.if'haar l l" l vll, i ,[l,"t -lll,, ih1 o I'+' I.,111l i11.n lilat the Jo(fr Il nT( .Oll lll rlnr' frol nllc f m r )rh ,Ipi p> h0 arpy to he ict r i a[tihe above , " ,lnclal." Iir' leaolo 0 l0e oiallnllPaoIt i t mI r1 tv r t m/lrry ort so illrr., 't'l i r e thl o vlllli~vgry lhar a' i took rtrell rlll ally, nd iell lll ello ."llill en mlUtlluil Itry iitelr (. uOt Imll dameiItr ill Ito gelltleii'll, w in',, ciqulmt llnl ti. T. | y hate iio pll lr ,'ll·Ir w* isll to t'll T .llr alnlI I the 111u111er of :1 es to whom thel " are ollign~d to lind ill liae 1 sLreet within reasonable hulllds. :t" .V"%llat other ,Pr ,lr tnlolk oft' eso mnlteis r knloW lint.. br.ilng kinoldies. inlil 1, i it it . l'J ard l' ever Ibrell noIr oi)tlllllll tlat thle fewer gellll e rl ll dy lal se' i nt owlll)W IPJge. ill t, v h le i r he o i r , 0n nw )t m a WOelll al o d al. d every I delkll(it!, ,ulu nelh kn tso l at ld illnle n allc i i ll. et , ahn l r lI h ,ld dos, ily dispnt ncll. e ' , I'ul h rde tn nlts. tint :1 ttlet It, in rlte na haw l .Illll ' ll.lllll sal,!.,l, I htel pret([i h) , n e1 111 ai ilte a.ql a ao ncr. . tf 1 olet y '. SLl . itallIll th Ip,,, orr o t- e ,hP rl. i a d i ni s , o 'o ,n 1 s h :l l ~Ia g ru n rl f I l ilrlo e y ol n l. U lt u n t i l II . , . e a - lg e rmained wh,"tlh r we I1 i" l y1% 1" ) Ii l.-'-t fi eqll.,ntk', ll(·I n. Ill :croo the- charl , or )'o11 fltiltilinr InOlls ,ll 'l,,c tile al.he r. 1 of O- M rang elS.' Il ethor ti t desire larlllllntrly !IhII vt we slltnld iL va more of rlllllhlr ·lltl allltillnol. I (lol.l1 nOlilllr sir,," Now Ihat we holdI, a is oI.I...I i ia , - u In ought 1., ielleouls low tens. to exprc L It Iol to a't I t,,, |lll I the` trt. Th. rat1l fa anlhiguoua u ,yx; a Wll t ; iu ia Iiltll wi-hew liliny ,IIaula eII cuera,,ing, h.u mlllut seek it In some other Al .e thIn.. thw. St'sitree ra N ren(.. ~ -- L~ T O\yS-IF0 beeeo jutrrer I andJ 4* ~ FA~ie b. ý.J LE~l A. 1:(1111k'Fc 11'i3II) F1 I 0. (I FIF Flek I 7. Il k 1111 ',71 Illcc~~lllI ~ ~RiA, IIFFI AgI'Ilf'l , 11 10llI, ort?Y 7 Bank f larec d Mo '. N ~ . t 1F fr :1 111a Nautica Almanacs folIr 111 11I. Ill 1-F Iyea1st ilet) Ft" Id Iceli (cliu~ IiF Ili t t ,c. el'ifo .le llell lct1r 51r le. 'fabIFes olfl a 1,1:1c 7 1 6Im e I1 F 1 1 Al c71 c 1l e A l s o, O . f o r 1l, 1 0, e b i 1 1 1 , nl IcI, lie ~ ~ 1AVI FiELT' S11 C1 c..b Ne A ,an StIionr' 1 111, oct^9 J 4 'rFA irtrl, l rge7 Ist n f s p i r t'll lP ens, conitn 0.11 par ofU9111:I6- t 101,11 OcF illt' ' bllers wl and Barrel Pens, a(II Engle :( ns, till warrant OH1 IlloS .ir ul lilelilA FF181 F. EFF'.eF jrccllniI ~aa I ge anc ilelcolr by New Yrk an Slatos ers lnl, ,1 boxes while an c c (lycdflis;i 3lll cc- 1Slllo, WhO! lf'Si XLI'nsi TIN cnl1nr BWA r Sall OIr o7tcl6 iIi'lli l I ne 5111, lndi rm hpR eIc~YllllOclF ullllc lll.F ladt~c ruc , I nll ecilll. Ill i 1111 1 'lllc Clllrlc llllceFll iilcO 111 Ill~lS TI*ll in 1 'lore, sld tl' or torl by fIStlAAC BRIGE &1CI, o0r11. i713 11 c·t ll ul 80,0 lauding from ship Pine nlut and our rtdo by J '1'11.1VEIlna (.arEAS- 111 boxes IIC(IR) owderte 1 , ( Irh Iii His, CITY AlIlnH* Ib boxeser s Imprriol 'Ito landing f rom shipI1I: 0009E L~1'N\ i6'EI'0I) & AVEI~~Ci'Y ocl19 7 I ovi,lcoi ('1 O.\1. I.U1rhI, s111 - 1J tons O ill l eB(L to c ask-;l C :i0,8110 feet Wait,, Pine boards, for syle byyull I;~,,~ _ A yA 1011,11 Ito, )ik anc'' rllrl, Clrdl- not tar J iv d nn C i ul oir e of AM ft , Elv'r sn prril . i I'lUI in s y rdsas elows hlgll, lan vii,1 cco s M rry Andrew,,, I II ighl tnderslookes, AcA'o . r sale~. by the New Yok StuionrrsIrn11 Camp St. Theatre. 'it'tIS ''hetret was olt teid fir thle enuitt on - ntondey breietg, thtl dt ufiOnnbcr, undie the - iteanoelntnt I If tt..Hl. BAR RETT. liming the recess, the interiuor hea been newly and - elegantly decor.tLed. the hexes areln ed in the meot convenient und eeumfortvble ltallnner lotf the accoutiOIdnt tien of fati~ties, end thle Ierqnette filtniahed in tile ntel splendid eIlte. 'Ie dt.nelantione une afier the tied sign and execution of F J. C(OWEhLt. . A new drop curtain h us been painted by the Italian artists, Ceresa ani I'itoli. The compaln will eoneint of the following Intdle andl gentllmen:-a-Are. IG. Itrrett, ;reene, Andernso, \Vr rell, niall and erite. lisnee Melntyre, I.owte, \Vallis, end \trey.- nMense.s. itnirett, Fredericks, Johnsone, Itdtges,J. At. Brownt, (ireene, W. 8loton, Franhklj, Dnvie, Il ntley, J. Sefion, II. Keppel. Kirklatnl, tlarks, Anstin, tI.:nennln lld Lewin. Tie teOreenet n i eill be fi nl nd efficlient-l.ender, Mr. C Jackstn-"First Violin, Mr..Iolle; 2nd Violins, A\lesesr. Es)Ieneimtnii nt+ Joikel; 'l'ereor, r nSoteomnt;Contre Itnse, Mrl. tInieeinghii Velitctele At). Irtece; Cnarioo ttoMenee.r . Dillln nid .tat; t; IIteno, ien n ers. tiimres nl Adtiemt; Trulmlpet, Atr. Stlhnelcer; 'I'lnlllbollen, re. Occhin; Flinte, AM. i'aeron; Ene ttlt; Mr. llennings. Mr. Sewell, Seene Ianiner-Mr. litnlltley, Proenpter -AMr.Vardete, Methanist. The Matageer fully nwt tre olthe necen;ty of stricto e' lerandde toruzill ea Ill reeult.ed iantreand bing res.heed Ito reider this sltlishlnent every wavy worethy ofhe I ge ttrlnaged nl tillert of an enliglteld publicr, has received the essistance of I all etlciEi'ent poli)ce, whichB will Ite unde tile of Mir ('oe rrTA. The S.loon hag teen newl litlted tilt nod emi,'lbtit ed. to Ce to Inake it t ugres)enbl renort i)r visititer. ti)lring tile eesnit, inl aIdilid n to the various novel-' ties ttht will be regularly prelteced, AMANY AI't'te't1'T of neknowledged talent and repuntaion will aucerssise ly etppenr. G. H. BARRETT, eI.ssee e& Mnnager. ON T'IlIS EVENIN ,OCT.5 t-, 188t, Will be Ietformed tile successful play of THE LADY OF LYONS. Can le Ilnettu, Mr. IFredericks General )ounl s, It l lell, Itelousnt-u, lAe Bir. Put lioe, 5he. Binrrett. Song, Mr. lodaes. Pue :ýeul, by l1 . \, ray, The whole to con, ]lde: with to ttree of 33 JOHN STIREE''. ''omlpkins, Mr. Br eli, Si Chales Crazy, Fw, e rwks, Lady i ruy, Atu. itmrti. $. 511-- liltlherv, .erll :ellts. A uil hd lll.(I lllbel" fllt r c - sut Tiicilet to be i ad ath nl II ll ttt It lx t ic'. ',t ox t tllt 'open every frm nt to, 1 t A 11. and Sto 1 - i. [ i. , utr tnAl l alAt tta ix, P 31II 't'e Cut lt-lc . 10 a N. I-lhl- ' .\t et l;It y ' I m fir l o |,i I Pt ' y N ' O et\ l ll ttit,,i I.x cbauge llbhed, It,, been lhi. iiy diii''vi',i by iTiint l tcu e tlnt. J, I lIu .. l' I,. lli t ch.ol ,.,, d ill) l ile, tl ' Sru't nl t re ,liimil, tf tie ltB cinartl .rltiI . oaC l Ia a1 Ilt i he fir,, iti ill be alael ugy th I itt i ti iun. t ( 1111 ii li i tllt I ~.u tle .,tIInSilI, 111t-r1 Ic cite hlinioc sttek hyI lilt t lllelllllll llory Io I It S ml ill .r, e toe ri .nIt~Ir Sin ah . hli,, holl, ,in.: e i h i e Ioith 'tuog . .l I Idko I brllintur ,llO l d, Il)t oc : "(ti vt i:; , i i 1, d O S; v rish no I, '2 nn . II f olr ur,'b . u.,eI; Malitk a l brow0ii ,apn, itr cote b -i II1 .Io(I ),'tr Ih.,., n.-uerd his IE'ading ltoui' i n iol J tothe S er . .'Il l,'-'+ Eececellc, Inle t o tcr Ia id St. 't'liltl lcl l11 i Itt ' lt t nI tlst ,nn itee' ir. ! ,llr1stdtll til . i nflt~" ,iti-,Ill I a "rs efl h I lll od Slti es I u ct' + Ill a, , to,, th''til Ivil l i u lie tilh th,, il· . llul 'l. o , .tln " et t, , lo d' iJ l i's, n lll I '' it i'. - lli , t . ii i v,. . e tt i tll i tal ill t n I. ntol ' t'he r lct I of t ~ll, rllt in, : ntit s thei ' pubhtoa it~lll I' n Lits y ..1 ,i tl alll, lthn e, l: , \Vn e 1 rlllel· r ii '.t r l i l l it(' s tth fii 1I l. ' lt) ' l:. . LII . 1 t ,il Notih Amr'ei , ie, ; iltt t, ih l' l.,, t t~ Knirlk b Pvkrr . T ., 1 &li, Co - nu, i.l nf .3,ov . inul Atrle, .illi tl 'Z i) ,;(·lt i iIIIIII[.iii I((lll 'S ,', li t'cll, ) i .tl tcllO ('IILII.II e-s vilt I ilml( 1 IIt't t tilll-nit I.t- tl"ltt' '. A ll i ll, , ittlilt t ll' h l-llllti ill' l hi IIII' ] II I I l a t utd pl t tIII .i P .it . , I' i, ' tI ,, t i it In I ti , it it i il, l ii c a I tI , t ie. I .,; lll I, i ' it t I ' I'I. llir i'it, o i\ ' ' itt +i'i_..t , m"", sit , ,' toit .t, rtt iiiti Il N I n11'1td S Ili et.1. ,f i liftu ob n +:+,, i,rith .til~lle r1` .' i l` i. cll(t I---lI I dll~ i '4f . or : ' , u' , " es. I- -ter s i ,, e ,:, 'nl n+r '+ 'i ". lit I,r,,,, , l ie t tI]] t.· t )' 11 l, ll .+ 1111" "Ix h -,ltd o u l ul " c . , , , ,,, i , - ,-r i ,1, t-t, ,'V r l h , ,:I,+,'(y i:: Iii. I ie ii I i tt. ' I ) I ,-I 1i", t !,' ,ll nthll ( ; o \l'a t< Ih. ell .L' t, , r e i, l" I II1(1` 1·1-1 . ~ 11 o l i- Iu .o 11 (: i-il( Iof i 111e, llr I: ' ih i* 11 ,11( . 11 l .. brc Jt" oall rd:i rl l I i ! te i,-, 'el.i: ,1.. l. .l ll,1 Ith m l · lltlP .h I1l+ I lit b I.IIIIII it n rlI , II) ] I , , i bi ill ,i . r" l i. , 1 d o . ,", l 'il -l i Illljl-ll ] . lene", l l£ :u[ I ii i ,t'-c .:;v, tlllo "jll , h tom , ,l) llI1 t ll. l l",I i , l I[ i l- !1 h i, ] h i, .,lI .ll lln,. l h, !)" t III ( z lb,+, t.l hi:1. IIt o -li r l.ll el.o ,I'II0 'U m i -ci;l.e-. lllil ,It I l nd ih eil -rl-h+.d I t-ll r','~l d '~'l,,l hi.n ,,.+t- r I· ri iI prt.)"lll 11 " tI, unit ". r 1 p1. w l lltll+ " !"' ~,I , r.l',- ,t h l' ll I o )ll i ft. .t' ,, c ly is At - illln," l. Ic:' ,,eII 1,111. i 111 :4be111, ``.. 4 to, Iii ill ive, nd lll ) i t,1 1 Iii I "'ll-. m 1`nd, ,i tl i 1t.-1 1111. h ll lir e ,I e'rialel. a b lelllleop e, II Ilm + h1is 11 t -+, Ir, ttl'lll Pih r. (InII 1ro)riul the Iris \r llh 'IPl]5. tII ht , pa l l)ll ie e,~, 111 1 th dl d . to llqnll ll in 1 p tIT l l1.1 -o l 1,,, e. hen t lt! .1 1 11111e: Icia t'rF.,lil ;,i licr :l. ('Illpo () hl ll''.1 \Io_ a tp Iti+)ll of liltr ) . I tw s wrud, l v .()I i iii Ia lliho, if, "n u t .l r rtul (hot- ,n iI ht i, not If ply c-r'ttill,,l l t. g lie ll,. th ," II eel d n i, lll It. ul' (,Im(cII. to Il1e \ee lnll'd" os ellct o)f ih llll1r l e·I1.lrlli' . h. thcl ,e wvho )lip ll~ tl ta r l ia tu ol lthl ,heil i.\%-i 1 owc liccl.hl 1 ;l l by tt, I i l Iln etl llu ter the ilrt dly of N\u, r e r it x.I Individuatlly I ut Ier hn . i htit n Ilt ' itizens; l - gers anu d travt. ller+ gene.i all. , 'I t ll, lrlllltrll r il terllil lison tl ex rt dlh, i€ . u ie l ~~i tl tio pleae. while caterile lor the laots Iout g neral o(rlllllrt of their llguest., lllll Ilo .le lhTI t II enII. a Clltinuance o1" public faver tmol pualtront,. I) 1\V TI:IttI.N, Ilhe Natchez Fr etradI -; I,.ui-vill. 2...rnol; New rY"ok Express; Phil, , lp i' IIr3hl nul Srenti " ; IVo, tn .\Atlas w.ill pla- puhli-llI the above three ti elss, and fIrward their ntc(onlt Ito this allice. l'l ott1-irrtq nE l E'I'I:I c '. 1PER.l-Ju-t - ir ed il-iIo. , the limrl s i i ine Millsti, 6 .aes supe line blu leter t t; Syet v Illow p'rn d1; 11 cl -" l ,a E tIiI wl t, C eit lE, paper, di; 2.csl-X thin pink lear patler; I clases sulle' lino packet lot Mrga izte; 2 ca-'i uper.ine leltter itsvlrhd culllrr;y 12 c ss ·+ tul l~rlinle (loetc o a Jortdll c ,lrti. for asle, wholesale, and etail, IV 1) ,'EIT & Co, New York Stntiouers' Hall, oct1i5 24 Chartres itreet NEW Al rticle. Ju-t r, ".iv d at 53, tienvil.e a;., 2 a iPllleior lit o Arm' our Iedsltends, s itall, tilr oflices or smalln rolt; the public: are respectiully invi teld to call and examlille thLe Samne.1 Cllt3II'LIN & C)IOP.R, ontl5 134 Julia tt. U S re.eived ter )9t )rleaun from N York 49 do I:lesh ld ldo 2 do [lenev's calcined Magnesia; 2 utit I.t.utr'i. A tllrr ti fnt du , do Seldhil, l'owllrs, forsail,'r b octl N Y 'ttntllll r o ' Ilall, C lrl.e -t i i .o rlllltl, tlila ble I.,r Ie rity or IOIIIIIV gtrade, laliding ffroml ,hip Cenlurdlil, and for sale low y for enash,orapploved ipaper, by A F DINBIIi & CO, sepG 21 Cuomlll Hloue IlENIlY'S Cnlilued Magu,,ik iajust I itsI lll iazoo, fl-oln N.w Yollk, It i'w glce it llenry's genuiue calcined Mngneusia, ur Fmo by Ithe doz. or gruce by niDAVID FELT & Co, ir _ep7 N Y Staltitlers Hlall, 24 C(hltrte it tO \ Milt bAL:E. A FliS r ralte ilch Cow; apply on board ship tS( 'EOLA, onpposiIe it. Vegeltble itnrlet.. octn1--iOt TO LET. The upper part of the I ou+e No. 5 Cam p street possesshl iiay be given iulncdiately. a n'yly i the prnldines. 11 XCIIANI on olistnn, for uale by SIS.\.AC BItilltiE ,. C(, .tet7 1i4 ,-1i 'ile s' lO.\}'-- 2II to et imtilaton No , soapnI hnd o .Jncw.amoll &+ Tr )vbrid ,e landing fromn allt Cnru t ISAAC BRII)GE Co. oue2 134 MsN. tt,, tt St. 'Charles Theatre. 25Tri NIGIIT OFTIIE 3EASON. S9tih eapl rauce thids reason of MR. O I, O UE IIJL LAND. t This Erening, October htdh, 1838i Will be performed the popular comedy of SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER, Frank Henrltll Mr. Harrisef Gure. Ceartell, Farrenl Sl'imathy Qoaint, HOLI.ANDI Wilow Cheerly, Nr. larrieon. An Or rture, by Orchestra, iThe perl'urmance will conclude with the farce of SPOILED CHILD. Little Pickle, Mrs. llarrieonr+ Old Picl e, Mr. Willisams, Tag, HAollondi li.s Pickle, IMrs. Smith. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. -El-t-esg1. brught to iik I-Pulrld ofrls.-Se-o.dM-tunie g V cilpllitr, in t]aronte streret. bes tes ldevia anI Gired stre , tinh the ibth instatl, the following a rttlntIl, v - nTwo dark tiny Hloser;ono has a msrk on the left hitt. T ,i ownrt reiquested to prove prop.ry and lake them awlv Ire :eaturdty, 27tl (taoober, or Ihe will b Ssold by 1 In Guillo, Anctioneer. 11 S IIARPER, sei15t Cnptain of Weteh T'lhe Iblsccnet floor rf No. I23 Julia. nxet aCe tIl.e curler af Camp otrert r.itaile fIlr offiess er stole roomrs. Apply oa tle Ipremises, or to r.C W CA31AIACK, octl2 A(t r al a1nk, . AT'I"NT1JiiiNl2 GO(VERNffOR'S IRlOlsE Gi.UARDS, YOU will attend drill every eveoing, Sundays exo cc l tedllt tlhelr'rll reoeta, ll.lg.elte streat, nens tour e I , rlrtChailoaalUY rllrk, at 7 o'clock, preci ely. 'I he greatest pllntrd.lity is Ire'tr rtel:, as t master it engatged : give h:sson in trlls, swldexerrise. By or. de"r of (;upwil 0,borute Cl(+ures. Ju)tIN (;IBSON, octl ( Orderly Serg't, C'trMt'tTIleL big t rFFI23 -e CONiD MUNIj New I)rlehtns. Oct. itll 1.38, &i (iEI. e11.Y teo resulutio orr tir Council; dstet5 1 t ta' lle t hiem r, 1ti 3r , ste tled propostil will, s eter'lrb r l t e \., re)r I h.-t ' I lllltride.-l';iir'lt rilte llls L)oIa rsr Blerrllds ol 'hir .i.t1 llaiciptl tity, pary ble iiI thirty caras Slld brllli.; six I"p r ctl )per au mll e interest. The in Iret p .s itl e -l t ri-ratlly in Londont , N w York 'tirT e Ile ,l l eeds b, litr i(iU 0 eachi , if tII;e inlteret be a- i be lle in ll e. I, ter I tles, lr d fo) r r . 0IU U tgeelIch, I ,h. herl-t be i hcr hltin lodalon The prolposals to bo td elldarsed'rropoa.alcrlf burhe s.' JOI1IN CALHOUN, te- cctlI t lte ttljltr.l ¶ '. I sr·aade -- ; r, e r -.(,;,-+-,.i.Sr-o , vuiciltri-e, - _|NSv,'llc Orlcibms 0 l( t 18 I:3. S |IrONFOiIilMEh\Ti' a true resolutio dutotnail ,he IL li date du 25 aeptetllibre 1Il30,des alles cachetet e x- trol, tll rc sll i e ~lurea etl jurlt' ll lardi, le 27ejourrde t1 er.ov ittl ee I, : rpr rrnlr, pour tri t cn rt tnille pireelre des - lIHtttt do .tl l e Ilmn icile lite, p1l3 dal s tl r1 te ann, I. et Jorts l on intere' desix eporr te-i l'nnr i'interet tayablt par eaicetre tdals L.odhes, New Yark on a la .10aveo le lbriennse, c an l iee rlrtr collvenit. ] u b. on " s di ver ll r rw p I •c it e pi stret cis ' quo l.) L t. I cat Ii .pla t ' h ivr es s it'ling s'ile sttr-patt blee 'r : rrst Ije proositions dotl crta etrrndiiresee- li: '"PrnI l sL 4 for [| +11 t " tltet JOIIN C.\LIIOlUN,Co I r, JrrE OF L itNA-i'lish Conbt for the 3 I'ari-h nd city r I Naw UIItes.: l',tent the liHun iiCh arlrl r eltitbeut, Julge, . - I (el. 8h 1838 lr hris cr ehdtor n r tlsae creditor, of 1bite & l"ly. On lsei. o r" (',. M'1rillirn, (''r t el hlr tie Isolventy - nod oil gllir ei ill Ill U t to r I IdI rllld that. na dI llrc uI xi- ,uI iill rl he lo t etiOf t ill lllll1bt, cr (tllI tllltll |llt had n1ot ap. L- ur d ,i IIt 1e -r[lllthll r f"rr'l tir to r ttttl te n dis 's si r:;, l t " lire tiet tet r - 'is rety" ene tbie S rtlclr', that tho -e rr,, . l 1a -. _ vta lir r trt io thes ' "- ,c mcl and ot '\\ hit. andll h 1 lllrv teat piui; dirt, l' s't oi Vese * c ;', ;!til2 dat l (i o ( 133,c'1., ll ,le l ll ret, id there rt Idelll rlle t ole ' tele allea r ofI the pItitilon r, and " I rw Ilu e h tile aeld in-l tet- shotled llot be C rl. 'lr U flol lltice,~t Ile il r, I ;l 3 - ' 31 Gt I'V ., nelle-'rtwfd ID', Clerk i 1'tc.,, I ,nt . l'hhi l"i hl- i.l, j. t. ot lree 10 ,i Ih;:i;-- \, --.I,,bo \\ hite,, debhltu.l' -. l ha baul luLtu - S.I I t' M ! e llll .nt l t I t. '" l i I Ii . t.clslilTncr Iu 4 Le, e le. i. e ei e -r t ell'-, t i, I ler N e --ee r el ll, )ntie der , ' 1,: t1irver e , i l d,: iti ro erirLt r , l I teli etrtl t blee a he c tler ,e1 ,,i ie l .,el e ee te .eee t crealre er1 s t tiue . i ,' t e 1 it e au ale't-neb de ---I clas4im1 , s )p,"1 hl·t"Fl.' l tIc d'".··/1 t l'T ' ll llUI; Ie Ie etraa,11a, I aae.e t pl'ear laour ei'ri-ne er. . r1, lJ tlll I ullh<, , t'1 t" rc' e tx te Irh te -" & 1 Iv ter I, [ ete ell a pt t le .ra Illrlldi le " l d' rietllre It 1 e , four v ,de tl, 41 ,It + -ltin s de Jorlr Vsbhitts poI r it F +,lO tt r poulelu t h'd't J. ha, I \\'ile I o seer t it; I',s hut' l-, eit e '-I, ' tr.t . sica t rie t ee.- .. Iett " er t Cctt ,r, itt i t. IJrige.s.3. l t +I (11 1\ , , I I d l' te gN rr er, - I I"N D) I.I.'A\I1:, Iblt"\%AI, . . . S1 I. .tl, I re.el the C rrallton l it . t t '" hi n* l+ , t on L x... . , i .. ....... IJI f)i S'y II i~ll , c e rri -'bo Irt Ilin ietis.r N iiir' Oilllttt( lie ill NI i rr e he r .ee Ir e It l .r.-llt 4 Ie rn ITr a fllri N Al ie cr ., ar;,,,,',r. nrlh lilelt "'ll I r il: 1+ 'r il, h. "1' ,1 ulr it , +\zu'I w dl[ h I d,+ i. Itntl L l is tll i I vra l tie tt N. ceiilere de r - ctt, "-t " ,' 'I :'~. . . A r. Jt.RIt. ri 'telle 1th L 'u.e_' h.; lhet Ihud [.... ' chlg tii,,d el|r a b.d b 'sOr"u.sO*s' il u(,he gitc,, to the It o N1 vn)crhe nee t ort> -it' ( if ._\< .1 IA.J ' f11. .1ASON'S CHALLEN11 E LACKING! j S. " '. IAS IN, of Ph .l IJlila, bior:; reicclIlly eP to applie als o ih neschant a li p hl,li . r0e trllv of .\rýa t)ll e,,l aind I,ýI, lsh hl 1 .,t I l h' u ) p lplllrd . l,,5 trS. I.rr..u ye I.)',itll.t , Iir Itil' egetO. s l Iot saleie II Nle Ntl tll,.d itd il il htA l O I ('|HIA,.1I lut)OI' .AND SHlOE llLACIKINi ill this e 'eliolll of cou tl',; ,l Ilt le w hc h 1 tr u L n(ll, jimpro lnlne t llll li r l I 'i l u " ru , ir andi U llillt m i.y of qual itIy The to I l e r ii ller e lthlc lhll]'ti geBlack .II . Ilt rll l ii IS nllto', ii llllllu Inal lll I, ini erv nllll I ulhy po l ~rlll wlho will l ', ped wC lt l ]ldlr, A'- li/llian ii 'll IIt .II l til t tiit, cettlo l Illis Sl ill ese cIlth y, ital ,l le to li i i ., Ii, t l ' l ll : ll l it i mrurily Ilrl ' ty , th IlLIkink llg In t, ll llt uni lu lcc. Allr chitt2lur p allln ! e 11 i Ea l I. ,l s ur a p l h .1 lad rtllhll Stockl lld r I lle I . Ilo lan ici llo ,i l ;h,., i+ i*+ I t , t' h ( llal) i pu l'l t rtll nr ulllhllird, t lt t lht ll"oIo fia lill it l t he lh J'i'ir n lleit'tir '. 4l at neis. JAt . S . .A Is:., t'hmhiod, it peh , U pt. w IIh, '1r3i. 9: Ca ll o hill at. A4 t ild2 d iltdilt' u Ity lre lil ( t. Ittelal. Mell t S i th l le k I l'lide it ie S o,· d iftthiciptlitl t I t.*. I"rrl l l 'r u tlltt are I ereily A l e , l tt Iheir ,l.o! s Air I h' ll hid oilllt lllllt) alre I dll'ur, nld i!dtllgV antll l s [ Ie oct l7 J (ONT. S .Ii . III lt ,\l.Al, ' .u. st arII , ub ic lc ih, , lt n tit ),h it U e. 11 clal tl girl , l firt a ln vtl,-vs, lOt lee l id ttit titb tLy rw 1 ,tlh 'Och rll a t.ett A poned pte'ry dn telling hdo',se in b1. Joveph lie- >i, r ll t Uct a, N Ihc Stt. lturti llrlha l ruilt deitie Atr i, i uitulitll o ly tt tullllt ft il e. ApliyI torlc i ilc e Subseriber, late ll estnrtniel r at ;Ni . 119 Ch nr tre strtl ele, inorms his fl s id tie publiuc, t9l1 ilIA IDGVEII CU , I' w Il open it Niw &tra A'r, il " T 'littr A. Arcdter t atIis, fe i tic ntiltlllrtl lilh , either ine pr'te roomst a Ile( ti rttura 'l, or lt pri t to . ocl:U-t inL CANONG E, eL I t I j, b tES 11 'Al) N , Prr.dt O taol ,n i i lh it 4 ulla;aI 9 ltl ll 21tu 1 tddlopitutlln on [s 1.tai flfl p an litilit ite, taiid if rtolu inurtnb oAI'. & MAIDW M 1 It DEVERAUX, o 1 8 All l (|C tb IPt |:M S i -it]- 13-1 l1agazie L-ESION 1 YR-UP-il ,-xt. of 1 'doz. achl fir Bi Uale by READ Q BAKdTOW,

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