Newspaper of True American, 15 Kasım 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Kasım 1838 Page 1
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PRale 12: CENTS. -, - -, .. - - ua .... _122 C .. NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 1l 18-8. VOL.-VI No 1806 .ira t i lh, tri-owe., y counry .par, P. .a I/ $IPt ,W r. A - . - . . . . Ilor. t mrime tri-we~akly oounltry paper, p'1ya eeao iomutvuone, wlme eo eihy reference Is gte bslriptioal will be diacnetioued until arro:lr ettleil, lu case of diconrtiauuace, one wee k' o mrrilg mumer o iovarialb:y given, pr eviou piMtion of subncriptiun. Auv rlarlsn.o.--3'u dollar per suare forth ndortiOn o It half th.ot price fsr each labsequen am, mooterint altorateorin rn.n time original adeertie will he charged as a new one. Yaatlr AUVRecrlmas.--Merchuarn and Trel orty doliers for Eegllbh alone, and slimy for both I to g.Xagoi ; lnimk, InnseurCe Oliees, and other lmil poihlic moetiettimuns, fifty dollaro in English only, aid eighty for both lognuages; Ship and Steamboat Pac t, or ao sionea merehatan slaty dollars in English no, gihty tor both laoguageo. Aujolnonaa t)otnh.r NOToc o, and anrtielCes ail time attention of time publie to males at property, aned of passnenger, bnsfitsa, &le. 3c. will be onmargld sue dollar peorsq for o t he sinasertion in each lan go mLo. oCUonavnertisr, sor Advertisements, of any prson. ai return, whrlmel odnicoible, shall be churged dauble, nod ih omirCtoyne A dicdaeet nr twentyfiee percent. will be made to AuctioaeerJe~Iesfee, lItegisters of Wills, and Marahalm oo oles ofn" r soitat publleed in both langmagee, od 50 parene Elgimhso atone: LO parcent.oncalra 1' ethler preopertY AmmncrmEaTheCmms not of the direct lne of business of time odvertisecr, are as legal, auction, and planti ion solsa, reuoWay mlivos, stray animalt, dE.. D.will be curged for epately, coand at the onrlinmary rates. AmmVre'rlSEMancr trot sirenified on to time, will be umlished mcue month, nomd emarged accelingly No mnlvertisene ata of honnrueptcies will be poblished so y ease, llemsa paitd fi r prebhmac tointertmon, or saynmeorlt gmmmromeed by a ropnosible pereorm in IOwn. 'Imeatrhe and other places of amensemont, advertsin-g acly ,ie the aeanon. to be charged $100 for Langlah a. one, and $150 in boti tangoaeen. Alt nnoeounerlmento of ealnddatos for political emcee be ehrored dooble the price of other advertie i+ r :h ' to trie immenee loon enctolted by newspaper ,e ritm'mnm thee hmve c nre to trie aemrmcoeoleim i iot tire no mm'lemm Iifcrmloll m mroeon cmmmonte hove mot been paid iythhel aoe month allter prsurentatien, shall be oaded ammv.. (em foe as mrectimo.alc) to eolmriea r- thery obti fatirm'; tltelil*mmvmm noot to mlveretie or priot for nuoh deilt.tenrmt, Illoe Ion case el dastoce pngnwtol. maioomld) J. C. I)c ST. IRO.31t J. IAVON, p. p. EK'A, J. C. PILENDERIAST, JOIIt GIBSON, I.U MSrIAEN. .rI',.4my Pmor.--\Vr, rim'. rlmmmirsigmrod, agree to nbible y iheol aovan Pltm limiulmm 4 , r 0v the ticy are oppTicbe to r.:dklv clallra. (.irce'mtt A. It. LAWRENCE, km iNm mommerptions are t flmtkmor leco than 6 ronttm. r.cmmmmrom Irimm allti norrer, ire post tpaimh. .. lrI lI .'v WI'.\ c I VIE V I'I'ItI), dc. ,' I'AIt Ilttirlltlst't'l my mire amtothorl "A year in Nminm" i vle- Hmmrmry lneerly, a novel, by mTmm alhmtr mf "Cecil tled, " in 2 nle. rP'te Jctrnmof I',ml,, l i omrmr taler, byl time Iomthor f oThie Forsa keo, io m mmi. Niemlrlo' hIn T 'oors; eintersperased v lll I:hrteritic ollecllotee, eanvign anod doings of ti.mrlilm lgeu ioaluding oters ofrlhe principol erank e ,I' () n I" n m.Ih(alw ith varlie1,l byco lnte ;t nod l s.otl mmx m Il mmllle mIllilh are /id Nimm mareod's .cttcr tom m Ilill m mm lmll l.O lrImmen. ti mln, tb o laVtel n'm·lmll' mm.m:lllmmm:llllmllmlm AmV tlmelt (IX m Nmmmlltoleli oa llm ..l.ioe;mmI nim'mmc. In 'o vmo . (irmdoentm.crd l 4t j:llltl litly Jtlri:llrl)t~dn<:P~· lie Idl~llbliniltl'Pd In 6--lnlll a I'm' 3milmlmmmn b Jc. omme m i I. l. it . OVlilln trmo - ilt "v~ ll.. fI~.'mhll. N.~I :11 and +.1 I) (ll" liar +er's Clla.sieall I.ill ttrm'. " tmm I lmmVml'immmlmll m, m rlmlml m mllr th i ex erC ie. ,·I Illllcrl·s ll.HIII;*I+OS el'tellitt~d Stale++ roll,.irtY, hl Major t Ibr sale oy r1m. a Ci' e ioN, moe odn. iv lbea It 1 kim m oremS c 'rove rC otp A Cuoamon stc. l"1 ith, mllm tIr; ts otto not pomg i lot fair; it this is Li I.,.ve; mtmmmmm': IILtm)V la.41:l, My owitaer Hltmmmm; Itc i mmmmm'mlmmmel I 'mmmmt rvlloliaromcoftmenm[lkmecVowsi I II,.t , mm.l mirmtt I..,mmmmmm Lel, ; IV.' ethalt treat 0m It,.'· mmmI ', , I.looo;oratmoel are ifaily donomdite A mtfmm+halmtmm mr Imy m i+ thlmmam e r the B~illow~ it+,I.,l m mI t m,-l; Mm' hmhtm ltrmicmmmrtie; (timl mit amm nilv t.r'+,vull; .hotmy Jdoom ll* mcI'The noo iYidOw; Sonng • Jl' th ' i,'l+ I·,' mVIIm; ItlmlOimmem tovne a lov-re Evet !.' ii lht., ":.illlmm fmV Immm th. lmlmtlem Amona* Imn ht Ri oJ .;+n., immme .( mem va it by flt~mlioi; :Stilt me r,.· ;rit, ."`r .u' ,t,-.dia'z, ilrr·,lnle d Its; C Crerne; Fort.l r 1 I,' Ir I'' ,I ', )!r,, I.;l .lira~, v.lrb'd by F EIIIueleo; IleYU It `+, l) i+, .',d,:1,::aI,+,l t 11.r·1·t I·I·I)T .'.,)rlllty V Beliilltll .1, %1, ·i~. I' I., t ir~ · Ilrtl; .lV riu( it'1%111 iilliBes Trolll tv'i + +in .1 rommrm,ammm tVimeltmtthmmmmemm;Illtemm mom ,hI~.,,[''' t¢ . Vmmm Im+d fteomoAneiol, une Iee II mlo\mo EY' m I'*,lt m ol, ' m1mm mi++ Id.\llmm i C Ito 1 ram iii 19 Cnlmlt .mreet. ~'a il, ,,on , l ' ,.., t invery topic um ". , . , n .. o!intain .on,,rtionr , arran ed under +1 I ., I .tti tit ImnII(rous relUllrkhs oi the peIIculi aoo:,iý!ý.nn n 11 ll11 ud e ol 'vlr wil nordr. The whohle w ruItI' ' I ..·I.... lll u, ic llolf t ie Irollh. ' Its I tBt ide r, Ir1,1.hl· r ,'x()I~ lholllotllri 2t'l.1 cern'- io l,, I cb k, conu.tid de tett t literal iu d tioe ,I"'.+'d'II Iv y *Ithlort iretnitle oi; th 'f r<)twJ. olelm trhtdlh 1 twll ,"ltiu' ,drll-tri'tid w hth thoi. f tlte ' rotIdrlith. A\ iol iulncin t iey ch Priruer, or the e ltuelar' Gualade !n lrlnuu1aCi eiatu and Idihogralhy of tlle F lil I"lll.: e, c-lllltaini its ielelllltaw according to i,. lbe i Iauo., y iBlerrd irounchien, jrht reccivredl ni Lr ialea I'I/ + tiVM TlcKeANw atin,; nCor Camp & Cohr sts. It2U! RI'LPIIUR SPRINGr.. (;II I aNIIRIEt COUNTY, VIItRGINIA. F.lll.f't ur wit . tering place inte, n mlouutailGu 'i .ilrgiii,' I nilni see of Lewidburc and d frtlll ilhe WVlite Stlltthr, " will be open in due easota for -the trie. ltil. e. of epal)nly. ManY illl ortallt iimraveun Ilae Ine.n IbII(ICe Iihelratseason. A spacions 11A i niri, auhl 1 UhllUm of single-Cedlded IlrnouI have blcet anhhld anl now finiiillng; aillrdingl neiomnodaliont. sy tie lt-if July, for 30 visitoro. All excrlleat turn ike roaul haIN eenll coIstrtell passil Iy the spIrinA,. actl itlersecting tie KI(anawhI urc i etr near Lewtsn Vorg. Ovr, thin rotod, hb dirertlitu uf tile nIt office the plirteilt Meruer. lrldin, IVolle r d co'e. line of TelI cmiun wf IwIeon. A tint oiim e beiutteatoblished it ill+ a )rill++r, vidilora lau¥ t r 'enivr iriw,nld nol'rm Snoid Iily, iot nill wnit. f the )aIu Aedieinal qlohieti alve heo adcotlwitPd hby ahliv lprlanld cllomelisoiotn, niit c In hild ini solliti olthe valtibl lgredono ool Irodeni, gte Kl i d , an ili Nllplilena of Lin is, C.r bllntien of IMiIcc. ollllhWiatP kIf &Oda, Mlriate of &Old, eid .\litl rin, i' ll'oiou the rinalutare deiet of iicn of teol?, e uf hs iltieiotch, liner, ead hotwel;e hlcta I nItlcei analCtil. or liIenunOn oftit sten no remedy toren !mu I hldtihTSio eolublinalthetnl fnlr bth ongea lntave tl,en eretl coongutinUotns Ih the L eprhiIg. Vinitori can at all ti.aen lcjly the peculiar advantages of their be illr Villia V will eonetinue tite auperiltelnd lonte of the ring. Ever) exerotinon a his prt, ofd til tloe liart t .ile proprietore, tt llb e trederod to iofure or the ilune Sniil ur a liberal lhlaro of the opublic pat 'he proprietors of the Blue SUlltphr Springs wilt be iller. inei the receiuti of notes ofall Si :ther alid Wes I ialln iwilich are wil nit erel oolir : Ialpar. +MARIA MONIK. &c. A WVUL tdiseloiuri s of" Marl in lun of the Hlttel I ien NiiInery of f Mlntireil, ti. i.l with an inu ptaldin, coitaiiilnlg, tart 1, Ieceptilnt ht ftlrtedition; plrt' 1,.elll l hel r narrlativel; lar,, Review of tim oae. Aige , c utl ilettuitt, givillt mnoe particulars ot the l i.lllltirv ail grultd, illustrotod by a planaif tile Muria illlk and the Nunneri rf the a lotel Dieu--be ile a tccout ilt l a visit to the Conaets of Mootleal nd lir tatlit of thn wh Awful r Didelosuree;' by Win. L. tlllo . FoUrlh explrilnent of Livier. Livino without means. 'lhe Stludel t'o sItrueor it ;Lrawitwg and working "'l'he Five rlers of Arn hlteture," fallv explaining tle" Ulelrilln l+ toer arirhillg ri gutlr and qnirklcl moaildrse fi.r liitiailin, iid gleigu 1folta gnmnr and capitals for tihullt the true dilmter o anil ordlr to any given height; for .etritig lhe lonic Volute,circular or eliptical: witli lihiiiheld eXUmloies, oa a large scal, of the order, their planlclhra, dc.; and soino deesiglls for door easen, ele g-ilrl onruaved eo fblr.cryone I~tat, with enplntee.-by trNcichount, areltitest, author ef the tIfeMhantic'a (o ipaniotl,' "Ceotrenter's New Guide," tLa.rpetore's Ind o.tior's Assistaint," &c. "A Practic:al 'T'realise on tile Culture ofSilk," adapt el ti the soil and climate of the United Stales--by J. t . iotstock. seeretary of the Hathrd county Silk o ciThl, aandu editor of tIh "Silk Culturiat." " The Sill Raiser's Manual, or the art of raisitg and detiltn soilk wtitlus, and of oultivating the M Idberry Itret-ey . Mt thllerl. e'lh+ imlerk's ndgidue, ior Commercian Corresponlence; cmlliitsilte letters of, lorms of bills, invoices, ameitlt-nslei, anil bhip keeper; equation of payments, e ,rilT(·ial telnon, &eC.-hy B. P. Footer. "History oif the Wonr in ltle Peainsla and thee louth of IFratlne, the year 1807 to tile ear 1814" by W. F. P'. Na'ier, (C. B., vol V.; to whieh are perllxed na. ar. Just rreceived nJ for ale by (It'PENIolAS--n 0 bble, in store, otr sale by (1 itOlLtgEY, je6 I44 New Lener. Siati \P.i-50 hIltde, pritue article, for sale by .2'( 44 New Levee I' r, saw e y ,d o .f EI'S.Ne & aV'lKY:"ll " 'oSl:RasrsMnal rteat frii n I. Urower & Co. SAY Ejst tooeivedat their Fornishing WVare-lbout, 1 ,No. 17 Usnop street, by recent arrvals from E,. ope, and tihe North, large ladditions to their stock o1 o ful ald amoen tul t/oe'ekeeping articles, which cel lectively (they believe) form gn assortment more gener. Sandml complete than is to he sound in ally aslmilar estab. ishlment knoun; consisting of SillVER WARE. Coffee and tea sets; lltehei', wtiters, daotors, elndle-. stieks, cups, tumblers and gobletas table and desert borksl table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or n goat poons; suar. tnogs; auger, saueo and aup ladles; ,utter, fruit, padding and tl knives pickle and desert knives and forks, napkins, ri, e. principally from the taautaoletory of Mr D. Gardiner, of New York, whose long established reputation for the manufacture of silver warn i suffllicient gsarrantee of its superior aLiE"D ' ATll OF SHEFFIILD AND DIt& MINGHAM. Tea ani coffee urn, tea setts; eastore, liquor and cor dial stands; siperb candlebros, and Epergues with mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or snpper table; waters round and oblonlg, from 8 to 12 incites; beef steak and vegetabk:e dilsls; rick diLsk coverst cake and bread heasketa; decanter stands; mantle andi chamber andllestioks; wine straners; coolers tdl yphulions; dean. ter labels, claret norks, tea strainers, table hells, tea, tan ble, egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers andti atnd toast races, ice. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert kmves, forks and spoons; soup and sce ladles; luetter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, ete. JAPANNERY. Free Gothic Sandwich and rooend cornet waiters, In sets and single, from 8 to St inhes; do of jauper mache; bread, cheese, and knife trayas lorge upright plate warmers; spice, sugar and cash boxes; preussing cases; India tea tables in nests, caddies Jag1,nwn am d of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among wtns re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, do, each plain and with gln prisms; i very splendlid eat glass do; bronzed and Japanned side or braeket lanmps. CHANI)DLIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. English andl French cut glass chandeliers or Isstres of 8, t0, 15, 1t, 20 and 24 lights; French bronzed tand gilt Greeian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and los terns, rich bronze boat or centre lamps for drawing rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shades, glamaes and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gilt, with fixtures, etc; counting house al kitchen clocks; isrtzed inkstands, cegar do; paper weights, thermome. ers, card racks, candlestieks etc. CHINA WARE i0t PORCELAIN, English and French dining desert, tea and coffee setr nices oi plain white, gold edge, atos very rich lancey ntyles; splendid toilet se; water and milk itnchers, mantle vases; fancy card racks andi baskets. EARTHENWARE. Diining, desert, tea, coffee, breakfast and slipper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton china dinner setts, CUT GLASS. Deeanters, pitchers; claret and ratll ed hock deCae.tres; bowls, dishes, celery vatos, salt standsil, st-ar Iwls, bultter tulbs, linger batons, tumsblers, wine, estclampngne, claret, cornlial,, lenssosads sotll jelly glasest ; lsne colorled hook glasses. Also, candll shades. TAIILE CUTrI.EIY. Fine ivory balance handles, self tip and buck handle keives aod Iorks of 51 anid 53 IsIeces, or by tie ldozen; ivory handle knivcs only for silver fonrks; gtard and same crvers; long slicen for round beef, oyster knives, nut cracks anl picks; sngar cutters, cork snrews, etc. IILITTAN1A AND BLOCK 'IN \WAItE. Tea aim coffee seits and urns, witlh I and 2 faeets, sluitable for hotels anId steainboost; spoonss a;Id ladles; venson dishes with covers, cysters or cllaingil,sanes; dish covens,Ilate leiters, coffee greegs; tea kettles on st:ands with heaters, egg Itlilos, etn. FANCY IIAILIIWAIIE. .nbea anlll wire fslltlelrs, brlssaln;ndirons; ,nrassand steel shovels adll tollgs, etc; collpperl coal holds alnd panlch ket ,rtllze hlaandle heart IInrn.,hes. lilty el.llws lanllc .'ltnalb) stsanIs, gl'ae l 0no5llgl:ll f ror Warlmlin ; nlslate.. KIT''CHtN FUltNITUltEItF-Cousnstinsgofros , tin, brass,, coppern/ anIl noodenl warn.e, leinlg a ciIlletion of all udensilsnaily reuired lolmelintil) pta onsesni , andI in briel'lllnost every article wnllted bsy I ll.e keepers ou llbe folul i their establli ,net I. (rrSilvuieriand ,lated wre repairedl and repolishedlast new. LamttpI reaireId Iasl rebronlrzed slec 3 ORDERS RECEIVEDI) FOR JONES' P.r TE' T CO TT'O r; I,Y, g th. Patenltle, No. 53 .l.zine lteetl,t New (trleans "P0& M.A.tIIIFAC.TUll.,, IN .YCF, YOMff 3 ROtBEIRT 110S & CO. SCf.-I.E OF PRICES--Dotdde lnas. Fora dodble (iln of So ;ws , r more on each c)linder, making 160 saw.. t the stand, wilt, loto-hr :, b:ooll, &.c. at $1 IerllaW, or $910 (ti Forot lltohle ti,. of 60 s5 -05n0 cy.lindor, or 1I2 saws is the sttld, leeders; &o. a $ pe.r saw, or 720 00 For do. oft 40 sawson do. or 8 saws in as stand, at $6 J. per saw, or 500 00 For do. of t saws ol do. or 40 saws in a lston., eL $.6.0 per saw, or s60 00 SINGLE GINS. For ag s ingle of saws or more, with oct set ofl ieders, hostls, "Et. at $6 per noSw, $480 00 Fordlo. of 60 saws, with leeders, &e at $6 For yo. of 4 saws, wit feedeers, &c. $6 75 per saw, 30000 For do. of tt saws, with fieders, dc. at $7 Etl per saw, 15000 rxtrsteedo wseredesired, for feeters, supplie a 10 cents sth; tihe onumber of teeth beriog about equal o the number of saws. One sot of feeiders, it is cn sidletsd however, will wear outar two or thlue sets of sows. Extra saws sqqpdixd at It0 ceats eals. The Gins unrlned, will be delivered to the agents of plntters ill any of the sea porttoewns ot the cotton plan tino States, at the tlae lrices, theagents paying the freghlt on tile same from New York, and htcoaing re slponsible for the amount of the Git. A Gin wrisgt will be tsent with tim Gins to pat them ult nhlre ole sire; tie chlarges for whose services will be extra, but moderate. Il runnlling gearean alsohe ordered where desired, on reasonable term, but will hbe charged extra. Horse powelr, tfay descriiptiao, can be fumrished on like terms. Small steam engines can also he ordered if de. sired. It idesirabtle, when planters give orders for Gins, thyr shrolod acaomps.ny them with their views in regarlt to lieorraigenmentan saws, breasts, brushes, dce. It isft und they differ , opinion. Some desire saws of lgaler diaeter tho. others. The most colmlloon siz is 9 or IU ilthes; H sote 01 wisn them 12 ilnhes. Some wish 5 or 6 rows, I brushes oelo n aoxle, while others do not wanto more tlao st tmost. Some wills saws withl a or9 teeth to tite inch, while others wantl0or II. t o Ith llilcreianocy, we prefer they sotoldt, ot the time of giving olders, furniti a statement of thteir wishes, anod the manulincturers can fullil them in every particular. Where it is left to our discretio, we shall take them on the moat modern and approved plan. An order can he exesutedl, from the time it is receved, in the dsoe otfeight or nine weeks, and the Gin in that titoe fdloedin the honds of thefactor. To be inl Iotl for the next crop, all orders ouglht to be in thie hands of tihe manltietureraity the first or middle of May; exept Ibr platatioos wherethey arelate in commencing to piick or gin cotton. N. I. The Patett Right, for eay oneofthe netton growilng States, will be sold on reasouable terts. sln3 6inos STATE OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial District: Court. T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom these Presenta shall cone, Greeting:-Whlereae William Machky having parchased at a sale t ale. by the Sheriff o the parith of Orleans, the property hereinafter described, has appllied to tile clerk of t lie rolet, itn wrhoe office tde deed of sale wa recorded on the 5th doy of Mai, A. D. 18311, for a lonition or ad vertisement in cotornoity to cll act of the Legislature of the State ol Louoilno, entitled s"At act fitr the Iurtiser assourance of titles to purchasers at judicial oalesf' ap. proved tie 10th day of arehl, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persons interested herein, ore hereby cited and admonished in tile smat o tile State of Louistana and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to thl property hereinafer described, in olloeq ueace of aly itforoitilt in tihe order, decree rjudgmet tofthe court under which the sale was toado, or any irregularity or illgality in the appraitetents and advertisenleots, in time, or masner of sale, or fIbr an v other defect whaotso. ever, to show casae, within thirty days from tihe day this monition ia first inserted in the public paprs,why the sale so made should not hbe cofirlled Ot homuolo. gated. The eaid property was sold by the Sherifl of the opar ish aloremid on thse : day of April, A. I). 1836, by virtue ofo deCres of this cuIt, relloereti on sthe 3d day ofl March, A. I). 1833, in a soit entitled William loMackayj vs. Samuel Bell, Na. 15,535 of the docket of this court, at whoic sale said Williain Mackey became the pur chaser for the price of $3,:100, eas!l. Description of Pro,:rty as given in tite Judicial Con veyance, vie: A certain lot of ground, together with all time build inga and itprovetntts thlereon, situated in the parish of Orleans, in the squsre bounded hb New Levee, Louisa, I'aul and Delord trs'ets, dcsignated by the No , oil a plan dlrwn hy C. F. Zimpel, DI)eputy Surveyor Generan, on thle 16ih December, 183.4, and depositti at plana No 10, in the book of plans of Felix Gima, notary palie. Said lot measures 320 .cet 11 inches front en New laevee street,75 feet in depth on th de si djoining lot NeC, and 80 feet 7inches and 4 lines in tlepthon t ile adjouiing thie propert now, or lately, belonging to N aoodals, and 19 feet tII inches width in the roear, Sherei it frots on an all lley of three feet nine inches in conett on to lots No 4,a5, 6,7, 8 and 9. ( lerk'ha aWice, It 't Mar. i % 1t116 ti t I CWIS DLp Clerk. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, t e LoUrsVILLE, JULt 21. . It has ieen said fhat I ran eway from Loua. of lle and (among ofler pleaees had made tracks Ibt tihe Niagara-tlherofore resolved on Tuesday last, tript c. Cincinnati, for one day only; I retuned again las Snight. I begin to feeltht am a very important indi vidrrol, as this instant the Journal of tins city was pot into ":y hand, stating, amongst a great imany otIer Ithiags, that I had actually run away fromn Louisnilil oescape the efects of the wonderful nlagnetic nee lie 'of doctr Snip, the knightl of the tlhinble, alias, A S 8, t My return, however, provela that the fable of the bo I and wolf, is pplicable to the Journal. The fable is- It "Aboy was employed to watch and glive the alarm, Swhen ihe wolf appeared; he belig either a 'footman,'a I, tllor'e an:p, or a liar, frequen:tly cried out 'the wolf in Scming,' to the great dismay of tLe citizens Thby r o Iharecter, that he was a liar! astd not to be believed even when he spoke tlhe truth.' SThe facet ia, that causes must produce their efects. So it will prove, of the all-wise wrilers, Dr. Snip & Co., in tlte Jirnal. I would advise them to previde them selves witlh staeam engine press, in oeler to meet the wonderfuldemand and increase of tlht paper, as it in well known, there are many who seek for nothing hblut falsehood,out of aheer love to the venders of that artie. ole. But unfortunately for Golieh Snip, of 3eedle and thimble celebrity, the great mass of the mtilliono of A mertican people, are fanted, and ear famed as lovers ol treth. Therefore they will, (as effects produced by the cauten) naturally say, I want to read a paper, that I may rely on, therefore I will aeek out suchl, and become n suena.riber to the other journals, whose statetnnlta will not praee. false. Their lest otatemeta are too pal pible to requslr rnftatiani yetll will statae: Itt. I ail, again to tilln Motel. 2d. 'That I hlallremnt ld the 31st Jul , 'th I) Snip-&Co., have seat me a letter threatening my life, if I remained dItlr iei2L0tl. 3d. That frim ths, I shall proceedl to finieinnati,for fourteen dav only. of whilch I wish Dr Snip &1 Co., to tinform the afllilteil, in their owsn ,ttillon l never failsto bring ile pnti-ts. 41h. That frint Cioeltaati I shall preceed to the Felols of the Niagara, to heat Iliflalo, (if tr Snip nC Co. do not take away Iny life,) on the Iltt of 2epleber, ano alnew orkon the cltofNovmrnber, tospeod thle wholn of the neat smllmer, it order ito laugih at all tile wholll Philistines; the tuedical Ioliahe of Boiton, Philadel. Iphi, lMemphis, Nashville uid Louisville, who wiel probablY.(l refite tlatt time arrives door,,dohah lft, Rope and thre Utillal 2d. Currier &e. Golnta make for asses, mules, &c. Goliahl 4th. Corn eitter. (loll ah 5th, Pailts anti drug, and picklestore. Goliak 6th the most magnificent at all, I)r. Snip, alina Bell, &e. pateller to thile proprietora and edlitors of tle Jourial. .Lastly. I would have thle niolle Dr. Sail) d Co r know, that ling beforethey were able to thread a near ellc,or epread a hllister,I hald been for years, ill tile blht it of restorinIgsight to the blind, nel that oo wlhen o was a collector of his .Majesty's eustoats Ir Griit Bri ain. I wsa eaven then ao emlnloyed. fid d tll treao epilner;h the currir, the harness maker for asses; Itle carn elleir the paint anid drug store keeope,; and the lmagnifiee doctor Sniiip, ever, evea more thani dream ul ieiaii aide to do lthe like? I wish tile Journal ir ltatr, I hllll receive ladies andl Ira gers from 10 to I A M1. and gntlemen from 3 to 5 o'eloek iP i. ever day,to obtain mly opinion witllholt fae, as nuaal In great haste, JOIIN WILI.IA M, Oe1liet Jeffersen Ilouse, Louisville, Jly r21, 1 37. P. S.--inu:e writingislh ast, I have Leen informies tllt one of the causes, l'hv ilte plor lacqier of the Journal, aid Ilis noble easier, are sei well pileed with me,is, for lust Ssauciuoiag them together, in mv late re mnarks, as they so pefetl'cy r seiblue each utliaer: they lullil tile aga,, "lirds of aiaitlu:r elook together." 2. Fr llat paving tlhe latte, Mr. Preuttice, alias. "kmight of the rail," of the coutriv aof Canletlburv, aase oaehuieats, the respect doe to suci auilinified i'raou age. Itis trne, lhe might hav, been so elevated, ae ornimentvd with tar, andl tile nllllllge of anoilier"cuuaco .imhis own ding-hill," witrlItt any moiiiral Ierit, lo ideaerviigon his purl; as we lind i, aieieit ictiiry5 thil somnaewero urnt alive, otherslhllng by talter whilrst mne were raised to ie emperlors, ore evuted lie knigits of tlhe rail. Thaouglh eole soy they oig tl i have rathier ieen the kbightil of the halter. Bult out worthy knight is yet not onyv alive, till ab e front hs prolilic brains, to join lis hrotler, thre kigilt if te I lhim ble, in ilh linalting thlew . t, hait ss a sill iii perfect hlahlth nld Its iloes ng as full llwn rose.. i eajicilly oal pIlai lprojcatie, we, lie vnlllo', cull atu n e; buIi of wiich, the great Dr Bell all S, S. lligkl t tof ' the iliillidde, S'e. willexpliilt to iie., 1in Iis ilving .cvcIt tile lechmllal phrasnouligv if tliat wlhcl' slnaiieiliae .tii ceive tiresIll];IId at athara'e.ul .ila iclieua Ii r fniiu, ai colae from , hle usa of garlic, lrvka ua onnUIi. nto cinlh npr rYed of hiy Rie ldies. d. Th'.7, ........... ;y,,, rod the t..........s e,.... ,f , oillk Illl savilgasonetling aloltl the tuuliuif (iiilivh alis, knighits ,f the drng ol I d ilt nilI Iick ' stoires if Mienlda, Those great oneas i referito N. Yord; buit whae lie uloke oif $HIh, was almost ufriL it liiorwh tllt lie lt Ieli n bl i Ilothers, the (l liahls of thile city, hatI acttally restored "o eight mree eeriils tlhan hIlad, sinlce mviarrival. Ileai me, thinks I Is uivvlf, liui pr tha e kilct iaf lhe thille, &rc. hlave g'ilud tile tgage, as l id oily resrilrd to sighl, one geotlaea all dy'v yaoenlaer i, a"boe Ouee, tlcugh, is i..tllersiunglulr, a.. icill p.,leaet Iie lchisnh. Ile lvh IIn rly liit hli siglt in l'axn. lie elt t , INew ()r ulaei wher. lie ileied to nt iievl I i i ad h.lft fur lthe iict. t ie i rlhlwed iliPuaml leseerdlav llo'vhck Ivat bIecome, my soienut. Wili ntIi hour ie cI eild clearly I ie : :ee.vsr whlleh were inot viviie to hliim hifir. 'nTo ' is grltleln n is so oal ilollrovediil in itig, al Ill r~stuto all who Ihar him. He saps his Ira ifnda lhasinnhIlulahds thtouh i erluid all tile mal' I dlc n d.d llAlinl thiilIuul he piuld li tlhousal d i u1i 1 air s l"ho l nlo t h e I ,so g r aten l , b io G o , I Co to le . Whlln aked if r ldieila l"erv ior,..redie ae ill. wlitch Li dretead lis eyesa, uailia Wiulid ralhler pty $21), than lalolse asigle droup, l e.a... upwarls at. 'I21100 liles to le. The aseel pens of the wirltly kliLhto of thle ral and tihe llllhhle, will seatcely mark legibly, after reainog the all ve hasty eIrltter. Ilowevar little anidylle. ir ihe formt of a drink orutwo or tIree will setall right and thley will no lubht preoare aonlehllin to suit itl nimel aplletitee of Ihelr moilers, at breakfast on Mlen day moriemlg. Fortunately ftr Iliem, thereis a whole Sabbath day,(lti-moarrow) in whlch they cal do theit dirtyy work. J WIt.LtAos, N. t.--I ave jslat received a letter, dlated 21astJu y, insisting on It making oi apology to tihe druggists lof thln city. The writern style tlle[niselveso "Kentiuc Screlean er"retending thlat I alludled to them in my last letter. They may reet aasareel, did aot kllow or even tleieets, Golha anog the druggists in laville; yet, if the cop fits ,7ny ganoliltalie Ilt mlta u courae weoa it, tfinagh not intended by aue. Jefferson House, Saturday, 22d July, 1837.1 JEFFERSOl HOUSE, LOUISVILLE t July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the Cty f(arette: SIR-Having listened to thIe lentreats orn y pot patielts, I ea resoLved, if oy healtlh pernmits, to re main il thois city till the o od ofa July. 1. To ry to do them smore 5 bod. 2. To cmviuet e ihe iolabulltta that the vile opt thets the edical (oslih S. nce, lye., appliIed to ate, belotng t tthem, as It ir lawitll riight. 3. I'll t .1 olU rowdy to dlpooiIt tivo huodllred dollars, ill Iotels of lhe U. S. ldk, in lie haods of his Ilonom the Mayor of this city, agailst a siodilr sui, to be de posiaed by all then grat sad i ghty Doetoras . & Co. that 1 restore to eigit more age, .,hddre-aged, ,dle-ged, youog persons and children, who were totally or partialil blind, than they do; la that I a uot naibed to cure a greoler number of short, weak or dim-sighted ierso during my short visit, thae they do. Yet I wi Iallo ao olise calumniators to crll in tr their aid all the vern deservedly celebrated proltesuro and Doctors of all the colleges, us well as oil the doctors and quack doctors o be floud in private practice, (whi are not. few! it tie Stotesof Keuticky, Ohio, Indioin aundtvtt i 'I ennesoe; w there ter indeed solie two iithero famous doctors, whose names oug t to be hasded dow as low as possible to latest pstorrit e 4. It mlust be clearly understood that ell the cures if any, on both sides, must be povel shihall have been perforted without the aid of any surgical oceratioi whatever. 5. Those who really merit the epithets t ey have s, liberally applied to me, shEll tffeit the j200 for teh benefit of the alms housee in thls city, and the other par ty shall take back his own -)011, whoever ho or tier may be. If even the mighty tlelicil humt gger dt should prove one of the successul candidates, l will fulfil the old proverb, and give the "old geutlaoln. " hi, due! 6i. At all events I would advise the sat named Goc liah S. sot to sftfr that letter to stand alone, as it gone for "simpiletou" as well as "sapient," bout yesterdap nut. to.dal ;^ but I advise hint to wud to it its legitimate comlnpnioon, A S placed elbefore it, in alphabetical ordoa then the indcependaent inhabitants of ite city would ol ways know tIh writer by tihe elsly of his voice. JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. f *1 was weak enough to resd the mass of falsehoods signed S., which deserve nothitg hut tly silent con temlpt. lad I known last evenoing of the great mnportance of A S S, shold lhaverr treoated the last of the tiree sotte what differently: but let thit lass. I will. however comtpliument his muster of the Journal, for his sagacity to employ the former kuight (ot of the gorter orofthe tlritle, bot) f the needle anod Ihiibl., in order that he may kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to patch the holes that may be in his natural or political gtrmunts soandi, i I may joude from that ecellesut paper, the Ad vertiser, Dr. Snip s miaster is, polticalily,in costaot ured ofhis servic.s. When aoy cirsomstanece occurs, whether dotneatiealli or politically, whlich requires a blister, whether on hit, iwn nose or on thie reputation of those wlho do not hap sen to please him, being unlike hit,, (which must be t great misfortune!) thes it is he rings his BELL, whics after all is notlhing more than if it was '"suundig brasc or a tinkling cymbal;" yet, to view it thus--Dr. Bell htoks well; hot with an .1). A. S. 8. aLfter it, appear. JOHN WILLIAMS, kullst. July 14. AVANA SWEETIMEATS-- l aStm aid ursale byT R 1HYDE & BRO, jel r rer Commson and Maga s.i o. ste. TO RENI'. THE handsome STORE and buck Kitchens ot the easement story of the True can Olfice, two doors Stnn St. Charles Th atre. A filst rate stend fora Cofre Housee. Apply to tal JOHN GIBSON, Editor True Ameican. NAILS.A prime ae trlment of Cat Nails from to 10ld, obr ale by CIIASE & tIXEY. ail. Custom Hlouse u.-.t. MILES' COMPOUNI) EXT'RACT OF TOMATO. A SUBSTITUTE eOn CALOrEL. rflIHE doctrine promulgated with so tooui asthraone 1 by many empiries of the Ireseot day, that one me diione will cure all diseases, is not, and never can he true; atd he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im postor. But it is a tfat demonstrable by experience, that combinations of medicinbemay be formed fiom the I VIarrLa ss, that will act so universallay oil the system, when taken seasonably, and in judliious pro portions as to sro, imn snle eases ou of telo, al diseases within the reae, annd power of medicine. From toe well known nod established reputation of Calomeel, it has long been employed by the empiric, and scientifi physician, as one of the most powerful agents for the semoval of disease. By the former, al most every land has been deluged witll oostrums, that their authors elaimed as speciflos in every disease inci. dent to the human family. The folly of these prtoen sionls needs no commnlt, for accurate chemical investi g.tion has shown, that the bare of most of tile Panacea, (otholicons, t&e. which have been trumpetted before the community, with so much assurance, is Calomel, or mterary in some form. Now, if this potent alticlee even in the hands of the moat skilful physieian,frequent ly exerts an iRfiueo.e on the human system, unfoeseenll, and entirely heyond the control of art; undermining th, eonstitution, aod bringing on Iemanure old age, disease atd death, wha/t ret shoul be expeotentl when poe serihed by the ignorant? Cohld their many thousand victims speak, a voioe from the tomb would soon dispel he I'pecifo' dolusioa that now sways the minds of the living. Humane Physicians deplore the tad evils resulttng from the meretrial Itetico sold will ghltly hall tim sI todustlon ofss artice that man safely o stiatitouted for entlomel. .Tht feel, asd that ean/. the uncertainty of ita primar1 operation; they cannot smy whether it will he favorable or unfavorable. They also knoo, and Ield, that ii its use is continued for any considerable time, in jurious secondary colatquenees must follow. But they ilmust choose the least of two evils: tlhey know no other aotiale that will arouse a torpid lier, remove obstrl, tion, atul set in five action the whole glandular system, and it being indispensIbly necessary to sdo tois, they continue its use, notwithstatnding the evil consequcnelnc which follow. They have long desired and sought an article that would produce the good effects of this ldrug, without sbjctintg the Iatient to its deleterious results. Such a desialerall , it is believed, has at lengtl been in the article now presented to the lublic. The proprietors of thids article keeping in view the fact, that a wise and betevotet Bllein', bat plaeed witl in the reach of all, remedies adated to the diseases iu eidelt to the climate they inhablt; and knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South and Wet are based upoon rganic or functional derangement of tile liver; directed tleir attention to those articles which act more espt cinlly on the bilinr) organs. Alter long, laborious, and expensive research, they have succeeded inl extracting a substance from the TO MA ATO, which, from its peculiar effect p oln the Ipa tic or biliary organns, they have denominated /innpome. It is a meditee that will produc ail c le beneficial results of Calomel, inl both acute and chronic diaeases, without tde possibility of producing the leeriouile tean sequences eonmon to that article. Its action upon the conllstittion is ulnive.sal, no part of toe system escaping is inflluence. It is, Ihower, upon the organs of secretion and excretion, that its great power Is naticlarily manifested ; hence it is pe culiarly adapted to the treatment of bilious feerrs anlnd other liseases in which a torpidity or congection of thel liver and portal circle cprevail. It is ahdmissible in ll cases, where it is necessary to cleanse thle stomach and bowels. It removes ohntrne- a tion, alnd excites a quick and healthy action of the liverl and other glaudular icrai of the abdomen. Being dif fnanble in its opelraion, it prodluces a free circulotion in the vessls oi the surflace of the iody, accompinled y a gcntle perspiration. It does not exhaust like drlls tie purges; still, its action is more universal, and may otlen be repeated, not merely with safety but with greas bent lit. l'his becomes indispensably necessary in case of long standingl for in them in.ense temporary impres nions made by strong medicines, seldom, if ever, do good; but tend to injure the stamlba of the eonstituion. It is eeauosing andl nri/intg to the system, actnos ill perlet lharnmosy with tnle known laows lf life, and is undtobledly one ol the nost valuable e rticles ever uefer. enl fir puilic trial and inspection. For onmvenience, this medicine is formed ilto 3 gnrin pills. The while pills are cathartic, alte'atitve, nHinn. phornetic ann d mi etle. The yilowo piUlare tonic, atnm nlnnn t and diojhoretiec. The following extract on tile eulject is from the Cincin :nati Jtournal. MILES' TOt)ATU MEDICINE. The virtues of the Tomato, not oly sass delicious vegetable fur the table, but also as a nmedciele, have for leollsidellhtle tile plast, sIttracted in little atentiol. It has been believed to possess aeti-bilios qualities whii, it they emld be eft'etuedly extractal, or seplrated ftiMs the stllerlfluosa attller, would be ienvalun:I e. Thllis las been Eh:iracterized as a bilious countryt . A large portion of tie diteases.rise froml disorlered lives, or from de rangemenlts i the glaldular snstem. This is esfspcially the case in thle west, and still more so at tie south. If a reledy, easy, sal'e, effectual in its olelratitln, sald lear in tilhecohititutriun unimpairel, could belliscnvervd fLr biliouls compleaint, this wauld unqnestietubly be among tihe tost healdthy climates in tile worl. salomel has been the almost universal resmdy fo, dliseases of this character. But it is a remedy which nothlng but necessity should induce the use ol. It may be osaidened as tlrespassing out the prouIlce of another profession to speak ot this, yet we may be permitted to express our stlonyg conlviction that Calomel Ca.intot be used without injurlous andti lasting effets uon tlie sys teme, greater or less, accordillg to tle quantities taken, slid the frequency of its use, ad tile constitution of the patient. A substitute for this, therefore, fitoml the ve getable kingdom is a desideratum in this counltry. We believe this desideratum has been discovered in he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this city, and hisassimiates with much labior and epense, as ue nnderstnld, lhave suceeele.l in obtaining such as extract from thi' vegeta hie as it is hoped, sill be fouitl an rlfetlual substitute. I We have taken some pains to enqlire among medical metn anld others who have usel this medicine, as to its effects, and we r eel well satisfied tlht it will prove a most valtatle remedy in bilious complahits. So far as we have been able to learn, it has Iproduced the desired effect, oserating to prlucesa healthy action of the liver, prosurttg bilious diwlshrges when teedledl, and ill some onstanees breaking top fevers, with even more certainty and in a shorter time this calomel: For sick or bilinus headaches, it has been found a good remsedy. Those who leave used it my that it does not produce the debili tating efleta of noat other kinlds of ipurgative medicines that there is no increased danger frote colds aoler tsI use, and where large dosesof ealomel would be needed this operates without ansy danger of the distressing and injurious efiteeas of calomel when producing salivation As we lane eson to hope Irom our investigaliMi, his extrast of the Toomato will prove a subssbtitute lb alomel ill great variety of ases, we eann s seel it s a blessing to the humsn fanmily. bl5 pefeethlty safe, and tree JreoU ol tl ner is Sthalotwe speak of it, and we trust tlhal itasuraeno fuilly al ed h i n teHteeeoseyaaa sobs ily lestrd by famTilims Wue havie every anU sub a Tile above oedicine cran be obtained otlyc of the lie neral Agerts, alrd those retiling agenls iaving ea :on osasioa signed by "A. Miles, l'rea't . M, t." snd rottllersigned by 'E a. B" Stlsn, o Genteral Ageuta Ior Louisi ana, ad bearing the Compny seal. Let of Jibiesnis. E &, r ST Stone, ieneral Ageant for Loisttiana, 114 Tcheupitoulas street. liedte r & Co. 133 Old Lovee street, opposito Vep ta bei Market. Paul Martin, eor Old Levee and Ilospll l street. Wit Shercry, eor Camp and Julia streets. r Muesller, eor Tehoupiluula sire t and St MI1r"as elarket. J P Barbat & Co, corUer Tellouplr lsoul and Girna streets. J dtP P Harvwell, avyou aera, La. I)r Wli Sancsbury, N~sleitohirso, La. Tollnmas I Stanesbry, losuills, "Teas Frderisk Serda, erer Poydrats srml Cuntp its. Gro. Jones, Tivoli Circle. Win. Evals, No. 4 Building Co. Row. Applicatio fouragoelties, or medicines by wholesale nust bet lade tio the iGeneral Agents at New Oleaia. All letters, post paid, willbe lpromply atlended to. STATIE tF LOUISIANA. P ARISI COURTI . fr tse lt'arilsh aind City of New SOrleans. IPresent the lon. Cbarles Mlaurian, Judge. Jaone llbth, 138 -No. 10,984.-Jacques tolier vs. his ereditors.--Upon reeadieg aun lilisg he pelilion and schedule in this ease, it is ordered Ilby tbe Court ihat the ereditols of thi inslrelt.l dtl thiw eusoe it open eourt on Ssturda) tlhe 7th day of July, 11138, why be shold not bedltssharged according ti law; and Io tile m:eantime all proieedsjtgs sgoisat his person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk's OfIe, New Orleols, June 11, 1838. jellt saw ARMA.AI) F'l'O', Clerk. L TAT DE LA LUUISIANrº.-Ceour des artos.o, -1 pocr la paroieaeet Is ville de la Nouvelle Or leans.--Present I'hon. Charlses , aurli, juge, ll tiin, 143S.-No. 10,184.--J.cqsues PIltir co!ltre sets eran. risre.-Sur lecturc at eseregistsretent de Ia petilitu et Iasbhbdule dans cette aolaire, 11 eat decrs.t par In sour iue lea creant:iers Ido 'insolvalde faire savoir leur* rni. sonsaen sour ouvelt, Saet.di 7 de juillret, 1838,psourqud 1i n sereit point decheeg is conformerent a io li, eit en ottlaldant tenaes poullrauies scolee st persounn on sea proprileties scent ardtsbs. Ilireau de gretfier. Nonnvelle Orlens. Ii juin, 18:l8. jel 2aw ARMAND PI'IY)'1O ,Grr fer. SINSEED )IL--IO bbls, laoding flsum statboata SAlbany, fotr sle by G IDO)REY, jel3 44 New sLese. E ARII'S SUPERIOLt IH.AS-Now laodisgfmo sltealtlboat Sultana, a supply of the above, put up in hhds, tiercea and bbli; for sale lby LAYE. ' AMIELUNG, jell 17 Commerce street. - INSEED) OIL--1 bbls and ' casks ieat Linseed .L_ Oil, now lasdisg free ship Nrshnile, and for ale by JAIlVIS & A.-,lREW!, Whsleslas Druggists, jel3 somnlstoaind 'I'chapitoulas at. SCOTCIrbF Lr.--3o cbks (pist snd qsrts) in acr Sondftrsaalby IIOLMhEs & Sl1.1.8. jell (.itlk .Ally, I INTS,OILS GLASS, BRUSBUES, ac.-su L lanldinrom alip Cmlliontution, and for aile- ia: I1600leSlt oufglne, aiost quality, from 8'10O I ,OIX2i 3ri0 kegs white led, pare; 3i50 do green priut, irl I lihbr. ke:n +4 do ' Jnaledtine for igne;6lO ill: lihrega 6 doJt splendid oo0 ground brunhee", lso of0O0 orad lake do; 2 serma cernte reen in poke g erior artitle dodo eln wans; alartg asormendt of aash tools ofevery sice and quallty; sable peancil for artists; inat miarkin brushes formrechaats; artist's colors in oil reath pre artist's tools, ,l. Flake andc tIrmitr white; 60 Fkcks gold leaf; white b7 MONI)ELLI, a28 58Camp at. tltOSPECTU'L'Ut .VEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI1XA. T has been for some time made known to the public that the auboerilbers are engoged in premparing eor the press a new edition of tie Louisiana Civil They were. lresn tle first, aware of tile great difculty and Ieipollnsiiiity attending the publication of the work, and it w.ts nt withont great ihesitation that they seo sented to the undertaking. But the present edition, monntilng to bnout thrte tousandl copies, and which had cost the State more thon thirty tloutnad dollars, was entirely out of print. For more than two vyear pat, tile nausual price of the work has been from thirty to 6lty dollare. It is a nyntem of written rules wnirh ao immediately operaten upon every individual of the state, interestedi uether in apieulture or commerees and which governo Ile1diaplettion of so nmtts pr.perty doming to us Irom, other stltes, thbt--uthke almnoe: aty ther treatrise unpn luw-it is S mitch the lext-book etd mianunl of tltr merchant and the planter, as it is of the private gentle man ned tile professionul advoc le. "The lawyers of theandjoinig stre, an.d in fact of al -Tose smtieospn . the tihio and ia: is-iepp rivers wh[i:h find en mart for their prolnce in Lulislall., hbae a fre quent necessity of reference to the code, and ltake it ano itdispennuble reqoiste to their libraries; ntd in tile tit of New Orle.'nn the Iuok is astsurel t In+ fotnd in fie merlchant's countting rom, as upon he desk of Ihe judge, or tihe table of tier attorney. It in not atop )risig Iterrefire that tile first edition i the work was so quick ly disposed or; and ltllhough a merre print of it e Ould it some mteasure supply the pnlblic ne'·e-itv, vet it would he imper;rect aud ulsuotisfactnrv elle m. Itnototed with refernceas to tihe tRep.rt aed Smottln , ill order to ell' race tie nunlerous alellldmlnts which hllv b en oade by tire Logisiature, and tit imlortant d'ciirtl.s and Jco strctioe which IItItr e been CIIon gepoe mtUisy o its article hbv tilhe Sptlrele Colurt. TIe publishers have secured, for tlie geteral sIper iatenlence rd editorial departtmelt of tile work, thl profeseetonal services of Velitelck S Upton, Esq. meenberrof tite New (Irlents liar. Tie littu. Jtude BIlolard, Judle Il.rnt.lldee, oand llttt (GPIirge Etustie, have each kindly atnisted Mr lUpto with the vaeltblet notes which tieI. bce colllected in tie course of their ltudies aeti practice;and to Sr N R fretnins, the palt. ner of Mlr Upito, who is olso enaaged ill tie work, Geo Strowbridge, Esq. Ilne presented tie grert mass of refn . reer.enonoained in lns office copy of thie code, and which nave been made by hIm durieg the whole periodl ot his die:inguiehed treneiollnl labore. The pullishe era nav titerefore well trust tit the aonaol tions of the work will be all that industry andt Ittbturr, a.ited by Ietrling and experitnce, ctEn perform. In pttting fordl Itits pr"eiseetns nod t ieiititig genr tnl subscrilern to tile work, tno itlihcre tltke pritle int tile fact thaot tile xLeginlattr of Lttllttiasnt aits ttntlltnor ,ed tile i(;overnrtoortI der one tIttsltd o pel)sea Iof it for tile future to of thte State. The readiness will whieh thti tumber was taken by ithe Asembilv, wvinced their jlUst sense of tin value olftie work;and they tihtrebvi erxten ed tiant confidcnce ill the abhility of the ptbliirCi-o and enlitors which it is bo ed is nolt ibollv undeserved. Tihe work will Ih trintedti i irnch anti Engl:ui, upon good paiper cd witb clear typr' tn c will anv ax piltee nrear rbe spared to nake tile wolet echti cll txecnlion of it corresponl witl its gretl illtnortance It will probablv be readly fir delivery it tlte nmonnt ,I .Septemoter text.; aeld tite price will be, to iuborilbern, firteet tollara-five dollars it, be paid at tihe tute of aub cribigg. I'he nohacripltion lists onoe closedt, tile store price will be twenty dclltrs per Inopy. up 6 E Jt)IINS & CO. Piblisaher. colt NEW YORK. [Louiaa lan New T ork Line of Packets.] r0lt hi ps cmupooing lls Lie will rail froa NNw U.lnas and New fork onl every olher dflndav etln nc Ilg o I tha iln I)love n ert"n to illIure "the stlritstl pullouality in tile r tile ol siingl the lic will heleal'cr oonsist of five Ships via: Ship hawoo, (daptain'l'k to leave on the 2oLtI ntv. Slhip Loia. ille, Captain Paltaer, to leave on the 4th Deceluber. Ship Iledntile. Captauin Eldridgver to leavoe on tile ! hilp Vicksburo, Captainl Woodhouse, to leave on ithl lit Jailtarv. Ship .t/'l;aistppi, Captal Daois, to leave onll the 15th . 'l'ie above ships are all new, of the first class, eoppred alnd co pilr t lleled, and Upllward ofh 5)tolos bllr leo, nae of ligti thalght ol wOler, beige built inl New Y ork expressly fort IoC tre. T'lh .niee of pits saTe i fied at one hundred dollars. Their cbinsll are fitled uoln the tro illproved dll conveO ient plai, aid fdleshed to a neat lod elegant style. Autploe stols u the first qualit will be provided, aol every reglard ad to the comnfortend entlte soti luetion ol passengers, who will please take notioe lat o berthll cnt be securned o Stl pid lro at thte offie of thie cooignees. rhkee packets are aotlaoded bh CalotaOillt ell *x I perienced in the trade, who will give every alehtio exert themselves to acceommdate. 'i hey will at all titmes be towed up and down tlte lissisippi bI steamboats, ant tle striclest pulctuality observed i tle ltitte of sailing. The oweors of these hips will not be reponsibhle lor rsy let e, parcel or package sent by or tput o board el, ienl, unless a regualr hill of lading bIne siged tlherefore nrIt tile eantig house of tile agents t r o ners. Fcr tIrtler particulars, a Tpply to dI BEIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 LCommoOO at. AS fond fll nlilesaleLo it thIe llaize,ine to oll of Jalv, a large launch, (English bllilI) copper fastenedl, nd ia e been coliperede she is e feet long. and eighte et erat; ond has beete sloop rigged, ar there are iron atps Ibrward for rigging. Whoever re eFgnisee said lounolt will pll laa call at No 70 Old Levee. a 0-"lt l UtAR.-il6 hltds, a pritme article, fa sale hve SGe. DeORn EY; Je'2 44 Nw I. evee HUMPIIREY'S FIREI(ON TOUR, &e. IREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE otd BEL.GIUM,I a sllort 'l'our in IP:ki--Bv Ioetan Himphrev, I. I)., President f Athulerst College, in 2 vole. TAo Works of Mrs. iherteooal.-llole the only colnplete and uoiftrl edition ever Ithelished i the .bited tnates, vol. 15. Just receed dead for sale by W IIM'E AN, i Corner Cattp &ta'lttlic streets. PENSACOLIA MANSION IOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACt)LA. T HE subscriber having puorhae Ie le e fnd fur Spitureof till well kllunw atablianlllote, Hot I, All Taylor, ote late proplrietor, will be ready to rer eive vi, ileera by tile let of April neat. Nuneroua aod costly imtotrvettents will be found in tile arranogetoeots of the lattlsiona IHouse. New and inure eollltttd ioila bathing hlouses will le Ibuilt, and warm I Ills will be provilded at all hitrse. A stable will be attached to tie house, wilth gold aceotlntcolllo. tiotn flr horses and carriages. I'ietl rot lttorses anti cartages will also be kep lit t hire at ludleralte ricasI anid sail and row boats, witlt peront to nla g la thet for tlo use el'vitteret. Iiilliarl and a thl alnusellert enally fouotld at waterig plares, will loni lie lfaroishe.l and e eooductet al not to ilterfrcv with the eultbrt and tuietof ttlte hoarders. The wines utid iqoUUre ill be uot the benst qualty, and to ensuri a all tuplyt of ie,., a cargo han already beeon urded, whiclh will arrite bout tim lot ol lMay. Mr Frederick Barilard, whlto formerly keptt sovopplr a hotel ut VWasltinIgtott ctV, will condaeti I thi h el for the proprietor, wlto, with such aid,eoilidettliy ovatseo thu rieiltr of 'last vytor, aud his fritnlds generallv, that they will rai a every ptiaihle attentiot; utid btereby expects to give general salislsaclion. The Iltol advantages of tito Ilhouse are too oell known to need a Iengt. ened deoori }ittl l:-re. 'I'e facto Pensacola is the lergest oaoiti station of tile (ioverllllllltltlhe geaeral rendezvous ot Ihe (;Iill'qunal ron; the nalunrity ot its atioaate rellreslde conastantly du ting tille auaitetr months by tile ciolest I reevrs frm I rile iull tile be.uty of lie bay andl tile ieigllbolurngl iaoadvt and rivers; ille ahundlace oiil tlelicacv of thet Soi with wllthl tile waters otbouldi atd iS proxililty to the best Southern ltorketa, dive Itensacola the pe- I fereeoce over all oter places in Ihese latitludes, an a healthy atd delightlful asulnllterretret. First rate boats will rue between Petencoln and Mo bile, and will at all tilntae Ia able to lake Iho plua.ngers fron tll New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Penescola, Feb. 15lh, 1833. U) (ientlenlet wishittg to engage rams for their fanloilloe, can tldress tile pnpril.tor, at Peaacola, or ir Sewul Taylor, tite former pir-lietor, at law Or leans. Rt'erentee. T Satford, Ces1, Mlr Cullumi, I 1c Ulptin, Esq., Lt. Kibhy, in Mob Le; S T Taylor, P 1' kea, Eoq, in Net Orleans. P S-A letter bag, to reeicve enmmunieatints for persols at the hbove hotel, is planed at tieo WVhitman's office, 1 St Charles xehtnge. FLORIIl) ROU'TIi FOR NEVW YORK. I17 Traellmer desairoa of taking the Florida rotre,. vit Pens.tola,to thle North, are inftrmed that tire rate baste will coatatnllv run frou. Mthile tt Pensaeola, Ilaving Mobile and Penaola evtry -tiIan, An aPer tht It of May. Gold tages will wt vaw av tTuden ay the euhcrtr to be in readittea taeo pa'l nere fral Mobile, in cae otthla failure of the batle N It AnNOl,t. The st,'cmnhntt Chmpilon It leas r :,il for Pna.n e .l., ,' ' C. I.b ie i.k TIE FLIIIUdA STAUM COMM h THROUGH IN iIVE AL D e BLALT DnAt Prom Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta Geen) T EAVES Mohile every other dan, imhro.ately t*l.) 1 the arrival of the miil from New Orleansr, per thb ateamboat Knr.ass, to ltiakely, coaches to Penracolr dstmhoola (per PeLntonela lIar, St i(on rOtli aonl hotloe teliehie Hirer cnul Bay) to Cedar Rlult, eoaches thecr via 3lariahna, Clcttibouerhee, (foronerly Meotnt Ve non,) Baitblldge, Piolertont; n iwkiwslrville an I Iorlls. ville, to AugI ta. A lraalnngeerhtaklthis seant t iMo. bile is in no danger of being thrown out or losing hit preterene by otr naoflictig ia terents, a hloe FLOI-o I)A LINE is but r ne nomnern, rod under one ea.tro thromrghat, atl many rely WITH corTAtionT upon hoi arrivalat Augalrta ill time salpecifie, through all weath er and at any tnmt, unless some most unforesee catas trophe shmld occur. The Great New Orleans Mai is carried by thil route. The Ag ints for aonmmoda. tion, Teams, Coehes and Urivers are not surpassed the sotirhern eonntry. The smooth, hardl, natura nerls, the mln anod inter eating water navigation, the tite anti aommodatrion afirt the traveler snled, certaintly, o, Sotl ai pleas ilg variety; cotneeted as it were withthe Itatl toadl Cltrletov n S.C. stli the steam iraeketa to New York. travelers can rea t New York from New Orleans Lrno TriA It neAlW*tWashinnotm city in 12. PFrom Chatltahoolmchee, Florida, we Itave a Brotn Line via Quainey and Tallahnsee, toSt Maroks, 4 hoer pelt coeches, also two Itraneheo from Ilewkinbvill Nmm tl Milledgeville, and mo to rmthe, lilotI twe hur onorhes. STOwCKimONS U co. A e'nrhA, o0th .fan. 1851. Office at Maosion Hote Mlobile "l)isU, r.e, New Orlefts to Moeile, 1NU clia Mohile to Augusta, 5-i Aoeosta to, h151 CiharlNten to New o orek, o1t.t- fO0 Time, New Orlan to Morile, 28 hoear Mobile to A ngtsa, 32 s Auigasta to charleilmti, I4 Charleston to New aYork, SC- 058 Mak in t It e milies r y. or 7 niles per lholr, inclu sire of wll stolpllage. ilto It N. t. I blg Ireae to ineorm the pn.hliliht ih hrihlges over thie (lhtalmhbtveswtli otid Sle.r1 Ilha crel. h.k l jsl bnee on llcoplelted ty the grenei) egovel niltt, (Ihev I oblstaelee oreieiltll :gnivslt thils iCe an nliei) cillte ate tlllls halllly removeid; il; i It ave th leawi i ol'leart rig fmrnl trvellens bi .t tie oiealli,blolr sa, itiv.s tin omtl alre el tlle fint oerller; cll as ito th water lule i'rom i etsoeol to Credalr Illllff, it il atmi tell i.) ll who Ivi lassetd lt.rough ii to be uIia,.iUpitste' ii oeceties beauty tlld .salfety. 'The brilges nlirle' Geolrgia hive slis hacietmaircd. J .1 N C LAKER IARII)WARE. Ltl MAoAZINE STEarT, NEW-OIL.EANS. JOF.SEPI KNETTLE, & Co.-illortvlreo ofF'oeigi: and Dnomestie lirdwanre, ar rveiving fritm Co rope and tiia Atladntie Cities, direct fromt the anfacr turers, on extenrive assortmeot of Far:y atd Heart Hardware comprsing every article in the line which they offer Iow. Cu.Oterv Mlerebunt and olhd a are oinvited torell aill xa.line ihir irotck which coniits, ill plart, of toble. bttcher's, ptcket, a.tldler'a aett str.t knivs, platerd till llrital ta tee leeitaneellenspitl hnek h illl eves, eli, vel aold .tpades. tongs, shovels, finders, o lirtein, Ilrit ta ia htijllpipnted ware, brllshes, bllnk leika aeld p ler, letkilig glaosee, anvilt, vles, screw t, tes, alnd. slede ollllail lltii tllee, sOlllit Iecllll.lw., Alllticuel uld Engliasll blister,cco, asllear, Gerntil and eroivlev steel, plolgll luui;dse trae, ox and log chaein, weil'liltl Ioui, anao acd gruliheig boes Mattocks, lick raxes, corn lg gass scylrthes, Cllinii Kings aUlll tilllllllt Iihutitie oxee, weoUglt, lcot'e iid eat naUill, cltllell cad rid cerda, collbe rud cotl tnillr,pllnes neb, gouges, locks, mnd, ieoi, loot ks nolld pistols, elat, ipowder atd liq ur links, per nowder. ton, al,, lrh a sli cd bell 3eiiul knob cheler, treank acd pd I ocks, bridle EOUISAIA NK-E-Cur du PI'ec ii DiUs reict Jmleiahr. L'ETAT )DE LA LOUlISiANE-A tounsceux qu ces p ecnto iomeuincereeot,i Salht.-A-ileinu quc James lBarnet Digg, nyanti achele i uitle velte laie par le Sherif de In parnoisse d'rleaons ain poprietl cioapsles decrite, s'est adiress no Gnlfe ole cette Cou1 ou la diue out fu: ni.tngiir e. l-e 2 eine 'e d'Ai ii l 1alnle. IWO, poun ull u'io cuufornlhuruelt a n late i laI L.egi lneue ude l't.d net II Luilouiiane, ilniwlc "Ante poor caotirlnerles tiiresdesacqiu. llursaux ventsjudicikn cc;" approuittll Io ii.lnra lS4. Qt'u icilooau, et tout-io plersonne inlterll.els son t par ci s prscuto s IOutIouu noun del'FKat he la Lo iiaeennt de InCour du Pcrmier iUsaslct Judiinlhire, qil pournieojnt.avoir drtl i la I pro priete ti-apreis decrite, en cniusequ-ince d'un delu.iuI Io orle Hdas l'ordrhe, le dec.ri on le jugemient di la coullulr, en serludrlupla ivente a ct liSite, onl de loute irl eg Inite ou illegalit.dans I'slionation, '.,%is ou le telsel le node dr in vet oUlin pour u.te aull e cae quellilcoquelil ilOli i0'lil.lll llll l.+ llule• nrn u uSo ,don t A g le de he publictio dcen 'i6 putiu in setlte ainsi finite te acrait pna Lo die prouprtiel unnduoe par le Shelrif, san.dil le 30 linejour de Am snile I'uIniu 188h, ei erU d'u decreo dn ctiC tjnouOn le n21. itle d. J:oilirl de nle 1838, da-a l'nlfiru de J aues BIanrnes lilg as is. lfulno Gie, in, No. 15,191, du lDocketde cueo CourA In.huelil venlr s'est rondu aciquericur pour l prix dnviugtcinqniulee piiioiis. Dcn.riplion de nla Propridicl de apres le trainasfer Judi ciaire, Savoir. Un certain moteun de terre lo e lout les les ntisses iet anelioralioll qui i, unouvelt, linli qui lesdroils, el privileges ie. y appuortenanuit d'ilue naniorne quelcomque, ailtn au flauxboulg Anmoluciaiongl. mesn unit. (noonsm iigblise)o.ctin entsoiuquanl si puiedsetaquutir heuti'mei hi ouverllo Lteoioisoeu.l ainitr e otin piuh six i nnose • leolni ita fanla o rue .Cleeon, dunng enoit n ,luneinlInj die lSols f tol ein ir le on Ii'u .icioes eci tile ligne face a la ute de la veille Let he, Juoilu i "njponr I ligelmi:srphede nla plnpriith de I.anruro Miillaudo du, hliu eleut. ede I ron rman o, agle drioill et ai nletlani de Sixanle inorio ids ooze onI 0 er ciboin nuintenn stir Io lignin Iioe dNo ni to larpie.e den dte Louis lui d, parailel A la rue violle I.e,,n : de IA, [lll'nalll Ull anllle anglle droit at s'etrlaelln de illlrnl~i I d leux piedn sett pouter et Oinq hill"io , i tir Oin it limitro lndte dle inari ii Polrele oui it ede ille, a'i In Jaue-lenle ; del, forman a ulalte angle, r dite. t. Lue laETt decent vingt se I piedh il Ipnleos e iiuu Iun seaen stnr Is ligne lincitronhe ie IN lpro:i-ite du dIe lkde parallel su lheimp iiliiiqoe m. lIN ruie de la N on velle Levee et slooxale snize piois iqeuince puineeo nI juao.ehuitienes toned Ih rue de i a. lN l to ,n liuni leu on plat n ilirecnse pa J. Pilie Voyr oe IlIn ilia, In < Jantaer 183g , anlnet. a tn atne lin Ipasspe . dea Louis T Cone, noeaire pulie, le 2 m Jiu neir Ia8. 'ebl i I'Uon. A. II. l.uhoiannin,Jt J e In CtSoou' diie e If Avrnl 1838. P. L: 1l1ANM', oap I1 Drp. Grefser. TI'A'l DE D .L LLtIUsIA.\F--C'our dW P'reuier Dis mutir Jo deilinrr. " 'E'I' A I w D o: I rA LolnI ..Il , A olon colol ioe Scan pntenrnll iseonrmentoenb, h--Aleu ieu Willioam worke nuhitpal nde. hi A nut patn e ro Iheride In muldieidd o andno 'l'peillai. l iio p di"els aoroi:t, l't cin. n de.rn a lrndA Ie eulle (tonei n in dutt" of01 ParisRoogum tdlolnfiraeinojl demntuand uonner elin flino nionir de ,uli, do n'uitie I11.18, pol r tin ant= lronifcrll ,nl~elt n iUl aceteloit+ oine matute+' I'tiltt li n I Loulainou , llitiulc ".sere poui nonfirner l ilLt inte oit areuslen n ux id nlla n jowl iret,"Oalouniitn e II Morn, pliG. (anil 'oil RuiaIrl Ionitos leotto'l iu.ladulnnes ntunl nl.o t .1 e pue. . ii't not iunill ld ' 'Elni Ie In Lnollu elil e i n II In l lr (t 'rtinier ni-rinl Judioitredi attruoIoo ialir nd it Ah ln pronrnih ciillnprse decl i u, ell conoequentce ditno de isor llo rt tlldun Todre, I daerlt Oli le ju.ormen de Ii cuulr, eni verlil llnqull In vrile a Me fnile, l) de l ult irttt laooil oso ilenglit6 dans l'elimiaotiun, I'avii no I. tInoe in t nnldIll dl peuOi r e ln o canUsne qnu conque, de foire voir, dilnis Iretse jtrs it ilnl 'doe Ia piblicatim dine one w virpourquui Iave eaill. lane at, ernain pas coiirone ot hiononliunt.. Lo dite prouuui' h fiil tendllo paro It Slienlif, nt~ Itr irinte jour A Aorii,udl fIonS" 1818, en "iaI d'iA l... .....d..o.oin..o. lud ia lo .tei . 'I Rr, 'Mto l'ilISI i1138, diie I'alinir do 8I'illiao 5lackey vn. ...o iei eill, No. 15.i5I do dooket d(,o ere Cot1r, A lnuiuuelle vnotsiO dit \Wirlia Sllyev, sne' roondn atu'n01u0 4cuuer le prix dr, $:,l,00 311 it ll. IIencrilthin data Prrnprilt6ld'lhilrit. transoflr J udici u i...l'uiil In oiitoJu 01we, Snvt Un oertoin lmo de terro, o yollinbp'i.l t 1n balin~e: et allllhornia-i~i, siatl, ell is aroitss. d& r eaus P1 lan liner borod par leo intl le Inll oInrlaLehI.e8 LuieLno Paul lllll Innilolltla ll-rlonh plo! No 9Iol.a 'i o p" drerm' ppar C, F %iheel, I),;lUl6 Vo,,r tG nernl! 1o it ecelbre 18:1.1, et .leloee on VI'o e ile d.olFl (ilininut n'ciaio pubolin, Oilloine plain Ino n13, It dim li detlrro entrunnl vinio piedn, none oo euiea riIe S l. r de la Nouvelioe Le6nl, onante qnhze pied.ade jlfrnond6url d cote qui iouche le lIt No 8, e0 qaitre vingi piedo. tepi poines e0 qouole linote 0a profnmdetr du ote qt, louohn lIpropri6tl apr6enl, ou derniere muni anparto oano A N Goodall. on ayanm din neof piett onze pouter do large dnns In prolo0 dLur, on iI fail AncenA one al1., de mor, pieds nefl otcet eto commone ave0 e 0100 l Non 4.5, 6, ,s8 an 9. Blr so du Or 11ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Waneetna-n, . Customhouse street, opposite the poot-offeo. The enibeotio are now receiving from their fin. toriba in New York, and will keep conaonnily on hand a goneral anosortnmetif Marble Mantle Piecen ofonperitr workmannhip, and of the lateot paeterns, ,oads of the bhot Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Amertian marble. Also,-Monumsnts, Tombs and Grane Stonen, moulded and plain silln and tintels, msrnl faiings, Insartls and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Romoin &8 Hydraulic Crenoet and Plastnr. ing Hlair, together with a splendid assotmoent o' bA s montnsed and plaiii Graten snd Ronssi Iron Groaes of tbe nswest and munt approved pauerne. Lolltring dons in ths neatest m50095r and at the shortest notino. They have first rats workisno ts oet the ahoon work. je5 1AMES RAIN" &- AT I.L'D t ' tlt W. f[1HIS highly va.iltahbln med nI rlo, andl rntail at Neiw y 'I.LAN(;E I8 C.urp street. It is uonfidentlyliccolieol-d tor the ritliwlni g l" as ee: ttynepi inl all i ic rutel,; hi,ions and liver at ilictons, ii every staige sl. dgrees; female stickneoe imore particulltly lthe esnnsosa eiclent to umltheir; flUOr elbua, fItter i.l ietie, incipieet eiesumptinna or0 do eli,.es, whothier of the liver or luegs, lhetacihe orPridd laof np.etti.e, nervous trenmor, inehrtiiahinl oi dolirium tremere, spos, odic aiiaetio. oltll hinds;l rlat inmliem, whether chronic or itflaoatinoryt amidrous oa iilious fevers. of every variety; crofula, salt and all hl,-tclet, had humors, a Id i,.rl ea az of the ekin; re tlesuess at night, ra i.ley - and melancaehol* ; ie sulnller oooipltiot, s olorbul or diarihoce in grow. pere ns; torom and orney, with bad; ehlouani and palniatianna oftll heart and hetoJ'nbamgen of female conteltion; and fo ino.airel and disnrgatoled eo.ti'otiouis in either seall tlllll. hee not been pen antntlv e retieved by nov nther mledicines A ritle trial of I)r WI Elans' medicines itu any or ltheaeeaeea, will produce t nllel effect as will in d.ilute their ineo pnlrraile ouperoritiy and icdher nuah a use oflihen as will inmrre a upee(.y anotd oM n e "thica hie cuar. ])irretiona for uso neuonlmanying ttem. Nu !,eou conrieefiates on rcret wiil be ehown, an fromt the lrelth if thie e iatotuen it i0 tn Pil loe it give thero .lLhiriry through the medium of a i.ewetlo.ter. Cii Dr evans' iatnilogle thec ate u pwa rds c 21l,00 rases. and in thils ire we can refer to many perrsons wo haver heein ielieved end in nme incatmrtsa enltirely tnoed of lutg etanling diuoses, by Dr Evallt' Calouu ilu Pills. STAtE OF LOtUtIHANA--Firit Judie Coullrt. Ir71tE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To oIl.*3mm these Pielits e .hall O nue, c retiagl:- rlitors .i the tsheriffod diethi tarih of atooa. the lep- ly h.tee ical'ter ldenribtei, hoasl e opplid tllr edo tlek il dis lr --oio ie flof oa d ree o thie ded of sle t o; rrtl(h no th fie 5:d it:, of Au -it, A. 1). 1838, fiiort -antiie or aII.e ti . mIellt n .o. lllllitu 1 i acit ,of Ihe I giblllle9 re oi to e StiHe of .uicasiirioitritleid "lrl Atei tir fihe fiulher 0ie. Irllee of litles Irol llachascrl a judicial solcs;" apptroved iea Ioh Ioay of 1arolph, 18 ii. t NOWle r, t.eeret keow ye, cid all oreson inltres'ed h irein,, al-e hereby eiteil tid Ilo ol.lhrll ill tioloe ne t Iaoi Ile Stateiot L.letieiala,d nd , ll te: First j.dlicial Disiriul .ltli", wllo aeil sect ulll iii i, title el.ic l i aiiilil the iro itrt) teriliter ilt:socil.bed,ier r.olllltlerr u aeny in lf ,ru aiit.t isii lh llr e Ii clijlolgiruei ol'ke eelltlr atnller ,chit thilesale a nmae, o rao i" r'rgula pity orb+ llrgalii ill tihe olprintiseeloets anil deltisieoeinta, in lime, lelr toler i sale, er fu aly otllr iletert ibatsot ler: to ,show cPse, witliln das fllrl te ilde lly thit Iltioin is fiet illellt i thl- f Ibhlec gp:lrrs, wety (t.c ail ano nilmle ltllotlil.otll be .lfilrnlle :tlll I.mlcoIOg T'rie il Id property as sol b tl h e Slitl ibiof thepanlsit ,tp"mfes+id one tl th day oi ikaCrell, A. 1I 1.i3, by lek rue cof drere of this ccul, realldtleri oil cc i2th iit, Jolll..ry, A. t. 1838, in c I ilt entithed ,lames liar a liggs vs. lFl'us Greene, .' 15,191 ot tlhe docek t Ciorit, at wlihi iale eail Jamens B:lerite es 'he pmttmrcher for tIhe price of twenlty-five ist o (1esrription of Cproipely oas glvel int thie Jdlo ver llae, vlz: ,Aeertni piece of plopli)' or parel ot'groted tog.cher Iwi llicges, ffi. tlereillirl imell-gieg, or in a v sina i ,e l+.+'':nitng, sonata in hlamtoeg A;itiioEei lion,'l ee tlir irlet sllcll suilllg ill gi .lFgi hc.easure, tlhre tllldermt ocld fiii)-six felit a.l .ltIIIr-eitglhrIi allan llet, trollt oil tlie .llhliceroalllil Newt Ievce st, thrl.e Iltl hulli sixly) co l feet six inhiellt d fuerer.--ighhIs orfa ilctifroint omi Celeire . cwo iliillled aodi lily-iy-e ti'i lie ia el-c.s l lwo-eil hthso fl'an incoh an a linte li·ltiog nn Old Le,,es stllel, lltii it eltikes t. b(.lllillmller lin- oilt llltremit llI p:mlllll's prope'rty, at tihe eOt I.C-l o'Ohl Lteee aud Koal, strett; Ithere l~fIremg a righilt agle, at.l extenlding Sigl iy-fiime fet.t illd tlree iichlcb hde.e-pleeg kIe boundllary li]c of maid llllmaulotom.'s ll'.tle-i,-ly p1r lel to Celetem ii iirl; Ith.ere llilnoaRciightaegllegl.omlr, HnI I..limlgnxty.. It.Vl l-ei ePIenll imtles sld thlire ei'l.ihkt ef an teh ol theiboundr lil.eotl'LoLailit oie' t, eries, ptai-tle In h it Lr.e-.. ee.i;. tere ,o'citing , cirer rightiole, atni dlelllhll ly h)rv twe liet icrell iltllchn sIl mie ti eigtlhIs of as inch ll thlleI ooodfry stl ill of a.,d lcs Illroperltt Iriallel to Celesln; l.lere tc..liilg nmother 'ighi :iiIgl., anldl vxtllldiulg ella hnulllhled aii(d trtue y seven 1eet iell ilche.. mid fcullll, egl, s i ntic 0 10 lot ck bouldlry lille of said Ilee's nroterley prttlh-I tc thi piublic toil ilNd K.w I tree tclrreet, lld oeetly ,ix Crt Imeur il •che alld follr eigltllhnot oIcclt l:omil cii N.ll' a s ,ree oetld. ilg Imo itacby J. Pilie, Cis) iIiirve)ur, mode Yid Jan iclr.tlhI 8 o. c nneerd l tot Met Im.+.cced befrce Louin T' Cat ll, o-lal)Y' Pubtlir, oi the litml Jolaaty, 18ta. 'ilmirso the Itioi A. M BIIchalmil. Jldge of Ili CUolon aforesatol,tli, Ifth Aprilt 188 apei2,mi.&-l3 i. LE BLANC, Dep. Clerk. SANCTIUhNEli Y TRE FACULiY O MLEl) CINE. r-IIHORNLI'S Comnpotmd Eettaet k e'Coplmi tl nd Sarr a - arili --A ecrtain, eler,Itl itCt t trictlI e I.I ever ll ts'ro ledl the c l of GInIII Jet o, i(let I it, hilena Pins inl thle biitl anm I In tl .ei, icl weikrieas, tffLecliius of the kidnier, iconcl, rcitbhaio leritesitis, . i tii U i li iln iltlhe igiTiiliOll i nlicine i ssessinlg Ithle nsefu nI iactive ,iled i of theletrl r o l'te e to l th publiel nie al.iti, had bt to reoiel t the uIlCtanhrIcUs ru..insii narsltig s romed ifromn the insist elitt|t o" the n.e Hcaln beeuly in Euoie to elieing t hl it xp i bod ty riefiiet ied en i iot n trs 0l re nlle 1'em i.i inrelle 'Ili polv Il of C(h il iit, soexttr li, a s. d tn s lo o Isie n olin ,i itsr IIe iti Irhe diseilike C it, h slie ti n erly eil si iir ieioaiille. it, tli,grule.b'e tae, (Ysi i siit ce produced ill tile bowels f p bntenalre blldl its huelolord il ffieit li i n ll ti ll l , i cim.t stage . I ul urietor ts mhde aei tmdcsis of the , iieai ii eo eeiv lg thiat utih e a etciveot.idiesui o, t llci ei ile tmech tllnoi e i. )coiut l nit d Ilnci u ii sriith, ) t illi i icitieithian i ncl the i .l i sai e, the Ahl e ito ci cg L a lieii-i toidlets n hic ai tlh fllig his oest ri tlitle iIlI ; rltiiU it iollh0aseleie and rter tl ill Ieipiili tsiirc iich dhtia ruic cflin e lositionl of [Ihi henir a. i es i i u.e eirller o Ihe oter, cilllducinlg llenpe illion Irly tille - ulishling, ill sttrtabing the most st t tgtin exI ,eett liaos; "ISe rciltgyt theiii t ie te the ied vi tlAtgt i iti eiig udmieei alel . i and i ir, Ohstiateeuos i he dthreis t rait-iecs f tIe abov.,e disease. The most en t slit i}s.icitnsund risOtS of the prisents dai y exl stees their tecii ed c iii ,rcit ele l hospeita el • and iublih meci l iusl lt i i eohi s Ire t, st~d still continues, c eii extetiive. It wlo a ciny- i ml'lie rntrlv with the clelirated I)r1 Abeliitli} in ii Ifll vinclrhl cactions, und itil ob'ielrte cuelliies us rlini s arsling ' froth t d ilottlerte stills ol'the digest ite I'untinlos. Iierei been suhitei. d to tihe ii este I d exeiicn ItIef ilthe moFm Aeelht Ii Sliongte ItcI, F Iet litle cl .I -lie e iiIller thelir, yc Hn Iif g i t l ioti iiniil*i cchlic and privttly i.eiceI, thI I ile cJ ii heisi le ile illr ed ihere.iiti. Pirepred c y Jii plI hli t, clii i. Ic t onie. Price nii c1 per pot, ull x Ermn CA Ii iSclmeo, Sll ICS,t Vlcyioc to tile St I'le hieii all hicih have mtde of l l r in I i1,tleiont i ii ni-rl te Ifellals' o feli hale derel, iclle iti ilecoe illlde ciiived i hi ihtly t.ic ibei th:t I di o l ni It t eiite ii imlete dis [p er i o llicre. to teill ie, Ni one ini hicl , from ex Lerie,,e, I can 1Jte eve t eliane, t's Ies - l1ilt' lint ,roductliill~the itlue mtpnleast eflielts usUli)i ex peliegerd frot ccocai ci. llni eG 1 elispwatil, Iii itl iC S, _h sic it to oilt t Marylublie Dispensairy. I Itn- girnpirt in adding, my testimny to te Iole iled lupe.d of cvllb lietd htiIt, ish c wg '. the sihtle iii'Ubls tie ii lltll e.l¥e oie eil lt ii"i c t ellu r im 1 V lioper, F R SD, hSurgicin to Guy's les "lie teici tl hlelich I hehr ies enete t nlr-cieic lei'hcg iour i l tamet g itsilim piiaiiens tllile d t o ilr i will iiiie eies, etiiii felly siitsiied nisll it Ilis ity lo le khoi il ce tilr lut ihteioftcl. MLy the •Uoolh pie iyo u iti li desei v i, -o i Itn e dsl eeiy ola Uy cii for Fri m Sir AlCoOiI r, FSP rc si er Ike. EitIei tee, itia"ed tlo t'rl yote qExliits. ,ecrre i nres eri tiotn pininisteid bsaed |ing foisicd trlii; hot slesd),c thots eitltet sl it, s lllt few nihs I !l me ptie lt wllich iil hlc etnlte tel I itd will iiet, sl ice broeil mobli jind puite reaomnend sld tue unot tIid.,,a recliicwi Toille triel t clrtlthh I have given .our mediceie itlig lilli i , i its at- / le eoc s ueeet lltus fo.r eill iillce ie it ereeerL iL its ise an Intll Ic itei itK ialfic tnhi medisiat slt hyifsti sadT au sc Froml C Thomi n ,illnn, AI D) E' S L. i ielturn yobe die itet~re tihaks for t, Ibitsluble pe lent of our Extrct for e e o Gnl inlo*. ue icl il m ve destlrm hn og for i, lpublishig to the wore l the luhadle sualiaies of) or One re ...... whiiol this p oioLI..iul wisj oboes vhlagels which the i mst.![ .ol _. :"

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