Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1838 Page 4
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Mississippi and Louisiana Hotel, sotN Wron. Lt jM RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an .nounces to her friends and the public gene. iplirpbspred to aeddltmodate them at, and hopes frwn her - se: ntisto render visitors chnlfortnhlc, to receive '.tseenlinuanne oP former favors. She tlhls con. aI+s`r lijt> tshat peotso visiting Covington during the tmamer months, ccnnot find hatter acommnsodaltions than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. $ ~AB'r house is plansantly situated, and well supplied with overy convenience; the bar is furnished with the most chldoi liqciors, &e. in short,she promiuei !. at nothing shall hi wanting on her part to give . ,tire satisfaction to all who may patronize the '. ismsasi)ppi and Louisiana Hotel. jP3 - r.'9O TIlE PUBLIC.-21heiuntderoignoid. having - etudied under Dr. S~,mnidt of Charloeson, 'South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice, of medicine and surgery, hau the honnor to offer his professional services in this city. H o Ha asltres the ladlies and gentlemen that the nmost i . ptrompt attention will he paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acqnainted with the ,. diseases comnmon to them, having attended them in the sugar mhouse in Chnarlelton. :'The fanous anti.bilious pills auter tlje composition So olProfessor Smolletto. with directions, can be had ofthe undereigned. The effect which they have prqduced in tis and other cities; has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. IfrLLOW-A R. ' WOOD~ SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. TIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S238 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are consrtantly recoiving large and exeonsive additions to the stncl of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing aseortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware olesuperior quality, consisting of about 150110 tons, viz, Pote of 22 difflerent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froem 3:8 to 18 gallons, i .tkepans or Ovens, 7 different sizer, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do C'verod Spiders, 2 do 'Orlddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes frotm 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 thches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, fromt :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, Ni, 21 of a nsuperior qleality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assoriad, in casks of about 500 lbs for roetiling. Th.tilor's and hattor's Irons, a.sorted. Sash weights, (10 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20111i. Bells for PlIntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also stcaLmboats and other macluinery made to ordeir. Thlae aove assortment of goods is particularly reconrmendald to thse attention of Southern and Wanstorn mirchants, and are oflifrrd for sale at low prices, and upon tihe most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best nasorteent ever oflfred for s ole by any oue establishment in the Uhniled States. Merchants, hI Ierwardisg a request by mail, can have a prinoud circular, with deariptioll of goods, prices and terms, fonm which no deviation is ever made, fnrnished by return of mail. All orders will receive inunediate attention. New York, 1838. j,3 : t,110N iO tltit' & I'li.Kl.liS-Uhul.ernod's lc I leic Si v I issp and l'is..lles, ssredsise wizena leo, 60, Ih, ie's nl' I.,j i& e hiuakill's I'klec; flr wile lohlloe i, h a c.iicnmet, y JAI.VIS & NlllLVS, iil -1111 side lissaiss yiss Ii Seals liresdibraios, l C colr (Isy mten a eI 'chpitul, ai lT),\I'-- I: his, boes N , i SillIp, bllrlld ofJlllcu rilli 1:1t M.,.nzi*,. etr,.t. ;isoa islist.i l.s. ,r s Terion scleel, hI m Iu. l \' Tivo li ('ircl la anid i Iru llerou hla t e .d ,-t.[ e, ';. Anldy to JI T dlit G o. ii etlaf e, ti.l' bvl by LIIAMI'LI,\ & .t'()llR, -I-.- . ,I , d- .. Pu bIroe C ll nw ,'rr 1 yv ;.t ll y81n li'A O, O K , of (' leryI l llld. L ll l yr Li laid, blrl ep, -i1Ai. ntoniatl b on h a aln ale h ui ii I'dllAVID I L & CO. n1 N ' Sstatioees' H'll c, li Chrt rc st. 1- ) IIti Si welilntir is C o| sir; t srn, 1 i,. est,'. o ,3 do,, eilorc 31·ot lie' 1 inr, 132r, 5 d fill ' dl"i o nol ' do 11s 21; 520 di 12 i o l Ls I ' P :, lII1 511 do o" -a do I. P blrown i o ll I irelit EIt.OI 2' 1 L'.1 i, IRIOWN . it.s I LAN dI( tlii K , if s s s sA s i, r 1f rr i o. mild tienli,,g ittl2 l t..%t.( ,nh l -burl nMii ne,, Irv l:S i li N V tie r ll l l `ssl oe' sio l hll ' ('h llr l. ii lli ,1 i -- Ils 1, f neiti l.O-I" .L ieil ilraaldl, I11diehi, iir aleu by ISAAC 111(: & CO A NEt'W' STO'V brick bosIls , s ssitliaiss l doors uisn the Seois d c liiit scs ii:. y Il, l Sl i (hnrles huliqiclr 31 a ic, l r ,, t Fi.ill, fi . luil- ) ..,litlf, -sl'lsl hu C . i hi:.vr Ids hi,, aiis by !i iuli (I 1)5llt5 1'/\" II. N'w l, s5( sc.lli'11l 5.* Il t i)lc)\', 41 hiss sir.l' . P1 Jtll icoNi.s (I lop L illg fn,,lU AIul" 11'llrl sr leI' Iby 1..E','AYl A&MII IL\l;, all) 17 ( otII n erc( t1 ti, yy .t IINI --- 1 0l iicrc. I(initikyc ItaLcini, lan I iun 1 o) fl.r u tes n oer G]e . I \V il. Il'r s i l,: by a t)itItIC, fIltht!i lIlt" .1,G 6 ( scitree tiai tie' NO IMERCURY NOR COPAIVA. t New O.llcisc, S.y.I,c . I '77. A B it !' -T ix aii lcii c g i i lih d i l e Ii lite ii l ll t gOfet I "'clll li.tcT'Iii t r hick I have i lpilieid icto slevei u, do i-to e r w ellr.c i lllll an iIe dicd 'lll l m'i , l 11 hIIc II it the i d ,iiv atted lpt ilf oile the rIt N of iO'tr Ill, It I I .\Ii l hii llto cllre Ic ll t. S oille at tii, e t dli--e u.ise ;,gt \llls c c, s ci a tII break out i tll lll c' IIIers to Ile nt r of ci x rs I or ig 1.hil l g e 1Nllllll a l l over ity Icl:e, and si.e lhlallit nd not atbler IO rk at tts pL'(ent Imuil. Oi uat up f iln hdt tise; lao h lr er on of ihe rig t sieh of the t ollllt. I nill en o v tillg myuen lflfi eofientlv under tlh w c ire uf Dr. ltiueit, 'f Puris, to be plreterly culred JOIIN DEAN. luI, 1ly iIi I c C ne Itsl;IT Itl al iiitl b ituve iCll eli d disee is qcuit iell ciit lin the pcii ianc fl r ain liai i hrir'h. s lh ralk c h'i. he "llu c n n ll r ine to ell ,,rl ti that il e e m dIf ( i c I haed oaken te oe: I the fith, an rd did lot i ku in yw - Huet is at butte 9 o'cl(Ek, A M, ultil I I' 11. Tl'l:y ill fwid a true dl),:tor hor hllis culttlllainu. JO)IIN I)INDAN. II (;i']vier street. If lnay nle watllts Io see Iltoa cafll nr No. U leLrvtien Mtreet, t11I tll v \ ill Ih st.lleictnd. JOHiN IEAN. Nout Onirns Fb. Fe J I, InR Iv r) lI r'E 1ailh ndiaa Ilsiclaitt i ierwi tamie -llo Si J eii lilei, is pt nIp ini bultlo. i n lite tow pri,, iif 5i certse ulch, .lllilli t oi thN'uree tai'es of tLivewmr, srsi ra lau Ivi.urici'It lralll othelI roIIt and herbi kllOI aiiii)i llp Illldiiini as eflic ciouv iit i curing pulllllonary eonll"llintc '1u.`, i rr i t l pll e ' tchi i ,ch l hsa edieic dl the 'ee of this iuegt d lI xMilk whe, rever ht pots benl is p .() ucried. hIaIr iti u l l w. e ti o tuellI lia nd reIalhmIblll - t cis of ,(s t i.t tl." t iautitihr ithe , rtinr of .l, gk , clold it, piailc in uicr cid,iu waut tf tel, piittllln ii bldull, micil Ail 4t Ci L Str, Ni i anve in orll prYltl l. frleni ll'y p forlhede lelrsl t;elr ner'V Indiar o Ilal ollllf I.verwolrv anlg hle arh·lh ll.ndb iu a dle.icd .d etler.r: wa cle ti,frlll ikt kllw lede of tle ailterials it r mnlfer fom, ain ll hiervanlun ndi i eo erl ite aiSrcm llcud it a i a . sllerit" preparation or all hose a IIiun ofrl Is unv otIh ir II i tre miltShaled. AII]tI"I{' \VII.LIAM. NI. D. i ALVIN EIi L IS M. I). .Mellchr, of I'ha Ii.lolli ledical Amfciahion. Boston. Octohcl:r 2.. salelby J \T\'16 k ANE)IWE[\S, jI3UTLP It' . lerviertienit Mallittlcian Aprilent-Fr c.I lu dti chiil e i liditi of ti e stiiic l l.y b, I bihlal els cIiellod. Senltllje , l i pdiil ci-e i, l ii it 'el, "c.i d Inllc i cThis deiswi,lrle prilluo~lcll tilu re:ceiveid iihe intrln ie of ,ulc lly C lhulilleilo ulll lc riioiu ti i pl;of;siillc, alld froln e diserlling ihlmtic n fuiy re ,(llre lhle lalld ulnlsli. cited ta.tilnli:alsu, fits efiiai y Ia a nrediein,: have heenI elicited. \Wile all the pleusmg q ualities of a claIss or soda waer, it p ·sse.-es thllHlive Illemdicillnal ploperties oI t Il n Il irI t," d s.ell)llllls p)lruaetive;. it Is Ileasnu t to Ihe Itlnloa , l aRlnl ltratefll t It, toouc'I lh. IMPORTANT CAUTION-The iieii'asi'ug reputpc. thid nnd grat lduicud ftr (lutue, ' lffervesceit Alagne inn Aprient, fitc been ctn indieiotllelt for lothers Ito of fer tll ilitltion of l lltc v llltle tiled ciiu. Pllrc.lleeru are pllr ieI,IIli, ly wtiPi thiu fiee tat thIC,'V may be ocn tlh'i gir,inl fanCt IIIIIoci' an illprullre lacirc. I Tie lubiic. art uuuslhliiiliy infcr ell diat chi.isu.r-i. Ilir. are ,IcIItciitlly V ulliiied wil tile orietilil eIau ge uciil. lreilrcti iic. Fur sulci.WIi eale it d re!ill. iItIL.Eti & CO. A,'en,, n15 40 Cona~d sireet, N O. ii ci grwcll of hair, ,giving hiueallllid beaut)y,nd revrntiln_. Ihahllr.s+. Hefore liis lfir ir cuil w I cRd to le public, it lhad "eCI ltiecl iii ililritslc i fc cnseof bihldlecs, Ibiulls, acnd talling oft'rfll..c Ihir, sutl hiuevery instnnece its salltary alic Ic ivi beenI realited. it Iitcsneeer iililed top roillue • nii nlcl beti'ciii'l I'rouii o hica)r cu iluic alrealv Iid. til ealcce where it uitemes dry ul ent ease to grtw this lil cilys vcrc rou Iienler it li.ltllv, i il drdulc.c "ri. l'cndit.b4i.tifil grccwlth if Iir. withlouti rih leasl iIjury 0 tite heaI. 'l'his Oil gives .II aweaile frn. gsre cc scl it pcfrableo env a o)v tlctr lit ir till fitr per ctcibu c il [ t • r -'i. U c ii c i' "or c ale ct E.H I ['lSt'riGiE. " 1 1MMON IART'P & CO, armow receinnlIron on board ship Orleans. Eagle, ilighlanier, i'okerk letry Andrew, Frencr and Geremn play cord; Back gammon Boards; Chessmen, 21-4 and 23-8 inch liil alrd Bells: 8,9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; Leather aIld other travelling )re.esing Gttns; BeIll. Pncket,llors.catl's, antd Dulleng l'isirlrs;doale d chi c hiole barrelled Gua,; Game HBgs; Shot Belts; Pevdler oral Pistol Flanks; ainra Bottles and Drinking G(ps; Pearsreeson Caps and Clip lolders; Cloth, tlliri, Tiooth: acd Neil l.rnahl; Orris and 'Chlorine 'T'oothl Wash t'rnlh Pader,; Toillt arl Shorvitga Soaps, in great vs. riety; lno eair IBrlaids, Ri.glets alnd Frizelttre Pear: I ore 'Pefir Pmadrr; lmenorvy lIres; Ivaory 'lb Culhelns Plaent SIolbs ar Giarers; Gu.n Elaestrm Suspenderes Pewdlrr Phi lstirl Boxes; GilCl Chainr, SrlA andr Ke-; F'elar-drol ; r ier nlerkaklns; Brnceleto; Bead Nerknrs:a cnd Chkains; Gnillt ilnd orrll Ilea rs; Irndlian Bead.l Bells anld Plotmro; Shell Twist; Sidle atld I)rcesine C e.lnbi; nlich,in addition In rt eirfair rilerstck rat tand, makes their nassrtment very enmplele, and will he sold ' otw and in lileorl terns er tol, i sign of tie Golden Cab. i5-tf 70 .lChrtres street. y /Tl\F; Sdiecrilwre, Agenre 1ia thre etronsive boonie of W. A S. Brrrclrar, Sheffield, Eaicnad, hare ahert . Srreivad very eRxtensive set of r n' Prts., rmlristini ofi l ahnle anri Desaert Knives of o" ' a drescripiinr Proen, Pocket, Dirk, nnd Silear poiti conrves Raerors, Sot sore. EdgP Tools &e. &e. a&c. ehierhthey nee prepared I1 o exhlrit to tile radrle rrorelrs. Terms l onld colitions b Till he nlRad- khnr n at the r ller e. m16 J. Il).mFeIN& A COIIEN.90 Conletman . k NE W GOOD5. d f IMMONS, JARTT & CO.-Are nrw reraivinlt )lt er ship Hurnrtaille, Eagle, Merry Andrrew, igh-i a Teder, French srld German rlonle lern lplavinerenards: stcr helt andti I ket pistols; plain, riled anoll split eslmina collstr eap ielder; acisst's, Ilazoes, err. ,ve; (Hilloetls commersaial and other steelr pens Vinea as; Violin steia; shell, ivory elld horn eonha; sralters; k, hear nid leather inrres; hair Iarls, front and serk ,inglcls; negro pull's; Germln r and Feaeh olagne water, Rowlands maCOansser oil, imitotionr dIot ntiqueC rd bears nill ritp lle desks and dressing lsres: peast blacking,; tortiandl toilet glarses; mnorr'a; ope cla gflases ntll views; itrlian rerds, rells and Itumesa aoorleon; whitlcwine; toilet and thvlring reaps; triter duder, esrmetle wash falls; sbefe ed sarin cshons; pein arnerlasel' tcr llshionles; efancy adi hains adel ncklaeeea; billiarrd Ihila; pocket I;ooks and wallets; (erman honer raznor anaps; fine and common gem nlasticrl sispendr, garlers delo; Blls lucifer matches; sil ver penilcs; reyonrs, A.t. A&e. The shove in adrlition to our former satck of fecey aielres, mnikesoar rssl.menat very crmrete. For ar whloletle or retail; as the sign oftle Goleni Comk, 70, Cirt re e strert. ir atn. -It-'ll |l---llo' piartnership of Kelletir Msaon &C of New Orihn's ; Mason, Harris &Ur., of Nratchez; id mlarris, Keiley &Ce., of Rodne, wrdesdledorri ona bhe'lst of Jlr last, by the death oa Sromuet A Mason, ,re of the pariners ol the ficrlra. The ladersilt ed, asur iing parteer ,a ill be charged cwito tile seling and closing said business as follows: Ivi C Harris will nternd to the settling of the busilnes iof Maslo, llarrist Co., at Natchezr; and Ilnrris, Kel er & Coa,t Rledner ; and henry Kaellte will attend to hle settling ofrki bhsrittes on eof rKle, Minnn & Co., at New Orleans. The nares of rte several firms will ie used in liqridationoenlv. Ihose irndebted to said firla are enarnertl requested ocon c irwenrr and tnake early settlemesran ; and those having claims will pleasn, rescnt theim withortdely. LEVI C IIAr11IS, IIHENRY IKELLEY. New Orarner, June 27,1837., RAN AIt1E PARINA'S COLOGNE W.T'ERt s 2 cases ntre of thisn sperior Cologne wter, jens received ainl fir sale bv te dozern or sincle bettle. Also Alcericln lod French toilet pewders, paowder prlls alld Irtxer, lshriilng and tolilet rrna cOnlrrltrtir wnhl bui llt, I il Ie roses, rosrtice cold rocc, exarr ne lrush, k'pliroan, Ward's vegetable hair iil, poinatnn res'llle I l . lrc Florida.lavcClcdar, roe arnl bov waterst, blfe Iqulhaid rose Chlforine and' Orris tooth wa.h, cloth, hairte, tnl ner ait flesh t rest ; g-ether wth tan arddiitml supply of flslhioable bnrle andm shelf reallsi and jteilryT. Ilrtsale low at wIhlesac e or retailr liv SIMMONS, HAR'T &' CO, jtr!y c' 70 (:harirerstrect. N:\VW (-lti)tS-Si- ririn c Ilnrtt c& c are n., 'ire ccivinc from onl io ard ships Yazoo, and Saratoga tndldrig ( eorrldin nfro New York, greag variety of grtela in their line, rwlit togetherr with their fTrlrer stock 00 hrod, ibakee their issnrtlrrntverve a phite. ''The folllowring 'rtlose l prt rie: I ell twict,,I ;P toirk and drrsse'tttrrohs, horn rtiro nrfl descrirltionls, Ita tli n eribe'r, silk indi worsterd rlnctic carlers, t.Olltl & flle rlastic Slsptel'Iledern, Ioco fea Itndlllueiflr natlleh, Seidllitz row ders, powder pfrlre and boxes, toirrt le wder, tocrkelt books and wallriets n.edl hooks, shrelrl, erol, iaore nwll Itlnroteo c:urd aeiles, beat olnlllerlaSnl, plain co ral Ireadn, ner'klaes a III negligeer, trad ehtinhllIad necklace%, ',it losnotrl plriil,sned,ailrver tlld eil bIt,rilt, Italian blealis, hells nlul plumes; pistol anld hla'ge Iow .h'flasksmt belhs, hrms helt. porket lnur dmailing .firils; doub, arti silgle arrelled 11cns, Bowie knivls, afod dirks, sissor, shears, pocket kaiVe, trd lkile , and rihrBtes, waist ar(.klns, lothl hair lhri , Inailrmlr , Flo Irrl, lavitnder, rose and, hay wtltr,aseiorted essencesrr 'rilpaian, andiee::' a ind getlellls' r desks ne d dressin e's hair rchlets,tfrizztrts nnI braids, ,lain, fury aid btmical w nrk odexes, gpelalened oih, tglerod, r.oat en est buonlls, prlod adl ivnry shirp t do, t hiirrtrlndd, ghld alld silver pejcil cases, totii cks rad trweezers,ptlalted urd gilt lrckety,, nti'iutrlre fit, silver, hierass an Rd eel 'hibrrrles, hrarrns snd eoes, hair enc, ;mirlion frail,rblk sand redirk,shoe hle akieg, violins aod goctar,rribbed eni plain ulreeuersim etlpas, limnl r twine, scenlted rrtrnh tensoaldol alit er larar le d fringe,rltter piper, gcari bos eridnne w'eirs, wralking retse, plung cards, fair' " 'Iit ttlove, t2tie lte whh i greet variotr ofo mir arti lte urn offerrtdatl r hleale or retail trr attc't lolatirr tiit' N1 It Ihell Aredi Irepaireid. V' IlAETLY STORE-at the sign of the Molden comb, \31707 Chartrel steert. 'The sbscribers havr- (,, ceiv.., inad.ditihn to their .rPvios stIt k ou handa fall t and complete assonrtnet of rtitrles in their line; viz: conmls, pcrfimlery, Jewellry, Ibrshes , Ioking glasses, liecv .rti.I stC,& C. ctositing in hrt as follow.s: qhilled bak, long rounttd, dressing, sid loufl', crlend r nIek, IBrazilial comllb of every desriptin l alongst h ict nn: arll .se Mexican .lttler, Ivolry rots l f etvery dlnscri tion, hora, dressillng and iar kel, Io.te.her with i I'EIt111 Fl'tleY-Clog.e, L vetd'r, Florido, honey, lhaw, rose, and orlange tlowcvr wifers ofr every .iz allll dles :cription, cnlphoratlled, extrtt of llrg.'+alllot fury soi..s ol'all kinds, slhaving do in 'akes anI pots, cerant sa. .o, WVard'. vegetable hair oil, bhears ant an tiue,'(]). 'Prestlon'' smeltlitng tlslt, plain l ni t Ile ` dllnd toilet pow.der,plarl powder, pow ter pulls und boxes po inlutllnl in pots anld rolls,orr. s tnld chlorine tooth wash nod .)owdes, with la general . aseortlnnt of JI\Vll.EIt(Y-some ofthe latest and most fIshiona hie setts, conlistigt of white and red corne.liut, toper At j.t enrdrops, set ill ilagree, breast pins of a grew• " .r tv of p ttctr , vvtollth trimmt'n gs gilt Iacd silv." atekle, silver thindble., silver cud gell pt toils andd guni be:hsin IlRUSllES-Cloth, hair, laust. ig,clumb,hearth,floor, hat, flesh, tooth, ldate, coelb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewalhhrusheb.. LOOKING GLASSES-Gecmon statia and. toilet lass, nigugtfs ing and French dricsOng glolsss,% hol e dIo, wth it variiy t otther kinds not entnrlttet'd, 'FANCY AND VARIETIY AR'ilCtIES-French and Amlerican portable desks and dresDiug cdse.s, lsU.e very rich and finely finished ladies work hoxes and dres sick cases, with iand without music, ctstical boxes, Ac ecocirlllns f varilus kinds, violins Iand guitle, silver and plated pencils and leds',wood pencils lor carpenters and crayos,tantltelocks,gunsnt d pistols with aid withUut enies, lerCussion capl .s percus1on clap cargers, nipple sr'etlwdrivers, shot belt.', nete Icugs, t;.t" blicling, toy tea sells, I[dlianll beany of rry kind, belly and damnnes, fillal colllllln knlives, razoor and s es:is l tlilubles, needles, liue, silver plated, steel and COlllltoa Seectn cler, locket bokls and wllet ,l variollu killdl, visiting car l and alrd Crsl.'s, playing cLrds of IF'relnch, (erm.lll anll AneCrit , an t lut, i ture, dollst . illtti, l frUitsul boxes, plllltt of vlariiolls kilnds, Saetllll r.' I 'olelt' rv' Elllnersoll'se, Iltllllta's and -lawkia's razcr struccs cad lnt tllhc tlloncldirhksa Suiy Ibead nckllacec, ti withtt lr d'ropstov watches, larl Illtoas, powder lasks, eat dlt d pluain seed belads, lt and silver do, gum elastic anapeu ders, andll grters, plain and Vsword (oines, backg o lllllle boards, dice, lptiral vieljtjrewsjltharps, locofou mantch es attd drinkine cups, with ai great varietye o tlher erri eles, all ufi aht.lcili Ie esold fli" cosh or city acceptan ces on 1" motlte credit. B II SiMMO.NS, & co. dI . 70 (hartrreuat. D OLiiEARt'S Science of P1elnanhip receivedl,od Ui er sale t their permnlltelt \Vritnlg .eadlemirs No. 7 Chatres street, New Orlean., JlJ tlloadway New York, ite phine st., iMobil, . It i It.ltrtilelrelesiileel f;o private learners, and ,Lho(ols1, lnd1 is eahlculated thir plercOllsc ofall are. Ladies itnl gentletulel are invited locll and xuamine the Rvstlet flr thlleucelve. Lessons are given aortch houses as ay still th-e eolvetlicinet uf'll, and to claose formed i. . any part lit ile city. l.dies woile prefer it can receive lessons at their own ref sidences. Persons paving for onoe o tree of lessons are desired o attend until they writt nt ,ell as they wIhb. it Dol. EAR & BittO'I'IIr,It. D)IEAFNESiS. X NEWO article fobrlerpetas troubled with dera'leas,e . (clled the Ear'I'rult.npel, has Ijtt been received, y the ist,~ te t t e ieb, tblt l ghte.4t artiettt o of Ile lu llans voice is distinctly conveyed to the eccar. Any ole lwho dlts dyer been e.lig'd toc roavers with a c rl. dlcln -tr.ol., tust ,be fully sce iblt oft tile dillecultv nl;ud o -litrrualcut experiett.ced bultb by themselves dud tile i I dlividuals so naeirrtuatele aellicltrl. By the use of the rsar Trumpet. this objetion is etlirelv lbvialed. T'ihe. agite septicol hlave alwav an. mllolll teir doubts alter havilng used t, l'rrunpei. For arole at 'T F GUION'F , n Fancy rtore, crner of Conlon and St Ckarles street f tir the Eolthaae fIntel. feib 13 i& PIMI Oll--1510 golieco puro wi'nter I S pero Oil, in ceobos eand Mbls, for sole by JARVIS & AN DIE.d, Wllealc Drugg mss, corner C )u..rion and '.'etlpI f- iccorreett. atr 53 SHIT'E LF:AD- bbls, I:Ii Ib . g ac, ; 2011l do 25 Engliel dIo-25 1-4 bbls. o100 100 Paint Iruhcd , varit'us sires; I cote Vleruilli,)n; 5 bbla Copal Vaunish; 2 . Jopn I" iCeoach d 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50I do Silver do; d 1011 do Dulch Metal. di WINDOW GI.ASS, Amuericnn, Erglish aln F'rcu;ci 'y -1010 boxes, various sires antd qualities. e BotLrn 'Urown do.--5ihI boxes,c Conignlntrt, will be Iv aold low. - Also, a general assortloent of aritits' colours and ooles, for elde iy A V SCAL ES, If No 46 Canal street. - N , Alabitaml notes taken ot p r, atdl Mississppi notes will be ireceived at 10 percento discotint for gotods, or in poayent of dlcbt. jet I lw [L.01R-?n0 ý': :g a 1 tIt)Rli l,:l. I,: 14 ac i.yose. _ lit. WILLIAIS, OCULIST, Now AT THE JEFFEIIrON tHOUSE, JEFeFERSON TSTREET, To the Editor of the Lousieille Advertlier: slt SI t-l nlpears by the observaothn of the Editors p I. f the Nashville Presbyterii, Unionl nt d "Traos- tt ript, as well as the etlltors lf the Memphis Enquirer, at that the "O()ld tleit'lemn" is ntmo thile Doctotr. This T sp is l.oved by Its llinoly rae., knowing that Ilin itll'e is tai Illt short, ld that iltthe independeot Amerianoploople ii are able to judgle tr theelvets whallt are ptlle nd pa impolsitions. The swortlhy editors who are I)octors, oh Ile. protprietors, editors otr subh-t'lio s of ihe above ty named jolrnals, rIll every letter from persos I hIave is restorerl to siChit In tll, nhbve plac:le, pilin. 1. Thloe flt is, that I iito er hald .olch great success iii within a, lilmiteld ita perliod ,as tell or twelve days. (One in who was aped abllout trl years, wllo lad only sev"tl for of ighlit frott bie birth, begae to t. soe t" ftollow' h!iei mter to my hotel, tonlead of boein. ob tltied to Ihe led byeItit. tlo'wovoog ladies, htlho hrl each lust tle sitll of one fi eye, one fr ttn vers, andtl tile other for lnearly two, ra tears, hving botlh ol them the other ee vcr wek; to e.ll of hll em Vt lllt lt dies t et anll Sefti ittl t l bt thti ryes, whlll Iclelf I Irledge mvself still colntinllls e t ceptiLt tllhy al'er uldertho infolueltt or llllllltti t of the Mledical IoIltors. Another is Ithe tlgliier of I hi resp itable merchallnt, wthose ne I a telnllll ever of to enltion, (s lihe paid loe y fees), who said she lol h lost the sight of one eye from thie age of IT, lonths, but that site now begins to read large letters with tle other eye coempltetl shut. Thlis the doctor editorso knrew, fs tih geitm'ioit stold me hiisoelfhlIe had cotI dlt:ed his dlitabter to the office of ths nledie:l editors. tlhat they might he iofortmed of the fact. 'Tiheleet I slall monation is an elderly gentleman by the tname of to Yr'onit, nearly stveoly retie orf age. who decltinted pI - lielv by Ietter, whlicll tie took tit sall the ,diftettot officts t in Nashiville ibut one, and limself toldT mt lie lhad paid ftr the insertion whatever they deraonded, who d-tclar rl in that letter that lie ha oralitt deprived of the sitIt of one eye from f h ks after tie hirth, ih whilch his mothlerdtated to hI,, Y oeecasioned by the d neasleto or malltol pox; thlt no.v conld not tllly see the light of the sllsn, fr the first time tthat he .eollect, st bIt thle stars t at, ltd was beginning to distinguishe mano ohjeots; alt dill, befitre I left thatt rcity, give i- ti nv proof thilt I coittl see to walk ablout'ttte srsl'eis wlith tile otter e te cointltetely closed. Tie lail he hloat been ia met.tber it te lletutlloist IEpiscopl lChurch ftrt lertrlv forty years, anl that Iis word swe never dolubt-" ed tlltolglo' the whol colrose oflhis life. 2. 1 thit 1 ld neIlere greater Ilerss than at Nashvllille, and that t'e medtical aild ettrical docrtors had neverh befeOro m cll reason to be enraged. 'The pions iodigntio.ofth ltlRev. clerircal Dr Smitlh psrove, tern lie statcdto mo that about six years past, Ihe was converted from being n perfect infidel, to believe in tihe dc:trin s tt'le BIible, thltt Ihe mtuel have made a trifling error--thllt le must hatve meanll to .a,l thht befire the end of six veers to toler, le oos.ltt he converted frott lis iofideliv as the sprliot tf the trate mioister of the peacefill and Ibenig doetriese of the Christian religion dues nl t breatbe ollt dlestrttetion, rage, vaolatnliy and flaellsool to please his medical fi'ieldo, aoainst the man wiols he knew had done so milch lood, and lo in jutry to any one. All the inhabitants of Nalshville spoke oft Ill great success I hadIl, v-cept tlte mldicnl hootors. Most ofthlem also hid beeo inforled by Mr Yolr t of the core perforted oil Ilis totally blind ere. 3. Tlte ftionus to'iah S. ofthis town pIretends that I have lost the laorels I gained in the North, siee a ys arrival in the Southwest. This proves, hiwever,l bad, .lid that I kept them until I arrived in this section. If Sgaited oletin ti e north, I oecght to have ainced aooth or ill the oItI atid i utllritteslt, and I still hipe to wear lthem on ly very yotolfl brow on the blay I leave, in s.ite of lthe vriperntioh of the great Ir i .,if I laley jtdge frtlnt the tonlll 1 oe allaly benlfitadll is this city wiilhi three days. 4. Tl'he obijeel l tf ile resoent it to nloform tile medi ratl (olialos alld editoro tf tie RIepublicn anod Transtl script, as well as thIe clerical Dr Smllithl of tie C. Ires Ileirie allld of thile Union, of Nashville, a well as tile 'editor and sub mledical editor of the Memphlli Enllirdr, as well es MAr trenlice, the edtitor of tile Louisville Journal, and alse the medical Goliah ediior of this city, the greot )r S., that I shall brimn actions against thletm all, for vitutperation, slandero.r calumny, imi di, ately after lty arrival in New Yootk,ea well ts ogoinst tteir amiabletoit hehre trotte medical Goliabs oftite noirlit. 1 now binld myself by piiromise, treverto quit this happll lalld of lihbety, until I have brought liho noses of all tIve nitedlcnl olials of tillf iItertlh at well as slie soilht atd slo wel., Ito te grliltotonle'! IThe lllitIed. tllhete ftre, many rclelto on finding Ti e during the wren of I nextl yei in New York, nllere letters, post paid, and no others, will be sure to reach me. i. To inform the public that the Ullf, so calledr, wh, l tile Rev. lceriallv nerted ilfidel prletend wtse wrillrll fi|tri hit., was wr'iltell, mre thanea week )rior, i and iolteotlltl tir Ithi Rev. I). Ileotll, who real it i my IprtPe eitt hout nlllnils sting ally disapprobation; I on Ilhe hrontrrtv, took it to his studiy and col sed it I1 1 the wae? lie did, .thiclile said he tholght would ano terl my pnllro l beler;he d~llivr\ thinm both t o Ie, withou't pretending tihat I wanted to britbe him ftn. hIs duty, as Ievr could preumelllll to ollbr ThIl gIntlemia or ainy othellr, ail)y mloltvo lr stating forts. t he Rev IDotor'stownte talte iiost ih before tihe pullit: haIi he ot it:I l tilllte frieInd olf his, it., well ui le thie, tu Ill f ll i patitltt, in rorl to nv with t tt oll.&'i r elltlottveniil Il flollllu Ih ltlhe at tof It llillhelli, o nd all Ily" o thtit .th too be more or le~ boeltilled, he I. Ier could have h.en aI induced by a total straio cr to (fromw ut i11ch lu article as lie wriote himslelffl r ibliertionl , anl d alddressed i1 to Mr Stringlihld, editor of tle S IV C Advoct'e. ti. N', woner Ihe clear sighted medical Gtolib.s .if Nathvlle look Ithe nl., :and tiretlitre used tiheir el fitris to joi with them tthe a ll-powerlttt l, athleltit , phIts ical land inlellorttuld force of i ,l Ih ai to-hten r t clerical infidel. ei reld in the Bibl e that n tlree is has prealcdlh from il' it ilishivl his mo l ah i 7. I1.c .videlmllhv want,:d to ,.- hl i, i in morail h rI aser ais ta mar , li shewing that l e w, it bove heI.iIi - bribelll. l et ls sie w ilheth r t lll sum of thiilt p tliers of silver wiill l y t lllhi s ,well l it iwas well pplied to anltll cr 'o erlted infidel, who, in the day's of I Th i I Ic r ation of his tlivil'e 1aster, abs h ol telyvoo s oldI l . forl hth t e l lh ar ofl pi, ,st of t si,'lr. vt lt a stl' er is, tinl it was never intended aa tn hibe, noilr el it be conider ed sol hv ni onP, a it was Ilt event t eqto l To the lenth ir of altil the Ir' gl'o r llrilit'erl's Iti, of t plllr so iitre. Cotainint i two or Tl. er t i ntlin Is of cl.slv printedI mItter, which wi e t l relit ' tled trt.e o, .i."r lihes in tre Pilreot' leria, Uion ltd lllonilor joirllli, ha I ever inte.nded to brie him, I tl hottld hate\ tilo r oIlt d hi prohability, t le wot ild hIve at dl riereoived as hii fee, nal*d ot a* bribe. In lthe ,ntrlnrv, itf lI r ad been t a plh, p of ulotri_ a hr'hrt I should Iertainly e have odone it in ift w to have inl. rol his aii eptlnooe. . I tlth t titev. Doctll or beenl relliy conllere to i tebeltiefofthe doctrines of the eavio'ur, he iwould not hlavr promised it clome neld xamilinl, patintlis u kl eepingl his word, lf s I have alwalys fouatd every min iser of tiec 'otpel zeatlous tot ,I. t. Ihal he beel ctultly cooverted, he would tnot pub lidtly have .ttsioksn inideot t tLe Amerc sitr u i'til iono, which, it is trell knowno r a llmore ntuilmlllllllln d which artie superior to l many is some parts f El' url. His olinduct slo mucih disgusted simle yioung lirar cihar aIter.s, itso le ls ely rellstrained froI m pishng hihtf nl thle pil, by laying violent llands on hih. The Retv. geutll blien,th ch Ii r'tilcht ln, is without existe, (llilt ss 'he is eatlm iated), aitti hot h l I olytt hink o hf , has riholi to sio oe lthe A lmerica ilt tmiitt., seoIIio-e le. is .'oinelllotrde ifidl 1 nnv le has ot-ait r, t hl 1o H il ilwllospek wel (it'"the thhrihlgec ll, goe.s wshlI dover. I facll" the egallant llCapiniu Grundy, and severril other almiable y unlla geatllleen of Nah.lille, reco llect fowell the oniduet of this pious expoundtr of thle horly Scripmtres! 11. I level. saw S ullch 'a denll in bhumn shap111e as hthe Rev. Doctor was the day I t enl eo to reatson with Shim, wheln hle men' d l ily glrey hairs with an opll i ied gignutic nro, n. if he would have fAld me to the s Irts euteitt a itribe of 30 l ieelt of silver! t 'really tre i eL. inore thanll io tlhe "Old Gentlema" hrad lle - it lerd in his owno slttpe! I I. I solemnly declare before (,ol, and am not afraid oto call Iti. to witness that I never, in the whole tcourse , of 42 years practice its an ocalist, in Great Britain , France, Ileaion land Amterict, it a singlet irnstance of hfotlret sil a bribe ao t l'notilt tolhe editor of oosy j hertv ibut aou a .tot e i Ostll forn Il thie slart I illsted andes te noiIttuthon to lt'ibe. - beggar, and 3ti will cateha 1.--!" ''hough I pti d linI for lly advIa:ltlSUlllellts filr two or Ihlree weeks, he ni1v illSeLted thelllnoiwP. olli will Iilel.€E Io insel't thIls letter in yotu r nelt pai I per, antid ublige youlr, ase. JOHIN \\'Li.I.I 1M0, li n, . i, l 1· i,, int? tile El glisl O c ulist. I.eoirivillf,JJilt 1337. Coipied from the . W. . C.sdoorate of the 2-Ilk .Tune, 1837. At thle equcst of Ill. \VWillilam, wC iert tleI fil nIw i t¢ note frotl tile Ilev. ar Ilioweil, of Naslohille, to tile editor olf the StIll \V,-stern Christian Advocate, who, it appearlr, hias examined t rI dil.;iot as Hlltd other docu Ilonts,eviecive of the Ioctotr'.s claims to public itTron guo Itn costleollotc iof ll tcidenitt I)r. oV wil ro main in Nashvillel a feiw days longer tian he at first inttinded-- tv thie let July. Iev. Mr Siritglfield:-IFilaint been requested ,b Dr. Williams, the oleUlist, now in ITlis city, to examine Ils numerous is otl andl other fdocumentns oevincive of his claims to Ipulic colfide , it t his trnotession, I oive, ills eonl ,lil wi It vahled lrield llle so Itith pleasure. cer o gre~to suit eIi ito tife rlstoraitio ot i ifht et ti Anntig thel fstend it letter lrhiooil r Patgeot tit te et Ihnrge h'Altires of the Kit;oft thei Freci, it u gtoi, tcartssed to I)vr. vWilliaen teytif a til-e ...o.. . i tf... he t t diplo.. frm . itte fKiir.. ii F aci'e, ltrs linti i t lio iell tat thle ,can rtholle Mc, icoulS die tie o iros it. tl ilsoi nmerou t he porlt i tllt lmr e known tIot be ohii h irepntltt n ii ti(t iiinrv, receive . since his arrival i tihe tlnitd Stotte, detiaioing instn cel of great succe.-s in tte retstoration of tightI Io te l.:-. Inew oo efitetrtving to t ht u coimin l:l.~r his ere; butt oll I tave atelitoiy they are ti1f uetionabrt ly benetitlid. JnlO or'T . B. C . C. II.OWELL, Nashville, Jaue F21, 137. aI t. Stintce Irttllg tle luto an Or lofg t Williaems ltieis htes ciledi liupon ned ld syos lie lul oactually iand tIoitiall lost III the siglt of oe eye .r seventy ers, bil t:w dechlre: bhisel"f belier; that last lightt l" t l first e i hi lifo that ie cn recollect, lie col di. tilitin t1h il b it h iIl l- V ol ie ho 'tlie ro ili liet lt tr -. i hrily Yie ii . Yoitiiri, truly, hillK10 R. IT. C. II. lTNNII'td 31A1t OtF It)1 It'tNA, .&, r -j . ýI N :%i% M l i p o r LO ltc t I i , w ith its t It eliet tI, -ro a d t nuto distancei , frol phtce to pll-e, IlOtg tite stae l s.te l boat rl l,.f, hy II. -. T i"r ftll r. al1u til '{tr-ts of tie canals and tV--i ql, through 31I.{++ip ,rll I'l. INI)IAIN'S.1 'ANIhIA. :l01 Ithe ctr"e ofrheumctllo'lula or kingsevll,gout, tn litiom or hi Frolrt, iciinto caners,to mlt rheam, 1 s tilit.ic .... mercurial diseases, utuely ulcers aod piltitlaffections eof te oalaes, tlt:ratted tthrot cr t.. s. r triles, icersof eynor des rptimt, fever sores, anoi i lteralm tsessid, fistulas, tIiles, scald hiela, sourvy, blls, ehro- he lic sore eyes, crysipelis,bllohet aImt every- vat iety yot'siC toaeos alfedtion, chriionic atarrh, hoead ache proceel ing fonm aoy acrid humor, paoin i the stomach anod dys- `i pepinl prooseelinag rom variation, athlctioa of the livter, crollo iontammatit of the kidneys, and geneon d.tbiiii ty eased hy a torpidl oio of the vesselsoftle skill. It ll i sii, lg'cly efloleaious in rrnovatil~ those constiLutions which have beon broken down by ityhliotinus treatment, iuvenir irre-gtritics. Io genital terts, it is revom mende:el mall Ilhse diseases wihich*lise Iron illlpllltias t of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatleee it nome or kind. at Some of the above eom ialintsmay reqtire some tri- ii tinsg asfstaot apptieaioin ts, which theoeicumootyehs onufe tio ase will dlitao: hut fore e neral remedy or m'urificator , to remove thie cole, tihe IN DIAN'S PANAiCEA will gllelortly e founlt llotieirt. t. TO rdl1t' Ull tI. n to ttown tou it is thant nmodern Physioians, to their am hition to excel in their Ireolssioll; explore tilte vast ields i ofscieoce by the ahli oechemistry :lad seek out new re medial oagenti in sh lte , nto atnie at tterfection in the Iraetine oiy means of a ot o elne,--inteinly overlmtk ral Ct Inegleet, as be le th tltere nutloe, the rih oandl bonteous ti stores oelfietiine, which the Almightly has eausedl to i springoutofrthe earth inoeveryclitme And how meah e ttore true isfit that while the American Phyoician looks I to Iforeig countries for many of his most ecomon and nteoessry articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offashion or folly, he 'is surronanedt in his own country with ao edlessprofusion of medical plAnts, saffloioet to asosweray et iodie oan lldisease or to cure hny eumablo dliRmeder aond )et he is ignoerant ofltheir vlr taes,o as thety re slfferd lto t'waste their healing oil the desert air.' The eflhtseof vegetable meditiheso upon the system are tetmorary-those of miterals lauting. 'The lito;rler ex elft heir Cefetsalnd pass off-the hatter, mercuory ill par tietlar, act eclteiealy on tihe solids, dseoenimsltng the hones and undeermining the consitntiotl by a slow " s'he eongenlialtiity, eler+lnc y sitt SAFEITY ofvegeta bihle remedties over mineral, mt be eostimtated by conttias iml thie atncient sotatie with the ttolertl, or, to iring ii iore immeleiately nu:tlet oier oWll ohsevelttion, Ih, tlli all I'actiee with that of the whites. Whio, in Ameotieao nas ot knowaot heared of treeated instances lhetrein some deltopi., inp retenillng femalte tlldit., bm .tea sof her simple renlelies alone, has affected tile most rapid d astonishing trese, aiter tle Moatriro Mnelica of tile -rna itlacte, directed ill tile most skilfu iat antner, has foiledt And who aos not been smelarisod at ilte eom itaestioveee rcd filitilry with whicht the India frees him self hoooan.y disease, and lat the ahoest totea abmliothe oflerotilt sedsoseamorg thelnm } Who has retsleh lh a Indian with a eolstitutiotn ba trokn ant rasined bty ill treatent i And call a dout t exist thiat tlls atayr ex cetsion of the savage from most ofe ge ills which the lesh of mnt in heir to, is ehiefly owing to more genie and safe remedies wleic lie employs 't'his astonish ing tifferenete ill stoceres, is a fair exnemplitcatio of tihe infimte superiority of the simple an safe means of elure whieCl Gld Ites reated for the teltteist of his children, overtlos whicoh rle prile and the art of oma havp in From a long residene among a lporti of the aborigiln alihbhitanatsof thiscontory, alnll intimate aUluain tace with the mothmls of cale of e of their mnost suEceissill rasetitioners, the irolo'ietor of 'The Idian's Plaoeea,'oqaoired a knowledge of some of the most powerful and favorite rnemedies. From thelre oeseleoted sch as werte most effetac ous attd approlrites, Itlti after arious exlariments to tet thlleir lrinciltes anot strength, he utas eomllied tll ititls e lirthlee Ioresntetll, as tthe nosot telti rct ad lseniclical loer the purpose for which it is icunnlentle. T ehe e rprielr olens tlhis preparation to thle itubic, m witll Ihe oonseittsnss that ie is tplaci.g , ithintheir sea, t. remedly almble otretlievinsg inm of this atRlietei fel low beioigs, who aev sulI'erhtg unlder tihe varlous hrunic anresostint etcomplaints to which t tiso allica, le. To sullc it will prove of illcallll, le aleI, as tie ntal .old in mnay cases th' onlly of tlier linghem sntf saerill.S and 'cstoring llt+Il Oimler titho11 t, health :aIo hall . Iinrtsa 'ibllis is n nntoll eld as a conllllnns renledy, that Stroyl per chapnce he eqatly good with ll. others now in hor,'Ie but ,sr ont' whli, h is wlaole of ca\ ill lil- in nmny extrcelme cases ich al hn:l r t the n uI letli,.slfail. Th'bis it hasrtone l'peatedly; lld this is te r't'llllotioll itlasob tl er it is ol,eve it eis htee i lloue in, s, n plesentel .tlie pIolhu llic:l n thltl lblt spn'Laee+ stltl tn, :llardsstienmost sulbstantlalamld coniaviln g proof of it merlitsn. ''loe vu ile'Ie Ic t':eaveni I iost conspietots ii tlhose iong Sit:uiiing l ol typilitic intl 5o'toadous asr otiots which ha.e Relied all other rI., u1lies, ali I porticularly in th( 1 c;as s , l',, e mC|I II·u.5 Itemoy ales l~eln so :lisid !y usedI ra to causlle isltressinlg :ains iln le lls, nodes, Ie.sICtl rial lllCes, d lng11.,lle.l entl o1111' d(sI l le i g: ..1s, c. ' l'these it eonlmlelv re noves, :tllll in aal11 cas. it entlilre ly etl'dicate"s thle discases :1l cilt'cts of llmer.ulllry, reI.llol votlesthe collstiulioll, dl I elLh thL" Iplatientl. Slinll aiini well. 111 xI llllliln lisus :1ol ill llu elrte sllore throtIII ,lll ite h 110 tIly l:s ill· 5 leso I a' pparenItIlllI, Ig m;l; lxt: i ellllllot Tkill ill IInpr. hnses, the I"odilll's Panarea nperaes 1 It alll nai ln oit' l dI i dillll 1't'oiii, dtu '1t iivc,' nd ll ixatiives, oil :1ai-tsp.a.ssu li and 111d1ne; anl in IIpro r cases, a SI tlost itmli il ll1n1.s emune ue. G1:I(lr. ally oxlir oiiSsIl, i1 ilteaslis 11 i the secle':lions I 0d Iex ereli1 ll., g it vlOll, lIII hto. lllllloI SItIfImao lill' li ill Ihs: slalds Il a pllil.wic I l muCler. FrIom these princi 'I 'ii tedichil, e has li n i..i.ii highly 1 tt'o 1 1 1 n11011 :ml i$ . (disc:uses n111 here tIl o ikl1 ladi d it Ils to .,hs Itsei11 wilh wollrfll success as a Spril; : 1 a ':1 all I'11 ril1, Iy tollltoe 1 ho :arei : Sl Ii "l to llllll litll f I hei1'i clt , slous w.i 111 wtvl l1oiose I vll 1Ihi'x ace 111lles iol s all lld - N' , .. o 111v111 .1 di 1 < ink is conshhid red l i"C ssrl:y, li1 IVllc aces, laket in a sll lla do "; will n r llllll l all 111 1u su'1 ellls, in m ulh lite , lilme, at less exo IllenS, i I in i I'll more agreeable m: ol onulm, 1a Illyh t e n com onil di de k. Thle tfollowing ol t of hondryds similar, s0hi1 h lllig i lle lolllll'ld1, are givll n to s Iowt e, II.ect l oI otie ln I's Pallceti i ti lit'iIoui cntll ai etol too ein nentined; ad also i exhibit it the t sailst'ctl ryt. CASES )1 F lO UIAI TUIS3lt. Cow IItIswrn, NSav. 15, 18..3'. uring lll ll tlalst wiotermul" l 'eprigI lu as alslliet. ih a very severe aolmoiis'resi rih tl:llisitl, oatnecvli d s yo expos lie in tlld we.lih'. I now inkegtl'Ce pleasure in AsttI l, is1l six sotol tse ofl Itatian's I'and ea, restored nml It 'iptolle heal t t o1 I conoid·lently raioommlend it to all similaorly anill i. li JIOIIHN FERGUSON, Kinlgst. I W11 l seIz.d wh tthree n yell ls since, wll l 1ith a dist1ess1 i1g lheunmsisnl, cused L lakinga severetcoldt. wloh iIo ulter tlheiniluehnc lf meircuv), .ndo whicl has didabled r fionl business nearlti ever sice. thoing this period have bel n a titgll tinl' the Marine l lhspital, in this clit i tupio 'dsoil tyir IIiolllths, ilryo lioly Iole s1,:ll litetllokio" il in the, li tialltl Iosll itotolto, and I'l ialmlosti ever rvemed , with ltittle becloil, ( othe lttll of tkbvuarc last, arthat to ime scaelt able to Smove about upon Itlloh es, I commnlie:l1'd the use of ludian's Panaeae. In o{i. montlh I llin u l ml ).sellf itiriely fl ied .l iam11 ainIII anlld now hall pys to slate tha I coill nIt l Il' to l otly twell, \V.\I. TPUCKER, 1:3 M arket st. CAS.ES OF SCRIIOFUIOUS, ULICiS . NEW YuORtK Sept. 1, 18l30. Th is mia c1e.llifyl that in tliedill of 1821, 1 was seize with a swellingin 1y nieckkand 1 thee, which alleirwal ulenllted 8al bcat' lltil'huge ghastly ulcelrs in my 10v1e. AlfierIryingseveralphysteicititsto tin ad'antllge, I wenl ill IPhiladeldphia, ill pla1ed if mlunder. ih care' D)rs. llhysleandl lhench, when,alier rlellated salivatlonl to no1 0iec, . ai s prononncelll tttrly inculitle. Ater,. wards Ifnk tw etiiy botltleslofSwall'sPannllias ldlll eightll botllll o. lootlters tllhlicoin, with sto tOteo'ial begnlil Despairing oof lite, l hich had now becomeit a titothen ta m, s returned i n'toi parents gn New York, in o8t29, 1oo gaivemyselfupi t a inlgering death. IHeairing of Itl great success of The i o dio un's o .tliait, however,ll it, will slilr Io )my owin, I ws perisaded o1 o tr0 iC1o a Iost n. A IAsort. ' et slr'se, AS well as aisblion, eveln 11i00ot5, the ulcer.hellled ande 1 tllrlii tll well in the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever sincel. I nake this tteen and wEsh, it publislhel NEWr tlw enlt OR f hoEA EA hoNS e ffering lnder similar ucarlitons oralphilitie ta8ctions, ihat they may know w tnt h" wieltone who has suffered every ()"ihhg hut death, i nd who coisiders his life si'nved hy the )bove s). CO 11. NIANV A C nlIr sttoos. ,lly I tb, re t -1. I was afttlictel' four y el's withlil of icer ll the le, ne calsinilly arcompnmied wilh cr.)'Sipeltolus ilalllatlil and excessive iau in the leg ,uil 1uiel1 joint. Several outllt olsII lt behnefit. In ttitlslels five d ottlls Itli:om's I'nailo male l t eo et cre. MAIGAIe tETtIA ls 0 tl to s'', de il tIt 'kte btl s 'tFor saleby IIoENY BONNABL, reiltuggist, alien lot tl Wpropriestors, lt'ch ounpitro las street, I al6 NEW ORLEANS. . NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD tltiilisidy hita' ve1t rtollhioe ofsit to' dolird of ditsre lrhh lllU llrlllrv llst, tir the paiylllent of five dollars ia share, waos resyinde e d, t iitI eld stockholders re lilr notified that WIn l.REA, by a resohlutii of this bolard passed on tihe 191h iii . a elalllis blelnil odl, ltl. on the iockhlerr o1If he New Orleans anld Nallvill Rnil Mond COmpLI y |y ilr the fillowing paym ts o the thile I1LLocLk hel resp a - of lt, Io olly elloll iz:--otiurs per shareI ir blec i, osie irolchiyste flilio i Stel olf ili two dCit lii pei shlo Ite paIable on l the first da ofrie ellber lctsie, tillnd it do'iilhuir t shloet laei ob n tshi lit sitlit o f otsito rc loit. ntiothereb i ofle. it resohello that Ie secrt, ioa of this compn 0h notity' the hrar1i holders toiheren s I oI io , tet ln otic r lls ot the iiy t ht oh tcnormily ilht o15 yintt o t11,1111 foilt chartev', h111t l 5rm11idi l 011n th, fo firt day of semy naxt, 1 and ser the datit 1 ;ttlt it ios tile Looeiiwieotoss sto tie leon n tll s ll Ilo thwtllrstl eot re. ularl yt p hho ihsinl thei vu h A rrolxotmation toi sixty ps, l"1 ainl the ' dnlv E1 ts tllis it shisst oo iua tse sf ie the t hit he li int eiu~A it etv. MIn l sit. trelsre, to 11 Sunil I day of' J lla ' nett slu Il .' lait of A i xt. .1111: SlAtE U' iLiltlAl A.-erarir Cera liore IteV 'Parilsh ald City of New Orleaners. lillE STATE~: IOV 0IJISANA, iT n ll whom 1 ,h, Nhs P esei t shall come, Greetrin :-W\ hertir e , / l-nes Halnse havinrg artelliaed at n a-iItele ade Ily tlr Sheriffo a tire areicr of OrIlennr lire prry tlr l C ilreirniarr drisrcibhrl, eur appliedl tr tile clerk of thine csar eUrrte ill wirOaern offiCe thle deed ot le was recorded on and rite darlny of April, A. I). 1838, litr manitielle r adiver- Tie iserrent in conibrmitv to an net of the Legislrture of the gur etre of I.ouiniana, enlitiled*As net fIbr thie l rtirer asu ee oule n| titles Ion irlhaerrrnrrat judicial sales;" aniproved p tlr a1ir dry i3 necrch, 1834. rag NOW, riarefare, know ye and all peerons intererteri Iherenarne herrby lrcrrl ull re nrrmnrirdrilel tie rre ati lire tile State of Ilnlinianna, land of the Parish Coartrr, cn whol can st uip any right rtitle rr claimn in erd o air thle property hierei.fter ldescribed,in eonsequrnce nlany infiramlitv ill tle order,decree or o" tle courel elder whfeh th e ae waen mende, r ally irregularity or a illregality in tile appeaisements and adreertisenents in e tile, or lansenr of sale, or for any olter lefeet whalrso- c ever; to show cause, wirhin thirty days from tile day this 8 m ionnii i irt inrerred in tire rntblir lrndas, whyI tire sale so inanie linu idnot be cofirted led irllna o e lgeted. tea Tie said preperty was.scld hI the Seiriff irf the nr- m ala ralnrearrier nalrth 1air ihy anf Aprrii A. ii. 111311, Iry virtue of i decreer of thi oart, renArlered oil the 5th di y ofFebrnry,A. D. 13i8 i na elit entitled Alexnier Cailrwiail vs. Jneree Ilanae, No 10,3.'ar of rte drcket of Icr this Court, at whicih sale the said James Hneeebaelre pI tire lrehase ir ior he lance of twenty unre tlnounend dcilrrre. ill Desaription of Prolerty as given in the Judieial Con I reyanee, naz: ef A certain lot rtf crraand rituated in tile saburb An aunncirtinanliel Laeouene of tria ciyi in artno 5a e, and iet having Vrelrrr Rlenaarc, 6i01et foit on Telhnr-. pitoutln street, :filf feet fren on Orungers street, andti i 10 fleet on I lafcede dtn n11rce'S strt, ill sue h nce inoInrer that saidit Ila'teOend is ni feet wide ftona one ide of en thie sqnare to the other, Ingerher with a dwelling holse oe frost ng or l Tehirupitoiarn stIOelt, the kitchlen aenidri- tl pedenacisc, also the distillery eslarllishclents erected tireron anid other Iuilrlings tad improvemCents, thie o nlachinerv, utensils, ilplemena and fixiules belronging v to said daitillerv, its detledercic s ianld eIrrtrenanes Ir. andl tile rirghts,ataciotns,ande Irivilegea thiaretr belongirng st or ill alnv wi.e ,lplwrtaining. s Clerk n a)f ie, INew Orieans. May 7. 18:3. I m14,24&j:I J. OLLIt Deplrrty Clerk. I ETA1T liEt LA IF()UlblANE--UCou ie treraenls n pior rlr proisse et silll dle nla Nuvelle Olieans. 'lI'AT l)E L. LOUISIANlt'l.--A toas coux qe hr L es pBsctes cnceccrncnt, Slutn: Atteldu la e it .James cncll raynthei t uno ventc fainte f ti r le Sheeif laelparOisse l'()rleasi lacI p api6t ci i-tpr. decrite, e'eest rdhee an Crffe de ceate Co a on hl ite vente lit elregistre Ic 'leemneoue d 'al M d 'e lnrir 1i38, poIl eil avis confermrener ii nA acts de la Igiislature de Ia Etrt de la iouisianel, intitnll- "Acts piour confirmer les titres des acqllerctrcs anx ventesjudieiaires;" r)iroan1r6 lel Mars 1834. Qu'ilsoitconn, et aouteslersones o sollt ipa cespreenntes sonal;mes au nonm de I' Eltet die nla llUls.ane ctt de la Coar de Pa-'isse, qi poraelent acrvoi droil la Inroltiiile ci-lll.kal dereite, erl crlrsequenc dauln dilaiet de ftrmne duls I I'll'drl, le deretr on Ie jllgemellt die la corn, ell velta dquel la vente a 6~te faite, on de tote irrelgularite oun ill.,galit.e dans I'estimantioe.l,'ais oule temps et le mode I de in vente, on per nn aenlltecrneaqeleaoenqne; i tIe ire voir, dane rrele jouals a d;ter iceln pulblieatiroll ieatcee it avia, potnllnoli It veiti e ainsi tilte are selit ipas uoerflrmec I elt honloguee, at La iropribla firt venladue par le aherilaundit, le qua- t toraeimle iour di'avril de Iunne 11138, enl vertu d'ln at likelet tie eele cntur Ic 5 Ac! ftavrier ale t'tiniatk 18311, a dallr l'aniiaire dAItlexander (nldmell, eonarre Jilncel a lHanase, No 10,3117 du docket de cette Cour, A laquelle h vecns le dit Jelnam lause s'est rendu nllelrreIr panr al In pria de $ti1r88ll. a lIeripili de elaopeiktrId'apr6s le tIlransfeeaJudiciare, a Snlvoir IUncerltain lt de terre sitrlr an feanbourg dr l'Annon- f ciatil alias IRcoInrser de Aette ville, duns I'ilt No 5, i le dit Iat d ae trec lrVlrl Lerereare fr learice, ] .oixante 5 Slralr rre fien eAI rirrlci Tanrlllilarlas, rcrrtneirr prieda rirr lace ii itt rare ties t re·.a r, ci eaiharrten. itieds aie l:eA i rlr ri etitre ide ra rile rill M rrch6desrtcs raic hele lit fr de rerae t seoilltllCe pied de arreur df al ite Alt Pl'il 'l, re: enseble uene in f.emll i'lt line aill - rte Tr-h.lttrnirltrrtra itr-tttaitett elaerli' eeacs~ rtirlrl, 6tcr r'. tilt att r Ir t li m at at tlit slih'rie, csr1 deipeail -cr1es1ap irriter-rtr- e l tie droita, atrtiorrnrt privi-ges - a rtpl i Itu n. litrlclll Ir cclic.rer, Nolrrlle Ore rlellen l17 lati, 1831.i rlrt &j3 .I. ).1.1 Ie6Iui (tirtIlerr toynIl C(ollIegc of l'hysiernn, I, nldon. I ruNtt- orign-a-rhl Vr.etrlnhh Illgeian lnivrrsal lnedi [ -Id Ir,W XIrakhtlal-1 Stlecern rite- iI--c-r (Idhg tit- t~i-tr~e-leen Ltercrncll trf Alrtrire. culr'sl Iam tane. Fellow ii rl" IHltt C'eollrt Sociret, Scgeonr an ttie oia I "ion Pr shiIn Asneh hI, ILancaster 111111 S( tir a11111( t~ I~Cli·ItIgI',-rr 01etl-rt- 1 tarrc (n Plae, Wl" at'hrhlll Ihlvd·e, aiuln PIe.wiulm Pupil of Gu.Y' ail t. lI hit ar't pital.tti Io iio il. Tlhis \rsttle ti C dieitt, tIei restait of Iwrnlt c-Uea'Li exl..riencte trridhudtIlrl a sleCess is. IIl enlslive d highlh r pi' t-lil ' le lpr1 cilce of the lira U 'ieivo l? iit - iiised bvy the I ':ntc alln i n b imhilit n itlllietld ti the no'leia e ofl ihe Al mini t l riial i atih , r tt taI he tnrtrtrl sile -r ihlitatirl i e a A trlritm e r .o Ilt Ilrnw I t l ir -:lr ntil hiarh stnrlalln lll tll he I tllrf.a sionI i it i hoped, a I a elil i nnrey step, ti eck at e. its nnt t-ial e Iiquei raris alg f tel r tti l t- o i thr iiilalni arti drleleeirus sal tlll s linild ui l he I lic by~s~ t ll. ,II.' t l t it liltel r l 'ri l.d i t r lt i r a i lt s I l llr t e it n l r ti e rri ' i l t i rIs , hI a s el t o f ii trc-trrr i nt.litprtendr- oitly gsn f i lrr ical srirr r-r ci tr trl l it it im I.Ic11p s Ile ttlilm l sIIi d l tll l itti l l tlt , r rr ll o, ii i l iLta - ll h in lli 'lll Ill liiilt I 'e, ihlltt n ell k-1 r e: t ti iIl) linih in caises tiel r ,llrrr ilre- .% f1'rr , h-t ih rIrtr ' l:rtr athm irllaih , Xihettari, cIru - t,, lil ir ila n inlt con l,ll hich i. i· l·fllnll prol: e l\il'.l, l·,1 ? bel. sl" il dlh h .llcur ,l pIa, ,lte tl lll, h , ll ll IIi Ith w llse l ol. oll ll ;Ia Ih, sl a ~i w.l~ ~,, It iri . Itth i c e sIt -- plr ktrtt i .rrrt Irn tth lit tenlt$2echrtrn x ep - r ited Wa'r ltt iattn [tr {-l1ir ih a ll s dwLetions SL iar'll l.lll- j, .h V ,ll• l it ililln t n i1"1e 1 mutsttl t inhltattnitt rft JNOr 11kt1H.tpcNtta-ercric-eelyPaceN. rk Al-i' lrr G tr, r rt. I g fh I I r - .te Ste Il , ii . Foihr's. The byriintment ri the a iell nIi ii priinor J1SAN{) ItlH.1"INrn, I'r.'gi is, 'eo'II Plane, N. ree iewllrlr A:'elt di.ll 5 tlllliee flllo. Ol sli .. .Juliv8 I I EN 11I It LEE &a co, No 9 Xaain Senw receivi. from shipls Nashville, Louisville, l aeka, Eangle,:' a ther gate arrivals fron aa. S":llaern ciliea, aiarag lan new selaled aassortment iisa, Bool.s, Nhoesn animad FroganIn, lonsitlian ol'gian."ldl 1n'slal e cal lln naan ela oalo bInats ,Io :U quality; dt bull'd, nul stout was pegged boots o varioils quaities; men's fine calf seal amt Mlormcct ri" lU llsps ad barogans, buckskinl shoes, brogans am Slappeas: mna'a s lin e:al" andl kipped pegged shoesaad I roganal; II boots; il. silut kip l and wax pegged sloesa a 1l braogas; gon'tln.i's hlest quality enalf swei shvs, blgS ans anld lack l)owniugs; al calf and NMolocco r lckle shade nnl brogans; do calf, seal and alaneco I adian shoes a.nd slippers, d ciall, balf nin annea wngs, a new article; do lia e calf, sel stll morocco nquarte' aOas; Iasn', nmisses'nal childlren's pegged ail sewed baogans, anld shoesol ery quality and kindl. Also a ganenlil assortmen' t of in'si stout wax andl rlat brogans andil slhots, togetherl whll 10,100) pair ar-O laiast aaalltty, rssett lhrO.gsn, naliled in t aaInks, naaule exnla:ssly for plantation use; a goodl as St'medt o men's Itoe iand stout kip russett brl.ligans, a iw articl,, anld a urgae quantity of al inilrior quality r set anld ntax brogans. Iailies' nln cnlf, wial, morocco andl grain wel..s, and plmnp sole shoes; i fine French l:ataaano amd kil runa ma,.al sliappers; do tola . shoes, with and withlout heels; tI cnlf, snal aald stout Ialther bootes; do Pranalnla shoes I fall kilnds and qlualiies; do lasting bragaauns; aa gaiter .'and laiel oltaees. Misses' lastilg snaigl shaaasaaia na -gmas. Clilailan'n coloa llnn Mo'araoco amd lasting iaro in ann.ld boots, be. aienatlemen's finliellshionaible blalck silk hlats; dl black nihal l a b laver di i a slnuperior quality; do imitation ta ram dao; ibroad anal natlOw brim men's e drab and ala ak naasslaa ia not ilnapped lhats, a new article. Yutlas' laa e size laats of dillern't qualities; do children's, Ait n'annd bc)'s bllack and drab wool hatls of various lais, withl general assortment of bloys' and menls 'ruan assmanait will be replenishl.d ba thle arrival of eaia inckettnlroa thle aname anmed cities, all of which Silli a sold nl ae::Onmulaltila ltems. alag 1-tf l ON 'I'A i U E'S f.IL.AI FOR TI-E T ,8ETJI. (il lllnnanlablialaaad repnnaaatinaa and laaarnn-iaa Sdemana a or tis elan hltal remeldy a f plaaina allvn r servative of thle teeth, has induceda the alab-criber offer it to tlhe American lpubllic. Arrn.naa.alins hav been maden to a uppla aglents in all the principal citie n towns in the Ulnited States, aa na, iplace it ithil lathe reach l tose suffering and likly to sulfter this ma lanrnaaaiag of all llaalea, Toli-aie. WVheln applied according to directions given on bottle, it hals never failed to afliarl iaaedanl. nii and naanelt relief. It also arrests tlhe decay an defectiv" lteeth, aul relieves thait soreness which tlins( fiequentl renaders a strong tooth useless The application and remedy are simple, innocent, ian llot unpleasani; alnd the large number of persons in different seta-lions of ta counitry, that have aln ady experienced sunc delightlfu andsalutinry elleeis frona the use ofthe aIhaln are ready to hear (llar tile ubli good) thleir lenlinonav a itsa un. rivalled qanlile. is an Indian remedy, olbtained aiagalrly iiandlUnexalacaa llynd alta lii i'arlred by the ala iliaed woitla aa e alan t van Ilnble aab auvraa " redhlull tof tine wseeds. JArr VIS & ANI)DRIWMS, r l5 Cor Cmumon and nTehapitloan ns. [ EW Oll)OKS-Naval Sketclh hlook, on, ithe OServic Aflattand ashore. WVith characleristic retainiscen S,: ; fragments and Opinions. Bry the author of alaesl a Tanr, &c. seaond series, ni 1 l. Imaialaon lieaallcilaaaua iOf Ilia IhIlrqe flataaa e a aryaa 1 11 at a talae aloe ofl 1110. a la-ludtaig aria nil sketches of the lelading members-b one of no par y, jast aeceivend and ar sale by W IIKe!-AN, ILATE PUlI00111I'(l)NS. (' RIOMWELLann i istorical na ovel, il thb author of l) "T1he 13rothera;' &c. in _ vol-. Populalr Medicine, or Fanmily Advisar; a"oln ing of (halles oif Anatomy, Physiology, and H iene, with such hMlls oln the practice of Phlsic, aSurge.-v nl the diseases of women and chiltbi'r, :tmay i ro.' :et itl io t ailieul as wenragallar physicians allanot be prered: ba'ai.' ii a-alaoim allnion til(l guide far ma-,'lliguata aai:a apals o" nl-ualnaeor nc, a.,iaanaaala , iandl blaaaalaa l l , hel.als of lamniliea, :asters of easis, missionaries, or Iraneller-; Aninlnnnnanl-akaeaahaanraannugialu enla hin ill atltlv ofl'ietlh'in '. Ill. lieyn'll Collie+% 11. II. n 'Pelter Parie.'a Uniiversal llistorv on the l si,l. l (a.eratphy, fr the le of ltunil n a , hlalstilnttl a by aa apa tannallangrai.aIls iua-a vol J st ,i•ell aniln for ale by WV I.I lA N, 19 r a... . a . . ... a a p._-1e ,, ,l C :La n .taia Ný, L'l'It+.b:.--'f'l h ywnrouf .iserc'.mc,it<k...,. .,+'r h,. +lithre .nlrkrd Mxldame V. Arhglm tlilttvP. ,er <}tilt Ifr a ann a', la lda V ,k i, alnaaa aaa :J«a t ., h P --lON, a1VE'Y A 'tu a ,.0:1t n+'+.H, ,,il~n . ".,r,.one ' JUST P URl I NIIgD FROM STEREOtf I' ' e'LTi TES, "Th I ,lh IEdition t; RItWIrTI". TAIiEOF IN'IfREfTP'I: il) whith is nrew added an Avernge l'itne Caleula tor, or tusy llethiodls lir litlling the average time mll stolnge, anl t of hande or hills of goods, il.wIen p1 thased at nltlorent dates, en dtliHlrent iedlits, and for .'rinusamoutntlslr;IlesitsauIsci anid completeIHanking i'ime To' I, the Ibst Ithat c:nl be connhi~sLel' oIr tat fi !gures noal pr Jula.e withiln the sullle cond1lbsenlt c3omlpass, and size 't.ait po. An in tLhe bot it isn nearly tile otilow ing words: T 'IThe ki distinctleion this work hIls received tllroilgh the ten ho islative actts prenixto totle title page, is a re omlnmlletionl in itsell so ncomnlloll.,t, and so onla tive, tt nlthbin g is neecssary nlole Ihann by wae of ad ver'tisement, to give a nomiensed viw of somes of its pe- i elniaritics: s ferlinstnec, the Intolest has been compas ed fiom,ntir enmpareal with, what is equivalentto aour teen setsl'e:nculaltniolne, exanmiued in thie presstllirty- a live times, atd printed tirom tetreolypen ptlateested R thil.tyt-otne tinmes, fion all which it nltst be evident l tven to he isreptic (e.eriaily ot ttlta pc.sontai of the de- p tall otf iroofit ie prefece) tbnt the work mnastbe areth- II etietlly inoflilitle, and in contirnmation oftiis bieli.nfa piemilm ofl' two hondred ltandl ltiv dollars. is now oflfer- V eal tfohe detoctihn of an error ofa cent inl the present P or fifthi eldilion, as extlnessedl i the preface, atking five P tleae premioltstlatered frl the same .nor since the iost P pnhlieotion in tile year ISO12. Otte ef tit mostt eonspitious feattres of the tables is intlle rrangemenlt of the Time and Amonts, wbieh lot, exIntlittittt rttleeettreenCe tttiitelspiettl,, witittheitelp it oftite shie attd i irnd, cannot ibe exnelled ; anoiltt saity - ty and ease with witl the interell can be Ifondttothe extent of generat l btusitesa, oitLnt doubiattling of sums iseesides a contenienee st etsklti, that i tanilte estinma tion oe some oi tie most eompctent and practIEal busi ness men and pnblic oflit ers iwho have made greatl ,se of tihe work, it has beetn distingnished by tlho onolable HllIpellathltl eufota ((.lllale·l,piece". ~and consideringp I the infltllilfilily fC tlhe melblod orlslnaltly adoleltt+l in l eomntositlt tile worok, and ibe extraortilltlty uoanber and variety Illhte examinations, ald tests of every edilion it I hoslssedin thelt'ess, eotwitlllstaiding thiewbo Iisint stlrcolyle, onasiderlllg. in shn.r|. he positive celrnley seetred y, tile tnlllpeedeltted itenas employed, the vn lule has beenl held up and emlaLtiatielly styled " tihe nlsat wondtrifl book ot the woalk;" mnost nerltailly no mnlltea lulnu l figure work of the same extent, twhicl sine the begitnningot reationt, hias had tile same nltltn ber lt varie.ty olf tests in tile same number of editors; no, torooe ialfthe t humber, ats is clearly shown in te t prelhee. ., resides tsteso antl slandtrd, it has Ibeen tried and troeed ill tttrt llyl tile hank antd pulic afices in the Uittl Shtaes, lld sti the publi(c gouerally, dutritg tile longb Iml'iod nfth~lirvlle~r e r·erls, ye~t nloevro~r tlf thle eal° latthions Ias eves Itelt tonttt ii Ititt, alththIt i eonattitttl ally ehallenged by tile oflirof very iarge Itrrmiasts. rhe ill faet exprestly adoptet by all the osarts oflawnl several ofthie States as thie " rate of calculation fore.atute interest," ts also by law for bank interest, accordingns the biook is send, and as may bie seen ill part, by utC nales of tfle dsuserihers, ad a IR w of the subsequent lrellnasers, in the list at the ed of Ilta book, isi possesson f envelry elossof citizens in every quatr te of tle United States. It is motsover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it ha so omften aetected larlge errors, long after they were madie, even by the iost crelirfl and most competent arititmeticins, trat its asefulness, and the abomlnte ne - essity for its us, Ilave bees exlensiyely insisted iosn, so eoltent, ineend, hiave liwen its advantages, anlt its savings, that, severrl yaeraago, whilst the first edition was acree, and out of print, a great inumber of second hand copies were suonght for, some to a gre.t ilistance, and p eurrased at variouts ipries, as they ettuld ocension ally hio pieked tIp at iom $101 to $25 per copy, andi some petlsorls have declnared, and instances could be oquotedt tiat tl e ty wotlt pay $50, $i100, atid ~$51)0 for a eop, If not to ,be had flotir less, an.d an illtividual int the latter instance partieviarly, havini g at the same ilme rxhibitd statiaolatory e loty , to sevetral persons pre senttiat to Ililn it was reallv worth that unney nltl m ore tltougi thie saving of hIis very vatlable time, ihe bein a tvery rich man andi in ptblic oolICe. It is likewise worthy of nntlie,,ld indeed proper to impren, that suhll is tile nature of figue work genc1rally anod especitily when of thie extent anhd imlliorliace l these ta hos, that hud this hbook or its like been prepltr e- iti e t i lSllal llilllllner otlt , ay tle o lost comtltItI eCteIt calculattl in the world, :nld afterwards printIld lmtll caltlrioly nndtr his own co.Ietrretitn of proof t llelt, it wouhl, almn1oslto a c1erltillnt, h:Ive Iben lltusalt otr re ttrett,tatltl dear at alto t it:e ais the tprtet, lIe dnrlitu Atarl explttts, ltnt too, erl o t and vaioahle have thn sterclt pe platest of tris whorkltbeen Il O , tthat tlotelre ilhemll, witlltlleir Illln relflll s lltll extrlaordinarv examlinao Stionsagtinst lire, lfr the genrla l h I)llfit, t ey arett (I)y ahertisenw,.nt) constantly ke ,t in t pinlce at special ly rs' fi.'t.., excepL'tl. wile 11se4~ll~ (in printing.(IIHl lleljl A1"n l <lei 'ctou1I Se 1a tbi stlks and st lleilllor est wi n usefnl noles, folhw flu pretfaee ,bic, in this Si nll til e tw 1l prcedlng Iditihios, conlltain; nuch 111 -' l iom n .o cll{.turli lg IIr twrt o t l t ltt I nt ict of omllllt ie i lln ll* t I lloie dllys itl'tr tcll ele. It i elreminell l ll v tol rlelnmnk l h t, notwil h<+t:i nl ding this uncomnmonly consth' w+ork, which was puhlished belfo'e interesl lahltes wvein. tll'oduc..d ini hdoallaind re*nts he. yend anlhn:um, lhas betn s Icx.nsiw.el a(.l so liberally paltrolised, it lha l ot s. unlp ch as paid wit in'terst'. tee hcar) loss ofue ly tribu~ir thous.and dothers, heoiih.. a six yeatsalS tbnlell fi'ro1m1 1"7...9 to 1805, stlll t :ine nll 11 th¢,|i1'sl e'dition of 76to .aopies,.%rtsing chid'i) lI'om its ipullion tio1. althatl timel, at ao tunler price,) In o sn n,,thing ofI stII co lm nl ion or llrofit thr ahnost a li'-1in of Illl I " are, inil, E andl sle 1-cll c. 1\ he·l t1.eIbre l he aulthor ha. ll r lll e. on 1 h11 ' it ist+r'i11nt and et rit y o11the putlic i nt i1 e 1nce of' p fel',: nclu and patr,,nere.., l",r sal by 1111 I r,wrif ul liook!,. r I/t n ti tr !'4 Sl I ''at, .s iobhli Iklilof tWo I II .I .in Ilie 'i y i' In . I I K Nllll l rn I (;'lX fll' , bIlllf.f Ill rto e iipii ntil ( I·1A V Ei u·l 1 111 S m lA F F ' S c n o n E m id Irh the I arsaarilloj., hi r trli.inio I Tntjios O'll thle ski; Iputr' ItIn s lr Ii IpI 'aei lo tlhe If1; I bl ris. rom an impue Dtate of the bl o ilswy oro*tsowi; p i. inlihe boo.e; hroc usatiiimI; to 1tr; LCrof.nin, or kio'n o'vil; \hit, lAIs p ;rypiic yl.i,\ii I"he.', id anlP l diordI .r k ll ) 101 trliu ,,l' . llllrll d, i l~l " tl 01 I(! 11100ge of ) oI, llkllf t'.e l' Ir on. an impure .ttIte of the bod yaln Also,-Cavle & Soiol lllrt' Worn. Sry, or e In fhnt Proserv'ative: the hot prleparationi now extanul. Am og which are the fhllowiog:-I-dian Dye, for col onll to Ihelr; Beoar's Oil; Rnssioan lear's Greos; Polmllilllnl; illaw' Freckle WVlash: su. perior Pearl Pouwder; Lily White; Cream of fRores; Vegetable Rouge; OIto of Rloso; Lip, Salve; Kre oite T'ootdl Wash; Carboio Dulntrrlioc; Oranige Flower Waoer; PIowder Pullot anid Bo i; Aomerl can Choarcoal, neotly put op in four .nce vials; Pfeston Salls; Cologne; reosote r'ooth-alehe D)rolps; IIair Brusheo ; English Dre ng (olibs lin fllfair Oil;-with ll variety of ither Perfu lmeries, &c. For sale by L W GIENN'S PERFUM 1RIES. J C TRIN C. ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets D OYL1E ck SMAY, IIouse, Sign, and Ol'nnolllirno Painterl, Nolu 3 cnalldele stlret, two doors nromn nianal stree'. Imlintions of lhe following woods andl marbles,ex ecutedli.n a masterly mBanniC.. WO( I MAnn LE.R. Mahogany, Eyptiaiii blank and gold, Ook, Giolla and Antico, Pollard do, Orienalld or verld alltilllfe, C.rled do, lasplel, C(i'Mle So.le, Jlhod oll ole, lieds ,Eye dn, f birhy Go.nieI Saell Wood, lolomc, Hlaid Wood, I f)ve or Hurdlello, Yew Tree, Italian White, (:Corlomaillnll or Ilack Sinia anid Brecterlla, Rose Wool, Aneoioni Grey, Ash Vlhile Oak, i. k. le,. Curled Elm, Sliecimnrns to be seen at theI shop. Pfints, eils, glass, opal wnrisb, &e. on hunl ni dor sale. ml I tON,f'I'EEIf &f IlXIIY GiOOIJS--Hfi, oquore and bundle iro., well assorted. Hloop,' sIroil anld irod irioi, niil odilnld mn.lf gli) lonillds Colt, (;German, slheal, blistnlred, spling, slheet andl Crowley steel lnollow ware, cult andl wrolll. ilies and spikes Zille, block tin, mill and lgr.l Lntoels, sail kettles Chain cables, anchors, ioes On, log ard tLaie claini, corn mills Anvils, vices, lanmers and bellows WVire, sheetpig and bar lendr;i liot Coal, alld cooking istorves -Ame, Howlanndl's anld Ioer p.liad)nes and RIlbovels Hook ani platle hinges, dooar andl window lhoonkls Collins, lHuntis, Sharlps, anl otier axes I'ar'd and lanilla cordnlage, lines andI twine Ilolt alnd shleathling oppel; Naval stores Paints, liInseed and slperm oil A ful assolrooment of hanrdware and shipl chandlery, alwayson landl, and which alre otTertrd folr sale at whole sale or Ietail, on the most favonable terms, by ,nhl LAYTON & Ci. 53 O(ll ervee. EIB,,R7GATE SPRINGS THREE DA J FRO NEl'W ORIEAN S. VlHEI properietor of Ibis estalliebhmeni has thie plea Illonre otnr lonunnilg ti. his frienmdo III t1i0 pnbilie in gneiil, tIb be will hie ill readioensby the n rni duo of IMay toi receive visiters. lie will also late for tne be neuli of tiose lit a diitaiclle, h ti ihere hlavoe, been largo imniiironwienon taodo, anlollbero inow goillo gi and ill r:pih prsrrree for ootplerhiel, wehllo 'ilt onlli tIe h sullcr h ier o aciiiiinldahen a miiI.-h hiIrger niuler lthan l lilll ti , nii l it ilt il' e i llll e llll l bi t llhr. Iailh lII be ri oiel2lllllllll2lllt 1 illl goi!i n Irn.iue or toile dwho r er oer'l i l hvne large cal i os nacehld froli, It it Xe orio'' PIncessay II, 'il n Is lling it parlb 000e ,Io.i .iii.-ti l iiti eo. i. lir of the hiulinrnelr n fl itee wIiot.' hin ii g nit Ielieved tith1 IothY are I1 i~ fri.irorIi i nv in I I e Itil- ! ernl rules.. All hIe nlaulemon,; ' thus are generally I lillldalt WatVirilnrh Plai'e.t, will ib tKhilu, ill Ihi. Thin. beot mus-l ni.. ltlis parl of" Ii.h cotryll allbrd, hasll hee - , an* ,I wl I.I s n. h tSndailce t the NM".tl~ No'i t'ie'h.l'II',ai i.n.;. - I he. I 'ub e1 ie s willl rn lihlln IIff llhi< l iP "u itn i tli Ilrno isI Ot iIiii)N.ll',, hlin 1 OI I I lI i lIII t I on i e,' ilii 'i-.l h old tll.r,., i (l1.' ilr~ llllll1 ~llills, ItI Imit a Ihhral Ie'trallnge Ikh p rqts lsliei. JOl) trt.tnl, fKINS Nll'i.h I ll,1 I hI e.lli'i i ld irnl -r. I* ,.i, lt ' , r ,,e tn ,- -nda rm , , tlAI. ARIIA NIII-Lal EI>N r Illusus l:Eery day a· t 10,1 A\. iN \Yrxrrr 1Wri~( I)'~rYll~r~1I1III~. \\r(·llill..ll:ly Wrxr eh~a;,ýl tdiv, v i P. .' ivootkna.:M'73l4 o-s3"nc , 1%, 1il N. 7'l.e Irnlre Mail I Ynorr l. ;r·Tv I'ord 'Iblrd1. ,i l'ur N li, i,' 11./ - F1>-iMS M\II.. P1IMES 0F AfO~tl XI., 31323~t'AIItl:313 Ili'i-. (IN Ace. oft~he Express 111,1, b,'lla',l 1llllilP II11II Nets~ Yor-lown. Mob3ileIoiI' i,:i 1'.3 A. No,>l,,a-r New York dailv at 5l'. N3 ooitwatd. ArrivesAriv No.rt1wardI. 3~N: ow''. 'Ime. [lroom'2 Montgomoory, At:. 'p 19 tmb,'s 2:3 It I': m t331733 s,31, U,'3 Ilj 11 4 37j ftilleldgeville. Ga. " 3:191 Id . ('Altnbin" S.l C. 719 1 m 94. 3 I 174 3 11 Raligh ,>NC. .4 33.- 22 1; Wnarrewtno, Va. 1> n. 55 .:r Petorab:3rrV . 111 53 I1. 1231 I 'l n311 Riohllloon1, V I I nit. 21 :13 hodre'ick>3.g, II li7 7 " Wo>hingtuon c> , on. ,1 pm. 193 tip 5 3Baltfinmor, 1i 13 4 I33 P3,il:>lrlpIhio, NI "n. 1111 II , t New York 3 pim. 111 I:, 1x3: 31:13 It. or `d 272$ Northward. Cminn3g Sonthwoarnd,tlh tiae: isix hours 1>1EN 313)I i.AIIS ItF:QA lII). - - e ANAWAY fr,r I64 ,>3,'del3ot orner of Ilovin > .omreet,,on tle nigh> of :311t1 of An3flI, nod its,! -een theI next morlinr in Ii3'o>Id street, n nogrIhay namedl IIAI3I.Fti, aboat 17 Tour of ",g,, on 233. 3',r tIhrmI,,,>t, in height, "'-'U I:Ick,:3 nullhaImp il'od37Iinehris 3p3e:, 3: ne o >8s 1Il s is, sji e,, 3Il·'17, io u by>l ia eivie>, a,,t; l1131 o 3Thr:>:: be0: >vr:,3. :3wa n it cottonn or. linen shirlt and whlile cotton a III1iIal ttn.Y ,i a,.ters o f v'1333' > n3Irn3 w' o are cOiui:> ed it It other persons, as the Laaost riguar of the tow will Iln nforced gn -ae d A,.3dei 3:333: I33333, i AoIty gfte also v3 ero,[i -" nlili 1, or tit 1Arm33i3,de (l, cooler of Im A33 Ue o . A oWe . M'Oamai1tone, c er.eopmtn, l 133,333, '(33>3>300, 3lU l"UGo, ,1U Nt-,: uni erA hi e I., ole o A . lcdo, nn I. ee .3 An33l.oidTe, '0ll, w k>t ca ,do iownlerull, 1.3,373337ll ,e (5> 333 do ,,, CW. ,>SmoAIN. 3,I , Soio ,l cls.'u a e.rel Ar 330 3>U333I3U3lll, >0>'>, 310 'IIco AS nl33>3 oo ly n 3313i3,Irl [t l Uys liuc .,t 1m :,: ,,,I- il 33 itU crude, A1g33 33 >333U 333,->- ,333>lt, Sp 3> i:::I . .dn p weru, Irnzllele oos Id Cusa(tlr oplvis , Co Ah~hiinCall 3.. I:em 3>>A r 31do037>ined , 10, S»I 31" do rll, it. Cu ll, I.. do II fowe, n ,>-,» 3, French Louii, is Castorcrl, Indigo, Bl~ll cl, rllllo 1:o CramtIartr, o >unib a- dlo Amble, Iogwoud, rnnpeaeb II o asf~iId:: d ii)nttg al dIo copalllo, rouh, Mader ateie 33:11>33-7 he o do ",11 do Itahe Ily o mut in do in-il il ir- o s ellc, lloll vitriol ,I Ill t%, Senegal, C llllill, p p, asl do sadrac" .:orosi t, "ol~lialst , it Trdn ttl pea tth, lilriI . Ilii .751 1111" V1- Gamboge, ý11,'Hit Ire llug I' i, ' L" gl' nh li(· i"Ilekill na- 1 I terau(R,11cliol olle11o1,s1 by 1 i III llt Ilnk, Sopcar 1,1(. iul do sots bll, pogo.lilll 1I ll~l his III loc lls 'Ll 111 Soil, jO \111 .... 1 · ill '1 1( I:llliII (l~- do erat , 1. wt ( e /oulo( do rpp rtiiul 13u1" , '~ 11· ore 1 to pecac, do 110 ,10, be- ~, do lllalnp lll 1,, I0 .,.1. ·, b . 111y do l ill t 'ice, to till rsl, d rbnt l, I:I, I·a lb a1"11*; ,llyl i;!11 o o T mpi o, I'1 ri. t 1.1e IIl(l1 oS li, stn nisi, do \'I( : Iil· ·.!. 11 .,.1 1Il the dort i lii, I,-)11:.1 I' ,, , fl .t. irtii., Il A II\LIllYli',· 1II.(, tlo lice, A,, thIT.IN "A ItSV i; I"S ,1N:t ¾ e I1.n JI lclin the ei, 'r , by Il , cc hl r tI I. 'I Si clc, ,, ii t', ^s..urn a itltrl of hlý, , Iei' fh 1 1,, I ,,.-. y.rl i , lbv IS ap hi n IHull il li ll, 1 : t l .\,,I , I'. I. .I Ic v l." Lo ied R.ollld Itc a ranlllllw . I ilcan . CS l illl I t 1 lNheppterd Lee, writ,-ei hv Iimce l, e i " .1.-. ocf 1e nxhincle te,. Irrin'e s II'ors. A ;1 w cllllle Ipiel. C ie ('ce lje IIhll lradh "ltienvl i.'L" |.11.r 1 nrv e ir '.ll=- l'll :'IIII ll.N i,.+ 0 l'.ll;ll'l'ill SunHI itV, wilh hlais, Blilliard lialls l'211+l1 nd 2 I-2 i.. he+. I t IuIt' e illlproved lle'tllli le' nsllJapa lllp'lree1e IceIcta &e. &t. &e. Just ,receivede, a el f,,r sale by Inl:u dlEN.I. LEVY. 'SPAIN Iti'VISI'l'E: ,&:. &. ' PAIN a ISIl 'I'a.I T, &i& , by the llul or e A evlr 'PAill Spain,' in 2 vols. JTrits cc/'/IcNdc,l ihtr e'rcetee s c,1r:lce llr eepelici tno the Albr tgiciee el NIe.rti A\ e'ri..' ,y ic 'ul ee. ,, , q `r vole. ThePolitieal Grannaer,of tile I'nield Stnts, .r a Corplte ieiw lfllt · Ithelrv allt Inl.tltu i «' e of ' I r T eil g rea v deale rat'urni wilt| Ih • rlhvlician b().inlgll ahll ell i l lll ic'd iee,lllle rii, lhl' e I "etiI "a il Ie theIIi -dedcduated acd cl'ejtecio tee' ae s of th eee 1eice Picle.t 1 e ",ll reec tleaa ieSelc cld wiAhhl,,li.e'r oRbsI' aIee'dhlueesec, aaVI'I p l doings cecee mic 'a.e l cludil.g notiee s eel le pineeiee'ipa c i e e'r l:n la d FOR TII: CllURi OF SITrffula or King's Fvil, Chren. I itheaPntefiet,i Clrnlli Cuttl a ellu Ilia- P'ains ill lth"e Ilo 'i, I, Ilae. e INses liSe or &cr.llrv" the blooCd beiMnPRg in viated tl This very colled trnted SyrlI is pre ared wild thhl igrette .lac .eeolela tl Crt e Sfycnie t'l l ," Ieec'l " thleactive prt inle of Sa.rst irilla ill Ite' eleec t c ic na Inlte d lldegre e, cOIlllll wit h eill, othl r ve'glecl lhtb i e, l stu a tof kh ,Ewna ethie ,iy. Tha gemat detidcaeletean with phytsiidcate ill lnie.g ciM to exhibit a larg qualellit tcef Ssaeatcrlll in a i"in dose, has bon ohtruhd ine thas pcleti,-ile' totue fully colviced ofl' ite e ee'ritc, "lllc llv dilstr the toele 1,f fllhir prc ctice. Prise $1 5e pir bottle. Sldi only at SW'AIN IltR'Il'IIEIt'S cree satae, No. I IJ ice a trett, wl hmccy be ilcci fresh aced getenilel c dire c trl liche p-Fri tcr8, Swaiti'a8 Paanncee anl Vteriticgce,l h I'ccttee(lc.tllett con, Calpeater's Prelllaratiltc, alld u crgcl and gelnera assortment of fresh dru gsa , cnI· PINNOCI'S R(OME, Ac. PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EI)IIION OF DI) Coldasmith's Abrhlgment of the Hitlora of Rolae to whihe is a rclixee a l c lltrleldll,,lnlrc'tt to tle tdly' o Rlcottell Hi.tsc'V, alltd a grelat varie'tv ofv a llciceclet illf r ilcltioll added tiro l.celelclt tie aleetrc, on Ithe 3llller1 Ilstiteltiols adc Antiq1uitc' af cihe Icilce ; willc ce u cclerOt bicograjphioel and ltm-ic*lil NotNet; tai (lsllec lions for examanaticn at the end of eL cl, ce'tli'll. II hlstreted t itl, Icirlty ngrlcviga' s c lg wc ilt i, v l \ elh eItoll l'I x oc'a a n c rc ve Eclition el Dr lehitcl itai'h of Englclld, leo the Invteaicacl o' Jc Iee Pia'ecta Ie tc death, f t;.erge eel, wilh a culltilllteillle Ilee i yeta 1832. \tilh lUaclaceein l exam c liltinl Ihl Cnd i each sectintl. Ilctesie I variel ei f t ahllmlle ihthrma tioll nddet tlcroughllle i I hcie .i l)llcishill e ie)i a llble eof contcelllpels n re' llIgs Illa e lllie clle ia C r l:,l LCopioa epxpltnal.e ey Icolec. Iellllrks nolh pl lies, illllllnne.a at11d elel,,tllre Ili tie lmg All Iec liee.h tle Constiueioll, g&c.&c. illahteatcd bhy acay ellagr. lcucs' EI.EIIaETa OF AR'raOnaOay, lallld I ArlrllSiglen of Keit l'sa New I''eetisl t Ie tcc lie ti ' i ilatlrs. Ne t Acnereccn edittont, with aciciilieeccs ece remtIIt ald anl expailaln ofethl c strollnliaic ll part ec'the AIc e ric.l Allllallnc. Jllct riecee ivrl c e tcr eihe by '" 1 e'Iii : i N uiv (lil-ir lnll(.lll II nlllId i oliilll t .lll -i[# c heI ce\cl c, lfi q cc' Icillll, l Ic iX I, c c ih 1 till ti lldl.' , o rlce ll ll lc l c i l.. e c .cIi I:n' 11 ic t i ie else,: . Iiv li* aiJe ,llll lcll, (ctle,, , \li, ,u I,,.\U, i c. . 11 c ,c . 'lc cl, It l tllt. ttulI, !. \\'.1k "li e l 1, .rsul i'c1y tle11'S, with tse app,' t t : . ell t. cit lt itiIt I" t th!-l 't ',lllt - e it, ic'I c sca' I1le c P le e (ch l"t: c,' ,,dlc,' ,f IlcceIIpieeV e 1.1%. tee cy is, etce ac, 'ac., cic\ ' en .,JI Ciw ,. lccet.lle, eticce ttl lllklclllllrcl Maly Oiil! el-gtlll'," &., r~er u I" t idljiol Y1*. r l)lllllle 'l'h- IIh:t t cd,' : :, heall v Sivt s ( 011.l0l w I o II· - tlollf "il:, mII lil'lu lit,,, hl(l ·... Jl:itl ive.i vud LI

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