Newspaper of True American, November 5, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 5, 1838 Page 4
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SHotel, 1± 1real peetfhlyly oh s topg ta t Ada anetlion public gone. le$ e i toies 'o late thet at ole it hopes frim her e #iittoiK tmfortble to rereive iinu oi' ner s fayts. She feol~ti-eof l jeovisiti nbrovag.oddrigtthe, t 'toijnot Alnd btt.r- 0e0tmodoletions 'tn h '"t them, on meore ilbral terms. r oe ly situated, and well supplied . y enenoc; the bar is furnished with db t ho liquors, &c., in short, she promise, Sall be wanting on her part to give Ssi to all who may patronizo the i Louisiana lIotel. je3 O IbLIC.-Tim unrFignjed. having Sinder Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, 4utls i, and for somes years his assistant in he tie of medicine and surgery, has the honor t oiffer his professional services in this city. LI assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most ..gtmpt attention will be paid to the calls which s-.ti .yI made; and also offers his services to the holders o slaves,-being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attonded them in Ithe sugar house in Charleston. -. Thefamnetis anti.bilious pills alter thecomposition of':1iProfeseor Smollotte, with directions, can be had ""'bfthe undersigned. The effect which they Iave S edouioced in this and other cities, has been attended ii th the greatest success, to which the best of refernces can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. Sine street. JNO. M'LORING. GlUN wVixm c RY~o SCRitEWS, SAl IRONS, &c. ; IIHEtOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Buokman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving largo and extensive additions to the stock .P7 thlinabove goods, which now consists of the C"" lowsft g assortment, suitable for the southern and "; Wetrn markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of Sbout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sires, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froim 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tsa'Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlee. . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . s de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported pilea. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20lbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churclles, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly iecommended to the attention of Soutlhern and Western morchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lioved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, cani have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricos and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive inmmediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 J I EMON SYRUP & l'lCKl.liS--l('edereled'e Ive . Ilon Svrotll ild Pickles, alsslrel sir es; also, till Ioxres of Lerwis & llbskell's Pi:kle.; lir rsel to lerer a coosinentiel, by JAIIVIS k ,NIKRI:tWS, e1 ' cor COIIIInon lld Te'lhOpitnnllll s . -.5OAP-MIU halt boxra No I tSoep, leiend :,iJtuIee Gould, for aule by ISAAC BlItt)(;It &1 Cit. Itle6 131 hlinga, ie tre. t. TO LET. O. NEsnit dwellin. house on ''ritn stiroi, be tweetn firoli (tircle nld t'Uloellde t ii;e ut. h mii'J. Aptplo Jt'"', - fI tHRI. :I ,IiA:l t tO WVS & r-- '25 ti heel; atb+. s , V dirt dt. iu stole, lifr eale bm CIAt11'LI'N & COOi'ER, m15 i1 .I'na st OLAIN and ruled Cop and Loner l'apurs, t' all ,na Y lities, conaisting of" rld'v supeprior iblue laid bllin and white wove, led litI cid td roaugh mol geLt. record Cap, Brenstaltly oni lted ald le: l. ib . . A.iVi'. 'L', & ,O. mil N Y' Stationer,' lhal, '-4 (heiltresl.s t. '100 BA I A BRIstra CeOf UnLI) 50 busa (,I:l do, ch ,\nells 11 iue, 18-M; 50i 2 ao ,l'r" d n i d 1(;1 50 o tit of ` ii Io 1, 1'tPort, l0 fi; I l do of' do1 I. t' lrowt 8hll,try,.Ilel: s t i ieitiehriie I, airion iv lytal slquir, 'I tt: ii if, LLANK LiOtIkS, .f vrarly, ienivt f ruliu_ atd .U biuding, claluanlly Omiil1nd:,u1i1"Prhl'in., lilRoil std Bindiog tottly exoenvlediat i hert ,ni:ti , by DAVI I,1 I.T I 1' & 0o. m:l N iY Stetiniuirrx' I hllA,1 .ililrtrI s .t. B ,itN i)'--I Il bls iulrh prieouf A Ilml rilBil lranild, Sltrditg, fi r sale liy m~9 I:3 Mt;.zincr1 Niret. SNEW two storye b oit:k Ilel.l,, nitlltill 5 doors . t frot thlie Senoi d .1a eLuiuiyeui:hr H rllalo:iit Ttis siteet. itRnt very leow, p1e liS a esitl ,init i,.cl:I IIPt Enqint r at the, lr.eta. ..... I.. ILUULIt--5i0 bblsn f Flour,. i,t r sa- Ibv F el0o G I)e)eRn I:Y, 44 New la .50 CASKl.S BAICON sides fir al.. It' 'rV - . . mCA J GK ISc)ICili tt I ', 4ret1" IIn , 1 .-11 150lcoils Rople, landilg from Ahal uIfa-r, foril-e by LA.E & AMI .U1 'a 1tl9 I17C r a.larcl t. "A--llid-Stli pi:certs Keturkv Itis land i " frln stcalaer [GJn WVaIne.. Ir mlllf bV YOLKE, I.Ri{ l' I RS, Jel6 ;5 C.l p C treet. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Arew, Nv.y.I, 18:t17. A BOLT six montls ago I had Iho.a nii.nialune tor r.e a secret diselase, fcr ~ hlic I ltve apllhed t se've ral docttrs for a eure, and they didlt I v we,(Ill s so.w mt tire alove date I fnt Ivse'l flndler tha i ac e of I)to-tl Huet, and I expeo:t him tao cure Ine. Since that time the disease got worse,O all s to break out ill larg ulcers to tle number of six or eight oU ea h leg, and tll over ,ly face, antd slre throat, ani not alle, to sCork at h, present time oil etacntn oaf tile disease; large alaclr al tile right sidle of thlle throt. I run ao.e putting cmyself euafitenrly inderthe care of Dr. Iluet, ,f Iuris, otc be perfectlly cared JUIIN DEAN. fedll ly I DO CERTIFY that tie norve Im.t oned disaPse is Lquite well cured to my own satisi;clrian, Ifr whicth l thank Dr. Hielt; and lomrover l acl.r,' that thle melli cire I have tlken oh lll.t s c IIIc tiat, and did nt iaaalllarae lly lrieaith at tall; tberelfre Il dvladioe f II-w a llclteers I, lose notime andl u laly to Dr A. Iluct, 12t4 Canal strert, between Dalualce and laaarl)c,a s ret., )ar. IHuet is at home front r o'olek, A 1A, unail 4 1' 1. Thley will find a trae. clat r r thi . S JOHN i)EAN,.1Ii truvier streetr. If aly one wants to ce rme, call at No. 40 Gcavie, street, and they will be satislied. T'ube publan ied at thie opitir, of Dr. I uet. JOilIN DlAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. ftal I I i TIH E nieluince Indluda llnsm ul l.iv erw-ut ai.t I Lore Shounds:is pnt up in bottlys at tlll a loow }rice of ,A) cents each, containing tile streaglh of three oar~lcee o"i Liveswort, ceeille the virtues o mnllln otlhr roolt and h kerar known mlnun" the Indiano asa elcricacious in curing paull narcy emplamnits. '-The u'oivalled success which has atteatdet d thile Iase of this inestimable Ilaiolo whatiever it Ilts benll ialcl dueed, htas obtained tile eofnilldece eand reTrnut drllln tiens of respecthble o plhyicica for tile alre o .oulhs, oolda, plain n tie aide, wanct of retlt, spitting o bloaoi, ir ler complaint, &c. To wham it may concern. Tins is to certify that we have ill our practice fretreartly prescriabedl tfrs iard lar'se Indina Balsam of Llverworl ea:d Ioairaoua, with a lecide good etffect: we can tllhrelore, frtal til.e khlrw ledge of the Inoterials it is alade fiarla, and .hbseccartoct anr experience, recommended it as a llperie D r' i" Srall tihor ofaections of tihe lnto Ior wlivth it is re inmeonded. At.BERT WII.LIAMS, M. D. CALVIN EIS M. D. Members of the Boston Medical Association. noston. October 25. saieby JAILVIS & ANI)REs WS, a-it, 9 ( caratrca l 'at t il ' Lt nittllll Ra e S ltecattnlnended bly tle Mledical Feolt. . ; : L'TLER'S Effervescent Mlnagersian A pleriellt--iar dynar'paia or ihdlgRestion, nervous debllitl,, glit-i " ,lcS , headaehe,acidity of ties stnmaclt, ibabittal co ci tietenutaneou discanes, gout graaecl, .c. auoIucld (,- nnn.genlle, eooli. purgative. r r. S ]leesirable preparation its received tihe ptroel ' gttg of reaty etiteunt relnler.c of t:e paof.:.aiah, cand i.sibmadise erinlng plullic nany reslectlable .artI asalit .Pade testhtnonilas afits efiicacy as a medicine Ihave been i t led. With lnl tile pleareamg qualitir.a f a glass of -: .s rda water, it pnas'eses tile actie nledite nal properties o,.f the meet pPr redal enli s. ptar.otires; t es ilieasaant - tholbe paintesand rtrtful t th stoma.eb. ' O-c:. tR'TIoNT CAUTIION-Tlile canereasing reptton ", ti.s ad tgreat dsmand for Butle,'s ,tlervescer Mlagnte we esga Aperaient, aas tebann indauoraemct. for others to of ke fan mtttaionoltliotraluoable uced irice. Purchasers 7ta r irteularly btssr.of thibfaet thalt circ may be Sit'1ilhrguard, ult ot pro.ure an rimpure artal.cle. ci .The ibllc ra reepeetlully infor ed ht the hasuberi. arae are constantly upplied with tile originarl and ge. a-' l pit ostl i`eaa"n. For sale who rsanl a d retail. SICKLES & CO. Agent.., .', n" 40 di,,ret .stret. 'N n. ergebob e [lair t, art the resatration t:I> ir wth ofHair, giing healthand beauty, and hi brHeir Oil was offered to the ptblie, it had hltarndr of reese of bulndress tllinnese, end [the hair, and itevery intetlee its t alnter bae realiserd. It heanecerfailed toldrnluec n1 esttlifrl growth of hail ean ieads already nraea where it ben.omes dry and o grow r wil very soon reader it heathyi, and irciarce ltiful growth of hair, iwttort the learn! b-A l head. 'Phii Oil given'sa,, arreeable fro. tpreferabe t o any other H ir Oil for per = +..+t t tl-aina the hair. The 4 I ES &-D'LANGE. -e IO~hjONWBRi-hTT & enO, are new reetlvm rem, .-i idnlaf.rd enhip OrleanS, [;glgl ilal oer,i I, kr Anlorry adrew, Fruenh end (2ermnnl pIly niardgel Back mlnloU lonard'; Clareesmen 1-4 and 2 3-8i eel 1l ard Balls; 8,9, 10 lad 12 inch blade Bowie Knives: Learlher m'll otlor travellii"r Dresuing, Cases; Belt, Pocket, lIorneaen.', andtl Ddling 1'isel•u; rulrhlo and einerl tnrrellred tB.e- Granw IlnIoL; Plat lB'et; Pownller .ied Pinnol I+lankr I)Ban, Bottlre dlll Drinhing Cape; Pcw-,beion Cap; and (np floalarn; (lad, Hair, Tntll: led Nail llre'ae .; Or.lnoad ol l,,,.in a'l',, H i"Oethe\•. rl'nch; Pl wde~ Heir Toihi'le, Ri,,nl,ee ,an -s' in d lreat re, rtletv k~, e otr H aidssor ent B rve e t ,rizelt .. F 'earl oa r T uolh, t lP,. sh r" Et nr B -.Ivori y u T ten C , 7,shio Pirent Shldce r RI ie:'. G,.u. Eersie '1SpenŽlev.: I'awehcrl Palrfanlh soxes. (ait Clulls ,,Ila, ,n, in 1 Jevl. eome laeipng n ltn -knef.r ira el, ts Bead %hkl-n'ee eeIldChainisi illna laia,,,-e,lBeads l ,rlieeelle ,aln I ell and htmlene ; e-hn-l Ic s t n: ' de aul Iesr ,-ill CncaIl n; Irllihle,ia nddlitl,,e l, p"ilr 1 stik on hldlree lvko l cIleir assrtellan t ea ry- ee a lt e nlnwil I adllaI Nwv nlll o lienll Jern n, heN.N oer thae ohla o (:Uo'nb. i.5+tF 70 rharlres street.f Illl .&Pl,, IF t4a.r, .hel,-F-iilhl lalaod, have . sl pc-oANv l a ver P, ext'ir 's co o wAoR Is, Illllljztill (If Ile-, reellllS. IITI~~C.-Arln~ I~r·vn fale ei llv: D:,:1" 11 :nil!!21 :" " ..... des,'ril~thm Pen, Pocke, Ilc k, alrld q ,a ~ ll|+~i~ .IItr+,:. lso lme olal , aols -.';, wr .v a ni -nlo e, o ; 'e ,nehIle-it tn e th -rt, a,. &linl,- hesl· o, cT r s in itio I' ea00l I-im o Nil h e l cnmh" rnevn i red. im. ,n: il _ I. tI. (Irll-iN & . .C.llll:ll-N Ž ...........a.C AItT 1\ tiP I &cTi CO--AlRe In' eel-inl Omr ose rtlnh i elnwille,a -alohsl-rir X,,lzpo, Blile. teelle ar, Verna IIIIrounndde,,l,,bl, m hlsler, i rlich a , ll e io latltr;i llh, I erI l in' . aEllanl 4 aR.-l e en. l hell ,r s;o lesa I.s-l ll-i;in s, in. rle; (illil'on s a nlno ,lr alh t a nd oli er nlel n ; 1e iA ilnl;Vil ineoialc rz sl,, ll 111 ,iii,ai( II,,aIeB11 1a1R1t1-,- tlki Ionlil, sIil rls, sh llc , ilull - hI el i s aaI n, sl na -er plc-Ii ; l(gI n P 111Th* . l'IIIlI,, L Khead : LAn E Sleather -G.+rn. han r stlati afn +tolet ac l l's nero:' klllls ( Ie . r e all " "-t r I . g a nl s m a j " s e oin !n+ " i r fal e :e i t i~ u CharIlnlnI Inm I w ilie il, rI n II ,disin s,Ž t i,, ,1. lles, Ioevi l.,ri c,'smc e ll'l wash h llP+ PleelillZ I1st n1 I~ll$li~llP* and Amett leriu must I setulredol, s k i, u er l re stillll ], , Cl., ll , h,, ll, S h ll; e ar ba d {:ltl l lS i lle Oeu l a res , llllan i rall pa etl rane ac ts Mc anlello hlne-le-re al. Illt sllt fII o I ll l ol , o - are wel-dI. 0) .l-yle O i, dIo+e. Pa Tn i Anal , boe aillaitin tI allr or lalneer st I1ko fae ylrtic Hlcs Illllktf rllr'ilg II( :tsS )l~ il' 1+ l 111t.%, ,. . mp l (tl+. !,'of stl + nrllals, lkeal ley, &icel es, ' r-i, l ,I' ll a b l rli-, lIl Inc n 1 , o l-no II. aige, nl8 1 r (ialll, (Ia,, PIh 1 hI,n -r n1tf~vIpt-trdet ,. n Mz Ne a,,l'tlI. panihwsi,Innh 1,iil,cr.h ad e un~nh (riened 1r a-n ,r "f ll ., ann it '1.I"e wihtmsfl,.and t:nin ani . d Illinenvs on fi.lln lra,Cell( *llac*a, dlrcil IIPI.I-nle,,el i lllll~ Y~i'el levi Ilan l s .'ill tel d tlil +"cso-ll eia i I)]'th I tl I e f er ',.,ae Itlllllrlre(I ..ll, calelh l, .ndlII.rriF - evII u 4 Ilolll(li l n . anlpl· (f ili~lle II'v', .vwII itt'll( IIl/ heltailnc ii th iFIl i Ill' ine In ,,f Koll,-,- I f,-,, - l & (i Ne .\\ v ()r e "ns - en;' l s l'; 1 IIIII L\· .e (aI) rnlswl ihe I II ueid ill l l tle n (lie Iiia ,, l ,Fn illl il ohae' ii,ol,-lweel II+dI ae,,irly cii l +;lia lriidi erqa Ii, ht'I~ f~llg lm[ir llS ssill deas( . I i'ti;lltr(i~ .I leln wi thlnll dehtv. illl(..* 1 111( IIVI C 11.\1htIll New OrhIn-eee Junte Ž7, 1837. f~l-lN alh~lslrr~ ll:rAl e ( elIlI 7NEl 91Ž11 I)II-IIIl'(lill(l i III *r~lonarn ,,,errnfllr ,;in, I lelerllir IlI~lijlVln-l I:II .eio. ....i, IIdee aoai,ei ..... ,'is .Alee l.l erican areidl -Ion-ll -Il. 1,iht0 FIn.n-dern.l p', ' "' i':l and boxes ,·( Sll.(II l ll~ CI , ·;il· ilt l , s tC .,, . 'll bll; I,, l l,,, rllf e rI Ollleloe eIlIe, e )h, i 'e ill, eil, re o unkts, kollhalh Wlardl'n logeihn ]l a • :I l .,i i Ivrl~l~lP; 10de 1 ill~l.l.ll'l;+ orld.I, lavl~· lllar os Ii I. V t .lle'sI., Ihe-.! anils, .lrneilh i,e l~fm rvi~ I •I., ,, Iru lllp s Id ti, Ithlil I l(lrllll~e (h nh I-ii1 ) .. II II;( :II II ' /ll iloth, h i Fripir, l lil II e 1111 ,i , 1teesh ,,c,,l I e lPc. i+n + 11111 I ln i h'ad je of-F cnfiii-n ll-hiio- i e l' r, a sII ; onlllbs·l arll jl~el\ ' I, olr · h, I l owil nlll whil,,h'sah.~ .rI rll till by " IIIO el, tli TT F (ll' t), !v i711 Fharreshenict--. N W\V 1 l( ---- .i,,,.,;in ahr;& ea, ,{ ,l FCi vll, [i+Iin - ii' {|i I l l eil,, il l ce ,,I'[ll Ihtld ~r .- Jll~ii .( 1I fr Yh [+[i} N~ l'w .' llrk ;t .11 ,i ,Ijll'ifl t 11 lee, th oa l hhlln n ii llna.,,ln III,, ir I ,, ,i ii V l ll "i--i,-c ie T* ie , II I c- ;i i, e a, ii, a rl il tl:ii l l , , , t~llll l alll,; l h'l.Slll+.n i ~l~llllr. .II·'11 l~ll .il+,t i .;. ' 11 ii % - leehil eelnlt, sil ki Ilrsilol l elall 11 111011 0, (·illeII C(.h lslP MiSls JC\nrh'rs \ I llIN [+·lri) t1, , .Il.l + l~ il blllll.h:l I I dli l zll - ni,-,iF ;11,1,1 lll l -ii-,ji I·Ih' l il --a-'Il aocel t bok lllh.illt,,,. u--id ,,,F , thu ll, F llv, nI l ee 114 I ,chiai +l 1 c e-Oll n ,ll F head al ,i- ,,,hil- i Fllll illl lit , \rlllll " m ls ~( III ile llel ' i l llt l . Ii llllle i llIll., I gai-~i]~lll uii~eliF ee ~iF ile~ i I I l ion l~~l Ai 1llll r)Yll o'rl(.riI l;lllll~tl+,i (l~ll.S l~l~l llll n 2 s1I( ++. , , . ,t, :l el+? · ITltskl s, I he s lll 8 f)\.'lm, bah. I* k ( I :1(. i ii 11i, 11· ill.lll ; lll-hHI-, I I ll(lre 11Iiitrr llII le 11I If\V4' \l~ll jIlll d eO r l IC CIn sF w I hu i. , h llh hai llrol·l C il I IOlll 1 , ell j-lll , iall n date ]14mr 1111,1 dll lhl i ii- i,., ( .l ill t nlciiiio, Il~ender real ailla bI liiI- llll- .l.'+' i' , IilŽlld- i iaall, ll, I i.,~llllti S I all : l lll, , l ' I iii, V I ii-nl i'Ihlllll 3IIII, h h - ll i na ellh.l nllel u i, 1 I -i n 01 ll,-,, tlp h l i i'ip- l~l+: hizl t.I.e n lllh-eli,;, • I I a a la- , erllli, iltl ii:llk ii s I illr n ine, illll- I llla l ll, t F yev Ifltllrl,.lts iptlrl l (Iilll ivllrv.llr l~ ,il ;I1 (I .. rt . . u, ,~ $(71· r tl lill ll~lrP) ilier i Il Ie + Lrl'. IIii iih t F llld twpe:.e' i tl • lawnd l g i at h ,ai ln i airiaaa llsi,lr hii'i >: s ,, plll iFIClh lPl -lll: , mul - II l I al i l.,i-n, F.e,'nlo1l tl -ii Inlr ,+ld Allrk .u lI sl.r lrt ae nIrk 1'7.,-, InT(·,lelt I .,.~l ,, •II( c ni l~l (I l~a'l, lI~rII' helll, rilil-- illl e ni~~lialnlT llI( 1II TeaIaaa alnllnave, t. I ' en FIth dcc a;ll,' €.Iv f lllt ,ll |iis i lll +lu it(,lll % llllll-aeat lh --IeIrallaui: fI:nFn-h -I Idi-ih aanih':. ia-liT-X :.nld-in 'o1 h lti ; '11 ('h lrlr,,s . Th.illll* liilli( ~ 111 uhF ail- r h- aI I 'rCI .i-F E llll~l i i iii .[ 1 10) < Illl1i'lliF el F •1, ll.' v . I hll iFllllb. rl nalll ,FailFy J , l" , i 1 Ic l)na h i, " I+ll, y nrti 'h's,&11(. )u11 .Fang -ia inal ,,-, ; , 111ID\a, - ' naillh bolac, haln-.. Fa,-iv." . 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A NEW artic le fist persons tr onll-d with dell 'ue I s F (clled thli a ar l llIo h,1'Co, oullllt) es t ,,on · 11111 voice is distinctly cntey d to the var :1a%, uu who has ee b en U uldiged Vo 1 wll, n1011 dot Illr la -1110 loam, cnced h sh by ,ple l sW te - Kiidao, a punl',r111 tl anolntli ofo,rl~ty h s.o Na I Al abama nhi n to.t r p a ll d. The moatsepatib l roenin atw lla . per onent doll d u1t- after nor In : Pnyaa :ot Ldou Iftl.m.l ..11'E" .11 0 1 -15 0 n .11 te JAItVI.$A ANI44 11ano , --IV Jbulevtl Brag aid, crner C aat.,, an 'l'chu y ,as streets. Y1{ Iuor c~lrb.rleil ~ ll b I llj Vermillion;B1 2(I past a Gut 1 t ' · nrt .li~jaillf 543 do S ilver do;Ier cet iatlll r l~,~r WIN IOW LASS, Amrican, s dish ad Frenc B"1t n t..rowa d.-SOU Loes, onasinm ut, wll becl sod ow A'so, geneal assrtmen of a i St w colors an 0RI. WILLIAMS, OCUIIST, ROW AT THE JEFFERSON 1HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the oisoille Jldredrlier: SIll--It appeors by the ohservtion. of thie Edistorn of tile NRoshville PPresryterian, I'ion and iros Irp as s eoi l as o the editors of the Mel plhis Eneloirer, Shat the "Old Gentleain' is r lnolo the )octors. 'This is proverl by his kintly root, knowing that Ihis tio is hlt tsort, aio that is h inoIernendet n ericnn A t eolole are Ntlll to jude Ibr lhelisele Ies waIt -e "e ills atid ipolPitlonst. 't'hes w se th e e tlitrs who ore Iotelors, thie propriotoer, ied tors ort s ab-elitors of tile tlve ntameod /jltlrlrnly, v!lt every letter riou per'sou8 1 have restored to si;-h t illh, abve placee, puolls. I. The filet is, tsht I n "er rha e stll[ p et sneerm ihllhin so limited a ple'iol s tenl or twe lve dys. One who wtso Hna o f llt tell e ears, who e a d ,oly seen tile tight from ho : birtlh, ber-tn tleetoa tto foow Ilia (lltee ti n lyit ied ht n his tio in oblieds toot t e 5 o by e ie . wn moottc l diesr , o ho hadI seih Inot telr mlht of ln Sone, tr tll f ItetI ist' lid tl e ot hell fnil erly tw Ittr, bovine both ol them the other eye very w'' nk ktree)i tie r I ltex t illeu der tilt IIIhenf . l n to d i iie i et i f th r ti e lrtr Y tlish ot. t tltoet h rtloetI ltsto dn olrh,. dle l. I or tort. alter to Ith"e Ililtr, le"o ll.l IIItelt 'he trrt o ltlIo Wr. P lll'ItIs e ly t hbtllt 151 Ill ttt 1l tittt (It . t ier ' III lot' wh dl d o, t ih e e fo the n t i t rl - sie hti ' ttti r ls o e Itt tl,, ltt ers t Ihe tmo I t or l i.e e hl' o ett. t-Ills ' a ig , h tttfl lrCtl lie. S eli. . C. , 1h,l ll tin I o l tlel l h ,, o t i-oh, r i. s . in lNa' v ll l ot (In ,III ] himselllhtt, re i lin e ad el topaid - that lelte rU i lot t OF tl t l e itl l dT his1tII sthe a ll ofe o cfmtlo no o hlb .et-. kI th e v ur B il wsint, io tr o veo to h;o " ,it .o . tl ei ho h'ce lar, ) e it tttttt-t r - alcoh t i' rt- n- v c ou-ld- not o yi li l io of tte terl t k t i t t t tl si t i l trev st,1 hltts m( whi' h I'l[ fir"e' di rv aon , ahri ver t oile I o n , be dhas l= ; Illl athn ,; dd tt i r r Io u that h e x n h or f e H o·ly p ri the proohf , lot frolt kee o lls aloof hin eire ts , is lltht esl t' e iisit'e it llltiV, nose ' ItIIits ts led h till me0sII or I 0 IllnmembeIr o ih e vll l 'o i Pt e huolll ('Itrllt , fo c if it, t it l t' tit11 tte I tir co t -- sl th t ,t"] etis word re )ier o t. ll tl i si ' ittre Il,' tth- witsttt t lttl Iltt l t ot e iecI. I repefnh t h, ad neve stltll stee t r, I st t llt h lrte sit-, tile atntht'r rtttf ih~tnv ans,, d. o thts,) ot or laldll I r b fotreilt co lil). ,~i t l i 1ea fo i l n l . t b i h It[l l-.I t ,ee t.l fr I h tht riet tcf os iill , nierli -,e she c'lird f rom~h be i nh e ittrs o hi t lsit lerror-thd at oas ithave I v. t ;IV h f r t l t 'befo re It hr , o t t i thst ahr, le d V rI IIIIt fro nt rIlir t, l o fi r ol. b er i lh s fir t ,if oh tiree ,ek the i .- - td 000 I itLl do<r'ti of tilt. Ch rist tit t religin ors ll ot trll rads- oulit d,·s·t0.l 'll tlio S llb, 5' tih,,l,,e filsel, d to plea s h - inedt ul fidInlilq it h 1 mlinl w ton In 1. hadll, dolle . nlllilth i 1ll h eI otd, oi t no I in .l t i oIll . . tltt he it nh i i " t ho il.l s po of I h. gr, t -Ie( , s, I til t v."l-rcpt the tllaidhirt { t.ctIlol. )11ot ofi Ooe,, al had h-t.e i nll'orif byd11 1'r et t o Drf - the r ertse ort it l ., t- t tt- hlindl ee arival in Il e ý tilwesl. This proves, b ,ieE- :rt lelti oi thnts 1 ; a ll k Ie t d ilvtll u i I r trihved u Iil hi,; ' lIl N .ihli llll, J o e I Cir t t 1 t:,IIh l" iill th islt h ttt nd Sit tllt hi sl nit, (1te stlll slier t f i thilel oil nI'v very +oI thIfuI brow ou the fnvI I vir, t, lis .le firtli thI lillle t tI te ot l teti , Ihe tefttei tc isi ittY orur.ttee't, toeh. •It •, '.l" ol ject ' Ir t he i resnt is t .t II'.t o 1 II ie - m d l: ;ulinhs and etllti r, of the(! I (rpul li,;ut ul. l T" s lerI ttl o,. i"t I t ' hs I it ll ctlttft r Smith of ill (- T"s bytq'r,,ifse of tIl e I , etetef slilllltlsl l twel e rditr o , l-uh mldirnl t'dtor of the .\Ipal llis 'n "trr :.l v,. II us lr t )Tr t,','I., the rlitt'r or" tit,. sol, in,.ll - I lt() llllL1i.I'er' , o] onl l l H, n Mlnth or r hf u v,+il. . li. : I,'h., ..rtrl· iva11r it n \~vY Y , n w\[II -. < t. thi, itl hl t" ;,~a b r . hr r o'cL the ~ dieml (;olio) . o h Il " , ril + i 0,,,'w I,, ItiIiie. ~l lilr l flle', t) lito i] itIbis happ lo I ,f hbelr, I"., arl.. iil ur 1 h r Il' Iluh o tl o ;Ls oill• 0I00 ' la l 9lltr lr 'l i 4d , ,, lt f d. o i,, i lh , et. ',',ell is ll," ,itll ll i, wh e w¢., Il liet' gt'hidstt'll.t T[I'l n l tlh.pll , there. ! toe, olu·v 'ily); (I IIIO hl i fidn me ,,;l ; Il e l ab ro esIeI 00,"00x Vl':Ll' l 't n- ito k,t it lyl'e lettert io~t paid, ltall iI:1 stt'Itl'. ;' ill b u'e-oe si rtech noi.'. i-li 0s-i. , rrt1 -h t h tlll ll t ll-i Il -i te tsile s lI', s55 , < I' klec lc steleallt' elsll 'l',ete, ee i otlie.ll tils \rI tn lllr I .' im I, ,ott ,i it Iltc otrt . it leek prig 00Illi4 Il t M(,l fIolr t ile sev. It. lhowull w "ei r,, t i ~yl prein' l'' I tl1 l 0000 h'rst) Il lo IIV II rlllnt Iol " ,tIe[ thlo mtr,-v, t l, it n his s rl,- an ld h .5 - i n ri tI" l ,l y ) -t I I' t, i tIIpo-L! ba (l to elivered themll hoth ,0l0i0 i cslI i-t r' ttn' illt,' tlht I wot ed to rlibtt-c e Ih,, f lo s dI tx Itts IttIr, l"rod1'r,,uhI t i l'll o i- l 'l flat oit l ,lrilll\ olhtT I 0,0t0 00ll ' )litllllV lr. lt 5 . in l ) : , he Rev, ttetttabi s,. bi ri it t ih ,, tttc ,-s ,t o t cýllol Illt itl , 'lll y' 'll . ~n,,I rI C c. , 'lll , g,"ol ' lll l t 1,"o "'lll tilt ill tce 1 o enlltd ;,llllrlvlll, pa fl" as tI he air lll'or tt ] l,"o I l : '" " h e '" '"c " ,l ha , , indul e,)d h ;y t toolll l l( "ol'll I~ tr vi + .lll ill, I; ,tilrl~ Ir I\, s , ! thlelto l ll. t ic oll, II,;tl'~ I lln 11·i~ I d t~ lilh"" t'f t l ;, o it Il el, ool tore of he - , to-b,"'-i-,t\>rid. 1 Ircl l intl b"1, \l l . ,,,,ld in tit'! 1hlb t l ,at +i tiq, is I kI., ', I, liV , Bl ot its." I hldre H y theII Lt 'i e I lido) )I '. 11.' e ivh l t w tl ,.+,l th .-lnbll h h! iia .' ,t r; I e ,. {Irt.ll 'll tLil, Illh " i ,t I,,%:, b o~ boil, ill , Iolto r t rl\,lhd illtidlh, ll, , inl e rh"tld l offor { 1" SlrlhtirI; {d' llbi IIii, o h h igh~.r, I lll*Pl'l callt lion fl] l , 1 to;lh i~lllll oillllr pi) so It+ + i lvcr. 1!, "\,,,~ oilll r illh, tat oI purl't o.f Il Ill,' rt', ]la • ,rhlhq% ice, of ,.1 p,,r ., li:W olierhl. ,lill ,roe to he I ~"ol~l, i lrle r' ll ia Il" tllm,l ill e 're'" h+i· IIi, ?rill, 31i'll i tl l Il0ll0il t" io r oo ro.dls, bI at, I ever hocoI'* ,,i ib h rihe hi~ duo I bl l ~'. lii 1 Ia\.; , 0)ih lll 1 hllmi ,] hit( rn',.llle r I 1fe, iost tl · i ."- Iii, \,hi lh all prnlnbililv, hl' would h,;,,," gbladl r"'o, ,,il l"s his iL'e, nod x='l rdst t L , It l le c'o rnl'a itf 1 o n,! b·eo (a ,llbilllt ol'lf ] if n t lit e. 1 .I\V tl II, I ho llul ; t .ermin ' tla e donlr it hi a " ; to h;-, mv ore d il isu l l Is li...llltlllo i "c 1 IIII11h,1 ih I ,;v |)tqo hiiellR v o o be rc;,llv t'onlorhd to tlt. Ielw fo',f lohe ing, ' f i' lhll, tviol. Ili, I ,ouhl not b:"lll, proi",',l to cone o. d 0xll iill l hiit, 1l0i0e000 "+'hh rtllhlM r oflll, t lell - tel v tlho . to d{o. I. I lad Ile biroereal ly '+" v , rllver t, ., worl " nV o t llh l D t l ito Iv h , h r H,l k,, lt.ItI ,l'l td-r llli 1.+ IIcan i 0.lio1I\ whhhitch, i s ~,1 kli,,o 'n, Ire ,loreo, otoll 'otrt', \vd .ii tol ~ Ih so , olllti l soi- me:'hl i ) llh" Volitr t 1nir, rlnr - erllrli Ibr ]a'+, ha i Uiilcl0n hoods ali II. Ili jE'NNERl'S .11.1' ()t" tu~.JISIA1NA.,&,1c. NEW MAP OF I*I· Ollr)U \.%, .\, iill its madll~ ~il nlCl and tlncca Ttlcesl~rrni pla to lanc, nlong te ,loselrg .1.111,1,atobunt route 1, 9lII· - ·1'I'11121. 'hlrcH(.I.I.'s 31MI I1 F 'E. UNITED r((ITE. hlllil Kiren te a[ t IIII( tIIle, IIu.1 onie , (EII lElI then el~u the coul~cý uf lr the anal, and rail road, Ibrutlcl ;htIl w coottrc, cllll1 11l· l lý ; Y crnlpill d ante Ilse be et au.Llt t urti: -puh",l~d b, -. Au:ýut tu, nlircbl.ll ((nlTED $1" I ; (((((II (III (:LIVE llu, d autcx *l bunt ; uu! cull:ýL tuu it. , \.c, just Ieceiv lll II noe fr male WWI! AI'K1A t(I1'SU 'lltILA1Itt'tttA1-Fa,~ (' (It ( YORItL I RU' 'IIEit ; 31 35 t:uatp lruc(. THE INDIIAN'S PANACEA. ORLhe cure of eumatlitsm,ecrfula or kingaevll,go~t, acitic or hip gout, ines.icnt cancers, salt rheum, stylittai mernetedisstrenses, pnrtictuluy lcers and paiefeulalieetons of the bones, ulcerantetthroatse! nosn trils, uleors of every desersption, fever sores, andl internal bseses0s fiotulas, iiles, seonli head, scervy, biles, chi Ile sore eyes, erysi oli,bbottlers, anod evelT varietyof eu taneous alfoetioee, ehroonle Cotsrhb, bend anhe proeeed" ing f'romn aly aerid humot r, pain ill tie stomscll nily I1's peslia prooee'lig from variation, itftoetions of the liver, cloroie inllemneatioa of the kidneys, and genelral debili ty causel'thy a torpid nction of tile vessels ofthe skin. It is silg Ilholy efficacious in renovating those constitutions lwhicth hlave bee brhoken dlown y ilynudicinus treatment, n cv'rile iierl'cnrities. l geneml terms, it gs reeo's eended co rtil tlose liasaes wlsicarlse freoln limpritioa of the blood, or initiatioo of the humors, of whatever name or kiod. Some of the shove complaintts may require setie tri Iling nsi;stant alqlantins, wichi titcciromlstanees of the ease will dict:"t ;hut for a general remedy or lurifiealor to 'emlve tie caucse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generdlly be fLould slticirent. T'( l'tEls PUIILIC. lowtrlr it is, that modiern Ph'lysicians, In their am tiiol to exlel in their professiont; explote the vast fields ofseiece byr the aid ohecmistryl :ntd seek out Iew re mediarl agelts; in shot, to arrive at perfirction ill the Itaetice by ie,ciss of art alone,-entirely overlook and neglect, as lo'c1 ththenll ntice, thereieh and boonteous stores of etedicine, whtich the Alnightly has caused to sooillg ogat ef tile eerth il erore etlime l Anethehot much moloe tlre is it thot while tie Aoerie:rlo Phsieian looks to foreiigc ctlllotiesltor nalny of his most common anid oeeess:sry ertiCets, perpetuolly ehegilog as they are at tile dictates ol'felshiot osfilly, he is surrondsled is Iis owes oUtEttry withtall entdlesstn.Ofusio of medical lhelnts, slllei,:nt to ons'eraey iediocotiiu itldisaso er to airi atloy ooorehlo olisoretei. nito'ct toE is igllolotllt of thleh' oh' res, oi th:ey are suffered to 'waste their healing otl the dleseet oh'.' T'l'e cllects of vegetable medicines uplon the system are teleomrory-dos-to of osi.eroals lactiotg. The tbrmer en ert thir e'ffectsoo, a lass Of--the latiter, heresry in oer tieulrnl,· act chelloically tont the solids deeomltosi.g tihe bones tand nsloermicting the cosstitution byi slow and sare destl'nction. 'IThe congeiallity, eflciiency cid SAFETY ofvegeta ble emedlios ever oineral, coy be estimated by cohtsast ingthe ateieot practice with themodern; or, to tlrilg i ncore imneldiltely uolelr our owll observatiol, th" Illti an ieactice with that of thie wsites. Vho, in, Ameeiea, nas Ilot kllow or hocrdl of retected Instances whereio somle dcein, IoPese rodlineg le feo tdio, bhy mce'sof er nll iool~de r~eoteotir~ suotoo, toes o~tl~eced tice noels teIpidl all. ;sis hlille cures, aftr thle clateilt Nletica of tihe monlplllllr .atctc. dlretctel in tile Inost skilftl ilaloner, loes foiledi Atro wboo hao lonot beeoo suerisel tststteeotoe soarotio ecoeasr aloitcility witt whIich thle Ildiall F'es hi.n self iinl any disease,:nott tite :lmost tots abstillelce oftchloi drisease among tlorm? WVho has ever heard Ooo atllooilcll titloH esOttttitUiOe hrokenOttllled roiteol by illotveat0! AOd a Icotonttxist ttat tthin n k s 1ap- eX emllttinn ofthe savlrge firosl iImst ol'stle ills wl ct thle lesho tt'lono it heilrlo, is ehliell owit i to tUOlte gelic corttsrfe otmeleso wrhit h lie cullelois. y h'lis 'istooishk illg oitfflerlece ill suc:cess, is tidir exempliieatciosl of the lioritrsoorleliorieity of tile sileote tolld sato IcrllosS of coire wehiet o hi s o aooo crteti I' the bteh eft oef ofis chiheleeo, over those which tioe ptide and thie ot of tlan have isn From a long resildece armont a portion oftrhe aborigin lllnhabilaltsof thisconlllry, unlldlnO illtimlate acqoluin Lanccc with tlc' Inmothlods il' cure of some of thceir most luccesslt plocitiilocels, the proprietor el 'Tlhe loiaaI's a'clloacte,'lcqi-nleuod a klottelge of somce of tile llst Iowet'lil and lhoyloite remedies. IFrom these heseleeted suchl as werle i ost eftitaiious and apoln rlciatCs, csld otier valsllns tCx iellnlltS o t tet their liCilllcieo oan strengtl , t laseotlle b led Ihlne ill ilce l'llolc herle ['vseontocd, as tihe moot levl'r ct a iceneficial loetoe tletlllose lbn f hsidcl it is ieco ml i ed. 'I'ht pro l ietor olIc'stlhis pteparlation to the Idublic, with tile cosciousor'ss that Ile is tlacitlg withilteie setsc, a r'emedy capable oft'llieuilg mnaty of' hs allcted I fi Ice' to io.go, otoroo awoof.tto'eorg otrtlcre thevroot el~m alldl -tili lllai lllts tor ..irht t is 'tpot iotltcat le o such it will prose or incalctlerot vaoler as the eans, Icltl illI I IoLrltt ro ases tice o. ly I coat lsollelievo iotst h' slo lt21"icogs a00 t''rt'ito t col ohe on ce e ttore to hetli aso hbo - hloeecierg. °l'lls toteloliy as0a 0010lll rcey ly t at xl? I'4 chrtt: be c ollsull 1 gool with c oIt.olloo ls o. horillo t e t is t i cbloe rel"tsa tio s ife on oh es tellst las oll\ Iti coll hnon remedies i f.lio . "l'lrisit 00clcr0ls th oricri it 4ubs1a0t1al and Cont inuin o of it slieolc rello , acti allo t'cr sthet ei mtlcl i tcls -rl rott~oeotsct eeo otcoasoeerc lc.ot teg tolae. t t pl'~eltcl toIhe mblc: utin that sheets, male, Tif ree solic lce cltt ran:,lt t 00cr o r i g st e o" g , wh wu.. 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Now heretiue b it t, -uI I c I i , that Vtl thle slclr e rIIn of this iemoull !illl ' ofi f 11 th IIIe shut, l ltldi tdu ii LIIIII I I~lu ·li the baililll le It.- ]It,, of fit" ri Iv, that in cuabv... it to p1,-fpo oe soy 01pail o nl t ,llller "il n oft the tI II of said c'colimt r for the term of sixty days, tram nod ulti ot vl, fnl Inn on p'r*irh it is null, payable, wi thr the rx pt cs con diio loei , ln i'n t acid prolu CIII atio I of -ixiv115 day:, 1ruto amt alt r II Il lf u1, I'aycl it r lIu d ha e hero pail, that then the ,r, ak on w li icle will tdyv el I should hav e her o made , i s tool point mia impar tivr.1l Isv11'Jwo~ In coot ; nitydol I lre, to sa 11n11111I~llll stork of She sn t Lkhuldr s in said cllil' un as think proper it) list oil' the payments OR thelltil rir stm1k i 1hor..od O the dditi nl sll tydys, which im clwrtr a ullo, th1 a-,:notfie thi tthepayentof wo ll Ines er shre culedfreutie.thfrt 4p wei r ex a b otp dune hesxh eto STAT'E OF LOUISIANA.-Parish dourt for the PSrish and City ofNew ( lrl lwan. o mI'I~lE STATE OF LOtISIANA, To al whose J- (thII Preselnits tao Coe Greeming:-aWhereal,[ Jiufes lIanre havi/Dal leed at t anlt mado by ite ihierifof of shis toutih of Ornleae S the roperty hloritrlnater dosoribed, 'ta nppplied to til ts.l loh t isa pnors, iwIsOo aoeff tile deed ai sale teas recorded oa ho aelday ofApril, A. 1838, filr a otoititlt ler oader t srnanton eonlotimty o an aret of thel.eislolaure o thea btile oof Looitlana, rtaitled "'As art for tsle ftsrther assu rane o! sitinles to proiaser.s asj tdicial ai;e"' Uoiatoed tihe ts0i day of Marit, 18311. NOW, titereftrs, knas ye, and oil persne interested herein, lro ltrtey oited otd ndlnotiehd in the onae of tile Stati of a Laoulsln, and of tile Piaish Cuourt, w o o set op any riaghtstite or claim in onl to tie pr terty iereinafter d lresisd, in eot 1seueaeo of ony inlbratlth ill tL ardordreesoadlse t or iudgaellt o otlthtt anderwh'ite:hsthesnle oW.n ntoltie,or t titrregolttarilsv illtalv is tirse npprtscoett ottiseent td tt'ertisnts, ill tlme, oronneaor tofale, or or eny othter ~refct whottso terv; to ltow eanse, wittia sitirts doev Ir-i tsei tay t onitio is irls inoertl i it l e tila tic plers, alu y tle oe nla iso lll id.oula te tor tfil ndt ld o Ittt Iogtted, 'frte said proeise toeo stiti sty tte Sheriff of the pot ih pforesarni o tilr [hi day of A ipl ,A. D. 1i8B, Ity virttole lodecree of tlis Ctur, remntlorel ol tile 51h dle ofuFelavnte, A. I. 1838, ina tia Otse isi'ld Arelao r Collthlll it,. Jatos IIotIe, No 10,367 of tte do cket of tlis iContrlat waitiitoalsi tile s Jtttssl 11llstt t eeaote tie plarcohasert fur tlts pliae of lSnlty olno itouandti doallars. l)estription of Property a gisren ill tile JtUdioil Con n terrtain lot of terrlll situ ute n tilter e PunbAn.o nnintion a lio s iucoLorseo dof tciti tity,i ots nlor No 3, aollst nt ioglrt tere aisaoonp es dorae, d'tsttttrto h nde Iilot harint French l 3 [h t rth Tehll o pirlt oulnts streelfclu fet Ifnal tIts l Ottg'ts streest, and i0 feet oil Ianade dIe a.t ' lrstreet, a s et rchit lnn es ott nsyl ototftnind is oill etet witrlo itlt iel, sie of tile sise tso tle i otler, tiheor wis a Ilaswesait oiost fRonltllg on 'l'chloupitolllenastreet, tlhe kitchlen itunl dlc Imadeneiene also taspaaillelevv eslnh il e lts e'ecte thnereon ant other Ihihtli ges" s c proef t ette machinery utesil, iiltett nt t t ixtr bltngllt toit,8,4&ji J. Ol.s.i ,' CIilrk l'icAt"ioDE-L,A I-li5UiotsANE--oou' sei irt g our lit proitsse t tilh e laNt touelle Oreas. T'E'I'AT I)E LA LOUSISIAN.-A toets tcx itlle e0s ploeltes oooerotnot ieset llt, Salon: Arta lenohi JoAmes Ilatse eoanta'ctetd t toe vretllae lss ie , i., nSrit i ieln oa'oisse tI'Ol'liao la pSropl'h'ii ci-:itissts aieoite, $L .t 'sIIe cY) all oti U lth'e cte aolsCt on LI htl e sllt n ft er .gislln'e II' 'o iejo, sie 1 al tie IPlltitie 1, a.,or Ott ottS ootltfonetaol Aotii tt te IR Uiaioinltoo S e tio Ens do ia Louieiane, itttitttlf, Acre .nlr cn •t• leo titres Isa oUX vnteS jUdioiasil.eS;"ss tlsii.ou lS tO5ln'os 1834. (5t'il soiteonool, et ootoes e,8olllles inttriftsctt eesotit ipe t'0es solnl it tel Illt ilt ti I' Etat lie la Loujitaioe ct tie Ia Ctltn ttt Idlsa'ss ui soarsoseetavais dott it ii la It'o wi~le ei-a ,.6s i'I'ulh'rIr ~le d~eer on It- Juenlenlt tie la e . 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VI.RY rt Ct# -.i Ii1)1 -+ I.olJalaiglee *(rulutt, j iJUSPUBLISThjD FROMSTEREOTY'PI'' PLATES, The Fith, Edition f ROWLETT'S TAtLES OF IN'I'hItEfT: T0 which is now adhld an 'Time Calcnla I tor', or easy methods fitr fiding the avenage imne on storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, lwhen pur chased at ttiflctirt dates, on ldiflernill credits, and for various aimoltnts; besides a ttusftln1 enti complete iBanking 'Time l'a le, the hort Ihat can be contrived. or that fi gores can lit.r cle within the same cornlesenl compass, and size o tl Ile. An alveriisen:cnt in Lhebook is in nearly the follow ing words: 'he khigh distinction this work has receited ithirotlgh the tent legislatie acts prefixedt t tite tt b ge is a rse eomledl:tiilon ii itselen so Useconmol til, . i td o eOlto - sive, h t nothing is necessiyt moe ie by way of ad veltirSnnent, to give a conulihsed liew of solle of its pe lhlrities:tasf fcrinstane, the Interest ta:ls bcn cointrs. ed fliomn, e cointmred ill, what is etluivnlt t to finur teen slsef'ealculn olle, exbaRied in tlhe p ,ess thie't fine tnes, otd priilted 1tii m1 trt'reotYlte ilItieS taentti iirttytyn- e titi+es, fiont all whltitc iit st bie revidelnt even to tile skedtie (epmeially ntl I y o I e.stm o'tl e ! c e fiien piro h in the precle) tat tte wk ust the aio ti netically inl.llible, lnd in coltfit"intins tf lhis beliclfa Ipeilm of too Iitellt Slid nitlfl dolltnrs, is now oter cd itle deteion te ot a error ifa ccnt ill tile (resent or fiflh edition, as xllrenssed in the ttrctince nlaking five largste temiOins tottfered for the saele cn r Solle u tnelirt Ihtliteati"o i ieyer t ile s . Onet of tue most inllis elto s felttrs of the tsiblee is in the lictlinelllt ofe tile Time iton AmtIlntts, whicht for enxledtions, rsfrcrence olandlcrspiel ity, w eitshe Iel of the side and ildex, ealninot te excelled ; and til. ssalty ty aul easeit wit hiwch the itleresi can be i' flI Ito tite exent ofr gerneal bhusiness, nith lt houblOinof sms is besies i t colvenience so cntil, that ill tihe estllna tien of sonic of the Imost eomllteh:nt ndl p)raetle:t bust - oels menl I ennd ublcl ofieerlis who hlne nlade grtit use of the aolck, i tbas been tliii gaishtcl by tie honoaldle ap phelation efo,'a "master Iplace", Anidl eonsitdering the infallibiti y of tihe tnlethlod originalty al oirteI i omposiglhig tile work, nid the exIi t. r y laole theranhe isatiey of the exmiatiions, Iand tests of ever' edition it bus Imssed ill the pess, eotwillhstatliig tile wnhole is in nterclntpe, eoInitideritg, in S 1t. tie I.ositive tccuitecy seorelitl bly tile inll oeeedclted naltcn lds pto) oi, tile vo hllule hls been helh alt io nl eLmph:ti e ly styled " tle miost wonllderftt I.ook iI ilthe, wsk;" nosti'tte t'ttinly Iti man ean in lnns fig lre werk ofet salle eiite t, wi siince te begitnning ol creation, Ins ol Itile sae ntm hbt' atllt v.iety nt' tests in ti slt te IlllIe' of edtors; iio, 0ltute billte lur ber, as isileantly shO\wnlin tile prtioned in larh fill the lotalk anld ullt.ilityc it in t nitdc Situ s, itolin by then pblic gt ealy, 't ing the long toutrid tu'llti'in rii ctlnis yet it eiror of ihe catl colatiots has efe tilln ptint alt ogh ontinu alh. challengcd by the other of very large prellmiues. 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Al Wes I) ernMail ey S.un e dy, \ ud"usdar an by to e <1 every lnday, Wednesda .east, adida Satulrday, by 9, P. 1l. TheLakeMail ttTrv'leI"5 l tlursday, all S Closes overv Monday, Wednesday EX1PRESS AlIAL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTUILF? DISTANCE &e. ofothe Express lail, Aloilo and Nev York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. At. Nartlhtar New York daily at 5 '. M Sonthward. Arrives Arrive Nordtward. Distanae. lTime. Retnrn'g tleantgatery, Ala. 2pat. 19 11at's Alis 121n. Colulnbus, Ga. l 81 9m 3,p m..a Atillrdgavilla. fan. A t3ll 194 21 p. a Collulia. S.C. 71 am. 163 17 WVarrntona, Va. 12 at. A55 r, P'ett'sulag Va. l0 po. 83 10 9a. m Ilirlehalll, Va. l am. At 3 61 Fredericiksltlllrg, 8 67 7 It p . S\Vshirgton city, 2 tpm. 61 e Bayltmore, 6I 1 381 1 Philadelphia, 6r am. 100 11] New York, 2 pat. 90 84 1305 143 n . or A5d Al3 Nortlhweard. Cting Sonuthwar, tl e tin is six hoare rless; Litlg5 des 1eild 17 ltau's. 't'EN I)OIlt,AIIS JIE ALID. m3ANAWAY frot 10(9 Carondelet corner of IIeia o reeat, on llle night of 30!1 of August, and was seen ll: next llloroillg ill Povdrus street, a negro boy santed CIIARIES, about 17 yeare of ase ostl 5 fee or therenlts in height, very l;laak, nttlit an imled ilent n his Silerelh,olo of his logs i sroe., aasioaed try recenrt lhurt; Ie ad of whutn ie cet awm y i white covln or lelit and while cotton Itt lltloont . blasters of vessels natl eteam boats are cantions d a gaioat receiving or hlrboriig .aid negro, as well as alt other persons, as tie utmost rigor aof tihe law will Its clivered gallstl Ilhem. 'lae above rewardl will be ptai fordellvoring hlo intot any of Ilthe jails of either of the minicipalities, mor atG 1 Corondalel, corner of levi.. sttset. __'si e_ Rpt N 'ICI--'t'lto cro m'rnersi, p ilretofore existing udtrtl, the firm of )blolis & . G(Ietstl has le dissolved. The stlrciler will liqitdatl the althirsao the llaererl in tlls city, nod rquires ll pretlta intleb. Slt Iltolakei paIleit to him oly, olld all IuOsehtaYitt hla j to ero.atliem forstill.l ettt. t. --t 11A (IAlllB IeTSON SW. W. i SW .INl No. ltfCaenl S.'ree Nt ra- Orlatoas I l'A L( was o, hnd eoAP R.tontly l r 5. i l. i | ives, ,henicals, ond l'utt samong thlt orne ollnuw.,,,: Arseia, c l tle, Alnlm, dL pia owettvl, 1lt01zillelte Wlees,, Ralsam cnalVial, Coctite(al, 1lol llucl, , io( ;p trs, Amueican, ,ho r'lin~edt, Cuplbea, Llinlstollc, Clle, l llstic, Temple%, ( o rol , do Crub, d lwr fldwer, .ao 1i.;le, I tiln thtl , Ftttc h I.rries, tasttotoils, Indig, laolill, C lo,,n l.let, , , d il Rail la, I tl (avllptlllln tyly do, . ,i , tt , al: il t , C re SI atatItt It it hgo dotie l nOtl, lie p nmin, I:d a ott ,lll ha a .. . .lv',ti Id lo , 5t oltl i I, I p,". II' t llc il' 'I 0 .l) Sl,,Io gtet .11ICAI S. 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