Newspaper of True American, October 29, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 29, 1838 Page 4
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P t icL and LoalsiaRn a notel, 0VTI1-, OvmnN. 111 1'JId VARY KIIRKLAND respectfully an. -' noula.cea to her friends and the public gone. Sily that she is prepared to accommodate them at hae bove eastabishment, and hopes fr mn ler s.ltions to rnder visitors comfortable, to reonive -'tonltinuanc of former favos. She feels onfi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the .inMer months, cannot find better accommodations shi abe ean afford them, on more liberal terms. 'L_.otthi pleasantly situated, and well supplied uVigr ly convenience; the bar is furnished with th thmst choloo liquors, &a. in short, sie promises iitinotlhig. i shall bi wanting on her part to give 'ajtire satslfaction to all who may patronize the *, tshssippi and Lnlisiana Hotel. je3 (InlIE I PIPTiMffl. IC.-TiTiiifcri Fndf h F.vVing t- studied under Dr. SeLmidt of Charlcston, ; outh Carolina, and for some years his assistant in Sthe practice of medic;no and mirgory, has the heoor to offer his professional services in this city. I ladies and gentlemen that the most p.rompt atton will be paid to the calls which " may he ;d and also ofTers his services to the ioldars orlAaves, being well aequainted with the '; tases common to them, having attended them in Slie dagar lnhou in Charleston. The faiis anti.bilious pillsaiter thecomposition So Profieur Smollotte, with directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. Thi effect which they have produoi in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of roefrencen can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. Slie street. JNO. M'LORING. fiiiLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, S-AD IRONS, &e. T E HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have recnived the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensivo additions to the stock of the abore goods, which now con.ists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and t.waitern markets. Rollow ware of superior quality, consisting of alout 1500 tons,.viz, Pots of'2S different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, IKettles, 15sizes, fror 3:8 to 18 gallon., Bakeg.ns or Ovene, 7 different sizer, Tea Kottlcs, G do SSkilloet, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, .. 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 da Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cert do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inel, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 1 of a ouplrior q illily and tinish, and less thun Jaino's importsd pieos. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. 'Tailor's and hattor' Irons, assorted. Sash weiglhts, 1001 tous, aseorted from 1 4.4 to 20!hv. Bolls for Plintations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, ' Also steamibeats and other machinery iade to Sorder. The above nssortment of goods is partieularly recontmmncldo' to t1I atltntilon of Southlrn a Weastern merchanlts, and are olfered for sale at low prices, and ulii the most liberal terms ;i it is he. lieved to be the largest and best assortment1 ever offered for sale by any on:e cstablislnocnt in the United States. Miorlhants, by forwarding a request by imail, ca lave a printed circular, with deicriptlion of goods, prices and Ltrms, froim wiiich no deviation is ever ina farnislhed by return of lail. oAl rders will rccive immediate attention. Ntw York, 13Sn. Cj,3 Soxrs of Ieis & liadveli's 3 ieiklcu ; forl \incr 1t iclOC a 5O - 100 h ,l f boxes I. I ut , o r , in 'Ja ,' j iicaacll lool l, el'VcI' I l:"lfi ecLeiihol:: 1. * » Lt. iT -lii lel nlal ie: Il5lclm''A lln ll:. n . lld, for sale by lIAC li)il. & Ci, S i11 i l MAuguie tIrlcvt. AN-W T, I.ET. twen Tili rircle ai ( t rondlY et -.trtir. nm'J. Aply'i to Ji MIT, ' mi _118_11 l-I' "-i 11 &elbarr.ov-, bt cIlal)'LIL n& COOl.Il Ind 5 310i , h .aI' st I JpAIN siled red iltli Citrdl Leller l'i .· Ine , cllll. 50 do of ro iii di co 1ti1; 5 ' do y i l li, 1i.1w Ila wh ie w, r, I nd plaii I d I illgl etgo |.curd l eitindi:i nIatlolaly llimd eilt f:o il l, v IAVC ID FILT & CO. A31 N Y' SttiotieCt h,.- trev of. 100 be dt. each ine A ,et. ,50 do oIi 2 d io I. dio 1it tI211I et. 0 pipes exlra Madpossiru ior In i led ly IIEROriOGENE, IlItROWN & . . dr ii Corti street. "anod ldiigg Ilaityexccud, fit ýIolrtnwiie, ly DAVIl) FEll A' & CO. n i3 NI' tlimiim' iii l,2 tl rtrest.i B larding, frr salebvY ISAAC BlII)G(lE&t'O. ni21 3t Magazine street. . 0 - RENT. .. . .. . . NEW two storv' brick lPotse, stittated 5 soors tfroma the ::on:d Municitality flail,on St Charler tIneet. Rent very low, possassiuo given :'uiiedintely. J'tiqliro at tdi e p1iC ile. 14,.2 , If. FLimuiC--uO bbls e, r eFlur. folr is cnl", 1110 IOIt.EY, 41 New I "ice. i hti),'OEY. Il NraIciver. ) AtfIiNtf ANiD ItWP'E-lUidUrce. t.oi.eug'lllld I 150 coile Itupe, lauding from iAmnesador, f.r uale by LAYET & AMELUNG, m19 17 Commerce st. NT T--5ieujesi RKecuky llsggin, lud in o Sfeemetc.uuncr Jel \\'trceie. itI fur sle hIv YORKE, IlOTil'lI RS, Je6 65 Camp Atrert. NO MERCURY NtO COPAIVA Aew, Nnv.I4, 1817. A nOL'T six monlhb ago I had the inieafirtune Ii gal n. C i eret dicersi, for hllich I have al&plied to pere afl iciy or a cuirierl allsi the did IlOt cute Iripo IsnIW t o e e lhv. dat e I plt imvngelf under thi, rare of )octol, Ifuet, and I expc:t him tii care it. Since that time the dis3nse got w.rue, sto as to break out in large ulcers to tire nuhober of eir reiglt lc a h leg, and all over lly a(o, an. re tmhllrit, ad ilnot ablel to work at heI 4 r ent ii l ccuctolll of tle diceame; lurge ilcer oi -i hll sIIidf thi throlat. I till oov pttini eiyssll i:nfitdeitlly underthi cure l' Dr. fluet,, rft Ptri to be perleitlv cured JOHN IDEAN. fej 14 ly T DO CERTIFY thIt the tL te menticmrned dis-aler is quite well eiurtdto nc y own atii~ol c tion, for which I itlu:lk 1ir. Iiiet; andu muoeoveir I asre that the nmedi cile I have taken lila Ik tie lit, and did not injure no) nialthi at all; therefore I advise my f Ilow sutlvrls lit lue to ltihle aid ipply to l)r A. luc, 1. 4 Canal I'hey will find a trut deotorl Ibr thi enillahint. JOHIN DEAN. I-i (;riviir rtreer. If anyeone wanlts to se time, call at No.4.10ti iaie street, md tlly wi ill he malislfed.i lTo be tublished at lhe optiin of Dr. It ilet. JU11N 1)t.%N. New Orleans. FIlt I, 1838. filh Iv j ift t lJeltoe [tldIoi al tllulil 1" l.ivori.irli-.iid llotic _. bIound, is put up in bottles, at the low price Iof 50 ceuts each, contnialing the i tre.igthI of three o(tliee of Livelort, iei lOs tlse .irtues of many othler roots and herbs knlowu rloTing thre lJdih a eticacious in curinll piuilmlonei' coopiint4. The la iiCalied sec-es. whit i has traudelld Iie ,iire of ctiis iueialuabiie Itlabnilll ih terver it liis bIeen iltiO duiced. ha% glaliud the conlideni e auli r IIii. ,s da tionti of iresptetadble lhysiciatil e furie ilc t tiif iUrieu, uoldai i p ln iu tile oi o, w utl otf ret, slitillg or bluod, liver complsint, &.-. Tero loll it inIlti coinern. Thiq is i totri ttiIiot wei a ioiided good etriemt: we caul tlielforue, froli the knoi 4ledr of tilc ateriuls it is Itlide fromn, and clrelrVation an.e erielinco, ieiOlil|nllc it is a lllirio prepurntiol or ill-iJe arflnn.til. of ue Itln.IsiF whirll ie is oe CALVIN ELfIbS 'I.1. a lethclhe to rif olt Bostun Medical Ass eitiuotl. oesions.ctober e25. saleby J tILVIS & ANlItE V.S, i I.oiiiiiiicii1i li .e tie I edirit l i 1 tLLER'S eref.elVronr I nesian Alprient--F'r l AtsIpep» hi or gelige.tio , llervolus debllit, , i iili-I t.1e-,bhelnehbe,ncilihy tit' the i wl.aii h, haiitualll Coi - i veness,cutllelounsdiseales, goUr g rael,&e.aud nuIh valoddit as a getlllle, elilling IillrliievP. Thls desirable prepoartioi Iroa rec eived the nntroni age of many emiuent miclbers of tie prof-uiiol, alld from, a disceriidlg public manny respeclable till uInseli. cilted tastiDroail, fits efira. us i a mediine luiv Ieenl elicited. With 1ol the plesieeg quli tite of pi glas oha stle waoe', it.poseess the aiitlie llelijiuv l pFeiu ei'e uI :% the ino l n dpir -ed calltious puralfnive it is netlsIl to ite late ia ir, n i t igratefl ut th et l. s y IIIMiORTANT CAUTION--lThe inereasinE repoulnt. ion aid lreat demand for Butes'A I.fleroi eoti llhMge. eieon AjPeteiti, hia bleen an ilidu nelit for olheri to of.d gran nimitation rfrthis valuable iite chit. Pi iril ier i.r pglluiolatly warned of this lfrt dinet lthevoury e I oll tthaeieIrd, stil not IniOCue all Impure arlehe. lThni eilie ard eegdhllyt ihl tor ed that tlh P eri i ri. or.tirnttlnttlv etppiead ilh the iuriginl and ge noi.i preparationi. For sile who kesale dd retail. SICKI.LEi & CO. Agecs*. sltl ..40 CaT treet, N 0. - ! getetltdre floair Oil, feo the reterua Sand rowth offlairgivitiglueauflh ad beauty,and f ,lltire Oil wo s ofered to the Phutlie, itf hnd oei" trejdin hundrieds oft erfe oie baldneses, itineesucid otlliltef oflhe hair, and il-overy instanei its mthtlar effriti c 4,ve Itecn realletied. It hoe.eer failed tIp l)olduee geoiwli of iltl oi heneds already io n mdryudee npe d eera to ogrow -.vl r it hicalthy, and plolduce - Irtbeautciful growtih'of hilr, iitiolla tlhe least inlryL to thehead. 'friuo Oil gives a. a..eeablio fro. gos and is proferabeihto aov othertf ir Oil for Ier moing, ciurlag and glosilng the hair. Tihe h ir otul becu,! dl y adiel "lri it For sale at EHi & D'I.AGFic . S.H.S H.RTl. C , M ae n... l.c.i........ Ir ok-1 i ard ship Orleans, Fegle, Highlander, i'oker kecry Andrew, PFreeh and Oernan Pnlay ciards; Bnck fccmnoi BoIarIds; CIessmnen, 1.-4 nit 2 3-F inlch Ilil ard Balls; 8,9 ,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives: Leather andi other travelling Dreseing Cases, Belt, l'ckek , Hct ,rIcremae',n and D)alling Pistols; dounlie end eiclc!l lcarreilled Gnii; Game Blige; Shot Unelte; Powder Ied Pistol Ilekas- I)ram Bottlens and I)rinking Cups; Pre'rrlion Caps and Cap Holder"; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; nId Nail Iirtinbts; Orris and Chlorine Tooth Wash: loolth Powder; Toilet end Shaving Soapa, in great va rier; Inag Hair Bralids, Rinlets .lod Frizettrs; Pearl nad Toilet Ponderl Emerv JIagp; Ivory Tub Cualaions: Patent Slides sr fcereri; Gllin Elastie Susplanders; 'iwder PMLN and floxes; (ilt Chains, Seats wld Keys; Ear-drops; Walst Bueklan: Bracelets; Bend Neckalnre nd Chainis; Gilt and Silvered Bendrs; Indian Bends, eItlls and Plumes; Shell Twist;- ide and Dressilne C.ele; which, in additiont to their Iormer stock on Ilhadl. nakes their so mrte.nt verro emplte, and nwill le srold ow and on liberanl termsa, 'at the sigu oa the Golden T -Ilala.aeiieriT Aeenate ftcr tie extentie caef IW. & SB. Bccher, "Sheffield, Enoland, hlae -uc t eerivedl a very ext-enive set of ilonl' ci, cnnsitinr of T'able undi le.lnca K ivesi of e- -" deiliti, rlti en, Pocketlir, Dik, and Spear point senives; Ieazori, ISis wore. Pd.l. 'l',l, &e. &e. &dc. whirbh ther nre pirpnred o xhihlt In t let ralelor oreiq. Terms and conditions nill Ie tnd,, known - t tire tioe. mli6 J. D. B:INS & A CO(TIEN,90 Commi -r. INIMRONS, IIArTT1& CO.--Are now reee iillg I per oilship lhmlVille, Eagle, Menrry Aninew, Iieh nder, ireneh aid .'e;Crnlil deoul e fieai plvinz cards: ter, belt ad pa ckei t iatols; icein, ribbel atid lslit nllasion eops; cal hoalders; seissyend, r cha, lien. -aes; (illcat's aommercial nod other steel Pens; Vie as; Violin strios; shell, ivory and horn comnh; wothrs; k, lIbe and leather ploses; allir blil, fieont andl %A- ricglets; stero caffs; (Gerlanll nai Flre.cll calagne rater, Ifowlands m-eana-er oil, imritetion (I; anti qce ill-d heanrsoil; portaile dsesie ank l dssing clsecs: ,past cblacking; statei la Inilel glERnse; colcax nuln-rs; ol el gl:nssoc andil ies,; hlil dlea onl d% bels Al ilumes; eeti-ron; wllit'twire; fteilet and shaving "oaps; toilet owder, crrmeitle waseh liall s;- sqetted atill cashless pnnl sallrsl; slree ellliianas; faney bead ihains rill aokiaern; billiarl allr ; poelet bookls an d w:llets; Gelnt-aca hiores; razor sirs i; fine andil ctlioacn gurc elaonic niinicetleite, garters do; Balls lueitar moatelcs; sil aer snai; reyon , &c. &0. Thel amboae, ithlition to our frrme stnek of fancy trailis,n IksoI :Iesir eminetict c-l ccl-l eodete. Per n le rlholenmd or retil;io a~ he sigt ofrllle Golaide Coh 70, Clh all- e street. strag. . fc Ncw O(rleane,. acc,.lh rtr ' ACe., cf Nohtce; iad llrrio, Kelley &-fe., cit 1ladre, iran7t dir:,lverd on hlolt of near lest, hby the deathr of iSaatl A Mason, noe of tire parn'rs o III t, fir rirm. lhe Ilstic u pllie , l urvivni siler, will Im aeClEar. wilith thpserllinf a d r *il n.. aid ,,.hesin l als oullwes: Levi(C Ilarria will atini t tlre o otline of thil bllo eirs i of Ndla.o , [htrris& (l *o..t Naeltz" and tl rri, Kel- I lie (cc u l n&la it l .I, : tlld le i rell ll' in,-ll T atw nI ee s New delrams. r 'Il ia, iea orle f neveeal firrus hvii , Illkcitr in li-cida-io on , ry. , e, t e ci -i 'ihnie idcohted io e said firni arle arneitly requestedi c I1,I1 C HAIIS, " SIII I'i II d I. d LEi Y. , San i0 i , irc 27,103rin r o c7. ie a l id . " ~ll,.n 111. t n, F t rli 1 il+rinr (oliociree wteaclc r reiicei c, nodlir I' I eil l l r t ic imye Or silCeii b ttll -i I Al lo .l in eri, nell a l iInch toiolt pa , r., prin der andlil~l plan118 F.... I n wii . P OIII1S 1011 NIhC Inils, ilk if r aci le i crr old re i etsr (tr I reileiccieidj cr lrn erilalrt ccciac iilinliierrilI Ilfe I I lid T Inn l..I, lorie e td Og tooth wI a l, air pl v i 1 f i horI a t" , hi-II " jo !v & 70 (hlirtcres i tre . Ild bri k (Con.lrtlin, final N./'lirki&, Lee n u, a variety ol 1 n11' a clll a hll d, tltk a thir It-I 'tar ntvera , : nd ae 1-Te. nAtk ori, Brrlieo ofCcc rii dfal reripltio s li Iicrlelld r, silc k curd wlrtd vciatie i acr t.rc lllluc n a finle rell tic e a41l cipriei-s, In( it FI)o : I.ou'ifi'r nltt'liv,-P i S rillitz p bowdrn,, In~ drepu fl andii bnxci , toilvt c i dc r, w i pocalet brokI tulld c ialets, nci dl e ie ek,,, rill, pearl. I SraltIiwd r, n ear l cnc ir,, flat li bec rad lu hl n ld n Indubnoa in;rclrr and rollrcIw'd c alorecinc loi-cccll c a keri nAwl h i it bell, mc'r,., a cl itortiL et ,I tl( d ,acili, i i,e s; dconid d sinlicc Id rre lled run c rv lh 'ic knitpc, an, dlirl-,s. si-i r, h n r, t -ar crn sh1arli h- .ll l oha rn, ildlI b c shll, .,+,ci dt ,ki l o li c c, a irrl, onhl i , nall rcib, ,ernl, phall (.O ~t, .l i" ll and d Sirf firsnshed, Cdo tlne, t l.,1id,.c l Iela l.-lt, al k ice lln d traclieinci" 'ec.,c-ll e nit extrct-,, M a caar, Itear itntiqu e, noia d r ' - ic clialeil sr c Iccc ci n , h hi vir anct lctnd , irei l'll'cli - cc P t~lripfioln, Illlih n rl n ýlnle s' d-lk, anrrd dresin_+ 1 1 Cla e d, I ihlli • l i, xd m aIl-la lhs pi( r l ai , n1l , far wlyn r a n d I llllsi' rl l l'rk jio lplllar i, cii r e(l, ,oaii and r vftpt lluiln)l'+ n an ll trial ! oriv v hil't (), 2',]1irlt 4tu,hls d,) fiad k i, rumor A ned tveezer,, atles, I mnd tI kr li-nc le t iure l 4, silvei .i + n I rai' el 1lliluln llJd P .n o!. e ,Tn." hair pinI iivitntin lili it,hlk eclind rcdinkh hh ll, rIca-cccr i andr Iiirc aRilbar aic cilcic n c e tl- il1e vll cctia cc, tIllIr tei c .i alll.dI lcil bii, 'll %v.Ik i 1 n1 cci w lk iillc, c*ila i c wIici IIlied llhti TI he a b, ove, tn._, %ethe I , ilr I c b li cu i, ncl l ieir l a ll i iolanl l l i , liT(l le c<dsllt l c inlur lil- i en ticall on 1r l o lntI C'h lr' eil. cl illi.ui , 'i r halp i icc o-i ca crn ilicfe wll -i atrll a -cc olfi i aclci c pil m ,occlc.r nlina; I ficiliv , h vh, a ei . oii ilcj ir (ic al.--r. .c',hccacc Ic . --ll r c hl tn Ilrin of fici ltellr i, hivel iitllT : S tllle I h llrllTero, I-n-k -llhll l + i' Il a VIFd cuplllllitll Inr Hlil t o -- i le , ac ad icii e lin;. iv. rc Ialci ll plf l 'II%-,Iaraw. 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Iaon s credit w l II kinds, ii ll I OI.Ll .L\iR'S -:ielve" .I d Vemm1ioahipl re'eiveid,mnd I lr ille tItllheir p.ermainont \Vrit inl . ,Aled l-i, Noi. m C i , tre rl , t, ew flTrrllla, l8J Ir d.aY Ne(, V.ork, i)aph .r' st., Inh l. I tr i .ulrly +in ea n ,o- private learners, and LhoolI, Anlld 1.i. r Ivntd ll I .per tonm -fall tnI. I. Ladiete told geo.tll 1e nl or,, r l|i to'.4 c slll and ex illn Ic'iol nOs l lre Iivl. iW t .'l'hl 11 11 Iin ,v sllit thR. clllrlon ui ellce ofial, ltu1l to foll I. frllnell ill mlv y pli't of th e cif vt La ,il,,; M l'o prefer it call re,:,lve lessols at their .uiw reF Pli-r:lu p aing ftor on . } Ire orlFelllons are dlesired o. lent u il lhey :wrie "I i -ll n.I lh p t .lh. t!In ii» 6ut" iHOT)'I'III.,R. 1I.K'A F.N ES, NIO W artitle . r persioi tro, bhld with dh.l, S(lflllled the Eilr *o'rilll I ita i r, love ii i bel .i r Tccive, Stl6e use t.. hich, a rl .,t earic l i.r of te i. hZSiun voice is ,hs humtiv voln-yR I,, tite iar. All% ow! who leas eer bleenll tl;lild to vi}/iverr %%oit) a viI cr delw M IMI,.liii l, lp f ltkg ,ihl a Wlf rl i lte, . mid m eissp anrrilsllllnllt exil~ri.·lnled both Iv themll ve a ll. d t ll. ill hlimn..lllm su llom 1+ortunitnttov ol.Jtid.B Ily use id__ ,,II.1 nlmost sqc ,l ivl lItl-- "Iwa+l s :I1 d i ell+ a 1teir dluubtý afftel Slviu usailed Ithee T ruo ril. IFor ao le t T I' F fIi,", F licy sturero er of ,on-ll2 iutl l a t . i Chi les lrrte .I'E:RMI ()11--1311I ogalions pllr. winlter d SSItaV Oil, iu caik, unJ bids, for .fiM lIv JAlIVIMS & A SIiI Vla le , ele urt, s+- ai, curllr C 'olll·Jit an lll 'loll, -5bbir, Ca l Vtr ,l3 2 ' I11 .A 6- I 20j pcCks Cold .eO; I 50 do Sar l d o , 1glish do-5 ,-4 bble . -1 o'INR1OW (2R.ASiISk,,noinoo, iU..h aSnd Fre.,oh -190i booes, R.uoisoo en arou o lllitjAw (olon trontu dn.-5 rih hoxe, colnsigui, nt, oill be oot r enoral ansortmneut oi atnrot' anod No l iCunl streo. N bb. Alsnma 0",lrlthll thn I, r. oS 3iiooiiptli no5t be rd el dot, IIr d lel di.Wolrtt : go Also, a ltrMer andisollrni at sneii lmotrspende aols,, a ley A W ,A'I E.r, or in payment of debt,. je I I w HjU 44 N.. lam.ý AR. WILLIAMS, OCULIS.T, VW AT T HE JFPFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Louisville Adterlierr: S Il-It i)psJEr.s by the oteiorwltson.i of tie Edlitors of Ihe Nashville Presibyterinn, Union and rrane tril)l, an well as tir s editors or sile iMemthis Enquesir, at le "Old Geantla is alls " r ttile I)oetors. 'l'his is ploved by bit kin ely rage, knoswin that Iu i time is ut slhort, alis that the ndeprlndent 'Aserican i eoples tire sable io jutlee for iherinelvtes what are puiis anti ipositloln. Th'is wo'th editors who are I)t otorns, tile prtprietors, editorlt oe s ub-ritlth's of stse Abivte lalnttd jtll'lls , n is, elll everr ietter frolm i)i'saon I have er t toored f to.ite lt ill tht nb)ve placeP i , ))ll t . 1. 'Tile fct in, that I tlnver m hy d mltll getnt ittle-s wrnin so limitted period tot tell or twelve dayst. )Ons whi itas aneed llollt Itegts rn ear, who hAd otoswee tile ligit fron Idsiest bitI n to lr ee it to low eth i'st mi-te in Nly hotel, iu-tead of bnin t obli-,ed ti he hel bly hi!. ttoi tt, ion tiiot, tohito had eemchlost the sit ocari -1 e , thao ltr tell ,,a Vnr, i lll e ethe oth or fr nearly two -ve ers, ilvi nf, ioln h o, mlll tile eil ier P.P ver y wh ,eak % vt elch o)f those volllnz ladies begani to' % se itli botll ves, w isith iterntlit I s iellie myse.lf etil cti ner , ex -.r lig, they tnae under the inllutent e r lota illtr ali ft r ti ll ledeoil i teoa rs A tlto is tle lltlighler of l rPesplectabIe Inl'tihtlllt, whloe Illolte I a bOlam imlever to thmentrit, (ats he. paie d tie ny fee),i who maid site inhad , s it ole - It of one eve frol tile tcte tf S llonsthi., itil that sips now Ibetosl Ist rasol tir. hletters wNith the othler eve relltpletesl Ailtt. 'T'istil ie diletoer edittoli kit- an tite ess ienthonl Itld ile htseifisei i: emt - iu 'sed i ts d iatier to f ite oflife e of thei i t iiedt itors. tilut they .mllit bailiilrnll oF tle fsiet. Fit re ost I shull Inen'itt ist all ' hti' t rh i entltk nt n i ts tihe nilf of "eOlllft, nei Venitv y a ivs yea of lip wChio)d anrei 111i liclv itY tlet', ii hiel' fie tkt Ii all o i s difreri o nt fices ill Nshilville bl AneA and hinlasalf tohl m- lie hll aiid ftsr ie inseltillll v illtoit er ti y dotisllnde', nito tdiclar ed i that letter that lie m nil *hll v ,le ri ' Id of te siht fle I ye frot fi k a hr his irth, i i a is lothPrter lle t itt, o ., - ac i t, as werr l is tlthe le..les o)r rlllli Ihtn; titmnv Pe toellI otl nt llli see tile liist of ite atill, fso ' sth e leirsl time thtt lts I'reiole P te,) hill tile a rn vAlso in t t wi t o ll Iii t'illill tso s i' lill ti many ohea is; and did, beoire I left flmind el, givR.n., Toy rnl.othf a Ito c u bld c t o h .lk- allit t ile .ti'V.Atll ith the iteocr eyr ill topl 'te itlot.ed. Ie nsaid lie htid it itit tnsm titier sit tse Eoth)i io pl, Ci o itoi hr o ed fit;l ouCh ti whole co (Ole fi el'his leli. ct, I Ionetritir ttism ' rit ec lretr i e . itlnlar n Na l anille and rtf.l C'"w le·liv (:, I and L i lla doh)wr h ,Il nevor lbefr ilefo rtch reason toie hlraaod. 'T'he pi ofas inlintln oete ti e. i eor '.i tilr DIr lt ils eth i.o stl. isri stftisi ed to sitsre that site sex e tttes wllrs l if ted to t tie llt il ii nrs p st , lie wa kennertid from bmrit a Ilprfect hilhhl' te hclnver ill thle hattrin le of lh o Bible, thtot ho Inolt ha ve i ti ifliniý error--tint l t .e Inust h t sit ni ttllll t ifls tth IIIt bol tre the el: Of six fetars to Sitet, Ile tt e itt ett eo irtesiti flolnt hl5 inflleoit'itlii the i ITilt tO tOi th trip s hlill f e lli of I s ri o se fi l m ill b e uic t it it .t r il5 si o f th e t s h r its ita n r e l tg t dos Ire itthe s nt tiIb l l· lltirtio t lillolnt V i t I fal!epho l1 t phlea e lir Ilh;rd al frienol+, or ila-mzt fle il11 I to1 t e e " o l ittnewhiad lik - III Ol.l Rgood i lll t n. tjllrv to nlI' One. A tll I ,t it , si haln l. t rsillts h e of tihe g ree t itts.oniC( st I tall, .-itp t' tilei n dilttitl dit lorit. 'lost itjn' 'to fnht te'n, infr'el o Itfl' Mr Yot et of tile rittfe " w on shis t ill" htii e trive. i i tt. onti t , (t t itdl f . o 'tt his lotet nc re that I have Iilo the lasrelo I gnineso in tihle Nolo, ille IVl at, vel in [le 'S n111I1t t nst. Thi n )r .,e , ]lttwivl v r ,i Iitel il th lt e I llL em il Iarrivd in l thl se .led . If I .ain ld one bin It ' llort I o l k e lr to have ut ainl anot h Sr o lie et.utll nnd tllllll'l'i'tllil I slill IiUPP tI( weiir toi t oil ly very p onsit bi o t h e rt lay I hitv, in Si't ite of te; tt llntper' aihnt t1, leal I)rS.,if I' n' v r ll, p- fire o tIi l mli n l ::Y e t ,'tlilly tlefte in th' s . t: ,itt i l ' niC l r i l davto i li i. t oe oL n et its tilte elc lr t i to ih i.n)e t ld or li .I - .l£1 (roiahs lll And edilt)lols if 010, Revoll d llai d T nlld "lrfll locri ptl l I h I-- well As file c Ie welll f ir inilh of* IhI ( ICl. V tl. bv) r.l In au e the gUniont o , anll''a ilv nh,) as isell ;l l t eli or aid stll) t lt o ical t tltor osf Ihte 1 rl ilslitn'tlio' no wll tes 31r P lllltl Iho p e ditor of )tii, L iolisill Jol r ell enrdill l ii d- lth oin lith l (;oliih vdilnr of .ll i Col lo [he Dvrl S., thlt I 8him[l l i i wt"0114 Zl \ ain t ittl v t t', t'tr liy v rrit lin iNo Y r , - ,. f t, :"'I . 1111t I nlow Ild nyl hYlf I promise. never t. quir this ha p iv %l- i m dv\ ie l olhlli, of (lie north, ts%%ll el IIS el s the with oi.l,1 thl w it, I. the phlial o i I(, The ull ieted, Ilhere fore nlm. ,'Nl. cvulatlel lIfnd ng n. 1, 11ilr filw we ,"olte fIL liel. t vill• ii 11b' V ork, po ar t s t paid, And1ll no it.r+, will he SlllI++ e o 1. Iva iii+me. 5l. Toi hi.rl the politic hie file t i t lftt ti ni f, whirt sIIelh lltv. cler ll ,citrs lllo t iit Iltos et,s Ita ttritses lk hilltt , i lc r , iltvll n ori Illll t ht , t i ,t c k )isls sllstd iillt i t'ioe fo th .. ' I). If slote, %ho r'ellad it il it in ir tnts l ite c \ it'l l slif tsi' t t- t dro io ,ti ..ttt .t t i "(t MiY pnI rlvomtýc b-+tl. l it( de[iporod lli ntl h th I., nol., AwIThou irh:mlllI Ile n b)il ribe hill] Jfi lli: q duty, its I sv,.r roold I ... to '.i" that kt,.t'hllto or ii lovll ir i tnllt i .v n lt'le), For 't. ,i, 'tlt'tlfeva i)o lior i ...... Uo'vII ne .t il,( l.)I JI, j;"ojitb : 1,., 1 ,,d h"11. .l i mllliultv1e11 nd of. lll I· tlh l c ý t-11 n6 IN, oi , tllelof ""Itrc. t n inl (h I %re v % id. oih l dll lhgr ir. ll) n tll i Avnd ihen1 l il o wil l i 'o f m lh i,, vied all io l·V l l iilud Y t ible lllwor'e or I... I qn lhll d, h1w nevr c·nhl h1 I, l i clu 'tc -titt r'llt So tiiotao. t 'o w cc111 gsltll i iis arllicl - !'.t rott hitt-v'ff't' ptl''ti'rit if 1 atlt sed it ' ,i 31, h'hringfil'h, .dh-il ofilho is .ll vj ii, C '- lle. 6. N i l'ill der ith, Iar ýI il,·ud inl~ ijt-l (,o1.d -,; if N~ i -ll'l¢ t e took alt + f ; l lal, l ; hn use t o-ll lh mi. el lorl tl in h .]- l l ti lll them clll ith~ tc, plot s. t llnd ?i n i ll[eI tn I iotllio (i 1 l o toIo-vooltltl clersal ifc ''llfth . te iitd in'll il tt, lile0 o l ! - I. lll is Ikloiwlln IoY its fruits," I dar,ý s:q' the v'otiv.ll .d infidel 7. IH h vilh tly Nilztiitvl to ,- ital,li sl hit, mloral , I, r ,ono: r itsl iilllll lnn 1, )v slPe,,h.' l oft, wK., nholl-l· lwling A ver ,,ll l to I' hi * tell .xolu t w ',e %-ii lln Iliod scriptI'leA J0r. I lrl,'w s ln.uh a.1demon i lulman ~Pl.1 e in, ohe Izv. I) nrr w fi the i av 1 al e4 to rwason w.i't hi ;ll, ,heovl m oellae lotu r t N hairs vithl fil uplifed ,gntifi ti annr, - it' hi -'n l 'd o'v frlst d fie 1e Illt , d tlruring to drurv ;I piht mIisttr l-aV fi-o1 trmubi |whI . I otalk ilt t[ e "' d Girtal t I la l had Lakl lo..ried ill his ow lllle ! 1I. 1 ioolhilnl ll v befo'llll'l rre Gol, fi nnll atn otll afraid t.(oIll H kll l to tillle a 1 |s\ 'rll Vl w11t h).ner IllllPoor -l of 4:2 ve rs pralctice its nol th, ant Il l trent (1rildi "r alll~", Iln lllln ld .\ll l h , ilia singTl illolllll( ) I if "ered IAIt Itli ile g y 111101 11:t it ) l t h i editor of :ilyjotlrh i tn :fllri + 1 llsll it illlell lsvo I ........ piej 'rlld\ [l1k, I lroall l iei f Ir 1() -t~tll ui'll 0-n; m dll 1 11 1t 1" il t . |1 I L al". i motre inelint'ed V, irdtL, rlllh,l " tlllloln ,tIII avy l ool t1 eih tentei'r' hill; which is AI, ullirimt l irh t lhat I hta. io rvlltl o il ( i' to V l. he kJ Ide. . I --.! v.--Tlke Moropl;iA E ih'irer fiart %LI or three weeks ,.,o.nltuinA if lis.,uo, f l"jl.arnut 10 -lllml , v.'i.,-h IoftI e 3. Goliaht i I h l Nt , willki I Nshaill trat tlhem ,ith r ilyt c to lllpt ll ll l l t he . I nolb r ti llm lldri- :- sounts~evinele 1we te1o lr l ition l to ed Si t UnIlh it ie ah t I av n b n r u'l' llflieel bll ll l II 1ýe _,nr, n " wlio l t 1 tLIh a .--1~ I'loho.lfh 1pid hin " ir I ,lln ,t - e o n enl s ft, r it i o or i teey , li x he i ias; ro inl riPed . n I a(ll ote do t e v o .e, es ll of,.ill ph ,e t,) illrllrt IliS Ictt,,r il your i nell< Lxt In and.: I haveI s1)11 (1(1n · nea ly a 'll h is po patli nt rlin t' per, Itml oWeiee yo f U n &e.. n o;.r bi Ica er bult ;If haIlve seen: C:ay they. are· onI lit wll tr., (heI nl`14isit 0011ist. Nullsville, J n 1:; 1:37. At. 11. rin, u wa .illi:i t 1v1, thne in l)r. 11h illl wn - t ie n l ke o C 1l- l ll.l 1 oI, m er hll n ,ll Y* I" e N l twl a ll y t , d to r ofdw i %t th' ýllh r i( 11 il tilr Adl -llle)tl s,.l 1nt no Iehae 1,o-el dietter ý t a nd oe s ,the r &-cu firtli(.t i i hclia bllllne l e III r Phelollt, Dr %" oth l dwel - ttg Icl III t~lllit'i ;li~<l t~l" lll ~llll~r~l I ltlll, IIIr,1? \\ il rT. lineni~cosh.iht v~oeo h rmnn as m in ill Naltvhillt it fh w h ifinlyv ne hn r thian lie tt irst Re.t~v. Mr been retoel by Dr. I \\" Ilhibz s the - i, ill thi citY, to 3 iio e his liu I nrt ylars yor Ituy, . II. C. II. TleNrpi dipitls 1 Oth erir io. .lIIt N c iI AII is hC I nll ttI I i n l ol'lf lliP l. I I , I i t I l t h s i I I, I rh av I~ctTill~ il "11 Il. r~ihn llllke frien1111th1)1l r stI' w ith (·tll.itr1lT', .\ llll Illn " I valln ll hltri dIdr n 1, 6lle et111 nt l l',- ir : ahd d %ti e" or of thpe K hllll2 ilon the tlll llr ."deI .iP. .I. .i. Irts, I. Dilr%. \JHiiamn. l tT ti fill,,'lhe iBel.inito , it. s wel:,,tt tP th- Ipi( lrm tl.w .t'ldital S I.'i, ties of L. 'srtlr lh'i e rhai I nITr v lrT LI'flol Ior .ig k w it I, le T uA'h ih e h r utatio ll illhiscolonr tlrv, reheive+r Usiltne i ST T ll s; i i il l tI he' rStlitw , S is n d'taf ll , il lt'm r cebot nif greatn rtl et, . jul t ri ci i, 1oft si'l I l ri' l~ld l ha e , .Ii A"l 'I'li, all[ ~is ii r I ntio~nl- if. this 1.;+ kllew lwlll l"t h,'hlw )oe'vo'le+to lh'"(l~li- llokp ,i.I;.c. r hik fiole; bill AlI I s-,:'i: i,ay th-.3y tircI'. llJ qirltittitonab~ly beitre fitwd:. C II:KS ON PHILD.III.I- For *ale I ' .b N vil YoK, Jne HROTIIE, :,. I. . io w : at..... . f r. W illin -'9 Pa'w f in t ..ll k1, ,illed tl oul Iflr, widl -v-.'P lie fool ricto,1 ltl ýil;d totally h04t file s.i21'lt (If Olle( V% I,' tior Ae-MYll'. p- e,''l; utI oow t'elqare, hiorsell" hettltrr Ili'lt la~t, l~llht'+ fik• tiI, firs.t litle ilk hi l lir HI thie -t'or'n r-'tollect h,. couhld die. lilleo..llh wimlh th-t I ~I, ldll of Ihe+ prooliovllHI , ~t I l mtlltlltI thi 'A d g(i~t itleomal b.,4 live,' I ilnnol+ iv'ar, inl Ihii rdgio~n, and( .it.% A het hraA been it Methodtist d'urhez fo~rty years. Yortl, nugl10 it. 11. C. 1I. ,A Nr.% MAP ol' LOUJilANA, %ithl it.S ('111111k, roadLs 2 L andt dli.nance.,,r llnl hee I,, ihltee, olonlg file" itlage An{| .toalmboult routes, by H . S'. Tvinwlr. IMIlTC111"i f.C5 MAP or+ U11" NI . 11'1 -;ar.%TF'F 0lt in, tire prioulpal Turojo~ke mid olion,,on rolokl, off ,,,hich Ire, zivenl the distsjwee. ill inilt~s lol t tllllle piint t o atnother, also ltht+ etourses of' flelt a.tvl ,I and ruil roadA+ thromli~ mitl the r~oontry, icttreftllyV voln pih., fli(ool thle bentl itoi th+orili.,.- pul~d lsed 1, L S. Allg .+llsl. Aliti-lell. If1'rtrim.LL's "l'ivi,' ir.EK's (;tUliI. TlitolGl~ll l THY. {]AITED:I STATES;$ ut Iiiai of the+ road-ll., dlisllltowes stt-lt, botm ll taidelltol rotutes,&el. just received andll forlmil \V1 .\I'KEI,q,AN .y VIE"KS ON PHlIL,\IELVIlI.\-F'Ir lialt by C YOI(Kr B ROTHEI'RS, 31 Q L',trip Ruee.t,. "Til`E INDIAN'S PANACEA. OR the cureofrhreumtism,scrt Ridsorkitngsevll,gout, oiatilea or hip gout, inci;.iont cancers, salt rheum, s philitie and mereurial diseases, particularly uloers asd painftiaffectlions ofthe bones, oltertel throat nc- nos trils, ulcers ofevery description, fever sores, anti ilternol ablsh es, filtulas, piles, scald head, scuirvy, biles, chro niotesore eyes, erysipelis,blothes, sod every varietyot'oeu taneous affection, chronie Catarrh, hiead ache proceed inlg from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach ano dys peptla proceedingfromvarlatilon, affectlooof the liver, chronic inflammation ofthe kidltys, vill geeral debioili ty causvol by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is sing'tarly efficacious in rentovting those cotstiuttions whieh hlave been broken down by injudicionus treatment, juvenile irregurilties. In genetal terms, it is reoolm mnoded mI all those diseaseos whiharise from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some ofthe shove complalvntsmay require some tri fling asstoct pplicaetions, tilchi thcirctmsances of the case will dictia.; but for a glneral remedy or Pur'ifiater to relmove the cause, the INDI)IAN'S PANACEA will geneally be foundl sultfiient. TO THE PUttd.iC. itow trute it is, tihat mbdetln Phivsicians, in thellr amt bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofscience by the aid ofchemnistry, and steek Omt new v r medial agencts; inshort, to arrive at pcrfletion in the practice by means of art alone,--ontirely overlook and neglect, as beneath their notme, the rich and bontecous stores of medicine, ;h ich the Ahlightly bs canused to spring out of the earth in ever. clime Anli how much more true isit that while the nAmerican Pi'lliciain looks to foreign countries for manly of his most coonlil andl tlecessti. articles, perpetoally chlangilg as they cre at tile dictates oftlshion or folly, he is surrondecl it t his own country with a ellndless profousion of medical plants, sufficilnt to answer anyindiectioa ill disease or to cure any cUloablh disorder; antdi et ihe is igonvront of their vir tues, and tilhey are stiuRllereto Li iteotheiltcalilg oil tihe desert air.' The effects of vegetable medicines upili the svstetn are temloralry-t-lhose of nitneratls laotilg. The fo'nrler ex ert their iffects antl pass off--the latter, nmerculTy iln lar ticul-r, act chenmically ippoll the. solids, decollnllosuing the biones anid utntlermtniilg the conlstitlltiDn b a slow and sure destlelltion. I'The cotngcniallity, efliciticy olld SAFirTY ofvegean ble relnelldies ever mileral. ma he estillmated ll contrast ingtlhe anlcient pinctice with die mnodleln;i ort , ito brl.ill ii luom imlnediaely Inlflrl ouls OWli Obslrv:ationll, th. Ildi an practice with that of the whites. iWho, in America, nas not ktowIort heard of repeated instlnceis wherein some decrepid, luntrietending fecmantleliait, by nleatnsof hir simnlte remedies alonlle has aflettl tile most raplid alastonishling elres, after the Anteit Melica of tlhe ýomnion piwitice, directed in thle most skilfuln lllalmner, self i'om any disease, and at the almnost tot astillece ofchronio disease among them? WXlho has evel henard of aoin llidall witth a constitliont brokIn ud rtilled by ill ? Aild caln a dolubt exist that thls IpI e eitnltiol of the stvaige from most-ofthe ills whicl the lsh of lall is helrotn, is Ehietlyowln tot more gellia alnd sale remedies whllich he empi lnoys 'T'his lilsllnishl ing differenclle ill .leess, is a ftir elxemliication fill the inflinte superiority of the implem and t afit menls tnt cure w llch t Godt hat s reated for the beneft of his chilhhdre, over those which tihe pride and thet art of ma:n lave in vented. From a long resilencec mong a portion oflheblorigin al ith'Nbitanlts of thi;c Comntry, and ai Jltilie acq ull. lance with tile metholia oft cuireof sonme of their most ilccesslld prietitioners, the nprllietor otf I'e Itiat's IP'aacait,'otnqutIed a knowledge of sonlt, of the most iowmrfueland tvoil;ere metdic;. Frol Ihese iiselec~ed such; as were most efficalis Iisllld :i rloprlli:les, anild after vairiois .xperil tis to teht thcih principltac d stocngth he has cott biced them il tie trm hlre Ipesnlltel, is the mopt fititic beciNccoal ifcri tile pullrpose tor which it Ii s r P illv lilelt.d. The pllroprielor oflrsthlis preprnltion to the aplfic, oi w tce olsiosiliss that cnte is placing IIwithiillheir .:N, ,t rIcit, ty clcullle o ellievint mla:liny of hi antlllited lit i lo 1 beings, who alM suoll rihg oluder the rI'illoIs CIhrollic !atil obslilamleComillailas t. whihh it is applicalde. To Satech it will protve of inl:ctall:rble ivullne, : the menlls, :lid in many cases, the mily m-ea insofelhlienim.,th1.1uh wd. lerinits id restorilthtl m Oncetotti:cll tohealtht :l - p111 ss. This is It, ollbred :IN a C1 ,mon1l 11 remlliley, Ihat 1:1V c twr hice ( 1e -ellllt good with mlqa ( r liOlw illt seltt bt Onto which i3 cpcable oif t s gilife il, Illl ,extemcIO =es w hich all the dlinll;T:!hils. c i itt ilas d olle irepO atedly; intd thi- is the rel' tlatioll it l laoil tah:iNd wh¢re1vir it has b-1e ilntrollducd. It is ll' t three N U:ll sille thisI plIrepI itioMln was Ireseltedl le o tihe T, blic: hlit ill that sti rt silac f c ime, some lllln'dsi of ip s.o-nllnight be Im;ldl, who w'I'tld soel nl deicclilre thit ti"' y believed tIhat their lives 1 1' savited ll it, ll r t iusi l r a illto ri'cfid I lM tl iillll 1 !er p.jIS lils tile C, otlltli cl t remedies ill ain. i li'..-.I - ever it is kun n it is . p c)ll i it1t l ' n , :cinito I li Ilvhlrds t vltost m ub.tant ,l 1,c llvlcihg ' it ,-iticio t o uis iytu g.tciii I he "hieh h .:.,:d r, 1i ,, h i. • I rlu-ul . .. i, I t, (I ln - d -,it I',. .ii I ..: ..... l [i ' tGIIi an. II , I ;, ulaIl Ti: tah e t, t "r, ' at t .at " I t v' u-" S t il I l, ll It . t e t l' alll it Vga -,, awl in ;.I t I alhtt aialll a a i l llta llt e tatl l S:l ll : ll lfl·k i' ,i i lea. taitl elt rlla U ll , i t is col'aaiaataaeda. o -ti :s', c l mil uhl. less t i:, all l t Il s t e llilv. l II l1l1. W '1h . llue ,i a e a',bl e 1 ilner hl 1 thile ei ' !" n Ire + h;1 , ,it I l lh U I lll ;. .lg S :clrt t r':u le i. t I.t I tlll , I, It th ll w lllatiaIl r be ptc. " i' ,it ll. 1 e givl to sI h w I I( . e". li- l 1, I' I e l i aslll's I Salace; ', , I ll 1 i' ita llt C lil lti l l rlln ild ii lnll e ti I l ti A I leý Is . - is, 1 11 I, l Ir iurel i' l tt le t c.l re. Int i ti hti g, l t: at 1 lll ii Ih'Nct a v l l seer .e a ltld tislte i ia,t il l l uat is l .l occ illd I s l li J. It . . .r ..l wc, :.lie .. nl- t' ov v I, 1,:lI; t oil a e e'rl ttt11 t Id tlrl tC ilt lli. I Itoll llaa ta a ig t lea ll, litlt Ill t 1 ldo n 0 ] (I ll I,~ t - Ill. il., e bii) 1(Ysill Sit, t ii 0,t st iar , tai it, a "'i a l IllI :I;AT I . . . .. JOiHN PElIUS.. Ix, I ;ig st. CrDai.he'rills, s : i ei a s "7, I li t. f Iwassized o hre ut e he c marl r nince, w itil hc l iotro ~e, idmnk tatll la ctole l' ed as taklel ac h r e ci' l, u ilt i a t Ita rer thpodlll'u+i ] g l l '.CI1O.1d :if u geli ll 6 rltS S IIU SVLWll',e (1 the Ilu ll't Ih'etihhe, :,fill I.lCV31-I~ . cohll lh l r ;o:c- m Itll t illnle a t andtitalso tel'ia:nI ittll iteh t, t al: ieat i t I.a ollaal.a mtillts l c ae d i na. 0t rly the l luLe t lo n sl! last, ilthat atti tlle'eyble toa noveai ollt I el asI acatlllnleaacea tael'eita atr |llliale'a I':aaaea'ta . 11., hin ' now happyt o htateh thait I colett 11 Im.' cI' taIlt(i 'ctello al.[ 'I'L'(;ti.thi, 1a3 .f CA.tFES lOF SCIHIOIIUI.iJUS I.CItl'S HNw EYoauO, , KSint. l St1). IThWais enl " Z i that it theTi l of lia5t, M I i lal st iZ \wital i t g sW\ (liing ill l .:lil ithee, owhicl ilalllet tualce ' ratd :u Ia htB m -t :lla t e ghastllg t s t llli ta itn t lecti . A rt'ratSaWyi .,gst'arratiilhysiaaiatotýaaa tie Sage, Iraenr' ttl 'ti'lte I n aile a ll e.i tl il' llota t aa a to f a lte' ilail' . " at t' l ' to Phil i hlptu, anti plll( edI h ilmyself ilnldI.r Ithe Aeil'ii t)rs. Phl te dli whenr , irtie Millt of, salliv fi!:: l Is ocll. ct , I was a l l. led utterly incualble. Alitr wa 's It looek tnatct bottlesoflSwnilt 's PalJ'5 ce1 tlr d etiga aolotatr Itatath taa lltlr itata s aa'vi lo on,'and II botttes ola Pe eI 's iatlholio, waith to t i teallt ll hI 1 elllt I )Tesllil'iita g oli'a t , whit'h h'a nlu lle .cti e tl l urde atll ,ec. I ilurl.Ied to mcit l l ~laetI ill Netw 11r2k, il L89 ,I, I I,. Iallseelllea to e a li.tta lillr g dc Ith. H aiIlg. of lhe similar to I ll"ae' o n, I was pelsua tl tl il, sa list t r a asort. To ty greIat ls', ise, t s e I ll as ttitrhrion eoayfol a' n's.l'arpidl) a terreoe. r 'l r:ut lio tl kil ilct! b tll , tel ' ule rsalae r tla I itt tl a ati,l a in t Atill i t0ea ture a'l'ltwo i lo. ths, a.i ! a a ve Il te und rat'" siter. aka 'Oft t'at e maaea b'!a , ' it a Drs lt e S afteralactll'alatta l I al mo toith. lne lt oIrthosolt hliie lsultterinclina ile Allt .iaI -Iard (ll tll uiVlll bI tl sy l(olf. qi ill 's P ll ae 1 ill I" k ! ttatleo Aef P lititA ue la Sthan ltt tiheat Ih llE ) i llrtedtll e whIo a sultilteri eltVrl thing billt i die, I:tl ind ito c i id eit.ic tis e altl'lll l," tll. i Jl8ov_ l ga~u IIi , y ff p t I CInIg t hltul. i l(. r 1.u,1 '2t-1. O a I wl s aflit tel, ttl'lla , seas wsilh atilla tan t" ah ttahe lt', cat anli exe..s· ive Imh. l the ~r at ai l a jlill . jull t. a l.lal I eililik t toph s.licliy s xI ated tl ' ersll kill tao .i it, milat with tillt pclaaraai11allit a en it. In Ihls acar lile b ttla e Sli l I 'I l'P I tm i t o.rliaet e I tal .. i," Ib ttllrlllriet irsl IT hehlttihd na t s Ia' ' ll well ill -hi course ul -wo ni t A is t i--lili..d I£- iuv r la id& INE illlw tllilit . h os N o' NAre t ill E mill iller lit illi tIit.1 t taaO l o tr til te 1 th illt th all littat e itkn. t i 1 , :1i h lft lcruar last, lt r tsil.e .tyteii ofa Ivl daolla r I It . ,lI- ll.r, de , ainlii I lle lA l t or tkh old ta rel ac t'wllvl " co'' ed ataa Ier atiat 'ttisilda trhtilar'o l II ,Ie A I" ia re alallaton l tahii Id cllll ·l oIl i lar Ialthi: 'irt. s a a a' at- d IIte i m eat, u la' . o, It, t w (i'o" ll tie to atl t llrh i i i t In thl s ae ai e Ill ot tle' I i tat a'ao aI a .amlle, t y lll lhah '.l'l all ae allt lh rrEli h I' A il l m , l I " l osurlonetiv i nR of O Ni , tra llo olakr fit, 'ag NE'h' atE 'NiS ' at a tl iar a,'L I Ii 1 ili itttllt itl d lit' 1 a tilh tti' ' tiv thetf fll . OII ,x . c, I lh rfl he to i 'tr.r , tsl n C l hadte !r o . .r, It' die 13h t ro u ari , t 'lut n for the l h'ment o f taet ' i r. a hollt thuit .h lle. ahl ar .ditc ol ity ra.a i, a ta i hl l i t i laa e Iis per i hare I le iti hr ,an d huei ,1the .first f p ,iedpO t a.'i 9 lata t atrll .fn.ta etder a a t ahe i th , baa Ii .iIVl l it ,,l lli l Iirll"t t 'tat tia' iablr t 't- at talil I 1$ l ch nt 'lhu h hilya! aril tile hi II"'N ntl t ahe a 'I a Nihtt'aaa 't aa 'llaia r al'ellt'a'a'itt ill-dt, th l t),,t - v, ry i xtrr i . i olif' tatb'ar A ) te'.- o aaaa Iltaftttic 1.a oa A Rlea r'tta ilR S c lily. ' V 0lhl C I A'trr', caal-e i'll al Iahat, rltatk VI eat I Vi - a t., Ifri i.. tiale Jo1IiNl tti hRA Btlo , l pa STATE OF1 LOUINIAINA.- Parish Court for the I Parish and'City of'New Orleans. T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom I tthose Presents shull come, Gre'-tieg:-\VhetreaR, Juaes isHaoe having parthased ar t soteo nud by the Shertriff of tIe pirth of Otlent se fie plepet. hereinafter decrilbed, it s +plleJ to Ile elerk al thin c.,ort, in welOe oflice the ded lof sale was recorded on l!P 211 duv of A pril, A t1). 183, for nmonitioo ler nit] er tisetent It conl'ormeit' fo an net ofthe l.egirsatusre of the 'tate of LI.ouiiana, ceilled "Asn act for tl frther eass nee o!'titles to purchasers atjudicialatoas;" approvwd hle Ite de" oeMnrech, 8134. NO\V, Ichreethe, know ye, and all persons intoerested ere, are herreby cited flid admonished in the name of she State of I.eisinna, and of the Parbish t'ourt, who can set up eny right, title or claim in and to the property hersnnnfter te;eribed, in consequenceof auoy iarits'ltt in the orlrdecree or udgl,.ent of the cotrt nuder whichl tihe sale was made, or any irregularity or ill, golito iii tile opprlisements and elrertisuetets, in ittle, or entutter of oulP, orfor tny other eerfet mhkoo lweer; to seow cnuse, within hetirtv dNo s from the day this isitou in first insherdit iue it tmblic papersettchy tile sal sro lae le shouldno se oonfirmed sod houan lo:,ted. 'rie tid property was sold Iv the Sheriff of the pnr islh aforenaid toto Ith i di clay ,f AtrilA. M. It:18, Io eirlute era decree of Ihia Coor, rendered oi the 51h dao: of Felbuare, A. 1.l 130, in ar sont eontited Alexander 'sltlell '"rs. Jtntee Ilnoter, No 10e,1.7T of the docket of Ihis Couat, at PIwhiclh oele the saidi Jtames lttseoheeate ite I o rerlaser for t wle tier of twenty one thousand endies lh. tI)carilltioo of Property ns given in the Judicial Con o.4 veoy anee, riz: A certain oit of rlmned itlu:ed in thle snbuer An nuno i ltion tliiis LAe.oosrse of this I itvAin square No 5, Pnul let halving I'rench meauses , 6te It'e't Ifrt onTlchou ilotlas treeprt,h60 feet fron i oen Orsngers street, and till feet n anltlede dft manell 6 rtaree, in such a naneer that said lot ofgreund is till feet wide from one side of the s arile Io te le her , gedller wit a dwelling house Front ietg on "'I'lhouallitolads street' tile kitchen and sli ;endei sle, also the diitiiller eslahlishtesntsC etrecle tlreel, and other huillitugs andt improvements, tle lolhilterrv, utenshis, iinpletaento nod tixnltes bclongitng ta raitdl di4tillersv, ilt deelt'nteles nud idppurlen aeer. nnl tie riglhs , otilu,ndl priviletges thereto belonging or ii tslly wtire e s pttrloin t ing. C1hlo' Offiloc, New Orlenns, May 7, 18138. , s'ihI.&j3 - J. O1.11 E,, Depoty Clerk. TaI't tIE A Lo UlbliIANNE-Ul'Cour de Laro'lsse pI'r Ilr g roisse Cet c il de In N.uvcltle Orleans. T" 'ITA'T DIS ILA L.OUISIANEI.-A tons eetux spe Ai cets ptirsentes eonierenCt, Sotut : Attendai qtlt James Ila:tnse aryat thoat o e fo tll ven ite lre elar i e hif aleta opsoisse d'(l'loemos ia poln,'it eli-:tptis deorite, s'cst adres all Goren de ectte Corela o Inelite vente tfllt caregistae Ir 2 emejonr de 1i er I'oanne 1338, iou lll as eonflrtel'nelti A en ae. del Is L gishotre ie I' Etat ide tao L.ouisine, intittu. d' Acte pour e aonfirmer te. titres lees atque s tleaux ventesjudiiaires ;" a.ltr ouv6 le 10 olrs 1834. Qo'il soiteonn, et toutesr pesmooiue ilti, lr6see sont par ces presentes solnlines au nom de 1' Itat fde tie ttniaeise i te o sie Int Cuur dte P'aroise, tlui pourralecot avoir dolt A lhe i'topri(tte i-ispris h eoel lle, e e otlseullIene (ltn dihile t lie ftorme dansi l'et 't le ,t lleaeret onilt le jtg ie Isita ontlr, t o t re rt d ilutsI st vleue a 6te haite, od tl tonute irreee'tilet oil illiagalile ldant 'estillatio e on'iis oule tempt ct le mot lie Inl veienl2 on ipollr denf lllrlan lrase cuelrlllt; ile oiu.s, i Al'erltee a tts l. iitee e stecil t as eonlilre le EIn Oititt o file ven.lti par le slitir sidt, re lle - ,-nrzitl-c lour d'lvril d, I'Patrea 1:18, en v0rht 10lln d('et rI,. ·eelte lilly ito 5 do ff'olicr doe 'tnt".i' 1.:ll, Ia:lns I'athlite d'Alaextder Coalwell, crttret Jnrres I laina, No 10,3L7 iie(at locket de celot Court, A Inquelle veuic, le die Jal-n~ htlac Woest rrad let iutl.reur pourtts iescrilprionri tie hlt ao.iat'Ntl'alrose lteerantfed Juldieit'e, Saro eiric I'n .rl aiu : t 1ee terro siteatan o fomlar,, ti e l'Aonnana - 'rimiloll iliri Ph- l¢'ltn , d,. eeatte villr , dlats I'ilet No 5, ee di l , It tdar' 'nlclt [feoe'oart 1'r tatisccj ixioti e de fi'Ie; A ht, ]it n,, ! ]t Ia n \lie du chliedf, d oolw qui' le a I'ilot i lilllrra raa i llatae'r I'll'l ll' eomle'l c saIqlo e t Ie lIHe 1w '|t,:l,,+ 1i[l ll l lsl L tli Se.lte at St' d (, pendlhtlar t'PNilL' h et ae a1 I allcae ll 'illl ta I- l ý' T it t aa ttoa I'e' in illa - te' ,l . ala 'r-eta m l t ladire airil'ariptaQa ih''d. I I ' t. ;rajr ,r ioRal College of IPhysican.s Iomhn,.l. r, ill erig. al V..or h. Ie ,vrm Iedi cij ihe, ,,.. -d e,, h VV, M. e,om.c of I e, ll-*;i Ciolhlg " ,: e , Limtii.le of A i e al rs m Fmll, Iell..w o I (,oll (:Cnlt Soc.'il, S rllgeln ito ei 1c , .1 t.• enII ioo As,1-) tion, L nlllltl , Plh'v, 1lla: 'rloo firi :gf, Pnd Perpet .l; PI'llil of I ;ll) ill S I -'lh . IIi. ' I u r , T ,lh l ,oll. Sl'h , I-, lod o, 1-,ii l , " i.i f. ,ile . - ,; : 1 ,11111 ,, ?- p , I 3 1111u:,r : i.!,. t If i nl bil, z 1, I Itoy -l , , . I* E n, l ls mi .d ir lit . d i-lo", iD , ll lol, I o-1 clo ~ll ·,u.1 o1 1r, to I I. ! illl l l, o A .l'' 11 I i I 11 1,1I 1 i:iIlo U l i i l fi li t,,hl . ol l\ llh mI .i6 i sil l , illO. t , ).i<,ih. / I Ii I.EIN 1' 11:( seI, l yl, - · P l:ac , d . N o , . llll .l eIlA oI i hill e o ,. illed i t"te , Ii o,:,! sl'iebll r app in tment ,1,Io .rhel ' oriliilb p,? ri, wi r. y w' :.1 li, e , Ii r'ggi , si l l ,l s S A11 l '11W ltu e pt o ... I. ih . 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Iilnrli l, Ih g , Is, l e i'.llic 11 iU Ia stll'etI I.r,' ,, i .l'r Stlilh- i of 0,ol iiinl. 1l I n lllv rue lli sio ll os, ie er l li . il ll l ,r;h. l ; ll cIl, sol ih boh loler late rl lll ol hoe 1 a1l, I iuks , : .. n :ososl new steleiln assormII en I .n i m llo roloilel lo ci rSlh el lsd ollg Ins, w, ott, Ii is] i ,leu q ootitey , ti rht lieci ,,lins i lhs i o " o'l lo' lie calf c ieo l Lec' eo I... elt su 'iLtlllf .l.'oso illc t d llelecl r s ooll r lil ' i le Io:l tlole I irlll uoltsihoes; dIIlt-... I re fc . ro i i d ..s . lll 'r , iiiiii wi. 1 'br teisI towk kll n inoei, bls pis is l h ) el i 11title .:f I kIpll pell lsl ep E.grd .hulll I I nIldll olll o t h lll\; doll s IIII l aip uI x lIX e l A d l) l. lltlllell I U.1- IIIlI l tllort 4 l .'tell d shoe, i gl ls; guotil ... ell" llt qol· l se oes1 I Co lns. 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W\ivii tpphe i t coo dringý to direy ions given on hrm: r(ap lr, [rou t.ol lh "'.tles The u)ll icUiust ll h iiid Ilrolllo, lfom Netl Yurk, is heretby noI ISd; they oshave tc llitued hy TETrSON, AVEn d&lio gsi l Co iisignees "l rood I,' MnPI C~nsijmetl ".Gr~tou,' FUSTPUBLISiHEDFROIlE STEREAOT'P' PLJTE' , 7lTe 1,lh Edilio,.cf fAOWLETT'' fTABLE-S OF IN'TRES'T: TO which I. ncvw adtdld an Average Time Clalenol tor, o01 easy nmethods for finding the avernge time "n "atrlge, nots of hlad ol. bills of goods, ithen I'. cTased at cllitrent dates, an lliffierflot redits, and fnr arillnsmlnololls: heiirleoatisefuli ndll[ roonpleltelanllking itle Ti' le, tle tiesl hot clc le ccttlrived. orl that fi gures call prodloee within tile srnlle conledeol;d coolqpal, and size oft% pe. An Al'verlisement itn the hook is in nelalrv lih follow. ing words: T1llelhigh distinction thlis work has r:eciled throlgh the ten legislative ac 'elixed to to the title plge, ic a re commemndtion it sel, so uneommon,, acnd so eouil sive, th t nothing is necesosry more tan by wa) of nol 'ertisement, to give a condo sed lview of so.l r its pe enliarities:as for instanee, the Intarest has been Ecmas. id fi'om,arnd colmpared with, what is eqlvialInot to fort teen selsfeallntlaionle, examiced ill the press ibirty fl'e ticPes, alll printed trom itreeColspe plates teteod thirtyty-one times frnom a!l Alich it must bL evident even tn tile ikeptic (esteecioijy no it!,o .e sooll: oelto' dlIo tail or oofiln the preface) tl:it ile w'crk nmsl be arilb mcetically icfullible, aod in conirmtnion of Ithis belifa prlmiul olt wo ullonredrioloo fiftyo dollcrs, is now offer ell fnr tie detection of all crror olfa cent in the present or fifth edition, as explressed ill he prelf.e, nllklllg five large preIminnlc ziFcrcd f.r cdl'o miic n l.For siovlledbc fi'st pidlictaien in te year 111 2 eo. One of tlhe most eonspicoeous fottllres of the tables is in the :,rrangement of the 'illie ald Aoniootacs, which for expedllitins, roference oral rsplellt , with tile Ielp ofthes ide and inlex, aennot be cxcelle.l ; and the saity ty and ease with which the interest cani be found to the extent of geneirl business, willhot dotublitg of'sums is besides i eonveniencle so essentiill, tba it tile estlloa tin ol some o tile nmlot competent andt plrltlical busi ness men and public ofliers who aloe ooi decgr''t se of the work, it has been distinguished bl tho I onomlible appellation efofa "master ploee". Atd considering the infalliilility of the methld originall)' adopted in emtlosin the wortk, and tilt extraontrdinarY clllnmb Roll variety olithe examinations, cnli tests ofeerl'y edition it hmaspassedin the press, eotwillitanldigithe whole isin stelrolype, consilerinlg, inll 6.ti, Ilhe positive eCotilcey secturecd by tile unplrcedecntcd oi sotlls eplolccid, tile Vo lumekhas beten hcld ip and CeniphIltically sitylelld t tile most wonderftil book It, the 'slk;" most certainly nw mnan cl n:lmea figore work ofthle l:enc extent, blich siltnce the beginnilgol creation, has [lad tihe salote nItm ber anti varilt of tests in the same nIolmcer of editors) no, uo one hill'fthe manber, as is cleOtly shiown ill tih preface. I]esides, as test and salndtard, it has been tried :ond prooedi in nearll lil itie back aidcl ilcbilic fices ill tile Unlted Slatlcc nd byt[l iey plic c g tnerally, durinigtlie long period of thirtv-five rcars, yet no elroýr of ite cal culations as ever been tfound in prilt, althongh cotiinu :ily ehlienged by the oflbr of ve ry lare pIelniutnls. 'Thte ic Iet exprosslv idlolpted It ll tlhetourts orlaw cl sevolal onthe Slates tls tile " late l culculatlou foratatnute ilntelcst," ps aleta b)y hlw tlfr ballnk interest, accorlingles the book is Ilsed, l sl as ay he sell i part, by oe nianes ofdthe stlbscribors, .7d it few of the mulse llenlt rc: tsers, ill e list:t thec'llll of li hook, isin felevery eloss ol'citia.ns in ever) qua: teof lthe Unit cd Stales. It is mrteovrr well knlown that, hi its rearly check, it has so ofllu dJetected h!rge errors, Io g Afi'r IIIhey were nimde, ev'n ,by the lonst ctareful all mtost competent rithmetici:nti, t-at its Iselflllness, and tilte absohlle ne cessity lfor its tus,, have bteen exensive.lyl illnsisted pll tn, so evidellnt, intced, Ihave biell its :Iohanil:ta s, alll its saings, that, scserrll ycarsago, c ,hilst the first .tditiolc wasso-arclC, andll ont of Iprillta grenlt 1.1n1mber oIf Seeall[ h:nOt piS were sought for, IIuwe to : gEl t distalnce., Ire c : varinc os pics, Is tY o bl c cei sionll llly beFI picked Illt toC $I to r prr 8c opy,' %tI l solile persootlis hotave 'ree. l..y dic lared, anit illst:ll cotld, q iO.t I ctl:l th t 'tw lltbl I' J'0i, $O 1 nll ld 3)0(i ilt. ac e l c p, t' iI lnt to 1be d fC o r hs l, n'iti .c i lc ividg al in tie li itt er iiCsi: te parltiev' ct l , I t lvh'ig at t hie Hittlite cinc c xhiited satislory protl, to slvicrc ci sont Pre setithat to bil it was .r l., worth A i olllll l lllll imore tollo-h it e singll' ofiiq vcir vljtlalbl l t1 , h it thc :lc it er) rhlc o 'c ,'tttl'cl tcc ' oi bl'co , . It it i ke sl ek:w l ,o ll' o llc , gc ccI c p 'cp-l;llil- tlo imIpre , ihlat s cllll is t o:tlllt i'~ ie wo' k gc ,en' ll l t l ll ,! i'c i l l e w h n f t h e xl cl c'lt ta o i lo l C e o I S .,osn InS1 , ihal b; li this h ,k or it, lie h. it d c in 1he 1 llan l rnt .n r one', ii, the movi .. colllll'l-lo l Aill ~·li lP, V Iri l p I i 4,li. 0. II 1II0t'lc'tc II Ii c ", t111 ci 111"i% il ciculbatorrint it,- N, o tli W, cl n cll nrls icc 1 eooi) oec'r hitowt -rr-tlon 4 l-"i' w IIIl , l I l- t;'111V IIl lI l it. Ihrenc !ani . dear l.t t,, pli riev, asl .t e prvl-hhw I is.nt stde ct, o t, th ti o l cir i relthll , ii lol" -l 11 I) :ii, lll I ll.le - 1IFll', I't ,cl A' ,;;': , ,i~ I, :11 h"ý-, o t - ,.f 1Ž ' , . m e:H M '. i -, - 1, !i. '., ; -:i ' , i , , 1 1 ,+ . i .i , , . 4 .<l+l'l , di!l I~ l rI<l ! I, V; V ;ýil I ; ,.'ll ' pruciI, tIel in N li:.1 I .,I[ : !,l - I. I. I I'I. ll i -lllh -I/·. I . . . t . l etl ll ,.I ,i I -l -l : h, is I , I ll i 1 I i . I . a, d. ll,.: i 11 I,, the o rll ll hi ciý .I , 1 ! ill ,t , n II 5, 1· 2 I'd1) . RI (lIt tl;. ,:l IIi I t ) tr ilf4l L:. r...+,;,jt, ll " Ij.(* .I ";tl 1) Li ionwi . ,ll l t-u injuri ., I th " ln ' ,hi ,n i by ar r·:; . or rtt' ( , ,'yI~r,jl the I ;ilt> llll , tl ru"l ItI -,II1 ,t,.l .,,.,1 \ l I tiln l hlr, K id id I ll % , i t I , t I ',r ,, 4<,a i l ,. ulc.r v tlc* IId ' l ', I l rl+I '(I+ . ) iil'liP I +, r'1 . o fil,,mt It,1' a1· lllng i .l n l iiii ,hi- , ndii 'l . ( i - r f! l :I li( crn It u iI -I In , i 11t u 11. nll . I, bi! y tI l d i ,t . , T r illY p t i, 1 o f (I'II it ll-+{ i ~it i t r- t i~t,£ ,l , t. .+ i=t.f t c r £ o, i lornint ll in1 l l itrV, a.Jt lo) F, 7 (7(,11 a t, i tn vo ,III g,. Ith, I: r f£I ! I )+i , I II -i, q1111, bV ý I11 I 1I i,ý a <l ll thell l t. i( , tr €;ww el' Iv 1,tIlt l (j)i t I di ll 6,,e . Selll:Ih) ,'dj elltl i J+II e JIh .l)Ihu~I I) ti'.. +ttbiic,,, 14,1"th,-·i· (,W I) e I I·,'t 1, 4. l ll1 11h llte N l '.i. ol tl 0. 1' l.ll? o I I- , ti r t l, I, - ,rI ded. alce 1 D Op arno fir 1 1 Y , I l o-We pilg n t, (,.! O m n e~ comte, i conIftlict t witlh l thectr. Al~ lnlld:in(c( fronlt lnim ninlg utltl niglht, lit I M; /C-'l t"Inl - nOV rhXlu MAY Illlltu, Signlll %ind Ur ., I'll, + lu'P ............. . ........ Pai nter'sl, N' C : li'li~ d c l ' llO, u 1 ., Ill -cw.s i·l' CG:l sjtree,. eclu itt as of il slnh %%oods Rod nuarbles, tL e~cutetl it, :4 l.l4a4tvr!l In llllliolr lls M)1A. It I ll.i. MahOtigany, Fpi:u black `n n I t , O( k, tidle:..l! Antic. , IPollhrd dio, Orietaiv o Vl'd ur til Nerd ('.Pied do, Jaspert'i, Cod.l Mple, IMi 1 Stone, Blirds F.)e aio Dl Yrl(ile, S:Itinl W1ood1, iil l lt' Mrl li.r Wood, Del . i liltrDhllo, Y,!w Tree, Itllian While, Il R ost(, , A ,n i Grey, Ash W%'hit, Oak, e.n.. 'l &t & c. , Cuhllod Hllh Sli mnllis to bl e $lllel at tile shop. Pailults. (,il, glass, cpal l l'llkrnish, k lc. on ·ll u lll ni to stile. 1- s )n..TIN ST'E& HEI'AVY (;O)ODSll --ilfit, ,quarv 1.tle hamldle iron, ,ell % arlsso ted. Iiop, sroll and rod i'roi, nail rml tod Iitlogh C(i t, rllllllll- i sheor, Iii erldl, vli ing, sheet anlldli (Cr'ow|oý st -I-,. hi ollow u'it're, out and swrogtuliilos tall . ik. Zin., block tii, mill and r.lil Mtones, lidt kolties Chalin cabll ., utliitho lrs, llist i x, lh nlllll tiie stt ins, I cornl.i mills drlll'll .?i"' ,,L'" [) (i~ll lll.s iiliil ( lil~ l .il J ·iw IIC 1I1 W ire, I eti,pig :lnll b Lar lead; llll t I "1, ml.n , l clll e,-+knll!, g i t les Ames, llowlm.l olllad other spuiles nod lllovels I ook mfi plt.e hingies, door ~llnd wimlow ilok·s Collins, Ilunts, Sharp,;, anld olhel' :ixes I'r tnld .1aliilla coridge, 'lines a tll wine lo1tiand shunthinIg copper; ,Navil stuest PIhts, linisttced lland sperm oil A iall assorltwlit , hbrm0'ae lnd ship vhtery. alwas ov l hilInd, lanl wich iaut oilir-ed frtr llitf wh til sale or retail, oil the iott fihoteable forms, by. __111 Io.\j'I'OX k Coi. 5301,1 l,p'vee. Sl AM1 0WIGAiO. h TI; SPrINGS il PI 'li~lln llb IlllelP t~r.(llllll|V f+l 111hIl+C. Vlll~ 7"IlREE DA I'S JO1,'',XVU " FICO-1 K\.3It" ORLI.E.AKI. rlp prop rieIr f Ithii l esr tlblllihlish lent llles th. l . r1 .it'lr .,i non mvlll,'i7 to his firicd.l andl Ito poblie in nlvildtlae t h will ;, in readin sby illE 1IIrst ,ll of I MahY tw remeive. v6i.-rrs. Jib' Will nabo State for the'hi. i efii hol e ill t a di llnti , that there hIte It I ll Ir- I italllloVI'lllelitS lnilidt-, llind A)lOUi+.1 ROtW .li~l l i 11n11 11 ralpid pro r.r < l'Ior tom p,.(lei,l, %% ll ,h will crli.11,1 III, h ell l.h r t)o tno, om' n l II a uol't t v l .r . .i.ntliller t lan hlw'iools"e, and fit the .anto tim . Incel Ibletitr. amliciO calln Ae onll hd ith good ronml1. or thole lwho prelor Ic v liare . .n:kbins aI elched l Iraoll I le mlain building. It is deemed llweelleti.try fi- say + inythin, in parfi4 n. lar of the charnewr of lhese w.a.,s,'Ibr it I , j-irrn :v twlitevod thal they fire not iollhrior to unit I i . h 111ou - ern States. All the lntlusem. t hs that II rall' Ibund at Wvaterirlg Places, will b1 fainl a lhis". The iest music that'thisi part of Ili- country all;rd, [)h) itw len d v.ill be ip c tl ntattrinda e .i t tile Stprinzi; dtriogi th I. v le]ot -ý,, lltl. 'I lie luibCalill,'1 Will ivail liio elfOf this opn Pi- rilu.t hi returning Ui; unlýigned thanks for thm very lilell minport given him latt sea iiund ho(ie ) by tile exer lions that have 11en miade it im provinq anln exlerlding itle accommodations, Ii c ine it l liberal p;Lna(,, tlhe presen season. JN N CitA.%I. TO : 1T T - I_.% ' .S. ALTIKINS{)N',i DE)IIIIIA''(R Y, t;,r' Iv iperhl~umtvI tir from tile fac,+e, li.ce, k.. uiring awith wiltuml sa:fety stiff~ certativilv, leaingll IhIý. skin finvl'r anlh whiter thani befinre,t he iypliolatiini. A f'res.h ,,Opply; pailsr received at (tUON'S I Eo I Exchange Hotel, cornet !t Cnairles i ("oInd olirll MAllT ARRANtUEM EN S fl Dueo Everyv Dy n 12 M. vorthern ltril, ClaMs Every day at 101 A. M Ses ter f Mil cuery -norlnIy, Wedlesdlay ath ti' c' ricln, cy w:, i'. I. ! ast/ o l e C r ines erv 1l onday, WednCesd 'Coat, 9cend edcnrl : ¶v,, 1' P. l.r , , )nc 1i v ery v'I'l'teidaI Tihurdany, an Trhe Lake .dMal t Stdln v 5,1'. Al. a e Cloear ceCry lMoldmy, Wedtlesday EX 'ILtE S MA IIL. TIMES Or ARRIVAlI, IEPAR'IURE DISTANCS &ec. oftlie Exprrra Mncil, becr'rw. Anlonie and New Yrnl;-leanving Mobile;- at 3 P. Al. Northwar New York daily at )i P. l 3outhward. A rriveR Arrive Northward. Distance. 'lime. Return'g MontgnmerrAla. 2pm. 193m' i 23I 12 m. Cllhunus,tau. 114 81 94 31m Alilldc'tille. Ga. 2 133 4I mIp.m *()luhllii S. C. 7j am. 163 11 10 Raleigh, N C. 51 215 1 WVarrenton, Va. 12 m. 35 1 a Percreburg, Va. Iu pm. 83 10 1.. l. Iliutcunonld, Vn. l am. 21 3 6j Fredcricksllurg, 8 67 7 11p B. WnVlsinlun city, S pm. 61 61 5 a clinmore, 64 38 4 01 PlilhhdcIhlin, 4Cl nm. 100 11 2 Ncaw York. 2 ptn. 90 84 1305 143 h. or 5d M Northward. Coming Southwlrdl,the ltill is six bours lemsc; hI,inr5 anll 17 lurs. I'fEN IOI.I.AILS REVALD. RANAWAY friom 169 Carondelet oerner of Ilevia street ,oun Ile night of 30th of August, nld wae seeen tle next morning in PdI're a strect, a negro boy ,uell C(llARI,ES, Nllont e 7 years of e, and 5 fee or thereahouts in heighlt vl:rv blae k, nd la an imnped iment in his speech, onl of his legs is sere, oeahimeaC byv a recent hurt; ie hadr on whimn lie went away a white eelrrm oe linen slhirt aed while cotton pantnlouns. Rlnst(rs of vessels and starnm has are cautiaoned a guietl receiving or hincerierl meil micaegrc as well an aIt otlher pcrs.e, a Ithe lemost rigoenrcc flue, law will Ie -n-,rcld gnint tlem. The anbov reardl will bepi mnoicipa ltie, or at 6 Carondlelt, corner of levi. N ' T CE-'Ol lic ee. lTop ccltltrsliic hcerreolbre exietilg I ti i tr Ifr tubois & GCcarecttm hat, telt dlstlvcedl . 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