Newspaper of True American, November 12, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 12, 1838 Page 4
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Mlnbtaissppi .lld Louisiana Hotel, to oboe nestatiloeocltt notd - tt.,· frii n I:fco tertionsto h renilr v.itor.. . C :mfrt t, o n r part ive t oontiavnnon of forrnor fivot. . Si.e t.r i co0fi. dent thlat peroios visitino Covigtel on igi tie' t.mmer monthe, , eanrnt finl better ncimtoCr ed st inll ttath site anll n othent, on mnr, libsral terms. HInr house in . dlVuP eatdy silttcr, and ol suppliedho with everyan ntiteillcb; the bar is fucntihed with the most aetoto lilloers. &. in shortr.slitn promisee 'lat othrting shat h wl.otinr on her part to gihe Sstirs easilitation to all oh, homay 1,lrateno ize diriodSlppi and Lc isiana tlictel. j13 St1 'fiE PUlne -'fle unheriign :. hom. .. tlldnder I)r. S eoaiidt of' Chrlieslon, ,oaut Carolina, and for socn years his assistant in the practicn hrteodicine and strcry, has the honor to offer his proferssional serrvicen in this citly. in a.esurinc the lditn and gecntlemn that. Ithe mot -prompt atteltion will h paid to the alls which may be made; anolso offlrs his services to lthe, ledersc of vlanva ei}ng well aciinteid wiith the edhsenee contnoe to them, haiving atiteded thei in the sugar house in Ch irlkstoin. Thefamonnoranti.bilious pills iter tile enmposnition of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be hiad hof the rundersigned. The effect which they have produced in this'and other cities, has been attenced with the greoeot success, to whichl the best of references eaR it given. Apply at No. 1ii6 Maga. wine street. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. T HE HOIWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. - 238 Water, near Beekman street, Noew York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving largo and extenrive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of lthe allowing nassortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow were of suporior quarlity, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 20 diffcrent sizesn, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froeo 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovons, 7 diffcrent size, Tea Kettlhs, 6 cI( Skillets, . - 5 do I Flat Spiders 6 do ".......t .opimors, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . .i dn Wagon boxesi from 14 to 43.1 inches. 'Cart di. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,1100 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2.1 of a superior qtality and fillihll, and Ice than Jaone's imnported prices. Sad Irons, aesorted, in coks of elabout 500 ibh for ~ retailing. Tailor's and hittor's Irons, assorted. Sashweighits, 100 tuns, oaeoited from 1 4.4 to o201bs. Beolls for PI totations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also stoenaboats and other machinery tmade to order. The acove aseortment or goods is particularly recommelnded to Ot arttentionl of Southern aind Western morchants, andare ofifred fcr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is Ie. j lieved to bi t!o largest and best assortweunt ever offered for s lo by anly onle etablihmentil in the United States. Merelhants, by forwarding a requ.est by mail, can have a prin'c'd circular, with description of goods, pricesand teormn, from which io dvnlation is ever made, furnished bIy return of miil. All orders will roceive imuolediute attelltion. Now Yoirk, 103_. j-3 I, ,l ,r.,n up anld IP .kles, ,enort.': 1IL "1: l '% tll . Iho ,.o f .ewi, laln tkell' P krkle; lir -,i' t h,! cousi n entl , byc .,ta V t ' . ", f l i cal'. n ,itoe ,n a ' ,'," F1 Go lhd , for It, lby 1 Ii.1.1 ' 1I ti: i;,. . acltc ;' a.: poci ci ., .cv ,r. di Joo dl:::'CI 0' uliiP l~I .0),00 alll Rlij 111 101 i1: Il ' lllo Oo II;I to 'oi l: ( II) e~l'. ·r~ul: L.nii? ·I~n I1·I1II 311i oo' ll I( flO\n'o )L;~i I~iir l 0::00000:10.01 .00,ly·· 111I:.:'11( J(' ) '"'- 'oho' Ii:"' '"~~ '""'" 1l"l L~rr o.0g 01.0 0.1.' 'o Jt-:ol Inf IIl 1;o :l lnpc t toFoooovloojo I:::(, Il'~P 0000,0000.r~n It-o ll; Ooooryloooo t1, 0.000ooooboto Eoo01oi,.rllo poor oioo'. __________h Ilsrllll~ tt r jdLi Rbot ohio.P LI;;~ II L nl'jlo ooo. li~l orrc 50 lerbv !t COOK 110'0i'oo '.0rl Ioirrli cr Iol Huctnod BSI)11·1jlhll a'.h:, 110101 ic I11lll pre~c~l ill· ,I n~l~liagto. 0l~ lool oh; holoooe too~r ll hoo, oo I eorp o lllI l~ioo 00000:0 it oo.11 1o00O0 nltiji IY 00 toev onert'oo ootool Jth J Il.: 1 i i~.IUAN.uio T)o CIri'lil00O' I::t Otto' 00l: .· ot 0:0:: :1· ii 000 11.0 Orlns. II: '0; 01SB to ~ l oooo o ' 0000 'oo'I o'iooeiooooooo:oonoeIoool ~oo:'l fot,o'I.oFrolroollr j ooteo ocolto 01cb ott toollll toot.' I olol ooo Ill~ ho llp r I~~,ru lsit ooooo: opply to itoi~ 0. In:llornOrrol, 12 Cnld ponrt,J holoo'oo(\l 01ooonrht oIo~io'ooo Bj·iCloooIooooo ll htooolosot.V :(ltlooof'oo O'otoolo0It o:.i II'l cldtotywi~llfoolarsJ· al l Ooooolo:O,o ooo'Ohoo o':pl00o00 li2If u00 00000, lol 00 N.40t~oooi 7o'oov Oo~l~ooo Volttril 1 i'rl~l). f·I::,?l· ., 14 111 TJ nhltOes nl~ooiooolooo oaollo:.o.00O0 0.oo'ooo.o~ool .Illedl.iooittOiibIbotbo o ooooil aotooohlill.doooiooootl IooOOso0070i oo~·l' looto ooooooo luitooo o~:t,looolooloo or9o000000 loootookoooooo~: ooo oophoIoolooooooloooooooivoio pO 1I.Rl 0000000000llh~Ein \;·. 'l'Ioooo i'oilo'' · l ':o:''o'000'I0l0 Ilooootool o':toloo''o·oo'oo 1 *bellosP ooooo:o~looloot 000000 looo'oo' 00~ 100I. ahoooeol 1t o oonlooo o~nlolltoo'oOOttoO.' ooo 000000000102 ir00000000: lni·! 000 ··ll~ l ~ Iooloo,ooorioo;?ioo: O~llooo''',oo'ooloo o'0:'o.'j'oo·o oo"· ~ lolooomol, Oto ItooOi cltollc.Od 00100' R I ' f0 'too Olooto' 0000:00000:· o 00:010 ofd olrto ooooooolon 000 'ooO0'Io bo'a. :o1·r~·l .00m.0 000'pn o i el tooo lIy uooooooo l' t llo" I'::.' 0 .n l, · lll ooouoadool F~lollY of())lr 001.lROoo ll 1I1 e 701l psoal s VI\r Pl~· lt~ al·a en mooudploloy llii Jirollo 000o\lhII brl~,l~ at' oontoouotoo'.r Ioo, :000100 0,10100000. 0 i~ ~slln aoliooiool Ofiolo ·oil lb:'~ 00 100.00000 00 ~ tlU( ·oiooooooolooeatolooooolh~oloi' oo '01001000 n~o. Aoocott. bo looo:001:1 ir.000:00'ooto'-00: l~~~~on ~E iooiotoooooloj ool:ollo o Fot: it " o" . . .. - . , iti ld n ier, 'ok r "r n " n i '. u 0 e r t v , arirlds Brn S ,,i- i ' to -,--,., 1-4 and 2 3-S irmet I:il anod {alls; 8, fl, 1)1 and '! inch bl adude B wie K r;,.s eaiti er nul oth.r- trav-li: T DPre-inog Ca.te; Belt, nckert, IIIir a )ort onl ler I liut i, tol: dourlllble andl tnule harrnrllrd (:lb t;o or Imlnle; Shlrot Seltht; Powder tnd Plnutl I l.lrk; Drton trItou no l n, Irilukinh Cops: I'ore rl.on ' ( ,p and C'ar Itol:lhrI ; (Clolh, !lair, Trnulh: lli Nei Br nhro: urriu .ud irhlrinue Tooenth Wrahlr Inorlh Rnowtr l o' let oenl Shoilumt Sonao in r atnt ue. riot ersoll pnrtrao I, llirolesk a nd lrie uoues- Pea-r no .die. Pwhdi:r; tm,.-ery tIlne Ivnrr Tuh Ci-llr.vbile 'lteOrt -lIl-r ar Gmr-rte ; (;o;n El'rtic N llspnlu I .t I'l."or- , Pullt, ntlt Ilnsu ; .. i'lu'inu, Seala nod t.sir : pool stands; sewal elnski t^ Ilons;elria nbend Ncklns and ~u-I lhr,- (lilt and riot-'d Bok ed ."k htlo n all tls. terll aan orluV nesz : shell Th- vit: - id anc d )IreI r m. TI'" lb; s-o;, irnll ahlitioull 1 their frlno r strk ro hI .lL. tnlcks their miks lrTmt oen't v ery mphte, an will he .nhld na and o libeasl r t i, at the oldfthe CGol ,ln U'irh. 2.s-tf 711 Chnrtrlu P-tree. o- j Ill 'th $ rnr- u- t r, rtn'he oren ro,- Iurhf t- - h .. & n r iteh, r. hrfti'hf lid En,-In- l. hover inu ''o n le in I).. t I<nsmro of .e . dev rriptl ir Po,1 P Itelt , ,lr) and ,'pe, r point K nivea. Raor,, v.-i . ror.i ErIt , nl, &l v . r rd . &r- e. wu hlrh t-ha rp .i 'rorm S oxl,l i rt to thle t ornl. for -rl,'- . T'rlos lnd r ollritih lrvill IF n s m ille IIne t tIh C Cri.l., mN1 .1.D. I IEINe A C7 1 )TNRgY p nL,, LEY. Sl N 1R, IP! T'rI CO1.-3 reno reRvi Io'r adship Ihitvvilh, FR-I-h. c lretr- Atrlher. li--h ondt F u I, lll and C r itolo otl!,e +11iI l l vinlr cards lotr, helt hll I t Ioi ols; pI lin - ri- b d n litt Cossl,- , : nail , I hhlo r. . iss 1"a, & trs :izor p n. Yl-; G Oi t ell'lmnr~ o .ic l a l nother iLte' 1tei s; Vir)m t; Viholu trrolinkr; i shell ivory tlld h orn o,-o lufi'-rr; I, Ie r , ri l oeaht.r I- r's -r h-io brail, friior t m n1 e lk rin hl'; il.arn Ilr's;i ht errnmll :, , .I a .n l er h r nlo le noter, Rowlanuls, maoo. aser oil, imitation Ido aitirI ll hcarseoil ; orn",hle deskl, and dresllng E:les: patin blacking; stoaiol id til glasses; r onveu m rno-; nap ld gl toI r iewuli s Irlina hr.ltt elld lutl Irlu'rs Cr rnleono; whlt^IWillt; toilet nnd allotillr. grIlt; tilor ov.der, c ,rm, tice wasih balli; sc.utio.d ratio uslhona: pool staollls; -rrlw erllhiolls; fl y I err ad o luans ind rleekl:ro,; billi:trrI bIll;i l rooet Ito l ks Io lr walltrr s oelrl:rll hoioues; .oz r strlul1r; irle lr nll oan rur r ll gum.u olas mloh, . rl..u ders, garu-rsd-I hruls oileif-r i ratrhr s il ver lrentils; (:re-you,. &e. &o. The ,bore in u;laddition to ormr urormer to.k m f 'an- v ttioll'r.. runkeshron lIu'usurr lnreo t rrlt " r · ndlell,r-o tl nlr o aIlle It1our-, r( srrlut. t _. _ i ) N )Ti.P,-.T'o- rut,-pals rvolir r Kl;lp, .-. 1 nuTr &-Ia o f No-,w()rhtu o : larour, P:,rrio &(;n. f or, Natrr-z; od Ilurri,, lh.Alltv &(o., of RnBolu-rv, our liv. nm me of t oe artner- of l 1uo- , ''e II u r ,rrr -i - ,rlI, r-irv ivrg lnrr-tt rR ill h- r e 'rZ with Ith , r-rrli te nnd elr in said o ,r- ineesi a fI- Ilws: LeviC il.rru Will ntodr,uru-the r ,ttlhIr oflh. b -utn+ - of Ifr+r < tIf rrdi. '.( :,t Nns ehurt nd rrnrrirr K l. ev & C. at R..,de;'; mlt FfenrV K."Pe mill attend to lie sltlilg of thv botlinaom ofKaellrv 11n-rm & C"., at na ld i Iu lieirr-tdalt nory'. oclnlollrwartlrdtau nd ' keeu V.e ,ettlou ;eul n those III t]C IIAuItRI.l, IIENILS hI II.ELE . New Orhnn, .luno n 7, 1r37. lu- lsN . [tI\ N 1...I -i)t.o( il.Nl" . r B,:Rl reeeivertr1:t 1 for t er I,1" the d(o Ten or sinele, blntt - .lian Americran and/l 11 ,neh tofilet p ,vler-, )oiwd'r ui adrrl-ro,-cushrilln ondh tjilet snp -r- I· to . .va alls. Ill k if rnot,,r + I rlln llrr ro-l l] rr- .ni, ea'tr 11, r SI eLk, krPh;+ht+ll : l,..llrdl·' ,,ne ralllhl. hair ,o11, pomat ar l.'n inlo Ir. -l r Fho,id lrut--Iye ar, ruoe p n' hnv ,w:lr r., elutll h -ir,to, - -ln -i[ s Il,,A1.h ' ll -" t,, e r W t nIn nJllitinuel s ),liv (,f fi:'hionuldle tll,,a t Hall ,. fle hnl rsll ra nld j ru ell ,Sor ,nl- ho - nt tutho uel le or r, tuil fi- - i 70( lriI-r-ro -r . treet. oo :,,I in th,.ir ] ar, ... li.i toet, 'r ul 'it|l their for nm t ,u-v u n h l nou,I , - I,' i r r e-nrt e rIro .'teu . 'r i+fill ,,,, inis (·11111]1 poeo n Ipolrt, vinz: , ri l eiw;t, r., r:, 'rle, tor!,- ndl~r h I ll' i ,Ul. ol-,.,ih -I l )rofi ll d, +<ri-li(11n , Il - tr nl~ lll r1I, .. lk i iald ~ I,. 1~t1~ I~N lil, e rlI ,I rlill),o & 'i r nI,,",,, , R. , dLh elt l rll r.., !ore [eo hurll l',tlr tis iimachell sh S pqnllil? p\ " I vpnf anIII T'.I l .(.d b rle', . ile)( t 'ih .c ,r rd h,': ,,l, nr khw a not n l h, 'ad ' rlan , hr nd "N,, cl,'r't , o r l I I h orl lu pi to, r rlieý ver and eulft heedl . Indian li [la., bell.( IIlhl ,hl lw"'ll; pisto.l II- l hare t" pnn" Igr-li- ti"u.srrt I bI Ir. h orse I-ell. pi- t]. n 1 duii Iw i l'ir I- - -u -r eru ",hk , cloth, fla',I -l l - ll om I I. -Ind , -t, Zhn'e-vr, !,:u:, atuurur ,ott *-V- I rd'.v,- e,_ lalh hiro rn,, .,l:,,i) T ;llt and rni!t nr' o. f .i ll drv to- Ili, ll U I I-I[ ' of I nr I' ll. I '. ilo l ' ,,m ..,ail p', I-l u on a r , d i -; "Io r Ir.-tor dr rI -,}.t) hI Fll -r uftI - n - - I-c', - it - 1 u-I f - -ine?, I'."a p - w-:llo----itl -i grI (n -de l -a "' t ,i,.' r,,,, . -,., -I. rnd el, plroe ass.ortmilntl I ,"a in thoir l ini : vi . v erollt-s, pI trI y, ,n,' r - " /,y ,I br e'] , i lnlt,' gtah (: ., (ile r1l d L{. ·-tct: ilh inh r , hi t a in t n ,'.tw f q illed Ic , hmiI ron nd, ' dr, a i' n , t arl and arc kl, Blrat/ilh Intl comnl. of Pev trPI' I l l tion, mll O sll whith Irc alson ll iran polter., Ivlory Inbll fI ) ever,'y dt;riptiol n, holrn, d'ro-.]in1 and pnleklt, to;.'ther with a lr ll ll l ne r , T ll e :of " l trr u(i ll l. Jl 41¢ I·..lU l': Y-- S.hlo,. , [.nenerd,'r "r, 'hrin h-n.'v :, hlv, ,roo.anllll .ril'anee I llllowerwaidr lof r veu.'iz eaall dos ritij llrilllllhl l d Cle l lhnolone, extract lf llrl-e m o1t,ll tIr nIll'Iu - lNt , Oll''1t, oll, hItrl lill, Irtr s and Ili. latindo. ",,l I. . II. v rlllnl. shl.t1in, lin en hl h p l" l , toilet ponwl rl p erl ol rl lrI, I ir i Ir ll' It d ,: l - IIIIIUI ill pal? r1!)|. Iii ll ir t lll' n dll t. h .lili Ill IU IlI Iin ten anld n l l vdll" O ll. ' . 1 .1 [1I i-ll '[l- l lll" i ll" J l. .l \V li. 1 1 - on. ofohd n latest nll Ilmost ::rhio a-lll S, ttseo ol iling ii.. .I: ani d II ed c ol , i t , It.1 utllll rlill tel-, ho, Nl' Itill SOf . in', ' .Oi-, v ifll" i slI'l*. r wlr oh tlina hiuIi cIt ll nlt il " t ll eh!, ilyer thii hlo+, s .ilrtr o ill p,,JIN ( r.'. o e , . nl - ja rh I i. i I ULOOKING (il .\ i1lý ;-- .rnman statia and toilelt Il ntel nni i I tt'.llhl.n d ll i 'lnnill a m e( lll l , with a r f ind l lrr . lnud A erclan portable h-n!.c and 1i . ;-iu_ caw+, hltu ner v i ck a n d fin I n iv]e h, hla d i ,. . r k h ,,d an - ill c'la r., with a dl itil ithnnl it In 'illll. 1 a .t ii ino , AI-I ed :ll' l] p ill ki ndr p lte, cit~ irn, l r lilo sllvl e l il hleatd pockl il t l ead ," X I N 'ii. ll' :0 lln Ira sett, Indi.U benIds of rv rvor I :I~sl hill: nud 411;1111 n knerd i., iln , iaier .- t ,l. r.t in .l in rol o s'' [ 'I", t llik c ho di,rka l .th y ill mi mi s, kiud=, wI lil r clmtclld cll cu' , pia n inz aIdr I1| In en lah, arme n-a nI ll l ll ri"ki u i .l t v, d ,III. iCl tll I'ltl 1 l : Ies, ll il t' s I rli 'It I l l an tilll I. I eil F ' ?it A t "..i , nei elt 11 n a' a nd I p (' riv te o le rn and Ltallic ha t llAndlrkis, ey . ted Laco ,, d Po ,i 'r,11" ' lt . AInga 4t, a' al'nt atv id' enal Aliaknan npi el , all ofwhp t htI t h cjlfhr csh Ir ity a_( o - pr Lol-e : I a s !redito it 11 Sai. -rItal, & ,an . S ll . I t their ro eiv w 't ;iri . ler a r mi, No. I tlIllllll.. s,. I , \ ilrioi loe iin t -adwir I O ,, T(""}a"k, [ il n .I. ,, " i lhl: m1 lh4 l i t ln lhe,ýl ;, Le n ' ,i ' I Iv Lro ailt , , E I'e.llllhe d h -t 5 nI l bble. w ' ,, I- u n "ll th e 'int Veri us ine ; aI n,," r do ; ,-, r- oFh 1 ,m-,lr r cdi -- 100 Id 1 I Itch t e l '111" -o, ~.[1 boxe qas liti.), w 'h. soul I),;y ~ l". I ~e ll s. Ithey 111,,t i a. . . t<<r ron.le i br o1 ,p es crltnld ,. i nt , dcn'ill n, k ' i., . f i IhIt |'-111 iP ha;l 1 it 1"n .c t'o . m ,, h, :!Itlra assor ,o trt ti i o he hn - , , ,r } I OUK- nduingrrr 1omn0 ~tlan vny den x1 , N do IO to«iS 4 N, r.. ' .c*., MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, Now AT THE JEFFERSOO Itovs. JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVlt.E. To the Ftditor of the l ouiot,ile .I tredi eer: ýI ,--h:-t appears by the oti ervorion.r of the I dlitors So h thle +ioshvilee I're*bvteriao, [Tnian nud l'rans cript, ao well as the edlltors of the ?,Memrphis Enquirer, that the "Oi Geen:leman" i a.nolng tie itotorsr. 'I'his is provedr by hii khi,2"iv re, knnwing tihat il timte is ibut short, and thirtthri irtrleontdeort Atetri:oao peopllle rrerhle to jorieeihe r thethemiteooiwRht re puolstond impositions. Toh- o rolr tty editors who are .uctoor, the piroprietors, editors or sob-eiirtor i of the above lnamed nlrnal, r.ll viterv r l r ,o ir fropcreos IO have re'lau red to eiFJIh ill tIhI e nhnt ploree pllt +l. 1. 'tre fret it, tfno I one: te rfi r--g sucerss Sitlitnl so linlirtetd aaer ,(is tan or twenr lve ri-tat. One who was n_.rl aulllt Ito YIra rsr who haId oll]seen the li-;fhr fr'olml hi-, birth]], br l to oea to frilow tri mo 'ter r, rty ilotel, itrtnd rof hlrillr o!ilierpl to le rltd him.i I'Two \ol Idis, who h I en. rhl, tilthe Fighlt of o(rIe r, onl Itr totn itears.l and thi olther Ir e atrl' two e'nlr, having both I of, thelr l tie oller eve rvery vrOn!;; ae l r=h, lth u, r o %',n, ^ Indties bac.n,, 1to ace w ll tII ot eyeq, abide !lrel,^gt I Itleti.r nvr p fetill errrtirmtrr r x e, )li!l ll t'ot' nfre Ir t herr l inr lluellrr e o rt trolllllrti i oI of IItr Jirtrirel lerrer'. .Anortihr is o tir do!irt r of o respeectbltrhrter nt Ilwl rr !ot. sie lam ite am r tl Itorlltinn. (ns hIII p lil e l m O fo ee), who P aid she had lhse the sihlt of onie eye from tile nee of III mntls, bthi that ishe nor begir·i to readll tra e Itrers with tile othelr ee er rtpleteI l shutI . This tlhe dioctor .itIrI m konew, rtirh, r io t(ttrrt tol mi ho imi lf eith id oea" dlrre erl hii dntoohter tri te orricee of tire mericli editor.s l.trt the a olr eit ile itlfrrnerl of trle fert. iThe last I ,:hall mn:ion is all olderly gentlemln byv the namle of olltlnh, , s, vrlnlv vcntsu ,it . age, who lrlcalhn' plh licht' by I(ottl'r, whih-I hei, took to all thedi ti ' rolrt orfiee in Nashviil htille one, , nil , illm self toldI r .r Ile luii paid fir the insertion w hatever thely rio andied, Whli dlclar erlrl h that titer that ittl-it otho rll e lprirvlrd ol tile rie fot , l sor frors fr i tr Ii w ihich his to i,;t,, ..-- o ttsioned i i t hei Irisnlbm or ?I:mll pox; haiht nc v r.t cttuhl not only soe tire liliht oif tire srrl, for tile first l P tin t Ht io rt.l-riioer., but tt e staor :tlistr, nl wasIr bginninr to diritinguish many oleIr:t; andl did, befif lre I l that eCitr e Iny lry prroofr tht hl rolt l se tIo walk about 1"lho o :reIt withll tilr nther ereo rnipletely chred. lir sai hrli hari beenll a miteler it the Alethlllist Epliscopall Chirch for tner ly forty veoa, an I te. t r his word wI t levr douit ed throughi ti while o t course ot hi. lilit. I. reepet r:'r r't 'til t llrt or elerlter llr.e , e ritran o t Nnolir ilie, !trr. o t: t r ''t ml(lidcal an rirr.ri doctors had neverhIlctrois , r'el h ra.son to e ie Ienra.-eld. The pirso indlinoetio e o, It v. it eerorinl SI r m11 it rlove, whrne Irttd rtoe k tro that oni t si .nt ir I st, oio \Vi eoj rtr rtof m e rotr l' it .r e inrr-tf t i dnrti ii.r h beire oin lie dl.'t, in P nf'ho " 2fil,l, ll+:,t hI llllFt i Jiltv ll l II"II IJ itrillin er or- tat P rfo m LLt I ll e , toll ..y , t hi'fre i o e nrll of str years to rorllr Ireo proIIr , hI o v.terled from aino inthieiitiy, ther spiir oitrrf i trlr e lr irterrf ti e r.aceiit ae d io uit dio e nt'ies of the i istil an fr e i lo n tloeln Ilo r ltrr trnle t r litrti n tr f arillnlllv Ai n ofil. o ph rrrl r I nhit eli ca l fIr o tirie -t the ma ltho,,, hr kn d dob m i I onP.o mil g , 0i| no hn ,try fto . r itlo. Arll i oe r il thitrteil of rtir llreo.rror MosI oflhem lsolll-I had Ieen ilinlrlllfll b |- a ot M out of ther mi' nh htl .rtf r enl em oi» his totally hlind nve. 3. The irnosLi (irrill S. lftito i rors t l ireteonll s th lrot ha te host ti, to I parineds hn the ,Nlorth since to r i n l 'ot r. e.,otllwthw t Thtie prove., howr yc*, I hail, and n ta r o ii. (baeto,:l I g rrirt t i thir N ectioh it f Itgo d terror ini the north, I i .ht to orib.i i n.frhei t,! tire ill t lhe srorte noll s* ollltihwllf , l I still rlir l to n ,le : n opier 'Cf tihe re',toi rtf ithe stllt l)r:.,i I i neIvy Ijlde torteln I e.o ra . I vce roollr thv befit e Ir in chvr ilhin thr r ie I s ei n i ll apl%. .I. q'tre rllict of tih pro e oent is to i' rtttr~ o tl m li soi intotihi ti rl n alirn tf tir lirtptriica ,)nII Trans r , ts w 'll a ih,' irt iei l lr e Sith ofi f h .'re - l e lltris li anlll fthe in la i I fle ."~r rrio , f i rt ir le aitth editoi'ttnod, e h riiin ieiror offhe 1 .ep.iis Elirer Jo oro ol, arl ill,! kia d ,' n i tlith cdiir of this Sth rtt r I t .l l , a ti rio t n hile m 119, d slto atirt come rti r or - ilr t nllllll li nlr aI t re Ill. rn rial inc tI l e N llln well t ,t'-ilio mt thichr anl ible.l krn he mroled cal nolihr of the north. irew bi o tlll ms fhy it e, sll el tr Illte i trio i r Io IIr. tis I enl o if eil tyi. itil in e t hrO u Iht ili . 1"s itof lity pi.e titrr.l irrlr,"ile ti r nothi, t r, i well ti the south ii tiht( wet, to t rlile rlla toi . r Thr e a rnlllit l l . fille, slt la, e h llat t nn i tl t iri in o r ile h ilr l t t t'eol of iext c'tt- t in.N w Yolt k, t here letter ,lpr t r ait , ntil no nl rs, tvrll itv sore tora i ft- e t ine. m S, Tl l fl. Ir th ll iho .ub ltr Ihl it l neIi , so o da e , thhh the Nev. 1 l ricully w 'nn erdy infldel I toret.nd wite writei ll ill 'hit tr, Wm'i' lelt it ore hr a wleli e pi.' .r II hilod alle for ith lRev. D. now ill i, ho r toad i i f»t' rles iPOt Or ih lt a ilnr l lg tn V die 1p i tl; on Iht r rl rll Vr r r" tar r i tt to hiss stdi y 21,oinl¢ . elr it f1 e l e an hed, 11hih he sa. 1 [he I h ollhl w ln h ani - i'r my ept rll b'l et b ter; hi h le lrtt eln t lher b 1t to r, \i 11h 11 Ipr, tll in)_ l llt J w nted to brlihe hit l hnot » ris Ilt i al I . oi u [ tor ltlldlllI.o h t e to n li," tha l cIor or en1' ntlhr, tiy aty nlll t Ier .ttiil ilfortls, .' i Rte Io (41ils tarl ,ra elitl a ~1"tll o.efore li h ll Ilhic: .o t bie t l all Lmnillr ,1011 my ,ti d ilpli , r .\ . tc. wih a att'-, ' 00 0 0, lll ln,, i t it, fie nd \t itl'eri t, o a r - asn lle f ion r i i (bired + a o uotn n o he to ir - to ti r got he :t :ar e ,r ie~ be ri,(l tievd l, by or .e, r ,~iohld ls , o ir tln,.tI by It l 0 I 1a : iva , i) dr t ' at l , our I Illnr ~lslt I, : ap an e hIl l , f .t 00 l ,i r.thi rr tle rr'ter i rrc n ir .tli r it to I" " a ',1 eiI, ltlhe ear!te i it'>ldl ,o'd l (~,i ills ofl iolhT l I ht Othe,; tro...0't lle ,. her c;erteoi ell. 'ir-re to ol ;.1 n l~lt, i ll , . thien rdlh, i t!i-].ow0 ll oleo'lll c r ," .ts ri"l-ll'd l-t-r n,'-frIrillro rtr l erri' llr .,iI ,-,,' , tlai ,il hor,rr re. I t -e r lt ';ri t o int o Jlh lr rc- t oll r nt e t11. i t 1. il.+,- it b iy i:, tfr i+s.'' 1 daile - v'1l,. r e(;" iiC.,', 1.+ ll . it t orrht! tern rr 110t tai" o ?. it trot ,h. %,s o l trrn m, tip t ir ri ' tir' Xrtre Ithr III ,1 . : t 'Z.; viol hel' r I*'1" !| tllll fe fl IF lo plr- of -dicer ',.ll. il l ' I,)!fit') ^.s t ell u= it w exl l1 . n it,o ett te r tci t, ! ilf-lr 1 b, , irll Ittr nIi ,rri the i» " pilu t o if tofh t1o imop 1. hmr, 01 l ilyl- .s I i hllf Ifr tit 11,t 11]t' 'r itf ittrr, ,trf rorvr, 1v m., ir ir, ihnt itr wi I, s;h r in-,e l. '! , - a b i P, nl or r.)lld i+ h r' con'sRidr I, ia t';' ", I i , rot t'l o t o tri ht re1 i ! I I 'll l l ot c i .t'ttttt tre, fi tirrrI err- qitr,. tltri l r t r , ri l rrrrt trr 1 . ir S If ' ltr "Iv pric- ed n t,~r" wtih'h - ,o N.: reented thre, tttorte trot e r in t te I'ri+lo w , Palen :nd 31rafto inrali:, had 1 1 rev -r r-'e, ,1 ,,I ipt hirt, rtt.rtrrtdd bt ch, n i'-r hookat hc,,c o r, t , his rroo'oi ,oe, instreod of,; I)e- he i.i , in nil to-witirrl rrtr, hin t 'rotni hatvt e rIldly trr .e t C irt i iPfr I' ildd of lli' ,hi]_ n " l'rb , 1 .should tl:iv have done it i tn w n have in is | p. n , t. I tll tile R v octor t e en it ry o ver to Ii':, l-'liel'of the d,.cnile4 o i' lia .avi -,t.i, h r we rd not hav. prnoui.ed tn e~ onn examirn" mo papiorttir t itot . ii itti-ri' ol f the t rrpe f Zetl rir er t rf rio. r !1. Itl ht i bete realiy t errll'erh i. he -;tor lt fir-tdu - li Iv r:tr t spoketii s nitot l~rrt . ri -tn-rt -l -I1, which, it ir wrelrknow orreoore toltirel.ot.itrrhorr S=r Hlivrlior io im y in salnir i arts t or i " it-ri I lit co h I ~ tr- h se, rn ttroorri'trd some voinr literary ' - r nloi'i', It to it lh: P]V rplior foqol erei-opt rie' h o h i tia rrrtrorrtv tn' i r\ v rirlei haldl (t bih . t-tc t te, (ile- e Ji e io tvCnntt te:), atlheir ot ht hemy think 1,e ha, n rip-oht t - --s the Aiot'iton hocoilohnost " ;'ol of 10 Sothl I esternL h0 di'in Ao.' fc ellho h i n. h s, ' lin,,, hI, di • , s a o her docu ,ID : Ill t.'·F l .,rll eie O1" 11 D. r' (ii¢.¢ileiz Jl)r. \'t" ' il r,.I Il Nnl o'fYI t iF:f' ftl,. lo ger tNa Iho e f t Glst HIltcn'lhit-- .zly the1 Ist ,hdlv. of,.,t trllg'fiIh-llvin he equAed . Dr N.IP'OI . (iliolll i n illlll other ido r vin. iv e of hliic~llillli to Illl~l~ lt't',lllillo lhl. L ¢ill~li.. I.l'ofo.ill l , I,[ \(' I, Xl fof Lr g o. Ih iI 1 fah n e ro u \fohe dr l.y1 If., ..tlllolllet. Iri. I fi.llnrl a letr,.r T'FOHI .Itr i'~l~lt~nlt t )f]-i 1Xt (X::i ,n l .\ ' ir o o rt f K i l il lllll nt0ot ·J .llll·lleh8 It the di n otlyf I'r.lll ItL: ' 11 o ru t h, :I' erlo h t n h tta I a,-re sln f e el ch Sar uie Sliesofllfne, t one h f.Tl .itilill o. IliS eOlleli. It 'L'iL II o.f ic wmn the o Kiooof tf.o f11iiOf, 00l Ol IlO' f to 'l'hi h Irff tIf LtiOll (io'l seo llt rt yes h , calllt e ulP onItI' { 1ii 0 ,n r jllll T IsiP lli(I1 illtlll CO- lr lit" cliln· .]I'l'`.q hl I' I'ltlilFJ6.ll rl llly {]t' -igh . tfor-, oof rse , l fI h,l t slf t llf iJ lfi tli , t, i t I"Ltl nl· klltl: v Ill lI: ,I l~r llD ll , ~il~ll l Rn. il l t' , i( 11ltlilll. tl h er | ill i, 1e 1 thll I[ httvd St'el llrcr ' II1. aro llllli i f:l t" .,ll ooawl oflll'ra II i|. " nIiY'u I. 1t l II . B. C. II. Nite NC.f .1.1 o 110:1?.IN IAN 1,6 Shrvll, u nrrv, u al, 1 I'l7e. nl on THe .111 K ONll ' Prlll ADEll Ir ) II , P () illl F r. male tiIeI ~lll;sI2 e I 1II 1 · 1ORlKEl iflli th.'f'TH I llR 01,I l l c.lhl.?, f lf ilt llf ill" llly **ftf I 1 B TIt ll ( i,)I.]LI.!il.t S f ·1 b e~· Li·e r (;l'lllE TlllH .C ii 711. il lt VSITrs dli.tne n 1nl . ]' ta tie IO.,llI rz'li(LectC hO cunb Is bat i,) I~hc allpl tb t vve 8(II)I jafl~l )rec trll altl F ltlflrt t otr , o t lrl to.r Oau.If. I. B. C. I I'. 'IfdN'Nl'll.'0 lt Xl 1)y 1. ON X,&. I Mo'. .,.i loor TIIo.,oITft e*To, tN ff01.1) lh, o ot1t'.Lfe8il,' i- f ¢Otll toil- )lli € tO of hl ttmlll. . o l1n ilv .,,il. . .ti . b I.t ,u tlI.trifio.o--oluiliolod lbv ,0.0.\ t...Io MIitchelol. -ltotfoi;FIL l" o'R tt:I oEI'o (Ii|III otilltef{'ol TIlE L.'ourTt' ,ioTA'rt'; La tfalft of theras dsm ca ~~ll lheatoolldooolllrootoo,&A.c. jountreovjot'tl e0'! l (1 lIE'I(K8 ON PIIlLADlOLtIfII ---,,r ,la. I,' .1 tI' !ILOTIIEot.S "iP'.T I's)IAN 'e I A tACA. Ot the cure orf rheumrtism.ere fuls or ki ngs evil,gotut, Seintieca or hip gout, imaiiont oneers, salt rlleum, sipiilitie nad nlerc'urial diseases. particular'l ulcers and niltt'ilaflections of the bones, uloerated tir.atalr nos trils, ulersof every desersption, fever sores, and internal absss, fis tutlas, ;iles, se:ad head, snurvy, biles, chro ice sore cysa, cresipelis,lblthes, and every varietvl'co. tnssous nlfeetion, ehronic Catarrh, head ache ,proceecd ing firom y a crid humor, pain in the stomach nl lnd dys pl odsia p roe odlig fliom variation, ofiections of the liver, chronic inintmastien of lhe kidneys, and gene-d lldebili ty n:luso? hvI a torpid action of the vesselsof the skin. It is sing lenrly' feicionlotin ren'ovating those constitutions slleheb have eel brokenl Idown by injuldiciotus treatmtent, iveAr:il' irrruilarities. In g.-1nral terms, it Its rem lnelellIlel 1n all tosedisseases whiclhrise from impurtlrliesa of the blood, or initiation of the hulnors, of lhatever name or kind. Sosme of the shove complaints ma requlire some tri flinglasstant appliestions, s hich the citetmstances of lhe case will dlicta-;hbut for a eneroal remedy or Ptturificator to l'novot lole tcatot, tile INDIAN'S PANACEA will gelnerally he found sflliient. TO 'THE PUBIJI. IHow otre it is, that modern I'lvsitcians, i their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vlst fiolds ofvciece by- the aid cfhemistroy, anld selk out new re. mnedlisl agents; in short, to o:lrivte t per'lc'tion in the iatctice by means of art lone,-s-ntirel overlook and neglect, as bene:aththeirn.tle, therich and hosnlteots stores of medicine, which the Alnightlv ha:s eltnsed to slprinlg out of the earlh in every climi e! And llow mllch nlmorle tree isit that while the Atmleriean Phvsician looks to thIeign osn trios for many of hisli ost c onllnOll a neeess:oe artiltes. lerlnletually clhaogin as they are at the dictite.s ffetlsion or fdll', Ihe is sttt't'totiei in iis own country with an endless profusion of medicall plats, snfliei'ut tlo nllswer any indieltio in disease or to Ire any curable dis'lrder; and yet he is of their vlr tues, and they are sutferedlto 'wastethcir healing oni the detert :lie.' Thse efeets of vegrtahle melicines upon the system lre tempor.ory-those of nilnenlds lasting. The former ex erttheir'l ectsoand pass lff-the latter, mercurly i par ticuhtr, act chetnically upon the solids, decomposing tile blloes nad Ilnllerminniing tile consltitution by na sly H anw stre ldestrlletion. The ecngeniallity, eflicieney mid SAFETY of vezeta ble remlellies ever ilineral, ms.w e estimated t by contrlst ing the ancient perltice with the modern; or, to brins it ,ltc ! immediately our own obset'vatit l I to Isli an lolteltice with that tof the whites. Who, in Ameriea, nes not knownl or oioardo of rt.lpote!l instances wherlein soleP icrelpid, nilre:tending ellmale Indiao, y mneanso ll lher sinmplle relIs aloe, has lafectedl the oilost rspid oouIstonolliilng enlrles, after the .Inlteira tellica of the mlmonn l.actice. directed inl tile most skilfil manner, lhas riileld Astnd who hali ott ele d as l the sros llSotaliveto tssienusls sifilits os ithi whicl the hishin loo t s him seFiifoe anollsdisease, Ood ait the almost lota abstinence olchronlie disease amolng them Wllo has el he: ard lit all Inlldn silh a .eollstitlltio brok h llonl rillll o o l by ill tsolseoltot A:d can a douht exist that this happy es esnllltirlll of tle sair'lge fromt most of tlle ills wsisih the lesh lmlanll is heir it, is choienl- ot illsg to loe geslli sloati remsetls.hs wi hi uhio s y, This ilosllislh illng dlilertnes isn suleess, is a flair exenllllifstlin .o of the iltillte s riioity of tihe soplel and sael mt'eans lof ore which ol ol hI:ls eensateol for the benefit of l"is childrenl oer ,tllose w.hich te pride andlc the art of have it, Froeoa at long res.lence among potion of tle llaboriigin= I 'linhabitni tsol i' ts.noiO y, l inan intimate e0lsuail tanle with the.e metholds lo elle f sle of their most s .cesstl o tnslotiti lers, thie .prorietor t 'The s lttion's Pa'lllrutlt,'nlqllkirsll a Lknowledge of some or lt.e mlst 'powerhlanll f'Lvorite remedies.l romtheschesCelecteds such las were ml. lost efficacious s IIand appropr1l t'le, lland afterl variollsexperilont5 tttesttheir lprineiplesand strengtlh, hle Ihas eombiood them int the fnrm he're presented, is the masto lo.e ret .dli. boeliitcia for tthe put..l.. lietr ,lhich it Tile proprietorollerslthis prepa1'tiotn to tiei lpublic, will thle conllsio lslss Ithat he is ilt cing wilthinthle s:l, a remety capaile ofrclioils intgany of his afnlictid fel low I.ills, o li ae s t 'lil lldlTe thle lvarious chtIronic and obstiie complalints to khich lilt is appliIeble. To such it will prov-' of ilncealculable vae., is the llmeans, and in Bonn cases, tlse only means ofte herinli their su=o lerinllt ao drestoring hens i ocl e notie Itolo Ialth olol halp I0intes. Thiis iostoll'leed as a e 'oonutt(eo relntttly, tihat iey per ehlnce he .tually giood itlt ay.. now in it, t as o.m which ist calable of stn'glif in miany extremile ca:ses h Nih all the ullllsual reoedieslail. Thllis it as lllllone .repllea dl.; and thins is the trep)ltlliOl ithbas h I lin l l reviiritthren ntroducedi i lese' otel t ils e ii lio ::iL.'hut hIolltstlots ilhut spsreno I. oise so' itso hu..irl-lt 'of 0i000 might be Iou d, a ho wouhl lved .ll I , .. 1 d11n in mostCI1 se. 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I" i I . JOlIN FF1TlG.[!,._/, Laing. et. C'!A IIa :'sIan, M arch 7' , ' 11(2. I w s:l e s":Il a 1t(tIhe r (11 s i . since, i l di e11 iS,, IhollhlaIt lo, I ulsed l a lki ga sllsl.S ! col, whily e uled lthe inllonceof Inlrcury, .Ind which has <(s:id c r froilll bsiess Iarly eve.r since. IDuig tlhsi period have he. n a tient in the .1rinhe Ilospit-t , in this c" 11 pit ardsof Poll. mouths, andl 1-r1l-y fie sidle Irla-0. !toie, l. thllali.lfee tlail, :Iorh lllsl'iid 1and 1' c(I C."c, Ins alsth fat ti es sce: tI , e .\ hallot! )pln cllo h" es, l ni' nnlrille(llnced Ilu e' ( ic ' b.'s.l. I'. h e av,. Ihl 1(" month I found Inly yrt.le ubl alt r d tro.ll jm", and xr now halppy to state that I eot(',h..,..D-ýrlf li.H.,clly w it , CASES OF SCI(ci U'IOUIlS I I .(l..s Nw:sv .Yoa(, Ill I fy:0. '1lis mar t ertify thas i tl e t'lll oi f 1a2s , I las sciz. with a swellilgin mny neck and fce, which i'learl.( ulllcellnted :al becamel large ghastly leC·s in .y neUCd. Al3er siy in1veryal 1 1i(iansto ) navantage, "I wen' to l'hilbdelphma, and ph10ed myself u11'er the care, )rs. PhI c am )eIach, at .enl, lalter Irepeatled salitat nt to no elo1wa. I ws l pronounced lluterly inlculrale. Abel. ward Itook t.twen' t bottles of Swtl m'si lanlac and eigl ' bottles of 'Potte"r's I atholicoil, is h no laterli'd benil Desplirigof fthe, which bad now beenme a Ilhellln tl lltc, I 'returne to sIy parents ill New York, in 18I , all pa'ise mvselss ato s a linigri'g deathl. 0iy.r0n( of tiln geat s'tcsas of The Inlian,'s 1'ataesa, hole,,,,,s in e similar to lt'y own, I was ersuaded to trl it, t s a last r. so it. T'o aliy grea' s llrpr'is, s well as s:lislss ion,t stunI fomuad yssltf i y Id" Cl l 's'asasaaaas'ds Illll tiaakhls ,well iln ile course ll'lw motlllllhs, al d lhave ell'alnllh, So ever sinlle. I nake thliastaltenen and wansh it lpublished .i; t-ll ,lc n fitlo thosewhoare W li (l0ltlllig ullelr sinmilur sc rf s .h or s3 philiticf afitctitns,that! tahey tny knt w hd l a catredune whlo has slll.lired et.i v thi)n but lit ast ho cosdssta hia life a atl d a tls'a as aloi',: a vt a W~V\Lt o .1 asta l aso..h ly 12,5 1 (1. I was al lifeta, fo'r year with an mS etT h the leag, l casieonally accompanied wilh rysipdltohs inhl~lntial)n metI 0\1-,"0,1"- (i(hl il t1ie leg ra)l (1 .cl ." j-int. Sev.:.:ll nt ip hysicians exelted t'heir skill upnn it, but will, lilt p(I' (l lltenefit. Il 0his (ase fe( s bottle ldli 'sPana's saacea l sa pe . e'at tIAlt.GAlE' A \WE'T:h, I'1ll Market Forsale by IFNItiY IiONNAIiEL, druggist, aeon to. shs proprstsieto's, Te'h.s1,itotias stret 1+ NEW ORLEANS SF NASIIVILLE RAI1 R1UAD COMP'ANY. ill' storkhol(!e1s of tlhis companny are hercs y no t ified thalt b, It resolution ofl thle oard of (ire thln pas-ld o1 the 190th inst. lherll oltmde o(( the'e on tlihlt' 1:1 I ebruary !Last, for thei llmelt of live t dl),!art a ;llrew0, re iuled, and the said stockhluhders are lli ll" n Sti Ie thalit \\ Ill 1. .1\ , Ih a resolutilon of tli-hard pased on lat New S. ,l0 Orlaean ,:,Ir Nashvaille Rail RIol ssOl any in the ldllwing pa'i'-lts o ils e ts " sto'k ehel repeei ibel tayaanss.'iz:- 'w' aoiiars ljir sharl , pat s e oa l t1 , B ,rst d,il Sej"s.s.i ala'r 11saaa; taaa d,'l us p'r share "lyable (.n the lil-t dayv of i(.ellelc [ r aei t; atd t ol ldlhtt..per shrllo p.lablde elh thl fi st d lyv of,l r-clh if this co pall', -a I l n, otify fthi s r Is ,, al 's the in, l)o l 0h the )public pr Il o (he ll ril'til, It! I l ll< ,lliity (v\'i I111 'Oi l ±. we on ol the charter, t ",.y'u-e i:.rnliu.¢ to 1(1(pone soy payme1(( :111\ (11((1 in on te ll "kd 1rvid l 'l ' Il, ' l a y yllly ll t I)aas's~ls (till' I llsat ,l',all , "a,, 'lsalla a 11 tiamll l' fI trn (1a sixtys a11( 1', lfr man d a l lle r tile dAy oin wr Iirh it node ml l )nya.lrl (itil thr ('x e1().0 Li 1(u o hk, ht it shul have ltas oaos , ltha then thes st"k on sd lala .ltl sshounl, h0 le ba :md, is and ren's '' h orlited to the compa,.)y, thea charter on thnat point tw'ing i mperatitve. I) co[lmtf-y therefore, to said cll, allstock of thie ~lockhoillals illin saild ( y, as think pro .er to put of' the payments on their stock to tfo (1 ato the d.lition l shi doys, which the chnrter allowust thi-n,(an notifi that the d payment of two lel lrs per haare elled for,asd dUe on thle irnt of Se esa payent a two dollarlnr per share e ulnled frll, and dso oatil Ifrst day aof Dicebaea rnextsa, Iay ti )post assauntil sas' 30thsa diay of Jsanney snIandsi 1 ia pay meat of two dollans pan ssana rall,,l' for anssi Ilas san sian lraisday af Malllrnh ltexst, lltay be poaloalsas d s atiltilathe tst i tany of Ap aal nsxt. ExtraRct, of toll minutes of the board. jllunL 2 A I McNAIR., Sec'rv. pIa .tsnor n. JOIIN II tiRIIiAI. ,1( It S'TAT'E oF' LOtISIANA.-Parish Court for the Parithl nal Cit f New Orleans. _V IIE S'PAITF OF LOUISIANA. 'lo 'i llhom -lse IPresents shalll iorne, Gretin :--it'he .s, I :lanes J.lnn l Iavilng Inrchlned at a sale lulade by thel Sheriff of thl, l pali' of Oh)aIant the ptroprlyi hereinlater descrilred, It; npl l el o The cler"k of this' cunrt in w! os oattics the d.,ed of Palo was recorded on tisemnent in onformityv to an act of tiseLegisiome of 1the :tute of Louiiana, eul ild "'All net for the further uts su irace of titles io al hllter, at jldicial sales" apptloved the y th dlay o :lPrclh Ii:l3.1. N(tW, 'hiereflrehkni o h r, and all persontai intarest.ed heroin, are hererv clIed nald adlmlonislhed in tlhe name of the State of Itnliainn, and of tle Parish Court, who c an set yaI lly tiglt, titla or claim i anlnd to thle property naainalyerr aya-cjldj, in consequeqae oyy ny .le }romit'. il the orderdeoee or iudg oort of lta co.rt under which the sale wan a lde, or any irregulrily or illegality ill the ntlatraiunet Is and ad1lertisewaytr, in tite, orlnomnnaer of sale, or fAr any olher nn feet waY tlyao ever; to show cause, within tirty days fromn the day this monitionl is filst inserted in the ublici ppers, why tile saln so madie should niot be cotlirled and homo nogated. ritaea said proyry wa, nonld by the iaheril" f thaepar i alre ni litl tih l [4it t Iar i'f Ap'il, A. It 11:)l8, by virtule f a decree of tllhi Courllt, reTndreid tn the 5111h (1n ofl FeuarvaA. 1). 1838, in a sitit etlltled Alexander Ca alwoll vI.. Ann tllnae, No 1Nl,:37 of the dlocket of this Colr, at ltwhiah al the iJill ames t inne ilcun tie Ialrchaser lbr tihe plice olf' twenty one thoudllll Iatllurt. Description of Property an giveinin the Judicial Con - eyance, viz: Aacertain l,t of aroyaa it tlled in the snlitiirb) An nulnci.tin alias Lacolrse of thi city. illn sqare No 5n and lIt having ltrenth ttliaeianlie, titl a Tehou ltl feel ni l.nfnnndl doit 1itr laa lslel, ia se'h n lna'rl tnler that said Ita t ltferoa l is d till t \f'ttide ln frotm oi llle at' Ihe s.lare In tile otlira, Ilfaliher with a dlwelling Iltiite ifrot lng on Tehou iitohlna sleti, tile kitchen and de Ih'oe nies, also tahre distillery 'slalli inantn eaected Ihereoll anld ilter hulinglin's" aind il~nprovel'Oete tsl mlachleilry, utesils, i pl lenits aId llfixtures e behlingi toi saiid miltillya it allat lendliciiy and aipllulrten es ndi tile righta ;lotionats il Irivilegesa tlreto brlaogimg CleiParn ()ilei, New Orleans. May 7, 1838. tlrA -, I'jlt; I.\ tlTl'tlAl I :--tilla i Itt.arolnlI pFol r TiT lloi t Iai T till, de Il a N ilieti Orle-ais. S'ETAT 1)E LA 1IUTSLtbNtI.-A toill ienux que _4 es l .r c oentes coIcerelnit,l SW it l : Attendt ,ii cilretstii ce ii' "lci jour dl e i ai de I'ante 183, !S 11ur Si.i aila a enlenit' l oi n aes dIll e hla .L6gisiIi i ti e 1 Etaut doh l: Louiiane, inlitul' " Aiy ptour eollairner leS till'ea ls an.l l lerLr tall ri tella a jat' Iiuialliires" apprilullvli It 1t MarsII 18, 4. lIi'ill soitnamlaI, elt tItes person i te tilat de li louii:e ct nde i C le la.a i d niss"e, dcriit, nil Ienoslllgenfe d'ut diMmlft Ide ftrlme dtus Iord'e, le iiderlt on le jge. mtlt ie Il cot , ell ter iBaquel ia Nelite a iite hiie, o e ote irrih; ;ularate l ills .litle dlat'ns n I.'s atig'a i'tls ol le temps i t ih mode ito ll vents, oi poor uti wan treftu gleq eleotqrl ; dt flair Voi, dns re. ei lurs i' a d ir'" I 'l h p licnlat'io l. 'de e Ia in, aoIl 1q7Oi Ila ' la i ta ne alaio, p lseofi i'lle la. ia pr ait' fiit iilaie i:ar hli''lui'i'sin itnin lqun tio"(Hitl ¢. eli te i t .l 111 (do I' 1 .roi' 15 :11 1. IT v III [ . II iac iat al,' aet 'e r I nci I5 d la l*,iri i ala 8'i('1133 dad alli I'ul iir ' dlA'd iil iil I'a ' dhl l, sunlitii Jla e Illan , \o I11,:357 (1,1 dockert de ce~i tt (.'oll. r, ;1 hquelt venea le itT , lll, Il n-al 'est rendu arquareur polr l mlripltioi della I're it '(,a 'til. s letral sfeinl llidiciare, I l o lt i. t 'et I ii''i i ,l t l, rg Tec I', , - i'iitm i alo, i iala l., iniiai ld : r t illeii lao I'dti' No 5a ! ie it t d," l ia r plrii l iii e-1re r n i o,] inll x Iaiai' iI h l ' Im ini a d i i 'mai a l t smi lile pi<, l d q fe l i'r' ti l .1 la de r t la ro doll ol 1 ll· , ,ort qf ll'Ir Bit orl de trrre' i r seiC nme ip ds do Ial' lr i|'ll holl d o f let Ii dorl', r"e. bl. In uelll - Ii a i f- II r xlunlll i ni l re Te'I ho,' ll, u hr Ic i n. trltern di" pende vii""ith l(,. .I qiiii la l util e n ll Iat 'il. lire. i Ilaht. i, a :nt irs a'lhal rtil· e ctiJ .i li h rali .; Irv ilc1.1 , 1 ),. II1 1 l ll t n - 7tilolll iai :;',e. al i'slla ll'ld ; iln 'li" d i aii, r'i.', t Xip I'dlu ill rt al llrll I le lll l of i rg o:Il, actinI r t prIl ti!g( , :'l 1· l'<' 1 i lI : l'l 'i l" ?Tllgro0 , (I! 'It" · I rs, l< 7 , ia , Ii.1 1J31 t. :r't opl , atny, uJ.' Iof lolt r'tl n" Lonity Slle"on r 111'i lii ' ' 'i ''i t t v f. i.-! lnivrral M erli 1 clue , 'ir,,, d 1y W 5 rku, T:ist. . u . thi . h T," (t.' olh gi'ail' S , nol i , iice ilr ' . ,, l. er:tl 'stl ,u ali .'.lh . o'C ,1 Xl ',,:r :tI bi , Stii, al 'lyh In ,: I " ii a I'i ,i i ,. .i1 i: i , " .:uh.ra . m t I. . La. at. i a . . . ... .... . 7 , , a. it 'ftai l ii.nt l l , ' i ii. !i , Ithe . . . ,h a. ia , II i i,.., .ii , ",h u ,io i. , ,I I .. .t , ,h1 r+. kris:,t I er'ic l . l ir. ",t I , •i I r. 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Ih vlll isl:" ts. io llr as I. r e r\bS e Irlpd ar r r :lollra cIIIlrton, hlilt.S wine :a ploe gh itt h ti nl shtit l i11, t ,tj+ + .lr; sld lt er, , tton, cd tild s mun t rt l Sfull , a~m'tnd nt te har atite ltutth h A S till llss nl·( lll + l(lt l w ll arc ti lml lr r itiC T ll s mil lwy Fl am hi' rctil, co lln the i go n\ titrei , ^i 1 ith kroy , .this m unn ary lu y Aanlhig io prhos i , lo g the chu r eter l ( l these ts, earn m i ti a rtlifl .rohari tetar , Idls Iter ilolr te ml a tid e Sotlh k uri Slot ' ,d IanILtlill ti i I .1515 till,,., t Ile n il: iln hie -, w i h h i ian ih into th \in s tlli t sieelve th i(a t h, lr will t s c lutry !i)r th'bmlt ilell o elts, llite ol l n olut ittie ' httv .etI t . til rt i Ir T.t'ITi tl t lllll o :ii(llle (l i he rwill anut lw th y ie rel.l, rnaing, ia t uthe mnot thin_ fll- tch erm byep. ate h Irelo.r u li l i& ll . ell led lv tl. IJ t receiv +lned atlinlcC F.I y if i:lV anvih!i: intf ln tit' l f'tr 1f 11": charater ofI thesE .SthlIers nbl. it is p'elelea S I r (,e hnlltilt o t eiy l nrlt lFrior t ieLV ill Latnd e jurli rrl itlie t Al the Unlli e mln l th l ith 6ilan 'aylV 1i alN \iittei in, li 1c0+, will lhe -iun to at lithe."l'hb besit fU qC that t dils lmrt of tins he·ountry aeern, Ilga bee m engitgedant will In e intconsnot n gt i nialndce in he illre turlinr hi.r unieid ned t ha S+r t h.e v r v litm ehetr il0 lll-t am iv i i c hi l t ' e tlm on. ( ntd hr.pcs g v rlie a Xer- o tlon. thai have ho en il ullde ill inprov iis illl. a exdtfoltag |r!n ae s.t Al l t hel , J.htJ t ire .\ .L. peraltoate ingir Pra s the fa ue, n dt·k alltl ntinl 'l'1e belel e;lln ged aInIId wtlill i be. in coast'ti at kin ; i. lraild phitcr tdllu Igr e twlae "'.toPlIntU , A fresh .llpply iunt received ast thanks Iv i N<)! ei:veh ( n h. m losttl, crr nf. ..t .' lh. aniddl (bothe 11) I MAIL AIRRANGEDiII'NT Norther Mail flDu Ever rDay at 1251. S Closes Evrrv danv at 10J A. 0 Western Ail, r Fla every un.y, oWedneolay ad \\'eefa'ao Sla~ jFriday, by 3, 1'. 1.. by ,tay of the Claes. rv iModayi, Weduesda .oete, and Satturdiaylh 9, P. M. Th.e Lakeaf iDe every, Thursday, a S Saturd,v t5,P. Al. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPIIIRlES MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPAIR'I' UIt DISTANCS &c. of the Expreas Malnil, bel.rt ,r Moile antl Nev, York--leavionF Mobile dlaily at 3 P. M. Nortlhwar New York daily at 5 P, M Soauthward. Arrives Arrive Northwardl. Dietance. Time. Return'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pa1n. 198 m's 23 I 12 m. Columbus, Go. 111 81 114 34 a. i Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 24 p. m Columbia, S.C. 7 ate. 13 171 10 Raleigh, N C. 25 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 1 m. 55 mo Peterabourg, Va. 10 pni. 83 10 9a. td Richmond, Vn. 1 am. 21 3 f i Fredrieiksbur 8 67 7 Waehington cty, 2 piw. . 61 Baltimore, -r 1 38 4 0 Phiedlrlpia, eam. 100 Ii 2 New York. 2 pIr. 90 w8 130I5 1131 . or td c23 Northwannl Coming Southwar, tlle tiamer is six our Irai; evilg"5 dhve and 17 hours. IE'N 11OIIAIS I.+ \VA.1l.1 fANAWAY f., liti!) ctrondeiet rtinor of Ilevns ltreete,oa tia night of 301,1 of Agllet, ald ave aeo tie next mtorollg in Ieodras street n ne'gro boy ntnled ('IIAIIt'a, about 17 veurcof ae, oat feea rir m eiIib tt . o ihlack, noid lia itn tlt.ed Slilt al Ili' ! er lIt u l litI Isgo it ore, t icl.O ionel I do capal,1 rough, altadi er o , , h •r ,ce oe d iol Ni a n fitl . ",' ' I;,1 l loti ll t toIr awllin S L t . I'ti t ll ja ils, f ht e er o iht ii li t11 (' lrt ,ltt l e clllll tr of Ihavi ti 'l- he cua l,-ratr ttet rslii,, ao ntlietbrl ex tio g itdate r It, i irmt o I ttat is &. (t rltt, hI iee n din ,,;ter . lTie s qeriher wil iquidal ethi e ut f ;rsa th . ncenr l in ilthis citvy, sadreqires ell It .con in l!e`. er I inik, 1ake iv le!1( to hitslll llv, tIiio tll tlh'se avIling' nlog 1--7t It1__ i_: 0AR1 '1 TSON W. W. lWAIIN. No. 11 YCm~al .Y,'fet A,+. Otrl (, At IA alwavs oti:tndl ee.n laillv i racee it i IrL. ol , L aest, tliaoical atuaad l'mtn'io oý, ,,-: ,r ollowni;: l)liucs". 1)\ES, nollillty, crudle, Argo ls, rt lt , i t'rgallus, A tittattt l '.a'a Ibal.tot epatia, Coh nt, do flx ea , o In r:niI" 'l;lnll t i1il Inlilll ol Iengilr l (rcain talartir do ie' illa,a , l ,antharides, d o li le I ,- n c;. It,, tas, tie (~"'at tAatio, a. Lowoml , (is. tast Chy ti:e ,lhaltida, alo St D minthe go alt, niac, do Ihunniui, ari hellnll.l t Atiw d, Ilo 01Ar:1,, rog, tad ta ln du l l HralsllI Sicm+' ogua, . lllllhullral. + l d S :ll ltlmri c- , do . ,C'rl, lo alphor, tl.l dl i.,e ta , Illl t s'it . litoi, I:t,:c. It 3 iicun, CII F, \1 lA . Io killl. Ar'i, ni airrt t +t , ll nlmhte, Id' opium, e, sulhtt i,t,. tilt thelloe. Blue til 'll, a', g. l, u, I , t 1,.I ta'4 i y Kugi, i.-'l! , I e L 't .'!It :. , , I ,b ,+.r . hill l/ 1· Si all , tat Ni ) t l'ttt Il . , '' ......i .,t',°:':7'ii , ....... : dm--ii. 'ii'r.N ' I.i li¶ A'X.'. . ' i'- P N - - it . rdittlt the t r ehr, yh v ti - ath llo it t | ',i tr - S pli , e in 2 voll. " tIrla, Iubv (.l'tain a Ii to I (all, IR..a Nave, V.1i. ,-. isI I vLht.o" lord Pl ilin, a rn rlr, it by Al Pm ft'nn ghn nI P o ' hepp itird Clilt m n, · 1it , (IIiif, iin'.: v . t( ' Cm e nl it t l y -nungt iii t fu t het, bfro tee ri_-h^;alta[I ln , by N) i; h'incl e h"ro'= , m I vol.l fr ' tu -e yi'" i t'rhs" t ~i tti d T u sY.ti p"dt't t it'ti ha iot r t-oti,, b",io"i t, vitiiI vatt Avat ar lt r l n ...r ll! raim a darg1 an ! e r ollrh gy . . .. i a t'i. t tat.- i nl(.i t. I ii Jro e t. n i. I t . PItat ,e cill, I o Ii), tilCe, by tilt tl r a nt, AyJemn hI''' l \nill t t'ls. 'r, tihtof ndian charate r,nto n eneralit t he " t o a the A n H intors " No rh An ert var be (o 'T'rna r I t'1 " ihe t to/!ifco ( gramtr, w if thout 'inati to.t. liot at uol ite Tiew o'to h IhPT ortt o.1i i fl uitc of h ttl n' r Ia to olot, a l irpot e dl llt titi h of rlitdlith betoiit l Ittiot-n -dt ,licted and tI ,ou t i' t hal , ob f Itiio 1 If tite Ulitedi S otft. tir, h nii h, tbayu t ai iit tt ot t o ib i tea ititlI' d'" . ttoill onaIIlif . of aot. oLti itfr t allt Th ldi~ g Pntice of t pT h ye acrtokr o iers of Fhelie .loh analyticnl conttllt a t t e raok Con aa i ndex of nattiles Srofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rll h'ten tis'm, hrli Call taolltt-aa5 lnai- Tat ig i thoe iotle, by fln re ' easooo aoepootoyaa of.oaot' ct i'r p illte lood iinllg g ou Ai v itiated t yl i t ite.t 'lG'in very catoen at- ed yna . oii preparet w0 it in ;reatest ph rmlo ute'tlou l ellr lnnt "ll - aa , til( et o ll o tn tle Illctire pr lil of Sv ari ap 'illa in th o los t concein ;fted loll t- 'llnobt d with other vegetable ( ttlo ta. c al 'l'he great desi'd ratum with pbysie aut ins bein all I f Ille tonvilithced its merits, titfid utl a iI.ntl dmin tter Jrice .ten ) poe r bIo ttle. ! olai d olt at .SiI A1N 'l I:'E, ot to rr, T y s tore, I tCaal tre tI i, wihe ati be aill e, o t Cn g t rin e, ti rr t tke t m rlthlt-roeo tlo,1 t S-0 P.latiu lacea totlld V otrnm it, l'll e r.t (t-tl o io con, Carpenter's Preparations, ind u largo alo geneIra nrttllI.St o ait f rh tu f Ir d i itru , oel PINNOCI, S 1R()M1I , &c. tadbiNNOCK' ii. IIPIROVII iIi TON OF DR I)il a ad fllrmfith's t of tl l Hitory of Rome to whioh is pretixetao f lntr10 dit tit' to7 t[e l tdy o solae lll I lisr, toi alll grei t ailettofvi t t i' or notion added "rint ' t lelcrho , theworml'/, o i the Ilauers itanotatio, r. .d tA olllaitio tf th eti!t t on s; witoh tu meLo s y ior! o it l dit, "&. .hit o(ial Notesl and qtelt l finL ' l latOit n iun at the o 'd of ea se ,ton. I 1 Ihsbo ated wiith tllil& , v l gr v logo 0 i w a! bls A Aherton "'t..oca's hutprovoidEdition of Dr (Gohl i s 's h Iistor nafa Egland, fian ts t C Itvasio t of Jtk s Clr esr to the detllh of eorge 2d, with u eootllnatioi to the, vea easch lectioin. Btides a variety of vaoluable |LmDrmna tion a dCId throSghodt the work. Consisting of table opio, explanaItooredy a e earks oa tuoleol tiesllanners sid literattre ot the age. Al outline ) !the (onstitutiott &'C. &E , dllst 'actcby (na ,y edlger t Just received anti for alne bv W31 M'KEAN OUERET & rLAWr

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