Newspaper of True American, November 6, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 6, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. 0F EYCvnY DECRttTItON, l'EInDhI.T, II.t )MC-tllI.Y .INI CHEAPLY EXECUTEIJ AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .iianercicu , SI'. CIIAIILES STIIECI', NEAIt POYDRAf. 111,231 ,ll[Ij'ANA FURNITURE WAERflOOMS Nc. 53, Biettlle s til'e t W 1L111AM It. CA RNgE, (Ilrrmery of the firtm o Flinttt & rCoot,) would rt'opoellully id'reorItoi f lee dittod thetl rlv thct lie is vroetarttlly rereivitg froml Newv Yur'; end Ilostull goo d assortment of Far lilull·, such as mahogany IIYCIh·iie, sound, Ied odeld, aid. I'lltaitl leoinmd ch irt, otejple tttd rhorrv tredettod:, mllloaatv ad chetry taliled of all I e riltiro., bu reau', Wrilmt, ororeteryo, ttitiuy docks, wrotlet of noel opeuy~ and chlurry, wash elands, looking glassesaa foathort, iroddiog, doe. &e. N11. Furtritur pocked fir trensportation with greet core._ 1I1 0 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, jemrteedfeoeo 17 Ctulornltoute St. TO NEXT DOOlR To Sr. CrIARLES 'rIIEATREh:, Cornet UP PoYRoAS & ST. Coent.tE STILeET. " TINE d Id tILPEIY B1J/'I'l.Yf-St gmross Wo allV t 1Ot groto porter bottle't, for dale by Ilt)I,11IE S & MLL.S, jvSL an IrhAlley. PIUVAlYL BOARDING HOUSE, No I3, Tlotuloue aI,- Ipy Mlir letftoer.e. n u ll slue i eprciuutotsd conto vnienttly tittoted Ionic of budhteee, oeer the Levee ted the Ntew Ev'ie rt cc. 'I'Tl trute willbe w ellt vcplited ettttrrled to, ted Iiu charge ,I ~lller ute. Itonrder, w ishing t o veIluto giv ~ c l llte v, eccunun datto, it dlirrl'vtpricet wito th commodiu furnishe, rooms. Ilorrdevo will trove tIe tetiRlietioo tO teet here, pterto osrooeking thto Fretnch, Engliolt td trl to ohr lrnyuae~ogt __11._ 90__ ttglt, - FENTaoN BOUILGEOISE, iRue ,nuloulse, n. 13, truen par .Ade Ve. llHrsf annn. LI 't e aisliseaele nt c.t sp acieux, et se trIuve situc ,rcs d.' Iln L.ericn en de is Nouvelle. lourse, 'niet ddire u iu cclltrie des mnulOeR. ia table saru bientluirsie, propremelt tenuer et un prix Ilauntr6. ',cex Uil preunt persion nd.ircraient y loger an rent des upOnrtenrn.ns de dill'rens prix, Iioln gar ni eat cutanu ea. I~as ipenaiauliress •.runt I'sglnrInt d'y trouver eitr"snonntno n partiInt le]iagllttues ilalnlnise, unnluise at .s .a nole. 23a t ?F ll`E Sulsceriber, tinteIentatlrateur nt No. 119 Char n tres elreer, inlorna his friends and the public, Snha r1 on nay, 0th October, lie will open Ia Nvw Rt:s raut.'A , in thle Il'hteantri Ar cale, betwncln Cutili nnod it. hnarlel atrutle, late the Arcsud Baths. N. It.- Iiuners and Sep l'r; prepared to order, with despatch and punctuality, either ill private reansol at tlio Reestaural, or tt private houses. L CANONGE, nctfl0-tin To RKENT. FrlllE four rtsry fire proof brick store in Camp Sstreet, at present occupied by Messrs. A It '1'Vh e rlchs y s iow brick store at the corner of tIank Al Iev lI1 Nniatbe" arenon, at pIs)relect oelpird bV ieneas. tnollth r to.; tiEl third st 1r being fitted fr a bI~d Aeol, ln :fdl s ry of the bhrick store in ttnk Alleyr lilh d,.r fro t lst Illlllned--the 0lad aud 3Jd .iner.s ,le ntg 'll filled uplni 1sesIsioo te bIe gi eilen lslre Iln Novenlbetr nexa r. 5--tf CIIA N. A JArIn il. I 'n .t li-I nInITlE cN . n NI New Orlneans. Oct Ithl 1238. 4 (;IREl, IVIanY to a rectsion ofll e hCouncil; dateth al1. S nle.'t'l , 13 8I senaled r.oeal I sid will be heneived,,t the tiee nntin Tur;dv the 2trVh day ore ia '"tIIIn. - "le\td ls 'lIr@ c luud,'d i.. touaudl Dw olpurt. Ma iway .ie ,n.iilulirnet pnyableI ori lirtnv .clrn. iII nr ir n ix nnv l c i pl. r III nUe n nnyth'eno t. T I iln il t,:re, t I n r ! lle el i-:l nt t ll ill I. aIlUII, New a Olk I ) nnn I n nriatin n iI 11t«n s alcd (nn. n lh thels e rr ll ued n.l n cairi. ilndr Js, ill;l ecnh, it II Nharsin t ,n Sle i PnEon TiSe o ull to R Inn i nte nn.n n'nri nnca e o l nli-inr en nr, roml lonrnrru du ('ur..Irlenr--n.conde .itcnicipalinl, - o l)NF )f 11 1I' :1 ".'' a u e rc.h otio t lde(:,+,'il ellssni llnns sc5nt lecrd . ' II:1:I dis nllitnnle. ehtrý i "i: r u telrl.u,- iT lcr b ly e lt jl I t'llul' a LTrdl, I .Tej<u)ul'dt ..l.l..lll h pre ' ,, I oen t clti l r lrll itn t m le In t n allrr (,.s , In Io s Int t Il1 inwrlt de 'i n ur e 'tyel . I'«l, l'intnle I n,, ;I; N pa r I,' lre ti d;tll o .,.ld n, ensew N nlk iln ai a \o,,..,+ I, + ,l tue , env ..tln I -ra ,"'u. tvý"r'· I,,,. ln,u ,- In-ellt ct'e pI our llille n lll trO( ina11g ei I' t,,"1,:1 v- I l ifc d.n I, u-' hnii le I.I+ +Pi, e polr I. l .,lll ill r sl l l to. ilni t N t l Jd, IINC \I.i I ), I +N ( Ttnrl r, - - ') I. IT. n L_ 1 n elnnnn inh.. nlnI o No. I'n!: JullU. nelt L "'" I u.1 " , "1 (ii, r sIr,;;-i :Ir.ll n, 1lfr (itu lic'+ lJk ,, ....... e .......... \p.,,i, a .....l lrI esI it , t.. . . . " C.\ V . l.+., K, , I'a a l |ani k.s I~lE':_:° i: S. lOI S .I Ii).; Ins'" sernire tnen r I hip nhn lidhv lhard NaneInintll nnnf; ,,l' i ,N.5. +.' '' il l ] d . l., , to N"n I r I( eoI I I C ,, ~Iie1 l hl+, t y li a ,r , *iun, .nw anln d Cxltlensive nnonik c 1l l u,ll s nhrlluvr t of sooll retla stetlint er ron ansd lan t .i"i |' £:I'.:sltN IA : \ill )'I .V.. . el a endued i nI nr.ll t1 nrll d, e I. I r. I). e j":)tlllllha . \elle , ilb etwl n 'lti rai l n , icnville'. 'hI il ilatitm «a+ l ne inm t elinigibe that counld be fnind ; ralliug ofdrll, l In c o rmlng'. Iss' I t r-e . oneoninelemnnrlllly deartment fr (hel variouts ifeconieion edcsetiel n in' Frennh aidsI ii n niin [li- e enior tlepnca.tment ioe Latnin, (leek, Malnentnnicn cie. iiietunhln, order nant discipline Oro alrietly eujohed mail observed. Innerm. J tni n u nnniDatment, pern i onthe;, $I10 it, tolnnn- srinee, laper, &c.a thiefl sepiarately; 21l. :\ m ~ltl141h innee inegun, i Is in, paid inll ; lrd. Nnn denduction for abstienie nor ier holidaysl: 4tlh. 1 rlles-l~itt ht be ni made regufn rly every lonlh, Io ': lronl It 1-2 to - 3 oIsnlick, iaeoptl Thurts. d:, vad sepi7 toIIOIIl.NI 0t;, ttrandn, 4fs. i 5 ('ip' ttlland (thn;" l11 i ll'i nines 1813 Ilatndy; |5 batrels Cherry Blounce. lcudinir froet shint Osaea, and ifor ,sie' by oc1l9 PETERS &d MII.I.AtD, C Ptl't'-I' R 0 is.a+en e lighlt tlraier's Copper, froms rso :l bixei 0 by J yiollfe 7 ssn | IyslArn sarleby Mi II )LVEIOEAUX, c19 " 26 Thehopitoulan st large asaartment Of Cooking Ytovoa. Pa'rlor, amt liar 8Room Staret of the lamtet trod most nppru jtl ii 0s, in store and for t Iblyp ,Al II IDLVEREAUX, octln 21; rcbapititoaln t RE\1WOVAL.· rI 111 driibdria eld rotnni.dlltia Niioittil Office t o i he Viildii, ,It St. Clhales street, betlvei. WILLIAMI CIIRIIS'rY. - '_ 1811 ' NRTN E R S 1 I'. art '7 :3t 21i 2 li ar-s prl-t -*I)oLP very lawV II~i l; casrtes ( sIuerfIIlwhrite letii ..raker. d,;; 2 rai~. thin pink Ittrer puler; t1 eases clte, :i.lll, l to k, t past IargR sire; 2 ca.;es superfinle letter1 s.asar.a::d colorsS; -, t · *IICT·I "s ~ .\I superine ctao eartd coors tl l. ai4cc viulca , le and ,ctail, bIy It EEI & Co, New Tuork Stationersa' 1Lt11, Iitl '________.4 llutretrittreet heW .itmrieitiJ-t Iritiv t' at 5 c, tlvillc r., a ucponntr lotoilf Armoalr Bedsteads, s uitalble for ,,rtheca or ralllicramtln the. pabllia are re~pactllly invi tcJd.W call cuabniar Sh scone. W R CARNES, n "tl ?.v I1, eile 14Jt 21611 baIlnNaS-thkra 1' ithy Hay in store, CIIAIIPLIN & CIOPER, out[5 D22 Julia at. 8 ai~ltl 1't STrOVES1- I fanPit alc~ha loil S K12& kCc, :utu 3l "\o. 6, F'root Levee.· QQ ýVl)iýSII-4ti1 b,`aesli" sol b)" p I:'"C\ : UICIDGE: & CO, 'curl 134 uIriguziaev lit r 1'e;d7rCJnl½.rio id lot hef t ie' (;Cteat leBte pIea, a icw u.iln tititilifl articlel, mdic exprtcsly for Nos,*. 1. "kanllJ La ec']n; ail wrli ttd avrd for pule byy I).\VlfPE FI'~ CO, N,:wv York anld Sta;(ill:nro ;!all, nill 1-11 Cl ctre, tI rilil)B Ii iCt-14 ho~leus ctnuuieiftut.rel Tobcco, i, L riiu-birand ,aII fir sale by fir slaleIv ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, RA\I)1'-75 hills Aititric... 4tht proof, Iltrauy 1)fr isaleby ISAAC 1BR211G1 & C t, no'l 131 1Lticuczite at L I NIlE D,11 ill-Il tiiurteit PtplithLi..eed Ui~ii AI VIS & ANDREINS, aov c ir Cotitemn &clr.cpiiiilis tt SO lltlUl,'I't-72lt htlfihetle Puucihuup l'ea STIIAYER & COI, neil 74 Poydriteft S)AIN Ii I II-1, IlS-;8n dec Ienditi Prom clip Dri ,i. "ad 1" - It .1 THAI EIR &r CO4 71Padr r. JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. TIIE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of 'Rich' elieu,' 'The Gipsoy,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. Tnt Love Cnass, a Comedy, i fire nacts, by Jamlcs Sheridan Knowlcs, author of 'Varginius, "Tile Daaghter,' &c. &c. IhN, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Tall:urd; 4th edition. Socisryv AND MANNEaS IN AMERICA; by Ilarriet Maltineau, author of 'Illustrations of Political Economly;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of thu Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Nutes; togeth. or with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any data will fill due; to which are added, ratel of coninission and storage, equation of payments, and general in fur. mnation connected with business of the coulting hlouse; by B F Foster, Accountant, aethor of 'A Concise 'T'roatise of Book Keeping,' "The Clerk's Guide,' &c. Tln.E LITaTL SIKTCI Bo1Ko; a ooUrs of"f very easy lessons isn Landscape!s, Figures, &c. by George Childs; tot nad 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and Commoun st. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expo rilmnts of Living.-Living within tihe Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Meuan;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" "'he llarcourts;" "The's Bank," &c. W IN'T'EitI CLOTHIING- cones, contanih g an assrticnltl of Sattinet RIoudubotts and Iuuita lons heavy l enahunn IDerrvy panc. tatd L.iveraeal etri lad tweilled al'irta, atnding froatn shi, t'ataaae, fur sace ay IAAC Btlill);GE & LCO, ItU\VWN .hirtiletga--3o haiet lIaeav browull ltirt ilts, landing fon shaip I'augits,for sale by ISAAC BItII)GbE & Cla, oct6 131 i acaxtine ot I'llIEIM iL.--ll cuabk I pllre, bleached, lllllr S Sperm Oth, lliidhg froi ship o lMinessiaippi, suitable far pllntaltionls, atd or ada lec lby ISAAC 1:1111 iF" & 'CO, Oct tll 1 Mal eiuatie sr. NEWV OtRLEANS LOMME-itCtA. t,-filtIA.RY HE tbollowing new w, rkas lavo beel rie vcld by tihe Library Society, at their room in the Mar. hants' Exchanlg , fronting onil Roya street, viz: Lady of Lyons, by Bulwe; I vol. 2 copi A. Iilailphnrey's Tour tarough Great llritaian, Fnnr.c and B. Igiu t. in 183 -; in 2 vole. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Burry; 2 vols. 5 copene. The l'wo Flirtl, and other T'ales; by La.y Bles. -ington, Ilulwor, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Rivers and tile )esert. by Mies I'; 2 copies. fTh Rt'Liaber, by G P R Jamens; 5 eopics. The Adventures of Nicholaa Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CHAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. T. IAGIa C(Oit'tE--10tl acs of saLlrtilu lq i ity, bir satle by SLATER & TRItlFI, nell 4I11 I'" dertet. .UININt. EtacOi'l'S, AND CAI.,OMEi.. 151 . ouneea Frach luiaine, i lla bll Eipsoi Salltsl Icaskn Pt'eart Atbes, 4 cases Calonmela, Ipce ac.. Jnlo;, Ihbularb, &e. &c.. landing frotl brig Willialm, irot Boston, slid for sale bynAt VI & JAtltI & ANfaREWSd, Wleolesale L)riegieti, jyo/ cor Contllllnuo 't'cihoupaioulas street. 100 lARRt.S i.lttl latadiang ironst brig Luicie lOt)% ISam, fnr tate by jyl9 S & J P it III'NEIY tI 1.l":1) tfcoIrd i'aaler-.Just raeeived a tiw ireai Ildaonl'- very faai blue record ol I, Louth lait s ad ruled, r naleh a DI 'It) FEi:LT & ian, . etl5 N. Sit tii:na r's 1.aI, 1 I Clhaitrer . PEI'tII C'ANILIJLES-FIr ale by RL.A I) &' AIlSTO\V, octl5 7 Bautk EPlne. ANIK tBti aLS. -" SUS' received il gv1.e taf I)erty lilank Ilaokc; na.a, nO faew rediai tIlaaik iube, or vale bal the groce, dozen or cingle byD Dn VI.u I)aa e'ti &' i C eI 6 Nta ' Sttarer ll. al',. 1aa 'hatire aI t r Ili(lMAST(NN .lfIME: AFl-i.l'i T'--10oi I,,l Li.ine, t t o le n d i . o p p ,o s it e l s t 7 , ' ' I i . . ,l i , , , - llC17 "m(·lll hi I, r ll price ,f l olke I. a a111 n. a i '1 I !Is t day . of r C'itobil r, will het lila ti a. ci st Iarn e I n a l e GII \W , k' a trd, u if it' i uI a titiiaa "i ollaha dred harrl is, il be hil, o1 re, n'd hIt"+" I l" li :1.1.. Te l allllt a t la aa thataaa litalt, att a i ta. o l I llp. l lll eadill iln lb I e l llta ,aia r llaa r It . n , h i lllellaiii , ,Iiltal a ia alat d bonllt l l, b II Inta l via la Ii ala tl iak use f ilt. Idls e ived a ait the G ais lit icll th k ,ll . ahip l ett and a Itin 1.'v 1 . aaaG kaa -. . ,g" Ia a 1 at1 .. l aD P. FIt EI"h.1 N & ('o., No :i, l1 ,,zh. ' w i reet * . rt. re.cei.J. theIr sapphd' es of I.nil n,,d n\ter h Ih llI i.u ot IIlt I ,t0 - .. : ,1Nl . 5hoIr Itf: ci t ."' hri' hIr_: will enahle. thtemll to sLLIIpp y In. rl-hailts: hroula thle ¢.oulJ{I-, l it e .[iorte t iolt.,".t'or .i;lle t.r hol e al e or rrl:l, 1 accouInlou uýti tern ., T fl I liE InIrIi:Le'hav 11,Irt il . 1 I . t ril a the I xcrhance lh tlel, oil SI. C'l, ulc. S t., flull anld il ter the first day of Ntveler next. Indvllu Illlyunder oblislnll . t ttile citi, ens: stll gers allnd travellers gene lllul folr lhe ( l bral r II Ollllnt ' ree,,bed while cotldla ttl ng separalle ,t llldl shil l..llP i th cit, tey ie C g leve to In hI'tllle tin de-I to a n lin l ti tis to e x e r t lih e ir ln i lte d o p ha .se , w h ile cntlerlllt ftr thle loate and gn nlerl conlllll rt (f their giuests, and hope hlerty to t ensure a coniuanclC of public favora nr patrontage. O D C WAT'11 Il1.N, 'T.he Natchez Freetrader; oIuisville .I rnl; New York Ex pres; Philadelplian herald anlldti e.lel ; li. ton Allats will ple plubli-h the above thllru lintc , atd forwttrd their accounts to this olliee. --'rA'Tl 01 I.llSIANA, S)ARISI COU t'r ior the Parihl of the ;iltv of New S Orlenus, P'resent the Itlo ruble (lhirll /ran rinn,Judge. O)ctober ,5th, 1832. No. 1l203, Wm.1). Colenr, vs. lis Crediters. 'tlhe cesiolr of property by the I'ctitioner is.e ,c: tetd bh til' thCoutrt for the h.nvlit erf i'Crt'tedi'torst: it isorderdthat i mei of" .ld creditors he ]held eflhe E. In~ttucI, Notary Public, ti 'ITuesday, the 7th of tNoveber, 1338, then aId There to deliberate on thle atirs of te lusolvent. Iti thte mtiean lile all preedtdldg a*ailln itrein o allll rop. ertyare sttaed. It is furlhtr oth!rdeed ih.t J.,. it. .lrveit, Esq.' ie eppointed to represent the absent icreditor ihi 11Cae. Byv order of the Court. 'Clerk's Office, New OrleCan, 25th Oirtoher, l183: . A 31 GUYIol., oet'21-3t D'v. ('l'. lAT 'l' 11.A I.OUIJIANtl--Ccul dt i.'orus Set vile de !a Nouvele eorle ms: Prees.ut I'[lon. rnble Charles Alaurian, julge-No II,i0:i--Wn 1) Cooper conltre dti ercenuciere--Ltt peIlilin des proiri-. tee du pititionntaire yant Cti' ecepflne perla eifr peur ltebl.fitce dti te Clh:.neciuers, Hi ert iecirtle quc tine attselllie deedits crlitnciers tit lie, an grefl'e de E Blrllnett, notuire pulblic, mardi, le 27e jour de nilv la bre 18:18, a 10 heures un ematin, ftin de del;,trer snr les atfeires duldit lttlilionlnair, et ell ttetldant routtes itoureuites centre an peronnttes on set propritbles sent Per ordre de Ia Cour-.urceau du Grellcir--Nle. Orlennt 25 Oct 18.38. 9ii ect A i GUY't.., Iep. G relier. ,'Alit-tit bbls ifr selc Itt LAWIRENCE t I.ttGI''NDItlte, ,ctlli '&. ".'1 \etw I.evee "A ,.Ill .J., "I, t, and tnI i ' l e.-. i:l-eS m:lln Ster do &,, Indinz Iont ship I.,,utI illt, and for sle by I AWVItENCI': & L.t.I;It5Dlt I". lSA tIll.: SAI.T in enasea of 6l boxes tch, in totr,. a.d t or t ale by READ & IIltR.I''tVW, otetl6 7 Iitlk ' aic I f7ill do .iit eiltes; do 110 box*:s L.emn 8 raip, landing ~nd for .Tle byIT eort:i0 :.o(ti vtr tc --tandtin edtrid.n--A. coimplete ttrc,' tlttt'tt 11 ll fesh D,'n,-. nd 31edicille, just received and Iur ,iale by 31 CAN.'XN, . '1'111\ & Iro.g' a-_': cases, conrltui.i ut .tJ insortmenllt of menll.s aul boys I:roans: 15 ca se" slleasonable clothing, landlia I rot shipi, Delhi, for sale by ISAACL B(Illil': & Co, ealt30 131 hlllazne I t 'A IIIIIt.- t Uldl Chairs, variutots tlttles, -J Intnding from hlip Delhi, lot sale by IA.b" B1Itt8 o Co, ore80 131 Magaztne st SNK-Jitdt recetivCvd ii grce : c"Fi 's sul.eior Iliack Ilk, in 8 doz. bottles, packedll itn Iox, of t 'e dol en each, for sale by tile g oce, dte, or silc , bottllh by I)AVtl) H'EL I' . C0), New cYork aebed t tli.lle'r'a llal ,rtc9 .1 IPvllr'as iat W" '1'rEI' t en'lling Bitok--Jut ,,berel 100 doz. nl Vtb-ter's Slpelling Book, 'or sale b1 DAVID FtELT & Co, New York StH n niollr's hIal, oct19 21 (artre st AILS-500 kegs cutt Nasla itll tore, end Ior .alc by rct.G i 1 Front tlreet. ExcIe.ANE on lt. n, for sale r ". ISAAC litti;e)r ,A. Co, inova I:i1 31~c, ine tt t1 1'1'; I.T ' ,"t I) --501LL . Ikegs N . .lllllid i ' oil, in slt.e and 'or sale bIy S I.OCKE: & CO, SIVEIRI'OtI. I;uAL. in rs.ek. e variuut -izra to S.suit pUrchaslle. for ale Ihc IIO.)LES & MIIi. S, .t(I'E51. ;.OTNDLS:--.itle0 esaoted izeef of 8pen by Candle ln:tdit frinr, cher Otii"rve.nt'i fior sale nov5 133 Gitttier MblPPING. For Europe. FOR ITAVRE. A .npeliur A I stip can take 300 bales {. olt itlia c alit teit plOitl ia t e to LE\' i t (;. ,.. l", A et!llt, . The line lust niling At ahip ZOTOFF; Jacub lerril, all,stelr, will have iurnesdiate d.slalh, und rant.r tlll.hallas Cattaon to colt plcl "her cargobr; r heiglht or allc:a'u ull. i to octI 'J:3 Column at..ll o....... ilI . .VRt. S 'h Al ship ALLIANCE; FIerwald aratms lea'ving all hr cargo ellg-xre d. ex x.tI11 :Jl1 [lirlis COottll, fl fraa lg tuf wla el, , at l ply oa bo.nd, orl to l &J p WV¢IITING, ocll 8 Conlti street Coastwise. NEW ORILE:ANS AND RlI'I'I)IRE LINE OF PA CKE 7't. I wllhe hlat beaa built, or purel.aed cxpreaatl tar tla trade, via: lhir: SI"AM AN, Ceptaio Miner, Barque I EMAlRY, Nickermso, 11"A1? FER.RY, (newa Stevea ,,I\ltON SAI. 'liU, Lathan, * triae AIL'IIIl't'EtCT, Gray. 'iaase V.-aIs ale of the firml clhas--laverr lllllRndom furnished ac.COllmaodati dlc, and ale olf it light draft tl wacter, so it, t a ta i o their t taee ina and dia: charging Itheir rnoesla ill Cal latmare Ila the Clt. 'r, iglht aill be tLakl 1 itr plrta ill the Clelare.:kel ur oil Jame:' Rliver, aad far atdrd by tlh agents, .llesar. Clatrk & Kellogg, tat liallian:r'; tixp.r'rus ont goods slipped will be ad. vanced w Ihe reqralireld Ti'es ts, of lu,,ze is fixed at $0-amlllllotorea of the teat al lily aill be arovided. Steitn aup atrd dawl the blissisiplpi will be taren on FIcr frighlt or pl,"nage apple to: tEll E BEDFIDlt) n tt '-t 2 lir'nvilla,: I Foll NI':vE YORK Packet f the 9th INovember. LOUISIANA AND NI,\V 1YORK I INE. th.Te very fur Pailling recular pat-. el .lip SýA IlATOG A, l athawaay, master, Iha. , .ti ilKlrtl rinaipal parl f her eaago t'ngag,', w asnul .i als lr . fr freight trf 3t0 h:.alea :ettl; oa tie uclk thera'f,'ar ,lasage, hn~ing erllent neeomlno danlrna, apply oal aboarl, two ti era below lthe Vegetabl Market, o toA J IIEIN & A COIlIEN, n _R:5 9' Coanlmo st - FUR NEW\' YORIK. . The A L ptcket .hip ItEPIEl'I.ICAN, Rt rlrl, m acre, will eIl ready' to take in on - Monday thie 511l inst.; havillg one half of her cr g', ra.'lav to etran lerrdrl, will have iltrrediat drle, i tlc; atr Il tlg at or asagt, havcit elegrattnlly flltlirall eil .commodatio :rl, apply on board opposite the V. gluble Marketr, or to PETER LA PETER LADI.tAW. nov3 tt?6anap . EFIR B)SI'TON. The first lasa ship II ROLD, Ilowea IHraer, haluvitg a lllot oI' hlr irg egalged, elllnca1met with rd'; arlch. , relrainder of f ,ight,,ar rl ,r n I.T ,, or t ot8L2 ;rair at F..t NI' FV ' . The Al fast arilrhg chip IIILAlI, Capt. "ttara rlrnmIt ia at ,w rlead to rcrrlce cargo. 4 " and wdl meet ,bIl+/trh'l. "oFe freight atr ia a;ger. ll Sly to tIe' CUpt. il board, oppll ite post 55, 3rd Mounic pality , or to S & JI' PVIIII'NEY, 'Two llI'ri4 tale ceparcityl of 'i tl 300 h. Iale cotton, to load for a Nr' hernaso;ap elyb t I LEVI II GALl, F... 1'KEI> I:. fIT T) i t - .0CIE I:-. - +. hae n,.w 'IntIoner (,I'EltatN, Clta. \,hlsilhý I.I11 [uOlhurthe,, ll -)Il'" |el S & 4 \t o':li't'NF,'. .For the Interior. Fur .llaachest'r, 'Virkaburr,, (Grand Gulf, Itodary .A , hU crad aarl ra rnr dr, tilc l andrnes. , . . 'II' T re rlllll,"rrr NOatl(II At. ": u.rr on al Iednia,,dth, the 7th ih.t. For f ueighl ilr ipas ag Ull dyl oln t td.odi. r 1 1o G.1:0 FICa & lt+l. NII.\tM 11 38 a sasl1p at FOR AIX-ANI>RIA, S L , ThII: e:'a r lI)lN\IARK.. will a a au ' ga reg taht packet during low rt. cZ1 ' watera , fina: moth of lied Rv:r r to A r, Ih , I rtia ular l!lY tt lf Ita1(· JNO II GIAIIAM. i. rlI i --.;+l'"-l-~-.i- ---. - - .--" .., .S 1.1l, ). \ I, ( ' l s i sn . t ct , suev ju. t, rc : livc d rn:l::I.,mA,.;, sr 1sc 1 s i, I i_'l:, s 'ss i,',ssc :O l l l li lull. olll, r R n1 l ti , 1 lllperldl ( utllullll ir, "llir l doubtl : : I:I ' ll l)ruwlli'n u )v l lm r; "l·'h'ltd lscvis l s s s llllslss ris [ do. T'llrlhl'll'.+ fIllol , ll lIo:Ir.1 +.. P al lll l l'illled Iltllul l 1lllltl ; hl srv plcll r;'. rl llll )ll t Il l r.i pal er; Fil(;ssil ,I, 'isrs pisisr; OhsIs tI' 'ir.., 1\\ isi:s ud s :! ssur ed l:tcp e ; or tlVINGPI.NCII. , lsev.'s & So.n's beIst prslsrsd Lead Pencil,; ilrcosk n 't)l.5 sik IS, &c., &c. l(irt.s &. So's We.(sc r iCtlorI; Nt''s do; blox. Scsi (, sloft ('ray s+--3.h , 7:2 tld 144 dilltrclt shades: Iiua .I llb'ld; ':l i an Slver "Shells; M;larblh' iand (hll:l s k Sllb s' i lChli si .n SUeer. ; Chlillna 'I'le.,:1,i, n dlll sss II , svrs , 11il; t.Ic , nnd ('hisina lo'lelt+.; uoul brue- iss. i besst Iald ssr s'oincis brtch; Psnalsh k sivscs; .lsic nod Ske ichnlllg i'otlliliil.; Papel'r, Leath.ll S cr ;lld foirk s.osis Illlillur Iiiu vocrise d Casesl Swas (luill c l'ei'ils; t u blck Sikisle do. OIL t 'OlOtURli, Prep Iared'sa al s; Jalpanned T'in lhioxs Bladder Co. Iurs, i.ith PI'elsc. Drawers, S's. P'repared nusvas ý s7, i30 ,i 3 iu ilh+L. fI7)I' KIT li'.OOKS & WA..I11ET."5 Ilnnni't and lrunteeo I'Tckel hooks; Iku.-ia Leathelr leucse; patenut 'I';nlels, wihilh :ver pencil cases. cl'in cesi Rl'edid lsosneo si,d IIOxwsolsd, Mat esld, lBurii-ld gold, Fancy cslossd s nd gid Screw llan die. PEN I .1)ERIIS. Pearl and c Gold Pen Iuolders; Pearl and Sihler do. octlg I NyS :',i) ll cI st.ore and f.r cslt' by U is)OISEY, octlG 44 bew Levee rTOt :S-I.unlding frolm ship Ililhd, a few Parlour Coal Stoves, a nllw uirtcl ulld very Isuddscoe; 30 Ilc ilt (ssC'l .hivs, sssitubl foCr bir roslllls. Also Porlable l(;ralle nud Salllallcder tlvei' for counting rooms, in store and fur sale by S .iOCKE & CO, ut?32: II Lrlc Leves sat N l- tovls pipes madel to order alld put upI inl aluy pari oi th city ol chlsrtl notice. S. I. & (C. G 0()lIEN CllEI' SE-54 box's (Goshen, noiuw landing fruom ship Riinzi, from New York, aUst fur sate by T It IYI)E & !IRO,, oct23 '-r Common . Mtlagazineo street Ntd. l t lls's Kaiultucky ic-ggsng in slutr nd sa LAYET & MI.l NG, ctR3 17 Cotnolrce ts. I N STOR116-Just res'ceicl'0 coils 'uarred hlolli I Iope; asorte ulsiaes: 3till do Oanilla Ie dol to 30 do do Iiulcers assorted fm'.n 4 Io7 inch. 30.) caunlistcru ]roe r;lcelln d(u it'd ticlhi'. Yellnw tiscire, i.palshll Brwn, and ,+s, l' ,llnjs, ulld o ,:; :. I.'la l tie l n. +::I 1 III; 1 ]]9 L st`. t ": (I'rt.n I evee Io tl L n 1', Irt. Pos.esion given lt lo t of Noveb'r. Ap ply to LAtYEI' & AMEI)I.UNt;, oct23. 17 Commerce 1t JPARKER 'S ROCKY MOUN'I'AINS, &e. OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Msoulntails, under thle dcrectio of tihe A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge. ilogy, clillltat alla productions, anld tile numle, manners and , ustoms lo the nativeo; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by RIv. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I he River and s'si Desert; or IRecollections of the Rhone acnd u 'hchartreuse; by Miscs Pardoe, author uoftheo lity if S. tcn, &c. ia 2 vols. The RbIber,, a T 'i, the austhor of Richelieu, The Gypsy, Attila; in s : The Two Flirts; or Adt.c".re in a Country iouse, and other '1'alcs, by Lady Blessington. E L Iluwier, 1Mrs Nurton, Bcarry I ornwaull, Mrs Gore, Captain Moedwin, and others; in s volu. The lli. an.l Adventlures of Nicholas Nic'ileby, edited by Iliz, with Illustrations i y Puliz, No. 1. Just rev cived and for sale ib IIENJA Nl~ LEVY. i ,OIiKE -K5IS 1, Fr I.r e v ls ree, ae .1e trCeivcd by Ise srrivalu cus sol the Nsorsheon it iuticl chuies illlld l 'llnl-lt. c a crgoP sdds ios to lheir c olok i hllardhare ed hlcu (bi ansdlSrv. whicd h s iow c .cs k es tiocr s.Its-k nearly complete. aud whicis ltl y ostclr s. fa. vOrulble lerloe. oc t2--1f of very lup .rlTr St(: BII )t ilu oks. IPassage; IlBuke, Cu1sh h onlk-;`,i), isteok.; for sale by I)AVII I 'EIIT & (:O, New York Stlutionr's Ilall, nort .4 Chlarles Ft i OiaP-,. h hbets Goulds , No. I s s is etncrsasd S fr sale by J "rlIL'E & cO, -ct13 74 PIvdr [JE7 V'S Culcined ' neslia asct received icr SI.I ship Yazolo, from Nc c Y,.k, a fw roee o Hlenry's g.lusilse calciness ! s iuguleciu, for -ciu] by tIh doz.or grc ee by f ,\IID FELT & C). cs27 NY ' lst:ornse Hall, 24 c hatse ;r BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEIMAN & CO.. 1(heolrwel C£'I.lhag Ethslirbur.k No. :, Nloo..outle strert, R AVEc .,ottbin uu hIotd a Iarfooo.pply of Cluth [-' , Luloro Itd tiOr the country truda. 'tl'rir u+. Rotiovtl..igtotge, ,,.oroIIarto rou thIooU ht!' Cut be supplied .it .the . clorto-t nie. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAY YIA)R & HAI)DEN, Na. 1.1 (;harelm, tImreel to geutleimut's twos oIf tiIe bete at*lR, a1S e ur& l T'Et l'lt.'. o..f Thosre utlolL teeth, Rdl the last 'et .ol Ting thusrmay be s otth t the UI of 3. B. Rosa. SURGEON DENTISTJ No if, 4hCootlrto. tI Ioo.toh toter cha.,Is rotaotr. and are by Illlllly, ad in ty rOt,, prereroblI tu the naturarl teltli. IC' Itt. It. will waitopno.. ladie, at their r.Mdeare, roq oro.'d. spll 9 - - .0 A. PERItOIItI IEI. MERCHANT TAILOR, 6i7 ContraIII lTo steet EG t. iotorm tiho ublic that hating purchased [Ž~ooe. tt0U'.tl:, t0K~t~i.1 %, C(/. part of therir staly,lo h will ..o.,ri..,., tli. bioiatoet thi ir old otnuta, rypl oitr. Ituidop'A Hots!, where he h'ple. ill merit a lshreof thlir iputroloo'r. It. Iola. oa.d s rrageeoenoata 9 a th No.rth t, te hupiplied inun.hIly with tihe tlt ant 1,1 t loo.,0I'". 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. Ill! i'oudrus treet Nrew Orlent., yNI.p ý.TL'ICI Iti ( f Lead Pipe, Water losets, iand Pumps O ,s1it doriutio a t. WARM, COLD, AND ,lhlft'EIt ll0E A2 Fixed .,it the inlnst Hpllrovc princip~les. ittLI.lIt LE )I, ItPltES, &c S'I trder, erx.utted s any prtt of Ite Shoathean Sttar,. Mir1!) DIr. IlRobrt' F. Li.,dre. itI' F IC ttrttaao itorat.. Fatt 'I .A1 & Cl.AIRK,, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufcturers, Noi. 0% lr.dr, a.treet, on Loud n c sup1.ply of Lend Plpo. Ira 2oo. i.. diu,,ater dordto i .t in. diamaeter, tia sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING Et'TAI1LISIBIFNI IN, No. 53, Magazitte Street, Oppotite Blouokh' Areada. lIVLLl.qA GilEELNE, PROPRIETOR ar t 3 H. PARKER Coatnliruioa aud Forwardiag Merebant, No. 6, FROIN'L' L.EVEE, UP STAIRS. Naw O tatrn, h.Feb _ _ JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIt)l.ESAI.h ANt) I-It' tt. l)EAI.EIIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS PIT' S7'f'PI'S .4-VI) ) II.V11) f1' ; LA SS, Cotrer ot (`ummout tdit.cuplitoUltotutreOtt, NAth'IIAN JAILVIS. JOIIN iF. ANDREWS~t. A lurge. aillye ., Garden lBttea, aorroautd thr growtlh of 12'27. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEBRS. Not. II itodl 1t V hI'Elt StREET. I [hIllE ,tidiregoo , 10,06 rstt,.hllherl Iteotooled in o1oir i tleop ,.r.,,,ooftroaeootitg the A ottittn lu iitr thei fi...o~o an teool'tootat theyar liberal udi;a.ieaa un:le saO, ritlmr tr prirate or public anlr.0 Si ,03.IAN I. JONES, IStlt'.\t. 1. JONE':S. Refer t.. WVlker, !(night & Co. Nrw Orloata. 3t,,itjltoFe!, , 12.18. ftehb 13 A CA RD. tSurat· '.`9tTti:.. Atiiriatut tI'ata. SLAT~I1I & TRIER Fortardlttt & ttuwaitiu t lbrchata, NIo. tI) I' NA.nNs Strnht, NEW 4)1,,I:1,1',AN8.J 'I'uo ,rilll ,iorte, li1lt w,',:rilir atte.tion to ih esale .l1tt oc,uru t'eoduoo. Refro.ees. y I Illa Sit tOd.0 ttort 1I 91:10, New Otlraui.. J 1 & 11 Wll'tle~, Cri;gg, Wild lt.'u. .oaton, It,.h~rtau lIrthI,'.' & . Von. 1ohl & 31 tl. Sta,,fo.rd & Dto it. ` StLoute. (ilapgto, Otnw ii . Ttutm. 5 S Allot & o... A It Skjdtunr Eq..lrohd & tilt.-ltiOI Lousvlle3,T__ TO_ S CLI &ta .. TTO .ot Fa~r~ ~irwat~OM uet ('I '1ai'Ol· ere AN n FIJRNISIIEII.9 OF01 Sl!' AND '0BOT STOLIt, No. tL4 irt,.Utt(rtaLitottaAat:T. Ntw-w(llelan. Iteltereert, &teraar. MAL1L, BAt(FO& Cn. { Boslt EaEE.Yz.Z 1 \ody Ix CuU A. It" 3lrura & Co. Nrtt o. I).rvlt J~os. Net lurk. C It. l'uroiaM, DtAVItt TONte, ItlortO,, 0 It. CJluoerora & Co. Co(luotltO (r, N. At.toicH, t Co.. &ltistrto,·c Si WII~.lts,Sr~vcnr d & CcI\rtJ . St LltUill 11o i'.' Ii. I 'rmAtron, Il~hl. l' lt Will F. WrlTHRU\V, 1tUahillel 111. J. & 1'. P. FottoWa.LL, IloUY'uSaraet.a. SaLoaoa O itttt. Neorw Otloro. Jan 22 ________ DOYI.It 1, )l*T t)t6ALEthot IN AMERICAN &EtN(tiLIS 1 CROW tN r *lS, No~. 3 Iat,001)ELE T SrHare. at FI R tFFN' S INSURANCE COM'111' Thin Companv arep nu prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRI. No.24 Musuwn's uldding, Canal scret. E I. TRACY, Nonew i()'rIan, IMay I,, 18:1i. Serrettary. WiLLIAM IRawIN Colmmissiotn ind F.rwlsrdin.g Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to l.avert & Amlnwh. Y ew Orleans. Joi . Landis & Co. ROERT 1I.ANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I2 C·.mp t ree, Wh. licanle a)nh'er i I'hino,, Oil, 'arniihe, ilrushes, m1;. Wih,drt iuld Piceiru Ulells, &e. &c. T. Wt. COLLINS .1' 7'TOI IVE' & C'OC( SEJLLOR .T .! i. 1OW ,nc'izin- in thte. StMt and City Ciirii. .'li e'Nia will il h t ir Cerk' itoic, Ui Circi Cootit, in the Ciultonii ouoisre bulldilng. jel A CARD. lliE . nderi igned Iihae p.Ipenal a house in this cit.; for ihe purpace of Ltrallnrsctirg a ENIIAI. C0\I.\ISSiioN iBUIlSNINESS. lrraCLE:, No. 10 (GRnVI.n SOnLrE, Ur SruAI. II I' I.VY. Thine he se nt rand (Gtlf, isis, will bI continuel inl the above ti unc . I clrene.,. GiIfrey, l .an ri uin",it Nre O.lenns,. Le: Pete'. '& .lilleot, II It ll ill & C' o, I.Lo i ille, IKy. John \1 Gih, l e, \ iekelirg, 11int. Ilrr,'rpu, uhte ' C, o Gra.nd (Glllf, liss. Silia I.illtid, Nat, hez, 3n s. New ()rle ini,Joly I , Il,':i. jyle A (A1,1). NiTATIISNI'I. ')WNS IN) having o.rated hime Sself in Nrew I rleran for IIe1 purpo.e of tranocting aGene.rli Age Mi. iic 'oltlnisl+ll bllsilean, w.oll ree . spIfIedully solicit lrot tile Ipublic a enhare of thieir pa trollle. Il iiitg a house in Te'ra, he oill idtendn the thtrun acing a b lsisneis lthlt inl le ,iesnired in thai enitonry, and will guir.ntel pronit anld unremitted al. tlntliol to all Illure- elltrln'telt to his charge, and . tayIthfl nlpllienfian (in aceodiat.ce, wtth instructknt.) of all mn.d that m come illntoh his hand. Ollie in Ne. IEchluinge. of| (s;rd:F', rres', n;"in.h' e to Reo tlr Clapl'is eburlcii, adi i lj *tbi.,iti'e redling rnnci.slgl fii the 'i'cxiu Ci,uulate. NejM7oltlcu., Novrlnhlr s.'S, 1ll7. Refrretao Mosir Ihillier, Bibhli & Ci). New Yo'k. ihrir \VWkeein.u. Alearez F Ii, Nawthoe, Mli-s. IR N Sitru, re il i.n , F1., Johli T 1i r y.l.oui ,l, K. lr Jo ,.\ " ,ee , Ill,,pkin.''itl, K(\ . n.28 fas FPIRIEMEN'S INSURANCE COIMPANY OF NEW OULEANS, 00cc NY, as ,Iussen-'s uitldi.t to m Cf.MYIL .sRnn'. BUSINESS CARDS. -~~~ --.- I. I. & F. I). Ne rncombg u ju.ij i ll.Lc el f l a hlllr i bfall a be llll.Ii ly ag tl 'rld if(: (;II III lltLk & (o, )Co., Maul-1l \Ylr & u. New Orlan. CIuld ell A ilicky, oe t ;Y--ut [in. Laid. I, .&. ,iil,t .....I . ik,, fl ria.a.;. . .. , 1 -aý. inlll robb,:r. Mluck pl.,vI, mu.,'.-,andl ",rely other article as -1 'r, of th, "ery best qualil cun :1111111' i 1h d I fl 'v 11 " 1.' 1\ ') "an l b\Vl I ll FI I." (I . i1 9 l d ' S tl ttd io e rs ' h ll, 2 . :h I -t., il i rill,, i A i, Ic Ic I ... l &d. , . l a tl 'ir o, r ir ' .ilh r'hic , hi,. ,lib,, ; 3. - lft" n htre o" l y 1 - a l i raa A it i Le . It. by lli i EA L ll Iit-ly I II 1i NTUti KY X 11t;l. ll i -Ia h lii I y 43 i wide, for ltl e S by " l I. S 1F & l,,1111 t i4 XCIIANGF: ON NEW V YORKfir =nhl by j I4 I .AWlll Ia I.. 1 crd - ra. II:X ll .I i', jr 1 r rw Ior ,: C l2up i e dw I., 1IIF a +I iac.afar I)eLm raaia, or t aeea l kr a lllt ii fL r.atl lliO . l the Ulla ted ,f l l e. , aJ. tni SiI llll l'lc l l lr. l ril l n 'Ai Terwo FilmLr or, Adil 'vltlir in in Cll i ftlll |lft" n jo trt, . 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Ii l h 11,n1: Iye, prior Pearl Powder; Lily W11 e ; e111 f1 l1. Vegetable Rouge; Otto of rosy; Lip Sol w; Jir ito Tl ooti I a ; arboni ) rll I III ll li LIi ll low' er ater; Powder1111 Plla I l , aI llit il tr. can Charcoal, neatly put up i l four h te0 ,ials; Preaton S ai ; Cologned; lrea hro I'ont h, lce Drops; tlair Ilrua les; 11 .gcIolta 1l 1l ( n C t I Inl .i l air Oil;-wnt h a v arraiety of ,tir oril - beries, &c. For salt! bye . JN T \ ltINh. AtTl. IL".d 4;'++ 11tl 'd+'e ll, 'l;'l'l llli:ll , hll l fll a ll r 1111 ll 1.1 i It 41,1111, N. NIl Ie d d I ll ti-Ilil pLLt I N al '.r 11111 aid i II. ll l o'l Ih 1+; 11 "d t" Ilih IN 1 •1 plnp r Ii 1 1 \\' l, 1.1 .1.1.1 tli II :N F. S)Ito-lt'-;aait 11011 ti'Hl 11 -tad ha rantha ,,',, pI rr lrer r' 'tlii,-a ll, ut nll uH;i 'rrim:.. h €,l,: r,.,1 I r l .,'h1nf1ll dem I. 11, Il.It i~_ t "I,.t to t'I,. 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Ily thlC e M.s( i sippi and another packet, ho is in d..tly oxt llCta ii oft a tsupply tof ,'rlit 'Trees ald , laragus .outs, haiillg airoadty roccived ilnvice thlred by The sunhcriber begs further to assure tli, pubich at large, that hle is at prellnt Ias wll naabled to irot an'd execute ordners lTr all the klllnds of Grd.t ipdl, Cithur wholesale or raetail, no hd l ever waa, since his first establishment in .nnlar, 1629. Country i.alers aind 31aket (alrd:nrt ' ordersi filled at ilse lowest and Ialmost roaaalnablel rates. byn tht pouInd weight, asd {alon or bushel imeasuire. Ciptaalolues ethllr in Freillch or 'hlIth m Il Iac alwnay b obtainedll on pIrsonal apphaaa athiol an usual, to V.i . 1 .MlT'lt a, .Gardenll eed Stori , 8~ ('auatlna Iiov'l! .>Ire "a.a N(f)fr;.-A - onsltln.h oupply of Mrd .elCed, other mixed or plain; pulverlzed sInp; hlrbs, andl `tikers' dried herbs,--with ai sul'py of peas and beans. '.itOiI---IO lal. 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(ldlti,+.en d h e fL u i+tth t hirh y Irw. ebl, nol ) 1n n ·Irprt.v e ag.italt the I'tlin] oth l[ btuir, but alson c erltain rester II .lI . \ I ll I U.'lCISlR, n rp gth d l tt ttini er tr.l o' l tlll te. ,1'TI I P 1\1H11 ,.3 l .\r('h atreet. i Jt iti I I ""t.l l IDTHiti It 1 D, il '. Itt Itle t 11I .1 ,II "it € "I I )'I. 13oi1.; uth' at .. J t It~t .n l , r, ','ilt . .t ''Iit rt. It i kno , thi t tht Iltl, ilner I ne I'lr th'n } I'50 yea *r of1 +'llll and the u th eltl! lI|o t l lhll t ll u r. 1, t11 . _ n I f 1 whomn~r me gnotruh'y b ,Ilehrsal~ieuetiaheh y 'I t.+ rl,+)I olf chtr nl. ftVe r or" llll t ]w r· i " il d sy, n rr lutl lll, I. h~ ~I.', ,q,; (' rti llg (hi Itit} l dcli u ,ht,u tilth [lO LH :'H'I'i \o . it' ,'l~lw l hr ltP|+! t,+.l,n ,t' yl] I'. HIJ/ln l'l .°.,sh fl]l curedn shul b . htelh l c, v nll to i th ui) :etifi,:lC te. Illn ',+*'}ilt:n vwh wo:· I h11 e hereunto I et llal n Ier r d l l t t the r ,al l 1 thn cit' to be.+ixed, t, his (lrl th J yd Tll' 1 ri,'l·lllb tI lt Nar,\. ('l,, l~nit,.ll , I ·It 'Ill:F i+ l \ 111\ | 1)i 'hI I' r i 0 1 5.':88 1 l': I hal ela ill ni lth' ulthe" f i(*'llllIn: 1 hn h}In n I. q d d a'" t - i l w ra p p e ,t r, 11(· w 'hic h Il r al l C n lte r .tub' hoh'.lab le a reltal by lilth+ sle lct iint-, L Ar e lina. €,o lhtcher r ,et, ra "[ 11adln .Lie, rotl• Iha bol . Penrl vmtlt,ntntd b. rut dru~llllggismantll p1domtuitre I ,:ughl h'et Ju l illu·rl.ll s, J,\I(VIe & AN, Irw rns, -1~ -·l11 II RO"; (Ib( T :' THE sb tmcriber p-lu )e... to in) the h*'. ginnin lg of th , enl s nll n w i~lh.r, a (l onden ation , fT bl wet. ,"t.phi ules (o 11|o OJld ald N ) ..% ri|+ of Miart i ':t Lou ithata |+]plrts, to be compllU( rised I in fouttr vluhmes. Ro,., ,c|ordinlg Ito 1h'. model oi" Pe(ter),' (:r Relprts. "Th]i, work i++ now in preparati,,n by .T. Burtonl I[ttri..oun, 'IM.-q . of this ,ity. a 1 .isted 1,y W illilm F lsran~d, Engi Th'i ]Editor" la ..t..o pe.trnetted hb" a di,.tlnguishve retir,,d Judge. ,o the Su~premne Ca+rtrt, and lhv tnt' aI the )-ittiml. Judges., 1n expect fro.m tlheir pe~rs,, 11 s.upervision :tit .h' adva|niang whic~h m~ay nalltur ll.y hb r ,.]p,d atfoHi t;,uir ..xl)+ri~nce.. Stuch a work i+. b, ,: ingl ove-ry day mor++ |n. ry'V ,r' ast the' ii,:g:mll ] 4 vlll~rrous, P).penst;ivl,s I11[·\clllJr ..+:, ir , .. ilt .e I llgr curioity too is lUln i+ It.| lit 1I |llt,(tl'l" II . 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Ma 0l co4,,( un.tllll| P, i ()] non whm1n are gelnth 13+'[ ol'f L, il -tntd ll. i btu.Ifn*:,. us]]) be e +p 1re ¢2r ] I*,+ ,atl , ,t+UJ II Ite+Id]] in lith appr pa1 i r+] of |hercit+ anl t"*telmll rin1+, lhlle tunll:". n .week.,. w ll[ 'se o rm utIi tht, c()llll i} ,"-. lolt i lIL and Emt banlgt Pluce, I .b FRED. WILINSON - DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Cr LUUISIANA, < -m , v ' '', ilt 'i ' 'ut!ih i:; Othe dei p rt I nllll, k i r lll\si i t d t I ng i. 'l inr l it', bI) l, tiull oto l u tllt'llln. &Im n11o: AoN iderl, Pxpo I0 In, hfoll-io, , 1 lld N 1,, 1 ' )llllll llNr hm tldl lll ill hlio t 1t|,i tf I ,nllhll'c"tti rlt lrted to Iir1. hii trit l Ill +;+,'llt ,I a (.t't'l)t' ii .lharul pulbllli r n Ile .,I' iln mlll".I re aCnd icult l n the l't of I t Il IIIlltd Ix l i'i,'ttt l. U.hlle o i 'h rti'e t trl tlr,a tcur d otory i .' 'I +'erIII tu ill.lll I:n+t in tt, l is n, ollim l to I l az. Ilht. . 1,o, I ,lttail i I ,llt ,1, IIP e l l .t i -1u,, lc ,: n~ I uii ,r tun,'nt ,f l'( hk. ld Pl frl, tI{ 1O Ul'()!'NII TON I: III1XTUItE.-A sprreedy it and t'Ctil.o C.rI I jir tbl I, L ''eer nll Agie, reillt t a'tll l :old r I oittl t llliv,.; prolp red fr tll tih urigtalli l reIpell. U.,".d wilh t'll ln rulEnl and uni trn l .-cc s I ll 13, , bi y personl of the higha e it : p,'eL r tAi ,ilit y 't t i.t.s e ty , s . . .t t d i l t l .e .n.i . e d an 'tItnively ' sed io the a bovo ti.e ie ti ch dthtintguh1 d tooi .,:is, thi t th'e proprilor of theu ru:'ep hat l e'a l:ducetd to o..t' it to the pull;. tillc itll It prt,. lt lllt ll the hoei thtat it lllmay ho Il a Ittli " rt I e ng n.tailly of thoe who lri toi",l IILng ullnt, r tl l' s io(llti ft oItl country. It i, a l'hotme posl.em.ling g.latvitue, and when ue.d ,l('&:i tiolt Lt thei dl+,' ltonIS never failehd i of t:r-clcng a cuir,, even at th( I+tnt 1b.tinatl stage pc so S o'f ii' )w .' kl:et elNtomaclh and chdIdren may tliahe Ilt Itl i pnlll ly. It erengthull tfilie digrstoq Iorg.Lan, create, an appetil te, allnd erIalln rtlluir's l nlr (· t nll ait ', o' it ll 1 l , lb ltiat, Wa n (c set , t o holtl,, to ,l:et curod. Thro is neithtir ieircurV nrot arsenic ill thie tnedteilln r iany thinL g Inr IIo tsl to Ih. thuma,, cotltl!ltion. Th i propr ultor of ar.: ad ~sell cuonvincd of its ctliacv, t ,y agre, I to rc;'ia t ht price cot'tvry bottle . :lcll ha. bml n takle inll tcol dance. t wt lit the ,!,rert',uns l land lm. I ot I. lllhcld a i prllcN t urit of Iho .ev er & agnI,.l A. OLIVEIIII, sole ;.gent for Now Drl.hnll, atl hi hlh le (,lh, and I.l ail drug llllllanld dllll me sloite; corner ofll Ii l'lnllh t! t i lt a . hartrxs -troets. Fl"r )lalrict AgIenetst apply a to t ,. T. S.I'ITIf, 18 Conti St. '.i -i tilt',') l ' i lg hIIll l II I oIte litoll l 'nd 'f f" r tl i l il t , ) the I ,i .'h I l ' I ti (' iliit iof I- Ll" -'ut Ifo ln l tI . u I . l ume n,,'a t r eth )tl .otb t I1,0 , ,llllli'~"1. n o (, ll, Let,.it r,~h( . Jl) l ,+" ut ' d m'. .lll.. t 1 ,1,"1 0~ at :II. ,l ntlilh , , llo(l ,r,,,, lll ","lt'T '. ,1 n6 1 ts ir tl'tl t a 1, "i f p ut r .lir "t i l- g .\, I l all ' i" h,'l, tht t li l i i. ,.r i,,l X I h' lI r n o11 (11.o Io u o inc . lh e ,r .I r , nx, It m,,I l , ll.hl, ta. ., o l 1d 1 sub an. 1 d at.- .= ii, n ,- (,I i ,u hll'II th ' :21 I " i t_ l d '.l. l ~1 ... .lr ral IP ' lat Iter ,l. ht-ll jlc t~. + l,+ ! tlII i . sft r ,Lc , p lii oll ihL OS 11 iO I,. It1. 'ii i atE NIl+ n n l O.. a s e: t.L.: I l)ri c n 'r Itr h 'rU l otir, d - l.o lt Sll 11"1'\ "\' o I l i A N J T|\PI f . 1.: , ll, ('Ht aY 1 llllr-1,cr"1 .11\31«"" rlI.h, N t. r r., ,t'.&il . 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III I·'ral,ldil; . upon lhe iruilrvud. uule mlelt frulo +bl·E . l The bl dild;ng ir lnrge and m or l etln lnmw i llss y l iv rideC i sh , . m e ntu ,,,.K s , b li r k e el. i Ug s e pl a aU te d i l )erE nI t c la sesljl , Tlhe i t u itPr ied t ith a nr o st pkilfu rl -h iruerroive i l lllUl I Irt ulrrad nii r lln ati ar kilnti (t.t .rlftllrl n rll~l~lll I(III.I +.i+..1~uoa nld la hug tr lrrialeu roI s rrt;" i ," tnrd by v eolt r li nt e i Jtek tlir Itroit' o iomr ar l hi nd n mo rt. rree o etyt l.t "[I'el, ... i.'t£I ... .. 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