Newspaper of True American, November 16, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 16, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVECRY DE.SCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, tIANDOTOIELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFPICE OP THE 'Trie drnerican, sT. CIH.ilitli.S STIEET', NEAR POYDIRAS. m23 WAN TEDO. A NURSE WANTE'l -A middle aged womnd would be iteePrrd; and one who has no ohjet. t ion to travel by sen. Non' need apply withonta good revlrenenr. Apply at Mrs Hawhley'e private Iboardig hlouse, corner... lagazine and CoU..on .trety.. nov n 1'U Li I'.1. A convoeient two story dwelling House, corner of St. John and Perdido streets. For particulars apply on the premises. WAN IED T o lire or purchneo a go td Conk andO Wuser-wo non. Aplly at th connr ofCatlp and Ilillinerte streets. novi0--t1 HOUSE FUlRNi.tIbG. ST'15RE. B ItROWER & Co. have constantly on hand at B their extensive establishmlent, No. 17, Camp ,t. and 14 Common street, a very large assortnent at honse keepiub articles, consisting of Earthenurare, Chin nand Sinss; Brass nod Steel Fire Pelts and Fenders; Kitchen Utensils; Iron, T'in, |Wnoodware and lnaskets; silver pllaed, britanniA and jnponned goods; nemps and rhanodeliers; knives and l/rks, and hotse / eroishing goods on general, wlhich lty are prepared to suprly at reduced rirces te privlto dwellings, boarding-lnuses, Imtelo, -hlipe, teamnbuots, Kr. Now Orleans, elov I, 1:1;. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rentzred fronr 17 Curtonlhoose St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CA R LES TIIEATRE, CORNER of PYnnoAs &. ST. C.AIRtnLES STRnEFT. au,9--1838. PRIVATE DOARDING IIOUSE, No 13, 'Tuhlouse at,- IBy birs Ilofmar.n. rIllIS house is pamcioou and conveniently situnted I for men ofl buinoes, inear tile l.evnn nd l then New Exchange. 1lhe tnels will ba well supplied and attended to, and Iet cnarge mnoderate. lUnrdelrs wishing to have lodginz, ron he n+,conmo anted, at Elfl'eret pries, with comlmdions 'l'rnsllhed Iolm.. [ceders will hav e urle h eti t|llic to nlete here, persons speakineg tIe IPtletel, Eliglieh and Span lh llnngeg's. neg':l3:3m I'ENsºiON IJIJIlLUE. I uSE,, June T'rloeae. ne 13i,,ten" Ve. Jl'e/enann E'.'l'( tiIliosemenot est eneiiux, eet se treuee situ0c lprea d nl l,ewr e et de lta iouvelie Iourse, c'est dire ou centrer dets telires. ita thle rl bin ftleoe nie, propre'mont tenue et d nu prix mod(ýr6. 'onx qdui prrennt penlsion d6sireraient y loger an ro le apartcmeo s do dldhenu s prix, bien garnis et Leo pencinrnnires nrront I'agt6rne.t d'y trotver des personnes parlhnt les lnguesn liallncaie, eonglise ,at slpa.nnle . i tan '1'l It1'..\'''. FIll.E four story fior prouf hric'k ntore in Camp Wi sler, at present ccnupied by lMenss. A 11 *VWllaoce & Coc. The three store brick octre nt the co, nor of Rank A I tc and Noitchez street, at preslene t t'c'epi 'd lv c loesro. Ililueth '- Co.; the third st ary being illed tlr at he bld Arolo, the :rd Isory of the brick store in Iank Alley, 41hdoor fromn the last named--the f2nd and Itd stories beemg well titlled Ip. I'asesion givn l te g oiven n t N ovember next' ote-tt' (',11AS. A JAdchit . COiPTRoL.L.Eilt's (I tFi' tlt-SECOlND MUNI New t crleoalt. Oct. IOtl 1838. A GFTLYARIL tto t retsolioin of the Ccouncil; dated el5ite . Snipcelh'lcer, 11;f, aneettnlereals wdl be eeceived at Clte o16c: nlllt 'rlelltl )!v the 27,h do of' Novembler neot. Ior I lesce Inoedlrd 't'husand Dollars. lonlds of [tris en uieciprpty, Ipaable to thirty years, and bearing six per cente ter annum interet. iThe it serest plavtetri ntlltei-I.u dtily in London, ,New York atr New tcrlenln o as it I' agred on, 'The i h)loods o r 1rl0a sltl oL tlle interest be snvable in the Uilnite I .h.le, aI d for £I i Oocll cuech, if ihl. inllterest e payabled. in Lia(dona. h'e h p .r-Opsals to he ,indorsed'Porposalator bonds.'N. .h)llN CAI.,HOUN, octi l omptridler. drurear du duoalnrl hr -treolead I1 (tarip.alite, I N ouveellot o'e'' ns 110te (0 letJ31. CONFtI'tRIIEI r~dNT a ute resllllntieo do u(nseil 'enll donl ei 1,' sIcpemire IAU,des otes ,:aelte , erout rll s -l 0 b lreanl jtl tu'u l rt. le t27 ' jourdeI 'vIPrIImII Ilrt tilln' potr ,rt: cent tille pinlJ irCs des Icnlllnos d t c ett ,e m e oolIpot ec, p yo ): 'lldI tree n s' o. el poro r o iii n' l nI ix pee cll" I'' n, ' 1'i nteret ent lll'e IpIr Ite'retI r dI s CL n t eol re , Aev 'lo rk on al : la \olve le h , ri, a ms. , mnue I -lt corlernn . |,.e boasll.+ 3 -em vji: ptoIllr Imill;. piusletsre .. nqIe i 1: I'llot+rl'*H (." t II l 1' 1,1 11 - I,, i.; rat, IJll ivl , t r, I lr i d 1r ( t. uI I. I, r 11 / ea 'rlh l i oit sin~ p11 tahhs11 .it . 1.: p :!o,, "', dott r dr s - 1 ,,ct 2 )111 (' LI1 tt "N otptro tleo', 3It I olll p t'bn+<Hl '+ , II [lom| '\o " Shmck otl .go,., rec, rvr I Ib> rhe lt oll,; aP. l'Itv hillw , ontlllU, O eir ii, lt, ator, elit tl op! .0 m t cIronl tre ! ' jl,,ei 'tn t"'IW i on I)lllE'A I.Il't h Ill t.c J11 llrn ol to . a.nd . to ol Iirl nluc td It. einrantet, . I ). E ihchacege All'y, bet e't t t oc teed I teiece . li e h;le itulion w+as Io lm most "liobhle ,h:tl could ie found being entirely tfeo etroti the I o'e of .the streets and the rathling and en.eilcgno. TIe Je., sdn Atodnlo is deivinied into two. o part nlenls. Th'le Junieorto ,rlenntetry departmillnt tier e the eriolls branc.hes of'c'ooon education ill lrench and i Ihglieh- I g rhel otn cnior departIenit for tctin, GIreek, Mallthematics ,rc. .ounctuthtly, order ,inl discipline are etrinctly et.ecnud uid observed. Terms. Jonoto Ic',renreout, per montly $10 +r do 5 Ato lLamt. soi r-, lpape,, &c.. clerced seenraotelvy 2lnd. A tcttl ileretn' Iit'1,-11' toe ec I)ec id t le "e L 3rd. No ddhitctil for inbseece nor for holidays: 4Ie. I' )tlet-.l to be lle regularlv every monlh. I.'eahal hours lemto 1-:2 to 3 o'clock, snxceltl lht.r.. nlavs. xnp.l .th.1, 1s l 11 0,o u6, c. 1 5 Pitit I locUocd tita; 11 htlf pilue,; 101.5 Brandy; 2 pmintohecs fine old Jauic Rutm; 15 Ioirrel Cherry flouncet. Indmg from stlip Osreola, and fur sale by oct19 PETERS 11It4Att.l, t1OPPER--10 cases of light Isral. nr'. i lppir., trIo- m 9(to11 Ibm weight. ieoao.rhio tilg hv 30 lth., al so 3 boxes t0 by SO tirom 7tri to IIsfotr si all M1 II DhIVElttAU;X, ncl19 mi 'tlehophoulubl st T'i S--A large asolrtment of cookinr Stoves. I Parlor and Bar Room Sto ·ts o the latest tand most approved phterus, in tore anld r sale I y All hi D101VE0 itAUX, oetl9 2I TIchopitoulas st iRh. ltJVAL, TilE Undcrsigtned has retooved Ibi Notmial Oticte to the Verallda, onl St. Charles otreet, bettcell Comlnon and Canal ast. WILLIAM CIIRISTY. oct2O, 18i88-lm. ETT1ERPA. I'EIR.--Jutt received hfro the Brandy wine Molls, 6 cases superline blun letter paper; aonse very low priced; 10 cases suoperoiole white lotter paper, do; 2easet thin pink letter Ipaper; I cases suIel Olle packet post large size; 2 cases superfine letter assorted colors; 2 cate s supertlne octave assorted colors. for sale, wholesale and retail, by I) FELT' &0 Co, New York Stationers' Hall, oct15 94 Chartres street NEW Arrticle. Ju.t received at 53, ienville sat., a suplerior lot of Arlluolr hedstetdc , suitable for ofhcasor aeotalltoii rto the pail i,: are resplctluily invi tel to call lud cxllliutthe Rlo sni. W\V R CARNES, otlt --',v c B iANDI--75 bbs A ltrelljo 4th ptollot IBrandy for sale by ISAAC BIitot:E Io C ., novl 131 thtagazinc at til ,ALE Tlhe manufactory of tie subscriber, Ihisting Wllheels, I.ead Pipe, of all nizes; Salsh, P'laster Hair, &c. I urnmg, dawing and Grinding done t a usual iy J. OTT. CLARET WINE-10I I ,oes iln sore, Ior sale by CABIAHAMI T'l tER, novl0 410 Poydras st COýpE- 12O couie itl store and lor sale by ABBhit IhAM '"I'IER, nnvlfi 40 Poydrts st --.Vc Orleous oa, d'Vlsitt/silts Iail Road (Ofie ' NOTICE 'i) LID.IREItgR MEN. S EAIEt) I'eo pos1ls wilt be received at this office i until the :!0th inst, for ltite ollowing Innlher: 10010 Yellow Pine or Cvpresto piles, 20 feet longt arnd not loss than 0 inches in diaJmetlr at tihe small elll. 50.000 thousand o flet of iudlsillt, flattened on both sides, to shw 111 inches on tile flato surface, and 10 inches in dep hI; 10,.0lcrosstiea. t inh feer long, II inch es square, clear of sap; allto be delivered at such points l tle shore ofltake LPouchartrain as 0hall IO designa ted. 1) hIOARh). nov9--10t NOTPILE. SttNathanicl roownseud has removed his office to the corner of(t tail lnoi lo otinre ltreetts, over the sitore olMasora. A C &. W Sqtier & Co AY, 'Potatns anti I.uonhr--400 halos Eastern Ha., in prime orrior--Q00 bnarrels Potatoes 35,ttlt ft. Nortthern Pine Boards. from abip Liverpool. latding and Ibor sale by LEVI 11 GALE, non.9 93 Common at 9V I1) N PORTER-24 ctk. lltoett Brown Stout received per ship Creole, from I.iverponl, for sale hby HOL\IoS -& '11h.Lt, noo9 9 Bank Place ti""-HA.atiE on New York, itr sale by ADAMIS & WVIlITALL,. not- 67 rlatier Pt READ & BARSTOW', novl5 7 Rank 'lace tEA l BAh I1-A lew bbls old d -osupe-rier .I artitle, fADr sale by READ &._BARSTOW, novl5 7 Bank F'lace, JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. HIIE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' Selieu,' The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. TioE LOVE CHAsE, a Comedy, in five anets, by Jamnes Sheridan Knowloes, author of 'Virginius, 'The Daughter,' &c. &c. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Talfourd; 4th edition. SocieTa AND MANNERS IN AMERICA ; by Harriet Mal tinean , outhor of 'Illustrations of Political Economy;' in 9 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Sunmiary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Ptchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. er with a eries of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall duel to which are ladded, rates of commlissinn and stnrage', equation of payments, and general infor. mation onnected wti:b business of the counting house, by B F Foster, Accountantn author of 'A Conise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'Tih Clerk's Guide,' &ea TatE Lttcrli Sohllent Bahi; a couren of very easy lessons in Landscap1s, Figures, &c. by George Childs; ist and d series. Just runeived and fbr sale by WM MeKFAN, jy8 cor. of Camtp and Common sts. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe riments of Living.-Living within the Means, Living op to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'The Hilreourts;" "The Saving's Bank,"&c. W INTER CLOTIIINGO-I csese, conntaini an astertlellnt of Suttinet Rloudabouts and Pnn tllt loons; beavv letnhuan )Derry panns, Ittlt Liverpool etri ped twilled elhilrts landing from slhipn l'aous, fir sale by ISAAC B.tlD.(.E & CO, ort6 124 Mlagazine et itRO iN Shlirtilgs-4O hbale, Iheuv bro wn shit L lgs, aonding fronu ship l'augnas,fnot sale bv ISAAC BRI(I)DG & CO, Octf 131 Magazine st I 'ERM ttll.--lt casks pure, blealched, sUnlooer SSperrn Oil, landling fron ship Mniatassippin suitable fir plantanlions, and ner ehle ly ISAAC I Rll)tGF ' (O, Ont4 1341 MugazElne st. NEW ORLEANS tOMMERCIAL LIBRARY T HE following new w arks have beLen rec ved Sby the Library Society, at ttieir room in the Mor, haonts' Exchangg, fronting on Royal street, cian Lady of Lyons, by Bulwen ; 1 vol. 2 copi s. Iltnphlrey's T'lurt'roungll Great Brltaihn, F'r.nee anld BU.gin , in 183 ; in 1 vols. o copies. Love, by Lanly C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 copies. The Two Flirte, and other 'alres; by Lndy Bles. inglon, Iulwore, and others; 2 vols. o: c.pies. iRnvers and tinhe IDsert, by Miss a'ardoe; 2 copies. 'Th Rl.hber, by G P R Jatme; 5 ropies. The Adventurs of Nchols Nil Nickleby, by Iloz, 5 copics. CIIAS. RIT'lClIIE, Librarian. ST. ItGI. COF'P t.i-l.1 ,ac.,Onn s.plr qn.on t.LATER & TRIER, Octl 401 Poydrue street UININE, EPI'nOM S.\ILTS, AND CALO)MEL.. l 15M1 ounces French Quninine, I0 khis Ep som .olte n eoko PIearl Ashes, 4 eases Calonuel, Ipec c., Jnlop, Rhlbuerb, &c. &e.. landing fromn brig William, fr'no Boston, and for sale bARVIS Wnholesnle Druegi.ts, jv7 co" CoGnnnnnan N Tehoullpitlnlas Street. (101 f liAltttRInS 1.111E landing Irnm brig Lnclr Fj t Sam, Ior sale by jyl ' S & J P WIIIINEY UIlI.D icord Paper--Just received it few renams tIludson', very finueIlue ree.rd C.l1, both plian and ruledl,lr sale bi I)tVII) FEIlT & CO, nctl5 NY StNnatinner's lall, 2Ii Cnhartres. C PERM CANDLES-l'For snle Ib ' ILEIA I) &IIARSTO\V octi5 7 iank I'ldee. 1ANK1 IlBOOiKS. UST reclived at lolw groce of Basn k I ooks; Salen, n few MedimBnk lnk looks, filr sale by tlie grote, dozen nar eilngle by DAVID FEIrT & CO, et(i N V Stationers I ll, 24 Chartres et rI 1110n1tA 't'N nNIli1 AFtLOn-li'l100 bntole Lime Il landling olpposite Post 7 '1'ird nunit ilnlicv, ap ply to S &. J I' W1f'I'NIl', "x117 8 Cotni et S )riober, will In lilfy cenlts per oarrel in the (;is \Vnnk'ns w h ard . Iaken inil nalhlttillul ol n n Iwo drld bnnllin ." ill nl. l chvenl lr.d I'ren .of d1 a g . nThe inn.ti t'hat this IatllCle oI fli l;l p)in esrse o '.dr nIe nlnnrl lt atnnllt ltnn , nonnull) I s len llilillt In' -e trnlnditly n d ntni t n: t l n'mie, Sarid -enl, fraln nthe BIpleatI|l .....k ,,f Io t, I 1r,1shouhl indl.UC........y t litmily .o use of it. O)dhhrs J ec:ived at the Gas Office in l ank Alley. .. t SI·ee'v. 1:,0 ull b'ra tlrl l d . t l 0 boxes lih. 'h.lltlt k P 1 e II l n I ee rlin g s , J u s t re c e :vl e d p e .h ill I ll adii.tlit Il stll it I, tnt) W P. IFl IIAN ,&n.., Nn i. 3,'o ll linennelreeil, Soff to, r(.t Thleplic 'd Fall inud \Vinhr e will anahle thou i no l upply au I rehtull fro . teha Otwy, vat th"e honrtest unti%;ltr sale wholesah: Ir retni!, oI aloml mol tngelllll r s. t at Ithe Exchanze Ilhtlet on ie . C(h.rles t.. liolom and al. tllr the first day of Nonembenr Inxt. Ilndilvahalll undeilr noblientin.tain the e.'izenn. cetn gens nod trcv cllers genlerll' , tillirthec lnnerna'l paltreonna oeenived while enndnuntlg snpar11. I tnhennlnhmeults in the citv, they I'g l;I nve "0 .o n ar dill fl tei do terain ttio;l to ex;rt tl nir n ited e al rts to plnsne, widle enterine I, IIo tastles anld g nerlnt (:c el t of their guests, and hopeP tereby to sensturel a continllanCne of pubhle ltavornd O N INO !1'lONNEI.I. LA C WgA'I'ER~IA N, 'lThe Natchlez Fretrender; Louisville ,'nnrnanl; New ]'ork Ex lpress; Philldelphi lll h raI l and Senltiel; Itnn ton Atlas will please Iubli.l the nabove threeilues, and ti'ward their accounts to t thr otfice. {}etl .`---1 tIl PSTOIT 1' F tiCtLO SIANA, ARISII COURT fbr the Parilsh of the City of New terlrh s, nPresent the Ihnnortable (ltarles Mlau rian,SJudge. lctttoberi5hlh, 1848. No. 112:i, WIm. I). Coiiper, es. hil Creditors. 'lle ces.itn ' luenperlt by thie Petitioner it o:ceted Iv tile Court for te bet' efit tofIlls Creditors: it is oirderd that a lueeltilg of aid creditors Ie held belore to. Barnett, Notary Public, on 'l'uedc , the 27tir of" Novemler, 1838, then and there to dehldrate on tle a0itirs of the IInsolvent. In tile mOI'ian tillle .llpocedings agafinSt Iis prson and tpreop. lrtye stal'vred. It is Ihrther olde~red that Jou. Rt. Grvln.., . e ppolinted to replresent the absent crtditor illt th t rate. yt order of the Coart. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, 85th Octoher,18318. A M1 GUYi)L, sut2ti--.t I)'v. t'l'k. F. AI'T1DI': D A I.OUIYItitI\:--CllI dl lIuitltt At t ville de l a N .ouvell. I .Itic .il e: Pti * e. t ic i rable ( 'banes Slanrian, jnge-No 11,2013--Vm 1) Cooper nlllre sel creancllcir.s-l a iletilon die )rnl iti t e du pthlitionllolre n nc E ian t {te c liar lscl-r poutr lelctl litc do 1 es l ·haliciers, it est d.r8-il qfue ie asee Adedits cr,tun.iers nit li aeU : eii ti. de E 3Iarnltt, nltlie Apllllell, lndi, le 27o jllllr die nov n Ire 10338, a 10 hO l n , tfin le ( odellt rerl, er leo Il1:lirt._+ dlllhtt pdtiollllnmltlr. , vt enll otltnll utlll allurs p ulrsliles contra e p Ilersolns on Ses )proprlels oullt Par ordre de la Cour-Bureau du Grellier-Nlle Orleans 25 Oct 18ii8. '16 uct A M GUY, IL, Dap. Greflier. MERSON'S RAZOlt STl()tOl'tS--Thrte cases of tile genuine article, Iut s received hV nov13-- 18 CaIIII) st t ULLtiNE \VtAE'il-l'erlu v &c., jlust licidotg Sfromn the shlp Salem A tllln ild ctlicle of U C logue,put pt expressly for the letrii tllade also till lurest hreehllb eriumery, embracing every variety for tilhe toilet, for saie by REIES & D'LANGE, nov13 IOl Camp et A II SElCT and tresh IsuptIly oIl.l'uy Colors of ev er deteseritneon, forli Scene painilltg; Oil tind Wa ter coklos; l rusres and altists tools, aDJd an extensive stock of superlor VAIRNISIIES, from tile manfacutory of I' Itc Sutih & Co., compriing ill Nos. 1 2 Ituriture; Nn.t. 1 & ;coach Varnihn, t.nd I & 2orlinary domestic Black Japant, and Brown do. Also,I 20 kegs Crome green, in 25 lb. acllh, ground iiin oil, land 151 ialnisters ,opelitr r Ireclll greet, also in oil. I2 blrrels Spiritas of 'I'urlprtme al.d IBiled Oil. Artist's Colors, &t. (Reeves P. Pon, Ltondoun) ani 40 boxes Frencl Lake, lir stale at thl Pait Store of the sucacriber. Mit.\ EI.tI. , cti2 i58 Camp ct PEII' i Oil, GA. DLES, &c. 5tlit) g lls. \Winter preased Spermn Oil, 51100 do Fall strained do 30001 do Relined Whale Oil, in barrels, 120 barrels T'l'anner's Oil, ItilA boxes tp rm Candles, 750 do No. . lonlctnSoap, 100 barrels No.3. . tckerel, fir sale by \VWiTRIIIIDGE & CO, novl3 76 Magazina at TO ,1S--I Ie allhscribtrs bhavejust opened sever / al clsee of Combs. IIIGIT TUP TORTOISE TUCK. Quill top l'orroise T'ck, ino o Twist, do do 1 ong, do do Plft, doi do Side. BRAZILIAN C,:MB In all tle above variety of Etnglish, French and A merican OlmnufactInre. Ivory fine tooth Ctomb, in all the variety of size and quality. 'ocket, Ractk, liorse. coarse and fine, and all other Conmbe, for sanle by REES & D'LANGE, novl3 18 Camp at HAY-300 bales now landut; from ahit Naew Eng land.and for sale by S 3 P VWHITNEY, notv5 8 Conti st B ANK CfECKS-Cheeks na the U S Bank at Philadnlphiu, tIr cale by YOt)KE B tOTHERS. nodiS 65 Camp at _bHIPPING. For Europe. Ft)O I. V.l11TOOL,1-(naimsm only.) T- 1 he file A I ship SI )NE , (1apI. Cow en, wli have immedite desltc. Apply to LEVI H GAI.t;, ]vOlv l 93 (.O loImOI At Fill( ,IAViI'. A superior A I pfp enn take 3(10 holes coltll if mnIlllleuiuitr y in )n be mnlde to LIi Id GALE, Arent, FllK II1AVKlE. lPThe ille fast Filing Al Fhip ZOTOFF: Jacob M)lerrll,, will lhave nillllll im, and wants St) Iales lltlon to coll - plle ,,eargo; flr lreight or passtn e, spily cto ;,yVI II G(ALi, oct3 9 C(otlllon at. FOR HAVR ro". - T'lh Al ship AL..ANCE; Ferwal mnclter; hiving tll her cargn ren.gelo txd. r pt :300 be I tleooolttoll, forc Ight ol'wtliell, alm - ply un board, or to ING S &J I' \VIIITING, oetl2 8 Conti street Cdastwase. NEW ORLEANS AT) RA\IL'I'IMt)RE LINE OF PA CKE TS'. Ir.HIS line will consi-t oft the following vessel" I whlch hale been built, or purc leed oxlressly fit the trade, viz: hip Sli AMAN, Captain Miner, lBarqlue IMAlY, NRw kerrmn, IRA,) FERRY, (new) Stevens, OL" Ollt)N SA'I'US, Illaham, ltig AIt IIITFCT, (:ray. These bessels ale of the first clnst--lene Ihlsdsome firnislhed aconlmldllri ns, and are of u liglt draft oi water, o ir , adit of their rce and tithargi g their caurgos i litmila oat othe Cipy. I', igtl will b takent for pts in tle clheto .eake ,ltt til .laeri' Riv'r, and los ard-d by the agents, hlessrc. Chirk & Kellogg, at Baltimore; Ezxpen en oil goods shipped will be ad. vaveed wlhel requiredl. tile beat qunti,, g, ill bet rovidlell . Steam t) elid rlw) i tilt e * ippi bill t eo I" ll oil al pc lln iorls lit Ii ll'OV to1 I Ia io , Fldi tastor, Iha. sing, the pri cital arh the cr rgll,' t will sail latsbovtle;ffr ttle remtainottdetlrf Ori'lt,or tat tage, lttintg t'legant tot'ttelllcdnfatttttte, apply On board, oo tite Veitalble Miarkeat, or t' J 1) BElN & A rOTIEN, nOvI2 99 Comminn At 1.OlK PROVl' I N, , (I. I.) 'iThe fart sailing A I copper ftetene bri NNiOW, \ Capltain Thornldike, will sail id a a. w dtays, l vinep maost of her nlrgo eaotnn wul; for hb avvfe fight anrd 5I bles cotton,1i or passage, haling handsome accommodation.u Iely O bad nov9 n I"l l ,i ) Ill'l'l I N , . The tast arque IIn ArR Y, , n, stern now re;nd to reapivei chrgotd, wl will havel r, hr I,, orute; l freight or Ipasage apply on \bo.rl, or to i''E'T'S )lT & AVERY, nov7 88 Uravier At '1FOR NIEW YtIllK. The A 1 packet ship IIEPUBLICAN, llausoll, master, will be ready to take in on \londnv tile 5th ills.; having one halof o hlier ('a ggo reidyv to en on board will have itulllrediat dtes Ill ; fr l'freillht or pnasos e, l lthaving le' nly flrlnir l ed uctolmmodationl , apply on board opposite the Ve getable tlorketl ait to abe rkeoro PETER IAIDL,AWV, nov:l O Cttonn ps FOR BOSTON. . The first tloes ship ItI.RO I, lownrs ,astert havitng tr st iottllt her I:lor elltnged, _ tIIlltlot with loeppatclh Itor reoainder olrfl' freighllll)r pasllsage. apIIply In ioarl, or AV SI''I'rOON & AVEIRIfY, octl2 88 Gratier st FOR N EW Y( A1 t S Tihe Al tfat cailint ship IIItAll, COpt. lhlnino nIId, is now r,,a Iv to 1<Iive caro. alnld will meet de ep ich. " o I" tcig'ht o t In·c applv to the Capt. oln bloardl, opposite lposl 55, 3rd Mlun ciality, o, r to octl7 8 9.l.ti st S 'Two lrino f to ,apacity of 9 to 310') . nl e. eutton, to land lbr a Northern prt; ap ply to L'VI II IAl ,, lFUR Fl tlll lllT Ill( 1i- I El: . ... - l elviu 140 tons iirte . AppII t, t S&' \VIIIINEV. 0(18 0 Co,,ntict For the Interior. FOR ( IA ANCIIU :STRo, (Yazoo) Fort Adams, Niaftr z, Roinet, Grand Gulf, War. rtetumand Vibkcburg. '1 e suoperio ar te Dwr CASPIAN, Joc lins tadii(h master, having id rirr, wil/be ready to reee; rei iht ooon Thursdly, the 15t1h ;ist ; and will have quLock des .Meh. For I l'reight or passage a pply tie ine.tPr iI llr1(nI or to '1'L.ENEI l,%- "WU(I)RI{lFF, novl3 ?2 Niew Lever N II--The necomlnodation for passengers, are excel' hlen u sra t peiir. F()R AIi'XANI I(IA. ' 7 The steamer I)I.NAtRK. will v z. . ......... egulat packet doring low S- . 'rute, tromn montlih of R ed H v r tor Alexndriu. or purtil:nlrs napply to sto2 JNUll IGRAITAI. FUR MUBILLh,. IThe regPllllr packet low pressure stenr GIIlAFcI6, Capt. Suter, wllI lerve thle lake end of the lail THICRSD \YS& SUNDAYS, after tile arrival of he 12. o'clock ars, slid on er re tunr, loave ,lohil, every 'uesdayannd Fridalys. For passage apply on bousy to CAlT'. S\ILER. P S-YVhlleoaor a uffiient inoltnll o fpssengers oiir tl. (iraife will ttlch l otuly of the ntternledalit hladings, upon previous . .tice being given to Capt. Swilfr. no,7--It SI Srl:ED UIL ,u store sld fr sale by ( DC, RftSECV. oectlf 44 ,, I,'e T'I')VES-Lnnding from ship tIilah, a ';e ' i " K ) Coal Steves, a lew 'ill'titl., ell \'and v.. , I" i,"i ga.I ; 3:11 Olll C ,i a luv ro. (lrtl, , : .... Portable (Grats nuld S lliililllllon' l .i. t ' , ttl ,, OulII.,, i stort: niiid 1Jlr 1,ale 1 Pa..rltt C., ,,at , N B--Ston pi e nmle to i ntorder alld lint u plt aly part i, the cy on sholrt notice. S. i. & Co. .,IN(. ,di t' eCntucky UEgging in r l ad titr sale by LAYET & ANMELUNG, 1telt3 17 Coona-ere, s. Rape; assorttd sizes: 3 0 do Mnlallo do do do 31) do do Haltirs assorted fro(4 to 7 inch. 5b0 kegs No. i & 2 Robert's lcherl'e aWito Lead ground in oil; 300 Catll itti (lrote Greene do. led chllre, ellow Ochre,, bllllsh Brown, and Ilrtl k poot, nt kegig, gtooh ie odl t iil rals Putty, tChain Cable.trs,Achorr , Ilootks nail Thoi, iles, l'usgtn ai a a general unsoi taent of sI1p Chand lor,, far solt, by a LLUCRE & . oC, etI Front I(ever |llA( T largo alnd collveillo three snryN w,-rehoaIe at tlhe curlier oIf iion, rels and t'Splre )iloln street. Possession given on llhe st of N ovemlber. Ap ply to LAYEI' IO All ELUN(G, act?3 17 (iolllllerce st J PARKERS IIOCKY MOUN-TAINS, &. OURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under tlhe dlraction of ihe A B C F M, peorformed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge-. ology, climate and productions, and the nu( ct, manelrs and customo of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samtel Parker, A M. 'I he River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the. 'lhartrruso; by Miss Pardoe, author oflthe City of So tan, &e. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, ' the author of Richeliou, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2- : The Two Flirts; or Ad. "ture in a Country Houso, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry (ornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Niklebhy, edited by Boz, with Illlutrations by Phliz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. )lii. ;litI)'S NEW ye-VEL,-.. - p ITERI PllA IIGIM: ortlhe RIlaed er's LecolUrtioe s. By the author of Calavar, Nl.k Of le tl.aWds, &c., n 2 vols. Pieeiola: or, Captivity Captive, by M. D. SahiotinP. 'lhe Bl'ish Senate; or, asec,,nl series of IRndlm, Recollections of t(e Lotrd and Ceomnonse , Bv the aU tlhr o tle Great Metlropolis, hle lernh and'their Bar, illn voes. I'rieciples of Political Econonnmy: part the Sond: of the enauses wbich retard inrreate in the prodtetion of Vneath. n,,d improvemeent in tile phyical and mor al condition lof lIn--bv H C Crer-, au=thr of an Es say on the Rtte of Wo's--I vol tbo. Just received and for sale by W1t M'TCEAN, ntt13 enr Camp & C,,::unon st pOTAToES-3,11 balpens POtultale landing fo ship New Englanda, nd for sale Cr S n J 1' WHIITNEY, noe5 C Cotri et *OND PO R e. -. ooz t.o,t,, ,rotr . ing froee haq ate F.uphruto,.i,;,r sale byo tC& IP (VilllfNEV, novl5 , Coot; st BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., k~olresale Clollslg lJCtablishment; No. 3, Maoazne street, TI VE constantly onhand a largeo pply of Cloth I ing, calculattnd for Ihe country trade. 'Their as. sortlment heing large, mercharnts fromln tile ecmltlr. ril be supplied ai the shortest notice. oct| FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & JIAI)I)EN, No. 14 CI.nrtrl". Mtrel. ITAVE olostalI ullplt f every rtIcle perrni to gulualelnD~l's [ I af theI Bltest style, "t1ow T0ork der ."I J.B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, SA No.33, Royal street. S A. FERtIOSSI ElI, MERCHANT TAILOR (i7 Commonl street, BES to Ilnform thel public that havina purchnaed from Messrs IIlOUGH, SKI lU i & CO. part ol their stock, he will icontin,, th, businaa, at their old stanlld, o +l,,site Bishop's Ilotel, whllere hl i pla to mIri a share o)thelr lrttrollagm. Ile [as maule ltrl.lttlmelluoetal al th North toe supplied mn hly wh the iat,.t l mo.,i fnshi.onlle g.oods .ur II CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIIP PLUMBERS, No. IU:1 I'ovdros strile! Ielw OrlJal.s, MIANNUFACTI'RFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps II'ARM, COLD, AND SIo) lI7,R DA TIIS Flod ln tlhe otet rprovPid principles. NlILL'I) I.E.11), Pl'IICS, &e I"()rdero exsecutled inl ay pert of the Soouthl, ln States. 5r. IOblnl 1'', l.indldoc. !)FF'Ir: Ex"rtoo. lhITpr. Fm Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No, II) P',,v'olrn ,-at, E'. rP on oham n o.v.attn upply. of lenrl Pipe, lrom '2 in. dihamter downll to i° n. dia)eter. iint ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES' TABLISHl ENT'r, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ii,, oks' Arendo. WILLIAMI GllEN-YE, PIROPRIETOR 11, . , H. PARKgER Commission anSd F'orwardtlng Merchant, No. 6, F1l1)NT' LEVEE, 1,P STAIRS. Net 1) :'iener PFe. 2 . JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIH)LIE" (I.: ANI) 1I1'' l!, I)EALEIIRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYIT" l.11 , . ,."1) VI VLY'I)OIV GI.IASS, aol'net of C lo 'lnno and 'ehbupitolaos streets, NATIIHAN JARVIS. .Inf1fN IV. ANI(ItIO'VS. A large (Ipplly o Garden Sells. warraolted the growth of i 837. AT MOBILE, Ala. 8. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 6:3 OVWA'J'Iih I'REET'. rl 11lE ,d.r,mesioed, having est.,hbll-ihel tlhemnseoo in .IL Molile h ir thl Ir l' o ral t nt i a' tm IIgl I the, A e(lion aind Commisiotn Isinrss in its varihus bImunchPs, beg leIve to inolllirm tlhir frili a tihe pl lie, that they 0re 0ow ire11r1 d t. o itleiv' 1ongel.metsll., ard make liberal ol1lnc tvin thesume, ih r lfi r l-irt .r p ul lice ale. S('I,O.AIAN I..ION1LS), IalAEl, I. oTONI:S. Refeir to Walker, Ktlight & Co. New Orlcans. A CARD. SAMUEL ..LATER. ABRAoAo TtRIER. SLATER & TRIER Porvorwrdin og & cnittlisita Mlerchnuts, No. 4!0 ilPylrnis Strlt N IIW V1)1 LEA .NS. They will devote their pnrticul:r ntrettion to the sale of \\etern !rotlace. Refere a o.ot. Alijah Fis'ok, 27-q. Il.1 Shill New Olienn. A A.1 Niall.,,,.. .le1sr12. K00,ha, )ninon & Co. J 1) &. 31 !! iianus, ) ( rioeg, Vihl ( 1, . loston, ILavernt 17t.1't . Ne ork IVII' P-hl &'. l" AilI. l Stanfrid & liavis. - St Louis. (v,,-g v, S:h.w '.T'ltaL . S 'ider & 1 .o. ) I t'wlyo, oi"e & Tullap. o Alta1. A It Sl i'Ii'r E'.q. ) li t ltMardl & O Ie.-ooii-ville. CLI STONE. . T. T. 'ro:. E&f 1. T. STONI. Forwanrdn#, nld C'omnision .lerclhnulo, FUIRNISIIERS OF SilI1' AND BIOT).' STOILE, No. Il1 'THoltrouroUI.AS 'tREtET. N w-O(rleans. Refernt:ost Alesro. dlt., BoAom & (CB. A. I Ahaco & tCo. 1New York. it. 1 s.1. s1 , .1. & P. r .tLvl Nit, ncnti, O. tWat.or Sutro DAVIl l'ONE, Di):Ito, o I. OMSTOt:K & cto. Co.lnO- o, N. ALI. llrm i , 01 Co.. .llllsvdll , lv WILLlS ,'T VENS . 4rlt , Srt.t t , looulis 31o A. If. IOFF, Altn, Ill. WVi I:. Vt'rtntow, 1tulo 'ille, 111. J. & '. . t'A rtW0 t., ,v,,'Il So ru, L.a. SOLOMO'N [thtt. N'fV (ft'll:s. tnn 22 t)IAI.EfIS IN AMERICAN & EN'IfLIS1 CROW\VN GLASS, N,,.:f1 CA.tRxmIIELrf oTRi'T. Io INSUR : CE ('O 1 P OF NEl' fflL:AoS. ']'his Co omplnv tire now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 3usson's Blulhling, Canal ltrrrt. E L 'I'RAC('Y, New Orl--lQno, May 15. 18:... Secretav. WILLIAM IRWIN Comnission dllti Forwt'arditg Mterchaint, CINUINNA I', '1110. Refer to lavet & AIolnrlitto, No' l Jos. Ltlfdis t . New 11124 I iii ltifRITI CI, \Nf . N1tN', HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 (latiIp treet, Wholesale Dealer in PI'ints, (il, V\'rnislles, Bruttshes, ol:3 [ \Vinldow and Pic'inr, Gl-ss, c. &e. T. W. COLLINS .1TT0I.,'JY & (.'CL. ASl.LLOR IT L. I Ift I O IW Ipractiinl i llthe iSta" no City ('oIIts. Cli nu , i t i l hh ot the lt ik't tio ,L ircuit Courlt, ill the CustonI l u11 1 li, iltlo. jet i A CARD. S liE unlnderiL;ned nllr ollrenI it loll. ill thllis city, lor il' |tpllll, Ifg ' o l·ff at ~l(llplt Io o GENIRAL Co)Il.,issfiN liUSIN\'S. OFFICE, No. 10 GtoAVItII .rIl.ETr, It $fAIRS. II P I' . V'. T[e he o ol! sllt ;Grad (ulf, lIiss, oill culnnlllll in the above ialle. Rchfrernces, Godfrey, l.a rie & Sot ll, Nf w 1f ) • IL etero-to to filhlrd, 'I A trfttti..a It II Hill & Co, L.ouiaville, Kv. .toh At (Gilftmore X.1r, -ik t flis+. tt lrpe rlore t t . -t Gla. d Gullf, liss. l o I rit s, Joly I I, l j A ' 1.f I) TATIANIFL 'ITOWSENl' havir. hIl.ated him self in ' o le0w tans or 11' 1u .po e 1 tra'f ', ng a General Agefllet ll Illll.llilmlll Illllo s, tl l tutt tI spectl olly st cihftt tilt public t slone lof len pu trlaving it houre in Texns, ho 'ill t' ,ttoo,' the ptttS tctirg of Onv huo iet , tlift tmay ,e de,:red if ,t at oullltrd ', nod will gullttlltlllt Ioo i told lllr itt'll 1 mt l tli ull ell l s elltrulmlead ( Ill 1. t'h llll d it faithful alpliention (iu rm'e idaut e with itstructlin,) of all lunlldl that mIv tolll iltll his hunlis. to ltev oir C lap. . s lll lrt lld ,lililllg (ilb ion Ntw UrlrtllSuIns NOvelnr 25, 183l.( Rettrrr t ' tt. a. Atlv tl,, F l~ll che , Mlii. R Al Strth r St ,1, l,, . J hu T Gr y.L.o.ieville, Kv. , Jot A bree e, II piK '.'silleo. n.28 ,Em FIREMEII N'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORIEANS, Office No. 24 Musson's Duiding . (a cANAL. ' 7'TREE'T. TOVE --4 otvlo s f dintfg ito)', Orl , It i ti.ltrol, F onr e of wh!ierh are ol'an llioel y twr" p ternH-alsl NStveS, inll ' rtole nd lfor tallu o S I.OCl1: 1l- CO, 8o o-.ot I.evet N B--So'r Pite made, and Ft Ip il an part oi ta" Wi.ri i : lt lrutce, u:..t31 BUSINESS CARDS. ii. K. & F. I). Newco nab, A VdII opend J hone Ifar tle itramctiellg oft ell 1 'ral oumilision busintes at, .t tvulh z, and Inlt husiness confided to them sull be ailhhliclly aLtteled S efnereenr: II (C ctlllllcioik &+ Co, itlii. eueil \Viuite & Cu. New Ot)tli.n. (Illei & Ilclicky, (211:--rol hn. " A CA RI). CHRIISTIE & SINNOTT, lP/ileisale (;rcers and (;o+,nmssim.t .ierchmits, No. Z7 imlinnon Street, New i)rl,clns. [ 'Purticnltlrattrentio paid Iol !ti , Iu htinlg up of! S t llmo b l l uat n d .Ship a 1ore- o. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE NoI. , i a ,IZ n ie , l Iei, i.ol le ,lil' ..ic lt e, gSTAlT.h1 IIiEl)for the execltlniof Ionin,pi ans A and driawhines, IImercihanti.s' C irsl e irs, bsines. andi addles a rtnit ol 'every dscriptionl m felltal ci ul.r- on1 deapl, l rin palill per, anpothe ary and d usto' IIhlel l t ; I boank elreie, druv ireceipts, &c. prind tII d a execu d iI achcap and expeditioh s style, bv t elr Ile. ir plllet' NEW II(ATl S tORtE. Jl'l'T rpe, ired per lire arrivals fretl New I o k, ePh and tish~o ahle assor i.i. let i f HATS.. , .The sLu. liber would Iparlictliarly ravl thle a entionI of the ul, lhe t, It , tle I buver Ilen of a superi' hfi-hb, ile wI tlr ric i al l iaul tul ls re; l1, io an liler 'I iii tu-i. hau t of a suipti riori i q iu al a I udid iartlei ofsilk hat, lsll e, w ill n veneral .s .. ,e,,ient ,i L uelrt ed by himse , expresaty for this , n ket. wholesale saln j \vi .lcul 1iiii ,e Ciluo ("ie l +IreeL. N. I Cith mnd country dealers nre lnvoted to cull, PORTRAIT PAINTING.T l Si, 1':\ I),\ l .tt l res+,,,:lhdlý ItI orm,, thie pnhliv ha t hr wi I ro,,malvi ,, , hortie, n 11, Ne Orleanid lir p'r. o' l mhln i m l'lr . 1lii fInn n. / ,eiir,'ce llllr I of 'nlll ln P Charle,i in Jle hOsel c I e - b1 tor" Iva 1 iyo ,1 )eni li ts,wI v ilel'per ine r if i s p a in tin , g c a 'n I e s e e n . E n tr au c e ii S t , 'h ar l +e , Slreel, 1 .'i8 l Ito i'TOTIC - TO TIlE PURIl ICT.--lni Imuldd I 1l rulmor e of te nlduer-sigiind havoilg IIIl lh out, or discoui h hne d li ll sol,, cl"l,, e.lahhshl.ed GARDE1N SEIE i STORu , Il \~ i, ue- i ", . i el,'f allvinl most indinsLr tlo-y e c'i' Iireid bil 'e.lf. interested parties, the luluscriber t.g to assure his fIriendi generally, and thue pnile at lire,, that lie still continues within Iwo doors of loss lute, or formier stand, to ie furnished with e a full tld f ex. tensive supply of all tilhe stnldard kilndl of kitchenl or vegetable .IITrdeI li',,, ol tile growth iand i port of lhe presient sescn, 1;37. lince thie early piart of S,,ptelber, h Illl s rn. eivle+d anploe tplls, by the iparket p sips ' icls bnrg, Keitucky, and ArIkansas, all arrived in short pasLsges, direct fromi New York. Iey the Miss[o. sippi and another packet, he is in daily expeeta. tiot of a supply of Fruit 'reeos and Asparageus Roots, having already received i ,voices uerrcol by moil. The sthcrilber io~gs flrthier ito aoootre the ,llic at lir e, that lie is . it preiei. ut i.s . ir (inaibledi to meet and ex0ec.,te orders I'tr all the kinds utof Garden Seeds, eitlher wioi+ale or retail, as he elver was sinle his first i ll lliln iont in ,Ia iltry, 1829. i Country lieilers and iMarket l id'.,mer', ordersi filled at ile lowesit anid imst reasonablel rit,'. by thie pound wt.ight. and aillon or bushiel imeasr. Cittlogues, eitlhr in Frenchli or Eugl ilI, .tav always fil obtained ont personal apphLevation s usual, to \,1 9M11,'l , (,trdlen Seed Store, I3 Cusomuboih,-e strni I NOTE.-A costunt Supply of Bird S(tud, eiti cr mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Slihakers' dried ierls,-wilth a supply of pes and beans. (itf"tLNOI l iNt cai ,,. .oab'nule e clothing, lending lii s hp eNoriia, 1,' 'iiie lb 1:',A. C itRID)(II & co, nov3 + I; i n t - '1 (,lliltilll . ( IP ,- I- C il _,,i . . IJU S T re c e iv e td a u in v ,i ce o f " Il I i'u ( h u r s , c o n - I P sis ti ol l le tilowingletcf, .to f l i ieoxico, \ esL l i dCes, i two lherO ; I, at n's \\e st Ffloreidn Coat ,It Ihrazil, two siheets;. , a nli; i'oiast .1 j Africa; English COaunne,; Ot. 109gc "0 b_iwonel. .oc no" a lol e1y \111\11i)lti'.ck & It,, Ntw lurk sl tatiliel Ii,d1, nov i1 'h11,r ,.st I ACON S1i1)i'S-1-. en+ks" )perior t'incnlunat J3 curt' , iln . 'tore un .I r Il. ht nov0 41 N- Lei" ., i. N ft B.\(;°-7.i lott,,, 2 hii. el hna,, it, store '1)11 -Ii pie .,. , L 1. I 0;It'- 110 h bll, I'~A's c. . ie d, in ore and n 1 t. " le by 0 I ll l , orn li -s on, 1ndl t fo i. -Iil h hI sloft ,,r --- n lvll ol (H7 I l ii IV\ncu ' c " O l - , gloe.llIFult ,- ', , ," ii,. i_ n I do i k a lt,.ti , l ae,.. & ioi . . i - i ;i i F . .I IUBlglic . iiit hip h \ uiii, ;flitc .Plidate It. S'ie .. 119 (h -' ii ci 'i'c l ,,i lii_ 8c',-uc e . Ii eJ l ,cuonin the tcei iccu l it .h inesto. ranht ln. , iall i . ll, e.soe 'h'le niiiire f''thi t ,, i t it.l i ,1, l 1i h hi l rci I chili ecri 1ui i ee t tii' l( n' esir i l- +ll t n e d riu.tioue- I e *t lli. i 00 ' I i- TI1 1t.3d Igone~,idivi- dylyhu0nfir - tll,11'1r crlrv n oe. nll ll "!lllll lI(I( LI ln. l"nl rberk. nn the Bunk oflc~al Alllel lrnl( r\uw Voltj in lillur ent SoLI s. Apply alp t the llllirt? of 0 N, II \\ 1'" AN, Id' I Sept I :xrhnw ngre Howl, )t. l I 1"tlllleri `ý-'11(1 SIMILES, 1111 ~ \"clilc. Jli~il~i l~nl 1 II 3110 boxes I1· I d'fud p-tn('odes 33 ('-k. 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S rel. : f i,'l tl trat, i itt,, according .o Itl tthldru o!t' eters' Thin tt ork ij nito inh pwoleralion h Jo. M.orl hI l ris in, lr;u} , of thi s city, a dsoi q b IVI bllyim I', ilrandl ,:sq. Tt'e Edilor is itt, perniitled hy at adis hi u nihed retiretd Judgn lnf lhe rllllt Loe itll't IIn' b une J it tlhl r illllt ll.r J ntl II oNi Kxp nlt Irmo their persannal lllll uervslio all h" lll aVdlvia l.Og whie h i sioy nntsrally Ie r eh .ll it romlnt ',.ir Oxprience. jef it w ot is hen'iting overy ully more no. aidl earo. Aun inerenr ind e s11111 ll y t tio i l lani I-t, in i o s o t he ' ot her St atesof hi in r rloI to the wlpo hllr r ml fruhenrof eime, nn; find (ht fInd will in u adjU llrent otrt inllll uis r 11t uatll! 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It atreagthens the dig.-srtvt. orgattl, ratt ea alt ail]r-titi, uttli wtiho u hi re ,t mOre than on or Il oar talitta casoes, two bottles to utdet a cure. There is taolther aerateey tor raellle in the alledicilne, IInr nry tlit.ualg iolul to 1 tI hlalllll llllslltlllotlo. t1'11 proprietors ar, PO r.f llcInvi ncll( of't+ tll s Iut il3cy, , hIt t+ Iy ngre ti re uint tue otolo tar- oif e titbtblttittl uhItatte to-an in ietoedanie with timt direetottioi aud ha.s .inot eftelt;,d ai perf ect cuteo aof tto ievr e aguet. A. ()IoIVER, ruote genit tor New ()leans, at hi.'s whNo Itqlle a d. retaril dlu i!llr t Int tiC IIio n slore, cornrer o' tie llvle anni CIItu'a (s t treCts.t Fur Distreat Agencais alle!y Ia j*a5 I.. IrJill IIt1, 48 Conti Pt. • tilt+ lOl~lorltbtl' l I IP fI. r13 J ,I ij~ll t] jr~ll:l (.'11111. of the ltulm o1' LOt i m . 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Ilatairoo, o-titteL ~ tro,-+,iriaitn0ii~ eat+ On 'I1 Mat oErb acrl7 eer Cramp rarrIaaa-.r |j)IA~h\--'.U iltjt..t111ri-br old B iiiitlr,+"IlS~e ST f't liYtE & tI).ltoribo rtrilb ear Cuto, ton & biluatntirol no l= XL sDiN it f.tbttp i ~t-rta enPFIrla/( \ [;-- tttbn++ ,, tatf )r tmi dC,+u i ut to- U lo i', oo-1>h.r t,,,aco bar S iieo i~iittic~titt', N i1t-t, ,\ { Ito-i ro r.,~o-, .,..rjb c-a- b iHA1 T -PL1, FRANKLIN INPIsAsstt Ir iii otlllnr i-r: n- ri-' ii r iiiiy iiii tha tl ten alf -. l ui ,,u ir P r ,.t e d ~o n Illth mo .t im pro v ed p i n , a n d ill an aRrII;o . m l i andlnolirnI e oRltuotiion,in tht fauhour I'-rnklhlo, upi, n the raiirund, one mile t'from sle Miti eii'ihi A lpia eibild;n* ii laro and moeinomimodilnpelydtiided· int,! a llt ni 01, Nt" i la ins ispmatj t diiterent clasdeate Th re i~ltlTltil II XI.pplid wih to' mont akilful .i"d , t l b nui sei , aI.o m t mi. kinig the1 v Isrl te is· lllll I, m i hilmd hv rmtl,,lmen at fire diol Tuerrs ill th r imrV t arti:t.d- o .i nllnor d ridit Slaves ala two amitli. 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A Caids OI:01 A ;: LITI/fOGtRAPIt rl ERTA h.flil ,dE T7, 53 MAtIAZIAIE ,:TREET, OPPOSITE IPhAK's ARCA E IT 011 YNIl rtitirln is h inihmere thinnke to lii trie iih ansd Iho piilic of New OrIh.iano, tor the pntol'mnn e 1estowed IIn 4hi:f. fir tho tolot two esrs, and lh:il hile itl aonoTl- iir-.ini thtit nil l rhrl o ,r l lOei maoid to Illi i.l-l.l -mshaInht h piiUilll itiitellil d t,; o lh will s un-oil, Liee li ihi hficeo- ni-en i.tririg tlte istiiioer. cad *Ill t-tiw,,si Iou iv.n t nsrik off inlertnlstt'e eircns [+trl·% hI1- ineel+ ,ll~d n~dtre*l+ crd.%lr fl~l+l ral I cltlelYSnlttl,. l ill IUi d I nolllgt, o' Of evI'rt dP.lriilOlln , n the r, . u, nd o n tlhe IIIo<t lellOni llle · II rmsIi I l i ,arti is triorotan othiereid tcblish. tin ,i-ml tItn it-thin s<itr-u iiti siii tithnti itinhtohe hth rr.t in ," l i de eels tlicei o ii rt ng it in ir N It 0.1hL ornrili nnd rtonrint' mIhels irpxlttd in pjlnlhhiiotgnlolg iohoise h:v l p'rine 1e g101v.g, avadj tooo itA l<] U RRIIOIDD . AYI'S LINIMEtN'I'.--N Flction.-Thih ox. traIrdinary chomnical :ouilplsitioll, the roiu't oh .diinllCe, illd ti- itlvlilit I, - it Ielllrated rlnedi c'l mi thi ti niihodu.o , [i ofowhich to thi pubilt wa, invest.-d win,. tie solemntiiy oh a deathbed Ihequ, t, has ince i ailno d U reputatIioi utintralleled, fluhy sustaining thin corrctness ofh tio lamented I)r tGrdlcy'r hltt conlessio, thiit hIe dared not dim witlhout giving to postelrity ltho bhelfit of his kiilll.le.t[ii oni this sIubljOct," illid hi thuerifor, b l(l aLttt tht to his lfirnd iltl attehdntolll l . iottlo ti yV, thi.e ertnt of hiin dlcovitry. It is now used in the principal htlFitlai,, and Ithl, prlate practieit in our country, firt andi Inost c i ertll t. r ile ciul ol tihe Piisi and so xLste avitlyliald cff-eialy isto ibhill cireduilty, unlesons wherli iit etl-ets witnecssd Ei:xternally in thi foll-owmg couilanhot: .tor IDriupy-C.reat ing extirordinary absorptl s: it 01101·. All Svwellings--Rliuciing tlhem in a few Inours Elln lnatiii --Acute or iChromn, giviig quioe lnito Th.Ion.t-tlr ConC-.,. U:et.o or Cold,. Cr tnup andl WhIiopiing CoiIIil-Extotrially, and Stov:r th Cil'stl. SAll, Spmtinki and Burns--Curing in a tbw hours. ios,r* and UI l'r+t--iio'hethir friesh or long it dIIIl g, anlld iu rl V t r 01C0. Its lpiertIll, s uilOIl aduIto rlt cd hi'hdren in reduc in. rleulr n : lllb swHN~itr, at e ;llid i j ng lll ff CotLgihe dllt| ig tl rht ess oI" the iesIt il, i h, l iatio,, lol i the paIrtil Sh..s hbenl sulrlr lplr l,1rl+ UfrtPti . 'Jhe n rIIiii a' li irk ot " i l,·t e 1 10 e i v.l . Iii ,d it in Ithe TiIllE I1 IIE--'J: pr, , , . is r hded to any r pr"Wilt wI'!! Iurse a IomIu oit lnay.i LillllmentL ! i i+ he Plest', aiis r etrr mp +I]ty b,,ttl+ Wit lout U ning 0l0ll.. ''hu.ouTinh ro tin t li1vt oro[drs of tti -roWimnt-or to the Agrlls;i andi onf IlnIiy thoi. inidlls .old, not oi l I ai s bhm hiiii ul11u f uhl. W., .lllht inserti certificlltes tIl aly IIIengf, but miohir t it tn iu whiio stllh the ih arttli, shiciuld d. ililit tiie ogrioinal tm prchaser. CAUTIUN-None ca0 be t,-nuini without a ]ht) tltld l l 1io ippCr1 on hliic h ii lily Ilall., diid l iohl oi tii111 Ageitsi. SOLOMION IhAYS. 8,I h, l.h m:loe ndo rotail, by CUAlbh. tC)iK d& +(:o 0 Yu r b., sond by uont I)iUgglt in every Fir s;alo uy t::r mWhol.naln Agenti., 00rner of A ( nllllo l ''el:oupitouts iItu tL, a ld by Llg - SAp olt hecu(:rio, generally.,31 Jo, ' r' II L· 11, rUI8 r: d I,,oA 1IoI. J. 111a 11 N1. A, J I''"" I 0· 111)t 11-on, I.I. Jer 111 tries, ,s11 1 . llls l I red, ..rl null the 1 , culture ofJn Jo,,In. l u . ''ll3.3, II, il of 'b 1 oo1 lnood is accepte~l d ,v Ilu 1111 t 11onn 1f1·r ila C 11 fit. Ilk t 11d to s, rrll'' t t. ir tlzri l t'i i o bl m lls 0,o O,, oooo crolld II,,o, A. V1. t lu o ilu .ýs ll go fi 8 ' LEDIIANO, o -- It, 14 I' -I, .Iuwrý 0'.1 1 01 u I nl. fee Y. .h .1 Amen, Iir, fie,[, fit l o'.. u it, t. 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