Newspaper of True American, October 29, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 29, 1838 Page 1
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I - - - - - -I-- T' 1 - tri-wy- ----- -c -paprptve NIWXV ORLEANS MONDAY MIORNING, OCTOBER 2f), 18a.9 . h t.-~ .l Ity a r . v .. Ia rs Itr tile tri-tweekly country rpoper, pa ya Year in adlvance, where nt city refereone is gir bscinription w ili bo discontincdl untlil arrar Ittlel. In case of dicontinttance, onte week's r, rltng mait o, n inv:aborlly given, previous iratilat otf sshIsesriptioan. Ativsarlslssv.- -)n dlliatr per atlnare for the firs n4nrtion, anRll hlf th It trice fltr each subseqruent one "Rs . n-atteri l alte.Tuitn r nt tihe original advertisemen will be ehaug;d as a nh w one. Ysa;r.r Asvtrnnsoas.-Meerlchnts and Tra' er orty dolllars Ite El.glish aloine, and sixty for both Inn gZOLag; Ilanki, lantratis e tfies, nsl other l simill public inatitatimttl, fifes dssliarn in EKelisbi only n( 'ighty for both ltnsgsuages; Shil find Stoeamslot Fiat rA, or Coem:ission merehso antA sixty dollastr in Englisl as, and teigltVy for hlth langaeges. )atlRtato.S, t)otrtfsta Norteers, and articles rell sile attcntist (if ithe palic to sales at property ards of pasengerses,besnfits, c. &c. will he elmrhre, one dollar per slatuare for the brst insertion inl each lant CosueIrICArrotns, or Advertisemsnts, of any pHrsons &al aoture, whea admlsoiile, shall Iht chaerghl double andi in adranee A dedsant n tfrntvtclre percent. will se made ts Auctioneersoi at " AI ffs, ltgisersa of Wills, and Mlarshal. oil s:,0a of r .stnte, publisIhed in both lan gu ag es nd 50 paer ceso i ' aglosh alone: In psr cent. on salts af other property'. Atsgearlsto'5-srs out or siti direct lille of business of the advertiser, onteh as legal, auction, anti pleanto lo sales, runaway slnves, stray knitrlsst, &c. &c will hI churged for sia,atalcl, and at the or diary rates. AIVM TISaMnr.iSs noi e'spcififed ts to tinte, will be usblishel one month, nnd charled accordintgly. No dlversis-"l ents of bankruptcies will tse published Sa y case, uales paield fir previous to insertion, or ravyent gunranteed sy n responsible person in town. Th'leatres and oIther planees ti asltselrontas advertirisng itaily or the stoaraon. to e lcharged $100 fir Lnglish a. me, and $150 in iothi languages. All annoauncnetts fo candidates for pnlitical osaeos Itse clharged donble tile price of other advertise o t . to the immnsre los;isastanied by newspaper soins? aalr ve• tiov e lo l C to the cnnclusion tlltt sth at-ns of I.rsons whoieo s :eoItss havo uot seen pnid witlhinas lunth aner poresent ltions s rl It e Iado kn.wsci (so for ns isratiealdlC tso recl ota r er--thl y ohlli tling tlhenselves lot to dvertise or print fo r such elinu tiats,, unlers in csein nladvltsan' pactdints. ibigns,sd) J.C. IDE sr. ILOMIs J. IlAYO,s 11. P. IHEA. I. (. IrILIrNI)FRIJAST, JoIIN GCIBSON, LUNIS)F N. W' eekly P "css.-- W e, t h ,I m tide , r signle i, eiree to n hide by sile alove coEsaditiisit, as far n nithey are applicahbl to '(Sigcae A, P.. LAWVENCE, a pN. ltscritltons are lOken for lena than 6 tonsItla. .ettors ln at, it III cletP, Ie post paiI. • -PAIN I(lgVISLTIEIt hv ths nsstirofs "A year ill a "nit,'" in d ols- Ilorsr L' .rlily an novel, b a o author of L"Cecil Ilvde,," it,"2 Ias. T'he Actres s o J IPtdu, slid otecr sair s,4 the author fhc f Fsomlsa .nek," i ols. n ilrd'+'l lllr Toursn i2t ok. Nornrid w ll i h ravter q e aue !otV, MnR:il 21 dlld doiltg S of bestisg Msss i i toitttliticnes,;ftlicr prtlnil crack lersa F" England with s s l tit t t,ts fsn, s ellt ral dex s toolf e to which are kiddedi Nimrod's Letters on "ing t ltn nd't ill 2 ",'st . loI en ltrce, tie i ls t (It Ntetlso's 1.':vnl C(alt.(C inuier, fll N.,author alts he ,.i Ort t 'a Silo &cstih,,'" s 'tul vott . r le nneedt tari oil El :itV hirllrimid . lm adminklleill redl itl E:- ýInlltd Allld Aslll lt, IyV Itseph tv, I• I, It. L vid, tssnitl. - Isle!d by IDr)rvdk-l I)o -" {;t n- v I de linstis l a l ir. in vol. . i)rzsliihi No20ll Rod '1 M t" "oif I ) Caer' (;lai.i-ll Library." Lllfitolrv 'rv l' tic,, or rihdo, 14lr tle exel': ItP Ltiltstacs ltt f 'ts e I ttItod Stel st"ilfanltrY, hy Major " nternl Scott, U. St Aceny, i-a 3 Vov. J0st receivor Ind flor sale Ilyq \ . M.tI n. 7 " r.enr (N:im & Cor. mm(olllt n ts.t I- 'ishIl st-srI: In - i. ,t s l-t ', ilr. 0!i, ts is .I- IIiI, g te I II A 0.-5550 11 .; It nlyis . st- t w P' Listl 1'il l ntt It it of tl s rcns V ows; O s- C, if, I) Co Ii ; t . - aess "sntitrlhit7 . efsf I ht ;t,110'r;D-I .. er "liketsiae B a ils.i"s; l'.sl I. ls s I I ltIl.l Allls itI st i , (It do not o tl ii asses \ I - m.P t , i 1esi u a I,>e. ) lE' v,; 'Illl VI i * - ,11 l i 'il - t I ; W 11, II e - !k,'.,Tl , lo,.ll, a t, ki B . L" fL]r tl,,ý ljflth,ý [ir Iti- 1'li h I l .tt.'.a nrcll \'. I ,,, ( ,n , i lr 1'... IIl v ,li, rq S':,till F, ,,-r il hC. -eL'; Vl, -I s, II • ; wt Is I . I ,t' ý .,I - l ,t I, , Is-I l ,,i" I sh s h% o h. F i ll lie, I., ,it It sIt s. 5 Is l 1 1-,t ,m , l r Yd , 1i /' hi ,,I tlt , , h-,,,w l m,, , ith r , t, r - r,, . lith ,-su-it Sls,,,,,, sI, C,, i s o . t , d I.. T _-r, s', hsit i, 5 I i fi gm,, I- i ,-esis. , s, ,h, ais v1l ,isI h 'l F - ,c i -1: it s -f -h t i, Ir ll.. Is,. sssssssitstlstitk, ] tll te of stist-Ial ssssiIcss s.sle th s st s',ItttJ iwt hr tesse , e s trant re scr sle oIoy O1cInAN, _ . . . . s .a .. .. t = Fhr' I I ,S I 'a ritrhr, ri, pl: . in tile. moo ailli Virfrrrnrur, 1, r Ioril"froofo I w.-of 1 rr rrOI'Ii, W Ite,, Sa.phu r, , r-ill, fIt, P-orii -o d4vasonfor nit%, b-n IIIiwe do! ]:,,t se aI··11Aion. A ýpn,(·iouUY hafl liddil(I allll I Ij-V ljjjijj lia 11ý itfl-irtjliol IR'Clau Iaridliti1nss av tht- lm·iJo J i;,fCr 250) viroro, All 4,,~oll ent turn 1. ike r.&,[ has bv;ý ·1 onllaruot~l~d passing b4 Iy file springAg~ and( iotorsvotingll the Ratuaoviiii turnpikeit' near Lowk.VI rororg. irxivivo,,o roia, io ,firetirn of the post office firrr, o:l or rt, A Ifliroe , %lb rrl & colm. line of land com-hes; nill too. A pot office berinrg eotoblirio at thelitgd viiitors iallxy r .·reive news anld corresI and dftilv, ea.,q and weld.s. OfTll the edivinall qulalititot rondl i tithol it' roltd inalrl rfit,- rr vlae n ,dientsol Ale. nttceeriotioedo in Virginiat. j.'I'i comlbination I contoirr roetir SolpliurettdOl 1I v trogorrl,i ati -ef Af ani -j, S1i1plirne of ltim, Cro hoolixt of' [.[like. rIlphafo of' srji,, ill r1riotr of SoftA, trod A r irworf Alagooiio,' fihe gaititary ofirofe 'rfohierh areorjriltfod in fis,ýnics itiridext ff1 toteialen; (hrion. ii do 1~oI the Aor oti-, liver, andrr bavrein; I,, qta-rr neous aoof-tiorror Sioo oftrbo skin, no reasedy more jrotr orrfrrOfiroriloooo fr1 11 ~l1 jEfrricar Itirvir ating estab irio noo fror Iotrei x R have bO orootod nOtOifos in the roriros. Visitors call A! all oilikrilnjor the ieculfir advantages of their be .1injor WVillijen Vasr, will cotinoe trhe suprrrinterhi. trtle'!frtire opriaýg. E rve exertionoon is part, and on tio ret rr,or he prrritror IhaLl lieo.renlrerid fo iesure rtrri3lfi or Si ,pllh or a ijihrar siurr of thie prubiir. Ind Iho p it.,porrfrr of tieo 1ff,,, Sulphur Sperings wit, lie iller.I in , it iprof nortesoof oltI I I hror o suit - o1 Bankhrriri wicte rrvonoiioreA slof tor,rtprr. MIAR8IA MONK. &c. A WFl'UL dis~elcmurv ofr MIlria Ilon of file, fhorte DiuNunntro, v (if Arroutreai, rrL 41 1. rwith aena I"i liou,r~at 1, it(`orojrirro.l firrtCrition; -leIfrorI fir arorativre pnrd, Rreview'ofthr opplrerirrrrrt, -rivioxrr nore particulars of the NunrneryIandgroundsiiHif tniltod by rib [Taiok4f hile Norin TMonýk and tho Nonoery irtfo ,rtel Ili e-be. ingll ao unooot of a visit to tihoConventr of Aloofeoti and refutationrrrf tit' tho wfl Discloueres;" by Will. L: Fourthefxporimenot ofl.iving. Litoing withiout means. rite 8 t ailrto Instructror in itritxiwg ano working "The Five oriordr of Architectuore," fully explaining the inethrid,, for mrikilf cllrul qi~~l Ilulos tfooenfoororg rrgofar nr d rirriekr ronioudoe;s for diminitir nthand wrhfrring orfolln rrrnod rr irlta; ter finding the teru diinroeteroftr, orror to on, given heigit; for striking thr Ionio Voluteo, circulor r eliptirol: 'with tinisrood ronroipiqro, or laorgoe sclef, of fire otrders, thoir pfituerr, &rc.; anrd some deoigort for flor rotoo, ele Mnrfiv engraved oil frortvyorc piotno,,triwith ixplateo-or, istor 'fýo 1ofoo architfect, arrkor of tire lrditcnjr,'rr Conoo-nir- . tarr fener'o New Guride," '2Corpeniuvr's anld onellr's Aaqsistnut," &c. "A Itractioei , lfeotino oin ith Cultrev of-Silk," adapt. ed to th, soil un~ritelinrtrit rf itIhrUnited Stofon-by J. 4.. Coni-itock secretuay of lroI Ilrairrid county Silk So ciet',oranf reritorof tihe.'"Silk Crrtrrirt." " Sfto filk Itai~er' Manualr, ror ili art of raioilg and erdirg silk noeroe, and of crultivating tihe 31d[brry t AT--,r n. Morin. rbals Oei's (;aidef or C'omroareitl Corerepon !eror; conalarkinglf leotter srf hbaoin- no, ioriofbillf, inrvoioe, l tr- f foi ir pkpepera, equation of payments, *rrroinroin f trerrrns. &e.-bv I1. F. Poster. fllijorrv of hilo eV W in tire PeninoRula andtihosorrrft of tirotoor, iroit [lie vonr 11107 tor riro yoar 1814" by W. F. I. Naprier, C. It.. vol V.;to whicftare rerfixori art. twers trr rrorerif ofrok in Robinson'e Life oPjrrtrr. anrd in tfie (ljrnriorliY Revier; wiff, counter remnrks to Mtr. TI-, - v If rrorr l' renrir rks uponro sorne Ofrrrr Meo ir, Crrirrrrl Nnprior'rfourth vrolumno oftire Piveninstrir fr. Jurtreerived u.r1 firl alerby '11 LIPPERAS-20 Irbis, in sore, for salf by C G fOOILS[X', jef6 44 Newo' evee. S FGA Mf-50 Mirdit, prior. ortficie, for taes byN joii 44 New Loevte i, irlý[ý111 Iddsfr ller, f'rijtrernd other dbeocrirritns [jit r sale r v FTriro & X'VFIIt ..*i IB. Wrower & ~Co. II A VEjolst tI.ieiveolat Ilcir Ftrluishilog Ware-hou SNo. L7 Gaunp street. by recett arr.vals ltrom E o'r., all the Norlth, o'rg adsditions to their slock Sill :and ornamesnttll hlosekeeqTiq artiocles, which c, lectivoly (tlhy beliov,.) floroon ll:osottoleot more gugle a andcoso pleto than i to be footund in alo sniltarestsl shmecnt knownllo colsitiog of SILVIER WARE. Cottee mutl ten sets; pitchiers, witers, cstors, eaollte sticks, caps, tluml lers and gobhlets: talte and desert fork table, lesert nolt tea spoons; marrow and glavy, or r: gout spoons; sugar toigs; sugar, sallce and soup ladlel itnter, fruit, pudding and fish koives; pickle antl desei koives anid forks, natpkins, riogs, &c. principolh" foor Ihe molaottetory of Mr It. Gardioer, of New'Yorh whose long established reputation for the manuofoetur of silver war. is sufficient guarranotee of its superio ,taalily. ILA'It w'ARtE OP SIIEFFIKL) AND 1111 MINGHAM. 'en and coffee urn, tea setts; castors, liquor and car dial standls; sulterb nlllchras, and Fto pergoes with nsir ror plateaux, for centro of tile dilnner or stpper table waters round and oblong, from 8 to I inelotes; beef steak and vegetable dishes; rich dlish covers; cake san breast baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chaorhel candletlcks; wille strainers; coolers al.d syphllos; detal. ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, I-. ble, egg andl mustard spoons; egg boilers and standos toast races, k&c. SISLVElR ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert klvnes, forks and spoons; soup and auce ladlles; lotter sand fish knives. cloeese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetabl forks, dtie. .IAPANNE.RY. Fine Gothic Sandwliclh aod round cornel waiters, in sePtt an single, liso 8 to 31 inches; do oft'p ider muache; Iread, cheese, and knife trays; large upright plate warmers; spice, slo "lto andl csh Ibox5; pressing cases; India too tables in nestes, casodles JapliMoUsll tad of ri-h tOrltoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortlll-.t, altong wroe re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt andl ofrich cut glass; mantile Ilapi do, do, elch dlain and with glass prisms ; very splendlid sot glass do; bronzed aod Japlsonnud silo or brackot Ilnaps. ,. CIIANI)IT.tIt.LtS AND IIANt(ING LAMPS. REngllsh ilis And lrech cot glass chande:liers or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 8,S adtl '2- lights; French bronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamnls anl Int - ters, rich bronllze ohal or cenltre lallps for dtoawiug rooas, from I to 6 lights, lamht shades, glasses and ticks. MANTLES CLOLCtS, CANDLLEIIIIAS AND) VASS. ilno-zed tlt m:oartle; IronzodoIolor gilt, and all gtll, wih ixtllles, etc; contintlg thoose anld kitlchies clocks; brolzell illlllll, cgar d( ; lo iper wteigilts, thermome evs, earll racks, CVld1e1hiStiC./ S ie.C O'IINA WAItf tR I'Ot I .tLAIN. Foglish tolll French dining lesert, tea lnd coflfee ser vices of plain while, gold edge, ao d . ry rich hancy sVtyle; splclldid toiHlet sultt; . r llll llilk pitclhlers, .lmAntic rases; Iluney en:t-' raks Pl basketks. bA I FIEN WA It". Mli,,ig, desern , tel, -1elr, brelakfat f nd ll sullller setts; Iklt ware; pAitchelrs. lsol, Caifon lhll dinner setllt GLUi" GLASS. b wl!s, ishll s, , c ele Ait ItsII , I~tItII bowis, lllter tubl , li..g, Ivi-,L , t l h I l. t, tin , I ta. ig elll tlaro t, cr-di , h II : o lt :ot d jl ly glassols; lie colordl.l l l lok glasses. AI I, et . lll sh- rhs. TAIIIJ1 CUTIFIl'. FIle ivory hahinte hNmIhtl, s-I1' tip IN bliick ha.d.le ktl to., ,torks of 51 a ,od 53 ics, tor bi the doz,-; ivory hu,,le kLoiv's ,nl% [IOr -iivi, lto'ks; -uard anod lau. carl'ers; hg sltoi s fo.rt.t .,t,, l. , 1 ,t . . I, roiltd ik ou , tork vrsCt IIIITTANIA AND IL.OCK[ TIN XXAll RII. I"'l mt ' oe"l t stts :, II , s, I lih I Nll 2 tit suitaile fior h,,tls :i stllamlsN ; .Il- I :i.n. ]lON.t;l venl o ,llhes " ill l's. M, r . t',,, .l ll ll, , pla'ers, l o, ha: rs, codli, g. -,c.; lte klII~ ,, s ,s with hllcntrs, Cie.g 1 l, co' I, r , I , i i i, t ti I"A i~t-t- 8I.\iol \VAI{ h 11,tt, sI , I ite ti.eo, ii-- L 'ill ,i t,', . ...., . z KITClRLl Nit NIII tt to,-s ofr ntlogttott olotsttoo Io L Vmp '!0 it , otn iA t tl l I", 3I 0 01. I Ib - , iit I: ttettotl te,, st ftr , -r)." . I.1 d It0 0 . t ,.'' ottt;. t,, ,, t otl tlt m ot'.0 d d". A s 0 I I ......... .. t:), i tIeg .,o lh t it/, s Io-,O ./r 2, tl . G-tto hoois. ' t lt .tlttt . atoogs tiolso tloso oeo-tio il, o ¢ ,, ill, I h ornIJ ,r .oe.i sats ttitle, ot, oh Foro. a S)iolllo o,, , ot i s ,ts ,1: ol c ;oto ore r, is . Itof Sl w il,, I ll. illictd . t, firo . itw los ,t.t oelif t ,i i,, ,,1,- 'oo s a'ttt s ilo s.i ,r, t i, ,, tiLr M , $sl ll...i, o For qo. I s e, sats-i,,, wi d". or . t saws o in I 75 r,1, .N),, ,,0 , Fl a oit. t ti.olg n o t'. l tMI , y olllt'l,-, ttositl i, Ito, set It f iicdtrg ot,-, t Ii at t,, Per o 0i sr:',atr or t300 00 For i, . of ll2 oaws, ilth Itedhaes, &,,. at 7ti o'IIt nit,,tow Iigltcdlrs, Ic.tofOo co ot,, St. per saw, 150 00 ol'-xlrateelll here desired, for f,:,ders, slplied I I C+ols cash; lip llthelher ofl rcetih cnl,.l about iz(ud o the I hr o f ll.1r -ol"W l,. O)w ,Ct o t l-cedeCs, it is con sidered howCver, will wear out twA or three sets of 6ows. Extra saws slplieId al Nt tllllts ealilcmh. The o Git s o rdreto ", will Ov deliversd to lit agents of ol1aters ill ty olothe sea s l'l towl ol thlc)Ollto planl Ilhla[le I'M its flh e MIIP,. 1011m IOhV 0illlt i le IIICOU Ii II] freighti ll~l~t nTgi~ lll. llill %c priks, tl.niillstle p il i tl slponible hr tile al.ntlt of" tll Gin. A G ill rightl wi swilb he e it ow tio pot |Ithem upi whvre de siell;the charges for whlose services will be extrail, blll Iron running g.ilr cpti also he ordlered where desired, oa reasonablle th ms, bullt will le cargeext-lr . lorse. power, ofany descripion,, can he furnish.f o, like terms. Small steanll engines call also be ordered if de It is desiral.l, whell planters give ordhrs for Gims thlv hihould accomopany them with 1heir views in regard tohrarralgellentnl saws, hleasts, brushes &c. It is flutist they liler opliniun. Sollme &esir,, saws of larger dianletr i.,, others. The most comnllon size is 9 or to in...s; 1. . Name wi.s them 1. inch.s. S.oe wishes, and fle llanulaetuircls canl fllill them in every particular. Where it is left to our discrLtion, we shall iaket hen on the inost motdevu and app}lrovvil pjil,. .lAn order can le execi.tol, from the time it is roceNed in the spae ofeight or nine we.,ks, and the Gin in thqt til"It pl:edihl tlhe hallds of thc 1Cetor. To be is, toII} t;)o,: the uext cvio, all orders oight to be in fhe hands of h lianlltlICtureTs by the first or middle of' 31 }ay exllt r hl ,hatiols they.a. tV late in comiminc.lg to uck or gin Coutso. N. It. The Pateot Ilightfor any one of the cotto, STATE OtF' LOUISIAN..-Fl'irst Judicial Diasticil Cioirt. rlHlE STrATE Of' I.()lS;IANA, Tr all whotm Stllt'ao IPreentet siall cotl e, (recting:--lle' erei° Wiillnal Matketv naliti o pre lhaed at a saeil nloti l by tle hdleriil on the iilf rleairi, the ) . ll: tlr dl 18ild, l1t a ap licd to the clirk all t Ji coullt, in wliooe tlCe l dietl of i al was rtecorded oi the 5ilh dy of Mait, A. I). finr a ltiitiiu or ada vertiaoment il colnormlity to tan act of tile Iegi ailltur of tiee State of Lotui tonl, eltiitled "An tCt tir tihe litrther as.nranceg oftles to plrclleutert iat judicial sales;" apt p1tdit ti the tllll day ol.\i lrch, i18J.e %OV, thereoare t know ie, tand all lerrnnt ; a iterestel hereini tire hetre t citei inda t llllllt lled ill th etrltlll it tile tlale of ILouisianr andr of llthe Firbt Judicial Distrtct Court, wiho can set u l any right, title or claim il aud to tie property l r vereinater dEscribed, ill colnequenclle olf ay inlrlnllalit ill Ihe order,deree orjudgnellt ofr tlhecourt under which tilte sale was made. or ant irlregulaitty or illatlitv ill the aptlraisements and advertismelol tlit i til ite, r llll er ou llIe, or for ln other d telet whntro ever, ttio show ca,,se within thirty dayit l.lln tile tlay tils olalliti ii ftrt in-elter iii tile t lllltli: It )IpnIR wh tle rale so inade should lnot bit curlfir3 ad deind hiutla. a'.'ril NnlI tprert v was sold by the SerittFF of tie paIr i) slaresaidt oil thii 3d dtav iil Aulril, A. tt . 18I3,hl virllie ofa of thip s cotl rit relldelred t nl tie 3d daiti of Nlarch, A. I). 18:,il a .itl entitled Willina Natlckaat, va. e tmiuel Bell, No. 15,"l5 t5 tle t dockettu t li coeuri, at which slde said \\illiam \lIackey becamCe tlhe pur chaoer aLr the price of $3,:30, cash. DesUeiption of Property aý givnu in tnle Judicial Con veyaln -vrz: A certair lot of l r, f, torelher with all the build oif Orles, in thesae t luundeiS 1tv Nhew Ieve, ollisa, P:inl and Delord strIeets, designated by tile No lion1 a llil drawn hv,- C. P. Zimpel, I)DlpUty Surve,,or Gullernl, ai lhe du It Iilelaember, 1834, and delisitera as plan No 10, inl Ihe lbook (flpl.on of Felix Grimln, notary plblie Sauid lot mo:sures 'I) f-etl I I inches front on "ew Levee strcet,75 fect i; depth on the side adjoining lot No 8, astd 80 feet 7 inches alod 4 linen in depth on the Side adj,,ininK the proper ty now, or Intrlv, helongiilg to N %oodale, stln 19 feet II in:heni width in the rest, ,here. it frontson an alley nf throe feet nine inrches in conmmnon to lots Nov 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. CIcrk's Oifice, l1 *1 May. I I Il. Ill1i fi EWIS Dep Clerk. MiR. WILLIAMS. O(,UIJI4T, Louivil,LE, Jiut 21. It linr beeal snir that I ran mwav frru Loui ville and (amol g other " Ia:ieP ha d naIde I rucks I tle Nia alrfl-the refi r i reolved o)i Tl a llrdtlv at, tri t, Cnl(in i foe'r n. lin ly ol ; I returliid I a in ia t lIig ht. I Pli inll to f. cl thal I ni a t o r tillportfl tt i d vidial, a thlis in, lto nt tit, Joltrii d it t, c y a .t a l inato -y handl allina , r moll ngat l a gtr-it mainy i otr thing-,fithllt I had actutally In I % r n y fry a In trbllsvil t rlo (e(. iethe, ellfet of the H aamli' erefl Iatllaiaal fi" ae oi doctor `,l,' p ies, knighlt of tihe thima b aliiais, A S Myh rel otll, h --ver, pr-vear thatfi t t thitible' of tie Il and wolf, ', apptlicableh to tile Jiilrail. The il'ale iir "A lov was t japlloNed to wn lh a All id rive the ll alalrn when the wolf appel'ulr'(l he bei"I either a 'flotnm,' tailor's n'p,or a liar, p l, ,n:l y cried out 'the wolfi l:aloing, ' t,) the grem t drimr. iv ) . IaIe hi IivenR '."h !y it last foii lr l oltt lil rea l h,lractr: ithi t ile wrat aI lifa tlla not to bI e I blieved evenll lir h el, spollke thi e trulth. lhe fact i, lthalt c Iitloe tiaa-t produce their el;'Itr. r it uill prove, of tlot, fae ll, tr, I)r. S it &. C o:, i ti raortlel I wohlld a iia t'ItPIIa to Lp O Phll saele wito h ire nl prr rntt iolln pv , I oill ator i: et h, werlI known, thlre are many aIli sreeak ror nlohinr bla fialmhood ouat of siheirr love to thle viesr of Ilith rti air. ilatlnfofrtainteti fir Goliai l Snii iip, of ertile are, tSllble il elebrvi nt m h a lorreat lrf the nill m liaof a plet ,are faar d, aild Fair fit.ocedr ii, a l irs inflh. il'henrefore therv'ill, (aie'utl tailuce4i by ith E J.Isst) e natiir tllia' eI rit' i I ftrr l to i pall 'piir, n l t I lia ' rel v alt, tli rla'e r I will Iek ni t ii ,ille wl hl)ero I ia oblilta tor h ther th.r ier jorriai wliie sanit art will i no tprt',ýr. fil+,. "Ihlir I i tp ll I r too arltii rIdet to rvqUu. r..Yfnfltite lll t 11, l "et I will stlate: lId. I n ' ti rialir I a rill. rha' l ta at. trr ai'iaihull r.iili tii l II; a it lii' Jill ', i hp a I.i fiar aiii, tal , & c.,ia ll . itiit rn caa rrria r f ai 5&hC lllllotag sn t r neia le Mor. (;ieri mra lireI 3al. t'ili | 'riill I rll r ii)oer ld to (io rlnatii i aa tlilg'. ilira l ri a) Iir. i tii Cf . . f ial. I ha fren a llen s' In1ll hrl r.rd t' ta Ir VIalis if oe, e.,rirn, t,, hanest I unl'd.. (f r Strill, & Co (Ili not take towa i t/ likl e I l) onfit I'I lof ptoe pw ouhr foalH aI ,New YoklI ol. ll i ih mt+ fr l' (,ll of Noemberll-p lil I vt' e olt of rati next si ll erl, ial order it ihoth atill thew hil llhiliti er; rile di l i f 11 , lile l, 1:ria, memphis, N ild Louiiailh', who ";c ilrky,tii ath o et SIa r l '. hillll u n I liiii! IIr I l I ( ol ai1ll CnLllrier &,! . Golitnn+ tII t e ll l tli i i ;l. Ir' I Ie ltrr li U. I iiiir l not i invi li.r .r 5ii , i 1 111 11a,;' lnlld drill-l ill ' pitlk iIt iii ' d (;ilill . i ll t Sil lnljit In\t llt lll l tilc l iih ir iit p uitfi i t e ll.r .l o thofi, proprho ; r lt'l l ito la s of lil t le rit il. ,Itimlhv, I w tll Iv- til, i.ble Dt r. Sn ip k- Co kno , t ol Ant l n.'thi, ill," wi II lll II it eiii i ne, r l 'o .a I k itr , I ' i ll l l I i r t I" I t . ,i-i eI o llelIhl el'hi+ Nl,,jlytl ',I\ i m I I l 'l ll 111-, I filal eaturtr ll inl R t ri'.tie h i i, l t, iI roilua ,. Slllllll i ll ito I Sl(ll ' - enlli r I i.i l J l i.l. -tr! h n lll ' 0 , i''i hli t Il i. . .' ie I i .iýlit l Ii bi lInt I thilll r e iva ll o'tlie iioir lath! M to i l I, Aahl 11 aould rI pau I I it ii t lr iw ll .' I'. c. t ave rr, h nyt bi. l 1 i iit iN.o pi'Il int i . , 1vI Ik e, I 1 a"uub l l !p ab I ..r i r n Iuir, n b J,,ri t I hd y, , lmo l ( I il N , r 1. 1,r ;- O, iI i 7 SI rJr. r , --.' .e t oi , h,.t, I It I l l d 7 "'I. io f mon t1 1a ttnlei thea re aItrii iohnap-ur f, pi oart ao In Jouill m, andr n 6l6 11111 oit ,f1114r l t lh,,--dill u ll tt++ r, morllllrks, iiý , i n I'/ . i, rh r i l 'emhl, acllil.lh hr: .th %. i dlh l th a letI r e,"h bir t ,f!s u tn tIhl' I ! -I,,k t i ,, ot ,. " . , i ] t" h I." i th . l r- ,f A . ir , ;llh 11tl1 (1?· + "o) l ,l I ,Iii+ i .i ll 'hl I 1 · 1(o 1 IC" lbo '+ I (l a l-o. It ill'ti Ihlhit' i .\il i at he , Ln .ic, l ri n ,l , II :i r Iatar. l htIa ii lio ali i iiiiiiiii I nn' I rall'le.t11 i-I >r 60, hur o- : . W l'~lle tr. T 'x .,'cP+I.stn I It~ Jn .l !Wi ..lar t.on tllons, at Jurdtay, 122d JIIv, 1837. JEFFF IH'ERSO i I .nI0Et'VILI, , JJba laa 1ta'7. Toi the ditar f,/ the Cty G .zcte: , Lit- livinglt lislenll llt fi tll enlltralis olr y pll maI tipnls, I I, i it , "n l iol lth ermits; to re 1. To trv to do thelrlll more godt. "2. To J:invinv' the inhadbitnts that the iile ll] liths the Mle.dit G-lolialts S. &t, Ilha. apllied to Ite, belong to thetn, a- th ir ta' ul ria ht. in oles of' till. I. S. It, n k ill Ilte h);aul dS of hli, I) o hie ttaor oM f thal city'", ag inst ita h litr -lua I1 he Ito I) ulPsid I tall tile g'r at and Il rýhlty Itoctlor S. & Co. tilat I rist ore to iglt illr zd ,1. ii: dle-a ed V-11112tl Ilind, than liltN" do; itndl alatt I nal ' oa;h , carea gr(nhoT nulltllllm l`. ' i f hort, Wlllk il" lilll-oit ` hItw r.01"llll tlllrln ' titv hotl t isilt alat Ia t (Io. do. t k n .i I t ll ) yIt)y \rise ýInalllltat l a i 1to thlr lil tilltahe ver-l t dItslervedly chIbl'ated pl;otlifollr n Doctl t orl't ll l all l Illeldial clllh eg ,, is. well as , till th J 1ors ;,llllfl ' allick1, ahKIt tiro (I Itlb ttollllll ill pl'iVtlle Irvlall, p acvllt a.-,- i llkt, fevw) ill tile State," otl']K.ent.IckY, (.llho, hrldiioua and :v.-, iln 'l' nne ee: iTr thor alt indeed - 'll"e I'O ,lthce a s to w n .a lo i t I t t o laa eht P - 1 a, r l tlr. I. It alaI4t 'l t It all-a.a Qhtrtlll, dlu al l 1 ta e @Ill'O if III, on Ibolh sidIs, :llal t I1II 1.(ro e I 'hall h111(: [well peaorlhtl ar ithout the aid ol any .,argical o, (lrati(n 5. Thoct wh, really nweitl ilte elpitt let, t ,. lllve st tavnelit t aa' lta ill lit-t, it t , nollhd Ith ty shall take hneIk hiiown % $200, e hoeve:r he or they Iail, be. eIf Itol the hi v edell . tll o l llllllllbu ll. lr 1 sho'uld prove rta e of tite aeessltat l caUlidt t tet , I will fiiulil the old proverb, and give the "old gentlemian" hi ig. at I lll evel1ts a I oio-llllld advie tle Iaty Illnaltc (,llc liah S. nolt to sall.t r that le-tter to Itaad .AlolL , f i i gonel for "still ilCtn wll" asi we1'll a4 a)itll)) I, I flolu v` tclllul p ntlto.d ; " I~llltl:L~Vi e hl'l I t . .tit ta it it ha .ilil companions, AS plaed helre it, in ttalp habeticalt orde, Ibae tihe indelpet delt ioi-bittto ) 11t,, v i ould aIl ways klow Ithe writtr by ht hinat (.1 111a ItI 'oit, Uc. JOttN DVI Ii IAMS, - .culily . 'I as weak eluglilh l read the nils of tlseahool, signed '., which dl ,trve nothing Ibut aiy silent con Hlad I known last %olllhIg of tile ireal i'lplintrtc ol A S S, I ,hould hvive treatedC tihe last of thle three ..e111( what dilelrently): blai let thalt ,n s. I I will. however col)pliel t hig s iaoslter of til JotI ntll , ' or hi. att .Ia it1 illr. I "ul) ol'htv ne-lleu towll thin he, ill ordthr th:ri lhv inll ktill two birds t itlla one stoell , i . .t I ipath ilt hoIlles ai t alln i be ill ii. naturall or llllltic. l 'rarllllln ald, if 1 may judge1ronm thal e+x-,b at pap trithe Ad vertiser, Dr. 14ip'. IIasior i-, liic ly, . n leed of iis serviEcis. \ IIhe n ll cirollllll lll e I , !'the ll:esticall, or polilieally, which reqmr,,s a hh-I .!, ++hzth,,r oil hi isn ll)P or ", tile Irtei tili.!) l ; l 1".l NNll no t hallt senoll I,) jile him, he ng ulh (1' hh w IMost b, + 'reat milutrton,!) tll it) i lo his l15'l., whic. Iairall i nIlthillEng lloe thnll it it ,i1 ' otllao linig briall or iljaiitillig tynhal;t ayet, to w it ln-ath. It,-it looks well; but with an'Ma. 1t. A\. S. S. nater it, aplarl, magnificent!' JON LLIS, Oculi. J vly 14. AVANA SIWEIT31.AT:--In stoIre and lortcalt, jue caro Cnnioon and Alage vi ii ir. TO RENT. T-IIE handsome ''STORE Hnd hback Kitchens uol the cnamenwlnt story of tire Trnle Am.ri Hilre. . f1ir ratle stand folr a tCofTev Floll-e. Apply to l118 JOHN GIBSON. dl;tor Trtl .Arericual. AILS.--A primeo t sto rlaant of (tt Natils from Nto 20dforaFeR by C(HASI: & DIXEY, mi calottll lnua, otrea. MILES' COlMPOUND EX''IACI'T tp TOMATO. r A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALoINtL. TllFE doctrine promulgated will so iorh assuraneic J by many einpirics of the prese.t day that Oone le diine wisll cure all diseases, i not,ll, Iam tever call 1 ttt"le; and lie wito assu'rts it, is either a foot or :n in Brllt'. Ilur it is :t Nct delnmtplflle hv exieltlec that comlzbinatoion of meldicine n.fmy ie follrmed from Ith GTrTALtd KINIhIIOM, that will eat o ulitl..lrt l:t l ot thle sYstemi, m lwelaItken seasonablyalnd in jdiliciougpro iotiponsas to itre, i llinet careaowt of' tenl, all disoeaset within tile l'eaclr:itiai power of lllilciuti. irom tme well kaown' and e+tallislhd rellptatin of Calomel, it has lting been emrplosed bt tlhe elopiri, and sci;etific phly l iciian, ai onet of the ooii t poetrfritll agelts for tile ,reCmovai of dillse, Iy tthe I llltr, a mnust e.vlrv Illlld hIs beenl deluged % ith nostrumns, that thll:i authlors claimed as sperifies i e(very diwses illci dent to tie htluman lltt v. Tthe ttli of'thme prel sions nledI no comient, fti 'iienatect'' niv' t iov'st' - gtioll Ilasshow ln, thlat the atlleof i ltst of' thti Pllineee;s, Gltholieon, kc. whicil atlve been tr llelttl Ltbre he callo. ..ity, with So milch asillrsnce, is Cal[umel, or merclliy ill somIe lorm. Now, if this pottllt article evenl in thle hanlts ofthe mnost skilful physieian, frvequeht. ly exerts :,it intittence on the hlmo n sysltem., untfresevo, a:Ill eltirelv beyond tlle control of alrt; unlermining th, constitotiol , ,fnt::;[ bringing ont Iprlm'-ltuC old age, diseasw land death, wllat result shoul lie expected wlhell pre scribed bi the ignoranti Could their nlllIY thot.isall victims si;e:k, a voice fiom Ite tlom wohld t'oon dispel h l's2eiJic' deelulsiol t1:1t llnow swa. s the IndsiaI of thfle livinig. Hllnl:lne Physicians deplore the sad l;I IresllIllt frm thile tmeircutril practice, and will gladly thet ln trodlctioll ofll alrticle thallt call ely be Substitutld for e llolle. Thley ,feel, al that keelu. tyhe twcertidtor of its prim arJ oprl . iniý they e a n nlt ay whCthIerm it liol i t I'ltlale r untlo.lmbil. i e aso kno, and , jmrionls setcradar" cvmsltlece must tbliow. ]-tet Iht:.y inut choosr the li:tst of two trils: they lnow no) otloe. article that will. arose a torpiAd liver, rtmove c-brm . tion, inlI set inl fitle tlLtion tIhe: whole glam hllllar sTstill, :andi h it bev indis pelosbly necessary t1o do Inli, thillev Ctitlne its ue, liotwiti t'andi' g i ii e evil conse'll'UnCes "I'll.! hý I v" lo1ng (d+I hsireh d anll sollght anL nrticle: tllh t worltl pllrlodtlr e tie h goodl ~cts of this Idrog, withotL sulbjecting tile ,ntient to its r.,leterious .eslts. Sucth a lhsllletaltm, it is blll.ed, ha at length benll obtaine.' ill Ihe article now prsentlhd to IIIt inblic. TIe propoiator, i-f this articlh kcepiotg in view the filer, that a -.,is.e I l bc v'dll-o[ t llen t e , I1h; pl:laull with ill tIhe rem:h of 1 :llt , I i.ll' Bs atl:apt ut to tile Ibtsr. se il ci t'Ul t tIle ciLnlim th ab illh hiit; ld lkno ing, like, , tihat l st u te diseasies of llt, , SOuth anI If',st r'le hast:tdl ItII t 'g:IoIIC or flirtionnal dleung'-.l ellnt Iof ti livt 'r; lirected their attention to those aridtics t hiit 'let 1110 1 p cihllY on ttl e billy , Orh tlll Alter Il g, I:llalbriis, mnd expensllive reserch, thov vex+ ulc cet'tIdkd itn xtr:cting a slbI:oonCe frlloll theil T(J ,MATOt which, fro i its pecýliar fl1et upon the hica hic i i orilii: ,i t1 k, tlhey ht ~ dellnminaiel It Patine. i , that will produce al fll btenutilial rl ,lts oIt I alo l , it llt ;-ite tno oltc di , 's willht the p,'! 1- l titili t of iroll.idUing tfh l e riousde tetnl It, atltim ullt "i V 1 1 o tte lhl hllto l Illivt'stl, 10llO t -1m1- tl . ·*()IIIC.lllS ,+ ti o ll utll d n t' i l, thn t it, tilt IIwi lr i itrl ici all. l manitit std : lhelnct i' .. ullarl% ahdoplhd t tttr :to t ot it iol s /(tr,,(,.,I ;l(I Ii, e |tll P;,t:wtalX c't'-'€li I tt l. Irt i ii i i bill at I ' i Wito r e it ia nt i sti tl i hll.;,-c .lh t t41 ll1l I--N. It ro Pov' oslli' I( tivo., m. l . xtrito, a quick aoli hcalthy actico tI thIle tlitr hIa d tit 'ttlt ii t otll t t i l'r io the b nl i , .ti b L:tbi. g ditr ...Il l itl it Lpr t l'. t trt i ulllltionI Ill e . .Is 'l Ih tI i l't , rll thil bi odtt , tl ccmit alitadba byr1" a: ,ll let I h' ilaio. It dues n-t Ixsahmt lik drloa ti'c I , 1 11 t il its ;ý tioI is. . 1101 uli'C L'.:ll .still Ii. ,o lit, Thi ', "I i l ' p t',E n c ssar it s cIu - iof I+>llo g .ta l,w l; r in themll 1 jlcuse ttemlpllrn 1 imllp , dos do b." strong Iowdicihe.s, schbnll , i'et'v , doI 'l9 1 ; 1i t t1u to ilillle thi t tnllo lllt thte e:llstitu il. IrT is ' 1 i 'I a:i li il ig to li e systern, acl itl I:t' c, 't har: m N widft I st o 0.lon lawis oWf lite. Rod i ld-],u, htedik t:ot the I.t aluable urticles ver ufl_, Fi 16 ll*w dotlllil elll I ii,, In r(.e( iLLto 3 gralin I~ili,. Tlh.,' "hilt, pills u cat/hattic, uJlterrc iie, dia t -.r :mI, h . , l cti. l hull lw pill nc,.tonic, stjo . I[ ! :I i 1r wing r t b. " n1 ,jo'eI is i ll* o I C, t ill :,ill l'' V\ift) MID)ICINK",. 1The1 vIh +w ft' Ti1, I 011, , it"t l,·, t I, i lt w Iiot kl . .ouq 1',i,++,.tr0d . it ,, wdvIh, ut all-. .,, a niv.ltlill ts I a: -{, iiar rd, l, t jý a a I :l . . + io"' littl. A tlr e olt n I VI-Is ,. i ,l i t, i . ,.,,. : 11. :u(ti- ili.u. , qu:,i f ma hi0h i/tl'., ,olllat he t ~l,.~-uill t 1,f l ltr I ct,, I ,+1 - l l:Ll';+h'd t r. I 1,t , s. l ., F i m- ,,l ol' ,, ..' ,l .lo i llll rll- . A his hmp , ,Lt d, kvili l- ,, r 1i ý1t' I al 'd cli [i, IIs. ill t, ' ':, ln lt rt' htho.l: " 1 s:· teu. This is ..epe in •ly tI I i ll 12 "ll.lh,! tl ' i m~ l s ll ',lýolj" ov :'t Ilhe SiO( " . It I. - Itn ',l s , s .. l t.u l i i"ts v; l'sl(op I tion+l, (IiI leav il,ýý 1I tu, it. itin i oll lllml airlcd, c id be di cvlered lbr Illi , ill t, pnalhl i , this . dl l td uuii ,t t ion.ll . be mi ng11111 h h lthr mll e:*ts i. ith. w'rl d. (l_;aI l l.. .. ha, l I'h.n :ll. ,I 1 I:i l \t '1 sll rl-le tlm l. fin. -lL'a a this 'haI1tel'. NIho t t 1 renoy, Jill , i ;,II 3'l vg J.llt l y' t lish ob l in hw the ou t of. It In" as1* .tgr* h~. utr'p sing oon tIl ilrtllU of a4lthI t " tI- o ( p. ýk ,i tis, yet U -e may bet I Lit to ex ooe r 0stl!L ' VCoictiol that C:(lhmld t'mott hu '14 i `111100 il 1io stO : 1 isting ilIe io th sy' tonk, oreatur or]a ls, m.colding to tlhe (Ituntlloies taken, l)a siont. A sob i to r t irs therelr., ll.t tile vc. ctale kinlplomo is a ded-.atuum ink this eol11ryv. Ve Ielieve this dcsidratum has betn in he Tonmat,. D... Mil-, of this cit),and hi as]ociates with much labor ani expense, :is ,e undertalld, hbate suceceded in obtainilg slituh ito extract loom thii ugeta h ai , it is hoped, %ill he to nud ita ci.e tll l substittute. Wt hI,:_ J ke I uktll patis to coyqut all+g . edical i.. t valule relmedy in bilious complaints. !o fiot as we have bIie aIt to learo, it hat, prolduced the dil'sirled efl'et, o) ratig tt proIhduc., hit l lalth, cio oflthe liver, prockring bilhutls lischrlges wheo ;Ceeied, alnd ih, somIlt AMd iM a shorter ' t eth oL1 Cu11lt ]:jr-1 For Si,.k or bilioul s hlevadches, it hat, h the n fid a good i-eldy. 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T ..rc, iz : i C-orne~r C. mp &IE111{ IIJA hi t~eetS. PIDENS1('OL 3 MANSION IIIOUSE NIEW ('I IY, PENI'I. CLA. F HlEllli sbcu er havigLb ir ebsh.) cl tile hleae Ind thlr i ut this Woll 1,1w1 a..t. li..hI loa t Mr 1.1t ,,r, ili, late plrolli t , wt ill be ealdy to r, eise %i. ittc l+ kvl i the ]Att tf l lt i"ipttw . Nll , lll -l&S l lln l stll ilprcovr-elli nll ts will be Co 1tund ill itii tll I+ Iiut' "ll "l t h lt i o I.ttltll t ll. . w and ;tO Ir i :oll dlll , t" llu haihil1. hut l g'S w il b+: Imih eml Swill ' e tu Ih, to t.... ho e, .irl ll .. . ICnll ti, tj"o A f it, llo-es und . lit i " rA te hno rt. a d r - fln.t al- is bl e koi Il ot ll , ai"it oI I tt ll lI ir ltl .i! allmi ton b.oitt, ".it h e',ori on to Imon g, thn 'm fur thiseu- ~ it it'r.. fili r, +. and uth l slll nitll frel a l % u ld tt atl pll r . I al , i ill d-t l it. ;7 ,t hc i id L l oull . lltt s not to ttuitl itt ill ; c. ,111"rt l owt r I f iti yI `th b ''rd o . T ii t i I ll. 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The n ; I ' l t r I uI, pion at:iýee .1,,t 1li fiI r pensrl. ,coha twh- ie s fbb 73 1" A _I ' rIUGH IN kIl ANl A RIAL, DAP S, Prom Mobile (AlohbImar ) to AlElnIfl 'tfiEr S Eii ,i.K E eI " kl ther I.NN, iu ,,i ely 11,t g a ( i the ar(Iiv l( of i thI nl F'Om1 R6 I" ON.c A),leml), lier 1h Eaoll aU1it tAtIELIn. o A I:kl. :ll.c hesi Iv. l'e,.:,o tIAthieh; l iN er d bl i ti C.d" .t , , s tI-co viia rin..leill. Chth7.. -I've, (Il'll h M ,NtI' VIec' nI,' )J ,b,' 14i' e, P ,iA.,toin; 'la . isillnd I oui. I .ll, I uin Lll. i . A .lil. nl.Ol -r nkiL .i is No.i.' t Sil. bile is in o Ia da!·er oft hbi Irol wut u r Iosi:,g hi pre l'rlenc by other rlfllti:l it cltr st s, :el FI.II(L ])A LINKI N is It. out c(L . , n .l, llll.r (J e II' willt ai d mi . mly wiC, Tu . irl.nry nl, 'il tlophP shothl occur. Tih, (;reat Nvw (Irihais Mai is Oa:lrlmild I thi Irlllte. 'TI'h Agi-i.ts tor ab l iec 0lloid Tiol, al;ms, Coaches antld 1)liler's tle uit aTirpased t . u I wolthel'l coltlryI.I h " I slll . 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A I ' S ', o T R 0 UO1) l: hih n ~,h ' Amediciue t i I I ', nil,10, '. il. a New INna k prioe i a D I Nf;lP. 18 C,.tp ,;le.t. ;' is onfidrntl I i ccnnmeoidtd for the following disr ,e--+,,: p psic in all it, loi mci; hilions and liver u(t ni'l owll'iFn every sila'Ee and d, gi ;- fm eala ick nrbls I 're Iarli lrl IlIe' Ill Sel i •, I de t n) toohero; fluot iillr -,vvr HI.,! .. uel in i! elt Ce "IMlouptio ns or de , r tc lice rnr lullhigh, iu-n ilnci a r iddii o '.. l..t f o ilpea'lid, e nvm ti trIemorst, inebriatiton ot llyirilllll th I . *,s I - odip i ttilliu o foalfl ki lid; rieu. c l :tli ne t lh l lr w h ihe r ro i o r n fn nnl nt d r y -n e r v o e os o ilirll ý flr, il cvv vYur ietly; stci l iaa . t rhetum, ' l it ll ,a hihiorp e ',d ,nil-rre uoemplesioue -Ift- kw atl; re llstooe-s at nigt, end naily irrithility Id 11 T I c F CU IINer comllaint, and eholers Ilt U. r dilri.e lea itg oi c alers . n-,-; .Hii r afnd latua I jilt, rilh I b d , r atl; iilot'il o tend lal piiation o 6ft -rll u nllh r; ha " of i,, 11 n w rco rfiw i ned for i d If otion..l i+ 1 or m n eithi r ver isex 'theuil Ivee n ttl b otell te anill llly rt.tlieved by anv other m l l e.icr e A cinle t a il Iti V Ecitals' iedieciae in n"v 1, IIthee n.setR , will erodiuci rale lerte.Its a will in dlclle 1t ir I c lll u elirit, and indte sunch Ih (lS t I'lo-i , as ,ill in-ore it pole dy i ntJ d iia l Dlol.sti ct Nil - mrl i. I : illfcln I~ o f oret i iill be's owII, Us fromn 1". l. i ilo ct.lo e it ii ai pomtt it l eo gc l e I hera n PA hwit throlt gh Ithe I), dio i ora Iima. Ftlteer. Otil D1 I: rzltlUI .n1t. thI, r I| il l si t upwhdar Jf a U0001 cnase tI"I ill t is l. iet r to ll. l c un Iy lel who hvSa e -l. 1t vA in l' ,pe, y a s gin es en t rely enred of SI'.TI. t," l'l-'.ANA--Yirht Judia j. lltll SITA iE OF Lt jUIS IANA, N ' ail Rhonan +th,,s" l'ir. e,. ci;t cot', Grectitlg:--c hvtlatj a i J:llrl s iIt. t nIli'a o'ni llR Po c hried a e nI s le e lv ih h if'i ll' ll+ i it h (o Ol ieni thie Inoc-et)y he"t'J ' t. tfllt I'l dlcied of ull .i sr oil the 24 '? oI l lii, A. l). 13 i, fora t molitnln l ,r I adeicer.t i l" tl c llll llil, Iit, il :lcet iof the Ia' icl:tiIc of a ilt. SIM, o i oi iitl , :let f'or-it` fA , ceir Aii tt a.loc.., h + ' .h F aojtadioialua- 'Sa lllappoved llt IiI H t a Vln, ,IS,,. NOlW, Ihh.lllr. ilofv kri'i y' , A1,.:11 it prcons Intcresied I I' -ci i '' ci tt (110llll .ti lll I I at illihe h tlt-e ota thbi'" (it)1 1 -:' 11 klf L u , -,lI t* 'tl e Fi t vi Jtditinlialaa t . ie i,; , ll, lu tiii iii ttl el , iril e .rll l And I d 'Ilh h i t reinnle, 'l P" It'll.- c li- d II C l --qulluene 4 any i" III,- r , I' thin l.h.... i ivr tht J -lqt M1 1th I h i'itetlaltl. IIoe .°'tt t. iit i ft1t,- lll t .ill ' i It+, Il' r·+ I-lll i+ iii, ' , 'i 'l I t,.iti oi n t"+ -cut an J i. ... I t-,i-- 1';1 8,11 hF itli ' Im tilll h tt iiitt Ic flil l I , prop""' "n1h 'c . . - 1: 1 t , - ' ill" Sit' Ihe W -I.) I'Aris" -. i ',i "ti 1' ilihlll llc l "tci ii n iIiS , A it) lic chi. Ot lwit; ouht I l rf thl . 1,'t.t I Ii it.. -lin o1f1 , ll - ipl;ý;I') 1 or "l tlle'e, l ny 2 gi l',. ill tl.C lizia Tt i hi , ; Yl f (i'o I gI of t iog nher tll·'+l~ ', .I I', ...;Illll .. ¢'[.+l llll nny 1" h ,,- lire Npý ,ll't c Iv! N- rlllL bll tth e Un tiXa - :111. M;+, i' t II o i hll M tl-ll',lnr -Ill ths of·, l inch fllll OI b"ltl"ll' lpr rlytwll l "(ll tlee'rl. ; IIIui[ Nu si't l1. l"'e io n'fiý"K ai HrLW ""gle ar' L "- - ul l i'll,11 oil-- sANCT'lONIoi B\ TIl '1K FA":ULT'l OF lIED CIE. IrIOr1N'S Cnmponsl L,,xtralt ofCopniba alaI Sara I : prilhl -- A cu eta:in, se, :d mfst elrletual lItene1 ab ewlr trh tha calaal o" (jlaoIohleta, (lectids aaaaaicaturaa W aVhiase l.aaiaa ia the back andaaians, senaaal acklli"s, afliClities of thl kidtaies, gravel, scorbatis eI lrt, inlllI.ddtioln of :l niediCint poasssing tile useru aiaa, actide aiaUll of" thie d line nsow ofiered to the )pblnfe i ". " po[Litll' hoI s l nl to loti r to the 1 r111i tO.leom I-sL a relC el d lI n t ile a ost el mia t ll-'lllr th lle e dcl icuith il : l uo· l, be.hI einlg tlhat it mill bled. ly ill ' iatdii·d M ,i n i' -vi I. wils ar more Illy] klnom n. The lifa :, ill ( : ,pulia, - 1ot 3ni ,s ty rsed, ,tbu 1-t n cllc.h of its r e-dlit trlr , tlhe dislike hllch platel lts In'r erly ,tda lana , litt ait,[lti i aai aistll stna aal, and Itl,, aitoclyrt iltl f~i|.l+illel. Ml '101 tl% inl the lliAlMAl 't itagell a. "'i le S11.1 ,l a r( T I ap l tll 411 ly .sis of tile t lllsllil, collc ivh i tg I that tilh " ore ' i lll rq ll li i w...ll.lhl llit emuhlllt aa lla Ior . roll trall.ll d llrll e l t iii ll adfll nistel' edI thanla h: il"llit t sll utlll e. lThe li hatl aae Ill' e tcalll . i llU.s I (l ic awl rned i l he I ll ofasioln. Ech a al.t i I n tll hill l tpIratia o ia crela es th i ei .'l'o Iitll utltr, plrlld ting allc opea a taion itllly aIoI lli p aa.h. a n Iirlll atti p ag t Ihe I tll ' llllguina exc i ta itills; i iltaa he laa-twl time ithe a atalllllu OIC its being hiotahal't awillh a it'l t'l abalauast itall taledifir.ent slatI s I h ti: ll' H diS'a . The Ioý lil t C agi cIi iatc said r1. ilhlr fllaa ,aa a hiait aiata it, tle i e al. .it al apullihc allehltt, ilaslilttlio s has '. I<till 'a ellt extensata e. It was a tav o rl I'a h aillh th llaahaal Id r Dv ahellaai y ill all I't aal Ia'la C:' ll:ala Clld IIa a Ialaaaioa aayatlaaca ta I I " Iil . ...... .fAlr l ,lti talat, atitaiagatto'I.auaptiouts, a i a I a 1 1 ing o adisolr ( d . tI: l a he ligesi.efin acll ti.nls. hvi h ll 'lllllh d il t1 e' t Ite ll ] xld ,t riel'lce of tiile Intl l el' va 1 tllt' l, e.tilll. i I, llyldT , dilhl iha '."I' i I+Pres c. u l, t u sl e thi r Fl h a , ll bl a di . Il thll i ll i b lo h i tll lh e li publilc ni.d pI i a ftl p Iraic. 'Thcir c ervations will be i v l h,,I e flr tler. Pl ~llIed b Iy J I I h lli, Chemist L.;doh . Pri' '1 "0i ter pot. MI a, A Itala, , a Ia, q. i . 1 ., F a. aea to thbe si ' ll r:l,, al ILe urle r wo .a,.Ar aatosmi.l Theial hih 16A hairal Ia i-a ' , la aiapt te iaisn i t'i, Iv of 'se, rlil I I tle IaAd fie ale, ia its laI'slts Iai le 'oll " o highll. l touall Alh, ihati J.l o tt hitsi ate inl i a It a4 t aae tarasi aaaalo aiailmod tf ite ,e r o R' ree d 1lo ae a aaubli, aw c. one i wlhich, I xi-i,llll I , il I v a ,d t I evell r o I , l m ist it Ialala e tllle t c pl6aanda t vl ftatlsustlsall as e* I G "l. ; 11 laa:al, 11 Rl t , Physit ibau to the tCi I oall grIel pa.iui ill adding lr r test imly to the l pul a aro .a . or ioll r peaatI t; O,. tishing you the t a' a , o l l s ui l ll a *l.ert , ill :a tilp le rewa rd fit il tile I I ll e pIIn Illnlalled ill a laia hgalh it tae t ll du s I F m V l0 .tacer, F 1M S SSayieon to G-ay's Ii** pi rxl lee u t ewr h ie as u II ll, itended fill ra iniip itO. "ll it llllaalltlll ll ya aiiy t al a"i sls l wiar hlh I b k i n Ii. iib litrtly h ,e:Pl llr, . .Alil% tilhe l uce rotuu w.,|l l de .e R ", t ),ly :nd spedily repayjouI for F-m S A Coopt-e., 1 I? S P It Cv , &'c. ak. It a lala l lll , a llt a I ti) i c ýoiI txl ct ill sei'erIt iii , oIl"tl hwllO l :l' ", .!hld, hadll Idhrirto bIhlied v IC1---riplion l:l,-iA. biytlr'c .v i e ing found bre-1 d pled, cul. allct' aadd !, iln a few days I ;tI n aildt Ilill oh lll d I alc e at l t a. t i lat ill resit tit'e b1olh j tbllic i tansd pri ttl e retal c mlaid sae d usell lu i other. Fr (Ow 1lnir, 51 1, Physician to Guy's ifi caill tindle tiaea to ile% a ere an its usel, st.a Iic dee but aa aet tof jstice f ad of dut ll acd iaj feeble ta (i aiaal ill co atitota" ofa tlaariles. F,, 1r C IThol,8psoD, Al 1) F ItS L. it- aila.rf atai ol lleba ait Istar hrloughta Ri1edicail ill atc a hich will paro e a deidernlatu laja I s lht i' a at a -a surae, spaedy atl o t tas st tOara. Iti la celpiats pleialrin At aaea it nerexaaa , thdi propa iletor coluh here firmnic aalaa -aataaataia'aiaibs 1uallpe as a ticro datosr as if a ;aaa tga a I iata tlatla ill gaeti t anticesshica erts. es & explt, l. at which it his fivn p, e r.paled, m ill pI.oiel glt, .tit i.ecol l ation am llrlolopublis.rllhl |lll l. Onlep ir ommen dtll l this 1'-alll'+llion ulljoys abIo all itherts is its Leat, po act, he lot - li at ata i oltas-1 -ode in which it nmav be tIkeo, being itath easy a ple, a a t-a ilaltatl .ilatuare,witih idn sabU'litionhs de or c.ionen t frou: buiilw,,. Ti-Aellevars .,ld Ihat .hi mtillaredici g. hi.h.lla t usefill, alnd ot t tlo hv aiaovided m ith a i SrInAtioLLn Iise A E I-N of al e lhibi ent !.gva s i f the diseasea w it S ho e -x taaei', coatai. itg full . .alde r direl "rc.'Ino Iý TTSON & AV IP. -n

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