Newspaper of True American, November 14, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 14, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THEE OFICE OF. THE True Jlmerican, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 WANTED. . A NlURE WANTED-A middle aged woman would be preferred; and one who has no objee tion tojtravel by sea. None need apply without a good reference. Apply at Mra Hawley a private boarding house, corner I Magazine and Cooaupou streets. nov 8 'ITO LET. A convenient two story dwelling House, corner of St. John and Perdido streets. For s DJpaurticulars apply on the prelises. novol WAN [ED T O Hir or purchase a good Conk and Washerw alnn. Atply at the corner of Camnp and lillicerte streets. nov/L-tf HOUSE FURNISHILNG STORE. B BROWER & Co. have constantly on hand at • their extensive establishment, No. 17, Camup St. etd 814 Commron street, a very large asrortment of Ihouse keeping articles, coanieting of Earthenware, China uand ilass; Brass and Steel Fire Sels and Fenders; Kitchen Utensils; iron, Tin, I'oodreare and Bashels; silver plated,briteraunia ann jpanned . ngoads; lamps aid charmkLliers; knives and ibrks, and house farnishing gooeds n general, which tbiy are pre ared to suprly at reduced ricesr to private dwellings, boarding-housre, hotels, ehips, steanbuhatser&h. New O)rlenao, Nov .', 18:1;. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Renmoved frona 17 Curstomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CHA RLES THEATRE, CORNER OF PoroRAs & ST. CHARLES STREET. oau9-1838. PRL[VATE BOARI)ING HOUSE, No 13, Toulouse at,--By Mrs Hoffmar,n. IIllI S house is aipacios atnd conveniently situated for men of business, uear the Levee and the New EIxcbnige. T'le table will be well supplied andl attended to, and hle harge moderare. Itoarders wishing to have loilgin, can he accommo dated, at difflrent prieta, with co diaorntti furniseled roms,. IOorderet will hllve the altiofnlitiol to meet here, persons peaking tlhe French, English and Span oh languages, aug'2h3do PENSION BOURGEOISE, Ilue Toulouse, n. 13, eaone par.7Mde Ve. Hifmann. C E' (ltahlitsement eel spacieux. et ae troarvo ituc prr de la lI.evnie et de la Nourelle Iourse, c'est dire all centre dles allriren. I.a table icrn bieu fournie, proprement tenue et A oi i prix modlfrS. oqu(li preuant pension d6sireralent yloger au rout des appartemens de dilff'rena prix, bien garnis et Ies pensinnanires auront I'agibment d'y trouver les personnet purlantle lo lanues francaine, aolaise et espaguole. 23au 'I'O RENT. TF HE four story fire proof brick store in Camp stetrel, at present occupied by Mestsr. A II Wallace & Co. The three story brick stnre at the corner of Bank A I yev and Natchez street, at present coecupied by 1Iansro. I11cat & Co.; thothird Stay ebeitg fiited for a bed Also, the 3rd atrory of the brick t tore in Bank Alley, Ithdhoor from the last named--tbe 2nd and 3d stories i'ring well fitled up. 'osesasiula to be givenl on the I st Nveintler oent itlS--it CIIAS. A JACItItS. COMPitL"'lO/.I.ELg'S OlltjCt .iFFI l:-.FOi).) U tlNI C! P LIT"V. New Orleans. Oct. tit it 1838. SCRI/EEA 141, i reisilttioa of the uucil dated 21- ciSii Sieot/ier, 111318, sealid prc.c/orls will be rceivednt ithe ollice intil Tuesday the 27th daly of Novem*e,.tr nltxl. for Three Ilundr'd 'Thnousand Dollra. IicnIs of this .MuniOipality, payable cn thirty years, occnI bl/eriug six per eccit per uno m iotcnrc'ct. 'Il/t in !erest IO)ayalle seei-n.,uuoclly io London, New York ir N ()rivnt I/rc as itmry be, agred on. 'T/he Ithdlot o I< e fI r$111t0 c'ahk, if /th interest be pavable in tile Unite, anld for £2ucIt atS each, if eri irnterert ire preosie in London. The proposalsto to be SIndorsed l'PcjroposnlsBor Laod.Ol.' JOHiN CALHOUN, ert Il Comptroller. /'icrecu du Cotio ero/ecr-Ncronde .lMtitcipalite, NO cIVEI le Orleic 11s I 13 i3. is "ONFlt)I/ EMI ro: T a one reeolcenicc dau .ioeil C ecc dae din 25 sertelllc-e 3, :1des ol res Cvarthelse .iriut ct.son a ce bureau ju-qu'a u:tordi, Ic 27ejourde ov(mbrlc prochain, pore cet mille lpiastres des 'I/ 'c:tte elonic.ipclitce, pay./ile dccS creoate snts, it c intc I l1 h rillrtirt dec six pour e: iltc'o , I', l'iteret a ..clc[ir par i" seoi'"tnsI red i. Lo.udl re New York o n a S.lourn: l O)rianlls, cmran i iern c rvenaln. -.i ]' cllirci ct. p iyncire lans le c e I:ll o Ilaie, tl pour .1 I, lt o f iln auo li t:4Sl sterlinV e isi au t payebles , Ioo alrr. .I.-, ropcn ioi'icins doiveit err adressees "'c' r JpN CAII fNcr IlCcacc/r 10 ci JOH01N CALttOUN.'tcompurcoeur, . K l CO., hae removed their . hill ('hadlr., eld Hard Wtire of c;,,s foia:l N,:. l.? Old ever,, to No. 8 f'rent I. eer, Tllere thv (.lli r for salet Il ne and lextennie stock of L.+,wl4 Ia.I';" IeI I bty the bn tarrivals. ih r e .I contlllnnp alltsil. h.ll' ll}t atrt of ColpernRlllld Bsllt Ir1o anld Tin war. "oul7 )IlRE'AILATt)ItY to JIeterson Ct,1 e, audtio oth L It tr ondlltitt by it. Gruart, I. L It. Exchbngo A hv, betwevn (oeti ar<n. Ililnville. The; 1ttoln waol thle lllat eligible that could be found blill etellly free+ trminu thie raise Ol the atreeta mud the rltlllnFng of dayes alld t.arltages. Ifr Jeln r in divided into two depart ments. The Junior otr elelentary department lil the Vliolls banllches f etonnon educatt)n ill French an i t Iglih- l'h Senior dlepartnent t or I.,titn, Greek, Altllelnatict, ec.e. Punctuality, order an.l discipline err sarirttly eluiine'd and observed. 'enre. Jut oi DepartmenIt, pcr nonth; $t0 stnior do 15 Spanisah 6 lst. nitans, slatles, pa(r, &e. chairged separately; `llr,. A moithoc lltb onsbegun, to be. paill itn tlll; :trd. N, dedlcuction for absence nor fr Iltlidays: tilt. l'veteltits to be tuade regularly every month. rcletol Ihotrt Irtem l 1-2 tt 3 o'clock, aeeltt Tllahrs dtays. sep127 2 Pi pes i rllantd Glut 10 Inf plipes 18013 Brandy; 2 tputlheon fine oel Jdameica Rut; 15 btrrcrs C ierry Bounce. lauding from ship Oscrolt, ad for. saRCle by ocitl9 PETERS & MILLARD, COPPER-10 cases of light Brazier's Copper, from 9 to l Ibs weight, eaesiriatg to by a30 inch., al u 3 bexes 20) by 50 tiont 7 to 9 Ibae, for saleby 9M H DEVEREAUX, otll9 26 Tcehopitoulas at STOVES-A large assortment of Cooking Stoves. l Parloranrd Bar Room Stoves of the latest and alustapproved paterns, in store and for sale by MU 1 DEVEREAUX, ectl9 6i i''chopitoulas .at REMOVAL. PInHE Ullndrsigned has removed Iis Notarial Office to tile Veranda, on St. Charles street, between (etluttlo and Callal sIa. WILLIAM CHRISTY. oct29, 130t--l n. L 'i'TEIL PAPER.--Ju'treeeived frrom the Branldy wine Mills, 6 eases snpertine blue letter papea; some very low priced; 1( cases superfe white letter paper, (l.; 2 cases thin pink letter paper; 4 cases supe. kine packet past large size; 2 cases superfine letter assorted eolors;'2 caser superfine ctre vo assorted colors, for sale, wholaesnle and retail, by I) FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, aocti5 24 Clhartres street A NEW Arrticle. Just received at 53, Bienville st., a superior lot of Armour Bedsteads, suitable for othcas or mallt roatta; the pablic are respectlully invi ted to call and examiue thle sate. W R CARNES, o:tl5--?t Ilieuvlllet RKAND--75 bbls Americt,a 4th proof, Brandy B tr sale by ISAAC BRIDGIE & U ) novl 131 Mlgauzme st FOR SALE A Tthe tnanufactory of tile subscriber Hoisting Wheels, Lead Pipe, of all sizes; Sush, Plaster lieir, &e. Turning, Sawing and Grinding duone as Ilsaual by J. OTT. 2LAkRET WINE--10 boxes in store, for cale by ABRAHAI M TRIER, nivl0 40 Poydras st UtPE-- I2U coaus it store and Itr sale by l ABRAIIAM 'I'RIERA nuvl6 40 Poydras at TE1V MIlSIC-Pour Rota lie-I don't mean t. tell yo hier nalle--'tllouu illS learnt to love Another Sweet hlItott Water; The K(n.ght'. Farewell; He pass. e t her iu sorrow; linda's Lanut; They have given h'liee to Anotler; Lovely Lady Mine; .New Orlcat s and nt tetritlc Ril Road Ojice NOTICE T) LUMBIIER MEN. SEA.El) l) t1orals will be received at this office untitilile -uyttt inst. tor tie tIollowing lunlber: 1000 Yellow Pine or Cypress piles, 20 feet long and nLt loss len c incles in dianleter at te small end. O,0tt0ltholulsand fet of ltdsills, flatlened on both sides, lto shew i0 inches on the flat asurace, and 10 inches inll le I; Itl,t0 crossties. nine Ifet long, t0 inch es sqtiare, (learl of allp; all to be delivered at stllc puoints on tile shore of Luke l'onchartrain as shall be designa ted. D HOARD. nnv--10Ot NO ICE. 5Nathaniel 'trownsend Inas retlnved his offiea Ito th et ctlnr ol'Cnn:l antla tcg ine .treets, over the tore ttl Mlears. A C & \V Squier &Co. N AY, I'otatoes and l.utut·r--410 bales Eastern IIe 1n, iu primte olsr-,r00 barrels Poltatlnes- .5,,01) It. Northern Pine Boards, frot shtip Liverlpuool. lUotilng and tot sale by LEVI I1 GALE, noi9 93 Common st *eI VI) Nf't)R'II -It- eaII a ic t nesltrocn Slott J received per p hipCrecole, frocI.iverpool, for sale by HOLMES & MII.I. ., nov9 9 Bank Place *Xt'llA.tli'l. ,t Nttb t ork, hr tble cy * t.1tD:1.iS A. W .II TALL, not, 157Giaiu r c JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &e. T HE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of 'Rich' elieu,' 'The Gipsey,' -Attila,' &e. in 2 vole. Tue Love CHAse, a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Knowlos, author of 'Virginius, ,The Daughter,' &e. &c. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Talliurd; 4th edition. SocarrT AND MANNEon IN AMERICA ; by Harriet Mattineau, author of *Illusetrations of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. er with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infer. nmation connected with business of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' *The Clerk's Guide,' &c. THe LITTLE SKrrTC Boon; a course of very easy lessens in Landscapus, Figures, &c, by G(eorge Childs; let and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and Common sts. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe riments of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" -*Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'T"ile Harcourts;" "The Saving's Bank," &e. W IN°TER CLOTHING-1 o l es, comtaniing an assortment of Sattinet ltoudnbouts and Paota Ioonn; heavy Metlhan Derrypaenls, andc Liverpool stri ed twilled shirts, landing frum shpp Paugue, for sale y IAAC R KIDGE & CO, oct6 124 Magazine ast B ROWN dhirtnge-ias bale, lheavv brown slirt U in, landing from ld p Panugne,'or sale by ISAAC DBI[II)E & CO, octi 131 Magazine st SPIEBRM 1)i11ts croks 'ire. bllleched, euenner 7 Sperm Oil, landing fert slhip iatessiilppi, suitable fIr plantatious, and Ibr sale by ISAAC 1RII)DGE 4. CO, (itl 134 Magazine st. NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL LIBRARY T HE following new works have been recived by the Library Society, at their room in the Merchants' Exchange, fronting on Royal street, viz: Lady of Lyons, by Bulwor; 1 vol. 2 copies. Humphrey's Tourthrough Great Britain, France and Belgium, in 1835; in 2 vole. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vole. 5 copies. The Two Flirts, and other Tales; by Lady Bles. eington, Bulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Rivers and the Desert, by Miss Pardoe; 2 copies. The Robber, by G P R James; 5 eopies. The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CIIAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. ST. IACGO COFFEE--ll sacks of superior quali Sty, for sale by SLATER & TRIER, Octl 401 Poydre street Q UININE, EPSOM SALTS, AND CALOMEL. Q 150 ounce French Quinine, 10 bhils Epsom Salal 3 Bnsks Pearl Ashes, 4 case Calomel, Ipocac.. Jlo;', Rtubahrbl,, &e. &e.. landing freti brig WVillian, frotm Boston, and for sale bylARVIS JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Drsggiste, jv7 cor Comon ko Tc'houpitoulas street. lbih0Ib IIAItRELS 1.IM11 landing fron brig Uncle -nJ0. F Sam, for vale by jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY "3UI.ED) Record Paler--JuI received a few reamsn l Iludson's very fine blue record Coi, both plain and ruled, for sale by DAVID) FELT & CO, octl5 NY Statiamer's Ha1ll, 24 Chartres. `` I'EIRM CANDLEIS-- Fr sale by REA ) t& 11A R.1STOWV, ocrtl 7 Bank Plete. II.tK I )OKliS. J UST receivld a I'-w groe of I)emy Runk looks; Sir]o, it fedw Medi, o Bank ltkb, biLr sale by lSc gnroe, dozen or single by I)AVI I.'EIEL & CO, els NY Stationers Hall, 24 Chartres at f I J1 4l AST'l'IN h.IME ,AFI.OAT'-lI.h bld Lite. I laoding opposite Post 7, thirn d Wuni pN,.t , alp ly to & J P WHTNE ,,ii17 8 Contiesf COKE. HE price tf Coke bIm and after the let day of Oeober, will be lifty cents per barrelina the Gas Wo .k' e yard, and if taken illn quantities of one hun. dred Ibrrttn. otill Ie dIelivered free of dratYne. The advantage that this arnile of fuel peosseeatso ver tile allthrlcite IrtlllI r wi.n ll o -no nls, igllilinlg illlre relldlily tiha ttIe forer, lul fret, frOll the unpltaL'ttlt tlltak of the tlttelr,hould illduceevery aillily to make dOrCrrs received at the Gas Office inl Itulltk Aly. .p2Il Serc'y. 1:'s11 hulfbrrel+ dia I to 5tlt loxes Codlieh. 'd81 ttnOk Illerrings,Just reerwveldpet lhip Perdrmet and for tiltre bY o01l9 1'E'ItEIIS A- MILI.AhI) I AILL & i, IN E l CLOI'lINtG. J P. FREE.MAN & CO., No. :3, M..ef ailstreet, . are nreiinlag their supp lies of Fnl d Witer Clothing, and sill coaletnu tt receive shipments regut larly throughout the arsseo. Their assortnmellt being lnrage will enable tbets to tllpll tnorltthalll ftrolll theolllltrnvt t tt t tila t .trtttr ntllce;ftr sulu ntltlaaule or retail, on accommonating terms. tCU-' A 1 . llN , allLt.111'. T lE ltdlrsignetnI es fotrlstud a e.-prtllnershlp In der tile firm ol' MclI)(NNELI. & WA'I'EMIAIn, at tile EIxchange Hotel, oa St. Charles et., trou and tA ter tile firt day of Novemllber next. lud;vidually under obligations to the chitens; sran gers and travellrs generally, or the liberal patronage received while condmtcing separate ertahtlisnments in dti city, the beg leave t anttnotne e their de- I terlllin itiun to exert tleir united eftrts to plese, while cantering or the tastes and g nteral cortfrt of their glmsts, and hope thereby to ensure a continuance of public favoriand patronage. JNO IDONNELL. D C WATERMAN, The Natchez Freetrader; Louisville Journal; New York Express; P'lallndelphin Herald and Selltinel; Bue ton Atlas will please pttbli.h tile above three timns, and forward their accounts to tllis ollice. ucatl--iml STATE Oh LOUISIANA, PARISt COURT for the Parish of the City of New JL Orleas, Present tie Ilunurable Charleea ian rin, Judge. Ot bcrtb 5th, 183. No. 112311, Wm. D. Cooper, sr. his CreditOrs. The cenaion of property by the I'etilioner in accepted by the Court fur the benalit ofhisaCreditors: it is ordered that a meeting of said creditors be held before E. Barnett, Notary Public, on Tuesday, the 27th of November, 1838, then and there to deliberate on the affairs of the Insolvent. In the mean timte all proceedinga against tis persaa and tlnsp. erty are stayed. It is further ordered that Jton. R. Grwtps, Eseq. be appointed to represent the absent crelitor ill till ease. By rdnler of tbe Court. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, 25th October,1838. A M1 GUYOL, oet26--t D'y. CP'k. L FAT IDE LA LOUISIANE-Cour de ipmrissee A st ville de la Nouvelle Orleans: Present P'Hono rable Charles Maurian, juge-No 11,20L3-Wm D Cooper contre sea creanciere-La petition des propri6. tile du pptitionaoire ayant itr acceptee par lacour pour lebi.nafice de sos cralleciers, il eat dcerfeth qlle une assemnble deadits crbanciers sit lieu au greffe de E Baruett, notuire public, mnardi, l 27e jour de nov out bre 1838, d 10 heures au matill, afin do del;brer sur lea affaires dudit pbtitiontaira, et en attendant tnutes pourauites centre,sa personnea on sea proprietes soent arr6titdsa. Par ordre de Ia Cour-Bureau du Gretfier-Nlle Orleans 25 Oct 1838. 26 oct AM GUYOL, Dep. Greffier. IKUis: antd Mledicmos--A compllete assortmeut of le reesh Drugs and Mledicineajut recAeivedO d for sale by M CANNON, oct30 It Tclnapitouta st C LOTIILNO & Brogala--23l casear, cntutining an assortment of men's andl buys tBrogatst I ca ser seasonable clothing, 1latina from ehit Delhi, for sale by ISAAC BRIIDGE & Co, oct30 134 Magazine at CHAIRS-I-50 bundles CItirs, various qualities, landing from shit Delhi, ttr sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, ort30 134 Magaznme st INK-Jusat received 6 graee tf Felt's superior Black Ink, in 8 doz. bottles, packed it boxes of one itz en coall, for salo by the graee, dozea, or single bottle by )DAVIi) IFELT& CO, New York and Stationer's Hall oct29 24 Poydras at W EI"STER'S Slelliug E Book--Just received 100 Sdoz. l WVebster's Spelling Ileak, tor sale by DAVID FELT & Co, New York Stationer's Hall, oct29 24 Chartree st NAILS--Sl0 kegs cut Naol inl store, and for sale by ±1 S LOCKE & CO, oct26 8 Front street. E XCIIANGE on Boston, for eale by ISAAC BItIG.E N CO, nov3 134 Magazne n t W HITE LEAu--5I hoegs No.I & 2, ground i oil, il store antd for le YLOCKE & C, S LOCKE & CO, oet26 8 FrontLvee L EAF IARI)-500 kegs of prime quniity, it store and for sale by SLATER & TRIER, oct17 4 Poydra a ,/RAPPING PAPER-IO0 reast now landig, Sand lursale by T R HYDE 4.ýBRO, 0,l24 cur Common o Magazine at H AY. 200 bales Northsern l T otathy Hlay in store, CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, oct05 8'I Julia st. 1)ARLOIIR STOVES.;-1 hifew iialaephia ftrtdy ator Parlour Stoves, just teceivet nd fur saleh 8 no.KE & Co, ect 31 8, Front Levee. ODFISH--400 boxes, far sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, novl 131 Magazine at CO-PA IRNIEKSIIII'. G EFORGE GREEN las this any formed a rr-part n ership witl hit brother Cllarle It. Gireen; and will continue the Comision lusinoees under the fir of GC;)Itt;E (GRE ENm,& BROTHER, S et 17 3t 26 Camp-street SHIPPING. For Lruope. FOR LIVERPOOL;-(passag1 onrll.) mTi fine A I ship SI DNEY, Capt. Cow en, will have immediato deslpatch Apply to LEVI It GA.LE, uorl0 913 C'onmon ast FoIL IlAVRE. A superior A I sbip can take 310 bales cotton if mmlediate apnlication be made to LEVI H GALE, Agent, 93 tCommon st. FOI' IIAVRE. , The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, master, will have immnediate , despatlh, and wants 80 bales cotton to com plete her cargo; for freight or passage, apply to L.EVI I G'ALE, oct3 93 Common at. FOR HAV RE ''he Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwald master; having all her cargo engagedl. ex sept n100 bales cotton, for freight of which, ap ply on board, or to 8 &J P WHITING, oct2i 8 Conti street Coastwise. NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKE TS. T HIS line will consist of the following vessels which have been built, or purchased expressly fnr the trade, viz: Shrip SEAMAN, Captain Miner, Barque MARY, Nickerson, IRAD FERRY, (new) Stevens, " OLOMON SAL TUS, L.tham, Brig AR.IIITEC'P, Gray. These veesselA ae of tie first clnss-have handaoma furnished aecommodati ao, and are of a light draft to water, eo as to adnit of their receiving and ischarging their cargoen in Bnltimnren(t Ihe City. Freight will be taken for ports in the Chesapeake or on Janmet' River, and fnorwarded Iy the agents, Mestro.Clark & Kellogg, at Ballimore;l Expenses on goods shlipped will he ad vaneed when required. The price of pasange is fixed at 6i0O-ample stores of thIe beat quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Misriappi will he taken on all occaions. For freighlt orpassage app GE BEDFORD, oetl2-10t 82 Bienville at FOR NEW YORK. A, Packet of the 17th November. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK I.LINE. Tihe very last sailing regular pack et ship HUNTSVILI.E, Eldri9e, master, ha. ving tihe principal par' of her cargo engaged, will asn above; for the renmainder of freeght, or pas sage, having elegant aconmmodations, apply on hboard, opposite the Vegetable Market, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, novl2 90 Commno st FOR PROVIDENCE, (R1. l.) rThe fast sailing A I eolpper fastens htbr; SNOW, CaptainThornlike, will sail id a tew days, having most of her cargo engn v al; fer meaty freight and 50 hales cotton, or pasesage, having.handonme accommodation, apOply R E nov9 95 Common st FOR BOSTON. Tie fine barque HENRY, Dean, master, i now ready to receive cargo, and will have despatch; for freight or passage apply on board, or to STETSON & AVERY, nov7 88 Grvoaer st FOR NEW YORK. S The A I packet ship IREI'IJBLICAN, Russell, noa'ter, will Ihe redy to take in on nlold.ry tile th int.; hnviny one hlf ,of Iher caro r togo o on hoardl, will Inave inltediate des patch; lir t'reight or paoagc, lhavimng sleglannly furnishl ed accnmlodnllidti ill, apply on nboard opp,,sit tine Va getable Market, or to PETER LAIDI.AW, nov3 1(6 Cam p a FOR BOSTON. TiThe first clan slhip iHAROLD, Howea master, Ihanving most of Iher cargo enllgaged, llnmseet with desl,natlh. For rnemainder of freight,or pansage.apply on board, cr to STETSON & AVERY, octl2 88 Gravner st FOR NEW YORK. The Al fast sailing ship lHILAH, Capt. Ilatmnlnnd. is tnow ready to recive cargo, nnd will nmeet de atech. Fo freight or pan enrne nan1lv to tie Capt. on board, opposite poet 55, 3rd 3tlun ictpn[ t, or to S & J P WIIITNEY, oct17 8 Conti st WANTN D.-i). Tw Brig, ofl tie epnecity of 2 to 3() hles Ccoltton, to load for t Nortlhern Irt;nlp ly toLEVI It GALE, r_'t __ 93: Commnnon st FOIL FKEIGtII' Oil CIIAt'I'EIl. . The new schnoner nIIERON, Calt. ,, lHMelvin, 140 tonelnnrlhen. A. ly tE, - s& J P IIITNEY, ,cntnI 8Consist I'or the znterior. FOR MANCIIESTER, (YAzot) (Water permittinge,) Fort Adams, Natciher. Rodmne, Grand Glf, VWar. reaon anid Virksburg. Thie superior stoemerCASPIAN, Janeae iradisoh master, having al dergtne most thorough and complete repair, will ia ready ti receive freight on Thtarsl.ty, the 15th ist ; and will have quick deepatch. For freight or passage ,apNly the master oa hoard, or to TURNER r WOODRUFF, norl3 2 New Levee N I--The accommodation for passengers, are excel' lent and superior. FOR LOUISVILLE, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE I.ANDINGS. The splendid steam boat DIANA, F. Carter, master, will leave fir the above ports on 'IT'esday 13th inst.,at So'iloek, For freight orpessage, apply on board or to LAWRENCE & LEGENDR E, noel2 28 &t9 New Levee FOR ALEXANDRIA. lThie steamer DENMARK. will S run as a regular pnacket during low water, frot nmeout of Red River to Aleuandrin. or particulars apply to sep2d2 JNO it GRAHAM. FOR MOBILE. The rPgularpacketlow pressure stenter GIKAI FE, Capt. Swviler, will leave theim lake end of the Rail a, every THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, aflter thearrival ofthe 12 o'clock cars, and on er re turn, leave Mobile, every Tuesdaysand Fridays. For passage apply on board to CAPT. SWILER. P S-Whenever a sufficient number ofpassengers offer the Giiraffe will touch at any of the intermediate landings upon previous notice being given to Capt. nwiler. nov7--tt" e FOR OUAUHI-ulA IlhE:R. The subatantiel steam boat MANCHESTER, Capt. Fabrique, will poeitively leave oa Salurday Ilt ist., at IlOclock, A M. Forlrerght or passage, apply on board, or to LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, nov9 2t & '29 New Levee LINSEED OIL i stoere and fir sale by AG DORSEY, octl6 44 New Levee 'lOVES-Landieg froim ship clilah, a few Parlour Coal Stoves, a new article and very handsome; 30 Round CodlStoves, suitable for bur roouns. Also Portable Grates and Salamander stoves for counting roosts, in store and fortale by S LOCKE & CO, itt23 8 Front Levee st N B--Stoves pipes made to order and put N p any part of the city on ahort notice. S. L & Co. AGB IN, M, 340 pGred in th a aor o and for sale byitit LAYET & AMELUNG, octm s 17 Commerce Is. TO RE -Ju st received 10 coils Tarred hemp Rope; assorted sizes: 31T0 do Manilla do d i lo 30T do do Ilrltra assorted front 4 t7 inch. 5010 kegs No. I & 2 Rabeti's Liuicr'n Witeio Lcad ground it oil; 300 eua istero Crnme Greene do. RIed Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Stanish Brown, and iBlack tmit, I kegs, gretld in oil; 3 Iar ras Putlty, ClttinCa bles, Anchors, Llooka and lThiit blee, Pumpsi and a genorl ausortme it of lship Clbnd lery, fIr sale by S LOCKE & CO, oct23 3 Front ievee TO RENTI , IIAT large and co.uvenint thlree story warehouase at the corer of Cou, erce and Ntre Damot street. Poaseasion given on the let of Novembher. Ap ply to LAYEf & AMELUNG, ct23 17 Commaerce at J K-i.tiR'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. OURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the yearn 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography; go. olegy, climate and productions, and the hamtet, manners and cusatoms of theim nativesirc; with a Man of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samneoal P. ker, A M1. '[le River and he Desertl; or Recollections of the Rhono and tha p'hartreuee by Miss Pardon, author ofthe City of t %: Su.tan, de. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, ty the autlhor of Rtoheliou, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 eo;t The Two Flirts; or Ad.atnure in a Country Houis, and other Tales, by Lady Blesinaltoa , E iL BIlwor, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall NMrs Goere, Captain Medwin, and othere; in 2 vols. The Life aia Adventure. of Nicholas Niokleby, edited by Boa, with Illustrations by Pmiz, No. 1. Just received and for eale by BENJAMIN LEVY. CORN-IM O0 bushells white Corn in prime ordot S fir tale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, ocitl3 12 Julia st. ýOUCIIOUNG I'EA-75 hnlfeh, ata Pounhog 'l'ea Mý in vtor., elll tonr hale b J TIIAYER & CO, noyl 74 ltydhas l BUSINESS CARDS, J; i. FREEMAN & CO., tHil*ekle tV.otI g slabUsteakmet; No. 3, Magazine street, HI AVEconstautly on hand a large supply of Cloth H • g, calculated for ihe country trade. Their as. sortment being large, merchants from the country can be supplied at the shortest notice, uct4 PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres Streess HAVE acostant supply s f every article perntnllng to gentlemen's dress, of tie latest style, at New York prices dec 20 J. BRoss SURGEON DENTIST, noe B No..33, Royal stroat. S. A. PERROSSIER, MEROHANT TAILOR 67 Commonl street, B EGS to ilaform the public that having purehaned frotm Masersa HtUGL, SKEIGiGS & CO. part of their stock, Ie will continue the business at theer old stand, opposite IBishop's Hotel, where he hopees to merit a sharer oftheir patroage. lie hlas made arrangemeuts at thr North to be supplied monthly with thle latest and most fashiorablt goadsa. r 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBIERS, No. 10t I'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all description . WARM, COLD, AND 8HOW'ER BATHS Fixed on the most approved principles. MII.I.'D LEAD, PIPES, &e. lO. rders executed itl any part of the Southeetn States. mr 9 Dr. Rlbert F. I.indee. OF F I C E ExaltANEc IHTEL 6m CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufkcturers, Ne. 102 Poydreo strcet, K E'i.P on Ihand a celettalt epttly of Lead Pipe, J5Lfrom t in. damneter down to 3-l. tm. diameter, tir ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BLISIIM1 ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLLAM GREENE, PROPRIETOR n.r I Commission H Porardin Merchant, Commission and Forwnrding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O rleans, Feb. 2 . JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN MDIaCINmES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS AND) WINDOW GLASS, Corner of Conmmon and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLE ANS V NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth af 1837. AT - UOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nls. 61 and Io3 WATER SIREET''. T lTIE undersigned, having estl.bli"bed themauhos inl lMoblile fir the p)ruose of trtansactiug the Auctione anlCommi.ssion busiatss in itc varinas Irches, hlteg I le.ave to intorm their fritteus atd thle public, tltt thIey are now prepared to receive consignenllts, and make liberal advances on the same, either for rivatt or plic Hal,. SOLOMIAN I. JONES, ISRAEL 1. JON ES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleanes. Mobile, Feb 9,1838. felt 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ARRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIBR Forwarding & cotmln iassio Merchants, No. 40 Poyldras Street, NEW ORLEANS. They will devote their particular attention to the sale of Western Produce. References. Ahijah Fisk, Esq. ) S ti Itlaoehartl, I rt a lli4 New Orlains. llrt 31 Shi, N A M1 Nathan, Messrs. Ltohn, Darou & Co. J It & 31 William,, ) Criggs, Wild & Co. Boston, 'ltttU Vose leq. 3 Roberts Brothers & Co. Lerret &'lhoaeoa. New York. Von Puhl & MMe till. t Stanford & &)avi. . St Louis, (ilaf ow, Shaw & Tttam. ) SRider & Co. ) lawlev, Page & Dunlap. . Alton. A It Skitdmore Esq. ) G I Marltall &l Co.--Louilsville. Lt ISTORNE. a. T. STONE. E&B.T.STONE. rwantrdng nuld Coeninsteeon m3lehanm ^no FURNISHERS OF SHtIP AND BOAT STORES, No.114 TcHoUPIreOULAS aTREET. New.Orlease. Relerenees: Matesrs. HaLL, AKER CO. oto .Esrtnc Voas & Co eto A. B" MElcAH & Co.New York. R. PUTNAM, Ji & P. Hor.Lt.eN, Cincinnti, O. WVRaH T SMITH n )DAvID STONE, DI)ytotn O B. .COMSTOcK Co. ColumnOtl N. Al.ltucH, & Co..Lotisville, Ky WIl..IS,STEVEN S &CuhT.isSt. Louea Mo A. I1. Rorr, Alton, III. WM E. WItHPtow, LRuhville, 11. J. & P. P. t'AHTWELL, Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON HetH, New Orleae;s. Jan 22 DOYI. . 18lAi, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISIl CROWN GLASS, Nu. 3 CARON)EtET STREET. oI FI"REM EN'S INSURNCE CORiP This Company are now prepared to to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Building, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15, 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commnsalion and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to Layet & Ameng, New Orleans. JOe. Landins &Co. r m24 teLl ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 12 Cnlp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, 1t130 Window and Picture Glass, &o. & c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COU.NSELLOR AT LAF.. NOW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli enats will fitd lhint at the Clerk's offioe, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom House building. je3 A CARD. T HE undersigned have opened a house in this city, for the purpose of transacting a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OF(FCE, No. I0 GRAVlan STREET, UP STAIRS. II P LEVY. Tile to.use at Grand Gulf, bMiss., will be continued in tie above name. Reflerences. Godfrey, Laurie & Small, Nre Orlean, La. Peters & Millatd, , . H It Hill & Co, I.ouiville, Ky. J.ohn hi Gilnore, Vicksburg, Miss. i rarpe, C ntcater & Co rand Gulf, liss. hlauir, loore & Co, Nile, Lillard, Natchez, Ml.s. New Orleans, JulyI t I i% jyl_ A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSENI) having lueated hiMn self in New Orleans for tle purpose of tranaactiug a General Ageacy atd Coalan eomn t bhsinest, tw.old re. spnctfully tlicit frotl the putlic a share of tlheir pa tronage. rlavina a house in Texas, he will attend Io the transua acting a ay business that may be desired in that country, and will guarantee proullt anld unremitted at tletiotn to all business entrusted to Iia clharge, and a tlathtul ap lication (in accordan.ce with instructions) of all ltnds that may rnloe into his hands. Office in New EIxchange, on (;ravier stret, oposite to I1ev 81 Clapp's clttrclL, and a ljoitieg Githolt' readitng roon, sign of thie 'reaian Cosulate. New Orleans, November 5, 1837. .RefCrences. Mosers iillyrr, Bush & Co. New York. Burr Wakcoe. . Alvaroz, Nttrle', Mies. K M Strotlh r St Lou.t, l,,.. J ha T t;r y. Louisville, Kv. ,r John A ntee e, l1plkinaville, Ky. m28 6m PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, OS.ce No. 24 Masson's Biding JU' CANAL STREET. ITOVES-..i Stovua landing froam rhlp lHuntsillr, S some of whierl are of entirely new pa terna-a!sou 30 D)r. Pool's patent coal stove.; 2i tonical cooking Stovee, in .ttoe ald for sale by S LOCKE Sf CO, .8 Froat Leve N B-Stove Pipe emad, and put up it ant part orfth Sivy a short nalice. u.t3l BUSINESS CARDS. ___ 11. K. & IV. D. Newcomlub, H AVE opeod a houne fr thle trnsacting uf a gen . eral .ormnliaseon Ibusiness at Natal "t:, and anyulv business eonfided to themn shall be ltithlulily attended References: 11 C Cammack & Co., ) alouasell Whire & Cu. New Orlon. Caldwell vlicky, , etl2--eufl m. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINOTT, WIholcsale Grocers and Commissiotn Jlrrchatls, No. 27 Coulmaon Street, New Orienls. ]l"f.learllcularattenti.n paid to Ihe putting p ofc Steano cbcat uud Slhip elores. ORLEANMS IITHOGRAPEIO OFFICE Nu. 53 .ltagezne trtet, uppueitce tunak' Arcade, E STA BI.I'IIE) fir the execution of cai, plane and drawings, terehanllt' circlllarr bleelleas lld lddress cards of every description, funeral circular, on deep mourniag paper, iapolheary aud drlggisec'l. ele; benk checks dray receipts, &ce.priltcdaed dexect, diir a cheap ancl eapeditioesa atyle, Ih tile proprietor. WIlLIAM G i.lEENE. NB. lank Notes ne.ic v executedl. IL4 NEW HlAT STOIIE. JUST received perlatoe arrivals fro . New Yolk, fresh adl Islseeablle assorteceat of IIArSl. Tihe subsctriber would particularly call the attention of the pultlic to a stle f beaver hats of a tlsuerlol finish, fue texture, rtccl an beautiful Iltre; alsls to a fine plain Russia hut of a superior quality and also a splendid article of silk hat, togetler with a general as sortncent lmnutfctued by himaelf, expressly for this market, wlhulesole acll retail J W otNBORN, 34 Camp street. N. B. City and country dealers are iuvited tu call. PORTRAIT PAINTING. iI. PIt. KEl ' relrpectll itc lly a t tr public that he will remain abihort ticne in New Orlcats tor the purpose e paitintig portraits. Rcrms corner of atcnael Id Sti t Charles, inll he lrn tse occupied lb I'arcly & Lyonu, )etists,, wherl c specimlen.s uf his paintlilg can be seen. Entrance in at (llharlet street. cc0t 81111 WHOLESAIE TIN WARE MANUFACTlORY S I.OCKE & CO. No. 22 Old Lecvee, have in * store, cf their ownll lealnulacture, a large atl px tensive assortment of ria ware, wtch they invite deal era in the trade to examinelI; also 2. Copper, ugaur house ski ,leers; l51) hdo. Sugar Ladies; 311 doz. Copper sugar alups; 7t; Iltll tubs, assorted sizes; 301 grossE assorted sizedl (aoltee (iraigle. N. B-lRootsofbuhildings covered with zine, c pper r tin. Copper and tin gutters put up on lUe he rtes olice. atrl ENGLISH, FRENCII A.ND cl'.t.,ote Ah..tu. E1IY. P)RtOFERSOR IMOR'tIY,assisted by gentlemena of Sproper qllalifiatios ald eap.rieccccllte, I j, o.lald ea Ac adem y, i ith, brick hb dding heluucgiulg to W m. Brand Esq.. adjoining the. teranda u n t. Charles street, wlhee vtllng gllllleml ., well dispsed, will re cuive II lod eClucaIttu. in.. M. ulicits tie cu-operatiou of his filends and those ofuedul:atiou, to enuble him to louder thia iusti tution u elgll and petruantent. NOTICE TO THiE PUBLIC.-Untunoded rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discontmnued his old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, N.A. 815 Custom house Siretel, Hlaving been most industriously circalated by self. interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to he tlurcished with a fulll and ex. tensivu supply of all Itol standrard kinds of kitchen or vegetable h Gardec Sueds, of tile growth alilt i. port of the present season, 1837. Since thie early part of Scptenuber, he has re ceived ample sulppiies, by the packet ships Vi:ks burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived inl shor passages, direct from New York. By the Missis sippi and another packet, Ihe is in daily expeeta. tiec of a supply of Fruit Trees and Aspar.cagus Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber bogs further to assure tie public at large, that he is at present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of GaCrden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was ainee Iis first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardoners orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, either in French or Eng'ish, may always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customnhouse streat. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbst-with a supply of peas anti beans. -lIC l-A.Rt{I .-- S ac .o -and niluIl.ltta-un,n ttrer, No. 277, Camy street, New-Urleans, wishesto inform his friends and the public in general that he i snow prepared to furnish any thing, in the above business, and hla constantly for alo the iollowmag article;: SNUPFS. Ruoe, a" Oerman Rfppea, naala .ey, Englias Pri : Regent, Americaun Rappee; N.atchito:hos, Imitated, Amenrican gentletP n's, Bergamot, k ltkeunt l.tappee, Irish IBlaekgarld, St. )mart Curaeoa, Paris, PsreSpanish, Haltf coa:t Rappee, Scotch, and genuine tooth powder. TOBtACCO. Fine eat chewing, sweet sceeted or plaih. Fine cet smoking, of various qualities. Rib-foot Virginia, Spanish, ke. Theabove articles are all warranted as g d, if not su periorto anything of the ktind impaortcd, antd will be furnisahedto d.alet.oon the most tibernlternts. may 4 H AVANA COFFEE.--59 igs prime green lan rt Coffee, of Ithe aW crolp, now Ienldiug Iran brig Charles Carroll,fur sale by JOSE1PHt COCKAV NE, Octl 25 Giravler et ri VY KEGS Si:TI F (O'SIIUN-iu'TEIt, Icl8 boxes cheese, " I0 halfblrrels F Al BeefL 10 halfbarrein Mess lShid; 101 btaxes Molntain's Chtatmpaign Cider 25 boxes Soda Biscuit; 5 barrls Smoked Beelt 10 half barrels pickled 'I'ongre. Received per ship Oceola, for sale by oct20 PETERS & MILL.ARD. W IIOLESALE & IRE'TAIL-:I3000b pounds White Lead,pura-7,5l0) tdo dan No. .pat tlp in kegs frat 23 to 1110 oundsla eacll; jusat tlading and for sale at tile Paoint.Sture of the saubacribet. MONDEl.LI, oct27 58 Cautp at P OUCHONG TEA--IU hall clntets landing from ship Oceola, attd for sale by J Tl'AYER & CO, oct0 '4 l e'oydras street. D RAYS--A few Cincinnati Drays on haos, and f or sale by ( DOitJEY, oct21t 441 New I.aevt. TtBItILLAS-tI6 coas, nleding fra m brig Sistecr, lor sale by ISAAC BKIDGE & Co, nov 8 134 Mttagaino at J E DNS & K E~lrV-2 enaa 1'ik tixred Ktr Seys, and ona ecase double wnrt Wanl illnoh g, Jeannsl latndig Iroas ship Norman, for sale be ISAAC BRItDGE & Co, Sfruom sthip Nurman, ,r sale bv ISAAC BRIDGE) & Co, nov 8 134 Magazine At t;LHAITI'l! CLHARTS!! JUST received an inoice of Lliutlt's Clharts, con elatsining a tte fllowing, Gulflll o exiot, West In sea, in two sheett ; tatama Banks; West Florida, Coast of Brazil, two sheetst; editerranta; Conate rl Africa; English Channel; .It. (ieorge's Chtatucl, Ic tor ,ate by DAVII) FELT & Co,, Now York Stationers' Hall, nov8 24 Chtrtrenst B ACON SItES--40 cashe supeh.or Cineinsati cured, in store and for sale by (i DORSEY, novlO 44 New Levee 'T.UNNY itAtS-75 bales 2 bus el bags inl tore Sand for sale by noetl 4 Nw l.eveo IF I.U t-tlO bbls. IBaker's bratdt, it stre and fhr sale by a; Ittt.":l', J nov I1 _ 41 New Levec StUlCK-O piieeca 'I. tlragan' Cannv.tss;. J 50 ,s o U dIo 40 do WV do 50 do Heavy Itaveans Duck; Landing from ship Norlan, aud for sa. le hv S d J P WPsll l'.EY, 8nnwP 8 II touu at NEW ROP SUGAR--Itl0 hhds Irite for sale on N platatiiou, otle A te ct t, r by novl8 7 Bauk Place DRAFTS ,ot New York ant P'hiltadelphia, ir soale -hv AN)ILLIt & IttKt'U., noldt-tit 250 CtIItp st t).ISyOLU tluN. ru'HIF: firmof aiter & Trittr is dissttted from the S9th ittst., by ttse nattett nltsrtie. Sundry th eeleaonern ul ant liquidated by sgremantt, individually by A ttreltattt Treier. ASAM'l.. SLATER, AtIIAIIAM TRIER. I hall Nnti. 11e the Gierairl Ftror a h ne t Cm-r. tistion bntinesntrett my own account, at No. 40 Poas dns atreet. Ali Ryl AAs t itti. noviO- P lirmASUKY NtEr S-t ra is disstia day, onl t . t iOlst.'rea, by notes a.o d $2set leltsaie t hse aT on thas Bnk of Amerie, nea Yokli i daed by eagreseme. Apndvly by at t Aalies o r. septO. WIITI AN, BA IDNESS. R EAUTIFUl'IT Iiced of hair in tbherandest orn . mo behloelin, o ttile hIaman t'cme. ||nw arI'nne Iv Ito 'to ott ilt c.letl t, O,'ecntnandt 'tl rona tlrt rlV rlse on tte oppenPraerPe ofohl are which ee nes ieene to rrmitl ni h.i'ir ,e,'vered. "ilj 0 o letile CIeve to .shuw seiely to avoid tile leett and eneers of their reqllai.taeh': teI d reanindlr of tlheir lives are con sequeontly pnt ill relilelllent. In sht't. not ev.n the loss Tof IrpertV fills ithe generous thinking yollth with trnat neavv sinkilpg 'lum ant dos the lens of hi. heir. 'o aert iall these unplaen letcirrlniStnneeOtlddolee' Itale, of Ctlllmhin stopy the tIrii frontl foiling ont'oe tlc frst llelirntinn, a nA fewo Ifoltl re etorro it again. It like "toc prolures e Ton o ccd wchinro; pre.ents the hair enr tUrninl gray, akesen it elrl bhentinfoly, and trees it froen surf. Numerou. crtifieate'ol tile irt epee1ctahilit* in eimtlport of the virtues of Oldridged Ilaell an. hinihhl, by lhe proprietori. DIg dod the following:- Robert Wharton, Eq, Into Minyor o. PhiladteJph tha cerlifio' as toV lie sera below, to the high ehora tr of he fid locwig 'gentleme.. 'The underignted do htreby certify that we avre used the Blain of Clotbehl ditcovered by J. Oldridge. and have tred it highlyv erviceable nol oltvoo at pre.cetive against the folling offof hair, but hloe ortlen rtnter live. WIIlI.IA M TIIATCEIIR, Senior, Mlethodit Mtinister in cSt George crlarra. No 81i North Fifthl st. JOIIN P INGLIS,f'I ,thl, street. J(OltN I) T'llOMAS, 311 , 10:t Ihneeat J(tlIN S FtURtE'fl Spruce strict. IIUt ll MleCUI)1DY.213S oot!d st. JIII tAIttt),Jr, I``t Arch street. It Is ktnows that hree of the ahlove. igtner are nort. thIn o t years of age, and the others not less thal n 30. [Fro tlhe Mwver.] Cuomlonwealth of Pentovlh'onio, Citv of l'hiladel'li.s I, Robert Wherton, Mner oef'said city of hilodt. phio, do hER,'e.v ecrti, 'tote obte llqnu.inoted wih srlcors J I' lnglis, Joil S FPrer, ond IIugh M :Celrtv. h IIose n 'es are sielled to etilhe hovre crrtiftetI. t the a,i. clltleenn otf rh:,o tt'er oani rePlrethlillv, tentd us g1,10ull hi1 credil shiuld be niven to the said enetifiente. In willttrs whereot' I laven lerelto ngel my hlllld and con ed tIhe seal of the eity to be Ifxred, thio 6th d'ty ofl nceemher, &c. [I,. S.] IlI R Elil' WIIAtITON, Maytr. OBSEmRVEs tt, each tottle ofthe (:oe'nlofe Ptl'e a dopendid Retpolltd wr'r, er t which is lnt ,,llte thle lotall , .fin'u,, &e STb' holesai , nni retail by tIle srle qoent flir IArto r iaon FE, thle' street, n,-r ty aid,it, iea loo tel .t Pearl street, and I Illut drugeile d r eil feielorc t"nguh h collltllry. JARVIIS . ANIfi I'..\',, nil bn Vhols len gents, fow xt frm. PROS'EC'T'US. TIlE esoasriber p'opooes to ,lhtlish, in the ie. ginning of tlhe cnsntg winter, a Condnonetion rf ctyl twenty volloe, of the Old and .:Nrperice of Martln's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in for voluttes, 8 o., according to the model of Peters' Condlened Reports. Thit work is now in preparation by 3. arton larrison, Esq, orthin oity, assisted by William, F. Brand, Esq. Tile Editor is also permitteld y a distinguished retired Judge of tlhe Supreme Court, and by one of tlhe sittieg Judgos, to expeOt frote their porsonal eep'rvieion all thle advantage wlichl lay naturally be r.oapold from t;lir experience. Such a worlk is becominig very day mole no. cessary, as lie original is volumlinu oo, expeoniive, and scarce. An incr:lnsionL curiosity too is anni flet, in the other Stateo ol the Union, in rtcltrence to the peecllar jurisplr deon of Louu.iana; and tlhe circumlllstatee of tho numerous principles here flei cided in tle anljustnenlt of co\flicna of laws, lmake the knowledge of our adjudged eolces of prime uti. lily to thojurists of the whole Union. Moreove, tie rising r public of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there is a great dornma:d for the Louisianea decisions front a frtnch quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the motre oathoritative ferunm of the other States, will he added to each case. The work will form four volumenos, royal octav, and will be delivered, boulnd, to subetr.hore at $6 per vl.l in it shoull Io flound ptracticablo to conmpress it into three Volues, the p-iceo to sub. acribers will be .$7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WMI McKEAN, jn5 cor Camp and Common ets. NEW OULL lAlt.Lt. (t-Itt I\IEltlC'AL INt-TI. TU'LTE. Peace ltreet, bhtl eln i.or'eau antd Caalacualo, Asub'b. Ala. rig. SPECIAL Course of Book Koep:i.-The-'' coure of Buok Ke,,l,ig opleed ince auveral ltotlsn, will close in a few toays. Malull good Iecoutltaont, alnlg whom ate gentle men olhigh rstadliag in businesa ,will Lo reternl cam Glitred to tile public atrollnet. A noW erlla.o Ilat.t will ie nlaOlld as soona a. a iHf fiiejt lln t1lelrr ol' suberibePra will lhavo I cll obtained; iti wcillieill Nevalnovmr ,eatl. For gentlemen residing in the upper part of the city, an t.telaa, chtltrce il l In weeka , will n, o aa aed at tle corner of yI. L.otai and Exalconego 'lile, if mab sel iplilol Are rcei cell. PwDD. W NSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O l'FERS his servicesa to the public i thie depart menats of furaeving and Civil Engineering, bult ill town and Cluntlry. FrT otaclniderable experience in Ihi t profesiol, and hy artule tetl a tt d lid lit j ill tle executin of busrillen elltrluttad to hiat, he a llle. to nllert alnd eeiva it share of publie patrotunae. lie ll' alo ilneasure and calculate the ollutentll of walls a exavations. Otie No 8 Chllartretreetlecoud ,taury bac. j,7 ..l ARTIN II I)I;VEtREUX offers tforal - , a large Iluatila ofauperloa Katasiana shlee it ti, froml 9 to 15 o. weigiht. Aluo, s quantity st' Eo:tg iath ,IIe Irou. Just received an assortmnent I f'Cnok I ud Parts luvoa I tlle latest tlatterna it aiii. Tbhlaito la street RIlSIITON & ASPINALL'. CIOM POUND TONIC MIX1'ILIRE.-A speedy and celtain cure for the Fever and Agne, remittent and intermittent lovers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with olmnent and uni versnal success in 1832, by persons of the highost respeotability in this city, as stated in the annexed oertificates. ''his medicinn in highly roraomended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished auceuns, that tile protprietor of the rocipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lic it its piretet form, in tilhe ope that it nmay be the Orfloan of rolteting manly of those who are suaftring unlldr the scourge of tor eountry. It is a medicane possessing gteat virtue, and whnl usod according to the directions has never failed of effeting na gere, oven in the leoat obstinato stage of the disordoer. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of tile weakest stoUltac , and children lmay take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom reqnaires more than one, or in olbstiate castas, two bItatle-s to effect a cure. There is neither Ilercuret nor arnenic in the tedieine, nor any thinog iljatrriou to tile human conotitutionl. The proprietors are so well convinced of its lfiecacy, thIat they agree to refund the price of every bottle whlich ha. been taken in accordanct wth tilhe directlons and has not eflir:tetl a a perfect cars of the fiever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drag and medicine store, corner of Ilienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies aplly to je5 'T. W. SMlIT'll, 48 Conti it. erIitlr.: uadereineed hatinlg bta1l dtily atplueinletd a t tte Hontmrable, the Firmt JIdieitl itlotet 'I oota of the Stnat of I.Oouisiatne. t aernmitsioners to estilate sllad LanLesC tfie nlllllgead exlpe of eteopallg aA lea street Iroal I1'ayadra to tirod, aatwee.alatgncinte atil T1ltpaitaou laa lr.ers, have lade Hl eir eslilllte.anld a FeeSSoIut'n ; tlal de+ msitcld it true IopV ltheretf: tog,.ether ilth lhe ldau in thetti of tilerk if said Lou fIr tlle inapUetio lt allU whout it Umay conlela t.llt. AnId Iublic natike iN htrehl y gieau, that naid e.ti hlh1t latt eautt tacnt will be ]leat.old t otald ta'urt ftat t.-altliltt+aaliaa, tatl a.eltldUV. lthe :al1e lt d ay f tNtca-t her, 13d6; and all upermos lttrestted il the estimate an lea.esermlenlt tare hereby aolili,-d to antke their olb jreliont, it" any Ille- little, to anidl eaillala e aald ulta ou orbl e alatte 2tt1tlal d tyt m latoelbter nextt tihc Ittier date being ten day: nl'ter the last publication of t lts ooltlcu. New Orelen. a91th Octiobehr, 1838. )1 lttaetltIN, JOtlt at Iti, Cll, It'aaaamiosina aela JAMESt LREES. tel0--'th12. • \'Ls--Iel tuus~lgtel nynt etc ntuate llu otu I'to Lýlorable tour du preataer dlistrict judalantre Icur I' ltat dle la .Lttuirialle,coullllllionite ur I evlu l et talleau dtlUll dloaago .r lais a elrourir pour I'aouver taret d'etou IoUeaulle rue, ,d le rtue vI'lla la In rue (i rod, entre 3lagaillns at 'lehatpitoutlas out ternaine leur tat ba'eatul du rflier de Indite eour,pour i'ieaaipetiaatt de loll eeux qua cala peut eatereerr, Avisi pblie tast ta i t lpr peit d aUne, tte ledit atlableat dL'evultRm tiue el d'utar*'.s ut:OIlll, e~mP nlreenp e a lanite pour plur elltlrnlatioo, stunaeli le Y-lo jour de Nvelnaro Irtl:titt talulles persulnelts ilntere'tar dllos ledit tableau d'evu. IlltinlUl r dat taxes satut requites de filer leurs objectitons o'it en eipte, Ite on avant It a1 e do unveolbre latalnhai, I ladernicro data etaat dix juurt opree nla puouliotion da ail avis. S. BLOSSMAN, JOHN M BACII,JA..REE4S, C., mlnis~riles. NlleOrleannoe*, t2 1838. NEW PUvLhlIC.\rTitaa . - StIiE YllI.wilunh I tre-pindecc, in vol, T i t alh tl urtlarris'hr tht ver.r of BlIot. A Trle.t Ufltao*tuta , Juat received and far sale py + WM M'KEAN, oct17 eor Caup & Conntauo at it l;AIY-t-tt pipes old ray, istore, T R It)YDE & B tOT'iEb, octl3 cur COl..into.r MglguSine at 8S(ATER a& TRIER, IIiR 46 IPoeydrs t reetr. WP RANKrIN iru ptia.ay ¶1 liE puldic woo reonmootof hieyi.,..dla M nth t otiom is erected on the b1nt tmp0 ana an in an airy nlld most aodmirabla atuation it the fotbour. lranklin, upon the railroad; one mitle f, o .a e M1B Tpe buildidii i. iaire, and motmotolon lftodt.its iidiJ into prpnttoolens, for keeping separate dilferb.t clasno.u nod d ltrrell tdiaseare. T'he ilnllt tio is supllied with tee nint akillill ant attentive lole and ferdle nu se-, ,tnd epeakitg thle ri0ous aotrlln ooo1uo.nA. Private mooat mno ho had lv .rontlemoan at lo* det. lors per day, ineludi,, attodranote, Ar. 'Icrl. lit tile or imnry wards, to dollari per dayi Slives olro two dolloo. Small Po In ithe urdiurnf nards, five dollars. rAll cnpitrol tlrgicl nlperations eltr. 'lioe rol:idnrhl p.h sii o it Oh o"edlemauiIntowhdd Ulplhntion fror tiatl+lOitll inust be nilade, o'to DPC A l.uslhlllrg, No ii liRampart street. Il.lgltt New Orlenah ,se (atiCo ltIo-all-l 3ial d 'i'd Artaoln.lronrrt f fl Illltlin. I r rll s i l io date., FRoot CJoaolt.lron -lju. NYw ORw*nt.OAt. Thel Iore ar t1 o'ol'kAM A tal ar at 7 A steanlear (i do do, do do 9 do do 1U do do do I lsteln ri Iti do do a sten ir- it 3 d0 ate.U.ouTr 2 do I'M ido do 5 -do do Iou 4 do d, do do 7 do dodo 6idu do do do 9 Idd dt Gdo 8 do do 'Ther Jacksoan otrel nars and I.nfuvetlo. hir anput o'1olek, A JI. tCuml street at (; o'clrk to M, and runt nicg hourly tll 7 o'clock. 'tlll'le ars ill eolIllPd tt ruenuio rovter halt ionr, ad eontilue titrooghoot iire r . don u;io l 7 otcloiik, P t. " '.IrrnnT~i nrrelt for tho La Cout, eiini tareoa aI N tsoe a f no r Jaoon othret. .''. JAitC Cin)FF Ee, in groeuan bugs-1, raemed poer l riig tair, ini tore, ftr oale Iry SLATFh R & TRIER, or18 40 P'oydras atroal; A CRd; ORLEA.t;ol LI'vIIOGRAPJIC ESTA BLISHI s JIB T, 5 MA.+G.4ZIAB. n TIREJ't, SGIlt 11E re t uro s his sincere thhnka to ,Io' S fii Iris sld ithe pubrli of NTa Orlaon, for the mtroliate ointiowed oo hllo for ue lstr tso oearo, tnol lr tao. lo asture theon t nt ail Ordeorl eooni:ied to Is CIellrge Ial ,e puna otoually lltlld d ; It le will ors oltlnl, keepl tile o r ope lltilurinl tile sumlner. ind 9s3ll be awl. s rr-al, vIto strike nit It ero t'ot eircu lars, ilo.iedro nlllslldrersr etror, fuoo rotl tolicre.lnps, pltlo, ald druoln.o, of rvorv doolrilotil.ln at Ibe llrortest notine, RndI Otu 1110 h llloot toerinorle o eroin. Being nosollod t y urtiotns oulerh.r to olly other ertubihohl Aollt in the 1it%, r 0 bIold OlL C t Perieollc ill tl itanrr 1ic ine, e foeb co0fidentt ev gri ing altire NIt or lotlcories onll r;drglts larbels exeouted ill in r011 rtalo se ill oppl , lp t lt lle l nllt g, o uig aut on thidid of ti t oeXl0s0 ao. Jo t: Iu NUtILttRIOIUlS. "I AY'S LINIMEN'I'.--NonctinEm.--Thie exr 1 trbeerdn lery clmii eomp,tsit on, ith ronosut ofn eieeo, andd thioe invorto u a eelbratld itied! i1 011, e, teoT i rrodOll , o of whichi to tIle pblitf was inwosted will te solemnioty of a deathlbed lltnto, altsa .i,.c gaOlned a reulatlion untllrallled, flliy orutiuoing Tlihe corrccltns of tive lainentote Lr Grilley' ltot confession, that " ioe dared noo di withouit giving to posterity tio bano.lit of hib k1o',v:lrdgo on tits olubject," and l1e Iterolir:o b equolatled to hit l 1iilnd Illld t trundat, roulo on liays, the oeret of his disrcovery. It is now used in tle Irinilal hlwitaufa, aiit( thio private practic in our counltry, first aln nloaL certainly for tle core of the Pires, and so oxnon nively atd eillctually as to batillo credulity, uonless where its eflects are winr0tead ExtOcralTOly in till tbllowing eollpl nit: For Dropsy--Creting extraorldinary absorptiof: at once. All Swellings-lRedncing tlhem in a few Ihours Rlrl'a .i.llols-A-cuot or Chlroro , giving qutko Sure Tlltroat-Biy Canceros, Ultcer or Cuois. Croup nld Wlhoruping Cougil-Extrnllly, and over hlta Crnetn. All Blruise, Sprailis, and Burns--Curing in a Sourue l ad Uleorn-Wllhether frshl or iong; talrdltlg, lnd fever sores. Its upcratiolrna ulo1 adults and eloildron in roduo ing rhouutulte swoelliong. anl llooening cuuglo ud tIghtneIssr Of tho ohthst biy rolaxltliot ol' t1i part.s, Ihas bern surlprising Iryond coneeption. Thie rlontnlon remark of tJnool w rol m h houed it in the Pl1es. ir " It acts ie a charen." TIlE I1 I. iES--Tie price, `l is rertonded to eary 0rs0 wh11o will use a Iottlo of llay's Linitnenl t for tilu 'llo, andl relturll toe empty ibrttlo wiltunt rbeing curld. ''lhose aro 1th positive ortlder of tir orolie.tior to tihe AgCtts; iand oot of ony tltoti naslr oln , (ol not otno has br.eo tnstnlccerasfl. W4' mright Insert eertnilatos to anty longth, but poreer that tho0e who null 1e articlo, . sltorld eo Ilrbi the ariginrl to tlrcnrotrs. CAU'l'ltIN-Nuon ean be genuine without a apluudld agrarvcd wrappeil r, on which is Utoy nante, and alo ithat of ttho Agunts. SOLOMON HAYS: Sold wholesolo and roetail, by COMS'P'OCIC & Co,, Now York, and by oln Dnruggist in every town in tkh Urion. For sale by tihe Wholesale Agents, corner of Corn.nau & 'I'coupitonlo.l sttoot, and by the Apotlrcariuo gentorally. ju30 STATE 01.' LOUISIANA, InR STorus Jdh., al Di. tht met T uimas H. Jcn S lre , r s. Ihe Cbcreditora. nnd lhe Crelurs of .illill'l ('. |le aesaiiu i ul' ()IC Ill. i lllC i'l+ I) iDe~lri is rcaccd Bloy tle 10l1 br tile b1 Juli co l Cordlt cItIcc rh c credicrcctc'c cl'rne & C'c!. cio take ioluee nt Icic caie ciJ.7-3. ilccn P EB Ol' llc4-,'tc,,l 'lNoelcler J nc ticr, t IeT1 :k, %. .1, I. lnr lc tiUrlem On dlIhrllrtilln n Ilic vilor' Lf raid Jlickinir,, ciie orillL o.. Ce.,i inm toe rn, ilce eld judienl ciioccl'lliucgc cgnillst h r ll ,oro ll onod tlrrIefrl riyc cfo l Jcllci llr arl Illllccr d. M1. 'I. Cllcclll coq ic uolrliucldl 0 rjllUccc cil J Dabocrnl crodinArO. \\'lluoaitlle leiu. A. ir. toihelnnnn, lollo olt lla CUIL otc nOcd, o lhlil .hy tIe pr.olicer, :18.ll 8 crt_1-J&n P LEI.ATNC, lip. Cik." .3.40l'.b'l' 1};L-A IOijIANI...--Cccor dn rcccr *ll Iistloi.t u.dieiiir-'Iho II Jilcirnhls l conlur De crneir, t ltH erll Enlllrs de S ltinc CieO-LI eeO c..n -ics I,i ,c de I'injorni alle cvalrt 01. uc.cccrch 10our Ij btince de sena crcnl rcien s ilieltrdnCe c'11 rnsrcefnl blve lien, cruneoierro el di ener do teirr & (r ocit lieu Oin reldlo hI1i MlArks. Ano r lau lllc, Il h ni, 28 jour do i\ovellcllric t did Ilellrccd t Illdrli pair d lll, rl sOr lvyes.lcireo drelio.JethEkinll rt Se.Iroc &Cic ' lnen treutououln prcedureor jodieilirer elci'en lu procornu o Il perrnche delcht Jenkino suet IolcreNr --5l Coluhon 1A I . h i itlelcnou , jllgc de is nourri ciden.ri de hclcbr Ibr S ]r r arieprca pI A rLILANC, lopn Glelfier. urike alol icr enicco 1an ine J. . I~nstr II~ Ilit!vo l" IltlJ said Itutlk s ill gi l~oli(.~tO I tle llle.lo to J D IIEIN A COIITEN, .cc c26111 Cn c Ic.t IRTYS No. 45, tatcio e'J 1, 11 L010 ,4 1C0h -ar,1 . IJ 13:, Iiill, 107, lOtic, I3,.l c3., cd -Ic- . c,] 1Ii h hl "'b in th n r >ep n or T oi s te vinatl dt n If or h+ h l tl Irncoorcicr. R orN Poe Chno?.cr IluutacLcnl, cortlhey iibt be prorec LeUld ncrlcrlccit o lwoo oor-i 3 i3Coeocccnlnoc hV a'7 ILE OIi.,--ul{ItI lallo wlole oi hllr roale br s. ! P \\HI'I'NI,'I, " o_'l7 _ _ Cruoci sop P !'W B OOKS. 8A1vPOI.I;ON in Iics Ta ,cy Ie ulogeourt, Duke af Vilcn zn, in :3 \ tilt. nioctioco cr ThIe ti' t c'~Il'PTEN TEd other alu, by tiu O' J nehl0L~l..'. Ji·ltllu ind J 8lhl8e r I G c ) |lll.,f exllii+ tlllllll e~l l oils of'that renowllelln s .ltlu.' ellp ci aitr. Juhn JolnrotIk.r cc f re. Ihltulph Lfiiu eld (Jle ttblcrint+iV'O t in rocilrfci- 0 .r nr liEAtI .'1T l EAUTiY. An erplonnlion or the Ilctro ef(ircrotih anci Erlt'icecl'tbrec elcichc o+ pli rcilclc clnlo lir octl-lillclrv o1 iorcllcc c nd grorrirbll ruc iriuc of tice rioecLccd ricectpc"irretlte, h Ilny cic teloli, 1 1.. loot rot-oted ,cld fil rolet by WiM iitK{VAN, onthO cr lICclllcp & Coucuon o t Jerl. clo/t. ,illt. ll' rlcct ltcoK ilindo --Oclr - licicc nlle d thiR Itutlic in 0 ll ric | ere ilinrnlll . thal Wl-iol, J(IC |lile 1t I'rinrlnll Oflite al.lIJl t k .rlll Ul eJ rocin fiuicPlecrochicc, ilrd conuclcrid Iny totnllltc t .elfc r.jlielri clc -d ilron. 'lire tieo bring 'ncl. iely tipe, 0e are pro mrci to do \lerrc ;cvoriiotv ctlllcdlc i nc Cotitc j th prilitil e, -.reriy colictvy 00 culiilr t bri icc iccgL kotc Iv cclld iorcbtllylro erCCllit d by iIAVID lEIt & ci, N Y Slatioer'o ItIll 24 Chitrresl. - ) CArEY, Nc. 19 Cmcp otoreeo, hasjjus tleccined -Em frocccl.undon, ceo rhill 't i0r, Iienc, iedlioti IIotnl. SUll crr Rouyal, lctpvri.], ('onllllciero, ol douvlle 0lreihnoct Iirccwrlt' pcri'lcii eTiltctr, lcvulc end Inllleitrni dcc. rl'crtnbcii'e Lolntdcc oaurdci. I'aini lild 'Tin'ed Biistol boald ;lvory paler; 'Tanruejliaree torn poper; (OuhIl curl isilver pelper; Gold beorer.%, Whitl and Culon. ed lIic' pni or. BRA wi'nePG ERCIt. Reevod ' So&llse bcrt tcolr-cred Lend P'encils; Drunk i &l! ai. Lntdgcolcs' dcc. do. ColO.UlRS, &.,, &c. Roeee'e & San's Wa:er Colnoro; Newmelc' do' hox 00 of Clihck soft (C+rc'or-s--Sii, 7' nud 144 diLn.utn oballas; Lirquid tiuldh', 'icci eu ilher dSheolsa Marble -nd thlnict nl, Sl.n lcic(hont Socceero; Chilua'l Icr1l, ii, ond 9 divioncnn; Ivory, Mfallogcuty, auld Chino ParletLUo; Po.cah bruohee, best ladlger Pouali brosoiei; Panel Letl en hica ing d Sketchicig PntfelioTrPaper, Leande or tICnrk attnipri Miniatum lvnrnie a oh i aun Swan luiil Ploaici do Llaek Sobin do. ., OIL COLOUX.~,, Ptoerarl~dcnronrr Japnrnud Till Box Blaldtr Co I.trov, with PLrle.s, L}hrerera- 4. Ptpcrrd "Caneal Ic,3I10&3i incheo. P'OC:KKT ROOKS & WALLETS.-: REcinuend Mccracn Ptlotmt Itoeke; LtnpriaLtdCrr Waihoco; KuneiaLe lher a oiae i lbaki, 3 4'4,i.ey louvrs; patent Tlibter, waith tilaer j.blail ase, " .I{t.6W HOI.NDLF.,. I'lua errl tIroc I.oearc.i, aiseeoed. MiWt:t!& hIccrrlonlr gogle. Ferby oolored lcal 5ndd &.Rs~olmt dlee. 1 " · ~ pBi-loLlP~E.ll. ,. oetl. - " .. ... i :eidh bni: o;on7c e..,io-- c? rds~-h bbdb ..+<.. sl!,,,, ip JaS .,bii i -r3 rIorOnc'lecluoladty coTcE'rSt)N & AtR e I~nrlO s0lrii.l

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