Newspaper of True American, 22 Kasım 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 22 Kasım 1838 Page 2
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SerattrtngeT at (ountil. TUeSDAY, 20th Nov., 1838. I The Council met puranant to adjournment; Pre. sent Ron. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Aldermen Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, Maux, Nixon, d, Peters, Sowell, Whitney and Yorko. The Journal of the preceding meeting having a' bean read and approived, The weekly statement of the Treasurer was sui. mitted, shwing the receipteofthe past week to have a aseaepted to $3,302 78; issue of Municipal Note, .14,700; balance this day, $42,649 44; balance last Report, 833,933 0 ; expended since, 898,677, r 17; aoeredeemned 875 41. A .i.nmmanicatton from the Collector of taxes on Taverna, &c. submitting his quarterly aecount, t was referred touhe Finance Committee. The Report of the Grand Jury of the Parish of Orleans, transmitted by the Clerk of the triminal Court, was received and read. ,A Petition of the Officers of Pollee, praying an increaseofpay, was referred to the Police Com. mittee. Mr. Peters, as Chairman of Committee of Fi. nance, introduced the two following resolutiens, which the rules being dispensed with were taken up and adopted. Reaolved, That the Ttieuret pay to John R. Butler, on the warrant of the Mayor, eighteen dol lars and cents, for expenses paid by him in removing obstruotions, from the Levee. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to James 8. Shaw, on the warrant of the Mayor, eighteen dol. lare and flfty.two cents, for medicine furnished the Police Jail by order of the Jail physalian. Mr. Gloyd, as Chairman of the Committee en Streets and Landings, reported the two following resolutions, which the rules being dispeneed with weretaken up and adopted. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he i. here. by authorised to purchase for the Public Works, in front of the Municipality as many barrels of oys. ter shells as he may deem necessary; provided the price per barrel shall not exceed 25 aents. Resolved, The Surveyor be and he is hereby an. thorised, to procure and have planted, trees wherev cr they may be wanted, in any public street, or places where they have heretofore been ordered to be placed; and lie is hereby authorised, to procure and cause to be planted in Lafayette square, a third row of trees. Mr. Nixon, as Chairman of the Police Commit tee, made the two following reports, which on mo tion were adopted. REPORT. The Petition of Edward Farrelly, praying for perrmission to erect a Steam Corn Mill, in Poy. dras street, has been considered by the Commit tee of Police, who respectfully Report: That the Ordinance ppssed the 30th October, 1838, prohibited the erection of any steam engine a thin tc.e Municipality. In practice, as well as in theory, the principle of equality in the execs. Lion of laws, made for the government of citizens possessing equal rights, ought in no caso to be joarded, but should be impartially maintained. li the Ordinance in its operation be found to be uvwioely enacted, and oppressive to our fellow citizens, let it be repealed. During its existence, the law should be faithfully and impartially exeeu. l1 l; and no privilege, no monopoly, or no dispen. . tion should be granted to any one citizen for vie .atincg tlhe law. The Coltnittee are therefore of opinion that the prayer of the petitioner ought to be rejected. JOHN NIXON, It. LOCKETT, EDW'D W. SEWELL. REPORT. The Police Committee on the petition of . to . 1,u and others complaining of the disorderly as. ..rbldago of persons at the Ball Room kept by Mr d . Fortin, in the Mansion [House Hotel, Levee st., ri , n iectfillly report: di 'Lh.t the Oldinance relative to dance houses, c. withIn certain limnitsof the Municipality, pas d oad 14th March, 1838, has fully provided for the hi uplprassion of the annoyance ansod nuiance decrib. ed in the petition; and the Ordinance relative to $ Thellatres and Balls paused the 27th Oct. 1817, pro. is vides for tioe puni.ohment of every person, who L: shall conom.L any disorder, tumult, violence, in. .ult, indecency, &c. within tile precinctsof these eh houses. The Mayor and Recorder are charged with tile execution of those Ordinances. To either ut these offir:ers, the petltiruers are referred for the G iredress o the disorders of which they now corn. iplan. JOHN NIXON. 4 H. LOCKETT, E. W. SEWELL o 'Tie same Chairman also presented the follow. 8 ing resolution, which the rules having been diapon. sed with i as t kho utp and adopted. D RIsolved, 'lhat the Night Watch of this Muni cilpaity be increasecd for tre time being, as follows:t 4t mien to serve aos Watchinen in the Firrt and S, cuwd Wards, anld 25 men for tile Third War,. b lib it further Resolved, That tlhe Recorder be and ihe Il hereby authorised to employ superuu mcrarries, to compllee the required neumier of Watchlinme, n ahy case wh-re there may bea do. Aficir c:y ;.t tie lhur relquired by tile regulations for the regular i.atnchlu n to snrmle Is. JOIIN NIXON, Chairman. I II LOCKE"TT' , EDW'D W. NEWELL. iMr. Lockett, in behalfrof the mnjority of the a Paice Couumittere, read the following report, a. companlied with tho suljoined Ordinance which, the rules being lisp n'ed with, was taken into con id eration and adop ed. The undorrlgiied majority of the Committee on Police offer the following Ordinance as their Re port on tle Prtatioi of Mossr,. Rub and Waters cnd others, relating to tihe prohibition of Dance huur-s, &c. II. LOCKETT, EDW'D W. SEWELL. Be it Ordained, That tile Ordinance pansed on the 141h March, 1838, entitled an Ordinance pro. hlblitrg Dan o HouIes, &e. be and theald te same is hereby umnclded as follows, to wit: 1. 'lThat all persons are hereby prohibited from keeping aniy ruch rouses as are described in said Ordinance, within the limits oftl is Municipality ; and.that all tile prov;sions of said Ordinance be enforced thlroughout and within this Municipality. 2. Be it lurther Ordained. Tat tihe Mayor of the City, and Recorder, Police Officers and Com. In isurics of this Municipality are hereby charged with thie execution of this Ordiance and the Or dinance to ai ich this is an amendmelt. Olln lmotln of Mr. Caldwell, tile rules having belen dispensed with, it was errolved, that in considerntion of the extra services Imposed upon the Secretary by a resolu. lion of the last stiting of the Council, tihe 13th instant, his salary be increased from and after this date to one hundred and fifty dollars per month. The Recurdut, appointed the following standing Committees. Fainncne-Peters, Sewell, and Mcus. streets aud L.eadiiss Gloyd, Peters and Whit. Pilice--Lockett, Nixon, and [fall., Caldwell, and Hall. Claias--iall, Nixon, and Locirett. Health- Moux, Yorke, and Sewell. Mr. Lockett inl behalfof the majority of the Po. lice Comlnuntee, made the followirg Report, accom punied, with the ann. xod Ordiaan e, which the rules being dlispensed with, was taken up and adopted. 'rli utedersignecd M.jority of the Committee on Police, beg levre to tflir the following Ordinance as their 11t port on the Resolution of this Counnil requesting said IPoice Commnittee to Report upon such iubjects in relation to the Night Watch, Day Police, ore, as said Committee might think neces airy. lihe Mjority of the Committee are of opinion, oiler ibtauiitg all the informl,tion in their power, that the present salary of the Captain of the Night Watch, lie also being Iligh Constable, and that of tile fi,.t LicutLeault are too low and insufficient lortheir support. H. LOCKET, ED. W SEWELL, Be it ordained. that the Captain of the Nigtht Watch, and High Constable of this Municipality shall receive a salary at and after the rate of .2,500 per aonurm, to coonmenee on tioe first day of Dec. 1838, to be paid monthly on the warrant of the Mayor oil te Trerasurer. Be it furtiher ordained, that the First Lieutenant oftlle Night Watch shall receive a salary of $1,800, to be paid monthly on the warrant of the Mayor, said salary to coommnc e on tie first day of Dec. 1838. Bo it fir her ordained, tl at it shall he, and it is hqbely made the duty of the First Lieutenant of the \ to perform during the day, the duty of a day police ctflicr. On ioiiton of Mr. Yorke, the rules being dis. penicd with, it was Resolved, that the Polihee Cola. be instructed to inquire into the expediency of adding a third Lieut. to the N ight W atchl-the duties now pertain ing to the Captain of the Watch to be performed by the First Lieutenant-and tim whole Police to bhi under the comrand of the High Constable and Captain of tie Watch. On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday net., the 27th Nov. instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. NEW ORLEANS BSteamn and Paent Bircuil Bakery-Wtters and lfillmen. lNo. ao. Aloreose (,err the Poatchuaelss al Rmad.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda and Wine Riteuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the , bve article are warranted toak of the fire quality, and o keep in any clitate. being oinpiletely kilt dried,. AIr--lKdl dried corn meal. Ordeers hit at ti'W. Prichard and Tsga-t, Jr. trrnnr Melgaoa iad Pojdrue streets, will reeove prompt attnntioa. N ogl bs putup exprsly for family ee. 15nov PORT OF NKW tILKiN S. CLit.lARtANCES.. Rleeaoltitflt. Ship ViolNt. Pedleton, for Gtlsrw, J H Atkhbtdue. So Motto, Hiekllhg, eesrea, I el, R GisEto. Behr Henry. ClUk, tOr rte Cae, ln..r, Lkhr Etbo, Drowne. fAr S mloudk,. 0 Sedford TowbotoTenereemel . MeDosnell, enu t)he P0s.0 Wot down light. roght r rli nseelo.tAend. aed Cenme. ochr Loevi Donas, sad .k k te N. Li the Pame o9thI, at 4 p mi reporta I skip nd 4 brgs in tIee onp, Brig Lincoin. Grent. R days from Phomuston, to Mauter.. aseo, e.) brla lime, end lumber, to mueater. Towbaet Grampo.. MorrSoni trom the Prses haeving toe ad to a shipWm Badger; returned to the city with ships Arther and Emporilam. Left WBar Bith inst, at 10am; ething ting iht off the Bar. T'oeIhoet Chikesw lightenimg srom peeket C.lumbia. SBhr Pranes wtkore at Poverty ,oint. Towreot Hudlsn, Horle. from the Pases;i hraving towed ark MY · to iveH) Point. Beouht up shlps New Husmp hire, and Victorin. Lefl on the 0th t 9 n m. Report. notlb lag of thi ar; nor nothlng noew In the river. Ship New Humpsireo, lHuden, 17 days from PhiltdelphL, to Maher. Towhet Pie Boy, Panldinlg. hot the Pas"u wert down without tow. ef the N E Paa on the lOth at 4 p , re pert. ship Ellis A., brlg Premium, end brilg Emprae, sad sehr Hero inside the BSo., Davis. from SW oPu, Towed to sea ship Lofeyeto tnd ilr ColumbiLa. Broqght ep hip. Con ctrdia ad Consltutio. Left ou the S1it at e m. Nothing In theofeg, nor nothinl new in the river. Skip Victorla, Sell, 15 days from Bustno. to Master. Ship Areher, Keton, 9 days from Phlatdeppbla, to J D Deuegra..eargo, we'd mdse. Ship Emporium, psrsou, 14 days fo New York, to Muter. ,nrgo, uw'd mdse. BShip CoanstitutioGlidden, 45 dapy from Liverpool, toms tor. estoS300 seks mlt to eler. S Ship Coseorde, Harding, 15 dy from oSettee, to J A Merritt a to. i. hip. Emporium, P.R eei 14 days hom NewrYork,to mas rig Treojee, Chandler, 1. days from Bhleimere, e OGerge SBedford..rge, am'd mdie. Brig Premium, Lamb, 18 leys from nw Yorlrk. Brig Neompre, Littlelded, S days from Poitmelut, to L B Gasle..eorg, 1100 be lime. Srl Gems, BSah, I1 days rom Alexandtri. sBohr Levi Jones. Webster. from Havana, l14th Novmbehr. Behr Stnh. HL ughe, from Tempo Bay.ion illut, to Mastr. StomerOlive Brnrch. Dumont. o m BSmlthlead;di ting y SLafyette; snt down in oto bot 30 hole cot0on. Ther m e, ton tet she did not some dwn to the Leve wau ownls to s. her being aied frdebt. Stamor.Bnmphore, Clark. from Batons oue. Stmer Medletor, Carrel., from Mouth Ohio. Steamer Brien oroihLme, G BSweey, from Fore Adame. o. SMamer Loyal Hannah, tone, from Cieinenatli. Me earge. Stenmer North Alhmsa, Grice, ferm Vicksburag. Two lat boeas with S1700 hto Sour, to Capt OstlIr,frok ClI to COMMERCIAL I Latele Don"e..i Chrleston. Nor ............15 WmhingtonNov........ 13 New York. Nov...........13 Cioninnati, do........... 15 I Philadalphbl Nov ..........14 ILouisville, do............6 i Balimoret do............... 14 81. Loui, Nov......... II Sa. ,t Nov...... 1.... (4 Liverpool, Oct ........... in louston (lo ) Nov......1O Paris Oct ............. 7 Bat0.., Nov ............. t London. do ........... 7 Nahvillt, No .......... 17 Havre do............... 9 hi .XPORTS. to GLASGOW..Per ship VIstula..cargo, 1,I2I bals cototon. o BAYOU CAILLON..Per shr Helnry..cargo. 100 empty hrlt. RICHMOND..Per ohy Eho,.cargo, 100 hhds sugar, 08 bhda mtolasse, and 7 bhales buotle robe. to IMPORTS. BOSTON..Per ship Viotorin..cargo, so'd mdse. PHIL.ADELPHIA.. .P ship Nov Haaoofhiro..ecago, acid iw mdzea di NEW YORK..Per brig Premium..cargo, gag stones, bhay, & lime, tl.,and raisinsl lo J B Bailie, 2I Muniol. parity, WOV Hewes, Walton & co, D Chamb.r rhy GoIpin, TGreen, Beebe W co. ALEXANDRIA..Per Ibrig Uncs..g.aro, 81 negroes and mdzeo to J tBailie, Adonm & hitail, J G Bolan chaad, J Motezan & co. HAVANA-Per otlr Loa in o 0g ba0h sugar, lots cigars, fruit, A Fisb, J Yignie, J A Barelli 4 ' co. nd oder. i RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Month ofOldio..Por steomer Medlator..12 pa bagging, 9 coils rope, and bl twine, N toJ Dick o, 54 coils rope, A I Wallace & o, 1O50 sacks bran. H M Waurhow on board, 75 aeks jets and 20 sacks applesD, Mlart o hoard. Discharged a 10 too. Iole rope and hggling, and 100 bri flour, at Vicks- ci burog, NoloheO Grend Gulf, 4o.. Baton Rouge-Per slteamner Semanphore..eargo: 57 balt. cotton Prescott, Jones4 co; 30 do do A Mlourn & co; 22 do do B Caddillan; 17 do do Caldwell & Ilikoey; H do do Wn b PFlower; 14 dodo A Ledouo & c; Il do do J Armour; 10t do i do C Toldanoo; 10 J 1 Plucho A co; 26 doJo Foilnlo, nellotq & Deolois; 16 hhds sugar, 30 tiere, 21 hrlsb molasses, FontinI Belloocq A Deglois; 20 hhd sgoar J H Lererich & n; 100 hhd. do Ptyroux, Arcieul & co; 20 hhda do Adams 4 Whitall; 10 hhda do W HAvery; hornes owner oon board. f Vk.bug.. Par stleamer North Albhama:-tl33 baleos cotton, to Bennett,FerridayO * do; 420 do Burke. Watt & co; 104 do W Bogart; Ill do Mnniield, Pinson 0 co; I I I do James Ar locur; Ilt do Johu Goodwin; 96 do J H Leerich b co; 63 do Lyons Harris &i co; 610 doAllon, Asher & co; 40 do Reyoolds, Iyrne & co; O do Rirh'd Beck: 50 do Blueknoer, Stanton - co; SdoP Tulane o co; 6 do John Torbe; 5 do Bowie & treo show; 3 doH P Levy. Port Adans..Per .leaner Brian Boroihme--3 boles ao 0 00 otoo l WOakoy; 4 do T O SLtark. 74 do Bukner, Stanton & co; 175 do James Armour; 92 do G 1 Lee; Si do Taylor, GaOrdneor co; lOdo Reynoldt Byrne 4 co; 30 do Wom Plow. er; 3 do Lamlbeth v Thompson; sundry lots furniture, poultry, k0, to owners on board. CONSIGNEES. v Boston..Per ship Victo ia..J Harlli 64 co. T Green 4" o; W II Sumner Ac, co. Kimotr, Kidder Hoed. R G obb.s, Hiloer & WVaterman, W Front. C E Keith. C Harrod, II G( So-by, WH ollnea, J E Likeon. J Kitble, al order. Philodelphi--Per ship New Hampnitre:..C B yre; B Mc Dnld; R H McMan; BOeonelt.t Ferriduy. & co;W G lDewy; Kit & 1leesh; J Ilnlmes; W W Fraoir; Bu, ke, Wa1t k co; Joe Lonuit & to; blonn 4 Bro; Bogart 2 Hawthorn; ioodoman & Levy;L Adam.; Livaudot l CIlrt'onnet; S Pag; J W ttlwell & coe;'Tring, Gre & 'c; Macaulay Son; J Crol n by; Ltckhoart. PFarn t Donegan; N F Comhy & co; Biorn 4i Burnside.; J McDonough; Ilart. Labutt - co; J Blridge & o; I Walton A co; Long & Alrch; 1 & W . Ilopkits; and Win Bryan. liltdellhia..Pr ,bli Archor..N .uo. Walton & co, H & W Hopkos, ,leuoett 4 co, A Ca.h P .hnnnon & Bro. I'rice. JoIon & co, P1 II K oaroln, S .toer, J l) DLenegre. Martin. Pl.ants 4 co. J T Corns, Gonlfrey, Laurie v Small, P I'n. cal, toSoeom, Ilichards & co, MclDonnel2l & isooe, A H Cerol. Duperu, h Bllcll;vrd, C KKenedy. WMaosey. T A Mor gn, J Crroby.J D Denegre. W W . ,Wlt A H Wallace a co. Jarvis & Andrews, J P Couloe. A tlrio. 0effurd0 Sogoenfry, R H McGill, Sc.looer & Nicholas N . J Dick I 'o, l.nylno d co. Reeoe & Dol.auge. A PFlcot. J Maweoll, Elvans. A Far ris, Ciruther, Harris. co. J (i Bell, J Gallagher. E Johnln 4 oe, Adaoos I;ertwe0l. Frostk co. J M LlVillebcuvre. Per ship Emporium..corgo as.t'd to S and J P Wllitney, W O OClaunto, C C t'laborue, J IH Levi.h,l.aln nond Ste phen, M ks .aid Cantronl. A Kirkman and co, J II FPield and co. A E Croon. Po'unack. J ll lnll, Kidder and Head, Liv, Ch.rboonneot ald co, R Grelo1ng and co, C Ponwers nd oo, Adlans and Horlel, CH Cuyloer, R Johnson an co. J Tar. pin,Van Wyk oud Oo,yelltmtn, R It Blely, W Dixon,C D oEdo.r, Gossip and co; Btrolle and co, E St-1w and co, Iilor aled W.larmlll,S A Belden, A F Dunbar B Writk, Blnnchard lnd co, W Brtond. H Lyons, P Carry Jr. t Marsh and co. F Evan, 3 Walker. Wold and Simnso. So thilh and Vorheos, King and laoks, Hefford and Sorgenfry, order and others whose nears were uot on the mnnifest. PASSENGERS. boston..Per ship Vitoria.. H Messenger and son, KitmbIe, SHead, F Baxter, CCohilng, F G Perkins, CHoarrington, J K Cyme,. I. Thealter. Month of Ohio..Potr steamer MSdietor..Tililon oand lady, M . ItBaettt. M.n lariuy, child and 2 ovts, Claibolne, hirt dGimo, Mr. Barker, WA Brittlon, A C Rogters, Dr Aleander and ot,. Miller. FerP.uoo. Francis, Butterfield. '"'ha P Cook. ratl. Jokhn 1Steel, Charle Moore, M V Hnrteleld, Abraham Barkers . Captain John Sylvelter, J Englihll. Andrew Bornrd, HenoryMiller. H iolgllsh, E H Tucker. Celvertoo, John E f Wornhw, Charlto'lhomen, Henry Smith. Lantded 49 way cabin ll.OoeOBOn. Pdtr otstomor S.mopho-- ..Col. A Woodfolk. Layton Do' d pleh, Riollrds. H Mck and 8 boys. John D Ripp, Moul and f. lady. HIarper ad lady. L Dreggaos, Jalmo. Filtzptrick.E Clu. .eoy, J Foedoul, M Avery and sorvl. L.aurie, M Smthb and Soervet, A Lao alld art, F Trepnynice lnd svot Raymond, QO Duplin. Aleoandrla..Per brig Uonaa..R S Andeoson. D RLake, K 19.ll, and !oward. Pblloldelphia..Per ship Archer..Mrs and Mbl Raynold., Mit ESyTler, Mr. Brooks. Mrs Lul, Mis M Breooks, i.s De h Roh, it Ilodge. laughter, eon. and 0rt., mi.. Iloyol, Min I McNair, Mv trlgero. M. Haight. M. L.oiih , M tessr H Sptarinl, H B Robson. M-om, lBaird, Ilailey, Cham0oeroti, and Lieut W Rtlle Kv.n. 6 Philadelphia..Per ship New Hnmp.khir..T T Grvn and 40 It the steoerge. B.Iltioor..Per brig Trojan.. Lnamiton, T Salter and 10 steerage. Pr teamtoter Brian Roroihme, from Port ddams,-Mr Desab. dao 4' doulghtor. Delavigue, lady & aerv't, I.a'-rouch. lady & 3 ert'tH, P B Barbetol, lady " 3 nirv'it, E Chimek, De'g ny, J Roman A 6 lrI 01s, Smith, J B Armour A- 3 setv'ts Wl, and,. G Branden, and Blard. Per steamer North Alahman fromnt Virksburg;-Mi C. Hughes, Mr Catlon, Slhoemaker, Fish, Capt. Hall, Ouinn, I Jordan,OGreer ,nd 1o way puassegers. Per steamer Loyal Hannahb, from Cinclnat.l:--Mr Kostor. child & aerv'l, Mrs Grimahaw & child, moguls & family, as I Hooper & child, Proseor niece, Knchoabf, W B Kermer 2 Id family, H inh & lady, H ill 4 lady,Thun 4 lady.,lhbbard. Hanlig. Weatherhble, Waner, DJ COnell,eapl. Mulkolland S4 oarr't, Lon't O W Morgan, Boall 4 ore';. Miller. Mill. I.yncb, Coldwoll, Millard, Baldwin, Phillips. Youg., eapL. C 0 T Maynard. J McHenry, Fagot, Skaggs, Pltter, Poatdall' ii Brown, Smilth,o and Dunn. SMEMORANDA. Steameo Mediator left the Mouth of Ohio River on the 14th SIOantl at Up in; t0h Ohio rivbr rimi.g slowly, about I foot at StheMouh out of the Cumlrlalnd and l"eue~ell . Passed Loyal Hanua at the wreck of the Chillicothe, foot No O10; laid I, all night in with Loyal Hauma at Now Madrid; took 40 passengers from the Chillicothe. Nov IJ. paoed Wilttittg ton deep loaded with lolcs and horses at Pnlumb Poiut; aid Sdall night 12 mile below Randolph; 1lth, met I.ouiville at If sland No 40. while wooding; John Mills and Geo Collier at SStoFrancia' !lsonl; Brasil at Helena; 17th. pasnd iitltla Rock below White River; met Pawnee lying too at Columbia; laid all night at Columbia;. 1t1, pulled a flt boat loaded with ou off ofa snag. at Island 4, no damage. Met Diana at IP ineion; poMed Memphis at Illand 110; laid halfthe night at Graond Gulf; oth, met Antelope in light of Rodoney; Platte at 1Cowpeu Bar; posled North Alabama o n a0ght of Natchon, Overyc dep loaded with cotton; not Shklby at Ellt's Cliffs; laidpart lodthe night, owiug to the fog, s.eve Fort Adams; 4 1th, passed Veloctpede and Brian Boroihme at Barker'. Bar iaideoed with cotton. Deck cargo ofChillirothe. boilers and enginar saved; the hull a entire ion., cargo lost, 100 tons Sbotle rope and obggnl, 700 bria lour and muodoy lot aod-. 0, Paengero, about IO got offcate. Ship Emporium spoke offand Key. 14th Nov. shlp Distado fr, om Bath, Me, for New Orleans; 15th1k, off Tortuega, ship . Haold from Bnltiaore for Pensaoola. New york. Iltk..At ship Cheater, VanDyke, hence. Philadelphia. 14th Now..Cl'd ship George, Minot, and abip aotnmror, Baker. for New Orleans. Of Baon.. 10t Nov..Cl'd ship Proponlee,Mnon, for NO. o SOamet.r Loyal HnMnah left Louisilt on the 7thl itst.... repa the weoathber cold ad lstormy; 1bout 3 feet water in toe o"nol of the Ohio, and falling. MARKETS. did rd New York, Mooday, Nov. 12--6 I. M. 1 The unoertain prospectso which the gloomr state of rd Canadian efairs now pr.msents, hbo caued 0 dnpreaston to inthe mtarker. The hill of the Coanda bottlks were ,d sold on Saturdayt 1oper cent dicuntol, sine0 which there ha been notsale (fr thia mooty in our market.h - To day, ihe replrt of the suspension of the Montreal b anks has podud a littledsdiffcult intoe dispoual of thebillo of tiote banks sittd cl near the border on thia midutol the line,p leuihrly Ithose of Vermoot. YTuoedy, Nov. 13--12 X. A veroy Imll buoisnetkra vbeenodone at the Otook E xcha nge re-day at B antu otiag pritet . In m ost itt hrtante, howtever, adeihne w as apparent t oe lose. N. Oliver Hnok receded 1-8 per cento Stlae Hank I-1 per oteoKontuky 1-4 per" oo. .10.Cn ACoLkore a, 14th1. CopoS--The rrnefo tioln in Uplondn . since our ha lg weekly report, hboe been light, but the ope.r g lion. were mDlrt fovonble to rurchkoerl. 8Mlts here beea meode ot a decline of hblf oe.nt on eli dtecrtintioo eeepl choice Colttono, ot electitms, hr. rnch will continue to €omnlsnd IRito 13 3'4. vs RICE--The t1nnoctivnofor Oht loat lhreeo don r were ligh.0 and our rtremrk oh leot So;lurod moy • pply to the present poriod, TILttI A.ERBIAN o 11i#.t. dy Ilu cmnaction with this Ofie is a W SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE tol PFR Till PRINTING OF Pamphlet Blank Cbhek in Catalogues ills of Lading Label., Dry Reeips, cit Legal Notic., Aucdtion Dlls, se Bill Porms, Show Bills am Steam Boat Dill CirclarIo To IDs*3,S. And every deeeiptlsato f*Jeb Work tat atr mayr beroe. ired. th (LtThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of oi the public to tite above Card, and aoastres them that go all work intrusted to his care .hall be done atthe short- be eat notice, in a style unaurltpaed in this city, and an at the lowest rates. so THE .TRUE AMERICAN. ' EDITED By Josew IsiuON. TI D P FAITR'IUL AND BOLD. NEW OR ILEAIMA b THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22. 1828 " Nere York City.-The oicial retuerns fthe hocity, 8 have been received; and from them it appe.rsthat ' .ewSards (Whil) majority over Mercy, the nloo foco incumbent, was 817. When it is remembered ir that the party both here,and there, offered to bet t. two to one on Marcy's clsectionl up to the receipt of the last d.ty' retorn, and when the immense power a to of the 11 ins," i. centrasted with the weakness of the "outs," this result is an immense triumph for the whig party. r. The loco noco press in this city, and elepwbera, Is are devoting their energi.s to prove that the whig victory in New York aroee from a coalition with the abolitionists; and though it is almnes useless I to argue with lmen previously resolved, we elam - attention to the follcwing fears. The whif ma-e. 3 jority for governor in the city was 817, while the r c5 eandidate for lieutenant-governor, was in a mmin I rity of 346. Why? because the party succeeded .e in casting an imputioon of abolition feeling on tiBradish, else would the two candidates' majorites a have been the same: and if the charge had been euppoed to rest on bolh, both would alike have failed, whereas Saward sacceded both in the city d and the state.--clearly proving that no such impa. tation clung to him any where; while Bradish, though in a minori'y in the city, carried the state ; sd which is pretty convincing proof that the prejo dice was merely local. If the general imputa oh- tion of the tories had any real foundation, why is this difference? If the city whig vote for Bradish, nd as lieutenant governor, proved the existence of a doubt upon his principles, does not their vote for Spgovernor prove that none rested on Seward? And if tile whig party in the city, deceived by tory p faleshoode,voted oaginst their candidate for second A officer, is it not clear that they are free from the ed slanderous Imlputation of favoring abolition, as east on them by the tories! And if the imptuta tn lion on Bradish, had be en true, he would have vybeen rejected by the state, as well as the cty, but Jq the fact of his ultimat e success proves clearly that sin the charge was false, and that the tory Ihbellers hb1 though successful in deceiving the city voters, fail,'d to delude the honest whigs of the interior, id Oficial for the city do Governor.-Se ward, whipmajority over Marcy, Id, L. F., 817 to- Lieut. Governor.-Tracy, L. F., ma. ,ot. jurity over Bradish, 348 o Seward, whig,mnj. over Bradish, 986 Congress.-Ogden Htffmlan, whip, ry. highest vote over McKeon, L. F. higilet vote, 1290 t Over Moore, L. F., iowest vole, 1728 I Assembly .--Sales, whig, highest over et- Strautton, L F., highest vote, 115t te: Over liartwell. L F. lowest rote, 1595 Many persona yesterday entertamned a doubt that the story of Mr. Swnrtwout's defalcations was Li true:-we can assure them there is 'no peg Ito C hang a doubt on.' The 'Post,'-the party organ of New York, not only proclaimed it on the 12th. tl but repeated it on the 13tr, and ,n both oenasions w endeavored to draw fronm it cont clusive reasons in favor of giving still more ope ortunlies for collec. tr tore to defraud, and ptllage, the public coffers, N inasmuch as, he affirmned that such speculations prove the necessity of more sub-treasurers. Nay, on both days he rails in good set terms at the very V insecure practice of leaving large sums in indivi dual hands, yet such is his determined purpose,- d itn conformtity with party usnge-to uphll t all in. it cumbents in office, that in the very next sentence a when replying to the animadversions of tite Ex press on the loose manner in which the present a collector Mr. floyt keeps his accounts, vows in e the usual way that its apprehensions are n.edlees. Why is this i Simply because Mr. Hoyt is in of. fice, and Mr Svartwout is not. While the reverse of the position was true the veritable 'Post' would have verbally exterminated the libellous scoundrel who would dare to insinuate any suspicion that the public monies were unsafe while in the cus- I tody of his dear friend Mr. Swartwout. The party papers throughout the state, with this very Post in the front rank, make a principle of supporting I *the,' whatever may be the charges brought against them, however flagrant the acts they are be guilty of. They agree entirely with ttory Fitzgerald' in England whose devotion to the'ins' is illustrated in the couplet which the satircteal Horace Smith has put into his mouth: tAnd if in Downing street, old Nick should revel, *engl ant' prinme minister,-then, bless the Devtl. I (fThe article on the advantage of a rail road fromn this city to Nashville, or Louisville, and which we extracted from the tJourenl' of the latter city was by accident omitted yesterday, though referred to in our editorial remarks. It will be found in our columns today. Asan en dorsement of that, and of our own previous articles o on the advantages to be derived from the prtject Swe mention that the veteran General Gaines yes terdoy traversed so much of the road as is already completed, and on expressing his delight with what had been completed entered largely into the advantages tote derived from the undertaking in h a national, milttary, point of view, since if any fu tare invasion of our soil should occur the whole force of the interior mitght be hrought to bear in - two or three days by thits ehannul, wherers the lower section of our country mnight t'e entirely over a run should ottr enemly land when, as now, our rivers were too dry to admit the transit of mnn, h or munittone. Wholesale murders were cotmmitted near Gre nada, Miss. by a man named Wilson, who from some quarrel regarding a lease of plantation and negroes, shot Messrs Morrison, Bnoyt, Clarke, n and Gibson. Tihe sherirf and his posse were out in pursuit of Wilson. P If the statetnent of tle Ilerald is to be relied on' Swartwout's seeatittee are equaual to 120,000 or P$150,000. M. M, Quackenbhss is in Ilr fifty, John G. Castor, Morgan Lewis, B-njamin Birds. all, and Mr. Livingston, for ten thousand dollares each, and 6 or 7 otlhern for smaller sums. Tan PAaRtocn. Toe Ctty Court of Baltimore has over ruled tihe mottion for a new trial ofStew. at art's cae. Thle sentence is to beconfittned in the a Penitentiary until the 3'Tth Algttut 18l6, one h twentienth part of thte confnetment to he solitary. Oh-The Now York Timne in speaking of the is effect of his wife's death on Mr. Ilamblin says: Mrs Hlamblin was to him hil all in all, his truest friend and beat comforter. A few !staunch friends paid him a visit of condolence, and but partially succeeded in allayng tlhe irritation ol mind under ' wo~ic h he is laboring. All his friends should now rally round him. The River, 5yc.-.l'he C(ineciaati papers of the 14th state that the river rose gradually all the previousday: II that it had risen considerably at Piitsburg, and that ' therewaa little fear it would I.e again too low fitr boat. ing. Six feet water at Pittsburg on the 10th. The Nashrville Banner ,f the 17th eaye-the river (Cumber land) contin to rise rapidly. Delat of Mrs. I.. t. ..dio .o Haml.-Trhi lat- op, dy who han for sume years enjoyed dlstinguiehed ht reputation as a nvry successful authoreas, died in New York on Monday morning the 12th inna. I s! death was extreasel stadden, and snme of the papers say it took place without any previous sickness, while others W state that she had for some time suffered from a rush ag efblood to the head. One journal states that she was th in the frequent habit of taking laudanum to prodruce en. ab citement, hbut the cause of her saudden death was not to ascertained. She wasu attended by Dr. J. K. Rogers, - and the coroner was to hold as inquest on her on w Tuesday the 13th. The C/iUieothe.-The Mediator, Capt. Carrel, which arrived yesterday from ti., mouth of the Ohio, reports that the deck louad of the Chillicothe, her boilers and f engine areareved; her hull and the reside of her ear go consisting of 100 tons of bale rope and bagging, 700 barrels ofloter, and sundry lots of merchandise, willhe he I entirely lost. Her passengers, 150 in number, got off vi safely. A eport of the steamer "Olive Branch," from Smith lal,naow lying at Lafayette, states that she does not come to our wharf a ftar fear of being saized for debt."- This is the first time we ever heard that our neighbor peas wus a city of refuge." Red Riewr.-By the politeness of a friend we have been favored with permission to publish a letter he has received an the euhiect of the Red River navigation, which contais some particulenrs which our citizene generally feel astroginterest in. It will be at once ! pe.reived that is is from Capt. Shreeve, of the U. S. serviceengaged in clearing asway the obstructions lately formed atthe mouth,e ad alsothe newly formed raft. N.Tcacz, 14th NOa. 1833. Dear Bir.- of I have this day arrived here from the mouth r of Red River, where I have been by order of the gov- 4 oferment for the purlea ofe raemoving a sand haer repor tedtb rmed to eno as completely to obstruct the aaei or gstion by steam bntte ill the Red tiver. Yot atnd many tof yor friendls heving a deep interest in he navigatioo o that River, I deem it my duty to 'e0 giv ya sa the inftrtunsm I hee on the subject. ig Ith behen rporied thaat the er frms Red River th was flowing down tih lmatoAtchaftalay, and faredt by many person hac thae Red River wouald find its we) by r that passto the Gulf of Mexieo, and lOse ia ehtnommo elcatiun with the Mssissippi, which is by no means pobablennd so far freoany of Red River water flew ea- ngthrough the Atchtaftlay,there iea small streams of Srater ran over theim mud battik at the mowthofthe bayon eint she Mississipi. I hd she battere of sti bayou "' easpntedof a stiffclaybike thees at ltelaetyttttPlneette ed minewfhict in nattltleto giiewny by the alction of o thenateranit. The acebnstfl te bayotnre also per 0 mtent. I tlnhave bee int, itut different ttte duriag testhe Inrt twenev-thwee ynere,madean sae aodidersere it en thewilthofthe weoar. As relates to th Bar there will be no paseihility of Ce any serions ianjrya tthe navigation frmtt aty dlrposit icy heyelse siseieppn t the cut oft. Tlhat whie:l, zt.erd Ihyocrfr at few days after te lall .1 wmasr in tun SMiesissippi was prohahiy greaerr than n thae ever rh heretofore took place. Thebed. of .he hMieielippi 05 that point is c.otrasuhg rnpilly, sanrl will continue to I ; fill up until there isbnte euleieut width left t r he sa ta- er from Red River to peae, which llat oef canese keep its own ehannel open. I passed into, the Red' Ilier on t the 12th inst. with the snagbeat Ielepmlisedraoiag sis Sis feet, and found t defierency ef water. b, Capt. Tyson isoenwy to enter Red hirer nera soon ae it is sufficiently high for him to get up to the raft, when fa the new accumulation will he retmaved in a few days for after his reaching it. Food.-Two flat-boats arrived yesterday 'ringing n 1700 barrels flour. As an evidence of the change that has taken within a day, or two, in the state of the mar- & ket, a eireunstance was related to usby a commrercial a friend that a flat-boat with 9100 barrels offaour arried at Grand Gulf on its voyage hither, and there an offer made the owner of $15 per barrel, payable In United States Bank Notes, which was refused in the full belief that each barrel would here realize $5). The cargo has now reached our city, and the price of. fered yesterday, and at which many altes were made, was $8 per barrel. Racers Conme.-The steamer Semaphore, from Ba ton Rouge, yesterday brought down 6more race hoe see, in fline condition, and ready for immediate contest. Captain Swiler requenteustostate, that the steam boat Giraffe, willeonmmnece her regular trips to lic bile, leaving this day after the arrival ol the 12 o'clock ears, and for the accommodatilon ofrthe public, a letter bag will be kept at tile Mlerchants' Exchange, in Royal street, where all II tiers acnt will Ibe carefully delivered a at thepo-t ofice in Nohile. Such persons as desire to forward letters for other placen, by the Expreest Mail, can do so by paying the p.olare here, when depositing their letters, required by the lot ,fflre ill Mobile. [[3 Neither of the steam sltipl, Grcot entern, or Liverpool, had arrived at New York on the 13th. Milch consternation begun to be felt concerning them. [7.'Th official returns fromi 55 out o(57 counties, in the New York electi n have been received, which give a whig nmjolity of 1229 3. Twenty-flour a ig cntgrer- n m are already asccrtainedl. There are thlren dis tricte, and pert of a fourth yet ulseittled. Six state senators have been elected by tie whig party, READ Tills. Tns WneT AND ITS MARKET.-The intahbility, in value,of the staple arteles of production, thai cont. stitute the resources of this extensive and fertile valley, is tlqtietionably an 'vli, which mtiust ever, during its continuance, operate injuriously on the interests of productive labor. Tile real value of an article and its market price are not always equieva lent terms. Thus the price of a barrel of tlitr is made up of the cost of raising the wheat, grinding and packinlg tle flour, carriage to markel, and eomtnnision and pr-lit. If eitler of these items fluctuate, the ultimnale narket price must al.o change. The value I1f labor, commission&c, &c, ll erntly remnan unchanged during long periods of time, but, unfortunately for us in the Valley of the Mississippi, owing to the operation of either frost or drought, our avenues to market are fre quently either impeded or partially interrupted so I as greatly to enhance the coatl of transpoltalion to New Orleans, which is the legitimate market for the larger portion of this region. Tils state of thinge must continue as long no we rely exclusive. t ly on the rivers as our avenues of commenrce, and point out, too plainly to be over looked or mtis a understaod,the neeersity of adopting railroads as auxiliary means between all tile great points of eooimeree. A railroad from this to St Louis and I another ro New Orleans would he vastly beneficial. To the deuss, of which we have spoken, may he attributed the fart, that flour is now $15 per bbl in New Orleans, while it is only $6 50 in this market.-Louiville Jnur. Tan FUTUrE. The federalists may expect to d meet the Democrats next spring at the pulls, and d again in the fall. N. Y. Poet. Surely this is tootrite to be what the editor in tended: we think so, at least, and imagine his meaning to be that the democrats will spring up the poles, and again meet a fall. CANADA. The following paragraphs are from the Burling ton Sentinel of the 8th. SOur intelligence from this province eorrrhorates h the reports previously received, that the ilsurrec Lion ts general. Nelson was at Nlpierville at the last accounte, where he had some 150 prisoners. en There are large risings in the rear of Montreal, at u- Sorel, Barthier, Bclael, Chambly, Beauharnois, Is Chauteauguay, and other places. A private eller fromn head quarters informs us lithat the patriots have possession of tle whole ie county of P\calia, and have beln successinl ill tr several skirmithes. Col. Bryant with his torce was tn jiito Nclitn on Wednesday nilhe, when a movemer t was tU be made to l'Aradle village. n, Two proclantations, the same that were is'uedlast winter, had been profusely scattered through the Province. SA skirmish took place about nine o'clock on m Werdneedy mlrnang, between a detachment ol in patriale,wto w rre stationed about two miles frot SRouse's Piln', for the purpuose of ke-pint open the comamunication with the states, anti a large a o hidy ot v.louneers and regulars, In which the patrtios were repulsed, with tho l-at of some eight or ten nmen. n' S. Johns remanins quier, and is said to be very or strolnly garnssrr, ed. lThe Burlingto Fit e Pr rit l onlradiects ite re :' ports that the steanmboata are to be stlpped be i tween the U.S and lt. Johne. re The Montreal Trin'ertpt of Tuesday laet gives tI e Itllowing particulars of the death of Messrs. Walker, and Vi:ry, or Vitty--he Transcript io a ire loyal press. r. Amoang ther victims marketd out a La Trtute, le by these bloodhlunds, was a very file young rnan e of the namle o Walkerl hisof lnee enlem to have i heen that he was a volouteer durilg the revolt of ry. las wintter. They entered the hue soon afllter midnight, and made straight Ier the room where he Walker was in bad whl his wife. Mr. Viily, the father of Mrs. W.alker, tnouoy and valiantly uppos s: ed tile violation oe this apartedene, pr,,perly sacred. ste lie defended the door ao best hie tnlhtI. unti li:er da ally slhot through and through, thev left hir to toie on the dloor, while they entered the room and shot Walker, leaving him to die ini the arl sut his terrt. ler tied wtie! w I thin is true, or any part of it-if Walker was shot while In a drefarclless Ipsitiol, efore he had even shown a hattle attitude, we believe that in it Gd's justteice the gibbet will bring up the denmont . thusa guily. Llterty is prloaned and the wlrd s. ainks when used as a cover lor such dallnatble tat assassinalions. On thie othllr hand, tile rlpt air of at. tle Montlreal ''ranecritit is too liieltalh. The ti1 he. Iwilg are extracts front that paper: re. We regret top-reeive that thejall It-alr-ady fill itng with prisaonas. The conspecuous effect of p.rittn the rebels or 1037, Crie alonad, "Let these a hi take the sword, die by the awnrd." The whole c:,tnry slo.t" St. Eurta, he is ganin in n: en revolt; in shnrt, the whole eOttllrv is up; no that thin tinl the Canadinne are all nurevs and i onle is left to be their derciver and instignttr.- We foresee Iheir lat--ihev will bte esne ired agnin-hut will gt very dforent term, eloe thot be acemnnpliah d, the Qruebec G1rzelte will he able to say with TRUTH, 'ihey er, brokrn-hlearttd1. ChI A servant of Mr. Brown, one of the prisoners 0 take n at Beauhnrhois by the Patriots had escaped -and represented that the prisoners had been a well treated up to the tint he left. A FOR NEW YORK. Os To sail on the 28th inst. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. aN HEr st aiar line packet ship Nashville, T WoodMaster, having a.rt el bet argoC w enaed illporitirely al cas above, for aolae.fFreisghit or paeget having aplendid accom Smalntion, pply to theCa in on oard, opposite the I vegetable market, r toR J D BEIN & A COIIEN, not92 90 Common ut. VINFG(iAR. t EN hble;vinegar on board ship Oemolgee, and for le by J D BEIN &A COHFN, in nov22 90 Coalmnoat. JOHN STEWART, )No. 5, Platt Slreet, New York, COMMISSION MERCHANT. MPORTER and dealer in Hatters Plukhes and a trimmings. Ample storage may be had on mod ia erate tms, ld every attentlon paid to goods forward i edto hincare. References:- Messre. Larune & Provost, N O. ly Gossip d Co. aov22 1838 ly COAL. NTHRACITE and Orrel Coal in casks hhds and S in lots to sauit purchasers. S rders left at the Ioal yard in Canal street, between ,v- Ceadelet and Baronne,or at the countinC house of te- HOLMES & MILl.S Wi- a ,22 9 Bank Plr-e. ANTIHRACITE COAl.. O't 1NE hundred and twelve llgrihedal uperior An to O thracite Coal, linding frontm shlip New Hnemp ashire from Philadelphia lor sale by & I1OLMES & MILLS. by nv22 9 ank Place. in AT--6l0 ragos fne Liverpnol Salt on benad ,hip ca Forum, from Boston, for sale low if taken from tI- e Levee, bry of LAWRENCE & I.EGENDRE, ou nov2l 28 & 29 New Leni you VE.,.T Pi)WDEKS-., large euptly of the above e- Powders for sale by of SICKLES & CO, r aov22 40 Canal at ive. I hv the shlip Rochester ont Repnhliean,from of tavro, a lanrg supply of t:Colone Waoter, T'oth I lBrush ear Nail hrushes, Se. ofa superior quality, whlich they c oer for saleon reaoahble tresns. tIoCKI.ES & CO, lot tmog 411 Canal att ni as jEL.'S Ic.ACIK Fl.l)-The greutest i'eantiOn ' to 1' `" hetm n tn wriitr.r.--l'he ournloriity of thia ma- artnle, boer all other wariing.ftuid eveot eoere.l Irntllh ell public. firevetv purpoe of writig tto wllo ha maa the eon applied, hasbeen ac eknowlegd .at duty acm iinell imby thle discerning in every poritmt of dth UnitAd' Staes ed againol the rmIltleron s i.idrle betoirrn ofered to achpuelio. It to te prtdurotioitla elntane brng ewi oing nal for hisCskll, tndspoaoearn ptioeeoiie-ot ointatin ahat etin aty other innention. The atpplication of the most poiertl ingthlrdnto ta ite iled to duotaet ito in ner- delilily ipwlintieototnb it invaltioble foe bIring lree lonm ito fall coriven. so d'esueive o rpaper, ivlich thle da 1id" i known to possess. dThehabwoe arriele it ontreS rt thhepthle an o ne iii every way dleserving of heir confidhnce and patotot I tn r mle by ite grace, dwaeno o inigle hbt, t tsuai pin rchaIer, aT I) FELT & CO'S . tit a New Yiok itat)itoet Halli wof aove2" 24 Chartres st AdI t TEIIrS NKPig INK-il0 kewjwsReceied L M at for sa.l, tn indernte terns.. _ DAVID iEl.'"& Co), New Y'ok Saitiorrev' Hallle flu- n5i 24: Chhartree nt LU tMB Elf-br0- fOferr Whire Ijsee' bearde,. Of d. ing fromrnship Lardon,,lrsa le Ly S & L P Wil.TNF.Y, nnv22 772('ampler AIT-300 swfelrs fine Sae, aer fnoream Ehp oe S for sale by 6& JP IVIII'NlY,. nov2 2 (:Cram'", '.bOR SALE-5.'frtffh' Hlaenm Seo.'re, fdi boxe. Cramber lin Wiine, 244 Irenus arel rlr aho Reai sins. lot boxes do. Leemns,25 fraila dUr AliHuods, 50 tierces prime(:urolioa li.e, of tie new oRp uand 50 bbls I.oarf Oegar, r lir le .lrby AIBRAHAM TRIEWR' n1v0 40 Prnydrns as KIAY-2(I) bales now lamdins- from ship Niagnrn,, II aed for sale by S 4. J P WHITNF Y, nov22 73 Cwmpar C U N I N I' . r ' .. r u tr o. ; e j. t f, l d y t o $ J WIIHITPlEY, nnv8 73 C)armp in70-5 barrelsl'nnnr's Oll, 20 erask Sperf r oer , winoter l trained, foras L byrI i ALE, SP'I'Y BAft1( EIE.A--5"1. fDlur les Barnds, in sln Speriorrd,'r, for sale by nov.a 93 Conmmrn at rEI'AIrItILE ,ACES. TI 'HE Full Meeting for 18I:1, over this course will . coommence on Moncday, Ithi Deceaber. First Dmy-A maatch far $O,5110 a ide Ih. ft. four mile heat; Major T. J. Well's names bl. f. Extant, by mp. Leviathan, dam imp. Refugee, by Wanhdeer. Grier & SimnIron'r r ame b. c. by aeilaC, daur hy Sir Charles. Second Day-A match fior $5000 a asid, h. t. four mile heals. Mlajr T J Wells names C F Beeswing. by imp. Levialhan, dat Blacok Sophia, (Birminllgbai's dame) by Tropgulan t. (rier & Simmon's names c. I. Willfinar Herrnden by Woaudlker,rdarnl fy Whipatfrn. Second Race, samee day, a Sweepstakes for 2 year old colts aed fillies, lile heats, $300 entrance h f. oev en allsbsrlbers. Jan S Garrison, C C S Farrar, Ira Smith rsmith, T Smith. Thoe J Wells I) Stevenson. Third Day-Two mile heast, J C Purse, $500 Same Day, Two mile beats, J C Purse, 750 Fourth Day--Three mile heIrs. J U PIure, 1190) Fifth Da) -Four mrile heats, J C Purse, 2000 Sixth lDay-Mile hene, hear 3 in 5, J C Pirser, 7011 Seventh l)ay-'l'rcee mrile heats, Proprietor's parse, 1000 J.\S S GARRISON, RICHARI) ADAMS, '1'1HOS J WELLS. nnrvlf-tro NEW ORLEANS J )CKEY CLUB BACES. i OVER the Eclipse Course, to commence on Tues. V day, the 4th of December, andl continue six days. FIRST DAY. J.ckbov Club Purse, $1,500, 3 mile hears; second rlarlst horse to receive $:3011, rovided nime than two start; if Kbut two, the wirrer to rereire toec Iv)O. SECONID DAY. Proeprietor's Purse, $1,f110, two umile healrt aernnd best horse to receive $201', provided more thran two start, if but two the wilner to receive $1,000, THIRD DIAY. 'Thle New Orleans Plate--a spledid Tean Service of a Silver, value $1,11140. 2 mile hean,. Irn this race four earI olds mand urder, carrying derirappropriate weights; Srear aldcaseld over 0l0 (rounds. FOURTlH DAY. Jockey Club Pure, $2500, 4 mila heart;eaoud best horse to receive. $3,00, provided more than trvu stadr; if but two, the winner er receive $2,000. FIFrTH flAY. Proprietor's Purse, $6,00 mile heate, best thrre in five. SIXTH DAY. Proprietor's Pursee,$1,000, threa mite heals. no 19 Y \ (OLIVER. I UMBER-And Potatoasu. 2i,11rr feet clearacu.rsn -4 efl Boards. 00I hble Ponlaems, landing from ship L.agrange, and for sale by I.EVI 14 GACI./, nowl9 93Coummon at IKRAYS-A few Ciuein.atfi .)rry . h an ..ale, D..l h, G IOItSY, novf 41 New I.evee S Office NAre Orleans and ..rshile R'I/. RLdo. Co., NovSNrlrber I14th, 14:93. S fRAFTS on New Yolk at right for sale, in saurs DD touit purchasers, et I percent. ireluliua. JAMES 00 CALDWEI.L. noel4 Pres't. I "ltOI.LA' TOf RAFPLE. - IIe celebrated New York trotltinr horas, ROLLA,' e mwill be reflled firorn Sarlrday the 4111th inllsrnt. rt This very oplular animal, tihe winner of so many a,,:ne, and posieesiag such uneloualed reed.e ned r bitLton, i now is the berst possrible eordilior sard nmay be rse,r at any tifre and particularua l.arrrl ertl .th slmfe of efOLIVERI DUBOIS, Tattersall's. in St. Charles st. cor (iravier ~C a'Chances $.U each. rnovl6-td. NTI)'FIC E. ID IRlING the teenmora y ab rseuce of tle suhbcrifl , D trot.s the city, Charles BriERS, Esq. will act a. Ili althorired agent, and to him all' aving buesierea with thle und, rsigeed, will Vlae a Jly. FI ANCI e ILS.EY. JUN. eori4 10182f--If Cemp St. Theatre. Fourth oppcare e this rueson of Mb'S MEADOWS. - Thuis .ning, oeeeember 22, Will be performed the Farce of ONE HOUR. Chnrlee wiftly, Mr. Fielding, C O'Lear, Greene, N Julia, Mies Meadows. After which, Mips Meadows will appear and sing a song and dance. Onrture,by the Orchestra. After which the Farce of THE WAG OF WINDSOR. Celeb Quotem, Mr. Johnsun, r Lonoe McTwulter, Oreeso, John Lump, Brown, Grace Gaylove, Mrs. Greenowa. The whole will conclude with the mew Piece of THE SWISS COTTAGE. SNats Teick, Mr Johnson, Max, . " Hdgea Liseette, 11Mis Meadown. TO LET, Two houses near Tivoli Cir .l to . novl9 RULKE OF U S COURT. T HE Rules o the Circuit and DietrictCortof the U lor this D)istrict, for Sale at the ofice of the Marshel of said Court. Apply to novl9 J P WALDEN. NOTICE. Mr. GEORGE MI.RRICK having resigned she of nd fice ofehiefEngineer of the New Orleans and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. John leampmes hos been eppoint en ed in his place, to wihm all persons hehing buoines. with, or wishing infirmation regarding said Rail, Road T. will apply at the Rail Road Ofice, Poydranatset, By order of the Imitld. n- (8igned) JOHN NICHOLSON, 'p mevl7-tf Cashier. Er l Ilavesin store and offer for Ile 75 asoks Java Cofwae 30d1 do Rio do 195 do Havllna do 485 do .irverpool 8al 50 barrrels Annrlean Brandy 2a do is imiatl.o bartifr e Am tns 0en 5 do Holland do Re 204 boxesNer BerMwrdi Spem Candles 3110 du cloolsaaa's p 191 die Rokdo's do f1. do do 1P9 S11) halt l hel do No I 200 1bosee M It Raisins 5s btle arl oAlmonesel Sikrs Ia n shoon 2, I Ioes Lemon Syrotp 110 do snaorted Kelothpe 7110 M Cigtasearious qualities 50 boxes G(hlie Clwsre all 100 do 'l'ea. aserled 75 Firkiim (:eah en Batter 100 hbots assorted ases Pickles 75 coils Malilla Roe 50 barels sDsill' sauperir Crackers 50 do No 3 Mackerl . l'tifo N12 de b do do No3, do With a great earisyo of oher goodals in the Genasy line, whicl will be sold very low for case, or on the unaos time. \YINS'TON & SHALL., nov17 7 Fla Leere fUMBER & PISIH-35.1 ~ eet I nmber, board l ship I.iverpaol opposite the Orleas Preas. Ap- in ply o o lt e loi LEYV H GALE, nate7 (Crommson a I lL--H)00 gallon Winter straised SieraeOil,laud from ship Partheon, fut sale by ISAAC BRIIDGCE & Co, Vl7 134 Magazie .s R I)CE-Il iere. sew pri5me Ies, fs r l ie le l~ SABItAHAM THIER, aner17 40l Poydrs at LOATISUSIANA INSTITUTE. \j0t1 ,llnstiutin for the edacatin of vottltg Fatle l menw. lie iest aeretlioetma tIe lIrst e ttito her,.iawlhe Iasament slor .,1 th at lehtMelint CIarchl ornlt o0 Cmotlkclst aaI. Paý,lo i.o eellc the dire.tion ot'theltnlkreigri ,erl w has to, the eltir tf ,sthlc,,ma co in. several CollegIe of lile nalrth, and who is agetmlune oaCne oltdie most celebrtedustiseresitisa of. I eepe. 'lie cemloe ofotetie to hap.etoed in thisaemirnary a will be egmpeehealed ti the 1llhowing divisitms,v.i.: 1. The- Einglsh departmens, emtamciup alU the J SIietlhes ofPa horolloh natl aceopliahled tnglieh eW acation I 2.. 'lb elasinodl depoatmene, eomprehending l e it tmiasned (;rcek lsagisagen. a 3. Trlan den eteol malto mlln nla.gfner in wsitcL, will he au.ghle he.,lFreulq s$pnilh nadi Gteinwn Lan 4- 'is't merlieplrattinl no lphllmonllhi dl .aePp ieora airn teiie tls.AlgebraituoieetrlnietwoeTerignan, Nou.svaiao.,Aese+,ilny. Ae. Natesul PslveipIhy and llsemietry illttr:lest4 bty apprIpletU.' eperllnnlr.s. 'I T rsenina, ('lit+ iws, Ie Modent.- I.snnnlntsi mill 5e lt.tmt dl il,rtc slld ll 10 1t attllllhe Ise (lmitor. F " CJ .lAItl)IEltMA,. N,A M. .a Pa llt ive+ J .;. FPiN Exan. Hev Lste.hltn . o iLt.INNCON.. Iou.iana aIiat,. Iertc A LZEI l N I13,l[I ,. i1. IICJNr AN Enq,. J sIlCIIt.O),,3Y Et;s New OfTfeane I9ORbS AL'rOl'? OF L NEW O)hLAN I. fillIEpie et i0elal fbne -sdy in $11 13 per barrhl, JL acrunlig io the tarill; h e haliL give de. ilng the preessi week (eins 1hnedlty 19lt inr..p22-sa, ces toflreoad f" a hir. Brand oft ds'ots etsnedity required to we.t a25pets rre.tsm..vial35 ounces. evt17 C. (iENt)lOSrl Minor. V FIRST rate 5lisaiConu for saue, appei onu hanrd i at Ocotee oypsite HBnpited set..e G;ERSIAL WORKS. II CONVERSATION' LEutCOn . lt wel,. and. L 1 vol plates; ( Goethe,-S..cliller, ) 'y '', } Complete woets. r. Wieland-Iesoing, ir Ti Koerner-Vonder VeYld Caeness, origiinoadft tr Zshokke, in I & in 8 vlrs; C. Clauret o KinI Norellear ' And a variety of stnealrd works in die (nmea. f. Also,Gerleall Grunilllarsand for ineose- t. lion in French, English and Spanish. ns E IOHNSICO, v- novl7 cor St ltles &Ctommewso I'[HE S.uleriher have satled"r engalela s l SMessrs. Waters & Hillnmn, of the Stel n Bake ry, for a constant supply of ttlheir Brard, Ieshl frem th Sobake hslouso, lot ol which we have reeived and offir 50 for tale. eoasisting oflilutol, tavy satlcoffee lease bread; 11Soda Biotulft Sngtr, Butter and Waulet Cunsikenpu fto up in barrels, balse. Sinbr W PRITCHARD, novl7 JO TAGART JR. 00 8,000! Capital Prize. Tickets only $3 GRAND STATE LOTTERY Drawn nuadlersof the Grand Staole Lottery, Clam 54. 63. 72, 69, 59, 47, 25, 45, 53, 5, 9, 27,70. C'LASS No, 55. AttIorised nly he Legislalture Sthe Slate. To he drawn TO.DAY, Nov. 33th, 1838, at 5 o'clook, P. M. at the Merchant's EL clhange. S. DAVIS & CO. Managers. 75 Numbers--1 Drawn Ballots. SCHEME. I Prise do $s000, $8 (10 I do 2 500 2 5110 I do 1500 1500 1 do 1 200 1 210 Sdo 1000 3000 3 do 00 1 800 3 do 500 1500 e". 3 do 4(10 1 00 vs. 4 do 300 I 200 5 do 200 1 O00 7 do 150 1150 O lit do too 1 000 15 In 70 I 050 163 do 0 0710 oi 63 do J 1 575 o 6:13 do u0 1 260 63 do 15 945 433 do 10 6130 of 112 do 0 1001 til 3780 do 5 18 000 Is; 93136 don 50 58501 27 814 Prizes, amounting to $1108,18 if Tickelts $2 50- Halves $l 2.--(ltarters 03, Paekaees of 25 Tickets for $62 50, warranted to draw at Ibat $30. i Prekage ofeb2 hIalf tickein $31 25, warranted to draw at least $15. IPacknees 35 (uarter Tliekets $15 63 war ranted to draw at least $7 o0. For Packages or single Tickets, apply at the MANAGERS' OFFICE, at ol If Chartres ot NOTICE. r H'llE enhberilbrs hatc aosslated thllemtlves In hitt aI sineas undterthe fni ,f OIItISTIE, 4 SIN NOTT, and solicit a continnance of tlhe patrtlong re Scived by their John Christie, while coitldulting hue businesill his ow ttanmue, as Wholale Gitace odll Comauission Merchlant. JOiHN O01.ISTIE, nover2--3w N. SINN YIT' I, Jr. mB BAZAAR. Ceirer of St. Chanlesea Codon street, s'1. XCHANGE i1nTEL. IUSIH & ALLAN wonltl yseapetully coll the at. A,' I) lentnls otf cililsts tl strnlgere to .heir eomplt-re withr linert t itallt. athilonalle litlte i nlt l lines c.,| lor' ler: Ilik, entinn and meriple ulilder shirle pall drawer*1 cmbnlric erd silk handkerctliefe hlnek nlltd Illey sea vate in great variety: tlockl o'every desenriptitote gIttt elseria and enton thluietulere silk; cotton anid thlread ier gloves rgent.rhol, kinglovet uibr.llnas anti cnned gold mo,naed. Also,--Sldeodlid assortment ofla Iclis and geast wri tillt deeko, dreieing cae s, lort blios. perFullterv, coutl err', antli rilh Ittey gouttti lee ntttoli es lI.O TIIING.0 eooesae~aclole Clo'hiln, anitt i,,itaoit tifr c, le by I.A.AC KI11DGE .& (, iTs7 1II313Ie. ills .I St. Chardes ThIeatre. Mr. HOLLANI) will appear. THIS EVENING, NOV. 2, Will be performed the petit Comedy of THE GREEN EY'D MONSTER. Baron Speoanhausoen, Mr. Farren, Cul. Arnsdoff, Page, Marcu, I)eblr. Ludy Speyanhausen, Mrs. Plutoer. Grand Pas Seal, Mad'e Ravenoti An Overture by Orchestra, The whole will eodnelude with the Eltravagansa or THE ILLUSTRIOUS STRANGER. Billy rowbell, Mr. Holland, aboulifhr, Burke, Fatima, Mrs. Harrison. Irene, T'hielean. 3' The ehip Fehn,('opttain ,allet, from N. York1 is di.ehnrgiog oprpoite tim vegetable maket--on a signees arer qaested to att.nd to receipt of their gooda e&.J P WHITNEY, n mlIl 73 Camp street. 5GOVERNO SI HORSHE GUARDS. Ito he of of gad s flHP. Troop wiff perrade -n Olao'y rnmringo neoxr ice. . te25th inetnnrt. at S o'clkok on the varant oqpare of grund on St. Charles street, opposite' the Theatre, fLtrinpeeti.n aolddrill. By order el 4 W STfllwerIl, lient. Coomd'r. JOHNy GrIBSON, noer OS (fYPEItNORS HORSF . GUAHRDS. Y OU will parade in fll winter rniformr, on Fridawy Aftersoon, the .?th insrnnt, at 3 o'clhck, on the Rqlmare pporite. he Theatre, is St Charles street, for Regimental Review. My orderof J W Stilwell, l.iet. Cw od't. JOHN GI BSON, nov'I (. ,. INSEEI) OILt msore arnl Mfr alh hv L G l"R SEY, n 44 New l.eve F L-I.OUR--4,1 bhl. Millra bramw. in ero anri for anle by G I)ORS.Y, novl21 44 New i.erve lTS O& PJ r ltjnor bo haere nowed to 7. )Clamp Itnret. It (MF:--1000 barrels Tkomsnton litenr, for male by1 L ?YE7'ER LAIt)t.AW; "rony lab3 ('amtp sn NAI112-Lnndn'ong' ti n.ip Formralm ntd flr rils by N00 kegs aseorled sixes Nails, also in start,. 36 brimdo do Ono YOnKE & BfO'rIERS0. nov21 i.SCnmp'ns 1\rjVICfN -1011 boxes 1afogs llaatina, 100 bnoes Leinon.; 1110 t potn Grope, al hnlfcnlko sweet Mnlan wine, Nowr lnan ingaondkwrlss by PETERR LAtlD.AW, nov2L 633. Cnmp lP IBARREI.S-5 II new nb eMnlnmn barrelsirns puitn no conforsate by Wt POIOTERl, nov3! 9s:('enmllonr Il FDICINF.S; l'AINTO & Of 1.3s: IlL 5ll kegs poren or No I Wbitre .oarl 1503 galln Linoelrt 3il, intinreesn otdlibnrrerr, 10 Wi3,ll Alorlol Alan, 75 kegs It nr panto, in nil, 400 olanrn Sulphater of Quininevr 60 rtns genrrine fownnod'o Toxic 33tixtrrre; 4" Ocon ELoeliah 0loatudl 1110' cnrime Ajr.lrt;:eel botts anoi0p3lita. 50 b~arrels Raltiwmr b,,smn Salts, 3 :nearon'wwdbrntl pioe,. 31 case. p norlnnd oltflt:ltl: 20m onrlnn nil Vii.onO 5 nnrrolfr Snl.oot, (:amend natl, 38netnto Giaair.dnlp. F:nniih sai tnwrttooo Col'.tool Ain.o,3, ltrreI'tn~ntin Ionr, 3i00. nrinrl, Winlhr,:v GNP,, P)uty, roorrtnn w ith a PIts onuthitonfbltottlojt, Ila-nttrlt/, IPnain, thin, &c.. Ifie sles Or lamentss primp, Sw rash orr rite lpapr, 1,7 .JAR33 In &t ANOPIOE:WS, o Inn?!w~drnl Io~oto, lent~o: Itint., ixo 2n rrrUonllmro unl ·rietl~plolllb, tl· SIDES-11b-Ib hdl, Itnr~o nid., ion gamrle olliO in ntoge nodl ComakC azure amt rrf)s.l b aYF:ii'';. nn-r21 omrnrino 1 El) Ill ANS-W' UW, on r rr, 'r..."l; y. Ilntch n~l-1 t 41O torrtg 1-errt ` IllI\11.til-F'ae tttototaonl Itniwricn 0.r ..nto ar 117 l br ic forc Coo: oh, it.j.13, ll nr.'2l--tr (.arn~lllnnl Il.llrJ A Ctmrtt. ORI.IEA %&S I.fl'fIIOGRA I'IfC EA ?'A B r 16n MIRW!', 53 Mf.IGAZIZlo$7 cRIUE 2, W 6dFF.ENE trrmnur Iris ninrrre I3,oks,, to li frlt .ra n a+.i oh rblirno New (Irton'n. for bri ;.tnlnrmoee itrntotnt no hs. on ulor lheft Io to vetns, aI - norlvol 3t,o bilt n5 Io3 3rtr oHrr ooorat,33,.'. bIeg leanveto asses Ii. .-in 4, all onrder ro, oeiitt I,. h 13ll hrne prltslthe pirnooplltnorrltil nt,; hrto ill nt ,anl, keep the utters, drne.hring she *o1aotnnrr, and trhall to tw·uvn merlt/ tea trit llor!omt ntnkrnl't tntn 4la, blorimn o ntnrtorttgr of on, oonetna nnticiut, ol hor, ttorntet nolin'n andton th on no rnorronnotc r itt s Being noointcti by rsittnron..r rte any ontor ontatlitit jotl is f aite . oy ot trne t9o1 o ooprortvoe io the NJ 1 Aprrtluooin. tatl ,lntgrgiortnn bnhr yacntud it sno gnrnnt ny . cottpitorplnenitgranitng, oanlat mile aino3of rdaml o1,oora. jv24 Dres.l & Dilan uieradc 11311, WAS1E1NGT4PiAL" fLL BOOMl ". Sr tPillqr ntnornmnon' Royal & tbmrtpn. o- nlnrbn nottighovnf towb lllh Ilo Con llonn.gto futta hrafrarrla aldkr publbic fn tIhe oaplnral· Milott ptntrtq b we Itn oortl hi min, sil aain, In nrrojtntftmR inolwtno Ihbortt ntI rlt eotohj.olhanal bnha i been enlartIte nnlthnrnanamotni of nininao, and ot ttunngo- .'.noe toe tnpoMntr. 'l,'o bene willrhe ~rlpasonel 4r Iynaonointprialiry o liqno arnotl nstaount sill ha " hnp Ite ptb doetelena teot,,rntrnr irt tht Uniel 1 Siloten St'lnoanatniln re-open no Saturday ooapetg, 3rd or lonvne ail~r seasI, hr' a GRANDt )OlESS & MASUO A DEIlAl 1tAtlt., ntai will taks ploan ee ootn,3 navnr t/ l rto,1, )Vltacoo ,don oId Soiortyv tonnaejg., drittt the ortennatwhich w 4l annaltoirThe fntof Ay, 1939. N. t. Tile t g'oostor iatteton will he p nit at bep ing totforo onhn uiroagkc lno dlte ntblw ltpnnlas was d~ orm: na eanu otter _________ o(T Coe,.nrr oooCtnot ooue~ of Cataa ayf(,oomsoat ad Cramp str'ecA. T: R. &r MRS. GEG. HALL habn thl pltofure x-lý/.ofavnrring their friemls awl the pub~lic, than srle Inlonoe sahwonso kbnna oto Buiopo Hoeln, mill ? I**lne~u\Y y~nlr·r n t Ihin to. Ittr h rs~t nj pntnt1notn pnnyJ . r ha hd the Htnone'tnroogh tyrepirinedandtnele btrniolstel uloongltottt no beg In oona to motons the tmvnller ao docine,,t itot whlatnver, to eutation tlh hooon tony Ihors ontqloiot:3 int psooyyars, 01 no teibr irPaooo alb ble wrnting nto mtntai iO ithernafltr. p0 A Collotitn willb b oopred at IlT.'iloaL on thbotrain no log ofthbe 4l1hinoO., o wiclh thet publo ic aool, dopflly 00 inited. nl,13 U(I CASIA12RE ro AOTo~i 2Mt hasper linen 110 cuahire Potatoes, fear sale' b 110 S& JIPWHIT7 r1Y,. bO nov!O - 9 _Co tia,,, no TO MERCHAINTS. 30 ErMERCAA ' co hare tno at33otooyu.l Cinco 75 LoR ,tokofftttfots hottrs N,,TtcoAyolfoorIot th f COtttpitio tIootoo of TRUE AMIEII(IAN It'oaroroo 333 (lrrntc, 1H. Citorleo Exchlaonge,. odjoinint3 Ikn 11w, it Rea hotd of Corner oofUroier sttroet. 011 90 i-tOX 6 CHAIRS-tI dooe nlion Chairo, justl ,n U ,ivoed, andnouit3,lo tier ahipj'og for sale at iet oil Louiointto Fttroiitttn Worn Rloor. tovlt W.1 B CARNES Lat .0IIoIA N A FURNITURE WAREROOIIUS en No. 53,o3,onvdlo h lroo ot. no- ~7Tlt.12111 I. CARNEtE, wottol rptojt~fully int 31s fi rm his0 triietrlo atndl the putblic tha3,t be is coI ntatltly receiving rontt Now York anld tOttot a o good t. aaotrortnt oFurnitltttre ,o itch as oromthogoy clhairsA, rt nobto, todl.todo. misfil)e antd, pointed choiro, mtaople trod - :bhurry b dnoteud., olnmougooy tld clhtry talbles osll deantiltbiiott, 3ure0.., toilet", otcteta}oo, .ritie dn- dale,, nortlrot ,s of tttuogotgy antd clorerr, wash N- stalnd, loobking gbinmro,lottrs, nbrdding, &r. &c. re- NB. Forltture packed tor transportationt witlh groat ag 0010, 3ovl3 S TOVESO-.50 tmew atottn Coal Sntver; 10 porloble gr no t civen: 12 ro'ttt "beat iron sttove a chleap niricl ; also. 25 cootking stoneo, juot rtcoeiood int addl. - tion h1011e00ir octaIne stock, liut sole by a LOCKE & ('O, nlayJ9 8 F~ruilt Leven at ai 1 NIlotonon piles mttle to order alnd pa up in is ay ipln of the city ou slhort otoice. 1O', Sl. &ld Cn. tO, _ ____ 30. .&Co. ilrlQ', H. Mftlo o,Attorneoy nt Lotw, batn rto notttd ?a- hib otfice ito Rooltnugt Allty, Ioltweou Ctonti and mi, ant Loulsa itfstt. notll-.-: oll N IKW ANNUALS bioR 183!3: old Carrican3tt .ottnltt, Lottdton; Findna'l Gallery of Grance"; Fri- lfot ltjeriul, L.ondlon Auunol" 01t Alniot: A Witto, C hriotinan tolso, ,or l18.39 Yountg Lady's Atntutl, for 18239, Young (iretalellln n' Anllui, Illr 18.9;) Th Gisull; C1ite (itnlet; tt)" 4L oltts &t Coo I.outniitttt .llttttotr lur 1839; tirtoerildort slid oar tile h, E JOIINS & Cu), upelT or lttntl.o.otttot n),

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