Newspaper of True American, November 1, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 1, 1838 Page 2
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by J nantpor;nBsittohdjoornmeot: Pro miii `'ltwell hld, iLPt, Lockett, rS eweail, Whitney, Vorko. I of. th plteceding meettrig having k ent of the Treasurer was sub. Song-,the reeipts of the past week to eol. to $4,267 04; issue of Municipal 1,30 bhlaattor thin date l24 48. 96; hal S$1,996 30; expnded since $17, otes redeemed $60 50. n against tihe Ball room of A. Frtin, and t.torred to tile Police Committee. Stune to the Recorder: prty Iolders in Triton Walk to the Po Set Chairmanoftho Financ Committee, d d'ihe followinlg which, the rules beinog , with was adopted. e aoi''ht the sum of one hundred dollars pr. Jn6 M. Lee for services eoudered i troller' department. i gentleman also introduced the follow. Agwi read, and on motion made the order daf Ilt the next meeting. r AN ORDINANCE . inlly deflomng the duties of the Secretary of Souncil, antd the S0argeant at Anoas. O ,y it Ordained, That froth and after the pas. a this Ordinance, it shall be the duty of tile Sefiy of the Council, within two days after r.Jaymdinance orRleeolntion becomes a Law, to iit a written certified copy of such Ordi. Sor Resolutioun to the officer of the Municipa. Sty' whose especial outy it may be to carry the lsame into effect. All Ordinances and Resolutions copeerning the inatncial department of the iMuni. tiptlity and anthorising tfhe expenditure of money, or the mnaking of contracts, must be transnmitted to the Cehpteiller; and all such as relate to the hbliqworks shall be sent to the Surveyor, Jac. "0 Be it Ordained, That it shall he the duty of 6 xuffieeorernf the Municipality receiving such car. tili.edlOrdlnances and Resolutions, to keep a car. reoot register of the same, and if auny errors are committed by an oaficer of tihe Municpality in e onequteso of not having an oflicial copy of the 'Ordinanoe or Resolution under which he wa au. thorized to act, be shall be responsible for the li e. it further Ordained, That the Council C. 4Sibor shall be kept open every day in the week, Sntdaya excepted, from the hours o' 10 A. M. to SI'i., ad tile Secretary, or Sargoant at Anrms, sttblt ,pltentt during thtoe hours. The Minuto S. is.lokofthe proceedilgs of tile Council, as well as the Ordinance Book shall always be open to the im qqof tile Mayor, the Recorder, the Mem. ers f'f ttr Council, and the Officers of the Mu. alcipality. 4. Be it further Ordained, That it shall be the duty of the to aid and assist the Secretary of the Council tn he perlormanca of hll duties, in such meallnner as the Secretary may re quire, said Secestary being alone reaponhble I or the seorrectneo of all Ordltlance, J'c.r ir other Docunment to which he lay u;li S Ilalte, and the lsalry of the tI is Iherby fixed at ll per annuim. The Council on otionl, .at with closed doors. `''ho doors b itig opered, A Petition wao receivud from, Peter Cleary, where. apon,on mnlotion ofl Mr. Peters, the rules beat, din. pensed with, it was Resolved, T'hat (3 4the) three.fourths of any pordon of tile Work contracted for by Mr. Peter Cleory for opening, extending and draining the streets in the rear of the first slid second wards of thij Munitipality be, end lie same is hereby made payable to him on its comnpletio, to the saltn. faction of lho Surveyor or of his Deputy, and sc. cording to the specification of; and that no coln I'jsletiolt of thie P bole tI one or other of tie streets. or canals, to the lati.hietilo of either of said ol: lrs, and according to speclficalion; such street &- streets, canal or canals be paid in full; and f*ken from off the Contractor's hands. On motion of Mr. Lockott, the rules being die pensed with, it was Ordained, 'That from and after the prasnge of this Ordinance, it shall ioit be lawfill tier ainy person or corporatioL to erect within the taxoble limits of this Municipahlty any Steam lEngioe for any object whatever, without tile consent of thin Council he previously obtained, undller a p.,mally of $100; and the additionpal fiel of $23 per day until .uch steam engine shall bio removed. ,The Surveyor is hlereby authorizod and required to superintend the oxecution of this Ordinance. n motion, tile Council eidjiurnied to Tuuoday ytot tile 6th November, at 5 o'clock P. M. JOuN GIBSON, Poreotary. lllansioa 1ou1ge Hotel BALL. ROM. Ano. 22 VEW I.evrTr. T b.. rnlliebment weill ,meno IIIUII,'tlt.OY _LEVENING, ic.. 18, l Oil 2 t bed GRAND I)liIEr8 hALL. The prtlcprrlor will beve good order at Itall B.llllteer, fur n hick IIIFoOo I e haO engagecd efiictcr oi ithe Iceli. tat. 17. ,PLAT CAi'-JcrI ereicold one Ilitadretl r'Ic. iif .t Hudson's superfie l olic Posl, u1froperi.,r qual ity,for sule lo by DAVID FELT & CO, New York andN tutiuicer'e Hall. ot31 21 Charlrer at ItAt'-lec ieee- dltltlltat 'Ic. 1, seup, ab ofnd o Jaesooc d& Triwbrcidge, lauding frci shlp Cato. lion, fur Sdlo by ISAAC I1RIDC.E & CO. oct31 134 Mago inellit G UNNEY lI);li-8 I hale Y Y. ! 1-2 burlrI: boge, niootorooand furecle be IiAAC IIIIIDC. & CI, cet31 134 hloarntimer c BROlA NS & IIBOTS- 50 cases, continilng llt'c , kipl~broganla and calf boots, bonding from shipsip fmbIcr andiClifton, r eacec by o1AAC' BRIIDG & CD, oM31134 1llel'rile 51 TENYI UOIL,.sK 1KW ·l1;1 . R UN awoy ot the morinig 11w 3LIIh Octorber, tIe slave :ATHAIIINE, a gtfr, nkg, about thlirty yeacs;epeuke French rdia lEglich; in eell 2Icllll, nd willty to poss herelf as free. Tlhe bole record cill aiftalaoiJcr her deierry to the suobcritber. DOYLE & MAY, 3 Corocdeslt et Caeptains of rrrels, tleaml boats cuid otlhers, are rail ticend agailst takin~ 010cc or Ieearltriitg the abore tod teed Slcre, ender Ihe pendlty oi the lal. *oci$0-e"1030 eES--lid Stooc leldinog frll, ,Itip Ilttlrville. route ofwhich are crcltirelv new portereta-rico 30 )r.PoI'e patent ctc l atalocc; 28 ~lut eccokicg Ntoror, in ctort and lot roale y S LOCK(E r" CO, N: BB-Stov·e Pipe it ad;., and Put tip in~ any part of the Ii ce ocisoty ctsrt cic, e___ oct31 Ii OLI.AND DIN-Ic pileod icking fruitc shiP jRun- It blcr,octodftr dale by J TIIAYER & CD, oct3l 74 Pot't slart OIASSEe- 50 I hir Octar HIlet 3olnasel itn " Store,&triltfr sale by J TIIATrR & Cl', f ecilt 74 I'rrrltttr, 1J &VANA SLIiAItS-2rllllr 0 Carcndrrc lI,0 , lim a1r d Cannons of dilNrcet br..ids, II sione .Bade;' Sale by 1L SLATER & TRIEIIt, ccl a n li dn e U- (AR t PAPýEI-40 bunsit 11n c Mo ttcar Iae ºJ l ndioclgfno 0111 Motakereterd for rele Iry %1t31 7I1' rlrryas et iWINNY AIIAD-0' bnlrrlt anruiteed siced ceding W ..OtJ allt Ilelbti, a l -l alee Ile Jmt3I 811'rf iat B RiMlETONF 20 cadio ocrl 25 Iroxes Brimstoec. ^A, iu oiorratd fIr sale by I CANNDON, oct31 11 'Ithllllllteolas ctreet rrtlatEN7I'It.-Ii buretls Opiriro oft tie 1 lootiog Ircc 0hip t'errlotcntt, for sttle bry JARIVIS & AMJIIE\l'.VO oct:6 cor Cem'ten o& Tchopieeoloo St h `1 UNNY IAY IiAGl-I hales 0, 3& 4 brchelrs, itt srtre and fur sale by C T R IIH lE & 11RO., e ct"Aw ccr*Ccrttemon r & llMgatine street S 'UTOIAtE-'The Irt& dl tof borcgr coon be t..ett bor In a Os peol warelhouse, tNcttono D larlm etI 5p0 frIuwLerve. apply to TRIIYl'DIE.&flo, 0 corCr,, tettOtzlc lletrect e t Sand, cotttaioinin g-et teetcod,.f variouc qutlttter, antrl rtet'sc olf bectsUl yiig front Mutt Itusrcl, Funny Rodll ISAAC NFtIDOE& CO, 134 Ilogaroette j~AI'iL. tbt1'rh1O of friore tgoliro', ioctrre SLATER & TRIER. ioct17 40 Poyldra a P Ili AO1ER-I10 trams rnw lotdiog, ' siat loroale T Dy =G a;T R HYDE 4" r BRO, 124 eeCrItctiicc&&l rgooiatert s U YE4IRCU .13N C:AiR. c CiO t their old stelaI No. 8 Pront jicvo' reered   few One doubls bar l'o; Also 100t ittO rem Enli hIt erece Ibbectre, which they ifrer for sale. $ ) eder 4 Polirtcal Egtlire, te utiod a cli 4yfor ct"i usa of oiCger rtid studentt '.' ' colcininr llok I. Ethics, GcoesoI a lb.oL ILf2he Ctate. By Frotnce * tone voluere. Tpp 4c o In-i3et of Lettersto the Edi. c~t oc3ter4I"SGAOOtte. - hitaA ld Petd Woteo in He, Soelal A a 431'ol. toot receivld and I WJt. AtrKEAE, r Vetw u CIco iretosc. hMall RetttIRo nhe. The Grrol Ele-crn flail loeiseed soldar at 10 I -:ohsdek, A M--Ie due every day at li+M . The pr£ ie eloed arery day at halr.past 10 A I--Is duo with the great Eastern Mail, every day. 'Ine lke ,Aoil (via Covintoon, La.) is cloced every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at Go'clock, A M--Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur. day, at 5, P M. The L.roisrille or River Mail is closed every Monday, Wednesdvay and Saturday. at 8 P M--Is sent snod returned by ateamboats.-Arrivem irrego. larly three times a week. The Bayou Sara or Conct iMoil is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at ,l. P M-Is sent and re turned by the sateamboat Brilliant. The .iIlexandria or Red Ritver .fail, is sent irregu. larly by steambooats, twice a week. Louisville or River MaLl. Monday, ) Wednceday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast \Mail. Tuedaar y nd Close at 8 o'clock, P A. New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. oFrrFICRe roe roe YEAn 1838. S. J. Peters, Preeident. A. Quertier, lot Vice President, W.L. Hlodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPE4LS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thlomas Barrett, John A Merle, II C Cammnck, Jo II Leverichl, Abijah Fisk. GEO. W. WIITE, See'y. P(R'IT 0) NEWV ORIEANS. CI.EAItANCES. Ship enno. Vilry, ROlctnn. Mesctr. rig A E, Drilcuill, iVacao, J Vignic. Sctobe 31. ARnIIVAI+.. Towbot ehahrk. Thomes, ,rom c OW Psls; lef on 301h 51 nocn, hboi.. c oed to m l pcriah brig Trsmphbnei. Brought up ship.t Ruoitn and tclocgow. Reporel " ship, in tile Oflllg nelltinj 1rowv i.l til river. Chip (liloeaow, I tille. .Sdlays frota Snliimore. Chip l t'icaon. Irlnlcerc. 4I dlyc Pcom ilaroe, to M.lta,. Bria Georaes.Scnae.I1d.lyeftroThtesleown. 1000 caskc lime to mWhter. Towolet Pounehcrtrill, Sheriden, Fort end. Irought oup ship Paools ocnd brit iCececs. Cehr taluet ritca. nJiclllrno, 4 dol from Tampa lsy, ir hnllale. to a a J P WVhiitlcy. ic Steclllor (arllne, aalltna frot Mohilc. teamcer Me0mphi., JIt Peaec, orom lake Wsshinglton. lecnnler Caoo, letlhcc froall Vickehburl. COMMERCIAL, 5..5e555.E.l lll. Chpl.lan (P t ...........06 We. lhieCillc, o0 h2.....t ,4 New or. do............20 Cia caci, Ach Pflliasdlph a do...... h....I V i.oiksile, Ot ..........26 slahilnlre do.........i......4 it. louui., O1.........10 SAoccnaht..hll.a. . . 0.0 I Liverpool, Septp. ........28 Iltcute OEl.. .. CA +° I Puls Sept ......... c7 IIto~.l.~ ~ (1¢1~f ........... II*+mnlo. ..Set...... ... .7 .ithrille tlet ...........a s Il1vre Sept .............22 EXPOLKL'L$. RCa-TON.. re r.hlp Aalo..eargeo 1653 hrlel, eaonll. ItAvAhA..Pcr bric A CX l)itcoli..ccrga, 1.;le keeL lcd, IC hliot ci:elf dilld i 4Oci cck· quiak illcor. - I llE:CI'a'T tIF PRODUCJI'2. iokichaum..PPcr eltalller 0dsoo..141 lllel coltn. .yona, llarrlc A cnc, l10o doPnklllu tlendlronsoolllio l.cmbleth & T 112nsllon, t . rlini Oiicllmlllt i a . iic ol Ac Wm 9 W Osirt. 401 do i lN Jiaik a c+. 4t do \V ldoW I,:o o 7 d ichatrd Oerk. 3l lo Ierl'etl hj JClllllll+ do ,e+ Taylor. Ga-lrdler 6 co, 20 do II II Leay, 1l .h, Mao·Py & Ilrenaa, 1i do Lpogee& Olrtahee., IAI d Lllle. Paoalll ci. & ro, 17 do lobn cobi aoll. ba do h W 0~le.ihc do~ Ma-~rol. ',lpoepi & Wantt 7 do A II Wolllac, L i, Glla 'ccc allt, Acaic. & Ci: 10 lii Ahcoend .6t l.scd'y. Icke aVtllhiliatu ll..a P.r tenlllar Olepihic..375 holet eotloc ecrlllet, I*.+lrl-,, & E00. 231 dol tllck'ller, liantoll & co. Io10 do .lalllc OcilelC 1311 Ii NUclllt Tacrpill a Wllt. 167 IO Bcurke, uVngt hi re, 141, I. lclr, Jihollccc C co. 1.3 i1o J cV dlInyllc. 1:10 do Il.ikhort. Pcll . UtGllerea . li di. lcy)onll, Byrue pr co i'ld tillooIII PIct i 7lllacnoMlllc 511 dol)alldcr, 46,1o idl i ee rich ao. 3,i do O ca1tllt i ., co, 31i d.hI A Lcidoluecls ildo Iloi .4i(e:irclll. ld doP \ litcli+ IA. ISlo curril Wllired, I balel allt I tell b.+.ciuy, Iletlllletg, IFrridny t co. Iiol,iad..Plr clellnor Clalilrlcli.. lllcMil:er, ka nlao. y & lad,, W y ,lleii Jllchc yla'.r, 0 A llith1 0i 20 Psarslcy. HR EC ,llhila. Jiil, 0 0lillt, II lllcc. Jllleca CoIlcc. 10 Th.iia. A Op clprnleer.2U Wi+p ia..-eloac aild aa eal dcrk..ecrge,\i bxe Vichil~loc..l'er , tielleP VaiIZOc.Jllo C.lCIiire, Ii OP cont. SI W\aticlc. :.rlcllica.ll Jao Dccan,, Geo Waodc, 01 OPV flliiiiii I IOtl c,-c . Ii lI lli .Il. l liii cCk. Ioakachci aJI.klllll..Pccoliei cOcillccrmlcis..J M rloadesll, alio ctrl.oco lrucall.Il I. Ihavi,. Bey O c OCllloec. P.a llllly. iricallleek. Iiha-. J lalloaay, It lbaloen, F Alcxandcr, S01 IlIvre..lcr hiipi Itaul,cia..Viore Dvcerou & lady, I.nary IcPellle, 1 lherlalc, 1 cItela., 1 aItet. li Loc icJ AlarC Ji1bh, hricdcl, Pcaili eiThaycer, Olimllc Ilarie. Nsad Ilua. A I' PIlcccillly, a aI[ llbul. lady at;l ci rs'tcl:dalltd Coalt, Alex "I,.I!, Aily ia:vau, 11l Delalcile, 01t, alI 0lnl lady. M.OialllO Clarlrer. lO Caiac, tilo cd C' r~·dyaado, P CONSI(;NISIB. Ilotimora..cer euhll (Illocar. esree, .c'd naidc, and 20 slacecla Jti Ilield &. co, tl,,ora c 1i1ark, A IRlarln i nc, J Vnirec e, co e I Pel.;llllolia 6i cll A GrntC ceo , I&llcthl ,4 Phollillalccl. 111 IucaB.;, Loeitorl, Fern & I ooeere, l·c towell a lio., eoWi cLtul a& C!.I1, aid order. liac a..i'lol· clll a eoIIall'lIl..caigOesic4 CdI1I;L mclin, to TC Fciietrcechiil, Gaiciall Palaa-ial,Ziiactftcr ir.,iio: h 10, iP eDlloalellte. Oht Iiillac. lA JIllllcactoll. FPZollde. oe - ,rlclU. o.ll . l lhl V .tA 11l M ieclclUllln I. Ilcllarce A Ilorlhere . It,.ui. elaie & co; Aurclt clrt Idol. uelc,, C Oboe lllcllt, A Maur-ll. CPhoto, licry Zubrahcct, LisDo oca~tlice., I+i .litcccn, (I OPA lade.. l llaylac, E+hlcooci a' I.evoi. a,(iohlllier. \P &0 oigoiiud. Sickles , co, Provol. Pnrou , a rrelllull Keullc . )Ci oll l ;oaa Illatclcran . (h;linis Chocell & I.eola, F Geoae. Jo.clho 'u,,c:ryllo. it Locbk Psyllac. The. Hclth,,r, P1c Oi ohr~iih . Tho P I.edleut. Kalloo & lico, C1 d'tl. C I. li,,iiUac, 110001 * llaccaa, Fileld &k ca; A P Icocui,. GiEc L oailecrl. ii Blat, Lagaodrc 0 iecruord, Alfred Oa'lilnure..PLcr hip Irgno In. ccgorc'd ndo t J A Ilal ae1, i.clonn i r'c c I.allllec f co. cI ahaoll&n 6 Ilrotulr. J i Belaesl:l-aod ic i ui e llet.aehhiici. rtlau & Ilol:aloa, Atl FPied c co JMcl;ia. " co. Jlraic .ll:lreo, Caiilli & cliholc, Ccllllcy 4i Ello.C UOllll, Adams.cliOard 4 Ilioron, Btichsrd.ol,. Wiocl'.lll. W1 \VWood IC MclIuesll. Waood & Oimmolcc, Ilurricoi. Cleog & co. IV llcgcri. Pichett & Olsake. Olllkoer. clcllcall ant] ~, J Iod anlli JllCccncOc Bell and Kit. dnldle cd edrnldl.J Dick ind co, CItKenedpy, C Adocis, Atoea lucLh~hoI cnod Wulker. l0t1n Plenscnll slld col J Neirn and ct J nlcitc. ,Olooere oiid larck. Gi Turoer Icd aoI G edford.J J Zochrie acnld ca, Bark .WV.l and eoeluiil5l cond LlcrkOeociard Itli lawtlicorn .ane.Fontcinaicisacdae.Aa cerreit GuOicey. Liuroccacod Sllma, cd order OIIEMO~lOANDA. Cllip Foacie rcceiveil frim chip Rubiron, on the 04th ult. 44 pstronlc. lci.e a potilla o tha pu0cllg0rs of thipl WlltcrI Scot. wro-kcd o Gllolear ireald.drouiid. cic 10clnlad [cllallllS. C leiiller ucm Jclls broke her miae ias hatd c aa too ed duan by stireaer Yalo. . Sleiamer bazoo, Oct dp, .cdasee aleam schip Niatchezccaod it Ileotll ciocoll·IP.r Nec atrkh, 031 Got..Acr. ship Viohsburc, and hsrh Gallile. (rolll Sco Otllnac. Plillilelphial, L2kth Orl..CI'II hip el I.aci. Watson; lerk Cunaekss Frnah u; cllod drig San, onoll. foe N t. lict.,+ bninth Ob,..iCl'd sh1ip1 ilucalicn. olcl, for N O. Rd CI. IBi Perlis cun. Woodhliiry.Pr N (0 M IAKKE IS. ltsTt1s CoRN MARK5T.-Thes defls icny of the preesnt heat hlarvest ,,fireat srlltain wo.aestimllted at ten p e r ct ehow an avera.oge crop. This would make the deJisclt ot 1,541t OhO qutrsters.. '1 tI1e mount of ttheat takhn out of bond whon the duty foll to osne hiltong. wuh othul I,t0l(.000 of quartert--to t totl .u nunl collusumpn beinoo estlmsled .t 12,001) (0I0. T'he aversge price of wheas for tile lst six weeks was d. elat!d ol Ihe 24th ut tl,tt Bhe si. 2d, tnd tie dillty theiefot. rose to Is otd per qarter The average for the previous seeks " 45as 'ow als fits d. "'he Prices .-tiln Advollcod on tle '26th. *tnll tiere was to i.k dtllh:t fotr thile rticle ill boll. Capi weole ready to tllrlhae aor.otl alloty q.ll tlty thoil Inimht he Ilteolgit to loorhtl on tile t c.hulatioo thato tht e t.:k wllt te exhausted early i the sprg, lid that prices will thoen hbe very hlth. 'O'hs stpjplie' alticipated from tioe ttllie, and fteditorrane.n countriest ho;d lot o llehlh ootailled. At lllalu.rg, from thes nett l tactounlts, rtes hall aottllleell; and lottlser front t utzie to tive Idttll ltglve unfvot rltle act nl otttof the crops of Po'-on.--. . tl--.. r-- -.-t sth;. whet h"ab esott -s.ill fa.l tij per rout shortl of au average one. I.osDON, -epl. 7, Et.ooing. Busillrs has not eoll criod ol to ally very grlet extent this day in ttle triti-h fouodt. hut tlhe markets has exhillited rather roire firmlnloeo, and ruoo.olt have closed at tlte imptlorod notltull, oft4 a } nlOlley, .ltd 04j fur tittle. The onew thrve .nd ta ft, oer. slot aolutie. 10l Ia 1002 monev. 'The premi spot u olo. os htthogn billo tle, tt .1it d, othilst ot Itadis honds it is "oriel t MJ . 71 The firetgn onlarkshoowo no symptoms of inlprovemenst, and there is no Incllnmtion fotr speculation. The only dealings in l'o t.t.,ooEO hottndt hoe Ileetll in lt e nw lio . pser celnt..' thich ta ntlo.d at 341 a 6. S0pani.h bood., with thes May rrlotlluOi have barely i,,t.lti,'eth Ivoe rte of 188. Deferred ore71j a . Io to1 iOoto Alnotr-ca tloodthsero taR not s elh tnucth ttlo .... 5Ooooilits aroso:!s f. and Ctolumlbian, are*hut 04} a 25. Dultch si 5. ollo the old five tr celts to t1. It is oellerolly ndrtsto ot ttt lt tIle Amerian house of Met silue, \Vi:.oll - Co. tl. .bouto to pay dividelltd, whichl it is ouppodt will bedbtoht o .ll. t toe pouod. 'The windiog uti of those ti ms whno werse oo very oofuototnte as to reqolire ettller ts .xtr.'iotn oi lio e or iosittoace foo tleo Ittlko of t.-IlaoIo, it said to bt going oil l+oot :sotisfoholrily, •nd that lheir nUUrlutes are fto't uotisi."d, which msy tbe oiso trued fom tIle fct tlhat thlle dividoends have been paid, or are abeul tu be paido, to tihe .neral ob p ottorl. BANK OF ENGLAND...QUoltrlt oaverage. of thle wee.hly lia biititotlod otas.tlt tile tblalk of Eti..ltld, frot the 26th Jooue so the toth ot optedber, bo.h. iotlu,.ve. Liabilitoes Assets. CiSteultitoo £I1.t165,1)0 Socurioities, £t2.46 .000 Dspotistel.s, l O-4b,00 ulliuuo. 9.61,00 A009 703,1061 I £3'2,401.000 DoWino otroet, 8,.pt. t1. I.03. A cotlpalinlllwithll the lart l.tunn allnowl an incre•se in the oirLaltso o ,l.' £ s4,1t., a d'creoo ill ttle. tdepottet of £;5:. 000.i islrtootot Ito tlt se, mlitt, o of 10'J,000 atnd a detlotse ill the buhotn of A t.lUJO. LIVI'ttPOOI.. Sft. 27 Con-idrab!se asctoity i, the Tobteoo markeo t has Irevailed throushout ithe solok elhloyoon olseotlation; sod upt to this stoning out loet.. loo. 400 ,hhsh, ..s.hSSod h l,..ods.. at adtstto ofjd too jtd per tb. T'lHE Ioo Too--lut eoosetqtlence of the great quantity of ordert rleeivoed f, om the Uito'd States by tie leading houses. in tle trade, o.ll ;ha aalloetood ICO too. Ion; snd of,om tsle pro. pert which is hold oti, that the preseat sooty drolotoltd for Itron rails will be hnhmediotely . reao, d by othear o f simil sor Int. oitude, it is not t t lltt noo tly calculated u0on ni adtditionlll 10t willt smtltilttmied at Ihe soet quttserly melitlsofhbs. irn i. the ldi e i Stto Shloptohiteditritts. Birmingham Advertiser. IAVSRE, September 22 Wo hae. not hd so much dones in Coolot i thi wes h s .ill tle prsevious week ho. beon Ithe 0se; the satet banhig oliy ,lehted 4,7t 4 elhoes, tut the price rule fully as tlears. .d in somse intos.ces for Untied otattel slt at a t.rife shove the rltl sfthilsdoy soeek. 'The IltOk oon tntd it ahout 58.000 blel., 34,019 of whichb re held by one firm. 'Thn orrivtl continue to be sery s.tall, oad acnordisngto sho sttvies received from tshe U lttes. they are likely to eolilUe so for tome tiles until th noew rop is tom inq duowo o the sipiptsg porl. She market for Cufeeos h• bee very fnrmlthrouhout thisl week, but theres bs sot bell any Irnactiont ofgllret im-. portsncs. The arrlrol.s are been Isroe fnd esseed 1000 bsgl, among which was eargo of I.guyr utf3900 bals, bwhich has been osrdered ffe Antwerp, thes market thet offerin t better price than oart. For colonial Ragr w e Ieve xperienced more inquiies,, and pries sr helte rs pltrled, golod 4th havitll nbtsins 551, and eshot (000 hhds kbon leau thken dorong the wehk for his IIpo ib ,so Iso Hollstd. Tbh ....k ot habnd Il shslt bOl Srclrgo ,.f · nllla Sumesr thlot ws otldluas wvsk. hab botn reoida tol. .,ln, prie, wlth t ptr rtn toelmsi.sio, or sl hlp nat ol.latbd todigeoentlant tt st.d, Isi fin rWikt OqNiEst. ah hi ARTa n ~ik'd.~o. bRpi'ee uo - altered. Pot ad Pearl Aihes s aehr. aind bold are are ashin fill preious rco. raTllowr continlen to took up. sad 1StCe has been paid per 50 kilo, duty paid Whale Oil is advancing, adl 4tfhas been paid for ridrnerire pr le,.. Celtpeachy Logisooe i in otive demaud and steroady in price. MONEY MARKET--CITY NEWS. Nearw Yolt, Oetober 14. The improvement noticed as perceptible in the Stock Mhr ket on Mnday., has Ieen fully naintained, trith a further ad vance estedao y inthe rices l of nearly every deertpion of fered United States Hank or d at IU0i., a ftther iporove terut of percent. Exaha-ne on Endland continues at 9 per ceut. pretiun.and on France at 5f. 0. Alabama certifictes o- deposit have beet takcu a t5 per cent liRcanut. TIUVtl AMiEICIiAN OFEICE. Il coection with thi Oli()mcee ie a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE lo PRINTINO OF P.amphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Aueion Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circ.iars, And every deeriptie ofJob Work thai may be required. [ULThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, enlr assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. ert notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the loest rates,. 'TIE 'TRUE AMERICAN. BEDlTED Bn" JOli5 Ocl.nON. FAITmITUL AND BOLD. NEIV OR LEANs. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, I411. The Day.-This being the Festival of" All Sainte," tile interesting cerannies of decorating &I honoring tse tombs of the departed will be observed as usual in the Catholic cemeteriesof nur city. There can scarcely be imagined a more interesting obervancee than thist: it i: almoet impossible to conceive a scene in which the bet ter parts of our nature are more vividly displayedr, titan while paying the tributes of affection to the omemory of those whtr have departed from among us. The Spanish company of Cnaadores will lie in attendance at thie iu. rial grotu rto-day to reder military honors to tie de parted brave ; and thie surviving relatives of those whon. allotted period of life has been eonsummated,will deck with living flowers the graves of the lonely dend. What feelingeAn be more beautifurll What ceremony more interestingl? This is thie tribute of the heart, not of the judgment. Whatever mayrave been the estimate of the world at large. none can depart from among us without leaving behind some kindred heart that beats with the warm pulse of gratitude or aflction. When NeFper ihred by the justret dooem, WVhih ever tihe Destroyer yet destroys Some harl unneen strewed flowers upon his tomb; I'trhaer tire rfrerFi- of ome.t heart net void Of reeling. fer .aer khndnesdron whent power tlrd left tile wretch one unpolluted hour. The Festival of " All Saints" was instituted in the 4thr century, when the persec:utiaon of tile Chrintians in the Roman I'mpire ceased. It was then appointted to be held on the Sunday after Wihirlnrtide, rut the Emnperor P'hocls havinrrg presented the Pantheon to Bonifaee the 4th, that Pope made a church of it, and dedicated it to the honor of the Virgin and atll tile Ml.. tryr, oni tile 4th of March, on which day it was annul. ly ce!ebrnted until tihe yealr .35, when Gregory the 4thi changed the day to the Ist of November, and in France and Germany thit atleration was promptly adopted. In t10 this feast wan regularly entered inl the calendar of the Monk Woaudellert for this day, but it was not until 8701 that it was introduced into England. ' The fsetival of "All Souls" was instituted by Odo, Abbiot of Cluguy, A. I. 993, and appointed for the 2d Novemlber. Tr'itit cele' ration was intended to corm memorate all the faithful tleceaaed, and in strictly Cathi olic countries the churches are hung in sable, tile tombs opened, and a cofllin coverd also with black and snrr. rounded with tapiers is placed in the nave of tile church. Carved figurrs re.sreresentilng tile souls of tile deceased are placed in a corner, plunged half way into flames. Somle authors date this ceurlony as lit- as thle eleventh centuly. Tihe fetrival of"t.All Saints"a; observed in our own day and place, i 1well worth the observance of all who delight in seeing tile purest feelings of tile heart dis playd ill their mo-t attractive form. " To the VV'ictore belong the Spois."--b ho can won dier that this wholesome maxim stanlds a hligh in favor with tie Gslre, and its creatures, when they find how snug a thing it is to share ill these same spoils. T'bhougt Creoswoll oft!hAny his thirty thousand reasons year. ly for wishing to retin thiigs as they are, lie is for be hind his filej!eadar in Washington. The Argne, no doubt, may have pretty pickings, but the .obho hiar quite a feast Henad its list of dainty dishes, and tihed judge ifit have nlot potent catuse to cry' (i reat in aal." In tile Blue Book of 1837 are the following : tlair& Ri-rea, $310 0 itiir & Rives, 145 Oil Blnir p htives... tvureisine. 13 S8 Blair& Bivel. (ircrlnas Cnomissaionsr. Clteq ua. Ior,. 5 c. 675 2:5 Ptrir & Rlive.. 11,0i copies ofrl.a r s, &e. 7,59 e6 Itluir & Iliver..Foe prilie thR tie nook, 1,2 3 20 Blair a. tillers .Ciral rtel Adtve rtisillg ando Sub ncrllrltlOr for Ihe Crrrllllrli.allrS ultdor the ah onrerlion with Spairrtne, 9 I Bnair & Rivres ..t'rooes u Departedt, 1,4' 4-5 Blair & t lttes..VWar t1;t0 60 BIlair 0 Iliverr..Navy - 53 7,5 tlair t Iitres -l' usrtticiie, 1,05 55 B-air Rises "" 38800 Itlair 4 Riner 447 tO tlair ' Rivle. " 0458 60 Btlair & Rivs " " I.t7 it tlairr & tires 0 " 2,441 73 tlair. i tes " " 50600 Blair - Rives.Printing f r the ltouoe, 105,t14 53. lere isa bill of fare to feed uplon! who nwoul trot praise a ost nthat spreads o bountifully I Uncle San is eertainly e liberal relative to stome of his famcily, and a hundred Uand thirtgy-ot¢e trsand dollars a year are not bad shares foIr these favored couple. 0J The Steam Ship "Columbia," Cupt. Wade, de parts for Texas this mornine, at 10 precriely. flow totally at variance are the acts, with the profesnion., of the self-styled lDemocrats" of the present day! how widely do they swerve from the land marks they profess to be guided by. With economy on their lips, they caime into power; but no sooner were they in possession than the wildesl weste, the most extravagant appropriations, and the groesest corruptlin , camtle into use, and ever since they have been daily indulged, and hourly defended. That the democreat, while they talk of equality of riglhts and being alone the poor man's friends, would permit, nay toish a government of extended power, and brilliant adjuncts, is visible in all their acts. It matters not how wild, how wicked, a game the executive imay start, but flrth with the whole democratic press from Maine, to our own cofilles, like a well trained pack yelp out in chorus, and pursue the power.eelected object heedless of what it be, or where it go, so that the "0 view holloa"i does but come from Ithe executive mouth piece. What would our Revolutitonary Sires have said to him who told them tlhat after nearly sixty years of freedom from a royal yoke, the free press of their degenerate sons should laud the condescension if a President, because he nate, while traveiling, at the same tattle with ihe conemn people! What royal gazette could chronicle kingly humility with more obeequiousneass Jeffersetn averred that no slipendary of the government should control a press, no officer should meddle in elections, no executive means should influence the p.rople'a choice. Iow diametrically opposite are the acts of lthose professing to be disciples of his eslotl! Journals are daily used to cover up de linqunctes, to hide corruption, or to vindicate opppresstot,-a-nd that too by officers of the gele rll government.t llectiostt every where are swayed by oltile hoh!eres, who whip their party to their work like drivers; and a retiring President nlltllnttea his succescr as openly, as dying kings in coutn-rie th'ey ienstave. Precept said practice are wide is the p, n.nrler. .qlodern Ostractsr. -'l'te ultra .oco focns of Cin cinnati have tiet in solemna conclave, antd like the bigots of the church excommlunicated certain ob. noxt:ouseceders friom the ranks toI " tIhe faithful." iThe editors of the lRepu ican, I tely their bosom friends, not liking the sub-treasury humbug have warmly opposed it, for which unpardonable crime they have been "read out." Pour naames (part of many) are given by the Republican as being among those whom these self constituted judges have banished-not frot their abiding place, but-from all future share in the spoils. These four are the two q trs Jso. II Looker, and Charles R Ramsay: Oteartil Looker, sear,and David T'. isney. Truly we live in strange tittles: liberty of opinion is but a mere figure of speech, tihe liberty of the press is criminal if it war with the powers that be. The Sages of Greece deeined istraciem in Athens " the medicine of the 8Sate,' but the Sageoso our Raev. lotion would have deemed the ostracism of Ohio little less tyrannical than the thraldom they re nounceld. NrVw Jerey.-TTho legislature met on the 23rd and rt.e, c:edall Is't year's officers. The Whige have a majority in both houses. Governor Pen .ington having mlet with an accident while on his way to the slate house, the counting of tihe votes was postponed. The wh-le of the whig Curagreatlonsl ddleeation is e'reted. AnotUle bone for hre Fudgicos ilendicos to pick. On Saturday last the 27th instant, Dr. Luzenhery, in presence of several Medical Gentlemen, took from a female child, not six years of age, a stone weighing 9 drachms. The extraction was made, by what we are told Surgeons call the high opera. tion, thr ugh the abdominal walls. The child is doing remnar':ally well. The question of purchasing the Water works in Cincinnati came before the citizens, on vote, 23rd Oct,and was, it is believed carried in tihe asirmae tive. The Cincinnati Nrws or tie 24th Oct. says, The rivers here is still at a stand. It was re. ported the n:her, i.orninlg that there had been a heavy rise, but it was founud to be otlhing but a rise on freight. The Liverpool Chronicle of the 28th Sept. says, that a regular steamr navigation, by means of four vessels of 1800 tons burthen each, is about to be established between Hfavre and New York. The new steam srip Liverpool, whtch is now fitting out in the Trafalgar Dock, is advertised to sail, on her first voyage to New York on Saturday tihe 201h October. Site is a splendid vessl, and is expected to steam and sail fast. The Bee approves the tsteambuat law,' and strongly objectm to the opposition shown it by the pubilc press. On both proints we differ with bhe Bee. We object to the lrw, principally because it touches not the root of the evil: it mak, a ners ous demands on steam boat owners, without affs.rd. ing them the only fit means of complying. It loses sight altogether of the main principle of re,. Inrm, the establishment of competent boards ol examiners who alone can supply fit, and trusty engineers, pilots, &c. Unles threse he provided, legislation must be inoperative. We approve the opposition evinced by the press,-as the only way in which the country, and congress, en he en* lightened on the subject. If a free discussion be encouraged, the fittest remedy will be elicited: if it be supprssesd, all hope of reform is loset. For if the feeling of the people be against the law, it will ever be evaded, and thus the good intended will be void. Extreme competition in the North ens ables an owner to pick Iis hands at will: here, it is otherwise. With comparatively few efficient ,,flcers, and yet a multitude of boats, people en gaged in tile business are compelled to take int. different men, or none. Many fienten of today. nFilr themselves as engineers tomorrow, and the scarcity of help make a commendations so com tlman that the most eattious cannot guard against mistakes. While such men are admitted, abler hands will not compete with themr: make thlem all pass a rigid examination,or forbid them emrploy, and hund:eds of suitable men will seek out waters as the srne of an honorable pursuit. One of the greatest philanthrophists of the age has most probably met with his death in New York,froln utter carelessness on the part of another. In the afternoon of tIhe 22d, Mr. George Taepan left his horse and c-rriage standing in Elizabethl street, near the corner of llester sareet and the [rwery, while e she epped into a neighboring store to transaet same business,. le had not been absent nmore than two minutes, when the hore took fright, ren up ElIzabeth street, and in Itrning the corner of Grand strcet. knocked down an old gentleman who at that Inoment was crossirg tile road. lirThe horse trampled p,on his ilbody and drew ithe wheels of the carriage iover his head, free turing the scalp, everely injuring the fcre, andl otherwi'e bruising his uboly. As soon au thte n-. fortunate gentleman could be extricated Irorm huii perilous sinatin, he was taken tieo Clt,rsny' hotel on the eoriner oe Elizabeth rtreet, in a ,t'to of insenuibility. While at Chesneey'r,a gentle nan, recognized him and staled that hil. nimlc wtse Joselph I.annester, fromr PhilaJelplhi, tile fft..ndlr of the Laricasterian systenm. This truly good mran, wh'osi wlhole liflt hes bean devotrd to tire cause ofl "lcdtlucnto:n," whit has eoen the hlrppy means of conveyin_ n.rri tline tr more bhe:.,tlrd minds Ilitn any man alive, hal thus been arnat.led away by culpable nsg'igiene, for when conveyed to fihe hospital hies e.o was considered hopleless. T'he great anJ good ca .e oel i"tternal improve. ment'" to whi. ave ever been warn ly at. lnched callo .. .re our readers an accountt of another new ion.;intve engine which has the singular property of running up hill as well as on the level. Many practical men have expressed their opinion in favor of the improvement, and of its perfect capability to do all it :pronlites, and we therefore eommntend it warmly to tile attention of all. To the Officers. Engineers, and ot:hers intrested in 'Railroads.; Owing to certain erroneous statemens have been published in relation to improvements that I have made in locomotive engiess and railroads, for the purpose of overcoming elevations; I think proper, in order to come at the truth atl Ili sub cit, and to lay it fairly before those who are in. terested to make tile lollowing proposals. I will agree to furnish euinines tlhat will convey the snme amount of load lp inclinationsol ')200 to 250 eet rise per lil , that is cionveyed by the present ilude oifconstruelion, up grades lf 30l to 50 leoot rie pernlilie or convey the samnte amount of load up the inclinations first mlentioned, that is, propelled at the rate of Il miles per rour h upon i evel track. Or further, I will ag re to furnish engines that will draw 100 tons up incliuatiunsa of 2010 let rise per tmile, or 51 tons up grades, of 400 feet rise to the tmile, engines included, with s lety, and but little annual expense, more than the fuel ftr tire generation of power; and thie It.rie, inl coenequence of a slower mintion upon the tnclinations, tle ef Iective pressure per s'luare Inct in the cylinders, to be the sanne in all casea. 'To any comapany thati may think it to itsadvan. taee to ascend and descend inclinations, as a'ove, I will agree to furnish engines that will accom plish all that I have stalted; and if I do not, no charges w ill be tmade to the company. 'iThe expense of Ihe engines will be but little more than those nlow in use, and be as little haule to get out of order. iThe diameter of the wheels used in ascending will depend upon the iagle of inclination, and the allnrunt of load to be drawn;tltey are prevented from saiipping or revolving without moving tlhe load, by the combined action of adhesion and gearing, and are so constructed as to rut with but ittle Irictioln, the great amount of wblith Iha condemlned other i lanes. It is utnecessoary to make any remarks respect. ing tile action ol models upon a subject of this kinld; if the amount of frlction caused by the en. gine and load upon the inclination, s Iknown, which added to the gravity, gives the total reie. tonce; and if tile size o the driving wheels is known, the length atl he stroke, t!e diameter of the eylinders, anid the effective pressure per square iclth, it will be an easy natter to come to a cot. riot conclusion how much of an elevation may be Sceended with any given load. A model of said improvement may be seen at tihe lair of the American Ins itute, where any in. iormtation in relation to tilhe subject will be given hy tie inventor, from I to 3 o'clock, durig tihe air. E. F. ALDRICII. Eliltors who are friendly to the aLove object are respectfully requested to copy the above. LA.°It'R Fito d EUIROPE. The fast sailing packet ship llibrttia, Capt. Cobb, reived last night from Liverpool, in l ti remarkable lshort pssage o "4 dae. The London intlley imarkcet aoutinsled tl Ita vory aes ; the discotnlt on banker's Wills not being over 2 3-4 a 3 per cent. per annum. The c tton market had nort uidergore the least chlange in price, andi tilie busines had heo- quile active. All attempt on tlhe part aftha ulira radicals of Liver. pol, oil the Stlh of aeptember, to makemwhat they cull ed, lather prermaturely, a "topular demonstratiio," proved, I ke its prototype in London sonme time provi eiseaomplntc failure. About 0;10 persona were reo etlit a tile optleing of tlte tneeting, and at no time during thle tirceedinga dil tile numnber exceed 25 in. A sinf lar chll, somie years ago, would have gathered together from one to two hludred thiousand! Verily, tlte itcen. diary tnrch of mngrarianism anl radiLalisan across ihe .atee is burnt down to the etim d. We see by the London papers that the iron steam ehtip Rainbow Inas made several unpree.eantcd lshort restages between London and Antwerp, one trip in fourtoten tonrs, aeunl steamitg, beingau average ate ahroughout tilepassege of futrteen airles per hour. As It- compnse works its correctly on I oard tie Ilaitlmw as in any wood vessel, thl only objectna urged, for sou,: imne past, againseliro.l veasel, may he considered SentOlirely remsved a d we have no doubt that iron steam shipe, of the largesl t cl, rill very shortly be plying from Liverpool to the United States. The distance frotm London to Liverpool by the great railway is now regularly pelfirnrmed in II hbour-behtg within a f'ration lr19 miles per Iour. It appetrse t:lt a Mrs. LopIworth hao been elected Presideoatess olf the " Womens' Political Utiso in Bir milghtua ," in imitation iof the Lancaslhire wi ches, who about 21 )e tro ago fitrted sitoilsr societies at Illck burn and other piaces is the county. The object of tlts pertlicnt cabal was to obitaa Ior tle fair sex a tar icid iatlll in the elective franachise, now mo.Oultolized by tlhe " Lot ti t tile Craetiou." I lie Jounction Canal, by whllich tile river Mersey and thekeDolt t lridgtewater's canal are connected, was opened oil the htl of September. IRELcND -IIn a third letter to the Irish people, Mr. O'Contell treate at some length the proposal to the Irish people from tlte English uttra-rodicals for otiont and vo-operatione int plidala objects, and urges the impro priety of sa.ceditg tO it. ''ime village anl0 teighborlood of Ki.rgscuelrt, ctullnty ofCavan, to the extent of four or five square mices, had been visited by a tre oendlus water spout, the motst d. struelive i. its consequences ever witnessed in that part oftlhe ooltlryv. The villoge heing situated on the side ofa mountiln. wiltllouchl dfleclty reristcl tile overpowering torrent, and several houses were deserted by the habitants and left a prey to the destroying element. 'the greatest lose, however, on this melancholy occasion, was sustained by the toar people, whose fina, haV and cor were in. discriminately borne down by the torrent a distance of several miles, and swept in one common mass into the lake of Ballvle. FRA.NCE AND MExico.-t ie said that an orderl has been issued by France to the etfect that, in the event of a war between France tand Mexico, all vessels sailing under Mexicva letters of mlarque shall be treated as pirates, unless their crews be onompused of at least two-thirds lMexicans. Ilcssla AND CIRncssoA.-The accounts of the great losse of the Rtussian Navv on the coast of Circal sia has bee uelfirla.ld, n aso re Inore serious thsa ere report ed. The blockade of Circassia has been found ot to, Ie oilprcticiable eighty vessels arrived last year in epite ofit. The chieftains of Cieriesoia re deternlined not to yield a foot to the encroachments of Russia, and are well pepareld for every contingcy. Some idea of tle ditfiueolty of tile conteest lly be gathered frest the laet hert tile Itussial forces, al tile pr. sent nomlent in tie Coosueso , ooamnt tl 100,.00 mten. Sp i.-N.-'l'se laot ntviceo of Mldrid are of the 17th ttf Setetieher. T'Iltv ainistrv was then scspposcd to he in cvtsiderablet jeoltardv. To allay the fertlent tile Coterz were sn otmolned t meet on the 8th of November. Sotlne iodividtrios were arr.-ted on the charge of oedi= tion; but no account of the discovery of tha new plot had tran~lhed, d SwEDNm.-- t seemsl tihat in tlhe Coturt of Stockholm Sthere is a Russian party, of wlich tie King io the chief, whilePrince Oesar is the lchief of tile lopposite party. Betweo the two, ita it not an iepruable, contingency that the dntedty of tVan may be restored. 'Tle plian of econstrueting railways through the ozeney of incorlporated companies, has proved a failour in France.; and the country will long h.,ve reaslon tI, reret that the subject of iternal in. r sevemenets has been made a pollti a partyt fues lion. The minn'try are laughing in their sleeves at the tlllsclltre of the plan proposed by the chtamlber eip d.puties,and ill the meantinme railroad stock ts below pai, and subscriptions entirely put a stop to. P iro E IN Tlre. MEDIT.enaNEAN.-Advices frool Smirino state hllat al atrocious perney had been coemmitted cln Duttch brig, by a Greek Mlystic, ff ftile itsltld of SCio. 'leee cargo was taken out and she brig sunk. 'rile captain and crew had escaped it, Smyrona. Three ships of war,'Turkish, French annd Americnn, had gone in pursuit. The Zurich Gzeltte states that the Swiss na triots oil the Frenlch frontllier have eslablished a regular system of correspondence among them selves, il order thbr any attack on ihte part ol 'France all y linot them unawares. Letters had been received from Alexandria by wany of Trieste, I, thie 3rd instant. It was statel ill Ihell ht I llreat p wers appeared to be agreed, ill tie derrination to preserve to the Porse thie suprello y over Egypt, but to obtain in favor of the Pasha Ite hereditary riglt of succes sion, su jeett to a tribute, which would hbe step itowards independence, and if guarlntoeed, wo.d no dunlt be necelcpte b tby the latter. A letter frottll I,talvel, re lived by a mereontile k house in Alascidoam on tile 24lh Septemlbert, oha the tllow ing: "P\e Iert Ilfroal goond authority, that accorlding to the miuost rect tielorenaton troai CesCeteon, in C hltina, the I.: eperor of Cthitna intended to adopt very rigourus mlleantles agailnst forelgners, who were it thee: empire Ior tile purpose of trade, or who mtay ereirter eetrlcd there. At the beginingl tie lenghteh, Ft'ctcit, Asr ricant , erman sland Beln lilt melrchants left Canton, and only the Dutch estrblieshmente .ad perlnisstin to remainr here in S:e u hdistturtbed p'ros, c ltion of its operlations. t'htis priviteee is .ipposoIid o be owing oxcie. eively to ite conductt and ecntioe oi t eel)Dtlch gcoesl at LCelt,, who havingi restled nearly 1 rears io the :sllpire, is tllrough)I ly aeC Uanlll L:ed ith tIe Chlinei ', and b iig w ll vereci in the lan. t-ur1,e, knows how to asselt the honor of the ten ination snd 'it., when title tlegs ei all othes nlltions are oret tl 1,i Iell! atruck." It is sadd that the isn'l ,oI P', rsit l has bren cov. pet'Ied to alanden tlhe slets of l ter e, alter saee was txpecled heli t o, , Ibi su istai yet hleavier in hes ethal eet l 00 odlles tuh: wn c. pita'. " l'hi Fran iae Ic , ar"ive oni ihetr) ih rtestant at i, -.r 'll tes widethe Muin a,,nt ili.n e. . .1 n that the eell kotown bankina h eoue, elI- . ' . li1, .sl· 'i ,,I il, i t.vl et, I'alt -en,,W l Ille .,t i, Ie I f olpee ste t e e 'o. a :eelt ded ,e t e 'f,leI !rre .d el .'i 1 ri ,ir l Il, . lir"oi . I"+, w Javy b" f1 e, niled coullll ,eL+ p rtl s) d s, , crlllll cltai upicrt= t, 'tts at 1i. _htro and lGen',," I.e ake teo II leeh Mart'elltes Semaphor , the (,,lowi, tt p: r'vle lre of the rollltnlmm ren Ireatly ,withl Turkey, which has been signed hy Lord P.asn 't ee t le Iprt oi l' gland,ad hv Reshiot I',chl a n the part f he P r e. Adm r I Rorussin Ilt d declinel joleie g in the latification i tll e r.ecipt oi tefrther instluctlons froml his gevern. "'"l'ie tresn:y is to eenlre seven yesrs,and, as Slready ,.ae'1. nic.s the duty on ill expo rts to 1e per celle,and e p'l iptrts o e per cent. In thhose numobers are inclu e-" the rhee per celnt s llpllp led by the capitulation. By the means of Ihat duty, wohi Ih abolishes fore. r a mo n.tliopolie, all will be as liberty to buv at any p t"e ell the ei r. Juce of ''ukey, sad to send gotids to tll* interior wllhout obstacle. Tle cullivator will pay no, 'he urehur or lithe. The rayas are aostlitlaled to Eu ropeans as regards the buying and selliig it all places of thle etpire'. To iliat treaty which has been signedg , is. nllleed the sketcllhf a supple imetaury o+, to bhe discussed tihe arriv.elontly ofI Rleshid Patcha ol Ledco. In that part is left ad referendum.t the questlion of thle transit of goods to Peraeta." An inquest was held in New York the .tnd October, "n ire bodly of P.otiiclt M Solon, who hbe. ing idrn, and hiinlttng he was climbing a hill slid off the roof ,of-1lIhaiden Luae. Verdict, not so mttuch of a Solon as he tmight have been. The friends of Edtucanton ate reptctfully invited to a moeing to be lie!d on Saturday evening,(3d inst.). at 7 o'clock, in the Loetlure Room, under the Methodist Church , corner el Poydras and Car. ondelet streets; entrance on Poydras street. IL. C. Duncant Esq. has kindly consenled to deliver an address on the subject of Education. 'ctnyeilvania. A writer from Philadelphia on the 22nd December, says, The llco Focos here are in a bad way; they have eleertd their Governor, and now when the thousalnds of hungry laborers turn to him for re ward and Iread, he is compelled to say to tltem- In electing rite you have also adopted the amend. menets to tile Constitutiol, which effectually de. piive toe of all the loaves and fishes, with which I was to feed you. It is a melancholy time with them. COMPANY OF THIE " CAZADORES Or ORLEANS." The "' Cnomlnittee of the Pantheon" of the Cazadores of of Orleans, take tihe lilbrty to infoam the public, that, agreea bly to tie orders of the Captain, tile Comtpany's burial place will he fitted out couvenielltly, to celebrate the Funeral Feast of the Dead on the appointed day; and that the Catholic As sociation for destituse orphan boys, will inlvoke the charity of the inhabittants of this city, in favor of the poor rhildren who depend on puhlie benevolence for their living and educa. tion. The sole object of the Company of the " Cesadores of Orleans" is to renew this year the pious commemoration ofthe memory of their deceased brethron; the ashes of whom they have collected and deposited in one monument, and whote shades from their immortal abode demand without consing incessant expintiots, which are the more agresuble to the .l. reuet thiklt, when Chriotien charity impress on them a pnrmsanent and lasting rharacter, in favor of the indigent, and of ths.o oipea that hover above the inaenimate rentainsa of the dead. Ot the evening of the 3Ith October, by the Re., Theodore Clapp, CII.ttLI.ES \V. CtMtMACK, E0q., toSAltAH DUIR, daughter of the late Ilotn. Johnl Witherspoon Smith, all of this city, NOTICE. (3lThe letter hbag of ship Itssell, fr IIavre, leaves thI's once this afte, nooll t 5 o'clock, LEVI If GALE, nov I 93 Col.IoiIo at FrIt IIAVIRE. ott A uplrir A I ship eon take 3001 tolea coltt if Im datedia a tt)liaiton te oaude to .lEVI lH GALE, Atrellt, curl 13t Common .t, \ttilt II :. riTHE FIIRO IF.N'S INSUIR\NCE OFFICE has breen tentporarilv removed I.enovoel In 45 Canal street,next to thole Llerthalt' and 'Traders Bank. SI'K..t BiOAl' ItUJiKS--Juotreceived an invoice Sofvry superior i te m iont Books. Passage Iooe, Calt tlohuks, Trip Iloaks; for sale by 1)OVII) FEI.T & c:O, New York Stationer's Hall, novl 24 Caroee selt St. Charles Theatre. First night this season of tbe new Play of DON JUAN OF AUOTItIA. Last time this seasoul of thie sucesasful Piece of ZA ZE ZL ZO ZU. This Ereiadg, 'orcembrr I, Will be performed tile New Play of DON JUAN OF AUSTRIA. Charrles 5il, h 1r. Pearson, Philip 2nd, Debar, Ion Juau, 11rrrison, Publo, S Coweil. Florinda, lrs. Farren. Dcroulrea, Smith. An Or ruare by Orchestra, Grand Pas Srul, Med's Ravensor. The whole will conclude witlh tie Extruavagaun of ZAZEZIZOZU. Zazei zo u, r. F en, G rozbee, Quleen of licorts, M1s. Fu-'e., 'l'nnt-a-'ant, C c Iell. IyiTlE Goermore s 'ol a Gtainrds ill attnen Compa noy rmeetin 'Tlhis Evening, Wednerlay tite Bst October, ot the Drill lirin, Mleagaznie street, at 6 o' clock prreiseclv. Pulietuot ealarenrce is required, as iN buines of imporand e will be submlittrd, and an elec tioll ol te rernaiuder ofr trlreor anlcoldioioned ofllcer Sill berheird. By ordr of Craptain Osborn Cross. JOIIN ( IIRSON, a.t3RI Orderly Serp't. nLARLOlUR SToVES.-- Ifew Piilhdelphia Radi. ator Parlour Sluves, just leceived and for sole by S. LOCKE & Co, oct 3 ,\. 8, Front Levee. .A ODFISII--100 boxes, f lr s I i i,y . ISAAC IIWIlBDGE & CO, noel 134 sMagzine t SENS--Just received a large assortrmet of Steel P Perns, conteisilg ill part of tle Great Weslerr SPen, a new nid beautirful article, m:lde expressly fIr Stationer's lall re.ail sailes. I'Felt's lBarrel Pen; rIelt' Nos. I,!&"r, and Ladies' Pen; all warranted and for ssia by DAVID FEILT , CO, New York nd Sltationers Hall, noel '4 ChartrrRest r~OIiACC --150 Brr.xes irnanufictrured 'I.'ub-ac, of . variru bruands, ald frr sale by fuor eas lby ISAAC B.RtIDGE & CO, t rovl 13li nrtaoinest I)IANDY--75 bbls Amnericnln 4111 Iýrof, Brandy, I for sale by ISAAC BI..)ffE L C), sou 13:1 iiMgzine ust INSJEEt) I)IL-- l0 tierces gltth I.inoceo Oil, in store nll r fur cale b JAIVIS & o ANInR'EWS, .oul ni. . car.C llommon & T,:liopihulas sat. SOUCHtNG "I'F:A--75 Llhfchll.,t l' Tle Sin store, and fbrs.le iby J TIIAYER & CO, 1 I'rrodnlrrs t s )AINTEi) PA.J.S--2l00doz lirrri-' firorn ship Del p Ii, land ftr suala by J 'IrllA If & Ci(, nov 74 Poydras t i ford,l Bristol oand Nanuell rmlns, for srnlri by WIII'l'llIDGll & C'O ntricl 76 iceezinte ot . -iAPPIN(; PA 1' it-( r i n sfl) lIc Hale, 'I. CKIIiERI.--.'0 IhfI.:,rrelo No I luot.crcl; 50 do i i :u , i o l'f tfilrd foln klr byv X 11I Ii T IF; & CO, l ... . 7 ti Magazione st rsirlIr ntl)i ith,. Nei' Orbeia PaonrI Moble Mal is removed, el',ml anler tbe E..ebange Motel It. No. 7 ;i'llrls ,ri.otl, I, i lth pllier i lettr hog will be keplo p.n Unrk 1-I to I2 .%. \.r rwy lelters Te. 'l'h,.ce Fr +hbhlIe aId hirtzer Eat, onay ic put in othe P st O rice at 31o Sili. m'1 1_1[,0it. WIITMAN, 1'RI{'I+. "+1".; 1Cl.ýi'.c-.\,,t Ia uliyg 5 roll rs..I|s RG mbler TA.1 Clehnllla; I_3 packnagme o` A di i.n u selh r tit ncr otlr perstrolt' observnalon, rlpres . iLy for th.i I.ourket. Thr,' do sd,-. tl0rk, 400 Illl.r eS ulplla untn tilill Tw tl, .r i o,, I oay ,.tIi'III' i Ten bahnrrel- tlre . h'I, N Yitrllfr Is h tolom, "l'Tweet -lr v oNlllvr+il V1I atIl, ? Ip ( c.I I It II Itl r d ii ( 1) o ",.eatyv IIxe, linwt ui'IiTonic MixNure. fi rti e ,*i-clllld ging I Ier I, lh llrilIp . t't u omtn e Oil l ep lp l bmillt boi I IImIpeI 'Pilllrlita Acidl " i .o , I d ord, Tx l'uu dtlis, Sodu Powder..+, A c, fillr lo," by no. l (-or C .I "II I II , '1',hJill. . o;lilt. . SA'I'UI.I J Y A 1 ,0001 Capital Prinze. ticakels o ory I)ollars. GRAND STA'I'E LOTTIERYt. Drawn nu7mbers f the (irlld St1l1e I.otel r, ('alls0 47 " -1 CI i it St.llle. T"o h i w l i T0U1 t I ,1 Nov. 3r, 18381 ateo oclockl i.h.ll, atn 3hlcrcarl's x cbange. ' i . d ) 5005 & . M. L'gs. ,s Nt br-1 Draw all. 3 S tx l11I E . I 15 dlo oo I). 15 1O0 1 do l00 4 8101 do do 5011 Si11 1 do 2 000 2 000 10 du) 500 5 1.0(1 110 duo20 - 312 (0 12 do -1 1i0 o , do 1. ior1 8u111 14 do I3 1 ,1800 63 do 5o i 150 63 du O I 89rir Pi3 d fo $2 lo 69 I12o d1 15o I r I I 3.7110 do 10 u ,78$(I 2.4:1 do5 117,180 rouoe 4 Prizeo, onnolting to 2Gor 9,5900 Tickets o 4- Ihlalv, $2 --dlyartelS $1 ol5. Pil kagNs oIA Tuicke Iv o . nr$'2, warranltedodraw Prckagos orl half' tickelt $62 50, warranteo to draw it leiat 311. Package.'.5 lQuarter 1 ickota $31 25, war rfated to draw i lsejst eut15. For le kagse or siihgle T'iukets, apply at Iht MiANAGERS' OFFICE, crvl 16 Chartres at U O'l''l'OrN Geigher'a tiin HUllok-Just received a few dozen CIotton Weigher's Gw I Buuk, ro lud and bound in the neitest mnuaner, for ralta by. i(AV\ID FEL. J% Co, New York St'tltioner's Iltl, oct30 24 Chartres at TEAS-140 bIonce Gouopowdor to, eaci 13 ib, a-.l 100 lb boxeo Imperial Tea, io store, oad for mole low by t30 J1 TIAYER, oeiO74 Poydrus PEl''PPE1R-i10t bego Pepper ailldiog itooit itit Col. unlbus, and Ifor sale by J T1'HAYER &CO. oct39 74 Poydrao at J*O.IIA'I't Ketch.,p-511 hores laodi.g tramiol SColllilbus tad for sale by J TIIAYER & CO, oct30 74 I'oydro. t GC UNNY IAG.S-75 bahlc b2ellie bags ill at.loi, and for sale by J TIIAYER & CO, mtr SS 74 Poydr_ .t 1hi ACiitiEl, rold Cod -'i-li,-5O 0e,. or No. I, 111 aod3 lulokerel, in wlll! i cd hiulf barrlr- 200 booes fCeUd FiIr, in slore nand for sale b, El). SPRAGUE, oct30 -2 Curcom Honse rIIOBACCO-50 boxes N., I tnrnfaturoed Tobact T co; lO do'lr oneyl)tew. ondiogood for salet b.a&J 1' WVIITNEY, roi131 8 Coati st jlTlE--so.1La I hIostoo Liueotudicitg to good Surdor, an four al bly S & J P IIiITNEY, oct30 Iltl at S1' PERhI CANiILEI, OIL, 'c. 3 3'0 boxes New Ihtdlord ril'erm Candles; 411 barrels llcitied WhIVole til; 4 Collrk New le.l f rl \VWiter Oil; 15 Cao'f llon . p Zinc; 21010 boxr. NO. I Blaton Soop1 Ill) Ii0 ags hioroln Culte; 50 ,,boxeo oalitd Havuna .iSgire loperiorqual. ity, in siore Uid for sau:o by J3SIEP 11 COCKAYNE, octll 25 t Grovier to LrEMON NSllUIp on lhoe of 1 dor. roslc fqr ale by IREAI) & II.ESTOW, I*Et) IBE'ANS--i0 4aks it sotol r, and for acle by oerU 4ir. New Isec $ -CON AIDil)1rk-.4) oo-ks ,Io Circinntii Icurrd ill otore and for iulI by G Dl)IRSEY, Oct57 44 Ner Levec ] AGN ':SIA-A supi ly of Ilrnry's Culcired MHg 3lI nreia, nlrd Butler'a Magnenian Aperieil, war, rallred g.sui:u--joct rero.yd i.y tIlre ubscribers. SICKLES V. CO, o 17 40 ICalsl i Ca'mp St. ThIeatre. Fourth right this season" te Drama of THE G IIBILEI'S IFATE. ON THIS EVINING, NOV. 1, Will be performed the thrilline Dramaof THE GAMBLER'S FATE. Genrrge St. Gert.,ine, Mr. Barrett, Warner, Frederlcks, Bir ..a, Jolthson, Alltrt St.Germaine, Mrs. Barrett, AmBlin, Green. Pan Seul, by Miss Wray. Ilornpipe, Mr. Marks. The performance will cornlude with the Farce of MY FELLOW CLERK. Tactic, Mr. Barrett, Victim, Johtnrto, Fag, Kjirklanrd. Juliet, Mlrs. Anderscrn. I['.- V'S-i.e IBureau d'Assuranee des Pernpicr. est tern; oral, ement re~aporte anll A 45, re du cantl joic:.t al Ia Banqtre der Artians. Inou li KLES,&ra-1-00 brxrsa t'irkla, in qart bottlel; .500 dr Malnreilles; do 10t buoxes Laemon Syrup, landing rntd for tale by S & J P Wi' TNEY, ocetR0 Coati al I.KUG utnd Medicinos-A complete assortmlentl of 7 flresh Drug anrrd ledicines,just received and for sale by iA CANNON( oet3O lI Tchuplioueas et CLOTIING & Blroears--2: cases, containing no assortment Irf luelr's atld buys Itroga:r 15t ca see sr-aonable clothing, landring from ship Delli, for esale by ISAAI. Blll)(;lE r Co, oct30 :11 Mlagazine at i IAIRS-I15 ti ndlec Chiri , rlrrioue qualities, landing rfrom ship Delhi, trr sale Iby ISAAC IRll)ttE & Co, ort30 134 Miagaotne at TNK-Just reeeived l grace of itelt'a superior Black I Ink, in l doz. bottles, packed in lxera oft ore doz en enac, fur sale by the, dozen, or single bottle by IDAVID I'ELtI'& CO, New York and Startioner'e Iall cti'9 21 Poyrdrae et doz. ol Webster's Spelling Bnlk, for sale by tDAVID FELrT'& Co, New York Stationer's Hall, octt9 '24 Chartres at tu'Sr received a fiw rlraer t' Silirran'a trateal aJ rrurltiltr house nlk Stadl's, with two brittles, ora for blacrk and one for red ink, for ote by DAVII) F'iEL' & Ca. New York Srtrtioner's Hall, oct99 L4I Chartres at SURVEYOR'S OI'FIC -S-ECOND ~iUNICI.'AL. 'TV. OTICE ib herel~ givern toat in aonfnrrtity witt i N reohttionra'tlt Ctounttil of tie Saeod, Munici ality, posred at their sittrigof 'Tued v, thrie s23rd inst., I will receive at my ollice, till 'I'lurrsda, the 8ilt o Nao velnher ntext, proposals to furnish. all the timlnbsr requi; red fir brides and the lttr teriluni:ilal workstr for one year frttleae ofrcontraet-exctluive only ort'fch tim-. er as htrs already been contracted, to le 'fIrriolrod for tlhe wharves. JOS. I'IL,:', oct2.q Nuryevor. BUREAU DU VOYERI DE LA .d MUNICI. PALI'rE. ta S et par at: prir'rttrj lolnnr qu'en cornermitr M ld'int resohttloll utiton d Conil lseile hn 2d Mhuicipulil( paIt-se dans so seance il `e3id ci emsi) je recevrai i nllon holreou jut qul'an jeulli 0 de tNuvembre lpreicbnin tes olttiee pour In trlrllitttre Ielldro t rll all A atrter dir jorur du eontrat de ttos rle boia rrerenrirers aux pouts et netres o ruvrtgeo d lta rrUllitirli1ai, (,Iut de't COl traet·s poIur lee whalrfs excerr t(..) L Iea oi etrour do cipre reibs au lmoulir lt lIe trnilluure rr ualite. Jtt. I'lLIE, Vo cr. Nouvelle Orleeans, ie 2 Octohlbre(, 17:0Ir. SURVEYOR'S OFeFICE E~.COND 3MI lcNIlL NOTICE is heretby giv.r, thai in cftrmitr r r wir h a resolution of iher Crrr:cil rf tile. cmtrrprll a eldl at thliraitting r t'Tluesdtv, tire p1th1 irt. I w receivet at ryr oltice, till \Vedr.r;hdr rlr e 7tlh duv Ir f Novetrlerr trext, prlosals fi)r sIIup l)ig atnd de licrlaig tll te Iirieksthrt tcayv be rrr.r-rll Iv Ia rl It ricirItrlty ilr twelve ItonnU1l)llt dte (r f trlr e c:rr tlr lrt.rr . The rrr llib brtcks deliverable ir suh r tr ratitres nrtd fit such plr t. eesan aty, from tir e trir,,l rer relu rrl1r I hea sur r .turver. SlBUREAU DU: t-ri,:it i.l I.b .:trCll.D.f 1ICU \'Itit' t I IT 4 Va eat lrar I rtr p'"rrtt lrrtrr, qu'rlr t ter ,. Splite pIsl"e dolas en rrabnce, di In, le co I"m, jr re rrev Ini a ltn hiluln jutq ','' lll de No lit ml le luchlhldl alets ot'res pmr Ioair et drrlivrcr tltes I- bllle. a lr e i Irre eu lhr et dtll ttll l qualitl ,t serunt dlivr r" par q n rrraitiiri t r r llr tacer : qrr rrar l de ellsan i tlrrt litli Icear el votyer' Sra r i 1'11.11r, l\', r. Nrrrr' ll Ir Ilr 'rrtrr Ita Ir-tllli', Ia ^ llll' tl..tiZ l tell 11I i0 h I n IH . I' ,Irl. c ltks 1 otl o c -I - llllll .R ai il I ll- III l li l i *, 1 $ .I (:. ;l .ll;E, , l`" ), " oc129 1:11 Magntaim- tm e r T-1rr brgt Livtrptr l tolt, Wttrrt brand,. nlan U l,; e~n, -hip erllhi, Ir s de I" oI:t. ,t; tltl5I l 1; 1 & yýJ -llv I'Tll le '.i l I iu, I. f lr lIii llI,IA .let Hfr1 i R+, ' lt 4 I 0 i bndIn -hl f oec hip b )rlhb, i l ,. 1 v oIS.hrl It lt ;l" v co, aholle' 1in I Itt, "h in r I unr', O et t "li, "ll"tn ý l' iltr llr. llli. l ll d brj b e. tiietl neritn 'le ri of "rirrnd tel L uLnl ellr, lho S'nlhtooll b hh) 1%ill en I . ' lne'ctt, i tl 7 ynll,. .,deditiut t w'1, . 3r i E 1A N, tctr?9 rnr ('it nmp antdommon et SF. I ile aond AdVentr. off Nirley e, ter in . O f rl brll renlr a or tl e florirllls, f lifr rllr o up risige, dlonwfallirrg, rnd coidrrt, es'teer e' te Nickl e-i hr Fiamilr. Edited bey Itnel, Neih illustratonsa by Trhe American Almadna en repeitor) of userfur, kl.tledge, frt ItII, tear 183.i Arllulla of tScience Onrl Art-Olir A.U.l Rrno..inor eof isefRl inrRentions adil ilprnloerre s, Ii lll srrie id cieal Eeo nomy, witih engrt ingso, edit 1r8ll. i Inoyets9.on er or the m drer at KinrgInl, a l aitOr. ieel tRomeace, by "ollionce Millhr, Ilrttlrear r" A lhy in the Wroode, Ileautie rel' the (outllry, in 2 vols IloIneward llnoo, or the . "It-e, A 'tale of the Sn,8 by the autlrrof'l'he Pilrr Tire S rpy, &. 2 als, Robert Best Eldels oew hllp llrd copl letle serie of Labels, for fitting3p CljtPieten ehilrbrte, Surgeriro, Itis sale by M. Is'KtEAN, oWt-i9 eor ofclamph eand Comn tl rt b .lo-i2IOt grallrns Wi nter pressed Spe1 eti Oll 4l00I0 tefllirtt A\lrre O til 50 barrels 'eunr're ttl;l , Ir0 osenlta i. Iobbris'I Nr. 1, Extrn Sonl. r 0 ,'in rr rsw Tpr.,rti.rr, uralor (I The r " w il rllln on. trJillda e vren 3ado It stoire ed fr osal by AVIIITIDGI S C O, nct29 71t3Mgaarite ro o.fDLC1NEt"-'ltI puer. t-oslt MItedi'ires, rore Slanding re oll r ship ti nbllr llrla Pedrdone foallr JAt\IIS ,r AKI)IIE WS, Wholesale Druggi-ts, orl2J9 or ReCorrrnmr & Telrrrtolre rles W INDOW L.ASSd- -l boeo 1,t ty t2 widotw W IlnsO; S ro te.a ry I to;: frrr s ale I,y JAllVI ty1. ANI)BE\VLS, WlS es leao )rrlggislS, oc1t 9 lear E80rOi rrrdr TeclerpirouhIs • r OFFICEI N. ORLEANS & NASIIVIILE It, It Co: He.O ctbrlor 18thlt 1,1t9, /1\lE Car utt il furtlher trlito will eelStla' follllow. SUNDAYS. Dorlrtrture, Retyr1rat YDeparture. lurrO.IIl 9PM1 5P M ot2,I-tf JrAMES It CALttW tIt, Preertl FrIVE DUtLLAI1S REWARD, ýjTlLn, be givec o ry letSorl hit will iforrilr me * where nliy slave E1,.INNIN' ir errinrlied. Shelln about five fert four irreos rigrh marked with ihe surrll poxi, td wen rtie speaks site stutters very mrch t.u She is employed serlre whetl irn fariolrg Sit. Mtry. t tr JAI ES LA Mi E LT. i 4S.5 l 6e tl.lC`KrN~i5- Ibrrrels "Wir. Drrei8 r rPaste Bloekig, horling frorr ,tilt Rlrnzri, fer eale I, I S ISAAC Hllltit)ll &(t, oct344 1l4 Mag.zir. st Dress & Masquerade Ball, WAS1INIGTON BALL 11R001 St. Pltilipt treet between Rlryal & tirrrboon. rHE l M tlnoero rlfie nbtrver illn elrr edlBll lor i grrote. 1 ul to lre friends ear tire lublie orthe untire al Iled talrttge bestorerd on lit Iorseverl seor oos, respectfully informs therre thrt tihe establilrlrlret hite been enlarged for thre rru.eorrirn orf visitrrs. and iin. dereote itlrnrenoe repairs. The bar will bh surpoassed by anes ire quality oi liquorartnd the iie ketrt by the ablest Ilesttrntteur it tir Uni eietees. Th,1 room will re-open err Setordty oaee'rgr Srd of ovelmber InetL by ,t GRAND DIItESS & MAOI UELIADE It Ll., and will take placres ausual evert i trrrit, \We.ores day and Saturdar ovenitg, r rr'.rg tire seasonr trhrch will aird on thr lot of Stay, 1t,19. N, It, The erratent aretrir rrtwiil ire plI to eCCp. lng perfect order throuhhout Itie eshrblishlrrnr, as wplet done last seasono. i AS brotlrht to ethis etirre at'r'erriur Ppli the owr W Y r cnlton r birt by lprroingroperrty mid pay fiGr thie tldoortiretseott. rerrtg2-3t AN Gl[lt 5 P~tI rae, Itr,, r.,.n, d r few dozenr tf dliiorert sizetr and Iitr ra " hlw. by DAVID l.'l)r & co, err aork ,rriil eeliotiei". tro llt pI"4 h'Jlic tree s .t Tiger from Liverltool, f Lr sol r by oet )4 2 ) teEa a -I l ireS, 7 1 an . finae

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