Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1838 Page 4
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.i'eMlsisshippi and Louisiana Hotel, eOVtWOTOx. L -IRS. 8IRY KIRKLAND respectfully an We- nmeei s to her friends and the public gene alajoiaht.he prepared to aocommodate them a ..4 aI.bove stabhlishmeCnt, and hopes from he lkertions to render v;istors eomfortable, to receive & continuance of formear favors. She fhers confi lent, that persons visiting Covi"tton dhiring tiI ammer months, cannot find better ;eecnleldatioc than she can afford themn, on nier, liberal term. Her house to pleasaently ohlnted, and well anpplie with agry convenience; the bar is firnished with the mnd;f c!oice liqirs, &c. in short,she promise .'lit nttling shall bh: wantig on her part to giv s tire na'isfctinn to all who may patlronize tbl CR'iiaiasippi nnd L-uisiana Hotel. je3 [ilO THE PUBlllC.-The undiersigncdc ham - studied under Dr. Sclmidt of Charleatot, Booth Carolina, and for some years his assistant ii the practice of medicine nod surgery, has flie lihono to offer hbi professional services in this sit3 S|Io assures the ladies and gentlemen that. the meo prompt attention will be paid to the ca,lls whic .m may be made; nod nlso offires his services to tim holders ofslvces, being well acquninted with th Aliseases common to thea, ha;ving attended thell ie tile sugar house in Cc;arlrston. The faenoes anti bilious pills n lter the compositio io Professor Smollette, with directions, can be Iha of the undersigned. Th'le eflcet wlich they havy produced in this and other cities, has been attendec with tile greatest success, to which the .est e references can be given. Apply at Nc. t1iG 1ago nine street. JNO. 1i'LLOI)ING. IRONS, &c. THr E HOWELL W(IORKS COIIP.\NY, N: S 238 Water, near Bikenen .tree', Nenc Ycri Irave received thie p,.t oa'en, :' rert, t,tc I receiving large and eexxon.on, :va it "o.: t"I t1 t .,, of the above goods, wlnlell >i, c.l.+i, a. tý c ollowing nasonrtlcient, . initai',ei: 1i: ',lII ;l :l a i l western lIarkets. Htollow wmre of senperi-r qu.:1yi'e,,n' .lcg , hbot 150( tonsi viz, Pots ol 23 diff-relt S:z: . fremn 2:A to 5:n. :~le., Kettles,a. 15 aes, fro n 3:i teo30 lgall s., Kettlecs, 15 tizes, froe 3:R to 18 galls,~c, Bl.kepans or Ovens, 7 de.larent siz:.s Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilltes, . . 5 d Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ordtedel, . 4 do Fire Dcgs, . 6 de \Wagon eixes froim 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. Cirt do. 5i to 7 ihe.s. Wood Scrocw, 20..01)') eross, iron and brass, frol :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 feel,, N., d2 of .a .euerrio qgaliiy and finalh, aned less than J.uete'i impnorte pices. Sad Irons, assurted, in casls of about 500 Ibs fie retailing. 'Tailor's and liatter's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, aspo ted trome 1 4.4 t 201bs. BDols for Pluntatioos, strawhouats, ehurchee, &, made to order, Also olt beleates and other mtuchinery imade tI order. Tihe ahove as'ortment of' goods is parlicularly recomlnleldecd to the attection of Southern aoll Westerin merchants, and are offered for sace at Ion prices, nied upon the imost liberal terms ; it is re lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establismtueut ic tinc United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by omail, can leave a prine' d circula:r, with dC.criptln ofat goods prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever ,lmade, furnished by retcrn of mail. All orders will receive ismmediate attention. New York, 1tr3. j,3 I .Iie tileicl' ic l'li'l.l.l+S--Uederwod's 1.e' • ocune ,S.tlnp eintd 'ii( Hc,. :c lced c i"rl cr ; esoe , fit honne i.fe ici &'. Illa.ktl'r l'iekilec fur tcc I. .hoe a cuuoigecnene, by JAItVIS ic ANIlt:I.E'5, el' cccr tIc cctOIcllcl cnc oi'ellce ttlc i tlaecll a'-itt ill i < ,i x tec, o,1 I dtIecep, cbrecd cet Jteer 1. Goiuld, for eceby I6ArAC lllttiRIDGE Cc). nath 131 Crenai>e tret. O iNSlllea dweclllne Ilellse. T. e Tritn serc., b.. 'tween 'lTili ('itcle a.d c urulac:c 'el tirtt, ci19. ;lllY' to J O'ITT', WV IIl'IElI.BAltIOWSt , c'c--it theelbariroee, .25 dirt do. iu stole, for c ale ihv CII,\311'I.IN & COtOl''lR, ml5 82 .nla st ii ec.A cIc cIud t Lied CeLp Ilod Ielcer Iapevrc , c ftrll u sii N linies, cos*isti: ot eery seciereor blue' lcid, IIeer end white wi , ud ,Int 'e anrced il i roeglh edge recurd ca.p, nieetln . y.eioeh tciet1 ol d lid o. tale be' 10I V It FILT & C('O. 31 N U Stateione.' ll, :4 Chartri s et. 1-0 11|' . . efrs C ill' e' - ..... 50 Loues ef:1 dee ecch ico'elie 11 iee. 18if, 5ti do ccl ic c do 1121: 5et do tfil do I I,' PI'.rt, I IG; 50 do of'2 do I. I' IProwue Si,,r,1c Ilst. It.Oic.NLC, BtI( il).E.N ).Cc h cc e. cc tein. strcil t. 5 LIANK ccel.()c|.-,, ,)i cc .cr' ocviirce of rclficg ale d rc ineditcg cco antly e hc u ,(l; l rinu ,• 5 Id i tid ndieg uetln extnll odit -hr t anic i't, r etll N "..' `'r l , perae Iin ,2Iln aInrtLeist. ]t ecIt I -, .il c llc'tht loi uf Alcerccic:alc tlalidi , ýJ lardiee, I'r Pule ey ISAAC Rit IGElt & CO. mi_. . I heegaz.e Stnreet. 050 \ ON id h fir . v N1 1',\ t G'o scv ricck ec e.,', 11 tPNei 5 doors Eefrcuiilc : i"rece+..ccceluniciu. Cleer. Heit cry i,'c, pea-,,t"lon giecee to iehtcely, u,25 Gi III';SICi , IIiNow df,,,c.. by i.AE T\ :1l IEIln;, m1O9 17 ('oe:(, h at. eunIt:, : 'eIt . , NO MKIRnOUIY NOR COP'iVA to ie ntlt er ll of ix ir eightn l I lee," i ilv.l. presott time on atcttc t of the; ier_ l,,hr a tle righllt i,lr lit till thrt oat. I tll an , llllllllle ln l0 rolllldentlv ulllertlllt, cle oite)r, flualflt, fnr,, to be lertirtlyt ctred Jll) Ill AN. I al)O (FiarTIFY htl l a t I bt R. ent i d l liei. e Is quite well cured t my .. n saial.tion, fie which II !Lttantk lr. I In:l;la u leiovel I :-s rr that iht medi 'h 1 I haebk taau,)tt "tnaattttt in,i and t d noithltnrc 1,N e:tl: 'llll if at! " Illhr )r to " I adtyi< in) I f il-lw o1li ,lrv s t, i !,ne l n lit i ,e n p1 I I ir I A. k- l, 1"21 CaiiIlI lir)et; b o,,, ."ii l)1un ,hm n' l Io.lrbnll slre 4C, . 1)r. itnet it tl " ,tlho le, from.n ! o'i , t il llunil t P ,t 1. !'iloy lwill find a u lfi, ot Irh)rI ll t lu complaintl . JVIEN It.AN. Il t:r.vier street. If n ty one want., to ,t IsIP. ,call ait Ni.IU a laid street, a ttlti ~tta taill 't inti i i nted.t nTo be published at rhe pintl of Itt.l h not. J, IllN I!" iN Nea v Orleans. Fla.ii 1, lel'an. l -t , i' l et n hm rl, is patll lip in ita 11rt th- low I prhi e ,f itt venlts eath, cntniin-llg the *trenuIh of Ithree Iolllres of( tlvelwurt, Bei lee th, "irtlues of huiy oiler troots and8) herbs kllownl aonllthe Itllndiunlls cIliencius i cutrillg lnl lllmo ariti tltaatil 'tl . tt 'he ittal led s1itcess whicih hi s n e drld fiu e i of this iuna Oet, le 2I.lmm ~heeis it hIs hetn int Aeed, has ohltained the cJnAIdIVl S d r&ee nImE ndSu tions of eepectatble phyeician., for the core of t owlns, cold., Ihla in t he sil, wlant of re-t, .spitting oF blood, liver cntllllllllb .tlae . i hnIa In L llr 'racti: fequenrtly pretcribnd Mrrs i;tlr :,r's tldian lmayli,f Iofl.aer'nur u i d ert.llti o, ot ill a decidelld ollod effect: we cn t.lher llrelr Irl t k now. i lerlge of the materials it is made from, anda . h , h .alt I uon imendled. AI.IIBRT VIILI AIS, M. D. CAhVI,% ELI.IS Ml. I). loemle.l ofl BtIhoston Medical Aassciation. Iloston. Otober 25. saleby JARVIS & ANI)REll\VS i lielt"',lmmltded Iby ti1e Medical Faculty. LTU' LER'S Effervescent Miagnesian Aperiellt-Por dyslliepia a' ihiligeetihn, ner-vota+ delbllitl, l, ii-i lIenl,headehte, acihlity olf Ihe srla,.ah, hahilual eo: tiveneisn,enttune.tlldia -eas,gllul erarel,&c.and iuch I ealun las a gentl, Iutolinte pltrgnive. This desirable preparatinn hns received the patron a~e of many emlinent mePmbers of I te prot+ion, and rolll a disct.rnill t hblic nlnn retls.eihle a.a y*".li ciltd teatimdnnial n fito etrtcan . ac a ttediline hnar heat, eliited. W'ith ,il ta tile punist qualiitie of a enass of arae warar, it I)tPaeaeen Ie lt ae medicinnl prtpertiae of ilte an! ntppr na d eali.llns ptlrgatipe it Is pleasait to the a Ilato.ald gratneful t r tlt tlomuch, IMPORT'PANT' AUTIIoN-The i ereanaiia rrtttlnI tin attd renat deuanid for ulltleln tfLterveeeent Mao1ra Pinli Alpriant, hambeeanltn indur etnelt forother teo . Ir atl imitatinntllofthi vtl aulle lltld ciet. Pllrhanera ere per icdlyat wnrlla l of tlin fact tthat tlhev n itay be on Ihei' glllrd, sadl nnot pacure anll mpure article. T. uhlic, are respecttfully inflr ed that the ubseri tlera are olu.t.ntlv tlltpiied ai h tIhe nrairsal anid g ani.t prepamat ne. For ealt' whn rsate a d renil. SICKIES CO). re.nts, tm15 40 C'anatl re,.. S e . " 'ARI)'S Vegetable. fair Uil, Ibr the reuloealna S and growmth of Hair, giving ienlahead beauty,and e .vre ttuhatdtu bdes. Before this Hair.Oil wee offeiretl to e puhlie, it had meaei tadin htlrtet rf raess of baldnns, Ihinnes, and llin aofofrle haair, ndtl iteaere inatnaca, itI nl.tlarv fafcta have been reali'.ad. it hanever failed to prtduce a newand beastifIl Erowih of ahail a heads already bald. Ia nanet where it be.atmne dry and enate tno arow thibs Oil will very oon reaider it healtaity, and produee maid and beautifhi gmwth of hair. witlhout the leant injiury to the head. This Oil ives at, agreea.hbl fe. gntle and is preferaile to any other H ir Oil for per nuing, ainurlh anmt gIthaing the sair. The h ir netbecu ae dryaafter aitr i' For asale at ZEE & DLANGF. SrionION [IAnRT Ca COl are now reUaivmrTo n boNalrd Iaship Or Ean l Ehleligilaonhr, 5'.kac lelry Andtrew French nn't Ger nil p lay cnrd.+; B .cek rtamoan Hoards. Cessmen, 21-4 hat O 3- tlartl Hil ard Banlls; !0 a ld 1j ioal dale Bowia K.ivor eastrer and 'tr ets itraelli:l DrePinarieg Cosa; Bali Park's, listrtrtlll's, aolflrtII1lliofe Pisltols; tltilale tart .en'l iln'relh~d rGunr G tilP e nF·; .. mt llelt.; P wIII al flral.l 'nlthaka- ll)rat loltsrl rla Irinkinag Copl I' re.",r;o nlap. anl Cap Holhsrts ; Cloth, Iole, rool' torI Nri ',l letlrio eo -i ('ilt to e ot l tI s IV kh:I , T hdr r pI r iri €+ i'ls, z t te. n ,lrtrl t ,l at ,l' xIlt.,d ;; tilil atrc, i s ltgao tn s ninl oc ( .I, llai l I ,r id I ' !t ' e tettfo~tltto,,,l ttttttrtan llt -ell . lII h 1 hc *It Ira', t t sol rr hh'h, hl arl trhi tItFlet I ih Pnnter tilrto 1t11 ll '· ittel U i trot, a ' t hf) e T'itt l' i itt t erl to 'lirl ti ,,, r i -, ira' rIrra aai, ,,i ;,-, tri I \VT . I &.l 7hl. C. lhte Br, l· . He.+el. J1I\ E n l.P++ haw+II e iv+ er ,' te vO t~"m Pit p, ra ttt-tas '= air d -ts oa te SOPXhlibitt+) ,"t~rnl~lC r+,r1Th. ,+. Te~(rll..+it11 C. <u ti~ attill It Iade l k n 'r tfle l! t'o'. sas Idrl ' h , , .FS. a lrt'trtlt !etI-Izh atlllea bad hootm ,Tt taI ~ ~~~.1 ItPl'nT. I. Ch).li Nn 1iiCr~r ~ & itt itae s no le, Fe rehrl d ,( ;,,i r: nl - 1, t'tIt •,'tar stlh,l~~r,! llh :t I llL. p,,rk+ t l. t.: /ld:lil ribt)ed~j l~ . . I s k-c+l+a ',t% tl i arhttslthl. , ('+, ' Iirlt, t , i k 1,. • 1( ' l +t t. 'nn n ) n ill b . 1 1,1t+ l( 1101i : 11h11 T " fI) i n r lin tt lt't Is ''+' ,:. VIM : 1,. . ' ',h 'i.,T+ le.|,q i'mrv 1 11' 5111 Imn en BI·: ",ral;.r -itry to ririor Ioven 'rIt; 'tar-srlt'ta ra bnd, ne+. lues! n-h+ l lier, s, h i h f Il and .· ex Irc , Once notelll IIII fllaI n 11.· ar Filc e v en, air: r i r b rub -la and rakiaf forte .. . . r. +, , *i l+ - , , . , r m lte , ,, . u+ ii .. .., . l,. +I,( . U :,,,r .~ ,,': • x, es( llt "O'q O;·~1 ·~ c1 . .....· i I; I· i r .1 \ :'. .... |tl1lttll.t+O 11 S i| )IIH(. I,,It . I,'r . a til, li, t, ' UI y ~ I il. II .. .. l.. . . I " " C ''.' T ' '111· if+ ll)l~I' l~' l) , :,.I + ,iT ,, 1 , ,l~ I ,,l~ .rr Tllrl·tt, . l~,e 1 " i Nlllr l1, II ll. l .:1.". ,. .... 1 .11 1 . 11 Xi itt Ii '.r trtrirrrrll r Itt,, ' i ,lt \,t l,..: u ittl ';a . h l fterIn I trerrI', I,'i t -ll 'ri 'r etal''.ll ,, ,1+ ,, I 3 .; ' + .l. f l't'l ~ ll rl r IIg I. 1 l' l lt~e. %+I' +e · ri"elal lhm+ 1·111:., ll e l In tlrt iti, I'h. . . •nl~k ll'lm~-h ,lnl ., h \ - :1 II ((rm+ arc ,'r •lll ,i. v r++, u,-. •1 .. .... ,,' 'a Sli l. . ...... "I.l.i ..... i , I it. ... .. . .. .. I 1 - Imviir (:]tdln+ i ll I tirt 1e, ll r,., :. (,m ++ th u hh Plli.)'ll. r~llllllli illJ 11;1 TIJ':\ l~ i ('l, lllL'.l., ll i :II Illllili~llil clllll I ( I ':NI V~llllll IU':I+LI; \'.I I11 i+w(r - a~}. . ttnre °-, It--i, --i-- , - ir- or, tatl,' F - r.riN Vtt- - -+( IO ;N .'.''' 'lln l l· \l'l l Il.i itot,,',h, ai,, • , ilrt i frlirrlrlr "Ilcl IlhPr ('}~ l~ ·~·: !,+ -'lhibh+. l, , lid~l ~ ~~~I;, ; ···· I- ~·.-,·.I, r. lrstiico it,h, ilt=-ta irtttr-c ,rita-tti ~ta' ctr i-c ]. rl rtr rkoll 'trtrl. strli,, ,, ( ha ta "il rr I tr.r . .... ..·l .'"''T " Jl i '"ll ,II:I~I ,,,~i r,,.,,.,.,,,,,,. i ,,,+.: 1, ,|r .;,:: Oltlt l |'re llh{ j l 'l , O IIIW nl ( ++I I* IIt I' a-a ir' t a a I ala Ill ll)v~ · 11 "ll ..I3·1M()\. r~r- i ·il··. I ·1IIIII ...%:' " il +Iv u nun Oa' "piratr P P~l ,il run . Tltre lla ()oltr - - itt-ito , ra lle-, ha-ic l pa (t ,,.-i-, tu. ( +'evh], [1.\· 1 1 +11 +ii b~lltl (· 1· ll 1'1'd -I ·11 11.1111 Y 7 + I . r ,+.l) g+.-, +' n sli ,'t 1,ira·,. I~nrl~: i-reth iti, _.'tht" aith llrtflill, .-' t ic.k (, tll, tth l.. ''Inr - , -, , I ''' t' it tilt 7;aid n lrfrtl;hcaffl rtrnnt lii rr-rrrr' r(:1·:11 li a1, r'11111 I gn thttltit I rt rilc, I,.i r , ltlrra: ,ri It arni, ,ll-ri--le PPlII'I JllliTl Ol~l,' i(+ P t~ll ll,. <+- +i '~I"·l(l I ,p, • ll· llhlrhhh~r l~k lll \v~l. it, , . t ll,, ii to1 l irn --e I''iio htll r mu l etlli +l.. ]i)(i, CPIIII 'II II (l-ln+ :l.dl'[' III ,' +l'+ it-c-l +,,-l i trt. , tie'r- -n,L(: n ii, , x',, .i h'i ~ . CL-,+:ket Illl. .ilkP+ an,l l',llll··i ,),','+l.lip I , .'. ]I l wll· ,,:(· .:,rli l¥Ol. ll1'1 ' 1,11 .:11 11., • ir I ri.ii '/ilel I1(I Ull l IIII~~ . ],: n Ii-ll]"l~lllcr, 11(1(l~* +,hl1(.\s Ul] nIili ze. , h*il ' a Ilil t 'hl h1- ,| I l:/II slod tirk+ ., ,.,la, n it, ('halo% 'IIr. lll ll,, l ·h+ e, p ·ntc' l!<, rlil ),l ;I·:I l~lilir ,11- I l +,l~ll (',+ ll' griale riot ll"rI aib+ . illt T11,1 lil , , l, t' in111 t,-- +r*. t'-cit tririri- i ir ,,-r!i rttii t tell leitt'aii-)CP ec-tix ra1olo d' p. ar ilet ,,ht~ IiLi+i N 11 shell e ·(m11111 rei,;ailed.l Nil, -11111.I:ý:.Iii? \I11I:'1'.lllli(·lilll 1 tl {'0 1¶11'l'1' x'I1111: I IIo-il 'li' lN!.i Ci· d Irilll,01 I71( 'h\ , is- a ()IIIII ((I. Ci'L'. il(·· III1I; L·I1.I 1III ceirdil l aI dd itII JI' to Ihrrlr;ilt·.l -(IYIII. ·I) IIl-i (I · '\ fall rmn'il;" i, prrh mrrv .l wrllv, rr - e.l Limp ))Ri-s.. . ";,lP \\illl un,",nlils \..n .tigi p~ttl, I ,lor+ ('11.l~ll 111iý-.1 111· 11 0(s·· r·h'll,~ -1-h 1 m II::in 11r"l· t~'ll· quill r·,d bask, lump tum uli, lir elLI;·.-. -_., 'id"I. bull; curl and.i whit:;l Is nrr ..m." 1exeIm p;I -iill(· Ivor, -wb of everyjlli( Illnr"l l n.-ori lnro ; o1 ' r rl l i 1111 I i - s . '1 :'* I 1'l l 1:111' -I'I ! 'IrI I, , rn1 1 "r, I I h b 1·'\·1. r . 1rs.", 11 111· n~e t.,,,r . +ný.r ..1'.111 1, -(1-1 mlll de:-l 'ae mIN,, ol:II i~"S~,id ~ ' 1i I lll' E ·(I.· t..'I IV sall ' s . e"li ." u1111 Im.r oil, 4:;mi u Silleilll p \i·1 '.Il liipI;, II., phl , i(1 pCrt· mel nlutmlo in pots and rlliolll .lls~ l il -, n lull phloem.`I Ine ll wai)' and tll p s ,m -i1 'n i I .1I:'+l f".; .I.. \.-I·: --I:r I-st.- S lilll rno-t f nlioPL ,"'t ,".1 N'.h oll nt. .0,, IiII'nn 11nnn.,i i.i ol "',lee, 'n' " , .,1 1.1".."tnv, · sw 11 Iri11trr lin:".- pill an1'I ih r .ackix F .n 'n n t . r t. 0l 1n 'n II T ." , n ,h,, ,I Ie. ' ioa? ·i~ l (II il, i11ý 11,1 i-ll ll ll 1111'1,<i 1111, t1 I:,, 1111 finale i'I" 1,' III it ,.tie r, ..'i.. rJ 1. II' 1 1111 r i oll' II1 1'.-I . iI, 'in nIt')'t .I 1 ''.11:I'1 lr". v I ': " h mot Ii 11, 1 1! 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Wi . stii .ll r, - i It .ul d-.-v the Ilt Ji.i i \Viljiilll , hlll C i-tII ot I ni i li t (i l l t , oei'i tV i e his ! o f u E mri.t ill bu.i nu e o nther I ulneln, rs r ,,. ci n - li=Cl im - Iihh c poulh f I in his p .i''si i have, i.. i u , hic' I It vilnit fr icu l itdne an ii p e a ui r t es I hi.eliilll:lle Ii l litcw li et I e"r f al Ir Iii' i d at pIre ll ire, h lvll '.tll lt,, f th he Ki e_ t" l he' f aren h ulllll t illl .l iin- -I`l tih l ,T-d o l ir.W l lla , tn e t I'Vinr I i m,' en-,' o1lhll- ,, pI··· firomll the hlh( ill'-,, o lfl.'ra ac , I h"ii a, '.. us "l I as thi.- L fro t th e hA d ,lh di t .ie-ull i . f al n l * I rs. ' tr oul. Iule m ' I l k 'llN ll , l. hil, re ll lriii i nll - Ii T r ielii clic'li tl i ell c'l Ill lll ln't ll irl itlt.a dr'Itlit. . i ii . . Ii .l' ,n l ,o"","e. i,++ e r. /II I l'. IttiU II - l oh t tl h olle. . . 't \ o 'i . n r!- allI h hior rait IO a s i ni I11 l" ". Ii i ii', llcll , (l" lil Il it iet'oNi cuml, I'iIIi cliiillt te i ccilclneo lif [)r. iWilligcl tint i ti ll li ih iii i i , iIi'tit l' t i . Iro i tiII ri s Tur in thi.+ iihmn,. l +a)s lie ' i a, bei n a eiiiucli odi rig ( s1 tllcrs .l111 i I I Your- frily' alll l0 It. I i, C. I i. , 1 nol di t,,. r, f.,. place In ll , g the st.,ig,- r 'HIK INlIIANS PANACEA. Oli t he rure oft ,henmantism,Eerefuls or kingsedl),gout, seiatica or hip gout, inci,,ient cences, saltrheum, siphilitie and moenruril dimeo, particularly ulcers and paittfulitl'nntions ofthe bones, ulenralte throat m.c- sts trils, ulcers of every descrtption, fever sores,and inlternal aliseses, fiitulas, iles, iieamd hedl, securvy, biles, ehlro tidn sore eJner, esi )elis,hblotiten, ant every varietyofou tnennlls alt'e~taaion. lo l Covar,, head ache )roeeeh - ing from aiy acrid ihumor, pain ill the stomach anl dy t..piat proceentdigfrom b variltiol, aflntielons of the liver, chrltoti ill:unlamation of the kidnei) s, and general debili ty enaus d by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is sing:!larly efficacious in renovatinK thlose constitlutions iwhich have Ieen brotket n down by ivjudioiois treatment, jir:lteib hireoulari'icis. In getelitl ternst, it is revnen too-dt l Ill aoil thoseilisecaet which aotisa from imn lvthies of the Illood, or initiation of tile Iamors, of whatelver Illnme of· kiil.. Some of the obovre complinits may require some til flingas;stanit alpplicationst , ilichl tihcireumsatnees of the ease will dietat.; iut for a general remedyv or Ptrificeator to remove the caise', tle INIIAN'S PA.NACiEA will generally be found sulmeirent. 'IfO TIlHE PUIILIO. Ilow Itut! it is, that Inloderlnl Physicians, In their tamn bithin iii esccl in tlheie iiroflnesiove; nxiloretlre vast ofiehtl ofeciellee by che aidof nchleyisro nlid seek otct iw re mtedial agents; in lshotl, to arrive it iPlfetiio in tihe I"actice by means of art nlone,-- ntirely ,verlook and tIeglect,as elleaththeitir nutie, tIherich and bOlltbteotuo stores of medieiee, hiclh the Almightly has elatsee to sepiog otinifithc earlth io every clime! Aind tow much more Intrue is it tbat w'ile theAmrican IPvsienln look to Iforeign eolntries fir maty of his most iommoon and eveseory arcticles, perpetually ohbngigo saulbey are at tihe ditates offasihion or felly, lbe is smureroiil it, hile ow eollntlyt with all endless prolfisio of meiticl pkltse, sltleioloot todansternany iniitatioa inlisease or to elle ally EIahi[tl, olino'etr; aioci vet he is ign.m'nt iftlt'teir vh tues, aitd tiey are sulferedto 'Instetheirl Iealitg on the The elfectsnof vegetatle medicines upon the systlem are tcmitotrry--tihose of ltinerals lantiag. 'Thie fot'nlr ex ert their efl'etsoavnot nass off--the latter, mte'eonry it Itpw tieulhr, act lhemlciely tipon the slidds, decomposlng the ioes IIIand unidermlinig the Eonstitutlian by a slow ant Si'e viesto ction. 'The colngeuniallity, efficiency and SAFET'I'Y of vegetan ble relllelies ever milernl, may oe estilated bt coilotlrast inglthe antienirt pIlmtice with tie modelet; or, to birig it tube y itnitieniatel tittle or anti bsorhv.tion, thO Ittli' an itioctice with that if the whites. Vho, iii Avevinn, Ilas aecl kocwltor heard of rreeated Instances where l some tiere i, tnoirtenilnlng ctO nilale I] iidi yn th s meatlsof teel sinlibe i iretdcii , a lhe Ineolaictltti lte nlost tlpitl aln usOltlislnllg coures, aifer the naiteira Medica of ilte .nlnoi iracliee. diirected in tile most skilfil tnitner, Iln foiledP Andi owho hlis ilot beet, sllrlriSre at tile ettm lerativeeovead lfncaility ittlt whiienlithe lntianfrcueshitn self ai it l disease, and ut the alnost tta ail stlineee ofcriiie dliselasiecamog them? Who has evel het:od o all Inlian t illa cOllnstitution blrokhe al rolined by illtl'eatmermlt A:ld cnll a doblexist tlhat this II)y en nllltioln ofithe savage from most of the ills whichEl the tlseltlo~iit:t is leieu it), is ehliellh owing itt nioe getlia aMll s:tft. 'elml.dies· \s. eI11 Cle ell y·s! "h~lS Ht~l:HlliSho ilgdifilfercce in success, isa Inlirenetmdifcatioin oi" o e infoimle silitelioritv of thle shiitle ttIb sIfe meiies of eore whit'b (ted hos eleated for the henefe of his ,t . re, oer those lwhichl thie prile acd the artl of mtnn have inl vented. Iroln a nlolSg treesidlecce among a pol'tmi nofthebrigoin. alinhlalttsof thiSCOllutlly, all( illltimate aecluain tanee willh the methods iof eureof some of their most Iulelsst'll ietitloters,te the iloprit.tor tt L'The Indi ti's ltalacmei'tiiltiriiel a knioileilge of some of Itoe moni 1iceeow la0Uol fanoriter:neiies. elotll eso oheselcetete suech as wtlr mitost e lienaeios ai'f aiiiprOlietes, an rtier Slie Il:ls e{)nl~t)i~t' them ill thle l(illl Ilere pre~senlted, astlhe most iiorf el i-id benciial or the purlose tr which it is l'Petlllelltrllet|. "lhe )lur'i'etoro ¢llfrsthls preparation to tlew Ipulic, w ith tiie c;tseilheiiesss that he istollthleg wihft hinth slc ,tIeetlt' t, euahle ofr" li e ing minlll2 of his altheited fel / €11{I Ii~hslill:tLP eOl~lilhllilllS Io UhiCl it is al.i·CIhC e 1'o scllh it cill rle fen iticulalinIe vale, as the mntm i s, el'ilildca llll tfnliilvoccii tinlici f' .ocsill IclV, n s, theliylcll len scoele i ldc i1icltersl elrinlle aI'restlll.ciI Ihelellllll( v 'e e iiole( henlit tndi ie Ih:lssdo e r.I'l( tedvll~· l i d thii is thle IreII taiOl ith sob Ita oiite i iillllie itait 'b linell 0i O 11li iueel. It s lll(· II lfII llI hr l~e IIC. 'I1" ll2 IhI s 1 II'Pi~l( llllol w.ItsI 1n'.e·, rie 1 1 jlllhc I l ' ellc: ti' Ilili'll i lltl' ils i. lii Iei i. iflll ii i .ll .. ka llll i .Ive llll n l.llcj g t lltll tt IiiI te llh i ; hlnllllh1 dllll .U I haIS C II lel-· lie: ed ::i I hCll~i ill theh 10. l (·ive lt. i s l veI "e i snv *..liy oli ng i' o u of h a I " iu alH i~l~hi ) :11 (lt.el~|]llel i'el t ·led /ieb ll .llllil tl.'l'l' Ittl l ti l'i i li,'ii'iiS ii tile i l lli t ue ll i S :Ili. ct)i ciSlI) lii. il con1inci"g pr'of o" it H) clcii:. lililiiclio oiv.iilueie t..~lil, l tul:lelilt, 111111? iII( .1$i ) etc 1.( O llll l l C'I. I ) li i i i 11.1111 ' 11lil! 1' 1 as111 on1 111s1oil iov llal leloit 11111Pi soud nd " L` l'hv i clh llll..r! I, lr~~ . r P.... I .stttl lle .)ill: 1 thoseI~:III.· j i).J' c : 14.1 : )l* A ...... . . ' 'L ' : . II 1[ .tiT t+ ll llrl· Cll! ll .'t' lell. l wel~l. In,1 thI ,Jli,[:tl li t,,, I' .:( ti eolnlllt liei. lteh 1i t i e·l. ateSil :n le lls i llt h l{ . Iat ii .v 1 I t i . lII'l')l. ('ll..ets :ll't' iotl ugs I il) :Ill'll:·1I) Bi.i\l'hv ilhil l s : i t'llr t :tt. le i, . a a k.e... l-, i lrs .· , e, t.lheh* ,th3 '' ' P .ila'' rea 'l a' as an :t:l I 'LI I' ll llq l / el. 1',(.h L diC a lIs l :ls s''tIie, dl'tl " , i ml Inimiies an i s l a nd Iro'F ( n'1'elýl "S, as :StonIl lw:1 e mllls : tiv1lll'lllnr's sa lle. ( (,e n .t ;aily exprrsl 'd f, it ii ' al-,-h I,[ the slleclrel:tl lllns n l a (ex I n, I · csnilel hI ' tll .a nh:11 tvI , and excict .actiF . 11) il h'. itsllll n I"ýIS 1) a t h 11e t'nl P't' re on... 'lai ' di n as ;"e.'e. (m and highly n, efdi in ra: ntol ~h..,.' rorl u·m.Ht'in 'e'.l ttire 1u' tig(er. Snhch pc '. s ns ill do .ell touste vorl hree loIte in smr allo es. \'hs'ener a dliet nshink is con sidr.d necessary, 1'is 5a mlla. .lt tken i , a s lnall lhe6s5 ; w ill ns ier :III all Illpurposes, in mlcl less Lillie, at less exllpense, andIi ill l'r m 1re agree:ablle I nrl:lll aler nl Ir . colllmlmon l drink.i I'The lillowing ceurlific:ts, , t ;f humLreds similar, whiclh Ilighit lbe pIlrocurllle , are gienll to .llshow tl ellet'cl ofl tLe tllhlllls: L ITl t.:n:( It in llsh.:ul'inll S c(Ill'lllllllh ne.l.. Imlenlir." l l and ltlso to exhlll libit in tlh l mo st llis|'lfla ol' 11manner. its sllmll i lily ovm. tle syrupIs i ll s m lO11 $ use. C.ASES OF' II3II33'3 U ',AISM. C sItIIl.cs'rol, Nov. 15, 1 |.,. uin'in the lasl winter and spring, I 333s a3ilic33 l .with aory s 'evere rd dis e snlllll g I ill t.;rl U :lislnt, otcalsillludl by lxposurel 3 il3 h3d w 3'lh3'1 I '3 tir Itkegr331 s1'133333313 e13 i3 me o pl3ilctl 3 al3th, ' nd I confilently rec3ommenld it to1 all situiarul .. ilicted. JOIly FERGUSON, King st. I seized a.l t ltll(. e cturIlS sillnce, h ill s : lis1esoing )rhem. tis ,1 causl Iy tlakings se.ere cold, while the inthilcletd"f mercu'ry, and which has dtsalehd r*. (1rm Ausltl ss iiearly I er since. )lllrng this Iperiod have be, n a ptatient in the M.arine HIospitd, i his cil iipw 3 n I 'Idsol fIur n1, . hs, and early thelli S.alllo length.I time in the. Ihdlimore IH spitalo t :mI II'ed nielnl !:f . ter remedy, with lilttle bel. On the 6th o1f F",:bruars. Ialst, a that tilne srncely :ahblelto move'hutllhl! upon 1 itich~. s, |I.11? e ll t 1mhe e . ll 1 s lllf I ia ' P273itl a In O l nowr happy' to statel Itlhl I tscun dr tyo,-l f .l'elle~ ly wI ell, CASES OF SCIROF"ULIOUS UI C.IJEICS. Nt-:1 v33' 3 '3 11 11 33 Y33 3 , Se t11 ,13i3ll 3 31),3. Tlhis mr: cer ilfy that i tle tI l oI 1925 1 was s ize with a 'wellini') g 3S neck and thee, which :3l)r3wa3 r ullllcl'eted adl3a-': lllarge ghatly ulcer1s in y nIetl.. Alii Ii . sll' 3er3l3 |1.sici3 .s3 to ii) all . tl . ge,"I wen1 Io Philadclpi.l, ainl pinced n ..self under the carer l)rs. Ph, me amti (each, ,l hen, aliei riepeaed salivatIiho to ne, I llc"3t, I W1 3 s prol3no3in3ced utterl'ry iinc'ut3le3 . A1e3 l wa3ds333 lllk1 I 3ooltweny hlo.lsoffSwaim'sPll IIIInIIc1 deigh hoittlses illltr's tholPe icon, with no iined ie llllll e llt Iespailig of lite, hich haloll w beconle ai blien llIw et. I iretlrnld to liy parents in New York, in 1 ,!1, .n .g3ve3m3,selll )to a longering d3eath. I e1 ring of 11i g r:let ;ilessl of *T"1he Ilian'sll' 1Isnce, however, i cats similllar o siy own, i was Ipersuadelld tIo try it ans a last n. sort. To IniIy great sui rise, as well its Satistlation,. S o I 1l.,n'51' ii 113'3ll3i3l3310311133, 1 Upol 3aking s(.lll n hlties'sI tile ulcerl' elle d ad I blel .o e prll fe i cr'ct)l well in the 3corse oftwo mIlths,3 ad have remained so ever sincelll. I make this stttemetn.l d wIsl it published 11ir ll, e I3,)efitoftos IIwh) re sl'ering indlr simi lar sr.orfulous or st hilitic all'clions, that they may krnow what ll enreIllllone who has sullt'erd every" thing utI death , anil is Wlh crnsidrs hic lif.e saved y tllhe above si. 'IWM. IIIMNllA CIIAoLETIN*. lulyt 1 , I 1 il. I wl s alllie'lef', I 1fo3i 1 ea.r wilt| 3 1 3l3r 3 i3 thl3 l3Ig, h Il '. o emirl nt pilh ,i1cilnsll exerted tiher skill upon it, but wirth olt lpermanent benefi. In this icase .e bottle Indianll's I) 'n3tc 3 nadl e a pernII c11 alset cure. 3 111 MAItGAlEiT A WEST , 1.1 Market orsal'tdeby f IIEsNIIY IONNAIIEl, druggtst, a..n Io3. 3 il3 3 l3,3 3l3i3rl T 33 31)3~ hl3l3i d 133i3l 3 ll 3l33333l 3i3t 333 3 NEW ORLEANS . NA IIVIL A Ii RAIL RI.OAD Sillplls.t.d on the 19lh insll. Ih'e call Inade on 1them on the 13th February l ast, tir the 3payment of f Ive dollars 'rrIter ncrie3'd that \i'llt .IS, b, a reolution f'd( ti hoard pas ed on the 9tlh iin llr . l a., h a,1n y on thei tcrklolders If Ehe New ()rlean, and NaShvilly Ihil Ito.d Com pany Itr the ftllls hilg p'svv m,.'. t sinek hseld lespe.. Iu"t1'I1 11 on the11 li3 ' b 1 t , 1 ' 133 lo'3e 3 bur 3 3xt3 1n d two3 iht hra {es' share Ita\3a3l1e 133 3he Ii 33t d33t' o3)3333r3 1)f this ompany shll notify the shAre hohler. therein" Ilhrou3 h hlle p3 li3 fr i31s l II' the 1 ityth1|1 in confor mit will thie sixth section of the chanre, they are perritlvi Itb hit,3'e3a 3.3i 3y3n3n3 r llhd 1 3ill i 31l ina elo3 k 3 f .3aid 1333133 3)1113 f 3o333e 33m.ll sixtV dlv. o m" d l ien the i1in1 .h1w1.3r, tha13 t 'he r)lolan3 y paid w i tri n the 1nuid 3lo3n33th3ion ot six3 y 33 at3 fr3 3)11 ed of111 ,hfo" dlh3 Ihv on A I, it shoud Lane a been paid, that tle' the 3thi.k 33 i33. t'.,,.g. 1 3.33.3I3 3 h l h. ve '3." 1.33 e3 i' 33 d xr3ac. . l )rfioi 3tedo i 'the io1 'p'1'1 ' the .hart '3l. 3 1 33i :ll:ink )r3 333 3r 3t33 I333 t33 3y11n1S i Ihir stark o ) 13ar3 31r33. m3Il33led f,3r, M11 33Ae 3 3i the ire o1f' .e d3'e 1 11 te. 3 d y' h 1)t l 3 e' i13e , li33e | sl poised,!uail the 311lh dav ot" J333l3 lrv ne)t333 31.3 3 v fir 3 d 3v of 3h3r',h 3ex3, 3,y 33e 3p3s333on.d u13il 3he 30t1 33333 ll str,'i'3'a k JO IIN II G'IA.3 3. STATE 01' .OIIISIANA.Parirh Court for the Parilsh nnd City nf New Orleans. IIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom thaete I'resenti siall rcomee Grertinca:-\\'heren Jumes Hanse hlvilng purclar.edl t c sule maode y the Sheriff o the srir. of Ogley thlr ih port hrernolter desoriuoed, Ias Ipplied to tme clerk of this c,,irt, ill W osece ofic the Cord ,of sale wen recorded on iohe 2L day of April, A. I). I,183n fir a mtonition 'or alnder lislo'ullt et In conlbriv to an toe of tlel.egislulo re of ile ttle o Lo.uni.osann, rllitled "A neot for tile fillher nssu rlnne of lilies nto ItrChasers t judiciasuloles;" approv'd thie 1th dray l hahrcel, 1834. NOW, lerefore, koIw ve and all persons hlcresated herein, are hereby cla mid adnl onish.d in tile naCe of tAew Sltne of Ituisanoan , nll of the IPotish t'oilnt, u con ali set nop no rigloh title or claim in nuld to thlepropleltvheIroinlf rde-cbrihold i conseqjue eoy aoy inti noto lityvin t re t, gd esr, d ure, or inlt 'rnt ot ie o nued l wlg i a nsde, or gll irrrgulori y or illalitv ili n tle i oroilnlre r ents n ld lirerit: eon oe, inll tillme, or nlsner oi'nile, or for uno ohiler tI'lvet whait so ever; to show ause. wilijohl hird dls f'rogn the dIn, thlio mnition is first ine-rted ill lge oulolic popern,aohy thele iela Lode should nouot be contrmed nondc lomo Ioggtedl. T'tIn scidt properts wn Ell sIl the heriff of otile pill irlh forestal nonlira I1o11 tay Aof April, A, I). i:3l8o, by virtlne onl decree of in Colurt, renderel n toeo 5o ly ofiFehlmrv,A. Io . 18:8O , iu n snit eltoitltI l Ale allder Cillwull No. Jllloes Huanet No Ill,3f7 of tile dolet of tlhis Coort, at which saole the sail h.l ps Ilntoe eloonse thle plrhaser ftilhe l tce l twenty one lluourounl Description of Properl a given in the Joudicil Con o1 v'ooyoollne, viz: A crtint lot of nrolndl oitnated il Itle suclllrb An nllllciion a/ins I.ooemiL ongioo th l I ti4 quce No 5,l nn orglth h nalvinglrenlhmetl res, 10 rotio l r lt rolu pitonts .treet,t:,oil feet Tr'onslr i Oralners street, alrl 0i1 feet on I.aaolite Inll olre' ge stoeet, in such n rallner tint suit lotolfuraillnl is 60 feel i e front oe side of the sqlIre to thle hller, togellre weitll ldwellinog hore lfronl.g ollt oJ'choolitoolnoil o'ret , thle kitlchlen nl In, Ipenldnies, also tle d listillery cstolblioloerts erected thereon, an other buoildinggs ll illprovenlemnts, tile nitlchinoro, utelsils, imopleoeot Igsd Sixtulooe Ihelongioig too said dio hillr'v its dl'pelahonrcis ln d approte tces. and theil righls, oe hlons,an, privlreges thereot I elongiog or in n wise spl olrtainin,. Clers Office, New Orleans, Mayo 7, 1838. Unio0,1,ob4&j3 0 J. IolIth, it. )ept0 Clerk E'I'AT DLE i4-A LlOOUIJiANE--_lgo, tie lPolllolgo ouet r lit ploisse oet ilhl d r Ill Non tlle Ol'lcntllo. t 'ElTAT DE LA t.OUISIAN..-A- A tons er cllle J e l tir.senltes eololtcrnI, nl, SaHlOt: A. ttelu i 11o oJntes Tlahnse orynollt Ati . UllA oee oe l ne Iarloeoi SI f ie lerlnl oisse t'Orlenlls I plolltr ie ei-:ll i s o eel le, s'esl aohrsse en (lrgol de rte Cnlio onil kI ile reoLte filt elrregistrce I 2 ente jour de Mal de I'alglooe 18I"1, lonur In nvis colo folenlenat lgn ac te lite I Lt.gislhluoe le I' Etol de In Looisiaue, inotitnol, 1 Aeon ptou' cotohfiooer leoo titles ies otlrcoeulso loux venrters jnlliciaires." n pioI(,v le 10 .Mhrs 18.14. Qo'il soitsotoi, rl t olltes u loeinOles illtfl'rsoeessotnl r crs prren oeis soIogllleb atl Itnnl de 1 Eltt doe ln Louisioe Ct dle Io Cour, de PItotoisse, lui pomutaient avnolr droloit i prore I e i-oll.i:s declile, en eon noe o 'ut ll'c t-illt de irllo e onglso Iorrl'e, ole dcel.t oil cle jllogenclt le log elolr, oen tler dlIIutu.I le vcitt n iSeo fldtr, on io tonut ielo.golo i.llono' ! illgooliote (llnls I'estillitltonllicvis on le tenls et le oolde de In venlt, oil lour intou inlll.eColnl' e o l'elcl nl tt..lg e foihe voer, dins loonhajon it dtthre.- llo phlioalon Ile If0Cte s if, Itonrl.lllOi In.\Illt nit aibi titleo 0 iC o elo t ilpu ls nofnlg.lin et Ihoooochgulfc, log oroolriofofo I vpnd0 o o llr t le slie'l'otioit o l e t In t Iz 'tote lour oolr u I0olo 0'r u 1833,' en toiveriu d'rn i fclet de IBetle eollr l 5 tie frif'vri\r de I'tlilll e l8:3L'U dane I'nllfire ld'Alexaotdler (:ahgwell, o l:nll'e Jllns IlnIooe No 1I,0:017 dol Ito'loet de cottloo (oolri lor.oiool vellnle lo lio nggollt glgs o ton o t relh t ioog o rgllllo.rell r i000 le prix Ie $31,1i00. lUscrigtiono deh0l0Prop0i00 d'apr0 lell 'firoJ uditiare Sot nir" l n11 erai ll I'l to n Ite re itt itell ft bmlrt 0 e I'Annon0 'intionl alia . Ia'onr,, de velle e ville , Jais I'le No ,5, le hit lot de tir, ava t t loe.trr, f . slllr l.]j s ix: ito hle 14 oe n i'n in Il li.l ''elilll.t ,dIo 'lll0lcnt pied. do iaee ,t ht run ih, t 'il Iro et soixi ue pif, deli :llt, " 'nt u h l la rae P1; iis l ulii 1hl:tilh orut t 0 0." , 1," Ill ie e loogoo eri-e, n o't i llt r ioo. totI t l uoo bl e ' i hl 00i fil0 t 0i'lo ore: 0 tetltl e g t. I oII Ili-l llllo r 100 o io 10i0 IIoe olo.h ,lt oto. I slo n 8I Otoell I loi, o.'oti' 1 ,It . ol l SO qve hn (l tilhlerr r nsl'nil" scir I,"h'it ht ., ,r ',nir b - ties",. e le (,iur i h.. e iL ' Il i l- iihniih s. m -ill il - tionlls, &I". app r tan ! il ,h i ~ d31 11l l, ll riv, oi s i. 1 I )l Otioso, n ' trh ollie t-t I'O0Vtt'0tnn tst ii . o i , oll" Bal ro(iiloli g reoo i'rN'olle t 1r 'ar'lot 7 it'e , 183ditd iII IltI ij3 J. I Il IA.N J II . li i :e.l, ll ' (rltllrrl syi'l ('otho I, 'htyot cnnlt-tool itLondoo T g'i,: 0,vci (ollhoo.,. 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Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. 'Tite. IReturn'g iluntgn. lrt,, Ala. 2 lta. 198 tn's 23 h 12 a. S.8Milledgeiiile. (;w. 2 133 148 24 Pa. ,'tiat,,ia S.C. f am. . 1 63 ] t .. Riiieici,,N C. 54 215 22 12 \ar'rettton, Va. 1a i. 55 na a i'ertttiurag, Va. l1) urt. 83 10 2n.rc Ri'itmnnni, Va. I jtn. 21 3 6 Frteri,'ksliarg, 8 67 7 lip a.. VWa'ington it, c2 pm. 61 5 Ial inmre, " 61 30 4 0 iiew ia rk ipit t i, 4 nat, 100 it ' Noewa. 10r 0 1:1 1:3o15 aiS : . or 5,1 22 r North iarI. ('anlonn t ls warn ,tile tne is six ales iea. ; winOS tIars anti 17 houts. 'lON i5nln l Aiir REWA i.. .) . 1) ANAWAY from 10 (/nrtndelet eoattr of lifevi IT reets,on hiae nigiht of 30,h of A attn atrd was a.,len .he next morning in I'syvdras nanet' anatgro iop mand , about 17 year olat on et. trnhereaboi inC, lel -r i At, vaat ilack ailn n rtaia , ed by a receit hnet t a h d Oa winhett le w eat aen, a a iii tfton oI l tn shil and wi ate toist lainattltlls. 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