Newspaper of True American, November 23, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 23, 1838 Page 1
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Price, 12; CENTS. NI -NW';A ORLEANS' FRIDAY AHIORNING, NOVEMBER 23 3, VOL.I-VI h8 14444.4x of tiw Nel4lW4 x l ''.'n1 .e ' O,'hrn.n tbo 1'roprietl·I'' ll h l I on III, 13 111 of \t n:·111 It, 111.37.II 1Iuo: Lcitlipr:) ll', .- l'l v II1 II I~ llll r ( for thrill' pa III aIi 1i.4 v141t, 4 .-I '" 'ai- omua1.1 in f. vin ra: t )1" i Iollars filln 0i, Ir.: n '.l4tly '.4414 y pn4, yny.i lh n s.etled.4 In 4nsr. tot' di 444nti4444444444, ony. 444'4'n otIerin4' en 41ri414 .1.444t 4441 inv.444,441ly given14, fr e4ion1 to tI4 expirnation oIf suIbscriptiion. A 44'4 4ris 'f.-¶4n4 ,lunalr per n' " fo44 the4 In ir'. a I.tn4'rtirn4, t.4ldI lf1I4',t 4.'i.e f4'r each 4444l44.'41n.'4t sue44: i: any Inltorial alteratioi~n (runt thu ori,4,iual Ildvcrtinrlllulnt g will h~o charged as a n tew oulr. 1¼.,44.r Alav44narlslw44.-3lle4TCl4Igt nd T4.4 .1 , forty doll44ns Ifi1ngiin, lonl.44, and si.tyvforl.4t1t n.~n it 114444144l lt, 1. O.111.'.', nnd ohe 441144n 44 44 444444lic 4stit14tio, fifty ,I.olnl in EI.nghlish only, and eigtyfornl b lolls In gm i1Sanld S.damiyn.nIb,4 Pik, tors, or n 4:ol 4444 4444n n '44444 4 sixty 41114 4 in m '..lglin I no, and eighty fV or Loth languages.l:* M414444n(19, 01,1 tn N0 4 IC44 5 d44rF.1, s ra - .1ng41 tha,4atenio4I44f44th44publi4 t In.41.n .4prop44irty, I crnno of Ipa.l. ngfn.n, Iwnncfits, &c. &c. 44ill he '1444.l on olrprnmr or thle host insertioi n is each t all. 4.aan 444 14'ATIn'', or 4ffanytisomnnten of t Iny persn alt In, n4, whorl4 .4 .4.4.nibln, nhlnll he chlanrged.1nub414, Rolllin Rmlra~nce. A .l..11 44n4of 4.nrnty'fin' (4' '4nt. 4ill 114 4414444 t4' t4 1 AuctIionee rs', 514145, IKngi,4n'.4 I tWi~ll, nnd MashallI It44 on m:les of real anate,)ulibdinbt InugrIi an 510 pnr cnnt. in ,~gIIjnhlln nn: ln4 pae cent. an alt· 's other p~rlpety. AnRK.uI',.nv.4T4414o4 of thn direct line onbhn4siness of the advertiser, ouch nI s logal, auc~tionl, andI phunta 1,I t on malesr, rllnlwnil lavesn, stray nnhmtln~l, &c. &c. wvill be chargdcl fo~r al, paILICtcl( , and at thoR ordnlmlry T(1ll'. Anvxnrt.'o'oat:N.PJ I not rrpciticd no to time, will hr,. bo'dinhlirg on111444 , a114. .n ln44.IY .nul41144144 in n 1ny1 '44 , 444.s .npaid I I pi..' ..44i 44n 1 444441, o ttal'li'ntg clll 'o doubh l h: Ilil:I sonsible in Y(·)liP(' htily or314 the Ills I son, to hr, ch'.1 $1004 for lngl, a In.e, Isn' $154 in 14444 I444gI444'4'rs ll 44444444.4444144 .4 .'n4.r . 'O fior 444 ll '4 i: ''4' 1 4 44 will hr, char ged doub~tca~le th Illicit of touter lllady rtilie UC ng In bn~:~1~ Il) Innn ''4r~,~ rI~il orHc 444j14i4 4444'. ~nli f4'1 ,4 . 44444444 nInl I I Swn< to Ihnr. inslI loss 4 IIInrd 444 1114111.4 prorpi lit i is i aho y bray, lu j 1 to the e .llrioe that Ile' (bll n onhatr trlrot ,nnl emd ot III, themsalven not to i I IFdr thl o pr n for uch Id~igledI J. ( N. Ill: 11.1 4ST, 344115 ,1 O ION, V.' III',n -I . K:A by l t l. I 4.44.444 4tl" 1p14 InI InST 1Ve41y, Putt44-.I V A, t Ih I'I· 115 to nl',dr 1¢q\ Nr nu bsr riptions are takru for Ir,,s thou ti mau( I·('tlln. II 'II', t IIIN lit p11 1 14.l~* lynn'll~l(l~r11-11 oi i.; ,,"in s oll ,orryjlb turn44y aI n.4n.,nnl 1 4.'rr I.4n bl4.4 I' ill 1n vol.I''I14 l'.,t'.n Poll led ,11INIII ~11'r talon, by the it illhur of "The ilr-is.l ke in a s1 . 44' l .in' I 'in... ll.n I...n. II4. n4l 4 4o1t.441 4)114 411' i r .....nI'. 444 1444n 1.44 ýoortiug .\I ý",,, it lu~l,,,g totia.," 1l'II! oiino pol crack L ml v . 1·I l ,vi 1+, l li : . 11· p1 4 I' n..' t NIItrr Inn11. ,1n4144444 :" '. nn..4llll~1n444144'414 t'''4n..11llil·; NIl ..t.' II.. 44.l ..'.. I.j ' 4il .n4 4'.'.' oe It. \41,14n, 4 n4I4 of Ow I tlll ' 1 b ider," 1e. I ) ;1 vols. t!,rlie; 111 ut( Illl Iilo! 444444ho '', 441 w nu,' e m II..'an tant ,l Alt, r~ ".1, I r r ,1 I1I l l, Slot.,, L. L. D. lI(ol, it I. - Ialell by Ib l, t, l'"] ,' 1 ;, ~- "rI ve, .\ddis1191 mad Stil r-, in!,o l s It o t,~," ti e':d Roil~, vl I.·l of ' IIIlul~p ; r II l 44444 r1 ' 1'ml 14nI. 'p 1o1r 1 It. h I, i",` noi' II.... I' 4444 41441 u1.1.44'. 444ll' (4. iIIt(,n `- - -N1:\V U.S C its tlm 1~ti~lll 1441 1 411 44444o the not po fair; ()b 14.4 411 11444 44.' ! t ,4 4444o 4 4, 14 l .r4' 44444 11411444' II l..4I.4llIIil~(~ll''I4I4''I44lll II 149444444444411444444441~il Ito, y; 11 ý",,,, , II Ilnl 1 1; I''lt t m :ofh/r o - 4l1ve 4.44(11 .44 I:, 444' I'e1.4 0 Ve ;n i lln44 t 1 n4 444' 114114414l) T'V It~ '414414 '4''''1''( 1i~lli(' 44 4444f IIk,", ,) 1 nl'~ ' thin) t 1n . l 444m 1I1 444 '444'4.4 InN'I IIio I shot I444l4.4 44' I.'4, IWl 144444,4I no li' t .41 iVI. e I o ShallB""E 44 ~ ' 44.4. 44' 441 1n41 114 e 04414e1s r '4444 fl44'.4,.'4~fll 1.ln'.I..n4 441 1 m ;144 1 i " , v : l4T. l rn41lt fth" At woi hen In l 4. t a I ,( ,nn by 44' stil r vit 'rrt '"r I., /shr, v, ,"d lv II morn; B eat arr , ;"(fi !'l. '! ;r o 'II' l o; : , Culin i b, 11I a t v", f I NULL...n4 ' 4r sal Itl'1 : " I:m '144444.n 114'i L14414444. 4..oo n444.4.4.444t4444 , ,r fl'n ri e wo I.. '~ The .1.' n l44'4''4I'4l n.. 441 444444.4444444 to .14444414411444414ntior uf cent Inpmo'.444i4'4 th "4,'e .44ly.1 444'4fn44l1' I444 44I44 4444u-c' .al", l '44'44l'sneo naidwihakyk4444 144444.444a4. t KtPalte INI]fe e444441 44445404444414. e, t taernsm oit GiREl-NHitRiIIt COiN'I'Y, VIILGINIA. aid, i vrte wter Let i the m nt lint ' soY | ~Vi rgi t': 'liles\wt w~Yd~i c r and Sflriomn the W h li l l trt till e ope i de ea m fte ci rthee I l cha protl i ,t t it - i-i ' a. Ii t" , nav o l e inns n a r In. A npacimt1 boll ee Cont au1 1 t ""oter orf interN-bwl ledI roam h ntve Il,· sly aiddIt t lt n wltvd ih . a i enlinc r tc itin r' th ni - It ithe iattf ' Ji , iir tt +i iti , i oi '. t en Ictu ore elnte n t- h' t1 ntcrPerl ill the i.ill. tII t n i tip IC r I II 1I' is- i II(tIt vci ths rvd, y d ll I ` p t filitI tt o 1 ntheeeicccu 'r" ii- mccvii w with ner r ers to it . S "ht e ai t.y i lli i t c ilc lt iti lltly t, rth pri.t + mrtll a I Oa b n lle.- n ill R lifidi hh"i ini t litirle, ll t i l c+t+c ll- I ar' ext "o mbo..tlio , "l 3 cii ti ., t m llchI i ll fi t l A a l it c ficcit iih clu ci cl', itld el , II I t~ . 'illelll orO l tii S I 'ljli!.llll ll ! $ I I it ethes Nuetimta cc igii- cttc t, lc -t'ii a ilt i,-itt oo h it jeia ; 4. N e ve bee Git1et cl ote i llll u I a hrtita s cllOrg. \Vi'it.r Ci i I' retall tiesejy c lit Ic lia r th clytgs ic l be- ' n ilttin and i' t-c iieH t? i -t Mf tjr rW llt i: I Vats; wi ·.ll lih{I,+ tan clpllel'ilh.1( Iturm oice e i th sprin; ~l,. t:¥'*'+.l t'. r. I .'} l l ll r h 1 1 I hl pur ll, (l tl Il ip " fe ai it I the i I'cpi i ct-ti 'h ill h~ r(, t .t t:l;, t. I or the IItueSnlpt~h ' cr iih''r clt sh ir iii thc pc btiit pit- Ih ri s ly au-ui d ln C IcIIIcIt illl c Vpritalti 'citI Tater. Ni, '' I i i t t.i 'i I' .f l Sii t 1 'aI thiii c roi t \i . - ict n lhtnk "s ' e ctrict- ', , .I c i i, t, i ciiitiiir, ac FUtt I, dhcltaci ", iu i iii ccit iu i.f iiit'll tl ., (lre ,, . o t. a ci .,.t. ... . . , , - per ic, -cici c, , r -i r , ieve ic t , I ' r i i iit II c li Il Na iler i i t cc i .rl i 'tiiiic. inc cite ihectit-ai. ict-iit tot, t i',,c'tmt'a of tcc k"tet . i c II retlittiIt iN o - itita "-h t"' tali c Il i r"i i lii" lii)y IcI-i it olul rti tporimn-ll + it It ,iit I ice til l \illllillttl m s. Tti IltS t ' , " hlu stm 1 Ifr i tl lraw ·ui.i tt lld ii lllt' Trite Five. -il'r.-lof Art bi ;tle ,nJ e" Iftu y tx )lly a xplmuiuý thet , l e llt l, fi r t"ii k re'l "+ r ll tl h'irl. ,d £=ollt s, I" rd nin is. ,_. t lt. l'in+ f lll m L S tl, clt ittl. I1IrI finding the t ,'fin titer o sl r ta ce F - gcc' .' i eltt ; forstrk ingth fit V' \ .lt", .e r lrnl ' r*,tiical: \\ ith '. ni d l+ ", it l r n Je, , tlhe irt,.+l, their p mo li ,o I."!tP l ea '+,t1 l 11119 iL-i 1. , with , p l i r. hl Peter Ni:Ihc t- ,, :t'rl.tio t,, 't T i ttlo llk , ". 1 of tar 'Ill'?H CnmI -lauio ; i ' ý \.,? ,eotrtr's Now Goi ,' ," tltllut cttr'sI Jlt to l1," soil :lml rliln ; rt of Ilt, I'oite'+ h att--hv .1. ''l'tbI Sill, taic r' ; s .\ t llt al], r I th l.0 a t o" raillll· F. . Np ",r t, 1 . l ,; \'V t w d I :it'h ,, ,; ,Il ' mt e- .2 4i New l,,,v, - i. tirouwer , ce. aAY ljust e 'ivedatlthoir f' 'noishiogW\aru."-ho t, _ No.. 1 (atoll vreeth)y recenhl t :a11 lis 'fros Lt i,, aIn L the Nor'th, large atohhtios to tll iro stok of vil it :t0t0 10nd0 a0 tIAh lh/ooosoh /i.'eptolo ar'ticles, wh.tiell .u h loctivo'ly (they believe) l'rlI all ssort loent more genel- to II a und c)lnl lete than is to he lfunt) in ally similar estab- i otl.otlnt knolllow;lconsi tho ootR l SII,VI':It WARE. In Collfe unl tea sets; 1oitchelrs, waitet', andtors, candle- l th sticks, eupo, tumhol:lrs and goblets; table and desert forks;' Lah.le, desert ld tl n spoolns; inlrrow and gtnl 'y, om ra- ) goat pooO's; sui:gar tonogs; 0".0u0, 5sal c 0Atl( siinpg ladles; al oltter, fri'it, 10it1d0ing ail fish koloves' polkle altn desert "A knivre and forks, .kins ri principatly rom the matll:moo ory of Mfr IB. G-,lordioer, of New York, n whose lo,ng established, reputaltio for the mlanufature so, of silver wae. is suflicient guaooraoitee of its superior f, duality. I'LA'TF, D 'ARI (IOF I{EFIOFIEILD AND Blll- ft SMIN(GHAM. Tea and co!'fr urn, ten setts; castoes, liquor and car- tII dial staols; osuperb cOndlehllro, lnod Epeorgoes w'ith mir- 0l ror plateulx, for cenllt of tile dinner ori .spper table; we wallte'. rlound lo d oblolgll, from 5i to 11 inuerls; sheel. " steak and vegetakh:c dishles; rich dih( coverrs; cake and fah .bread hlaskets; ldecanter stanl s; :tIlh l lll and ham erlll l h l eadloesticks; wine stllll:ers; coolers and vlllp( ls; deo-lll l leto label, clatret corks, tea strailels, table bells, tot, t.- ""e loe, egRg anl muatalrd sploolns; egg hollers and stisll tlrs tstc ER ON Ss, R TEE WARE. StIo Foll O 't'oror I, l VAot, . kolo Table an+l desert kmnves, lorks and spoonsll; snalp and n sauce ladllles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as- as poi'aagll tolgo, vegetable o llko, ttko. .I AkI'NNEI1N , Fine Gioloic Sandlwich lindi round lorllo( woaitrl.,lI s I, osetls ol hiogle, to'rn 8 to 31 ihclhcs; dio of poapi;r nutchel f I bred, cheh - , aud kllnife l s; l g I: ur. lll'ih'lt pll t' W:llmllllor' l spice, o.arlg ol cd raslh hoxeo; lpreIs lgo east;osoIf India tet: labhes illnll0E55, Caddies Jnlauieu and of rlch ih!i tolrtoise sheoll, etc. . .4 111 IAT IS. I Ali exteno ive assortnlll't, alnllag W0i0e re Astral I In Illlqps, all bronzed and gillt, llll of ricth et glass; mantle(f to lamps do, tan, eich ;lsanl antd with "ilss prisms ; veer 'l isplt oll i clte gl ls o(1; bronzeo d ulo o apa ed side r nl brakhl 1oos.Il CIfANI)fIIIIIER AND II.\N;I( lAMPS. 'onglish anld lrt mll:o l cu' t glass cluohdell iers or I lst'es of I", 3, Il, 1 5, I i, O2 and )il1 lights; French bronze'd and giltfh (;Gr cian lamps, 3, l an:d 8 lights;: hall lalmps anald hi- f tlllls, rich bronze Iboat or Celtre lam)ps f)r drawilng 110 rooms, from to l6 liglt, o ll shades, glasse..s...d ti MIAN'TI.l CLOCIKS, O ANIILElIIIAS AND f VASES. Ifo .rootzed il motl.. '; bIo'ooto..l ad gilt, .l all gitll,t ki withl ixtlllls, etle; oettlllig ho e andl kilehlo l clocks; io onlo'l 'oztoo ink oolost ls, og, r do; opaper weighl(, therlome-l , elr, card raceks, candlesticks ,etL . nit CHINA WAINV AO1 PO.lI'RCELAIN., ltoglish atld French dinilng d rti' , tea tlud odllee or-|0 ice, o plainl white, gold 'edl(ge, antod vrl y rich facy no stlo'I s; splhuo tid lonih't seits; wah.r and mi k ilk, ilof Imantle vases; funcs craks usnlbi'f t jIllsket. l SA lt'l'IF:\ \VAIll. I\ Ilining, des.,'r, tea, co tlbw,, braokfst tadt Sipper o i s; o l,. a to.lP t ware; pitcl ers. Also, (;altoII china dlilnner setts ,IUi ILAf;S. l)canters, pitrhers; clr:lreI and olr ed hock deo anl rtiIos;o howls,1 dishl'es, cItlr.l' V ns,, i:Illt sttmids u slaI r boL I wls', Iu ,I(tte tubs, lini gor t isons, ou.r blrs, wt iro , esain0 ig0e, Ju Illclret, corials, hel ooolole II id jl h glloasses; inie coloredill Io boki glases. A t h i s oha e. '1'.011 1i ;Ul'ol'oll \'. l-i' Ifil ' i;vo N h 0ia we l 0Ihll s, ft s Ni llp ad llu b rk hand : t k0 i00 s n ]'I 'ksof t I " o' 3 pihc's, ort by oe oz , i i0()l Ihuitltt, ktiv'+ 101) tior is r iorks; g00 ' nl :uti . .kl le curv.r, . I li(, s' 'u b. ,.., o. tcr , 'kn+iw s, 'ah :kol a hr ht 5,ls 55'5 5l 510,i llyI; s oin 1! ai tl tradhts; veosot , lIIl+1 i s t ' s iwu tlt, ' lsl' . !"1') : oi'llrj1 lll" lhl . ,s .t li: H Iss ,' etPlei-s ll .oh hI',.t'1 li· c ,. t, " r1;..', Ia 9 luti],:s oln 0hI lIn s, h with l I " t 't io, .'. I \ .\ II \1111 Sll l1I. i t ,soit, I o lt I ''0'.tOI; rol, llroo l,. l 11. ,!J d )ll ill too' cs- ph h..s; h1'.,050 i 5 5 h1 l1 J' hrri l i it 000l00 li h 0 t0l 000l00 o olll d brliitlth I ti Iru.v. ; h(I" :p 4 hllj anl h ilot Ion :rhi cis; uslublhil Il s l I tll',. 7r lltllli' I'lll' lllt 11 illLoo o I olo .looo )th, acne(, t tiotooooio o wil~sing plates t ITC'l H'Ii'\ I".u ltNITtILi ;-- onlsisls tinogofirtn,, it,'r orl,« , r *.per 1 ald woo, .,'' I),taing a c,:lection n; I llI Io i, i0ll l r l edl., edforcullillt, iiIn poses, 5555 ' ot 'i it'Ifilnallliso' l ci)'ii'OI .I IIrtch, oto. ,llhi I II i. h e k o 0el s !ca Ihs. , il.,in i t llt.olr s hlll l oinLt. ofe e t bl' ,i!'Sti`'r, l 5 h!lardL wire re a.rl "i.II rel)Lli'.hela I . nw. Lamps iepairwed aLnt rebrouzTed dec 3l S I IIto l't I0 I I0 IV I I Fl I: s.I \':,"+. 1))'. 1 ' 1. I'I., '('7 ' . !'/'(11I'( .'1."5 ia5( lit I oo. I olooo1 h t' . i i o\itI ro' io o.ioo:l. .. . i : ! ' i ' .0 l ,' h 'i 0, i.';'.1 , Vi'.' ," W, 11 1 " 1 )1 b s-It.0 1., I 0I For It Ii,)it ii ' of0 , /oo,, o,,1 ,' For o 00• ho, t. oL0. a 0 oirI II,,r m~w, 1 r5" 7'111) !11 h, FI I d o l s as noI .or K sows ion l t, Iron do. ofl ,.''I sa 0-s dniS' . O, 11) saw, in a \t i alo at !.50 llper saw l, no tGt 05x d i 0IN 1t I IN S. I ' For snl o r ,n sm wsisih leo des, kW. at r6 per ,ii l .t ii I ) I iiio.ioo fiti o I l0 - sidyered h· will perr out a, oI tee euls of l i , rsl i'h, ofin 00f 0 s s e rt o he. to1 i I .1 ild. oa "41e th e amlos t w ltlh l dcrs, i'e. A lf Idjofotrhd.oo'tor ol lo) Oh. t 0ters. iso IIlta0 se ins c:p t lso be oril $e190 if d i Is ith ialel h le ' twheh prsl il' te ll t'iv rdeag lts t ils),nll tl I frt.. esao i the saeomllnT Nfew l ith hch oihlt re-al I o r 1htibnl n f torosl o o th e m o i.ll.hOs A ( l nl i i 'i h w T wills h ''I " 'tio ' ot tho . ee o e iowol l te ll't a(l i' ollo tstlie et r1lei's till b h etra hllo i- (OlooooloOioolIOhem 0o o00'iotl Oodere lootoobooetpll Snlo II i -s oi 0e0r 0 l oeoo'\, ill it chea titen S' lll liot o I s r te, Sh o l o eool ' gl, io r llto llo l to Ioto otone lans o le it slf dollo0.t woroth olrits lalo -ll ( ici i ilt. il rd d' 0 Io oli igo t alt for, olln o li Y.' \01lO il hlceoln e - o 0r.0 iII a o I ltheniuo atlfI t he ish s ile nt looll s io i Soit 00 il .ofh nti on 0 lh0 sel-t0 ot i a lt o te 00 0 wle tihere dot Ii o,.li l(d O o'ilo tl ooo!(+oi.toist'too \tio ot o1il l oeoto beto- to ' ito I " o t i i\.,, .wo tariA 0 01 t llhtoo' of owiek , ol t lh oione \. 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WNVIP EDITION., OF 7T11 CIVIL CODi OF h LOI.SIA: 1. .ir Ilt .+ been fit st nom tim e m ade kn wn to , the pttl hc t I that ti . sbtttitel' r are" engltged in prt parint fort is th pre.:ssa new elition of the L.isio tttna Civdl Code.- ti, Thley wo",. Irll the lirt, awarst ,I tlhe great diliiculty I lh anni respns~i,iins attenling l the publicationoIlit wori , 11 it ws n1ot wIthol .rtgrat rrsitation flhnt thero r n- it +veitud Io the unhrld taki lln . II1 the present edliion, i+:,1 monll)ltill to, hlt three thousanTd copies, .lid which Mil cost the Stat more tihan thirty thoumanld dhllar, C wi.: etirely li t af' 'rint. For lore thititwi items lILt" , th,"m' ut ITll]iP e of Ilhe work h st bICell frOll thirty L' to fifty s, ltarfi.t it is a system of written rules wallh so immedinatelv y Sptr, t. upon every inhvluhntl of Ti .tuit, interestted| gither in t iituinre o r ci tit eret .' nd whi,'h g<o ers lp the disposition of so ,itch property clninl to its frlon:t lthir I lllilte , that- i l.kle a llas. It I v thl r tr ltis on llll r law-- il is n tllll the tl: t-l llbook ill l ountl olfI hl) r t i rlthrl allllm ILII l ' t l,llleln, s it is of thle lritste gtntl e The lawyers o I', dj. ini,,g stts, and in tr.t o¢ 1l ihe iiR+tII,.s O : tpn thi ()jli ad i l is isi ipp i rivers t t 'hwh' tid al mar l FliIr" their pl odn e in l ouisi:lnn, l'lin e a ftr ni t nIs, iy of ,I ref'ienre to h, node, .ianl mi ke it all rlillt of" ,ew ()r l t (tr ilto i lth ok is its rll e tllr o |r Il nd in lth': lltin' nlt's cUtlltinlg roomiy, us Iupol ,ihe desk Iof the lale, i' th le thh.l f thIe Tltn y. It is ll I ri·il ly disp e,! ilo, a llhhueh a mere reprinit of it vttt lla ll . eiT rll llle l i ( il l Isup lyl th ubllic I nelll Ilt, et it I wo h b,' i ip ,it [tlad ni. tisti-r"ti.ry tl s toi ;tlltl ed are fIoII1 I r ml w ' tilt lltlnllell 9 w sTlll i ll t it" t it l b, et la , In Ide y tihe l , isihi l' talll the il portlnt dtel '.t ol s lr Wall r -t ri t ll:ltrtl ltllll4 ,s hinh hate hllln giv.. po ;ll lllly o its titie' s by ty pii l i i.i el [ .mien. T'he BIlhishers have s Hlredfollt r thie genleral super intllir ulte aI nd edtll tni de atrIlllnent of the. work, thll t ]pro (iesslm sln*l Vulc r of \~,~|l o 1 .t " S pto l, Esq. tt 1 inll:rd, .I d-r lHerl m ides, anl Ilan (Gcreo r El srion ht;-, ea;h 1It ll n -.ii-l d +Ir U lpt with itsl valu ,bl notes whi ' " u il t' it v o llli lllrte in Iie i e ) . tl irl sT <l h l i ,+, a~ I iH:'ii-,'+';; ti t 'lI. N I1 J A l '((111 ,. Illtr pN..t ineril ,at ir a ll t.i , - IIIwitt i 1 m- toed in ll r' wolrrk+, (Ci . tI" ) . ll ll l , i ,lultl 11 [+ l"ii, l liii cop . o h e, ,illd .d hi itv hIe t l re, t r ilod b l in o ' Itel l pl io wor ill he all that ilhustrv l and hbu. r, u si l d hy ,l uti ' , t thi. p'rsh t c mi dt solicilint ' en. l suh .rihbers toi the olr., tl, publisi r, Inkl p l ,i itlh f llt that thlle Legislaulrr oll |llloll i lolht:ts : l (Io; el·I lhe ( ,ov rn r to o rrd , " O lh d ,its. It ii dt," fitnre lse of ltlt S tte. The tr,.lk n . t Ib hi k tlipsl t p lllllrin \¢l 1wtt ~ b th As :ihl , i r i il( l their Jitt s tn h of tie rlto- of i t. wi n k;a d,,l t v th.,ebs sctr '.i t p tl tt ) ltlo, iaptl n tll e altk t ,h ,r on ' th ll ib.,t l n tv. ditors I i'h i s h d is ,I hi ,lid, , so r1 . T'he wo k wo l b ,rir ll, " In ,-u,,h nul ' lst h, p( lkel oraL r o.d(I . d .r.l a,, sll e lhll \l<tli O Iles ' X1 ,Xv II ofl o its I .r -pll, wi t v it ; ,r t rll i lllD.,l ... lle l i t w ill pr,,I, lI ,i uh, , I, 1 i, dtl,-; v i~l Thl t nld ,lt I Scpt l. ,r Ix1 ; II.'a III , rb, prcel s ,11 'i, to cal",". i:,r r 1 tcribinr. T11 s' tseription lists ,oo clone .d, thst story prie t'. ill l sllt, twc t. ('dOiT.E p r Colt. all Ii " I' Jri t iN: ,,, CO). l'h -lis ' ,r.. t'lotv N I+Vv' 3 'lli; ) C - ' i Il?111 1 sh ipYs ii this ti;ne, wdl 0il h'.! Now RKAtnnsand New Yolk oni every otAer i.Ilona i- ,c m,,I n , ,ne . , tar i rho21th llovr i.r,'and to hnure thelh s hip) Y'ozno (lpttill Trask to lear". ,n the `ttlth nos. Ship ahio r tl ul il , at in ['.hlle5', to leave 1n theill hh IC hil jhldil. Cpta lhlringer to learve on theet 18111,d -t , 1. 00 • ;'I Ulilt , 'r: ll."!,; ...... \Yoodhous i to ,n , -poet , tud eo ", tii , , ll 'l T" I ri s / jlrltq nf , I)llL[sti lilbhll h trut a of lig.t thlIt,,,, otit WlT.'r, Ibrine blll mp be r pt "n e ts , ortn Cllllr ti. ;t we:II hTsellt je f 9.. Corne.r Camp &,<.,lI u,I streets. '1Si'i"y VOL. a MANS3ON 1ht I ! NI \ l I III, P s lnr".t lIA ·I·:?.illl 5' 1 i. 11.1·l n I t l tn ll:r: Ill r"1 Iv7Fr vlil f lit t T NI ttr e d, thi ill .i -iII [? i:1II · ssVP isbI) I~-i (.ill li I; irlu lit 1 II), i~llllii' Lii ~ il I l~ ~ \1111 Ilil lllII '1'. I; ·ný 1555 l 1, 111," l ll 1)I1"·'lu, is ill t C .I() t LL( r i' a +i:.l~- i t itch:~~ ~ ~ byteI' I l ' i~l Nttt lli · ii . II to-III· i ,. nrv,'sus l llll 1) i1 !r (555111 to ,rll~ Ila lli ,,r r".n v rlil l, of I ill llrI Iiii:'rsr Ill -.'tl/v . Nvt, and I.ll nili X um uuu, l5,.u- uthiu_ It, a-.', +vi 1 i5m: mmt il, l 1 ss :o i5, Is ill, ws. llll hr Is n ss u lr , lat nl h.... .. .1 1]1111ah\1 . ii,. iii.r s li, iiuh illm .i I l i r aI i t 1/1 11 ir1 -, 1 Elm. liii5 I 5 + liii ,i ll, 1.t 11 u i ll Uur l lii· / li'*m5l, <," v5-.ts'r . ll li.n e nu l ulhvr 5555 '. him, tii I tx l"'lr:tsi "ss., L·unlr rill .Inrrlsll ll :,=rh tll ·hvl n ll , iiiml Inu .in i ilu+ II55 to i imi imi rl·) +s smI' ii mm ·co . (;,,, spurt .I i t,,, I ir 1 ;11111, ·21'h1* a 1Illý i ll hsl \ls is Ill Im1mmim llii --lii iii\ mi nm1'111·l.i(-I'· I i~l-~i mmmi' u" 4 theN Ii,-i hil, r alIl U isI', m w larm iii- udl. s , u 5,5555 5hic. .I II. ( abut!ll ;I : 5 h il·Il l·r all l 1·1 1 r.- 11;(iu ~ .11u1 I llll.(. is 111 ro 11r1.s - ir l ,. its 555 l.I iiumlihlll .ii 'II hu t (' liii , N11 ih I ~illlrin (Ij·iiiui ii''l w i imLI I ii l5,+' fi i,"i, "+ .nits, I, hImimi mm 1\ I 'i m1: iii. I, l; l~ I"I. 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I 1> I nu" 7u i Itii 1l SI. ofAhit of 1) 88 I am niino dete (tooot. 7'11:P S'TATFE OP IUISI.\NA, To allo hl Jio-fut.e oo,',it, buh:lg go' iueriiollo:olWomR he Sln-ilfof ti lles In lrensh al I c I,: al mite" i p+, o.i't vle lu o tIl o.t I dl d iorll, IIPh,83li ll I t l ropk ol rtlherc ih wStal, c ol ll· , adlcl) o| LU o f VeIi t ie oi ),id ici | hist i in elis nth rief~kee of r ob ,ment odoaahe our :si)" of Atil A. I). iS, foro adIoiliOll or advietbre ilt i d <l Iull",ii) 0 ll o 0t0 Of th, oitIt. t+e of thipk ol, i oo i.ierll dhl Ar.l otli foe r th-le Inor(t ar aIl 'IiiLofIIO tiulbo jo1 i.oftitcI. ot Uoliit isI adi" apfOIpp'* NOV, lot'P hloot ye, al4 til liez ceeth h i, nriph, o"e poicop itdd a.ohihe d i itde t K.o tlie .tiol. or Iool I oioi,oo aiofiiiL Flhat Jhil tUii itrid crtli p w cor.·ot Ipelo., roh, title ijiri clgim it tndeta Itilo. .or) hllplollp erl le.rlolt aleodi o olrs flluen etU( Pit whisallthe.intingsandimprov16"enan tstherOnUgh ! swnl, i ngil.lilii tiu llar ,timbo..l' Ann ( ci. itlilt'ion+ o vet hist° tIIPI\~ii;. J (wnl llel afle lltl. O ul. , f l i ay tl'" ll'tl+,.l s'i(J01 Iiih oif dr tisetnch Ut th uill· f·l sau i.' thi on til il oly fro t)l oi oda .ytai s 'loo l Ill Ollio looirli Ill, i,,l l IIiofii l Og TI' i i mf l ii' I rua c til' ith y tlotdh y tlic t alh tn t' pisl :Idlli e il Ihlr hlobh ui!" N iMIorlaI A. n I) i ra nit e iih. tll" .4lie illt itis ior oillll tll. il tfilie a.0tk an ~la ' a l. said M ¶.i ll p1 opSi t p-arit lelIilto lni il l)ii ru Iflllils(j ' i es l a, t, I No iIQ of t ilokL t t flll twh h , a nleb ol .sis~ 1)ede' Ip:ueerS araS lh li tIi itrii iio price of It ni -fito iuea o licliliiiion of i.opi)oily p os girt , hll tthe Idlio &lolfo rei ofaeie, iii lftro hez: Acertlliw pieccl i~f 1"'1"'`' lel'y I':'mlc o+ Frl.Olhd t elic lt[ .a· l f our cigth s I , a111ni ll· lolnit ollN s t h eell aon, in( ii$,.. iioiitilieoaiit iiop~ili~iil Oii iii, floro,, t'if.iftta I 0 t , Indi. itirr J. o iloll iiigi olurvl l ll e il nlaho eila i'1se , i hf - 18 1· an' ill all tlih Illl' ll bill re ill ldou ris ' Si l :. ti ii i ii hi it m in e ol, ii i f theg (gliol-I hi lci i)lo ntull f ii oii t fioi i oji illb hlaglolit sn I iti- rlie i i fll, i hiii, iin , i, oloelll oll eoi iial ( ld .e e .11111 (I. IH il id <-I'll,( +.l il'1,111(9I l II'l h,'·( . ,I~ili lr [,: ·lutll M il sulm , i a'rl,,l' un ot th'eolll k l Odk , grate, scrbl N isl oomfitiis onP hd.l I'('t't hh llllit:: l ge ro i loo iet, a no o toeidn + 11i~·1~ll#-iit ' 1,11ii0 iioh. f It ill itilf. i roaEi dh hdmi. istee~i withl pe.] iiirio. u ' iy a th l flioer obresa * ,I li .iot iao .lith ooi i .hi .IToiei in,, t No iineoltoo.* oinuiopol ihsiaJls Pend City'l modiool istir u,1o vnvnaec io oii sotnoha isst-d itfoiou rpto iaTs tit li)cl , usalpr a tep [ratils s e. liThei b 'rivti ons wlll be ! aLiih,h Nl tit ohi o'id + ito (,1", ,Joihtl 032.' ~rle++ 0i:0'l10 to ledire htlo lAtllre fi Jl.lo I Tor , olhfmi S+,#lc, ·It ml lo li.dic.e Ui o10 ilulle llP t.I, . twll t! (Wr l t hI·Ii ilic t£ ll lt| H II 'llll. +ilk'|lk8 i,'ll"I illlrh litI i lll b luldwyl lille ol iooid d)lh' , lllOl'* [p Iall'l Io tii. lllllt roltd hllfl '11 fI Lice StieC fI Il, ifly 6il h'litUr inbhel :tl(I I+otlll~eillths Ol'lllllillCh1I 01". ll O1 -II(8CII .LIIUl ' Sftel a'.lll illg (It phly 1i. Ptiloii' iilyo SiVeiooo, iiible o&l JS. vllt, |8:j'L ltllltlt'al (] r Ilo 11 iit pho ,¢d iillle LouiO T aloi Notilu . Piubli , oniihi e 'FiIlh J Ho iljlp i'YL* CIIl+,l Htiot'l·Sld.~lhi liihh A111 il I lilt. .L I"".lilla --A I:(··I:II1(6ll i · 1l. :ll1 1,('s t-l|'l'f~ etlllll +,elil I ldo -i r tliooitc l'tio Iii. lllt iiiitll (i" llll'PhIR % ilrditf, urt~ll·ictl'U \Vltt' |'lil,. 1I Ihl' bLlcllir S""'I,,:lr senlmltlr j :, |.l'+.r,v~ .ril'cllllL ) 1: 11i 1 1111)( k lllc, l(· .PI$)| illro+,lbll~ti .I~ii ti~l,%+.-,. I h h l u it ili illlt li ii l o0Ii i.1. io It, iw ll llll·'ilI Itie tafl. it.( )I ' 0 it,1iii hii l.iai Iliii tii iluit> l i~i th.IIioofiotlli ,turs rIe F [bou) t i(u rou I f·di. iio iii t iiit i i g. -lliii ijlnlilltllt il Ih lll. -it :l I tugcult, in I~uiln le, Iu'iho lllo i itouo it well e lottoa j l"..'l~lctii l s~llll i tl, 1 IIsH( ·)II .\ ,lM t jlh l Hstf!,ha. · ·1·t tl+, ,)1 lt. l~lll Irl~inl ttlin 'u, s r( ll~l~~h 1a,1+lii. I 'lst m leh i 11l~l'lul· d ill IJtl 'llln ii.( 19 lll.:, $I.,i(UI t' 1 iill, i ll ml~lt 'e~b I llicl.tiih hi i ti llloOO ill tht b! .lI n1 .\ sitogo o le fTieeea / ·li ml (Il' tl.u (asrandl,' 11.i 11.11:. lv s :11 " qe·Hi r rl[b l 0 . :. e i i (,rlsilig |h at the' l l + ll toil,elitioi iL+. t rlhl th rirtesihtn( tuiii,is oiiioitute as f~~ltheY~ u,I'l',, HL.,)r.· IICL~LUt, ·lrlluu. 11 .+'htnihl lrll111I~IY i~lj.t( thlo isl l~ lllth' lr <"tI ~,l;slt. rl',t +.<.:t.llrs cIlri. ;'lail~lulim l il,.,i~ l~l:+l IrPiisl ii hlitit h trutldi, f tttll t i.atalltio lt ha Ihl o Il Lil iilioiiItii, O|tiv li-icloo i l .i s ateaci ii i1,.il l hy "l a i ill i. l~l~ iuo il iiii 1 holl Alliit ioltip al ti ~;l)+lssl ~hl.ithiie t rhie t io lll t iiitli btet it ltlili, i llulrPii .ilohpd i l e'ii , ioiiltisj hl ffioe i Z-ltoetfla i'tt. It iooit hi'lltlll Ioi t ll' A r ly nli VL'llt'l'.lt ~ieg :l'. ~ lll , rl~ul lto. iae.llll~i llto1 "I'ESTI'I.%ION IA.S. IFrom 4 1 RhoIooo, tll, | I Si SI l yeon to thel S Tho(lli, s Flspital , :ro d JO Ct: mto ra ot A rtoot o. he t itl which 1 I have n tolet of o uro. pr'oparaltloe in a 'it ty ofcl ltes, t1hr ' a llt u. l funlt ole, oin illts e'lu e h tell tiioti ed so hightly t hout o llho , thus 1 t I nI t heitlate ini p1 ning(: it olr of the 1 llable ooiLl efl. 1icac lio .ll ..( li- o, le rall to the Hublic, tati one i l which, Itll ,i ct I c.l eaul',lreu eIveryl rl'ilotllce, wlhilstO it FOo to( 11 IIlln}" :rol, I I C S, iP'hysit)' to the St \t 1o u'. Itio s ll o I toell gooot i o eil ol ,u iln a,!I'it g in Iol stinIony to the tllatr: 1, " ; i.l.l: , S. , ltliii-ll tyllu 1 ion, the sr:,l",t y1e lo h1i , (l oft t , ,,III " ie lu uulli| rem1ard Ifor lhe I:Ir d exo'te i relttll' in brigilrg it to t srb Cou - to ol \ tC ,Cotl'o, F It S, Surgeont to Gty's lies 'i hle a.nimlf trn tct ots t hi th hus a'teoded the lthninis.. iring your lllcir ong lllllll pa111% )tittnts l lllirted with thlu aloe diso :,oss, to s ttully saotishel me thiat it Ihas only to L to ktowo to lt truly o upprc.lntd. oay the ti cll. ee tIlle so Ill d rs l, tly atod s itit . ly rlany you for Hoot tt blA C oplri I S P RCS, -e.N.k. laving tllllen ido ttti tot try )ol Elxttlo t in several ae:t s of ,iolenlt (unn htlln, which htdo hith1, rlt o nIrtoled tiil'e' a d CpanH t frllhoTool' ty oto, lll toe | l ooy, 1 tie bobh public laid prtlivale recottnstehtl lill useli on liot (1 Ai l tair, t D, Phytsi ,isn to Guy's Ho oThe tct teot which I have given otur meoo icine n g my I atit.,1 lllll l its hi urL'il ble succesllll th0. l 1 -, wil l ru ntc l to e'tre ire inl ts t. w, Hl { ll tul lltem itl tul are al of joU.lice cumtl of l r o to l II, lyfebmle testi oi oni l inco iillil ll. t of to llo t t o tlilU iS PRos . C Thmtlson, tT I) F I . 1. IretIurn yon( 1 s'1 il otor k tha oitks fr tl t v, lutll e prl' • 0 iii 0l l r "I ltrlut Ioi, the of o t olnotrt hloe , koI. I h 1 el rtli that You h: to l last br lloi ght n a lll tlicinau i 1t to it ie otoo tote olll s l lltll ul holo g 'o gh111t I ie hiish .. to th! oorhol tl oi o o.h htt t uo lities o Ito our nb. : u111 '11- ' f l 1tl ll1l . '111001 it ,g .e t' t I ll h 'l Oth ca m liti. / \'l:'V "'I il t' I tllll *It ll till, 000l ' h t't i .III & ,i t, n( r t' : . t hicl it h 1 bkee lor ol w d, , ill lprot its j (s shove all olhlre' i, it> o it, p t h. h e or- 1.-- , it. H ls- th III+I ro IIv vh1"h It ,1:,} ro toolt , blo r g both fax, ;III w oidd inod thiis t ha.ilt h.g ltr . feel, to bl tto tetoeve St ttto t I0e0torlr'u, e 001, . ,tt o l ossessiog the aot i T~ XII( IIIL, ll t lllill. l -.i II Te n 1 ,,, l ll l xll . IIlII llI l tnry 01l,1, 0hliti.t'l st .g-s of the liease, w11hoult tiny o, t chuglco o' nto l ied and :nuphl .i rt~itolls. e 1-r nll by Sit ' h i.Sk CO. ,m 1" I ,Iin h',,l 40 (,',mal strlet. At "t - ' o toot SIlo. 15 thdt Jolt te iotl OtI h r l ht ll a.nd ('Ili, inlllt cored, landlti g hour stea M tr Il0oek wtov, blill ttl .ltt tI @'I'tPrSON & AVERY S I 01 it aro / hO . I. A ) INt LIl l it o: . . lil el, edited by I t 111 1I t . 1 oi li 1o lltl 11N NA Illllllllttoo , .i 1 IIi{ Y it A :TI' " l' or, A.S.ntuts in theln r tih I, .11\Il '(s.! I+II I Y1 OF1 AM.11 " ICAN IIIO(RItA , ii ot t \llli, t t .\ ll11 E S1'K 1 E.1'1 and Tihoughtsi S n t'o .l, ,, \.. c t. '.h ' A, loittt.esfN t'tIttCHOLAtSNICKLE tO t tirot oo o o t ' l Bl Y 'l. l It Z, Nj.4i & 5. s"\\%'\1I tIHOH K AN, N o 0000 _ l cutr ('t.t ote l t uoiii osix . -"I e " \i, "-' toot" vt i ' I oo o Vto Aoooipo oettr ,r I , bro ,,,, .rllhotr te 000h:e0 t o11, fo iti l'ottpttto olt , "r I,~n -Ji , Ill',r .: li] , t, " elertt t to NI o it r ttIntoue, O illi t er i: o ' o t too deot !al' I WIn I i ". - dr +" lt m ...b"etorl t t tt N t1e (oiolein , e,, -b I t'"i.

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