Newspaper of True American, November 6, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 6, 1838 Page 2
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RLEANS. toOtNt. At t f'1'tim , Haoer. Aaobolihfdcn[~iy rol H C Cammt t k. to. IV fl..,.., -' - ARRI~VALS.. ' Stealgar Hadtsvill;,;JourdtanFfoc Bayou Sara. Itomot tniiol, Smith. foot, Mt LouI.,. .& taUtki00ttyoM.... G0.1, foot Violo.borg. _lnt'uont Jii tMcKe, foto Lioghti. .c.,t o, 650 COMMERCIAL. Laltotl Dole,.. , O ot Yorko...I..t.....9 tmoiti, Ot dý"~ sdlph do? tltjflooioouti, Ott.. ......3 · Ya. d...·.·....:n IWic~in~nn. Oct......27 M tl..or do ...........90 t. touisoi, Oct ....... 1 4ttrt.,ttt tlot..... ... ....30I 00 Sept ...0.. 0,,K m .o(too tt) Aog.0...20 t'ur Oro............... 1 oLLo. xt t . .1 I..moud,, S.ep ........ t . 4iiNL~ulllo Oct........,... 31 II;nvrs Sept ......... ...29I atlttt . II too,, So . 00 #1 OOSEPHt -Pto tohr O,3o'io..0 tot. stlting., I2 doen choit,, 5 bri po..k, 5 cslks bIoo, and I woed TAMPA BAY- P or oehr Ptikt..ltt mtthinery, 40 bil eOine, tod p100lea., I tit', tO,,n end It, uto, 20It,. dry 'ods. 'J cils repo, anid 31000 bricks. doyo7d-hip t Hi J.1. ,t130 DWOllOOmoio. . 8-tE1A0 sloo.o p Viti..t. Ott M jI. opr. 2. po h.gging. 43!lx, oorhtoldjto, 0 hots (ohncm. 21 to to t..ill. ,pklg.I ardwt.d . t I Mry d ood., 7 pkg. ftmllure, 8 ,bagi c~ff, and 10 bIelt potatoes. IIECEItPTS OF PRODUCE. Bayou 5ro-Per steilmer Hllnt·rilta.· 166 hats mtlon, i3LaLi- 11i5 llo Burke, ,W. ,oi &,, 159 eot A.,doox & o,, 14) do Lambeth &'t'1'hoplon, 00 do M WhiVOIt4 co. 6 tlo Root & louttgosooy. 5'1 1,, 8 WV Ook.y, 59 do tloytoId.. B ,nE 4, ot4Mr,0.XV Fluowr, 37 do Tlylor. Garooder 4' to, :10 do t,.o Lm,,~ 33000 roB Llutudlny. 0.2do Corrie & Gridlyy. 2l do J.,t ArmouttttSlIdboBeonoot. Ft'oriid to;ho Itot. W Mt Curtis, 16 y to CMldwtll t tikey, 1S do t'oaoot. Jooe. 4 to. 15 dol 'to. 0t4'trtt. Sdo Gaylo e.0 OSooot, 10 do oomner o& oo, I do Lazo, 'ontoineoo'oo, , doL Cho.e c& o, 5do ri O Stark .6 da * O tloo.,totboo h,,8 iOtltlor, I coop o Ittio.di~k. 2 brl. utoi ooop Tylor o. (itGloouer, I cqo.opsundries. owner al. hoard Mt Louis-Per at,'noo.r Btto,,o. . t0t: I2Iris laioL., 054 do Itra, AlOt9tll.. 441 lol, Job, tHottod. 41 brlt hl,,,d 4' c oracke . tl,,s Uool,..,ty o, I tloxbeav Coe ,& co, 3 bWll buftoOo looet Botolon , Oton oo .0CKr Wrighht, :1 ,,,,,k..o,,l. J A Meorrtll J I boxo 2 jotr to, ke, It A Lo1.vra., O01l. tootoot, 2h1lto ald 30 t,1,k0 o,,,mii O,, or u,, , hloatrd 7, It,.C tlalrildlp 15 bhlt . pIl0,1 Oo,,n tluoho'. 1010m hIel od obho.., 00l ttnoltp. atod, 10 do, olk,,Is.~ I' tte. on bloord.:l4 hopoo. tr Rowe ll, o..blottoaOt.htl toe. ltMHet...f0 doe Ibickour Uno "r or, board, 103 bags· lurtll,. and oats D O Vwokobuhg..t'oostotoler Rayo.on Sto...oooqoo 150 tal.. tot ton Honnett . Forridaycilo o;:l 5doI.o Lm., Ho,...& o; 1.t3 do t.oolaootlo' Thotnpaooo 103 do fliko. Wttt& oo; 00 do Bruoolcrb. ..ttKoKon& IV" ioght: doKoock otoo, L1toton a oo; 00..o W Iogtnrl; 63 do All,,, Ashor 0 co; 509 o IV At BeatI 50 d tlboIt hteck;Ofdo Noooot, 'tlojlbopi V" 43; do (Goooh 0 Itobaoo,; 4Odo Lino. Ftoanl.,to,' co; 36 .to Johb Totbo; 30 do J Juooor,O4 do loo.rl&. ttoolli: 00I. t11 Mtt.,r; 1t do S ttiglt;l000dAttlV,,'lloooO o o:tIid~o N&3t Jo04ord ,;IO d,o Lookhtart. JO..,t & to,'eg.o; 12 to Meorroll. Jennig 4' .o; It tod MrtintjoloIr,,t:4 Co. 10 do Yo.k,Oto eo.tOA o; AloA D Siuvo; 0 lo Odeil, Dotoing & co; 6 lo Maddox., t'ollard 4' co; '5 dooAt XVlhlolo ro; 5 do J IUop,"ol; 4 ,l, Dub' in . Ilroo,; do W BIono.; Illaro d s.tdriesto todoer. PASSENGERS. tltoyo 0100-P1r al01,.0 HO olttvill,. .ttonro tabyb, W P Stold..., tbol C Mtorten. (V G Cl'gsto0.o, Johln WVlero,, V t.n tield.1W M Cbristoooo, Moe tlurpo.... I' Htyt. Cha. Hl.lrot. J G llolntrgooa, Dr llulhinr d, ' Pecrrin andl lady, MI;IhLelv Dermoto, child and WIvt. Lilldril y, Jlrlia, B Perry, IV lllll,pe, tN Dtod, N Aonldeton, (oreiod,'P rilItlell. Ro.tsmtn l AOttt,,, E Dock-12 o,,,dI.ock. /t 1.nuia-tare~ ito,,or Itntil..Otodboy ttoll,,ook; t L Altt,, A( ý t,,. 3.,l,,, tonloo,,ol. to,sa C,,ob,... Ol,,,,l,.., 01,4,, Otolvo:io,. Rov J Mtooli,,, 8ill,,oo. J 0 Itooly. J tltrrtl, It IltrroOollltrrlt. Fenook, Ioktolo..o JilJ0lot. Pe..r ,r ttoy..o Saooo-J3,o (Gonlen, IV tI Shenuott, A A SlboOOt o.ttl lir i,,,. J N TIHoutoo Jtjt.olh. tir G3ruo,,nd Ildy. t9, AMl~ ,,oI tcrvo, 0). AndreaI oa. d t odoltnd t limo Ot.hlVd. Io-too, e71,h O:1-CIld hipo N,,5.,(,C..l,, for N 0. S(tIII1BI Blitz.[ ll'R 8l Louis oi Lb 2711, Octobbo, t15 p m,, Loft t'oiri' o,,.I Aotolop in: ooot 0,-i botood to New Orles; 29,b, 110.00.1 Poo,,o tolloe in frroho;.tat'Cp. Gir2ledt,; met V tolali, at (0,,.d Chain; oil ,1111 ,,el Itie tljt, tttl, It, tlo,,la,t m0100, Wlololo,, at tRo.dolphl, Otololoo,, arupoat Rid. dltS It'ojt. p.,.o.d V 1. tt,,l .oooo OIIn I t *hj; I·lt;lt \., not Stt Dtlo ted 00 Illont.u's C5,,to" mot Selm0, ot No 03; peewit Wo010ll30olullll'tO1',1 (,plklll. tlood;: ono'tlllcotht at No 90. St LouisJ it l lilllhecu'r Mond; 3d Nov. met. Madison at New Cnrthnee; RoHlle 5 ,,,ilr n' ow- GranI Gulf;C ;-lied'··. s1 tlsol y; Ulnt Col,,..,o no, Nlcoli,; 41h otot Medo·liaotor tLII miles to-low \nnoheo; sort Augusta with .hiplil Powhattt(.l in too.. Iooouod e1 UGl.,.ooc,; lalnd: ,, I;ot ll., Ito O s.,o, Point, full , f 1 1,l et,11,,,,,oed O,,,o,, tb.r.0. at Bttth S,,Clot.); tMe Io,,,.ol,,,,, hOBe i, ayo~ Sol.; met Lerem 5 mi!0 at,., c l'hlercllcllone; 7d,, m nt Hilon ) ango at lilcchee Ch arch; I Iv - I fCni n. aul :NOll1I:'n. Q I" l-'lll i lli lp lril : ), Capt~. ('utter ,. frm uson pleaeei aii t li d Io tilenvi of I ll, i t I _ iii i14'E'1'di )N & A 1'1:, lL71l clii; sitI, H llcice'(iec', (cccn, New licili, je dicicliccgcingcie tw ii.r hlcc Iecc 0'41eiidl~cl *Oleeke' C(,. iej.ii II please, nII jil1ceic toI lhe eilpi of tlhcir goudaS. & J P WH1'ITNEY, o"6l3 Mo(nli ci Y 01; lire ordere d t o parade n n LI1flr·IIe S1111rr, n (cil w lenie l ill( lc ·11rIJn tihe NiJ Nor. 11 t It, at I Icel 1 peiei-elc cecOJOHN GIBStoN, nave O ..o~i OFF1.I N. ORLEA1 NS & NAS1101V I.E It.It Cc:{ 1'lr(leuc e i flioteec if eeorliec..Fr1 .1,1VI~Ii l' DAY t~mdj xceped a ri fPe J sec.' Cars will drpurt trim the " ha pot, at theh foot oi (Caal seeIIt, leer Ilkcheancch liers( 1 rnrie. Departur. Return iiPyl 4i P.02 SUNDAYS. Dliert ore. Il uern. 6AMI0 11P II12 'I . MEi II CO1iiXVELI., Preed't I3Pnoeeoicgierocccieg-ieil nut l fire ao the ,gamei free the Curs. eov5-if S2L,Olllf Ci pilcl P'rize'. Icil~t ol I Doleleec. GIRAND1 S'ATE LO''TTIRY. Drin cie'' cr f3 lihe 13,ne Sto Ii 211e, 1,4;?. 40 C LASS No. 4d. Aolccccccicl lii' hIIIe .Legiill C [lit, .u~lii To ilei dclii "TlI 11Y. Nov. fith, 11132,t cc o'clccl, I'. \1. cci thec ,llcecheiii'e Ba clcccc1e. S I) \Vi2 & Ci). NIcnnegra. 75 N ecelccec-i2 Ilcice Rallolc. SCHEMEl . I Prize of $1! 00(i $12 0oi I do 3 Cul 3( U0 1I. . 212 no1 2 0nni 1 dc I !110 1 2100 I d I Ion 1 inn s dioF 1100 5 1(0 2 do ono F601) 11do 124 1i 20 2 do 500n e on Ic do1 ISi 1 5i0 10 cli, rn2 11010 10 do 150 1 5011 20 do 111 2400 150 do I110 1.) ol0 63 do 50 3150 (13 dcc 40 2 410 63 dee :20 1t 111 63 di 21 1 240 11 do 1I 6:10 3,710 do 8 3,;$110 1 83,436 do 4 117,i10 :7,814 Prieec, ccnneccin e to $1115,03 Tickicic $4- Iliclrre $2 -Siiortici $1. t Paecko'es of eI icketsi fee $11114, oerncicild to draw at least J48. Prekogro if 2lcclfticeti $50, earrenteotclo draw at leos( $24. Pccckages 25 (Oeeelcr I ickr.M $2., war. c ranted to dreic a leIat $t3. For Packageo or tingleI Ticketsl, apply it tIe M1ANAGERS' OFFICE, _ _v5 I_ Clcrerea et Q,{JAP 1111 boxie iccitatiion Noi. 1, aicali, liceoc of A -Gieore Roubbiue, Icciding froc atoip ClIorlar too, for sale b ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. ace5 1:11 M1agazie .1; RHEET INs * 5 IIt11..IN ,S-_16 k'e a-" berwý SltlclinCeP ond 10 hateslfice llccicclceic.le Deil. isIanding frlon tllic Ilenliccien, libr metle ccc ISAAC tBRIDI)i&Ci), Ij nov5 134 )og.oxinroc J'I$\I31 & IIALRKEI~e)-130ibe00, Ut 2fi~-.2lnI eop-, 011(8 Barrels, in prime ordice. AP dy on hoard ship. Dalmtia, or IGALE, nuil _ 13 Commoenc at n (`1 UNNY 14165-75 kale.. 2 bushl bugs in Mote, h ( a1d for ocalobyIcg i010,( no)otsI2Y, aoe5 41Now Levee g OUI.II CAiIl[.E)-110 Icicoe liocnl M1old I Coadlee, Joakeon's brand now lanoliog from ahip Daloeoia, and for saleeo l JOdEPIl COCKAYN1E, co __ 2 Sfleaireut SANSd-50 sock in stoer and forle y G; DORS3EY, " woeS 41 New Lesee J-lIUi Idids for male on ipllcnatiot, near the Y"'K WELrAOGENE IIROWVN & CO, G -.11PT5. Col ciliot Tyý.u4Iq4 Stows tat Iin frem -bci I~ulstilojl,, 9, Cl fmn ~whieh are of aloicdl-r new pa teruns-also ch f1Jlf,.P o patlent cad, utoe.r; 1,1 coiacal coking to ligocop cyp and for coBl by is SLOCKfS.CO, iti IF. eoaPIece u i rool Leveec Is N. A- Mra Pr^Fn«,cod pot 11I ypaet iclco i OilyW-ji eewrlipe. c d TRUE AMERICAN OFPICE. In connection wit this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TtlE PRINTINe OF Pamphlets Blank Ohecks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circular/, And everyp descripail ofJob Weork that may be required. RP The proprietor respectiully calls the attention of the pttublic to he labove Curd, and a.taures them that all work intrusted to his carpe hIall be drae at the short eet notice, in a style unaurpaseed in this city, and at the 1,went rates. THiE TRUE AIEKRICAN. BDITKIt lYV JOslllT GIll5 N. FAITRIVUL AND BOLD. NIeV OW R LEANt: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, I.IS. :ily of/Chrleston. 'Thi city is at last awake to its true interestt, but in the purouit of them her public men have not hesitated to do wrong to oth erpinees of commercial importance in the Union. Sch a courser of conduct does not sit well upon Carolinians. It is very natural thlat tley aould think their "own pet" unrivalied in position as an outport for the tradeof an immenrneectilon of counl try, hut that they should endeavor to impose on the good sesape of the nation, the idea, that Charles. ton is the only point for the comomercinl emporium of the United States, argues a factional feeling and an illiberality which every good citizen must regret. The argnmenta of the Charleston Rail Road manirfesr, no matter by whom they were coneocred,are rearkahble only for the riesen ef tisrepresentstione which it erntines, in those portions that go to elevate the capital of the Pal. metteostate at the rxpenoe of New Orleans In deed it is a matter of surprise that the writer should have lent himself to the disaemination of stich actual fahlehoods. Doubtlees, he intended his argo'tent. to hear upon the European mark et. liut shallow arifieee like those will he sure Ito rcoil opon the heals of the inventors, for the publication of that manifestro will certainly erouse the spirit of enquiry anttlnr foroign capiralists, and the result will he, that New Orleans will assert her estperiority as the real and natural capital of ithe Sotlh and Wer. Whllile, however, we are ecure fTl d.,nger, by the naturall advanagee ofotr position, we ,hto!d not sleep at our postl. All we have to do, to plt to shoame the argtome.te of Charleston, is to buildthe NS brille Rail Way. Thios road i peculiarly the property of L.noui inna, and ,our Legisatrre shoulld at its next session ap proprinte futdir stfftcint to complete it. We open by this avenue a way to a country almost as rich as the bottom lof uur great river. Not only this, hut we add to the trade and wealth ofour cityby opening a speedly means ife:omtnmunition for tie transportation of pas sangers from the valley of tthe Ohio. We repear,--ll this state has to do, is to ialte its hoods for the eon struectirn f thir Nethville Rail Road. There will be no nce*,sity to sell them at 94 in london. They will rendily he taklre at par and even tabove par, if they are made to bear6 percent inters t. Ilnd propercounsels, in ftrmer Legislnrttees of Louisiana prevailed, we shouldl have had lth-- roar by this time fti ti.htd "trre titan 100 miles ill th interior. Our hopres now are that the cot. i"og aenbly wi I rottue up from their llehargS, grnl an approfittinnn forthis great wk atndl thus lipel rithe drelnms of the Charlestonlian :lrerlioon Fraond.-Notrhing shortr of irtrfitlleh, legal restimlna, ennld indul'e even an evil rttisher to our in tulltiOls I hlelieve the bare lneo l which the loco-sfite partly hlile prtactied in o the recent electiolns! no one could credil, but on th e :.tronllest affidatvit., fthli mnll ralline tllhemlilvor "Ifre," would so slnvishly per jure tlemrno-tll, and digraece tihe name of liberty in order to support a tyrannous mltisriule, Althoughl at the expenst of every thing which a filllnan should hold dear. Srirely It day eliapses but sontre frcsh fraud in brotght Ito light: not a jolural rerche ust hbillt eonntin so rttle so' ofItfhlo viliany s of an I:irrn's tn? rtirhns itin t ithoerse atttmpts to firce down tile threites of tlhe Ipeople his oliou, sob-treasury s"chemne! In New Jersey till efforts of these scotiidrels haite been unrmilltti ngaltholugrh, frrantt, l ly, for tite unlse of teldollt, of e!cetion they have not silrcc.lded. No f 'exnostrte, no dread ofn halm', n cnlnilnllne.s thait thle rbbery they were etmtmitiin on their fellow citizens light off Poffrng, might one dacy theerlin to elasp their own neck deterred then. No! reckless determinltiot to fallen tile pr.esnt mol-aodlinistrtlion on thile couutr at overy cost, anod risk, mande them blind t otietequnence. We have already spoken of the 50 alien votre- r ivecd at Millrille, and from the rmany pimilar exposttres since made there is httle doubt that the same nefarious fraud was preetired at every poll in thIe Iste. IlThere are 130 townships in all, sl that a few i'legal votes at eac-h wonld soon turn the scale. In South Amboy,treenty aliens with no naturnliration pa pers, or any one document hill "ecrtiirntes of intent," were polled! four thogh challeenged, nod exposed, the venal juldgstgoktheirvorrtes. The affidavit of John B. Applegat proved the facti, anrl gives the nnoten of the illegal voters. I'her were, Patrick Moar hy, Barney Mhal, ny,John )'INeal, Huglh Conologle, Jantts Casey, Dolev FleDonner, Jamelll Riley, J. RIoke, Johltn Fergr nlon, Mlartin Harney, James Mle('cllibe, F. dale, J. Curley, P. lullger, aI. Good, .\VWatonn, . Hutin, J. C.nollol ne, It. Smith, J. mCrtlerr, all of whomn were rpein,itteld lovtenlith~nlth proedtinteligible. litere then is the lmrt grties vilniaion of nor dearest libertieo,--,f or tlt valllued ri'hlts! here, the teryjudges entrustedt with Ihe ruspontibility of exectling the law, have net it at deft:ne! and the good, anld honorahle ilizen, is al lowed to be defrauded of his franchise, hb perjured, worthIless men. In the towosltip of Sadldle River, Berge ('olnlty, the omicers made a return of only tcotentyjfor vortts for the Whig rongres.ional ticker, although thirty-ltre I. g.l voters hnve moolulo olmnt onttha It Ithey depnsired the whlig tiehet in tho naolllt box at Saddtl River town. shilr. With thi. fratudtlent dimiuttion of the whig votea uudetliably expoaed, hnove we not every moral right tit beliive ilelcl ptprjltnro would not ihesitate to itcl:tte he e rs t n er the lorInc-ftoo volta as mruch, or even tsort? And what hope in there ftr freedom while nllh hare faced rascality is pracrtised even with the connivance, if not ranltinon of sworn judgerl ) enney/lrania safe.-The loco foces of Pennsyl vania may ernw over their new g.,vernor, and good reason they have to do so, for it is nil they have to show for the big shouts they have been raining: end even that petty success-tar petty it is in its results-is not entirely asecured to them yet. Many oi the nost influential, and best Informed Cltizens, have determined to contest the election by every means in their power, and that they have abundint evid. nce of illegal voting, and illegal returns, none can doubt who has watched the p:ngress of this contest. But even if the governor's election be left undisturbed, the whigs have secured all the strong holds whence thley cannot Ie dislodged. They have beyond all doubt a nmajority in the le. gislature on j ,nit ballot! not a majority dependent on cntlingeneies,-net founded on tile supposition of the Philadelphia memnbers being permitted to take their sears,af which however there is sea cely a shadow of doubt. No! their proponderance is independent of that dispute; for even the tort journals admit that the whias must i :ve at least majority of one. With the Philadr'phia memt bers the whig mijn.rity will be twenty one on jinlt ballot, thereby securing the election of sono sound whig scnatorin place nf Mr MNKei n, an advantage far more important than securing the governor. The official returns from every county in the state give the following result. Senate, 24 9 House, 53 47 77 56 The Whig majority 21 on joint ballot. Tirh Courier and Enquirer says: Mr PoeTrn's majority for Governor is nominally 9,853; but the Columbia, (Pa,) Courant asserts that accounts have been already received of frauds oIn the amount of six ihouslnd votes-and al doubt is etmertaiued that received a majority of the legal suffrnges of the State. Ut .ibr Porter Iakes a barren aseptre with his office-for the i ado, :on oft Ie niew Cnetitatio t caIs down the dtvernor'a patronate to less than a tpnth Ift its r present value, and gives the Senate,now edntaining a large majority of whigs, a control and check over its dispensation! There is no fear therefore that the patronage of the state executive can work much injury in Pennsylvania. We say then all flail to the Key Stone State! She has been gloriously redeemed-and on her hattlements the Whig flag flates triumphant! Legrloators, observe!--I you etill require argou mnents toipoint out your duty as prompted alike by profit, and patriotism, you may find conviction for any thing short of inviunible prejudice in the anmount of the tolls rectived by the state of Penn sylvania on her great internal public works. But if the public coffers derive so much advantage fromnt canas, and rail roade, how much more pro. fit must anecrue to her citizens generally. Such would be the advantages which our state, and citizens might reap if you but energetically set about forming the Nashville rail road. What the Erin canal is to New York : what her internal com municatons with the Lakes are to Pennsylvania, this great undertaking, the Nashville rail road must inevitably prove to our own Louisiana. The amount of tolls collected on the Pennryl. vania elnuas, from the 31st Oatober, 1837, to the 22d October, 1838ie $400441 90; the tolls on the ralways and motive power during the same time amounted to $54,378 68-the whole amount re ceived by the state from her internal improvements during the year being 0925,020 58. Bets.-The Courier and Enquirer strongly arges on our friends not to bet on the approaching elec. tion, although both state, and city, are good for large whig mlajorities, for while the love of place, and the pride of power give our opponents quite suflirient cause to stick at no rascality that tends to ensure their tuccesa, it ill becomes good whiigs to add further inducements to commit fraud, and perjury. Nenr Jersey.-On Friday, t6th October, Wlilliam Pennington, the present highly esteemed governor of New Jersey was re-. leeted on joint ballot of the legislature; the votes being 38 to 26. A mulatto man named .Ilanrual, was asesassinated it is suppoeed by another man of his colour called Charles, on Sunday night, about 7 o'clock, in Urse. Ihne street between Burgundy and Rampart. The suspecte4 man has not vet been found. The Mohile Ranks pay cash for their$5 notes. Another large slide has taken place a little above Ilampton's plentnai,n, 72 miles from the city. Acltual esult oflhe Ohio Electina.-The Colunm bhus Jurnal of the 26th October, containi full returns of the result of the Ohio election, by which it appears that Shannon's (V B) majority for Gov. ernor over Vance (W) is 4,807. In the State Senate there are 19 Van Buren men, and 17 Whigs. In the Hlouse 38 Van Buren men, and 34 Whigs, making an Administration ma jority of six on joint ballot. In the Congressional delegation, there are II Van Buren men and 8 Whige. Mforelteaem for Texas -The Philadelphia Public Ledger says that the Steamboat CtIARInrroN, now of this port, has been purchased, we learn, by an association, and after undergoing repairs, will be taken to New Orleans, and ply between that port and Galveston, Texas, under command of Captain James Pennoyer. Sully's picture of Queen Victoria is about in he publicly exhibited. It was painted for, and by order of the St George's Society in Philadelphia, with an understanding given out through the press that it would never li seen but in their own hall. Racers ofthe United States. M. Pointel du Por tel hasissued proposans for publishing portraits of some the most celebrated racers, and sires of reeers in the United States. They are elegantly litho graphed from oil paintings by M. De Lattre a very talented animal painter, and are executed with great spirit and faithfulness. The first of the series is ."Levinthen" the sire of fotr.tifths of the winners in the outh end west. A copy of this portrait may be seen in our Rending Room where the eubcriptlions may be registered. Each number will emntin six portraits; the first having those of Ieviathen, Fanny Wright, Angora, Meat. Antony, linn.e, and Exria. They are overy way worthyofpatronagetithe likenoess is eapital, and the style ,pitted, and ct rrrrt. [Q'lThe Mobile theatricnl company passed through the city on Sunday on their way from St. Lruis. II Oireer Twist, hy Ilo, Part necond, No.3 has been received. Nieholas Niekleby, No. G has also come toha ad. "Harry Austin," or Adoentures in the British Army.-This io an exceedingly entertaining work: full Sofinteresting scenes, vivid sketches of character, and 7 living srenery. It is from the pan of "an Officer in the serviee,"and is replete with the vivacity, whim, and frolic of the camp. It may heo had of E Johns & Co. n Publisher.--The old firm of Carey, Lea & Blan chardof Philadelphia has been dissolved, but the busi nees in still eontinued by the latter two gentlemen, Lea e Blanehard. These spirited publishers are daily . ieuing front their press a number of most interesting works. Among the originals are "Home nefound" "Preeaution"-and "Naval history of the U. S." by Cooper: "Robof the BNowl," by Mr. Kennedy: "Peter Pilgrim," and a "listory of the If. S." by IDr. Bird: tile "little Frenekrmn and his eater let*," by G. P. Morris: "Althea Vernon," and "Advice to a young Sdy,"' by Miss Lualia: "Captain Kyd," by Professor nngraham: a new Novel by Tyrne Power: and a num , her ofexcellent medical works from the hands of Drs. Geddings, Dunglison, Chapman, Griffiths, and (;ibson. Their list of re-prinrs combines the greater portion of the erst works of the day in Poetry, Romance, Novels, or Tales. Hole and aorner Legislation.-The New York wa ter comnmi-sioners lately advertised for a eontract for reservoirs &c &c. to the amount of three millions of dollars! and though on large an amount of public funds was tmvolved they declined to eact on an offer of Meaeis. Wonods & Wells, on the pretence that it came 50 min utes after the ,ppointed hour! This grave reason in the alleged canser, but the true ones appears to be that the principals were, unfortunitely, whigs in politics, though irreproachable in trade. ON PAVING.-[coannenrcarrto. NEw ORLEANSa, 5t0l Nov. 1838. .11 r. Erdtlnr -Sir, there has been much said, and as yet but little d ne, to test the effeacy of wooden pavements. I ain, froin somne observation and experience, thoroughly convinced, that the said pnvemtent is not only practicable but highly deli rable. The plan prnpesed by Puss in a corner,' I do not think nt all feasible; and my objection arises fromthe obvlous fact,that a piece of timber cannot withstand a severe collision upon the surface of the gran, o ithout splintering, and flying to pieces. T'he eifect upon the end of timnber, is direetly the eopposite of that upon it longitudinally, or with thie grain; for Oa cert:an power or weight be bro's to bear upon the end of a block of wood, the effetr is that it becomes cnnlpressel': the pores are all filled up-lhe wood tbecomes don ly solid, and tis render, d litereby, nearly impervious to water. [.et this prinriplt of pavement he fairly tested; "the subject well deserves it." The wood blocks now being laid down tn St. Charles street, whnt the work tl finished, will be rendered, by the cost. in of coal tar, perfectly impervious to air, and water: and if at this contultmation we can arrive, (and lentertain not the ah ,dow of doubt upon the sublect) we tired entertain no fears ofa speedy decays thltrughly ant I convinced of the dn rabdiliy of woo,dei paveontst, as now h: in, laid down on St. Charles nirreet that, for the one half per cnt, I would ensure the work for twoeni. years. I speak advisedly upon this subject. I do not throw out tile ftpiton of yesterday, but I speak from mature deliberation, and ac:uanl experience in these matters; not particularly o r wooden pave. tuents, but of wo d similarly situated though used for other purposes. T'ha gentleman, writing under the signature of 'A Stranger in New Orleans,' is of opinion, that the plank sheeting whlth is being used, miglht be advanrtageously dispensed with. i to my opi. nion, that we might as well attempt to lay a wooden pavement across the Mississipi river, as to lay it lt our streets, without this sheeting. 'he utility of this foundation is obvtous, as it will ef lectually prevent the pavement Irom sinking, or rising, and upon the latter point, there is some danger to be h ppretlendod, for, when the river is up to high water mark, and the pavement is lnot iroperly, and firmly secured, the pressure of tlhe water, will have a tendency to raise the blocks from their ftundati,n, and thereby destroy the pavement. In conclusion, I will remark that I sincerely hopes for the wellare, and cEmfort of-our citilz s, that wooden pnoermentsl will be put down in every street in our city. There is no obstacle i thile way. Abundatnce o at maineri la cnn be pro. erted 'nelr al hlatld, a.d that too na fest a 'they may be wanted. Let the plant sheating be laid down, and firmly secured to the ground, by means of long pins:then let the blocke he laid and reo. dered impervious to air, and water,-coal tar will do it-and we shall have a delightful pavemnten, which will never start from its tlundation, and one that will for many vesra, resist the ravagre of decay. A CI'I'ZEN OF NE;W OILEANS. FaoM TnE WEST INDIoS-lermuda papers to the 10th inst., contain Jamaica dates of the 27th ult, and satie further particulars of the late hurricane. At Long Island, independent of the damage done to the crops and toe loss of houses, &c. 30 of the inhabitants were either drowned in their houses or in attempting to escape the deluge. Front St Salvador we learn that the crope were totally destroyed. A vessel bottom up was driven on the north side, and a sloop on the south aide figure heads, booby hatches, and timbers were floating in all directions. The accounts from Jamaica are any thing but encouraging, the laborers still refusing to work for any thing like reasonable wages. Sir Lionel Smith having tendered Ils resignation of the Gov. ernment of the Island, it was accepted. Sir Even Macgregor, now Governor of Barbadoes, is expect. ed to succeed him. A Rlis! L alst! The Wheeling Times of Thursday last, anys: "Thrie prospects yeasterday were of a permanenttt rise in the river, which is very esaential to the interests of tour place as well as to the travelling public. We believe no eir cumstances could ,afford us equal immediate re. lief, as the rise of the river le a good atage of nav igalion." Friday last:-'-Tna Rtrcn.-Contrary to our an ticipations we have the pleasure to announce that the navigation of the Ohio has actnally been resu med. On Wednesday the Newcastle and New Lisbon arrived from Pittsburgh and have departed for ports below. On the same day the Pulaski left for Louisville. Yesterday we had the first arrival from down the river--he Franklin from Marietta. "The Cincinnati Nows of the 39th says: a 'The river has risen six inches within the last two days, attd is still swelling. We hope there ta some hope of a rise. Small difference of opinion.-The Dutchess de Broslle, the mother of the celebrated Madamn de 'r Stael is dead-N. York "Times." The Paris papers announce the death of the Duchess de Broglie. She was the daughter of lthe celebrated Madame de Steel.-N. York " Sun." Who shall be safe when doctors disagree. Stewarl's trial -The Jury in the case of William Stewart,-eharged with the murder of his father Benjamin Stewart.-did not agree upon a verdict until near nine 'clock on Sunday night. Infor nation having been given to that effetor, the Court promptly asesmbled and received the Jury whose verdict was, "Guilty of.nfurder in the Seeood de gree." This case occupied the close attention of the Court for ten dave. The verdict rendered by the Jury, after a deliberarion of 26 hours on the case,is said to be of compromise. The punish ment under it is confinement in the Penitentiary for a term not exceeding 18 years. 'rThe wife of the prisoner was in attendance at Court throughout every staoe of its proceedings, occupying a seat next to the bar in which her hus band sat, and watehini with an intenseness of interest which may be well imtreined, the progress of the case to its final issue.-A.4merican. 'erment ISenator in Congress--The Hlon. S. 8. Phelps a staunch Whig has been chosmn Senator in Congress by the L'"gislature of Vermont, in place of Mr. Swift-whose term expires on the 4th of March. Letters have been received jet Quebee stating that Theller and Dodge bhave made good their es. cape to the'United States. Rodier, one of the pros crihed refugees for whose apprehension five hiun. dred pounds were offered by Lord Gosford, has re turned to Montreal., Mnnday Evening, 6 o'clock. I have just learned thint an express has arrived about an hour ago with sotme serious despatclles to SIlis Excellency. It is said that Major General Mnedonnell has received a letter from Theller, this tnorning, an noruncing his safe arrival on the other side of line Swiss CoesuL--'lThe P'resident of the Uni 'ed States has recognised lMr. John Merle as Consul of the Swiss Conftderation for the States of Lout. siana and Mies e.ippt, to reside at New Orleans. A conntlvatne hIta, bhen ituvened thlrough the ngeeev ofwhich itis siotaed, flax nlty i worked c ni t clot witll tile onnie faciiity . cottotlln. Hi'retoifre amlnnng ihe f rear nhstacles to tihe c.ll lal iIl e of tillen fabrics have een thte reparation at tile material for iea o ierations ofthC itindle anld tile looim, mIntd tltn colnlsuentt IlihI rice demlndned r the utnnuel fcturet articlel . It tao en reserved for Amelriean ingenuity to tind rotl a Ilue tIodlv which these dfi i tl culti es i m y l Sir'ltlttt dt and nil implrovement,-to produce whic: the, imperial nlmunifiencte of a Napoleon was exerted in ain,-has been the reward of thelenterprl.e of an Americat n i i ven. Every day's exprienoec proven the. pe:ulnr tel cllit of ollr oullltrvlln en for irna'ticnl 8cietnc and the mechanic arts, and gour to show the superiority of free instlllnieOns int elicitinIg I lt polt cer ofihelf h hn in mind. "'hin's p cirii l is I o hto Iracedt in all oyelt ilitv to tht irevnoli re o ifellllllott nolllltmg thle tllnes otf iur pno ile as the onih adeqantol 'laos. 'theoretical knowledge without pr titt precti c i as nu uncless as facility in prae.. tie wvithout soilme aquanitnice with Ihelnr. ndd it i oly'roytl tI the cnlnbiltetion if lhl tiewo, which is to hel oIbuld lnui g wll eruici t ed o' king clstei i i hat tihe adltagei' otf hoth eau he [airlv and fully exhibited. A romIpan has biee incorpcnraeul I i the Legislnure of Penn.vvlvaia fur the mianuf.tolire of linen goods aCo r ding to the ilmprved melthod. US'r received per shi nl.ouiville froet New Yo.k, nd Blunt's Nnautical Ahanaacs for 11139 lunt'a he Nautical Alnanans for 1840. Ilunt's Coast Pilut, s ad test edition. Exchange Tables. lTables of ndvance and Discount. Advance Tables. Also, Tariffs for 1838,1839, and 1848, for sale by IAVID FEILT & CO, SNew York and Stationer's Hall, si- nov6 24 Chartreas ea HAY-125 bales Northern Htay jusat receirved per ship Fnalmouth, and for sale by CHRIS'IE 4. SINNOT, 8g nov6 27 Common at To) LET. by A convenient two story dwelling House, er corner of St. Joseph and Perdido streets. For d: particulars apply on tie premises. P.nov6 C UNNY BAGS--50 balen sizes landing S fronm ship D)elhi, aad for alo av orS .J P \'WHIITNEY, nov6 8 Conti st a. TIMEd-1000 casks Tlhomnaston Lime, landangin good order, and for sale by S b & JP WIIITNEY, noof v Conti It l, OPENING Ofthe N.ew Orleans Young Merchants ¢ .lfechanica. SINSTITUT''E, 1 N tile Lecture Room, in the basement of the Meth r odist Church, corner of Podrsa and Cnrondeler of streets. Lntrance on Poydran street. In Owing to tle unfavoralle state of tle weather on last Satnurdayl, the opening addrtss to be delivered by L. C. I)unean Esq. has been Iostponed until to mor. a. row (7th inst.) evening, 7 o'clock. i 'I he friends of the cause of Education, Ladies and (entlemen, are respectfully invited to attend. ot nov6.--t U ACON tII)1-8-40 casks euperilr Cincinnall l cured, il store and for aslu by G DORSEY, nov6 44 New Levee d EV CROP SUiGAl--100 hhde prime for sale oa S plantation, above the city, by ILEAD & BARS'rOW, d nov6 7 Bank Place SA-GGING-And Bole Rope, for sale by i.IU IEAD & BARSITOW, gav6 7 Bank Place. a ALAGA W\'lNb-Sweet and Dry \ine; Sin qr easks and Indi n Ibl, entitled to delenture, for sale Ib ILEAD) & BAIS''OW, nI ov6 67 CGravier l. (' LOT'ilNG-30 cans reasonable Clothing, rcon. J prinagson assortment ofealineojkecso and pan Stalonsl Derry and Cnttonade pants hoasy whi cot t Rn; C i, Lierpool stripe d illed, an Flano slirn:, landiug fromo ship Dalmatia, for tale by S ISAAC BRIDGE 4& CO, nov6 134 Mlagazine ast SLOUR--Linseed Oil and Copperas in r tore and far sale by G0 1101SEV, norr l -44 New Loevee D RAYS*--A flw Cincin: ati Dra)s an hand ai-n-et, hC G DOISGIRY, nov6 2 44 New L.vee C' ILo IOC( I l --reasen sweet Chocolate, nladitg y I or slip Dalmatia, fir s oale by ISAAC BIrlilDIE & CO. Ntnov6 134 lagtaine st UlICK- ')blatas U X Rssia lern D h ia shlip Clii ton, in store and for asle byI CWIIrPRII E;O & Co, nnvr 76 IRMaIazine ,)A ;tGiING n" It.\il': ILO1'e--511U pieces b.lggig, U 700 coils rom;', for sale hv = I..\AeEN. ,. L.EII GENIBE, nnva_ "8 or '"J Ne'w I.e*vee IIAC'I t .1. io - anth iand halt barreln, ious. 1 o 2 for sale hy S Hludsnon's suplFrliae balio Post, of superior qu.l ity, for sale low by IDAVII PEI.T & CO, New York and Statimer's Inall. ti 1el31 21 Chartlres et tst.1.'--8:l bales 2 a 2 1-2 bushel bags, in storn and fotr sale lby oct31 134 Mlagazine st k-.-i| it-N- silaal whl it o Corn in prime ordet CIIAPLI.IN &Sr COOPER, n-ll3 82 Julia at. C(OFFEE-- 0 bn salid Joaw Calfee, now landin C hili Rierizi, and l ifor s Re o -T R InYI)E& lnRO, oI'·"4 ,-or Comrmon t. l ngazirrR A lf AY-d5 .aa p-46 Itay lanuig tho al14 ip o • a, and for s9a by J j)D IEIN & A COHIEN, nov5 90 Common a % ESS POKtl--4 bbls Meanss and 68 lbbls sulo Mess I Park, in store and for male by STETSOiN & AVERY, rno5 88 Gravier at ý' TOVE.S-l.anding from shii Vntdlla an assortment of Peolaes Cooking 'love s,and Cunnting Ilhno. of different azes, from No. 2 Ia 5, of the latest patterns, auilable for ttam boats; for sanl by St H DEVEREAUX, nov5 26 'Theopnionlao at a a Ma H DEVE'I2AJX, n ov5 26 Tchopitonlas at NEW PUIBLICATIONS. H OW TO OBSERVE.--Morals and Manners. By Harriet Martineau, ia one voluaete. Public and P'rivate Economy. IIlInated bly obser vnations made in Englhd ill tIhe year 183.t, by Tlhea. dore Sedgwick--part aecaond. Oddities of l.oand Life. Bty Paul Pry, author of Little Pedlingtan,in 2 vola. he Ihnperial,a Chrittnas and New Yaar's present for 1839 The Works of L. E. I.nndon--complete in one rol. Ilulwer's Works, with illustrations, comeplete in one volume. Just received and for sale Ity WNI M'KEAN, oetl2 cor Calp & Comnmon at TO MERCHANTS. I8I'MERCIIANTS can have a BElvUTPUL. CIRCo LAU struck offat four horrs Norlce., byrellsag at the Compting nRomt of T'RUE AMERICAN PI'mttno Orrir., St. Charles Exchange, adjoining the Rran. Ian ROOM at Corner of Gravier street. NO CURE NO PAY. DiR. JOIINSON, Ofice 110 Bienvills street, con tfies his practic to the treatment of Venereal Disease, in all its differrot folrma. Dr. Johnson, from at residence of many yenrs in Iloa 1 pitals in Europe, devoted to the trautatsnt of Venereal )Dieases, aRidIfrom his ptesdant extensive practice in that prticular eranch of the professioe, guarentees a alt', ,perpiv ad effectual cfre to such pereone as are tolubled witlh nuv of tile fllowiag diersesa, vit: Goneorrhoea, iileets, Sltriloleo, Clhancree, Btakoe, Seemioal W.eaknessr, Affctiona ofthe Iludde:r, Kidneys, Loins, Urelllra, Prntrate Gland, Swelled 'I estile.n, SErlptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joints A5 t the numerous snymptoms which generally follow this dlisrar.e. S Recent cases cured in two or tlhree days without the tse of Merecar, interrtplion roe t busintess, or altera tion ill the role ofliving. A tnedicine to prevent Venereal I)isease can le ob tained of Dr.Johnaon. It is from tihe recipe of the Baron Larry, a celebrated Fre.nch Surgeon, and was used by himn dring tlheeiveral caepaieins in which he servedest SurgeoonGeert.l in tht Frenrh Army. Sold by l)r. Johnson, at his oilice. Thoee Iwrsons having any affection of Venereal Disease, and boueet taking sea voyages. or rentmoVillg to Ith country, would einces for Ither enre in the shortest time calt be put up with wrintte directions fr their aue. Office open froem 7 in the morning until t0o'clock at night. ABEIINETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC ELIXIR. Dr. Abernethlty, tleo greatest of Enp!lih surgeons was of opiniae thlat iine-tenths of tihe deasera lthet affect mankilnd originate in the stomach. Trhin Elixir eas used by hime with the most unprecedented ucceass in his private and publlic practice lir upwarlds of ferty years, for tile renmvanl of lhe following diseases: Loss ofappetite, Flatulency, Distention ofrthe Stom ach,l'ain is tihe nile, Hlevienae of the oead and incli nat:iln to sleepl Itrregulrity of tile Ilowell, and ic al csee alshre Ildigestion or a reostive habit is found to exist. Tbis medicine must not be numbered among the host orqnack nostrums inow lefore tlhe publiic, as it in the sole invention of tle ealest and most secientific sulrgeo Europe nrodlleeod, and the secret of pretparn a it eta purrhnaed by the agenl for a vtry large sut. It in agreeable atlll pltlsaenl to tie -t, acts as Iat tilt aper ientalways keepa the bowels free, imports vigor sead strength t tile stealn, en d cheerfitlnes. to tile ind; and a kfew bot'lesremlnes tile mrtesl confirmed cases of I)yspelia or Indielstion, and prtventoa return at any future period Nr.w Yount17thl Auguast, 1838. : J5 M aisol n-trOe. SIta:--ltl roneqtenttcrofle.ding a sedentary life, I have been tr.lblce lel cere or leant, witlh leligeatieo ficr teell ver; lfer the teat tlroe years It eUlftrilltge lante bleelnilesupptr(tble. I have tried aevernl phyenicitoe, and t t tlr ft e euok rediillreS, withi'lse plrciten n ltll. benefit. I d,*,as Uild of ever obininhli nyils- perlmanent relt f, and resigeed myself to the e ,st hlprlene dleaseir. I was pereunLeld by "anly1UlV friends toIry ..+berl bv's Ivetic Eeeeelixir. " leave low lirnishedl tele foolerth tr tie,. teeoe kn w nca t h wtt eto r,. n lv olteeiretieel of ita wonlderfil virtues end thien le it h eror rtestlrl' me fn tluit health which I thIou htI b Io-t fIr. rvcr. SneeIIId iee hil( tl deiell I betiile mo)re nliI exelfeet in ' tlohankb fe1 tfie hle.csirc voyo have roite red ,y re storing meee topal(etot leellll. I fetecie tlretc JAt'tll) tMOt)ItOE. Tihe e.eeet bu in t li are in Otnsi-. severda Ihtl uredl tes h oeeeieleeemihtr l , nbeee of tlee ttneeelienrv e,ir t leae eftehin eleeeedie iee. Sol by plteeiet.etee at ttl)eet Jolaste'ee 1.120 ene ille stret. nov. ,--ti N EW l"lIt)I . .-11a.nal of ii tint. u;thi, , de tl1ý i~nre rlld ,llv Invr th " aul; of ('ollere, nnI S.t ldints Ia at i; t In nini lir oihok I. Ethi,.+ (iirnl t ,nd l',litii.l; (ii ,k II . The Jtate. cIv - "rt n es SRecordq of T'lvels in one volume. ATrip to ,se l If etter, t to he Edi tor UnI~, lited+ SDtar (Le s +it"I- . S WoNman n e sh. .I ,hld I e, and Oo tan in ien :oeial ulnd l~ontlrei, Charach'rr in I vol. Jo+1 nr".i,.d and (ur ii. IL. %T,'KE' IN, O"' t .lt 31 (;rm er o" C p. an,l (.aninol treets. ,1 I j iNN1 l 15[\.I bulI'ed, {Lk I buhll,l:lo n sore -,s and f, r eah." by A T It t'l)DE & 11O., S art' c: r Comoan & Malgazine street r 1T)[A(; .-Theh Inulkof 2000 balrrlo can I th.en ain a fire prool warehouse, in Notre D)aia street  _near New Levee, aplllY to TR IHYDE & IRO, oct?3 car Common .l" Magazine street Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Anclion r Bills, PamphletsN, Show billsu , Catan lognes, &c. &c. I.FORDERSfor the Above, and every other des. it riptionof Jfj'PRIN I'lNG ! received at Compling hoRoom of"TI.UE AMERICAN," in ST. CHARLEs Ex CHA.xE, 3d door from Gravier street. Extensive and Beautiful Ioo0 and Jon FOUnTS front the best Foundries in the United States, have just been added to the already well-.stocked Establishment; -and COnnlns will be executed as LIow, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and lBcautifully, as at any other Office in the City. Noel--f TO I)RUGGISTSA. UST received persh~ipet)rlean from N York ni60 g'roec nlck Court Pllaister i 49 do Flesih cold do 2 do Ilenrv's cnlcined Magnesia; 2 do Rtttter's Aperient do 2 do Scidlilz Powders, fior sanle by DAVID FELT & CO., octl2 N Y tationera' Iall. Chartrest NOTI'ICI rIE subscribers blave asnesociatCd thenselven in bit sinceas under tihe firm of CHRIIISTIE 4. SIN. NOTT, and solicit a eontinuance of te patronage rc ceived by their John Christie, whiie conduii ing businessin his own name, as Wholesale Grocer and Commission Merchant. JOHN CIRISTIE, novn2-3w N. SINNOT'I', Jr. Exchange & loney Brokers. ST. CHARLES THiEATRE ARCADE. A BII.. of Exchange aon New York at sight, for ± $5O, far sale: Unciinrent monuey Gohl nnd Silner,c Billa of Exchange; Pronlissary Notes, ltnk i ad other Stocks, Bought, old andexchangetd. nov2-:3t CARDS 0 PRINTEDI) at the slnriaest Notice, in the most elegant manner, in Black or Colored I.nKS, on Elnamel. led, White Flake, or Plain burfaced Cans, amld at Prices very reasonable at TRUE AMI.RICAN OF. FICE, eaorner of Poydrns and St. Charles aitsn. &Several New and Beaunntiful Founts of TIrn have just been added to the Establishment. Orders received at Comnptin Room, St, Charles Exchange, 3rd door fromn Gravier at. noel-If 1Mondelli d& Reynolds, ARCIIITECTS AND BUIL.DERS, +lAVE removed their office to the .IERCItANunr II EXCHANGE, 2nd Story, No. 2. Entrance fron Exchannge Place, near the Poat Oilice. A CARD. CHRiISTIE & SINNOTT, Whldesale (Grocers and Commissionl .lerhants, No. 27 (Commoni Street, New Orleans. I1'iParticularattention paid to the putting ap of Steanin bat and Ship stoines. noa a2 'L'EN DIIOLLARS REIVW %Itl R . l of the :c l Olh Ictober, the nian, a Ie ';ATIIAtIINE, a grille, ag.d abant thirty years; speak, French tad Efnglsh; is well known, ana d wll try to plass herself as free. The above reward will be pailfor her delivery to thesubser iers. DOYLE & MAY, 3 Carondelet at Captnlans of aesi'cl, steamn boats and others, are ucan-. atinned ill takin awnllv or harbor ing tihe above n-a land Slave, ndller the penahltyat teltielao. o(.31-- I t138 JUST received at the Louisiana Furnciurn Ware nla,:, 55 Bien i ille stree:,200 Maple and Cherry tledsteadi; a first rate article. Also, a good a+sori luect of M .Ile, WalVnut, and 'Painted Chalirs, .hich a will be sold br thle lowest cnarh leSic. IV R CAIrNEdI. jy7 53 Mlanville street.,. J RiMS'l'tIE-2ficarn.ks and 25 boxes Brinmstonalle. J in store and for sole by CNNON, ac tI TtipnM CANNON, oct.31 I l Tehu~imt ulas M'reet Camp St. Theatre. Second night this seaeon of the Drama ao VIC'I'URIN E. Second night this season of the new 'i,'co of TIHE CARAMELIT'ES. This Ereoning, Norecmbtr 6, Will be performed the admired Comedy of TIlE (CARMEL1TES. B.dudeau, iMr. Johnstnt; Capt. ilrieac,. Barrett, Capt. Enesat, Fredericks, Maria, Mrs. Greene, Louisa, Barrett. Pan Seul, by Mliss f 1ray. Overture, by the Orchestra. 'The performance will conclude with the Drama of VICTORINE. Alexander, Mt. Fredericks, Blaize. Jonhls on, ltonnasus, Ilarrett. Michelr, lodieges. Victorinoa Mr. Barrett, Eliza, Greene. EXCHANGI READING ROOM. T "E proprietor has re-firted his Reading Room, in . tho St. Charles Exchange, Crnrvr of Greeter Sand St. Charles streect, the neapest mannetr. e Besides all the orincipal lOcpw of the Unitod States, of eery city and state. the Conadaa Texa. antMexi co andr Ilavlma, toe room is regolarly stndl eXateive.. v suppliedt will tie lattent European papers, Loyd's liats, and e Prieo'u Pree Current. Als, oillh nearly all the I.nctearv Periodicals of the day, and hIs there Sp rnhlicotioes of th z Lrond, Edin arg, Westminstert Thee noalitall Reviews anlliekwn mlls Magazine. The North. American Revietrw; the rn l.itertrv Knick Inbuctker,'I'he American Jonrnal of Seiernce and Arta, SCuainet Miscellnty I)emroeatlie Reviewr (ieNtiemlin. a goieAAmerican mmonthly, BeRntly'a Micelleny, tile Mexico Chirurgical Review, and a variety af others. All these worki are regularly ilbae ribed fir anid rerae. red. The room is also rupplied with a tIrge vuliety ofmaps and etlatne, Nilea |'etgister, Levy' P'rice Cur rent r ol t its c rUtn etoetnoll alellt, Gazntecrs, ald a variety of works ofrefcrence. ThIe tnoat altit' & w intelligent ners eollectors aree t played, to give the earliest arrivals, and no paina nor ex penae will be cPtred to render tits Reading Room tih Sfirst the United States. aubrerip li.ns ate respectfully receie . octll--tt FAS. lONAnI.E PARIS MIVl.l.INEI. Y. TIil1 E atbscriber hs title honItr of informing the Ii. o dies, tthat Ie itoo received per nhiln I.afaoette a end Marengo, a *uppli of fall nod winter Muilinerv, of the latest and rihlle-t materials in Pori,, which h|ra. Scrillnt expects to hetre opened ltd roeady tix exam Silaontion atn Mlonday and Tuesday ilextl. i D P' SCANtAN, ntov3 "2: Charlnres et MAYOIRALT' Y (IF NEWV ORlIEANS. IIA ,iF. e of fresh flttor to-day is $1V .1 ore Ibarrel, according In the r ariF; the nkrs shaIll lgive h1i. ring the pr cant week (fr, n Moultay 5it insat.) 27 atta ceo of bread fr a bit. Bretd fl the seroni quality is required to weigh 25 per cent. more, viz: 331j ounces. nova 'r C. GENOlI, ilna\r. hNVEIt)t. PAPI~rIt--Jr s receive-) a few reams Sofoveryaoperienr Enyelnpe or Plos Office Pa'uper, medium, royal and imperial srzet, for aler Io y AI).VI) FEI.T&.CO,. INew York Stalinrmrs llhd, nov3 'I Chanrtres at ItF.AD¥ ItI'CKONIt--Just revetied i tIbo copies L_ of the Mechant's and Stieamen' Expedition Measurer or tlady Rleikoner, ir sale by DIAVImD FE.I.'f & C v, New York hStuionert Illl. nar3 24 Camorlre ast i'tIPI"NTINE-i15 bnrrt bpirite of'To rpcnltin Ilanding from shipl I'ericnattl, fcoclr hby JAItVIS & A IDIE\REU', i)rogginta. oetG ear Comlntr & Tcotulntotlhalt st 'tlGAtIS--2ti,0'O Principo of soutriur quality now J in rstore, and for Rnale by ISAAC BRIDGEI & CO, aor:I 1:14 31azint at i AVAN SU '.AIt. 'White oira Itrot, x I n Sgro, of at prime quality, Itilt ald lir by (, G lLANI:IAlItIt. nnv3 :13 (:rlaier at - IL and nladiang,tad fo saile I,v s ' II,.tNCIItoft i, lwhilen anleolored II t'rIl (a.,U t'et t nII ior ,tnrP IV all and W iuter bleat hed Sp1it::l t oil, pare Irri'le. Six barrelh couilntry Castor ()Ol, ill .tare, hlr -u l,' by 11nv3 331:rti ler tt 'iTtl PIEI'NT'I. " " AR. GE.\I ( F e alr (lr lllllll . llllrl a 1(0 h )1 a ovPr l levr ', a- ucutiae ato're, A'l .altazi l .i strt. \tt Iily i " 1 ti II tIaN I,, lnv5 .: . t!I NeL w I.'vct i Illo lit+ay lamllig Irl;ll Lhip Rla )el .l ,r, annd for _ +leIl mi n- Ianu4ionu DIoue liotel BALL ROO)U r/\his aOt l~li`E lnrlll will ,o11'11'. o l,. ll o ýýonoo oo I~ll~tctowil It ,, (tItANIt 10101, 1. 11.. '1'h Ito jooloioor will havre good order letrll Ili, HaI JLo ,u, r which I,,,1 10010e rogo eood .tler.r of ill, P'ojlice. O(,. 17. ' A:NDIEnIo-.looto oooxr Srmo 0,0, tloo. Nowo 11.2d ford, Ilriooul anod oNunluchoLttool0, orir.o noel 7f Mrogozinre a (tAl P %'I:cIL-Juot roooniooo oo 0., oooocrvu I l ericr thin lllue ad lu Sad whilee orU OCp ppo per a new kond splooodid aricle, ot lr dale ty DAVID x"1:1.1" t c ~ o, " nod15 N V Stnlieooor's 1,121 hulhrrtc At '' No ",in store: unit for gale by 14II0TG DOE & C O; Nf)TICES. I--- r lll: Office of te New Orlooouo Iotd Mlobile Moail l; ine id removerd, From under th'rll e Exchangne Ilotel~ it, No. 7$ I'.ydrlll treet, of whlich pluac· It lettr ling tio kept open until I_1 to 12 A MI. I-or wnyloeror &e. Thnlore fire oloilen eel further Eat, will be put in the I'ot tOlice at Ale! ite. I 0EGo. WHIIITMIAN, ii Rwubllllar and OolllnJII u 12:3 otor.n of .iodi ciluer, s~eleewd undelr our personaol ob~ser\ anonl, express. ly for tlhji ooorket. Foor crason rloorel, Thrroee do powerod Bark, 400 ooooooo Soulpjhote Quinine, lTo cros plio. Epeeuc, i'Ooon toorrels uroAloolot, I rt burr In A lo o 'ITrhree canes Liquoorioe o'ore, Tw 'renty rat boys oil Vitrioll, E'pdom an (Id GlauberP Slits,, Toweny huxeo Rowuod's Tonic Mhixture. Purr (I roud Ginger, Jab0, tOpirnm, Spooer, Oil l Peppermint. Oil L.eoono, Totniri Acid. Sodo, Seidli n Pondoar, SodsPoowdero, c., for alebby JAIOYoS & ANDREWS, Woouleooole Douggiuzn, nor) Cor Commono .ioI'oulopioooobontu O'1"(ON \Veigher'a Ouiln Iioek-Jus rereirvd a C fw It, Zen Cotton~ Wiiglor r' Finn Ulluk, ruledd or and hounod in thbe uomoooo manoner,for rule I)AVIT) FEI.) 4 Cr, New You k SltuneOoor'd Holl, orL~tlf'I Clhrtrerns At r I 1I.AS-1 L0 ooose :uujooo'dor too, e.o hi13 ltoin.l IOIb borne Ilnperol Tea, o stlore, und to, dale few by nrtý03 T lAYER, oct0 71 4 sy r unrhun, and fur *Ile by J 'rIIAYEt & CO. ooct:bO 741 IPooodn.o ot ý1ýýACREIOiii l oooo Co, I joh-S511'1 hR.. If Aub . ii nd3 2 luekorel, in wholo nd hbolf borrelst 1 :110 boxes of Cud Fish, in Co oreband ter ski le bb ED. SI'KAAL1E oct30 22 C oooooooo HaOonR I~OII.ICCO--50 Ien oooI m oofcrtuood 'I otbuc 1 en; 20 do'lluneye)wo l ondinound for sofa by S0&JP WIlll 'N y, toot3o O___ __i t o ' ISPERR CANDLS,(OIL, Sro. :3110 bo urs New IBooluord Orm Candles; 40 toorrels IReltuod WYhualr fil; A (r:oks Norw ltedford Wiintr Oil; 15 (:aoko Iioofltooo Zinc; 2100 boous No. I Il Boson uou III 1. tbag ouvaoon (ootlic; 50 tIOoouoo white ooooooo SogaOr, supeOrior final. itu, i o store ond for su.e bo Jiost E ·l.) COCK A'a ( 0i) 1 11' 00 boxedo 00 1 to. rouch for iA soto by REAl) & It.)bS 10)'.W 11 AGNE SIA of, s tlroooo Coom'd t, o g. raould 0,0oouioop-.ju00 receoivrd boy too oulooorltore SICKLE:, &0 tO, o-o27 40 Canaulnt IT AIINISIIIEO-. largooontl euooooojoo 000,0k f1r0000 V ille m anoofufacto ry of)1' B Sooioto & Coo. cooootoroooo in pur elmlo full a I'oioof extro Iultntiooi.g 00 1l dlooooo 2; vaurish uI,20,02nd 3 tfr ordlinoury u~r black and - brownro juun, for nalto by ___ti _ _ It. CLANNON,12 Coo p At N O1)IICE. - _ !1____ V 111E: FIRE:IIE:NIA INSURANCE OFFIClE lh rber n bulooouril ribroooood ooooloved tooo45 Canal turret, next Ito,, Slurreioanro ood Tooroboors IBoonk. Ilevl- Borreou ol'AooooooooootPo "otplooro toat toootpunjoo toCoc Iraonooloortl no no 45, rooe ot uonul oo jooigoooool Iltuo l clle duo Aroiuno. too. 00 1)UILolUNIY WJ5E-E5I, foueoi j tot 00000 too St. Charles Theatre. MRl. GEORGE IIOLLAND. Will appear; Seirrid tigit thii, easoon ofthbe O1elta ol CINDERIELLA. ON Tils1 EVIWENING, NOV. 6, Wril be performer d tire Oilers of Prihcu, n ir. Pluotcri larm, Prrmpoinro, Archer, Pedro, Holland, Dlalloni, Page: CinarIrrellar, fad. Thielenane. tl1rinda, Mrs. Furren. An'r Overture by Orchestra, Grand Pau Seul, Mad'o Ravenoue r Tie whole toea clcludr with the farce of MY YOUNG WIFE & MY OLE UMBRELLA, Gialet, .If.drcwell, Prrr, Williamtt T'rue kiriir Deftr., Dinah, l$WeI Pltrmer;: T UST receierd a fw doee oif orSllmen' patre eJl nouoriro horre Ink ltuend'r, rith two farttfu, on for Ilack and oner fr red ink trr s l T & bv IJAVID F%|oT Lk C." New York Stationer's Ha.~ oct29 24 Churl'rre e SSUIVEYOIL'S OuFICE--aSL:CO.ID MUNICIPAL ITY. NOTI CE it hrelo fiver that io coolorroty with r resolutior of'tir Couor:ii or thfe S.utolrl Muniei alioy, prsed no their ittirrg of Tuerdl ,v, the 23rd int., I will receive a myoicre, till Thrtdro, fir 8tir of No reIrmuer next, trrposale to furnioh ali tire tilore cqoui. odrl frr briders anrtihe otiher M3 rrricipal works, fir one year fer date af contrors--exruir e only f ' uch tio-t IUer as ts aoredy been cuntraected, to, he urioaied fr the whorves. J0n. PII.IE, ortd' J "ur1veoro SBUREAU DU VOYER DE LA 2d MUNICI IPAL ITE. V ISr testR por teEr ret donnoi qu'en eoarloorirt'u S r d'urne realutirua diCnoiarei do uir ,l uicipt uilivrti tias'e( dtol oa vunnce du drt3 idc ca mori, je reevrai l no abureau jatl qt'no jeudi de Noemlnrr prnchraie l~ed offre- poudr la -furniturP pe~l~ndaut Uu anm poI)RIe d. artdrodu oontrrtdae tous IR oish nrCeR.rairer nUo pou1t at vutreo ouregue tie to Munrieiplilt, (aux de'ej coo trtoet plour leetwharref oecept'e.) ILea Iruit seront tie -- riper scies an motuoin e de roillerrtte roliir. JIH. PI'LIE, Vo r. SNourrvelle Orleoanr,r 29 Octoibre, I:U38.. SUI RVEYOI R b F'1C E h C NL' I r, y. tF l OTICE is hereb given, that m,'cunrurmity witli m AresAlation of ths C ',n eFt e eco, passed ot tlteirmrritlg of 't' r etli tbhltt., h will receive,. at rty oficr, till y tire 7th dey of November rnet, prriAerri fr sTt-rlvine g and delilering aol the Irilkstbtr touy ie rcqinot. iry naid unuicipality for twelvtr errrnthso fror dati of tirle cootract. The avidt Irrtcks di.irorabler in ertti1 qu.rttritrt enlat osure, poi.. resas my, frr.rr itroe rotirrr..terreqtired tbytireuner cyor. "Jt)S. PILIE, oer9 cr Surveyor. BIJIIEACfU VoYf( f tEI L,:1A lSECtJNrDE ftt NICIIKA LI E N. VIS eet par le pj sent donn, qu'on eonornt(h , ~ -. dl'un ri?;olultion du Co~nseil die laI Seconds. Puni pelitd pisses tlaos se aeltoce du 16de cc movi, jr re., arn I Inofol bnreau jlr)1t'eo 7 tie Novnlarre a itchain Sdet oalre pruc fejairt dtiriier ruesr Ip f hriquequoe In inielaloill ierrme narvoir o pr e trtl titin art & partil cln dote d herrrnrt. I"s diitretiruee derroet -trr do Ii 't rie Il n nleerr qualolhtr l erent eiirres mrortretiti' et artu tlaoeos qui "eotai ro etus arautrCe diesigrieo pool € rtyce II1. PtLIE, Voyer. StrNoallOrla Orireve, irrrOctairre t. l)3. SIT:I.~LVWXIIlRIr WBIN i-t nirora'a L._P;Crrlti anI Zrrzzr ir~ord.,ia plye., haft pilewr. rirrtrte asliks, rntI octrave,, ionding1 frIre .rdii! tlellr jr sale by ISAAC lflI( titE . Cit, all itJ 1 l4ogoozioa st' a . AI.T-- I.3ha I.rrlranl ,lt. \ri.ingtaelrraad Sailtlior fromr abhit irelhri, for stle hy ISA rt) BIDiGlrE & CO, .t29 i):IIt mnzine .t '/'II Ttih EN lI'uRll -9'r'.--- a Ili'iE Tokclr .rod.tlAnynic Srrarrntrc, a Clhristmoa uo Ne taw Y ir'areert foe llfir -E--'tnlieby &.. Ilirtrra nr lflr Reilg aFi'er irannd ,ridt ltarrllt. tae (itiaitho ire \lb dieter It. ltrt'terrt, irt' arrie, ilhdoiition Jlt retrrt:,rd ai orltr~renibly "t31. 5ItK r.AI¶ rJt 1fe te rnd rrre rt Nirirlalvhy o rdnl tntrrai risn rr, nlrlrAl. ,molco, n( l rer rr ttre Nicklt br I lraila, il'dilrd Iry hoc, eilh illuntrnrtios try lire Arm.trirer Arllllrrnrrr rri reprtilor ot usr euL ' ktlol. hl.Pe.T) t()r the( 161 ~!1. Arltllrr Ill"Scietllc. ill'l Art--()r .Irrio,,I iririrter oi llrtll nrlt 'lree trarn trod i prrlrrr~lerlrrrnl.r rirrretrit' ant.' to rrr it " rr.techatiesr 'h l a , llral Ilislorv t lid iuml i~Olllltll.'e, lIt' Tll.,m.+ +.lilh'~r, tttllh,,r I,· . Ih, ilm the: \Viced+, lh'a ties olhte ('nllalryr ill r ,a,1r. rIl,,rltl·rl Iar ellnll tl, r I tr r (rrrr',y.,| "l'r r trhl. e . s, llrry t rl" a rl irrh, orf'h. ih, tr rio Str' yr &1 ' tnt tatr' i., It111hrl I;+*1 . llt I. d, I1I·'w ( 1ClIII) Illll| L·IIIIIlt ·Pl e +*IT'it·J (1 i ry el,, r Ir " lir liue Irlt i l '' +rr pr , i lrrri rilr . , Iris Ir),an- tris i r.l irre rrr I rlll to thr r I'rr rlr.r.Trlr ra ilrtr tOa eI.rlz,h mint E ttnb rglrarabier,: J+tirrrrnrinrrairero itt.+ tor I t1(;llllt l lJ ('OI|II1 O IN : - -=7:: ::,!: r•r- rfir,,- r" r . . .... \ i ll n11 I-c l hi'r.llll+· " 40(0 " vletin.ed 11 olle O(il; e 5t barre9 l "T'7me'r 7 11il; (ill .h110 xmc (ti , bhins' No. 1, f xtri .ln ill U'.5 FA & V winch.....'8 no. I do ' 2011 " Sperln Calldle, In lft ol-annd fr slaul by \\)IIITIRIIiGE & cO, S ot. . 7tL Magazine na cIlNI OWV GI.A.t-l(.0 boxn s 10 by h 12\indow, S (;lan~s; 50 boxes Ii by 11 do: fir nleo by JARcVI" & A.\I)I1BNlS, uV Wholesbae Drugginia, i octl?9 eor cnief ont & Thlpltpi tthlas I t \ll.lbe given t, any* person that will inrunn nme Swhere miy i l've Ji i[,Y i' ai enllii,ied. Sie ec do boul five f!et four i tllhe high, malrket h with ire small oxand Hlwhen sie .secnks site atntters very llcllehl. fhe if efiielo-, ed olte where ill fllbollie Stc. Mary. tJA MA s. IA 31 I"lET. OCt27-3,t-ceol il - 9 1%S IEiniLKAUING V-19 1i3isrels *Win. Dlunlap'e' SPaste Blackin, laandling from sh thiernz, for in sole ',,v IS.tAG 1RII1(i'., 1 0 :t), it i t i4 i181 Magazine at Dress & .Masquerade Ball, WIVASIINGTON BlL RBOOM St. Philipstreetl, between Royal & Bourbon. fIIE , nager fthe& MlavQUERAm d llllllt BALl,,grnte 1i i'ul to ]i friendcs nld the p nbliceIy, the unrales d.lled Satroange Iestoed on hi Iorthseerlon shieasons rein pefelly iderms thrghuta the establiehimenlt has been enlalged for the nlnnsenlmet of visilnrs, and nnt dergone inle e l poirs. Tle bar will cbe .terlased by none ill quality of icqunra, and the iestnurat , ill be ikept b tie able t Ieltacrlieur in thei Unted Mates. The lt will reopen on atnlrday iven!ng, 3rd of November next. by a GIt.NI) DI LSS & MASQUERAE & AI.I,, and will tfke pines 1n usnl every Mtonday, Wednes dap and Saturday evening, during the season, & hich will and on tile rt of .ey, 1839. N. B. The .mnteate attention will be paid to keep ing perfect order tlhroughout Ihe elablifhmntn, ai was done last season. oct'24 A i'Iii'ii File Press, ilet received n few dozein, of d dillerent aiie, land lor sale tow. bc DAVID FEID r &CO, New York and Stutiuner'a Ilall et e i i , CrlrP i I it TA' I't'S--nel ce oif I.ondl HelAl, received Iper shill IIULENCI E LE. ENIR. s ` ll.l,:ý -.i5 )adx Itocun Stdlo, in good condition, in l.7 store and lintrle by TI.YI'I & AMIRNG, ocm.iI ei 'nnilmerce lt i h GENUIN' EN s'I' &(?, 12 Royal Street. [oLN 1. 3t1.1IL'Iu:NS'I:IN Irs hnDrsle, d reer lritr t lle illlf lle t luriii ill Silesia, (l 'ruz , ia) a I fe iiaotI edit o| Iffu1k Ifitd Diaper Ta ible Iel.ny , ll ipfe llIn. Ai , h all nsirtnment of Sljingais s The npipr piart oc Idh house No. 58 Cntp i alllv on the Ilranires. hed el Iii lllilg and Iir sale h i L. LA nRNCe C I.FEGNDRE, tm i g,atd 40hbales Ilauiitrc S;rtilngs, landig froii siltp ie ti, Lfor s tle b l lf Af BRlI IDGef &(O, nov9 134 Maigazine t U anldinmty lingo, sltsize, irll 1 vr I.A\VRENCE &. I.EGI".NDRE , nv . .. U : .t'29 New Levee . sHad far Zal* by nctl7 SI.lATE & T"RIER. 14 Poydre attd lat'sle by T R (HYDE 8¢ eRO, IV.: "o " Iq:ItGUSSION +AIAt . + 1 lo()CKII & COnt their old stand No. 8 Eronl I , . Ieveebave just received a Inw line double bar relled L, mdna fOlam; Also, 1501 00 t Ine I:ngl-lh plercn - : taolr lc, in till boxes, whtieh Ihey olro for saolo. :!'1 UATI'ION WAN t't';D. YOUNG man who is tlhuroug y, erqcinuited w' t ! thle duties I(l UIn out dour or leve C(:ark, peanking the l'reach and Fl nlEn h langaa.e=, and h.v ,.g been engagud s aNos sh ' II.i. eity tur three) ears, is desiruul afnirttiningn sinitit n, and the best r:eierences El b e 8 t. In+ i ... a...drtn.s A, Rox.8.. l,,roogh the Paon thcM, - poy

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