Newspaper of True American, November 2, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 2, 1838 Page 2
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wn'.is e tr RXier a;le . i clodaed every ayr Wednedi ay and Satarday, at 8 P M-I. Sreturned by etemboats.-Arrive s iregl t ltree times a week. si. u ra iot u NAl is cloned every l andyFriday, at 8, P M-I. sent and r-. ttd the steoamboat Brilliant. tealria or Red Rirer Mail is rent irregu. by lsteamboats, twico a week. Louisville or River Mail. ) 5nday, Wdne ay, and I Closes at 8 o'clock, P . Saturday, Coast Mail. Sat ewi and Close at 8 o'clock, P M. ?sew-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. orcosema FOR TH. YEAR 1838. 8. J. Peters, President, A. Queftier, let Vice President, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thotimas Barrett, John A Merle, IH C Cammack, Jas H Leverich, Abijah Fisk. GEO. W. WHlITE, Sec'y. ~ORT OF NEW ORI.EANS. CLEAItANCFI. t1p Roell, Rthhi,., Havre, I. II Gale wteam hlp Coium',in, J a VWade, for Galveston, J Reed & co. November 1. ARRIVALS. autter Wuodury. lBroht l ip shill Il,reieo aid Vist la; "i - prl Arabian hd Olede -llo r. l)ele thie, l,,me acd sloop t riet. Reportis offS W I'a ..hil, Isac. hliks, i:olum'e. eid two othr ships supposed to be tlhe Juhn Holland an.d Phr. .7rhg and i sehro in thle N E I'alo. hip Marengo, Joeph I.arkin 4i days from Iravre..earg, ac'd mdse. 8hip Vlcula', Pendleton. 20 days from, New York, to MHster ..riaio, ss'd mdzse. Brig Salado, eMiellndres, 6 days from Ilavan,, to JPratt ..ereot, 1"uit. Brig raiean, 'Valsh, 7 days from Charleston, to J carrolli ..cargO, tro and oicroec,. I'noe.egers airs L iitco ad 4 ¢hildreo, Dr J lueodoo, i' A diylh, asld 3 il. the stecrcle. Sohr Acusith. 'aita, 5 lays frolll S Jooepha, to cMaster, in ballast. Came up uider ecanvs. Sehr Lone, Clark, l days from Mntagordn, to Wl Brtyan.. eargo, nt ofhidsp. 17 paeengers. echr Dolenchi, Marfoleo:e, 5 . days from llvne, to Fernn. dee..eargo, frtijt. 'Passet crs, S0t00te ,obel, L'otorneseen. Mlanor Sentaphore. J Clark, from tiion Rouge. Geamer Mariner, J Noland, floa Plqlleienoe. I- I ll l ll lim COMMERCIAL, Lath7t. Dnlc.. ChrlTn O ..........0 .2 `I '-Ne orkh, do .n......., 5 Cin7cini, Or77 ........26 PhIlldelph a do i............l i I.o i kvle, Oct 1 l....7... a imnre dn ............. ..2 6 I St. Luui. , rp.t ..........24 Baan.ah 7 ct .. .. ... ....8 I I .I r)p , Sept ......... 1o tu7 (1 ae ) Aug.....2) I'ri Sepl ............1.. 7 0 7 olw. Oct ............. 2 I. d.,11 , p7 t ......... 27 Nahville - ........... Sept............ rIAYRE..Per ship gurlggll1.12II I[m1i, cotton, I box slunfnd S 3 Im-"gs ouur caue. GALVESTON..Per Ic;mhi, hiCulum7hia..6 . xs prnltng itn0trial,, 5 bxl Llrldle.t .1 ids dulnotic. .luury h hl.a alA d paeka eL dry gooen 1.G6 Ii. willn, ufo ltulry lIR I qIla, coffee,, fppfor7 1hurrill7 , cigers, raisin., hltlenr. wh7 7ke7, bra2 dy. and g(in; 7br7777,n Lot1 ali Isho., .aH1d IIPORT'S. IIAVRE..Per .hip Malreng.. o65) banp.7or1 pntat7 , sm7ll lot 1b777ndy, fruit, Wil7. li.ulors, br,'e, Iglahlware 27'7).. 7n.ki22g27L7,3s 2 fr77h.l7, ailli wnd ,77 CII(AFELSTO3 ..Per brig A4rbin..41 br. h 135 a.7d n2 bags rice. 29 negruoe, 37 bLxc caudles, alld c su.ldl) aid.o. REILCEIPTS OF PRODUCE. 11ton Rollge.. Pe77ter ermapllore..3.3 7l,77 cotton G7ig2l. 4" Hetir. 51 di B .nlldi7ln7.52 d0o C Toledull,7.2 4,i Ox.PI.s oll bnneard, 20n do 777 }lhd slir. un 2. 2 6 hrl, m77177, Follaif, Belloc A & D&gelos;i 91)2 . .7r.7o, 7 Ind & Ihd7 sugar, . 7o, 1Ju rllll lcrnlae llll I, 1, 1277l 1 Wi I P ilnuo r, 5 do AMnuriuo u7nnn, 9 do I7lrok7 , WV2lt & co. 97 o I. I.e 7'ar. panter, 6 do I.nbrend - Landry, 3 do, Tl'ylor, G, rner & ro, 5 do .,ambth & ThllpOll 6illn .2 . .,,ire(n . . o, ! do Llon PaOlllale & co, :t0 hlAd2.u00r,, l7ead & B.at7w, 71ll7dr 7I Imall, paEkages to oWlles oil, he rd. Plaqumiine.-r l st ealr oariner..170 hanl, rnhOtll, I r A .t. yards & co. 11 do C 'l'ohnlloo., 9 do J .aterr,,, 2 do linuldoll 4 Benit. 16 do Brllld 1. Landry, 50 hd nllear J II P,ild & co 17 7l mais I0 brl)h Ioh. atrses 11.inin& I, 3te abioe 7 cnl.a'e Allel 7 T. emoll7 , 17 7ls nlo* ... I.[7a7rpc7l7 r. PASSENGEoR. 3 Btsn ROue..Parnsteaerl Soainphor;..J Ma'nch cmortkin. " 14V iLnwis, U Ilhcket. I lll 2y, I ,V .t .I., r l Jiwl E Foun ten Daqa n. u A han det Dr le rr y, J L11as,, J (hOmlll., A Fo ait, Mr. (arry and 10 Putd.u, i.d7y pae d7vl 72 1 Taylor and 3 rhildreu7 . D1.77 l-r,1'01A, 2177 l. oe 7i7Y7.7 an 2 ot1her ldies, ( J i Criglla.,1, J37 7 ;hb. 2, Ti' ylor , 77 ('.777r 71 a011 M Blard, G Dutrl. 11 Levy .tdtllh~lib,, Cb.IIiiovel Jtarel, Gaidel, Arnad, W Nev o n, , I lenry. 2.17,1 IP"orell7 , 4daughters, nd 4 ,erva7ll7 , A O I),v.z72. lady 1 id 1 s'vts, R]oit.4 G PPni,. C[ii-tin7, 219 llie) ald .'t. Plaquemine.. Par 1toulnor oadri27r..nlrt '1T 211d1ll and s7'7r AWias Slill.e Mad Ulll7 , ( lie Itol b7.17,2" lSoe),rv). 7 Coapman and lady. oD Ir ,-elair. l Cd. and il ldron , M d .1t 2Tll1, I. J7ly. A M 9Slreck, W A7dan. J Prejeaa.,I I.7cr71 I.7l.e777, C .11, LO[e0 n, Rol7)nu. '2'hiberiIle. 1il)op, A 111l,,,, A lnwles, A Wll7ard, T2hs GCrallt P1 Delry A 1Dl777rl.h.7ll CompLao, 7 I)ell7 mrre 3 L7,dry. A Veol a7d7 se'11, D 7.7v7,r Ii M Streck, PA Fayrt, P7cord, D L[777y7, IF Juurde1, J -Brun. R Bra.llgIr, DlPollt. Now York..Por shllil, Vi1tl7..J3 ills Brwn,7 J 1, McDuffe and lady, C A Pool, Ru7aell, D Amic..8 7teerage. CONSIGNEES. New York..Pr 2hip Vi)tula..l.lin. Stevens, 7. re.,Thrn 7 & Greeu, J Be72e, Griffith 1 I47arlle., A Grant r7o, Prescott, Jo7ne & co, VGodfrey. BMsnl7 u 7 ., T7t,.'7 & I7op7T7., j Vatren J co, hllrli. Ol'Fillnner, T R,,bertron, IV I.+ Ko~lnedy, Moore J Clark. .ullng 4 olnelchH, A.4nder~oa, For·tull11 co. L.via I Hopkill,, 7 , Dillon & co, A 7 J Lt.u1gre,(i Gl7hle 7 & lurrah, J A 3erril, , L Duff7 , i.7vad77ux J C3 077277, h I) 1 7 7rt.,G G onlr7 , J A merlelt.,, ' C 3l2,rrol 1.71war7 Hal le7y; 7 2 SA ni pnli7ty, G'ey 4 li( 177nloll, 17' 2(cK,:an, C Clapp, Cala7n7 Pe7dl)tn1n ;,71d old7'r7 llavre..l' ir ship lar7 p,7.. RV )i7ll7m ,e llll7n) lt, A, ilouche, J Duo1len, J H Fa3aly, l',ole 1 1arrer .. ['), Dql~lv, )Bi(o7he, Bu7thrs, Pen77ard, N 'Tolrevy, R. l,. J IJ.arh7,, F I'Prret, J G..uire, J Prot.7w t, P1l7e7y. J G.l.le, F Bay. T1'Trns .arde, LeLof7 . . Cbarle77o...Per 7 ri7 Arahi)n..J I.Ial7li.u, I.ayet 'Am7lung J D 1lhllee, A Calullu. J Colles . co, J A I;mr)1'i ) o & 1 Wvpite 4co, 7PAl 1d .7, rh717 b 7 I(7ruiler, Lambeth & 7 Tlw lno7po. Follain, Bellorq 1 I7 ghcls, 1d 7 rde7r, t The cahln pnorengai'e of the Vistula, hIJ; In tend,,r lheir -i.nere aek7 owle)7 glne7 7 ts t7 Ca7) t Pl)t dl).) n for ,i. g 21,,nI , manly 7 ad 7 e7m7nllke 777 7 du7,1 , 1 r77 1i 'y of (7)77ort'ant7,7 . 7 I herslt cheer dulrllng lh Iph ascg e. From fle.,V ]',- u7. C,,,C O, 74, 2)p nt. THe MAKE7.-Th7s I7 . raiy) day wlhlch has preve7lt.d so 7.UII frol7 belll7 dolle 7i7 oth),rw. 7e would 2 .o, he2on. 7ev7r77 sales have beeu made of Geunel-eo Flour .i $6 30. for elomalolll ]7r7mds, thou7h nlllllly holders l,1 k moret17.. Aq.lti.y could 71e had at $S 56; Troy is $ 25.227; Oh)iu i 250.162. Sales of Corn at 91.04 ct. n6ea0lle ,all~ wPi-t. C7otton is more quiet, thnu7h 7174 nprn.lon7 of Tlt7|y 7 bayiat sifilter 1 tho nvlrkr(t mlld pi'odls d lllll|wlllhnl 0,,t~", r 1ir.t blprie717 than existed I)t we77k. The 7eW Ulal77d hatv1 been cleared o6' it 14c. T1 h e I7 n ll k o f 1t l,. I] 7 ta7 e , 1 7p p l ie7 t h. nm 7 rk7 t f r) 7 l v w i h bill. on E7ngled 7 t 7 1 9p7o7n, but pr777t7 drnw7rs a.k 9( all) a-d.make .tls soales. jIansion llouse Iiold HALL ROOM. 1\An. .2 NAnw Lrvpo, 1 esTn2i bmelnet will ,p-n an "IUIL.IA EYVI,: N(;, Oct). i3, on 7 which .,'na i ). tl 11re will) be a GUAND 1)RE1S 7 BALL. 'T77he p, 1ri77or will hLe {m7 engaged officers of l Police. th. (7. F L-AT" CI'-Ju.t--r.c,:i,c l-tie b.nd.led refa.l- -f |htdsn's superfite 2 .'ui7io i'ost, 7 7slluprior qu- 7 ( ily,for sale lw by 12AVD1( (E7T 1' C& (.0, New ork a7nd 7 tatiOll7r'uan . 7 . 7,et31 21 (h7,2rtre7 nt ýA`v VAN77 (10x,75 0,0.11011 to I, 77.ap 1727ln77o Jsckson & T'rowbridge, landing lr7,) ,h7ip 7 Caro ]ina, for sale Iby ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. h nt3l 134 7777e7zine 7t gIU YNN Y BAG.S-8i bn777 & 7 S. 21 1- bushel gs, 17 a inat ro and for sale 72 17 ISAAC I1[(2IIGI0, &, ('", o, oet31 131 3(c7z7ne at7 fl ROGANS & B1OTl'S- 30 7 .77, ct7.7.,1j' In)lt's 77 .B. kip brogan7 nlld calf houts, 1 2l7thn.2 ci77l7 hii7 77 HRambler and Cli1toe, for a7l~ by ISAAC BRli)GF(0 & C.O, ort7 1. 1714 Tnga7i7 e 7t a T7EN DILLA I REW 4i1D). t R UN aw) 7 on the morni7g of the 3,lh October., the 7 slave uATIIAAINE,1 a ,grIPl', ag,7d about t1hirty years; speak7 French a777d English; is well k2now7 , 7nt7 P) will try to pass herself as fre. T7he ahoe rewanrd wil|l p be paid for her deliv7ry to the 7ub7cribers. 71 D)OYLE & MAY, hi C aptins of vet( el., .t7an7 boats nnrl olher, 7 re eau- aI7 tinned7.gain87 takin7 aw7y or hnrl7rilg the aoe 77a- I7. II t l.d Steve, 7nder the penalty ol the 1aw. ocm-irs38 `TOVER--671 1777ll7l77di7g771)71)1777 II77 illr, s.naneof.hich are of'ael'ely new p.,terls--a1o7.7 el -30,Pj.' patent coal 7 tove7 ; 28 7 onical cookingI o Ht.i , in mute and for dale byv It , 7 7 ys LOCKE 34 CO, S SFronl Levee [i 'N. .=.Stov Pipe I 7ade,7 and put up ill any part oflthe 7l city at (bort notiea. 7131 7 I, V.1L OLANI) (iN-10 pipes Landing frou771hi /177711 C .1 bler, und fur sale y 1 J THA1ER& CO, i e sl, 74 Po;dresat g, 'I t 5 h1 reIIXW s r-5l h ( 7 bI SG J TIIAYER & CO, ,ctvil 74 Povdras st :. EA s S--.50,M1o Cae.,h.|., Rea ga 1 eiB a 'd Cnnnons of different brands, in store .lds • suleby p7 SLATER &r TRIER, - 01 490 PIvdln I tl W HJTE HAVANA SUGAR-40 boxes in 1tore a , l by SLATER & TRIER, ' ¢Il . - 411 Poydlas at ai UtipY rDY-E"+L,.y-- - .- ges in ,toe, .--sl JUr1U. D SLAT'ER A R TRIER otl . 40 Peueydra+.t l, r s" I-: :;. T*- A1 A @D FW w WNe. In ceonaecon ith this Office t a SPLENDID AND EXTENIV.E AISOSTMENT OF TYPE Volt Tas neIarmriN · Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Laing Labels, " Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auotion Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulbs, And every description of Job Work that alny be required. I~"The proirietor respectfully calls the attention of the ,tblic Io tho hibove Curd, al assures them that all work intrusted to hiis care shall be done at tile short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lwest rtres, TIlE PRUEI AMIFRIUCAN. EIEI'I'ED BY Jolul (iIsiNON. FAITIFTUL AND BOLD. NIWV OlR 1, EANT1: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1838. KNew York.-On Monday next, the great "'truggle commeolncnes in tile Emire State, andon its issue greatly delends whellther we are to lie blest or cursed for the next Preidential term. If Loco Focoisml resume its foirler prnicitins sway, again will our countries ener gies be depressed ; again will the cup of hope be dash flom the uprising handl. But we h Iye better hopes and brightlr ilprospicrs. ' Our friends are ep, and ecnkle ontheir armtor." Fromt Ontario to the Atlantir, from Vermont to Jersey, from the inteilfor to all the cont lies of New York, the sounds iof collig sictory arrive. Tie Whigs are fiill of ardour; their energies are bra ced to tile fit ; th -y knowll how lnch deplends pon theml and will nt dippt iliccicit their friends. That " the Party" will scruple at no means, however violent, to restore heir mischieif-working sway, no one can ration ally dubtl; but as Ithey so clearly exhibliteld the cloven hoof in the Sprinc electincl, w peh!P our viilant fellow lahbrers in thil gfloil minrs will look well to the footing of their foes. If they can hiIt succOeed i keel)pingaway a!l illegal vtcuer, there is li no feiar ofthe rs it,and aI s their oponenls exposed t themll their inlbush lust time, it is to be hoplld they will not again Ibe taken by surprise. FeCafii will lie the strIllg', and grant the honor shouli victory crwnu tihe i hiips. On one side are arrayed the myrcioilllns of power, ithe long enduriced recipients of lthe public funds, hllo will cling with despierte energy to their ill-gotten plices, and their much loved plnIder. With theie will rank the mniy who have been long de ludetl by eimpty namesi ; who think what Delocrats should he, not what they are. To these will he added the still greater nublllr whol think not at ll: who are lad away by a popn'ar" war cry," anld ith a specious hurrah !--ruls to che onset, without knowing foir wholn odlor itrwht ithey ight, ccqtcldly iudlitrenct against what or wholm they colntend. To these are opposed all who with va-t stlke in the country's welfcire, have a tIlous nl- reascnls for lookig clisely to Ithe (character and mIo lives of those intol?whose halnds thei would trust their overnlnclt, flr weal or woe:-those who have endured the tyrantly lad Ihav felt the gripe of the prcesent malc administration : who hrv seen this wide spread country -not varster in extent than in tllheir lUve-retduced by the pernicious acts orfito rulers from thie very pinnacle of prolierity to the pit of de.strucion; and who facl that there inthinglli left themi lIIt to rouse froml their dis tressed slIlIbers, and slhake the incubls otiff. Already hits ilcb'cic o(pinion, in part, explsed the quai k and tile quackery, that haIte oltearly ilhiiicked us to our disio lution. With the mantle of his prederesear on him, Van Buren was called h Ilis parasites, and looked on by their deluded fillowers as a .lagirratl. Since he assuiined the mnaic chair his cwn imbecility, or thie eaietrnes of his followers to nakice all bow down to hiim, has enabled l the more calm ohscitvrs to stiip the lanc riants cloak away, and shoie the merest mo.ntehank henea.hh . That he is a mere puppet in the lhnd' of his parasites we have long believedl, but when we see him, and his party, reduced to such littleness of ais tii rncanin power thalt in trying to carry tihe SttOe of Ohis they Ieaded their I)ill,,cs "the .lJlck.c n ticakel;" we feel n glorious conviction that tihe evil reign is nietly at an end, atd ti a utmosi t coniicipt for one, who would ride intio power even by such unworthy means. Buonker Hill Mlnum,tern.- Circutolar hat r) n iall Ied by hth Directors of this long neglectelld antionn ra k, wthich gives very conslatoltrry viw of tIthe Asso C iatiln's prospir't. Although it is now fo)llten year A sit'e thee wo,rk was prtojected, nod ytrr in all lthat tim the strut lare hta been raised only eighty-two feet abotvt J the grourrl, yet nas a 'tt ttantityt ollf stone i alrenly quartitd, and the ihheatiest portion of the ttwork-the folnshl tiols-- mnpleord, tile arllnite t, estin ater it an being two thirds lishel. Accorlilng to the plan. now adoptedl, thile comt ittee wcant only Ithilty tholuolnddol lars more to cotpi to thit noblet work! 1ie will not so slant er the pcatriorijo of our country eon 'as to fear they will be lo0g in pr, eOring lsh a trifling rmtn for such nd ilmporatl pulrpose. " TIe ,onllnlli' se etate that fhoe landl rrllined hI, the Assorciation, aui i alienably' re-elted. fo so wit' h Ile streets l mourt it, n prrallelogramn of l ne ly sixty ~el's. ''his spalt i:, t.les the no s1 illln rnllnt p rl" of tile bottle fi i t. ' t olllllotnlllel t iteilf Ot cnpiCa lit preei.e Slii titt jhl, re'dt'autbt tltowit pt .Itn tih le reve of lthe I ttll,. A I llhut portio.n of the lrs.'tw'lk on or neanr tilte san. snit of lhe hill-thle -'eIne of th hi t sitr'gle oaon, ithe redolht--nud the spot where Gie. Warrent is believed to have thlien, te tomintaied within the spare whith fhre vr riennin open. It otld no doubt htvt leenl inlte-ti ll and gratrnh l, t hllve kept penl l fr the rtrve o l it, l-e i lt . se iehl ,fth at. eve ', f the 7ttt h f Jtoa, 177, n Iutt thia iluroh s Itn ertire ott tion of Chnrlelomt an, lrtttltiche it ger pirgion it ilt a f.t enars beten nc'pie d by hiurpra ind gnridenti the hin wy, annd the Savy Ytd ('ouldw lirtP I t.nres now openl i ('ver bie ct+ se, tile e .VO!d form but p t ntll trtioll of tlentitre ilel Ilf oplrtil ottil tett it(I as Ishe ~titlnhat rtSo elt' ttl' ia ill, i lnt - it, rett'inig" avrt eolntlr pints of hmfield, it will lferht.h go n1 th o" i .tng tif, in ' ir. ti-ie tet' f t -leria to ii rnt if' I te 't te atld tollt IeIIr i v- t t rlf ll h IIIII t Itt III tCltr Lei rt n . tutl erctiatlllv ie roxpaetd it ile tteirlatf a ppIn. lThe, cirllr tllh ronrlt a ooicea \\'W e part. rll ,rl i to, llmh lihl ...rn r .Iv n f ..+lnnl, t ewil s,, o tv elr dispet +I'4 'T, w." wI ll -v+ :llll : -\1e', kas w thin , iht- ' di i to s ti itihe ttao e w o Ih% times Ientir Ksti , and Ie-i'dli l11 mkerr l1l44 t As nde C , m<ilrluli e F the IIon may be nllIde. l' toll ionl .I P.f na Rute fill er , f ilt leau el f 'o el in I ol tit o ill repel ofi very m ther 1 fi t A er coi t , t ile det al f .tt 17to ofi Jnele , tit7t5 ia e f lrtI'P o Ilstro whitla, yi tti n te tt p of ward tofl.4 slert, vynlf to t lllll- aPPJ pr 1 nte ht.eret in phow lie.n. n er re le lt rs eh~lutniac ved, frt Nowi ng ofllnednkn o a rw!I fwor fkl arle.hsnen- of Illlt agr, as eioru ith inolltcs Barce, inll it e ret , trestly surllrid at iton uhusetal are/rie aainst 'no Amelrican deumn-fvronl t 1r1 iialwaysr ( ood until nloter ia toI. ineslllllitle afmnir, ,ith h. atoet atio madLreaed to IaI . N. rpe a.ttle ilil.teno, w los w.'re, wh tie .tluciati, , or tose llny noberf nit tIllell btd. Ti doernr wete. publialh witl mluch pleure, t oniinced otia' m to r ul h e nti.wre t renatlc ur rised ti r ein t he I stc. elil mentl anddi~ld itb th'r arle loft ylh nrdny, ipst jlin the nnat Ither, tlesonde t to (nt. J. G. llroln ela,lllh thip Re-ir puihenn. I, iw ernit elret from hrad, from knowpin' thuell (a tf tiie leplbli w atn colld on e brool , niear- I rto t'nleknown ae c , or ftIakiet r pas ot dngero, in for hnout riaito tre snyhip ali ulre greatly i ur ri.eI al o tllat nlh.r ta' a'lter Scatt, nor iaelr peoaafintge·rsl 'r in sna very ainnt ste angcrTTt r the oaic traoplentycra atof pr is alwlt.s good nuntil inotr is water, wit l aie lower hIv rtirteend frot Cit lusep, andl epla inritione rkte C rlld tit Rilh lte atte atio of anclld ofor oUh a prorpet hilit ciatizen, th ie wordac, wtom elllrtin hip or wors putliaihi with ncmah piccattre, eannineed fon a arat ulto perutll, anil of C'pt.ill Russell htrt entirely, ceare hi all lelf frn e . ould th earles fly deseartls I indifferee, ca hnati.y arraved cagant hit in the Ite. Men in mnualtoca i nd rdily har are n.t .le annest Gjde f the of th aothe Or, eser, any twhen the Govet rnor will not r de wipa s unil th istidta le oa Novem b th.ttttend thfatat te wia-ell then. Ihe Repbicway could not rive brnd not ro herto tnie Walter. ot has tk erd p t.aengerst ,all 'with emut riskimn, slarp, k. be devotl. It i paosile,ing ho, th neithir ne to tW er Scott, otrne houses in Qugbee iandy very imaiuei t dangrfc'o itr chip had pentye of proviaior, wa,a aagcattU in twtaolve feet water, withra lower bola thirteer feet deep, and was ieeicde the rack.. C ld the CRepubliaoathits we rhed nher aih pre moa gilnit of felyh r t f esnapleo rier n ship Thoater generally and a f Calit. Rutasell particulnrlt, fotrbidr all belief tltat be would heartlessly desert hit fellow trea tares in distress. Earl D rltaao.-'-The Qtebea Gazerte of the 19th Oclober, says that the Governor will not de part until the middle of November, and that he will then go by bhe way of Ite riverand not tIhr' the United States. lie hee ordered tIhat ail hie emolamentus ealary, &r. be devoted to paving the roepirs done o Ithe gava rumant hoase in Qutbec anl Montreal. Tht,, Ca.cdc noahoaitt. were atkang the moat igilant cearch b'cr ahe eseaped prisoners Theller and bode , But op to n'ushrie pi, t. oft Thutrsdury the 18th they Mid not been retakeia,ilthough the pursuit of them had been conducteiP.Witrh most re ,markable vigilance. We may judge of tie atxiety of the British to get possession of these intended victims again o hen in the search'for them eve n the Urouline convent of nrms was thnrugihly ransack ed, and a funeral procession stopped in the streets, while the colfin w e examined. The Burlington Sentinel of Monday the i24h states on what it as serts tl be 'gott althority' that I·oth Theller and Dodge had succeeded in crossing thu lines itohut any other injury than fntirue. Pennsylvania.--By tile ud ,ption of thte new con stitutiun Governor Ritner's term of oflice is ex tended to tlie third 'Tuesday in January. There appears to Ie a determination to contest the Gav ernoi's election; indeed the Gelttysburg Star, the organ of the lion. Thaoddens Stevens has the I.I Ioning printed in capitals: '.We will further merely state, that upon full consultation of our friends, it has been drler. mined to aontest tile Governor's electi on fully and fairly ." Success to thile truttoe c e, anll may the hottest whig farmer still govertr the goof state. .atlional -When a new country rises into rexis tence rt is natural that its inhabitants should still use the langunae of tri country they come from, and therefore though it may appear an anomdrly the English language is the mother tonttus of Americans since it is that spoken in the father land. But whtt can he considered the mo'her tongue in Russia? The Russians comprise eighty different races, speaking anmng them forfy vt rious langrages! But curiuns as this fact may seem, the vartefy when divided nrimg the many millions of serfs tinder the Autocrat, is not equnl to that whirh exists in our own eomparntively small emmunity. English, Frenclh, Spanish, an German, are spoken tamong tiu in pretty nearly eqtrlal parts it would seem, or if either falls le. neath the others it can have the Italian, Dutch, and nigger-French thrown in as make-weights. The Duellists.--We notce that Messrs Wchbor and Young, the seeondein the Wimbledon, England, between Capt IClliott and Edward Maerin. have been tried and found guilty of wilful murder. The young men, when sentence of death was pass. ed, were informed that their lives would hbe spared, but that they would be subjected to long imprison, ment. This will have a great tendency to cheeck the outrageous practice of duelling. .orel .flseensron.-h-tr Vant Amburg and one of his tigers were to go up in a balloon, from Vauxhall Garden, September 27. John Bull will take no half laughs in tile way of sport or exhibitions. .etro lork mrunicipal resourees.-An official re turn of the property belonging to the city has been published in the Nrw Yurk papers. From this it appears that the land owned by the city within its confines and suburbs, is valued at $15,565,912. The buildings now erected on four of the locations are rated worth $i,283,450: and the annual rental is $166,1818. Deatlh of .Josepl Itncastler.--'This calamity, which we anticipated yesterday, is confirmed to day. After (17 years of life past in peace, and usefulness, he met with a violent death. The great cause of education was the pursuit of his mind, and so far had he perfected his system, and seen it progressing, that it cannot, furtunetely, suffer much front the loss of its sincere, and ardent friend, but his memory, and non.e, will long be cherished as those of one of the purest and tha worthiest of our race. Complimentlary EL port -After staring that Jim Crow was to depart for the "' other wvrld" on the 24th Oct., n Philadelp'in paper says his hulffiontry which is a disgrace t, the stage, will no doubt be better appreciated in Elurope than here. Thlis is highly complimntn'ary to tile classic taste of John Bull. But fiir, and softly: we should not run too fast. Jim Crowr's reputation was procured in tile States, his fortune rade., and his market value set, and It was not until his fooleries had grown stale, and his "jrnps" fihad turned to limps fromn oft and loudly applauded repetition, that this wise one of Philadelphia found oat ile disgraceful character of his eccentricities. Old and Young.-We yest, rday received by the seme mail, slips from Cincinnati of thIe n.UU-igh borly datts of the 12th and 25th October. HIw the juvenile came to get such a start of the elder or how the nncirnt lagged so long behind the youngster we are not prepared to say. 'lthev eorr to us like dislant relations, or perhaps like very near ones for they are less frequently scen togeether than strangers. Sheridan has expressed a similar idea of man and wife. The Festiral All our New Orleans folks were yesterday in agrare mood, so that the dwellings of the dead were crowded with the living; the totmb was no longer a "place of darkness" for it was il lumined by a thlouslnd candles, and its dreariness banished by innumerable flowers. Some of the large sepulchres were even ostentatiously garnish. ed with the trappings of woe, while here and there a lowly, linv taper sent forth its feeble rays be. fore an humble grave, at whose mouthl a rudely formed cross marked in the pliant plaster that had closed-in the simple couch ofthe departed, show ed that though while living the tenant had been one of earth's most luckless sons, he had still loft behind, at least one, who though poor as hilmself in worldly wealth, was rich in grateful memories. As the day closed in, and the crowds departed, we were even more impressed with the strangeness of the flowery coverings of the now deserted graves, and for a while walked musingly along to enjoy. like Hervey, our "meditations among the Tombs;" but we were driven thence by sights of worldly coldness! heartless wenches, with noisy brats, were desecrating the temple of death by plueking for their dingy bIrhoms the brightest flowers that lay there in silence on the cold, cold stoncs. The Texas news in the Bee of yesterday .was in the Americann on the 27th. Visitors.--The Countess of Westmoreland anl suite arrived in New.York by the President, on the 24th October. The Parricide -The eaxmination of the evi rlnce in the orne of Stewrnt, the parricide, at Palti,tnoe closed at mid day, on the 2I'h October. Mr. RIrhalslon addressed the Court on behltll of the Stale, anid the prisoner's counsel was to flIlow next morning. Alter the closing nddress for the prosecutirn the case would be suibmitted to the Ju.ry. Potatnoes is ri.-A new species of the P'otato, has been introduced into ile eaotern saties, which has proved of superior protductiveness to any ever ycr known. Atlhoughl from i~s first introultl.tion in Europc itt 1,51., the P[tato has been remarkable for its iecondity, antd many instances have been related of its vast power of increase, we never met with any record equal to that given by the 'orthampton (Mass.) Courier, of this new kind, called the Rohan Polalt. Tl'he dragon's teeth whieh Cadmnus sewedl, could sc.reely produce more quickly, or more strangely, than this new snecies of those famned tubereles. so po,ý lar in modern days, so viulently objected to in former times: sa universally aesocinted with the nsme of Ireland, that they are by htlouSlls de ttemed indikoeus toll her soil, where by their example, as well as Ib their nutritious properltle, they have causedtl millions more readily to obey the divine eonarlnI t to 'increaseo and ullltiply.' .tut to the lRoh-n Poatot aforesaid. It is a new species, very large, excellent in qualtry, and productive belyond all other potatoes. One potatoe, presented by Mr. Colman last year to Mr.-William Clark, Jr., of this town, was planted by him, and tle product this tfall is two and a lquarter bushels! M1r. Charles Nicholas, front one peck of the same kind, has raised this year sixteen and a half bushele Mr. .lRowell Hubbard also raised from four pounds of the Rohane, 18 bushels which weighed 1173 pounds! Such productions exceed any lthng of the kind ever before known in 'these parts.' Fifty four members of Congress have to be chosen in this monthl: ninety two have been elect cf previouslv. In New York on Monday, Tues day, and Wednesrlay next, the 5th, 6th and 7tll there will be fort ethosen. In liclhigan on Monday end Tuesday the bth and ith there will be one.'. In Misstllchruselr there will be twelve elected on Maonay thle 13th iinstant, and in Dela ware one more on Tuesdny the 13 hI. coMaMlNICATteD I To John Gibson, Esq. Editor of the True American. DreA l Si-Persualded as I am that your colllllmn will ever be ac:es.irle to the promntion l usefll kaowl edge, tiore e+preialli weln r.r lrrilutiirg to tile actnal"rt aVnd the illmproved coditi'rn of Monicipality No. 2 allow mo to call tile attentiol of its ilduhitulis to a Fealnle Insrtitetiir, ior go into operation inl a few dver, at tihe corner of Julia and tamr erirreets. Miss CHRcITI ton. ii i t to take i retion of it, is hligly talented, well informedr,and pssesses ia liversi Iv of' nccrrplirrhretts rarely to be found united in the same prarlr. Not onler high qualiictationa recommend lier, but lier ilyv-iike rullai ers welid elfeae tie attelltion nad securee tihe orrfiriecrr of lie iroeIt ditirg parent, and rpoint that lady ouat ur a scf reirositeory iir their fiedtret hopes. " JUST'ICir. An nrtiele appeared in the e e of this morniti purporting to come from some of the passengefl recently arrived here from the wreck of rte Ship Walter Scott, reprobatinig in no unmeasured lon euaeen mn conduct as master of the ship Republi can, in not rendering them priper assistance. Had the parties whOse names are attachled to thirs pub lication taken the trouble tIninform themselvees of the casers which compelled the course I purrued they would have been saved the necessity of pour. ine forth suich nealled flr invective. On the 18i ir Oct. about 3 o'cleIk p. m. saw a Ihip which I supposed to be in distress: I ran lor lher, and aipr'acheld as near as the shallowness of thie water wonhl permit, and then waited until a oant ename alnnside wiih the mate Iroei the ship Walter Seent. After hearing his report wh ich was that the W\Vnlter Scott was ashore, and that the crew and p.nrsentrer were entaied ill heaving ergo overhnnri, tiht the ship had rnrt Iilged, did not leak, and that there was no scureity ati povi. sione or water, tie shi to me appearedl It be at anhor, wirt all vier sails urlied; sit was Ushre inside the rocks in twelve feet water, and she was thirteen feet lower hild, s.. there was no dangerolf the loss of lives:--nade anil to beat to windward in hopes of finding deeper water and getting nearer tihe ship: but about the duIsk f the eveninr it came on eo blow fresh, and apprehend* ing from apprernnes a e Ie.vy nor her, anrd my ship being very srantk, I consulted with ,ly olii rears nd pasaengers, including the mate of the Walter Scott, anti came to tie determeination oi bearing way for tile Ileneni Islands as the Rsftso and surest way of extendlne relief. My own pasn senaers were upwards of 220, and by increasing the number my ship would not only have becomes more crank, but absolutely unsafe, and thus en. danger the lives of those then on board as well as those who might he received from the Walter Scott. About 2 o'clock a. on the 19th I reach. ed the Bemeni Islands and then waited until dry. light when it was discovered there were thllree vessels at anchor. I then set nsignal of distress and stood as close in as possible, then sent the mate of the W. S. with a note begging them to proceed without loss of time to render the wrecked vessel that assistance which it was impossible for me to do with my ship. 1 laid by until I saw them fairly underway and then bore away on my course, This is a plain statement of the case and upon it I sam willing to leave my conduct to the decision of the tribunal assigned by the authors of the pub. lication in the Bee, an "impnarial public." J.G. RUSSELL, We tile undersigned passengers on board the ship Republican, certily that the above statement is true and correer, and that we highly approve of the conduct of Capt. Russel, oa the occasion. J Daeatel and famcily G Wartelle Cordier J Cabergue PA Debnvs and mother A Laffenaderne J J Jandaor and family J Wedis A Marquis E Mann E Marquis F Ianhranche Drisi n V Tiroux P Rousse k lamily Marshal Avequin a']'c. FLLTuY A LMAI.Aerr'I'ceN ArFaIr.-The mor bid being, in the garb, and ehaving something of the appearance of a female, who was taken into custody on Tuesday last, in company with her nigger paramour, is still detained in the new pri son until her friends come forward to redeem her from the degraded and disgusting state into which she has fallen. For this purpose, Mr. Callender, one of the eolicre clecrs, has written to her father and brather who ne -epresented to be respectable and wealthi, , le. The irl's name is Lydia Williamson ,that ofi tihe cincer, wheo, for nicger, isa decent h'oking a nuiael. is l)vidi StHi. ller age is 22, his'n 2e1. lie Sae le baes kenowe hear over two r ee rs, but that til,)c e die d inot mence their iilthy intiracy till naunt ltwvo i.trctle since at her feather's Iloue who is a "heirkorbe qlak'r." Tlie nigger is fur thle cpresent confinied in one of the new pricets . --. Y. ''iners. Orto 74.--h'le detc ntion eil thele (ine 7-4 in coe- I ing round from lre.ln, was . cre' i,.>ra i 'le r ' i s rltnt hiead winds and had we ether, tl,e rect wh'c l ii she sprlungl two ol her ards. S1ce hee .i rew Ii i00, almost all American, ireludtnc g 50 line' eer-ie, houe nd p iretrllliCtes to the I avy, andi e, h a now, rc. - ceive regulr rnaviI edcenliton prir re, n ror' toi rir ern'arltcolrcr p.fii y offlicers. The 0) io ias pro'v, asoes and water on hbolrd for four creeeerernr slllle hVii probably go Lte ihe Narvy Yard to ite her nun- I Gr iat expedition Ihas been evinced Icy tile oii'ers in getting her st, nrearly reradI la rsailine. Sthe catile tip froan below towed eby twoirsteaurbollllats, :end would have been hIluown offelto sea but lr this i einvaluable erafr.--N. '. SSlrt'. IMPORTANT FlReOM \'I.111N(GTON.-We learn fron a source which may be relied on, hns on .\onday last, a gentlemnan of hii h character waited upon tile President of the leUnited State,,, and luld before him letters, dcrlllnmner, &L, &e, which lee received from bel'rnee, and which were intended to prove, that the expeditlon now litting out against Mexico, is in realhty itended against the island of Cubha ! iThe eommunaication is said to have excited con siderable uneasiness at \Vashin.ngtn, but we are aurea unnecessarily. F'rance well knows that such a proceeding would be looked upon as a declara liun of War against the United States and Great Ulrtai,laned treated aceeordingly, and tlherefore ceaoot enterlain the idea.--.M.. nteCoreir. The rate of lostage by the Liverpoul and Lon don l'ackets'hns been fixed at 1'2 1- per single letter, and double, &c. ill the usual proportion. NOTICE. I1 nicsrs. Johitn itit 'I'i et'ini C S Rogers, con signeee s per Ship Russeadll, from Bosloton,, till pllease: cull itlltie subscriber's flice ind receive their ngids. LEVI II DALE, not" 93 Commollln nt ---- CARDS ----~ CARDS QI:7 PEINTEI) it the shiortett NIotice, in t'e mtiti eegantt mnnetttt, in Illack or Colored Int,, on I:tt, nel led, WVhitie Flake, or I'lain rfnntitd CAnRt , atd tl Prices vert reonabtle at TItLE AMIEI2ICAN OF FILCE, cortner of ioydras ntdl St. ChleiIt', itt. Seveanl New ntd Ben tititl Foititnts o TYEr hate jttat becnttddctl lit tht Esltblihohtett. Orders received at Collptille Itoom, St. Ch~arles E.I~teartge, 3r door froml Charaier on. ttont-tf____ ___ Mondelli & Reynolds, AIRCITIE'IECTI'S ANDI BIIIDIIERS, UTAVE t removt' thtteir tlait in the NItUiltnttt' II Enctixnntttlih2nt tty, Noi.2. Entttttnntfron Exchange I lo, .e, near thle Pont- Oilier. nol_ - - A CA Il). CHIRISTICE &- SIINOTU, tlltitleotle Groreic and Cit toitti)Lnt .tle,,h,,ia It, No. '7 Sttiton Street, tclt' O-llnnr i (nitit tit nll r ttrlnnn paid to the puItin i ii if Siambat 'it' N 'hIN ttorIt. Ilov'1 Býll ft lnneihn,,"t bate 'nt-etedth' hilte itt nigt, 'I i es~.n nnd1,.l/r file tir ( A CI IIIST~l'l ' SIN. Iu'"' itd oldit itnit'otn~tinuan t'd Itt' r m~ired by?· their join l ((II:iP llle I n It l mI.tNi ng I husi l· ss il his own ant111111 holedille CI' &Cer nll N insiou S llctl t ttnt. JOHlN CrlIlSTIr, nnv°- 14 Nn. IN 2 ', lJr. 1,J xrhange .'. )loner froA'e,rs. "I IL'~15,F~~r ttil Sr'it' X lIt nb~i, u STl . 1 IIAIN It i 11 1118' Ii) I'It ' A Ii i ; ý5'.i i iti l It S le 1 L' I Ei NlnI , I' IaFNiI IE, l Gold and Sinlliitro Ilank if I otlrt' Steek , tittiltlnby nnleehnrd tla VIIP'n3iL (t IF FG) t t)1.1. - jl'XL)IIAI1.I Ittit -in Duck, per shp Uf t tonnyP~ Illuti t atr idfr; l:L 111t'2 717, ilal11, 11(ItilII·* I:IL: iIP. I 11 ll ýIt':1V t, IO tI1AI.I·; III)P7S -BI) liutrjl b sale on 1, lutUltonol~ve he ý 1._v ENI E Si! UA I11N WAN FED.E~I) ~ ,,a Vl1 N,' an ho i hornghy ngnintd uit lý teJlesn n nldo rLee ,ksrkn TO MERCHRANTS. IZ'IIERCI'ANTS can have a BEAUTIFUL CIRCU .AR ostruck offatfourw hor NorTICE, by eatllnt al the Compting RIoort of TRUE AMERICAN PRINTINo OFFrcs, St. Charles Exchange, adjoining the REAI - iNo Room at Corner of Gravier street. S11EI1SE 50 boxes Pine Apple; 60 do. round 5 heslNe,.tlndilng annd 'or sale by nov2 28 & 23 '\ew lAvra UE'..-I )EiS ,k Shrtingi-1 babe. Russia sheet f' i go,mnI 1t0 hbles lampshire Shirting, landing froml ship Delhli, for tsale b It IbAAC BRIDGE &CO, novw 131 Magazin. m BAGS-III boles Gunny Bagsne,nl iutnre LAWRENCE & L.EG ENDRE, _no 3 8 8r2 New Le.r ee EAF I.A il-500 kegs of prime quality, iu sltre .l lid for sale by SLATER & TRIER, oct1l7 40 P'.lydra RAPP'IN PAPER-150 re.r.s no. landing, T R HYDE S IBRO, o t-l cor C.nmon & allnrzlne st FINE (:OUN." . PIEILCU.i1OtN (:APS. US. OCKE & CO, at their old stand No. 8 Front I.raev., nvejst receive a fLew file doubI le ba relied Lodn Gints; Also, 150,000 line EngliIh percus. sion ena., in tin boxes, wahich they offer fir oale. "NlTIVW DOOKln.-\-lanul of Politicnl Ethics, de i signerd chiefly nor thIIo-tne of Colleges and Studentst at tnw ; I' Irt liras, contilnOgl Book I. Etlhir-, General tled Political; Iloek Ii. iThe State. Byv 'raoees Records of Travels, in one volumet A Trip In iorltoo, in It Series of Letters, to tihe Edi tor nf tle Unlted States Gazette. Wom'tan as s li Sthould He, antd Woman ill let Social o lt Domestic Cllarnoter, in 1 vol. Jllt received and fir role by yVOI. McKEAN, Oct :[t Corner of Camp and Common streets. G UNNY IiAGS-15 bales2,3& 4 bushels,in stor a30 nnd for sale by T IR HYDE & ItRO., octi?: eor Clomlmon & Magnzinle street S'IOIIAGE-Thoe bulk of 2010 barrels can be takelt k in a fire prtoo warehouse, ill Notre Damn street near New Leve. oapply to T Rt HYDE & BREG, oct2' cur Coummn & Magazine street Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, PamphletS, show bills, Cata logues, Ac. Ac. 0.0)RDERSfor the Above, anl every other des criptionof JJPRIN''ING,.] received at Compting Room of'TRUE AMERICAN," in ST. CHARLES Ex CHANGE, 3d door fromn Graver street. Extensive and Beautiful Boon and Jon FoUT,, from the best Foundries in the United States, havejost been added to the already well-stacked Establishment; -and COnEns trill be executed as Low, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and Beautilflly, asa any other OLffce in the City. Notl-tf UGANS and Boots--ll1 cases,countaining etn's kip Brogans, f various qoluhttes, and en'n caltf and thick boots, lnaling from sips Russell, Fnn an d P'clrdoett, fir stle hy ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, octl9 134 Magazineet vv i -AR-APE-t0 ttinges1 Blue nSugar Paper t J ulanding from ship Matakeeset, and ftr sale by J TIIAYIIR & CO, oct31 74 Poydrnas t UNNYI AVtS-50 balels upsorted sizes lending Afi'o ship Delhi, and for aleY Iy S .J P WIIITNEY, cet:ll 0 Corti st S HRIISTONrFy26 unsks and 25 boxes Brimlatole. in slore nnd Ibr sale by M CANNON, oct31 11 Tcholoitoulns street r 9t1UI'I INTIN l-t15 Ibarrels ipirits rTurpclletil p holding from ship Perdonnett, for sale by JARVIS & ANDIREWVS, D)rllggists1 eor t'6 oer Con..... & Telltopitloltl st 'tO LIRUGGI)TS. SUST rerreived pershipt)crlrns from N York J il gr . .. I,lnck Court I'lni.ler, 49 do Flesh cold d o 2 do Henllrv's calille0d 1 gllcsn; Sdo 1ttler'sAp,erient do tdo Seidlit lI'owdelrs,flroole bIy tIAVID FEtI-I' & CO)., net'? N Y tnlationers' llll. CIhrtre -t 0.1' (ti)'hl, aShoes itnro tlle, d rnonn rti+itlg a geteral I a-.eD tet -. llitble fr tile Iit or coluntry trade, lenling tl'rn shiI)p rl'enrdia, and"l fIr sale low fer :a~h,,;lb ptoraf, nw paptr, bY A 0' t)LUNtIi a CO, srpI) 21 ('lnlIll4 HItous 1 sL Sl j aaTn, rrl)olt Nw Ior'k, a l.,w grog e o Jh lleaten 9 r o" ILII c lto.illc.! ,Lt ae.,ll1ll tltr ae1110 by Il 1I)1III"I°T & Cl), sei:27 N 3'N Slnllloners Iall, 4 ( hltntret i IV South, Ma~d.:ir l Wine, in e 'is, helt oopes, qqartrr an0 ,eigthl racks, andi bolttl,'0--inmpaCrted by tlla Al tlhe d,1scri tloilns of Ltom4ieir,Slurry ard 'ort I. oVll ,lll (VIII lo111 bllltllel, 101" 10l4' III l'I'E't'SON 4" AVERiY, t81 (; ratiest o ir.ale by. J 'iATA i Y ;( ' , .et U 71 Prodr ift --IIIiit tlun oItite Curn itt prime ordel fuo.ale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, octls3 _ 82 Julin tt, VOI 'UI.'E . hN 11a1g old .lava ColiBe, ntw lutdst J fot, illpl Rienozi, nadi ,r sooe by TI' I IIYI)E &. IRO, ocrt2 caer Common & Magazine et V ti'ALS--100 oto,,e assorted, Iren Dyotus mauuulac. tofury, fr sa e at cost, by II BONNAFIEL, octi car Natchez & 'I'chopitouls I 1ASSIA-2350 unts ('usisn, landing from ship Per S, and for wale by J TIIAYER, octI9 74 Poydras Ot1T:ILTIt.ILand \Nine, hollies--50 gross \Vine and 1 10P Porter bottles, tor sale by IIOLMES & MILLS, oat2t 7 lank Place. 1 PCIK: (lNEW\V RLEANS &NASIVI.LE RAII. t ROAD CO). is dlawing on New York, in sunts to suit iprchatera. JAMES II CALIWEILL, oct24 P'resident. C1I'IPERIL-lO cases oflight IBrazier's copper, fiou n 9 to It lb plate, taonsuurng tilO by i--also 3 Ioxeso'20 by 61 frout, 7 to 9 Il, fur sale by iI 11 DEVEREAUX, coa17 2li 'lchopitoulas at EXCHANGE READING ROOM. IItE proprietor has re-iltted his Reading Ruom,it, tle o t.. Clrleas Exchlange, Corner ul Gravuier und St. Charles street, th tle neatest ialner. Besides all the frrincipla Iryrers of the United States, of everv city and state. the Canaduras,Texas sand nlexio co n lavd"i alma toie roonl is regalurly and extensiv.i. Iv saplpied wtith the latest Eutropean papers, Loyd't I.ists, aId Prico's P rice Crrent. Also with nearly Iall tile Literary Perioudials of lthie day, and Itas the re Ipublicatios o theI London, Edinburg, \Vesttinster Metropoolitan Reviews and Itlaukwoods uMagazine. Tte North American Review; the Southern LitueraryKnick. ,ooker,ITheAanelicuo Jouttrnal ut Sciaenec ud Artt, Cahinut Mliscelluuy Demtocratic Review, (Gentlemen,'s 3aiguine, Amlerieca montlllv, Bently'us liscelleny, the Mexico Chirttrgicat Review', a|d u variety af others. All these works are regularly suIhserihed tor anl reee. red. The romln is also supplied t ith a tlare variety .fnupu and,] tllates, Niles Register, I.evvy's PIrice Cur lonl flo til.. ottIutet.coent, uazateers, and u variety of works offrefeence. TI e most attfive & intelligent news collectors are em Iolaell, to give tl.e earliest a, riwsI, and no pains nor n IIenny will be sared1 to render this Readitng I(Room the lfotl thl IUnited Stute,. abs cri ptiou are respectfully receive l. ctl I--tl M.V(AtOI\It.1V1Y 1F NEVW IJoLEANS, - act, ordilg to Ithe tari; Ile hlbakers shall give dlt tin+ Il he 'prettt week (frltn Molndayl 9th Ovt.) ;0 o i '.itcl;'read fir a Ihilt. ttread of ti so-oltd loality is leluire to weigh 25 per cent. more. viz: 37 ounllces. ottO7 C. f;IEN(fIS. Mtetr. I' t LI'I'. The upper T e1 pat of lthe houre No. 58 Calp street; .posselssion .taly be given i..inmediately l- apply oil tile lpr.tises. o(.tl9 I UST received at the Louisinna Furniture Ware ll RIns, 53 Ilieetll' lestreer,2t l ll)auple and Cherry IRdste·ll.; at first rate artile. Also, a good asstrt nl'l1t (i, 1 all h, \VVIiIIIIII, nlilI Painted Chairs, which .ill ..e soldl for the lowest ealt trihem. W It CA RNES, jy7 5:13 lint ville street. t. tileo llfalllltry Of P It Setitlh & Co. conmprising I part thle oll, willo: extra polishing no I, do 1no ; itlrnihtlfro , I dol " ll to I:, coilch vterilsh no I, do no ; vruih no I, o? an :1 fitr er tdituary tre; black tatd It,,,. japat, for sale by spI il R. CLANNON,12 Camp at 'I)t'TICF. I\ Ill1. FIE11RE'N'S INSURIANCE OFFICE has I eln telpllorrile roellouved Itlutoved to 45 Callal street.Ilel.X tthle tlerchalt,'us and TI'raders Bank. ncvl- A'tVIS-lc lltrea.a dt'Aoostron.oe des P[eplieer -t tle ortlitelllllnt Iransporte au no 45, re dll canal l cglll.i; t t o lanlle dli Arlisanlt. Ittllov t .IIA1 BOA t IIOuOKS--Just received an invoice ' of very sluerior Steam Boat Books. P.assge flooks, Casihl uiohk, Trip Books; oIbr tle by DAVID FEIT & CO, New York Stttioner'u Hall, novl 24 Chartres at ¶AILt-itlt kegs cutl ds in ltre, ald lfr sale by S LOCKS & CO, octi I3 Front street. 1.'1'tE ILEAD-5t0 kegs No. I & 9, ground in W o ail, i I store and for sale Iy tS LOCKE t Lee, outlt 8 lSreot Leeoo csamsip St. Theatre.I Last time this seao! of th.e sneeeessil Piece of THEI LADY OF LYONS. Fillh tid f thli seson of the Drama of THE GAMBLEK'S FATE. ON '1'11[. E.VEA.ING, NOV. 2, Will be performed the thrillion Drauma of THE LADY OF LYONS. Clnudle Melntre, Mr. Frederiel, Gen. I)amad, Barrett, lleuoeeaoti, Debar. Paolite, Mrs. Barrett, \Vidow Metlotte, Green. Pas Secl, by Miss Wray. The ptrlbormance will conclude with the Dramia of THE GAMBLER'S FATE. George St. Gernmi nr, Mr. Barrett, Warner, Fredericki, tirhnje , Jlohnson, Albert St. Germaine, Mrs. BarreJt, Amelia, green. REMOVAL. flliE Undersigeed has removed his Notarial Office to thel Verend, , so St. Chorles street, between om'no:no asld Couldl ta. WILLIAM CHIRISTY. ecS29, lI 8-l1m. CO-PARTNERSIItP. G EORGE (iGREEN han tills iy firmed a co-paort. nerelip with lis rther Clcrles It. Green; nea will continue tlr Cmnieion Business undler the firm of GEOLRGE GItEENE,& IBILOT'HER, net 17 3t 26 Ceop-street. LE'IT'ER I'APEIt.--Jut t iecriedlmo the Broody I wine Mills, 6 coses silpfine bhue letter ioe pe; some very low priced; 10 cases anperfine whiralettei paper, di,; 2 caser thin pink letter paper, 4 cases saoel fle pckert poslt large size; 2O caes superfine letter Iaortedr colors;. rus sa llerl ilc o tavon assorted colors, for sale, wholelesl and retail, by 1) FELT. & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, oct15 24 Chartres street A NEW Arrticle. Jaqt received at 53, Bienvilie st., A superior lot of Armour ledsteads, quitable for offices or small rooms; the public are respectiully invi ted to call and eulmine the clsame. W R CARINES, AY. 200 baled Ncerthebr T"'mhthy Hay in store, H for sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, octl5 82 Julia t. IJARLOUR STOVES.-A few Philadelplia Radi ator Parlour Stores, just received and for sale by 8. LOCKE & Co, ocs31 No. 8, Front Ievee. C1ODFISH--400 boxes, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, noel 134 Magazine at IENS-Just received a large assortment of Steel Pens,consisting in art of thle Great Western Pen, a new and beaotifl article, made expressly for Stationer's Hall rsoil sales. Ielt's Barrel Pel; Feh's Nos. 1,2 & 2, and aItdics' Pen; all warranted and for sale by DAVID FELT & CO, New York and Slationers Hall, noel 24 Chartres st ORAACCt-150 bol xes noaufactured Tobacco, of Svariotu brands, alltd fr sale by for sale by ISAAC BillDGE & CO, noevl 131 Magazoine et 1 RANDY-75 hls Am eriecn tih troof, Braltdy, Sfor sale by ISAAC BlRII)i.E & C), nevl 134 Magazine at L INSEED t)lL-10 tierces Fnglish Li.oeed Oil in store and fur sale by c ARVIS &ANDREWS, noel cor Common &o 'cthopitoulas a ts SOUCI)iNG ''EA--75 halFleilets Pollchonne Tea in store, and for dale by J TIIAYER & CO, noel 71 Poydlra st DAINTED PAISi--2i00 docz hIndhg from ship Del h nii, andl for sale by J TI'AYER & Ct), noel 74 I'oydras t "ANDElS--tfi hbxed l S len, Canlle., New .i"d ford, Bristol snd Nanlucket Irnds. for salce bV noel 761 alnruinn et (VlAP PA PE46S--J us't receive .,',' 4,..s f1'. verysi l perior th~in bill"n noel blule no wile lir wore Unit pa per a new and l Hplend'nU articlie, firrsnk by IDAVIID 11:3.1' . Co, oct.I N Vn Str',4,.,,,' fl, '24 t'ho4.tre f 1ACKF4I4L.-5 lot -flTnrr.' 4u I Ma14erel; 50 .4 .1. N oin store and foT~r sole by t41VI44''l'hI~tf4E All (4, nolvl76 Magazine ellc r I'[\ E O;ic of for New O)rlcrllna nd llolhi5r Ifni Liarl is T(rtuovedJ fear., unde(TI~r the ":xcnnee( Hate1 ,.. No. 744 P..'4,.. . street, .t whch place . 4 ltter ha; x441 be kept open I - A 11. II..r o0.4,,et te dec. Those fir Mobllile nod f~lrther Fast, w ill he putII ii t rhe Post 11k, at :3!.4 ik.. 411 '.O111 4 .4,.' ,\I. b g44, ItIo, n )I.I Rmnhfellr uad Oo lntnhns; 1"(3 pack Re ,a oI.. f :Jl)edi cio'.s, rsel,"ctr und4er our persona. l asel 4 ti4 , ,4 resa 4(18 ~ 44..''..' 1).11·r .rgg~l~llls'.,lilC ly for this nrrurk rir tt. to ,ld pwe~e 4hark,,4444I"444j,4.,' T ty5,OOO4 C'.pY oil Viiriol, Twenty hexesxr liouilnd's 'I'o~nic. Mixture.. GRAN STATELOTTERY P 4, o.54, (44i, 2e, 4, 544,, 7p io:4, 40,544. 4.,ASS No..47. A ,,44,..r...'. ,4 4.y 4.. ail..'4'...4rw Peppe, i.t'. O 'i 4,,lr,, 'T,'..i AcId, Soda, N'.'. l'owdera3, atSorln Pwer, le , fo ankhyBrrlal(l I t. DAVIS &. '0 MaA.gler.S. 75 N,,'.,4,.4.-42 4),'.,., 44444'r., 4 4'4i'. o 44 B $ (15 444 $5 44444 4 44'.4 404)1 4 4444 $ .4 ,0 2C4p44al 2Prize. 4 4' 5444 46 1 1546 444 44,, 5044 5 44444. Draw nu4'.r ofth 4r4dS444LterCl 4444 40 54, 253, 7 4,05 3 5 44'. at 5 o ,444 4.48 44' 44444 14 4444 63 .4'. &4 4Mn 5e 6:4 .4., 444 2 52)4 63 do :44 4 44446 4I3 44. 254) I 264 I'I do 2 000 200 42I do' IS 4l 444444 1.70 do 500 57110. 3,64 4. its30 :4,7 1f4 23,36 00' .2 44748 12.1( do 15 1.800 .27,844 P444.44,4,444444,4,4(4'. $228,520 Ti48t. $4- 1444.'' $SSO-Q'.rn'r, $4 25. P,.'.k,.g'. '.422 4'4'.k'.r ' 4', 125, '.a44'.'.'.44to drar. P63'd4.40ge'. o44 24,4 44'. $62 520, .444444'.o '.4, 444444 $344. 2o'.kage2'.2 t4..'.44,r 4 '.2r1s $34 25,69 44424, 4. 4444 4.4 4 5. do.. 1'5'kog,.4 14 89(le P'ake'.., Tkpply f$2wrt'. MANAGERS' OFFICE, noel 16 Chartres at 444 fe(1 dozlen Cotton's 4,wn Bkok, ruled and bound in thle neatesjt Illulner, tar rateR by D)AVID4 P44.'4' b Co, New Yo, i Stationer's I4'4ll, oet36 21 Chartres at T I "i"EAS-l 10 bor s C ltatlu('Br ten, rock; 13 11b*, nll.l 1. 1130 1 boxes Imp~lerial Tea, io starer, anld tar sale lute by J T.AVC.44 R, 344s, and lur sale VE 3 T4IAYEIR &CO. ,4,424".4. _____ --- 74444 _ __________ 74 I'..,nt .4.,t \I Ai33 Ktchlp--JII l:xus Inllding h um sRllil d s 1'H3 YER & CO, nct:43 74 Pavdr,,y,4,, 44 ' ,and fur 4ule by ,, J '.E & C4' WHINE, coctan 741 PoS'Iras A 1ý1 ACKFHEL arol Ood Fish-391 ,l II Is, of NaI. I, l 'Al 2 l:, :3 ualkerellii whole t llld bll barrels-~ll 2200 boxes ufCud Fisih, in attire And filr sole by1\ au3~0 2_ C:ucslal Howse a t cn; 20 dlo'lloary n.e, 4nd f satle I, S&J1' )VH t''I NEY, '4ct30 LI,1IE-5011 caske'I h bataaton 1.inte~l oanliu g in, good order, andl for sale by S&rJP\VIIITNEy, oet30 _ It ri at L PEIIM CANDIIES, )II.4, `c. . 34400 boxes'N'w I.'.Jrd S'p. 44.4 C...'; 4 Casks N'w 44'..41.',4 Wi.'.4'r Oil; 13 Casks Itoufillo Zinc; 2044) ho.'. No, I HBoston *S44; 1444 bu'g HavIn, C'.442e; 54 Lu...'s '..it4 Havana' Sugar, s,44eri0r qu44. 447, 4 44444 and for sale4444 by 30SEP44 COCKAYNE, 44446 25 Gra4.'r at L EMN S 4'46 in b'.oxes ,,, I d4..z. each for 'ale by IIEADI & BA44STOOV, [QED BEANS-~150 .asks in store and folr sale by E4) I 4 (i I)ORSEY, 4427 N'.'ew Levee BACON '.144)1E4-140 cas4ks .uper4o Ch'n4,'.aj4 M ured., inl store andl far sal, byO n~~r 744 Do)44-14Y, 0457 _ 44 No.. 4.,vee '1 AUNESIA-A n~t .6 444444ll7"ry'. 45 (. 4e 3g. lil nsin, and Bailler's blngncnltn Ap~erient, war, ranted, gem'.4.,.4-just r'.644,d 4.y the' 'ub'erij,'. '.4I44KIES &. 0,a, oar?7404C't.d a.. 'St. CIarte I'fI atre. lth apjpearatrce this Bsas sne tDf eRt. Gi IaR E. I ItIeL.tND. First night this season of the new .lree of COMIFORTTAlL BE SERVICE. This I.rening, Namember 2, Will be performed the admired Comedy of PAUL. PRY. Paul Pry, Mr. Holland, Hardy, Farren. larriy tanlyt Plnner, hotelre, iMrs.Cowsell, Eliza, Cioli. An Overttare by Orchestra, Grand Pat Seal, llteade Ravenlof After which ithe now Farce of COMFORTABLE SERVICE. Sir Smith Brown, Mr. Ferrer Simon, Ilollalnal Mary Mrs. atton, Mrs. Auhllanet dnlitl,, DICKLES,&re-100 boxes Pirklea, in quart botllts 500 do Marseillres; do 100 boxes Lnemon Syrup, landing and for sale by S&J P WIIITNEY, nct30 8 Conti at 1.U tiS and 'tdelica.s--A eomrplbte asarrtnentt al Stearne Drug, and Medicinteas, jat received and for sale by Al CANNON, Suct m 11 Teholpitotnas l C L.O'I'HING & Btrogans--2:3 case, essentaining en assorntneat sf men's anda buys lrgana: 15 ca seat seansonabr clothing, laading frmn Phijt Delhi, for sale bv ISAAC Itltll)GiE & Co, oct30 13I Magasinseet (IAIIS-- Itt IhuNedles rChairs, vatrious qualities, J lantding from ship Delhi, tar rale Iv ISAAC IBEtl)tIE & Co, an eaoch, I'r ale by tle g.rc, edtzent or single borttl by j).AV I I I ELI' & CO, New York and lati.oner's Iall art'9 _21 Poydrnas at tiEIS'I'EtU'S Slrolling Book-.lIset received IiIu0 Sdoz. al \VWebster's prtllitg lokl, tor sale bh DAtVIt FELT & Co, New York Sttiratr'a IonIT, oct29 24 Chartres as 'UST' reeivted a few bdozern of Silliman's patent counting hlouse Ink Stand's, with two bottles, one for black nnd one for red ink, for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, New York Stationer's sall, oct2' 2' Chartres at SURVEYOR'S OFFICE-- ECOND MUNICIPAL. IT'Y. OTICE isherebr, given that in conformity with . N resohtionofthe (ouneil of the Second Munieit nlity, pnsaR nat their sittitegtl' TaeaLd y, the 23rd inst.r I will receive at toy liier, lill Tharntlsa, tbo lle of No vrtnllI nent, Inroponal to filreish all the timber reqbi. redl for bridges anail the other Manicipal workas, for one. year trnm date ofeontraet--exclsaive only of snob tim her as Iles already been contracted, ton b, faraniled for ithe wharves. JO. . PIILIE, oct29 ntrvevor BUREAU DU VOYER DE LA2d MUNICIC PALITE. S'iS eat par In present donntir qt'en eofiareaitf l d'anes resolttion Ill Conseil die In 2I Municipatit., Ipae( dunsll so ifnsae dnl :3 d e ot tnia, je reeerrai nota bureat ijns lq'an jeudi 8 dle Novenrhre prsleait des olfrtr pattr ln fltrnitere pendant iltn on t parter do. joer dhs contrat de tolls sa bois b ltnessanires non poutt et atres ouvragesa tide In MNanicipalit, (taun dle'jn on tractis pontr let wlsrfs exce'ifrs.) ln lo ia seront do cilpre aeis atn mtetlie et ne nmceilleuer qanlite. JIl. IP II.E, Vo er. Nouvelle Orleanse, IC t Oteltore, 133. StIIlVEYOR'S OFF'ICE--SECoND MUNijICIPAL r't'Y. OTICE is hereby given, that in tonetrmity with i N reeslution of tIle Counnil oftle Setond, poserrek nt their itling of 'l'sesday, the Islth,, I will receive.. at my olier, till \'el'ea'stdsv, the 7th day of Nnovelmber sext, prooanlas fir nsulpl',ing and deliverig tell Ihe Ilritek.stlelt sas v Its resi5iltllt sv ssit i td usi iinlity for twelve' iwos 'lll esen dty ll tt~htlse oantrssst. 'ITe raist Ibrleksr d livralble it, smllll qIlllaltit:e.s lnd1 at s eth plat reets a.l5e FI e fro tille it toelils', b r, alsiredl Iy tile aRur veysr. J.O)S. PILIF, oct-t Su rreyor. tIU~tEAt' It VY()'1:II tIE LA SE:COiN IE MU V IS eat par Ie pr6esent dseae's qsi'en eonformih. S ld'un rcrlstaln dils t' (stnPil dl I t Sstntlse unesi- Islit' Ipsses dte sae ea sisllnce s ls r 16 tci eb , s'eis., je re 'evrai A tmoeten rans justesq'am 7 sle Navensrtarep tosehin rtes ofres t onp s a fhir el s d(livrer sates te briqen e u In II tssiespslis.i posrra [:won t h testst'nsdtit nt s A n - lrot i r4 P lIa dte . I'l estl't. teI s [lirte brtlt.s dts evrnt aree dia ss t lac l de l ns'ilhl re qs tnalite etl oreat derlivreri nre gillilstaitii' t s sllxa Illasa .sli s ssro s let rll aat tres e 'depigaie r lla e sayer' 'll. PII.lE, Voyer. Nourelle Ois'ss,a rs, i t9 t)cad Re, 1'3t'. S ICIL Y I.'IRA WINE t-1 shm's 1.. P; Coll mseand Ziet Letased-, in piwes. half pipsr alnrthr clanks, ull octaves, lanllding grOI a ilr [,.'hio, fr Pale by ISt'Al I1 ll Mgit; 5 n C lO, eIct'S :51 Pesss aist ae1 nc000 sa Magazine ' g fo ship Delh ir sale I lv teeh SA IrIIttit.E &. Ct lEl T ken and .\lti Sll o ir,, l -. lnria prl l New "en~'oy prei r 1 Lb'ie tl -- e tl:- idtel by S W. Goodl'ch. IIit Iry oflir K It f F"r Ihnl O , INan n, n h ee k llCoh, mv \Vl m 11. l )ecr t antd irle oitorl oT ueoful Jlut receivdr and hor stle by -nI I(.IIiLAml Art-I)r AnnEI l RNgioter or i Hi E ife lnl t dvent re. of Ni klb, et ntoiniog a faov ihfo t ncrl, t of the d . of Kits,g n. ft ro ie., ut risin , llo rd sllell., nr Cnle i, t A c l'.er f lre N kle by 1trl t ri e by BzPilt v 3tl illus&o. trations by e Amby . an A nd ot of oiti9 lor reICoine pot Cilo o nto knowOedge, for the year ] 1h19. Arenna ofcine ~i Arl-Ot r Aerdnnal Registeri Oil. S('Ial Economl, with e ingrvlso , ed it 18 Ios tn Gorerlt Tnordays Oil;ng o, t . ieW, 111, I ties of the Country , in E tr vols. op 2110 " SpePi Cctllro, homeward lound, or the Chase, A Tale of the Sea, Iby the autlor.odrhe el , v &e. byls. roertL re s nw h Ie rl of Labe, for itingien oChsht s dos;I Sr eie, I .bondu n, Edinbtrgh, iublin A , Jst re A eiived andfo, FFsale by WM. M'KEAN . C oct%9 cot of(Cm AE SilAl Common ;T [IL--oe0110 gaollonsa rVnterirTOhtie br Iicet8 Oil. l 1500 C o Ftil ll st trained tar n" ,rlof 4000 "k Refined Whole Oil; 50 barrels Tl nne'rs Oil; o I)eprt boxes Ge. . obbns' No., Extra Soa. 195 '" E A & W ViR bester's No- 1 do I "Sp Candles, In store and f Ttr sle by If W.AIIl'S IIVDGE & AI CO, INIIOiW GIAci - mI0 boxes e l0 by 1iil 2 Windowir o i Gl astd o 50 l i oes 8 be ihe10 toi fr sale t I c JAVIS & I.ANIEICIV Wholeal, e , rnggii s, Dr,9s r & oltqe & TIpitonlas sl, VAFICE N. OLEANS & NBA1VIIE R. It CoI lE ayi. until fnritUi ~ iher otit e t il s as fol ow. SDe rture. Retroici n. t, AM gA Ml Ii "" )PM Departnre.ill iROc 0 Soloy "crii d oe ot2.I--tf JAMES & . AOI I)JItIE BI.IPresd 1ll l.lobe piven ii anyll eers i that wiell, informo d whr end Sitheril ov JoEiiYi, h erii.. te oea1,,ed. S 'ie will o l ofiv le fi t ofr i es ig, arke with the i. SN. Is. eorpIoied st tl e where ill Ile b iiir St. Maree. ip 1I '" tre ItColer llInigl C-IJ the e Wohlitn .ioont l wo sal by ISAAC BRII).E l" COt, D--tess & asquerade al St. Pil 'itreot, i hewt I.yaeil i& lionrldon. been eniulge for til e , od fr ole lo visi. rs and - ohltil Oiiltotre o IAnIo-n iIn r cnit,. if u Itiltto i llil'n t ieeinrd heCr chip Noven r fextGR leo t.itrrGR N , lD E or r& l i L HOIN R IESR & MIILLS. oetlt eItiez Sole. A ID S -NG . File i ieo just Siree, ived g..otl editio, iof -I ditoere rt sizes, and fh r sale hlw. b DAVID FEiE. & CO, New York antd Stalioner'a Hall . oct21 7 Batink Pac (GENLINE lI1NEN SlitO, OIIlN II. MII.\RTENSII N lhas Ir ealc, d:rert e Brlln lhe ul lllllufl cturies ill Si ,'sin (l'r lsia,) a barge aasortlment of lU) lltnsk and D)iper' Tabe l hens, TIti.Ol Napkin ii, & , Aio l hlter ng, c hiri Cng tlndker(,hIn , Cre, k IrrtIgl.,s F . op Ilas. Ilal - 1hure. c10 . .'eeo,oi ist. lorlttctl of Slookinct

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