Newspaper of True American, November 19, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 19, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. oO IVERY DJscRIPTION, fPEEDILYt HANDS ELY ANO D CIIHEAPLY EIXECITED AT THE OFFPPICE OF TIHE True SInterican, "ST. CILA'ILES STREET, NEAR.POYDRAS. in23 WVAN tEll. NiRqE W.-NT' I)--A middle aged won would 1o preferred; anld nte who has no objec tiont to IoaVl by ota. Nooe needapply withnta ettod refarenee~..AIJ Aply Uat Mr awhry'a pIrivat., boar~ding? louse, curuer Lf Magazine and Culnlnol streuts. noiv 8 TO ' ,tl'. cok Acoovcien tteo story dwolling louoo, r-ufi, corner of St. Joho andl ardldblo otroeto. For ltd l'rticulars. apply on the preotises. IIOvu WAN EDl) HO Iireor puantoe a cood Cook and Worher-wo r man. A.tply at tlh co-rtt ofCnamp and tlilliceerte ·1 11008FRiHIGSaE -tA ROts. novt0--tf - IlOvsTE BFUAtRNllNG t O'f'UJlE. B BROWER & Co. hove contalntly on hand at their oatovevo eetoblihaot, llSVeo. 17, Camp St. and lComTot sotreet, very lorge sourttleont o" house heepdno articles, coonvitittg of ortultetenre, ChiAM. and Claos; droso and Steel Fire 5edb atj Feo.r .e Kilchen Utensils; Iron, Thin, Wooedanre aNd Bedskelo; sldeer plated, brticnnti and ,jopnnerd gooodn; t amps and ehnldeliers; kuics and Jirk, nd ohousean aurnia shin goods t geeral, wlhOic fly are prepared , asuepl at dfredced priceas to privnte dwtellings, tOediang-anusehl ItohoIta ape, steaunt t,&t . &w • New lleansa, Ngov :, i3m.. Mili. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, troeneoed from 17 Cloubooto're SI. ';TO REX 'r DOOR ToST. CIAIRLES TIIEATRE, • ."CanonEa OF POoDRna &. ST. CIIoorES STREETo `.&0-689-t183t. _ ____________ PRiVAT.E BOARDING IRUalSE, NO 13, 'l'oolsoe at, - By ta r. Ilolfoan. T 1t htobise iant pdaa andoena attcaeientle nitunted . ' for aeu of blosos, sCe tlt I.CoCe aod the Newr 'th~cttango. 'late table willo benll oaupllie, and attaded to, ond *n poatria l iotlorott. 11 mrn ts wishpirent thave hnlgiilIr can by nlcommo t.ntod, at differaut priees, will, .,te.ntrdioux furnaisled totmon. Bootdtmrr will tote.. tlhe+ notif+.iol l at et I,,aCt here, prsou spa oakiOg the FlernIt, Eaglis lnlltld Sran elil re r languoage aa u nLt:: PEiNSION HOU I.E()ISE , Rue Tourloser. a. 13, Ireue pro ,rLle Vsr. Hlf n't S1iE'' rtallisemeltt rt ot,.uieux rte troave Ritu.l Jprro dlte tor eivke It orat IaNouctle ourse, c' At dire an aettre tis ooailes. l.n talble sent bihin tunltir, propretmont teuue ct t An pria eodlork. .en nqnt prnant pluion dIbireroient yloger o rennt dleo ppeotortoett de dilliooorne trix, Itiert garnis et I.en pelloilon~lirire s taroot 'taobtlnoat d'y tranver de poranncs poLLrlant los hnmgae firataito, nglaiNse of eol gnolc. ;'tht1 'lea RENtI'. A' I5E four .lory firn pronlf brik stor in Caop c. strot, at prcesent ncupited by Arlcoar. a II Wollace S Cl.. 'lte hrstlt oory brick ntor at Ih enoor of lank A I lee arid ntttoth" tea lt, at reatlte 1 ot'tculit'd by itooa..oo. itenllt t&l.; the third atory boing fite, fur a i' ad room. Also, the 3rd saory of the brick otore in lank Alley, 4tbliohr fentn the loat aIettd--tha 'nd and 3d stolria bheing well fitted up. Paalesinon te o ii e a Igier notlt rt Novetbcer ncxt" oet.--tf ctIIAns. A JAttlls. CII'AIATY.1'N Nown rlensa. Oct t0olt 1t38. N RE IE\AtI.l.It a r ueoeliouo tiloncil dtonrl e lt 5oh .''tctehcr, l10I3, oraled Irlot auls wiil ho .eeint thrc t Ito ie lletttil e'sodor IhIoe 7ll dr ole Ntovealber lollr ftr I'bnre lourdr el ';eouelll tll olard s Itonals of titi aluicipulilv payable n tl thirty yeanr, ant Iaring noIX ' Cereut I'r tixot utotlt'Rnt. I'kre itl leratl par. anll n elai-trei llll ill I.llllroll, New "ork or t-l Orlcooan IillaV be a gred |ill. - Tite ttttlls to htel l.llr.100 eat, if tlta inltrent hIe payalle in tle Unlite I S Iatle, d lor Lt sltO pie, ti the iatttt'st lie pyhtRler in I.lldt lll The tropUtallS t'I endorse.d 'rltpoaal. ltr Iedtol.' . JOIIN CAlI.tII)N, floreot da Coaltoletur-etoe .eo le iconteijtlie, f N ch'oa~t'le Il ti.t ilhlte. T5i .inl v l'tll ()rI tti altnto)()'tna t eIB I[.INF')ILMIE.HliXI.,Fau, e.uto urs Ittl d ate cr11 iant rIe t th ttttullh. tio llre et nsqlthe srnn ra cesl in c Ill'u. ju' N i tll '. tC L;n jrt e .tr mllOv t.lllTe Juriori u )olr e rleme ulyllt Ilsil!B p ialrItm tir l; !Illll~ll deg CtC t. Illllltlil:iplllin+. Il'|.,'tl~l*tl'tl P D*I.III P all· III al(t lrlltlllt Utl i~i:tefr1 lt. *iS polllr e(·.1l'lta|, l'illlerrl athPati ,&c. P llltaurt t .iin l.etlnnn lrd anug rk od at l • .ol v+ lle.~ I.· JI'll lll+i tOlllllt Is)Ir{II OTI·IIJdI.U. I~ L~ hl.+++ hllua · III.ll . I·tl ( 111'tO 1(ltr luhelilts til ree ·Iha ue rliatlllltl,,l Iat pav tll,.' < tl|+ It+ Ito. l nil I, ' illllr Ite t l'llo, . lil, l lrn l 'nta illhlo iro It n iltvh t'la a l h.'1o nl,.tlla~br,'<.~ I+.,+ ) lllllq ioll td~.lil); llt il et rlndl'e- 1e+- "Prn El*imll-- 4 flr. I jlllld " l~l(IIIlf ll ~lil~Tlk 10ollllai * .t J, Illl .;('t . ,l U nIrN. I11 ,.'omptrol et, Ard o .o beeu C t.ani n t r at ollliel nr tlor nitt lt'olltnteolllll le Ill'to.-ltlltl~ll Iale ct I . d)i. o i a.ohort'l tn,,c. ta . d...... ad..... , + , .,,, .. . .io.r Io . ?? . lbtte, tee eiti 'dad, AnnotbotteIIP I~'L~(I Itto IttU a~liia tall;`l~ ard. Nlllttileyl ll tt it, oe i ib te o..r lta ttltLidaoet 4ttt. l t'ttyttttttltlt' ta ,t,,tlc rogttlttol yeo ry tttttlt It. me ztsl bUIhT. I tI l" rP'il(lllt d +rIIIII t+4 r-: tl e) UOIC( X B · 1 IJ t'tolbaohn att lIt-) toa'alnek, nanopt titeiuo '2d.o l~lln,, cenI b idi u t °'? [i'IIE Underineied ld s removed his Notarial Office In the Vernlda, o tll t. Clletlea street, betlween tolntloln and Caonmln t. WVILLIAM CIIRISTY. oct2i. 10:8"--ttn. llSet A l,li ATLite mnnft tory of tile lsubscriber, Hoisiting \Vboels, Lend P'ipe, u all sizeiso ; Sash, Plster. Hair, &c. 'Turne g, Sawing'anl Gritding done as usual by J. OTT'. CLA El' WI.'L 10 NE- boIxes in tore, or oale by NT AB RIAIL.Id T'ItEll, no ll l0 P 1'oydra at D, P, - 12 coi], in store and for so le by Atn IAII Amov TIER novlfi 40 Pnydrna at Aew Oroens and fJ0 mbshville Rtitl Road .Jice Nov ith, 18133, NOTIE T¶:) LUIMBER MI EN. EALE in PI'oposala wil be received at this office ,until tble 2oth inst. tor ti followiing lumber: 1000 Yellow Pine or Cypress tiles, 20 feet long arnd not deis tihn 8 inches in dinoett r at tile smell end. b0,00 thoeusand iret of mudeills, flattened on boti aidNes, to hew i inchesb on tbe flat surface, ond i) inches in dep hb1, l00 crossnlie. tline feet long, e0 i)ch es quare, clear of Sup; all to be delivered at stub oints on theashore of Lake Itonbanrtrain ,s shall be designa ted. 1) OARlD. nov9-lO0t t7Nathaniel Townsend eha brem oved Iia llffieo to the corner of Canal andti tgtAzine streets, over tile atore ol Messrs. A C & W Sqtier &Co. nov9 "- AY, P'notatoes and I.umbr--400 bales Eastern Hay, in piTns nrdr-s-300 bmrrels Potatoes 35,1010 ft. Northern Pine lnarnd,, froor ship .iverpoool landing nltd for sale by LEVI H (GALE, nov9 A9nlynv Cha ntat, -tN). N I'tir)'i-t.'-2- c-u;kn[ttct Ilrntsowlln, ut receivet pOer olip CrRle, lNtrio: I.iverpl, foIroal Iy IIULtLIiK:t & itdI.t.s , P~AN'I'--II nl magen. PoltaininttC Verdegris, ond l tie blacik, tttlllel (): , lnto [ g botter D)a nid Coftfi and for sale by ISAAC IRI DGlE &C O, novl4 131 tttngazitte at TLhJI hCAN1DLE fur sale Iby READ) & IBARSTOW, novel 7 lBank IPlace P EACrI iliANI)'t-A fiw bbls id unit s,ilrior article, ftr sale by REl) & BAI)S'rIO\V, noet5 7 Itttk b'Iern i'1i ,Lt SIlt..titues offi-r at et leeale the iollowing gtodtl. M Iaf t ATS--1I00 cmnss moIleskin silks, os serted sizes lttlu )lr:l a. Il0 ettre best No 3, sizes anld tbrims. L{I dlo Ilhaver, a supl=iVr articrle; I0 do Fine Nutri tl 1it) do Extra do 201) do BIlick ndl Wli:e Russia; 5011 do IExtrn Block tlecia; 100 d Mllnskret&C('onevllrbroeadtl ad narroew hbrims, for Ieveett o counttry tradei; " do All runks olttilitrty & noilI CIhaneusi; ndo bidreos silk and Httinie Hts, io l sizes. Cnps-Fnr, Oiler, fuar t'al, N.tria, Mnuslkrat, and hair 'eal, in two dozen .ases. Seuletto. Clotl Cats--Pickwick, 'Polinlt Avril' hot shao, siof to.p, Ftreet, t'-oerage, Military.undreoas, i I.eather finagitng. Chihlren's Fancey 'I urobann, IPlaiid nd Velvet Cups, Fre.ncl Imtiertl. Stocks-Sattt, Stilk andi Itmtbazinen', o[ Ith itoatnot -tvhts. IlUmbrellasn --ilk oaI ettin. Militnry Pltots, oilod silk. Silk Iltnttk,.ebiel.--Itt'etgno anod StitnlhiiI Is. Itttltttbes for I t tams, tvotet vi e,, dotltle f,,r dre gttdo. 'r'h above,. t.,t.ltt)tnI tio tt+e ltrte stock, tult all oftheolaitot Itt.lrtns, lll) willt be sold llt sntaltl cd venc,, wit cost ltnt ctlltttni in1t New York prices. Tle slbecri'ters will take ordel. foir outlller, wee ,rn and "tetctltlrketols, lr it lle lttt o nA I I It.t.lItp nt Co., lluL tltlllOaetrllrrR, ,v dttrKoloc, thl 1thu j shortPlt lossibl. Nauil. \lilitary, uud I a hi,,nI ble lleu,'.. novl4 FASHIONA;LE PARIS MILINZIERtY. r IIT ' aahesriber hIs thie honoir if ifiinfrin thIe lar diet, that Ite hIo receivrrrl her hlirhir Iufetille and MarelRTrIr, ir RIppIv of fidl rind wiitier ,lilllinecy, iii tle ltesntand riche-t mnterials in 1'rri., whlich Mlrn. cnhllla expects to hove opend andl roarly tor exam nautron on Bluday and Tne dayd e re C l, N I I' 413 %NI.AN. nov3 2f Charlra t I vEW MUlltiC-Plt'rr fILoalire-- IIho' r mr to It, ll yill lrer I~ltrle--*'Ilo0 iunlso anornt to hive Another wnreel Aftrn \il'lfc; i he fnlghlr'.r Foarewell; Ho fats. b her ill Tarrow' Jnlli tle a.1tnrr; tshey llh.v given I'heo to Anotler; Lovely Lnly Muie; Thre IBridl, ThIe Brlken Heart; Mly Ieart is nll Al e; fh! la Mn whant silly thinugs you ir.; Oh I eaalc love hrirof;r ht Iatrick, iclyf irmc; Tht Irihrr artloIt~, av rho'l dey; llTidk My LIIVi, Oh1! Think of lMe ou tillk I lllve r rrey Ilearl;'Pthe Vintere Song; T'he shie is reldv; Tl'hc Nilver Stoor.r; No ca e+er grier'r ei ,Not liar 1c-; Ive heen e .'licrf IfEs Ii'hwrfcii nre Srlruglng l dearrly love ihee frco \Volr'r' a sparer lht free. lre Wild AlLatrtos; ik a Ftilee, Ritro: Loae of Jlsev; Thl, Mistrel woao'd a beauteous ilid; 'he onests were bidden; My 'atlor Land; Tlh Mhil afthe rollntain; Mt native Lv.; My heart' beast trea r% Mv Woddland Bride; Mi.n+ la;,et I) asihnt Tela. ily chijllhlool'R hts uinlarewell; ThIe Greeunwoad Tre; S;IoOno Lo, a coniic asong; Shl wore a wreath o ttooi; Mi pretty Jane, Juset ace iveda and fur sale at t CASEY'S Piano Forte and Mosirtaore,, novl 19 Comp +t IO'I'ICFn.t --liHE Office of the New Orteana lnd Mlobile Mail 1 Line is remnoved, froma under the Exehange IHotel I No. 78 Ponydras treet, at which place aI letter bag will be kept open until I-lt o 12 A +1. Firw nyllettere &-e. Thrice for MoRbile and further Eon?, will he pllt in he Post Oice ait Mo'iilo. ntv GElEO. WIITMIAN, 1RKESI M~IEDICI IENS--Nrw landilg foln ships SRainnbler and Colunltbus; 123 packagrs of cMedi :ines, elected under our persoilnal observnatia,express ly for this marknet. Four caret Cnloeiel, Tie do pacdered oBark. 400 ounces Solphlte (aiaine, Tewo easn paic. Epceac, J'en aIarrcls olre Aleofhol, Ten Alain, TIhree clasis Liqnorie Ioieate, T1wenty ua~llbaya oil Vrfiilll, l1:iuirn ald Glaubir Solt., l'nnty bxf Rwn d'a ',ronic Mixtlure. Pore Iirornid Ginger, Jahtp, tifriirrr, kpoceer, Oil Pep relciit. (il terrion, TI'rlcrice Acilf, Soda, Scidlira I'oa daist OodaPaowders, Ca lhir sahlf y JAKilVIS & ANI)REW.i, WVhlceslhl Drnggists, novf Cir C~lmmiioi & Illoirrlrrollhll sf i ACKi;itEII ,ii Cod FI-ial-70lii h.iblis, f Ni,. I, I1L andrl3 flihkerel, in whol~ and half baIrrels- l(u boxes of .ild Firhl, ill store nfr our Ise IrV Etl. S ,PiAi:. rit:0 '22 (,ami ousI .e a_..e a I flirN all]LUP ii Iroxee ii 1 droz. ecrih la _i anl, fy IEAI) & . IIflS'TO\V, f irIlIIly if llteeny' Cahrirred +lar. l nesia, and lntlecar' ,legneoiia AIerielt, nwar ranted grnuina--just received by Ie slrtcribert. SICKL.IS & Ci), octf7 40 Cirti ot 7ANISHItS-A lacrg? arld extraive aloCak onul i. tile anlufaelory jr P I l i11ith CI io.Iinlll ficreig iil pact thre frill ,wicir: eaferi ).~inillrg ira Ii rif ii n1 facrnilau-rio t, In iii 2, fri: Ieirr-rorrerhwlrih coci, rdo no ;c varniish no IIII 2 ad 3 fr orairnry use; bluak arni brownmnjtaln, ftr siale byi ceItfl II. CIANNON, 112 Canmp of TUlll IIIMEIlN'S INNUILNCE fO)Ir'FIC: hasir I benA tini.rlrilv rcnci vele rIoi ,lllrvi d iI ,1c d 'ilal trieeait,rriii tfi tlir a. .l re llllra ir la d tlerldilr tiBunli. Ilcvl- temornnilreIIenlt Irtrsiporte acutnu ir -1, roe dl conal jorigitif lh i i elirlr dei Arti-urni, nolr C()KI< :. CiiK L i'JllE peieeirffaoe fionn itnd eftife,r Tiiis ayfl OcUtlrwlrle, reilllr rIfe cnirfafIilc Irreli tle (lia \InrIk's varl, ardl if ItkPI' ill (Iirrntlfi if tl huai - lred ilrrel, illor be elliverrd fl·nIi of dreyage. 'T'he Iadvanlap e that thia article f l'l1ltl Iossesseso ver theanlhrallt:t alld litlullollns c:lold, ignlitillg illmor readily thlln tilhr firlcli", aln drci llre ll limth Ul npicrariIi ffclirt err the laitrshold illadce evll-y iln ily to Illuke Order. received at the (Gas Office iH Ihk ilht V. 1· W \VkELl. ', eFieN ITRCO ilG F A I,I-, gi-i.h r ifl It LLr R l.Nl7... i P. Fll-llIFAN & CO., Nl 3, Mlgazinet reet, *• a re rec~eiving their suppldies of l+all ant Winter (1lt hilll, alt l l i inIIll to r* ceive sl iati ill r it .l hlrr.liiir rirdl ll illl rIrhelri Io lii v It rhl ls 1"11 Inrcly ilirirghorun mliii sn.Thi aormentInr ire ii elllll ruit hn .hoint fir rililit~il r iii cc wheci al Ilr rlnil, oil accololllnogll~iI frIIIer l Ji ill uli L'),1IAN.l , ,)\kIIIllCtlUI't Ifbr tIe Parish of'tie Cil ire " Nrew S l trlau, iiresent the IhIforti ble ChIlre.r Mn rian, Jiuge. i ctrCli rlil' ,ll ilnII . NI r. 112III , W in I). i.', iii.',,a. hiir Ucedihinca. fle ica-irrr nI ri erilcl fry I tlP |' ill Iur i~i ill.UI'I . ll hvIhl (' (:(lllr t ilr lht*, 1)t1'ill Ira liiCnrre 1ofhis I' reditlr: it is oldir-d Ihat a mtil lir I fIII U ii"ll nI II credi)rsr e Ir hr ld i belleli i. Barl e lrtr N riry fIlbli.., ir h dcilrte iii Ihn nI Nirir rn. ir. t [l 711, hen[ arid li-cr fri'll hI lIlllirire iirliti.l rillnrr- ni lii4 h] ''tI ~ I nea irr. i Ii. (Grs iiit*F [+:r. he appo),inlted to rep~resentt the atbSent c l rck' r Oriel, Ourr eIIatii , j t- h Ocaorerl83r . A NI tiL]Iril., tIrev Ci1k. EAl aic de l, a Nouvallc ho-:are 1.,ie:t l'lOouI rablc t'hu.N MlIunia. juIde-Na O ll, -O-\ I) Co 0er e ir: sea creenciers-I.u petition dos pr-prib tti' Id p.ifliio airA. I1yunl (li' l elepti e , ur la cour l naie ,rlmbl-ib its rl'bi'rlllifr atilt ln lel an .re d d l' i;lrett, notae tll tI plbhle, l orld\i, hie a7e jottr dlo nv am bre o Il3. , a III hlear,, ul alltil, in di d:el;bartr atli Ica ll' drtl- ludit p)tiiallllllair, et ao ll att'llendant t out u Illlilles contre sa rperxoani o1 ses propLrl.l+- eIal t 'Par ordrl de l Caor-llureau dtl Grelier--Nll Orlllls 255 Oct i:... I Sct .A 51 GUYL,:Dep. Greier. E IersoNs' RazOR sTRoPS-''irr c cwases of le glenuine iarticle, just received by urest FLrenalh erifuelllrly, emlbraciog every variety ler t e toilet, fur stale Iy REES & D'LANGE, nIvl3 r 18 Camp st A SELECT' ' and frelh supply of Dry Colors of ev ery dearrirl tiol, for rSelle painling; Oil and Wa ter colors; Bruslles and all illt tools, and a t extensive staock l' superior VARNISIIES. from th manufa:ltory of P It Stnilth & Co.,colnprising ill Nos. I &. O lurlliture; Nas. I .&2etch Vortliah, aind I & 2 ordinary do llmetic llck Japan, andll Brown do. Alao,2 0 kegs Cromle grelle, inll 5 lbs. aaa.Ii, ground in til, anld 151l annisters suooperiorlrlanh green, alao In all. 12 be reel Spifrits of Tl'lrpij.ailioaa Boiled Oil. Artist's Colors, &c. (llReves - s.ion, Laindon,) and 40 boxes French Lake, for sale at the Phoit Store of tihe sulbsriber. MIlONI)EL. l, 2a 53 Camp et I'EKOII OIL, CA.. ILES, ,c. 5000 galls. WinterO presetd Sperm Oil, 50110 do Fail lltrmiled t,, 30400 do Ieofined Whale Oil, in barrels, 120 barrelsTaInnaer'a Oil, 111l1) boxes Sperm Candles, 7%0 do No. I. Roston Soap, 100 barulas No.3. lMackrel, lyr sale by WiITRll)GlIC & CO, nov13 7i nMagazine st SIO 1Sl--T'l'h alloecriibers have just opened sever J ai cases of Combs. lljla TOP 'TIORTISE TUCK. (tuill top T'ortoie l'Tuck, lo do 'wist, alad , tll dot do Sidl. n A7.I1lIAN It' 111 1I all the abotve variety aaa ldngli+h, French andl lAmerielln manh lultirure. Ivlory lieaa taa thiI: Col bs, in all Il Ilse vIlrilty af eize and qtlliltv. PClet, llaak, Iloare, oroursoe ad illn, aail all ather Conarfa lar ilae lay IREES & I'LANGE, novl: 18 tCalp at H AY-3111 b;ales noaw landau, tioara vial, Noaw Erg Sld, .ad ifor ale by .J IJP WIHITNEY, naav15 8 Conti et B ANK CHECKS--Cphecks )ln the U S lank at Philadelphia, for ualt by YOlRKE BRIOTIIEIIS, nlavi5 65 I 'an at 'ITEN tOLLARS RIW AII)D. R UN awaaa ay ,al the lllorllil. alal:h, 3 lal Octoaeber, lhe aInve OA'I'IIIA\IINFI , a gaalli, ag. ' al lt lhirlv years;spaak Frencl nala d I.Algh.lsh; is well known, aald ravl , rvto la tilfus aofre. lot abolaoe iaraeward will be lalnid folr ler dliv,ry t l le auol*a'l"ra) l. DlOa I& MAY, 3I CalluOdellt st Calltuains of val elRts, ca nt lMlats and others, are niu lioued azainit takmo away or Ihiarblring the ainne Onl IPIed Slie, under the llenally oful Ithe law. i.5lu31-1831 T UST received alt the Iouisiailla I'Furlnituro Ware RaaaIIIa,dI l liieaville Itraet,.l) a liMaple ,aIl Cherry lledsteads; o first rate article. Also, a a olod asort iteit lof Maple, Walauat, and IaPoiltedl Cliars, which will Ib sold fIr the lowest cahl prices. W It CARNES. jy7 53 Bialville street. A ll-l.d.CAN ALI .\N .\Cll 1Ir I1;3--Jaust raeceived at f,' ropiesol the l alnrri al \llnnlack tar 1839, lir ole ly liAVII) FILI &o la. New 1 orktSti lloner's HIall, nov I8 0 ('harre st i, Al-l.-' -,,,la.r;, ,r- taat, la.,any, inow la.,T, Lfrot ship D)lullllin, tnear lthe ail ll d, for sle ClA.111'LIN n COOP'I'l, nor 2 Julit stle" I)ILAY,\INi CARl!)DS--Th lb-cribler. lhaove jlust remild i a .re ilas rlllltma t II l . iig :Ilad , rlion lie man latllll trie of lu l,h, rI , ', rell, e, ll ark et, ,ouuade, F:ord, and oIeri, and col1a1pri-illg every lnrlay lr o thI, hlan.lers, l'eryv Andrew , IlHunr vii,. Ileo lli li, Iuto i, E gal. iil,l ltieL ttl , P ai r& c. i hlu. :salr e Iad retLuail, by novyl4 1 .s Ot~i.' hi.t , tOa r i'O Oy nlovlt 7" Bhk 'llre. bHIPINGo For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. V The A I ship At:TRESS, Tool, \iaster, a Sreguhlr trader and very fa't -mler, h:vmag the puf Irirlncipal part of her cargo rellwv nud going on GaIrd, will hLve uicik dslntalli. Fir freight or Ipas ango, lvilg comllfrlable arnished acoeelnllioll, al ply c ti he cptaill oil buurd, or to LEVI I. ALIE, nov lf 93 Co.mlllon ait. FOR III.ElOI'UUI ,--(panaae o llllV.) ''fine A I ,)ilp SI INEY, Calt. C.w oc, will have immeadiateldespateh. Apply to LEVI Hi GALE, nvlll 9:1 Comlllolln at FuIt IIAVILb. T'o sail n, the 25th ilnst. The A I and very fast sailing packet shil POCII TIaKER, Cht:ia Owen, will sail i - alove. For lpasage, having very handsome ecou lnllodlatiio , appll to t le IlitstrI n fIir oI r tota I.EVI It (; aIE, nnv!9 93:1 .Oflloioa st FOIL IAVIIE. The A l and fat sailina ship MATITA tKEESI tall, Capt. prilgl, requires 3110 Iales ctou to fill. IFor ifreight ,afwhich, or pas age, having very handsolle aoccominlllodationa al' ,ly to l. I! (,ALF~ nav14 0. Common at Oit HIAVRIE SThe A I superior fuasl iling ship AREA T'U.,Cptatiu Snow, will meet with imnedi ate de.iatch. For pa=nage only, having very handlomne accummodationo, alply to LEVI II. GAI.E, n, v 16 93 Cornoan st. FOIO IHAVIRE. A superior AI a'.p can take 3110 bales cotton if ilainiiedli l aitriiiain be ade lto LEVI. I IUAI.E, Aaent, 93 :lalaiaao at. FIOR IHAVIYIR rThe ihe falt sailing Al haip ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, Itaster, will have immediate dlaspalch, and .aants 8t11bales clrtn to com plete her cargo; for freightl or pLtsseaO, japdn to oct: A 93 Commlon st. FOR ItAVRIe ,+ Thy Al sailp ALLIANCE; Ferwahld aste: hvig all her ncargo aeald. ex e h . :d0 al des cotton, lor freigilt t'which, hP y h or o 8 &J P \W ITING, Ocll2 8 Conti altret Coastunse. NEW ORlLEANS AND R1.1'):K )" RE LINE OF PA C KE TS. F11IIS line will consi-t of the fillowing vessels which ha:te been built, or plircl.ased expressl) fri the trade, viz: Ship SEAMAN, Captain Miner, Barqa ieM IARY, Nickerson, " l1lt.0) IERRY, (loa) Steveni, S ROLOIMON SAITU , Lotliai, lrii All IIIFT, (iray. ThIle vessels ale f first class--lae Ilaltiroml nlrn lshed eCo odllllllodtllli Is, and are of ait light draft o1 watie -en ii- ta adhil of their reeivina and iliaihargilg tlhir cair,. ea in Balhiimre t l theII City. lFright will h, tilkenl ior poilts ill the IlCha(' spe ke r oil J:tnie,' Iaiver, nmd fiuranad'd by the agents, Messrs. Clark & Kecllogg, i t li lii rte; L itixp : ; oil goolds aLipped will be ad TeI plr:le iI1f la-sai is lixell at $li0-amrple stores of the h gl lluil it .ill lie ll ,r1 l l d. Itnll u ip .aid doatlihe Alio-..cippi will lbe taken on For firiglit or passage apply ti lEllIE BEDFORDI), acatl1 -lOt a)2 Bianville st Loll: 1o'.'rL .iN. 4. imThe fior ship OI 1'), Cutter, master, hav i; llost of lii cargoa ellnigalgd, will hiave dim pL-Lilt· l puhh. For Ihhlte iio Oi flightor passageao ap ply on IitId, orU to STETSON & AVERY, no8 13 Gravier st. FOR NEW Yl)RK. Patket itf the 22nd A'roveber. LOUISIANA AND) NEW YOLK LIIN1E. - The very lalt lailing regalar pock ia t slii I IUNSVIIsl.A, I:ldi e,.i.n.letr, having been deliund by the weather will sil ii, i above; fir tile freiht of 25' Ilales calr , or pas sage, loalin istigoaiteaiollnodtia-, opll t ol hoard llop it tile a sacblitblc a l kL'tt orl to J 11) 1EIN & A c'OhlEN, nv!9 9'I Comman ot . ol N-at Y-TRK.. oiThe flerl siilll-m l w brig J EI'i FEIrSON .apt. WaiL, will ,aih a ifew days; for pas W\II PtfII'ER, lol1 P )IiVI) I N(I, (I. I .l IThe'i fast soltliin A 1 eIn)per ftLoV L ir; S hi')\\, 'talin Thoradiki, will Sil id ,.lil; lor e111 t1 I I h I ll a l5 hodles ota , oa r -ssg.111 , lou ing ha lllol. 1e nit oiII ol. nII t lll , 11 1 ."'l- IpaLch; 'lpar fri'hu Ia g. alply til SIuuFld, 9 Ir ht STr'dI'S. iTN & AVER\Y, nllv7 I aN I rav st (F irst V99a .) .>; 'The A I parke mtiip IIIEP Ill.ICAN, Russellll,, lhvin t ce-aeeler prt ofl[ htr CIotgr liltllon ond will sail Ithe l-ginnling Il th,1 week; olr if-ihllt or I llto eI halivilln le anltlv firioh Iad I ll:lmmlllolisill, apllly On loard Ollpol)Osi' thile V\'.etablle lMaPrker, or toAW r 1 ali17 iar t p s ilasler hlving iroust io lir Largi ellgagedl allllo-it wito dclllaltclh. For reliaiindei of Irelghlt,-r paiallgie.apI)ply on l iaIrd, or tlo STETSON &I AV.ERY, 0o110 8I8 (iravier st FOR NEW YORK. wThe Al fasi t sailing slil Ip hILAIt , Capt. Hammndnt is now readyr to receive cargo t nulld will nleet deplatch. "Fo freight olr pas aig 1 lppiv to to i Cafpt. mu Iloard, oplp toife post 51 , 3rd 31ioiallpaliay, or to . S &. J P W IIIT'NEY, octl7 8 Coati st 10. AN TED. Two lriig, of tIle capacitv of 2 to 300 ales cottuon, to load for a Northlern Ilport;ap pily to LEVI 11 GALE; llt2293 Comal lla at FOIL FttEIGIII Oltt CIIAITEII. - The nlew schooneillllr BIERON, Call. )Ielain, 14011 tonllaurlilcll. Apply tl S &.1 J P \VIII1'NEY. .itIill B Conti st For the Interior. FOIL MAfLCHiSiTI'R, (Y/zos) lWater per iittin ,) Fort Adams, Natcez. Rodntty, Grand Gulf, War. reutou and I'Vi'ksburp. ''" rTioe superior oti~ oner CASPIAN, J enles ltradish otmster, having ud ~ dergone most rhorough ad complete rrltalr, will road to receive freight on 'I'huradly, the 15th ilost ;od nd will have qoick despatch. For freight or passage naply to tle llaster on bolrd, or to T'UR.NEK & WOODR)IUFF. novl3 2 New Levee N II--The acconmmnodation for passengers, are excel lent and loperio 1' LUt ALIXANItlrlA. j' Tie slteaet' r I-AN3A IlK. will ruI ts a re'ular pocket dorng loo li rdrtr >r or I0,tk, lo e rr et I trI 9Cllill l' . s tea er (1 \ I r ' t Iit. Lo A- ter, ti RU' IC, t ot l. w . . wlieave the hlke end of fthre !iail I rlIUltSDIAYS & SUNIDAYS, aftler tilt artival of tlll I o'clock caur, tanld on r re turn, Ietvo Mobilu, .'rry l'uedaysamul Fridays. For pplltyl oarps soo Fl'iIt CAPT. S\VILEIt. I S-Whe oevor it sutfil.iet Iltllllrllf lneere olller thle (iralb till tou h ll( t vll V of the ilertleditte llldillng, upon prrvious notice being given to Capt. Swiler. olvT--tl Sittli 1.lo, \ .-- il ~i ant-, O tllllllllllog ll11' otlllt • lih)'s fine kip IoritgnLr; :\el'. extro size itlssrt lrogns, ISlen's Kip, Call al water proof" Boot, ltand ing from sllp Norman, or1l 1or. ( i I1A.\.) illII Gl & Ctt, novi, 1:ti Mlagaine a loIl qutarter do ldo do 1O0 drmu Figs, iletline, hr sle by CIIAAII.',N & COUtPEIR, n.v) 02 J.ulia P ILO I IIIEAD-50 1bb11s Pot Ihando, a ot.u, and CIIAMPIIIN & C IIOPIEII, too'9 ": .lJulio at C OFI't-90 booI v II Juvao CotItee, n.w landing . nad for sale by T R IIlIK' & lIlr), nov7 car ttIIItIIt & agllaztille st 1 EtlilO l' i'TONS-1lott 0esl No. I an.l 2 Low ell C tlolsll , li b lr ld by TEITSOtN &. AVI:II E Y, 1 it r etde o., L., in fa~rt of Felix Itsworth, and Snidor ,d t, hnn .ol Zllchalriah l i)ir.y for ,Seven hnIo S edrl a:nd Soxto Jollmll,; date a,.d I t I;ltn ank. .la it, a l |be of ll o s Ill thle dolillll , he will toiler it fa voTr, nlld l(;i. 1W IItICH.-\ I, AI'lon u~',9 6 Wa ,: r C01 lp , S lo'artltt td BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., IPhfelo ale CIotllIg IEstabbIthleta;l No. 3, Magrazine street, I AVE constaltlyon Ihalld t lurge cpply of Cloth -A ing, caleunated Ibr ith coouitry trade. Their ies. ortlaent being large, merchan,t frola the countr, can be supplied at the shorte.t notice. oct4 F-ASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HA1)DEN, No. 14 Chartres SJlree IHAVIE: coeifnotant supply if e.erv article ertlinietg to gettlemelln dre, .,f thle latest style, at Neew York riers, der 20 J. B. Ross! SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 Ne.33, Ilyal street. S. A. PIIERROSSIlEIl, MERCHANT TAILOR i7 Colnuo astreet, EGS to inforil the public tlit having purchased i from iMesrs IIOUItl, SKI:iliS & CO. ilrt el ireir stock, he will centinte thu blsiness at their old tland, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where he Ihope to merit sslprs of'their patroallge. lie her mlde arrangerents at the Nortlh t be supplied inonlily with the Iateit and most fashionable god.ds tur 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 104 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFAtrUREnS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets .and Pumps Of all description s. IWARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BA TIH Fixed on the ,mot apiroved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c l7Orders executed in any part of the Southeln States. mr9 Dr. otbert P. Lindoe. O F.F I CE E.c.uel Tlrar. ft m CLAY & CLARKb, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 1)2 Peydrae street, K F':P on hand cointsnt supply of letad Pipe, from 2 in. diameter down to 3-+ iI. diameter. lor sal,. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAIILISIIM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Aredli. WILL.9.,I GREENE, PROPRIETOR nrl $ H. PARBER Comnission tand Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, -UP TAIRS. New r) -lean, Feb. 2 JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOIL.I~eAL. ANI)D lrT'All, I)EALEItS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D0 E' STUI'I,,N I. ) WLIDOII (iLASS, C.relr of COllliion andll TehCupitoulas streets, NATIIAN JARVIS. JlitON \V. ANI)IImlVES. A hlrge uipply o Garden Seeds. wurrauted the gro,wtll AT MOBILE, Ala. S. 1. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 1i3 WATEIR STREET. T HE indersiened, having established themoelos inI TiiMobile for thile irloSe of tralnsacting lth AntiollnI and Commissionl busilbssi ill It various lanehe, biipg leave to inllorlll their friellou and tle ipntlic, that they are llw ireparel to re(eive consll.lp.ent, iltld tiakiee liberal advances on the same, either fir trivte or public sale. SOLOI AN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JON ES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Molie, Feb 9, 1838. feb 12 - CARID. SAMUEL SLAT.ER, ARRAHAM C tRI ER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding &. coimiilistont Merchants, No. 4I I''oyeras Street, NEW ORlI,EANS. 'They will devote their particitar attention to tie sale of WaVesteor Proldue. Referentpr. Ah 'iet, feq. S 1, liliiihird, Hlhrt I1 Shil; New Otleane. A :1 Nithan, i Mler. ih. t, Maron & Cio. 'l'iiii Voe Esq. 1)&b o Wliil/cim 1 RI+h, its IVrother . s Co. I.evelt &'Fhi ulm. New York. Von lPihl ,c u 1e till. Staniferd & Davis. . St Louis, (Ila-geiw, .ehaw . T . ' .lii. IIRlwlevl e C )elaii. i Alton. A It .8kidinire Eeq. (1 lI Mnri ..1 & Co.-Leonieille. ELI STONE. B. T. STONE. r E&f1.T.STONE. F.rwaerdingl and Cernsieaio Merchants, FURINISIIERS OF ShIP' AND) BIOAT STOIES, No). 114n 'rIOCHUPI OULAS STREET. N, w-(rlane. RelerenrNON d ,iNeo~o~. 1101.1., BAKER & Co. Rt E BENEZEIS VOOE &C1 s, A. 13MEAEI& o New YorkCNONoE. lt.. PUTNAM, e J- & P' 11OI.I.ANI), Ciwinooli, 0. WRV(1 HE SMITH I)AVI), STONE, huyt))) 0 II. COldoTOC & C(. ColO11eJo0) N. AI.OIOntHI& Co.. LousIlO4N,.V WhI.r.IO,S ro'E.Ns & CooiSo, t oi uiUs Ms A. 1S. R(ote, Alton, IlI. til E. S'raROsw, IRushville, Ill. J. & I'. P. r'AUIrwo.ELl., 0yw SNor,, La. SOLOMON Hiwo. NoN O:Ioo.o. jan 22 DOYLEI & MIAY, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. , CIIONOELIT STIREET. or FIBEET EN'S INSURANCE C0OUP1 01` NEW~ ORLEANS. T'hlisCTnonpnv arl now prepred to toke RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musson's huilding, Conal trert. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Mlay 15, 183. Secrltary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to Layet & ArneIune, New Orleans Jos. Landis S&Lo. 1,241,11 ROIBERI CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. I'2 ('.amp street, WIiolIsaloe Graler il PalmS, (Oil, VO)r)ish'e, I110111, r 11)31) WViowland PictuIreUReN, &Se. c. T. W. COLLINS qTT'ORfxEY & COLNAVS..LOR ,j l.11: NOW praetisint in fli. Stilt, and Cityr Courts. M-i Coulrt, inl thle Custt lob, su h (hildi. jell A CARD. EJN ersII igrw.l 01,1 ()001101')4 I) 4))))se ill tills city, 1 foIlr b purpose of lnrll~lnatitg nn (ENN IIAL Coi)4.4loiSIlIN l1LSINE . OhIElgO, N. 1. 1 (ilostr1lo Slo I:00, (0). STAIRI. HI' I.IVY. The hos111)0 at (rao! Gulf, Miss., will be coninlulel1 in thle above nuule. Ilofe,rrb-r. Godfrey, I.n),,oi& Smaol, NI'S HeloulsLa. 1'ete)O A. .)4il4'd, S Ih I 4ill44 o CO, L.ouisville, Ky. larpo.'.1 e1ruv10,3 j&l ,)4,o d hull lSN. 31l~ I~Illt Natl b 4 ' lis NI)el 1l)risn,, N IvI 0,1)01 A (AIII). 31113NIIEL 'I'1))INS4ENl Itnvill; In·utrd l lioo .1io) AI inNewll for I hIro,,, ,, purpose of . o ns )lhOel)).)))Agency ,00 rumi~r ,))l.))00)0.0))e)))N),S))OIlo.r a),elllllr- rlici~fro01m0 I~uplic 0I 101)) 04[ben 1)011 ixvilno O IhI 'e( rl l .Josoo 4, S,111 te10a! s acti,g it 11) ))l) Nsol Ilu l OmYISb 4)l0dl, illn Itha eomellrv R and will lluldraI'I· ev prl " 1,,t Red nnremitted nt I1I IIEIIS ll*)Ip)I)4i1100))) (in 4 lr1 a )004) I nt' ri u 4) I ti) i t oil I)ll[Ibutl 0 t v com int10hs1)00 01 ) to Re cv 4ir 1)11 1)0 1()lrl:r , 1001 t 0ljlini) 1 tilbs IS Ess Sirt:;H' I CIl))' I411f. ~,, ~0d L 1Inlding) I' . , N)400 e i I I) i'u. 1'O)w UI4)O))O, Noo eer 1047 M iOsoo hlllll , Buell J&f Co.1N S11111·i S3.ol).')). 1111 ACI) [OS Al . ooo Io Joi, .\ bo r,l',I )ke:,l4!)e 00. ,,.2 fit FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OFP NF \V I! hI.ANo,, Office No. 24 Muoson's Buiding r as'I',)VC0--SI Stoves landing lion .hip l Lllll II tIIS ilIC 1),1 1 I.\r. .,1' is It ti a i.' -L1 wI e S3)!!Dr. jeo'o,, i. 1)0) III 1)) stove-;'.!i ~,o')ol) 1)1)1k111 s I.ocr~ r NCO, I. 10) I~e r N B-r1eYp un.,a~ pu oj. .,o~l, part b rI ; :i,· lllrl ilun lt'r. ,.l BUSINESS CARDS. II. K. & F. ID. Newcomnb, 1TAVr:aopenad a holuie fr thie troa.soiing o0'a een eral to,nia -oln hnirilal.s at utuhrex, oaid Ily haurines colllfaled to thiitl shall be tliitilhilly tiltllded Refcirences:- li (C t;ltlltk ita Co., ) hlatsl lI Wite & Co. Ntw Orlconos Caldaiel Hicky, 3 iSte2--tofl n,. A CARD. CIIRISTIrEl & SINNOTT, fo/lucsale Grorers and C,,mol,scot,,, .lerrholls, No. 27 ('litlnmln Street, New O(rleans. 1i3'Pariiceliarnlceniion paid to the puttin1g up of Steal blat and Sthip staoes. ,aov2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC oFFICE No. u;i sisgazlh. , ntet, Il,-,q.e canna' A su.-ie, SrTAIli.ISHEli ftir the exeoution m,,f'n iiii,h, s 1L and drawings, mellrclllllllns' callUlllra, bLusiIes anlld dhiless cItrds of ever, desription, fllunleal (oll.lllr- oil relp illltreilga paper, elathecary iltl.l duggists'labelu; allk check, dray receilpts, &c. pritelalld ad xecutld il alcheap and expeditilsa style, t p aolprietlr. iNB. Batik Notes ntoilv execnted. In,4 NEW IIAT STORIE;. TUST rceiveI per late arrivals froet New York, Ifreclt11 fsiht onhable naaaortoieItt af HAT[S. 'The subscriber wohell particliarly ellU the uttentioa of tile plulic to a eist a le I eaver l te of II ii rlll finish, .ine texturei, ric. an Iteautifill Ins:rt ; la o lt a file pilain Russia ht oI at superior quality Ilnd tidt aplendid article of ilk hat, togetl er will a genertl ia. ortalent lnanufactu,ed iy hlsel all, .olpessy for tlli malrket, wlholeale anld retail J W aSiBORN,34 Camlp street. N.H 8City and country dealer, are invited to cull. fib 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. I R. I'A I e. l t(1 raispeitillyv IIItrlt tile public that lV he will remain a. shoirt tine in New Orleans for Ihe paurpos el ofaintinl portriti. SLe corner of Ca ttial at St Charls,l in t tllhotils .ecirelfedb y PI'arly & Lyon,Uenatists, whearepecimeltn of hi paautit.g can be seen. Eantlaet in St Ciharles street. e 8ll .I N OTICE TO THIE pUB'IfTC.--Ulitutdd runors of the undersigned having sold out, or discovtntned Ilis old and lonlg estlalil,hed GARDE)IN SEED STORE, A\iB i5 Cd.',it Ilaou.e Street, Having been most industriously cireul itrd by self. interested parties,1,the euhscribr begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at larg., that he still continues within two doors of his late, lor former staltd, to le furnisheld with a full and ex. tensive supply of all tie standard kinds of kltclhee or vegetable Varden Secde, of the growth and itm. port of the present season, 1837. Stnce the early part of September, lie hiha re. caived ample supplies, by the packet hllips Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansasa, all arrived in short passages, direct from New York. Ily the Metsis. sippi and another packet, ihe i in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roote, having already received invicaes thereof by mail. l'he subscribr.r hegs fuirther to assure the public at large, that llhe is'at as well enabhld to mnect and oxecute rders for all the kinds of Garden Soeds, eitllr wholesale or rctail, as he ever since his fir.t estillihlttont in .1tiuary, 18212. Couutry Dealers and Markel t Gardners' orders filled at tihe lowet and oost reasoo.ble rahtes. by the pound weight, tind galllon or blshl l asiure. Ciatloguei, cililir in Frenchll or English, lmay always be obtailed oil lperoall Iplhlieation 1. usual, to W7I S81I'll, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custolrhouse stro e. NOTE.-A constant supply ofhlird Soeed, eitl.oer mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shlaklars' dried herbs,--with a supply of peas and beans. C Ltla II LIN -I-- I 8 cases seasmiable clothing, laudilg ISAAC 1IlDGt;iE & CIo, no131 azie st dies, in two sheets; Ilniabrn ltuks; \Wet Florida, Africa; Eiglli anlih Cunlel; t. ellige's Channel, RNew k.o,, .SttienMea , i~,ll,, n ov l8 it ('. C d. tn..... trUCaU 1- e lultricv-11 20) ido W do 511 do Ileavv Rallven ,l llnck; 51 do l.igtll tal. venc (ili; anding frolm ship.Normat, aud for sale lv SSJ J WHI llll EY nool0 8 Cont ct iEW CROP1 St11;Alt--I~O1110 hhdsPaineliar sole II on pN R9V lioi~t'til·l It 31)) hlea b Ia a:lit lnBAti \V I) A Sca no Net ecetian Philadelphia, folr tale bA Nt I 5I iS I A, t111l., Rulnllly teurm...I u IlI I vacanllt Lots innl thel 9- n .d3)m '11u III II ·lrl) Iplllto llr .L!LjAIliae, No. 119 agatltor Sir-C, or is ogult Jtr. Jo uu; N.331yn tet I II - il N SgIreem enl, i edividt-lly &y \ItI--er 'ftier di -ceceet. AtIRA IAI 'lit. I sh l )ll rnn lnte a tha e t tnee l $ ritllFl and C-i - missaiou IusilleJ* till. lly own 11(1: 11t1 1 1l No. 411 P L10\ elkoetatlee it ABIA1eeit,Naa tat'SIleIleeu nuvlllTPP - ;ý5(1110)''`lreuaury -lllt s no ;11111( : 011 liU\Blr llll· l chleck,: on thle liank' (f Amer~licoI, NeBW 1'M'k in Iillbr eat suns. . Apl, y t the oufice a it (.EO. WVHIIT AN, lepi I tillt nge tel, "it. ia l 91. Si3Eldl CANIILES, OIL, fi.. - SPERM boxes New B dl.'diIugel eprta Ctandle; 51 batrrula I ne'led Ifl le' i i; :13 Caink Newa lled fid Wittiee Oil; 7It1 Iboxeetetttld Cti~lte', Jatkaaotalt band; 100 tratiet Na. 1 Sajeap; 1011 boxei Nu.2 d-t; i'Iicet Cap;tr frota Id to 1"i1t Ins: Fine 0oacheap Tea, iOnhal'ult' chestt; clung ilya1 'ien, in 13il Ib bxts 15 bu kekls first quality Cllallpai·Il Wine; IBlck LendaPota ill ca-at;, -nertetiatiet 501 iboes ahite ttavania Sgar', sapetior quat - ity, in storec and Ior sa.c by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, novailS 2J iciteja S O1CI ON.NEi9--51I darn tie atilt) ie aaall 1 in , lOn 'Iatice no 14 l.Ll tlAL.lOA It ISLaaNS-l.,aal c:nale ated half bteaea, foer onlehby ABRAHAM TRIER, nov15 It0 Pavlcnset 1 ALMIONDS-25 roils far atle be AB..A IIAiI TRIER. novln 411 )liaeelea e1 lONIIIN OIt''UlEll-lit casha reneti-ed perDi~nes, L ftr soleIby HI)LIlEcl Oi LLE, a0vl5 9 IlBak I'Ice MIRS. TROLLOPE'S NEW WORK. ROM.ANCEI elI-' ViENNA, b)y Featnaco 'Icedlapt-, autlhor e'ellottteotit Mlateoece of ilte .nrlittieee 'Janllathiu Jeuteceti) \Vtiitlant 'hile Vitcar of\hefiiIca IIi,' Pacrisndthlelt Pariani,,' la.. in 2 vole. JatI receivetid ad fiecasoale by WMt. MeldKAN. nlnr15 rnr of :lnmp nod1II Common st11 P .i iteen iS~ I II~ I ect ttii iep eel ijeetii(· ettteieit1 A iDItteleiee l -ee , s-itU fortie ll nnll r ft i,ie 'l, itntletei mat 'i'ei,-I' ir e ,ee o Il(,u~ c mlI. seal,'; it w n It- eon ilt : *ttl t ilthe tlt ery 1-".1 '-l. , nut wil l be s-1 lit9 ill il.l I lu tiee g tretut glre in: t t 7 ~ ~~~~ It-A eetc NI w 1a kl'ti- m lll·II & l itil h), 1I '!Illiniatit II 0 l .1 N 1 3 , t 2 1 L I L ": ' ,II h· l l *I- l l b n r e l , I 'l l , - a l e b y - - -I) lJ l1 04.\' I lll~ttill: ' Cu, Iw11 3 ,teeeaeitaela eel J1!-V , ca stlati oe l n eeeeelj le e jen 1515 br htiler slieea, 11: 1eattte-111\' 51 ii ii e andr ,O iehtaiee s Aeil a-,ite. 1131 t1,1)5 2: CO.hi ti/lieitte' 131 altte liti leseearsncwine i r ·\1b u x c a c u o t ai n t u g 2 1l b o l1,1l e s c h1 1 '" ' ll r l lle i , l. 511 " 1 x lorsla b 5U) ) A2 it'rld. cr-l 1 btskt A npl lii' AMiue 3 IS I l (Ianaliigt-eet, r Ba~0th std litlili I-e. 2 I il 4; Pill 0 AM III' I-I aitel le ete I !,i119tl IeI J 111{s I tatle, 10 111. a - S 1ah.1 04110. c l * f'l'' Pn tji;:i I:+ , . i.s R ,\IA)N ESS. • 'EATTTIFU1, hIlrt of hair ir Iab" 'ranrdePt or'm In men brll w ll.inl<Z I | tihlll )brannu flll'aln. I low trlnnll a' lv tie llos el it 011+|lIFO+ the colnn**r nl·' re+,alnld protlna I llrPIY brings n( the napePnrnlor' of rc(hi up,. whic'h c u e n 1(11II1 h n TI il e Ilptill¢ onenver+++l. l lrln somt ellne lv ltl. a.,e . r voi· I n t tl i n1 ild snOFL of Iltir 'qtlunllh.ltllre: thr ronlinder of tleir I)ves Amie can ,'ru otl v s rtI il ret.illtitl., t. In Ih rt, noo evon thel :o·~l-,,'l+ .,n+rtv· Al.1+ the FetllroliF thl~lkiln¢ Vlllll'l with htllt llt-,-tt i ot~i.h'' tIn-,.o . ci to-,.. th o Ionn Ot lti tItir. lollltr of (o o, Itoi . -tm.. oh.- htio fotot ftliitt ofltn Ilt.' fir.tclllilcnti- n, nlltl tf'. hotltl rtrstorn- it lartnil. It likfwise poIrn tlr - .oIctl...w. lllts whiikerp; prevtunttt tile iirnrrllll olllrtit, tnv o mhk.- itttl-rl teautifuflly, oatl ft-n... it | ot t- f·ll. N ,tlltlt lltcrt t CCtliff(,l-t 's "t)t tftt' finr re l ee tnltilitv in oII u (p rt of ti c virtut.P of Ultlligoed Balln, nare sown )t v h .t rlprltttort. i Read the fitllowing: Rohtrt Wlhtrton, t sq. otte Mator of Philadelph lao tertifil, as int:v b, seen. htelow, to thebgh chlarn ttr ll l, fidllnwinoo t'tlflcmto. The1 ilnll~·r.ipnr~rl l ,he hrlb', t:ert~tC·tlfv lh,,tOY wehnv us tftc tI..ho, f l*ttOtl,in .Ii-c' by J.()hllro.IzCe onI haove follund it ttihlyv trviceablenot -t ot ollly no t prevontivet tailnt tihe folliog .fof atir, but also a oert-amn restor 1ve. WITI.I.IAM TI'rIATCIFER, Senior, Methedist Mlinister in st (GeorE charte. Nt 8i Northt Fiftlh t. JOHN P [NGLtS,3'2 AIch A trI et. JItH' I) "lHtMIA..S, M DI, 163 ItRt. t JT)tIN . FIIRItIitIt Sprl-teF trect. I!q:I lrl 5eR1)V~.°.l.'lnuth'?d st. Jt)l N (;ARI), Jr, 13 Archl street. Ith it iw tll n f e t io ov ttin re thtt ti)vfcaors oilo.log, otd tfteo ott.rro ..o. o., tlto s s 0t - - [I-ootrn the lMttor.J Ctullll~lul~znlllhh .'+f Pnhavlvnon. , , o t City of P'ltiIvttlld.' 1, Hohert W+hort,.n. .ainver 01" id city uf Phihwh vi ll ho amsill. C aIre <ie eIal t i. abof e t el'ti entO ,tl ht hll nre· c1. ltitlo,:c el" c·l~l;r;ul~tlr nndl rr~tlm,-eta il:tv, null ,.+ 8,1oh fuIll orledit 'I]n+.hl Io 11'CiCflve to 1( Lh¢ sid (,erlfiirfet·+ in wito,'- wh trftof Jh-t e h-et-. ato Oct tny lad ttul Ituo .l ii. of th, cit. to e fixed, this [L. N.] - hIIlll'' WII.IllTON, TNvor. OIHSEI VI fle thai ch Iottle of the G..uuine Bahnt has i s evalid < s rnt.l wra +cr, onl wllicth is repltre-t-ll tihe Foll ,I \incort., Anc, Solt' olttl-oit tt an t retail by theo=tl o+,lecnt. fttr tno.o rico. o2 Fleiheli sotert, no,.r Maiden l.tune, tiic .1.o.l hel .- t'oo.rl tctteeroot Ity lost ttrtllgisii .ts nd pc-rtfltunttrt It o'.glt hlo tttiiilr;ci JARVIS & ANIDIIRWS, 1 tll Wl Xholeft.o, Acconto, New O(rIr.-n.. i'ROSPEC'T'US. THE slubaorier pnopetss to poblish, in (toe hs. ginninog of the eionuln wintr, o Contldensatli.on I'l letwelllty vollunes ofl tle Old ansd New Serieo of I Martin.'oLoiisitna Rt prts, y o nitb noopriold In fotr volunmes, RSo., tecorlittg to tll mtodel of' Petors' Condeltf ed Rtpnrts. Tl's work is now in preparallon Iy J. lturtorn Ha-rrison, Et q. tof tfi citty. Isyisted hy Willinam F Brand, Etq. 'The Editor is also permittted y t tlistinogui-hcd retired Jtudge of tle Supreme C-ourt, and by ione itof Ihe sitting .htlgote, tt expect frlooln theiir ptrsnonal snpervision all tl* f dvantage whie, I tmany iltl.rlly le hro tpe.d t rnlll tht:ir expterinece. Such t o wohrk is becolriug every dcly tnlo, no cossary, as tht. otriglial is votlOmins. exlensivC, ant scarCe.u. An inlcreasi.g curio.ily too is nlani teot, iti tIo .tf.r Stitei.1 out.h Un,, to refrot.e to fth ttentltoar jttlis rudtf c.c o1 L.tI , l ; -id the circu1llnstnc? e of lthe nulllmlerou. principles here <h,. cided in tl.e adjustmont tF cnllitr tof ttla'-., nlmakes the knowll.dgle of llr aodjtllfted ctcses of ptritte utl. lity to thel jurists of thIe whol, Uniun. MIredtnvo:, the. risinf selpuldic of Tex,,s has atlopiod our +:+,des, and thus lhforc it. greatt dll lllol or to i .e Louisillna dtooisions frolllo lfrUSll qllrter, CIOnVPElicltt nllts, illtli(tniit ltn p:or:llhl Pcnocl decidedl ill Louisiana, toand trio it-iolll:llly lthose in tit more aoltllt,rilctive orul.s of' tlilt olthlr SLLates, wil be adlded to caoh case. The ito will fiort four volunots, royal ootavn, ono winll l, delvcre, hnd bItdl to substlt r.brs at j$(i per v cl.; in ca . It .ot lll-I lit. f.tund rocilt:oilhlO to omlll)rtes it ilto thrle vtootl.iut , Ltt c p'ice to I sub scriter t will be $7 per vit . ubsucrlptotous ltccivnd by WM McKEAN, je5 enr Coot ntid 61toono111 o ti.U . TUTI". Roct otiil, b6 thteol .tloiroo and C(stlcolrto,, sol'b. L'PC111, Ii o ( nrlU+c of flook ['.Pp l,.--Ilhe courlt+e tof H.ol+' 1.e piug ulpll+Iel sincel'l ..veral onhlu~|s, wilchd ll ,,lv i:i- . i, MatllV rot,(l llnqd n llllnlllt|, ai onl whom ll alU orp rrnltl. ISI'II .li"l tIIlh in bIsines s ..wi',l tet nrfI - I. t l ooo 0I00.l-l 1 tl O t i lt 0 non li00 .cll-ll Ir·· +I+~1 1.111i(v 111ll. I,[+ l ll ++ il 111+ ,l+,¢qtt1i +I. +rt, III` I ici +q,,' :1I s. iPl 'll q I ,ll ( l ++ll·11 tII· Ill:i i '+X (l. ( ll I·~ le 11 lit t1I·le l(:+'I lI o1 mr. I Itlli' I1I111 I:?((.lll11.t. | ,l.[+,e,· II *-111) ,,i_ fi o-,o,:,__,,. No,,. .d PRED. WILI.INSON DEPUTY SURqEYOR GENEPAL r LUUISIANA, Fl'''':'l ".I' Il .er"t't'' to lh" '"Itb:IL i;, ''hv ''h'arlo i tl I tot.I t oll ill I V. Ltt--- -lll llidl'fdb toot X t-o i tt iioof.t·if hII I,roli'+qn i lh ll d' ? ;:I1 I :1 llllpdl C.-i 11I£I lildc.l tx iul lhe ('Xe uIIIoII rl I nlllhe+4 hlee U. It ilU, he h pe s to) all.lolllld Inlcloimle ii Lhll, ab ah tll lih 1),iii o f l wi,: li. II, n.,I Itlrl lllt.%llll• IIII, i. I.·llllflt, the, I.ll~lt~lll* I - of .a'.. t0llt ll+ l'l..ili+nP+ l.,[l't+N I,. I |Lll'l'''l'. s~cttld +tIf v 4: II.UINII I'ON iC A:.INI.. :.-\Li.',N dr -'1OMI'PUNI 'TION it' 511XTUI'lit.-A. sejiccy 'J tend curo bir le Fiver and AgtI', eemittint and intiritliti ent li'ivnli; proparitd iriin he original rcecic. Uced tlllllcllt and Itcli ersal success in 1832, hy prers'ns of the highest epectaiclittl.Y in cite city, as stated in thle annexed ertife cates. - Ti'is Illl-lcine is highly recommnendi'd, and hic. been cI'tieiveily tied i Lie ab ouve disaass withI icel distinguisthed slccns, that tlhe pronriteor ifi lie reqi lices been IIllnuced to o tfter it to tlie Ii. i lic in its inrenet frime in the hope Ihat it nny Lbe lite nmeians of retivinr i lg lcy oa tOiaoe who arc nclt'ring ulndr ithe t courge of out ecoultry. It [s a illedicille ptser.salg gluetviltue, and wnic usced I according t the dlc.cticlltn h:s nieve failed on' tfiecting a clre, evun ill Ie nliostt obstinlte stagc of thle ihorder. It i not at cll ldisagreenble, and persolas ol tlie weakest stolnilchl, lnd childlren Ilcy tcke it with inipunity. It ntreagthlIni tile tigestlvne organu, crettn all aippitite, nid seldom retuires lore than olle, or in onltinacote enac, two battlet no effect a cure. 'There is niet'ecr mercury nor arsenae in the imedicine, nor any thing illujaiouc io the human costitutii)i. T'ie tprlctrietuor are so wlil convincedi ofi itrs iecee, ttet Itip cftare to reflcnd Ithe IprI:c of every ictti e'icbh ls boon ItkeOl ill acceoldcllc' with tIhe direetons ald hdS nlot etieted a it perfct re ofr thie febvr & gue. A. OLIVEIV , sile agn"t fcr New Orlntean, t bia whiolecle and retil dtrul atc mcteiinice ore ctrner it' Ditenv:lle and Chartres Sitrecti I'ur Inttctic Agehcies eapp y to ccitt bbAn tf cult Iir5 T.W. cn i iitiic ciii i 'i''il tic Cite ectii t. . . . . . .N0I'I ' ~I:I: Ii.IIF. un1)h1r1i11ll,,d Ila~lH. . 111'i'll· dul ,I )i,·i:l(hcd lrl SIci I1' e ci ciat h lllllclllh h litihItd hult' /u i ollliil obl If'l()lill~lf i ".d P III .Olt~ l IlhIP llll : I 1111l'lllll' lit11111 111tln illl h cIL..N 1 (Illllans , 1tl h ' ·ll 1cii.c'iii Ii i C it tll. 1 l' llt ht ll| I il~lh I~ll l (\)llO,1 I, 1 1t~. i :thl.'l/lll' III· It\11 ll )1 r1l(: 111)1 1 1 h L [ . CIoIInIu [bl'LI t+All llnll s t lit IiIIIl.l . l 1III[ lll ll' I t l. IIt n It ll l I It I lt illc (.,1L1l" Icc i iitqlllllint c c ' clil llllll hr Iis u tlli ll ll II ti cr.clc\ I "';ic.lttl elr l )u , I ( t I tubv ,., 'e1. b j. ilulii . IlliYl~ l i· Illlll t i Ttel l?!tv (l'l'll ll~tP illh~li eirt- ,I II~llttl-l l IIII(I)·(I CI; ll. 1III· L·?l Ill ? hc 1 hl'l'l'il ll llll· I '1 , r" ' lltl l tIll" 'lllllbll tilcll Il nl teil 1 a11 lliit l icoer U , it' pi'cii de titmie [ISii I1*'t Iiciit',)h N muses peasones mtewar i ies leit't c ben 'i l It l.i-o·n t l lls l I cllr b l' l IIlt ' Irequiw dlle l ·?u rs r jed I- i , 'll i 'n nII ,1 . 0 tie nt Iv2l 2l ll l< I lll Inv m r ; eII i ll.l nith jt'iic'cil pudic',i d t.1t11.811 J O N 11P AN', citi N c 1 1A1i.1 A .-ii\t1'2 i iii' iikl nel l' ' e i ' 1'i, il 'i I ill -llll l 3i llt retrlc~lliaiii itt~l~ l~l, IICI~iftlllll 1()·ll [lilttlll t' i iti llcc tl II di. . l c[' .itutllllllu l I: tI I Cf Al.It I it tn -2 Ii' ' lcIcccHit'nceeiiicccl cc (ihrI. rNo, t t ( ccr i nelD.. rt. ii''fAlba a iti ti suc,.i ct nitc 'cc il' Jit I .\ (u r , ch . IE('U3 , Id inOci Ii tTl fl,' M h -. IP • .lii) &'t ,l,, )TliJSIlth,].1 ol d3 Ior tu s 1111 +l' us a .1t~~l 1ll CIoil" L i' hugs in~~l I 'l wI atal[d )lort i 11lL T,1 . l T)I" i ** l l th'sh rtreet. FRdANK.ld A ' k hFmR . n /1 E.. filh ; t lo reopectfully ltnalormed that taw mott J tittn i ereted on ilhe meet impreoed plea, slan in al anlrv iud most olhnirllbiesituatioa, h. t b.lhtO Itteniii, ulom the aiiLroud, (le mile from ,he Mitlira sepp,. rhIe htihintdp iarae. ad mosteonmlUmedasly dlCido iut- at ttoots, fi)tr koping separtO diA.KlPOt elaceasc alr dI ffor'nt d~lrnlrs. Thl inotltiol is n mplt wt wblh tr(e mato hkilul and 01P(0iYt ITI+0(1o a (0t f0 l0r nulIe,, ,d op kto the lIt trlnnuhai n orInnhgmpa rl. l Ptrivate joutlr leftv l had by Ienrlt`maear Rhos to Ilrs R tiny, R InRllnill . AttKll . LA, &.. T''cerm in or ti orir wardhm, t ao dh,. per 7Aay. .Slaves also two d +~fiim. aiall t uox n. Ito ordommry wards, five dollars. All oooitnl surgical oterfttt +xtrtn. ''i1e .rlyi nt 7lhiilk is I1t \t'erOmln,ro whuomo rplivni n fr adhl iion ust d ine roI tad.. or Kh 1 t( . I zoqltt g, No l? Iti .part strt. . pl9 -l New hrln.emranord K arr.lltlam Rail Rand .Frr;ololgo l ~ Clt0 rll t Nl'lllllll O tll e L (llllr ltIs date. loan( Cl . ..a FEt.l N FasI . -i 0 (irRLecv.. The horcair at r o,'cl'k A M Stean ear ac 7 A AM .fte tlca"r lI do do tlo do 9 do, do 8 do do do do I, dlo t)d I0 do do dA, I s...ncar 12 do do e, s.t r o o ast3 do. steuu otr 2 Jo Pt1 do do r do do ido 4 dol do do do 7 do do dod i du do do doO l. dotlo 8 do do 'The street care end 0 .0nvetr. hal.C s ou'lotkt, A 1. Casal street ort' lO'clok M, n sin alill hboni a t 7 o'c:OCk. 'la'el erars will coadat e rttAin every holl houmr, atld contlnue throghohet lhe dao, til 77 oclock, ln P M. l'hPtarlno emnra for th La Cour oomc .o eari the alees its for ~n.k ann d street. --------- '1. JAytu) t )FiFEE,in o gra lgcss o-I0, roamieed per hrig Siar, m ctoeo, Ihe ca[l h d NLA'r'F+R & TRIER. t, ' 41 Pevy. ouo A Cord. ORLEAA.4 I7'TIIOGRAPHIC LSTOABIJIII IRE 7', 53 MAGAZIAE rgrTR 17'ITI O+,pP,+ITE BaSt's ARCAtx. SV GR! CRN rtNrlns his illne ioi td.; ano d teo psrblit of N | ktrowlaee I. etowed oi1 hi i for the Satg, bohve to a+sur t dl.n,, that all his tcharge to lo l he p rtuitully all0 t+lulll keepi the ofpier:t open durin stilll boe lwa\s readIy to" slrike tiff Inrs, buoiness and t address card, fulte piutte, and drawu.go, of ...0. do.cril.tian, at K hillest notitel, tally ntl the .st freun otaer cntlirub rtr i fll lf it. arld totlOll.u i experience ill the lithtrtortplhis ltto,' yC feels oot fidenat of giviag aotire i I: A .ot hollerit t anod dcrne.irst' Ulets exeoutvd in 0s good style ads cop PIer liate lgrl erng. aoL t oll o third tttt"o eflxpet( e. jy'24 eI~]i l ov trO I l ti0 I)OI. I All'S LINIMENIT'.-N- e Ptction.--Thi onx. Stroaordinaory ,hetmoicl compIait.on, tie roesult of cieonce, and thie Inventlo or a ctlebrated otnri! c:d lan, ti, n of wtic to the public was itnvestod wil the tl solemnloty of a deathbed htqust, thas inor gapined oreputation utplralleled. folly sustaininol tie correctnues of Ith e lamentled L)r GridlEy's lst confession, that " he dared onot die wothout giving to posterity the hasefit of hic knowledgo on this aouljtot," atd he titerefot fb queaoloed to his friend and ettuodaut, Snolomno atsi, tile o00crot of' his discovery. It is tow uord in tire principal hospitale , and the private practieo in ourl country, firsht ud mo0t tcertainly fitr tioe ore to the Pth.s, and 0so extot oivtly alnd ffiottoolly tO tt, b..Itl credloity, uleimo here its oeffects art witnetled :lxtornu[lyK iln th It otot York and b ott t ru t in overy follownin c.omnplan.s: For Drolsy-Creating eatorardinagry aorpli.t All iSwellings-r duio tiong thont in t 1 fow Ioutc lRhtulatito --Ac ute or hllronic, givinlg quo, 'Sure ThroaT tBy Cantrrs. Ulcers or Coles. Crotup and \Thotpul)g Cough-Externtaly, and over the CI l ( t. All IBrutso, Sprains, antl Curn--Curing in a iSo,,rs and Ulocrs-Whether fresh or long I, standing, and f'cver sores. Its O ntrort.itttt upon adultso and childrte in redoe ins rIllo:to il o swihngs, anld leotstnitgontglhlt alcI ltightttts ,f ttt chet (ty telaxatitn of tIto partt. has been surlri Iog beytod conception. The +u lullll.¢n remark of tJhose w nl hlaVe used it in the SP'ih i t " Itaclts t;;ti a ncetarnol." THIE I'LI'S-- [Itt price, ,wl is refunded to any , person whit willl u' a Itttinl of llty'c Lnimluet tOil, Ile It'lte, attd returtn tho emptty t,'.ttlo without 0 tli tg curtd. 'IThose are the positive urdora ofo the 1propqtin+hor to ithe Agents; anld .t of moany thou. ;andlls* sold, not oltt .ttt b.l tIIICttut ofUol. Sigt(ht( insert certtfict.le to, aty length, hbut prefo.r that Ithoso who toll tho article, ahoulId eI hlbit the rigitati to pu htlt'eht rs. CAUTION--Nono can be genuine without a tptllendd t otgrtttttl wruplrt, Ott whiho it lity 10111m1e r lttd U.t ,tatof Llte Agents, tOLOMON HAYS. Sold w\hlolesale and retail, by t'OM:S'I'OtCK & ' Co, New York, atd by ote Dru)ggtL. io very0 S ttownl il the Uoo ion. Fttr ttoticy :,e t Woleotalet Aonto, cornoer of C(:mI nlois & 'l'tlOUltitlittllatt.ut, alnd by tie Apul.l'c;ir its gleuurullv. je30 811'Al'1'6 (IF' 1: /UHI NA, F IH-'' Judirinl 1)istricr Court. ''("I'Iro "· If Jan kills, vs. als l'redltor anild It,,- l'rediture of IJ -rl . I. C 1-. ' I'll' 31 II of d 1- lul.('1l'l IolaP· Ty is i l reptllll'd /1?· the (~1 111· liar- I)1I! l i l jedII eI t tutsr, nud( It i-tllr rll III It n- III: Iissn Cid a(i d-r ind h no~lur ho Mete &n A. i. ionn, Julae dge of the , 1111·(·'1! 1T IIir o J. I. nltIk ( E q., \ Ii I'+ li,: ) ou alr Uda( , hi _,h " o eole eaI Ud i olni, k, A. A)i , -rt lulr'useof l'Iieru og u ae n iu'r" ofsoi Jenins .ýtra a.Co, md n II,. u 1II tiole allI ju~dicial pt I . 6 1 1 - - ' Ig.lillrL the u, r-ell11 :,n11 l l ll)opl? - of said to eples-'tlt lilt, Itr, eu t'1 'd 11U 1't, P' LCEIIANC, op t" -:3bit FIi Dv. CI'k. ® It 'lD,: LA i.iL~nl ýInh-C-o du P'remier .M i)stlli t ,ni II J -nkioei lpnntre ea cat earners et rt, rreuucl b n, de rlenls & Cmo-I.a cea" uud" lio e Pi I ile ay not rt· net Ollie .our to in·Ilelice de se*a crruallle s; it cal urdoutle qu'Uno llt·UI olI t'ett)de n'II i larko. no"au 'opuij, I 'nliti l7 joardo I un henre, ' i hae dn unode, p~unt .d-'IihFe orur I., lJdios dIsi,,hJej ki ,' I'd Sele,, & Lie'; en memo tows r loutes rooIlooo j'uiciaire conntr . pIrn-r oue ct IIn p'et-'m,,', Jenklini ki t , rorre,-n--.l M l.Cloie u.-t 1 in,, a1· ImC n leli.(llulir les creaucielrs Ilbeora 'Pelli in ,'hoA A1I. 1 d ,o,,,, jlgo dole ourci o:i.lo.,-odi n 24 , ti'ie", 18380 27,,,, 1 A ·L2II.AFC, IlorpGiffier. '® 1l l Iil'ral, silt l eemip gn,,,.1ie'tun markJeI, al J. 1ulnlr. \\. N !\cl-l has said trugk will :;ire otice of the Fumeu Ill J U IID IN ,%.\ CIJIFN. 11o12l8 90 Coalition at _ _____ --_ NOTICE-2. L 1 R d VS Nn. 41'8, 1!I0 , 9"^I, Ir 9,101-',3t a, 1.009,1095, l 111,l l$,t S7,113, l J, 61,end 4 6 wili brrinlg in their rrcetlp:a far geode h Iauled from, tlae chip Hanniibal, ,or le;- oi.l oiberunooutld uccordunu to lan. LEVI H GAI.E, cr133 ____ 'Conu, plet °-----11 :11' --H -----1 -- N'.1 POI,1-2IN and lis 'nloo, I-y Cunliugeourt, Duke The BI t,'\',V ITTf'EN' un~i ntion toter, by the 0' Ilae. lFamiln, iln `' oA Jil 1,111 K u J .uon,,e,1 Jolitied.;fr, the hail shw ,lncg*d,-rrvn, 'Ie eilign, eaIleg, rnneeoV'. evtott+)gunt exrp oils of that lell:tcld liortinll, til ir. J,,Ihn J ,cki , (it' St. Ilntulilih Lune ned Cman~lll .Ilr-1· it, " ? toll. lIEi II ill & ill XC"'T. An enplannion ot IH)I( o7inlaii eedl l~,.rihu; ,th ! i,iwich a plot slue runtu r, slluuetry of ir, anl d gure'iul enrrieo Juslt rat rived .onl tut s *H; by Wfl AI lI"F.AN. li l'l roer nl oC ,np& COutuan et j 9,IC\'I 'i\ G ll 111 1'1: u lnt h lined y-Oar E biý'llr nl l a nd th e public ill eplr ll a" in '. n'.d. Ihnrwr nw luve or t''ot' _ ,11h~ lorio,,k Minde-. ev perieullrl·.l wen. The typel ' brim, lrmirel, ew, we an pel"'l rd t o1 do ev\ery· variety v It plain and fancyar job rn~aotie~nl-,oer - vaiet rt' uy al,i,,,, iu elennnjnb y d i'1Inuioniingnn.:b necuted nol DA VID) hEl? & (0, N 'i' Stlaioner's HKll 2:4 Chuote, at. n·I120 3) ('CA 8El, Xo,. l9bi' nmp street, inust received I) " Ir , oarhi, 'I leIe, lboPI Media et 1, -11" Super Hoynlrinn uriul, 1 (I,, ,bieo, told double nIrll In bed,,"u p ll,,nd, . 'lie end Iea do1. ·111urul~1·1* I tludll~n Ilolillll . I·)lin anid 'Fin el Itln llll oud l Ion papt; I0'Li''Inp nt orn palper. 40i11 an I i t o Glll lier 01 Ce s b n r vii Hit!" paler. 61: Lt . Ilgd l,ý ',iI. f 1'n. ' (ii t1OU0, &e., Vi. Reeve's l, hull11'si'n:eo Colore: N'ewmn',in do;: :8 of CIiIII, nl I1 Croyon---ig, 72 nMd 1-Id dilennel slue;I nu,-d 17.'i; SJold end Sliver S1~olls; AMesbl. lo Citn, likihhsi"i'eiuie Son,..,; Chine T'ile.,' 6, and !,divnonoU"; IYor, Miding,,, end Chian Plteleelm Sit-- buhei; I1 Icn~ r IIndc ',l, IrrnIurb; o'Pe. I ,,,,,t \'Ineo ,oil SkeIchiing Ynl'rid icj'c'llep, l.ceatb ( -r mhknietuonk ti R lunnies cod Cetue Snoan (Quill 1e '-tun; to Ler N Sble du. I'repal'nlocou't; J,,i,,oed 'Ii, F',,er Blad~der Ce u nl, l',ih i LllewOiDrw . IPlreared Ctoonee ll'thnlK'l' BlOoKS & XV'A.ICETS. I nni~tl, and 31 'n-mr l'eokel Hnooks; lBoe-je· L.olle \\ nil~~P; Iill:sin Leathe~r Pockete t~ouk, 3 *"4 1 Ieu liI.i~IUClt '1'uhletr, sjih `'tlverperU Lil caeca. 81( 116W HANIII.ES. 1'Iaill oj d Hirdcd Roseeond, ihllnnel, e `reI'd l1,onii-,,d gold, Fancy cnlomed and geld 90-vw te It.,1I and G fl.l Pon Hnllerlli Pearl wellh. tt ,n-iill 5" t IllE 1tid linoao. aide Wgolo enceeeof lta 13 orte and lur ine by STEOTSON &. AVERY, iii to 82 (i'repr I·eteg , " i."? al,·d Ilr Inisoc 01 t,, an I 1 raringwltrt 1,11 boetd , Llp ta ., ilr.rout la elrlong'.v Inlne s 9 Le'k Ik..

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