Newspaper of True American, November 24, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 24, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY D.5RRI5ITIeOt tpEI DIIY, HANDSfOMELY AND CIIEAPIf EXECITED AT THE OFFIOZ OF THE TI.ue .lmerican, 81'. CIAIAtLi.S STREET, NEAR I'OYDRAS. m23 WANTED. A NUR9E WANTED--A middle aged woman wt nld Ie preferred; and one who hlts ntl ojea" t i t travel Iby te. Netlll need lplvi witltmut agmd refarelnle. ApIly at Mrs Iawley'c paivtat Ioarding house. c:rlter l Magazine and C moln soltreutt. nov 0 TO LET. IbrA A convenient two story dwolling Houte, s8M corner of St. Johi anl Perdidlo treata. For l aMrticulars apply on the premtises. WAN I'ED O Hireor prchase a aood Coak and Washer-wo man. Apply at theno-lntr of Camp and Sillicerlt astreets. novt0-tf HOUSE FURNISHINh G STO' E. B BILIWER &S Co. have const.ntly on hand at B. hir ex~tc cive esltbli.hllateltllt, .a. 17, Camp St. and 81 Colmoa street, it very large +rurtlltlellnt of house keeping actiekls, consisting oaf Earthenaare, Chinat atd tila/ss; Brans and Steel Fire Pellts and ,Frandlrs; Kitclen Utensils; Iron, "'in, IVwaaeare and lBaskets; silver plated, brittannia and japanned gooads; I rrttsp atd chamlt/ierr; knives rnd /lbrka, anda house furta in. graoods t general wtich tltuy are preptred to aulyy at relducedr preas tto private dwellings, bonrdlilgltousla, hlltels,slhip, Rstea lbts, .ta . New Orleans, Nov It, 1i1... MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE,. Rencvred from 17 Culstomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR TrST. CRARLES THEATRE, S CONER OF POYOIAS &. ST. CHARLE.S STREET. aug9--1838. PRlVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 1i, Tonla' e S t,-B Iy Mrs Hoffmar.n. rCtl l hasao is apacioma mie eonvencently situmted L for mlen of Iainess, near the Levee and ithe New Extthnnge Tl1 taile will be well supplied and attended to, and Sch are, leoderate. l btart,rs w ilting o have lodging, can be acconuno t 'tt, tt different prices, with'coattmdious furnished rolsll. Blardcers will hlave tie Iatllisfactiaon to steet eere, persons speaking the French, English and Span ,E N4SION BOURGEOISE, Jetw elt tIose, n. 13, lerue par.Jlde Ve. Htftann. . I' ' ctttlliasete t ttt slmcieux, et se trouve sittt J)lres dI, in Levce at de la Nouvello Bourse, e'et diU tll cn lltre det aftires. Ia table sret bien fuurttie, proprement tenue et 1 au IIrix ,,,.16r(;. r', c r i ennt pension dIsireraient y loger an rltil ides aptrttemes de e dlltrens prix, bhiae garnis et I,· Isiomltttire ttnarelt I'aglrt;meit d'y treuver dl: r sllllle.pI ptrlant lea lgls lcafrtll:aisc, anltisae 'I'U RENTI'. I111 tour stloryv fir Irof brick store in Camp Sastreet, at present occupied Iy Messra. A H VWall'e & Co. The rlllr +)trv brick stlrent the coreer of Bank A I It, -l ,Nl'hNatti t trect, at Iresitt otUclietl bY alters. lrtth &t Co.; tile llthird ty being itclled for a bell ,i\1to, ite :ird Itory of ti brictk store in BHnk Alley, hhI.r" from thej Itsti nated-tht e 2nttd and 3d storieU 6 ,11 .tel lled It l). 1'ollsr"sioll tt I given inl fIh, I sl NOVembier IleXt rl'2--1" (CIIAM. A JACtBiS. t'.l . i. t ii . i.t- - ( 'i ICioFI't.t-.. i:iaNi It-UNI CII' \LITY. Nr a(rlllatsta lct 10th 1838. A I!oll E . 1 |t t tl rtec hlt ltlll llt Ilte Cl ancil; dated ' 'l.ier, I3, seAltthd ompttlstwill beI -.. v,'ird at tl e al I i tlto ilI TiuesrI y 1ithet n I7h lir of \ IIY.\. Inhr next / .r Tlhre..e Ituudr,.,l "illhaasnnd o llees. II,,ttd. 1 t Iih Is ll tieip llit, pyabeh Itt thirity years, ill t itrill t six lett etIt pe am t ttte t ll tirest. ' a iit Il.r it lly.tahll t clnti-otl ttlly i Lotdtt, New hork lr t\ w it)r lllll.t at ialV be a rled onll . Th'Ite lBo.ds to I Ii r,$18l0 aeah, if' the inllarelt he Ictl t I i .iiie IJ tel ,llter, tndl or t1+1 rilg eanth, if ,Ie inleltl'. ht t I tltal lle in IL.t dlt . d h'Ie iprllut als tt be tell ntl's.. 'l"f ullpleltl fr IIit idtac JOlIN CALiI)UN, rt _11 ]mllllt ptrtll er. ltcrrtc dtctatrttro/ear-- 'eroae 1ilouti itile Nnttollt Orlcaca III tletI 1838. Q1 tIhkI'tl nate oecclcticn daCtoeril V ilNtC tIl tar Itls it ! reso1i e1rda 71.1'll I + sIll leliellifel 183 d d je o cl'r,+enl e ehe tlr I " I ntlrlll h I w" "" Iro1 . enI -oct tntle Ilittt res c t s It t ,l,'l lila I tllltll, 4ldltr I.Itlr-, ,eIpIv .lrk au I1 I , l i , 4 i I r I tlr tll t IIao, I1t Ip ter.vlil ell llll , ' '', ' pOllr ,'ill il n'llt+ livrea slterliu+ s*'il s ullllr pai allhtll it i' tii'a I -I,,l ON. ICtptrts te .) ,t JOHfN CAoLHOUN ,Complrnlr+!'_,+ T iL In'ernll o l e re it and I Ito l- i 19 ,,, .,l+ it b\ It. ( cranpap:r , -. 1. 1. lrt ; '. c .,, ctt\ ln. ,Ca cit. 1 L ad irliRil T le. Thll; 4 r. til .i+.1 , of ·.ll naI i I1c 1: (in c . '!..l` " .Ir.l' .c:aldelt i dividd into tw- dr nrt 1liri l. . qrn o awnll ael d Gr.€ ado n llllt l llo t flr lh • 4 i T1 . liilll Nl'l l 5 D - C lllllll ale el llC i n ll n i l l anl 2 . cu Iaa ducatio in rreA n h I n, tai i r,,t h -l, i, gI. ltdcllio r l elo Iqle + litl ,te ,l th,,,ll th.tL. ine lSt.tCdl, rodl t it, et di cipline il' ," l . 'tht'I rllollll ldllo IIn d oI A 'Ierv i C. i ·ngan or . " . by I . V I. GA E 1 .^t. .llo .s s . al ai a p a per, _ . ac . €|l _r ted sp srahly_ ; o L Al. Iltllllh lller ll. llllto 1 mb id i ll; ii a l r, I. , d',tl t ga for Stlaieltg r a rtelada o iedays: 4td h. fn 1 nVl:nt to e lade re laC rly eve, ry Cto th. Sc`lhlulol tltirslrnle ut 1.' te 3 o'lock, lcelx p Thll u ' .r I v 7lll 1'Idr.i(zue Ibes removed is No anri k Oflfce . l!l Vl.lllllll IIi St.t Charles slIrc.l between l': mram u he Caoll owing o WII.I.IAM CIIRIST i. {'the nmntllictorv of thie ubscrlber, lhilstilng flair, t. lTurning, Sawin g and Grindirng one as i -It.\U:T1' WINE-uI b e1 on, inalorte, ia. for sal bya .i ABIIL.AH.A bl TVIIERl it... 11 40 l'oydra st J I " l2d, !ii crlost it dtore a bad Ior sale la I, ABRtAMy E I RIER, vil; 40 Poydrall st . NO I'IG;E I tl bri-Nit ,l Townsend ha remeoved his noffic to th e t oll ter oI (,alnllill alllnd 31 itzine streets, over the t,', i Al n o nsc.. ii rC i. nV S agti er iCo. e \ I, C'hldroes and lnlah.,r--400 bales Easterb HLr ht, in rime order 3s'00 barrels Potates- :)Illtl It. N Ithr cll Pine Boards, frol sh ip Liverpool. h iitilg . Aid lor sale by t LEVI II GAL.E, I thr ,l 9i Cinlnlon gl III-lii cc-- tcebi ike t I ll N I'OtI I E t .dt-tt !_I r,civtl per hip CNr:ltle, frona Liverlholl, faorsale aiN' '. i t-- 14 pnrla,a ges, F olaini ng Vardegris, ani . i"lle hIlt,]kl h l'arounld Oils tllllilla nd onln tfrom nhoner l)a rid 1ol, iliad ta for sale bY ISAAC I nov lI 131 MBagazie st Ei .L11 I O LCA N LI,;L C r hil e Iye READ & BARSTOW, lovl 3 7 Bank Pnlace 'I'HE Skabscrilbers oncffr ht wlluleaali It Ile followie g golds. 'I'T --II0 i r, moleskin silka , as-i & 100 olrted sizes i.0et a rilns. d lull 1Io .wtcNd do do I(itL do No ,A do do 11)0 cae beat No 3, assorted sizes and brioms. 2i dlo l eavcr, a superior article; 511do Eil xtnt dou t (i 0 III, Illh ck ad Whiti:e Russia; ,51 I lxtra Black i eu.sia; I1c, dlo Muskrat C Coney ailr broadc and narrow k rilt, fcir Levee ad counatry trade; i Allt rHnks oftnilitary& navl i Cchapieaus; u Chlildrens silk and Russia Hilts, till sHzes. (;-+U+;-PiF', Oder, far Seat, JKutrio, Muskrat, and Iar SI : ,, i, tco dtal l iahctte. t (.ith Ca':,s-- icktaick, lPolish Avril's Ilst F c. lri, I iicnael c a i h lihhrlnv tIlll'lll~'er , 4 d I ielrathar l &Ccliaaci . Fwwhlcl.w ·--t4 in, silk anl Bodlazine, of lhe, eliltea Military 1'ioh s-is oil'"d silk. T h +1 :ll ot ·e i: ,o ls 'co lm p ris ai la rge sto ck , a ld a ll of he lltlat t flatll ,1n+ and w ill be, sold at a sm all ad vnne.l., with c'ost on New York prices. The salll,-tril;wrs will takt orders fior southeri, w 'eran allld ' 'es,,+ ,iti rkels, C% Illhe hlou et ofA il O a im p & C o., H at 51alilil'tlltrers N'tw Tu'k, soid at thlu sllorlest possible IlocleP. (tml'lllnan sad French iPlushes bought. GOSSIP & CO., Navalllilit~ary, and Fashionable Hatters, Exchange Hotel, alrvl I St Charles st -; 11.\ l. OL,--:1,1,11 galls whale oil fior salebv S6& J P WHITNEY, not Iii 0 Canli at NEW MUSIC. i 11:\11,1.1\ WahTzes--Louisinna Wallzena I la 'i d1 +-; ('r . tai I'r lllnphal IMarncsh htr the Lou. >.ii"1" (I.oaii..; JUeg,.r Achtlung! ps r.... bhlnb fr the t'Ir( rl 11 ,h..*'r'a CG)allanv. The above ea'nposed, I v • n-trln"",,llal " JO)HN & C:O, - t : _.3.. . . ;:. .u 11 .... 1- .tor.:+l, ".. . FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINERY. THE sub.sriber hares the hoeter of irnfrmiag the Ia I den, that ie hasee received per ships Irafayette aed Marengo, a supply of fall ead winter Millinery, of he latest and richest materials in Paris, which Mrs. reanlan expects to have opened and ready tor exam ination on catnday and T'uesday nest. Di 1' SCANI.AN, nov3 25 Chartrer st 1TVEW IJ. C-PePor Realie- rk- ae't mean to tell i you her nause-Thou host learnt to love Another woeet ARton Water; The Knight's Farewell; He pass ei her in sorrow; inh'se Lamont; They have given Thliee to Another; Lovely Lady Mine; The Bridal, The Broken Heart;, My Heart in all Alanea; 01O! IMenl what silly tlhings you arer Oh I euldl love him; Oh! Patrick, Fly from me; Tht thou art lover v hoe'll deny; Think Mly Love, 01! Think of Me; I Voea think I aney: a merry Hetara The Vintage Song; The ship is rends; T'r Silver hoion; No care ever griave e; Net eor Mle; I've aeen e here freh Flowers ore Slringngle; dearly love Thee free'; Wodman spare tlat free; 'I le Wilal Allnrrose; Rise Faries, Rise: Rose of Je saey; Tlle Minstrel won'd a beanteousa Maid; 'lie GuostI were biddle; My Father I.and; The Maid fthe Mountain' My native Love; IM heari's beat trer are; Mv Wand Brie;ve Mine mnst be a silent Tenar My elhi[llaod'n houre Farewell; 'l'lhe Grreeawood Tree; Snloema Loa, a eomic, song) She wore a wreath of R.eer; My pretty June, aJst receaived and for sale at B CASEY'S Piano Forte and Mlusic store, noev12 19 Camp et NOT' ICE. TIIt Office eothe New Orlearns and Molill Mail Line is removed, fera under the Exnehnge Hotel td. No. 78 Plydras treet, at which place a letter lag will he kept laene until I-I to 12 A M. fe rway lettere lse. Those far lMolile alfurtllher East, will ;e pat in he Post ffice at elolBile. noPl GEO. WHITMAN, EMltiN SYRUP in laxes of n dol. each fL LJsale by READ & BARSTOW, T GNEIdIA-A rsupply of Henry's Calcined Mag. nenesia, and Butler's Magnesian Aperieat, war ranted rgnuiae-jusl received by the eubscribers. SICKLES & CO, oct27 40 Cannl st 1' ARNISHES-A large ana extensiva stck roalla V dlie anuloaetory of P B Smith & Co.e; coprising in part thel feollwing: extra polishing no I, do no 2 fureitre no I,do nto'2, do 3; eoaeh varnish no 1, do no breoi e an, fors ale3 rle y rby eapt9Pa fr a R. CLANNON, 12 Camp nt NOTICE. IT F FIREMEN'S INSURANCE OFFICE has been temporarily removed Removed to 45 Canal street, next to thle Merlhunat's and Traders Bank. nevl- t.-'VIS-LIa t iirpan d'Aseuranee les Po-,pi a eat temporaireament transporte an no 45, rue de canal joignat In laanqure des Artisans. nova COKE. ruHiE price of Coke from and after the Iat day of J Octobeer, will be fifty cents iier barrelin the Gan Work's yarn, and if taken in quantities of one hun dred harrels, will he delivered free orf drayage. Thle atdvnartae that this article of fuel posaeaes o ver the anthraecte and bitumlnnous coals, igniting mor readily tian the formear, nal free frmt the unpleasant sarke of the latter, should indueevery family to make srae of it. Orders received at the Gas Ofic in Bank Alley. E W WELI.;S, repR29 cS'y. FALL & . VIN'I'IK CLO'1'HING. J. I'. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Maegaine street, Sare reei iang their sppliets of Falland Wiater Clhtlhing, and will centioas ta receive shipments re u larly throughout the seasrn. Their assortment brng large will enable them to supply merchants froa thle eouetry, at the ihorerst notce; for sale wholesale or retail, on accnammoontiag terms. Sl'A I'PO: UP I.a)UL.IA.A, PA RISII COURT fir tihe Pariel of the City nf New leOrleans, Present the honrablle Cherles Man rian, Juage. a Itktler25t|, 18232. Nra. 11113, Wm. D. Co.oper, vs. his Creditors. lThe ceseion of property by the 'etitiaonr iaorceltaJi by tile Court for the benefit of his Cereditors: it is ordered that a mreting of said creditors he hehl Ielbre E. Barrnett, Notary Public, on 'I'uesany, tle' 27th of Novemier, 1838, then and there tr deliberate on tile nfflirs of the Insolvent. In the mean time all prreedling ngaginst his person and prop. ertly are strayed. It is further aaderedl that Jno. R. Grvmres, Esq. Ire appointed to represent lire absent cre'ditor in thi+ came. Bly ordler of the Cort. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, 2itah Octlrer, 1832. A M GUYOL, oelt2--3t D'y. Cl'k. SI'rAT' DI I. A I.OUISIANiE-Cour de iaroise 1 at ville de !a Nonvelle )rleans: I'reent 1'Ilno-. rular, Charles Maurien, jage--Ne lt,203--Wm D Clraper tlllree se creancier--La petition des propri, t(.a Iu plltitiuoaire ayanrt a.t acceapte par la tour rear Ieliar:ltice de aea crfancierm, ii eel dacaeirbtf que ne aasn,-,li: daerdilts crianeciera nit lieu au grefte le P ilarlett, nrla ire blie, mardi, I '27e joyrde nj v alU I-are 1 01:0, ain i1lrhars eu Ia nrliua efir ailel d llerer scar Ire alinrirne daldi irliiianan irn, et ell ea tendant route Ilnlrmeiles w rlla iTerSeratnra out sed prolreleaa n sOnl aler enrdre d In Coor-aB-urexa ilh Grelfier--Nll Orlearrs 25 Oct 1818. 26 oct A M GUYfrI., D-p. (Grellee. 31 E RlAZOR' S'RA?. Itl'l-'P e cases ,f tlas gelnriae article, inst rece'ived ay EItESE& I)'IA NGE, eant3-. l Cnllp st b I itlli., W' :t .lK-erP cfrv &c., Just t1.5.,g J frain the shli e alerm. A rl.e'ndlil articde of t. u,.nepat ui e.xpeleov folr the retail ntole: alsr tlh plrrsl rire'hI erfimlery, rcubracin every variety tfor er toitle, tr tale by leE t aNe nlll3 18 C(ap lt fit anwl fresh saply oil Iry Colors e+" t .err des.ri jtao, flr" Senell o tt intiae ; ttit tiad 1\%' Ier colors; ; 1ittl6 ls anod altiss OatI.s, rt*,J an Il te usiYe stock ItI superir VA VARNISIII S. from tile lanufahtory of P oitI Sih& Co.,coompririn in Non. I in',f enraiture; Noe. lI ictitcb Varnish, rand I &d ordinarv domestic lllik Japan, and Irown do. Alo, .(0 kegs Crolne green, in 25 Ibs. each, ground in l, nd 150 annisters uperior 1rench green, also lo il. 1 brrrel pirits of Turperltie and Boiled Oil Arlirt's Colonr, &ro . (Reeves 4e Son, Laondon,) anl 41 oxes Frenchb Lake, for sale at the Paint Store of tile subhsriber. MONI)ELI.I, NO CURIE NO PAY. Dll.J01INSONOf)nfOve l140 Bieuville street, con 1 fines i practice to the trcatment of Venereal Disease, i all its different f'rms. Dr. Johnsn, from a residence of llaey yearsin ilos. pilanls illnllr ire, devoted to the treatloeat of Venereal li-easre, and from his present extensive practiee in thait iprticular ranch of the proleneien, guarantees a safe, speedy and effectual eure to much persons as are tloubled with anyl of the following diseases, viz: Gonorrhoea. Tleetr, Strietrles, Chancres, Iluboe, Semlinal Weaknes, AffteainMa of the Bladder, Kidneys, Linsa, Urethlra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled 'l eticles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joints; Aond the onumerous symptoln which generally follow thi,s disease. Recent cases cured in two or three days without the use of Mercurv, interrtrption from business, or altera tion in the mode of living. A mnedeine to, prevent Venereal I)isease can be ob tained of l)r.Jebson. It is from the recipe of the Brlon Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, and was Red byl hn dulring te several ncapaigns in which he servedas Sudrgeon General in the Frernch Army. Sold by l)r. Johlson, at his ntlice. Those persons having any affection of Venereal Disease, and ebot t taking sea vonyges, or remowingl, the country, ouldl do well hy giving Dr. Jobnson a call, nn proper nmedi cines for their cure in the shorteat lite can be pat up with written directions for their use. Officeopen fromt 7 n the morning until 10 o'clock at night. AIIEIINET'IY'S DYSPEPTIC ELIXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of Engli.h surgeons was ill opinion tlit ninelteontls of tle diaeaoses that afoLct mankind originate in the stomaceh. Thins Elixir was uoed bv him with the most unprecedented success in his private ald public tractice for upwards of forty years, thr the relmval of lth following diseases: Loss ilra .retite, Flatulencv, Disielltiont of tile Stoll nihPoin ill tlhe side, Heavinesnor the ilend and iltli nonio to siaree lrreguloarity of the Rlowels, and in all ,anes wherl Illigesation or it rostive Ilalit is found to lThis medicinre routaloolb nohelellre amnoong the Ist ofil uEk iostrulns now before tire ttblic, us i iis theim oeal inventon of tile abllet l 1 nt scillentific surgeon Europe ever produced, and tIhe secret of preparing it was purehltsed by the agent for a very large sum. It is agreelole and pleasant to the nte, acts no a mnild oaper ien.always keeps tile bowels free, imnarts vigor and stregtln tn tile system, and olneerfulelns to the inmd, and a few bottles removes the mlost confirmed cases of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and prevents a return at any future period. NEcw Yuna,lTth Agunst, 1838. 35 Sladisonastreet. Sitn:-ln onsneqnencebfleading a sedetlary life, I hlve Ibeen trouledl, motre or lest, with Ildligeslion for tel years; Ior the Ilnst three years liy tsuflrings have Iteen ineuptrrtahle. 1 have tried several pyyiiaen., l n it nlunlterof quack ,edicioes, wittout derivilg any benefit. I delrspoired of ever obtaiini t any perlllanent relie, a tl resilned myself tt the ortioneless despair I was tersuaed by antny frieindl to try Abernetllty'a I)vspeltic IE;lixir. I have now finishled thle foUth ltot tie. rt i kow nont how to express nIv admliration of its on(lnlerful virtues and the.mutoelen it has performedl in restorirg le to thIlat Ihealtl wlhich l thouglht o0t fur ever. Se'd mre half a dozen bottles more. andL except ulv thank ibr tie blesn.ings you have conferred by re astolilg uru to ]llerecl health. I remain rnours, JACI) 11N11 SThe agent bha in his possession several hundred vit tinllials similar to the above, of the exlraordinary oc. ItesofthisI edicine. Sold by appointnuot, at0') Johlnson's, 140 BLenville-street. nov.5-tf NEW ORLEANS Stearm and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 8. 3orean (near the Ponthartrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wittell'Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and ao keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. a eorner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for famnily use. 15nov UrST r.r.vel- at thie Louiisuna Furntrae Ware se Rttmns, 15 Iletnville seteret, lIl Maple amd Cherry IledLteIa-,; t firslt rnl arliele. Also, a eotd al ostr set ,f .li Itn, Wlinrlt, andi Pointd Chair, whi.h ` . j.7 51i Bin.ille strert. _ HIPPING. For Europe. Fill LIVERPOOL. l_ 'rCh faLtsailbog ship NIA(lRAI , caL in C'le, will Ihave imni iclate lAisplclh Fir freight lfr a lahlers ir pastage, lal rin g g,,c d accmmledaetlle napply eu board, or t S8J PWHITNIY, no* 23 73 CllaI n .trelt. FORl LIV,; El OL;. The A I "i i At, TLRESS, Toeal, Maser'r, a regular Itdr dI vedry ftl ller, haring tile rhoard, will inrve quirk delpatah. For fmight or pas sageg, honingegcanlrtable fnrnishe necorludtiallo, al ply to the captaia on bUard, or Ito LEVI H. RALE, no 16 93 Common lt. tFORI L.IVI;IIPUUI.-( parRrAgRe intll.) The fine I ship in 1)NEV,i Calp . Cow n, will hare immediateadlrelaelh. Apply to LEVI H GAIE, nnol0 93 ('omon ct V il AI IeVK I:. 'rTo aal ten the "25th irll. 0The A I a i very l fat nailing Ipacket Lhip a.ROCIIESTEII, clias OWell, will nlil no abover. For pameage, havni g very landiolle accolnmidation, , pply to Ithe llter .11 olard, or to LEVI 1 (;AItE. noel9 93 Coilltnon t The A I led fet aniline ship MATTA. KEESIErCiClI. Spragm., reqaires 300 hales .eation to fill. For frcilghlt whirle, or psr sage, having very Ihandsome accammeodatiion ap ply It 1. H ;ALIr, nuvel4 0:1 tommt n I at -tO' IIAVIE" ,. c The A Islperiar ras nailing -hip AREA TUS,Cpteait Snow, will m-et with immedi aste despatch. For passageonly, lhaving ery h~deeec aceaemedlariear, t·EVI H. GALE., "13 C'omenn it. FcK HIAVRE. A A superior A I cip ecn take 300 bales c otton iflmmmeiate appiieaeiin be madeto LEVI HI GALE, Agent, 93 CaomlllO rt. FrIl IIAVRE. Tihe flie faet sailing Al clip ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, inacter, will have immediate despatceh, antd want 80 biales crtton to com plele her eargo; for Ireight or pasa.e, apply to LEv.I 1 ý ALE, eet3 93 Common st. 3 The Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwald mater: having all her cargo enagtedl. ex cept 130 bhlecscotton, fr freiglltof uwhich, ap ply on board, or to S &J P WHITING, ett128 Coati etrect Ooastwase. Ca FOR BA'LTIMORE. The fast sailing chr .GLOBE, Captain SHoey, ill sail in a few daly; for assange only apply o WVM POTElR. nov24 95 Common a FOR BOSTO)N. The fine ship OHIO, Catter, master, hav ing most of her cargo engaged, will have dis paltch. Forbulasce of leightb or panugs, ap ply on board, or to sErSON & AVERY, S'T'E'T1ON & AVERY, nor 16 88 Gronviaer rt. FOR NEW YORK. PassaRe Only. ThIe faot nailing INrque .Ofayette, captain landis, will lte ,lerpotlchd in a few days.- _ .+.FrssFor assange, lating hlndsolte sectotneda tions, apply to L H (GALE, nov 23 7:l Cotmmon t FOR NEW YORK. '1'1 mail on the 28tW 1 inst. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. I\ThIE fant eailing pAcket ship Nashville, r1 Wood, Master, Iaving part of her esruo engaged will nte itivly al sil as above, for oe Ialoane affreightm or a nage, lhaing splendid accost- lea odotions, apply to the Captan on hoard, opposite ti e are oegetable market, or to tk J 1) REIN & A COIIEN, sal nnaes 90 Comtmon st. FOL NE¢ YORK. The fast sailing new brig J EIrFERSON. Capt. VWalt, will sail in a few days; for pan lagse only, plply to Sl WM PORTER, novl4 95 Comoon at FOI P NOVII)INCE, (Rl. .) . The fast sailing A I co;pper foeteno T br; SN n OW, Captaito n horldike, will soil id i a aw day, hbviane most of her cargo ollrn TI ld; lior Ienavy frciglt l rd 5l bales rotton, or passage, having hasnjoste tncpltttoolutiotr , applyr to R WMi. PIoRrtER, nov9 9:) Comnlllln at FOIR BOS TI'ON. The one nbarque IENllIY, I)ean. master, i now ready to rereie cargo, and will nve despatchi for freighter pasaone apply tn No STEI'SO)N & AVERY, nov7 10 ;romvier at FOR HAVANA. Regular l'Packret. The fist sailing packet bri" GAANNI CIEFI' CaI. iValker, ecoper f.steted SIld o re, 196 t, ill o et i o des th alo . conrlodntitmof:1l i.s-enyleý Aul ex periecIced colt- - n 'ndrr, rnlve srvqllrR t ,and fr t, oe S1llind th Ii5t ery lxlr thle onarklt ff ao. Fr frhighl ,or orloge apply ott board opitcr thcrt e rialeos sitares, or to Wit PlIRaK'It, novLr 95 Itlms on i4t F FOR FIa"IGIIT ()1 CII HAlI'ER. Fo h Le ,s hount r W.t Alin, - tlntader, 150 brie .crthom, coalper fastened; alppl to s & J P WIIITNEY, ntr "1 _ 73 Cntp street. FOR 1FREIGHlT OR CHARTER. Three good Brigt, from 1511 to 2.50 tooa suitable for sngar freight; apply lto . LJ SN & J P WHITNEY, nmelt 71 Cvamp street. WAN I'EI). , { A brig capable of enrrvine about _:i0 h ,t hd for a nortern port; for ftreight p(v to ` L H GALE, nov2l 93 Common at For the Znterior. FOR MOBILE. The. GIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave thie [ ske end of the Rail Read, for Moltle, on Sunday ths 25th int., i y er tile arrival of tlse L2 o,'clock care, nova 4 FOR MANCIIESTER, (Yazoo) (Water permitting,) Fort Adamu, Natche. Rodney, Grand Gulf, lV'ar. renton and Vic "burg. ILe 'he superior sleaT er CASPIAN, O smen Itradiss master, hnvian uad dergona most Ihorogll anod comoplete repair,will t ready to receive freight on Thursday, - the 15th linst ; l d will have rquick despatch. For freight or Ipanage taply to the Inaster on board, or to o1 TURNER I WOODRUFF. N Il-The acnmmodation for assengers, are excel- 8 olet and superior. FOR ALEXANDRIA. l The nleatrer I)ENMPlRK.. will ,n n us a regular packet during low water, Nfruom motlth ol, l f lRed River to tAlexrndra. or partliular.ts lpy to sop22 JNiil H GRAIIAM. FOR IOBILE.n The regulor pakelot low lortsaere lenetver (GIRAIbFFE, Capt. Swiler, Swill leave the lake ed of thle Rail I.oadl, every TIHUIlSDAIl'S &d UNDAY N, ater tle arrival of tle 1' o'clek cars, and on er re Sturn, leave alaohile, pe-erv Tsetshv.agaod Fridaysr. For passage pteply u n boan to CAPT. SWII.ER. P S--Wleaever a Rsulcient rtothbel ofpa etSllgers offer the (srnlfe n ill toucl at nay of tle intenre(dlate lIlndings, upon previous notice being given to Calt. S iler. nv7-t-f SROGANS, &--i easeOR, Ale's etil SI loy's fine kip Broeans; Mena's exra nsie Russet Bregatns Men's Kip, Calf ran water proof oots, land- i in fIrom slil p Norlanl Ilorn le br ISAAC 1BRIDGE & C), ( av n 1:14 Mageazine a I AItINS--I1I bhoes IL ltaisins,; el, 1) 11 h lf boxes do do l llnt aroer dit do do y 100 drorm, Fig. llanding, fr oalc by CIIAnI.'IIN & COOPFER, nov l l9Jtlia I- tIIiEETIN(G .nrings--l1 hales Ilnvit so rlet 17 geo .I h5 ales I.owell LidlS.eys, landing from nship Nornlaa, fr sale by r_ ISAAC IBIDGOF. &CO, nnv9 134 Mllra zoill,. I ALLA AD I)EEN MAIIOMED'S DYE. For channging ths Ilair, Eyeo -rowa, or \VWhiskers to a pertmaseotB B;ow, or Blak, by ono application' twithout staining the akin or the finest linen, just received by IUSII & ALLAN. 17nov Fancy Store, . St Chaorles & Cotn. -A .'.\"E lw for .ale oa boae d h hip Oreulgere, op ntpenile thy Vegetible nlt. ket. Office ofthe Ficee,'s ee Coompany of New Orlceas. IilHE Stockholdere are hereby notified tlalt tie. mrt . Inintlnert c ort iheir etuock is doe and payolde on the 8th De,-ebier ncx,u at thle ofele of lte t'oslnpeov. SEL T'RACab eg nonelc'y i1UIIE.EU AjjwuatYCiE lEESN P'lUMlPl Lo Il! It Nl.LE.ORL.EANS. r. ES Actionnairee snt par Ect avis otifilleequ leI sre Cbit. mte vertlnallt nlear let ortilt)a, erot dll et br derruetlle tel Ir 8 I k mhre tle pchuin, al Bulrelau del a Comtpgitic. Hnlv L L 'TItI.\CY Seeresire 100 o ,4i-l.E-5 It, III Havan SNegors. 100 boxes CIl'theortis l tt inse, delI blectas' fresh Misneca Ral ri- .sje. lu(l Ihrlsc Is. Lentos, 2.5 voile Is. Almhnole. 51 tiorcn. |,riieoa~oruhelee Ilic. fi ii,+ IeeW crop, sod 51 I chls L.oei e',la; ;Jlr s,. ,lR.\liIM TRIER, 40 ovydlo vct BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., ukoteleale Clothink g BrItld skentIj No. 3, Magazine sereet, AVEaonasttatiy oo hand a lare su ppgv of Cloth ioin caul.,ted litr the cavltrv trade. 'Thelir as. sorrlaent being large, me.rchants from the country can he sppliaed at the lhortest notace. FPASHIONABL CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAl)DEN, NI . 14 C(hartres ltreet IHAYV aeotatatll llrivp . f everr nrtlicle portnlatino to potlerieo'as, of the latest atyle, at New York prtier. rie 0 ,. .BRoss SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 No. 33, Royal ltreat. S. A. PERROSSIER, MEIICHANT TAILOR 67 Common street, BEGrS to infono the pulblic that havinil purhased from Menrt lIOUUtil, SKE(i:GS & CO). part of their stock, ah will continue the blusinear at their old stand, oppnosite flishIop' Hatel, where lie hopes It merit a shrare o(fthir atltronuaee. tle h.s made arrangementa at the North to lbe, ppliied moily with tie Iteast and most fashioltlale goouds. ar 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 10:I Poydras street New Orlenta, MANt:FACTLRFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of al des~cription . H'AR., COLD, AND SHIOW 'ER BATHB Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c I.j()rdler executed in any part of tie Souathn States. mr9 Dr. Robert F. LInd.e. OFFICE EXctANtoR IO ter.. em CLAY &i CLAiK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Podvras atreet, SEVP on hand a con.ýtsnt sup plv of Lead Pipe, . from in. diaaater dawn ;toA- i.t. dianeter, fotr rsale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Blaaks' Arcade. t WILLIAM.I GREEN'E, PROPRIETOR J H. PARKER Commisaion anud Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UI' STAlrS. New O learns,F Fr. _ _. S JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIItOLESALE ANI) RETAIl. I)EAIERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DFE ST'UF'FbS JAND WINDOW GLIASS, turner ol Co. non and Tahotpitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHIN W. ANI)ItEWS. A large upply o Garden Seetis, warranted the grotth of 1137. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & 1. i. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and al WATER SI'REET. THRE undernitned, cating" esC.blialsed themaelo in dr Mlohile fohr h o paerpnl of tras.acttg the Atation nol C(Ianirainaltailae.. in its various ranncesa, lag Inave to inllorm their frieloa andl the ptulic, that they re now rrepared t reteve coal nent, and amrakie ,ihera advances on the name, either for private or public - sale. SOLOMAN I. JONES, ISRAElI. I. JONES. , Refer to Welker. Knight & Co. New Orklena. Monile, Feb ,1838. Tfl du' A CARD. Al SAMUIL SLATEn. AnRAHAM 'arIt. JaR SLATER & TRIER Forwarding a& totunmianion Merchants, No. 481 PoydrUa Street, NEW (ORLEANS. They will dlevote theIir 1tnnleular attention tio Ilto sale ot Wttsltrn Prodluce. References. AIijah Fit'k, gq. nrt of Slli New Orleans. A 1 NAltan, Aat& MerAe. Kohn, arH & Co. I I)& PM Willin.,a, Urigg aWil( & Co. I Batoaln. i'mmH Voae Eeq. It.verrt &.It'h~& a. New York. Vt, Ptthll &.' Ma ill. L St.anfor & tavia. OwSt l uiL. il.aOlw,Slna t Sn ia ttaetn. S RidCAr & N'o. Ilawtev, Iag'e .& Itnlaip. Alt An. A I mt Skd torre r eq. (i .Inlrat'tl . tl:o.--ttl lllr . E .ON l.T. STONE. T FIorwnrditg and tlon..neti.mio ,lerchtnnn, IUl.NISIM.lRS OF SIIIP AND BOATR STORE,, NO. 114 T'coUen rot, tanS aSeTarET. NI wt.Oaleano. Itelerences : Mleanr. tAltI., .AE1R & Ca. Ilartar Eeoanzarnt Voan bt n Co A. Rf B" MAc "C . Co, INew York. It. PAUTNtA, J & 1'. HiLLAND, Caieati, o. . WmIaHT SMITH I)AVID e TONa, I)artrlt o t H.C.lMTOCtK tt& Ca. Claann:la . N. Al.Dnttct, & Co.. ILaisvllle, Kr m30 tI.ISd STVENS y (GiT.'i St l~lnD a . l A. It. ItaC, Altan, ill. WE N. WIToHnow, RIushille, Ill. J. & P. P. I'AnrwtttLI., mayon Sara, I... SaOLOMO HIat. Nten (hlleant. jan 22 DOYI.l At lIM., D)EALEIRS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, NI. 3 CaAROnEat.Ir" STREET. Io FIRI'IMEN'.S INSURAN'CG CoM1P ] This Comlean are now prelsred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Muaona'a Building, Canal shee. I E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 1, 1838. Serretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Comnmlesiou anrd Forwarding Merchant CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Layet & Ateln, Z Ne 0 JonR Lantli & Co. rewa rans. m2il1 I, i ROBERT CLANNI)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' NIo. 1.2 (al, ltreet, WIndleale l)rler in Paints, Oil, Vltlialhe, Brushes,4 mnIl Winldow anld 1'icture GIarps, c. ae. T. W. COLLINS A TT'OR.E Y& COtI.'VSELLOR .T L IV. . N OW prantihig in the Sate andil City Courla. Ci-. entn will inlt himt at tuelerka alce, USc ira:uit Coalrt, in thi Castaon Ilotane building. ja8 A CARD. 1HE nllllersigned ha lllrnedl a houseina in thin Cily, .ti r the purlnmse ufl' tranactilag GENERAL COMMISSION IIUSINESS. O)rler, No. LO Gnvetri1 STREET, UT STA1IRI. H P I.EVY. The h,tnme at lrantl Gulf, Mitt., will he continted in the abrove nane. Referecrts. Godfrey, Ilarie & Slitll. N e Orl eane. a. Peters' Millatr. , to I iS 11 IlTill & Co, .Louisnille, Ky. Johlt I (Gilmore, ViekllOllrg, hiSe. Iapei, 'anltt'ttlr iJa u Cna. d Gulf, isa. Oile. Lilltrd, Nat'lO. New l)rleans,Jtldy I , I,.i. j Id A CARIl). " . ATVIIANIEL tOWNSEi$NIt having eeated hIill N se ll ew I trlell Ifor t I irt1 oe ol tratinsaetillg a General Al\ llt+ lll . llnll .l.jl )ll b si n-e, wo+. l ". apecltttlly alcit ffoih tle llhtlc it ,L ire of their it- troatge. laaine a Ilhore it'i'Yea.t, ha till tlltltll( In tll t rans. iRlitg lUtthses. Ihelltit ut lie desired in the cotr), ai will nralate l l it antl' lar mitted t l te Ir a Itn u Ciille a i li entru tllil ato tI t ch;irge, t l nl ta laithful applicaltoIi ill eordlllit wIh ili.llruct Gjio ) 01 ail ilndl Ihat Inav omll intlo his Iolu iNn. Ofties in New E chnllige, oil oGrilier sureli lOilwriteh arr tI ntlllh n rtr .iii of tihe l exn Cl llh llllle. Moo,tr Ilily.r, Lhsh &k Cu. New York. Burr f ly It ' ll . 1 it, J llh'tl t'eer .L ll t aVI l i l Kt. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPIANY IlOF NEW OIIVIt-AN9, tt Oc No.24 M.tasson'a auiding e'JV4N1.1 S7'TIE'I', 'le l , eite f which lr lle e'niiiely liw p llllla. llr- i- :3R Di. P H1,d%, h Illp e O -tl <nvr.; ll 2:: o tln l cookie; i atil-rer , i i -t er land rur , llite, i Ai yl.(t liESt" ., X I:r.t Leae. RN --ýBitt e Pipe ,tdti., :t t ll!t tl it. t nt ptrt t ithe i-t try a rbm t I,tullcv. -,.Ii1 BUSINESS CARDS. R. i. F. D. Newcomb, SI A VY . opeald a hobuuse I,r the trannsc:ling o'a gen L eral (oilllluus:on hla,, sr at NntIh, e, nold olly business confided to them silll be tailhlully attended Ilef'rees: II C tCoamm Lwk Y Co., ) Moatn-ll \hhit, & t. NSew Orleans. ICl el-- , fll ckU , A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, If7twlcsale Grmcers and rCommrsson Alerrhants, No.27 (common t, rIet, New ()ltrllns. [I.hJ rtieldav paidto l the ploting op of Stoalll , aI aIt d s hlli sijotet. now2 ORLEANS LITIOGRAPHIC OFFICE I N,. t53 a.,rhtL, tsite, oillao-le iarsks' Arcade, SSTAIII.IiSHEl filr the execution oFr r las t irlli i aund drawings, tmerchaltn' eirculars,businesn and address .nrds of every description, frueral circular. o I ;deer ins mieg paper, opothttery and Idrulggisisr'I lls; I banlk shncks, Jrny reeeipts,ee. ritlnted alll .xrcut; d ill ahelhap and expeditions styl I, ly tbe proprietor. N W!I.I.IAM GCIEENE. NB Bank Notes ner.iv executed. ntt4 I NEW IIAT STORE. J US'I" recilved per le arrivalns frol New York, fre.-i tal tmalihioabrle nasortttett s1 If lArS. The sullcriber wolld particllarly call the attention of the pbllic Ito a style I beaver hats of a superiol finish, AIeI texture, ric i an Ilatiui Iltelre; ialso to a fine plasiln lustia Iat of.a superior quality and Ilso a slleudid article ofallk hat, Itgel er illth a genelral a sortment lmanufe.tu ird by Ihsnell, expressly for this market, wholesale andl retail J W ONllORN,31 Camp street. N. B City and country dealers are invited to iall. f b 8; PORTRAIT PAINTING. id R. P I'. lil.. tocssettully l ianrst the lpubli' thnl ihe will remllain short lime in New Urbans for the purpose of painling portraits. lthe pa ernlr lf Clam aIl St Charles, in tile house oecrspied by PIarnrly & I.vln, Dentists, where sperimnen fr his paintitlg cal be seen. Entrance isn t ('harles street. ITII8 Im NOTICE TO THE- PUBLC -..-t nii dd rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or disouatinued his old arnd long established GARDEN SEED STORE, .., 805 C'utlnt, house Street, Having been most industriously circul ted by self. interested parties, the susecriber begs to assure his friends generally, and tile publio at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to be fsurnished with a fn il and ex. teonsive supply of ait the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetabla G.rden S'reds., of the growth and ilm. port of the present season, 1837. Sntce tile early part of September, he has re eeived'amp!e supphal s, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct from New York. By the Missis. sippi and another packet, ie is in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Esiit T'rees and Asparagus Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber hegs further to assure the public at large, tlat he is at prasent as well enabled to meet :and aexecto orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was since his first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardaners' orders filled at tie loweat and most reasonable rates, by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogtes, either in French or English, may always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Ssed Store, 85 Custmhouse streat. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seeda, eithler mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. LOT I I ING--8 cases seasonable clothing,landing from ship Normaln, fIDr r;lat by ISAAC BtIDG(E & Co, nov 8 134 2la.teliae at ttll .11.'1 ! CHAtlc'I's . TUST receivedl all ivice of lllunt's Clarla , con l iatitngf bre lillrswinig, tlssfsf Mexieo Vart It dies, ill two sheets; Ilahnt I, anks; tVest Florida, Coa.r of Brazil, twl sheets ; Mediterraneans; s oasl t f Africa; English Chastnel; t. George's Lbsanel,tlte for sale Iy DAVIII FEL & o, New York Slatioers' Hall, nov 8 '2 Clsrtren st 5ItIil-sO ]Jtitca I'. tllrsagan' Caassons; jF 10 ro X U sla )i0 do W do 5U do Ileavr Ravens uVck; 511 do I.ightlRavens do; Landing from n hip lNormae, and for slr le b ;s t fJ I' \VIn'I'NtEY, to" eltl 'ltat sl FOR RENT, N IFundr tenements an vacant l orajln th t t111 .an:3rl l ulnicipaitier. Apply lalar. .ljjU Rice, Na. 119 Graiaslaree,.r Apply agent SMr. No...P6 I'. r.l stract. I...,, cii ha I IN..' Atc~ie 001 dittes, ll. frmth II E fi rm of , 1afElee c o 9 tch lostj. 'I~a t he ,a,,,lo Iar'... cagr.I.m ngreeuteut, ilodivtdea1· lly by Abe: ham Trier .l·illO?1II :<ttl't.. LAT ER Allt .41.051 TRIIER. lit I IrIl a Ilse IoIalP,*rI t01 r dirn C findia..; 51 barrels Rlelillel Whale oil; 1'3 C.-bk. Nw Rlealfarl W..ntrr Oil; 714 I -arat atud Caidll.c. J.ackso.. brand; i 5110 lboe RNo. I Soup .r; hi l $beetel uI'I·"lloll 12 to 121) Itrs; Fine Snuehonng al 15 Itt,,t1 first quality C5ompaigne Wine; ei BlackI1 IIUN.\I. I n-ct.11. asol..raealea Ity 511 boxes whiiavaa SugalrilIL & erior q1I l 24y, in store and for Va.c by JOSEPH1 COCK(AI'NE, nov,15 "1J (.rn'iec s r LCOT11 IIUNAII'J-SIj Itoz for rule 1) tl nov14 9 C link Plac novln VlZIlý.(b.1c.1NrAL. .tl.. -Lv U whole a , half f boxes,( fur solo ly ABRAHAM TRI0RO, t pt,,15 411 l'oydr..a at ALIONDS-25 fraPc l.,r c.,ir by ABIRAiAM TR'IEIRIR nov15 411 IIrtta LON INIIIN rRTI'tIl-tIll caaks reacived par Mtar., for rale bly HI)LJIES& 9 1I9.Lt, .tools 9 Bunulk Plance a" MRS. TROLLOI'E'S NEW WORK [tW1OMANCE 1)II VIENNA, by F.raa..t Trlloye, . ,ethtar fl'ttoaatic Ata.'aaa .f o ll .0 ,,,,o l alr, Jronnrtl,.. Je..lraon )r,. l ulw'T,' the Vicar .fWh.c v Irilt:, Paria,,orlrlth Pariiuai,' 3:.c.. in 2 vola. Juosttt received and fLo le dA W11, McKEAN. n evl5 lcar o.PCa..p aln C..mmon oilrl To I.ET. a A IDwellag blot', scital,le ftr a mall tol ita (t,,ily, ritated ,,n Nntlvas nt~r-er. lreatiag as ) LT.ivolii Circle. Alsoa, ilhe fuaitulrl, itt naa., to htusecr sle.;itl wa;atllI ttnllcarhll t tho northlt at 0 very low rate, and wil tata bargain.. Foarlur tlier particutlcraatanqt..e .)AVID rKI.T r Coo. Ne'w b'orkaabbotttntr'a Hall, h noo19 'tI Chlrarmera a (JR.tNilt.It1>. ill lhalfbar )ia, fo, -ala bsy C I.AAC BR1t thE & Cu,, ,ovtl 141 Mlgaiaie aireet. Oncon.signentl:c Just rtcaie d and ltor Paloy by G W Pritchard c..d J T'agert, jt: 100 bxeOs largo bottles Brasaeawine; 50 bo,,xea coattain.tttg 24 Ibltlaas clatcau Lafate. 501 n 12 tuptr salad oil. 50l 19 asosrtcdI cordials 50 o t Extra White Wina Vinegar, v 50 baskets Actratta. 1 OFF0ICEl N. iORIONSa 2e NAO IIt.IILER. I It : . (lYCl Iaae afheurx aafatrrt~icFg. EIVItI IIAY, ISuvttl eacepted) all.t tracinof Pa- I' angt Care will dlelport from, att.ltepro. tat lbe toitl at (.cnl streto, l Ire tallat d lhe rira ratIrie. I epm' lu. Retrn. : 1 :11 41 1' 3 1 SUNDAYS. Retrtttr OA~l 8Phi 21'.11 1'1v1 Id S J.Pr llrx 111·r·.11"( 11 C1 111 lirE il I .' ree's j 'I'll ayrtnel~ ntt tir at hgin f n le .0rmwi1'I M \1I~l a 10t',I-. w lAI cllW t 'S Oi'a. BY lt'Jltt'iA'I~I I Ia,·.l·-b. talcv t,,r It, 'I abIabr auldt,;ll Ii-iii ot h oe. l r alt IIrv S L,,C~II& ( CU, eIlt tI t t 'ruttt Let' e tal 7.a 2 tl O VttI't' I1 at.., t 0 7 5 I 6 ItalIC ioItt1liE &" C1 st n..,7r Is, Cloa .triea T'y1t91) I .rlilat.'a Ia a 1aai..a Lt :i.g Et. , lulFCoal jahir. A ltaP-IIII Ia.arIII a Ctr,,,r 0.ll11·: IC. I',~itakaal 0,,1I nalaaitJro I,,,l I,.- 7alllt (iaaarr rot Sta.,.a.,,e,,,cl nl y~larlitalc. s lle.-y trill b·-t-t, aoll. -nr vari·l~ol,,ea~tt ..rrapo,..t...taIttl l~t~lt~latllrGt ta tit Irm t.tlr locam sip pa mnt. sa. talc-lilt------- -o rai 1 bt laa Ic,,dt\ag 1.t. T oe. a'lC'I'-N. 00 IA:ItS"., Pile I.) Cashier. IýII. als rbra av hi Oy 'r nCopat I I 'I' RA I.LNE.. IA 1EAITTIFTI. head fhnhiri lo t cerlndet orna Smpnt helonine t.) the hnmrn frmm. t How I .rancee Iv fllt loss o it chlanoe the eI pllllnnlr ne, nrnd promta L, Ifrelv I.rinrrs n, the anRpenarance ofol nee, whbih en . nees .ln1 to reeril nt hbine mcoverer, sometimes PVPn to -llll vl.rietl to avoid thet Irte andl neers of their negrnir.toner: the rerenintero their lves roren ,I erje.ntlyv spr,t in reltirlrent. In shorn. not even the In ",st lornpert' fills the generous Illnklue v+ntlh with tont nenvv inlrino olnorto to fort the loss o(if i:i hir. "rl rnrt all these tlntrlen.ort eirryomnt o,Ildr.dlh;el' Btltm of ('ofrnlebio prte, the hair from fiolline ofFlorn the firt npplieotionn, and afew hottle. reetrres it onein. It liktwlPr prroloeeel eVebrowso and wlhFkerre; IrPrvents tihe nttir frm tlrnne fray. krrei it rlrl trortifullY,' and crees it froniPs'rf. Nalerous eertifieateC:l thie fierl ree.ttahrility in orpport of tIhe virler of Oldridge ifalhrt, are .hown, by the proprirolnr. . l Read the Ifrllowing:- 0 Robert Whrtlon, Isq. late Mayor of Philndelph d hls lertilirl' a Mlllv h seen belowr, to lthehgh t chr teero Ire ffllorwio enollenoeh. The urtlrin'ePd il hlereby r: P tifv tbrt wetIeve usedl the Ittlnr of I rl.lbiar dieovered Ih J.Oldlridge. arnd have furnd ii highlv serviceable not only a itapreventive againet the falling Iffl of hair, Ihat also certamo restor live. W1VII.I.fIA THATCHER,Senior, Methodist Minister in St Georg erhlrre. No 8f North Fifth st. JOHN P INGLI.S,21 Arch street. JOHN I) 't'HtiMAS. M i), 11:1 Raneet a JOIIN S FI'REVI lfl Spruee street. IIU H MPCIICrltlV.2 r,"uthuIh st. JOHN GARD, Jr,1f3 Arch street. It i knotwn that three of the above signers are more than 5) years of age, anil tIe others not less than 30. [From the Mnvor.) Collmmonwealth onf Per,.vlvanin, City of Philadeltlehia. I, Robert Wharton. Manvnr of aoid city of Phitnde. rin, rio hrerelbyo errilv r;It Im rrowell ncqrinted with leree J P Inlirs, Jrrr S Fore r, nndlI ItrhL M"CurtyV, w ho.e nmles re silled to then lhoe eertifelllne,thnt they are genltlemen oii (hirnrlltr and respllrrelhility, and rti ,lrch lull crd Ilit iove fli e oier s tr tie orifd cerlifenlte. In witnr,s rwhor eerf I hrve Ilerrllntro el ny Ilnllr anil erro d tie erl etlrhe city to he ,ffiedr, thir 0th rlty of t)ecember, ar. [L. S.] ROBEltT WHARTON, Mavor. OISEIRVE that each Iottle of the Genuine talmh hase ao .plenlid engraved wrappler, on which is represented tite Foil fNiagrar , &e Solt .holesrlel and retail by thole sole rente for Ant, rica. o2 Fletcher street, near Mailden Lane, ole idool be .r Pearl tlreet, alnd by nmost druggitrstand perfumers Slalgh Ihe countrr. JAIVI &. AfI)It1bWR, n,9 Wfholesale Agents, New (Orleans. PROSPECTUS. TIlE subscriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning of the ensaung winter, a Condensation tf thle twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised mn foar volumes, 8.o., according to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq., of thin city, assisted by William F. lrand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all th'i advantage which may naturally bhe reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no cersary, as the original is volutminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani. feet, in the other States of tie Union, in reference to thle peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the circumstance of the tnumerous principles here de. cided in the adjustment of confliets of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Mornove, tihe rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isa great demaed for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel caser decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those In the more authoritative forums of the other States, will Ire added to each ease. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, hbund, to subsret.ters at $6 per vol.; in case it ehoelri be found practicabhle to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sub. scribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, jc5 ear Camp and Common set. NEW UItL.EAN'S C(,)MMERItCIAL INTi. " TUTE. Peace strlet, btetwren .Moreau and Cosaalrr,, srnl'b. to Jtlargrrny. SPECIAl. Course of Biltk Keepil .--he course C ri f Ithtlk Klepig opened since several months, will close inll I few dinya. tany goad necountants, among whom are gentle men elhigh lten.ling in business ,will I, referaen seo.e oeretd ti th r e b eIl lrrnairge.e A new ev',rila' clo.i will ie Iirned n ceiont aL a Ir c. fi rir.1 Ill:,ferl etbi-ibre will lihe I-enr obtalnsd; II it will cjrea in Nalr, lllheri Iear. al For gi,.lllil a reclitiig ii] tihe nippr part of lhec if}, l erveillr. llris. Ilre'e rllloas ia meelk ill r, olpelldl N at the earnelr of rt. I onis and laxchange PIlace, ifsub- I. .-- IRiED. WI- I.EINSONd DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL or LOUISIANA, e' OI'FR.R is bnserices to th, pnblic in the depart mert. of durrey idg ay d C(1rd i ngineering, boith ' in towll and country. F'nOa nsder lllid le' experience ill his Ifrr'oleinn. and hy prnrlot + lr i cii linlrlit ill Ie - e.xecution o1" business tntrieled to rniO, he oltrpes to iwent adrl inleceive sharefrnrl lulie ptrllrOrn e. lie wll' It alaor llresllure alcdalculatrelte lcrtielttsn oft wails t oll l exevanlilrna. OOlice No 8 tJihrtres atreet,eecud story hack, jet KUSHll'ON & ANPINALL'S G C OMPOUND TON IC MIXTURE.-A speedv en and cectrin curn for the Fever and Ague; remittent and interumittent fevers; prepared from R the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal succeess n 1832, by persons ol the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed oI certificates. " This medicine is highly recommended, and has ac been extensively nised in thie above diseases with ai such distinguished succase, that tihe proprietor of h tihe recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. vi lic in its present form. in the hope that it may be S the means of relioving many of those who are suffcring under the scourge of our country. It is P a mtheline ptosessing great virtue, and when used II according to the directions lihs never failed of is effecting a Care, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreoabl, and d persons of the weakest atormrchl, and children may Il take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or inl obstinate cases, two bottles 11 to effect a core. There is neither mercury nor d arsemns in tihe medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are no well convinced of its effieacy, that they agree to refund tihe price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and hias not effocted a a perfect cure of the lewvr .& agOie. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine slore, corner of Bienville and Chlartres otreets. For District Agencies pprly to j5 '. W. SMITli, 48 Conti et. t IT1iE rerdersicned Ilvirg eare druly rppeintlrd by 1 the Holeruble, the i iretl J'rlieidl l)ietri orrll r I of the state of Louisiallna, tllmlmlisioners to etlllsate lnid assen Itre dlmallll ald expenslle ol opileline a inew I street Irlm PvrIr.e to iilure, biletwn, i tlagailine aild Tbhopitoulas strerts, Ilave Ilmade their estlilate nrld a.- - serrlllretan ill.plrsited a true o ire thereof, tugelller iirl sie pain ill tle olfie rl thie Clerk r said Court, , fur the ilnsWelilon ,oall whluorit Iayr cneerlerI. ArdI prblie notlrr isbealeby glen, that shl si illlrte Slod lusaeantlrttt will ie lpersvnled IIt) said Court hor r:lrllirllrnilrl, Oin Salulrday. the '4th tlIy o1 Novemv. her, I.l3i; and nall pererlls rlerested in tilhe eailieiler t and ar.erslnent are hereby itnlilltd tn mallke their ob jeelioi, if ally Ilheyl hiave, Ir said estinllaee and aere.* IelllO, on obetlre rtllZiid day el Nlovember next, the latter date being teni dlayr after tile last publicatioa of New Orloeane. i9th eoblr,1 133. S Il.t)ScMIAN, JOHN M lACH, Commissioners Sne''r!p-thl - '. )AtiS--711 ts e. buihel tiunry tRug., an aoem, -) rudi ifur etre by J 'IIAYEII CO, novR l 71 'iydlrirst I llAi ilIN: Cll1l-- bo.e lauding, and tier rile by T IilYDi & ntll, nfir c-r ita"ziniireN Ciirmiorei L.10UN nibI'--.u ilhuL` anud hor llc R, lno3 - or Mlagn inle ti Comlnol n ti SUT'fEll--ltl kegi ri.rhlin Ilhiry 1Mitter, of iires Irali tiy, landlig anl tlor sile It' STETSON & AVERY, evi til (;nivlrr et rTilE: nuhbcribers tlake leave to illorlu theiPr pnltrlne, slid the pohtiic renetrllyht, hi they are row pre pared to el'it thleia rall lirehions. tilattP S C'lo, ahrioonaeble Hlalnes, Excllange lutel, t.a-12 St. Charles at ia i rstL[;\Y . CiIUZAl'. l'olaalle llral Estate at .2iiiont SI1,I. Ie sold on Tuesday, 211tlt instant ut 12 u' ecl-ok, at the C'itlv Ixciaige, St1. Lorui street, FOURL VALU'AIII. 1.O+1, OF GLUtiuVD), U~ s i withe Inhhlilings th.reaii, frmingg, h crnier tll l iI Nitew Lever aln i utelnr stretesaioomedi.tely it fronting the Orleans t otlon Press. Iltlildineis onIi this elicite sitse wonid now wrctiv rentt at a high rare, al are muchue in ildetenld rIlntwilhanlld itg Lhe milulny imprlvtmlreiSa anw lutgrecinr ia tihe virlilte, .1 of oleih are i rraarle rigagnd berine ire thedll" all the cLeetL and i queiellsi are air adly Prnerns lishihl to inuild Dwettlin, it Stores heu tmov a flrnea Ull/-Uteily tn h ..i tll llltelmtly 'cirdir e dl Teplararnbbitira ti. Clety I'.xchinzr. Tirt. a iili he itiheal. P'. ticuiar at lale. anov 1' tutE;;: is ca s nil Q t nlp. i in an air an m.nt admirable stuation, is the rankliI, rpathe silroai, on mile frun he Miasi Ihe haltdi.rlnr'e and molMenamnleiour slydill5dfri in, sl rtelolln , br i kxping separat dikree..t chlaoerb and it lcerPalisoenseo. The intnlrthae is .upplied wik to meet ekuirll and alentive nmale mal fmare omuoe*-, aunl a~eakirg tie v riour e ilHi lrn i ll rlac. Prirollte rull r a be )nathw elle.nPm n five det Itrn per dyY. hiclhlio_ nltl..lleo. &r. 'Yrsuo, , luv or ire.r" wn.ered.+'. ,hlloars per day. Slavesnl r aldo two ollr. emal Pi inll .re erdic'O' warde, five rdoW h r. AIL enlilatl ellrrgel opertrms exoeIn. T'e . rlPat pei i ba , I.e Ih i cdli.elanro wholn eppliceaior. ir wlmieaio, mo at be o .ode. ur to I r CA Lo ..eibherg, No 1i I tRmpart sreret. .. np9 I. New Orlnno ond CEvreIllem nalt BHend Av rrenleol oor rurinul IhnP ihle frrs.u i l .1,ltie4 FRor COOrea.LuteN Friew NvRrr (Iatneao. Tler hnraee arao4lc'h AM htnt ear l 7AM steum car Ii dod do do lt do do 8 10 do du do It do do 10 do do do I crase ar 1 do i ote eareeroat 3 dial do Io 4 o ito do do 7 is do do o do di do aThe Jarkern street care and Infavette. hnlflreat o'slock, A M. Cannl trreet at 6 o'eloek A M,nd ree ninAl holrly at 7 Icrlck. Three cor will e,RlTiets. rllnein every ehll hour. and contlinse thronghout the doay stil7 alr en.' P M 'T'ihearran.meui tlr the Lea norpe cr1et a ae den u.anesl as io e Jacku.lco A-lrt. ftly TJaininO heE incgorrcee he.-l.6, received Dprs brig Slsr, i store, f trat e he --y .. SLA'fI R & TRIER. al 4 P'oyedres strete. HE MORRHIOI DS. IIAY'S LINIMENT.-Ne Fietion.-Thls e. 1 traordinary chemical omp..itionr, the result of science, aend the invenstio oa a celebrated lmedJ cal roan, the ineroduat. n of which to the public was invested wuin the olemnlity of a deathbed heqlret, has since gained a epu t ntion onparoteled, frlly ilstaining the correcteo. of the lasmented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared net die without giving to pobterity the beuefit of hie knowledge on this subjeetye and he therefot4 bqueatoled to Iis friend and attendant, Solomoa Hlays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the prineilal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and mest ertainly for lthe ccre of the Pike, andee s eaten lively arld effectually as to baffle credulity; unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the following coinplants: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary aIs.orption at oiler. All Swelllngs-Reducing them in a few hoursa Rheumatismc-Acuts or Chlronic, giving qulee ease. SNre Throat-By Cancers, Uleers or ColJs. Croup anrl Whooping Cough.l-Extearnally, and over the Celint. All lruios, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few lhours. Sores and Uleo-r-Whether fresh or long I standing, anid fever sores. f Its operations upon adults and children in reduo r ing rheumatic swellings, and loosening OaeUglis and tighterss of the chest by relaxation of thile parts, has been surllrising beyond conceptin. The common remark of those whoe have used it in the Piles, is " It acts like a charm." THE PILES-The price, $1 is refunded to any person who will use a bottle of Hay's Linionlrt Sir the Piles, and return the emnpty bottle without being cured. Those are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; alnd ut of maly thou. sands sold, not one lhas been unulccessful. Wi might inlsert certleifates iII any lengthL, but prefer that those who soil the article, should es Illeht tie original to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is mIy lante, cand also that of the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale iy the Wholesale Agents, corner of (Coollten & ''ehloupitoulas street, and by thile SApothecaries generaliy. jr30 TAT'I'E OF LOUISLINA, FIR`dr Judicial Ditriet Ceomn. 'Thloma H. Jen. Skil, vs. His Creditore iand the Creditlre of tern e & Co. The crf.eoi ofl the Inudlvelntl' ploplcrv is accepted by the C(url for the ienelit oIhi Lra edl tels, lld at isordered tiha Ilt a estg ofl his aid creditomr tnel the 'reditors otf eterllu& Co. do plate at the oltice ol'J.. t. Mark Esq., lotury Public, on Mundlt, tlher.l'th .f November next, at li,'co k, A. Al , for fits purpose of dcliberating on the tares of al nid Jenkins.., illd Scrls Cuo. ad in tile menu timilc e all jodiciul gillst the verecsl end irecc e.iiyof *aid Jslnkiuns ae stalyed. AM. B1. Cohen, Esq. s eiipp dll.ld to ere frseal tile aelbeIt credlilors. Wite.asrthe Hol. A. M. llchoancn, Judge el the Court aforesaid, this 24th Octobert, 18B. P LIEBLANC, et27-3thd&n lD'v. Il'k. ilTAT' Dr, LA L.OUl.l?.N --cur du Prdier ] District Judieijire--Thos. 11 J,.ekinos ontre tes crelme.ier.. -t Ifew crvuat'ire de .l'rmm , .'ic:--.lm cot. (III rlde s Illl s de |'ilisOl! able aeyat pt.. acte,i.l( I oar le ilenutice de seat crelltiet ; ic ets ordolulle ,'·tUle assenl It'e des crounciers et de eellx de Sterns & t 'is, nit Iliel on I' dell Marks. notalie public, Iluli, 24 jur d. 'ovembre, At dix hetres du ealtise, pour dbth( er str I.l utl'ires desdita Jllkils it .terllnt & i it; eli lmelotl tlerm tolltes procedures jldiciaires comlim u t, rulnta .t la persolnee dlit Jenkint soit arretees-M L T! o. il list nouiele dpour rphjeanter lei creniee.h abis,nt.e 'rtlll it Ieuo A A M. Itucheuan, j'uge de In courei ,'idee.tce. cc I24 etnbre, 1838 27c1t P' A L.EIBLANC, I)p ,elier. i- C ASI.Y,. . i9 C1n9,p streIt, has j lnst re:eived lfrom Lonudonlll , ir ship 'I i ier, eoni, te,hlititi IRoyll., Suler, imperial, Colucc bier. IidJ double ,l lebiant Ira)wing pc)per; iitted Ylyelut anllt ,erie. d,. 'l'trthe' 1. Londont Ihtrds. )'leiviot let ned ili.etll itld ; Ivory patc er; tLraacprejtt lHeoru poper; iGoll cod Silver puper; (held [trders, \l hitr cuad L.iour edl ice pai er. GPE DRA W1 NG PENCI,.S. lReeve''s & Sotn's beat preplred Lead 1I'enicl; Iirook etiuti &t LotlgdtIge do. h io. COl. OU iS, dre., & e. Reeve', & Son's Wa:er Ceolor; Nevimai't dl;hns ha ,I Chthlki; soft (Cra.uau-3t6, 72 eted 14.4 lildrerlt shades; Liquid Geld; i;old at Silver Shehlls; Marblet and tihic, Intk Slab" C:hine .aucers; Chiun 1ile., a, C, aud 9divitmenl; Ivory, Mailogany, and IClhiea P'uhlet; brushes; beit Badger POulh bruhlies; POlutec knives; Mlamce sd Sketching Pettloliie; Paper, .eath er end Ctrk tullllj; Mieiature Ivorice sad CawS Snaun Quill Pencils; do black hible do. UIL COLOUK., Preparede raerse; Japanerd Tin Coxes IB.idder Co tIlur., with Pellil. Drawers, ~e. IPreparred t nvara 27, 3ti & a3 iinchel. POCKET BOOKS & WAI.I.ETs. Ruti. eand Mloroeco eeocket lickh; I(ut in l.let, r Wallett; Rucia I.llther I'oPket Ihoks, 3 . 4 ivlty leaves; patelt 't'bleto, with Silver .eanil coass. .SC.IEW H NIIttK$. Plain acd Reedled R.uenouol, Boxwonod, Mat gold leurnishad gold, Fancy colored and-gold Screw lIn dies. PEN HOLIDERS. P'earl and Gold Pen Holders; Pearl and Silver do.'Cli C'OAL--tiHl tIon Ctoul, suitld for Ihous Sue, ld I earticulirly adatled for steatt boats, being c.leblrated tIr tcraiing steam, an I bll ning well oll btord slip Mars, Iroll| Glaswo, 1.r all, by OULMk. & Mllti ., narol 9 hlank 'aste iL ANIFUI.ll WHIrl'ElIS.- Wilson'e Improved 1I Mluifolid Writers in every style, just rececved at itlt Iazuar, eOrl*er of 1t. Char toi sitret, EIxcheec- lutel. ALI.I'... lI.L1 .lD ItALL. AXI CHECKu.-A t.1rge is 'sOlietuent of Biinard Halls of supiterior quelity at the esclatr,.cOner iet. Charcaes and Coiiiuiiell-el. n__v 17 Excluglle Ittrl. I)A IkEi'I'.HALAI,\CESI-12 Putetlrt PIlhtferlim lial I ntnee, welghingfro~ 10 l 1800 bIleaitr ca,e nt re dueeii prier, by Nov 17 8. LOCKE & Co. [OtKET ALMANACS for 1839--Just pubhlihed a I Iew thousand of Louisiana Pucket Aillltt a, lor 1839, lor nale by tile groce, dozen or ainglae Iliy Iby tDAVIT FELT & x(),O New York Stationers Hell, nov17 2I1 ChuctIeLLC cT1'. MARY'S MAKKE'P STEAM FERRY. T I11CE its hrehe given that in itclUai aur ontun Or dineuce ptcieed'y the (iunacil of the Secotln Ml ielipelitv, el ''uesdavy the 16tlh day of irteh r, 111.'1;, ticc,kh oet S teEripio. Ite tel capital sto.k ul" .-,foa,. ill sharets of SLI9u eatch, i ill CeptPi.V will be h locellccI at Mlr. Chlarle Dilillcd's, No. 2Le. t, 'tlilltlulas s treet i ei W'deeed.yedt n.ilt, tlhet letIlt.llulti ln wii bie kepl oie e froil e tleh.'k .t M nieil p tl. IT icllles n pe ie ter to be paid in cosh n usr Iv Ithet l rdintiee, " p,...o reshiig in lhe 2d Muni u u aeoe ttiet al ie o ubsclrioe tu the soet k. C. DI A). Commissioners. N. In. A rpy of t'it.udi ocuu eC Uwy be. eFCU at Mlr. D i.o sl's. LXCi'0ANGii ONh L. It.'lN Itr-satle LV I.SAAC1bhtliIeE Cio, tite9 134 Mtleeanie ct Ted IiEN I'. AT"h ..o sure No. 40 Ptedleestre|l . AhpyUo AItRAHAM1 '['TIlER; cIirtR 4) Ptcryditec i'jLhASI-.ti0 7 lb 211.hueco hpe'ii.l T1 nC d e i  ( . I pnwder Tea; 17I11 .li do do do do li25 ccees Canister do do dh 47 -1.2 Clients Poacloele Ten 411it l ones S unoeliung lonnlig toe Lcp Ile Hicks from New Yor.cfor alv hly " LAWIt,.NC E t LEG(;IiN RE. tev7 .'gt& l 2 Na 1.e e LusTci 111 PL. llt.- . A I'OTE, drawt bl lIsiR & I.bselrt t. i, Lake A Prlvutence, La' in fea oF Lerix oo c,0k end end, ra.l ty hxiLu umldadehauriuta fall b. rritttm llr-irio ty ydl Iat;cede u to totia l blh*.. Ai tirer y be'f ca use te te li tl.'ekrc willtt ,tiea e Pflu. ,ad rocoeoe a w crdc, tie.,W d kav I t au l "Lt.L. I.. 11t._H.,Lel!.ll, I au tS $ N , r uamp 6,('.,taY4u s ,'atop esttreelt. cfm et

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