Newspaper of True American, 21 Kasım 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 21 Kasım 1838 Page 2
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. Mail Heteulatious. The Great Eastern .M.nde is coted every day at 10 e'olonk, A M--I due every day at 12, iM. The Repr as M.ail is closed overy day at half.part 10 A M-Is due with the great Eastern Mail, every day. oe l~ke .klait (via Covington, La.) is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A M--I due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur dayat 5, P M. The Louisville or River fMail ii closed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is sent and returned by stonmboats.-Arrives irroegu I arly three times a week. The Rayoa Sara or Coast .Mail is closed every Taueday and Friday, at 8, PM'l-fT sant and re. tuemed by the steamboat Brilliant. The . lexandria or Red River Mail is sent irregu. 1Mlby steamboats, twice a week . Louisville or River Mail. Monday, Wednesday, and Closes ht 8 o'clk, P M. Saturday, Coast Mail. Saturday and Close at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. orstacns Froa e rVatA 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertior, let Vice Presideont, W. L. Hodge, Sd do. 'COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Disk, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, II C Cammack, Jan H Loverich, Ahijbh Fisk, GEO. W. WHITE, Soc'y. FORT OF NaW ORILEI N.. CLEAI ANCES. Ship McLellan; Ryan, Ilouduroe, in alla, Noember0. A Cspedeville & co. Ship Charleston. Eldridge, alston; J A Morritt Steamcr Camoan, Knight, Mobile, a H Abbot,t ARRIVALS. Towboat Tiger, linoeli, from tile 8 W Pasm; went Iown Iieht; hrooght up ships Joh. Jay, Rolert owae. brig Cs. Edmouasn. and schr Kosca keo.a Llft oh tle 19th, at 4 pe.. lRports to.naroa t min up with 2 ships; nothins In sight in theonafi: nthi.g ntrw in the liver. dteeam ship Columbia .,ways on thle 9 .st Breoaker. Shil, Robert Cowno, Mnslaeld, tidayn from New York, to Reed a Batrtow, Sli Johnl Joy, Lambert, I I days frm New York, to maeter. Brt Charlea Edmonstoa, 49 days from Marseilles, to 8 ltickr, Jr. ache .oa.uiako, Mora, 7 days rom At.takpo., in halless, to Steamer Nashvilloe, Brewsta. from Moth nf Ohio..esrgo, 15t hales cottono. N + J Dirk - co; 50 do Itluk. Weatt co; Sbtl.s Iotatoers, Coar Cteashaw. Lauded a.C nay clain ila.aengors, nd 1110 steerngo, ro. Orhtlea.on peseongaortoe scity. Tow ed d wos brilg lie, t.r trom Natchaez, wth 011 e conton; and I flat bot loade wih hogs.. Steamer Yeooa. Llthmn, from Vicksburg. Stleer Vodalian, Daro. from St .Lonats. Fiat toot from Cacinoati caergo, 450 brts lour, to Ir Brad ley. Calptil of thn Ioat. Stemter Ellen Dougltan, niley. from Vicksburg. Steamer Rithmond. Hainoe, from Ciniouastti..esrgo, 764 Is flour, J Hattier & co. asa~ma COMMERCIAL 'I.ntl'l IIiiiil. C'h·,rl "lnn Nov ........... H iln .... . ;t ork, Nov .. V... C n oo, Io,........, 12 Il.hihldo. Io ...... 13 I . .o etl l . .......... 14 12 Cincinnati, do........... 19 'll.rll.l + dO ............... 13 At. .ot, oo.. I ý'nsaUlIlIN. Nov......... 15 lvcrpnol Oct ........ 8 l Ilfto, ("I¢ ..u NuV ..... III I Purls Oct .............. 7 i: .Lo . nvo ........... I) Illl0ud . do o ......... 7 o. )lovllo, N'uv............ ti tlvre do............... 9 F;X IOl'r S. "'lTOroN. .l' lip C(hlrloeotoo..carg.o 98"2 bhall cotlto, 1 .1O1I0 LE.. Per .ooaoIIo, ( .olplaoi..orogo, 100 t hIl sugar and IUU brli lll(,Ins~a. IJtI'O(JTo. NEW 'YORKE.,Pr .hill KoIbert BIwlo..aorgo. u.o'd mdle. .............. P .i ip Jol.1 Jly..Irgu. 20 lo br, potluloes, 3 .hl0 l.jl- bh:t , 5., blrill, ud oo flag ton eaud s0U IIIIn* cUrb sl( e*, . .,.1ItIiILIE . I'er Il5g Clo o InV o:lomnnsotoll . rl,.0o0 oill.. frts, 0),l., o oCUr.dol, oheloieo, olooondo, pickles, ItI'('EII'iS OF PRO(II)UC:E. 'lck.' urg--Par ,lt m,,nr Ya oo-- 71 Iolls o rolnn W, nngorl 149 dn lourk, o ,It , to, I lo: o d t nl orrolhld S Ple.loo 30 do Iooo1 O1 Hno.ll.. 1, 4. ll. No ll.. tol.jooo 4 I oo. W Sa do5 o uck ,Ir, .Ion c ,,o, 3 11 , Ae ,ooo, 41 doS'W Otlk ,y. .lt J d.k' Ao 4 7t o, . o :ol&o ,,L o oo,.9u1,.0o TI r . JIo I 't, 4l, o 4. ,, ,,, lHrris r, ,'Ih4 dol o o, I R (;llo, 7 l' o r t.o. I Jo. H io. Coo ch Al ; P 4 rl-t ,ol.. Ipo 81 A ldoA I 00I I~ 1.C Nlor o 0t~" .~d~ loooo..1 nk haGatr L('h rle &i ,Indelll I 0 h h o e m . (I,o I -.1 0o r n d o o3o1 l , ,nrlo .lloo65 .,1 7 ,,,ll, ll. o0,o , oo'a. snl 111Uo rl, k,. l.o ,Tell0 I ,nl , -,o~, 1., ( o olllll. 0, ll,,olo I* o 0. , Io. o IIt 31, ill, 78 ,'o.k.llk .. dlllrooo. , 1 Io lll l oI.ool i o 44 ...drOs Od 0 OIlOo oroo,ooon. 11' (1.olit, 00 l.oz,o:o dokko,,. C ILo.., 8 01,r, appl.1, muls t ntb"rI'), n" .,.,110) ,0(. , ooo o Iluckller, o o ,,,, A ,, .Iol , ll; , o. I'roy'do. PA 0 ,1 r # 1 01 ' ,* Ar,,t l ,tL, U & ; I0i; Il do oS Uol 1o.t; 1lWdo ItIU k wa'it & co. ('I)'k'+m G I CI .q New 1'·,rr..Pcr slliph lil{ ,, h11w( A G ant r p Kirh 0l0OIt. o.ero1} hv Ao i .o ,ol (i' tIo fi . lj, J .ooll l oo, oO mlo 0 1, hol, " I. Ir,,o,. J, i + .t II .oolt: S co It o,.I oth,-(o 11'loS hc,,ko It..,)I & IIIrI , I.I InOio &. o J.! , l old, 1.0~& Cll0 , f11a 0,,. o o o oh ,llntu ,.e 1Mil0r0, J 1,o Iollll L der.I oew 5obl .: lr ,l, o. il Joy..:o r t . iollrl VnA O oP o. k , S,. I.,,5 &lo,,), I.., (Itu , oOOoth , .. AI' oy & olIll. 10. '00 ~,tloooo 31110 55 4 oI ,oo S I&o0l)Y1 ,, (.0.6~ to,,, , l i ooot &oo. C Mo4),odo p.C shr, 1.00n CI,.oI, FoooIoou,y 1.o JEVIiuodoll 4 toool ort~.-p , h ig C ,,, ,. EI . l. d I ln.oob Ioe W ir.I]., G.,,.(Ich, .,,,.4 +1, ,'I' h, J1051th, jrI h' + 8 ogo urpt & co 1, (iolloey, I oI(' o I ll, olch ,Ird Io,,Oulr &10 i t,o o lto.SI1tioko r, lto.oqtlo , t,'jr.o .,, 1 '1 l0 00to, ,berlot, , TU ' iso J uurhloll, P.U f. 1.Eml. 1' +. 6I"Nyo IR It?. Viekkiiar_..15'rr .o f lr, Yilzno.. l)nrrlhl,)". I)wn Pr, Kil 0 ,0 I. C l.I'hr n l,'. I r0Io Ioo u ,r I, i --oo. ('." ,,, It Chlollo.l.O (,rl0.1, 100. A Gooioo'aovd.Fo.llllrilrloQ, lorodly II PI' .1',, 00 "too Itllo , IO ri ,o1 ( Al, .00 , , Wolkoer Mro 4t J Dehli +,,l,' o,,I . ao d a .o o o l+,, New 5'rk..'v hp ft I,,rI IIwu . ]Ir 2. rs lt fi,"!l.,-rt. oIIms :, 0,00. II Itaro:.o.w A Itrloot.,O l)rl, g, L( ho. aker J l onok tol, It. nodll.I 1 .AolA00n11 o , Nt.C CIOOr. 01 drhl4,r h ,1,,A l ustoIofA Lot ' , n sC t a ld Ilnd$ :}ld 0 $, o,'oorlU. tlo ool, .l r (i r r. g ()I I" s Edood Iond on..l,,wni Molontnay F IOqo. I , V l eIooooooo, C A)5oo, Il 11ll 0 000 0rl0,. F/ I tok,I Iio. lV,, 0lr 1 '.... oi:,.oit IoI R oo.CdL J ( Wi W n .. |c. .nd family, J zloeom ,h,,,"I Iiv, R Ka~edy, Jl If 11.r ('KPio . a II (J ). 'l l 1 ,'ullly N r 1,lllml ln. 11' llll . C A (:,rtolor. (:oo Ii ftt.,kooll, 00 Mo,,., I, G +vmo ,o.o, e Gov 0 10 K Co1 Mr. Kirollt, n' I nod010 , MIo rht JokIo . II (l fIo tlloot vl, J G t1hrorer. o o;o, t:,II , oovi (thopolo n, Geoo imp oUnI . Juho.0.o, A J .lO l.o .i, |. h loto, rli to'. r JIo mud --t. Altrooo tollo,, ohld a , . LJ I Tuo kero J Ilomook, A Cluoo , r ,II, o lioIo I.looodt, W u 8l,4lorooo J VoooI J Io nolo and todo, J L Aoo-Io.u, t onrhoejro i: 1'501r1,1M o.h'oldryol T i'oro oIakt. J . A, W ,,.aKerJLtloIekO•.,P. .5 Leooo. J . t.o13. |ool .llovl, WAo Gtio ln.A Woaddolo1, ],tlwi Pullh,,Jy. Po."tr Iooh:,, J,,o o urtoo o, Ilurio,; h,, ton, John Grean, W IV ,M|,nr,,, M1rn ,),t, Robert Dart .11 Woke. IRod, Ptel, (look,,, I.ooooo, IV etllsotoi,S VDough, A Wtin ow, Juo 1toot old 48 in ote *oo'nroe. MEMOiRANDA, Sthi John :a,, .w to sithlt oftA TIt utgnsI Light House, om 15tl. lta: 2,, f ntdnr, aSt" lC i tl t er c;t.en 5 1,, St. , uis ni T hriraty, th Nave m ler R*,por[.t,'Ff1`.1'ra WVi l igtoul anld [.nlckoriol 6 r, t that port; Al, n . ,1e ,, Barrucks; C'ydA) .1ehn,u t' tied nI,,ll 1 Sl I;emrri,,ve; --t |.nll le milts 111ove nt•.;.. Jtrelal. I Iant h ,', hillirI, o atte ltint o uhi; aliion lnd bTlm, 1t1ti attitlttiie i them t tit :i. Althon 2trary,,- II Ark'; .,,. C4 li, t r lr John J oy It SVh f. ri.C': R a, il n a t liwh feint; IIl:.rla Ht \'J - I 'a. I eu. nt J0. Jlver low nod wedl vr i .it o i ot., iell tile ,-rl.ite r o iu 11111, lh« outh of t lIt i hiO It Ne V 0 1isse1s, u0 oul t 1 , 1 .11~2.« ul1, ;, b* :IC , r 2h l, itel rhoi ol'Idgd N2a. 11. 'IFIlo lfl,1 ,1' ?.ll. llfl~ ",n, 11.1 1 1 t or ~rreak Ai klluln tll 1 rI tl b, i ti-2t0 4 vrge Ii,1 in hi.t r t t ,t,1 FNo 1I 0, II . It % I- 11l1l1 s-lll d It f ea .. i 1, fo i AiNe oll, 12ll, 1 . Iii 1K lle et nare illt lt t yd e b ltr dd i ft flat te wit, aort ot k ,itntook tIn tintStI ofithe largesttni, { nu2 mber, 11 a I.,+ n u IUrpu Ile rt wer" Ilxdir( lllld Lhi dren 1 7ena1 men xn0A1 11r o11 ell nl I le i rfthu :0llrellt hfv" illnshe leadd, nso1urdnc w la Ltd 11c 1 lonlil alI iallllt be lore. o Samen r Riohmord let 1.iv IOnYr No, il7; there c had I en ea guod deal of rum fesln, h -lo below I.oellrllmo h had r-en and ('ol lte at" ao ll ti ltn o r. ll--1 r iouth of Olllu ; I lh Plean.r It, l,, a.rul ld at I, l 11dn ald , Inh 1mo for Newe l)rlen.; 1 ?uh, patx, ll ue ho.lllr l ull ).d UIade1(, (.Un r) ol d alldl Te.lll *ee; 131h. a , di'l ,, 11 +.I0lllh hh, rehl lh l l lllo wreck of( IIic ,.lr r 0lll,10,o. 10,\1 1 ,1,u loo iI :I; 101h, DiM lll at l,:,lte Prey d.I.e • . ,'h, Alll a Clptborell Island; Aup .l.f 111 I hIIt,, r ;u;. RI iF ("hnrh.. |:dellfll-,el. 0;,111,1 ill 1 Crnln1, with barges GtlLn fur Nw Y-rl ; ri 1New oIi rt re r ationre Hall, lb. Fnor. 24Chrbr John Edward a ll l twl 0 p, via. for SNw N Vork; brig maFoI .fo ul U011- 9 days oUl; brig Jo Wilson from and for Now u.rk. A CAR.). We tile uldnreigllyd, p: rollgel. en1 board Ilia Chilicolllt at the time of her recoet disater, delnEI it al nat Uf jlstlCe to Clit. Carlisle and his uofcers to xtats, that in our oplnion uo blutne is attributable to them, but that on the eolltraty, we feel assured it is owing to their prompt anld eflicie.t eondurct, we are indebted fo r our saf ty and that of uUir ftudlhas : l R Chilicothe E I' Phiihps ITlri~t N (elllBnett Al.lm. Harker S 11 lcerl~ua ileurv Parri~b (;1o ] Lawrie Wiulson it Iomurrol T F llennuell urea tridge A GeoE Shippmxn N 1" Ilullt J J Huuhes red MorWC Wm Iutchlnnen R Whipple Jame, T Joles (o .:6ltpp 1 Rob~ert S",itIf II It Sider1 James H Mllg. L n o+01,) John H Vuneuurt l11x. a H R Joseph 1) Iyepler *Thoa Allen Clarke J B Hard hvti Wm T Prt )ll,, 'Nieah'oo " ellrP r Paa'l.wn Wla Ford JRLewtllen i.'uwta ry Ed Bhldwiu D Peter Hauser B tG Howell No,. 13, 1833. B • s plA N l B lank nlht'+ front our ntnuuflecorv, at N aw Y o ,rk.; our 0 lfw k f now con-ist s of the lar gest ron d c twat O sotlm rlteltl elr offe+red folr Palle in lhi, illnrtrte. Or- s ieers ofI lan1ks. 1il+ureni:e 19eel.s, St PIIrllt Ilnns, PF o. .ir tor., .plillallts a hlllrlllh, in want ofalnv destl'ripl]on I of lank Hooke; or .tttiolmyrv , e ]"+ invil l to call a.,n l ce examine for Ihemmele,, all artieles sold by its ere war. roe rantd to give sati flclion or map he returned. r Printing, ruling a,,d bin line done in Ihe Inost teeu- Ico rale llluaowel at tle shortest oitce ilad on remronble an ieenue by DAVID FELT & CO, New York Stationers Hall, Ju' nIlr9 24 Chartres at lro TiSJ1 AMERiCA-. .SIoFIiER.. 8voO & &@B-E PRandK In conneetion with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR Tlre r .TrInG Pamphlets. Ui r O"eck. Catalognes " e el'Ladring Labels, r. q Reseipts, Legal Noticee Auction Bills, Bill Forms, . Show -ills Steam .oat Bills Circulars, And every deeriptioa ofJob Woerk that may be required. NI]The proprietor respeetfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in thie city, and at the lowest rates. T'lE TI'RUe AMERICAN. EDITED E'v Josawf e;IBNQN. PAITa.Ti.L AnD.3OLD. 1N.%V OR LEAq • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1838 No less than eighteen of the n umerous banks chartered by the loco foco legislature of Michigan have burst up after swindhng the people of a tmil lion of dollars! and that they originated in nothing but a known intent to defraud the comnmunity is palpable from the fact that one half of them did pot live over 3 months. Tais is thle effect of the legislation of that party who,among the many nic. names with which they favor the whigs, indulge most in naming them bankites,rag barons &e,in the vain hope of inducing people to believe that theit precept and practice agree: whereas while their hired pack cry down with tire banks, their pecu lasting leaders are rniving more false banks to de lude the unwary, than are raised to the eye of a novice by a wintry night on the foggy lake. Even the New York Post charges them, ire own party, with this unvarying practice, nay, attributes their defeat in the Emnpire state principally to this fact. Although the experience of every comning day more clearly proves that all the fraudulent monied institutions that iave been created claim pateroity of the party in power, it is useless to show it, though never so palpably, for their pack wil still renew the cry again and again. To ndulge tilhe hope of convincing men whose nature lends to err, is just ahbort as wise as trying to silence noisy doge with wlhipping, for the more you loal, the louder saill they yelp. NEw Boans. From the splendid store of M.essrs Johns & Co.'we have received a laege acceasion to our library of light reading. 7'he British Senate.' To those who have read the very enterlirning work called 'Ruond!m Re. collections of the Commons,' this tnew produetion from the same pen musttafford much armusen ent, as well as important information retarding the characters of trhose men who have figured largely in the Biritish history of the present day. The sketch of leenry Brougham is musterly. Tile work is full of such, connected as they all are with in eidente rf a ihi Iv enterrnilitig nature. 'The Wife ulrtree,' is in faIt the outobingraphy of John O)'Brien Grant, a quondam membler of the Irishi parliamenr. It possesses tihe rary wit, and humour so commna ly carateriitrici of Irish wri tere and Irish lile, and presents a series of pictures of F:rin as it was, that are full of nature and of feeling. 'Prriola,' or enipivitr captir e, is a Iranslali.t n from a modern French w,,rk which ncrleetvrlt ,.x traordinary popularity in Paris. l\e have not had tine to perume it enreirnly, but a rnprd glance has shown os the crowd nl incidlent, and itvely din. logues PSo ,,ner.l in Ferench novels. "Peler Pilgrimir,' a Oeries of American stories pecullarit itller sling to the rlwellers in thIe Som1 th ard West rihere the incedenis and riharacter were drawn frotm, is from the pen of I). Bird, and deserves a warm enmnmendation. The ' ;llmmoth 'irve,' is a ernahie skllrch olf mchl beauty, while thie strry of the 'lIoldy broad llorn' is uone o thore thrilling narrativs e that the events of the enrly settlemlenrte and navigatioln, of Iho rivers of the West tre so prolific in. 'The Romanr e in Vienne.' is hly Mrs Trolloppe, whse nale needs no folrmnll introdurlion toI Arnericen renterrs. Since her retarn ito urope she entirely changed her rmodes of llhinking,I and rexprrioa,, and we can reeomrtend her novelr, a% really pos.esein grreat interest. We do not wislh Ionpper trung llant, but thillk tile re dare of the lomr nce of Viernar, will own with us thie lMrs.l'r'ollopp'es powers as a writer are far moe agrealcle tIran her ')Domreasll manners.' 'Land Sharks and Sea Gulls.' Th isis another of Capt. Glaseaock's most sgreeabls nautical w.rks. Spicy, pleasant, descrieeiveand humor. ret, his p n Is tmost felivitous in telling a sailor's ynrn, but the renders of his Pew work, of hir, Naval sketch book,' or of his 'Tales of a Tar' will I never get sea sick while sailing in ceunipauy wt I Capt. Glascock. Mrs. and lsels vrie-s arrlid Io Cincinnati on H thie IIth on their way ltIirst, Mr. 1lorth made his first appearance at the NaR Alinni theator in lrut city on the 13lb. his eo'" gngementr is a very short one. The 'Giraflfe,-that wonder rrf the sniimal worlrl, a was to leave fr the South on the same day. ()Ie of those asin ular creatures laeily died in New SYork, under vewry as'pieions eireumtnaances. d The Nashville Whig says than the owners of the John Randoldph have detcrmiined to proacribe d the use of a Bar. It is nil to he wondered at that they wish to encournae cold watrr at a tine when it is so greatly in demain d. If they proserihe a k bar on baarrd, we hI'p, they will prlohibit all baen on the Cumberland, epeccially as thry effect the Smouthli. l7 No marls arrived e rom ithe North yesterday. [It The river iniellinL nee it will be seen, is of the most cheering charetter. We shall undoubi edly have an immeninate rise of some feet at this Splace. Even now business is eanuming a more asc trve appearance. The larger class of boats are resuming their usual places at the lasnding, anr something of the appearance ft' lrmer times rmay he neted. We hope Ihere will hie no yelling until lartly out of tre woords. A leller was recCeived in teen yesterday from W h'eelin, daled the I(th. which stated (that tilhre hlad been a rtie of ten feet at Wheelingt. Frot other evidener we are inclined to thinik this in formationn itearrect There had not probably been a rise of ver fve fact at that place.-Cin..Nese, 13Ul ittt. We have now strong hopes that the attention of nur citizens generally, and of our legislature in particular, is directed to the all importa nt subject of internal iimprovements. By them the northern states have already rendrered themselves wealthy, and powerful: and by them our more neighbour states are endeavoring to withdraw from our city the vast trade to which we have'an undoubted right, and which nothing can anke from us, unless a culpahle inertness on our own part, gives them fatal facilities. Who can look around him, and uor see at a glance how our cnmmunity are now suffering by the supineness of Ihe few past years! By the action of nature in witholding the usual flood of waters, the very suaaenance of life has been almost removed trotm our reahll. Flour, meat, and almost every other article of daily conrsump tion, and paramount need,are at three times the price we have a right to pay. And why is this? Simply because no substitute for the dry water t courses, to which we have hitherto looked as the sure means of conveying to us the produceof the a western country, on which we so materially de pend for absolute food. Even in Louisville, where f people are, to a certain exrent, benefitting by the a cause which detains our population, traders,arrd supplies in their city and neighbourhood, the en lihlened portion of the Press urge on ua the ne. i, essitly of comrtpleting three long neglected rail- p ronads, which would rsentsre a certain tien:s oi W communication, and slupply, as will be seen b)y lI an xatract we this day snake from lhe Loulsville m Journal. If strangers can so easily perceive the Ith road to wealth, and independence, so open to, yet re e. neglected b an,h how muh e perive i srryrrie I it on us, and ours, to set abhut completing t,% like men resolved. The extra price paid by our own citizens on provisions during this suspension of river noviantion, would alone complete the rail road to the Misisssippi state line! Yet this is but one of the constantly reeur'ing`periods when alike taxation is lain upon us. Every season, prior to the breaking tp of the co asove, our itizens are suhjected to vast expense in the high price of provisions, which could never oenur were the in. terior or rail roads opened to the countries of slp. ply. To whom would these improvements be most profitable? To Ourselves: and to ourselves, only, must we look for the means 6f precuring them. Those means are moat facile! Nothing is wanting but to will it doon, and then with the magic of Aladdint's lamp the road is built. The Mobile Gas Works are increasing with arect rapidity. Within so brief a period as they have been in operation they have in supply 850 private lights, exclusive of the street lamps, and illumin. ating the Theatre. A new gasometer eas just been inported, but the gas fitters are too busy to attempt its erection. The rise in Canada is htaded by Dr Nelson, who signs tile declaration of independence, and two of his principal oficers are Doctors Cold, and Gag non. If the leaders have any influence on the troops these Canadians aught to physic the British well, as they are so immediately under the control of the Dosture. Post and Present.--"T'he Pole."--The mind that has rcerired its impressions of the Poles from a study of their hisory, from contemlpiating their heroic deeds, end witnessing their endurance under tmiefrtane, will hardly recognize in the following al:erte of a Polish Pensant acountryman of Sobieski, Kosciusco, and Pul aski. Mr. Stepliens, in speakilg oea Polish Peasant whoaccompanied himl, as guide or cocduelrir, in hi. journey from Wrsaw to Cracow, says: W itout l aoing seen hia, I had calculated tipon making ordilary human intelligence, to cime eenu lt, a mredium ofecimmuniction t h ct I fndutel Ilot I had ilcen to. souring in mv idln.e of re Iliviulity ofhulian nature. 'en I returlteil to the lotrl 1 fiunll hi lying on tie ile olt ans his master fcr te i, jo neoy. ie ran up u kissed my hand, and, be.ore I was awl,, of Ilit iTnten tion, saloued down nld reprnted te e eo ianiu tun otl Irnyboot. All nm,,riean, cecloas more thn a'notll, selirn the idea of olan'se alar Inl relf to lis f. llow Iell ianll scoulclerf wacohls h lee lng nit . that be fAre I went a broar I al..t rlesised a white mnll wh om ssaow enaged iln ia eiaolto ,bicr. I hath eillllitre lis feelintli nt s ibt len I cln toa tll, strong, illtic w li e mall, kerel dowlt l kiss Ino, lelt, I coa.d almst halnve s lned hlints irole o . I nl, whole illtn was a Ioneg nlin conltig dlwn to Isio fret, soplcrtel by a hbrnd leathern belteigllt inchens wcr, wllich h uevd d si Iokev, alld n lv, broild brmnled lint, Itrncd lip ail round, particlarly it the s des llitd Ilt Illike tie leu d-gcar of lle L,:llion l ,h takers. A 'le/oii,g, Cu,,--.A little girl, who lad been on 01er water for a i¢gtlt of tune, int Lndon,, was lately re stored to allill'ition by the 'onlthullliad use o)feleIricity. Amcong the cvr, laoge feor r.-"e iclced ill Mli o..l.i, to overawe tille ft. isgtiidelld \Illnlvva were na claid oarable Ilnbler fiollioc Genonnde! Rutfler an lninous Ilne Ullnder th irlnstae . After i0prisoning t o Smlith, and a f· w aloe.' choii.e spirits, tile, whole tribe was renil,;.id Ieeo0d1, tile limlih of thfe state. They were mrched oil' to tilhe tietl of o lo:uuI Giovanni iturn n1t, turn ou1t." dlcedo'rr in /J'1 l,t/lp,,r,,i -lr. Vcan Ilerger wac kill ed c lttii sl'tv t lwharf hoit ceek by a xlr. tcw imn, wil I oa heldll to lhailinCill .,l0, A defrel[i,cntoo cSl.-io, ,- re-pcl,.,tlbua laildy of Ihrtfoirl hias Ibcll Itl lobil ll tlih edihnl of tlh Re- $1llllle. Wloi0 it hlie s1 ile, ori f i Ille i l ovaess higi, ly v lu hed. Iron .MiTincaiuirei Iicrlo-__.'i-',c to,.iac..ille City! G;aztslt sit, e, K,'lneky ronmmiltt; a amst ura(,nllidhart ank 1 iofri irvoore. It i, ah Iil (ris. lg l, l l r1 11t a vi" r, le .lso ecfil nl lllV Ii " ' ' ll i a si tihe dhpthl llf sev lnal ',, fli' e i' bey l , i t,11 ille i no1 stri , illy. , l,'n in an " i n ad. ita b _,_______ ___ flint l xtwoul n snplJll siltte , bloat Illr lcace of the first cr h s s tier ) i v ) 'ye n s . Ins iir' Onreo ofr'ur tury yeighb-rs inde-hrimeisy tdrie t iprove tlihaf tllhe wi ll,.t1(111, 1 at i, lil ili :l, hh a, enist, for.u o th, certainotal f'ta eli n rlrre r I tifted thei pireferrnce o fl'the cf ididtr, fr governor, to hi loo-lira rns rival. W e lan allrd ito let our ldfeltrtf opr ner t .ti evaporntr the ile ngllill lhy lC at their tral, nll d enrt era disRlt:,mfiture, inll Ftci h hilllllle-s ileeliveis, and ildt rd nectla iolnts. 11 is qlulit' nlatarl tl hat Ihev i ulld -r,, It colllsll ltinll llnld er dei t in railing lslitly at those nwld pile hlive, sosi.nnllyv prosltrated theirallring hoples ofecrn of tinued they oare wPlrlrme tor it. O, th tlle lra-tory all irgument isl lostll, inless ntdslll lI by htin of orale's toI which he hnbite ll d rerdl but to tihe m r mu ilo, lte we coanl spvJak wilth sImIe, elerlder chllllre o bPrin heard. The lora press srve'ad-vereId to, Ihas i p'a k hn ti.X pl ssisll f eI lllea lihtiiotlllii towardsl whl I" el lid idftes, ianld ilarlrdrld rthanl rr I d rning ll p els of ald ,pe hesim to llthe llhr rri ed rfu tine, t i nlllt gii nig r o er x pa, press on from the h. tii gs of the eadlultlnies Iheeiselvees cl h r rd on this Ilihsy prtrte.t lirtrs he build it harge .I tot aboi+lts ailn Ilnstll the wthole oflho i in hi Inrt l.'New of York. lWhatn drs, ollr u,'ihellor thik nablou the elec rit tin in , Ohio I For wlich of therCnlldidrre didl the nhno hil "party's"' p r e , that allirer lost his re-r h f tiono br Iter lis stroen oppsiion Ito h Iltllboliliolhls? vet hihbons n o' thilr Ohio electin nai f a reat democraticlil: trirumph : and Ih exultinglyv refers tio it as "lihe tsober, secor)l fr r thluII llf (f fr l pei phl." lhe glories in the election .i i risntter ruird, llhe ellorio us) Dr. IerDuncan, hilt sare inot one word ablrrt his alolinonisnm, or the palpaleic 1 lel rt flltl lie oilred hIlEs ic:cr s entirely to thle vrotes oftlle ,h fction,. It droes not suli his purnposes rto print ihe re ply if n Seward Ito the enquirinesof the aholitinniars, yer be cannllot ,ui lhave read Ii;-lnd dls he find in ii - oese thlousandth part of tlie gross, and detestable principlesl, el ani nred in the fillrtrwing extract from Dr. Dullcall's letter? Heanr whaer this pal ter c'ard of ctrue democracy sanys to the leidert of lihse vile te incendiarics! w There illo ma iin hving, ruin s ore tie oily hlo- ilh to slhvery I II h. l I ins, y fei ng' , , It y rdLI, eca. Lii--the r:ir.acuistallles,. Ilhat hIrf ulrOllnrded ,-e • f Ihrloiul h I .l, I,Il l ihh liy. rii le. of w t e i el.,e r Its cmi,ttitue the I ali ral and oitica cg rlle lrt Ir an-t. ll cnlrrrire r o make Il, e abllor e. Inf thec rerits- t e vir te h irile rnt n trh beI eil of n rthoarthrr. Yer, mee'rrinirell t rir I tlir , /,., nE a i t r p tlil rerd r-ire than aI1tll l h r if n ,' eve p rlt trtrthl ,r. II .a na t e rr a rrar atr i liti nal e i . i l w ir - a elr, or i lr nically so r e ark-st tal effects nilth, turl nd llrd npliir.rl i.stir llons of . ur couu trv. [I i ,f n evil ithtt lens,i do,-, 0 'r,r and will in all time to corilre l le tt cxisi a, involve in ' ir, ae wrlingprenerprrol ersaon as in its fuuree op. death Frr the Frrhi of what I say is to its rres ere t frcrt I upon the instituions of our eaountry, I IF h Fve only to rt ter you Ite a viewof toh s ieve slates in orur Uii erriad le r'l,ritrnll I etweenc Ihe rel - ice rvo ,dirlrn of tlre leirlflVrrererrrlr of ttlem salid tire Ir-e nl;ls.e. You sce the fle rlt. etea iappy enl f lnrishin.irl tro t .en ittai n ld arl tl rshinte rnt oi all oih ee r lirt en. lulb lie improver iir, l and irlvae proslepri ly are .'il arr ired an d r ra-i l ti l r -d : ew sle r n he e frenr h rnd e.-ri, n' t rreslilt hoIlr .r tertllily, ai-d squalid wrel-ir,-d ,e ,-eee- mi It .evrr ltr ce afl he, lald, in alllll pill s w i'' slave i ill l avellle llI i r e- e li p tr. ( n f the lie rIc trt, ar.ltye, tfite free ifruln [lie te ive slatueo al l lrf rupr, n it anrd uuce atrrl e allrlitrtlll r o ll r Ir J in ae .e ,an tarlltl l iy all rite and lhp, einc-a,; ,11 fll e.lnlr-ty, bhil pi ulin c ant private, it llito e ,tlr ei)e, Onlr the latter end sur veryir, every tloll ig -lerthal (ec.epr a ew oef Ile we .lily porarielorl) Irearie the tirsfl sew ierte,-vty and derrptdlti. ; slid Illks fra ig peeli Sence l nd tlliee haed bfre I manklth their cad in. Itvlertrlln. The anfger t (eillJ Iadhe d nbllrance tf Ilelvrn reemrt tor st llO uion verry thrlig Illl i hIr-e pteahr,i t'eir eant rer "rper. berry pr-,fp cti eemshto irelt'-ith d tin rille- dut dra by liepr frowe l alid dliappcriUlrein ofavrl Iingijuesi;lce nrld vlolethd hllrarnply. Ie slrr, afl t lnteveery prali trie, tery, rverpre rly tYo aurih elld prrivate, rel-cer io be i 'ktcrll e , reenti til Ironll t he crrupil g ti. t betul ldaverv, lr thle cLrsao bh on the head of iteose ic-Ie su ietnt srucll arll r illte l llOil.' ell our nerghbnur lilld une celrces;olln of orra, a. I predy iing a;roelty o thesel , n tile t Itterr . C lrI IIwlrdl?, Ni! euteli. n rllf ll ntlyrmICS ible Iha a Ihere-l cunlllalnel. It ihene thu \Viilleg lf New- l Y ue k are io ba charged w ifh ab o lollu n lm bcar us eI they wfre preferred to the derl-oretnl how imuch ior re the tlerie of ul r ulh) gur, when the cho.enl lteadrl their ouracle Ihs leblieh Ir f)rochi,.rai 'he cherished Ilnsallrrln lt tihe Suutih, i-drltr ifr Uteirntoral rfrers, tned crruplirte lecndncrs Iha, all ol/cr hunltan elr Is teglt/err .'r We* ar- plenieed to seei a Met lilngr r of hliar Cncr str .r t 'l ']l aelll , everi h eir iof rle puihhbhlic l l l.·-e Pdss Il lll,- irter ae lrs Ir iIity lilllyiiliie ,an d Ir till give aether re;reerrtlitlin, tlhin eveninr, Ief tlha IcauUifel deear,, of the "Leudy of L.yur,r" oee of tlle mue suce, piecres erhodced fer mteay yenr,. ''lle iouseL, we ulnerstaird, is likely rto I a fill one, as al aeuld menalr) bures elal seals llr enllgrged. '#,r' tt f ihtsitee's.-Ti-i. h; lttdid 1trodua titutt of Auter, greally imllroved frm its last seasons' repre sentatiun, was produced at the St. Charles on Sunday tight, with n large taccession of musical talent, a careful revival of all thie glt seen is effects, with in creased nuIl mers, andan orchestra neverkefire equalled in the United States. No one who then witnessed its performancn e but mas strongly impressed with its un rivalled beauties: the care evincedin the costume, and the splnrtdo r with which all the scenic arrangements were conducted. No drama of the day has been prodit ced with so much care and attention, and there is none that willso richly repay the visitor. The choruses are magnificent, and the vtcal parts, as given by Mesds. DhBar, Theilman, and Messrs. Plumer. Page, Archer, and others, ar aas perfect as inconsistent with dramatic, representation. T'he Opera is to be repeated to-night and we hope tlhe good tast., so tnt.h boasted by our citizens, will be displayed by a full and filsionable at tendance. Maonc or Rt.aFrEMENT.-A London cobbler thus announces its calling: Surgery perfornmed here upon old hoots and shoes, by adding of the feet, making good the legs, hbnding the broken, healing the wounded, mending tIhe consu tton, antd supposrting the body with nt. soles. Advice gradei, by 1 Marks. WnAr Is TnHER IN a NAýtE.o-It is amusing to observe tile manner in twhich political names are chuffled (fomr one to anolher by the Administration press. For inlslatncethe Plost and Argue e:nim that Mr Lott, elected by the sub-treasury party to the assembly in King's county is a democral, and that Mr Bergen, elected by the P. hige is a federallsr, Now the exnact reverse of the prposition is tIh fact. During the existenee tf lthe old division, ofparliee when the columrns of the Evening Post were blue with federalism, and its present editor was writing poems againstt Jetifrson and his red plush,onmer tiona len, Jeremiah Lott was among the strict st of thel llamtlonian sect, while llir ergen's pulities were of thle dernoicrattc school. Uurild Iriend Lott mut feel rather qn-er nuder his present clssaifi. cation; and we vstoaure the optnion that lhe would even now enjoy the poetry of the editor of the Post agaltst Jtlh rsncn at tch tore than he does hlis prose in hic favor.--. Y J.jress. Rpotartna enLE orFOie or NoaUREg -An English paer ltas tal Iolllonitz prssorapht. ltr l'itttg, the clebruated crllhbage-plaver, who is now resdn,- at iUrooli tairle siffrdsa very renmalk' abletic i.stun.e at o what nuutore can nccotlplish. T'his gentlemnen, taio had tern dumb Iras his birtlh, whilst walking with MIr (J Almond, of Old Bond street, on ilrid;erIrn CIIff, Cork, suddenly saw a child duati tdI iteca slnslt at i hs e flt, it havint taIllen rrot ithe a !it, ipont wlhiclh Alr Pllg sudtecnly receivedl lpech, ecloiming, " Olt, Ilea vent,;' and has evetr since roltlned his powoer of loalglage,. The Pittoburgh Advocate of Friday last has this paragraph. Toe Rivet.--The Ohio rose night before lost one fool, Ilaklllg over live It e in tihe clhunel, aid still ris,ng, ()ti Wtdut-tuaoy oihlht, and up to 12 it yettrdag, rwe had a healvy ano tilessant fall ol rain, wilcith picalrnd to ble general. We shall have tean Itlet wter tt tile nlext Iwo or three days There is Iiow w0ater otttin llohr lur otditoarv louts to rutt toith ftlldfreghl/ts. Great news for Pills. bur-r,. I't' Wltcling Gazet-e ,f Ihe stino day, stales t1hn the ri r rI d tricon lluer oad a hoal fuet, and was ttll t rlsilg ratlpdly. The IPulua:s arrived at this city last evening, fron Whieulig, lull of poasengerc.-Cin. Whig of 2ii,,ndtug, kill- JOHN 'V. CHILDS, B3t- ENGIIAVEIt AND CO(:PPi':-PiATE PRINTER, NJ/i. 3, Camp St. I iy orl1, a I 'd pri lt to , rdliPr i h itank to, bils. Ie "fe'xr':lalm 'a , bill ' n lla ingl oilomas, eitrcalln tile "dit i,1iez ivl- Ill r , e i' s ri, , ll 5l • oI u tin hlea- lii :le ,Ili. d u iii l vr war-, {%., -ntw! s oi I itrds pr nit. flom pl,les lready ol gravd. -Cit I i.-, - birdslur sdleu onl Ihinulation, eiar the ier tL e c13, y :READu & l}AIAT'r'OWI, S .to no " 7 lank Place oiIi ti ibtg . lltii ii il}l"m I lllpl , r Ii rllili to trni, co-+scr ut n Itath coulon l ordihip IiOLiES &, Ib i lll env"0 __ -- h - _ l t,,,,, IeIir C i trCll .nt or a d + lj;;llil lr a oil 1 c:e,,Iod tlrein 'lierr: "li (I c.asle oitr hr arillld r i gle l rin ri Stot ir , ditrect B la fltI I.rom 1 hiod o, !it r 15(11 , , i ,, ' h Al, in pintr s IInd quarte , 1 30 1 re iir P, ir' , rir f \\ ii , io tIe,, }30 I ijit lll ,ll . tIch, airnalle olD l Scolrchl al 6 pi lk ..t . .ila;i; ll- hi t d anal unhlench th~e cl, ir 2throx", frr i i gt. , Sof I l tll rc,, L 11d t l 1Irb lln i", ilirl 1MES & SlilI,, i no 0 Ilank i e i niness, n i e al . ini llI. I,rU Ulld ive good eI + 1w. ... e, g sApy to> .o, , ,r oraI tee. ao streets. Th h r y l tter e i aed papenr, in s.... telran, . n..a. . f god s l from ti nn tgli t rwin ti rap s Jitrll nic s, Estn do wniti ili ll t er k vll toyed p o!rsd ll ill 'ld binvllt ol tco. n f e er at er irel e.x lnatrg tiri't' i l l'ieit I t I e laid; do tie lft kop, p a I er, kivt Il r si azes Lt n ha i lll'dr II trI a h i allreutir, du l ftiaC letter cnd t;ie niltei rel , Ip tpil', lrailo n-d coral ee or trt u tr g ilttersltr y 111 C ll,! .1 1 lle 'A e'Iter i u ll r g l .LL i tpe rls rin t ji lie, at till I' 1m ,L,,,1 t ilo s I l Iof a ll So·I ip i, " Y 3ls'larrr lq'a ati i. dil' lte relll t l d til eirr r't l ati tr u rIl hherl nun eirair re I tnn re Pdekr lok s "rd waillet'ia 1 ini tlel M ouri .e e le llh ir. a a lre'eest eslrre" a;kn; Etrgliei tan An g eali air f l aolin arx par t eri ruo i Ir; l, 'rvrllit r ek se n e, ral . is tand mps - AckcrLrrn Itt i'nd a ett.n, et estnreria CO l.. Aelkeseniher t . tero eru te 1"_ Drnnkraln's ai d A, .klrllluu's drawing p)lnils, oo ileal a ee ail':. lar l8l3.c g laetooks--Ei.r li.h, r.renc pell eephnith, Itrlie, lor a man nrll itir, r.nsihlrtg i clhrsical, hi w, Serlitrid l work, lirtl. art. s Jusit nr otit-t.oli~s i r l ilt e by nf !'" 0 li J jI IN . & CO . AND "OF v 'IIARiKE & SE 1 G-UILIS, ino2 vols. t 4 The 11Uc I iuianl, iS l n r oI. fThe rNrl A'er H iii t'l io . ll v" 0s. t- lb 'it'hed whhriltr nu. l r lat'rir i s represenrilg Ire I c rines oat boold, alid con er triketnei s of the crite - it illsa. en tl 'it-ril r e o rf L er, illrl atd liait' ryanr eltnrcs er ilius prer!ied lv J I)'i 'nel i Eslr sq, 1)t I, tethir editioni ct n. dplitrle i tn one kohloT. Nicholas Niekl'vl;y hart first, ronpletea. I ieporta efn . et;an It rle eietd ald adiuged in the St I rprem teoert aellee Inlited S eate, JununrV term, 18n38, ay I llRichard Petler; Va eel r.. In \1. i 1 I'KEAN, -_ 1rivte. . "l it lit r s:, aI t (:llllllO Pt I iG llllt'i,", d il ,i1 ' r ' Ieurilal lr iiite, j I - II1 .l als - er iio va rly III, lr'IiD(;E & (70C i o .0 ili Mlalg zinle Bt it C1ANit)lI':--l0 Irxes Sperite ICnrltes. Newa Bfed. II l sr, A litterl lnaJ trlllllt. s ll reIld I'a.reele ty )llil la'il)tid & iCO, r novl'0 76 I1anazi lar P - tI i--U'sLr-'StJ c Ir' eu-i+tll eoithing; i ;.tIP , o, sillk hose, le e r iteelt bi ci e \'IIell litDitE & CO, novll 7$7 Sai gaz tie P1 t111 ..-OAPi' -i1r5 i.xe, Situp, 5II ll. +,e I',llhw C ralldles, lallding faoln shilp Fo'iirums; Lah i aint ,I"t niit i JO)SElli COCIK IYNE, d nov'2' 2 Gravier st l IX', IIA rl ii'; blI uI". ING ROOM.IIA . ?I'Illii u ,irier tr has re-hire, lhir l iRllirig l iernie .U.l . ('h1 h1 s Iri tlll l'l t r'" t tllrtllr arr St. Charles $ ltret IIn the t lr eateee t ,ir nier. lei'hr e all ' t her rt riltla lru l Ir tire r IertllTl strItllh ri tes, oI o tr+. ,.ilv i iiller l id Iallda . I '£nlldlus,'l'exl I tlld 31,,xi. ir a, It huliin, ite riteltiii in r et 1iirl, ani t,. l i. I Iv .ilv i s l l I Ih tltu.> )( nlor nu i mpei" i oll Pl+Ji l'+l ' a i P, ire's rPeit' t'utrent. Aleortl 1 neart y iatll lat L st,'ia r IPe, r irr lienll riti eIt, ' ,tnd r lr llr i l , rltulih s of tre I .,rttldr,. 'l.diter rt, \Vetue intt er Aletr lrplin Ihitir'a', l trtd ilr'ekwo'rrl Ilghtzir trte te NeorthAl,,rit ,tr e .i ie;t.e tshir i ti.ert literer (,Knick iocker,ee he Jt ett 5 o3 ',l e t i " e'eie and Arti , (ah l'ltlllne t hl- 1 ,11 11 c Ilemou, .l' I t'll e", (liS lhlll ':<11.· a I '-fll, A.r lcn l m ll thhk i et nd'r iit 'o 1 el.h en, i'ri r Allllrr''rt .ee \lrk llrregtrrl ' >1 o hribl e ]Lr a dreite. ,ved. ihroll llii. hals -ntI tuit, ., 11,i I i ;e vali ". Stp,ll. lanI etll ies, r n Si1' i:ga rl.r Lov'lt' rritr Cur' . fenl\ frr ln ll rt'lli tt' serner( ,h ttratil r i ratteere llld Ir vetiey 1 n of woirks o| r f, r llu'. Ia f"he rt.k , lee, & hm'li . iw ll to t "teem ill re ell mlvethe a ,rit e.ta i rlvt ar er'i.t m pai' mr arIee te.`" ill ", ir r l it' ,I rets h ler tles lti ,rrlig tro.t Iltse nit tullri l l lire resle.'rt'ull' receit ,l. 1lltr l a llltIE ":Iii.t fllire. t+l rerrn l - Stire pr ,ra; for ale Iitvt e vll Ilegante et MEFAIRIE RACES. '1HIE F.ll Meeting faLr 1830, over this aure will cotmence on Monday, 10th December. First Dn)y-A match fir $2,510 a side h. fl. four mile beat; Mlajor '. J. Well's names IdI. f. axtmnn, by im. Leiathan, lam imp. Refugee, by Wa, nder. Grier & Simmon' name b: e. "by Pacific, dam ly Sir Chnrlca. Second Day--A match fir $3000 a side, I. h . four mile heals. Major ' J Wellas amesC I Beeswing. by imp. Leviathan, dam Black Sophia. (Biremingham's dam) by Topgallant. iGrier & Simmn's names ac. . Wilhina Hernden hl Woadpeker.ldam by Whiptasra. Second Race, sarme dcy,y Sweepstarkes ftr 2 )ear oltcltaos and fillies, mile heats, $500 entrance t f. sev en subscrbersr. JaIns S (Garrison, C C S Farar, Ira SmAith Simith, TSmith. 'IThos J Well. I) Stevensan. Third IlDay--Two ire heats, J C Ptrte, $500 Suote D)av, Two mile heats, J C Parse, 750 Fourlth Day--Three mile bests,J C Pulrse, ISIS0 Fifth D)a--Four taile heats, J C Punr", 2000 Sixth IDay--Mile heat., beat 3 in5,J C Prne, 700 Ceventh I)lay-Three ttilc heats, Prlprietor's purse, 1000 JAS S GARRI-ON, RICHARD ADAMS, 'noIIlOSJ WELLS. nol6O-tro NEW ORLEANS J UICEY CLUB IlACES. O VER the Eclipse Coaere, to on Teas. day, thle 4th of Deemer, and continuae six days.. j,'IRST' DAY. Jockey Club uarse, $1,5051, 3 mile heats; seonad best horsae to rCceiveI 00, lroidRad t lre tchan two start; if'bttt two, tie thwimer to receive , $1,200. SECU ND DAY. Proprietor's Purse, $1,"00, two mile hleats second best horse to receive $200, prtovided aotra fiant ttwo start, if but t.a tltw wianer to recive $1,00(1). The Newv Orleans Plate--a s pledid Tea Service of Silver, value g1/10,{), mlile heIts. In this race four year olds all ailte, /l ta ing lle ircapplroplrilte weighls; 5 tear aids and o:c.r IleI) IIj(1(s, FOIFUI'll IDAY. Jockey CItub Paue, $. 5010, mile heats;secmul heat lorse to receive $ ;,03. providedle titTC n ht t.o statrl; if but two, e winnlier tt reteive $2,000. FIF"Tlt IY. Proprietor's Purse, $8,00 mile heats, best three in ive. SIXTi l DAY. Proprietor's Purse. $1,000, three mile heals. nov 19 Y N (L,IVER. P5t.l,,t . 1,;OtlO feet l.tarn ctatt 1 e ilhrlas. I It i)ll , Il'tatoes, lih ng from ship Lnagrungc, and for hate by LEVI II GALA,:, JL Gt I)OtISIY, naaaI ' 4 l ) ov'AY _ A Nyw I.evee Ofleef the Ftireaen' Insurance Co mpaty of Aete l B111 Sto Ckhlhlers acr herIeby ntifiediIII ttIt I. r'tarn I hl-talllllllt Ol Ibeir slu. k is lIee 111n(d :,vb.lvltle oi lIha 5j1 Decamber ncl, at tile (,nice of tile t 'o111 ill|V. 1' I. TI.CY: nov9 Sel'v. I)E 1.1 NI I.t".-tI ,I:AN . L I 'S A ctionnair ts tm ott pa r re nvit a )if .,lil sqlt le detiaetr pay e i' l lecmnbre pltr ltt't "tllt Iu "t u d a Colltutptni. llnov I: L Tit ICY .prlaila e IV AN'I:I) . . Ar t SCI E llONl th, r.apait ,,t.r 100 hbl.ei.Saug to loud flr lohit. Apily .a e o "IEVI II IiALIE, Place itoval 49f (ioon n n, f,' NEWV UILE iNS itiiesi Steam and Ptent Bi.cuit BaIkeary--Waters anr rd tiip Hdaln. No.a.t. iereani'i I r tie I'oh, artrhi, Raii i 'l,) i, Pilot and Navy lilrea, Stad and \Viaian iset l'aci 6Sgaer, ulttler, i1l ,rd and Water (Crackers. ii onit All the above article, nar warranted to be otthe firsr quatlily, and keep in any climlat.e, being Alsoi,-Kili drid corn meal. Orders leti at . \V. P. clllard anl Tneartit, Jr ras rnrar nr Magazine and I'iydrats streets, wIil reeiv prollmpt attenltiion. 8naill kelg put uIp exprosely li fnamily tile. .ov -l iN ('i the i it, teir.,rti iih. - lf,-e n! I . nwi t ,t, h is aultarit,'d gi , nt a.,I in hmo l lll ha, g Lun ne. FlNclIt. I IoJ,1, leU N. ic//re Ati Or/eas an t t a.ri. le '/. Idi. (', r1 i /i At-u o )r nnii, ft , iir. I ill, f ll in. e 'ill lt u LA F'Ti' oe Noiw ilnk at co i i , in t , I eit-n iJ.ttn ir * 11 111 A IA I l", SIlE celehntrdtn .Nei York ritutilgta liiir-i 11OI.1 Sand t ilitll n al d r l turdna ti t iht '4tu i istanlt. re "ei 'hic very oin ulauH r hitinl, wll e olll f W l lillnn i t a l rie,' lirn and ttio ntn uhtt iln Iii l l .speedal l] i iii, i any ttime atid parniculuatrs learnd at the sld 1" piapr lWCla' e 20 ch iii dodoBA A R. r an Corner of .t. 'ars Common street, it ittlti I l.r".xc I II num r IoUSli & A.1AN ili til rsillieenfllv llll tiI ai .T u Imlene nti) f i ttuizt l.ltl ltigllgter tolhi rcemn itit thq, mu lllle oll Gel rmlrclulll linen " - " . do -nh ri,' .with linen 'ronts. 4t41ioniahle linen fron.t: lih n clI la ud v nbri a an l silk handkln r clhiurie : [ii c ,k td n ia t.n ey t crn iilr; rlasltaaticltl oiin atoe.tuq e st nilk, cttton and tureaitd i glove: gents hotskin gloves: umnbrellas an td canes gold cs- Also, Splendid assmrtnent of ladies and gents wri r ccoting desks dreamnnig isotas port flion., perfiuery, c lunli firs, Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Antslion tl, Blill, PatphletS, Show bills, Canta Imr. loguaes &c. &c. Gr- l.['OlI)ERS for the Inbore, an' every other de liaw, riptiou of fP1LINIti lNlil i: receired at C.mipling Ronin of'-TRIUE A.MIEtICAN," in nT. CHARLES Ex 0. ctanarl 3d door fron' Glravi'r tirei.. Extensive antiBl , iOK ind JOBl FOUNiTS, ols. front the beat Foundries int the lluited N/tnes, hatc just been added to the arelady 'lre//--toelcd Eltiablishtmeun; n-ry -atld (lRDERS will be ,ericuld as lao, an Cheaply, ting Expeditiously and lleautifilly, ts at iany other Oilice r ian the City. tins- Noal-tf om. CARDS Sn PRINTED at the shortest Notice, in the maos elegant manser, in Black or Colored Iass, on Enninel. led, White i Flake, or Plin Surflaced CAnss, and at Prices aery reasonable at 'ltIlE AIEl;ItlCIN OF n FIE, corner of P'.ydras ai. St. Charle.s stls. ,r-eral New and telittit'il tFAnat/s if TI'rPE thare es, just beent added to the fEsltiabis/hmenlt. Orders received tAt Colitinr,g - O, S-t. Charles wee Exchange, 3rd dotr froal. Graier et. and noal-If 8,000! Ca pital Prize. ld- GRAND STATE LOTTSIlY V Drawn numbers of thre Grnd Statne Lottert, Class 54. 1113. 72, 69, 59, 47,'25, 45, 5i3, 5, 9, 27,',0. CI LASS Nno.. 5. Aulhorised invr I leislutlre oft l the State.. To Ihe drawn tIILUR'RIt 0'Y, Nov. 13th, 1838, at 5 o'clockM,P. Al. at the llerchatt's aLx S DAVIS & COi Managters. S 75 Ntumbers-12 Drawn alhllta. Ii I Prize do SCEE; 000 $1 00 3 do I 1100 3 0hll 3 do fihut I Stun 7 dIn fi) 1 d1li I 15 do 70 I 0511 " I111 dtt i0 9t 7 it) 63 dtt 25 37o n ;t Io 11 I t I 2kitr li- 3 doa 15 91 , 16 dlo: 1 I1e , h8 I't 3 136 3 50 535 111 1L S:7 81ld Plritza-, aioaunit ttatn $t118,-,1S l "- Tickets $2 50- ilves $l 25- -Qiartuer 63. Tonst $ 1'. S Prcd.k llesa ot5 halfiickttS $:11 2l:ll f tltalit ri I rw n r it lea.t t15. Ptckeagt' 9 (lrl 'i ie kettIh ,a lJt s i" a tloted tt draw sut least $i. il. Flu'r I'uckae or aingla. 'nkest, tlappily at the - " MA.NAGERS' OFFWICI, -i r l 1it Chartre it, s rl/ .tIA1" SALT int e.ans for aite byhi 't1 T HR 1F I11 iiF I.t111 1), It nua7 ctr Cotottitn $ & 1ag.zt ta"nll i rlu511( Camep St. Theatre. Third nppearane this sceson of MI 8 MEADOWS. Thin Eetning, Zevcmhbr 21, Will he perforlne the Play of THE LADY OF LYONS! Clnude Mitintte, Mr. Fredericks, Gie n., l a ss , I srre ll , Beauemlt, Filding, I'Paline, Mrs.Barrrett. After which, Mli.s Meadows will appear and sing a song and dance. Oterlurer,hy the Orchestra. The whole will c hnr.ludn will tie new Piece of ONE HOUR. Charles Swiftly, Mr. Fielding, O'leary, Greene, Julia, Miss Meadows. l' OLET. nTwo houses near Tivoli Circle; arepI to RUI8.t OF U S COUKT. THE Rules of the Circuit and Dis Coart of the J S for this District, for ale the office of tihe Marshal ofsnid Court. Apply to nolth J P WALDEN. NITICE. D "Fl'hie packet lship Ocmalllgen, Leavit, master, fromn New York, is now linchaorgaing fur tiers helow Illa Rail Road; anttignees will please attend to tile receip o1 their goods. 110 rl 3t i&T.lesrs Sherman & Co, aod II Brooning, con ltnces per batrq DtLnriscotld , will oke kown I tlheir residehce to tile dischlregitg clerk ont the Lveee. LEVIH 1-AIlE, no.t 1 93 Comolo n st NO ICEE. Mr. GEOIIGE MI'.RICK hving resigoned I.e of fles ofehief Engineer of Ihe New Orlease ond Carroll ton Rail Road, Mi. Jo/la Ifompee .Ilhs been oppoint. ed it his place, to whmon all pertsons having businss wilt, or wishing infrmatrion regarding said Rail r (ad will apply at the Rail Road Office, Poydras street, By order of the Board. (Sigmmd) JOHN NICHOLSON, nenl7-tf Catlier. WANTEI), A StIART acliv n Boy to allead in a etorl;one wh selikt let'ntnt: a.od ttEglish .llt a pertlIt tae situation, If blnd suitable, bhv j lly to I)A Vii) FR L Co, New ork Slati I6 hil, nov li7 :'trel ottre `V J E Ila u ea in slaia tl nl olfer f r l m e - 75 eke.l Jnva CoffCo 111 d lin e I5 I do iacon do 48u n ti I.iver*lol Sult ,51 barrels Antric. Itr, d d ct Ilnllsil tilr 2114 ioxe(lNew i -litld Seprlan Ctlles 21111 tI tilla's e ' 11111 I llR bi d !5 dros d ! H fo '. 21111) hIn'f boxes d t , 2 "00){ letXte il It Raisin, i l) Is I n a 75 boxes Lm ont ISyrup 10211 Io as-sorted Ketnhuls 21i11 11 Cigars, VOrinOts qgtnl It 11110 do T'en tsurd lt75 Firkins osh 1 :er :'5 dh od N : du liae, wich will he ld t,rev low r ctt, or ,nf the tl0tllltllt l . SI.IV1 II tO ALE,n ill :t ()Olog I';,ID st Saill -111! 03cael,,ll \(Vises `7 fre,, '11 , 1': .)lat t-r fwd 1,,oii-. l ··o1 11 l' 1 l 1I5..\C JIt l)M P: & Cm, 10,17 l. l 1 In tI , ]: it I lr .' H .: -3 l,'l- 1 i ++,'t, ee, prime (i . l fllh+, Fo)r -bh 1I., - LOUISIAN A 1 T51'I ri 'IIil E, V '1 H1 llh llt l lll 1111 11 ttt r I 1l{ 1 lt lIlt~l " t c 'I t " ih) lt 'ctlll Itll l 0 l ; ir,, 0 lJ t.,i ni t tiln" t Im r ttoh l tle "flt 1 s, llll1tt lttl 1i '11.l. 11 - h tll lhritit-od wlep h.t:t . 'e d tit 'I. .IlnII tci t . I le s, c it l it , . of It letltt, t oti we i o 'tlie t Ineole flt l ot I 111Ir It phl llle, iI I it, i ) t. l st ' ;in ro l'I1, io t 1 1 '-r l , n, e' gu { (.iii.v.l: 8 nil h( I '. T le t dhI rtinq ell, torlrhertdin+" th, latin t lllll (+I Irrl l+),in i tt, ~,ill h 1 .1,0! I l,' . oq.h Ncn,:ii nod (;, . r I - c,'ittll, .\ýlOll l . -tlrtl l' mpy | n s."p,-_,-IN3't MAXIVVlkAli F I T O1 l ni O R111 .Ays. 'a' IEI ' o lenash lhtr to-dav is $11 H7 perlItrrel, - ne or in g ti, t 111 0 !nr ; theii I tktrrt shtall ginve Iu ring rti ire..CtI wnt:k (rclt Mond va 19d ist.) 211I ' os af broa l .hr alit lr. ld ,I n thl a,'od juality s lequirellto weigh. per cllt.m vie o rl . d vl7 C. (:I:Nt)IS, Fayor. S .111 1' al,, Sill it , .etia '-al apply 0tn card CONVFIaR, \ATiJON' a LEXICOLN, 12 sol, and i I t ol plate.: a 'retk--littlta., iComl)nite works. Wnt'Iahn tl - -I.,,asll w T1 Kaertt'ncar-nr Vcldea asanorra torigntl cdi g c111kk, in l &, n. at (+' l & IIKlr m't l I K Nutll eo ,o; tl o4 l Iavarietyv "n tltt"r works it tn (nn (rrla Alot.;erlllaa t; .lIt llllror n I)i tol't +t ar t or ill uItC t i in Fretth, ngll taldp5 tllaith. a nocr7t h h rles & a . ta astD at' hItr tI ahI l Ot t i a wein lr e h lcnn i t n'e d ftiC - ntrnahcin tlin t oitpiht l navy tld'oflot, Ihtn ia bti ad;r 5 Tha Biscuitm Serlan Itttter and itttler Crttlts, put uan in barrel, boxes. C V PRTI8I114 ARD S ;Ian sile the Vegetarble tiarket. LtL('l I II I ill;- O t: eaasraeaannhll Clui tg + latti il ar uad filr s le y by "ISAAC I 1111111 &. Co ntov7 i IIM:11i sl n u at wAitDn--slnin1 kheg, qinatr Lal it tlei, .nr tteibn Ild SI'E'I'SttN & ALLA , t... . . . . . . n I-ta il i It . iE W AN \U11 .11 t Il l { ja.]li: .... . .. . . lnhothv n's G.Ilerv -l+wrare,; T he Im perialul ,undhO rci A Yarc A Vuta, Clhrintt .ta 'l'Tta s, hor Itt 3; t oung Lttty'a A tntta , lItr 1 831 . luung a ieotaleni'naa' Anatai, tar 18:19; E Jollhn & ('s Inuisiana Almna ne for 183;1 Just neceived anll for sale ,by Ii JOINS & CO, It inovt7 car St Clarla & Conln at ti ALLA Al) hEEN MAIIOMED'na DYE. It For changinlg thl Hair, Eye brcws, tr Whisieirs r to pcrmanent Brown or lrlak, by one application withut staialing tLie ,kin or the finL li en , juat received by BUSIl &n ALLAN, 17nov Fancy Store, c. St Charlos & Coln. "%/ Itt'I'-"', V.11 KSK --- 'ritin;at- r-' , er.Mb. ~ Shoving Cnas-, I.ant's \aork Ioxers, wilt and witllnllluala' Carnd litaee a PIIket JIohtlksifr paar, ivo ry mu sh l, just rrPeOIve it tlhn Itn i i l . att, ,r ort r 1 St. SCttreisanlltlll UIlatttnUl e street, Exc.hllltn e Il ntel laov 17 LIUSF , ALLEN. r etit-n nrlacri cnns have Ilana.lilliln tine Itnln'ra in t-t I tt a uI. 1S zn d e r th e fir tl t d o f .I il tII i [l- ; 4 S IN N OTT1 , tandl atlinait t'a contlitt t e tih 'a)tro nliaec r.- i ceivtd Ib their J-hu Cl r . , whi l Clill.+ htitltaaan;n i. un nameaaai %roadnlad(irectr ad C( uuail .sln JMere 1mal,t+ .nIlV CIBIISTIE lF. a ___-- __w N. SINN nT I',Jr, i 'OVIEt,.0ilO w patteCl Stoves; 10 purtatitir grata Stoves: 12 round shart 'Sr.,,, move, naInchap artilel; al-o. cn5 en kin nove-, iuan retc ei ll ;n add nrol nl to athil fartl:r at okl ir atile iV S Li)CKI-: & i(0, ltvl9 8 Fro::l Lt..- alit N IInStioves pipes made io order and pit ul in o nncy part ofi tilRe city on horIt nice.n S. I.& Co. d 7I'. II. etairle b A tlte:lry m ttary l htnt ; h rCemoved i u hin nlnlinn to Exchiuang Alloy, Iltwetn (ontli and "St. e n Lutnna anras. nnrl3-Lw act St. Charles Theatre. S'iii'S EVeININi, NOV. 21, Will be perlirlllm Ihlle Itina- ic l)rama of GUS I AVUS 3rd. (;ustavus :lrd, r. arrison, A n,atrotn, A r-her, l.illien oern, I'uge, Orr, IMrs. Debar, hlMadame Ankertrtom, 'Thhnaln. An Overture Iby rchectra. After which thr lunghiblet Farce of THE WIDOW S VICTIM. Jeremiah Clip, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Riltlltos, BMra. arrell. IT The rlip Ichn, 'aptillin lnilet, from N. York, is dischargineg ,' poeio the vergetbler mket-conl signles are rqustlce ld itot altt',ld I rereipt .lh'tirgoods. S& J ' W VHItITNEI', nnvEL 73 ('lnp ailrcl. GOLVERlNOI' IIORSI GE UARI)S. at, I THItr Tnrll will pnrndr cn Far nv mnorning ensl. . thc'5tl inlltant, at 9 ot'llhlek' oil lh recanl squwer o grennttd on St. Chitrlec srtes , fpposite Ith Thertre, for ihntit ..tim it at l r . By order ofJ W Stillwe"ll, Lieti ll. r'mrl'f. 'r S nod JOIIN GIBSON, r21O L OG(EINIR's A O(rSE GOAONI)S.. YOIU will pnrade ill fill winter nllOiln, on Fridn, Aflerrnerl,erho:'lntl insten, nt:ln'cbletkon the mquare anppFIIorr em TIhtntre, in H1 Clhrles rireet, for negiraen tel Rrvirw. By orderof J V t'llwtrll, li.ntir. Colrtd't. JOHN Gl BOtN, Intoi) O. S. LOUISIANA DRAGOONS, A'TI'TINTION[ [II i": c. ,,pn l ,ill nsns.t ,lr nt W -tllteel a nc itl 2101 illlt. a e IIhI i\rll lr~ rni Illln, in lt'O1t o a t. p 1 1E - 0i l r ( 'o1 J ol .h h- ' , a t i i no' c l e l, P ,l i e i v - h in., -i, n iith i'N dx ea.d Stprnc, for Drill. Tlte tPillrtrcn n ofr 11h, c ttnmilitt will vsremhle oe, hIlnlr pr evooin Io I .n ab ove liN,' atld hallor etated, say. nl:i oi ocock. nelln lt iru Ilerl ollf rll ll ll" win prIvde f.r hetir ivt ,tmitli t1eR,-3t, io !e plnif iri 'len s 0owr 's I hloot s ll ileh ltlor. I A II Itlrlnirt niate , tl, rill lil s il ,' nrite in ftcc gloo es,,' iroei'lnrn far in :,i l l,, h intll hc l ill o nfr iv to ilrr. y nrll o r lh F -lra w ilf Alli col p, nlv, !!rtri ttiryrf rPneerr;'forthwith. lBy ,,rtlr o|" ther ('(,ol tn l IWr. norl9 (Orlhdrly i,"rg'i n'vel 441 New Icve, no_ ,4 _ New Ie.rvrre t] ' N& J 1' Whilvltti,y 7.1 1iiiii 1_ 1 --I_ (i hittlllts! 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