Newspaper of True American, November 26, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 26, 1838 Page 4
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S ND respectfully an. it he friends and the public gene. - i pepared to aecommodate them at h tablishment, and hopes fhrm her l rder visitors comforL,'0,l, to receive S once of forner tvors. She feels confi. dent tha opeeone visiting Covington dvring the ummer months, cannot find better acconomndatimso Sthan slhelan afford them, on more liberal terms. -Her horsel is pleasantly situlled, ano well supplied with evrry conveniencr; the bar is fitrnished with the most choice liqnorI &e. in short, she promnises ý* t ctcihhg shall be wanting on her part to give 3 dtire satifl.etion to all who may patronize the of isiseippi and Lnouiiana Hlotel. jc3 S:1O THIE PUBLIC.--The undersigned. hanvng Sestudied under Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, Soatih Carolina, andil for some years his assistant in the practice of medicino and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. Ho ascures the ladies and gentlemen that the moat prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acqlainted witll the diseases commnon to theorn, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. Thefanmons anti.bilioos pills a nter the conmposition of Professor Smolletto. with directions, can'be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has boon attended with the greatest success, to which the went of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. uine street. JNO. M'LORING. OiiOW 'ARfi E. W F TVOODiSCRItEWS,I a U IRONS, &c. .I1.E IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . S38 Water, near leckman street, New York, have received the pact season, and are constantly reoeiving large arind extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing asseortment, suitable for the southern anil western markets. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of220 dillrrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallous, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15size, 15 fro,-, 3:8 to 18 galloni, SIlle.pans or Ovons, 7 dill'trent sizue, 'Tea Kettles, G do Skillets, . 5 do FlatSpiders . 6 do , Covered Spiders, 2 do tO)riddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, do Wagon boxes from l1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. ('irt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No; it of a *uperior quality and finish, and less than J.Ilnll's impOorted p:ices. Sad Irons, aesortcd, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailieg. Tailor's eand lhatter' Irons, asiorted. Sash weights, 10U t1oa, asoutced froit 1 4-1 tc 20ths. Ilo!ls for l'l'tatiolns, steamboalt, lchurches, &c Ieado to order, Also steambeats and other nachlinery made t. order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reconinended to te attention of Sioutherno and Western imerchants, and are lltrved fr sale at llow prices, and upon thl most hllral terms ; it is h.. lievud to be the largest and best asortl.llt ever of.l-ed for sale by any one estalbllilunlt in the United States. Merchants, by forwaridiln a request by mail, can have a prin'ed eircular, with descriptlon of goods, pricestand terms, from whichli no deviatione is ever made, farnished iby r.turn of mail. Altorderi will tioi.v iuieidiate attention. Niw York, 1 h38. j'-:3 "[ I , , S l.sle- ti I'i A k i.lrt- , 'o, s I-.e St a n Soif ltt , a. d l111it kihs, ns, -td sizes; ilLI ilt e, ii.ii "lle-or (;,)imAiYO nid T icttt h lhch, I.P-II hll xes No Sp, l, ofJn. Gouild, for rsaelie ISAAC tllitlilt.: d it0. iNEma dwelling hI use on Triton tleol, he r twncn Tiwli I'irceh a id ( rondIet iiret ,,.- . Apply to J T_', " IEEI.ItA IIII()\ , &c--'5 \i bcclbarro.vs, 25 dirt do. in su ic, er el iy ie l t ;IItllIt',N & COOrliER, llll, I:' Jiol', st )l.AIN a.nd ruled Cap ad l ei er 'PuPrsof ell Ian laiers, roosilting of wry slpelror blue laid, bile elt wille .e, n.oieIllllin l d rutled rolgh tIdc recon d .aliensnt.t-only n hand nod for sale by IAVIID FELT & CO. "31 N V Stationt.' tlil, 14Cl(' trts Il. U 5t bones fll1 d x eIch b~,relle N1 ine, Iest;, 50 do of12 ido no do 1621; 51) do oft 2 dn I ' Port, Ill6; Of) do cf2 do 1.IP' hInown Sllry, tilC .i0 Iipe'.s extra ntdeira. For ,au: by IIIEIL.tlO(ENENl Iltlt)\VN 1 Ce). ii (;IiI i trpt. I))LANK liltli;,, ill" i-very rii " rlli.g nd and Binding lneatly ceiculeod,lt -hIlrl lnlire, lit ItAVII) PEI " &: . m:l NY Statiotllllr ' Ihl,2 ('l,artrc It. 11A'iV-140 bblN (r1th proof te merinan Brandy, "ISAAC illIGtE & CO.(' A N. W t, storily hrick 'lon-, o itllllll 5 doors f-iln ti ll S rla.d O ll. llieiin lily f Ial, n'l St (Char'es st. et. l.ent very lt, , po dnl'st,)o gi en ,.mediatelt Ei'.n rui at the it'tlll ni- -. 1 12, 0f. nim 0 (; ( ce is C ln ll- Ii, wll by1ilF.ft '4.49 NO NRIRCLTRY NOR COPAIJA r4 dA ',,,~ I 4.44 44 II1II 4(44 l 44,4 I 44444 41441 llllt Il II~lI(IIO) inll ,l~lc t~l~l iit 44'11 .1(44an 11 .4' n '4lk l 11 lo be .eIen.Irrycanre, 449441 [IL bI fo~lI44y I 2:2Xt,4 44 4,41 .nn4 Jc FIill.I·l49 IL 49.i: 4(44 44,4 14-, 4144na444'4444' a,1·1 ..,'111 no.4 "49'·.111)1 1)1 andI; 1 ~111l i lhlfl.I II- ll(.pi111 1 Iobopotllh, lollllil nubl p a t*; (14· Ia11'1 111·1 n tll. ll'-llllll~· (:ll 1II !I·.lI(I.Il iN 44411111·1 dIflonnO,-44aa"l l.l II. Ii.i ·ll~l I~l 44 4.4.44I I~l( rl~~~ld·, ~ ~ Ia,444ll aln 44~· n!! ll 4.4',-'il ll pan. 44old Ill.'44llll .,nhnl.a4,n.' .4b'-Iao4444 jl·Ti'.~l\1,(·1 an',l ayr~l, 4a4444I4 ',44, 'Lalll i n. a 4,ip44n4 ni dn.dl:rl~ll . 4,(4 4444444 444 444IIII '·II·1 ·! 1 ' 4olo 441'444,44 "4444144 44, nod i: e44pe 1k.(4'./· \ i \· 11·1 111\ 444n Vaei ,FI~CI'. F'P 1·t Il(lilll 1-4 44 R/i~ ,adhenl'yIP 44444444 4'fi4441''\n -4 ) tlill.l 14,4 narn'~ 44E"Ll 4n 44(4, brIL na444'Q-l ae anyl 44a444441a44Iur i~ o JIn'4aa44444 ilrr~ l~ 4440 444444aa44444 44aII44 44(44' 4444 4 4icodre444 i I~i4'aal"'44.4(1,444a 44-rr aoll ~l~i, i ll ollia ut' llr lI ilvr ritnad.P 44,44 4444 4(44 liooo tod44'a444.4a44f4444. 44'~: 444a. 4ivs 4 atl~·,l 444., f~ko r r 4144 4444444~444·4 444llM h! o'44i 444.4.(44 144444(4.4(4(44(E4444 C.'141,; SIMOfhOn HARTT & CO, i nnow Irot on board hip Orlse Epgle, Highllannder, wI oar letry Andlre, French iad Gcmnnm play cards; Ilaek Iamlaloli flcNd; Cbheuden 21-4 and 23-8Iinch 31il Harld alls; 9, 10 ald 1$ inch hlade R]mvi Kaivers l:,lthr hl n iothbc trrtea!inic I)reoing Cmct-; ,ell i'. ac c r. -llornec.,.and Df'llii;n I.cPlstol cdoubhlle tlI ,ilt:t c tI,,crrilfd tict:a; (nca' lBag:; S.ahoa'lBle ; i'ttwdar ianl Iastol 'lanhk; iDaram Iott.lcs .nd Drinking lops; a-P .ire'el l anal: 'l racp IcIIlder,'; Chil, Hai', 'olicd:, 'allt Nd t Id li nt'.. Octrr-it ll T Is 'hlrie T th \atn l ,:l;r I'orv011 I' R,'h,: ; (,l , tin t! Ihavtir , rto, C ol an car It v,C riueh 1 it a.,,flair Ih. vd+pdl, ! n{i..het ill he r l: ,r. a'i oi '", 1 lib', lr: cl, uIt te.s ' htlv 'T Ii' .ll .m* I',w r l I' :1 '- " I ill tn' l ttn, it sand c e ; V'+ar-r'nh. ;01"," .t: lll l k l-: ilrnct-les; Iliad Nev.ltr'kI O S+ ('ltlltt-: (t ilt - I t iii, tr ed t ltRrt ; ltlt dicttc l l,,l, l viIh nll d N h ': C hllihs 'l'wi-I: Shde antd c)rdition • l',vn ý; \h hh 'h, ln :obliti t lhril" f·irrlol rlsto k Cowl hl l.m alatk a It lltir a sSltln nt vt ry a oa e, and will h sl tw acat li t at rial Irc nci, at It laia ofri tihe, (+,d slb c 0ui . : p- af 7l s, I' Intlre. trl-et. TI ; : i i ll',i cil , r( I I. , forn Ih antela o ' e hc s . o...: wt . C. S. o lIuh c'ler hsP oil, imatihn hl a nltiestl l'bllei ll,; satcc at I ll aivo s i o- -r' - ar- ipti ollPe Poekn.t 1rko s llul v . e.i r LInIan %nin tllam1aln rsl Sleis eor. EI-, atooc'l. &-&. -&. '. whli tIetl rt n prannaa d , 0 rrh , Io fr stra ,; T'r an m nd gouodtions. cll I S s veth, kt , s, lcta Ii, .. Inc;l . I. . I;l IN & A I ('(Iii :N . t n ast. - " N I,"r. 1 i - (10- G )1t Ill. . . . . t nlTrOii) ii II 'l'l' i& ilO.-Are nt iv. c rteelavh t ,.ship IhIr:ri lh ,, ( a.;alt , Mni rrv Andrewl Ii, 1Ihl ".'rd r, l'r, hl nodlld (l ;Tnonl t(ltll'le he.d Illavinzcard' : lltr- n-. it atlnd p rket IIIst ols; a , 1, rhheli llt ancd tli CI S.a itttl ttll ,t r i t lI--c- ll l'; tc i i ilT9 1 l n & I ::nt ', -c l tl. 0ew : (-t illotm ' cannrr:ll pld ot her -- lt rns; \'io-a Tk, ll nd anl) d th;( r s; bli trn an i llli l' l ack alt-tnl aa nga-ro aplors; (frlnla t lc acat ti el coln+ll water, itw rhclc s tatnc-a aea Oili MtiIatia d i Ital b e nia s t il- pctc-tlet - Insk al Ind tanl l a lsa-: p r,t m:l'rr +le < w"th It witu .; toih.t tro shain sl|ls; toilet ic, i, lr l i t'lic wlut h i, l rill sta il lrri t1,inthill I a5nl t nat'1 ; 0tt10aa c 'l it,1:tt; Patt y t l ch in, toll l'clklr c ; hiilII a l' Ital ll p atttli ,k!;:, and wl llettll ( btl hll oai:d j ol rr; l .I I I. atl.l tll otr rt t tll t l" i' (1e, l "_r irr, .nitl' rs d5J itlullls 1,1I0I1 lllFee, lt:5' +if= 1'lr ('llr !+ (·()l.+)T1t"ll( ..+1 e11 0 , .li T & '|'he 011"'1" N i ,1tlino to our f &'ttur stuck i or - i.. l ade , or :,ta i ,ll. • ,s sl t, ;o t ell d't (;(nmd luc ll 1h 1 .pock ,t owk We rl w lll :: ,l n,1 l. l( bori( o s,,. hI nIalh z II Itn tl I Ic,-l, \"l'. . , ttt ltllt r c h i,, ml i I i lla c hr:l'q d kf 1isvrst. sh tea r, p l ,ck of ,.kn iv .1. .'.id rI al4 It. lr lsI: t tac I c ti k: . ..11. ilti , .lnl ' rtlndll , \I :ll l : , rtI . ',a t l "tl !rt. I t- ,:I whill: t,. rt-lia- ,1t ll -it :tid , 1 l'ti n' 1as i'th-a: lri e l l :r P 'i il ll h oe , , P la'in f ii a oi f 5,I lrr d llh.n oill a t I 1,t thura u I- ' t, it c l I ,,i-, Ki a, , ('ao.t t11c ll ',: ull l hlrV K ,liv wall t .l on il i n h',,,, i ·1h f .fthe ho ioh ,. o l 'lx ilEv. 1. 00l-l] .C" ('i}.t nl ewn g +11,ill 1 1 et. mT ,,II III':r , i ril bll I ! r .9 will 6trI a ttl t i ll lill iatiO ll ntat . Tta ,lain. t't o s willn 1 ti wrnr e',l '.;v r,,red -tu l lonsl' .lll rwnd il a er111n makeert l tr i leh and ilh.l' ih a , 'I, wh:a ~i ll ,hease pr,-~ln Il:, ! e , lihhm nl d :hII. ,ill 'ali (" I I I lil'1 1 l. 7 l Nt RY K'I".llt'. J ii oNlc- ,, ('it ,bi i w ilN s gri Ccltai ltlrloite, Ih i-l 1a 'r- oard Io 9" - ia" v f i r, t l o an a ccln, n 1'ai: - - - - -I tt-a 0 a a-,Ia Hl- I,' lllil Il !,e. oll n hl rl illN Ii l D ,vN I llwl - Nl5, lId: X il i. la i tt . laca tt lhr l-clc-m , lt h ttn s .cc .i 0 mhhti+. toe fie,, o-hI, nrd rilps'oti a-nld sa1ll thtll at.ll at Itlt til t att.l r -i , at 1 i t r h, ~ 111 . lltaI aellt Inr t .1 lt taa crrct a'. . 'Ip t lI.c tatn,' ( .,'; n- lla t;:::, tl l' lh ta ,t +.: c c Itl,] r -', tt* adi I atI , ca-il kmn lll ca t '. I lca .-, i-tnt,.,I vo r,,ly , ;ta' llt tc o,arlaa1ltol c ltttaca ,t tI t ' Itt . It-tl , h I, fit' haml. , l , ci tl, 1,itn had tat it, uit a4k.r1t ,, a ehtti-.,. a- d a- anti ItT t' t ill l d , ccI o '-acantn , lnt, I -.; lfIc clcl,. amtibhi patl a - Ir-, fltatl lti ts, i hl, tti t ta't, ilt t. poc1ket u - :f-all '1' - .i-la.nt' dola hi anndi siah, hta rrtl- d il tnta l , al -it I r, cc-a dil ks. otitttt- , . ' Itatt l'-'a- t kuive.-a lad .haiis -lttgd ilbbo -, wat-a l bua klaa', clolh, Ia ir, I;tath tail croall , (t'tilhl hnir o , >h:1".in.t ' bIt ,D, I o'r, {'''tat l ta t ,tlk-. .timhle,, hooks a tId , at g-, h 'ir pin -, in atation liUit, Ia k ll ll l nolld 81"T l a. r Dl fnnrll I0 ltt.. ca nt 1-rc atct lci I la re oSlaretl at whtac tlstd or 'etail oil Lctmtll dttill Vl ,,r()1 ,E l.\. .1\:i1; ,I ) l 'l II'TII n('."iiM A?, I l .t RI II1:II'I' " I ,I' ltl l I X-IIt l, if- f.l rl NI. ih . lh Ictchi41(I ('hal rtn,:1 Strer. ThFI h r lil ll l . vel'ivnc , hl.dl t diton to Ith eir I nprevi i· t.M ck lil hllnd, i fll' aIlinl Icom ti e llil rtnlc1 t of alh ls in their linei ; v": .nmb I , pet urns, 3 lfn e, I I,,h' t ho', hncling h l amp i l,-v n l,,I.F., ll- .F ' , lF ,o - F lll i ('I I1 f.ll --i. s u'1 -.i]- ll, \th r! I n il ll , -I in nrwt F ;i< I XXil IIiFd h ,''Fn F F, 'l i nIn , d,'F-- F'' 'il' lU!F , enrld ll i i., k, l l aln ,' ],b o" lurll I h.d- ,ll illlll-n" cl -_ ,hll FIt" IF- F 1 1 ' IIIII, h iili ii r11 .o: ci v111 IFF'F,'la 'c,-,rtil'F t ( L I1 -lr-uh F . in," utic m. l i II . ' 1 '--I ',Il i nl,,1 11 I ,ii i,' 1 r, 1'i''l l '1, h nlF'' ' Iri t, II .llaotl l . a' I ('olf II r lll I l I::rv:nul ll, lan.v ,-U,, o (I- ,,1" 11 1-, h ,,l .I ll,: 'In ill, ",r - i',-k ,. .nd , rl dlll eil, u o. r\ s ll ' i,' tl il, ht . "r,.,I, : il, i - h nllh e.l , lnl. , I' h,` i nla .+ru aIn .ll, . h I:I u II nll'- r i trl l l , - 41 taic, honelv ir r ~ nrl . F't r u I I.' r F ti ,11141 F---e , F ~ w ci-' - 11'FFx ,,f- :. t I llii'l F.I I 'I 1:1 ·1~10,i ; l" .. SI':\V HI.I ,I\ i -l il l, , ( l i' I '1,'I D'- ill l. I tllmn r lhi)IIlI Fllt ,,i -,, o' -klil ' 'lF_ l F~i F' :.,, oI I iF ] -'FF 1 li u,, c-. Iv 11 cPi 'ion , "Ilh I' e i ,:,-, hlit IF l " I ll I 11 F-I, I 'l , III, ll lll llll.l I,>r. -lF, :l'' Fll,, l,. h, - - i- , clollllll , , \ .i] -,,I,,t't _ .l+lh,}tj all d F, F-i -l h F '-----F. I.-)'IIlI : (I ;.i F :I, 'Fll - (.,l'H I il I II l il i lt "lnl - 1) um, ni - Itlo iivn r I"l':ld 'hl d,.''-h . 1:^ , ho;- llnlý , do do, with a hatr h iv .l'(,0 r - , otF F' , t- rFF d, %it,'F ' ,- I V.F 1 1 FI, I'V .tl ' l't' li.-- tii,, 11 -d A F".l''' ". llFh d '-4:Ii n dr'-i rlu c., lii vtv ri and h, I F cuh, l, o nx ml r ti'tnlr c ,.", llr n i 1 wa o duil llin ,t oil~_i__ m ,tl I Ls , - plh t,,d p-l w i on I,,u I. I 11 - ow, r, " Ip llllq'. l llI ;nvl nnc, nrmth, .h,,'i. r ml . an d 11 ,1 Ic hll t i i11 wurl tl'ithou it Ict w, , 11 1-1 L fl - l I. \lr kltui , hcil a jj iil lie ,), ricit d ll , i, , l: i cir p It ,I, nt,,, I ltod . l lll llp, iclli - IlbI lll i It M S f l,.+ll- , ,.:. -11 ", lh,11" . 11 1. lu i -i nlctallic Imn1-,dh'i!.., lircy ',,,, I u,,I,"h,,.,.41 Ii, , .i ,hll· ,I ~ :" ,1, " . ... I... . .. . ·I. -I, v Ir-, l , ,,- 11.. "1 r. lid Ait l. .. .. 1 ip u t., . ,l ' ;11 ,. a it;l i,, 0I , oI ,, 1 11. , a I f ,,I,. i1- . u ! t,,, \i. . I r riot, wr : +,., cr. rIi oi llll 1i .-vn11 i/ ,I,, i_,, 1 , , 11l l,, . o, .Iii d h ,l "III- , i+, u, .I,+ ! llir :., ·:: ,+1 ,,h , I I..... I :- l " i : ,, , ' ,1 i ii , ' 'ii '+i ; h ilt .' i I ,:n o Inr ~ 441, '!i: l. ' ". 'r?" ,1 ; 41, i , ll m, , , 1:' .. ..11,, . ,,,,II" ,..r11 , i· . i-h .« 14 o II I .r I. I . to 1 1 l ) 1' 'l. " I o .L-;, . h I ,,r " ht . it :,h 1 ; o , ,;1,1 1, 411,"i b, I, , , ,l " , I t ;: h, illThnI( I, II' I .I .ll fcll llr t .Inv , h nilr1 1,!., i , I.h , I i h l L-. I , I, , t no, il .l, , l. r :I I lh ,, u .,, ,1 11. ,1rI. ,, 1 a.1 ¶tuv, xlr. ,; l1)il,':l,:y MK. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JElFFERSON HOUSR, JEFFERSONl STRgEET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of th e Loui T Advertierr: Ih u I n"Old t 1i ()h rllll llll ' nlll i ao moe the 1 )oll ors. 'I i< b H-Ite'(] h their kinbely r:e r knltwie thnt his tinte i hi, holr , wRicd I t:,l. ielllp'n)eudent Atlerie'eln people ~Ir," ale rl jolt.'; lior lhe'l,a,',ive w ant are poin o niiid hi'eeteclelt . Tilr otnt y ecdtors who are I)oct(rs, Ihre prloriretnrs, editors or sub-erlitors of the above nlmed ljc urnals,eill every letter frotnl p.soll 1M ivt rentlor e to sight in the ishlve, pilaes+ pells. 1. The fact is, th!lat tI never hll l 'h grai t SIcce within so limited a period as tel or twelve tVs.. One who was need Ilnhlnt tenll venr, who hll ad o)lly senlen tile lighlt om ee it birth, Iheture to see te fio lle hit m tter to tllc Ilutel, il'ttele of tritel obeliterl to be led' ht im. Two votTll l t li'i-., who le bd each ton t the eiS h[ of llle eye, one for ten vears. nud the other e i;r nearly two vars, hlviLng botlh of them the other eve very welk; vet l tl(h of thollse V nllll a ies hegr 1t, see with 1111both rtee, wclicle blellelit I [ldedge lfelill eCteinoet , ex opting tll Itle tc Il egtr the infllllelnce or iOlclillcti oI if tier ittelcclcl ioectors. o\llbtller is lte dllg iller of ni respe:lh le t hant, those lname I amn bollll never to I.cntioe, (as hl e id tue In y feue), who e lill she hadn Ilet tlle tight llf i e g !g e f-erh thlle Iie Oa ]l{ o iii gmothe, hit hi ll tlle now hegins to readu Illrge lTl tters tIwih thi. lther reye cmpletely l sht. 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SI ill thallt letter tllt he f111 'oet lly detriLved of the eiehlt c f oene oue from f kAe alter li birth, which hirs rmhrallr tleid to hiu. .- encrasioned hby ti Inles le . e r e ne lll pox; thlilt ioe', idt e tlllll l illt lty'l w.e ithe liciht of tit ell sun, ir tihe fir.t timer thatt i.,, recollect), bullt he slltir also, nll ( wns h inilllllllng tIll ditiingli"hll MIll Ilbllts; and didl, iefore I left thatte;ty, give tll 1e' ipr( lltlhtllt h1 o i' ttlllt .lee to walk b hei lt Ihe t ll in l til c the .thel r ev- et.ert hteth' elcted, li" onid he Ile ic [ leenit m heC r of the lti the licctr Eipsei pnl ('hnl.h For erl fl veer, I le t his w r, la never r oh t ld thci ll'e the whole eecert-e ofllis libe. repeat .,et I 'ed gInever ugeeteere.g .c tuhen ate Nitlhvillie ar:e +b lt li'lr inedical Clehric'al domtct', he nehelilv urthef e t' c c etl Ir h [ t Itto . e ,rellelld. 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It i sie, 'hll enflicari s a in ren nvatlli those coa stitutions chinl hIave hect' broken Iaown he i.edicinlls Itrceatment, jnvenieh-irr'ee ularitiese . lagenac l tern , it is reion ianded nl l all thnoe diseases which ar'isa frolll imlllpllities oft',e Ibload, or initiation of the humors, of whatever nlme ol' kind. Seolne of the ahove Eomldaintsmay 'eclllice some ri elile a;nistant e nppltications, ne hchih theerclmstann ees If tile case will dicta.l lllt c ie r a t ie nerlc t emely or1' ll'cifnaelOlnt to r temove rle rcelS, the IN IIAN'S iPAiNACEA will ur"eally" Ihe lnttula etefiient. TOI TIlE PUIIIIIAC. 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Ton til l thene Prhseints hall comteGreeting:--htat , Jllll lp5s Ilflllgo hain" i'clamed nt n snllu Illuade l'reinnhtir deCribIed, a ne PieJi tii tile Clrnk oI thin unurt, in whlos offie thie deed of etle was rerorded on lhe "21 den of A ril, A. It. 1838, Filr n onitil ur n ulel r linetnent in nuenntormilv tn tint t of tie .egisliturn of t'he .tltte nf I.ouiciunna, etlniled A'in act for tle fiurthter ni sti rtlle oftille itn Iurcaere nt jutdicinal nales;" nplproved tiep I th dai" on March, 18:1.1. NOFVh elb'rfor hknow vcc niid nil perInin ilinerenied tilhe S f l. t I-i ilantii, nil if the i lnish Itourt Ihl i ..nn st c ii i n ighl en Illej ti i nLIuII lie liiul+ilyn ltncltr l t'iniier tlc l.' it u'uti'qluel iiintifuiiiy ii en liti n in t 'e irlrtlircll or imU . ienn e the court Illulltr whi'ch the ·ile wtla madle, o r ollll irregu larily or Sf,'ellhnary, AIl. 18:18, in a nil ettitleld Alnxn deI n Fltidwell vu. Jhniet Hultin, No 1I),li( of the dcitehi-t f ll h i slrehiiir fl r tlle p, ice llr w ntlly oe tIIhou In teitSriptio nn lof I nt ' hll eit n y an it n t i le t lie C ni to~ticun ishsitenferthetll ti"ttnicttyiuth luucrttiuh A ierlni lot nlf cintshot nite tllell it ll td iine iturb An nl s i icr L itiell ie ef nit i it n elltu i timann 'icrile lls pro rtv xcl,t, n·llI~llr;, hy tieShlr* FICC" ill te ar Virll fcc l II, dere or him('lllt i Ilnr i'rrenlh,r itl hE lll· I II)I11CI tflelmar I t. 1 B38O11~ in tit suit eni th 1.'dII1( A lexande ( hhrFo. l the otvhe. , loJ hu i's 1031+;7 of te thg e uI frotl s C a TrlntitO ttou lnn etrt, thihde hit n td e i tiiei - rileuncihs, isor the ldistill establiwhlltr lmls Ecurand 1111s1(pti1 n of1I OI'(rpe y Ilui li ver; n11 iu the Jud'iea, IttlCt to a(·!idnv INlt~iler , its dependencies anlld aI1IPP Illw l rle t III l aill r ttlt:iv ttllll nl pritileglSl tt le sub r l ngi -g Sor as yIn uwdu II1PI tw~tannMay7, 1311 lUii itlte j J'iitc Lttitit l.. ii pnnlh citl, im piutillnruinu.i KTinTrl· DttijilyA (tlinaltin <At 7 e :1:1 e n Pn r hh lrishl Frenh line de lNllle Orlel'rchs i l TlAi r r15. lh) 1 IM3 el ill t. tOr tll h~ c Si llt ui iueh pll t imill ttcll tll ll til lir i III illi llch .I ii i ihllA i IlLs ntritslllln c Ic ie t r le Auiutil t : uAte 1d i of iitiiintlituci tiantirbtiihliAnunuciientn itte ii ltSherid iti e iuatueui tii e othr, iti ll ci A iti ont dwelini h e thitrells des opl hll e hu hnr s j all lviides;" tlito it le· Lt) 11arls 18i.11. 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