Newspaper of True American, November 21, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 21, 1838 Page 1
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PRicE 12; CENTS. -NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 21 1838. VoL.-VI No 1811 Terne of the Xreopajaper Prces Of .o ee Orleaae uuatnjtnaally grrtd rat al ri: dlarurnrd oeetilg of the Prnprirtorl helll in il, 13tlI of Mnrch, 18,7. SeescatPrltOsN.-- l'wrlve i)cllars fI r the d:aily pa per annum, payable soei-aunnlually in adlvance: tea dollars fr the tri-weekly cautlrv paper, payable cne yearia uadvnoce, whoerr n rity reference Is given. No Siba.riptilo will be diaclinuei d natil arrearages are anttled. In ease of di cnorinluanee, one week's natice Ia wrritua" must ne iavarribly given, pravi uso to ih nXpinrtiOu of UbhecriplinO. AnvtE rlIsn.--ui)in dollar per snuare for the first ilertian, and hlf tIlllt IIriee tilr tehlllseqllrnt olae -s} materi ter ertin tr la tle o riginarl advertiseolent ill be ehrged as a new one. YV&RLT AttVgCRlntTLI:O- aerehsats aerl rm'ere, f.ity dollars frr Engliesh athne, ad aisrtiy for Inath lan jags annkn, llaurnnce wOlele, anrltoalhr simniar ps1"tnsotitutina, fifty dollars in Eaglish only, and e ighty efor bolth langtages e; .lipr and eallo Fae tanre, or oainiossn moerchbato litr y dollar, in Engliosh o ne, ald aiglv for Lnth lanegages. hrlaIonAta, Oulrsena Noartoes, and artieles ce l lag the attention of thle lhlie to sales of pr perty, p rIe of psreor gero, Ibe.ihte.& tC. hec. will be elorgoel oae dollar per soquare for tie fIrht iaaertiu an each ai gorge. Cowaeltcrctaos, or Arlvertiaeoenntt, of any person. Il nature, wise,: alahnid.ible, ahall be ehrarged dnuble, and in adesnee. A deduertin of twertlyfive percent. will be made to Asuctie:tert, BlterLfe, Ilegilerar of Wills,and flarhnls on: sales of real estate, pirtlilthed in lelthl languages, andt 50I per cent. ire Erg~lthl alair: 1I0per Cent.antales o0' othbr pertIrty. rrrt If the direct line of busines of the advertiser, ornch as legal, hareton, and planta t el salea, rtnawaV slavees, stry Pninala, &e.&. will hn charged dFr sepnantoly, ran rt the orlinary rates. ~AI IT JtrHernteIe.ifad o to inme, will he p ' dlishell one ,n eat hl, eed C hiargR edt accorr in gly No advertli o nea iter rf lraankrnpjcia e will ire p uhllrlis hd in any case, ulleo hid uilr enn to insertion, orp i pctnent guao rsriteed ty a frarlslrnttlle person in townl. T'l heatreo and otlther plnrac s if araone loneat, rldve rtistlrg daily orthe seasaton. ta Ie raelargrrl rle0 for bnglisl a loee, and mLt50 hin htil: Iarlltaesrot. All announeemoentc f calrlirirtrtrs for politrcl emires will he charged doulelr tie rie e of rTrir olvertise Owing to the .ln...err I.r.o..l.rtinetord t)y newpaper prorpietors. thle have clrrrrr a, tir. ar;clnliortl tItt tie flenes of persons a lollwrerrcrrlllt.rr hays aot iHren rpaid within one mionth nfr pro.lrtrtion, shell lie atode knhrwa (no far as praretieraIrlcj tar erIrh ethber-- they erli gating tlienselves rirt ta r , artiac or print frlr such dalilltu: rtc, slrsrset in ctarerl o1relrere paynrr:nl. 1aignedl J, C. tIc *T. LOMEY J. IIAYIIN, 1. 1. ItEA, J. C. p'ENI)ERGAST, JIIIIN GIBSON, IIuM.SIDEN. Wvekp Prese.--Wle, t Irrirt rll, agree te nhidle Iry tihe aiov rno tudits, as 1ar e tihey are applieable to warekly ipors. (4inoe) AII. LAW.RENCE, SNrartiraacl s erpron t frrr el than oth. ILetters t~ta~t, tt il 'r CLear1 ire Ir0t plir --Iltttl,'eif 51'lI N ILtVIHITgl, dcc. SPAIN IlVISITE) try ire aetlorf "lA yenr in Spain," in '2 vonrt - Io "r t ,erlej, a eovel, by nernt lrrrf"Creilll d'In' ,.The Artreeeof 1crr .,s, r ) e I ret r trlcre , le the k r a lhlrar r Ir f r c T'he 'orsa r sra, 1 i r vi err a. N illr l h luRr : j llnr.r* ' l rrrro ,r; ino rte p e raM d S c11 r)ll.~~ti C r l nlill~ltl,~ ttiilgS anrl doings of olcrrrti~rriMene irrclrtrirrjrrrrrrcrrlr r;ft crowciprnlcerrch elra ofI I.,lg t , ,.vwilli ;It,, ·ljll , :lnfl'a o test andl genr alR drre . me to whrirhrt arrr I; d Nirrrrr odtrt I.oltrir era trireg ,Hlrrurrri, rr 'rl v lire IlcBrace, tire leestret Nrclor e's Ajil nea1erarrrrar1r, aV (tIrrr t.rrrrlliera,, Ii. N.,a nlhrrrOr attl.r "l. fe et Snr ilcr,"ri l:.rIr r r crlI) . (IarrlllrIertarrieae an e iatrr €r Jllrirelrrllllarrlrl Is a lrrhli i rcl I lEera ltta lardrll ael tIicr l,r I rl):+l' rrll.rar, r l ir ila l r irrr tlll i:aV .cI,r fcerrri g Nrr'li rrrrrial I:1 aliar r'erre ain Lrrare." Infaerrv 'l'.clilrr'ira rarcr Irletrha xCiaB arrel r mlreartr f'errrlhe IJrrl~ih'arlrathrriafarltrc, Ireiajorr Ned~l r rl. it, U ,. ra +,i lv,. J'. +,ie ladi rIr sale qy \VaI. ilcrl<L, N, 7 <:...l,.r t:; l..ll (:ll.', l).,_ n 11t.. I.. . . . NI'; I V I Itailr L +11v I(I:4 II·II I·. ll ll~pd+- la -l l. t ,' )II· l ft r;( )hl· 1 thlr li i ,l··IIiiq,* "llll', : '1 Ill q I'·1; 11. I lre $wifT, t l~ll~lll t.lL' lIt v: a lly il~rrr 'a lI ·' , aral I [l ll .a ' lla r )ararf n IrIt lIrve t ,r jlle ·ll -, ,,r rr a 'r alll 1 \V,..h 'll iIII LI ¶,I 1 ca a, tic , r rrr are ytrrlr I." :) , ir , . . ,,l r (a a r a Ihra. 1ril,, r,(,! ..+ r ti ar II J' 1ht .l % Ilal, '1. ' II r' tar ri ille j r '. r( . TIi llf11 lv,. , , r l~ l ,t ,till% ',VII, i I''L''iiiI. h'+ sllF' l a e or aitr .r ar ar .h rra; ld by ll fI lr r ur I jar, tar jir, i I , I ar. II' , l•l, ?rt-1 rar 'ralt r, l Irla. by it Jrerrir Ien r. a rer ja' ,... a IV. ~~;.'+ ' r l t11+ lirrel ar,,ta ana l lfar' t rr. X III. rrrar 'tl", +el~l \'ll. i tI.I+ Itar blr. I cal ri '"' eI. "'t I' lla hr ll 'iii Itiir'raI .rflrarrr1aarIia'a 11 I' ,1 rra i, jarrIt(,\q \" ar 0l,, rach,.a1l \Ii, Ir' tilr.IfrrirId-Ira'itr , Collection .l I htr n every oplie l 1. ce.,.otry L't maintaiM ,,v,.r..lic n arraogeed under ( pI ,rent hedslu, vith nllln"rul s r.larks o tihe pueClllillr I t.rtintiillltn and I et e vii,.l .tll t w :. 'h wIhoeI, all correct prooauciatiuo of ti: i'wcl.h. 'Jla .1 Dolanar new editio. rtvise ll d .rri.t r(:d. 1 el..tiol oef tai ht l.l rrin'n "lee hlIn ,.cti poniel witll i key, .(ntla nillill IIw I t, lit l andIll free auu'l .h ion, lI rll III nr1r1h to s lollblll t l LLa i u. t Io illnt o1t .o ill Ifgretl lronnllllt il el e (oIft' F1 rnh, ai col: lrdlig tn Itb Jle b lt .ltrenc worke \hlil Iti lt lljle:l. The whIle itrcl.ede.l hy it lshort hesir el' I . theII ll tnIoI lhtle l 'rll o clleh Il allllr, . llnl"t'1 p ill hr.eett i u' Ile l th e l erth. A iLruolllcing rE. ch Primer, orl the S.liolar's Guide lthe accurate pronun el uad ..thographyof the Frelnch ILan, ae, n ll:niliun it le 'ho'it. ailll ccerding in ot best ueange, y Blernedl Tnined l:htin 'it re tivled and t sale IW WM MeKEAN, ni. Cutr Canp & Coe st. 3',UrE M'LPIlllR SPRINGS. - R Riti- CNOltUll",t coNT'IY, VIRGINIA. rlII llfavorite cateri ngllie ill e the ntoilliltai SVir.ginii, tl: nile " .w of Lewii . ch , A d I fromtII the White Sdulphur, will lie i.en in iduo season for the reception oif .,company. Mally inportant iirvenitels novlea hllll e s Rk ine· the Iasi wll·Pll . ll.A spaciouls bnll Onto, ad It nlmehr of inhle--Ihelel l romr. s hove been added ll nolw ~llinhilng; ellirdingl lnul)lllodtions ay the Itetf Jully, .ir 2i0 viitors. An excellent turn like rmad bar been constructed passing by the springs, and intersectin, the Kanewhlo turnpike neer Lewis nurg. Over tix r.nd, Ily .lirerl'tnll of tIhe plft offiee dpelrtlllOelt, Merere. Bellihl, Walker & e's. lilne of ail coches will rulln. re post AeltlL being establilshed at the sprillge, viitor llllny r.ive newl,nlld corms t and daily, eatlU ai w est. Of tlhe ,nedicinll qnlities of these wnt-,rrnt It prolprtt.r Ilrilleeil t.ek k. Tlhe.y lsave Ienoa ainllysed by abe liradoi· d clhelnist, ald and t Ithold in solnti en ll the valuarl in.ercl ieoltlf ite ntnetelellretedll prllll inl ireelie. T'he onhintttio 'n aulltiln uhtel tt Slphlretled iy eloelli, .tilll) e tf ot l gllegeie, Silltlhllnto of I.itt, C.r ,nntie of Liltt. Sllllntt .l of S Mei IM\urtllte of ollal, ndil Mniele.of Magenguin," the elllltery etlitsL of whilei are exhibitdeld in it.lhlent tol fealltles; d chlron ic affctiont of the .elneth, li iver, an bowels; incutn netl naffectionsll r diseases fthle skin nll rlleedy mitre potent or etlloneiOttll tll Ih e flUn. telltnive blill etnalbllllllsets tolr both sexes hlave been erected c.lelignoes Io the springs. Visitors caln at all ti i ten loy the btec.tll.Lr dilvlnitges of their be nillgn nd whhionlll tome lncts. Major Willinam VIas will enlltill the superintend aoet e tftlte trinlg. lieee ,exertilll n hlis prt, lu ilet the PFrt tl the.Io perrietlrs, ellll I. rendllered t jlitInre orlh Blue Snllplthur I eiileen it of I fte publlitil lt ollnne. lIhe pr.prietorf lf the Illne Sulphulllr Splrinlge wi.r, he ilteral in tte receipt of notes eTll lt there ld l\Ve n Btnkr whliet aret:cosi tderedl s lvt ;It,t plr. MARII N ilhIe. ,&c. A WPUL disclosutres of 11ri l Mtlo of thie linotel ien Nuellllllry of MyoI re: il, e+ ii, with In as pendli, ctliingi , prtlel I. Reeptiotti. l Ireteditien; part ild, detpeld of her ilnerrllti; )iparL , Review oftthe rate. Alibh l al pplemnrlt, Giving lmore Inrtirillhibre ol L Nllniltery slld griuule, illutrtetd by n plan :f lhe nullnery, &c. Mirhl Munk and the Nnnery . 1 the lintel lienu--e ing on enull ol a viait t n ltet(allllvellt of Monlreal nd rel'utelion of the "Alwful )iecleeeree;" by Wll. L. Sitoee. Fourth eprimenont of Living. Iiving wilhout means. The Student's Instruetor ill Dreawing and wlorking "The Five Ordlers of Archlheture," fully explainiing the methods for striking regullalr tld qirked ttloulderTs; f,,rldiminietin aned glueiltg ell e:tlhcloto l ad clpitale; for tindliog tile Irle diltreterloflto lelrer to any given Iheighlt for striking thle Ionicl Volute, ircellhrtir eliptiel: wvitll lttinthed exnntplle, l n, it lartre scale, of the orders, their plenelaere, &c.; atd intte designs tIr door tases, ele `'lloly rt rovedl Ol L'rlv-onie plaiten, with exphites--l Paelr Nieholsont, relhitlctl, elntuer of the "Mlehatie Ctomtmnintle,'-"Carlleterr* New Gu;ide," "Ctarpentur's Iand Joinler's Aesiltant," &le. "A. Prctit'll t'retai* otn tIhe Cultture ofSillk," alnpt. ed to the soil iutel limate of the United Stites-by J. l;. Comelock. se.retarv of the ll+rtiitlrd ietny Siln ,0 eintv, and editor of tIie "Silk l tlatriol.'" Ithe Silk Raiser's Mlilll,nlr tle rt of rainitle and eeldintr ilk wormn, and of enltivating thle I leerrv Th Clerk's tGuide, or Coillmerlcil Correepon lence; corellrising letters of hulltinres, Ilrlos ofbille, invaices, aee:,utllt-nles, lnil shlketerr, errtqlutlion of papnymets, erltlllmireitl trRttes, &c.-iy II. '. Foster. "lllitorv of thie War intlhe Pteninsul aendl the South of Frener, from the year 1:)17 to the wntar 1814" by \V. F. P. Nplier, C. B., vol V.; Io whlti.h are perfixed an.. swers to siennllltaek in Robinisnll' .ileof Piteonl, and in the Qttturtelrr lteviee; withe oteer relmarks to Ilr. I)nltlev Itonllclte Pereivel's ret.lrkl. upon s1lne itIoa ie in Clnleel Na ,ier's Iinal v,,,, o. tt 'eVnit ular Woer. Just reretved e l f" nith le 4I tlIPPIERIAS-2I hil ,liu tnloie, or a, l by eZY II ,tI \,. ; e2il 1 4 IvN LveP t I:1%R -5tllihl~ l~ li +iiit''. ill .il , B. Ilrower &t Co. 1 ATE just lasoivoal t their Fournishing Ware-house SNo. 17 Camp street by recent arnrivals from E. op, and the North, large additions to their stock of ia ti and ornamental hoAr-eeeeping articles, which eal leetively (they helieve) forn n o assortment more gener. al andl clmplete than is to he f.old it any slmilar estalb tssnnent known; onosistingof SILVER WARE. Coffee lnd tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle sticlks, Mps, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forkat table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra goat qsoonsl sugar tongs; sogar, sauce and soup ladles; tautter, fruit, puddling aild fish knives; pitokle and desert knives and forks, napkins, rilgs, &e. principnlly lIron the manutlantory of Mr B. Gardiner, of New York whose long established reputation for the manufacture of silver wars is sufficient garranltee of its superior quality. PLATED WAREE OF SIIEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM. Tea and coffee urn, tea setts; castors, liqulor and cor dial stanls; snperb candlebras, and Epergues with mir ror plateaux, for centro of the dilnner or supper table; waters rounl and oblong, froot R to 1l inches; beef steak and vegetable dislles rich dish covers; cake and breawl baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber candlesticks; wine strainers; coolers and sylllollns; decan. ter labels, claret eorks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, .a. ble, egg aml mustard sinoons; egg boilers and stondss toast races, Ice. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert knives, forks and spoons; soup and sauce ladles; butter and fish knives. cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, eto. JAPANNERY. Fine Gothic Sandwich and round cornet waiters, in setts and single, from to 31 inches; do ofpapier relsel; bread, cheese, and knife trays ; large upright plate warmers; stice, sugar aml cash boxene; pressilg cases; Indlia tea tables in nest; saddlel Joppunenu land of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, anonal wane re Astral lamps, all bronzel and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, do, each plain anld with glass prisms ; very aplenlid cut glass dot bronzed anld Jspanned side or bracket lamps CIIANI)ELIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. English and French eaut glass chandeliers or lustres of 0, 10, 15, 18, 20 and 24 lights; French bronzed and gilt Grecian lamnps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and lan terns, rich tronze boat or centre lan Is for drawineg rooms, from I to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses stallnd wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEIIBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gilt, witll fixtures, eta; countinlg house andl kitchen clocks; bronzed inkstands, eegar do; paper weights, thertmome era, card racks, canllesticks etc. CHINA WARE OR PORCELAIN. English andl French dining desert, lea and coffee ser vices ot plain white, gold edge, and very rich tancy styles; splendid toilet setas; water anli milk pitchers, mantle vases; fancy card racks and baskets. EARTHEN WA RE. Dining, desert, tea, eonFee, breakfast and supper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Caniton chini dilner seltso C L"' GLASS. l)ecanters, pitchers; claret and colol edl hock deenltres; howls, dishes Celery vase, salt standis, snugar Iowls, butter tubs, finger basons, tumblersa, wine, chan;paigne, claret, onrdials, lemonade aill jelly glasses; line eolored hook glsses. Also,candlle shades. TABLE CU'TL'LERY. Fine ivory balance handles, self' tip and buck handle knives and forks of 51 and 53 pieces, or by the ilozen; ivory handle knives ontly for silver forks; guard and ga.e earvers; long slices flir rnunl beef, oysterknives, not eraB nllnl picks; sgtar cucters, Erk screws, etc. IIRITTANIA AND BLOCK TIN %VAItE. T'. sen; coffee setrs andl urea, with I and 2 lien.ts, uitable for hotels :ald steainllluiots Silos :.d baells; ve'n dishes w ills covers, llystll thr Ulclirg dlline; dish covers, plate hl.lels, colliec grecgs; tea keltle oil stlls wilt hlate's, t:_g honilors, eri. FANCY IIA lil)\A1III'. nd w.ire )l erlars, l eissal Iron;.s; Iil.ieslI sieel holmlsland tllgs, ert;ll Ilcoppercoill hs sari pI ch ki:t tiels; a lrls spneito,, linsel holok. ll ippod, Iass , ail ilbronze handle hearth brushes i, hury bellows alnd .Celi brushes; ano Ilutiog ieheliies ; ubriella saolls, gitlle footmen lllier warningi p ies. KItICiRN I UIINi'Ilt-Cnts;ielsi. irli, ti;, brasn coppriirand rooen iuere, being a colcetion ofe all leluslt suanlly requiiredfllur .litary puposes, od in lerirf'almost every article wanted bt io.ce keepers Call he Iitnud in their estaldisl net I. (Lq Silver;'itl ,latel .wae retlpa;rl :illld IaepOlilhed as new. Lamps ;aepaired Stnill irebruoze.ii dec 31 (OlEIII):L S R I'I'C;illlV") )IIIl .Io.YS' A,,17'i;. V" COTTO7';).V (;1.,; RU)BElRTI' 1l10i"; s Co'i. SC.11.' OF PllCl;l;.-1)JouM.'r. (lties. For a dubhle Giln of Iot saws or l'mii ore eil IaI Eylinder, iakig Init acaIe 1 i1 1iit. taud, willl d edlr , bhatdla, &C. at $; perlvei , or $J'; tiii Fora I touiltii of * lI sa vs i In a ci liidLr, or 1I01 saws ill tin standii, feedters, Ae . a i per saw, or 7201 10 l'ord .of tisawsonedo.or c saws ina atllli, cli $l7; 1. lell. s I ill a t.l st; 1, at $fi :5 per saw, or 51K) (0 ior dl. otf 1 saws on do. or 4J saws in a tis at til.S U per saw, ir 20 oi SINiG .E1 INS. For a single gin of hi stcs : r morell, with ole set of feeders, baund, &.c. at $6 per saw, $i811 o0 F' ud,. of 60 saws, with Iceders, &r at $1i 30 per saw, 390 tK) For do. ollf 4 aws, with fecllcdrs, &c. $6 75 lper saw, 30) i For do. of '1 saws, with ;eelllers, '&c. at 67 50t per saw, ts15 ti xtlteeth whllere desired, fi.tdels, sllpplied ai tOeents nelsh; ithe ol is' of teetih eieg alout equal o the inuther of saws. )llre sct of feclles , it iscon sidered however, will wear out twn or three sets of sows. c Extira swsn suppliel at 8. el'llts eaich. The Gills ordlerel, will Ie delivered to the aglents of ploaters in iany of the sea port townls iof tie cottonl plan tilln Stlates, at Ihte hoe irices, tlheagetsi ila itg the liu rtog llia samertinolU New Yolrk, Stid keenoting r' sponiible Ieir the amullnt of the Itinl. A (;in wriglt willhe sent with tie Ginl to pult theim up where d.e sired; te lcharges for whose strvices will be extra, bat mederate. hnlslcrning genrcan alsohe onlteled where delired, onil relsoobl terIs, hbut will lie chalnled exiletl. lorse power, ofny description, can be furnishedl oil like terms. Smalil steam engitnes can also be orderedl if de sirel. It isdesirahle, when planters give ordelrs for Gins, they shouhldecompainy them with their views in r'egarl. tloltearrantgemeLtnt saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is fi und they dilffL'r opinion. Some desire saws of larger diameter theia others. The tiosat commonl size isl or 10 inches; IIe . some wish theem 12 inches. wish 5 or i rowse t brushes on an axle, while others do not want more than 4 ut nast. Somel wish saws with x or9teethls to the ilnchl, while others want 1O or It. W noh iliistcpalnte, we prefer they shlltid, ait the time of giviig orders, fuarislh a sattlentit of their wishes, and the manalllturers can filtil them i, every plarticular. Where it is left to our discretion, we tnake then oni the most modern andt approved plan. An lorder can he esxented, from the timei it is leceived, in the sliaee ofeighit or nine weks, lld the Gill in tluIt itlie pi.eid in; thie i;ansil of the Iactlor. To ue in time for the next crolp, all orde's oughlt to Itoe in tihe hands of the mlnltluIctorerohy the first or middle of Slay; exuept for plntations where they are late in comonumleilig to pick or gin cotton. N. H. 'IThe Patent Right,fri anyo on of thIe ceritn growiilg Sates, will be sold ola relasonabletermns. ttsii ltrcs STAI'A E OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial I)istrictt Court. r t IE ST'ATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom Sthere 'resent tshall coll., ireeting:--Whereas William Alackey having purchased at a sale ade by tile Sheriff of the parish of Otrlnas, thle prioprty terpinafter described, has applied to ill clerk oft ,is ucort, i whose office the deed of sale was revorded on tile 51h dtly of Mai, A. 1). 1838, for a Ioterition or ad vertisemeat in conlormity to al art of the I.egisature of the State ol Lonti tia, entitled "An net fier tle Ifurther assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" up tproved the 1111t day of March, 1M31. NOW, therefore, know ye, atnd all persont, interested herein, are herebh cited and alIdmoished in thle al e o the State of Louisrana and of thle Fin Judicial I)istrClt Couert, who can et up any right title or laim inll and t tileh property hereinftler ldeacriad, il, eacileueacc at'u inforalit i ter t the ordpr,rvcre or judgeot of tIecot tlt under wlhich, til des s nade, or .y iNrreglarity or illegality in tile iappraiseuemts and advertisemienro, i tillle, or inulner of sale, or or all, other defect whllenaso ever; to oallow cat e, within thirty dnys flx a tile tinay this monitioa is lirst inserted i tile pultic paipers, wr tile sale so midle luld not be conftirmed and Ilnolt gited. The said property was sold by the ISheriff of the pnr is a'ioresail ou the 23d dayn of April, A. U. l:.38, by virtue of a de.ree of this clnlt, rendered ion tilhe i dny of March, A. t. 18:li,in a e-it entillce.I William l ackey vr. "anmuel foll, No. 15,535 of the dloccet tf this courlt, at which snale sanl Williamn Mackey hltcame the Ivcp chaser Gtr thie price of $3,300, Icah. )Description of Pro .:rty as given in tlet Jlicial Cole vevunce, VlZ: A certain Iti of ground, together with all tile htild inogs ald iutprovemtr ntn tlteren, nitltlntdli, thle paris h o(f) OrlillS, in the atllanre lotlnlldedl Iv Notw l.vee, I lllittt, Pnaul m,tl Ittlolll trte.l, tliaigl;nledl by tle Noi 't, a plolt di lctaWtv v V. ". '/.ivtpel. ilcivtir S rlretor iotienll.ll, t lli Itith lreellleivr , 1:1 1. ndllll ,li , tel na p.lll No 10, in tie Illtk of allan of I'elix jilllltr, note, ptitlic. Si llt elnoacures 4o0t t It 1 incihe lh r i .i cit Novw tevee treet, 7l5 feet ii deph Ill i a ie ti d iijoiuie ,. lot Noa i, nd 81,i feet ? inces acid 4 liine in depth oi tile. sile lltlllltlig tile prliletty now .or Inltelv. lhltictl.ihg to N iouddle, ulni 19 lutcII I ctlait widil ill the rcur. it here it frtllll, ttilln alley If three feetl ilie illelcs it, eollttni to Ill, Nos 1, 5.6. 7, 8 illd t. tlllo I I t I: tl Ir lierk, llR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, LOUISVILLE, JIILY 21. It lios been said that I ran away frort Louis villa and (among other plaeeo) had onIlde tracks for the Niagarn-therefore resolved on Tuesday last, tripe t. Citncinnati, for one day only; I returned again las night,. I regri to feeltlat I ast a very ih portalt in - id al, as this instant the Journal of tiis city was iUt iota ".v hand, stating, amongst a great many other things, that I had actually run oevay troun Lo.lsville to escapethe effects of thle wonderful mlagnetic neeo do nf detor Snip, the knight of the thimlnble, alias, A ,S 5, ly return, howrever, roveo that the ablhe of the .ll and wolf, is applicable to tihe Journal. The fable is "A boy was employed to watch and .tve the alamn, when the w.lf appeared; he being either a 'firtman ' a tailor'san'p, or a liar, frequen:ly criedout 'the wolfio roming,'to tlth greatdiemay of the citizens Th y I last found oult his real eharacter: that Io was a liar, and not to be believed even when he spoke the truth." The fact is, that causes mnat produce their effects. So it will prove,of the all-wise writers, Dr. Soip & Co., in the Journal. I would advise them to provide them oelves with a steam engine press, in order to meet the wonlerfel demand and increase of that paper. as it Is well known, there are many who seek for nothing hut folaehtnod,out of sheer love to the renders of that arti Ble. But unfortunately for Goliah Snip, of needle and thimble celebrity, the great mass of the millions of A. netcanpeople, are faoed, and far famed as lovers of trtlh. Theerfre they will, (ta effeeto produeh d by the 'ersas) naturally ay, I want to read a paper, that may rely on, therefore I will seek out rach, and become a suhaeriber to the otherjournals, whose statemnlts will not prea,. false. Their lst atatelents ase too pal pable to requtea refutation yet I will state: Iet. an, agaln sthis hotel. 2I. 'llat I sallrremtm tl tIhe 31st Jul , 'the )r Snip & Co., have sent me a letter threatening my life, if I remained after the20th. rd. 'hut from this,I shall proceed toCincinnati, fo fourteendareooly, of which I wish Lr Snip &. Co.,oll inform the almicied,in their own atiable never fails to bring me patients. t41. 'lant fromt Cincinnati shell proceed to the Fulls of thile Niagara, tr he ait BI.ffaul, (iflOr Snlip & 1o. do not take away toy life,) on the lst of teptembler, ann atNew Yorkon the fot olr Nrrvemer, o.peno thle whole of the next summoer, in order It laugh att all tlse wtlrlll Pthilistines; the medical Goliuhs of Boston, Philadel. lbine Mlemphis, Nashville asrd Louisville, who wiei trobalv.y (befote that time arrives Joors,(iolih let, Rope and thre (iolioh 2d. Currier &c. Gohtt maker for asoee, lories, &e. Golilh 4th. Corn etlter. (G,li ub 5t,, Paints and drog,uad, pihkleostore. Golia hth tihe moast mrgnilicent of all, lt'. Snip, alias tein, &c. panther to tile roprietors oadi editors of the Journal. Lastly. I would have the ioble IDr. Snipi & Co r bnow, thiat ong belforethey were alle to thread It near dle,or spread a bhater, I had been for years, in tile huh! it of restoring sight to the blind, aol that too when o wasa collectorof iis Majelsty's cutomns tI Creat Urlt ain. Iwas even then eo employed. Did the threan piner; tie currier, thie arness maker t for assesa he : lor cntter thle ainlt land dlrg store keeierr anrl tle orafnificlnt doctor Snip,ever, even more toan dreaon of beigr alile tob i the like? I wisih tile Jrureal to .sttl, shnll receive l, lies and etra geers te! Ill to I A Pt. ad geontlemen fro rn to 5 o'cloc A l. ever) day,tu obtain toy opiniron wilthout ftoe, as usual Jefferson Hlouse, Lorisville, July i1, l1J37. 1'. S.-Since writingenv nrast, I have ern il e that orne of tire cueases, ht Ithe p.olr Itlrrree o toIe Jorrrral, un hi mrrbleir,, nerrr o sr well l'sred wolr, sIs,is, |lir nat ndweku:llng thlo, together, ioyv lute re Irllrks, Its threy so perflictlv r entrblre eucr otlrr'er tire tullil tlealoge, "lortls of rt i'"artbrr Hrlrk rrgrt'lr."' . F'.r not rlaving the letter, r. re rrice, alias. knighlt Iof the rail," of tile eour v of Casntl ure laae rllolnsetls, tile respect due to souch adiglliirid )r'dl) eu ar'. Itistrue, hen unlighttioav heen s-! eviold an rrnrntlrerld withl tar, .alr the llr age of snouter"crnr Iups"nhisaow durng-ill," witlhut any or rel lerit, .1o lresrvringon his part; as wr lihd by antcient hlt rtot tern allolle wre turnt alive, othlers hlrrrrg ir t r lr whilst some werve raised to lie e pe" rs, rrr riflovaer r klliclrhte of tile rail. "'thounlsh e Sula i ev agh t hrove rrrher been the knights r f trhe halter.i ut e' we.fhv krr r s hr oh i t h ("It aret rrr arr ,I , "" l prliliti ' rrrl rll rt . e Irj 'o rr r ' ',l r, :h ku'r' hr r t' " I1b111b[,. in ill ntiuullt n II" t IZ 1l(l' , lent is it s is still iln Ipl'li'ct hl h ,n ld a it :s I alll s i 11 blown rosr llu ll r wi(:l, rlthre grerat rt. B ll,irC" S. kbrbtu? rhi rrria Iri, ~r. rillr"cil rrrrr rirr , inrr Is rrs ina spc tare Ihrrlr. ,rrr'lrrrlhn ,'i'tlnnlrit riAlit s too Ill, hlllt flllr rhc neeoC rd sI'ict lelksli orl our u . o lrr lU l rlb n r rplr v a .I r r rre f hlv I r r h Ro , Irs " o , , fthie r n , . ttrnlrn u , Itndt e te lr'nrt N .eet' f S fith, 18th, sVll nor ' b dll.I n lh)in.Sl lrrt lrl irrsrlfirl Ili iarr l rrrs , k ui gl rs o f rtl lse d r r. rr , ti Ir' r , i e cir "ardar tilr wen hplie - f 1rlllrr Irr , I" was ahmo nr fria yr war rr rrove IrrrrM r t 'Ir rr i o rle br rt r.h's t i i;, 111114 the Il tytlls u r'l, l m t, IollIv cr ,,v I "o eigh ,io.r rrrrArrIItIs ir ut 11 ti. h i l nl . ot lrr r le n ", t l rr irro.llr,,hillks 1 In I *Vselt, I rht i t11+.e klll t of J e il • . Imt, t'.il e.I the .+,-, as ,fhe I hlllik late .VI ttihe "I.,hl lc'errrrr unnlirr 'rr ,i r .r rt r al iglr, is 'al lhr eiCY uball .u r llla l Tl pil , 'ase the t; o (i.4. I e h- rts, x bore he fntad t 1rrrr .'r I rrrl 'It fier he Ionr'rt'11111o Inpaletipnt. \lunr V hll cur e llil l r'lcuryl " objlroe which w rre oi l visle tr i rrr irr 'Ire",' I ly lis ire 1llllller l l o. r t inr.d i iihr i rrntr rrt'ir t a ll Sr1,11111r - il.4 1 I r w I rO ear irI. tl C s ii.; er:t;il'ru +.II.-; n lI. t hatl lrd ae paid ure at t o 1s i uomI+ harP ' rrrll rrlul no tl I r, grnl, r l Iii allir rrrrr 0d Ia r ro 'rrrr. \lt'r nt-ked it' f he pinpirvd thle r Ienoedie wilth waLi' Il nlrred 1uri.r uey's, said hra wotrlr raher pav $5)I, tlhrn loo.o' a aiugle drop. lle anuoe upwards of- 1000 ,,ile 'lTr steel prterof the wortrybkrirltsof therail ail :lath imhle. will sca(rely mrrkr legibly, liler ra riong I orl'e hyrasy bIrtrer. I rwevur a Iritle rrlrrrryrr.. i thrfiril riof irlrionkart rorrr tllree will retall rigit riry lllrurr .. Fortuntel'y tir tir lel, is t w a Srllrth by, (to-urrow)liowl rr Ihcr h nn' thrir riy worh. J tbIl.I.I,\MS, N. I-I r1ave jrrst re'cried it eitsr, dlted 1stuJo yr issiulhlg on y oiaking uis polosgy hn thr, druggisot ."' This ,rity. The writers slyle theblselves "Ketsurc Scrrcnlllersr," preterrding Ihnt I allrrled to I lea in lily l]st letrer. 'Tlhev nraro re.tanosured, I did nOt know or even rrrnpeciretar Gallahrn atlortg tre druggsist in Los isvlle; yet, if the cap lits any gnl e nan re murt r course welr it, nt intetrded by heae. Jeffer.son House, Saturday, 2d July, 1337. JEF'FERSOU lo USE, LOUISVILLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the Csty G(ayette: Ilt--Illviig iistlllle tIo thle nitre. tiesoif m pout plttieots, ,aill reslved, if l y i lila t l "uIeu, to re. naiu in this city tiAll thie cud of July. I. 'To try to do tiem nmore good. 2. To convince the iuhabitants that the vile apt thts tloe lMedical GOliahs S. &c, heut applied to tie. beo uan to them, as thir ilawful right. 3. I'l t [h at rady to deton oit two hutndred dollars, ill lltes of the U. S. tKBank, ill the lanudsof is Iauno tiloh Myor ofdthiscity, against ausimiar Su n to ib de posilted by all thle gr at and in uhity D)octors S. & Co. thinat I rnesre to sight more aged, Itmddle-aged, young aerons and childrcn, wint. were totally or parlially blil, tha btlley do; anldthat .1 am hna;led to clre a greater huube of silortl weak or di -Sighted person uring ly sltort visit, thau tlney to. Yet 1 whI .I al wiyv ase calukuo liato r to call in tr their aid all thle ywr deservedlkv eebrateud iprolssur and Doctors of all the tuediial colleges, as well as all tihe ldocturs audl qtuack dotnersd be iound i private potractice, (w, are nuot fewý it tile States of Kenutucky, Oilio, ltdiutua a td tvan ill 'l llllessee; whlere Ithrn are indeed som)11e two Irtllre e ftlloust doctor, wlos aellll Olla tt to be hIldd duw as luw as possible to hlttest pIstlerily. 4. It ntst be clearly understood tlat all thie cres if ntiy on butlt aids, must be It'ooul tall a inoe been Surthlied oithlout the aid oul ay urgical o,eration al Iltevcr. W5. h'lusc a it. really lteril thie etithes tiey uthave sat il.r ih altpii d to o, tihtei Ibrfit itue *l311 for 1I,1 rnIl litOillte his holures iO t lthis tc ty, ad the other iar ty shall take baok his owun ')tht, whoever e or tiery lflly i. if evelr te tigtty ulsdieul hunding l 1bu e muhuldnit ovt one of thle cundidalens, wilt flllil tllt aiold proverb, and give the "old geatlletut" ti, 1. At tall events I woTld advise tile ust named soe liull S. tttao slltcr thlat letter to stland aloui, as it gole for "silt ,ictoull" at wei as tlsaietllt " butll yestlrldayil ao t-.dal ;* bhut I advise hinl to nod to it its fegitiuultt, ctnpltiotts, A Sphlced before it, i tiphabsha lo ordee thenl tile independent inhastaitnts of the ciu would Al ways kaow the writer by Itia melodyt ofth s voie. JOHN WJIILIAMS, Oculist. I wtas weak enugh toread the mass o Itlse toaode signed S., whicit deserve notilltg but tly silelt con temptl. It ad [iknown last evening of tile great i.lportance of A S, S 1lould Inane treated the lust of the threo uotte wciat tdiltrently: but let thilatpa.te. I will. nowever culll lilllent his ,tmster of tile Journalt, for his sugaity to empltoy the f,rlter knight (nlt uftie garter tr of tihe t tristle, but) lfthte needle aunt thiuble, ill order ttat ite n hlV kill twl, birds with, one Staole, i. o. to Ithpal tte hotes that ,,ly be ini his natural or ttolitiaol garutentt andI, it" i may judge frot thiat excellent paper, tike Ad vertiser, Sir. Stip's Iaster is, poltiticalYthic, ellllS ineed oFl il servic.a. \ilthe ally ciraulslaneco occurs, whether donlesticelli or politically, wthich requiresra a blister, whetter oa hit -Io It oa or ott the reltllation oftitlose who do not im1p rlitlo tleaase hittt, hetng utlikel ilt, (whlicl lihtut Iel gruat nlislrrltone!) thenr it is ie rings ilis BELl., whtc, lterall is nt. uothilg Ulle timt if it os as"sottUdigy brass or a tltkliug tyntbul;"' yet, to view it thu--Slr. lell loouks well; hut with ant S. 1). A. S. S. slier it, appears aiguitlfcealu!t JOilN WILLIAMS., iculitt. Juily 14I. A I AN A.VEETMEATS--itt .ttore antd tirrlt..e I y 'LItIIIts & BirO, j i r Ul - t l 'olaUltt l and Ia.i jjatine RS. i- t ,. Ihr n th s"tullt strtotw of Ithe Trtle Aciijri ii ca.ntllhi... tw d.,trc b s t h.l . ('ht ityhl ' ltre. h tillt ratre standtlirau 'ofle,: Hitse. t Aph1h. to Ilt . Jt)HN (GIBtShN, Edittr 'ruo. American. .1 11. i1ot-s.. ari sourtle'tl t oh ot Nailhafrom [ 1 , lirebv CIIASE & It \iy', I'll. (''An.:ll ull I-t ,lt raI, MILES' COMPOUNUI EIXTRACT OF TOMATO. A VlUSTITUTE FOR CAOMEIL. ITr IIE, doctrine promulgated with so much assuranen by many empiries of the preseant da , that one sme dicine will cure all diseases, is not, nt never cal he true; and lie who asserts it, is either a fool or an im postor. But it is a filet demonstrable by experience, that combinations of medicine may be formned frtom the VEGETABLE KINnDOM, that will act so universallay on the system, when taken seuonably, anlt in judicitus pro torttons as to a're, ill nie cases out of ten, all diseases within tle real, anil power of medicine. Frtm eto well known atdl established reputation of Calomel, it has long been employed by the empiric, and scientific physician, as onne of the most pouwrfil agents for the removal of disease. By the former, al maost every land has been deluged with nostrums, that their authors claimed as specifies in every disease i:nei dent to the human family. The folly ofl these preten sions needs no comment, for acucalte chemical investi gation tas shown, that the base of must of tile Panaceas, Cltholicons, kC. which hate been trunmpetted before the eommunity, with so much assurance, is Calmnel, or mereury in some form. Now, if this potent articles even in the hannd of the most skilful physician, frequent ly exerts an infllluence m the human system, unforeseen, and entirely beyoml theeontrol of art; undermining th, constitution, and bringing on premature old age, diseam and death, what result slould be expected when pre sribed by tile ignorant? Could their tnuy thousanl victims speak, a voice from tite tomb would soon dispel lie 'pecific' delusion that now sways the minds of the living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evils resultmng from the mercurial prsEtite, and will gladly h:il the in troduetion of n article tip! san saelty hbe tsutituted for ealomel. They feel, and that keerty, the uceertainty of its primary optration; they cannot say whether it will he favorable or unfavorable. They also know, and feel, that ii its use is ceontined for any conliderable time, in jurious secondary consecluences must follow. lBut hey mlust choose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will arouse a torpid liter, remove obstrue tion, and set in flee action the whole glandular sytemn, and it being indispensably neeessary to Ido tis, they continue its use, notwithstanding the eoil eolesceqcenc.s which follow. 'they have long desired and smoght an article that would produce the good effects of this drug, without sulbjecting the patient to its delete~iouo results. Such at desideratum, it is believed, has at length been obtainee' in the article now presented to the public. The proprietors of this article keeping itn view the foct, that a nise and benevolent Being', has placed with in the reach of all, remedies adapted to the diseases iu cidlent to tile climate they inhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South and JI'eet ,re based upon agantli or fumctional dercanKgement of the liver'; directed their attention to those articles which act more esep cially on the biliary oergans. After long, laborious, andl expensive research, they have succeeded ill extracting a substance fiom the TO MATO, which, fronm its peculiar eliet upon tile hepea tic or biliary orbants, they have denlominated IIl't tine. It is a medlietoe th;et will produece all tihe beeficinal results of Calomel, in both acute and chronic diseases, without ithe possibility of producing the leeciounde tctn setutences conunotolt t t that aiicle. its action unl tile constit;ltion is tlliiveesal, no part of tle )ystellescapingtits illtuiIce. It is, hll)wer, uponl tie organs of secretion and excl.etionU , that its gtect power is pIarticularly illantiltte'd ; lelc. it is pe culiarly adaptiedl to : tereatmlent of b/ilious jeoters , hd other dlisases il which a torpidity or congestion of the liver aln prteal circle prevail. It is acltnissible iln al cases, whltre it is eecessarv to leansthe t stomtach and bowels. It removes ohsUeue tino, ald excites a quiek andll healthy actionll of the liver and othier giandular ei era of the abdlomen. Beng dif nusable in its opetotion, it produces a live cilculltion ie the nn tehe surflee of tie body, acomlp.ied by : genltle ierspition.ll It does lnot exhaust like tIlts tic ipules; still, its action is lore nlluniversal, and 111:i olten bl ie ipeted, not tletlel with sai y b with gl'Ea bent lit. Tl'hi becolmes indispen.ably necesgary in cas. of loglle btllltlillg; ler inl tlhela iltenlle tetl ll)lnill ill res sions made by strong medicicee, scihlm, if evtr, do goold; but tend to iljece the ettleneita of the ccnstitniee. It is cleansinllg ;a pI Li!ying to thle systl, acts ill perfeclt hal~rO.,y with the klnown laws cf life, aid is undoeubtedly one of thlecost valuable articles ever offer el lil publie trial ai d ilsectl l l. t'Fr convenience, this medicine is foitrme int .i grwai iills. 'i'lT white e ills are c'eth/ttic, alteratir·e, h'tt ph/ eticitd e i tetic. They ellow pills are lonic, elt thett ace diatphoretic. The following extract on the snlject is frol tile Cillcin nati Journald. MII ES'T' ollAl t) 1ME:DICINE. The virtues tt tiTle Tomato, lot only ls a delieioos vegetatle flr the table, iut also t as a Inetdiine, ha\e for l 'ttsidert.lle t.e ln et, e.ttraetcd to littleattle tiol. It has been believed to possess allti-bilious h Itt t ilties a Lich, it ti.hy coiultd be a t, atetllh eXllix ctei , ei stltaratell Iolt the superltuolns alnelr, wolt he itvatlable. This has been characterized as. a bilious counltr. A large i portion "I the di seases arise from ,I isored,'i, I re, s, or ' 1m1 de rtgentolents in the Klaludular system. This is especially thile ase ill the wetal, and still ire s at tile soutlh. If a rielllL)y, easy, sat'e, elfeetnal in its olelrlilon, allnd leav ing the cot.atit tio mjlimspirad, could he discovered for bilhons comilaims, lbis woub. l unluestionably be amlog ithe most healthy climates i th e worldl. Calonel as hree tihe lealenst ullivetrsal remedy for distlases of this char.iter. l t Hlt it aIl remledy wiich nothing but necessity should induce te ile e of. It tiay be cotsidered as tre.spasiln oil tie Iproile of lnother prolessioll to stlv:k il this, yet we nlay be pIeritlete to ex press our atrmtlg tonvictiol' that C(lmltel cannot be used without inljuraus and aIsting eat iscts upon the sys tens, greater or less, ahccordingl to te Iu:litatiea taknll, anlld tile fIequey lo its aset alnd the cont.iluti)n of the patient. A slbstilute far this, therefore, fiom the .e getable kingdom is a lesiderltum in thih l ctlntry. \Ve believe this desidettum has been disco+ereA in he Tomattlo. Dr. Miles, of this city, all his associates with mul h laeor and expense, as Ce tudertanl, heave succeeded in ilobtainli. such . extract fir' this a elta bie as, it is hoped, will be tlundl atn clfetual sulsltitate. We have taken some pains to elnqire among meldienl anrll and others who have used this medicrine, as to its eltclts, and we feel well satisled that it will pr.oe a most valuable remedy in bilious compolainl. So ul.r as we have been able to learn, it has produced the desired effect, operating to produewa healthyf action of the liver, proirtlug bilious discharges when needed, and hllin some instanoca breaking upi fevers, with even lolre certainty and in a shorter time than cadomerl: For sick or bilious headaches, it has been found a golo remnedtv. T'hose who have usald it say that it does otl plrduce the debili tating elfects of most other kinds of pulrgative medicines that there is oiincreased danger IfrOll eoldhts after :s use, and where large doses of alomel would he needed this operates without any danger of the distlressaig adl injurious efliets of calomel when producing salivation As we have reason to hope from our investigation, his extraet of the Tomarao will prove a subshtittute to aonel in a gruta vlariety ofases, we aullr lrd it as a bIlessing to thie human efailt. lt a perfctlht!y safe. and free Jroum all Ininer is e tletwe r tak of i, alndl we trnstltut itaur a. tally tested by fuamilies. We hlve every asal subo , llea. The above medicine can he obtained only of the Ge. noral Ageilta, anlld llnl reta lik atit ht aylClg 11 ctl mfission signed by "A. Miles, I'reo't F. M.t(1., 11,md eountersigned by "F 6, Si 1T1' ;atone, (;corral A, sta fur Lousiailat ' a catd heariag the Clompnvl seal. E . B T Stone, General Ageats for Lonisinna, Il Tcehuleitoulasa atrot. Riedar & Co. 133 Old Levee street,ii pptl siti Vi, ta tye Marketa. CLnul Marttinc, car Old Levee and Ilo,,J IIt e:t. WIIll Sthelawy co C. INNop undI Julie 1tret.. r Mueller, cur Tl'choupitouhla stre t and St Mlart'i nltIrket. J iP Itarbt & Co, corner Tlehoupitoulas and Gild streets. J & l' I lHartwell. Rayon Sara, Lea. IThr tt J Stansbryi , to, 't exas Frelrerick Serda, eormler lldr, au.dl Cmup ira. Geio. Jouet, e. ivoli Circle. Wmil. Evans N,. 4I Building C(. Kow. Apllliicatio fr neleiea, or bnedi'iuE* by wholesoh. mltlal be nolde to t.ltte General Ag'enItsP at yVew t llcllls. All laters, post paid, willbe ipronpltly at.ocded to. 8T'.lTE 018' LOUlU, lAiA. ARISH COUl'r. for the Parish adl City of New Orleans. Present the ]hor,. (Chides Siatrian, Judge. June Ilth, 1838 --No. 10,g4 .--Ja:que I'uoinr ~a. hit ereditorsa.-U, p re dig alndl liling Ihe plition nld schedule in this ese, It is ordehred I,y thee Court that tile ereditln ofl tein.solvent d~ clow t'ause I, opel court on Saturda the 7th day of Juh, 8IU.I3, wbv lie should not bedltschliarged aecordg If litw; and in tie meantime all proce4elngs agillst Ihis persoll ad pru ertv tre stayed. Clerk's ()Otiea New Orleans, June 11, I1 '38. jo1 'aw A R.1MANIA FI'OT, Clerk. r`_Eý 'AT DE L i.. U1SIN ,-:.-t! our de Parnesse, pour la piroisste et le ville Ide la Nonvelle Orl leans.-Present I'hon. Chilles Maurianjlge, 11 joi, L3:I.-.No. III,9I4.-Jrorques Potier euer sus oriTan. la thJln.Jn ,, dour ce alicar,, I i rstI ,lterei,' lar In Mono qe les creanciers de I'lmslvable tireair Ireur. rai sonsell cour ouvert, Saotedi 7 de jillllt, I318,poIurquIlloi it ne serail puint elech ,rg6i' confrorn.r eot a It hni, r. eln attellndunt tolltes polllrlsles contre sta perio)lle UnL bes proprivtie seant arri Ai dl. Belleal lde greflior. Nolvell e Ollleanl. I I ioin, I:818. I SEEI O11--I0 bbl., lhndinm l'oI leaulut L Alihtny, tor sale by U It)RdEI1', jel3l I4l\rew Leve. i t. 4h ,tro n n ltra , it suply il th.e ,bu", put uip ill Ilh1l.- ib rcce nlot[ bbll.;; tir slri Iy I.All ' ' v I111"1M .r.\It:, jolt 17 I e'll fnellltli . r,.. - IN IEEII) OIL--l" bbl. and "2 - lt, l.sintel 1_, Oilnouw lnding Irm so rp A. -hvtdh, outl lir il, j tit,1 tleby o.11 ...n;, A ' ln l. I.s, [AIN'I'T,OIL, IAl.ASS, IlitUIIlES, &r..--us landing tlan ship Ciontitltion, anl tilr sl--,vl : I nOHiefoo Irol'hlaga nIsn twlii lioni lo eXIe ) I a 23lbr ;. 31H1 kegs white lead, pure; 3.50 do greon paint, in 25 libr. kegsa 24 doe jalpeaud tins io l s.oi"niih0ll( ll., lithrage; 2; don a lendid 00000 grond lruo--' alaso of1ftfi and 01HI do; '2 ases crolne green in plwder; Suplrior artiele dodo in ann oo it large asnllrtment of sah tools Iof eery size and q dority; sabe lentils for artistt ; flat marking &re:l,in boxes, fitled : t wilh all aecesry brasheo ; artist's teols, &c. -lake and. irmnity white; 00 packs gold leaf; wlite and yellow wax; guu arabic; anisa large and chice as slrtnlent ofpaiots, dry colors oil, tlurpentin, vanish, &. ., for salewholesale aud retail, at the Iowest prices, by MIONI)Ei.I, a2R 58 Canmp t. ItUePEe 1 'U:b. EVW EDITIO.N OF THE ClVIL CODE OF LOUISIA/I1N.. IT has been for some time made known to the pubhis that the subscnribrs are engaged in preparig fur the preas a nre edition f the Lonisina Civil Code.- 'They wenre, irnn lhe irs, awnra of tile great diffieoult and reoanlnniiliav attmldilg bhe publication of the wort, and it wan not without great hesitation that they non oented to the undertaking. But the present edition, amountinga to about three'thanuaad copies, and which had otst the State mor rel tn thirty th.usand dollars, was entirely ot of print. Fror insre then two vears pant, the sual price of thle work has been frin itirly to fifty dollars. It in a system of written rules wnich ne immediately operates urln every individual of lhe state, interested either in ag-inulture or ommernme and which governs thedisponition of an auch property .omningto ncfronl other statea, that--uonbke alton. ay other taeatim npiia law-it is am much the text-book ndll anmuln of the marlhant and the planeis r, is it is of tie private gentle man an(d lihe prnlieosional ialvlr te. The lawyers of itheBdjoini, g states, and in fort ofel thne statea aon thile hi o anld Aiisiineipii rivers which lind a nar for tiheir produce in Louisiana, hlve a fre qtent necesityof relrele to tieil crde, rld noake it all inadilpenpale rnquisite to their libraries; and in tile cite of New Orleans the book is as sure ito b forond in thike erchaln's eonting roon, as upn tle dleak of tie jdles, or the taile of thea alttrev. It ie ne surprisring llererfore that te first editir ofi the work na oil quick ly disposed of; and althongl a nire reprint of it wotu in somo inlenasre lnppl tlke peulie necessity, yet it would be inperfect oaIl ui tiifactlry n ol.cs ainnltlte with refercnces to the Reporl,sr nt Stnlute-, in order to emtrrace tie numleroun iarleilioeliina whichi have b,'ni imdo by tile IaLgislatour, oal ltile importaal decisions and contrnrctions which holve oeen given upo it rany o its articles by the Slulprme C(ollrt. 'The poblihers have Sere rd, fr the geleral anper inledlnceo and ediunial deparlment of the work, tile professional services io Wheinockb S Upton, EPq. neonher of the New Orleans Blar. The Ilan. Jlluge Bullard, Jud-ce Bernlodes, nold Ilh George plnris, have e ih i kinliv assistedl lr [ipton withl the vnoluuall noles which lhejy halove llected ill ter cO.lrse o their stludies aill praeieie;iad io Mir N I Jileninrs,ilie lari. her of Air Upaton, who is also reneged in tile work, (Ge Struwbridlge, Esq. har preeanled tie great mass ofl raf renes oentained in hiis office epv of tile code, and whlica nave beeal mande v im ulliilg tie whole periol of his lis:ingslurled irotle.iuln l labors. The publiish era nlV therefore i ll trust tlat t le iannlieions el ile work will lie all that indlstr alldu lanbur, iaistrl.d by learning and experieince, c ul uarfiiruo. ilhelt lat l 1,in lh tlls nln'u, ' ttle, IIaIn soliciting Iene Nll subscriers to tile work, ,l lulilles liakP prideo ill taie L et that lLe Indre llo IoU Salllr IIa a rIthori ze tile i;overallr to ordnlr one thousand opier rf it, fr thie filtaure me of the itate. T'the ra'i'nle will welhich rh lulllle'r wna tnkei tile Assua lnll.v, Peilell lieir jins nelln ef tlhe valu e lf tile work:lld uithey the v exitd ell thiat obfidence in thi a liility of the Miblislip. and editors which , is he ell is olll y " duei ty oserve. The w ourk will lie printd ion Freail and Eiglelsh, iion guood paier Sld wilth cliar typi,; u'r will nlyi ox ueuue or care ie Spired ,ln make tile whole n ec:lrlchiul xetutilc onf il enrraspold wilh its e rant iorlllwer.nce It will proballiy lie raidy i I delivery in tile mIouho llh fSeptenlber JeXt mi nai li" pr'ie will bie, to si srib.sI fiateei dollhrs-live dollir Io ble iid ithe lrile oi Stb Rcrihiiig. 'the rubscripitini lits, fnr rcined, the store price will lie itwenty dollars u r i'illp. op i6 JiOIiNS & Ct). l'iulilshero. Hill N'IV Yi -K. [Loisiana rr ul New York Imit e of l' cket,] /llll; shipfts oil ~s int this Iaiia will sailfruom New u()lhans1od Now X'irk ,i ever'uither ,tlrdav- co ne nclllell mll talc 20th III IuuiiIe , 1 ilh lruu t indl0 re t he stri.rl-al pllnctulit il lhe r time or Siling, lth line will hereafter Eonsit iiif live ShUipl viz : I SiI Iu .ooiocille, C uluniti Pi'l u r, i leove all n ie h Thliip I/ rnerifle. Ciplonin Elldriigeur to leave on tile Shim li'cell li. S:hip |I'i',isblur/, C lail Woollouse, to tlive on llth Shlipm .Iliours.iippi, Ci,. itain Its, in, i. heave .. i he, e ,r11 .iS T'r te iliiio shil nare ill lie,. ilr lke fmnill rine,s r;1iuied ni'oi uopper lihii'lcuil hnd u. aindni oflr500 Ioro hurlht n are if' lilt IIru"1 it 'f w11 r, bl ii Ill il iII New T'rk exw' rel.v Ilbr ih Ier'lll, Thd T'herr oti' ps sale is lived a iolie ibuidre, dIii ,h/rs. ii,'ir cnai lins are litt;ed it o lllI the m tiiill I t Lpl ilold cunI-' l.'ellell IIul anI id iillihed in u n,eat anlld eh'gant chlh. A.I ple stores of the firr t qualhii will bI ,.ovildd, ilun every reald had o ilhe cominlilrln1111 eulltlre scnllialillhOi iaslltgersi Whpon will lllllae e k , ub onc that nl ll lel tlli can ie sanurLd InI IIi id for a tile otffice III thclllla igUleS. 'I irpa palck.tanreiuniin alld Ci ar C-talilln well Iai - perienceIl in the Irldre, who will give Cery ' inlelllion, alltl ext!rt themlllselves Io aiic(noiilUalic. 'l h y .ill at all inios he lowedl aI uiil Ind h II a(n l ieiun phIili li v ntriltlb nats, 1114i lhe sh'inct iuluuctluality lalevl'd ill Tire owners of limee hins will not be responsibhe ho aEy let er, parcel or ll.l'kne, staIlv or pllt f llhlmrdol lhem, unle+nna regular billl lding he signed mllherlfu It tle cimintiullg olnlo tf ti e laenlltl or oulluer. FIr nrler particnlers, apply toi " i IIEIN & .A COiEN; nov I911 Commn St, 1 /" ,AS fou d lifi l' mumie 'i hi tile-flaize,iute m,,ou frlelled, arid han looe mrpuoer-l, she is t2 feet lung, anid eighlt liel, beiiiu; tullin hs lcia .ollup riggi'ed, Ian ihere are iron straps forwardl for Irirgilg. W.iaever re cogniseo said launlch, will plaio call. at No yil Old Leve .a t t SU itIl.-uj hid.;, a priii Sairiuic, r ilnie by JaL) 44 New !.even II1MP[IRYy'S F'OIIEIt;N 'TOURH, &r. G RIB'A BRI IlAIN, IIRANCE ard BIII.GIIJIi, i short 'ToIr iii 183,3--lLv Ileimn lHuiinlprey, Thn iarks of .Mre. huereooad.-Bellug lihe only reilaleie and unifLrmn elitililli everr Iililiahed ill II Uilied States, vol. 15. Just receiveod and ifr sale by WAVMM'F AN, jl4t CorneCr nap a .lUConir streeta. PENSACOIA MANSION HOUSE' NEW CITY, PENSACO(LA. I3IE sHEberilbr having pua.halad fhe lhase and fr itiureilr this well known a, tallirlhtlllat, froi .It Tayhlr, the latet I o rietor, will be reudy to roreive t i. iters by the lt If April next. Numellnlrous anld costly ilprovrnents will be founl d ill ile trrtllllangemetl of the Alotllilll IHne. New and ulore lllll O loll a bahi lll IIwaltt a ill be bIilt, alnd warnl 6L.1h1 will bae provldhd ct till bo1 's. ,A rl b will be llla:l d tI Illtlle h use, willl grand :, un, I .,: a tit, ) f or ttloe rs ti d cat aidgs.. i F t rahta his ,. and tlllr gte i will a lit+ob k'pIt litH hire a ,u lerlJ pricedi attd sail atllsi row e rutlsith pelcan to nwnuge to for the use of vielers. lilliards t al uth, ll ..nntl llu 1111l5y huoot) at waterilg places, wt ill Also he • "ll aled, anald i i e tl e hctl,| is till to allrlir wl, a td cI wlir t ;Uld jtluietot'th+ tbl'drra . '1'llJ willms n;ollld 1bgn 1 will ho o l the be at q ality, llllad ml eI,, U I' a it till s p ly o ics" It cargo has alrd a ohrdaredd, uwicil, w ll rit e a[la t ts1 rh ill :tlilly. Mr Frederilk Iuarard, who formerly kept si poprnar aI hotel lt W aldtigtl n city, will colldct lhis hl , el u fr ite ,propirietor, whuo, with titith iidtltolil tv naeru,,t the tilr i o tIlalsit yearti, liii lllhteenUi I t ellt , tiii ihey will l eia se, very )ossillte attt. tio; and tIlret y kxIlurs tot give gu . rail s.tithactl le. T'nhe htnal dvartugta of (b t boos, i re+ eri t n't"Il kIl tii to nesd I tle r ngl. i o et l s i.' )|ii ii l -r,. Tle flsu arc t li a ige e ilte In rg t , le a vl, l e l .tio l 1 il. (iovl'flelllrll he S+evLera LTll Trends/V1'l of the t ~11 's * t AI It; tle c:thl"ily Iit't t illlll t rehehllad Yttllslllta do illng l .e IIIeiiiii tllll c by tilhe cailhsI I Cee t 'eaui riele aul r the lieaty of the l:itv And tltl " liel arinl haslld, aIl rivces; the llt n llllltll' l lildl tCV It| tII fiih ll willch tilel w rtri n ..botlnd; l t d i. n'tl to t, hiet IS lttU Tbrnl Lmarkeits glive l't'l tl the , i t.itlile t over all otier iet:ces it t I t" Isilust , --t hltlig untoil el. hft llel1nsu rrnh t,. Fitt rtela boat will reti ltw'c,, I''. a le and It,. bilte, and will rat all tilllmet Io al l , hi+ (o MW ell ,th 1roars N ii AI~l\|5.. Pentaell.a,i Feb. s 15lth, l;:.ui .f h 'llllli nt (·flla lheas the Olllrllllo ill I'ellnl'lsp oI r el Seaell 'I ayl i, Ita l 1., 1111 the( a ea etl i l .tI'W oUrI.w lle lller. Tl i aSr liad , , Iv, lr ,itat ,, Ilt 1 t I l Kolldie .-ill e.hl.. l; xh 8' 1n-eo. S1..5 1sts, ti .ti .' S--' lre t l t In titlis., sil t o I in,, , , per-- it the .boar ItrL·t i ito Ida'.. I at lira ll'olt.1 ·'\ "l.Ol:ola eilh r. FRt Nll' llh I I ahoils, sw ob'ill e la,i r lllla.eIrmt 1ut " I--ii,, ,',l, i- II, M16dl,l h il", e mn ,'. t l s I I te i ..,,,o , a et titcc a Weth,, THE FL'RILIDA STAGAE COU. ol; THtROltGHi IN FIVE AND A HALF DAYS, Prom Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (Geo) L EAVES Mobile every other dlav, imme.itelty aftel the arriveI of the mail from New Orleans, per the steamboat EnEL.IN, to Blakely, coaches to Penacola steamboats (per Penaneola lIs, St Ron sound and C(hoi tahachie River and Bly) to Cedtar Blff, coaches thenea via Marianns, Chatta'hlnhoee, (formerly Mount Vet noa,) Bainbrldge, Piallertoa; Hawkitaville and Louii. ville, toAuguIa. A passengeer takinhis seat at Me bile is in no danger of being thrown out or losing his ptrefrence by other contlleting interests, at the ILOll. I. LIXE is bnt one concern, andl tider one contro hronghout, andl may rely want erITAINTY Upon hit nrrivalat Augusta in timer specified, through all weath er and at any aeason, unleu some most tnforeeen etna tlrltae sthouh oatur. The Great New Orleans Mai is carried by this routm. The AMnts for atomnola. tion, Teams, Coalhesiand rvera are not surpasted the southern eontry. The sa.iooth, hard, natural roads, thte safe and inter eating water navigatlion the time and ancommedntion atford the traveler speed, cet. allt, comfort, aid a pleas ing variety; counectel as it were witththe Rail Roadt Ch(arleson, S. I. and the steam ckets to New York, travelers can reath New York faom New Orleans . LoSa TIANm 11 nlra-Wachington city In 12. From Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a Brall.n Line via eQuiney and Talhdassee, to St Marks, 4 hero - post naaches, also two Branches from Hawkinsvills one to Millea';cville, and one to Macon, light two hlur coaches. STOCKTONS U cu. AsooaTAr, tlth Jan. 11.5. Offite at Maision House Mobile *Dilsance, New Orleans to Mobile, 150 mile Mobile to Augulsta, 54 " Alugusta to Charleston, IS1 Chlarluston to New York, 980- 180 Time, New Orlean to Mobile, 08 lIoIlrs Mobile to Augusta, .32" Agusnla to harileaton, 12 CUiarlesloo to New 'ork, te- '253 Makitg 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hoar, inchl dve of all stolIpages. nov It) N. It. I beg leave to inform the public that th. bridges over the Chatahooekeswamp and lHarn Labor creek have just been completed by the general govern meat, (the. lay obstacles o roating against this safe an. ttaeedy route. are thushapplly removed; and I have th. pleasure oflean.iog from travellers that the colahes,hor ase, dlrivenr and oads are of the first orde: ; .nla as to th, water route from 'eltnsela to Cedar Bluff, it is admit ted by ill who have passed tl.rotgh it to ie unsulrplnsse in novelties beauty and safety. The bridgels Itrougi Georgia have also bsenlrealired. J M U HAKER IlARDIVARE. 2 lMAGAZINE SrEtr r, NEW-ORLEANS. JOSEPH KNETTILE, & Co.-I-nporters ofFoireir and Dolneao ti Hardware, are receiviag fr lin '1u rope and tilt Atlaatie Cities, irect rll to o he ao litllltauu .urers, .n ext.ensive assortment of PFllty and Heavy Hunlware conlprising every article e the ie whlich aloy olr low. tCounltrv Merhants and others are mavited to PIll and oaaonille ilaeir st(ok which eolissa, ian , it of table, allteber's, pcoket, olddlor'8 lllllt traw kllivtle plated nllt Ilritaollin afot. Raesao, telleh.a, plus, a.oks, IfirI ey., silo veala atad spalde., totlgs, stlovela', fiuders, ndirons, Br tuais and auelilldl ware, Ibrutshes, blank Iibooks and pa Der, lookinig glasse, aavil., vices, screw plates, hald, ,ledge atlI naitl lhammers,, smithsIoIIws, Americani amI English bliiter,cast, shear, Germnn and crowley steel, plolah ilmoulais trace, ox and log chain, waedlil.g Louis Inna and grabbing lhoes Mattocks, pick axes,c,rn aing grass scytlher, Collinll Kings and Simmons chappio axes, wrghI, holrse land cut nails, cottonl anod w,,d pistol', shot, powder tand liq.nor iaks ets, to sio. a ps, .,.der. te, fahil, ,brss and bell Metal ktelets. gn, k::b, chest, trunk and plad locks, bridle bit'., stlililp JO UISAIAN E-Caonr do 'u l Yaee a Lis Itric Jeliciairu . 'ETAT )E I.A LOIUISIANE-Atores rex t qu Sela I eccales onceraeto dith.-Alt. hii (que Jameans Bares )iggs, ayayot aclte ii a ieatll t Iaila e I't le Slhert le bI litpaoiste d'lOrlllS IeIIOa iproiprle Ei-alie decrite, s'eat atoule su Grtlfe de i otte Cou: t.u la dlil velt tfit e.u'egistrce le 2 ille "outr d'Avri e I'Pane 1898, purt un :avis oullol'rnietllal a il in lcr d nl I.tagis laIture le I'tt de la Luisilo,e, intitule a * Ate oim aollirl.rr let titres desacqu rellrsalx veitsjudiciaes;" approuvi, le Ilot lars 18. 8 Qu'i suit coumlu, e tooute ierslnnelrs illlstriuss snt plar ces pirelsents solellleS alt nonl del 'Etat he la Loa'isiaoaet de Inal our du PFlremier I)strict Judlioiire, Iqui pourraielot avoir dolit i In prI ariete ti-a nP es ieclr ite, I e l llmosetalo . e dI'li tIome ' a os LI'e e, le ,Ilearet ot le jugel.ent de Ic eotr, etl velrlt dauel ietn vell a .e itae, ou de tatle irregu luritre ol il.igulitc daln I'estinlationl ',.vis on le tens et le tude dt e la eent, o i polrueautre cause queleno.ue, de laire voir, aluls trtell, joirs j Ilraer dl e la Ituiillention La (lite t.propriiiti lt vend ll par le Shtrif, ins dtit le 30 eije joutr dle tars de lallne 1888, ell vertu d'un decrel dle eelte Coalr retd lill eiate Id Jatavliear de allneLe 1838, No. 15,1St, di I)kelll, e ctl te .r o r.o lailille verl ; a'est relind aiquelrcur ppuor leprix die.iogtaCilil milee Descrip'tiOln de lt Propriee de lsptIr le tratlser Judi eainte, Savoir. Un eert.,i moreean de teare avroe toults les entisset I et aelitaatioS quia s'a trouvent, nti ales oits, et priiilecges etc. y au s.pen:"atit doi e mlilr(illoreg i ele Iue, aitue an ol atuxboatr'g Aeaomcialioa. llelrll'llt (neslre aalgiaise) trl.sceiloiqlallt six o ielosetltualre hettimnes i'uln lpore aInt: au Chemin Ipublhiuee sur 'Isn rue de la Inouvel le I evee,lltrois enllt Joisatle tin Ipiedls six ploces 'lqua tritilstalle arein rue Calener, ldelx oeoat ein. Iollulle cilnl Bedsll n)Le l pofutleesit Iletix 11Iil'eTIns ou. ...e liglle Ifae Ia it iae l Ie la veille Leoee, Jt.1u I0 tpi' In lLie lioitilrophedl laproprit de Latrcut Mi Slltuo, Iil'raeoigtl . tue t'esruesVeille Lev.i,atl les Noallen de 1l ltoriaant i a tngle arlli et s'atrdiniot ai tIaltrait oi1s pal, l t eros trus aea caprlia.1anatr le t utog a g . Iigie ltiaitlropie de w Ia iotiriete hu tlit Miitloo , tar. ilel ti la rue Celstt,de lb tormant i aSlaIgle droit et atledtatt lie tixante traliasieds oulze pouces et roi e aitel, a Iaut ia ligioe litiitm'olhe e In laprllopriel dr de Lolii L)Dll, parallel a la rue virlle Leve: adoe hi, f ullHiatnt uie autri angle droit et I'etendalit de quarante tlot iliols slept oiucet et oid lhiitiemes sur leligne lamit'tde de la ptIllriete do dit I)telltI plarallel a a Ioe Celeste i; deli or I aaolt aia atre oaigle tIti, etoIJ'alae datit decent vigtet e iletaits dix 4tio.osl t. t . l.sllT· hi trelsl soar la lgille lilitroalio le It rlorriateaih Iala 1elde parallel auheolleaptibliqa tle laIn trede la Noell velle LevLo eo t oixamiote oizeno piIt llqnto atpooes el tiatlrebuitiotel.ieal la rue des NOllanel, Olltfi'oraoell e iult plan d~ltsd tar J. Pilie V'u)er de ln ville, In id Jaooicr 183t., aenexe a al acte asst lair deatal Louis T' :lane, taotaire ipublic, le $26 Jlavier 18;32. Telnlnit I'Hl.n A. A . tnBluclaion, Juge de In Colia Saulite ce 16 Atrill 183. P. LI BLANC. P _ 2'1 lolp. reflhior. ETAl DE LI LOUISIANE-Cour du Premier Dis Iri, jJ hcitare. I'CTAT 1)I: IA L.OUI.lA.\E, A tous coux que Scs preseutes oncernent, Salut:-Attet du o le William n ackev unlln relq lt uc o r vet I laire pakr e Shlerif de Inla jttrliae d'Otrleans, In prknlriiale ni-uprest decrite, r'eort udldress au (;rlet tde elete CSlur u Ia d,tl ventl utl earegislrre le 5eietnjuolr di Mui, de o'utnee illir. pourt , ani. trlfur ll.r nt A uhe n , le die lto Legi ltore de l:s' do ineh Luistiuto, intilulr "Acrte pti tonlirlnor Io or ue quretrs anux vseile juodit nirej," u'po sl'l e tl,0 airet, lo it,. ( hu'ile st Ikoiltik , el Itlres ptril tIe-l ililu'ri.eoandt ltl kop eq oentdno e outi jIe furne duols 'oldre, j da lcrl kole jugekeut de t cauI , ll %a g 'Ilera, tl l el tI o ell a ia tirlir, ot de t liet ir.gkelortke w il,Egklikik ta, l'tItalok , e i Ij[rtis aoi I leAlm er ie iml, ti it velil, ,il pour Tii m bilt a n dils trle sotIue, mlle f vire it, dai treoie jril alr dIe litel, I mlrtblejiol, ins t rie air i nptrilli Inveu tuionihi lsite r jHeri etettihii cr(whiall tplnee oItuio Sr. lo L.a daote, iniitie (ll vepndie lar hn Sler f, sis-Ji t ro :telle juor d 'Avril, de ' llllle 1i3,l i oveit d Ular d, crle tier intte ereuhl In :hriue ado stlrs, dIe I'.tll.e 1"i38, dulos Illtoi relu YeWillao 5lll:kev vn. Slounl lreoi, Not. lji[.45 (tll ojkte d eellet (lltl, iA lao ell Vml I.dit WttIli,lon %lekeo, neatl reolldo qleelUI IpoI l IptiX doe $l ,?01t (i plllln. lieorijllttla du n I'rot tri@tdol'rt to Itrataltr Julici ktirk, Oavnkr: Ili tertoiti lol t e I terPIt, v t(illl llislO i ll ,Is e lisne etlehorotikoS, sitne eln l, lruisse I' erl (loos, lilo Ialet }fet'loeo r li]tt k ,al ell 'ok vtil- ].ej .p, ulksS, I'tlnll tl, Ihldl., k qgui. prllo Nit, N0ll1. 'aies n plln dres k / par C k Ik el.ttlklui· Voovr eotbllll-l, It Iij lireemnbre 1814, el ,depose ell 'Llrie eC +de+l Fel ill bi llllirel, ublic, .llllnl llll N li a le li -Ir. NkknellI e nt'ti', eokiku tlt II itle piedsle kr.lkl&ti lr o d, eilllie g I i ll.ille le F II l lN , ;;,vl t Flll I e i Ig pi'd..seta pIi .ee el quik k kg kk e io I fik tlkok i - 1 colt kit' itoll.h li lrltoolrll'tt ilapri'snlt, I0 detlniere nIutl ato nrt,. nookl N o IN ultll, el tVlt dlx m1 l" o-ze kttin o lI 7 Irl, ais Is·l r11u,"1t1 1i'd Iitr, ik iit it A .e a!le , Ilur iil dui (or t . unltnl nluuOe otreet, nlppusiu Ithe potl.-lrice. Tile tulisribcre t ro niow reoeivilng frojm ltheir fr. tories ill New York, and will keep constantly on Ilaitd a gienrl assortlllolt .if Marble Mralltle Pjenob ifsnpekrlr worktntlnship, and of the latelSt patterns, kaodo of thl tolt Egypltian, Italiat, Irs llt nd American marble. Also, Moltonlentns, Tomhs and l,rave Sktoiies, mPulded olld plain silloa ld lintell, ontorle l tings, Ihearths and bounduiy nltne. ploster of Paris, Rtnllo &h llydrtali ('ertllit andl Plkteorr. Ing Hair, togither wll h aith splondid illiort ll Intl Irkoon itiotoiled ain plain G(rates nd tklltilit Irtoi (;rates o tllte tIwlsil ld smolt aliprltked polttrns. lttering donor in the netest ae tuannr od on tkIt slortet ilutite. Tlltely lhave first rate wuoknetn It. net the :lhuvbotwoik. ic5 'AME R I.AIN A& iSTRlltTi ooti -T ''AT'E U¥ LOJUIIANA-r lr.d Jutl Court. HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whlms these Presents mull tome, (ireetinlg:-Whlrit James Diggo Iheing purthased at a ate udle by the WKlerlof the pariah of Or.L.ts the property he inafter desribed, has applied to the clerk of this court, in whoe o the deed of sale was recortled on the 4d day of Aptl4 A. D. 18t8. for t monitio or advertiset tent itn otrmity to an set of the Legislature of the Stats of Louislmsentitled "'An act for the further s rance of titles to parhasers at judicial ales;" approval lhe 10th day of Mlarh,1834. NmOW, therefore, know ye, sd all presons Interelsod herein, are hereby ited and auotdmohed io the itase ot the Stateol Louiisana, and of the First Jodititl Distriat Codn,who La at ipan right, title or elsim in and t the prop.t. t. herei8n eseri ed, in consleqence ofa ny inormality in the order, deoree nrj udgtmet ofthe curt unter which the sale ws made, or any irregularity or tiesall ty in the r s oa senets and advertisemeats, is line, to mnlcer o sae, or ro any other tdeieet whatsoi ver; to show moe, rwithin thirty days from the day thif oion is fitrst roned in thie nbl ai mn, why tbs sale lo mus e Iso urld net n e l cni eed ti ssolong Twhe mid ponk yws odd by the te fr jrig l o t the priaL aforesaid onftletfh day o Maersh, A. D 1833 by vit toe of a deree of this soart, rendered on the 20th de tat January, A. D. 138, in sa suit entitled James He5 a I)iggrs vt Ruus Gsreene, No 15,191 of the docket Court, at which ale id James Barnes gs the prchaser for the poise of tre ity-five ta o qeaserptioa ofpropeety s given in tie Jdi i veysnee, viz: A-eertia plee of prop. .y Or paroel of ground togeuser with ll the builditgsltd Imprvements hereon, rights privlele, .rs. t oheaivrohetloging, or in aeny wisep peraineing, situate in fauheboog Antloni;tion, sahove this cityo amt measarieg in English measure, tHnee hncdrel otr il fiy-six feetatdlwur-eighths ofa inch front mt the polli road on New Levee vt, three humltel sand salxy s,, fret asix itchesancdftr.-eithlhs of , incli front on Celeste s, teo htundred ead fity-five foet itie ilohrsin d two-eighths ofan leh on a tine frntiltg on Old Levee street, until it strikes thle onndactsy tin. of Mil loodon's property, st theeo aer of Old Levee and Nuns street; there formilg t righlt slgle, ad rextendling righty-five eet sad three ieclhes derep alnig the bounclsry line of said Millaudon's property imra:lel to Celeste street; there forming a right angle, tand extnetlig sixty three feet eleven iinIes aod three ecighths of all inch on the bousdary linte of Loits tiede's priterly, tairrle to Old Levee slteel;there tormitg another righltagle, and extetliltg forty two feet seven inches atil five eighlths of sa inch on the Ioundary line of smitl lkde's plropertv. parallel to Celeste street; there fortmig auothler right atgle, ant sxtending g e hundred slid wenty seven e ls ten ieehes and four eighths of ot itih ott t.e hbo etdary line ossaid Ideoes property cv t cie t ii ad tl N oW I Evee street, land seveoty siv fiet feur ieches and foureighths ofeliueOIt froot on N 's llS treet, eeCr sd. ilg tito plan by J. Pilie, City Stove: or, nade 2311 Joe vayl, 183,annexed to an aet Itssctl bhl'.er Louis T Cane, Notary Public, on the 2tlth Jantlelry, 18t \ittlaess the HolA. .NI Illtoltt, .loltde of the Court aforesltl,this Itith April, 18tt8. eStomS&13 P. L.E I tl..l ( I)'l. Clerk. SANIUTIUiEtJ tY lTi;E Ac.UL t- UP "- . AlES; CINE:. r IItOLN'S Copnllrttil Extrlct oftopjiho aolll Sorts I art lt a -A cert:in, sale, aI I ertriettyle l te ly ever eliseoveril for tilte ette of' t:llrlrldll, lerts, Strictuoes, Whites, Paitl in the hrtek h ,llttsts, s itl weaktless, alfi'otious of tile kitliliro, gret1.l, seuotblie erutptioistit . It the ittlllruetinn ot a meltirie ptorsessitg tle ilseFu enI activea virtue tt the nt iltlv olftre to tle iblllie, tlre pr irl.lhlllats hut tr il.eer to i e InelUi .e r Cll - nildlatios rnceivedl lfreom the nstl eltlillente of the toe titool .culty in Eurtope, ,eliring btet it wtll he ttly ltpeiated whte. its mertils a te re luilll ktllowli. iThe BaIlst of Ce;oilts, soexttttelt y cSilv r as l mutch tr its s tredhit trom theitlte wsieiltl ltalierits lornlerly exriess, regardi, g its titgrev.ble taste, disleor ...e tittrdcei in the bowelS stott mach t nit its holtetolbre iloffiienvllV wher usesdinth ithle olm tort stage. Tlhe troltieltorltls mt le an trnavlis of tile Blamlt , conteiy Ille:g tt tie slore rtiveettlitliro iottl ttrltth Ite t mtch lIlhoue rileelllte'tt lt(tl anIld Illnnru usefUlh, :ti ll l elliril t.el thaU ill the Irlleet slate. t"le :t ove t llrlt ,cil. ctt lhl ill glrdUiellts which are in thle highest replte t l lottr the ottst tietific and leorod in the Irlexsionll. Ee:ch dl it i tn e ettonlttioi to lhi plt.Ieli;oll lh illt'ertasc the rilietee of the ole tier, i'teollltl, ll r.t o . 'tioll t. uly r sto ts t . sgetttt surpossieg the est tmotet e titte o ploshS ollltlg the sattetlltr tittlte o ntgee tof Itl" Iving storeidir cl-l with Ilerllel J""erh i e thll" dip t;t tot itagcs itfl te altie iireao ,. ite ttitst e nttttt i tllI iytCi n d llSt tsur.elolis f tile prNit tisy ixlries tilrer etrciellt ap. lirot'lxall itl favor of S trsplill is whilt its tse it, ite ;;milsill hosplitals ild . lllic IIIdiilt inhii/ll~nlR lals he tt, tl still ttoootitte, very extettaive. It was a fiv oriteivrnlely witht the celtilltttetl 1)e Aheettl. it ill v.eltiw aectiotts, ant in ilbsti atr cttettllonsr I in atrising from a lisortlredr stole of ltheligestitr Ilottlolls. Havillg been submittledto thie tlest ad rxoll-rriler of the istslcelreblated amollgtheiteloy, tlhe oterx ptessed thtir salilhls tioa of its exlt.ttllillttoy flecov ill every ease under their hahrge, by dotliting it bttlt if their putlictattpeeatepraetice. Tlieiroi Crattit s will Ie tusereed hereater. Ptep'ared Ity J I th il;, Cwl tile Lolllldoll. Price $1 51 per pot. lESTIXIUS 9ON:1 From A H Salmoon FSn, F It : S-,,.'on to tIhe St Tltaao lospital, atid Letooetor o t.\ony.o,. lThe tri.l which 1 have m:tse . of rlr t ,rs , , tion ila variety of cases, both male tandr. e,, in l results I. proved so highly favourable, II:h I do niot hesitate in ronouncinlg it one of Ihe most valuaC e il dh llio a oimlH S Itou .a,.tielae, I . n Ip , u Ve, ryeo,'.: to t,,, lu ils it l'es utll mulsrool e ll aih. aa t he a i lmy x pr.uled (ro tom eorpai.a Foto G il Hayward, M C S, Physician to thlu St 3Mlor l.lote l)ispesorr. I take great tlleolr ins adding my teast inm o to the .hle remlmenties of eer prelparatio, w ishio you thboe olcreen yeon o mfully detserve, in sin pi. oT rai-l for tlhe wohorand heltpse ltclnUed itt briging it to stIi u a - ileto pmrfectton. Fut' W 0i Cuooper, F it S, Surgeol to GI'ts llie the olltifoom nteen. whiell hau oltelloded the oltlliills teliUg vyour nmedicin e amng ny ieatills ollffioste with the tao.s distase, hots ully stlisfied mr thai is has only to Ilte klnowl to he truly ap o loe the Sueeelss YOU so well detlve, amply sIod speedll Il .rsoo you for yaOr vtluable preairatiotl. Frun Sir A Cooper, F R S P R Ig S, .e e. ilaving beenr inteed to try a yoar Extlolct it srver al lels rofo violent (;Gootlrll which hiad hilhlro liftlei everylpreesoriptios othdnitisrtered hv nor, Iltotig tionol slreatlM sllpedy orllesI rled by it, iN a low oyl. I L eel myselfi itdutty ioond tostase ttlA I ntoow in tmn lonO Otar both iublic. .nd priv ... KEeEP d and otuse ou other. From G W Blair, M D, Phrysita, to Guy's Ioe ipatl. The Iriclt test which I hae given s your medieine smong nmy Iatilet, Sand its intvaril;ble nocers_ thll.o Iar, will induoe ote to sterqevere in its nw. uael I deem it butas Pet lofljltolee Itd of inty to add tr) i ,l'etlu stti lonotial in oonsneld ltionl of itviertuae. -Frm L C Thomspon, M D F t S I.. return you my urinere thanks for tl e valuable pee iscot of your Extret forthecurue of Gonorrhueae le. I feel gratefed that you have at lastl brought a nriedlicitls into ote wlhlh will petve a deiierastm I.og moglt for inl th.. ,dlie! we, h--| sure, sIpee I- anld effetual .... nl ases of the above elanl. It alforda me ileeuare it. puhlishliog to ithe worldi the valuahble qualities otyaurt .Vre it neeossarv, thie pleprietloi r nul hItre oe nlis many e111,r,' tleatitmilo te~ltlally as ttoottltttdtlo" s tha l aLosne; Iut touets tiuha itsgruat suet esla hittlerto he cre & t exl'rseO at whioil it Ibas been i ltCitte, t il ,'me t.its g'ttut.l reconllleltlasia attlotog a tlitertilog laitlie (tite reentn.tnroatleitta, tliis preriatott it ven ojs above all olhlrs is its eat, plttin e orm--llatl p.l it l -ts-th in which it nla be taken,, brig boith easy an I Ide'ollt--i tstasteh nIture, t ih nilo IPlt iothll in diet or ctldiln ent t f uailtro, . 'Lurn clitto eslleriully wolhl fila ithi In edicine filhlh iusltl, td till oughl Ieve to he unprltoidel withd a prelrlation itosUrlsing the aid valllatges whichl, the I.reltet r lu e conte ils. Aenomtltnvieg the Medliotie is a lallphlet expllana. tory ofheo difl'errnt stages elh te diseua, itatotril any exrotl charige, romtSiinig lull and anleh. liretton. Fetr la by SICKIES is CO. msr l4.t-,Wjm Cautal stIltreet. 1) ACON--25 Ihhdo Sides, 15 hhds Jolt sl f It i I P nhrlltdera. llotohnllati cared. lauding from osot er IBukeye, aold ol orule by ST'I'I'SON & AVELtY NEW 1BOOKS. 1''%" A+NDl INCLINAT'ION%: a oel, editrd bh '"Fthl ( "'hnrchit," iabe, in : vol 'lI'I(lt St''J S I.IIE (O, IIAN."NAIl .UOIRE, IlIttlY A;USlTINr; or, AdveOttIrst. i t.e r tIah t rimo; 2 vols. l'IArKl,' IIIRARY elF AMEILrICAN lIOitIA. I'll, toot, 7,8 .od St. ''1112 YOUS.\G lOUSEI KEEPER and 'Thoughts Tine I.i.e uad Adveotoro ul NIC5IOI.As NI.'LI(L. BY No. 6. SKti':TIIIf8 BY BOZ, No.. 4 & 5. UI0 IVEKR TWIST; or. Ithe Porish Bvo's Progres; tarl . No 3. Just receivod ululin ula. l' Wit MuKl t, ner R roe (C all Iullld cooloeItoie lt v t -- t + tt; re llueraulle IyatIt rIP ll1l-lcl.,,, -il-r P,. .olbrole reoar du perlirt di.tri-t judiri-lre poor I Elatt lito Inll uisllnne, 'omrlip llllllll ir I'evaloluiou et tbtlrnu do ddamageet frasi a neltoorir por PI'ourser nl re 'ure uoutel l,' rue, do le oie I, ditll, ia rssus (ti rold elllre Sungosino at '1'ehapitoula, ait ternise leaur t "lelllu lotit lole vraw cltie, ave Ii eplan, elt dept.. nu bteuei dll grloier de Indite aeor, lpur 'idpecioS de stull tronX quo eels peal rllleeoer. Avirs publie , t Ipa Ittloet,6 t IaulotIe, quo ILedis tstblesa d'evelus. |.Oll t' Ia'll,: l'., I lPIII, sera pre-rle a lhialite cuO pour ,llial1:timO1i, tiillltti l, 4e jolll ale NOvtembt. uI : et tllten - I IIa'lll h++ ilSle ,.laoL si do o ledit tableso d'eta. Illlltln rl oid la e sanont rellloe de filer lrom ohjectiona " o1 de txi e d tlt s doit ait jour. alts In la alisotsl t •-. is JOIHN I Bi tII J %'. it:EE, .h s+". li les,

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