Newspaper of True American, 26 Ekim 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 26 Ekim 1838 Page 4
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flistaleippsi 3L lw Louisiana Ilotel, '?t,41t DKIRKLAND respeolfully an. . o I het friends and the puh!ic gene. ha! t ona t polpnpared to accommodate thent at Sa ee- shn al ishmnl ct, and hopes .fram her ''Y tnqal, to render visitors comfortable, to recerive 5 soffnnrmer favors. She foals eonfi. no visiting Covington during the months, cannot find better aceommnodations 1: , he -can afford them, on more liberal terms. e8 is pleasantly situated, and well supplied ai enienca; the bar is furnished with iquore, &e. in short,ele promises tiE thing"sl e all be wanting on her part to give a tire anisfctlon to all who may patronize the d'sio.losippi and Lonisiana iHotel. jr3 ., O T1tI PST 0LIC.= Th; nderisii igned. having . stadied under Dr. Selmidt of Chaorleston, ellth Carolina, ahd" for some years his assistant in t practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor toffer his professional services in this city. eassures the ladies and gentlemen that the most +4or attention will be paid to the calla which nanlamhe de; and also offers his services to the hold er of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in %lac asgar house in Charleston. :Tsiefintoe anti.hilious pills alter the composition ie Pseofesor Smollette, with direetions, can be had of the undersigned. The effcot which they have prtodueda inthi and other cities, has been attended S*ith. the greatest success, to which the best of . fbLrence can be given. Apply at No. 166 baga. slne street. JNO. lM'LORING. O-LLw WARE, WOOl) SCREWS, SA IRONS, &c. tJEH IiOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S,.a38 Water, near Beckman street, Now York, 1i515 reCeived the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to tihe stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of abeut 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, fron 2:8 to 50 gallons, SKettles 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettlos, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, - akepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do -Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do -'egij s boxes from 1 1.4 to 43-4 inches. P.ft do. 5 to 7 inches. , I.V'ood Screws, 20,000 gross; iron and brass, from :i inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported Spncess. Sad Irons, assortsd, in casks of about 500 lbs for .retailing. T.nilor'a and hattor's Irons, assorted. Saesh weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to 20ihs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also setasqbeats and other machinery made to prdor. Tihe above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. liaved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one.establishmcnt in the United States. Merchants, by torwarning a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever nmade, farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 r EMON SYRUP & I'lCKlliS-tindlerwood's I.e l nnaon Sr nl and I'in.kle, arssrted sizes; also, 60f: hexes of i.ewis & Ilaskell'sa 'ickles; far salto el cova a eanaignaennt, by JARVIS k ANI)ItI"EW, cl canr COIamona anid Tehllpiroalan lo S.,OA.--1-1 1 hbnll blxaa ito I Sloalp, lranld of Jaians 3 limold, for sale by lI.\AC IlRl)IIE &. Ct). n aft 134 3.agazine street. ' dlrslirillhtz trrse or T.rtaon street, be Stween 'iTijti (.ircl nnd (srosldralet ;trest. If11T. Apply to J OTT, S, I~;lEI.ARROWS, &c-2-5 w., heelbarrons, 25 N dirt do. inl stole, tlr rrale by CIIA311'LIN& COOPER, lril 12 dlol'a to t .I..\ \mtld Illred Cup nlld llrer Peris, eO all quail Sitics, crnsitislig el recr superiorr bhle laid, le and wshite; whoet, anrd )bli, allnd ruled rough edge record citp, cetrt.t.ntlr r or ri itd atllrd Ir ale by UIAVID FELT & CO. mt31 N ' Staotioner' Hall, 24 Chartres st. 10 0 boces eO(3 do each Moello e Wrine, 18r2?, 51 do do of2 do a l d 121; 51 do of 2 lio 1 . P fort, 1il6; d11 do of2 dso L.P blrowneh.Shlrmr, 1l p1 0 iilpes extra Ml.oeiro. Fur Prl.; by Elt1O(;E:NI', BRi)VrN &'11. i i iiutngoorstt, D onhasl;.Yd P'risniwg, I nlin ..lld Hindi.g neatcly execnrr'dllt .ltrrt rnotice, 1, 15IAtIV )l 'I'A &"O. mer N 1 Srtltiners' tall,`14 Clhartres st. ji t t 1-4115 hlr unrtit prouf Amcriecrrr BraLid,, iC Irding, fir sale by ISAAE BRiIDGE & Co. 1'O TENT. aNEW two seory brick Ifoase, situated 5 doors ofiaSo lra caIrend .luhiciiy ily Iltl, on St Charles ostnlr. Kbt very low, poaassesio giver :tneunediotely Eoquiro ast t exim opre e. m di9, tif. r LU I-5UO U bbls s af Floubr. for rsalo by t nll t G DOILSEY, 44 New I avere 50]t CI.S.S(oBCON sides fior d o e by el9 G( DiORSEY. ew 4I w er e Ip . l3 10scoils Ropns, andlrrg from Amblo sdor, lirsale by LAYET & AiMIILU.rG, fe19 17 Commerce st. " ,1'irNt_-.-5r;0 pieces Kentucky Bagging, lanai in NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA NAcw Orlean.s, Nov. 14, 1817. A O" Tsix monthis. ago I ha, d e misfortune to gst a seretl dieasr , four i hich I have applied to sere al dortors for s cure, ard tiler did not cure me, so now on tile sbove date 1 pst mself uinder tlh care of I)octl luot, atdJ I exlrpe:t im . t cure woe. .ince that timer tloe di-elo got worsc, as as to break out inl large ulcers to the ntlber of six or eight on ea h leg, srid all ovr m'y Ilca, and asre throlt, anil not ahlr to work at he jfernenrt tirr ei o r acctun of tile disecse; lorge rIcer on fhberight idel of the throeat. I alo no v pltting nlrselt eufidently unrdertht care of Dr. Iluet r,fP laris, Ito be iperectly cured JilHN DtEAN. to. 14 ly i 1O CERTPIFY thie sItrl.e o netinnd diseose is qrllitr s well c rrt.d to lly r owr satistelront fir rwhlich thi Dr. It Ielo an ITreov ter l oseare tiot thre Indi rlile I have takesni mkes me fait, and di, urt injure my euRitar a all; therefotre I advire f w uirrrs feres to lose no time and apply to Dr A. llret, 121 Canaol street, between Dauphin. and Iolnrbon streets. DIr. lue is at home from e o'clock, A M, until 41' Al. hIony will find a trsrie dreisr for this ceomrplaint. =JOLIN I)EANO,0 Grlavier street. If raly one wants to see r.e, call at No. 4rti tGrvia atreet, and tioy will he ao tirlied. To bn published at the oprtin of Dr. TI let. JOIN DEAN. New Orleans. Fer , 1,828. fehl 14 Sv I f1-E (tenlue Indian euoailal iaverwlnt .alt tLuh IThousdts, is pt upI in brrtths at tie d low price of 50 .antr each, tantmiltng the n trenllm e of three notices lnf rlveleort, shei rIis rr tll esri of meni other rot s lid herbs krows almsong the ladianre tc relhlkrciuu in curing pulotuoarv t mpilanlta. 'Phda o riritled srlcrsatas whir cIv rhs atended the roe of this intesimable lrrderu rllr rrer it hls blen iunr rired. lhao ortained rte cSnfidenre nlld rewrrnnrrora liorns oferesleethle sroIrrioiians, for Ire cure of rornrEis, Porrr., pain i trir side, want of resr , spittirg or bloord, lirer eorrpltinrt, &oe. To whom it nl:ty eroeern. TPhis is to crrrti' d.lrat w hate in our practice frequently rescril.l lrecs Gard. eer's Indian rlaotm l f. Liverort l IIi hourhoill, withl Sdeelidod gord eiff.t: we coan tierefore, nfroS the know Idrge of the materials it is madeo from, and r kseirvaton d eahroriseleei recommend it as a sluperire preproriuN, osall tiltOSe stactions of tie Irlnes Fr r which ir t is re tsmendrlOd. AI.HtER l' WII.IAAS4, M. D. CAI.VIN ELI.IS 5. 1). lserrher s oftll'r Bostoqr Medical Association. IBoston, Ocutober ' . o smtly JIRVIS & ANIDREWS, Ill 1t 'lcn e'tl r lt t sshtlit itlar s ir tecrnmerdorr d rly Illre Medical 'rerUlls. 1 UTLER'S Eferrvesasent Mlagnsian A perellnt-F-r 1Jdyspepsria or Indigestir.n, ueoros dbditr , giriddi "hral headachelatoideity of the oIt*rslt:h, nhabitunl eos. liivrtelesotas rccadieaoes, gout gravel, ,tri. rrl rrluclr alneda as a gentle, ecoline purgotive. This dssirrale pepassotiorn harreoetivet the trtron sre of lejly errirrt mneterrs of 'me pi ofcsriorr, arnd Ilrn a dllsornisq Ipublie nmay respectabile and ensali. kitrd testimoninlsoO fits eltRcray as a medicine have breen. .eliiteisd. With all the pletaeog rqualities of a glass of soda wa'er, it p'.ers.ies the atecire oledicinal Ieruerties -'1bthe mrost ippr red selianos purgltlves; it Is pleasant tr lIheo prlit, rnld grtrorf t th stniareh. lHIMPOtlANTl CAUI1OiN-Theo increasing rertsa. Nirn nd ol reat denmasd for Ilutler's I.feoerveseet blugte irtn Apsrlenr libas been an induceulet for otheors to of forlta ilmitnon of thlis valuohie naliotle. Pnrehlssrs a.tpei.r:eldaly wsoned of ltis faPt that they may be 55 5'l5t.5| guard, and not ploure an Impure nrucle. The phlic nsr re-eeetedlrty irfor ell that tln seabseri. re rg.* ¢o sntly suppriied wilh the criginal and ge' lpeet,' as. For sale who esle d re'so l. SICKI.ES & CO. Agentsr, 1,mla.$ 40 (, nl ,tseet. N n, "A. "IJ'IeitV.5re SltireUy t for Sile rtasonarstii r Y'! Ipý rsowfeHair, gesinglItealdoand beautysnd " hre bthis hir Oil wee offered to the Iublie, it had resrentried inhunrtdrrl-d rfasesof baldneassa tbhitnes and tislinl offortfllrthe iair, no ilevery ilstaneee hi ealrtary "._sls.hnM bs rrealiirdl. It hae.Sssertpi'ed to produce 4ybU.- baaeitiful geRewth of hair ril .eads almead S s s sa where it beoonles dry arn eerse5 to grow Il tlwill ve orrs snernder it healthy, and produce ....d ead hee..tifl growth of heir, wilthout the leest " tr the head. rte1 O givesr ae agreeaehl fera te nd is preferahle tn ay oither Ilt ir Oil fils per misn, nrlnlg and glossing tle hbr. The h ir ao boes me drv afPe" ,)ig is For Male at II; o lls c D'i.A PiMM .NS IIA RTT & CO, are now rcoivmingCrot on board laip Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, t'oker lety Andrew, French and German play carda; Back anLmonl Brnars; Chessmen-; 214 a d 2 l 3-R 8 inh il nrd Ballk, 8, 9l,0 aad 12 inuch blade Bowie Kniven: Iathelr and other travllie. DGreEang Cases; Belt, Pocket, Hcruenlma's and Inaellin Pistols; double and jacke barrelled Guns"; nne Iang; Shot Belts; Powder and Piasll Flaltks; Dranm Batle and Drinking Cp.-; Perc'rs-aon Caps and Cap Iolderrs; Cloth, hlair, Tooth. aed Nail ranoshe Orris and Chloriln Tooth Wash" ,olh Powdler: Toilet and Shaving Sops, in agrest vn. riart; long (iair Braid, Ringleta and Friclttes; Pearl and Tlilei Ponder- F.ery Ilng=.; Ivory 'Tub Cllshiona: Patirt Slides r GarterS' Gliii Elastii.c SIpendoCn; aPowder Purs and Boxen i(lilt Chains, Seals and IKe; F:ar-drope; \Wnis i Buikl,': Bracelets; Bead Necklner and Chaines; Gilt anl Sii eredl uBcds; lndian Beals, 1lle and Pil rmes; Shell Twist; Side and D)resstin Civccl; wlhichl,i anddition to tilrir onner stock on hand, makes lheir nseortnent very complete, and will be sold ow ordl on liberal terms, at the sign of the CGolen Caonh. 2i5-tf 70 Chartres street. C HlE Subscrilbers, Agenta fccr the extenive house of I . & S. sButchir, SheCffil I, Eneland, hione jst eeriedl a very extensive set r of a oi n ,. a s, ed cntina of Talle and l)essart IKnivesa of e desariptioan , Pen, Pocket, irkn , tndl Spear point Inives; Razors, Suis eors, Edge Tools, &c. Ac. cwhich they are prepared o exhibi to tie radletor or lra. Terns and conitions il11 he mader knon at the time. nml6 J.D. BEiIN & A COIf' .s 0 Common c t. NFW GOODS. y IMMO IOS, HARTT & CO.--Ar now reeceiing K.per ship Hllntrtaille, Eagle, Merry A.tntew, Hieh. nOder, French sl d GeCnan iocctle eallld Ilvia nccars sle,bell ndil pocket pistols; plain, rihar d t lr d slco t neellssinn llns cnall Iholrers; neirso r, RLzoors, pen. res; (;illltt's commerci:l andi oll r steel pens; Vio as; Violia strings; shell, ivory and horn comla; wafers; i, Iead: and leather plclses; hair Icc aidn, front alnd nak Iinlers; negro ,ll fs; Germa an d Freech eolegne a:tier, Rowlands accascr n il, inmitation cin; anticue scald lra'snil; porlale detsks and drleslaig ases: past. blchking; slatia ni toilci glenses; convex mni'rcon; op al gl;assesandlviews; llii anhccadl, lullscandl plumes; eordecon; whil-twine; toilet and slciing soaps; toilet owdler, o:asmetie wasIh alls; scented sari acusrions; pool itains; screw eashliosi fancy leadl chains andil necklaces; billiard balli; pocket lbooks andl walletts; German lhones; razor ait'llS; fine accII caolnnpll gulin lOatic iiaeICidie.r gartersdo; Bcllalucifr IIatches asil er leuieils; Cr'eyon, &c. &e. The oe Ioea inIaddition tB our former stack of fancy drticlcs, nliak.e oil' assoletlllclct ve'l acililc le. hocl sa:tl wholesae or retail; a thle l i ln ofith Golden Ccome, 7mn , Chartne alcstree. mt. 1 ý of New Orlean -; llaslm, IMarria &:Co., of Nah'l'sz; nd Il arirs, lelley &Co., iof' Rodnel , was diealrdcld oil lc2last of May Iist, iy tdie doathl o Sacmuel A Mason, ice of the partiers cc the firc.. 'lhe IIunClerile, suriciviCg parn Cr wihl I be arge withlthleiCletlillng ll losilg aid Ilcsai roe ast IllWIce LeviC Ihirris will aittelld io thile setling of lhe Ibusiness sf ielseo, llHurris& Co., lt Nalchez anud IMlarii, Kel er & Co., lat Rodnev; and Iihrv KeIlley will attieInl to hCe nrettling of the bII.siICness of Kllle, Mac=ona Co., at Necw Orleans. The names of Ila iseveral firns will hc used il licHidoltioainion Those iidebtedl to sidl firnl are ecrne-til requested ocolne forward and iiillke allrlv cseleclllelii; nlid those Ihaving clainms w-ill pilease pre,;int ihem wilithout delay. LEVIC ILARIIS. IENRIY KELLEY. New Orlans, June n7, 1837. a r eases Icnrer of this superior Colnalle water, nIt received andl for sale I, tile ldozer n or l e llnclc Itll. Asic American anld i renchl toilet powdcera, owdler allds, milk of more, lcsnti tdic ccicd rana, e tic .Ihkll, kcciha r, Ward'sa via clcr hle hair oil, pi stn i:rerlie dr. pere Ilorlih lavId.ldarla rose ani bay waters, nle ito c' shlto, .lcrscillea pell'lllcn rv ill tri ki vege t aie r l li.uid rmliu (:lotricea ndd )rris tootlh waaill, clotlh, hair. loolh, nail dllll fccell !Irllchec.i ielrcher with an adllitional s.uliple of fU~lhiolalce Iccr.i anid shell aelcnbi aud jewelryl,fir sale low at whonlesanle r rtail cy " ]MMONS, HARTI"1' &CO, july 6 70 t:hartrcer street. ceiving from on hl nallrd ships Yazoo and Saratclga ndilrig Cocnrrlin, from New York, a great vaeriety of gomds in their line, ahirlh to'ether with thleir formrel stock oil Icinci, Icciker tiei aorlra ccIc rt veryc I plete. lick anlld dresillu:gIcIc ahcirll it ofall deslri iton., In lia rlbber, silk andc worsted elactic carters, commnon & ine elastic 8pendtere, lorI feco liad iLucifer matches, Sridllitz powlders, pl)wderpuff and boxeC toilht powder, pockiet books and w allets, cedlle looka shell, pearlc ijor, ald cOarlc 'O Cad •[Lcc es, head oile rntal plainae o ral ilcad., neckln esa noil Ieliace, hbead chains, beat necklaces, rlt ila.isand cpliciccield,ilvcer ndl giihltads, Indian beads, Bella mid plumps; pistoll cccll birge poiv ler flacks,eholt beltsr, hcor, perll cockrt aind dlciling . istols: double and aingle barrelled guns, Bowie knive, ,ncc dirks, eci.sorc, shearsc peclket kcivesi giard chaidc , ind ribbons, waist hklcklos, clot, hair, tocthc nail,cocic, rumh, shoo, hlnteg flior cnld dcllstill Icruslles, Cologle, Floridai ilulallder, esrot nllla Iu weler,aeciorted eissPcies, and icxlcas, Micatccasr, bear', autituei anId Wrd's vlce etgeble Ihair oils, shavicg aln toilet reaps ofi l desp - crilpiotol, undiea:' and gnlccellcns' desk mlllld dressill cases, hair ricncciliefciaclc sa cud Isaidsc pliain c i lncai nic muscil work IIlxes, pIllln and gilt liCurei coat"l anill rest lcItlns, pearcl and ivory ch llirl, d hlirt sLtuddc, gold and silver plenccil Casei, tlocithlcickis oil aci ezeral cied aid gilt lcket, ilnilnicturce tio, ailcer, hcrns ncdc stlrel 'hiucllcs, hooks accni eves, hair pinc, icccihctioa fruit, hlk anid rrdicllk,srlcc hlkelliig, violins alcd gcitarc,criCbed nd aplain percocaaion cups, ailnn twine, , l'(llrtd Cohl cens,gclcl ancd sihiir lcre and c rllc ge, lcteiiclccper, ;inci bn s, ridilng w'ai ,4, walking rleacuoplymrgcard%, li ti gold, plaitd sld gilt jw, cc p cu &,-. 1'Ienl aove, Igilhtr wilh great e aCuiniai'of tilther arti Iee are dlicredl ait , Ilaole=cia or retalil on icsaeOllliocidatiu lern ll. N B Shell enntbe repsired. RIETY' STORE--at the xlan of thll golden conoh, Io 70 Ch(rtares stret. 'The stlhribers hanr re crived, in addition to their previous stoek on lind, a itll and complete assortmnet of articles in their line; vii: combs, perfumnery, Jewellry, brulshes, Ickilng glasses, ftunev rtitles, &., consititgin part no followt: C6M11r1i-trtoije shell wr.ghlt and tr it to 'ck,twist, quilled hack, long round, dlcesinag, side pufl curland neck, Brtlzilian combs of every odescrition amongst which are some Mxlexican patrons, Ivory eomalt of every deactipptton, hon, drestig andl neket, togethe r with a goenrlt anortlooat otfFretnllhtlldAtnt Atirltl. PgERFUMER Y-Coh)gne, Lavender, Florida, honey,, bhTy,, aroe, lat ertlns flower woftrs of every size and des cription, campnhotted Colaone, extract of loermlnoot, tIloo:y oatls af ll kintda, oltioving do ill outct aat pots, crenn soupdo, t\\'ard' vegetahle hair iil, bours and nn tiloedo. I'reston's smelling salts, plain and perfumed toilet powder, ]lrl powder, pa -lr pu11ll' andohaxe pa innseta in pots and romll.orrls out clllorino tooth wash and Iowdeas, with i generanl iissortment of JI\\tLIIILY-.iotme (ofthet latest lndd most faohiona ble setts, collnsisting of white and red cornelian top, oo . jet eardrops, set ill ilanere, breast pins of a grea' aei y of p, ltt rnt 4o t llt h riltltt ilttt de , ilt mt d silt'o actkles, silver thihnbhl, ailvtr lotrlIdJ'pi lnaoils tnd guattrd hltain IlBRtSllES-('lotl, huir, dust le,crulb,o harth,tloor, iht, taesh, tooth, plate, cotlh, Nail, shavllng, shoe and whi tewal btrusIhes. LOOKING GLASSES--German statia and toilet glasso , ittgtllif illg mit d l(otllch dclessioig glnsos, home dn, witll n \nrily of other killdS not enltllmerated, FFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICALES-cFrench and Atnerican porttble deoss and dresoiug cases, olnR very rich alld itllt7 linshed Inladies work Ilolxestod dlres sing easns, with alti winthout Tttin , toxieCal boxet Ac eordinnt of vurionah kindl, iolitos anld gtitlrs, silver and plated gencils and rleads,wood pencils For carpenters and cravou,nnalntle clo:KS,gullnsand plistols with sld withotlt ens rc, penrusiou tlllctiltcreoioll cup lltargerl-, pple, screwtdrtiv, shot behlttGame ol t a, I)'ate blat.kint toy tea Netts, Indlian blhetli of every hindl, bell attd IplmeI fincand conlnon knives, razors nlld seissors, thilubles, and Alerienll I stfa ctllre, dolls, imitation fruittll Iboxes, )rlllnt (of vIri'oul8 kinds, Saulldlra' ollolel'll.,l. Ennlmeraon's, llilhnan'n aild lluwkin' razor straps nod metallic hones, dirks, fancy hnead neckllcen, do with tar droep, toy watches, peal buttons, powder flasks, en I and plat, seed heads, gilt and silver dot, qgun elttic sspen ders andl garter, plaiol and sword lle Itllckgatnnlllon boards, dice, optlcalviennesjewtsharp, Itocotfoco nlmt es and drinkilng caps, with a great variety 0l other art cles, all tofwi h will he sold Ibr cash orcity atcceptand ces on 12 nlonths credit. B 11 SIMMONS, & co. d4 70 Chartresst. OLOlEAR'S Science of t'enmans!hip received, and for osle at their permaatt \Vritltg Acatlemiesa dNo, a C lttre, s treet, New Orloan., 1.9 lrttadlway New Yo)rk, Dauphine st,, Mobil.. It io particularl, dctigned ott private learners, and l ofoalls, and i t callhdteod fir persons of all ngee. Itdies anlld getlemene are invited to call and examine t 4 1stlen F rr thnellst ter .r Lmaontlln ar given atil ntel hlllte as may nit tile erarnienlt 1oftl, and to cla.tot forlted il any part of the city. lndias wlio prefer itana receive lessons at their own ref sidlltlees. Pterm o povigll fr tlitr : Irae of leaons are tdesired o attend tsti( they writett te ll etior tttwislh. nil l)tt. .IEAR &c IlJllgVrIf',R. DFAFN',E S. A EW article for pralons trouabled with dteneioa, (called lthe Ear'l'ruotpet,) has last beeo receiveed I thle use d whiche, ohe slig itot asrt iulotion rof tle In. n tRll oi io d.iatiltly coat.eled to thle oar. Any oto willh tas ever hecln obliged t. convera w itl a vnry deft !)ro.o Inllturthe folly oeutibnle tf the diftielth adt tIe ntrroa.alett vzprizauodl htoth t I, themo-elvoes old the i, i tidual it t so I nllirulltatelv a(litteld. I ty e Io e oft tlln Er 'l'rtntjet tlhin ,hjretion in eltirey- tlltvittdl. 'lhe nttst sceptlctl have nlwa's a. ntttlttt'tlwic dolubt I alter having used 1itl ttrumpet,. aor oale at 'I' F (VIOtt's, Iancy storeorner oe ttconlto on th1 St C.arles streelt udor 7 Eo i n. tn, IlItel. flhl 13 SSpetrm Oil, in casks ad 111Ins, fcr oale bly J i'nVIS o& ANI)ILEWA, Whtlenla Drutgg st., corner C m,,ou and Tcanp Ids streefl. Inr :1 20t1 do ii English do-25 1-4 bbls. 4010 " 1110 Paint 1Brushes, variou sliCe; I nee Vcrmilli.n; 5 bhls Copal Varnish; 2 " Japn " I " C(;alch 20 packs Gold Iearo 50 do tilver dto; 1I1t do Dutch tetal. WINDOW GLAdS, Amerienoa. Et gllth and Freoch -1t00 bome, vartnous Sies and quolitiot. Inoston Lrown do.--600 hoxes, con sign.ent, will be ahli low. Alho, a general assortment of artiste' olotors and tools, for ale bly A W SCA'I E, No I$Cnalnl street. N I. Alabama ntes takelo n at 0p r, and Missisippi not "a will be recnived at 10 per eot dioottnt for goods, or in payment ofdebts. jo I Iw F LOUR--00 nding f.'* onsteler londepend. euee, 44 eDO w SY , mW 44 lawv LtI., MR. WILLIAMS, (OCULIST, Now AT TREKJWFERSOo tOVSF.,'JEFFERRSON STRE.l, LOUISVILLE. T7 the Editor of the Lotdisille .ldertliere: Sllt-it appears by the observationt of the Editors k~of the Nashville Presbyterian, Union and Trans oript, no well na the editors'of thie Mer phis Enq uirer, that tile ')I1l Geotoleman" is alnio the Dotors. Thiso is proved hev hin inglv rage, knowing that hin time in hlt shornt, and that the indepeldeot American eople ares able to juolgelfr thesenlves what are pulfm nod impositions. fihe orthv edlitors who are -oftors, the proprietors, editors or eub-editors of tte hbove naoned jourtln., ell every letter from petdsons loave rastored to Right int the above pl eP.a, palts. I. Tih fact is, thalt I n 'ver hodl oitb great suceto ss within o liomited a period as ten or twelve doy. One who was mahed ho t ten years, who had ileonl.en tile liglt Item hin birth, etaun to oee to frllonw hir manter to my hotel, instead of hbeing obllged to he led by hit,. Tw 'vonte ladies, who hbd eaothlont tle sigp t of one eve, hone far tean years. and the other fr nearly two yearn, having that nt thema the oiltr eve very ieailt; vrt eeah of tltos votle niladies egnn ton'ee oitht ,nrh tyes, wllict benefii I P ledge myself still contineos, ex erpting tey anre ontrer the inflluence or dminati on of the Medirl Doctors. Anotlher is the daughlter of a respectable merchant, whlose name I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who said site Itla lost thte siht of one eve front the age of 1 monnth, hilt that t ite now htegins to read nlarge letters with te, other eye completeuy shuolt. This thte doctor eitors knew, all the gentlnman told me himhelfhe hod eon dite.ed his datgwhter to the olice of the ,tmediel edliors. that they miglt be infirmed of the fort. Tile last I shall menio. is at elderly gentlemann by the name of Yount, nearlv seveoy veneos of age, whobelnelared plb licly ny letter, which he took to all le tdlilflrent nolisen in Nnshlville but one, and himrnslf told toe lie had paid far tie insertion whatever they doanderl, who dclar ed iu that letter thnt ie Ibe iotallv deprived of the inltet of one aye from it kh afe d in hirtIh, which Iris mother tated to it,u .. ocnlsioned hby tile inenasl or small poxn thait nov he cttlol not only see the lnigtt of tile stit, for tihe irst time tintt hIt rec tllet, but tile stars also, anlld was beginining to clistine.ishl many ob.iects; ntd did, before I left thatt city, ive tn av proof lthat It could sen to walk ahbolt tl t, sotret iti the otlwr eye comltletely closed. Hei said Ie had hben n mettnher ol tie eatlietodal tpisopal Chnreh for net rlv forty eRors, atnd tint isn word na nIever, ioubt el thrmolgl the whole course ofhis life. 2.I relmet that I rad never greater nteeeso tienn at Nashville, and tht tnle medical and clerical lnotioro hilad never before to noacll recason to be enraged. The piltsl indignation oafthe Rie. clerical Dr Smith p roven, w'hen re ntated to tme that nsait nlm years pant,he was eoaertd from benirag pcrfete itlidcl,e to elinoive n the dletrin vo of'he nihle, that he murt Iave mnn , a trifling error--tltt ie mnaot have meant to nay, th t befiren the end ofseir veonr to conie, hes ttld be converteoi frn his binftdelity, as the ofirit of the trier tininter of t.l leaefi! sn o I oenigu doctreines of the Christian religion ,on Inot breathe oat ldestruction, rager caln v nid filietltl o plheaoe tis medical fiend., lniiist tinh mialnt wliol ait kew hld loe nso otueh goodn, mnd no in. jurv to env one. All tile inhabitants of Nashville sponke of ihe greet tueci i, had, t the Inedical dItor. Mloat of tllel also ind t iteon iafitetd hby Mr Ytioit of tile ired perforied oi hiso tt,:aly biiad erc. I. 'ite fanmlstd (Gioiall S. oiftil' ntow, ttretetnds that I oave Ilot the laneels I gained in the Nortit, Ei:re Ijv artiova in the Sllotretiet. T' l. provon, i witoera t irtil, nd that I kelt them nAtil i arrived in this i ertt. f I gied i on in the north, I ought to havegniljtd alotli r ill theo snoutlt ani snotllhweto,all still Ihope to went tiem on my venry yottlfol lbrtw o te day i leave, in rpite of the vituperation of the great Dr S.,if I s lay jnlge froin tie ilanin I ave alianl benfitd toin tios city within three dasoi. 4. ' ihe object ofi thie present i to iiforin Oli edi-d oat loliihstnd editors f the letpublit i iAtrl iTn seript, its well its the clerinl I)r l.elt itl n (o e titerai aotid of thle Union, of Naslhville, on well s tie eilitoriandllsI miiediau l ldittr oftth¢Me n0li is nclqi"ert n we 2s I r Prentice, tile edit eor of the 1. ntsville .lonrnul, nd nlace tile ledhicI (;olilth editor of this it,. thie reat I ., t ring actions gat iet tiem all. fr vituperation, slder or calnayo , imhl di ately after my arrivl in New York, aso well is git i tieira iablcreh irea tic medoica (;oulichs ofltl north,. I now binld myselfby h rnisiinev, terto qiitiit hit tipo land of lilreat, tuol I tIve brought tihe o loi Of Ito nmy nedical Giliato of tin inor lt, onwell as the stoth Id tilot wnet, tohe grillndston! The tllie ei therI fole, ill c ulat I ne finin lun tt l ile ri olu If next easv in New York, o here letters, goat pldt slldo ni othie2rs, will ble sulre to reach ll t. i. To info lim the phllinc hnt the llfF, so colle d wiilh the t vo. clericeallv eoove rtodi infidel pro-no war s written fit him, was writte'it on n tlhlan Otek I lor, amr ittotnded for tile Roy. It. Howell, Rho ret l it I. my presence witottOt Itunifrsting oany listt.olobutinr nit the ontrari, took it to hlis study aonld lledenac it in lthiwhet e dild, whlh he saod hie thoutit t wold l wer illm purpose bett; hlie dlliv'ered them bIIIh t mtti Ie wi.lloui pretending that I wanted to brilbe hill from h4 I duty, as I never eouId poenillne to oflir that Irnlhtlillti or unv other, any moltey foi r ltotillg fillats. 't'e tllt ltoot.r'iown lartenl¢nt is before thie plblic: lIitd llr I t examnined a t my diptomas, &te. Ae. wci't I etleotnl all itimate frietnd if it,oni well at the wtitt of my patirentt, in eomptiny wilh Inother rltuu 'nlllle LIluu founr them all tto he ilietiAit ndi all Iyttipaients tio bie morte or leos bnIlefitted, tin never cotuld hae h:, inducd y a to. tal nstrlnger to ilt u i th an a le is .o wrote hiuttnelf fler phli,'tiot , no hresed it tott tir Stritgfelil, edlitnor of the S 1' Aldvocate. fi. No Wonder tie lcartigeltencl editcal llnlial.t of Naslvillln took the till, .; cur the-efore usel their el forte tn join with them Ihr aull-p owe2rful, aetic,a l p s it mllrd inttellecttal forte of te slid o-bte-itvtrei reoictol infidel. \We read in the Bilile hut ttar is lnowlt I, ilts fruits." I dare ,uy tile converted itlel I .Ile e;identil wmtnt:t tot estabiit tlis mlra i 'h-r Ce,-r as a roan, Iy ahewiuo that he will, Above Ing nribed. nnit its sey wlhelhr lith open of th.1tv piety: of silver will apiv to hino As .eil as it wis well n qdied to onlhir ertonertedl infildel, who, iin ile dlits f tile in carnation of tis Divoitie Mo ter, tl-'ohttlyv sold him fir thatntnlttluber iofpiouees of silvrer. ,l Anllnwer ice t1ia itI wa never intedrledl as a b! ie, oorin onud it he unltmler ed so by ians nn hi one, it ntas o eell ellol to te lenth ptrlt fiall tie rgtlar plrinltcr's tet oft $1 toper .,gmre. Containing Iwo or thre2e tulthlllln of clotsely pl'tit'd matter, whillc wele to ibe repeated tllree or linnr tlic$ in tile Prshyteriano, U[oion sltd ilottiinrjolnlt hllad I ever intended to bribe him, I hii l mluhve otllrid him at leat $30{0,his regutlar fee, iottad oif $0l 0,thilm, in till irolabililty, he would Ilave gldlv reeived itls his fee anld tnot as ial, ribe, On lhe t ontrrv it' LIiid bet ra tbtlle ofolfrinf a bribe, I shohuld tertailll have done t in a way to hlave inisurel his Actcptancr. 8. Oad ithe RIev. lDoctor been re.lly ronvertedl to the l-eliefoflth dnlctrioe, of' tihe Akvii,t tie nwoull noti hove piromnised to ¢orneand examine my patients will lt Ikeeping his wonrt, as I tIve nAlways fond eveoy willislr of thie gospel zealous to ido. 9. llad ie ien,, renllt coverted, lie wouldl nit ib have aptksn agaillst the Anlel'iian iisliittiuin., wlhich, it is well known, are uore nnerollts, and \,ioihl are superir to many in some Ilrts of Europe. Ilin conduct onnthol, disgusttd smile vonng litera"v eI ir ctler, as to he scarcelV reestrainen-lfomn olnitl tlm. hin ot tOie plot, hI luaing riolctt handsl on hin. h'le Rev. ientleoman, tlhouli a Scotclhman, in without -xcllse, (unlesa he is callluniated), ilthough hie tray:1,' Itink tn ioan a right to abuse thie Alnerit:ani itintllmint tionS ibecaulse lie io a it:olemred infidel. I sat Ile ht s iIot-as tll oght to speaki well of the bridtges hI goes itiiv ,ver. I flalw tihle gailanlt Captain (;rlllnd, ond t evpirtil otlher amtiable young gentltemen of Naslville i'ecnllec ell the condltict of this pious elxpouder of thile lOly Se tipttturee 10. 1 never saw sne'h a ldeotin inll hutln ishal)p as tie RoIev. Doletir wais ithe day I cat ed to reasoll with Iim, whocl heIo menaced my gey hairs witlh an uifted gigantie arm, as if hle ouldhav filld me to the grotnid, for daring to drw a ooolns minister away from Iis dlute, bo a Iribe of 30 liitore of ilver! I "really tembl,id tore than if the "0ld Gentlematn" had uap ard tin shape! 01. I *oielnmnl dcclnlre befiore God, nnll inl not nfraidt to call Maln to wi.tness that I n!ever, ill the whllde wourse if' '. yevers oartltiee its tin e.llint, in (l'eatt Ilrititin. :rane, |l·ithlum .lld A\liettlil ill a dingle ilstanIce of elredi as a ihe d y motnt to to ttI editor of qlly jollt t o the intr's ltill wnlch is a tnspfliciet proof'tliatl ihtd weeks b onitiinm a tio~le of flatrtnt fit lntoNto Wltil ttle nlieal Ol'ith il i nihitlten letIIted fronl ttlie betllretI althe SI. Goliailts otflte N tortIl, aod I s r" tlet with sih'nt contnlotmit iltil thi rroper tiiitn ttrriotes- Uolitn it is trite twhltl I hlto Itoeit iafi.rntl.--"iten a bheggarand yo' will otttehol a.--" T'hough 1 paiid htit fareniy tidvlrrfielnentf tor ionor three weokb, lie only inserted thenIIOlIiee. ntou will tleane to inoert this lett..rit your neaxt p per, and obulige yoourn, re. t te Enghs lOist. Ceiedfrnm th ,e. 0', C..ideteote of ihe 21tt June I.37. At tie reqeostutf Dr. \Villiasit we insert toe bllow itima.)fte from the Rev. lr niowcll,if Nattviill to hl, nmlhttrof iIIt tilthI \Vnetro (:hroioiiiin Adtncta whe , lo an' mars, I1"s erotined tke uliplitmlns tIhtu oIilhr itO. a inillto.eviiht'ive oftie OItoettir't ehbitut tii Itultic plrolt - -gr In conntiltitHe tif inn ticiuteet, IOr. I\', w rJ nain in Ntaihvtll a faw days lIoaiter tth,, Ito 0t lirel ittled-ti Oli--s tnhe Ist Jult. \Villmitn, the I~tolliot, now iii t'ilti,.t'it, to pr:nnille hiF ini coituptaity with, a rtlited friendl, dlne wi h plean re Aniiiog them I found a lI.ttr fitomh tir Page. It pert nent Chatrgt d'A, tires of tm Kinl of the Frerl, e t Washlintgtittm. dlrenosod to lI)r. \Villiatis, testifvui le entiinitnlnc s Of the dipltulatts fronl tlie IKuing ofFb, Il (.e, Ilet tlttn, &c. ts well a those t rol t,,e Ott dieo l S let - boown, to ie if hli'l, rpllbtitln ill thin onllt y roettuuviit ril:e hit! arrival in the Unitltd Stleats i i thlmti . ilRi 3e. o~f nrmlt lliitoS in thte rI-tteortitin of night to thie i; I hae 'e¢n lle rlv allitin Ipnr pntinti , itithito i:t-. I hkewt tnito of Olin,,, Inroiuin i.t thi" e, hic care; lotti all ! have t et n neri , tn hy o r- t ii itmoelontlly bknifittvdl. Pmnalvoih, Jnl e Jt , I1:O7. tu t tntallh lost tlit' oiult ilf otto i.-o ti.l Se'tt... tvyrs, iirnt timc in hit lifo ltiht he ctn rcotllect, heIto uld din tinotltloh.titlt tOl loon, nitite iof the rmotillttittt tars. ini this rdgion, anod saty te hlas been a ?l1thiodisidltring firty years. Ytours, truly, aug608 Ii.Ol.fh. l. TENNYLRS 8bIAP 3k' L(JAI'ANA,&Ce. & A Nvw MAr eO IOUISIANA, with its canals, conc and disetee, frot pelncs to place, along the bun1e slid alrralloo t router, by c ll.S.'ta r IITCHELL'S MAP OF THE r UNITED STAT7t rog rwine the prineipal futupike on commo roads, on ..hick are circn the ditatocet in miles from one pIaer to another; al ur the cours of the eanals and railroades throul cal the eoetarv, eureblley tompiled from the bret u tlt.,riticn-publiohed by S. Aougutus Mithebll. MITCHELLLS TPtett OLEt'S cOttt TtROUtGH THtE Unietro S tArf s; ot tP of the roads. distaneet .stein boat and canal routes, .oet receivoej and forsoele WM1 M'KEAA, HLI1JKS ON PIIILAI) saIeby $1 65 Ca6 p street. i'kItE INDIA\N'S I'~A\~ACEA FORltheacure ofrheumlismio rfuls' orklin.gsenvilgoti, F sciatica or hip gout, iCi;.iPentcaners, saltrheum, sphilitte and mercurial ilseasses, pu'ticulnrly ulcers amd painfulaffeotions of the hones, ulcerated thlroat and nuos trils, ulcers of every descrsption, fever sores, alnd internal ubsessles, fitulaso,, I;iles, scali head, scurvy, biles, chro nie sore eyes, erysipelis,hlothlos, and every nvarietyof co tarnus fectetion, chronic C:tarrh, head ache proceed ing fi'om any erid hlumor, pain in the stomach tand dYs pepsia priceeding firom variation, aofections of the liher, chontic initmnmation of the kisiriys, asd geneltl debili= ty cased ei a torpid eotion of the vessels of the skis. It is sng'larly eflcaeiost in renovaeting thoee constitutions nwhicl have been brokeni dow yl in ijlicious treatmenh, juveeile irregularities. In sgeneral terms, it is room metalell ai ll tlhose diseases twhich ariseaflionl impuritiaes ofthe blood, or inhiiation of the hIumors, of whaltever name or kind. Some of the ahooe complaintsmay require some tri fling.anistant applilcations, which theirctnmstances of the case will dietet"; hot bfor a ogeneral remedyl or tlicator to rensve the cause, tile IN.DLN'S IPANSACEA will generally be lontl suomicientl. TO T'IIE PUIBLIC, iuow trae it is, that tmodern Physicians, In their urm hition to excel in thleir Iprofession; explore tte vast fields ofseienee hv he aid ofchelistry, anlld seek out Ilew re medial agents; in shola , to arrive at perfection in the iprcntiee h means of art alone,-altirely overlook and neglect, as beheath their ntlee, tile rich anl bounteous stores ofmemicine, which the Almightly has coaused to slprig ot of the earth in every clime! Andl how much mre true isit that while the American Physician looks to te.ign contrites for marny of his most eommon sod areeestr artirles, pcrpetaally changitsg as they are at tile tlictates offasvliossorfielly, ho is suoretdttled in his own country with an endless profiltsion of medrical plants, stimcient to answeryaey inldicatia ill disese or to eltr any etroblh distrder; and yet he is ignor:nt of their vir tues, and tllhey are sulfferelto 'wstetheir lhealing on tle dersert air.' The effects of egetable medicines upon the ..stem are tempomtry--those of minerals laotinug. The foirmer ex ertlteiretfects and lalss off--te latter, meruem in pnar tttllrlw, act orlemiealli spun the snlitia, tlteomposing the hionres anld undermining thie costitution ly slow and sutre destrction. The eongeniallity, effiency and SAIFETY ofvegea hle remelies over mineral, maR be estimated by eontrast= ingthe nilent lpractiec withthe mvlero; or, tblielg il aoreimmediatlt o ltller ooru' r w obs u nrv,'ttt, th- Inii an praetice with that of the uhites. +Who, in America' nas not knowll o heardl of repreated Instances whereis some decreopl, tntretndinu fenalei Ildman, by meansol her simple tsesrita aloner, see st'etpt:cl tSie teost raepid anl astmotishitg cores, after the 1lseia Medrlicea of thl -ammon prctiee, directed in the most skiltil manner, Irhs failed? And who has not been surprised at tile comn parative ease and c'teility with which thie Indiat frees himti self from any disease, alnd at the almost toto abstinence ofehronit ciset se among them? Who has ever heaed ol n Ilndian with a constitution broken asnl ruiined by illtreatnent? A:tl can a dobtexist that this hailspyr ex ermstion ofthe savage from most oftthe ills which tihe Sfles of mnt is heir s eli lhly oiyu toi i etoe genia ilg dif'erence ia success, is a thir exempilietion of the ilinlte slllerioity of tile simllle anlttd sanfe mleas of crele whiclh Gosl has eteeated for the hsneeli of his chilhhc , ovor i t iose vhich the l'ide .n.. the art of ....e Ia.t int veintei. IFrom a long resideite among a poliotn oft roite igin oalt ihblliln'tsof thiscoontry, tltlall itilllate aelllnin stOle tt'!hl the, tmetslletI of e'llre of some n'f thir Sl mot suceersfl I,:oetition'rs, tile prospietor oel 'hle lsdiscl't Laslacetsl,' tequ.oie.d a kloei ledge of sonf t of thie mnost Iower'ellanfie Jorive'strelstsei's. Fr'oltslllS iheise]ecte seh ats were iosot fcieciolls anld ali re'ueiates, indI after a riouse t'rleei tss' tv , i t ot it~lrit' itwhseisl.]eotts otto' pllt, me tascombso letushelm illcl.s. I(/'.1ihlre e ltests llt, at te le mast pttef et lnd beetlicial for the purlpoe for which it israeommemled. The 5pr'itt tor of'ers this s 'epota'ss to Sits' sladie. with the cnseiousttvsliesstsas st Is ispla ei 5 eilf5tti st-s a remedy caijallle ofrclieing many of' h;s nslicted Ill low beilgs, who itars slllsleill. uillderl the t a'it, us cl'ro llis ad ol's'ti 'latecol 'aitss tr hich att is a t s licable. To suich it will wrose of cllalcul|.thle vahle, as thit( moeansl'£ ads in msatst calie' , sls ll y ,I etnsof elislssct -theix, .si rt tls a t'dr ll once ol e {t i alt als t Ii' t pines.,,. This is rol' olRI. real as a cionn remIdy 11In ' that nilly ieIr clabtier he i?~alsl good with m.utO- otiher1.s l Ow ta. o wich is blc of s in;vgtlitsg ifisso extremeceases u i challhe u . e III hU emI' lliet'alltI I. This It less done re .lRe alll 'sv ist Sta e t S this s t r tt i nt tssisles wh l ei ,toit s I ell I i lt' lll(s iresoe t Ia 's esi t t s is lteitort vse a tie Tole w htInle' l o " h e rnsllln aigh1 t cit Ie' t ls ll5 55 s l .s il11 olell~ln~ ll*X*, du il :?l~tll'est ss 'sil" tts'' tl hli .* l is tet c1 stial ss sit psis isi t's h1s iel ' hte tns, nI rde I :1 i ll :' l'rts l lts cli lte 'stl's rtms in .a : i l h ea r l ' it; ss II. ( t ts 55 .'s'sa il' in o l ll Site itte, a s ! uci I'lriII? ssstse ittss its,. s's,,1~ I~ l~ll~l( stftsts S Itsg S a l~b d tle Lillwi tf .ubstati l e :ll tn out~lxnig .' of llld·:1 i tiil· the ttIftltsslotlefts cll set's eisliest 's~tliCOllh lot osih hn .c its s uole :,i f llr reee , a i- an . tll uttS is t i c llm ditistt Sil:s :illts sIt'Ill ~ i lll. ilodc% II1, net. ily sex oesode it tel et tstte l St .1 ts ts'' 'siae l's isett'tsg olt'ti i rs " le'v li.vt riI us'hcse ith wonder li ui'l s" e as'I(IU.:ll l a S rng ul :tI: Eil e P .' ll-erahytc osew, he resu(ll l, i< t -la t 'to m nli" k ' LU" l.h os'itieissttigistlt u5'stt'sI , segqise ttwliget' ncb tsoetsaihssec,,~stsi slasitsn volts issl, tstSie' tlvt.tlt totssllestsss C EwSl. 1o h ll tl. ,1O 1 t 55rthree Ils hi ho + t l'tt'y'stt tts cllsiotttast' 'Is, ' sss i ~ ~~Issts," co~mt inr se:lt.'rlt ".n vr it r s c ons Ts'o anatce 'eiltro to,'i i 1s til e ill't, tta . urots. tit ist n c.i' ls'tt'ss site ishs's'ss 55 t' a T ' Iblsi'eti s tss tiss ati.-., i t ut s t t'e. resst.\st.ts ,l s ie, stil it, sst t ' it o i r t i ie it' c , u , u . cre i 15, ixcs[o1,+ Cl I m.'.+ rrlt o! , No, i ver.% 15, i~l h3 , th u ingtl hlus t wT I.l'internl.l' i ng!+ ,{,1". J" f'. l ict e ~ wirhc a very>i~ (lvere m+ul' dist1 lresn rh neinficsm, "od uit ne h, br.. sxonsur in hdo wallt, er I no t akeretre hreat peasu i n.:lli~ JOIIHN I.'I"A US)N, l'ing st. Cto!A*I.Sn.TN, Mlrchl '27, 18t :2. I was seized allllt ihree years ,ince, with a distres'ing rheumatlsm, eauaet'd by lakin,, a severe cold, while tkdr theinlltlllhnce of m|terc.ul"', an1d which has dlsabled r^ iron1 Ilusilness ne:arly ever silnce. I)ring this period have leena patient i M the .arine H olit:l, in this Oit u Iw ldso fiur lllmonths, and nlarly the same lt fitt l itit tellltospital,:nl tried almtst ever rclnecd, with little beaelit . On tile lith iof februari last, at'that time scarcely able to move about i upon iort t ltch. now happy to state that I ,l'oih,' mylself Iltteetly wellt t I to . t TtitKtto, 1i3 arteket tt. CASES OF SCIOI:iIO)Ut LICEIlS. N tw \Voa. Sept i1), t:30. This may certify that in tite ai-l ot I8t25, I was seize with a swellingit my neck and tice, which altiewaro ulcerated :tti became large gilastly ulcers in t 'tt neck. AllhlrI ringse'l'ralIPhysiinna Ito na adl talllgl., I well l lto hi:idclphn , a.d placled nmyself ttIlgt' the careol Drs. Ihyslec and Ieach, %hlle,, aler tlrepe:tled s:divation to no effect, I was pi oollllnt e utterly ilctlr'lle. Alter, wtetds Itook twentt Iottles ol'S wnim's Panacea :nd ciehl bIottls of Potter's C:ltholicon, ithl no nI:lterkl It benlil eslpairing of litc, It hich had I nw bocomo e n Ihr hen ti le, I retulrnelld to it parents in Neo ' York, inll 182., an gave sty selfupto a lingering death. t htering of tlt Bleat s tccess of llh Inian's P lnacea, Ihoaever, in ca. similar to mly own,t I was lpersuaded o Itr it, asa hllast . sort. ''To my lgreat surpllrise, :as welll as satibSf.eti(lln, slnl Fo IANundlos m llS i biotlL. It :118111 an o le tki well il the course of two lmlots, llhae:t remained so ever since. itnake this statlellr and wlih it published litr heei t itof' tose wto are altilting ultt r simiha seel'tilous or syphilitic ail'ccotiulns, than tty lmy know what ho cardol li ne o iihas :'every. thing but death, ild I ho considers his life sat ed by the above yv WV1. IIINII.i Clun u.t:'rreo . ully 12,1.a1.;I. I was amicht', , folot years with an (lcer i, tile leg oc haiionally accompa nited with crsipelato h s inflantoati, and excessive Itni., inl Ih.g . anld nuclt jdoilt. Se.t.rl elotit, nt physicians e,'toIct theirskill tupont it, bit with out Por:(lanelnt benefit. Ill this case five boltle Ihdi in's Itanacen Made a pet I't'et cure. M.At A IoAIloI' A \t'lo ''T, 21t Market dy( or saley o'to I I.Y ( IONN.\IIIE, druggist, :ap Eto I I prOptrietors,t li'rultoil Oasistreet 16 NEIW OlIt.IEANS & NASIIVILE It.\1L liROAD) CO) 1PA N V. TII E stoklmhlders of liis companv are hercebv ti - Iiullr lhal blv a iresoluti llln of the bn" i '.ld f thie'(. tion passed on the lfth itt. thecall made ol Ihlm on the I:hh February last, for Ith l payment of five dollars i slllle, was reailldd, llnd tile said stichlholdoers are fullrthr notileld that W II,.RtEA .S, l1y a resolution of this hoard ptas~ed on itely bh thtl, tviz:--two doiitra per share, payable on ti, iral 'lay o" S )e ltetnb; r nextI1 ; two tlnll~lrs per sIhaTr'e piivnblll K all filt lil-sI I Iv of Ilh-enbher lll'xt telll vetov doHlalo per laee paOable ll he t t day of March nextp . lNowtllheretre be it r-eolved, that tI i l ·'!leI' V of thlis compal y sihall ,nlaftnh. ti llshalrl h hlders thewiil, lthillO llh the pllli pr nat oI tlh iitt.l lhat il ii ? llterl-i ty with tlhe sixth l sPction of tlhe, rl'h rlr, Ihev :l pel'll ili~d lt lle tpone any piayt'l nt l at lh ile i in at lithe lct k .l 's it c pill 1 for 'll e ..Il i 'of ix y lisrollln l lnd afler tlh said proloa.slin li sixty days, fronl and aft "r 1li" d:a. on which it huhl litlve r e'l paidlll that then thie stoolk on whi:l ail Illlpaymentslll ..l lld haI e ee madeIl'lllllll l is inid rl'nll m "i ! itv ilelltl the compllllany, ile c.]llter oI thatllil pillt hein1 illmperaltivP . II conflll llrmity therl'ore, to sall call, allluck of the slockholders it said cnmpary, .s lhillt proper hL Iput olr tilep lnvnlellis onii their sthok to allows th-anare noti'det hat the pnaVent of two dol liir pelr llhilre called ilraudl due t the filrst of Sep emer n1Iet tilly Ie .pTomuped undller lha sixh .cllecio hf said Oil;l lter, ultil lh.. 31st dev of (Oclubr IeXt, thlllat due mt tie Irst day of Decemrlllll it, lt,- ; libe po"lt Imellt of ta-o dollar, per share callhll fr and dulle InI tl firslday of March nlext, may le postpolurd until the 30:tllh day of April next. Ixltractsl of t. minutes of the boarll. une 21 A R McNA.IR, `ee'rr. O3L l. T, in . -ns.-2,! dnet w- i - i o p Hat-,forale JO1N li GRAI1AM. ap 16 STAt'1E ll' LtOUIlSIANA.-Parihtt Court for the Porioh and City ol New Orleanus. T IE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom tle IPfelresents shll crlme, aeGrectinl:-WVhcrens J3tmee Ionttl hoving" purcltared at or sole mde hy the Sheiri of tihe parih of OJhleo the Iproprety hercinolter described, ,us opplied to the lerk of this court, in whosre office the d, ed of sale was recorded on the 2, duo of April, A. D.18.18, fitr a monitioo or llver tisrmenu in conformity to an act of thelegislature of the itote of I.loiana, entitled ,An act fior thre farlher assu rnec o titles to lOrrhvIcrs atrjudicialRsales" approv:d the I0th daylv of Mliercl, 18:14. NOW, therefre, knohv cy, and all persohi lihteiested herein, ore hereby cited aRnd admonished in the name of the State of L'outisina, and of the Parish Court, who can set np ony richt, tile or elanim in ndr to the properrt hereinafteri decribed, in conseqece ofroany iolbrmality in the olrder,tlecree or iudgatent of the court ulder which the soale wanr Innrdeot any irrcelarity or ill.gality in the oppraisemelnts and adve rt iements, in tihme, or manner of sale, or for any ouher defect whatso ever; to lshow enuse, within thirtvy dva from thleday this monition is first inocrted in ilh peublilc poer, c why the s;le so matie should not be confirmed and homo io;nted. Phe said property woq sold by the Sheriff of the poer ish alertsid ohbI t lhe 14 dy of April, A. 1. 83:8, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day of Febnart, A. D. 1838, in a snit entitled Alexander Caldwoll vs. James Ilaner, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at which sale the said James Hanse became the prlrchaser for the price of twenty onte thousand Description of Property as given in the Judiecil Con IVQ veysnee, riz: A crtain lot of round slittred in the suburb An nunciation alias Laourse or this city, in square No 5, and lot having Frcnch measure, 60 feet front onTohou pitolase strert,'trit foet front on (irangers street, and 1i0 feet on l.aagadce du iMarc 6i street, in such a maonner thrt srid lotof gromd is 60 feet wide from one side of the sqae eqooce to the other, together with r dwelling hoeso on Tehoupitoulas street, the kitchen and de predencies, also the distillery estblirshments erected thereor nord other Iuildingo atid imrproveoments, tie moclhinery, teruils, implements oud fixtures belonging to stid ditrtillervr its lderreudercias and apprrltenance. and the rightlr ctitons, andl rivileges thereto belonging or in illy wise oppertainitrg. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, May 7. 1838. mil,,4&j:i J. O.LtIEP, D)eputy Clerk I.TAT1' IDE LA I OUIlANE-our die ParolssJ poor hl paroisse et tille de na Nouvclle Orleans. L '":T'TAT IE LA LOUISIANIf.-A tos eerux que ces prosentes eoneernent, Salut : Attendul que Jlames Hanse syanrtachetl At ne vente faite par le Sherif tclaparoisse d'Otleant lo proptirt ci-ltipres dlcrite, s'est atrelsc an G0eole de cette Cour ou Ia dite vente fit eltregiscLtre lt emejour de Moie de'otl'e e 183, ponr un avia oneformement At on nete ie l Lfgislatute de I' Etat die la Louisiane, intitult o' Acrte poor conlfrmer len titres dtes acquereus nux ventes judicioires;" approtvoh le 0tt ars 1834. Qu'il soiteortnnt, et tou1tesIe'sonnes intil'sees soot par ces presentes sol:tm.cs au nom de I' Etat doe l Louisiloe ct de la Coul de Paroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit Ai la proplibte ei-aprls decrite, en coonsequenc r d'un D(t.lut die fortme dos Plareti, le Beget ou |i jugement de la eourt en vertu duquelll In . velite n !,to flse' oul de etoulte irrlc.gtll+R( e ill _galite dans I'restliation,l'avis o le temps ct le mode de it vrtle, o pour tua nttrec:tseo queleorntIte; defaire Toi', (falls tlento iours a dier deini publieal ion de cede a, Is, pIolo ll clte" llte ia si fit it ne s lritt p s confirnllle cr Ionltttottogtui, la proplittt fllt vendrte par le sheristtlit, I tn orz+iu o, mr d'avril ltt I' ,n'e 111:38, en vert I clI ot € rt ctte c or Ic 5 ir, lic"vrir de l'atnre '1111: eIna e i Toto u ila,,te t'st retdttu utttuereur pour to ptrix Id $21,I0O. Dseript ion dc lat ropriit d'Ieri' letransfrJudiciare, S ato ie - tI'n eri h 1 r t I! e errt ilta u( llln a urg lie .lI'Annrn i:, I linv lalwourt , i,. e oi villet , dans t ilet No r , le Bit Ilot dIe trrslen n'tit (nestro fr l-rlide,,,} soixnlte pro't d e thi e it l,. mue ''hol tpitn'ase trois¢ecut aiets d t e fi rut e i.ran e , oial iedls dIt iht de t ett i litt tl piedi., Id crt d'll ll ],+ l'i!"t ll 'aul,': el,.-t d e unor t, to- f b"ant Ito e A la rut "iii 1'.t 'it sA t di olnt, e . insi i l iisti le] ic ci o a'tt i :t'r ' Bit t 1t trt I t.iA Rt1111 ,, ollu o l "n:, 1 il " ait' ,'t e dit I ' , 11 ' t € 'on s meni d lj i f :• rN. otI' ''l. (t I ,II ;]t, Il- 7iiU rl ';: i i, ro', 6. Ill 11 (Ill( i t l etl ji i :LII fi Itl Collette II 1' Iv + b t. e+- tt 01.,., L... -.;-,.on,._ , ill' i al Vr get dle it i li d:igri1 ' ivt'' l e " cih ', prtere. l b liTka ih V .\| khb, 's. 31fe neri of i te olhlegt of" Surgeons, liceltiate e of ApoIlte Cenr's(;o|nm:tay, Yellow of holt .:oart Society, Surgyen to /the Rlyl Union Poe ion Asoiation, i nt cshl r l'le, 'atrlno Itr'id-i e I ,I :'tiC TerptuIal pil of Guy"'I a l[ St. T h nllrins'. I IN' l:ll , Lo d n . ,lll Tlhis ol ,,ahl m ,lediio 'i, the I l.,tto t o It'tet, Tent's' e 'nliTree ttl mp'hr tl l to t sulttetrs iln e 'Ir xTensi. anod hi6_h1 rctiprlddh lo~wtl~, ot tlhe proprltt .t: o-i.. oIs, II tIhe h.t t I' IIii II il hilv, ,ll t IlI illt..t+.r lici atio . l' o: o . Im rI, of math mtl 1i t Io nc, . m Ih | '' h: ; n onlt i 14"[l:,.i i 1 ll , ' Ii, ho , . s 'a a pr ell, ti 'itn li'ot it' Go s tt 0, + i t it :,,,s : N o d hII oI cttc' l cOt, 1 tl, e A iti ,'ritir "t ti,tl'ol it itpt ol t' i h,t 1 ltcot i leti,.rh ', on y 1", , 'tle l ir A t hel C.onlltctE , t l"1 o l a nlb,, un . k i lt ., , i 31 1. 1., W .H ic ',ln tl". ', .|t,, I '+ i t , o tv. L, le "t o, L I o J),' rv Lo1, ol t I :dn r , s1' I', era,l: h ,t s , IA . ni, I h tIh mo d tcine lsim Srled in JNO. F 'lobl h l, 190 ".i . l, 0 l'c, , N.l ur k,,m t, For t oae n , r I","t vTt, oitlf, thel,. "i'hi praiet : orl L -r S iak ll ., t r . 1r . g: ; +io~I , - No, 11 'le," lanealsrc o,,t'el-' Aw; t , Stnn i;dt. of gLo'uIiotu .l :h jil 8, lt l;tl.eirtl Agellt rlu." S1111the oi Lotlilialil. .Jul, 8 I I:tiNRY it lEE &: co, N3o 3M:lazin.e i lent. nt 0:n0 0w receiving froml nshibs Nashvoille Inouisv ille, K!rtnckr, ln.g tl, r oth" le b r'ivals bmon the '. tlhern ci" i hs , ; nrge i(dII IIneW SelestaI aSSOr'tIIICIIt I;iis, Itool, Sh.ors atil Itrorno.p. n otilg.idtll: toIo' oo n1 00 0'nd ' rll t noiot Mo.l col.o.ots rIo r'd oqulito'; do btol!N, 1 l stor! t wit to, tpoogo' IonUos oo varIousqua 'liisI meUn's fInte Clif sel and' 11 0rocs rbll" 9 1|f pllrlll a tI blto:llo s bollo kinellrsrhson io r ans, lll stipist ment'.s lIne colf mul kit, rrd rrgggd sho'esoot Itt'goot;ro toooon;oItosoout b~ipoortontoo,'xlggrol tooot odf bogoosrt; go'ltl l lloolo' best lollol iot 3 rolrs'h er| o llrd J, I'vogans ad dJack I)ownings' do ealt' ornd Morocco i rckle b .tliCs o llro nott oro son; ito cr l, i seail ndt 3M 'octtor:r I 0li: slho0 s aro snitoIo'e.s, do ctll, b tl a rtit seal wnigs, Slew a.llricle; do fine calf, so:4l nllll mor'ncc oqll:lrtcr otsi; bloys', rlisser'land crllildlell's pregel and sewelt L. ogoans, and shoes of' 0e-ry qat litlrndlt kind. Also a gcnelal as lle o"t'llsll. stlllt wax and .r ot brllO1$ nll l $obrn, tor9 gttIrll· th o10,010 fil.r +-' ) bst~ qulity, . r stt Liro.gont, toailrt iln h I links in,lnle xyl~lls sl). m. for :lllt:iti o~n llS~t a' .inoll ;Is I tlllielll o|' Im lii. fi ll ll stout kip rutssll orltn osllrtyIr w se atiI . 1 r ogr quantlity of tn inferior ot u:Lhtt nset told onr'll ]ogIrtot. I nies' t1 ,e call sentl molroncn anl grain welts, and i',n' ll sole slloes; dor t ine Fli·ro h ,ll o oot and Iot kidl runl rni( sllpepl;eS do mrenl ~lioes, with lond witlhollt letls; I .clfT, sno lll n irloot llr:th.l r olto terls; lo d 'llll la slloe I fall kiis r nd i rualities; oh) lastig lbrogrtns; io glite' .. andl foed Iootees'. Misses'lustlngspring slhousana l gooans. Chilhen'rs colored i lloreoco ad lasting bro r tls rd boots, ke. 'tr'lhmn'sir lneo tashtloablle litack silk hats; t do tlack 'li tr b ' h eri io; r 1 o of 00 s00 l l iality; do imitation i .lllr dloi ,It(owl muIl! Im:IaTIIw bIIim mIli 'll S fine drlill) :lll hr i k bitr si lhlolrr ,:,o 11go', IatsB a ,o w ar.oticle. Yr o l lS " lll s riz o hats o tl" i rent trqr't t l r itarl'iolit s l ot orld '., siII(tll . slil ~'l~'ll olne lnlnol ln'. lelI ol o's, lilllq lllll'g ll''rtb)'sd niot brl00 n0lro rrroolrrottr rrrt'''rtir o t tri nth s ith gonortl oatortoront ot bo aboon nod se,! caps. 1 it no.1 otilme t lill lIe rephlt i ld hr' t he arrltvnt of laril lacketitonr ro he otre ll din cities, all t of , i l chit rfiliorrlrllrik oint nosold od aommoding ltrls, allr -oof MO N TAG UE I'', II,9L..I lFOlR Till T'ETH1. derna ndv of tlls eel l thao iln e rllt h"i eli l iber anl tlown i n t:I· i tel dra h esll , induo a tile l i·l ).t. i thi( oitbt reitrt. It nlio harrati to e lor. r A n deno ltiv tb , ao i rllor rl ito ~lv p ta nt r' rln ss 0 ll ihe tr fn i nllht r r ollll r o . or llIC rfot l tootin' tooles, rT e aIllt f i ier h irt i hr e , are ri a i ll, illllnor et, ano I ot up.eor llls In o t thrll orto tuor IIoonie rIll h n dh'tiron or tieni olif 000000,10 Ott nebrotr, orrrorth tt tn to il~iii n gi onortial t 000 linllmlll~ny rel,,f. · II.1I a lso arr ests II'Iilll' lV in lf milV" h'1l, andll rti-·liwvs p lhli t s~o~l t llO.i tu hich'sr. t fi', uell." r~illllPfr+ (II IIIl)lll l lol lll II.'IIi+u Th.lip!d- ,|[lbtitlclllll ringlll~ llh,~ are): )Ili~iP i(l~lllO(+ l llr IIii 1o llll ThrClilTlll~ iii tiII larg i~itll wlll~l" oi IPI.l lle la dlou'l'il xdicollSr , l 'llotr' to t lhave aIro'ady xpeodieincd rtt h deili thllrl unndsalut hry etisa h'onl a ie use of lhe IHlah, are rlad rlv all'lell(lih .Ihe public ot00 trti tesii nonv toit s tl0 r1`I1I·n l~led t. mthtc.l SPIII~ FCTI allhl~tia VI+Iil*. ~bal tolooiltlflirlt. flllor ilo hlio grotort), vd I ll the ci\ tl; etl worh I);jl1111·(1) ll hell. It :~ valuab ~le ti llo ,'ery " 'tIillll: of"~.IP ( llO wl iolll. IPILPII-~ lP 1)'10I:T 100000 $1 ir'r bootire. Sot!! ry I .tl OANI)REtVS, iinr 5 ('er roror.i I 0 TI 'a0 pi l . tEV tOO K.-Naval Sketc ttook, or thn or rvi e | +lilt anll alqhoreI. Wi~th charnew-lristic m,'lininis(tl ori''l tro ''o rtor rl llto It lrlrr illttroo l ir. lt i illl o ot t, in rdtoo sr nrr'rrioolro''torrroathor II. sket hile f 1ih P l I · bers--yCIv 1 Pfi1 ,r . loor tbo\i, u li ' s'ro o t o vlr bt irthaulhor o lisrllrrses lf wIo n aII t ho ldreL: , Lo Y'lll' tove ure ll0 in0 famil iies when regular phtl icianr O'nt be t rl r b(inlf il comt, tanion tid ruide for inbltlbgentrincitot's of llln i lllluarils, ihlllturlioll, anll boarl-dml school , I'lt0r t'itilo o's I tniver ll ri·ott lorr Ionll tle sS of Gllograp!rv, t ir lter use of f0lilnihs, ill00trlted br mnps illlll 171rilivlvn~ l, in t villi Jun rcteiot illd orl rsaloe by 1" MrKE. N,t rot' ro .1 noon r lauilp o and Conlnon rtr. NOTICFal'.-'lle-wuerofeveral packnegS rerchan .Lldizer marked BI~dumeV. Artillueneave. per ship Grotol fronllrNiw York. is herei y nolo frl thart tlo have bomt srr tord by RTETIT ON, AVERY &bCO li ol Consignees "iroorn,' JUtST PUBLISNHEDFROlM STERROTI'Pt PLJTES, The bi'h Edilion! f ROWLETT'S TARLES OF INTERE.I T: ZiO "hichis new ndode an Avcnge Timoe Cala tor, br tuy methods for fadinrg the average time ott storage, notes of hand or bills of goodos, whatn pn dhased at tdifllent dates, on dlffcenlt crereitk, mid fIat alriols amosunts; hesides, a oseful no completlre ttnbi..ig Time'l'a 'le, the bet lhati can he conlrived. or that fi igores ca pr otiCe within the .sme esmdesend compais., an'ielo type. Ain asvertisement in the book is in nearly the fellow is worda: thtie hlg sisinetion this work ha received tlnroughl the ten Igislotive acts o refxeod to thetith. Itage, i a ren. commt.nd:tion in itself,so nllcommon,, endso colctlu sive, th t nothing is necessary more Ihnn by wayof nd sertisement, to give colndensed viewof some of its pe eoliarities:as ferinstance, the Interelst has been comlt-s ed from, antl compared with, what is equivalent to tour teen sets ef ealolatione, examiued in the press thirly lee timOs a :dt priotedt Irom itereotype plates tented tirfyty-one tinses, fieom all which it most he esidlent even to the saeptle (espeeially on tiu pe.tonnl oft|le de tanl se|"roofin tie el'fsee) that the srok mest Ite neits m.tically infallible, and in confi'mation of Ithls beliefa pretiom of two htmetred nd fifty dollars, is now offLer eld for the detcetion nf an error ofa cent in the present or fifh esti'ton, as explresseel in the preface, naksngftve large preionso offereel fere the sonic etror sin eithe arst pnhlieation in tsie year ltb'2. One of the most eonspicsons featores ofbe tbhe abes is in thie arrangement of the Time ad Amonlsts, which for epediitions, rofetrce endsperspiesisyiitth tlte snp oftlie asle anot index, cannot he encelleeslUln the anfty ty anl ease with shielsthe in:eresl can he foonlito th'e extent of general bhsainess, withlont dotbling osntms is beside' a convenience so essoential, that in the estll-is tien of lsomne oi the most competent ansd pteacieal bosi ness men anet pslsic soffiers whIe tave mate great sae of thesork, it has been distsniuishedl Isv tile honohnble appellotion efofa "manster pioece". AnsI considering the infatllisility of the method originally osloptest its eomposieg the work, and the extraodellary hlunler andt variety of the examinations, nnd tests of every editioan it has passed in the press, eotwithstalnding the wlmle is in stereoiype, eonsislerissg5 in ati6rtf, she positive naccutay secreresllsstlelisseceedented melns elasletlod, the vte lume has heen hehl uop anti emphotieally styled " the most wonderfil book In the wnslkh" most certainly no mancan namen figre work ofthe same extent, wlhich since the erasion, hasntsad the samen tier ansId arsiety of tests in the same nshber of editor=; no, noar one hIalflthe inumbher, as is clearly shown in th.e preface. esides, astost and standlard, it has been tried and proeed in nearly all the bank and ithlie ofilces in the United States, and y thlepaolic goenerally, during the long period ofthirtv-fiso I~ears, yet no enror of ihe cal clations has esee bhess bound in Iscint, ahthoogh aoatioo ally ehallenged by the offer of very large premiums. The in tct expressly od.ptesl Iy all theseoarts oflaw cl sevnrs l oflthe States as the "rate o enalculation f'oraratute inlterct," as also ty law for hbank interest, accordinges thie book is useds, and as may se sees in part, hy use names of the suhscrihers, ald a few of the subsesuent isrchasers, in the list atthecd olf the book, is il possession of every closs of citizens in every quaI tc of the Uait ed States. it isnorm.eovcer well known that, by its rearly hee',. it has so ofteisetreted Ilrge errorR, log afbir tlvey we'e llade, even Is tile mnt ot enlrelil and most ompetent alilshmeticiaiss Rat its aseflslntss, 'n1i tile ihOthe ne cessity for its usac, havne been exlensiyelu insisted upon, so evident, inesed, ha-In hen its aslvaitages, anes its savings, that, seserrl y)ars agi, whilst the first eslition was scarce, and oellt of lrtint, a great inUIberC of ,ecood hlan eopies were soghtll for, stcne to a gre t dslltllce. isl ps'cras',d s't various n'ices as thess ish' os'essiios ally Iln picsked p at fiom pt to $5 per, andl somse prsncs hs rscens y d0 e3lar'd, ao hi ant'ss coud heoqual'd thai tsev wil hosts y :n g'i5.,tl' s.,esi ribs ar i csops, Itnls s to be hall for lss, ossed an isiiss~idsIl i tsse Ilt'er isstalinec prti'vhic'I , issvissg ol ti : lime rxh ibid satisis:ctory prIoll to st,,rl: pi.t·snlire sent that to him it was readlv worlh that ll l)lll·" iflail more thnlollgh the raving ofliis se' vi:o ble tste, t being a very rich easanod in phblic fleli. It is likewise wosthsy of nol:Ce, ssnd inlde-'d proIs.T tIo impre i, th:t slluh is the natilr of figlle i olk g'nesslss Ik and aspecrislly when of 1he s tels t alsd imlens)leall' rl' thse is Iis isshat ss sttis sossk or its like bs'on pr'pr eld in the neant mln.'lner vlone, is the esoet comp ten sculat i r si ' t ' n' siJ'ls, ai of *i tis p it 0 m st caultilillly Imlaltt r his oan 1 n rrl-let.ctio n of|" p l) 1l" -h,'c't% it w'ouh], almnol·Itto a celrtlillnty, h. Iate been l' · lil'tf t e l ci/ll.(· d CI e rllll| (I ayIP ,It : i c rl.iC. , a 1s t i' prel-v.e dIlrlliit'l hnflp explainl., lHd s;. .rfi t arn| vainabhe ha+ve th lt h v ,a t, w l.s t, Itir I on .: k m:, ..e, t .' ,Q lrr~l. . lhllh inr I f lllll.'t l;4II: Jl: ;).(1ra, :+ln~ll' .:xaflP il.:tl tions,agnlns t fin'e , tr the ..el' lll l bIeI n Gr1t+ lhev 1)It (iby ::dvertiscment) comqnstmll ke ,t in a place oIf s ,ecial A; .pledir'ectlfons to fi;<[nd 1,., s ~ a ndl s tatittle inra' r cM ", i/ ll u.l'l lesIt , iIolow th+" pr(; l-n, w', ". hith, in lhi'+ Sfith :is h,.lh tw I: prIcE1d(nyg i rlss'slll' l IsI IIlh isl" ftilr at it n cll to c( 'i i111 tIiless. Ihlwil)5 l5 is Id s tc1! si ss i tslas l Iel"s'.ss'. ll ll(, st% (' , ;if p.T isllssisi h(ii. It hr,,i;HII \~ I al' sslsis e i 11, hd1in; thio slll ssll ll s lis 's k, I s s i f si ' sss ls i.'s bsos e fislst sit tab isis w sr, i tlos"ld i <bdb a .:ul cells he. ih t ' so e xis , 1stsi v :,s d lib.s l tr ,d, i' s' , I sa s , h As p d w th i'tr'its s1r w arsof triniet,. ' I't,'s' t , :,a , so s t 'i"'ioiiislt -iisA l s i s is,'s Is'hl.t'1' I " g.'.- t.-. i'l- I b ie ' I 1 ,'hsa l, is ',' th althio' l o "'.\ Yei s r in t 'l an, N hl,, 1)s 5555. of'mn, in ' ' io t 'i. sIlIlsiltl ll~rli. llll4 lie 'ouI g \cc 'ii's le n], a cccciil s lorae rli 'ia cud l'-,.',iti' dits, ,lu e sci*'la , sih ih !l' is S I St. K1 itItY , DOCTOR J[9iINSON + A1' ho 'cnI.'ll Il rcoui:lilhtl v at his ofiee, 14:1 t till, o : o la rwrll l tolr rtll as' silr t Iof eItlill Ptdi t'.stc u I Frotilll )r. dJ liohnes'. stlthivt r r p aro'rtlriity in sw+.. <f tll" tlor t clehLL trd'hb ,it ll· ll- II U ll n I-t rn pe,, Ixeli, Iv he r'rir t a r trlrre ,ratrir o r 'nei'l lrri: d Sy philirr pricice rlrlyi to the Ireattrlnt oe tho-c di'e. e',r with the most ,dpreredelrled sierris; hl ir . euabled to re illov tillv of thle followi ne l :rll,lt;ilt in fiorln 5 to 21) day, witlloult illurilg the constltution by merTurrlre or any other el lril.l edicineliil ir. Ghonorilreo, let, MtrtLllreL, Saiinarl We'.kneis, Afittions of irtlitlirr der, I+idnevs, Pr'o tute ;ulandl,nud any of those anmer Ot train "of atTectins, which grnrarlly follow rrge t ed or ilnl-trerltrd eases of Ve'lTrial. Sererolflll reo s ulr'erate legr , tlrnd worms,rePmovrd iby simpllte II'eth1 ald of trealttlmient, without rstlriCtion in diet, or int,'rrup tion frr)l bur silr e. Per'sons residing in the countr", arind who fEiel deli rante in ro multCing their llunily pllhcyician, I)y erlldini Ia ltn lilint o" the+ir reli by lr'rtrr (ir lr p id wirh frer eelchlur~ el) 'ulel have Ill..lll.ohilnli+8 iiadvice, Iiir the'if own trrelltrielrt, with imedieine', necessary to be ueri, forwar dedi. Separatrr ollic'r provided where patients can never co.llle ill contant with each orther. Arlll'lrace froitlll morning untlll night, uI 143 Cu.torClO Illorrlrtrsrt. [i'.. ll. . ultations strictly conlidential in all case,. )OYL.' & MA&Y, lhlrrse, Sign, alld Olrnanlltllli SI'inters, No S Carlilele street, two doors lirom Canal street. Imitartions of tile frllowing cwoods and marbles,ie ecuted ih a masterly mtmue.t wonllS M RBLLS. flhngIlgny, Egy)'ptian ilack aud gold, Oak, Galls :aua Antico, Iollardl do, Oricltal or verd antiqulle, arlred do, jrasper, Crilett Mapl, Illood Stonie,l lirids l re dJ, Da by (.hrarite, Satin rWood, il'tomnei, lai WVoodll, Ihlve ol Ihurdello, Yew Tree, Ialian Whiie, (:orlmandle or lllack : Sinna an:d n lrctlla, Rose VrWood, Amtrieran G(rey, Ash Whitie Oak, ice. & ie. Curled r1irii, Slpe'ilntr s to be sren at tllr shot. Paints. sils, gl;as, cjpal varnish, &c. rr haed nil tor sle. ISON,$'I'TEll' & it5,1Y OtOlilDS-Ult, square .t. alnd budlc Iron, well aslulrd. llro(l, sroll anid rod iron, r il r dr ll plough Ca:et (erman, shear, blistieretd,, sheet r ud Crrwley sactl Hollorw ware, cut anid wroughtlails and spikes Zine, bIrlck tin, muill a:ll gtriil stnlesa, sti kettles Dohill rcabls, err! hor., lots Ox, log alrd ti'aye lihailin, Coli mills AIrI ils, ices, I rinlla rserraid bellows Wire, sietri,rlig arnd har ledr auhot Ilnork alld illarte iilngecs, door und windllow hooks tollins, Ilunts, ShIIer s, anid othcr afesill Moll anll slheatllin- lopper; Naval stores Palirts, lilrrred ar slirr'rm Oil A ll assortmenlt o hallrdware and ship chandlery, alwys on hand, eall which are elfered ftr ile at wlsole sale or retail, on the olst favorable terlms, iy cI4 I,A" I'I)N & Co. 5.01dr I.erve. HARROWGATE SPRINGS Ilularrgorlerrv 'rorrrtry. AInlll.ll TIHIREE D1.S JOURNgEY FROM NEWV ORLEANS. rItEi proprietor ir Ihi'rnt hoa the rplea Ssure lraollnalrc in tro hii liiclr da ild lhe rod lir in general, tlr.t he will be in realiilcrearby the first id y of MiaIv ta receive viiters. lie will ailso sate for the ie nelit of tliosene t i di-tarn'e, that there havr been aIrge illlrprlvettlentr madrle, and others nrw goilng on alnd ia rapid plroress l'r conmpletion, which will enablel the lsurrbnerner to a!rmrrrorlllllldate a mulch larger numllber tlhan here'tofore, and lit the samelll time mlluch better. Falllilire can he acacemmlllldared witll good rooms, or Ihose who prefer call have large cabins dicetacled fronl the emain building. It is idepeld iuneceasrsry tr. sry anthing in partieu. lar of the character ol thcse wIteCs, for it is generaill nbelieved that they are not inferior to any in ile douth ern S.rlrtr. All thc nrellcerrlrnli that are gPlelrally found at Watering Irlueere will he fendi at this. 'liTe hest music that this part of th - country afolrds, has bleen engaged, and will be inlcorlstrlnt attldaunee ut the Spri.js during the whole seaslli. l Ile r ub.eribce will Iavail hirselfof thisi oppnrtunrciy in returnlig his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal support givrIen him iast seasonll. and hopes by the exer tions that have been malde inn smproving and extending tihe acrommodations, to merit a lihoeral patrtlnage the prtletit serason. JNO CRAM. el3 T'IT 'lif: 1Attl:8d. A TKINSON'S I)EPILLA'I'OiY, foer r.covineg u! . perfluou hIair freom the fae, neck r ll arllers, with riqal safety ned certainty, lenring the skin filner and whiter than hefore tne appliratien, A fresh elpply jist received at (lO.ON'S, No 1 Exchange Ilotel, cornr e St Cnaris and Commor sta-t@, ap'() MAlI ARRANGEMENT norbrt Gf a Evn' ayr aa190} A.M Weteran Mai F Date every f nlny, Wednesday an by Wsar of thei Friday, by 5, . I. ea d Saturdeayh¢ b I. edn1 dl. The. teMi e ver T l T .Thursday, ati Clse et e'ry Alonlay, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIl.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEAR'I'URE DISTANCB Se. of the Ea.iaess Slail, t Moaile and Net York-leeing Mlobile daily at 3 P. M. Northway New York daily at 5 1PM Srlthward. Arrives ArrIve Nrethwvae IDistance. Time. Return'g Mantgomery, Ala. 2 pyn. 198 m's 23 12 m. Colaumbhus U. 114 81 9l 31a.. Milledreville. Ga. '2 2P 3 Caloaami, ,S..C. 71 am. 6r Raleigh, N C. 5p 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 . 55 a Peterburg, Va. 10 pm. 83 20 A rt Richmond Va. 1 am. 21 2 Frederieksbaurg, 8 67 7 t Il% Washington itys, 2i pm. 61 6 5 Baltimore, 6j 3 4 0 Plhiladelptia, 6, am. 100 11 2 New York, 2 pm. 0 1 1305 143 h. or 3d 21 Northward. Comlng .ounthward, the time is sis beltaa les; being5 days antd 17 hours. TEN DOL.LARS REWAIRD. f RANAWAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Hevrs eL afteet,on the night of 30ah of August, and wea sen the next morning in Pydras street, anegro boy named CIIARILtS, about 17 years of age, nal 5 feea or thereabnnotn in Ioheight, ver blnack, and has an impeal inealt in his speech, one of Iis legs is sore, oeaaseoned by a recent hurt; he hlad on whenr he went away a whire cotton or linen shirt and while cotton pantaloons. lnatlers of vessels and steam floats are cautioned a gainmt receiving or harboring said negro, as well all other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will ha enforced against them. The above reward will bepats fordelivering him into any of tlhe jails of either of thle municipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Ilevia steeet. seps OJ -NO'I'hCE-Te copartnershipa heretolbre existing under the firm of Dboi Garrtan, has bahn diasolved. The subscriberibr will liquidate the affairso the concern in this city, and requires all persons indeb. ed to make payment to him only, nod all thosehaeing clims, present them forsettlelaent. aug --7t (iAR11RETSON W. W. S WAIN. No. ItlCanal Svreed Acr e Orlean, H AS always on hand contantly l. reeivillng Dtr lI Dyee, Clemicaln,ond Pamlnt,aamong thie are allow"ig' iDRlUGS. UDES; Anlim.ny, crude, Argols, red, do regalts, A attlo, SpI*'.* Arsenir, ernlde, Alum, do powderedr , Ilra)illette woon, alsamn coplaia, Cochineal, Bornx, ernld, (opperas, Amerleas. do rerined, llapheanr, Brimstone, crude, 'lustir, Tampico, In roll, do Calla, do flower, in Maine, Birmlath, French lerries, Cnastoroil, Indigo, BeIgal. Cream tartar, do Munilb, Cantllarides, dle (.t!nrrero. (hlim tloers, ala L., tooala, da A.obie, I.agwnod , (a:nnlarahy ali aualfctida, do St Domailg Ito nmoonaie, dIo Jamaica, lto bl'nz17.ia, Catawoold, do copl, rourlgt, tIoater', somain, a a t aien n,7d, Nicuhagaa, Mannatrre, 'tn do S Arica, dol CIoroi do eao,.,phr, co. 'e, dn Iluraib do doI r fit t do IarIhe. <I, guainemtn, CIIEMICAI.S. doe klnt, ArIn, aitroun, do nmatic, do naulita , in. opium, do ,,ll!,hur-ic, a sh lla', ' ilk,: vit'a1ia, :.. enegal, ,;,I l, , I, : tr.,euth, tholae.. litale, rSli,,oe. llo, ti, laaG'oohog Salmeledn nipr eries, Amerian.'r caustic, I n oir, gleeign. l ed I 'e i tlr, an tlSake.,la r it allluur . . io alorta, Sulp pa o I. iq.:ice 4laa , %aa-r ,. Oil c.,, Sil i :. aha ta'eqat'ao .ln ' ia iltlaAirra -dora-, S uini,,,e. olef ' IiGa, "o'Tarter lmetar, , Ian, llAIN T'a-l-la e. iI, lgt l ,, CIIP,,;; a' a ia too Aigp t aC, a on ,l ..o i d, ala Catiath a n, a iga il Ido rl,haklil ),oad liIbak Enl.h,. I, s eltllll tllll I ll, crdo div Al. rl idd i'a nrrtc,, .t+ +r;l,, 1 i , i, ,. "l'.'lil.t'+'t'k ptlc, ,I ' m lt in C3AI'I,1N 31.\lL. ,AT'"' N EW:b NtVIki. Rattli the/,' tee,5r, by the author of Peter Simpir, le Cummings, or a W tinter nt S hloss Hlai'f iei in Lanw, ;tvrina, h (Captain Vasil Hall, Royal Navy, F.L '.nrd Rnttln. a roltleP, l, Allat Ctunnt gham, I O ,heppard /se'. writtths by. hIimself, in 2 snl. t tComlendiou, s hlitoryt ofi/oy, trtnslated from tIi original Italia, hv Natilhniel ;rcne, in 1 ol.l for mtng No. 79 ,I lIlarper', E:utily Li-rrv. Vols. :3 & 4 of th t w notvtin oete antd unilbtrm edition of ll,.inht lon tle 'os I'torks.. Ro -er's IFrevh andl Eilish I rol, 3oe N tt'ent's IFrech and Eoglish Dictionary. fiew imore coetpies of C1o1Htbe't Phre.noltogy "Ri~llzi." c llr"Lr Srvelor's (+l(llllapll'" Er* (ol'stlperiorT 'L olillort'ns iprotved mtetalic Il'en,jtponedi plapers, weights As. At. &te. Iust received, and for sale by mtl r BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN l)EVISIT1' I,&e ,. c P1AIN REVISILTED&c, by tite author s Aye.r in Spain;' in 2 vols. Traits (f lndtn charatesr na g;eneraol a eplcahls to thle At ;riglies of .No rth Ameriea, by ( Turner, Eaq The Political Grammar, of lth. United States, or a (complete view of lt ttethelor anti plractice of the genera and cllto goverlltPlltt, wtitli tile relations bileteell tllln -deadicated and udapted to tile yetng incn of the Utnted States, iby E I1 Mansfield, Erq. Nimnrod's Hluating Tot-s interperetd witht character istie anecdotes, savitti ant itings of sl.rtlng melt, i. eliting notices oftite principal erttk riecrsaof E ginnd with analytical olntelts , nd general ildaex of lanee,2a volnles. FOR THE co1RE Ol Stroislo or King's Evil, Chrotit lIthenmatistt, Chtlroni Cuttneous Dis- 'Pains in the IBones, by free oaOeK, usaR ofl hoory the loed being in vitiated stte. Thics very coeentrated Syrouc is prepared o ile the greatest plhrtalnceuticnl arse -:ldt ace-Irae-, ad contain tie active principle of Sarsaparilla in th .n mot conert trated diagrle, cotlbined with other vegetable snbstatteC of known el icsncy. T'le greanttioerattn wit physicians in heing atbl to exhibiit a largo quantlit of Sorenporilia in a o doset, lteas ct obtained in this pre cortion--tey, beinlA fully eonvlinceld of its mnetrits coulhlltitly administer ...e co, on thll ei+ ol hell; m.imic nto of. I'tiIe L 1 i tor bottle. Sold ontly at r SWAIN Rlt()'l'l iitI'S t!oti stttre, NIt. I ]Catnal street, mite -Ittletit , hai, frwt-hid a eglluiro,, thire t frthre pyt t fie col, Carpenter's Pr n larationsl , and a ltrge and genera oeaortntletl of ftt.l t rugs, 4 lINNOCKI'S iROME, Ac. p INNOCK'S IMPROVED EIITION OF DR GoTilmitl's Alridgent of the listory of Rome to which is prelfied dal h troh etio n to the Study o tloman ilistory and it great variety of valtble infoar toatton added throu.holtt tll work, on tle Matnern Instittions an d Antiqtities of the Romans; with nu . mlrots biogv.pnhicol and historical .Notes; and Ique nons tor oxainnntion at tie end of eacli section. IIt. Intratetd with thirtyegraviogs on nwood, by Atherton I'l..oc's Itproved Edition of Dr Goldmnitlhin History of Englandi, rot, the Invasion of Jutlius Cesar to th. death of George 2d, wit- a edotinlation to the yea 183t. ,itll uestions lto examination at tihe etid u each section. Besides a variety ot valuable itfornia lion added tlronghoti tihe work. Cinsisting of table of elntenlperay Sovereigtt and eminent peraaom Copaious. explanatoryt ntcs., lttnlarks on tie poll tis, iltllners and literature of the age. An atlil tl, tilo Coastitution, &c. &A. illsatrated by many enga : Guys' EItEMEFNtS oF ARTRONOt.a, anI an Aoridgtnen of Keith's New Treatise on ithe Use of Globes. New American edition, with additios .land iqproremenit art an expiationl of thie asatotollicltl part of the Au riotn Ahntannc. Juot recerivet ad for tale by WI M'IIKEAN nov 24 corner of Caotp altd Common al IIARPER'S CLASSICAL ,IIIRARY. 1 ORACE',translateb iy 'lhillip, Francis, I) I), with S.Itt appendix, etllttiitlltq tranttitnonas of varionn odes,&A, by Ben Jotton, Cowley, Mtilt-, Drydom Pope Addison, Swiftl lhlatterton, G WaVkefield, Porca, Bryan, &c. and tonic of tile lInorel tlittett Iots of th day--nnd PIt(EI)fIUS, with the npptendix i tdtita trnnsln led by Cllristt.tpher Snart, i a 2 vslt trmlal n volutmes 1S 0and i" t of"latrlter's Cloiotial l.iibrnrv 'lio IE:xtediltmtn of IIU.iIl'LIXS (CI.INKER, Ity Smtllettli ,, ii I), witlll it ntuttoir of tle \tlther, by Tham nos RaMsco, sq., new edition, wih ll ilustrationa, by lIe Cruikhthank TI'HE 4tl'tY; a'l'tae, ly tie author of "Itichlit e lary trglnldy," &te., otsw editian, 2 viaoltoepl IPAUL tLIFFORI);by tile anthor at "Palha-. The lDilt rod," ce, keity volume IV al tl. new nofitl n"urn Completl Va rks. Just received a sale t Wilt MeKAN " B ACtIN SlIESd--;iti casks Cilocitntiat; M,* !annlilt' froa te 't lenibttl Elloe, lndnltr sltr IIU rkI & IMAW?

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