Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1838 Page 1
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Piric, 12; CNrTS. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 28 1838 VOL.-VI io I188 'J'o,.u. ,,ftJe ,:..srptpzr I'rrs+ of., ... t llli ll·UI Y agreed t,})t o'Iai Il trl . .. . "11 lll~fii tfr Ill ? a 90U1000'.titrl) t.--'w ' ittitre f'r thltdile ye r t an , ii' lvahlP, r ili- rlttlIt o u advanlr e: telo lr llarr fIr tile tri-~oekly I:ltlllV a.Ptr, Ityail one i y otr ait Icve.owllzrt. ilcitv roflerelrl:e io.ivell. Ni to x b(rlt i h% Ile di certiOrl lled n uutilrretglraeoetCrl setle;d. In col.e of di continaneltll, irre' werrh's notiee as i ritr t mllll ol't illv:rtrlabi y givcen, previous to ti) al n i tu' on fy rnf thIlhCriptlti o nAlcEnrltn -lr~ir drllilltr rr lh h tllnre Fr Ine frt at i irertieol, annLl ttlltiht price for eocith erthee~lblrte te i n nilt, mteriolaltltltrari fr i tle origiloell advcrierlnllt gr will Ielreh d a A tte untw tte. Yfro.rtl AUo tERtTUS.r--el:hallS nod Traerrar, rlrty tiollors fol English alone, nd. rixtv for both Inn tirrthons; rlksr uarornce OlGtier lats i ther oilniesil thlie Im.stitutiot ll, fi dtllrrian b Eosttlih only nod c aiglaty for botit lngtlltaeei; Shiti nnl t teaonlbti,0ttF - tirrr or Cnomraitoion toereihlnt niaty dollirn ia English ' na, an teighty fotr botll layngtrest. MtnI oin . O.IT. trot NOTIon, t nl orticiners rll inlg trite utltotirt itle pbtith to raie nlo poperty, d. eardo of ptonotoer, Iw lerli , . &e. weill he lairge I rlto ellllar per rqrare for tite irt iloertta itn oocltio .h go tim. C ia aegiv oni the sp rnv .1 .01 n. orsae tjrtrrtloetrloti, to .crti e on f o prejro- or. alttnture, whetll adrltlie.o.l xtato be hclnrge.doble, let trllt in ndi' A tluction olf twtreno-ifer per cent. will be ode t It Aue.ti r:rro S tlerTif, IL itroof \VWilOr, alltl Mtoahnl hi ot ItIs e rif rlltlltnO piioitlts in bteoh tallqogltcIr uad 50) !.:r cenlt. in EIIa&h.*h ahmIC : I)Iu·elllnt• cent onu sh oru othl:r pntltorty. AIIVKtr E ro.oeo ottt of tllt lirect lille illttflinoelceo nfr tie adlvcrtisrr, soetl tn leoll, auotiont err! plator t oil ello,( raloioetny oIRVtlo st'0troy ooilnloo, &e.&E . will lhe hc,'rg Ifa r g sor lloteateiYtld Ico l Ihe orihoorty rtro.. AIrtIcRTnIScotMNTo rtttt orpeciLfedI on lotil.,e will be pnlisnhed otto tlntllt nod clhorged nccordinoly Nao ,drttsielatett.r l bfnkrolrtcirs will It pohlishrd in any trot, ltrtleso ptta o poneeioP· t innortion, or ntttlettt gilrtralltoed by n reolttlrill: ptersont in towtt. tItlltrootcl other plocer of ' otanluolllnl itttvorleritl daily .,r rlhe asnuon. to lbe citarred li011 for Lnglish a nloe, and $15! ia hlhttl ot anIIuele. O All annonrnernonts t"f catliduti ftLr pulitical oores will be charged douhle the pricr on other odveraie-o itwtino ttt tIre lr..o. otaiutd by n...paper prnrpietoro, theo have onte to the ortncluoion that tile armes of per'ronn whostreaouts hnve utt been paid within sac month ofter prooentntion, rita!! Ito mode knone (so for na prortie hbel to enehl other--they ohli antingtlthomtoales not o alvertise or print for such dlinhouatItt, 0 0less in east oa tiantce pyonantalo. (Signed) J.C. DIA V . ROMEI J. BAYON, p. p. flEA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, I.UMSIOEN. Vee/dy IPres-e--Wet rhot utlderoigoad, agrer to nhitle ty tIte ibove contditioins, a for ns they applicohlr to (ooritne~l}" A. B. LAWRENCE, \ h r.i.talhcripainns are takea for lesr than 6 months. I ..,tcs ust, in 111 crses, be post paid. - -- SiiI)-LcLL'SPAIN ItEV1oI II)T dtc. SI' tiN tIOVItITl't hy the aulhorof 'A yrer la Slli t.. i"n '2 voln- llarr9 " rleerly, nlonve,l .y~ oo ath iror tf "Cecil rlyde" in'° vols, Te' Acrressof I' t, nona ! etin tr telesN hr t re onttltllr tf Ttlle Forot hon," ie 2o vtl. NiotttfulontoTre'tIet;tinlertperered wI(I JI: I:tril t er neot(cr'tltrtce ttitngo Ittl doilltg of Meorlji tee ,e incloUrinoo notllrtosfltho principaltcrtck ( ifi ·Il llllvll, bit ntn ltlro trr rle I lnro' I.tll rt tttt tctglttttto it '2 ov tIr en ttratte Iriaate K'l , . ... Zl I)1llll~ll 1m hv ( ;tlllt·(. I "htllier,( R. N.,tttlllmrT el( Ihe( "·l~ifv· o1·l' ,ilm'"&llc. m g vu. nllsn. Cmelarie s -iciecee A ttllwroerottI't a,0 I1o1 Icthoct. It. N. ooiter claldyitrd nreIr rcr i. tti't erlt E''rthl (I~vof.; I(· lt'lll. No'2ll II 1"21 of1 -Ihtpe' (lnssic.1 IIh aoryl lldlcrr llrllnry Tlic it r te rilloty 0 or lilt, exercise t'sl iltllll e trn!i''r,8 Polo' I- [ r r tenlr-co t aoll nlt ntlnM eo 1,·~1?i'ilrooir't 211P I·,lrtoltltf "Iloole lvr E·; .t.*tera Hcolt, lJ. . r , nv, in 3VII vI. Jastllll (re(*aire ntt Irr tth ooty trlittrt W t toit.rt I 7 e,.rtl:11I( tl .II l~i·ri rTamp \I Jnllll·Ln 1I{.t*I -o ol N' WMUIt tKLN [ I ,trite i It totvi, tIt tlier 1v I:'' I,. ,.·lw ,11 i th,' I l...,.1IIt Itottte' Ib. l teoi t tltl ni t io I li'Ott,' 01 t i lll l a i t \ I' h tt II b.or II Ir-IrhloInItr n Yer "lbeoi ill I'o l'\.ie·l Irrei trllltrle hlrlrt II o:nntitrl e talt tlth tr it ofI'Ve i+'tli4llr'. '.Vtllt; I.,llll'*e n V1 hellllm a11 hlv-r I'U:v,'i;l atc hteol'o'i c nor , r , .,lir" \VlP. 10000 iv bt It l ll ii l ' tr t'ro'rlr II'th hl e lalilo or \s ie~l.,~ i',lrliclllIR ':, {drlnl oT ridIiv .Itnllni; stills~ m ,, fly ll .r if , "~t+. ic', Itr etlll *,l re hi tlirnev; l)eIlo I or -I.' t fril , In .rr it ll or etrerli llh It ' II ttllih ,t ii l ii. a. ti~l~' , chl~ral,;,!i01 0 op r1111 Y ~ TC, by V hlfollitlp t S' I " 1 i+nl'lii ic iiirntnto In'rl irl ili te ic' rriii r'+ 'no'. +1i,,LII l 1I) I do N Irtt{ict iillit ii ir Ir ". +" ,,I I''tlItu :l.,ICJ llk I!ll'l~n; I.'11*l~tl·I ile a In val y l. :, a , i .VeI a "; , i ,.w ll \Vill. I r Ii, rilel Irtllr, I'/! III" ,. 1·.l~lrl Wt J •\ tlt#, lBy .'.lran F~ltqll· u \V h, tJi r Iy'.I.'lv,.il i S 'rotorlIL it o 0ft dlir, Ib,'+ 'tenrooinilI,,ritnil enira Ir riot, i tI r ty Vc. I'tnot I"o"'. i lI ii1,1 I, I l. A tore. iiir~l I .11 tiri Fore cod " .Itt' i I,, IanattI'ot IhaI 'ttittc. arnitinr,rrncittll o ;lhtrntitiPrassiii it rvllil ire h l io-rirl, t i Ilctlnnfi rr rtnt(rc l eti rtl ir',1iriito ollfi tcnrrror iroiottrt FeirMtlp lllo rotN,r poro, nritiirhey..tniritiiiii'tiri II.Fa Il n lrl'cr' mi'l'v h nleticre ri ltit ctiroltc rk 1 ihg pirlairliennr, er ' rilgo"rr il tl.€nrrrretriirinfrt Flrd. hertrlreoliotir Sl Iniier lein' s' rrcinnitt irrreitrtrnihtiilo'let I.. 'lire rlileie i. ire lroo~iil~ittlioni~f th tI+rea[l Iy n Jirii ltl. i A l. ,iocturtteitiF'eoiiit r~ort~ttt~rlteorl. t iri itt.lcln tit' i.rr o hrttnrttrttnrel cif , net'r nren' T ldtlty feltc Ptirri t rrrtr ir oge. ttto.h'ilelintttn' ce4 cottiogll rtu tteert .rorte pi wltrtt eland IbeottclrtrInerl Theoi rhoe! 'retrie~z I pNewl li. ll eKEANl~i nol i(ollll~il.I.el~bIIhl~or antdl 1 oa~rooe(]tt I:,ttle S.'LPilliR SPRINGS. (;:tIrNIIIItt C()OUNT'I'Y, VIRGINIA. I fv ite wi teri lg lae ill tile IolutatlilI Virgllinia, t' filcaswes of Lewii.hurg.nad f1 i'roln tshe White Sulphbur, will be open in due season for -the receptio of 'tue l anv. Many illportallt iumtrovelnelll nave heottI ladaillie tile last season. A spacious ball m11 and t numbher of single-bPdded roolls have Ibc'ti added and now lillihillg; aliordiug accommtodations. oy ti* Istl July, for ~51l visitor,. An excellent turn pike road hIlas been constractrelld passing by the string., and inter eing tlhe Kcan'ia turumpke near Lewis nurg. (ce this rt ad, by dirretioll of tile post oltiee department, lMe.srs. Bcldia, Walker t&c. o'.lile of leadl c aei s will r lun. A post toffie beiag established at fle spirings, viitors Iflly r,,ceive newstanal cImllreR llid diily,.iast tlcnd Cst. (If tile medicinal qualities ol these war, rs, hile proprietors nlied not speak. They save heen cldyt ysd by able aldj)Urofessed chemistsL, aLnd flnd to hoid t soiute mall thle valuable ingrcedientso al dit e ,Itcele irttL"d prhtlni ill Virginie. 'rile ictbiutatiotl' Ccotains lnucth Salphureltted Ily ilronen, Stnip late ef Magnesia, Sulphatnt e of Cr n latue of lte. Snlpliate. Soj , Mariate of Sroda cld Muritel Maglnesia," tie salutary effects onfwhll are eaxhibilel it di ees incident to fcemalesuand chron ic afltcli ll of thie etomuchl,liiver, tnd bowels; incutle teou c affection s or diseases ofthei skin. nt remedy noure ptell or Ies aim d foutnd. Exleasive buthing establihmeuuts or bei tase e have beet erected coltiguoas to the opri:rt. Vicita.a let1 t all tinle% eajoy the Ilecu4itr udvaatugu m, tir oe ign and wio;lesome effect$. Majlr \Villialn Vass will cotinte the superintend ine, o, tile spring. Ever, exertion o f his part, acd on t toart of tile rt.lprietor, shatll be rendered to ilsure or the Illu te Sulphur a literal share of thle public plt oaage. 'rite proprietors of the IBlue Sulphilr Sprilns wi'l be iheral in tile receilt t f notes o imf al te t itnetn l \Vt s irn BIaks wh llicItre eioidllered isol It,lptpr. MARIA MONK. &c. SWFIUI disclosures of Maria Mnu of tie lHotrel lI)ieull Nunnery of Mo.treal, w, tlI with an up pendia,laid aiuing, part 1, Receptimt t first edition; part 2d, Sequel of her narrative; ptar.S, Review of tlhe cage. Als, a sulpplement, givilge motre prtieulars eof tile Nu:lttery and grountds, illustrated Iby a pl ... tithe Nlnery, &e. Mari. .lonke and the Nuanery of the Hotel Dieu--br iep at accunlllll el a visit to the Convents of rtlretl. and refutation of the "Awful D)iscliosulres;" by WIl. L. Fourth experiment of Livitg. Living without means. 'rile StIflst's Inrcstleuto il Drawing end working lI"Thie ie orders of Arebllltre," fullyv explaining the lethld. for strikillng regular and quir.ed louldetrs; f lr dimininihlin t and gluging ofucolumtnslnd capiltls eor filling the true diamieter oiuc order to auy given height; for strikian tile Ionic Volucl,circular or eliptical: with fillilled extmiplcs, ot a large scaele, of tie orders, their pluellceres &c.; ntd el)lue designs for door, ele Paully ellngraved on f.rtv-one plates, wit exprlates--by P'ter Nitcaison, urchitect, author of the "lMechalie's (Coiianio.l.'-;"Carlenter's New Gllide,d" L'Crpetaltr's sti JjllneltIr' Assistant, &c. ,,A t'raeilett'l Treatise on th Culture ouSilk," aapt rite to ite soil aud climuat of ithe United States-by J. lU. 'lltlttk. secretary cl thle Ilurlordcolluuty Silk So ciety, clld editor of theb"Silk Cutiurilt.' , I'lhe Sill; Raiser's Mauall.l or tile art of raisilg anl re.'iit silk w lrtltt, sld of c.Iiielitag the it, ,ID{ry 'l'te h: le "{'s .inttl or ('umlutereia] Co)rre Iaon len~el c l.l\ lrlt ioln let+It=rs o1" bI:i i,· ss, {O'LIS o' bell , iavoices, a' clltt-:hlee, lltu. il1 soeenllters, equatio of Iy.nlylults, sPr·It c i rl:i'll Itl t II I .s v .-- t I. F'. FI oster. .,ifistorv o1" tihc a.Vtl illn ite i''il~liu slnd thie Soulth of tEr;ter, futt tile year 1:i:17 to tite year 1I1I" by \h. F. . .-spier, C .e vti V.; to which are perfixeci aim rwvl~rs tl si ea+'+ +ltttat t in Rlllobiln-l' s Life of P'icto l. ailtd !, Ifyv \.lt'1tt 'T Pe-reival's rem1 irks up)oin mllatle plais,:" eleu in t'atleiN Nalier'c otllrth voilnle ut tile PIliasular vYar. J r,areeivel d ulu r t eby ] tG ttt( R[ I.'t, S" ,21144 New Le ve' .. ttG l iSIc.: I'.; eVt! 4 1 NeC 1V ,+t+ Ii. Brower & OCe. Art' just rceivelat their Ftrnrlisllin Ware-ho,], 1 No. 7 Caoup street, by recent arlrtvals fromn EI o,,t, and the North, large alhlitions to their stock of tl f"1ianal ortnatentutl hnosekeeping articles, which col lectivoly (they believe) form an assortment more gettner I and emnplete than is to he f loud in any shnilar estab isn.nent konownl; eon astini of SILVFtR WAREi Coffee and ten sets; pitehers, waiters, castors, eanullc sticks, upls, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forks; table, desert and tea spoonlls marrow and gravy, or ra gout spOonS; sugar tolgs; t, sauce andi sou ladles; butter, lfruit, ptlddlingantl fish knives; pickle aeld dasert koives and forks, napkins, 'rings, ia . prisnciplly iona thle mnnlulatory of Mr B. ardInner, of New York, whose long established reputation for thie manufacture of silver ware is suflicient gua.'rantee of its superior quality. P LAT * A"RIC (OF SHEIeVrl',LD AND Bill MINGH AM. Tea and coffee urn, ten setts; castors, liquor and cor- t dial stands; superb eandlelbrs, and Epergues with mir- s ror platenaux, for centre of the diner or sll.per table; I1 waters round and oblong, from 8 to I inllces; beef- t steak and vegetaohe dishes; rich dish covers; oak. It 'eI Iwl'etl hnskets; decanter standls; mallatle and clhamnler canldlesticks; wine stratuers; coolers and syphosll;l decon- t ter lalbels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ts. ble. egg and mustard sloons; egg boilers and stlnds'l toast races, ko. SILVERI ON STEEL WAIRE. Table and desert knives, forks anld spoonll; soup alld sattce ladles; butter and lsh knives. cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegtable forks, ret. .I A PANNFARY. 1, Ftne Gothic Sandwich and roundl ornel waiters, in F setts anda single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of papier macwe; bread, cheese, asd knife trays ; large upright plate t wareslnl; spice,'lnd cash boxes; p.sil. reiots; SIndia tea tables in uests, saddlles JLjpaasmOs aad of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among wtnse re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich ctt glass: mantle lamps do, do, each plain and with glass prisms ; very spletalid cut glass do; bronzed atd Japaoned side or bracket lampls. CHANDELIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. English and French cut glass chandeliers or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 18, 40 and 24 lights; French bronzed and gilt t Grecian lamps, 3, 4 anld 8 lights; hall lamps and lan terns, rich brolze boat or centre lamps for drawing rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed snd marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gst, with fixtures, etc; counting house and kitchen clocks; bronzed inkstands, cegar tdo; paper weights, thermome er, card racks, candlesticks etc. CHINA WAItE OR PtIiORCELAIN, English atud French dining desert, tea and coffee ser vices of plain white, gold edge, ant very rich aIIny styles; splendid toilet sents; water and milk pitchers, mantle vases; fancy : racks and haskets. E A RB'IEN WA RIE. Dining, desert, tea, coffee, breakfast and sapper selts toilet ware; pitchers. Also, aUnton china dinner setts, etc. Ctif GLASS, I)centlers, pitchers; claret and trtl lock idellantres; owls, dislhes, celery vases, salt st:lans, sutgar bowls, blttlltt tlubs, fioger bInaons, tumblethrs, wille, chatmpaltigne, claret, cordllials, leou e lOl td jelly glisses; lill colored hook glasses. Also, elnldh shades. TABILE CUT'lEIIY. l'ine ivory balance landles, self l' ti and buck handle ktllv's alt liorks of 51 and 53 I pieces, r by the dozen; ivory ltandle knives onlty fytr silver links; guar:d 'tilt game carvers; long slices for roundl( beef, oyster knives, Inot cItnks nod pi;Cik; sugar utterso , tork .':re\-t, ertc. IRtITTANIA AN ItII.O('K I N WARI';. 'Tea enoi coffe sells sld erirs, \ils I and '2 Iktueet,, i suitable for hotels and steamlbots; ladles; velnsin distes with covers, cysttntrs or lthatillng I s; dish coverst a a,plrlateeters, conlte gt'''nes; t.a kettles on st;urnsl with heaters, tag Ioil,,rs, etc. V FAN.Y HARI)IWAIII' Irmo;s aln wire t.,llers, b 'rasta.itlillos; R'assa8: d l I, eletI Ihovels nd tonr etc; Icopper coai ,dts oan punch ket leis Ila,:sc spiotils, Echine,) ItItOkL; Jlapopatdt, brass ant lrolze ha;llite hearth llnsts, 'tittty bellows and :or s bruslhes; crinmping sud flutiun machines ; umlrella stalls, grLate Iootmen fhillh. wa1idallg pIltes. KI'I'lTI'.\ l"lJltNrl'UItL- -;Iststhigofiro;, tin, i'brass~,,' opper/ anld toodktt tores, beilng a eotllctioll Iof itl utensilstd sualally ret..l i l l ttcultlty purltlltpo 'So , aillt , I brieflmost every article wanted I Iv toI"Il el ktelllt r c. the finll , i .n heir es ...tbPlis met t. {( Siltmrnaul aihted ware erpaired amd repolishedis ntw. larllps rcepaired slid reblrozetl dec .i [I)1tOI R S l{Cll -IV'I FOt IR JOf.1s' Pl. VTl"..'T COT'I'i.' u I,¾ Ilhth" Iaette.e, No. 53 l'tgazine allttset, N w t rles S1'OJE .1NI ll'FC'lIt ltlUIl IN Nt:11' o)iK Ill' IRB.ERI[' 110l)1 & C'o. SC.-I.E OF P1'IICiES--l)odde/ (rs. Fora i doutble Gihl of I1( saws Ol. opt, r l earI wpitloot, eeder s, t Rk , &c. at $(i o (eti"rw, or t9110 For a ltouble ;Gin of 6i0 sa vs ,o act hndet., ora 1'20 saws itn the staud, lrcederls, t.,. a $6 per saw, or 7120 1o11 ] I0 , do. of (dt son do. or I saws in a Sstiardl, at J$r it5 per salw, or 5() l. I 'lor do. of at saws ion dto. or, 0 saws io n a sto:adl, perI aw, or 2ot00 t SINGLi GINS. Fore single gin ,f 80 sa.l ic t...., with one set of feeders, balds, &c. at $6 per saw, $180 01 For d1. of f0 saws, with lceders, &r nt $E 00 lel' saw, 3" 0 )0) For do. of 40 saws, with felIders, &c. 86 75 per saw, 300 For do. of 2) saws, with lceders, &c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 t10 Extrateeth where desired, for leoes, soupclied a 10 cents esllh; the nutber of teeth heing ahout eqtual I Ithe lulllnlr of saws. ()e set of feeders, it is can sideretl Iiowever, will wear out tw or 0 three sets ofI sows. Extlsa saws upplied at 80 cents oeach. The Gins ordered, will be deliveredto to e agentls of platers ill a f tilhe sea port towns of the cotton plan tinL States, 8 thhe oatoe prices, thle alg.lls Ip)ing the 11,hIt o. tile same froo New Yo'k, nlot htcon ing re spc..,ible for the amount of the Gitn. A Iain wright will be sent with the Gins to put them up where die sired; the charges for whose servieces will be extra, but moderalte. Iron runnlinlg gearcau alsohe oriteredl where desired, on reasounble terns, buhot will be chared extra. Horse ipower, ofany description, can he furnishecd on like terms. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de sired. It isdesirnhle, when plantters givc orders or hGios, they shouldl aecompaey them with their .iews itn regard tothearcangementol saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is fould they diffelsr opinion. Some desire saws of li-ger ltiallCeter than others. 'Tile ost commollll sizei is 9 or 10 inches; h, .some wish them 12 inches. Sonie wish 5 or Ii rowslt brunshes oil an axle, wile others do inot want more thet An t tmost. Solme wish saws with 8 om09tceth to the inch, while others want 10 or I1.W W8 cobh diserettaocy, we orefer they shitetld, ct tie time of giving orders, fiatish a statemcct of itheir wislles, and the manuthcturers can rilll Ihet ill ever particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shlil mlakethteclonthe most monllern an approve plan. As order cnll he exeeuted, tiom the tile it is received, in the space of eight or nine weeks, aill the (;iln in that thie placedin the hanllds of tile facter. To le il tuite for tile ext crop, all orders ought to he in the hands of the mnullllfcturershy the first or middle of May; exuept for pinttations wherethey arelate ill cuiuomclllcittig to pick or gill cotton. N. U. The Patent Right, for any one of the cetton gr'owimg States, will he sold on reasuuable terms. mag3 6nos STATE OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial Districti Court. T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom these Presente shall come, Grecting:-W--hereas William Mackey having purchased at a sale me de by tie Sheriff of the pariah of Orleais, the troperty hereinafter descrihetl,has it, lied to ttiler rl'rk of tos ooart, in whose ffice the deed of sale was recorded oilt the 5th day of Mai, A. ). 1838, tor a nonititn or ad vertisement in conformity to an rct of the Legislature of the State ol Louitnat, entitld "An act flr the luither assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" ap. provod the 10th day of March, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all poerson interested herein. are hocreb eited and adocnished in the name o the Stale of Louisiana at d of the First Judicial District Court, who can sht tip any right, title or claim ill and to the property hereinafter described, in consequence of any infiormality in the order,decree or judgment of the court under which the sale was made, or anyirregularity or illttgality in tile appraisements and advertisements, in time, or mantner of sale, 0r for an 0 other defect whbtso ever; to show cause, within thirty days from the day this monition is irt t iot tered in the public papers, why the sale so made oshould not be eonfirmled andi It nlc . gated. The said proporty was sold by the Sheorif of the par 'Ii cwor'rlcOc n the "h3d day of April, A. i. O .iIi,hv viitle of adec.e of tille coul t, reolldrel onI the 3d dai of March, A. 1. 18i.1ti,, l sail entitled \Villiarn .larkoiv vs. <anmel Bell, No. 1,5'15 of the docketof this colr, at .lich sale s.dd William Mackey Ibel.cllll tie l8pu1 chase:r for lthe ict of $3,300, cash. )escription of Pro crtyv as givn in tme Judiciial Co.. 0eya0l:,' vIZ: A cePrtain lot of ground, together with all tile build illns .lt il provemlnts thereonll, situated in llthe l risl of Orleans, ithe squlare ounldel by Ne.w Levee Luoiet, I ';ll and tielord streets, designlied by tihe No 9, I0 )lacp ilratwnchv C. F. Zioptl. Deleuti Survevo pin t No 10, o Ithe bo, k i ofpllllllta t I lix linul, Inlt:tr phdlio. iaid hot ,e.e.ures 90 feet ilI inth Tirot er New Levre st,, et, I;'et in depth on the ei'i 'djinii Iel No r. noli t. feet 7 inh lesI ad 4 lines ill deit oil th \abe. l tlbutltso all all't of three t tft sline illnhep ii Clerko's ttilr, I i' " ,l8ay I c ii i .I ,t F 1\"!'1 ;'e,. (ierk, - lii!/i BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFULI hend of heir i the'grandent orne 1 tnenet belongine to, the human fiame. How strant ly the losse ir i'hengrs tiem collntenrnre,and proma' urel I.rincs on teIre RprPraRnce of old age whicih ei u .es ineny to recoil at beine Ulreovered. andl ioletiltes I evern to I R socieltery to avoid thie lirtrs and Reloerr of their neqrrlir.eunre; thile remrnieler or their liver atre , n rqeretliv spent ill retilelment. rIr shrt, not even trhe or i leopeurtv il f etie rOS it ihing verbrh with tihrt nevv tiakingg loern ae de s tihe te n etef tie heir. I'o nvert all tlesee unloieelet cit irrulntrurreee, Olhh'iid.c' Brdhe Of Cohemhitr rtrrp tire hir froee felllhro Off .rn thrt irtnppliction, nl eow ottlires restatres it rseeain. It likewire iroduces erehrowr' arnd whiskers; prrvents the air erm turnanec rrthneaic it catre b.eneltully, and tfr' it frrr ,.{llrerer Ninler~llp crertifiernte t i the flrst respectalitiv in supTort of thle virtues of Oldridgegl BaEllr, eri rt.hown hy the proprietors. ? Reed thi following:- I irtert Whrteon, E,,q. later Mly r rf Phiilll iphr Ihs tertified ' s inn he seen Ieloth, totie ltgl ellura e~ro 'ti Irhgit etterrlerell. Tihe nlira i l dr hereby ircetif, that wehve nsed the Ialtn oft t'll erbia di-cOvered by .I Oldridie. and heve fienrttr it hrighRiy' eierril tletrnv ci a pree mtive egrinrt trie Fllliag offalf hair, ht ran aiceretrc rtstor live. WIILIA Tr iHATiCIIER, Setleor, Mcthodist IMinriler in ht gerr Or e'rlerer. Nt] hli Nrrtth Fith st. JOllN P INGI.[S,321 AIrch atret. JOHN 1) 'rTH)lMASi, M D, 163 Racest JOHN S FI'ItiY,thi etpruere rtrecet. 1U0ll MlrCURI)Y .LiL4orruthird at. JOHN (GAuD, Jr, 123 Arch street. It 'i keow thaht tittr o tile h re sirnner are moral titan 50 years of agr, atnd tire othera net team attan 30. fFron the Mavnr.] Conmlmnweahlh daPlmvlenis l, Ciry orr IPhiiddiei I, Rhbert Wharton, Mevor of eid citv of Phdilme. phia, de herehry ectrtirv thie I tin wcll e'rerltrintid with fttrrnra J P leglie, Joie.. S Fae r, nerri Itrngh iteCurde. whosre names re rsined to theh ahove certificre,tliat they arte .tellemei of rhrctirr nreri rerete irhiii. ne e ste ertcr irill crrdil reriir l rrrr hurei erro trr e :lriee Iir'rrrifirlte, In1 witne+ whe reof I hrve hertr nnrto r t n har nde allll enlued the senl ofi tl cityn t.iho beh.rixiad, this frilldry of hreenrllrtr, ble. i. o.] I IIiT WIl liTON,, Myer. OI'THEIV fih~cilla l:ljll:C' batI Ili ;ll~llljJI in il'lri hil O IV~ttrrrrhairirifrintrnireertr ire irir rlrd ar rlend wlrllprlleri rrn which is r rerprecnrlrtre oh l i rrll r erIII r rII r trre irrr trrrrrrerrttrrrirrrrr Sold +l.holsale and reitail hyvthe sole lllenlts for Amll -.,I i rlrletch rrr, rIl rier e rr err i rhi d i rne, a e tooer I blli. arl Nr iell tlrl hy iIs drn..ggilstand eirfumnl rs t oegh he coe trirr. Jii l ANd Er W r, rrr!i ¶~lr hrrlrerl A er~trr, br-re itrirrinrr. TIIE rslcerih r l -e elin.,rs i rlrlprlilth, in tie iae. gihirg fitle onr Itllen wir r, a rondedSenr tiour if titr twerty voelrrets of the Old l rd Nrrr Seriee of iMarltIt' Leouisietlrt itlrirl rIro eIt coPerrrrised to oir vrlumesrrrvo.v neacording itr the irrdrrrl of Peters' Condrtrenaed Reprrtr. riera workai i. t lrtirl prpratirr bIy .I. lirrton tlrrison, E sq., ofei thi :iltyi, aCisitd iy William F. Brald, , 'l. "T'ha El'dilor in also pernmitted hy a distirlguished r tiied Judgte uf the SiipremniP, Caurt, elld bly olni.of the sittiln .IilJu gesi to expe1ct frmllU tiiretir Ier. rlr irsp.rvii.hle relle tl r L rr varirte which may natoirrealy he r, red iroee eptrincllC. Sueh a work is lirrorin[ very, rl,ry norrr en cesrary, as tlre ,trigiut irre vtolonios, expelnlive, anic carerr. Ae incrraririe r ctriortily too is mIleni lit t, in the other Sicrters oit tie Unior, ir eforetrer to Ihll(; pl,:ctlhar jurisiru'dne to" Louisiana; adltllhe cirlenrirltanee of thie Irlrrrorrr prinipls here der cideir in tire arldsternrtr rf rrrrlrirs of lar rr mit akeh the khrltriedg rro rr ill rtiuigied lIsie!s ie " prime uti-i lity to the juricts ef the whole Union. r oreover , thre ri.irrg -eparublie f TIia ,as ra iilrrod our cordes. ael tulls there isirn ilr .rulrnr rltrllarltl fir thie Lodiciaria deninions fromaln fr,'+hqlaurer Crretnirtert ntr,, iroliriting tlhe parallei cases deridiled iln Luisiririrr cld otrolorinlilclly thoo I the rc culthoritatlive lla uir of tIle i othier states, will e deriv. wk x. ill t. e f rrlrr volumes, ryal octavo, and will he dchoed~~.,, hound, to uI, crlb.,rs at .,.ti p'ercvlr;inrr e i aritur lll ei fit r llr r trt tiirle tlrt lolmpnlre.s it cln three v rl rrlrlllre, tho . .ie t llo r sf1lrsi will he $7 ,IIr v.I. oulslcriptinUi. lcctivrd ler ]y Wi' i Ml-c OAN. icin5 ii r is nl ill ll lltll.ll - IkUIIl'lN &. ANI'INkL~l.'S itOMiliUN ItTON IC MI ETru,.-rr A speedyi rerrittent eind irltrlleritllltet fr.irt; ireir d rolm th ore gial rtep er.i Usl.d in" creenlt illt utci. erstl uccest i ll ll3, lry pCreten tir ih highect resielldctahirlt it i ts ctltj, rs ratied iU the e cLnexed certificates. Titrs otedirine is higrly reroaeerd, and hasir hioen exten(ively rlscd 1rr tie ltbove rdiseases witht osuch ditinguiied stcctes, that thlrtre proprietor of the reeipfe has a it nduc r err tr otre it te the prri. li in its preset trenrr irrll the hoer tihat it rnay bie tei eroeaus ci rchevirtg tnrey rt tilec who are sctiring ounder the rcrrrgr ci cri couortry. It is a nredic.rca prrsertrilr griatvethie, atid wen ured rccording to thie irerrtirrt hirs r lever trtiled ci eifecting a cUre, evrtr io the rort e distiliate ctrge of the rtircrder. It is not at all diiagrrabhi, attd tpersonls of the weake..t stomach~l, anld children maly take it with impunity. Ii ol1nrrgthnie the digestive torgansr creates an aiietite, anrd elidott requires more thac one, or irt obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. rThere is eteirher rnercury nor crsenic in thie rediriie, nor at y tiling injurious to the human ernrstiiutiorr. lrhe proprietors are so well convitted ofit retfieacy, thet they egreo to recind the pricer to',vry brttle wrich hai t heen taken in erectdanot with the directions aed has not effbcted ai cute of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole argetnt for New Orleans, rt his wholerale ac d retail drug end mitrdeiitcn storeo corner of Birervdle ard thartrecs streets. For District Agencies a iity to i5 T. W. SIrll, 1 IS C4 rti st. II.EMORRUI IDS. lit IIAY'S LINIMENT.-No F'tion.--This ex. s traordinary clhemic'l colmpllition, the result of ciencle, and ill illvenllltl a Ceoihrated i1edi cal lman, the i.troduat n ' of which to the pubic ci .vas invehted wa.l! te IsolemnOI ty at it deathbed bequest, has siccc glainid a reputation unpatralleled, fully sustaining till crrectlles lof thte latnented l1 tr iridtley'a .ist conesttn, that tt he dared not die without giving to posterity the beuefit of his knowledge on this culbject," and he thereforo bquneathed to Ihis Iienld and attenda,.l Solomoa b Ilays, the seconr of his dlcoavery. It is now used in tihe principal hospitals, and the pirivato practice in o counltry, first and most certainlv for the cute io tIhe Piles, and to eteln sively and elfecltually as to battle credulity, unless where its effects ne witocsed Externally in tle following cutoplaits: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption, at ollce. All Swellings--Reducing them in a few hours Rheunnatisn--Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat-I- y Cancers, Ulcers or ColJs. Croup and Whooping Coegl-Externally, and over the Cheil. All Bruises rain, Srai and lBurns--sCuing in few hours. Sores and Ulcers-VWhethler fresh or lotig standing, and lever eores. Its operations upon a dlts and children in redue ing rhoumatic aawcilietgs, and looseneing cougl d and tightness of the chest by olaexatio:t.of the porte, has been surprising beyond conception. The eomlmon remark of those who have need it in the Piles, is " It acan :it, a chartr." TIlE PILE.S-- Th price, $1 is relhntded to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Liniment fitr tile Ptles, and rtLurln the empty bottle without being cured. 'Thse are the posutlve orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of mltitny thou. sands sold, ilot ono lhas beenl unleeoalll. We. miglit ltnlartectcertl.tat. I any lungth, but prefer that those who sell the article, lhould ont hlblt the aignalllto piiehuatrs. CAUTION-None ct .u be genuine withount a cplcudtd egtravld wrapper, ( wch Is 11.y nItame, atd also itht of illth Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Si.l whe.lleldle and ietai., by CO,\.STOCE &. Co, New Yf~r. ianli by one llruggint in every town il the llllu . loe :ale h~i le W\Vholesale A'gents, corner of Cant.nn d.l ':itoitt tlulas ht.reet, oandt by the Apothecoaresa generally. je30 Lttt .e a lilt l t ilt. I 'T'IE.l. ,1 5 4(I I'- drs et i i, if i \ t.:\ it \ .. \ 11w " ," MILKS' CI).lIPUUND EX'IACT O? TO3IATO. A MoITUIT UT R CO T F . 3ALEL 1 ll . doctrine llomulatted willt so mluchl assrance lil T b ay eay miris oflthe Ireerit lva, tthat ontre ti ichi' will ewie sil diaeats, is not, au iev-tllie true; ittd hlie who ltssrts it, is either a fool or an im- i 10ttulr. hut it is tite thtemotll'tutble tt exterietnee, ci tht cotobioctioht if mediliee ItIIti lie feltled tfem tte hi I,;ETACLe KINtIi(Ito, Ithat will act so lilliverallny C u the s stem, whell takent seasouttulb, eed in judicious o poIrioIs, as to ette, nill Ie ia esFoutt of tel, aldl iIaseh titbin tte tL-dititlltt power oir muielietir. Ci Flon tile well known Cod utatiuished reltutatinn of Calomel, it hIas lolg been elnllloyed bythe empirie, atd sieiitifie thysician, is ne of tile most pioetrf it CtOttt6 for tile ltent 'l of titlse o. Sty thre firiuer , at Inoot evey "ndol l:os hLell doluged with nostml-us, that their autolrs claimed tas specifics in every diseate inci lelit to the hblmtmn Ifmlitl. The foully of thes~ peeten - nionls ieitis no uommeelil, f'oi. iceul-ille cllmnierl Ilvesti gatioo this oltdClwC tttt ttte hose if ItoUst cC the I)tittCeos, latholicotlt, kle. whil hlve beeln trulmlte petted beforel tle comlnuiity, with so nmech ssurance, is Calomel, or inerelty in mote forot. Noe, if tlls i,otett articleo tell i tlteltlts Cf thte ICoot skilfuIi ttltysieiet, fileqetnt ly oelrts a h itlluenee oi tle hIlman sVyltei, uitfotreelt, ulld eltirely beotnd the cottltol ofHirt utnlleruliltino th, uetlicot;itil, sictl bl-intlltoitl tIomultllll olst are, tliseaI !nll~l lethl whlln Pesuh sllotild ll ulrxpcted vthen Ilt'e otillell lty the ignot-ittt ouoi bherie nlceny tliocltlill ticiinlsltujeio, a 'ttiic feeonl t the onl wout l siot l Ilitli hu 'tpetitfi' dellusioi that now sways the mintds of illte living. Htlltlnae 'Physicians dieltore the sad evils resulting ri | th e rn i trietl'll tiototiee, lttni wllt glcillv boil tilte itu trollitll O io ll oftctiote ttiot HIel sotyl) he stthutiluted for elomel. "'leu feel, alell ttitltt keelt. thte ttll'ttillttt Of its citlc. eltrittioiint;hoy itt illlltie soy -hetllet it till I I e ml, or~ie o.ttiilttotalttr. Titey allto ktlo-e, atit feel, thfat it its u is COllti!lnted for aty oniitlr tle time, Sl jlttiool se.oldry e.onuoSentmusooo ollaow. But llhey otiSt ctoose the leaist of twi evils: they kliiw lo othell' attile ttut Kil cehotor a totdliv ere, esoe otlell-tito tiolt, anot se 'tttfeee aeliclt lle oltlo gltdoular ayetelli, ottil it hell' itllttlltllhlllttty eretIct to dol nit, thIr ontitue its use, iotithatatethil.g the evrIt'ilttt etylctie bll el follow. 'They holve bong desired soed sltgllt s article thtto would peottlee the good esffects of tli dllrug, without sutjeeting tile ipatient to its derletriois results. Sntlt i desileratumo, it is Ihelleer , lltlas at length been obtaibeUi t in thte octicle tiow cll-teltte to lltt puhlie. 'ilte It.trietol- Oef tl it oile keejoing in view the teettcItot'.teisolotlbeneioicentttlhiitt itt m tl t a wittth ill tile rleth of elI, reoties ed aptea to tile diseltst os cidellt tI tile cliulte they ilnhnlitl midtl knowing, like- i wise, that iost of the listeIases of thle thoultith'td West cce hllsced IIpon1 rganic il o functioial tderaeoltnent of tht livel.; lireotell ttellir atttltion to tihose atlioees wiel I ait nlore esl ciall) e tyie liilieti o relle. AlitrelollS, lthorilots, onel elsivrtieeseal-tlliot, hy ,have sllcceeleydc ill extrectiltg a sulstance Iom tile TO M11ATO, rhicll, tfotl its peculiar efet Ilpl oi the ihetpu te tri bil HoeV Or.giIs, thteY tote tleiooninltcll Heptttitir. !litico etitolol.e tltiat will tlol-otoo~ oll the Iltet,ticicl iesllt.a i Calotnel, it I btttt ute till chleioi diieseae,' withltl thie loi silility of prl'oducii g tt.e leeriousle tleoll l.UIIOe e{m lmntht H.-itle. It :Lcnlil~l il~ll tI)11 Ll- Fl~tlb i ution i lrlns!Llve sll,1o Inl· of' tile pat11 l IesCP:,lli its ihinllell e. It is, howls er, IIJol the g Ori.i s " ii1 oitetitoll ciIl it C tiloll that its hSlutt lwtI· l"l irtictluh*ly nl:uiislted; heea it is pe ito Iu l tlitted to tieit ti oi f bite ons fcIe e ' nd l isilet s iu to hii ch a tot illic it t er ce tioi ot ' the It is glnlossitle t i all cc t s, i h'le it is seEessarl- in cle:lllsl i the s I 'oell a o., i tIw ils. it r mII Oves tElll' - tioll, :u il dexcitei ii qul ck a uind nicltlhy alcliion of the live q' Silll Itheorhtlithill ' \iCeotitttlkllie albllltnti. H~fiiin il it'ube iTits o el'tio , it l-duces i.Bt'e cirUtileh - in th.e vtssls on the sur'.thlee olf the bold, :Iccoinsided by) ni !g. t1Illel t iiit does inotomiC tiitt like tlis i/ie lu'Rigt i still, its actioll is imor Itrleeloli, cIc tllcil ol'ltil bIe repialted noLt miilyi' wihith sfety biut with gl-rous beiifit. 'l hic lltbe lno t sc iei. lllnll ibl? Iecessai'Y i cll ot'long shitlcotn cilit in thtm itese thompotrthe inrei stign e ite he iitron meli iciiinte, scuhlotn, tioeverl do gollll; bui t tto Ito iiure tie tttitii of tll cu sl itltil. I s t. e u si lv. m Id ,u rill e to Ihe r yateln, .-lttt ill it'i ot. hill lt{i i I ii i l iii it I cul t ith li urndioubtedly on tof ihw vahlualle articlus ceve• offeur edthir p blic rill iltand i ii iio l i in. i FI" lililltiiitotol.t ii it l Iliuii ii rt-eilu tc itlt l-intut Iilh.brat, Thli~:vel x t u illts atti to lielut.tttiltei tultoo, p oreti. d diA etilc. li he ilclw pils eill tottc, stIem tdams-Itd ditph.eti cc "'ct eitt i oThe tiolloi chit i oti lht iiict ist o tic h hctie Cicit on i Jour,,ail. I 11LiE'S' TOIIATtO .111'1)ICINF. t iThe v e t 'oti. t he". T1a( t, il ot i itll |s it i i lll-io ii vegahle Ir Ihc la l Italso as n neiine, h1ave r tire W tqisl etot le t ime pao , ti etrteu l i lihtle ii ie intit Ii I hs eec tll iellvel tllo possess ati-hillous i aiiies t hih, ieet tey ciut io ti ctlg ltual) Iexti lctei t litt , oI te itolel tItot t tiosclll o el-ttool. orkIg , eleebltli llt tyll. I I"aLu(hle. i :ls/ hi, .1 Il~f~le .·ll~ll|t.. Z i.+ + llhSC1I1 1(,O Cllltllrv tleiOll (I·b SIhe ditu ttetst ritt froi o ti| t tici liiives, or rol r anlelite nt • I h th g tlitiell lwl t lt eh l. Thiis sietlld llt th e' t ,l hlle in Pl ,l ilem, o l isl m ot t ell l t h e oli u . 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Er v iel v tt, i s, wiheelli'e eertlilii )lilll li'"fl ..ltte ailbcth'ml Ire ale uel: FrIlk olr i ou llintllly IrleiiofilO II the~l ' ilI l llilir. atllv c er m~l ~llee thatlhe siC'acldlu. m oh.le' The abttve t(ditine cout, e obtatied ot tof loor 1 . Irler l Ageu1"1s4. dldl III.)-l. Ilt.lllinl. ,llelllt i (a -tll nli..ion .igued b ""A. Miles, il'r,: t , F; . 11. l'." n o nllui- llol + ' l bEiaar . Ihle on8.lllPL y real. Ltt t f ttgtor'es. E &hna. T tom', General Agents for lluisiana, l14 Itletu r .t & Co. 133o ()ho L:Lvce i ste , t ot ,otl oite Vog. In I It larket. Pant Martin, otr ('Id Lever and Hoopital s"teet. an 'lltl try, ur Ca pl and Jutlia streets. Dr t Mu1 ller, cor ''hollplii ulas l t rill t and St Mary to J&I Ir It. arttell. Baymu Sara, L. l)r Win Stalnsbtury, Natchitchesll , La. 'lThomas J St.tillla y, HIitOl, t 'ext. Fledelrick Seoloa, tornell tItydr. s and GLmp SIO. (lra, Jone% 'ITlvohr Circle. \im. Evala No. 4 l.lding Co. Itow. Appltt ltiu't for Iogel' o a o or otlt.Wno lietoo bt lesah. tootbt' lhleoe Io the Gt' totorllAgeoellAts I tl New tluaIuO. All letters, post plaid, will be iprt..ply attendced to. m28 Iy - ToliiAT OF LOUIItAtA. P.- 1l1H1 COCUlI'. tir the Parish lnd (litv of New li rla. s. Pre~a ,oIlll Ith t o1u. Ch l ires i lleol ri,l1 ilS,.. J-noe 11th, 138 -Not. 1,1tt.i4.--JUoet teos li I. tlies retnditors.- UpoI reudolag ad lih ng i le ' rtitiot wld saedultl ill . itt ow', It i tl,,hreil }1 tltt Cttolrt utt tihe c reditl s potft tihe lt vtt -t o s lsote on oIet o tllrtll o turdllt the tIll d. ofl Julty, 18,i wlthy hie shoul not bi ,J tclartv'tt t t.otd,. to lft w po d in the ine rutil O ll it :P elll ttell\ e l IgII IuhOiullte d elpf - ertv aer staved. Clerk's titCer , Ne'w Ortleos. o, II I , 1838. jel4- A +tANIt) FITlt, r,Clerk. i4 l pllr Il poris.-e et vilh de ha Y Nouv le Or ,ns.--lirese, t lI'hnn. (h rl. llhN arian. e, II foin, l.131L--\o, 11,!1I8.-- J:cqtlue Pultie·r ml eslllll e sl·F 'ri-l+u sius \L 1 I It)Iu elt, Sit) , 7 11 Ind.. t, 18itto uutgm it tile ll+ Irtltlf p i llnt l illlt l l ( II> n ( elulllllmt 1 ll ei, et tl , lle nlll tInte ( ¢¢ IY II"' l tr ns t IIjII I e It Itn "1 seaP. t Iru A'ltli- . l 'tu It til' I ' l Ot. o to j"ý1I on Al 11.I X I P \ ''('li, G e ie". L A lh t , l, I lt,, r aoile by l 1i) lort o'. E, AIL\" .U =.PtilOti I IA 1IS --N ow lanlding flrlm Sol,:titllo l ,ll lt tllll o flo I t:I t abnIa PU U" !.AYEe ' A t.11I:L. Vu, r'E"l 1:-,bil :1 yank r LiIIIK n d ti , IT't'i ' i, I It ore i l, hi by t yt+ 1:0 A. llii11.1.5, je.l (lotk Alley I AINFTS,OILS, (ILASS, IIItUiIIERS, &c.-a-ou landing roms ship Constitution, and for sale--vlz: 16.000 Oet ifglaess, best quality l, frot 8XL0 t o 2t3X28 31il kegs white lead, pure; 35) do green paint, in 2 lihr. ker:'; 21 doz Jrlrlrlld rtis l.tle )sl,.fl'dO lb.: lithrageo iti doz splendid 0O000 ground brusTnl e also ofrO00 slit 110)(1 do; 2 bases creme green is powder; , uperer article on dlo it rst.s; It lurge assorottent ofsaosh tInl of every, i size rlt ql ity; siable pencil. thfar artists; diat irmrking bl.ushes for nrealauts; artist's colors in oil read. i re-l pare:l,isu baxeslitiped :"p with all neeeastry brushes; srtist's tools, &c. Flake and, rnoithe whitre; G0 packs gold leaf; white and yellow wax;glni arabic; and a large and choice as- t sorettent ofpaints, dry colors oil, tirie , varoish, &o., fbr sale,wholesale tlll retail, at lthe lowest prices, by MONDELLI, a28 5- Camr p st. I'lJo. I'h;u'Lo. XNEIF EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUlISJI.qN . T has I ben for some time made known Io the publhe t _that the sllbsribera alre engaged in trPporing bur tine press t rew edition of the Losisiaoa Civil odre -a Tlhev were. Iren tlne first, awre of thile great dilficulty I nnd responsltiiity attendinog the publication of the work, and it was sot withost greot hesitration thot Lter om n selnte, to the usadrtrking. But the preonet sd.ith,,. allostltine to Isout three thotoslld copies, anl which iod cost tile State motre taltttlltirty thottsand dolla,, wis entirely out of print. For motre than two yo1rs prst, tle usual Irice of tihe work Ilao been from thirlr tt filifya dlotrs. Iit ia a sstet of written rules wlnith ito inmediately ope-rats ltpon every individuail of thie state, interested ortlter inl agiculture or ,soaucrce .and which governs the disposition of so mocoh property cOlilng to ltn from, lother states, thtt--tunhke almoes. any othertrentlse upon law-it is as lomuch tie txrt-hook slid allnual of fr inerchtlat tllll dt, it:llter, s it is.of the privategentle 1tas an thile profpesiooi idvor:.rte. S'hatlawyars of thI adjsitit. r, sttes an in fact ftt al those sttes apon the tOhio and Mistisesiji rivers whirh' find n irt liltr their produce in Lolisiana, Ilave a fie Iqunt ne:essity Iof rfrefcl e It) the code, sll make it all irndispensible qrrqllisite In tlheir libiraries; nd in tle city of New Orle us tile bok is a surer to Io foulnd is the sterchant's counting room, as uposn the desk of the judae, Ilt tlre tble of the attlorneyoc. It is nor stetirritrg Itherefre thati tile firsrt leditiott tlilho work was ot.o quick ly disposaed of; utd although a nere print of it would ill tome measure supplv the pulie nsoeessity, vet it would he ilper;eLt wnd * urt isiitretro ry ullea Illllylttell with relironces to trhe Reporlts and Stautles, inl order to eral rae r tile numerousl amendmsl which lhave b en tmade by tie Lrgirlttlrr, andll Ile imlportant decisilons and conslrections which have been gve upon ltllyll llo its articles by the Suprtrem Cortrt. The Inltlishers have secured, for the general super inltendence and editorial depsetarmernt of the work, thel prorfessionl osviceo of Whealock S Ulton, IEsq. a of,.ibero tle New ()rlelns Htr. I'le l-lin. JI rrde IBtllrd, .rudre tlerrrrdles, nmti tHol Geotrge Eustis, hleav esc hindliv arsioted Mr Up ton witll the vraluat h lnotes which Ihev have tolletedr in the Icourse hir studie lll nprac.tice:nnd to, Mr N I. Jellinen,lhle rl neu of lr i plonn, who is allso esngeLid ill tIle awork, (iGer ltrtwbrildge, ;q. hlhs presented thil grealt laso. t refe reners .onltaintlii irn is ulffe opy It f tihe erl, ,ild which nuve been node hav ilri dltirrrlhc wholrle peri.I ers m r tilerellie tell r t a1 t le al l lllnolllliols ofI the work will be ail thu iodutryv i and labour. d.-intrd by learning II sir PIerienlc, PaI prirrmUrt.r t lit e o tlall t folrhr Ialip . r t t lc etpstilll nI tsllic igllg all a tr Itrnrr o the works lia- pblirho tar e nprride il )the fats' ita t Ihe r Irgislure tit o L sirtin ll s 111fhorized the Ilovernor to rd er one th n ud llllll np s ofi it fiorll' tl future use ol st e tarte. IThe rearinrco w1ih will thist ittlnrrir W s tokt-, I h r the e sranlnllltv,aireetl Just e] that cnllfillll le ill Iei nhilite y of ' tc pl llisrb l anlll editors which i iis et Iro I is i il r hrrer Id wed. llupon e-nll plapern I t wilh (.lear I it ; nor will lint o - pelset orclue arl~.lard to make rtse whole mechlnicl exe tl.ll ioll t i ror ptllllhl with it :tlrlt t tl lllll l,- ltr h t.rýe tll lber ne\i; uud e111 prill will b., to tnoheriit rt, fieen dllrS-five d ollhrs ,to e plid at Ile tune of s The .ubseriptio ilsts onae closed, tlhe store price s ill he rrtwenty dolhrlr per Iop .v. f, Ei- JOIINS & CO. Publisbrrs. [P l, it i a a b 1.t !t Nttt w Yortk I it n Oi Inril l .IJm e .I.. vcu stIll b , <., .,ncst~ o h hips I ix:w l.. m .e ,~1 ntolte o tt e tie: It. Ship I ,',te,,1 ni lt u &')1npt. I:tnE.leIt g.oo iii tI le te nItt I) Io n Ship 1i S.,i' , tCaijttt 'ah , Ito '.lte o. l thell I h i rl Ie h o lbr.'' are a ll e n , of day l e, ht I~Ish fw .t i.. CtIn ttllii ltl 1)11ll 101 llunred dotllas I1IIL(ITIwir~l enhlliius b U thle first pollityitv willln be sig , n~l I s r nl'llet Itit pt'net''i i the o ib t adetine, iii ill pione ,'.'engttettti, il w il el .1s tk . hi. t etit en.' . 2-. o theen Ii he e, toi le he net ethienc et .ll i. . cc ni' the t gw i t ve it Ii le tonh to ""T ..A v .iF') It" IIE,,N &, Ah C II'I. N',l. , ill ~ ~ ~ ~ c tttt.tti ;t 'I'k .r nl~ tll~lilI oi Itl"· ItI ll'lll'll ;llIII ? (:l ll.Illl1l ll ,.IIS Ill'" fani J el ertthll, lteh I nlt h (Itllll gl iltl . ilt) tv .lil l ntin l ettdirk Iei-. tine; ftr Ihlir le. l isj in Is-pti 'v i " tenm. It t.. d thIII oltr' hitPlll ' ie niiUll' l t.y ehl nreull ill t , ( IiisK td I tr Pr ( ' IIII·C 141 1)·l('h . llll t 1.4t lI. 1)1111I (111 111)l'l.l |t" lll the glhnet itnlitinit, h wi llenr c ecle rttie thl h kt It ll-e lhllr ti ll th e n e the get tl o.r n I.e . ei l lll.i 'l l· iI til ......I le,~11 who Il. lvr .. l... L I l IU.IN & A CoHitS I jmy 13'ii 'tnnine on f Je l elza Iarge tlauniii l (l liIs U| ilt) clllpp ntoI , fRt~a ll 'ne, nIld Ilnts fe nite ,nt iuttl e, i in Irt l'ti i Tn ih til~. IB " thne; a hils wllo sl owtb r ggnsedl ha I e e'Ike WinCe| ill' li1e Sl't'e' itit. vllnii t .htlll+ lll lh..wIJiII1; rellllr hill l.I· ldilUI')1) ..igii~iIlh'tl l'O i en ll1 ill Y elifeel nl Fir N ,oill r hei lltl. the I GllTlll*l dllt llSl,,,illTlLN IlF C und it ill nnvIll. 9, Pre n olM. 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(oLLOr (.nlil I' rie lll, u .e ille o hi ten illll III dn ethi p IeI u 'lltJ Itl l I I 'ettll 'titili e .ll ll~ ien~ tllhhlent ln l tt'iiittiill iel Iiny ittn Ii. ii' eat il Il si. t ,n nl..d ecinu,.ii Cei; i il in eind l i il iw i h d in. . flel itll'tl4llg l'~r nst ot' Ihlt Maslm ' I' lhlt . hl:w ult ll ino~r e c,ll~lllllolhOII8 h hI ~lltll l. b ll-: w.i ll : It0 I,,lllt, llllll aln. , ul h ieill. htlirlder. ,Te i'ialne h tlr . I Aq s all wilbe . of te tlqUl: hrl, aIditl l n ulelalll will plliltt llllli asl Mrti i..Nn Ilelei rntr, hnbectlc. p s opla tlrnl<l t r will wltlr Ie I it h ill· Iuir N i Illl ll y nricn s I v Plel tailtitl t w tar, th ilh Il. l rul t t* Ililllll y. 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I Il'o , t'r'u 11 fil Se well lh Tal or ll thli ie f ioii, protpriletr ll t l ewil U.l. i.|ltlldc nllrl lirrel·'; tile alhllnliilllre lIll1It| 'lll·IIEV Iiill w1 8-h w~llhl wliich Ilhl· .vtllll tlhlllll~ll|: llllll.1h. lll'li*llllll Tlelle nuler l olh 'r plih, .. I .I ith-e ltlldi, as t..Lt steMIn,' LIhIlI d'lirilfl set llller tetn' n, n t Fil'm inllt llot ill fL i It'ig el e lce.tllt-I ,h iu.. alll. bilei, uid will t Tlltn e T , t tiake Itil d rt ll frnt 1 I. e t)rl Sb ols. PPIersons a Fie vh.o15tel, 1 s p{ datW:l I..(;lllltlllell wldlil). 1o angs~r ltl)LI). |lot tllclr (Er Tr.vll l'e lr , d irh s lof l akin, l wr, .l loit a ro tit. lcn ntens lt te r. n T e w'hl't , Eo *aI mr liinl | i nt. lo Penw..lnt In ersonll ii Ilovol huvIolol, |. |.l,l.:oI 11 tlco \\tlflilll~tll'. 1'Ilic, l.{iRIlll-c \ ·rOUI I+'lcr .EVYtI lelaving Mobele alld PerlscoliaLrvery otih " Idy liui"r (Lh Ilr tlf .lMly. Good rt·tgeswa \ ll alibu;s, e I po liiUr'h|,'al ,+¥ the sitl serdlwr to be inl rt'adine'> s, i ti p, llisenger-frutl'l Mobilh, lm clse of utlie 1t ilule t t, o Iu b, ,t Tr wttl l:wi htl , hamnpion k,; es M.Is :e f.," |*en edl,.(L.: kee a week, 1t1+ oJ ly I'L .iJItAIA i'A t,I tOMt .U ' %MBOIT LI r SrtnoInH iv FIVE AD A HAL( DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Angusta (( e I -L EA.Vli"SMo~ileioevety other da. imon~a,,ir~ lely a l - the ar'rit'l o f the a mil frota N ew irleant, per t h. steamhot t Emauig, to lllekely, coaches to Petnsaeob stt.tlolats ttilteo letteelo lltIflut l soaa louad atid Clte N tohbthie tibetr and Hey) to Carltr'lalC eomhes thetloa vtA ihMrtltet, tulntthol.hee , (fitrmteely Mott Vers' cceI) Hainethrleig, Pinderton ; I-tawk'tVile aettd t.ouis I eilo, tA AIoA . A o)sseeegrert:okioc.ihit seats! Mo tile is in ec dlangerof biag itrowao out orl iotinahit prelerene hv other eoonfictintK intetotes, a t'le FLOIA t IA LINE is ltt onte collcrn, :ed raider one cotro o tltrceheleot, aetlt mov rely woeT scETreTele opost Ihi arriv:lat Atglsta id tine spreciilled, Ilhrouglb all weath ete tld at lettl'seesontOtt etrStome most rtllttoteSetelt eltt tltollte tlhmltli otllr. The (rrollt NeW Drleaes 111i is esroirel iv thisoronte. Ihe Agente foeo' aotetntotflt. tio, Teame Cotches and lrirvee rase not t sur'lpssed tile so,.thler1 en nrery T'hto trnoeltb, hrl, natural roadlis, the slfe andl inter stilltg water eovigoniletio, tle time and aocommolalion a ort thetlrAveler speedl, certint., tomfltorl, and a pleas 'to vaeiet't eeyoetetl aeeil tele weotittthe lil hotel tC[laret'tetao, S. (. ooid cite etr:to 1t pakets to ]New York. tttA'oioV.t's a t eec 'ode Nw York rocate New Orletns L oIE THA W I e etiTg--t\-thnto i n eltya I 1. tocece (:heathttiotlleee'., Vlorite, we )hae a IltRotl Lieco tic theittoy tecl "'Iteiohaeeeo te St .tIAr'kst4lher otle t. lillledtgeillo, atd one A taenA. leghletw ht r coachles. . S'I')CG I`ONS L cI . A 't'r e, 3lih ,ae. 1183., ftu)),et Mllasete Ilouise MehIee S ]istance , New iOrtleas teo MCle, IsO ile .Mtttilt tee ASletet, Sit " Aetgteet tee iilhaehcotoo, t3fi Time, Nc'w rienn te Mobile, '8 hours Alobilee to Aulltn, I2 " tu,~t otihlehttonolet 1'2" Cliellt'lettol Ino Nw York, 86- 258 tlaking i8t mils t ter ct). or 7 mile ler Illle iliel sire f I Sceelraegoe.. tletV lIe N. I . 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Uli I' Gs(re 1e, No. 10-,191[, dhl l),,ktt tle+ trtte Cotur, it luitlllel~ venll ,%es.t rglutlll nequellrlctlll yo(url le prix devingitcil]nquilee tpinstres. Un si uht e . .q Iit . ' u oue S es c (iS Ise 1t oneiorttcionll'scclsl .r1et shis's l~t'iit55 lenrIs, Oil pi sssle len 'tllcslicssli s linui Citisss' isa iore ssselsinqu, f ilglliseu) h'oisc elt liei l llt Sixi phi di s et iss Ins s ls IlCl ionesL l'ull tjoutl'lt c i lu (ls h'emin I5lltlllllru l Is 'l gtlilt (Ir it It Inam-c t|.\li )Uee,Irlolis nt'l .ltir eatllll· IIlll i X )ti lICs e s p 11 i ulr 'L'his ti' me lu I ei:c i la Ir i I .itli e, d'ux t c e t 'I I- e yoIlutntcIanly piclls ha uf I |eldoLers.,t do'les hItllrte'+nlt+. st:r vlile ilner lar e:i I rate d11 i I;l .tllr L| see, i l. 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T rksl .t e thlle abovu h ork. in. ;3 1989S AI;N1 & ST1:OPI') sils n Is' i Cillot at 0011 Zt5 1ii .ott'. l .ptrN ht lit. r~i'o.+ti'ui. i li iid o ihn Iats Si gll t nIseis-i, 'ala, ss l s I r-s inolti it hl rts ihind . sutl sn STAT''E OF Lt)Ul:5ANlA- klrstJlul IIlE STATE OFP OUISIANA, To dll whom Srthese Preuets shall come, Greehtiltg:-tW.unl5 . James Btarter Diggs hliot pta.chaedlt a wae made hy the lheldif of the parihf Orloeans thel tp.bfly hew inciter sleseribed, has applied to thle esk tlsiesoo. in whose olin. the odee of ale was rern o ed te 2tw slay of April, A. 1). 1838 saora maritiod nr 0dadwtidt meset ih conformity so aoet y del the Legislatute "f the State of Lo.miiana.entitled Aa aot tbg tlit fmther so amene of titles to ehaursers at ,jdieisd oalelt" app a she 10th day of Mlarseh,1834. NOW, therebtere, knheow e, t A aB. Ireonntl lo rrito, are ere oeiedastd asmoisluat intle nots 1he State ol loti.ia, wa l of the Flsot Ju5i4lt Di" C.uan,rwho ecan t up anoright, titles or celas i anad t the prlantey heerinalter elasited',in eo lusaeqa. o star itl;nessit~ in the order, decee or jldgP eut of teOetr ruder which the aile was mlasem, orvay isregult'.la ilegotliy ft the appeisesmeelt and adveredmUwass in li.te, or maier otftle, or fitn a,n, other delta w.hea.. ever; to shomv seane, within thirty days .-om the dalo ih notion is firsIte irteod ie the pssbla pajprs,'ws sale so mil e ahoeu loob t etafltmedd al Iaomo Ig The sidt prolpetty was stl hbyhe OSherifflEdle id llr aforestilt on the i 3sa o day o March. A. 1) lO, lby vsn tiee of a dreeofthlls ounrt, r enlred ois. lie0th tldht Jlolutre, A. I). 1838, ino asnit etintied JFutten Bat IliRgs ts. Rutis Greettre, No 15,1 1 of tlIe dloet i Ittov. sat which sale nsad lJameas Bares ggt thle puhlsaser fotr tIteprie of twenty-five uloa Alna. tveseriptio of preperty as givet in tohe Jdio veh alne, viz: Aeetlali pice ol ropety oer 1sceel o tgronolldtogherf oith all the huiildigs and improemenomts i hereone rpir privlehes, o theresttohwhltging, or in ato wr rieapr tanllngi, siflanhe inn fohoneg Aot lllllnt.ont ,ahoe ktis cit yrd oll easning ill rKoglis.l measure, three handre tend hity-si fert nnd ttsor-eighths olno it front on the lublic l'oal oL New lvee st, thnee Ihtioedi and Sixs . feet six inlchestans ootlf-eihtlIa of aNl' iscls frist oa Celeste o, woltntlhell atl kilty)-five feet mne ieohesolln two-eighlllsnl on ilmh rta Slire fretting on Old Letee sutret, ttil it strikes the bottdara lille of laurent Mil llllalO'e roperlYat hllecontrer o. OlJ Levee and Nus stlteti there furntih g a righst aIgle, and enxtending eighlty-fivefeet tt|l thirees isttra. dtlee1slotgsthe helO .laey lie ot' said Mlillasdotl's rlolerlty imralel to 'eleast street; there formieg a right tSgle. ett sxtsoding thoree fret elreve inches te*l three eiglhths of sot inh on the bhotint lil;e of L.atis Oerlels Ire t'erty, arCall: to O11 I.etere .rert tt;lhere lorieg anotihe rlghlst ile, Siut bettt'lita Iol'tr two fo( set ell ilethes atid fie eblstha of as iolt'h wthe I ototIuter litt of soid l4 te'Ia troltrtn, paralle it Celetste stt'l; th.lte folncig oftetl r ight :lett, Ittttd teidil. lto httuhded rti tweltly to se.t efe ttnict llewsatI,t ellur eeightas cf e i tt h tIe b l eotis alay Ine tl ald I)ede's tIltprte pneiil Ito tshe ptllic road :atil Not Icc . ree t : ll t tetttll l\ltsilet four sinesIts ansd t.ciei hths otiithll 'tll o Nil Nus blee·oaeotlc ieg ttt ptant by J. I'ilit, fity Sm'vtttnr, motde 2l Jatt st'e, t8-, t iaiated t le aont A itct:tolt before Lotis i CLn't, Noesoy Public, tn thie 2lith J.nutt ytt . I0.2. \Vitieast the lion 1 . tl:. slmO milnt .nle o the Coel t aculo peat .titto lfth A tpril 11. ed;13 P. iE Bltr ANv. l),p.l lIrk. irtllttiN'S Ctmplntse I etlo tnffnpamltoa nste. SarTe I rillr;a AC -A trtal, matrsin tmteItella.tul roerl - li , t ote the m.el cieuat .o lm I wnorlheb Cle.,m l'rl"inthd l'es hnilts, l'tais iTl le talck aidll s, snre ilessla saikreiits. are0c, lilsctt el hk oct1 t tih tel, seet tsthe t ihtrte hitt tl,lltetitot :slce mdi.ite Ip.fe.stiog the uesri lnd tli V rlnt" tof" ttle .t' t olst] rl to the pin ut. Ih#"' "' pI ,it··r hts li lt: tO t _l ' Itl he. n llron8 Ielrll.r,. onf lttiove l'tdisea T' h tlIe most eminent ophysie nor. d"a~ lluhy in plepet rlaerliesigssothit wdlt l be nlel appretiated when it stcrihs re ac ittr" fulls knowa. '1he lbasnt of tt ilttla, stert.tresist t. uosec, tat lost mssa t of its redit Irnm Ito t sislikti o ahisilt 1ttiettss oirtserls t'xec renttstenithn its tltigreeatle tasteb istlnrtt'hy l ptrttucd in tIe boielss anti stomeah, onl its htr rtosist. ivl.nll dllo \ liln uadi inte illntanlitlctt-ao stiag. TIce iroprietlr I lso mrti an arsltsi ofthe tile lalin, ctneis itti tlat te n tlotrt aclitvell q; ititis wmlhtl he musl inore tnllcnttto'd tttl atl te nsctitll ttollt ofsiinioseltdn lsh ill tIhe p1'0..L l tlle. 'ltt.l t mor cl t it ote anThines h, l'tlsteltsl which are ill 1hie highost septle mOltLs tlhe tittst ssetsific anil slelltt inll he lttrtni ost. tF1-k Itt t hins thecomlsitito of tlhis pi..leratithst itnreases te, cllellc'v of tlhe ollml.e, oltHleill,. an nellttilnl tuyl, atlt tishhi.g.:tmI srptassig the nost sats;tg e steiheoetc nt poe.oatihg at ihe same time the ad.stsaage of" itsla beilng amllhtnisired will, Iherlie sloeess in tihe differet la s .as 0tttlte t ttlpovel i+.a,. The moats eltillelct phyaicl btlltd illsteOlis oif the prreietlt tly express Itheir Ilelded ap tr'w' aittn in atftoil of atlsapaila,l whlilot its ise itti Irnicli:pal |losp)istls nd llulihlc nl dical inlltihllonntlhs .o ect l n, ctiill ontihues, ytent'tens.ise. It was a lfa otlttc rcniell with thle eelehtrtdro l)r Aberlinthy in all ctt.tlcal flf cetinoss, atii in obal inatoe cutalleous etnltina. harihi lfomt a disotrderd state f sthetligetiselfnnetio01s" |llai.g bhen submlittod to tIhe test alid rexp.rielnce of te ost celebratlled ncnlollthle Ifactlty, sIthe mveelpiteaod lthe.,io stisclion siet its extrlsttllhnni t lieaey) in ewvetr Scatt Illtttler theit chiarge, bya adotiittng it Ilht in vheisrh attlic lall pricate l0lietice. Thoir ob elrttilli swill ILt Insori esl hefsfPer. lrelrell y J l 'tholn, Clelinist Ltlltaa. Price $l 50 per pot. 1TESTIMONIALS. From A II Sualiont, Estq, FR it St,rgete to the -t Ihtoomas Il|tastlt, tll Lc rt.nrr on Alrtlono. "|'lie trial w hich I iavte madelleh. of'ler plrlvl,|clio.n init varietly of cases, holth male uld female,ll ill its resullla ae piowed wo higl"y Itvoluralll1e, that do rnto hesiltate ill prao orollng it one oft tle mtost taluahle and rtiaeloni.s r cedies steer olteI to the piublic, atmd one in which, from elxpenl clle, 1 cnll Iplace ever reliaore, . IhiIt it dloes liltiIProdlCe tIle sanlm eticts usually ct perienlced from eopnailm. 1Fo.., G I Ilal wardi l R S, Plt)sicine to Itle St M. trv hbIoue ltislpensory. I itake great plelasre in adding my testimnoln tonhe ttvah ttltl t.fir It'oelrt' s tof orepe )atlli .O.t.ilitgyou tihte succe.s Noll so Iullst-.hrcrne, ll n ahldle riwar lfbo thle labnl all exllwnlse incurl.ed ill blrinlgilng it to such co - pll·c , Ierfli'l!ron. Front \ O Cooper, FIR S, Surgeon to Guy's IIes Tihe luiformll t mu·os w hich has Ia'lended the le ring- our mteitte amoog it) patients aftllitetI wih Iht.ailotte o iselsor, leas ftoll Miatified me that it has only to tl knownl to l e truly appl"trecttioit. .la tile aloeesL you so well deser ve, m ly and speoedil repay you for yrour yaIhble ptlpmratio.. Frol SirA Cooper, FRS P R(S, Le. &c. Ilotillng htelo indttcet to try moo.r Kx etllet it ovneial eesr.of uioleot C;oollrrlm, which had hIitlherto ill.iM etvery prescription admilnistered hb nee, having fouln sture.ald speedy eolres i.tcted Iby I, in. o fo .Iays I ! -eel mT self0 illal) hmllrn d to rtale thal I ill in ) re tice hoth phlic ulnd privat:le recounllmd old a e u.l o t ot t ttr. From G V IlllIr, 11M Ii, Physician to Gny's Ho The oletet lest wlhith I have glveil yollr mediioe oll t11 Itt m) ptitllts, arnorts i itoariable stleeiB 11,1E. fl,. well induclllle ie to .ersetele ill its use, and I doeenm it Imt all act of jstsiee aid of dulty to add my feeble testi Iloll: in coormelattintl of iltrirtues. i Front l 1tt.hompson,. I. F1l I,.. Sretllln ollt oe sincere thonks ol r t' e valuable pre s l( of your RI'tra:lct fat II core of Golmorrolse, hE. I grotil tato yeou hate at last brought r. medicin, .i rise al hite, ill Ipr te a lesideotitum lono. sought Ior. in th rnmedic, worldh--a eure, slpeeidy cu efleetual O le ill canes O. lt aboer class. 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I For wilt bI SICKLES Ix C'O. i t 1 14 1 ,. 11n ,40) Calml street. AClN0 itli~do , P110. 5 ihdioJolostud 26?h 1" hu ehlderr. CInet llluoi curetd, Iledlll I1 frontes s 0.r Ra|+utkev. aum for sale I'v STETSON & AV'ERY S "o 1:, f ^ r, saricr Street .\ W Bhlt i K1Oos. lCITY ,NDt INCLINA'T'IOiN: a novele editeld by I l hi it1 . ". ol) r "'he lplieviattc.,t' I 'I'II511311 SONS LII'E (,1' IIANhAH MOORE, I t IARti AUS'I IN; or, Adventures in the rtish .,tItiK', I , IIARYOF AMEIRICAN IOGRA B I' t1' et .;,',8 ontit . I 'HE 'OIt I IOUSE KEEPIEIR and Tlthoughts t, 111 1 teryl'v W. A. Aieloa. Tho, I tie and Adventures of NICIIOLAS NICKLE IlY, No,. i. S.T'IiI Il S IBY BoZ, No,. 4 & 5. tlI IVI-Rt TMI, T; or, the Parish het's Progress; arl '.No . Ju.t atd tr sate byl WtM i.oK iKEAN, o~ý f 0roe Caotti tnd Cottu,.io mitt , t --L,+.u nlllglullt 1IYIIIt Pl'your vie lUIIolI r |*ha= d O,OI datl conr dug prt joier disliort joud:iaro mteer P',' d'Ette ola Louisiane, cumhisaires Imur Pe.aIqal.l.t nd et tableau du dalmage et i.(ts a rt'rllrir |'our r)vt •d te l'ut.e Mouoellt rue, dele rue Poynat it oatla t did Ist r el.eatre Mlgaeiltt o.t Tehapittulai oan toctllbe lem ter t bleau: dont ue vlcai ropie, even l plante t dt.ept er.- nu buretnu du elrl de laidit eour,po url' of dtr ou'reex tiqae crb ieat etote-ncer. Aviit .. oin par l pret~et donne, quo ledit wtbhl .t Slitn et d'nit d presenle arlradionge l te tde t p nro.tlo c iletreste t dat, t tableau d'eva. tu |u.til,n inI, htaxes Pont reqeiu.+ dlefiler leurll obj.retot I';l 0.n 0ai'".x Ir bnu avr;lt ,r >> Ie n,. 'bra lktolhain, Ih, dtlrotatl dat- etei t dil jour, olltes I puttfetlijgO -- all avi. ý S. ILU)SSMI1N, JtOHN M IIAlCH JAS.iB Gs, Slot lefltoort. net ts.e t 1 ta/e0'

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