Newspaper of True American, November 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 7, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIsIrlox i'Li.sI.DIY, IAN IDSOMI"LY AND CHIEAPLY MXi liil AT THE OFFICE OF THE Ti Triue .'ILterican, t T~ ST. CIIAIL,.ES S'iLEIT,I', NEAR POYDI.AS. tli IA) III.IANA t " F NITURl a WtAREIOOMI rat N. 51, e, i e i U rneel . IrI. i7 11.I AM It. i C ILNE,, (f,,rIry of th fi. , o dinu IT ln t & ,aornel)llr) wo in hl r, l'og l . g I ilal 'IIIII i d fri, rn t,1I Idli. that lie is ob.staiotly receiin .o fr , N ew.'l YoArk tiol Il h ll..t . Li4Uoxo i .orio ,,i, oCf i'- l p .1 ad inted lir M lll std cherry i_ .lltltd+,| (;r, maI i o Oay aid cheo'rr loles tif tall dscriptiu-, rll' u- G Ia;I mal y uiid cherry, wash ll II-ds, |Okilooticog ghasses rI feathi"...r.l , diliig,&c. &:. Cli Nil. Furltutrt pwacked tfor triitllporl.ll iul withl greal MRS. ANI)1 RMSN' PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, ,i, Retn.o.l fJout 17 C ustl.nouoe St. Li TO NEXT DOOR rSr. G Cil.llES ' .IIi2ATRi, .' Or PovIAS, .s & T. D(IIAII.sE SiE'r:E T. VA li--1iNG IOUSE, No I:, Toulouse st,--IIv Mrs MIff oiInt. 1'r Ibr aI n ofusiess, rar fhl: evee and the N, iyw lh,- o Io l will l e well aipplied ral d alleUded to, llll 1ae chr ). e drate. he, nc litrrd ,rs w hllg lo haV nIllli( cI'ill i t ltnlillll - , ,lat., t ifireo, pr, , wth om lmo is furnishol, Isere, per. o II speaki h the Fnmre h, English and Span PENSON E BOURGEOISE, Rlue Toulouse, t. I1:, tenae par.llde Ve. 11J.,nanr. N h 1r1t i {,dl' rla l issem e t es i r m :i. .ux, t b e trouve , iltI& /p)rt i L eit Levei t et l l Nouvtlle l i , I'urse,c'tol? d rire au c ontr des .iall'Ares. Ilahltble cra bien foul',ie, plrolremenl t telua et l , pnrix nId r6N. ", aI i l"renan potori ai di.irerai o ot yloger A .t dlell ,tall .rt e llc,,o d. dill.icil plrix, iel u g nanis ctt wrullll.l des. ..t , pagnole. _ . . . .. New ._ tIE' I li crier lle r ut No. 119 har i re street, inl ornl . I sis trie hds l n Ia e i p blic ,l Saatnrda.y, illth Ortober, lie will open a Now iat:.ertul'rT, i l 'elThlellThar Ar Aade,i beween CII amp anl St. Chal. celm .ts, late the N. It.- ininruers a, Supwro prel.oredl o I order, wih saitcl: h and putllt it. ih r i vt l ro l ,oli:il)-tln I IIll folr si rv y llrllelf brick tlire ill alolnp I S strl'et, Ill piris llt u cculcu ied by Alelssrs. A I 1 \Vlllce & C.Ii. The i'hre sl ar ry brick lare rat l thl eari ner Ilf BIla nk A - i doo.r from lra I [ Ia s imeId-Ihe. Ynl and ld storiCs i1 ,.iiNF (l l tIi,, 000111 ,t, ' I ,Sirl..\I d II\ llllol - Ii r l .l " 1 ei'll.l I .- Ih illo.1 . Novemit * wl( hre Jidre d. ( ll N IhId i(llA 1 ulnl 4l11110.Al II ei i r ilC l II il I o, Ie lIIii cil; ,p l- l' L he b 111 o 11s . I.I. f }lllll I'I1.1 1 V iII . i 'l l liy , . fi st', i x t 'r .. i lliNt I II tlltr I. '!51 Flare l i h, m rse ' t're It lll' l lil r ihoidI.'' 1i., ilu C'~rtrl rn -1h., nI l e,,s ,I . .Msairi l/ali t e, Ih. , inh'rosl hc lllt,thh• In I.l..6. I rtll q .a .010; . , ·(.r lltlI NF·I·II' 1 16:ý\ O n ' ell l 1 1 iu I.,IIIIN ills Ilill' ir.ilc 1rii i pe it ei. , *' ll ]1I'. I-llrýs eI's ! iid. Id I .. ,o cmielpaile, 1 , p ný h ,,t lllv, lteme n".,i I p i ,eItI. el. iullltlll ll .l e th po-I . llr i I'ii , l 'llrl li rl t .r ll I I 1I l, I[ llp i '1I. I I- - '1: h ' ,I-. . 1 I )iitoli·l ,,l.nI: r'h.. I.- )rep.-IoJIIl 1',1, 111'1 N. II.- 1II I-'(·(··-," TI 1h i. -' et dI ,, a' * . . I '.. J ulita. It,.i I1 , 1 1 111 1 1 1'I ,i L . .1i .\ N'.n d 4' .i I X1,,1, 1 1: ;I; , 1'. 's I I Ih 1 ,,,! " f IV- -, lt,, - ,.-i, Lulu , -,, . 1- 111 1 PL,'t , ',, l \' ' .. & ';II I 1. I I I I- hr i III',II' h . ,,11'- -..I. iijl"in ;idl tt, , ii , I t , tii I t , n11 : I lNm.t iy St. J - tn,,, I11,, i 't1, Ii-I, I- H (1 i; 11-i I r. 1',lll h h11 11I-. .A (JI 111.S. l'11 I l.l l Ai ll I lb,. 'che 1lhv, heltter1'..111, .11111 tlll lllieu. i!sl. Th'11i Ti1 10 o 1e 11i l tI-FN u11m t it ilt tli t fi, e l| 19 its uiptirl t nl ts . T h e I, lio r ai r ,hr~u . n hnt n dor t:n it ill t u 'r iile 1 1, vi' i oll4 |il ,ltIh s , ll a +, lll II 1i 1 lll cln lr(tld M o il l il ti( ,-ii, \ . i'1u l tIIt d y U 1diu " ta ll l d luA i iii ulillr till iir itiiis th i Tehop I5 i tut tit nity itt-i i ,l + ril't 11J,,n ,lIlt)lllll l l. V iE a, ' -r1 I __.. Jallllfll ft'_r _llll lell , pell __ll ,h _ _ _ _ SIu.uiKh ti d 1 holla I , t ai b uA" p I t t ull; r j. n d,, tin fr p ti tpi ifr1 t il d s: 41. l 1. ilt~llrt n I IId r tLhIuill' e er t tll ith Gelts. soep7 -i"l, " VI'\I :1\, ltrnndh, .'." I. Pi ,,'s 1lhdhnwl t iu" I ll l lpI tli lln l) 11 tdr; i tr Ii ' huIi ir' llh hriltryu IuIIu- -llnlit tnndinlt; fon shitl urt l rtl TI, 'u :II I'S & M tIII), l. ( T ' .li '-- - e.-. - lig t Ih zi'r'p thp e , flr m \a- tal ll sII ; weilltlll lit xhu 0" 1;11 r :lb 30 Ilyi., ni M 11 II,:'V1r{F Ux, S ie t I lrl l. and air wlR.,l ilve ail the lateR st llndN mosl u al. r, e IIle l lt ls, b ill t LOre tI 1'dN side C b ta othe Varandlt, 1' St. eCvrles street, betwe,h tel -1 . 111111 & C-I. 1 1 unlllu putllltt :'11. I tl. y. lit I. etc-ed (li-}lit C -P fRTN4 141P. & ANDREWS,1 )Itl O (J II- 'l N T I -- ltuh i iie fIttmed a io-pn rt n rlli ih is roer 1:s rI. ( l rll; a td w ill C~llti lll fIIe ('om lIU Io n le: Is l)Cnlllu r li. llrllh illn . o t 17 :t 3( (J tlnl-stree" 1, J . m.i 1 Mi3 lt'il Jas S-t l cri ltue i d e lle I ,II [d-i pipe'rI d, ; _ s , t hil hh pink l tet ', +ae; I ts."qe+4 snt,.'1 +. asire ol(ors; "! cats 'H P ll', l crt etl o 1ttt)s rted cl alrs. fo" siale, w.holesa o .tlt l' it ~ b 1)' E T I & Cu, New York Staiolers' lItll, 4ct, I ,Y. w :1 C h artres street , N V tlti le. J -eiv l-e1 :13 , ienv ill i t., . oS s upteli ollr lot of Arll nr ]ledshldll, sllt tille tor led to cull and extnline the sit' e1 R111NnnS. 'Su"ti "i -'.v I ti z ll'e ii.. lr alc y C1.1 r tMPLIN & Ct)OII' +R-, tN:tl5 __2 Jullia Ft. . tor Plrlutl Stoves, juIIst received loud oI r stile hy ,OUL,'ItIVtO"I- I uaxes,i.rr st ale by t lJ ISAAC i1IIAT11i'0 & CO, Sell if no n, . beat lful articlle, lllde exp.r e or Iy o Nil. ,'!S.'. =i , 0iies' Pon; 1:,11 l'tlll¢+d and tier ntovt p1 l:lah - st r.uv.5 [,i: G~raie.r JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. 'ltIE RIOBBER, a Tale, by the author of' Rich' elieu,' *Tle Gipsey,' ,Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. Tol Love CHASE, a Comedy, in five note, Iby Juice Sheridan Knowles, autilhor of 'Virginiur, The Daughter,' &o. &c. loN, a Tregedy, in live acts, by Thomau Noon i 'Taltiurd; 4th editiion. SovaTerv c*. MANNERS IN A.MERICA;a by Ilirriet MIatinean, author of Illustratiuntl of Poilitical Economy;l' in 29 vols.; 4th edition. A Praciieal Suimma.ry of the Law and Usage of ill. of Exchange and Promissory Noltes; togeth.- ll or wit', a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and I,,les, drawn or accepted at any date will hill due; to owhiie r ara dded, rates of cotlnmission aad torage, lequatiol of payments, and geaural infor. natio conneeted wilh businosa of the couanting heae; by ii F Foitor, Accoluntant, author of *A Ct,nciao Treatisne of Book Koeeping,' 'ltli Colerk' Ply, Guide,' &o. Tule LITTI.E SKETCU BtonK; oaorse of very rasy__ lessons in Lallnlocsl,:se, Figures, &c. by GCorlg Childs; lot nattd 2deries. Jlut received and tbr sale bIy WM MeKiAN, - jy8 cor. of Camp andt CoeiliItiOi e. ALSO,-An additional supply of *Three Expe. rimeontl of Living.-Living within the Meins,- Ndj" Living up to the Means,-Living beyond tho Menus;" eSequel to the Experituents of Lieig;t" U' "The llIamourts;" "Thle Saving's Beak," & 0. ,;, NrElR CI.Or'l'INU- --io "e;e;:;,-titti ollnartlle llt ofn i ltti it tf oude t nltot' l andd I'itlll"t bIoot I y ' VVMet oln Ilrrv mlllr , ahd I.iritlltltil rtri IIy I.AAC tlllI) t 1"& .E i, sIO\'t t ,iN irtiiige-- 'i I ale, hlttr ie bt lSt t e hit-t ft, r il)itg , lan ri nga Ieo-llleta i 1, I'o lltllt llr enllity wet tt :IAAC Btl ll; i n . l t Cit, o Q l ptria tll tet(li t hu i tL t l eilllls p tio eitttla i t sllln IIII liir lhatietins, andIur e nt l li thy ISAACJ JIllIi;{E ltl (Il Octl I:I Magl zhite t. the NElW OIILEANS COMMEIRCIAL LIBRtAtRY iTHE following new werks have beea renc ved h by thle Librar Soeiety, at ttheir rooan in tihe Mart hanmts' Exclhalngi fronting on Royal street, vis: Iady of lyonsl by Iulwo; I voel. I cnpi. v. tlllilllty'r ly' Ttturttlrongh Grout Iiriteio, Fr.,neo and thlgiu.t, in 183t; in 2 vola. 2 copics. Love, by Lidy C. Burry; 2 vols. 5 copies. The Two Flirts, and lother Taleso; bIy La.dy Bles. intgtoni, Btulwcr, and others; 2 vols. 5 col.ies. Ilivers and thu Desert, hy Miss l'ardoe; 2 copies. d 'lith Rtbber, by G 1' It James; 5 eopioes. 1 The Adventures of Nicholas Nicklebly, by Boz, 5 copies. CIIAS. IIITCIIIE, Librarian. i.=. T. ' I/.tll.:,llJyl --tiul t' a s al sti,' i r , sii 0 y, thr luinl by[ ATIt RI leona le" .1RIA I & AN IlR:EW, jclt 4ot1) I'tidrtas so retr . ---- - ---- iOt EI'ruld ifrsaeb AIMll), ANI)I CA O,)l~. vi aI i niiCoi lie t.. rtihln ht l t TO Wn :I eilk I' (lrl tlhtbt .I i: l latiit altllll 't I ttk: . JPLtle. S Il l r, C. &J .. 'lVillhgIIiNI I ro.cel, d ol n for sainl e by I l) V T & C O I ~'IlIoiNi I otorio-. rlai ott " tee rd a ST .\IVl' i . t AN i EW 1S, I k' r V i l t iiak et i i to lgi fe I S j7 ear CUliIIIIIIIi bt ·'t'hOlltllliiI iFtrCet. dwl Un-I s i w iilll~~]. Ib l derrd r. i d-illlit.]rov g .i. LI/roio iltllll, IbTr stle Itv I I d" J P W&IIITNEti ) I de i t r, toiiubt l - iatt r.i.Ita i tie tl to na ec.Il lll t l' · v~ r y lil e at lt e s Co t l' l llh 1 1 1 lh i ll n I I l rtt rleiitttIr sdtte i i .I 'N I ll'll t I Itt i .:l larti. i t l ItE I 1''A N I tt'l,; ni, ,I 1 itt,,utl i7 t I hilt k Pt ,le.t 1ii. tue ittit. htt LiiI tin t . . .. 'it 'Ii lit llt )KS - S I i. S'I" r. l It g CwellfllUlVt Illl S tkiI IIi ttit t i l1i ll i ; - r . 'itt; Ih'il i i'16 N .i Il1lii r lai 1 1 illnerii st I(.,i F~~1I. nlll.:nii.M l'.l i1, .\1111111 T'11* I·I i. 1 {,11i{ i11~. .. •, l(I1' \ ii liill II( il " q l. t, i'llsll 7, (. T hir 11 ! l'll ills i %, Cll -r l llrl· I'I11: rice ill'eke f,1111 oln .nl tJ'l*,r? lheIII? l.. Ihi ll"l~ I. ,1 ' 111 T hl= .1· lll llll (Pl lT h . n li ,i I '111 ii . . 11 i ,. 11 llr iD lll tl ':l'i iiiill Ii- l1 11111. I1,!*,I.I il. Ill l ., ' 11 rl'llll ~l h llrlltl:r, ITin,| I!.1~ I I, I.II ·· Il' l llrl~tl.l '(· l111 l!l1il ,l'lh I .r i ll l lll Iitll ,l l, I 'll l*' I··1 ll~tll(llh' lU II·Ik' I ,.I 'l 1 n1, 11 1 l~lll.' l,,!'l l.l]- ,I ,l'lll; . .%..'. + " ,.ILL ; lllIr l! l tI+i. % , ,1 7 X { _ ,'r II, liiIu oIf lh.I)NNII.I. & WA*11\I \N, l ih, Ixcl annl e Ihothl, on . ( ha ls P i .. rlm an rlll - tI t, t,, l' first d , of No, e ib r n x1. Ih l1i d.illIn under o lig ntiot i lh. 1 .itiz'su, t-n Ml. r i IDIo travelle rs' gil rll e rl. [] , fl r l h P h l l t llse 1)r l lil ' +e , i, ell llilo loos lruti ng l si l m e IIobhIhln"t'lll in ;lhl cilvt, they ie v leave to lnnho1111e tleir du. I'rllllll n lin to exe.rl their unlitied I llorti s to iplh. e, while i ,terilln lor the 1astl, rIand g iernll colllll.rir of thrlir ge' ","I nod hope lhnlnrh to ensureby r tir i a C iu of JrN4) NlM'IONNE... D); W ATRiL 1.IN, The Natchez Fr.'rlrndr; I.,niillh J,'runl; New Yolk I.:xp, ss. . I'hilldelpln l li rallll a1n enilinillel; o(I- [ln .%ll.s will plea· s pl blilh the i olll tllr e I lillH los, allid I)AII.S CI C)l3tlr tiur the 'ari-h ," the IIty' Id'n New O()rletll, nPre llnt the allire rinn,Judle. )Octl.bherulh, 183l. NI. 11103, \VI.IIl). b(llllltr a s.llit (Credilre. 'ITh. c.s-i, In pro'p(erly b th i Pe tCliollner i+i p b lllllt I, the (oN ' fo1r he hI,' nllt ofhis Croshlors: it is ohdertd that a llli'tinl of chid I'creditors lhe held before E. IHarnlllet, N ry l'lblir , on T|'ul-day, the .711h of Novnember, 13.13, lhen anld there to deliberate 1. the alldhii+ of the Insolvclt. In the ell llllllittle all r l ll.+ agaillnll his pller-l alhl propi. er.lIre stllrved. II is lllrlher lndeeet l lha. JInI l. It. (Gr'vi., " n appointed to repre.ent the absent cerditor itnflIti ease. cy .rdbr of tIe ('.lnrt. (lerlb.'s Olric, N .'' Orleans, 25hll ( achtl, r, 183 . A Al IjIUYOI., ocl:tI?-: U'v. ('l'k. I- 'A'-T- )I: LA I.IgI;I.1NE-Cos-- de paroisse jIA vt ville (e, !n Nouvelle li'le ins: Prern t I'llono rable Charl es ian, jug,--No 1,`113-:1-Wm II Cooper contre ses cralcirs--l. petition ldes proprl tiAs dou ptllitionunire a u i . n cs nrep c alir ln voor pour lit bi~nbiee do toe csi arniherlvs, itst est deer(i Inqe ,nI: assemb'.l IIBe dedit.s eri' nniers tlil liieu ot grela, dIe 1" : alrmroust, notlire publi:, nardi, le .7e jour de nov .anl brt 13:ll, it 10 hlell res o I ultllllliin , nIl n to de 1de 6re" sIlr, les ulthiri s dtulit plltitionunira, e l l n' tendllt olou+ pusllllullies conlre s.i p]ersollll-s o see pIropriiete- s 61.I l'ar Ilrdre d IIn Cour-Bureau du Grellier--NII. Orb.. OCt A McK Y I1 AM21(.e. relier. SA- I AWIIIII E i : Lk IEGII:NDR)II omlltl & .!9 New Ldever 1 er dIo do, nllldill, frilonl sllil) Ioullisville., illltl ,brsll bv LAWIENCIE & II.;F:NDI:, rl 11I1.; SALT iln eases of 60 boxes ilclh, in store, I and for ale bySTO , oI.1i 7 IIlik Ii!C. J )ICKI.,EM,&--10lII Ixle' i'ikles, ill qlurt bol,; ,5011 do Manrseilles; do 1(I0 bIoxes Lelln SyrupIIIl landing and for sale by *ISO iCu tiuC IJKillnanll ki..ics,..-A .:.cor.. Isul..Cc't . r clllhID alnd Medrlluef, jul received lnld for sale bV MI CANNON, oct30l I Tlhoi as s "IjIO'IrIIi.G &N roga ts--+: cases, contailing an i usorlllleit of mln's 1a1n ivys IcrglUllr L. ca se l seasonbll clomiiig, nhdini frol ship Delhie fIr sale b uy IS.AIr BLID(KjE & C ro, rut30 131 Mnliizinle 1 t tlI.AIRS--tSO tbundles Chair, ariou qualities, i Inding from .lt li Delhi, tor male by IS.IA B+IDI-(;E Co, 1t,30 13 C l lulllltuc ut I NK-Jiirst r e.ived I gr-e f fil mlt's ui'. ru,crir Blick Ink, in duoz. boirllues, packedbr in bub esuoflne I.t cc eacr, ltt r sale by the givce, dozen., r .iul,. i bhttle oy " lAVII) I'L'I' & CO. New York a. iSt tiner's Hall act'9 t I llydras at 2 + EI1TS''S c-t ,.eli.g iIk-J c Jt r'eceived , i 1 I)1 II) FELi &. ('o, New fork S.tttlnullel' lhdl, r uet4v a Charlr.a uat 1N AILS- -500 k 'gIC |I Nails l sg tre, ld o u f r : . lle u S0 LOCKI & C(, S ort. f, ! Front sLreet. E XCILANIIE ln Ilton, for raul bv IJ.\.\.u (lnit;.E 1, C.tI, IOva I'r4 Mll lw."ine at I- 11.1 I3l:i1A--.40 E 1go ,\o. &,. g'uu2.d r c , i i, ill anll o ! tll fo r stl euI K LOCKI" &. (.r) et , Lii; Froll1 Leele m ,ld fl~ s e r by al- . .t-'1.i-.-'l--l.l * r,'+1., o .lla, nd . g, 1'r -1, 'l..1l & |gazlngc nr bHIPPING. ror Europe. FOR IIAVRE. A A ehoperir A I sip ten tike :c 0 le tel h . l lille fatl sailing At cdhi, Zt'rOFF; * Jacob Othirill, ca her, will lere, im .neli ale. i i alc lcl, aid w ts 8eic llbidel elltlllt llc 'oil. Iplce her cargo; for Ireigllt or li.npa algel ii oct:3 i C' (lln at. ....- - fORIT -' - - A A A A l'rN cc.t'cl hac ive nei ir eurge cnaell e s re y 1 ctr c r t Nc C & l w IIrIfN r, whI aticeli lee n.ei unlt, ocr alepaed rilltetril Coastwisetre N EW OR toEJAN A D B EI) N'l'l 31( E L IN E O n t for th e rld el, Tiz:R A leilt, oE:A1IAN, Captaic Miicer, 11 t1 EIstl , new )cl SiteveL, J , tlt)tlItN SO.41 rUn, I.ilahtue, 1 tl r A l I p'I TI'I lt y I r nA(; V . 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S ieillelln priciipal prl fller engro eneuagell wei ail i tel a ve; for ireig it i f 300 bicles il al l;e to lie' iulk ill!er.Cl.lef, r p case cll alin r elegaint ne oiillcn dtlllicill lelily oin board, ieo tiers becow Ite 'Vegetable Malkeli or to J I) ItEIN & A COIIIEN, nl,.5 {'J Ci Ollllno ll at L:FI NEW YORlK. The+ A I ltiket slil IIF.PtI E .LICAN, hI leell, Iarter, wi Ibe rnvy tIe take in on _ I__ d_ t thd e 'ehll inst.; haine ul o le hilf i eer ecrgLI r nI s rlee e ase 1 wlwill i avei illll edilltt de . icte Ih lcr frcighpilllit .la pnecaeC tllahi eleaccli incll ech a led nciintmtntiiln, nPly on boierd epleeitie the V'. getablle curkle, or toi PETER LAIDIAW, FI'OR i)OST'ON. fl Tle rt lasc eliill It.hHAROLD, llewe. aictr,,hac illg aclc o ,"r carlgllegaged, e will nie(t with lotc teich. I'leer taenleinder of fel iglt,or cIv Ol hoard, or tci Sl E I'er N & AVEIRY, Fi NE ,1 W N cORK. c 'l. ITh Al feet cciling dll tIttAtI, f'cat. j. 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I, I a'nt'rei ,, Jl,..n'ed T'in Boxnn Illiddr c',, eat1, w I i l'l its. n 'r'twers, J cp Prepmred Cauas i'ttKI)0'. hOoIKS & WAI.I.ETS.. leottes 1,1¢ovt Tanlllels wi arilver pl eri chanesom , 'dIItn,,l ' II %Nlhat ,lh".';I ,.hr Ln. Ptalle rIteeahd a l anItI e ro'I, Btoixwae , Mo t (louhi, PEN IIOLIDIIS. .ý (I1 IRSEY, rctlf 44 Noewa Levee Tt I')b +--l,..dinhg bool shill Iihln, na ew-Paylaur N, (:,)ll slroves, it new article oIrd eryn IlandsoluCi Plrallte (;rate i d hahnllllllr n tlla Ir ' countin roall)s, i ) sure nlld fIr saLl by L lOCKE &. CO, ,clt03 s FrCoau Levee et N I)--StoRes pi~les mre.d to ordir and plt up in ny Irt I ti itry oi shorl lo rwtice. S. I. CCo. St2sl;i n/a Nle. 's Ke..tauk y Bggig i .n... anI'I tiIrgi' sale by.r r IoAVET & AMIE.LUNG, lct3. 17 Comnrlerce ti. N ' o')RE-J ast .enceied In)0 coil, 'Tarred he mp hIllpe; sasrlrtd sires: io dk Moilunla do di do I3 d da I lflina arsnirt'l fryani 4 117 ialn. 5111 kegs No. I & ! Itabert'n I,.blan's While Lend gronal in oil; :31;l cntalninhgrs c'rpllle ' mhetle do. Rledy clehma, Y llow )dlcte, Splanll ilBrown, atnd Illek pdl i ti im k gaground in oi;w : IaMr irol aTiyotl C in Cablev, Anchue, fllak , n A Tmhia Tle;, Illllu anId aI g eertal u.L)ailllea ii sIleipl olCtl lerv., or sale by S LOCK.F . CO, •oet3:l " :4 Front Levee 'I'l( RENt', TI eI Tw' hlrg aiilr corAveniet thre inr areh ouse t the cllrell Af " mturollllllle lnd Notre Dnlll treet. lt.r"laill . ivell on tile It of Novealllr. A) pld to IAYEI' & AMELUNV, • ctr'l 17 CollllOerce PI I'AIREKi'S R-dCKY MOUN'I'AINS, &c. OUIINAI of an Exploring Tour beyond the Iocky Mouutains, unadr tie direetion of tlhe A II C F .1, performed il the yeare 1835, '36 and 73; containing a descriptiom of the geaography. ge. oigy, cillllto aild plroductionla, alld thle ilulnlol. Ulallllura and iautonm atof the moativeiS with' a Map of Onegon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. ThI River and i 'e Desert; or Recolectione of tilo Rholno and tih. 'hartreuac; by Misl Pardon, author ofthe City of t't- Sltan, &ni. in 2 vole. Tihe Rbber, a rTale, hi' the author of Rchlllieu, Thle Gypsy. Atila; in 2.e A; 'IThe Two Flirts; or Ad,''ture in a Country IHlouse, and other Tiles, by Lady Blesingtaun, E L I Bllaer, Mrs Norton, Blrry Cornwall, Mr Gore, r Captain Medwia, and otimors; in 2 voai. The Llii, and Adventurea of Niclholas Nichloby, edited by Boz, withl llluntration by Phir, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. SIttuIti & 4'0O, N\. Ii, Frnt I.evieo trel, anre 0 i.eeivell Iha lile anrri.ala frat, tI' Naortlern At i, Tti cities allld t.urop!) i, a retC addition It tleir stick tof liarlware ,d lShip Chlndlerv. which now ioakee iithei iock nearly compeite wlih Ibthey lf'r on ma t natble ler-e. octal?--If of vnery slllperior Steyua Bant Boukh. Pasagea Ilooks, lCans Iloks, Trip Ilookna; for enl) by DAVID IHI.)' & (:O, Neaw Yurl; Statliner's lalIl, . l . . -4 Chbartiell et t ) xI -- uelull No. I Slellpp ill ule )r sale ha J Tl'IIA I'F.II& t'(l, ont13 " 74'Po) dr -i7 EI S- C(,ci.,.ai 2lne.ia inet r... ited e.r Si- si' , (nn Nan Y'nk, a lkaw grace o Hlenry'a genliem calcinied Mlagnesia, lur yale by lhe t dnz. nr griee hy IAVIDn FELT & CO, ,-wprz7 N V Statiinler Flall, 24 4h'ate t FIN" t:UN ' PEIRCUSSION cAI's. `. LI)CK)" t Ctt,a their hld r.aandi N.w 8 Frlna I yevte.l hvejuat rccilvcdl a i .w line doulae bhar rlled Lonmdon It .it Ib , 1)l511,1)0ll) tline aEngi h percu, n i.,lcal il tin bam ', 1aieh ll hey ailter for anal. AitT'iAI'II.N WAN l'ED. S. "I1'N; Illlnan bho is llmaroghly acqania.ed with t hI: d:lties al a111 it doaeor e .leee C erk, speakillg the l'Fe'h an.l Eciebla Ialgtma:e-, and hang beeI. nleaoiuinlg;' ,iuaaiin, and bket neferenllae caa be gl'..,en. IIh.. aidires N-. P'a .08, th.ugh l:he I', t n vtlkii ".) BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. F&EMAN CO., ( Ir"h.ko,.fr CIrthiaf EJkMEl.hs..aSI r No.:1, 31a-aazine strueeb , ot YU AVl liootnl3l on It116d IrgeooUPply 0r cloth to It~ o, u tlcolat oro teoootyltrde. T'lor .0 contenrlt being C: aryp, merrllant' front thle coulntry t an besuppliodl II iltolhorIot 01oti1e. FASHIIONABLE CLOTHING - "I'AYL00 .& 1HADDEN, n.. i4 ('hnri:0* t SIr cItr II.VIl ooo.. otonn oolplyo f ,yOre aTicFle pr.lO1ing ta1, 1 1.1t1000e11 M AI.I.IC TEd.TII. o0 I'Et3 I3l:N. 0,1Iu'tbeoo Irlorlooul tIcol,, ntdi . tllot a.. Iit per of ooooling 11,too.oOItt'en at 00 o.lic of Ar J.R.Hosl j SUIIGEON DENTIST, No 4f( Canal otno.T. tliooth o vlloooor, hoog. rI.... - and are fly ,nary, and in many' onros, pt, roibo to tht le 11:1 Io*. It. will wait u0o t ladies oattheir maidenllpupf iY _A1. I'l'EI{I0)0'$I. t 1UERCHANT TAILOR, Oi7 Gmon Bt sheer00., - ff'. tol inform the publlic float Itnvin2 porntlbeled 7 frIom t eosrr 1 J)UUiI, SKFA-Gti & COO. port o1 tlitir t mooi, It, will ,otOi tll he 11 lottin0.00 a their old onald, opp)ooiite 11iil'1 u Flloe-, where ltIe hops10 to mrit n share of their paltrofo1lo Il0 Ilan mode Iooolngottt q at ... Nortlh to be o lithe .Id to..o ly witjo l t 10 10 I m00e1 fn~boonblj0, tol l 030.r 14 m CLAY & CLARK, A HOUSE AND SHIP PLUIMBERS, *' No. 1Il2 'oydrao tcOeet New Orleans. 91 0000AC0L' 0000 or III Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps 1)1 ail d~ot0ri110111 WARS, COLD, AND SIlO W'IiR BATHS Fixjol 0n the 0000 l(pproved0 Inc0iples. Mlll:l.'D LEA), l'll'ES, &c. jOtJOlers executed io. ony pu.rl of te Sonltboon Slates. °tr `" 1)r. Ireb.oet N. I.Indse. 10 F' P I C 10 Elxlctrn E lOoRt.. fin cA1- 0CI.AIIK, Plumbers and Load Pipe Manufacturers, No.1(1': l':,bdrnoalttest, 7I I:P on bannd n oolo:'lt upplyl of ].call Pip,,, Jl from 2 in. diantrttlr down 'o :)-U in. diametesr, for ORLuANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BLISII MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oppositoe olaoks' Aroedou. 11'IL .1.9.~ (:Jib INE, I'll 0111 LETO J H. PARKER Commiou.ioD ald Forwaording Merchant, No. 6, FRIIN'r hEt'EE, f Ur Srntes. New 0-I~nal*.Ieb. ?;. `JARV1S & ANDREIWS, 1VllO)I1t I0 l ANI) IOE'10A11. DIEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1)1 11 PLf'('S .INIJ) llI.VD() IV 01..9 S.S, 110or00er ol Ctommonod Ii oupltolojIoUIo dtceet. INA'I'IIAN JAIItI.I. of JOhIN 'o'. ANDItIIJ;l. LIof 111:57. AT OIIBIE, Ala. - S. I. & I. I. JONES AUCTIONEERS. N..s. 61 owl ' W )\'"1'1": S.IfREET.ER 31 IIF undrrsignT.. d, I rul cai abli V. d I II \ ..,, o tf il 'ooti ,tii'oosie ir'',,.ooititsvros .rorli.s,iibeloo fil leave it) r llalr llr fri . 'andoth. no.lie, that Ii 'I11, iiiowr l .'vu r'o O1 hie olo', eithel br joorootivate or lie o I., Sale:. 1thI.JIAN I. JONES, Rlofr '' Wolke.'. !(nighI A' ('. Nrew Orle'no. Nonil, Feb11, I1.3r1 fel 1.1 A CARD. `. 1torrr. SIATER. ABRAHAM 'fIrxl. SLATER & TRIER Forwtrdi . tg &"I Nr Merchta etr, No. "il I'v.olr.r ioh 'te.!, N i W lilt i. T A N S. stn 't'hey till i'cvltr lthir portlc .hr 'iteotiu ti o the sle , Haon 11 obiil", New 0.ona 1 er It No: . . Rn', 'Ar~l V~ E"0. IIotron lub lt. Boiithd. . & Co I Von 1'nltl A. 11. Gill. ) '.od o 1 & 1 & atIoDnp . I-e A ~oIto I'oto'nr F.. D,.o'l Aitit A It "'E-l &oooro i. it 'Im-h IiN0. . _______ r.,.'r'o'. , . 0. . iroof. Forwarda.. C'lI' d lontrr.. aws", tI I 'UltNISIII ai OF dilll' ANID PIllA'r 0rOrE , Noo. I 14'J't.l.ouvt tULout. r cr. No w"o.( or Mlrar'r. Mot.!., IIOOIO & Co. Rotoin EaY.Nt:'Lxl \'uar (I(· II A. Pb1 N1. hooio& ('o. Nw Tr. IN Wtoa. & 11Io I v i 'ut 0. In DAID.'i O4TUNS, lb, tOiO P to R.ti.CMeTOoooc& Cýo.L'oIOOO"". 0. O N. Al.. alO, &Coi.. Lou~isvilO, Ks pi 'II'c.t,,S'TEVVONO &,Ccclr'e.lti Loojo ,1 A II. Roct, Al too, Ill. "I'. R. WITTII tO.r' ttooilii,. J. & '. P. I'orTWitl.t, Iboyoo Otto,,L.R. Stou i..e i~l. ito 22 alI OE..'Il.t:IiS IN AMCIRICAN & EN(l:d1,1 CRtOWN GLASS, It N.. I.CARoooo Acmlr SIrIrrT. " t INSURANCE' C0311' II OF' NRIO tiRLEANS. 1'1,it Couoo1'oo are now prioorrol to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. t N'. 24 Motoon'. l. ooiiog, Coot street. a S. 'JIiCY, Ntew Orleanso 'to IN. 11,1:ii. Secreior'y. R WILLIAM IRWIN ConoIPisson and Fotwordiog Merchanft, CINCINNA' 1', 01110. i' Relr'to I.oyot & iAmi\iir New Orlonns. Jo..Lo ladi & C 1o. s flO J Iitbl1it'I' 'IANNI IN, - HOUSE AND SIGN FAINTER dNo. 121 C'mprstre'et, 1- I,,Ii'oouo Iar'l o.In oaint, PP1l, Voraohco, l rorr heo mall 11'iudowand 'in l l. l, 1: s, ,le Sc.,lr y_ l p T. W. COLLINS 1. .1l''T0IlA'&1' A L'IbA.'ILL0R .17' I..111. 1o, sV orootiolo ii. the r'tib ti, C rit.'Cooc . Cli 1ý o15..., U it Cirru l CouleLrt, in the ustom Ilmse Ir ildng. j.0 t Coo Lndsto A CARD. T a y iliPooko u on lor'igel havei opened a.houointhiocLi.,, ENERAL COM.MIlION IUSINESS. f O ericT, No.. lb OioooNt STREET, L' USTAR,. 11 l' LEVY'. The house at (ranil GiP lf, Mloto n, oill r'm cootinuer in the abor'e nameO. ''e Godfrey, Law Jri ll & 11 n`11, t Newl' Orlti s.Ie. :ll IirP,'tr""' t- ete. & M'llar'i'&, S~ol e 1ItoI. 6 i 1 ill &11 C. t, Loi.. le, Y lob.. NI Iiilioiio, Iti~c l..lurg, Sitts alooporirCicr'tool r & ICo, iG n uf hiti,. Htoir, +\Ionc & 1"u, Silts iloll d, Nachezot , 51,8. :e " ()fri,' PlyI ':, l1I81 ________1p2 ie --A P AR. 11 NATIIANI:L -I'Oll'NSI'NDt hoi." loc'ted d N elf in Nr.o Orle.'oi fur 110 ouro.t o tr'ooetoog et u .GeneraL Aoglll"\ A Ce.IV· * e wor'd r. ,11 ctfalit, lici from the public ushale of their pe halloinuiaohouiooi 110 r e ,,,ii',ttnl,' ibrthe ran ,.ling f oo1ra'lloooll'0t oool,,ar'be o.I.n ha tolia I) l u-n-xwn ctdto hi hage il NTo~I,,oIo LOo,- ,,Loo,'tI: oIio Il,,ri,.CI.'120.oliIll a tlot llia Nrt . ,'o (ii. o1 n.L lc l with olnructions) 01 oal Hin,1, tha.t ma oo e i n'.,, 00Ili.,hms Offieo ci Neo w rIo', oul, Ic u opo -true', nir'itr' to Pto" 1it C~Pboo's chuch oil o~lj.,oniog haoo'o (ro~llllgr.0.o~olbIot~ii Nuti I o r"r lloor Ilo thn .0', P Io C e in . h- Ie( . li ow'l . 1., 11-f 0 1,, i tat Ii l r'irti n(ilnc llc.,,iiees l ll. ll~l ls) u °h 12' .',ts hlly ..1obooooslush le.Ka . .216,, ue" New Yak.lmg· ul;mhr tra, ~or~ Il usrr \Va~r.Ilt l P l ~ SsnIab :Nunes'- F al, Natrlhe·, \lrs. li 1I :Truth r Si L lll--.110. Jo n['tr . olgl," y en FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMrANY su FNEW ORLEAN', . 0t O5cc NO ?4~ MItsoa' r' Didiii <.[..11 :r'1"r' r V~ BUSINESS CARDS. II. K. & F. n). Newcomib, iA' VE oipemd a Ilouoer ,r the trInS.acting o, a gell - rLrl| tuoyriy , I nnllrinex l tit ,\ntrh a, nltd n rv tlhinera s rtlolilid io ther lld be rtll lt'ulitc u rttnde d I:.iercr,:cc :- II CA,.t,e ck & C., ) a:ele c-ilio Wilel'te h. G Srea Orleans. tIinwell & dc Ilci y, , nlil n I 1 .11 ar i ll l ri r l" ' i I- IIF:I'lil c i.te, : i., thcici, caf1rs -1 h rckg otier arti .l t oe . irces, .r, ofte i hre. icr.e t usUlit on- i utaally oliiel c I cd 0,h Alee b e l s . Il.VI & ('.21& I .4 fae'l1 w i h a r , liir n l icr ctci(. e o ty e blod scaly CHAN'l. tnn c iro ro1 FIti.mT ats. f c haclre ul, ar trici k evei i l.I+ g; at two hour, anti:r, byv n.lum d a lt th Ur rane the' L i ne r. | e I S chl. f r, W mh yt,1 . , )ur&it I l an ks -t Ajm1 o by w t le th ilTllln-I .tl, , r1' I o All m NE rf iw i rl .cl r etWi t. i i jyl2 t lnk Alle y. -~e ,r C"o t'CII-+ I G 'INh; - ro..e. Dentrfc Orging m T lI.eraic te P e. r uict an ,I.o .ee i,. eI"r j'y'I e 111'; er A Yic lcec New Lee. (' .i Accece. Here I:ccreeeei, Ales (icr,, Ccj i -Sci Iclletio' . eIceIDs crhtlo r I onatm n e .nt d h.a 'cr 11t ' r ccl ticn ' of the United ta. erdey J. .ene e id n o D io ber r l e , h eir Lru s h tl e .;siu; t, E. I .. I .h D tn r, N is tIle itiy of tir Sultan. TI' ll kt ofGnConellre te G(ilt of an Uncle and ueell jlb ne clnd ce.ecrjvi lan by Ceao lI0lt r IecSiv -d 7lld rf i . ler e,11 W IrCIccA, o n l I for eace by J 'l'iA ElIlt & Cu,, jy ll 74 n'oyd R . freer (9AVW&-3ThfIF-EISEF+ Ueelcnc .,cTcd E.s . trnact of Sar.npiriiln, for ithe cure oftl'ctiintcv" eruction of teo skii; pielce or pustul.e oi the I c fae; bile, whi I, e rice triece ll impure n(tle fl the blooc; scaly eru;tions; p r ine in Ihe bunc.; clrolni rlhceumatiecie; tetter; scrofula, or king'l evil; whit, i swelling; eypehitiic diseace, and all dicordere arising trot an iempure eteto of tie blood, b) a long Srenidene in a hot climc te, cr the injudic:iocc u s: of cc Aieso,-Cave & Schatf rs Wore Syrpcp, or n fant Preseurvctiv: the best Iprlarato Ilnw exttint. i Amlong which are thle fccllowing:--lnlin I)ye, t for co! ring tlt hair; Bear's Oil; lclaiuen Iear's Groae; I'oluatunl; e ichaw'' Freckle Wasihl: cc. poriolr Pearl Powder; Lily White; Creamt cf Ilceec; Vegetable Roug.; Oltto eof Ioco; Lip Salrv; Kre. oeite Tooth Wash; cerloneic .Dentrfcie; OIrngoe Floawer Water; Powder Pollc's cnd 1o .; Aineri- I i a, Celarcoal, neatly put up in four ace vial; I I; entS Salts ; Cciognue; Krlccete I'otllc.achie Diros; eilir lBruuhes; Engilich Dre .cg Ico o.-i Ilci, islcir Oil;-with a variety of ,itcer I'rilc n.eries, &e. }'r ..le by LI W GL ,YN" rr PERFUM UIES. SC l'RIN(. ,ARDI Corner o" Cranal and Bourboln Itreetl RLEANS LITlglOGR&oPIZ OFFICO * c'l'Al I ISII' (cc Ifir e t e ;eciuti cl npsId pht li d drawinlgs, aic iI'',itr. ' IIe1cc u r, i ecddccc , n;i1 lldd le - e c o lr d li t - t 'l 'i d e a c r i l l U hn , 'uln e fl Ir il u i .nI I ( II iachk heeck, det y rc.eiitc,, &c. printed nllcd xcuclll d in uclheai acd cdxpedlccitiii cl le, Ily tile ploplrietor. CAIWiA.IA3I (cI1:NI ". NIB. llhnnk Notes at.cIl +enlclcd. ii':1 NELW iAT' SlIILE. I I c'1' ree ciic erh te nrrivac fcclll c Ncw ohlk, i fresh anI linlhiuhllldc paerticlleiy oI f iH.cT,. The slcdrcc itc er wtulld pi rtic ularly ceall tlhe attnction. 'Af tic Ilch, ie I, o -I ee I beaver als c" Ic c lllcc ricrll .Y di ricr IkVt ogl Ii(A( it a li • I r t Nt m icarket, wleece uicudc c recai .i ... .. .. . W OSOIN N,4 (':l, i et" Pit 8( ____ _ - PORTRAIT FPAINTING. h 11 . 1'Ai .i;.: lt te,-p ct."ull, 'll l 8III* tl]l.p' h i chi" that h.' willlreoein r oinh.rt ralt in New O)rl-iuas ile idjUll turor ri cainal pal St Clhrh.e, in the hiuis. necupiedhb. 'annilv & l.nm, Denlints,wshle 'n.peri N of his )paitiT.h C.ll 1be1 "seea. lEntraInce in llSt larles lrel. W,,' fl Y .i W\llf)eI;S.11,i "TIN IVAlIE X IANUI'At;'l't)tRY fL I t)Kli & (tC. No. 22 Old Lever., hnv ill " . stre, at tflir ow' itl.uhtotftre, a 'largs an ' e tnn ive ale.rteltot till warte, wlich thgy illvit denl- w rrn inll thle trell: t eXcllti; ailo .ll_ Cio pcr, ."ugur w r blolnll, a. I " t ,tl, lr )(t 2;t1 d . .tr" tr ladiesl 20 d2 x. CoIpp tltr "oG'ar l..;,l.; T, B o tttite' a irfore "itca; 0) psotto.ra p N. It-ftoafa of ttlhihai i cvered with Zin', copper I tin. Coppe'r an till gutters pillt ula on rf e Ah, re.s it o,,e "it e. "t,' ING/ISIIf f [l'NJIfi ANfI) fiAN'l1 ACtlf ll .L I)ROFI . SSOitt flfIt'tI"V,aesliated I.ientlsuciel of upr yer , ifcatihni and e p'rieace. it1. opard art Ailtiti, in rie tbrihk buiddig b'longiig tto WU. treel, w nIer Vtoun git,'nese, t ell disposed, will re iei'e a mgee e s cle M ai i e ati .m o-opiratiton of hi fr'oinds andi hi thols. lfed etiOil, Iltl lltle int e renderIf tlhi iulti- ex tutiun uaeful and periillalfettf. N- -- LE ' 'o TllE PURLiC' - I.-- fi nrld d i ruunoers oI the undersigned having sold out, n or disucotinted ti. oMand long ontaslished GARl)EN SEED) STORE, .u8 CUta0sonl house Street, Having been moost industriously cerculated by olf. interested parties, the esubscriber begs to assure Ilis friends generally, anl tmh rublic at abrge, that he still contitnues within two doors of lit. late, or Itnrlr stand, to be furnished with a fill anid ex. tensile supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen o or vegetable d;ardrn Scads, of thi growth and i. I port of thile present easo, 1837. Sines tbie early part of Spltembeor, he Iha. re. le ceived anipleo supplies, by the packet ships Vlcks. es burg, Kntuecky, and Arkansas, all errIted in short passages, direct froat New York. Dv thle 3.1sis. h mippi antd another packet, he is in ixpecta. tl tion of a supply of Fruit 'rlees nol Asporgus li Roots, having already received invoie s thertoa by a .tail. TIoe soutoriber behos firther to assrea the public.t at large, that he is at praesent as well i nablod to a ient anid exetas ordrs for all tlhe kinlds of Gaden, Needs, eitllher wholesale or retail, as lie ever was since his first establishmlent in January, f12". o Cotuitry Dealers anld Market Gardener.' orders I' filled at tile lowest altid tmost reasonable rates. by the pound weight, tntt gallon or busllu llllunurl. Cttalogues, eititar in ftrnelln or English, nmay , always be obtained oni personal nppilmatonl as usual, to V31. S I'll, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customsouuol ti tre ,. to NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird sa d, mixed or Ilainll; pulverizd oup; herbs, and Sllak:rs' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans.. I f.nOU1o I&-il iOt I,,,lit)ui. ,-di if o ,,n ae it Sjust landed fInom stemter Czar, ae.1 fer sale by G DORSFI, " r1$tlASUttI NITES-Fosle thi' day, 4aly a cibecks of tlie lffekof .tna'ic, Naw 1'toik il 'tillS- e 'eaui stUt. Apply ao lot Ieoice of - epl Exchanlge flolf , rit. t'h r lee f I - ICII.HUi)S, 'l'tobaicca asld Sidil to,,tuiu-, urer, No. 277, Cam, streeto, New-iJrleans, wishes to inflorta his rienlds iand the lpubllic itl genetl'l tlat lie I sno prcpa'Ietl to 'Ultnishi at 11thu0l, ii tlhe above busiiess, and has cOan salntly for 1C alt ( tIt llWltlg articles: SNUFFS. SNUFFS' floa', ( loOan flail, nheoai ey, Mmfii gi lfiegint, Amtrican IRaple; Natchitohn. s, Imltaued, Amllerican gttle m:n's, eraenelt, lltnkeent IbIfi It isifhlllaekguard, St.tnor, CC psrenlpatish, hlalof coars ILitppe, Scotch, arid genuine tooth poe der. 'IOIIAC00O. Fine cut chewg, is t I leescented or pl.lin. Fine cut nmoking, of variou quasilities. libi-tfi t 'Virginia, Sl ltisi , el o. The at, searticles rale wl wnnltnted as g if ifIn t it Ieri-rto ayisdthl ol ts tliankd ilatporh :fevIl.Uill It II . VAN.1 COFFIFEt:--Ji bags prile g'. n kili - ain Coee, of the inew cropl, now l.dintg tIiril brig Chlnela Cua roll, for sale , t ' I JOSEPII COCl1i NE. Fefttl1 KEGS 'a3 I Ir lIlt it I1 half lbarr Is F 31 ]hee; III blill barrels Mess Shad; a 111I1 boxes iounlain's ('haC tthaig t t'ldur, 2 5 Iboxe Sllt fa iicuni 5 barrels 6muoked IAelf, to 10 Ihal'fbar:ln ici,:led longtls; Received per l i,i o)buell, Ior I>gam h, ,ctXtql I't:TEIttq . MILLARDln. Lead, pmtrei.- 0l i do N. I. cti uup illn k e Illron, J t' o 100 pulllll, ruc ; l 1c t 1 1 tla ,lll, td traila t at the Paiii utt ote ol i the suL l.lllhr. ocl: 7 :t; I'ilNp l t htpJ I , a t i.\dE o( ,ttCe) 'n S l,, . t ' f s. l If E:I'. :+ 't. l rtl t "i . .t . ... . o t Sut ten . iEi.'IT' I Fi'. had oflhnir it th" ernnlelt r nstrt ' ti meTni t elont ini tO tl lthun tn tmett . lowt ran 1ti lv the o-s od t ichne , the eun ntent nce, tll. ,'n; prttttt i tirely Irig. on thfe :ip ltPr lrene f dli t n,., whilch r. tec minli . t io n eoil o w h nto ler tet eret , l it n im ' -e ,n to httf ,i x, t bi a to i cli tle' d f' a Old rg s of1 tei lt kt tttttt.tilt tetttltt r.'int r iir, d'tir I. v,,1 fi'. o._ 1 1 T1 tt 'tad r ttI'i. M tuttlt o iprlt i r,.tie u itiSte l i irt, ntol t r 'nt t.t t p ih.t . o fI tpn.n .l o rm h doe the I'n. o ien aI r. Ith. t u ert a fl thei olt hfre t ,l.lln\titI Iit t ao lr a j .n.I-. i. & mr.11 , ' d rt i n n n, t lr'ow ob 'Ale, .t r torl it tttin. Ita ir -ioe prtta. s . e n, iwholitert ii. rOvetltltl it l 'liio tl itrll in r', twllke it e turpnr litniF ll, .n I iltt C tsn it 1 tr t t.rrft. No tert tll t "Iln a nl iol th i fpiori. f tl't~l.ltrhill rj in litlittl t t of the virtI . l'lotno I tidlel I llhl, Inrv iw l an l uther taln ttle l rt. i nt IiT hu 113"l h nu,}t itor leniidtsl n t- o n - ltyhrt < rItnrtn, tEsq ltre Maolor it Ut nlh utnuel. t lie' retf r itni rlny . e o'ln l , to ll.uir lgh . |im terof o f fllw tilt gentle eln.ra rth it. ( Ih l lf i·'ol~UiT , ,I'Ireil't . J. rIldtil. at landl ThiEP fo t it hi hli .r'ieter p Ite toitt l hn tr Ivrn tltie al ininot the fll . ing ainr, b t N " certain to Lt ol , 11.1.I. a rI'1in.T(o III:. ol i.d ohr, Ha rrrison Eng ,I t Ni C tyf, i Noisrth y lifth It. .lt t IN P .t J l ge of :1 the . S ul reml C or rt SIllll ! PIn 'II". lll} , ollrelt': itr.fl. J(lll .t I ;illll l (:,tRIJr, I`! .treh tiltr, el. It til .loln thnt threeh of the it utl) J r ,'rle, t re more thair 1 ers ol r i f e rve, isil tihe hother, le les tihan 30.w [Flr en o the exiinr. c cessary, a ' ~Cesii ,nw.lenh vof Iu.nk s, vh'rin. t i• t .i f Ivtllrr h I ' I N. Ill o , il . I, iRobert ohirlo ll a l r of 'ad ite l f ni 'n iltre. rpiin dt lhe irl rv jerirh' that lil l o.I alllelldlll w tlllh .tle-Yt J P II higlie, Jlohn + Firk, tR llnd l. o \I Curdv , Il hoer. I, m a',' • re iý l_.neI to thellu utll it. ertifir telrl hnt Che')' are u g itlinc. of t enrltr`eIlr pind cnip l .. e ,hl I'llt·hre ei de:l f1il credh hdj ul, n '"e given t ti,,! o,ifl vrlawife na Sniltli e" owt-ru"llf h hedud redcnto - ptrim hnid nit t h ,' alr ip l oflth e wh ol Un io . toleofhi. n th I. i ofit'her er, a e. Sn d. hnilitl t a l i.llt l sl p r, on ihig:h t arl-lcl l se' tI he F k.e+ c u1 v m.rlo h ei Sn will. h el . klinl retil Ib , the luli sutsll fr . iAnlt ,,rn. o'! FI'hl( .Iho iliret tl, ..I r \Ilnlt etl,,, 1 i. ,h,,ll t rtg itr c e oo Uerv. n r S r h~h.~v viit n o ltree t. :u.ees, nth New e t orh m. I THE .subscri brler -cpnives to ipn Krlilh, in thf he O gilinilln of tel, .a tl.n q wittlrr, a |1lltdunlaltilltI t I t ; Ma rt |.' . I. suii ia a RI e po rt.', to , In c o m p rited in fol r 1° I vol mteOn . tl)o.. accordilng to hil uhodel of P'eterl' " i Collrleil.ed l ppnrlt. " h i 'rhi work is now it pre.pration by .l. Burtnn lalrrison, l'.,q, of tlhis city. ansilted by tVillimil F• Ilr:nd, F:cq. 'I"1, Idllltl r is also pernliittd hy it dirttinalitl ed retired Jlllld e rof t he Sup relme Cou.irt, / ltIll ' a tlll l l ofi t is ittiagll. . .li l¢, tt e1xp rCt frollU, | allyi llirs lly l b lervis troled thelll t l,;ir e pl erln ie e. ,| Sutch a work is |mcomiug every" day illore, Ii.0 t· ceta nr,, a. the. origllll It vili111ilttwil, exxpe'1 lva,, ol and eTar . nr. Au t IttcrYlB iItilcri.ity too is nltll.i" . tihrt, in the, other Stllt.ats, tie UIhl i l l r!u :to r .,li:( ` r t of the nlumerous pru|ciplna here de,. tlif kn,`tt, .eIe of o, r a .|judged e.ts of pri . a utl lity to I{ho iburin-t, f thl: wihole U,,io.. Moreovel, th , rim in g . • " ,ub1 oL 'I' ,x a te lI e n at tl. p tod, o u ir c la;d e , andl tint .. . tie , .....grea d ....... I for th Louisia....a ! on decisionn f'r i a ft.rh qalr'tLer'. it (Clllveaieut anto e , i'li liu II ll paallel cases - d ·erid eld in l | . lir i ll;o i c , ",d . c ic "al ll tlho ,se nI t the Lhe ahldedl to car h caile. on r v o l .; inl c a e it l lo u |,l l e tif u n dl .p r a e ilf n ahl l 1 o c u ol ri . - it i l tl t hl re e v o lt eun i ., t h u, . u 'eie L it llb . t crih rv l rill ,, . .' vo.... j,:;l ,or CampI dl ('o a 7- eI,. ..I_.,, . NI:W l.l.l \'a ( I)AII li1ll.W!XL ' -''"- !dii TUTE. 1I2ae street, b1 r1.. , .V .,,r oafod ('asswtalru, sub'b. + r~' l of 'oo'. K.l"pr; opi"" rid nle ..,,eral luthlh, i i t .Ian " l),)d Icltllll antllll , ll na g whom are gentePII - cr "In-il .fhigh rltndl I o L in -, l be a reftorlllU - Isy ,s .. tererd to t ais ic I ITr;1o( uge. li. irll,1 |ll:'I"b r of € ll ~tibcllh rs will l1a. Lrull uJlh llllld; it hill elo en inll .S lellll l er iie t. For ga'tlemen r' idt' i in the Itpltra tart of lthe ci ty, an ,veninlr rl'| r, three lusli a w ak, ,ill 'w opened at the crner of "r. Lo. is and F:xcluge t'lade, it sub rliptl ionl. err rreeivd, 'at PFRED. WILIUNSON - DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL cr LOUISIANA, . (I'I, 'Rll his 'erl.'res to Ih, pblit i..n i.,j d," alrt l r a11.1ent.. It llr n C.ill ( 1I ll.gieerin, , both l ie mllatsllr nd e'.n lt e tlle Clol tel noll wll i r n, t ilnas l Ieaeti. . No ( rtreste ta n tory j ig q a.nlit of sypwreo, tF;IIF ix shut it i n, fror . 9a Iron. Jut recenived att ur a-i'-ent ' f Cokt ad PrrItt niTSII'I'N St, l'IN Li' - ft (oMittI) NIiIU JNI MIXTVti-X.-A pserldy pr Sanlld cl ain cor i for 1 llu. Fevetr and Agul 8 al the original reciptt. Used with moimnent t and uai f versal nuctesi an 1832, by persans of thlu etighest ar. r.ipeactbillty in thIa City, as ltatedr inl tir annuarxed ~certifittaas. This atedicine in highly rt'ot'ainetttd, and has bietn,'ltn et ir.ely ani illn the aovill disoaner with lsuch distinguished ,It.lco , thallt thel propriletor of lit in its present form. in itie hope that it may lH e to au.irin UindeI r l ithe scourg. l of ot country. It in. t . Son l'c e l tposut ntlg greall t vit t, atlnd Wlthen used A acctt ding to tita directiona hta never t'l''d tft of lll disorder. It I i not tat nil difsareeabl , nad pisons of the wekoJ Ihtomacihi , and children taIu itke it with impunity. It strengthens the digeetltt organs, create . an appetite, and seldo. rea ires l a nore.t lltt no , or 3. i le, t i rnrlle lel, I lllllle i to e l'cet n cure. 'T'here is neither nlrcury rni i . rn gni hrentic i nl i .the=I m yic , nor Z Iat t hi at lin i n so well convinced of ls a llieacv , that thlhey afigre.. i to relrnlt, the prI c t of toi(ry bo le which has brn " ta ni in ncr anl. e with e llo .'eli t,*,, and lha. t , not et ted itt ite ue let atr of itllt ft v ague. t.. A. Old I VEIn , pi le agent , ur New t i rlero iet, or tl I contr of Ilirvellt and Cl artrel,' trte ts. For Dlistrirt Agrn cles apply I'1 . i %I < 11 111, Ii o(lS l' nti of th e itetilt of ctiaon i ti iiti mia t .t . i th Isr I..1, r t bi no tr ICt ooi d, Ig t oni ' n t rh.a t slit- n I hIer ll e h ,ll nud llll lr.rlelt ilolellte d t 11 ertllu a t e -acldtt ta er ll a te I d js are r I nlah incit t .r l'i.atin tI A. itl OSSI AN'1 , Ja I t Ž iJJ II·r)A-h., Il ,ill t e lan1 i 1th ese u o I ''l l. .r, s- o,103 i f or.tlel oa trcli rll . tul hrtllll it ayi d chif n.a ,ly . . d I ta 'it i th u t i- tIt I airh Ith1t ' d etatli a itor tn r .ln os.l fi t1 i ir a tlllll. anatlyd , Io s nll iue t., i o rto. tiet. a t rint ivtr ba d itlto , ur l termn i ll'o-iu e r, M n:i.C ; l-tl pt e l r millla , illl e l l "1 Ila , est i llllllm I e nI h9 mll llllllllt ln hercll T "lu'fiel rd 1 i r.) m l lre IIb- I jn emonJ iflandu ire T h a lm i &, e tuo ' t te n rl , m c trlllf tauxae tlia pL ln &o.ry o. Mt lli w llleh h n \is . abia - 1 S er i t lern w t orl; , t 'u l ht ( , i r . ia.33. t J.n'11l ý i t:E i. i I A.L s ente)tl , IVE nI I l*it fere one o)rol linr p' 1 dr ,, ura l tle leu d i"prer. p e ty Nosi t 18tq:e 1r l' 5at T W doln uceint'elv'l,, s Iti (b' lunti y. ] IF tI Pt oet .ldem t , lho ll lJt l Ill.rIt (o t i le r l 'ls o 'j iolln l Sro I,€ rlen c Isl o t l o ,ln i m llu l, n ov mr ller IIlerhain Ia d·ullren do. cltlll dlix j olulr pIrea i lao u'tiU onI d1 .1 ile I ANuly , Jo .N l ,. .Cll b l E., Td Slo lh ants J us t e rde t'l i , lp ellt 11 iill' lh(um jl l. t `olrrt " '"d clls e Ind, t yoi rple n o |l p I llf o 'r eill le b y Tl I S+ h n , i ll I y ' R Onlh. , setl .ur .o 'llh ,, & I M uenl e t v , Il.o xit, (IsP | itr dih i lh .l tr'pt h n. ,_ In dt'1 i .lll;r tlll8to I.t httlOr 4 111 , JU1ll M ii l t;I I 'Ilh Jll R ,Il I In(.l tn&l ll t . iiiblllllldu gr-l'hrti ]IdLC('u,% K &~l TIrii k.'ll~ (ýNI : public are rrrlwrllfllly inlannnau t tlhl m1 ý 1 ttian n joerutted on ihe ntont imprned nlplanand iJun iry indt motttidmirabie snttitn,iti n0e faultnyt IFanklint, npon the railnrod, one mile rin ohs Militi h'ei.oo Itilding i- ltrge. end ennien ,nlmliitPly dividel tom 1lmrruslul four l'oeitlg septtd h it iertfI Oul b1 e* dtiltMenteloiflt'tntCP . 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I I:ing n Iliitrd by a rtiste rluperi~rr toI ntlv other establisb nkal n'"' i the tit , ,loll 1i-,u lung e xpe~rience: in th Oil. lithograph,.e linec, hre leek uomtidentn of givinig rLalir ,~l .li~l nCII I I. A I Apotlhreartes nod druggirtrt' labels executed ill airs, s I1 good l rl7l am copperplate en~graving, and at antin wvill tI,6.ipt is c l'ttier i s3 1I·gnzille Pla nP1'u~ito nnk'& :1 t'~fr. cptl5 I IAY'S IlINI.EINT.-No Ylolion.-This ex: - trordliaury chltoical colnponition, the inulli of sci.rlrl, Und the invelrti,n erl a celobrated ied! c: l.n, the introldurlt.. n ofwhiich to tile publio wau invteotid tittl the l sotltnttly o a decathbed .quIeLst", hloan niilec: gtaited a re-tltatiott urperallelid, fully suat.:iing till correctuess of tIle lamented l)r Gridloy'o hast confession, that ' it dared not "i - -t t. l"'. .i ng toL posterity th Ino tfit of hiis 't'o "lodgt wE tuhirjec it" and lt thtsfrote btqu.athed to his ftind itotl o 9f'ttiuti:,, Saol moat lays, tlhla scret of his discovery. It iS .nw usted in tile princilal ihoslpitals, and the pIrivtO practict in our uollltry, first and most certallllv ltir thle Cul" ofl the Piles, atd so extuen sivoly nold tirlltually na tIO b:lallu credulity, unlt -' twhure its iffotol are owitllCbl.dl IExttlerua lly iL tha fitlltta itig ctOtplttt lnts: itt )DrapSy-Creatitg extraordinary tpbsorpti, ; All nwllilngs-Rleducig tott in a few hourr lthseuttalill-Acuteu or C(lhronle, givillg quloi Sero Thront--|ly C(naerrs, ITl:ers or Colls. ('rop and W'huoopg Coughi-Extertally, and over the Chiet. All Ilruiaser, Sprrina, and flurns-Curing in a Coo Iltttru. uuores and I Ulern-Whietlr fresh oar loett stal.ldtting, n"ttld fl t at'ote. Its opttrations tltltol adults and children in redt.t: ing rhlumatie rwellingt, and lootening cought n-t tightness of the chisat ly lelaxantion of tit pnrt., has Itt tturttrising beyond nettelrtiotn. 'lit ctlltlnlltt remark of those tilt lRn'r used it it It:t Ptlru, it " It acts like a charlu." TIll K !i I. ES-Thiprice, $Iit refuntl~d 1toa p irt. t who will use a bottle of llay's inia , rr::" fltr tle Plies, anlt retturn tile empty bothtlte witl .P wingr cured. iThose are thle posaltive orders ol nth proplriotor to the Agonta; and lta of tmany itlhn. lacld .iod. not one lils lbell ullltr cuessrful. flr light insert cerllleilltu Ini ally length, t.lo pijuer tllhat tlloe who sell tile arti:lt,, thiuld ua ibit tite eriginai to purchasers. C(AUl''ION-Noneu carll be genuino withiu t. rpiendid engravrd wrapper, ot whlicla is tliy ltautll,, I und alno that Lofthe Agnlt. I.OLOION HAYS. Rttltl whtlerale and retail, by CO3ISTOCK & (Co, New York, and bIy one Druggist in evtr? town ill tilu Unioll. or sale bIy time Wi.oleale Agents, corner o;" ('ollnln .& Tchoupltiutllas street, and by the Aittlht.,rits gerallt, je3. STATIE )Fl LIOUISIl.INA Itil ltS Jul di iail I)i-ltrilt'l COU it t. t "t iIIt . Jtett kilns, s. 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Illlhl, IIIl ilt'i'l·;jl ' p ur In' (hrtttil +~+ihllt+tr+i ,slIlc~ tl in ll aoUtll i 811-eii toll 4it.,e , oel ;,lar is. n a t, public, hl di, §s jAur uI, ! .. c% llll~lllt, ii llix llutlrt+. th ulalll.liliI lluu d llli.iPr oUr h b ;,l~iirea dt..(lll .lelllillli t.I Stlrlll k. CiI.; on iiilne" n ouI t iiIues l1e ce ilurc jlllicib ires conitis iae iH rsoml i tl Il ii, tljlll11e i Ud·1 Jt'llli~lll ii aOILIrreP t+F--nl l.1 c_.lili.u at la ioll iP al i t, Sle lllr h trr cel.i er Ms nllnt l. l o ut tt lt tat . I;llor glnull, jtt gC de la our ci t ides. >r. Le 2t , t t,|r ', 1S38 "_77t I "A I.LMLAN, IDeI Glefe,or , 186,t, Ires r.anp Suraninga ,,ne Tl'unk, warke/i . J. I"n.tur. h\\louler has said trunk wil~t glr otit e ll the . alnot a %Ie w LJ I IIEI i a- A (lilEN, .~t!.1 t ' i ttlllnll NOiTIC" I. hlrieK inll hlr rot ellns for putrll Ill_ Ueti ni4 lIaItI*l)d ('I ihey) . ll LbeI~UPY4 lltaeetei)llrl~'OlaWffoIw ).h¥1 H GArlE, r er Connl nle I I I r~l\LE OIL0030000 gnl h. is a l if r aoby S opt7 N HI'IFII INA I'ttLFU N tatd ti Tiwirhau.ltv tiulitgeonrt, Dukl 'I liTlhe hi .' di lil-N out ulhbr taIrle, by tile Ot' SJc'l l .' oJ tuntlull ld Jollltie,; -r, tt Ilrttnt I oirtirlt. tacnn g, tiritltl,tnili l oltt, oatig, etvOatric ir ,. • exllll It· _ll t, xI'I I'its nf lilat relln llled . ,,rlilPni.'iU il It r. iohil ttrrlk, of ala. hatlitu!ph la mlte tn Uin • t.ira lll .llrl·lll ill" . ols. - I1 I Cu. I & BEATY 1An rolollnatio f the lawns ofLiroutr. aud e-.r iir;thlertrlt whbis a plen. - titr contour, r enlelrte of Ilet, tttd grare(iL eawle. of lth .tpiuttatca. uolplereclted, tujahbn Hielt M . batlr~ trneriu~tnld Lo atma b) A t rtcivedandlime lKEAN. , L ] hIarttut b ett,0oroert'Uii t\e rflwlllltt rt it r tor ooeittt-. - - lllp Cb .r( St lk'td anll the lqthlr in i eneral *i "M nl lu, | "I ta w nuw Ilat~ vo er Prilll~li Oiih'e .Il U.u I&uldr* 'I. lt l'lrl~elJ~relot, 1,d cUnCtd clg rta pewe | *..| eiea,:· d nmen. '1 he tll~eb's~ Lr lt.ll ewt --I etr ar preupc-th trt rio cue,r arte, ,.fplain Ieedeeynjbeb printilnelu.,ertay vaeiat ei rulie ea hi..didlg in r " an ' p .v"d Ah'I1) f1ElT b:Gri` .I i,, Y Statintr'iua al a4 Chetea.a

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