Newspaper of True American, October 26, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 26, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVElY DESCRIPTIONO, fPSEDII.Y, HIANDSO(MELY AND CH1EAPLIY EXECUTED AT THE OPPICE OP THE T'rue Umelneicalt, 8T. CIIARLES STREET, NEAR 1'OYDRAS. m03 'LOUIISIANA FURNITURE WAREIROOMS No. 53, dicnvlle street. lT I.LLAM R. CAILNES, (fr nerlrv of Ihe frne of Flint& Caroes,) wohld resiectidoliv infrm hrs feritllnt aud Ice Poihlitt thIt loe oce etoriotaitly recriireg Yronl OOHI YOrkf tnlBd BOston g t (oolOl OllllYnt ttf FOU Irioure, ouchil an lchitoay chc:ur., eOthe, ~ed-irende, rlo 4ple id paBinted Ceheero, Inople end cherecv bkdeteodo, noleaoganv and cherry talller of all description%, Itu .atci, toilets teceetarys, writil dloske, Wcnrrlc''r of en aiogary and celorry, wr sh stldao, lrokilr g glecasc , !eatlers, ttrttderilg, ec. Ac. Nl. Floral tre pocked for trone portetion with great torc. jit8 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Remrored from 17 Custonlheouse St. TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CtIARLES TIIIEATRE, CocNeR oF PVentsc &.ST. STrECre. aug9--1838. ___ E )~ ) & l' I'10 l'l.ES--511 gross ,wicem and 100 gross porter bottles, tir swel tly 11t)LMJES & M1IL., jyIl Itreit Alley. -pPI lVArTE - BOARDING IUUsE, N lI, T'ourluse st,- ly IMrs Icorfnar.n. T llIId huese io spacious and eonveniertly situated for rmen of bus.iiess, near thle Levee auld thIe New t!rclinngnt T1he arile willbe well supplied and ettodelcd to, eind Shn ccrge rnmtderone. norlrs wrewi o to tlave 'lodgintz, can he enenmmo ilsede't diffcrent prices. witel crrrnecoeliur fturnishied rionl.n, aBerdero will hIave lthe settiifacteicr to oreet hole, persons speaoking the French, English lie 1tin oht laringeiriro riogotktem PEN-I-N ON BOURI. EOISE, Rue Toudouse, n. 13, teblue pareAle rVe. H,1aann. ET ktablis s nettltr t cr1 sloeirur, e l eo treecc situc pres de Ic t eeie t c ie o lo N ve lle IBeurse, e're t dire au cectro dcs firidrer. Ien tlo sre rbien tutnic, orprprement tenue ct d * ni pri x -ridhtr. ean qni reenant pension dcsrerient i loger cu rent des llplirtcuensc de ditlrcens prixr lieo garnia et comnmoedes. Lea penseoeileireos acret I'clttoln elll d'y nrclver des ieprronnoe parin<t les letgues francaico, osneisee eterrptennle. . - 3-. aJJ.i hrdille bhkc, fureole l RLEAl) 4. 3.\I1 lTioV, aug25 7 took Ilere. I EDICINlES PAINTS & 0)11.-A large andl ci goueral Isortnil rotil hallld, i1 Ieer ,ly JAIIVIN & ANIL)ItI IV1, or eorecor Tohr& iitr n .. . . . . ....N O T IC'E ".. . .. . . . r lIE (Copterllerscll heretert e exiting lin thiicity Isttecwt. tie subsctiibore, ucnddtr tire lirttt or Leone Van clryec; co.. i Nrv Ylrk. Lalrllv Cco., arnd In Natche c, Mino., Vco Wyok, loaidlraw 4 (J.. is ,li..ol serl tly orllnorlctrlro lrt. Itrirlllr i law l'ctr s. Varno Wvck, and Tl'holllas \Vt . ln Wyk ar . uthtrizred ttj usc-thl Ir llllo t'lhre tilm ill liuhl ln ll . JOIIl LAI I.Atleth ANDier Ik A1.,7 PET. I .S. V"\ \ITCK, 'l'IrlhA1S W. VAN citeK, New Or]neco, alg. tith, 1A3f,. b1e-PAIll t I ti, tl!P. The subscrihbers lave forwl.,I ta copg t'lhpi lit.ty nder r tr . r" V n \ cc .itt. ' i, taid N'I* orkr uIdet, hle eIet >. Jor l, 1e it . C o. PEiTIII R, \. VN \Vt' l-, 'IIllO, liA . I. VAX WiK, '§ 10. ..N.. _ rid e liii I or m ', e i' of " ravel in i Stp triaellrld aro Itth olr aid--with ac cod Ir A l r rri rl i re-e, I r l I tr tI i r f I cei t r, . ri le.l',ter tti, e .l0 , Tincperr ' I t'tlt l.rc. + , Just ott trtrd itr ltti o ', ht ;tr ,lo,,.ci , e .1.. It\X L-'ld tr . ri'e r r t i gr,1 rmqulvti I1 tnd Iradir,a d irri Oh l tirtr t< i.lh t i trr erttrrtotttirrtrrirtttbr ex *lt~'.ll, nt elK''the1II . rl~l~h ' i.+,'t' r f it, lt:/1t / Lml Y, l , ltlu . I,. Arrtliol ltr~dtlnt llrrrrrort, t+ to | "lIaloer e Vt dhi.d .re. Newordrtrrtori. i 0 C~l I toq< l f in ell nor Irl or hitr IA, r . Ill . i b \ ~ (," r Iht \l~rstO 'it'S :.).,llr u c I lav ? chlller. A i tur e a frrV I T HIi O 1 c. il.. 1 oit, otr t, i th lit nI t. TA le I S- x at iotl r i i. s n b l . 1 Wll"l i lTil")Gl & CO I~er I l olrerr. tr o tlh trotrs r,rIt it. lrtm whi C r k JeE iza An. , a~tt I,1 .rtrr ir, rv i 1 dlI £ 11 1111he I m at INc 'NINA B. It.-oues S I. g L 1o' r I~rrt ito, I ti cr s r utt ggi -i t lit alt \it l . -I -[II k\LfA I" i'l;, .2 I~ldi +V~i it i Al +ti lot. HalNearollu t, l tr ite-tt C(/ A t llLtN0 N co Iel lttio y t cr rreello fr tIer rr or rl~ ttIE'- ill~i A| I N 101tl!77....1 cIt , I...utO Atlpl? ti Nu.At,1 or At Nowt ler. s I)REPAAT''IL IO Y to Jeltferon . Col eo, anod to oth Sera condlucted by It. iranet, I, 1. I). IExchange Alto, l otween t'onli ril llieti illc. Thli; situation wa. Itle most eligihle could be oud being entirely Cree from the rioise of thle streets nd tile raltrlin,,g If dyl)s' anld i criolgeia. The Jleofi ron Acdemly i dlivided into two de part nmeats. Te J ni or or elmto r i i ep otoment it the various bran:ohoe o'cof IITno0 edtllctio, ni Frlon h owll is Euglibh-The Senior deportoent for Latin, (treek, Malllematise, &c. Punctlualy, order an i discipline are striotly enloied lld lobserved. 'l'en... J llllll )part ent,p er 1onth l; $10 S€or d o 15 Spanish i; lt. Blaok, s :es, paper, &e. IhareCd separately; 2.d. A ),outh oc)oe tIogloo, It) e paid in roll; 3rd. No deductio,, for hlte scnor for holidays: 4111. Pelvln,.llts to h,+ tllrle ruk m llhlurly ev( I llOintih. School Iloerslrom 8 I-2 ito 3 o'clock, oxcept Tlrs. ay.s. srnpE7 ITIIOL.SAI.E ANt) IIEtIAII. (OIl)511l ANi .V VARIETY STlOR)li, N.o. 10 Camp sree u. - lder t lishop's Hoitel-Tl'he sttscribersl. :t now .,n t: rig at their new stand, anl xtLensive assortmlenlt n otites their line, im2lrisillg ecvry Vlli.ty oC ol'nobs, tldi'thea, lerfilomery, Looking (;lcsses, Plha)ig C:.rds etn a lsarge number of Fancy articles. 'Ihia followin5 ra prrt a desr.tilion: COIIS5-l'iortoise anl lIrazilian high toptuck, psal ,nild carvd; do. do. twist, long, nerk, p)lf, aide, poa.e ad dreossing, iory and ho.rn. ; lie loath, dresising and piocket eotmb.a horn, reddingt al d lrs s'elomlls; wooden, dressing, f E.a ooth and pocket eo.uts PEItFUMIEtY-A gen-ral assuc.,at't of French and Anmerican Perlinery, consistingi.; ,, 2 1 te water in bottles, of ll ishatallsapeslnd sIzes; lai,,toer, FIorida, rose, o el:ig, lennaict jeattslinen, lergao.o., .tllh'lloetor, nto.; fc sHllis oaps ofe'ery i sol eiptiol; lll; .lmlar, antii, arili v I' ktit'e hai l oil r , cullinng hlid; ehll t wash, carsloino l l chlorinm denu tice; scented ond plin toile pwlehr; [p<olllattlll;i eston cia, et y of . IIltUSl'S--Comprisei a i grat varg".ety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nil, comb, shain.g, plate, he'arti fine and plain dusting, sweeping, clllb lkrniture, serubbinlg and white wash, horse, slo. and tanner's eouring, ainit and varnish brushes, and sash and grain lg traI- ;' all sizea. Li4.LINSG; (GI.ASSES-Co.iprising gilt 'fimmes of arious t v, ~ , .1, '2 and I drlaw toilet,; BCerman ltatia, tnailem an'igt " lan1 mn ing no, 'ior ', ite. PI'AYING; I.+kll)S--l:aglo, ftIIy lth, itlBno , Highliamih, Spie La(.rten, French and white back Ilay in, C:a'd.. iFANCY ANi) VARIETY ARlTICLES-A supe iltr assortmllent of portabl le deks, ladies' and gentle len's dressing cases a ll ladies' work boxes; lonc) box ea of voarios lescriptions, suitable for tile new year aoll CIhristmas' gil't; pocket hooks of all Solis; suspet ders, nmusic-boxes, lead pencils, c'.osll, violius, bead bs anlld lpuses, an assortielnt of facy mealls, superior iqm lity billiard ballt, paste blackin; boue, shirt, vent, Sf:il alnd suspendell r Ilttttons; pear'l .n/tons and shirt studls, razor strops; gas machines for tetating light; Spanish and melee segars;t anacoubs, Paris, lppee and Scotch snlifs; an assortment of plain and sword canes; hack glonl.ln boatids; dice, fanty clreens, opticsn, Jews lhaips, nlaoll.ieC., luciter matsches, ils1, ineedles, 1l'ercsslion cips, drilking culps, hunting flasks alnd game bags steel, milveran l plated spectacelc; thimbles, twine, etc.; Shandlsime assortment ofi engravings, and i large -.,i'ie ty oaf other naticlea, al nl of which will be sold for low prices, or cash or city aeceptanees. mIay I+EES & ILATN. '. i AP p pFIIS--.lust reonine aw lincasesno .fvorv su /poricr thiiu blon oud llue and whlie ov0 Coi pa per a ne sI dllt splendid orticle, foretlo bv IiAVII)'" Co, octl5 N V' Stotioner'n hioll, 2o Iorlreo ,i 'XCI.IANIl no loasai--l ou.l llt elhacres, at I to D dlava , i clht, fir sale rb STETSON & AVERY, n.t19 88 Genlvir it. S IIlTIN'(tS,Flninelm, & Ca.--10Ihalea Shirning, f varits qsualidies; 50 bales fine andi heavy llatnpsbire sheolingo old 3 bhales Angola Flanneli, lhodil hlorot ships Iltu-ell. IItnnil nnd Perdolnelt, br baley 1f.\1AC l(llIDGE& CO, 0tcll8 131 Mgeaine t For the Interior. FOR ST. LOA) & AI.'TI'N, AND) INTIERMC: I)IATIt41 I.ANDINGS. P ''lle itpoket steamter "RIENZI." A Q Kennett, master, in now receiv ' '. irg freiotia, ad haovinlg tfl.a greatgr porItlt ao" Ier caroo ellgadae alld gontg tboar'd, will poa itively leave Illt'la'na t S v irda ,y h,- e 211tiaint., at tI i'clock, 1'. 1 For lei'ght or ipassageo having ex oellent accolllmauodaltions, ia pla to LAWIRENCE i L.E(GENDRE, otlR :; & -.J ,New Ltever N I--'l'he R. being of light dr'ft will reach St. I.ouil 'ailhotet deloloy. P r lThe low praes'le atsam boat C\IO1.I N v, v ill leauve New. Orleans ý.t- fo' r aMolile, avery T'.ar'sday aad Su;dayt, a..i o.'.oik, t. touelhir nlat al the wato:erinr iplaces at which , pseng tay m 'aoy wial to laud. For further partieuhl', apply to jya.l Ixchllllte HIotel, St. Charles at. ibr Mobile and all Iroloateodiale Landings. .'tit foot . lal.nitr andt stlendid oteroa. iot M. \V\WAI.LACE, ntilely in state roolta, will leave New Oitions fli r.l.,oi ad, "oall intermediato waterina" plnarr, every Tuesday attd St artrty, aterl' tio arrival ol'th oI'.cO. WHIT'MAN, jy24 , Ex.'nt e Hlioteol, St. (Chrleo at. SATUIffAV EItNING AND SUNDLAY EXCURSION TO MANDItIICV,.t & ytAI), Tihe stT,' mnerS OUT)'It ALAI.AMA\, SCupi.I..T. Knight,will leave the lbke uertl ofthe rail-rold tbr ti.he above ploa ea, every oStoTlla eveolilln oil tile arrival of the t o' clock ears, and retaurn the salle night,-and Ioae Sl day motlingra o oatr tie ariv al olile b o'clock arrturlt ig leave hlatdisontille at 4 o'clock, '. Tt. aL2 itaw )ata FOL M.I)tIS0NViI.,I':, LOUISllI.!. It, MANI)E VIIIt" & t:OVING1'TtN. _ boat SOIiI ALA.AA, t i . Ior mail boat Ior the. shave pi-ha oni Mood ye, \Vedes da F a tlld Fridays, ayla r tile arlrival ol'the 'clock o urso A. A a, rttroiatrn, letve.t 'oaiooogo 'lto asya, rilolrt davo and S.atdtlltrlaHo at B ,o'lo':l A ,A . .I It.I, All b.t..a oa itadrcels oot the risk oftlht oon nrs, unless ta bill lf ladilig is signed. NaOw Orlootat ndot llet.Ih Ittil atlle .21 Fa Etaote goltldilgoa, St Cltrlaeo ot. 111)I1 AtItXN\ ONtItA. ruat is ai regular packet dNtrini low -water, flora month of Ited Itivvr to Alexanpr or partioculars a l1 toitAl JAM'Es' N. . WNOVEL, &c. rII HE ROBItBER., a T'al, bIy the autllor of Rich' Saelios,' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in o vols. T'lel Love CntaEa, a Colnedy, in fir, acts, bly James Shtrida.n Knowles, author of Vlargiaius, 'Ithe Daughter,' &c. &c. IoN, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Tholnas Noon Talfotulr; 4th edition. SOCIETY AND MoNERS INto AmettnIA ; by Ilarriet Mat lineau, authlor of 'Illustrationslt of lPolitical Economy;' int 2 volo.; 4ith edition. A Pracicu Slllllllary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchanlgo and Proniel.aoory Notes; togeth Er with a series of iaba, a w, wi w IIlI not and ltana, drawn or iacctptoed 'It itoy dl. wtli!; a,!. due; to which .re added, rat,:. of co: "io: .' suorlt'.a, equ at lllon of plla ents, andi genreli ; ' Ilnllali mn mO t.t,. VI ."l w 1ta oitae s of atlta eL. 'a,.. ho.,e; by Io a F'l,lat r, AcAorutlaont, ,ut aor o' a C(oen 'to'.rel lo t Umk Keepinog,' 'The Clerk's t l ,' &c. Tilaot LiTa I.E SKETCo B aOK; a course of Vory.ersy 1I,. :a ina Landsr c~as, Figures, &c. by George ('i' *; 1st aod 2d seriesr. Jlat received andt far :al, by W.M McKE.AN, jS.i oil. ol'Camp andl Caoaaion sot. ALSO,-An ndditionl supptly of "Three Expe. rin00t, of Livlug.--l viong withtaI thle Means, Lhving ul, to thal .lans,--Loviag beyond the \l,'ata;" ,',o , I ta l t the El xp rimt l.of Living;" 'The 11 trcurt.; ... I'ht'aa .," &c. l t I, Io 11 lllt lll ay '. .1 . & ,, ) I, _ ) tl; aI I' , ,ltl .I , '.laaa I ' o". a . 1 . .'' a - 9it i~ll,% I.lal nl-, .-hl]p I'I:, .I'i. nI lh by Iilml tII .\.\/t l l 116 11) i": ,' ('0, ()'l 1.:1, Il 31 u e 2naz t tr i'' llt1 lil: i t) aaIa a la ,al¢'Aol, ]b d, BI{ S by th' lbrr. ociey, t. t thu. r roll a. I ,"dy at Lyton s, y lul a ; I al. 2 oii S. NEWmp)hrLyEy ',mt rih (tot eat rita , Fr 1' rn it Igll' in alt i. l l on 2 vol t 2 coIiie. T bthe Two "hr. and other 'atltt; by Lady te. a -ington, Ilulwvor, ay I ,h.i; I vi. ' t ,a 2 . ItRivers and the )Dsert. by \liso Iardne; 2 copies. 'Th I at'b. r, by (a P a. It Ja a lon : I - coples. The Adventures of Nithlaos Niakleby, by Roa, 5 aulpies. CHAS. RITC l lll, Librarian. IJ sý 1. IlitI a'ailt,-Itlnca o aoeI or ou 0,.i I 15, 11, l(,ti'i(,lli ... -i(,ll: ill\U UL I \V· SLTEiR VI' ill E , 0etl 40 Illll'ar vdllllaiz streetrle L t), I1 IIIII1) 1 ))CIIna nl -n cc and v aluable. (IIIt :1 VaI Kr'aI'polo ,:1 vl St~~~l\~lr~ lill' I Ill 1111~1? 1 ( .111110 1 \·1P Siti1111(1 11111 t· t 11 18r f l Khl~lllirJtn rk'a lllll e Ilainb, ·, il ok i l lclo : \I,, n,' olll liIo, h, 1119·iro11 1 0 3 II 'ialey 1 '111110 1, 1 I1I i ~arks, 5v ie; I ,,no ~'s ii emairlils of Cooren lln ummont~i. voll Life uf'I'intllrv lllllf·l,,r II blO ,La l i li,3ooio S. Kdigo L1", 111 o llf t II 1611 4 Ni a,11; I ent 0 ~ s of 0,. to] IIt I T IyhrmIl, Il ANS7 I ' FRr 17311)~L01119A TIlItt (IIiF11' :l'it, l~t l ul ll ' S~lt ftr' atrseli Natill lo Inl in Cittd Y 111,d I',·llI ll, I'Pmt Ro sa[ L atin ( inlile l r, 2 vat s, It,,, 'lll'll llItLV '11A., lllllitll,', I'0t'ti 111111I Slltt'tttilllltl Ko~lto~lo17,' lbn I1839,:I. 31(1111111111111111 tOlt' I Crudduc~k'. II~irs 4 1,vols I 1f1U5n I'2,liltt' lriSiI ' I", 5511 1o ,8 lll I, F Ili^nW rksI' 1", 5 'oiltOt 1000le~l~llt111 (l .lli~lNISI)IPIY Gt bb, n 'sll l,111 ,t'll olll ti , ' i,(I latI1,(.i (I 111 Ris1111 lrlllit) Cll~at) I VI 10,l? s R j LA(.I MI-6 l' mir f(I 111, 3 v,1l, Sh c te~r ry'l u hulp, trrintii C s, 3 ,alai edit. 17'31:·· L Ktilliq r CI 'kt 111 lttiIa l~d~' (16t, l yctl'l 41. Ill~~~~~ul~~~arl,, ~ ~ ~ C ~c l. IIIil'I1II !i \ illUII lit It, root' d,,oel 1111111 17(1(17III( II il '1· Ir( CI ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 8 ill lll·r llrll l·ll· (:j LII ll21R1 It'Xi toat r17 eived a6d llir rII TIE 11E pot0 tif nI'hri.oto andl Newl Year0 10r1no 1re o 1 83t!; ,,duel by l ' lit, Lefl 11. Birth ay. pesenttin 139; Edted b Mina eslie G e11o t 'fhtt air l rltoooiot'tl 01 e tiloit, 1 p00 slti ill Icttbc ht' t\Veat, lit', and monocrat in6th eb Ia I .Lt'l I, ,Th Ollibo rrt'o, 1lot'ttoo! lloe I8&34, with whims, 1craps and ditlfie l ontel 4 Ie land f J nny ull Knowlede, tin1839, strecived ad fir el hyy UIN7Stil ElfcOMI IhleI'og OANo 1101011.1111 lamI, 151l) (I1ooneea id ,uch ind fortt alo Epso, Sohn 0011to9 JnE'I&Sr 4.IILAeoI) ý1((ý priý ItF~a(6 aS .11;1. tn, , dm,,r~ 1.r n Ocllln, il for cute pa Iare il be CII 3II itn~n d,on , arty ltine·o nl , rllnl (': ,p I t plain anrd ruled~l, no sale 1:, llrro r ~a·n 'I'l1e N l' rl n:e 1 i111 tlli 1 .11 . 141lc D n~e tncso 8 .1lil itllIn ti - hloler RII" hope, by --- _-----IPR UII . 1(8.f ie nth,8/0 11) & ll e PUiyIdlliIy to nn, L i r t'"san nd h,,,e tild ode e tue for sale by RE AD lle Qes lre illDaat Ollc, A(:REI1KM , C`NdtlI, lrFe rnps, by READ Ir ,,R.1rpl( dl Id , li10 ~ l \K lei()rliusJs, rc~l~e T UST rerdrucllled tt i' g .n f en,'lin! loo oct6 N ' ttatincr hllli),Lhdhl, a SHIPPING. For Europe. 1"(1 li AVIIE. To sail on Saturdary, tlh fth i ylt T' h iotht aunlin;g a I Aultp SL[U.L.L, C8pt. Rob9 iis, will sail ai abI ve. For li'.ight of ]0l buhly, o ct lton if in. il.ertt.e aUllia lic on b, ,lldoll9 , or ilnsl.. , tll lv 11, l.rVl I9 1:.1 :, oct92 9:3 (',l mit t Ful 'ilt i 8l t 1 lF: The ite fast snilinig rl ship Z% I'iT'FF: Jacol b Merrill, mliu.ster,, will hllte ilnidllll allh (.l.'llrn b, anlid wNlllts 811 bales c tlolln to coll .,[,V[ II :it8,998, ple9e 99er l8r8go; ,8r feigh9 or Pu. 1 l88 8 .ct3 !):9 I),Inlu ll At. FOR f)11.\p \ - Th' ,11 8shi A.L9IANCEI IF'erwnhl millr: lhlvi~g1 ull hlr cur'gl 9 itc'l ,. eI x ply 9on boutd, or to S&J 1' WVI'ITING, octl2 19 Coti .treel Coastwise. NEW O1L9.EANS ANTD 9u9ITI911.RE LINE OF' PACKETN. /l IlS line will consi.t of tie fillowing vesEls M9 Olitrh have been built, or purcLased Cxpl8.lY3) for the trnde, viz; Ship SEAMAN, Cpitain Mirur, arque MAlY, Ni kerlll 1I9(99) IFERRY, (new) (,enlls, SO,(),I0ON 'SA 'IlUS, I.lllin, lrig AIlIIT' T, (ray. These vessels ale of tle first clast-lYve hllandsome furnished acconunoduti as, IIId are of a light 'thlt Ill waltelr, so as to alit ot thlleir receivin4 andllll di ho gillng their cirgoes in lalhinuore atl the City. Fr. ight will he taken litr port, ill the ('Chespe;kc r t' on Fialle' liaver, and forwilded by the agInt sl,llersral'I,_ll t Kellogg, at HalliioreU- lxpenies ul gotods tll ipped will bIe ad. h'lli e "pr 8e 98 I 9 t989 Is rfixed 8it $eO-ample 9st ores of le L lf q lll998itl88 y 8'8 811 ill he provided.0 8tlllen up aIlnd ow the 8 Misi9 9 si' ,i will be taken oni tl r sll trllll av ing . l is of h r arg i medt t actl7 - I&l t PW l I hr ut i st 88 9uc98lity o 8i 1 &.1 9 18 l 89 I -N. ucf Th lhfti frn ob h r il R w,, Iv tinw l. il l I ill tlL of 8 llh to 300 Fu Pl i' lil INY l lll i llh l \'ll IIid" oll Vh, R E ll1, Il thel `,il ei j88889881 & \1:11 . 1,116 18 . 118 8999 I' 9W (9la tn , lln u I p w r ,NI t, 8 r8 1 j8 8 , oily 988 t1 9 " 11 9 u888 8 Conti st h,,i , 1 1, 8,, . .,,. 8 ',9' 8i ,,888,i ",1 8 1 t" 8 8' DI4.1 I'RI(0T' C1)U44I'1434'.--Th)'. ,'t4 of 34(' a-l4 It , ale made by'the. m , dtv..dtw ,fiM t~ Ia ll ul. th I pr (o, 4lt 4.4 ",, I l.,r : d - \il,,,. ,v, lia , ,,, Il llr \\ll iil E,,':lj r u ,',r,+i:)I vII 41 i,,u ;ct ,,'l.,- II . -a,,: r ,.t l t. 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JI rn er .tll rlllalnret vs inbtl n h spIn ,ute rliat {llll S llt i trom IIe Wunce al ,l t 1 I, iiwt A a me do la I tlrv v e cinorrsnic iedh Jalur' I o nU37.a c 1 It p ld , .ct r ngli d, "€' tr e rO tL-- t In 10CIit Carrk.ll ll.<r'A' |'d J)E~I1~·I I+A L+ +'I,'41,\NE--(hm ,~liilitl. rPI II·~ <nire· li-lels pralbiles. 3. Vigirlrt Juatr e lhit <lh t-rlre ',l ditu allne ,le dit Cl-r roulc ttx lo n ile+t·rl ' lenon. I '<III 1- unI. AI ,l iln :--at ile)llre fo.rman toudd l'h Ililnt J. hornIa ali+ al ruC,< C-Ium' bc , - lTrr ld, Jet,+, rso c,-t a ir l lllt i ,r ,Ione, du tt nSeI11l le htroile tr t'ri h dell well ll~l , i , PII'i(·in 4l I di s tuell 4ll I·: o er + tlll nt ]n+ IIIOTPIIF IIOIII rC rill+ll l£ . Z1t+ In ;I ill Cle uth m,.l ent h a l nlll t+,t ,.l,t I drlr ewl- plar Itlh.' g\ i ,I rti n m" [rl e dI'1 titrre t'PI h ns l er,,,itr. la etrinqullante >iedls an chepminl publliL,4ltar leque i leux Tce semblahe ded nx Irentrl ~nze plelcsl onea I~'O"CCP I bll~m lli· i' llpor e ' .is ,Iur il ',l. .!it. l I I · uru. I::3 + lilt pnr' I "Id,· ~ ly)ifi .)L],'i'l'l. llRlt I] III n~ .r tltlle [I IC otiln L l l l r de terre th,r ,llnt pllric d ,e la pro rlibl, vendue p rle dit inolvable , Sat rhllltan ( he1 creancierr , et riont 11:s adma s qul'il un-it acheth( audllit H. W. ParIIIYprat pardovant IlllIl.ll. B. CenasB nIotaire suadile 6 Jcnvtirr 1r37. T'moin I'honorarle A. SI. B IhIna, tJup dk dit hu In',,a ,ingt ime I'llr de i ardh' +lle eA. le + iep tr3 V ?lleII.+i . l Ealfrcv s'e p ge t l t c.l~ti~e iil e l 'ix 44e 4 49ll l es l iin 1+ a ll+li'l{ ~l lt+ t:+llli44 , 4444444444444 4a444444 4.44444]it (I' ter4 , 414i44i4 + i444 4 ennln.n4. ,4 . 1 II44444h4444ltii 4 ix o 4z 44i4i44444|444 'ieiI's 44444444444,444t44.s 4t 44rr44.4444'444'4 .4*'4is444f44 ro. t.'t lit'..ii'illl rn rl '444.44il i ,ain, i 4i .44ll ' ,4, 444tieI l 4r 4 04h4444t 'f\.44444444i4h'4..I'. I+oii.44g44fy4 flat| (l'..l4t-< , h444,J4ti't4h4t444 4444t4t Z~i~,,tlr4t r,t'l\ 1314,444414 i 444444n444u 44 4,'.44i44l 44'44.4't4i ,lI(.4'44444 l,444 d1444 lotsdr rol¢ . +'i~t~l d 'll 444l44443444 il4i441 lli 444444n4444444 444 44e 4444e444444 4i444 14,444+414441 4l ~ i 44r44444444444444444444444444444444 LI44444l444lh'. e ' 44444444444n 444444444 t 4444444i444rlil 444444444444444444444 4'4404'444 44444'.4.4V 44 4444 444r4 444.. it" 444r 444 l(' t]li le4444.4 t44444 r 44444on 444444444..e lint 44 lii =ii A.l~ llf h4444fin44 nit~llI'le 4444444 . h44n4,,' pa ,444 ' sr , _n . 441 t lpe d00444444444(¢ I.4 114. 144418,aliir I. t 4tl444e43t444 i44r44Wft 4444 44~r 4441tu4444n.l44 di [444t444 , b'4 p o e u mr la flip 't~l+.-o ,rtp rt (444 4 -4en'44444e ' 4rl i ~ ~vbe F atm., e dire4.4 u, e4444 ,4h44 ti4m,' 444 r d44444404444" 4lm r A. 1 44(4e4444 -.444 44 44444.O 4444444441444444 4(4 . BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREIEMAN & CO., Plholesfle Clothin.g lestabblshmehtr No. 3, .1ilioazne street, Ii AVEconlstnltl onl hnd u largespplyl of Cloth 1 h0), )alctllid dio sh,+ cou v tr:de," Tl'he r , . o t lleln t .h..i ,,g large, mrl,,l'l llts froiu III t,,untrt cmll be sillllid +It ilthe shorl e e t noltu~r. octl FASHIONAI3UL CLOTHING 'I'AYLOI & IIAI)I)EN, No. 1.1 t' lhrtr.e erci I .AVI: i ae i Is .nll: sa l l 0. i f v r, arnt le pnr: t nin1y to ,,tlt Slioln's< ,1, ., f ithe latý t st+ , 3 t, .f nk'o ,, . 'ITt" 'ril',l ,I.1clIl SI 11HI'I'IIIIIC T'HE(l''!. PEt' I)I ,L ".: .f the , ee Iwe lill'ul teeth, uud the ni l our o.l enin_ Ihemay ton, s ,ten al the uilies of J.B1. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, N. , (Canal nee, t. 'l'hi teeth never 'h.a.e colour, a ,li o, by nit, andM in lluny case`, prci. rable to tlhe 11 ] 1r. It, gill wait altO.: hldies . t their residene , MERCHANT TAILOR, eIIG to ehiorln tie nle thalt, int purha Sfll 1l,]el !. Ill)JiltSII, E,.e;i;S & C ). rt ( their <tol. , he will roeetibue 111 , at<i oes tt hen ol a1111, ,opposite tll.hop) 0' Iluti,, wvl,,re he I hopes I llill it millir Ifth "' IIIt,'OII,.r il, I l i ll, s intul Ll tIa II t !Ihr North te i eI sI pp li..dl ti e.1ill$ with' tile hll.u . t IeneIt mollst fts i o thl r ell 1 CLAY & CL( ARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. It. oyd.ra .tu.eet New Orleanus, Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps (,l dl lc r io. WI'ARMII, COLD, AND NilOE) I 4 PATIIS Fixed ,n11 tie in.Et nti l ted principles. Q ()lrders executel i. any part oft'. e Slutlll ll StaPte. .rIlr lir. Io orl 3I0. Ci1oc. . . - C K, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. - l'o h a e stree ipt, i r- IF.': l ' nu handl , e.'I; r qIt ;apply of Tread Iil'," , io nB l Ill. di:;"I t,:r ,Iuaul to ,:l -v ilt. ,IiUI0,030r, 1tor ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHIC PRINTING liTISI SlI IN1, No. 53, [Magazine Street, (lppOit." Ilhml.o' .lrcedh. t'IL.I.'1,1i GrI . \', iPROi'IP:7lTOR 3 H. PARKER Commnlisionn iad 'Forwardlllln Merchant, No. 6, PeNT ElI .VEIE, N-t. .)..ta . e.. , .JAIRVIS & AN I)DI.I WS, Vi1 et.1] E \I;.": ANt iltI''.\II I I) I sIts IN Ms- ICtIrLRS. PAINTS OILS IL >!N, I.'1 (III. N I -IA ISS, A Ileg unep 1,a ',''n, m UrLi tea SL".cL'w Ai' LI.O'Ii, , A1a. 1. 1 Ji ONES ,No 1,'. 11 ,l 1;1 \ \' '":. II E E.'. 1 r w ard: andi .,n .,,, A :tl m st, io;tuh l -.:ed ,, a,0 in iiuae to 1."t *,.-I, ,11 , ...- ;l ll 1 . I ,li.. J,1 111"" " '-I It' . I. J1)\ ,. . . I rt.. - S ,It t t-?. T. 3r . \ tAtII2. 'I'3I I;it. SI a TEB &r TSIIE I N . III 1r&.ll ll N, 1 'r t' lt.t They , Iv o. 0" or Ie t:'i r att tio tO il atle lRfe·rnrcs. 'ltt t1 .>.',, Iý YN a 1)t n St,: \,11,. N \ I ' , I tonlul t, L. .t ,t Th, . New "York. 1 ,: 11-~y ý,M . v L'o ' -. tt. J "Iorwanlrd 3,;and (n ai Merchant., N ). I u.'. I Ill l r dapy. Altn. J , Ta .: a rl unt . .1. r It . C1 T t L .L " RIN o st 1 1 11 No. . T i ouAS sTEI. & }' daL t'. n=4' 1' 1 ' liefex \i 1 : t 1 t i N Ie & t ll' Nw YoIrk. (It . l,, r. ,a., N .'.p..ia. I i I . Ia' , a toII, ' . . JR 1'. \\ rm raN , I illlEt, 1 . , I)AV' 1, got.. 1) 1,'r o D 5i l ( N. .1 nltl , 'I .. so"(.ll tl Ih . " \ II . T II. I:. I OI.' I, t l.Ku.l, o A . I. Ite , -1 t n I . J. \".l1. '.1 I\ ra1 ELL, 1ht( '.tt .'<arala, Su..ION lh, .i. Nt'lv (IIthtl.ea1.. - - - -- 3,)(li~ ~11'4 1'. I"l: l. 0(1. I IN A1l, 111'I \N & I r:-I.lI l CROWN GLASS, I I. NICORLCANSI UNar 1 |11x. \. ,; Nl EL N lR:.h 5lllET r+lle I,. l, R "lit XIY, Commlision and Forl t ardilg Merchant, II N 1'I\ 30NATI l, 0t1111. Refer to I vet &- 1In., , in+m , Nil . . 1 11 'd t o . . e w )ri b'l l N o . |I.. ll .·l \Vh.Ietal, D)ealer i3I I aint., I il, V arni+he' lBt Ilrtu ht,, 1 . .... \\ -ul . an 1,t c.\ . :T .CO .jlllilIr ( " Ili-lil NS SI t n (' i nlTS l l rl3 11i u i ,r_ .h.o,! l .t- uu. a ( tuse in this city, 1 El; he 1 1 i,+- ,.1 Ii ; .u"1l3'1, ia I, N E'".\Li, t '.li.l I. ,311tt l tI i: 1. tiracl·t:, No. 10 GinVLI t \ISuint , I 'i SrAiil, 1 P1 LE:VY. The h,'eu at Grand Gulf, isv., ,II be conthiued in the abvle M31t3. fre, La ie & Su l, Ne Orleans . La. 11 It H ill M: 'o, I . il E, Iy. .lhu p 1 ileio , \wksburg, .\liss. I ler, tl i' r & t'1,C Uhan.d Gulf, 11ise. hil, t Ilal td, N itchez, lhi.. New )rle'.,,, Jil? I , :l".11. jyvl2 I.TATII \NilIL. 'T' ) l'YS E::'-I having l)c3t33 him ti iii N 11. , ,,rle 101 ho , )'3x ] ,r 3' (t trawetitni It (Gella-ea A.-'en. , an [d 1'4)ll mil--113, bulinetss, ml du i re vp l utha 5,li it tidln the ptulblic a . ,ire of their pa IUnving a hon, e in T' a3, he o ill 'itendln the trank- | actlng 3,l t I.ll-i #+. 11l,1 may he de-red in that cou3i-?,aid w li goi; , a i rter I r1,a1 nt and ninlemilted al 1.111 ih,3, t- :ll b -I L+'-. 3OIl.ulted in hinv chargo. and u liltht'll oi si c lu (i3, ety'lld41lfo, Iviw h in litructiona ) of Ot lice int e,, ":sth'tii.P 3,n Ilavier .trle, n ,po te '-fremno',s. -M r Blh & C-o. New York Alvart/', F rk, Nah'ieT., "li<s. It 1 .truth r L.otl-, 1I0. Joh.n T'|'r y.L.mui-villr, Kiy. S, Jrdh,.A 1 t .e I, pku,3 rille, Ky. m2 m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, O5ce No. 24 Musson's Dui~ding .I,'1 C.iN.t STREET. Ii. i. & F. D. Aewconhb, S1At.V opead a thouse fr hlie ro sacting Uof a .n 1. ral Co".Olulis on I u, ilwass at \autblv z, al d rlin :hilinese confided Io tlhem sh11ll e IIuhfully att ,nded (lle'r!..l s: II ( Ia, uLkk & Co., ) WhMte l Cu. Nlw t)rle ms. iI Ie 'hA th cl ilk, flL, tI { )t. l P;-- ++ ,, h ,t. I" nt, Ihdi rL-be, Ih :. .+ , I. Int', aI d ,vr,' , \,t r +' rt tc b; f t yle, tb. vter.y . qetpo It ,t" ,o i-k I $ 1 R VD 1 tIt 1111 'T1r l11. ntl' -dI fy r m1lll A- E ll. Ib ll l, < ille Ii . l~i, i i I lip)I- II. L; s :;i, . l. ) N i Y. T t t ll,, . I'.h tl .\ P! <, l -. O 11 1. .lo o I 110 \lit'ttlt ic-011 .h1111 to.1.Ol;l. I \,, 0,., r oli r A enivil rebtAio f tml .1 b· i1I Ao -o V   n 111\ l , d i - l-r-tl b i Ii ' 1 I'm, I Nh " I' heA I' nalke of fIIIna Ik, e iiift lian .lilt ad u Jr rv d ~l t i.l( \I cIKAi ; N- CI 1 : ' 0-1U b:l ts 1i 1 (l15 1 ,.1 hl li r jy_ ir 7 nvira, , treet. h V .l \ tI 11111 Rl'1 C111 I 11111.i l . -ltract o 0f S 1rtl0.1, t ol Nl cureyr t oro ll rpil n0 IllI I(ll' II ll m11rlt or . l I\Ith! (il I 110od; !i1: 'y omrui on ; iS ;111 1111o Inls one; C ro ic c.ivil r iti(m; ill" r; h br 'iattd or to , by J. [I l, 111. l Ils lor aoll, lliull s 11111111of ill 1lil, rl I' rIolt Sl.tiI I (Illl-~i, ( llollI o lI t. a d ll cs, in t.I t li, - tultt ll . 0 AToh g w' hc lit e tihe (hilt of an Un:dl and ot t l Corl r e r ofIo, r o ot< n b uy l l ls11111 1 OlSIt T Io t:l' l .' rb- ic e:,ls mi ll, tin , Ihti lie lil sa d tilhr tld r by JP 11w P a1 a Itl IoI L A - lolan 1 Chro l, n tly Pt I u r u stee t. J y'J~I' 1,1~·:·i~ · 7, I :ri :ot II. C11- 1 AVE &.11tI 1IIll."PI' ( In oui.i ,iilo l kx tract 1 i' S arsp r , for thC ; cletl (fi oo.t11llhlt I Druptios; o ll8t t lhlp eklt;I i lrn orllht i IEUn t ih- 1) f til t IP an, ; hilrs+ w il;-, It ariJ. tro. it oli'p r at.<te of the rheutntien, ; rill, r; s;rot'nia, or hiut's evil; wrhity aring l nti aI hnmpurer sttu of C hn l blord, by i longt Also,--Cave &p Schaft rs rtona Syr .p, or ki. foit ]ltr.e b mia , tu: the frst. p rig rr tlt ll IiTltt . of the Tooth (Vasih; JJrhnlie Dentllce; ()r.:ngt l + i hrti ;i w t a ; 'iti a a hty of nth r l'une - L iV 1 GLENN'S J i) R 11 T II E t. N I Io M1 1 Al , POiRTAIT PAINTINGI. i, l I. I' \1 ,,,,t l l, 'I .l hlal t"' i11 ar nu ,. the klu li(' [lllt l It \i;til 'lt l 1, rn t na )I ll " , n N'ew O)ralk lh "or 11 oi(),lj. ('ll'Cl+'.r iI (',l'l~ i III, I ., t nul lSCited -, m ] III,+ ItII il ,,31 ied in I ',,r' 1 ,1 . .II o7 , '1 I )i , i, w 3. ni s I 11II()I.) :S \l TIN 'V : I 1 AN It.\tT i)RY SIL)Il . & r' O., Nuo. .:2 Oli LIvr,", Int e in ý- • ;IllO r , f lw Ir ir l aw n Lt IIIuIlht:I I, a l,, q 1tlUPI I'x -U ,l i, t', ]11 to l· ril, l .l ,, ".UO I'.uU )t l-), r l, +;ll" i,, : k ~ ,", .:N(l .S, u il, I -I , 1.,1 I:li aZ ( 11 ,Gm II 7.' 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TI'n Eritr i. d toI tf [ lo c pritch tr,te t by Io ire ontto flirn of o tirnigtir itrnd I tIil.Ido , ctid tci dihti fnull crdit .otid the O1 Io the rind N e rimecnt,. illn i tiiii' " ]oc Iit ,,t0 h lolt otinil t Inito fiTrc ul o tE d i he ., o ofth itling to t ellu c .lixpect lro, c l.rrir ri, a o tI1 of hll It, cloo ellllillUpI Iuniiex n si lr i hodFC ce. A n dritlrlii cly lr ol lp eoo t byanit itr-t, in te otrher r toll , ,of it llie l onl, in ll ur cil d i e th e tlljus te nt of Olri.l t.o of i end I. ior tlhy hto lej-it o f tiye w olI Ur ioi . t OrrooCr. t111 riig ulic of- le,.l P ado.plltl, r codltl e, cu ooisio ooris fro re iii roy qudrter.. i llcning of the onote, intdichr, a tIho neipr allln rf' eclire iny volueii , of the O and No w iriy ofti aInd llls be dloteioerd, t ior te tI ciCr,.led i it I 0" rP is work in nsh is preparation by J. burton larriso trn, Es ii this cir lul.s., ted y i i llinc subF. trand, Esq. Thil e Editor i.ol i o p- rmittcd by a istigistld retird .dge of the y Suprmi Co urt, nd1 by one o f the Vitaoc |ideot f to expect L roc too hir peri o nalt t ,.pei'Vl n ll frtt irdvaafini which Suiihlt ' tia twrk i i l iot ti iig tvery day tio rll not jd icar o. An iiicrirrrtd nri elrily tioo i t ntsni io-t, ill rte other Stlto ,is of th l I]ir 1c, il c roforwllU t o the ]iei uharlrisi.ri denco of Loc, i-tnoo tod the tided iln th, c djliiti-r t of - .do1icien of leti- r t, mt the ri~ing iopublio of Texar hain adiptii -ur codes, doorilions froot a freh quarter. decided iji Loisianai, aid ol01.iynnatly those in the ,, addid t tall r 1EA N jo5 ror (Tamp and ('oldent titt. NI 6 ~O, t I AN ' It h1 ut l l',I 1. 1:\:.i !(. lTuce street, b:tuen l < .anrreauand (',o tub'b. Slarginy. PECIAI Cuure of !ioik KIee, 'np.--'lahe oeurse f 01 ; f ie, png p nlie lled l inell. auveralu I ulltls, t.1 l elosi i i t f w . u Illl. o. llgod uccountalnt', ao'/ong host are -elT le II Ilr 1 I ll lldilln In butill c , will e e , l..rllrl c's oflt a I o tll e a iubihc I ultlal e. fi ut ilke",b lloiiL'r (il" ors iill It"". t Iern toll n .uI; it H.?il, c::,2,:!):e ".,- t . FRED. Wa'ILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEP.AL Gr iLUISIANA, 'll lla I" l..I ll s +.; : rti,'s to I t ll, it. the deile r' arl - hb laft. i, inn- iat . e.a r.Sl 1 l ii I irdelut it eth ' 'i II t Io i It lou int'- 1e <t'-" bi taro.he . w l c,,) Il elll nllt ul Io...l tii tain1 liu ht i - Itr o Ixt( ~,f llilllo o I'ni'i11 o1· .11 IIIt . l t o fli llno I. ll, e wI Ii | (10 1I'i1 .il T 'IONI Ii xuIus1T .-.t ateiridy rtgtttal roaf" t Ue itd wta;.h tt tttah t tt tan unit i a1 i ml eitr tlutc ian i 8 l yl t he t a, hill at to Il ,I nig lt r, .tiat ioan. i tyc ctl\u s t t'a't-ii. l tit.ld l Ittrv lilUVilg I t .rtl'lli It 1.llll t II'ia ital ", at.I I - l i it" li,, wl.. i-'lat .\-o ii l attllty '"lia Fr irll 'hei lion .Istil r 'ish d U n tliI e llll l cr"ft',ll r ld IPalle s l:t .. l[ l, at" it Iata 11 it ' r'ca t tiltlO . 'l strI e t OM l'( (1:]. i'+ TOUNI( MIIXTUREIt '.--k sneedy I a tad ia 'at;. n iult ao th lDievr at d Agta t"p, rtllli itent anid itl rlllitn · l. tev preparet d Ii I:in ol-l "lnul rccip,··. U.,:J t\ ;th Itmmen nd lllll lluli marsan success to 183,Inby marrnyc of thoe whoghe ar rI ltc tabl ht in tills ily, a u, t tof ted irt cu t llr leied This medicine in highlyreotnm c ndd, nld nod Ius at exrtnivntiy tp fd lit trn itti taIv e d ass with ,cli dsting lralll t, cieed , hta. t stra t. i tllr If liu rIecipe hastier llI i ndced to oIlt r itl llo t ie i . Ile ill it preI e n lt form i r the h ior e that It i i v tllni, ilrl tenll ol l. hlnll a y o tln lsm wilo arae i nutll-ilng tlder the courgu of ullt counttry. It Is ii IlI' llCe pa tser4 greh t iltue, an Illr L n d arlonslini t t tinn m drtc tleln hnor never atlrrd ou Ilo. -tiIt a ia e, n vell i-ll tio utte obsrtintIr al re Io o the ll c l'nier It iis l;ot it nt h ls l ellr ea i .a tperlns of the il wealtic .tme h, anttt i cla a n may take it with inlllllllnty t .Ir .tllltI t a tie d listi. to Itetdc a pllu r. 'tere is nleitler h Ime .rcuiv r inou. iars 1 ll lt he a dIllll llo ll. r t a t tila aing I leu r lo l ol rher hu an cD stidle ltll. ThC a rtlr ur,-it am Lo tL tlllllat e r It i Iof every ttilt l lell w lc h Ijt ll uslt01 ill II all l'dalcnl wrn I txel rt' ol and h s I IeT ellcttol: d It N perl tt Iuro if It llu feaevr aguel. A. OLIVEIR, sole n Il-l' I-r l ewt OrlnAt,, at. his wholsaln anld relail d lg la id In llCI stlore corner o1" I pien -vlle rande (.iatll L ns etr eth. For Dtrlt.ii AIIattethlS irpply to j1-5 T.-W. \I r ' '.is Cnti Ir,. ..tE . ..le s st. ...r a. a oa l int ta eitr a . .,t tt lat... . .I tl h Se phuliA , JtH, N 0 11 II' ACll H DniIUF el , tf 1g h tri l t 11 1 i 1f a,1 al rtr11i l i. T h hit lhl Ill' Ian - smc , h i I lll5 r r lhenldre Ilo seel i 11 . .;llrl 11hl' li III h' It c asks I Lh,' 'hk I i (_'use et latler date being n1"1 Lt'nyr ullltet lit, Ilt publitultinull ul" thi t nowIticeIi 1. JAMES t([': !';t. • i i "--l.,", -"U Ilell g ,- nl ei e r;;u ;rl-t palr 'l'ho 1 1tle1 au ft d . o1111\ " I t t rlll llotll rci t ol llr ]o r1'n1 v|rlillll tore nil e i lilu teillJ r1, "lll le iI1 llllll l . II n I hCtll i nl l 1Cl I,, 1. 1lutei \ It. ' I chu I tu'llll t ih r n de t , cur tilt ,nlu lu d i gn- ltemr de h ,hic . nr, III Ipo r i'~ a,,, cieh do roue relic lime relit petit co , 1 l r ' - r i din . b w S. '.1 lar prl .,n lls ihllitr· erl lone .1 i le . It d'bl." hlluln . a'tll ', ' , ua a all lll t l.!' de r e n,l, v t r ll l orlll "llln, .. Ii1,t)SJMA\, JOtlN NI IIACL|,JAt,. IREE., Nile tlrlcanis, 20 kec IR38. -- 1 inEp1i t of iresh llour to-day is $ I 11 pler barrel - rraer,1q to the Itll"'i th Iht'iaker. II give du r;ilg ithe i'. v.cll.l week (tirloi ,lolm ,tnvy -t Oct.) ;_' ru, - ten o,,hrtad for a hilt. .read of rtih sclond ..1a ty Is required to we'igh _5 per cent. mnre, vii: alt ounces. oc12} C. UIENt)IM, N . cs p r. U"T [ur', ;lll ~ lstore aId 1fr eeh by (k 1rIt . (U 'tttsT, ID ii DORS1;1'. FII IIE pelllle nr. x ttu Iy itliorutn that this lull T lotionu It erectcd uoi th l jutiproved plan, and in an air' and most uoluir Ileoituotinn,jn the faobonra IFrankli,4 upon the railroad, 01e dile front .bh Mimic 'Ite ,odidung i.+ force nod no- tcn ndlmcum)l*tositided inoo '11 l t ~ems,r kljlp.n: el'e 01 dillrlrlI clnooiua and .I tlii~rellt disanpFP. The)1~ inslllllitul is ;app~llied1 wit 11 ot ilfot and il Ie :' Illole nod etoo, I. oot .'o'ai k n ing the va riour ownersl~r Ianl Inli s. d. !'rlo ltu rooms may hIe lIvs' ioetlenie of 64'1" dii I r,, per tinyv, includnli ~l1 nttr11,10. llc. to',n,, i,, th or i,-ory ,~n,ooltoo doollomo ter do, `il~lvrz also tuvll dollars. ilrlnil Poxl in the ui:iipary tu rlr<i rite dollars. 'I I,.' rc-oirt t ph., -i, a , o: Or 11 i r tiden· Vt , I lr 0 npp."nio fo odr ... mtilho owdo.o t o ito CA l~urrlr n o, g,,N I 111a, IIpeal s1re1,1 opl9if a A.' . t'o1l ý-IdlhIlohucono iooo,I d ogfrono . LA'i0. & ..1It UN jy2 17 Co., oe uitreuud. (t LuURK , YVIISKIIV, 1'01114 A l1·:t.1-- -140 bbbi Sl4 Illbs recliid olhiskev; 7 lhls mesn aood 15 WiI peens,,,ook: 2 bhli pons bel; tile ot go of a Oit bulot lur -1. love, to close, b yI .,AYET A. AoII:I.L-NG, 2!017 Coooonaoce carrot, f1\A I.Y 11,iAO~-74 Ibl ,c.,ooosrd Fiamily HRan,* o' superilor quality, halnding from steamboat1 Mlourooh, for Kalo by LAY 121 & AlltELTN(., obtd 07 Cnmooorcon'r.a liS ' ·SS-1S--7 rl5 a 1a1e111, Inooding and hotr inl!. D `a J PYVIITNS l (onti streui UI :-a 6 %tF'C0A -0dO21hOCntof nTuat brandy, II 0 il(oe,:or Salo by SLATER & 'IRIER, atlct 1 40 Pooydrnsaitriet \XI2IIANU1E 00 dtobile ononted by I J AISIJAI rFISE _aogl4 _________ lOII,% 1'i- 5 , 1,, 4th lroof Atoohioehnorndy afo ,ale i by ISAAC BlIOIG A to, nog14 134 Maogazinoe srlit. Y l i''a ["r ,nn oche Liberty, and tCIll lined it. >,. for sal,: by S`OLATER 3141RE nogld 40 Pydrn otret o 1 t 100onihs Phiadtslphia Ale, Abbole' o'dut received. mod foraloe bIy J 1 BEIN & A COSIEIN, OhhCooortcnstroot. ,Arran nts for runnirlg 1g0. thecuro fool tohn date. Sonot G,.nntLLPOi FaIn Niow UAiE.nAN.. 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ORP'NF: retuoro his sinaere o thaot.s to h'' rends sa ad the ý'rlhlio of \ew Orhrnllr, f , chr la oooarf bestowed onii Io lilO thC e lastor l u },turn all II, laetoasueh'n, that all corde, oooilo ''' hl h n liule ! lunll h 00 pu nlv attendd to; he will -. t u '1, , kp Il, eii oo' Open flu, ille ff00 e t er,he shll he alwnI~s rT(oRlJ to stirike n0 nlerccharl'b circal dam,, nd~~ drawing', bo o evy deoooiritione, af the 00ni t 0 bal adonte moeolot~fo te iinao0 afterms N'igl-~e 00 -y1 'tooslsloierittldolan teeaofueliuh IIIe'II in th rl( if. 11: d flora Ilona experience· ill file Intr. ltlll: illllU ICI LOll'ln U.Bieil (llis N l; 1 o' lwelararir d and drug~gists' labels crrcuurld in as g(ooood I le as c0pperplpftffeo ngft tgiog. atd at ona flnod of Ii a'o oexpee. jv24 ®fPh. t OA 1 'ottf l-51 bLuxe boat Now lb..ard s sad Naoloo.oofooonotliot le by ISiAAC lotilit;FE & Co, 13f Mogeolto atreta, t~lj().'1- 1<5 xed If(, 81711N olp, toooJfoaekt't 17lbfufo w loading lifo f ohip ffoncordia, foar tor cola by Jcoo~l'll CIICKAYNE, iibf ooeon t'reet t. !f I1 AM) f101'fo;-flllf cla oooe K tncy 1) It LfOj pieos ltotlooky IlJoplogi, io oto to ano for eta LAWIOJINCE & LII dENDHRE, oojt 6 ___8 aod 20 New t.osa. Ailoolo llfoil-0,10 gallftan winter apottm oil' Opollb"oa 000 oneo tlr ; 31 000a1n gallOt, O efliuei "Iofn sale by 01 l~l II'1RIDol[ A. Cco. liill Of a aroL e l. C -1 T 'ifiYAtfe, O'ioeof'et Ito loloooo !-pttifronts wish ooooing to nel,,ea oeooffl cif eloer stru-fck ooffal iboriup~ic Ilfli 113 'lngoo.iue oo d oplofte Iatonk's SI AO LIN1)1E'l-l N Ffl i 'li'll .- 00 tll~oooololo.foycloo'eoool 000001. afloat, tll,'on.oot of aoieoo, o. anld Ih Invenllil _: a celbebratd I.'l il e,,l n hlia ioleOed'o"'. fofl hlllh to hleO pull:s ioa o investd ooe . 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'THlE LPILES-'l'l o pric, ,lit reis atiod fo ot.. er'on ffo0 will uoC a bottllle ol lloy'a iniotjoo for thfle Pilos, afnd retuorn fle rmpty bottle wirlo'".of toeinlg cooreot 'rltoaoareofle poasiioo orders dof td proprl'ietor to the Agocfff; andfoutf ofootny floot. santds toldl not one loas been unot oeoealoft. \\ oooiglht ifoartl ccrtretotbotlto a ft lnogtIg, ote poffor thlat thlose aleo toll tflot uirlo, shouold at holoit thle arigioooo to CAUT'LON-Nuorso ctt be gocnine witoout a spletdid ongootool wrafppoor, ou whlftelo is say.namt oaood also othatf of iloa .Agents: F OLOIIOgN bAtS, Sold otoletootto ood refeil, by COMTIrOCK is ('o, Newo York,atood by on e Ifgglst in every town ito Ilo, Uooioo. F'ooo sole toy ftht Wtholetale Ageats, corner oa ('ooo.ntn & 'TlootloitoaaLo atteat, alnd by thi Apolthocariots genaerflly. 3 TO ff10 NE.RS AN!) USEIRS OF ItOIFSES. SURGEO N \D'ALL. 1AV d'S CON I) IhN POWDERS, &c. N. 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