Newspaper of True American, November 16, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 16, 1838 Page 1
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Pluci 121 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 16 1838. VOL.-VI No 1807 Treoot etf te Nrewtofince Poets of NowI Ooteooo~ n~lllluniilo v sgroedrto at all odjolejtod meetnog f le 'r.plrictorsr h tld on he 13th of Maoh, i37. SuosctoPrrorO --''weleo l)ollaors ftr the daily pa por allnallr, poyatle oemi-ootoally ill advonce: telo rlolloro for rite tri-weeklv country paper, payllte ollo yaro ia0 ad0ooe, whera tlo city 7rferenoe is gelrw. No o thoriptfioon will too ditoontionred nortil ocrroao geR ore orttleol. In looe of di coatinoolroeo, rnoe week's rotioe it wriltog ouo ote toaViroribly giren, previous to tile exifirt of subceription. Aorlro'rtl.t. llo - lt dollor per soqotro for tre first iroortitali, rl ftt ttitd frhllt prieo for each ilboltuet rt ole: tiot materiol oltrortion from thle origittol dvertierrenott wild e cllorgod so torew 0n0. YrrttIt.r AoocV.RTroIRc.--MerInh0att antl Trmlert, ,rcy .lllolro frrt Eongr lo ooe, oor cioty for roolt loo * grtogto ItoothoIrrooroorco O24 ttIiocoI, oorlI orlror 0100100· atfic tlorrtotilori, nroifty dollaers in Itragrlto only, ornd oilt ry f r trorir lhrtrrroroes; Shilp lrd oteormbutr Fae tUrR, o)r G(raooiooiort merclraloto sixty dollors in English lut, onod eighlyto for botoh ngouages. " UllnOa tUttS, iO(ttPo too N OcTrES, onol ortirleo roll jlg rlio rlttention of tIm pulllie tt sales to p0rperty, orrds of paoeogero e t, reotir.r &c.&t. wiltl rbargfd o to dolloroerr squarre or til hrst rnsrrtlron ito eacl tol-rt ei;ortttttItOia. 'ot~rO Or AdlrertiOemnntol of 00y praIon. ol notore. Wci od.oniooibrler ohll to Io rorge loduble, and in dornleo. A riroluotion of twcroto fire I1Rrrerlt. wtll be roode to Aro.t rolortter Shierrtf' II gistecs of \Vilor iirol anlrshlalo oro saelrro real statet , t .puithrrlled it botirlonguages, otd 50 per Cent. ill 10Eoghto alone: r lior tont. ooaslts of othor prlrrertc." AoDVcIrltoSE.ItNT $ ant of rheo lirert:lnr oflroiornt rI t e rlorotover, srtotl to loeo, notrlion, anr tt lnat ton soler, raouaoay sltvre, otov aoiorrlor &E. o. will beoerlrrgelf Ior seotlr.atey ttroot I rIo rtreordtinaRry rteo. Aoo 'roctoOOOOTt oor opreefired ,o to tioe, will bo poltoired 0e ronttl, ood clgorr d oraccorlingly No rolverlsreiloro t ott bakrurf irro ro will rt phllrltoiod in olly rotso, rinolso roitd licr Ircrvirou too intsertion, tor ;rnolyrlt gnotcrrrtrantl Ito or rasreirlole loer'oL ill towos. Ttroeotcnos road other jolncs rot ooortoorrroot"tr olatdertiSinfi daily or rhie tartron. to beo rothaorged $t(lio fire Iongliih ro lo e, orol $t5iII to torolto holenagrors. A ll onnouo t mooor et e of eororltt i otit , fooc polit'ir rl o rateo will toe charecd doularle tle pcice of other advertioe tlwing toi r inle hoot ioSlOs Oot Inrdnewpapeolr prttrt Hrio tonvt ra coe to tile roclrriotiion thraot tile r.tlies olloeorf io o tlst w O oet o ootito lava not boettn oe idoto w roiror olltt roorth after pressr otItiott sltol ire ma k wrrootioOtrs tttiea too tro 1t otherc-theyorbit ,otill: tllttrno.tvrtlo trot rot orvirootise orrprinofoor soolh I ll.:li1qt' t essO in etote oit advcnte ptlyo'tols. cigotol) J. C. Ito Sr. LtOtIES J. IBAYON, I'. P. thEA, J. C. pltEtNDfIWAAST, JtollN bIBSON, I.hM tI)EN. 1V.7 'to Press.--Wo, the ootrhrrcioforrl tgreeto ohidle or the Ior.ave tloaditiont oo r ar as they oire appoorionl to w'eeklv Ia )Pl's,· (0i,.'d)i A.B . IAXWRENCE, hCt Nor ootorrcrititta t aro tokho for Icoo thao fr onotths. I -e01rs mustIirs a101 es 1ff, h 1pst 1 Oid . A1 PrIN I~VlEIlT ) Ily (lo h antitorhof co A )'ear iro ,N . ," in c volt- Ilorty j'r /..o ootacvl hl t ' nt r I " 0 " C eci l l yrc, h t ito o vrloo . T h e tletro es t o /rrrtooor rorntoo ottler hathes otorir of,,The t~roo k " "2,s.Nilr )l~l JI's" Lu Ilnzl'-orsl ialt,.rs ,e~rse totoeoo hi rot' rot tori rr ro rP eo rIto lll dointo oto t. rt . .\ u~lndill r rot t es ooorrth 0r000,l ra rdott. olrroror, rtor rooti.tore 000, t, , N toorcoooltl.ot toocror orotog tloorI r roit tri Ito. oa Boru' rte tote rot iN P r :mmo.h 00 l~hnier It. N.,ooothorr oer r h r o o i ft o f jr r r ioio o rr"to r r .or r r o )r o str r t. r lo m e t tr t t o i s LlipllZ ~I, I iv ill . irll: I I IIts·P (Ild~fllitrl~ In E'.~il lldCR~ dnll .llle1 11 , 11y li(·l: TCD tr I .I ..II( NIIIO).R O idtl: Ta L. (l trItI , tri orov, Addison(1001 trdolr. S.oltltrv. to hltr r or troi r t, IIroro rler llh .hoir t th, e ri se i I i· rlit ror I rotol r U ore o n too atrtoo~l*. I;rrrrteot hot)lI IIII FII;Tlr la(tritr iil [ilollt r iot I llll0 U tot rillol! t otl.oto oill . Jus 2trel tie and~l tior alt tIoY 7 c,,rn00 roooorrro too' t(o errotorto'. i 0 otoor l ).r" t Is rh r not 1 f r till oorr t t h io t Jl~ ·;I " I I 'llll'l'h. ho.l rl' ror orl . l r I roo trot t l llet holl vows II.II:" I. ,hsl HII Ilitl· '1\ hl-rltl" tlrSt'rlle; (.V. .ll[ILeI 111¢1 i ,,1 IIsl v' ·, V ' . ...llr .I I ·; I'l ,.t ,re n h,.ll'l s areII p ' ,, ll; _il, It ' ',l 1 ! 1: 111. l., llth .\ n 'i III)ii hit Ri- i Io .. 0 ".., : ' ,, , vo r i hV t or iIroo ; h. o t c oo 'I' ii.'. il'l ¢''L ,y I "I ,I 11 ,'lhl 1 · l* It N L~i'lllll Vit I0 0 lll0 I t h I : I[, I t'j ,!l • ·.1'. I' 1. n 1~ ~·1 q " i - .I 11 l lh i I. :r·lllL. ' 1 ii·I t j,, ,' l i I IIi. it I toor; t\l o too It hlorror llo Ilolr ii ¢ I '111', , roo t itAl { 0lq l rhol il lc I lI1 : b., ; m ,\ '" "" l',',' *'ll ,'al 000000I t, 0,00000. th r. r ' trt,', to : .'l z h .I-.1, f h l V h . Ia,tcc/c,ccc E'Iccnccct l h.tIc i h'ccc I tl ' i'llct l r I +','c Ict li'",y i 'pIe , cic , .-' re.,r t, oti ' . c too (r- tuot,, torrun.,,Il nuth.r ,.eo , ~..I ,' rot . H ,.rots r,"in,tt i ,m the p4"e'ldla •I itltlot I '1 tico val illo. word. The hi,' r.c ýI. :. ' .."l as ·:ll .i. [t!ý v to (n Hi ll+, lhP 111tin' cgo i ltl o I' fore, t In'l l Nlll 'h " il. teccicc .'c cc ci3i l'.c, n l Ic 1 " c lc Ila t ' ,'lill all n, t it sl' i c :W W11c iI c c er'l ' f ic d . \ .tel,',tt., o~f "u. lisn hu.h' of" I'," u.rth.'sahhe., ",'con | : , .p with n It. 1 ( o lailt llr I h let. tn 1 to nal I tmll |freel' ni m -l li o , i tll,)ll' e d IT v i s it a lll l C T n s p o in t -. ho u1itt . .. lili; ire e l ' I ! IaIe Ftic 'Ikce IIt'lll'h alic(r ilM iOK 1A h ,e st II - - iii ' w i'II t11k, 11 tton the 'i llu'el. 'T l. c h Ih ( l(lu ' e c e d e .l lý a A I o t i lt l l ll i (III ,I e od . th n o n , + ,fl th e lre llcII ntlltlllo , _,illll ldllwll wilth Iht. of Ith K".l t c I cc ', cctl ' i t c ic c ,e " . h r i t pc c r " r i t' t h c ch tl a r'c c ( htil e Ih Q.(. "a [r nrm ciatl tai ell,i o'th,+'+rphy tit" tle Frq l~ It ;l," I it s . n , ren l ltnint.r its eh l~l t.'+at nl''~'di ll 71t ) tie lest If-,1cc, c c c cuc ll icrd crccyltcc cl cictcc ie a lc d ,iI eale Ly e e m,- (] Cullrll ( CstilI) & J tes. I +:,111; SI'IhPIIIlR SqPRIN(GS. (l;i'II: ltIt CcI'N'I'Y, VIRGII 'dNIA. 10\· 1115 it tc', w-ll t'ill dihi cg i0d tihec cc'c tccc teclcs'c ci tu l ei, lit l ic e i.ii c e .icbrel c'c llllcc i fre thie \Vhc SLll IIctrhI c'cll iile p'it lc easOI I'ollr tile n lt'ce p tio uI o fI e i s I M an " tu t . b n tlle l vetUII II U eO n tII 'I I1 t n a .e bI t nt l n sIn'cI hec le e 1 et e s o II A t pe c io u s bal l i mllllll n Ilallllel lltauah B i ll e- )dt i l ru o slll lhl e Iello ccded ai' thw fiecchingc atrdie g tic ' mucclcaticcs. iv h.. ict,f' Jlct, fic r i, lltvidiclWcci. A i cl Ixlent o lrnI I iLe roadu l ciIs be ell (l ist c• t:llll tstsill tile, sln'illngi a nt i rl t r s c t i til e K ll a w h la t t U r nI1 i k e " n le'll r I s .wi . oart. lIvor this rlnd, by direction of thepat ollil'O ,tPse eal 't, Mle++rs. Bedin, Walker &. cti s, lire of lnal ,:ml.e'e wilt run. ,\ plol t tli,:,t b, eng estaflished et tle p ring , visitor nall~y, eer(tie,. II lle aal+Pl coe s~r cic iciilic:lctiechl wc.cst. (If the medlliilll qllalitie ccf tlcece Wit,"ltccle ItOciritllrt ineell illlt -Cipeak. They iave cl adie a ehhd Iby able ntlad rot tset l echel1iil' , tiL llllltl t lh ill eSolllt li till cii tie caichiiube 'iced icie acc tci most ccceihbr:tced sprit'c ill Virginia. 'lThe c cllcitiu 'coltlisc meeCh Sullphuretted ll Iy drougeci. Slip ate ef Magnesia, Slllpllate of Iimn, Catr b lctte of Lat(. Suplphatet of ScIc. I, uriate cif Sode, al Al 'ictt cf ii cacuceies " the in eatarey eletets of which are ehihited ill dise-tsee inecdett tofellnlei ec;all chron ic alte ticll of tile stOlllcc, liter, e ad bowels; ilcut ueUe clflucillllcc or di.cales lf ctel skin. cIt remedy moreI potelit or e . .iceeiou cla lie 'lulld. Exleniive bulthig eestablishalcenlt for both iexes have bee c. erected colticuous to tihe splrins. Visitor, can at all ticcecel.jey the pectdier aevactages of their be niecn and wttldesolle effects. lMaljr WVilliam Vans will eotinue the superintend aneeoi f tle pring. Ever exertilccecl his part, alld oile the tart if tlce proprietors, shell lie rendered to ineure or thae Ble Sulephur a liberal eilure ef tle 1ublih pat ollllae. . . h'le Icroc.iet trs of tie Ille Su111ihur i in glllgs wtilt ibe iberal ill tile receiipe of elntes if Ilc SI llhPcrc and \VWes It Banks whiceh itrec ccilIered solt ;t,al par. MAiIA M(IONK. &c. A WFUI. di.Ilueerec ocf Maria Alec of the Illiel A 1)ie NlIcci ry of A mllrull, isec . cc, with an ip penlil, oalcill~ cl'tl 1ll, Ieceltioc, t firstedition; partl 4d, Seqlll cllt her lllrrtiec; Iartl l. Ievie ofihlle ca ese. Also tll u lllluci eaeit, gii llv l U O e ilarticuel ars Ii tile N er' maid grotuclds, iistratcdd byii a plant of tile Nnllllelry, &r. Mari'. , .Ii k uch cd the Ncncccce - ,if tile IIc el DI)ie --he ing in ac nlt ll Lt vislit to th Counvents oll F lOelltrel an;d reftltatiol of the cAwfic Dlisclosure;" by Wict. L. Feeourth eXtCerimellt orfLivia't. Living without meacs. The Stiic'ct'ae istlrctr r lc IDrawice eand workitng "''liter Fice orders of Arclilture," filly explicinig Ice ccecisccic flir sctikiicg egtlar and quirked cx.oeldeh ; fcccirciittishitl g a id gleig oilecctmuncancld tnuitalietbr fiiccie, i e tree dicnetcer of an ordtr to ccny given height; foit strikic tih Iicilc Volute lrceCItlar ortellprtiIcal: with fi dished e oamples, on a large scale, of the orders, their plauceherse &c.; ad eaoce iesignSe fr door cace , ele gcltc y e crtcved oil ficrty-cne plcic., with expiatec--by Peter Nihciccan, irelciteet, allthor of the ".cleehnici'e Cotlctnulyn,'-y Cart-eate'st New Gulide," "Carpelltelre andI1 JoineIr', Assistant,' &c. "A Praetie dI Tretlie o thic Cultcre ofSilk," adciit ed to the 1eii il ndclicmate of tie 'lnilted Sitate--iy J. It. Cjcu.tccek. seeretary cf the Ilhtrtfi cetUlty dick beu tiet.., nci editor ci'tice "cSilk Ccieurict.'' "Thi Silk taisecr's Mtanu.l, or te arti of raisitg sand .ediag silk wornts, aid of eultivaticg thie Ml iberry tree--ly l. Morin. The Clerk's (iie, or ('tcatercial Corres.otleaee; colpltisilcg letter'S of Icinat.cs, iormlls of ills, invoices, ccount-ll es-l, antd shopkelellcers, eqcuaiell u[ paycctenlt. Scclclllcciclr terl, &e.&-by B. I. Foster. lliLorv of thie War in tice Peainscla aud the Soilti of IF'racee, frotc the year 11107 te the year 1814" biy W. F. P. Niapier, C c. B. vol wllich are perfixod a in seers tec sc oe ttlhiks in Rtcbicason's lie cl Piltolc and in the leeartcerly Review; with colnter remarks to lMr. DcIley loicellcl Perival'e reitark- Ulloi iole pecacp . Fen in ColoneI Napier's lilurtcciticcnce of the Pecicculac \VWar. Just received nIIc fr ale by cOPPERAS--.I bbls, in store, or sale by G 1IORSEl', je6 ,i14 New Levee. SI(I.\R-50 hhdA , prihhc article, fcr sale by GC: DORSET; ja"Rb 41 New Leree AZ. igtrowcr & al(. I IAY' jitEst scivleat tlheir F rnishilg Ware-hoose I Nu. If UIltep sttreet, by recent arroivals from Et O, al the Northl, large atdditions to their stock ofi nlt a elornllametrla hlarcc'eesptinge arlticles, wlich eel tl letiveoly (they believco) form :m assorltmet more goner- tO al nte cllnllate tlttlh io to e foullnd ill tny slllilar estab ishtment known; enoasistille of vi SltVEII \VARE.. Coffee lnd tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle- t sticks, supt, tumblers anld goblets; table anld desert forks; of table, desert anti tea lspoons; marrow and gr'avy, r ra gout slpoon0 s;lgar tolgs; stllgr, satee antt soap ladles;a hltter, fruit, pudtding and fish knives; ttekle attd desert ee knives andl forks, n:lkins, riogs, ?le. prineilpally front i the malehtetolry of Mr BI. (artline., of New York, to whose long established reputation for the ianutoeture ce of silver wave is suflicient guarralteeof its sullerior la tuality.n PLATED WKAILIL OF SHEF:tFIELD) AND B111- F MINGHAM. it Tea and coffee urn, tea setts; castors, liquor and eoet o l dial stands; suplertl candlelras, andl Epergues with toir- or rotr plateux, for entel. of thie dinner or seltler table; waters round and ollong, from 8 to 12 inches; beef steak atdt vegetable dishes; rich disk covers; cake and lft] lread baskets; decanter stalnds; mt ntle anti chambller ct entlllesticks; wine strainters; coolers and llhonls; decal- th ter Inbels, claret corks, teo strainels, table bells, tea, to. "m ble, egg ani mustatard spoons; egg boilers and standss lt toast races, Re. c. SIIVERI ON STEEL WAlAE. Table al.ld desert knives, tlrks anld splonls; soullp allnd sance ladles; lbuatter and isll knives, cheese scoops, as paragets tongs, vegetable forks, idt. ,IAPANN FRY. tonle notllicSandwichland round cornel waiters, to St setts and single, fron 8 to 31 illces; do ofptpier matchc; if bread, cheese, and knife trays ; laerge upright plate warlers; s aile, asllgalr nal cash boxes; cpresslg cases; fo tlelis tell tablies nets, catlelas Jatppnataal led ofl iche icn tortoise shell, etc. or L."MPS. An extensive nasortm+enttl, among wote re Astrlal F lamp s, ill broltzed stlel gilt, ntd of rich eat glass; antnle ldo lames no, to, each plaint ad with glass lrils i very at splteleidl cut glass do; bLrolocel aotcttlz an alped side or of brtcket lamps. I l ClIAN1I) , .El"S AND HANGING LAMPIS. lt English and French cwtt glass chandeliers or lustres of Io 8, 10, 15, i1, 2Oaond 24 lights; French bronzed l all gilt G. Grecian laells, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lampls and la- fe terns, ric bronze boat or centre olamps for drawing a rooms, frol 1 to 6 ligets, lamp shades, glassesandl I wicks. MAN'TLE CLOCKS, CANDLE'BIItS AND I VASES. ki Blronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gtltt il with ixtulrrs, etc; counllting Ihouse and kitclien clocks; it bitronze inkstanIds, cegar do; paper weigilts, theormnlone ers, card racks, edtndllrsticks etc. u CIHINA WAItRE, Ol POttRtCELAIN, English and lfrenchl dining desert, toe and coffee ser- i vices of plain white, gold edge, and very rich fancy it styles; sp lendid toilet setts; water and milk pitchers, mantle vases;i a fcy ceanr tacks act Jllkets. tAtftdlTHFN \VA ILl.. A Dining, desert, tea, eo!lite, lreakflast and super selts; d toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton lthina dlitellcr setts, gUT CILASS. tDecate s, pitchers; clerect anb 'oltr etd hock decant res bowls, dishtes, celery lasts, salt stalS, isugarll bowls, tl bultter tubs, finger bases, tilhels, winte, ehae etpaignle, cl. et, cordials, illle llle C ill jell) glasses; lille colored lhoIukglasses. Alto, retllee shades. I Fine ivoroy haltnlc e indllrs, self tip iln bucItk Ihanllle kties tald larks of 51 anl 53 Ics. or by tie dlozen; ivory e lllle kives only tlir siiear terks; gllarld and gttue carvers; rllolg slices fr roinid tlbeetl, oyte1erknivOes iel cracks :olll picksI; msaote etlttelS, cerk elltte'et, rteo I1lll I TANIA AND itiBLOCK TIIN \AIt. T'ea ants cofle: setlts tand its, with I and 2 uleeets, t suitable ee- hotels anld stealbsl etes; spoonsat.o leadlesI 1 vensln di ,hes w,,ith t:o l', (,ter eo' ch innttdllg .n s; tlihJ t b rs, plate heaters. ctleee gretegs; tea kettie c oil t:tlds II w itlhsbuatrs, e;," hidbs@, erlW. S I -AN(' ee I1 t kelei\V ii+. p I ._s anll d wire t1lderIs, hru:tis llicn; i bt.essan steel II I 1sholL n l, s. ee; copper nal h1,,s : l t irch kut- I de libte tee, j lette s , eeetee ht le Ij Lee lllwteee , eeee let ibrushes; e.tping h altI lfltmng iun'ihilnes ; umbre lla tee g"Iat foot1in for w. min ,hl tes. I eCieCtIe'e FURNITUe t --( ',ne.eaeinec e iro,, tilt , n i N. I.amp rept.i ',i ai n ccl, " i i zr tl idech l l 10 11. IIl Tlll t ' t edit) 11 I ),\'r.,\" SI) I'L.'.SH) ' V ' ') . ' tI.\V, t IIl. ,e l'.etee, e.N. 5. ilcte.e eeet, N,'tw f "li le :I Ilet tlte Idel;l'eIt' letlIN N, l;t t. ke 1 VI .'T;,i-71.," 0 1 ." o I' e - / ( tee lr' . 1 SI, it.tlhcle falien e eI e 8 t saws oniw oe e f. 'ach S lietle , ,e:ki g ell ill eh I all S I, 'tee . , tai&, tor. at , l peen,, , t eJ jetill FI r :t Ih blh III' 1 , ,of ti vs , , n iu i, or I et1 saw il ti e a lutll, It. esse, <.e. a I $. pri st , .or 72 1 III t0 F d eo(1. l'ill awsoelod or i saws inL i stad, all (G 92 per yaw, or 5(1 il n- slant, et fll.30 pct- sAw, or 2110 U nt , S N(ILN (I N S. Ib For n single il elof tit saw or more, tith " .n....t ofc dlrs, band., ... a ti petr llr syaw, $iso 111 t For de.I. of li . saws, with teedls, & . t $6 RI) per sat;, 3011 till i, For dII. filcit iaws, wcith feiucers, &e. 1 75 per caw, So filll t Fr do. f o sawse wit, thIe BeIes, el c. at ,7 e 511 per saw, 1511 tu Ex I n'lte teet h We l re ed, ftr I' ileirs, sie pllll el )u; ceilts tlal.; the nlllilnl(l u oLleeth I l~nl'Ht ao t t.ltal sideled howelvel, will wear out tiw or three stts of sows. Extra sat s sppl,lihd: at Ntl er-tls each. n, The (lit's ld te., ll T tble de o the a.ents of e plhteers in any .c ithe seo port t o the coltl alp htint. States, ttc tee hl pritee, I t. , ti.ct.. poeles i titg he " u ll l t for the mntkliiillt nI 't tehe a .te (iP t w 'i? W ht wI ll Gibt suet with Thu ll + :Ill Itn ih,.m n i \ll here t;. ' s .ile;thecharges for who, se. . "rie. will be .xta, but ticl !rae Ice. i- Ir rin l.te can atlsolie orderedl where desired, o reayOnabl lermnc,, bill will he chauerges extra. tHorse l pwertetflny destcritio,, Can be it rnishd ot like tore'as. Small steam entgines can also be ot.rdered if de S It itdesin~hlel whlen planters give orders lttt i'e flns, ?they shoulde aacctetopany tio with tieir tt iews in regard lto ilearl:gemtentol saws, breasts, brushetlts, &. It is IC til l they dillit , opinioni. Stome dehe sawe of clarger, diceter atlait othelrs. The common sizet yr is 9 or 10 hinhes;t. a, some wish thlem 12 itlches. So. e l, wish 5 or 6 rows, t hrushesl on ti axle, while others do iolot twant more tthanat most. Somell wish saws with 3 e. or teeth to the inch, while otherswanoet 10 or It. oI o tlah osreoictmr, wr itrele thc y shouold, at trc e time oo'givig ortlers, furnish ii statcert of tleir wishes, and the manoufaceturers can tdlil them in every te plartctlar. Where it is left to ouru discretion. , we shall an make them on the most nmodtesr and aplproved plan. jot- An order cal bte executed, fromt the time it is received, in the spaee efeight r erieit week., and the Gile iI that d- tisoe placedin the htandl of the tactor. To be in tcie oil for the next cropl, all orders ourght tlc ce in the halds of re the ttuncutaeture Iby the Iirst or midlel of I:ay; exlept al- irtplantations wherethey arelate in comenuucing to pick or gin eotto.l It N. el. The Patent Right, leer teei c aeli eef the ecLotn 00- growicg States, will be sold on reastoabne terl s. mt23 6ecos STATE OF1 LOUISl'INA.--First Judicial t)ictrict" Ccert. rlIHE STATFE OF LOUISIANA.1, To all whom I these Presents shall clme, (recting:-Whereas William lackey having purcldmed at a sale made by tle Sheriff of the parish of Orl'eans, tile Iproerty he'riuaaier ,lescrilad, has app dlit'd t.) hl tvk ofl lit is ,)lllt in whoe office thie deed of sale w recot:rded oil the 5th day of Mai, A. ). 1835, fr a monition or ad vertisement in contormnity to an netl of the Legislature of the Staltel I.o Luita, entitled "A ac:t llt Ithe tirther assurance a ititles to parehasers at judicial siles;" ap proyed the 1itth day ot' larcel, 1134. NOW, therefre, ktow ye, and llc peryn.., interested herei.n, are herbc ,:itedt and adlonished ill tle name o the State of Louisiana and of Ihe Firstt Jnldicild )istrcct Court, who can set tp oany right, title or claim in and tc tlih property hIereiafl terldeccbhed i euiseq tlcllee t rally i'forlaltlity in the orderl decree cr jcudgment of thecon t under which the sale was made, or any irregularity or ill.gality in thle appraiscelents and adverftisenents, in time, or ltaler of stale, or for anll: othCer dteijt whatiso ever; to show cause, within thirty days foaun lihe day this imonitiou is lrst iacerted ia the ptolklie asperc, wity the ale sc tadc should not be. cenirlced ai hutaulu.. gated. chie said ciroperty wai sold Iv tihe Sierii' of thie par iah 'ucresait o ti te3d day i' h trll, A. It. 11::i , hi virtAe oci'n eceeo of thie coetll,, rccdl'rel on tllhe i daiil of March, A. I). 18:l3, i r a teoit eitii'd \Villi:ian c lhekoy Vl. eantoei Itell, No. 15,535 of the diokeltf this ctary, at wbhich sal said Willimu Mackey becamct tcle par chaaser fcr the price of $3,lO, casi. Decliption of Pro crty as given in tun Jadicial Con vccanel, vcz: A cecrtail, lot of groucnd, toethe'r with all tle builch ilgeS and itmprore.entsea thereon, sitatt i ina the rishl ccf Orltcns, ic tice square bhounalded by New Ltevc, Louisa, 'Pal and il)elordl strecti, idesigcnated )cy the Nc 9, oc alan ic drawhv I, I". Zici.el, IDeputy Survcynr (;clenal, oI the lihll )eeem)cer, :3 a:1n d del: O ted a pltc No li, ti;l ie ibook c hl'htailc " Fe lix T(;ieian, lltcry p) cilie. aid ict mcasuares cc ies t I I ilcllies frollt 'cc New Ievee street,75 feet in dcllth nt tillc side ucdjUiiccig lot No 8, an i 81 'eet 7 iatche's Iacl 1 liles in depth on tile sidec adjcning the prop ty now, or lately, cbehtgir,g to N icoodnle, ant 19 tfeet I icnches widthi i tite rear, cihere it fronts oi an llec of tlrees iet nine inches ilt cOclion to lots No.e,5, ti, , 7, cl and t). 'leak's Office, I1 c ,,n I t r`% llt(; r.,f I L\WIS Iic tCclerk. sIR. WILLIAMSI , OtGUI.IST, LOUlVtILLEL, JIIoLY 21. It has Ieen said that I ran away from Louis vills and (amotng other pinace) had made tracks for tihe Niagsara-thireforo resolved oil Tuesday last, tript f t( Cincionati, ftit one day only; I returned again las i night. Ioaic to feel that i aml a very inportant indi- il vidal, as this iestant the Journal of this city was put tI ioto nc Illlod, stating, ale ogst a great masy other tlings,ci ltat Isd actuolly ran a vny fli'n I.oaceillle til to escapte tile effects of the wonderful Ilagustio nee is ve of doctcr Snip, the knight of the thimible, alias, A S S, tih Mly return,h however, proves that the table of the he p and wolf, is applicable to the Journal. The fable is- "A boy was empllloyed to watch and glve tie alarm, when oie wtolf appeaered; he being either a 'footmans,'a C tailor's us'p, or a liar,fiequen:ly cried onut 'the wolfin a C tclisg,' Iltoh greatdislnay of the citizens TbI1 -yl I last htond out his real hiuracrer: that he was a lit ar, and not tobe believed even when hie spoke the truth." tic ThIe fhct is, that causes must produce their efeats. So te it will prove,of the all-wise writera, Dr. Sni Co., in si tlieJotrnal. I woutt advisethem top rnvide them sel.eoa with a steam engine press, in oruser to meet tile g wonderful detmand antlincrease of that paper, as itis Cs well kown, there are many who seek for nouthing butt fillstohtd,t ottt of sheer love to the vetders of that arti- ot cle. But unfirtunately for Goliah Snip, of needle aad ea thimble celebrity, the great mass of the tiliins of A- ly noriatn Iople, are afamled, and far famed as lovers f a truth. Therefore they will, (as eflects irodced hy the co .ls se) nlatrally say, i want to read a pnaper, that I on my rely oil, therefore I will seek out such, and become set a suiltlihor to the other journals, whose statements vit will not prsat. false. Their last statements are too pal he palle' to requnles rfutationu yet I will state: liv 1 st. 1 asu againcn tine hotel. 1i. Tlhat I shall reac tlu tclthe 31st Juil , 'the 1r fri Sni ti& Co., have sent e. a letter threatening my ife, tr if I remained alfter ilthe2llth. 3O'. tl'hat ftrom ttis, I shall proeed to Cinlcinnati, for fourteen day sonlvy of which I wish Dr Snip &. Co., to be intform tile altlicied, in their own atmia tla neverr fails o bring ate patilnts. 4ti. Tr'at frot Cginlanati [ shall proceed to the " F'alls of the Niagara, to be at Baffalo, (if Dr Sntip & Co. t do not take away my life,) on the lot oftepttember aer in " tNatew Yorkon tile ict ofNovemrter, tmsitaci tile 'hole tic of ioh next suntt er, in order o laugihtl at l the olll an Philistines Ithe medical Goliahs of Boston, Philadel cot plin, temphlis, Nashville and Louisville, who wiei cl irobaeily.(befIlorethat time arrives doors, Goliahl Ist, oUpie and thre w. Gotlish id. Cutrier &c. (olta make' asu for Oses, utles, &c. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter. Goli ti sit 5th, Ptailts and drul, and pickle store. Golishicth in thle lost iaognificeint of all, iDr. Snip, tlias Bell, &c. Ipatcher to tile ipronritors nd editors of tile Journal. o I.asllv. I wtldlti have tie iloble I)r. Sniic & Co r in htow, thlat long betlbrethey were able to thread a nCi r . Se,cr t sprecdiat biiter, I I blee foyr yeatrs, in te itn at w it l Crestoriegoigt to the binitd, nadd l lits too when I a was a collector of bit Majesty's customs t Great Brit- th ilc. I t as even then so employed. Did tihe thiron as sIpauer; ti etlurrier; tile barness malker foIr asses; the .lrt clattll; the paint and drug store keeper; and the it ao.ltitc lloll ictor ttSnip, eve, even more than dream i suate, I shall receive lndies and sire goers foal 10 to I A so. and Sentlemn fronm 3 to 5 o'eloci P 11. every at day,to obtain my opllinion without Ifee, as usual JOIIN VII..iA l\'i,Oculist 5 .llfersato (lto se, Iteuisville, J.luy ii, 1117. l P. S.--Siunewritigtnr last, I have been ifornecl this liltI s, the ll lse;,t "t y ctII tl e islotor itigci ee of c tite ,l i' l, tc lt his no ile 'e t in.eit r are so well ltsed wll ile',is, f ,r Ilwt twlsciHll illu theol tou etlbe r, inl mnv late re i t kli: .;lrb, y a th val erlietly r sticible eacil Ittltrt thiey o lullll tl .d oll.gc, "hii'ds orfa fontllttr fol:ak toglther.' . Io' r il nt laVii tie latter, Mr. t 'relltie, It . asi "I, liitlof tihe rail," olf tihe aoulyv of Cancter bry, Masas rhosrtile , Sthe respectA (e to such a digsifted dtttos r aIri. It istrue, he igt hav~ boel salt elevarted, o|e te julit tlllnlltd with tar, 111d tie ureagtt e of another"cont ellell l is I. n dlnIlg- ill" witlllout a iny III al m tll , do it tcr c vici.o iis partt a t we, find bi ancielt lolinst rrt soml orVes)e Isr bun Tll iet alie others hang byi a h ate Ihil.r .ae were raisedll to be emIrors, o')elevaed o hlarlt rtlt.r Il el'eI the knligh ts of tie hiater. ll OrIo ol kory I,onight is yet nt only olive, and all e, from hi S cItrlii t Ilrins, to j,:itt Itis brot her, t:le Rl ight of tle ' hi , tj tllill lin tliut thlefi or(, hot istos oi still illt p'l':I1"1 li ]l'rlhb a, aw S Il Ollill Liei falll borl o sP--.I =ll iually , l t t100 l.ri)ct ile e ,,Ihe 1 llt Slllrflll" i: llt n ,a . I ',ti ' ll . l, thi e gcltlt r. ll, i s, S. kiil 111'tll ll' h lhle, &'il'. a il l ain i r ll, i his 111'ilbiu a1 p1'e A t i,. c. . 11h ' . oill i tc I c ,l f I d cI tr.' 1 l o c i cct rlc ol , th e to I r le n c o c , l,, cll ' 11i1n , cic'c icr c l ll t. S 0llll i h lc rllo lc ic : 11 I ,i II i , hI, ,lig f tlI'heI rllrlco .l. ilcc iII .cIp i it 1 i,"l'r . i' th ll ' tohi s. IIt'se1 <mo '" I cao,' t Nth I'1.1d: hot ",+h er. l ijh < mkr. of 2 1, I a le s all<nt s t Jufr il ii + i lt l 1: , t. aye ll:l ll ll I l- nohth, bro hers, t (Gi tolil'o., f , V, t I, i ,1111 rndl.lll llv r to), 'i i siglt cus rt I " l -,iti- t 1 ,tll t [ha sd , hi nl1vo " . tt tt.t r i Iliciks 1 h, To est,he .,itor .l ithe kCai l i oem: , &. a it , .ir, c i I l. t It t tI thtt''lt, Ipi ml it t to C i i n c the ibitcris' $tev, ticeonhp I i0 i].'r ioi: Lllrlle'dic l vlir bl ..t+ fle appli el . ,1 o .i I ma h ill ''ol s. I"i:rlc ftOi New (Or s' d h li-.I lTh t lle 1 li h ir d tio ae ito l lie. I llldehft oilr fe t iin , to l ol I' c,. e d . o,,ankd lill ath I ll o'fl. illls i i tilc,, ,i e, scil' p o t'tll;1te liy. cooeth h llllgit r llI of Itol:( e I i t,0,' 1 iayoI o hiecty'e ai 0 sc0 ' ao sh ilnt tfur. tlo e 41vd clc, II 'ge tt tSe , 1:tc i s lis l tIl irovtl d t i° , to ac to an ll Te s s :11 whoo hear illi. Ito sayms i i -roatril e I l, tadl e c c I cbslclh tt o I ,iCl L iI t' 'at a cllha t ics: o Itl -nird l l ol h 'it ti oaid lo tl li 'suri a oP llartic It. Ir ld Ill eves, said ll wolod rais l ltr lpa $ inm, t an leos,c'it sngle' drop. liIIe caiic taWrd illt llllrgaio ictoles Ii lloiia ht;r ll. w illtcr t el l actk leti tl t iif t rcdint te 0l"h 'e nctto Illtst, ag letter. I towvr it ,11i e aSllit o ole SiI'lllt apo t ite . f itei r rlOlattisy, lt r I aI kli t . J liet 4:1,d Io(,co0;i g. t l·ulhi L elt t I ir them, O rt 11r It whol eI Sb, tttlolot:c,( lool i thy cull (La ciaio ccI ii wk." J \VIL.IAwhcy , illsi4line rils of eakie g ie apology o he druggis'," irelpiioi Iliit l dalhled ite them of my lust lelKir. Th'oy snrliest assureI, did not know orc iavilh,; ?y t, ifie rclllltiis ally geltllellla ie r ustt t a course Dtttc it, thoagh oi t iletended by ille. J.W Jrllhi+san Iloase, Saturday, 22d July,1837. SJtFoe'oIodON IOUoSE, I.OIoVII.LE, T,,o /e E"ditor of ile City Glaze/tt: S tll -- LMov hlng lislteneldil t the e alreaties of Iny pol .. llitims, 1 :t lll resolve(], ifnilly hleahi pelrlllt.I to re. I. '1' try to do tlhem nere good. . ''o lolville the ilnhablitatllta thnt thie vile apt thel tiles ed'ialo (icoljalls S. s, ihave appiliod to mne, I belon to tnenl, as tilllir iawful rigltl. I 3. T'11 t Inlt roaly Ill od ito o ctst i hundllred dollars, I in notes ltte OtillU. S. ltank, ia tihel hallol f iis Ito ite h iat',,r of AtIlt ocity, agLaist .a sin ilit Built tt be tie osed tllby al tile grat ' id ito ghty I)octors S. & Co. hitat I rctcrc to sight more oagednli, Idlet-aged, young , il'cOllo 11ud. eltid i tttt' who Wr 'o tatallt' yt' tai tiali blnd, tian they do 00osiati[tt i ctcu oalilet ti cure a gFrlcoter lulblhl , of aslort, weak or dill-siglhted ce'sonr dsurislg oly short vsit, tha ll ea do. Yet I wliIa ulla tot w lrC 'Ictclcil v lt tt tlc tlli h to theiri aid all tile ver de.ervedly eltsa'irted prlofessors sld Dioctors ofa all ltie n iletdioi cotllegest as oell as ali tice d ors anluack dtLtors , be found ill private lractice, (wo are nots few) in tihe States of Kelltucky, Ohio, Idltana uodieto t ill t'tcttesset; where itctre :anr illdtced atislll t t ho ittro Ia dIIcItIIoIdeers, whose IlIllleS erie::t to be lilllmdd dew as Itwle s c possible to latest 'ostl'citya 4. It illclst be clearly uildiertottao that ill tile cures Sif sil, o1 boith si,:s, ollst be ho'oao1 shall Iavss baes h IUtllply llt. ill ti tile aiigty ouediy riecatl ger tir lict tat. tirttctr tatat tuitgane t aIr"llosbtu tt It'. wltitt ttl toetltt"tIotsit lvest th ' llll tolht .,il ILcadise hln tcs'id wtotitcic e ititorcllnn ten tice olshelelod,,, ihllcdiitachtn of cbs ilty wcttid al ts hoystknogctile writer y hylcla o Ills ocd i o bitco. [ _ . JOltN WIL~IAMS, Oculist. i 1l was weak enough to rend tlh mass of falsehoods eigned S., wiich deserve nothing but my silent coil IHtd Iknown last evolning of the greal importance ol A S S,I sllhold h:lve tretced tile last of oti three t otle what difrrentlvy: but let that pass. I will. however eomllllimlent Ihis olmter ot thle Jotlrlloal, for his sagacity to employ the, tBrmer knighlt (not ofthe garter or of the thistle, but) ofthte needle otd tkhnblo, in order that het lily kill two birds with one stone, i. e. to patch tlhe holes that nay ho in his natural or politital glrtents and, if I tmary judgefromt thatexelllent paptr,the Ad ovrliser, Dr. Slip's Intster is, politically, illn constan neled otl'his servius. \Vhen anv cirrelmstance.oaeeurs, w Iletherdomesticall or politicull, which equires a blister, whether onl hlt olo tllo, or otl the repotatio oftlose whol do trot hplt, see to ilease hib, behgo utlike hio , (which st [)be i great misfortune.!) then it is he ring·s his ItEl.l., which liter ll io iothigll mot'e than if it was"sounding brias or o titklio, cttolbal;' .et, to view it tthut-)lr. ltell lotks well; bllot with an M. D. A. S. S. itter it, appears llt ! JOHN WILLIAMS, t)culiot. t1] AVAA WVEETI.TEA'I'S-In atorte and fir sale l by T It IlYItE & BRO, jtol oar Commton and Magazine trtr. ........ TO RENT. STll handsome STORI and r hock Kitchens on the tasement story of the Tnhe Amtri L. caallfiee,two doors hrlml St. Charle The atre. A ti st rate stand for a Coffee H|urso. Apply to tal8 JOIAN (IBSUN, Editor True Antericeu. , Il.-. pin t uormet ofm Nis rouln I\ t,2rd, rtraleby CtIASt & IIXEk', tl. tlouteotrtet. MILES' CUUOMOUNiD EXTRACT VU TOMATO. A RUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL . t TIIIE .doct ine Ipromullnted with so much assurance li by many eml dries of tlhe present day, that one me- "I dicine will eacure all diseases, is not, anl never can be 1t true; ant he who asserts it, is either a loolor an ilt- t postor. But it is a itct demonstrable by experience, si that combinations of medicine may be formed frlom the bi VEGETABLE KlINGIOM, that will act SO nUnivermSdlav on to the system, when talken seasonaly,and in judicious pro R portions .,a to, inll ine cases out of ten, all diseases witin tle reaot, and power of meditetIe. a Flrom tne well knowtn anl stallislledt reputation of a Calomel, it has long been emtployed by the empiric,t and scientitif physician, as onte of the most powerfoll agents for the removal of disease. By tile former, al most every land thas been deluged with nostrums, that their auttlors claimed as specifies in every disease ntci aleot to tie human fanmily. 'lThe folly of toese preteot tions needs Ilo ommenst, for acltrate dbetmical investi gation has tsoWn, that tile base of most of tie l'anaeeas, Catholicots, ke. thiicl hoave been trnpettedl befoe 1 tihe community, with so ntuoct assummante, is Colaomnl, or t leroeury in saote orln. t ow, if ttis tolento otial: even it ttltota s of tlte mostt skilftl physiciat, firoqutnt-li ly exerts an illtneole ol tile haman systeln, lnforesteenll, hatd etirely beyid theot ontrt of alart; underminingtlt, ti constitution, and brinsging on premature old age, diseaso aoilleoath, what tresuel shtould be expected when obte sci bebd by t ignr t Could to .o wIhoe o anoy ttlocstw victims s ak,n a oice ro t om ould so l It he 'specfic' delusion that now sways tie tilds of tile living. Iltstottn Phtysiocans deplore tlte sad evils .osulttitg fro the mercurial traotiee, aotd will gladly hail the ill trodoetion oftte article ttoat can safety be substtuted for tl edomel. 'They feel, aod that lkenly, the untoertainety of its primarh opti'atlwt; t eycannot stol whetlher it will lie nfavoable lr inttfavoable. They also knota, and feel, that it its use is cotinned for asy onsideraoble time, itn jurioos seeotdaoy oonsequences most littlow. But hiay must choose the least of two evils: they kbow no otbhers article that will arouse a tottid liver, remove obstt'ue tioet, al set in free action tle whole glandular systemta, atl it being indispetsably necassary to do this, theyl continue its use, inotwitstanding the evil consequncues whicl follow. They have long desoied and sought an a rticle that would protcte the good eoflits of this drug, withnot sulbjctiog tile patient to its teleteriots results. Sttclt a desideratum, it is beloved, has at length been obtiaitno.l' in the article now oresented to thte puoliac. lThe poprletors Of this arlticle keepiog in view thet fact, that a o ise notd benevolent 1einoq has tplaced with iul tile areh of all, remedies adapted to the diseases iu eidltt to the climate they inhabit and kowilng, like- i wise, that most of tile dlaslses of the Soot/h t lliestI aore Iasted upon hrcgahio or functiotal derangemenst of ti the liove; lir'etted their attention to those articles whlilt i act mote esptauially oil the biliary organs. After lllg, labtorious, atlo expenrsive researcl, they thave suceeded in extracting a substance from tie TO tATO, wlhilh, tilom its pteenliar efoect upon tes lhep - tie or bilihar org.ats, tile) have deoominated It'ltoti r. It is a neTdli.o tohat will prodtue all file beneficial results of Calomol, in both acute aod chrolic diseascs, without the tposibility of protnucing the lecriousde timonl sequenes cotoloo to that artileh. Its action upi tile oantilttiton is ttliVe'sal 110 nt r of toe st lteltc al tnltgits intflelet . It is, howeltor,n upon tile organs of seretilt on atld excretion, tllt its gtllelt ower is tttieulatl ltn:lul'sted Ilello it is pe ottliarly atdaltedot to toe treaott,et of biliotus .ielos Iul other disetases itn whil a torpidity or coogetion of thetl liver anld portal circle pres ail. it is ladt lissile in all t cas ts, wlleor it is lleess:lv to io, an lexcites a tlriek and healthy action oft tt. e lite' Sll e oihe.lantdulha vicei:; of the abdomeo. Ieiotg it- e rusable ittits operttiont, it produces a oree eircutationle in tile lostls ol tile slrfat e of the boaly, a.ccoltlllllttlt by n geltle pers'oration. It tloes ati exhaltltllke oras tic lrges; still its a cs tio is nlole unlliersal, sild may Ioften e roatedi not tcrtel withl afety Itt wrtl groes bnotfit. T'hic bcolesi inlisldensably iaccesarly io easu of long stldi; tg for in trlleel iltells tteaottlt.or ittl ntoes xionrsmnc byr strong nmdicincs, shcllonm, if ecot, do good; but telt ttoete stan'tl a of o te eonstitni. It is oeletlsing and purilfing to the svsteun acts i undolubtedly oile of tilt Inl(sL valuable atticles ever oltFet ed for ptublcg trial atn ineoration.t ot FWr clbllellellcv, this deirituille is formedn into .3 rin The tlllwin, extracs t on the seltct is fiont the Cituin I t:te Jtll ' ll ttd. it MIEs'"'It\l.\Tit NIEIICIN ti. The virtulc or them "lomhlo, ot only hie a delicious veg tatloe fir te t ahr, blit also as a ltedieite, have tir Itoti etolth l.tio tio p t, o lt':a ttltot n o itl attention It Ito l iteln t.iivto'd t ri totsort ;llttit-lt liooto Olallite ttt Itisyt, it they rcod be keliletelrlt, t'a'tod, wirh pla'nl'med IrlOn tIllh s , ll'lolr i :t t aos , ottll llll be ti rahlmett i. This has bern c1,'lartcl izC d a.1 l billous rollllolmV A ]tl'ge )olrtionr othie dit.eases ttsettitt f tr t tlsrdei'ed t itto s, f t nlto td the taine ith wel , a t stilltdo et s it Ithr e so uth. Itt. relnl d)h easy, S:lae, cll'.ctual is itso pl'r:tLitluu untl lea-r t i ng the trtl.hiltii on nllillllalrld, Cotnet tI discovered t'or bitiotls cotnplinels, tthlbtis wuldl uiqucltttlIbs aeIonlg the moat lttalthy cli yattes it t h t worl. (allloel Jhavn elsI1 the ahollst unlirolsal remedy firt disasest of this ITtalat.r . tt o i t is 1t t ht edy totiiett Itlo mllgO biu tce i o illtllllt t o e ll re ao. It tioa ole ootsde, asi boosi b o o o toteog n t i nothr Iress oion to sleak to t is, yet we may e rllitottitur ttoo ttext res our ist i(ttn fconlotion tlhO t L(ltnel otalttot be ised wtithout itbottoo'ahnttd I:nFttIg Ctacots upot the sys-t telt, ,,ratterl oloos, accordinlg t the Itltttities taktlll, at the tl'ro soft'~ltl itt s use till the constiutibbttoftt e latient. A subrtotte fo a his, thereforo, ot'oU te ve Iotele kit atnge n is a desidCoo latUtm it ttie coulv lr'. t \Ve believe this drsideratncl· Inas ben disenscred ill She'rolluat,. ])r. Miles, (lf tlis city, and hlsassoIEiate with Imuch laboro and[ exllellnse, is N\e 1nIIerb:lllll, bt\'e Ssutceede in obtaii ttltg uh an extract tl tttit orgtea Te hate taked solte pails io euWyile lit/oolot uyo ic:b rn ann d other wshWlll\e used this lirdille i a to its' elfectlS and l whe feellw sliatiild tllat it wil| pro've a nost valult;le relled)y in bilious couplofints. So far as we have been able to learn, it has; poducrd the tlsenit'd illstanc es break l llg tiup f.\ers, with e\(.l IlItl mo Cre L'tainiy And in a shor'tetr time ll·nI CIclteh F1or sick or bilious ' Ileadaeeas, it Ihas ben foundll a ,cood irendluV. Thiose who have used it say that it dloes not prmluue thle dcbili itiatg eCiicts of in lost nouth kin, l o nI'Ia emetiC"1m. that thl'e is ilt, increased dlaltr.1 'roln coadi ; afler :is i iise, and huhre large dosesof cadtloel would be no:dethi thin perat's witllout atny X itl lglr of the distressing sadl injnrious elfects of caoloel sahr ptIoducing salivation As lie have ireasoll to !lope flrOm our illVtsti.lioln, his extract uf thae w'omato will prove a stlbsbhtltuu to dlonle ill a ellat variety of casea, ae C111In1 o arui it as a blessing to tIle humllan tinnilY. t lmp perhctblll sili. allnd Iree .trout all IitineP is SIthat we speak of it, and no trust 1hat itstrtlno fudly tested by famuilies. VC -hate everTy ual stbe t" one.. The above medicine ron he obtained reoly of the o-e. tertl AgStent, att tihose netailt l aelg tb iltn .. . . Lissiotn sigsd by "A. R iless,.sIt-i't I. s 1.C."o nol. countlterricgned E by"C & 13'T Stoat, Ge onrl Agents for Louisianau," asd bearing the Company senl. List of .g)cs'L's. E & l Stone, GeneralAgents for Louisiaina, 11.1 Tolthoitolas stiseoat. Rlietuir & Co. 133 Old Lovec strect, opploite Veg, to bl e Market. Paul Martin, ear (ld L.svee and llosplital stleet. \Wni Shlery, cor Ctmlt) and J ulia strets. mr Mueller, cor Tehlotitoulas sret t and 8t Mary's market. J P' Iarbut & Co, eOrlter TchoupitouaIl and Girt,d streets. J & PP lartwell, Itvouln Sar, Ie. I)r WIn Stasltslry, Ntitehilhols, La. thoollll J .1StanbIry, t otlloltto, Texas. Frelcrek Sorll.i, lrlnr Poydras anld Cuttttp slt. W\V. rvnaos No. N Buding (Co. Row. Application for tgelu it', or l.:i'ile Io , hlo e al. ,must be tlltto ttooth 'l .gettlll8 at NPw r)1 t lltllo. All letters, post paid, will be iptomptly attieaded to. 1't8 l y .1' T' O1 LOUIlsoIANA. 1,ARISII COURT. for th Ptarisr h und Citv of New riertass. Present tlhe Ila. Charls t aonrian, Judge, Jane llt, 1838 -No. It,1t4Il.-JaCqn es Potter vo. his creditors.-Upt reladig aiond liliut g thii oilton asid slreltule il this ease, It is ordered hl the Conrt that tle creditor s of tle insolvent do shovw ilslle in open court ott Saturdal the 7th day of July, 1838, why he should not bedtslcharged a:ccordig to law; and in the meantile all proceedings against his person aud pro erty are stay'ed. Clerk's Oicer, New Orleans, Jnte 11, 1838. jell .otw AR.IANI) :ITIT. Clerk. L'IT'AT l' 1) LA L.OUI-.i.\iNt..--tour tit 'alolts, Splir i ptroi;sse et la ville de la Nomveltle Or loans.-I'resit I'hon. Charles Maurian.juge, 11 j oin, 1838.--No. I0,9.,-JI::clles Polier contre ses crtan Ia schitdule dnous ettre allsirt, t I ee ocet( par In oor ine Irs errianciers de l'insolvable |tire savoir leurs rui suns ll e Ollr o rotvet, Saleili 7 dIe juilltl, 13:8, o totill il ne serit ptint dIc trt't cnttftrmetmnt it I ht, et .n attendantlll late lois 8s contre sat plersonan oil acs 1"pro nities sollt Ilul'i'(· . Inrt'au de greoilor, NSvei hlt ftianss. I ljt ins 1838 jtl.l 2aw AIM.\S N PTT GrSf)h1( r. L INSEEID OIL- i0 bbls, lassnds: hon soteaboat AlbaIIny. for.tie Iyy G I)t )IsE , SARI.Y.'S :TUPrItItOI; II A tlS--Now Inling t'rolt steallboat SB~tasa, a su ttlv of the above, put up in hhds, tiercea and bhls; frTr sal ALUy l,_\AY'E' .v" A1I':I.UNG, jell 17 Cotnmerce strlet. INSEEDt OIl.--12 bbas unttd s clks best t.insetd IOil, now s atding from shti Noehvi'le, nd rolalSty by JANiVIS & . .L.)IE\VU, \."hoTen.l. eIruggist,. jol3 (ko Alnnlld I'vl hn.elonlnst. S and S r -al)e by tl IOL t ii o .t . tILLS. POl S Ba1k Alley I )ailN'S,OIL.S, (ILASS, tI1hII(US,~5 &lrI.-.nat landing frnom shipl Constitutian, and for sale-nvi: 16.01)0 lent oarfluan, best qnalitv, from 8X0 ) i 23X28; 3)11) kegra bhite lend, an-r, 3:10 da greetn painl, ia n5 i ar. IkeS i4 doe J;)ataead tits fibr sign'ltit)llI)lb, .ithre; i doe spnple ndid 0110010 graun d bTlteldn , also af 0ll 00l andl loll do; d :ases crollle g aeo in powder ,lllee rtil oa do ltn Cnn1; a large assortlntent of atl tools tll' every nize anld quality; sable paencils ir iartises; tlt Inarkit - r ashes fr terchbats; artist's colaors i oil read? Ire pared,in loxes, fitted :'p ithll all necessary brusces aRtiot's leOIs, &a. Ilake and. emnit whlite; 60 oillks gold leaf; white nd yellow wtax;gnm; Uarabic; a an lrgoe aud ao ortlallent of paints, dry colors. oil, tlrlrentie, vllrllish, ., br seale,wholesale annd retail, ahe Iaaaat lprices, a by 01N )IN;IsE..,, a08 5 tampaap t. rLtunPC IGUs. EIF EDITION OF THE CIYIL CODE OP LOUISIAN . a IT hos been fir somen time made known to tile publlia flant tle subscrlIber are engagedl i lParinillEf IorI he press a n.w editin onf the Loisiana nv'ild C(ode.- 'lleac wenrea Illlla tale tirst. tware ofl tile aPllt dlitliculta ald Cresn)slahiiii atlenading ale aablicutin a~I tile aworl, ald a it ws l al witllr tlat aueshaitattl a ht lneaiatil pelrat to thrd tnldirvduakbl, l thle st'ealt editriooe tnlllouaail. to ulbout tlreme thauaald Cwpienaal gndlwhih tad ctst the tlate nnore thalan tlairty tlalrad dolun, nwasentirely autaolrcitt. Ior lokre atlanl tao years t~ant, tle asaal price of tile work Ies been fro ntluiray in fife dollors. It i ant asystle of Writtee rules wnit h tho pjmeateetly onraatitllotn every ialividual lf tiet, tate ina aterfal eiher ill taieuhote or callllleree .Ind wnlich groverals tail dispesitien of so Inoach mqlberty olaaillg to faarolla othaer states rtlat--ullbke snliraaa. other treaticn tin pn iw-it ins ans rlauch tile a atkbi,ak sbnd onual ol tlae aatherchlant l tle a nlaer, a it is of tnhe tpriFate grelln nlall llll t~til Iptlllsi';rOlllnlt vRLYO re. rile lawyers oln`a tlaealjhoiaa'g stater, andl i fit ofal te n st fales a alat t tlhi atd .hi nniseilpi riters he aaenuIld ab olpenir Ilcrouan te ill Loieiaa, hlve a analte oient necessity of reference to the codet nd nltu ke it nlr indiapensuble narulisite an tleir libanriet; and i alen ait, of Naw Orleaans tlae boak is na sare tla In aLalld ill the alaerehLnt'ns rnatllg anoto sapen e desbontle ude, oe tlr taale a) aila aattanev. It is not tany i)ring llerefilre that te lrst eaditirn olle work wae nelal sqlaiC iy dilaoated of; ud Ialtbu h ala met rel t fiaaa womktaeld iha seine tueatre uplys tite paLalen aeeCteita, vet itl would he ill +ert hallve oullectelslhtr n ollluep. at'atl;)lledr witl rereonres to e ho iorls all nal S.tatlle-, in l rk to eln brl.le tile anlartOe * a ille lldIaad ta i wat ll hoai v ann e lla Ilaada by tile lt.gihlaealr.a all tile iallallla a tleaei'lato anasl aolataratinOlls which itrl aeot i apnaauoa Illnally O its articlee byv tile nut relln Colurt. 'h'le paubllilathern lave seured a i, laa Ie oanernol atPi hlaeall'aoee aod edliaabl de)aatuanalot of tne work, tile prfsntilnanl nar-vine nn \\lbbaloa.b S U )aon, E,.. iallerberof the Na' ew Na lenll rla in. illlt 'lan oHa Iullartd, ._ielle ierades, anaili ol a ore a laa~eris, lanve eaala kindia annistedal Ol Ilata witha tilae Val le notes whichl the;' lave collector iol thecorselll·t ot tllteir .t.dies anld p,.-taie;,, aal an Ole N II laings pn..t ner of3lrcUfatnor, wlah is alsto eamrad inall til wrr, c e Stawnbrilge, EI.l ha prencted tin e Frenact as an renlb renIaO o rlitiob lits office clepeof tbhe tore, pni w aiell nar ve n noade a r n dnilg te da abO.ulb ihri. nthidogauisiaaiard 'aleonlal labor. The pac bise] prs llllll t ularf iyr e nl trust thrt time tOf, llltinllle Il" the i ne aaa tlaUerlan nCeIlanta Illatie has lnaaaton' s wor wri bey Callthatindsr Woodhaonr, to leae.onthd b n-nrllilla lllld IaaPaaalaatal( ae,,ll aa prfirl.can d hI pltttio" folrth this pr, mlet'ctus. aill solic~iting geee- / laI pnariagt tile arl aitpr' I'a isatra tlkae olrde ill tile Fleet t lilt t le Ioff SI ttLl'l.. I elI IIou .iaillal a.l iiu[9 II orlniled i tile t;overllor t a uov r nile tlloslla d ' o l lla ie la f it ab the fature ilie oftrle rlate. lbr rho t trle.i wTe pwhich tpilts lanmer was ttla l e v than e Asaln'lv, viller heir Jilt sense of tile vh lta e'ilne wrkvland te ey ait:reaen aield lay' alntirennatisa',to ea,,ca tlaacsnes 11 ofl les tIke noalan allnt acaboaaalleyt Ian-rnllenlea n' eal taati aafdoate olina ta he a uability n ften ablis. an d caliltacntlaiiit aIe innaathtlltv' atdn sea l ad. ''Tlat wtoar t will b,,' arint'dl int 1"aebala and 1':sh, aIno' do palert a'alvel tla withaaIr tjea a toa will . a ell time i hr al'e tll ed tt) illant n t he wllMl iss Ole'l pllsi tai .xre~lllilll ofl it Hr:l'errxl~lhd witll its rrp:ll blIlll llt.IIIcC It atllW patalaanla l I','e tlda illy dala ill alb iiilla t t Scjtel, Ia'nlearila'~x " ldlla b fr ia wlll l Iae to O(( 'il r% , Tlea'albas:riltanll liata lria a ncle, tale b store a ral e fitee tndelas --fi e d hllas wubepid nt the tepnible fof u w ill le twnt yiih'tl e ll lta e p aerr ala,. aprt E JIIYiIN & CO. P'li.ibhern. -- t'R qt+;."'-Y ''+'"-- - [Lnoninby;lnaaanl Naw York InLae of Packclab.] r.L1lllllt ll~il~l- (., IPIill". I{tll * ll i~',lb('r*l i t I ll/ lt "lb,'I \.i1 IlilIttfs l A l ;Ulttun lity il s l,'o r tle i a li llct the m hu' I v fJl~ ttta laactaaaMoitaatanalaatbaliain at ill aerealat,'r caalanas'nt aof fiae Slai as vin : Slaii' h tn, 't, aii n h ensh'ltb taa Ir o n av Slill I.1ainRile, Caitainll alaer, tn lcar e ua tiatG hhi I )el'Plllher. I Sllip Ilatsaeilh,. Captain Eldai'ger to leave oil tie tei a 1 aaeksb r.t CoptAlir Waoollhoue, nto at)v o l . It Jalla lTna alt hnistates.n,, Cal. a lat lrni, In leave on tile 15ty TlJa boln v ea , arn aall ne a a la aineh'o t r ets , irll ,llla.l li clll ed a)lll lr l*Inl'le n lmtl f.aal t . [[lullllln, al'P of1 li-ibt th'tilllCIht of1 W:tlor, berillf bllllt ill /e So tI ~l~lk n'es~lvrl ailr Ihor 11rllllae. b' Ittg liet ala I . Slel is liCI xc o re ltttndred ~dolhtrs. Tbv~ir t211bill iS rl' filttc-' IIIu '.on Ihe InOLt iulll~l'oved~ nndII Cooei entIICI planI (ul 1 ;t nas ,iti a arbe 'r ln i ar - belllt a thIa. A'lIv- llal Strlla -t Stil e if'st ( . litv w~ill ber JI'.v)i~lled, und ev:er? re.~ardl hadI i o the: colnlbrt ald Olltll'" a la tia e C thia nl '[flaa-i na.elaiaal a n' i '. ll a tll alsae talke ll()i l ll II0 hPl't ll lit net~led Lu aa paiaa aiae 't Iaae atitelo Illaln i'aall.ailnllta. TsaIl'e laeet lb re ta llllllla ltlladed tl (tlle lln . well a aa - Ii pall ar t taallt senalven to aala l la'nllac.a. "l h ill t+1 -ti,,e )e toawe aal aala ' s lt U Ca ie )llilai i bt Inlellllaalll.l a, nia tale astnictaat ill'l'tlin y a-n-art l ll ill the noanti ofaiding. an ow le I)' tle hips willlnet anael mnrana'kien bhna t ay aet r ,a.el l,r alnllaolea bv or li t aln)bnailaa lllnld e (l hn al, tlllanaatalla Ia' no t lill al lahdnlabe 0i0.ll tll l , a at tppe l:ltllti ll. lu1t,. of the L~tlelltJ 0r OHllelS· FCI Ir IlEIN On A ClIIN; ., .k" Stb ll-It lfi\-. Illsl'ill 1) tl.,; li:i.·/l'izeit, t} e ..,u'h I'V f July\li a ,l I ht'r IIIe l t l'dh Ihlt:lilh Imlih:) I·.t, q)I' elvoi'es suid launch, will pal..aa' canaia t , o 7)ld Uanaaaad, --.aa ha d.n aaea lprlilonel'tle, ala. s~l' in yl nvala'agla lanlel anal Iva taeaJ elaavlanlir.ll a na1-l" n. I 0w!ee [IlU) tll' bY'S F'IItlEII;N 1111!)[I. GA I \'aP 111I I'AIN, I-'IgtaNCl an') Iat I.(; IU'd. a Isort 'l'¢.tl" in If-;15--Ily IIen111111 Httllnpalllea, l). I).l l'rceaatllat aafAiaalaeaaa t.¢lllf. ill 2 v(lIo ''llll let e nued a11[fol'll - di- lull .n (a r l-elen l.lli ed in Iaa Unituad dtates, vol. 15. Jnct reepdn) i;,r a.d. by Coralar ,artnll a oaCl|O~l tl'acatn . PEXSACOLA MANSION lOUSE NEW CITY, PENSAtClIA. lil: uebscrier hclvileg iluraltaecd lthe hu Iilad far I lilclreo" tl.i we'i known e ltici bl ic l c ll l Mun e lti Tavlor, tile late iprt lrietor, \illi lie ready to rcteive ik-: hers Iy the Iset of Aril =ext. NullllBros and esraly illal iovelllen. will be f.und ill a the rtit.iaigements of l ie allllisioll Ilols. New cld " Ollllllr l co odiOl ilhing houses will bie h ilt, Iin warnli b thll will be provided at all hours. A stable will be atiached to the hIslllle. with V l alll ncllUlotlla- I bons ll r horses alld crrintes. Fitsc rale hor, " andIhle ierl nlllld uit alllld row IbOcci, crtlllih p el'so llls ti Iaillllltl- e 1+,111 It lIor thle use of visitors. Itillilrls andll lll t llleanasrlll.mlt S usually tound at wateriun iat s , w i rl+, be Iiu-ht d, 11 nod 1t not n o it ttirl wilh th ioit,:i' I and qullito'tlle holrdler. The wiis adll hduill wiil e I, of the best Inl y, i. to ensure i. till s i ly i ic', t ,caroit hIa alr.ilni v becu itrdered, lhich.l will ut ic e till' l.'rtqhrick Ilallroard. who forlmlcrly kepll sloplltr I I hohe l at \ wltshinltcttc, with ouchnis ,c1l t' t ly us fu r the isitsil I lliast ?oir, ald li i llcel s (liera'illy i it they i will recIv 'llery p le iitetiul; itad iherebi' I e.IS Ills to iit del . crilc clitlcit.|ill. r ileI hlll l llltt a IItg lltae ii ll ai hCa'Ve I l li' tiloo ll i known to nited a eiI gtI-in d dI criptin lll I'i. Ti t c tip t " ens ulall ui I ltll aI sit nitll illll t . It ci e an l t o lbi' I cult'I i I li I .e reith tiic e 'i gustleei dii-i il the teie Itilleir iith be the i colest I eulttit .iell ioi1 n the iGull, the le. ly of th+e tIoy naid the Leighlbouring island- tland rivtes; iithe bndace anid hel linc, of tlh ihb with wilch tle waters .bounld; tand its proilxityi to th i.lest Southern marketis, ive Pensectola thie pre i f relnte li over nil oth r plclla in t' eis ie tl,, iltitudes, as a healthv itld dcligitl'i sn.niriireitci. e t First late ,boi wltls eill ru bI ieeeni PIcnatau ad il o bile, and will at all tiie. ale in take the plsseitg cls ,tfrom tht Nelw icecas h-ets. rN L ARINOLD. ie'.ansci0oli, Fl 0i. 15IthtI:18. r (i ieutlelltll wiLshi.g to anaag rm5 fll inr their M1r ewell T Taylor, thie ueitr lproutltoe, at jecwe Ul T ' tae frd, ti q Mr a r ' ;' dll lan, , 'le -lpin, Esq., L t. lihhy, i Molu l; ST 'T' itilor, P ' li.d, Eq, seit N. 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L,4lfl1t A 'J' IAGz COUA:lA T' % ' IOAT 1 NF= HROUi';H [ tN FIVE A 0n0 A OtLi DAYII From Mobile (Alrbtilam) to August (Ge.)oJ T EAVV:S Mooloilo rvei r tolath olo, iomu tatelt atosl 14 tihe ar'rial otI"the tolit ('tom NoW Oosatn ootr tohs strenhott t EMELINto to ilttkeoly, ;tcobhes to P netsl ols stoamot Ats(pet I'ets:leoto Iot ',ttt IAooostttnltttttd Cshol . tolaohiet o thiter nol H:'t) t eo Aeidr t lnht, ooat hcc tlooou t via Ta'iunnoa, (t:hsttko a herioe, (tirnuetrtl t Mnntts Vcr thoe,) aitotha tfco, tinokrt ln;oawkos, lth aido d lotis. vitler, toAtt sta. 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V lTAi DE LA LOU[.lANE-Ctot" do Premier Di+ V I ris J I diciw('II P. ] 'ETAT D1" IA r,((i Ni,\l, A ton cetax quo r I tII llrea eltrie c.(olhertnetll t, ý. lli :- Altodlit qsie 1Vil o .a r. IIIlii nrhll 't ill e vll te mlite ipar Ile h if de l:1 pnroise d'(Orlem.,, lit plopriole 'l r ,r decrtl , .t adthil e-H l L I" 1i ' llt i- te i ltou' r .ltl ht I i vt'te ft lllnrgistri` e 5,ll, . ISltl jour d'e ( 11 i, dre l il, in e PontB ).:i 1ttlr i,1 I r IIll ll l III. 't 111, a it ,|" el L .I lattor,+ dllo 'l N liot dro ht ],, iJiliai l(, ioda te ll"(+ llIte It en(llirmer lof ti:h'm tie .u.. s t rI > ' i ttL s t jit l,".jmldiCl I aires,"app l ou ie 1i it lltr uri , I i t i lll oil con , , 1 nlelll, Itn mllOllill o l'l': Ilht le ]ia l.l -tli- o d· · i four du Premie r Ili- rict .nLudici re,\ui I . l eI t vll ,r d lit it Si r(, +II'`It ti-altic,+ dIe rntiid, ll oo-iqi t-all ner- i on t i ' lrtlll t ' I f dit et ah llil l rd i It ttu it iii, it ilt I' iii'li lli I of I" r l'e mo e l lir':ll ) o·ll olt| tll a elu'l t , ts cliotiei mi o e i ii a Avir, on q oint iileri i t coti il t tigtii- fti l.tidlt-ii ldi i tll ito .'ll nn i hotualog ui I ' , det d o i-uet fat eutne par i t Shiip , su -di(tir I i e, l ol utI r i Avril, d:" I ,'ll , l ll 1,il ll or I idor I ti*l d o. I do l nlNo I n'l a"tire de I illaltkl, I nta tilh I,ý Iltd, No . o d--tkir n ll. n ti t 'if tt ' Iti lli o llo i t le o i tile 'A ,hi Il rltypi , Ilal v, elredl i aqtun me t ii I itti 1 iat. ir p inird rlll ' I otrll I' ir' llt i 'i Ill l e .t .l I l h t' ut lel n , y I n ilt ,id till i l," ha ti i e ,ll a[erell , lll n nia+ ll +il & ll raIlll cut -ni anti eln 1 il Ht ior ,ti ,r i s ite i di I N Ioetis i i r i t.'.iss d n h nlul anI l ). load, :1 :I ' 1 par h l NIo J d'lpe't li plal rt'in Io` alidla, Ii. tit tin" l'a t'(antiail, Ir,: (Mta'. 1 ire 1o'i|te enneni eI.n anti pett-d to Paeel in nll/ ire lulic, t.IIme pla l Nio 13, le ( Ilt lot dec t, iLter inl c nit2 hed, inlcie iur ll.l.t mlt- a hlt io d 1it i elttle rI, aLti-n Plsttyn hiae np, Iriedlde rloirlltnndu . c rt i tui touthe I' lot No , (t lt ctlllerl ib oviedS, Sept tnuttles t I lt , ht l uas kl s lon prfoulldlnr td cot quIl C t l eh I to lpr i t 'lt a p ll ( ' e ll , o l d t ll r e m ut t a lp pail t e - an|. N Goo.,dall o. ;y~ t ,tli vi llma f piit e:. llo,e p llte Slarr o damlllll l hlt l oi dlliJ u Cr, t r e i llac a JIl altliv de trt pt1etl n nle' ' ' ,,tm e i coult l .te al e l. t tIh Butr an du GrI I ARlULE IIMlNEY PIECIE WVatnorsc, , • Custnt. hlulsl street, opposite, tile poet-oitlie. The eubsribers are ni receiving frtom their far. tories in New York, and will krep constantly o, 1mde of the bent E:; yptian, Itailan, Irish and IAmerican I Irbl. Also, Monumnts, Tombs andA (rave Stones, moulded and plain ills tund latnls, i marble elaings, Iharlhs and botltndrv stone, plaster of Paris, Rltman & Hydraulic Centwavt and Plaster. ing Haiir, together with a splendid assortuent (il bra.s mouted and plain (lrates and lussia frtot Grates ofthe newest and most approved pattern.. a, Lettering done in the nea|est mauner and at the tl slorlest notice. They have first rate wolkmen. to y set the above work. Iir5 it A1ES KAIN & STROUD. - -I , l ,-- 130 t1 R is . , 1 ," e i ,vIsDb nav7 6G6 Camp at STA'I'E OF LOUISIANA-r-FrstJudto Court. T IIE STATE OP LOUISIANA, To sall whoil L thrse Prereuts stall comse Grereting--Whtda James etlltre Diggs ti in-, purchased at a sale mtade by ithe hIerilt'of tihe slnoib of Orleans the property here, it after desceribted, bas applied to the clerk of tis eourtH in whose onfl'e the deed of sale was recorded on the 2d day of Apt il, A. ID. 1838, fora monition or advertis.e meort in conformity to all act of the Legioalture of thie St:te of I,otiiaNa, entitled *'An act for tIhe furtherul.s ranoe of titles to pnurchasers at judicial sale'l" ppiroved the 1011th day of itlarlt, 1838. NOW, therefore, bnow ye, aow ll pesos lntelestd. l retio, are hereby cited antd l loooishto d in thoe o ' the Stateofl louisino, and of ste First Judicial iii , Cotlllwho calo set up aUn right, title or claim in sad t tihe lprntterty;I eeiatalfrdescilbed,in eonscfleeee efanf itf, ntit in t he oreder, decree orjttdgmett oftheeourt underl which the sale was made, or any irregularity of illegality in tihe appraisetmels and advertisements, it time, or manner ot sale, or fot any other defect whatsol ever: to lhow cause, within thirty d(ays from the day thit motion is first it.surtd in the ptbhle oeters, why the sole so made should notbe cotnfirmed anl iolotolog The said proloerty was sold by tile Shierifl'of the palt'i atifes.oid on the Stith day of March, A. 1 1083, by vts he of a decree of this court, rendlred on the 20th dao t4 Jamlatry, A. D. 1838, in a suit entitled James BaIr t i)iggs ys. ltufusGreene, No 15,191 of the docket Court, at which sale said James Barnes ggs the purchaser for the price of twenty-fire ousa o (itscription of property as giveo in the .Idit ve) aee, vlz: Acettaoe piece of property' or pitro|l of gt'oondtogett"e it all the ouiolitngs td improt erments tllreon, ights prtivle es, Us. thierentobehlugitg, or in any wiseOl't petr'ioitng, situate it, fauboouhtg A tmuteiti tion, altove thi/ city andl tmeanuiog in t nglish moeasure, tlree hudt'etl tchl fityi.six feet sod tour-eighths ofo inchlt fiont o0 the public o:ln 0o New Levee st, three lhulllned and sixty o. fIt six inchlttlieafour-igtsilll ofauo inel trout On t'elerte o, two hundred ac d fitly-life ftet nine inchl'sand two-eighths ofat' inch on a line li'roting on Old Levee Lreet., until it strikes the boulndary linv of Laurent Mil. hlndou's property, at the corner of Old Levee andoNuns stor't ; there fltillrtg a rigBt augile, and extendino eilght)-tive feet tcl tthr'ee incites dt altolg the outliary lioe of mild Mlillautdou'C prollelty patorale to Ce'leste strt't: ther foe otrmg a right angle, antd i xtendtng ixty three feet eleero iltolese ad three eighlos of all inch o tle hoNotaruv lil.e of tootit Dcde'i pot.erlt, iao.alle to UO. Leve I sro er ;thlete fltring aoool.e'o rthlltaagle, sod r extt'litg ort, two lfete ise ll .nchets ao fioe eightlls ofr pall int el tIh P.llldoat' lile f said Dude's Croperty+ parallet to Celeste street; there forotintg auother right allelo, lld vxotldlitgone Iutdretd ool .s roti seven eert e iu til tA ciinhth, te" ah inch vin hffe rmundary lihnesaill ede's ,rpert. haltdul tc o to het, l etlic road :titd Ntu i+tree tlt'et,ctoc rco', ysit let fotulo intehem alllt, oc'righttlito oo el itcll t oid n ts's atreelt, tcoittrd ing toe plintyo J. Pilio, City Some ori, made '2d Jan vary, ls3re, atexrd to in Act l isscd before Louis TI' Canec, Notry Puolie, on tile fltctlt Jallarto, 1832. o\\itues.s tIloe ilon A. ll. itthcealt.' Judge of the (,0Court atloresatd,thio Itiol Apreilt 1838. npt3,m&lJ 1'. LE BLANC, Dein. Clerk. S.oN t'IU\ILt l IY " TilE FACUL''k OF MEJI (;INE. T i()lIN 'S Comptlloltl Ixotrac of Copaibt asud Sarso i.nlilla -A eel'rasint sal, ald ntinst efeictal rlee doy evtor iseoered Ieor li tie celll onf Gotlhea, hleetsi, 'trtielttreS, Wlitles, Paos iuc t id 'he d lroins, semmta euknlts, utctieuus of tile kidtuies, gravel, scorbdtioe rllutiontll to. o S II, the itrlductlotl of a medicinel posseslitgS tite usefti nll act ive virlo art o thlne owv oTffeled to the publitc, ui,.o proo tttott ttls bill t to tc thile iunerous lreouti lltllllbens rceivi frloonlt tohe tlost etminent of the me tcal t'tsltttt in Etttope, btelievitg that it woll be duly *tp recitoed amlout ' n tilt nts are mtore titUt htkont. The Bto3tttll of otcaiba, soe\tt'utielyo t ts.'i tot lost much Stf its credit tro t the dislithke l ttiee Ionts iormerly i "xwess d ergale'ttg its di':tgsreeale taste, llsturbaemi pooletd it thie ~oad :tdrtotl ctmatc, i itso heretofore I t tel fietil Ir.oo ostd ill the imosthttootalOu o b tage. The rIplm iesler Il is mele allt lltt i ti of thie !isanl, eoneeiv iltt tlleeiklce Ile tn tlacities s wouhi ther lelcv e miuchl ioltl'e lnot t l l ce talll ll1r01 use snll'h, tlllltillletlxu ll teal ilk the Irene tt s 'ate. The tiove melline combineshn Iedtielus llicl ware in lhe ighestr repullte aOulo thet I"ost sci"ticle aul learned in the mrofession. Each alg ill the collllorsition of Itoisp .ipaatiounh illcleaseo the e u f tiltcy of the oilier, Iwoducillg all opelation truly a'tor Stliillag, 1nl su l11'tassing the most Sitto aslll. exrjetatiolrtse l.otu/ nil. at tthe nlote tne the adlitttsige ato its being ad luinlittored wicth ceri~ctl success i ite dilt`ettelltmt stages ( t lr aottte liasto. Thl'e h ot elllillellt phytsicians and I euloe s o' thoke presctt (lay ePress Lteil.' decided ac,. .o'u oo iell n.tntoof Sa'Scl trillatl whilst its use in the .or, ooild hoslitLals utol public cmclicat illltituliona has beo , a.d ttllt tooituest, cta y extensite. It was a fa I ie te mCledy withl tie celebrated lie Abetnrto. ily i all vte 'ereal a'tleotllo, ttan d ill btihlateor t:ltenodS L.ruptinoll, otlrislsg ftrom a dinsoldered t ta tl tchtiligestoite fulctions. lll t g.e IPe sllllltitt(do thotie tet ond tAtIn.'iene of the oi m t:.eterated o ttUolgtlte Itdtity, tte. bore ex'preased Iltir satistatiot Iof its ext.aorloit:ucy ofl.hete in ever case uodel thoeir hlmrge, bly indottiot g it both in tlesr blic aidl tat poactice. 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