Newspaper of True American, November 13, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 13, 1838 Page 4
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:.eemlsttana hrotety; W ¶ l 111, ll'r*.n º oidoelts the modc at0 0, tD respectftlly aiL . thred , ,,idad the puid des 0ytihat shb isjorepared to acanirn:od.elo tilcm at 'ho 4n loto nD ? ·oesotl, r.. "u, ' rr .4rrtioaois l aitoro er l '. coat:. r iv. ntethtae liqfdrniuors favnr. Shte pirle cois. Stt wnisiting (ovinglto: dartin the o. l not find better accoitemolrationt ll n lfoAI them, on more liberal terms. ahosT l Uantly situated, aind well supplied oti rynon.tvenjncr; the . er is firniahed with Stlt hoies liquors, &e. in short,she promisee tft~aae g aslnalt'b wanting on her part to give Stloe iaction to all who mav y patronize the i1ssosli oit Louisilana Hotel. je3 0:i TI13 PUlLfC.AThie unadersiogd. having studidd under Dr. Sal.midt of Chllreletn, oetlth arnoliqo. and for some years his assistant in tL *aedintli'f medicine and surgery, has the hondr to bffbrlais professional services in this city. Ha te the ladies and gentlomen that the most lotattention wsill he paid to the calls which h ade; and also offers his services to the -bf ofslaves, being well acquainted with the opmlen0sesmnomo to them, having attended them in I~il t ieteso in Charleston. Thetfimtees anti bilious pills alter the omposition Lo P ir68 Steollette, with directions, can be had aofthle nleerigned. The effect which they have iodnoeein thite and other cities, has been attended owih the greatest success, to which the best of rlseienes an se givren. Apply at No. 166 Maga. isle street.. JNO. M'LORING. 1oLLOw wAre s or SC oEWs, toA SHE IRONS, &c. HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. P 438 Water, near Boroman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and sextensive additions to the stock of the aboho goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southernlc and Wostern markets. Hollow wsro of superior quality, consisting of ahout 1500 tons, vie, Pots of 22 different sins, fromn 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallone, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, . de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qquality and fintish, and loess than Janme's imported ptices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailer's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20lth. Bells for PIintations, steamboats, clhurches, &e. made to order, Also steamabeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is parlicularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western morchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishnment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, prises and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, fornished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Neow York, 138. jr3 LIEMON SYItUt' & tl'ICKLLS--addereodd' I.e mIin N1vrtl and Ptickles, soel, red sizes; also, 60 linore of I.alia & lntaskell' Pirckle-; ir sle rt, close a eou'inulenmat, by J.IVISi 1t .tNDl)lI.IWS, el'I :oIr C.n, oiIIII nIdi 'r'chl.lpita lalo O1-t-lile hit ll hzlaes Na S Sat,, lroanlfJon'. G ltd, far swle by I5dOACOf ItIttt Cto. 'f I. 1 t vI'T. .iE1,s1i dwtellini hillnose oinl Trion lrPe.ti, e twace l'ivroi ('ircle ad t arolldalel 'ltrtt. nli. ApplyI to J OTT, IV EltEtBIIF llAIIOWS, &c--25 i ,heelbrrolsa, 25 dirt dlu. iu sted e, idi1 byh ClIAI311'LN &. COOI'"ER. 015 E2.l::lot "-j.A 1.' tow a.ocl lCatp ana l.:l:rr l'apa'.r. of all yeb -lith, .ocaistitug il very erior bih laid, bl eld ohite wtaio,- adIllauii nlod icinl1a:glt edge reciord .call, ctest,,antly oni botatand ltovat le toy DAVI t Itl LI' & CO. "*l4, N V Statita:l-l tNtll, 24 (lhar.u s te . 0% .). .. . o.... . . lie.. ,it hle\ts 3 dllm tilnch Motselle ii inr, 1120; 50 do i'-2 do ao do I1121; 51d i) doi 01. t' PuPert, 1811t; ::0 do of 2tS it: ldt' It.arow Sholry,:i i5. Silt pipes eaira Xhli'irtt. Ior aie by 21tEmI0(;IENE, Ilttt WN & CI). .N O tl.oti cureret. L LAK L1001K., iof' crrv eaait'il.y I rilig lla lld tc lti::titg, cOiata:i tl on hactod:'ntlt 'rilo'iig, ltolin: end neatlyeo.lcte.lo t u.Orl notlli.l, bly lDAtVItO ti':1 '1.' (:f). wmll N i''tns.lei:ir:'' Ilto,4 I(lutlresi ort. t Iladiug, i.r sale ty ISAAC IDlI)GlE & CO). tel2l 1t1 talgarileo svteet. A NEWoV Istcvi sllyrick l'otll., nitiratie 5 doors h fro: tihe ,"ca,a.idt l utiiio:ie lils Itlia ::l S.t Char'uo stteor. ttriet veri St'i, po(ssession' lriven :uolediaetly [ rhoSt thl attOisr t l Vol 001 lolt'. CC .i+OlJR--5i11) bbis I f FIl'. tiir qtdlv by .[ nls0 G tRtI:t, SI New I. 5, C I KS i Ait. (eIol)"oti, , .' ll . 51 n19 C Ul~ittt-l'' ti \e'v Iirer. I 1 lI ctils Iope, laoditg from Anlt-tatdtr, fhr rale byh LAYET & AfIEI.I).\G, nil9 17 C:l 'rnest. rrom stto.our Gino \\'na to. al i1,Ir .ola hy YOItKE, BItKGTI'II+I?, )el 6i5 Camp l trelt. NO MLERCUR1 NOR COPAIVA Ntew (orlCiI NoV., it4 11:17. A BOLT Tsix motlllh ago I Ilad thle misfirltte to got . a osrrr disoeas, for whicll I hove applid to seve ral doctors or a cure, andl they did not cure ll, so now ol the above date Ilut myself onder the aore of Ioctol Iloot, and I oexpel,t hid to cure mei. Sic tltat time the diseaso gut worse, no as Ito break out ill Iargte ilcers ,t tohenfll e orof Pis or eighlt on e it leg, andlllo Oeve my rtae, nilI ttretlot,a- d not ahle to work oa e preoent timt of accolut of the disease; large otlter onl the rigllt ide lof ththroat. I nam nlo I ptting myself rotfi ,lently lndcr llte cre of Dr. Iltuet, .t Pu'rit, to ha pertietly cured JOHiN DEAN. fe.14 ly I D l) CIT'IFY tlht the abvllel m1 lnedK dis.ease is illteI Il tVe Alll tl tle Iltt, and dil n tr i tij olr ty ncnl tl ar all; tIherd re I nvia. r m. r th Iw sltterrs It lose tot timlle al apply to I)r A. Ilict, 121 Canall atrat, hbetwet I)allttphtit lll od ollrbolll tlreets. IP. f tle t i a i toh ttm frot 9 o'cltck, .t M, autil 4 t ill. I'ley will find it tru c dlear for tllis cOlhlolitt. JIIN lIE.\N. Ill Giravier treert. If ally one wnts to slee nl, call at No. 40 G'aaitr ,streat, and tIty will he rttsliiodl. To be published at thle op:i'n of Dr. Illeat. JOIIN IDEAN. New Orleons. Febll , 1I18. f1ll II Iv f It-E G(enurine Indianl ItlaltmuIl l.averw.rt tnd liota .t. hLound, is plt tip inl botllttl t the low price of 511 conts each, conlltntiiog thte strenllgt of thre ee ocea of L.veswort, lea ltia irtuels ol llnyv otllher rolltt and herbs knlown among thie idians as edltctioun il curing iilnllllury comlplaints. 'i'tLia riillrd tntccas wlhich ins atended tIe Itoe of olis liestllnablll tlo ismtlon nhtrever it bil belen iltl.n doce.,. hlas lhtalhond the colnfitdoel e anl retnllllltnda tiolns of respectable plhysiciant., lor Ithe ttre of cotighl, olds,I pai ill the said,, want lof re-., slitting or blood, liver compltlilnl, &e. Tao whotl iliy ntl concern. 'I'lisi is to taerify that we have in our prltt.ioce freqottllly iret rilell tfrs (lard netr's Indian t ioltlnl of l.iverwo.l a 'd I loahillllli i Ill a ldeided gol effect: w. can therefore, tftot th klnow tedge oftho materitnl it is madll frot, alld t erllealon ti d expelrietce, rcco:utatel it a a O slltertl" preptartic or all those nltoctions of hIe lungs f.r lwhic it is re ttmmcudedl. AIIR' WI1.LI AM, M.D. CAL.VIN ELIIS 61. I). Mnlhem.a ofth Ite oston ledical .tssociation. aeotmn. OcLober lid. autleby . bIRV[l & ANII)REVS, :tl 19 g'IIII ,ii it Dol it r i ul. t .t a c imolcitded I y telle lMedical Frlcultyv. 1 UTLER'S EIlTerveelent Malgneslian Aperiellt--For Ih t, tly moitsia or iueligestalo. ltrvnolls dtlalit', giaddli ti,headhotaht,acllitiv lf Ihoatot iiarl.h habitual con trvtne.a,eutnot.uaodit.tlae.ggolt raol,&c. tmodtluchl tltt.d I. a gellla, coolitt purrative. This a Oirhle prepalatilt hll rectt iv- dt tch e PIto .-at nga of iltly teminent members of it pre tofuhiot, ald krana disoemig Itodle t ana retly e'ololo ll d a U eli Citedt t1.timotdiats fits alitiry ao.s Ineicill,: have tale liailted." With all the lraoleaag qoalities of a gltos of -lt liw e dit jao.beae tlhe atclile tltliditlil )rptai erties tfih.metottlt atdlr teo alilahantas paraive it tI pleatslat IMRi!i TANIT CAUT'ION The incrtingt rgplit.r .tloa eni i eatl demando for Butltt's r.fferetoaenl llagne. lthat tAtellne bnato)! n indtleielle a t for athers to ,lt oainý.tti.aof thba valuable liiad cie. PlttoAoers c.ila# p.jtnlttr sd of ohio Act tlbtll tllry many be NrY _L' agr,., |lida not prttrr an tnttar atrrrlclo. Calo't fte at reopaltltttlly itIn r all tltht Ith o-Ihseri. 4 balttlt t.taltsotl v nllviplled nli.h the orig nol tal ge. .t1 prepraoi Uo. Fur msle whttonls a d re'ail. SICKLEl & CO. Agenrs. nto- mi40 Canralareot N O SAR S VrRto. ..ilnF hr Ott, tl i ..ioro ..¶atnrotItt of flar,(giving Iholthatd beaut,and ainvls tntta.e ihs iraOti w'OE o trte to rho pl.lblic., it hat lt bhonlr, ,l' rasre aof bald e.a, ialaimeso,oai ftt; rtnoenery instance ilt saluary ' upa 6ort imedI It hoonoe'rfoleti to roaatee eranl esai ltg.owith of haer all hened nlready , er. son feater II heakhy: and prwlnco lfl grownth of bair. wiltltl tie lea tt tab the hed. Thea Oil gnvs at, agreealet fr. amd prefrafblre to aty otbher H ir Oil for per neigrorutaing atat glosing the hair. TIhe h it metbsat r dry aoraotit" r i For sale at E ,kU £D'LA.t GE, 1iMxMg8 HRARTi & d, taiS rnow easagtlIrn on board ship Orleans, lgle, Highlander Poker leary Andrew, French and Germnan play caMisk; Back gammon Iloards; Clle»asman, 21-4 and 2 3-Rielh BIi ard Balls; 3.9.iý0 ant i2 iach ladne Bowie Kalves; I .thpr nndl otnr travellitg Dreasing Castes; Balt. ir,"ý". t,!Irsmmln'», and Itunlliny Pisaols;dathle aund single hal re!id Giuns; Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powder aolt Pintol 'l;anks; GDram Bottles and Drinking Cops; Pftrcoasion Caps andl Cap Holldarr Cloth, hlair, 'PT th: sad Nail It-ofhen; Orest and Chalorine Tooth Wash' 'oallth Powla r; Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great va riety; Inng Ilair Braidls, Rinoleta nod Fricetre,; Pea-r sad 'l',ilet Powderr; Etmey iogs; Iavory Tub Cushioan: Patent Sdlesn or Garters; CGlan Elastle Stuspenders; Powder Pullt nod Bnxea; Gilt Chains, Seals ndl Keys; Ear-drope; liontal Bnklas: Bracelets; Bead Necklaces and Cllailn; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, Bells and Plumtes; Shell Twist; Side and I)ressing Cawnb; which,in addition to their fimaer stock on hand. makes their asnortmrnt very ecmplete, and will he sol ow nd on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden 'tah. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. 1IIE Snherilrbr, Agents fro the extensive Ilaae of W. & S. Bateher, Slefel. , EntIRlal, have jllt eceived n very extensive set of in* e r.s, consistling of !'bhle and Desnert Knives ofh-- n' de cription, Pen, Pocket, Dihk,, nad Spear point Ihldesc;, Stis eore. d.le Tools, &ce.&c. e& whiel tlycv are prpar o exhilit to ile trtle tttr -,t-sl. , lran nd condhtiohns will be made known at tle time. m16 J. I). BEIN & A COIIVN.90P Comtmn at. NE1WV GOO5DS. I 'I.INS," IIARTT" & CO.--Are now receiitng .der ship lutslllle, Eagle, Merry Andlew, Iligh nader, French t-c da German daoule hlead llnaintceards: uterl,elt andl ptrket pisntls; plain, riltled nt l split casnsin ncaps: ea hlllers; scilssrs, I(aznor, pen. ves; (illotl's commercial and oilter steel pens; Vio ist Violin strings; shell, ivory and horn combts; wafers; k, bead andl leather parses; hair brails, front and ack ringlerts; niegra Itlf; German aaln French eologe Flrter. owhmlnds maceasaser oil, imitation tin; antinll Ilnd hears oil; portahle ldesks and dresaslg cases: past, blnackitg; statia anl toilet glkestn ; convex ilt'ori op cl glasses anal views; ladlian laaal hIlls and plmes; cootrdon; white twine; toilet and shaving snaps; toilet owder, c·smetie wash halls; srented satin l teshions; pool stands; screw reshions; fancy head chains and necklaces; Iillilard alla; pocket Ibooks and walletts; German holes; razor stlratp'; file notd common gatm iasltic snslnettlerr garters do; Bells luoifar matches; sil vet lteoils; Creyata, &a. &Cc. The shove in addition to our former stnck of fancy lrticles, makes onr assortment very c mplt*t. PFor sale wholesale or retail; as the sign of the Goblen Comn, 70, Ch:llre snrtet. msa;. TNf ICe---rtne partnership of m Kllev, tJi irll ,Co Levi C Harria will arrend t;; tste cettlitte of tIe- h;,sioeoc of New Ma , arin& C;o. at Narela ; rnd If eri, hez; nid Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodnev, was dliese re .n heelst of tlay Ilst, ia thedeath oflSaul lAa M asC , t tol inf ati lr inl ti e firm a.s Those iunlerai.tled anid lrvi - partnert will e hargerl ithoctsetli and closingSnrar ai mke nri ertleant ane l o: havig clarrim wtalil please tre tit nIeof thi, e ht i dely. SMasoHrria& Co. Natchez IISad R rIS, Kel ' HENRY KIELLEY. New Orlrna, .ne , ee ir il87. EAN .lARIE FAtRIiNo ' COnOGNE WATER Alto Aim bted to sal id firmnt h toilet n wrletr, ponlted Ollni afnlr woxs, lll make early toi tlerlenta ,ro ar d thsl, havll, tilk f rnse, rneie resle.nt them with, tr deaI. 'ttk, kephit, anlt vreotahl.C LE ialVIIARRIS, Nrreatw Orlelns,ei akner od, Ja n 7,1837. a m iit.l nrepply of thi sfapliort;;le wtn.r; , jTtstl rceiths and j frely,sale he dozent wiole Sle or raail ly SIUM1ONS, HtlAR1T &Ct, Also American ntoltrl h tipa let, ol lwd ra, powde gdn sad boxesir lih, aline an toilet eapso roit, teit fwae t:k ,milk of ro, ,kes, cosmeti eanorlel t rve jtrlete. Pliatols; dul: n;oi , il rel;oled en, e:l:,tsptit kotvi sallsk, kEphahtln, War't veietahole hir nili povltl', rete do prseri ora, i, rrose lt, latr, is ndrteIaters, !'raet; e,. salts, areillehp erfume'r in trunk'c, (lard - oie r ir liquid ilat e, Chlorine ndOrris tooth a ncltlhlllrotll hael and filet h nle;tnr1els,oher withl an ltditi ael supply of fashionable r , ti and fshell combs and jewelry ,lae dalmlow at wd llraer, or r tail SJ u ,lly 16 7 0 ( 'rlr er s at f e et. algeing frol onelo it rd ships el,aoilo rn Salnl.le Ind borier Cmrlia, ro, New Vorke a Brelt varietyh of good . in their lin, whilh tar, ther whth their forNer otock o hu.oad 'ykes their oairta int veriti: fot ,te. Tile for;lolntol Rllnllp, i part, viz: . ell :tt, iat, nO.,eirl:lO, lesk and dret - gattnlbesle o oreOtiloll decription, I o ti tain rlbberm, Silk and worstle eairte l lla. aarI, / nIll&I filld asitic slnedeIslll oc ollin race aid lrcrl ir lllnl'er llla'hs Sehdlitz powdersl, pllwdelr pl f nell boxes, tloile powder, rkekt books anl wPalhlet, needle hook, .shell, pearl, ral beal.s tltlecl(.ntes nloIilgnelee, brad cioin n, [,enld nekla t el , e I laB ssk ill l ;lain~ se,,ellll c-rrc d gilt edllls, Dalllillan led, bells and phllnesi pistol andl large pow and dirks, c ,'isaara, lo r a, phreer lll pniven, glnrll chlins, and rilbonn,, waist hu(. cesth,cloth hair, taooh, nailcomb, +ru bllnl shlle, plate, dloor nnd dotlinghuli ll.brah , t'll)ue, sIdI exlrallellwaae, l a r, bear, snoll rt tlll l andllg I.alrd's ve gebllne hair pil lleaving and toielet oaps of all des l as areo4'ered at wholesale or retail on acconillllodatiag 11I Shell canbl rr"nujrred t tRE'IY S'T'ORE-at the sign of ith. g.lde') combnh, Mhlo 70 (hartrtc c eet. 'Thefltbscribers have re ceived, in addition to theirpret'io, stocL).k on hand), ta fll and co.plete aslrlltmell of lltides iE their lile; vie: combs, pertfunerv, Jewellry, bri=he., l.kinug glasses, fknomv rti.les, Ac. co ting in purl ts fllhw+: (:1)l ItS--tmtioise .etll, wroiiht anId lain tuc k,twist, gailed bIck, longih ro f, dressing, .il, puI11l culrl ard neck, Ilrlzilian ontllm of ever;v ilesrription amogllot which ann: some. )exi-an putter:, Ivrneolni)bls of every dacripltiiii, hornn,iIiresit(i udl patckit, tn.elher with t eer'l.c ItIer meaIIPtm of 're ii dllll .A Ice'ito.IU. I'I;itFU1IERY--ColognLe, I Lvelrr, Florialo, Ihoney, hay, rose, aInd , rane flower wacrs of every nize and des cription, cealpihorlted ColotgiI , extralctof Itlerllc ct, laner sounp) of all kitdo, iiuiinegi in Invetg creane nonp do, \Vard's vegetable hair Il, Iet's amu an tisetuido. I reston's melli~g salts,, plin lud perfluned toilet powder, pearl piowder, ipe hirpil'th aond o-lxe po Ullntan il pots ani tolllo,uris and chlorinu, tooth wash and powders, whith general sCoirtment of JE\VWELI.RY--some ol'the latest tIo most fislhiola bile setts, consistilng f white fand red co(rnelian, t.p~t "" jet enrdroip, Aet in tilagree, breast pins ofa gres' x ly of patteri , watich terimmijeg, ciltec ilv' 'o:kler silver tllicdlleh, silver and luhllf 1E x"ils uud -Tlomi chains lint, leh, tooth, plant, comlb, Nail, shaving, shoe and w.itewa r i b rshll ,;. LOOKING GLASSIES-Geran stria and toilet last., a igifoing and French direieing gilass, home c, w-ith a variei y ofiother kinds lol eltlllloraell. (FANCY AND VARIEITY A RT'ICI.ES--Fren.h and American portlale iesks and ' aIo ses, sOe very rich nnil finly ltoisll'd Inlick work I.,' I ndres sing cases, with aId without music, IisieiA boxes, Ac cordians of various kind, violins and guitars, silver anld plnted pencil' and leads,wood mpncils for carlpenters Iand er onls, Untilte Icloke,gtsand pisitols Wit andl withollt eaes rcusio ncop., peret.sin p chargerslpple tr eritvers, i hot bidehgaf e ba'i'c alste G le ki0 , toil einll setIs, |hdian hlleeds af] (ever}" kind, bIelle aud )ilumes. tineand cominnon knises, razors nul scissors, tiihbl.s, needhIl)ills, tns, sliler pit'te, st reel uudcolmlll on eO clta les, pocket hoks nd iwallei o various killso visilting curdsl ud card cases, p)i,.g cards of French, lGeruml sald Almeric n nilllllllutlll ll, dIl , imit tillruit, stil hexes, pa11o Iif' 'ar'ios kin s,llllSee 'IP.eo' Pl'o.IoIv'e, E.IIctee'so e, I lillllellee alnd Il'wtkiu'. reter riol etlld metallic hones,iriks, fincy Iaced necklaces, hi wth tr drope,toy watches, pearl buthous, powder Ilnsk, el anlld plain sei d eads, gillt ad silver do' , guin elstic uspeni der, dnid garters, plain and sword ones, backgaoloen boards, dice, optical viennae,jewsharlps, lctco ilnatch no nnd drinking lcape, with a great variety of other arti cle, all owtilit It will he sold lie cash or city alt elptan ces on 12 months credit. B 11 5L31)1MiS, & co. d4 70 Chartreael. D OLBEAR'S Science of Pcemuanshi i rceeived,Iand 1for sale nt their peennnenlt Writimg Acad.emies No. 8 Chatres street, New Orleans, 1J Broaledway Newl York, Dau hine At., IMhbilh. It ii priiieularly desigredl ir private learners, and tlll)Ol, Unt ii ellhulated fiur ier.otll i of all aeeso. Ladie all t lltenlenl are invitee o ecall and examine len nVlateltn farl lheal.-I'he.. Ieisons are givell at suchll ouse as may stil ile coUvellietlCa of all, and to classes lurllted iln .lly pare of th e ity. I.adies wile prefer itctn receive .esoono at their .own ref sidences. Perst nos iaving for one : se of lesons are desired Santtend untitl they write e1 well a thel wishl. DEAFNESS. A NE\W rticle for persas tr illed with Idearness t (;eailed tl, Ear 'I'rultpet,) hue just been receitved, IIiti e o: iifCii t hiei tlhttu sligiltest tlrliutllltiolt o ti - In voice is dlilstinctllv conllteed to the ear. Ally oiie who Iona ever iceelt l;liged t+ 'ollverte witillt:l vlcrt dtic pteeou, Imte tio filly seltil)le itf the dillciultt niI nl rt. arrtrlssowllt experielced both by themnelves nllI tihe in dividuals so tutll rtuueatelvy lllictLed. By the u-Ce of the Enr 'Trumpet. lti-t objection is entirely oi beitel. 'The ntoa et tplical have Illisi aall. tnded their doubtl nltel having u.sed til Tl'rulapit. Iior tale at T 1' GUION'S, Fancy store, corner of Comit,ot and St Ckarlet ttwr s; nTutr the. i(ege lillte. felh 1:1 SIPERM! OIL- 02l) gtliotns pire winter i t Speru Oilh, in cehks aed l11tb1, for sale by J.ARVIS & ANIDI1WE\\., Whole-ale I)ruggals, curer c e unmln uanl Ttchp In. atreeta. t1e.r ; V, I I TI.' - L E A t.D - -5O h la, I ti i |t lo 440 keg, 1til" "; 2111 do 2L5 " English do-95 1-4 bblh . -00 * 110 Paint irushrni vari us inars; I tere Veertiillion; 5 bl l Ceopal Varnish; 2 Japan I C.oiull "I packs Gold Leaf; o50 do Silver di. I10t do Dutch Metal. WINDOW G(. I\S, American, Erglish and Frenoh --IOI btltr, vtenat eiree/gotlqunlitieis. Bnoito t.rxi, dto.--OI.It bIra,ecoi.tilliieur, will be toll low. Aloe, a general aesortotao of artistn' colours and tooit, for oute hy A W SUA°A E,° No 16 Coaml street. N t. Atlabamo nortco takot at p r, oad Mieisnisipp notes will bIe received at 10 tper oelt dincouni for goods, or itn lltlnt ofi debts. je I Iw LOUR--300 lulilg ft. t snteamer lrdepent. nuce,2 ale d IN)tRSEY. MR. WIL:IA.MS, OCULIST, Now AT TaLE JEFFER80N HOUSE, JEFFERSON TtREEz, - LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Lorisrille .ld,'erleiver: if--t appears by a the observation of the Editors mof the NashvTlle Presbvyterior, nion no 'T'roans cript, a well oas the editors of the Meehihors Eotquirer, that tile "Ol Gentlemal is among the Itocors. ithis is per by is kinly ragoe, knowin tht is tor sime is hut short, attdi that the indepaldenot Aaterican people oire able to judge for them.elves what are prlfs aad bnpositions. Tile worthy editors who are Doctors, tile proprietors, editors or sub-eitore of tile above oloterd journals, ell every letter from persoos halve ea!ored to sight in iih abtove places letn. . 'he fact is, tihllt i over hld .lth great success within so limited a period as tee or twelve idals. One who was Rn el aoolut tell year, who le man o sly' .een the light from hi Iirtih, Iegnm to see to follow tiia ra-ter to Imy hotel, inetecd of Ioeingr obligel to he le Iyv hit. Two yot latdies, whor Id each losto the sight of one eve, tone for t'on v. eer d the otlerr for llelrly twor years having both r lthoet tile oitier eve very weak; et ecil oer tllo'e Vollt ladlies heElan to 'oe \vitlr hoth ryes, whirhe rnliit [I ,lire imvselfrill continues, ex er.ptint th tiriter' lr tle infouerlle or dofhtllf ,n of ithe Medieal IDoctors.. Another is the dtlhrticoiert oa respertnldte ineolhnt, wo o nlle oI o nlot ootld never to mention, (as e paid e i metrnv fees)' who aid she Ioon lost tice pesjt rf one ee lter thilh e of l lllollthi, hut that site nohw egireil to read lare letrrters Oi:h the other eve rreeln ieto ihllt. Thi tithe doctoer oeittos krrew, as the ter tl.ta told me Oritoelf the bed ein doe'ell Iles dtrehrter to the office of rie ntedie'd editort. tlot tihey might le itftermed of the firt. iThe lust sall nfll:ion is arr eltirlv gCntlcen nr by tie rnoee of ount nmelv eei ve'roI veoto'o of age, whoieclared r oth liiclv bIv letter, whicin lie toni to all tin tdihfrelt oftie in Naeilxtillreo btot one or, and himself teld roe ie had id for the inrrrit oa thrtcer theliy demoatednc , n ho irec nr ed ill that letter tihart l e totae illy deprived of the wiht of ee over f.-oln if ks aeter his birth, which histinotiroetat,'d to i.t, .. ocetsioned by trie mearles or small pox tha;t tnow e cilll notlt onl see tile liht orf tile sIt, lire thie fret tinee that lie Ireollects, bit tie stars also, and Wroit ero alig to det i.i l entlish manyn objeilct; Hdir. hun, efore I left tiat e;tr give ol ny proof thit ehr ecoilr tee o walk abhoht Iit- .herele with tie other cere 'eonlte ieietihosed. He Rsaid ire had been meber flti the lOethItlist Eiieoptopl Choirei ltir net rlv forty rears., o I that irs word rra never doubt edri ohr g tb te .h hoe e collrrt of hise lif. ii. I repat trlte It h'oi never grecatoer roene than t Nashville, rond hitm tre orlicoil ao eolerieal doctors had teverbhfontl'e nltort, e Ie \ Io e enraed. The pionc n ionail e eia the R er. clerical Iet Sr ithl peoveIe when re stated to ore thft alollt six vlel eorist . her 0 converted from bein n prerf'ct iolriioii, to believe in tile nctris a of'he Bible, thaint he ost have mado e a trifing error-that I e most hate ve ttoootttoo to rtio 'ioefrre tho endr ofoirX eaosl to eOlle, ies hell ire eoi nverr'el fron hio inltileCliye, a . tire pirit f trie true lati-t' r of ther tearceftil oalt hIellil doi etrile, of tile t lcistill religit n tollre trt i tbretie oltt ieot'rttion, ntae, chlmnv anat flsReirodi tIo please hie loetdieol l'niedros, nenin~ t tlte a whoml Ihe konew ha ditne sot mon tgori ,tor n on in jry to anyl ote. All teile inlebitants of Nnhfvilheii sikre of tihe gretel r-t'ecs i had, v-eept tle edicai'il (ioartos aMost of thole alo had leen ilformed v Mr Yount of the cure pterfirrmed tin O s totally blirnd ev.o 3. T'ile fae ttil o'ih iS. cflihis townoc prietendr tloat nrivae in the Srtollwteit. Thi proIesoi hive rI hirl, rol that l kept the i o ot nit I arrived in thi s seotion. If I aillnedl tie ill tihe northl I Ollit to iave "aillert d nIi lti or ill tile snotl nd ltllw 9ltl aIn t still Ilope to wear thelrk on toio very vaothfil f rroviw tay ol y Ileao , in spite of the hitllporetttio of tie oceat )r .,if I ay jud.e from the uma I ale jlroaede hey eoiluted in tI' rite withill three da svr . i4. lThe a tat theek pres et ii to i.oermn the nioi cal folitahs nndl eoitor rof the ireprulinrn nod Tr s IlrvtPril onoi of tilt llUion, of Nad hvlv lie ino weoll .re r ile e.litor i and t ot nl rdie rl editor of hie olMemphis El. ier snetll s nIII t'relli ue, tie edmitor of tithe rrolllvir e Jcernal, and 1,le thice lerdieal (ioliah edii.r ,f his city, tile po latt to., t I io l ll bnorin a tiols I'ililst thil n , fr vltlu erlation, sllr ndeer or otalllnly illlllO i mtelv w aer my arrival in t iew Y nork, 1 well its nCalifSt thei" nmiublc re hran the me1ical Gnliahl of the north. Snow bind myself by ptnlise, iere G o rquit tIin, happy lard of liberty' untli have brought p lho noses o" e rv Ill leica Glo liuh nf thet Inorhl,.ll oell o ihoe sourt ald liet ertPr to tie gri .itnoutO! Thir nliirtertd, ltrce fore, llov eal li . nt ftiiotd a Inn oaintg tie i oloai of nex e vrolet ill Nt.w rk, o .hre loitere, post npaid, rlld eo r trlerts, will blt e oe tro teio i ro to re. . 'T1o infrm thte .bhlic nhat 1rer pairr sn caltoeo which lhe {inv. c ftlricalh" Nofertnd infiell p'tend was wrilttn for hinr was wrt itten ctore thlon a wetek ,rior, nod interied tor tie onte. It. Ilowoll, wt re it ill Iny "iditniotot illt sttrio.ti ng try is lr . (; ol o (i l)rlltlr, tonic it to Iris stllut A'l erllodlle it ill the wtrt l, h hidiih he said ire tirotot wol o wt.r my prtrose kletrl;t h delivered lt i heml t t Ilt .: ir wiholi th o t lrie nilnlg t I l 'lted to hlie Iih frogl I1:0 tdultr, s I t ever' aOn I)to eu ei C tii to lir l ant ge IRo n nnv other, hnv maowney th letltiinm u nas. The fcve oetor's.w, . tttae l ot't is br'forr c lth public:.I ohu itrono examillned fll .+'y Ii.ill e. ReP. \vi Ii a e/,nlll· e Ill, t iu lin te "riend a f hi, yas ,cei e too t for oe f iv Rtiento' r i nc ' cr eo' ,lI to o b n reuefoore rwih ioht'r , r finollllh11 all to he noi uotiore nh d all t. pralir ets to'r ho Imolet or les I Pllllted, fe ilever ie tiin hal ]ooe id ce t I tlllllt r oa tr anr t draw t ol ip o o u h Ii atl':c l e r I e wrote oli re'l tr pInllri n.ti' t , not add ressed i to Sncsoll tloe ooi l the nl.0 ;n a0 d tlere0 r I'l w n th lirol firls tojoic ~nth ohem tor all-rowerfrl nolrl h ,o phvr ioo o and i olleetutttl flor'oe of tfirt sai, In-e --rc o'eo r'o er i lericnl infidel. We reoal in the Biblre tiat 'n t r.' r is owrll Irb its fruilo." I arre say tle converted ilnrioe irha's. pre inte i o go.te that otni1sloe. I. otl loe id ntiv .nt:l trot 0 ahirse Ii, morintrl I hlor ru, o ot a. aI .h, Ily shewinl er that ret wnte loie Irlee brird. I.e i1tis seie whelooher Ill etllao of ohuliv ie of Iilv r wi laIph" to i ',s we ll o. it b ,i ~( p11 t dll l l to anlltl er uoll ttr'l inrfide II, i tr in no ay or [lip ill carnation of his Divine .in00ler, absoluttlyg ,oll Ihim lire olat I ctlo er of 1p wtore of oihter. Ill' yanswer ic, boot it was never iolele-lt, n.t it h0 rotorme l() ito1, 1 n t o nt hr rld so Ire any one, it ,vas tirt corn e, tnql it the ninth port of all the reoi'r prio 'er's f' , t o f o' per i iir re. orlltaroill trw ot lolohree rtotoltii" ec(t'oV o loeioronte allller. hi \ alr - wle ho he repentel l0 hree 0r 0our timtoor ill t ie o 'rrt esbi r lr i iinon n'r ll . he i lrooio reirialsi hao i over incdendt h to br odein, I ehtOhl har.cord oololei at o'obahilitv, he waih hnvr gladlyV I" eked ni hi e, iaol nolt afhrri'tre. (t r Ie olrt l'.rv ife I 0 0 d l0re ca i inl a wow to have, his acvepl:tlil ee. " 8. i d' I tle lev. Ilocto, r blootl rall" eronverreld to ili' I 'cllforf Irhe dtn'inres of tlt navioltl. he wolll eot have iroemied to coaeteond exa'oinen' lpatient' .ilthi. sit khet)ilc his oword, o o have oeiwvs totolid every Inliislole of tire oo)tiet l zealollu tot, dlo or. I:t1 h beie n irtllt- concertel, hle wnul, no t ril) liti Irove poos tok againot ithe Aomeri'lo insetitutilon whiht, it i welllhownco, are more nerrl't, And , hieh are superi'or to tntav in somroe prots of ro'urope. tits cI nn.lett so I tfinh piollcated Ronue r or 1111r lierrarv hlar enters, as to be sc:ll v restrailled firolll "llllirhr·lg It io ' On the (or po I er avine -viorent ]lands o' l 1 it. T ihe ret. orntl otrll rlllrlrll R)h S etltella , is witho' t reallse, (uanles he is tu~lnlnnialed), llllollS h e III' Ihlhra thionk to hlte ha ar too oonb tlre Ameritcaniciosorloot )eelllu~e he iq a o-. 1111 ted c infi' I saw he has It l-a' iall ought to speak well ' f tllrfeillt'i Iee herooca rover. I follerV tire g:pllant Cttoiplitt-oirloI aed e'eePrIl ot 'rr a llelll oungo geltolt'tterl of Nlas' ville. , ir''elleer Pwell th eoodndct of thil plioo exlpoualer oif tie tHoly Scrilptures! 10. I lerel s ontw o o uclhnltoth hlotm l nooror cllOt)e as the IRev. Ioctor weas tie dairo I cal il ti reasol with hillc, . ovIel le n lennel Ire y g:ey hIlt rs witlh all Icp lifted pcicnollt: a ,lllll, if if h Oll IlilVde iIIhp IItn to the iF'o lll f o r dhio'il ,to l i ll al ore I ec rilll o illillioter nIi llfr hIis duty, by it hrihe of iii pier+, of sIver! I "really Irootlrl i d iri)11o tho lln t i e 00"U l U CetlO am" I rad l i1p 11II. I srtemti h dre lhfire I 'cod, ar niot not afraid 't!cap Ilio to wcttier, fliOt o never, in the ehole coltrse fll 4" laer prictice its a,, oculist, i llnl'e-let Britain. I.'r tl b, HIlelzi I n ml \c, in a inc le r tlrtoo nnr o elte t as a Io toh ' a oli tllC o llt IthIe editor I It'oll on nr d.t 10' a yi.-'fhc'itien fotdo flohrtreforooe e rIo te trlIblewhieh I o;elll siOl 0 l e 'rlle o Illd f nr i asto ,,tral s floe rel oy tool\. aertreoo to for 1000 toe 'tor ot th e crh, Ith o tle i . ritero f tot Nota dI1l(tte wotll oil onleltlo It irloret trillot let'r tio your toot ric UIc c t t ll inl l hoetloe -'. onliy oillierlel tlIeIll it n or r' ' Or' 0 olireotor, ore Oct r Sirooror iretlec '~lieul oi I'i rof rell,o'li o ',.a-iort ot o roottir'' e I ']root l ll c o l lrroo lo thol( 'coo'li.rt Illll~lr, ·n o o d i o trt tro orm d IdeT otIore tot lll€ 1. eoiillootf Ire too11il r\\'t+le l-, 00 ii0000 too booh triyil l l, Ic "1 o il o lrlle ot oitl e tool lh e rior'iorrrlollrlrl,' eillliliothe r' or ' illoellto tit.oet)lpithiceto Ioto'eto"r S'lhl0 olrto ierrioot Ilaroo-I roitiirtt tit lse oellor t lferefn itnle tiolee olrioill, r . oiiir WRa. irioorro Ile coco I en. en11111 0recOetory torp tire pWerroio thooe oo u lithe tlWiott io thite. ciltpy, roleie roc, oiellcflrolecin lie lt entooldothro' rtt|ltoo llt8 inch'# of I hsrrhtFt'lrcttpfl.oie o irr e r titoitot io' o sicer or orr aiocer 1ri i or rllldt rit iee dldoi sUr ilth $1e00 Iol ctit on. t ,lroo' scotreo trot e r. o Vil t ci I lia h shleeroi'o aroihal y I o teilt1r i n t. d .ta llil detailll tS· IlOU'T. B. C tIO\V ul00I I 'I'ENNE~Kt' MAI1), L.OUt',1.1.1'.1, . B ll Nit MAlP oe 1·0015 teA, with) ill canalsL roads I and distannce, rom pIlace to IjlID , ,long ulustage and stcautboboat roluteI,y 11. 'I. 1 ennr. MITCHElL'S 1MuP op Ti IE UNITED $TATE9 Fhuiliug the principal 'turnpike rnslid Ionn relds, niu which tir given thle diealnlres in mles routr~l one place to another;; alsIthe courses of tilhe usIIImI and il rIeads thrIITIgh not the coutnry, crefI'llPry cmpiled frottt the best Iu tlhriuli.s-publslhfed by S. AugIIcItgs t Iiitpbhl. MIITEIELL S TRAM CtE lS (UITDlE TIHIDIIEDI TIIE L'UIITED S`TATIAS; aap of the roads~j , dbistanePs ea beIt und&IIEl routes, &c. just receivTel adll fIor sle WM M'I{EA.'I, (1 tlI S ONI PIIILADFLI'I.I1-Fl' sDIt by c Y'ollaa I"lcOr lleRt s 31 ti,` : aity ýIrret, TI151 IlNOlIAlO'Ct v vaun. jIOR theoureofrheumntism,sertfuls orkingsevll,gput, s ciatica or hIlip gout, ilciient cancers, salt rheum, ,bphiltic and mercurial diseases, particularly ulcers and painfidoaffections of the bones, ulcertedtlhoant cer nos trils, ulers of every description, fever sores, and internal ahsents, ft tulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chro dic sore eyes, erysmpelis, hlthes, and every ariety ofes tanems afft'ectlon, ehronie Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from any acrid htomor, pain in tile stomanh andl dys pepsin proceeding from variation, affectionsof the liver, chronic inflamlmation of the kidneys, and general debili ty caused by a torpid action of tihe vesaels of the skin, It is s rnguolmly effcacious in renovating those constitutions which have been broken down iy injudicious treatment, juvenile irrendarities. In general terms, it is reen m rottled to all those diseases which arise from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Somne of the above complaintsmay require some tri fling asistant applications, wh Ich thecireomstances of the case will dictat.; but for a general remedy or Purifieator to removethecause, the INIIIAN'S PANACEA will generally- be found sufficient. TO THE PUBLIC. IIow true it is, that modern Physicisns, mi their nm hition to excel in their profession; explore thie vast fields of sience by the aid ofchemlistry, and seek out new re medial agelts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as beneath their notice, the rich and bounteous stores ofmediceine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true isit that while the American Phlysician looks to foreign countries for man' ef his most common and 'ecessay articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offashion or ftlly, he is suroc.alded in his own country withan endlessprofusion of medical .lants, sufficient to answer any indientioa in disease or to cure any curable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vlr toes, and they are suffered to 'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' The effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temtoorary-those of minernis lasting. The former ex ert their effects and pass off-the latter, mercury in par titcul-r, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the bones and undermning the constitution by a slow and sutre destruction. The congeniallity, efficieney anti SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may be estimated byv contrast ingthe ancient ilactice with the modern; or, to bring it more immediately un;ler our own observation, th Indlli an practice with that of the whites. Whto, in America, nos not known or heard of repented ilstmoces wherein some deerepid, nltcrtending female lltian, by means of her simie remelliea alote, has affcoted the most rapil and astonishing cures, after the .latebra Medica of tihe omemo t practice, directed in the most skilfll manner, has failedt? And who has not been sorp'ised attihe omn ittativccase ad fatcility t ith which ttte Indian frees hiln self iom any disease, and at the almost iota abstinence ofcbohric disease among themo Who has ever heard o anll Indian witha constitution broken ando ruined by ill treatmentt? A:nd cal a doubt exist that this hanppy ex emption of the savage from most oftthe ills which tihe flesh of man is heir to, is elliefly owingi to more geonie ancl safe remedls which iho empltoys? 'Tis astonish ing diftlrettce in success, is a ftir exemplifieation of the infinite superiority of the simple and safe means of cure which CGo has created for the benefit of his children, overthos which tile prlide and te art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion of theaborigin alinhahbitantsof thisconntry, andaln intimate al llain tance with the, methods of cure of some of their most successfll practitioners, tile proprietor of ''The ltdin's 'alctrea,'acquired a knowledge of some of tile mlst powerl'laudfoavr'tirte reledies. From ttIhese esselected such its were most efficaciousand alppropriates, and after various experimentsto to test their principles and strength, lie has combined them in the flbrm here presented, as the most pertf, ct and leneficial for the purpose Ior which it isrccommended. 'ithe propr'ietor offers hOis preparation to the public, with tile consciousness that lie is placing withintheir sea, a remedy capatle ofrclieving many of his aolticted fel low beings, who aeo suffering under the various chronic and obstinate comtplaints to whilh it is applicable. To such it will prove of inlttcrdnable valle, as the means, and inl many cases, the only meansof elieving their sul erilngs and restoring them onernmore to health and hap piness. Thisis not ofl.ered as a common remedy, that may per chance be equally good with many others now in use, butl as one whichl is caable of sat ing life in many extreme casesbMich al l thcunusualr'emedieslitl. 'Thisit has done repeatedly; and this is tie reprutatiou ithasob tained wherever it has been introduced. It is only aoot three yerlts since this preparation was preselted to the publie: but in that short space of tune, some Ilndre'C is tof persons mighit he ifound, who would solemnly declare that they believed that their lives wtre saved by it, and ill mostoasesolltler thely ad tried tIto:Iy anid perhaps all the ca ton remedie( s in vain. W\1'ir ever it is knownl i iisrliadlv collug into use, and this anllbrdsthelonrt substantlals udctsincing proof of it merits. The vrllloe f te e Puntleel i most conspiclltls in those long stalling and svphililic and scrofllous afl"etions thlch hate e efied all other, re,,edies, and p:aticularly ill Ithose cases ilela nlercury has beea sio latis !y Ivied as to else distressig Ipains ill tile honles, nodes, ilel. rial ulcerls, iteralg;lltm t ofl the dligestive or.ans, lls e. Theose it cmnnletely removeio at l in ill easto it dlite Iy lolictes the iteisses :ta11 oftets of mlterculry, renIt votestlhe constirttiol, Imt :ll·are the patliellt soellllll and well. In r-1 ionllism and in ulcelaled sore throat, its Iappy ef'ects itL'e not less ailpparent, gcilpg almost itnme-l 'Tlakenll in lprnper' Inses, thellllan's Pannaela operates astn allernati\ elnlo t dt:t rgenlt; ill pl . ie, dieItoti'e, stll laxatives, n ati-sp nts.odita ;alcnol ytne; ,nlln in pr o lterases, asllasinthic ad emIellletolln le. (en(r. lly exglpressedll, it inrall strs iall he secretlns nal tex eaytise, airesltonelto tlhe stlach, ag1d excites aeltiloel i to olad itn a ptrlcteiU lon:lntor.o Flron these princi ples itsolel-rltiony s lali ot e I nldrstood. This medicine has bnee loaunl highly useful in mrny amndiguol. diseases n)ot here specif icOl, n:Ill it has th"n aIId wilth wonld fill success as a Springunld:1 Fall PIl I' eaot b t ihose t wh te oitcsulet to coploaints te chest,r rtll whose constitulion:rciicre new i igor. i Such itr sons w ill do well to use t vo or three bottllles in sm.lldo scs, W\helever a dlit drink is considered necessary, tl:is Panate, taken inl a snalldose; will answel all its Ill~ol'lses, ill Umlch less linme, at less expense, lnd ll n:1 Ita more aiti-"able m'anner lhliu tile commll diet clrink. The flloowing cerltificates, out of hundreds similatr, which lillt he procured, are given to show Ilan effect of the Il ttnd tult'an llancea, in tte vrio'srcicm e pmiaihttl nrein mllntio.ed;t aalso to exhibit in thi e mnost sptlislytolrv manner its sllrioriy over the sylllus in comlmon use. CASES OF ILIIEUMA'tU SM.L CHANwLESTOn, NOS. (5, i 3.2 )iulintg thelasl winter and seingi, I was ailiced with a very severe and distressiong rllUlallismn occasioned bi cxloOIet o ill bad wetther. I unw takcgreat ileasIIre st slartlg, ll:ltt six t ottle oifitte tdtialos Patutaea, Inestgrd me to tc toolt lIaclth, ald I confidently rcnntelt it toc all similarly aitlict td. JOlHN FERGUSON, King st. CReULESTON, t March o7, I 7 ,80. I was seized about thre years since, with a distressing reonaltisl, Callsed by taking a severe cohl, \while undltr thetilltlllele of mercury, and which has itsablend re from bulsiness nearly ever silnce. Dulrling this period have he, t a patient in the a Marine hospital, in this tit IIp warlisot frll months, andil nearly the sanlte lenglth" time i tile Blaltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever roellvy, with little benclit. On the 16th of Februar. last, at that time scarcely able to move alhot upoll cllltch es, comnlIelled the ose of lldinn's Panacea. p it Ole monlh I fiond myself euitely froed firom pain, and st now happy to state thatcConswiter myosn f pertfectly well. .,VM. TU('KE, I; , Market st. CAFES O)F SCHIOFULOUS ULUEIS NIEW YOUK, Sept. 1i, IF010. This may certify that ill the fll of 18'25, I was seize with a swellinll n my neck and thee, r which aliterwa,"i ule-ated anllll became large ghastly ulcers in my necll. Atlterlt tvil stvelal ilhysirtiall tlo no ldcntage, I wen, ol.Phihldelphna, and placed II) sell' under the cares irs. PIhisc andi Ileadch, wohen, fter repeated salivalOllton to no ef(i'ct I was prona ced rutter l e i ·rc ia l le. A rl.Irto w-lIS Ilnok tweor bottles of Swainu's m na h...e..aell.d ciol I)espairin.oflie, wahi t hatd mnow bec e a a silaihed 1. me rethurened to If)o pwarents in New Yolsr , ill u 1d'21si an leath, asccss of The illdian'sis PalufeaI s hoeveb, o ill d a Siluiar le lIly) o0'1C1 was perIs.uedIot. 0 it1, aalast i¥1 Iort. Tos a y l reat su orlniste, w a a ulces hatis l.etionc. sonnfid myselrapdly reoveo rsinlnd npltous *ilamint se xen bellies, tim ulcershedled and ne hejoe Ipt. verfall wuell ill bihe oulseneft.wo Inl tlls, al.d hlve oremlnele so ever silce, i makeNthis statelen ndl wdshituluistbed leuth, aio d + li considetrs his lil: rred Ioy the ubovo st- lIII' tlv ,Pl* llrfqeolrs, l'rhonpitoul,.s street al. NEW ORLEANS $& NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMIPAN Y. 1' liE stokhohtl!ert of this company sre herebly to tified tlhat ly a reselutilo ot tile ie ard of tiree tistn paeasd onl the 19th injt, the call tnte on them ta Ihe 13th Ialabruatrv ttt, for tile paymenllltof five dtolhars a share, was rescinded, and the said stoekholders are fitrileroatitied teat WIIt.RI"AS, by a resolutiot ofthi+slard paseda on the 19th iti t .t call [la been :a ade on the etnekiltolalere of the New Orleans lld Naelville Rail ioad Company forte th fllowing paymeatstt on tle thle stotk helt rspIc titely hbyh/'t:,viz:-two doiiars )er share, payuble on thle tietalay of Saptenlb r next; two dotllart er shareI p'Val "the ill ayith firt aI) of I)eeter Ilext; soueit twe dtlhhtrrtteiTae Iparethle on tile fi et tay of ,lt.rci nlext. ýowvt)XV t r e i)Ft; it resolveed, tb:ht th e setartM;lly of' (ise nlllnIyV sh:ll Ilnotify tlhe. share hohlers therein, thrmt.'+, Ihle puldic pr It+ Of the city,thatl in conlllormity will the .ttioan of the charter, tfleyare permitlad to postponle ally pymenIIt enlled ill oil te stock 'f said clmlany for Ithe terlllaof Fixty dlays, fro anlld latr tihe iin l. however, that if 1ot regnlarly pil witlill tle saitl araolateatioaof sixty dtala , frolnt alnd t Ftr hl ta y on slirli it shouluhl hve been paid, that then thl stock on whic'l said pymets bhothl Ihave been n.dl is alnd reai . !orsefited to at etomnpaty, thle hartetr ol that oittiltt llat illpl'e ative. Ilt eaollitrti ty therefhre, to satd tilall, slsttk of athe sttektoldersa inl saidl eompaatt as thillnk petaer tot Ct oi thhe tayteltta on their sttak to tle tedl t' tile ad:litinall sixty days, which thile charter allows Iltllm,nre noitified that Itle paymenlt ofl two dol lars per slare cnlled for,and tlne oti tile first of Sel teltnlarlext, tmay be pstlmted under tile sixth sectitn of taid clharter, until tihle :tlt dy tf Oettobar next, thlat thle payment ot two dollars per share called for, and dlue ontlthe fil'atday of l)ecemnber next, Ittay he post ponlld until thle tlth day of Jattntary next;and til paty tsent of two dollars per share called for anlld Ie a the fillst day of Marchll nea, Iany be postpoaed until the 30th day of April ntxrt. Extraeta of te minutes o1rf the board. jtnn. l A R McsNAIR, Sec'ry. ouWOt.. IlAP, itt rates-)) dsenr iaite-tb Slat,fat or sale n OlIN II iGRIIAAMI. slp If STATEI' OF LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the J Parilh and City of New Oorleans. TIIIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom I tlls Presents shall come, Grre~trinog:iWVhereao, I Joroes Hosoe hiring prcciased ot a oole mode by the Sheriff of tile porieh of Orlerne tile property hcrclicitee dtscrihedt,'ls eoppliel to the clerk of tris court, in whose ofoici tie deed of sale was recorded on ihe Olhdoy of April, A. O;1lt38, for e monltitC or odver tioement n conformitv to ait act of tieLegilnturnr of theS rte rof Louiriana, ethilledi'An act for tie frlher assno rter of titles to po hnrere oatnjudicitalsales;" approved the I0th day of arlocir, 1834. NOOV, rlceefirre know vr, rnd all poeroetn interesteld iherein, are Ibrre jtv rired alod adrtonielto in thre name iif the State of Louisiona, andl of the Parish Court, rlwho can set rI nay right, title or claimr in andl to tie property irreelhft ider ecibhed, in eonruolceme ofav iniirhnllity ir the orcrdec ree or iudgirent of tireou iadrer hlrrh tie amle wanre, Nooor any icregiulrityc or illegaClity irt tie ppsime ts apdpi rleeImusebnm, ir timoe, or mnnner of seol, or for any otller grerct whatso ever to show caurrse within tlir tcntys from the oay ti moncitions firer iroerteil ic ihen inlhlic paicrr, hy tihe rln so cone sleold nut be corfirneld anAii hono loeited. Tir eRid priefrvi eoru rsold by tie Sherilf of the por is afor.rtsid oi hric 14thr day of April, A. I). it:o8, by virte cf adeCtee oerf thir Court, reered onh hlln h day of Febnron A. I). U38 in aa0 emit entitlced Aleanrder ChlIVreoll s. Jaoner lIcule, No 10,367 of the doketb of tlis Collrt, tet wihile aleR the anid Jies lllane belonie tire amrhaser for le pricen of tweoty o l8houscondi dolli rs. Dsoeerilptioo Pefroperty as giveon in the Jirdicil Ccui O rvavaee, vlz: Acertain lot of cerTid sitrcted in tole rleIIITh An LEnci:tion rlinA llcrcAe of this r oitin square No 5, alid lot havring F'rnnch nieiisureI~c (jll lit:tt froult ea Thouo pirilces drseel, Clii foet nerlln ten Oriiors street, nd fi feeat on f.ocrmlei du blcrel, acter tin rsulhn lnirener tlnt sl cilotfgeroud iit i ieet jheic foionfle c siine of tile qioe tor tihe other, gelrlcnr cnitlr a diwelling Ionrse fioititr on I'ctllllillrritli streete tne kitchen unm deit entdenlr a slto ithie rdisillery CrrsrhlislrrePlroi eretee lerel antriier Iroidingo sl inpropvemlern, tire tirchhioer, tenlril, imolrse llrto ilid nixttiree beiormngiag Irri, dci itille crv, its r' celll cij rem and la lprlrtentirieee, nd tie rigllt ltcii aeri,rrl rivilogec tiroetirr blonrgirlg o ill 0ay wise l1pesrt:iiinfl. Clero'r (iffic, New Orecnsr, lnry 7, 183e. noi44&jij:S I. OliiE ieprrtvCier. ETAT 1318 l.A I.UUtciANIE-Uril tie ('aetorou peeor la roissr et eill Ire o N ,mvello Olietlus. L't18,'AT I)E 3LA LOUISTANI8.-A toue cerox rlce cot ie ftsoettl Eoncrerneet, Srluti: Atrtlldcll (IIIc Ilanmes oalis 7 day l tchet. P ude ette foitr par le Shrl lelapaeroiste ooderlaos aprit prrletfi ei-rnt dircirei, s'cst dlrcoireess n Gre de t ello 'i llt Oil Iio dito vints - lr l elrregisti(.e Ir .2e ero Mao lie e 'o rlle ioer , IllOel eoocidetoofeeieiclineoicTetodcitou' tgiororsen iiei' tirt ltie tI louisinrle, initituit,- Acr poutr Acr nle rr s tittra lies teqoqurecrnc olr yearnet jllcia'ies;" le i larls i8i.i. qt'il soite'i urolo, ct etoritr ltrilsoli inlelbssceet sart irrEoocr lreote m oinl0 e niter all nm ct e 1'i iatto l n Ic Lotlstenc et di In Cricellr l oie areoi qoi poeriurrentacoiel drrir IIthpoprioile eri-nirlies tit.trite, el eolrree llrlltei r 'ul o lr ut drr i fi rllr dials l'olrlet trleclterer on ie jllgeeilolde ri lomire, rl reri lI la e'ctto a itlc iti, n lie nurje J hratllir. iltigrllt.h Ionl lrr'esrirriioiol'cris Oclle tolii t trle nle dc ito illrne, oil pour nnro lltrle relllliS t uelrniopei; ie ilne veil ndoiS Ilet ojolrpaie die delt o lll. a 1ine hcfte ceal llrgui i ir rliitc c iiii iite i I ie seiit tos conffriiinc el hlolologu(r,. la Weliri dgeat, tilt ve ndr le Puhel ipumilh o qua. tmi i.e Tlreiirr fri dci ito lL ondo. eli certt i l irr oube e irinthe 1338,t ci, teoei nrlrrt l[icrlet rIo iettre 0cr to 5,. li. ivei'r e ic I'lrltlir 1838;, denrllire ndl Ir'Alelder Cncidell, iolltrhe Jlretsr lilitanr, No Ifl,:Li7 dll locrei r o rierttoer or, rlirn(elle vstale dite intlh prosian. [ I s'et i preodu acqpirre iir Ic pirix rio $31,(000, l)D riplriptio de k lolr i ii r i e':iti iis lencrurfiisife dii e, Srlvuln.: I'sl *nrgtan l" t use fterr h sil. am l mu lorr de ' ll Inaliol i ntll Istne uponS ,1 pilc+ ' lie v I. hiiII I'ibd No 5,b Iciohliet i tcllor i ire follt un siu r frialle ibxo I rildqdefe u lollillln~ la x~¢'ChooplC(tPl~uln .,]ro~ti(s'i·lll Iied lie 11: 1 [lil' d i f~lo~ll de Ill ri. du % i~plrh. iit s ai.t 1 ut2 le dhltd e rinep a soi etalC rhl d 'a.ztourld'unora rl lnerr rlo eroIt riiiiei it tllr e tri ro irvi r thir onnIro feiioorii' lilie iot rilen, Corihelloi l lirtirrs, ilr o lnlrin.rr ci in , Ilio I cllI trio lii 0 o e irtr i l, al ' lrelr 'l Il. eI tlo.or p hllrrlrr ;ler lltte riir I l i ii e n le ,h lrhi eltlhoo, ho.l apver he Ilaut hem. Tlhr l dl, illrie eprmrt i a cnc , el nd lo r lts c, rro ir riille tii 'lori d ruistro b ksierr ,:ur l rio c lr r ir mr edicciii l o Unl ited S tt ron oii. rirb ( r it litu drci ltoge le ith eing.l i ar, N ouve pll u irnalo re l r i , ai, 1'ire roe t.1. s tona Jey, A. o n, . OIII , ilnlll llulm( erous Incrr . To e o rilig n ri n" e i r el llti r io i n ss:.s ill ll e dL citi ' ei 1211) hIIRl v I (II%" .. \)kill FsI.1C .ltlllntlir €,f hene litri el Ag le, wof t hiIt mild cicie llnls imo i too, a el,) s tor a n, Fo lh~wof allt aplcarti Sority Sugeonce llile, dlOgilgr flhlrt, N liV leiIollct oll7c N Yo, ilty l Stolerot Cetioerel Arfi! thby Uniem.rd Ltlor. Thtis ahtihe iI3t l t Orgetlici.,', htl ll " llce r ('irirr tn l I-11 rLlllcl\ :lll· I( IIII) ir · OS · Mirbic : le, Er 1. troorit. (;xpel-]'ll tn, k? an lnrlllltl lil>d Sllullcll* s inli thec t'itllit' aimhish rulesp)aldtu 'ahlc~m;l ralie,,(,fthe l'lP i'i~lell- iuali le hellOli' 11:.11i~ I *ll~'2t9 u i'~lc tllr e I'.l Ih, Pa'lcs soll= ' ob 10alo e " liltl-ef ill t ofeg eo Ic, l i-ri lrof A ribt by SwI oll ohoiorn .lIri. i II ru citis, oeCallal istreet, eol' AiSe till ]or1 Sio., lhc ofi Aluisnra. jt R lttrrle l t iih eisrrilririioii rrril' i'erIh, c h l ttll .i1ofliarf ( .,c ipl'Ot ls(lliririric'iilrroHit rrl'tsic l , l[ciiri rrrr. h : is rrrrri~iol iirrlrrriIorritierrn eno rocli\il Io ig~ .il'l~ih ell llii+.l. flit> h hl ir lrrllrirl, l hiti~il.tlll riro~lL ffln iri, ii ri ,qIt I ii'V ' trnl oh.r h'h 1olill lll, ii riceh c to aIren lrei hi I Ii nh ii, riui'rliori pl'.iriil l. I n l it llt +17 i ll g o t c~oihipi.l hi)rio, r,t -r1 r nirii r n'l h 'i m elu ih : I h Url~lIi' si r I Icrrrrn (,tlire"is rith e I cririri diri 'lil throh..irri rOielrcrrli,.il. iikoirrrrrrirrA te Jlltil, .A i ciK ) A. I~.tloorrniri .[ II sai l iiln o~ (iene.;d gel.t I.lah oeth ~ilci lure cisim iedit causlolre mad..ohuiliin Jirir ririroiII, I 'liii9 cr,'ih-iiareN.rirr Acoile iitten'lAglnrilt forIh ii ntitch Stte Iic thy OrrIrrt , c Ic iitrrlg ,c hll rirliti rhn o i {nirrrsiicit carlitl'. A e o rSa heofIlilii. l 8 I ENIIY It LE, 1 co, No E o lgllazine street, an g .nw receiving frtomn ships Nashville, ,Louisville, Kenltck , Engle, asl other late arrivals trma :"h :therl cities, a olarge stl new seleslel assortment .1iisa, Boots, shoes ainlld lBrogians, consitrlin og'ge 'Jdemen's linle eall anld Mlorooa Iboort lo '24 cualily; do hullf'l, nld s51to t w I pegged hoots 1o riolls qualities; mlell's flino ca1f sel alnd MlOloe rhentlln s andl brog:nll, bIlkskio shoes, brogans ant slllpels: mienl's lin11 efllo n01 kipped pegged shoecs ld I eogo;i ldo boots; do sloll kip aud wax pegged slhoe Sdll bllogls; gentllemen's best qluality calfsed allshoes, Iaog san aild Jack 1)ownin,'os; do ca:ll and Nloroceo itkle shoes and brogans; do call; seal and Mor'oen. I dian shoes and slilpplers, dlo call, hulltf nt seat wnlgs S.ew article; do line oaltO se:.l and morocco quarter 0ots; Iloys', licses' ool iohildhen's peIgged sll sawsl oganss, anll shoes of evel) quality ali(J kllkd Also a generll assortmenlll t of 's stout wax and pastl hIogalls alllnd hs, togetherWl ith 111,1010 p(air lgro host quality, rllsett hlogaos, nailed ill tit I anks, mnode exloeslr for pllantatioll 1se; a goodl s. motmne of mnel's line sllt1ot kip russetl brogans, a tw article, and at urge lquanltity of all i.ferior qIdtllt) r Fsses ilni wax br.og:ans. Ladies' fine call, seal, monoico and grain welts, and pumpq sole shoes; Id, lil el ech .lrNoeoo :odl kid run e'dt slippers; do roan shore, with tilld witholull help; I ealf, seal :nll sto I hel olea r l ,oo s; ido I'runulla slt'o ':1takn foxed i hoae. Misses' ling sling sesa, 0t -guns. Chlildren's colored Mlorooco and lasting beo S;aotndl boots, ke. •enmtlet~ie's linefshlionable blck silk hats; do blaek in Idrab beaver, do o a suprior qlulity; do imiltation ta ram do; bt)ad andll nllarrow brim mena's line dral and LO ok ~LRsasi shorl't nIlllpped hats, a new article. Youthsi I:u e size hats of dilierent quallities; do chihren's. 11 n'so and b) 's black nd dhab wool hats of varlious shrpes, with general assortment of boys' and lImen's 'I his assotmnlent will be replelishdll h, tile arrival of eat h packetslrom thce anoe named cities, all of whlch cil I be sold on accoomlodatinlg terms. alg I-If M01 ONTl T )E'S BIAL.1M FOIL T71E TFEETIH. rli Eestablishild replatoliolo oni oastlll.lly inerea iln ae for od Ith elldo tua1l relredy of )lill, nldl pr1 ser of tie of the Lteeth, ha induced tile sullseriber oilbr it to tile American pibllie. Arrangemell ntlls liy been nllde to u, pplllv Ie ts ill all the princltipll cilia nuld twnlls t Ui I t nit1-d States, so as to place it ithi the reach of I1hose suilrin10 and likely to osuler this lmos harassing of all aeheI, Tooth-chle. When Iapplied aordillg to directions given In0 bottle, it has never tioied lo iliord ilnledite anod lmanent relia-f. It also arrests tIhe deenv n ,lefectiv" teeth, and relieves that sorleness v hicll slo frltulentl r 0liers Ita trong toloth ieless 'IThe llppliatriln ani l relmetly are sionlle, inlloent, all 1ot lnpleosanli all1 the large oolhoer of lerlono i0 dilferent seotions of th country, that have alre oaly experienced suchli: delightfu andsallutry etflets arom the use of the Balm, are ready Shear r the Cble gCood ) tlulir telailon to its rn. EWV II KS)-1Navll lStlhlll) 0ok, 0r, dEoolrio ialled anlllit aso. With is aliaritic remedy btinised eio, ignltorl anl loctpoinlllny,o Il theil teiaor oby he o a ilized world as the mst valuaele lis overv rednl_ u olika cot le oi oo olbr- one te o o tre Pil ee $1 oer hottle. Sold hb. ....r5 ( lr Co iuml an( I'ehnitouhls ta. N E\V BOOKS-Naoal Sketch Book, 0, tihe Service Aniotoooilt oahore. \V Lleh'iorIuooortriol'oohlinioK~io e('0 IragOlello and otoriln. ovel, b the author of ' "l'he 'nr, Se.r " sec. in s v ols. lal0lldoIoil tlletio&x l of hoIteeioUose oe onnon,, floa the1year [03011 to the0 0o1o0 l£hhk, onchlding perso lo skethes of woths le ading ildrenas y prove of sel inpar y,jnut leceived and for sole by W MIoKEAN, ROM ELL an tIitori at Novel, hby te author 0 0 S"The Bro~thers," &e. in 2 vhol. I'opuhlr Medicine, or Family Advisoer eonsistiog of Outlines of Aai0tomy, PIhysio!ogy, aud lvgienoo wit0h1 sah hins oc the prtilatice of Physic, Surgery, ind the, tisorases of wollen nll ehioldleo is llllay prove uselfl in fil10 ie whegu regular phyoicians anaot beh procured: being a roepanipi nd guide or intIlligent iipals of manu'ict-orios, plntations, sad boarding school, heads of families, mastera of vessels, luiasioularies, 1r0 tr1vellers; and a 0uoehol sketch foer votUlng 1 en 111 .ene inthile study of loedeiio" Ito RleveolI Cootes, (1. I). Peter Puriey's lUnivoroa Ilis,,to,io otho le haes of Gt-ogrply, for the use of fulilies, illustrlteld by aops nnld eoigrviogs, in 2 a"ola. Jauet rceivcel cd for sole y WV MKEA N, Sn uilr .amp nnd CoolllnlOl sta. OTICE.-Theawouerofoseveral packsges nlechalnt N dine marked Madame V. Artiqueanvoe. per chip Grolon, frot Naw Yourk, is herehv notl fld that they Ilove been oreei by .STTSON,'AVEI Y &c Co0. crll 0i'Orlnsige O * "Gru0ic,' JUSTPUBLISHIEDFROM STER.OTEI''PE PLJTES, The Fth IEdilitin of ROWIEgrT'f TABLES OF INTEREST: A TO which is nw radded an Average Time Calenla tor, or easy methods ftrt fitdiig the average time b on storage, notes of aand or hills of gonls, whenpr bp lchased at diffierent dates, en lifiYert'tt credits, and flr varinus amounts; besides a useful and complete Banking Time Tin le, the best that can ie conttrived. or that il gvtres Cl itr.aline within the same eonlesend compass, and size of ty ye. An advertisement in the book is ih nearly the follow meg words: 'Thehigh dlistintion this work has reecived throngh the ten legislative sets prefixed to the title page, is a te eommendetilon in itself, so llecommon,, and so eonclu sive, th.t nuthing is necessary more thanl by w'ay of il vertisement, to give a eonidnsed view of some of its pe elliarlities:is ferinstance, the Interest has been omps. ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four teen setsef etliealatione, examilied in the press thirty five times, and ptrinted from titreotype plates tested thirtyty-ene times, fiom all thich It mest be evident even to the skeptic (especially on thu pe.iontl ofthe de tnil of proofin vtie prethce) that the wsak titst tie arith nmetiently infallible, and in eonfirmantionl oftthis beliefa premistm of two hundrved and fivty dollars, is now offer ed for the detection of' an error of a cent in the present or fifth edition, as expressed in tie preface, sanking five large lnreions offlered fi the saoe lerror sincethe first iehlicatinn in tie vear 10S(2. One of tho most otnsl icuous features of the tables is in the arrangement of tlie Time and Anounts, which for expeditisns, reference and perspieuity, with the help of the side and index, cannot be excelled ; and the satty ty and ease with which the inerresl can be fnoumd to the extent of general business, wilhonit doubling ol'stms is hesidets t tomn.ienence so essential, that in the estlma tienofsome oi the most competent and pracetteal bkusi ines men anil tlollie offiners iwhoe iltie mnde gSrat ute of the wretk, it fns bIeen dlistinguitshed ly thoe honntahle appellation efofna "master piece". And considering the infillibility of the method originally ill ceomtoslng the work, andll the extraon'lliinry numier and variety oftlhe examinations, met tests if every edition it has passedin the press, eotwithstarding the whole is in stereotylpe, considerilng in sh6ft, tlie positive oaecuracy secured t i tile ltlnteedctlledi means etioi)oyl, tile vi inie has hleen heIld up stil emphantically styled " the most wonderftil ibook an the weslk;" most certainly no man al namen figure worlk of'the same extent, which since the beginning ot creation, hls had the samnie num her and variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, tir one half the mumber, as is clearly shown in the prefaee. Reiless, astest and standard, it has bee tried land proeed in nearly nill the bank amn puIlic affices in the Unlied States, anid by the pndi lc gonlCrally, during the long period of thirtv-five rears, yet no efr or of the cal cllnations has ever tibee Inundit inll in, althongh continu ally chalklengd Iby the otter of very large premiuns. The inl fart exl-pressly adoptedt by all the toarts oflaw cl sevetral of the Slates as tile "irate of c:itlcttllltio forlitiatet interest," a ialao Iy law for banlk interest, accorlding as thie book is ntseld, ani as .may he seen ih pa'rt, by .ie ialnes of the subsc'ibrs, tillt ia f. w of the sublseqnlat prchasers, in the list utlhectnl of tih book, issn ]os'..siln ef eve v class of citict as in ever) qlar te of ihe Unit el Stairns It is moreover well known that, Ihv its reIIly check, it has so onftl decrtetd large cerolrs, lol ti er t"l.y were nmte, even by thie most ciefaid anal moat competent arithmeticilans, tat its nse{f'lness, ida the allsolte ne cessity for its iusIt have been extensively insistt d e uirn, so evident, ineCed, lihavC hicn its a:Ilallntlg, and its savings, that, seve.rl velrs:gnt , wlhilt the first edition was scarce, and ot ofT print, a glreat ainl r of seconl hand copies were sought for., stne to a grc t distance. and ptrnrased :ilt various pt ices, as they coutld ocension nily ho picked it p at ftron1 $111 to $5 per copy, llll snme persons hae riecell. y de!nlaret,, ad nsters cnllldl e tollOhd that they wnhld.i pay $51, $I(X1, ndl $5tl11 or a eilpt, it not to he had for less, a:ll n individual t hthe hbtter instance partic larly, having at the same iiSne rxhibited satisitctory p1roaf, to sesral l'pernns pre sent that to himn it was re:dly worth that ooneV ald more toulllh tile s:lint rt'f ist .serv 'l;luable tinlnc, he eling ia very riich manoal in poli comenicp. It is likewise worthy of' not ce, ,l,, i ndeed n'prr to imnle n, tll:at such s the n:lule of lige ,ork genrcally anI napt-ll y wh(enll of the ext Blrt andi i npor'l:tl.c itl these la Is, thathad this book or its like bh,,n lo'epar edi i.n tle IIllSal imanner l , the most copetentt c:aculatnl inl the wornl, and :ierslattltils pl.ilt d mIst catliollly undir his own colrrctinn of lproof ".h,.ts, it wollh, alhllttt to a ce-rtainly, have (i tntt forte re fevatrc,alind dear iatt ay prie., as tne da:liiel hA Ltip explains. lit sofit tifct tan ititable have the sterletype p laes of this wei kbtc- i i' t :c, tint lo s-ere lthem, w'ithlithir ilnlll.erus sa d .exL.:lll lna ianitti l llllt n - tionls, .ginlst fire, for the gelral ben fit, the' ae (by S ldvertisenwnte) cnnstuantly kept in a phlae o\f special saft.i t tx-ept .while I use I in p t i latin i. Ampledirnectiois to finl ILth hanks and it :tatte intor ost will iusl ,l notes, follow the prt, 'ee. htich, in thil fitt :s ini the t p eedi dilins, contai nlli i lelet ti, t I,. ,.clrihg the two In 'lul ndes of conte It in, inter , 1, te a s :,'g iace, i. It relll:llla s nly to retlarlk that, n ilhst ,,l ih.t thi. unenntm,,oly coatly work, whi h wiasi . ld cdI. I itcr tst L ttablis wer innttitiri..d i ll dI:. +a ld cents , -e ) end nnin. of lui (ens h111astensiveh111 a oliberalls S sll I Iiied, it has t i t )i so I nItlll as pIrl d - itl h interll (I. We lh:et) of ova~·r Ifir tl smal d dollars, b sider six toeit s., l timn, fronm .179 to I .803S, sm t;ii, n r ,, ,i +edilio. ,,f 76M ; pi .,': l ris1g ch. + lly tral I its plhlica t i t : tlld ll itm-, ra Il in rnt''er ti'ra ,) tno t- n bing ofi" ti n Impea .ti pi'lt Ii r wn1i t a li -tin ,e 4n t1 til, l , saclrilce. lerrlri tht e t IlO" stall I lit o it t r .e lt.ill:et I amti l ltrltnl)h ofh lt1e poitic For it cot l iit r ance of prcf.,-nee and pwat3o.g'. Fr sale bh the ru ! 'arii r /a lin. d tt n tlc a ill i 1r J I ot e I S hret" .h . .II)'t i ,I.'S NIW 1t- a tiflK,i e.- The .fh'titi. Sel..i ld, r by t1t nvhle lorof ".le' Year in tine Nobl,, ID(€d.,of Women, in ` W ',)+. 'I he ,a onl \' it" e lions , a ttiual *a .nora reli Jtiat r I, .iml m rd ibrsahle by W 1. 1'KI'taN, SAVEo.-C & S'IInl If ER'S .tp.o u SLr i ,t EI' 1 . n tract n ni saert tpie rlia prhle oilore oft entllatit rtionnlS oft l te e skin; pimples or pltg- lolu of tle, fae; cil hs whi th arise Ifrom an impure snate of the i blood; Pealy eu, liontl ; Lilyn in the h; C ets chronic grhuatn l; to t r; scrto of r king's eval; white Esr .lli are; syphilitlc disose and all dt;orders arising Ironu an impure strie of the blood, by a long resid vel, in a bo olin mate, or the injudicious ucs o mnerury. Alan'. -Cave & Schaffl r's W iorm Sylr'p, or In. flnt Pres rvative: the best prvparatiun now extant. Among which are the fallowing:-Indian Dye, for col ring the hlir; lenr's Od; lnasian Bear's GreasL; Ponatuln; ichaw's Frecl, co ash: ku. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of RoSes; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of; Lip Salve; Kre. osite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrltice; Orange I Fla.ver WVa'er; Powder Puffs and Box .; Amern. I can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ,nee vial.; 1'Penton Salts; Cologne; Kreosoto Pooth.ache 1 Drops; [lair Brushe,; Eunglis a Dro ng rob.l~s In oau fhair Oil;-with a variety of ,ther Perfu imeries, &c. For sale by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRIN(. ARI), Corner of Canal and Bourbon street I ()YL E . MAAY, louse, Sign, adl lhntmvlnt-.s j 'linters, No 3 Co.'Hdele stllret, two doots from li:liapns of the following woods and montbles,ex ec gted in a masterl) manner. WOItniS IAIIB LES. h y,t Eg gtptinl I,tolhk atd gold, o:,k, (i(all nod Anlico, Itrlt hi do, Oient:l or vcet d altiqe Curled 1Maple, Illn Stone, ]lrds 'vye wO, D): bby Granite, Satin \itoot, Potomac, hlair Wood, )ovt or 11lldello, Yew 'rce, Italian Wthile, Coromandle or Black Sianna and IBrnctella, IRose Wood, Ameri o.n GrUy, Ash Wi itc Oak, he. k o &c. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, copal varnish, &e. on ahaoJ id!tor sale. IIl()N,S''EEL&it HEIAVY tOi)tiS-liht, square anid hundle iron, well nassleli. Iluolop, scroll and rol ioll, nlail rods and plough Co(:t, ;rttman, sheia, blislerld., springt, sheet ando Crowley .steel Hollow ware, clt atnd wrougaht nails aid splike Zinc, block till, mill aId grind stones, salt kettles Chain cables, anlcols, hoes Ox, Ilrg il ad trace :lchains, corn [Iills Avilsx, vices, t amnlto rs at i bellows \tire, sihee,lpil and batr leait; hoat Cotil, and cooking stores An.mes, Itowtland's tandi thert spades oand shovels Hlook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Cellinls, Iibtos, Sharpts, and other axes I'ar'd aoil \l:lla l Corldage, hines and twine Ill :d sheallthing cop er; Naval stoaes Paints, linseetd ttln sptm oil A full assolrtmnt oT haiIwareo and ship ehandlery, iwa s onil hand, and which are olzO'red f'r alte at whole ale ora retail, on tihe most fivorable telrms, by o4 l I,,\YTON & Co. 53 hl L.tvee. IHARROWGATE SPRINGS ltolllgooell totlllllty, Alalalto l. THIIREE LA IS JoURINE: F FRO. NE IV ORLEAINS. T IIE proptrietor of this establishmnt t hat the ilea mure ol' nlionncing to Ilia libiellods alldl Ilhe pniblie i genoiilIIti t lie will lie i1 rPotltihltooliy tIh flrt lal of Mayt to receive visiters. lie will also state for the he nelit of those at a distance, that thlere hve been large improvements Imade, and illelr now going on and in rapid progress for completion, hlich will elble the lllber hler to atcounlllodt ita ich larger number thllan Ilhetofore, and at thie slme time Imuch bitter. l'aliliu can be acclommodatled ith good roolll or tllhoe wsit prefer call have large cabio s i etached from the mnain building. It is deelmed unnecessary to say anything in particu Ior of the character of tlese waterO , for it is generally believed that they are not inferior tI lnv in tile South ern States. All the amuosements that ore generallv Ilioult at Waterinog Places, will be founlld t this. The hest music that thlls part of itl' coultrty afitrdi, has beoo engaged, and will be in oltooltt attendance at the Sriogo during ithe whole season. '1 hi subtlaCiit will iaUil hitselofor this opplrtunittiV in returning his ufiteignedl thnks for the very liberal support given him last sesonoll, and l:pe hv the exer ilons that have been made in ilprovinlg anit extending tile acrommnoations, to merit a liberal panlolnge Ith ipesent season. JNO CLRAM. m3 TO iHlE LADIES. ' TKINSON'S DE.PILLATO(tY, ftr removing au? IL perfluooo hair fnro tle fiaoe, neck onn tirmlto, witli sqial safetyo anld certainlty, Ileaving he skin tier and rilitol than before mte aplplication. A frtih supply lse reoeii de., trOUI(N)'S, o I Echon. Hlotoel, .Letlr St Cnahrls and ('ttmcr aI lro, itt 6 ,,,.-; .., . " .. ..... MAIL ARRANGEMENT Northern Mail, DuA Every Day at 12 . Closes Every day at 101 A. 5 Western Mail, l .n er a..n , neday n . thaFrida t y, o . I ly . by oj/he Cloe every v taonday, Wedoesda C~oast,, and Satlrdnv, by 9i, P. M. TheLakeMail ne every Tue.doy, lThursday, a Tvhe La`e Yzau Sturda), b;v 51P. Al. vmi Closco every Monday, Wednesday 1EXPREES SMAll,. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR''UItE IDISTANCE &c of thle Express Mail, betwyor, Macile lll New Yorlk--lenving Mobile dail, it 3 1'. M. Nurtlhwar New York dally at 5 P. s Solthwarrd. Arrives ' Arrivo Northward. Distanee. 'Time. Ite urn'g Montgomery, Ala. pa. 198 na's 23 h 12 m. Cnolumus, Gao. 11 81 94 31 a. m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 24 p. a Cothnlhi. S. C. 7am. 163 17p1 0 Rleighl, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warrcnton,YVa. 12 in. .55 t 1 Peterbltrgg, Va. l0t pr. 83 10 9ia. a Rirchnlomrd, VY. 1 an. 21 3 64 Prrdorickshrlrg, I 67 C 7 11 p o. Washington city, 24 pmo. 61 6 5 1n4imoe, 6 138 4 04 Nildel io , m ... 1110 II 2 New Yorkc i2 pro. 90 r 1305 113 It. ir Sd 23h Nortlhward. Cominie Scothwrrd, til e tilre is six houar less; heilg5 de rornd 17 hours. T'EN IDOItAlL S II\VARI TH). R ANAWAY from. 1619 C:rnderlrer crnev of 1evia sIreets,rcn thie night of 30ih of August, earl was seen the next morning in Paydrns street, a nigrm Iry named CIIARI,iS, Abrout 17 years of age, ool 5 fee or thleresbouse ii, herig, very tlack, ni as I n i ella imaen in bIrs slemeeh Oll of s gs is sore, C.S oiegdre ty a recent hlrrrt; he had on when elr I ert nvet a tlli cotln or' lilen shrirtl arl it te ,tmen rsnilooo. Masters of vessels nl seanm bnnls ine m, llll, lli a gninst receiving orherLbring said negro, as welI ns I n other errsons, l s tie ,lolnost rigour ofrte Iow wi I enoirerl gauhl.t then. 'l'he nsrove rewerd vill Ie pIia frerdtllvering him int r uv of the Mails if either of Ill. municipolities, or at 111i" Cnrrrelet, corner otlrhvi. tefC mt. e'n Sl Nt1'ICE'-''le elor rlrrcrecirlll Ilrel;reeei existill Sutlrder te fimr of lDlior& Grrretson, lts Ibeen disolved. 'lihe scri berr r will liqtidai e the aolitirr o tile eonrern in this citv, rrir reCqlires ill 'erson inrei . erl to makeNOneitto hint only, and all .liellvin, ctailm, tco pRleu.t ir l forsettlereml. nll t - (t fl111 AL EiTSON W.W. S \VAIN. ISo. IlJCnnal't Acrw ()'Ilrise IRI lJwrvc nll hildrr ti, llorr rrr', rtlviril Ilr'r I~ll? U{;.. I ]SSt A lir.rry, erl.ode, A rgdo ,' rrd, dio lgs lir, Arrrltr SI,.'r . A sli, rrude, Ama, i do s.t le ,e L lhtrlzille lh w or on. Rnlslnsl c.11p.%iil, Cochineal, linl:lr , ellille, (;o .lcl . \ cltr l ra l nil hle, , (Jhlol r It', it to tudo, Cpo i ns, Brimstone, crrude, IAn er tien , 'u l e lp,e ,to rroll. or rrr, hs, io er io r, li n lnhrine, vdirmrlin, Frenlh rs,e ri, ( .s.or.sil , Sndg , Iose.. LIAoIc lir rrllr, Gantll aloes, d l (p Inl l h do , ic, Iwod, Cimi si y its a tlg en tila, ho St )r m inl l lno nmric, i I Jamaik iri , dio sir......n, Ciiwror ,i ro cog p, lrugh, eil hre, eio, doo on sc .d, Nirm,'aga, i-.goteed tpri IIn do S i mcs" eh-, do Coss, do Hrioni, CL 1 i itil k iol r, Av'idl, 551t 5l., l o malsll e, dO lii I, iti hi, hliuro, I lih tilrii l,P Ci,. s, ;.alI I.:dlAdiC a II o woo llllirllle s.s 11rosis v ..,lhlinllt-io ii do l"r ei gi , vi I ipis N , Mams lhake, S5ll carl S-"', io n(sir' Sccp I alt, iOil it r, Sill i , d ..assi:+, $ I' gl hlnin . lits Iss,:ma' t, tm" r, "' t "i.en CAPTAIN IAI .l.Vr'I",f NI*W Nft121AJ.. Rntfiin Ie Reefer, by the aC uthr I'fee ie Sipple, Ai CNa,,rint.r. or u Winter alt Schloss fluff-·fieldl in Lowen S., in I vol.tIIbfIIyftny Ny, Inn~vd loddnn, a1 rename, lrvr Allan~ ('nnnitlilll lm, I r $fepp,,,d Ie.e wetoten by himselrf, it) _ o2 Al Comp,,,dt,, IliaCC,7 ,C f:,tC, tCnntCId fCroff tae orieinnl Ita~lliany Nllliet (;it ne,o, l n C v mine No. 7! Or] ltlrre'C Family Librarty. VolsCI of the new omplete owl uniform edition olf II fihingfou Irvine's It'arks. Rof,,o's Frrh nod Enlish nir~tianrr, iny I voll,:'ee A'men's I" .., h. ICd Inin,/jh Dfirli.nre. I -en pfew mare tapir- of Cat,, ... Pill ologv will,', e ht inCC, IliffiCd If ffoof 2I-I aCdI .2 nche &e C. Ac. JsIte receiVe, Ian for sadtIey 111:31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN KIIVISIT1EI).,&..&c SlPAIN RFVISI IWIEI, &:e, by the molar o A year '/'etfCl ef'lodt,.o ehaey eoe genoeedfllr applicabl. to bhe Aboerigbioje.f Nothl Aoterico, by (i T'uner, Ee, T'he Pelifieef Grammar, of lte I'Cnited Stitt", or a CI If te view Cf tbe theory Cnt IClrctire of the feCernC Cmn v s utta I gvernntCs, witi the refntinal l a 1cAl n them -dellCitIC utladIfeI to tIhe t youlng ImIeCnf thI UIIteCd StC c-, Ihe I e, 1)Yanrlvd, Ewa. A'iCrnra'CIIC/flin~g1Tves iUterapcds f with cenrCefer iatir added lol-r, r all video and doilras ofspolti llS also, in eludingll notices of the principal )I PTrark T C oIC C, h with nuulylirfl contentC, and general in let f CaoCCC,A voolnmrs. FORI THE CUiRE. OF lfeiCyi CutCiwO C Din- P'Uln in Cfl' ICInCP, by fee. enC C Cfus o1. Mer Cuy tfile brifnfC if vitiate ;tte. 'bisi very concenrntlrlv l Sh,111 is prepared with the the actite ICnneipe of Slataf f rillf ainftheyCost CnI trted Idegree, cnteliled witk other vegetablf tubstanc c of knownvl elliraev. Tulla ;rerrnt drn*;loratul with phlyaiciana inl being ~nbl to exhibit it Inr' qfuIffity If Sarsaparllat in a si 01C fullyonvinced Ic ffdetly a inister IPiee $1 50 pIC bottlf. Stald cdtv at SWAIN 1I1RTfHI' EII'S I ruC sto,'e, No. I CI COnnl Ittelt, wlte' may fe haf, free.l anf geICnie, diec tfC1 ttflhe pmr cIf. tors, ,~fIC Imi'PCe aIanC Vereifu, f Potter's' I.t ,If cC, Carepenter's Prtepartiollt,, aned a large iand gnerrcet ssortmcet t of fresh dre g, oif I'INNOtfIK'S ROUIE, &c. i INNOCI'S RfPILOVEI l EDTION OF DIR (elds mitflr Ab.idgment mof Ibe IsittOry Cf Rvde to wticht C Is pirfiCCn CC iotoCi.,ItI the SuyiC o RIIIO tI Inforv, and iC gealt variety of oalffdle ifofbr fuytiontelfadded 'IhrfICCCCIC the wCCrb, on the Mlainner; IntstitutlloC Cenf Aentiquleti.s of the RoI ant;e witfh ot foeroltebilogrCplhiollland hisftoical Note; afnd ques tiblo for eeCiCatibat .theth end of suooft aeCten.. II. ICetrate wi'th theirtlyenearaing on wood, by Atfertoo CnaocC'O ICproreCIElfitifl oC'f r OeGldC itih't Ilistory tI E.IgItf,.iu oe the htCCCain of JClius Ctesar to tti dfeath Cl' Otege 2I, with a colnistinatiof to tile yea 1882. Witftqustltiotlt tbar ebmlmlutttiy at the eoln eeyh sectiont. Betifey a veto'tya of.valuCblC ftfiteCCa tiofn leltdlde tCI the work.e (CCICitinog of table a C t ot"teCCCry SoeCreigoC CCdI elmintettt pPeCCOCI Copiolus epICClaCtory atesty. IICICCakI ott the poli tier, Illanterand literauer of the An outlines the Censtitution, &c. &e. fllutrteatedby unltly entgef iltga. GaYr' ElottErel Cr AO.ItiCICCa C1 an ACri~~gtcC of Keitft' New T'efatise o ilae Usc Cf filobes. New Americiyn edition, witfh Cdditifba d i mprovem ent and tltt expflatiCa ot te astrfCoCical jart attfthe At rican Almanolac. JCuttrecivecld nd fore ale by WM3 M'KE.AN ntot,24 corer oCoCCpIalnIld CoCld omn so IIhRPEI'S CIASSeICI. II1lRAIRY. I1 ORACEfran f bfy Phtilliff .raenci, D 1), with tCleC, &c. fy Lent JoCCC Cowef, Mlid ', Deydoti Pope Addison, Swift Oftotteet,,, (f fVytkefteld, I'Portet BIryant, &e.Cond sCttle of faatiteClelttinlttlpets Cf tit day-oatll I'IIIEI) )RUIISwtfh the aRpcudit f ;adios trI1C ted by Cfheitlopther Sta, is S te le l~rllil elnuts 1C Cnd 5I f"I-IfIapee' CCtsvicCl Ifplllarv 'i'fe1 E1 sditjio of HI fIL'It 1 CLIINKFE,, by Stollftt, II 1) witia ittemtcoir tC tft, butho by 'I'ttmol R~toeeRose, Esq., Iewseldtiot, with itlft o ltttoua, by e Ctruiktbottk~ 'IHE IIPSY; 'rtale,hy the lntlleor of tlohali.ije Mary oil! trgoody," &e., laeseditiot, 2 role c.tople it one. PAUI 'LIFFOItD1by tine tlmlter o "Ptlhafh The lIst r Ci!,' &e, beinolg vofte IV oltlo new a it ot"Let aura Comlit. V.Y J.ttareceived sale ny \VM MIeKkAN B ().N SIDES-3U ok ka

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