Newspaper of True American, November 22, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 22, 1838 Page 1
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Piuics l21, Crs.TS. NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 22 1838 VOL. Per,1,1 ofiiae NJ spnper t Pres of cIo erlero 'l't n n sl v ngreed to) 41 an at ll e arlla tn.,tin: of Ih. I'ropri or.ahold aI 'it! lFlh of M rcb, 18:37. S ,cu'r6.t.- 'wl"''II I) for 1he daily pan 1r I 1nnll,l} ILavnle -leo6,li-'tlllul6 lly il ndvan1 e: te6 f ri faa- t'lh tri.weeklly oaunlry paper, pnyalne one6 vntr ill lva6,:1l w6her no cltv rc6re01e 6 s gyiven. 6, I SIh,(..ipti l will be discontinued until arrerngasnrare settletl. I retse of di colltionlnc, one week's notice a I. t6riltg1 must .o i6nwr6ubri y given, pr evious to 1it exninttioa of sniscription. .x jrtll' tIa'.jt )la dnlllr pr per .nare for the first a ri 1 ,iCon, an onlI olt.i ric' for each slhlel6 ert a1ne: t an1 dtlcrial altperalio ilroo l the original advortio enacllat W ilI e' el nrg I III a new oite. . Ylan v.r AIvERTIS cs.Bs. n lerehanlts and 'ra 'er, frort I ollIrsn Enlisht aloner lndl ixty for both Ion- c g a7ll Ila10,l1 lansraale Offi ces, mnd othen r 0 i1iar poile ,l61it tilll.s, llity d,,llnr in English only, nand ;lei"" for IboIt ges; Ship and Stenahoat Fac ior, ir loou.llnin llohallts sixty dollar iln English ,, nlnlleighllty I)r loth Ian., alaeO. ,a n,tt.t;ais, t1)nlr0o1Y N1)f1O0 o and artieleo cgll iig ti, tte.llltiilal tie poblli to salesn o property, e "ls of paiogersa h A.efits, ,.e. &e wil l a OIlrg:l one dlllar per sqaare for the firht insertion in ucllh an (on1rt .tl al tov06 nr dlvertilaelnnts, of any pltrsarn al rlaure, whlt nlnioiblOe, bhall beo olrged double, a0t1 in al an1'e,. A. ,la uhti61 of ta-ntv.flve percent. will be made to Aultion.aer.1 SlarI, hLrtgielorsf \ Willn, and Nlarhnloa oa, sales of real estate. Runllished in both languages, aud 5) per enat. in English alone: O percent, on sals o th'rr propelrty. AlrVoRaTISaI I.aTS not of tlh direct line of hbusiness " tile advertisnr, sucl nas legal, aucltinn, end planta t on s lns, rnlawavy sl6ves, stray Ianialslnl, c. &. will be har.ed foI r spe0 la0I y, aild at the ordlinary ratee. An.,av.ora)t0TS not specfiled a to time, will be pit lished (lne month, and charged accordlingly No a.l rtaise)rll6ats olf al akrupliaso will hr plulished in any case, ndesa piid fdlr previonus t,a insertion, or paym;ent G- rl le,:d byit respollible persoRn in town. TI ,,atr* andr olther paces o" mnansament, adverlisihg dolily r thrb qeoasn. to be lehIarged $10L11 fir Ioglish a Ino"', anlt $..9 in) 1111 bot leloInrs. All a t, m ,otl t l11en of laliiata,1 fir pnlitenal olfelr will eo char,_ed doubll tile ptio of ether adverlise ';lwio, to, te.. i. r..... Inns ....n nincd by newspaper InLl al (os erll 6ss Whlo cclleont.1 aveant bynoll Illli w tll e [11 mOuth ,ttal 16lr ,Orlrlltatoa, shall he made k0own (ar, fr 1a lrao:li ablel0 to each) othr--they obli "gtlII' t inlln.selve not to alvertise or print for sach dlilllll1ltl)6l, Ilnltn il I crime O 1 ladrpnie fay ornla. \-0ignel) JC. I)t Sc. laOMIES J. BAYON, P... I U1A, J. PIlCENI)EIRAST, JOIIN GIBSON, IIMtSlEN It'Hly P','s.-'\Ve , tlll derignltd, agre to nabide byv ile1. l.v no o:llllllitilllls as llt La 'y are applicanble to ( I01) A.1B. AWRENCF., I, 'n, ,ll161 rilionn ,re talen for less thanll 6 monathsll. le6t,, oust, in ol cas, he poet pai. " 11)17,I ,: 611'-I, \ IN- I Vt tI'i 1), &c, I II'.\N ItlV'lSlTrlII) by tile n1thlorof ",A yenr in N'.4 " in ! o- r -If err . n lrl, I atl, by ken l," o .2 vo,.. Ni6'11' ' lly R rll ltTllrs inrlsl Pcrs16! , ,, I l t'r is enllt "otr+, sxtin~l~lq amil dloimn, of t.nor, .. 1\,ll, l f the principnl crack ' ' . - EI ln d )with innlybtiblal lIntlnt oainll galternl ,., ., :nt ", h) h are 8 I ed, Nilcrod's lretters on ,L, ,I qls, i n v1 ls, t1111 Ilrl,,'1', tle last ,t 1 1=. , ' I ,q. 1 III.II)II(III,,o t V (i l to.plt hlllin r, It. N.,nuthor t, ili h 'l.t,, oo . ,'cll&or. l. 0l vol. C,,ml m alnt rire on ), ,- h q"' lu r e ("II~ l as administered in I:--'htnd ar,] ...lolr.i', y V Jo:lop Story, I. L. l,. I1. ()vi., tl..ns r,, ,' I rrd,'n, I' , l I-frev,), Add ,ison a 1d m 61, r , 0 . I lv N ll . ,a i " 1 I o fle " tla rp er',+ C lh gier n l II ,,l I . S. Army in . voln. Jost received tIr,1 ,oro :000I' 16\V1. IIh I.Ku.a6, 7 , 6 eler , naail t llt)allll&om n sl f' i+ !, - l .. I ' , h: r e s n o t tpI : l iS g fa ir; O h th is ,a j I. ,,' . " \ : ion ov 1.,i1 Iv Swia ree lh iw; 11 )I. ," -t " .. "' ~ = i, ), I''ell no rnc'of broken V1ll .1 ; I lo: l , I~c'r ' t , r 1 " 4 ,''',) n lx:0; 1V:' shall nla'vl I, . 1 1 I. or ; ..+'' 'r; iftv is 0.I roii." .t,*r th,', lBill-, I'," ', ",)'., t I v % l' .ht I iritraln6 ; 06 lilt IIO t "1;, I' ov J. .; I'eI -I 1 111,:11( I 1111 1w )lo 4" , V. ", ý, . 111,' T It i \ , I all oi p o 'll. r . • ,'r ~ , vr n lI·, hv F " lm l;I~r,.r __ ---- , ' l. iii '' ', I , y n t "n , I , aIr u.'Iii *o:ll uzlisulti l le t i eu,, o f 1 0f t t' 1er -oiliigruj.4 I I e, oIn, , :it: . "< ie , t" : ýinlln" ll or . oI, t . u. II ta, , 1.nn11 , ( 1 is e'lmkeiure* ' lte uiri'Ltln lirdin I S ,,1 tu of+ I a r h lrl f rri u d. TI , an ", ,, i n " I vill oI k;,.', t o1 hitt ii tlhe riot, I lilt'rall nd free $ ,o ! l,, l,~l~a I, lul aiiilla ( llf l l'la m tll t (io'li II M A I N, , If ll i.rllll U Ithe l'rll Y, VIRaI d 'INIA.t I l, ., T i..lll' FI II o ll Ialr'll: the ,ril h ar l orlll i llt rIl, l, ' i'to a rll lll llltlplr thell a. . elll rl'he/ Or I L n·I . i, i sl r o irth c i u the,-l Iiu"ICnt l iiiO l n. e nd'r i .T\ ' , eP I t e i :ronth I im,'r, or lhe Seholinr's Gwide I t . . Iulsy Kol cittlto urlcl .llpil'ltlrtrv of the: I Sihera ie e iie'i riianbl h Flrlo ou l , iir ;e, rok i I ull it ITll el rdit llle to lit ,",i- 0~ ai" , iterll al l i'r lllo'Ie lit, r.. s recei IVedln L ,rT'r . ie .4i 'rAIhiL tibi ," neneily ie'an t.m; Cat Cfmp & Cbuil t.c-i t; , t '' l ucI I 'IIt R h.iPIcl . till .-'4 io it i' theeir alact ur i i theonntin tn 'I I.eili, I ' l ills e I , ii iqu l llllte r llt l. fr tlihe \' lri. IitIhr, oa il l le l t e"n ef es tfbll or ithe re ,l l " l f llc ,pIn lll t~im otI l yI l illlrovim entsll andl iot-w I i i'ii'. lh l ggle K i tllllrni t lk ru ne tr l.ewii - lr t e Ivor, thi e -oad, h n dire etion of tlle post olfice d|erp'ti o'eit, .ll +ln s. r l dlehin, V alker i. ois, lne ofn 'iail e lt ll rll.uiua .l etll u oiie ulin i estlmliahr d a tleI i' it .r io prp rietort lueetin ot flleak. P el'uy uave b.w firei i,,hy rtire iind qiturbsed lhledi.ts, ned ond i u, h.+hl ii iu ghti it u nil t ulh vhluat le ingredlie ;ts fal he r mlllo tl crrlý rfit lld . 1inr foll Vir.ii . pr it iiPil.'i L, 'id i i.,ui, incidet to e ralc e d hro i u ,tf it i,+ i of t Iie ito iiuch, liver, and hivbelsa; iirtta u4potoNitt oc'u (li.d i ta e foueee.u ",x1l nive l, nh iut t thi i e lii+hmelll n for both exesc Ihv iien eil''reIld e(liv'lh.u Io tha e pril' s. Vi.itors call at a1 illlltthls l Vv tal' e I eefi, r advatLitiges of their be 'lai'ur Will'iti'i Vaseill loinue thref ruipCigtand rH liie il tile lri'tli. FVel\ exertiou on hii iirt, lnd Ol t p i't 'if tile l rietor-n, mhell le rendered to iltsure ir t he i f .I ii ptlllr I r li t lllhre of tile Ipbl . I uilt Ilfl " "i' " . n.i .t olfi. tue 11f117 i.i t' huyr i g 11 1i" . l.y+ le p uer il in our rl . ii u ol+ hV , llt Si c h her n prfid Wedn - c'AIel1.i f iu..i &c. StI .nII,'<ui iii. r ' ' o rit. rita Miir of r ti e llctcl ibii f l +t r ite, her t by p u.e. .d\Id " o, t llOll ll |, l.ig ilg lllor n rllrtielulars e t hi ne N. ll c l l ll. l - ao o h[ g r o ull lol t , i l l u s t r a teL d b v a p l a n ,ll l t h e San : t lllte u lt It Vl~it to tlhe Conve ,of iMllntreal, alltl Ietllll lll t no l i.\wlill Lis. ulrllorf s; " by W Ill. L. SIItoniSe. , Follrth el p er eitllt ofl ivinr. living withott means. 'the, St d,• t't Inst LI tor in IDralwilln alld w'orkieg "'The Hive ore'r.r of Arthlu-tmtr," filly exphaiehOg the h Ie . '. nl - r ·lrii hne rreg llelr alnd quirked m oulle s; 1'r i lr I t Azinc n ,d B lueih ,ofeculum n and capitals; Ipr fI,,l r I t lr , ct e tr o f ll n o r, or tl e n v g iV e ln h e ig h t; fo r t. "til ilc_ O w l ie V olo tr, e i rt.IlITr , .lip lic tl: w ith fli, l ý ,I .llll' ·p .l l oil it Mr ge sc ale, of the ordel rs -, their pleuc.l " ..X 1 .; & t ad torte. designs for dour cases, ele g oty h lo ¢'il\ 'L? IIo fIllrtV -O ne lhtlll s, w aitll ox l ates- -l Complanl o ,'-,llCl a ,. l+ llPttr.r++ New Gtlide,," "Catrpltelltr' ,".1 p'ralti,.al 1'rleitino on Ilti+ Cultullre or ilk," adIapt ed to t h,: ,foi l m nd +li htl ate of th e IU nited S tate +s- -b J . (;. Con-reek. s,".re;tarv afthe tlartlilrl tounttty ily So eiety, antd editor of the. "S"ilk Culturirt." "TPhu Sill; Iliai,.r's .Aamtl, or the art of raisi'tRR atd online .illk worms, and of etltivtittng the 1 ,Iberry 'hlo i 'lerk's ;,ile,, or ('ommereial Correspon ence; c.,lo ,riaim. lntt+.r l of hnllsinr so, ot iiirn of bills illvoices, ll:l.lallll,--lile+,, ill I %llop'.lkee. ) ers, Pqllnation of paymenlts, eClIlltllllr-li:ll terms I. & -. t B. F. Foster. "llistlll'v ,F thle \Vat ill the retoinettia sod the Soulth of IFralsler, I'r.oll thle veor lt07 to the year U184" by W. 1'. 1'. Napier, :. It., vol V.; to which are perfixsd an .lt.rr + tI, .o,1,, n,' , tic ill Roho il.lsn'a L.iieof P toh llu. aI in fhe lillto: Irhlv IR, viewl ; witlt coulrll' relmarks to )[r. I, ../Iv Hootl, .- ,I rcivtd' l remarks t sllROl O passe ge hin Cohulnl N t -r's f thvolllmtllejUl nt of the Pellhlnular \Var. Jl t r,,,.eivd. nl fOr ale by jed2i 44 N'ew Lecee. aG2 4 1 New Le' Sl. croweV r & tCo. 1 i . A justm Iseive'lnt their Varnishling Wtere-htesr N NI. 17 C:lap Ilteet. by recent arrivals from E. 1, awl the North, large additions to their stock of viil IIland on menlou:tl ho'.sekeepintg articles, whichlnol the lectively (they believe) form an al ortment more gener al and :complete thn is to he l'an;d in any sloitar eslab- ng l.ip'llet knlowl;lll alliitiltof void SILVFIt WARE. int, Colfee ald tea sets; pitchers, waiters, eastors, candle- thi sticks, cus, tumblers and goblets: table and desert forks, f table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra got spoons; al.:or tongs; sugll saace andsoip ladles; ac 'r"tter, frlit, paddling atd fish knives; pickle and desert A knives and forks, napkins, riegs, Ode. prinilmally from nI the mattaeolnry of Mr R. Cardiner, of New York, tll whose long established reputation for the manufacture coe of silver water is sullicient guarrantee of its superior fa. quality. ant PLATED ' * &RU OF SHEFFIELD AND BIR- TIt MINGHAM. it a Tea and etfee iurn, tea setts; castors, liquor and c r- the dital stands; superb candlebres, and Elperges with mir- eel' ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or s,*pler table; we waters round and oblong, from 8 to 1'2 inehes; beef- we steak andt vegetab;e dishes; rich dish covers; cake and flt1 bread baskets; decanter stands; mantle andl chamber ele candlesticks; wine strainers; coolers and svphoas; decan- tlhit ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, tI- ae ble. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and sts'nds* t" toast races, e. c SItIVER ON STEEL WARE. Inn Tatdle and desert knives, forks and spoons; soup and s sadce ladles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, Ete ,IAPANNEIIY. Fine HGothic Sandwich and round cornet waiters, in. setts and single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of papier mache; if I iread, cheese, and knife trays; large upright plate wormaes; stice, sugr antld eath boxes; pressinlg eases; l India tea tablles in tness, addles .Jaltti.ntol ald ofrich eb f tortoise shell, etc. or, LAMPS. 4 An extensive aosnrtntent, atoung wnle re Astral Fa latnp , all broanzed nd gilt, and of rich cult glass; tmantle dt lamps do, do, ec.h plain and with glass prisms; very nl splendid cut glass do; brouzed and Japanned side or fl ltrauket ltamps. PI ClIANI toI.IERS AND TlANlGIICG LAMPS. tlt English andI Freech ett glass chandeliers or lstres of 8, Iot, 15, 18, 21 and 2.4 lightls; French bronzed ald gill lae Grecian lamps, 3, 4l and lights; hall lamps ant Ila terns, rich bronze boat or cenltre tunmps for ,lawillg rooms, from 1 to 6 lightts, lhmp shades, glasses :ld ot hicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLERlI.IAS AND pi VASES, ho Ilrnnzeil and marble; brotzel and gilt, and all gilt, Il willl fixtllls, etc; colunting house andil kitchen clocks; i.n edzcl ilnkslanllls, d(); papelr weights, therllolne- w eras, card roks, eadllnticks IRte. i (III1NA HAII: t)It IP)RC:ELAIN, op Feglish all French dtining deedet, tea anld coffee er- ca vices of plainl white, gld edge, and very rich lllctnv styles; splendill toilet setits; water al milk piltchlers, of mantle ases; fleavy card rteks ah lh.skets. Y:lAtRl'1EN9 A IE.A D)ining, deslert, tea, cflele, rle:alfhst and lsupper setts; r toile wale; pitchllel's. Also, Catlt c llthia dinne( r setI, cIT CL;.ASS. howls, dishes, cehlry ess, snit stands, sIthr bowl', utlter ltubs, finger lt. lll, timblers, 'sinfe, cllanl p signe, claret, cordia:ll , letlnon: tl aill t jl l glasses; five colored. Ilfnlalk gla.ts. Ai n, ec:lt lle oladlcs. Iille ivory balance Itl:ni, sil' ip aidl bck lhandlett k es alt inoks it 51 nt , Ii 33 pitie., or by the dtozrle n i iory ello ttve knives a Iethr sliver tforks; liareul id gamlllr. lcrvCrs; lo ll slices fi'r v,.md hlbee lvloy ·r knilve,% otit erickst atd fiLks; Wgellututart et k c ste +c. IlItt'l'TANIA ANDII . BLtCiIK N IV'kAlI TIxI oll collee setIts0 ll liIt s, ith I ainl " f:lt cts,I 1l suitablc Io i hotels aill ste llltil'li is; peoonsa0.. I ilhes s r Yve n ls h r ltes .w i th avtrs, . i i·ter n,.t a altfdone~, ; dish b - cvers, plate 't:i l:-, c e ,' g ,; tea kettle, io st, alds i; with hewllller s, eI, I ,l.lrsI l tc. FIANIj II hll-I1I h I'' • ;i a ti ,, sw i'lll r t i''t t itiI t.l I I li l llt 't llth ktt- I fee: b 's, op nII' ,, c. on I h ll;l ll ,.;k l: pli., hlall s lld t II rn . handIle .ha.Ihll b.rssll . linevy hbellows andll n. nahll I ha; h I t li.,l l ieN; 1 ll, t ir : 1 h t:lilnes; U1 relhl II nltlllr L .r " t oi "el l ll tvl wil :lllllit.' pl t's i lilT1illl; 1;' NIT;I l' l t l:-- ei, gfit-l l irnl/ro , ti. . hrli.s,, copr" ',I ,:0 oln .a t' ' , being a coIllecio o . b iinli, a dl I , ir l l 'r: _ p)hc. 1 ,. , l hf h-er al , ared &,, a il I o . .ep ih : 1'l' n . I.lna ip r, lela.o t~l: ll hgll de, .31 II. Ir . l 0 .i.11:.S' F'.. ' H! i I'7 'l;li' l' " I' S11 , Ii l: 'V ' "'ti 1.1 0 P ;i. P !'A ! ' ll .[! I " ,1%. l: ,1, ' i tt lifet,, t' ii o, tiltl l,. f i ter et $i , l 0 n 01 lnr n"'" ;, ah sa , wiii li o, 1 : e, ; .\t1c. ah l 1 T I h,, p. cf.daw, orI 721 (Olitt 1 1a Ftor Ito lnl ct. ii ti, omtl , tt o w, i. ai tt tata, l to t hf t eii res telt, o 5 111l ott i cor Pser d hie of e 0 t wi, ll ) u o r o. u ino 41 ta' in s "v i sI . a, eIt' & i;;.i S piri- ai, 01 r Oft, t s ia t l t;,,,t s ·ll l. 1 an of .tellts.ia ttl.t withe otto Il It0a ,atibltfe ampeve ,futhe ' A ait C' Ight toil tro... ntootitt. cws, wi ta Irh e htee t als cit I. .. tiedt; Ittti tvltll sar ertotat 1ie5a lltbetlxtra olt .xra , mi 'h thhem,.l ,e tt i, ,r l 'l h i ese, . es plied a e o11a tatea1tc ill lllatitt o itIlahtcl hut ahu tO ltlt tIe ih!/ til tit.ft nt t ttatll r at e tlll e of rt Ilders ,, fi io , sn d tred holllt t lwn, will tieir tol i. lie line slts of Tin The Ghis .,td red,h bw i del re.I I Ikse ',,il ofk I rhat httlcurtl 'ti i" t fll; sea Olt oi t lloelt tel itrlttoel ps l -o. thie- Ittt aIlo t h, e h 'ottier s, the Illt t l. cll l ilo the .hnp.l o e' th, saa g i toaal tesmetrIom ,.Yk, l ine doe-, i ihhr t:or ihes aillntiimt 4o i the Il12A iiCi weigst i+ wil l melll will kll e h ) g st/il Ti, t ill th p whte die, on.d sre tle l hhlllhr es for l w ,. t ,i.eots,. ill lt .o r. t lt V rA- olt t lll l gtiil r.,ile olso l e o l e llr wherle de tlt t, fe- In 'et s r cn n e t lte , blll will be trle.l e ta.ll rl,lloir i rtowetr , ta , deis olo ati l lt i et'to isa t led. t o f e It k d- term. a llsf a m e Inhes ego t ill e or de. lre ift tite Ssired. [ o n It dhe s hal n t le w ile llwor e's ,;ivyt olrll rs fi ) h eor s Io nre h lli n shonllt cr n nl l y thel wilr t h t eib rh v e l r'i' n i l t i:s a 'l toe arlein:^lel1 t saw, treasts, brushes &c. It 'uis I mlldrl l ll ', ,llt o pi no l ohrll a llt l desirge slaw of I k u "r ilu cttll , ot ' . T e o c , siz in . 1s . 9 T rit hei lt Is ht, sore nis tem e of the cStt.., enwi 5 or ti rlwlls hilbe s ol oa slllll, whle others do. ntwrenl ire --- -mrth.iat In,, tio wish sws wi STATEI (OF I()INJiS.V \.--irst Judicial District_ 'irIS 11i . i STAT'. OF LOUItSIAN, To ll wholll Sthetae Presenllt shalll elollle, (reeting:-\Whebreo WVilliton .\lttckke bir-of lurchtased at it sale mra le ho the .irrrii r ti thet nrshlt of Urrlrnos, the iroitertet Ilerni il'lt r dt iiol, has applied to rlth clerk rr t is .ourt, in whore office the ( "ed ,of sale was recorded on tie 5hl day of lni, A. I). 1iot, it;r it Inrmtion or n. vertiorent in contorlnity to an not ofl thie .egislature of fthe State IIf Ion -i~aon, entitled " noit totirr the lulther asslrane o lr ttls to Itllllrl aer lit judicial clesr;" ap. prooed tio 0lth iday otf luth, it 310. NO)\, theretllre, know to, od ail peraorn.interested herein,. tre. horob ai nield d admonlished in the nre o tlhe rtlco l.ouioiaoa adl of tihe First Judlicial Distrnet Coulrt, who tcan et utp an ritht, title or eili. inll nd to th!l property hereinalter described, i, connequlence ofianv inlihinalit in the order,dereer or judmiet (tor the court under whicel th sale waos mItlle. r Ior irlregularity or ii tgnlity in the t Iraisemr nts and advrrtrreentt in tilllll lr Irilllllter t e ,IP I or oir :a: l tler ielr' t W laollo the saile o .olade slolir i not bo elntitlred alld ialol; ot whit:b sale tolr Williai Mirltki y became tihe put ciater .r o te il tie of $iiitt, osh. liesr iptioo of Prot'trry a' sold e tin ole Jr.udicialt Con A ertllin lot dd of grlnlpd,together wil ) ll1 the h till irtue nod i' eproeofe nts thereon, r-itdted in the ilri ll ofll )rlcltlA i lltlllh qLre buOilltdd Ile y ilw L evee,' Loui an Pal anll Dl,, 1 55treofts, do.etnaled by tile No ati hich I sae(1)I slldith lloItt h ce bF h elclecIme I thelltY peareOT plan No f , in, the oIk p iplc.An Ieelix f $slm, notary e pu'io. of lPt -rte lti ge 1 teli ciha"t on Aew Lersi street 7of en al depth on the side adjoining lot Nm 8, nd1 iIII fentt 7 ilCher Ilnd liltes in detllh lin he sifeO rdj'lninC the p apeltr rt.wor beaNllv w litllllgil~q to tim l,d de, nn lll It~l 1i it i tr:tth' ll- rth t i id i Ii rtetIile t Nere it finots o a lle oof tfeet f,, erdto in he iet, to t ;t toW14 Pep Nlerk. Il~ll r.Ill,)l.iel 'Llk AIt. WILLIAMS, OCUIIST, LOUISVIL.E, JU.LY 21. It has been said that I ran away from Louis ville and (among-other places) had la1de tracks for thie Niaara-thletefore resolved on Tuesday last, tript to Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned again lln night. I herin to feeltihat I aom a very important indi- di, vidual, as this instant the Journal of this city was 1 ut to into -:y hanlldll stating, alllmongsrt a grealt R ny utle p tlhiltgs, that lad air ctanlly run a'ray '111n L.rtnvill* fi to esolapetll efelcts of tile wonderful llgietl Itcre .le vt of doctlor Snip, the knight of the thimbn!e, olias, A S , th, Bly retrn, however, proves that the lhle lof the eo o a.-nd wolf, in applicable to tile Joirtal. The fable is- "A boy wss employed to watch and LiVe tIn e alartn, theontilthe wnlf alppeared; he being either It footnmal,' a C tailir's ci p, or a liar, fiequen:lv eried out 'te woll' in all co ting;o ithe greotdisnny of tle citizens ''It vot last found ollt hlis rel ltraeler: tlhat he wans a liar, ani not tobe behlevedeven when he spoke the truth." ti Tile litaer is, that causes Inllst produce their effects. So it will prove,of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snip & Co., in tlhre Jrorno l I would advise tlhem toflnovide them selves with steam leginet press, in onrer to tmeet the wonderfulsldeandl and increnae of that inper, oo it ist well knlon,ithere are many who seek for nothingk buil finasehoodout of sheer love to the venters of that arti- "l cle. But ulnflrtunatelyflorlGoliah Snip, of needle and e thimnble celebrity, the great mass of tile tmillions of A- ly nllerilcan pople, anr fllned,alld far fltlllI as lonvers l I truth. Tlherefore they will, (as effollrcts produeod b thet aisls) nllturlly say, l want to read a apelr, that Ilt may rely ,il therefiote I will seek oot such, anrld hre'olne a suftaiiber to the otlher jrmrnuls, whose statements vi will not prenl false. Their Ias stateoIenits are too pal Il polTle to requrl rl.fitation; et I will slate: tst. I Il. 0agai h till ht+itel. d. Th:t I shallrman ot tl ithe 31st Jul r, 'thieo l)r it Snip & Co., have sent me a letter throetening imy life, u if I remained lafter teotlit. 3d. Fhat frit, thisI shall proeeed to, Ciacinnnti.ror e foirteendasornnly, of which I wish 1)r Snip & Co.,to inform the afilicted,in their own amiabll Ii nrver failsto h)ring tie patienuts. 4111. Th'lt fro Cinetnat I sthanliproreed ton the li Falls of the Nilmarn,l , Ie at IIlflahlo, (if r Snlip & (o. n dt notl take ,nwav llyliyfe, lll the lt t of. letlelllhrl, onra a New Yrkohn lke Ist ofltNlveollter, roped rlthe wholet noftllrhe next suotlner, ill ordelr o lllglh at lll h nllllll i Philistines' Ie . edical Goliahs of 110to0 00hihld00 pfill, Mere his, Nashville and oI.luisvillc, who wiei e prolbahlv., (befntorethat tilnme arrives doonrs ,Collh lat, lRope andl thre a (1 o'lin 2d. .Ctrietir &c. Golt makenlnl for assees, nrrles, &c0. olih 4th. Corti cutteor. Boldi l :Tllh, Paints and drugll, la pickle stlore. (Gllilh lth It tIlle Imot mll nilicent of allI, 1)r. anip, alias Bell, &c. patlller to flo itprolrietors llnd edifs of Il J1urniol. o Itaolt,. I would thel noble tlr. l ll rbt Co r ir know, that longbefirethev were able to thread la neirt dlr,1a0 sphreaid a Il lstae, I adl irbeen for yearlls, ill th 11 it of restoring sirht to the blindl, nud that Irtoo when to wa1sa collector of IoM11j1 sty'sto n o',t1(1 r lt i( rl it- t ain. I was evln then Io employedI . Did the thrcn o spinner; the enrrier; the harness 'maker for aoe,; the corratlter; the paitnt and dr; store koepor; and the Otogtifclett dloctor Sniplltr, 010r mornre thror, t lhon dea ofioine aolel tooii,th" 10 Ioes-lltl, r hth ll t J rl(si, state,,Iel sllaor reeis'ieirl In ottsiont,'rlt gor !'into till to I day, to obtain my oliioi wiothot it ee, a s usal In grot hastr., Jt)IIN WIlI ' ),Oo list J.of'ersln Ilnous, I,oulisville, ,hlrdl, 1,:17. P. S.--Sinr' wtritinlllty lnst, I have !.ren infllrlln, i that i ea1 th11 e Iri oolrle' th Itlll oihvle flo 1r l t ' 1 the me, It is tr e.t he I.ti thlle1ltho loPte er l n lnito e re.. I lltoSltll tho I tlro i "lirds, ft al i ni of ,r to tho er. "kniht of ra ther o l the ti oighlts ofhll i lll hoo ur la s,1 lt 't110 the respil l so et ll il chI ,t i ignliihd )'!r sr-o: io Iht is trte, hi tlloillt hnialivt , aIr i o levrnlllll a lif lent r withn0 tIll r, olnd ole' p lr l ' . i of r er'o alia hin aen il an-hill," witho t an moral merit, doi d m rvlll ll no h l tort l as l l, to l Ilrd i llleiek it hiltr5i thau .h wappere blur vrmllive otl e s iil g llll y it, bahllr i t Tihloiiorinh ,t', Ioil ,lIllriro oilrili iolllooilIrrltc I lt sotme wepre rhIatsell d Ito e elpe ro, , or, lvted ie knt . tll of 1 1the rail. "'oi l.,h rttle s lthey ln llt r t hvlie lltiner ee t he knIt hr, to Ibothe ro' er. fit i I frth knih f liletl v t net lo V ,ive, ah i all , f'lo is. Irlit l brailn tis n to oll his rthie tr he Kni ol l . Ite I ;hni h ',in ill ui nth i ng flii l tI Iorll il l hot s tl on sill iI n .rl d,'t l lh, and I a s hlnc tiln a a Illo tn i'se- I es' i onih, i',ltl e'or tr, we., hr l'o t , ail ' ose ri r I oIbut ol wh ih, ile r lt i)r. tell, all s . knght the' thiuhle, 1e. wilh'x ilniu toi ttr , in hit divng sI pe t toe nl tral phrane t, v f hir t w h l,,h sn:nnIo I il .I A o 11 rty aiJ iLsiii tl c livts +Ils s dlllf ; a d Io oot h r- e lCits ls dleliciouas I mr i ll. t -llli, ra nt , . ll. o ,h in , of11 l o',o l l.l r Ii o i Jl. Nlhi. 1.--n pr ve jtll rerivd lettr, dmte. "1stJn d. "l'hise tr ,"pr t onyi , I aIi. e, d t+I il : n. e m.' yT t II .r r ol Saf irit leih , I·hh snaill'S olorl lo ri rvi I ,.f lid l notlfn olhetiarlo li, IgIso l h f l irad rilc evil,, suir ri ll ool oto ln oI1h do iSt in Lo'1 , i N ,aths In p ar,- t ,I o av iit o lolnl e - , the oro i, toi, I h. h1 , ir nttorlll r o ti. I lr e il l l4ll 1hl,,,lg t i ,,o l h,,eo I lllo o it S 011tl0l l iy p tient I lI h\\ i ati lolmr Id hr ,.,l l i l "i r o,t~ JediCuon Iulluu,' Satnrday, 22, July, 1837. JElI'FaRSit Itolcfo, l.UIiviuIi.tE, Jdld 13, i!Y17. # To the Edifur of the Chey (altt e:It _Ill--Haviving litenedi to tie elirrntice of myi pon 1 i itie slt I almu l res ,,ved , if' m y h ea lth p e rl lits, to re. 11 lain il e this city till tile eCI oif July. i 1. To try to do tlhem more good. '2. To onvince the inhlabitnts tliht theile epi h hosts the .ledicul (uliahs S. &c, hart: applied to i me, 3. tTh.I I ael rolly to depositci two hunlrel doll:rs, Sin ,,otRs of thle If. . Bank, ill the Ihni d lll lif l Hotolo the Mayor ofillis city, lgalilSt ausl ilar 11111 to be lc e posited by all the f r at and t ghi " lty ictors S. & Co. that l restor' to sitht lmore ated, in dhile-nged, young lrsll atnd chhlleres , welho were totalc tor psartiuall ulhlnd thnee the r tl; lind thart I arn eCIl.lel to curet a Kreii r nlllmhl, nf slhort, weak tir dilll-sighlted cst"ni tring ui y shuc t i twhisi, alii they do. Yt ? w In' allo lldy inilct collenutiauell to Iill tl tlhelr Iid i ll tile ver lhservedly crlllllated prolessrs allld IDorltor of0 all lre tedie-ial coleges , as well ans alli the doctorls otl ; pck hIoltora be llldl il privnte practice, (who aee l . te fI t tit tie ,na lateseliellttek il, Ohio, Idiana adi iii;e j ill belllIsse whllrere there alrt' ueed ioftll ie tIo h tch.or ho d t I.hlU laoroer , whofhe lucln t ollp ,t tl t be h ndetl tlhw ia low as Iossible to latest poateruity. 4. It alt be clearly tld erstoodi thcat aul the clrr if Inv, oi1 both itl "d u tnt le t uroveI hall Io bte.n eomnOrlllel sithluutl tilt ord ot, in aly burglieal o d etalli 5. Tlh`te who really merhit tid e et ilhs they lhave si i l il.eraliy applied to liie, Sh,.ll titoirit the ;!i0 I're toi b ltllil i o iih llulte hol hes iltl tai c:ity, aIad tile other par t shaill tke biack his iu n $th1, lwhoevere I e lr her Iovy bi. If eicll the liglhty iieic I hl m ii taIger t shlud l roeI omne lu' tlie sutceenullel cndiatce , I wiii fulfil til old priverb, an, d give the "uld getler uan" tiliI ti. At all eveiints l wohl ld tadit the list named i ce link S. nlut to slaire thut letter to stalld ahloha, as It rulit l.or "sillll etJli" 11. well [lt.s "sapienlltl; b"t: vesterdapl ntll.;` btt I ad lvise Im tolian to it ils ie.-iti nll i ciutiiiliiiXil it A c hied heire it, ii alplaieuieil dtile IPII tilie illdepcld ittll i bi tnlc lll (iI 1 tili' ilte .Iui ld lI wmays knou lie iWuitler Ib, the tlehody Ichllis l UyiIc JOHN WILLIAIMS, Oculist. I wai wchnk entlllh te rend thllue mullaloelsoide. tsined .. wiich deserve notrhig but tiy silent con ti;ll I kuuwn last eVeiang of the great i'luportane tel A S S, 1 should hlve treated the last of the. tlire eso i what dilbrently: but let thatpicss. I will, howlever ticolmplimeat his ma-lter of thile Journal, folr his cszcitv i to etploy tile filrme:tr kuight (ot it 'the garterr ol f l te t thicc llhut) of tlh needle ano thimbl , ia ordrr thtr tie llli' kill two birds with loe sItole, i. . I It th ile holues thut uiia e i un his nuttir ul or tmlititulg:.irtnintn, 1itI, i' 1 jiuy judge front that extellellt artltle iAd e ert r. , er , politically, cn need fhit sermi, iir.t When iany irealulsatnee oeeur, whethler dolnestlieall or pulitcunll , which reqliren a bllister, lwhether oi hip Y .wn iooe 1or ', tile replitatinlll oftl ose whlli dollnot hlialp Senf to tt ea.e, n lit, betag uulike hit, (twhich iltust lbe t glrat ,istiirttiuuel theii it it he nags his lIELl., wlien a tter il i ollthing itrieetllhnlifi it was otulllllinll brai , or a tiklini cymbel;' yet, to view it lthus-lDr. 1Bell liak: well; hut with an 8I1.1). A. S. S. iafer ic, appearsl _ _gnilhJeut!td JOtsN \VILLIAMS, tculi t. [ AVANA SWEE-I'IITEA'l-- S-- I ntore-. ul lur isl -'1 by 'Il Il/i'IE & BlIe, ir j," o Colliuon alld ,Inga' i tie st. v TO RENT. ' TIlll hlndsione STORE mn d hack Kitelten: Sa. tite tnieentent storu cI the 'lrue Atnleri te u c;ll udice, two dioirs IhIII St. Charles'l'he. to tre. A fitt rate stuiad lr a Coatfe,'" leece Apply t, it tt18 Ji)illN (IilIS)N, Editor 'T'reo American. 1 prim anrtiernt uli' it Nails lin N to ", irualn Iby (it %E & I XEY, tll, Cutom lhntel .treect. MILES' COMFPOUUNI MXTR AUT UO TOMATO. to A SUBHSTITUTE FtO ecLOMl. 311 .ftl ..cJetriue -conulgated witth so mulch aserance lih, - by mrany empiries of te iday, thleat nie me- Iti dicine will eure all lisasetes, is not, snd ieetr cat be 10110 t.o; and ie who asserlts it, is either a fool (Ito a tim- lo postur. lolt it is a fact ldemlnstrahle v expleriene, sizc thait combinatiotn of medicine aill b frmll d l rlom the bru VtRETIRTt hNDOM, tDI that will 0 et so ttillitrtttlty on pnt the system, wholle takell seasolnably, anld in judlicious pro o 0ortions 5as to cire, in ime cases olot uf tell, all dieasoet 1, eitltlo tti i-ol . 1,10 a ptic Ill. ti , l . Ftom toe wtill kilowl, i ettaulia itd -epltaoticon of o lt CUlomel, it has lotg been etmployedl by the empitric, by anll sci ent l llhsician, as one of thle nost pIow·clrill ugelti feore the imoval of dieoase. By t lie therer, al- - luost everyt lanii hut treet deltgeli whitl nostrums, that their authors claimed as specifies in every dlisealse ilni dett to tile ttuma ts fmily. 'Thle folly of Ilthese prceli .I iu1 s lte dlts tie ec l tlttieti, f roe aOe ell 'tt c h etm iae l ilie vCtti ationolluts ,hon, ittat the sei eof moot of the Pactcels,., to eee,, &oc. whiole hIve becn trutoipettill beflbre the como tulli with so imuch assuealce, is Celomel, or i le 0ll0t ll le i cia", e p o . . . th s e v l lt c til oceoevilt h?:itit h no ifll hlucootiu 'm thatiettt i ts of~l tlecls ontItO sort tl osieiol tm, ni-qlt , e it bein itfluece n o te 00l eelI ectici-tyg heyelui ttl~eonlte~ol of sit'l iooieeoiiuotgth, to, consitine itl usrining oil t ictmatulr te et til iseq r teh ullellclitl, e ihwot resell sluittll be te eetell whell It'e- hl)0 o'ihed lbytte iglorntsi Coled tlhir tantoly thotloi i w tie"tns steud., a voiie frolr the tutit wdtlihl otto Itiel .l Ihe specific delusioll titit ioo sways the minds of thle to living. iomane Phytsiisats tcil'tea o the sold coltd relttttg ° fo the mierleri'eid i'aetie, aned wtill glaly hoail tile in tL' Hll~~co ofH) tt'ti l~e tIlhteotl atulfi be obtititelt for tc cutuoii-t. 'The, feel, SnOl th1t keenly, the tslictt'ilnty e-li of'iti ,eioa i oleratooeu theycnliot say theter it i ill te ie tble litble e nlllljforaille. Tier aloso tReit ,ond Ftel) fe lt i its s is eut 10 inntlll folto t it hv uenoine.le limtitte, i I jli-iocls tecolldlary' collst-lllects "most Iiltuiow. Bt Ihe.y' 1 lust cih mosece thleat OFtwo ieils: thleC kelli e enthrc li hos t oitltf ratett, iuihat i cll"t', ttlrii elhtruee tieo, cit Set ih ftic eOtioll the Whoine gthoIllir so.tet (, 1111 s'tC ine couil l islet il. hIleeessall to tlo tois, they cit tll ic .t1ce tso e i -I s .lc T te\ olavea Io. decsiretdon and soght artin that ts to wel I'pr. ~hlee the .ooti effects of this O dri, without ly h1cetillg tle atielil to its deleterious reetiti. Sh ae io the ni 'teae iowr 'lseh lteil to th puhtli. t '[Tie 1-c11'ei i".ie If this :utiit- kheepilug itn o cw the liiic t t I ti -i.mi a alh b e eolo t l eig, lHIre its ol e csllt- t o ill tile retch llh if :, telolities adalted to tile dtiseases 11 - t cilell t tile elillte they itilahiti; al d kIoWilleole Ilike- tc wiie, dl. I.l.t "of tile dlie .c... f t he tl lSoltth u l terl 'cc tu s+l lt olnll oiucie ee f'luleliocllot itellltoCmllet of Ill ta licil; digretedl ieitr atection1 o th otlse artcles wi dif .tic o ie ep s cill citocti ti le It -n t Ateor IenS, iall orp iOll, ottl epelllsie resetrch, het w Ia\·e srlccleclled inl rxtl·:letillb· a stlllstaelce ['lrm the TO'·( tAe wt.1 Thic, fieoln is ileneilnul etalict Ieetrol tle lajl- 0 ieof lo liitiliry o re u i they itiove lllllllll illatem l Ijpltle. Itist lteldlciiethat t iutlll-oelte al tihe hiie lclibcl 4 i'cslolts rof Cte lol·li ill Ir th1l cuLetlgi Iu a Ihr(leic Iletec: 1 I wtotllbut tile p o, sibilit h ef prlllg tuie leeriousdeetco ll o uealautenc iv C[Illout o( tha ot articble. atce vrofr Ill o0 til, c' lysttitl tlllldc it its llellcen . It i. It \Vt t on' tile Ol"'lIS I"I ocCIttlllU l anil exerctirllul, ithIaI its p.heeti paw,,. di atice Teluiilotwsttu iheilluew i' im - I .llthclll lltet 1 1te t cii t. e til( lenlt of bielilus JlgI'o il+ltn ititl O ther diimeca~e inl wh che a tori~)idity Or CetmglfntinOl o(the 1 ulanc awl p hor'ta circe previl. It is foalsahle II1 altlraet s, wn he je it iro n ess:l.v te cin *loeati- l tile tllr t lla ltl bi ho cls. It ltle lo ce hsIltlae- II ties, and e(citc u ui Sll hat actien I" thle iivel. .od+they goladt ar viber ofv tie abd s ul rengif iihIee ' olli tslll 0.'l'til, citccclcI)llteii a 1tb Ioil.tlilel e Sill eoil the sllle uiioi the Ihl accolll)remedy Sby It gt~lltlr: I"l."I)lraiOll. 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It~ s :coIor 01111 to thie oIl tltiteS to;cll1 an tht l'irweO00 t'1k of it, Ia elll tt rS ltlti m i fstur i !I 11ti1nt. A i lu l tittIt e "l"lll ti-. 'le liiiie, from th0 e 01 - I •' ;·t:lllc kiilRKIlmu is a dn~lesideratum in thlis Contry. I : e \Vc livteslidbya thsies. 1tierau have c. ds.veryB4u inb mi w ithl nltlllhl lbor IlInl euplletse, as'.e Ile~ldrlta~l~l , Ilare 'i sr 5 It is Iio locll, vill b~e fll'll r ll trlf[ctlll~li ..ltstitutr . \Vu hIlne talkenl s~llt; Iltina to eilt .lin ml'e tmoeg leieal! tllel|:11 a ll~ll tters6 whoI( hae utried Ibis mcdicila~', Is Io itr; ..fl1'cet all . .elelt, well satisfiedl that it will i .)rea ,nlt v al~:~,l. .~le cr) inl hilious coluhtllsllil. So tliw as 1 we Ia\'e Ileel . del t . 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('." io I utcrrvi'ed by 1 il & Il Stote, ienertl ttgeut' c r LUtisiant," Ud beartl.g the Company eal. I.sH rf -l.'tmt ,ts." I & 11' nie, (tenciralgAgents for I.ttisiata, 114.1 'teloupioulae tr. l itc , (i & Co. 1:1t 3 told 11j c-t o stretoplposit le' Vo to Paul .Martin, cor ('l. Il ever ,nll io pitul tireet. 11':0 thitery, car (Can and .hlt -tet.. Dr -.urlter,' or. ci'ouplitulas stre.. t and St .Mar mnrkit. J P lIarhat & Co, corner Tchoupittlan and liu.d Apprttets. tJ &: P P lart tell, 1 t0o te t Sara, L t. Dr Vll l . (l',h r, , 'l o t i,,h l'h , La. Pt-hti J 'titeelltiiit, tltrtd'ir, cTet 'S1 e Fre4!,rock Serl01,, (.10n0" 1 '.ydras and aCatMll,[ .|F liei. Jo ei G l''n'oli CIhtle.t t\e1m. Ie va, No. 1 'lllt 108 Co. tR etw. Ap]pli'ation I br u etll, or tri icinest by wholesale Smust i, lmdet to he t;neral Agit nts t lt w teOtlens. All letters, poet ,ptid, will be promptly utle.ded to. C .).10mI I l1 COl:liT. tfr the and City of New i e rlIeIiU, ('ee tc1n the lion. Charil llaurian, Judtae Jai li h, 1833-No. 4U,11,4.-Jacques Polier .his crrediors.-te 'n elading td iling tetetie tion ul e- sill I all its ct-e It is Oledotrtd e tt Colurt thalht. th . lredio.ll"tl11 11h. iO~llyll'n[l J~. ll~wr, ous i.e tn .p enl i. ir .n ()1) dH ..l~l'~ the li t h dayl lift ) hluly, 13:13, wily lie shotld not hPhirti't ed t eeorhdingIa to latw; nd tthe talntimte ll prtceedtgl against hils. person and po i~po eIrI, arle tae.llll, Gferk's ()the, New Oihlnns, .lolll- I, 1838. - j14 ý. w .. . A. It. tiA\l) lITl Tr, Clerk. 1 T,.1'r 1)t: ILl LtmlSI.I .,.--uC~l o l' I~e |al.l li tt 8 t r('1et of;e e el la itle de :1 Novt lh, ( r, Prane.--I'sent Phon. Charl,.s laurian.jtge, ll join, 1I43-- I. II,.-Jrelues Polit(r to Nte sets clea ciljr.-Sr lecture a.[ registie ient te la pction et htschI:ll dI 164t .ete all|ure, iI est decrh'c' par Ia ,Our ti le le, creý.allie de tusolvahle I rhire savoir lour; sII Oins e .(ln c on0001te 01 itl'l i 7 die iuilhet, I33p(t tll l oclll ito iltic serail point deck .rgut eOlflnne/l e rnl 'lalo i. en (144(01(1( (nl e to 6h 6 ((,l nlle.4 co:llle cat |)tl'Olll OilI Nos pro 1riclie s sont arr l ,les. 13itreau de gre r, Ntvv Oh f rleans I ii tin139. telt iC ICt1MA L)iTOT, Cireltetr. LI Si:D i(II,--hitIls, hrehint te ,n ,-teruese-t Atllny, for sale ty t i &0.1I.I$.', jel3t_ _ .41 !e. Levee. E I.Y'S ,SUPl ;linltt (1.1 Si-Now landing from h'4 m touaboat Slito't, it 0uttl, y of the above, put up in hhds, tielces and bble; iti T t Ole let lttt'll" .y A& EI.UNCI, jelt 17 Commerce street. INSi.I) (;ILI--1 hits and " ca-ks hest Linseed IJ ()ilnow lauding Irm 011ip \. hvi' 1, and for ale hy JA+\liSi: & .+ *ll(14(\', W isele. le 1)rul' stl , jel-l ('11ll'(1(1.1(1;1t'd c'h~llhlll t. j'1 el'3 l I l.4 o.-:, c' k;k (fo ot' an d (wlrt) it h ti e a n d lo t . ' ( la. A ll'..e & , .+1 l 1.8 . j- I:) (ltr,,k All+'7 jpAIN'PSN,OILs, c1LAMM, IIRUIJIIES, &c.-- us S landing froml ship Conlllttionl, nl folr sle--viz Ifi.00fneet ofl'glass, best qlualitvtr to , rn UltI 12l3X2-8; 3011 kegs wtriie lead, pare" 3111 do green pnit, in 2s lihr. kett; L1 rolz il'aned tirs eidsi 'tlrir10 Ii, lithrnge; de6 oz sc.iendid I)1li)i0 grounrd bruslTe-', also oftItittO indl 11I01 do; 2 ases croine green in powder; saoperior article do do In allnls; it :large nssurtlnrnt ,of.a-}l 1111d4 of every size anld qualiy; sable pencil· tir artists; latr mrkinte brushes futrmerchants; artist's colors in oil reald pre pare,in hxen ,iled *i with all , necessb.ry blushes; rltist's toolr, &c. !.lake and Itemulty white; .fi1 aCks goild eaf; white t and yellow wax; .l;r arabic; nti a Inrge and choie as- t sortmtent of pnits, dry colors oil, itlrpentine, varnish, n Y,:., for sale, whole uand retail, at the Ioa iesrt prices, td by M)NiEi.i, vi a2R 561. tuakp t. h tRUSlU'nt La. r .'NEW EDITION OF TIIE C fIVI, CODE OF i LOUISh1N 9. l., I T has been ir rsome time made known to the public Ib llhat the subsreribrs are enraged in Irerparing or is the prerss r new edition of tile Louisiana t'ivl Code.- tit IThe wenre tr. n tile lirrt, aware o tl e great dilticnlrr th ani resprtneiteiiirv auieling tie prhblirtiol ot ihe werle , tld et w nas ol withol great hresitntioa tllt ithey elll .e rte t o tt e t llcrlt akinlr l l thl e irter nt edition, alrninin to aibout three thro andCll coies which o had cst tie State more than tllirty thoesard dollars, was e rtirely lt of print. For more thain two veroer past, thbe usual p, ire of thr work has beer foel iehlr t to fifty diollars It isrct x srtem of ritten rules wnireeo te immediately operatets ulp o every itldividual llt lte state, inttereste? l ellter in atr-iueltuhe tr coe. nre me .an wich roverns iT tile disposition of so ouach propertr V ,o ntg toue s fro other ste that--lehke altoii an.tet other treeotise uprin lw--it i as tleach the teXt -hook and ittnlt oel tirl nlerhelant an thle plantert a it In of tre priahte gentle lyau 1111d thle n lf hOll h apeofreprnt of i woub SThie hilwers oi'lihe oirilnt- ftrill trod rin nltf oril ;osn se tt onslr tl t Ihe Il t lidbisriipti rivers . hih find a h:rt foir irrer prodrr r in losina, lhve a "re qitt ntrebitt f reielrere e to there r ode taud mrake it a inrdirpenlcble rqisite toi teir libraries; aid en the iitl of New Orle ell tile look is as lsure t to orrn o ini thl inertl lnt's l ntie li I rrt , i ts u ill h desk i f tIe idtitei or trhet t let r fth'tt e att trney.r eirtl t i n lltlrrisin lh-reilrc e thaft lhe first erlitill of thie work wans tn rtick ly diri e osld orf; aud -lItuhr a lirretr reptrillnt r it woull i t o tln t tllcn or sllre it tlhre purlll i netes-itv, vet it emnl race tile, lllllnlu rolua allllnenldllrlln lt Whlt ch h veeb" |-en maderby the Iririr lturre. and thie imporrtant deeioronrs ftnd .en< tlIlilns which bue been giv¥n upon man.,y o its articles bye thie v ietrem ort. The tublishers tove everred tlr tle enern1 super-t intendelle anrd editolial deiarrt.ent of the work, the proleiTornal trlvires ol \i hetrltrk S U ton, Esq. ie nle.ll rrl~l' tile New (t'lelrrln r irtrr. P hm.Jtr.r Jiluri, llad,-l c lermuetdes, lrnd Ilrn George Ersltis, have eah kindiv assisted Mir ipton with the valable notes whiich the have rt elllected i the urse ' their sludier and pranltiere;nd to Mr N Ii Jenninle,the ptrt ter of Iir ( iton, whU is also enr^ged il tile work, OGeo Strawbridge, l:eq. aii preellnted tthe reat Inrrtrssof rto r'e---.+o notanled in his office .opy of thP e+dF, snll iwhich nave bee, n mate by him durim-' the ,whol e period of his dis:hurninhed protehsionl labors. The publish or m yll:I, o bllr'lr+ .fI-ll trtslt l itltht!, rtrnrUtltirlr of hl I .ork r tiltgtl he tri tl ir t ir str v tro. rillr , 1ef tt sitt bv lc,lrning uud ex wriue, anu parflrnt. It1 llttirlrc fo IlrthOis i ,e r l llerI n soliciing none inl sllulr riber o r trle worrk. tI ii lji Tllr ellll ill r llkl )il i the fact that the lte.istnhlre of l ouisiann has authorized t rte I iovernor to orser one tholnll iollll O t it fll tlle future se 'of the elite. ]Th dt e readiness ti.. ll, r ihths maitiret rwr; tiwaaker Id thre rAssciithv, e vincr d ,ist sense el'the vatLnc el lhP o t lhie:ork ll(d they (hlqll;\ ('xtfleln ed that rconftden in the ability of th le plislr'is andtt ed .rc i rhi' I itr i e ll r i .tot h lly ordsr lihi, 1IIThe wtr k will h,, pril-t.iil ir Friri .tn,.i i l l.'I r lsh, Ir -upon good p inrlland \ illh lclear I 1 ia; n tl r I :m IIl aIu, ex p e rne or re spared It n ke ie . whole th ial exec on it eillrresimll ld w t' i its ireant ill ao I)an (' i S ptr]iib.e letrx1 ; edrii tho' prlri.d' will be. tI rL11 b rirll Irt , fil'erllsdllLars--lve dollalrs iI be puid at lhe tlte tf&+,b - SThe sllucritio.ln litr ondve cloned, the store pl'ice will hbe twelltyv dullars pr coy. CO. _ lihr. aIe tl I:; Jr)tIlNS &+ CO. P'uhlihrslr. ret>K NI W\ Yc~ilki. lr [.. .. .... )Nl.,;wl +Y 444 -.1' -. .. ... 1'l4 [louiliantliannd N9cw York L·ine of Packets.] N,..N' 4w) slrip rw~iIoi, i.l t444ime ol sailin4 g, the 4 i+) will 1 h reltolr I.llll )-il.l tll iP+ 11ift Is 1 viz 1) 1·\. : D, -illl ll" "I l,"t ..... 11. " lq/,iIrl d ,,, III........... he illll ......... petl Ship I.o,.isail/e, tCulit:it;"'hw.1+|... ,+te.h l / 1 (Iie nllIer, E t m t Im ,Shipl Iu.+ille. Oaphtin E~rlrger to h.eae on he Ship 4',4 C4 pttthn W,4t4o'"dlt4 to leave o4 the 4l, lIrt Jalll t+.PV.· I tlt ship lli44 4s4sIppi, ('aptaln D)vis, to lenve o4n the 154h c L1. 4 4 I 4tl arn 1i , )tl'- all n1w, ' I l h4 '.' ll'4 o'h4s 344 the )r qal it w'tH+ill rhe provi: d, nd velllr y IT lI.iPI Ime l Ihilk- , ' burthe en ulare iff' llR t an d ire at I hCtt pd' Wttt nesl',oill. budt in N file . 't" 44 . 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I l & D, I:l+IN &: A COIIEN; ~ nov 13. t4 (Ctonllnlllln *t, i BA 1f li t tIf i lti. fi nT esrout.-.,[.i.,i-h, lidiz,,,iu the ...... ,h vFlF +11f , a I'ree lIunch, (Iullcli h huilt) I'tpper a fartened, and has Ibenl enp p leried. shli is G2 feet hon , e( anld elghl fPt benIlll; n/ud hals L. n lalolu p rlug, ed, a , +.gunises auitld htrun l, will Irl.'+ust t:\I a n tf 71)o il hlc~l LI~vr~·. Rl- :I :; 44.444444444444, 4444p)4' 44 je2 ,4 1 N& !.everl tN flU31TMPlI IREY "S Flit Il.+t;N TOUR.,+|t &0 v. GR'.T tRI TAIN, IFRANC. nud ll.C,[l.11, i a shn rt I'nllr ill 13:l5-- ly Illcn:nll u IIrouphsey, J). I)., Prte:sldent of Art he L't ( 4le 41, 44, ill 44 vol. T . Hilor/44 Mrs. , 4herw4d.4,'-lc4i', the .nlv\' ' tln ll.l 4 ' 4lr 4 uI44i4 I4 elhli4 ll 4 4l4 r t hlll4h4il4ed4 ill 4 1' l Uu44 ed 4 4tates, vol. L. J4 us rel r r4p e'v4lImi 41lp al' l by, C15P (orner Ctimp~ kmt uoul'llH streets. PINSSACOLI 31SA¾,ION. lIOU!SEI r N 4i V .ITV, tEN. s o 'LAL,\. I a 44 4444 TIIIE * subst ibr b laslhlltuse iirth ·d the lnase hl f nalt lllllre f this well t kll tlll . 414b4li-h oll .l, I r hll l I T'yhtir, Ih,. tte rtri will he leatdy' to rer1ive lio- 1 Nutster'ous and co. ;ly i~n proemetnmts w ill be fiulu,1 in the 'r4lln444-, 04t0'' .44 of th l ll ll·11(11(·*. ew m Itd 1l4r 4oll 4 4l4li)l s bh1[il4 44 h Nsllel s '41 (II 42 4lf i lllll wIlll hIll. will be ro)l' aId tl' d I ;Ii! htulrl ll i tabled wGll 4 FtX4h'd t44 lAIN, h4sA, wilhEl gol4)44(n24hi tlion IF ll" ll)|'-Is ·lll ell nli ges .l' s Pi1 I I1 ll+:l,,. Itlld lllll 4) ill i4tll4 4, 44 4',ilh II lI t I444 ll lll hir th, ile t ·rle o v :1trr, Lliiln'o n d othlll ellh amt lllliuw l i 4 44ll l 4ot 4ii . 444.l iu "- 4 ,I'4'14s, 4 4 . " ) 4'4 h ltJ44 t1d4 4til 4 vo4lrl4 4l 4ll144 f 4' i 4ll' iii no it, ' l' 44 4 4ih 4 It44444 i4 ll4rll4 - U44444d"' t4444s4ii4 444n.n ·it aii.4444444444444 '4'44h I ii qi eto I l the iblolrdle'r . T Imhll· \ lle tllle hnlld li u s s111 II po t" he e 1 Illr | tl lq lldyan ll (to 0e ia ull s pl, I oIvi fII t i.a ~ r-ul t .I tlrelldtT hl'l:U(I )1· ldlCt ,I) IwIt i l \+1 t/ ,i.ill " i C ll ) n lllM h . NI-S.lllV4I r , )el,.ick 4h '4ard, wh4 fnt n.-rly k4 " so 44.. la. at h1,int Wl \lashin o I1 c1 ily, will eondh r t,' h . Iis h 1 fl ], hirlnnrl; nlll,.is·r; flsle +,tP,44li44ll4044 44hI I4l'l4l444 Itr1. Ihtl4 w they will rtentlv 3 cel y possilble I l i o11 ; all d tht'fl r y e~pll ;t,'I8Io fi t, (IP IID'n . Pit .al~l i~lll.·?Ili~iP(R as kniwl to neld a llin t. trnltd ill,.llill ni ,rt. T In itl tl1at Pensucotl i lhl, I "r,..t navall l l -Itiol fI l Ihe ( i v Plr lntrul'll; Ihe+ gee'll'rlmi renld wso.l jl. 411 ill t ulr d iI. rl n 4i 4.4l4ih4h u 4 Its ' 1 '4l4im te r I' t i4)I4il.''l44 1hI mhoIntlllll' ii~lhs hy the co..h't 1 e e p fl ain+;|tl t he nilf; thi, bl.nvV fi l tilhe hlv atvi t! 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Ini , i((III1. r dr,"r U", Vestddii l iIii i(c liii d0lrlie t'nuI r 1-u hr d !I "nIllli'i ·-l~(* I(P~ I i' IIiili Iiii'.' ~ r~lln l ::;3,. !tour1,unli I ii I ' IX rut A till it, to de lit ilcii Inl~·Lr0 de 1'1.!111 do Llll( 1111i 5 Il tell llllll 6 "lii,"z ) p ur 1I pp1* l e III Mtn :, 1· \(11II . 01'11 -nrUIi· iill 1 L. et* route, p leri rlluiii l lirt· i t I mIII i piia iii· u uh,"_ nn I,,,nr (l· d ," I') 11 J htI111-1 nrri e l, (uurdt lii'' lnu iii' ti' t ii ut p i't't n- Iti, InIuli ii"c pi" er ,, r1 ' nq ir i' r e !a r" n -'In unuuel In , "IP I1I1I RO :1 he ::t, , di( 1 111 :11r~ Aiti"tctl: tt iblU.f 1,u AlitJ i1,+ 'Xeliriiil't 'ltlit 1-udl 'ii tutlie "1 r i pe yur 1,111,1,x, e IIdw ir, dan lrrn r Sur~a uiri de l pubijui it dl0l 'nri+t, pU ln"; lit jXIw Dmil tXXX' 1, "I'll t, emifi~l mire 1-1 lurul t hlr .n .I h" "'' \Y"'eth Ii ( JmenI . per le Shrrif, raa -"lice le "'3riu r lour ri' \tE1il~dr li'um ee lllltrn,0111 d 1, d" iel do ce: tic Itllr-u e Al I, "iou l in .Slur-, de lI' nlr t 8.3t;, utis I'.tii~ i11 d0 \l M nn . II ncl uel t". l lillel E vent' le lit r as Ilrillt1 s ;I, hlll .'rat Y h ado n cyniiitu. r les Im, do * l," 111 cum CSpll r!tnn 101 II e Iriptt.illu dr In l'r11: tllU UC·pII le ) rHIIU Trl r OL Li uil'i trrt inltlm tut de tear, y rb ranip H~t"I 1 "stabs e drrah ar : 1 l.top01,1)rutc\' ec ,1 rra, l D Il eu t :33,e lp j t1eu e o e xtt " moiv pblc, uaJ C n i, n(lt utdo 'r S"ArE OF toUtdIA.AA-kIlrtrr Julo Cottl. HIE STATE OP L ULLSIANA, To all whtolS Tlte P2:'eA tts shall oo e o oorecth.W:-Whorera Jamer n arora Dflggq hfooino tQ'tolhaoo-l at a salt tnode b I llI rltrtff the It,'isho 1 O lelal th,. property hoedr iooftlrteescribhrl, bho appliedo to thr olrok of this eoorfo it whose office thle deed of hal' w a rcorded on loot h ity of Aln il, A. D. 1838, for a otl nition or odvert. 4 eclt iii eoolforoiot to ao0 act of the II,.isiatotrr of fth Statl of Looioioooentitledl "Ato aCt f tole fo urther ooouI 'mie of titles to optchasers at judioial .des" approvet 3h1e lOith day of March, 1834. NOW, therefore, know e, aotlo all preaons lnterete ":t";:,::'ii~ a sr Icr ed- n lol at cc ini le ,meo inforemlt h in thoe ordeoeeree or ajltdgme, o tt te, ort ,nler whit h tho ale a was made, or aFt o rtegutlatc oriot illtlioty in tie apiraisenoeots anot adtoertusenocs, 00 time, or manner tof sale, or fii aoyo ther htt.twhatoltt, rerr; to-hao o atoe, v.withi toirty do ferlot olte oly thif olola is oi rs! inoiorted ill thca Iallllft IaPerl's, wY Oth e co mfao e b o uoda l h:tt otloolfirmetl antt Itttolog Thle said proporly yaosothl ht the .tt eritf of the rPrit aforesaid on the 3oth lisay of Mreh, A, D 18,3', tv vao tite of a decre of thi el;urt, rendt~rd ol th0 20th 1 a o tot toanoorr, A. ft. f1838, it a oti htiott.ol .1la0es B3l- at I) vs. tfatIooiioor~o, No 15,fto1 at tho ,tookudk,- Coarol,otit which sale sail Joame B:,rnes ggs the puotchaser for the priet of rtwent.-five iuoa o seri.tion of property as gien io the .Idicl re) alice, w z: Aeertait: piece of propafry or psrel ot'groutd togthetlr wiot all the teihlingsalo l intploemtnfso Oereoo, rights I t.ivlltO"e0. 5 l. tlotterot ol.ehlloo.g oil, ort tlo :tIt\" .t.le .a tolbotalldl. too h a.e ito tFlltlottrg A'tmlooot ,ion,'oloae thtit oit o ond meaosuringIu nEnghtloh oleasure, three hundroed aontl ft'oy-six feet ad Iluro-elghthls o.1 an iachl fotl oan the Ilthlieroadont New .leve st. ttO ll lted and sixttY roe feet six i otfoes odlour-.ooghhs ot arot, itltoIt oon Celeste s. two hlllldtlrell all fit-lit. feet Ililte it n aloLot two-eighths ofar ieh oln a Itre t frotilg onit Old Levee slo elt, 00util it sr oikes tet b ooootl tl 1 0i. of toraurelnt Mil laldon's .Prolpert't, at t1 colner o" Oho l Let e atnd Nolls stlr~t: formi~g ai right aIlre, ald eXtetlldillg t ilhty-fioe Irrt r n thred e inrrheo hletl long thoe toutlary lite of said Mioladon's tlaoottly otto tel to toeleste otrrroelaotfoeetttllrlK a ItOllf :tgletnot e'lo.tiiolg siott. thter foiol elcore itoches rtoo trte ettirgths 'If t, itolh oat tile tootollodlor Ilce of Loois )ede's , rto eltr,. t taraille to Ottt Ittree tet ie;thare ofotr, ior g an0l0t, rit Ottsle, and01 ertretoig ftolrtv two tfrel see0 i0 ,lchos atnd love eighlths of all oio ottht i oudar..v lilte of salid ltdle', f roojperty, paallto eletote otetlolIo ohre too It,,, a otoler rightt oootoo t,,lootoolaoe tr oatrltd ' botf llglle, aIndI xltenllllilng olne hlmlllhied aInd tWll· . sIe· e l -eet tel inles aill four eighltls olf ait ich uo tle tloltdary lilot o o taidl)edo S o rll)lo ertrla Ifrldltl It, tiit ttbl)iC road anlld New I evee streot,alr ll o e\lit) six totet four itehes at11 foull ighollll f O nllinc h frollt olr N ll's stltel,aeollrd ing ton planby J. Pilil, City Sutrvel, oam:le 23.1 Jan vary, 1t3t2 annexed 0to n act pass_,ld Ilortfa.e Louis T Collr, Notar) Public, oll the ~ll Jiolllltao , t 1832. \iturto the flat, A. ti Btlooo:oo, ,toUlge of oth, Cotortot olll to, fol . 1 h r, It38. ao2,m.S at 3 E if.ANO Def. (!tlerk. obAftTIOttoF 131 ff0ill Fo AULt f 3 fUk t3 ffit.ll)N S Compatnd ol Etr0t orfC'op.tih anrd Sasa - parilla --A c(.rtain, sate, and nost ettirclnal reme II\ -elvr qli~eovercdl for· lilt title o~f (;l,lllli.lheaI, (-.lel~ts1 .'il~retll~rs, 'tlhilesI J:lili. hi Ilt IHe llk Illll/l l iliL) FI211t Ii iI oweaknesr, atfectiuns ol ite kild.ica, gotoel, oscorbioie Ito tiltlOtltlotitilt ot a m .!iti, e po tlsscin tile tlsefu a l i.l "rli e firi Ie ot th• I th lic fit. eto 11. I I) Ott 01 r It t 0 001 0 I·it o alt dllc:al f-leull) y i ll E III(I , Ilt'lir evln. I]::a t sil .111 Illk apttLrcitted wllelt ,rn nlo riltr are 0 Olllrt- oillt kotowt. TIle L;lwl~llol Ot( Il~l:l lieI so (.'.tr lhir t'l!' nsI2|,tl~ ~ s Ilost mllcl . prtprietor has tmlo, t a , t a olysis tr th l oot, to tonleiv itg hfits Ihe 1 ..ovo ot itill t wo tlt I lols tot tnie h mior ie rlluentahI-. i ian mo . I~re t'l,. l. Il s.lllhtl a n ill Ihe pr ewll' 'lls shll e. J'e atiltll. sl. cu ' l l, i sts i ch u·.,l w rl e in th hig ! m:[ .q I ll" the mtolst 11scieniS ata d r l arto d 0lt t e o ,lto ooLo . t ach .t4l ll loto-'. iolt tio oot -tooi'lr 01the t': lt ol il·:eil Olr lel'. lH'oC htcI h. I:? S:lth- O ;I~l:til:l ILti! sil t11. nli e hinllll d o ulloitr g t eo I . Ittml oiol . 0 x0000..I tioo sthll Sl o si, g st the l o sa l ,e timelo ethoo l- tre o ; its being -il' wt'h perfec1t'1· slcclsl i n Iu shlntrph 8.a i fthot ovl o loot n .. T, titiood :.ueols of" 1he lplresen! da00 t xprlo too . ' • Ipot atio i0 00rof ,Mtsolpoll ,orim-ipl) hot o itals atd o0 lic t otl.olot iosoioutio s t s ar ising' f'onm a dlisorderl'(l Stabe of .th ligestilefunltctil . flasing b otn sublitto Ito therlt oItrld ffpt i t nlo . oott e lo t' vhto l t o t t lt h lh , iI000 h0, 0ex0Md er i tt'e. t tpae b J i, I ' loo Chemist - Lohtoo lPricelooot~ t1 5 t11or toot Fr1m A TI S.bnoln, EsI, T I5t P 'rt'en to the St 'Tha'llus Hospil, .a1d e 'or n ý.\,.I , t. J:,ii(t if I-enses, ti t a 111 latutli' 311, in tsreos ito al Ittvd to hi ttey ielouaot , ttchh 1 t I n hoitatc i pit"ll I .1' it o,, Ot Ih ,,,n vnluah!. .nI iT:,rie .s r' edit'" e'(lr oii t relll t, i llp t II f 1t Flit , I'S, it. hich, fooll eC.ped'ir'ce, I no ll e ,,. • I{1I II rItli c l, .hiilt at Itomt, 0 11 H t { ml, \I )C It, 7ht 1, ' to the qt |,erlt'z~c.d t'1'rqln e nl t''-r. M hltrel I .is-n, r . I t take grc:t pl.r.s01'. in nd,!in my tei tlim)u to the vnh,lble properl'es i ynur 1N e l,, l . At iishing Io u t t e succle.s on 611o filfly des.erv' , IIl anu le ro w )a r lard for the I thrl tol expeset llculr Lll anid in I. it to t., tAl.nfI - plpte perkt om. pi om \V Conper, F 11 S, Surgeon to C_,3y's Dles Thlllte Ilil.r succesIlls 1hich irss l i h . Iii|dee ,I : "ic i is - 11 to lble k Nliow to ht irnly Sol wepl| oC d. l t- lt odl T ltncess you so well des.,sl t v lll ill ano d spLeo dil y IIpaN i nuti fur your 5luuble prepnrnti 'Frm Si A Clpel F, It'S P IC , "cI . ke. 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