Newspaper of True American, November 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 2, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEBCRIPIION, 6I'EEDILY, IIANDSIIlGIIY AND CIIRAPlIY RXECUIJTD AT THE OFFICG OF THE True mie'ericalt, ST. ClAILL"ES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Hielliclle etreet. W. ILI..AM It. CAITNES, (lormerly of thle firm of L'lint & Caroes,) woild rmapectlnlly ilfrnm his frieudA aid the pulic tlhat he is conlsttcltly receeiviag ront New York and Boston a tgood assortment of Fllr niture, sucll as ma.hoanily c chtaral, ecott, ed-ltcdsc, lan pie and ainted chairs, maple ind cherry Iedstead-, t ,hoxanv sail cherry tables cf all deslcarilllion., lmc - teau, nilet. a.c etacryc, ariltiuc dc..h, wairdr,! es of ,nahonay and cherry, wash ailands, laokitlg glasses, eathers, Iddillcg,&c. &c. NI1. Furnlture packed far transportation with great _re. _ je_. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, lRcnmored fraao 17 Culstomeouse St. TO NEXT DOOR 're ST. CHIALES THIEATRE, CORNER OF RA. or Pcaaa &ST. CHARLSES STIRECr. au-9-183;1. ` ,INE & I'O( rE'I'EL IloT o I'I.IS-- grcoss wne a cUd 1Ol} grossa porater bhtle, Icr alel hy IOI.3tIES & & Mll .I, jyl Ialllk Alley. p-,tA'1'E BOARDINO HOUSE, N o 13, To nlc uetc sl,- Ely Atle hIhlt'matn.. / \II IS lutar, i3 se:iuu'+ cn, conveniently shiunted I I f r menr ofibnsilcess, near tile Ievee lltd thle New Excallcae. Tlie tultle will he well a'pplied and attended to, and It ch l , ,i i, t , eClctc. IU l , to. ve winli i gi to ic e a cn o lnnlccmm ýi ated, at differen t nricers with ulnlmluolilolns furuished here c piersonl speaking the Frenlchl, Entglish nllll Span Ph hta:uIgra.s, n__"'_:_3ma ENSLON BOUIlGEOSE, Rue Toulouser. . 13, lenue par llde Ve. ILfaftana. jt ET btitllideitseleot et elcciruex, eat e trnuvo sitllh rJpCe" dc ii Lrvie at do Ic Naoavelle Itoure, r'c-t lirehat cenltre cls ciel rcl. I.a table c-ca bien toauiair, proprcment tenue et ct n prix , ll.trc. cx ni Iprehant pension dlisireraient yloger nit rent des appartemtens ee difltrens prix, bion garnis et colllmodes. Lea pecnsionllacaires el'act I'cgt.cmenta d'y tronaver des cerelCcen| parlanlt ICs lungacC feraucaia.c, snglaine et espagnole. 23_at NOTICE. r"IIf Copnrtnership heretofore existing in this eity T belwcual tile ublgelibera, under tile firlll of Lane Van Wyek r Co., in New York, I.aidlnw 4- Co., and in Natchec, Mlic., Van Wyck, Laidllaw 4& Co., is diaol eed ,ly uitic:l ceaeut. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Vain Wyck, and Ithoa" WV. Van Wyck are auchlrized to ualthae canan of the filt in, liquildatio only. JOIIN LAIDLAW, ANIIRIW LANE, PEITc IE S. VAN \VYCK, TII)OMAS VW. VAN WYCK, Now Orleans, aug. 1811,, 18:118. CO-PAI I TNERISIHIP. The subscribers have fhrmed a copartnership in ,lie city under tih firm ,i Van \Vyek 4' Co., and in New .'rk ualude, the firm c cJor Laidlaw C .;o. JOl|N LAILI.AW, PI'' ElR S. VAN WVYCK, TIIOMAS W. VAN WYCK, angl8--1. M A SON 'S CIIALLENGE BLACKING! " AS. S. M.\SON, of Philadelplhin, Iccrs roelectfllv e c toca tiacprs he m ierchants and public generally of t',ew c)rllcllc lla d a llt. lllcnl , tIc t lct hall apllll intIl M1eeirs. tieese &c l)', ith ele cnig.en for ithe sale ofli-. urIc{ u led and illnim tllle CAIIAI.t.t:N Illcit)' ANDI SHIOE BI.ACKIN(I i ll thi sectiou of ctuntry; ain article wh aich lllcnd ire ity The mcc nctl.ltur, r warrants tihe Clhulenge Ilach icg to recaic ittc virtces in all celimictt., and preserve tile clcatter to whctict ii acppl;cid. Ih: offers $clchi ire cc to acy peralst who lt preoduce its clolr, Certiflic.ates ccccc be reer ltlt lhe a ce . M sf lrs. RIlse and I )', from lea rlch:ntnts of thie Iqghest resplectic bilir, I racit g ltc-liclllccc to il sbeautv y andi lll,.ertnr aocrevery icther llacklng inc the United Stalec. \it orders ccr this article in N. tl)rleccs, or any fcat cf this i(leiou of Ile IUoicln, ltUclltle lr llrdle d to tlh. a ' le Acenta as tbore, wlt: will pay atrincular attenlinl to 1le nlne, anlld lfill lhemlll f lle Iallluflttlrer'R Ill t s. Ja.. S. MaSON,I Phild, Iilphia, rept. 11), |l;I3'. .! Calh hcc ill l. ItlhliE & Ito LANtpE, Collccl clll cc'a lll c, tliSre I1 'tolllp Lrt.. F -illI Snhlib.chr.l l aa I!'.tlataeur :.t No. 119 Char t tres 'tre.t, ilurans his undis and tLhe pubIl)lic, that u r O Ža$tlt-laty, llTh a'loher, lie will aq at a NW tw itf..ta .'ar, in the T 'entre Ar ., I .et a ( 'III S t lla it. C lltha rles street, llte the ',. IS.- It er Ill ll 'I ISuppe relllra dl Io orda er,with Ide-yh nlEdu. .,,talun., ity, either in ipltat te rooms at ithe .I 'trat, or at privale house· , I. CANONGE, chine,' shotp, t-la g ailt . nan,, aam,-d JOhi I1.1., a'.'d alt althitt yeains.t : ov ] ''e is suit built, ' l uitt II hehsh height, has a slight srr neon his cheek, apenks k I'-glish anlo a lile'flt l'rench. Thei, above reward will be paid upon histale livetry to the obsctribter. EOR-E E tot5-tI ('liaf 'iti'teer N. (I N. (2. It. R. SlIKE fiaur story tire proof brihk store in Canmp W1 rer, , at plresent cactallied by yAlesra. A II 'allne & Cto. The three story brick stora t the corner of lhink Al ley ad Nltla'th a ,treat, at presenta occupied by tIlataasm. laatl &Cott.; lthtliad .It.ry being fttd fot a led Also, the :lrd story of tle brick store in Bank Alley, 4th dolar lirom thle last named-lthe 2nd and 3d stories being well ilted up,. 'susesmsiln to I)e givenl o tIe Ist NoveAellt nel( l oc15--tf CI'IAS. A JAtCItIIN, (C031 'IT'tLtL.ERt'S IFFI:CE-SCCOND- MUNI CII'ALI'l Y. New ()rltaas. Oct. 10th 1838. An(GREEIA IY to a reasoaution oa tle Couneil; dated 25tv h Se attelter, 1 30, sealed propo ala will be cceived tilt, oltice antail Tuesday the 271t It lay of Novelmber inext, lIr 'hree I luudrl'tt hod ' Ditatatat ol lars. Bonds ol'this Municilplity, payable in thirty )ears, atlld bearinl aix er atlit l)p ItnU intteral Tle in lrels pi athle semi-altutally ia London, New York aor New OlEita T alla ata e be agred an. 'e Ihatds to b fur 011110 reach, itf aa interest he opaalae in hae Unitled Stloes, and for £250 iag ealeh, if n iterest Ie tae alina Landalo,. 'IThe propunral to be ealdura'o t ropavl un d feIonrds.' JOIIN CALHIOUN, ell rl Comptroller. lutean dlu C'atroleur--eoalonde Alrniripalite, Noauvelle OrlathNu 10 O! 1838. .--'ONFOILMEMEENT a uae reasolution duCanaail Jan data du 25 aeptemalre ev1rI, a des oafsa enchelea aeroual rCatt a aace Iualtt un jttjljtt't taNrdi, laO 27e julale Ioveilr i ln ltatr Ioallr troes anlmt ille Iasntlrna des BondsI de eetta ttnniciltalitea pavable dana trante att, et prtatltt tilt interet t six paItLr ceat tan, I'iateret ITayahle tIar setnestre dais Lonldre, New York o a h In tuuvtele t (rleaats, eoalme l era aonveau. lea Il)Its dloivelt etrta pour iiltte iatlreacbaque ai i'ithemata est piy.ale (Innl la Eauts Unia, ae paur rletx cetl cinqulte livfes o terdling s'il. sawn payable a T.Ldres. tropositialts dmvent etrra dresaeea- "jro aalala for BIlIds " IP 'et JtllVN CALlOUN, .Camnptrolptur, '10 L2'r. 'iThe basaalellt llaoa aif .. 123: Jalli. neal e l h, I tort. cr .ft (at ma street; -UitatlAP tatr atlicet iJMMor store roatataata A IIt tt hP ia reamisc., or to C I\\' CAD ACEK, nell9 (tatnl Iatnk. ,(;I 't'R.\'O'It'S 11019E G(1: 'IU I s).', olLU a.r wi at tend drilla evea evenil.g, Itnttay Px' w: I t , drill Ollla , Allagaalaoa sret , nllext tah tr tI e .'.wh hlavan B ,atI k 7 o'clock, pire isely. 'Ile' gte '.t1 -a- al uatlity is l'llesPtel, tI. atatatnarl isr e trlll; /ll t ' 1e.'"ll as ill twhe at)ard t xerat cisO . ly or l t of ( pala:ta e .Itajl ar'ae (.roas., JOHN (GIIBSON, -.,d. Olrderly Serg't, ;tll ESSRS. S. LO, K L. & 1CO)., have relnoved wheir all tiip"('itladlerv .n-I Ilard WPare Stuck of paaala frol Na . N 2Ula'd iLcv'ea It No. c I" ro I ever, wherer e h,'v -lotr If'o male a no ',vW andi extensive stock of', att'tlaby thl te alarrtl'vala. IThey illoeontinue theirt aifiiactUra of ('attarLa d sheet Iraa and T'uia . .oc117 .... "lýtlN ACAL)I' IY. flE1.hIItI'.\OIt tat Jtaronnl Cal ae.uaitt to oth erm s ' catdaatadv B Ifr. nrUIat, i.- L,. IF ;cl ha ge A lloy, eptwa een Cont i unl lie nvil h'. T hi; itulatio .,as lhe I"lost cligilla lhatt '.uhtil be flulld being.nt mirelv ireo Iron tile roisa of tl a treats antd the raltg allrt oflt r a, d rat IThe Jefl:rslo Academy is dividaleld into twit delptrt melts. 'IThe .luior or eleaaaleary datpartm tant lfa the variaous balhta hal 'faoaLalon eduelatiu itll Fa'a'.itt alnd an EIgli1h--I'he Setior aepartment tar L.atint, Gtreek, flatleaaatiaes, &c. PI)ulllltullly, order at disn'ciplite .are astrictllynjoianed atlld ubaervttl. Terms. Juni°I DIplaurt..... per ....h; $10+ + do 15 ,lIt. lotsaa, al e,, paper - ,&c. charzcd ,etatnlely; -2nd. A no1uthaaa once hbegautl IIe aid ia fl; 3adl. Not dIatadt:ioat for absetca nt' r a ir halidaya: 4th. Payalata to m e h,,aaoa regularly every anaah. lthool lhoursra ata 8-12 ta 3 o'auaak, eaaRta Thaurs days. eep27 1 atLtAI.\D)I a;l, UJrtnld), N-.. 3. 5 Pipis lhhlluaald Gill; 311 half lpites 18115 ifrandy; 2 patncheatta finaaaalfiaaania Ruata' |lI marrele ('Iherry (Jounce. landing: fuint ahip Osaeola, nnd fur aala lha atoll PE'EIIS & lMII.LA1RD, COPPEI--lo .,,. of light Brazier'. Copper, from 9 n It Ila weighlt, aleas.ring fi0 by 30 tinch. al a. 3 boxes 2Ia ty Si ollmU 7 lh Ibfor t.taa hJ M II DEVElIEAUX, .catl 26 l'chlfitloulals t 1'r(l\'i.;--. iautg aatatinattt of aoukhn Bternes. IPnrlar and Blnr tinnil Staves of thea lutat and asnt apperntal janartata in tiote anal fht ilte hy 0 11 DVF.IVEEAUX. net!l n~ a. ta~hatfllatn aia. e For the Znterior. FOR ALEXANDRIA. The steamer DIl.NIIARK. will run a regular packet dorin. low i water., fr;o.i sliotlh of r ed Rivcr .n Alex-nlrVn. For parthiulars apply toIl aTpr 2 JNO 1 GRiiAIiAM. JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. T IE I OBIIElR, a Tale, by the aithor of 'Rich' eliao,' "iThe Gipasy,' 'Attila,' &e. in 2 vole. Til Love: CHAse, a Comedy, in live acts, by James Sllvridan Knowles, author of 'Virginius, 'The Daughter,' &c. &e. IoN, a 'l'ragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Talfourtl; 4th edition. SOCIETY AND MANNERS IN AtcRInCA; by larriet Mattineau, author of 'llaustrationa of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Suna.nery of the Law and Usage of Blils of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. or with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and Itols, drawn or accepted at any date will fill due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general inflr. Ination connected with business of the countiog house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' "The Clerk's Guidet,' &c. T'Its LITTLE SKEPTCUt BDOK; a eCIorse of very Pasy letsons in Landscaptes, Figures, &c. by George Childs; let and 21 series. Just received and for rale by WM McKEAlN, jy8 oiL. of Canp and Couanon ste. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe. riments of Living.-living within the htMeans, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" ",Sequel to tihe Experiments of Living;" 'Tlhe Ilareourts;" "The Saving's Bank," &c. 1 '7 INT'ER CI.OTHII ING--I c ase s, on .l i in n tn I tllortllllle t o eSalti iiet l ditltlo oolts and Pa tllil hloonl; llh llvy 1 lhl lleI, I Ilerr. ,. millS, Itllll I.ivel~llOCI stri ted t ilied el~iits, hla diiig filol te t ile h it ,l l l'oto r tale by ISAAC lillI)til: & Cii, i6 ll .124 Macoaine at Iu tf N i -atd-iug - - ltale: heav broln shirt, ISAAC I, ltllGi & CiO, netS 131 Magaezine' t Ii'EIti (i1l.--1i clliskh lir. It blelu:hd, cItiIU wee S rnlr Oiit,ultdollng frotu ship Mi..tlaniipi, silalle for plulatllitlon, cand for llle byv - ACRIIRiGE 4A ('O, Oti4 13.1 Malnetzi.. at. NEW ORLEANS LOMIMERLCIAI LIBRIIARY fIIE following new wsrks have been rec iced by the Library Society, at their room in the Merchants' Exchainge, fronting on Royal street, viz: Lady of Lyons, Iy Bulwe;i 1 vol. 2 copies. lHutphrey's Tour through Great Britain, France and Belgiut., in 183); in 2 vols. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vola. 5 cope.s, The Two Flirtn, and other Tales; by Ladly Bles. eington, Bulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Rivers and the Desert, by Miss Iardoe; 2 copies. The Robber, by G ' IP James; 5 copies. The Adventures of Niclhola Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CIIAS. RITCIEI1, Librarian. '1'. [AGO CI IFFEI":-oI saocks o stoteieer qiuati ity, lor suale by SLATE & TRI , SLAtit t 'L ITI 3 I.Rb Octl 40 I'oydran street LONDON Editions s *carce Uand aluble !arks: Le.e's I' l{t, 3 vole;V F'a rquhar ii \V Wrk, vols. Su klhnge's Works, 3 vole; tolle Iltt ire r .itlii el 1111 l th pi ll, I tens vol; ('"Ile v c ibll r'l D uoIII ie .rkr, 5 vuls; 'elect \ iorkct ot'l |h llE t'llt' n ite lllo ol " vatI I Life of'T'iln' of Sav or tla Tt , su. by tir IrelltlI ' Iii' iii upoleon, i . I ils, aII l; 5h lltlirl is a ltllll l ll , l 't l a e ,t ).., liitl elf; a lleesll i t L l,', i i,. I'll Port It 10oyal Icidl l aIt Ir lner,i2 vol , T ho, Cradhlock' if ,. Ineri, 4 iot. vI tst 'it l ; i i 11 11 0 G ill ,n I l i ll Iii o l I; t io r:o oe , :s l;h 'lir o ,E I olo rei of Iti etiu in vol; Jn it r *+++ed It'l vi ld , V I ol.tstlel he. \+ I ' '11 1'1- ll. · i llno t'lii' s Vtot 9 4 f .-:lll, I o' lin t I: iir ll i .t ": t lilien The li;tee l ithm as N r Yeaf in srs tli' s r i)i Ft II & 1.(' bc:ti, T ihe A NYourie :tt ori" AlI En, .or 1:a1 ith whimcte cra llutps Iel o iti. , l Ird it h llon. Ikin o' l s llV 'l ,,e;l ~ ·ftr ('& and I'oInn , NIN,,,, !: l r 1 1 l...Tl, l y) oith I 11ai'e . IV,, 1ll5h nlla IoIc Frllll ' II liti , Its l IEIlo l psont a 1 c;-ks I'earl iches , . en-ee Cualoanel, Ipe e.c. Jnuol , T(IK llr, II· IIc. &L . (RIlllandillgla lll' Illt:s \\b illi ln, sinm Ilalln, anlld for saile L -t ,l t h n T r, he , t lll (lld llll ll41vr\ h .ll )lell;.lll I'gisf " jv7 car Camo & II als steel. 1 h, l, h :\llL:,S I." li" laningl Itrl n brig vL ole I C lj , |")l r It ,conl I'jet rr-J uce rlui v l l sidwre iy _. fledean y finre (Iu l record aiid bothI_ l li L o ll3 NY 1i lat ianer'ag r, 2. ChE rtrein .I. lAUI:ING-iAnd Bdl e t ope, itr eel byi SEARI:D & HARi1 SOW, jcll 7 Ilank pltnee. ii A,.AGA k.'N .... n.,.', .......t on.I..lo .... .i.; o lILA!) 1) BAIIS'lOW, ntlft 1h7 (Gruavhr st. `' PERM ( C1ANDLES-tl.m-,,lI by I, |'. jAI) &'|IIIII'I'OW, oc115 7 Bnok Place. - US ' received a few grce oA"f lFmv Blank! IBooksi J l lo, a few 91f iml gIank i. ooks,'fb, r Hale by tile groce, dozen or single by I)AlVlI) Ill:,I' & CO, ell', N V ,.ftiomere Iletll,`1Cilartres st V'IHi31ASTON l.111E{ AFLOA-'I-0-i ifi Li Ilandin g opplolsitt Post 7, Third Muni;ftmltlllty ap ply to i & J P oVIIITiNl , ucl 17 B Cooti Ft 7|II1:E Vprice of( 7ike fl on and alfer the I1 t day of S (ctober, will le fiftliv cents per harrel iln the Gas work' yard, and if takln ill quantitbies f one hnll drtd barrels, oill be delivered free of lraonae. The advantage that this article of Ia't possesses o ter Ih. anthrleit' and bitlnoinol.S coals, igoiting lOre rendily than tioe forlnlr, antI free froml tle ulllpl, lltea smook of Ithe lattr, shoold illude everty family to make use of it. Ordere received at tile Gas Office in Bank Alley. I \V WELLS, sepQ9 Sec'y. jýjAi'KEIII., (oIhfI, llerrngo, &e. 20 barrels Mackerel Nos. 1,_ &3; 1351 hall barrels de & 500 boxes Codfish. 2i1)0 S" muoksdl erringe, Just received per ship Irdh)l.t Fand f) r IllAle )V 3 etl9 P F I' .!'! 0, I o. MII.I.Aoot)a . . -t - - - N - tl t -llilNr . _- S P. FIIIREEIMAN &. CO., No. 3.,3lilngzine.rstr,et r ntro . r llci 'lg their luppli'e of Fall and llinter Clotlhinlg, and "will 1eomllli ) b'.iv o [1ip onts regIC - hlrl thIIloughollt tllhe senollO. Th:ir a.- tut'ent being large will ennlde Ihelii tO supplylv Inl. wchalls tioll the oun.lly, yit the sllo(rt-sIt ImeICe; for sahe +hole nld+: or retail, on iccmtulllllolltilg terlllm. Individunlly under obligtimns to thec itixens; t-an" cate"rileg i the ale l st g nrI Le "lhe their geoois, and hl e thel.rU .f o ernslre at cltlinuance of D.IN 1VAT'lrI\I.%N. The Ntlciit'o Frtelrlll;t~r. I.sui.vilhe Julrnill; Now Ylrk l a, kreas; ('ihllllit Ilteral nnll euti -el; IBos tnt Atlas oill pleane pohli-h the llbov three f limes, and folwnrll their acconllts t thli office, e Frl lI--iln1 STAT'I 0Il I.OlISIAN.1, PARlIS COURT' for the Parish of the City of New Orleluls, Pre.sen't tIhe Ilhooroble(e (:hale' Mlan rilln, J tlae. Iet,,"r.r' 5)th, 18318. No. 11Io. W.n. I). noter, or. . is Creit ora. 'ioThe es-h.i of properte hby ofhlisCrei.tor-: it,I- tlolt ' intetliino rl ai, creditors be hehl helabre I. Ioalnett, Not.ary Public, i., Tlle.lcy, lie 17tll of Novenll.ber, 13.18, then and Ilhere Ito deli'rnale on thile nlllir of ithe In.olvlntr. 111 thle relll'l tine ole ilrtlo.ielll , 'gillt hisl prson nlli .,rlo . ertvnre sldx-rld. It i l'l'tirifier turleredl thait Jill'. B. irydtec, Ia+gj. l, appointed to represent the abse.nt oreditor ila lhi.t case. By orntler of tie Court. Clerk'n Otitce, New Orleans, 25ith October,1838l. A M GUYO10., net2f- r l)'y. Cl'k. 1 rAT 1IE I.A de , ruise J t ville de i. No . ovlle Or). ns: PrIoe.nt I'Hono rblle (iharles lsaurinan, jige--No II,'03--\Vn II Coolera colltra atO creaneiert-l.a petitimont d proptrib ti"m ilu ititillullair nyan)t it accepllt e ) ar la coulr pour nlea nie ticedh, e rrr.oaneciers, il ent de.:r1et qua une aelallil,'e dlldits Crf.auciere nit lie, ans gretfe d. E lnrler t, not.,ire pilhhl, larnli, le 27e jouI r do nl." on fire 18:18, a 10 heulreetll nlit.lia. aifn de d1elhbrer .nr lee alffire. dul, l; p.liiotnlairt, et on atendanlt Inotes pourstuiles entre au pIerolln' ou Oeb prOll~Nrth alnt Par ordle de la Coulr-B-ureau du Ge.tfier-Nle Orlean 25 O ,t 1838. 6 Oeat A I taif..L., J'p. Grteftrr. SHIPPING. For Europe. - FOR HAVRE. Al sapcan take 300 bale, eoltoa iflnnm dial e plllllli,,n be made to ovl .t The ine r ailing Ait sh 'i / / T -:IT I Jaaea Ml-rrill, lallnatr , wtill ll illllllillt -' . .sair,:lh and ntllll dl bules I'11111tio t~o lno - Il te her cargor; lr righ or lat E, aPpi h 1h octs3 1I:I (1iiiiii I 1 t.111 e."J a AI p ALlANCE: Ferwald lyOl 8 Connti tr i, S &l J IV 4'IIITINI;, oell.M lJ .Jlli lp Coastwaso. NIE1V' ORLIANS AN?11D4? TII.lftIE l11NE Of PA? CICE21',S. iI I hitt .itII a:,ni-t ao1' fth ilhlaha'ia i 1 whichl hl~lre becll btlill, ur Illlclt.L*. <d exlllr ssl? orlht I rnad, virl: Sliirqie SIAl)Y iiN, C t a 4 ker'a, " MOAI) ;FFIIRO , (lTuew .".habli, T ai-:laa Ia 311 rtcl1-h0rdwm l ll. ?LII4ION S. L'oIL'U", |llhillll r ail oAll: xe t Il'lE l-l'lir ei. 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I0'ia-i CIII I i ta aa ae, tal: by I'c.I vIInow .z l lla \Ing ll f OI t~o Ip l ido fllllr m oltw Y rk and forsal by "'^" " ' '' R H Y D E & B R O ,, liilrla~l tc, tl cfrnCo, nn1;tn k a-h, l ll 1:llaiti trellt .lnie.ILh frilida Ilohrwih nnd il~l·a11ver .'q.'lls Mli1il. iii, )11il iP+. (ll hl hll lt a: illlll· ( 'hi l l i lu il ; l AlIIl UI ( e11 - -lll l llll.e -l-lC lla li-tgatllI i allit -e (Pa-"?,. -illl lllI g"k'ltaliip lUltlhl~. an , Itata N lta h, '1 11001<1 & lIR)a • : r llll (. Inlellllli f~ ln. a.llliltll~llx, fiV'Ph 11!~ d ( lrk t' IA I & Ll llll II h I NG, I otred l. l, l n lll l Ol m elld r t ' U"7 t'1 I11) """" ';h;"' incllp. I '(tkl;' O N. %'.11..'1.4 JN l't'lOE-Just receiveod LII cous lTored i'emo SRpel; a sslrted sizes: 3II doi Manilla do do do 30 do do Haiters assorted frol 4 to7 inch. 5JU kegs No. I & 2 loberl'a Ilobert's White Lead ground in oil; 3(10 cnitels (lrollle Greent e do. Red Ochr', Yellow Ochre, Shpnish Brown, and (lllek lpoillt, nll keg, groulld in oil; : ho r rels Putty, Cllai Coblis, AlolCors, Hooks ond Tlhh les, umllps, nod general Iasso tmelll of ship ('hand lery, for sale by S LOCI'K & CO(, oct23 3 Front levee 3ItRINTING OLF''IC and BoolK loindtrv--U . friends and the public in e.neral are iuniarmelu that we now rove our Printing Otlice and Book Ithde ry in full leerotio, land colduocted y compllletet and experienc:ed men. The type being entirely new, we are prepared to do every variety of plain and fl tnc job printino; also,evern variety of ruling and binding neat ly and promptly e ecuoted IyO tlOMII) F tI.' & CO, N Y Stationer's HaIl,.24 Chartres ot. TO LENti', , t tAT large and collopuionl iree sl11 nr1 h oollleo r t thlge forller of Colmlmerc. o 'll . Nor. I)dlll street. Possession given oil tlhe Ist of November. A\l ply to LAYEI' & 11i. ,UN( oct723 ' l ('01 tr' st JPARKERIS ROCKY MOUN'AINS, &c. OUIRNAI, of an Exploring 'Tour beyond tho Rocky Mountains, under the dlractiou of the A B C F M1, prformned in the years 1835, '36 and 73; contatniing a descriplion of the geography, go. ology, clllllate and lprodluctions,0 anld thle nom111101'l, mannellrs and ustltllls of tle IlatiOes; with a i MalL of Oregon 'erritory, by IR-v. Samuel Parker, A ML. '1 he River and liee Dowert; or Riecolleettons of the Rhone and tll. 'hartrouse; by Miss P.Ordoo, author ofthe (' ity of . So tan, &t. in t vols. '1'The Robber, at 'Pale, ', the author of Iholtioo, The, Gypsy, AIlla; in The Two Flirts; or Ad 1ur0 in a Country Ilousoe, and ochor Tlaes, by ',, to, E I. Uiolowor, Mrs Noo.,. i . , IMrs Giore, Colt,uon Mlo " ., T'Ime Li ,i ! , : i..1 s N.'io 'l b, edited by ltz, .ot I., P:rz, No. 1. Just ro. o ve,.d u, .",.' I, HIIENJAM IIN LEVY. LOtlio P :. COI, No. ;, tor nI to-too Sloroot, I,,lt . • i ivte bI hlw alrivalO lion, 1th Norlhl, to ofIt taioto al oot 1llip ('llltdlOld . lV,011 Wl 0io Inwtlkto thOelllr.l or k . l.l...i.' co', lelte nod ,,hilc tbcy ol ..r oil t vorn,, e terlls. tiLE.1101 0,0 I'Il.,holston Lime, for eoo(,y 111 5:111iN10 I )L0,VU N - nCo septl Ct st NAPOLEON and his Timeos, by oCalilgeoort, Duke of Vlcetzl, il 2 vole. The Itl'T ' 'WIlftI'EN and other tale, by t ile O'. HLra nily, iu 2 volt. .00010 lKOt'S J,,uan's and Jllitie,; or, t'e hun11 ho tin , 0l.illng, drivu,', s , 0ili , n t tin . etOn,lltric and exIrava~I t llll oils of lhlt renoIwned s lortillg (ilize1, tro. JoIhn Jorrock of St, ilotolp .lae oollto (;re at :2o olll s ltr1 t inll 2 voI . IIEAI.TII & IS.tAL't. Ato explanalttion of Ilhe laws oftiro\,th and I E,'.' e;i. through whi(ch a ple1a sihlg conlollr, s*l llmlnttn o o|" w)riYl, d S til l aalrrIa.. of the sptine. od c.l0e 0 prevented, 1I)' John1 IthI, ( 1). Just reteivd andll lit sale by W1it! MioKEAN, oct'O our ofCoulp & Conmlon st HAI E OIL,-310l00 galls whale oil for saleby S & J P \\hII'NIEY, et67 1 (: onloi t0 6 lLAWRIENCE I.I'GSNDRI,, octllt 28 & !) New olevee i'TUTR'U.C IThNt tui l mpeoool Ten 'oo'o-t02 eni r ter do du, Ila'odino frllm alshir Looi!villo, and for sale b' LA\VWRENCE & I. EGENDILIE, oct16 23 & 2' New Levee ABLE S4LT is cases of 6l boxes each, in aore, T aool or pal. by RE&D & BARSTOW, ovlls 7 ao:lk P' act BUSINESS CARDS. J. P: FREEMAN & CO., IPlroealel ClolthfiK lstahlshernnlft No. 3, llnozi'ne ' trCel, I]1 AVE cornstanlt ol ht'nd u l1rgetsP pplv of ('loth 1 N in1r, iculo ith.d tr tile. Sto rtr e. Their .. sortuarntl et ig large, lP'rchanlni rthnol t.he cotntry cao S Ie u Plll al++l 113 he ' hor2T(-l 1 Ttl S r. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING No. 14 CI.arl ro i r r IIA VI, lontshls ti lllll evrv arIa'h. Io-lep nlt in to jentleCe,'h adi e, oGI la latct Rto It, tI New Vi TElitll -I. OSIEr IT ADII:'Sr.LLIC TEI'S,. L ead P11ie Wa te Chemtfuls t.h, anP the iaP m n L- llr of votling the n,l1111ty h, s n , t the allil* of J.B. .Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 4: n4; lll lnn reetl. T1Thse atl'h nover l.lnge Colo Ir, anlll brll lvy I tslL inll iny Ce MasI p)rel.rale to tlh tlllrt l h"el . 1 [I 'r. It. will w. t sail uda i Is li at heir re. idener, MERCHANT TAILOR, N ;7 [,.Iz.Ioon :+ Str"et, et I) Et7.S lt ilnfolrl rllh n llllhii, i4h:Illlh.vilnc 1 t'un1hl|+Cd - fr' . h.) r ()vvrý11I1)11(lif. OK I *:ti ,, (.0. part ofl their . inck, he wathl Snti re itrl bleig l l lt thell old +st rll 1 p ollI lp 1 livNhllv ' h lll , w.h re heI Itp 1 to Ii'net' LEi S:harl, of thell r pntroonell.,' Ive lo a lrole arran entl t the .Nord. r ,. he 0.p litel mon lhly with the late+t and Nc1 Ohihhmabl h - ..... _,r 11 CLAY & CLARK,-- -- HousE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 112 l'oidr- . stret N.w (Jllents, Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps I'A R.l, ('OLD,, AND /I NIHO :7R Il THS Fixed .,. the uemot 1'+qrovd lrinhcileI . MI1. L': IE IN 11), I 'IIIl'. , I& t f )rnlers ex0l1Ctltd illn ny p tlll of ll the SoutthelnI States. M SFFIN lumbers and Lead Pipe t Manufacturers, I I E U P' mt ),11and3 n +,lr l :11l Fupplv of bent. Pp01 ,,, tlrlam 21 i. diu(lll tletl" d(ll fo ,1-v Iil· (ijlllll'ler o Jioll nle. P A ItER ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING No. 53, Magttzine Street, Oall) ,oite lla 'k.' .r0 a l, i. 1ILlI1 GI EEI.Y.V, IPROPRIIiTOZ nrl J H. PARKER Commis.ioun and Forwrlldilg Jlerchant, No. 6, FROtNT' LEVEE, UPr 'r.~IS. ,TARVIS & ANDREWS, W[OI)IEdA.IE AND IRET.IL II']AII'S IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I)E': ,ST'U,'Fl." D.,I. V II"IVO O1 GLASS, I llrnller Io lo()ll oon sl anld T<eholpitouina at'eets, JIIN 11W. ANI)ILE1"'S. A Inrge ulpply o Gardlen Seel . warrallted the growth S of i :!:17. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. &, I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. GI an 6:V WVATERl S IrREE'T. r 1 1: E undroi.'ned, harm!. +lteui tcmts, land 111 1]. Mohie 'fl r the i,'Jl''1l1e of nl'll- 11ri(gllllR till u ,.lJCIIeh l ait ! I Olllll oinlll Illlilnr... hi tII. nlll . l Ila ilhlluI'h r Ilog |+,lle'u hI illtlTIII thlll ir frIIrll IIllma thille )llllibl" thIat thiwy alrL' IoI)w Ill'pared to ,r' T r.l .. null: Inn)Il~I$I1lllI·'lllg and IIIIIKei Iiler; IllIllla: cc oi1 thle samelll , iher i r li l v t Ill p blic sle. rill), ( ,IAN I. JON E.S, I""1 ,EL I. J)ON ,,:S. Refer to Valke'r, K.iht ! Co. New Or'eans. M|llilhl. I ,' b !I, . blI, 1l S.AMUEL SI.ATER. ARAAll l'R TIRFR. SLATER & TRIER Forwairda iimi& o'llr'1i"ii leo .rrchlant., No. 411 1' rdolel s Sltreet, NE I V O It . E AAN S. 'l'hc will devote thr'il" eril'-I l l tetlt ion It the10 le , 11,')r,11'r 14 I Iealllt rrr, Iart ll , Newl Oleans. A 11 N1 ll n , .-,,r., K,,hn, Duran & Co. J I) & 31 \\'iiael l ) Cries, Vibl & alo. lt lIton, ]{I,b: its lsthu*) . C (,u. ,'t 'l New York, Von ah ,rill ..l '. !h" il. . Stanl, rd ' 1b Ihlnis. S t Louis. (]l.hl+cow, Shawr 1 TaerI' n. 'htt,,rider : . ) 1 la , l 'ag' & I)nlap. I) Alttn. A II .Skihnore' Esq. ) ELI STOUNE. . T. STON:E. E &11.'1'. IS TON E Forw.rdin g Ran Cl Oln.liEion lercthuan., FURiNISHEIIRS OF SI'l AND llO)T.' STiiORES, N* w.(ilebns. References : lIlcres. SoAlrt., RAKNR & Co. 1 A. i' ,AlrEtc & Ct( ? New York. R. PIV fNAM, J' . I'. IIl LArrDa r i, Crw rr, U. w\ RI , l 1' illinll , . I)D.lrv STONE, I)artO 1) II. C.,OMSTociK (c. C. lluhllll'l (0, N. ALrIIICH, &C (I,.. I.nlslirl , II Wlcl.crS,STEVENs i 't'carl, r St Louills M, A. It L ,oir, rton, Ill. Va E. r ( lir 1w, I.r ohvile, 111. J. . '. P.P. I*'AIIT\wELL, l|el or Slara, 1La. 5otmOoN 1li.10.,w (k Ol)la.. icn 22 DO.Vl, &A Jl.i\, IIEAI.FItS IN AMERICAN & ENtI1.IA11 CIRO() N GLASS, No,.."41 I.,A KONnEI. rI SI'ILl : . .[ - lt- II I ;1 Ea : r rS INSUI tNCI(' CVi4lMI" O1 N't , OlttLEANS. This ('nIompinv are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No."4 .Mluss.J11'o Ulbilling,c anal 'lint . " I, 'Ilt l tC', New Orleann, \I,,y 1:,. 1;1:12. S tl', tuly. WILLIAM IRWIN Colllnisioln lnud I orlwvrdinlg Merchalt, CINIINN ATI , tlllt. Refer to loavet & A ewl, , , .h .,. lndi ;li . Co. 2'r Noa Itlt'1'1 1 N N N IIOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 ('aul etl W\ ,,loleshle' ti er in I'ainl, O)il, VUrnihe!, lrushes, ue:I1 \'ildoxl tand Ii.lule (llo . A, t. \c. T. W. COLLINS .1'iTTOI.y E &. 1cO .\Ns;I.LOf .1'7' 1.. 111. -O\\" Ilaetilin; ill.- Ih," l iiiit (:ill' mttlllrt. (:li e alll + $ il l lied hiht at t l u i Ie. ' rk'sI lil+, I; P r t l li) Counl, in ithe C0 us!om hl +e, Itilin, . j A CARD. t li t lludperri, hlari iic( it mlmo in this citl, . Ibr Ill; loopuoc ulof " u' n ENEl.IL rA lIt1 tIISSI t-N III.NI1SS. I)Fr.'cT, No. I inrlrttal, Sn oatErEI, I. STAIRS. I il' PLVY. 'Ire ltt,' or G.roant.l (Iuhli, .i , will r e coilnued in tIIe hI ollb l l O.el aa Ie:tr"rl . i lh't.l. '-69i1fi. 1 rl(ol .1 11., It 11 lHill .t to, L .li Sill , K . •ohn h I t-hilnie,, \ wk.-Ibor_,. 1ix. uil , .or | , %: ('{r .Co G(lltt.d Gulf,ti s. Sils IillaInld. A. ther, 1irs. New I hrlealre, Jly I , Ili'1. jr 12 A I.\ Ili, Nr1iATl AN II ,L' N T II I1 , ) h vll urh etd hilm 1 sell ish New r tle onl s Ir Ith el rp e ,fi ttransactug i G ,,,ral ' t gro, ' ati ',o ,,,ltli-rt ,,,, t ,r'i t , wou ld rc= plecttutll soI frll mltlItr , the I rtltb: i i hnro t o,'Tf Ifio'io ti ' IIrrar.rg l hor soe it 'l'Tr n, lIe r ill -,ttr'nlo the Iran< n ring IIof ' y bi , ! ll i .ss tint mu% be d, lc red in tint SoUlilry, n ll ' ill : l.tlmlil. Un lll;,t nolld om lln i ·ittd at tcntil r i'ti all l llu lti.' 11'l i llr+e I to Ills tlllrrr, m t r I heithf, Illll lh,, ll (inll ll { (ll r .lllI inoltfl tiOll., of All hindv that nay ,Bra,, l I i Int . M+s rN iit icr, Bu-h 1Co. New' Pork. h rer 1 'e, 'rr JI 'hn 1 .,r v.l.noui 'v Ic, K,. FItE.MEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEWI)V OIRLE-\NS, OGtce No. 24 Musson's Bu.di i Jlo CIrVA tA;:TRE T. BUSINESS CARDS. II. I. & F. D. Newconmb, -i A VEl oprleniu I h pe Aortle hrinllllkltiig itf . ell c L ·'al t lin llll a o-nlil I se.s na ur ush; z, tlrll an/ltl husine++s consided n Ihernl shall be 11sithlfully tat nldied li' ] { it%~i nmdp Co., |l (" {' .. CO·, 1 ) r cl· lmlllmn''i11 \\! l mt . Newi Orienne. ('nhmii.. -m. time! y ii- i\ yint, qli t t, mi" mink, ti td,I, m'n',ers i'.l immig L un, illd z rul b r, bine lllltvR ll(I )1na l, g rmn utn es ',ry atll ybr lltii ' re ()l' lllr, l,'r., ' 11" CIT). im'very "It qlllilm . Con I .1VID FYI.T& ('O. *Illty 13 \"l{I , lirmo I t' i h I & 1 I 110 1,20tw i lllll li. I( ·1 t h )ll .h'llllS, j lr, 2, , H . lile In. i it tttt it mt r(mi It Ott ntmm lC' , Imrii fy jfi I. ?lll.C.¥I GG t;-I, , fl llh (II· ( 1ti 1nt lii fit iN iri mim .; bi a im m h lmng 1llm .3t1ES & hii . l.le , IT l 11.Eh r1 1Tilt 1 r Pdlv miii:d:: & m lItt.S', '1 " 'limJ I.AWt E t Im.t 'm'mCm" . m m1.,1 m it.1 r1tim, Nmmm'mm'm Itimmi t m i llmm i .tm mi --. .;.... . ... . 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Among whim e are time ,mttmowm'mg:-i'mhamnm lye, for cmml rimp tim hairi; limear' i t),i; iimi -tmm mm ear iim U remasm m" tii'el;Pm' mmt ihmtwi .'immU'' F \Vlm t W osh: i .m per ror immmarl l',m dm ' l; Liy W itht.'; moream mlf i.m'm ; Vmgt,'I t'e I bRmmmO m '; l hmtm .'of I.tosi ; Lip iiv'; Krr. o~ite T..oth \%ash; Calrbonne Dnntrtfice; OLrange+ ilom'mr Wa'mCr; Pwdmr r m Pull'.i and m Himti' .;j Ammler . cnmi (Ih rcoalt, tmrtlty iput ip ill fil r i e- vial;' ,et III ,lts; Collogtite ; l ..r t(o+oh} f(oll t)h.ache Itrots; limir m-; Em,' lt gtish i i)rr ing i'm , + !inu an . llmir Oi l;- wmmil ili vaIriety of mtli mr P''rf.' Lllel'111 l le.% .k (·l.11 For I Il..lh by 11i1)nll~ r( II l 1'e m& GLIENNS l'PEI.FUM1. RIE.. N',. o;I (`ilr nlI/.' +.ilt't 11~l,,,+lle t~lllT: AI(IIIIIJPII J ii 'TINi -.AA, Corrermt'titmalommtiBmourmm ti~riets kittAll l, tl) aIr tile mxemt ol m im mm iiilll 4, hln .A nlid drawinLe., IoIrcmlllsl ie elltllsh iles. a ,hldre-s rartla of e1 er) aI destll(pion, tftlltl ane in tilt ' II-R l Il e o.l, Iiir nlilne papIlt elr, prtIIIl l ,el llllyald l drnl issl'L si els; b11lk 1 hc11 k , i h'l y receit, l, kte. rinitllll l ill d letsl d i ucthlelp i Ild ex )cd leiin .un + ty , i) tho ii wi r{lli pl·n. I lli \\\'1 •1 ,ll l •\j·l ll, I.i~ll, ,II1 I'r Ni. lIlank Nmotm's mnm:'vr eremmt'd.Im in'' I \ IW IlAT S It1,. mini rm ml. lto kII-mrmlte rrl s r. l Ne;m ''omlmk, Ir,-h tr Im tm'mmmi llltmm tm m tmf llt r'S. T' llm tmm pil' r ti tm in 111111.1 iho 111ii, ·11; hr ) m-tm mIImm mtlti"• ltminmi. fI ii 11 t t 1ri., LI l i ,ll, i le I u'm11 m I m m ll mlm m L lh II 1 mm m i ; i 11 T S.ll }lli-ll |{;ll.+-+ llt lill lfltPl~l'l ~ lrP~. t (\i I Ill i tll,·(I l~l):I f tl|- l e '"11 '.' : 1 d i , i'ml h ,i'it ttiiN el 11il ii mmmm llllmrt ll 1 -ml k I II I i I ' hn Epl i In mr ie bImmi1 '-hbli.' a IN O1h' I b itt i I\ii',kt .I \VE\ & . ,oll(ll.N O 1 {llllevlen hl rl In N m I tml a n' m lw i r N rmi n ' l tU IIu Ir l ll. 1 t:w r. kw he ivtede l P Ollwr al X't"n qu.ter 'ut 8, ,.l hor 11 1 I F.'lll(:fl~ll . l· l 11 I ~t.+ I+tll. lI NGL, i t ,lt 1 FREltll i All bitl 11l' lnt., ,lr. in Sr I,ll' l 11 I ':11iiil ll51 ll r I . Iit d e it"lr IIIeIr ,Wel mmimmmm- 'tmllllll -m imm -m ( lllm Ilt''ll- l mI h mtmimm'mmtm"il-mlml ''f'mll m wht g I telli mmm l mtmrll d il tO m w llre Nt lo-tIm, i I Iimi" mm-'rmimnem him i it Lmmm]i 1 i-Ni It),' .t('t)t , Nit .). +.'20h !t, i ehmo " t¶ 1. ii m ''ihtti'rtt t'tl tI m i i,'mlmim't imm'"em1 I tietimimimmim'. mit-V,'::.4) ' '~lel tm''ttm % i'tii. whmmii mtltmr'y t "inite 'eai tim. i t mini 0-mml ' tim' t'tom'mllllP .l )'mtttm it it'.)t''mietm onlomt mI ' ti m 'it t, I t< mtm l i mti lt em i i imm to Im t hi l rns - ' mmm m im imi 'm OT'11:oIC-E O- ,'lT IýP;Fj. I.i;.-IUn ,unded runors of the untlertignitd havlng sold out, or disCeo ttIt rd his ild and lotng cnlalliltied GARI)EN IdEi1 STO'IRt, .\ f, tl t talo hti en Street, ltaving been most indutiriously circutlniteib sclf. int, 'rastd parties, the subscriber begs to asiure his friouds generally, and the pubolc at large, that he still contn:ues within two doonn of hil lant, or lorlatr stand, to Ib laurnished with a lill anto ex. tenrire supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetatbl: ,tardlno Seds, of tlhe growth and illl. port of tile Iprsnt seannn, 18t37. iMace the early part of Suptntemer. lie has ro. caived ample supptIes, by the packet hips Vicks. Iburg, lKl.nciky, and Arkansas, all arrvrd ill sort passagns, direct from New York. fly the ,lnasia. siprpi and another packet, he is in daily explett. tlon of an supply f Fruit 'Trees and Apanragrls nRo,ts, having already received inuvoic.a ti.ruuot by Iali/l. The subscriber begs further to awaure the puolli at large, that the is at pretnt an' well enablehd to meet and execute orders fur all tile oft Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was sinlc his first establinhment ill January, 184-2. 'lountrv Deaters and Market Gatrd.n.r .' orders tilled iat tile lowest and most reaonablltle rate.. by the !iunntd weight, tand gallon or bushltl Ittleaure. Ct taloguns, either in Frenclh ort En ghit, mnay always be obtained on ilpersonl lllapphcatlol a, usual, to VM,. S,111T11, Garden Seed Store, 83 Crustitoloul stro', NOTE.-A conltanll supply of tltrd Saedi, itl tr inixed or p;lain; pulverized soup; lhrbt, and Shake'rs' dried thrbhs,-- ithl a lupply of pels and beans. .L.U.R!)u t--1(1bIh Iher t qotlit, nlt.ti. o .nnw aut 1 lu+t la.led from stePiim1 niir, noll I r sate by I .A$ l tn ;1I - o' e mtt. tliT s ayn, m i lt 'tUL£.+. gil,, ,,,, J't l t ofice If if:). WII' AN, sepl I:rrhlfxln Ihotel, St. (;hr I, r h l " lItf.,l \i:I}O, '1, (,1I1 ,' '. t i ltl d iu tP.PlU| ll~ llt I tl- r, No. 277, Com "r, Ncw-Orlcans, wi th"l l win ati tlO t Ir l llll t andt th LLe pu lic in llgcellll +htl prepalrtd to lrninhl ns . thig, I nI the slt.ti sintss, aid h on c 0n0st0wl ' Ior .e the ol;looitg oottSNUFFS. I mh:ucd. A~Amtrican hgenlcmnui's, Ilerl. l t,t I hlmkclt Ifppre, Iristh hctnknnnrd, it. ( ISt hi t ittI apanl.l ish,:nll n hitt c nl ioars lIaptpee, . oid Ii,:;n, ll enlit ooh i , wdr , r. F'itn til t tihetWll , l t nntntt.led . plt in, ail t, rit . anlk ing, of ':'iol n lditiu . I o-f tint \ i t.'titniai, Spanishii, im. 'hl l.aove:ll'l . s tie ll* r''ant'd as g i, tnot all pe'io to anwryt hg of thr kind imtatatit,,i n,nd nill be. trlitheli t dr, eth t t, tlin mostI li al ttrii . ti niii 4 L 11'.\ IIll.'-n'.- P_ ait n relu It i oi n I' , , ,f ,, I nr w crop, now' I, line Irona11 titt l- ' tl h tlrl o tl'ndl i f ttr a/all i bIy JoSt i.' CI I 'KA 'NE, 11,'tl :J'o (lravier .t PtIF llt- i -'is I'-z lll'; l tiH lli liU'rTI.;it, t h oes t ati t , eent,1t. i oht 11 halt hrrel c st e iilhad;l 10I1F1o I bs,. Cioniah' i tChampaign C'insdr; biair,'r Snold . Lef; 1n hall - arels p letd 'l'on Sus; i 'ttin: ,110. t0 T . A- t .ItU l e-i ro u11 I a IInIrn in p I att eol, antd tfotr .l te Iv J I'iI.lYER & CO, o t,1t2' " t i 4 I'oyda ras stre-t. 3R.AI'S-- few Cincinnati lravD on Itiod, nd 14 Now Lrvee. '1 1 0 II t 1 , '. A I: F , T I ' . 1 1 . - . . . pt , n ' ri s W h i t e Y¥ I ,a 1,p ~.--7,.d do deI Nn. 1..uti p in k+ ,re [man - In ln pouii n encl .; .iii landsl; and ter c utit Ih,: fol Mtose ,t rte ,,,til cEr. ..ltt CnaEIt.LI, c'1,327 o Cap Cr-0- ·.-& '% lI1ILl)NFSS r\· tlr lou l' II I a ) "f 12.,2)11. *; DE117TT IFF ' .h,:i< rf hairi th e co . ndear. or , fli 1.1 1 nient · 1. belo ei rlall the l~~l human / /;Vnm . lnw (tra ne ,'. "·rat v e lhi,. 1,_, il, ,,. lilt·,r l. M 1u:, f~llmP,1 itCI FV··1-I1ee,. 'I`~I~lrr nit til(PI· IfII II ,2)222I( ilIII 21 n·P-.)))' 11112 l Ia lip Io' ad l )I2 "ii, 022' f "a)lil ~l(' and pIroll l )22 'hl 'tr 2 Ihl ) 2 2illn 22i. n In1l P o tlrh Il) wfhi, i ir Thir n r' t lri n I rr, , m kh,, crl bea. t l dive , nrl++.on fre is frnt ra sen, , N i, r , l reim tt. n . o t.s tt f P ,the tr Ir ih, f ll n 22 .p1) 22) t t1ile ll rh l Ir i o 'f 2ll)2b H1 l Slishn are l h.'t .il he. tlhe prprihlorls on of, i. ala, !)r ) il)l thif llj het Ii lll wirnllll g:-' . ) !' ,.e bi t 1 p ah llNa p I'. ll. ' ir frl nr of llPilt I lin h ha er- t pifien 'n, may h-een bhl o, nl - ite hig ha ra. t, l (ka o lorlo wea i'hIlai WIl)lIfr ll II·ll l I . 2it, 11 Il '21 IT I nrl ,Ioat fltull Iir l Me 2h'PiI22) 2 in i )tri 12)22' df 1121I . +'rP,..itY Jr., .... I.l-ll t}.rflll .JII~ (.~t~lfteld JJICI the tiro11\ V JIFP Illl,. i inirit rill ,T ,l rd" 111 1+l vitlJ F(lfiC . o ()ldlld .il* 2122' INGIt'221 22' 1Ot'.1 h re JOHN· ell 11)IIL TIn lAS (·1:1 1 11( 15, ll~l(.J1.3 Unrestal J H 11 1)t'11r 2 ,U rh te t I i s I nonl[r I )tht. thre oflihp arbr.: or<. en r m r [h 1 0yer of neL ad the" otherv oth+.':-- 30 ' ht . .n , Ma',orlP , i ill. ( ll th. l' [ Iii 0 I1ii L'0.' 'lIh It'. lle hly h h r h0r 2ii21) 112P I l 1 i lLo 'tl'll)' l', ~l1 11) 1 . * I' o b e rti 'N 11b2' N3w it<11 i 1 f l I th e nne i Ih., I+ t lml dil by J ()i nlI dP °P th b Pe i c t h 11"i hn )L. . H lld '11 1 21'. 1 - i tlSllpTOllr' ' rllll.* tit1 291o,1 ea''h hodi ;fitbe lotnn t.'aa h I t tllb ctu1' trl ll2llr a 2 tr & A' ll W r T II .thrh), ,',hitor i-p n to pu'i. h. l in tl r . n ilt I th at Iw i tr rh ifh aI. M artn' o I t 11KG'! R IotstlI telcotYiedi 0 v''222 a2r2 12cc 'rding ,to th1 ' hode'h l or+ P t.e Thlis workr is Inow is pre~paration byv.r. fllronn Harll.·r JtoI.sq |)f ' h i Iity 1 i. 16.i b Wl lia,.'e Berand!, 191. T het Eastor~l is nllllillllo Pe Irnatte by anld by one of. the sittruing~ helrl,r to o expe fromll therl persar! ~ ti sper viSion al; l the dvn ag whichl 111·(·l'l( u li n olt2ali ra I rot'l2.a 121 pItrt)pt rie Ici. totl·I*·la~~rlrlll";lt ll Me U I l'I+H .i+,mth ; ld st. e cesay, llth or g,\liI, i : +\rmin uh . xper,.et, circ l. kl}Umino of tr Il o| n tlu e l ir,/ princlle1.4s erre de.r cidlt)) i)) pl tle i)2ll2 II110. t Mi 10 th 1 iler I t) I ttl llt' , mlke, Ili) llty 11' ' 11to t t t1110 Ohf the who Uaid N o'v' t (,e rifint I ,eJla'lleo; I''I ' a lioptl i olr eIa (*i'vaa,'diogiItth'tolhodol and llllatlh lt're sa 3l;rt m ad for t.hl Loiliriahn . ld isionl frlmlt l a fae l hul ilrter . Co'nrvJ Pi.+li' .ht, in d l:leantin lt '-he pa Mle car, leIdltd' It La'), aI h p 2i 121 icaon r l it' osI. l thlan mllrile aai r2,lait hat lllti oruli y 1 a 4 l idOIy S'tale, i il'l) Ile a Idde q. '11 o lacioi cp 11i. d Iollge oilrk lill lorI d fhlur folulma.l , rtl o hi n .t and l ill a TlllI rilaFIr /llt fh to( 1 u b21 2 r, t aap t ,hi o t1 )i Ia: t 0)120) t10, 11 2,, ax p2222\ 1),. [ 10vl.. n1 " i))t) 'l'll ae ia \h'l ayi lOtte) e 11vr aO it.'l ll'ltl It 02t'l gaa 1 r.. l. n )IIll Ollpl i T C IItll 'I n criberllis ll w ll.l l b i7 prl Il )er. oil which I+" t )lCT llt tloa, 21Ia'l2)l ,I \1 III2'IIItao)21 Ila1)24221, II ti12 ha,- I ;lllit ret i l py r 1 arellt K r . .ll NitMk tl)tl l"'tt'p i r. .22 t t1)'1 t'2 1h'aaI2 L,, ) L t .),1o12 Il t 1 jstarl rtlt e,·l .fillh1. lo)I'.t l alt._ sulr l s11 'b01121,'t' SCoftl lga*l hllot11'So l lr11. 'to 0112119 2)h,.)1220 1'0121ntl, 1ew1121,1 t+ 1T 0) c tb.b a f i)or op-,iI n I, lt'O2 '2n1 t ha1 to 4)42l to ihtl'fe t .,t1 1 )r, IIIho )l')2r0a to n0l22 lholtoitlt2 ".+,)hlll) . 11 ,t") a he d )la dN + ei. blarreoleet | 2121)1, 2'h!+ct. qil~|b aV l ta . dsti f.-l Iroairvf 02dg llaai )thol Su0 r1112') u 11012+rv a.','h20 ~ l~l ."'d/lln~l,+'pn.v, an . 12+. f l'.r) 22)' lrl+ila 12oo) II) ni1 lla toth ) 11ha 11)ll2udP~' 01l21t11 0l' .I,122tfL andlh FEED. WILEINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Cr LOUISIANA, ( l).'l d. a s c hi;. ',r,l Ilt' Il Ii- u'lii , i; . l ,, .zz'nl l sIIl till llsla"s ill_ 1T ('l ] IJ1clil't (:ltI ll atItll ill I, n ati i - t t f s '. I rIoNe ;tsiderah e ef per\l iue I. I..s p.I r s-i.ln, na.. I.' prce pi.,cie.* .uI hhliel i. Ish l'lut '!-1 I-nl ll t hi.i -. to i himI , he Ic . 1 IIlrIfII ilil i"t'l III - Hlr All Al ' I NIl llt 'llse IfI. w " l .l . . -I on'.+us Llld <nlhubtlt h, III, ootetlsl, oif wall;. satn all.t lr a .ins. I .ce Nt o ht t' atreel,tsetIcot ,d .tll v Ia. .tI IN 11 lbI SY'i 'yljt X oal'ba.s fI .i ",a I hlt'st ha racltalt, l s.,'-ttir' ltta --d , I I 'tI lt ia II,, ho.( Il 15OZ t .. ii li. A -o, t Itt mItiy otl 1 ai. ll hit Iron Just rel't livped a' t lt I rtletl .t'l. t lol t i1 i 'nllo t eart l' I t. a s tpor'a i . .lt :tu, Tlt eos pisa Ins l'. t ,4' lOM PUN D TON IC M IXTU I.E.-A speedy Is and cuait, il c.r It r s Inc ,ver and Ag.n , remittent and intert ittedla ; pretpart d Irn',a ll rlillnal recil. Ur .d w:!h aI IIII a IIn t and ulti versal s II cerss itn 1i83t , bIy pIrrenltl o the llt Ighsnt. reaplct lllt i:l thla city, ae stated in tI e u eill xId A. t lliiav asia agll 's. "a Nt-ta Ilt st T'ha+ c dinim in highly rn o.tnruded, and has iIbeen lxate.lsiy tused i the a bov, dlse.I." Ias th s tit sant ill tslhilld I uI I it I that thill topritor of the rec'ie as hl een ll t h l d to ol l r it ! ilte pinh. l [Ii ita ireli tt orll in the hopo that it 11ta y h th t l,;- l 'l s .ill r e lieving Is I II. y i t ll:sl who are i ali-riIng m lrat the ict!rge of oi.t r ,o tiy. It is Iacc l ding to lll ,ll dlrertion t, never frd oflidh l e cilet" ing a clia, hI, ll sn tr-ti e tlt t mu s h Ilt it-r f !at.d t of thle d t trder. It a not ati a ll d ..isigr atble, n id pllu a ofl the vealt t al .a tilst c .ht lll a 'd childleC Imay take it with isllpi ty." It strengteIni Ia th di testve olrgcl, creates n till appetite, ailnll .id. u reuilreal mlre tihao, i tle, or ill ob hle :tto t e t Cm , wo l th s to fIlint a it t lrl. fTh e l nll ll eilt er · rllirli ry norI l nitrlte ill th ledIcl n t lt li' liay thri lill tilIollOsi to the illmlll con.tital on. Tile p11,1l.tor o ll~cif cohvincet d of li-talli.tnc '", t iet th,,ey o t to relfnd the pre fl'~v1ry bttle wtitt' liataal take, in a.c 'dtnco wat i thl e dtlrei tna anI d ha s ntll etl'utctd ia t pa rtl et lro 111' Ih lete , F r +& ague. A. OILIVI:IR, sole ag.,Int for New t),.an.., at his willoi ale andIll retail drug llh med t:n- e lure, clroer of ii -v a lll and lthlrtre s t lit aIts. For li:trtet Agmecers apply to jh5 T W. I' ls'1'l IS, 418 Con'i t, tl'tl: uier.i()n,"d h:oimn hIc , un duly tlplhintld fly tof the Bsa t o l. oui .'lsanunp a i'ia tns-ionrs to e. and u.- . the l ia.-itnti se al eapen - as upcita - I e. loe il on d t ,l'ydr t lo tits il ,, J twah, illl.t lul..zt rtan Ilst'-opt llitts ireall u liltl,- -- t- tIth l tl!i t Ii e-h t rnlle t ar ll d aepoI tt-. d a lt Iui I aI l -, thereofl to.ti lieU witl the al ,n o ill ll .i ti oL Il ,. t't t.-k .,i .as Il l C' lt, I., tlhe iu .t eli o lli sjtaa Isit i.o 'lllrle Act I dic nat e in h,,,hy gore . 1, ht idi elti thntti* I w .l salut. nt ilito Ili he +lvcell rd 1t c,,id I 'p ri l Ir, a., l sc; 'l , til i) elel i le 1831. illtIaelllu ult are i rrll ea ilta I -itd a ke the ir ob.! j.eatln, i1 .laly ith ty a -e,'a I .. ia ',ti e andll. Iatler date ben a p t'en ds vtl.tie the i sat a pulia tu of '.w O)rlent, 1 lh Etlo &, 13. U.h s1 -l. acult F uIF-Iai Is t-e non ai lar I lho --i----I hI . I norable rolr dti pr ier di r t.l jud ol. I'1,tatl ll a I Lou.icne,Colnitui~ hir'npoullr I' vainlth tio iIl tablleal du hilna e . '1t fi i n enutourir pour I11+uver tMr, ri'uue non, elle o. , d,. le in. P1,Iydrn. a hl rue ti ro~d,culrl Nl~gatin i, t i c apit.oualac, ltlt lermllinl Ilor l-hhluo: do t und u c i , g tra ,l e avt,.' i. pa t, ep h se nlin h -,r du e de huth r out , polurio r ur it de frll[rnaliol, 1110 di e e ', jt ll d. .1 . +rithl'' r;n: t tulle. persoitn( "eeP. ( l.uns edilt tahblet tl'eVn luation et de tl y... oht :etliier if, fil.,r leur. olble'tiolll 1 ll t existAe, le. n avll)t 1. " i. de no'tmbr+, pancll h ilainli hi denn se ll nt. cl uet die jmlrl sprew la pit,licutin ale S31. H)L8MAN, JllN 11 ]iACll, JA3 . ILtEE, Nlefr ODrI.r ', " 0 1833. f / Ite Ilowpih.h t orre-lniience, in I ,ol, T Ia d Ilur h. r, the Acv , r;:r of Itled. A oct l7 eor Cu up & Common at yI L ',-,. p pe, ca Cueri ,r old Brandy, in slone, T ft IYDE. & BROTIIEI, SL1ITL1 & TRIER, fly4 i t0 j'oydras street. . anari,, ,.<.rxu- ,S ,l , HllE pula nr rrelnrceulrr ll irlueu tat I. StUtion is erelted on the laont t|rnplr.l in an airy and moet admirable lutentinqsln. ld Franklii, upon the rlilroad, one ll, fauttl d-i sir'e leailding I large and maotecamm hotinalyft divided into ap.rtieitCLte, for .reping seeplrute dillretll elastea nald fleredllt disaf".' 'lce ilaatutieue it blpplied wilh the Itnetl skitIl eond! tllljtive male nnda Inlllew c l.e- an, d lrpelekinglletirdt riem 1lll t re1 Illa e gl i kevo. rivae sal ac l e bclle hrel bly dgen ell.rn of li e doI lo r ps . d y|e nlc, e l Jil lte lld : & A MM, A .N G 'l'ern, in tile or iuary w Card'. toou dolnrer dlstl cuv. :lso ltn wo delues. Nmnoll Plx il thie nrdinlu anrd, five dolilts. All ca icaal urgrianl oleration s extraa "Illllli[p Uli.ll) i, l'r malilia LOl) rrrllat }re Illma e. uo- to )r C G ceeleeaet at lCmer stree I.tlze et g, ano It ecaertr otlest. nitta1 ATpA'Nlh., ntd 1-, d |tti flur" 1I0 0 udilbrant ImrIIU ,:t." e Icble r'cthelad c l.ael r.,yi 7 dalsmless anlld IS bils prmnlip i,, c I hl b lecls- ber I lire .- e ia of ei llt bun . Ier a"le o.,, lo ciele I, & dM".No, TtlCeceeaacYeasst l t'd 'xAy b i 17 C.rlllt rjaey Ito.s . ,i o d rllr h qcrllil), haling rlntl lteillbst oarlellr, he fr nul c b LA , 1'T & AIIEI-UNCb. jcul 17 Commenre silret { OduS- ir lreeielltlrel. L .in, ltlhdiO satl thir otle O N iat & i WiII'i'NtN , Ceeti street Th1le NAS:C i:3-50l(k A 0 te ci-Tdrar atir A s t..\TE & 'IRIR , T .ll..c . 4t0o I'uydraul strls Il l.I1l-5L bl]. 44thI proof Amelria laranldy . _) b:,on by ICAAkC 111l!(E il comn, e .hre 4 "Id4 Magllazie e atrest Ie A A EG A '--:'08lll.s or' eern elffTe elnnd l ill Ihglll r Io it, LibertY, snd "Bill I" b in at)/ ior M, le Iby 0loA'1 ElI j¢ 7TI| ER, llm:gl 4U I'oydras street. i9 iuit reciveid., nlid t ier lfe by J I) BLUIN es A t'OHFt N; jy21t Ca1) Cmlllnle slrst. i Noew Orr ws tout to P tics win h rnsiorha t. rlll. ll t, lilo, enll ellllill t coilerr tobe ll tIan datrhe It," b r""eI'Int ho,% Fsrt NoWll (int..Afitr "he InI r t ea, oel'k a e Steanl ear i t 7 ae o ftic'e: mtcr 6 enedeaokAM d o hnea ro 9ran7 Id itn i do do ieo de It t oll udo on do the iti 1uit laa t ha ol do ao dvlo Tue laavhallt acc nialamaeleelapearaaalraaa. In do II d do I'.l|nk, :l A1. caul-lil IreC l.t t. aa'elaa la a ll, and rup fioe hodII I tit 7 (ok Thes'll ie hitrs will & U 'JegJ ocl dIe t'od4rao nvoest. PIte i fco y. Jc RlNrEet.o RI liT. .litc ilca l Eci ict(ch . acc.. Itae. -i01a r eived peIr}e brig s ltr. i l e t it)lllt ulsr btilt y w"ll cil ne lno vw'r nearlv cae.pleeletl, It tcw edi ri,,lclo of fe c ode eft rcc'l t'pilc. , nl'oln n, I la naWiel onnnil hill to It", u r ' IIuse fl ll t tll llh prolie.iul in which he is e-oi-.hd Ic. Iot l of his ifiec, tlte expe'rilenee in lth Iln o f arl :llle' I1"% ] l lllc ' I C e ita le e tcellbtei.hment oa Silr lndi,:i.l stea'a .ed elcle'r wbeh.e reepceial direction alic c l a clll an ll ec. epli t .ll ll t. acit: e lit: ep)earal er of tlilthe ' r inlen l)tlll1Icr aic Ile' tC aiil Cede,' p thtlish dtl Ic .11c'.e'. I E. J.leltl. tIe (e e.. it Wila e th ghtllt ul ioIeble Ii l publlPh thrtaode ,f 'rnteaine ice trile naer forne, that hos: nl wae de-ire it, Iwiey be cnubleld to iilhlceal two 'I fit, l tl'l i li tl, |ho, Pever,c6ill bea dlilerrnt. After ,d.lilinýl aull file deciin a of lhec 5trenl e (eOllrt upoan the lrl id 1 beneflice ~bick pl y . tIe I , ar nrlitlen cons li iilncl in tile P'o.llllitey leoe |la-ea dlgecled l tadd pia c dlt iliiloer t.eb,- iiirol~ri-tln alticle. ill tle a lltalle of. it earle:,oe'lltler ,a ell h r ealcrc' II, the a wl e lc,; ac thalthe icneat Id y turIciena to onr erticle lethe Codae of Prnen tiace, ~ill cct oace 0n.ed, flee declinieu uaan it. Ties Ice w k will 1-cc cUOl elije ccII all ltllle-llallllot lea o Ct e ode iIt 'lflaceicr, no neell.e tilel Iow .rntning und regulatit lie l'ite a llace n oad N\Ie0 tl)iclncc. with a E laleaa elet dcxlo ahe whole. 'oe'l .r b v,. wrk gill neoe npptnraee o np raos n+ I'e Ifa- ef !ntelah n,.'ol, enlenend in good oabltmi. , lill alt: c.l nllloe lac billding, 'old at ol aOlanlA Ml'. GRElINER. _-i l-:.--. _ Arrle.t llceae alaw SOR! A aleru. ORLE. \, LI7'lIIOGiAPllP ' EISTABLIBID. .IE\T, 5i J.l(lIZIAE STREET, OP Oi!TE I SNK's ARECA E. t ,T (;luIn'tf' retr er I.s ,'urlo thinke to tie Sa in l ", n e Is pullblict orf .e Ofirleans, for the etro nanr uiv, a(id on Ihi olrti ree tf l to earms and ".kiteiga te It 'sore lihuer all order coon:':led I.h hi= l 'n ,t .hall b Iplll(nttlll I III ttetdý-d t(1 hIe will an u:t, i el tIhe olfice open drln tri helst elluner a thall Ie alt.s readly to. strike of ll terclanto eircat late, It,itss aind ilhlreo cards, fulmrl f r otites.lmapt, pla, n drnlns, cli evarI delcription, ae the , hlcllede Ii the e in tin to ah t reasonable termn. 'illt nt- oiel Ilo uroitla.1 . )crhiicrtOnY otihe eetublit h s in til e rif. noad rlflln Ih ut rieX prienlce in the I ,,thlin srup inc lin+. "he feels cessliet o( f iiiellg entire i 1: .ImilItecarstm .nd drllnf .ilo' Inlabel axe, uted in ns lol t motoe ts cthif serf.ct tngvleg, a nd nrat aon I lr lllluttt ttoo t l'ied anfto torttos 4, olom1 ( - -<itti1 I. %.I , t ieu te, l',itilte _- !- i -lsu ,,,ofs. i olJti- i.; t, burto beuoti|'.lI cilti lor ltickoffab0 tlle \h{)llll ' ~1) I,, I .' 1 ) i.l llil lhas. -(,reak fle oltiin :n ", tiula u d In , sll the pInit prl i Ilse ans 1 tll)llo,: iC t lilaf ,5:fi 1; , h1 gl.hc ss C oplu, ne Blank's -l.\Y'S INIMENT.--No Fition.--Thia ex.. tre..ardv ry clmiical o counpvitrOy , the relnc:t of ctcillle, Ild itthe uIllvletll a celerated medi iotl al, the illlrodlalut II tfo l chicll to the publie wtos ilvctutd withl tl, hol oull ty of a deathbed.l ulher st, has iJcr garilled a rteutation unparalleled. ftilly ollwstlllin! Ihn correcllcsa of the lamneted l)r (:t.rIlY's last conle+reton, that " he dared not. dtll wouCt eglvin to posterioy atiole b t orft hiu ktitl .edge ei tllin uoject," and he fthrefol, b gue"alihed to his Ift. id and nttontdalr, Soloosac f1l1as, Ilh secret of hin dlscovery. MI'I i now uedll in the princi ltl hlsapitole , and Stie privatoe iprt:et in oilr co mtllry, first and moat cerlTlly fI,r tl clre oof tlle Plers1 and so elten. etvoly yamd It*".tlually s to, btflth credulity, unlesa whre t Its e ti cl iro witn std Externally in tlIe. tiuilwi'otg cotttplhimleI Ifor Drei.p-y-Crit.tiug eotraordinary absorptiono ort ohe1. All SwellinlCs-Rdieing tlhemn iu a few houri. RIrheuiatint--Acute or Chrono, giving qulck irePoTl'at--By Canerts, Ulcers or ColJ,. Crlup toid \'Vhlooitlg Cough--Externally, anod All Ilrutr,, Sprains, and Burs-Curing in s Sore. and Ulctrs--Whellhcr fresh or long stanllog, aod tinel sotr:. Its i.pleruatioes upon adul andrti childlren in rduen- lng rhit llllllllP, snll.;gs, ~nid Ilosening coughs and iglti1ts of the chest up oelaxatiol of tihe parts Ilhas In surplriing beyond conception. The el,slllo renitrk at thotse aIls hate usod it in the 1'Pls'. i- ', It acts lihe a lllrll, " 'T1 II I'll, l'f 'l'The price, ~l is roIlndeod to any p'rson n hi will I.e a hottle of llay's Linimeno ltr l l. Ilhfs, aed return the empty bottle without behng Ecred. These are the positive orders of the propltor to tile Agntll; tlld ilt olf many theLO santd sill. not oane as , elln tita.'necessful. ' , .aI.ght insert cerlltooatue to any length, but prefer that those who sell the article, should ex Itlit Ith original to parchuasrs. CAUTION-- one can be genuino withont a plt,iahiudotigraved wrapper, on whin h is ly name, tntl tiutotll eithef Agentsr. SOLOMON HAYS; sold t holeoatde and retail, by CO,13STOCK &d Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in ithe Union. For salo by the Wholewale Agentll, corner ofr t'ou.mmintO & ''choupitoulUe stlcet, and by the Apolhecrecs genCerallV je3O S'AI'TE OFt LOUISIANA. fRil'T Jtdictal Isti.|et Cott. 'ifhotts !t. Jeo, o kin, ts. itl Creditort and thie Creditora t o .tertns & 'o. 'he CePsfIOt el lole In.,,Ivcnt's property in iaccepte'd hv the LOtrl for the benellft o has Crrdl to , toa il i i ttitdeot ih t ia htoetin of his oaid edtitior te11 fi t ciredioS Of .It brllnt & (o. (e place ato tihe toilte oe J. II. rockas iEsci., sothry loflio, ito tltino tle i tift itl NIviPolt.l no t, at Itn ,'r o k, A. ,lI foetr i pit1iu1rpoe o. leiitcoliig on the foltt of .rest aid Jt.okirie i.le Stott l to t ood 'at eii monoetiae o all judicial pr.cPetigu ltioc t illle vtl e(le n eropersy Uf caid Jent.ins er,. At5d . M.M. Cinel,, leq. it appointed itoi itelftt illte abhIeni Cocd;ilha. i titlosslithe faul, A. Mi., Judge of th Colto alorescid, lhia Llt4h (Oloi,er, I b30. Pl LEILANC, rt_.7--.'brlnl& D'vi CI'b, rAt ir. LA i.UUIOINIeL.Io..Ceac du Prootlfo .1U )i.rli. Jtudieiiile-Thuo if Jenkins Ontlllre e n c cort, lt IPt crtIit(lPra de Sterna . &Ci--L ef s on de. Ii n tde l'in+oLnvaie ealt Ero o eroplb iloo lt Iena6fide t e rea Creoanrel.s; it ret ordouene qu'bfe oaoehn blee dios rmoatoiro el du in.s dle terns . :ia, sit lient en .'e.,.de Idaf Marks a.oi 0mr p.bhi, tund ii jil-r do .\oienlre, a dix littrler du aInlhi. laoor dblibitr onu Ice ufilires de.olis Jelhills ct Stleil' & Ll; e0 meme tllJs touteai proceduree jodicieires contro la perstowo ".t Io pcIOlnoie dUdlt Jentillo illseaarrtct.--it at Coho. est olltli.o poulr replli'sltll.t r oes treaarierl absne Tnmtiau I ton A l. tl bunac,, ugide la coune' cidi'oooF. ce 24,cture. Ato3f STot P A lEkBLAI', ltp Gle( 1j tollv i ifittsf Saeaiog0 o i , narkod i J. IMalzur. W'k~itoko hv fotl tuenkt silb ftie notice ot tht.ors to J to BsN &A IcOJIEX Octý'd 90 t4t.ltS ki S ll . . Y RS N o . 4 fHB. i ,tW I,9 ý9!, L L it 1" 9,14~lli. L D. 1.9, 0;-3.: ;4i:, li., t9fd.,° L 46 te! briong in be r rculls fur go.;o bolulsehot ·fes fr i et. IlnosabL., ., Ie ti.e, ,h bepi.erlad oltcaldr o sbta.., no, &V+i ft. t~t

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