Newspaper of True American, November 7, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 7, 1838 Page 4
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lMiserSuipp i and Louisiana Hotel, sOVINGTON. Lt R8. MARY KIRKLAND respectfally on nounces to her friends anI tihe publhte gene. oaly that alho is preparcd to ecolmmodatn tloem t t " e above establishmett and hopes from her axertione to render visitors comfortable, tin rleciv I continuanoee of fnrmtr favors. She fi;ls colit. dent that persons visiting Covi·nlootn dturing the aimmer menths, alot find bhettrr aecomlnodati,ns than she cin afflord tLh.m, on mren. liliral tetrm. Her house is plpiasntly site ltd, and well supplied @ -*lih ..einry nnvenioneer; the hbr is nlrnieahed with , the miost chlon iq lirors, &c. in short, shei pronisees 90et nothing shall b witetine o her sart to give ,')i Rtirs eat iifaction to ell who cly platrorrizc the .. .aiosipipi and Lcoisinln huotel. jn 3 O Tile PUBLICI.--TIre ued.ri,.cnd. hiawnoig rstudied undedor Dr. Sclt ridt ofOharlhslon, 8r rth Carolina, and for seone years his assistaot in the practice of meldieite anrd surgery, has thie hoaer t offer his profession.l services in this crity. `*Io assures the ladies and gentlemen that tie most S prompt attention will be rill to the calls which Ipty be made; antid also ofers his services to ire holders eofaves, being iwell acqtlainted with thie ediseasecomrnron totheir, rhaving attenoded ithior in S lile eagar house in Charlrrstonn. Thef anous sntiltilious pills ter thecomposition ol Profebs r Stiolletle. with directionrs, ean Ire rod ofthe underaigned, Thle ell t whichl they have produced in this and otlher cities, has been uttlerdel with thie greatest success,, to whichr thle best of roferences can be given. Apply at No. 1t6 MoRal ilne street. JNO. M'ItORINi. EIOILOWW A R -TSFOD SCitR V.-, SAD IRONS, &c. 'IIE HIIOWELL t WORKS COMPANY, No. l238 Water, near e Lektnlr strreet, Ncv York, have reerivred tihe past season, aolt tre eo.stantrly recriving large and extreniive addoitionirs to the s~nck of tim above goodsE, which nowtt consists of tihe oilowing assortmnlr, suitable lor tie southern and western narkets. aiolltrow ware of srporior quality, consisting ol aiernt 1500 tons, vie, Ports eofe diifferent rz.e. from 2:8 to 50 tallonrr, tKettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallonr, Kettles, 15 eizes, froe 3:8 to 18 gallh.t s,a ii tkep:ns or Ovens, 7 dif1,irewt size., Tea Kottles, 6 It, . . 5 do FliatSpidrs . 6 I Cowered Spidt.r., 'A SOrdlestit. . l1 Firo Dogs, . 'i Wagon boxers from I l to 4 3 ilnches. .Cart d,. i to, 7 icles. VWood Screwo, 20.til) gtsr, iron aln brassr , irom :8 inch, No. 3l t. 3:9 nltb, No, ;-| o~f ,l +elerior quality anrd itlishl, tand hoss ithan Jairtst itt.portr d prieces. Sad Irons, assorted, in ca.ks of about 500 t!ba ir fIr retacilinrg. Tailor's enl Ihltlor'. Irhnr, asortd. Sasll w~eights, 1110 tuntt:, asnortt:d from 1 4 II to 20ihr. Bolls h.r Plntatins, steamboat., churchns, &. tlade to order, A'so stoambthats ald otLher rtiaehirt y .lildC to ordter. ITheal R ovre nt.sortml nt r f goods is p.:rticarly rec~omnmend:Id to tinttot, lltoti Sctc brl ald Wicster c mintytlaots and are lloii lbr saler at rlw I ric elb, a n d uIllr l p lhe m o ++t li he ra l t er n s ; it is bU licved tIo b the h lt l l'rit etl andi bet.t at s rti (lt vtt rI orllrerr for sale lry any o:lu tabteli.luniulL iu the United State~s. [Jiircteontrrr'M rcllttS ls~rtrar +ti arrrtierttlrr I,. Mercha+t,by fowring . +,quest by- milti.cell have ai prilllld c.ircl'alir, withl dl, -crillpt ion o uf go dl, prices and term s, l 'ro ,m lhilch lio dev iatio ln iai eve rlade, fnrllrihedi hy return of ll r il] All orders will rencivt itrtndiate attenllon. Neo Ytrk, 13er . j, 3 itltiitorile ll, , Iy .oI,\il' l t INiIti \t OY sll* +"ir +'lll'lllln I tlld·: o1 ' rl'..h,.ql itml,;s.I ,+ - . - It']l o.i l Iti Ii in t 1 ,1 . I{l,,nld for s~h't by I,. t lltol til l i,: .t t++ti . n,16 " 131 Ah,..?i., l,,l 'Ira ii'.'T. O rm. Lt do e.lll +: I ..... .. Trl .. .. 'tar . . lii'-I!. A ply t t 3t('F lt T CHlit LN COE Slti' IlliitW rIf , lti, lit, 1 !I di t do. i f .. ..... i'.11 now tiI hoi'l ....... .. +, ijlAli'i. & IIA II.\ + OP IL n i i nl5 e a l o ad n P 2 ben,lu' 1 t und . l.Hin i dg n al'yl. ex cuh>il ll lvil+' V M T C(r.(le l ~ hI e, Y t " 1 't:'o ' .rio ' r l ll ilrtr h lind wl Il+l+. 1' , f aud 1 ,i .li' l Iu lcd i'{il.l<.hr\ 14"O It++lt It titi' .l'titll1tt h itite tlt-'t.i . i I T ' oi llthii ob lit li l tl, eI lit' itt I lht i it' I r1+ I, .rlJil: Illf I " rhi 1to l' ,I Iri ttt I tll l e l. 0 R v r lof.. l i ia , i ,n 'i s1edia.irl tel Lrdh.f-K'l} siesIt ,lllt\trlio I"Ol.\ lll lv WalI,,ol L.\~IOfI'sI',lIrtlro\V C nt ir It tt ir'Oi I Isri. -tI.-i tfti; i+. - . - . .,.+++ . ,lg ,,, .rid h~dig nl~tlv 'xt'trl',l,.~l' I 'htr4 ioi,' it j11o I Btl I, i lt t rte.t I i'l. n Ij·lltl(:t N %" ,l:llll Ili(i.,llr.' 1 I.!1,2 1 l~i('hal ~lrtrs. ,ll I C.,ng, fur O N a l < rv e wl . sul9 17 Co=no. ee·.1 a(t. A [ !i ,5ti hil k etlrkv n tieI ir f'n nro Ittm pton nequ eu\, a M a '2: ,.. stil (iI inLq Y 41 n , tew I NO 1WEIICUIY NOR COPAIVA A BO LT *ix m1nth- eag I h1 l th' Illii(lllll( Ill CI . iy l cret di'u as. , Ihr .e h h I .pp'i.d to <e itl dI.ctorI for a C.lre, i allIN II did t l le t INIO n' St l bo e l'tfrI I lt i ,if Illeal; I , e oll f Illrtcll ]lueti n d I exflu, t hi to e 're I e. c fire I hI t eile uo tlhe nlulleer of etix eighn ii b l slty nlllllluto a d lO Fthlronl, allld hot Ilie , In wik lt h. ]pr"e llt tilli On ilnel ntllllll of lthe Iliiwn;L-ll: 1:rell, Idhe r oil ilue r'ihlt ril. of till, Ihr l'll. II ll ,II eIl)ill I Ill li Wlf yuilt lllI d ili<[t.1 111, i:; lll htee I'ari , " to bt Peri',l ly clur 1d I il 1)AN. leI Ii I I ") 3i1:1'I " thalt the 1 e e rll .c illllll lilne di-lals I . uielh. we(.ll ow' r( i imll ( oi wn ,-t i ll P:+ I anIllll, Ihr wh ih'hi lhank rIh. ih tei l n11o1 .irover Ia w ir, h t I' r-isel I have tak," . . i m i ne' ha n, h an~d d l noi ini,,,, ,,,. alt'hi at all ih(ter irn e I g vt , ii t I -w elli)r sl l Jllllllllllon l lwia d lp l lr . , I:) r .l I 1 + 1 n(' ual il.t llly hiI: I , ell lill li fixed a tm a a I. ll ( ' r l' e. 1 .ivlluI.( 1,1 ;; IIit ho tle f lllli.lli 11 ll.]j l. \ (l)I, l Tl l l I 1' 31 1"' .<iII Ih! d I t tll~ll', hl'l* i · hl i~lllh ' l ll· l m JIu l. \"ll].\n 1111p1mtn 1r1' li I. If any one walnt:+ to see e ..,c.ll at N,,. |il Gai.-la rilrllet slllldeh v t ieull I .emti.. , til admerl..le m..· lt llee It of d .el .. N legTtfttme ,ui~..m t.ih.mluitiuucIet II.. lll 11l. Il) i ei atiriltl ln . Feh I, e 1,1 3i I II ;.,ve.rwort, b,..l h.. the . iv'tnl< of-i . ny olth r rootl. lnd twrb'h known, amoum. the. Inian+. ... edlitenlc nsll hin clring darnl , hl' shtsi le i . fir c ti ,ne a ,r t mil ll n lh - It tionsl of O r I'I+41,t'tIdl+ llhyv itci'i+ , thr lilt <'lt f ('il l+ clid<, ptih i.] the sid i,; watl! of r'e , +jhi l. a€I~ l T ll hol lu',uui t ' -o ter u. Tlhl u i c to rtif uhem wle ucleleh m IhN+.I tit 4, tl deciled en,. eIlie: il h t hl kt l w l Ilge.oflth .&n maeicru it ie frte m, ,t ,l h ervdtu n . hi, deudiel d. Ahlltee + I' m ¥1t1m 1 lu . 1). Iguf uu A. m t .e N I..IS 'l. I. MJlemblr.,. of the Bos.t o l)ieL dical Assciatio.. jBostmatOf:iouer '25. JI A 1 a eerby AIede IS y ANi Ie.W:-;,t e Iblfeilauu.utu Cmt mii~~ i u1 t i I'tit~lt i+ LI IP'+ EIfferveslent Manim.alrn A i,,+riont--I+or nedh . W~ijtnemi a r ilm lt... ut.e .1n'e.lljl,,c Iduh , ta.In.esI~ue~llletlmellhyaifl thle ittliu.luiu.l, plliiilmenmt " 1lhQll 9li lAlNTl~l'li+ C III)" N-fOl h ilwrlt ,_.i. lffd lll . srahue n tsiuage lc, aule~ lulr famive. hi'hl s desirah le preparttio, hs re +iv,+d th, patro l h uicr aily l yt.III.h {11" tr II pllt lh)I l)tlll.u ll age of mauny em~inllen usembel~rs of~ I le rofes·ill n~l [ols a dlscerlinn Illlllulic mill hly reellle ile al.I a dilge.h- ' ci t .L t t4iann in to fitcJ I edillDv IIas a IllCtlit'ilne haIie bon' l e efi tied. Wihl all l the ple I su ta Ulitile, .f a :i s. ,fl im er hi p Fsursse he alt-e i teticii Irpertis of th n , at n pr eio lle h t r ' rn it i h ntant " IIYPOI:1''ANT CA7]'I'IOr--'I lie iter+.n~inr rrp~ltn ICKFrm nd for l CO.rv-t:i Jllentl, mt fl, l ban r i 4l t flr .thev t of. ..7 eARI~tImgtclis vlelatbler~ ili fr tile • Pninuttt-r fnmbisf fainilad ourlhfs nrd tlnt Il pulleith e ,mthIangndrrde felneulhlllllualns, thiuue'u,a l fisref hlir, ulnd oi rere in illiuiUr c ,i. " " e-ll n rli ealired. .lheli llf hr elbrii %hlupredl.n whee if hecomes t6yatit ceiaee, In growr mnur e readur tl itthll uaillllll wile rlihy, and ailI cee .ill prerata id. oor ae atwh l tla in da It r1nil. the au.d. ThOICKI.Ell if CagreO n rlb. -m15 40 Clnna .+,+v.+r. N n. and growlh of+'Huir, givhlg hletdthl and beauty aeld t rrrenlini bldnessa.. l ir n ihs Hpir Oal wt oanyred ther til pubOil, it pue h+elt.~ab tntlrrds .,f eases of bahlnlegs,+ thhtauo, HIII mtt be.r h hair, tFd ivry ins its sale ut nrv -' P li> d. It w e sref ErfiBl&d to plOdPI. °.i,.iilt++.a~i .,,,m ,# bir on imm~L o,,.+.+t , . .~~l~f whtere it beaooil~ei lry and edaties to sro\; ; . tverv soon remler it heailthy., and prmhie~ b .l rl. he.utif growth, of hnir, without thep lea.Et Isj~l the head. 'This 011 gives an ttgreeahhII fin endl is preferable to lnev other H',ir Oil for per k'miog, I'iirlilll e~lt glor iitlu tlhe hosir. Thle h ir ' illlbe",l '.:lly+'?i++=r ..r li Foil sel e at ,ER & D'iLAm;li. 'j I-.UMON9 LIARTT C'O, nar now reccivmgtrou on board ship Orleans, Eagle, lHighlander, Voker Ietry Andrew, French told German nlty carlds; Back 'n1 1 B11 heoards; Chessmel, 21-4 andil 23-8 inch lil n.d tlIls; 8,9 , t0 and 12 illch blade Bowie Knivies: itivther a oI t .trtrIvelli.t I)IeCsing Cnan ; Belt. I'oct:,:t, llo-, emn l 's, aln lll ing Pistols;dorble and ulr l h'lrrrl ed Guns(' mnle eags"; Shot Beltr Ptwder tl islil Demtliatidtles ad I)rinkigl CItps; I' lt [tt;idit I tftlp a ti (ýnp H"c t eI r; ( Inth, lair, 'Tn oth ndlNiil l imshst Orlns tai Chlorine Ttkt trtll tut riety lnO( lhlttr ltra-id-, let< f ! riz 1st Pen, tnld Tilt Pnh r.IN & A F0 Ir i'v ' T m Iu.ions 'atent Shi h.+. fir a;u'e ..; (Glen F:l+tati Sus,,.,+,.rs; I 'Qw illr I ltt's h od xe; ftilt A. tin 'Sr itl nd ites; Sar-dioli. s' ( i Ps'I Ii lkl, ' , I iraieletsr Bea Neel;t l es c ('hliauls; (lilt ai t k iil,,rml lIniis; IF nh Becllt s hrlls and Pllni Shiell 'to istn St ide ndu Iprrstine .rvllh=; ss hi,"hl t l ;l illl 1 i their fWtIlilr istoki nh i , d Ilrtl (· hel('i" nssrrt eut very coml)l t'f f e anl will hs sold, ov a nd till lilr e ter , t the ieu of tlh eluv. illh. .-f 70 ( l rtref s tlreef . rlFlt)i . 1i , ,.,'it , , ,,es ;;;I - i f l; ih extnn.iv ; i b--se of .1 & O" 1. Ih .lI, hT lehl, En..hndi s I eV alt Ite d i o n xe nsiv st i ,S, o siti Of Tnhhl and ,1es.mrl Knives o - n , s'riptl1 Pen Packi t, lDitk, mlat i lm r p"l i'l alvs; Ritut- -c -l - bors. bdee'lI'rnrlsi. fir. fIe. whi tt anr p1 Irlr o0Chillhil odi til a , Ira or d r os. •I s nlll,· Rd COlliditiolln nill le min e kllOll fit the lo'll t. 11116 I 1 I tIlIN&A ('i ,IIt k ..t(ti lttln t t . I i M O .l),LA R°iT~n & O.-Are nnw arret vin i c itr Ilt iad lpock t istts; in ritll I erl l Stl I llssitt I .als; ralp hold i Il 'llll- "tiu'ti 16- l'- lt en -ti'; (f l lo its 'o'liil' I Sld outer steelPenis; Vio ts :inli 'll s; a Shl el ivoe l In o c li w +li rst kim, b, nod f. .her lesim '-tir r , I, froI . .. Fik l l i lr belrn. i . ll's I InIIIt odlIl Pu" .. ll eo.. g ierilli Ir i hl:Ind[ litl.clte L sr , pihiitLlaill d lito antquI n :lc , da. all l i t:es n o vie s; llllll Ill muFl Its ad s :l aI I, to s and l rdre llwhilte bl"nIkl toilet eliuds sltilg sn iprs. toiet o nidr, m i l w: sl l ti; st, tew l sat its .. .e e Onl.s erud si:lmis; sel'1'therw tmasele; ftaie ro" o hed c rtih nd m+erkh~noe; hillol'd trll.t; palctt I;onks awo, w:tlletls; :(.l'mltl h e.;l razor i st'p :ln Find ] i ll l lo nll • . "llls5 is s I. "in·Iu~pe 'mlrr gill'it In l ;il s lslul i't:, I 'IsICt ;, sil Th' ue W:hore+ah,:'ilnsle, to nr sIu' r neok of f:lnv .h Sli. f r rebon i; ti .lles. ofj h (,, I. Unos 7(11 1I ir ltl. --.l' I t , I ,i, 11.:r-, ,I + I: Kris. •a +, ., of N x.-rl Im )l t Ii: r I. ll ' v .- 'I ,. of ,t' 11 I iltv 1 i - Iv\r' mt Ie' 1.t of lil r |,i Pl + I, Ill, Ile /."Ia; l· h d ol ../I.· 1.\Ia on, ,ill the' ,e l . I,,>,+ > '-iet ll ll ' + I Io+io . ; i ,ll 'oty s hs' elilllulls -i ,,t'f.: h eh..,l'li t",, Ins A, (,. &.'o., fIt ,ell (Irl', . + . 'l'hll e il ( e set, } l tl IlI . tt ll ia tind ill Ii+ 1+if|tilllO llloo . 1, n r'<,l,,e I;,oru'ld noild iln k., t' - llrt 1 e,- l , "oltt +; nnlt tho se lra+ilnt ng 'talon, gill il,+,ol-( , i,,e-{ l .n, w1 t IIl" 1 li' /l.t I ta1.; t VI I:.\' IC V 1,1;1".lll:";, NIe\u itfll b -it-, i ,, 7lll,. ;,;I.ll: re,'. II.I"I\ tl r <li lt. hliI II 1 1 Cll \llzp ; 11t.h l ST l, il;. " ti'll:, rt l loxes, il. nlt 11 ,m th ilet so p, stlii, n. lth Initllmilk of' Ieo' s, +.+ I l 1r I e .illld c am, exl nl(s' o "Irrllii., kr Jhllle . p l t soul.l', '"_,lll.he II ill Itl lill l ý"rý ,1r, I"Ihs. ',·h,,h Ih .h, lor tae,' -lse+ .l.,at.s.arv,. t1'ttI. ,+,' :; sit.: 1\t rseil,, .,llif\io i l i rotsks( - e , _.. - hh r l o ih ll i to lll +,Idorill amt ( "rll s tooth wa" . nl i, h" Jr, mhmtl ol : si ll l i·( 1 :11111 togll ethe.. r x+Il t ',nol l ll sh uplnl l' i lIv i nIhii ,.n Ill+IIse hor. lno sh ll +.onilhs nod j e h111 t f' r slll a • llentrl . l iit vholllll i, rl ret il i !V 6 i t I1 C lla.rtres street. ITT I\\r (:(tt)i),-- l· L u i l e+i t ' er+. c1\ ;r. now e +i/ . i Ft'i' lln lllllm till I l a sd (h I Iacti and Yaz,,. l . 1 , I n dll el i ('Ie, <+ilrh l 'li lll, Ilwt t % I 'aIrk i tai nItl tIaiuin' o I too.k nod t h~l m i , finld,,, ho do fllll)'ll I l del riplit ., it dlin rl hlel+,r, sill i, nod s'orst,,d (m -telll t. e,,tt+'ler, rIll iie on .io . fIm'+'ile e sthic s Us desl , I rlli + m ll nodll l.l l;". l inr u !t'It ws, S," idlilz IPllwders, ylou d ll.·~r ;lil. Ilid I loxes, toilet pionsilt i' ot, anl, dls, nlle.l)lfl r s, tcill le l(·-es, h l o 1t , i,,ul 'Ill<. pa , m:n I :i .itbl, e msi it , i III ill, l+llllnr t nothl be e d e1ii't.r U ll in, m lllend [ li o lldlhlll( I,, ll. illL s illd l l i I 11 L i i-. l. isI)1g . ia tillilll ,, sh iord L + beltsuhoel, ll.P e lken ltnllhl r( ilng fi dgl loek,'Irl , ninl sll 'e do, sll llr t <· ils,'r, IanI s mnll steel SIEIIi''I'Y STO)RE-at ihr .icn of th, .gohhl rotb lm l ,,M l 'hull , Inl· .:t,', !. ''l·,. , . 5' ll , e ,r Il. l ", 5'r otri l , inll ad litil)ll t ir) rI , ll, Ibr ti on h nllll I Ie I-h lli ('(),ll l.-ii t tII,-i, ti I , -h l'll, ISl --llch mi aii +hx ·l.l il llj a'll+ el ,i, k, +i.ll rettllll .llll Of r, 1z Uld . rplil mo ngll li whilt to mine lican pallr.r tvory litll tillll !hh~h ri lv, bu).1 I. ,Ihe ng alll a tr li-(ir+, .gl ri withll it, ii epip a tfr, P ni - Hii t of * t I' t:l nl alll'lt-- l',, lhio~ , Iell5 ll r. f , I, v "l.rhhlt lllt i -i hlh pr1 , io ll, , tI , NIICF t )l l t wil rl- , han' , S o'-t t it,.-t 'lil lu llt t :tul' l hll l -1 II. T I .1\rTir.,' IJ ll' cill l Iid Iii n 'portlil ili-k lIl1u ihu l I :'l1 kh ii.T, - li5 ,Itis 'u t i ll rt esfl ndi ti-l ttri.r ,luo. 1 r-( ai ' ll,' iiil . ll t i Ihl i and tl r trInl t on . lwll, '.r] , dh1r ( IIlll hi11i - i ll llililll ll - t1 inll ,w .Id L IuIn +oll Iil .AElll' ill t &. 1. 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To the Editor of the Lot.isldie .ldrertier: tit--lt appe'rs by thle oboerottitro of the Edhtor. are lle Njshville rl'eshvtsrlvt, Union ant Tr and oript, oaor. wl the edtot's' of tile Meoeohis Enqoirert thot l l "Oi (etolltlelillltt i o lnll tile ID octor. 'Tiil it roted by his nhlolv r:L'e kO\.,ehtee thont lis tins. i olltt l O tl, il o tlha i lodependeot on olleo oiore o'o Ilt jlhllei r lir ooll1 'oll to'toI oIt tlo'e It'o. oon![ '('iiton. Tht, o' editors' 'oilo)ae tct r t le Il·Iil'fld ~ lic lr)t.+tr .Ii, sub-etlitors· Of tl~e nl~l~v t nalned(· jtll~ll~ftil)S r',tl P~rTV leitt·1 r, I~l'Olll lhl' a IlS | hae .s r, t . 'ht i i rn tit ' cob -co ltO tote o 1. 'Te'lle olill ir, tlIhat I Ivteto hafd ulll,'h root steoes within o linited I pecriod as. ten ir twelve' do:tyS. 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I 00 orh~nl 00h .thi +1' ,0hPI..!al mn, lo .a l il il'. tli': t atI llet', 1l h Ih l, 1 lll..t ton."IylH ~ ,'lha ll+clit l ~ ''i hian ih ; t . 1: IIý 1·11Ii111. Ii, N iii)di At theI rrlllll.I ml . Wlll-nn, ,esert . fl jill" o in-_ n lie imam II,· it. lte \) l. 11iitil, 1) l tttttst\.iiil fit theP it :tlrltr~trr , It;;+ t' tmllilil d fire i li;.t.n~+ro mllrlit(11 111· 11( -1 111liZ I;iiIniite m ilt Ilicitcr' claim. In public natrmn maini l its Silltl\ll , it fi·tr titl)·s longe~r shalt hel lit fir,[ kh.,l'ntlhe It .hilt'. IIIIII(1OLIJ Ilililllll I Ill l I iCiiT fl~l(·llIiiif .·il~il Rcv. Mr ;tri t_ I)IIIlie: ·lll ilmt li nen reque stedlll~ Its IPr. Willi; ttt., l'it'! it ulilll u!ti its tlti.; city', to exllliul his nnuu11~ 111; Nil u. AilZonut. and a cr dmcunirJnt YF iit It~is clniar c ti illi l rr nl ~l its h . l ti tl u T t ttt I·` n~nii T , A in rontiutny n tl It it valveIIdI l iA i i iA . wih IleA n~n A imm i thet It, litad t it 'tiF f.Ai I$ t,&'a";rnt, II (I cs'r (' large I'A''''n" i, of the Ritz of the I r Pil'lf Il 1 at !.r.allll. III,1 I. dre·11111 o D . \\ li lli"" s, to-rift 'i ,l file II iij Il"'i ~ lll Harcirll Ih IiitIi iie,,(Ii\I. t. well is Ill iIAe f I tih ilif Iiiel J I - tie: of N nnnce. Ile Ins nlnfl';a n IA I cIi IIn IA ti ffm known t o llC i i Iljb reputati i n thls.Jiiiii(tA ir'l i tm (JIITYIi(M fAN Ii ll CCII1III Il lif~~ l'li~lti~l$(r '- td h ,I.senne rv i hsitm Ititi;"nl in rr i ua,.rr Ilia "anr bit nil 1 lace stcu s tly th, illl"lb' arc duu N t'i1t(, rillelr, Jnnr `!i , )!llil((fi(lll(lr IPilLU 1', ý 1:Il iiT ec il:Iiin Ilse )1' rtllll, nu fli t. \\ l l.i· *·11 iV I'O. h s alr ; trtonaemi sa . h h g mutnl j ; mdyi9 h ih o u tefr.-yyn< [ JH1 INiAN'S PANACEA. SOil theoure of'rhleumitism,ser fula orkiogsevil,gout, sciatica or hip gout, inci;.ient caneers, salt riheum, siphilitio and mercurial diseases, parlicularly ulcers and painfulnffeelions ol'the bones, ulePrated throat a'! nosn trils, ulcers of every descriptionll, fe er sores, and internal absess.l, Iitulas, piles, sadll head, scurvy, biles, chro ml sore eyes, ecr silpelis,llroths, aind every varietyofel.n onetus al.fetiovA, lronlie C:oarrh, hradl oche precedl ilg flom any acrid humor, pain ill the stomach andy Ilys pepsia proceedlilg friom variation, allectiona of the liver, chronicu ill:lummationll of the kidneys, anlld gelenl dlobili ty mcased by a torpid action fthe vesselsof lhe skill. It is siingtlarly efIeov'ioios it renoiioatin those consviltiosll whiv:lh ha-Is beeni bllokeln dowen hy ibyululimots iteatment, juvenile ir'egullaities. l general terms, it is revom mended ti all those disoases which arise from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whlatver name or klind. Some of the ahove complaints nmay require same tri Iligsisstant applictinns, hih thecirnstances of the ease will dict.i;.' but for a ienenrl remedy or Inurificator to re tloe iteanls, the INIDIAN'S PANACEA will geevrally he found stuffiieiett. TO THE PUBLIC. Ilow true it is, that modern Physicians, In their am ition t excel ilt thi ir Pofession; iexplore the vast fihids of seience by tile Hd lf chemistry, and seek out new re medial agelnts; in short, to arri.e at perfection in the praheitice by neans of art alonle,-- tirely overlook anll neglect, ,s beneaIv t theirl notice, tle rich anlld Ibounteous stores of medicine, whiuhl the Almightly haes caused to sprilg out of the earth in every clinse! And how imch more true isit tIht while the American Physician looks to librei~gi countriecs livre many of his most ommon anti lneeessary articles, perpetually clvnging as they amr at the dlictates offliaslio or lilly, he is surnialedl in his own country withllan endlless profusion of medtical plants, sullicient to iisw'eralliy iltlication ini disease or to cure any ctll-ible disorderl and yet he is iftlheir vir tues, and they are sufil'red to 'wastetheirihealing on the dleserlt air.' 'he effects of vtgetable medicines open the system are treloltuvey--tllvose if ivei.lals lastsl.g. 'Tie lillllcver cx ert their ettectsv ai pass off'--the latter, mcrc.ry ill imr lielllnr, act clhelic'i allv uponl the solids, decomposiues g tile ones and Ulndernrining the cemstitutiOn by a sIlow :Intl sore destrlntiont. The coeiigeniallity, erfciency mad SAFETY ofvegeta Ible i'remedies cver mlillelal, I:ay lie estimaled ing the ancient pacetice witll the nodeal or, to bring it mnoreinmmediately ulllrle our onll observationl, th, helli an practice with that of the whites. Who, in Ameriec, vnas inot knlown olrhelard of i''iepted in stanclles whereinl slne decrepilll, lnprlrtlndililj g malllndian, by meainsof her simpvle remedies aile has ilffctled tihe oilfst ceidii r-nlmn practice, directed in the most skillful nlalner, has lifiledll Aind whO has v ol been svnllised at tile coin v lllcc 'hacility wit'h whivcI ei nll ldiani fi'eeshiom allf iveom ayll) disease, :nd at thle allmost ta abstinence S'chrlnnie isucle among themt Who lha9 ever he:rld of an;:1.lllan will a collstitlllionl blroken ain riiiinedl by ill ilier, . al d all doulbt exist hail this haplay eo et utilon of the "ia'ei frtomt most of ithe ills which tie Silesh ,r anl: i ,heirin, is chiefly owing to more genia anlI salf .,nceths whicll he °mp'loys) Tl his :lastonish ing.lifll'rene in slccess, is a th:li'cXempll litition of the i .llte sleliolr Ill' tihe l illple nil! s:alf mealls f cllre which God has created tor ite Iena' of his children, ovr tlhose which ithe pride nld the allrt of an tll lle ii iFrolll long i eside e lll g p(lll l tll) l ion ofth oritgill al i11:ni hlltantslof tlli:seollnl' a , lll ti nihi u tle lr lcquailn - tcelle withll ti n tthds of cllre 'of sole PC' their most successfli practitirers,, thie piltietor of cli'i Jniian's latiamce'Dnac red it klowledge of some of the most s powerul'ul li and orite rernedlets. Frlonl tht'se hestltk ¢tedI such its wrcle 11lost tv.ieiolusral li o a1cprinte )l s,a Alol t' varl'OOu 2x ei menlits 1. It 'llt.rini' ci Ides tlland irslighti, he havs iisvntliiit d thiti vii ii thle fivllv ietie plcvitnctit, vs vhe must Ierf, ct and beneficial for thle purpose fur which it is meml nl l dlll.l . hIIIe prli'oietor olll rsthis preparation to thi public, ilth the coll scioustall es t t I! s t pah is l cilNE it intheir s., I e r'emdy capabile olfrelieehIg many of his alllicted 11o ]lve' iiiinigs, \i frlll varII i l l'e.n nder he tal'iolS ci rlic ll ohsti .'e coli iilalls tov ciic ivtii civil i l:lt vi Ie IeToi such it will proe ofs iaelllllllle ira le, as the nieI s, and iIn many cases the only mlI easofi rlelllvigth rsIf Ihri11-s andl'restoring tlhem once Ine tol heath :nil op l inesl . Thisiss oti ollred sil' cs n no Orl ll n li edy, tli t ialy per ch.lie ib eti'aily good llwith l ai . ll ll s ow 1 1 etl, ihot li s ione wi leh is cap able of el ing ililt in niij Sxt10,elc, ases\uhicheta loell thouthsu ,hlcrmediesfLarl. TI' I8 t has d nlle rtlep eitedly al ti il s i athe ri t uI t iatio i th s b taied al h hterv it has ben inRtt lodt rie d. I F l se ii hs avllv thev ie c lll'niu ee isi1 ivivl 1g llil parscllb d mo(, tt.u'blitaeh:an t in h:,nt shio t ,in ;le I of ( i sot..v vlllvi leIso iil.SoS ght hiv tvelstwo ollllll d E1:, I n dec l:llare that lhey llela i ttt heir li'ev, i i r tei svd I thio , c lls ih l ie ost . el. ' '1 :afe they s lo i tidIII hilly vser it isc i vplait is' 'aIlit|iv viii'g into eiii ' and thi as tlciwd(s tu streesti tbpal i, ll! honet s iig prol'ouf t" it T he i ' f ih i''l i'h thel eI i nlost otii tll s i lllMise haaaag sla01lin. :old sy ,hililiu :end st I') t' s a lmo t. in s whll t'l have deflied :ll o11 thur r.',ll,'dis ; d pavtielI:tr :s to lllK se distteI·ro d( lll· a ill i the t lunes, 1111ndes, ýp--r iial(, ulhtTs, era em ent ; ll ftlg,11g1 s Iah:iiis', t lieI ( r "le.s, it eomld, an '\ ..t-.+.L.-,. ndh m I mI a, e ss ten r ly 11ga d ,l eae, s sth dl oehtasl l m nl :H " . ,111 vo1. en1.111" 1111 I it'S I I'll ll llllvai 11- h. e pitilent .iv11 .(II Fw ell' I IIv i Il evl in lr s trl"' -1vv t h.1" s ll i s hat ily vetlec s to'e lIi di:,t ,r seli c hf. 'lu iken'n s, e ilndia ', 'v l atk wit all('s . ndli lll .e ill s i a I epii ,l L, 1, l n.I , ai a l x tin t p i-01iis : l I-tII Ii t i tl i i : d i ni ; : ale i I, p , Ip r lasI a sI a SIv.i o. ' 1 ,".- I r' t' i vll ' g 'stone ll t ti 'tvlt s its eltll il s l.C. h1b1 t r an diipa t t in k ipir l , ni1 it h I" e eeos11 .t - pur ot s, in.tcthl less time, atiecisiss I s pNdel i Th ais eead'iine huas'Ile liItel hih clonem d,,ii nhik tll 'gli.L v' i e. 1 tllta i i c'i'i si lll ' indl " ll'slt e t , il igrIt, t he aoc.t'e s, l e ilf l toUS of the eet. :l,,, i tinclustllt er.tu sp<in , I'th raIsr lsled, pet ses. . ,'lcr ' tT am Chetd i ,ihnk ir suat c im, ote'd lston' d s:by"v total pos.r , i e tch lh.eas lte. at less a xpk nrr, :andill :1 sT h l',lth twi s ix trliel. s e.a of uin r P el, rsilil.a. IetIo pr'f et health, lwlld 1 colidently recol-ulItl it to ....1. N FEI1" USON, lings,. 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(dllr~ll .331333lv· aiIlt l (.3(133313 lBATE Ofi LOUISIANA.-Prist Court for the Parish and City of New (Orleans. TIIE STATE OF f.OUISIANA, To eil whom i.thp PIresents shall Crome, Greetirg:-Whetreas, ,h, u~les l~ianaS, hav ns Dl~rurchael at sale mad~e by the hefLriffoF tle-ira si f OfA act re tI e properuty urL il| :llIost.iee <le med of acalle ws;n recorded on the it rni of April, A. id. 183, tir a moitinh r le" tiusulemr et n ethe sri nl. w an d I et t ael ireai s re of ti vr tote lof I.cli~ianusel withi.An th cty aly f uro thler ashi= . one r'i' eoirs erotlrecreotittit h 1bittrpeofre~ trr l o! toile n ihtold norh t rjudoiral selcat' approved ihle itn idce pel .olerell, I hltt; . NOW, Iroreirr,r knoor vrnrd nl n tirit-lre Alerecertr Irererfil, rlehrcbyclitedtred idr|rrtohioli hl tire norneof tile Stnol. of ls llnr , atn cod of the t'tlish Coetrt who etn eet op otty igFhlttiti tr er elaieit in antr tr thleprupehrtv ehihrearrlerdchrbeihd iteons rre eneo'ny iutbi llitv it tile cnlar,rleeree t r iurIgrePrt r lf aitort t w ichr ter r 'oe taeene oo tet ioneg turity to ilenelite ir ire orIrpteielnroIert atrd I rrierieesrrents, itt lire, oritnnnr of soe, r or fray o Inhereet J withasio I'ver; to show ctuseO withirr hlrirty'dryos Iorrl rtire diny thii U tlOl etii e i e firt ie ?rlittireitu h I I rerao tr tile srdee so IItLde herdOd ohet bowliit erld nr.d holllo Iortlited. 'Ir sai pn prtiy wao soi ly rte riieriif of re er isl oroah] ml thu .Ih ay fJ ApLril, h pl1:!8 C ,l y Scvirtee f lre eof tlhi C'ornet, eeltrel red tilt: 5h llv of lFerrllllarvA. I). 1'Re,s in a perrt eith'd Alexa dcr ('er aod I ve. Jane Ilane, No 10tfie7 of ite doekrt of thrir ou;'rt, ut whirioh srlli tire sti.tlrmes teltnoteioeelte tile l;urcre r rortime lriee tf twent ornie 1tusenei tean:ription otf Proire r ni given i the Jri Jdionil Con ,1 -P revance, Vlz: S A rertain lot of +red s'it tlorte in te Rtt ir oT An nrnncitiou rltrtes trltlrse of ths erty t stuare No 5, lldnmrl 'otlg i renih r eerr aoseurere r'tI r f rrt lrtt 't'oltor prtrilelll r treetoio frct t'rentt Oerllger'e street, tlld 'i0 ont I ravorie intr ntr re etreel t r nalnnpr hIllathuit lt if oeroetnl is ei feet tle rom ole ide of tie e lrte to tr other, tiogelhier rithl e lneli ng tlousre 'olltrllg ott Tohou itirrrt s strteet tire hrrcien rurr r Ir - iro nldnc e, s ro tile istilletly esla bliirlnt t ePceterlet [lnereu nd onther huhlings ath it privo entf, tilee ateh le lt o lee inus e Wlp lellsit rend ac urcur he our, lisaiil It'.iolrn isdeln~ enrilencips Irand art ndi'ite t'e., Ottat tirtir - ntttrriiro,rretei e 1 trodtieirrtetr rtritib o f trteiritrrg eI itrg i tire rirtt, rLr:tiosre ntr Irorolne e till eretl, beltorngi g Cl erk'I ls tire Nerw Orleret rv 7Mo, 18i8. mltl,k.tlj:l SJ. r)l.l.+. 1Fettptry Celerk "I.AI hi)F lit ItrttItAN.--toure orv tte-r'oee tnr ear i'roissr et rith dLe l'n l'ceirllo O-leentos. I l'ETAT I)E I.A I.OUISIANIP.--A tollS eeux qne or rtscoltes oet etlll n, stlu: Atoitellll rite nltee s |rir se ro ll rrr lee-hr r C ur (to lib r lrr e hl r l e ler r lelrla )"iiiihm d'ct)l~l·,nl Os LFl 1l.o if'i{,1 Bi·all;.'6 ( eFI~l'e, s'csl ;I l,·rss.', aut Ciltli l 1II. etqt~e COIIU" ell h ( |e acute rult relrerit .Ce h ercmtr, i t ie'dr tie I'runrre' Ii.t, b u df I ila s eO fi'nure o lt h nn aetc de ais lgisl-ant rele I+ Etat tie la, Iol,n ~lsaur, illlrtl to Ate I )1O Ir Ctfr il o te io I: Ie Iti Ietrrs rrrjr. 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I: pix nre t .tI h l h ie e i . iJto n deIt P teirol httlti : da i.S A'tlrarIiio Ittdtieare tUn "mi t, Iiletereitoe'ne ftI orter d olneOti orr'intie :i "'lti l ' a re t't'ttt'ii til t ilt Irtt ,ti t tr io,( .-t , 5, I • it 1lI I)t de1 ··; t-'Y allvanltl [li(lle . ·Ir. ' PI fr 111 +eas< soxa l t{ , i(.c ;'~l lirllIP T : r ' j*il.'4 tra l r Is +.·- 81( Jllli( i P [i t+ I ter:t il hs fi, b') whomcl" ti l 'h t(( I" t sIll h 1l e rl'nd tll wt t)i~hom ('.ia ll S "l ,ern.on tora' n ti Si' il e r G} al' i. I, rl l I' I;+t r ll h i l U ir - l llS't Clt I irlle It i , ioiu Il t, rhl i(ll ir itio . ll i jll ), il :( 1 l., n . JqilltrI S c Ht.'t.'i .ZP .l " l ;I a! 'tn irl ·1111I-1 c\"irPlst: el I lll '.+} lllli lll·lP.d SIt,,+ · li h ill. 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No, I beI hangll:·t· llnl· 11O te l l, con l A S n, i uul Co ·il i'. i U i I s h il l MAIL ARRANGEMENT NorlhearntMail, DneErvrery Day alt 1I EClose Every day aat 1lA A. il WVestern lail, e er" a C ndy, Wed, aly an by my ajothe , n er e' ev 3lac, Wednesda SNNSt; aend Snaurdnv, v 9, IP. i TheLate it{ 5u~l 2 cern v 'J5t allc, Thuatlay an v oi.3 eserv rylolnav, W1edsttgdgy E-- XPRESS MAIL. rPIMES OP ARRIVAL IDEPAR'!TURIF I)ISTANCI Ae. ofthe ExplrA;s Maitl;libarait Macila . nd eA* York--leaving Mobile dailo at 3 P. 1I. Northrar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Norlthward. Distance,, I'lItP: IReiiin'g Mlontgomery. Aln. 21 1911 itos 2i b 12 to. Coludmbuss,.n. 1 81 9j a,3 i Milledgevil Go. n 14 1 I3 1r 4 5 I l. CIl2ihin.aS.C. i71 o. 5 oarri.nton,.; 10 10. 1155 1 Pe PeterOhurg, Vs. It . ::1 8: . g... i. Ricbonnol, Va. l ant. 2l! 0 l FredriebarSie, 8 ll 7 I , p m. Washington city, 34p la, I cl Baol imoreo, i 30 4 Pliledrlplai, 4 am. 0Ull I 2 New York 2 pm. 90 Cl 1:105 143 1t. or . l. .% Naorthward. Caaoing Sootlrwarn, atle titace it six bours enoa; l.imhtr, datea anld 17 hours. 'lEAY DOLLARS R EWtVAII). - ANA VAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Ilevla. streets, on lhe night of Wil of AugSlr, ctd woH seen the next morning in 'oyIras ltreet, negro boy tamed CIIAR.LES, "but 17 yeara of age, orl . fee or f iefrahnotRin heiri, verY black, ntrll hasasn imed irunt in hlis spcecl ro1to of ils logs is ore, m cmaionea by a recent hurt; he hnd on wlhen he .entl away a Ail. cnalon or lilnen shlrt ie ld wlire elolon poal'oua. lnlers o vcorels aandl team aoaats are eeutiotIedl a ganldt raeceiving lor hntorailg said negro, as wellnas alt otler pesona, as the oruorol riot ra of the low will ht enfurced agaiatla them. The lkoeve rewanl will be prit fordeliverioy Himt tl ononyf ta ire Jonia of eitker ttin minhicipalilaea, or at 169' Carndelet, corner of Hevi. Oteoet. sept Tuni'I'CE-''lae aleroI-eli.ran lareafrate e aiartia 1 naler tilt:e lico of I)llols & On G rtsan, has beoii dissolved. l' slubscrilerr will liqiu:ate toe r'iaaso' aile conaeerl in this city, aln repquirsia IaI laarsons ileb. Pll o nicke rallteIetto tim lnla , anl rtlll lose htavino claims, ton reaetttl |era foorsettl.tint., noro 8-It II GARROIETSOaN W. w. SWAIN. - lAo. l1?Cnnal ,rC.t ARa'r Orleas ITAS alwaa ..o. lad tla'alltaotlay rac.ait ri.l tat. I)ear 1 L',akicoalirttald PPoattaaaoua tairtrl' ar.o ollownijl' " IIRUGS. DYES; Antini"t, crude, Argotl, clred, doa r . fla, Aatlan, Slrai. . Arsenic, catra e, Al alt, do powderledl, Iltrazillette won0kl Ials:tanl criamvia, Cochineal, Ilora, eataille, COlpel'rrs, American, lo reielicda, Cntll-, Brilastollrc, rude, Fantic, "ramlpico, do roll, do Cuala. - al tlunvc, r, do Mlah'a, Rli ctha, FPralelh l.earier, Castoroil, harlgo, ilengal, Crean tat-tar, tdo M anilla, U(:nthlltidrtes to fiatcr:tcs, do Acatic. Logramal, Ca,,rriclnhy do assal'mlrba, do St l)omiaiagO ao smmtile, Io JHmaica, ddo enltal, rw gd, t l ,in, lo cl ert d%, Nicartualoraanainre, dl do SAnmeri..r, do Coro, Ilo oamphor cll, ae, o il aaaaaiib Oin Jo r'tilh, do I lacle. in. gliltl, CIIEMIICA.LS. Ir kiba ,, Acid, nitltollr d~o elfllala d a orr-'alit, ale sellac, llaane viariol, :to r.r....gala, altmlr l. p '. fdatlaea.rgte l hlrlde : of lila r {;l llllitge ·, ý' I n l l s~t, f,, do Foreirg, Itar pelrrcilaia.e, Magrresian, F 1Ilal. Rocl ' oltcalr, tar AatcintoRarj lied cltcrmar - poaash i, .sortaS, Salll, pol.. Oil cares, SutlP zint (li' ttpgat, Tartar u t IlI p' inr Tloar .ll', t o -l,,f, ( 5,,i Il ti ,-,r 'I . la p,, ti a a Io In aI t iiitrit Il., Iu, "l':llaot.e ,, I'rit .l tlI:o .li., e I o.. ýAnlt arrhl - 1,,, t1t-r Ltrrlt, r', lr .o ira i, hI.r 1at. ` I,:: .," - III h.II(I,,ll,.L '[I " I· l n. i1 S'lltt k ,l a5 tartillh tra -t'l I..n' , t , \\ olon;, h ,.h , \ 1 e II, i't..htt i-i .I0 (asiile, nlo gl'tl l ill ttli ksidtT sa wlalrnl:llt .! piilr. at/tlini th. /.eefer, b h , tier auhor elflPcttr S"imple, ,I.o ('i/ g , o . l iof l iri e r illi y hl(,ll '(E ill' r ,.', - I "'vrola, v ( i ltl l i lltt ii i a ll ll, .e Ni tvr Fi L ,< . i IvFl. " " e r o A y a L.ord #eldnr, i n rlll~llll~l·,l 1,%, Allnn (:illllllilllffhtlll), | Io tpptrd .al writmtn hi' iltte'if itt2l l ,t . r. C o Ipet i.e hel I lf i.hh er y )a 'irniie t'e. li r t, rl' o e,, Inn , h elm l ieja lt iel (; te,'eil+ l. . Nim 's I. I n. 7 T, 1 l r ser' . Intrpr:a iv Iwith rrrv. iiw unl l c ontentJ. an general inde" of names,2 Cht.n?~c Cutanouf t ih t ,,'o ,tl,'h.t,,ti,, tilln ttn'edits, ro diI, 11Aite hei l lnetit t bed t, b y (or '. Thi s itrtyd it'ttrt Eal ruistio eary i h I he olr itte titph i nue n i u e r nd c r ey a e nt n AT itittlet it ti rt.I m withtttt n nbe in l iit- il c hEintS, t il r leris, Nlt.lI I itittly elit, 'ier SI'AIN IIrSCI'ilT il).&IE &c IArIN I VI 'reI, It. &v, byd th nlhrg an g enera i?' pINNOCK'! DIiPROVFiEiiEITlION OF DR 7'ro s o nn fro rna duor of Jnliu etip coe Rothe t irl ien tu' triie All't to y tt t lfultt i tfo t tniot t. p titeoOt u eii pCom n on" I n i ollt.ii tom o f t he' dt urtt I f'niltPoeti t'oHt oit (*ollhett, v1 0, wiew a .n no i t of the tiietior g f it .ito Itllll Plh l~lr i!verlllnl· llrtl% +,,ill lh rellati+,r,., htlf rlll C~l~ill " 1 iltt 'otteittttttt,, . &Ie ii, tllt teteil ttelityeitotn Cy U nitut;ritn 'S~l~e' I t'itit'ittt Jet' i'lir~llitbo, ebei' isti(, nlrlte(lllltlt~, 91\.111"·1tv ire t lllilliij otitl iloi .t {'itt i i childitg nict+.; of~ the Irilni ml rmlk rtllhrx l,. laull tie IIt oIP nt " eee 'H (IK $ pS 'iity itu'itito ll of RI ceiElie rl' fla orgqu'ldy, lll C r., oo' ititi 2 eolhn s m t llq Lir l l llllllI'FO 'ii Ii-y t lllltl itto 0 "PoIlll itolhly r flt lites t~c, eil~t Cnite of Meritouoy AChON SIDES-hil neeko Citecinoti et lTnh isnvry e llllntrad fr l)m e iseret al d rt-I l t . 'Ire . ite t l oLlrlllttrel ttlll tiell Idttlttt,';ll' ill it'o n nio t ri e at lve pr l'h [ilbfl' ISr rl'l -nl* at I ,:oi e tlrntt.l illlrel. ;'lilue't wth~· N, otherI ve,.ttt le c s istn dome, Iltlrl beenr' tPbnied inrthilal4si prlilrgn lthl--h beinc fiaorlv llr con inceI id'I+. m,,rt eolldetl I s lhpllsoursl latht, i lr l Emra('l le. Pr~ll~itl'e ..l511lint hottl. hlt onl at11 SWAINT FRI moay Imhndl fi's nml genul i Llnrlet, dir c ltrn th~e plrll,[ri t~r, ".llil~ll 1+Pl llli~e dri111111 Vrll V(kl~ll 11e I dol ulen. lllol t.lllIn11 b[.ltr );nlr' Prlh i itrl lllld ,I lirnd t lr g lll OC ud gener• tiS~~rllll Iu sllll Ofi l |'FP rlcr l (|I'r~ll arci, hI| PululalrINNOCK'S llOnll+'+, &c w~ol. by Aberb _'s~l~l-) sINNOCK'Scc EiMPIllOVFI)r Enldairl'lO HaOF r,, .. I:L " \\;ohlrqtmith's l~ fll r dff enlt of .utilen t ltborv o Rom to wharci chl, I si+. +eil cll tl lllrL:t) lcth to llelbl i'tlfulllvo |[llllll III·IITlmhlrv llll (I n gr l~ut vu oraist lvti [ of ItOFl tiii/ llitlll itlet"hroufhmi tll..( work,11' oF II II eC ++'l t met•n on.+ mllid~~ I.c Anllqttitlcb,. 1 tile llltns will nu nn; rmS' bior.enr hi; ol I.. Ol~Y indhi lr e ll N+fe; ndqtell .q~ tf Ictll 's tbr w ·xl ·I'Llllnt · £tl I flh endil of" ' e l~leh ets . II.o wlnO(: ll |il +rved E iti on s of lit Goltlm th's H story · a1 o cl'[' lltlal llr , f'+ I it ale lOlvtsi(U n ~ l~ of fi tm 8 rit IB:I2. niVi th ltestllSl C finp ),r xlnltt 1itteeld4 each Rel' il l rci"e+It of~ (jlnlllb l sitrl• t i~ ldl~l,(|thrllg'd l tISl~lt. wor . l+llftI1qll f lll II f (:t l clll llll.r l'lli ll ovriillm Llindll~l inlo lt ul+ Prllrlo l Cdopious 1p1 Jallhtnlll, Urv lotvl Itllltl~k+. O~ll the p tuie+< IiAn~lSlldSn |it/i~r llhtre l·11,( \llt+limp. ll· i) I I e th C usittiidi.c &c. unl sll n11 liutrate by ma.01y e~~t g.+.1 {;U IY l'S'|++IEMFr'a OF wl~l iAi~R~~¥adtl .llr i.lto of11 .Elpl' e w |l'loll i.t Oll theIII~ {r,.t- u!" G, hl~es £%l Ztlllul tl'it, 1 i tRtiilll i Wltlll~l lditin lldl? | r. VOII. Il ll .1·1',I 811+1 T~an, exldtitio id' ll, ,t l'O ll llln lllt.n| p~t"tuf i #3 Tie:n AI2Y n.Plll., b Lln~lll r .ihl· J u,'t I!recoivet., it r~ct, .awl ~litiv~ .)VM t lM'K+A ''iIOV ':rll ~ l,; l~ ti ll' :.£1I1U r 1 i~t I (.eln iion81 + --hl I- l - ii i," .. I--i; . ll_--,. l~ln i]- "i lno i nTl w i1 -- - ..II til' l Ulpc:J~l i2lltll /llleU tri l!.l lllrl eivd O|v ritl al'llt lldion Swf t llllll" rlot,1~1 (j"1) \VnkIi,.h 1 )t1rsUIU) PI. UU)U.I Wtlte n`I I lelt WI.+i ]tli.ta

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