Newspaper of True American, 17 Kasım 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 17 Kasım 1838 Page 4
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, appi and Louisianau Hotel, '· 8. MARY KIItK(LAND raospcttidly an. , .'oonese to her friendas and the public gene. y that she is prolp;rod to acmotsodate then at be ebbee +setablinahmtnt, and hI,,.a iinl her SIetiona to render visitors omnlirt:llde, to rcelive 1 continuanea of trimer fiveor. Shoe fels confi. 'ent that persons visiting C(ovn.gton dluin~ the siamer months, cannot find better aeeoonlnmd.tionr, tIan she cn afford thant, on more liberal terms. Her hnuao is Ipliasntlty situated, and well supplied with every eovie e i nell c"; the her ie larnished with e4heon et Ohoton liquors. &e. in, shart,sshte pronmiesi 'tht ntihinga shell : osating on line part to give .IDire elistacti on to all tels may pattinizis the indllstilpi and 0i aminin Hotel. je3 STLIF PUBLICAThi it i yfi;a. hinvieg stsdiied under Dr. Sol.rnhilt'f Caorlceton, SossheCsrolinc, anil for soano years hinasietasit ini Uth practies of me:dicaie and snryeiry, tIns thetIonor to oeir his professional sereioee in this city. 116 a}ntrias the ladies and gesitltmon that thie molst [emlit aftention mill be paid to the calls which I. !e pi)ade; and tlso otfers his services to the hhlders ofslaves, being well enquainted with the itfs eoennon to thcn, having attended them in -t.e ea" r Iones in Charlestonl. .. m'oTed'nlus anti hilious pills n iter the composition d+ Smollette. with directions, can be had fndersigned. The effect which they have hld in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest snecess, to which the best of Seharences can be given. Appl at No. 166fi Maga. ilne street. JNO. M'LORING. LHOL OW WARE, W-OD ClIt Sj, A-) IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Bookman stroot, New York, have received the pait season, and aire constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assoitment, suitable for the southern and Western markets. Hollow were of superior quality, consisting of almnt 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 diffeornt sizea , from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15si's, frov 3:8 to 18 gallons, Sopans or Ovens, 7 diflireet sizes, 'rI Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do FlatSpiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - i de Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.0110 gross, Iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a superior t.snlity and finish, srd less than Jamo's imported pa'ces. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, essortod. S ash weights, 1110 tuns, aseeorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Pl ntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also teasaboats and other machincry made to order. The aleovo tssortment of goods is particularly recommended to thO attention of SoutheLrn and Western merlchants, and arie offeresd fbr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is Ie lieved to hbe th largest and best as:orltment ever offered for sale by any one eotablishment in tlhe United States. Merchants. by forwarding a reoqest by mail, can have a prin':d circular, with de.crilipton of goods, ,prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mailt. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 138. j,3______ L E1on OlVSRI & INCI(l.lie-Ueekndeed't I.e ceu up eend rihhlck. l eecernk[l einee; nice, 601 eOXenof cle.enis&lll Iiuskell't 'ic'lee; Ior wile ncle n conciznmcnthy JAIAVISe A\NIURIIIE , :lnlIllie cit Icef Inxe NoI Snap, llreUtl onlcee /7 Gold, for enle Iby ISAAC BiliIIIII & Ci). m16 1.11 ,I1ýt11p, n I,. I r lndrpIJ nl. - 'I'U 1.,.1.: j NFlnml dwelling hosen on Triton stre-t, be 0 tween Tivolli ('iicle anid t urulldalet :itrerlt. _______ Apply to J OTT, lI-I IA iDICiIRRWS, &c-25i 00eelbecrroen , 35 ,V dit do. in siclI, e lr sill"ce CII tclliLfN& COOPER. ecndi l "nce- l Ft l liles, j unliltili n1 er 1.11 lite la mid, hhnt andtwhtele weeneeen, ot plli. tln rulned rough edgeee recorei .ene, ccnet,.eeihnn d aeecd for sale DAID Pi)ELTC &* CO. 'net N 0 St.'ciene-ec' Hull, :i. CicesIree tI. lu "t! º c Iin.10 su -nle Ctlie; , lie je V0 11 Ii c,* ,f l clido eh cH ·.lle dc int, 110; Al) I of'" in a do 11,31; et2 in 1, P' Pot, hlli; 5r1 do of 2 sin 11' rowt, alt-rrv 1011 t}I ~pn extra .Madecieca. I-n,- dc ie b liIIIVt11UENE. lIII~iWN ,& 'Cc I 0Ccciti treC.t. e' LANK~r~ I:()(,KK$ of every variuty of ruling will aId Uindiag nle tly leielrcntedlcetceml noticei, Brd 11,431 NY'ttinluolla' IlsIll(:lurucf*st 1.)i ld ding,li kr rele by C edIsAC altI)11E &c ('&t. it) li}-:N r. A NEW tnnreetn triclk Ibue, eiscictrtd 5 eoor x ccl. mhee drce-ed ilueicienlicy fiinei cctSlct (hen' streelet. Ilrllt very low, l,,ancraolnl iven nlmotliutrt) E I~nqumre Aithe e-ec.+),'f e 'L'1.UUR-i, bola sIc FIcurc. fr Hal l be mitmlO (1 L)-)IL., 4l Ncewi. CAtSKSlB CON enk' li e-recto cv ) n2R (i 1c109 ei Il V1e- lent. by l0lX C ice.~,~ AII,.U(1 AeD s7eccec -It.A r t !F- 3p r ,_'~u 1511 caCild ItOllPe illtldinE front ZlnlnYsn l lr, P~r w lu b nl IIeCecp tin aO htI URY NOI l COrAIVA cc-e Ucie.cen, env.l- 14i7. IIOI"T six mnnih' ado L had the mi sforinne to get11 Cu A ne-tt1 diences, hit-c nich I IveaC nppiele-el etve ral enttorncit a ear, del fiec lie d not rulnem, en teowce en 'ile abene Inte I nilteyrelteoCleerthi- ccw ccl I)ce-lee Heee,cadceee-t I eni ce)tn to cure oee. Since tlhat Itime viac eecgnut Inreec acl asnt tcheh out inltlctge niecn to lilt saiobler of or or eigh~t an Pit It leg, and all novrr ray lace, nodsere- tbci'., e nIdntte bl e in wnt tlnnt hr lprelsenlit. tilt nreotltl lt t ie ti*ense; In'e· nicer on the right lice of th le-taete;. 'I eon not polling myself ' eonn .tlenelyc dee rllel ceec ciIce. Illcct, fi'neeis, toe lie inrletle ucend JitLYN DEAN. As, 14ly rIn CI- ripi 'tilcc tice nnnve inrnitoNd sixes" is I g iia elccrtit to ente tw "istaie y e etc t elticit tiank IIr. Ilcec a.ccilleccentecne ieee- tne tecct hiemee i.ell - ti ene lceetaen. e'7ece etlefttc, ececedide tecetinjletemy eanlth iat nil; ieercfiuee I dlevicee t' lic ett saie ret cc lltonehcltteleia nlellpy to 1)r A. Il cet, 121 Celann] .etrnel, betwceen Iceepicice end! Iiourbonescrete-e. er.. C it-not is aetenie feeoc 9 c'iclek, A n, until 4 P 3i. S hey willfndea trlteeIe eleleor th, Ilsie rteeleteiilet. 6 itcli.N lI E \NI. t i Idnt Ienttee. art Otree wn1nttt toee nncteieec, etl Needitine street, andiriit will e enetteicee. c To be publihed ct thle eejei.-c of Ocl-betet. JCtIIN D N. d S Nan' Orletnte Eel, 1 , 1401. tel. ii Ie v 1 UE1IIE Gnunccn Indiccn hIcc,enceue c.ctte-eeeeclcei eue'eee houndl, in pert up 5in hottlsa at thel low It, ice of .5i1 icole ouncic uheeceieiceg lice srncttlei cci tllre- eucene eeC -tretwlort, kbei Illitc tirtlrnetcniteet i cn othercl ro ncld tierbe kIccece ececectc ic, tIndiie.ece aaellcacie in cucrinc6 folllennnrr lee t nineeleis. The i riculine;le -;ec-ec whicie hts ttee nded the tc-nf tice incstncnhmaicle Salnen eciceer it hcts net Ieee-c ntroe,- .diedec has ttiletecchl , nelciecce cc.I tinn ln. i~ telep. lcieilethe nieiccelhtincecteod Ilcccncrd tiolla of inepeeli~lble phyniltlianl, for the "tire o f roughsJ tcenllteeca in Lthonid.-,ewant tcll rest, nelnlen1 of blonod, e li1cr nctnplnctet, ch· To ealcchm it nlcn cct ncernte. hisii tleeettien thcct weii l ber's Indianle eceiecem of tLiverwoert nIl Ieeurtclienltndwite a dceceldgulend olteet: we cau tit-refiree ,eec thle kt hc - Sloelce lof lhee lterild ic ii maec Irtome, a , I eletceeutte acd exiprictlce, retendeccncee h It sn reteecriceecc It ro or allllthosncnllelinele of ilea Iolnls- fer wchiClt i re " aimnealeti. AniI.Rtit WI', l.1 hO CALVIN ELi IS Al. lit Metter.e t thce IleldUne Ioeliiccl Assonieatiecee 4 Roson, O'aoher 2L5. aleuityleL J.\R. &VI4 le ANIitiR 0 * Itll i~ ece1l1cIchnI r:let.i -elect ie, " 1c~m-n, o teteeeee y tilt liect";l Fe ,nei TElt1 L R'. Flfrvoie ·et t n tag-ee in ALearc- ct-cn 3.5 dyspepsia or icnigrenli.en, nervoten cc ceitic ,Cctlic WClee.hleadethe,nnlcdity eef tilececee-Inlq, icei:ual ec oi . - I ·cne.cee letn-eceehicta-er,geect grveul,&e..,cdenbm h valued as a gentlcle,telinge pltetntiynr. F ° 1bic dunicilee peeparttion hbeo-celived lice patrtd. age of many emillnel mttceet oe-tlce ptefnel.ail,, nI in frCa dicernitingptcletiedcccny reslicthle) iced teneli. deed !eetirneeninech tle effie-ac-v eel nmedlttine hlavec een P elicitad. Witih all tihe pinccntng qeclititea of it Clene on S*la t al ,it pneenteee tile c,,.e intelinenhl pnlpertetilnl de he en nitppr ,nd ealicnus ptrgtilee; it In plnececcni to fhe palalncead grt-eful ti ilclIecIoc.h IMPORTANT CAUTION-lln increneeeg reputec. tiec mad groan deluanel tor Iictlen'a i.1brv4esent Slngn" eiapnApoe-eent. has bene on ieduciceel t for otntller to oe. hraeel ineietat ollfs hillsenlcble meencicee. Purchensers are CrI e at l n waccnedf line tee! lea t tlhey cnly be ~ sa their guard , and not prmtnre all impurle article. Wlopcblic cln reelnspenltll infer ell thatlen the-hsri. 4 cbcacena cenntlntly iueltplied t i h tile otrig'n~ll and ge. Inero plrepteii nl. For enlr iwehe rnnkln eireeil. SICKL.Enl ,in CO. tlenne. s5 40 Ceceanal ctreet, N O. AFT) ftTiicW7eagnlle Nair ?iilý fnrT fo itoretion W Et d growth ni Hair, living hleallh eeid heiutyelnd t remack crgbealcneec. defliote 1is leir Oil wee uletntee lice ioclitei, it had eakejqtdje hednrtcl rf-t-nct of bcldene, Ihinnces,ecend .Afthl)gt[ hair, lnd icnrveen inetaneel ice eelctn,- - etentta ebeetb, rectliucd. It bcacnne reuicnd to prtcditc aoastaecdbheaetite! greIlIt of hait oil heedinelreadyite held. lIay where itnntccetedlnty eni ecnnee tno gtne "On will vein eaonr-enor iI Iellthr, noe! pctoeice., to ra woll heitItil grenwitc of hbir, ccit'out tlie lease al the bond. Thins III-' piet en ecen Frenle tee TC*PI . ie petnerabic 10 111o1r I it Oil fitsc Ice- m; ,c [ietr (ad glaeeesg~ Jehicr. 'tnlie cit o a~s ~ xr t "sill[;l~ it For salt-. ut IJ, rr felt net,;r, 4 ~ A r dp tn ,ere tlc cc!r'tf' r1 ! r:8 N t1 -r' & CO, are now reaeivr zlrot A7 "n board ship Orleans. Eaglet Hig hlantier, t'ok ,r lelrv 1t l ree, P;reoeh and German aIay nm s; rlia-k Naml'. Bonrin d Ch esomen, 2 1-4 and 2 3-8 i'\Oh tli1 ordlR.d fl;, ,fl and 1'_ inchl dlrde Bowie Kativnn L.raltr nt) ogls-r travellinrt D)essing" Cane,'iO1.tlr I'Po-t, I!r.nru-, . ll, r and Delling PistRls;dnule andl =in le .n-r!.lld (loao; flaie Bnag.' Slnt Belt% Powdar tId I'iSPtl F'osl-- Dran Bottles and 1rinhing Cap-; ,.i'o- n " t"tpstn I Cap Iollh-ro; Cloth, lair, Tootht ano S'ail l}n tslen.i Orris dl ClSlorilg Tnoo th n g greltn I'oolll P•I'·r, T il t ,nc 9kn, n . O!q ,n qT I i' ert: toom flair Brauido. oRingleto and Frizaniea; I'o r, tnd 'Tilr, Potdletr; Emer Ila-s; Ioerv Tnlh Cushion I'otent Shidn or (lnrter-; Qtot Elontin Sartpnedet-; orI' .!a on e; (.ilt CItoin, SealnR and tKev; Fnor-dropn ; \'nio- Behrlnlc: lrna.let-s Bead Nerklnhloe nld Chainm-; Gilt nld Siivrt-d Read; Indlion leorld. Bille aod Phnes oT Stell 'T-iot- Side an. Dreossin L'vllnt;whihil., ai lldtnttl t Io thi'former stock on boand. mnake+ their assortment very comnplet, and wll w e sold on', d ot lieral retrnls, o.t t.he rin of tile Gollen ('olnh. i25-tf _ 70 71"hartres street. okmoIF iloao ignr,, Ii,- for the extneionsv 'oo of \V. & S. Botnh.r, Sheffield. Eanland, htvn .e st alrivnetl a very extensive set of( lfn pr,..s, noniotine of I'nhl nod D)e.Rs Knives of o.. t her ,ti(nr, Pen, Pol-et. Ilitk, and Spear point llnver; Rtzors, Sels nors. Eder Tonis, &e &e. c. wi h they are preparedm nexhibit to tlhe tral e otr ordels. Terlas and conditios Oi!l I-e lnade kowin1 tInt thiole. mlI J. JI. B(1N 1 & A tolll&A .n C1 mn on t.on . . . NEW';() i,]. clMf\IlM)n IIA.&TT & CO--Are now reen-rini 9 per ship llhtlsviil-, Eagle, .ln-r- Anltew,' Hli!h SInter, Frenltt,,tl annnneon doodle h; earh: sternehlt od po'ket piktsIolsl in, ribhed nd s1 lrontn nat: tao ll lders; sols aorrs, alzol-r. Ien. vers (:illoet', eommtretd and! o hler st,.l pens; Vin Sns; Violid strings, ; shella ivory and h1o • omnl ; t afioro ; k, head sad leather oleuves; ha:r I.ahls, frnlot tint aek ltt linglet;n gro IIoI'trs; h-oll Ga i a Fl ntll eflonae atner, Ronwlnds mol ceaser oi, ilita lton do; atillle 11111 bears nil; pnlmlltle desks and dtl~egll. e ster: II:lst, llackilg; sttiaotltd toilet gloRses; COltVex I1ia1.t).t o t - ao glasses ood viewo; Indin lotnd,, hbel andII plumet; eat.nleon; white winle; tilet and shlaving stops; tilet owder, c-metlie wlth halli; eantel; ali llot tshion;t pool standl; screw otlshions; faoey Iea! ehalies atll neckrions-; Iillion, ball,; pnrket Ihooks ndll "alletts fientmatll IlOntet razor .tpt; finle a nlll ooeno p..n nl t;tt-,t. ,ttndletr, oarterst n; Ball, Ihtcif 'el nmlthes; sil 0er pentils; Coe)ays, &n. &e. Thle alove it aldditiont to or former stnck of fancy Irtlice., inakneOr iS.lortlnelt vel.y e'ntttllt,, o Pr sle or v'tail; as the silt, ofihe olll;ld Colnh, 7(1, cr11-no. Ct. ___________ to-l. IV (Fh l-rt -hee po-to "ip o stlloet in2h. Sof rNew Orlenn ; Mason, Ilrrlnni &C,. of Natchezl od llarris, Keller &C(o. " of Rodlev, nwas diolvodtd 2ll1 t oflalv Ist, by the derlath of Sanuel A Mann,, one Ifthe poarlners of the firitg The uodersi;ued, surviving partner%, will be. chrged with tthe setll,.g and eolt sat Idls e,; ,s ans fillI,,we: Levi C llarrls witll on to the settlhll o t" ll h.,i.-sS of lnBoo,, hlnrt-; 'o.a tit NoitIhez" odnl ! rIIoita 1Kel en & (c., at (llolhev" aed h onv Khllesv w-ill atttlo, Ito he settling of 1It hbusines of((ol,-1, Iv-oo & C.a., at New OrhBlIi-. oT he llatles of :lne a-etla llntoms will he iulled in lillltdation only" l'hase indlelted to snid linre nre ne rn;ol-v rqlteoted ncol0 e fi;rwnl nnlod mnkeeanrly aCtteipntsta;o ild honavng claitms will a p llorele lle"t then wi;ut telnay. I,}:VI C IIARilIS, HFNRBY KELLLIY. New O-Ians, Jlone 07, 11F7. TIAN ll1.ilr- I ARk .0' a(N)!BiOt;N W.ArE!? S2 aser illne of tlls ,onlllor1,to (Cologrp wattea-. illt! receivet ant fior fsale hv the aloe or single; I etlo. Also Adlerican al I'ornlch torilet Ittwlero, p0owder llluff alnd bonx-s, hlli 1o and toilet -onp, cosi 0tioe Wlah ballo, milk of roseo; closmeltic t ol erc 1 eit an o ausk, kehlldn, \ vegetable hair oil, pnonttull, etlle rtle perne Flolrit. li;;ltlt1 -rote Itll, ,acV water,, I'esntli's salts, aoosciloes perf inert in tr n;k;. veenre Ile tt al liqoid ralee, Chlorine u ld Orris tmoth wash, hll.hlnir, tooth hll land flesh brushes' getooter with til hlitiooll sltlppiv of fahionnhl llorat anil asllt! coloh and jewelray,;orp h low oat wholesnle or r0 til y 6 SIMMONS, tIAR(IT reftC, 71y (r(toet n atrot. 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Wt'i a nclata lhaaatlat a f eery caaaa amlalcsticaeal which lira·, rl nlda-lcan patlia-t iterca Io ca o averyafeet clahtaerataaaa bactca drecciag cand pnr~etc-, t<ethedac watla. gccnracaaea tccarlaleltacfl,reacltal ahrant/Aeiecatc A h-Ia U 11 l{Y--1Crahtag-ne, Iacacaot"clalr, ) oe craiplatac ralactlaanruted Caolagae eatrucrtof allta,caot la -ylntcyaaa)ll rl laidAsCI, riaa iagln ain ca kes ~ cits tit lllt, d. 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J.(tCuljd the gr IITrm ·llle~lr ) hasl us! be" . oreapvt .l i aaa lh l.lothiaho nt lheight lrtl coo ice· baa Ciae V einCii icattaet caru l~e to air; van. cIrIIc IIIar mil la a callo cal~ligaral an ecaaaaetea* aca'la a rc-)· cia-ct aca raly yorn,elm uex Tarot .c calon a lial a C alar a ctrcla. nlfil +ICaidcalc:lalad ltotel, a Eaa c 1l PLtrcLac arcca-15a0r gaa lilrnllil wl linar d t Altracllr(ci,. afriactsks Iaiaaiorle Aby ar Whrltc-arat )rucggait ,ccac er ' Icarcoic, a ccacc anrCllnca a ' lcataaaelac Aactjtt.laaciac 40 kcsi , I00 " , 9001 d!; :.' E~ne'[ishl]o--.y 1-4 bbl.. 41(10 ', in lUOl Paitit IIru.,hes, variou s t ze..; I e.,-,. %rlmaillio,,; Sbl~ls Copnl Varnild., 9 "L J[)an - A a Coe " U !i tar packs (la ILeaf; I 50 It ll ilver do; r a |3(I do i)uatnlchealrl a WSINDO\V GI.AJ,'4 Anerhl:nn Er vi.BI a d Frenah c --1uhtb cxe, l :lra la lb iz rA nrd uaNtftlbp. i' !ostna Lrofa duLAI----h boxe cil-i,-llear l~ iI b- ta rold low. " ! AtMe a crneral snollntle of 14 rti-l*' lanhir. and a a Il1, for sale hey A W SCA'I Et f 5O 1 biltCptl Vtreete /i N B. AlCabma ntrlt. take at p r. nd Mirssippi / notes will be receivtd al a 0 i ere c nlt c ialqla o t e lr titt. s or itnlc oAdeh IVII S l !S p at itciii ha anctI ~ll aanrita--' cat itl~lcatccttti"i ,eanaa h t [4 ltlalt-I 4at-e 4 t a ,'tetaa cl. ccc+ l . t UIllo~HJ, tatl l4Ywr lecatP. MR. WILLI S hit, tICuISIAT', NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSIee, JPOtERiO . STRE.ET, Te Ihe Edlitor nf the .oupir ilte l ''li'r: SIl--It ppepleare l tbhe eill ehrvlticnn of the Ellioton of the Nhsville I're-+-ivterihn, I'nian n ., rans cript, aee v'II nat the ditors" of thie leteltphli, -ic tqolier, that he "ld e'! Cleueu"(t Ilnlll' it nmong the I)ortoer 'This is iprvIlvrd I ~hlonlt re- go, know glhbalt l in tim istti i hut thort,noed that alit indepoeldcnt Americoan ircople re nhl Ill jtdica ;br elltlelltle- whealt nre plccf; ned ielnitieon. 'lce coe.llhyellitoro wluo ane I}ento-s, the pro prietors, eldteors tr sub cbeeors of the love namliedjlmrn;lu rcol everv Lelelr from pel'8so3 1 I have restored to shcit hin Ihj2ll, ea.pfc, o1,o1 I. 'Il f.te is t'nt eI ovet adic st ch sncec-tn tehliin so limited ti pelio. atoten or twelve dai-. ()one who was nfed lnmlltt tell veors, who had ollIV Fee ilh lilht term hlie hirth, .nnen to se tol fIlown Iee l eit 'teT to Inv hIotel, istetnd of belincp obtlieel t, che ll hb" eo. 1 'wootonn[ ladites, wtel bad eachiooit the nighlt of one yce, one fcr ten vynar neld the otlier Flor nnirlv two are , hallvill; hoe lho thilee the ohller eye very everk; v'et inch of those vnrltlmi lmlies Ieso to+ "s.e fvii i both ees, which beottei I ileidge nsenifstill oeetietrse, ex oreeing tlhev ncre ilnller thle incel eoce or dotnnileti eic of lee Medluel l oItore. Aelothl!r is tice rallegte' of a a respectab e 3el'e llmlllte wIleo eente am belund neverI to melntin, (o9, hr pahl rile mlly fees), wn1 ) said she hlnd lost the sighIIt of olne eve li'n)lln the age Of 18Ill menrtlh Inutt talt ohe, no I etgins tIle raicd lare lot Ii er il tlet other ece tceciiotely sht. This tile clilector elltor khew, ns tihe ceecloiloee told Ime himseflle e Ihee io cc o Icel eI lie dtOlttiterto Ier tallfie of lie terdical edlttors. tIlitt tietv emiilht ieo if Cllled of tito foet. 'fie aIet I shlll miteinon is tn oelcrlv .ee ntlemsn by thle tente of l'cunllt, nrinllytVloic.ot'eentco-nIntso, who dieciced i uteei Sli.v by letterr, whir"le io took to allthle .eilfeoet tfliese in Nnanhville Ieit one, end hlileself itltd i hle heil ihlid for the inercetioin whnntever they deouondeld, tthel d."eleo e lill thiaetleteri tht Ico Ito toaully depriveomluf lice teilet of no entenfo ret.f e etslnir hiilbirtih, hiccc lhisle netithrrlteetrcc to hI;e, occaionel dcy tic. tnrnsrs O sma l p ct tht teoleteceold noteettlytsoe tile IiLit of tile sotll, iir thie first time tiat ho reeot'eiti , hlet thie htrs llleso, nld wtls bergiening to distininguis oInntr ubicect; need di, Itefire 1 left that c;tv, five n0l nv preeof tht Ill could see to wanlk ablit thee eeroets wiith thieother evecuci-ll.l,tv closed. He said Ie hel been n member I thie lletholrlilt Epi..opel Chlrch.t for nocrly forty nears, an:l tlt his wrnt wa nener doult ed lietrotghe tbo 'hole eotlrsoc tfllis life. 2. I repeat that I 'l ie dettr nreetr se.srrthn nat Nuthvilln, and thalteate tetoicniltind teei rical doectorn had nevroc fine oo molte onroee to lr e 'hle lpi"nlndilignadti.n of rte Rev. clerical I)r Sithll proveso, -cI1I ale ststedlto i, tht abouhlt six yenrs pst, c e wle reeove-ted frmn boing n aerfecl ifideth belie e in le ilte cietrlin s ofhe Bible, tlint he emost 1hare itodle a trifling erronr-tit I llSt et heee neatntoeslly, tit tbefore le end ofix venr to Colntle, ie ehtuld bhe oenvertoed from hiss cicrlito un tie ntriit of lief trlue etiniter of the pencefill til ieilt i totli.tlele of t. Ifliceistiun religion dnes ntt breathe ot destruction, rege., calanny and fUalsehoee Icc his mediceial fiie.elti, againitn the mann wholla Ile knew hod dlne sto meUnh good, anil no ill-n jnry to Oly one. All lhe ihleiciitnuls of Nacnvillr e spoke of icee groe.e- ececeI had, v'-coitttile ooetlea dectorsn eTi e f cthefarec a ie1 illcell iieifornmd by ei r i ouhll t of tlie cure perfeetered ln his otellv bllcl onoe. 'i. 'lhe feilelll (;oi licei S. oftiin towt ete i "tcnlo s tant I eevehlstithelcteesIelgained ]iithie Nc rtsicentio on notivctl in tile SntlthWestC. Tiis proves ,hweveori hall, and that I kepti them lletil I arrivedin thlis If I eacinel Ilne in ter nleolrth, I o11giht to lnlVe fained onnth or itllhe, 8rlllll s not ad llh lvest,ond I still hope t¢ wear them ol lIly very vomhftl ell Irow ¢ tlhi dlyl I ea, in pitr . f tlile rittei.o..tin l of lhoie reelboteif , ifIl .v judlge fte',e tice nee. I ave n alon"r y beneirll e icn this city eithi thrioeec. du. . -l. 'I'he objle.if lthe present is to icnfeom the trdi r'ot noliahv and edtitors of Ihe Itepablicnh n alnu + ras sclc i e t, ii wellc as td cliltn cefalt Dric ille itlo the Ci' Pres. v-teieon tee ef thle leio " o" Niceletiil iet •e 1 no the editor necd .i.ei. edii"nl elit .. o of the Mlephis Gnrlettirr, as well oe MIr I'rcniae, Ier edlitor of tie L' isville Journnl, ...i nalsc Ic t. e...lieacli i; c.l. ielr o i clty1, tic ,-ea ,t S.l , that I slalieill bri I elicos aegnislt tli all, fer Vlttilerttio l, slillcenld or e c nel , imn lri. etrly affior my arrivacl in Noe Yolkh Ics wellt it a ccincst tlher o ielleietile ii t' l Iiele tile illeicn l (icolielce ofehie norelh. I noiw hicl .et elfiev prontise ielt-er tolit quit hitc iv lane of liltbeot, unti'i hive.- hronlllgt ili e.nes onf nilc tee mleical (i llahs of t ll- norlh, ns well asni oln cenre n;d ltill west, to the grinilcolene! Thl afillietrel, icce tiere, tnay eclhceclhtie cil Iilhl i net o dc ring the li c ole e of enxt yeanr in New Yorkh, .h 'ere Ihle ot i paid, d -Ill c-lhct, twili he snrc' to reach Iic . 5, Tol i e n nt l ice hlic elhet lithe li s en e nlrecl, ti hih l t ioe ellv. cler ie:llrc onverold inclidcdl lcf "eent en-c I ec-olteele fee lect t oin ew s wiitll ~r t hectctecte lecct mehw e iek cre e itentdeed fior thle tntlie,. D lowItl, wulo ren it iic iy p,'reseneor withotll alninfetll. uny di. s phiob. ti Iht colllono rv tooi k ic t to Iris s tildy and tieeecne it ie n the Wny lee dld, t-whlilie i eillhhad ie r ilnt'ht w ell 1a wcrent pecroee olerl; het dccel Iv deet ebothl e tIle, witlh ui pre lendhin tallll I canteCl tle hl'ice hicl fi'ece I: dutil c Ic ieverc co)li pllreeine 1t oel 'et lhae genileeee i or tint othler, n mo neey i-r siltag fo•st t"he lev i I)octor'sowntatment isn iefoire lepnh ic tilc le not exaimined rill my eiet-one,.,&4r. ne, 'ti'l e 'tcc ie i: ie hitnelc frie nd ,f I-ie , c ui w ell as tile le of i plotlillon , ill omilpillle y litll t lnolhc r e e , te r1e l li o Iedthem all InI be tIillllao lil , n d i llite" . to t Ice norm or tess beletnilltcd, ih ecl cr ooed hatle Ihee indnced by n total srgllleCr to ilriaw nall n. a article ao I w wteeie hln-eclffolr tlhlicitioni in I aelehieree ic to bir etrinelic.hl, editor oftihe S WV C Ad vcotr . Sn ~nll ler lle tocl lear s htel illt liccel (;olils of NasllleIle took tnh e ilet . ilnd tIllcefilre cs. thc r i l fetrl to jie c ill, tieer tIhh e al i ell-po eeel, clttic , Ill s i icln lelll eteccllcctte fetir orlfe ftic scied to-.c-tlecnveetee ler-ca le hifchl. Vle end inetie ile tlin ,i tire is klhowil bv its ftrilt..t I dare si y tile colvelrtedc ill eiei hai I.rl'achd l frontlll that nnesslc e. ~ p r.":ien, a tram r Int paswtg.n i7. 1 eric antly wrcetcc tcestca c icc cis caral ted 'b tccc;rcr I i a In c, by arshewifl i t ir was naove livinr ,ih brihedi. Le[ us 1-e whelhc r ",ctcr thici y vicees ef civer Icill ac.y I to ciL cci werll 1 it wns :tlw ap lied to alw h r et,- ifi de dlicr, isdcie , ve of the in 'V carnation ofe his Iivine Masorr, aloifluul y rl~ l hi, n for /i ,hntll I lITIher Ill")i'.sl'(! Of silver. My ll,y w e r ie thI t it " lnevoerl inleludo I nc fl il nr 1 ol i c b, c:bllecuidle ell so lill nity ,neL as it runllo 201 el P(IIevn ' to he entlh n t rt of ll{l the, re llallr Itrillhile.' o lee, of $1 per ,q 'il.e. (,l' lltil;illL u tWO t' tllree teohznolll of cl( srlr p8ivi'llt, natl(,r. which ,vetoe to he reealed oI hl'er ior fipr tines In tce itcrc'.cr. ae i " IlliT llcrr d lr llic c ;n'jo i rll l ot IcccI] 'v( Lc. c crirh cr c cih c lt I shocl have olrrcreI hlio at lerct$. #:10t hitcceclllar , cist|atadof,$ I, whil, ici all I IrOiililirv , ite wiiiold r lve g adily elirlred ais ris fie, I, III ot ita ii l cibe. ( I ite ri re , ( l " r i l I t II e nll o ito icle olfc ciilln ie hc.lbe, [i raulld tecrlcciuly hlave dcle itill h a why Itlo ave il.lsure( hie4 Retep ) tlllle, a . lhai aite Iep. I)oehr beell Ireally eao'erted to I]re I'clililrf f tie dcllcrTrinea oif tilhe Cavirll, lie wotld iot have lpromnisedi tco g:ae anllcl hcea le Ily IcatertlS c.ithi -catk hciagnl Iisaworid, iel iave aiew)'y blad every rcminiter oif rithe gosperl zeetollo to do . lld he ieenereailly cervere, ae llleanoat ich I Iv h:l.ra lpoeFII elygiirst r:e Am'ca inaietiallltloe rrhi( rcl, t i wefl knllown, ale cooe ceallccnm, cid licwhicl: -ore .upeeior to may in t Sle rt of Euro aca|c s h eaht ,t c altoch di(iCusted m(iee ec}c"rc litean ecciccr act', is to hecace cly reprra-ied ferol ccccccWa'g liot -erT ripekl,,y lvylac violert blars olce ir "l'c lite . R et rlLeicllclal rithoighir l a e r n il, a airith ullt ertclu e , Iunl l l h er is c a lu m riar t- d ), elcT i hU c c. c v SthhLk he has It igCllt to alIn"e tie Aetcricalr , i ccitcricn, Ia cal-e ihe is a cellclclccac inlidel I say ice Ior..ut--ns all oalcctit to speak well of tie bridges i ie ,rgeee ri.iv Icvtr. 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I elcrcclcv dcitlreibefIrreiG ao clnderm not atfiaid Scrucll IIlc to witllenels thalt r evcr, in Itrheairle eIlllrre of 42i yecare prcctcice as an ocalict, it (I-elt Briteici Ic'rtclnr e lifelrllln c llnl .nlle'tri.l, in it cilrle illstltllcee f .+rda r as it hellouv an m'?lt to Tile edhtor of ;lojooty, zr" ti A a cOclcnutioaa e c te aspaar I eecaai;cr r jllal ua. treoublwlrhlcll I oriienlerd tielallp ctt I wcl ci Wialtlty morae ilclihlrd rellle, rather hIIa aa Ja tuntoe, to tlhe p'iutlrr's bill; whieih is u sufticiertl proulotlhol I hnd nim httniion fto bribe. r1?. Last'v.--T('lllle llis IgoTiqi rerf rtwo or Ihree wttck elilatc inc lirc lltr e tol cc giraitacitlltrall hcc wItllr tie rtediceal Gillih lljirt c Icrec r feri fcro i ler l rrce hren ufitlh ,l. (lilicile of tre crtce nd t shall trc at th witlh ileul conteml t llultil c te o per t cte Isr r'rvtsi Uthisc it is true reht I iuavte wel iclllcefri-rl. stie btigrer,u lll oi c will e atcrh a I-ra" r'houeghac Ieid hliu' Ifr mlly Ivr' otrrl t.el I or {we r I wret wks, lye lllny irnscriedrlhenil clirtce. Ylol wcill iieat e 1eo ic rl tllis let,.r ini your iltext p.c pier, aold oblige yours, &e. |ll Ilbste, JoIllN WI\idI.Ia, l uc c i. vii, .t icv 1 : .17" the E nglish a ltctiiat. Ccrctclct-ra+ T/. 8,. Ic. V. cdioeate of cth a l' tlene, t,7. .I t ithe , ct i f re. Williams, ac e it?.ri the lc)c inllrl-te lrllt the Rev. 1 iirowr , f cNt.hlilc. c rte I'dolluo if thl' Srllh W sltl rn i1 r, r Ad [ evi . o , i i thpear, ha exnihed he didclicnte r IoilCer .i.e Inliill Llll jt vhd ixt. llth l ol( L oii 'nli.h ille! o cc crcr1. cr reii irec cc tie !fm r's rc tcc ulic patron accc lc cl .or !ccioallfc c illl lcc nt,e icictr . r will ruc lltidll i l Nshvrlle islw fine cla y lone then Ie at firt hntenlhlo --saiy, thle I st J ul v. Itev. A1r Sl.rin fh ld :--linlvn bee"n req..~ti d by llvDr. I u o n'll , the ,,,'h li't, c i no w in this e t o t) e x il tl te h is iiiiim t cri r dciipomls d t eher acc Illdetit e.i.e o o (iIs ecliims to pIIllie ' iv 1 lde.'e ti n hi r I on i. a vl'e li (Ol l illtlrl c wecitrli val lcrcria. e rld e c c ie l 'e Nnillllill ee the l I fI ) til lt. r foot .ilr [)Tgeo! it pre 'eltt C 'hire Ac ttire t ."e tt i te Icre . at c . cilll ir ti, ahlresed toi r I)r. I cclinc , "rtc t i'vig tle l .+.elllilit c of the dlipllo ,lill .I t hrin n s o ' Fran , ' elitainl &v. at lis well i thlr e fr llc ccc ile c e t ie ties F l, Ini. li an t Vrlneh. IHe has m'onlrotts iochr roml wie k nowntoll e ritf hacii reputation n tc i s lr llc trvr ric ve i cti crce cll cidr V n il eU lied "ii o1i ll r oliCir lit- Lic a - r c pes cc gr cct a-lcrer., in tc at reshrrcti of aill tr ae .I:d. I hc ve ser a nc c r y all hi i ior ilrclllrirc i criti t.:+ . 1 klleW Ini)1,' ofl Ihen previou to the Icoma'e,, itirlr I. ch are; ht all ihave scctcnrsy thr y ucre un ,it'll iOnab y beull~it .d. 1 ROII'T. B. CJ HOWLL, 1 Natllville, JnTze. °(, (I537. [rl .. Since ice w tiiiclclee ctlore, lorr. Willieamsr r f ,atient, ha ce.,, n ", orcc ric e" hat "iroCica tcc -trchy ucriitrur y augIO ~ hL~I SP.TI I hll. O. [ tool to )il AP i li t ni evll B tf el c y, real cc ccc cc ric eeccccrccc bt-= t,w lr,i be himset ....... t....... t, la. ni"ht l' Ow ,7c+o frleern tie ditt cils ici tileie crtn ore ,lectc, to ecot ledi- ci tio ptIt. lt,c ith it f t leccec llcrf IitII rc il ro d8lc tr Ic,. d ( en htt lcd genl eiecc baa ie uicc-cl ,'ce r s 111ii o lr a tly ca , icrciy, rir nII be c u ellitil--ubl hy [. Auutu s illl. C . .I'Sr :ELLC' S "PRIVF.E(lA (OF UiL' T|IRO1UAII.& T i ccLp\'r [ MAP (II OF Il Lfetit i 4,ts &-, ci Ac a htacihep~ ri pc l ccaeceii tie 1, cre cca, cacra, ci huint inactl ro!tca c.jucrlcte r civ.cicI fortenlo a = 11"ir it .i(. sMA iIN I'li "ilHF . NIlI) Sr--I , r . h. t li _. the pratccciial lacurnpikeiand cocaaaacaagi. cn abih ie a c pier cte dicts.ree an maica crr acre plcte tc anotherr c i. al-ache trcrai- cf ihe -ace cccrtce rcads. ltroug ci ahaiceutrcccrefurliyettciiaricad rcntcc o r tle au-ia hoiicccia.s-pcciliaiccd icy hi Aucgutcca Aiiitcheltei iii cececiSe o li arcs aiaao fte Icrrac, critnerc taw, cccic iutanteiitrlcrtrcicttcctr&cejtraicccccicrcI ccc fcceeiee II;'- ,U-' iA1( .t l l t('--'rl ,i v Al bttltkcc cI I(cft:cii 31 ". C i:.p jr, = r & te: lIlAiviAN'S l'A AutiA. .Oil the cre ofv fula or kingsevil,gout, Ssciaica or hip gont, iesie ntclanrera, 'saltrheum, siphilitic and mercurial dis,'ses. particularly ulcers an p'iiiflfeftielons of the bones, uleeratedithvnrmt s ndis trils, leers of every description, fever sores, and internal absesss s, fvitulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chrn slie sore eves, rv'ce'vs'lilslistlltes and every varietvof l-. taneusl atrevtioln, chronie Cata'lh. h head ache poeeed ing frren ally acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dys; l pepsl IproceedingvfrHom V'iation, asietions ofthe liver, chrovic infltuatlition of the kidlnes, and general tlebili ty v viled I: a torplid ation of the vesselsiof the skin. It 'is sin.l.'|'iy scllv'eioelosill rnovating tlhose constilttions whi!'lv have bi:en broken down Ihv invjadiineius ltrleltnen, i jeaile i'rrepnlerl'ievs' . len"ril 'terms, it is revon !n-ndlevl in all ilose liseases wldcthntsn |'ram impriti•es of the bllo,l or initiation of te ihumors, of whatevelr name or killn. Snener eilthe aslhe comlsainitsmay require some tri fling aq. p sv. ivvvvveli tieons which th cil vre.vslasv evs nf tie sase will Ilivet.';ut ifor a sclterl remedly or Purifieator ito iemove the vatse, the INDIIAN'S PANACIEA will generally be tiunsl sulieieint. TO T'I'IE PUIII.IC. Ilow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am Ihition to excel ill their profession;explore the vast fields ofscienee hv tile vid ofelhemistry, anv seek out new re medlid agenls: in short, to arrive at pelfection in tlhe ie'tice ib mtsuvns of ait alone,-entirely overlook illn neglect,. as enallhtherlln tlce,therieh anld bollllteous stores of'lnedicie , which the Almightly 1e :s caused to spring vvt olf tile earthl ill evryi clime! Andi hiow mv h emore tive is it thal while the Amereisan Phvseiva looks fto iltreign countries for many- of Iis most common and vveessavvy articles, perlvetually changing as they ase at tie dictates oflt'shios orfeilv, lie is surreounled in his own cotllry withal endlessaprofision of medical phlnts svfficist to alswer asy indication in disease or io csre f any eoabla dclisorder; andi yet lIe is ignorant of their vir tues, an I they are sufferedto 'waste lheir healing on the desert air.' The etfects of vegetable medicines upon thes sitem are temporary--thoce of minerals lasting. lThe f'rmer ex ert their effees svvl lassoff--the latter, mercury i pllr - tioulr, act hesmically upon thi solivi, deeomposing tile bones anil uoderlininvg tile eonstitutiso by a slow anoi si l desvtrlletinn. liThe eongeniallity, eflieielvey mel SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies over mineral, mlay be esimatedve veontrast iingthe aneiciet practice with the modern; or, to bring ii ore immediately Illvier ollr ovll observastion, lt" Ivvdi an practice with thatof tie whites. Who, in Amheicn, naos not knows l or herd of repeated listlvees whiereis some dleereviil, unlveeleniigfemalelsvi:v, by meansof her sirle remedies alone, Ilas affected tile most ivpid and astonishing cures, after the Ilateira [fedliea of the -'mmo n issvt'ice, dlirected in tile most skill'l malner, hIs foiledi Ald who has not been surpised at illhe eom partilvease andvfacility with which tile Ildfan fvr'es Iviln self 'rom any lisease, and at the almost tota abstinence oflehrvlie disease among themv? Who has evel heard of all Idian with a constitutioi brokew anci revined by ill.reatment? Andl can a dollhtexist that this hapivy ex eo itlion of the savage from most of the ills wlich tihe flesv ofminn is 5he ltol is shiely owein to molrle ge ais ian safe revmedihes which he r hplysp ''his astonish ing tlrirl'elte in suocess, is a I'air exemlliivTicio of tihe t inlinte slulel'iority of tile impile n, i safet meass of elre which (;od lls created for tile beeft orif sis elild ten overo thsei whici tile Ialtite sald the art of macl tave ill From a tlng resi.enee moling a portion oflhe tnrigin as itehlitillcvts of this leltry, and all ivtima te asqllin anlce with the mcethlds olf creof some of their most uecesstll iprlatitionelr's, thle l'olrlietor of 'lhe Indiiva's l'sllesa,'ai.v r ilsedi a knov lege of seone of thle most o'ere'lall l fiv'herite ''eelrlies. Flroms livise sclected ulic as were most efic'lcivSuvsand Ivplplllepiiaites, oII after varsiollsev ileerviltnlls to t lst their princieles oi strel'lt), lie ihseaomlvive tllcm in the' hrue l'esvntedi, as thle most erf t. slall nd benficsal ler thle lllsrse fr wliel it is r ile ed. bThevle frieto altles ohis prepllsItio n to Itr Itulrli w illhive cIsl'cisr'i ha s li' e is pJ e Cl hCli I ih l r sea, a remte d ciable l'ss'r ollvin lIhe i ofs his aflicted fel Ilow l es, who armn .i l'l.ll' Ill' thle vilisi ehlri ti alnd osl l'atie coin lai is to shich it is a. lic.le. io sllch it will e- of iscslclable vile, as tie aHlt il rami etsl' r tile oely me:vls ot'leii 'vie ltcir svii tl'll"s :alal'restollin b Ihm llece3 vlate to ieelt I a imhp iiness. Thllvvs isvvs notllli.led v s a omrriollll v"''cvedy, thlvt r may p,:r chance he e.rtllly good wilh mInlny nothrs Ion in use, wItas oelrid sch is ap able fsaping li a )l " m exnt ele I ase8 li ' c ull ll v le v lll: enedis i . Tis it ehas done repeatedllyv d thi is ivthe r''l.ieto it hasob tallhs cl'vln iit hakle i lhca lllsillt l c r svll vcie It is Oll v vlllslil v vlive y.sra illC 'hisislrepation was Il'e i ineted ti the cblic: hI u t i ill vvt snp'ess in il e, S''om'e vslllllh v'I of lvvv ivolls ni' hlt v e ifollns d, v l ln wolls solemnlyl ." i tnt. th.iat lhey believedl lhat tlheh lives anlvelis all ' he Covie o remedie'" vai ''hiT llls'iS.v I)The vaSle, flv Iv' , lswle'sv a i rmolslvvloic' os il hios il e t: sea <,'s hlu'tl ltrtuVv h s lt ' s I , if !" l as Iti o clloLm e II, is. ol' nll s l :i lL" I i ·th b re nl des, ait..l o. I"l es I it cnm sll .Iv rmo vs ....n.....I hll cas ' t Unil " SyI erl.l fienl s ithe di 'ls vse'i a iI v sI . ssf s o n i''rCes , s V 't - volcsIhs, cllgslillliell, lsvsss · l hL e ltint .a'll i' well. In i ·h rb ll-si. ,i l ii nlih. r1' sore h o t li:ve lsevsliit e Tlllkel il pri-l), illltr ese , h'nllsls n'-v s'l n:erl c,. I 5 i. 'tI tl' lils ltivs e Icivs ,ls ;,1e. 1"s t Isvslll i l iv 1 l. . Iv' and hixatlilt. a ll lllti-sj - ok I soI I i lulilt ., I j• :lll n ; d in a:is eXlprc ssed. i oll r: .l' addtltlm l' ettldio s ii ia x ev'clivvsc givests l'l'sl Iliss molllchbs, ISS l'i'SI I i. v ill 'ils ' 'l vvslll cn Illillls i Il Illlss sllerl-d u n . I" ' i l'iicr i ple'ss i}] ){Ha:I S nar hi n. i Il i c v.1 ve vs i'h s e l lss cs sv' s isscsllvs lS Id'n fo sd h cvihh c c'fnv'' i inti ml-l"r ,, di seaes nlv- eret' p ls ssvssc' ' asI cc , i ds It, sed l tisllstsssinss fel s'il' e. Ias a s ri' ls'st l d i vcsav Vii vs soes wiii sev wil II l.'sclcss e lnci hl le, i S".t.5ll ,hl - tlis ll ula tel il tllkl i in '.4 snaial t,-l;l . ill answer d i ts I h t 11 l Itm :i llt- .. • i)' ri ' l S '~llfil vi ...__ ... ... t .ma .er itss <.riity ... dte , yu i i n,. s,, . CASES OF RIhIlU.\IA'TISl. Y( oAJLEOH t), NOV. 15, 1.932. - arn'g0lel0sl wilderlt'nd o.oiog 1 uas tilll hoo o iolly n tery seveeI ant{ t ulisl .siKno e rll c 27list, 1o 3 itNelN hy exUse It iw s .s d wttther. | )nw hike grnc t biihsirt in It hIlung, Ihct six bmules .ithn wliclh' buans rh stl ed r Isll me 1% 2•., l. tor I I~l h l tlh, I&Om l I e 2l oly n"rl'm nlelllill it to all simil urly allliot ld. ,011)IN I'ICIP9S11, R-ingst. Co t..s , Mch 7, ro So12id. it [was seL d aot0 l thl) e yelft urns; li)o wn sa i atesong wh..ttisln, tasdtO h) tatonga severe coI, whirftl toille Atil il feneI S Icuo"In which 1as )dsdled rit oThisd may clrify that tit or ( 1101)) w'fhm business n maly evk. iand lIon, thichs erwiod lcrateh Imt n atibec im thlarleat ly llospi in this eli tu lpwaUds of P t r amths, and ne lyt tho samter length ellen in t lh e c tis l o lt o [ll $itm itend t i 'ed a mi s "e v r t'oerdot with s littlo boheot. no tht th of m"oakowj last, oloutit tcire son y able a ito moen boU tdio n o ut. des, I | O nllle ocon t ti roe hof iutislla'e Ilaly l [e1o1 ov. oaIooltl, ttfoi~W11 . INItA ' I louh t f)oud ioyslfireltoIrtO t rtbOOmflai, l)) ioi0 lnow liappy to stail.te i. !, co+m~hi, t^}l t'pr<l~f i cl- y'l.) well. 0'0I tUCKE 1I,3 1t ttaikt stl. CASMIS OF SCIttttUtIOUS ULCERS Ntw Vott, SeptIo), It1:3). This diio t eoifdy ta ithne 1 on Iv,'tro seize0 {wihh a swellin~g ini myf neck :ltll[ tfaeo, \Vhl l lt , lftt~wail casontivurompnid wthcryipl ionrs idl ulcerated anid IlnthCli large, mllslly ulcers ij n ty S h.l, Aliot l'yigs"vealdldysiiooso iOllo advana)et , I wen' to I.'hidel1h1to, anid lla chiscse" ne the car'er llrs. i'lltsle and lloaol, t hieu,af)er 0l cllctit s[i)t ot to lino t.,¢eI utt'e'l ilietiiradble A "tert. wardsi look twlty booitloso loo's I'nl.e I to i, otgl Iodlies olpotr c'stt thaoliuol wit!) lO tll)l1.t l beni 1)es l.lhttg obyl le, which had tuow becorme inrtiel I ate, rlletUined to rpaymrenlts in nNhee l'ork, in r`s29 an ogave niyoel uoll too a lopoieig tdeit) I N It, of thil great success ofi'the t n0iagloo 1ca, thweve iu ew Simlilarl to IIyI nitl I , [ a W~tl lel'Sllled 100 tl) i t, as a last tr. a ton t)ed m) slfl'aits irooerol ond t o totr aki seveU hollies, the nlcerslleaiel otd 0 I Inllai'oe lie .lectll well in (tile cour'Se of two mlonths, arl' IliVe re malinled so neve- Since, I th is 5ta it) l a d wilsh it tubishel I'll t1 heletiot o01 l) w) loa air itll 'l ul i1 sir i s orui so syphil)i iltbeotliois, till5 t Il0)1 oy toV koow what h' cm'edf oine who hresot hoorod c'.,y ting b ) h deathi, antd w.ho conides h lSIs 'i1e saved hy to'e ilhovc i.y W.M. IIINIIA' Ctlnl.vs'rov..hldy 12, l 4o1. I wa s fllltichI, flolryoos with tll Meeti in lle too cai.n:,llv lu'comiqlouierl with crtsi)o ahoJ s itolhltlt i n - it l t ex u zs iv) I00 )))tin lt l leg in d ui cle joi0t1 S0))) trniiltlt lihl,}hoicltes exernd~ "t h 'A ilill upon1 it, bult witli toitt lltrntahl~t b nh !. Itot h i 5 ehs ase fift hotlih [looiliu's l'tillex nmll) m t ) lp ot ibel cure. 'IAIIIAli EI' A IVE-.I', 121 Market "Foor salt by IIE NIlY II!INNAIIEL, drUtggit, agoe to,- iolllh wilootot, I'0)ru0tiol;tiiastrtot.t It1 NEW -OCtL.E,\NaS- NA IIVILLE RAIL, 1KEI) COfIt1AN v. rj 00sl 0,htl oS Ifli, comp00 y u)oto" i tjrtov no IIel ilIc I ivr *1.vt iirso*ltion of" th i rnu b onl (l" itre-I tlonl lmsrd oI ih'e 1i~hl itl'. te ,ral muck oni hbon on the 113)1 l) rr lrv ,ll lst, llr tIo oe of it I dollaos it Shure, wi.1 re'-ti l, and1 thoe sid stockiholdors ret IVIIt..I{,N Illa 'e, o1en1i1( ni'ihll hoarld Its,.l tote Jhis ,Io(1 '0en tte ittl2sok nd r 1' Ill, lew ()l'l t t, llt) 0 oosoivillo Rail thuoboa -o li y folthe0'ilttoth,!hCpytoo t 0)A0the)iithe ity0oIok hed))epe ivtlyy h Thom, tizo)Il.o diio rs p) s01r0,0 patily ott tirole t ilav ,of l ,tlioeuertit exot two dolltrs pe0 share nvtnb)l rnthe fi' joy of liOoo)ebcr next; 01n0 to dItoltrslr holo-C pilothirtt rho thoIt ,ldiy of Moo1It Hot Ilii.Vow Ih'rOl i n e ito treso) o) .1 i)) l' t iitit 0lt l of hisl~ companil !vdIG otli• fy" the s ot - V olor th ri nlll w i Ih i l h -ltl m .. tlo i , ., l l f I l e . e ho r t r r , lh e ':r e , lr i d a d Ihi ort tl olltt rto o ill ot )i r s lo.' i " crltlll I~ol l h l ll'lll oi i slixty(00 ,ll 'l'nol a tui tte th,' e diliio: lowcvor. , t, h Ilt "f no[ rez lal'l pid within rl e sa i rd ,l) iontlll ih) six ty ) ayt , t'roni)I n) l nf 'r It4 ^, d a y ott which, it .-houhl have lcrro paid, tllut Ihen tlhe snt-l.k nnl whir:l MidI paymetllit should htIave beeln made, 1 ii iod i riil al .: 'o lfv i te d 'lo t dh e o ,th o t I hoo o o tt. o t1' 1 h a t loint Inil_ itmpetative. Il eonl"iotity therehore, to said cuallal~l sock of tle ,loc.kholders in said cominy Ii vti thiii tk prloper to lii, t i iithe h v nit it i on 1 ).)t t tl k to thoop).w of Ihe ntlotiInOal sxty 'd)o, wohi the cl artro illboos Ihl,.1n arleoltifed that the ttt)O ent of two (to lorf pl r shatt - c tll ttd f oir,tanl in m t oe first o1 t Sep lenmher next, ine.yle pntplrtl undiet ldr the sixth srect u o" daid c onr tl a iroot oto r 1 kyollr nex, ttrot the paymnent o.. wo dollar per i¢ shaire called Ifor, and t dtloe nli(-'hl lulst day. ofl Decemberlll~ next, mily Ihe tost 1t0on0 Il u til the 310tl day of Jolto %. I.\tt; alt'o I p-:y ment1)f ttwo dollars persharttre rtl[ioh Ilttr lnd-Ile on t1) firsthday of Olotoh noxt,, oobo po)tttonlI)O- l th :i) t ,ay oi April ooxt. .L'xraiel oftlillt mlinultes (,f the hoard, _ june -i A Rf MoINAll, Sei'rt . ty l i(ot,. oo.t'-ird..-i( , o,1,- 01hit O \ lb. Y" IfI "l-,tr-olt Jiililli :I tl( . I'\ll 3 !It .p 16 SO'A'rI' It.' lt)tlAtA.--iAitrilit Coort for tie Parith aat City of Sewe tirlnnr. rT'IE SAtETAr tL, IO)UISIANA. 'I 11 hnnl . th.ser Preollte thoa r ,(ll (ule, rtiTrel'':-W rlererls, lomtes Hotse hoa ng purchatecd at sae a rve by the Sherifl' o tihe ih t"d of tea tile properly, Ill'reislter descrihed, ,oe oppliej to rihe clerk l' t01is cuert, in los! n t ieol drt e m, slre any trerlorded on ile 2raev iofApril, A D 8i fir A i oni)iti(r r ilvf tiswerllt v etonlbr.lwt to t actt of tel ae oi lor'e of Ie tter oif tiaoo rona, ertihird "An iAno for the fJuiclot t Cu rtncr oftitlcs to plerice ,aers tj +d c alsa m"' approovod thle IOth day el Maorchl, 1D33.. NOW, elerefere, krrttw ve net ola persons intrcsted lrrinr ore tereyi eited R;t doonishted in the unaer Atr tre Stnle of i:olniiio o Lt of tie taish Cle.rt rLio con set rp no y rijht, title or clair ir tnr tr dile Ir"]e,ary heore .,aftller eh .bd, in onpent rt? €eofat y itltierrllit; ire the crdcr dleree or bulr e:t of tito cotr"t urndee whhte r nlrtale wle , s untlerr onte irreghulerity o illnality in the np liramerts end adtl ,rtioerlents it titre, orlaouisr oforle, or ntrantu oher defct o hierslo over; to siny oause wiit ine tiirty ladyr iomt tie Iay tire qua ournien air iroi rhIo 1rrhto priterocri-ury monition is lvt'te nerl in tihe ul ric papers. wby the let so naie Ishould not re conlirme ted Iaouree log~!led. Te srid prtopertv ooo sold lv tre StertnI of tre pnr in ,lfOlreorrain ret ter 14rth eity rf AprilA. D. l .8, by vrttlle fttrletoereo t"rhie "ll:tr r an.ertder tlort 5111 dary tf Febltervo. AI. 1311, in a ts it elttitlrd Aleortridr Ciahhvl es o Ilnrse, No 10t36t 7 of tile rlloket of this brolrtt rttlottnietrt tile saeid JtIjome IohItet atnIorr thle pacher tbr t e0 p ice of twenr y Otto tiorUoantr I)e.seription of Proterty r s tgiten in the Jttdicial Ctn Arerliot lot of rtltdo t titeruaed in tle aulrurb An nOnci:ttion rlias Leato se of htie ity, ttsqare No 5, ansi hit ohaving irench moeele'tc, 60 tht irontt tn Ttchot pittulos street,l ru feet itrotr on Orartgors street, anti i0 feet on I.ofiesde de Marct' . streelt ineosnch tr etmnoer et sliot lArottroaed is rOeet wide to f ro e o ide of tire eqnre to tire ttlher, iretigther etnie r diselllng houtse front;rng so Thoae-epitolht ststeet, tire kitchlen crel dc pendennirt, etsot tire distillery eslstrtllhmtntt otretei tcreoal ane oterr huildlings tnotim roetlents, the mtehinery, ttensil, imtlement s trid iltrtree hbelongireg tel sid distiillery, its tirpendrkeneour nod nppartenonere, tnd tire rights, actions, ne ptriviiegee tilereter bolongireg or In anyewise apteertainin Clerr's Ofice, New Orllenso Moay 7 it.i. mle,24,1&j3 J. LII-t,. DE pety Clerk. -FETAT- ]-.L---E - -I.ttlA,\-h-toter ie Por'lsieo tporer It pteroisse rt tilh. tie it Notrtlle Oleceros. " 'I'I'AT liE LA tOUIS1ANI'.- Al tots .llx quo Jl es )r{Irshetes concernen, Saittrt. Attrnrdil qrre Jiomes Hlorse ,tvtetntltetfi A tere oeste fiite tar te Sherif dehr )at'aisse ti'Ultleans la prolntihtb ri-airrr.s leerriie, s'eItr irhss6 ate Gfl'ri tie ertte Correult e dire rente tinn eretrgisetrPe ht emejoar tie Mat tie l' mlti.e t8ti, toter trn avis oolrtrfee.ttrem A tln Oat tide to L6pgislalntte tie it Ett rie la toLoisianee, iratitaleti Aro tolater eonfirner lea tilres lies acqreereuo.t oexr sntcsjeenlirintirlesn;" aptetotet tetO t[l's1834. 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'tois rent Iie"ds tie' leero 'I lt tree.(. ti' rtotter'e,. et soteralteetierd. tie fetee .l it feltnide I rie tint MI I"ei'i le sorte qere' Il tlit iot rie tere ee stoielllnte piedi eir a rrelr t'ller lelltr tlre ti cnrlnb lille I (itn t fCertii Ito ri~le 'l'iu),* ,~it ttlhllsu 1: eliain ,, et seali Il, • )t .i,s s ieee it lititltleere Crtcentr •erie tir nrle dth., nt eltr, t. eI~t~teee, &e. 0a11 r'enaT~re l'It elilte distilie rit'. 000 tl;toeld a ''''rs, upplrtr~cnan'e Irc nlroit, reliOnte eIrironerege's I tree{ terrill keli'tte, t N )lvirlle 0tIi arls It 7 Ol ifIer. l.2&3 J. refi~ll; i}hputtt (nrotfee 1e, Royal Coalloe of l'hysicans, London. ld r tII , o) l"oi l A\ otlo ll v ipoi ,l uinirr. l .o.llit OItt Gio. l ne peolArd ly VV \liokiton t Esq. `loemo ' I ll Ise tlttl Comt;o o i" -o Gr. a e Liotofialo e | A ,t tie Scar}wstw niompan), eLL W, r lltlw f Courtol So i erty Sito+ogon s ) the Roya! "lhinn) |', biah A.soeh nil, I carn e rt L it lae, Wa'terloo to I el 1 :jlo t leo toua l[ouoiot (f Iao allld St. ttl' onts'S I olblt sitt l,'ol l l il ( iogo TI s vahlah t oe, t 'he r0si.t of toott' rveoas' ;i cxl ')'ivnl)C nllod t nlpa 'rol l_., 'ltcers t i) the exe sivt Sntd hihilll} Iccm I.'"lr: phl irwh of f ill prop"iety v SlS(,d hl' h ltc lihil t tHII( ila i 1.+ ' .flo n .lcl, ToIn hIOoIojiooot o l lr'trc:n P iohli t .i . s ' Jtl ltio 1 f10 1l l 1,' o l rllllt c lo l kll" lll - .',tlllzl..";in Ihr ).r fi;;i ()ol. IIt s hoer, 1, tsl t, lliA - n ) l s, tolt, I(o c (ck l, t e (,il, nod 111Uitl t, 0 G11 re.1 I :1II f m, th ! ,",1 K •ge mu1 ther· 11 T11 " r l4 ~ 1 tra ion i ots{ I, o , mS i 'tl,] ,", . .h, 0 ' litr IT, 0th, a:1d fI', I e ,i,,, 0 l o" In, f mll sho( esoIII + ,, s'eil''. al)il, ni, dIv ra kr ls l lilh s I o Ai0( 'ooter ooa1',ll 'tl " lo'tr ' t ''te'os ,n Iotn t" 't' t' S li ] o rooioo I !!,,it itog e l0h!l t , the o ,i uri. o" , . !;lllgi ttln can (;i)i' .I o, 1c ) '(11;r )(I ~1i(' ll h I ~ t,.!!. • ) 1 i . l )i . 'rno , 1,i. , bcav " ,f 0)l i tto ~,-m o';, rou! h - 1. , iu1. .It "'l lt n , d "uai itof o to'tI'oll "si ,f 1, I. . Ih. o ' t ,o'io t to l:lt n , h 'o to J S (m , ~ 01l0i. ' lt !. 1o11o'lot ; II ooose \too t ' ott . 11 wAlh sh ner,, assor !, tmilh, nt I liloy, ' a!l" me 's io I0 o'oIott wl :.oh l ' ,T .0o r ,eih' d , Ir th r'iv l of ' li- 't ol, arll o ro n lg to ' 0III. e1 "0 I r n - o x 'itio . ll,0 o o ict l o t: oo'h io i" ' t 1 1 0 i 001" , ~).ll.s) CO loo,,l , I tI ... At'oo .ooo . ill, A r ) o o I oo tit to s. 'l i i t1) ): ; i t '+l m I he applied a) cord+ to d "r n iv m I .. ,I , T, A ( .l hvlCd,} ',Inn u !:h id(I II, +\1. I)., WV hi ck, \ . I)., I ts ,I. At,,,i l l .[+t · \.. ]"l' nti l , A1I t \ 1.') , l I .JOl", s batlhvr, 'Tih +r ne %lnl0 0 l o he ,o n Io pi 1 ss 0 ll nl t Iht k .te 1itiall It oln I i'I ri e I the Ailh i' 11 le is it liri, 0h0 "I, Il t A lll ,, toollo. Morlls l all it 1 cttot;tl h a el.,cil I ei ll rlut ot t o m e. JNO. IIO Ii t" tooN, 14 %V erly Place, , N l rl oo lik Aloort a Inti;o v s oiltlnre l ith eie rbht l eotollo oo loto Iy WAoN IbOo ell Aoioo, i-I0 N 11 C1 iLa so':otI S1oollotnl. e Agen lt'o ll Stlo lreoi Liolu s ait . hjulo8 'Y III.+;I.+ It EI. ; cP cI , ,\'( .1 xi th:lze lor ae l' Ju ,:," ,ceiv hie g t ir , sa hlv Wish 1 ilh , I li, s !, to .lo tllllloko, t ,h' ,llot 1 lio l lile o r Vas r m b t'olote' r l cite , ot;to-o o eo ll e t oo lil lssnrtmiitl lm ,lo UO o lirt O lo i s Bo tthoe l n Itrogt I .On sirli f ol f gol'i'lr, t oi's li Ae ool I it' ' iod hoIo l s ootet*t, Groto d ,tllo SlyI o ootolottad lotoo l wax lt 'o,,to ooo tiots i - alm s g tulc Shies;ilem'uL's tl '. callf seal will M al,',. , S10 i orol bok 11000000 00 o Lt o l ooIooioieo'olo tt oitoo alf : o ol olnet p d does,,! I I'O..pnt ; 611, I h iu lllltt klls :d ,I ; wax" pe,.el! shoe. 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Stold to t\V IOOKS--Nava - toketch ' look o oooo Sitr,,,0 'l' nh,.i 1 ' it lolnoo, t lc S hoot-erit ot, ii 0 t v it4 li{ ltuoll ](evollin tioo atf tb to o o ( 0, tuo sk00tthes0 loeoodll .. n noo ibera--o ool tlo t o ptoo r y, Jtut leeooved ndi r ollolto AV AleleA1 N, 01 {01 Itl)toI E I1otto, nn Ilisto riooto Novel by the nuthlor o t oI huhtr Medieiooe, oor l0mniht ldvisr, o It .O tlo h , o f o noooot n ,lao wo t o' y id i iod, a o ,t snchhtt oiu on thg Inac+ice of Phooshet At tr ' o, not theo I d ishatoo e s to 00 .wo001 0 l tn d c h ilo rel, t it s n no p rowe n 0 o<et 0l inl s fa'ulies when nogt llo r t hytiootus c1lo0 b0re i00re0 0 000 b e io dg t ft o it t uioo l t n e l e Io r i t , ,llite no or itio f, S0 0 log tl,e sto do oflloello n o . Iev 01 oo ",l (Co ,00 \t o l (ioo 0n0l00 tliV, Io tlo to~e of f(toollit , ilhie0 r,o0 o ti 0 t ,. 'loot and eogrotio' S, in t ot ls 1 Just received oo ln o Onl sto e on \V' lot A E INt , i N ("ilt l k Al roal poohootoll et op hov !i'e ýllr~I !,y S-i'i u " %',tl''I, ~ iiQ lP t.1 ) 1 JUSTPURLISHNID FIOM STEREOTPI'E PLJTELS The Fillh Editin of nOWLI.1T'rs TABtls':c OIr IN'i'iterRT: 1fO whitch is nocw added lnl Avni'rge Time (alesita ' t ior, o 1r e: '' elhet ols IAIt lllltlligte r sIehge sin|o uO stonrge, otuesof llasid or billt of'g ei s. wlen .. i cimed at dififernit dats, e*a ilitfreo't credlits, lnd .' vnriosranlounlt; heside a usetfil ani complete tanking ' Ilte '1'n' !%, the hst Iltat ehe:ll, e eolln ived. or tat fi gure c:ln ;rithlte withill tile sme colestent d comparnlssl gand tie oi t) ie./ An e r+ertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ing words itelle igh dstinetion this work hlas reciv ed throtlth the tes le gitlntae acts prefixed ont te titne age, is a ie ennlmenl.:tlon it itself, so turnomoa,, uan so eoneltt sive, tit tI nlthig is necesslry itsoe tain byh wicy of i vertisrnlell to ive a eo) llIndeS ite slO some oft ts pe llliatitiesnie s fc. ilstanee, tln Ilnt est has beene etompsie sed roms, and eomlred with, what is eqeiv lentito four eon cehtallnelatheoule, examined ill tile press hil. f.e times, antd prineted Ino tIrenlypl e plates ltetste hirtyty-one imes t , fiom a wllbich it nlast be sevident rvein to the keptie (e.ieeeially not It . pe.sonl ofthee tie tall of pt'"rel'i tie prelece) shot tie 'osuk mles le uirih aetiealuy ill'allihle, aud in seonfirlllion Of this belie o treinmn cf two hundlred anIIi u lty dtellaU's, is now otfelr ull for he detection if aii el,l tin uitt t ill the lresent or tift in etrlitiess, as hsrus ene in tie i evuce, ouakisfive lage il'esioiuis lle rrie r i' Ihe sceme error sinctiftie irst Ithllienietln in the vear 1.tO. One of tho most ecosiie llo e s feratrres oef te tables is in the lrrannsement of tile 'ime and Amolnts, which forexmpeitins., rofereeoe iontelseteindty, with lhe help sothe sidte and intex, aeenot be exuelledi ants the sanity ty and ease witl which thle intelcst nei fIotsd to tile extent of getlrel bulsiness, with t dollbing st'csma isheids a conveniene sit esseitisl, hati is th estlman ioen of some oi tie emost onmpete t and p teorl lusi. Peas men and puelic offirers who haven anle irunt mte of the work, it ties been tliurlingise i ytiho tllololnle appellation eful'a "miaster pioce" Antd eonsidierisn the infallibility of the setshsi originally adoptedi iii composing te hwol k, it d the exl w"rdit try umere and variesy thcile examinations, ans tests of everyeditioen it has passedisithe press, eotwithnstlding the whole is in stereotvpe, unosideriig, in siturl, 'he iositire aeenraey selureil by tile enpreelented tneas entplotodi, the vo lumehans heen hetlt tiJ anml emlipatinalty stylesd I the mlost wonederfull iook In the wrtslk;" most cereetnt1h 'n maene an tamer figre work ofithe lame extent, w ich since the begisning of creation has bad thie same num bere aut vaeiety of tests in the same nlmber of editors; noe, er one hal' the number, as is clearly shown ie tihe Pesirde, stest and standard, ithkas been tried andt sued ill n.urly all tle Luok asil isllic is et s in tie ited Slates, stlld Is, the pili oles ienlly, tdi' ilg the Inng period ulf 'lh.t-fiv. r.e"n's yet n el,,or of the cai citutionl asi ens er blt roenle ii Iit, iothongh coantilu lu nt e tllell cgRi bI the ofler of 've.r rynege iemems Tihe in et exerosly aotidntteil by all tseonurts oltlow e sevtniral oilthe StIelals the " ir;te of cadeuintlon finil1atuti intelrest" n:iris, iy laIw fitr banlk ilterest, nceording as ie inis sen, sd ll as sy be scen ill ellnt, by ,,,e nalles of tle snubs"ciier, e.d a few of the Slllnse 'll'ltllcll:lsnes, isthelist titi eelsl foliet bok, is ill lo"stsinill efrevee clots o'cihizot s in ever) alfUltS ti nF tile tutit et Stetis. It isi oreovtT well known Itat, iy its rearly cheek, it lits no ofttun letrtetId I:lrg rorals, long tifter they were made, evltl, I, tie mostcarelfll allt most compe tent alithmrlieun+, t:atI its tlsef'ltness' and tilIe bsolute nle eestitfririts os,` have roil exhellsiyelv insisted tl n,e so evsilent incriei, inhave enit its a lttgers, oan its teing Idhat, srelnerrl varnsgn, lwhilst tile first edition wRs sclllce, :t1dI out of lprillt,' ll greatmer Of second hand eolies wele soughlt forli, sotie to a glte t dlisltene. allit plei'uesti a lit pariolls pices as lev coul ocesion ally bo picke'd ep at fiom $10 to tsi ter uoly, unnl some persoins v rell.:y ddeladllld installeo ruhdl he qlloted tllat tiLv wollld pa A5i0, RI(N .(R d 5tl. 0 fillt a epy, If'not to heh ib' o ,li es :a Jln i lviIig il t n te r inti aut e piatitig i 'iVi Iri'tvios. a t tie s ine. lilac rxhihib i t,- isfacttory prld', to ,rv,'ral per's'.olns p'e sent that to hinm it wVas realily Worth that nmi ;eu iOlve t iliogh tile savrilng ol;is tir v v:nahle time, le beIin' Int er) rieei' m ':uilt d in pllblic tficse it is likew ise w twthyv tit' lnt -, t nd * . e Iindeed pr r T irullre'% that sucnh is tilelure of1 fi~tie wlork gr puc y IanI 'specially when or f ilg ixtent ad it'n i ,i ' t tiace tI ed in the uul I ll'l" h, the nmoit Ctllllt'u(,etts a ellletl o, ill tIle world, and .tl'e ' Illa ' ltl i] d motat er u tl io oln y ulnl.l'· I hiS O ( l l c o'r e e( t inI ln a t " p r noo " ' h e t + , i t tere ncsi atl s d r i l any priic, as t e o 't faii 'e:iiiv - :u' I explhins. It lut sol perti,. :t and vc :lluh: h: ve the .st[reotypep:lates of t1his worklhtrn ) . c "'e, Ia : t t c ure thenm , u iih: heir n aht' ki l t llt i r n '<diil'% exallin~a Alver'tiselntl t) cO lsttitv keptI ill a phtcr o1 slpecal iaut,), rxce t I' hi ht. ise s it ttiIt'isg, A l ednp o tiei, llnus to fi ,in h h :ll . .,. :t1n ,] mil itatet into,. fibll)as iu Ible t I )1·(·P ll l g el dli lithms+ Ca, lnlhl i ll lPrh iu t'ttlll ine + Int'tl'r i h e t wo la~ filI m ,,les of['l.tlll. t It evI1(' · lu uu \ i t Il Ienlll; k Il-th.l .Il t Iy i ,,-i dit' thi, intrrrvl'e (a ,s wetel:: introt ll,.dill th:il.n s lndllll v lns ill- l:lll,41 ' ,i i t I1:t hasolt v.ta i Inlb l pail i ilh iltPt,+l'. sit i \'S:n,. llI to t1'.19 hl 1 80;5, mll.t :iu', iiii [If i , 'llilinn IITI 761111 .t lici",' Fri g t hit-. t' ) " ram'' !ti puhlic;a itou atlh t t1 it : I itllttel p ille,) 'e S:l) i i I g' can een .:iiiull: or IIlI 5,l,, 11 A m ll-t1 :fill'olim o i.'.. " ail,,iII d 4l..:rr ll ll'lll 1111dI !et t:l'T',-l. i t hlhu iiillie f,,,, it c ulin : b; O' , ll/f. lL'h \ \1' \1 thiklh, &r.- ' he nu l iorriruo . r in S;cii ina bo, t t I ",t d . l'; ro futiin, i ' kI r'hr 1 to ]t r'',~l so, o t X ooli I li r;ii l i i'! t o{I\ ld, 11i . 'WK-,.N, ns }ti~,nl s tfill" ki a; pt o ies r i u )llci P u ci o the A 1 ,i: ii; l i ii, c cci, w i h tr 'lethe f; tl i 'll-ltlr it l i. iil t iolr ; c ol ri li, tlh h ; , Ili i ill; Riat DleI r ai *1,1 I rti c c c ci c.ol hI: b n " X ii Glea reaII· 1u1o;19 t; Pom inrti'a , orc k , 10 I W il; whit S Also),-Cavt W ; Cilo i r'si Diorm r icp, or Igci S tolt Ires erv ;tivo: hod hot P re, por ltl lox ,; extnrt. i Amic onlg which ir thlec fIIi,, lh);v;i. - ioi ]ye, cc l llln Chillrcol, ne lyc put upi inl lour 'rnc vials; i P Ir' toll S:lls; (,tiCl-gie; iKremctsc I'iftll.n'choi iicDrop.s; Ihlir Iclruthci ; E lgsh Dro r i g Coip his).iu i-. r ll i i lll ,Lir (il ;-i- ii-\ itcl llviiiy if tfu 'r PCrlf: - iiic'ic' i , &c. Ii.r scti by y L \V GLENN'S I'ERFI'U. RIES. J C TRIN'[ . ARI., eCorlnor of Ca:l anl.d Bourlbon strcets 1 ltd & hid, Iicioce, Sigt, ccdOanenun I , f hiieii , ii i ( C.,'i inhle, sitret, Ioni Idoh s fli',on 1 itatiii s of 'he lf lowel g woods ianid niibls,ex ).,kli,-ilc ',ci Ancico, ) o llar' din, Ori,-ct:c or vc i d :unique, 'ii IX cicf \fci w )l)s cnici. tii h.i cl Io h lair W.,Vo ) I Is , o r Illi Io, ( oromamil or lll a Sog 1,,.n'. l ]i e nd,'c , f dallf e i(Iliici A ic clllil cc tineyI 1i 1 hhe Ac I i c i &c.c tres. is, Ash \\ bile Unk, Ito. ho. v Curhed E.hon, ,' Spccinhm s Io be seen at Ith shal). PsHlts. Oils, nI ..}c~Ti ' I50 cI, I . IacEAVY (:lcc l))--ait, c c lllclt fIflin l bd e i l wn ll asi c t hd r I1nnoi, scroll lill Icol ln nil rl)d(l l oll g n Ilhi 1. ctl blCi l s tor . Ox, tI fii, iictri h'ii tsi , cci' ii n ll Ani ls, viicesi l itcl illici ic hl. l oIwiilt i c Iiiciiiw W Vire , t ha l t t lil bt r lar ;l-ot oi :(i i t1. lco oinY Ii S . A -nws, iwl nal'si n:Io theru , m fr tol· s hve lrls Book vnl imhlat bigos, dooraond wh e byt h eoks r ; O IlS.l SPRan xINGS 1. ,I' anr<d N s hil r e inase, lne k n rml twine ]lofit 1),11 s 5*Ii)(JJin Y "IopLper iX'lgiire Ijaii.t f, Icliiiei c f c i i c ian d h i p tiii si er , 1i APif lhl tiS Ol'nI L eiecll h ll lt "tiil l t i II c III, ic nle l il d x'ays 1,1ha l , h l hiii Icih h are ii)t, cc fcri (c ct i 1 s1d'. or et)1 aln!, on him o( ilstll v ll nii: tto Ir s hy nl + I 1,.% YT( ) N t Co. 5, I')1lI Levee. ii i l lllr( llllrv tcic i Iti i , ,hi llctc.c i T c5i+1 I, ; 1ii .ic(il)cIgc'Iccic" 1lllO.11 Nii IVi r l ~l h: pro riitii oi I his i cc y lichc i c nt hiii'i tp c ic c e ci i cli, iic ic ,e i IIi,', i c-i b iclts c lh ith Ill'r d of y io t ioecoIve vilirscc I i e will lso siaii i llt iiri thehc n ccccc. At cil iid ccccccci'clhcii lfi-c·ilic i''c)cLi i in rn.Ih I l ).reoe foi r 'ln hl , w . o'll l h l will et ,I lt- IIn lub t-r her t) aen t nf tde n l l' h II ll'erlltlo n ln er thaln hterelt )r, and tn t tho n me s t llo ulun ch he tty ri. Jnarllll nlie c Il be. lne lo Idnrll(J | l - I. " g oo om or thtip who pI,+ehe ('le r ht catave. !uge c crbcis e tolce fro ii i mnllcc ilcc cc Iilcc cic iii icccitic c cc i ii clii ' I ccide ftned c'inciceiyi'',' tiii Vni ''c ,'I ipo rtiin 1l 'c clrof thei iclra i itc. r c'l l cio c tci:- ic c fo t 'p c ,cc ic Ccy 'ei ivedih ih c tie nhou t c i iicri Iior t c a v illc ihic c ic i et ii hir ii Shttispr f t" uPod, haiI ,ri-+, rilrng ' h' wholle s '1h(. suh.iilb'cr will avail hii f cttchiiis c pt -nrccic rtI il re'w c icig hi', ' iuiicd ithi ck c filc. tih ci v ct Iiberacl the.. III[ olm oodathns, to tn rii ait rli lmra p.tronlageI, l 31( iic'ici'.ciitsci MAIL ARRAN(IIGEMENT' Northern Mail, I e Eaer Day at 12 31. AC/ laa FEvrv dny nt 1111 A. It tWestern Mail, )to ev n.l. , Wedndly an by ena/ the iab 1 ' F ly I.33. L'ert st, C anses every llon ,iv, W adndu sda l atnl Saturday,'by 9, P. r .. ThrlkAkedMail nat ""Trv'n'le-, d 'tllurtnday. , a Vi till" , I;V 5 31.11 Closes every Mnitlay, \"ednilesday 'PIMES OF ARItIVAI,, I)EPA1TUt'IJItI I)ISTANCE &n. of the Exprsn Mail, betw- Malonila anld New York--leaving Mobile dlail, at :1. Il. No'thnwar New Yort daily at 5 P. lt1 oauthward. Arrives Arrive Northwardii . [)istanee. Time. tetnrn'g loatgomelrv, Ala. 2 111. 198 13's 3 11 129 l. Coluluhus, (n. lt 1 1 81 1 31 i. ft Mlilldgeville, Ga. 2 133 14 2. Calhnlhin. S.C. 7amin. 163 174 1i) laleigh, N C. 51 215 22 12 SVarrcnton,Va. 12 it. 55 n a Peter.l.gý,Va. 101 pm. 83 10 l a. t. lb iatllan nd,Vn i I int. 21 3 64 a F"rederiaiek rg, 8 67 7 Ip i. \Vnshinton, city, I#nal. 61 6] 5 t letitnote, (i4 I 38 4 61 e lhililclieia, I am. 100 1 i 2 it New York, 2 pi. 90 I 4 1305 1,13 h. or 5d 23h Nortiward. Coming Sathwardt, the title is six lours tlesr; being5 days ant 17 hlmrs. "------.]-K ~i- - t- -i... . f) ANAWAY frali 169 Carondelet cernar of levina a street, on lie night of 30lh of AUgUSt, al l wag - en the next morning in Pydrlns trent, an negro bIy - namedl CIIARIES, out 17 years of age, cl S te or tthreahonts in llei-llt, vratllnck, n nd hae ail n iC mel e o lenat in his spech, one of his lags in nore, taia donr byy & reentt hllart; lie hald on when he wenl away it whitl* cotton tr linen shirt and while citlnan inttl lltns. Meaters of vessea anltid lella boats tire enutitnltl a t gaint receiving or harborlng said negro, as well as ill othler persnns, au the uicno,t rigour of tie w ill I h enftied ngnilant thli. i e n,T blvci renar 1ill bepan int fordilive:ing him iintilny of nitt Jailn of eitlia etilt. mnnioipallties, or at lll S Carl einn t, onrller iollevi. slteet. ali t oi a i 'l_'re teir sh i i ietitr -.nxea titg uinder te firmn of Iltubni s (Gnrretson, hit hbea dissolved. Th I sl llhseri r wil lillq idate the lllilire a thle eoni ern in thit city, ail reiuh'ea all , l in lhb. eld to ianke Iaylaent ia hin only, and allitnheeliavinp elaind , tonieecntalhem orscltlea.ilt. anl 8-71t 1I iiARttItI'S9) W.W.SWAIN. -. ... No. t1?Canal RlCen l At. t ()rlt, Al T3 AS aulway onhnaand elt.nllt k iit eii!, Ir. l.11 Dyes, C(hemiealeud l.Ull]llton: t r ( lflo w n , t fr: IlJ .G s. 1t)VES, Antilany, crndle, Argols, rel, do rgllllltgt i A itllttoI Siae'. Areleticc crnmde, A mam, do powdered, Ihazillalle wontl, "'l.t~x, crn , UCnplllp S, Amneric:mn, do relined, Culibcsr, h'tinstonei Cmcrudle Ftstie, L'almico, do roll, do Culba, I1irnuilh [renchi Leri ins (:astnr oil, Indigo Ihngal, ream t:itl r, i mil, alntlla l1ides, ra (, . ainm nlons, dI (1u" tnal.,, In ol ,aoni igh, tnblim, io . nayhln, LOmg,, addir, ib illlill , mite . st ip t, Nid.. tin Stam, 1 m :i , al nl ti Sittn, A o A ,i, ll :n l , Iii op m r o mll:m . i, fi v g .. a, Jail 1! I. l ,. .t wai t , :" I I t i i l.lm l m i dlin 21 3 tcie, mololnllli la:lli, t (I Oll:ln , d o sillh c u p hi, I lint, I1n soi t llin, plai r ,, ill, a.t lll llhll. Slan i li hi, : lit f iil lit, olh 1ilc do le i .l r .,I d iiil, ,. l h a I I Itl' t' : :n!a1,i a (d)l ch ii, S i (eI n ia , inll, 1o c I :.nii , Pi:: nl , I' - t':: , .o fumed:d e ,,do d r hivihoVill, F ia Il t ,, ,III ,, c :: l,", o,, h l , , lnl 2 1-I-..41 I.i. . ('ill -. rI % Iu lrlr'l'"i .Nlt ll.l N i Js iiiibii~ liii PP edi'rliy iii' o to ofIeý .to l, s i i \Vcols. Ou i (Stt··tti I.:s, or a W inter it S,~ I'll- Ili1h,,r n n Ir,. -l' -I1 :l, C11 i-ilc l ri i b .I f l"n l i: ' I( i o- ! ,rHll .Pa. nld r I0 11('.'; h .\llllll~ ll Cnit lllrl~i el m, v . t Nhrpl+'trdr /,e," ftell by I ii )-ifh< t in "2 v"I iirrlo 7 "linlirn l, Ii"nlh no r l1iiio n -rlin, IrI'cN . 1tai e iiii- c Ivo.ll l i.e I n in_- '- : Ii L cgRrl rl,: I"-l iiry c rpV1a. : & I I i' t ,* lq W , . o ' .p l t n l l nc /i lj b I ij 'ij n c . 11,n" |! +lu ,tM 1o r lilni il.'s [ orks. i /:,ill brio ' 'a i i lp Ilnl lri sh 'lr o arr y, in vo1 : +, o .1t..:ln.t 'rem Luh'l attl I'toz n ixh Ilir'ti nrr. AL.++.--Afilw mre c• es of CrOil s fi c r iv "lie.nzi," .1I r~.ll'Lt+, +v vrt.,l ' ( on t +q- ,,ofI ¢ l-apI it . I+ iti , lhN e)in, 1 1 1, 1 , - " I-2 • )-(dtN uloe oiN itiClie 'lcli,yIgndpae.y, o~~ (;1·olibI nt' llll'l o oldtlt I) fllS I' t ,t i III L: .+ +..+ bly hteL J trt received, and fir srole by ifICR 119 o lr ll S1P.\IN It ':VIi1ITEI) &.'c ..... .'l'iN r llEVIiIc'j') &c, by tie Inti rii Ayen t~i .,in .pi, in Y vols. Y'rnit " l.. m t.a r e rhm nr tr,ne oll a n ie hla t o ` ihie o /Irigm irsl f c o th i Amet rilcage yni y ri uiliTrn br, I, '/he PoljjiealfCrammar of thited ,I4t',, r rupe[, (tilJew ofthte Blrrt all pre'ti(- l b,'+'l tý +rn anlld s l gnyrr or olrl tl+, 11 ilh t h relat" hel,,e4 o 12 ;l -cilit led I'llri, e it Il f ile iii ill ah c il11 I eit Stnors, hy 40 I) 3.1;nrfir l , l=q." e f itnrdl s 11httl in l To nettr illtrperst .ilh ac llltnrutetr iminii ieellften stly iing and doicsnsli u)pr ii " c . I Iii hl dinz notices of tile peiripal l erltvk riidl'ra ".f I"fr;ll cwith ntl.l ticn l nlltiells, nl l general inlhx oill nilebi,? -- - 1"n TH. ane OF------ - vplhl 11o:,€,l' Plltll ll~rl 'lnll TIIl, 111 , 111: OPik 11tlL III) 1 SIrtifuhii or King's I:vilE , hron Il.-hiiui lrIii tin Cli n (ie Cut neou .liii - Pails i, ith i Bonlis, I.y free the bloodiI hng in tll ie ] n itte. i Tlhi veiry l iictititm d Si rpiu llelll piar e lr ii l ie grenelteciitiphrmlinI. eul lr r, a ur e llt ll o al bl (te iIII' prlnci)l o1'i n l ll 'i iIIi in h a 1 o11ri I rallel ldu iire, i.eli d wili iiothIer vegetable .i u ib.sumii of knoiwn ebl a v.i It exhibiti it large Iljmitii of 'niiri-i a inin in lose, h. heen oht'ine in is per iitini-Iiilllml bemn fi:I olly cm ltv , of It' it n merits, coli ]te e ily udmit ..r thlle 'cire of i heir l rrinea. i'rii-e $1 pia lnr httle. Hold oly fit SWAIN lii I'l'ilE t ,' l r SlOlr I n Sn Im ] IN I (illll mlotl vr may blt had, fr~e~ h aldI getalinno, lime t fot teII rl ri, furs, ýu~tilll's 1~lIII'.1 I e ll l Voln ill |+, o I's Clll l 4( coll, '.':tl )lter's . Pr ltilpa ll.. ti l anlldllli an ;r, est i " all iras Illnrlet of (i Ul-P+ d ru s ~.l n . I INNOCK'cl'S I(:10., &r. \NNOCK'S 1I11' IoVEI) IE:)lIION Ol" )llt Cufldnlitll's A6-hilent ont trf iii Iiistciiie o Renui t( which i-i prefixed nc Introdictioni to ilhi e ir ly itril itii y ll[iciiri an (re vrit f vnb, m-n lyrii loiulde added Ilirmip.hi nt l. iiw"k, in ibe ann rs hlstilutlIiiii , A ll iqiiiaiiein if lti ;ti ,i il 1 wil nl lmemo iilri el iiii oIIi i tciell l No, i n" m. ell .li.II Iltrll'lltedwith th • e I'IVillsee on wood ( r v :1 'rto I l'I,.Notl'S Iimi rorc ei[ Eiiiiin of " lii iildilii 'a Ili inr) of lIhiiii go thn n+jlinvasion of Jyn liuinCtiiin to thI (heath of lGeorge '.!d, with tu eo tmttll I1 to' alto th~ ea 1I.3. Onil n u--tiinn fir exait on i nntnit il t u u curbl' t+¢'tiotl. Ihesidles II. ttriety of" v tnal iotb " t tionl adhhed Ihroll;hnu, thle w rk. ( oIsi~tin: .O " talt J iii Onii-iipimi-cy tSnvereii-iiignc anl i'miiiiii peiinis CoI iois exlililiirilii.ynnic . iiceniinrkl ,n the roll ties, IiUlnnii rn niI isod le irne of e :t,le ,e. .n oll e i ih Lconstitutionn . ic. e.llhstittnd by iniy ccg-rit CUY's' EI+r31Err OF AITRnOrNOMy, atil I .t ra l AeH- 1i of Keith's New ''rentii mnni hi .e f i' nI Nv Americnrn editiin, with additions l i t n m tr "veii t ll vtn expttit ftt rhoni ,stroniin tjcnl part of the Ate ricun Allnniiniv. uliut iiiceived imlnc fnr male y 111 I'KEAN _.,,, 2.._ _++ .,... r or au wlll".. Conn.,. .tit IIAi :I'Ei Si C..l M )tI:l Iri 1.11 R y-. - I b'nCI.+(Jl'lrt i t.IiLi iei.rtow, I) t) with X9. for s11 plpentll, I.HIIIIII+ im ; runabtt'm of I1 l w riotli oneb, &t.. by Benl .Io iiil, Col)iiyuny, li iic lopie Addiih nn, S.cir i:nittite.tni ,ti 1V ttirhlr , I n -ror t Iliinl iiinc. iinc snmenf ic imthe irh' tiinih.,irt | i it' tI |'I~t( D.US, wih Ibr t dI x • f " I "i r +lc itcnr~Eq, di i Iliinn u-r h {11j i i yil mlel tel by Cihrb toiher i ,nn 't, i l imo h 2. r ; v m l n.m p $ anldl It ol "l~ltrlp r'- 'tbn v The li peditlc of uI I'n;l.i , i 'l i' I t lI. INi[i+ltI l iiihl Iii & lAW 71'111;. .I:S" a tale, by thte :m %r of "1R, hP, m ("lor l itr + if rgmt~ly,ly" Al'3,., lo+ew t,h u, il rul VI 0€,o plo n . ( )it-,, i ' .te ,.,4."n n ftun w . n V IF xtr'& (7Ollllo+I l Yt )ý,.. :.1 nult rt'(eive,I a sale ~ V~ 131': eKr.AN 33` + )-ON 00ll.:E --'i" e,'a ek t(lrleiuat- +tt ooý, JP i+J;hn': fsrn't."1, t," u,L~oa ['c-,m itoo i hu+ auto+ t I~ol":)tIH & IIA1WP

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